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File 149736483510.png - (139.66KB, 256x291, Th09YuukaKazami.png) [iqdb]
30100No. 30100
You heard... some sort of lyric. They were also the last thing you heard up until this point. Suddenly, you blacked out.

"Why... in my garden...? Get... or you... I'll do..." You are going in and out of consciousness, and it sounds like you're being threatened. You can't even move, or talk...

"Hey... hear me... No... I guess... take you... Mugenkan Mansion..." ...Okay? What does this person want with you? Sounds like they're taking you to a mansion named 'Mugenkan'... or something of the like.

????? HOURS LATER...

"Can you hear me now?" You nod. "Good. Now, who are you...?"

[X] Alex
[X] Travis
[X] ________
[i] Write-in.

// I was going to post this in /coriander/ but it was locked.
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>>No. 30101
[X] Alex
>>No. 30103
[x] Shit-Lips
>>No. 30104
[X] Big Boss
>>No. 30105

Likely duplicates and unacceptable answers.
Votes invalid.
>>No. 30106
Not duplicates though...
Still, if BB is unacceptable, I change vote from >>30104 to [X] Alex
>>No. 30107

Got nothing else.
>>No. 30108
[x] Lion

Looking old school there.
>>No. 30109
[X] Lion
>>No. 30110
[X] Alex
Let's see what happens here.
>>No. 30111
Why not?

[X] Alex

Sounds good.
>>No. 30115
Vote called (early) at 2:16 PM EDT/6:16 PM UTC
"Alex" won with score of 5-0-2.
>> 30103: vote invalid.
Now writing next section, please wait warmly.
>>No. 30116
File 149737891947.png - (2.81KB, 385x328, Mugenkan.png) [iqdb]
[5] Alex
>>[0] Travis
>> [2] Write-In
>>>> [2] Lion

"...A-Alex." You remember. "Do you know how you got into the garden?" "...No... I just remember blacking out one morning..." You replied. "Oh... that's what happened. You're an outsider?" The person asked. "Outsider? Outside of what?" "Have you heard of 'Gensokyo'...?" "No..." "Okay. My name's Yuuka Kazami." "What do you think I should do now...?" "You'll need more rest." Yuuka hands you a book. "But... read this first. It'll help you. Now, I need to be off. If you need something, look for Elly." Yuuka walked off.

What should Alex do next?
[X] Read then sleep
[X] Sleep
[X] Get water
[X] _____ (write-in)

Vote closes at 5:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM UTC) or when a majority vote is reached after 5 total votes.
>>No. 30117
[X] Read then sleep
>>No. 30118
What is that in site time?

[X] Read then sleep

I will try anything once.
>>No. 30119

Site time is UTC time.
>>No. 30120
[X] Get water
[X] Look for this Elly
>>No. 30121
Vote called at 5:00 PM EST (9:00 PM UTC/21:00)

[2] Read then sleep
>> [0] Sleep
>> [1] Get water
>> [1] Write in
>>>> [1] "Look for this Elly"

Will post "Post #3" tomorrow. There will be no more activity from me until tomorrow.
>>No. 30122
File 14974466874.png - (152.54KB, 356x566, Touhou4Elly.png) [iqdb]
[2] Read, then sleep
>> [0] Sleep
>> [1] Get water
>> [1] Write-in
>>>> [1] "Look for this Elly"

Alex decided to read the book that Yuuka gave him, then get some much-needed rest.

The book had a few places marked, mainly on various people in this "Gensokyo" place that he had found himself in, but also the "Danmaku" section.

After reading the book, he decided to take a much-needed rest.

>> A few hours later...

Alex was woken up by a knock at the door. He got up, and headed to the door, but it opened from the outside before he could open it himself.

Now in front of Alex was a girl, about his own height, wearing a red dress, as well as a hat with a red bow on top.

"You're-" "Yeah. I'm Elly. You need anything?"

[X] "Something to eat, please?"
[X] "An explanation."
[X] "Not really."

// Write-ins not accepted for this vote.
// Voting closes at 12:00 noon EDT. (4:00 PM UTC/16:00 server time)
>>No. 30123
[X] "An explanation."

Kinda want to hear what she will tell us.
>>No. 30124
[X] "An explanation."
>>No. 30125
[X] "Something to eat, please?"

This shit is retro as fuck.
>>No. 30127
Vote called at 12:00 noon EDT (4:00 PM UTC/16:00 server time)

>> [1] "Something to eat, please."
[2] "An explanation."
>> [0] "Not really."

>>30125: You're right!

Estimated time to next post is unknown, but will most likely be later today.
>>No. 30128
What do you mean?
>>No. 30129
File 149746943547.png - (615.89KB, 549x800, my avatar.png) [iqdb]
"I need to figure something out... like how I got to this... Gensokyo place." "Oh. That? I'm not sure on how people actually get into Gensokyo, sometimes the border surrounding this place does weird things like that. My best advice is just don't get on Yuuka's bad side." "...Thanks." "I'd also recommend taking a bit more rest." Alex nodded, and Elly left the room.

Alex began resting again.

>> A few more hours later...
Yuuka had just arrived. Now Alex has been forced to go along with her into the town. Alex is now standing by the entrance to the Kazami flower shop.

Suddenly, Aya approaches Alex. "So you're the one that Yuuka's been carrying around... who are you, and what's with Yuuka!?"

What do you tell Aya?
[X] Write-in, I'll choose the one that gets used. Realistic answers only.

// This vote closes at 10:00 AM EDT tomorrow.(2:00 PM UTC/14:00 server time)
// Konngara image has no use other than to be an image.
>>No. 30130
[x] And who are you?
>>No. 30133
[x] And who are you?
>>No. 30137
Vote called at 10:46 AM EDT. (2:46 PM UTC/14:46 server time)

[2] "And who are you?"

This was the only response that was submitted.
ETA to post currently unknown, but it'll be up sometime later today.
>>No. 30139
File 149754637782.png - (52.70KB, 204x325, 204px-Th16Aya.png) [iqdb]
[2] "And who are you?"

// This was the only response submitted.

"...And who are you?" "Aya Shameimaru. Newspaper reporter on Youkai Mountain." "Well, name's Alex Yakani. Why do you have to talk to me, anyway?" "Well, news of outsiders coming to Gensokyo is big enough, having Yuuka be involved makes it an even bigger deal."

How should Alex deal with Aya?

In what way should Alex deal with Aya?
[X] Act hostile
[X] Act neutral
[X] Act friendly

// ...but didn't Elly warn not to get on Yuuka's bad side? Choose carefully...
// This vote will close at 6:00 PM EDT. (10:00 PM UTC/22:00 server time)
>>No. 30140
[X] Act neutral
-[x] "Well it's nice to meet you, but would you PLEASE NOT SHOW UP SO SUDDENLY!
>>No. 30142
[X] Act neutral

Wait until Yuuka is back before making any snap judgments.

Head to the archives and just start reading from the top of the page. Early story retro.

I wonder if we'll get an option to jump into a lake.
>>No. 30143
Vote called at 6:07 PM EDT. (10:07 PM UTC/22:07 server time)

>> [0] Act hostile
[2] Act neutral
// Wait until Yuuka shows up before making any rash decisions.
>> [0] Act friendly

Post will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to discuss the story, I don't mind.
>>No. 30144
So we are a guy who suddently pops into Gensokyo.
>You heard... some sort of lyric.
This is interesting. Thoughts?
>>No. 30148
>> [0] Hostile
[2] Neutral
>> [0] Friendly

Your best option, in your opinion, would be to just prolong the conversation until Yuuka gets involved.

"Listen, it's nice to meet you and all, but I never really liked the news back before I entered this place, and I don't really want to have to deal with the news here either." "...But that's what the news IS, y'know?" "Yeah, sure. If that's how you want to put it, fine. But I'm not interested in being interviewed." At that moment, Yuuka left the building. "Aya, what are you doing?" At seeing Yuuka, "Aya" zoomed off. "You okay?" "Yeah, pretty much." "I'm finished with everything, we're going home." You simply nod.

>> Later that night...

You could not sleep, despite your best efforts. Something was bugging you to no end, and you're not sure what. Suddenly, all the lights in the room go completely dark, and a crashing noise could be heard from the next room over. An unknown person comes flying in through the window, and lands on the other side of the room, just across from where you're sitting. The only thing in the room that you can see are 8 small crystals, 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, and 2 green, all located in a wing-like formation. "Hehehehe..."

What will you do now?
[X] Find Elly, she's the gatekeeper, isn't she?
[X] Look for Yuuka. This is important enough to wake her up.
[X] Maybe that floating figure just outside the front door of the mansion could help...?

// This vote will close at 4:00 PM EDT.(8:00 PM UTC/20:00 server time)
// No image because THP doesn't like me today.
>>No. 30150
[x] Go get Yuuka.
>>No. 30151
[X] Maybe that floating figure just outside the front door of the mansion could help...?

Mystery box.
>>No. 30152
[X] Look for Yuuka. This is important enough to wake her up.
>>No. 30153
Vote called at 4:04 PM EDT (8:04 PM UTC/20:04 server time)

>> [0] Find Elly
[2] Find Yuuka
>> [1] Find ???

// Next post will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, you can discuss the story. This'll go for all other overnight breaks from now on, too.
>>No. 30155

>>No. 30158
Already? Damn. Hope everything is ok man.
>>No. 30308
File 150343387010.jpg - (116.80KB, 499x372, 1479972298692.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello, residents of the /forest/.

Two months ago, I created an RP. Yes, this one. Only four days after it began, my mother passed away. As a result, I was forced to take an indefinite hiatus from this website, as well as the internet in general.

I am sorry to say, but...
This story is over.
I am going to rewrite the beginning. Restart the RP. We should have no more issues. Let us begin this story once more... On a new thread.
This failed attempt at an RP is now conidered RETCONNED.
~ Kurzov/FartherYakani
>>No. 30311
Renewed Thread:

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