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Previous thread: >>200500

Comments, thoughts, feedback and general interaction from the audience is encouraged and appreciated. Feel free to let me know what you think at any time. It doesn't matter whether it's critique or something you might feel could be silly—I'll try my best to address it.

The bottom line is that this story is built with your input in mind!

Shinji felt lightheaded. Try as he might, it would be unfair to place all the blame on the deliciously bold drink. His host was also at fault; Remilia had not shied away from behaving familiar and her audacious—if not borderline salacious—extended physical contact had him off balance. That said, he was not uneasy. Merely wondering just how much of what he saw and felt was spontaneous and how much a stratagem. His mind would not yield so quickly to the mechanical pleasures of the moment.

Remilia seemed pleased with the situation. Her small body had come to rest ever more firmly against his own side. The wing that had begun to wrap around him had extended further and began to pull him even closer. That pink and black canvas felt as smooth as the material on the loveseat; its tip acted like prehensile limb and gently dug into his back. A glimmer of what could best summed up as pure devilry was found in her eyes. Secondary glints of of more carnal enjoyment also made themselves known.

Were he a mere human, perhaps he would have been wholly overwhelmed. There was no denying that he felt tested and pushed to a limit. And yet, his resistance was more coherent than even he expected. His thoughts were his own. As great as Remilia’s personal charm might have been, he was only swayed by that and not by any preternatural abilities. She may have tried to employ tricks on him but he was having none of it.

That, that, yes, that! That realization was thrilling in and of itself. It completely overrode his previous realizations. There was no reason for temerity, he told himself. The proof was in his own body. Even as he wondered whether or not he could consider himself truly alive or not, he let himself get carried away with the physicality of it all. His heart thumped strongly with otherworldly excitement.

Though they were alone in the room, his voice was quiet, effecting greater intimacy. “I don’t think you’ve treated your guest with all the respect that he is due,” he teased, arrogant if not for the certainty that she would enjoy an assertive response.

“Haven’t I?” she leaned her head close, her small nose brushing up against his cheek provocatively.

“You’ve lavished me with attention, yes,” Shinji began to explain, brushing two fingers on her cheek. He stared into her eyes, feeling that the sharpness found there likely mirrored his own expression. Remilia was happy to roost next to him and let him have his way for the moment. He continued, “Your lack of honesty for the reason, however, is very unfair.”

“Oh, Unfair? How is that?”

“Simply put, you have me at a disadvantage. You know more than I do about things and are taking the lead in everything,” he let out a bitter laugh for effect, “in that sense, it’s as if I’m your plaything.”

“Is that such a terrible thing?” she giggled, her breath tickling the hairs on his jaw.

“It is not,” he admitted, “I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“All is well then,” she said.

“No,” he countered. What he had been told in Eientei was still fresh on his mind. A fine drink, expensive furnishings and other ostentatious displays—none of that really mattered. Despite all the posturing, he gambled that Remilia also understood that. “We both know that it isn’t. It’s not enough to justify all the effort and dissembling. It won’t leave a lasting impression on either of us.”

“Say that you’re correct,” she entertained the thought, “what would you have me do?”

“Be genuine. Let me know what I want and, if not, make things truly worth my while.”

“Worth your while?” she contemplated what he meant for a moment. And laughed once again. “Normally this is where things are made worth my while. A normal human would have felt the pleasurable sting of my teeth against their neck right about now,” she said, with a large degree of self-satisfaction. “They might squirm but would yield quickly and enjoy it as deeply as I would.”

“So this is a well-practiced seduction?” he asked, quickly making sense of all that he experienced. If so, it may have been too excessive for a normal person. Supernatural creatures probably had ways of making their prey submissive that didn’t involve sharing a drink and offering an apparently coy kiss on the cheek.

“A crass way of putting it, but not incorrect,” Remilia’s devilry become stronger as the dark of her pupils seemed to increase in size. There was something almost animal-like about her then. “While the others might have you to do some menial task to convince them of the viability of the plan, I wished to test you in a more direct manner. Observing you, savoring your reaction to my urging is much faster. Not to mention more delightful. Though I would have sent you off with Sakuya to fetch something or the other were you to prove indifferent or utterly plebian.”

“I am honored to exceed your expectations,” he could not help but offer a perfunctory nod for emphasis. Of course, the question, “To what end?” remained unasked as it would not get a meaningful reply.

“Yes and perhaps you are correct that I owe you satisfaction,” she said, before kissing him on the lips. Unlike the other very forward things that Remilia had pushed on that evening—close proximity, linking arms, and the earlier peck—there was some restraint on her part. This, paradoxically, made the act feel more genuine.

Shinji leaned in, trusting that it would be rude not to answer with earnestness. Both tasted remnants of the sharp drink on their lips and then, as tongues began to come into use, of the sweet fruity aftertaste. Perhaps it was because they had had all those libations but droplets of saliva spilled out as they parted, some in the form of beads that formed a temporary bridge between lips before collapsing.

“That wasn’t too proper,” Remilia said with a sigh. She shook her head in disappointment.

“My apologies,” Shinji mumbled, feeling a little self-conscious.

“No,” she whispered softly, “my technique is lacking. And I can’t blame it all on the drink.”

“You can always try again,” he said, happy to keep on teasing her.

“Yes, you’re right,” the vampire said as she wrapped her arms around her and brought him close. “This, mphf, is the sort of,” she spoke between wet attempts to kiss properly, “thing, mwah, that needs, mmm, practice!”

The eager practice session only became more intense as time passed. Shinji reciprocated the vampire’s eager kisses as best he could, finding himself on switching between defense, offense and mutual stimulation from one moment to another. Remilia drifted in position, coming to straddle his lap even as her wings seemed to try to envelop them both in a private cocoon. The he could now taste something beyond the drink—the scent of rose perfume had somehow transformed into something sweet that permeated both saliva and sweat.

His idle hands found themselves a plaything at Remila’s urging. She let go of him long enough to guide his hand to her body, giving license for him to engage in further wickedness. He groped at her chest gently, finding that there was, indeed, a handful to massage through her loose clothes.

“Let’s have more fun!” she shouted when she next tried to regain her breath, as much an expression of passion as it was an order. She inelegantly loosened the top of her blouse and getting rid of the ribbons and buttons that were covering up her modesty. Without missing a beat, she grabbed the nearby bottle and took in a large amount into her mouth. Then, she forced another kiss onto Shinji, transferring a good portion of the liquid to him. That this inefficient and messy process stained both clothes and the expensive upholstery didn’t seem to matter at all.

Shinji was caught up in the moment. He felt about as alive as he could have ever imagined, something long-forgotten gestating in the depths of his soul. With a laugh, he propped up Remilia higher up against his own body, effectively bringing her chest about to face height. The heat that he felt pouring out from his body was mirrored by Remilia’s pale skin—as he exposed more of her chest by pushing aside fabric and undoing buttons, he saw a scarlet flush of vitality spreading wherever it was he happened to touch. There was nowhere more pink, tantalizing than at the tip of her small fatty mounds.

He put his mouth against one of her nipples, kissing and then teasing their fleshy elasticity with the front of his teeth. There was no need for anything beyond that as Remilia jolted in response to having the erect tips sucked on. When he dedicated his mouth the right breast while his forefinger and thumb lightly pinched Remilia’s left nipple, the vampire could not help but let out a very girlish whimper.

Remilia was not quick to abandon all of her sense of reason. She was conscious of herself and of his advances, even as she enjoyed his careful touches. The vampire reciprocated by groping his crotch roughly while her wings caressed his broad back from behind. “Consider yourself lucky!” she exclaimed, “it’s rare for anyone to see this side of me!”

“Mmpfmm,” Shinji acknowledged the fact the best he could, the vampire’s tit still subjected the careful lashings of his tongue. He groaned as Remilia focused on his lower body, fingers tracing the contours of his very erect manhood. As she was above him, she could not really see what she was doing but all the same she managed to loosen his own clothes up to an impressive degree.

Both vampire and ghost felt like their bodies were on fire. The sucking and groping took a brief pause for Remilia to offer another, far shier kiss. She kissed him as one would a proper lover, lingering as if the distance of years had brought of their hearts to bursting point. The emotional crescendo was difficult to ignore. Her wings retracted momentarily afterwards, as she staggered back to her feet. She silently undid a clasp on the side of her skirt, letting the expensive fabric tumble down.

Remilia left her smallclothes on, the silken garments shiny and damp with saliva and other fluids. She climbed back onto the loveseat, legs on either side of Shinji and stood in front of him. Nearly stumbling, she placed her hands on his shoulders for support. Chancing instability, she reached for the bottle once again, taking a large swig before offering some to her partner. Shinji obliged and drank deep of the intoxicating stuff.

The ghost noted how the vampire seemed even smaller without her clothes—her frame contained little in the way of excess flesh with hints of rib showing around her chest and her stomach being flat and tight. He groped her rear with a hand, enjoying a palmful of kinda-firm-kinda-jiggly goodness. Remilia leaned into him and brought forward her pelvis. While it was not a demand, he knew what to do.

He lowered her silky panties with his teeth, all the while enjoying the feeling of diminute vampire ass with his hand. The undergarment scrunched up and remained hovering along her slender legs. The smell of roses had transformed into a more complex stench, he thought, as he brought his face forward to the fine and wispy strands of blueish pubic hair. Compared to the ones on his beard, these hairs were little more than peach fuzz. They felt soft against his skin as he buried his face in Remilia’s crotch.

Roses, alcoholic wood, warm sweat and the slight smell of ammonia kept him in a state of focused delirium. His tongue probed her moist flower and slurped its way up to the delicate pistil above. Remilia was as putty, arms trembling as he serviced her cunt with well-directed motions of the tongue. Her breathing became heavier and her use of language, baser. “This… mmm… is a great privilege,” she said between pants as Shinji accelerated his ministrations.

“Indecent” didn’t even begin to cover the scene the was unfolding. Remilia’s hair was becoming matted with sweat, her hat long since discarded. Honey dripped from her slit and rolled down her legs. Carpet, couch and whatever else be damned. Both were so caught up in the moment that neither would have noticed if someone had happened to walk in on the lewd exchange. Remilia climaxed after several minutes of the onslaught by his sopping tongue, collapsing like a marionette with cut strings onto Shinji’s lap once again.

Though she had begun the exchange as brazenly self-motivated, Remilia proved that there was enough generosity in her heart for the well-being of another. She slobbered her way through another messy kiss with Shinji as the strength returned to her legs. With her wings retracted behind her back, she went to her knees in front of him. Her ever-present aristocratic dignity was nowhere to be found. She loosened his trousers and set free his very-encouraged penis. Remilia smirked at it, one of her fangs popping out of the corner of her mouth before she got to work.

The vampire used one of her delicate hands to rub the shaft up and down as her tongue teased the engorged tip. Her eyes turned upwards, meaning to meet his, as she put the meaty pillar into her small mouth. Remilia left behind wet spots of saliva mixed with precum as she bobbed her head back and forth. At times, she would stop her motion, attack from the side and simply tickle the shaft with the deft movements of her tongue. She seemed to enjoy herself, smiling with her eyes as she maintained steady eye contact throughout the ordeal. Were she capable of speech, Shinji imagined that she might say something like, “this is a fair exchange for your meritorious service earlier.”

As thorough and enthusiastic as Remilia was about blowing him, she was careful not to take things too far. As his excitement became greater and his breathing heavier, she withdrew, leaving back a well-lubricated obelisk. She had needed time to recover as well and, finally, she was in a condition to use the rest of her body.

Remilia once again straddled him. She grabbed onto his back firmly as her wings wrapped around their upper bodies. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his pike, wet squelching noises echoing in the room as she impaled herself. Remilia closed her eyes, concentrating on the task. Shinji found her concentration extremely cute and could not help but to assault her with an aggressive kiss. “Ah, idiot,” she managed to whimper as she took on his full length.

Shinji preempted the vampire’s acclimatization by slowly thrusting his hips upwards. Someone groaned, just as likely either of them, as the pump was repeated. He held her by the lower back, just below where her wings connected, helping her skinny waist bob up and down as he continued to drive into her tight hole. The sheer amount of juices from either of them made everything feel sticky.

After about a minute of the slow and deliberate movement, Remilia was ready to take the initiative. It had seemed, at first glance, that it would be impossible for her to ride him, but she was eager to prove common sense wrong. Putting force into her legs and knees, Remilia lifted herself up and down at a respectable tempo. Shinji helped her rebound up with his hands but she dictated the pace. She held on tight as she sat up and down on him.

“This, this is more than I expected,” she confessed with an erotic laugh, eager to kiss him again as she was fucked. As she tired, Shinji picked up the slack, and he was happy to use both his arms and hips to drill her to ecstasy. In that wild configuration, the vampire became so entranced by what was happening that she dug one of her hands into his back, drawing a drop or two of blood. The sultry passion of the moment made him incapable of feeling beyond a wetness on this back, just as he felt a tight moistness enveloping his cock.

He enjoyed the vampire’s greediness, especially when it came to secondary affections. Even as it felt like the juices and sweat down below were being worked up into a froth, he deigned to oblige her desire for kisses or to fondle lightly the perky mouthfuls of breasts that she had in front of him. She rubbed at her clit, getting off without concern. There was no shame in her frenzied eyes even even as her other hand continued to cause his back to tingle by scratching it up.

As Reimila’s small hips continued to rise and fall onto his lap, he felt a great pressure building up within himself. The vampire had had her own orgasm not too long ago; the strength faded from her legs once again as she sprayed a short stream of love juices onto the couch. “Whenever you want-” she had said between pants earlier as she pressed her body flat against his chest. At the moment, however, her breath was too quick and her thoughts too beyond the clouds to offer something approaching coherence.

He picked up the pace as he came close to climax. Remilia was skewered dumb by his forceful moves, able only to grip ever-tighter onto his back as if in fear of falling off. As the ride came close to a stop, her pants became shallower and faster. He grabbed firmly onto her small rear end as he finally erupted, leaving red impression marks of his hands, filling her with a torrent of essence that felt interminable.

Remilia had collapsed onto his chest, head resting on his shoulder. It took a while for her to be capable of speech once again but, soon as she was able, she let out a sensible complaint, “You should ask for permission before finishing inside someone.”

“Hah...” he sighed, “I couldn’t help myself, sorry.”

“You’re lucky that I have ways with dealing with manly discharge so that it doesn’t result in issue,” she said with a sigh of her own. Slowly but surely the strength returned to her arms and she pulled herself up, uncoupling from his still semi-turgid penis. Moist noises and muffled dripping of fluids followed the action.

The vampire rubbed his face tenderly, running her fingers along his jawline and through his beard. She looked satisfied. Almost no trace could be found of that superior being that had welcomed the party into the audience chamber only a few hours later. It was just a very naked, sweaty woman who had found bliss in the arms of an equally naked, equally sweaty man.

“I enjoyed myself,” she whispered softly, “you were intensely delicious.”

“I’m glad,” he said, “I didn’t expect things would turn out this way.”

“Heh,” she laughed, recalling the conversation from either “neither did I. Have I won you over?”

“Indeed you have,” he conceded with a hearty laugh of his own. Tired as he began to felt, he also felt more complete, more vital. He had new thoughts that he wished to piece together but the vampire had other plans.

“Let us go to my chambers,” she said, a knowing smile let him know that he was not yet off the hook, “we can bathe and… well, we’ll see where the rest of the night leads us.”

Shinji stared up at the fresco painted on the ceiling of Remilia’s bedroom. Even in mere candlelight, enough of the scene could be appreciated. It was a complex scene, pastoral yet also depicting society as a whole—peasants happily toiled in the fields before offering tribute to their feudal lord in the autumn. He noted that a winged black creature sat atop a spire made of stone, overlooking the gifts of tribute down below. It seemed harsh and rigid, not at all like the soft girl who lay with her head across his chest.

They were no longer sticky with sweat, having gone into the bath together. As a second wind had given them both more motivation, things had gotten worse before they had gotten better. He had been able to appreciate her small, yet firm, rear as they had crashed into one another. There had been no hangups about status or other sorts of pretensions, only honest and pure enjoyment from two eager beings. In many ways the second round had proven more intense than the first but Shinji tried not to think too much about that, lest his body react once again.

It was sufficient to say that they had cleaned themselves up in the bath after another passionate session. They had helped one another to wash up with no hurry in the world, no taboo nor hangups. Afterwards, after toweling themselves dry, they had tumbled into bed, naked and unashamed. For some time he had lain on his back as she found comfort in placing her head on his broad chest. He stroked her head softly from time to time, enjoying the extended physical contact.

“I hope I’ve helped you,” Remilia said quietly, breaking that long silence that had reigned since they had gone to bed.

He didn’t understand what she meant. “I needed help?” he asked for clarification.

“I’ve known sensitive sorts like you before,” she explained, “deep down you knew that there was, no is, something wrong with you.”

“I couldn’t remember...” he started.

“Intimacy,” she concluded. “You were starved for it. Maybe that’s not fair to say. I’m sure that you could have managed without it. But...” she thought about what she would say. She rolled partially onto to him, pressing her bosom against his chest and draping her arm around him. With a sigh, she added, “No, maybe, you didn’t realize that that was something that you missed.”

“In that case, maybe I could say the same for you,” he stated. It could not be disputed that the advances were mutual. Even now, the fact that she freely held her small body onto his was proof.

Remilia tilted her head up towards his, “No, that’s different. While it’s true that it’s been a while since I was with someone as an equal… it’s not the same as forgetting that such a thing was possible in the first place. The look in your eyes as I tried to get you to lower your guard… it looked almost pitiable. Like someone who was lost in life.”

“I don’t know much about who I am nor where I’ve been,” he confessed, deciding that he could not hide his soul from someone who had taken his whole self without judgment.

“Fate is a strange thing,” she said, “even those who accept it often don’t know why it had to play out in the way that it did. It’s safe to assume that you don’t know where you’re going, either.”

“I do not,” he admitted. “For now, I’m just going forward, as I try to make sense of everything.”

“I agreed to be a part of this because it seemed different to the usual… interest, yes, but that wasn’t just it. Or maybe it was, I’m not so sure right now,” Remilia confessed. “But I did not expect someone like you to show up. That lunarian and that ghost might have no business in asking you to collaborate with them.”

“And you do?”

“No, definitely not,” she said sullenly, “I understand that now. Though I’m happy to have met you and I had more fun than I thought possible it’s not my right to ask for any more.”

“What choice do I have?” he sighed, feeling fatigue begin to overpower him.

“I won’t impugn your dignity by suggesting you can stay here with me, though I would certainly not mind it,” she giggled, drawing a circle across his breast with a finger. For a moment he pictured peaceful days spent with her, talking about no one thing in particularity, just enjoying the companionship. That they would have passionate sex afterwards was secondary.

“You’re such a brat,” he laughed, finding her words oddly comforting. He could not indulge in those fantasies. At least not for now. And not for long.

“Don’t you dare say that outside of this bedroom,” she warned him. “I would have to destroy you if you ever were to assault my character in public.”

“I imagine you would,” he accepted, running his fingers through her messy and still slightly moist hair. “Why is it so hard for people to be honest all of the time?” he asked, not really as a response to her latest statement but as a general query about reality.

“All that matters is that we’re being honest right now,” she said, moving her hand down towards his crotch. Though he had tried keep his thoughts on the immaterial and abstract, he had been stealing glances at the naked vampire’s body from time to time. The happiness that he felt—that they both felt—was to be expressed physically once again. They were under no illusions that it was a temporary relief from every else and so they planned to make the most of it.

“There’s still some time before daybreak,” he said sheepishly. Yes, he knew that she knew that he was contented just cuddling. But that was besides the point.

“I’ll make sure to take care of you until then,” Remilia giggled, fangs poking out of her mouth in a playful manner. As she climbed atop of him, he could not help but feel some sympathy for the tortured face of the peasant who was giving up carefully-cultivated harvest to his omniscient overlord.

When he next came to, Sakuya’s grey eyes were staring down at him. She had a small candle holder in hand and had been shaking his shoulder softly for quite some time. It did not seem to matter that he was still wholly nude. Neither averting her eyes nor staring right at his exposed genitals, the maid was a consummate professional. She rouse the sleeping guest from her mistress bed as if it were yet another dull duty.

“!” she placed a finger on her lips while scowling, meaning for him to be quiet. He had been too quick to open his mouth and she assumed he would speak. A nod was offered instead, showing that he understood to keep quiet.

Remilia still slept next to him, as naked as he was. He could not recall when they had finally decided to call it quits but he had slept a deep sleep afterwards, free of any care or worry. For a while he held the small vampire in his arms but at some point she must have rolled away from him. The soft scent of rose perfume wafted to his nose, a melancholic reminder that all things come to an end. He would have risked a kiss on her defenseless forehead if the maid weren’t around. There was no telling how she might react in order to protect her mistress’ happiness. So he got up slowly, shifting his weight deliberately as to not wake up the sleeping vampire.

Sakuya ushered him outside of the room. There, she handed him a robe. After closing the door she finally spoke up, “It’s past noon already, the others are waiting for you.”

“Past noon?” Shinji looked around, stifling a yawn, finding the hallways as pitch-black as Remilia’s room had been. It only then dawned on him that the reason for that was a lack of windows.

“I can see that it was a long night for you,” she said without emotion nor judgment, “I’ll have a meal ready for you after you freshen up. I’ve taken the liberty of cleaning your possessions and laying them out for you nearby. Please follow me.”

Shinji did as asked, his mind still too tired to engage in meaningful conversation. As he began to woke up, he began to feel refreshed. Reaching his destination, he stopped by an attached bathroom to clean himself up a little. The maid offered to help him get dressed but he declined, choosing to put his pants on like the majority of people—one leg at a time. Once done, the maid was eager to keep him moving.

“Let’s get you fed,” she said.

“Sakuya,” he called out as she zipped on ahead of him. The maid stopped, her short skirt fluttering as she twirled to face him.


[] He wished to keep what happened with Remilia private from the others.
[] It was nothing. He wished to thank her for helping him out.
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[x] It was nothing. He wished to thank her for helping him out.
[x] It was nothing. He wished to thank her for helping him out.

Remi is really cute
[X] He wished to keep what happened with Remilia private from the others
absolutely disgusting
[x] It was nothing. He wished to thank her for helping him out.

As if she were the type to talk more than she should- master teasing notwithstanding.
[X] It was nothing. He wished to thank her for helping him out.

I'm fine with this. Bunny and Softie feel pretty one-dimensional, so I don't even consider them as targets in this quest.
[x] He wished to keep what happened with Remilia private from the others.
bruh, you just caught that coronavirus
And so we find that Shinji is the Bard, he solves problems with: Talking, Alcohol and sex, also occasionally by being really perceptive and wise.

Bard quest sounds like something I'd be interested in. Too bad all the DnD authors fucked off.
File 158030936276.jpg - (716.15KB, 1181x1748, cheers.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey, I won’t be able to write for another day at least, maybe two.

With that out of the way I wanted to ask a few things because it’s sometimes hard to tell what readers are thinking and the latest update was purposefully bold departure from the usual. Feel free to answer some or none of these things, I’m mostly just curious. I figure that not asking and second-guessing myself is probably worse than being slightly annoying and asking point blank.

What do you make of Shinji? Is he too much or too little of a blank state and has the development from the first post onward made sense to you?

How welcome (or unwelcome) are shifts in character relationships that don’t follow an explicit choice? I’ve been trying to keep a naturalistic approach to how characters interact instead of “+1 Youmu points” or whatever and attempting to go by what people say in comments along with the actual outcomes.

Just how clear are the choices? I spend a lot of time thinking about the wording but I’m never sure if they’re the right questions I should be asking.

Did the previous scene work out well? I haven’t written anything overtly erotic in a while and so I was wondering if it flowed properly and if it was, subjectively put, “hot”.

Lastly, are things more or less interesting? This was my nanowrimo entry and originally meant to be at a faster pace (original design document had SDM stuff like halfway into the month). I like slower paced stories with plenty of opportunities for character interaction but I realize that’s not for everyone nor it doesn’t have to be for every story. I plan to pick things up a bit more in the near future but I still wonder if the pacing is alright.

Also interested if the character development came through how I imagined it would but I’m not expecting critique that detailed, so just reply with whatever you feel like. Thanks, I appreciate your input in advance as this is the sort of stuff I think about way more than I probably should. The last 5kish words were a departure from the usual and so I couldn’t help but ask.
I like Shinji, he was kinda blank and boring at first but he's grown on me. His interactions with pretty much everyone have been entertaining and seemed natural.

I don't mind shifts in a character's personality that aren't an explicit choice, especially if the shift results from something that would be beyond the character's control anyway. The choices themselves aren't particularly opaque, I'm a dumb motherfucker and I've managed to parse them pretty well.

Remi sex was great, I am probably biased towards Remi but your particular characterization of her is great. Scene was definitely hot. You should absolutely do more porn.

I am hooked on this story. I am interested in learning wtf is up with this weird ghost, and I'm also curious as to who else he's going to get shuffled around to.
Shinji feels like generic anime blank slate, which is much better than a normal blank slate.

I'd prefer if romance, romance flags, and lewd times happened independent of reader choice. All Touhous deserve a chance.

Choices are pretty straightforward. Normally I'd troll you by claiming otherwise since that's usually a sticking point for you, but there's no grounds for it here.

Sex was pretty hot. In the future, try to have climaxes accompanied by noticeably stronger actions/visuals/auditory stimuli than what's baseline in the narrative.

Story is interesting.

Character development is proceeding as appropriate for a good harem MC. I especially like how Shinji maintains a consistent give-and-take in how he interacts with others. Like..it feels like the characters are facing each other when they talk, instead of talking at each other from vague positions. Kinda reminiscent of the wordplay skills you developed in CAaW.

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