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File 170949476780.jpg - (218.01KB, 850x1202, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_chikado__sample-b9.jpg)
Imbalance Practice, little short game, choose the scene you wanna see and the objective should be obvouis. This is at most the writer's fourth smut, so have some mercy.

“The Hakurei,” the smirking youkai adressed her prisoner with smug contempt as the steel doors to the cells opened wide, letting light pour into the previously dark room.

“Seija!” Reimu spat as she pulled at the chains securely bolted to the ceiling. “This has gone too far! Once everyone else finds out what you’ve done-”

“How long do you think you’ve been here?” Seija asked as interruption. Smirk never faltering as she approached Reimu. “Do you think they don’t already know? They just don’t care.”

The shrine maiden’s puffy eyes narrowed as fresh tears welled up within them. Crying was all she could do in this prison cell, not that she’d ever do so in front of her captor. In anger and desperation, she attempted to pull her restrains, which only resulted in garnering a chuckle from the amanojaku.

“How pathetic you are. Even more so than when you fought against the princess, who’d have thought you’d lose so quickly?” She didn’t lose, Reimu’s sure of that! Had the world not suddenly twisted mid-fight then she wouldn’t have been hit in the first place. Seija didn’t care one bit about the details though, only the result. “And here you are, weeks later, still flexing your precious little muscles in yet another futile act of resistance. Yet to understand what it means to be weak, hm?”

“W-weeks?” Reimu blinked. Had it really been that long? Seija had to be trying to psyche her out. “That’s not true! You’re lying…!”

Seija smiled, stepping closer to her captive. “Do you think I had a special prison constructed for you just so I could mislead you about something as trivial as how long you’ve been down here? You’re upset. I understand that. You’re not a threat to anyone, not since your power’s been wished away…”

Reimu growled, tears trailing down her cheeks as she pulled at the shackles yet again.

“...Oh, a tender topic, I see? Either way, you may be wondering why a helpless human such as yourself is being kept here. I simply like to make sure my plans work. I have reports that your powers have been taken away before but somehow you returned em, I’d like to avoid that.”

“Shut up, you bitch.” Reimu spat back, lowering her gaze. She still remembered the experience as if it had just happened. The trauma of feeling so helpless against a certain oni in hell. She had not expected the inchling to just be capable of wishing her strength away like it was nothing.

No matter how hard she tried to meditate, there was a blank in her memories where instinctive techniques should be, she felt no more connection towards the divine or the ability to manipulate boundaries. If she had been imprisoned here as long as Seija was claiming, then she had been unsuccessfully attempting to undo the damage for weeks. Hating being just an average girl.

“That’s not a very convincing tone at all, dear Hakurei.” Seija mockingly spoke while stepping closer. “You should be glad. The stress and weight of Gensokyo has been removed from your shoulders. You’re a free woman now-in a manner of speaking.”

“I never asked you!” Reimu spat.

“Oh, you didn’t need to,” Seija shrugged. “But by the time I’m done with you, you might even appreciate my cause.”

“Fat chance.” Reimu scoffed.

“I said ‘you might’.” Another shrug, before she stepped uncomfortably close, inspecting the other woman. “I see the guards have been diligent in keeping you clean and presentable. You certainly don’t smell nor look like a girl who’s been kept in this cage for almost a month.”

Reimu narrowed her eyes, suspicious of Seija’s motivations. Her firm brown eyes a nice contrast to the pure white dress put on her, making her look like an innocent bride. Of course it was anything but pure, seeing how it had the same sleeves that exposed her armpits, exposed her smooth stomach due to a ‘mistake’ in length and finally the nice view her ridiculously short skirt gave of her legs.

“An easier task had they stripped you.” Seija plainly stated.

“What!?” Reimu exclaimed, her prettily flushed face making her look all the more scandalous.

“Frightened of being exposed, Hakurei? I thought you were used to it.” the gentle smile and gentle pat on the cheek coming from Seija reeked of condescension and amusement.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Reimu sneered, pulling away from the other woman’s touch.

“Don’t play coy with me. You know exactly what it means.” Seija pulled out a silver knife, idly glancing at it before turning her attention to Reimu’s wide eyes. “Don’t worry, I’m using this cause I cut my nails before hand. So I’m not going to cut you with it… on purpose anyway.”

Seija grabbed the bodice of Reimu’s dress, tugging it outward before moving the knife down and unwrapping her present. She made sure to lean in close to her captive as she moved the blade, appreciatively glancing down at Reimu’s exposed flesh. The Hakurei blushed. She wanted to pull away and struggle but the tip of the knife was too close to her skin.

“Figured it out, Hakurei? Or did they not teach about this side of youkai during your training?” Seija chuckled, while she isn’t an oni, that didn’t make the notion of kidnapping someone and making them submit to you unattractive, even more when Reimu’s torso is fully exposed.

“Oh you are quite lovely. Your body is toned but not too muscular.” Seija presses up against Reimu’s back. One hand beginning to caress Reimu’s butt while the other hand reaches around and gropes her left breast. “Nice round ass with decent sized breasts. You aren’t too skinny, so if I fatten you up then you’ll have good child bearing hips in no time.”

“Go fuck yourself.” Reimu shouted as she spat in her captor’s face, flinching away from her touch.

Seija’s eyes gleamed with something at those words. As if entranced by a terrible idea, she wiped the spit away with one hand and took one last step closer. “Nah.” she replied casually before raising her knife again, “As you might have guessed, I LOVE the hateful glares you’re throwing out, and the way you writhe at my touches? All the more delicious~ Do you finally understand now what it means to be at the bottom? Unable to even push away the desires of those standing above you?”

“You are NOT above me.” Reimu protested, to which Seija let out an ugly laugh.

“Oh, but you are. But if you insist otherwise...I intended to have some fun with this process- make it slow and sensual, but I think I’ve given you too much credit. You only respond to power.”

“And that’s fine. I’ll show you real power.”

[ ] Strip her down with the knife and thoroughly inspect her body...alongside any hiding spots. So what if it might hurt her at first? You've got enough experience to bring pleasure to any kind of intrusion. (Finger her ass to make her loosen up, the mix of pain and pleasure will douse some of that flame of hers due to humiliation)

[ ] Release her bindings, and make the shrine maiden undress you. All the better if you have to punish her for disobedience. She's definitely the type to try attacking you the moment she's got a chance to, the fool. (Exactly what is written in the option, make her aware of her weakness and if she snaps, get the chance to properly 'punish' her)

[ ] Ever heard of the placebo effect? Pull out a vial of 'aphrodisiac' and force feed the liquid to her. The simple thought of 'it's not me, it's the aphrodosiac!' will remove most resistance she has and amplify the pleasure she feels...in most cases. She could be the 1% but whoever hates a making out? (Fool her into thinking she got drugged to have her accept the pleasure)

[ ] Eh, fuck the mindgames. Just straightforwardly mess with her body and talk dirty to her. Why be patient if you can eat your cake now? Add in a lie about how if she manages to not cum within a certain time, she'll get to be free. (the most 'Normalish' foreplay, that's it.)

Write ins are allowed too, but if they're too absurd I might ignore em.
Two endings: Either she breaks or she doesn't. Which one ya get is up to ya.
Let's see how much of yall like this imbalance thingy. (in case of no vote: I'll just a roll a die til the ending.)
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File 170958868626.jpg - (128.18KB, 850x1133, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_gunnjou_yosio__sam.jpg)
You know that moment where you realize you kinda regret doing something? I kinda feel that way now, like a mental sage time of sorts. Course I aint no coward so I’ll just update and consider this a done deal after. That said, let’s a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

“I’ll show you real power.”

There was an inscrutable silence for a moment, then Reimu felt Seija’s hand on her lower back, and her whole body tensed, her heartbeat quickening more than it should have.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” she hissed, shutting her eyes tightly to show no weakness.

Seija ignored her. “You still don’t get it, do you?” she said casually, her other hand slipping down, sliding easily between her sore flesh and her black laced panties, and between the cleft of her ass.

Reimu bit her lip, swallowing a pained whine as Seija’s finger reached her raw, dry asshole. She tried to shift her weight away from but the youkai’s arm was in the way…

“I can do anything I want to you, whether I’m nice about it is up to you.”

“Stop,” Reimu said hoarsely.

“Nah,” Seija continued, her voice softer now. “I might if you honestly beg me for it, but then again I could just say no anyway. Even if rape doesn’t break you. It’s fine as long as I enjoy myself.”

“Stop,” Reimu said again, “stop it. G-get away from me.”

Seija ignored the tremor in Reimu’s voice, and kept talking. “And you’re already repeating yourself, how boring, how predictable. And here I thought you’d be more concerned about pride than pain…”

Reimu felt Seija’s finger push up into her and she bit her lip harder, her body spasming in pain. Again she tried to move away- forward this time, towards Seija if that’s what it took, but stopped at a sharp next to her hip. Damn. She still had that knife out. Reimu would probably gut herself if she kept trying to squirm away from the burning intrusion, but…

“Oh, god,” Reimu said, tilting her head back, gritting her teeth. “D-don’t do this, Seija. Not th-this. Anything but this…!”

“Have you ever heard of the magic word?”

“Stop, stop, stop, s-stop--”

“Nope, that’s the wrong answer~” Reimu groaned as she felt another finger. Fuck, it hurt. And her head was spinning, although somehow she doubted that had much at all to do with the pain. Maybe more related to the exhaustion, or the fact that a youkai was-


“You know,” Seija spoke up again, her breaths a bit more deeper. “If you scream a little, it’ll be more erotic. I’m sure the guards are listening in.”

Reimu pressed her lips together, shaking her head frantically. Seija prodded her with her knife and she yelped involuntarily.

“Much better.”

She briefly wondered if, actually saying please, no matter how humiliating it is, would end or at least lighten the torture, or if it would be nothing more than a false hope spot like Seija mentioned it could be. In the end, the pain made her decision for her. “P-please let me go, you goddamn sadist.”

“A sadist? I’m surprised you think that,” Seija said in a tone of voice that did nothing to acknowledge the fact that she had two fingers up Reimu’s ass and a knife pressed against her navel.

“The pleasure I derive from this isn’t physical, it’s more like eating if anything.”

“Oh, I’m definitely not enjoying this either!” Reimu tried to move away from Seija’s hand again without thinking, and winced as she felt a trickle of blood run down her skin. “You’re f-fucking holding a grudge then, a-aren’t you, Seija?”

Seija just scoffed instead of answering. One finger rudely nudged against Reimu’s prostrate, and Reimu’s body jerked, her eyes snapping open. She kept staring at the ceiling though. Unable to bear looking at her abuser right now. “Oh… oh god…”

It was difficult to tell if Reimu starting to get wet was just some kind of bizarre response, or if Seija was just rather skillful at toying with girl’s asses. Certainly the weird, unwanted pleasure mixing nauseatingly with her pain was a result of the later, though. Something about it went just past visceral and into tapping into some hunger Reimu hadn’t really known existed.

The knife vanished from her skin, and half a second later Reimu felt the heel of Seija’s hand rub against her crotch, a little too gently. “You’re a tough one, others have started bawling at this point.”

“Gh...get… your hands off of m-me, Seija…” The youkai pressed harder, “P-please!”


Seija removed her intruding fingers and took a step back, she pulled out a key and knelt down, unlocking the shrine maiden’s ankles. Reimu immediately attempted to kick the woman but her legs only moved a few inches before she felt her sense of balance go completely haywire. Almost tripping down on herself if it wasn’t for the chains around her wrist forcing her to keep standing.

“Did you think me dumb enough to not expect you to fight back?” Seija did the same anyway to her wrists, keeping her perfectly in place while she removed the steel shackles. Stepping back, she beckoned Reimu with a smirk, ready for her to fight.

The nude woman winced as she was able to lower her arms for the first time in several weeks. She rolled each shoulder while keeping her eyes on the woman. At this point she didn’t even care about her nudity. She simply wanted to fight. Balling up her fists, she lunged forward with a punch.

Seija knew what she was doing. She simply dodged the anger-fueled attacks, taking as little effort as possible to do so. The room was tiny and Seija lacked the ability to dodge forever though. So when the grinning shrine maiden was certain her punch was about to land in the center of Seija’s smug face, her perspective suddenly flipped and as she hit air, she found herself on the ceiling.

“H-huh?” Reimu blurted, looking for her opponent. Before she could find her she was spun around again, and again, the surroundings turning into a rapid circling blur until she was forced to her knees and had to struggle to not dry-heave due to nausea. “Seija! Y-you cheater!”

“My apologies, Hakurei. I just enjoy watching you lose over and over again. Though it’s starting to kinda get old at this point, so let’s do something different to keep things exciting.”

At the floor that is now the ceiling, Seija took out a glass vial of pinkish substance from her pocket, uncorking it before gulping down its content upside down with no trouble. Before Reimu could say anything, she got pushed against a cold wall forcefully and kissed by the vile youkai. The sudden motion caused Reimu to instinctively gasp for breath and that was when Seija fed the liquid to her. The liquid was thick and sickly sweet, with a familiar smell she couldn’t quite place in the midst of haze. She refused to swallow the mysterious drink at first, but Seija wouldn’t let her spit it out. She pushed the liquid deeper with her tongue and Reimu could feel the thick substance trickling down her throat slowly. With no other choice, Reimu gulped down the remaining liquid.

Reimu could feel a weird, almost primal heat bubbling up inside her almost instantaneously. How could a kiss feel this good? It was like she almost lost herself under Seija’s relentless assault. Her body was turning weird! Everything felt clearer to an almost annoying degree. Every little touch Seija left on her skin caused her to shiver. The room was cool, but all Reimu felt was warmth. She was forced to realize that she was pressed with her back to a wall, kissing one of the most cruel youkai in Gensokyo, the latter’s strength crushing overwhelming her tiny body.

Reimu tasted something slimy, wet and warm. A cascade of flesh that wasn't her own. Seija’s saliva poured from her mouth to hers, and their kiss progressed deeper. Her tongue was wild, in a frenzy, like a savage beast. But it was not clumsy or inexperienced, Seija knew what she was doing, not that Reimu would ever admit that, but even she knew that much on instinct alone. Her tongue pushed hers to the back of her mouth, and Reimu was nearly unable to breathe. Even through her nose she could hardly take in any air, and Seija did not relent. Reimu found herself slowly starving of oxygen, and her body started to feel woozy. The strength in her arms faded fast. Her fists unclenched and Seija’s fingers gripped harder and locked their hands together even tighter than before.

Reimu’s legs lost their strength next, and her back slid down the wall toward the ground. Seija rode on top of her, straddled over her hips as she kept her mouth locked with hers. Reimu never got to hit the ground instead having her face pulled back while afloat, a thick stream of saliva connecting them still. Reimu was breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. Seija let go of her hands and brought them up to wrap around the back of Reimu’s neck. For the third time, she brought her face in and inserted her tongue. Reimu met it with her own, if only to attempt at stopping Seija from choking her again. They slipped and rubbed past each other. Ignoring gravity while pushing and brushing each other aside, mingling and dancing too intimate with one another for her to try and bite her teeth down without ripping off her own. Her breath became even hotter, and she moaned slightly this time. It was just too much!

Reimu’s whole body seized, and she screamed. Her back arched beautifully as a shock washed over her. Finally allowed to pull her head back, she let out another loud moan and gasped out of breath. She breathed, content at the sensation of air entering her lungs, unaware of what just happened.

“See,” Seija taunted, looking at the mess that became of the Hakurei. “Didn’t that feel far better? Submit to me and I’ll show you a grander slice of h-”

“What did you feed to me!?” Reimu’s clear voice cut through the air. Yet she was still so weak from Seija’s kisses, the fresh sensations made her unable to think straight but to glare at her enemy.

“What do you think?” She asked mischievously, eyeing the thrown aside empty vial.

Reimu’s brown eyes followed the glass vial suspiciously. There was no mistaking the warmth spreading in her body, the way her mind was losing grip with her common sense. Reimu isn’t someone this weak, so easily affected by a kiss. There must have been something in that potion Seija made her drink that caused her to end up like this. That left her hot and burning.

“Aphrodisiac. You gave me an aphrodisiac!” She breathed out, tone accusing.

Seija snorted, as if she had just heard the best joke in her life. “Sure, let’s go with that. But how are you feeling, my pretty prisoner?”

Reimu felt terrible. Her body was hot, so sensitive, and the sight of Seija smiling like a demon above her was too much. Reimu was so ashamed when she noticed how she grew increasingly wet. But that was not her fault, she consoled herself, that was the damn potion and Seija’s fault. She felt her focus wavering as her mind turned into a muddled haze of desire.

“I’m going to assume that means you feel great,” Seija said with mirth. Then looked thoughtful for a moment, “maybe I should add decorations on you as well. Display you to the whole world as my property, crushing everyone’s respect of you and forever mark you as my slave.”

“You may have captured me but I’m not your slave!” The waver in Reimu’s voice didn’t exactly promote confidence in her statement.

“Let me remind you of your position here, Hakurei. You lost, so you belong to me.” Seija latched onto that detail as she wolfishly smirked. She casually flicker the other’s clitoris and squeezed a breast, enjoying the flinch that it got out of her. “But fine, if you insist on resisting so much. I’ll give you another chance. If you can control yourself for the next two minutes and not cum then you’re free to go.”

Reimu blinked at the offer. It was a simple challenge that would be easy to deal with, but in her current condition she didn’t stand a chance. She tried in vain to pull away from Seija’s grasp but there was nowhere to retreat to. The other woman’s hand slowly stroked up and down her aching body, pushing her that much closer and somehow faster to the edge than before. She wouldn’t last long.

“W-wait, no.” Reimu pleaded. “I didn’t agree to this…!”

Seija chuckled, continuing her teasing. “Refusing the terms still makes you a slave. Is that what you’re saying? You’re so broken already that you won’t even try to win your freedom? If you’d rather march I march you though the streets to show you off then I will gladly accept-”

“N-no! Fine. I’ll do it. I accept the challenge.” Reimu whimpered, knowing the odds were stacked against her.

Seija shrugged her shoulders. “I win either way. It’s not like I wasn’t going to humiliate you. Although I’m at a bit of a disadvantage like this, I suppose.” She released her grasp and starting warming up her hands with power, alongside adding some lotion on them.

The Hakurei didn’t quite understand why Seija had done this, but then she felt those, soft, warm fingers wrapping around her erogenous zones again. She nearly climaxed immediately. Feeling the amanojaku’s hands softly stroking and plunging up and down her needy holes so delicately was something she couldn’t ignore. She clenched her eyes shut and tried to focus on anything else at all, but that only amplified the many kisses given on her neck. Seija moved her hands where attention was needed most, gently rubbing the slick entrances as love juice dribbled out. Using her other palm, she moved in circular motions around Reimu’s chest while watching her struggle pathetically.

“I’m impressed so far. You have a minute left. Can you do it?” Seija announced.

Reimu nibbled her bottom lip. If she had held out this long then another minute should be easy. Clenching every muscle she can in an attempt to stave off her orgasm. She simply needed to meditate and clear her mind. Already, she started to calm down.

Seija however was never one to lose, or not have a plan already in motion. She grinned triumphantly, even as Reimu took deep breaths while the stress on her face began to fade away.

“Just a few more seconds to go, Hakurei. Can you make it?” Seija taunted.

Reimu bit her bottom lip as she glanced downward, noting the sheen of sweat covering her immaculate body. She groaned, her eyes focused on Seija’s hand diligently working her snatch. Her hand picked up speed, loving the way Reimu squirmed and denied her own pleasure just for the sake of winning.

“I’m not sure you even know why you want to win. I think you just want to win because I challenged you. You want to be the underdog and prove yourself to the world. It’s just a facade, though. You’d be just as happy on your knees, eating my pussy from behind while I address my nation, wouldn’t you?” Seija fingered Reimu off, all while keeping her other hand’s attention on a nipple or clitoris in alternating patterns.

“It’s okay. I might even let you lick my ass from time to time if you’re a good girl,” Seija continued before sensing Reimu was about to cum. She pressed her lips against the Hakurei’s in a deep and passionate kiss while Reimu’s body pulsed and throbbed. Thick, transparent strands of fluid shot forth from her urethra, almost splattering against the cell door. A few more lesser shots landed on the floor while the rest of her love juice dribbled to the ground. Reimu’s chest rose and fell with each labored breath.

Seija had stopped completely, her hand merely holding tracing circles on Reimu’s stomach as she pulled away from the kiss while licking her lips. “I suppose you lasted the full two minutes.”

“Wh-what? I won? …I won?! So I’m free?” Reimu was suddenly overwhelmed. It didn’t even matter that Seija had forced her to climax so shamefully.

“Yes,” Seija admitted, “you won. But,” she shrugged, narrowing her eyes, “that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Not in the least. In fact, I think we’re going to make a lot of money from weekly ‘newsfeeds’ showing the once great Hakurei reduced to nothing more than a sex-hungry whore.”

“N-newsfeed?” Reimu’s heart dropped as she anxiously scanned the cell. Even as long as she had been imprisoned she’d never seen anything out of the ordinary. She scoffed. “You’re not fooling me! There’s no way you got any Tengu to help you.”

“You’d be quite surprised how eager some people can be if it lets them rise above their once powerful rivals. Nonetheless, I have about three image capture devices set up before your imprisonment. So we’ll have various pictures and videos of your defeat to show the world.”

“But I won,” Reimu whimpered, still trying to comprehend the situation.

Seija shrugged. “Are you really dumb enough to think I would ever let you go? I was never counting anyway. I just wanted to have some fun with you… And I always get what I want.”

With a sinister smirk, Seija finally let go of Reimu cock before bringing her squirt-covered hand to the Hakurei’s face and rubbing it against her cheek. She pursed her lips together, blowing a playful kiss toward Reimu before turning on her heels and leaving the cell.

“I want you to think about what it means to be weak,” Seija said while still walking away. “You have free reign of your prison… Enjoy yourself.”

Reimu pushed herself up and she lunged for the open door, only for the guards to shut it and bolt the heavy locks in place. The Hakurei banged her hands against the platinum while she was left in darkness and silence yet again…

The End.

There it’s joever, let nobody say I didn’t go all the way. I guess I'll be ready for the day this whole imbalance thing starts.

- Took 0.01s -
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