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File 169889882374.jpg - (235.16KB, 800x800, 31304693_p0.jpg)
“Mnnnh, right there! Oh, that’s nice, Lee…”

Minoriko enthusiastically voiced her approval as she reclined on a set of cushions on the floor. Kneeling by her side was Lee, her priest, spouse, and presently, her masseur.

“I hope I’m doing a good job,” he said from behind her. “I don’t have much experience with this.”

“You’re doing perfect, pumpkin.” Minoriko purred. She was lying stomach-down, resting her head on top of her folded arms. From this position, Lee had been kneading the tension from the day’s work in the fields from her calves.

Truthfully, Minoriko would have to admit that this was not something that was strictly necessary for her. As a goddess, even a borderline ‘feral’ one compared to the Moriya, the various ailments and afflictions of the flesh that so bedeviled humans didn’t affect her in a concrete way. She had been eking out a living with her sister here in Gensokyo long before Lee had entered their lives - long before Gensokyo itself had even been called that.

That was to say, coming back home from work and coyly requesting her husband’s attention wasn’t about relieving mortal frailty. It just felt nice and helped the two of them get closer, and that was plenty of reason for it.

“Can you take care of my feet next, sweetie?” Minoriko asked. “All the farmwork really takes its toll on them.”

He froze at that. Minoriko’s eyes blinked open.

“Is that something you don’t want to do, Lee?”

She couldn’t see his face from this position, but she was familiar enough with him by now to know how his mouth would purse as he figured out his words.

“No, it’s not that. It’s not that I have any real feelings on it one way or another - no, that’s not it. It’s just a stupid hang-up from before, when I was outside. I’ll still do it, so -“

“Lee.” Minoriko rolled over to look at him. “If it’s bothering you, then it’s not too stupid for you to tell me.”

She had sensed that he hadn’t had a happy life. It seemed few humans who wound up in Gensokyo did, from what could be gathered from those who made it to the village. It was obvious that Lee was no exception, but he hadn’t offered to share, and so she decided to not pry.

Still, even if he wouldn’t tell her, she could feel it in the calluses on his hands and see it in the way he carried himself.

She was relieved to see his own shoulders relax, as if a slight weight had been lifted. “Thanks. It is really dumb, though,” he sighed. “Okay. Basically, back where I came from, people would go out of their way to make fun of people who liked feet.”

“Liked feet?” she asked, puzzled.

“You know, like…” he searched for words before growing frustrated. “Well, sexually. It was just a target for ridicule because it’s weird and you could call people things like ‘toe sucker’ to imply that there was something deeply wrong with them.”

“Is that how you feel?” Minoriko asked. Privately, she wondered what strange logic the outside world used to declare things as profane.

Lee shrugged. “I don’t care myself. It’d be as if someone started making a fuss about elbows or noses or eyeballs.”

“I see.” She said, not quite truthfully. “Well, if it’s still something you’d rather not do…”

“No, I’ll do it. Because it’s a dumb, pointless artifact of a world that left- that I left behind.”

He paused, blushing again, before continuing. “And because it’s you asking. I like all of you.”

Now it was her turn to blush.

“And besides, it’s not like you ever get really dirty. It’s a goddess thing, right?”

She blinked at that. Lee had been paying more attention than she expected. He was catching on to life in Gensokyo quickly.

That was a matter for later, though. She laid back down with a smile and shyly kicked her feet in the air.

“Well, no backing out now, dear. Come tend to your goddess.”

As her priest’s hands went to work, her mind was already wandering to other, even more enjoyable places for him to use them on.
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Massaging a goddess, eh? Joking about feet aside, this is kind of sweet. Waiting warmly for more.
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>that left- that I left behind
What a splendid reference to Minoriko's two left feet which Lee is about to massage!
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File 169898297262.jpg - (1.26MB, 1250x1500, __aki_shizuha_touhou_drawn_by_bakuya__5e5733c3cdfa.jpg)
One day, completely by accident, Shizuha found an erogenous zone on Lee.

They had been sitting on the veranda of their shrine that was really just a house, in Shizuha’s opinion, discussing nothing in particular when a stray leaf floated down onto his shoulder without him noticing. She had moved to brush it off without thinking.

“Hold still,” she had murmured as she leaned in towards her priest. Looking back, her mouth had probably come within an inch of his ear.

A shiver ran through Lee’s entire body as he took a sharp breath and closed his eyes. The shape of his spine as it arched beneath the simple robes he wore was as clear as day to her.

They both stared at each other somewhat dumbly for a moment. What exactly was she supposed to say for a time like this? He gave her the impression of a startled cat that would flee if she tried to pet it.

“Would you mind if I tried that again, Lee?” she ventured.

Lee only nodded in response. It seemed that his voice had yet to return to him.

Not one to let such an opportunity go to waste, Shizuha scooted closer and leaned in again, resting her shoulder against his. She put her lips together and gently breathed on his ear again, so softly it was barely audible.

He stiffened up with a slight shudder and took a sharp breath between his closed teeth. It reminded her of how the ears of the wolf tengu twitched as though with minds of their own when someone spoke too close to them.

Another thing reminding her of the wolf tengu at this moment was her overwhelming urge to pounce on Lee. Fortunately, she still had the presence of mind to at least take his hand, lead him inside, and close the windows for good measure.

Only then did she relent to her desire. In the process, it would become apparent that Lee’s voice had returned.
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moldy leaf breath
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I'll have you know that goddesses put a good deal of care into their odor! That does bring up a good question though. If Minoriko smells like fresh sweet potatoes, what does Shizuha smell like?
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Pumpkin spice Whatever reminds one of autumn — leaves, chestnuts, the bountiful rice harvest, a brisk breeze, etc.

I guess I'd bank on chestnuts as a more readily scent-able thing, but who can say. The real question is: What does Shizuha taste like?
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Why wouldn't it just be the smell of autumn leaves?

It doesn't smell like your usual mold at all.

It's fresh, crisp and clear; maybe a little earthy and/or sweet.

Sounds great.
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File 169924346747.png - (1.48MB, 1280x720, 53186583_p0.png)
Shizuha led Lee to her bed and shut the door behind them. Even though she shared Lee with Minoriko, habit led her to seek privacy, and that was something the two of them would want right now. The last thing she wanted was her sister or a nosy tengu interrupting them.

He had just sat down before she was on him, kissing him hungrily and pushing him the rest of the way down to the futon. Her hands cupped the sides of his face as she brought her mouth to his. For his part, Lee rested his hands on the nape and the small of her back through her blouse.

As enjoyable as this was, they had come here for something else. Shizuha brought her head to Lee’s ear and blew a teasing breath into it, earning another delicious shiver from her priest. She then traced the tip of his ear with her tongue, savoring the firm folds of cartilage. The next place her tongue went was the entrance to his ear canal, swirling around the opening with a slow, delicate touch, and this time it earned her a small, ragged sigh from him. All the while, she was breathing in the rich scent of his skin and hair from pressing her face right against it.

With that, notions of propriety or restraint slipped from Shizuha’s mind. Her breath hitched, her heart fluttered, and her body ached with desire. Distantly, she registered licking her lips. For now, Lee was hers alone, and she would make full use of him.

Shizuha plunged her tongue into his ear canal, feeling the soft, wet, and warm flesh of it push inside. Every muscle in Lee’s body reflexively responded to that, from his neck craning to bring his head closer to her to his toes curling up and pulling on the covers. He let out an actual moan as he squirmed, and the sound spurred her aching desire to swell further.

As Shizuha continued to use her tongue on Lee, the hand not holding his head to her mouth crept down the front of his robe to find his manhood. Naturally, it was already ready for her. She wrapped her fingers around it, felt the rhythm of his pulse become frenetic through her palm, and smiled to herself.

Shizuha made a ring with her thumb and index finger and stroked up and down his shaft, savoring the warmth radiating from it as proof of her priest’s love for her. She settled into an rhythm of alternating plunging her tongue into Lee’s ear with stroking him, such that there were no breaks in the pleasure he felt from her.

Soon enough it had the desired effect - with a subdued cry, Lee bucked his hips and climaxed into her hand. Shizuha finally spared his ear and turned his head around to kiss him as he came for her. After the last spasm, she picked up a stray rag from her room to wipe her hand clean as she let Lee catch his breath.

All of a sudden, a sense of self-consciousness struck Shizuha like a falling branch. She had really just had her way with him on the spot - what kind of goddess would Lee think she was because of this?

She glanced somewhat guiltily at him, only to find him already gazing back at her. He was still panting from the intensity of her attentions, but his eyes were unclouded. His smile was more tender than any she had yet seen from him.

Shizuha’s shoulders lowered on their own as she felt a matching smile form on her own face. She laid down and nuzzled her face between his neck and shoulder.
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Well? What are you waiting for, Lee? You better damn well reciprocate. Girl's going the extra mile for you, shoving her tongue in your earhole.
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The sound of falling leaves...

🍃👂 Uho 🍃👂 ...
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File 170011211239.jpg - (105.15KB, 532x565, __aki_shizuha_touhou_drawn_by_onikobe_rin__53f320d.jpg)
“You make such cute sounds,” Shizuha teased. “I should do this more.”

Lee sighed. Despite his embarrassment, he was clearly content to let Shizuha nuzzle into him.

The two of them continued embracing. Though Shizuha had just satisfied Lee, her own desire had not yet been quenched. She could feel her need for his touch still smoldering in her chest and her loins.

She leaned back to look at him with what she hoped was a seductive expression. “Say, Lee… My turn?”

Lee didn’t reply, but he didn’t need to. He slipped away from her side and sidled between her legs while she slid off her long skirt, taking care to not snag the leaf-patterned hem. Shizuha propped herself up on her arms to look at his face. He gave her a small smile, gently raised her left leg by the knee, and went to work.

He trailed kisses across the pale skin of her inner thigh in just the way she had taught him. It was her turn to shiver and tense in pleasure now, with each touch of his lips and tongue causing her to curl her toes and press her legs together with Lee inside. The small spots of moisture left behind from his mouth felt wonderfully cool when his breath brushed them.

Maybe it was because of the attention she had just paid to his ear, but Shizuha felt like Lee was attending to her with extra care. She adored how thorough he was in fulfilling his duties as the priest for her and Minoriko, but the thought that it was nothing more than a duty to him gnawed at the back of her mind even now.

For better or worse, she was nothing like the sort of god Kanako was, and that meant that she could not demand worship in such an imperious manner, as though it was simply something naturally owed her.

She tried to think of other things for now. Fortunately, Lee was making that very easy for her. By now, his focus has moved from her thighs to around her labia, and all that kissing had made them wet with anticipation. Her legs were slung over his shoulders and her feet, in her impatience for him to continue, now pressed at the small of his back to bring him closer.

Lee got her hint and brought his face down with only a quick glance at her face. The first, probing touches of his tongue triggered a reflexive stiffening of her legs accompanied by a plaintive, needy whimper. A thrill of pleasure raced up her spine, something delightfully electric that left behind an impression of spreading warmth.

Shizuha felt the tip of his tongue gently part her inner folds and trace upwards with a lapping motion. It was warm, wet, and textured in a such a way that enticed her without fail to close her eyes and savor it. At such an intimate contact, even the rhythmic flow of Lee’s breath over her trimmed hair was incredibly stimulating. Dimly, she hoped that Lee didn’t find her scent unpleasant - she did pay extra attention to her cleanliness even for a goddess, but that didn’t mean her worries were silent.

When Lee’s tongue finally reached her clitoris, it was well prepared. Shizuha’s legs, still wrapped around Lee’s torso, shifted downwards to better allow her to spread herself open and give him better access.

Their eyes met again, and from the hazy, warm look in Lee’s, Shizuha realized something. She had been silly to worry throughout their passion about whether or not Lee actually wanted to do this, whether he liked her gangly legs - whether he wanted her out of all of the goddesses of Gensokyo. Right now, she was his entire world, filling his every sense, eclipsing his past and future, and he loved it. He loved her, and he wanted to return that love to her.

Shizuha smiled at her priest and reached out to stroke Lee’s face. As she climaxed, she tightened her entire body around him, wrapping her thighs around his neck and hugging his head with her hands. The only sound she made was a prolonged whine of fulfillment.

She laid on her futon in the afterglow of her orgasm. Somewhat distantly, she registered Lee sitting upright and massaging the back of his head, where she had done her best to constrict his skull in the throes of her pleasure. His own smile, however, showed that it wasn’t something she needed to worry about.
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