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File 150077368898.jpg - (88.21KB, 850x977, 57c998012f807b402c745c64f1d3354a.jpg) [iqdb]
An Attraction To Aya Says the Wolf
Main story is here.

I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea. But making a seperate thread for the first side-story vote from the main thread. I think it'll be easier to manage when I can post. So here. The main rule for these updates is simple: I update the main story once or twice before I make a side-story post. In reverse, this thread should never update before the main story thread.

So that's that. For now.
File 150077632726.png - (1.35MB, 995x1088, 66452fdcf5c5e0773560ba36268bf8d4.png) [iqdb]
I tried, I really did.


“Now, how should we start?”

The question you hear from Aya fires a cool bullet through your gut. That, and the way Momiji steps over to kneel by your arm, rubbing her waking cock on your elbow. Dinner long finished, Aya nudges your wrist up with a hand and the plate below it away with a foot. While she straddles your thigh. You make an attempt to voice your opinion, but Momiji plants a hand on your shoulder. She exerts enough force to bend you backwards until you lie on the floor.

Even though Aya owns the house, you're surprised Momiji's taken this much action. No. Actually, that's just like her.

The white wolf tengu stares down, her gaze piercing you. “Stay still and relax.”

Aya's fingers pluck at your waistband, but Momiji's hands drop down and pull the knot from your cotton belt. Momiji strips your lower clothes down to your ankles, while Aya spreads her palm above your rising member. As though coaxing something to life with some strange ritual. She undresses your shirt, turning it into a makeshift bed.

“Do you not want us to go too fast?” She chuckles as you harden upright. Her hand feels the small muscle while rubbing your stomach. “You don't quite have the endurance we have.”

Sitting between your legs, Momiji stares down at your cock. She doesn't say anything, only panting somewhat hard while doing so. Her warm breath caresses the head of your penis.

Momiji wants it. Wanting to attack it. Waiting, to attack. You can break that stoic, serious face of hers with your cock. And she knows she does every time she decides to give you a blowjob.

Dipping her head down, she sucks on the head of your cock. Her tongue droops from her lip, the soft wetness dragging across the skin of your penis. A light draw that comes and goes with the warm breath she covers your rod in. Aya silences your groan as she covers your mouth with your own, lips clamping on yours. Licking as soon as she's inside. One of your hands rises to Aya's open front, fingering a nipple before she grabs your wrist.

Guiding you lower.

You clench your fingers somewhat while you groan again. Momiji starts bobbing down and up. As empty as the hollow of her mouth is, Momiji's tongue slides flat along your hard cock as she fucks you with her head. Unfortunate, but all you see is the wrinkle of Aya's grin from the sound of her tongue licking yours. Then, she rises off of your mouth for a moment.

“Don't worry.” She wraps your hand around half-erect penis. Her sigh empowers you to grip around the length, which twitches harder in your palm. “You're not any less of a man. But we are going to fulfill our needs.”

Aya's hand moves up your chest, pinching and twisting your nipple while kissing you deep once more. You keep groaning as Momiji replaces her mouth with a hand. She swirls her tongue down your shaft and toward your balls, the circles churning the heat growing deep inside your sack. She also begins groaning as she takes one in her lips. She sucks and pulls on the heat within you, juggling it with savoring flicks of her tongue. Her hand pulls down and up your penis, tugging the foreskin around your cock with her speed and strength. You know you're hard enough for penetration now. Momiji's nose digs against the side of your erection, taking in your scent with a deep sniff. Aya brushes her lips on your cheek, a wet mark cooling your face as she laughs in your ear.

She kisses the lobe before you hear Momiji pant once. Hard. The tengu wolf's thighs brush over and straddle your own. Something warm, and something slick, wraps around a third of your cock. You know what it is when you see Momiji's body lowering over you.

If any man doesn't feel jealous despite the erection bobbing over your stomach, then they're idiots for ignoring the two tengu by your side. The sight of Momiji lunging up and down over your cock. Aya sighing in your ear as she drags her knee and soft thigh onto your chest. Yes, there's a second cock poking into your side. Still. The breast pushing into your arm, the nipple hard against your skin. Gods. The embrace of two lovers, all three of you together. The taste of Aya's tongue. Wet, but sweet as the thought of her tongue makes you believe. And how Aya angles her foot to press on Momiji's cock, pressing it against Momiji's own stomach. Sure, there's some nerves from knowing your ass is going to get fucked soon. But the building pressure in your cock, the concentration of two tengu and a human working in tandem. Who wouldn't want this?

Aya chuckles once, before she turns herself around. Aligning her pussy over your face, taking her erection in your hand. She faces toward Momiji while speaking to you.

“I'd feed you my cock,” She stops to sigh as you lick her once, “but I'll save that for Momiji.”

With your face full of Aya's thighs and ass, all you hear is a light sigh from Aya's lungs. Then, Momiji's body leans forward, with heavy breathing that can't belong to Aya closer to your face. Near your chest. You hear a mouth sucking on something near Aya's crotch.


Oh. You can help out here.

You bring your hands up. Your palms start stroking the top of her thighs, petting down and repeating. Scratching light and stroking with your fingernails.

Aya's light moan passes up toward the ceiling as you and Momiji attack her in two sensitive spots.

Though, Momiji's attacking herself by sucking on Aya's cock. You somewhat regret it, as Momiji slows herself down to perform two things at once. It doesn't stop her insides from being tight. Or Aya's juices from dripping over and across your mouth. And listening to Momiji's smacking and sucking, breathing hard and hallow while stuffed with Aya. You can even hear the wolf tengu groan with teeth bared, the way her voice grumbles with lust instead of pleasure. A subtle difference of want and receive.

Of course, half of the pleasure remains from the repetition of Momiji's pussy squeezing around your dick. Even with the minimal rocking of her hips, she manages to pleasure you without exactly fucking you. You also can't be too conscious of Momiji, with Aya's ass riding your face. Your mouth doesn't have complete access to her pussy, but seeing Aya's pale body rising and falling before your eyes doesn't feel too bad, either.

You'd have to get accustomed to ass, considering yours will be used in the near future.

As though this thought can control fate, you hear Momiji groan with her mouth full as something warm lands past your stomach. Aya rises off your face as you hear Momiji groan again. Unlike Aya's light sighs, Momiji's groans push out as low growls. A sound of instinct that rumbles down her body into your stomach. Aya holds her breath as she cums inside the other tengu's mouth. When the crow tengu's body rises for a moment, you look down yourself to see Momiji's throat contract with every few seconds. Concentratiing on swallowing the load being deposited into her mouth. However, Aya pulls back. You see the bottom of her hand jerk her cock enough to drizzle a few shots of semen onto Momiji's face. One or two probably land on your chest, but you can't tell from the mess that Momiji already made.

“So,” Aya sighs again, “you can take him too, right?”

You know what Aya means. Before you can move, Momiji crawls back and opens her mouth. She doesn't hesitate as she begins giving you another blowjob, her lips providing the tight hold that keeps you hard. Aya scoots off of your body to the side for you to watch, lying on her side. She lifts her legs and lowers one of her feet on the top of Momiji's head. Her other foot presses against the wolf tengu's forehead, lifting the hairs with her toes. From your view, Momiji's eyes stare up at you from under the side of Aya's foot. Her mouth continues to bob up and down your cock. Her own rubs against your leg, half-erect as it pokes into you. Aya tends to herself as well, stroking herself as she applies pressure to her top foot onto Momiji's head.

You know you don't actually have a fetish. But seeing Aya's bottom foot slide to your stomach, poking your pubic hair. Seeing Momiji suck your cock as hard as she can. The saliva trickling down between your sack. You know you're about to cum, and you feel that it's right to do so.

So you do.

With a loud moan, you further announce your orgasm to Momiji and Aya. However, something strange happens before you. You feel Momiji attempt to stay on your cock, but from how Aya moves, you know she's pushing Momiji's forehead with her foot. The result is that you cum twice inside of Momiji's mouth before Aya pushes her off of your erupting penis. Momiji opens her mouth with her tongue lowered to allow as much space as needed. The sight spurs your body to reward her with a strong volley of your seed. Momiji closes her eyes as your cum lands both in her mouth and over her lips. One particular strand webs over the crevice of her mouth. Another lands across and next to the corner of her eye. Some of your essence lands on Aya's foot now at the base of your crotch. The rest of your orgasm spurts less spectacularly, dripping to the base of your penis and back on Aya's foot. When Aya spots this, she smears her semen-covered toes up and down your softening cock. Momiji swallows once before cleaning you off. Her cheek bulges as she takes you. Sometimes rising off to take a breath. Sometimes licking Aya in the process. An unashamed, impolite licking that replaces cum with saliva along the side of Aya's foot.

Well. All you can really do for the moment is lie back and close your eyes. Lips on your dick. A tongue licking in the warm, wet hole of Momiji's mouth. And Aya, rubbing her dirty foot on your thigh. Not to mention Momiji's erection sliding up and down your other leg.

To your surprise, your cock remains erect. Momiji finishes cleaning you, continuing to suck you off. Your body is probably spent of a large quantity of semen. But you're ready to satisfy once more.

Aya chuckles beside you.

“At least you won't be watching for now?”

She kisses you after saying this. A peck that turns into tongue. You also spot Momiji waiting on all fours over your body. You don't hear Momiji breathe. Her chest doesn't even move as she stares down at you. Her eyes are narrowed, but you don't think they would be called hard.

Instead, she slides between your legs. Her thighs rub down your legs as her cock stands upright next to your own.

“Hold on.”

You notice Aya walking on her knees back toward the two of you. There's a bottle in one hand, drizzling an oil-like liquid into the palm of the other. It falls and trickles over her fingers, pooling at her palm, and even slides down her wrist.

“If you go in like this,” Aya looks up at Momiji, “you'll tear him apart.”

Considering the amount on her hand, Aya lubricates Momiji's cock with a slow handjob. Momiji looks down, kneeling over you as she observes Aya's hand twisting and pulling over the skin. The slick drip of lubricant smacks between hand and erection as Aya applies her hand over every area multiple times. She even slips her finger over Momiji's pussy, bending and straighting her finger directly over the other tengu's slit. You swallow as Aya bends Momiji's cock toward your asshole, with Momiji leaning over to hold your waist in her hands. You ass clenches for a second in anticipation. It does so a second time when it feels something wet and hard prod against the entrance.

You're not a virgin. Momiji and Aya have both had their share before. That doesn't change how your body responds to something being shoved inside you.

You see Momiji breath in and out. Then, there's a small shift in her waist as you feel the pressure of her cock pushing against your asshole. You hold in a groan as Aya lies beside you once more. Her mouth presses against your shoulder, as though kissing it. You can feel her grin on your arm as the tip of Momiji's cock fills pushes into your ass. The instant of a grunt clears Momiji's throat as she begins humping at the space between you and her. Aya's somewhat lubricated hand dips low to rub your cock, which manages to maintain its erect state despite the cock pushing inside of you. Before you realize it, Momiji's thighs press against your butt as she pushes her entire cock inside. Somewhere inside you, a sensitive tingle and shock shoots down your balls and up your shaft.

“Too much?” Is all Aya asks while her noses sniffs in your arm.

You blink, clearing your mind. “No. Uh, not yet.”

And as if you signaled the answer to another question, Momiji only lets out a breath before starting to rock back and forth. Thrusting forward and back. You let out something between a scream and a moan as lubricant, heat, and cock rush in and out of you. A warm pleasure rises through your cock before you spot cum spurting from the tip. Only a small spurt, but enough to tell that you had a small orgasm.

Suddenly, this too starts a series of events.

With a harsh breath, Momiji begins fucking you quick and hard. Her cock grinds in and out of your bowels as she fights against your body's tight denial. At the same time, Aya rises high enough to kiss you. Her hand also starts jacking you off, the lubricant loud and slick in your ears among the grunts and breathing. Most of which are yours. Some of which are Momiji's as she thrusts inside. A few are by Aya for pleasure's sake. In comparison, your cock is being fucked much faster than Momiji's inside you. Momiji's hands hold your thighs firm against her wrist as she concentrates on humping you. The slick heat pulsing in with every movement doubles the pleasure buzzing into your head. Some of that pleasure exits as heat through your mouth and into Aya's. Her tongue draws as much of your noise and heat as she can. Aside from the small discomfort stretching below your spine, the warm thickness of Momiji's cock spreads in a relaxing wave of heat. Aya's tongue licks soft against your own. Her knee hugs over your stomach in a way that her own hard erection jabs against your side.

Momiji acts as a blanket in the heat of sex, while Aya provides comfort with her small caresses here and there. Momiji looks beautiful, dressed in her pleasure as she pants from fucking you over and over. Silent, but tough and firm. On the other hand, Aya pleasures you with her beauty, her fingers strumming up your cock. Sensual, controlled, with a smile on her face. A smile not of happiness itself, but fulfilling desire for happiness. A three-way act of lust and affection.

You allow Momiji to raise your legs on your shoulders as she leans over. She plants her hands on both sides of your body and pants deeper. Fucking you instead of humping you, thrusting down instead of grinding in. A low moan rumbles up your chest from her change. A frantic pushing, sets of thrusts, that build over time. Aya nips at your shoulder blade before stroking your cock with more force, pacing her wrist to provide speed over depth. You grab on to something hard and warm in your right hand. Aya takes a sharp breath, right before Momiji pants once with a hiss and what sounds like a growl.

She thrusts in and stops. Momiji grinds her forehead on your chest, her mouth biting your skin near your nipple. Her cum lands somewhere inside your ass, and you relax as her hard cock freezes inside of you. After a few seconds, she rocks back and forth to empty the rest of her seed. Your penis twitches as Momiji's grinds against a small nub of pleasure inside of you. The warmth of her cock remains as her cum provides a warmer heat that dies down in a matter of seconds. As the sporadic heat fades, Momiji's teeth releases your chest before she starts breathing through her nose again. With a few swings of her hips, she pulls out for your ass to recover before lying on top of you.

Her forehead is almost burning hot, a few beads of sweat stuck to your chest. Aya, though, doesn't look satisfied at all. But why should she be if she hasn't gotten to do much? If that hand twisting near the tip of your cock isn't any indication....
File 150077686922.jpg - (424.85KB, 600x922, 6d70a637cc3ef059e2a4412c0d8edc48.jpg) [iqdb]
“Hey.” Aya slides up and over Momiji's ass. She continues to call to you. “Relax for a moment.”

She places her hand on Momiji's back, pushing the wolf tengu's spine until her body sandwiches your cock between your body and Momiji's. Momiji grunts as Aya lowers her body on top of both of you. You bring a hand to brush Momiji's hair from her forehead while inspecting her face. Momiji's eyes retain some focus. Single hairs stick to her forehead. Your lips peck her cheek.

You know what the situation is. Aya's fucking Momiji. And from the way her hips moving applies weight and pressure to your body, she's being quite rough. There's a silent laughter on Aya's face as she pounds down into Momiji. Who, based on her lack of reaction, doesn't seem to mind. In fact, from the way her lower body attempts to move back and forth, Momiji fights back.

Momiji's stomach grinds against your hardness as she moves against Aya, however minuscule the movement is. Aya contributes the most to the rebuilding heat among the three of you, her hands placed where Momiji's were before to leverage her thrusting. After a few seconds, Momiji's limp cock also rubs against your own. Enjoying the dry grind, you bring your other hand to Momiji's face. Even while being fucked, Momiji's mouth parts enough for you to slip your thumb and forefinger inside. Her teeth close around the two digits the flat bone holding the digits between the top and bottom. The warmth of her breath bursts past your trapped fingers as Aya continues fucking her into you. Aya tangles one of her legs between one of yours and Momiji's, her toes finding support on the floor after doing so.

And with a laugh, Aya manages to move faster.

Your fingernails stroke the sides of Momiji's tongue as the white wolf tengu starts to moan. This time, her moans come out more like sighs than a low cry. Aya's hips clap against Momiji's waist. All Momiji can do is grip the sides of your body, her arms folded at the elbow as her cock starts to harden again. The wet tip rubs your skin above your stomach. The cooler, but warm emergence of her fluids stick to your body. Your own penis hardens to full erection as it grinds against Momiji's body just as hers does against yours.

Aya looks quite satisfied plowing Momiji from behind. If that twisted mouth doesn't let you know. That, and you believe the short burst of a pant every hard thrust is more than Aya makes in a normal session. With Momiji, you can't quite tell. Her lowered eyebrows could mean she hates Aya for putting her in such a position. Or Momiji might be planning on how to revenge fuck Aya. Or, she's focused on bracing against the pleasure crashing into her from behind. On top of the grinding pleasure (in a literal sense) from the front.

Momiji starts crying out with every few, thunderous claps into her body. A rather surprising whine that twists around the nerves in your cock. She holds it in after a few outbursts before her muscles tighten against your body. Her limbs don't move. Rather, you feel the change inside her body through your own. The loss of focus in the wolf tengu's eye as her inner orgasm washes through her. You recognize the switch.

But Aya doesn't stop.

For the next moment, Momiji shuts her eyes to endure the pounding. But you see the restraint snap when her hips jolt upwards, both pushing and bucking Aya out of her. Then, Momiji's back rises up as she throws her body backward. The force sends Aya on her butt, her cock bouncing once as she laughs at the event. Momiji kneels between you and Aya, but her eyes turn toward the crow tengu behind her.

“Too much?” Aya raises a finger across her mouth, almost biting with her lips.

The air around Momiji thickens despite the silent, unreadable panting coming from her. Her eyes find you as she crawls to your face. You let her tongue lap the insides of your mouth, almost pushing your head back. When she retreats, she spins around to push Aya to the ground by her shoulders. Momiji takes a second to adjust her thighs over Aya's stomach before piercing herself with Aya's cock. You hear Aya sigh before Momiji stretches one of her legs back towards you. Her toe scratches the area near your pubic hair.

An invitation to come forward. All while Aya starts crying out.

Although that cry was solely out of pleasure. You know Aya well enough to tell that much without a doubt. And you know Momiji well enough to approach without asking.

You lift Aya's legs from behind the knees as you adjust yourself. You hear Aya say something along the lines of “Hey” before you push the head of your erection against her hole. Your body leans against Momiji's back as you manage to shake your way inside. The warmth of Aya's pussy constricts around you while she sighs in pleasure. Her sigh breaks on regular intervals as Momiji hammers her body onto Aya's. Your chest slides down and up Momiji's spine as the white wolf tengu fucks Aya in earnest.

You know Momiji's breathing hard and rough. Accepting the lust that's running through her body. You find enough pleasure from sawing in and out of Aya, her body squeezing every part of your cock when it can. And from the way Aya's legs kick in your hands, she's also into the double fucking. Two different acts occurring at once. Yet all adding to Aya's approaching climax. Humping Aya's ass as best as you can is all you can do. But the heat collecting in your balls tells much of your own orgasm.

One that arrives as her knees crush your palms against her thigh.

You doubt yourself for a moment as Momiji continues fucking Aya, bent over and focused on lifting and dropping her hips. But as you see semen drip from Momiji's pussy, you grunt as you pull out of Aya and start covering Aya's back with your cum. The pale back of her spine becomes an attractive scene of sweat and semen. A sense of familiarity washes over you as Aya manages to power her legs from your hands. Aya's arms shoot up Momiji's back. She manages to hold the tengu wolf by her shoulders, her hands smearing some of the cum on Momiji's back.. All you can see from over them are Aya's eyes, staring straight into Momiji's face.

“Alright. I understand.”


That's all Aya and Momiji need to say before you sigh.

“So are we done?” You take a deep breath.

Although that's a somewhat dumb question. Even your own body refuses to cool down to tell you otherwise.

Your first answer comes as Aya uses her foot to push you back. Not quite understanding the intention, you still allow yourself to fall backward.

“Not yet.” Aya crawls past Momiji, who stares with narrowed eyes. Her cock is still erect. “I'm not just playing around, you know?”

You understand what her words mean. Even as the both of you position yourselves so that you're on all fours. Presenting your back to Aya. And the crow tengu places her hands on your ass.

The only uncertainty is Momiji kneeling in front of you.

Aya drags a few fingernails up your back. “Well, you're already spent. And we're the ones with heat. So....”

She's not wrong. You're limp and spent. But that's not to say you can't feel any more pleasure. Aya and Momiji have both fucked you back to an erection before. Maybe that's to be expected with the two of them.

You're not complaining.

Her cock presses against your used asshole, which opens without resistance. You assume the previous lubrication and subsequent fucking prepared you for this. Momiji places a hand on top of your head. When you groan, Momiji slips her cock past your lips. The scent of sex and liquid rises into your nose, tart enough to send a warm shock down to the bottom of your stomach. Aya's cock fills your asshole, pushing in within the depths of your body.

Even clenching around her makes your spine shake in pleasure.

Aya's waist against your butt provides a soft cushion as she begins to move. Her hands guide you back as her hips press forward. You look up for a moment. Momiji stares down at you, content with keeping your head still as her warm and wet cock slides forward and back. She's careful enough to not approach your throat, your mouth tight enough to accommodate for as much as it can in comfort.

To be fair, you've given both of them a number of blowjobs. So you're not surprised when your tongue is skilled enough to make Momiji release a short pant every now and then. A circle around the head there. Tightening your lips and humming around her cock there. It's the best you can muster while being spit-roasted.

When Aya starts thrusting in earnest, your tongue pushes Momiji's cock up against the roof of your mouth. The act provides enough balance to pleasure Momiji in response to the rough fucking Aya gives you. In fact, she manages to reach the pace she had with Momiji, without the noise. But despite the silence, the pleasure burns hot through your body up your chest as her cock fills you again and again. So you satisfy yourself with Momiji's scattered breaths to make up for the complete silence behind you. You hum around Momiji's cock as Aya's fingers dig into your butt. You lose count of the number of times your nose hits Momiji below her bellybutton before Aya finally sighs once.

And if Aya sighs like that, you know she's getting close. At least, closer.

But the first thing to happen instead is Momiji stopping, before a rush of warmth lands in your throat. Hot, then tart and sticky. Her cum shoots inside your mouth as you swallow quick and hard. When you do, a moan trembles from Momiji. Even while Aya continues to fuck you, Momiji pulls herself from your mouth. You close your eyes as Momiji's starts cumming on your face. For good reason, as the first contact lands over your eye. More warm semen lands over your cheek and near your nose, before you can't tell anymore. Before you open your eyes, Momiji lifts you up by pushing your shoulders up.

For a moment, Aya stops. Then, she pistons up and down rather than forward and back while Momiji proceeds to kiss you hard. You don't finish swallowing the remnants of her cum as saliva mixes in between your mouths. Momiji moves down, licking once at your chin, throat, and then settling around your chest. She begins run her teeth and tongue around and on your nipples while Aya's hands rises up to caress your chest. Your cock flops up and down, blood managing to harden it somewhat. But Momiji remains on your chest. Meanwhile, one of Aya's hands finds your penis, the fingers playing with the lack of erection. But you know you don't need the reach-around. The constant pounding in your ass builds up the rest of what's needed. The small heat needed to push the knot in your balls out of your body once more.

You cry out. A second later, Aya stops full hilt inside you.

You savor Momiji sucking your nipple as Aya cums inside you. The tengu wolf's mouth leaves saliva trails along your chest. You can't even feel Aya cumming inside you from the burning mass of heat in your ass. You do feel Momiji bite your skin with her lips before moving lower. As you look down with Momiji, you realize the extra source of pleasure from the semen firing out from your cock. The tengu wolf bites the middle of your penis with her lips before she goes lower. Momiji begins lapping at your balls while Aya starts sighing in relief. Aya pulls you back, and you both collapse to the floor. Momiji crawls forward to continue licking you, suckling and dragging her tongue along each of your balls at her leisure.

There's a moment where you and Aya rest while Momiji continues tending to you. Momiji breathes hard on your sack as the three of you relax in this special afterglow. There's another moment where you slide off of Aya's smooth breasts to your side. Momiji manages to follow, savoring your penis a few more times before she appears to be satisfied. She rises in front of your eyes, her throat bulging as she swallows once.

The hard stare in her eyes would be intimidating if it weren't for the fact that you knew you just had sex. The soft chuckle tickling the hairs on your neck also gives you another sense of warmth. One that's not physical, but rather a fulfillment. Even with a spent cock resting against your tailbone, it can't be all that bad with both of your lovers resting beside you. Or in this instance, in front and behind you.

“I should be okay.” Momiji assures you.

Aya flicks one of your nipples once with the back of a fingernail.

“Me too.”

A chuckle rises from your throat.

“But what about guarding the mountain tomorrow?” You reach forward and pull Momiji closer. Thankfully, Aya floats a blanket from somewhere over the three of you. Momiji's eyebrows lower.

A doubtful stare.

“I don't know if it's healthy for us to stay like this.”

Aya laughs. Making fun of the thought. “It felt good, and it's not hurting us. Was it bad?”

Momiji blinks. One of your hand rises to stroke her hair.

“Sorry.” You smile to apologize.

“No, it's okay.” Momiji's eyes turn away for a second. They return to yours. “I was just thinking.”

“But we can't sleep on the floor. Ow.” You wince as you stretch out a tenseness in your leg.

Momiji kisses you while Aya laughs again.

“No.” She reaches over to cup and fondle Momiji's breast. “But let's rest here for a bit.”

In front of you, Momiji. Behind you, Aya. Rest is a good idea. The gods only know how much paperwork the Chief Tenma has for you.


That's it for now. I'll be unavailable at the end of this month, but hopefully I can be more active after that. It's been a rough month. By the way....

A Day In The Chief's Life
Lord Tenma fulfilling her duties on a certain day before meeting her lover. Meeting two tengu for the ritual in the day before meeting her lover later. Glanced upon in the story, here an example instance is written in detail.

An Attraction To An Enemy
Remember that story Aya told about a tengu who had a heat period during a battle with a rival? Well, Aya remembers that pretty well. She saw it. Involves angry and frustrated sex between two female tengu.

[] A Day In The Chief's Life
[] An Attraction To An Enemy

Again, these side stories will not be immediate updates. Main story takes priority. Of which, I should update soon....
[X] An Attraction To An Enemy

I like this a lot more than your plot-filled story.
[X] A Day In The Chief's Life
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