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File 159357721253.png - (2.99MB, 2891x917, libita victis.png)
libita victis
Exhibitionism, emotionless chikan, and quite a lot of sex, perpetrated by a mysteriously innocuous and rather muscular, clockmaking man. Main characters: Shinmyoumaru and Seija, and manipulated somewhat by Matara Okina, but our protagonist is most interested in Eiki-sama. And, really, whichever girls he happens to come across.

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Current vote:

And so we reach a pier, and step off (Satori awkwardly, as she is still very flustered and has yet to pull back up her panties).

“Man, you guys got intense back there!” Onozuka-san says with a laugh while minding her vessel from the pier. “You gonna have sex?” she asks.

“Would you like to join us?” I ask.

“Hmm...?” Komachi hums, looking me up and down, judging to herself. “You look nice. Sure, I’ll hit your dick.”

“Lovely,” I say, while looking down at Satori whose balance I’m still maintaining. She’s very much out of it... “Although...”

“What? You need a place to do it in? We can bang at my place. Now that I’m off the boat I can close the distance in a flash,” says the Shinigami. Right... that was something they could do, I’ve heard. “That said,” she continues, now that she’s oriented the boat toward the opposite shore. “You want me to head back and pick up the other two first? We could make this really fun, and you look like you’ve got enough stamina to handle it.”

Ah... right, Shinmyoumaru and Seija.

Well, there’s a lot to consider with that. Waiting... Satori maybe coming to her senses... perhaps Shinmyoumaru could get crushed amidst bodies...

But it’s Shinmyoumaru sex again, and we’re in a land of oni so maybe she could grow bigger and we could have sex properly... Wait, really? Can I?

Ah, but, the wait time and the complications of a five-person fuck, hmmmm... Shimi might rather I leave that for a more private moment between just us, too..

How about—

[2] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

[0] “Sure, bring them back. That would be very appreciated, Onozuka-san.”


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File 159359042578.png - (124.93KB, 458x348, 68172806_p3.png)
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[3] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”
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[4] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”
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[5] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”
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File 159537637431.jpg - (3.48MB, 6082x2000, in.jpg)
[X] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

“Fine by me,” the shinigami replies, standing before us. “Come on.”

Saying this, she lifts a hand and, strangely, I feel as if I’m being dropped quite suddenly from a cliff, though I’m clearly not moving at all. The space around us loses light, and where I’d once seen the intersection of the land and river, I now see a dark and lamp-lit room. A bedroom. Onozuka... Komachi-san’s bedroom?

She steps from the pier and onto the polished, wood floor. Satori and I follow.

And the river vanishes behind us. That... wasn’t quite a portal... was it? What on earth was that?

“Should I go take a quick back before anything?” the youkai who did this asks me, plucking at her top and twisting her brow.

“No...” I say. “I’d rather you like this.”

To that, Onozuka-san lets one short breath go from her nose, and she shows me a satisfied, and not only a bit eager, smirk.


You know I’d yet to have had a session with a woman I could call a “cow”... And to be clear: I cow as a compliment.

I am currently fucking Gensokyo’s shinigami, Onozuka Komachi, raw and from behind—my cock outright stuffed in her as I simply savor the sheer weight of it all. This slamming of my hips against her, and her groaning and the sound of her bottom slapping into my thighs, over and over: it is thorough in ecstasy. In a way, my cock couldn’t be happier: plowing into feels so obviously fertile, and with an audience at that. Gods, when a warm cunt and hungry womb are so obviously wanting for seed – to be bred and marked and left satisfied – it’s trouble not breaking and filling her up. I’ve her unconscionable breasts, huge and barely fitting within my hands, and her nipples squeezed between my fingers, Let’s make her her weak in the knees, shall we? She wants me to cum; but I’d prefer she came first. And I am managing, I believe, steadily. Her legs spread a bit more, her bottom raises too. I start putting more power and purpose to my thrusts. Her face turns against the bed, and her gaze stares off to nothing as her entire body jiggles from the force.

Satori is watching us, standing beside the bed.

What preceded this was very quick. Fondling too place: touching, licking, sucking this and that. At one point she gave one of my cheeks a squeeze. She told me that it had a nice amount of muscle. At some point our tongues were intertwined, and my knuckles were buried in her pussy. Even then she refused to cum, instead setting me on her bed, sandwiching my near-bursting penis between her breasts, and trying to beat me (off) instead. Now I don’t get a proper paizuri often, so I very much let myself enjoy the gesture... but like her, I would not cum either. Not with just that.

She called me stubborn as I was gritting my teeth and holding back the threatening wave of release building in my sack. I told her, straight, “I want my first shot inside you.”

“In my mouth?” she asked, opening wide and showing me her tongue.

“In your pussy,” I clarified. And, I bid her, “Show me.”

There she set my twitching dick free and stood away from her bed. Lifting her skirt, she teased me a bit until my tongue was on, and soon in, her bushy crotch. Once more the flow took over and in time she was on her knees, on the bed, with my fingers rapidly stimulating (or perhaps I should say “bullying”) her clit. At that point I could see neither of us would budge. I got on my knees as well, slapped my Boy against her soaking entrance, and I slid my way in with no warning.

And may I say? I am astounded, because she is gorgeous. Certainly she is a plentiful woman, but under the fat of her bottom and the meat of her upper legs—altogether that waist I held in my hands: there is healthy muscle. Thinking on this again, I hug her and begin kissing her back, now thrusting full-tilt. I would be thrilled to bear a child with her.

Onozuka-san’s tits are now swinging in a way very similar to sacks, I think, and that is as amusing as it is bolstering. I’ll finish up soon, and I’m sure I will pour nigh endlessly into her uterus once I do.

While I sniff her sweaty body between her shoulder blades, I look up and make eye contact with Satori. She’s seen this act since the start. She’s been a silent observer to all parts of it, but remains rapt and rosy-cheeked, and most often straight of back. She saw the end of my mating with the cat Orin. At this point, I wonder what she thinks will happen to her?

I grab Komachi’s breasts once again, and with that I begin to ejaculate.

“Ungh!” she groans as blast after blast pound inside of her. I do not loosen my hold over her in the slightest as I cum. I want her to feel it – me – so she is sure she knows the caliber of man who is now filling her up. Satori, with her mouth open in awe, is transfixed. Having edged so long, I even shake from cumming. The amount, speed, and density of each shot is just tremendous. The shinigami’s nipples stiffen even more, the color of her eyes fades as tears of pleasure fill them. I honestly feel as if I’m going to collapse, but I steadfastly remain inside her, until the pressure I myself am causing begins to force me out.
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File 159537666081.png - (742.71KB, 1433x2024, out.png)
When Onozuka-san is lying down on her stomach and the last of my seed has been delivered, I manage to pull myself out of her, looking back at my handiwork and falling back on the bed. To my left is Satori, staring at the fallen Komachi with shaking eyes. I take her hand and pull her onto the bed—an act she takes as is, for any act I take is...

I put her hand on my half flaccid cock, working her over it a bit with my eyes closed. My strategy will remain the same with her. I will do as I will, and think as little as possible.

It’s quite an about-face to turn from the shinigami to the satori. Komeiji-san is slight, bony, and has yet to undress—and what she’s wearing is very conservative. I decide to bring her close while guiding her stroking. I’m still breathing heavily from what just transpired, so I take my heavy breathing to her curly hair, hugging her with one arm and rising from her scent.

I feel her breath, soft and quiet against my chest, growing ever warmer. How should I enjoy her? Thoroughly of course.

The thinner youkai eventually starts jerking me on her own, albeit awkward. I start to kiss her neck and breathe the smell of sweat from her collar. My right hand is on her ass, playing with it, and my left is on her thigh. She’s so demure... even more so than Keine-san. I decide to say, quite honestly, “You’re unbelievably sexy, Satori-san. Gods I want to fuck you.”

I bounce in her hand, and kiss her on her cheek while groping the cheek under her skirt. To all this she says:

“I... am aware.”

I get her down on the bed, on her back, beside the hot and tired Onozuka-san, her holding my cock harder all the while, and me kissing her all over (but never on her lips) all the while. Honestly though, it’s a bit difficult to pull off such things off with our difference in size. After her cheeks have gotten red enough, and I’ve noticed her gaze on my ear, and how she bit quietly at her bottom lip—worried, but wanting it seemed... I raise my upper body, grab both of her ass cheeks over her wet panties, and let her jerk me, pointed and pushing, at her covered entrance.

Almost like Mokou, I want to drive her mad. While she pants and I shove my cock at her pussy, I start to undress her, unbuttoning and pulling things out the way. First her shirt, then her bra, revealing a terribly thin but terribly enticing body, and a pair of small, but interested and keen breasts. I tease them a bit, lick a few fingers and tweak a nipple. I then pull what’s still on her off, surprised that her tentacles aren’t in the way. When she closes her eyes with feeling, I slip aside her panties, and prod while she audible pants, and achingly moans. I pull off her socks, and furthermore slip my dick (which she is still holding) through the front of her panties side of her underwear, sliding against her nearly-bare pubic mound and her smooth and squishy lower stomach. As her eyebrows knit and she repeats, “Mm...! Mm...!” I take the side of her panties in my hand, tug the band in two directions to split it, and so yank away the article. As I did with Komachi: I shove it into her unprompted and hold back an ejaculation near forced out by this narrow, salivating hole. She stares wide-eyed at the ceiling, and I begin to move.
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File 159537690368.png - (871.01KB, 1920x1080, in again.png)
in again
“Wai—gh...! I shai... it’s... Ahh... Ahhhh...!” she voices some complaint, but surprisingly it’s quite obvious that she’s feeling it. Satori’s pussy is contracting and clinging to me, her legs are up and her toes are curled, and behind her head she’s gripping at the sheets. Well, I’m happy she’s enjoying it but to be honest I just wanted to fuck... “You... beast...!” she chastises.

“I’m a human, Satori-san,” I say, grinning and thrusting firmly. “You’re being fucked by a simple human.”

“Can’t... you... slow... down...!?” she asks through grit teeth, squinting one eye at me. I glance at her stiffened nipples.

“Satori-san, do you really want me to?” I ask. I don’t want to. I’m really feeling this. She’s a tight girl, and knowing I’m breaking her in is a divine pleasure of its own.

“I...” is all she says. I lift her hips and keep at it. Her body is shining with sweat. Mine is too. I may be going at this harder than I did with Onozuka-san.

I shouldn’t drag this out, however.

Her youkai body can take my human bullying, but I wouldn’t actually want to break her mind or any such thing. I need her to guide me to Shiki Eiki-sama. Further, I have to get back to those two. I’ve probably upset them.

Satori notices none of my thoughts. At this point her tongue is out and her eyes have shut again. She’s lifted her hips on her own and succumb to what I’m giving her. Her clitoris is engorged... I squeeze it plenty, she rocks up and sprays against my stomach...

“I’ll go ahead and put a bun in your oven, then,” I mutter. Satori-san... nods.

I huff once and release everything. Something about this... there’s certainly a sense of accomplishment as I dump cum into this woman, but there’s also a sense of... almost like...

... like, I’ve more to do, though.

I hold down Satori’s body and continue to finish inside her, looking in her too pleasured face while shivering myself, and smiling involuntarily. Gods damn, I just came in two girls in such short order. I feel so damn good with myself.

While I begin to empty myself I spank Onozuka-san’s ass once. She shakes awake, and looks at me. I lightly pinch Satori-san’s face, before the sense of elation she has (obvious from her open smile and blushing figure) lets her fade away. “I have to go get my girls,” I tell them. “Don’t sleep.”

Komachi rubs her face with a single, strong push of her hands against it, then lifts herself up and moves to get dressed whilst saying, “yeah, yeah...” Satori-san is done, however. With her belly full and a bit swollen from semen, she’s started to pass out. I sigh through my nose, gather up her clothing with one hand, and take up her back with the other, my penis flopping out of her and releasing globs of white on the bed. I hold the sleeping youkai to my body and look to Komachi, nodding toward to clothes I’ve just piled up. She’ll have to take them if I’m going to carry this unconscious mistress. The shinigami nods in return, and takes the clothes; torn panties and all. I carry Satori rather like a child, and get up myself, feeling an odd sense of guarantee that the two females in this room conceived a child this day.

= = = = =

The Yama awaits...

[] When you meet her, just talk for as much as you can. Get to know her.

[] When you meet her, just talk with her and also masturbate. Of course.

[] CONFESS Absolutely not. Innocuous or not, she WILL reject you right now.


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[x] When you meet her, just talk for as much as you can. Get to know her.
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[2] When you meet her, just talk for as much as you can. Get to know her.
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[x] When you meet her, just talk with her and also masturbate. Of course.
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[x] When you meet her, just talk for as much as you can. Get to know her.
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File 159602871173.png - (812.49KB, 935x1055, getting what you deserve.png)
getting what you deserve
[X] When you meet her, just talk for as much as you can. Get to know her.

Seija kicked me in the jewels when we reconvened. Now I’m on my knees.

The fall roused the still-naked Satori in my arms, who left that cradle and received her clothes from Onozuka-san.

“The heck did I tell you!?” Seija says while I continue to reel at the pier, holding my newly-hammered stones and cringing. “You thought I was joking!?”

“D-D-Don’t amanojaku... l-lie...?” I offer.

“Oh, Okun...” Shinmyoumaru, clinging to the top of of Seija’s head, says my name with obvious disappointment.

“And you had sex, didn’t ya!? Without me!!” Seija snaps.

“A-Am I only supposed to have sex with you?” I ask. “We had sex already today, in fac—ttss... guh...” I grunt. It’s not a little amount of pain...

“You’ve gotta let me watch, at least! I get off on that!!” she insists. Well, so she says...

“Mmfff!!” I exhale with my lips against wood. Seija has stepped on my head with that, and is presently smushing my face into the harbor.

“S-Seija-saaan... w-we’re making a scene...” I try. After all, it seems we’re only rendered “normal” when it’s me who is acting.

“You think I give a shit!? You fucked me in a moving cart—how’s that for a scene!?” She has a point... but one she shouldn’t, correct? I think my theory that those more... “inoculated” to me can see through the haze of “normalcy” may indeed be correct... I’d like to not have neared that conclusion under the present circumstances, however.

“I’m shorry, Sheija-shama. I broke my promish,” I apologize, muffled but with honesty.

“You’re gonna have to do a lot more than apologize to fix this! You SERIOUSLY pissed me off!!” she roars.

“Yesh, yesh,” I reply. “Shorry too, Shinmyoumaru...”

“We thought you mighta died, so I think Seija got upset,” says the Inchling. Wait, is that true?

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right!” Seija shockingly agrees. “What if I’m pregnant, you idiot!? You gonna leave me with a kid and not do anything about it, huh!?”

“You haven’t gotten me pregnant yet either, Okun, and that isn’t fair,” says Shinmyoumaru, “Or, you probably haven’t.”

“W-We aren’t married, though...” I answer, my giddiness at what these two are saying becoming very obvious in my voice. “Sh-Should w—? BFF!”

Seija stomps down on my skull again, and I thank the dragon she’s doing this barefoot. “You can talk about that after I’ve forgiven you, Odou-san.”

“Yeah!” agrees Shinmyoumaru.

“You guys all done?” asks the grim reaper who, it seems, is now once again in her boat. “I’m leaving you with this satori. Don’t get in too much trouble, alright? It’d reflect poorly on me.”

Seija lifts her foot off of me. I lift my head, and see her now lifting her skirt, bearing her cunt to me. “Start licking,” she commands. “I’m all dry ‘cause of you!”

I start getting back onto my knees, thinking... on the contrary, she is quite clearly happy about getting to abuse me a little. Nevertheless, I open wide and put my mouth to her snatch, wriggling my tongue around. At some point it seems the Princess left her friend’s head as well, because I can feel her sniffing around my growing cock.

“Well, once you’re all... finished with that,” Satori speaks up, suddenly, and with a breathless voice. I try glancing her way, but Seija’s dropped her skirt over the back of my head, and is now gripping my cranium against her fragrant, steaming crotch. Gods... I love Seija.

I feel one of her hands move from the back of my head, and briefly feel disappointment. Only briefly, as she starts moving her hips against my waiting tongue. These lips, this hair... I can’t get enough of it all. I gulp down her juices and sweat, thinking—I was already missing this. Shimi is starting to work on me down there as well. Mercy...! These two are both devils...!

“You still want to help this idiot out, a-a-after he did who knows what to ya?” Mmf, yes, feel it, Seija. She’s trying so hard to keep her cool, too. I could hear and see her put that hand she took from my head on the side of her waist.

“He took my first time, but what of it?” Satori replies. “It felt terribly good. I don’t mind. I also made a bit of a promise to him, and I intend to keep those, unlike an amanojaku.”

“Unlike this punk, you mean...” Seija grumbles, pushing her hips strongly against my face. I can feel her bones for a second and twitch below, nearly knocking Shinmyoumaru off of my dick. Seija whispers my way, “Put in your tongue already; hurry up.” She grips at my skull. I screw into her caverns, gulping again and feeling heady. All of her smells are trapped inside of her skirt. It’s almost too much to endure... Her other hand returns to my head and she holds me firm, “B-B-Bite...” she orders in a fluttering voice, “r-r-r-real soft, come on... l-l-like a-always...”

I press my teeth to her burning clitoris, and press down just a bit. She sprays down over my face, neck, chest, and down to my rigid cock.

“H-Hah...! Hahmm—!” Seija a moans, her hips moving violently against my open mouth. “G-Good boy, mmH!!” She pats at my head through her skirt, and withdraws, leaving my splattered body fuming on the pier. I have yet to cum. I held back, enduring Shinmyoumaru’s greatest efforts all the while.

As Seija pats her skirt quietly, I look down at the Princess, holding on to my shaft.

“I think that I may be able to increase your size here in hell, Shinmyoumaru,” I confess to her, at a volume only she should be able to hear. The flushed Inchling turns her head from my cock, a string of saliva glinting between it and her tongue. She asks:

“... Really?”

I nod.

“I’ll save this,” I refer to nut I am currently edging against, “for you womb.”

Shinmyoumaru hugs my penis tightly, cutely... she’s, it seems, bashful. Girlish... like she’s accepted what I’ve proposed, and perhaps she is thinking of the coming act. I stand up, carrying her by my rod, thinking of the very same. I turn to Satori.

“Show us the way, I say,” for a moment ignorant at the ludicrous nature of this scene, which departed souls have been watching for the last several minutes.
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File 159602887172.jpg - (2.65MB, 1600x1600, stand and be__.jpg)
stand and be__

We walked the streets of hell.

Mercifully, the door god’s powers manifest just as properly here as in Gensokyo. As we went through Hell’s crowded and enormous streets, I tried to not be swayed by the many marvels around me... the sky-scraping buildings, the curious transportation, the strange devils I have only ever seen rendered on paper...

We went to the courts, to where the yama makes her judgements: the Ministry of Right and Wrong, division: Gensokyo. It was... is... a building of enormous size, decorated with onyx and gold, and it is preceded by a long line of souls awaiting judgement. When we arrived, I at once became worried about intruding on Shiki-sama’s precious time, and Satori noticed.

She addressed my concerns with this:

“Even she has breaks. We will await one.”

And that is what we did. After making it through the guards and walking to the back offices, we waited outside of Shiki Eiki’s door, until she might return from her duties... It was good that we came here with Satori, who herself is an official of the Ministry...

“Quit being so nervous, you’re gonna make ME nervous,” Seija complains, taking me out of my thoughts.

“... I’ve wanted to meet her for so long, I don’t know what to say,” I retort.

“You’ve never met her but you’re in love with her?” Seija asks, picking her nose with her pinky.

“I-I’ve met her, but I haven’t met her!” I insist. “Properly!”

“I ain’t met her,” Seija flicks what she found at the large, gleaming tiles below us, Shinmyoumaru chastising her from my shoulder, “and I don’t want to.”

“Then why have you followed me all this way?” I ask her.

“Because if you’re gonna go here, so will I,” she says, without a hint of anything other than frank honesty. I’ve become used to my aura making people frank with their lusts, but this feels very remarkable. I’ve really captured this amanojaku...

“Quit bragging,” Satori says, interrupting us. I frown. “She’s coming.”

I stand up ramrod straight, and fix my yukata.

“She usually has a very long break, as she works very long hours,” Satori remarks, gazing at me. Satori... is still not wearing panties, correct? “That’s right, you ripped them apart.” Sorry. “Make the most of your time with her. An ordinary human like you cannot casually come to Hell as they please.”

Really, I’m not ordinary at all, am I...

“I’ll want you to explain that,” Satori says, narrowing her eyes at me. St... Stop reading my thoughts! “No.”

Steady, clear footsteps approach our ears. Are Satori’s ears better than ours? To this question, she nods. She must have heard them coming before... After I think that, she nods again. These footsteps are of the yama. Hearing them makes me feel... invigorated. She walks so sternly, so surely, even when her duty has finished. The four of us look down the hall, to the corner that turns off toward the courtroom. A foot, in a pristine black shoe, steps past it, attached to a long and slender leg. High heels... I gulp on my saliva. Next comes the black skirt, adorned with a red and white ribbon that meets in a bow at the front of the hem. Her other ribbons float into view... Her white sleeves, shining pauldrons, and royal blue vest, dressed again with Hakurei-colored buttons. I look away from her face as it moves into the scene. “Ah,” she says in a wholesome, and instantly charming, full and crystal voice, “visitors. Satori-san?”

She walks toward us, and stops before Satori. “You’ve shown up with a strange band,” she says.

“This human wanted to meet you. I will let him explain why, if he wants,” Satori explains. She’s... being uncharacteristically merciful. Answering that she says, “I’d like to see how he handles you...” I can feel the smug smile perched on her lips. And her eyes on my face.

“H-Hel... no, um, greeti... H-Hi... Oh Yama... I—”

“Odou-kun. When I last saw you only went up to my knee,” I can hear a smile in her voice as well, but more importantly—

I turn my head fast, looking into unwavering, azure eyes.
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File 159602901930.jpg - (83.64KB, 397x308, welcomed.jpg)
“You remember me!?” I cry.

Shiki Eiki, the Yama of our land, is indeed smiling. She nods once, the single longer length of her short, forest-green hair bobbing with the motion. I look at her ornate, ceremonial hat, shining gold and deep with black and blue. The frills on it shake as well. I love her hat...

“Yes,” she says, “there is not a soul in Gensokyo who I wouldn’t recognize. Was something concerning you? Let’s enter my office, I’ll have some tea sent our way.”

The Yama opens the door to her office, and lets us in.

She takes off her hat as we enter, putting it on a stand on the way to her desk. Her desk has a stack of papers tall on one side of it. Behind the grand and wooden thing is a bookshelf, full of novels, tomes, and scrolls. Certifications and paintings hang on the walls. She has a snow globe, depicting – it seems – the human village. She tugs out her collar as she walks forth, fixing her dress and tossing her hair a little, sighing. The beautiful yama who I fell in love with as a child sits before me in a comfortable-looking, cushioned chair, and she reaches over to interact with some strange artifact, touching the metallic, spindly and almost art-esque thing a few times before beaming at our entourage and waiting for us to sit in any of the several seats within her place (there is a couch, a sofa, two chairs before her desk, and a few others about... It is a truly spacious room).

“You’ve grown up a great deal, Odou-kun! Are you a clockmaker now? I’ve yet to view the mirror for you, so I’m afraid I’m not up to date...” She’s asking about me...!

Satori huffs, still smirking, and sits in front of the Yama’s desk. I take the opposite seat. My companions sit at the couch to my left—well, Seija is actually lying down.

“I am a... clockmaker...” I mumble. Where is your confidence, Senzai Odou!?

The Yama laughs. It sounds wonderful...! Like a chime!

“I’m glad to hear it! You seemed very interested when we met,” she sounds quite genuinely happy. In the couch, Seija groans.

“Did Uncle do alright, after he...?” I ask.

“I’m afraid I can’t say. Do you think he did well after I visited him, Odou-kun?” she asks. I look aside, and look back... in my memory.

“... I think that your advice is invaluable, Enma-sama,” I switch to the most proper address, “I hope that he headed it. If he did, he should have done well. I think you were right, in everything you said.”

“It is only natural I am right. You should listen to me as well,” she replies. I look her way, and nod. “So why is it that you came here today?”

The door behind us is knocked, and I flinch.

“Come in!” Shiki Eiki-sama calls. The door opens, and a horned youkai enters with a large tray of tea. He sets it down on Shiki Eiki-sama’s desk, and she nods at him. He bows lightly, and departs. Satori and Shiki Eiki-sama each take a cup. Shinmyoumaru floats over to the tray and seems to wonder what to do with these cups that rival her size. Seija may be asleep... she isn’t moving.

I take a cup, and take Shinmyoumaru, who sits in my left palm while I cool the tea with my breath. She can drink from my cup.

“I...” I begin. I think... I should just be honest. “I wanted to see you, that’s all. I’ve nothing worrying me, Enma-sama. I just wanted to see you, very much.” I take a drink.

“... Oh. R-Really? That’s... H-Hm!” She coughs, and chuckles. Did she drink her tea improperly? “I usually have to come to see the people on my own, and if anyone visits it’s for business. It would give anyone the impression of not being wanted.”

“I-I’ve definitely wanted...! T... To see you...” I quickly answer, and quickly become ashamed. Shinmyoumaru relaxes in my hand.

“It would be fine if you didn’t. I don’t need to be wanted. I chose this job without needing any such things, and was assigned just as well.” She still feels she’s on the clock...? That’s like her... “Well, I suppose I am not ‘working’ now, though.”

My heart thumps heavily. The cup doesn’t seem to be steaming. I lower it, and dip it slightly, so that Shimi can stand and get at it.

Um, where to begin...?

[] Ask what she usually does on her off-time (You know that already. Why are you asking?).

[] Ask if she has any hobbies (Out of nowhere? That’s ridiculously awkward).

[] Ask her to measure your sins (Didn’t you say you just came to see her? Why would you ask for that?).


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[X] Ask her if she has ever had a crush before. Get onto the topic of romance, tgen spring the trap.
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[x] Ask what she usually does on her off-time (You know that already. Why are you asking?).
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[x] Ask what she usually does on her off-time (You know that already. Why are you asking?).

I know nothing until I have seen it with my own eyes.
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File 159663465689.jpg - (642.92KB, 1181x1748, 答えなさい.jpg)
[X] Ask what she usually does on her off-time (You know that already. Why are you asking?).


“Enma-sama...!” I start, sitting straight up, “when you’re... free... what do you usually do? Um... how do you spend your time!?” C... Calm down, man!

“Hmmm...?” Shiki Eiki hums and picks up her teacup, sitting straight in her chair. Watching her posture, I find myself unconsciously fixing mine in mirror with hers. “I like to relax outside, or find souls that need a bit of help.” She stares into her cup and then, closing her eyes, she drinks. When she’s finished and opened her eyes again, their clear-sky gaze has fallen on me. “Like Manare,” she says.

My uncle...

“... So my soul is not in trouble?” I ask her.

She frowns, and I quiver. I don’t know what that expression means!

“I can’t be sure. It’s been long and last I saw you were a good boy. I haven’t heard anything about you... You’ve arrived in Hell while alive and that’s...” she pauses, looking almost... frustrated, while her gaze breaks from mine. Hm...? After a moment, she closes her eyes again and shakes her head so lightly that her hair and ribbons barely sway, then she once more looks my way. “I suppose I feel a bit off... Never you mind it. That I haven’t heard anything should mean you’ve at least not gotten up into some public misbehavior.”

“What would you do... if I had?” I say.

“If you had gotten into public mischief and it hadn’t come to my attention?” she asks as she leans forward and puts her elbows on the table, and her cheek to her knuckles. Her lips start to turn up... Wait! She’s smirking! Oh—! “I would chastise myself for not keeping aware, and then advise you to better yourself... assuming I had the time.”

“Y-You wouldn’t punish me...!?”

The Yama looks upon me a bit curiously. “... Punishment is not something I want to give out,” she eventually says, “it is rather a threat, to discourage you from acting badly. Do you... want to be punished, Odou-kun?”

“I-I...” um... “I would be pleased to hear harsh words from Shiki-sama.”

I am not looking at her, but I am aware she is looking at me. I see her blink. “... Odou-kun, or should I say Odou-san?”

“M... Mhm?” I grunt.

“You... How do I put this? You are...”

She stops.

Shiki-sama puts down her cup and sits upright, holding her face below her nose and so covering her mouth as she squints thoughtfully at a corner in the ceiling behind Satori. I look at Satori. Satori is looking at Shiki-sama, and her soft-colored face is unreadable.

I see movement out the corner of my eye and turn my head to see the Yama parting her fingers, and then parting her lips behind them. “I keep a little garden at home. Or, I suppose it’s fairly large.”


“They tumble from and decorate the roof nowadays. I got a bit ridiculous with what I was doing. I want my home to look very pretty. I do like it... being at ease within pleasant scenery.”


I listen.

“When I was younger,” she continues, turning her head and still holding her face, though once again her eyes have shut, “I would study at home. I would study what humans have written, what youkai have written, records, gods... I have read most of it now, though. When I’ve truly nothing to do, if I don’t want to find myself in Higan or some part of my homeland, I’ll sometimes try writing at home... Embarrassing things.” She laughs... giggles, really. “I keep it all to myself. You publish yours, right? Satori-san.”

“It is meant to be a secret, however...” Satori replies. She then takes a sip from her cup.

Her homeland... Gensokyo. She did indeed start her life there, as a jizou...

“I’ve dedicated myself to Gensokyo, Odou-san,” the Yama addresses me again. “It may make me a bit uninteresting, I’m afraid. How I spend my time isn’t terribly diverse.”

“I think it’s quite cu—h-hhmmh! It’s... good,” I say, saving myself from embarrassment. “I’ve... yeah.” However, I fail to add anything more.


“Y-Yes!?” I answer, a bit too loudly while I lock my eyes with hers.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“... He’s stopped thinking.”

“Can that be? You’re reading his heart but it’s blank, then? Incidentally, you ought to get out more and see others’ hearts with higher frequency, Satori-san.”

“Don’t lecture me... He seems confounded.”

“... I see.”

“You seem...”

Shiki-sama looks back at Satori, quietly.

“Ah, he’s back.”

Satori is looking at me.

Sorry, I just couldn’t believe that she asked me that.

“He can’t believe you asked him if he’d like to go on a date with you.”

“... I shouldn’t have asked,” says Shiki-sama, slouching a bit in her chair and sloping her brow. She smiles... as if she finds herself funny, and sad. “I... am a watcher of humankind, not a participant. I don’t even mingle with the others here, often...”


“I...! You...! I don’t believe that you should feel that way at all! The Yama of Gensokyo knows us strongly, and cares for us deeply! There isn’t a thinking soul within all of EXISTENCE with such extreme, incredible empathy! I was not taken aback by your question because I thought it absurd for your to ask, I was shocked that you would ask me!

I pant, feeling exasperated. Then, I shut my eyes, bow my head, and promptly continue.

“I would very much appreciate having a day with you, Enma-sama! If you would so do me that honor, it would make me over the moon with joy!”

“Then, I have a question for you.” I flinch, having heard a distinct “stern” tone in her voice, “before we plan for any such thing.” That blindsided me, and... I think... I’m entirely out of my element right now.

Satori tilts her head, and eyes me tellingly.

And the Yama delivers her query. “Have you done something, or has something been done to you, that you yourself consider to be extremely unusual? Has your life changed suddenly and considerably, and in ways you might consider remarkable?”

P... Pardon?

Shiki sama puts her hand on the golden rod that she always carries with her, currently lying on her desk. “The Rod of Remorse” is... a large thing, with sins written boldly on the front and back, and rather than a “rod”... it’s a shaku-shaped item, used to bludgeon sinners.
“Couldn’t you... see for yourself, with the mirror that yama are given?” I ask, referring to the Cleansed Crystal Mirror that allows a yama to view the entire life of whomever they wish. Everyone knows about that...

“Why would you ask me that, Odou-san?” asks the Yama. W-Wait...! “If you know that I have such a capability within my reach, and you know that I know that, then you should know that I mean to have you answer. Now answer.”

There aren’t any words on my tongue...

The Yama isn’t... doing anything, I feel, but she’s caught me and I feel more naked than I am beneath my clothes... and certainly not in a good way.

I glance at Shinmyoumaru and Seija, who are glancing at me.

... This is like when I was grilled by Satori earlier in the day, but the pressure is overwhelming.

[] Lie.

[] Tell the truth (about your perverted acts).

[] Tell the truth (about the Door God’s curse of innocuousness).


In other words
[] Bullshit.
[] Tell Eiki that you're a wretched pervert.
[] Tell Eiki, and by extension everyone in the room, that a god made it so any action you take is seen as normal.

By the way the image I used is slightly shopped. The original doesn't have the rod covering her mouth.
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[x] Tell the truth (about the Door God’s curse of innocuousness).
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[X] Tell the truth (about your perverted acts).

Might as well be upfront about it, unless we want Eiki watching footage of us ramming Orin like an animal in 1080p mirror vision(tm) with play-by-play commentary from Satori.
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(X) Tell the truth (about your perverted acts).
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[x] Tell the truth (about the Door God’s curse of innocuousness).

She will find out either way.
Since it is a gift/challenge from a god (Okina) we should be fine
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Actually since we have a tie can we tell her the truth about both?
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File 159728451029.png - (960.02KB, 1360x1600, Is that so.png)
Is that so
[X] Tell the truth.


I swallow, and straighten up, looking straight, too, at Shiki-sama.

“I—I’ve been rather... perverted, lately,” I tell her.

“‘Perverted’?” she repeats in a questioning tone, lifting one of her eyebrows as she does. “You mean lewd?” she asks, almost clinically. Then, her brow eases and she delivers a blunt command of me to, “Explain.”

“I have had sex with every girl in this room who I came here with...” I reveal. “Well, not my Inchling, though. I can’t have sex with the Princess but we’ve engaged in quite a lot of sexual play.”

“Since?” she asks, while Shinmyoumaru blushes off to the side and Seija pokes her cheek with a finger.

“That’s... well... A week,” I admit.

“... And the acts?” the Yama continues. I find myself blushing—a rarity for myself of late.

“M-Must I get into that?” I reply.

“I would hear them,” says the Yama. Mmf... She’s as insistent as a stone is to sink in a river. I want her to berate me...

Satori looks at me and frowns. Wh-What!? Leave me to my thoughts!

She closes two of her eyes, but her third continues to stare.

I softly clear my throat, and breathe in. So I list: “She has rubbed herself on me, eaten my cum, let me lick her body, kissed and licked my member, masturbated before me, let herself be bathed in my semen, and has generally been extremely receptive to the notion of sex, though it is currently physically impossible for us.”

“And you’ve had sex with the other girls in this room? I take it you’ve done much with them as well?”

I nod, then flinch before clarifying, “Not Satori-san. I’ve really only put it in her.”

“And had your way with my rear,” Satori adds.

“You put your penis in her rear?” asks the Yama.

This line of questioning is beyond me—

“I... put my face to her butt, and enjoyed it,” I explain.

“Am I correct in assuming you’ve had sex and engaged in perverted acts with other girls as well, recently?” she goes on.

I nod.

“Within the last week?”

I shrink into myself, and nod rather weakly.

Shiki Eiki-sama takes up a rather practiced posture. I half-mirror it, expecting a lecture.

“... I will be honest with you, Odou-san,” she starts... here it comes, I imagine— “I don’t see any issues with any of your conduct.”

... Oh. R-Really?

“I don’t see any issue with it...” she continues, and she goes on to explain, “although I have damned humans for less in the past.”

Ah—! Y-Yeaahh... Of course.

“What other truth is there,” says the Yama, “that gives reason to this discrepancy?”

... Well, I did decide to tell the truth...

“There...” I start, “was a god—”


Suddenly, a hand is covering my mouth. A sharp point presses against the front of my neck, too.
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File 159728461186.png - (3.62MB, 1653x1455, hold it.png)
hold it
“No good, Odou-kun...” that voice... it’s not in my head, it’s— “our Master wouldn’t like that.”

“Watch it, Odou-kun,” says the tomboyish voice, echoing through the room. The point at my neck is from a spear of bamboo... A girl with moss-green hair is crouched down at my left and aiming that weapon, holding it in both of her hands. “You’re supposed to keep secrets. Don’t you get that?”

“You two...!” Wha—!? Shiki Eiki-sama knows them!? She’s stood up from her chair, and slammed her hands down on her desk. “So it was true... and that’s how neither of you have perished...!”


“Oh, crap...! Satono!” The green-haired girl says. “We messed up! Of course she’d recognized us!”

“Ah... oh no,” the girl holding my mouth says. This is the... pink girl, with the airy voice. “We’re going to be in trouble, Mai.”

The Yama is looking intense. Glaring at the other two, Shiki-sama bellows, “She is meddling in his life...!? Why—”

But before her question can go out, smoke erupts in the room.

Through the fog, I see the glint of Shinmyoumaru’s blade approaching the green-haired girl. The Princess is upside down... No—I am.

Seija is at “Satono’s” (and so also my) back, and swinging a bright, golden, and somewhat oversized mallet at her now-flipped over head. Satono whispers in my ear before the strike can land— “You know what we’ll do.”

And she vanishes. Mai vanishes as well. The mallet connects with the chair behind me, shattering it entirely and instantly into innumerable cracked pieces. Shinmyoumaru dodges a piece but another connects with her head. She enters a spin, and I reach out to catch her. Once I do, I bring her between my palms – safely – and crash unceremoniously to the floor. The smoke begins to clear, and my Boy is unceremoniously exposed, flopping down over my lower abdomen. And, now, Shiki Eiki-sama is looking at my flaccid member.

“...” She looks down on me silently. I feel as if I’m shriveling... “Matara... Okina.”

“Huh?” I say, opening my hands to check on Shinmyoumaru. Seija begins manually turning me over.

“You’ve become a target of Matara Okina,” the Yama says. “This is a grave matter.”

“Who is that?” I ask. Also, it seems Shimi is alright...

“Perhaps I will discuss it another time,” says Shiki Eiki-sama. “For now, I’m having you under surveillance and arrest.”

“I see,” I reply, feeling Shinmyoumaru where she was hit... Wait. “Eh... Eeehh!?”

Seija, standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders, asks Shiki Eiki-sama more clearly: “What the hell are you saying, hag?”

“I am arresting him,” Shiki Eiki-sama repeats, stepping out from behind her desk. “Two souls have already been lost to that rogue god’s workings... Frankly speaking: that is only as many as I can say for certain... and I will not let her have a third.”

“This guy’s my husband,” Seija lies. “You can’t just try to take a girl’s man from her and expect her to just let it happen.”

“Kijin Seija, Odou-san could be complicit in – though perhaps not entirely aware of – the plans this certain god is now attempting. I will have to determine his innocence or guilt, and see to his and that god’s true connection.” The Yama stops speaking for a moment, in order to meet Seija’s eyes. “For all we know, you could be little more than a played pawn yourself. At any rate, do you think you can argue with my judgement?”

“Don’t mess with me...” Seija whispers darkly, digging her nails into my skin with her grip.

“I offer the same words to you,” the Yama calmly replies “for your own safety.”

I can’t tell Seija what to do... but she shouldn’t go against the Yama. She will... She shouldn’t. The ultimate authority over our lives and deaths is a truly unshakable power.

... I certainly have no intention of going against her...

However, this isn’t what I wanted.

Leaving Shinmyoumaru behind, and Seija possibly pregnant...

One of the reasons I came to Hell was to deflower Shimi. I have a terrible feeling that an arrest and investigation won’t take anything akin to a short while... and, possibly, I may not see freedom or life ever again. Certainly that’s very sudden... and entirely my fault for coming here with little sense of risk... and I have to ask, “what can I do about it?”, but...

... Still. Still: I need to at least make a request.

To be bold... or bolder.

Though either way, I am going to ask that Shiki Eiki-sama let me find an oni, grow Shimi in size, and take my Inchling lover’s first time.

After I swear that, Satori-san eyes me once again.

... I steel myself.

[] “Enma-sama, if you would be so kind, would you let these two youkai stay along with me during my arrest? Also, I have another request if you would grant the first...”

[] “Enma-sama, at least grant me this: before you detain me and begin your investigation, may I spend one night with these two? Also, I have another request if you would grant the first...”
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[X] “Enma-sama, if you would be so kind, would you let these two youkai stay along with me during my arrest? Also, I have another request if you would grant the first...”

Sex is a great way to pass time whilst in confinement, after all
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[x] “Enma-sama, if you would be so kind, would you let these two youkai stay along with me during my arrest? Also, I have another request if you would grant the first...”
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[x] “Enma-sama, if you would be so kind, would you let these two youkai stay along with me during my arrest? Also, I have another request if you would grant the first...”
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File 159798281287.jpg - (410.36KB, 854x978, not-wives.jpg)
[X] “Enma-sama, if you would be so kind, would you let these two youkai stay along with me during my arrest? Also, I have another request if you would grant the first...”

“OI!!” Seija predictably snaps, clawing into my skin again and directing her shout right at my ear. “You think I WANT to go to prison!? Why the hell are you making calls for me, huh!?”

I calmly look up at her cute, snarling face.

“You don’t want to stay in my bed?” I ask.

She blushes, grits her teeth, raises a shaking fist, and after keeping it there a few seconds quickly punches me in the back of my head.

“As they are very close to you,” says Shiki Eiki-sama, who is ignoring our spat, “I will allow it. What is your other request, Odou-san?”

“Thank you, Enma-sama,” I show my sincerest gratitude first, with a bow. Then, I meet her eyes and answer answer, “I want to see an oni about making an Inchling grow bigger, even if it’s but for a little while.”

“May I ask why?” Shiki Eiki-sama asks. So, I answer:

“To sleep with her; fill her womb; so on.”

“Understood. Before we detain the three of you you will be given a room at one of Hell’s inns. I will see you tomorrow. I pray for your success in conceiving.”

Gods are really incredible, aren’t they...

Again the Yama interacts with the strange metal object on her desk, She says, “An escort will be seeing you outside. Don’t worry: you are innocent in my eyes until I can determine guilt. Even if you are guilty, I will guide you back to righteousness.”

Ahh... this is why I love her. She spoke so genuinely...!

“Okun...!” Shimi? I look down at her, and she meets my gaze with frantic, heated one. “We’ll... tie the knot!?”

“That means marriage, Shinmyoumaru,” I explain while standing up. I bow my farewells to Satori-san and the Yama. “No. I think the term would be... we will ‘consummate’.”

“That only happens when two douchebags are married,” says Seija with her hands behind her head. “You’re gonna ‘fuck’, that’s all,” she explains.

“It’s more special than that...” I insist as I turn to the door. Shinmyoumaru is holding her blushing face in her hands. I love Shimi, too... It isn’t just sex. “It’s lovemaking,” I say.

Seija spits and twists her face in disgust. I’m surprised the Yama says nothing... “‘Love’,” the amanojaku says. “Bullshit.”

“I don’t want one of my wives saying that...” I say, teasing her as I open the door for her.

She punches me again, this time in my side. We leave the room, and follow the oni outside to our next destination.

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File 159798295434.jpg - (1.22MB, 1046x1768, doki doki suru.jpg)
doki doki suru
It’s a bit stunning that it worked out like this, but... everything went well, and without issue. That’s all there is to it. Oni are truly craftsmen without parallel... Compared to my clock-making, even my most intricate of pieces is put to shame by their works. A kishin had created something called the “Near-Miracle Mallet” and used it on the Princess. It’s a downgrade, or perhaps improvement in a way from the true and mythical Miracle Mallet my princess carries. In exchange for a guaranteed limited time effect or result, and a long period to recharge, there is no negative repercussion whatsoever. While we celebrated Shinmyoumaru’s growth, Seija attempted to steal it. We stopped her, distracted its maker from her intentions, and exited the place with our guide.

And now those two are bathing.

And, I’m thinking about the chance I now have with Shinmyoumaru.

It feels... as if I’ve known her for a great deal of time, but really our time together has been extremely short.

Perhaps it could be said... the curse afflicting me truly afflicts others instead. I... knew this, but I’m only able to acknowledge it now, as I wait for that short girl to wash off with her odd friend (I bathed before them). And I can’t even reveal to either of them—to anyone that I’ve been using my condition to exploit them sexually.

It’s somewhat of a moral quandary, I think...

The truth is this: that almost anything I do is seen as common sense. My curse hasn’t changed anyone’s tastes or preferences otherwise... I know this from how the women I’ve been with since being cursed have acted in regards to me. Not everyone of them has enjoyed the taste of semen. Only Seija has mashed her pussy against my face, and gripped my hair as she did so. Mokou likes my being aggressive. The fairy under Reimu’s shrine likes it up her ass...

Isn’t it more as if... this... “aura” of mine has removed their inhibitions, and allowed them to enjoy what they might not otherwise?

... Though I have no real right to say that, with how many girls I may have left with child now.

... How do I say, it’s as if... I am too pleased with that to truly recognize the sin in the act.

Something is definitely... changed in me.

It isn’t some sexual fetish. Well, for the most part it isn’t.

It’s as if the conquest of a woman, and their satisfaction, strengthens me.

And I suspect... that may have to do with the god of doors: Matara Okina.

I hope that if her plans for me are foul, that Shiki Eiki-sama can prevent my fall.

I nod.


I believe in our Yama’s judgment.

“Yo, Odou-san:” I hear Seija addressing me from the changing room. “Hime says she wants you to close your eyes while she comes out.”

They got some new clothes from the kishin craftsman before... They asked that I not join as they chose and fit them.

“I’m gonna let you do her by yourself and fuck up the hall outside until someone stops me,” Seija goes on.

“You shouldn’t,” I gently warn her, closing my eyes as asked.

“Shouldn’t let you have your way...? Well, if you insist, Odou-san...”

“I appreciate that, Seija-kun. I meant the hallway,” I clarify.

“If you don’t want me to, I’m definitely going to. By the way, don’t think I ain’t noticed your inconsistency with respect when you talk with me... You’ve got balls. I’ll have at ‘em later. Enjoy yourself, Hime. We’ve got as long as you two want.”

With that, I hear Seija leaving, walking past where I’m sitting (on a sofa) and tugging my hair as she goes.

I then smell something... floral, I suppose. And, I feel warm air.
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File 159798307817.png - (0.99MB, 902x1280, they're big.png)
they're big
I hear the bedsheets moving.

“O-O-O-Okun... n-n-n... now...”

She’s nervous despite all we’ve done together...

I open my eyes.

What an irreplaceable girl.

Shinmyoumaru, who at her current height reaches around my waist when standing, is seated with her back to me, on her knees, on the room’s bed. I suppose I haven’t described the room... It’s... a place that looks fairly expensive. Please: I honestly can’t stop looking at Shinmyoumaru’s calves and feet; the room’s layout is of little consequence compared to those lovely gams...

I stand, letting my robes fall from my shoulders, and I begin to step toward her.

Her shoulders hunch. I take the bowl off of her head when I reach her (I honestly think she wore it just so I could remove it).

“Shimi...” I say, putting my hands down on her shoulders and looking over her current, somewhat flashy kimono. These shoulders are bared. An independent, frilled collar with ties is around her neck. Her breasts are actually heavy now that she’s been given a human’s height. To be honest... “I see no reason to wait at all. You’ve been anticipating this, too, have you not? I’m sure you aren’t wearing anything beneath this. Stop flashing me your legs and show me them properly. Bend over and lay on the pillow. Open the back. It’ll go in... My thick cock that you love so much will finally be jammed into your pussy, Shinmyoumaru... After all...”

I bend down and put my nose in her hair, closing my eyes. My ready cock hits against her exposed back, and I tell her, “you’re ready too, right?”

She bends over.

She parts, her kimono from behind and hikes up her rear.

She spreads her legs a little, pushing her knees apart and so having them dig a little ways into the sheets, and five drops of clear liquid fall from her crotch. A wave of heat, and a smell waft from underneath her...

I breathe in deeply... This is... something I’m already very familiar with: Shinmyoumaru’s lovely, aroused scent... I wait no longer, and so plunge my dick inside her.
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File 159798321091.gif - (1.81MB, 1400x1417, inchling pounding.gif)
inchling pounding




I grunt. She pants. Compared to every lady I’ve encountered of late, Shinmyoumaru has been the one who it’s taken the longest to fill up. It is at once both a struggle and a smooth, hot journey, but I manage to burrow my penis up her vagina. It feels like... her insides are desperate to accept me. Too desperate. She pushes back impatiently and I’m to-hilt, her ass cheeks pressed against my lower stomach. Her pussy is grabbing a hold of me—squeezing me with such strength it feels like she’ll force me out... like trying to grip an untethered bar of soap in the bath. Before that can actually happen, I drag out on my own, steady myself with a hand on her shoulder and on her hip, then with force push right back in, deep, again. I look at her hands clutching the sheets; I look at her toes curling behind me. I’ve wanted this... genuinely, I think, for a long time... Not only have I always deeply respected and admired her... Shinmyoumaru is the one who really started this off for me... practically encouraged me. Her pussy is... without a doubt the best I’ve felt, and to feel it raw is just—

She’s twitching, clenching. It’s warm and soft. God...! How bad do you want it, girl!? This is just...

I bend low, leaning over her. I put my right hand over hers, my left hand on her head, and with my nose in her hair again I begin pounding her while saying her name, over and over. “Shimi... Shinmyoumaru... Ghh...!”

I can hear her muffled, small voice from the pillow. I can hear – and feel – the falling and sliding sweat and juices of her vagina. Her legs sometimes come back together, sometimes part. She just wants to feel the best and gods, this does feel the best. I could hold and fuck her for hours... if she wasn’t so damned attractive to me. I could cum inside her any second.

I grab her left breast and bring my right knee onto the bed. Is this more animalistic than my time with Orin? I’m seriously driving it up in her, and we had no foreplay. It wasn’t necessary. Like I said, she was ready... She’s been ready, for quite a while now. This drenched pussy has wanted a cock—my cock inside it for an agonizing week. She’s done everything she could to it with her Inchling body. She has literally slept in my spunk, on several occasions. Such a pervert. My dick is already, seriously, on the precipice. I want to nut in her, but... I want her to feel this... Fucking... Fucking Shinmyoumaru...

The princess takes her left hand from the sheets and puts it over the back of mine as I’m holding her chest. Then, she turns her head. At once I kiss her beside her eye. I kiss her cheek. She’s smiling. She whispers, “Hard... er... O... kun...”

I hug around her stomach, bring my other leg up on the bed and follow her command. My hips slam into hers, and I feel what, until now, I’d only felt on my small finger and my tongue: her tightening, convulsing flesh; her spraying and dribbling pussy, kissing and tugging at me. Her orgasm. Ugh... I need to drive her to it again. Don’t I, Shinmyoumaru!? Her body is shaking from my movements such that it must look like I want to destroy her. Gods, she can jiggle... Who would’ve imagined?

I want to have the Yama’s hand in marriage, but there is no woman I want to leave “love” inside of more than Sukuna Shinmyoumaru. Her disheveled clothes bunch between our bodies. I grasp her hip again and bring my middle finger to her clit. She’s mostly quiet from having her face once more pushed down and her eyes rolling up in a daze. She reaches behind her back and grips my balls, and yes, it does hurt, but for some unimaginable reason it nearly pushes the sperm out of them. I barely manage to hold back, but Dragon above it’s too gods damned much. Too good! Was I into such a thing!? Gracious, Hime! I thought Seija was desperate for getting cummed inside, it seems as if you need this...! Gods... I’ve never met a pervert who resonated with me so well. I’m a lucky man... Gods, I was so lucky to find you...!

“Cumming,” I growl, “Shinmyoumaru...!”

She grips my balls again, and as pain, pleasure, love, and lust explode throughout my mind and body I begin to explode inside of her, making her flinch... shiver... “Fffhuu...” I breathe, and I growl again, holding her and beginning to pant wet breath against her back.
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File 159798338084.jpg - (631.90KB, 2056x1026, flooded.jpg)
She collapses, and I nearly fall on top of her when she lets me go. I keep shooting inside her while grasping her right ass cheek and spreading her bottom apart. I pull out and leave a shot down her back; I know she likes that. Shaking, trembling, she gets up onto her knees before me, as another shot flies to her cheek and she twitches on its landing. I see sweat dripping from her face. She’s breathing heavily, and her ears are red.

[] Keep going.

[] Rest.


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Keep going.
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[x] Keep going.
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[x] Keep going.
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[x] Keep going.
and stop for nothing.
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[X] Keep going.

Can't stop won't stop
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File 159850758067.jpg - (675.02KB, 1400x1800, connect.jpg)
[X] Keep going.

I scooch ahead and pull down her kimono to her forearms, exposing her breasts. I take them up and bring my face toward hers. She looks at me through strands of matted hair, opens her mouth and allows me to kiss her while I can finally get a handful – in fact, two – of her chest.

Shinmyoumaru is mature for her age (which, I still think, is adolescent). Her tits are incredible. I’ve seen them enough to have their shape burned into my memory and I’ve found them, always, to be exceptionally arousing but... Despite how objectively small she objectively was and I suppose, technically, is, I would often find them cute, rather, due to her overall size. Proportion of course told that this sexual Inchling was indeed packing a gargantuan chest, but although I have often sniffed it, licked it, teased it, it is only now that I can truly grope it.

I stop kissing her for a moment to smell her sweaty hair, our saliva running down the sides of both our mouths.

“You’re so erotic, Shinmyoumaru,” I tell her while pulling at her tits and rubbing her nipples between my fingers. She trembles, she moans, she reaches behind herself and grabs me. “I love your smell. I love your hair, your legs. I love your tits,“ I say while gripping the both of them (and she grips me, working my already reinvigorated shaft). “Whether you’re inches or feet high, I can’t get enough of you.”

“You really are weird, Okun...” she says, turning. I shake my head and tickle the front of her nipples. “Nah, you’re weird...” She puts her free hand down on my head and smiles. She pushes down a little. I get the message and descend on her chest with my tongue while she earnestly jerks me off.

It’s a noisy process. I’ve never been let at a hefty pair of tits before quite like this. I was allowed to toy a bit with Komachi-san’s chest, but this sucking? This – honestly – slobbering? This is all a first. She’s flinching so much... She so adorable!

“Unnnggmm... Okuuun... more...” Mercy, Shinmyoumaru; I can’t imagine much more.

Her areolae are large and, well, not “delicious” or anything... It’s skin, after all. Her sweat- (and our saliva-) slickened skin,,. I bury my face in her chest after getting both of her tips swollen, getting her heart beating heavily. I cup under her breasts and lift and feel beneath there. That wafting heat and body odor... Everything about her is driving me beyond my highest “speed”. If I had to explain, Shimi means “sex” for me, in every respect. If I look at her long I get hard. If I notice her lying against me I rise up. She’s trained me, as it were. While I’m breathing in her body, my face and tongue pushing against her sternum, I start to lay ropes against her stomach. Shinmyoumaru then shifts around, lifts herself from her knees, spreads herself over me and – still holding my cock – she sits down on my ejaculating member.
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File 159850765475.png - (343.54KB, 700x459, shimi.png)
“MMh! Shi-Shim... i...! G-Ghah—!”

She rides me, and as I’m still in the middle of orgasm I can’t actually do anything. Shinmyoumaru is hugging me around my neck and slamming down on my cock. Her pendulous tits are falling to her body when she lifts and swinging against my face when she falls. She’s... really humping me... I usually control the flow of a scene, this is totally beyond me... This seems more an encounter with a demon of lust than a moment between lovers... But I can’t deny it! I can’t get enough of this!

Shinmyoumaru is kissing my forehead, saying my name, and grinding me into her cunt, fast, rapid even and heavy. She drives another orgasm out of me, milking me with a blinding and delirious pleasure. I fall back on the bed. She pushes her hands against my chest and keeps going.

The room is already filled with a mist of sex. Shinmyoumaru, now released and fully capable, is taken complete advantage. I knew this... I actually have known from the start that between the two of us she’s more proactive, but as she openly smiles over me and humps my engorged-cock while it cums and after, I’m just... flabbergasted. My heart is aching. This girl is incredible...!

Shinmyoumaru works her pussy over me mercilessly, spraying her girlish cum over my stomach multiple times and forcing me to fill her womb perhaps I think at least twice more during her assault. At some point she has one hand on my lower stomach and is twisting her hips over my dick, looking down at me amorously, and I instantly cum again. I grab her tits. I slowly yank her nipples. She grins and shivers with pleasure, rises until I fall out of her and sits before me. Bends before me. “Get up,” she says, and while I try to she opens her mouth over my cock.
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File 159850771511.jpg - (0.98MB, 3508x1404, pai.jpg)
“D-Dear gods... Sh-Shim—! You’re still... alright...!?” Her stamina is... extraordinary! Even Seija will need a rest after just a little while...! Come to think of it, she’s never really taken breaks should he really “engage” one another at the shop...

She throats me. I place my hand on her head and rub her. Shinmyoumaru has shown time and again how much she loves to drag and swirl her tongue over my shaft, of course it’s only now that she can enjoy all parts of it so easily. She rolls her tongue on my underside as she bobs her head, sucking noisily and swallowing now and then. Eventually she pulls her lips to the ridge of my cockhead, exhaling from her nose down my exposed flesh and letting me go as she sighs as well. The rapid shifts in temperature from hot, to chilled, to warm making me shoot, trembling, up her cheek and past her ear. She opens her mouth over me again as I’m ejaculating, brings up her tits and cushions my rod to try perking me up again as I’m being drained away.

I... somewhat lose it after that: kissing Shinmyoumaru, touching Shinmyoumaru as I drive into her again. We try different positions: from the front, with a leg of hers in my arms, with her legs over her head, against a wall, on the floor...

Eventually, when we’ve returned to the bed and I’ve got my hand on her shoulder, her leg hitched up, my right hand planted on the bed, dripping sweat over her mostly naked body, she tells me, “Don’t stop... Don’t stop... until I’m full, Okun...”

We fuck until we’re drained, and we’re drained at perhaps four in the morning. I can’t easily make Shinmyoumaru a proper size, so I guess I understand it. If this has been our last chance to have actual sex, we needed to make the most of it. And, really, I believe that we did.

I fell asleep in her arms, as she did in mine. My incarceration and investigation begins “today”, and Shinmyoumaru will be back to her old size before then...


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File 159877498567.jpg - (2.71MB, 4456x1596, Judge Not.jpg)
Judge Not

It isn’t exactly fun keeping three to a cell.

I should say, our “cell” seems to be slightly better than the rich hotel we stayed overnight when we first came to Hell... however three to a cell is three to a bed. I have to worry about Shimi because there’s no other place for her to rest, and to spite me Seija prefers to sleep upside down, inevitably bringing her foot against my face. She also only will... well honestly, exploit me sexually on her own terms. She’s... rather displeased about being held under arrest, and I certainly could take advantage of her regardless through the curse... but that would be in very poor taste.

With all that said, we’ve been imprisoned for what is approaching two months thus far. Mostly, when we aren’t on our daily (supervised, of course) free recess out in Hell’s Capital, we sit still, read or play board and card games, and are fed. Some shinigami reported my indefinite absence to the human village when it began, but... I wonder how that was taken. Essentially: does the curse carry to word of my deeds and circumstances? I suppose it likely does, and so no one back home is concerned... That’s a little disconcerting. If I ever die in a ditch somewhere, perhaps nobody would pay it any mind either...

Whilst thinking on this I hear, “Odou-san,” and turn to see Shiki-sama. She promptly tells me “come” from where she stands outside the bars. Right, I suppose I should have mentioned: it is a kind of cage. The interior is nice but we’re forever exposed at one wall. Thankfully, we’re all used to being exposed...!

That’s a terrible joke...

I look at the Yama from where I’m sitting on the floor, hence looking away from Shimi who was jumping between the fingers of my hands. The Inchling stops, flies to my cheek, and kisses it. I tap her gently on her head.

Seija looks at me as I stand up, so I look back at her. “Yes. Seija-san?” I address her.

She lifts the back of her skirt (we were delivered our clothing when it became clear we would not be staying here for a short while). Parting her legs a bit to show me her bottomless undercarriage, the amanojaku says, “When you get back, pound me.”

Ah...! So today she’s granting me access!

I give her a thumb’s up, a smile, and a nod. “Absolutely!” I say. “Leave it to me!”

Seija rolls her eyes and goes back to the textbook she’d been reading (it is about agricultural techniques). So, I walk to the cell door, picking up a cloth-wrapped box from a table as the oni with Shiki-sama unlocks our cage.

“How are you?” asks Shiki-sama, standing at ease before me. I look down at my member, beginning to stand before me, and say:

“A bit excited, it seems.”

Shiki-sama is only a bit shorter than myself. From above I see her direct her eyes to my Boy. In a staid, professional tone, she asks, “Are you distracted? Do you need them to take care of that before we go?”

I turn to look at the cell while adjusting my robe over the shoulders. Shimi is now leaping between the soles of Seija’s feet, to which Seija is occasionally glancing back with irritation.

“... I wouldn’t want to bother them,” I say.

“Understood,” says the Yama, returning to my eyes as I return to hers, “I’ll take care of it for you in the interrogation room, then. Your mind needs to be clear when we speak.”

I close my eyes and nod meekly, feeling a little heat in my face. My heart beats, and my Boy stirs...

Of course my interactions with her have become like that.


In a rare defense of myself, I did not propose or impose anything sexual with or upon Shiki Eiki-sama. Rather... it’s unusual (for me) how it began. Really, it’s unusual for anyone.

For the start of interrogations Shiki-sama simply recounted and confirmed details of my life. Questioning, basically. “You were born in Gensokyo, correct?” she asked. “Have you ever stolen something? Would you describe yourself as violent? You learned at Keine-san’s temple school?” She asked me quite a bit while she held a file which described me in front of her. All was handwritten. She seemed, I thought, a bit fatigued.

So I asked, “You compiled this in your free time, Enma-sama? From your mirror?” And while paging through her notes on me – her free fingers at her temple and her elbow on the table we were sat at – she nodded.

“While yours is, I believe, an important matter to see to I can’t use too many of the Ministry’s resources for two reasons,” she explained while reading. With her sentence done she looked at me and told, “Matara Okina works alongside the Ministry in secret, and I also cannot with one-hundred percent certainty claim that this is a serious issue.” She smiled, tiredly, then. “I’m burning some of the good will I’ve accumulated on some selfish ‘justice’. If I burn too much, the ‘smoke’ of this ‘fire’ I’m starting will lead back to me, and cause some rather concerning trouble.”

“Are you working right now?” I asked. “Or, are these your off hours?”

“This is lunch—my lunch hours. As a yama I’ve no real need to eat, that’s just a bit of something that fills you,” she explained. She raised a finger and said, “It fills your stomach and spirit! If it tastes good, then you feel good. Eating delicious food is a truly helpful thing, Odou-san.”

“Do you cook your own meals?” I’d asked her, in sincere curiosity. She shook her head.

“I tend to serve Hell’s economy rather than spending time on that,” she said. “I’ve got too much to do to spend time cutting this or mashing that, boiling or baking et cetera,”

“As you’re taking your lunches for me, why don’t I spend the time I’m not being interrogated preparing meals for you?” That’s what I offered. “The accommodations we were given include a kitchen... I can be billed later when I’m released,” I said.

“Ahh... Well, well; I won’t refuse that. Odou-san. If you would, then I would terribly appreciate it,” she said. That was the first day. I started cooking, sometimes with Shinmyoumaru’s help, before the Yama would arrive to take me for questioning. It’s odd... I didn’t have any hidden intentions behind that; I think I was just concerned and was thinking logically. However, I think that may have been ultimately rather significant, and looking back it’s almost as if I indeed knew what I was doing. But, I did not. I like working with my hands besides... I wanted daily task between waiting and fooling around or chatting with my cell-mate-wives.

Shiki-sama would eat during short breaks in the interrogations. The first time I brought her food, as she ate I simply fiddled with something in the meanwhile. I’d requested some of my tools and materials brought in from the other side, from my shop. I can only use them during out sessions, but I figure: I may as well not neglect my commissions, I’m not on break from work and if I can make progress I’d like to.

The third day while I was filing in the teeth of a clock’s wheel on the vice, Shiki-sama asked me in a moment after swallowing a bite: “I assume that Matara Okina has threatened you to keep anything you know about her secret.”

I decided to be honest and nodded, telling her, “At least sensitive things.”

“Then this may take even longer, taking your safety into consideration,” she answered, looking at me apologetically. She explained, “Parts of your life are obscured from my mirror. I apologize in advance, Odou-san.”

“It’s fine, Enma-sama,” I replied.

“... So, you don’t need an automated tool, or a pedal-driven machine to create the even teeth of a clock’s wheel,” she noted, suddenly.

I pointed to my markings in pencil. “You just need a steady hand and eye, and care for the craft,” I told her.

“I see.” She ate some of the rice I’d prepared and seemed to ponder for a moment. I remember, because I thought it was rather cute. “It’s somewhat like orchids then?”

“Are they particular?” I asked her, remembering that she keeps a garden—I imagined, of flowers.

And she nodded. “A fussy watering schedule, particular direction and need for sunlight... It has tells, too, in color when certain things aren’t going its way.” She laughed a little, dryly. “Though it’s quite beautiful,” she added.

I told her it sounded more difficult to manage than keeping a wheel’s teeth even She told me that she could tell me the same, in reverse.

I must have taken this as a sign of normalcy...

It started that I would ask Shiki-sama about books she was reading while she ate during our breaks... We talked about the politics of Hell and about how it and the living world’s weather works (or doesn’t). I remember a conversation that extended beyond the allotment of our break. Shiki-sama asked me about a part of the Forest of Magic, saying that she used to live outside of it, on a road around there while she was still a jizou statue. “I’ve wondered about travelers along the road,” she’d said. I told her, truthfully, that there were no on jizou the road she referred to, and that I had grown up knowing it to be dangerous.

And Eiki told me that, she found that to be a shame, and that she was also a little disappointed at how little of Gensokyo she had seen. When she visits, she doesn’t frequent most of it—as she concerns herself with humans who really only live in the Village of course, aside from very few others. “I still love the land but sometimes I feel like I was never truly a part of it,” she admitted, self-deprecatingly.

And I told her, “I always thought you were Gensokyo’s spirit, when I was a boy.”

“What for?” she’d asked me, curious. She lifted a cup of tea, and drank as she waited.

“Nobody cared about Uncle, so I thought he was a youkai or some such, honestly... When you came to him and talked to him, and me, I was just struck with that impression. It felt like a god, I think.”

“Categorically, I am,” she said, smirking a little.

“Well, then that was what I gathered. You told me that if I was good, I wouldn’t need to see you more than one other time, and you rubbed my head,” I pointed to my hair, then. “I felt love. I thought that was nice. I think people complain about seeing a yama, but I’ve also always thought it’s very obvious that you’re a part of our land.”

“That is kind of you,” she’d said.

I said, “I’m not trying to be kind, I just wish to be honest.”

I learned that Shiki-sama didn’t have many other hobbies, but was interested in more to reconnect with mortals. It began to happen that when we had a little time left over, I would show her how to put together dioramas and miniature ships. Shiki-sama also improved my penmanship and let me care for a little potted flower in the interrogation room, on the stand beside the cot in there...

I noticed that when things began I sat across from her while being questioned. Eventually I began to sit beside her, at the perpendicular edges of the table... though I can’t say for certain who it was between us who decided to change our initial arrangement.

... In... our fourth week, from my corroboration and Shiki-sama’s research, we had a little breakthrough. Shiki-sama shared with me a bit of information she’d discovered about a supposed feud a god from Hell had had with Matara Okina, which had something to do with a mysterious disappearance of fairies from Gensokyo some time ago. Separately, Matara Okina was also supposedly trying to find a human servant...

“But if we’re talking about you, Odou-san,” Shiki-sama had said during the session, speaking to me with her usual high professionalism that she embodies whilst on the job, “I cannot see what allowing you to be engage in so many sexual acts might accomplish.” She reviewed her notes with narrowed eyes, holding her chin in thought. “Possibly... I think, perhaps, Matara Okina may be looking to please herself? That is to say: she is not training a servant, she is training a consort...” I shook my head at that and explained to Shiki-sama that Matara Okina had in fact denied me that path when I alluded to my intentions to have her. This made the Yama raise her brow and whisper, “She truly is inscrutable...”

Then, I recalled how before Matara Okina had denied me, she had also told me to do as I will, and never to hesitate. When I told that to the Yama we ended up discussing and speculating things very long after. Too long. As it was the first of Shiki-sama’s two days off and she had nothing else to attend to, our two hour session became six, and even ten... and fifteen. We were researching and theorizing, but also taking several breaks and chatting instead, to not be overwhelmed. We felt like we were on the cusp of understanding the god of secrets and doors... and before we knew it it was four in the morning.

Shiki-sama sincerely apologized to me for keeping me so late and I told her it was no problem. She personally escorted me back to my cell... where the other two prisoners were long asleep.

We stared at them a little while.

“... If I open the cage I’ll wake them, hm?” the Yama suggested. I nodded, still looking in at how the two of them were smooshing their faces into my pillow. “I believe we covered everything we could today, but would you like to talk more in the interrogation room? Until waking hours. We can skip tomorrow.”

I... nodded, and was a bit stunned. Reflecting I realize that it was then I must have noticed that Shiki-sama didn’t mind my company, and I was entirely struggling with it.

Shiki-sama is endlessly sweet.

I think that it should come as no surprise, but I am taken aback by it, always, all the same.

That night... or dark morning, I suppose—she reflected with me on my own life. At least, my life until I became afflicted by the god of doors. That put things into perspective for me... Shiki-sama spoke about the merit and worth in honing yourself to one task, and that her stalwart adherence to her duty as a jizou, while she was still a statue, was precisely what led her to ascension into the ministry, as Gensokyo’s Highest Judge. She told me, “Every good ‘part’, functioning well in a society, allows all others in their society to work just as well. It’s pleasant, when a world is well-maintained. It’s... like a clock, I suppose.” She smiled.

Although I was getting tired, I was warmly chuffed by that comparison. It was cute. I was tired, and almost dozing, but she was very cute. Her smile woke me up.

“Very much agreed, Enma-sama,” I said. “I’m sorry I’ve kept you so late for you to tell me that...” I trailed off, and laughed (with little energy).

And she, the Yama, shook her head. “No, no, I’m fine—I’m a bit stiff in my joints, but fine,” she told me, rubbing between her neck and shoulder. Shiki-sama then asked, “You aren’t tired yet, Odou-san?” and to that I, in mirror, shook my head as her. To... that, she touched her chin and seemed to ponder something. “I’m sorry,” she apologized now with professional politeness, “you can sleep on the small bed in here but it’s uncomfortable... What’s more you haven’t been with your partners, tonight.” She sighed, and looked at me with faint, but genuine remorse.

I nodded. I blinked. I squinted, and looked at her in confusion as I asked, “Come again?”

“Well they aren’t your wives,” she remarked plainly (of course by this time it had come out that Seija had lied about her and my relationship with me).

And I thought, So she DID mean Shimi and Seija... followed by a quick, Why is she talking about them?

I asked her, “Why should it matter if I’ve been with them, Shiki-sama—?Ah, if you’ll allow me to use that name...”

That was stupid of me. I’d already used that name for her before...

Still, “That’s fine,” she granted. Then, she explained, “If those two are your partners, you need to be intimate with them before bed, correct? Until you leave your seed in them, of course. That should help you to relax and sleep more easily, no? If has become your near daily routine, as it should for any proper prospective husband.”

She looked me right in the eye as she said that, and in response I thought: What on earth is she saying!?

“I don’t—”

“I don’t think I ought to do very much,” she interrupted me unknowingly, “but I could help you ease yourself to make your sleep easier?”

And of course, I asked, “Pardon?”

“This,” she said, and she lifted her skirt.
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File 159877512183.gif - (2.88MB, 510x500, this much.gif)
this much


I saw Shiki Eiki-sama’s crotch, with her black panties a bit taught around. I saw her black garters, and her dark hose. I was completely taken aback by what I saw...

I have to say: a lady’s underwear had never before had me so enchanted.

The Yama I have been infatuated with since youth was tempting me, while sat just beside me. I swallowed, and asked her at the time, “Is it really... alright... for you to show me this, Shiki-sama?”

“Does it work for you?” was her answer. And, being honest, while it did I was very apprehensive.

So much talk and work has gone into our attempts to understand and dismantle Matara Okina’s plans for me... In that time, I’ve felt more compelled to admitting wrongs. Or, rather, wondering if anything I’ve done is wrong, in the first place. Really, truly, being honest: I’ve been quite agonized over how acceptable anything I’ve done is. Certainly I have always left women satisfied, or at the very least unconcerned with my actions, but... The thing to remember is: I know that I can breach the fog of the curse through pushing things, but I’ve never done so when it came to sex or sexual acts. I want to believe in myself. I want to know if I’ve done anything truly wrong while under the door god’s affliction.

Shiki Eiki, the highest judge of my world, could tell me. But, what I thought then was: Is she showing me her panties because of the curse? I already knew that it did affect her. And, I never wanted to simply use Shiki-sama... I want to connect with her.

But if the connection is corrupt, it entirely falls apart.

Shiki-sama was lifting her skirt for me of her own accord, but she had done so with the belief that my regular attending to my libido is a perfectly natural thing. I thought, and still think, all perception around me has become utterly skewed, but...

... I masturbated to her, and I finished across her thighs. She wiped it away with a handkerchief, then wiped off my member, stroking it with calm manner and ease. I shivered under her hand and the cloth, I panted... as she looked up into my eyes. I wondered what those eyes meant, but felt too tired to wonder long. She showed me to the bed, and read something under the lamp.

And now, we have escalated, and always under her suggestion. As I walk next to Shiki Eiki-sama to our interrogation room, I look at her closed mouth. I’ve finished in her mouth. I’ve cum on her hands and been allowed to rest my face against her panties while masturbating. I’ve seen her bra. I’ve had my face in her chest. I’ve hugged her, and she’s let me finish against her bare stomach. And, recently, I’ve seen underneath her lingerie, as she pulled them aside before me. It’s, I think, beautiful: neat, cute, and proper. Gorgeous, beautiful...

It’s unmistakable: I am unmistakably in love.

But... But, for example, when once we were standing before one another and she was pulling at my rigid cock with a slick hand – her digits rolling over every vein-bump upon it and driving my penis to madness – she made a finger-ring under the crown and rubbed it a little before dragging her hand back down the length. While I was gasping and saying her name she told me: “You may ask for this yourself, Odou-san. You know that, right? I believe relief is good for the mind, spirit, and body; and we’ve not yet done anything that would upset your partners... no?

“Therefore: I will always offer to help you, but you may also feel free to ask.”


... So...

... So... all that is to say... “Of course my interactions with her have become like that”... but I haven’t a clue what exactly that is.

We open the door to our interrogation room, tell the oni who escorted us “goodbye”, and as I close the door Shiki-sama steps over to a shelf of various cleaning tools, office utensils, files, and first aid supplies. She accesses the supplies, and takes out a small, pliable tube-container, unscrewing its cap and squeezing the contents – an oil – onto the palm of her left hand. She looks at me. She says, “Take it out.”

It (my of-course-what-else) escapes my robes, rising as if it’s trying to sneak its way out. However, I’m very anxious. I... think... I can... maybe ask...


[] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.

[] Don’t ask. That’s too forward.


Reminder that there was a choiceless update there, with more Shimmy sex >>40891

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Ask the Yama!
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[x] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.
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[x] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.

Your Eiki is very cute
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[x] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.
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Explanation's over here >>/th/201708
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File 160247240288.jpg - (200.86KB, 549x764, panties eiki 1906156_p0.jpg)
panties eiki 1906156_p0

Pixiv identification in the filename.
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I’m looking forward to the continuation!
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Sorry about that.

My delays have really been hellish.

I've managed to get through though. I don't imagine it'll be long until I update. Maybe tonight (Japan time) or tomorrow in the afternoon (still Japan time)

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File 160342308077.png - (815.92KB, 957x877, now.png)
[X] Ask the Yama if she’d like a massage first.


I step forward. I walk up to Shiki-sama, and she lifts her chin slightly to meet my eyes. I reach out, and I take her prepared hand.

At once, her face becomes pink. She yelps, “Odou-san!?” and, “Is something the matter!?”

I hold her hand up, palm to palm, gathering from her grasp the lubricant she’d intended for me. “Shiki-sama...” I address her.

This startles her again, and she begins looking back and forth between my face and our met hands.

“Could you let me massage you before any of that?” I ask.

“... Massa—” She looks down at her skirt. Oh. I guess that might sound like innuendo, hm...

“I mean an ordinary massage. Shiki-sama,” I clarify

“Ah, of cour—Oh! Khem! Ahem!” she coughs against her free hand, presently balled in a fist. “I am aware, Odou-san. My thoughts were just a bit... jumbled, because you approached so suddenly...” She trails off, tentatively squeezing my hand back while she glances at a bare wall of the room. Is she trying to hide it?

“I’d like to help you as much as I can, Shiki-sama,” I tell her. “Forgive me for saying so, but I think you overwork yourself. I don’t entirely know what being a ‘yama’ might feel like physically, but I know a tired woman when I see her.”

“Yes—Oh, no, I... Well, y—hhm. I...” After stumbling over her words, she tells me: “You don’t need to ask my permission for such a thing—I would very much appreciate a massage. I should be asking you for that Odou-san, though to be absolutely clear I am happy that you have offered this, so...”

“So you’ll allow me?” I ask.

“Rather than allowing it... Odou-san, ask, ‘Would you like a massage?’”

“Would you like a massage, Enma-sama?” I repeat. Shiki Eiki nods, closing her eyes serenely.

“Yes, thank you,” she answers, and she... pulls me along as she goes to sit down in her usual seat, and takes off her hat. Still holding my hand, she cranes her neck right, saying, “I was born a stone; I’ve always been rather stiff.”

A jizou-joke...!

Eiki looks up at me and reveals a cheeky smirk. Ah... God...

I stand behind her, (reluctantly) pull my hand from hers, and begin massaging her neck, her cheeks (with my thumbs), and through her collar—to her shoulders. Drawing back up I hold her face in my hands and try not to succumb to her cuteness. It’s difficult. She is very[i] cute.

I know I’m just a human in the end, and that perception around me is skewed, but my “suggestions” and “requests” aren’t mindreading, they are what they are, What I mean is... if someone wishes to reject an idea or offer of mine, they will. Knowing that the Yama trusts me enough for this either speaks much of her kindness, or at least some of how close we’ve gotten...

“... You’re very soft, Shiki-sama,” I quietly admit. Her features and general demeanor give you the impression that she would feel... well, as she said: stiff.

“I’m not stone anymore,” she reminds me. She then turns her eyes on me, and (like always, without fail,) my gaze is arrested by her sparkling irises. ”So you [i]don’t
mind, then...? Touching me...”

“... Hm. Hmm... Mm? What?”

“You’ve hesitated in getting closer to me. Given how easily you’ve gotten intimate with others, even though I may relieve you now and then—” it has been almost every other day, “—and during those times we may be close: I have always detected hesitance from you.”

I answer, “... No, I want to. Mm. I want to touch Shiki-sama...” and trail off. Gathering my courage, I tell her, “So long as you are alright with it, then I will not hesitate at all.”

“Whether a girl has been ‘alright’ with your acts has rarely mattered for you since you met Matara Okina, correct?” True... “So I get special treatment?”

Uh... Mmmgh, is this... Well, I mean, I could be mistaken but isn’t this...?

It’s... flirting?

Is she... flirting right now...? With me!? She’s flirting with me! I’m not wrong, am I!?

... Slow down! Slow down, Odou...!
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File 160342316455.jpg - (238.71KB, 784x577, nerves.jpg)
I roll my fingertips in circles beneath her ears. She relaxes and closes her eyes. With her head leaned back, I get to watch her face and I get... many urges, looking at it. I rub her cheeks and feel my heart thumping.

Hug her.

Kiss her.

It’s many... “lighter” thoughts, but altogether these feelings are heavy.

I tell Shiki-sama that I’m moving to her eyes and forehead before doing so.

Rather than stone, I suppose the material she most resembles now is porcelain. I don’t get to openly gaze on Shiki-sama very often, even with our present arrangements. I tend to freeze up if I’m allowed to realize that I’m with her, alone or otherwise. It’s unbelievable. I have to compare it to when I first began working on the insides of a clock. It’s... when you look at something, and you believe you’ll never understand it, touch it, or interact with it in any way. That was a dream of mine once. I know it... I’m seeing Eiki the same way.

I open her collar entirely. I push my fingers in and feel the warm skin under her clothing. Her collarbones, her shoulders... it comes to mind how intimate this is when I catch sight of the slight flush in her cheeks. Usually... these signs would push me into action. Here I know that I’m holding back. Rather, this is... I’m definitely... Yes, definitely apprehensive. The massage continues until Shiki-sama proposes, “Shall we move to the bed?”

That was a devil’s trigger.

I believe I did do that. I did follow her to the bed, I did massage her as usual but...

How to say...

I general am the person who gets caught up in a rush, ever since being afflicted.

I seize opportunity, and push forward.

However, I am very much always keenly aware of what I’m doing.

Therefore... it somewhat surprises me to find my face face pressed up against Shiki-sama’s shapely and taut behind, breathing through her undergarments.

I was massaging her, I believe. I was massaging her back, and breasts, and I believe I put my fingers against her crotch. She lifted her hips and I think she turned her head to watch me.

And I went under her skirt.

Of course, I breathed in everything. The sweat, the arousal... Hmmmmm—

Perhaps it’s bigheaded of me to think this but...

Her panties are cuter than before, and more erotic as well, and, well, I believe...

Consider: the fabric is thin, rosette.

—And the shape... It’s transparent, but even if it weren’t, this shape doesn’t entirely cover her pubic mound.

Did she want to show me herself?


Her honestly fragrant, well-kept...

I have my nose against her and my tongue outstretched for her hairs. Her thighs, left and right, are in either of my hands. The bath- and fabric soap- scent blending with the thickness of her crotch is simply... My head is really getting foggy.

In seconds, I’ve shifted things out of the way and begun drilling into her with my tongue.

Shiki-sama hunches her left shoulder, and brings her right wrist before her mouth as she exhales. Her taste is divine... Rather, isn’t it quite literally divine? She is, in essence, a god herself. I am tonguing a god, then. The circumstances are really... entirely out of hand.

I want her to feel good...

I grip into her flesh and suck at her petals, huffing her ass and bending low as I push into her more. Her moaning drives me. Her scream and clenching pussy drive me further. She shakes against my mouth and as she comes down from climax she stares back at me to say:

“Odou-san... the massage...”

She reaches back from under herself and parts her lips. I roll down her panties, and she gets one leg out.

“Continue...” she tells me.
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File 160342327711.gif - (3.54MB, 1032x1103, below.gif)


I stuff two fingers inside of her.

Her water falls rapidly against the bed as I grip her side and continue to pleasure her. I ignore my rigid boy and keep at it. I want her to climax again. I genuinely want her to feel a high from this, and it seems that she is. She’s moaning with sounds I wasn’t sure she could make. Her ears have gone red and I can see a pool of drool on the pillow beneath her face. Her smell has filled the room. Her vaginal flesh is almost burning—slick, clenching for me. Cum. Cum, Shiki-sama.

Be at ease...

I want to pleasure you. I want to hear more of this voice.

I dig at her and twist, teasing her sensitive parts and pressing to see where she buckles and twitches the most. I want to find it. That. I push my thumb into her and push it down, right... there.

Her body warms, and she climaxes again, shivering all over and easing down into the bed. Up to my forearm is covered in her juices. I nearly cum from the idea and sight of all of this alone. It’s really something...

... Oh?

... Turning over, onto her side... onto her back.

She looks at me with a drowsy gaze.

She’s adorable...

So, once more, I utterly lose track.

When next I’m aware I have her body in my arms and my tongue dancing with hers.

Her wet and eager lips—

I earnestly kiss the judge of our world, opening her top—unclasping her bra.

Her hand reaches down for me.

This... is very much like when I’m with Shinmyoumaru.

This tugging—against her stomach...

Her hand behind my back, and her fingers curling...

When I start to cum all over her belly – white and warm and thick, crawling down her side and easing into her navel – it feels instead like I’m inside her. This is just like it is with—

“Odou... -san...”

...! Her voice...

Pitched high, breathless...

That’s... yearning, isn’t it?

“Before we continue... to investigate, I should clean you off.”
Image Source
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File 16034233456.webm - (2.91MB, 720x694, -.webm)


Eiki pushes gently against my chest to have me sit. Knowing by now how eager I can be, and that one shot is not enough for me to tire, she bends low and takes up my member, cradling my jewels. I stiffen as she runs her hand over me, and as I rise once more to my full height – before her face is obscured by my self – I see the slightest smile on her face.

I’m in love with Eiki-sama...

I think something’s definitely changed inside me.

She beats me off once again, slowly and then suddenly quickly upping her pace. She has me fast. She’s got me wrapped into her grasp—ah, well.. I suppose that is literal.
Image Source
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File 160342341495.webm - (2.91MB, 720x504, --.webm)


With her tongue before my head and her eyes on mine, I realize that I feel directed.

... I’m just not sure how forward I should be in my direction.

I orgasm again and semen falls on her tongue before she takes me a bit into her mouth. I exhale hotly and clench my teeth... Really: I don’t feel this sort of touch with every one of my exploits. This is real. While I’m nearly dumbfounded by pleasure, and Eiki laps at my pulsing and still-firing opening, a series of ideas readily manifest in my head: a series of ambitions.

Eiki removes me when I’ve finished and sits up. She swallows, politely.

I said it before but I truly mean this:

I want to marry her.


In the aftermath of our intimacy, Eiki and I sit side-by-side on the bed, sweat-drenched and naked, with each-others lubrications drying on our bodies.

This is the first time... I’ve felt, hm... Shame? Sober? Something different after having had (in this case, non-penetrative) sex.

I glance at Eiki beside me.

She seems to be deeply thinking over what she’s done.

The curse shouldn’t make it so, maybe...

I don’t know.


Well then, I have to ask: what will I do?

Should I seize hold of this, or back away?

Should I tell her my intentions, and make more of this? It’s... a little frightening. This is worrying.

Aaahhm... Uhhh...

[] Tell her your intentions.

[] Remain silent.


image sources:



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[x] Tell her your intentions.
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[x] Tell her your intentions.
Dew eet.
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[X] Tell her your intentions.
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[X] Tell her your intentions.
Image Source
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File 160499499363.jpg - (1.33MB, 1500x2000, declaration.jpg)
image source: https://twitter.com/zairisha123/status/1300329215837962242


[X] Tell her your intentions.

“Shiki-sama...” I start. She glances my way—I can’t quite gather with what sort of expression. “If I told you that I wanted to earnestly seek your hand in marriage, what would you tell me?”

Somewhat unexpectedly, she seems to consider my question seriously for a second before answering. I thought she might be surprised by my boldness.

She says, “... I would tell you that your way of addressing me is as overly-cautious as ever, Odou-san.”

Aghm... Ghh...

She smirks, and sits up properly. She pushes her chest, with some of my semen strung over it, out a little prominently. Naturally, I look.

“What do you want out of me, Odou-san?” she asks.

“Ah... I... would like to be in your care, and take care of you. I’ve... been in love with you since I found who you are,” I tell her.

“You want a wife, then?”

I nod.

“Not for sex, then?”

I look away as I reply, “I also... want sex.”

“Is that why we haven’t gone that far despite your history?” she asks. I nod, and she chuckles. “You really are overly cautious.”

“I’m not...”

“And what makes you say that?”

My heart beats and my skin runs cold.

The truth is on my tongue.

The two of them... are surely watching, and whatever I say they will let Matara Okina know.

But I have to let Eiki-sama know...!

“I’m in love with you, but this situation... my situation makes me hesitate.”

“The Matara situation?” she asks directly. I nod.

“... She changed something about me,” I admit. “Now, the way others interact with me has changed.” I meet Eiki-sama’s eyes, sternly. “Shiki-sama... I believe if there is anyone in this world who could determine the truth here, it is you.”

She stares back, unblinking... Wait, as a matter of fact...

Do you know...? Shiki-sama?” I question her.

She says nothing. Wha...

“... If you do, then why haven’t you said so?”

“... I’m not certain of my judgement, and that alone has held my tongue.” The Yama stands from the cot, and looks back at me over her shoulder. “That should not be possible.”

I don’t really know what to say... uhh...

“I can judge your character,” says Eiki-sama. Her eyes narrow; their blue cuts cold through the dark, chilling me in her stare. “Are you not a sinner?”

I freeze.

If I have to be honest...

I’m undoubtedly a man of sin...

“You understand,” says Eiki. “You have sinned, and Matara Okina’s influence here has made it so I cannot feel your sin.”


“But I have felt your warmth.”


“You have sinned within strange circumstance, and even still within those, with me who you claim affection for you have tried to stay your hand.”

... Was she testing me?

Eiki-sama turns, showing me her full nakedness again, with her left hand to her hip.

“Odou-san... I can admit that I am fond of you. I am fond of all those living within Gensokyo, however for you I have grown a special fondness... I care for you, Odou-san.

“I have tried to see if you are a mere beast of lust, but you have proven that you are willing to not succumb to whatever path Matara Okina wishes for you.”

Eh... so...

“I am fond of you, but I do not hold you that dearly yet, Odou-san.”

Eiki-sama reaches out for me with her right hand.

“If you can capture my heart, however... that may just prove it true. That you have a pure soul, merely and presently tainted. Take my hand.”

I do, and she pulls me to my feet.

“Let us fix you, before you are broken by the god of doors.”

Matara Okina wants to change me... why, I can’t be sure.

But, she has encouraged me to not do as I am doing now. She told me to not hesitate: to take what I wish, without compromise.

But I cannot do that, not with those I truly care for. And, even those with whom I have exploited... most, I haven’t simply used and abused.

But I have abused some.

Matara Okina wants to shape me into a being of lust.

Lust is good, and I have enjoyed indulging to this day.

But, from henceforth I will do my utmost to avoid that path.

I will exercise a hand of kindness, and I will not simply enjoy things as I wish.

I will do it...! I will become a paragon...

... of LOVE!!


But I still want to wet my whistle as it were...

Matara Okina changed my vitality—my libido. I can’t simply ignore it—I don’t want to be an ascetic!

Things have... accelerated since I confessed about everything to Eiki-sama.

Allow me to recount a tale, then...

[] ... of when I deflowered her in court.

[] ... of when I deflowered her at her home.

[] ... of when I deflowered her in the halls of the detainment building.
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[X] ... of when I deflowered her in court.
Court is in session!
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The tweet is dead! Damn, it died today then (or yesterday after I linked it). Or, maybe I just didn't realize it was dead and copied a dead link from ascii2d

At any rate nijie is the only other source: https://nijie.info/view.php?id=375970

The artist's new twitter account is: https://twitter.com/hub_dump
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[x] ... of when I deflowered her at her home.
Delete Post
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[x] ... of when I deflowered her in court.
Delete Post
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[X] ... of when I deflowered her in court.
Delete Post
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[x] ... of when I deflowered her in court.
Image Source
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File 162651064929.jpg - (889.21KB, 1174x917, consummate.jpg)
[x] ... of when I deflowered her in court.


This relationship has been something of a struggle.

With most girls, I have ran into them and had my way—from rubbing them to finishing on them or indeed laying with them. With Shinmyoumaru, I have enjoyed a powerful and perverted resonance, and subsequently I have met a partner for life with whom I gladly await a family. With Seija I have enjoyed similar, though much of the time she has initiated any intimacy rather than myself—and all in all, she is someone who will listen, surprisingly, when I say “yes” or “no”. I very much love the both of them... and I would dare say that I love women and girls, overall, completely. I love the touch, I love the sensation, and the way they speak to me. I am infatuated, and when I am not thinking about the intricacies of clockwork and wheel-production, I nowadays have the mind to think of the various girls I have felt and have come to know—in a biblical sense. I have to admit: it has been... entirely hedonistic.

However, Eiki-sama has, with ease, sidestepped every avenue with which I’ve grown familiar.


Eiki-sama has my reigns.

She has a remarkable ability, perhaps due to having been a statue, to become heavy, and she has used this to test me. You see: after I let my heart out to her, she became closer, and closer, and closer still, until she had taken to using me as a chair.

During our meetings – and even within our first in which she did this – it has always taken no time for me to appear between her thighs. She likes to shift, and rest her hand on mine, and reveal her neck—as an invitation. She says nothing to my nosing into her collar; nothing to my hand on her ear or her breast. But, when my penis snakes out and begins to beg passage between her legs, she will look at me.

She will look at me, while parting her thighs just enough for me to start pushing up between them, and she will silently observe me while I shudder. Every single time, the feeling of her skin resisting and enveloping me drives to madness, and then she places a palm over my cockhead.

I’ve received quite a few hand jobs and quite a lot of intercrural from and with Eiki-sama. At this point, you may not bw wrong to suspect she has the impression that sperm is a salve. I’ve regularly almost passed out after the light touch of her fingers and the merciless squeeze of her legs. The feeling of her arousal, and the quickening of her breath always put me in a daze. It has gotten to the point that work seems secondary to her intensifying tests. The sight of her pale thighs caked in my semen has become burned into my head and vision.

And two things of note have occurred:

Her shifting weight, and her boldness.

After only a few days of milking me, attempting ordinary conversation throughout as if pulling at me and rubbing me with her thighs is a matter of course, she began to increase her weight in stages. The first time, while she was in my lap and “holding me”—

“M-Mh!?” I exhaled. It had surprised me.

“Am I heavy, Odou-san?” she’d asked, glancing back at me casually.

“It’s wonderful...” I’d breathed. I was shuddering quite a bit. I could feel her excitement through my own body. She made me jet over the tops of her thighs—over her forearm, and she shuddered as I pulsed against her crotch. Being used like that, as a tool for masturbation... I felt quite elated. I remember kissing her neck and squeezing her breasts. I decided there that I would put it in her, most definitely, some day and soon after.

And this brings us to our moment in court.

As our investigations winded down I believe Eiki-sama was making a few excuses to extend my stay in Hell. Rather than let the opportunity pass, I had decided to push on for her hand. I have escorted her as she’s shopped in the markets of hell, and I have begun processing records—though it isn’t something I much like to do. I was given an actual place to stay, and my partners were allowed to return, if they wished to, to Gensokyo. They decided against that, rather wanting to rely on me. I was allowed to utilize a few connections to continue parts of my business in the village, and learned a few impressive crafting techniques from oni. Most importantly, I was brought in to be Eiki-sama’s chair while she did her most significant duty: judging the souls of the dead.

I will praise myself: I, Senzai Odou, did not waste time.

I have really neared and become dear to Eiki-sama’s heart, as a speaking companion, as a reliable partner and assistant, and as a lover of a sort. I had, until the first day she brought me to the courts, not properly had sex with her. She had presented herself many times, and in some senses of the word I had been “inside” even more times than those. I had grown familiar with her body. I had tasted the sweat on her skin and filled her throat with sperm. I had driven my tongue into her depths and been mercilessly jerked to emptiness while under her domination. I was going to take the opportunity to, when she was not expecting it, fuck her properly. I wanted the memory of my first time entering her the most ordinary way to be one she would remember most well, and I do believe I was, without any doubts, successful.

While court was in session, Eiki-sama had gone without bottoms under her skirt, and as often had my rod snug in the triangle of her crotch and thighs. With heavy breathing, under the powerful lights and above the shapeless souls of the dead, she slowly slid with me. She may have been tempting me, or may have been trying to merely drive pleasure into herself, but in any case her pussy and my cock were – as was the usual – cozying up with one another, and further – as was the usual – I was holding myself back from climaxing.

We had more of an audience than the souls arriving. The stands of The Ministry’s courts are full of members of its ranks: oni, shinigami, visiting yama of other realms and those in training as well. This is to ensure the yama presiding is on their best behavior. Of course, Eiki-sama was in the middle of a gentle sumata session with me at the time, but through her flushed face and shortened breaths she was properly condemning and praising the dead as they came. My lady was, of course, doing her job and doing it well, it was just that she was also enjoying a plentiful side benefit—as was I.

“Takeba Ren. I must say it’s good to see you. I hope your wait on the river’s shores was not too long.” Eiki-sama addressed the twelfth soul of the day admirably, while admirably riding me. Her ass was heavy as ever, and at this point in the work day we had worked up quite the mess between our bodies. I was slick as I’ve ever been, and her lips were burning. The hair of her privates, bristling—running over me was putting me at the limit—contrarily not of my body, but of my mind. “Last I checked in with you, everything seemed in order, nh... Let us view your life through the mirror once again to make certain there have been no missteps in my review.”

The bench where the yama sits is a particularly lonesome one, even in consideration of courts I’ve seen in books about the outside world. It is extremely high above the rest, and the chamber has been constructed to carry the voice of whoever is seated at it the best—somewhat like a concert hall. In other words: when we are sitting there, any sounds we make are projected, but we are otherwise very separate from the rest of the court. The smell of Eiki-sama’s shampoo as well as the fragrance of her arousal are only mine to appreciate whilst sat there. That thought, and the sight of her, drove my next actions.

“You have truly led an impeccable li—fe... Hh... hm...” Eiki winced as she smiled upon the dead. I had grabbed her right cheek and lifted her above me. I set my cock beneath her. “Hah... Hn... Nn, I, don’t believe anything is out of order. Do you? Ren-san.”

Souls can’t “speak” exactly, but their feelings are conveyed, especially to the perceptive. I am not among those. I ignored the ghost and took my hand from my penis. I was not surprised that Eiki-sama maintained her position over me, her calves taut as she awaited whatever was to come.

I took the freed hand to the lowest buttons of her shirt and opened them—and the buttons of her undershirt as well. I felt her stomach.

“I see...” she said—I imagine in reply to the ghost.

I love her stomach—well, if I am to be honest, I am much a fan of stomachs in general. Feeling the Yama’s tense and relax, and inching toward her pubic mound while she shivers... this is something which I simply cannot get enough of. I began to finger her then.

“Y-You have? O-Oh?”

It was here when the noises she was making began to reverberate.

“Y-Yes. I see.”

Squelching, dripping, and her moans...

Feeling her pussy thoroughly with my fingers had my cock completely rigid. The exposure—and that this part of her was hidden from all but me... The secrecy, the heat and odor... I eventually palmed her inner thigh and spread her legs apart. Hugging her stomach around with my right arm, and putting my left hand now atop her thigh, I shoved her down onto my shaft.

“Gh...! Hah...!”

She breathed out, and...

“Go... on...”

She said. Due to the curse, none found this peculiar, and so I began to move her.

To be honest I’m not sure how long it went on. I remember the feeling: the narrow space and the temperature. I remember the pink color mixed in with white on my cock, after plunging into her. I remember that she began to move on her own and I did nothing more than wait. She pumped me in and out of herself, she became filled with me, I pushed her down to the podium, I began to rail her.

I fucked her and came inside her I believe exactly five times. I let our fluids, her saliva, and our sweat pool about the bench. I wanted her pregnant. I wanted it deeply. My back burned, then. My balls did as well. I had a sense, as I neared climax again and Eiki-sama, moaning openly, continued her judgements and sermons. I knew that I would implant myself in her womb with my next shot. I held her. I took her attention.

The best place to touch Eiki-sama...

... is her face.

She warms should you put your cheek to hers, your nose to hers, et... cetera. She very much likes to kiss—not “passionately”, exactly. It’s—sweet, and I like to kiss her as well.

As I had her turned over, banging into her front, watching her eyes move from mine to the lights, to my eyes again, I kissed her, and I whispered.

“Eiki-sama... I want you.”

And there was no doubt, what I meant was clear.

With my one hand to her face, and my other clasped in hers, our bodies both heated.

“Your... wife, Odou-san?” she asked. “You want me... is that... what you mean?”

I answered with my climax, and she with hers.

I drained empty before the audience, lifting and putting my hand over her stomach again.

I knew that I had done it. I knew it, at once, and for the first time.

Eiki-sama shivered, and held whichever parts of me that she could.

... It took some minutes to return to the trials.


We knew Matara Okina’s plan after another month of my working, and with magic we had confirmed that my wife, the Yama, was pregnant.

My other wives, Seija and Shinmyoumaru, had become pregnant as well. Satori had also sent me her kasha, who was also with child.

I wore proper clothes for our weddings...! At any rate, after I explained the sensations (aside from those of pleasure) that I’d felt while fucking Eiki-sama for the first time, she determined something she said she had suspected for a while: Matara Okina had been crafting me into a god. Specifically, she wanted me to be a god of fertility, a god of seeding, a god of amorous rites. Not to be a supreme example of any of these things... but to be an example, a figure, a being to be called upon. To that end she looked into me and saw me and chose me, and I had supposedly walked by her hand...


To tell the truth, it was something I had been beginning to suspect. The encouragements of her girls hadn’t ever stopped, and the feelings and sensations that I’d felt were above something “human”.

... It was no choice that I made, however.

I am not sure how it I I feel about it.

It has been five months since I fucked Eiki-sama. I have a new home in Hell, and right now I’m working on parts while thinking of how I wish to proceed...

Eiki-sama is in the workshop, reading quietly with her hand on her pregnant stomach. Clownpiece is here as well, and by now has begun showing since she visited some time ago and I could not help myself around her (frankly I cannot, ever). The fairy of hell is fiddling with some of my simpler clocks. Seija and Shinmyoumaru are cooking dinner for us. Orin is with her friend, a bird, in the study upstairs, talking and catching up...

... I want to confront Matara Okina about what she’s done to me.

Or... well... I want to know her intent.

I have to meet her... I feel like it’s necessary.

After my arousal ebbs away, and clarity sets in, I have to confront this overwhelming sense of “importance” that frankly I never very much wanted.

“Love” is good. “Family” is good.

But what is it that she wants of me...? Me to be worshipped...?

Hedonism has oft become me, but it is not to what I entirely aspire... (though I do want to make more girls pregnant (Komachi is quite busy with her work, but as been carrying for some time, and naturally Satori as well), and my wives and mistresses pregnant again).

I don’t like being concerned... and it feels like that has, in large part, been what Matara Okina has left me with.

I look at Eiki-sama after putting aside a finished part. For the last several months, we’ve been preoccupied with the responsibilities I have courted, and not so much the intentions of the door god.

Eiki-sama notices my gaze, meets it with hers, and asks plainly, “What is it? Would you like to have sex?”

[] I most definitely would.

[] Wait, no, I wanted to ask the Yama advice!
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[X] Wait, no, I wanted to ask the Yama advice!

Don't let yourself be distracted by them hormones lad, keep focus for now and you can have some later in the day.

I ponder why Okina did this but I can't get anything more than for the lulz which I doubt is the case, guess we'll figure out if he manages to meet with her.
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[x] I most definitely would.
We must never refuse such a polite offer. Welcome back, writer-san. On an unrelated note, I kid you not, this captcha spells "49BYAKUREN".
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[x] I most definitely would.
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[X] I most definitely would.
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File 162692638095.png - (437.92KB, 1452x525, pair.png)
[X] I most definitely would.

I nod once. Twice, quickly.

Far be it from me to deny it.

“Ohh! We’re gonna have sex!?”


... Of course! Why wouldn’t she join in!?

She sits up on her knees and immediately pulls off her shirt, taking her ruffled color and ostentatious hat off in the process, jingling the bells. Eiki-sama looks upon her as she closes her book, and she raises an eyebrow. While the eagerness is shared, of course a fairy and yama display their feelings on unequal levels. I moved out from behind my workbench and begin to disrobe.

‘... Hm? Again!? How many times are you gonna do this!?’


Her servants...

‘Well I can understand, but it feels like a waste when the deed is already done.’

... It is only natural to give affection when a loved one asks for it.

‘Because she asked for it? Eh... the Yama didn’t really “ask”, did she...’

‘I wonder if you’ll turn into something different at this rate.’

I cock an eyebrow and glance behind myself, meanwhile Eiki-sama unclasps her buttons and Clownpiece drops her tights.

What do they mean by that, exactly?

‘He can still hear us, right?’

‘I’m not sure Master would like that... turning away from where he was going.’

What I do with myself ought to be my choice.

... Though, I recognize that I have been granted more choice from what power I have been granted.

I am lucky, and sinful.

But these things are done. My mark is left. Turning is something futile at this point.

Am I even turning from that path set for me?

There’s a sofa in the room. I move toward it as Clownpiece flutters into my left arm and Eiki strides to my right—graces me with fingertips and moves her lips to mine.

We sit. I invade the Yama’s mouth. I pet Clownpiece’s back as she kisses my free cheek.

Eiki’s stomach presses into mine; Clownpiece’s rubs against my side.

Between lust and love... the border often blurs.

With the pair of servants muttering at my back as I hold and kiss this pair of my house, I feel more a need to scrutinize what I do.

Clownpiece spreads herself over my risen cock. Chewing her bottom lip, she lets me enter her cleft once again. I shiver, the sensation tingles—

I put a hand to her swollen belly.

She bucks atop me, drooling against my chest. Eiki-sama takes hold of my face with her right hand and hotly continues her endless kiss. Her left hand runs over my stomach, my right hand runs over hers.

Though my advantage was unfair, and though many of my acts have been prompted by lust...

... I chose these girls. I wanted them, and they shared a want for me in return.

Pleasure first, but passion came too, didn’t it?

While I fuck Clownpiece, my rod driven purely rigid and her face and tongue slack—

While I’m caressed by Eiki, my heart beating and mind fading from her touch—

I still have my hands to their abdomens.

I feel, “you are two of my girls”. They surely feel, “you are my man”.

Clownpiece’s heavy movements, despite her light body—they scream “this cock is mine”. And Eiki’s hand now upon my saliva-slickened chest, clutching and digging, nails against ribs—it screams, “this heart is mine”. And my engorged cock, kissing the deepest reaches of a fairies ever-squeezing vagina is roaring: “I’ve seeded this womb.”

Her womb.

Her womb.

Her womb and her womb.

Hers, and hers, and even hers.

But the children...

“Ghn—” I grunt, and cum inside Clownpiece. Her body quivers. I look at her belly. I couldn’t enjoy this site more.

And Clownpiece wants more, but I ease her off of myself. I turn Eiki-sama over and lick her pussy up and down, growing again as I tug her hairs—watch her twitch. When I can, I thrust into her, take hold over her shoulder and watch the ripples of her flesh cascade through her bottom as I pound into this. Mine. And I hold her side. She grunts. Clownpiece beside us kisses her face, and then her lolling tongue. I can feel Eiki’s distended stomach still, at four of my fingertips.

These children are ours.

I think that is all I should register.

I think that is the only fact important after all of this.

I have fucked these women, and through obscured common sense or not they have accepted it. They’ve joined along with me. I’ve chosen to support them.

I grip Eiki’s swollen and hanging breasts. Clownpiece quietly licks at my forearm.

I slam into Eiki. I watch her body tremble. Gods, the feeling...

And to release—

I can’t stop firing into her. This, surely, is a feeling of “lust”. But undoubtedly, I love her as well. I can’t help but love every last one of them who has decided this fool clockmaker has a heart worth tying to.

What am I to be a god of?

As I pull out of Eiki and rest on the couch... As the two of them clean me off and then return to caressing me—letting me caress them to a probably second and third round... As I wonder about approaching Seija and Shinmyoumaru from behind and sticking it in them as well...

Fertility? Love? Hedonism? What am I becoming, or what have I become?

“Why” feels an adequate question too...

When I see the god of doors again, I will call out to her:

[] “Did you do this for a reason?”

[] “Tell me clearly what has happened to me, or will.”

[] “Will these girls remain well after all of this is done?”


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[x] “Will these girls remain well after all of this is done?”
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[x] “Will these girls remain well after all of this is done?”
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File 162765408587.jpg - (3.59MB, 2820x1585, time marches.jpg)
time marches
[X] “Will these girls remain well after all of this is done?”


A spring-like summer’s day...

A day when none of us have anything to do.

I decide to visit the Human Village. I think, if I see Mokou once again, maybe I should try to have her as well...

But, in large part, we came here to be at ease. I came here to see family again. We came to visit the old shop, and see how the help I’ve hired since moving to Hell has been doing.

So it is I, Satori, Orin and Komachi, Shinmyoumaru and Seija (both at my arms), Eiki and Clownpiece behind—walking through a village of humans. An eclectic band, surely, though with my being innocuous... it seems to not register with the people around us... much.

The Yama, of course, is a terribly alarming site to many. Though her presence leaves none alert with me escorting her, her being here has gotten whispers regardless. Of note: what seems of interest to the crowds and sellers et al is her presence alone, but not the presence evidently inside of her, and every other girl among our group.

... Will my children, too, be innocuous?

“Okun!” Shinmyoumaru calls from below me (her size is a typical, small-human’s again—we had the Near-Miracle Mallet used again, for today—we’re still not sure whether to have our child with the needle princess as her ordinary size or larger...). I meet her eyes. “We’re here!” she tells me.

Indeed, we are. The shop is likely empty right now given it’s lunch hour, but I did not announce my coming today. I take the few opportunities I have for anything resembling surprise whenever I get them, these days. Even if I have a family now, it still feels very demoralizing to walk about and be seen as nothing more worth mentioning that a usual breeze. It’s tough to even get attention in a store.

I fish the key from a pocket of my robes, and open the door while the other girls chatter about the heat, about the quaint-quality of the building, about their recent adventures, about death (a common topic for half of my house, naturally). Seija reaches up and tugs a hair from under my arm. There is no reason to the action—I have not wronged her lately. This is just how she is.

As I yelp, I open the door. I am then rushed by a spear.

Again, I see the flash of Shinmyoumaru’s blade. Again, Seija raises her hand to flip the aggressor who was lurking behind my door.

But today, I spread my arms and keep them back. The rest of my lovers try to peek around my massive body to see what is happening. I, in the moment that Seija in particular is swearing and opening her mouth to bite down on my right arm in anger, bring my arm forward and grab the spear—again made of bamboo. The forest-colored tomboy, Mai, is stopped there, and grins at me. The rose-hued girl, Satono, stands behind her, looking at me with distant kindness.

“You two usually appear at my back,” I remark, trying to suppress the rapid beating of my heart. Before anything more can happen, I reach out and put my left hand to Mai’s chest, letting warmth ease through it.

“H-hm...!?” she moans as her face flushes and her thighs squeeze together.

“Working splendidly, is it?” says a still-familiar voice. I look deep into my old place, and in the shadows of the building see a woman in gold standing and watching us all. “The power you’ve grown, Odou.”

“I learned your name before meeting you again, Matara Okina,” I say. “You can’t keep your promises, huh?”

“Let’s cut to the chase,” she says. “I believe now is about the right time.”

A door appears on my back, and my lovers are sucked into it. Then, I am sucked in as well, which is bizarre and I’d really rather not have had that happen.

The blur. The rush. The black and hardly colored world of Doors.

I arrive with normal orientation, and Orin, Shinmyoumaru, Seija and Clownpiece come cling to me. I hug them securely. Satori, Eiki, and Komachi are behind us. They place their hands over the bumps in their stomachs, and look above. I follow their line of sight.

In that floating throne again is the golden god, sitting with much more interest than I saw her with before.

“I’m done with this work;” she says with a smile, “let’s come to evaluation.”

“We learned,” I say, trying to sound confident, “that you altered me to make me a god.”

“And you are,” she replies, and with a nod she clarifies: “a god.”

My stomach sinks. A flash of red and white pings through my mind.

“The shrine maiden?” Satori asks. Gently she tells me, “Don’t worry. You’ve moved to Hell, and are outside of her purview.”

R-Really...? It’s... within her right to slay human villagers who lose that humanity...

“I will take back my power now,” Okina says. Now panic falls over me, and a feeling even worse sinks deep with my core. I catch out the corner of my downcast eyes Satori looking upon me curiously. Okina, however, speaks before my third youkai partner. “What’s the matter? It has nothing to do with your power, now.”

She means... my high fertility, and the ease with which I can arouse people. Probably more else... Like, my touch, which still seems to be effecting her the door god’s less girlish servant, by the looks of it beside the throne.

“What...” I say, frightened still. “What will happen to these girls after? Will these girls remain well after all of this is done?”

Matara Okina’s eyebrows raise. She thinks, but only a moment. She answers me, thus, rather soon. “Odou,” she says, “you know what you are, don’t you?”

I say, “A god of... lust, and love, no?”

She says, shaking her head, “No.”


“You surprised me,” says Matara Okina, and I involuntarily puff with a single laugh. “You, Odou, are only ‘love’. A genuine feeling of it. You draw power from feeling, and more from what results of it.”

“I... I do what!?”

Hold on!

“Your girls will be fine,” says the god of doors, and she lifts her hand. With it, she lifts, assuredly, the pall that her influence had had on their minds. I can see it on their faces. Once more, I feel a terrifying sense of dread, this time out of worry. It’s gone.. Gone, just like that...

What... are they going to think of me?

“What will I think of you?” answers Satori, to my small shock—despite how often it is that she speaks my mind when she is here. “Odou-san...”

“You are too fool and too responsible,” finishes Okina, and as she does my girls come to rush me with more emotion than I am accustomed to seeing in them. And, I often see very much. They hold to me tight, and glare at the god of doors. “You care too much for the other, even when sating yourself. You listen too well, you try much too hard...” Okina continues, looking off into the void. She eyes me sideways. “You could never be a feared god, Senzai Odou,” she says, “it’s frankly extremely disappointing.”

While I attempt to process all of this, I recall quite a while ago... Hadn’t I… sworn some intent—?

Amidst recollection, the concerning subject, Eiki-sama, speaks up. “Odou-san,” she says, “judging you has become a lot more difficult now, hasn’t it?”

I look into the Yama’s eyes.

Long ago now I swore, with this gorgeous and astounding woman in my thoughts, to become a paragon of love.

I... Had I really taken that declaration so sincerely!? I hadn’t really thought it over this entire time!!

Satori shakes her head.

“Did that matter? You always were what you were,” she says. “I’ve always seen it in you. You want to fuck, at any hour of the day, and yet still your heart is full of adoration too.” Then, she lightly taps her temple and winces. “It makes me heady quite often, all told. It’s an overwhelming amount of emotion.”

“My girls,” Okina continues, watching us now, “helped you now and then to temper these emotions the satori speaks of, but indeed they merely ever made your... big feelings something for others to ever feel, satori or no.”


Oh! Seija!

“Everyone shut the fuck up!”


My Amanojaku wife stares the devil at an unflinching Okina as she continues to angrily speak. “I’m going seven months pregnant with this clock-idiot and mine’s kid, and that goes for all of us right? I’m tired and I want to go to bed! Right!? That’s all of you, too, right!?” It’s only midday...

“Odou-san thinks, ‘it’s only midday’.” Wait—!

Seija punches me in my throat. Shinmyoumaru pokes my side with her needle. Komachi bonks her fist on my skull and Clownpiece angrily bites my shoulder.

I groan and whine with pain as Eiki, in exasperation, shakes her head and whispers my name.

“Gkk! I w... was only joking! We went to... went to the... shop! Partly to rest... right!? That was a joke, to myself! Don’t spread it, Satori-san!”

“I’m a satori,” says Satori. Eiki nods.

“Okay WAIT! Didn’t I JUST tell y’all to STOW it!?” yells Seija, and she grinds her knuckles against my neck. “This rapist here raped us all because this god here made us all let that happen without batting an eye!”

Ahh… Ahhhhh….

“... That’s what he’s thinking, right, you? Satori?” She looks at Satori while now pulling on my cheek.

Satori nods. MMmg... Aahh...


Now, Seija brings her fist to my cheek.

“Are you retarded!?” she shouts. “Cumming on us is one thing, licking us is one thing...

“Eating us out, shoving it up our asses—whatever! You already know, right!?”

“Wh-What!?” I ask.

“None of us were dry were we!? Didn’t everyone here know what it’d mean if he stuffed that fat cock of his up our cunts!?”

There is a wave of “yes”s, “I knew”s, and nods.

And Okina joins them, saying, “That’s right.” She looks me in the eye. “My power was only a little, and was quite limited as a result. If you ever pushed it, you would get push-back. I thought you’d noticed that. Some of these girls even refused you once or twice, and you listened to them. It’s why I encouraged you to listen to yourself.”

... Oh right! That’s all completely true!

“We come to this,” says Matara Okina, “this droll, ‘good’ ending, because you never, only, thought of yourself.”

... Suddenly, I feel quite elated. It shows on my face and – to Satori – evidently it shows in my heart.

“Make no mistake that you were tempted and succumbed to it, Odou-san,” Eiki lectures me. I look up at her. “But had I not wanted your child, even through the fog I would have said so.” R-Really? As I think that, Eiki-sama cups her chin and thinks. “Honestly,” she says after a while, “Odou-san: you’re extremely cute.”


“Yeah, he’s a cutie.”

“He’s really cute!”

“Onii-san smells good and he’s always warm!”

“I love Okun!”

“Yeah, he’s real cute, definitely.”

I blush.

Watching all of this, Matara Okina glares, groans, and says, simply, “Ugh.”

“S-S... S-So, what now!?” I ask her.

“You live the life of a god,” she says, locking her eyes with mine, “who has fucked, it seems, only youkai and gods? You may end up... a fairly useful man. But, not to me. Maybe, some day soon, I might introduce you to a friend of mine.”

“You still want to use me!?” I snap. “I—I don’t even know why you used me at all in the first place!”

“Because you would succeed,” she answers, “and so, I would too. Look at that—” and, she smiles a wicked smile “—I made a god of a man.”

“My husband is not your toy,” says the Yama, in a calm voice. “Please keep in mind his freedom.”

“He is free. And, I will have people know he can be prayed to.” Saying this, Okina waves off the Yama dismissively.

“... So, I just… get, everything? My wives? My clock store, any other women that I want?”

“No!” Okina snaps. “Only whoever wants you, you fool!”

Oh, well, of course.

“And don’t misunderstand...” Okina trails off.

My loves hold parts of me tightly—though, I wish Clownpiece and Orin wouldn’t grab that.

“... I gave you some advantage, but this is still what you have earned.”

... I laugh. I laugh, once. This... degenerate man, really? My life can just... continue unabated? I will be recognized again, and can love as I wish? Mercy, that’s...

... I’m glad, that I didn’t only try to take these girls as mine.

... Frankly, I am beginning to think... no, perhaps I was always sure: that that was all very much worth it.

“What are you going to do now?” Matara Okina asks.

“‘Who’,” I reply.

“Hm?” With this she tilts her head.

And, I answer her, grinning.

“Fujiwara no Mokou,” I declare, “most definitely.”



== Final thoughts:

This was fun. This was a fun porn story. I only ended up having that giant hiatus because the flow got away from me, when I actually returned I’d written most of that Eiki sex update already, I guess life just distracted me heavily. This is very much a “Kizin’s fetishes” story so if you enjoyed it good on you: you’re hopeless. I’ve not written 100% porn before but I liked doing it in stream of conscious, it leaves a lot to imagination and leaves writing more to be a less necessary thing... probably? It’s difficult to write the same kinds of actions multiple times—I tried to focus on “sensation/emotion” and “heat”. Odou was very fun to write. I overall liked how you guys steered him. There were a few possible endings, this being the best one in my opinion. Overall it’s basically a story about a guy given true freedom and seeing what he does with it. Having him consistently still make clocks was like, imo, a hint that this person doesn’t WANT to be a purely sex-obsessed dude: he wants a “life”. Even if he’s a god, he can still have an ordinary life... relatively. I'm satisfied with the story.

Thank you, anyone who read and voted! Now back to my irregularly scheduled not-porn.

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This was really nice, glad you came back and finished it instead of leaving it abandoned
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Thank you very much for writing this. I enjoyed it a lot. Any chance you write one last scene with Mokou?
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Nah, but mainly since I felt a bit overextended on the sexin'.
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this is indeed me, btw
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That was a comfy ride. Thanks, friend!
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Really enjoyed following this one. Thanks for all the effort. Even though it had some long breaks in between I'm glad you were able to finish it.
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