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Started: 2018/11/01
Status: Stalled
Threads: 41094416284283744087
Tags: Hijiri Byakuren Toyosatomimi no Miko 1st Person Female Protagonist Romance Yuri
Synopsis: Miko and Byakuren find themselves entangled in an alcohol-induced marriage and unsure where to go next.
Started: 2018/11/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 41087
Tags: Konpaku Youmu Tatara Kogasa 3rd Person Male Protagonist Original Character Youkai Protagonist Romance Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Alchemy is kind of like chemistry, and chemistry is what this youkai alchemist seeks to build with a half-ghost.
Started: 2018/11/01
Status: Completed
Threads: 199414
Tags: Hieda no Akyuu Kaenbyou Rin Motoori Kosuzu Tatara Kogasa 3rd Person Contest Entry Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Original Location Adventure Comedy Political
Synopsis: The notional headman of a settlement outside the Human Village proper takes on the grand responsibility of better his and his family's lot in life by delving into the exciting world of trade deals. Contains Amaden and fluffy tails.
Started: 2018/11/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 67033
Tags: Yakumo Yukari 3rd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Original Character Mystery Outside World
Synopsis: Hopefully it doesn't derail...
Started: 2018/11/01
Status: Completed
Threads: 1613916408
Tags: Hoshiguma Yuugi Komeiji Koishi Komeiji Satori Yorigami Joon 1st Person Antihero Contest Entry Female Protagonist God Protagonist Multiple Pov Same Continuity Villain Protagonist Action Crossover First Love Romance Yuri
Synopsis: *Inspired by Hotline Miami.* Having fallen down on her luck, the lowly god Yorigami Joon falls too to (Old) Hell, The Land of Oni. There, with flair, she picks herself back up, discovering what makes her strong as she seeks the person she came to find. Violent, intense, high and low energy; this is the journey of a broken soul becoming gold.
Started: 2018/11/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 199408
Started: 2018/10/31
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 636856396964282
Tags: Imaizumi Kagerou Izayoi Sakuya Patchouli Knowledge Remilia Scarlet 1st Person Fish Out Of Water
Synopsis: Kagerou is recruited to serve as chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion while Sakuya is on a leave of absence. She is given an unusual pendant that speaks and whose purpose is to guide her as she tries to get used to her new duties. With the mistress of the mansion out of sorts and other strange occurrences, things are not easy for the werewolf.
Started: 2018/10/25
Status: Completed
Threads: 4106042643
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Kirisame Marisa Sekibanki Tatara Kogasa 3rd Person Female Protagonist Human Protagonist Multiple Pov Youkai Protagonist Drama First Love Romance Slice Of Life Yuri
Synopsis: After a genuine gesture of kindness catches her off guard, Reimu quite suddenly falls full-on in love with the umbrella youkai, Tatara Kogasa.
Started: 2018/10/15
Status: Short
Threads: 39467
Tags: Motoori Kosuzu 3rd Person Adult Romance Vanilla
Synopsis: What little words that Kosuzu had were ultimately unnecessary.
Started: 2018/08/24
Status: Short
Threads: 39404
Tags: Motoori Kosuzu 2nd Person Adult Comedy
Synopsis: Kosuzu and terrible memes
Started: 2018/08/24
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 199228
Started: 2018/08/13
Status: Abandoned
Tags: Contest Entry
Started: 2018/08/06
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 199167
Tags: 2nd Person Male Protagonist Original Character Outsider Protagonist Crossover Magic
Started: 2018/07/24
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 16035
Started: 2018/06/25
Status: Short
Threads: 39340
Started: 2018/06/25
Status: Completed
Threads: 2180
Tags: Hoshiguma Yuugi Ibaraki Kasen Ibuki Suika Shameimaru Aya 1st Person Female Protagonist Same Continuity Youkai Protagonist Action Coming Of Age Origin Story
Synopsis: A young Ibuki Suika discovers the significance of her race, and of its connection with humans, and cannot reconcile with a dark truth she discovers upon examining both. Therefore, she lies.
Started: 2018/04/27
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 2163
Started: 2018/04/06
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 66130
Started: 2018/04/02
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 30359306433092231190
Tags: Kochiya Sanae Yasaka Kanako 2nd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Outsider Protagonist Isekai Origin Story
Synopsis: A trek to see a notable local shrine turns into a cliffhanging adventure for one unlucky(?) guy. As it turns out, that shrine has just made a rather fateful move...
Started: 2018/02/23
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 198676
Started: 2018/01/06
Status: Completed
Threads: 384723876039078
Started: 2018/01/04
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 38452
Started: 2018/01/01
Status: Active
Threads: 6526065548659226646266845674296796668377
Tags: Fairy Maid Flandre Scarlet Himekaidou Hatate Ibuki Suika Patchouli Knowledge Wakasagihime 3rd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Multiple Pov Original Character Outsider Protagonist Action Adventure First Love Game Retelling Magic Romance Slice Of Life
Synopsis: On July 16th, 2003, an outsider is given kindling for his latent interest in magic, after having slipped into fantasy. Over time, under the tutelage of Patchouli Knowledge he works toward becoming a great magician, making several strong and important connections along his journey.
Parent: Watch Your Step
Started: 2017/12/23
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 2157
Started: 2017/12/02
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 63478
Started: 2017/11/30
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 198302
Synopsis: (Please remove from list.)
Started: 2017/11/26
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 38109#38401
Started: 2017/11/25
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 198243
Tags: Crossover
Started: 2017/11/05
Status: Completed
Threads: 383603947540689
Tags: Aki Shizuha Imaizumi Kagerou Matara Okina Shameimaru Aya Tatara Kogasa 2nd Person Female Protagonist Original Character Yuri
Synopsis: An aura of desire has plagued an otherwise simple farmgirl for about a year. Now, on the night of the full moon and out in the open, it’s drawn in a pair of eager, horny youkai.
Started: 2017/11/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 198137
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