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197219 No. 197219
A/N: Holy shit this site's still alive?

“Sisters! To me!” you raised your sabre and spurred your white courser into motion, riding her along the small path running beside a clear river that, if you’re not leading your cavalry group out of its certain death, you’d definitely like to swim in, taking off your hot coat of plates.

Behind you, your hundred sisters, mostly of freed slaves, followed you closely on their own, specially-bred white horses, riding tightly on that small and rough path. However, although perhaps scared and confused after they had suddenly been brought to what seemed like a fantasy land many of them had read or heard about in old tales, they were still the best riders the newly restored kingdom of Calradia had to offer, and they had no problem keeping up with you.

“Keep your shield up!” shouted a fair skinned, red haired lady riding to your right. She was Liliana, your lieutenant, your second in command, and although she might not be your best rider, being a native Rhodokian, you had found through your long years of fighting together under your queen that her tactical brilliance made up for it most of the time.

Liliana’s command was spot on. The seemingly calm forest to your left suddenly spat out a rain of arrows, and you could hear the scream of your less experienced, newly initiated sisters near the back of your formation.

Either a moment of weakness or compassion made you look back, and you’d pay dearly for it.

You felt a mighty blow to the side of your head, and you fell from your horse as your sisters desperately tried to avoid or jump over you. Fortunately, you’re one of the sisters that were actually wise enough to wear helmets and not one of those more emotional ones that insisted on showing the men they’re about to kill that they had been killed by a woman. Still, your helmet would be of little help if your head was being crushed under a horse, even one as light as a Sword Sister’s courser.

You felt your death nearing, and your mind flashed. You remembered your childhood, to the time before you were forcefully taken by the now dead group of bandits. You remembered...

[]Your time riding in the plains of Swadia, leading your lord’s cattle to graze.

[] Your time riding with your entire family across the steppes and mountains belonging to the Khergit Khanate.

[]Your time riding through the snow field of the Vaegirs, following and servicing the knights.

[]Your time riding with your father as he traded across the territory of the Sarranids.
>> No. 197220
>Holy shit this site's still alive?
With the new Touhou coming out soon? Hopefully it'll also be more active.

[X]Your time riding with your father as he traded across the territory of the Sarranids.
>> No. 197223
[X]Your time riding through the snow field of the Vaegirs, following and servicing the knights.
>> No. 197225
[X]Your time riding in the plains of Swadia, leading your lord’s cattle to graze.
>> No. 197236
[X]Your time riding with your father as he traded across the territory of the Sarranids.

I want me some Sarranid beauty.
>> No. 197238
[X]Your time riding through the snow field of the Vaegirs, following and servicing the knights.
>> No. 197240
>Mount & Blade


By which I mean [X]Your time riding in the plains of Swadia, leading your lord’s cattle to graze.

Always wanted to see some good ol' M&B, OP.
>> No. 197242
Digression, but I recall how the early versions of the Gekokujou mod for Warband contains loads of Touhou songs, notably the main menu theme was Autumnal Waterfall. That was long before I knew Touhou.
>> No. 197249
[X]Your time riding with your father as he traded across the territory of the Sarranids.

>> No. 197256
[]Your time riding in the plains of Swadia, leading your lords to FEAST’s cattle to graze. 

When in doubt, get the butter out
>> No. 197257
Called. Though i've made the odd decision of starting this in the busiest time of my life. Please wait warmly.
>> No. 197258
It had been apparent that the universe had a plan for you ever since your parents met.

You were conceived sometime after the force of Sultan Hakim finally managed to break the mighty defence of Dhirim. But unlike other half-breeds that were born around the same day as you, your 'father' was not one of the rampaging mamlukes that were looking for worldly pleasure as the Sarranids looted the town. No, your father was a mere trader from Shariz, making his bed in the home of one of his good friend he made during his trade. Under his protection and the supposed protection of his god, your family was spared.

During that time of chaos or sometime after, your father had become close with one of his friend's daughters, and the way you remembered your mother, you could certainly see why. She was beautiful, with sparkling blue eyes that you fortunately inherited, framed by long blonde hair and pale white skin. She was unlike other women you've ever met. She was spirited, curious, more attuned to the sword than to the kitchen. It was clear during your time growing up that your mother was infatuated by your father adventurous self, and that they loved each other very much, and that they loved you even more.

But being a mixed family coming from two warring factions certainly had its challenges. You didn't quite remember which came first, you learning to walk or you learning to ride. You spent your early life riding from place to place with your father and mother, partly to trade, partly to avoid mob violence. Life was harsh, but you were happy.

That was until your teenage years, when you were taken away by bandits while doing some odd job delivering cattle for the local lord's feast to get some extra denars. You'd never see your parents again.

You were locked in a shed with some other girls your age, to be kept 'innocent' until the bandits could find a buyer.

Then you heard screaming, the sound of clashing steels and splintered shields, and the sound of the lock to your shed being broken.

The bloodied huscarl round shield of your saviour was the first thing you saw outside of your dark shed. The sight of her banner was unforgettable. It was...

[] A six-limbed dragon. Powerful, fierce, no mercy.

[] A stag. Wise, strong, honourable.

[]A bull. Tenacious, unyielding, unbroken.

[]A nine-tailed fox. Subtle, clever, noble.

[]An ant. Organised, unending, the perfect army.
>> No. 197261
[X] An ant. Organised, unending, the perfect army.

I've always been a fan of a charisma/leadership focus. More troops = more killy when used right, especially when you have a team of pure badasses under your command.

Also, an ant as the banner amuses me a lot more than it honestly should.
>> No. 197262
[X] An ant. Organised, unending, the perfect army.

I like this option. Countless bodies, but united under a single goal.
>> No. 197270
[x] A six-limbed dragon. Powerful, fierce, no mercy.
>> No. 197291
[X] An ant. Organised, unending, the perfect army.

Mount ant Blade
>> No. 197294

That sounds like ant porn.
>> No. 197295
[X] Ant

Hopefully our enemies won't have access to liquid aluminum.
>> No. 197319
[X] Ant
>> No. 197328
[X]A nine-tailed fox. Subtle, clever, noble.
>> No. 197338
[x] A six-limbed dragon. Powerful, fierce, no mercy.

Fuck ants. I loath them.
>> No. 197339
A/N: Sorry for the wait. Honestly I thought people would jump for the nine tails.

Although momentarily confused, your sisters quickly tapped into their training and soon they had no trouble avoiding you. You picked up your prized kite shield and sabre, looked back, and saw the hundred or so of black shields similar to yours with the image of a bright red fire ant emblazoned on each. They’re all running in the same direction in a single unbroken line, just like a real ant army.

You made your way to the edge of the river and out of your sisters’ way. At the same time, one of your sisters broke off from the line and approached you, leaning on her horse so delicately that you immediately knew that she was a Khergit woman even through her helmet. She brought her hand forward, and before you realised you were yanked upwards and was once again on the back of a full galloping horse.

“That was close, captain!” said the woman in front of you in her strange accent.

“What’s your name, sister?” you asked.

“Altantsetseg! It means ‘golden flower’!”

You rolled your eyes and smiled.

“I’m sorry sister! But I don’t think I will remember your name!”

The girl answered in an oddly joyous tone that told you that she probably had heard that a lot. “That’s alright, Captain! Just doing my job!”

The woman cursed in a foreign tongue as she blocked yet another arrow. You ignored her as you focused at the sight of a riderless white horse cantering slowly in front of you; your own.

Even in your armour, your training allowed you to switch horse even while nearing a full gallop. The exquisite skill of your fellow rider did help, however.

“Later, captain!” said the Khergit woman as she moved into a hole in the formation further ahead on the line.

You spurred your horse back to the side of your lieutenant.

“Got a bit of a headache, friend?” Liliana said in her pompous Velucan accent that she never used except when mocking someone.

“Shut up.” you said shortly.

After a few seconds more of staggered arrow volleys, you finally caught glimpse of your aggressor again.

They were short, slimy, ugly, and green. Holding makeshift spears. They’re standing in a mockery of a battle line in front of you, trying to block your path.

“Some sort of goblin, I’d say.” said Liliana. “Whatever. Crossbows!”

Fortunately, just before this weird incident your group had been equipped with the lighter version of your regular crossbows, ones that could be fired from horseback.

You adversary stood no chance under the hail of Yalen-made bolts, since none of them was actually smart enough to carry even a buckler.

“Open field ahead!” you heard someone shouted.

Before you knew it, you were out of the forest.

It was a plain. A big one. It reminded your of Swadia, but instead of a the Rhodokian mountain range dominating one end of the horizon, this one was dominated by a single gargantuan mountain of which its base probably could’ve swallowed the entire Sarranian desert on its lonesome. You also saw a large misty lake to your left, and what looked like a bustling city to your right.

The sky was blue, but something struck you as odd when you looked at it. Especially the local avians.

“Those are not birds...” said Liliana. Rhodokians were often gifted with excellent eyesight, as you could testify from having been nailed from across the battlefield by one of their damned sharpshooters. No offence to those in your queen’s own army, of course.

“Slow down, sisters.” You ordered, putting your horse into a walk as you watched three small specks descending from the sky. Closer, you could see that indeed, they were not birds.

“Angels?” you heard one of your sisters speculated.

“With black wings?” argued another.

“Demons, then?”

“If those are demons then we’ll have a hard time fighting them.” said another voice with a thick Vaegir accent. “I prefer harpies.”

“Should we draw swords?”

“No. Crossbows.”

You raised your sabre.

“Sword at the lap and spread out, sisters. I don’t want to take any risk of any form.”

Your sisters quickly pulled their own sabres and put it loosely on their lap, holding it by the blade. Then they distant their formation slightly. All standard, trained procedure for facing a force of unclear intention.

Fortunately for you, the three creatures that approached you didn’t seem to be hostile initially, Though hey were most certainly the strangest sight you’ve ever laid your eyes upon.

Three human-like creatures wearing strange but obviously expensive clothes, hovering just a few metres in front of you. Two were probably males and one was obviously female. Their black bird-like wings were open but not flapping, so it’s probably some sort of magic.

With a single look, you could immediately see that the female was the leader, which was nice. She was carrying a strange device on her neck. Some sort of a looking glass?

You knew that your sisters were looking at the back of your head, waiting for your order. Before you could give any, however, the female began to speak.

It was a tongue foreign to you. Or rather, tongues, as the female began trying different languages to communicate.

“So, can you get this one?” she finally said after her tenth attempt.

“Got that one.” answered Liliana.

“Ah.” The female nodded, swiping an errant black hair from her face. “Now where did I learnt this one...ah!”

The female suddenly hovered closer.

“It’s been a while since the last time I met a Calradian. How’s King Maric? Have he managed to convince those Nords to build his fleet yet?” The female said, mentioning one of the ancient Calradian Kings.


You were pretty sure that you were about to say something clever before Liliana blurted out something moronic.

“Damn, you are cute up close.”

You and the female creature looked at Liliana. You chastising, the creature almost laughing.

“Ha! You really have no idea where you are, are you?” said the creature.

“No, and you’re probably some sort of spirit that could kill me with a blink. But my initial judgement stands. Cute.”

There’s a theory that human brains would simply stop caring after being faced with a huge enough shock. This was probably one of those moments, being experienced by you and all of your hundred riders.

“Uh...Sorry about that, Lady...?”


You opened your mouth a few times to make sure you’re not going to butcher the pronunciation too badly.

“So, uh...Lady Aya...”

[ ] Where are we?

[ ] What are you, exactly?

[ ] Is this some sort of a hidden fae realm? Have we intruded? Are we going to get cursed? Are you going to kill us?

[ ] We humans obviously do not belong here. So if you could point us to the nearest magical barrier or fairy gate we could ride through to get home, that’d be very helpful.
>> No. 197341
[X] Is this some sort of a hidden fae realm? Have we intruded? Are we going to get cursed? Are you going to kill us?

The fae are some crazy buggers, it's natural to be worried.
>> No. 197372
[X] What are you, exactly?

I imagine the "where are we?" part will sort itself out in due course
>> No. 197475
[X] Is this some sort of a hidden fae realm? Have we intruded? Are we going to get cursed? Are you going to kill us?

Mount and Blade, eh? Well, I've crossed my fair shair of Calradian battlefields, so color me interested.
>> No. 197480
[X] Is this some sort of a hidden fae realm? Have we intruded? Are we going to get cursed? Are you going to kill us?
>> No. 197481
[X] What are you, exactly?

The other option comes across as too panicked in my opinion.
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