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Since every other story has this, why not!?

This will also be the home of the Q&A thread once this story wraps up.

Questions, comments, and/or context can be sorted through here.

Also, feel free to email me about the story if this thread goes bonkers.
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On the subject of restarting the thread:

My mother passed away, only 4 days after I started the RP. I would wish to restart or cancel any work that had been done really close to that date. Honestly, I feel like the only people that really remember me are my (few remaining) family members, and some of my classmates.

We are restarting the thread. Let's go!
> /forest/30309
P.S: HOLY SHIT, I've created the only thread that's had a post this year. O.O

- Took 0.01s -
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