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File 159357721253.png - (2.99MB, 2891x917, libita victis.png) [iqdb]
Exhibitionism, emotionless chikan, and quite a lot of sex, perpetrated by a mysteriously innocuous and rather muscular, clockmaking man. Main characters: Shinmyoumaru and Seija, and manipulated somewhat by Matara Okina, but our protagonist is most interested in Eiki-sama. And, really, whichever girls he happens to come across.

Thread 1 >>40336

Current vote:

And so we reach a pier, and step off (Satori awkwardly, as she is still very flustered and has yet to pull back up her panties).

“Man, you guys got intense back there!” Onozuka-san says with a laugh while minding her vessel from the pier. “You gonna have sex?” she asks.

“Would you like to join us?” I ask.

“Hmm...?” Komachi hums, looking me up and down, judging to herself. “You look nice. Sure, I’ll hit your dick.”

“Lovely,” I say, while looking down at Satori whose balance I’m still maintaining. She’s very much out of it... “Although...”

“What? You need a place to do it in? We can bang at my place. Now that I’m off the boat I can close the distance in a flash,” says the Shinigami. Right... that was something they could do, I’ve heard. “That said,” she continues, now that she’s oriented the boat toward the opposite shore. “You want me to head back and pick up the other two first? We could make this really fun, and you look like you’ve got enough stamina to handle it.”

Ah... right, Shinmyoumaru and Seija.

Well, there’s a lot to consider with that. Waiting... Satori maybe coming to her senses... perhaps Shinmyoumaru could get crushed amidst bodies...

But it’s Shinmyoumaru sex again, and we’re in a land of oni so maybe she could grow bigger and we could have sex properly... Wait, really? Can I?

Ah, but, the wait time and the complications of a five-person fuck, hmmmm... Shimi might rather I leave that for a more private moment between just us, too..

How about—

[2] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

[0] “Sure, bring them back. That would be very appreciated, Onozuka-san.”


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File 159359042578.png - (124.93KB, 458x348, 68172806_p3.png) [iqdb]
[3] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”
[4] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

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