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File 133675738225.png - (100.81KB, 794x544, Era.png) [iqdb]
Or EraToho.

So guys, anyone know about this thing? I heard from my friend about this game; apparently it's a text based rpg similar to Slave Maker or something like that.
Is it about sex?
I thought it was just an excuse for jap doujin artists to not have better plots or something, you saying it actually exists?
Yea, but it's all in japanese unfortunately-

There's apparently a whole bunch of versions for this, but the old links seem to be somewhat broken. Haven't tried most of the links though, just a few here and there, but still-
Hell even without that they'd find flimsy reasons to not have good plots.
Where can you get a fresh version of eratohoYM? Can't seem to find it on the uploader, and the link on that wiki is old AND not working.
Nevermind, found it, but it's brutally, critically bugged to hell and back. Buying a slave from the store crashes with a divide by zero. After I fixed that with a crude bubblegum fix, I noticed that recovery rates for mental and physical endurance were abnormally low, at least compared to other variants. Also the training stats refuse to rise no matter how much I do it, I don't get the training points that are then changed into the points that allow skill training. Which is kind of the core mechanic of the game. Dunno if it's just this newest version that's bugged to hell since I couldn't find any older ones. Apparently they're purged from the uploader once a new version comes out. Shame really, apart from the bugs this looks like the most promising version of the game yet, AND it's still being updated, something that can't be said for about 90% of the projects.
Wow wonder how they managed to fuck that one up so much.
Well, it's most likely just one or two random guys from an imageboard like us. Maybe we should do a THP version of the thing?
I'd rather someone put together an 'eratoho for lazy people'. pick the best variant, apply as many custom scripts as possible, release as one package.
Strange, my friend sent me a YM version, and it doesn't seem to have those problems...

Maybe because it's an old version? But it's updated to th13, so...

I have no idea.
The current version is (I think) mk-3 revision 7.1, care to dig into the files to see what yours is?
in my totally pr0 opinion, if you play just one variant, you have to play one of the eratohoRR1317 variants. This is because those have a huge library of custom character-specific scripts, which are incompatible with other versions without painful hand-tweaking.

also, get Emuera. It lets you play using a mouse. shit is so much more cash.
I actually prefer keyboard even on the variants that come naturally with emuera, much faster and requires less... coordination.
I agree with >>24535
When you use the mouse, your hand get cold and it's really unnerving when you want to use both hands later, and if you're trembling, it can be frustrating. The keyboard, on another hand, isn't as difficult to use when you're focused on something else.
Where do I look for it?

Unless it's the title screen, which reads YM ver.3.600.
FFS, I can't figure this shit out, after finding a second variant that has the same problem with no stat rising during training I'm starting to think I'm lacking something. Do you guys know if I'm supposed to have some base program on which to unpack the eratohoYM pack or something silly like that?

A link to the file I'm using:
Care anyone test it to see if it's working for you? Maybe it's a system level problem for me.

Ah, that screenshot was yours, yeah, it seems to be mk3 rev 6.
Ok, figured it out by myself. What a god damn mess. The deal is, emuera apparently reads windows system config for the decimal marker character, which in my case happens to be comma, not perioid like in english, or apparently, japanese use. That fucks up all numbers reliant on it on startup read, and borkens most scripts. It's actually a god damn miracle that the thing still works to the degree it does even after it somehow fails to read all decimal numbers in the script files...
So you'd have to recompile that thing to unfuck the code?
Nah, I just changed the windows setting.
Ahh. Still other than that is the code for that thing still a mess?
Haven't had any problems so far after I fixed that. Seriously though, what kind of a moron uses windows settings for core program shit like that? I might understand it if the decimal marker was used for output, but no, as far as I know it's only used in the script files. Absolutely no reason not to hardcode it, or at the very least put it in a program specific config file.
Yea I'm still scratching my head. BUT if you know what the variables are tied to how hard is it to translate the outputs? At least for the statical outputs?
You mean statistical?
Yea. Damn you spellcheck. Turns out statical IS apparently a REAL word or the first suggestion when I hastily posted that
I was just being unsure.
This might probably be the first time I started using Google Translate so oftenly-
Holy shit, Yorihime is one tough daughter of a bitch to break down. Do just about anything and her rebelliousness shoots through the ceiling and she gets almost no development points thanks to that despite having all critical places marked sensitive. Also prevents quite a few trainings due to not being able to raise requirements very fast, basically you have to break her down with pain, fear and humiliation. Cute. Better get those tentacles fast...
This is terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself.
You should try Shikieiki.
I haven't dared, reading one of those wikis, they spoke of her like she was the gold standard of "yeah, not gonna get this".
there's two ways to go about it:

1. komachi

2. just eat the third mark of rebellion. you can grind it off, it just takes a long time.
So, uh, anyone got a link that doesn't require a login? I'd like to give this thing a try, mostly because I am bored out of my head.
All the links in >>24505 still work with the user/pass provided, but Japanese filehosts are shit, so here:


Details on what's inside and instructions for changing scripts are in the English readme in the zip.
Thanks man.
I Heard something about a Reserve EraTouhou. Is that actually a thing where it's more them FDOMing the player?

Just downloaded the zip, thanks for that. But, any way to change it into English? It didn't seem like any of the scripts were an English patch.
>But, any way to change it into English?

Make an English patch.

No touhou porn games of any kind have been translated yet. This is also probably extremely unlikely to be translated ever since there's no pretty pictures to look at, and pure text games can be absolute bitches to deal with.
Reverse, and yes.
user/pass: era/era
The files tagged with "本体" are the base packages for the games. It's all japanese though, be prepared.

Moreover, the system, I doubt it would work very well with the character limits being what they are. Trying to find words that fit in the confines of the reserved text areas is going to be a MAJOR pain in the ass.
If anything you'd have to either force wider window size Or go Abbreviations and with text only you'd have to have a side document with a guide to the abbreviations and that really can be a drag as you're spending half the time looking at the diagram and half the time playing.
Better than not being able to play at all.
You'd also need to decide which variant to translate.
This is half the problem. I've not checked the variants but I have feeling were dealing multiple variants being coded in different ways so each version wouldn't just be translate the different text but having to figure out how each game's code works.

I really hope that any version that someone would try and translate would have proper notes in the code...
Practically all the variants apart from the very first one are for a custom scripting platform called emuera. And you're NOT going to be able to have an universal translation, most of the variants are dramatically enough that you'll just have to pick one and stick with it. If we were voting, I'd put mine on eratoho YM, since it has the most content, it's only major problem is that since it hasn't been updated for a while not it, for example, lacks the most recent set of characters from TD. Then again, there was a password protected prototype for a new version on the uploader so I guess there's a reasonable chance that it'll get fixed soon.

Then again, reverse is also an attractive prospect.
Ahh I didn't know but I agree

Reverse is something that is interesting just for it being just being something odd.
I tried messing around with the "normal" stuff a while back. This is so much better that I wonder why I bothered. Goddamn.
So how is it? Don't know Japanese so wouldn't know but it just seems to be a curious enough idea to work with instead of another Slavemaker style game.
But it is a slavemaker game. With the position of slave and master switched. If femdom doesn't already appeal to you, this won't change your mind.

I'm too shocked by Daiyousei's presence to say whether it's good or not.
Well by Slavemaker I'm more talking about it being the usual you are the master thing. I'm curious how it exactly works with the roles reversed.

I feel like it would not be terribly difficult to write a custom platform to load and run translated scripts, especially if you use terminal-based IO like Eratouhou does. And if someone wants to start such a project, I'd be interested in helping to code it.
With stories like Mind the Gap around, I'm sure a translated Reverse erotoho would be well received.
Between speech writer laziness, translator laziness, and programmer laziness, I seriously doubt anything worthwhile would come out of a project like that.

Guess who has the largest speech file in that pack posted earlier? It's Sanae. I laughed really hard when I noticed.
How big anyhow?

Anyone know what's the password for the current newest prototype version for eratohoYM?

It's "era".
That's generally speaking the passwords on most things eratoho.
Ah, thanks.
So many versions ttp://w.livedoor.jp/eratoho/d/eratoho%ba%c7%bf%b7%c8%c7
The newer parts of the wiki say something about pregnant koa and ntr versions. Is YM still most-recommended?
The different versions of EraToho are actually very different games.
YM is the current main EraToho game that just focuses on the original slave training stuff.

The pregnant koa thing is just some sort of weird thing where you hit a buttan and koakuma gets pregnant. It's weird.
>>32863 here, forgot to say something.
Though my favorite Era game is probably the Reverse one(s).
Both EraTohoR and EraSQR.
It's just quite a bit more interesting than the slave training games. To me anyway.

And yeah i do at least try basically every Era game i find, unless they force me to play as a dude.
So with reverse are you a guy being Femdommed or a girl being Femdommed by Touhous?
A girl, guy or a futa being dommed by touhous.
You can create a character.
File 138289223699.png - (13.35KB, 847x431, eratohorcharactercreation.png) [iqdb]
To add to this, i made this translation(based on machine translations) to help with the character creation that EraTohoR, and a few other era games, use.
Decided to post this here in case it helps anyone else.

Do note that to access this in EraTohoR you have to play in Extra or Sandbox mode(These modes also allow you to play as any Touhou).

In Normal mode you have to go through a semi-random "quiz" of sorts to create your character.
Out of curiosity, anyone else tried the era koumakan games? I'm a bit lost here, is it all "consensual" in the sense that you have to slowly romance everybody, or is there more to the game?
Yeah i've tried them.

Once you reach a high enough favorability with someone you can sex them but nothing else to really do as far as i can tell.

Doesn't help that they don't really have alot of those prologue(口上 or KOJO) files which contain all of the actual dialogue.
Yeah, I've gotten to the sex as well. But I was wondering if there was anything to do after that. Also, some of the code seems to hint at buying slaves, is that just holdover code from other variants?
Probably just holdover code.
Wouldn't really make any sense to be able to buy slaves in that game.
To be honest this always fascinated me more than the opposite which just felt like bleh another MDOM scenario (Seriously if it was going to be Dom the Touhous why not do Girl on Girl instead of just another faceless man scenario?)
You should give it a shot, even if you don't know japanese.
Due to the clipboard function in emuera(Ctrl+C is the shortcut for it), it's possible, albeit kinda annoying, to play era games with machine translations.

Also if you try out Reverse, Daiyousei and Alice have by far the most dialogue.
You can play as a girl in YM as well, just so you know.
So where do I dl that version? I've got a lot of conflicting source ideas
It's all on patchuloader, http://eratoho.dyndns.dk/cgi/upload.php user/pass: era/era
eraT0005330.rar, [本体][口上][プロト]eratohoReverse# ぽ0616test版++@これみ
Is the current core.
eraT0005801.7z, [パッチ]eratohoReverse#ぽ0616test版++用勝手に修正パッチ
Is a current patch.
Is a text file for Hina.
Is a text file for Alice.
Oh it was just updated today?

Though do note that Hina's text file specifically only works if you play as a male. (Not sure why)
Not sure about the patch though, I got a bunch of errors on startup when I used it so...
If you also downloaded the new version of a character prologue(like, say, Alice) then that might also be your problem.
Generally speaking when updating the prologue folders you should delete the old folder before installing the new one.

(I got an error too, and deleting the Alice folder before reinstalling it fixed that)
Got them so just dump everything in one folder?
The patch, if it works, goes to the same folder as the main game folder (A good hint on if you're putting stuff in the right place is to check if the folder contains similarly named folders as the ones in the patch.) The voice files go under "\\main game\\ERB\\口上". Though I do think the program can read them from anywhere under ERB, it's still a good idea to have them in the right place, just so that you know what to delete if something goes bonkers. For the patch, it goes without saying, but you need to overwrite any existing files.
So I set first thing in sandbox to 0 then the other to who I want to be doing the domming? Since it seems that it implies that you can do Touhou on Touhou stuff
Yeah in Sandbox and Extra the first character choice is who you are, 0 being the custom character.

Do note, though that at least for Alice you can only get the endings if you play in the Normal mode.
With normal you got to do the quiz and just hope you get the traits you desire?
If you don't feel like you are above it, you can always edit the template character you get from the automated system, it's in the global.sav file under the savegame directory of the game. The tags you can add you can find in the games CSV files (talent.csv to be exact), try to follow the format and it should work. Just remember to change the character encoding in your text editor to shift-jis to avoid fuckups.
Has anyone successfully managed to run those "eratheworld" games from the file depository? It always crashes when I try to move with an error:
System.ArgumentException:VbStrConv.Wide and VbStrConv.Narrow are not applicable to the locale specified.
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings.StrConv(String str, VbStrConv Conversion, Int32 LocaleID)
at MinorShift.Emuera.GameData.Function.FunctionMethodCreator.StrChangeStyleMethod.GetStrValue(ExpressionMediator exm, IOperandTerm[] arguments)
at MinorShift.Emuera.GameProc.Process.doNormalFunction(InstructionLine func)
at MinorShift.Emuera.GameProc.Process.runScriptProc()
at MinorShift.Emuera.GameProc.Process.DoScript()

I figure it has something to do with system locales, but I'm already in the japanese locale and I tried using a locale forcing program as well to make sure.
I never had a problem running era the world (or most any other eras), though I did not test each and every update I got. The most recent version of it (eraT0006748) runs fine as well. My guess is that your file got corrupted, so try downloading and extracting again.
I have tested 6 different versions in the hopes that whatever causes this problem to happen goes away. Haven't had any problems with any of the other era games I've tried so far either, so this one is rather mysterious. And it's highly consistent too. Happens like clockwork when I do my first move command.
Apparently the moving bug was reported and logs uploaded. Now they released a fixed version (6765) which got another (unrelated?) fix (6767).
tried to play the slave-makerish game with google translate, ran in various game-overs afer 1-2 actions, can somebody provide a rought (link with)tutorial about the gameplay (haven´t played the original game)?
Which one, specifically? There's a bunch that you might call slave makerish.
Neither of the new versions fix the problem I have, though. And the bug that was reported in the error log was not relevant to my problem.
Continuing from >>35632
Did some testing, I checked the error-referenced file and changed the line from:

And now at least it does not crash. No idea if it fucks up things elsewhere or if there are other similar problems around.
Nevermind, I figured out the basic stuff myself with the holy-thing of touhou & google-translate. Also using a different version made the tranings work after changing the windows config thing. Whats still bugging me is the general "basic strategy" eg what to raise first, basic steps etc, any suggestions?
Since you didn't mention which of the variants you're using, I'll assume you meant eratoho YM. (Or YM AE, which is basically the same thing, with the exception that it's actually updated.)

Pick easy touhoes to make money off of. Don't even bother trying the special endings, you need good chunks of cash, skills and equipment for those. Generation play makes things more difficult, but continuing the same game over and over again can be boring. Pick your poison. Oh, and be very careful with who you buy. Basically Eiki and Yorihime are extremely slow and difficult to train without having their counterparts to act as assistants. There were several other difficult cases but I can't remember them off-hand. Oh, and don't bother with hina. Bitch is impossible. (Ok, not impossible, just extremely annoying, basically you have to grind one of her statuses off or she'll go depressioo~n'd as fuck. None of the standard tricks will work. Only service actions have any decent effect.)

Easy starter ones are just about all the generic fairies (after all the "real" characters in the listings), Cirno, Daiyousei, rumia etc. Also Marisa is pretty easy since she's got that neat 快楽に素直 or whatever trait. Same with Suika, IIRC. Also, check the settings, I know it'll be a PITA to go through those the first time, but it'll pay off.

When starting off, you want to avoid those damn resistance (反発) seals. They make training very difficult and grinding them off, especially the level 3 ones is really annoying. Also keep an eye for any girls with the rebellious (反抗的) trait. They get those resistance seals VERY fast.
I found this in the dwarf fortress forums.

>The entire content consists of senseless murder, a pile of faceless naked women and zero regard for human life in general, all in the service of the protagonist's base impulses. It is clearly a cry for help from a neglected, self absorbed and disempowered juvenile badly in need of affectionate guidance. What a sad, sad display.

While it obviously is specifically aimed at something else, the overall assessment and message applies to this game and all of you, as well.
I'd agree with the first half of the statement, but the second half is once again, preachy garbage from someone not content to be personally disgusted with something, but trying to shame the very idea of someone gratifying base impulses. I see nothing particularly wrong with acknowledging some darker impulse, in a completely safe and harmless environment, which could be said to be the goal of these games. I mainly don't buy that argument, because that argument can be used as an indictment of any game where you do anything bad, or have to option to do anything bad. For all the preachers out there, i'd suggest that if you have a magic laser cannon that turns everyone in the world into angels who have no base, crass, ugly, or selfish desires, then fuckin' go for it, otherwise you can just shut your mouth about the ways other people might want to satisfy them, unless they actually start harming people.
And that's why I want to get to figure out how the hell to get Reverse working well and without spending about 5 minutes trying to translate Google translate translation to English...
How did anyone fall for this rather obvious bait?
I guess I'll eventually figure out some of the bizarre Translate mutilations of names so I'm not having to have character names on search...

Sadly I got no idea how to translate this
Baiting is a retarded practice to begin with, and anyone who does it is a sad sack of shit anyways.
Depends on what you mean by getting it to work well i guess? Translation issues?

And if you have to machine translate a game, you should really get Translation Aggregator(Or any other application that does the same things it does) so you don't have to manually paste the text into google translate or whatever.
Are there people interested in doing and actual, proper translation of one of the games, or is this mostly just people trying to do a temporary machine translation so they can understand what's going on?
The problems with a translation are that 1. there are so many variants, 2. most of those variants keep being updated and thus necessitating new translations and 3. a translation would most surely break the format when trying to replace 1-3 kanji with their equivalent english terms.

Otherwise I would be open to it, sure. Heck I might have done a translation or two already just for the fun of it.
The updating part may not be that big of a problem, the updates are usually pretty small, and I don't figure doing a file comparison is a huge problem in most cases. It does take some work though. And really, the issue with many variants really boils down to just which one people want to see most.

But yeah, the issue with the interface is quite critical, and I don't see an easy solution to that one.
Not sure how many characters would be available, but here is my quick 2-character test for translated training stats in op's pic:
Pleasure C/V/A/B -> C/V/A/B
Lubrication/Wetness -> Lb
Learning -> Lr
Allegiance -> Al
Lust -> Lu
Submission -> Sb
Shame -> Sh
Pain -> Pn
Fear -> Fr
Drugs/Addiction -> Ad
Violation -> Vl
Lead -> Ld
Rejection/Denial/Revolt -> Dn
Displeasure -> Di
Depression -> Dp

So yeah, either we get more characters to work with or we would need a chart to explain those abbreviations.
Perhaps the help menus are not that difficult to modify? Maybe we can just add a menu option for it?
Right, the help menus. Just adding the full term to the usual description could work.
>Lead -> Ld
Lead -> Pb, surely?
Well depends if it's how much elemental lead we had on them or how much we're leading them.
So, this is of uncertain relevance to most people, but you Linux anons may benefit.

I managed to get eratohoYM3.701 (via eraT0003498.zip release) running via Emuera running through wine. Here's how.

- Unzip the file in a way that doesn't mangle the filenames:
$ unzip -O cp932 eraT0000xxxx.zip

- Install .NET with winetricks. I'm not sure which .NET exactly you'll need, since I already had them all installed, but just try installing the ones between 3.0 and 4.5. Google for instructions.

- You need the ja_JP.sjis locale. You'll probably need to manually generate it since it's not available by default in many distros.
$ localedef -i ja_JP -c -f SHIFT_JIS /usr/lib/locale/ja_JP.sjis

If you run a distro that keeps locales elsewhere (are there even any?) I'll assume that you know what you're doing.

- Trying to run at this point will cause Emuera to crash with an error about "Encoding name 'SHIFT-JIS' not supported". You need to binary edit the Emuera executable (Emuera1807+v3.1.exe or similar) to change "SHIFT-JIS" to "SHIFT_JIS". Use your favorite binary editor. If you don't have one, vim will open binaries.

You're looking for:


Only one occurrence in the file. Change the dash to an underscore.

I am just as baffled as you as to why this is necessary when the program works on Windows. Something Linux-specific about the implementation of .NET's GetEncoding(), I guess.

- You may need fonts for basic display. Figure it out, that's pretty distro-dependent. Your wine may already have MS Gothic, but you can probably find something less shitty. Emuera will probably not run with fixed-width characters; this isn't much of an issue with Japanese wchars since they're all the same width already but your numbers will be less wide and this will cause the interface to be misaligned in a lot of situations. It's not a big deal, since it's just slowing down your reading a bit, but there is a (nonworking) dropdown menu to change the font in the options, fourth tab. If you know the name of your monospace font within wine's environment you may be able to make Emuera use it. I haven't bothered trying.

- Emuera will now crash because the directory names under ERB/ are garbled in Emuera despite displaying correctly on your filesystem. It probably has something to do with locale clashes between wine, your filesystem, and Emuera. It turns out the actual names of the directories don't matter, so rename the directories under ERB/ to something else. Make a backup if you want. I used digits 1-6, but it doesn't matter what you call them as long as they're ASCII, probably.

- Run like so:
$ LANG=ja_JP.sjis wine Emuera1807+v3.1.exe

It's somewhat unstable. You may get occasional crashes when highlighting things (Ctrl-C to bring up a copyable plaintext display) or when scrolling. The game autosaves every in-game day so you're not losing much.

As for actually playing, well, figure it out.
By the way, you can't properly hook the game with AGTH, so open a copy of the text buffer with Ctrl-C and copy from there.
Wow. I wish this had existed a year ago when I cared.

Past me thanks you regardless.
Reporting back after some further testing with newer versions: it turns out you don't actually need the locale, although there may be problems regardless.

Any future version, as far as I can tell, will run through wine with just the proper .NET prereqs and the binary edit from SHIFT-JIS to SHIFT_JIS. Apparently the directory structure was also changed sometime before the newest version, since renaming things is no longer necessary.

Why did you bump this, necromancer? Why would you do this?
I didn't even know we had an Era thread here, but since this is ancient I think I'll post updated information.

Currently, there is a translation effort going on in 8/hgg/ (https://8ch.net/hgg/index.html)
in the Era Games General thread.

The main games that are getting worked on are EratohoK, EratohoTW and EraMegaten, which has a touhou mod in it and is therefore relavent.

EratohoK is a rance-style strategy game set in Gensokyo where you can play as your favorite 2hu (or as an OC) and conquer the land while enslaving/dicking any touhou that crosses your eye.
It is the most frequently updated, and has the most complete dialogue translation, and has the best sex system.

EratohoTW is a dating sim with timestop powers. It has a fair bit of character dialogue, but a majority of it is untranslated.

EraMegaten is a SMT game with sex, essentially. There are characters present in it from pretty much every SMT and Persona game to my knowledge, and is based off of the Devil Summoner series in terms of gameplay. There is a mod added to it that puts Touhou characters in as summonable 'demons'

Dialogue is very easy to add into K and TW, so if there are any interested parties, please stop in and ask somebody about a template file so we can have more waifu interactions, please and thank you.

You can download all the era games currently being worked on (of which there are 20+) at https://gitgud.io/eragames which requires an account (user:era Pass: eraeraera)
As I'm an idiot and forgot to include this in the first post: Translation tools are available, with ChiiTrans and Translation Aggregator being the main ones we use, and we also have a copy of ATLAS for (questionable) offline translation.

Translation Aggregator: https://mega.nz/#!1SwD2SrC!QBbEFj5UDFryE4JdB5g7ondD5JMyfbBKbnWk0KhDkwc


Yea but K's stuff seems dead as apparently spaghetti code has eaten the project and the new JP version breaks like EVERYTHING
>k's stuff seems dead
Nani the fuck are you talking about, it's updated multiple times a week.
>spaghetti code ate the project
Spaghett Code has spent the last like six months unfucking the git, and thanks to his efforts it now works leagues better than it used to.
>and the new JP version breaks like EVERYTHING
I'm not even sure what this means, why would you play the JP version when the eraGit version is updated and works fine.
File 159556173794.jpg - (44.02KB, 1280x720, sky.jpg) [iqdb]
Hi, my search engine sucks and my friend isnt giving me the link
There are tons of these, which one specifically are you looking for? TBH I'd recommend TW and K as they're very developed and surprisingly deep. Really fun text sandbox on TW.
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