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File 148001295316.jpg - (97.91KB, 751x901, Akiween greets.jpg) [iqdb]
Humans, youkai of impure thoughts
Wouldn't you like to see something hot?

Come with us, prepare to rut
In our hamlet of Akibutt

This is Akibutt, this is Akibutt
Farmers jizz in the dead of night
This is Akibutt, everybody write the smut
Pound a hole til your partner cums and drains your nuts
In this ham' of Akibutt

I am the one who dreams of their breasts
Softer than a pillow, giving me a good rest

I am the one who hides between their thighs
Giving them a lick when they look me in the eye

This is Akibutt, this is Akibutt
Akibutt! Akibutt! Akibutt! Akibutt!

In this ham' we call home
Everyone hail as they jump your bone

In this ham', don't we love it now?
Everybody's waiting for the next orgy
Up that trail, dude, with intentions lewd
Shizuha's waiting now to screw and she will

Scream! This is Akibutt
Mount them if you have the guts
Aren't you horny?
Hey, that's just fine

Say it soft, say it loud
The goddesses welcome the crowd
They'll ride all the dicks in the dead of night

Everybody nut, everybody nut!
In our ham' of Akibutt!

I am the one with the favourite dong
Never going limp, never lasting too long

I am the one who lusts after their hair
Head or crotch, hard to say that I care

I am the shadow on the harvest moon
Filling your dreams with sweet, hot poon

This is Akibutt, this is Akibutt
Akibutt! Akibutt! Akibutt! Akibutt!
Akibutt! Akibutt!

Tender dickings right in the bum
Life's no fun without a good cum
It's our faith, this sensual glut
In our hamlet of Akibutt

In this ham', don't we love it now?
Everyone's waiting for the next orgy
Minoriko might catch you by the dick
And squeal like a piggy
When she flops down on your face

This is Akibutt, everybody groan
Would you please make way for a very sexy goddess?

Our round lady is queen of the harvest crew
Everyone hail to the Aki twins now!

This is Akibutt, this is Akibutt
Akibutt! Akibutt! Akibutt! Akibutt!

In this ham' we call home
Everyone hail as they jump your bone

La la la la (ad nauseum)

Not sorry at all. Happy Thanksgiving, THP.
>I am the shadow on the harvest moon / Filling your dreams with sweet, hot poon

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than a song from a Christmas movie about Halloween? (I hope there are sequels to come, anonymous poet of poon and penises)
I have no idea what to say, honestly. This is both the best and worst thing ever. It's horrible, it's wonderful, it's terrible and it's just plain silly.

And that's why I love it. Good job! Now if only we could have a lewd 12 days of Christmas, things would be perfect.
File 148002453765.jpg - (159.72KB, 600x402, putin-femen.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh wow. I didn't know how much I wanted Akibutt before this.

I give it three thumbs up.
File 148004552361.jpg - (291.59KB, 850x1185, daijoubu zombie momu.jpg) [iqdb]
Spooky sexy Yoshikas
send shivers down our dicks
Shrieking moans will greet your bone
if you exchange some licks

Spooky sexy Yoshikas
they like to get along
you'll shake and shudder happily
when they sit right on your dong

We're so horny, Yoshikas
you're really quite a catch
You only want to copulate
but you've got a frosty snatch

'Cause spooky sexy Yoshikas
are climbing up the walls
They'll sneak you onto Seiga's bed
and empty out your balls

Zombies supernatural
Are so voloptuous
they gobble every cock they see,
It makes you lecherous!

Spooky sexy Yoshikas
are curvy as can be
They'll peace-sign as they ahegao
and make you kimochii.

Tits and ass are world-class
You're welcome to pursue
Spooky sexy Yoshikas
Will wake... you... with... a... boo(ty)!

not OP, just an inspired reader
OP here. What have I unleashed?

Looks like a poem and a song parody. I could be wrong though.
File 148006997167.jpg - (98.46KB, 850x625, This was horrible.jpg) [iqdb]
As he came into the cervix
It was the sound of a crescendo
He came into her anus
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
He could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom
She was held down, it left the moon

Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok, are you ok Pache?

Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?

You've been fucked by.
You've been raped by.
A smooth tentacle.

So they came into the outway
It was Sunday, what a bright day
Mouth to mouth
Sounding heartbeats, limitations.

Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok?
Are you ok, Pache?
Pache, are you ok?
So, Pache are you ok, are you ok Pache?

Then you
Ran into the bedroom.
You were pushed down.
It was your moon.

You've been fucked by
A smooth tentacle

Okay, I want everybody to clear
The area right now!

(Pache are you ok?)
I don't know!
(Will you tell us that you're ok?)
I don't know!
(There's a spatter in the window)
I don't know!
(Where it struck you - a crescendo Pache)
I don't know!
(He came into your anus)
I don't know!
(Left the bloodstains on the carpet)
I don't know why Remi!
(Then you ran into the bedroom)
I don't know!
(You were held down)
(It was your moon - Pache!)

Dag gone it - Remi!
(Will you tell us that you're ok?)
Dag gone it - Remi!
(There's a spatter on the window)
Dag gone it - Remi!
(When it struck you - a crescendo Pache)
Hoo! Hoo!
(He came into your anus)
Dag gone it!
(Left the bloodstains on the carpet)
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!
(Then you ran into the bedroom)
Dag gone it!

File 150100247534.jpg - (305.67KB, 568x950, Patchy_Succ_Licc_etc.jpg) [iqdb]
Not too much rhyming to boast about here, but since this board seems to lack a thread for lewd memes...
File 15117256291.jpg - (284.46KB, 375x600, oide.jpg) [iqdb]
Having announced her presence to Gensokyo, Okina felt that her work had been done, albeit a tad roughly no thanks to that miko. Either way, the success put her in a good enough mood that she started to feel like celebrating. However, the incident that she’d caused left Gensokyo’s seasons out of balance. In light of that fact, she decided it was best to wait. And wait she did, already unable to contain herself, for months and months.

The leaves were turning all sorts of browns and reds when she did emerge. Where she arrived, somewhere close to the mountain, a rowdy gathering of humans holding a some kind of party drew her attention. In the middle of the affair were two goddesses: Minoriko and Shizuha, as they introduced themselves. Immediately, the pair invited Okina to take part in their autumn celebration, which she did without a shred of restraint.

After the hidden goddess had danced, ate, and drank her fill, she talked with her hosts at length, telling them about her underlings and her exploits in the shadows. Unsurprisingly to Okina, the majority of her work was beyond their comprehension. As simple representatives of the season, she was able to grasp their existence with ease. Their lack of shrines and regular followers may have cast them as ragamuffins among gods, but Okina found them interesting enough.

“You wanna come back with us?” Minoriko asked as Okina was thinking of leaving. The celebrations had died down with the fading sunlight.

Though disappearing into the other side of Gensokyo would have been trivial for Okina, the offer intrigued her. She’d waited so long, and had such a good time with these two, that any more antics were welcome.

“Lead on!” she cheered.

The sisters shared a look, laughing and locking fingers. Their cheery mood infected Okina, who shared in their carrying on.

Together, the three of them skipped on to a clearing that the autumn goddesses called home. Their home itself could best be called a shack, humble but charming in its own way, and the view of the leaves surrounding was stunning. Okina quietly wished she could have a place just like it.

Inside, Okina took in the warm coziness of the place. A cat resting on top of the kotatsu gave her a lazy glance before nodding back off.

“I love it. So, how are we going to keep the party going?” Okina asked, invigorated from the walk.

The goddesses both smiled at Okina. “Well, we’d love to keep partying, but we’re pretty beat, right, sis?” the younger one said.

“Mhm. We were thinking more of a sleepover than an after-party,” the older one followed up.

Okina scratched her cheek, feeling a bit underwhelmed all of a sudden. “Oh, well, that’s okay too, I guess.”

“C’mon!” said Minoriko, grabbing Okina’s hand and leading her to the back.

They marched on to the bedroom, where Minoriko wasted no time hauling out the futons while Shizuha handled the sheets. Okina stood aside and watched curiously as Minoriko pushed two of the futons together. It looked like there was at least one more futon in the closet, so just putting down two didn’t make much sense. Regardless, Shizuha pulled out an extra large sheet that covered both.

“Um, question,” Okina said, raising her hand, “where do I sleep?”

Minoriko smiled and glanced at Shizuha. Her cheeks pushed into little rosy apples. “What kinda question is that? You’re sleeping with us, silly!”


“That is okay, right?” Shizuha asked.

“Uh, yeah, I just… wasn’t expecting it.” Okina chuckled nervously. She never even shared a bed with her servants and close conspirators, Satono and Mai. The idea was new enough to her that it made her a bit tense. Hopefully, she didn’t snore or kick in her sleep.

“Anyway, shall we?” Minoriko prompted.

“I believe we shall,” Shizuha replied.

In the very next moment, Okina watched as the two of them started peeling their clothes off. Dresses, headwear, bras, and panties all fell into a pile next to the bed. Okina gasped seeing the two of them naked now. Minoriko was on the pudgy side, with fat, saggy breasts and trimmed golden blonde pubic hair. Shizuha was skinny and pale, her chest a lot smaller and only a bit of golden stubble showing where she’d evidently shaved. They were clearly sisters judging from the blunted nubby shape of their peachy pink nipples, circled in wide rings of a similar shade.

Okina blushed seeing them in their full glory. How long had it been since she’d seen anyone naked? It’d been a long time, that was for sure.

She partially covered her eyes but peeked through her fingers. “W-W-Why are you two…?”

Minoriko and Shizuha looked at each other again and laughed. The laughter made Minoriko’s belly fat jiggle. “This is how we sleep, silly.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, is there? It’s a lot more comfortable than hot clothes,” Shizuha added.

“I g-guess not,” Okina conceded. She wasn’t sure what kind of logic that was, but she didn’t want to hurt the vibe. It was hard not to admire how cheerful the pair were no matter what the occasion.

Minoriko slinked up and grabbed the fastener on Okina’s tabard. “Good, then, you too!”

Before Okina could raise any objections, Minoriko and Shizuha both undid the fasteners on her tabard and dress. Together, they slid the sleeves and dress down, slowly slipping the skirt off of her after that was gone. Okina was small enough that she just wore a camisole and panties.

“These are cute,” Minoriko said, giggling and pawing at Okina’s panda print underwear. Okina’s modest cheeks were barely a morsel in her palms.

The attention made Okina squirm. She mumbled some excuse about laundry day. If she’d known somebody else would be seeing them, she’d have worn something less childish.

Splitting their roles, Minoriko took the bottom while Shizuha handled the top. The speed and coordination with which they worked amazed Okina — practised hands, she figured. Bare seconds went by before her undergarments were left laying on the floor with her dress.

Okina felt the cool night air on her skin and shivered a bit. The only place where she didn’t feel cold was between her legs, thanks to her well-grown pubic patch. She tried to cover her crotch with her hand, but Shizuha pulled it away. Squeaking, she squeezed her legs together in vain, their skinniness not allowing them to hide much.

Wondering what the deal was, Shizuha looked down between Okina’s legs. Her eyes opened a little and she smirked. “Oh, I see.”

“See what?” her sister asked. With a nudge and a point from Shizuha, her eyes fell to the same place. “Ohhhh. Wow, Okina is a woman, alright!”

Okina squeaked again, feeling like she was going to burst into tears. The last thing she wanted anyone to see was how poorly she groomed down below.

“Um, that’s not a bad thing, is it?” Shizuha asked Minoriko with a hard nudge.

“N-No! You’re really cute and pretty down there!” spluttered Minoriko.

Well, if that was the case, then it wasn’t that bad. Okina was still embarrassed, but not as badly. She squeezed the goddesses’ hands. They nestled in next to her, rubbing their skin together. Being in direct contact with them felt warm and made Okina think of laying in the sun. The addition of Minoriko’s overall softness only bettered the deal.

Shizuha broke away first. “We’re gonna freeze if we stay like this.”

“Yeah, sis is right. Let’s get under the covers,” Minoriko chirped.

They quickly piled into the bed and pulled the covers over themselves, Okina situated right between Minoriko and Shizuha. The two of them snuggled close to Okina right away. She whimpered but enjoyed feeling their warmth again. They sat like that for a while, the room still except for the sounds of their breathing.

Okina turned her head to see Minoriko smiling at her. With their faces that close, Okina could feel her breath on her face, tickling her. An urge overtook her. She leaned in close until she was pressing right on Minoriko’s face. Her lips closed around Minoriko’s chubby cheek, giving her a light kiss.

A hand brought her face to Shizuha’s. The leaf goddess, now leafless and only distinguishable from her sister by being the thin one, grumbled at Okina.

“Don’t you think giving that to the older sister first is polite?” she groused.

Okina bit her lip. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Well, I’ll forgive you—” the goddess leaned in with her hands on Okina’s cheeks, “—with this.”

Then, Shizuha kissed Okina right on the lips. Okina’s eyes stayed open from shock but she didn’t hate it. They ran their tongues over each other, trading tastes. Shizuha’s mouth tasted kind of like wheat shochu and fruit. In the middle of it all, Okina reached out to feel of Minoriko’s body. Minoriko laughed, tickled by Okina’s hands on her sides.

When they broke the kiss, Okina was out of breath and feeling hot. She stared in disbelief at Shizuha, who only smiled back at her.

“Hey, that’s not fair, sis, I need some, too!” Minoriko whined and grabbed Okina, kissing her with even more force than Shizuha.

Despite the two being sisters, they were very different kissers. The younger one, who tasted like sweet potatoes and strawberries, was more keen to whip her tongue around and suck on Okina’s tongue, taking the breath out of her mouth.

Adding to Minoriko’s mouth assault, Okina felt Shizuha’s hands crawling under her armpits and around. The warm little palms squeezed her modest chest. A jolt raced through her as Shizuha’s fingertips grazed her nipples. Whether it was because she was excited or because it was cold, they were hard and ripe for squeezing and flicking — which is exactly what Shizuha did. The feeling of being touched made her want to touch back.

Her hand ran up to Minoriko’s breast and squeezed. Minoriko moaned into Okina’s mouth, pressing her body into her and sandwiching Shizuha’s hands between them.

“Typical Minoriko, doesn’t know how to pace herself,” Shizuha mused to herself.

“Do too!” Minoriko protested, suddenly pulling her mouth off of Okina. She pouted at Shizuha for a second but returned to smiling just as quickly. “So, how about me too?”

Shizuha laughed. “You’re a mess.”

The two leaned around Okina, squishing her between their bodies, and shared a long kiss, moaning and breathing hard. Okina felt Shizuha grinding against her back on one side while Minoriko wrapped her legs around Okina’s leg and started humping away. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she leaned down to Minoriko’s other breast, suckling on her nipple.

Minoriko made a loud “Mmf!” before unwrapping herself from Okina. The goddesses ended their kiss with a loud, squishy smacking noise. Shizuha pulled Okina off of Minoriko’s breast, much to her annoyance.

“What?” Okina groused.

“Now, now. You’re the guest here. Just let us handle that,” Shizuha said smoothly.

Having caught her breath, Minoriko grinned. “Ooh, are we going to do the thing?”

“Of course. It’s only proper.”

Okina looked at the two with some concern. They gave her reassuring — and dirty — smiles.

“We’re gonna make you feel good,” Minoriko said with a wink.

The two of them shuffled around in the bed until they both had Okina’s arms between their legs. Okina could feel that they were both pretty excited now; Minoriko’s matted pubic hair painted a trail on her skin. In a synchronised motion, they reached down to take a thigh each to themselves.

Okina took a deep breath in excitement and nervousness, her back arcing just from the attention to her thighs. “Ah!”

“I think she’s about as sensitive as you,” Shizuha said in a breathy whisper.

“Mmh, this’ll be fun,” Minoriko said back, running her tongue around Okina’s collar until she left a layer of slobber to match that on her arm.

Both goddesses began rubbing their godly bounties on Okina’s arms. Despite not even looking at each other, it was like they knew what rhythm to take, and they moved at the same speed and intensity. Back and forth, they ran their sensitive bits along Okina’s skinny little arms. Each thrust brought their hands deeper down in between Okina’s legs. The feeling of their fingers brushing her lower hair made Okina squirm.

Minoriko was the first one to break pace with her sister, speeding up her grinding to a frantic pace. Her wetness let her slip and slide against Okina, and she only seemed to get wetter. She gripped Okina’s shoulder, little squeaking moans coming from her as she thrust harder.

“Like I said, can’t pace herself,” Shizuha scoffed. Being taller, she was able to lean up to plant a quick peck on Okina’s chin and neck. Then, her finger closed the distance to the small goddess’ treasure. “Guess it’s up to me, now, huh?”

Shizuha’s fingers got to work, caressing every inch of skin between Okina’s legs, though they strayed away from her jewel. All the same, Okina moaned in approval. Her reaction must have clued Minoriko in, because her stubby fingers jumped to fill in the gap her sister had left. The sudden rough attack on her most sensitive place was so intense for Okina that she shivered.

Laughing to herself, Shizuha kissed Okina’s neck again and looped her fingers around to slip them inside Okina, who gasped sharply. The attention had got her so wet that the thin fingers had no trouble going in. Settled inside, the leaf goddess moved her fingers in and out slowly, carefully tickling the inner walls.

Minoriko’s fingers were simply mashing at random by contrast, too absorbed in how good she felt. She lay her head on Okina as her hips began running away with her. “Oh, gods, Okina, I’m—”

The grinding stopped with her hips rolling around and jerking against Okina’s arm in quick spasms. Her belly heaved in deep breaths that came out in high-pitched whines. Her soft, thick thighs squeezed down hard, not letting Okina have her arm back. Even more wetness poured out of Minoriko until her climax rolled off and she went still.

Without the one sister’s addition, the intensity had gone down enough where Okina didn’t feel like she was drowning in pleasure, but it wasn’t quite enough with just Shizuha fingers. Of course, Shizuha seemed to know this, and she grabbed Okina to flip her over until they were facing each other.

The warmth of Minoriko left and was replaced with Shizuha’s instead. “Don’t worry. We can have our own fun now.”

Reaching around with her other hand, Shizuha plucked up Shizuha’s fingers, guiding them right up to the warmth of her hairless entrance. She was getting about as wet as Minoriko.

“Go on, put it in me,” Shizuha moaned in Okina’s ear.

Okina did as she was told, and her fingers sunk into Shizuha’s warmth and wetness with minimal resistance; Okina couldn’t help thinking Shizuha was a bit narrower inside than herself. The leaf goddess hummed in appreciation and pushed herself against Okina’s hand.

“I love it. How about you? You like it inside, or are you a clit girl like Minoriko?” Despite the rough movements she was making, Shizuha’s voice still came out in a calm, breathy whisper. Her hands returned to their original spot to pose the question.

Okina’s legs parted willingly for Shizuha. It was a hard question to answer. Maybe she could push it a little. “B-Both,” she answered.

“If that’s what you want,” Shizuha whispered.

Her thin fingers slipped through Okina’s entrance, fitting in like she was a glove on Shizuha’s hand. This time, she pulled back enough to let her thumb rest right on the jewel. Even without moving, just her thumb barely grazing the surface felt amazing enough to make Okina groan.

“Wow, you’re so close already.”

Another choked groan came from Okina as Shizuha started polishing her jewel and moving her fingers at the same time. Her own grinding on Okina slowed a bit, but she kept twisting her hips.

Okina couldn’t stop herself from matching Shizuha now. Everything the leaf goddess gave her, she wanted to give right back. Low grunts sounded from Shizuha. They were locked into a little dance with each of them trying to make the other feel good.

“Okina, you feel so good,” Shizuha said breathlessly.

“You t-t— Ah!”

Warmth was building deep down inside Okina, building until it was white hot. Her insides hungered for Shizuha’s fingers.

Her stomach tightened. This was the edge. She was going to fall over any second now. She gripped the futon.

Climax came fast and glorious for her. An explosion of pleasure squeezed out any breath she had to make noise. Silently, she squirmed in Shizuha’s grip, every muscle quivering.

Somewhere in the edge of her consciousness she heard Shizuha speak. “Are you cumming?”

Okina couldn’t answer at the moment. Any breath was too precious to speak.

“Me too. Me too. Me too. Oh, gods!”

Their dance came to a slow stop, both of them riding the waves of their respective climaxes. As Okina’s ended, she could feel Shizuha’s walls sucking on her fingers, slobbering on them like a hungry mouth. Shizuha spasmed on the futon, low groaning noises coming out of her mouth in shocks.

Soon, Shizuha reached the end of her orgasm and slid Okina’s fingers out of her. They lay there panting on the futon, sweaty and out of breath. They didn’t even want to touch each other for the moment.

Shizuha looked like she was going to say something, but she was interrupted by Minoriko squealing. Okina turned her head to see Minoriko busy at work on herself, loud, wet noises coming from under the covers. Within seconds, she reached another rough climax.

“Too good,” Minoriko said dreamily after a few moments.

“While you were busy getting off by yourself, I had to help dear Okina here,” Shizuha chided, caressing Okina’s shoulder. She looked at Okina to add an aside. “Oh, and you were just wonderful.”

Minoriko puffed her cheeks out. “You were the one who just started hogging her all to yourself!”

“And it was all for a good cause, right, dear?”

“Um, I… I guess?” Okina said, feeling awkward to side with one sister or the other.

“Hmph! Well, maybe,” Minoriko said, sidling up against Okina with her pudge again, “I should have another round with her and show her why I’m better.”

“Another?” Okina asked.

The goddesses looked at her expectantly. Okina was honestly not sure if she wanted to stay too long. Then again, she never expected this would happen either. She was so settled into a haze of pleasure that her body didn’t agree with any notion of leaving.

She lay back on the futon, nestling her head into the pillow. Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad, she thought. Satono and Mai could take care of themselves.

Okina reached out to touch Minoriko and Shizuha. “Well, I guess I’m fine with more if you guys are.”

“Great!” Minoriko said with a bubbly giggle.

Shizuha smiled and kissed Okina’s cheek. “Don’t expect to sleep much, then. Minoriko’s got an appetite. Of course, I can’t say I’m much different.”

“That’s why were here!”


The two sisters shared a deep kiss. Watching them, Okina felt the familiar tingle returning between her thighs. What kind of luck would have her in bed with these two, she had no idea, but she didn’t want it any other way.

With the shift to the cool nights of early winter, there was nothing better than having Shizuha and Minoriko to warm her. And she was feeling pretty chilly about now, too.


This was supposed to be posted on Thanksgiving, but alas.
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