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File 15438179044.jpg - (114.43KB, 1100x801, c6214e93a4076d26a096da552b85d895.jpg)
"Ah, Reimu, thank goodness you're here."

The blue-white is here, I thought. The other shrine maiden. Her name is Sanae. Sanae Kochiya. Disciple of the Moriya Shrine.

"I hope you have a good reason for interrupting my tea time, Sanae," I responded to her. She wore this humbled smile that always ticked me off as she came in. I couldn't stand it.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I know it's a bother, but I just wanted your input on a few things, really." She had been relying on me a bit recently.

"A few things, is this going to turn into a dozen before long, as it usually does?" By bit though, I mean a lot.

"N-No! Not at all! Well, I hope, I mean, it's hard to tell with Lady Kanako at times..." She always acts like this is her first time dealing with gods, even though she is veritably one herself. It ticks me off.

"That's what you say every time I say something like that, Sanae. Don't you have any shame?"

"Sh-Shame!? What does shame have to do about any of this!?" She always acts as if we're not competing for faith. She's so confident and certain about herself and her shrine's deities. That ticks me off too.

"If you don't get it, then don't worry about it, just get on with it..." The way she looked at me was filled with trepidation. Nonetheless, she sat down beside me at the table. She always does. She never misses a beat when it comes to annoying the living hell out of me.

"Well, you see, Lady Kanako has been talking about... well, me, recently." She's always relying on me, for issues from her job, to more personal ones. It's like I'm her only real friend here in Gensokyo. Jeez, I can't stand that.

"You, huh? Is she worried about you or something?" I asked with a tired breath as I took another sip of my tea. It was still hot, and reminded me that there were better things to life than being this kid's nanny.

"I suppose. She seems to think I should be doing something with my life. She keeps reminding me that while I'm a deity here, I'm still human at heart." Among all the other annoying things about her, really.

"Is that so bad? I think you're reading too much into what Kanako says."

"You don't understand, Reimu. She wants me to do more with my time off the mountain, but I don't really know what." Maybe if you were doing anything other than visiting my shrine anytime you got off the mountain...

"Haa, here we go... isn't that time consuming in and of itself? I could understand why too." The Moriya Shrine is all the way at the top of Youkai Mountain. It's not quick hop and a skip, especially going up.

"Well, that's... yeah, but that's just what makes it so difficult..." Yet, this girl always finds time to come down and ask me for help. She would walk a thousand miles for the opportunity to ask me an inane question. I hate it. That is so annoying.

"Ugh, come on, Sanae. Surely you have enough time to do something while you're down here. Maybe swing by the human village once in a while? Spread your faith more actively? I bet that's what Kanako is getting at."

"I wouldn't be so sure... wait, of all people, you're telling me something like that, Reimu?" Why was she acting now like we should be competing when she hardly did before, I thought? I didn't understand her, and that ticked me off.

"Why are you worried about that now of all times... it's whatever, Sanae. There will always be enough faith for my shrine to maintain it's status so don't worry about it. I wouldn't lose to you that easily."

"... even though you live in poverty from lack of donations..." She always made comments like that under her breath, despite still being loud enough for me to hear. Oh lord does it piss me off.

"I'm sorry Sanae, what was that? It sounded like you said something..."

"No, not at all. Anyways, Reimu, there was something else I wanted to ask you..." Here it comes, more questions, as usual. I can't stand that.

"Another? Well, just get it over with..."

"How old are you?" I stopped mid-sip of my tea. She always, always managed to come out at me with a question that gave me pause, without fail. I hated it.

"--... haa, why do you need to know something like that, Sanae?" I asked her with an angry gaze pointed her way. She never flinched to that though. Ugh.

"Because! If you're having growing pains, then I understand. I've been growing recently too." Of... all topics. This girl pisses me off like no other.

"Growing? For the love of--please tell me you didn't come here to rub it in my face."

"No, no, not at all! I mean, if anything, you look older than I do," and that you would say that to my face ticks me off, "so I figured you'd relate to my current predicament..."

"... I'm going to regret asking, but what predicament are we talking about?"

"Well, I mean, look," she said, as she then brought her hands to her chest and started... eccentuating them. Ugh. "They've gotten bigger lately... my old bras don't fit anymore and I'm having a hard time finding new ones. Is this why you had to learn how to do a sarashi fit?" Ugh! "I mean, I know you wouldn't really understand what a bra would be, but you know, since I figured you were older I thought maybe..."

I couldn't stand her. I just wanted to be by my lonesome, peaceful and serene, with no one else bothering me. It had been getting so hectic with so many people loitering around the shrine that moments of solitude were rare. Yet, here this girl was, invading my personal space and saying these damnable things to me! It...



"Uwah-! R-Reimu--!?"




"... a-ah..."

I could hear the jingling of the wind chimes outside. It was silent. Dead silent. So silent that I could hear the rapid heartbeat of the shrine maiden I just pushed down and pinned to the tatami mat floor. Her face became pretty flushed rather fast. She struggled a bit at first, out of panic to begin with, then mostly out of embarrassment afterwards. I didn't let her go though. My patience had run out with her. I was going to do something to her.

"... haa... haa... R-Reimu..."

Her ragged breath was unusual for someone who could clearly struggle more than that. After all, I was but a mere human. This girl was a god in all but name. Still yet, she let me keep her pinned down, as I stared down at her with a stalwart gaze. I moved to keep her whole body against the floor. Warmth begets warmth. I could feel her heat. With misty eyes, she glances at me with a turned head, then looks away, before returning to glancing at me again, as if waiting. As if anticipating. Sure enough...

"... w-well? Are you... going to do anything... to me?"

I couldn't hesitate anymore. I couldn't stop myself. I hated it. I hated her so much that I needed to take it out on her. I'd only discover later what it was that I truly felt for her, but for that time...

"--haa! R-Reimu-!"

I let loose a primal instinct I never knew I had, in the name of punishing her for all the annoyance and hatred I felt at the time.

I attacked her neck to start with. I didn't even bother wetting my lips first, but with how quickly I went to using my tongue, that didn't matter before long. My saliva was dripping off her neck and onto the floor in no time. It didn't matter how much I sucked either, it would continue escaping. Her white, vulnerable neck did not, though. Every tendon I could find under that bare skin I tugged on with my mouth. With every ounce of force I exerted on her neck, I heard her gasp louder. With every ragged breath she drew, her chest collided with mine, and her body squirmed under the new sensation she clearly had never felt before, but was all too eager to feel more of. I hated it. It pissed me off. It annoyed me, and yet...

"--nnhhaa! Reimu, that's my--!"

I wanted more of it.

"This is what you get for crossing me, Sanae..." I whispered into her ear, before resuming my relentless assault on it. Her lobe was pleasantly big enough to be satisfying to suck on, and provoked the cutest squeals from her mouth. She squirmed so much under me that I think it was just heating the situation up further.

"I-I--! That's--n-not fair, Reimu, I--... haahh!"

My tongue explored. Around the rim of her ear, behind it, around her temple and flapping the lobe in my mouth. Every sound that came out of her mouth was too pleasured to not be called erotic at this point. I'm sure the loud sounds of slurping and smacking going right into her ear were just as arousing for her too. Maybe that's why I didn't stop, no matter how nonsensical it was to me at the time. I had already been grasped by the beast of lust. This incompetent shrine maiden I had pinned down was to blame for it all.

"Rrgh, this is all your fault, all these fault--"

"--hyauh! R-Reimu those are--"

"Your breasts? I know. I hate them."

As if to clarify my point, I sat up over Sanae after grabbing that lewd chest of hers and ripped her shirt open with a squeak from her mouth. The way those filthy tits jiggled in response only served to heighten my anger. So I took it out on them, commenting on the embarrassingly pink undergarment that adorned them.

"Is this your 'bra,' you useless shrine maiden? How gaudy."

"Nnhaa-! I-It's not gaudy, th-thhaangh! R-Reimuuu~!"

Her whining was unrealistically satisfying. I felt myself cured of annoyance, relieved of upsetness, and yet, cursed with lust, infected with this shrine maiden's addictive howling. So I did it more. I tugged, pulled, yanked and squeezed her breasts with no mercy. I was intent on drawing out as much of her melodic voice as I could. The way my fingers sank into those mounds was satisfying in it's own right too. They were soft, certainly softer than my own, and were easy to manipulate, much like the girl they were attached to. I could only get more addicted.

"Hyau-! R-Rei--nnhh, Reimu, w-wait, wait--... nhaa... haa..."

I don't know why I stopped. Was I afraid? Did I not want to hurt her? I was just punishing her. Why shouldn't I continue? I had steam that needed to be blown off, so why? As those things went through my head, the dishevelled shrine maiden sat up with me in her lap and proved me to be full glad that I stopped at her request.

"Haa, Reimu... here, let me... show you how to treat them..."

I was about to protest when she lifted up my top. Being exposed like that was not in my intentions then, nor ever, I thought. That changed instantly when she began kissing so tenderly at my own chest. Even through the sarashi I wore, I could feel how soft those damnable lips were. I think it was then, at that moment, I realized how I was really feeling then. I was frustrated. I was pent up. I needed release, and it came to mind just what release I was seeking when I was doing those dirty things to her. My body relaxed at a moment then. I sat on my knees in Sanae's lap as she kissed at my chest and began unwrapping those bandages around it. When my breasts were laid bare to her, her soft, moist lips became ever more clear to me in their passion and love. Sanae was a very tender girl, I noticed, confident and fun loving, but caring and sweet deep down. I was seeing it in full force here. It was making my heart race a little, to be honest.

"Reimu... do you like this...?"

"... yeah..."

I couldn't help but admit that cleanly. It felt good, how could I deny that? I'm a girl of simple pleasured, and having my so-called rival kiss and lick at my bare breasts like that was empowering. Repeatedly, as she dragged her tongue around the curvature of my breasts, she would look up at me, checking my expression, seeing if I was enjoying it. My face rarely budged though. I wasn't one to just show it with expressions, though I'm certain my face was red at the time. It was still my first time doing something like that, as much as I had heard about it. Not only with another girl, but with Sanae no less... maybe I was more surprised than I let on, but I wasn't about to let that get in the way of my pleasure either. That's what I was focused on at the time. So it didn't take me by surprise when Sanae's tongue flicked my nipple, or when she took part of my breast into her mouth to suck on it like a content baby. I just watched. I watched and enjoyed it. With eyes that I'm sure put fear and confusion into Sanae, even though she was the one that initiated this particular part of our lewd act. Not that I was going to let her maintain that control for too long.

"Hey... Sanae, go down."


I silenced her with my crotch. It was a simple movement, I just needed to stand on my knees and pull my skirt and underwear down. I slipped one of my legs through so that I could spread them both, wide enough to fit my so-called rival's face between them. That was when I pushed her head down with one hand, leaned back, bracing myself upon the other, and shoved my muff into her face. She looked shocked at first, almost mortified, but she didn't seem against it. She seemed almost ashamed, but... obediently, she started kissing at my lower lips diligently as I had hoped she would. That shameful expression looked so lewd like that, and it only aroused me more. It was enough to make me moan, which, in turn, encouraged Sanae further, resulting in a cycle of pleasure that I didn't want to leave anytime soon. It wouldn't be long, either, until she began using her tongue. That divine tongue. Holy, now tainted by my primal juices. It was tentative at first, testing the waters by sliding the tip of that pink organ up and down the center of my slit, which already felt mind numbingly good. The more pleasure I expressed, the more bold she became too. She flicked the flaps of my pussy with that tongue, lapped up the juices leaking out of my entrance, and kissed at the lewd, pink button sitting at the top of it all. I couldn't stop throwing my head back in pleasure at that. That felt far too good. Of course, Sanae seemed to take pleasure in servicing me like this too, as I noted from her eagerness that only expanded as time went on.

I lost strength in the arm holding me up when I felt her get particularly bold. Bold enough to put to use more than just her mouth. A slender, smooth finger had entered me. It slipped into my hole and probed around inside while she was still sucking at my clit. My back hit the floor and I found myself staring up at the ceiling, eyes glassy with lust. Is this how sex felt? Perhaps it was romanticized a little by the fact that it was with Sanae, who was not only a girl like me, but... someone who earnestly tried her hardest to befriend me. Why did I sexually attack her like that earlier, I wondered? Was I that pent up? Did I have feelings for her? Well, it was admittedly hard to organize my thoughts at the time when she was going to town on my pussy like that, so I never answered those questions then and there. I just continued grabbing onto that green hair of hers with both my hands, pulling and pushing her deeper into my crotch. My voice became more unrestrained. My body heated up. I felt more of my fluids leaking out of that hole she was plugging up with her finger. Her pumping finger. Her poking finger. As she lapped at my clit hungrily with her tongue, she then inserted another finger. Two fingers were now probing around inside me, trying to find sensitive areas that would make me scream. They would fail, but they would find sensitive spots nonetheless. Spots that made my mind hazy with ecstasy. My vision clouded over with pleasure and I neglected myself, which is how the final act begun.

"... mnhaa... Reimu... I...--mmnn, no, just lay back, I'll... make us both feel good..."

Before I knew it, the other shrine maiden was on top of me. I hadn't even noticed. My head was too foggy. The next thing I saw was Sanae hoisting one of my legs over her shoulder, bereft of her skirt and underwear, and pressing her crotch against mine. Let me tell you...

"--h-haahh! S-Sanae...!"

It was hot.

"Mmnnhaa! Reimu...!"

Very hot.

Our slits stuck together in an instant. The way it felt when our lower lips kissed was out of this world. Again, I failed to hold back my voice. It was hot, so much so that was it was almost unpleasant, but the more she ground her pussy against mine, the better it felt, and it was the very definition of addictive in how it relieved my body of sexual frustration. To top it all off, the way Sanae was moaning... that was unexpected in every belief. I wasn't prepared for how erotic and arousing her voice became under the throes of pleasure. Her face doubled over in that sensual feeling, appearing to be the most erotic thing to me. It made me want more. Now and forever. Nothing but pleasure filled my mind as I scratched softly at the tatami mat below me. I bet my face was just as shamefully lustful too. I felt too good. I could feel the drool from the corner of my mouth escaping from the sheer pleasure of it. Every time our clits rubbed against each other, every time our lips slid across each other, every time our fluids mixed and stained the floor below... it sent shocks of pleasure through every vein of my body and I could feel myself losing control. I feel like Sanae might have been too. The way she rocked her hips wildly was unlike anything I had ever seen of the normally composed girl. It was crazed.

With my thigh in between her legs, I could feel every movement of Sanae's slender body. The way her abdomen worked to keep her hips moving. The way her thighs tightened when she needs to brace herself on her legs. The way her loving grip on my leg tightened when she felt especially good. All of it was laid bare. It was a miraculous experience, and my mind went hazy once more at all that stimulation. I could feel it building up. Intensifying. A deep feeling in my gut that was rising and rushing forth to spread throughout my body. From Sanae's rampant whining and whimpering, urging her body to keep going under all that duress, I could tell she was beginning to feel the same way. It made me feel even better. I couldn't help but panic like that. I frantically clawed at the floor, seeking a release that was taking too long to come, fighting a feral urge that was too painful to bear. The loud squelching of our lower lips together with all the erotic fluids coming out of us matched the bestial voices me and Sanae were starting to make. I wanted it to come. I wanted it to come so bad, that I was begging for it internally. My sweet release would come soon enough, thankfully.

"Hahh, haa--! Hauu-! R-Reimu, I-I'm gonna--... g-gonna cum, I'm gunna cum...!"

"--! M-Me too, Sanae, me... t-tooooo~!!"

In a fit of desperation and filthiness, I let out a shameful cry for the oncoming orgasm, and my body obliged, splattering my shame all over Sanae's crotch, prompting her body to lock up, clutching my leg tightly as she, too, hit her peak, reciprocating the dirty gesture. As we rode out our climaxes, I could feel the combined shaking between us, and I honestly thought I was going to be brought to tears from how intense it felt... until she finally collapsed, laying opposite of me, legs scissoring mine. I finally had a chance to catch myself. Yet still, my mind only grew more hazy.

"Haa... haa... R-... Rei-... mu... haa..."

"... hahh... hahh, wh--...what..."

I could hardly understand it. What just happened? As I laid there listlessly, catching my breath along side Sanae, many things went through my head. Had I any real sense, I wouldn't have done what I just did, I thought. To do something so dirty, with Sanae, of all people. What was I thinking? I couldn't understand it then, and maybe I still don't know, but as my body begged for sleep in it's foggy state, I decided I would grant Sanae at least one simple praise.

"Ahh, S-Sanae...?"

"Mnh-... y-yes, Reimu...?"

"... thanks. I needed that."

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