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File 144482634259.jpg - (223.87KB, 516x728, 47635106_p1_master1200.jpg)
This features futa x futa. Fueled by urges and a need to write. I don't quite know about rate per gallon, though.


I could see her in the distance, at the top of the cliff’s peak. I could smell her. A subtle, fresh wind that brushes the inside of your nose. It isn’t long before Aya reaches me, and I couldn’t stand it. And it isn’t because I thought she was deplorable as a tengu. That was true to some extent, but that wasn’t the main issue.

The main issue is that I—at least, my body and penis—wanted Aya.

I don’t understand the connection myself. But whatever was happening to me, it was a problem that needed action soon. I resisted the lurching urge up until now, but the urge has only gotten stronger and stronger—

“Hm. Standing around again, are we?”

Yes. I’m a white wolf tengu on guard duty. We’re on the mountain, aren’t we? Of course, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for Aya to suddenly write an article about “a certain tengu on duty”, or even put the name “Momiji” in the title. Nonetheless, it’d have a picture of me on it.

I resist the urge to acknowledge her by closing my eyes. That probably makes it worse for me, because then she’ll-

“Oh? Am I bothering you again? Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Are we just going to argue?” I swing my sword toward the ground, gripping my shield tighter. “Or can we talk about something meaningful?”

I hear Aya’s soft laugh muffled by the side of her hand. “Aren’t we having a meaningful conversation?”

“Not as meaningful as when we talk about something that matters.”

“What’s wrong with how we are now? I don’t think you’d be very interested in what I’m going to do today.”

“You mean taking scandalous photos of people from all over Gensokyo? Or writing an article about said photos, spinning some ridiculous tale that’s probably not the case? Let’s not mention how many people hate your guts for what you do.”

“And yet, you don’t mind that I do these things, do you?”

I still haven’t opened my eyes yet. No, I don’t mind as long as it’s not me. I remain silent as Aya goes on.

“You have to admit there’s some validity in what I do.”

“The key word is `some`.”

“Hmmm. Thank you. But that’s the word of one cool-headed guard who isn’t as cool as she thinks she is.”

“Says the crow who caws around everything she thinks is worth crying about.”

“I thought you didn’t want to argue?”

I go silent again to avoid starting the endless cycle. If it were any other stranger, I’d either be reporting them or capturing them where they stand. But Aya isn’t any other stranger. And she isn’t someone who would let herself be captured easily.

“…Well, thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure,” Her voice has gotten a lot closer, “to refer to you in my next scoop.”

I could feel her breath tickling my nose. When I open my eyes-


I take two steps back from how close her face is to mine. Aya lets out a soft laugh, floating to the ground.

“Did I surprise you? I thought you were supposed to remain vigilant. If I could get that close to you without you moving a muscle, no matter how strong you are, that’d be a problem.”

I sigh. “No. It’s a problem because it’s you.”

At this, the corners of her mouth drop slightly. Her eyes jerk down just a bit. I’m sure hit a nerve, but I’m also sure she understood I didn’t mean it in a negative way. Not this time. To be clear, it isn’t even because of my more than semi-erect penis. It was a genuine admittance of her abilities, her speed and skill. Of course, I wouldn’t give her that satisfaction.

Aya approaches me again with a single leap. She hovers closer to me, and I stare at her. Aya is just farther than she was earlier when she’d snuck right up to my face.

“Hmmm?” Aya looks into my eyes…and then down my body, before looking up again. “Is something wrong?”


I refuse to answer. Not because of being caught in a lie saying otherwise. I instead take the short moment of silence to try to calm myself. As attentive as Aya may be, there’s no way she saw anything abnormal about me at a glance. That is, nothing physically strange. And that was important. Right now, it’s as clear as the sky how strange my behavior is.

That makes itself clear when Aya’s eyes narrow at me.

She hides her nose and mouth behind that fan of hers, leaning back in what I think is her way of trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Then, she turns as she starts to think some more.

And I twitch.

As she turned, her hips twisted under the folds of her clothes, her elbow pulled back and bent. As she rose up into the air, her foot lifted from her geta slightly. She presented her back to me while thinking, her neck too exposed. Too clean.

I could feel my penis rising more, grazing against my hakama.


I spread my feet apart to balance myself. I try to pretend Aya—or at least her body—wasn’t in front of me. But that only brings up a mental image of her face. How she stared into my eyes with all the purpose in the world to get a reaction from me. She did. And now I’m getting harder, thinking about how I could turn her previous face into one with eyes shut tight. Aya would be throwing her head up and back. Her mouth would be screaming in pleasure as I push myself in—

“You know what?” Aya starts to float in a circle around me. “I did have someplace I wanted to be. But I think I’ve found something much more interesting.” She pulls out her camera and waves it left and right once after stopping in front of me.

No. There was no way she could see a thing. But I didn’t dare glance down to check.

“Oh?” I say, careful not to move any more than I did before. “You think me `standing around` is interesting.”

I concentrate on not getting an erection, but Aya bares her legs at me as she sits in the air leaning backwards. I could see halfway up her bare thigh, her knee, and the small part of her lower leg before its paleness contrasts with her black, knee-high socks. Or whatever they were. I close my eyes.

But it isn’t working.

“Is there something about me that’s bothering you?” Aya places her fan against her chest, hiding her throat and the tip of her chin. “I wouldn’t think that a white wolf tengu was incapable of maintaining a little self-control.”

…No. This is Aya. I know she has one. She may have some method of self-control or a way to relieve herself without shame. And yet, she has the nerve to tease me about my own methods of dealing with my body? She could be heckling me like always. But likely, she knows what she’s doing to my body and is talking like this on purpose.

“Indeed, even late into the summer as it is, the heat must be unbearable. A bit strange, but that’s part of nature, isn’t it?”

And it starts again. But this time, I don’t feel like thinking of a retort. Rather, I don’t feel like talking at all.

“Or perhaps I should report on this as a worry for the tengu guards. Impotency within the ranks shouldn’t be tolerated, after all.”

I let slip a vibration from my throat, a low growl. But I refrain from speaking. Ah, how did it go? If the crow cries only twice in front of the wolf, then it is twice the wolf will not bite?

“Don’t you want to relieve yourself from this duty? At least, the one you have to yourself, anyway.”

…This is the third time.

“Don’t you want to do it?”

No one is around for miles. No one would come. This area is currently under my watch, alone. And she’s within an arm’s reach….

[] Ignore her words. I know I'm better than this.
[] Tell her off. There's no reason to take this quietly from her.
[] Push her down and take her. Whether she minds it or not.
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[x] Push her down and take her. Whether she minds it or not.

I always like seeing what happens when a character who's a tease bites off more than they can chew. This looks promising, I hope to see more out of this.
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[X] Push her down and take her. Whether she minds it or not.
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[x] Push her down and take her. Whether she minds it or not.
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[X] Push her down and take her.
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[X] Push her down and take her.
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[X] Push her down and take her.

Hopefully her original plans didn't involve someone who would come looking for her.
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[x] Push her down and take her. Whether she minds it or not.

I'll call it here. I must write and work. Two separate things, yet still related.
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Aya will win and dom us <3~
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you alive?
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Yes. Sorry for the pause. I stopped in the middle of writing for some reason and ended up losing my pace. Almost done with the next part.
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File 145261357457.png - (493.53KB, 465x760, 97cf55cfc284c7f7a990ec5ab8acd7e9y.png)
Oh look. An update. Ran, cyber, thunder, cider~. I need it all in sixty frames per second though. Now I’m going through the silver forest, for Aya’s song. For relevancy.

To be more relevant, I did get lazy. But because of stuff, I’m back on stuff. Along with some other shorts that started as something shorter. Never enough boobies, right? Touhoobies? Wait, Touhoubies? I’ll stop now.


My sword and shield fall to the ground, and I grab Aya’s shoulders. Aya’s expression doesn’t change. The second after, I take a step between her legs and push her to the ground. Aya doesn’t register any pain any more than she shows surprise. Which she shows none.

“Well.” Aya stares through my eyes. “Why the rough treatment?”

“The heat was unbearable.”

“I suppose so, isn’t it?”

With one hand on my hakama, I breathe out as I free myself from the tight restraints around my body. I then flip my shirt off, and my sarashi loosens. I take hold of her shoulders again. Aya tilts her head upwards, still eying me.

“You don’t do this to anyone else while guarding, do you?”

I kick off my getas, letting my knees and toes rest on the ground.

“You asked for this.”

“But you’d refuse anyone else?”

I cut my gaze away for a moment. I would. But this is different. I take hold of Aya’s skirt from her hip, which was conveniently loosened by Aya’s raising of her legs.

Of course she doesn’t mind.

“What are you doing?” I yank off her skirt and whatever she’d been wearing underneath at the same time. (It was black.)

Aya doesn’t respond as I toss her clothes aside. She lays her fan on the ground and continues to look at me. Her lips close, and the corners of her mouth twitch small enough that a normal human wouldn’t have seen it. It’s a trace of a grin. I won’t bother, grabbing Aya’s hips and pulling forward to align her with me. I position myself with a hand to guide myself into her.

Aya speaks.

“You could at least give me a moment to get ready for you—”

Pain shoots through me as I push in. Aya sighs. I stop to take a breath. Aya did have some truth in her words: There is no comfort from being inside of her right now. But, there is some…satisfaction, in that lack of comfort. She isn’t ready for me. For now, that’s fine.

Breathing out, I start rocking back and forth. I push and pull until I’m fully inside. A grind. Warm. Rough. Her body doesn’t feel loose. But “tight” isn’t the right word, either. Aya’s insides envelope every part of me it could take a hold of.

I notice that Aya unbuttoned her shirt. Though her arms are through her sleeves, she’s using her shirt to avoid getting dirt on herself. She’s also using her elbows as her only other support. Aya drops the heel of one of her feet on my rear, rubbing and pushing me. Her lips part, as if to say something. Raising her head. Her eyes narrow, enough that only my eyes notice. Like she’s waiting.

And that’s enough preparation.

I start thrusting.

I don’t start slow. To put it simply, it’s rough and silent. I only let myself slow down or stop briefly after I’m fully inside or while readying to thrust forward again. Aya’s breasts, though somewhat humble in size, don’t stop shaking up and down. Her breath sharpens with every thrust. The same with her erection, rigid in its erect state while yielding to the rhythm of my movements. Whether that’s of Aya’s own volition or simply my pace, though, I don’t care.

I’m certain Aya isn’t aroused like she said she could be. But some part inside of me is largely satisfied with the slight prickling feeling that comes with slamming myself into her. Then with how I slip through Aya's grip as I’m pulling back. And how Aya closes an eye sometimes when I push forward. Then Aya says something.

“Is this all there is to your desire?”

Planting the top of my feet on the ground, I dig my toes into the earth as I start thrusting harder. With a squeal, Aya tries to wrap her legs around me. I grab her legs and wrestle them back open again. There’s an awkward moment of resistance and pleasure before we settle with her thighs rubbing against my waist. I take Aya without abandon, or even less than without if I had been doing so before.

Aya manages to keep talking.

“Is this your first time?”

I thrust exceptionally hard in response, closing my eyes. I want to make her stop. I want to make Aya writhe and beg for forgiveness. But despite making her body shake with every movement, taking a sick satisfaction from the raw pressure around my erection, Aya’s face, her voice…She doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

And then Aya laughs at me.

I grab underneath Aya’s knees and haul her legs up as I start moving down and up more than I am back and forth. Something isn’t right. It feels…dull. I can do better with my own hand, though that statement in itself is a half lie. Taking Aya like this…I like it. But something isn’t right.

Aya places a hand on the front of my shoulder and brings her face in close. She licks up and across my sarashi with the tip of her tongue.

With a grunt, I place my hand just above her breast to push her away from me. I feel her resist as I barely move her halfway between me and the ground. Then, I hear her getas fall to the ground. Aya uses her now free leg to trail her bare heel across the middle of my back.

My body shivers. I throw one of my arms back, grabbing her foot and raising it over her body as I continue thrusting.

Suddenly, Aya starts moaning. She moans with every other few times my hips meet hers. It’s a high pitched moan, but not a screech.

I let go of Aya’s foot.

It’s…sweet. Having sex with Aya. Breathless. Addicting?

Aya rests her now free foot across the back of my thigh, running it back and forth. I wince, and Aya wraps her hands around my neck.

“Keep going.”

I put more pressure pushing down with my hand on her shoulder from how hard I am inside of her. Aya laughs softly, and when she does, I convince myself to move faster. Harder.

My movements are almost violent, if not already so. I can’t tell. Warmth overwhelms my nose, and I feel my head becoming hot. Aya is right. It is my first time. Is it just because I’m with Aya right now that it feels…good? Wha’'s the word? It’s hot. It’s tiring. And yet, it’s like I could continue for hours. Forever?

Aya starts to wrap herself around me.

Your toes are tickling me. Stop smiling. Don’t put your hands on me. Don’t run them on my back. Don’t say anything. I’m going to keep my eyes shut. It has to have been a minute already. It’s not going away, but I have to keep going. Both for myself and to teach her a lesson. That’s right. That’s why I’m doing this in the first place—


I don’t open my eyes when Aya says somet—

“Don’t you think someone might come soon?”

Something flips inside below my stomach. I don’t slow down, but I feel myself on the edge and grunt.

Then I open my eyes. I don’t stop moving, but what I see stops me. No, I don’t stop moving, but Aya…Why is she like this?

A camera. In her hand. Right between her breasts. I don’t stop. Her face. The trace of a smile has already transformed. I hated it. I still don’t, cannot, slow down. Her other arm lies above and around her head, savoring…what I was doing to her. But what’s in the hand closer to me that I’m eying is more important and I can’t, won’tdon’t stop because I needed to AyaAyaAYA youYOU—

What do I look like? What makes Aya open her eyes in surprise for an instant before I flip her onto her front? I wouldn’t know. The camera is now forgotten near the edge of the cliff.

It’s not a growl, but it’s something before I start moving again. Your voice is unlike you, Aya. She doesn’t mind it at all. It infuriates me, and it’s addicting. No. It’s not addicting. It’s attracting.

I have an attraction to Aya.

Right now, it’s Aya’s moans. Aya’s voice resonates in my ears. The vibration sends a pleasant shock along and into my ears. This isn’t the dominance I wanted. But…It’s still there. Aya releases her soft moans for me, because of me. Despite how I dislike the satisfaction she’s getting. Or do I? How she’s basking in her pleasure, being rocked back and forth by me. Do I dislike it?

There’s a soft pat every time I meet with her hips. Aya’s wings are straight up to the end, and curl near the end from the shaking. My knees ache with how they’re scraping against the earth, but I ignore the pain. My grip on Aya’s hips are focused on making sure that fire keeps burning until it burns out by an even larger one. Even as silent as I am while doing all this I know that I’m getting closer. Thrusting inside of her over and over again—

“You’re not even going to give me a hand?”

Hearing her speak with what little air she has, I notice one of Aya’s arms is moving rather fast and immediately understand what she’s doing. Aya laughs, betraying her current exhaustion, as I grab her wrists and yank them backward.

Why? I don’t understand, but I know if I let her please herself, something won’t be right. So I mesh my fingers into her wrists as I rely on my hips to continue at my furious pace without making a mistake. From the outline of her sides, I notice her breasts bouncing up and down. I would grab them, if my arms weren’t already occupied. Aya pants in such a way that it sounds like she’s laughing.

And then it happens.

I thrust a few more times before the all-too-soothing rush flows out and into Aya. I lean forward and make sure I’m completely inside of her, relishing how Aya’s body squeezes not quite in rhythm with her breathing. I feel like I’m losing parts of me. And in a way, that’s true. Three. Four. Maybe five times. I grind back and forth to savor the pleasure coursing through me. There’s a slow thumping in my head.

Then, I slowly pull out, heart pounding in my chest. Aya rolls onto her side to look at me. One of Aya’s feet drags its toes up and down the base off my softening erection. It brings my mind back from outside of taking her. Then, the sweat on my forehead. The cool air on my bare skin.

“Did you…have fun…?” She lifts her toes from me.

I run my eyes down and up along her body. Something isn’t right.

“...I don’t know if you can call it fun.”

Aya breathes out a laugh. “What else would you call it if you’re selfishly having your way?”

“Was it really?”

“Of course. I didn’t even get to finish.”


Aya’s own erection stands upright, almost touching her stomach. Her folds invite me to take her again. No. I can’t do it again. Aya slips her other arm down her body.

“I understand the need to take care of yourself. But you could learn some manners in taking care of your partner, as well.”

Don’t, Aya.

Aya took hold of herself and stroked once.

“It was my first time.”

That isn’t right. Don’t do that.

Aya groaned, eyes staring into mine, as she shuffled her hand up and down.

Something stopped me. She should do it. She should do it so that…so that….

Aya isn’t large in comparison. But she has enough length and girth to warrant a quicker pace.

“I’m still pretty close, you know?” Aya moved her second hand down toward her pink, open slit. Nothing spills out. Yet.

Aya puts two fingers inside. Yet, she maintains her stare on me while her fingers trace the edge of her folds. I stare right back. What is she doing?

Her chest heaves up and down. Her legs rock in and out with how she apparently needs her own release. I can smell her arousal, a heavy musk of air that I’m familiar with. There’s no rhythm to her movements. She pumps her hand up and down while her two fingers slide in and out. I could never be satisfied with the slow pace Aya uses.

But I know enough to understand. Using one part to please yourself makes that heat that your body wants. Using both makes that heat twice.

Aya begins bucking her hips up and down, and she breaks her gaze on me to shut her eyes. But only for the instant that she needs. She pulls her fingers out of herself to bring the back of that hand to her open mouth, while her stroking hand takes care of her release.

I watch.

Her first spurt lands from in-between her breasts to near her navel. Her fingers clench harder around her skin while her hand keeps its pace. The next spurt lands beside the first. The muscles in her thighs tighten as she pumps her hips into the air. Short strands and drops land randomly along her stomach. Aya sighs, slowing down. Afterward, every other drop lands just around her softening erection, and drip onto herself.

Oh. I know.

I realize what it is that’s wrong, but not exactly why. No, I did want to take her. I didn’t care if she minded or not. I’ve dealt with the first problem. What’s wrong is this “something” inside me. And this “something” attracts me to Aya. So it’s still about Aya. Aya, whose gaze is back on me. Aya, whose current satisfaction snaps something inside of my head.

Aya. Do you know what you just did?

I don’t need release. But.


I ignore Aya as I swipe the back of my hand across her stomach, above her navel. Across where her semen is on her body.

Still lukewarm. There’s a certain sweetness in the sour odor, which my nose sniffs out.

I wipe the substance off on the ground, then wipe the dirt on my thigh.


That’s all I say as I bring my nose in between her breasts. I sniff once. My scent lingers, but lies underneath that of Aya’s own seed.

“Again?” Aya laughs to herself. “At least I’m ready now.”

Her words make my body lighter. Stronger. I know she’s speaking the truth, too. Part of the sweet scent from earlier pricks at my nose. It’s coming from her lower body. My mouth opens, baring my teeth over a nipple.

And I latch on.

Aya doesn’t make a sound, but her chest pulls back as her body arcs forward. I keep my teeth around her skin and pull to the side with my teeth. Not too hard to leave a mark, but enough to know—from how Aya gasps—I’m having an effect. I switch to her other breast, taking a bite on the underside instead of around the nipple. The flat of my tongue gets a taste of her warm skin. Also sour. There’s sweat. I glance at Aya. She seems to be relaxing, wanting to feel what I’m doing to her with closed eyes.

Somewhere in my mind, something asks: Why?

I’m not completely hard. This will be the fastest I’ll ever try to satisfy myself a second time. Aya was right a while ago, though. It is my first time with someone.

My initial desire out of the way, I’m now more aware of Aya than I am of myself. Her half-closed eyes, her panting, her breasts parting slightly when she breathes in. This time, I guide myself inside of Aya while focusing on making myself more able and firm. I feel tricked when I catch a glimpse of a grin on her face. But seeing and feeling what I’m doing to her body. I’m almost ready again. And that in itself felt…good. I push my hips forward and back, eventually grinding in all the way.

Aya takes a sharp breath. Maybe she wants to make a noise.…No. If she didn’t do it on purpose, she wouldn’t do it at all. Because that’s not like her, is it?

Then, Aya raises a leg. Aya exposes the bottom of her bare foot for my eyes to track. It catches my attention. She hovers her big toe over my mouth.

My head is burning, and a rush of desire flows through me. My mouth opens slightly. I’m taking Aya with everything I have. But she’s teasing me again. It’s a mixture of anger and desire. I want Aya to scream and apologize. But I also want to dive into this insane pleasure.

Then, Aya opens her mouth to say—

“Fuck me.”

I bring my teeth down on her offending digit. Not hard enough to draw blood. With that remark from Aya, I make my decision after two simple thoughts: I don’t understand Aya. And if I have to try, then I’ll do it on my terms. I decided I was going to take Aya. But even that isn’t enough. That’s too nice.

I need to fuck Aya.

I feel a resistance as Aya pulls back her toe between my teeth, but she doesn’t use enough strength to withdraw. Instead, after relaxing, she pushes her toe forward.

I pull away. My pace slows down. I let loose the loudest noise I’ve made yet as I snarl, and my tongue glances across her toe when I do. A shock and a shiver run through me. For a moment, I thrust in rhythm with dipping my head lower, biting harder. Aya lets out what I assume is a pleasant moan at the same time her insides squeeze around me. My mind registers the sensation around my cock as pain before becoming overwhelming pleasure. I let out a breath, widening the gap between my teeth. Aya uses this chance to push her foot forward.

A groan comes out of me. I bite, then lick the object in my mouth with bared teeth. It’s strange. I’m torn between fucking Aya and enjoying the strange desire to devour her foot, starting with what I’m wrapping my tongue around.

A sound brings me mind back. Aya. She’s moaning. It’s a quiet sound, but it’s there. Like a soft gust of wind, her voice is barely audible. She’s also enjoying this.

No. This won’t do. As much as I enjoy the strange thrill, I let go of Aya’s toe.

I heave Aya onto her stomach while keeping myself inside her. Aya doesn’t resist.

There are now two things I register as I start moving again. The sweat on my body, and a trickling sensation running down my thighs—Aya’s own desire. The thrill in my body weighs heavier than the exhaustion. Drops of sweat fall across my eyebrows, my breasts, and down my stomach. Aya is the same. Aya is in such a state of arousal, though, that there is a loud clap every time my body meets against hers.

I should be disgusted by the wet transfer of fluids onto my own legs. Disgusted by how Aya closes her eyes as if she is relaxing. Disgusted by how much I’m learning about Aya when she’s having sex with someone. With me.

But I’m enjoying every part of it.

Aya spasms when she comes. Her body is still except for one area of her body. It’s her legs. Or when I take a quick glance, it’s her whole lower body. For the fifth time, her thighs close in toward each other, and her hips twist in what I can only call her own rapture. I feel her foot curl against my leg, each toe even more so. Maybe I only notice it now because my initial desire clouded my awareness. Or likely, as Aya said, because her body wasn’t satisfied earlier.

If anything else, Aya stops breathing for the moment, and sighs afterward. And when she does all of this, she gets tighter. I lick up her back, on her shoulders, everywhere I can while I continue pounding into her. Every time I do, I feel that pleasant warmth shoot into me, a little spark from my waist that becomes a shock inside my head. And running my tongue onto Aya’s body sends that lingering shock across my entire body.

Somewhere in my mind, I know. I can do it after Aya does it one more time. One more time, and her body will push me over the edge.

Drops of sweat form on her neck. My own sweat falls from my forehead, down my brow, and off onto her nape. I close my eyes and lap it all off of her body. The thrill and the taste make me more erect if at all possible. All while I’m moving. My hips ache. I won’t stop, though. I breathe once.

Aya’s legs squeeze inward one more time. She tangles her legs over the back of my ankles and I feel her feet curl again.

I wrap an arm around her waist, scooping her front off of the ground. My teeth latch onto her shoulder as I groan. The clapping of our hips doesn’t stop, but thunders in my ears while my heart pounds against my chest. The back of Aya’s toes press harder and harder, folded and clenched as they are against the back of my legs. I can feel the warmth trickling down my knees, and Aya’s shoulders vibrate when my voice comes out.

I remind myself before I come that I need to undo Aya’s actions from earlier. I pull out in time, arm still around her waist. Something warm is on my arm.

My cock spurts several droplets of semen land on her back. I thrust and rub myself between Aya’s wings, along her tailbone. The drops land rather unspectacularly on her back. It feels like it should be a lot more. The tension that’s rampant in my body needs more release, but only finds it by running faster through the nerves of my body.

The following exhaustion drops me onto Aya. Her tailbone and my stomach sandwich my limping penis. In the back of my mind, I’m aware that Aya also came as well—which is how some of her semen got on my arm. The scent piles on top of our sweat and sex.

My body goes limp on top of Aya. I feel sick. No. Dizzy. I can smell it. If her upper body is slick and clean from sweat and my saliva, then her lower body is dirty with semen. There’s a heavy coat of Aya’s fluids covering her legs, as well as my own. I’m satisfied. Aya’s breathing calms down.

But I can't fall asleep.

My eyes close. My heart thumps against my chest. Sweat on my cheek and Aya’s back cools my skin.

I have to stay awake.
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File 145261366660.jpg - (121.84KB, 670x850, 7ca0d43245c29d901641ec528220ed51.jpg)
I open my eyes. I’m lying under a blanket on a mat, but I know where I’m at just by looking at the ceiling. One of the tengu’s hospital rooms for the injured or ill. I’m the only one in a bed. The floor feels harder than usual. But then I feel the weariness in my body, the soft pillow is more than enough to satisfy me.


Aya. By the door. She wastes no time walking over to me as I sat up. I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment before asking anything.

“What happened?”

Aya closes her eyes and lets out a gust of a laugh.

“What do you think? Now that you’re in that bed, that is.”

No, I really don’t know what to think. I’m in the tengu’s main structure, and I have to assume Aya brought me here. She waits by staring at me, but who would understand what happened between having sex with someone and waking up in a bed? I do know where to start, though.

“Has someone replaced me?”

“Yes. Your replacement’s almost in position.”

“Why are you here, then?”

“That’s a little rude, isn’t it?”

I do believe Aya isn’t without fault for her actions.

“Just to say it now,” Aya sits at the edge of the bed, “but Boss wanted to let you know that you’re on vacation.”

“The Chief?”

My stomach lurched. Vacation? That meant that….

“Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble.” Aya laughs off my concern. She raises a finger. “That’s why I’m here. She really cares about your health. In case you don’t believe me, here’s the documentation and her official seal.”

She hands me a piece of paper along with her newspaper. Setting the latter to the side, I skim and find the seal. Official.

“Nothing else?”

“…What do you mean `nothing else`?”

I want an explanation.

“Actually, I was getting to the rest. It has nothing to do with your condition, though. Not directly, at least.”

It is something. On instinct, I decipher Aya’s normal tone of voice into a bad feeling.

“What is it?”

Aya takes back her newspaper.

“You’re going to live with me for the duration of your vacation.”


“If you don’t believe that part, you can actually read the document this time and see that it’s true.”

I don’t waste time. I scan the paper again.

Official statement to inform…vacation…for the duration…recover….

Ordered to take a sick leave at the residence of tengu Aya Shameimaru?!

The paragraph is the last before the signature and seal. No. Why?!

“You think I, or rather, we, don’t know why?” Aya chuckles, as though reading my mind.

Or maybe she did.

A long, drawn-out whine pierces my ears from somewhere far away. I feel sick.

Aya leans over toward me, planting a hand near my stomach. I can’t hear her breathe.

“You want me.”


My pride wants to say “I don’t.” But I’m not a fool.

“You had your way with me.” Aya presses harder on the bed, the cloth sinking lower. “And now you’ll have me all to yourself.”

I grind my teeth.

“This is serious. Are you blaming me for what happened?”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind it at all. Maybe a little. But it’s mainly you I’m worried about.”


At this, I’m stuck for words. My head is burning. Anger. Embarrassment. Desire. I know the reasons, but it still makes me dizzy. Aya sits back up straight, crossing her arms.

“What’s with the sour face? It’s not like it’s entirely unfounded. Sure I’ll be a bit uncomfortable with someone around while I work, or while I’m out working. But Boss is seriously thinking about you. Leaving you alone wasn’t an option she wanted to choose.”

That made no sense.

“So the Chief decided I should be left with you? ”

“Who knows? It’s just what she chose to do.”

That isn’t an answer I want to hear. I would ask what else she and the Chief talked about. Aya and the Chief know each other well from what I heard. But from what I know about Aya, she isn’t likely going to say anything more. I know that it’s not because it’s private for her, but because she simply won’t. I don’t know the reason behind that, though.

“You’re making that face,” Aya speaks when I don’t say anything for a while, “but I’m not lying to you.”

The Chief’s seal tells me that much. If that’s the case, I’ll ask about something else.

“…Why did you do what you did earlier?”

Aya doesn’t answer. She just looks at me.

All of the provoking. What else would it be? Was she only teasing me? Or did she have some other plan? A sadistic plot to make me….Ugh. I know Aya does some terrible things when she works. But she wasn’t working. Unless she was? A sick plan to get something in her newspaper? I don’t know. Then why bother bringing me back here? What did she talk about with the Chief? Why is Aya doing this?

"Are you curious?" Aya responds to my question.

"I just don't understand."

"Hmm. That's a problem, isn't it?"

I swallow my pride and ask again.

"Then why? Tell me why you did it."

Aya doesn't turn to me. Instead, she takes a moment to put her knuckles under her chin, elbow on the back of her other hand.

She pauses.

I want to know what Aya’s thinking.

Then, she speaks.

"I do what I do—”

Aya turns to me.

I can’t read the expression in her eyes.

“—because I want to.”

I want to hit her in the face. That’s the frustration in me right now. I understand what she’s saying, yet there’s something in her eyes that I don’t understand. I can only believe that she’s not angry. Or sad. It’s…not like her at all.

”Just like you do what you do because you want to.” She’s not emotionless. There’s a hint of…happiness? Amusement? Her lips are turned upwards as she speaks. “Right now, I could go home and write an article about a wolf tengu that raped me like a dirty animal. Or if we want to be tame, how I stumbled across a wolf tengu who was frustrated while on guard duty. An inside joke, of course.”

I bite a side of my tongue between my teeth. I really don’t believe the things that come out of her mouth sometimes….

“But I didn't do either, and I have no plan to. Because I don't want to.”

I’m conscious of her lips. How her lips finish with the words “want to”. I don’t know why. She spoke slow enough for the words to weigh on my ears. There’s a chill up my spine. Up to my face. My cheeks flush cold for a moment.

“Is that a sufficient answer for you?" Aya finishes.

I turn away from her. Aya’s words pushed on my chest. Did I trust them? I don’t know. If they were the truth, there was no way for me to determine her motives with what’s happened so far. I would understand less if they were lies. On top of this, I also have to consider her reason for either telling the truth or telling a big lie in the first place. In the end, all I can say for now is one thing.

"Why do you have to be so complicated?"

"Oh? I think I’m being pretty simple."

Are you?

Aya sits up.

“I think we should leave.” Aya places a hand on her hip as she turns to me. “You’re now on vacation, after all.”


Aya’s house overlooks a forest on the side of a smaller mountain. I’ve never visited before, though I considered doing so if only as a formality. Of course, I never thought I’d be in the situation I was in now. My eyes travel down the architecture—

“It won’t collapse.” Aya lands on the wooden platform, which surrounded the perimeter of the house. She pats a support beam for the roof and tapped her foot where there’s a support beam underneath. “I had help from other people to make this structurally sound.”

You had help?” I let Aya lead me in front of a sliding door.

“Hmmm? Is that surprising? I use sources for reliable information as a reporter. What’s wrong with asking for favors?”

In this regard, I haven’t heard any bad reports about Aya, so I hope nothing is happening.

“Mm.” I followed Aya inside. “So it’s as I heard.”

Though the outside has the architecture of an eastern building, the inside is with no doubt influenced by western design. The exterior of the walls and roof are sliding doors and a bamboo roof with fittings. The flooring, however, is a carpet. Various modern materials clutter the room. I could identify the low, wooden table in the center of the room.

Aya went over to a metal desk by the wall and placed the documents from earlier on top. She turns on the lamp near the edge of the desk, its light shining onto the papers scattered about.

“Did you hear about this place from someone else? I don’t recall ever inviting someone from the mountain inside.”

“No. Just from others. Outside of the mountain.” I added.

“Ah. That’s right. That person’s been here before, haven’t they?”

“Among other people.”

“Fufu. You don’t mean intruders, do you?”

“You’ve never had to deal with any?”

“No one comes in without my permission. Or a good article written about them.”

I frown at Aya.

“So you don’t deny that that `Youkai Punishing After Breaking Into Homes` article was based on you and this place?”

“I think I did a good job covering and reporting on the culprit who broke in.”

“I agree that lesser youkai have no place running rampant. However, I thought the degree of brutality was unlike you, so I had my doubts.”

“I believe in the right to self-defense.”

I shouldn’t continue. Aya is beginning the cycle.

But still, her words are unsettling. Rampant youkai bear grudges on those who hurt them, even if they deserved to be punished for their actions. Many have cursed me after I repel them from the mountain. Though I wasn’t present when reports came in about a youkai at Aya’s house, the nature of the report caught my attention. From what I heard, Aya hadn’t even filed the report herself. The wild youkai in question was missing several of its limbs, of which it had twelve. The method of injury all around its body was unidentifiable, simply due to how many injuries the youkai had. It was barely capable of talking. As several of the wolf tengu on duty transported it back outside the mountain, it repeated two words:

That monster.

“So what should I do?” I say. “I’ll begin making dinner for myself if you don’t mind.”

“Ah-ah-ah!” Aya waggled a finger at me. “Boss wrote that you’ll be staying at my house. That means you’ll listen to what I, the owner, have to say.”

Hmm. That sounds like she wants me to do what she says.

“I don’t recall having to listen to you. I only remember having to stay here.”

“I’m not going to order you around. Who do you think I am? On second thought, I suppose I shouldn’t ask that, should I?” Aya sits on the chair by her desk. Since the chair has wheels on the bottom, she pushes herself and spins the seat to face me. “I said you were on vacation. That’s not an empty word. That means you will be staying here at your own leisure, relaxing away from your work. It was written in the documentation, wasn’t it?”

Ugh. I was never ordered a leave of absence before, but I’ve received many written orders. Management usually takes care of them. The Chief indeed writes some herself. Every word is carefully written to prevent misunderstandings and relay proper messages throughout the mountain. So I thought it was strange that an official document from the Chief had specifically used the word “vacation”.

“Oh,” Aya says to get my attention, “though it didn’t say that your pay would be coming to me. Which it is. Which makes sense, if I’m going to house you. For food and all that.”

I have to ask.

“Why isn’t that stated in the document?”

“It was an emergency. You can’t expect Boss to be perfect. She talked to me for a long time about you to make sure everything goes well.”

…I don’t like how Aya didn’t tell me that earlier. Though I’m not suspicious about Aya on the topic of money, I think it proper to have doubts about Aya’s integrity. I can’t feel comfortable with this situation after what happened today. Aya spins and pulls a section of the desk apart, revealing paper and writing utensils inside.

“You’re worried?” Aya shuffles a hand through some paper before picking one of them up. She grabs a pen. “You don’t trust me?”


“Do you expect me to trust you after what you did today? How can I feel at ease with you in control?”

Aya stops just before her pen reaches the paper. “I could say the same to you. You chose to have your way with me.”

“You’re avoiding my question.”

“You’re avoiding mine.” Aya shrugs, writing.

When Aya acts like this, I want to fight her. This is how Aya is, both in person and in her work. I was clear in my answer, at least enough for her to understand. Yet Aya decides not to give me any. The other tengu agree this is a bad attitude. I’m indifferent to it, so long as Aya doesn’t do anything to shame all of us.

She hasn’t, really.

Aya places her pen on her ear.

“I can’t expect you to do anything I want you to. Just like you can’t expect me to do what you want me to.” She taps her pen on the desk.

I know.

“All we can do is take Boss’s judgement and hope she knows what she’s doing.”

As Aya starts writing, I sit by the table. I have several of my belongings on me, as much as I need to entertain myself. I was allowed that much after we stopped by my home to grab a few personal items.

Aya tilts her head. Her hand writes a few words, stops, and crosses them out. Every now and then Aya takes a deep breath. Nothing but the sound of Aya doing her work. She crosses a leg over her knee and taps her foot on the air.

My eyes take in every detail. I cross my legs and lower my head, closing my eyes. I take a slow, soft breath. My body is already warm with excitement. Observing Aya arouses me. I need to think about something less…material, to calm myself down. I could and should do that. It’ll allow me to concentrate on the bigger problem.

The silence goes on until I hear Aya stand up. I open my eyes while she stretches. She grunts and exhales as she leans back, hands behind her back.

Something cold shoots through my body. My nerves. My body wants me to shiver. I stop myself from doing so by holding my breath. Aya’s actions rouse the desires that should have been fulfilled this morning. But even then, I feel the need to take care of it somehow….

“So.” Aya says. “What would you like for dinner?”

“Anything is fine.”

“Rice, broth, salad okay with you?”


Aya moves behind me and I hear a door open and close. I turn to check that Aya’s gone into a small room that seems to be the kitchen. I face back toward the table and close my eyes again.

Every now and again I hear a knife on a cutting board, and there’s a constant simmer of water. Then boiling. It’s another moment before I smell food. The aroma of the herbs soothes my sensitive nose, moving to the tip before flowing inside my head and down my body. It’s not exactly a scent. More a feeling of being filled. Cleansed. Refreshed.

A calm comes over me. I should try and understand Aya. Why I’m…attracted to Aya. For that, I have several things I could talk about with her. Things that I’d save for another day, probably tomorrow, since they interest me enough. And those things would be….

[] Aya and the Chief? The relationship between them.
[] Determining Aya’s strength. “That monster.” Why did Aya go so far?
[] Aya can cook? How? Why?
[] Aya’s fetish. Her legs and feet, huh? Wait, I’m still—
[] I have a fetish(?). I want to eat, devour, taste Aya.. No, I need to stop—
[] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)
[] But maybe I shouldn’t think too much? (None of the above)

I don’t like how I thought about sex, though. Sometime passes while I’m thinking, and Aya brings back a pot and some bowls for the two of us.

“Thinking about something?”


For a while, Aya and I made small conversation about events and people outside of the mountain. Aya called it “an exchange of information”. Not that I think I exchanged a lot of information, as the few things I talked about where things I heard from others inside the mountain. For the most part, I was listening to Aya. She talked about the personalities of Gensokyo and events taking place around the land.

But my desires are getting the best of me again.

“Well, now that you’re on vacation,” Aya serves herself another helping of food, “we might as well address the best way for you to relax.”

The impulses were never this strong. I swallow at the sight of Aya’s hand, her fingers curved under a plate and her thumb on the edge. I hope it’s only my hunger. Wait. That still sounds wrong. And yet, something urges me to use my tongue and wrap each of her fingers in a coat of saliva. To mark and savor those fingers curved inside of my mouth instead while she watched—

“And how do you think I can?” I place a clump of rice in my mouth, chew, and swallow. “I’m going to be living and sleeping under the same roof with another person. I’ve never done that before. Not in a personal way like this.”

Aya chews on a piece of lettuce. Her cheeks bulge in and out until she swallows, the small lump forming and travelling down.

My penis twitches. I turn my gaze down to the table as Aya’s reaches for something else on the table. It’s not the food. Think about seeing the food in her mouth instead. Disgust myself. Calm down. Anything. It’s not sexual. I don’t want to do anything to her tongue with my own. Or put my cock in her mouth and make her cheeks bulge.

I’m disgusted with the thoughts in my mind.


When I look back up after the silence, I see that Aya has stopped eating to look at me. Something inside me hurts from the stare she’s giving me. My pride? My privacy? My sense of decency? I can’t quite describe her stare. She’s either reading my mind and saying “Oh really?” with her eyes without raising an eyebrow, or pretending that I didn’t stare at her as she ate and trying to figure out what to say. Why not both? I’m certain she’s currently figuring out what’s going on inside my mind. If she hasn’t already, somehow.

I don’t say another word. I place my bowl on the table.

“…I’m finished.” I announce, standing up. “Where should I go to sleep?”

I’m uneasy from Aya’s stare. Aya doesn’t respond for a moment, not until my body is frozen from the awkward pause.

“I don’t have any spares, so take apart my futon to make your own bedding. Tomorrow, I’ll be sure to get a spare for you.”


Outside of the awkwardness, I don’t mind sleeping on a harder surface. I enter Aya’s bedroom and close the door. What I assume is camera equipment lies scattered at the edge of the far wall. A stack of newspapers are piled at the corner facing the middle of the house. But other than these and Aya’s bed, the room is clean.

Though clean, the room isn’t made for two people to sleep in. I rearrange Aya’s futon as best as I can to form two beds spaced a finger’s width apart. I step around the bed closer to the door into the other, lying down to rest.

The door opens.

Flat on my back, I can’t ignore Aya as she steps into the room. Barefoot, hand on the side of the door, she looks at me while pulling the front of her collar.

“You know.”

Aya closes the sliding door. Dry, my tongue rubs the top of my mouth. A human would barely make out Aya in the darkness. But my eyes catch the bare skin of her throat and what little there is below that’s uncovered by her shirt. I blink hard.

I don’t like this.

“What you did earlier today, I don’t mind. I really don’t.”

Aya…saunters toward me. I swallow. I rise to a sitting position. Aya’s steps are almost too formal. Heel first, toes last. It’s a straight path to me, with a focus comparable to my own while guarding the mountain every day.

”But what I do mind is you not doing well.”

Aya sits next to me. My teeth grit, my hands grab the futon below me, and something numbs the muscles in my arms and legs. I keep my eyes on her. It’s partly out of pride. It’s partly out of caution. And it’s partly from the slow circle my tongue is drawing on top of my mouth. I stop doing that.

“What, is something wrong?” She says.

I look down from Aya’s eyes, down at her shirt. Aya sighs.

“Would you like me to spell it out for you for once?”

I look up at Aya again. There’s something about her face. It should be one of boredom. Or making this out to be a joke. That would be like her. Her mouth straight, Aya looks straight at my face. Her head tilts just slightly to one side. Her knee rises and falls as Aya bends her leg.

“You want to know why?”

That’s Aya’s question.

“`Why?`” I repeat. “What are you talking about, `why`?”

Aya laughs without breaking eye contact. “Well, if you need it. It’s because—”

She pauses for a moment.

“—you’re attracted to me, aren’t you?”

I can’t answer that question. Not yet. I really can’t.

“…I’m not sure.” I look down again.

“Your body is, anyway.”

Aya. Don’t.

“What does that have to do with why you’re…why you….” I look for the right words. “Why you don’t mind?”

"That’s easy. Let me show you-" Her hand slides toward my leg on the blanket, "-what you want to know. The why that you’re looking for.”

Her hand stops before it touches me.

”You don’t want to?”Aya crunches her hand in the blanket from the corner of my eye. The muscles in her cheeks move as her tongue slides left to right inside her mouth.

Are you seriously teasing me again, Aya? No. That can’t be it. Could it?

“If you don't want me to...well, I guess that's that? We can do it however you want. But it wouldn’t hurt to trust me just a little.”

Wouldn’t it? As Aya waits for me, I can’t help but question her motives. I am aroused, that much is true. But to let Aya do what she wants?

This is Aya. If I let her do what she wants, what will I see? What will she do? Or else, I can refuse and take care of it like I did before. Aya’s looking into my eyes….

[] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.
[] Let her, but only if you’re in control. I'm not sure if I can trust her.
[] Flip her on her back and take her. I don't trust Aya with my body.
[] Flip her over and pin her down. I can never trust Aya.
[] Leave and take care of it yourself. I’m not sure.


…And yes, there is a choice mid-story. Pick one from there as well if you would.
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[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)

[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.
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[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)

[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.

It's always a great surprise finding a story back online! I was fearing an indefinite hiatus.
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[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)

[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.
aya's behavior seems strange.
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you alive?
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I'm going to assume you're asking if I'm abandoning this story. The answer is no, despite how long as I've left it without update.

I made the stupid mistake of deciding to make my updates for this story (which is essentially my first at THP) large. It's a problem because I blocked myself while writing, leading me to only chip away at it every now and again. Maybe I should have made the updates smaller. But I planned the plot and pacing so that choices come after large updates. I could try to shoot for smaller updates, so any feedback is appreciated. I actually did make more progress than chipping away at it today. If I focused on this story alone, I could probably get an update done in at most a week.
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Just do what you think will make for a better experience.

Though 2 months without an update just makes it look like you're just saying that as an excuse.

By all means, I would love to be proven wrong. Please.
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[x] Well, everything, I guess. (All of the above)
[x] Entrust your body to Aya. And I'll trust her, for now.

Writer sign 「Anon Bite」. Three posts, and for what again? Well, now I want meat.



That’s all I say.


That’s what she says.

I’m really conscious of how her lips move to form the words. How it sounds. It’s not her teasing. It’s not her question. It’s that she asks. And that’s the difference that makes me repeat myself.

“I mean, do what you want.” The smell of the room is too clean for me. Clean. “I’ll...”

Aya’s looking at me. She’s just looking at me.

I wish I knew what she was thinking. And then I don’t. So I say:

“I’ll trust you.”

My body tenses up. I can’t move my body. It was uncomfortable to say. So much that I’m getting hot. A numbing heat. That’s the best way to say it.

Aya really doesn’t look odd at a glance. It’s just that she’s been staring at me for so long that it’s awkward. She still is. I want to think she can’t believe what I said. I can’t believe what I said. We sit there for a while.

Aya shifts her legs. “Well. That’s a problem for me.”

I hear the words. She starts crawling forward. Aya slides a leg over my body, positioning herself over my waist. As close as her face is to mine, I can’t hear her breathe. Maybe it’s because she’s not looking at me, but somewhere below my face and above my chest.

Her thighs are soft.

“What do you mean, it’s a problem for you?”

Her thighs are really soft.

Without answering, Aya begins undressing.

I swallow. I avoid looking at her front right away, but settle for the lower part of her throat. It’s useless, though. They’re both a dark red. Blood. Strawberries. Her mouth, lips, and tongue. It’s too warm for me. The blood rushes down.

One of her buttons is left, right below her belly button. To the left. I mean, in the corner of my eye. But instead, Aya pulls her blouse lower from her shoulders. There’s not much difference in color between her blouse and her skin. Aya slips her arms through, the soft shift of both in my ears. She leans forward when she starts to take off her skirt. Her breathe tickles my chin.

I’m letting her. I’m letting her. So I have to resist. I want to grab her, right by her sides. I want to, I want to. I WANT to. Bite, throw her down.

Push her down and take her. Whether she minds it or not

Aya cups my chin. She lifts her hands upward, closing my mouth. I can see her eyelashes.

“Wait.” She says.

Aya lifts her legs to take off her skirt. First her left, then her right. The same for the white below. There’s a puddle of clothes she’s throwing everything into. I didn’t even notice she had done my own. Actually, that would explain why I could feel the sides of her hands brush against my arms. My body must have moved without me thinking about it. Aya breathes past my ear as she reaches around me to undo my sarashi, sliding a hand under the bandages and onto my breast. A few of her fingers brush against my nipple.

My penis hurts from how hard it is. I take a slow breath and try to redirect the pressure in my lower half. I want her. Why doesn’t she just take it out and do whatever it is she wants to do?

“You know.”

Aya isn’t reading my mind. I’m just breathing that hard, which I stop doing.

But the corners of her mouth already rise.

“It did hurt to put it in raw.”

She hooks her hands on the front of my hakama, one of them circles to my side. She glides backward while taking off the last of my clothes.

I thought Aya’s normal teasing was bad. I became tolerant to how Aya teases me, and know that when she does, she knows she’s teasing me. But this is different. It’s not a matter of purpose or accident. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m thinking that Aya could be seductive. That she can seduce me. Watching her look at my erection arouses me.

Aya kneels over one of my legs. She crouches over my erection while she stares. And stares. Her hand is on my leg. No. It’s inching closer.

“When you don’t prepare—”

I don’t even hear what she says next. My hips rise, my knees too, and I grip the futon. Pain? No, that’s what I thought every nerve in my penis told me when Aya’s fingers touched it. Her fingers. Just that alone made me react worse than receiving some cuts. I don’t even realize I stopped looking at Aya until I look at her again. My face tingles at the way Aya’s eyes recover from her…surprise? The same for her mouth, which turns up into that smile again

“Like I was saying.” Aya curls her hand to touch me again.

I brace myself. This time, my legs squeeze in a bit. It’s not me masturbating, so it’s strange for something else to be touching me. And the blood still rushes down and through me.

I told Aya I’d trust her, so I don’t move to grab her arm. Or rather, I don’t move at all.

“If I put it in now, it wouldn’t be very comfortable.”

Aya grips my cock harder. I breathe in.

“Well. Maybe it’d still feel good.”

She pumps her hand down.

I cough out the fresh air in me. I look back up from her hand around my penis to Aya’s face, her mouth opening slightly.

“But I want it to feel…even better.”

Aya turns her gaze away from me. Her mouth parts open as her head dips down.

My body throws itself back. But a look at the ceiling can’t stop the overwhelming sensations that are Aya’s mouth, tongue, and even her teeth. The three are a mix of warm pleasure, a strange, live wetness, and a scraping pain along the middle.

I roll on my side, and Aya slowly crawls forward to compensate. She opens her mouth to keep me inside. Nestling her head on my thigh, my other leg traps her head. Somehow, Aya’s tongue continues to assault me, licking up my shaft. Somehow, she looks at me. And somehow, her lips keep closed as her tongue circles around my penis.

My head is hot. There’s shame. The shame of knowing she can make me curl like a child. There'd be a fog of air in front of my mouth if it was cold enough to happen. Aya's fingers bending, teasing around my thigh don't make me any calmer. I want to come now. I want to surprise Aya in some way, even if it's to shoot everything I have into her mouth. But no. That wouldn't really surprise her, would it? She wants that. Pushing my hands against the floor, I rise.

I force myself on my back, uncomfortable as it is to support myself on my elbows. Seeing Aya’s cheek bulging from my penis outweighs that discomfort, though. And when the tip of my cock presses against the flat of her cheek, I feel something leak out. It might well be that fluid. Having Aya sucking on my penis is that arousing.

I control my breathing. I could still hear myself. I'm the loudest thing in the room. So I sit up straight.

Aya shuffles back, but I feel myself go farther inside. Her eyes squeeze shut for a moment, adjusting herself.

It’s a sick pleasure.

Aya places both hands on my thighs. She moves her head up and down, looking up at me again. Her hands push, spreading my legs apart farther. Her mouth sucks in air.

It’s painfully hard. My nose sniffs. Warm. I don’t dare put a hand on her head. It wouldn’t feel right. Or maybe it would. It’s wet inside. So am I, inside of her mouth.

Her tongue now makes full licks up and down my penis, pasting a wet skin of saliva on the underside of my penis. The roof of her mouth, though harder than her tongue, does the same for the upper part and head. Aya only stops when she takes a second to breathe through her nose. And with every push of her mouth, she breathes out onto me. Like she's warming me up from the cold. All while looking at me.

She stops.

Aya lets her tongue slip past her lips, along my penis, as she withdraws.

“As much as I’d like to suck you off.”

My knees bend. I swallow. I’ve noticed. How Aya uses her words. Those words, like that.

Aya runs her hands along my thigh to my knees. She brings them together, slowly positioning herself to straddle me.

“I’m going to make the most of your trust.”


“So you’re not going to tease me?”

I want her to say no. I really do.

“And if I do?”

Her entrance pokes my tip a couple of times while we talk. I feel my heart beat once. I’m looking up into her eyes, so I can’t look down. I don’t want to look down. I still have my pride. But I’ve decided to trust my body with Aya.

So I won’t do anything.


Aya’s hands.

Aya, you’re …touching my face.


...No. Excitement.


“Maybe just a little more.”

A heat goes through my lips, past my cheeks, through my ears and into my brain and then back down through my body and everywhere. I don’t move. So this is a kiss. It shouldn’t feel like this. I know it shouldn’t feel like this. It can’t possibly feel this good.

I’m staring at Aya's closed eyes. I'm staring at Aya.

Oh. Is that it? She must have known, too.

My hips jerk up. But it's not enough. Not until I groan into her mouth as Aya falls onto my lap.

My mouth opens for Aya. And I close my eyes, too. We both know. I know now, at least, from how I was earlier today. And she must have found out while I was watching her eat. Why else would she be sticking her tongue inside my mouth?

I piece together what’s happening right now. Even if my eyes are closed. Her tongue. Her tongue. I don't taste anything. Yet having Aya in my mouth makes me want more. It's an addiction. From how close Aya’s face is, I can take in her scent while she presses her mouth against mine. She smells...fresh. Clean. Not like the room itself, which is pretty hot right now. Warm. No, hot.

Aya sits, thighs folded on her legs, pushing with her knees to move. She rotates her hips down and into my body, then away and upward.

My hands can barely recognize the muscle under her skin. She's soft. Really soft. Even if Aya is the only one I've done this with. It’s slow. I don’t like it slow. But this is something else. Maybe it’s Aya kissing me, or maybe it’s because I’m letting her pleasure me how she wants. It’s probably both. And it’s quiet. Feeling her insides close around me as Aya moves up and down keeps me excited, at least. My hands find her thighs.

Aya makes something like a sigh. A warm breath of air comes into my mouth. Her thighs almost twitch away from my hands, nudging against my legs. Aya pushes herself closer to me, and her insides squeeze tighter around me.

Almost painfully tight.

Aya pulls away from our long kiss to breathe. As much as I hate to have to stop and talk, I have to ask.

“Do you happen to…like it through your feet?”

I don’t think that came out right. Though actually, asking that did make my erection harder, for some reason. It felt that way.

Aya doesn’t say anything. If anything, she laughs once behind closed lips, sighing once when she lowers her hips again.

“It’d make sense, wouldn’t it?” Aya grinds herself against me a few more times, her legs sliding against mine. She laughs again. “Maybe it’s all a good spot down there?”

My hands begin to rub the side of her thighs. Aya kisses me again.

So this is what we both like?

My eyes close shut. As strange as it all is, I know that if we keep going like this, it won’t be long before one of us comes. Or rather, both of us. I run my nails around the fold along her knee.

Aya moans into my mouth. I groan from how tight she squeezes my cock, and how warm her breath is in my mouth. How pleasurable the vibration in my mouth is as she moans. How her tongue rises in my mouth when I squeeze her legs in return. But I don’t stop. I’m not scratching her, but lightly trailing my fingers, nails, or palms against her thighs. Aya wrenches her head away from me, up toward the ceiling.

I shout from the pain. But she doesn’t make me come.

Instead, I feel her semen land on my front.

One long strand of white shoots up between my breasts. Another shorter segment only reaches my stomach. A few more drops warm my stomach and hips. I stare down, my vision filled with Aya's body, as the last of her semen pumps over and down the head of her penis. Every twitch comes at the same time her insides squeeze, trying to push me over an edge that I'm still far from reaching.

Hands on my shoulders, Aya laughs when she looks back at my face. Not quite at my eyes.

“Sorry.” She stares under my eyes. “I guess I really like it like that.”

Aya's foot hooks a cloth of some sort and flings it upwards. The cloth (Her shirt?) lands beside our arms, and she swipes her hand into the cloth.

“Here, lie down.” Aya puts a hand on my shoulder.

She doesn't push more than I just do as she says. With her cloth hand, she dabs at where she came on me.


“You didn't come yet.” Aya folds the cloth before cleaning my stomach. “I'm not going to get you off while you're still dirty.”

“So what does that mean?” I shiver as Aya wipes the strand between my breasts.

I also realize what a stupid question that was. But Aya doesn't seem to mind since she smiles and laughs.

“It means I really will have to suck you off.”

Her other hand is already stroking me before she tosses the cloth aside. From how Aya doesn't say anything as I make a motion to rise, I sit up again. Aya crouches low, almost lying on the sheets.

“Since you're trusting your body to me,” Aya licks the head of my penis once, and I hold in a breath, “I won't ask you to do any work. But you kind of made my entire lower body sore.”

I stare down at Aya as she takes me into her mouth. “Is that because of what I did today, or because I kept hitting your weak spot?”

I swallow as Aya rises from my erection with an audible popping noise. Maybe I shouldn't keep talking.

“Mm. Good point.” Aya tilts her head sideways to stroke me with her mouth.

Well, now I have to keep talking.

“What does that mean?”

“Sorry.” She makes out while still using her mouth. One of her hands returns to stroke me while the other shifts along my leg. Aya stares at me. “I didn't think you were asking because you wanted to know.”

She doesn't make a move to use her mouth again, which means she must want to talk for a bit. Although the fingers of her other hand start touching around my own entrance.

“Then what did you expect?” I squeeze an eye shut as two of her fingers probe at my folds. I can't see what she's doing since her stroking hand is covering a good part of her other hand. But I don't need to if I can feel it.

Aya drags the tip of her tongue against my penis once.

“Well. I thought you were still acting a bit unfriendly. I don't think you'd get mad over me coming before you, but I do think you don't have a great opinion about me overall.” She lowers her cheek next to my penis, staring up at me.

It's getting really hard to listen to her while staying calm. Both of her hands are starting to get me close. Teasing me with her mouth is another good reason.

“You.” I stop for a moment when she jerks her hand faster, along with twisting a finger inside me. “When you give me reasons to start a fight,” I stop again, Aya's hand not squeezing but simply moving faster, “you should expect me to do something about it.”

Instead of continuing the conversation, Aya places her lips around the head of my penis. The mix of her warm, slick mouth and her hand jerking up and down. Her tongue flicks the top of my head. Her finger curls upwards inside of me.

I want to say stop. Because she's about to make me come. As much of a hypocrite as I would be.

Then Aya looks up at me. And she grins.

My voice catches in my throat, and I feel my semen come out of me. I assume Aya feels the first spurt in her mouth when her nose blows air onto my skin. Her tongue flattens against my opening as she flattens her hand at the base of my penis, lowering her head farther. Aya's tongue presses against my head as I feel her swallow.

She's swallowing.

When her head goes even farther down my erection, her tongue slides to the underside. I feel Aya laugh. My penis twitches, but I can't tell if I'm still coming in her mouth. I don't even realize I'm lying on my back as Aya sucks the rest of my orgasm from me. Even her finger scratches inside of me. Aya swallows one more time before she rises off of my penis, upright but limping.

“So?” I hear Aya as she crawls up over me. “Aren't you glad?”

Staring at the ceiling, I watch as Aya's face comes into view. “Glad of what?”

“You know.”

“I don't, actually.”

“What did I ask you for when I started this?”

...Okay. But what meaning was there to be glad?

“Well then.” Aya pulls the blanket up around her shoulders, over me as well. “I'll leave you to figure it out. With just one more thing.”

She lowers her face.

Aya's kissing me again. But...this one is different. Not trying to pleasure me. It's just her lips touching mine. It doesn't last longer than several seconds before she pulls away.

I'm looking up into Aya's eyes again. She's smiling with the need to laugh. It's Aya.

“Feel free to hate me again if you want.”
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File 145841295840.jpg - (228.56KB, 849x765, eb61d0eda1865f835910faf7db647ba6.jpg)
My mind is aware I'm awake while my eyes are still closed. I don't know why I was fine sleeping right next to Aya. Maybe having sex last night just made me too tired to say otherwise. I don't even need to open my eyes to know Aya's already awake. I can hear her cooking something in her kitchen.

I clear my throat as I sit up. I'm still naked. In front of me, my clothes hang on the wall on a line of string. As I stand to get my clothes, my thoughts travel back to last night.

Aya asks me to trust her. So I do. And she has sex with me. Or more accurately, she did everything to try and please me. That's what it seems like. Aya, using her body. Her mouth. That mouth, that spews out insults in the form of passing words. Her body, which she uses to find lies by flying around Gensokyo writing articles for her newspaper.

I straighten the sash around my waist before exiting Aya's room. I step into the main room.


Aya calls from the kitchen.


Those are the only words we exchange as I sit by the table.

My eyes wander to her desk. It's cleaned up.

A single piece of paper is tilted on the surface with a pen on top. A knife cuts something from the kitchen.

“So, you can cook?” I focus back on the table. A single bowl and a dish sit along the center to the sides.

“Hm? What?” Aya says.

“You can cook.” I pull something from my clothes. A piece of metal that I run my fingers along, squeezing it between my fingers. “When did you learn to do that?”

“What do you mean by that? Don't you know how to cook?”

It's not that I'm embarrassed to say I don't. I'm actually curious why she knows.

“Well,” Aya goes on, placing her knife somewhere where it clanks on a hard surface, “what else would I learn? We live for a long time, so might as well.”

“But why cooking, of all things? Wouldn't you prefer to do something more meaningful to you? Like spending more time writing or going out to find your scoops?”

“I'm not like you, you know.” Aya's words poke at my mind. “You might find it okay to stand around the whole day. But I'm not always working.”

“Then could you answer the question? Why cooking?”

“I don't know.” Aya doesn't say anything else for a few seconds. Then, the door to her kitchen opens. “If I'm going to learn something, I might as well learn something that has to do with what I do. And if it's not writing articles, then why not cook for myself so I can eat?”

Then why try to dodge the question? Or answer it after that much trouble? If this is the case, then maybe I don't want to ask her about the other things I want to talk about....

“If you want a better answer,” Aya places a plate of food on the table, “then I guess it's because it'll help me the most. After all, you're eating it, aren't you?”

Aya's clothes are wrinkled at her shoulder and her front. More so than it was yesterday when we met. I stare away at the food on my plate.

“I guess so.” I pick up a cube of meat with my chopsticks.

“Don't be shy.” Aya laughs at me. “Remember, this is your vacation. So you're here to relax away from work.”

Aside from her laughing at me, I'm also annoyed by her words. Vacation. Living with Aya. For how long? Was this Aya's doing? Or did the Chief really give that order? As much as the seal proves that the Chief herself wrote the letter, because Aya's involved, a small doubt forms at my stomach. A heavy, unsure feeling. Because of Aya.

“Something else you want to ask? Or something to say?”

Aya's smile. That's what it should look like.

“Vacation.” I say the word that's pulling at my thoughts. “So that's what you and the Chief decided?”

“That's what I said. Why?”

We both eat a few bites of food as I think of how to word my question.

Perhaps it's best to assume nothing.

“Do you know the Chief?” I say after swallowing a piece of vegetable.

Aya stops chewing, chopsticks in her mouth. She draws the chopsticks from her mouth, grabbing another piece of lettuce as she continues eating.

“Hmm. You're on vacation, yet you're trying to invade my privacy?” She taps her chopsticks and lettuce on her plate. Before I say anything, she speaks again. “Well, I'm not being serious. I don't mind, but it is a personal matter. Of sorts.”

So she doesn't want to talk about it? Or does she really not mind? I stare at Aya as she shrugs.

“It's not a secret.” She places the lettuce in her mouth, chewing. “No one asks. So they spread rumors about something I've never actually said anything about. Tell me,” Aya's eyes focus on mine, “what are they saying about me and Boss?”

“They're saying,” I decide to speak the truth, staring at Aya's face, “that you and the Chief have a long relationship. From before the Chief was the Tengu Chief.”

“Really? I've heard worse.”

“I don't believe every piece of slander I hear.” I continue telling the truth. “As I learned from your newspaper.”

“I'd like it if you don't include my newspaper with real lies. But I appreciate your honesty.”

I drink some of the water in my cup. Aya straightens her back.

“Perhaps we'll speak with Boss at some point, so you'll hear the story from her, too.” She resumes eating. “But your guess is correct. Boss and I go a long ways back.”

“You're good friends with her?”

“More or less.” Aya says yes. “I think I'm pretty good at maintaining relationships with people. But Boss is a pretty special person to me, and I think she thinks the same for me, too. Not in that way, of course.”

I must have been looking at her or something, because her teasing makes no sense to me. I eat the last of my food.

“And so you call her `Boss`?”

Aya hums for a moment, thinking. “It's not really a thing. It's just what I call her.”

I frown at what she says. So even someone “special” to Aya doesn't get away from her annoying personality. I don't expect there to be more meaning, even if there was, to be called “Boss” instead of “Chief”. There's something in that. But at least I know Aya's still Aya.

“Enough about me for now. Actually, since I still have work to do,” Aya takes some of the plates on the table and covers the plates and bowls of food on the table, “maybe I'll get going. I do have a schedule after all.”

“Then what should I do?” I place my chopsticks on top of an overturned plate. “Would you like me to clean up?”

“No, do what you want. Well, don't do any work, at least.” Aya stands up to stretch, arms stretched out to her sides. “Remember. Vacation.”

“Then,” I adjust my clothes, tightening them against my body, “you wouldn't mind if I came along while you work.”

She shouldn't mind, right? Maybe she'll think I'll get in her way? I watch as Aya turns to me, an eyebrow raised by a hair.

The corner's of Aya's mouth rise.

“Do what you want.”


I was prepared to hear Aya disagree with me coming along with her. But she didn't seem like she hated it at all. Although, she did tell me not to interfere if she got involved. I know what she means.

Aya zooms in the distance as a ray of light shoots out the top of the forest. The human in black and white shouts at Aya while firing more danmaku bullets.

My sense of duty keeps me at my distance. I'm too far away to be noticed, but close enough to see the events unfold. Aya doesn't fight, only flying away and dodging the magician's shots with ease.

I watch for at least two more minutes before Aya flies toward my direction. The magician hovers back down toward her house, her face twisted in annoyance.

As much as I dislike Aya's spying on her, I don't like the magician's own antics, either.

“So?” Aya flies to my side, facing to my left. “Bored?”

“Not at all.” I smell the heat from the magician's spells on Aya's clothes. “Though I do disagree with how you take pictures through the window.”

“Reporting on the truth isn't an easy job. You have to be willing to get hurt to get past people's comfort zone.” Aya taps her camera against the air.

“I'm sure it's important to know how a human magician changes clothes when she wakes up.” I remember how the black and white human came out with her normal clothes, although not properly worn. With her dress bent around her waist and neck overly exposed in her hurry.

“It proves she's still a normal human, nothing to be scared of.” Aya shrugs. “I'm doing her a favor by finding out her morning routine.”

“She'll likely hunt you down if you release an article about that.”

“And I never said I'd write about it. It's for reference if I absolutely need it.”

I stare off into the distance as the magician flies out of her home. She flies in the other direction, a frown on her face from what Aya did earlier.

“If you don't like it,” Aya hangs her camera around her neck, “you don't have to come along.”

I shake my head. “No, I will. It's my vacation, remember?”

“Suit yourself.”

Aya chuckles to herself as she flies off. I follow behind her to the side.


Three days pass before I understand a bit of how Aya does her job in detail. It's a routine of going out according to her schedule, so far during the day, and coming back in the evening to write. She gets food while she's outside depending where she is at the time. The first day, she bought food from humans in a village. She did the same for the second at another village. The third, she dropped by the red-white human's shrine to eat. I did too, of course. Though no one knew me when we were at the villages, Reimu did question why I was with Aya.

“Are you two a pair now or something?”

“She's on vacation.” Aya said.

“I'm on vacation.” I also said.

With that, the shrine maiden didn't ask anything else, though she didn't like us eating her food. Aya redirected the red-white human's irritation by asking a couple of questions about her daily life.


We're flying back to her house. The sun colors the sky orange.

“So this is how you live your life?” I don't look toward Aya when I say this.

I hear Aya chuckle a few times. “There's nothing wrong with it, is there? Better than a rampaging youkai, something you would deal with if you were on guard duty.”

I stop flying. Aya must sense that I do, because she stops as well while turning to me. I draw my sword.

“If we're going to go back, there's one thing I'd like to do.”

“And that is?” Aya eyes my hand which holds my weapon.

“I was going to ask. But it would be better to fight, instead.”

Aya flaps her wings twice. “So why fight when we can talk?”

My eyes stare down at the ground below. There's a reason for it. Not just because I wanted to ask about it some time. It was more because I know how Aya does her work. How she does her work without really fighting. Besides that time Reimu and Marisa came, and that time she took pictures of me, how often have I fought or seen Aya fight as seriously as she did then? We fight, that's not the problem. But to see Aya fight at all while working instead of running like she always does. Talking. Playing around, to word it best. And even during the incident with that amanojaku, Aya couldn't have been fighting seriously. I didn't, despite what was being asked for, so there's no way Aya would have.

But this was another matter entirely. A personal matter. My attraction to Aya. Was she...Could what Aya's done so far still be a plan? Just a way to play around? I won't spend any more time living with Aya, dealing with my problems if she's not being serious. As trivial as this may seem to anyone else, it was important to me. When my body can't handle staying still around her. When my mind is drawn to thinking about Aya. When even my senses are attracted to everything Aya does, no matter how small. Seeing Aya act so flippantly to everyone else, especially her relationship with the Chief. I have to take action.

“So I'm guessing,” Aya takes out her fan, holding it to her chest, “you really want to fight?”

With sword and shield in hand, I look up at Aya.

“Maybe.” I swing my sword once, lined up to the side of my body. “If you really want to fight.”

“Aren't you the one who's asking?”

“You should know what I mean, then.”

Aya's eyes. They're like they were those two times. Trying to figure out what I'm thinking. Figuring out what I'm thinking.

I think she does, by the way her smile returns to her face.

Aya's smile holds more than her amusement. “What makes you think I'd do that here?”

“There's no one around. And I won't be holding back.”

As soon as I finish speaking, I rush at Aya. The tip of my sword pokes into her shirt, below her throat.

Aya would normally be too fast for me to get this close. But I just used about eighty percent of my power. Not for danmaku fights, but actual power. Power I use for intruders who do not follow the danmaku rules. Power I use for youkai who don't know honor or respect. A power I'd use for Aya if she ever did something out of place for a tengu.

Aya's not smiling anymore.

“I know you're on vacation. But is this really how you want to spend your time?”

Her tone is playful. But something behind her voice creeps into my ears, my body.

It's a threat. No. A threat is something someone says when they're not certain they'll win.

This was an attempt at mercy. For me.

“If you won't, then I won't.” I twist my sword, turning it. “But don't think you'll be able to win so easily. Not if you're planning to run away the whole time.”

Aya looks down at the blade, then back at me. I keep my eyes on her face. Seconds pass. But no more than a minute. I don't move. Not because I'm not planning to attack, but because something strange is happening. Something dangerous. The air, previously calm, swirls around us.

An arm extends from the side of my vision. It bends at the elbow, as though to embrace my neck.

My eyes widen.

The moment Aya disappears before my eyes, I swing behind me. As I do, I don't see anyone. I turn back to where Aya was hovering.

Was it a trick? Aya definitely wasn't there when she was...behind me? But she's in front of me now. I grip my sword tighter.

“What's wrong?” Aya puts her fan away behind her. “Are we going to fight like you want?”

No sudden movements. Not until I'm sure I know how I want to attack. If she didn't do some kind of trick, then she really was as fast as I just experienced it. I can't believe I couldn't even see her move. No. I did see her move. I just didn't recognize that as movement. Like clear water, I could see the clouds behind Aya before I noticed her arm reach for me from behind. But as soon as I turned to attack, she was back in front of me. Or behind me again. If that's the case.

I swing my sword again. It cuts at where Aya's chest was, but I don't run my blade through. Instead, Aya disappears again—


Something large barrels into me from behind. It's not a body part. Wind? I fall through the sky for a second before rolling back upright.

Higher above me, Aya crosses a leg.

“Aren't you going to fight seriously as well?” She taps her foot. “Or are you already fighting seriously?”

Okay then.

“Then don't regret it.” I start to focus.

All of my anger. All of my rage. Every part of me that wants to hurt Aya for what she does. What she's done. It spirals inside my chest, my arms, and into my head, farther inside my body with every heartbeat. Strength trembles throughout my limbs as I tell my mind to focus on fighting. To let go. It piles on top of my emotions, and I can feel my heart beating faster. My mind responds to my will to fight. My teeth ache for blood. My hands, my nails feel dry to do the same. If I'm not ready to kill, I'm not completely serious. And if Aya is being serious, I won't think about holding back. My vision hazes for a split second, then I breathe hard and heavy.

Her mouth makes that disgusting smile. “Let's get started then, shall we?”

My body dashes toward Aya again, thrusting forward. She moves a second before I reach her. I can see her move this time. She jumps to the side, spinning as a grey blade of wind flashes toward my body. Swinging my shield behind me, the force of the wind knocks my arm away from my body.

Ducking forward, I fly toward Aya again. She jumps backward, then flips. My eyes dart left and right as two small tornadoes close in on my sides. With a roar, I swing my sword with all my might. A noise whips by my ear, but I don't feel pain.

I can see her. I can see her, but I can't reach her still. She moves faster than I can even when I'm like this. That's fine. All I need is to catch her once.

I chase Aya again and again. She sends furious winds at me over and over. But I'm slowly closing the distance between us each time. Each time, I get closer and closer to her before she runs. Each time, I fight against whatever she throws at me. And every time, we face each other afterward without getting hurt. This exchange repeats seven times. Finally, I fly toward Aya one more time, slashing at her with my sword.

But something's wrong. Even in my battle high, I realize it. Or maybe I'm just too proud to accept anything else. But Aya. She doesn't seem fazed at all. In fact, now that I look back at our exchanges, her smile just grew even more hateful. That's the dangerous part. But I still commit to slashing down at Aya's shoulder.

So I should have expected, if I didn't get her, that I would have to chase her again. Then, Aya says something.

“You're pretty fast.”

Her voice is right by my ear.

That's not what surprises me.

“So even if I'm still faster, it's not enough, is it?”

It's that her voice is in both of my ears. Like there's two of her.

“But it seems like you don't have anything else. While I—“

I don't know which way to look. I see Aya in three places at once, to my left, in front of me, and to my right. A fourth speaks directly behind me.

“—I'm going to show you something I learned from Boss.”

Flipping my sword, I stab behind me while swinging my shield in a wide arc in front of me. But all each Aya extends an arm over my swing, a whirling torrent of wind in the center of each hand. And the instant before the three winds touch me, a force like a boulder slams between my shoulders.

I hear Aya say one thing as I fall out of the sky. I can also hear the amusement in her voice.

“Good job, Momiji.”
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File 145841320599.jpg - (528.15KB, 850x897, de4b675ecb4c0a229587a195b30a62c1.jpg)
The darkness sets around the room as night comes. The lamp on Aya's desk provides light for me to see as I sit at the table. A bag of my belongings lies against the wall behind me by the door to Aya's room. Aya sets down a large pot of soup while taking off her mitts.

“Soup for the defeated.” She announces, placing her mitts beside the table. “By the way. I got more blankets for your futon in case you weren't warm enough.”

I say my thanks as I offer my bowl for Aya to serve me.

I wasn't hurt after our fight. In spite of how hateful we seemed, I now understood why Aya could be called a monster, and that was what I wanted to know to be satisfied. If it was just because of how powerful she really is, I might still be angry. But I'm not surprised when I think about it. Despite what I've learned, it's because it was a truth I could understand that I can accept it.

I'm attracted to the Aya Shameimaru that can act like herself, even when fighting seriously.

“Don't feel bad.” Aya puts her bowl down after drinking. “It's tiring to go all out like that. If I can help it, I'd rather not do that all the time.”

At the same time, as I drink my soup, I hate the fact that Aya is stronger than I am. I don't know any techniques or special attacks or anything like that. I have to admit that, even though it came down to an instant, it was still because of that instant that Aya did something I wasn't expecting that I lost. An element of surprise that I don't currently have.

I must not look happy, because Aya sighs with a laugh.

“If it helps, you really weren't that bad at all.”

“I believe you.” I stare at the table. “I'm just thinking of my own faults.”

“Not to put you down or anything, but I've been around enough to learn a lot.” Aya stops pouring herself another serving to look at me. After a couple of seconds, she gets more soup for herself. “Standing around guarding all day almost every day means you get to train yourself. But you never fight anyone strong. At least, not like you did today, and not against someone who can beat you.”

My mouth tastes the soup around my tongue before I swallow. I don't quite get why Aya says that part, but I do understand what her words mean. She's not wrong, either. Being along all day means I'm most likely meditating, or training my body on my own somehow. When an intruder does show up for a fight, it's a wild youkai who can't put up a fight or a danmaku battle. Never a serious fight that I could lose.

“So,” I remember what Aya said during the fight, “the Chief. That's one of her techniques?”

“It is.” Says Aya. “I won't tell her secrets, but it's something she can do.”

“Those weren't illusions, either.” The pain from being hit on all sides comes back to me. “They each had your power.”

“And that's the tiring part.” Aya drinks a cup of water. “For me, I'm still there. But I feel the strain of every other copy of me, and focusing is hard.”

I don't think I'd understand how it works. But knowing Aya can do something like that makes me wonder what else she can do.

Aya yawns. “Like I said, I'd rather not do anything like that if I could.”

“You don't have fun doing it?”

The words come from me before I catch myself. I look at Aya as she looks back at me.

She chuckles before swallowing her food. “Well. It depends who I'm doing it for, and how I'm using it.”

Something shoots through my chest. Pride? Happiness? Why? Did I think she was complimenting me somehow? She could just be teasing me again. Calming myself, I eat the last of my food.

“Thanks for the food. I'll be heading to sleep. Unless there's anything I can do?”

“There shouldn't be. I'll probably work on writing something before going to sleep, though.”


Entering Aya's room, I drag the bag I brought in with me. It had more clothes and possessions that I retrieved from my home after Aya and I fought. I change into a more comfortable set of clothes, similar to my day attire. White over red. I approach my futon, which is farther from the door. Kneeling, I stare at the blankets for a second.

My eyes don't quite focus on seeing. I can consider the fact that I'm not lusting after Aya's body a good thing. But what worries me now is that I'm not lusting after Aya at all. As odd as it sounds, what I'm worried about is if the urge comes back again. What if it's stronger than it was a few days ago? I have a sense of pride in believing I'm not an object of desires. Yet, I can't deny that I might be.

With that, I also have to wonder why it is I'm possibly not lusting after Aya. Even if it has only been a few days, maybe living with Aya is having the opposite effect. That my attraction to Aya in that way was only a temporary thing. I don't actually know how long I'll have to live with her. But I do have to recognize the small amount of time I've had without feeling the need to pleasure myself.

I focus. I don't feel too tired. I don't feel the need to do anything other than sleep. Aya's cooking sates my hunger. My desire to guard the mountain remains, eager to return to my position.

With this in mind, I prepare my futon for bed as I lie down. Throwing the blankets over myself, I close my eyes.

Everything appears to be normal. I wonder how long it'll stay that way.


...Something wakes me. The room's smell is gone. No. Not gone. I smell something else.


My eyes snap open. Aya. She's too close to my back. I can feel her body pressing against my sheets.

“What? What is it?” I turn my head and body toward her bed.

I didn't need to. She's on all fours, calling to me.

“I want to ask you something.”

“What?” I repeat.

Aya not answering me right away strikes at something inside of my heart. I don't know what. But it does.

I hear Aya lick her lips once. The lack of noise allows me to hear it. Or maybe my hearing is that sharp.


“I wonder?” I feel Aya's hand press against the sheets, tightening the blankets around my body. “Maybe I understand exactly how you felt now.”

...I didn't even consider this situation. Maybe someone more insightful could. Maybe Aya did. But if so, would her voice have that small bit of desperation in her voice? Was it even desperation? Excitement?

“Is it alright?”

I know what Aya's means. But a certain part of me doesn't want to admit it. Or want it. Unless I do?

“I can't seem to calm down, you know.” Aya sits back as I sit up. That smile is on her face. “Fufufu. Would you let me do it to you? I've yet to do it with you like that.”

Something in my lower body twitches. It's an area between my penis and my entrance. Both of them react to Aya's words. She breathes in from her nose every several seconds.

Aya sounds calm. Her words tell me that she's not. She wants me. She wants to take me this time. I have no idea why or what caused Aya to want to. Without turning to face her, I can tell there's a small pleasure on her face.

I have to do something about this. I can't be silent.

Aya's breath gets heavier, the hint of lust along with it.
[] Tease her. Give her a taste of her own medicine. [Dangerous]
[] Let her do you. I'll accept it, but it doesn't mean I like it this way.
[] Only if you're on top. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.
[] Take her yourself. You'll solve her problem for her.
[] Tell her to deal with it herself. She can't start wanting this every time it happens.
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[x] Only if you're on top. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.
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[X] Let her do you. I'll accept it, but it doesn't mean I like it this way.
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[X] Tease her. Give her a taste of her own medicine. [Dangerous]

You're right, it would be nice to give her a taste of her own medicine
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[X] Only if you're on top. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.

Assertive riding best riding.
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[x] Tease her. Give her a taste of her own medicine. [Dangerous]

Kinda like to see how "dangerous" it can get
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[x] Only if you're on top. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.

This seems ok to me.
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[X] Only if you're on top. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.
[X] Tease her. Give her a taste of her own medicine. [Dangerous]

I accept them both, in priority order. Calling for clarity.
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Is this still going on or is the dream dead?
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It's mainly my fault for being a bubblabump slow person. I did write; of course, doesn't mean anything unless things get done. I'm on it, though.
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File 146372803314.jpg - (437.57KB, 800x600, b6a527cdadb2d40f3a6f6697dc829c3a.jpg)
[X] Only if you're on top. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.
[X] Tease her. Give her a taste of her own medicine. [Dangerous]

I realized I was making a mistake up to now. Lots of drinks were consumed after the fact.


My stomach flips. No. If I'm going to do this, then I'll be the one on top. I can only imagine what’ll happen if Aya takes control.

I slide my legs out of the blanket. I look down at Aya's lap for a second before looking back at her eyes. Her chest rises and falls.

She's waiting.

“Lie down.” I say.


I don't want to repeat myself. I grab her shoulders, wrapping a leg around her waist. I twist my thighs around Aya enough to settle her onto the futon.

“Okay.” Aya amuses herself. “And now?”

I glance down her body. I take off my hakama and throw it to the side. Whatever I was wearing underneath went with it. Both my penis and my entrance hide under the bottom of my shirt. My hand slides up Aya's thigh.

Aya laughs twice as I find her erection. Just under the skin, I grope at the hardened piece of flesh. The skin peels under her skirt, and one of my fingers runs over the slick head. Her cock twitches in my palm, and Aya bites on a fingernail.

She says something.

“So? You're going to put me inside you?”

My teeth grit inside of my mouth. I raise my hips while pulling her skirt down her legs. Just enough make it possible. Even though Aya lifts her legs to pull her skirt off of her legs with a foot.

My penis twitches upwards as my entrance tells me how awkward it is for Aya's cock to press against it. I have to deal with this though. I'd rather do it myself then have Aya come onto me while I'm sleeping. In both meanings, when I consider it. A short gust of air flows into my nose as I lower myself onto the head of her penis.

Aya makes something between a squeal and a laugh. Her mouth parts, her eyes watching as I inch her into me.

It doesn't hurt. It just feels...unfamiliar. Aya isn't large, but her penis stretches inside of me. I grunt while lowering myself all the way onto her.

Aya says something else.

“How does it feel?”

My mouth forms a growl, but I don't make a sound. Instead, I grind my thighs up her waist and down along her own. Aya sighs as I put more weight on rubbing against her thighs.

I remember that much at least. How she likes it down there.

Something flows from where Aya lays inside me all around my waist. A good feeling. Pleasure. I raise and drop my hips in less than a second.

I groan, shutting my eyes. Aya takes a satisfied breath. Right as I hope that Aya doesn't speak, she does.

“Liking this?”

I plant my hands on both sides of Aya's head. Aya starts panting as I begin pumping my hips up and down. All I can hear is her breath in time dropping my hips onto her body. A small creak between my teeth tells me I'm trying to bear the shock coming from inside me. So does my erect penis, which pokes into my shirt. My shirt loosens, and cool air fans onto the top of my breasts as I fuck Aya. Aya’s mouth parts less than half the width of her finger, enough for me to see her teeth touching the digit. Her arm lays underneath her breasts. The pale, then the red on top.

I can hear my heart beat twice. A heat rises in my stomach.

It’s bare. Bare. Riding her. With teeth so sharp that why haven’t I done anything up to now—

I shut my eyes.

But she’s enjoying it. Her own eyes closed, I’m finally letting her in me.

The heat burns inside the bone of my legs. My arms. And especially down there, around her cock. I want to come on her chest so badly right now. Just thinking that has me erect. Making me more erect. And she’s not even moving, even though she’s the one asking. That’s my fault for getting on top? Maybe this is right. As long as I’m rubbing myself on her legs, pounding down onto her body because she wanted it this time, it’s all fine. But what’s with that look in her eyes? Like she’s laughing at me? I thought she wanted this.

My hands grip the blankets and become fists. I peer into Aya’s eyes.

“Aren’t you supposed to be liking this?” I drop my hips two more times, my cock bobbing down and up. I shiver as my insides close around Aya’s penis.

She squeezes her eyes shut again when I push in my thighs against hers. “Well, it just seems like you’re enjoying this more than I am.” Her upper hand rests on her chin while she looks up at me. “And I was the one who was horny this time.”

I really can’t. I can’t believe it. Was it because I was on top? Was she actually…watching me?

I focus on quelling the heat in my body, where I’m wrapped around Aya’s penis. Even my own cock, which throbs with every movement down and up. But I can’t stop. As quiet and rough as my waist is, even when I rise up straight and close my eyes, my knees pushing up and down…I’m getting aroused.

More than Aya? I don’t know. But she is breathing a little harder. I can feel her thigh rise and fall on my right cheek, down there. Somewhere behind me, her foot moves on the futon behind me. Scratching her toes on the cloth. Aya rubs her breast with a hand.

“You’re riding me pretty hard. Are you sure you aren’t going to come first?”

The heat throbs inside my brain. It really did feel good.

My hand tracks my penis. It starts to stroke.

With my other hand next to Aya’s side, I ride and stroke myself in rhythm. Soft growls sigh out of my mouth, and something wet leaks around Aya’s cock.

It’s getting to me. It’s coming back. That’s what the heat is. But in a completely different way. And even then, it changed. It went from getting my insides to churn into the heat, to making sure both parts of my body could release the pleasure forming inside of my body. I didn’t need to be inside Aya. I needed her body, her penis inside me, her body, bare and clean.

Actual heat rises into my head. I swallow, concentrating on immersing my insides with Aya’s cock. The fact that Aya wasn’t thrusting into me. That I rode her, and that that was right.

“Hey.” Aya makes out between breaths. “You were going to take care of me, right?”

“Aya.” I stroke myself and my insides against Aya’s penis a few times before going on. “Just….”

I think somewhere, there’s something else. Like she knew. I don’t have any proof, but the way Aya just watches me fuck her is what I believe makes the first hint. Her arms rest on her stomach. What else could it be?

The heat pierces into my mind, my pleasure. Every time I lower myself onto Aya, my climax twists inside of me. Every time it twists, something pushes into my cock. With my hand stroking myself, that push becomes a shove.

I know I’m trying to get Aya off. But that’s just it. Is using her lower body the only way? I just can’t seem to find any other signs or ways to do it.

So my right foot bumps underneath her leg. Aya sighs out loud. But that twisting climax inside of me is coming too quick for me to try any more.

Whether she liked it or now, though, I needed to come. Now.

“Are you going to do it?” Is what Aya says while I’m at the brink.

What was going on?

“Didn’t you…?” Is all I make out, my hips rocking up and down. My hand keeps stroking up and down the whole length of my erection.

Aya says one thing.

“Need it more than I do?”

A long, slow breath seeps out of me when I come. I clench tight around Aya’s cock, but don’t feel anything from her shoot inside me. The split second before I close my eyes, I notice a strand of white shoots from my cock onto her breasts. My fist continues to stroke. Shot after shot comes out of me. I rise an inch off of Aya’s waist, but drop back down to focus on my orgasm.

I get it. I can’t concentrate on Aya’s body. I don’t know if that’s the actual truth, but that’s what comes to me. Looking at her body, imagining what I can do to it. It takes over. It makes me want it. Want to please myself with her.

I open my eyes.

Yes, like that.

The semen paints Aya’s breasts in a clear sheen. It rises when she breathes. It lowers when she breathes out. The scent is warm. Me. Aya stares at me, amused at something I don’t know of. Her hand rests on her forehead, and her other arm lays above her head.

“So?” Aya pushes my body from behind with her thigh. “I didn’t get to come. Again.”

Are you serious, Aya?

I stare at that face of hers. “So what do you want me to do?”

“I thought you were going to take care of it.” Her low chuckle. “Unless you wanted me to take care of it myself?”

A burning sense of annoyance and irritation grinds inside my forehead.

But wait. Isn’t that it, then? Whether or not she’s toying with me, she needs to experience it. Even if it’s cruel. What she’s done with me.

She should have a taste of her own medicine.

Something twists inside of my thoughts. I stare down at Aya, who still looks at me with an interested grin on her face.

“Then take care of it. I know you can.”

The grin disappears from Aya’s face.

It looks like a frown.

“…What do you mean by that?” She slurs the beginning of her words.

“Don’t you want to do it?” I repeat Aya’s words from that time. I raise my hands to re-adjust my shirt around my shoulders. “It’s the season where we’re all in heat.”

My implication reaches Aya. Something flickers in her eyes. It’s not visible, but it’s a very small movement in her face that changes how her expression looks. Her mask is a blank one.

“Are you being serious right now?”

Her words fuel my own anger. They’re the same exact words that I kept in my thoughts. I rise off of Aya’s penis, still hard and yet to be satisfied.

“I know it’s unbearable.” I continue to quote Aya. “But that’s part of nature.”

She blinks.

“I wouldn’t think that,” I scoot back, “a black crow tengu isn’t capable of some self-control. Well, maybe that’s asking a bit too much compared to me, though.”

I stare down at Aya while kneeling between her legs. Aya breathes in and out six times, taking in what I’ve said.

Teasing Aya. It’s not something I do like this. And I’m certain Aya has never faced these kinds of words from me before. But even if it doesn’t make her understand what she’s been doing to me, then it’ll at least give me some short-term satisfaction. Immature and cruel as the method may be. Striking back against Aya this way should be more than justified, though.

I still think these thoughts as a smile rises on Aya’s face.

“Hm. So it’s like that, huh?’

Shock jumps into me as a pair of hands grab onto my wrists. I’m shocked because Aya’s in front of me. But I understand once the person who grabbed me from behind speaks.

“Say, Momiji. I’m sorry if I made you feel that way.”

The words are empty. She’s just mad.

Two more figures step to my left and right.

“But if you think I’m going to take this treatment, well. I’m not going to stand for it, you know?”

She’s behind me. She’s also on both sides.

I’m surrounded by four Ayas.

“Aya….” I pity how despicable her method is. “You really needed it this badly? Why’d you let me get on top, then?”

“Honestly, I thought the same.” The Aya in front of me crawls up to my face. “I was going to let you do what you wanted. So why did you do something like that?”

The Aya holding my wrists from behind pushes into my back, planting me onto the futon with my face and knees.

“Do you really need an answer to that?” I look up to the Aya on my right. One of the other Ayas slides my hakama from my legs.

“Sure. But I didn’t think you were that kind of person.”

“I didn’t you were this kind of person either.” A cool shiver passes up my body as someone’s hands holds my waist.

A cock presses up into my entrance.

“Well then.” I raise my head for Aya, who speaks down while standing in front of me. She holds her erection in front of my face. “Isn’t it right for me to do the same thing you did to me?”


I blink.

I think I’m confident in understanding her right now. Maybe because it happened to be easy.

“Are you mad—?”

Aya’s cock interrupts my words as it presses against my lips. A shock runs through my insides as the Aya behind me also thrusts inside. Despite coming earlier, Aya’s cock knocking against the roof of my mouth sends a pleasurable jolt into my throat and down my spine.

Aya shoving another inside me from behind doesn’t make anything less sensitive, either. So much so that I can’t make a noise.

Then I feel something I’ve never felt before around my cock. Thicker, shorter than fingers. They press around my soft penis.

“I’m going to get what I want.” I spot something moving between the standing Aya’s legs. “So bear with me for a moment, would you?”

It’s the legs of another Aya, one crossed on another. I realize what Aya’s doing.

Why does my mouth have to be an erotic spot, anyway?

Doubled with bulging my left and right cheek, a third Aya’s feet sandwich my twitching cock. The top of one foot brushes up against the top half of my cock. The bottom of the other presses down. My hips jerk away when her toenails trace from underneath. But I lean forward more when Aya drags her top foot and presses her toes around the head of my penis.

It’s not that it feels good by itself. But having Aya in two other places was enough to excite the ball inside of my stomach again.

The Aya behind me keeps her hands on my waist, silent but quick in her thrusts. The Aya in my mouth doesn’t go as far, but savors every push and pull. The head of her erection bumps into the center of my tongue, which wraps around her when I sigh from her feet stroking me below. The fourth Aya stood beside the standing Aya, stroking herself faster than the one in my mouth.

“Can you imagine how hard it is to hold back?” The Aya pushing into my mouth places her hand on my head. “But since you enjoy having things in your mouth, you don’t have any complaints sucking on my cock, do you?”

I don’t feel any shame. Not because I know Aya’s doing this because of my teasing, but because she’s right. Ever since I found out my mouth is an erogenous area for me, I had to accept I was a bit odd. I think more so than Aya’s obsession with her lower body.

She pants while rubbing her feet sideways along my penis.

“Hey, I think I’m finally close to coming, though.” The Aya fucking me from behind places her hands on my stomach.

Among the saliva I’m covering her skin with, I could get an idea of how close from the small sourness reaching the back of my tongue. That, and the way that valley on the bottom of her foot presses down harder on my penis every few seconds. Also, the tight knot inside of my penis helps constrict around the one inside me, along with how fast Aya’s taking me from behind—

Several things happen. But everything comes at once.

Warm semen lands on my tongue while my cock and insides release. A strand of semen lands across my nose from the fourth Aya, and the Aya behind me slams her hips into me, holding still. The ball of Aya’s foot on top of my penis presses against the head. Finally, the Aya in my mouth pulls out, shooting half a strand on my lips. I close my eyes. More of her seed lands on my face, the effort of two Ayas coming on me.

I shouldn’t, but I savor the trickle of Aya’s essence when I swallow. That warm line across my nose also feels like it’s burning. I must look like a mess. I forgot that I had closed my eyes until I feel two things press against my closed lips.

My mouth gives way for two half-erect penises pushing into it. Two Ayas stare down at me.

The left one, the one who I’d been servicing first, speaks. “You’re prepared, right?”

I get it even more. I can control it. And while I can, I realize that maybe I shouldn’t have teased Aya. Not just because she’s stronger than me, though that’s a big part. I hate to admit that. But this heat running through me. It’s not going away. It’s why I’m actively sucking on two Ayas cocks, back and forth.

Is it that the attraction is getting worse? Is it actually good for me? Or is it something else?

The bigger problem is that Aya’s not done.

“Hey.” The Aya behind me speaks. “I need to go one more time. One more time.”

The two cocks in my mouth harden to full erection again. And so does my own, with Aya’s two feet stroking back slow to give it another shot.

With a stare up at the left Aya, I pop both of her out of my lips.
[] Resist.
[] Tease.
[] Beg.
[] Give in.
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[x] Beg.
Delete Post
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[x] Beg.
It's been a good run. Time for Momiji to give in to what she knew all along.
Delete Post
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[X] Beg.

Let's not push it too far.
Delete Post
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Actually, I change my vote to [x] Tease. We need to see how far we can actually take this.
Also, no calling for clarity yet?
Delete Post
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[x] Beg
[x] Tease

I'll call it now then. Block stopped me from writing any words. So I'll take both because I'll take both.
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Still alive, writefag? I'm getting a bit anxious for my dose of Momiji dickings... I'm sure other anon faggots are too.
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This writefag has other four stories open here (>>/th/190332 >>37838 >>37772 >>37711), so I guess he's a bit overloaded with work. Five stories at once is really too much I think.
Plus writer's block and summer, and here you are. So our best bet is to just wait for him to come back to this.
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File 146871702928.jpg - (127.37KB, 850x556, 7f4cbd8c866a0963a24fc241087a3f36.jpg)
[X] Beg.
[X] Tease.



I get the words out. But Aya has that on her face. Just…that.


I don’t hate that. It just makes me want to hurt her. And with two of the same face looking down at me, that feeling grows twofold.

One of her presses herself against me until I’m kissing the head of her cock again. There’s a heavy scent coming from it. I open my mouth just enough to breath, and she pushes forward. My lips wrap around a finger’s width. Before I know it, the second Aya pokes at the corner of my mouth.

And then she pulls back.

…I can’t identify it, because there’s no point of reference. Just a heavy musk. Sour. Almost intoxicating.

“Let me….”

I close my mouth. I swallow.

There’s a crazed look in Aya’s eyes. All two of her. Both of her.

“Let you…do what?” The knuckles of one Aya’s hand brushes against her hips.

She doesn’t continue. Every time I swallow, my cock gets harder. Every time I breathe, every muscle in my body gets weaker.

There’s a seething red pumping into my brain. My pride? But the saliva inside my mouth, going down my throat, is just as warm. I need something in my mouth. I need it, I need it, I need it

“Let me suck on your cock.”

The moment the words leave my mouth, my face lunges forward, mouth wide open. But both Ayas take a step back.

I want. To be killed.

“So you want to give me a blowjob?” The amusement crashes into what’s left of my pride. “Both of me? You realize what you’re saying right now?”

I know what I’m saying right now. But I don’t care about any games, or any teasing, or any of the nonsense we go through.

“Just…please…” My teeth grind. “Please fuck my mouth!”

There’s no anger in my voice. With a pant, I leave my mouth breathing open in the room.

Waiting. But it’s never that simple with Aya—


All this time, I’m still looking up at both Ayas. My focus stays on them until two hands wrap themselves around my breasts. This Aya’s penis presses against my entrance.

“Sorry.” She chuckles. “I didn’t realize you needed it that badly.”

With two shifts on the blankets below, the two Ayas in front of me step forward again. Enough that I can touch the bottom of one’s erection with the tip of my tongue. It’s not sudden. I take one, slow lick up, then rise higher on my knees to push it through and against my lips. Something in my spine shudders.

I’m feeling it through my lips. This mouth addiction is getting worse. And not just that, every part of my mouth. I’d press my teeth against the top and bottom, but that’d hurt. But my tongue, rubbing the center underneath Aya’s erection, is more than enough to sate that curiosity.

The room is silent. I don’t make much noise while bobbing down and up. I take a sharp, closed breath when the Aya behind me pushes up into me. When the third Aya approaches from my right, cock almost pressing into my cheek, I don’t need Aya to speak to know what she wants. I also notice that the fourth Aya’s no longer here. I look up at the Aya in my mouth, opening wider to accommodate for the second. And despite my nose’s proximity to everything, I can’t smell anything between my mouth and her cocks. Nothing that I can describe except it’s still heavy. Like something’s trying to attract every nerve in my nose. So more than the hard feel of her cocks now sliding in my mouth as one, my tongue catches every sweet, sour, and even a little bitter taste on her skin.

I want to swallow. I want to keep swallowing. But it’s hard, somewhat painful, to hold both of her in my mouth. It’s just as pleasuring as, if not more than, having Aya thrust into me from behind.

My mind focuses on Aya inside me. How each push of her hips onto mine puts the Ayas in front of me deeper in my mouth. Her hands on my stomach grip tight as she finds a rhythm. Not slow. But not as fast as I ever went.

…Her foot is under me.

With a quick glance down, my eyes find her toes wriggling under my cock. My eyes turn back up, up at Aya, and her mouth turns upward.

“What?” She grabs me between a big and her second toe, pulling down on my skin. “I need a little more.”

My eyes look back straight at Aya’s body. With my sight now dulled, two senses remain. Both filled with pleasure. I can taste the wetness coming out of her cocks. And it’s not my saliva. It’s that somewhat bitter, kind of sour taste. Having my mouth filled with two cocks gives it that meaty, full satisfaction. I suck in as much air as I can, the thick, hard muscle of both erections all around my lips, my cheeks, my tongue. The feeling of it. Hundreds of points of contact from my mouth, all sending their own, thin lines of desire down my body.

What’s the saying? A bundle of sticks won’t break? Then a hundred lines of pleasure makes for an overload of satisfaction. Then there’s the knuckle of Aya’s foot rubbing under my penis, her toes tugging on muscle and skin. And the Aya grunting into me from behind. With me tightening around her. Every single source of desire, all building up.

My tongue slips out through my lips, between and under the two cocks. Both Ayas push deeper inside of me, farther than I thought possible. I groan, a sound that stutters from the split second fucking I’m getting from behind. The toes hugging my penis squeeze, and this time, I cry out. My voice alternates between pleased moaning and desperate pants for Aya to explore every part of my mouth.

The red haze spreads over my desire. I’m very close to coming. So close. Hugging Aya’s cocks from both ends, shooting out the pent up desire inside me. My body wants it.

My thoughts break apart as Aya says something. Two hands drop into my hair, and the Ayas in my mouth move faster, or as fast as they can on each side of my tongue. I pant several times between their pushing, closing my eyes. My tongue lolls out. The Aya behind me pulls her body back, clapping against my back every split second. Another foot plants itself on top of my penis, spreading apart, sandwiching it between two toes.

I have one thought before I come.

[] I wouldn’t mind these fetishes of ours.
[] I shouldn’t let these fetishes continue.

With a long breath, what I can only think is a pitiful cry comes out of me along with my semen. I feel it come out of me. Even if I can’t see it, I know it does from how wet Aya’s feet are rubbing my cock. A numb shock rumbles under my stomach as I clench tight around the penis inside me. Surrounded by Aya’s sighs, I taste the warm strands of her seed on my tongue. No taste, but warmth. Maybe it’s because I know Aya’s shooting inside of me as well, holding my hips in place while she presses against me from behind. I swallow, a stream of warmth dripping into my throat. My tongue pushes upwards, lapping at and in between the head of two penises still twitching against the roof of my mouth.

My hands clench on my thighs. It’s not that it tastes good. But the feel of that taste makes it desirable. I think.

Both Ayas step back, withdrawing from my lips as my mouth closes shut. A drop leaks from me, down my chin, and for a moment I don’t swallow.

I don’t know how Aya felt when she did the same for me. But I tolerate having her semen in my mouth because of my own desire. And that desire is asking for more. And the only way I can get that is if I somehow get Aya to do more.

Swallowing, I wipe the stain under my mouth with the back of my hand.


I breathe in and out.

And how does Aya get more out of me when I need it? At this point, I’m not above doing the same as she does. Not after what I just did.

The remnants of her seed keep going down my throat before I speak. “So, what?”

“Having to swallow my come for the first time. Did you like that?”

I don’t know the answer at the moment. But my desire for having Aya inside my mouth speaks louder.

“…Yes.” I pant. My head hangs down. I spot one Aya’s left foot and the other’s right foot in front of me, covered in semen.

I hear my heart beat.

My tongue spreads out of my mouth as lean forward. My target is her foot, but not what I’m looking for right now. Aya doesn’t even make a noise as I lick the front of her knee.

But she does lift her foot backwards.

“So you’re teasing me now?”

My mouth closes around the side of Aya’s thigh. But my body falls forward from my weight. On all fours, I can feel the heat growing warmer through my body again. Aya’s scent is clean. Somewhat covered by that warmth, but it’s there.

“…You don’t want to?”

My voice has never been softer. In this haze, nothing else matters but to have my fill. Just one more time. One more. It’s not hunger, or a need to fill my stomach. What I want is to have my fill of Aya. Her body, in some form. That will fill me. My eyes crane up at Aya’s.

With a hand rubbing up my thigh from behind and my own eyesight, there are now only two Ayas left.

I get a glimpse of Aya’s frozen surprise. For a second.

It turns into a grin.


The Aya behind me grabs under my breasts, lowering me to the blankets under me. My cheek presses against the top of the other Aya’s foot. I’m left staring at her other foot.

“You know, I don’t mind being on bottom.” Aya whispers over my back. Her cock, somewhat soft, somewhat hard, pushes against me. “But if I have to be on top, I will.”

Her foot bumps into my lips. I open my mouth and bite onto her big toe.

With a small grunt, Aya thrusts into me.

There’s a split between my high sensitivity and my dulled senses. It’s probably the only reason I’m not writhing in pain or pleasure right now, since Aya’s not too gentle with starting off slow. Every thrust pushes her toe deeper inside my mouth. Sometimes it rubs on my tongue. Sometimes it bumps the top of my mouth. I even let go to lick the bottom of her foot after a while. My tongue drags across the center of her foot, before I bite or latch onto one of her toes.

This is it. This alone wouldn’t fulfill me, but together with what happened earlier, it satisfies me. It’s a complete, full course. I don’t know how bad I must look while doing this. But between Aya’s pleased sighs and my satisfaction, I would rather stay as I am.

I turn my head enough to raise my chin off of Aya’s foot. Still tending to the other, I press my hands on the ground and rock my hips back. My hips grind against the other Aya’s for a moment before I hear the delicate slap of our skin once. All while my tongue licks up between Aya’s toes, before latching onto the biggest.

I look up at Aya.

With her lower legs crossed, her eyes stare back, amused with that wide expression on her lips.

“Are you satisfied?”

A fingernail presses into my side as my body goes limp. The Aya behind me steadies her hand beside me to concentrate on pounding into me faster. Harder.

“Tell me when you’re going to come,” The Aya behind me stops to grunt for a moment, “or I might not be able to stop before I accidentally fuck you unconscious.”

I understand what she’s saying. But I don’t answer her. My only response is to lick up against her toe before breathing into her foot, tongue flat under her skin. Aya moans, and I shudder as her toe bends onto my teeth. One of her hands sneaks under me to grab at my penis. Her fingers wrap around me, then she brings one over on top of the tip. I stop licking for a second to concentrate, letting Aya’s foot press against my face.

“Hey.” Aya breathes over the back of my head, still fucking me from behind. But she sighs out a small moan, and she doesn’t say more. One of her legs crosses over mine. Her foot presses back against mine.

Looking up while licking the side of her foot, the Aya in front of me strokes herself with a fist. Her other hand props the rest of her body, all while her feet under my head rises into my chin. Returning my tongue to her toe, the shocks run through my mouth down into my body. The most pleasurable of the night.

I don’t consider telling her because I’m close to coming. With two toes rubbing on my tongue, a finger and palm rubbing on my tip and around my penis, and my insides screaming to stop, it’s definitely a sign. The difference is that I’m about to tell her because I know Aya won’t stop if I don’t.

It’s because I can tell her that she will stop.


I speak with my mouth wide open. My eyes look up. Aya and I stare at each other.

I say the words.

With her foot between my teeth, whatever’s left inside of me drips onto Aya’s hand. I squeeze tight onto Aya’s cock inside me.

But Aya doesn’t stop.

It feels good. And it hurts, at the same time. Both sensations pierce my head with every thrust, every jerk of her hand, and my mouth that screams out across the top of her foot.

I don’t know if I say anything, if it’s even understandable. But my voice is coming out. The hand around my cock is rubbing my own semen on me, and Aya hasn’t stopped fucking me yet. Most of all, Aya stuffs her foot farther in my mouth again, amplifying the pleasure, muffling my screams as my tongue presses full under the ball of her foot.


That’s all I hear, eyes shut, before one shot of her come lands on my cheek. From how the Aya behind me thrusts harder and slower, I can guess she’s also coming inside me. The last of my own semen shoots out, the almost non-existent pleasure marking the end of my supply for the night. For all I know, I’m twitching without anything coming out. When I open my eyes, with that stray shot of Aya’s down across my cheek, I spot the rest of Aya’s semen either on the blankets or on her leg and foot. The very same foot I’d been taking care of this whole time. One last grind from the Aya behind me clears my mind, just before she rests her penis under my tailbone between my cheeks.

The last flicker of my desire focuses on Aya’s foot.

Leaning my wet cheek against the foot under my head, my tongue extends. Starting from the bottom of her foot, I lick upwards against her toe. Then over. I latch on to her big toe for a second, then close my mouth near the side of her foot. There’s a strand of Aya’s semen under the front of her knee, but the warmth of those on her foot catches my attention. My tongue glances over the top of her foot several times, sometimes biting, sometimes licking. I bring a hand up to help, holding her ankle while keeping my head rested on her other foot.

The Aya behind me rests on my back.

“Hey, if you do any more, I might get turned on again, you know.”

While still focused on her foot, I stop for a second. Then, my nose brushes against the bottom of her foot as my tongue licks the skin underneath.

Aya’s watching at me while I do this. But I don’t care. If I stopped suddenly, I don’t think the last of my desires would fade. So I have to do this. I need to do this.

With one last bite on the side of her foot, I let my head roll off of her other foot.

“Are you going to stay down there, or are you going to actually get to the futon?”

Silent, I glance up, craning my head up an inch. Now with her legs uncrossed, the Aya in front of me taps her finger in front of her limp penis.

She’s not looking for more. I’m pretty sure she’s asking the question as intended.

Still silent, I push myself forward enough to crawl toward Aya. I hear the Aya behind me do the same, while the other Aya pulls on my shoulders. My body heavy, I let Aya lay my body on top of hers, while the Aya behind me rests on top of mine.

It’s a comforting warmth, but it’s still uncomfortable to sleep.

“Was that good for you?” That small smile pokes at me.

My breath normal, my eyes flick away for a moment before looking at her again. “…Yeah.”

The Aya on top of my back speaks. “I don’t think you don’t want me talking to anyone else about this, do you?”

I keep staring at Aya, despite not looking at the one on top of me.

“I don’t think anyone even knows we’ve done it. Unless you’ve told the Chief somehow?”

“Mmm. I think she already knows.”

My stare stays on Aya, but I do blink before I speak again.

“How would she know?”

“How would she not? If she asked us to do this.”

“You mean she had me stay with you.”




“Are you saying,” I say, “that she asked you to keep me here, too?”

“Isn’t that normal? I mean, asking for our consent.”

“But you spoke with her first.”

“And…that means?”

“It’s different from her ordering me to live with you.”

“How so?”

I don’t need this right now, Aya. At least, not after we just took care of our bodies.

“Just answer. What did you two talk about before I woke up that day?”

Aya doesn’t respond right away. With her arms splayed out wide, she glances up at me. Her chest heaves up and down as she thinks, her mouth parted slightly. The red of her nipples, small on her breasts. Which also rise up and fall down.

A thought runs through my mind in the wait.

Aya looks really…beautiful. For some reason.

I keep my eyes on her while she thinks. Then, she finally says something.

“I think, it’d be faster if you heard from Boss herself.”


“I’m saying,” Aya lifts her body up and down, adjusting herself, “we’ll go to the Boss. Tomorrow.”

“And that’ll be all we need to do?”


I glance down for a moment. The Aya behind me had grabbed some of her clothes and used it to wipe herself off while we were talking. A hand comes from behind my hand to wipe at my face with a towel. After I close and open my eyes, Aya’s face is closer to my own.

A peck of a kiss. That’s what happened after the towel left my face.

It happened so fast, I don’t even remember the touch. But that small shock of desire is all the proof I need to know it happened. Clearing my throat, I speak.

“So, are we just going to sleep like this?”

“What, too tired to get into your own bed?”

“You’re in my bed.”

“Oh, so it’s okay then.”

I don’t even want to argue. But we’ve done too much for me to care about complaining about sleeping in the same bed. At least for tonight. That’s what I tell myself.

“Then could you at least get rid of one of you?” I shift onto my back, now lying on top of Aya with the other still on top of me.

“That depends.” The Aya on top of me has that on her face.


It’s not a surprised “what’. It’s a “What depends?” kind of what.

“Which do you think is the real Aya?”


“Why does this matter?” I lean my head back. But the Aya on top of me leans her ear onto my chest.


That’s all she answers with.

I’m not going to get to sleep if I don’t answer her, am I?


Opening my eyes, I take a deep breath first.

[] “The one under me.”
[] “The one on top of me.”
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I'm alive. I've just failed myself more than failing could be, as anon pointed out.


And don't forget my second largest delay, >>/th/186907 . Because that's a blegh, but I should mention for the sake of my nothing.

The Yukari/Yuyuko one is the one that should be forgotten. But I guess no one forgets /at/. I still love it, but my nothing is real.
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“Which do you think is the real Aya?”
I swear if it's the opposite of what we pick...
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I'll say
[x] I wouldn’t mind these fetishes of ours.
[x] “The one on top of me.”

Ah, I've forgot that one. Yep, six stories. Well I suggest you to pause some of them, and come back when the others are complete.
Ah, one thing: whatever you decide to do, let us know. The worst thing authors do here is vanishing without saying nothing. Even a 2-line post like "I have to put this on hiatus. I'll come back to it later" is sufficient, really. Just let us know.
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[x] I shouldn’t let these fetishes continue.
[x] “The one on top of me.”
>6 stories
Please don't overwork yourself to death.
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[x] I wouldn’t mind these fetishes of ours.
[x] “The one on top of me.”
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[x] I wouldn’t mind these fetishes of ours.
[x] “The one on under me.”
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[X] I wouldn’t mind these fetishes of ours.
[X] “The one on top of me.”

Was already writing when I realized I didn't call. So here.
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File 146974512887.png - (105.25KB, 342x535, d1abb4921dc138d7aae1287a0587.png)
[X] I wouldn’t mind these fetishes of ours.
[X] “The one on top of me.”


“Hmmm? You think so?”

A small noise like wind passing by blows from underneath me. My body lowers onto my futon, with Aya still lying on top of me. The cold sweat on my back runs down my skin, into the futon under me. Aya’s cheek provides a source of warmth in the room.

“Maybe you really like me on top?” The actual Aya chuckles on my chest. Her laugh rumbles into my skin. “Or maybe you want me in your arms? How should I take it?”

“Take it however you want.” I throw a blanket over myself. And by extension, Aya. “You’re the one who started it.”

“I did, didn’t I?”

Aya’s nose draws in a breath, a soft, long brush of air after everything quiets down. So much that my focus catches my own breathing, alternating with Aya’s.

A slow countdown to sleep. That’s what I’ll use it for.

I close my eyes.

Her’s. Then mine. Then hers. Then mine again. I can’t hear either of ours after a while, but that’s enough.


I smooth my thumb over the small bar of iron in my hands, staring down at the plate in front of me.

“So how do we meet with the Chief? Isn’t she busy with work?”

“It’s not too hard.” Aya grabs a piece of lettuce. “We just walk up to her door and let her know we want to talk.”

Something doesn’t feel right about this.

“We just walk in?”

“I didn’t say we don’t knock. If she has somewhere to go, we don’t get to talk today. Although I’d know if she had any business at all.”

“And that’s okay with the Chief? You knowing her schedule?”

Aya puts the piece of lettuce in her mouth, chopsticks muffling her voice. “Remember that I run a newspaper.”

“That doesn’t make it any more right.”

Putting away my gripping iron, I take the knife and fork to cut into the steak Aya made for me. Aya’s eyes flick over at the food on the table. Her hand taps her chopsticks together, which point into the air. After a second, she plucks a cube of meat from a plate.

There’s a push against my skin from inside my chest. I’m really observant about her hand’s movements. Her thumb pushing up on her chopsticks, into her forefinger and middle finger. When Aya leans over and picks up food. I have to turn away whenever her eyes turn up toward me. I know she knows I’m watching her. But it’s like spotting something from the corner of your eye. It grabs your attention. And I can’t turn away.

Aya’s mouth parts, pausing for a few seconds.

“So.” The cube of meat slides through her lips. “How do you feel?”

She’s asking if I’m aroused. But let’s be sure.

“What? What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.”

“No, I actually don’t.” I decide to push further. “Be more specific.”

“Are you sure?”

“Tell me.”

Aya swallows her food. Her waists shifts as she crosses her legs while leaning back.

“Want to do it?”

Her toe pokes my knee from under the table.

My desire for sex burns low in the pit of my stomach. If I hadn’t gone as far as I had last night, and done as much as I have with Aya in the past, her offer might have persuaded me. Might. It’s a bit too sudden for me. Although with that thought, I’d probably be unable to resist if she tempted me. Her toe almost did it. Like if she rubbed my knee with her foot. Or she decided to be Aya.



“Doesn’t sound as great an offer if I say it like that, does it?” Aya slides her legs back under her, kneeling. She leans forward and presses her chin on the back of her hands, her elbows supporting her head on the table.

I continue eating. “No, it doesn’t.”

“That’s good.” Aya tilts her head an inch to the side. “It’s more fun for me to try and get you to be more loose anyway.”

With this, I have to ask what I’m repeating now.

“…What does that mean?”

“You stand around and guard the mountain all day.” Aya returns to speaking in that indirect way. “I wonder if you find a tree nearby? Or even use your eyes to see if no one’s around? Then you wouldn’t look as stoic or strong as you usually do.”

Chewing hard, I swallow my food. “I am what I am.”

“A wolf with a cock?”

My eyebrows twitch.

“Yeah, like that.” That smile. “That’s what I want. Or rather, what I wanted.”

“So you do amuse yourself by playing with me.” I try to get more out of Aya.

“I did.”

Past tense.

Her mouth spreads wider.

“But last night is a lot more fun.”

It’s playful. But there’s something behind that. That smile.

“What about last night?” My stomach tightens. But I don’t say anything else.

“What’s not to say about last night?” Aya shrugs her shoulders. “I liked it.”

“So let’s leave it at that.”

“Let’s not.”

I don’t even realize I closed my eyes when I said my part. Now I’m looking right at Aya again. The hint of a smile is still on her face. But even I know. There’s some seriousness. Playful. Commanding? Something that she knows, or realizes. Or realized.

“You know,” Aya breathes through her nose, “I’ve been wondering. Ever since that day you had your way with me. Before that, it wasn’t much of a thought. But now, with where we are, I have to put it out there. Do you want to keep going like this?”

Her words aren’t very clear. I’d say it’s like Aya to be that way, but this kind of talk…it’s kind of…off. I stare right into her eyes.

“You want me to live here or something?”

I’m not quite sure what she wants.

“You don’t have to.” Aya answers. Her mouth is the only part of her that’s moving. “But, hypothetically speaking, if you aren’t going to be living here and you go back to guarding and all that. You wouldn’t mind it as much if I bothered you from time to time, would you?”



My hand freezes on the table.

I wasn’t moving at all anyway, but my focus pays attention to this detail. There’s a part of me that’s still surprised. But there’s also a part of me that’s getting somewhat angry. The implications of what Aya said unsettle me, and they cut into my own decency. Both as a person and a tengu of the mountain.

“You want to use my body?” I put it as nice as I can.

“Don’t you want me as well?” Ays says right back.

“Then you’d just be using me.”

“Hmm. Let me rephrase what I said.” Aya frowns, turning away.

She frowned.

Aya looks back at me. “I’m saying…if it’s okay…that we should…hm. Actually, that does sound really bad, doesn’t it?”

“Of course it does.” I finish the rest of my food. “You’re asking if we could meet from time to time, assuming my period of vacation ends, to have sex.”

“Oh, so you did understand what I said?”

“I still don’t like it.” A part of me disagrees. “It doesn’t feel right. Completely right, I mean.”

“And why does it, I wonder?”

I’m looking down at the table.

A part of me just wants to push Aya to the ground and fuck her senseless for arguing like this. Another part stops me, if only because it would be petty, even if it did feel good. But another, small part of me, somewhere, wonders why along with her. I don’t think I’m trying to force myself to be a certain way. I don’t regret anything I’ve done. I think…it’s curiosity. My attraction to Aya is still strong. It’s not exactly trying to find what that is, or what it means. It’s more like…defining what it is. That would be the small part of me. My curiosity.

I want to define what my attraction is to Aya.

“From how you were last night,” That smile comes back, “I think you’d be comfortable going on like that.”

I set my fork and knife down onto my plate.

“I think,” I look away from the table and Aya, “that maybe after seeing the Chief, I’ll know a lot more.”


The clatter of plates, bowls, and chopsticks tells me Aya’s about to go into her kitchen.

“If you want to clean up,” Aya picks up the plates and bowls, “there’s a waterfall close by. Down under my house, there’s a small path across the ground. That way you’re not going over to the mountain to wash up.”


“You want to meet Boss as clean as you can be, right?” Aya slides the door open with a foot. “It’s your first time meeting her, right?”

“That would be nice.”

“It’s fine to go as you are, though. Really.” Her voice calls out. “Boss doesn’t really care for that kind of stuff.”

“I’m still going to go clean myself. Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

I stand.

“Because I bathe there.”

I stop.

“…Are you going to come, too?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”


Removing my shirt, I fold it over my arm before placing it on the rock by the waterfall. My hand reaches back and pull on the tie to my sarashi, I let it fall on the rock I’m standing on, then remove my skirt. Barefoot, I crouch down and sit at the rock’s edge, dropping a foot into the water. It’s cool enough that the flow swims under my skin, but not a chilling cold that freezes into my legs. With a slow breath, I slide into the water next to the waterfall. The splashes land on my arm, but the force of the water itself isn’t as harsh as it appears to be. I stand and shift around the smooth rocks on the ground under the water’s surface.

It’s quite comfortable. As opposed to the actual bathing areas offered by the kappas and the natural water sources around the mountain, this place that Aya said she bathes in is almost too good a spot to clean oneself off. Does no one really know about this spot? Nothing about the surrounding area seems like it was influenced by kappas, and it’s largely visible from the sky as well. Maybe it just happens to be isolated considering it’s next to a large cliff, with a forest around the bottom of the waterfall.

I sit in the water, which reaches up to my throat. The surface is clear enough that I can make out the rocks under me, none of which look jagged or pointed. I bring a palm up toward my face, dipping my head forward to wash my face. A thought occurs to me.

Aya bathes here.

Something prods my shoulder.

I turn to my side, almost standing, before I recognize Aya crouching down next to my clothes.



I can hear Aya’s voice over the waterfall, but my surprise heightens my hearing even further. Sealing my lips tight, I accept the fact that Aya chose to come with me.

I expected it, and I shouldn’t have thought otherwise. She was the one who invited me.

Though I do turn away, Aya starts undressing from the corner of my sight. My ears pick up her relief as she settles into the water next to me, a forearm’s length from my shoulder.

“Would you have minded if we hadn’t done it before?”

With that insane question, Aya starts talking. I take a shallow breath. The clear surface gives me a full view of her pale body.

If I choose to stare.

Maybe it’s because of that thought that my nose picks up her scent. If the forest scent draws my nose with leaves and grass, then Aya’s scent is still the wind that brushes and clears your breath. It’s almost non-existent, but it’s different from when she’s not around. My vision clouds for a moment.

There’s desire. And then there’s that sense of beauty again. I wouldn’t doubt that our surroundings intensifies my perception of that. But when Aya rubs a hand on her thigh, or when she tips her head back, I admit she does her part tempting me. If that’s her intention, then I also admit that it works.

The difference is that she’s not looking my way.

“Do…Do you come here often?”

My words blurt out before I can think about what I’m asking. I look in her direction.

If Aya hasn’t caught on to where my attention is, then my awkward thoughtlessness clues her in by the way her eyes glance toward me.

She tilts her head forward, almost looking down at the water. I notice that she’s lying on her legs with her feet facing away from me, as opposed to me sitting cross-legged. Aya slumps down into the water for a few seconds. Then, she resurfaces. Her elbow leans on the large rock where our clothes lie. I stare straight forward, aware that she’s now staring at me.

I’m almost erect. And there’s no way to hide it.

“We could do it here, if you want.”

Nothing. I can’t think. I’m breathing, and I’m staring at a tree across the water.

Focusing on nothing stresses the sound of Aya crossing the water that much more.

But why would I hesitate? I’ve taken Aya myself the first time. I can do it again. She wouldn’t refuse.

Aya crosses one leg over my lap, placing her hands on my shoulders. Drops of water fall over her nipples, a river trickling down the center of her breasts. She doesn’t have that on her face, but the lack of it rouses my desire into a full erection. The water doesn’t cover her scent. Not to me, of course. So my desire to take Aya pumps through my body, through my limbs. Aya brings two of her fingers to my mouth. The position of her fingernails on my lips appear as though she’s about to thrust them in. Her fingernails alone shock into my skin.

Maybe Aya thinks the same now.

Her fingers slip through my teeth and pinch my tongue. I look up at Aya’s interested eyes as she swirls her fingers inside me. I don’t suck on her fingers, but rather allow her to pleasure my mouth. I’m not at the point of drooling, but I’m not dry, either. The water on her fingers does pile inside, enough for me to need to swallow once. I don’t close my mouth. My mouth doesn’t even twitch when Aya speaks.

“You really like things inside your mouth, don’t you?” Aya’s fingers don’t move slow, but they don’t push or press against my tongue. “Maybe if you don’t get me off, you’ll give me another blowjob?”

She pulls back her fingers, rubbing them with her thumb while I swallow. The pleasure in my tongue numbs all feeling in my mouth. I can feel the sweat threatening to break out from my forehead. Aya’s cock also points straight at my chest, halfway erect. I take a hold of her back with both hands, and she doesn’t resist while I turn her toward the rock behind me. Combined we take less than four steps to switch sides, with Aya’s back on the rock’s surface. Her legs float on the water, and her penis twitches once. My hands run down to her hips, then the back of her thighs. Aya closes her eyes and sighs. Then, she opens her eyes at me.

“If you do that, though,” I hear her legs kick out and into the water, “I might be satisfied with what you have to do.”

Water splashes down and off her feet as I raise and spread her legs. A constant drain falls back into the water. The sunlight draws out the trickles and drops all over the front of Aya’s body. I’m looking into Aya’s eyes, but I can’t help but notice everything about her current appearance.

“And if you don’t?” I slide my hands back up to her hips to pull her toward me. “We still should see the Chief in a timely manner.”

Aya’s chest rises and falls, the drops of water staying where they are.

“Then you’ll just have to fuck me faster, won’t you?”

I guide myself into Aya with one hand while she wraps her free leg around my waist. My other hand holds her leg from underneath. I stroke her as I push my cock inside, and her other leg plops into the water. She tightens around me at the same time her cock jerks backward. I’m not pushing her body against the rock more than I am thrusting into her. My hand around her leg reaches around her ankle and holds the bottom of her foot. My forefinger draws circles. Aya closes her eyes again and starts to moan. Sometimes in rhythm with me. More often every time I make a circle. I lean forward and press my free hand onto the rock beside Aya. She bends her leg back for me to run my other hand under her knee. Aya’s forearms lie flat on the rock, the ends of her fingers clench on the surface. Aya stares up at me.

“You’re getting used to this?” Her foot in the water rubs the back of my leg.

I dig my fingernails into the side of her leg, making her squeeze her eyes shut. “A little.”

I’m resisting the urge to fuck her fast and hard, thrusting slow and strong instead. Mostly because it already feels good to play with the most sensitive part of her body. Physically. It’s almost hard to push inside of her with how tight she is, and it reaches the edge of pain and pleasure when I do something with my hand on her leg. Whether I scratch her here, or rub her there, as long as it’s somewhere on the lower part of her body. She sighs, she moans, or her eyes close shut. While moaning. Her wet skin also makes it easier to move, and the sound of her foot passing through the water plays with the inside of my mind.

With my thoughts, I take more notice of the water pooling under her shoulder. My mouth parts, teeth baring as I lean forward.

I bite down.

A high squeal whines from Aya. She pants.

“You need yours too?”

I can’t answer, biting down just a bit harder.

With the shocks of numbness still running across my tongue, my teeth find the pleasure that my mouth needs. Every few thrust I press and relax with my bites, as though draining pleasure from Aya. The pleasure throbs down my mouth. The scent of her hair and skin by my nose, with Aya moaning by my ear, also push my desire to come.


I can feel the water smacking between our hips. Whatever grinding I was doing, however little, is gone. Now I’m thrusting into her hard, faster, while latched onto her skin.

“I think I’m coming.”

But I need more.

I let go of her shoulder. Both of my hands reach around behind Aya’s thighs, or as close as I can get. I can feel her muscles tensing, maybe her feet clenching while the water runs down her legs around the side of my stomach. One of my hands slides up her lower leg, and my mouth opens over her ankle. My teeth bite down hard enough to keep her foot trapped while I return to my previous pace. I lick the skin between my teeth, breathing hard on the back of her foot. The remains of the water drips off my lips or down my tongue. Aya cries out, each one dying into a sigh.

“I’m coming. I’m—”

Aya sighs as I continue fucking her. She starts tightening around me, somewhat painfully. My hand supporting her foot I’m biting on rubs the bone under her skin, stroking the front of her leg. My other hand hooks under her knee, Aya’s leg bouncing with my thrusts. I let my lips close around her ankle. My fingernails poke into her skin, scratching a few times. I close my eyes. Aya tries to squeeze her thighs shut, her cock still upright—

“I…I came already….”

She sounds out of breath. Her voice whispers, and I can only pick up her words from how focused I am fucking her. My pace increases and I let go of her foot, my thighs clapping against her. My mouth bumps and rests on the bottom of her foot. Every few thrusts, sometimes when my lips grind into her foot, Aya tightens around my penis. Her insides fold around the head, almost crushing all of me. My pace doesn’t slow, and I open my eyes.

Then I spot something.

That’s not water on her stomach.

“You’re….” She pushes her other foot onto my breasts, supporting herself. “You need to come.”

She lies back and folds her legs closer to herself. I close my eyes again. The last second before I do, the sight of her self-stained, bobbing cock and her desperate eyes flashes in my mind. I’m left with her insides urging me to come, past their limit from my lack of attention. The warmth that I had thought was just our heat was actually Aya coming, now on her stomach as well as what’s running down my thigh.

Heaving her legs over each of my shoulders, I latch onto one of her nipples. A long moan escapes from Aya as her thighs spasm against my breasts. But I keep fucking her. I open my mouth enough to lick up and under her skin, flicking against her nipple. Every tip the hard tip pokes across my tongue, a shock runs down my spine and through to my front. And from how fast I’m flicking my tongue, those shocks multiply. I can feel the tight squeeze inside of my own body, tighter with every other touch on the tip of my tongue.

A growl, or a grunt, or something, comes from me.

I bite onto her skin, flattening my tongue on her nipple. I can feel the first few shots pump inside of her. Then, a stream of shots. If it’s actually coming out how I feel it, I wouldn’t be surprised. Something prods me from behind, and I grind slow a few more times into Aya. It’s the back of her foot, digging into me from behind. My release continues as I try to crush myself into her hips. My stomach rubs against Aya’s penis, semen sticking to my skin as I come into contact with her. Aya had withdrawn both of her legs, poking them around my sides to have fun poking and wrapping around my body. I suck on her breast once. Twice. Savoring the small pleasure rushing into and through my mouth.

The pleasure I get from this hasn’t died down a bit. I think Aya knows this, too. If anything, she thinks the same about her own when she pushes my body back with her foot, before dragging it toward my face.

I breathe twice before opening my mouth, tongue slipping out over my bottom lip.

“I didn’t think you’d skip blowjobs and go straight to what I wanted.” Aya relaxes with a small pant while I lick the underside of her two larger toes.

Sucking them once, they pop from my mouth. I can feel the weight around my eyelids as I stare at her.

“I thought you just wanted me to relax?”

My tongue pokes through her toes when she sighs again.

“I thought you knew me better than that.”

“I thought I did too.”

“Hmm.” Aya’s chest heaves up. “But I think it’s time for us to leave. If you keep going, I might just want to triple team you again.”

I drag my teeth from her foot. “There were four.”

“One of them was giving you a footjob, though. But I might be inclined to either make room, or use your other hole if that’s what you want.”

A heavy weariness swims through my head for a moment, almost blurring my vision.

The way she says these things. I both do and don’t want to think about what Aya’s proposing. I step back from Aya’s body, eyeing my clothes beside her somewhat wet body.

“Then let’s go.”
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File 146974550476.jpg - (131.61KB, 710x960, afec19e44ff94921b30ab882d8a45b9a.jpg)
“So you’ve never been in Boss’s office, have you?”

Aya and I walk through the winding halls of the tengu base. Unlike the many buildings surrounding the structure, the base itself still maintained its traditional architecture. Few tengu walked past us and exchanged a greeting, sometimes entering a room through the sliding doors. My feet pat against the wooden floor as opposed to the clacking of the getas on Aya’s feet.

I’d be wearing my own, but I wouldn’t give Aya the satisfaction of hearing me ask for them back.

Because she’s wearing mine.

“No,” I keep staring straight ahead, “I’ve actually never come this far inside.”

“Not many people have.” Aya folds her arms, fanning herself.

“But more than that. Don’t you mind the other tengu whispering about you?”

It was something I noticed before we even came inside. Tengu who spotted us on the mountain gave us suspicious looks, even whispering to whoever they were with.

“I didn’t think you had supernatural hearing as well.”

It’s not that it’s weird for two tengu to travel together. But it’s obvious for two reasons. One, because it’s Aya and me. And two.

“Do they know I’m living with you?”

“Maybe. I mean,” Aya chuckles to herself, “who wouldn’t have noticed if they don’t? News does spread quickly here, anyway. I wouldn’t doubt that the whole mountain knows by now.”

My gaze remains fixed ahead of me, but I sigh inside of my mind.

“I guess I can’t admit that any suspicions aren’t without some truth.” I say. “Considering our relationship at the moment.”

I feel Aya stare at me from the corner of her eyes.

“Are you implying that they think we’re a couple? Or that they know we’ve had plenty of sex?”

“Both. But I’d like to live without the slander.”

“Oh? The stalwart wolf doesn’t like dirt on her?”

“I just don’t like the annoyance.” I answer. “Just like old news being repeated after a week, it gets repetitive.”

“You’re not making any references with that comparison, are you?”

“No.” I state the truth.

To some extent. I didn’t actually think of Aya more than I do tengu newspapers in general. But no reason to give Aya a reason to argue.

“You and Boss have that in common, it seems.”

Aya’s words catch at something in my head. Although I do respect the Chief for who she is, it’s not as though I fear her, either. The Chief and I are strangers, tied together only by our positions as tengu on the mountain. I know the Chief is powerful, more so than I am. But I’m neutral in terms of how I think of her. Perhaps I may disagree with the type of person the Chief is. Considering she apparently knows Aya well, I have to consider that they share something in common I might find disagreeable. Just as Aya noticed a similarity between the Chief and me, according to her.


“Should I be?” I spot the double sliding door ahead. Two torch lamps stand beside it, small, red flames burning in both.

Aya keeps her arms folded, fan in her hand. “No. Unless you hate people who are completely direct.”

“Can you make a comparison to Reimu?”

“You’ll have to judge for yourself.”

From the small jump in her tone, maybe the Chief is a lot more different than I expect.

Aya raises her free hand into a fist as we approach the door.

“Boss? You here?”


After six seconds, a low voice responds.

“Aya? Is that you?”

“It’s me.” Aya knocks a few times. “I’m here. We’re both, here.” She pauses to stare at me.

There’s a tapping sound in the room before I hear someone approach. Both doors slide open.

“Something wrong?”

A woman one head taller than Aya stands before us. Even her wings seem twice the size as Aya’s, spread wide and flapping their long feathers once. Every single black hair on the top of her head falls in different directions over her forehead. Her even darker eyes bore into Aya, before she looks over at me with a curious glance. The Chief blows a thin trail of smoke, tipping the black pipe between her fingers. The pipe flows down her wrist before offering itself to her mouth. With her other hand, she slips through the folds of her white shirt to scratch her large chest, the palm of her hand straining as her fingers extend to scratch an itch. She places the metal pipe at the corner of her lips, tipping it up and down with her mouth as she waits for Aya to respond.

“I suppose you can say that. It’s more like someone’s looking for answers” Aya slants the tips of her fan onto her mouth.

Me, of course.

The Chief doesn’t inhale through the pipe before plucking it out of her mouth. “You don’t say? Didn’t I tell you to just come out and say it?“

“We agreed to do what I said.”

“Bah.” The Chief places the pipe back in her mouth. “We agreed because you have to be like that. Come in.”

She inhales and exhales more smoke as she walks back into the room. I turn to Aya, but I see the corner of her smile poking from behind her fan.

“You’ll get what you want. And probably more.”

I walk beside Aya into the Chief’s room. It’s a wide open room with tatami mats, a large cushion of some sort lying on the opposite side behind a table. Two more torch lamps stand at the far wall, along with framed pictures of the mountain closer to the center. The Chief doesn’t walk around her desk, but turns back to us, sits on the edge, and crosses a leg over a knee, still smoking from her pipe.

“So like I said,” She exhales, “you should have just told her the truth yourself.”

“But then there wouldn’t be a neutral party.”

Aya steps and turns in a large circle to dodge the landing of the Chief’s cushion. The Chief had twisted to the other end of the table to throw it for her, before reaching under and grabbing a wooden chair. With a flick of her hand, she sits back where she was before the chair spins on a leg, which settles in front of me.

“Go ahead and sit, Momiji.” She dabs the end of her pipe at the direction of a flame lamp, burning the end of the pipe red for a moment. “And please feel free to call me `Boss` if you want. Let’s just say it grew on me after a little joke and a lot of repeating. Even if I hate it when Aya says it.”

“Thank you…Lord Tenma.” I bow forward while taking a seat.

The Chief’s thumbnail flicks the underside of her pipe. “Well, I guess that’s okay.” She holds the pipe away from herself. “So, Aya. When were you planning on telling her?”

“That depends on what you’re referring to.” Aya leans back into the Chief’s cushion.

“Everything. And don’t make me be the one who says it.”

Folding my hands on one of my knees, I look up at the Chief, who stares back at me.

“I just want to know what it is Aya talked to you about when…after, that.”

“Yeah, what we talked about behind your back. No need to protect me.” The Chief heaves out a sigh. “But for Aya’s sake, I think she should just suck it up and say it herself.”

The two share a look, narrowing their eyes at each other just an inch. Not even their eyebrows twitch, a silent communication that I don’t quite understand.

Aya blinks first. “Then I guess you’ll fill in if I forget something?”

“I’ll correct anything if you try to avoid it, too.” The Chief crosses her legs the other way.

“Well, it’s not all too complicated.” Aya flips her fan upside down in her lap. “After I was ravished for the first time in my life, I brought you back here. Then, I went directly to Boss and told her what happened.”

“It didn’t take long for me to figure it out.” The Chief turns to me. “From her clothes to how she felt standing in front of me, I knew she got her cherry popped. If it wasn’t by you, then I’d have had one of the worst days of my life.”

“If it wasn’t her,” Aya shrugs, “then nothing would have happened at all.”

The Chief exhales first. “Aya’s exact words were: `It happened.` That could mean a whole bunch of things. But like I said, I could tell.”

“It sounds like you expected this to happen or something.” My eyes look over at Aya.

Although Aya doesn’t respond, the Chief snorts a huff of air.

“We did. Don’t worry, though,” She follows her words in an instant, “it wasn’t premeditated or anything. Aya’s just a big coward as I’m sure you know, and she finally put her foot too close to the wolf’s mouth so to say.”

Aya chuckles. I bring a knuckle between my eyes.

I’d ask, but I don’t think, or want to think that, the Chief knows about Aya’s sexual preferences. I assume not, from how she pauses to look between us.

“Alright then. Maybe I shouldn’t ask, but I will have to ask something else later.” The Chief heaves her chest up and down with a breath. “But first, back to the past. One of the most important parts: That Aya and I finally decided to try and sort out her feelings.”

“Her feelings?” I repeat.

“You pretty much scarred me for life,” Aya answers, “taking my first time.”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” The Chief cuts in.

Her feelings. Her feelings? That doesn’t mean…?

A strange smile creeps onto Aya’s face, and I look back over to the Chief. She scratches the side of her forehead with a finger.

Then, Aya speaks.

“I have a thing for you.”

Without thinking, my gaze switches over to Aya. Her smile is as wide as can be, right toward me, and I resist the urge to clench my hands.

The Chief finishes it off.

“Put it as plain as a lying newspaper, Aya’s in love with you.”

A small kind of shock falls over me. It’s not anger. If she wasn’t just teasing me, would this be a proper explanation? That’s why I’m not too surprised. But still…the information is a bit hard to take in. I don’t have any reason to distrust the Chief, so for the most part, I could assume it’s true. And if that’s the case….

“Wait.” My eyes narrow.

Something clicks.

“It wasn’t Aya who proposed that I live with her, was it?” I ask more than I try to deny.

Which, I’m not trying to deny. It’s a realized guess.

Something starts to wind inside of my brain as the Chief gives a heavy sigh.

“It was.”

…I wanted the Chief to say that it wasn’t completely Aya’s idea. A part of me wanted it. At the same time, a part of me didn’t.

“In specific,” Aya carries on, “I asked if Boss could make it so that you’d be put on vacation officially, while being able to take care of you by having you live with me. Of course, Boss got the papers, but it was still me who thought of the idea.”

But, just because Aya…likes me? No. Something’s not quite right. I remember.

“This brings us to the second important bit.” The Chief interrupts my thoughts. “Her wanting you to stay with her. True, she came up with the idea herself, but I’m still the one who gave the okay. Do you want to know why, Momiji?”

When she calls my name, I turn away from Aya, whose smile had faded a hair’s width. I’m now looking at another smile, one that looks rather similar to Aya’s.

And not in an annoying way.

“Please tell me.” I say.

“Well, there’s actually two reasons for this reason, but I think it has to be said.” The Chief inhales from her pipe. Then blows out a fog of smoke. “First, no matter how much it might not look, I still look out for Aya. It’s the relationship we have after a very long time of being together and around. You understand what I’m saying?”

I do. At least, I think I do.

I nod.

“I told her about this before.” Aya shrugs with her hands. “We go a long way back. I don’t think I’d say I’d do anything for Boss. But she’s fun to have around.”

“As much as I’d like to say something about that,” The Chief burns the tip of her pipe again, “I want to move on. The second reason for me accepting your `vacation` is directly connected with you.”

“With me?”

“Yeah.” Aya crosses a leg. “With your body. Right?”

I see.

“So do you know what’s wrong with me?” I say.

“I have no idea. Well, not something I’d be confident in.” The Chief shakes her head. She flips her palm upward toward Aya. “If anyone else did, it’d be Aya.”

“I don’t think I’m the best person to consult about wolf tengu, either.”Aya also shakes her head, shrugging. “Even though I think it’s a more…personal reason.”

The smile in her voice aims right at my own deliberation.

Aya does have a good point, though. Outside of Aya or the Chief’s actions toward my situation, I’m the one who should know about my own attraction to her. Sure, she may like me. I might be living with her. But my attraction is and has been before this point separate from my circumstances. Wanting to have sex with Aya is a desire connected to this. But why that is? That’s something that has to do more with how I feel when I’m around her. Or when she’s around me. There’s a subtle difference.

I do what the other two have done earlier and shake my head.

“I’m not quite sure myself. I do have some attraction to Aya. But I’m not sure what that is.”

“Let me add some insight, then. I think this is the most critical part of this whole thing.” The Chief shifts herself backward on her desk. She blows out one last stream of smoke before placing her pipe down beside her thigh. “You say the word `attraction`. Did you ever get to finding out what that means during your time with Aya?”

Aya leans back more in the cushion. “I don’t think a handful of days is enough for something as philosophical as that. Maybe we can focus on what actually,” She stops for a second to emphasize the word, “happened, and figure it out from there?”

I swallow. We had sex a couple of times. I was around for some parts of Aya’s everyday life. There are things to gleam from those experiences, but….

“I’m not saying there’s a clear answer.” The Chief says. “I’m just asking Momiji if she’s found possible answers to that question. I’d start off examining your own body’s responses to situations, but I don’t think I want to hear about the results. If the little laugh back a while ago was anything to go by.”

The shame hangs over my head for a moment while Aya chuckles the same, light breath she did previously. I turn my focus back to the Chief’s words.

“I don’t feel anything too strange. Just…desire.”

“So you didn’t want to impregnate me on some instinct?” Aya hides her mouth behind her fan.

I’m annoyed enough to almost narrow my eyes, but the Chief speaks before I do anything.

“If that were the case, I’d assume that there’d be some establishment as to the structure of the mating. That’s to say, one of you accepts the will of the receiver, and the other the giver. I also assume that because of this, none of you have taken either role.”

“I don’t know.” Aya chuckles again. “I think I’ve been the male recently.”

…The headache gets worse. But I can only blame myself for the acts I’ve submitted myself to. Although the Chief has a point.

“It’s not just a matter of male or female.” I remember. “It takes the complete acceptance and consent of both parties for either to become impregnated.”

“As much as it could be, I don’t think this is what’s happening to you.” The Chief smokes her pipe.

…Which reminds me.

“But did either of you know?” I look between the Chief and Aya. “All that happened is that you two decided that I would live with Aya.”

“No, that’s why we’re talking about you.”

I must give Aya a look, because she shifts her body on the cushion to face me.

“So that Boss doesn’t take any more words from my mouth,” She glances at the Chief for a second, “I’ll be the one to say this.”

When Aya looks back at me, her narrowed eyes pierce into my mind. The smile on her face seems to lay bare everything that I’ve thought about so far.

“What do I mean to you?”

I must still be giving her a look. The Chief speaks next.

“By no means are we trying to enforce any perceptions onto you.” She reburns her pipe. “But based on how you’ve lived and what you’ve felt, you should have some thought on what Aya’s asking. Unless you’re relying completely on your base instincts? Which may or may not be a problem.”

My eyes turn down at the floor. I admit, I’ve done some forceful things. I’ve learned a lot more about Aya in the small amount of time we’ve been together than I would have if we hadn’t. I’ve let Aya do what she wanted with me, even wanted that and more. But let myself go?

“I fought with Aya,” I recall, “but that didn’t go too well.”

“If you really lost yourself,” The Chief brings her hand to her mouth, closing her fingers between her pipe, “I’m sure you could give Aya a hard time. I know you wouldn’t do that, but that’s the truth.”

Is that true? It didn’t feel like I did well at all….

“And just so you know,” Aya addresses the Chief, “we’ve had plenty of sex.”

The Chief pinches both sides of her forehead, rubbing her temples. “I can guess that much. You two walked in here with that atmosphere around you. Which leads me to what I want to talk about now.”

“What would that be?” Aya fans herself again, covering her mouth.

The Chief sighs first. “It’s what happens next. This all started with you and Aya fucking for the first time. However that turned out. And now that you know why you are where you are, I’m sure you have things to think about. But I want to ask something that’ll hopefully make things better, or at least clearer.”

I look up as the Chief’s eyes turn to me.

“Is it just lust? Or is it something else?”

Her question joins in with the rest of my thoughts. But I do know that I have to think about my situation a certain way.

“I know you’ve known her for years.” The Chief continues. “But you’ve only really `known` her for around a week. I’m not asking if you like Aya or anything like that. Maybe you’ve grown to, somewhere. But what I’m asking about is something that you should know, because it’s about you.”

“Are you saying,” I let myself speak out once to the Chief, “that I might just be following my instincts? A desire to have my way with Aya’s body?”

Aya stays quiet, but I’m still looking at the Chief.

“You’re strong, brave, and lots of female tengu would want you.” She ends the start of her answer with shocking information. “But I know, and Aya knows, that deep inside, you’re a thinker more than any of that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed with Aya and let you stay with her. More so, Aya would never have taken an interest in you. There’s a part of you that wants to reason with what you’re dealing with. Even if you two fuck each other however you guys do it, that part of you is there.”

It’s not as though I think badly of Aya. But I’ve never thought of her as anything other than…Aya, I guess.

“So you want to know what I think about Aya?”

“Not just that.” The Chief lowers her pipe onto her thigh. “I want to know what you think the relationship between you and Aya is. And then, I want you to commit to something based on that.”

My breath holds for a moment as I breathe in. My relationship with Aya. No, not mine. What is our relationship?

“What do you mean by `commit`?” I decide to ask.

“I’m curious, too.” Aya says.

The Chief smokes.

She seems to struggle with what she wants to say.

“Basically, I want you guys to fuck. And I’d join in.”

I can feel something in my mind blank out while Aya laughs out loud.

“What?” I have to blurt out.

“Boss, I know he doesn’t mind, and I’m fine with it, too. But I didn’t expect you to actually be interested—”

“Let me explain!” The Chief growls out, almost spitting towards the floor. She looks back at me. “I want you to say, here and now, what you think about your relationship. Behind me is a room that I use for…different things. If you just want Aya for her body, then I want you two to use it.”

I recover enough to talk. “What does me having sex with Aya have to do with what I think about our relationship?”

“Treat it like an order. From me to you as a subordinate.” The finality comes down with her voice. Then, she sighs. “I won’t play the secret bullshit game. I think you just need to keep being decisive, as I know you are. And actions definitely speak louder than words. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where maybe you’ll get tired of Aya. But I want to know if that’s on a sexual level, or because you simply can’t stand her.” Her eyes cut over to Aya. I follow her gaze, and Aya laughs to herself.

I do use Aya’s body to relieve myself. But, it’s not like I see her only as an object. How could I?

“If by some chance you see Aya for more than just fucking, though.” The Chief’s voice lowers, even more than her normal, deep level. “If you somehow have Aya’s feeling in mind, then I want to…experience it for myself. With you two.”

Whatever authority was in the Chief’s voice falls off with her growl as she snorts out to herself.

“Ugh! Why am I so nervous?!” The Chief takes a quick huff from her pipe. “Look, I use the room in the back for lots of official business. Some of it involves things that I have to do for tengu, whether it be torture or pleasure. Even interspecies tengu-human relations. But this—”

“What Boss is trying to say,” Aya cuts in, and the Chief stops, “is that she’s not comfortable having sex with me. So basically, she’d be having sex with you. Who would be fucking me all the while. More related to our situation, one of her many duties involves overseeing the healthy beginnings of tengu relationships.” She holds in her laughter. “By the way, she’s having relations with a half-youkai human who’s fine with everything she does.”

I look at the ground for a moment. I don’t doubt that the Chief would be involved in such affairs. In all meanings of the word.

My gaze turns to Aya as she stands up, walking over to me. “But more than her, this is about us. How you want to try it all out. If you’re really interested in my cock, my pussy, or whatever, just say the word and take me like you always do. If you’re interested in me…well.”

Her chest heaves.

Is she…shaking?

Her breath seems to shudder, but not in lust.

“Maybe you’d like to actually take it slower. Maybe….”

I notice the Chief blink behind Aya.

Aya’s face approaches mine, her eyes narrowed. She whispers.

“You’d like to try something a bit…different.”

Her lips almost touch mine as she leans almost all the way.

…I recognize her voice. The way she is right now. This is her “something”. Every time she’s kissed me, or hidden something all this time. Aya really is…in love with me? I don’t hate it. It’s just…strange. An addition to how I see her. It doesn’t change the fact that she still enjoys teasing me. But how I see that fact changes if I consider her like this. And our relationship…I’d have to rethink it.

But I can’t just commit to it. Could I? I want to know that I feel the same way. Maybe I do. But if there’s any doubt, I don’t think I could do that to anyone I was interested in. Not that I ever have. Aya is my first in many physical ways. Do I consider her someone I like, though?

“Either way,” Aya seems to answer my question, though she continues from her own words, “we’ll have another joining us this time. But just how do you want it? Want me?”

The Chief clears her throat, but I can only concentrate on Aya.

“Hey. Momiji.”

…She called my name.
[] “It’s lust.”
[] “I’m not sure yet.”
[] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”
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[x] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”
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When did I become such a shameless fan of romance stories...
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[X] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”

In my mind, it's all about taking unabashed risks and being honest with your heart.

But, feel free to count my vote as
[X] “I’m not sure yet.”
if that option is interesting to explore.
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[X] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”
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[X] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”
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[X] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”
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File 147177704044.jpg - (90.20KB, 850x602, 87482a81b5bebb7adecf303e25f0a282.jpg)
[X] “Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”

A month of pain.


“Maybe I do care about you, Aya.”

The light in Aya’s eyes twitch a hair to the side. A subtle distance that makes her mysterious. Alluring. The five seconds after I speak, Aya’s still looking into me. A thought passes into my mind.

“Did I say something strange?” I can feel the dead weight behind my own eyes. “Was that surprising?”

That expression creeps into her face. Along with her interest, her curiosity. Like she’s amused.

I am interested in that part of Aya. The Aya that appears when she doesn’t have anything clever to say. A silent Aya whose only tells are the movements on her body. Sometimes, I spot the details. Details, meaning, her thoughts or feelings expressed as small twitches of muscle here or there.

“Maybe it was.” Aya straightens up, now looking down at me more than before.


“I thought maybe that…well.” She chuckles to herself. Her smile pulls at my chest. “It’s not a problem anymore. Don’t worry about it.”

I don’t know how heavy the dull feeling behind my eyes can get.

If I’m any example to go by, then I know I have reactions that give away my emotions. As a wolf tengu, that’s in our nature. But for whatever reason, Aya makes it a habit to kill those reactions by talking. Though, there is a difference between her and other crow tengu, or people in general. That is, when she fails to speak. My glimpse of her when she has nothing to say. Aya in her true form, or truer than when she’s covering herself with her words.

“You’re not going to make it clear?”

“Boss can tell you all the secrets she knows about me.” She rubs her lips with the back of her forefinger. “But there’re some things I want to keep for myself. Things you don’t have to worry about.”

“I’m worrying because you’re keeping them to yourself.”

“And I’m saying you don’t have to worry about them.”

She’s not going to tell me, is she?

“If you want,” That expression gets worse, “you can always fight me for it. Of course, that depends if you end up on top, doesn’t it?”

Maybe I’m attracted to that part of Aya, too. Maybe there’s some kind of beauty in how annoying she can be. Not that being an annoyance is a positive trait, but it’s the best way to explain that part of her. Yes, Aya says things that annoy people. But how and when she decides to act that way gives me a way to read her thoughts. Is she hiding something? What emotions does she reveal based on her remarks? Or maybe I even learn a bit of her thoughts? She likely does the same for me, as well. Of course, I give as little as I can to her. If I didn’t learn how to restrain myself against Aya, she’d treat me like everyone else.

That’s to say, she’d ignore me. Wouldn’t she?

I look over at the Chief.

“So what do we do now?”

“Now?” The Chief stands. “Now, we get to business.”

Striding around behind her desk, she places her hand on the wall. With a gentle push, the wall slides away as though it were a hidden passage. Candles hover inside the darker room. Though similar mats cover the floor, a large, circular bed complete with sheets, blankets, and pillows lies in the center of the room.

The Chief points with her thumb. “It’s prepared depending on what I need. And since I thought you guys would be needing it soon, then here you go.”

The smile on Aya’s face beckons me before she turns to the Chief.

“You sure it’s not because there’re a lot more tengus getting together?”

“There aren’t a lot of idiots these days. But since the current generation’s getting to that age.”


Unable to understand the conversation, I follow the other two into the room. Though, either the atmosphere from before returns, or Aya and the Chief exchange silent words. After a few seconds, the Chief clears her throat.

“You know, I’m not normally this nervous when I have to do this.”

“I suppose you would be.” Aya taps her foot, along with one of my getas, on the tatami mat. “But tradition’s tradition. Don’t make it too weird just because I’m here.”

“So…I’m not saying I’m reluctant, but it’s required for you,” I look over at the Chief, “and I to…together?”

It’s not just because I’m more comfortable with Aya. It’s also because the Chief can be considered a stranger to me. Along with being Lord Tenma.

The Chief sighs at the bed before walking toward it. “It’s not `required`. However, tradition states that the more involved I am with this ritual, the less misfortune the couple experiences if they decide to continue their relationship.” She sits, leaning back and crossing her legs. “Flipping that around, it’s about giving a couple `the chief’s blessings`. Politically, it’s about making sure no one hassles anyone who decides to get married.”

“Of course,” Aya says next to me before I ask, “we’re not getting married. Think of it more like…`insurance`, in case anyone decides to speak badly us.”

“But that’s only in public.”

“Actually,” The Chief cuts in, “that’s part of the reason why we need to do this. Especially considering how you think about Aya.”

She takes a deep breath before continuing.

“When we do this, no one can do anything about your relationship. They have to respect it as much as they respect me being chief. I’ve done it for many tengu already, and none have experienced any mishaps in terms of their relationships so far. That doesn’t mean people don’t get hurt at all or things like that. Just that, in terms of all parties involved, nothing breaks up that relationship. Jealousy, desire, commitment, you name it. It also doesn’t mean you can’t go back on your relationship just because you do this. It isn’t marriage. But it’s a pretty damn good way to make a marriage last.”

I take in her words for a moment, with Aya silent beside me.

“And what if someone still tries to get in the way despite knowing this?”

With a single laugh, the Chief answers.

“I get involved.”

The Chief takes a long breath from her pipe. She blows a stream of smoke for five seconds before placing the pipe in her shirt.

“Well. Would you two care to wash up before we do this?”

“Already did.” I can hear the grin in Aya’s voice.

The Chief stares at Aya for a second.


“I’m not aware of any special bathing rituals before doing anything.”

“It’s just something I didn’t want to know before we did anything.”

“All I said was that we already washed up.”

“Fuck you, Aya.”

Sighing, the Chief looks at me with eyebrows raised back to normal.

“I’ll leave you two while I clean myself off. Not that I mind being clean. Feel free to get started, I’ll join in soon.”

With a wave of the hand, she flies back to the other side of the room with a few beats of her wings. The Chief glances back to see Aya wave before sliding open a door on the wall, leaving.

Now I’m alone with Aya.

“So? What do you think?”

I turn to Aya.


“Boss. Great, isn’t she?”

“I’ve only known her for under an hour.” I stare over the smile on Aya’s face. “I don’t think I can say.”

“And you’ve known me for under a month, depending on what you mean.”

The click of my getas on her feet count the steps Aya takes to me. Her wings bob toward and away from me. She stands less than an arm’s length from my body. Her eyes look down at my chest for a few seconds, before looking back up at me.

“With a crow standing on your back, you just keep going on with life, don’t you?”

Her eyelids narrow. Her smile weighs into my body.

“Even then. You care for me.”

Her voice softens. It’s less seductive than it is…personal.

My eyes look over at the bed. “It’s what I think.”

After I say this, Aya walks over to it. With a turn, she hops onto the sheets.

“Then what do you think about Boss joining us?”

Her feet kicks off both of my getas. They clatter with soft pats onto the floor. Her eyes are still on me.

“I don’t mind. But I’m not completely comfortable with it.” I take a step toward Aya. Two more steps. “I don’t hate it. It’s just…different.”

“You don’t like things being different?” Aya reaches out with a foot toward my knee.

My heart beats. It’s been over an hour since bathing at the waterfall. But when I walk close enough for Aya to drag her foot up my leg, the desire grows as though we hadn’t had sex today. I can hear my breathing for a second. Aya leaning back like that doesn’t calm me down. Not that that would be desirable right now. But if I do have feelings for Aya…how would I even start? Besides following my desire to jump her.

I stand over Aya. She lies back onto the bed, arms crossed over her stomach.

“You’re going to leave me like this, alone?”

She wants me to undress. I’m focused on her naked body. How many times have I had sex with her so far? And of those times, how many times have I looked over her body? How many more times will her body amaze me? Licking my lips excites me. Seeing Aya breathe through her parted lips excites me. Then there’s her stare. All of the insult in her eyes is gone. There’s still a bit of sexual teasing. The rest? The rest is personal. Her staring into me.

I have a question to ask.

“Why do you like me?”

As I begin to strip, Aya’s mouth closes. She’s still looking at me. But.

“That’s a little direct, isn’t it?”

“Is this something else you don’t want me worrying about?”

Her eyes open a hair’s width.

“No. But is the answer to that question really what you want to know before we do this?”

Unwrapping my sarashi, it falls around me and joins the rest of my clothes. A ring around my feet. I haven’t moved otherwise, standing in front of Aya.

“So you’ll tell me?” I say as one of her legs bend, her foot now on the bed.

Aya bends her other leg. “If you want it.”

“I want to know.”

“Really.” Aya rolls onto her side. Her head tilts. She’s still staring at me. “Maybe it’s not as complicated as you’re making it.”

“It’s never as simple as you say it.” I respond. “Usually.”

I wait for Aya. She speaks.

“Well, you’re strong. You’re not bad to look at. And as much as I disagree with how you think about things that happen, I can’t disagree with your reasons as much.”

“So you do like that I think things through?” I filter her words. “That I’m a `thinker` like the Chief mentioned? That seems normal to me.”

Aya laughs once. “Compared to others? I’m not saying you’re strong just to be nice. Among anyone who believes in keeping old traditions, or believes in their instincts, anyone else isn’t as capable as you are. Thinking more than the average person isn’t something to look down on.”


“There’s certainly something bad about me, too.” I say.

“Of course. I don’t think you’re thinking as great as you could. You’re not the most insightful of people. But like I said, you do more than the usual tengu. So it makes up for it. Somewhat.”

So I’m not as intelligent as Aya, according to her. But I did ask for my own bad points.

Aya’s chest rises and falls. “But that’s more part of the past. Now? Time does make a difference. Over time, I think you either hate or love people more than you do before. From the time we’ve been together, I haven’t thought worse of you. Maybe, like Boss said, we haven’t been together long enough. Maybe you’ll get tired of me. But one thing I’ll let you know. I’ll never get tired of you.”

And in what way is that? I feel like I’m frozen. Numb.

I’m staring at Aya. She rises, sitting up. Staring right into my eyes. She stands, as close as she was before we moved over to the bed. Her hands fold behind her back, and she breathes out a silent laugh.

“Like that. The way you are now, I’ll never get tired of it.”

I don’t know how I look to Aya. But I think I understand what she’s saying.

I notice her arms wrap around my back, her hands just past my sides. I let her pull me on top of her, supporting my body with my hands as Aya lies back onto the bed.

With a glimpse of that expression, Aya stares up at me.

“On top of that. You fuck me well.”

She bends her leg, pressing it into my chest. My hand moves behind her knee, and her foot rises in front of my face. I plant my forehead on the bottom of it.

“Is that a compliment?” I say before opening my mouth.

My tongue glances the side of her foot as her leg falls onto my shoulder. Aya balances her knee, rubbing her other leg on my hips. I lower my erection above her entrance. With her free leg, she pushes on my breast far enough that I can reach her foot with my mouth in comfort. Aya takes a deep breath.

“Who else would do it as well?”

I give a small lick at her toe. Aya holds the breath she was taking. I push my cock inside her with a hand, then latch onto her foot with my teeth.

…Aya’s tighter than usual. Going straight for her feet seems to do that. Her legs work, too, but anything works as long as I’m biting, licking, or touching. Her toe bends over my teeth. The muscles in her legs harden and expand. Her knee over my shoulder bends farther, her leg flattening above my back. I’m not surprised that going slower and concentrating on her lower body is more pleasurable than going fast and concentrating on myself. At least, that seems to be the case so far.

Leaning forward and propping her arms onto the bed, Aya starts rocking her body back and forth. Our hips grind every now and then. But more than that, her foot bumps into my lips. Her toes reach more of my tongue. One pokes the top of my mouth. I breathe hard, the shocks from these points shooting into my spine. When I suck on what I can, those shocks run down my spine lower inside of me. Then, my tongue drags under her foot and toe. A cycle that’s completed when I push into Aya. Aya falls back onto the bed, resigning herself to lifting and lowering her body.

Which is fine. There’s that heat growing inside of me that wants me to do more. More than biting her other toes. More than digging my nails into her thighs. Even rubbing my shoulder against the back of her leg.


I stop moving my hips. Not out of shock. The words just stop me. But a pant seeps out of my mouth while I continue licking her foot.

The Chief’s is in front of me, where she left the room.

“Try and relax.” Her voice gets closer. “Focus on the pleasure, and I’ll do my best to keep quiet. While getting involved.”

Aya wiggles herself in my mouth, a satisfied grin on her face. My mind knows the Chief is approaching. But my eyes are on Aya’s. The seductive observation asking what I’m going to do.

“Don’t stop now.” Her heel kicks on the back of my shoulder. “Keep going.”

As I start moving, hard hands close around my hip and grab at my breast. Something large and soft presses into my back, pressing me harder against Aya.

Breasts. The Chief’s breasts. And something…poking against my entrance?

“Hey.” I see Aya speak. “I thought you’re supposed to let her do you?”

“She is, in a different way.” The Chief says from behind me. “But I can’t exactly just take her from you, can I?”


Whatever’s pushing into me is cold. Colder than what I’d expect should go in there.

“Just relax and enjoy.” Aya calls to me, muffling my voice by jabbing her toes deeper. “Treat the toy like it’s me.”

I wince as the object enters. Its coolness turns into a shock, a direct shot that runs through into my cock. The Chief rocks her hips, and I breathe out in pants until I can feel her warm hips behind me.

“Move however you want.” Her palm meshes into my breast and my nipple. “I’ll adjust.”

I push and pull myself inside of Aya, and the Chief follows by doing the opposite. My cock hardens further, and I tighten around the hard object inside of me. Over the pleasure is a strange coolness that radiates from what the Chief has inside me. A touch that isn’t Aya. My body hesitates when I thrust forward, unsure of pulling back when the Chief does the same. My teeth don’t let go of the two toes in my mouth.

The few seconds that the Chief stayed inside me as I moved was already arousing. But her apparent experience with synchronizing her movements to my own numbs my waist. It must be pleasurable, seeing how Aya stares up at me as though she’s watching something interesting. Then there’s the Chief, who matches my pace. As powerful as her hands feel on my body, nothing about the way she rubs me hurts. As deep as she thrusts inside, she never snaps her hips inside of me like I do for Aya sometimes.

“You don’t want to get off, Boss?” Aya sighs.

The Chief plants a kiss on my back. “You usually talk this much?”

“Is it wrong? You’re having sex with someone who’s having sex with me.”

The tension inside of me winds into a knot. The Chief behind me adds on top of the usual pleasure.

Gentle. That’s what it feels like. The Chief flicks at my nipple with a finger, or smooths her palm up from under my breasts. Either I’m thrusting into warmth, or pulling back and filling myself with the toy inside me. When the Chief changes her pace, I’m either pushing in with the Chief fully inside me, or pulling out with the Chief ready to thrust inside again. The occasional kiss somewhere on my back doesn’t stop me from getting any warmer. Dealing with Aya’s foot in my mouth, I can’t say anything even if I wanted to.

“Want to try it, Boss?” Aya inhales a sweet sigh. “Reach around and put something inside her mouth.”

Aya lowers her foot. Several thrusts later, a hand slides up my neck, over my cheek, and dips a finger through the corner of my mouth. It turns, and my tongue drags up the length and begins to lick. The Chief slows down, breaking her pace, to explore my mouth.

It’s not familiar. I can feel the hesitation.

“You two enjoy this kind of thing?” Her finger opens my mouth.

Aya places her foot on the front of my arm. “Momiji does.”

My teeth bite down, and I feel the Chief attempt to pull out. But I don’t bite down hard enough to hurt. I squeeze enough to stop her finger from touching any more of my mouth for the moment. Long enough to let my sensitivity die down. I take two deep breaths. The Chief and I continue to move against or with each other, and Aya slips her foot on the back of my hand. As I grab onto it, holding it level near my shoulder, Aya laughs.

“I enjoy this a lot more.”

Before she finishes, I begin rubbing my fingers along the bottom of her foot, some between her toes. Aya sighs. I hear a short gust of air from the Chief’s nose behind me.

“Do whatever you two want.” Is all she says before inching her finger onto my tongue.

I suck on the Chief’s finger. To deal with the pleasure assaulting me, I suck in time with my movements. As pleasurable as it is, I’d rather prolong it than intensify it. If only because I feel my body can’t handle it all.

My current sensitivity to pleasure stops me from doing anything. On my knees, the Chief thrusting into me from behind controls any movement of my hips. Aya lies on the bed, with me sitting inside her, as I take the object from behind and enjoy the finger sliding in and out of my mouth. My hand is the sole part of my body I know I’m moving, grasping and squeezing Aya’s foot.

And Aya seems to be fine with that. The amusement hasn’t died from her face.

“So anyone will do as long as you get your mouth fucked?” She stares at me. The foot I’m not holding slides up my stomach, avoiding the Chief’s hand and pressing into my breast. “I thought you cared about me.”

Within the multiple assaults of pleasure, my mind points out that the large majority of my current pleasure is the Chief’s doing. If there’s any unconditional understanding, though, it’s Aya lifting her hips in an attempt to urge me to move of my own accord. That, and the bottom of her foot rubbing into my nipple.

Aya brings a finger across her mouth. “Boss. You think you can take it easier?”

I pant through the Chief’s finger as she presses her nose on my hair, lips touching the back of my neck.

“Normally,” Her arm presses into my stomach, “this is where I go for a reach-around. But because you guys do things like this.”

I understand the meaning of her words when her finger attempts to swirl in my mouth. My tongue catches it, the underside flattening it and sending a shock down my chin. The Chief also speeds up inside me, breathing onto my skin.

It’s still gentle. As fast as she thrusts almost the whole length of her toy inside me, not once do I feel her skin hit me from behind. It’s…romantic? As can be? The angle the object pushes inside me rubs at a pleasurable spot near the base of my penis. Enough to push some of the pleasure through it.

My hand squeezes Aya’s foot tighter as my cock throbs inside her. My body attempts to move. But the numb wetness thrusting in and out between my thighs overwhelms me. That, and Aya’s still watching me. Her other foot cranes into my breast more, her toes digging into my skin.

It’s not that I’m enjoying being fucked by the Chief. It’s that I’m with Aya, getting it in my mouth, being fucked, and inside of Aya all at once. I’m being fondled and touched on top of that. Trying to pleasure Aya. The frustration builds up. But my body can’t last.

Aya drags her foot over my chest, just under my throat.

I think I moan as I come. I close my eyes, I know that much.

My free hand grabs the Chief’s wrist, and my fingers slide more of hers into my mouth. All while staring into Aya’s eyes. Somewhere, behind that stomach of hers, I’m throbbing and shooting into her body. My mouth opens wider, enough that I can graze more of the Chief’s fingers with my teeth. All while still being taken from behind, although the Chief presses her body against mine. Rubbing her waist into me from behind. I pant, several times between the Chief breathing through my hair into her nose. I draw my hips back, and I feel the Chief do the same to allow me to withdraw from Aya. The small drop of semen from my cock tells me that I came. And when the Chief’s hand drops from my mouth, Aya replaces them with two of her toes. I open my mouth enough for her to do so, letting her and I have our fill.

Or rather, fill ourselves with what we can.

“…We’re not done here.” Aya moves her big toe inside in a circle “Are we?”

I know. She’s just as unsatisfied as I am. Holding her other foot by her ankle, I’m licking at her toes as the Chief draws back.

“We are if you guys have had enough.” She lets out a deep breath.

There’s a pause. The Chief thinks for a second.

She must have realized what we were thinking.

“…What.” I can hear the small disbelief in her voice. “You guys are that active?”

“Boss.” I can see Aya holding in her laughter. Her cruel laughter. “It doesn’t even have to be me. But I didn’t get to come. Besides. Do either of us look like we’ve had enough?”

I close my eyes and continue to devour all of Aya’s foot. A nibble there. A lick here. A glance at Aya now and again.

She’s right. I might not have anything left inside me, physically. But the desire’s there. Every part of my body wants to continue.

I rise on my knees and sit back, my sides face both Aya and the Chief.

“It might be a thing.” I respond to the Chief’s tightened lips. “I like doing…that, and Aya enjoys the same.”

“Ah.” The Chief slurs her confirmation. “You know, neither of you have clits. So I don’t have an easy way to help out even if I wanted to.”

“Good thing I told you Momiji’s weak point, didn’t I?” Aya bends her knees in, feet spreading. She pokes toward my knee. “So? How should we solve this?”

She really wants to get off.

“So you want me?” I speak before the Chief does. My eyes look down on her foot, clenching and relaxing the toes.

Trying to tease me.

“Anything’s fine with me.” The Chief rummages for her pipe. “Except doing it with Aya.”

“Come on, Boss.” Aya looks over at her. “If you want to try it, I’m all for it.”

“Again, this is about you two. I’m here for formal reasons.”


My hand falls next to my leg, my fingernails scratching under Aya’s extended foot. She turns her head back to me.

“How do you want it?” She replies to my last question.

One of her hands lies on her stomach, just about her erect cock.

The slight smile on her face means she wants to try. Try making me cry out or writhe in ecstasy, break me in some way. Just like she would if I was guarding on the mountain. That’s how I make the connection.

“A gangbang?”

I challenge her stare. No reply.

“I can finally make good on that promise.”

I hate the smile on her face. Even if there’s a thrill that enjoys that hate.

“Wait.” I hear the realization in the Chief’s voice. “Did you guys really do that? And with my move?”

“I was curious.” Aya laughs.

The Chief groans.

I understand the frustration.

“If you don’t want to see it,” Aya clenches her toes again, looking over at me, “maybe you’d like to give to Boss this time?”

I don’t have a problem with that. But there is something on my mind. Something that I’ll make known to Aya if we’re really going to be mutual about our relationship.

“Are you going to keep asking me to take whatever you want from me?”

I know she knows what I mean. I know that much, after Aya’s expression gets worse.

“You don’t like it,” Aya drags her toe on and off the skin of my knee, “then maybe you should make it clearer?”

I hear the Chief sigh, and I do too. Just not out loud. Not when my eyes are locked with Aya’s.

I can take her. Or she, and the Chief, can take me. Whoever’s taking the lead, Aya will get her satisfaction. Even if it’s being called submissive, maybe I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not like I’m never going to be dominant. Or be “on top”, as Aya puts it. At the very least, it means she has more to say against me.

“Either way.” Aya sits up. “We still need to decide. We’ve already done what we need to, right Boss?”

The Chief smokes. “Right. I can watch or participate, but everything’s already set. Besides making it public, which I’ll take care of later.”

“So how about it?”

Aya leans in my direction, sitting closer to me.

So she wants to multiply herself again. Or, the Chief will be involved again. I’m erect again, but unless I decide to take lead, I don’t think I’ll get to experience sex with the Chief. And if Aya double teams, triple teams me, or whatever, all I can expect is a hand on me.

Aya leans closer with a hand on the bed. Her smile. Her narrowed eyes. I don’t stop her. I sit there.

Aya kisses me.

She closed her eyes. My heart beats. Then, I lean forward.

To return the favor.

I do enjoy everything that touches my mouth.

“So?” Her tongue slips over her lips once.

I’m aroused again.
[] I’ll let Aya “gangbang” me.
[] We’ll do it with the Chief.

[] I’ll take the lead.
[] Aya takes the lead.
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[x] We’ll do it with the Chief
[x] I’ll take the lead.

If Tenma's kind enough to give us her blessing, the least we can do is return the favor.
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[z] We’ll do it with the Chief
[e] I’ll take the lead.
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[X] I’ll let Aya “gangbang” me.
[X] Aya takes the lead.

Already got the blessing and my main interest is in Aya.
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[x] We’ll do it with the Chief
[x] I’ll take the lead.
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so the chief's boyfriend is a cuck?
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[x] We’ll do it with the Chief
[x] I’ll take the lead.
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what's so wrong with being a cuck?
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File 147471288062.jpg - (113.33KB, 850x553, 6d14948a7e15f049aa665d1699d74218.jpg)
[x] We’ll do it with the Chief
[x] I’ll take the lead.

I moved. It's not an excuse. Just a fact.


I turn and nod to the Chief.

“Ah?” She crawls and lies on her side. “You sure you don't mind?”

I nod.

“It's fine.”

Rising to my knees, I look down at the Chief's body. She lies back, arms propping to her sides and relaxing her legs. Her skin gleams pale, more so than Aya. The Chief's legs spread, and she drops a hand on her waist. Her limbs splay out long over the sheets like a spider, but flesh covers the muscles of her stomach and thighs.

It doesn't feel sultry, and it's not reserved in any way. In comparison, her figure and demeanor is more mature than mine or Aya's. More inviting, if I had to describe it another way.

The Chief 's stare also invites me.

“Don't feel like you have to hold back.”

My nose picks up the Chief's scent.

Still heavy. Not like musk, and not unappealing. Like the smell of drunkenness or alcohol, and knowing that from experience rather than imagination. That it's in the atmosphere. Except, it's not filling my nose, but pulling at my sense of smell. The scent strengthens when I approach her. Even if she raises one of her knees. That odor stings my nose when I lean forward.

My face is over the Chief's entrance, my fingers spread along her inner thighs. Aya rubs down my waist as I swallow.

“Just do what feels right.” The Chief supports herself on her elbows to look down at me. “I can get in the mood. And you will fuck me after, right?”

My mouth opens. My tongue licks.

It's soft. Rough as skin should be on the outside. But inside, it's tender. If my teeth touched any part of her insides, I think I'd pierce it. Not only that, I'm getting pleasurable shocks from the tip of my tongue.

Aya smooths a hand down my body, stroking down or in circles as I lick at the Chief. Lapping upwards, I cover her folds with my saliva, or taste the small area of pink within. The Chief watches, assessing my performance. I pull back an inch to swallow, then go back to licking. And she keeps watching. A pleasant tingle grows in intensity on my tongue and in my throat. My breathe out and in over the Chief, dulling my senses.

“Faster.” The Chief moans low. “It's usually more effective.”

My tongue lashes out instead of licking. The Chief's hand grabs at my hair. My saliva layers her entrance at least twice, the feel of her insides on my tongue slick instead of dry.

I guess it is effective.

“Coaching, Boss?” Aya's hand clenches around my butt.

I stop while her nails poke into me.

The Chief huffs through her nose. Her hips rise, brushing her folds against my lips. More than the tip of my tongue sinks into the Chief. Another, larger shock runs into the base of my tongue, down my throat. I withdraw for a moment, swallowing again.

It's just a little sour. But now it's a dull addiction. The Chief moans are deep. Getting louder. She's more responsive than Aya, with that observing stare. And a fist grabbing my hair.

The Chief lowers her body onto the bed, and I resume licking. Wiggling my tongue up and down. All the while, Aya's palm glides closer to my own entrance. My saliva covers the Chief's folds, along with some of her own liquids. The sides of my tongue stroke each end of the Chief's walls. That might be the reason she rests a foot on my back, her hand petting the back of my head.

It's at this time that Aya's cock presses against me.

My breath catches inside me before I continue. Aya's pushes slow as my lips press into the Chief's entrance. My upper lip glances a bump of flesh, and the Chief cries out. After a few more seconds, my mouth covers her folds. And Aya starts her slow thrusts.

It is pleasant to feel Aya's cock pushing inside. But I want to finish the Chief before dealing with Aya. I'm biting my lips on the small bump over the Chief's folds. And Aya lunges at me from behind. I don't know if it helps that these things happen at the same time. I hope the Chief likes this. I think the heel grinding into my shoulder and the hand grasping at my hair are good indicators.

Between Aya's soft pants and the Chief's loud moans, I close my eyes and continue. My tongue wriggles inside the Chief as far as I can. Aya's body smacks into me from behind. I glance up at the Chief. Her head hangs back, and her thighs close toward the sides of my head. I grab at the Chief's hips for support while Aya pounds my body into the bed. My knees ache as they press into the bed.

With three large howls, the Chief raises her hips as high as she can. My tongue continues to move.


The Chief's thrashes her body away from my mouth. Her hand covers her sensitive area, dipping her middle finger by her folds. She motions that finger as though scratching while lifting and lowering her hips. The Chief's movements slow down over time. Then, she lies back on the bed, her arm over her forehead.

All the while, Aya hasn't slowed down. I have to focus on her now.

On all fours, I brace myself against Aya. She thrusts hard enough for my body to register pain in my backside.

I hear the sigh in her voice. “You want it again?”

My erection twitches at her words, bobbing between my legs.

Her flirting burns something in my stomach. I'm aroused, but her talking rouses my need to see her come instead. But how do I do that while she's taking me from behind? If all I need is to touch her lower body....

I shift my foot around her knee. My toes scratch the side of Aya's lower leg.

Her leg kicks up, away from my foot, and she slows down her pace. “Getting playful, now?”

With my hands and knees, I rock back against her. My insides tighten against her penis at the sudden combination of Aya thrusting forward and me backing into her. Her cock bumps against something inside me. Sometimes it's an area close to my bellybutton. Sometimes it's closer to the bottom of my spine. Most of the time, it's the length of Aya inside of me. I raise my foot and drop it over her leg, behind her knee. The top of my toes rubs against her skin from the nature of our current position. Aya kicks her leg up again, squeezing my foot inside of her knee.

“You know.”

I look up from the blankets. The Chief slides under me.

“It seems like you might be more comfortable in another position.” She glances down at my cock, her hands taking hold of my sides. “So why don't I help out?”

“I'm feeling,” Aya legs stretches under my foot, “fine though?”

“I wasn't talking about you.” The Chief shifts her eyes from me for a second. Her hands pull me down, before using one to grab me. “But I'm sure I can make things go along faster.”

Her wrist rises and falls in my vision, but I feel the tip of my cock press against her. Then into her. My teeth begin to grind together as I fuck someone while being fucked once again. I push and pull my hips, easing into the Chief, despite Aya pounding into me every half second.

It's different. Not only because I know it's Aya's cock in me. The Chief feels warmer. Fuller. It's not that she's loose, or wet. The way her legs close in around my hips, and her hand snaking under my arm around my back. She's...intimate. But it's not love. No. This is lust. Although, from how Aya has such a tight hold on my waist, that, too, could also be called lust. Bucking me back and forth. Somewhat without care. Rough.

Well. The rough part here is me bucking back against her.

“Don't worry.” The Chief grinds herself up against me. I also grind down against her. “Just feeling you inside is enough.” Her hand slides down my side.

“Don't you have work to do soon?” Aya leans over, my foot slipping off of her leg from the change in position.

Lowering her legs and hand, The Chief stops moving. “This is official business.”

I manage to start thrusting in and out of her, instead of grinding against her waist. Aya's hands move above my backside, now on top of my body. She rubs into the muscle under my skin.

“Work isn't pleasure.” Aya quotes, her stomach pressing into my back. “And this is pleasure.”

The Chief makes a sound to retort. But whatever she was going to say becomes a short groan as I push in the next second. She braces for the next few seconds to catch her breath.

“You okay with a partner like this?” The Chief trails her hand near my throat. “Do you always listen to her quietly?”

I suppose this is what others might call sex talk. I'd rather focus on the pleasure. But a small pit in my stomach grows warm, as though threatening to escape through my mouth if I talk. Which doesn't seem too bad. At least not at the moment. A strange detachment from the heat around my cock and Aya's plunging inside me.

And yet, it all compounds into pleasure. So I speak.

“It helps to listen to Aya sigh.” I angle raising my hips against Aya, sliding my leg under hers. Aya sighs, her knee poking into the back of mine. “But it's not as though we've never talked during sex.”

“Sighing?” Aya's other leg kicks against my other leg. “Is that what kind of noise it is?”The muscles in her legs tense, and she starts grinding in and away from me. “Well, it is hard to talk with a foot in your mouth. So it leaves me to be the aggressive bottom, talking down to her even while below.”

“Is that where that fetish comes from?” The Chief's voice pants in time with my pace.

A few thrusts and a moan (The Chief's) later, Aya's hand rests on my cheek. Her middle finger pushes between my lips.

“Probably.” Is all I say before grabbing the digit with my teeth.

The shocks pass through into my gums, and down my tongue when the tip touches her finger. A heat vibrates inside of my head. The pressure tightens inside me and my penis, both burning with that need to release. Aya's clenching toe rubs against the bottom of my foot.

She's close too.

But the Chief's moans grow louder, and she squeezes tight around me. Another moment or two passes, with me fucking both her and Aya while Aya brushes every part of her lower body against me. My eyes focus on the Chief's breasts lunging up and down from our now quick pace. But my hands are busy supporting my body's movements, and my mouth already has a finger playing with my tongue.

It's a strange situation where I think we have everything we need, even though I know more can be done. But it'd feel like I was betraying my relationship if I had a taste of someone else's body.

After a loud wail, the Chief pulls me close with her legs and an arm. The back of her knees squeeze my sides. Her moans pierce my ears. I continue thrusting into her insides, which hug tight around my thrusting cock. Aya's finger in my mouth providing a clean taste in the dense heat. The warm pressure inside of me reaches its highest point. After ten seconds of the Chief catching her breath, she unwinds her limbs from me. Ten seconds of Aya flopping behind me.


After one particular, deep thrust inside me, Aya places one of her hands over my spine. I also stop, glancing down at the Chief resting with her eyes closed.

“You done?” Aya pushes her fingernails into my skin. “Was Momiji that good?”

“Do what you want.” The Chief tweaks open an eye. “Unless you forgot that I already came once.”

I feel the Chief's leg unbend to kick Aya in the breast. The sound of Aya slapping her foot comes from behind me. I pull out of the Chief, backing and pushing into Aya's body.

Aya places her hands back on my hips. “That's no excuse.”

Her hand reaches around and strokes my cock. I push my leg up against Aya's, planting my foot over hers. There's an unequal difference between the hand jerking me and the slow grind of Aya's cock. In return, I'm doing my best to play to Aya's weak spots, learning how to move my body to satisfy hers. There's also a strange look in the Chief's narrowed eyes, before I see her extend a leg under me. For a second, I think she's going to give me a footjob.

Then, I hear a short gasp from Aya.

A gasp. Not a sigh.

I can hear the irritation in Aya's laugh. “That's not okay.”

“Deal with it.” The Chief answers.

The top curve of the Chief's foot slides forward and back. Past my penis. Past my entrance. Aya clenches her thighs inward.

I know what's happening. The sides of the Chief's foot are touching Aya's thighs. And from how Aya reacts...that foot is fucking the hole that is Aya's thighs. It's not like she'll stop clenching. It even tickles me, as little as an effect as it has on me.

But because of the Chief's attack, Aya pushes me down onto the Chief's leg with both hands on my back. She thrusts into me harder, my cock brushing into the Chief's leg. The tip bumps into it over and over again. My mouth free, I bite into whatever I can find: A large mountain of flesh. My teeth latch the soft underside of the Chief's breast. I hear her grunt and my moaning as a wave of pleasure shoots up the roof of my mouth. Down my throat. Fusing into the hard knot at the base of my cock, and the heat built up from all the fucking Aya's given me. There's only one thing my body regrets the instant before I come.

The disappointment in the fact that what I'm tasting isn't Aya.

My teeth bite harder to stifle any sound I was going to make. The pressure releases, and the heat pumps out of my insides squeezing tight around Aya. Along with an emptiness as she pulls out of me, sighing. As opposed to the few shots that leave me, more than several strings of Aya's warm seed land on my backside. A warmth that spreads over my skin where every shot landed. She presses the tip of her spent cock under my tailbone. I feel a single trail of semen slide over my ass, dripping toward my inner thigh. I also rub the tip of my own penis against the Chief's leg, spouting the last drips of my semen along it. Or the sheets, if not. A shiver runs through my insides, and the burning heat cools down. Instead of opening my mouth and letting go, I bite. My teeth scrape against the Chief's skin and come together before I swallow.

I'm sure I didn't draw blood. At worst, I left a scratch mark with my teeth.

Resting my cheek on the Chief's stomach, I curl onto my side. Aya rises to her knees just before the Chief pulls away, my head dropping onto my arms. There's a wet spot under my waist, and the lines of white on the Chief's pale leg tell me what it is. I take a few breaths before a towel lands over my legs.

“If you're too tired to wash up,” The Chief says from some distance away, “then wipe yourselves off and get some rest.”

My eyes travel over to Aya, who picks up the towel and begins wiping me off.

“Not going to sleep yourself?”

Aya. You're wiping me a little slowly. Although I'm not below pushing her down and trying out what I've learned tending to the Chief. That's how slow Aya's wiping me.

“I'm going to fall down in my own chambers.” The Chief's voice grows fainter. “Tell me when you're going to leave, though. I've still got some things to let you two know.”

“Got it, Boss.”

I hear Aya fling the towel off to the side before she crawls in front of my face.

I look at her.

She looks at me.

With that on her face.

“So?” She says.

I hook my foot under one of the blankets crumpled near my leg and kick it over my lower body. Aya does the same.

“So what?” I grab a pillow.

Aya doesn't grab another. Instead, she scoots herself onto mine.

She's close.

“What now?”

I'm too tired to play. Even though I want to challenge her.

“I don't know.” I look down at her body. I can feel the heat coming from her body. “What do you expect?”

“What do I expect? I expect you to know what you want to do.”

“So you know what you want to do?”

“What else do I do? But to do something based on what you do?”

If danmaku is fast paced shooting, then our conversations are of the same speed. Although there's meaning in our words, the small battle is something I don't want to lose. Because it's Aya.

“You've heard what I think.” I look down at her body for a second. Seeing strawberries. “I don't mind if we have something together.”

“My. You're quite indirect for a wolf.”

The agitation rises within me. But I resist the impulse and think.

“Are you always going to use those images? Then you're a crow that doesn't know when to stop crowing.”

“You just did what you didn't like to hear from me.”

Another second to pause. Then, I lean in close.

I got her. Her eyes opened for just a moment. A very small moment. Less than a blink, but more than a blur of speed. Of course, that doesn't mean that's all. I force my tongue inside.

The sensitivity of my mouth brings a slight pain, but it's a delightful pain.

She can't hate it. If she hated it, then we wouldn't be here right now. So if she doesn't hate it, she'd pull away because she admits defeat. But she won't do that either. It's Aya. So she must have two things to do from here. Challenge me. Or submit.

I tilt my head, almost lunging at her. Then, Aya narrows her eyes.

And wraps a hand over my backside.

...Hm. Okay. It's fine.

We continue, my tongue versus her roaming hand. Along my side. Or around my back. At one point, she raises a foot to stroke the front of my leg. Sometimes, I give Aya a second to breathe before going back in.

I think it goes on for a minute..

However long we've been having our fight (?), Aya puts a hand under my throat and pushes. I let her. She brings her other hand near her face, her fingers touching her lips.

“I didn't think you'd cheat to win.”

That's irritating to hear.

“You call that cheating? I thought you knew me better than that.”

Aya pauses for a second. She catches on to our words from this morning.

“I thought I did too.”

With that, I close my eyes. Aya asks a teasing question as I attempt to sleep. When I don't respond, she waits a few seconds before asking another.

I fall asleep somewhere past ten.


After a short bath and meeting Aya in the hallway, with her looking at me like that, we head towards the Chief's office. Which is to say, we open the door from behind her.


“Hey Boss.”

“Lord Tenma.”

The smoke fills my nose, but isn't too heavy or stifling.

“Go ahead and take a seat.” The Chief motions with her pipe. “I've only got a couple of things to say.”

I take my seat on the chair while Aya flops back onto the large cushion. After the Chief writes something down on the scroll in front of her, she sets her pen brush on the desk.

“As you two might know,” She looks at me, “your relationship becomes public knowledge. I don't know how many people read the official papers, but it's there. Though normally people realize this based on what they see, when they see you and Aya together, they might not believe it at first. I've got no doubt that they know, but what I mean is that they won't believe that I've given the okay. For reasons.”

Aya's quiet. She should say something here. Why not?

“Second.” The Chief continues, flipping her pipe in her fingers. She closes her eyes. “Aya. You know the rule. You can't write on your own personal life.”

“But why would I? That's foolish. I wouldn't brag like that.”

That's why.

The Chief blows a cloud of smoke.

“I know you know. I just have to say it because of tradition and crap. More important is who else. Which leads me to you, Momiji.”

She taps her pipe on her desk, opening her eyes.

“I checked to make sure, but Hatate has some business with you that you don't know about yet. Nothing too big, just relaying updates on your duty since you've been gone. But since you two have done the deed here, you need someone else to take first coverage.”

“Why her?” Aya's pitch rises, as though curious. “I'm sure someone else already has some shoddy info stocked up.”

“Because it doesn't matter if you don't like her, since she's more friendly to Momiji than she is to you.” The Chief cuts through. “And it's better to take a reliable person who knows both of you than some no name who doesn't.”

Aya shrugs. “I just wanted to know.”

“Last, and this relates to Hatate's coverage.” The Chief takes a deep breath, and exhales. “You two need to figure out how you're going to deal with your heat period.”

“Heat period?”

I know the phrase heat season. But a period. Unless...?

“Are you worried about us?” I follow my repeat question with a guess.

Aya remains silent. The Chief nods.

“Yeah. I know you two didn't need to try to resist it. But when tengu are in a relationship, that instinct grows stronger.”

“Are you saying Momiji's going to throw me down?” Aya chuckles. “I'd like to see that.”

The Chief narrows her eyes at Aya. “Well, I wouldn't. And neither would any other tengu here on the mountain. But what I'm worried about isn't that. It's about the physical changes in the body rather than your mental fortitudes.”

Discomfort lands in my stomach at the Chief's words.

“What's going to happen?” I say.

The Chief pauses, almost hesitating.

But why? She doesn't seem like she was afraid to say anything on her mind. Oh. But if it's about-

“What I'm saying,” The Chief rubs her eye with her free hand, “is that there'll be a change in how things play out when you two do it. It's not serious. Just that...because your bodies will want to have babies or something like that, you'll produce a lot more semen.”

She doesn't like picturing Aya in a sexual way. I guess that's why Aya is quiet right now, too?

“So wait.” Aya clears her throat. “Why does Hatate need to know about this?”

“I'm not saying she needs to know how you two fuck or whatever goes on.” The Chief flicks her hand to her side. “Just make sure that she knows it's not because you two need to fuck every day. It'd be different if the feelings weren't somewhat mutual between you. But I think you two need to speak out. I know you two are aware Hatate's not that clueless. And I'm sure you know, Aya, that quotation is very valuable. That's why I want her to cover you guys.”

With a “right, right”, Aya laughs. I cough.

“So what do you want to tell us about our heat periods?”

“Nothing much. That's pretty much it. But if I had to give some advice.” The Chief smokes first. “It won't kill you to hold it in in case you really feel the need to do it. Oh. And make sure to wash the sheets or anything that gets dirty.”

“Aye aye, Boss.”

I nod.

Although I can't say I'm as accepting when thinking about the results of future sex with Aya. Or of the mess that the Chief implies will happen.

“Is there anything else?”

The Chief burns her pipe with the nearby flames.

“That's all. Unless you want to get hitched?”

I stare over at Aya. She wiggles her foot, the leg crossed over the other. Turning back to the Chief, I shake my head.

“I'll think about it.”

“I'm sure you will.”

“If that's all, Boss.”

With small goodbyes, Aya and I leave the Chief's office.
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File 147471297021.jpg - (357.44KB, 850x1209, b89ab0b38c08a957d5adc4f8279577db.jpg)
After a minute, flying back to Aya's house, she speaks.

“I'll let her in the house, but I'm not giving her any food.”

Two tengu in the distance point in our direction.

“I didn't think you hated her.” I say. “Back when she came after you took some photos of me.”

“How would you feel, if someone came to you. And they said they didn't like the way you did your job?”

“I think that was just her opinion. It doesn't mean she didn't like you.”

“I don't go out of my way to compare my way of life to anyone else's.”

“But that in itself seems peculiar, doesn't it? That she specifically targeted you.”

“Because my newspaper is more popular than her's?”

I meant that Hatate found an interest in Aya, but I don't think Aya sees it the same way I do. At the same time.

“Is your newspaper really that popular?”

I say this with both a mind of Aya being arrogant and possibly a matter of fact.

“If we're comparing mine to her's,” Aya answers, “then it would be correct.”

I assume this means: “My newspaper isn't that popular, but compared to Hatate's, it is.” Aya would never admit that. Again, at the same time.

“Isn't your newspaper read by people outside the mountain?”

“Oh?” I assume Aya turns to me, as her voices becomes clearer. “Is that a compliment? I know it's read as reference material rather than interest in the content.”

“That's still a good thing though?” I turn to Aya. She is looking at me. “That would count people as being readers, wouldn't it?”

“There's a certain pride,” Aya laughs once, “in knowing that people read newspaper and learn from what's written. Not, say, having it used as subjective evidence in an argument, personal or religious. Or, knowing that my it's used as winter resources for fires. These aren't things any reporter would appreciate having their newspapers used for.”

There's a look in her eyes that stare straight forward while saying all this.

I don't find myself guilty of either examples. I also don't take her words as a moment of weakness, or blame against people who do what she said.

“And Hatate has readers for her newspaper?”


She's exaggerating. She has to be. A part of me doesn't think so, since I don't know how successful Hatate is. But to believe that no one reads her newspaper? I suppose I have some proof of that, since I don't read it. As minuscule as that proof is. Maybe I should start reading.

After that thought passes in silence, I spot the subject in mind. She also spots me as I see her. But her eyebrows lower when she notices Aya beside me.

“Coincidence?” Aya slows down.

I want to frown, but maintain my expression.

“Then I'll take care of it.”

“It concerns us.”

“All the more reason for me to talk instead of you.”

A large doubt inside of me knows Aya won't stay quiet. I've never seen Aya and Hatate together before. But I have a feeling. She approaches us, flying in front of me rather than the space in front of me and Aya.

“Hey Momiji. Aya.”

I'm cautious. But I won't assume.


Aya says a small “hey” under my greeting.

“So you're coming from the Chief's place?” Hatate's eyes don't move in Aya's direction.


“We finished what we needed to do. Although I heard you had something to tell me about my duties?”

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Hatate blinks. “There're some papers I have for you. Someone thought that since I knew you, that I could pass them on in their place. I guess no one knew where you were living at the time.”

Because I was living with Aya.

“She's on vacation.” Aya retrieves her fan, opening it in front of her mouth.

“So I've found out.”

It's now that Hatate looks over at Aya. She crosses one of her legs over the other, arms doing the same.

“You'll have to come over to my house to deliver the papers.” Aya flaps her fan toward her face once. “Also, be ready to collect some information.”

One of Hatate's eyes narrow. “...Why?”

When Aya doesn't answer and Hatate looks over at me, I speak instead.

“We need you to report on our relationship. That's what the Chief told us.”

“Told? Or ordered?”

“Duty of confidentiality.”

That's all Aya says. But from the stone cold gaze that Hatate gives her, there's something deeper in the phrase than the combined meaning of the words. Or maybe there's hostility mixed in. At least, it's related to what I heard the Chief said before. Privacy, from what I can suspect.

Hatate's eyes lower toward the ground for a few seconds. She looks back at me.

“Fine. It's not like I have any bias coming in to this topic anyway.”

“One good thing about writing articles by yourself, huh?”

“I know where Aya lives.” Hatate ignores what Aya said. “So I'll be there to drop off the papers later. But if I'm going to cover your relationship, you'll have to let me know when you're ready to do that. I'll need to prepare.”

I nod, and Hatate glances at Aya for a second. We (except Aya) say our goodbyes before Hatate flies off. She doesn't look back. Aya and I begin flying in the opposite direction. For a moment, neither of us exchange words.

I don't have any particular reason to. But maybe I should, since I don't quite see the negativity between Aya and Hatate. Not without making assumptions.

“I'm still not going to make food for her.”

I avoid starting an argument while we fly back to her house.


Squeeze with my palm. Press down with my fingers. The iron in the palm of my hand reaches the point of bending, but I stop before it does. With this routine, I sit in the room while Aya performs her research somewhere in Gensokyo.

I only have one gripping iron right now. I don't want to ruin it, or else I'd have to buy another.

I smell Aya's scent.

“I'm back.”

Opening her door, Aya flies into the room. Her hair frizzles over her forehead, and I also catch the faint scent of burning.

“You got into a fight?” I say as Aya places her camera on her desk.

She shrugs, unbuttoning her shirt. “I was running the whole time, but you could say that.” Then, she throws her fan, her pen, and her misaligned tokin from her head onto the table. “I'm going to go clean up. I'll cook and work after I get back. Unless you're hungry?”

I'm a white wolf tengu. But no, I'm not gluttonous, Aya. That's a misconception.


“I'll be right back, then.”

With my eyes closed, I hear Aya move to her room, then walk past behind me, leaving. I'm alone.

It's not that I don't have anything to do. I could leave and find something to do. But I don't feel that's appropriate. Leaving and making someone wonder, even if it's Aya. And what would I do? Find a kappa to play shogi with? Those games take a long time. Fly around Gensokyo? There's no one I'd be eager to meet. So the only thing to do is train. Meditate. Practice my swordplay. Strengthen my body. Losing to Aya frustrated me more than I thought. But I also treat it as though I failed to defeat an enemy. And if I fail, the mountain is in danger.

I put away my bar of iron. Taking a look around the room, I stand and walk over to Aya's desk.

It's the first time I've actually taken a look at it. There's over ten binders standing toward the wall, each labeled with numbers and letters. I assume they're dates, sorted by time. But I'm not certain what the small little words and jumble of characters mean. There are a few papers on the desk, along with a notepad.

There's a list of scribbles on the current page of the notepad. I read a few of the lines.

- Don't feel anything today, maybe later
- Number 3 said she didn't show any signs, but did find she wanted company. [likely sex.]
- Tengu in the temple. need to try again at a later date.
(a crossed out line with the phrase “Avoid monk”)

...Is this about what the Chief said? So Aya wasn't actually working?

My fingers touch one of the papers under the notepad. I skim the one on the top.

This seems more work related. A paragraph or two on what I think is material. The usual Aya content about someone or something in Gensokyo. Although from the wrinkles in the paper, it looks as though she wrote this while traveling? But there are a couple of neat papers underneath. Likely a recent coverage on something she found. Her handwriting on the wrinkled paper bends on lines, and some of the strokes on the characters look uncompleted. Hasty writing. As opposed to the cleaner, straight writing of the papers beneath.

I continue reading, sitting in Aya's chair. My fingers shift papers aside one by one as I read the material. When I finish, I find myself reading through the papers again. My mind wanders the second time around, though.

If Aya is taking some time to research heat periods, then maybe she has some idea of how it works? I don't quite understand why she needs to. I feel like she knows more about it than I do. If anything, I'm the one who needs to do some research. But I'm not great at research. I'd probably have to look inside myself and feel the changes in my body. I might accidentally trigger something, like when I convert my anger and release it as combat intent. Except that I'd have no mental control. Like falling into water and being unable to swim, is how I'd explain it. At the same time, if I learn to overcome the heat period earlier, I might not run into any problems from holding it off. Better to try dealing with a problem now rather than later.

I mull over the topic for another stretch of time. I'm looking through Aya's papers for the fourth time.

But maybe I should focus on talking with Hatate, instead. She's going to be coming over sometime, but I should seek her out again sometime to discuss my relationship with Aya further. The sooner I make some time to talk with her, the sooner she can relay the information throughout the mountain. It's more about future security in public eyes, and keeping our word with the Chief. Maybe learning about her relationship with Aya. I would consider it a business matter. But from a personal point of view, I'm clueless.

I lean back on the chair.

I wish I could do both. But I have to take care of one matter at a time.


I recognize Hatate's voice.

By this time, I might as well accept that I'm a resident here. Also. If Aya's scent is clear, my nose picks up Hatate's as bark on a tree. Or the dust of wood that makes up a house, since she stays inside so often.

I take several strides toward the entrance.

“Come in.” I open the door.

The instant she sees me, her eyes scan left and right inside of Aya's house. Looking back at me, Hatate holds out a bundle of papers.


I want to invite her inside. But before I can think of what to say, Hatate waves her hand as though denying something.

“Ah, no, I'm not coming in. I don't think I should come in if I'm not going to be covering you two.”

“Sorry.” I say as she shuffles two steps back.

She's conscious about Aya. I think.

“It's nothing. Really.” Hatate pulls her phone out from behind her. “I've got some work to do anyway, but just let me know when you're ready. It'll take me a couple of days after to write enough for my newspaper. Keep that in mind.”


“Alright then. I hope to see you soon.”

With a short word and a wave, Hatate takes off into the sky. I exhale through my nose, going back inside. Sitting back at the table, my hand finds the bar of iron in my clothes. The other places the papers I received down on the table.

A shorter duration of time passes before I sense Aya return.

“Back again.”


At the table, Aya picks up the empty plates as we finish our lunch. After returning from her bath yesterday, I informed her about Hatate's visit. Aya talked about the papers I received instead. Then, we talked about the articles she was preparing for her newspaper. Nothing too important happened, other than the occasional tease. But considering how fulfilled I was that day, I didn't feel any inclination to do anything about it. Other than retort.

Today, too, was uneventful so far. Aya said what she was going to do, left to perform her research, and I sat around the house and thought about what I was going to do. I did sit outside for an hour, looking out toward the mountain and scouting the immediate area. Train for a while.

Then Aya came back. She brought back some food to cook, but nothing too fancy. Vegetable soup, meat as broth, and a few rice cakes from the village.

I feel like her skills at home are a lot higher than they look. At least after watching Aya cook and clean up. Mixing food with an upward flick of the pan. Using one hand to flip a pan over by its handle to wash with the other hand. Things of that nature.

“So what's the deal with your other crow friend?”

I flap the front of my shirt as Aya sits across the table.

“I think I'll go out and tell her we're ready.”

“Then what?” Aya sits with her legs spread under the table. I can feel the small vibrations of her feet kicking up and down as she leans back. “You're going to tell her how much fun we've been having as a couple?”

“I'll tell her,” I deflect the latter of her words, “that we've started going out.”

“Hmm. That's not very truthful, though.”

“I think that's accurate.”

“You haven't taken me anywhere, though?”

My eyes narrow for a second. “Would you like me to?”

“And it's not good to leave out our sex life.”

I hold in an unrelated retort. But I keep my eyes on Aya.

“The Chief said that we needed to let her know that our relationship isn't out of lust. I thought that was what you wanted?”

Aya stares at me for a couple of seconds, tilting her head an inch to the side. Then, she folds her legs under her.

“It is. And I like it.”

Something yanks downward under my chest.

I don't relate love and Aya as two things that can go together. But knowing that it can be, it makes that somewhat...breathtaking to look at.

I feel the pressure points in my feet pop as I clench my toes.

“But you're not satisfied with just this?”

“We're still living. Together, too.” Aya leans forward, less than she tilted her head earlier. “So of course that's a given. But for now, maybe we should start spending some time getting to know each other better? Or else you'd get tired of me?”

“There isn't anything about me that you don't already know, is there?”

“I guess so. Besides your past and exploring our bodies more, I think it's redundant to ask.”

...Is she flirting with me? Something like: When a crow pecks around a wolf's fur, then surely the wolf will respond in kind. I imagine that in this situation.

“This isn't related to our heat period,” My frustration with Aya's indirectness grows, “is it?”


I assume she's curious. But I can't be certain. Let's try more.

“Then we're rehearsing for Hatate?”

Aya lowers her eyebrows, so far that it seems they reach where her eyes had been when her entire face fell.

“...You're thinking about Hatate?”

I look away for a second.

She didn't like that. But.

“We're going to have to deal with it some time.”

“But I said we should get to know each other better. I never mentioned a third wheel.”

“Then maybe you should say it clearer.”

I notice Aya freezes.

There's a difference between not responding, and not seeing someone's chest move from their breathing. And Aya's doing the latter. While staring right at me. Without any trace of a smile or a frown on her face.

Then, she stands. I watch her stand. My head follows her steps as she looms over me, to my right. With a slow descent, Aya sits between me and the table. Her legs lie off to the side, and she presses her hands beside of my crossed legs. Narrowed eyes. Looking up at me with the illusion of a smile. Her eyes travel down, somewhere down, before looking back into mine. I haven't stopped focusing on keeping my gaze on her. Her mouth inhales, then exhales.

“How long should we do this?”

You're still not being clear. Were you listening?

“Do what?”

“Acting like this. Do you hate it?”

“Hate, what?”

My own irritation boils up to my chest. But I circulate a tranquil flow of air through my lungs.

Aya can probably tell what she's doing to me.


She doesn't stop.

I'm about to speak again when Aya raises her head, prepared to say something after.

“I'm not going to ask just to pass the time. I really want to know if you're serious about me.”

That's confusing.

I stare down Aya's smile. “Isn't that what we did when we were with the Chief.”

When I say this, something changes about Aya's smile. It's something different. I can't quite identify what it is. A small growth of that smile. The corners pull upward while the rest of her face falls just a hair downward. A wrinkle on the forehead there. Her entire head lowering a millimeter.

“The Boss doesn't count.”

Aya says with this new expression.

“You want me to be clear? Then prove it to me.”


“Aya.” I keep staring down at her.

But I don't want to say it. I can't say it. It doesn't need to be said. Aya's smiling. But it's not that. It can't be that.

“How do you want it?” Aya masks the issue with a solution.

It's...sadness. I think that's what it is. A private reveal of something for me. And why not? If I really mean to care for Aya. Unless I'm not planning to go any further. So of course she wouldn't be satisfied with proof if a third party was involved.

I'm caught off guard by this new experience. So I stay silent.

I'm lost. My mind blanks into nothingness for a second, before Aya begins undressing. But only her skirt. Her bare foot tosses the item around the table's corner. Her hand draws up her thigh, toward her awakening erection while pulling her panties down. She moistens her upper lip with her lower lip.

Aya waits for me.
[] Mouth.
[] Sex.
[] Her hands.
[] Her feet.
[] Give Aya a blowjob.
[] Refuse.
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[X] Her feet.
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[X] Her hands.
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[X] Give Aya a blowjob.

With the mood goin on here, this seems to be the next logical course of action.
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[X] Give Aya a blowjob.
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[X] Give Aya a blowjob.

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Not dead.

But, as some may be able to see, I did move. Again. This time should be permanent. Or at least more than before. Also working on two big projects, one of which is for /at/ in the first place. Why do I do this to myself? I know not. But the Momiji/Aya dickings has yet to die. I should know best, since I blew up over 6k words out of some 10k words because I made some errors on the next update.

Long story shorter, lots of food to make on my plate. For anyone curious.
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File 148384647726.jpg - (129.72KB, 850x850, cfa6ba1110dcdfe38493cec1dc516e2b.jpg)
[X] Give Aya a blowjob
...among other things


My eyes shift down.

I wouldn't notice if Aya was already aroused. My far sight doesn't mean an eye for detail. Not unless I've observed something many times. Which it seems I might, as far as Aya's cock is concerned.

I look back up.

I didn't even look for more than two seconds. But the smile on Aya's face tells me she knows.

In one movement, Aya tugs down at her skirt while sitting on top of the table. She lifts one leg, then the other, before the skirt falls into my lap. The foot that slips out of the clothes second prods my stomach through my shirt.

“I guess I'm the only one who has to do any preparation, right?”

Her penis flops from her panties when they're pulled down. Sifting over her legs just like her skirt did, Aya kicks them over to the side. One of her hands inches under her penis, cupping it with a few strokes.


She leans back with her other arm, hand supporting herself on the table.

“You might have to help me.”

Aya's stomach almost levels with my forehead from how low the table is to the ground. I rise to my knees to approach her. Aya's clean scent penetrates through my nose with every centimeter closer to her penis.

I don't know the concept of rhythm, or gentleness. If servicing Aya with my mouth is considered gentle, then I have more feelings for Aya than I did before. Compared to our previous experiences.

Opening my mouth, I lower my head onto her cock.

At the same time her toes and foot digs into the hem my hakama. Two of her toes poke at the top of my flaccid penis.

“What?” I hear while breathing around her cock. “Is it too uncomfortable for you?”

Aya shifts her legs in front of my body, leaving enough space for my head to move between them. I close my eyes while she pulls my hakama halfway down my thighs. My cock twitches between her toes, which shift to the side as her other foot sandwiches it from the other. Swallowing, my tongue presses up against Aya, licking her hard length.

“I can't really move like this.” A hand settles into my hair, and I open my eyes. “So if you could.”

My nose breathes in and out. Twice. Aya's scent comes from all sides with my position between her thighs.

Why does it feel good? Why does it feel good inside of my mouth? I want it. Every nerve in my mouth fires a message of pleasure down into the pit of my stomach. A different kind of hunger. Hunger. Fill it.

Looking up, I see Aya leans back far enough to meet my eyes. With my tongue still around her cock, I push my head forward. Aya squeezes my cock between her feet. I pull back, almost kissing the head of her penis. Her toes scrunch around my skin. The raw shock of pleasure firing from every point of my mouth dulls the small nip of pain from Aya pinching my cock. My mouth takes her cock inside a few more times before she begins to move her feet to do the same to mine. Her feet press in and out in a wave-like sensation. I start to suck in with my lips, licking the underside of Aya's hardening penis while moving down the length.

If there's another way of looking at the situation, it's that I'm fucking Aya with my mouth. Whether the tip of her hard cock jabs into either cheek or hits the roof of my mouth, that sensation of pleasure shoots down into my cock between her feet.

The taste of something somewhat bitter hits the center of my tongue. A lighter touch than my own saliva. Seeing that on Aya's face helps with understanding what it is.

“I wonder how much better you'll get at this?”

Aya's hand falls past behind my ear, cupping it for a second before resting on my cheek. My eyes glance over at the palm of her hand, which strokes my face. I close my eyes and take a deep breath through my nose before going deeper. Smacking her cock with my tongue, I turn my head to the side every other time I go downward. My tongue flicks the tip of her head when I pull back all the way. Aya's feet pump up and down every second, my own penis hard between the sides of her feet.

I catch Aya's voice as my nose touches her skin.

“Where would you want it?”

There's a warm burn inside of my face passing through my neck. I can smell the heat. The burning heat of Aya's thighs, the first of her semen in my mouth. And that clean scent. Making my other senses stronger. My vision blurs. Her smooth feet hugging my cock, and the tight pressure about to release inside of it. A sweatdrop on my forehead. Everything, clear. Even my moans, smothered by the cock in my mouth. In my mouth. There's a few, short pants coming from Aya's mouth. Mouth.

Aya sighs. I hum around her cock.

It lands on my tongue. Sticking onto my cheeks. Toward the roof of my mouth. I cough again when I feel it hit the back of my throat. I also know I'm coming on her feet, which sandwich me tight enough that I can feel my own semen from the bottom of one foot. An empty space fills my mouth as Aya pulls her cock out of me. Grasping and stroking herself, another shot of her come lands on my cheek beneath my eye. Then another on my lips. Then another. And another. There's a low vibration in my throat as a broken line of semen lands on my forehead. Across my face.

But that can't be the end. I don't want it to end.

Almost lunging forward, a growl escapes me as my hands press onto the table. I hear Aya shout something, but my lips already wrap around the head of her still-erect shaft. I hadn't finished swallowing all the seed in my mouth, but manage to catch both a few drops and the sensation of her head on my lips before Aya jumps back on the table. A small drop shoots from her cock onto my cheek again, but I make an actual lunge forward. Aya falls elbow first onto the table. Her toes, wet, scratch into the front of my thigh. I hear a laugh as I lick her cock with my tongue, before engulfing the head with my mouth again. I bob down and up, taking her at an angle. My cheek bulges with every downward movement. But the pleasure that should travel into my body dies down as the tension releases from my lower body. With the eventual end to that pleasure, my pace also slows to a stop. I draw my mouth from Aya's spent cock as it limps from my lips.

I can hear my heart beating. Loud. Not normal. And a heat pulsing through my heart. There's an urge to get closer to Aya. That maybe my heart would calm down if I pressed my body against hers. The dull pulse flowing into my penis brings it back to life. Expecting a satisfaction to be inside, more than the need to come.

While I hold my breath, Aya hooks her arms over my shoulders.

“How does it feel?”

Warm air from her lips. Warm. Warm. Hot. And I'm on top. So I need to. Need to. NEED TO.


Lips closed, Aya's smile invites me.

If I need to, I'll ask for it again. Again. But I want to take her. It hurts, I need her arms around me her body to need me and I—

Aya manages to draw her foot up my thigh, touching my cock with its side. She then drags it and her leg around my waist, wrapping her feet over themselves. Locking me in. My hand slips down to my cock.

“Do you want it?” Aya asks the unneeded question.

But I know. I'm not asking.

“Please.” I follow the flow of the conversation.

Aya presses her forehead against mine. “That's it?”

I can't stop following. But my cock twitching, touching her entrance, wants any means. Any means to take her now. I should be able to take her now. But I have to. Have to. I can't control myself. So everything in my mind comes out and I don't know how I can't control it I need WANT but


I look into her eyes. At a glance, it looks like a tease. But I trust it.


Cradling myself, I push in. Aya leans her head back a centimeter, sighing, her eyes still locked on mine. She raises her hips against mine. I feel the table shake under our weight as I rock forward and back. My head dives toward Aya's chest, licking and sucking on a nipple while she brings one hand to the front of my own. Aya traps one of my nipples among three fingers.

“That's good.”

She whispers that short phrase. But I grind myself as hard as I can into Aya. The flame in my mind burns as the tip of Aya's somewhat limp cock bounces against my stomach. My mouth opens, and this time, I bite her breast. She makes a noise between a cough and a laugh while cradling my head with her palms. A few more chuckles under her breath, and I grunt as Aya's fingernails trail up my back. I hear the table creak and whine. Her insides wrap around the head and length of my cock, and a low vibration rumbles up my throat. An unconscious growl. It opens my mouth, dislodging me from Aya's nipple.

But I need to do something else. Something else, like Aya does when she places her feet flat on the back of my legs. Rubbing them down and up.

I look into Aya's eyes again. The odd act slows down my thrusting, but re-ignites the lost heat when Aya catches me watching her. So she returns a stare. Her stare. One that wells up an illusion of agitation. But I also hold on to my trust of the true emotion in her eyes. A contradiction that leads me to changing my thrusts into a pounding beat. A hard, but slow series, responding to this whole act. I'm still moving non-stop, in and out of Aya's body.

It really is awkward to me. It's as though I'm exchanging every stare from Aya for a rough fuck of my body into hers. A sense of control inside in act that I thought was more...instinctual. Something we're both controlling. And when Aya slides her hands over my shoulders? Her hands rest over my back, her arms are sitting on my shoulders. And we're still just, looking at each other.

“You can go faster.”

...There's something subtle that I notice. Among continued rocking of the table under us, a passing thought turns inside my mind. Aya didn't say “faster”. She gave me “permission to move faster”. A subtle change in phrase. Acknowledging me. No.

Caring for me, would be the better term.

So I respond in kind.

My hands, resting flat on the table on either side of Aya, now find her waist. Aya leans back, eyes on me, but her back lying on the table. My palms shift over to her thighs. Aya shuts her eyes and sighs. Then, my hands stop behind her knees. Her mouth parts in a long, delighted “ah”. And her toes clench against the back of my legs.

Then, and only then, do I move faster.

With Aya sighing, I let the sensation of my cock sawing in and out of her wash over me. Humping forward and back, the lack of skin contact of my thighs on hers builds up the pleasure looking for an escape in my body. In specific, the aching sensation trembling in my tongue. So I follow this base instinct after making sure my thumbs are rubbing the skin on Aya's leg.

For lack of time and words, I give Aya's toe a blowjob.

My tongue lathers the bottom of her toe with one lick before I indulge in engulfing it with my mouth. Aya continues to remain silent after the change in position. But her toe attempts to bend past my teeth, along with the rest of her toes clenching in my sight. I keep the toe as straight as I can with a mix of biting and taking it in deeper. As deep as my lips can move down. As deep as my tongue can slip past her toe, along the underside of her foot. Soft. Clean. Two pulses of heat fire up from my cock and down from my mouth every time I lick or suck. My head bobbing as though I was on Aya's cock, which I catch in my eyes doing the same in an almost erect state. Enough that it isn't flopping limp.

After a dozen more thrusts in and out, the heat threatens to burst. After another three seconds, the frustration with how fast it will end sends a message to my teeth. That message tells my teeth to bite down.

Aya cries out as I will everything in my mouth not to hurt her.

The result is my teeth gripping her toe all while I can feel my come shooting out of my cock. Only one rush of my seed runs through while I'm inside of Aya, before my hips—from a frantic lack of control—pull me out of her insides and into the open air. My hand not on the leg with the foot my mouth is on drops in an unconscious attempt to bring warmth back to my cock. Stroking the rest of my orgasm out. I watch as the second line of semen breaks into drops along Aya's stomach, while the rest of my seed does the same. The third shot lands next to Aya's bellybutton. Then a fourth on her stomach. Then a fifth. A sixth. The seventh is a thin strand that lands across Aya's own erection. I swallow, sucking on Aya's toe in the process. By the time my cock begins limping, the rest of my come dribbles over my finger down the length of my cock. The pale skin of Aya's stomach shines with the puddles of my seed on her body. I also catch Aya's gaze, staring up at me.

The lazy narrow of her eyes. It joins the small frustration in my spine, a hard knot in my back that I can't release. I know what would release it. I believe I do. My body wants to see something...something big. I want Aya and my own body to be surrounded in this heat. Aya's chest, her neck, covered in me. My arms and legs aching with satisfaction, creaking from exertion. But as much as I desire all of this, the fact that it's my second orgasm forces me to stay frustrated.


“Aya.” I let go of Aya's toe. But I hold the rest of my words to let the rest of the heat wash out of me.

A heat, in which, is not turning into the cool sense of relaxation. It's not frustration. To explain it, this heat running through my nerves. Is it?


I assume Aya knows what I'm calling her for from the look in her eyes as she begins stroking herself. But there's something I want to know.

“What's wrong with me?” I ask if she knows.

Her fingers caress my waist, pulling me into her hips. Her feet crawl behind my thighs, smooth past my knee and resting on the back of my legs. Aya laughs.

“This is your `heat period`.”

A sinking weight in my stomach pushes through my guts. The way she said that makes it sound like I'm sick. But that pain inside of me sends a message of hunger to my brain. Hunger. Thirst. If I stop and take a breath, I find that it's actually lust. If I don't look at Aya's cock, my head starts to hurt. This is....



Aya's nose is close enough to tickle my throat.

“Does it hurt?” She unhooks her legs from me, pushing her knees into my ribs.

I shut my eyes from the stabbing pain in my forehead. “Yeah.”

“Well, seeing as you're spent,” Aya's knee brushes against my penis, “then where do you need it?”

I breathe out hard, but the pain doesn't go away.

It's not a question of pride. It's a question of getting rid of this pain or else....

“What's going to happen if I don't take care of it?” I swallow the saliva almost dripping past my lips.

Why is Aya almost laughing?

“Who knows? But I know if we take care of it, it won't hurt you. So.”

Aya rises into me. I don't think of resisting through the pain already assaulting me as she turns me around. Her hands on my back, I find my body lying on the table.

Our positions are now reversed.

“Do it, then.” I lay an arm on my forehead.

Aya's arms slip under my knees, my waist on her knees. “You sure? Not curious to find out what happens if we do nothing?”

“Do it.”

Aya licks her lips.

I feel her fingers fumble around before....

The pain thumps into my ears, and for a moment, all I can hear is a loud ringing. That doesn't stop me from feeling Aya enter me, though.

I kick down onto the table, my hands grabbing Aya's arms by my sides.

“Shh.” Aya whispers down at me. “Just wait a second.”

That clean scent. It brushes the pain from my head, as if sucking it out. Aya jerks back and forth, settling herself inside of me. But the pain is replaced with a relaxing coolness. Like bathing, submerging me in a lukewarm spring.


Aya smiles down at me.

My heart beats.

All I do is stare back at her. And then her mouth twists more.

Aya starts rocking her hips, thrusting.

Sometimes she closes her eyes. Sometimes, I do. But whether we are or not, our eyes lock when we can. While Aya starts off at a rather fast pace. Enough to hear the table rock. Sliding, scratching the floor without pause. But this roughness clears away all discomfort in my body. Building that sense of fulfillment. This heat.

I need more.

“Faster.” The growl is almost embarrassing, though unconscious. I form the next word in my mind. “Harder.”

Aya's soft laugh is all the response I need to prepare. I feel the muscles in her arms tighten as she pounds herself against me. My body sends a message of pain, while telling me of its satisfaction at the same time. The latter more prevalent than the pain.

The heat rises into my head. Part of it is seeing Aya moving above me. There's something...beautiful, about her. Maybe it's how pale she is compared to the darker room. Or her occasional sigh while staring right into my eyes. Or maybe it's her toes curling against the side of my leg, the nails scratching my skin. She's snapping her body forward and back, I wonder if she's tired? Although tengu stamina isn't low, I can't speak for going through three rounds of sex. If the sweat falling from Aya's eyebrows past my face is any indication. Or my that warm ball of pleasure tightening with every push of her cock inside me. Pushing that ball into a smaller knot.

My eyes droop in a daze. Or they narrow. It doesn't change the way Aya fucks me closer to an orgasm. Air pushes out of my throat out of my mouth into what I think are...moans. My knees squeeze, but can't stop Aya from pounding away at me.

Building that pleasure. Desire. I can smell Aya's scent in such clarity. Hear her, me, a mix of lust fueled by what must be my heat period, and, her foot tickles my leg, Aya's eyes and her mouth, with that look, a growl coming from me as I grab her shoulders close my eyes and again and again I can feel her cock thrusting inside me as I feel myself squeeze around her tight and then tighter

I take a deep breath. And release.

I press my forehead forward against Aya's shoulder, staring down her chest and catching a whiff of the sweat on her breasts. My legs wrap around her thighs, my toes touching between Aya's knees. I feel my nails digging into her back, and relax my hands. Pulses of warmth flow through my insides, each pulse squeezing every part of Aya's cock using the intensity of their warmth as energy. I blow out the heat in my lungs.

“Better?” Aya repeats.

This time, my arms slump to my sides. I'm staring at the ceiling. The top of Aya's head dives below my vision, and I feel something wet on my bare nipple. I close my eyes as Aya teases me, sucking my hardened tip with her lips. Capping the top with her tongue. Her chuckle rumbles into my chest, up my throat.

She didn't come yet. She's still so hard as she pulls out of my body. And I'm too sensitive.

My legs twitch toward each other. Aya rests her rock-hard erection on my crotch, resting by my satisfied penis.

“...Sorry.” I look down.

The word comes out. Aya rubs her cock, wet from the both of us, along my skin.

“Just relax, I'll take care of it.”

“And how will you do that?”

“Don't worry. It won't hurt you at all.”

The curiosity rises inside me as Aya grabs my feet.

“I wanted to try it myself.” Aya laughs in-between her words. “I don't think you'll enjoy it. But right now, we're taking care of me, aren't we?”

True. I'm not finding pleasure from the act. But I am finding it...interesting from knowing Aya's the one doing it. I can't explain the reason why.

Aya brings one of my feet to her mouth. Then, she licks up the bottom fo my foot, right along the middle.

I can try to explain. Seeing Aya do things like this isn't the same as knowing it's being done to me.

With my other foot, Aya sucks her thumb and forefinger before rubbing between my toes.

Lubricating it.

“Now that I'm doing it,” Aya laughs at herself, “it feels a bit silly. But for some reason, I know I can come from this right now.”

Staring right into my eyes, Aya gives my former foot another three, long licks. She positions and adjusts my other foot and her cock so that she's pushing between my toes.

As if it's another hole. Aya, your breath is hot.

Savoring whatever that feeling is, Aya starts thrusting. She holds my other foot in front of her cock. Every time she thrusts up to the base, the tip of her head bumps against the bottom of my foot, slick from her tongue.

“How does it feel?” Is all I can think to ask.

Aya wastes no time fucking me as if she was actually inside me.

“Knowing I'm going to know how it is to do what you've done before?” Aya pants and laughs. “It feels like I'm the wolf tengu.”

Somewhat irritated by that, I start clenching my toes. I see Aya's legs bend, kicking her foot up in response. Her back straight, her hips thrust forward and back. Whether I time my toes' movements or not with her rhythm, it doesn't change the fact that I feel another wetness poking up the bottom of my foot. My eyes spot the string thin liquid leaking from the tip of Aya's cock. Connecting with the ball of my foot.

It's not a bad irritation. This is more like revenge. And if it allows me even a small amount of pleasure from a moment where I'm supposed to give it to Aya instead? The lingering flickers of heat pop and sink to my legs.

“Going to come.” Aya says down to me.

“Yeah.” The flickers fall to the bottom of my feet.

Aya thrusts. Her thrusts pause at random moments, and my body braces for the moment. I can see, smell, the sweat falling from her forehead. Her exerting as much energy as she can in an act she's not familiar with. Her short pants as her cock juts in and out of my toes, toward and away from my eyes, burning the vein through the web of my skin. Then, Aya's leg bends so far that her foot points up in the air. Her toes clench as much as I know they can.

She's coming.

I do the same, hugging her cock tight, pushing my other foot onto the head. I stare right into her lust-filled eyes, and she doesn't break contact to observe what she's about to do.

Aya's mouth parts, panting hard, as a burst of warmth spreads from the center of my foot. Her seed, overflowing into that one spot, drips downward. To the back of that foot. Among Aya's ongoing climax, the overflow slides down her cock to my other foot. I can smell her. Between my toes. Polishing warmth over my toenails. A stray shot flies over my ankle, onto my leg. The scent of her cock and her semen, warm and heavy. Aya smears her cock back and forth in the makeshift hole she made from me as she rubs out her afterglow. Sticking to me, cool as my toes stretch into the air. Aya smacks her lips.

It's messy. Should I be glad that I was already satisfied? The sight of Aya resting with my feet in her hands, her cock twitching, blows out all of the warmth in me. Replacing it with cool wave that trembles through my skin. Relaxing.

Aya massages a clean spot of my foot with a thumb. The lust in her eyes burn away.

“As a source of raw pleasure,” She giggles to herself, sliding her cock backwards free from my toes. “that wasn't bad.”

I draw my feet free of her hands, although careful not to stain the table by lowering them all the way.

“But it's not something you'd do every now and then, is it?”

Aya lowers her leg, grabbing one of her clothes with her foot. “No. But every once in a long time would be,” She crawls up toward me, licking her lips once, “interesting to try again.”

With a kick of her foot, her skirt lands over her shoulder. One of her hands grabs and lays it over my legs. Her knee nudges it over my feet, rubbing and cleaning me using her lower body.

“What do you do with all of those?” I glance up at Aya, but poke the bone in her leg with one of my toes.

She wrestles her legs on top of mine. “What do you think? I clean them. Everything.”

Her face approaches mine. Her eyes are clear. Red eyes. Not burning from any lust.

But I assume that's what it is. What I think I know from what's happened so far.


Her nose touches mine. Aya blinks, her eyelashes winking fast for that one action.

She's so close.

“I think we surprised her.”

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File 148384652963.jpg - (189.05KB, 850x1133, d60c5d139ba94aba476fb853297abc05.jpg)
“What?” I repeat out loud.

“You didn't notice?” Aya laughs again. A low chuckle. “Although, she wasn't here once she knew what was happening.”

Wait, what? Aya's nose is so warm, though....

“What are you talking about—?”

With both of us staring into each other's eyes, Aya taps my lips.

With her lips.

“That purple tengu.”

Huh? Huh...Hatate?


I stay silent. But Aya tickles my lips with her laugh.

“Normally, I wouldn't be worried. But you see, if she's going to be helping us and all, I want you to know that she can see things that normal people can't see. And,” She flattens her body onto mine, “seeing, that she came when she did....”

All I could focus on was Aya.

“I didn't sense her. How long?”

“Of course you didn't.” Aya shows me that before kissing me again the same way she did seconds ago. “Well, she's the one at fault for coming to my house, though. Knowing what she knows about us.”

I stop the hungry growl bubbling in my stomach. A small hunger for more of that small touch.

“Wouldn't she have to see it? Us?”

“That's the thing.” I feel Aya breathe in through her nose. “Her thoughtography is indeed the ability to put images from mind to film. But don't you think it was odd that she never went outside to do her work before?”

I didn't think it, or Hatate, was strange. But still.

“Is it going to be bad?”

“There's a small risk. What I'm worried about is what she can't see.”

“`Can't see`?”

Aya makes a move to sit up. I slide off the table to the other side, looking for my clothes. A gust of wind sends her and my clothes onto the table, our respective attires piled in front of us. Before I can grab anything, Aya speaks.

“Your heat period.”

I pause on my sarashi before starting to dress myself, Aya following suit.

“I don't think I need to say that you can feel it,” Aya goes on, “but to anyone else, it becomes a question of opinion. To prevent misunderstandings, we should try to address your heat period if possible.”

“And I need to go see Hatate about us....”

I think I understand.

“After this amount of activity, it shouldn't resurface again today.” Aya buttons up her shirt. “But seeing someone different might trigger a desire. Think of it,” she thinks, “like having salad for lunch and steak for dinner.”

So are you the salad?

“Of course, if you treat me and Hatate like food, you wouldn't be here right now, would you?”

Aya's soft laugh warns me.

I don't know what Aya will do exactly if I did what she's implying. But it wouldn't be anything good. For me, at least.

“And if my `heat period`,” I familiarize myself with the phrase, “gets to me when I go talk to her, what should I do?”

“That's something. But let's assume you do get out of control for some reason. Is it that you're expecting a threesome, or do you think I'm not able to put you down?”

She's aware of the possibilities, even when teasing me. And I don't know what the Chief thinks of me, but if I fought with Aya....It's a question of what to do.

I fasten my shirt to my chest before looking back at Aya.

“And if you do need to deal with me yourself?”

“Oh, I'm only planning to knock you out. But if it comes to that, we're going to have to fulfill your `needs` as soon as possible.” Aya flicks the sides of her hair with her hands. “The only downside I can think of is if you actually get a need for Hatate. If that's the case....”

“`If that's the case`?”

“Well, in that case, I'd put in a request to Boss. But actually, I'll be taking you straight to her. She has everything we need to take care of a situation like that without too much trouble.”

“But if I don't decide to see her, I don't think she's the type to put out that information.”

“She might.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Not talking about the impossible, it's a possibility.” Aya says. “You remember when Boss mentioned a rule? I said it to Hatate, too.”

“I remember. `Duty of Confidentiality`.”

“It's something all crow tengu learn when reporting, and it's a mountain rule for all of us.” Aya says. “Boss said it, but the bigger version is this: `No tengu can report information that retains to their personal life, no matter how informed, no matter how relevant their sources. Any such information reported is corrupt. Any report released as such is tainted, and should be struck from history and life itself.` There's a bunch of statements to protect this rule, but every crow tengu remembers it. Or they should if they know what's good for them.” Aya finishes with shrug.

I've seen that rule. It's not as though crow tengu are exclusive to that rule. But of course, they're the only ones it would apply to considering what they do,

“What happens if someone breaks that rule?” I ask the inevitable.

“Bad things.” Aya answers.

I'm not expecting the clearest answer, but I'm still unsatisfied. Her smile twists higher as she looks at my expression and continues.

“What happens to anyone else is their problem. I'm just worried about myself. And if Hatate has reign over a news report about us?” She laughs to herself. “I'm not so sure what she might do.”

“Fine.” I move on. “Then what should we do about Hatate?”

“I don't know. What should we do?” Aya flicks her wrist and hand. “Weren't you planning to go?”

“Yeah. But why wouldn't we go together?”

Aya raises an eyebrow.

“No, shouldn't that be in reverse? Why would we go together?”

Is this really the problem?

“Hatate's writing about the both of us.” I try and reason. “Do you really not like being with her so much?”

“Next to how you and I were before, fighting all the time,” Aya says back, “how would you treat her if she was like you thought I was?”

But of course that's not the only reason.

“You could do it this once.” I transition. “And what if my heat period happens?”

After looking at me for a few seconds, Aya crosses her arms and leans back on her desk.


She thinks. And I watch her think.

Aya's gaze cuts to the wall before looking back at me. “...I suppose it wouldn't hurt. But if we're worried about your heat period, then maybe I should explain a bit more about it.”

“Shouldn't you have done that while we were still talking about it?” My irritation crackles at the usual Aya.

“That's part of the problem. Time.”

It's the way Aya said it.

“Then...you should tell me more about it.” My patience returns. “Didn't you say my heat period wouldn't come back again today? You said all of that and more as if we needed to take care of it first. Especially since someone different could trigger it.”

“And I'm saying that's part of the problem. I said it `shouldn't` resurface. I never said it `wouldn't`. And I didn't say someone `couldn't` trigger it, but that they `might`.”

“So what does that mean?” I ask for her to clarify.

“It means,” Aya sits in her chair, leaning back again, “that I'm unsure of when and who could trigger your heat period. I know having sex can quell it, but for how long I don't know. I know that a heat period can activate when interacting with more than one person, but that's on a case-by-case basis. And what I know from there,” She crosses her legs and leans forward, eyes focusing on me, “is that it depends on the individual and their own control.”

My own...

“Control?” I think.

“What concerns me right now,” Aya nods, “is how much time you get to do whatever you want before it comes back. And if others can trigger it. And if you,” Aya takes a pen in her hand and twirls it, “can control it. I confirmed this with some tengu in the monk's temple, and I'd like to get more information.” She taps her notes sitting on the desk.

“What kind of control, specifically?”

“That's what I need to learn more about.” Aya sighs. “Is it based on experiences? Emotions? What affects when a heat period occurs? How it occurs? There's a lot even I wouldn't know about. A lot of white wolf tengu succumb to it. And as much as I believe in you.”

Aya taps her pen one more time. Her eyes looking at me from the side.

I see.

“You're a white wolf tengu. You've done this and that in the past. And you have a cock. Which,” The corners of Aya's mouth twitch, “in my experience, does a lot to the libido of someone who has both parts. Then we have to ask. Can you control it without knowing anything else for now? And what do we prioritize, Hatate or you? Because both you and her are important for different reasons.”

Take care of the report with Hatate. Or take care of me first. I don't know how long that'll take, so I'd have to trust Hatate. I'm not saying I don't trust her, but if she really did see us and decided to write about us....

“I don't feel like I need to...do anything.” I imply my desires. “You're the only one I react to.”

“Especially when I want you to.” Aya says, before leaning back. “But who knows? Maybe you'll be in front of Hatate this time and feel the need.”

If I do meet Hatate and that happens, then it'd make sense to take Aya along with me. I don't think Aya would have a problem considering the circumstances.

“You'd go with me, wouldn't you?”

“I would.”

Is how Aya answers.

Nothing bad can happen, right? It sounds like a good plan. Aya said what she'd do if she were around if I got out of control, so it does. It sounds like a good plan....

“So?” Aya asks.

Hatate. Or my heat period?
[] Meet Hatate alone
[] Meet Hatate with Aya
[] Address the heat period
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[ze] Meet Hatate with Aya

Welcome back. And this is the right choice I think.
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I don't think there's a "wrong" choice here per se. From the context, it looks like our options are; sex with Hatate; threesome option; and another round of Aya, respectively.

[X] Meet Hatate with Aya
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File 148410066534.png - (423.26KB, 857x1200, 17a32c1e3e6bdaaee4547424c07f78f6.png)
[X] Meet Hatate with Aya

Always one, never won. Or `wan`.


It doesn't take long for us to leave. At least, Aya didn't do anything else but shrug and follow. It's not a long trip, but it's a flight higher toward the mountain. But while we're flying, I do want to talk.

“So, why do you not like her as much?” I try not to use the word `hate`.

Aya flicks her hair. “As I said. Think of it like you thought of me before now.”

“Does that mean there's something you didn't like about her?”

“Is that what you thought of me?”

“That's what I thought.”

It may be a thing of the past.

”But,” I continue, “answer my question.”

“No. I just hate her.”

Something twitches in my forehead at her lack of hesitation.

“I don't understand.”

Either she doesn't want to say. Or she really has no reason. That's why I want to know.

“How should I say it?” Aya thinks as we fly higher rather than forward. “I don't hate her information gathering, or how she did it. But I hate the way she writes her articles.”

My eyes narrow. “And the difference is...?”

“She's overconfident.”

“That's just like you, then.”

“In herself.”

“That's still the same.”

“She thinks every conclusion she arrives at is the truth.”

“So what is it about how she writes, then?”

“Think about it.” Aya pauses as we take a quick look around before flying. “I go out to gather information before coming home to think and write. But Hatate, see, she doesn't go outside. At least, she didn't before.”

I take in everything Aya is saying before responding.

“Then there shouldn't be a problem if you're referencing how she wrote in the past.”

Aya blows a gust of air through her nose.

“The problem is, her gathering method changed, but her reporting style hasn't.”

We fly for several seconds before Aya realizes I'm waiting for her to say more.

“All Hatate's doing differently is copying my style of coverage.” Aya clarifies for me. “She hasn't changed the way she thinks about her content and how she writes her articles. In a sense, it's the same as she always did before she started copying me.”

“And the way Hatate thought was...?” I want her to answer.

Aya inhales deep through her nose.

“Before, Hatate looked at her phone and gathered her information through inquiries of different sources. None her own. The way she wrote her articles was based on her thoughts and conclusions against those sources.”

What was Hatate's phone capable of? No, back on topic.

“Other sources being...?”

“It would depend on what Hatate found.” Aya shrugs. “It could've been a rumor. It could've been another newspaper. Although I can't say if she considered who provided the sources she gathered her information from, what I do know is that she wrote her newspaper based on second-hand accounts. She had no way of judging the truth of those sources. She had no other way of thinking about her content other than what those sources gathered for her. She could only put together the information provided by said sources and come to a conclusion without actually acquiring information herself. Then she writes. And then, she takes what she's written as her own truth. She believes in her articles, which have lack a solid foundation of truth in them. ”

As we approach Hatate's house, I slow down to hear the rest of Aya's explanation.

“As a result of her past experience,” Aya slows down beside me, “because she's only copied my investigative method, she hasn't come up with another way to process the information she's gathered. Which means she's processing her information with the same way she did before.”

“Can't you consider your,” I remove any negative intuition about the phrase, “investigative method to be the same? You're still getting information from a source, just from people themselves rather than a phone. Which, the subjects you cover could arguably be less trustworthy. What would Hatate be able to do, if not that? What should she do?”

Aya crosses her arms, glancing over at me. “There's a difference between listening to a liar, and judging the words of a liar through someone else's writing. Shouldn't it be obvious what to do in this case? You have to go out and confront a scoop yourself. You can't discover the truth if you only listen to what others believe is true. If that's the case, you don't get to say anything about truth.“


“Then that's a little strange, isn't it?” I point out, looking over at Aya.

“What is?”

“About the `Duty of Confidentiality`. If you can't write about what others think is true, but you also can't write about your own personal life, how can anyone release an article about someone without it being false?”

Then, that appears. Aya has that on her face.

“There's nowhere in the rule of `Duty of Confidentiality` that says something isn't true.”

Hm. I'm not quite satisfied with that. But....

“That's not a reason to hate Hatate, is it?” My head tilts lower as I stare at Aya's curious gaze. “It's not like she's purposefully trying to write false things in her newspapers. It should be the same for us.”

“That might be true. But even so.”

Aya laughs soft as she moves ahead of me toward Hatate's residence.

“It's a matter of what someone's `truth` does, rather than `what happens when something is false`.”

Hmmm. I don't feel like prying into it any further. If anything, because I already have a lot to take in from what Aya said.

The both of us approach a rather large group of houses located in a mountain pass, stone paths winding up, down, and around them. From my knowledge, it's similar to a residential area for tengu, rather than accommodating for a clan or a family of tengu. The houses are far enough apart to provide some level of privacy. Aya and I fly down to one such house, which lacks almost any outside furnishing or decoration. The only indication that Hatate lives there is the legal sign identifying her by name, as small as it is on the support beam next to the door.

When I think about it, Aya's house is quite personalized. If I can recall what I've heard: Co-manufactured by kappas, built with the help of an oni, and approved by tengu. Aya lives secluded from the mountain in distance and location. Even if the basic architecture of her house is the same, my feet register the harder texture in the difference in wood flooring as I land on the platform.

I realize Aya won't call out and call out myself instead.


There's a pause, and I think the sound of something falling inside with a clack, as I wait for a response. About ten seconds later, I hear something approaching before the door slides open.

“Momi...ji.” Hatate sees Aya beside me and breaks her greeting. What started as a question ended in a mix of audible surprise and disappointment.

I take a quick glance to see a forced, but sly twist of Aya's lips.

My eyes switch back to Hatate. “It's for the article you have to write about us.”

“Yeah. Yeah.” Hatate tries to hide her dissatisfaction the second time she agrees.

I step over a flurry of papers scattered along the floor to the table in the room. Writing materials litter the surface of the table more than the rest of the room. Despite the appearance, Hatate's house smells more like her than the mountain area. Her scent overwhelms any trace of dust or artificial substance, unlike the buildings used by working tengu that some clean every so often.

Relief and discomfort passes through my spine. Although we're sitting around the table now, it doesn't change the fact that Hatate came while I and Aya were...busy. So I'm somewhat relieved that Hatate is a crow tengu rather than one with a higher sense of smell. Lingering scents last for at least a day, so Aya's house must still have traces of what we've done.

The reason I think of this is because of the scent I catch from Hatate.

Nothing seems amiss when I glance at Hatate. But I can't mistake Aya's scent coming from her. And I can't mistake the heavier trace of sex on her clothes. In specific, the same heavy musk and heat when Aya and I have sex. So even if Hatate speaks clear and without pause, I know Aya told the truth when she said Hatate found us earlier.

Not that I doubted Aya on that. But I suppose I want my own `truth`, if I use Aya's words.

“So I'm writing an article about you two?” Hatate crosses her legs and arms.

“You are.” Aya speaks before I do, leaning back on her legs.

“Specfically, about...the Chief's blessings.” I almost use `Lord Tenma` as a address. “For Aya and me.”

“Because you aren't clueless.” Aya adds on.

I know she's quoting Lord Tenma. But the flat tone of her voice doesn't help any relationships.

With a rise and fall of her shoulders, Hatate glosses over Aya's words. “I know I'm the closest to the both of you. Although I wouldn't say we're all friends, I'm not going to avoid a chance when I see one. If not just because it's an order from the Chief.” She rubs the side of her head with a knuckle.

“On that note,” Aya eyes Hatate, who pulls out a small notebook and pen, “we don't want any misunderstandings about our relationship.”

“`Misunderstandings`?” Hatate pauses, glancing upward at her.

“Momiji and I aren't just fuck buddies.”

Although Hatate already stopped moving, there's a noticeable way in how her eyes and chest freezes. A few seconds where she doesn't breathe.

This is how it's going to be? This is how it's going to be. I'll have to tell Hatate about our growing relationship. That we're in one. But she doesn't need to know too much, does she? That Aya likes me. That I have some feelings back. I can keep it simple and say Aya and I living together as a couple. And my heat period. I don't need to tell Hatate that we have sex to relieve it. I don't need to. I could just say it causes changes to my body. Maybe it implies that Aya and I need sex anyway, but Hatate's writing an article for her newspaper. Even if I accept the small probability that no one reads Hatate's newspaper, I can't say that no one will read it. That's not factoring in the popularity of rumors concerning Aya and me.

“I'll skip the fluff questions since I know Aya knows better.” Hatate taps her pen against her head, extending and retracting the tip. “So should we begin?”

“Actually, before that.”

Aya stops her.

I have a feeling I know what she's going to say. I think I know, but Aya's already talking.

“Because we can't have any loose ends,” Aya flaps her shirt, “we should make it clear. You're not going to use anything outside of this interview, are you?”

From the way Hatate's eyebrows crease, I know she doesn't realize where Aya's leading the conversation.

“No, of course not.”

I can sense the glow of mischief rising from Aya's cheeks.

“Are you sure? I mean, Momiji's currently living with me. And I live in a place where anyone could come by.”

“So...? Ah—”

The realization changes Hatate's initial annoyance into shock.

I'll say something because Aya plans to leave the silence as is.

“So you came by while we were...?”

I planned on finishing my thought, but even I fall silent at the rising discomfort while I spoke. Hatate's lips close tight, gripping her pen and notebook harder. Meanwhile, the smile on Aya's face fades somewhat as she breathes out.

“It's not your fault.” Aya surprises me a bit with this change. “But you did come by while we were busy.”

Hatate hisses out with a short sigh.

“How was I supposed to know?!” She glares up at Aya. “Of all times for you two to be doing that. It was an accident!”

“I know it was.” I say, turning her attention to me. “I just don't want you to misunderstand the frequency of our...activities.” I finish the wording, already stuck with the sentence I started. I take a focused breath. “I also trust that you won't let that experience affect your article.”

“Personally and professionally, it's not a good idea.” Says Aya.

Hatate spins her pen once. “I'm aware of that.”

Writing something down, she looks down for a moment before stopping and looking back up at us.

“If we're done with that,” Hatate taps her notebook, “now can we begin? I think it's in everyone's best interests to release this article as soon as possible.”

I glance to my side to see Aya return an almost seductive smile.

As though she's about to lick her lips. Or maybe that's just me?

After turning back and nodding to Hatate, she nods and looks down at her notebook.

“Alright then.” Her eyes narrow to read something. “I might ask a lot of questions, but bear with me. You two are definitely the talk of the mountain, if you didn't know.”

“I don't doubt that.”

As I say that, something pokes my knee. And when that happens, that's when I notice.

Aya's sitting across from me. Hatate's sitting to my right. Although we're positioned on the ground, there's enough room for Aya's foot to rub my leg.

Which she's doing right now.

An alarm rings in my head. But Aya's foot stops and rests on top of my lower leg, not moving.

“I don't know how often you two leave Aya's home,” Hatate looks up at me, “but I do agree with the Chief if she thinks we need to do this. The rumors going around about you two are all over the place.”

“They're just rumors, though.”

“Hmmm.” I hum after her.

Hatate looks back down, nodding. “True. But that's enough of that. I'll start asking my questions now.”

I listen to Hatate. But unease creeps up my skin from where Aya's foot lies. She's not doing anything with it, but I do have suspicions.

She wouldn't.

Would she?
[] What if Hatate finds out?
[] No, I can trust Aya.

With this in mind....
[] I'll prioritize answering Hatate's questions first.
[] I'll prioritize any changes in my body...or Aya.
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[x] No, I can trust Aya.
[x] I'll prioritize answering Hatate's questions first.

Sounds intersting
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[X] What if Hatate finds out?
[X] I'll prioritize answering Hatate's questions first.

I like Aya option, but I feel like we would get a more dynamic story by not immediately hopping on the B&O line straight to her.
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[X] What if Hatate finds out?
[X] I'll prioritize answering Hatate's questions first.
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[X] What if Hatate finds out?
[X] I'll prioritize answering Hatate's questions first.

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File 148626926263.jpg - (112.67KB, 850x850, bed3b7b1c650dddf3555c59f2048d395.jpg)
[X] What if Hatate finds out?
[X] I'll prioritize answering Hatate's questions first.


Aya. I want to trust you, but this is a different situation. If Hatate finds out.

Adjusting my free foot, I push Aya's off of my leg. Hatate clears her throat. While she writes something down, Aya looks over at me for a second. Then, I feel her foot plop on top of mine, pinning both my foot and my other leg under her. The bottom of her big toe stretches over the side of my foot.

But I'm more worried about Hatate noticing. I don't doubt my ability to answer properly. It'll just be another thing on my mind if Aya does this.

“So,” Hatate glances up at me, and I relax my lower body, “how would you describe your relationship with Aya?”


“Tengu on the mountain have different opinions on the matter,” She avoids the negativity, “but surely you would be able to give a quote. After all, it would be just like any other relationship.”

The implicit addition is that it's Aya we're talking about.

“Just to clarify,” Aya stretches her foot farther over my own, “I'm not to answer any of these, right? Considering you wanted Momiji to come.”

Hatate turns. “Of course that's a given. Though you can say what you want, I won't be recording anything you say. Although I might have to make an addendum of your presence during the interview.”

With a short hum, I feel Aya's eyes on me as I prepare to answer.

“I can't give the most concise answer, because even I'm not sure how to describe our relationship at the moment.” My thoughts become words. “But I do care for Aya, and I....”

How to phrase the next part?

“...Aya's more than just another person. She's not someone I'm seeing just because I can. I'm going to let time go by and decide based on how we are together. It's...complicated, at the moment.”

“I see.” Hatate's hand moves behind her notes. “And is it correct to say the Chief has given you two her blessings?”


A simple factual question. But there's nothing simple about how I'm worried for Hatate's view of us if Aya doesn't stop tangling her foot with mine.

Hatate taps her notes once before looking back up at me.

“It's unlikely to think that you or even Aya would lie about the Chief. But the reason why the other tengu might not believe you is because that possibility exists. Of course, if the Chief were to have written an article herself, that would silence the rumors. But information of that authority will exist forever in the records, and recoverable through time and inquiry. If we can leave the reporting of smaller matters to the crow tengu, then we can save time and effort for more important matters.”

Hatate stops, finished with her prepared words. She checks down her notes, then looks back up. Something also prods my foot down and up.

“That said, the tengu do want to know. What was the nature of the Chief's blessings?”

The nature?

“You don't have to go into detail. A single sentence will suffice.” Hatate lowers her head, eyelashes following her eyes as she blinks. Her pen twirling around her fingers.

I'm aware of my own breathing as I inhale and exhale. I answer.

“The Chief allowed us to consummate our relationship with her, in private.” I pause before adding that. “The Chief thought it proper to take action instead of verbal blessings. So I think that the correct formality was taken, regardless of who received it.”

I glance over at Aya, before turning back to Hatate's nod....

...Wait. I didn't catch it before I turned back, but I can't do it again.

“Right, we can't let our opinions affect our judgement on a formal process.” Hatate's lips retract as she sucks on them. She puts down her notes to straighten her collar, fanning her chest before picking it back up. The neckline of her shirt is loose enough to expose a lot of skin—

I pull my gaze back to Aya.

No. Hold on a second.

I confirm the rising worry in my stomach when I check Aya's face.

It's not playful at all. Her narrow eyes still hide her full expression, but it's similar to her posture in observation. Observing me.

I can't. I can't look back at Hatate. But there's nothing wrong with it, is there?

...No, there is.

"Is something wrong?"

I'm forced to pay attention. If not to hide it, then because it'd be too strange not to.

Hatate's looking at me. I can see the single strand of hair almost stuck to her neck. I pull my gaze up to her eyes, quick enough for it not to be awkward.

“Then, the next important question.” Hatate taps her notes again. “It's normally treated as a joke when it comes up, but if we're to clear the air, we have to address it. And that's asking if the two of you have experienced your `heat periods`.”

That familiar warmth is rising in my stomach. But I have to answer her.

“I think,” I almost pant, “we'll handle it when it comes up. I don't know about Aya, but I'm trying to learn more about it myself.” I don't want to grit my teeth in fear of Hatate noticing. Her pen tapping the corner of her dry mouth.

It's like my mind is focusing on her body. My eyes can't help but notice the detail.

“So you haven't really experienced it yet?”

The irony pricks at my breasts, and I breathe hard enough for everyone to notice.

Her eyebrows lower a finger's width. “Are you sure you're okay?”

“No.” I think fast. “Just thinking.”

“Your face is red....”

My knuckles rise up to the side of my forehead. A drop of sweat sticks to the back of my hand.


Aya calls out to us.

To me.

“Just make sure you're paying attention to everything. You don't want things to be difficult in another sense.” Her hips shift.

No, there's something else I should've noticed first.

Aya's foot is stroking my penis through my clothes. Her hips shifting was her foot pushing harder on me.

There's a small change in the light in Aya's eyes as she looks right at me.

“You really don't.”

My eyes follow something at the corner of my vision. It's Hatate's hand, placing her pen on the table.

She must have realized something was strange as well.

“I-If you're not feeling well,” There's a small shudder in Hatate's voice, “we don't have to finish today.”

“It's too late for that.”

That's all Aya says before withdrawing her foot.

I'm half-erect, and there's a warm pulse beating in my arms and legs.

“Wait,” I try and hold my breath, “is this...?”

“It is.”

I don't ask why. I concentrate on holding in the painful warmth coursing through my body. A small twist in my muscles, my arms and legs. My eyes close, and the pain tightens around my ribs. Poking into my chest. When I'm aware of the rest of my body, I'm face down on my arms over the table.

Someone's hands are on my shoulder, a voice is saying something. But there's another, clearer voice calling to me as well.

“Hey,” Hatate stammers, “what should we do?”

The other person shouts something, but when they do, my mind refuses to understand what they're saying.

It's Aya. I know it's Aya. But I can't focus properly. I can feel what my body wants. The warmth accumulates to my erection, and my thighs close together to keep the cold from destroying the heat down there. It wants the person standing nervous over what she's seeing. The tengu who now has a hand on my other shoulder, making me groan with a shiver. My body wants Aya to stop touching me and for Hatate to start touching me. And now that I've reached this point, what comes next is....

I grit my teeth and push my face off the table. The prickling continues inside my brain, but I focus on resisting the urge for a moment. Enough to listen to Aya.

“You, really. This is—“

That's all I can listen to before her words become noise.

“What's happening?” Hatate's voice is clear. Coherent. “Is it true this time? Is this a heat period?”

Aya shouts back in response, but it's still noise to my ears. My mind.

My heart beats rapid and loud against my breast. Rumbling, thumping for me to quell it.

...I don't think I can control myself for much longer. But what to do? Taking that course of action is the same as succumbing to it. Or can I hold it in without causing any lasting harm to myself? Either way, this won't go away until Hatate takes care of me. Or I take care of her, in another sense.

It hurts. Worse than getting cut by another youkai. Worse than a gash on my arm, or a stab wound to the thigh. More than my head slamming on the ground. I don't think it's possible to go insane, but the pain isn't an illusion.


Hatate's face leans over in my view. She looks up at Aya, who must be standing out of view on my other side.

I can't think properly about the situation at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if I passed out any moment now. It's a different form of need, nothing like it's been for Aya. But the desire is there. That lust. It wants me to...do it. Do it. Do it.

[] Lunge at Hatate.
[] Withstand the pain.
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Eh, not too big on rape options.

[X] Withstand the pain.
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[x] Withstand the pain.

Same, though I also think it'll be interesting to see what Aya does when she finds out how bottled up Momiji is
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I think Aya knows exactly how bottle up Momiji is, hence her attempt to prevent exactly what's happening now. I also kinda get the feeling Hatate wants to get hatefucked, but I voted against it since I wasn't certain.
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[x] Withstand the pain.

This... is nothing...!
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[X] Lunge at Hatate.
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[ze] Withstand the pain.

Mind of steel, etc.
It'll be time for it. But that time is not now, and not like this.
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[X] Withstand the pain.

Was already writing, but calling because you know.
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File 148647985173.jpg - (133.85KB, 620x877, f29054afd81c181f2ab1a2ecdf6f488f.jpg)
[X] Withstand the pain.


My heart thumps. My blood pumps out, each pulse forcing needles through my body. Thump. Pain. Thump. Pain. A rhythm of near agony. The grinding of my teeth holds back the easy fulfillment. The easy way to soothe my engorged cock. Someone's hand holds Hatate's wrist, stopping her from touching my forehead. The muffled voice. But Hatate's rings as though she were speaking right into my ear.

“What do you mean?!” I hear her voice trembles through my head, shaking through my shoulders.

More noise. It hurts. It hurts. I need to put my head down. This is mental pain. This, is what meditating is for. Biting my hand also pushes against the gate holding me back from reaching out to Hatate. My biting the knuckle of my thumb fights against the torrent of my heat. As small as a bullet against a wave of danmaku. The itch in my womanhood crawls out, the enticing need creeping to the inside of my thighs. My eyes tell me they want Hatate's fingers inside me. Or around my cock. Or in my mouth.

I growl. A teardrop fuses with a line of sweat on my cheek.

Have to withstand it. Hatate smells good. This is my heat period. I want her. No, I want her body. But this could kill me. No, it just feels that way. But it hurts. It's not pain that I can't take, though. I'm better than this. I'm going to have to do it with Hatate sooner or later. But I'm not so weak as to just be an animal. Even if I was that way with Aya. A sweating mess outside where anyone could see. Even then....

A loud voice. Aya's. It's not that she is, or was, shouting or yelling. In comparison, though, this is as loud as I've heard her.

“If you don't come,” Her hand is on my shoulder, “you'll also be held responsible.”

“Why? What did I do wrong?!”

“Not doing anything doesn't mean you're not responsible for something. It just so happens this time that you are even if you didn't.”

The stabbing doesn't stop. But I can hear more than Hatate.


“Just concentrate on resisting. We'll take care of it soon.”

Aya wraps an arm around my back, the other slides underneath my legs. I'm up and in her arms in a matter of seconds.

I'm in Aya's arms.

“Be at Boss's place within the hour.” She speaks low, soft. “I'll be there faster than you can keep up.”


“Be. There.”

With every word, Aya loses that light touch. She's not being playful.

I squirm as the heat in my body aches for Hatate. But I grind my head against Aya's body to hold it in.

My body gets heavier when she opens the door, but her hand returns to my knees as she takes off. The wind rushes through my hair, the coolness both refreshing and uncomfortable. Like not being under the blankets while sick with a cold. Or bleeding out in the open without any aid.

I need to concentrate on something while Aya takes me where I think she's taking me. But less than ten seconds pass before Aya's calling out.


We're still outside, but I can see the building. We're not at the entrance, more like looking at the side of it. A mix of stone and mat.

“Let me through!”

Several seconds pass by, the heat poking my bare skin while Aya adjusts her grip on me.


Her voice is coarse enough to vibrate down her chest and into my arm. The wind rushes around us and stones crackle on the building.

“What's going on?” The low voice speaks.

“It's bad. Hatate's coming over.”

“Get inside.”

My eyes closed, the cool air becomes the warm glow inside of a building.

“Prepare the room.” Aya lands, cradling me higher. “And get those records.”

“Damn it.”

A familiar sound of that room opening, and Aya strides for a couple of steps. She stops. I feel myself lowered slow and gentle onto a soft bed. I can hear the Chief pacing outside of the room, along with the sound of paper and something harder landing on a surface. The blanket wraps around my body.

“Keep fighting it.” Aya whispers to my face. “Think about Hatate if it makes you feel better.”

As warm as the room is, I still feel the cold and pain passing through my limbs.

“Trying.” I breathe out hard.

It hurts, but it hasn't gotten worse.

I open my eyes in time to see Aya gazing down at me, before she stands and walks away.

Her voice grows fainter with distance. “Hatate will be here soon.”

“I'll be writing, right?”

“Of course. I don't have authority.”

“You should.” A sigh after.

“That's not how it is, though.”

How many times? The pain isn't getting worse, but it's not going away. Not as frequent. But it persists. The spears of pain stab into me, all over my body. Ten times. Twenty. A hundred. Me lying on a bed, hurting, twisting. Turning.

I grab my cock and squeeze. More for feeling than relief. My other hand shifts under my erection. I scratch at my thighs, right next to my folds. Trying to balance the aching need with a different kind of pain. Rubbing my forehead against the blanket. Squirming. Biting the cloth. My growls come every second, this instinct and that instinct fighting over my control and will over my body.

I can take it. I can take all of it. I'll keep taking it.

Low murmurs and the Chief's sighs come every now and then from the outside. Another minute passes, and the door to the room opens.


The Chief calls from behind me, while I lie on my side still holding onto myself. I hear something ripping behind me. Plants, of some kind. Her arm and hand comes down across my vision, another hand brings something green toward my mouth.

“Just bite on it. You can chew, but don't swallow.”

What feels like a stem bumps into my teeth. I bite down, and the small spray of liquid splashes an aromatic flavor down my tongue. A medicinal herb.

“It'll dull the pain, but not for too long.” The Chief says to me. “Let's hope Hatate gets here soon.”

The pain's slows to a throb while she leaves.

“Where's Aya?” I turn my head towards the door.

The Chief stops. “Waiting. Thinking. Helping me out.”

“And what about Hatate? I'll have to....”


A frustrated sigh. At least the tenth.

It's a consequence of the situation.

“Do you know why it happened?” I pant through the plant between my teeth.

“I wasn't there.” The Chief says with a factual calmness. “But I think Aya's pretty sure. With how detailed she was talking about it.”

“Boss! Everything okay in there?”

“Come talk to her yourself.”

More footsteps.

“Fill her in.” The frustration sinks to a weary form in the Chief.

“I will.”

The footsteps exchange the person coming into and going out of the room.

I wait for the getas to stop before calling out.

“The heat period is that bad?” I twist inside the blanket to face Aya.

Her face has a frown unlike her usual expression.

“It could've been worse.” She comes over and sits at the edge of the bed next to me. “You could've gone out of control.”

“Then if I did? Or I do?”

“Then I stop you.”

...I see.

“Unfortunately,” Aya places her hand over and next to my back, “it's Hatate who triggered it this time. Which means she's the one who has to take care of it. Or rather, take care of you.”

“Why? Why did she trigger it?”

I have an idea, but I'm not entirely certain.

Aya's gaze travels down to my hips. I'm still holding onto myself. My walls pulsing with need. My cock thick and hard in my hand.

She looks back into my eyes, laughing once without a smile. “A tengu's heat period occurs as early as when they harbor affection for someone else. That's the rumor. It's not until the feelings are reciprocated that it can really happen for the first time.”

“Is that your findings? Is that what you researched while you were away?”

I recall her notes at her house. Her questioning of tengu both on and outside the mountain.

“I,” Aya pauses, mouth parted in thought before proceeding, “knew what it was. But I wanted to confirm it. It's not like it was an idle subject I had free time to look into.”

She pulls her arm closer to herself, and it bumps into my back. I breathe out, unaffected.

“So when you came to me that day....”

“Not exactly. It was when we came to visit Boss.”

“When we....”

“Well, after that was when I knew for sure it could first happen. That's when you decided, wasn't it?”

...that I cared for Aya.

I squeeze my cock, trying to dull the lust. “Just that caused this?”

“In short? Yes. It's a big enough problem on its own. And then we went to Hatate's.”

“But we already did it before that.”

“We did. But the heat period doesn't care. Why do you think Boss warned you about it?”

That's annoying.

“Physically,” Aya's hand travels across my back, “it sends blood faster through your body. The heat period focuses on speeding up the body's reproductive system by accelerating the functions necessary for sex. Among other things. That's why you feel hot, right? And do you feel like your heart's just a bit loud? That your senses become stronger?”

Is that so? But the way she says that is as if....

“You're not wrong.” I say, slow and careful. “Does that mean you've also felt it?”

Aya doesn't respond. She looks away, in front of her. She takes ten seconds to think before—

“The answer now is yes. But I already knew because I've seen it before.”


Aya's hand withdraws to her thigh. Almost in her lap.

“Yeah. Before.”

A moment passes. Aya speaks again.

“So we went to Hatate's. And then it triggered. You were thinking about her, right?”


It's not like I hate her. But I didn't think about her in any sexual way.

Did I?

“There's no deep meaning when I say that.” As if Aya answers my thoughts. “Your consciousness, your feelings. Your thoughts. Any combination of these things can trigger if you're focusing on someone.”

“But Hatate?”

Aya laughs. “It doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be me. Once it can occur, anyone can trigger it. That's why I tried. I guess I made it worse, looking at it another way.”

When she touched me under the table.

“That was supposed to help?”

“That was supposed to keep your focus on me. Didn't work out so well.”

And now we're here.

I hear the Chief shouting. Aya and I don't speak as feet shuffle from the other room.

“Let her in! That's an order!”

It has to be Hatate.

Doors open and close in the distance. Aya stands.

“I might as well help out. I'm not helpful at all here.” She flips the word on herself.


I say her name. She stops, craning around to face me. Despite the lack of her normal smile, hiding everything about her, there's more life in her face than if she had one.

“How do you feel about this?”

The span of a breath passes. She places the tip of her forefinger on her lips. That alone seems to pull the corners of her mouth up.

“I wonder. I guess you should enjoy it, if it's going to happen.”

“Don't wonder.” I say. “Don't guess. Tell me how you really feel about this.”

Her eyebrows dip a hair from my words. Aya takes one slow step toward me. Then another. Then a third. She doesn't stand tall over me, leaning over as though to sit down again.

Aya looks straight into my eyes.

“I've got years of pent up frustration.”

Something falls into my body. Through the pain. Through the need.

“I could show you,” Her eyes sharpen, her irises thinning, “why you shouldn't get tired of me.”

All ambient noise dies down into silence.

A still wind. Stopped.

“I could make you mine.”

I breathe through the stifling quiet.

“Are you...threatening me?”

The silence overwhelms my heat, but doesn't get rid of it.

“I could make you beg.”

Aya's whisper surrounds me in the frozen silence.

She goes on.

“I could take every part of you. And I could give you every part of me. I could make you a mess. I could cum all I want while hurting you. Or, I could take you every single way and more, and make you like it. Growling like a mad wolf. Stretching you to insanity. Cumming your mind out, while I cum inside you.”

It's not that she's scaring me. Even with the way she's speaking. But my sense of danger buzzes through my head.

“You could.” I repeat for myself. For both of us.

That. It's that. Distorting her lips in a way that betrays pleasure and desire. The way she lowers her head a few centimeters and a half. Her eyelids falling a millimeter from normality. That's what that is.

“I could.” She repeats after me. “I could do so many things to you. Things you wouldn't even think of.”

The way she stops gives an unnatural pause. I take a calm breath.


“But...I don't want to.”

She blinks.

And that fades. Like a flash, like a switch. The strange flicker of detail in her eyes is gone. Like I would, concentrating on my battle instinct or coming out of it. What's left is something that restores the air in my lungs.

I'm left breathless. The pain of my heat period comes back.

Her hand curls in front of my face, as if to stroke my forehead with her knuckles.

“I don't want to hurt you, Momiji.”

But she doesn't actually touch me.

I look down. Away.

My heat period throbs. But I understand.


Straightening herself, Aya laughs.

“Like I said, enjoy it.” The playfulness returns back to her face. “If for any other reason, to help with your heat period.”

I don't respond. I look over at Aya's back as she leaves.

The door opens. She's face-to-face with the Chief and Hatate.

“You told her what she needs to do?” Aya says, avoiding the latter.

Hatate's face is somewhat flushed, but she doesn't try to look at Aya either.

Or at me.

“I did.” The Chief sees me staring. “We should take care of this before Momiji's condition gets worse. I wouldn't be the first to lose a subordinate to something stupid like this, but damn my ancestors if I do. I wouldn't feel comfortable no matter how much I smoke for the rest of my life.”

She claps Hatate on the back.

“Well. You know what to do. I'll get to work on the article.”

Aya's head turns to face Hatate. She says something that I can't hear, and Hatate looks at Aya. Hatate furrows her eyebrows at whatever Aya said, the jawline of her face showing her teeth gritting behind her closed lips. Aya takes one large step past her, and the Chief rubs Hatate's shoulder with a hand before following.

Hatate enters the room.

I'm looking at her, but it's not until her thighs are in front of me that my body stabs every part of me with need. I can smell her even stronger than I could before. The pain subsides as the distance between us closes.

My eyes throb from inside a few times before Hatate laughs to herself.

“I didn't think this would be how I lose my first time.”

The guilt peels a strip from the inside of my chest.

“Sorry.” Hatate sits down in front of my stomach. “I didn't mean it like that. It just...it happened so fast. I'm trying to get it all in my mind.”

“Apparently,” I decide to speak, “it's just a part of tengu nature.”

“That's what I heard. I mean, I heard about it, but....”

She trails off, looking towards my lower body.

I'm not going to say I don't want to force her. But that doesn't stop me from feeling bad knowing this is a somewhat forced situation.

Hatate flashes a grin after a split second frown.


“Thanks?” I look up at her. “For what?”

“Apparently,” She repeats my phrasing, “it's common for tengu in their heat period to just do what their body tells them to do. Not that it's easy to control, but I still appreciate it.”

...True. It hurt like nothing else, but I do feel a bit proud about resisting. I'd regret it afterward if I just attacked Hatate like a wild youkai.

“You've done it with Aya, right?”

I cough forces its way up my throat.

It's not like it's that embarrassing, though. Because it's the truth.

“Yeah. More than a couple of times.”

I notice Hatate's hand crawling toward my cock.

“Is there anything I can do to help? I mean,” Hatate's eyes droop, “make it faster? Um, better?”

What do you call this? I'm somewhat drawn in by the shyness of someone who's, from what I know now, less experienced than I am. Not that I have a long history to talk of.

I swallow before responding.

“Just do what feels comfortable.”

The pride is getting to me just a bit. At least the pain is dying down.

With one shift of her body, Hatate lies beside me. Her hand—


—touches me.

...Ouch. I mean, it's not painful. But that burning shock. Maybe it's an aftereffect of holding off the heat period?

“A-Are you okay?” Hatate almost withdraws her hand.

We're almost facing each other as I hold my breath.

“You're fine.”

All she's doing is rubbing her palm through the blanket and my hakama. Right through my hand, which is still wrapped around my cock. Hatate shifts closer to me, her back in line with the edge of the bed. I shudder as I take away my hand. I don't even notice how hard I'm breathing until I can smell Hatate. Her scent fills my nose. Her breath, too.

I can't stop my eyes from following her other hand, unbuttoning her shirt. I feel a bit ashamed from the saliva building under my tongue, seeing, smelling the exposed skin of her chest. The shape of the top of her breasts. Fuller, rounder. Larger than Aya's and mine. My cock twitches harder, and I'm sure Hatate feels that movement. Why that movement happened.

“Here.” She flips half of her shirt off and around her back. “The blanket.”

Then, her hand unwraps my body from the blanket. An uncomfortable coolness passes up from my crotch when her palm leaves. A smaller, more tolerable shock jolts back into me as her hand returns. This, and her other hand tugging on her bra sends waves of heat crashing inside my brain.


She doesn't stop undressing herself while I ask.

“What?” Her breasts poke over her bra.

“What did Aya say to you?”

I can feel a wetness coat Hatate's fingers and my erection. Hatate shifts around before throwing her bra behind her.

“Nothing really important.”

Whether Hatate thought about it or because I might have a certain expression on my face, she speaks again.

“She told me to take care of you.”

Her eyes travel down as I feel her fingers explore below my penis, just on top of my folds. She places her other hand on my clothes.

“That's all?” I help her take off my shirt and sarashi.

“That's all.”

Hatate's staring at my chest. Her hand goes up and under my hakama. I inhale deep through my nose, taking in more of Hatate's scent as a result. She fumbles around the head and my length, and the flurry of sensations shoot into my stomach.

“Could you turn?”

Hatate asks the question as she moves off the bed, kneeling over the edge. I follow her lead, forcing my body to deal with the cool air while sitting up.

...This is what I can call a strange sense of arousal. My fetishes with Aya are one thing, but seeing Hatate kneeling between my thighs is a different experience. Her hand twists around the base of my cock and her fingers tap over my entrance. My hands have to push into the bed to stop me from making a noise. That, and Hatate's breasts. We both seem to notice at the same time, but it's not until Hatate stops that I realize she's going to do it.

“A lot of firsts.” Is all she says while approaching with her chest.

She lets her breasts bump into my cock while her hand pokes into me. One or two fingers slip inside me. A small dribble leaks from the tip of my penis, dripping around the skin of her chest.

For now, my body is content with my cock rubbing against one soft mound of flesh.

Then Hatate uses her other hand.

And she dips her head down while opening her mouth.

The pleasure becomes a pleasurable pain.

Hatate's breasts envelop my cock with the help of one hand, while her lips trace over the very tip. My hands twist the sheets, and my butt rubs against the bed as Hatate's fingers thrust in and out of me. There's no pattern other than the tips of her fingers rubbing against my walls, while she raises and lowers her breasts around my cock. Hatate closes her eyes, her eyebrows clenching down at what must be a steady leak of my fluid in her mouth. When she experiments with her tongue, my cock twitches up toward her mouth.

It's pleasure with contact alone.

Hatate raises her head while continuing to fuck me with her breasts.

“Does it feel good?”

That's not a question.

Hatate pants in rhythm with heaving her chest up and down. Her breasts cushion my cock from either side, and her hand pushes her left breast harder on one side than the right. Every now and again I can feel the side of her other hand, in which the two fingers thrust in and out of me.

My body builds the pleasure into an approaching climax.

“Hatate, I'm going to come.”

I don't know how she reacts, but she doesn't seem to change anything to accommodate. If anything, she might be willing to see how things turn out.

My insides tighten around her thrusting fingers at the same time the pressure in my cock shoots through the tip.

I watch as a thick strand of semen shoots up and onto the top of Hatate's breasts. The second and third land up her chin and around her neck. By the fourth, my eyes close from the heat burning inside of my brain. Hatate stops for a moment, jerking away after each pulse of my release shooting out of my lower body. I almost groan when Hatate doesn't stop moving her fingers, my nerves in flames from the extreme sensitivity. The feeling of her breasts warm and now wet around my cock drain the rest of my current release. After at least ten waves of pleasure, I force my eyes open.

And the heat lights itself again inside of me.

Hatate's a mess. Without mentioning the lines splattered on her shoulders and chest, her face doesn't look any better. I'm almost hateful of myself with how much of my seed is on her. Her cheeks, her eyes closed, the sides of her nose. If I didn't know I did this, I'd have thought something bad had just happened. Even her fingers that were inside me shine with my own secretions.

I want to control the heat. It doesn't hurt anymore. But it only burns warmer with how Hatate breathes through the mess, inspecting herself.

I manage to calm down.

“What did the Chief mean by writing an article? Is it about us?” I hint Hatate toward a towel off by a wall. “Weren't you supposed to write one?”

She stands, moving over to the square shelves.

Looking up and down, Hatate takes a towel and begins cleaning herself. “I was. But because of the current situation....”

…I don't quite understand. Even considering that rule...why...?

“`Duty of Confidentiality`?” I say what's on my mind.

“So you know.”

Throwing the dirty towel in a nearby basket, Hatate walks back to me.

My body wants to reach out and take her body in my hands.

Instead, I wait as Hatate approaches me.

“Because of this,” She climbs onto the bed, hands rising onto my shoulders, “I'm now personally involved with you. That's to say, it's now related to my `personal life`. So I can't write about you and Aya anymore. Specifically, because you're involved.”

Her breasts are a tongue's length away from me. She straddles my thighs with her legs, kneeling over me.

“But this isn't personal.” I say before Hatate brings my face between her breasts.

Her nose sniffs at my head. “No. However, as long as this kind of activity can be viewed as such, it's treated as if it is.”

Every breath in, every sniff of my nose, the warmth pumps through my body. I was still erect from before. But the returning desire of my heat period gives my body the mental preparation to continue.

“It's okay.” Her voice passes down into my ear. “Bite me.”

I swallow, and my mouth opens.

A high-pitched hum comes from her throat. A squeak, short of a squeal. My teeth push into her breast, but I wouldn't call it biting. Tasting, would fit more.

I make my way from soft skin to her hardened nipple. Hatate's hand gropes for something to hold onto, and she lifts her legs up to put her feet on the bed. My cock bumps into her thighs, her stomach, and rubs against the hair above her crotch. My teeth come down again, this time pursing my lips around her nipple. Hatate breathes past my ear, her hands stopping around my head. She cradles me close, trying to lift herself onto me. One hand on her back, I help her by aligning my penis with her entrance. The satisfying contact of my head against her folds spreads the warmth to the end of my toes.

The heat continues to run through my body, the need evolving into relief. The relief melts into pleasure. Sucking on Hatate's breast, then switching to the other when her moans almost stop. With every touch, mouth, cock, and even my hands, the pleasure removes some the heat inside of me. However little it is.

Hatate's smooth bottom slides up my thighs.

Even if her insides resist against my pushing cock.

Tight. Somewhat painful. This experience is familiar. But this time, I'm with Hatate. And I'm know I can to take it slower.

Hatate places her hands under my ears.

She pulls me toward her.

My hands clench from the kiss. Clench, and pull down on her body.

Dropping her onto my cock.

Hatate cries out into my mouth with shock and pain. The dry squeeze of her insides make me grunt in pain as well. But the pleasure surrounding my cock overcomes the pain.

My only worry is Hatate.

For that thought, I try not to move. To avoid bouncing her soft hips in my lap. I kiss her again, poking into her mouth. Hatate doesn't hesitate to lick in return.

Wet. Warm. Her breath smells nice. More than a taste, it's the feeling. My mouth numbs with pleasure, taking in as much as possible from the lack of excitement in my lower body. Until the throbbing around my cock stops, her insides still resisting my advance. A resistance of which fades with every second. I'm not lost far enough in the desire to lick her lips, taming myself to keep my other desires as calm as possible. I don't think I could hold back if I started to do any more than this.

Even if the moment to release the rest of my heat is close.


Is it the heat period? It must be. A sudden urge to thrust wild and quick fires into my stomach. Until Hatate's a mess. Covered with my seed. Forcing her to enjoy my pleasure.

“Wait.” Hatate pushes her forehead against mine. “You can do whatever. Just give me a second....”

You can do whatever.

You can do whatever.

I can do....

I calm myself.

“Hurry.” I slide a hand up her front, rubbing one of her breasts. “It's coming back.”

Hatate moans again, a light whine breathing down the hairs on my head as she attempts to rock her hips up and down.

She's trying to get comfortable. I can endure the pain threatening to return, frustration seeping back from the lack of action. In fact, the heat...this pain...seems to have died down. The pressure, the warmth, it burns. But with some focus, I keep it somewhere between my stomach and my spine. Like it's a reserve. As if the heat was food. A bundle of energy, of some sort, waiting to be used. Waiting for the moment Hatate gives her consent. Hatate's unknowing in how her slow rocking teases my body.

I decide to warn her in advance.

I stare into her eyes. “I'm going to be rough.”

From the second she freezes, I know she understands.

“...It's okay. I'm ready.”

She's uncertain. But I'll make sure she enjoys it.

No matter how rough I get.

I buck my hips upward.
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File 148647990418.jpg - (129.68KB, 850x850, 843a502a910996c3e3e0cfe6d86c2b8e.jpg)
Hatate's hands collapse onto my shoulders. Her lips fold into her mouth as she holds in her voice. She shifts her bare feet to spread her legs wider, balancing herself while I bounce her up and down my lap. Folding my legs, I support her back before leaning her backward. Now lunging forward more than upward, I continue grinding inside of her while I attack her breasts.

Hatate's so close I can't do more than grind. But it'll do.

The heat stored inside me breaks loose. It fills my arms and legs with strength as my tongue reaches for her nipple. I'm missing, instead spreading my saliva over her skin, under her chest. But when I catch the hard tip, Hatate's voice squeaks high. When my teeth graze her now slick skin, her fingers dig into mine. My back shivers as Hatate wraps her legs around it, her warmth seeping onto mine. Her breasts shaking up and down. Her hair glancing past her shoulders. My body basks in the desire of my heat period. Hatate holds my hips tight with her thighs. She leans forward, wrapping her arms over my back. My tongue flicks at her nipple and her insides twist around my cock, the walls pushing inward on the head.

Hatate throws her head upward and releases a long sigh.

I stop bucking my hips. A drop of sweat runs down my neck as I inspect Hatate's face.

Her eyes are shut. Bracing against what seems to be her own orgasm, from the enveloping grip around my cock. I haven't been satisfied, so I'll take the proper lead.

Pulling Hatate toward me, I turn the both of us so she falls back onto the bed. Still resting from her climax, her legs release me and spread by my sides.

“...Doesn't Aya have one too?”

Her eyes open up at me. I hold back my desire.

“Yeah.” I take one breast in my hand and lick. Hatate bends her knee upwards as I continue speaking. “But I'm fine either way.”

At least, I hope that's the case.

“That's not why you two are so active, though?”

My eyebrows lower, an unconscious twitch while Hatate straightens her mouth.

“I...didn't mean it in a bad way.” She looks down at my erection. “It's only curiosity.”

Curious. But she really doesn't mean anything bad. I want to believe that.

“No, it's not why we're...” I stop for a breath, “...active. I'd have to say it's the heat period.”

I'm referencing the time Hatate happened to come by while Aya and I were having sex.

“I see.”

Hatate leaves the conversation as is.

I don't know if it's because she already has an opinion on us, or because she's allowing us some privacy. Whatever the case is, though, this situation is the most important at the moment.

My hands roam over and under Hatate's thighs, pulling her toward me.

I don't even need to use my hands to guide me inside.


That's the only thing I say before pushing inside Hatate once more.

Without waiting, I fall forward and support myself with both hands. I start thrusting with my hips as my cock slips in deeper. With a moan, Hatate's hands cup over her breasts as they begin to shake anew.

“Momiji.” Hatate says as if to address me, but loses her words to a few short squeaks. Panting, she releases a squeal while her folds and walls constrict around me. The tight squeeze occurs with every inward thrust, though her body loosens out of sync with my thrusting on occasion. When the latter happens, I hold my breath as my cock buries itself in full for that instant. Our hips clap soft, quick, as I put more force in my movements. The soft claps become loud claps. Hatate's high squeaks become short bursts of moans. The damp heat fills my nose.

Everything stays in my mind's eye so that even if I close my eyes and grit my teeth, I'm submerged in the same fulfilling satisfaction. That submersion surrounds the pressure inside of me, my thighs wet with my and Hatate's fluids. Adding onto and into that pressure is the radiant heat, the sound, smell, taste, of fucking Hatate hard and fast. Feeling, that sense of touch, overruling all of my other senses. I'm also breathing hard into Hatate's chest, something I didn't even notice until I've dived deep into the pleasure. Hatate doesn't do anything to meet my thrusting, but she doesn't need to.

Hatate pushes her hands onto my breasts.

...There's something in feeling that while seeing her breasts swinging up and down in full view.

I don't lose control. I dive deeper into that sea of pleasure.

A violent rhythm of fucking echoes loud in the room. Hatate moans louder. Reaching just shy of screaming. The now wet embrace of her pussy allows me to crash into her hips over and over again. My cock fills her with every thrust, and she takes all of me in kind. My forehead lowers toward Hatate's chest, but I pull my body back up. Without stopping, I grab Hatate's legs and hold them up towards the ceiling.

I bite the side of her foot.

...Amidst the pleasure of now sawing back and forward, satisfying my heat period, the back of my mind fills with a heavy weight. My mouth still fills with the shock that shoots down my spine. My tongue still burns as I lick up toward Hatate's large toe. And Hatate responds with a pleasured groan. It feels good.

I don't regret it, but I notice it.

Whatever “it” is.

I let go of her foot.

My sweat runs cold from the change in position. A growl escaping me, I feel the pressure begin to release. I barely get the words out before my heat period's desires become a reality.

Hatate starts to open her eyes as I pull out.

The first shot looks as though I withdrew with a strand of semen sticking to her. I follow the desire to stain Hatate with my seed as wave after shocking wave pulses down my body. Hatate's chest heaves up and down as my semen lands up her body. Another stray line fires up toward Hatate's face, and she closes her eyes on reflex before it falls on her cheek just shy of her eye. As my orgasm dies down, I waver to the side. My cock follows, touching Hatate's inner thigh before I drop her other leg to hold onto myself. With a few long strokes, a few more dribbles leak over Hatate's entrance, and the heavy scent of my seed on Hatate's pale body rises into the air.

I'd be satisfied. If it weren't for the fact that I can feel a large amount of warm heat remaining inside of me. An excess pool of desire between my cock and my folds, either waiting for more. My folds trickle with my own secretions, while my cock twitches, hard and able.

Though Hatate's eyes droop, tired, she waits as I place a hand on her hip.

“Turn around.”

Without a smile or a frown, Hatate rolls onto her stomach while I place my other hand on the other side of her body.

“You don't have to do anything.” I pull her closer. Hatate looks back, one eye visible to me.

Her laugh is playful.

“It felt good.”

I don't try to force a smile on my face, and I never try to. But I do rub my hand over her backside.


I should try to consider what else to say, though.

Hatate's body offers no resistance as my cock slides into her again. It envelops me again, gripping me tighter the farther I push in. Hatate doesn't attempt to suppress a low moan as my crotch pushes into her butt.

But she does rise on her hands and knees.

“I can keep up with you.” She turns back toward me.

The heat roars up to my chest.

I move with such a sudden start that I growl through clenched teeth, and Hatate moans up into the room. I only thrust around a dozen times before I thrust as fast as I can into her. A very audible slickness resounds from our lower bodies as I make sure every inward thrust makes our hips meet. Sweat falls from my brow and my chin onto her lower back. A sour drop drips into my mouth, and I swallow before I notice Hatate's moving backward to meet my pace. She can't control her body to move as fast, but the harder clap of our hips and the near pain it shoots into my stomach lets me know that her efforts have an effect.

There is something I'm worried about, though.

That is, I don't feel the heat building up into anything at the moment.

Part of my worry rises inside of me from how I can hear Hatate's panting in exertion. The other part is with the aching in my muscles after a near minute of fucking. I know my body can take it. I'm more concerned for how long this will last.

My worry confirms itself when Hatate's chest drops to the bed. My hands feel her try to move her hips backward. This small change doesn't stop me from thrusting as hard and fast, but I don't know if there will be any after effects. But after another minute, the familiar pressure builds up at the base of my cock.

I blink, and another drop of sweat falls over my eye down my face. Hatate's moans stop, and she's left breathing out and in while I concentrate on the slow burn of desire. She does shut her eyes and moan in an orgasm, but doesn't ask me to stop or show any signs of danger in the act. The thought of her passing release fuels my need to come, which still builds slow and steady despite my fast and heavy movements.

I'm too afraid to stop to do anything else. Groping, rubbing, biting, changing position. I don't want to endanger Hatate by delaying my release. So that's why I'm frantically, yet pleasurably, trying to finish myself off. Anything...anything to end this heat period sooner. As good as it feels, as pleasurable as it is....I'm forcing my way to a climax. As base as instinct can be, as simple as fucking can be. Different than love or lust. Just sex.

After another minute, Hatate almost silent, I feel the pressure tighten to that familiar experience. At the same time, my senses sharpen. How damp Hatate's hair is, strands stuck to her sweating back. Her normal scent, covered by her scent of arousal. The small croon coming from her mouth, and then I know she's still enjoying this with as much energy as she did when she realized she could enjoy this—

For a moment, my cock shoots inside of her. I pull out again and stroke myself quick as I start on her back. Hatate's knees keep her stomach over the bed as my semen covers her skin once more. The quantity and thickness match my previous release as several strands manage to reach and land over the single hairs stuck close to her neck. This time, some of my seed lands beside her on the bed—one other shot lands across her arm. By the time I've exhausted my supply, in full this time, the sight of her back looks just as similar as when I came on her front. A low ghost of a growl rises to the middle of my tongue before I swallow it back down, and I lower myself onto her back.

Sticky. My breasts, my stomach, and my front are now sticky. I don't know if this is what it's like for my heat period to be satisfied for now, but since I feel the same as I would after sex, I assume it is. My cock, softening, lies between me and Hatate's back.

This feels familiar.

“Are you...” Hatate manages, “...are you okay now?”

I turn to see her looking at me with one eye. “Yeah. I think so.”

That mental tug wanting me to...want Hatate, for lack of better words, is now gone.


Hatate laughs once. Then, she keeps laughing.

Different from a laugh. A giggle.

“Aya and you might have it rough, don't you?”

I sigh through my nose.

“I suppose so.”

I throw a blanket over us.

Hatate closes her eyes. And I do the same.



I open my eyes. Hatate's sitting at the edge of the bed.

I find my clothes and dress up. Hatate looks at the other side of the room while I do.

“Do you think,” She stops for a few seconds, “Aya's mad?”

I slide my arms through my shirt.

“I don't think she'll be mad. But.”

“Like I said, enjoy it. If for any other reason, to help with your heat period.”

I go on.

“I think her feelings for me aren't a lie.”

I tighten my clothes around my body before walking in sight of Hatate toward the door. Hatate crosses her arms, the corners of her mouth slanting to the side.

“Her feelings, huh?”

She brings a fist to her lips. I walk with her toward the door.


“So. You and Aya?”


“And I got in the way?”

I stop in front of the door to the room.

“I wouldn't say that. It's just....”

I want to respond. I say the only thing I can think of.

“You were,” I pause, unsure, “dragged into this because of my inexperience.”

I take a look at Hatate.

Considering my relationship and thoughts about Aya, I don't want to treat Hatate like she's just another tengu. She's her own person, and I don't think badly of her. Just as I don't think badly of Aya now. That's without considering how I thought about Aya before.

“You know.”

Hatate says out loud.

“I'm not saying I feel anything for you.” She doesn't look back at me, only looking forward. “But if Aya ever hurts you, in a way that is unforgivable, then I'll be the first to write about it.”

I don't know if that'll happen. I do have something I want to ask, though.

“Do you dislike Aya?”

A few seconds pass before Hatate looks into my eyes. Her arms still crossed, she turns her head and answers.


After a few seconds, I nod.

I don't expect her to go into detail. But a simple answer is more than good enough for me.

“So,” I move away from the topic, “what do you plan to do now? Since you can't write about us?”

Hatate closes her eyes and laughs to herself. “I think I'll just go on with my life. I've got some things to sew back at home while I'm not working.”

“You sew?”

“I need something to do.”

I knock on the door to the Chief's office, not wanting to open it in case she was busy.

“Yeah, come on in.”

That's the response I get before I expect to see the Chief and Aya waiting for me.

They are. The one difference is that the two are sitting at a smaller table at the center of the room. With bottles and cups cluttered on top of it.

And Aya lies cheek first on the surface, arms stretched across the table.

“Momiji,” The Chief rights a downed cup on the table, “come take this moron home.”

“What happened here?” I notice Hatate pinch her nose beside me.

The smell assaults my nose. Heavy, alcoholic.

The Chief sorts the two bottles and many cups around the table. “The short version? We were waiting, and then she was drinking. Don't worry,” She holds a hand up, “we couldn't hear anything. Though you were in there for a couple of hours. I figured you two fell asleep.”

“And Aya?” I stare at the reddening face with her eyes closed.

“Tengu don't get drunk easily, especially her. Unless you're, you know, drinking some pretty heavy stuff.”

The Chief takes a bottle by the neck and tips it for emphasis.

“Forget about humans. Tengus can get killed by this stuff, and oni would kill to get this stuff.”

My vision swims in a blur as the smell rises deeper into my nose.

“Ah.” I confirm.

“Well, Aya!” The Chief reaches over and slaps Aya on the back. “It's been nice drinkin' with ya! But Hatate and I need to take care of some stuff, so Momiji'll probably have to take you home.”

“Will you be alright with me?” Hatate worries. “I mean, if you happen to be drunk....”

The Chief barks out loud in laughter.

“Me? Drunk? No no, didn't I say so? I didn't drink at all. Well, not any of this poison.” She places the bottle on the corner of the table. “Don't worry about it. I'll need to discuss article details since you can't write about Aya and Momiji anymore. You know, privacy and all that.”

My eyes spot the level of the drink inside the bottle. The one untouched by the Chief is empty, while the other is almost done. The Chief's eyes move over to me.

“Yeah. Aya drank herself dead. Well, not dead, but you know what I mean. Talked about some good things while she was busy downing all these cups, so she's not too far gone.”

Pushing on her own thighs, the Chief stands and comes over to us. She approaches Hatate's side.

“Go ahead and take yourselves home.” She says to me with a lower tone. “Aya will need some time to fix herself.”


“I told you you could be more casual with me, you know.”

As the Chief says this, I walk over and stand over Aya's sitting form.

She must feel my presence, because her eyes alternate open.

“Hey.” The smile on her face is...almost seductive. “You done?”


“Make sure you come back if the heat period gets as bad as it did.” The Chief retrieves her smoking pipe from her breasts. “The side of the building, two stones down for emergencies.”

“Yeah.” I repeat.

This time, I'm the one taking someone in my arms as Aya lulls her head into my chest. Eyes closed, the smile on her face looks as though she had fallen asleep. That, and the warm, heavy smell of drunkenness and whatever it was she drank.

“Oh. One more thing.”

I stop at the door, turning around. Hatate looks away as the Chief leans back on her desk.

“Come back when you can. We've got some things to talk about if you've got the time.”


I open the sliding door to Aya's room and walk inside, Aya still in my arms.

She was silent the whole way back, but started muttering as we entered the house.

“One basket, two fish, and three humans crossing a river....You said you'd check them out, Boss....”

Kneeling, I lower her onto her sheets.

I don't think I should feel guilty for how Aya is right now. I'm certain she drank just to pass the time, but if there was any reason to believe otherwise, I want to think I shouldn't. I don't think Aya would.

“Are you okay?”

Aya opens her eyes for the first time since we were at the Chief's office.

“Feeling somewhat light, but I'm okay.”

“Okay with waiting for me?”

“Waiting for you to finish. It was quite a long time.”

Aya lays her arm on her forehead. The smirk on her face shows drunkenness, but she doesn't sound or look influenced by any drink.

At least, not until she turns on her side, looking up at me.

“Did it feel good?”

I'm kneeling in front of her. Blinking, I sit down.

“It was my heat period.”

“That's why I'm asking.”

“And what do you mean when you ask me that?”

“Just what it sounds like.”

“No hidden meanings?”

Her smile fades just a bit when I ask that.

“What kind of meaning would you expect me to hide?”

“The kind that's worried for someone they say they have feelings for.”

We stare at each other, Aya not responding to me for a moment. Her leg shifts past and over the other.

“Well. It would be strange for me not to worry. But I am asking if it felt good to have sex with Hatate.”

Then, I won't lie.

“It felt good.”

There's a second that passes where I realize how absurd it is for me to admit that. But Aya laughs, a hand rising to her throat.

Although she doesn't say anything.

She just stares at me. A satisfied, upward position of her lips that sticks to her face. Her chest expanding forward and back with her slow, light breaths. And me, sitting with my foot crossed over the other looking at her.

Then, Aya rises.

Pushing herself up with the hand on that arm, she sits up far enough where our heads are level with each other. A slow movement that doesn't take away from her expression.

What does Aya want? That's the sudden thought that comes to me. I don't know the common sense of a couple or a relationship. I don't even think that applies, considering common sense fails if based on individual cases. Even if there was such common sense, Aya is Aya. To define it, I don't know what Aya thinks. I know how, if I believe her when she says she cares about me. If she loves me like she says she does. And I'm not doubting that. But whether or not she feels a certain way given a certain situation, I don't know. The only thing I can think about is when we were at Hatate's house, and Hatate triggered my heat period.

What do I want? I want to know what Aya means to me. I do care for her. I said I do, and I'm confident I do. But what does that mean, really? What does that mean for me, moving into the future? Do we want to just live together, caring for one another? Calling that our relationship? Do I want to live like that? I can't think of a reason not to. Not without questioning myself or Aya's feelings. How far do I want to go with Aya?

Could I say I love Aya?

Could I say I want to be with Aya forever? Past death?

Could I say that I, Momiji Inubashiri, want to create a future with Aya?

A future. A family.

A family.

I think all of this in the silence while Aya sits in front of me.


Her word breaks the silence.

Her hands break the distance.

She locks her fingers together around my neck. Aya leans so far forward that her back bends up.

“Did sex with Hatate feel that good?”

I'm not experienced in love. But even I can tell when someone's not in their right mind. If not from Aya's words, then how she laughs a little too loud.

“I mean, you don't even have feelings for her, but you came out alright after you two were finished.”

Her head collapses in my lap, but she turns so that she can look up at me.

I can't tell. Is she really drunk? Or is she playing around?

“I can give you all of me.”

She raises a hand to my face. Her palm touches my cheek.

“But you know? It's so difficult.”

Aya scratches light with her nails.

“Ah, I really want to mess you up.”

That's not a nice thing to say. Especially with that on your face.

“I want to make you mine.”

Her fingers trail down to my jaw, all five of them poking me.

“Do you...”

Her eyes glisten.

“...not like me the way I am?”

[] Bite one of her fingers.
[] Lean down and kiss her.
[] Place a finger on her lips.

My reply.
[] “This isn't like you.”
[] “It's hard to understand you.”
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This...uh, isn't a very dynamic choice, is it? I mean, the options for each category all convey the same meaning.

[X] Aya route
[X] Motive exposition
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Damn, this one is hard.
Waiting a bit before choosing.
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[X] Place a finger on her lips.

[X] “This isn't like you.”
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[X] Lean down and kiss her.

[X] “It's hard to understand you.”
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[x] “It's hard to understand you.”
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...oh god is aya a Yandere!?
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[X] Lean down and kiss her.

[X] “It's hard to understand you.”
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[x] Lean down and kiss her.
[x] “This isn't like you.”
I...think this is Aya route? It's hard to understand you, author.
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I'm an idiot and didn't write my words right. I meant to say: Calling 12 hours after the most recent vote.

Again, tiebreakers settled based on earliest choice voted that tied. Also, I don't know why I deleted my own post. A bumble of mishaps.
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[X] Lean down and kiss her.
[X] “It's hard to understand you.”

Calling it here.
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will you explain the deal with aya? she seems to harbor deep seated feelings for momoji.
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Oh fuck, I didn't realize my vote would decide it. Now I'm terrified.
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File 148901224773.png - (452.97KB, 700x800, f9ba24153fcccd08bcec07dde95bb57b.png)
[X] Lean down and kiss her.
[X] “It's hard to understand you.”

Compared to time, this was a failure. But maybe smaller is better.


Yeah. It is. It is, Aya.

Brushing a hair from her mouth, I lean over her. Her head on my legs, we come together upside-down to the other. A warm tingle shoots down my jaw. Our lips are off, but that doesn't stop my hand from sliding under her head to adjust her. There's also not much movement.

Whether that's because Aya's surprised or that's all I've thought to do, I don't know. But I'll let her know what's on my mind.

Leaning up, I'm looking into the red of Aya's eyes.

“It's hard to understand you.”

For a moment, there's no change in Aya's face. Then, her eyes look down, away from mine and towards the ceiling. Her legs fold at an angle, her feet sliding closer to herself. Her hands lie on her stomach, crossed over each other. She blinks twice over the span of ten seconds. Then.

“I see. Yeah. That'd make sense, huh?”

Before I can think, Aya sits up. I'm facing the back of her neck with her facing away from me. Her head cranes up, as if looking at the sky instead of a ceiling.

“I thought....”

Aya stops. The silence continues, but I don't say anything to break it.

Nothing goes through my mind for a moment. Nothing besides the usual question of what she's thinking about. Because I don't know what it is she's thinking about, or why.

The feeling of cold sweat on my forehead runs down between my eyes. Aya doesn't turn around, or make any indication of moving at all.

When I think about it more, why is that? Is it really that I can't understand her? What I mean is, whose fault is it? Sure, Aya makes it hard sometimes. But it's not like she's purposefully trying to make it hard. No, that's not the right way to say it. It's more considering if she's doing it for fun, like she wants to make my life difficult. I don't think that's the case. So is it mine? Is there something I just don't understand about Aya? Then that makes it harder to understand her?

Aya's head lowers. As if looking down towards the floor. I'm still staring at her back, the pale skin of her neck.

Am I attracted to her? If that isn't the case, why would I have said I cared about her?

Unless...I don't feel that way anymore?


Aya turns to the point I can see her ear. Then, she sits on her side, hands in a position as though crawling toward me. Aya's thighs slide past mine as she rises over my lap. Her thumb wipes across my lips.

Before she kisses me.

Her tongue opens my mouth. Licks up my own tongue.

The full, red circle of her eyes I can't look away from. Dark. It's not danger, but because it's night. Hearing her breathing in through her nose, and breathing out into my mouth. She's keeping me still with her hand cupping my neck. Licking my tongue inside my mouth. Tasting while being tasted. Firm, wet. Soft. And also grazing her tongue with my canines. Aya has it in her mind to push her tongue into those teeth. The sensitive shock trembles through bone and into my gums.

She straddles my lap. Rising up to take off her skirt, she maneuvers her legs to remove them without her hands. Her penis stands erect.

“I'm not going to force you.” Her half-lidded eyes stare deep into me. “Just...let me....”

She uses one hand to strip her panties off of one leg, but that's it. The underwear scrunches around her other thigh, but allows her enough freedom to do with her cock as she pleases. When she kisses me again, I lick at her tongue. She licks at mine. From the bottom of my vision, I see her stomach bob forward and back. I can feel her cock rubbing against my shirt.

There are soft squeaks, or sighs, coming from Aya's mouth.

It's a giggle.

“A little softcore.” She flicks her tongue over my lips. “But this isn't to tease you. Bear with me for a bit?”

From how straight Aya's cock is, I don't have a reason to refuse. Especially when she snakes a hand down to herself.

Her lips talk on mine for an instant. “I know you don't want me right now. And I didn't think I would try this. But I...I need it.”

It's not that I don't think this is a teasing situation. I'm really not in the mood for some reason. So I let her do...whatever this is.

“I'll admit. Your body is attractive.” Aya strokes herself rather quick and rough. “So it did get me a little hot and bothered to fantasize what you look like when I'm inside you. Or when you're inside me.”

She takes a soft, sharp breath. I can see the specks of light in the red.

“Yeah.” Aya breathes.

I hear her hand shifting on her cock, the sound of skin passing by skin.

“I've never...for so long....”

I'm holding Aya's waist, but that's all I'm doing.

It's somewhat strange. Almost like a trance. An illusion of Aya in front of me. But it's really just her acting differently. Isn't it? It's still her. This is still her scent. The smell of arousal, a clear wind mixed in with a heavy gust that rises into the nose. The small twist in that fold at the corner of her eye, of delight and playfulness, as she does what she wants. So she's not acting. But she is different. At least right now.

Her laugh warms my lips.

“If we're talking about sex,” Aya's hand moves faster on herself, “I've got so much planned. You thought it was over with just one way or the other? You in me, or me in you?”

Aya parts her lips, breathing hard onto and into my mouth.

“The way you growl while fucking or being fucked. The way a single hair sticks to your forehead in the heat of sex. Your fight against your instincts and how you control them. The way you dig your fingers in my skin on my back. The way you shut your eyes, your handsome face twisting in pleasure as you come. The drops of sweat on my back as you're fucking me. This is just some of the things I love about you. And this is only when we're having sex.”

I blink before responding. One, particular breath of hers sounds like a hiss.

“And outside of that?” My lips speak onto her own.

Aya bumps her nose into mine. “You're different. I mean, you're a white wolf tengu. But there's something I—”

She nuzzles her forehead on my own, closing her eyes for a moment.

“—there are things, I like about you. No.” Aya opens her eyes. “I just like you. And.”

Three, hitched breaths pant out of her mouth. Her eyelids almost flow when she blinks.

Or maybe my senses are too sharp right now when Aya says something.

“All this time...I've....”

Aya stops. Her eyes find her thoughts and words somewhere behind me, before she looks back at me.

“...Never felt like this.”

She loses her words to a pleasured sigh. The tip of her cock rocks forward and back into my shirt with the short jerking of her hips.

“Bite me, too. I'm going to....”

….Why hesitate?

My tongue presses against her neck an instant before my teeth bite down. Light, as to not hurt her. As for what she wanted first, I slide my hands to the back of her thighs, rubbing the flat of my fingers on her bare skin. One of my hands goes under her panties, keeping as much contact as I can with her thigh.

Aya's toes scrunch, her feet rising well off the floor.

Withdrawing, I glance down at her erupting cock. Droplets and several strands of her seed land on my shirt, over my stomach. Aya's hand continues to stroke as the last of her seed pushes out of her tip, dribbling over her fingers. Her thighs shudder as a shockwave of pleasure must be passing through her. By now, the scent of her semen rises into my nose. The warm, heavy musk of what should've been sex. That, along with Aya's own radiating from her body, makes my head light for a moment.

I don't feel any particular way about the situation. But I will admit the way Aya raises her fingers and inspects her mess is tempting to the neutral eye. The slow shift of her legs as she crawls over toward a towel. Her skin. Clean.

I force my eyes over to my left at the wall.

Before I know it, Aya's arms are on my shoulders. Then, her hands pull me over her.

I almost don't register the movement. All I know is that I'm forced to look at her. And we're side-to-side on her bedding.

“So what's this?”


One of her hands pulls me closer, and Aya scoots her body to the side. My head on the pillow, I realize my arms feel rather numb at my sides.

“You don't want to?” I ask what she wants to do.

Aya's close enough to my face to breathe on me.

“Don't want it. I mean, I do want to.” There's a small smile on her face. “But right now....”

The red in her eyes stays on me as her hand lies on the side of my stomach. Her foot flicks, and a wind gusts the blankets over our bodies.

There's the warmth of the blanket. Then there's the warmth from Aya.

Aya prods her foot between my legs, beneath my knees. She scoots another few centimeters closer to me. Her eyes close.

“Do you know how long it took me to like someone?”

I'm staring at her closed eyes. But there's a sudden thought. Maybe...she doesn't want them open.

“How long?” I keep it simple.

The way Aya only breathes, I'm almost fooled into thinking she's asleep. But after the third, her foot hooks around the back of my knee and pulls that leg closer.

“My whole life.”

Aya slurs every syllable. For some reason.

I follow the conversation.

“And how long have you lived for?”

As I'm asking this, I realize that for some reason, something's wrong. Not that it's something alarming. But just something I notice.

“`How long have I lived?` I wonder how to answer that.”

That's Aya's spoken thought.

Did I assume Aya was like me? My objective sense reasons that she has to be. But my sense for Aya's character tells me there's something vastly different between her and me. It's the way she's bringing in this subject.

I get enough time to think this far before—

“I started thousands of years ago, I guess.”

The red appears like a flash.

“But the `me` before that? There's no way I could count that, is there?”

I can't. I don't want to. I know it's wrong, at this moment, to ask any more.

So I don't.


The next morning, there's a piece of paper where Aya's head was.

Got some stuff to do, so I'll be gone the whole day. Grab some food from the kitchen. Leftovers.

I don't consider it running. I'm sure she's actually doing something while thinking, as well. If it's not related to what happened last night.

I push myself off of the bed. As I start to fold the sheets, my nose takes in the lingering scent left behind.

Lord Tenma. I could ask her. But would Aya mind if I went to her to ask? Maybe she'll act like she doesn't. Or maybe Aya really won't mind. But the Chief did want me to meet her again.

I eat what Aya left for me, swallowing a lump bigger than the food itself.

I could wait for Aya. It seems like she'd tell me. Wouldn't she? It's a matter of whether or not I trust that she'll tell me everything. Not just that she will, but that she'll tell me accurately and in a way that's understandable.

I finish the food.

Or I could go out and look for her. I don't know how difficult it might be. Maybe she really needs time to think. I can't help but feel worried, if the situation is outside of my own predictions.

A deep breath flows out of my mouth.

[] Go meet the Chief.
[] Wait. Aya will come back.
[] Search for Aya.
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[X] Wait. Aya will come back
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[ze] Wait. Aya will come back.

For me, this went better than I expected. Good.
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[X] Search for Aya.

I'm not one to pass on the random encounter option.
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File 148959668476.jpg - (206.12KB, 850x600, c049d9b5a02dd1f516589621d62aa011.jpg)
[X] Wait. Aya will come back.


Flipping the bar of iron in my hand, I wait. I sit at the table and flex my grip every few seconds.

The Chief said I could go to her any time, and Aya doesn't need someone looking for her. It might complicate things if she comes back and I'm not around. Might. I feel somewhat sure Aya has some concern for me. I'm certain she doesn't hate me. If she didn't like me, I wouldn't be here right now. I wouldn't be “on vacation”. She wouldn't have introduced me to the Chief as her close friend. And Aya wouldn't have...carried me when I was in my heat period.

I close my eyes and focus.

My heat period. I suppose if I'm to do anything sitting here, I should try and inspect it in better detail. I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I have no information other than what I've heard from Aya and the Chief. All I'm going to do is take a look inside me.

I take a deep breath.

The heat that burns throughout my body. The burning desire for whoever I focus myself on. In body and mind. I can sense it. It's not in any particular part of my body. More like a conscious flow that runs through my body. If I concentrate, I can feel it run to the tips of my fingers before that flow runs back up my arm. In my legs, the flow divides to enter each of my toes, then runs up the back of my knee and up my body. A regular pulse that's neither warm or cold, neither comfortable or painful. Like an insect that you find crawling on the ground. That's the heat. I know if I prod it more, it might do something. But for now, I'm content with observing.


My eyes open. A shock runs up the front of my chest at what I see.

Aya's leaning forward on the table, hands cupped under her chin. Her elbows support her weight.

I blow out of my mouth. “When did you get back?”

“You were sleeping there when I arrived.” Aya tilts her head a centimeter, the orange of the sun gleaming through the wall.

“...Where did you go?”

One of the most important questions to ask, I think.

“I actually wanted to visit some people to ask questions.” Aya sits up straight, hand holding the back of the other on the table. “But I ended up just flying around. Thinking.” She adds, finger scratching her knuckle.

I spot the movements of her body.

The open expressions aren't on purpose. Maybe they are, but the speed at which Aya's body reacts supports otherwise. Again, if Aya isn't doing it on purpose.

“Are you okay?”

I don't want to look Aya in the eye, giving her some privacy. Aya laughs.

“I'm okay. But I do need to confess, I suppose.”


I decide it's appropriate to look at Aya. That's on her face, along with a small tilt of her head.

“It's better I show you. Come with me outside?”

Aya stands, heading toward the door.

“Are we going somewhere?”

“No, just outside of my house will do.” Aya leads into the sky, a dozen meters from her house.

I watch as she aligns herself some distance from me, within earshot and her side facing me. “What are you going to do?”

“Just watch. It's the best way to make it clear.”

Flapping her fan in a hand, danmaku surround Aya.

Declaring a spell card. She's showing me her attacks? Aya's not declaring them out loud, but the way the bullets scatter and move are the same as some of her spells cards. Except there's not a target. I recognize some. A few I don't know, but I know the essence of the attack. Speed. Wind. Aya's not moving with her danmaku as she would in a battle, but the spell card and danmaku play out how they would.

Then Aya declares the next spell card out loud.

“「Fantasy Nature」“

Aya's body dims, as though she were a ghost. Her eyes narrow, danmaku surrounds her and passes around me.

I've never seen this spell card. But I know it's Reimu's, not Aya's. The feel of it is different from the previous danmaku, so even if I didn't know, I could tell.

Aya declares another spell card.

“「Virtue of Wind God」“

The name has the theme, but the actual attack is nothing like Aya's spell cards should be. Because they're not hers.

When the flurry of colorful bullets stop coming out, Aya uses one more spell card. This time, she doesn't say anything when she begins.

A gust of wind blows around us, but nowhere as fierce as it was for the other spell cards. Storing her fan in her shirt, Aya sweeps her arm once. Like snow in the winter, orbs of danmaku fly up into the sky. After rising into the sky, they fall around Aya, who stares in front of her without looking at anything.

This image. The gentle, yet quick sway of danmaku falls around Aya. It reminds me of that object the kappa once showed me. A “snow globe”. Or for a different comparison, the falling of leaves in the autumn. A beauty that all can say belongs to a danmaku battle. And with that beauty is something else. A certain grace. Dignity.

Or rather, divinity.

I'm staring even when Aya turns her head to me, the corner of her mouth raised.

“Well, the two I copied before this one are from others,” She laughs twice, “but I can use them because I can provide the exact concept of those spell cards.”

I see.

“So you're older than...actually, on that thought.” I re-think my question. “Why aren't you the chief?”

Aya's laugh is more natural. “You should know I wouldn't accept that position, no matter what I am.”

“You'd be a better protector of the mountain.”

The duty inside of me reasons. I'm not saying the Chief is bad. It's wondering “why” more than “how come”.

Aya shrugs.

“Maybe. Boss always pesters me about it. But I'm not exclusive to tengu more than nature itself.”

“So you're like the shrine gods, then?”

The smile on Aya's face twists.

“Hey, I'm not lazy, you know. I just...had a change of heart.”

“A change of heart?”

I think for a moment.

I'm not saying I understand how a god might think. But as a being that lives in the mortal world, I think it's right to question.

“So,” I gather my thoughts, “being a crow tengu writing newspapers was the best decision?”

“Hey. I'm still a crow tengu who writes newspapers. I'm just...something else.”

“And why would you change? Or rather, why live like this?”

The gust of a laugh seeps from Aya's lips. She flies closer to me, as if amused at my question. But her voice lowers.

“I guess,” Aya looks down for a few seconds, before staring back at me, “I just started to wonder.”

She's less than an arm's length from me.

“I wanted to know about the truth.”

“About the truth”?

The question in my mind becomes words, and Aya answers.


“But, why?”

It's not that I don't understand. It's just...I don't get why someone would choose to change like that. To become the target of slander and opinion from their peers. To make people doubt what's being done, despite not knowing anything about the person doing things. What would make Aya do what she did, what she's doing? And if that's the case, why me?

My head shakes.

No. I know why me. Aya's told me.

“Why?” Aya speaks out what I asked a moment ago. “Well. Why does a vampire and her mansion come to Gensokyo? Why does a princess from the moon come down to Earth? How come buddhists and taoists live in such proximity without causing a bloodbath? I could go on.”

I watch Aya sigh with that still on her face.

“For me, it's not that it's a better choice. But it's not curiosity, either.”

I stay silent as Aya prepares her answer.

“I got sick of it all. So I decided to look for the truth myself. ”

From the short gust of a snort, I know Aya's finished. I can't expect her to explain everything. Not because I'm afraid, or that I wouldn't understand. It's just...not something that can be said in a short amount of time. And I'm okay with that. I can learn more later.

For now.

“And you still like me?”

Something in Aya's smile changes. The muscles in her cheeks and forehead relax. Aya never forces her expressions, but this change is apparent to me. She doesn't laugh and speaks.

“Of course.”

“You must've met someone you prefer more than me, though?”

It's half suspicion, half denial at coincidence.

“Nope. You're the first.”

“And if there's a second?”

My voice doesn't change, but even I notice how cynical I sound when I ask that. Aya's eyebrows lower.

“Now you're the one who's hard to understand. I don't get to play around, but you do?”

“Are you dodging my question?” I respond. “I asked first.”

“I can't answer unless you answer my question.”

...That's fair. For Aya.

“I'm asking for you to be open with me. At least for when it matters.”

“Then there will never be a second.” Aya answers my question. “I don't think there can even be a second.”

Something jumps in my chest from the smile on Aya's face.

“Well,” Aya then closes her eyes and shrugs, “you know I'm under the effects of my heat period as well. So that means you'll take care of me?”

I ignore the tease and move on.

“Is that why you know about the heat period?”

“Somewhat. The medicine you took at Boss's place? It's a temporary remedy used by tengu in the past. Of course, Boss had all the materials. All I know is the recipe.”

The medicinal herb comes to my mind. The aroma was quite strong for a plant. So perhaps it was coated in something?

“But you don't know everything about the heat period?” I think to myself. “Even after all this time?”

Aya laughs. “Well, no one really knows about it during this generation. That should give you an idea of how mysterious it is.”

“That's true. But, you're a....”

I don't say the rest.

“Yeah. And?” Aya laughs at me this time. “I'm not all knowing. If I was, I wouldn't be here.”

She comes closer to me, eyes on me. Her lips peck mine before I can react.

Her eyes closed for an instant. There's no innocence. Only that playfulness, almost seductive in the low bubble of her giggle.

“So you can see why I'm so frustrated, can you?” She places a finger on my lips. It circles between my upper and lower lip. “Feelings aside, I've never given or allowed anyone my body. Ever.”

I remember the words from that day.

”It was my first time.”

I almost bring a hand to my forehead.

It's frustrating to me in a different way. Knowing that Aya, who's stronger than me, could have taken my body at any time. At least, from what I understand about our power in comparison. She let me take her down. That much I already know. It's different, though, because of what I know now. When I think about the “me” then, the shame of my ignorance rises within me.


She calls me again. My gaze lifts to Aya's face. I notice that my thoughts caused my head to look downward.

“Let's go inside?” Aya laugh softens. Gentle. “I'll make dinner.”


“I'll be done in about twenty minutes.”

That's what Aya said about fifteen minutes ago. Five minutes when she began, I asked where it was exactly that she went.

“Near the border. It's quite a view to look at while you're thinking about something.”

For the next ten minutes after that, she told me about going to the Hakurei Shrine after. To eat snacks and tea. Now, I'm sitting here in my thoughts.

Knowing what Aya is answers some of my questions, but doesn't change what I think of her. True, when I think of gods in Gensokyo, I don't think any more of them than I do a human who catches my eye. That's not because there are so many of them, or because there are so many interesting individuals. It's simply how I view someone based on who they are. For Aya, she's a crow tengu who writes a newspaper. I can't see her any differently.

A knife chops quick on a cutting board from the kitchen. I can see Aya's figure, her wrist flicking up and down with an apron tied over her shoulders.

So what does that knowledge do for me? What kind of questions does it answer? To begin, I know what her past is. I know her identity as it relates to her history. More important to the matter of our relationship, it establishes trust. At least, there should be more. How many people know who Aya is as it relates to her past? What she actually is? The Chief would be the only one, thinking back on it. As for Aya to me, she shouldn't have any reason to doubt me if it's about our relation—...well, I did have sex with Hatate. But even with that, Aya and I should be in good standing.

Aya's hand reaches behind herself to adjust her apron. The flap of her clothes make the shape of her body visible. The bare skin of her thigh visible from between her skirt covering her and her black, knee-high socks. Even her hand stays in my focus before it returns to the cutting board.

...I blink.

I recognize it before my body even reacts. The familiar throb and pull of desire in my veins, like there's something else rushing through my instead of my blood. Almost taking my breath away, pushing my lungs to breathe harder despite my control. At least it's not as bad as when Aya and I were with Hatate.

But it's still the heat period.

My lips dry, and I control my breathing despite the lack of space in my lungs. Even resisting the shudder tingling up my spine, I remain calm behind the table. Aya's humming to herself.

It's nowhere near as bad as it was the first time. There's also no reason for Aya to suspect I'm undergoing the heat period's effects. So for the sake of an argument, I could withstand it. It might even go away. Although, I should tell Aya about it anyway. And when I do, she'll likely coax me into sex. I don't mind, but I'm considering the consequences of what to do.

Something thumps inside my chest, and it's not my heart.

Knowing Aya, I don't think she'd mind even if I approached her now. Just grab her from behind and...do it. She'd be surprised, I imagine. But as to what she'll do after? I can only judge based on our sex life so far.

Every thought increases the warmth spreading throughout my body.

I could tell Aya about it. I don't have to do it now, if I could wait and bear through it. It's a matter of timing. Although Aya will take my words and approach me the same way she usually does. She's not going to wait. The only question is how she'll do it. And if I do it during dinner? I don't think she'll jump on me. We sit across the table like we always do. And that, from my prediction, will probably mean....

I'm getting erect. Not in full, but there's a small rise within my clothes.

I realize something, though.

If that's the case, should I let Aya have the initiative? It's not a matter of our relationship as normal, but our sex life. The way it's evolving, Maybe it's just how much I didn't know before, but from what we've done so far, I've gone deeper into my attraction for Aya. The beginning is the beginning, but after that? That night with Aya in her room....really did something to my mind. I've pushed Aya away as of recent, but if I don't make it clear, Aya will have the initiative in our lives. Do I enjoy her seducing, or I enjoy acting on her seduction? It doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it is.

The decisive action for the latter would be to just...do it after dinner. The only word I can come up for it is “attacking” her. That's what I'd be doing. The more unorthodox way would be to do the same to Aya as she does to me. If I can provoke Aya to me the same way she does to me?

Actually, don't I know what might happen if I do that?

My head is warm. Not enough to sweat, and nowhere near the level of a cold. But it'd be noticed if someone put their hand on my head.

The ongoing unknown no matter what I do, though, is what Aya will do in response.

[] Approach her from behind now.
[].Mention the heat period now.
[].Mention it during dinner.
[] Attack after dinner.
[] Provoke a response during dinner.
[] Withstand the urge.
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[X] Approach her from behind now.
[X].Mention the heat period now.
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i'm liking where this is going
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[X] Approach her from behind now.

She knew the risk before she put on the apron.
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File 148995890913.jpg - (150.17KB, 631x645, 7c4e02f67f63d4c1d4b7be80f6bbca47.jpg)
[X] Approach her from behind now.


My hands clench on the table. Then, I stand.

Seven steps. The first two around the table, then five to reach Aya. She senses me by the fourth, turning her head a few centimeters. Her arms jerk up when mine wrap around her stomach.

“Oh.” I hear the chuckle in her breath. Her stomach is soft beneath her shirt. “What's this?”

I spot the food on the counter over the fire. Ready. So I don't hesitate to say what I'm going to say.

“What do you think this is?”

I come close enough that my half-erect penis rubs against her. It prods her bottom, soft as her skin bends and harder as I mesh into her muscle and flesh. Metal and wood tap onto the marble counter as she releases the knife and wooden ladle in her hands. One of her hands brushes the utensils aside. Her bare foot rubs up against my leg while one of her hands grab my wrist. Her butt pushes against my almost stiff erection.

“What do I think?” There's a smile in her voice. I can't see it, but I hear it. “I thought you were just sad I left. Or is that not it?”

My hips push forward, pressing her waist into the counter.

“The heat period, Aya.” I watch her lean forward a bit.

The force of the counter passes through her stomach into my waist. The feeling tells my body I can't get into a comfortable position. Until Aya places her bare foot onto the handle of a drawer. I spot a few of her toes hook over the iron handle, pulling the drawer out, and revealing slit of black shadowing the contents within. It allows Aya to lift herself in position. Her face turns in a way where I can see her eyebrows without seeing her eyes.

Her other foot lifts. Toes brush against the front of my leg again.

“The heat period?”

Innocence where it doesn't belong. And she has that on her face. I know it. I can hear it.

I yank her skirt down. Grasping my hard cock and aiming for a second, I slide inside her.

The pain of not preparing is there. But I'm experienced and horny enough not to care.

Aya lurches forward with a sigh, and I grip her hips tight. The wrinkles of the apron scrunch harder against the counter and my fingers. Kicking my hakama behind me, I run a hand under her apron and grab her breast over her shirt. The other reaches over her crotch until I find her cock, erect against the counter. Aya pants under her breath, and the air in her lungs hitch out of her mouth as I pull my hand hard to the base of her erection. On coincidence, I lean forward as Aya rises backward. The result is that my stomach rubs into her back, though Aya adjusts her neck to my mouth.

My mind urges me to taste.

With a chuckle, her hands grab both of my wrists.

“Show me what you can do?”

She tightens around my cock, rubbing her butt against my waist. Her head leans against my face, offering her neck harder onto my lips.

I move my hand slower over her cock than my cock moves inside of her, though my hand strokes harder than my hips thrust forward. I hear my breath on her neck as my teeth bare.

“Don't regret it.”

The instant the words leave my mouth, I bite down.

From my position, it feels more like I'm kissing her neck straight on with my teeth. My nose digs into Aya's hair, and my tongue licks at the captured flesh between my teeth. I start moving hard enough that Aya's legs knock against the counter. Then, Aya takes my hand around her breast by the wrist. My mind focuses on the tight hold around my cock and the pleasure running through my mouth. But Aya sneaks my hand upward until my fingers reach her mouth.

And she bites me. Right below my fingernails.

My other hand squeezes around her cock, and I buck forward from the shock around my fingers.

Aya's action was...frustrating. And pleasuring. So I'll pay her back the way I believe I should.

Several things occur in a series of movements. My stroking hand leaves her cock for a few seconds to undo her shirt. And by undoing, I mean ripping her shirt open so that two buttons pop free, bounce, and fall from the counter. With an unconscious growl and tilt of my mouth, I bite hard on the side of Aya's neck. As my upper body moves, I thrust harder into Aya, almost crushing her into the counter with every lunge. My pace reaches a speed where I hear the drawer beneath us open and close, controlled by the push and pull of Aya's foot. My hand returns to her cock, jerking her as fast as I can. Aya's sighs draw in and out, alternating every second as her head leans toward my shoulder. The odd scent that is the prepared food and Aya's body mixes, adding onto the pleasure bundling under my stomach.

The pitch in Aya's sigh rises. Once. Twice. Her other foot lifts high enough to brush against my thigh. Her ankle crashes into the bone of my leg as her toes yank the drawer open.

Aya holds her breath into silence as a warm rush of liquid spills over my fingers. From the view over Aya's body, I spot her come falling down to the counter out of my sight. Her insides wrap tight over every part of my cock, almost collapsing over the head. I shut my eyes at the almost painful embrace while her semen dribbles between my palm and her pulsing erection. I stroke the rest of her orgasm with a few, gentle twists of my hand. Aya releases the air held inside of her, leaning back against me. The drawer below closes as her foot relaxes. The full weight of Aya's body falls against me, but before I make a move to carry her, she rises off of me.

Aya pivots with her toes, a turn of her body. Facing me. While I'm still inside of her, as hard as when I entered.

Her chest rises and falls as she seems to calm down. But her eyes narrow, and she braces a hand over the edge of the counter. Her other hand intertwines with my semen-stained hand, rubbing the sides of her fingers among mine. Her non-drawer used leg drags into the air before the foot pushes on the front of my shoulder. An amused, non-pleasured laugh comes from Aya's lips. Her voice sounds as though it's by my ear.

“More, Momiji.”

Her cock twitches, half-limp, but coming back to life.

Her heat period?

There's a buzz in my head, and from it....
[] Go rough.
[] Try and be gentle.
[] “The food....” [Safe]
[] “What about the dinner?” [Dangerous]
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I am honestly a bit conflicted here. We've just gone rough on Aya, but she wants more. Although I'd like to see some gentler action too...
Idk. I'll wait a bit before voting.
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[X] Go rough.
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Gentle is for times they aren't in heat.

[♡♡] go rough
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Eh, I gues there is no counter to that one.
Well, then.

[ze] Go rough.
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File 149060562210.jpg - (209.70KB, 650x400, 90a48ad6e13ac01c544201fba8293efa.jpg)
[X] Go rough.


I take hold of her ankle from below, wrapping my other hand on the thigh opposite. Pulling her closer, hip to hip. Aya lets out a slight sigh. The tight warmth envelopes the length of my cock again.


I lean over her stomach. Aya's face glows with the illusion of a chuckle.


She pushes my shoulder with the ball of her foot. My hand slides over half of her leg.

“I'm not going to be gentle.”

As though suppressing a laugh, Aya brings her fist to her mouth.

Then, her legs shoot behind me. They cross behind my back, wrapping my waist between her knees.

Her lips peek from her fist, which slides just below her lower lip.

Tempting me?

I hear Aya's voice rise in her chest as I jerk my hips forward while my hands pull on her body. Her cock bounces with a noticeable twitch against her stomach as mine rubs against her walls. The first of a series of thrusts. Aya throws her arms over my shoulders as I stand on my toes to jab into and against her from above. Within seconds, I hold her body against the counter as I concentrate on making noise from my hips slamming into Aya's. Her insides manage to fall in rhythm, squeezing most of my cock with every inward stroke. Aya pulls on my shoulders, coming close enough for the head of her penis to poke my stomach. Close enough for her to breathe past my cheek. And far too close for her to sigh.


From anyone else, I'd think this word would be...how to say, not arousing? But Aya isn't asking it. Even without knowing her, the way the back of her feet kick against my butt just a bit too strong. The way she motions her hips in a wave, rubbing her cock toward my chest. The way her mouth approaches mine, without touching. She wants me to be rough? Then this isn't enough?

My mind races with how to do more.

But I can't change position. I need this heat. This warm scent surrounding me. The ache in my legs, threatening to give out if I retreat. And to prove to nothing that I can give Aya what she wants no matter the situation.

I can hear myself breathe. A warm release of decision and thought.

I adjust my arms. My hands slap on the counter on both sides of Aya's head. Our bodies grind together for a few seconds while I adjust. The temperature around us reaches the same level as the heat within.

There's not enough space for me to climb onto the counter without hitting my head on the wall. But there's enough for what I want.

I step on the handle of the drawer where Aya was supporting herself before. I stumble, almost slipping, until I step into the drawer. My leg finds balance, and I stare deep into Aya. My pace changes from thrusting forward at an angle to pounding and rising down and up. My waist screams from the overexertion, the only part of my body that's moving. But Aya's legs fall to my sides.

That's when I grab her.

My hands wrap around her thighs from behind, and she squirms on contact.

I shouldn't be surprised, but this affects her much more than I think.

“That's not fair.” Aya burns the focus of her eyes into my own. I stare back without blinking.

“You wanted me to be rough, while trying to be `fair`?”

Aya's throat pulses as she swallows. Her insides tighten in response.

...Too tight. Although, I have to remind myself it's not physically possible for me to lose a body part in such a way. It's pleasure with pain.

“Something wrong?” Aya doesn't stop her teasing. Her head tilts down, giving her stare the look of a sinister evil. “I'm not slowing you down, am I?”

Aya, you shouldn't attempt to tease me if your feet are clenching that hard.

My thoughts stay silent as I stroke the skin of her thighs with my fingers. A coaxing motion drawing panting sighs from Aya. Her knees bend every few thrusts, which clap into sound from the growing warmth between our bodies. A few drops of clear fluid stick to my stomach as Aya's cock bobs with enough force to poke me. But I concentrate my efforts on keeping my waist moving, the lone part of me pressing down and up. Thrusting the whole length of myself deep into the walls wrapping tight as I plunge inside. Replacing that space when I draw back the instant before I crash down again.

The heat spreads. It wants me to do more. And I can do that. I'll bear through the ache in my waist.

There's no sign on Aya's face when I move my hand, but her chest does pump up as I begin stroking her cock. One hand is more than enough to support my weight under the effects of the heat pulsing through it. Aya twists her hips, but mine keep her pinned on the counter. My mouth parts as my lungs demand another source of fresh air.

“You're, really—”

Aya drops her words with a blink. Though her eyes stay focused on me, her thighs close inward with no small amount of strength.

But that doesn't stop me.

The only movement in the room is the steam of food and my hips thrusting down and up. But that says nothing about what's happening between us. Aya lies back on the counter and accepts what's being given to her. Me striking deep inside her, with her rubbing every part of my cock from within. A constant tightness, instead of a pulse of need, now expecting me at all times. The muscles in my arms and waist buzz with pain, accepting my concentration as extra fuel to keep the grueling pace. So despite the lack of movement, the desire between us manifests into a cloud of heat that swirls around us. Between us. Inside of us.

And so, I'm close. I'm very close. Just a moment of undetermined seconds more. Aya's starting to hold her breath. A breath that endures a span of twelve. She releases it when it doesn't come. But she keeps on doing it. I know why. A cycle where she's trying to catch the end. Because she knows. If anything, she knows herself. When she'll come, some moment in the midst of the countless times already.

Without blinking. Her fingers crawl together, her hands clasp behind my neck. The words leak out with a long sigh.


As I release a warm breath, I lean in to kiss her.

Before my tongue licks hers, the tension releases from my cock. My waist, sore, freezes in full contact with Aya's. Her thighs grant a soft vice of rest for my hips. I pant into her mouth, my eyes close. One of Aya's hands grabs my wrist to stop my own hand from stroking her further, pausing as her warm seed lands between us. Somewhere. Everywhere. As unknown as how I must be releasing my own inside of her, while the warm sensation of her come spreads along our stomachs. My muscles burn inside of my body, a warmth spreading as even as the semen between us. Detaching from her mouth, I nip at the base of her neck toward her shoulder. My teeth don't bite down, but support myself as the warmth pumps out of my skin.

If I didn't, the cold wave enclosing from the air would feel a lot worse. I have to time my breathing with this pulsing release of heat. With each spurt inside of her, or when I think it happens. I can smell Aya on the front of our bodies. Knowing these things burns away the heat within me, changing heat into satisfaction. Warm satisfaction. A different warmth than heat. Relaxing.

With a slow breath, I step out of the drawer. Drawing back from Aya. From the waist up, her semen covers her own stomach. And my own, as expected. I pull out of Aya as she drops her legs from my hands. I'm still leaning over Aya somewhat, resting with my hands on the edge of the counter. Then, one of her feet slides down my front, through a trail of her own seed, until she bumps on top of my half-limp penis. Her other foot circles underneath, and soon, she sandwiches me between her. Stroking me.

And from the sudden twitch of her cock, there's still some left.

The heat.

As dim as it is, it's there.

We move at the same time. I shift down toward the edge of the counter closer to Aya's lap. Aya sits up, closer to the edge of the counter. Though I'm still bending over her.

I don't think it's odd. It's...mutual? I can't quite describe it.

I take her entire cock inside my mouth as Aya's feet wrap around mine. My lips slide along the length of the forced erection, brought a soft hardness from what's been done so far. The gap of softness on top and below my cock tells me the movements of her toes, a hole of missing warmth that moves in sync.

So I suppose Aya's most comfortable with the top and bottom positioning of this kind of play. At least, the way her toes wriggle and wrap with enough control to apply pressure to the tight muscle of my penis. The slight change of size when she chooses which ones to grab me. Then, the almost cloth-like sensation of the top and bottom of both of her feet. As if she was cleaning me.

It's a frightening thought. As far as sex is concerned.

I bob down and up with a simple folding of my neck, bowing rather than lifting my head. Every other downward bob I look up at Aya. To the sides, her arms support her efforts to stroke me with her feet. But her face. The desire overcomes any sense of satisfaction and playfulness. Her mouth parting. The light moans that she swallows down. Her blinking, occurring more often than ever before.

Not to mention my nerves sending down waves of pleasure every time I swallow or take in air. I wouldn't find as much satisfaction from taking someone inside my mouth if it wasn't for that part of me. But I do. So I make sure I'm licking Aya's cock while going down. I make sure to grip her and suck as hard as I can when moving up. Shocks rub through my cheeks when I jab the inside of either cheek with the head of her cock. Even thinking of when I breathe on Aya adds to the wave of heat seeping back into my brain.

A heat that drags the rest of the heat period somewhere under my ribs. Aya leans toward one of her hands on the counter. The other rises and places itself on top of my head. Aya's feet push against my cock even tighter than her insides. I also can't stop myself from drooling over Aya's well-slick cock. My throat controls the coating around her skin. Making sure to keep her penis wet enough for me to keep a rapid pace. Making sure to swallow so I can feel her flesh inside me.

And then, Aya's feet jerk.

I've let Aya cum inside before. And I just did the same to her earlier. So I don't hesitate. Or rather, I allow it to happen.

Aya releases something between a whine and a moan, her head tilting back as a rather thick pump of semen fires against the roof of my mouth. Adding on to the imminent orgasm, I grip her cock tighter with my lips as I feel the release inside my cock. Aya lifts the foot under me and lowers the ball of the foot above, trapping my seed against me and her self. The effects of the heat period increase what seeps out of me. I feel the large amount spurt out, and I can imagine what it looks like down there.

From the fifth shot inside my mouth, I can confirm Aya is under the effects of the heat period. Not that I doubted that.

I swallow what I can, though some of it sticks to Aya from how wet she is. Even if I lap at it with my tongue. I rise off of her, my mouth over-sensitive. The dull numbness spreading into my throat. With a long breath, eyeing me, her big toe trails up my stomach. Aya backs into the wall while her foot rises. I can feel my own warmth on the top ball of her foot as she presses it toward my mouth. It touches my cheek, before I face it proper. Opening my mouth, my tongue licks upward. Then, I enclose my mouth over her toe, sucking light.

So, this is our alternative to kissing during sex. At least for if and when it can't be done. Especially since....

I inspect our bodies. Aya uses her apron to clean herself, the drying aftermath stained on her stomach. The underside of her breasts have a few lines here and there, reaching up toward her nipples. As for me, cool air passes through the blotches of our seed higher up on my chest. My hands almost move up to touch, but my eyes watch Aya as she uses her apron to wipe her soft cock clean.


“A little too dirty for you?” Aya cuts my thoughts off.

...I wasn't going to say it was dirty. She does do the laundry, though.

My eyes glance over at the prepared food. “What do we do now?”

“Well.” Aya lifts her leg, pushing it against me chest. I take her other leg in hand, sucking on her big toe as she chuckles. “As full as I feel, we still need to eat.”

I bite down with my teeth.

All I can really do is agree with a hum. So I do that.

“Don't you want dinner?” Aya pulls herself from my mouth. She hops off of the counter, landing between the edge of the counter and my body.

My mouth is a little too cold, some part of me says.

My hands draw up Aya's waist. “The heat period is still around.”

Aya's mouth opens to say something, but she closes it while her eyes cut to my side for a second. Then, the corners of her mouth pull upwards as she speaks. She raises a finger, dipping it just between my teeth for me to nip her.

“Yeah?” She pushes her finger in a centimeter as I clamp onto her.

A dull throb beats in my stomach as I lick the tip. “Shouldn't we take care of it?”

I'm not saying I'm under the effects now, since it's not. Not after what we just did. I mean it as an actual problem we need to take care of.

The finger between my teeth turns into empty space as Aya withdraws her hand. Two chuckles bump down her chest, through her stomach, and into mine.

“I suppose we should.” Aya scoops up her apron with one hand. She tosses it behind me. “But maybe we should wait.”

“For what?”

“For us to figure out more. I'm not saying it won't go away normally. But we should probably keep watch over our own periods for just a bit longer.”

“I say we already did that.” I take a step back, readjusting my clothes. “I don't see anything wrong with trying to get rid of it sooner.”

I make sure my clothes are on tight before noticing how silent Aya is.

Or rather, why she's frozen in her position.

“Do,” She slurs the first word, “you really mean that?”


“Why? Is something wrong with getting rid of the heat period as soon as possible?”

Time returns to Aya's body as she laughs.

“No. Nothing's wrong. In fact, we could do that.”

“Then why did you make it seem like there was something bad about it.”

A solitary, last laugh rises from her mouth as she moves toward the food and dinnerware.


She stops to prepare the first trip to the table. But as she passes by me, she stops. Aya stares at me.

“If you're in such a hurry to get rid of it, we might get burned.”


My thoughts stop for a second time. Long enough for Aya to prepare dinner on the table, and we sit ready to eat. I spot her apron in a pile of clothes by a wall.

“So,” I decide to speak through my thoughts with Aya, “are you saying we should wait until the heat period passes?”

With the tip of her chopsticks on her lips, Aya swallows her bite of food.

“Either way has its ups and downs. It's a matter of which we'd rather take.”

“Then could you explain?” I start eating.

Aya talks while I go through dinner.

“The first way is to wait.” She clicks her chopsticks together. “The normal way tengus get over their heat period. Well, it sounds easy. The problem is what happens when it triggers in unfavorable situations. As I'm sure you know by now.”

I pause.

Yeah, that would imply that time with Hatate. Disregarding my feelings on the matter, I know how it can be troublesome.

“A thousand years ago,” Aya speaks after swallowing again, “a tengu was in a heated battle with a hated, rival tengu while undergoing their heat period. And then, it activated. It shouldn't need to be said for who the effects it applied to. In this case, the tengu was able to, for better or worse, get rid of the heat period by fulfilling it.”

The only way to get rid of a heat period is to have sex with the person who triggers it.

I chew slower on my food.

After eating again, Aya continues. “Needless to say, that tengu had a lot to explain to their partner after the event. And so began the tengu family war that began in that period.”

“I get it.” I prod my food with my fork. “We have to be careful if we're going to wait out our heat periods.”

You have to be careful. I'm...not quite as affected by the heat period.”

“Because you're a god?”

“Probably. At least, I know Reimu doesn't make me want to do anything.”

...Something about that didn't sound right to me.

“And you know because...?”

“Remember when I said I went out to think?” Aya points out. “I also hung out at Reimu's place for a good while. Though I didn't just go to test it out, I did concentrate on thinking about her for the entire time. And nothing. No desire to have sex. No lusting after her body. I even took a picture of her while she was drinking tea.”

I could comment on a few things in what Aya just said. But I decide to stay focused.

“But what if that's a special case? What about other tengu?”

“That's something. But.” Aya chews. “That's also the thing. As much as I can worry about a reaction for other people, the only reaction I get is a desire for you.”

My breath pauses for a second, but I resume eating.

“But that doesn't mean it's impossible for other people to trigger your heat period.”

“If that's true, then that's the risk, isn't it?”

If that happens to her, she'll have to....Well. And if it happens to me again, then I'll have another Hatate situation to deal with. Except it might not be Hatate.

“So the other way?” I say. “The way you warned me about.”

“The other way.”

Aya repeats what I said, but stops to think for a moment. With a shrug, she goes on.

“The other way might get rid of our heat periods. But it might not.”


“The way to do it, though.” Aya takes a sip of her drink.

I'm listening, Aya.

Aya looks me straight in the eyes.

“Lots of sex.”

“It's as it sounds.” A laugh comes from her mouth as she looks at me. “Nonstop sex for who knows how long. And like I said, it might not even get rid of the heat period. It's not like it's a rule or magic set up by someone. But think of it as a loophole. The heat period goes away at some random period of time while a tengu couple are together. The theory is that the exact moment it does is after sex. If that theory is correct, then a possible answer to get rid of the heat period is to keep having sex until it goes away. So if a couple really wants to get rid of their heat periods as soon as possible....”

Then they should mate until the heat period wears off.

“The good news is that the heat period never returns.” Aya finishes her food after I do. “So getting rid of it sooner might not be a bad idea.”

“The problem is if it doesn't go away,” I follow, “we might be unable to stop because of the heat period.”

Aya blows a gust of air from her nose. “Yeah. You know the sensation. Ironic, really. Even getting rid of the heat and not the period itself involves having sex. But the heat period can also activate because of your conscious thought of the person you're having sex with.”

So that's what Aya meant by “getting burned”.

“If we want to get rid of the heat period now, then all we need to do is...sleep together until it goes away. But if it doesn't, then we'll just be....”

I can't finish. But Aya does.

“We'll literally be fucking ourselves to death.”

I shut my eyes. Aya laughs.

“Well, nothing that dire should happen to either of us.” She starts gathering the empty bowls and plates. “Realistically, our powers might weaken from the time we spend together. If we're not just exhausted for a few days. And if, it doesn't go away.”

“That's if we choose to get rid of it now.” I look at Aya, heading toward the kitchen.

“Yeah.” She begins washing a bowl.

I cross my arms into a pose of temporary meditation while Aya washes the dishes.

Wait and let the heat period go away naturally. It's the safest way, granted it doesn't cause any personal problems from having it trigger on a stranger. Or someone other than Aya. If my heat period triggers and I don't get rid of it somehow...that would be bad. Aside from the painful experience, I don't know how else it might affect me if I'm not taken care of properly. That time with Aya and the Chief, I was able to get quick treatment. But if I'm not able to? I would have to choose to bear it, or get rid of it. And the latter option means I have to have sex with the person who activated it. Or I could try and withstand it. I feel I have enough control to last for a while. Emphasis on “feel”.

Dishes clank against bowls as Aya continues washing.

Or we could attempt to deal with both Aya and my heat periods now. The procedure would be...having sex. Until we get rid of it. The downside is that I'd come anywhere from once to who-knows-how-many times. As much as the heat period increases my sexual endurance, I don't think we would come out of such a period unaffected. Nonstop sex. And for worse, the heat periods could spur us to keep on going even if we wanted to stop. We probably could, but not without having to bear the heat period's effects. Which, the only way to get rid of the effects themselves is to have sex.

Another minute or so passes. Aya hums a tune.

I think Aya is waiting for me to choose. She seems fine with either method. It's a matter both of us have to deal with together.

Another clank of dishes.

[] We should wait out the heat periods naturally. No reason to hurt ourselves.
[] I think we should get rid of the heat periods now. Save ourselves trouble in the future.


I'm thinking of writing a side oneshot. It shouldn't happen before or at the next update, because main story takes priority. Just throwing out the idea. These take into account the characters of An Attraction to Aya-STW, so they're not completely seperate.

A Day In The Chief's Life
Lord Tenma fulfilling her duties on a certain day before meeting her lover. Glanced upon in the story, here it's written in detail.

An Attraction To A Man
A man fucks and gets fucked by Momiji and Aya. A what-if more than following the current story, so it doesn't really do much except “for the lewds”.

[] A Day In The Chief's Life
[] An Attraction To A Man
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[z] We should wait out the heat periods naturally. No reason to hurt ourselves.
-[e] A Day In The Chief's Life

I liked this update, I regret nothing.
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[X] We should wait out the heat periods naturally. No reason to hurt ourselves.

[X] An Attraction To A Man

Safety before sex.
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Lord Tenma fulfilling her duties on a certain day before meeting her lover. Glanced upon in the story, here it's written in detail.

this is where we see her wonderful cuck right?
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[X] We should wait out the heat periods naturally. No reason to hurt ourselves.

[X] An Attraction To A Man
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[X] We should wait out the heat periods naturally. No reason to hurt ourselves.

Calling. As for the sides, I'll do them in order of vote majority. They'll be titled so they can be distinguishable from story updates and prevent reader whiplash.
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Things are owning my life. Work needs to own my life. It's not because updates are hard. It's not.

Well, actually, it is still some part my fault. But still.
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File 149391656280.jpg - (320.53KB, 800x600, 9ce75a471b51e4d88da565ab0107effb.jpg)
[X] We should wait out the heat periods naturally. No reason to hurt ourselves.

It's not a thing at all.


Neither choice is decisive in right or wrong.

“I think we should wait.”

“Hm?” Aya turns her head, but finishes with washing. “Oh, yeah.”

“Waiting out our heat periods.” I make it clear.

Drying herself with a hand towel, Aya flings it on the counter before standing over the table.

“You sure? I don't mind either way, but.”

Aya leaves her words open. Her toes clench once against the floor.

Maybe because I know what the signs mean. Her small teasings here and there catching my eyes. Not that I can control the fact I can see so well.

“I'm sure.” My legs unfold as I stand. “I don't want to have my heat period activate if I can help it.”

Aya nods with a chuckle. “Right. But what'll you do if you want to go out?”

That's a good question. But in that case.

“You've been with me for Hatate.” I glance over at Aya. “You'll come with me if I need to go out, won't you?”

It sounds a bit forceful. But I don't think it's absurd to ask for.

Aya turns, her skirt spinning as she moves toward her room.

“Why wouldn't I? Of course I will. Nngh.”

Her eye winces a centimeter as she grasps her shoulder. She laughs, but I follow her.

“Are you okay?” I think about what we did before dinner.

“Yeah. Just a small cramp.” Aya chuckles, sitting with her legs crossed on her bed. “Lying down on a counter and taking it that rough for that long kind of leaves you sore.”

I kneel down next to her. “Sorry.”

“Don't be.” Aya laughs once, rubbing her shoulder. She glances at me with that face. “It felt really good.”

Hearing her say that makes me feel good. Not really in a sexual way. There's no other way of saying it. I don't know why, but it does. Still. If that's the case, I should do something for her.

“Would you like me to help?” I bring a hand over to her shoulder.

My fingers overlap with hers. After Aya blinks, her eyes widen just a hair's width.

“Oh.” She's amused. “Do you know how?”

“I'm not great at it. But if you'd let me.” I move my hand on her shoulder as her hand leaves. “Lie face down.”

A chuckle later, Aya falls slow to her side before rolling onto her stomach. I look down at her backside, hidden under the few crumples of her skirt. Her legs kick upward from her knees. I lean over her body with a low murmur asking for permission. I don't say anything, it's more a grumble by clearing my throat.

“What?” Aya turns her head to her other cheek, looking back at me. “Go ahead and get on top.”

There's a sigh that came out with her voice, edging her tone. I don't know if she meant it, but it was there.

Lifting a leg over her, I lower myself above her tailbone.

Soft. Like I'm crushing her. There's a solid hardness under the skin. The floor. But it's her body. It's soft.

I lean over, pressing my hands on the edge of her back near her shoulders. The balls of my palms press inward, the soft layer a thin coat over the stiff muscle underneath. Aya holds in a groan through her shut lips. I lift my arms somewhat, reducing the weight on her body. Her bottom wiggles under my waist, her hips brushing against my inner thighs. The blankets sift under our bodies. I blow a sigh through my mouth. When the muscles of my palm knead her shoulders, the pressure in her body cracks and bends under my hands.

Aya's waiting. What am I doing right now? I'm not asking that in the physical sense like a crazy person. I'm just...curious about the level of comfort between us. Comparing us now to before. I always come back to thinking about it. And I'm...not surprised, but I have to find interest in it. Then there's the question of a normal relationship. Not that I would know what couples do. Or would any couple explain what we should do.

With a groan here and there, Aya rocks her body forward and back across the floor.

It's a massage. But her voice stirs something in the pit of my stomach.

“What?” She takes a deep breath. My hands lift with her back. “Something wrong?”

I press down. Aya's lungs jolt with air. It's almost a moan. My fingers wrap over her shoulder.


“No. Just thinking.”



It's a mix of comfort and discomfort. That's the feeling.

“What about us?”

Aya grunts into a moan as I push with my palms. The pressure crackles in her body, and I adjust my hands under her shoulder blades.

Ahn.” It's an erotic voice, no question. With a chuckle. “You're good at this.”

“Anyone can do it.”

“And who's willing to do it for me?”

Aya breathes in. I push down on her back as she breathes out. Cracking. Popping. And another moan.

Do you have to moan?

I stare at her nape. And push down again.

“So,” Aya holds in a grunt, “what about us?”

“What irritated you about me?”

It's an actual question.


I stop as Aya squirms.

“Are you okay?” I hover my hands over her back.

Aya lies her head on the other cheek. “Just a little sore.”

“I'll be more careful.”

“Don't be.”


“Really. It feels really good.”

Aya's laugh rumbles through where I'm sitting.

That phrase is becoming really common.

“It was different before.” She turns onto her side. I take my hands off of her body as Aya squirms until I'm sitting on her stomach, her back on the floor. “You white wolf tengu ignore the troubles of others, stubborn in your ways.”

She's answering my question.

“What's wrong with that?”

“What do you think is wrong with that?”

“How would I know?”

“It's that.” Aya brings a hand to my thigh, dragging it up. Her forefinger points at my stomach beside my belly button. “You wolves fail to think about others. Stuck thinking about things from your perspectives.”

My hand falls on her arm, my other hand sitting on my thigh. “It's not like we don't know how others are.”

“But you can't understand why other people think they way they do.” Aya's knees rise as her legs bend, her thighs rubbing against my backside. “You couldn't understand. You just happen to wonder more than others. But it doesn't change the fact that you struggle to consider different opinions. Or sympathize with them.”

I see. I admit I have my own thoughts about the way the mountain is. Or what or who is allowed on the mountain. Even with Aya, it's difficult to predict what she'll do. Not even a general idea. But.

“So that's why you treated me like that?” I stare down at Aya.

“I feel like we've talked about this before.”

“I'm asking about us before all of this.”

Aya's mouth pauses for a few seconds. Her eyes flick down, somewhere down my body. Then she looks back at me.

“I was attracted to you a long time ago.”

...I know she was. But something about her saying that still surprises me.

“So what was wrong with me?”

“It's not that something was wrong with you.” Aya shows that to me. “It's more like you had a problem with me.”

“Because you were always heckling me.”

“Because you wouldn't listen to me.”

I resist snorting. “Listen to you make fun of me?”

“Make fun of the absurd things you thought were right?” Aya counters.

I'm not going to say “I was right”. I'm not going to say “I was right”. Think.

“We can't just let people into the mountain.”

“They're just passing through.”

“We can't let the mountain become a laughing stock to look at.”

“They were just setting up a tourist set-up for humans.”

“We don't need the humans to survive.”

“Yet we trade with the kappas.” That grows more on her face. “And we even rely on Reimu at times.”

“And what if you're not right?” My lungs fuel the volume behind my voice.

Aya sits up, arms supporting her. She stares up into my face.

“And that's why I'm so interested in the truth.”

Her eyes shine with the small light in the room. The gloss clean and without a hint of clouds within the iris. The small, black crevices in the red, but not uneven or unhealthy. A pattern radiating around the center, like a sigil instead of an eye.

...The details attract me.

“Do you know,” Aya raises a finger to the corner of my mouth, “that you go really quiet when you're thinking hard?”

I blink on purpose. “How would I know that?”

“Because you stare. Just thought you should know.”

Her fingernail scratches down to my chin, before slipping off the skin and to her side.

It's not seduction. It's teasing.

I know that well. But if she didn't have the thought that maybe I'd play with her, then she wouldn't do it in the first place. Wouldn't she?

She has to know that much.

So I speak.

“Lie down.”


But that's on her face.

“Lie down.” I put my hands on her shoulders.

I don't say it with aggression. I'm not planning anything sexual, either. Not really.

“What are you about to do?” Aya allows me to turn her on her front.

I ask with my hands, and she closes her eyes while her hands help me take off her shirt.

I haven't figured out how to ask. But I remembered something my father told me about. Something she did with my mother when they were in a relationship. I admit I didn't think I'd ever do what she did. My father's voice told much about how serious she was about my mother. Maybe I hated the instinct. The idea that “I'm a wolf, so I'd do that sort of thing.” I also think Aya wouldn't be too excited about doing it, either.

But it's because I...think Aya's special, that I'll ask.

“Hey.” Aya's eyes open. “Something on your mind?”

“Can I...?”


The nail of my thumb scratches a spot at the edge of her neck and shoulder. Aya squirms, but I'm not scratching hard enough to make a mark.

Speaking of which.

“Can I mark you?”

I see Aya blink twice in a second. Two flickers as she takes in what I said.

“You know, even I'm a bit spent from earlier.” Aya makes a joke. I think. “I don't really mind if it happens again.”

The front of my thumb rubs in a circle where I was scratching her.

“Is that a no?”

“What are you going to do?”


“...Do you know?” My Aya sense alerts me. “About marking?”

“Hmmm. I won't like the messy one, though.”

My parents didn't either. I know there are at least two ways. And my father only taught me one.

“Just let me know if it's uncomfortable.”

I lean over and lick her back. Aya sighs. Though I keep an eye on Aya, she watches from the corner of her eye. As much as she can. Her shoulder raises up and against my tongue. I lap over her shoulder, then angle toward her neck. Aya's back rises and falls as she breathes. My nose nudges against her hair. I swallow for a second to wet my tongue, then drag myself to the other side of her back.

Aya's leg slides over and behind my knee. “How much?”

“Just a light marking.” I speak through her spine. “So the upper back.”

“Is that a rule?”

“...My father taught me.”

I paint over her back with my mouth. Not the tip. A full press of the tongue. Until the dryness scrapes through my mouth. My scent, my essence, in a sense. In that sense.

“Your dad?” Aya laughs twice.

I scratch her back light with my teeth. “I didn't expect myself to go this far, either.”

“But you're doing it right now?”

I nip at her spine with my lips, then my teeth. Of course, I don't leave marks. I rub my nose where I've covered her. A dual purpose of spreading my mark and sniffing to making sure my scent is there.

Aya's foot rubs down my leg. “I thought you'd hate this sort of thing.”

“I do. But I know it's special.”

I lap out toward Aya's sides, nearing her kidneys. My mouth sucks at the side of her stomach, planting more of myself on her skin.

“Then why do something you hate? And should I turn around?”

Aya shifts on her side, sitting with her waist. I answer by licking close to her bellybutton. Then, I bite her hip. Letting my teeth graze off of her skin, I look up to meet her eyes.

“I'm doing it because you're special.”

Voicing my thoughts. My face is hot now. That sounded really strange.

But Aya's eyes are wide open. She blinks, but they stay open.

I don't even get to blink myself before Aya lifts me closer to her face with her legs. I support my body by planting my hands on the ground, both pressed beside each side of Aya's head. One of Aya's arms slips over my shoulder on my back.

“That sounded really dumb.”

Contrary to her words, she kisses me.

Very hard. Involved. Full.

I don't hesitate to fight back, pushing my tongue into my pleasure and fetish. My lungs force me to make noise as I taste every portion of Aya's mouth.

I can smell Aya. Clearly. Maybe that's partly because I can't breathe through my mouth. Even though Aya's sighing through into me. I taste warmth, her tongue, and the trickle of saliva that's quite addicting to me. Addicting, because her tongue is both firm and soft. But nothing like the texture of a liquid, that smacks against anything it touches. I know Aya's wrapping her legs around mine. But my mind fills with the sensations happening elsewhere.

Aya pulls away to take a breath. As soon as I take one, she kisses me again.

We both tilt our heads to get that angle. Move our tongues faster or slower to catch that instant of contact. Hold our breaths for one second, or two, or longer, before breathing through ourselves. An endless combination of Aya, or me, or both of our actions with different outcomes. And with every outcome, some quantity of pleasure runs down and up my back. Building desire. Or in words that I can understand in the practical sense, getting me close to coming.

I realize it with that thought.

I really am a mouth fetishist.

It's because we're only kissing that I 'm aware of my own groan when I come. I muffle Aya's questioning surprise when I cover her mouth with my own, with no room for any more kissing. My tongue bends up into her mouth, frozen from the orgasm bursting through my head. My nose is breathing hard, unlike Aya who's breathes normal and calm. I see the small surprise in Aya's face turn into that. As my body returns control to me after my orgasm, I realize she understands why she saw me come.

When I pull back from her mouth, Aya licks her lips and swallows.

“Who was marking who?”

...I'll admit my own fetish. But I'm not letting her enjoy it to the fullest.

“I don't need to mark you anywhere else. Considering everything we've done so far.”

Aya responds by shifting her legs between mine. Twisting her feet over my legs.

For a tengu reporter that flies most of the time, she really knows how to move her lower body.

I flick one of her feet off of my legs. Aya laughs to herself, placing an arm on her forehead.

“Hey. Do you feel it?”

We're staring at each other as she asks me that.

“What, exactly?”

“It's not active.” Aya trails her other hand between my breasts. “But you should be able to sense the heat period.”

Cautious for a second, I focus on my body.

If it activated, I'd know. But as it is, I have to look inside myself from a mental perspective to sense the heat period. Just like last time.

“Feel anything?” Aya keeps her eyes on me.

I do feel it. Actually, it's throbbing. But it's more...how to say, recessed? Not like hearing your own heart. To a lesser extent. Like instead putting your hand over someone else's chest and feeling their heart beat instead.

“I do.” I answer Aya. “But is it because we took care of it earlier?”

Aya's hand moves onto my hip. “Well, I'm not sure. Considering that day we went to Hatate's house, not that much time's passed.”

“Then why is it like this?” I check the slow throb of the heat period within me.

“Who knows? Maybe it's the power of love?”

Aya makes another joke.

My ear twitches as something knocks in the distance. A knock on the door. I ask first.

“Were you expecting someone?”

“Why would I be expecting anyone?”

My eyes narrow, but I push myself to my feet.

“Is anyone here?”

Hatate's voice.

But Aya turns over to her side, closing her eyes. A weight pulls harder in my eyes.

“Do I have to get that?”

“Should I get that?”

Aya emphasizes the “I”.

Checking my clothes to make sure nothing looks too informal, I make my way to the door. Hatate's fist hooks onto her hip as I open it.


Aya's behind me.

If you were going to get up, why didn't you just open the door? Especially considering what we went over about the heat period.

But more important.

“Is something wrong?” I spot the folds of weariness under Hatate's eyes.

Hatate's back hunches a centimeter forward after a breath. “Lord Tenma wanted to remind you to come over when you could.”

“Business?” Aya stands next to me.

“Sounds like it.” Hatate shrugs. “Although I was just supposed to remind you if I got the chance. And seeing that I was passing by....”

Since the Chief wanted to talk to me, Hatate probably wouldn't have come over if it was Aya who needed to be told. I guess it's a good thing that she did for me.

“Thanks.” I nod.

I'd offer Hatate to come inside, but it's Aya's home. I don't want to take a look at Aya in case Hatate gets even more conscious, but I notice Aya throw her palm upward beside her.

“Come inside?” She shortens the amount of words. “We already finished dinner, but I suppose I can make something.”

I watch Hatate straighten up, eyes opening a hair's width. But she shakes her head.

“No, I'm actually going out to gather some information.”


It's surprising enough Aya even offered. So I can't really say anything about the blunt way she accepted Hatate's explanation.

“But,” Hatate turns around, preparing to fly off, “I think I'll come over if I get the chance.”


Aya repeats herself, and I also nod in farewell. As Hatate becomes a speck in the sky, Aya sighs beside me.

“Boss might have something to say, huh?”

“Do you think it's important?” I ask due to Aya's better relationship and understanding of the Chief.

“Well, the way she put it that night, it sounded like it was. Might not be urgent, but could still be something she wants to talk to you about.”

“Don't you mean `we`?”

I don't think the Chief would mind if Aya came along. Unless it was absolutely private.

“I was under the impression she wanted to talk to you alone.”

“I don't want to leave you out of it.”

I spoke before I thinking of my reason for saying it. Aya doesn't respond. When I turn to her, she's staring straight at me.

“Are you sure,” That expression appears on her face, “that I'm the one who's hard to understand?”

“It's a phase.”

That's all I can say. I'll need more time to think on it if I want to explain it better.

“Then what now?” Aya taps her foot. “There's still enough time to go meet her.”

“You want me to go alone?”

“I have things to wash.”

My eyes move over to where Aya's looking. The pile of clothes and other items near the wall. Apron included.

...I'm not saying I feel guilty, but Aya has been doing most of the housework. Granted, I'm still on “vacation”, and this is Aya's house. But it wouldn't feel right if I let Aya do everything.

Maybe I did feel a bit guilty about the apron.

I speak first. “The Chief won't mind night visits, will she?”

“She's the chief.” Aya laughs at her friend. “Boss is there until she feels like she needs a break.”

I look over at Aya.
[] I'll wash the clothes myself. The Chief can wait a little longer.
[] I'll help wash the clothes with you. We'll visit the Chief together.
[] If Aya has chores to do, then I'll go talk to the Chief alone.
[] Chores can wait. Let's go visit the Chief.


Probably not going to call this time due to being busy. I'll plan on just popping the update. Unless the votes are very close for some reason.
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[X] I'll help wash the clothes with you. We'll visit the Chief together.
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[X] I'll help wash the clothes with you. We'll visit the Chief together.
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[X] I'll help wash the clothes with you. We'll visit the Chief together.
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Are you still alive? This romance/H story is really nice, it'd be bad to lose it.
Anyway, vote:

[x] I'll help wash the clothes with you. We'll visit the Chief together.
Pretty useless, but I'll do it anyway.
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Updating within the next 12 hours.

Moving to a temporary location over the summer and had to re-install internet. I will admit the month before was a bit lazy on my part, though.
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File 149801419393.jpg - (125.46KB, 850x722, 211223382cc932acf9f98d4f157a8bd0.jpg)
[X] I'll help wash the clothes with you. We'll visit the Chief together.

I need sprites.


“So, is that all there is?”

I eye the clothes and other items by the far wall.

It's not a pile more than it is an expanded mat of laundry.

Aya gives the would-be pile a quick glance before looking back at me and shrugging.

“Not going to see Boss?”

“We'll do that together.”

Aya's eyes turn my way, arms crossed.

“And the reason for that is?”

“Do I need a reason?” I stare right back at her.

Aya shrugs before walking over to the pile of clothes. After she takes as much as she can, I follow and grab the rest of the clothes.

The scent isn't dirty. It's Aya and sex. A filling scent that shoots a tremor in underneath the skin of my back. There's no exact detail, like a sweetness or a tart sting. It's a scent imprinted on my mind as “arousing”.

I look up. Aya's staring at me. A curious face asking “Why are you looking at my clothes for so long?”

I clear my throat. “Let's go.”

Not even three seconds after flying from her house, Aya leads from my right.


I don't know for sure. What she's actually asking, I mean.

“What is?”

“The scent.”

I swallow. But I cut my eyes over at Aya.

“When you can't help what you are, you pick up on it even if you don't want to.”

“But not when you're interested in it?”

She's being vague on purpose. And so am I.

“I stopped, didn't I?” I compromise.

A laugh sniffs from Aya's nose.

“But you did it.”

The wind passing by helps dull the scent. But I'm honest when I say I can't help what comes into my nose's range.

“Should I apologize?” I spot the waterfall in the distance.

“No. Not if you can't help it.”

There's teasing, and then there's truth. A fun jab while reminding me.

“So how do we do this?” Landing near the water, I hold on to the clothes while standing on my rock.

“Next to the water is fine.”

Two more large rocks to my right, Aya places her pile on the water's surface in front of her. With a flick of her hand, her fan unfolds in her fingers. With her other hand, she sprinkles something onto her the wet clothes. Two steps over to me, she does the same with the pile I placed into the water.


That's all Aya says before sweeping slow with her fan arm, her knuckle brushing against the air. The resulting gust blows through the water. The small pond splits in two, and the two piles begin to swirl in collected whirlpools. A fragrance rises into my nose. Bubbles froth over the clothes and surface of the water. Aya turns to me and sits down on the rock with her legs straight, fanning herself.

“Now, we wait.” A smile creeps onto her face.

I raise my eyebrow. “That's it?”

“That's it. Well, besides drying.” Aya shrugs. “But that just involves hanging them by my house.”

I turn to the twisting whirlpool of clothes.

Certainly different from hand washing, that's for certain. Though, that's a dedicated job for the tengu assigned to cleaning duty.

But more important.

“...What do you think the Chief wants to talk about?” I shift my eyes to Aya, who's lying on her side with her arm as a pillow.

Aya shifts her head on her arm to look at me. “Who knows. More heat period talk? Or maybe something worse?”

“Something worse?”

“Hmmm.” Aya hums to herself for a moment, looking up at the sky. But no more than three seconds later, she looks back at me. “Well, if we're this far together, it wouldn't hurt to say.”

“What is it?” I want her to say it.

“The rest of the mountain.”

I wait for her to continue. And Aya laughs once to let me know that she will.

“I don't think it needs to be said,” Aya's geta rubs against the rock below her, “that I'm not very well liked.”

I think I understand. But I let Aya finish.

“So if you're with me, there's going to be a lot of complaints.”

It's not as though I disagree with her.

“But I doubt that our relationship could cause that much trouble.” I speak my thoughts.

“I don't care.” Aya sighs. “If.”


“If I didn't see it myself.”

I hold my breath.

“See what?”

“This. See for yourself.”

Aya plays with her own words as I follow Aya's eyes somewhere above us. And above us, a figure flies down to where we are. Dressed like a tengu. No, she is a tengu. Another white wolf tengu. A peer.


We don't bow or do anything special. A simple greeting suffices.

“Momiji.” Her narrowed eyes pierce further than normal. Each strand of white hair flickers over them, attracting more focus to the deep brown than normal.

There's also no reason to approach with sword and shield in hand, unless she's on duty. Which I don't think is the case. This location is actually hidden from our area of vision.

“I caught your scent.” The other white wolf tengu glares at Aya, before settling back on me.

“What for?”

I skip “why”.

“You're with her?”

I glance over at Aya. Aya herself doesn't react or respond, instead looking away with a disinterested twist of her lips. A smile, making fun of something that shouldn't need to be entertained. She speaks with that smile.

“Boss's article.”

I understand. Everyone has to know by now. Especially as it's something written by the Chief herself. If it's not a rule or order, then it's information. And if it's information, everyone should know. Aside from those involved, of course, but maybe I should have tried to look into it. For anyone involved with a chief's article, it's more formality than rule to know.

Even so. It doesn't change my current feelings.

“And what if I am with Aya?” I challenge.

There is a part of my instinct and nature coming out. But the majority is still my freedom. My choice.

Nezuna's mouth twists enough to show her fangs. “What would your parents think?”

“It's not your concern.” I stay calm.

An aggressive calm.

“So then when will it stop?” I know she's mentioning Aya's lack of interest for those from the mountain. “We let you do it, then who else?”

“I've done nothing to betray anyone.” My heart begins to pound.

Nezuna hovers closer. “Even if you stop caring with her?”

“I haven't stopped caring, either.” A heated breath leaks with my voice.

“How long until you do?” She swings her sword, the wind whipping around the motion. “While you're on vacation, living and listening to her?”

An attack on two fronts. The questions are: Why am I still on vacation, and how is it I'm willing to understand Aya's mind. Able to, in a different sense.

I understand. Especially because the concept of heat periods isn't understood by most tengu. And of those on the mountain, Aya, the Chief, and I appear to know the most.

But to anyone else? To Nezuna, who maintains both the traditional view and tackles obstacles head-on? I don't think she can understand so easily. I don't even think she knows anything about the heat period. From what I can tell, the Chief didn't seem to write about that. Otherwise...Nezuna would be yelling about something else. I assume something along the lines of “weakness during the heat period”. It wouldn't be a fact, but an accusation.

“It's not,” I glare while repeating myself, “your concern.”

My eyes train on the hand on her sword. Tense. Even her thumb wraps around the edge of the handle. Nezuna and I stare each other down for a span of a few breaths.

“So, why?” Aya says.

Nezuna's eyes whip over to her.

“Why what?”

“Why,” Aya sits up, arm lying over her knees, “do you choose now to act openly hostile?”

Nezuna looks over at me for two seconds before speaking to Aya.

“You've already isolated yourself from the rest of us.”

As though to imply Aya isn't a part of the mountain.

“But now Momiji.” Nezuna shifts to me. “What else will happen if we keep turning a blind eye?”

Aya laughs. “I don't know where this business about breaking unity and tradition came from. But don't you think it's a bit absurd to treat it so seriously? Making it sound like it'll change the future or something like that.”

“That kind of attitude is exactly why we have to treat it seriously.”

“You treat it that way because you won't think about how to treat serious matters at all.”

Steel whips through the air as Nezuna brandishes her sword, adjusting her stance.

“Oh?” Aya remains seated, only stretching out a leg in response.

I take a step to my side toward Aya.

“And you think you're helping?” Nezuna snarls, almost shouting.

Aya's smile fails to break the tension. “Yeah. I do.”

“So why did you come here?” I slide closer to Aya. “Are you really planning on doing something as stupid as attacking your own?”

I act if an enemy premeditates or acts with hostility. But Nezuna's breathing is irregular. The kind that unleashes itself once her emotions drive her to believe she should act. I do believe strength demands a certain degree of respect. But if that's my stance, then hers is that strength proves itself through action. And for the white wolf tengu, the latter is closer to tradition than the former. Even if I don't believe it to be true.

“I didn't come here with that intention.” Nezuna breathes in and out. “But she makes it hard to resist.”

With a short chuckle, Aya rises beside me.

“I wasn't trying to start a fight.”

“But I do understand,” I turn to Aya with a smaller voice, “why she feels the way she does.”

“And why is that?” I can hear her smile.

Aya's newspaper isn't popular on the mountain. Why? Because the method of her information gathering and her reporting perspective challenges traditional ideology. Not that I'm an expert, but every tengu on the mountain has read a newspaper at least once. As for me, I've read more than several crow tengu newspapers. But it goes without saying Aya already stands out among crow tengu.

On top of that, Aya isn't very social with any of the mountain tengu. Visiting the human village. Talking with the miko and the magician. Most of Aya's time is spent off the mountain than on. Approaching her results in minimal conversation, and that opposes the mountain's tradition of unity—which is why Aya used that word specifically. From a normal mountain tengu's view, it's suspicious to distance oneself from the others.

But in short.

“Because it's you.” I answer Aya.

“If you understand that,” Nezuna speaks out, “then why are you together with her?”

I turn to her and reply the same.

“Because it's her.”

“I don't get it.” Nezuna snorts out.

“But I do.”

Aya leans over to her side, against my arm. My body stands firm, even with part of her weight on me.

Aya's words, along with that action, runs a warmth through my lungs. A good feeling. An empowering feeling.

“So if you can't understand that,” Aya goes on as she looks up at the troubled tengu, “then maybe you understand this much. That Momiji and I are together. And that shouldn't mean anything to the mountain.”

I can see Nezuna's teeth clench behind her closed mouth. The twitch of muscle tightening the corner of her lips.

Not accepting.

There's no reason to not understand. If it were just a matter of me and Aya, then maybe there would be more opposition to confront us. But it's just Nezuna. Which leads me to a guess.

“Do you hate Aya?”

A span of a breath passes, and Nezuna looks straight into my eyes.

“I do.”

“That's it?” Aya says with a twist of a smile. “I don't recall ever doing anything to her, though.”

“It's just what it is.” Nezuna laughs to herself. “The way you act. The way you treat others. Everything infuriates me.”

Then what about me?

“So I'm just an extension of Aya, now?”

“No,” Nezuna corrects me, “but of all of us white wolf tengu, I never thought you'd do something like start a relationship with Aya.”

“But I did.”

“Yes, you did.”

Nezuna swings her sword once downward.


That's all Aya says. But I know what she means. “What to do?” is the question.

At this point, it would be better to get rid of the problem immediately. That would involve getting into a fight. But it'd resolve the matter quickly. That's the thought, anyway. It'd certainly stop Nezuna from getting in our way­ again. Even if my own reputation suffers for it, unreasonable as it may be.

Nezuna swings her sword once around her hand, spinning the blade in a circle before her.

Maybe something more subtle. It wouldn't be scaring her off, but more intimidation. Threatening enough to show I'm serious about defending Aya and myself. Knowing Nezuna, she might not back off. I could make use of the heat period. I can feel it still within me. Maybe I can use it in a non-sexual way.

The clothes in the water slow down, the foam dissolving into smaller bubbles.

Or maybe I can persuade her. I don't have a lot of faith in doing so. But it'd save the most trouble for Aya and me in the future. As traditionalist as the tengu of the mountain are, we never attack each other. If Nezuna is enough of a fool to do so, then we stand in the right. If, I am unable to persuade her. And if, she decides to attack.

“Whatever you do,” Aya crosses her arms, “I'll help with.”

I gust of my frustration blows through my nose.
[] Challenge
[] Intimidate
[] Persuade


“An Attraction To A Man” still incoming. I admit laziness.
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I thought something like this would have happened sooner or later. Now, how to handle it?
Reading all three options carefully, it seems that the best one is trying to persuade her, at least for me. If it fails, we can still battle later. And it shows that we tried to go for the diplomacy route.

[X] Persuade

(Also - are all the other stories you have here stalled author?)
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At this point, yes. I think it's better for me to focus on this story for now.

I am sad.
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Wel as long as you'll resume working on them sooner or later is ok. Just don't overwork yourself.
Also bump since this update needs votes.
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File 150660644729.png - (2.92MB, 1800x1326, 47879651.png)
[X] Persuade

Struggling to even struggle, but if I was a better writer, it'd be no problem. Three months of pain, and more to come.


I'd rather not risk making trouble for Aya and myself. Not unless absolutely necessary.

“I'm giving you a fair warning,” I look up at Nezuna, “I will retaliate if you strike.”

“When did you become so weak?” Nezuna spurts out.

I hold my breath to endure the wave of anger crashing against my lungs.

A very immediate, and angering, question. Overly rude, and more than enough reason to start a fight between white wolf tengu. I'm only able to think through this because I know Nezuna more than a passing nod. How she's likely to ask such a question without thought of the consequences. A very predictable person, but not without her rightful pride.

A cool gust of air blows past my ear. I shiver, and notice Aya chuckle next to me.

“You okay?”

I would have recovered eventually. But her breath brings me back quicker.

My breath shudders. “Yeah.”

“It's sickening watching you two.”

Nezuna's words should anger me more, but my head is light. Relaxed. I'm calm enough to recall.

“Will you go against the Chief's decision?”

Nezuna's eyelids flick up a hair's width. A fraction of a broken second, but I catch the movement.


“You should know.” Something seeps into my voice, but I can't identify what. “You've read the Chief's article, haven't you? I haven't read it myself, but I know the contents. Aya and I have received the Chief's blessing.”

Nezuna's throat swallows. And then, she stutters.

“S-So what? That doesn't mean I can't approve of the two of you.”

...Does she not know?

“As traditional as the mountain should be,” Aya speaks quiet, as though I'm the only one here, “you'd think they'd know their own traditions. But that's expecting too much, huh?”

I sense the direction of the wind change. I whip around, and Nezuna's body is less than an arm's length from me. The muscles in her face tense as her eyes train on Aya. I see her sword fall, and my hand catches the blade before it meets half of the distance to Aya's face. Nezuna's eyes widen for a second. There's a dullness from the ball of my hand to the divide between my forefinger and middle finger. Then, I see something in the reflection of Nezuna's eyes.

Aya's. Opened wide. A frozen emotion that I can't name from the crimson red in the reflection.

I don't get more time to think before Nezuna's eyes turn to me. And when they do, a gust of wind bursts behind me past my side. Nezuna's body barrels into the sky.

I didn't do that. Of course I didn't.

“What do you think you're doing?”

Aya's hand grabs my wrist. She lifts my hand into our view, between our faces. I realize the red in my hand is the blood releasing from a fresh cut.

Although not dripping yet, it's not a serious injury. I can't feel anything from my hand, but that's my body's instinctual durability rising from danger. But I understand. The reason Aya's eyebrows slant like that is because I didn't need to protect her.


A wild cry cuts me off. Aya's figure blurs before I can turn. When I do, two bodies fall from the sky behind the trees closest to the waterfall. I shoot into the sky above the trees and see Aya's back from above. My feet touch the grass when Aya's hand clenches on Nezuna's throat. Nezuna glares up at Aya, hands gripping at the arm choking her as her legs kick at her. I take a step toward them.

“Aya, stop.”

But Aya doesn't turn to me.

There's a smile on her face. But that's all I'm familiar with. I'm not foolish. I know she's like this because of Nezuna's brash action. So with the dead silence, the pressuring wind surrounding us, I reach out toward Aya. Nezuna's grunts, struggling to free herself from Aya. Her fingers scratch against the arm pushing down. But other than the pink marks, she doesn't draw blood on Aya. I grab Aya's shoulder.


I shake her, and Aya's fingers relax. Her hand curls, giving the tengu underneath room to gasp. Aya breathes again.

I wasn't even aware she had stopped breathing until she started again.

Aya takes another deep breath while her arm drags to her side. Her body floats high enough for her legs to unfold, so she can stand above Nezuna. A single laugh sniffs from Aya.

“Well. It's like that, huh?”

I don't say anything, but stare down at Nezuna. She releases one more cough before looking over at me. Her eyes sink down. Thinking. For a few seconds. She doesn't look back up.

“What's going on.”

...She doesn't understand. It's not a question. She's not willing to believe she's weaker than Aya.

I keep staring down at her. “You realize you'll be in the wrong.”

Nezuna shuts her eyes, wrinkles forming from the brow.

“It's all Aya's fault.”

“You should know better than to draw your blade.”

Her teeth grind while she glares at me. A muscle bulges in her jaw.

She refuses to believe she's wrong. It's an admirable trait. But that's only so long as she's on the side of logic and reason. As long as her belief is “right”. A confidence that shows in the heat of battle. But against someone stronger and more clever....

“Why?” Nezuna raises and slams the butt of her fist onto the dirt.

“`Why?` That's simple, isn't it?”

Aya keeps looking down at Nezuna, but her eyes aren't quite staring at her.

“It's because you won't see what's true and what's not.”

Despite the smile on her face. Despite the pleasant tone that sounds as though it were normal to know that. There was a sigh that leaked out as she spoke. I don't need supernatural hearing to hear that much. In Nezuna's state, not to mention her thoughts on Aya, she wouldn't be able to notice.

”It's hard to understand you.”

...Is that it? Is it like that? This attempt, this unfamiliarity. I think it was somewhat odd Aya decided to respond at all to Nezuna. But it's not just that Aya speaks out. It's an unconscious change. A sudden change, in relation to someone who lives as long as she does.

The cause of it all...is me.

My hand clenches and relaxes. My wound bleeds, but not in a mess. Aya's eyes look over. Down, then up at me.

“We should take care of that.”

I nod. I glance at Nezuna. But before I can say what I want to say, she speaks first.

“Why did you choose Aya?”

I understand the question. She's curious. But, that's not something I can put into words. At least, not at this moment.

When she doesn't get an answer from me, Aya speaks instead.

“Does it matter why?” Aya crosses her arms. “What will you do if you knew?”

After hearing this, Nezuna turns onto her side. Her arm thuds against the earth, her fist tightening.

“I can't believe it. I can't believe it....”

Her breathing grows harsh. Her fist trembles, and her hip twists. Her body grinds against the ground.

“With her? Momiji? Momiji....”

I blink. I turn to Aya. Aya's eyes twitch narrow for an instant.

“Momiji...Momijiii....” Nezuna continues to murmur. Her voice slurs, and she lets out a slower breath.

I smell heat. The heavy scent that singes the inside of one's nose. It's not something I was familiar with. Not until I began living with Aya.

“What's going on?” I ask Aya for an explanation.

An explanation better than my initial guess. But it can't be.

Aya's not smiling anymore. “I...don't quite understand, either.”

I take a step back in preparation as Nezuna snaps to her feet. When she lunges, I raise my arm to defend. Aya's arm swings beside me. Before Nezuna can wind her arm back to reach out, her spine curves as wind throws her backwards. I leap forward to pursue, but Aya darts forward quicker than me.

“Stay back.” Is all I hear Aya say while she stands between me and Nezuna.

Aya's arm remains outstretched as Nezuna hangs suspended in the air, her wrists bound together in place above her head. Her fingers bend in an agitated form, not unlike a beast itching to claw at its prey. Even her mouth parts in a snarled manner, panting in deep breaths. Nezuna's legs and feet swing and kick. Hard enough that her getas dislodge and fall to the ground. Nezuna continues to pant. She leans her neck forward, her mouth opening as though to bite me.

My eyebrows twitch from the surprise.

Is it a heat period? How can that be?

“Just a question.” Aya's hand grasps the air. Holding the non-existent chain keeping Nezuna suspended, wrists tied together.

I answer as Aya takes a step to address me. Her sides face both me and Nezuna


“She doesn't happen to like you, does she?”

To that, I'm confident.

“Not that I'm aware of. Unless it's a complete surprise.”

“Yeah, I didn't think so either.”

I'm sure. There's no way Nezuna would stay quiet about a subject like that. If she even cared about it.

While I think, Aya's smile returns to her face.

“What an interesting development.”

Nezuna continues to kick and struggle without success.

Maybe, somehow, Nezuna did have something for me. But if she didn't, then what's happening to her now?

“Is this a heat period?” I decide to confirm with Aya.

“I'm not certain.” She answers. “I've never seen this before. It shows some signs of a heat period, but....”

If it is a heat period....I'm concerned.

“Will she be okay?”

Aya blinks. “It's a heat period.”

Her eyes shift to me.

The way she said it. She knows I know how to make it okay. We both know.

A familiar scent rises through my nose. Not from the situation, but from noticing someone approaching. No, not just someone. Two. I recognize one, her descent quick toward us.

What is going on here.” The Chief says rather than asks.

But my muscles freeze when I identify the second person.

She lands, sash flipping between her legs from the force of her descent. When she steps forward, the earth vibrates under my feet. Her hands grab my shoulders, her frown almost fooling me that she's angry instead of concerned. But the glare of the yellow in her eyes I recognize, her clothes similar to mine as a white wolf guard. The embroidered black, red, and yellow thread over the simple white proves her superior status.

“What happened? I could smell the bloodshed from Lord Tenma's place.” My father digs her fingers into my shoulders. With a twitch of her nose, her eyes dart to my hand as she takes my wrist into hers. When she leans forward to inspect and smell me, I sniff my nose away as her hairs brush over my face.

I hold in my surprise as to why my father is even here. “I'm fine. I'm more worried about Nezuna....”

My father's eyes narrow for an instant of a blink. Not quite in reaction to my words. The reaction of noticing something else. I hear Aya call the Chief.

“We tried to be friendly.” Aya says while tilting her head to point in Nezuna's direction.

She steadies the hand suppressing Nezuna, who thrusts and swings her body forward with grunts and shouts. The Chief glances over and looks down and up at the captive. My father and I glance over as the Chief takes a long, slow draft from her pipe.

“Is that why I can smell the wind-bite from here? Masks whatever this is really well.”

The smoke clouds over toward Nezuna's face. The Chief takes three steps before her head tilts back to observe the tengu's face.

“So.” She turns to Aya, tipping her pipe toward Nezuna. “What the hell is this?”

Aya's gaze wanders over to my father and I.

“An unfortunate heat period.”

My father's posture straightens an inch. The miniscule rising of her nose tells of her sensing what Aya's said.

“It seems,” My father's eyes flick over from Nezuna to Aya, “there's something I need to know? ”


I didn't mean to speak first. Why did I?

I cough and clear my throat. But Aya clears hers louder.

“May we take care of this first?” Aya looks over to the Chief, who blows another cloud of smoke into the air.

“Aaah, damn it. I'm tired of writing already. Maybe I should consider getting an assistant.”

“This would only be the second article you'd have written in a decade.”

“It would be great if it were that simple.”

The Chief takes a few steps in front of Nezuna before raising a hand. Placing her palm over Nezuna's face, avoiding the teeth biting at her, the muscles in her arm tense for a second. Another few seconds pass, and Nezuna falls asleep. My father lowers her head, waiting for the Chief's next command.

“Well, put it this way.” The Chief turns her head toward me while hoisting Nezuna over her shoulder. “I can't ignore this matter now that it's happened. I'm sure this young fool was in the wrong. Even so, we've got to fix the problem.” There's a slight sigh when she says “we”.

I understand what she's saying. That doesn't mean I like the implication.

“What should I do?” My father keeps her head lowered.

The Chief adjusts Nezuna while sticking her pipe upright in her chest. “If this concerned anyone but your daughter, I'd say do whatever you want. But because it's your daughter, I would ask you to stand by. Your usual room is still vacant if you want to use it. Otherwise, you could live in your daughter's home for now.”

My father remains silent, but the corner of her eye twitches through shut lids.

...She probably knew by my scent that I was living with Aya. But with the former statement, there's no way she doesn't know now.

“Then, if it's fine,” My father speaks, still bowing, “I'll remain in my room. I'd like to be there if my daughter will be visiting.”


With a nod, the Chief looks between me and Aya.

“You two, come by before the night if possible. I would've liked to tell you before this happened, but...can't avoid it if it already happens.”

“Got it, Boss.”

I nod back. “As you wish.”

The Chief narrows her eyes at me with my reply, but flies into the sky without saying anything else. My father stands back straight, with a glance at Aya.

“Sorry if my daughter caused any problems.”

“Would you like a moment with her?” Aya offers my father.

A knot tightens in my ribs.

Part of that knot is uncertainty toward my father's acceptance. Another is the resulting fear from a negative possibility of that uncertainty. The last is wondering what Aya thinks of my father. I have no reason to believe the worst of that. But if what just happened with Nezuna is anything to draw conclusions from....

“No, Lord Tenma told me about your relationship before this.” My father shrugs with a tilt of her head. “I was surprised when I heard Momiji found someone. But if there's anything I need to say, I'll say it in front of you, too.”

“And? Is there anything to say?”

Don't smile even a little when you say that, Aya.

The yellow in my father's eyes thin a centimeter as she looks over in my direction. Then, she kneels down on one leg.

“It's an honor for you to take my daughter in your care.”

I want to say something, but it's not really my place to do so. With a glance at me, Aya speaks instead.

“My. How much has she said about me?”

“No, Lord Tenma thought she needed to tell me about you, after considering the situation.”

Aya sighs, blowing at the hairs on her forehead.

“I guess it would be. Not like I was planning to make that a secret to you, since it's about Momiji.”

“No need for that,” My father looks over at me, “since your mother reads the newspapers.”


That's the first word I can muster after this long.

“Write her a letter, alright?”

“I will.”

“And with that,” My father yawns, hand her on neck, “I'll try to rest now that I'm on temporary leave from duty. That's the whole reason I came back in the first place.”

“Then take care...Father.” Aya bows.

But I don't think you can say that yet, can you?

My father's fingers jerk, but she also can't say much against Aya.

“Too soon?” Aya places her fist near her mouth, the joint of her forefinger rubbing her lips.

My father blows from her nose. “Yeah. Just a bit.”

I bow to my father as she floats up towards the sky. She looks over at Aya one more time.

“We'll have to find some time for all of us to meet sometime.”

“Will do.”


With that, my father turns to fly away. But before she does.

“Oh yeah, before I forget.”

My father turns back around.

“Might just be because I'm older. But white wolf tengus can understand a lot more than you think from their senses. Not just what, but how.” My father slows down at the end.

...Ugh. I would rather my father say it directly.

“I'll keep that in mind.” I can hear Aya's grin without looking at her.

I'm sure she already knew that. Probably better than I do.

My father flies off toward the Chief's place. When the speck of my father disappears into the mountain, Aya whispers over to me, arms crossed.

“So what's your mother like, by the way?”

The question forms an entire ball of knots in my stomach.

“She's...a curious person.”

“A curious person?”

How to explain it in another five words or less?

“An overprotective mother.”

Aya raises an eyebrow. “How's that different from your father?”

“I can understand my father.”

“Ah. I see.”

With a laugh, Aya lets the subject go.

“I suppose we should grab the clothes, shouldn't we?”

In the back of my mind, I remember about that.

“Will they be okay? We left them for quite a while.”

“Then it's good we took care of this before the sun went down. I'm sure we won't need them until tonight anyway.”

I would rather not think about it, but I can't not do so considering the truth behind that statement.


“So. Ever...well, `practice` with your dad?”


Aya and I are hanging clothes outside of her house near the support pillars. Multiple strings hang a mix of Aya's skirts and my hakamas on one line, and a multitude of white shirts on another below.

“With my father? No, why would I...?”

I actually don't know what Aya's talking about.

“I was only wondering.”

Before Aya continues, I cut in.

“Why would you think I did that? Was that something normal that happened in the past?”

“Actually, it was.” Aya's reply stuns me for a second, wet shirt in my hands. “It wasn't exclusive to white wolf tengu. Parents did it as a way of teaching their children proper mating technique.”

My eyebrows weigh down on my face.

Although I consider myself to be somewhat understanding of other cultures, I don't quite tolerate anything that doesn't agree with my values. But what Aya's saying is that tengu used to...do that.

“Obviously,” Aya chuckles at my silent contemplation, “they don't do it now. I don't quite remember when the change occurred.”

I stay silent, hanging another shirt on the line in front of my legs.

“Just wondering. If something odd happened and your heat period did something strange, I wanted to be prepared.”

“Wait. What are you saying? What does this have to do with my heat period? Prepared for what?”

I can feel the hard stare I'm giving Aya. She returns a softer stare with a slight lift of her lips.

“I'm saying, if it acted up and your father somehow went into heat, would you help her out too? Because you're likely going to have to help out your friend.”

“I don't even know how I'm supposed to help her. I mean, I know what I need to do, but the specifics....”

The point is.

“We don't even know if it'll help, or even how much it will.” I gather my thoughts about Nezuna's condition. “And why should I be concerned about my father? Are you trying to cause an incident there?”

“That's why I said `what if`. I'm not trying to support the outcome, you know.” Aya steps closer to me, our arms close to touching. “But if you're not prepared, what's the point of thinking in the first place?”

“No, that's not the problem.”

“And I'm saying, `what if it does become a problem?` It's not like it's happened.”

“I thought you said the heat period becomes worse if I focus about people too much?” The frustration starts to leak from my voice.

“That's true.” Aya shrugs off my frustration with a calm voice. “But that doesn't mean you can't control it, can you? And what I'm more worried about is what happens to people who are close to you, rather than you yourself.”

So, what Aya's saying is....

“Is my heat period getting worse?”

“I wouldn't put it that way.” Aya brushes off something on one of my clothes. “I'd look at it more as a side effect. The heat period isn't like a sickness more than it is a natural part of tengu. Or animals in general, if we're going that far. `Hormones`, as humans would call it.”

“And what makes you think my own father would...might, act like Nezuna?”

“That's what I'm unsure about. I don't know.”

Aya's bare arm brushes against my sleeve.

...But for my own father, though? I'm not too sure. I mean, I love her enough to place my life on the line if she's in danger. But if it hurts our relationship....Ngh. Would I be willing to do that? Hatate did it for me when I was dealing with the heat period myself. And Nezuna seems like she'll need my help. But if my heat period causes my own father to undergo that same experience....

[] No, she's my father. I couldn't do that.
[] I guess if it can't be helped, I would.

“Well, that's a what if. We haven't even dealt with your friend yet.”

As I hang the last article of clothing, Aya swings to my front. Her leg hooks around one of mine as she takes a slow step, her body touching mine. Her soft skin through her clothes.

“Was it bad that I couldn't even attempt to persuade her more before things went bad?” My hands find Aya's sides before I can control them.

One of Aya's hands trails along my chest, but her crimson eyes stay focused on me.

“You can only try so much for someone who doesn't listen well.” Aya's fingers crawl up my throat, to my mouth. “Even if it didn't look like it, you tried.”

“But what if that caused her to become...like that?”

With a small grin, Aya reaches around my neck.

She places her lips on mine. For a few seconds.


“Being fucked isn't always a bad thing, you know. ”

Leave it to Aya to say something I don't quite understand.

She glances over at the setting sun, but then stares down somewhere at my body.

“It's not that there was a lot that piled up. It just happened to all come up at the same time.”

I still don't understand what Aya's saying now.

“What are you talking about?” My confusion presents itself without any irritation.

“I'm talking about,” Aya's eyes glance back up at me, and I stop breathing for a second, “finding yourself in a bad situation. Why?” She chuckles, soft and light gusts to my throat. “What did you think I was talking about?”

I stop myself from imagining tossing Aya inside and tackling her to the floor.

“So what did you mean by that?” I also resist pulling Aya tighter to me. “Are you just assuming the worst from our situation?”

With Nezuna, more importantly.

But Aya laughs again. This time, quiet. Seeping into me.

“It means,” She almost whispers, “you also need to learn to stop thinking so much and trust your instincts.”


One of Aya's fingers pulls at the collar of my shirt. “Before, I'd be happy to keep thinking. But now that we're both committed to this.” Aya prods me through her clothes. Her face leans in a fraction of a centimeter. “We can't be too picky about keeping secrets, can we?”

If that's really what you're trying to say.

“You still don't make sense to me.”

The door behind me snaps open. A gust of wind pushes me inside. Before I can blink again, Aya leans onto me as I stumble back. The world turns upside-down before I'm looking up at the ceiling.

And that.

“Then let me make it simple.”

Aya's hand slips under my clothes, her fingers trailing below my stomach.

“I'm not going to watch you do anything. I can't.” My mind sends a shock down my tailbone as Aya finds the lower half of my cock. Her hand wraps around, gripping tight. “But if you're going to do it with her, then you're going to let me know.” Aya drags her fingers up my length.

I'm still holding her hips.

It's not like that was ever going to be a secret. Why would Aya worry about that?

“And here's—”

She grips my tip, and I bite my own teeth to prevent my body from reacting any more.

“—what I want. We go to Boss's place. You do the deed. It's done. But after.”

Aya wraps her knee around the back of my leg.

“After.” I repeat after her.

“After. You...we, make it up to each other.”

Aya lays her cheek near my shoulder, looking up at me. Her hand rubs down and up my waking erection. Slow. Teasing.

My fingers dig in to Aya's body somewhat.

“Make it up to each other?”

I'm trying to ask.

“What?” Aya blinks. “I can't get jealous?”

I freeze.

Aya has that on her face. But I can read through it. No, it's because of her words that I can see through it completely.

And the words come naturally.


“Don't be.” Aya rises a bit by using her other hand to support herself. “As long as you promise me the rest of the night.”

“What would I be promising, exactly? You're not quite making it as simple as you said it would.”

Aya's hand stops rubbing me. She takes it from beneath my clothes and uses it to hold herself on all fours over me.

“That you can do whatever you want with me.”

Her expression shifts in some way. I don't know how; it looks the same.

“Or maybe, I can do whatever I want with you.”

Fear? Excitement? The heat throbs in my veins, but I stop it from aching any more.

“This won't be bad, will it?” I state my concerns as soon as possible.

“No.” Aya flattens her chest herself on top of me again, clothes scrunching against my own. “Not unless you don't like it when I come on to you hard.”

“What about having you do whatever I wanted?”

“That'll depend on what you do at Boss's place.”

“I thought we weren't keeping any secrets?”

“This isn't a secret. This is a promise.”

That doesn't mean it's not a secret.

“And if I refuse?”

“You live and sleep here, you know.”

I'm almost angry. Almost. If only because Aya's stroking my chest with a finger.

“You're going to attack me while I'm sleeping?”

“If I attack you, you'll be wide awake.”

“That doesn't change the fact that I won't like it.”

“But you will, won't you?”

We can't argue like this. It's not a serious argument, but anything that goes on like this won't end.

“All you have to worry about,” Aya buries an eye into my shirt, the other gazing at me, “is not messing up with your friend. That shouldn't be too hard should it?”

I can feel the disapproval in my face. “How would I know if I helped Nezuna properly or not?”

Aya taps her finger on my breast.

“Simple. She returns to normal.”

“Isn't that going to happen as long as I take care of her?”

“No.” Aya counters. “Not if she becomes attached to you after.”

“Are you serious?”

“Is Hatate serious about you?”

I want to say something back about Hatate. I really do.

“I'm not saying I feel anything for you.”

But I can't say “no” with full confidence.

“But if Aya ever hurts you, in a way that is unforgivable, then I'll be the first to write about it.”

Aya sits up on my stomach. “You'll need to make sure she doesn't doubt the fact that she was being affected by you. Or in other words, don't do anything that'll make her think more about you than she did before.”

“You really think something strange will happen between me and Nezuna?”

“How should I know? You know her better than I do. However, I will say this.”

Aya starts to rock her hips on top of me. Her slit and cock rub against me even through her and my clothes. I reach for Aya's knees as she leans over me.

“The heat period isn't some kind of manipulative magic. But be careful you don't break her.”

Aya kisses me.

Her tongue is wet. Warm, but wet. Enough to numb my entire mouth with pleasure. My body starts looking for more—

Aya stops moving, pulling away from my face.

“Just pushing you to the edge a bit.” She rubs her lips with a joint of her finger. “In case you decide to get active.”

“So this wasn't you looking for a quick moment?”

I'm somewhat doubtful.

But Aya stands, answering my question before saying a word.

“Of course not. We have to meet Boss, after all.”
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File 150660649257.jpg - (149.67KB, 570x800, fabfe2556d31f44013a1ffb735863c4c.jpg)
With the sun halfway down the horizon when we entered, Aya and I stand behind the door to the Chief's office.

“Boss!” Aya calls without knocking.

“Come in.”

The doors slide open. I don't need to see the Chief's physical state to know how irritated she was. Her voice tired, one of her hands lies inside her hair. The other stops writing as she sits up straight in her chair.

“Busy?” Aya asks out of formality.


“Shut up. This is your fault, you know.” The Chief pulls her pipe from the side of her breast. “At least accept a shadow role and I'll be more than happy to take care of public matters.”

“I'm already busy with my newspaper.”

“No you're not.”

Leaving that conversation as is, the Chief leans back and places her heels on her desk. She looks over at me.

“The kid's waiting in the back. Had to reinforce the chains, but she shouldn't give you any trouble.”

“Is it a heat period?” I step forward with Aya.

“Technically, yes.” The Chief sighs after taking a smoke. “But if you're asking if it's hers, then no. It's everything about a heat period, without it being her own. Basically, you put her in heat.”

I glance over at Aya. She shrugs and crosses her arms.

“That's probably not the detailed version. How did the heat period trigger in her even though it's not her own? Unless you didn't look into it?”

“We only have records documenting heat period effects and causes. And even then, there's no account of this kind of situation.” The Chief re-fires her pipe with a flame from a lamp. “Which makes sense, considering that the heat period between you two involves someone like Aya.”

“But I'm all tengu too, Boss.”

“Doesn't change half of what you are.”

I think before speaking next. “So we don't know what caused it?”

“No. Besides the kid's attraction to you despite not having a heat period or any heat toward you? Everything else is normal, if we're looking at the reactions of the body and mind. What makes me nervous is what happens after you take care of her.”

“And how you take care of her.” Aya adds on.

The Chief sighs, eyes closing. “Right. As much as I hate using you, 'cause that's what we're doing, we have to treat this like any other heat period. Anything else, and we're just hurting her more.”

“Nothing else?” I remember what Aya and the Chief did for me.

“Any relief is almost ineffective at best. We need to remove the heat. Simple as that.”

With a moment to rub her forehead, the Chief stands.

“Sorry to have to do this to you two. Especially with your father getting back from duty.” She glances over at me.

“Apologizing?” Aya says with a laugh. “No need for that. I thought you'd just do what needed to be done.”

“But this time, it happened under my control of the mountain. So I have no excuses.”

I don't know the history between the two. But I can hear the sincere disappointment from the Chief. And Aya's attempt at reassuring her.

“I've protected the room from interference to and from,” The Chief huffs hard before looking over at me, “so no need to worry. It's a private matter, and I'll take care of what happens after.”

I nod, then take a few steps toward the door.

“Is there anything I should be worried about?”

“Well, I chained her for a reason.” The Chief tips the pipe in her mouth. “I don't recommend releasing her unless you're prepared.”

Aya looks toward me.

“If you're curious, just imagine you when you went wild on that day. Before you lived with me.”

I see.

“That won't mean you have no control.” Aya tries to reassure me this time. “Actually, you have all of the control. What matters most is satisfying the heat. Although, I won't say the same for the person's own thought about the matter.”

I know what Aya's referring to. I sigh, and the Chief gives Aya an awkward look.

“You're staying here for a drink, then?”

“It'd be my pleasure.”

As the doors slide open for me to enter, the view inside the room is obscured by a bright aura. Right as I take a deep breath.

“Ah, one more thing.”

I turn back to the Chief, who holds the neck of a bottle in her hand.

“You'll need to finish her off more than a few times.”

“I...understand.” I manage.

Aya gives me that from behind the Chief's shoulder as I turn around. With a step into the aura, I see the state of the room inside.

There's still the bed. And the various shelves and furniture to the walls of the large room. The main difference in atmosphere is, though....

I hear the growls from the figure kneeling on the bed. Chains rattle from the wrists to the ceiling as realization falls over Nezuna's face. Realization as to who's entered the room. Clothes disheveled around her knees, the sheets of the bed twisted and wrinkled. The chains around Nezuna's ankles straighten tight as she makes an attempt to lunge toward me. I take several steps toward the bed, glancing over my peer's body. There aren't any injuries.

What's more attracting to my eye is the rigid cock almost touching Nezuna's own stomach.

It's not a detail I would've known about, nor is it one I've ever asked for from Nezuna. However, I can sympathize with the suffering that her body must be going through. The ache from being unable to relieve herself. The desire to satisfy the hunger deep inside herself, while also desiring to be filled.

I begin to strip, pulling my shirt from my shoulders—

—Nezuna's growls cease for a moment, holding in something between a groan and a whimper as her cock twitches once.

And comes.

I stop, hands under my clothes to remove them as her seed lands past the edge of the bed. The rest of her semen lands short of the initial burst.

...I didn't expect that. Coming just from watching me, sensing me after taking off my clothes? The sight of Nezuna's come dripping down her cock doesn't excite me. Not in any sense of desire, or even my heat. It's more like...sympathy, still? Wanting to help someone who's hurt.

I refrain from taking off my sarashi and hakama, my chest almost bare to Nezuna. But that's it. Nezuna resumes her harsh breathing, trying to reach me. Ravage me. I step onto the bed, kneeling at eye level in front of her. Nezuna leans forward, as though her breath could somehow relieve herself. A few seconds later, her eyes flicker over my chest, then my waist. Wanting to touch. To taste.

I don't know what to say. Should I say anything? Can Nezuna hear me? How much will she remember? Maybe it's best to proceed assuming she'll know everything that happens to her. As for her body...it's best to assume she's lost control. She might have her thoughts to herself. But her heat controls her just as much as it did to me.

My hand reaches out, and Nezuna latches on with her teeth. No pain comes to me. Instead, Nezuna's hot breath fires past my skin as she comes again. This time, her cock stains my hakama over my thighs while Nezuna thrusts forward into the air. Her tongue laps at the gaps between my fingers. Her lips suck on the fingers themselves. Her saliva falls down the front of my wrist.

She comes again, as though affected by her actions. Random bursts that fire towards me. They seem to stop, before a powerful shot lands on my stomach, or even up to my arm. The more I offer my hand to her, the more intense her sucking pulls me closer to her throat. I'm almost sore from how I have to angle my hand. But the chains rattle and remind me I have to do so for Nezuna to relieve herself.

Her erection loses none of its girth or length as it finishes releasing the last of its contents. For now. Nezuna also seems to have had enough, releasing my dripping hand. She doesn't say anything. Or can't, say anything. She only breathes hard, waiting for me to do something. I place a hand on my clothes, watching close as I strip myself bare. When I toss the last of my lower articles, Nezuna's cock straightens toward me.

I'm not entirely sure what I should do with this.

So I reach out to her body. With a soft pant, Nezuna leans her head on my shoulder as I take hold of her twitching cock. More semen dribbles out over my fingers before I begin to stroke her. Nezuna's forehead grinds into me, her cries stopping me from doing anything more for the moment. When her cock twitches again without anything else happening, I start moving. Slow, and gentle. Nezuna's head tilts, her hair brushing against my neck. Her chest heaves out and in against my arm.

Then, Nezuna shifts her waist, which brushes against my penis.

It didn't feel arousing. But I know what it is she wants.

Instead, though, I jerk her faster. After a few quick pants, Nezuna thrusts up into my hand and comes again. The amount may decrease, but my hand is no less dirtier. Wet with saliva a minute ago, now the warmth of seed coats the front and back of my hand. Some of it covers up a small part of my arm, but I concentrate on taking what I can from Nezuna's orgasm.

At least until she bites me on the shoulder.

It's not painful. But it's not too light, either. It's a needing bite, a need that I can remember somewhat well despite the pain that shot through me then. If not that, then the fact that she's still hard is something else to pay attention to.

I lean against Nezuna for the moment, expecting the chains to hold her upright. Instead, I fall right on top of her. My face hits the sheets, and Nezuna squirms under me in delight from contact. But Nezuna's hands and feet fail to loosen the chains, as though they were as tight as they were a moment ago. Pushing myself up, I test a chain by holding it in my hand.

The links of the chain fold and loosen. But if Nezuna pulls at it, the dark chains tighten on their own. This is probably the Chief's doing?

I don't get more time to wonder as Nezuna pushes her hips up and down. Her eager cock manages to rub against my own a few times, a hard length trying to stir a reaction from me. My body responds somewhat, but I'm not quite aroused at the moment. Her stomach and my own creates a small pocket that she can rub herself with, with my penis providing a pleasurable bump for her to touch between. A moment later, her back arcs for a moment before she shudders.

An orgasm, but not an ejaculation. Hot. Nezuna is hot. Her body is hot enough to stir a heat from within me. But it's strange. I'm not aroused. It's more...excitement. Is that wrong? Is it just my body?

Nezuna's chest is smaller than mine and Aya's. So when she tries to grind her body into mine, I'm more aware of her hard nipples than the soft pillow of flesh surrounding it. Her erection as well, which seems to have no limit to its endurance with the heat period. Her tense muscles straining to touch me. My hand wanders next to Nezuna's head, almost pulling a hair with my forefinger. She pants hard enough that her teeth are still bared with her open mouth. I kneel over her, sitting back between her legs.

I spread one of her legs with my foot.

I'm not like Aya. I'm not like Aya. This isn't just because I'm with Aya.

My foot travels along the inner side of a thigh, scratching light. Nezuna squirms, her body unsure of whether she wants more or otherwise. Sitting on my other thigh, I lift her cock with the top of my foot. As I look straight into Nezuna's eyes, my foot flicks around the top as my toes grab the tip. A squeak of a whine escapes through her panting. I push with my ankle, both dragging the center of my foot down her cock while stroking the sides with my toes. I repeat a slow rhythm of pushing up and pulling down. Nezuna's penis twitches now and again, the first of her seed dribbling out and lubricating herself.

Have I lost myself in the momentum? Or am I just being as gentle as I know? Maybe it's because it's my first time, but...knowing I'm building Nezuna's orgasm like this. It's not thrilling. Or arousing. Exciting is close, but...what's this feeling? As though there's strength in just my leg to draw whatever I want. That I can draw the hardness out of Nezuna's cock into the form of an ejaculation. Mental pleasure made physical. If I used my hand, wouldn't it be too much? So my foot is fine, right?

My foot strokes up and down while Nezuna grabs the sheets over her shoulders. Chains still trap her wrists farther up the bed, so all her hands can do is wrench the space by her head. Her feet dig into the bed beside me. But my foot continues to coax the rising blood in her erection. My toes provide the rest of the entrance Nezuna believes she wants.

I think to myself as she cries out in pleasure, a moment before she comes.

Am I like that too?

The ball of my foot rests over Nezuna's entrance as I stroke one final time. Nezuna's cock jerks as her seed shoots from the tip, landing over her stomach and chest. Lines of semen that create a path up the center, a white path with almost no misdirection. My foot keeps her erection in place as it empties the rest of its current supply. I grind the rest of her essence out with a few more pushes. I spot the strand connecting her tip with her stomach, and I lift my foot from her. Her warm seed burns under my foot, while the space between my toes glistens from rubbing her over and over again.

...I just hope this is working. I can't tell. I would think that her erection pointing farther away from her body is a sign that she's losing heat. But for all I know, Nezuna has a lot of it left.

I'm also half-erect, but still not aroused.

Have I been doing it wrong?

Nezuna catches her breath, beads of sweat beginning to form on her forehead. The dark chains appear to slack, but only enough for her arms and legs to withdraw a few centimeters after her climax.

Then, what do I do now?

I've already done something somewhat unnecessary. Maybe I should try taking care of Nezuna's heat with my body? Foreplay is long taken care of. To take and be taken. To take the heat from her entirely. I can take it.

Nezuna's eyes drift toward me again. Her body starts to rock, perhaps her heat returning.

Or can I keep things like this? Just continue with grinding and getting rid of her heat without actually having sex? It seems like I can. With my hands, with both feet. With my mouth, without the intention to please my own fetish this time. To grind myself against her, with only Nezuna releasing for her heat.

Aya did say a bit before I came here....

“Just pushing you to the edge a bit. In case you decide to get active.”

My lips tighten against each other as Nezuna begins to pant again.

Aya doesn't say something without there being a meaning behind it. She's tried to be straight-forward, but that's the best attempt at being straight-forward as I'm going to hear for now.

You also need to learn to stop thinking so much and trust your instincts.”

My instincts, is it? Then what if you help me this time? Maybe together....

I withdraw my foot as I look down at Nezuna.
[] Continue getting her off like this. No need to take risks.
[] Give it to her. No more foreplay.
[] Bring Aya in and get her involved. Or try to, anyway.

I also look at the chains.
[] Take them off. They're not needed.
[] Leave them on. It's not like I'm afraid, but....


I can almost not believe it's been a few years since I started this. And I'm sadly still on one thread.
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Might just be the only one here but id love it if there was more involving ayas feet. No secrets there, thats totally my thing. As for the voting im gonna go with

[X] Give it to her. No more foreplay.

[X] Take them off. They're not needed.

As much as id like to involve aya right there it just doesnt feel right for the sake of the story. I love your story btw, keep it up man
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File 150898540862.jpg - (140.08KB, 850x856, 4788a095138682e9f14cd1a8462ec521.jpg)

With all of the typos despite having English as my primary language, I'll take the compliment. Thank you.

Tangent note: "Why don't I have an editor/beta reader?" I blame myself for this; I guess I didn't try hard enough. I prefer not to have one because my schedule is too erratic for anyone to ever keep track of me properly.

Also, there is another choice mid-post that can be easy to miss. I also blame myself here, though; there are almost stories with choices in the middle of posts.
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File 15089870836.jpg - (98.94KB, 728x818, d3300aeecb79ceda9547d71b81c84058.jpg)

>almost stories

And then I make a typo for "almost no stories". Why do I do this to myself? Alright, I'm done here for now until updates are ready.
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Late as hell, but I wanna vote anyway. I'll go with >>38339 :

[z] Give it to her. No more foreplay.
[e] Take them off. They're not needed.

It's been a while since I last was here, damn. But keep it up, I like how this run is going.
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[z] Give it to her. No more foreplay.
[e] Take them off. They're not needed.

I totally didnt see this updated
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[x] Give it to her. No more foreplay.
[x] Take them off. They're not needed.
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[x] Give it to her. No more foreplay.
[x] Take them off. They're not needed.

Calling. I shouldn't write without calling, but I'm itching right now. Probably in the day or so I'll post the update. Unless I disappear again, but I should be able to give fair warning before then.
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File 15090995334.jpg - (597.54KB, 850x877, 2abc5d87838ce658d142d0154f8d1337.jpg)
[X] Give it to her. No more foreplay.
[X] Take them off. They're not needed.

I totally didn't expect myself. I apologize in advance.


With the residue of semen on me, I slide back and step off the bed.

Nezuna's breathing, though still irregular, has calmed down. But not enough to conceal her heat. And not near enough for her to return to her normal state of mind.

Nezuna's eyes track my every step as I approach a chain connected with her leg.

So I'll take the straight approach. Yes, that should take the heat away altogether. To help with that....

My hand reaches for the link of chains. The moment I do, I sense the chain's strength in my fingers. But I also sense their method of consent. Their allowance and recognition of an ally that can do as they please. If they so choose.

Did the Chief give me the choice? Or is this just how it works?

As I hold the middle of the chain's length in my hands, I turn at Nezuna. She looks back at me, panting with her heat in time with the twitching of her re-awakening cock. I can see the saliva coating her tongue from her lack of swallowing. Her hand grips the sheets underneath her.

Don't worry. I'll help soon.

As though opening an invisible lock, the chains open and disperse when I pull them away.

Nezuna continues to watch me. Her free leg bends, foot dragging over the bed sheet.

With two steps and the same hand, I hold the chain connected with her other leg. I remove this one no slower than the one before.

Nezuna doesn't move this time. But her eyes track my movements as I walk closer to her head.

Standing over her, I take hold of the third chain. My hand is less than a meter from Nezuna's. I grip the chain tight, and it disappears as if it were scattering dust.

Then, I take two steps to the last chain. I take another to adjust myself, kneeling with a leg onto the bed. I glance at the chain for leverage, then over at Nezuna. Her free hand remains limp at her side as I maneuver even closer, then over Nezuna's body. Almost straddling her hips.

I know what's coming. With the chain loose in my hand, I've prepared myself.

I breathe in. I breathe out.

Then, I clench my hand.

Within the second after the chains break, Nezuna lunges upward. Her hands find my shoulders as she pushes me over, before they slide off them and onto the bed for support. She nips at my shoulder near my neck as her hips fall between my legs, blind thrusts rubbing her almost hard penis off-center from my stomach. I raise my hands and take hold of her hips, an act of acceptance. Nezuna shivers from the gentle caress. A gentle caress in the midst of crazed heat. A caress that manages to draw a warm, eager sigh from Nezuna's mouth. I shiver myself from the cool air passing over my somewhat wet shoulder. My knees rise to guide Nezuna's hips closer to where she needs to place herself. I glance over at the side of Nezuna's head as she takes a bite of the sheets, still blind in her attempt to penetrate me. I wait, my hands stroking up the sides of her stomach. Patient. As she brushes right over my folds.

But I'm not aroused by it. Rather, I'm not sexually aroused or in the mood. However...what is it? I do feel powerful. Not strong. Not exactly in the physical sense. Maybe it's because I can sympathize with Nezuna's position. Or maybe because I have Aya. But it's more like I feel...emboldened? Maybe part of it is sadistic, seeing Nezuna try to enter me with pure instinct. Seeing Nezuna fail, then feel her teeth and tongue nipping at the skin of my chest. It doesn't hurt, either. If it did, I might take more control. But even then, as Nezuna finally manages to push the head of her penis against my flesh, I don't feel too bad. Rather than bad, I also feel...comfortable. If I do feel bad, it's worrying about what Aya thinks about this.

Nezuna eases her rocking when her cock finds the area she needs. With more precise rubbing, she slips the tip of her head inside me. I close my eyes for a moment to brace against the dry entry, the discomfort from lack of preparation trickling through my waist. But with a deep breath in, I feel the familiar shock of pleasure as I attune my body to the incoming heat. A thick illusion that becomes real as Nezuna's cock hardens inside me with every push and pull of her body. Already, my hips warn me of the soreness as the bed molds with the weight of her intensifying movements.

At that moment, Nezuna's gaze happens to land on mine as the heat channels into me.

There's something in her eyes that change as we stare at each other. No.

It's not that something changed in her.

As I look at the reflection of red in her eyes, I see the look I'm giving Nezuna with my own. The flash of what it is before it vanishes with my realization of what it was.

Traces of that.

The observing eyes of someone who knows more than they do. Just like her. The controlled eyes of someone who can see things that can't be seen. Just like she can. The only difference...is the confidence that lacks the playfulness she has. My “self” that I would give when using that, just like she does when she uses it. An attractive gaze that catches the attention of anyone who looks at it. It's not a power or ability. It's not anything that would determine a fight. Not a physical one. It's...something that can't be given a word. Something that draws out more heat within Nezuna. Something that changes the powerful pushing to frenzied thrusting. That causes the boundaries of heat that even I know Nezuna couldn't cross even if her mind is lost to break. To kiss me hard and lap inside my mouth from the heat that rages out of control. But now that I'm conscious of my expression, I know I'm not taken by surprise from this change. How can I be?

I wonder how much is the same for Aya?

I don't return the kiss more than I allow Nezuna to assault my mouth. Instead, I wrap my legs around her waist. My fingers rake over Nezuna's lower back, or with enough force that I believe will leave pink trails. I hear something I'd call a snarl through Nezuna's breath before she manages to thrust even harder into me. Hard enough for my body to believe her cock is slamming against my walls. A belief that my heat consumes. Consumes, and continues to nip and wrap around Nezuna's, engulfing hers with a far greater intensity than her fucking in physical form.

And I realize that...it's not simply me sensing this through pretty words.

I can feel the heat. A non-physical, yet real form I can sense. The physical would be the rush inside my veins. The heat that lives as my blood courses through my body. My mind that burns and releases its shocks and messages of the heat within me. I know I can feel my own heat. So I can sense where it is. I can make assumptions on how it moves. Assumptions, in this case, being the state of Nezuna's own heat. And right now, my heat provides a cushion against Nezuna pounding into my lower body. It travels through my fingertips, retreating to the previous joint as Nezuna's heat must push against me. Or try to. My breath seems to feel heavier. Stronger than Nezuna's through our mouths. Even my legs feel strengthened by the warmth that floods through to my toes. Preventing my body from falling to complete desire, while also fueling me and preventing me from becoming tired.

...What is this? Is it simply me becoming more aware of what the heat is? But...I feel like I'm using it. Myself.

Nezuna pants once, then shuts her eyes and cries out as her hips thrust a few more times. After the fifth or sixth, she almost slows to a stop before actually stopping before my heat envelops the different warmth landing inside my body. All I do is sigh in relaxation as I tighten around Nezuna's erupting form, taking in all I can. Tightening more as Nezuna's eyes shoot open, her hands finding my shoulders and pushing. Her body forces her to attempt to dislodge herself from me, but my body and heat draw on her own to keep her inside. As a result, her mind resigns to have her body flop on top my chest. I give the side of her head and hair a gentle rub of my cheek to soothe her. Her chest pushes and rises off mine as her breathing finds its normal rhythm.

Or as normal as can be despite the heat remaining within her. I did want to draw it all out, didn't I?

Nezuna releases a confused cry as I twist my hips and push with a leg, flipping her onto her back. She remains inside me, hard from the residue of her own heat, as I lean over her. As I stare down at her.

I catch another glimpse at my reflection in her eyes. This time, uninterrupted by understanding. I wouldn't say I look like I'm trying to be seductive. It's more like...a resolution? I do feel worried about her body, but I know it's to remove Nezuna's heat. A heat that I caused. A heat I know I caused. I don't know the exact reason, but I assume that from the heat pulsing through me. A slow pulsing...like...a river? A small creek? I don't know if I'm right, or if I can even understand it well, but I don't think it's something I can ignore. So I also see and understand the resolution in my own eyes. A resolution that spurs my body to start rubbing forward and back over Nezuna's.

My heat either calms the rampant heat within Nezuna, or overpowers it as Nezuna remains still. I glance back and rest my feet on her thighs for support as I rock forward and back, then more upwards as I rise off and forward before plunging back and downward. My heat gives Nezuna the span of several fucks before my body increases the pace. I control myself to slow the increasing pace, though Nezuna's legs already start to thrash. Her hips twist and buck as though to throw me off, but my hands push down on the bed to slam back down the length of her re-erect penis. With every breath, every release of heat, my body thrusts back down onto Nezuna's. I push with the tops of my feet to add a small bit of force. By now, my hands are only for supporting my own weight, using my lower body to provide the physical strength to move. Nezuna pants and moans, her hands failing to grab my thighs and instead pull on the bed sheet once more. I think I hear the sheets tear, but I focus more on the rock hard length inside me and the heat spreading from inside my body. Her heat, being enveloped in my heat. My forehead grows warm as a sweat drop falls past my eye, before falling onto Nezuna's chest. It lands on her breast, and I lick my lips.

But no. If I go for it, I'll ruin the pace I've build up. But more important than that, I actually need to come. Perhaps part of it is pleasure. Though most of it is knowing what my heat will do. And even then, I know I won't be finished. My cock is hard enough to become painful. But that needs to wait until I finish this part. Nezuna's eyes are shut from the overwhelming pleasure, and I seem to be bouncing on top of her from the pace I've reached. Nezuna's penis twitches inside me, or at least I believe so. What I do know is that I'm squeezing extremely tight around it and haven't stopped since I've reached this pace. So I'll rely on that and the heat latching on to the building orgasm inside of my body as I collapse on Nezuna again, and again, and again, and the cries Nezuna's let out turn to I think pleasured screams as I hold my breath and then—

My body overpowers Nezuna's attempt to raise her hips as I slam down and come. I release my breath as her cock shoots more of her seed inside me. My body relishes the sensation of holding something tight within to release the heat within through its own inner walls. I swing my hips back and forth a few times to scratch at a few areas eager to release the remaining heat. Nezuna's mouth seals a moan as my insides assault her during a sensitive period. And only when I feel my toes scratch against something do I relax my feet, which had dug into Nezuna's thighs rather deep. I release the pressure inside my toes as I clench them again before licking my lips.

Just one more place to take care of.

I rise from Nezuna's body. Although I can't see it, the mixed semen and my own fluids stick from a few points near my entrance. Nezuna's penis limps onto her stomach, spent after the heat subsides from it.

At least I believe it does. Especially because I can feel the pull of my heat through my stomach toward the other part of her body.

And as I lie on my front, Nezuna stares down past her front at me.

This time, I do sense something from her eyes.

“Are you okay?”

That's all I say. But Nezuna takes a moment to close her eyes. She takes another to open them and look back at me. Then, she speaks.

“Yeah. But....”

I swallow for a moment.

It's feels a bit strange now that she's...back to normal again. At least, for the moment.


Nezuna curses herself with her own disgust.

I should tell her.

So I rise to look at her proper. “There's still some heat left. I need to....”

I trail off, but Nezuna closes her eyes again.

“I know. I can feel it.” Her voice shudders with the heat. Her folds seem to twitch, eager to accept me. I pause for a moment, but Nezuna speaks again. Her hand forms a fist over the slight tear in the sheets. “I...didn't think I'd be so weak.”

I remain silent.

How can I say anything? I know enough about her to keep quiet..

“I just...I thought you would never be with her.” Nezuna places her other hand over her forehead. She rubs the sides of her head, suppressing the heat. “You were strong. You'd always take your job so seriously, so I thought if I could do the same, I'd know how to be just as strong. I didn't think of you as anything more. But I guess...nngh.” She holds back the surge of heat. “I just thought that if anyone could help, it'd...be me. I know you never saw me like that. So I just tried to be strong. I didn't think I'd ever fall to something like this. Youkai, invaders, other tengu. They were nothing to me. I'd fight all of them. Guh...!”

Both of her hands shoot to her face, her palms pushing against her forehead.

“If this is going to be the only way....”

...I know. I thought the same. It's different with who it was, but I thought I could tough it out, too. The heat brings it out of you. And the look on Nezuna's face...from confidence to insecurity.

The cold sweat sticks several hairs to her face. But the desire burns back into her eyes. The heat that releases with every breath returns.

And so, my own heat responds in tune with my thoughts.

Leaning back down, I press a hand over Nezuna's penis, flattening the soft length against her stomach while I begin licking at her womanhood. The part that makes her a woman, accepting what she wanted from me and will never actually have. I enter after a few laps of my tongue. Nezuna releases a soft, silent cry of heat as I dig inside to cover as much as I can. Her insides reach for my tongue as I pass onto and over them.

But just as she can't receive everything from me, I also have to give her only what she needs.

I wipe some liquid off my mouth with an arm. The heat channels through my spine as I position myself over Nezuna. My erection prods at her entrance, and her chest rises with her excited pant.

I'm sorry. I have to apologize, if just in my mind.

With this thought, I lunge forward and pierce into her. Nezuna's legs bend toward herself in an instant. My hands find her thighs as I release my own pant with the warmth surrounding my cock. I dive into the pleasure rushing through my body and mind as I thrust fast, yet not deep to start with. At least, not until after the first few thrusts to establish the transition. A higher cry accompanies the former cries of desire as Nezuna's arms wrap around my neck. Though, one falls to have its hand fondle her own breast, fingers pinching on her own nipple. I watch the self-pleasuring while one of my hands rises higher behind her knee. My mouth parts and I latch on to the front of her leg. My teeth press hard enough to feel the bone under flesh as I maintain my now furious pace. The pace matches with the wet claps of our bodies, and Nezuna releases a satisfied groan. I observe Nezuna's expression from my position biting on her leg, and she pulls at her nipple with a harder pinch away.

I can understand, given Nezuna is smaller than even me. The single point of pleasure on one's chest, more available with the entire hand than those that are bigger. I also understand the white wolf nature of biting and marking. Though I admit by now it's mostly my own fetish and heat fueling my mouth's current actions. To more traditional tengu, flicking one's tongue over the skin has no purpose. Neither does swallowing and sucking to taste the flesh. For Nezuna, I do these things only because they help fuel my pleasure. To build my heat that can take in her own. Or what's left of it. If fucking is the foundation of sexual pleasure, then my fetish is what completes the whole. And as I lick upwards with a rather unsightly lap of my tongue up her leg and across the top of her foot, I don't regret the pleasure shooting inside my mouth.

I'm forced to slow down somewhat with that excessive act of selfish pleasure. But with that completion, I can fuck Nezuna with a different and more abundant resolution. My own heat burns into my limbs as I fuck her into the bed. My feet press into the sheets from the over-abundance of sexual desire and heat coursing through them. Nezuna's hand grasp my neck hard enough to almost hurt me, and her eyes gaze up at me in heated necessity. In place of what could be a continuous cry of “more” or “yes”, her voice instead cries out the intention with a continuous rise in volume. Sweat falls down my back as I blink off a drop. The sheet under Nezuna's head also dampens with a forming stain. Her chest glistens here and there as a few threads of saliva smacks between her lips while she cries out. I lick my dry lips once before the building heat behind and below my stomach prepares to burst.

A burst that I know is not for fulfilling me, but for destroying the heat within Nezuna. The tainted heat that drives her wild enough to dig her nails into my neck. A heat that gives her legs the strength to rise higher, off my hands, and kick over my shoulders. The same heat that forces her to call me in a way she never would. To say things she'd never say. To cry out in emotions that contradict the feelings I can't return.

“Momiji! Yes! Cum inside me!”

But for my heat that acknowledges her own, I can at least do what I can for her.

Nezuna leans forward, pressing her forehead as close to my chest as possible while I thrust a few more times. My orgasm comes with the sensation of release, all while Nezuna's body wraps around me to receive my semen. The back of her legs press hard on my shoulders, but I pant and return the treatment with a simple bite on a leg. I breathe hard on her skin as my seed seeps from me. The flashes of heat lick and hum through down my spine, turning back at my cock, and returning up my breasts into my mind. Each flash pushes out the release of my seed, until the flashes come in smaller flickers. Flickers that die out, and my heat stops burning inside me. When the do, Nezuna's legs drift off my shoulders, and I begin to pull back. I smooth a hand over my forehead, wiping the near layer of sweat from my head. Nezuna's eyes remain closed as they were some time ago while pull the rest of my length from her folds.

Though I'm wet with her fluids, my hard cock remains clean of my own semen. As though I never came. Although the truth was that I managed to release all of it within Nezuna's body without a trace that can be seen on the outside. With one look at her pussy, I assume that much. I know she won't get pregnant, but my still, painfully hard cock and the knowledge that I did come don't seem to connect. Not that that matters to me too much at the moment. I sense the warm flow of heat through my body and know that provide enough proof.

The real problem at the moment, though minuscule in danger, is calming down before I walk back out in front of Aya and the Chief. And Nezuna probably won't wake up for a while. I was the same, if I think about it. Maybe that's for the best.
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File 150909956582.png - (611.30KB, 781x542, 5da6ee54571b185d4c6518a7f8513882.png)
I gather my clothes and make myself proper for public eyes. After a few minutes of collecting and wearing my clothes, I finish tying my hakama to my waist. I take another look at Nezuna. Some time in between my search for my clothes, I took a blanket and covered her body.

I don't want to dress her, but a blanket's the least I can do.

With a hand on the doors back to the Chief's office, I slide one open.

The first thing I see worries me somewhat. At least until Aya raises her small cup for me.


The Chief takes a quick drink, her pipe hanging over her knee in her other hand. “At least you're okay.”

“Yeah.” I nod. “I'm okay.”

Aya drinks her share. “And your friend? Is everything okay with her? No lingering suspicions of heat?”

“No. I'm worried about that a bit,” I reason with myself, “but I've at least...taken care of the immediate problem.”

“Good, 'cause I have a whole night's work to do.” The Chief lets out a loud sigh and groans as she stands up. “Aaah, so much to write about. Feel free to take back the drink.” The Chief flicks with the back of her hand to Aya.

Aya places a hand on the neck of the blue bottle on the table in front of her, but decides to leave it there. Shrugging, the Chief walks to her desk as I walk around it.

But I do have something else to ask.

“And my father?”

“You'll probably see her on the way out.” The Chief plops down on her chair, fist on her cheek while taking a puff of smoke. “She was pretty worried about you.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

With a bow, I turn to Aya. Aya's slight smile makes me somewhat nervous, but not in any serious manner.

It's a different kind of smile.

“We did everything we can for now. If anything else happens, we'll have to wait until it does.” With a laugh afterward, it quickly changes back to its mischievous form. “Ready to go back?”

I know both meanings. What I don't know is how much she knows about my current state.


“Don't worry about the one behind me.” The Chief waves without looking at us, a pen in her hand. “I'll watch over her and make sure she recovers. If anything does happen, I'll let you two know right away. With the paperwork and research, she's gonna be here until we know it won't trigger again.”

“Thanks Boss.”

“Just make sure no one else gets infected.”

“It's not a disease, you know.”

Ignoring the sarcasm, I suppose that's all we can do.

With the silent agreement, the doors to the Chief's office slide open and shut for us to leave for the night.

I could watch over her, but that might trigger a heat period in Nezuna again. That would be even worse. And if someone else were to meet me....Granted Nezuna held some feelings for me. But how would I know I wouldn't affect someone else? Now the Chief and Aya's jokes weigh a little heavier on my mind.

“Something on your mind?” Aya's voice calls me in tune with my thoughts.

I raise me head, looking straight. “No. Well...yes. But it's nothing that has real substance as assumptions or theories.”

“Hmmm. Try me.”

“Is the heat period really not contagious?”

I'm not looking at Aya, so I don't know what she looks like for the few seconds of silence. But she does answer.

“Well, it's not supposed to be. I thought so, until that happened today. Not that that means it's contagious, but you know.”

I don't feel worse for Aya's confirmation. But I do accept that she accepts the possibility I thought about.

“Should I try not to go outside too much?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On whether or not you believe you shouldn't. On whether or not you think the heat period will last any longer for you. Or,” I turn as Aya's eyes glance over at me, “if you think you can't endure it yourself?”

“But what if it doesn't depend on any of that?”

“I don't know. How do we know it's even contagious at all? Or if your heat period is capable of anything else? That's the bigger problem.”

My nose releases a sigh before I can stop it.

In other words, the occurrence with Nezuna just threw a lot of things we knew about the heat period into question.

“Momiji.” A familiar voice calls from down the hall.

I look up at my father, who waits leaning by the door of a room. Aya stops and nods her head a bit as I step closer.


“So you're in heat, I hear?”

“Yes. The heat period.”

“Hmmm.” My father uncrosses her arms. “I don't know about the heat period, so I'm sorry I can't help you. Is everything okay?”

“Yes.” I answer again. “Aya and I are doing what we can to not cause trouble for everyone on the mountain.”

“I just want you to be safe.” My father pushes herself off the wall. She places her hands on my shoulders, pulling me into a hug. “I know you can handle yourself in a fight. But I still worry about you as a parent.”

“I know, Father.” I respond to her protection.

Pulling away, my father keeps her hands on my shoulders as she turns to Aya. “And you'll be with my daughter, right?”

“I will.” Aya nods back, but doesn't say anything else.


Aya glances over at me, a knowing look in her eye. I share the same thoughts.

I can't turn away from possibilities. If it becomes a reality, I can't hesitate. I've faced challenges I couldn't predict, but that doesn't mean I don't plan for situations. And this...is a possible situation. If...I ever triggered my father's heat, in such a way that would cause it, however it may be. Could I do something like that? The same as I did to Nezuna...?

[] I would do it. For her sake.
[] I wouldn't be able to do it. There has to be another way.

“What's wrong?”

My father catches on to my worry, but I shake my head.

“It's nothing.” I stare my father in the eyes. “I'm just worried for the future.”

“Well, if anything happens, your mother and I will be there for you.” She gives me a reassuring smile. “Actually, she's probably worried about me alone, and I haven't even left her for long.”

Aya steps forward to stand beside me. “You work away from the mountain, right?”

“I do.” My father crosses her arms again. “Momiji's mother and I work guarding an outer territory by the border. She's a lookout while I'm a front guard.”

“I see.”

“Was there anything else you wanted to tell me, Father?”

“No,” My father lets out a sigh, “I was just worried. But I'm glad you're okay.”

She could probably smell the scent around me.

“Then I should be heading back...to Aya's place.” I realize what the end of my sentence is, and my voice slows. My father chuckles to herself.

“It's no problem. I kind of did something similar when I was younger.”

“With Mother?”

The smile on my father's face cracks, and Aya fails to hold in a laugh. My father turns away with a scowl.

“It happened a long time ago. Go ahead.” My father tries to shoo me and Aya away. “Let me know if you need something. I'll be here for a week or two for work-related things as well.”

“Goodbye, Father.”

“Mmm.” Aya hums before bowing with a nod of her head.

My father opens the door to walk inside her room as Aya and I begin walking.

“Oh. Aya, was it?”


Aya and I turn to my father, who gives us a look similar to a glare.

I know it's not a glare, with the light tone in her voice. Despite the serious look in her eyes.

“You don't have to act polite with me. Just be who you are.” My father stares through Aya.


That's all Aya says, but my father nods before entering her room. We walk down the hall again. Aya says something before I can think.

“Does your father really mean that, or is she saying that to be polite?”

The tone in Aya's voice tells me what she believes, but I let her know she's right.

“She does.”

“Hmm. I see. Is that where you learned how to be so nice?”

“If you think that's nice, wait until she get's angry.” I swallow before I know it. “I know it's probably because she's my father, but still....”

I think for a moment, and then speak with my thoughts.

“Sorry.” I realize. “Am I...you...did you have parents?” I stumble a few times.

“I get what you're saying.” Aya laughs at me and for my sake. “But no. And if I did, I have no idea who they are.”

I fail to think of anything to say, but Aya chuckles this time.

“Don't worry. I don't think much about it. Perhaps I'd like to know, but that's a small priority compared to what I have to deal with right now. Like a certain person who needs to get some.”

We reach an exit and we fly into the night sky. Aya's words put me off balance for a moment, my body lighter than it should feel in the air.

“Can you...tell?”

I don't know for sure if she can.

“Well, no. Technically.” Aya answers me with a simple word, then a confusing one. “It's not like I've never been in heat, as you know. But I can make guesses every now and again, can't I?”

Hmm. Wait.

She said that as a joke. But somehow....



We're flying close to each other, but not side by side.

“Can you...or could you, sense anything while you were in heat? Or in your heat period?”

“Why? Did you need some that badly?”

She teases me, but I don't want to argue for the moment.

“I mean,” I try to make it simple, “can you sense your own heat while you're...in heat? Or during your heat period?”

“If you're saying if I can sense if someone's horny or not, I guess so?” She laughs out loud. “I mean, isn't that normal? Considering tengu senses among many other abilities.”

“No, I mean. I can feel the heat inside of my body. And I feel like I can control it. Like with Nezuna, I felt my heat reacting to hers, and I think...I think I was able to use it to...quell her own? I don't know how to put it.”

Aya doesn't respond. In fact, she goes silent. Too many seconds pass before I look over at her.


In fact, she stopped some distance back. There's a look on her face that I'm somewhat familiar with, yet I don't know what it is.

Surprise? Shock? It can be called that, but I wouldn't say that's what it is. Maybe a mix of those and maybe...amazement? It's not an expression that can be described in a single word. More like a phrase. It would be more accurate to say Aya realized something and is struggling to say something about it. And even that isn't the most accurate phrase I can think of.



Her voice is quieter than it should be.

“Come with me for a moment?”

“...Why? Is something wrong?”

I realize I said something Aya wasn't expecting. Was there really something wrong with me?

“Just come.”

Now there's a bit of annoyance. But she starts to fly off in a somewhat different direction than her house. She glances over at me while moving, almost alternating in her desire for me to follow her.


I think I should just do as she says. It's not like she's planning on doing anything bad.

Is she?

No, she wouldn't. I'll just have to find out.


It's around a minute of silence before I realize where we're landing.

The waterfall.

Aya lands on the rocks by the water, and I land less than an arm's length away.

...Should I say something? No, I feel like I should wait. With Aya's attitude when she asked me to follow her, I feel I should.

“Why didn't you tell the Boss and I while we were there?”

She speaks just as I think she would say something. But her words freeze me for a second.

A second for me to answer.

“No, I just didn't think about it then.” I tell the truth. “But seeing as you know more about the heat period than I do, I thought you'd know something.”

Aya doesn't seem to know what to say. Actually, she looks troubled, thinking about something long and hard. So I try and explain my thoughts on the subject.

“I know the heat period makes us more...potent at it.” I skip around the words. “But I didn't know how much of it was different. I thought you'd be able to tell me. I felt as if I could...feel, my heat. Like I could control it. And it seemed to...make me stronger. I don't know how to describe it, since I just tried it today. I thought it was part of the heat period.”

“It's supposed to enhance your reproductive system and endurance. It's not supposed to make you stronger, or whatever you said.” Aya almost shouts.

When Aya says that, I realize that there might actually be something wrong with me.

“Is it bad? Should I stop?”

I'm more than fine with not using it. I don't know if that in itself will be bad for me, but....

“No. I-It's...alright.”


“Is it?” I think. “I mean, I wouldn't know anything about the heat period. I know we don't know much about it, but isn't there a way we can find out?”

“There...I think there's something. But I'll have to look into it.”

“Then what should we do? Should I really just avoid going outside?”

“I don't know!”

Aya's face turns from frustration to shock after yelling. I also realize the outburst is strange. Aya turns away from me to stare at the surface of the water.

“Aya? Is something wrong?”

I wanted to ask “do you know something I don't”. But I realize I might as well have said that. And it's worse that I didn't just say that.

“No. I mean.” Aya holds in her breath before releasing a sigh.

I think she knows something. But I wait for her to tell me of her own choice.

Then, Aya laughs at herself.

“No, and yes. No, in that it's the same as you said before. It's an assumption that doesn't have substance. But yes in that...I'm not sure.”

For some reason, it takes too long for her to finish saying those three words.

And for some reason, the heat inside me swirls into a cold pit within my stomach.

I decide to keep speaking my thoughts, the next of what I was thinking on.

“Do you know what's wrong with me?”

Aya's eyes keep staring at the water for a moment. But her eyes flick a hair's width toward me before she turns to me.

“I don't think there's anything wrong with you. But I think I know what might be causing you to...become the way you are.”

I actually don't know what that could be.

“Which is?”


Aya lets the word...lets the subject of herself, sink in for me.

Some part of me understands what she might mean. But I can't come to a conclusion without asking.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Just what I mean.” A fraction of her former smile returns on her face. “I think...well, it's just a guess. But you know, it's kind of hard for me to admit, too....”

She's being hard to understand. Dancing around words, but not because she wants to. Or maybe she does. I don't know how her mind works, but I do know one thing.

“Is it bad enough that we....”

I can't even finish the thought. It's not even the heat. A part of me just doesn't want to say it.

“What—No, what are you talking about?” Despite her words, there's a shudder in her voice of some emotion I can't name. She takes a moment to clear her throat before continuing. “No. What I mean is...you know. Since you're the first....”

My mind pieces the information together. But it fails to make anything whole.

At least, not until Aya finally says what she wanted to say.

“Since you're the first one I've ever been with, and I'm...myself.”

...I understand. I understand what she's saying. It's a strange thought, but not quite as strange as it sounds. But if that's the case....

“Why would that be a bad thing?”

For a moment, I actually believe what I say. At least, until Aya responds.

“Well, isn't that obvious?” Aya chuckles at me. “If that thing you can do...if it's actually bad for you, then that means it's my fault that you can do it. After all, the passing of divinity to those close with the source isn't uncommon. That's why those two gods can bestow some of their powers on that human.”

“And you're saying...if the relationship is close in any way....”

“Yeah.” Aya gives me a knowing smile. “The same will happen with us.”

I get it. Staying around a source of power that can influence others is bound to have some effect. Although if that's the case, isn't it a little strange?

“Then shouldn't this...thing I can do,” I fail to put it into words, but I manage to give it a name, “to control my heat. If I can. It doesn't seem to resemble anything you can do at all?”

“True.” Aya agrees, but then goes on. “But it's not like that shrine maiden is in that sort of relationship with her guardians, is she?”

“So what are you saying?”

“I'm saying you might've gotten a disease from fucking a god is what I'm saying.”

Despite the familiar humor in how she words her point, the meaning's severity is to a degree that can't be made fun of.

“But...we don't know that for sure. I could be okay in the future.”

“Yeah. And everyone thinks they're okay until they're not.”

...Nngh. And despite her uncertainty earlier, Aya can still argue like this.

“So you understand, right?” She crosses her arms. Her tone is returning to normal.

But I refuse to let the subject end lke this.

“No, I don't.”

Aya laughs at me.

“Why not? I thought you were worried about what might happen if you affected others? Isn't that what might happen to your dad?”


I recall what I decided to do in that situation. But still.

“That doesn't mean we have to stop. It's just another possibility, just like saying you're affecting me the way you think you are. Just like how I might not be fine with this new change in me even though I actually might be.”

I'm fueled by a desire. Something. As if to realize that if there's anything on my mind, anything at all, I feel like I have to say it now.

“And I'm saying you can't ignore any of that.”

But doesn't Aya already feel the same?

“I thought you were the one who asked if I could withstand my own heat period? If I could endure it myself?” I shoot back.

Am I willing now?

Aya takes a step toward me. “That's before you revealed what you could do!”

Isn't there something I can say?

“But even I don't know if it's what I can do for sure. I only just tried today.”

But, I think I understand. The reason Aya argues like this with me.

“Think of your own sake! Isn't that what you always do? You know why I'm doing this, don't you?”

She might be a god.

“But I also listen to my own instincts. And you believe that too.”

She might be irritating at times.

“I thought you'd at least understand more than that! That's why....” Aya trails off, with a flurried laugh and a turn to the side.

But she's Aya.

I take my own step toward her. “I still don't understand. When it matters,” I hear the growl in my voice, “you just don't tell me.”

If it's related, it hasn't been long since we started.

“I do! I always try!” Aya whips over to me, a harsh pant in her breath. Any remaining composure breaks within the heat of the moment. Breaking through to the heat inside me, and probably inside her, as well. “I try much harder than someone who does things without thinking, but still thinks too much afterward!”

It might be sudden to most tengu.

The heat bubbles within me, but I know it's not a source of anger. Despite my growling voice. “That's because I want to make sure I don't hurt anyone. And I don't want to make a mistake. Like today. Or like with Hatate.”

But if we compared it to how long we live, does that matter?

“You know, that's what I'm not sure of. I've never tried to hide it after I said it, and I....I'm not lying about it.” Aya catches her breath, but retains some of her frustration.

If we compare it to how long Aya's lived, it's almost non-existent.

And if not now, then when?

I can sense her heat with my own. “About what? What is it?”

I feel the attraction in my body. The pull and push of my heat toward her. And the same from Aya's side. The difference lies in...my likely ability to sense that heat. To take hold and use it for myself, for my own purpose.

The thin crimson in Aya's eyes fills back to their normal shape. No. Larger than normal. Perhaps because there's something that's causing them to appear so.

Because she's...starting to....

“I love you.”


She presses her body against mine. She's hard. I'm hard. She wants me. And I want her, too. It's not lust alone. Yes, the moment surrounds us. But the heat stirs over the water with the reflection of the moon above. The waterfall seems to be almost silent compared to the rumble of nothingness in my ears. Aya's foot twists on the tips of her toes in her getas on the rock below her, and I swallow from the dryness in my throat.

Aya's staring at me. She repeats, slower. Softer.

“I love you.”


[] “I love you, too.”
[] Remain silent.

Either way, it's going to be a long night.
[] Blow Aya first, then she'll get you off her own way.
[] Fuck Aya now, get fucked later.
[] Both. (But can it be done...?)
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Here are my votes:

[X] I wouldn't be able to do it. There has to be another way.

[X] “I love you, too.”

[X] Blow Aya first, then she'll get you off her own way.

Looking forward to some Aya Fun
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[X] I wouldn't be able to do it. There has to be another way.

[X] “I love you, too.”

[X] Blow Aya first, then she'll get you off her own way.
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[X] I wouldn't be able to do it. There has to be another way.

[X] “I love you, too.”

[X] Blow Aya first, then she'll get you off her own way.
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[X] I wouldn't be able to do it. There has to be another way.
[X] “I love you, too.”
[X] Blow Aya first, then she'll get you off her own way.

Calling. Also, I had to remove my last post due to more technical errors.

Summary is: No, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo or anything like that. But I AM still doing something internet related that's going to take up my time. Earliest expected update time is a few days without sudden bursts of writing need. Latest is about a week—unless I end up dying in real life or something less drastic.
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Is this still alive?
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File 151054810419.png - (511.51KB, 1242x916, to pay respects.png)
to pay respects

I spent like...5 minutes thinking up a suitably witty response to this, and then I saw the last post made the author.

There is a 100% chance that OP could possibly be dead.
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File 151076895265.jpg - (242.49KB, 624x487, 01bfb018cb6a81ef0f4bcb9884f43a3d.jpg)
So, a couple of things happened.

First. Got roped into stuff in real life / video game life and that ate up time.

Second. Deleted my recent post because of that, in case someone saw that post and was wondering what happened to it.

Third. Trying to work and failing made me less productive writing this story.

All-in-all, I just need to get better at life no excuses. Also, I realize people want to know if dead authors are dead, but is update posting bad for post ethic? I don't want to flood board and I don't know how this affects post count limit. I also sage a lot for posts like this so maybe that's someone's pet peeve, too.

In summary: Updating in a couple of days or so by the end of the weekend.
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File 151098883581.jpg - (103.16KB, 850x432, df1b8e0f03ca99dda32d8a3df1d74aba.jpg)
[X] I wouldn't be able to do it. There has to be another way.
[X] “I love you, too.”
[X] Blow Aya first, then she'll get you off her own way.


“I love you, too.”

Aya blinks. A long moment passes as she stops blinking.

...I don't doubt myself. Was that okay to say like that? Like this? I have no idea if what I'm doing is the right idea.

But I can see the moon in the tear before her wrist removes it from her face.

When Aya laughs to herself, I lean forward, arms rising to take her by the sides. Her forehead presses against my chin as her arms do the same. A small hug.

Warm. Warmer, with the heat rising in my lungs. It still doesn't have a definite form. But it does affect my body. Controlling the actual period inside of me. Keeping me steady, my breathing normal. Though I'm half-erect, I'm not out of control. Can I do more?


The double meaning of an apology leaves Aya's lips, and she doesn't say more.

If my heat period can be controlled, and likewise, my own heat. What can I do with it? If the heat can empower me. If it can interact with people close to me....I should be able to do the same by controlling it. Stop it from affecting anyone else. If this logic makes sense.

After a quiet sniff and a rub of her arm on her face, Aya clears her throat.

“Ha.” She returns to normal. At least, as normal as can be with her heat. “So, you finally said it yourself. Sure took your time.”

I want to do something for Aya. That's what I feel.


My hands rise across her front before I cup her head with my palms. The heat travels through my arms into my fingertips.

“What are...?” Aya stares back at me as the heat passing through my nails caresses her cheek.

I sense the movement as though my fingertips were doing the motion. But I'm not moving. Instead, I sense the heat moving behind my fingers. Aya chuckles.

That kind of chuckle.

“So, is this it?” She lowers her head and her stare with a seductive tilt. “This is what your control feels like?”

“I just tried it now.” I focus on controlling more of my heat.

Aya closes her eyes. “It feels...pretty good.”

“Does it?”


Aya nuzzles toward one of my hands, the side of her nose rubbing against my palm.

It's not as though I can send my thoughts through the heat. Or rather, if I could, I think Aya would have said something by now. Though I am thinking about how much I love Aya. At least, concentrating on the fact that I said it and mean it. With that thought, I'm pushing the heat up my body, out from the closest part of my body to Aya. My hands.

Aya releases a sigh. A sigh similar to when she's pleasured. She doesn't blush, but her eyes do glance into mine.

“So?” She stirs the heat in me with her breath on my palm. “What are you going to do?”

It doesn't help that she slides her foot next to mine, between my legs. Her other knee brushes against my inner thigh, and she pushes her stomach against my front. Rubbing against me. I stare right into her face and manipulate the heat within me.

“Didn't you plan something for when I finished at the Chief's place?” I remind Aya.

She chuckles at my memory.

“You kept that in mind?”

“Somewhat. But could you answer me?”

“Does it matter now?”

Aya's question is actually her answer.

Maybe it's the moon behind me. It makes Aya's chest glow with a charm that intensifies the heat within me. That dries out the inside of my mouth, makes me swallow, and lick my lips once more tonight. This time, for an expecting reason.

I want her. I want her. I want her now.

I don't answer Aya's question, instead leaning over to bite her neck with my lips. Aya relaxes against my head, then my shoulder as I move down. At the same time, my hands attempt to remove her shirt and her skirt. For the former, Aya helps me. She tosses it away from the water onto a nearby boulder as I slip her skirt from her waist. Aya follows her previous action by stepping out of her black garters (I notice that quite late.) herself. Her cock springs out after she peels it down her hips. She flicks her finger on my shoulder, as though brushing dust from my clothes. Instead, the wind wraps around me. Then, my clothes loosen and fall from my body.

...That's actually...pretty convenient. Or maybe Aya's just as expecting as I am right now?

I receive my answer as I pull back to observe. Aya draws my gaze into her eyes. All while she pushes her penis over my stomach, rubbing up my front. The head and very tip brush up and down while she rolls her hips to grind against me. Her fingers stroke a spot across my back near my kidneys, the warmth accompanied by the similar stroke of the cool wind.

Her eyes ask what I'm going to do. Or maybe they're waiting for me to do something. She's very hard. Some of it is already coming from the tip, wet past my belly button.

So I decide to kneel. Just before I break eye contact, I notice Aya watches as I lower myself to attend to her erection. It jerks once in my face, and my heart beats in my chest.

It's not anything romantic more than it is fact. I feel more ashamed of it, in that case. My body secretes the saliva in my mouth. My eyes naturally read the purposeful jerks of Aya's cock. She doesn't need words to spur me. A conscious bob, as well as her hand on top of my head, tells me she knows I know. The reality of the situation after I knelt down.

I hope the pant I thought I heard was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Maybe because of that thought, I began with some hesitation. My lips touch the head for a second before I manage to take her inside. A kiss that turns into my mouth going down. Half of her hard length slides over the top of my tongue before I stop to swallow. Her cock twitches. Aya scratches my head. Her fingertips swirl over my hairs.

I'm not a masochist. I'm not a masochist. I just have an oral fetish. That, and maybe it's more that Aya's a sadist with this positioning. Or that she maintains some dominance no matter the situation. It's a bit frustrating to hear her sighing. But it feels too good to start sucking while bobbing forward. I don't think it's too strange. Warm, large flesh that I can devour.


...No. That actually makes it worse, doesn't it?

My cheeks burn as I open and close my mouth to re-adjust my sucking. My pace slows into more of a stroking of my tongue back and forth than sucking with my lips forward and back. A few times, my teeth touch her, but Aya doesn't say anything.

Maybe she can endure it. Maybe she doesn't care. Or maybe she actually enjoys the pain, if she can feel it.

At least, it doesn't stop her from adjusting her body for her foot to prod me.

My eyebrows twitch as I stop from the unexpected contact. I release a breath through my nose as the top of her toes flicks me twice. As I lean in to suck again, Aya grabs my cock with two of her toes. I lean my head up, my gaze and her penis in my mouth turning up as Aya laughs in my face. My heat pulses down and upwards at the same time, and the light of the moon gives the crimson a sinister glow in her eyes.

Aya doesn't need to say anything. She licks her lips. Slow. While I'm watching her.

She's getting better at that.

Her parted lips tease her satisfaction at my situation while I continue to bob forward and back. I extend my tongue past my lips to cover as much of her cock's underside as possible. I swallow every few seconds to stop myself from choking. All the while, the ball of Aya's foot and flat of her toe continues stroking down and rubbing back up. Her heel leans forward to press into me, then she lifts her foot travel the length of my erection. An odd push and pull that looks stranger than it feels, yet completes the other half of...whatever this is. I close my eyes and continue to fuck her cock with my mouth, almost choking when it approaches my throat, panting hard when the push of her head bulges into my cheek. My tongue begins to dull from its repeated travel across her underside.

I have to be blushing. It's not just the heat inside me. The blush surfaces as a tingle rather than a burning warmth. Not even the lick of Aya's heat against mine could make my face feel this way. Or the friction from the hundredth time I've tasted her. Or even the shiver of pleasure from Aya's toes stroking me. Which has also gotten stronger over the span of several moments. For some reason, I also notice the silence around us. A silence that isolates my harsh breathing as I lean in and out. I hate it, and I don't hate it. And I won't stop. No matter how close, I want the heat to burn stronger. I can feel it respond. Not through an actual movement this time, but rather more like flames rising higher. I don't know if that's why my mouth feels the way it does, or even if Aya can feel this change.

All I can know is that Aya does two things.

She pinches me by clenching her foot, squeezing me between her big and second toe. Then, she also pulls my head in while jerking forward a bit, the whole of her movements hitting the back of my throat.

I can't help but choke and cough. But my heat tears through my body from the shock and feeling of that twisted instant.

Unaware my hands were even on Aya's thighs, I grip her legs hard as the release bursts within me. But Aya's seed landing on my tongue, and then hitting the roof of my mouth, strikes harder at my senses. The best I can focus on is the warm, then tart, essence that I savor as more lands on my tongue feeds my desire. Somewhere below, the pulses throb through me. Aya's foot twitches while clenched under and near the tip of my penis. Her toes hug my penis dry and warm, then stroke wet and slick with my own semen. My throat swallows before I'm ready, and Aya sighs with her ongoing orgasm.

Even though the amount dies down, I hold on to the desire as long as I can. Slow drags of my mouth over Aya helps me savor this pleasure. As much as I might feel ashamed later on. Despite how I felt before. Wanting Aya to come, and getting her to come. I do want to say fulfilling my lust is a side effect, but that's not exactly true, either. I just know that pleasuring Aya, getting the rest of her seed out of her, is my contribution to her. My feelings for her. Her feelings for me. I can't explain it. I can only feel it. And I want it to continue.

My heat does as well, continuing to fuel my body with needed vitality. I swallow one more time, sliding my lips from Aya. Her half-limp cock flicks from my mouth in front of me. With a steady breath in and out, I glance up at Aya. Her sigh carries the whisper of a laugh as her wet foot pushes on my stomach, placing a stamp of my own fluids on me. I lie back, sitting bare on the rock under me. It's not until Aya continues with her light push that I let her guide me to my back on the floor.

I'm not quite flat. On the floor, I mean. I lie with my back curved on the stone ground beneath me. Waiting.

It doesn't seem to matter if Aya takes another step to the water's edge. After a step, Aya glides her covered foot across the water. I don't know what she's doing. Not until she raises that same foot and pushes my cock against my stomach.

“Want me to return the favor?” Aya strokes me a few times with the upper ball of her foot before kneeling toward me. She leans forward onto all fours, then throws her recent, unused leg over me to straddle my front.

But instead of moving back, she moves forward to lean over me.

Somewhat. Her chest and throat loom over my face. My heat simmers under Aya's stare down at me, and I look up at her. Aya's foot plants itself across the side of my cock, pressing it against what must be her inner thigh. My focus breaks for a second before one of Aya's hands moves from my shoulder, up my neck, and to the corner of my mouth. She also approaches close enough her chest to block my view of her face. I stare with the heat passing behind my eyes as Aya laughs in my face.

The way she presses my penis along her thigh with a rocking of her foot. The way she stabs her finger through the corner of my mouth, sliding between my teeth. She really wants to rouse me, doesn't she? To rouse and arouse at the same time. Pressing that finger on my tongue. Panting in my face with the glow in her eyes. Her finger stirring my tongue arouses me more than her foot. Although the other is more for Aya, with her cock twitching back to life against my stomach. Not erect, but not limp like it was a moment ago.

I tilt my head to lick her finger left and right. My tongue pushes hard enough for me to recognize the bone under the skin and saliva. The pleasure runs down my throat, passing by my heat, and hardens me against Aya's clenching foot. With a buck of her hips, Aya leverages her body onto mine to flatten her thigh on my front. She sighs every time she strokes me with her foot. I pant every time I swallow with her finger against my tongue.

Aya leans down. Her nipple passes my lips while she wipes her finger across my cheek. Her foot stops, but she begins petting me slow with her toes to adjust. My mouth sucks before I can control myself—

“Just like this.” My eyes open when Aya hushes to me. “Would you indulge me for a moment?”

I don't quite understand. All I know is that I'm getting closer with every bite. Licking. Sucking on the clean scent, then pushing the heat through into Aya.

Aya releases a moan while arching her back. She stumbles on her arms and falls over me, her stomach landing on my face. But I indulge in my own pleasure with my tongue and teeth assaulting whatever I can reach. Her skin is soft. Smooth.

I'm close. I'm really close.

My hands, unknown to me until now, move from her hips to her thighs. My mouth replaces my hands as I bite her skin. Aya's foot manages to remain on me the whole time, though she now rubs me against the shin of her other leg. Her toes grab the head and pushes it against the bone in her ankle. A buffer to hold the pleasure shooting down my body as my teeth press down on Aya's flesh and muscle.

I don't want to hurt her, but the heat bursts inside of me.

The tight knot inside my stomach loosens as my cock releases its seed. All I can focus on is the comforting ease of biting Aya while the heat burns every muscle in my body. Aya wraps her arms around my head as her the bottom of her semen-covered foot coats me with my own semen. I breathe hard against Aya as the rest of my load spurts from me, the warm drops falling from the tip. Aya's foot and her leg hug my penis between their warmth.

The heat still pulses through me.

After a few seconds, Aya rises backward. Another few seconds after that, I will myself to sit upright despite the glow spreading throughout my body. Aya places her stained foot between my thigh and my still erect penis. She slides her other foot across the rock's surface toward me. Under my leg.

“That was nice and all.” She twists her toe into me. Then, she rises to both knees, her hands rising to my shoulders. “But it's always better with some action, isn't it?”

She leans on me until we're back on the ground.

“Turn around?”

The rock is colder than it was before. I understand why though. My body is a lot warmer than it was when we started. And the heat emanating from Aya's body tries to crush mine. Although mine is thicker. It swirls inside me.

On all fours, I present myself to Aya. The joints of my toes, knees, and base of my palms brace on the rock's surface as her hands slide up my waist. Her fingers run down the sides of my stomach. Then, one of her hands guide her cock to me. The heat within burns the moment my body recognizes a foreign poke on my entrance. As her head presses against my folds, Aya leans over and weighs her hips forward. The push before the act. My heat, both physical and otherwise, envelops her as her stomach presses against mine. I bring my hands around her hips behind her back, and Aya's free hand travels up to a breast. She almost digs her nails inward, her other hand squeezing my wrist.

It doesn't feel like Aya plans to be gentle. I didn't want her to be right now anyway.

“Let me know,” Her lips talk on the skin of my shoulder, “if I'm too rough?”

My head bends downward and the toes on my foot clench from her penis filling out inside me. I hold my breath to hold back the expecting fire of pleasure overwhelming my nerves. My only free hand pushes harder against the floor as Aya begins rocking her hips. A few thrusts later, and my body falls back when Aya slams forward. My pants overtake Aya's light, staggering sighs while my muscles cry out from her waist slapping against my backside. A drop of sweat falls when I blink. My beating heart can't match the pace Aya sets for us. Only when she leans over to tease my neck does her thrusting slow by a fraction of an instant.

And Aya starts fucking me harder.

The largest part of my resistance against coming in the next few moments is the heat feeding my concentration and my body's physical stamina. I can feel it now. The dull warmth in my wrist where Aya's hand holds me. The sparks of fire that spread every time Aya pounds against my body. The flash of warmth that absorbs the warmer jolt of flesh brushing in and out of me. I don't even want to swallow the saliva in my mouth. I feel like even that would send me over the edge. And part of that is the dirty pleasure of my own fetish—

Something cooler and wet glances up the side of my neck.


Aya's voice seeps off her tongue clear into my ear. She continues to pile an unending soreness into my body.

“You're beautiful.” Aya teases me, wrapping her fingers around my penis. I grit my teeth inside my mouth as I almost scratch the rock beneath me with my nails. “You're so beautiful.”

It's just words. Whether she means them or not, they send a shiver down my stomach. Parting the heat within me for a moment. That's her intention.


I want to keep going.

Aya strokes my upright cock. She whispers to me again.

“You're beautiful.”

Harder. Faster. My hand can't stay on the ground anymore. I fling it behind me, and my hand ends up flat against Aya's hips. Or at least when it can, with how strong Aya's fucking me now.

“Come for me?”

My mouth parts, and I avoid making a noise. Despite the hand jerking me close to the end. Her fingers following their own rhythms over and around the tip. Aya's cock thrusting in, eager to burst the heat building within me. The wet slap of her hips to the back of mine.

Aya presses her damp forehead on the center of my back.

“Come for me—”

In this situation alone, her dirty talk can do what it wants me to do.

My body bends forward as the air in my lungs spills from me. That, and the tight knot that tightens, then snaps as I come. The cock inside me twitches with a fullness I can't ignore as my insides squeeze tight. My own, on the other hand, finds release as I watch with my head bent, my semen covering the rock beneath me or down over Aya's fingers. Aya breathes hard on my spine, releasing her warm seed deep inside me. Each spasm of her cock on my walls emptying into my body. Aya's leg rubs against my own while riding out our simultaneous ejaculation and my orgasm.

But the heat within me continues to burn. And with mine, so does Aya's.

She withdraws from me.

“I need you.”

Her hands rise and grab my front.


The world blurs for a moment with how fast Aya lies beside me and I position myself over her. Neither of us use our hands before my cock lines up to her pussy. Aya throws her legs around my waist, and I push inside.

I'm in control of my heat. That doesn't mean I don't want to continue. And I don't want to think about anything else at the moment.

Aya doesn't need to moan, her legs wrapping tight while I begin fucking her without delay. Aya's mouth parts for a second before I kiss her, my tongue lapping at hers and into her mouth. My knees provide the leverage to continue pushing forward while my hands grab Aya's thighs. Her feet clench on my back, her ankles digging into me. Her body grips my cock with every lunge inward, and lubricate me for re-entry whenever I draw back. My nose picks up the heat seeping from Aya's clean scent, and Aya breaks our kiss for me to indulge in her neck. My teeth bite and nip at every part of her skin available before she pushes against my chest.

Her eyes meet mine.

“Concentrate on fucking.”

I don't speak. I just respond with a few quick snaps of my hips.

Aya's mouth parts in a noiseless cry, her head tilting back while maintaining eye contact with me.

Aya brings her hands over my shoulders.


I thrust hard enough to strain my own thighs.

Aya wraps her arms around my neck, almost hanging to my body instead of lying on the ground.


I notice her cock bracing against the force of our act. But any time to do anything to it would interfere with my pace. Instead, I try to move quicker. Harder.

But this time, I send the heat that's been building up somewhere in my back into Aya.

There's a flash in Aya's eyes that I don't think is actually there when I see it. I think I understand what it means though. Along with the rise of her hips.

A wordless confirmation of what would be a loud cry of


if it could and would be done.

Liquid drips from Aya's hard cock, but I ignore it. It does arouse me, adding onto the re-approaching climax spreading throughout my own. Aya's breasts sway up and down, however humble they are in size. Her body glows with sweat from the moonlight glazing around us. I can't smell anything but the heat thick inside and around us. My waist slaps between Aya's legs as she wraps ankle over foot over my tailbone, holding and clenching every part of her lower body as hard as possible. The heat continues to pile through me and into Aya as I hold myself up on my palms against the rock's surface beside her head as long as I can with every single movement and—

Aya's body throws itself up, her back curving up toward me as her insides clench and her cock shoots out a strand of cum.

Something snaps in my mind. My eyes close shut as the warm relief of my ejaculation flows down my body into Aya's warm folds. Each wave of that relief pulses through my limbs. Aya's thighs squeeze in rhythm with her own waves, sometimes following after another strand of her seed fires up her chest. I catch my breath as the strands become droplets, which occurs as my own body informs me of my slowing finish. When those waves slow to a stop, my body slumps over on Aya's covered chest.

My breasts now have sweat and semen on them, but I couldn't care at the moment.

Because I need to get rid of the last remnants of my heat.

And from the way Aya manages to laugh, she needs to do the same herself.

“Still have one more left?”

She certainly does.

But, there is something strange. I know my body isn't capable of much more. But I still feel like I could go on. Forever....

“I don't know if it's healthy,” I give words to my thoughts, “but I feel like I could do this forever.”


Aya hums. I push myself high enough so that I can stare at her face.

“Any thoughts?”

“Well.” Aya drags a finger down my throat. “I think it means you don't have an unhealthy attraction to me, at least.”

I feel the doubt on my face. “And how would you know that?”

“I don't know, that's why I said `I think`.” She places her finger on her lips. “But...if you're not doing this just because you want my body. Doesn't that say something about the meaning a little bit?”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning I should be thankful you can prove you care about more than that. With your body, instead of just words.”

I must have a confused look on my face. Aya snorts out a laugh at me.

“Don't make me say it again.”

Instead, she leans up to kiss me. No tongue. No more force than the soft contact needed.

A very tender kiss.

She pulls away.

“Or are you saying you only cared about my body? I mean, I'd be fine with that too. Kind of. That's why....”

She plants a finger below my throat.

Not in any dangerous way.

She drags it down. To my chest. Between my breasts, down past my heart. Her eyes look back up at me, but only her eyes.


“One more time?”

Her eyes stare into me.

I sense something stirring in her heat.

“What do you want?” I notice her erect penis. And my own.

The way she drags her foot so her knee bends off the ground. The slight twist of her hips up toward me. Her hand lying just above her nipple on her breast.

“I want to mess you up.”

Something flows through me. Something my heat latches on to and touches it with a light stroke.

“Don't take it the wrong way.” Aya pokes my leg with her toe. “I want it to go either way. If you don't want to, you don't have to. Unless you want to do it to me instead?”

True. It's not that I'm unsatisfied. It just...feels like I want this night to finish with something...more fulfilling. Yes, even more than what we've done so far.

“And what do you want?” I try to make sure.

That's on her face. The wind stirs around us, more than normal.

Aya goes on. “I'll trust you to do whatever if you want to take the lead. How to finish the night is up to you. But what I have planned, it'll be the second time I try it. Well....How would you like to try more of me again? Don't you want to experience that a second time?”

The way you put it, I think that's just you wanting to do it again. It's not like I'm against it, but....

She raises a leg past my side, extending to wrap me toward her once more.

[] Take what Aya can give. How bad can it be?
[] Take the lead again. I have some things I want to repeat while we're here.
[] Decline. Even though I really want to, maybe it's not a good idea.
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[X] Take what Aya can give. How bad can it be?
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[X] Take what Aya can give. How bad can it be?
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[X] Take what Aya can give. How bad can it be?
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[X] Take the lead again. I have some things I want to repeat while we're here.

Really want to see Aya lose her composure. Especially after that smug little "let me know if I'm too rough" line.
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I'll call in three days. Busy with real stuff. I want to update before the end of a month. It should be a big update. (2 posts at least.)

Ties are still decided on the earliest decision chosen based on earliest vote that is tied. Any objections, then fight me (with words).
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[X] Take what Aya can give. How bad can it be?
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[X] Take what Aya can give. How bad can it be?

Calling. Unless something strange happens.
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File 151311860398.png - (402.71KB, 810x1125, 9d4825481a507efc33429768527fec59.png)
Life/work is punching me in the face. And the next update is supposed to be longer. So no timely post soon.
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I know the next updated got delayed but..this long? Whats the status on this? Id really love to know
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File 152347175079.jpg - (216.95KB, 729x1000, 297c370078131609b93a909febfd8a22.jpg)
Stalled until I randomly update it. But this certainly gets my attention.
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News man?
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Life is eating me right now. Mainly writing other stuff for life.
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File 153210541837.png - (634.21KB, 659x800, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_alder__355283c.png)
There will either be an update before the end of the month or there won't. The latter will happen if personal stuff stops me. We'll see.
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File 153272841433.jpg - (74.39KB, 850x635, 47cfb45ffda4ce374a7f27ef1b019cad.jpg)
Slow heads up notice. No update this week, and this month will be rough for me. I'm not going to promise something I'm shaky on. But if I suddenly update, I'll do so on either a Monday or a Friday. Plan to, anyway.
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File 154471157857.jpg - (60.82KB, 322x416, 2436ebf2b76f736dcf116f9ad821ded2.jpg)
Yes, I'm coming back. But it'll be a safe thread first—a compilation of two-shot stories. For this, I need some time to get back to my notes and what I was doing with he story.

...I hope I make good on my word this time. Life sucks right now, but that's my own fault.
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File 157367664523.jpg - (211.25KB, 850x1200, c7be81adb0306c10b9fd3d2620220f14.jpg)
I'm a liar.

The short is, this story is moving.

The longer is, the past year has been rough. Moved around, got moved around, made some choices. Computers exploded, data was lost and recovered, and I had to make more choices. In relation to this story, I needed to make another one.

This story will be moving and completed somewhere else.

To those managing this site, please leave the status as Abandoned. As for reader input in the future, the story is planned to be completed as a story more than as a quest format. I don't know the where and when, exactly. It might be a couple of months. It might be a year. It might be a few years. I did this to a few other stories I'm working on elsewhere.

But I love the Aya and Momiji I wrote. There's a lot I like in the some thousands of words I messed up here and there I would like to fix. I do want to see this story's completion one day. I won't do it right now, though. My life is'tt in a condition where I can take responsibility and respond to input and feedback for this specific story. I've spread myself thin in my life, and I need to focus on things that will affect me more in the immediate future. And because of that, I decided to post this message.

So yeah.

If this story is ever continued, finished, and/or posted anywhere else, I'll sage another post here to give details. If for some reason I bring this back to life here somehow, I'll say something and update. But for now, I decided saying something was better than saying nothing at all after a long time of irresponsible statements made above.

Until the time comes for me to update somehow. Somewhere.
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