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File 150457932725.jpg - (697.16KB, 1000x1414, we are not protecting this smile today.jpg) [iqdb]
Cirno awoke to a kiss.

It was slow and firm and sultry, mouth pressing against hers hungrily as a tongue traced flirtily along her lips. The delicate fingers twined in her hair pressed her close, the thumb caressing her cheek slipping down to her chin. She blinked drowsily as her mouth was invaded, nimble little tongue twirling about hers lustily before her partner began suckling on it, savoring it as she massaged Cirno's hair.

After long, intense seconds her assailant released her lips with a wet pop, and Cirno found herself staring into deep red eyes that seemed to invade her soul.
"Good morning, cutie," Remillia purred softly, twirling a strand of blue hair around one fingertip. "Sleep well?"

The slender fairy's breath warbled weakly in her throat as a single tear slid down her cheek.

"Mmm, bad dreams?" Remilia crooned. She rubbed the tear away with one thumb, then slid a finger down her back, tracing the groove of her spine with firm pressure. Grabbing the fairy's firm little ass, with the other buried in her hair, she pulled Cirno tight against her body. Cirno shivered as she felt Remilia's full, toned thigh parting her legs and grinding against her mound. The vampire's body was small, but lush - full thighs, soft, round ass, big hips, narrow waist. Even her small bust was generous; round, firm mounds with pale pink nipples. Cirno felt the devil's heat keenly against her cool skin; the contours vivid as Remilia ground against her. She squeezed and rubbed Cirno's little butt greedily as her mouth fell upon the fairy's throat, licking and sucking. Cirno shivered and sighed in Remilia's clutches as the devil's thigh kept pressure on her firm little mound, reminding her where this was going. Remilia pressed Cirno into another long kiss, this one deeper and stronger, and when she finally let the girl go, Cirno was panting for air. Noses touching, Cirno found herself unable to break the devil's gaze. Her heart began to race wildly as she fell into the vampire's eyes.

Remilia cupped the fairy's face in both hands, caressing her cheeks tenderly. A slight blush was already coloring her porcelain cheeks, delicate lips parted as she panted weakly. Staring into those bright blue eyes with quiet pleasure, she felt her heart quicken, savoring the beautiful sparkle the shimmering tears added in the morning light. The vampire gently brushed Cirno's bangs back behind her ear, then traced her fingertips lightly down her jawline to her narrow chin. With one finger she tilted the fairy's face upwards, studying her slender, pale neck. The vampire almost purred with delight as she pressed her mouth firm against the hollow of Cirno's throat, the steady thrum of her vitality a pleasant tingle on her lips. Her fingers traced down the fairy's neck and clavicle, stroking over the fading marks of their previous sessions. Remilia moaned softly, rubbing her thighs against one another briefly as her loins began to heat.

"Time for breakfast," Remilia breathed against her captive's throat. An electric thrill of terror raced through Cirno's nerves, her heart hammering fit to burst as blind panic screamed over every other thought. She fought desperately to move, but she could barely summon a twitch here and there, her breathing growing rapid and ragged as she beat against the cage of her own body. Panic turned to dread as the vampire unsheathed her small fangs, scraping them delicately over her neck and down her clavicle. With one hand on her shoulder and the other cupping her cheek, Remilia played up and down her captive's neck, flicking her tounge over the marks of old pinpricks, rubbing her fangs against Cirno's flesh just enough for her to feel the sharpness without actually drawing blood. Cirno had lost track of how many days Remilia had fed on her, but she knew she was too weak to survive one more vigerous feeding. If the vampire bit into her shoulder like yesterday, she might last another day, but...

... Remilia finally settled her mouth on Cirno's jugular, sucking hard enough to bruise as her fangs began to prick hard enough to hurt. The fairy's chest heaved as she fought with her last scraps of strength to overcome the devil's power.

"Please..." she whispered, faint and almost inaudible.

Remilia hummed happily against her captive's jugular. There was something exiting about this brash little spitfire being reduced to begging for her life with her last breaths. She laid her face against Cirno's, warm cheek to cool one, hand slipping off her cheek to massage her scalp gently.
Fairies weren't anything special, really - she had plenty of 'em, and as fun as it was to rip their little maid outfits off as they struggled, there was no real reason to keep one in particular.

... she was an awfully pretty little thing, though.

"I've already got everything you could offer me," Remilia crooned into her captive's ear, slipping her hand from Cirno's shoulder down to grope her breast. The fairy's bust was small, but soft, budding breasts already turning their perky nipples up and outward. The vampire squeezed gently, making sure to pinch the nipple between her knuckles, then rolled it through a few slow circles. She tilted her head forward to nibble on Cirno's earlobe, then traced the contours with her tongue - before delving *in.* The poor girl shivered and wheezed as Remilia pressed her hand flat against Cirno's chest, her breasts wide-spaced enough to accommodate the vampire's small palm. The vampire crooned soft sighs of pleasure into her prisoner's ear as she rubbed her thighs together greedily, the weak, rapid fluttering of Cirno's terrified heart against her palm almost too exciting to bear.
"... okay," Remilia panted huskily, still drooling in her ear. "You... get one... chance. I cum... first, you live. You cum..." she grit her teeth against the fluid warmth flowing through her loins - "I rip your limbs off and turn you into a toilet for wasting my time."

Cirno began to tremble uncontrollably, a shiver of abject terror that swept through her entire body. Remilia licked her flowing tears from her cheeks with relish as she slid her hand down her captive's breastbone, over her flat, soft belly, and down, cupping her firm little mound in one delicate hand. The little fairy seemed to be all leg to Remilia - but they were slender and graceful, leaving a small heart-shaped gap beneath her pussy when her knees were together. Cirno mewled hoarsely as Remilia squeezed her sex, heel of her hand grinding on the fairy's clit as her middle finger pressed lengthwise against her slit. Tangling a hand in her victim's hair, Remilia craned her head back to expose her throat, falling upon it with her mouth. No nibbling teeth this time, just soft velvet lips against delicate skin. A firm, slow kiss, enhanced by the sweet vibration of Remilia's contented purring - lips sliding across skin as she widened her kiss - then the suction, gentle at first, then harder and harder as the devil drew away slowly, pursing her lips to keep contact till they finally parted from the fairy's throat with a clean ~pop~! Remilia worked her way up the fairy's throat, hickies rising in her wake as she squeezed her victim's mound rhythmically. After long, lazy minutes of molestation, she squeezed just a little stronger, her middle finger parting the fairy's folds and slipping into her pussy.
Cirno arched her back as far as her fading strength allowed, keening pathetically. Remilia chuckled against her throat and drew back to enjoy the sight. The fairy's lithe body stretched taut; stomach flat and perky little tits hoisted invitingly...

The fairy's wet snatch clamped down on Remilia's finger like a vise as she sucked Cirno's breast into her mouth. Tongue pressed firmly against the stiff nipple, the devil suckled contentedly, feeling every shiver and twitch of her victim's response through her pussy. The heat in the vampire's loins had spread to her head; reality buzzing with intense and growing need. Sighing, she succumbed to the hunger.

Cirno squealed weakly as she felt the fangs sink in. The devil's bites were never fast little pinpricks - she wanted you to feel them. With Remilia's fangs in her areloa, Cirno felt them quite well indeed. With blood flowing, the vampire's lust was ferocious; gentle suckling giving way to forceful feeding. She pressed her mouth down hungrily, squeezing hard with her lips to milk more blood out, then drawing back as she sucked vigorously. The fairy's perky little breast stretched as the vampire drew back, sucking harder and harder as her lips closed in on the fairy's nipple - till finally it popped free, bouncing back to shape. She attacked again, this time circling Cirno's stiff nipple with her tongue as she sucked, twisting her hand in the girl's hair and arching her back even more to enhance the effect. Cirno's pussy was squeezing the invading finger tight even without encouragement now, shivering deliciously whenever Remilia attended her breasts. The vampire began stroking her victim's snatch gently, sending a fresh shockwave through Cirno's taut body. Pressing her lips to the fairy's other breast, she took a moment or three to enjoy the sudden tensing of her victim's every muscle; terrified anticipation - and then she drew blood.

She could've finished her just like that; slipping two, three, four fingers into her pussy, biting her breasts again and again, riding the rising tide of her lust as the blood flowed ever freer - but her muscles were aching and burning for something more vigorous. She pulled Cirno's face close again into another deep kiss, her stiff nipples grinding against the devil's firm breasts. Slipping her finger out of the fairy's wet snatch, Remilia brought it to Cirno's lips and pushed it in.

"*Suck,*" she commanded, and with her rubescent eyes bearing down on the girl's will, Cirno sucked. Remilia slipped her clean finger out and pulled her toy into a fresh kiss, tongues twining around the taste of Cirno's juices. When Remilia broke away, she was smirking smugly and licking her lips with satisfaction.

"So... thick," she panted. "So much. You're not-" she gasped, rubbing her thighs against one another. "... not doing good, honey..." Resting her cheek atop Cirno's once more, she nuzzled her victim, tracing the groove of her spine with firm pressure from her fingers. "Try not to scream," she breathed into her ear. "It excites me."

The bedsprings squeaked softly as the vampire sat up and shifted positions. Cirno's faltering consciousness barely registered the small, strong hand gripping her ankle till she felt one leg being hoisted airborne. Remilia's lush ass settled on her other thigh, loins rubbing up against the fairy's as she rested the girl's slender calf on her shoulder. Giving Cirno's leg a lazy lick, the vampire began to grind against her victim with gusto.

Cirno lay limp, drooling on the mattress as her bruised, bloody breasts bounced gently in time with the steady gyrations of the vampire. Remilia was almost hissing with pleasure, the maddening need in her loins finally finding release as she ground against Cirno's wet little snatch. Every gyration sent lightning shivering through her pussy and up her spine; their juices mingling and lubricating their connection. She accelerated, sliding back along Cirno's thigh to bump her snatch against hers, grinding upward, downward, back again; she started swaying her hips a little for circular motion, she clutched the fairy's leg tight and moaned low and long - but it wasn't enough. It was steady, satisfying, and in time it'd be sufficient, but Remilia couldn't help herself now; the hunger was raging in her soul and she wanted her little toy, wanted all of her, and for that she had to devour her.

Cirno had recovered just enough to attempt resistance, gritting her teeth at the fire being steadily stroked in her loins - until the vampire's palm landed on her firm little ass with a sharp crack! Cirno's resistance was blown away in a bright white flash of pain, raw nerves defenseless in the aftermath against Remilia's steady assault. She felt the vampire squeeze her ass again, giving her enough time to tense for the next blow before it landed. Remilia's heart leaped at the fairy's squeal of pain, and without hesitation she hit her again. She felt Cirno's slender calf tighten and tremble, toes curled as she tried to brace physically and mentally for the next blow. Remilia nuzzled Cirno's leg as she kept gyrating, giving her a few more measured slaps, enjoying the way the fairy's pussy twitched against hers with each blow, but eliciting no more cries. Finally she began spanking her non-stop, swinging her hand wide and bringing it down with all her devil's strength. She felt Cirno's muscles shudder, then loosen as she surrendered completely, the assault so overwhelming she could only succumb and endure it. Remilia shuddered with pleasure as Cirno wailed, an instinctive, animalistic keen of distress.

Flipping the fairy flat on her back, Remilia plucked the girl's other leg out from under her and draped it over her free arm, pressing Cirno's knees up by her chest as the vampire lay flat atop her, thighs against thighs. The vampire spread her knees, pressing her mound against her victim's. Cirno was barely aware of it, her tongue lolling from her flushed face as she stared blankly at the ceiling. Involuntary whimpers escaped her as Remilia squeezed her breasts gently, milking fresh beads of blood from them to be slowly licked up. Every brush of the vampire's tongue against her nipples sent little shivers racing from head to toe and back again, the fairy's slender body under the complete control of her captor. Back arched, Remilia squeezed and licked to her heart's content as she ground against her toy.

Cirno's last vestige of self-consciousness had been demolished, leaving only a dizzy awareness lost in the moment. She felt ecstasy swelling in her body, frighteningly powerful, building towards something cataclysmic. It was something terrible, but she couldn't remember why - and her instinctive, bleating terror grew because she could feel it coming, relentless and undeniable.

And then Remilia's face was filling her vision, eyes blazing with fire that blotted out every other thought. Cirno felt dainty hands close around her throat like bands of iron. Her head began to swim as those blazing eyes descended, velvet lips tickling hers.

"Goodbye, Cirno," Remilia said, and kissed her. Her hold on reality slipped away, leaving only the maddening pleasure in her pussy and the tingle of Remilia's tongue stroking hers. As the terminal euphoria washed over her, she realized these were her last seconds of life.

The orgasm blew her apart, mind and soul, shockwaves racing from head to toe and back again. Hot ecstasy washed away her mind in waves, heartbeats stretching into eternity as her brain shut down...

File 150457969673.jpg - (1.07MB, 1273x900, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_rail_silverbow__.jpg) [iqdb]
Remilia sat up, panting with satisfaction, and studied her handiwork. The fairy was well and truly broken at last. Her devil power could dominate them temporarily, but only this treatment could truly crush their soul to powder. For Cirno, reality would henceforth be what Remilia dictated.

... but she hadn't had hers yet, had she?

Turning to face Cirno's feet, Remila carefully knelt over the fairy's face, pressing her soaked snatch against the girl's lips. Sliding her hand over Cirno's flat belly down to her sex, Remilia gently scraped her fingernails across the fairy's groin. She shuddered staccato and violent, like an engine trying to start.

The vampire smiled. She knew the fairy's body well at this point. She wasn't quick to recover, and until she did, she'd be hypersensitive. The slightest stimulation would be so intense as to be indistinguishable from pain.

Remilia crossed her ankles under Cirno's head, pressing the girl's mouth firm against her pussy, and brushed Cirno's stiff clit with one fingertip.

"Unnnggh," Remilia moaned, squeezing her own breast as Cirno's choked cry vibrated through her pussy. "Lick."

The vampiric power worked on a subconscious level. Remilia shrieked as Cirno's delicate little tongue parted her labia and stroked up her core, lapping away sloppily and uncoordinated as she might with an ice cream cone. Cirno was too weak to squeal properly, and Remilia was close to bursting. The vampire plunged two fingers into the fairy's sodden pussy and began stirring her up vigorously. When that produced more shudders than squeals, Remilia balled one fist and slammed it into the fairy's flat little belly. The vampire moaned with ectasy as her victim yelped hoarsely against her pussy, followed by shuddering, hacking coughs that vibrated through Remilia's sex deliciously. She alternated clit-strokes and belly punches in rapid succession, her hips swaying in fast little circles as she ground into the fairy's lips with all her strength.

When she could bear no more, Remilia seized the fairy's legs and tucked them under her arms, folding the slender girl in half once more. Bending over, Remilia enveloped Cirno's mound with her mouth and *bit.* Her tongue forced into Cirno's hypersensitive cunt as she sucked at her pussy with the strength of one possessed. Pleasure seared through Cirno's loins, the orgasm pumping through her body like scalding water.

After a week of being tormented, fed upon, and raped, Cirno somehow found the strength for one more scream.


It took Remilia twenty minutes to catch her breath after coming, and ten more to stir. She stretched lazily, like a cat, rubbing her bare feet in the luxurious carpet before standing up. Cirno was still insensate, her petite body sprawled on the bedspread exactly as Remilia's left her. Legs spread wide, arms overhead, face and cunt still smeared with Remilia's thick, glistening juices. She looked so pretty in the morning light that Remilia wound up her old Nikon and took a few pictures, recording the tapestry of bruises, bite marks and hickeys.

As Remilia stepped into the shower, she idly wondered how the fairy would look in a maid outfit.
Sorry I don't.
Not my thing at all, but thanks for giving /at/ activity, I guess?
Your rape loving princess is in another castle.
File 151028739796.jpg - (872.53KB, 707x1000, __futatsuiwa_mamizou_touhou_drawn_by_umigarasu_kit.jpg) [iqdb]
Mamizou grit her teeth as the oni seized her chin between thumb and forefinger, turning her face this way and that contemplatively. “You're kind of cute, for a Tanuki,” he said offhandedly, returning her death glare with a bemused, almost bored expression. “Must be the glasses.” Lifting her chin to face him (even in her platform shoes, the youkai was a head taller than her,) he bent down to kiss her. She couldn't turn away, but she averted her eyes and kept her lips sealed in a grimace as he pressed his mouth to hers.

He growled dangerously, twisting his huge hand into her short-cut hair. The tanuki woman hissed as the Oni torqued her head back, pulling her tight against his bare, broad chest. Pawing at her small breast through her thin chemise, he scraped his teeth against the hollow of her throat hungrily, savoring the warm scent of her skin and the trembling fear shivering through her slender frame. He pressed his mouth to hers in another greedy kiss, squeezing her breast roughly – but she refused to yield.

He snarled, slamming her into the back wall of the cave by her throat. Mamizou coughed weakly, stunned by the impact. She managed to get her wits together just as the oni lifted her bare heels clear of her platform shoes. Mamizou's small hands grasped and twisted at the oni's arm desperately, but it was almost thicker than her own thigh, corded with bulging muscle. As she started pounding her small fists uselessly against his arm, he just lifted a little more, forcing her up on tiptoe. The fight left her in an instant, her fading strength now focused on grasping his wrist, trying to support herself. Her long lean legs trembled as she balanced precariously on tiptoe, her big platform shoes rocking dangerously close to tipping. He held her there for a while as her warm brown eyes stared into his, pleading silently as she balanced on the edge of unconsciousness.

Then he lifted her a little more.

Air almost spent, sandals dangling from her bare toes, she finally stopped struggling. Her hands slipped from her abuser's wrist as her eyes rolled back in her head, the final, terminal euphoria almost upon her -

- and then she was lying limply in the Oni's arms, dragging in ragged breaths as he smeared the tears trickling down her cheek with his thumb. Dazed and weak, she could only whimper as her captor kissed her again, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Thumbs rubbing circles on her tear-stained cheeks as he held her face in both hands, he stroked and twined his tongue around hers eagerly. He traced her lips a few times before biting it as he withdrew, tugging greedily before releasing it. Unmolested, she finally caught enough breath to start coughing, her head resting against the oni's chest as the bruises started to rise on her throat.

“Shhh,” the oni crooned as it flicked her leafy hat off and stroked her thick chestnut hair. It held her close to its massive musclebound chest as adrenaline and shock dumped through her body in the aftermath of her throttling, leaving her a shivering, terrified wreck. “Shhh.” It carefully straightened her glasses again as her eyes began to focus again, shimmering with tears as they stared at the huge youkai in terror. He bent down and kissed her again, slowly, and this time there was no resistance as his tongue explored her mouth, the tanuki trembling in his grasp like a frightened bird. He released her lips and pulled her head back by the hair, kissing his way down the underside of her chin to suckle greedily at the hollow of her throat. Her long neck was elegant and inviting, and he scraped his teeth over her tender flesh as he moved to her clavicle and nipped and nibbled his way towards her jaw. She made no sound, but he could feel the wild hammering of her racing heart through the pulse in her neck; the terrified gasping as her small breast heaved against his bare chest. He inhaled the scent of her hair as he buried his face in it, then caught one fuzzy animal ear in his teeth and nibbled. Mamizou keened softly as he shoved his tongue in her ear and twined it about, the wet, lascivious sound drowning out her own terrified panting.

“I'm going to fuck you,” the oni growled in her ear. Mamizou's breath froze in her lungs, cold numbing terror trickling down her spine. With one finger he caught the neckline of her shirt and ripped it open, exposing the tanuki's small breasts to the air. Forcing his knee between hers, he released her scalp and seized her small ass, pulling her up his thigh, biting her ear to keep her from leaning away from him. He growled low and lustily in her ear as he grabbed her exposed breast and squeezed it hard, eliciting a whimper of pain from his captive, then a yelp as he pinched her nipple and tugged on it roughly.

“I'm gonna to fuck you half to death.” He rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger, pinched it, flicked it, released, then groped her roughly, rolling her breast around as he squeezed tightly. Her bust was small, but shapely; just large enough for her breasts to hang slightly, large, dark nipples pointing up and outward. He leaned her back and bent down to her chest, to find one small hand clutching her ripped shirt over her other breast.

“WHAT!?” the oni roared so savagely Mamizou felt it reverberating in her breastbone. He slammed his fist into the earthen cave wall, the shockwave thumping palpably against the tanuki's back. Dust fell slowly from the low ceiling as he ripped his huge fist free of the wall, drawing it back for another blow. Mamizou squealed and flinched, trying to shield herself - but the blow never landed. She cowered, trembling, until she felt the oni's breath on her face.

“Look at me,” he ordered, his voice rough and hot. She opened her eyes to find him almost nose-to-nose, his eyes aglow with flickering red rage that glared and shimmered on her glasses.

Mamizou forgot to breathe.

“Put your hands,” he panted past his rage, “behind your head, and keep them there.”

Shaking like a leaf, she complied, twining her fingers together against her scalp and squeezing them together like her life depended on it - because it probably did. She stared into his flaming eyes, waiting desperately for his rage to decline from the brink - or tip over into violence. At last, he groped her breast thoughtfully, squeezing painfully tight as he pulled it to one side and released, watching with interest as it bounced and jiggled against its neighbor. With arms overhead, her breasts were hiked up invitingly, accentuating the perky angle of her dark nipples. He pinched and flicked and tugged on them curiously, ignoring the stifled whimpers of his victim as she stared blankly at his chest, wanting to squeeze her eyes shut against the horror, but too terrified to disobey his earlier order. Bending down, he took one breast into his mouth, biting down on her broad areola to keep it captive as he lashed her nipple with his tongue. With his free hand he molested her other, pinching her nipple between his knuckles as he slid her ass up his iron thigh a little further, fingers digging into the thin fabric of her skirt. His assault was rough and eager, switching from licking to flicking to sucking hungrily. Mamizou finally squeezed her eyes shut against bitter tears as the oni's tongue resumed caressing her nipple as it stiffened. He teased her other lightly, every tweak and tug more effective by the minute. When he finally surfaced for air, his toy was wheezing through grit teeth, staring fixedly at his chest. He lifted her chin with one finger, forcing her to look him in the eyes. The first chest-shaking sob rattled in her chest as wretched shame twisted up her guts - and finally it spilled out her lips, her vision blinded by tears. He slid her up his thigh and the clinging dampness of her panties against his flesh twisted her misery a little more, her stiff nipples shaking and shivering with her unsteady sobbing. She loosed a scream as the oni pinched one nipple hard and pulled, lifting her off the wall and toppling her body against his again. She continued sobbing and hiccuping into his shoulder, fingers still twined behind her head in a white-knuckled grip.

The oni gripped her ass in both hands and let her sob for a little bit, then slid one hand to his groin. Mamizou started fearfully as she felt something thwack against her hoisted thigh; something hard and long and...

The oni slipped an arm under her left knee and lifted, hand coming up to clamp down on her slender throat before choke-slamming her against the earthen wall hard enough to make her vision fuzz. With his hand digging into her windpipe she strained desperately for the ground with her free leg. Her shoe was dragging against the floor, but her heel was still airborne. Her shoe tilted forward as she rose on tiptoe, leaving her balanced precariously on the edge of the platform's sole. She felt cool air, so vivid on her damp snatch, as the oni tossed her ripped, sodden panties over his shoulder. He leaned closer, flipping up her torn skirt, and she mewled helplessly as something hard and hot and impossibly huge pressed against her thigh. He pressed close, the musk of his sweat washing over her as he ground his massive cock against her yielding flesh. The oni cupped her mound and squeezed, his middle finger parting her pussy lips. He growled with satisfaction, a deep rumble in his massive chest. Mamizou could sense the savage lust pulsing through the monster's veins, trembling on the cusp of violent release.

“Look at me, cunt.”

She looked. The oni's flaming glare pinned her to the wall like a bug. Taking his cock in hand, he began rubbing the slick, broad tip against her cunt, stroking up and down. Mamizou felt her heart sinking as her terror congealed into cold, heavy dread. His cock felt wider than her own wrist, and if he couldn't control himself...

“P-please,” she managed to choke out, fighting for breath against the massive hand wrapped firmly around her throat. “Too... big...”

The oni pressed his cock against her a little firmer, parting her labia wide with every stroke, his precum smearing against her core.

“I'll d-die,” she cried with certainty - the beast's tip wasn't just parting her pussy lips with every stroke, it was spreading them. “Please... please... I'll die... please...”

He interrupted her piteous begging by leaning in, cheek to cheek, his body pressing her lifted leg tighter against her, spreading her thighs even further. He licked the tears off her cheek slowly, savoring the soft texture of her skin, then growled hot and angry into her ear -

“Then die.”

Mamizou's eyes widened in mute shock as his massive cock penetrated her, forcibly spreading her tight little snatch open inch-by-inch. It was excruciatingly slow, letting her feel every contour of his member as it stretched out her pussy. Overwhelmed by the sensations of being impaled, she forgot to breathe till the oni bottomed out, eliciting a yelp as it bumped against her cervix painfully. Her long, lean leg trembled dangerously, bare toes curling against her shoe for purchase as her balance wavered.

The oni snarled, his breath rough and ragged on her neck as he fought for control. Leaning back again, he took a moment to appreciate her body, openly savoring the anticipation one more time before he devoured her.

Then he began fucking her in earnest.

He would've been too big even if she was soaking wet, so the assault on her damp pussy was agonizing. She squeezed her fingers even tighter together behind her head as the oni glared at her - she dared not provoke him in the slightest, lest he snapped. He was already knocking a squeal out of her with every measured, steady thrust - if he let his bestial lust loose on her, she would die. The oni watched her perky little tits bouncing, dark nipples tracing little ovals in the air, and smiled with obvious pleasure. Bitter humiliation bit into her soul, the miserable ache in her breast sharpening. She ground her teeth together and tried to focus on keeping her balance, on squeezing her entwined fingers tight together, but nothing could overcome the burning ache of her pussy at it was forcibly battered open. The oni was accelerating, putting his hips into each thrust, making the tanuki's firm little ass jiggle as he slammed against her cervix. He pinched her stiff nipple and twisted, dragging a scream out of her as her muscles snapped taut, her cunt clamping down on his cock. He snarled again, just short of a real roar, and redoubled his efforts, heels lifting off the floor with each thrust.

The tanuki's grip on consciousness was fast fading; the oni's crushing grip on her throat tightening as he neared climax. Her body was responding to the assault instinctively; her thighs smeared with her juices, the beast's thick precum, and even blood from her own violated pussy. His bestial cock was no longer tearing at her with each thrust, but his massive size was still stretching her cunt to the limit. It felt like his cock was sucking her pussy with it on every withdrawal, turning it inside-out - then slamming back in to stretch her around it once more, every contour of his massive member vivid and distinct. The hot pain in her aching sex was building into something more, a liquid heat that swept through her body and overwhelmed her mind -

- her toes finally slipped, the platform shoe tipping forward as the sole skidded out from under her. She pointed her foot and strained for the floor in vain, dangling from the oni's choking grip on her throat. Her leg went limp as unconsciousness stole upon her, vision darkening 'round the edges till only the oni's flaming eyes and savage, satisfied smile were left. Euphoria swept through her, driving her over the edge as she came at last, and came, and came, and came, as the oni's huge prick hammered spasm after spasm out of her shuddering cunt. The orgasms blew her mind asunder, scattering her thoughts till there was nothing but sensation: pulsating and painfully intense pleasure, and nothing more. His cock became the center of existence, the only thing aside from herself she was aware of as it mercilessly drove her on. The oni's roar shook her very soul as he finally came, Mamizou's own slick, tight cunt squeezing him eagerly as she climaxed. She felt her pussy stretching to the breaking point as his thick cum pumped into her, hot pressure growing till it seemed she must burst - then he yanked it out, emptying his balls over her body and face.

He dropped her, letting the tanuki woman hit the ground like a used dishrag. She flopped against the wall limply, legs splayed, fingers still twined behind her head in a gesture of surrender. She stared blankly past cum-splattered glasses knocked askew, bruised breasts heaving with every ragged breath. Her hands finally fell to her sides, but she made no move to push down her torn skirt, hiked up about her waist to expose her gaping pussy still dripping blood-streaked cum. The oni produced a pipe and puffed away contentedly, admiring his handiwork as he rested.

She still hadn't recovered enough to cry when the oni seized her by the hair and started dragging her deeper into the dark recesses of the cave.
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