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Started: 2021/02/05
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 202169
Started: 2021/01/07
Status: Short
Threads: 2307
Started: 2021/01/05
Status: Short
Threads: 40991
Tags: Imaizumi Kagerou Sekibanki Wakasagihime Female Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: The Grassroots’ second encounter with their junior member’s human ally as they relax after a night of drinking, where he is left in the older youkai ladies’ solitary care. Contains descriptions of somewhat fantastic mermaid physiology.
Started: 2020/11/07
Status: Short
Threads: 40945
Tags: Imaizumi Kagerou Sekibanki Wakasagihime Female Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: The Grassroots Network codex is simple. When it is violated... things happen. A human being summoned to their meeting place by a member is one of those things. Contains female PoV, bisexual daydreams, group, spanking.
Started: 2020/11/02
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 40931
Tags: Aki Minoriko Aki Shizuha Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: A man marries two goddesses of harvest.
Started: 2020/11/02
Status: Completed
Threads: 201734
Tags: Ibuki Suika 3rd Person Original Character Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Yasumi was a child of nature. As the follower and disciple of the Earthen Gods, he serves their will as their vessel.
Started: 2020/11/01
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 31961
Tags: Mima Female Protagonist Villain Protagonist Adventure Magic Origin Story
Synopsis: Nanowrimo 2020 entry - A dead woman attempts to break out of Hell while reminiscing of her past life and how she ended up there.
Started: 2020/11/01
Status: Completed
Threads: 201720203081
Tags: Fairy Hijiri Byakuren Kicchou Yachie 3rd Person Male Protagonist Original Character Youkai Protagonist Drama
Synopsis: A beast from the animal realm has fled into Gensokyo. Relying on inherent ruthlessness and the criminal cunning imparted by the Kiketsu, he sets out to leave his own mark on Gensokyo. Though, perhaps, some crimes aren't as straightforward as they might first seem...
Started: 2020/10/26
Status: Short
Threads: 2302
Tags: Okazaki Yumemi 3rd Person Romance
Synopsis: The word "missing" was a transient one.
Started: 2020/10/12
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 43026
Tags: Outsider Protagonist Action Adventure
Synopsis: A "handyman" goes around solving various cases in Gensokyo. Sometimes with violence.
Started: 2020/09/29
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 31590
Tags: Kochiya Sanae Komano Aun Moriya Suwako Yasaka Kanako 3rd Person Female Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Slice Of Life
Synopsis: Unable to help the Hakurei Shrine out with some trouble, a dejected Aun takes to the Moriya Shrine to lick her wounds. However, things aren't all good there, either. Will Aun be able to become the capable, helpful good girl she's always wanted to be?
Started: 2020/09/07
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201675
Tags: 1st Person 3rd Person Male Protagonist Original Character Outsider Protagonist Youkai Protagonist Romance
Synopsis: A story about a horseman.
Started: 2020/09/03
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201657
Started: 2020/08/17
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201642
Tags: Inaba Tewi 3rd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Outsider Protagonist Drama
Synopsis: Fleeing a horrid family situation, a boy leaves everything behind. The forest he walked into gives way to Gensokyo, where he quickly encounters a rabbit.
Started: 2020/08/07
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 68151
Started: 2020/07/29
Status: Short
Threads: 40847
Tags: Mononobe no Futo Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: A chastener for the Myouren temple administers unusual punishment to a captured Taoishi arsonist. Tables budge, though not quite turn, when she turns out to be more receptive than could be expected from a cleric. Contains casual sex and light S.
Started: 2020/07/29
Status: Completed
Threads: 2262
Tags: Reisen Udongein Inaba Ringo 3rd Person Female Protagonist Touhou Protagonist Origin Story Outside World
Synopsis: A series of shorts about a defector from the Moon.
Started: 2020/07/11
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 40806
Started: 2020/06/26
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 42886
Started: 2020/06/26
Status: Short
Threads: 40776
Tags: Rumia 3rd Person Collaboration Original Character Adult
Synopsis: An onmyouji comes to town in search of a grue and gets eaten.
Started: 2020/06/26
Status: Abandoned
Started: 2020/06/25
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 42876
Tags: Futatsuiwa Mamizou Okunoda Miyoi 3rd Person Human Protagonist Male Protagonist Outsider Protagonist Fish Out Of Water
Synopsis: A man from a foreign land awakens in a drunken stupor in a Human Village alleyway, stumbling his way to the first recognisable landmark: Geidontei. The poster girl of the establishment tries to drive him away but is convinced to let him in by a jolly customer.
Started: 2020/06/24
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 68116
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Kirisame Marisa 2nd Person Outside World School
Synopsis: One morning you find yourself transformed into a familiar shrine maiden. It seems your friends have also been similarly transformed.
Started: 2020/05/24
Status: Short
Threads: 40692
Tags: Kurodani Yamame Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: After being rented out to the Bamboo Forest Clinic as part of a business deal, the Hakurei shrine’s supplicant does his best to please his temporary new masters. Hereupon he chances on a nurse like no other, who appears to be on the run from the Clinic’s staff… Contains casual sex and dirty talking.
Started: 2020/05/17
Status: Short
Threads: 40675
Tags: Hakurei Reimu Male Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: A supplicant to the Hakurei shrine enjoys the shrine maiden’s attentions on the back porch while a party goes on in the front yard. Contains paizuri and little else.
Started: 2020/05/04
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201579
Tags: Wriggle Nightbug 2nd Person Isekai
Synopsis: Waking up dead one day makes you become a new person in a different land.
Started: 2020/03/31
Status: Abandoned
Threads: 201485201538
Tags: Hakurei Reimu 2nd Person Outsider Protagonist Adventure
Synopsis: After a protracted questionnaire, a confused tale of an outsider suddenly turned into some kind of bird-creature — and also genderswapped — begins with a lot of wandering. And continues with a lot of wandering. And...
Started: 2020/03/14
Status: Short
Threads: 40477
Tags: Konpaku Youmu Female Protagonist Adult
Synopsis: As Youmu’s training under the wing of her great-uncle, Youki, nears its end, they are called to announce the fact to their ghostly mistress. However, Youmu’s master has a different idea in mind… Contains incest and stealth sex.
Started: 2020/03/02
Status: Completed
Threads: 31426
Tags: Kagiyama Hina 3rd Person Drama
Synopsis: A curse goddess and a cursed goddess were one and the same.
Started: 2020/03/01
Status: Completed
Threads: 3160931879
Tags: Onozuka Komachi Shiki Eiki 2nd Person Adventure
Synopsis: A candidate for judgeship for the Ministry of Right and Wrong is urged by the supervising Yama, Eiki, to understand the realities of those to be judged by getting to know the inhabitants of Gensokyo.
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