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Started: 2021/09/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 41127
Started: 2021/08/10
Status: Short
Threads: 41109
Tags: Hecatia Lapislazuli Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: Suiki, chief among New Hell's Kishin executioners, finds himself dragged along to a party in Former Hell by a certain Hellenic goddess, whose attentions promise - and do - strip him of his staunchest pride.
Started: 2021/08/04
Status: Completed
Threads: 2342
Tags: Rumia 2nd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Villager Protagonist Horror
Synopsis: You wake up only to find yourself within the Forest of Maneaters. Naturally you don't want to become soup so it's time to survive! Will you escape before the sun goes down or will you become another statistic?
Started: 2021/08/02
Status: Completed
Threads: 2333
Tags: Contest Entry Comedy
Synopsis: A haunted house with a hatred for the Forest of Magic can't catch a break
Started: 2021/07/08
Status: Short
Threads: 41082
Tags: Kirisame Marisa 3rd Person Female Protagonist Human Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: Marisa Kirisame engages in not-quite-moral alone-time with the Hakurei shrine maiden’s son, with whom she has already committed some mistakes...
Started: 2021/07/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 202717
Started: 2021/06/18
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 43124
Tags: Kaku Seiga Miyako Yoshika Original Character Comedy
Synopsis: Braaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsssssssssssssssss, joke this was my first story and stars Garr D Anne, the yiangshi who has to protect the graveyard but does not know why. Lucky for her, she's got a great necromancer as a master, a fellow yiangshi as a friend and an umbrella that harasses her. Also there's some mystery at the human village
Started: 2021/06/13
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 202561
Started: 2021/06/11
Status: Short
Threads: 2322
Tags: Kicchou Yachie 1st Person Formatting Gimmicks Multiple Pov Original Character Youkai Protagonist Comedy
Synopsis: Punishments meted out for failure are harsh when you're a member of the Kiketsu Family. However, one rank-and-file spirit notices that one of his error-prone comrades doesn't seem to mind this so much. What could possibly be going on?
Started: 2021/05/15
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 202319
Started: 2021/05/03
Status: Active
Threads: 202201202475202828203282203668204425
Tags: Fairy Komeiji Satori Usami Sumireko 2nd Person Male Protagonist Adventure
Synopsis: Sumireko wasn't the only member of the Secret Sealing Club. You've tagged along for a one way trip into Gensokyo, and now there's no way out.
Started: 2021/04/28
Status: Short
Threads: 41058
Tags: Komano Aun Female Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: Aunn gets up to no good on the Hakurei shrine’s front porch with the shrine maiden’s teenage son.
Started: 2021/03/11
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 68262
Tags: Yakumo Yukari 3rd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Outsider Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: An extremely boring British man with an extremely boring life boards a train that presumably takes him out of the world he knows.
Started: 2021/03/03
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 28600
Tags: 2nd Person Outsider Protagonist Outside World
Synopsis: After landing on the moon, there's plenty to explore.
Started: 2021/02/05
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 202169
Started: 2021/01/07
Status: Short
Threads: 2307
Started: 2021/01/05
Status: Short
Threads: 40991
Tags: Imaizumi Kagerou Sekibanki Wakasagihime Female Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: The Grassroots’ second encounter with their junior member’s human ally as they relax after a night of drinking, where he is left in the older youkai ladies’ solitary care. Contains descriptions of somewhat fantastic mermaid physiology.
Started: 2020/11/07
Status: Short
Threads: 40945
Tags: Imaizumi Kagerou Sekibanki Wakasagihime Female Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: The Grassroots Network codex is simple. When it is violated... things happen. A human being summoned to their meeting place by a member is one of those things. Contains female PoV, bisexual daydreams, group, spanking.
Started: 2020/11/02
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 40931
Tags: Aki Minoriko Aki Shizuha Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: A man marries two goddesses of harvest.
Started: 2020/11/02
Status: Completed
Threads: 201734
Tags: Ibuki Suika 3rd Person Original Character Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Yasumi was a child of nature. As the follower and disciple of the Earthen Gods, he serves their will as their vessel.
Started: 2020/11/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 31961
Tags: Mima Female Protagonist Villain Protagonist Adventure Magic Origin Story
Synopsis: Nanowrimo 2020 entry - A dead woman attempts to break out of Hell while reminiscing of her past life and how she ended up there.
Started: 2020/11/01
Status: Completed
Threads: 201720203081
Tags: Fairy Hijiri Byakuren Kicchou Yachie 3rd Person Male Protagonist Original Character Youkai Protagonist Drama
Synopsis: A beast from the animal realm has fled into Gensokyo. Relying on inherent ruthlessness and the criminal cunning imparted by the Kiketsu, he sets out to leave his own mark on Gensokyo. Though, perhaps, some crimes aren't as straightforward as they might first seem...
Started: 2020/10/26
Status: Short
Threads: 2302
Tags: Okazaki Yumemi 3rd Person Romance
Synopsis: The word "missing" was a transient one.
Started: 2020/10/12
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 43026
Tags: Outsider Protagonist Action Adventure
Synopsis: A "handyman" goes around solving various cases in Gensokyo. Sometimes with violence.
Started: 2020/09/29
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 31590
Tags: Kochiya Sanae Komano Aun Moriya Suwako Yasaka Kanako 3rd Person Female Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Unable to help the Hakurei Shrine out with some trouble, a dejected Aun takes to the Moriya Shrine to lick her wounds. However, things aren't all good there, either. Will Aun be able to become the capable, helpful good girl she's always wanted to be?
Started: 2020/09/07
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201675
Tags: 1st Person 3rd Person Male Protagonist Original Character Outsider Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Romance
Synopsis: A story about a horseman.
Started: 2020/09/03
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201657
Started: 2020/08/17
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201642
Tags: Inaba Tewi 3rd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Outsider Protagonist Drama
Synopsis: Fleeing a horrid family situation, a boy leaves everything behind. The forest he walked into gives way to Gensokyo, where he quickly encounters a rabbit.
Started: 2020/08/07
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 68151
Started: 2020/07/29
Status: Short
Threads: 40847
Tags: Mononobe no Futo Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: A chastener for the Myouren temple administers unusual punishment to a captured Taoishi arsonist. Tables budge, though not quite turn, when she turns out to be more receptive than could be expected from a cleric. Contains casual sex and light S.
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