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1The Tales of the Flower Youkai's Mansion - The Side-Thread223 August 2017 13:01
2Snippet (may get expanded later)318 June 2016 22:13
3Question about 2 stories and there authors 319 May 2016 12:53
4A Fairy on Scarlet Lake Q/A and Info1422 November 2015 10:50
5nonsummerjack1 5 July 2015 16:18
6The Hunt for Little Bell - Inventory5 7 August 2014 22:55
7In The Forest, A Dancing Light reference thread1414 July 2014 08:57
8Touhou/nWoD Mage crossover CYOA: viable?5 8 May 2014 05:50
9?3 8 May 2014 05:49
10A Wizard Is You Sidethread4424 December 2013 02:23
11Doll Reference5319 February 2012 02:43
12yaoi110 February 2012 15:37
13Commenting on Old/archived stories3 7 December 2011 18:28
14Resonant with Vivid Tones: Backstory and General Question Asking1417 September 2011 08:00
15Question about MiG928 August 2011 15:10

New Thread


The Tales of the Flower Youkai's Mansion - The Side-Thread (1)

1 .

Since every other story has this, why not!?

This will also be the home of the Q&A thread once this story wraps up.

Questions, comments, and/or context can be sorted through here.

Also, feel free to email me about the story if this thread goes bonkers.

2 .

On the subject of restarting the thread:

My mother passed away, only 4 days after I started the RP. I would wish to restart or cancel any work that had been done really close to that date. Honestly, I feel like the only people that really remember me are my (few remaining) family members, and some of my classmates.

We are restarting the thread. Let's go!
> /forest/30309
P.S: HOLY SHIT, I've created the only thread that's had a post this year. O.O

Snippet (may get expanded later) (2)

1 .

You were surrounded by energy bullets.

Your opponents have shown themselves to be far more capable than you have assumed at first. The most annoying part here was that this wasn’t the first time it happened to you – indeed, you should’ve expected there to be something wrong the moment you saw them fly through the air with incredible ease – but even then, you couldn’t have anticipated the sheer firepower they brought to the battlefield. Out of your companions in the past, only the Prince has approached that level – and he was an elite warrior of space, who has been training for intense combat during his entire life.

These winged creatures, however, have not looked like they’ve trained for even a single day – and yet, despite that, even the weakest of them have been firing enough projectiles to make you seriously regret that you’ve never managed to learn that “Instant Transmission” skill. You’ve had plenty of time, you could’ve gone to the Yardrat at any time during one of those relatively quiet periods of time in between all the world-shaking battles... well, realistically, it wouldn’t have helped, anyway. Your powers were not enough to do serious damage to anyone on that level.

Were. These opponents, however, were actually vulnerable to your attacks, however weird that would be. That alien you’ve blown away with the ki blast could certainly attend to that. But there were too many of them for your attacks to stop them before they could unleash hell on you.

So in the end, you were surrounded by energy bullets.

You have managed to avoid being hit by them before, by relying on your high-speed movement to weave your way past the spread-shot-like patterns and the aimed projectile streams, and you certainly wanted to avoid being hit by them – because you have no idea how strong they actually are – but in your current situation, you have no choice but to test your durability against the rapidly shrinking circle of rainbow-colored bullets.

Wait, actually, there is one last ditch thing you could do – use an arm swipe to clear a path through and escape. That way, you could at least avoid being hit by the majo
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 .

Dragon Ball Z *pichuun*
Kindly lurk and read other stories here before continuing any further. There's even a thread on /gensokyo/ to help you figure out what to read if you're lost. Also, while there's no issue in using this board, it doesn't receive much traffic; there might be issues being noticed if you do happen to want to continue... whatever this is.

3 .

Kindly lurk and read other stories here before continuing any >further.
I've read plenty of stories around here, and, while the *action* stuff is definitely something that's uh, slipped past my mind, what's the problem with using Dragon Ball Z? There have been multiple cross-over stories with settings far more powerful than DBZ, such as 1) A Wizard is You, 2) that Infernal from Exalted 2e one, 3) two Magic: The Gathering ones, one of which had Nicol Bolas as a protagonist.

Is there some secret rule about not using DBZ setting around here that I haven't seen, or what?

Question about 2 stories and there authors (2)

1 .

I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I'll try it at least. Did Fallout Gensokyo's writer really die or was it someone being an ass? Along with does anyone know about Let's gooooo's author and what happened to him? They were my 2 favorite stories and I hate to see them dead.

2 .

I don't now. The stories are dead but that's all I'm sure of.

I'm so helpful.

3 .

This post has been deleted.

A Fairy on Scarlet Lake Q/A and Info (13)

1 .

So this is something I've been planning to do for a while, now.
FoSL is a story with a lot of background and almost all of its future planned to some degree or another. I also wanted to try to make a "routeless" story while still permitting romance. Given that we're about hitting the place where that can become a thing, I figured it would be a good time to put up a thread for questions, context, and information.

It's worth noting I'm the sort who's okay with tipping his hand in advance, if asked. As such, for readers who prefer to avoid that, it's worth noting that this thread should be considered spoiler-prone. Assuming the code is the same as across the site proper, I will use spoiler tags for that sort of thing. Just wanted to give fair warning.

So I have to admit one of my big concerns is an early decision on who Kazuki will go after. I'm glad Daiyousei hit it off well on her introduction, but I don't want people choosing her just because she was the first clear option. There are a few lines already open, both affection toward and from Kazuki, as well as at least one case of reciprocal affection. More potential partners will come up as they're added or interacted with more. I can reveal some of the current information, or try to work it into the story as I've already started.

One other thing of note--fairies in FoSL are inclined to monogamy. While it's not impossible with a few situations to have a more open relationship, trying to get to them will have as much to do with the characters in question as it does changing the perceptions of Kazuki himself. No harem stuff, unless it really felt natural and "right." And I think I'd be the last to know where that could happen.

So enough talk. Have at you! Questions, comments, debate, discussions, lore, whatever!

12 .

It's hard to not support a good story. You've actually inspired me to try my hand at it. I've been mulling over ideas to kick it off with.

To keep with the theme of the thread, what was the biggest surprise from FoSL so far? A turn you didn't expect people to go for, or enjoy?

And I really did misspell his name last post. Heh, Kazuki, the neko fairy of change.

13 .

Hey, thank you. And good luck on your story attempts. They're always rough to begin with, but you have to start somewhere.

I think my favorite unexpected vote was "pretend to be the carpet," to this day. It was simultaneously so out of left field and yet completely perfect.

Other than that...I guess I somehow didn't expect the readers to dive for Meiling that quickly. Looking back it's clear as day, of course, but at the time I was genuinely surprised.

14 .

I just read this story from the start, and I hope you still mean to keep going. I'm encouraged by the fact that you've continued after longer breaks than the current one before.

Just what is the voice that Kazuki talks with in his dreams at the shrine? Though at first I assumed it to be Yukari, it could also plausibly be Mima, Ran or even the god of the Hakurei.

nonsummerjack (0)

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The Hunt for Little Bell - Inventory (4)

1 .

This sidethread is a list of all the items and spells acquired in the story titled "The Hunt for Little Bell" at >>/th/180784.

It will be updated whenever there's a new addition or modification to the inventory, and there will be links to this thread from the story whenever appropriate.

3 .

Pan-Dimensional Gargle Blaster

Intragalactic and interdimensional travelers speak in hushed, reverent tones about a bar where you can get the strongest drink in this side of the multiverse. They say drinking one is like being hit with a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick.

Those with slightly broader horizons know that the quality of a drink isn't measured solely in how bad a hangover it gives you, but how good it makes you feel before that. A drink that causes instant vomiting, for example, is more useful in Poison Control than in a bar. The Pan-Dimensional Gargle Blaster gives you all of the pleasant effects of alcohol, while shunting most of the nasty aftereffects to a parallel you in another dimension.

Just know that any time you drink one, there's a decent chance a parallel you in another dimension is drinking one, too. Mwa-ha-ha-ha.

4 .

Gap Folding Umbrella

An extremely heavy, extremely frilly umbrella that the odd blonde girl dropped when she crashed into you.

Its mysterious power works under the assumption that material objects are just energy bound in different forms. By removing the "bound", everything becomes energy, and thus it makes everything stand at the same place at the same time, which would in turn remove time and space, since being able to travel from point A to point A would take no time at all. Because everything is in point A, everything is already here and there, thus negating the concept of distance and space.

In layman terms, this umbrella makes portal gaps. Just how did that girl got her hands in such a powerful artifact?

Type: Weapon/Cheat Item* (2-handed umbrella)
Enchantment: Opens gaps to teleport short distances away.

*The usage of this item's enchantment in formal danmaku duels is prohibited by the Spell Card Rules.

5 .


A paddle made of varnished cherry wood, suspending several crotal bells strung with coiled brass wires in a tree pattern. It's traditionally used in Kagura dances, performed by shrine maidens and theater actors all over Japan as a purifying, entertaining and divination ritual. The bells are thought to have been inspired by the fruits of the ogatama tree, but considering the one who gifted this to you was your pauper friend Reimu, it's very probable that the bells of this particular suzu proceeded from a forgotten jester costume from the Outside, or one of Santa Claus' reindeer harnesses.

'Kagura' comes from an ancient word that means 'seat of God', tied to the legend of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. The traditional song and dance are performed to entertain and please whatever God is seating at the moment. Then the god would bestow his blessing onto his worshipers, and invigorated their spirits. For a thousand years and more, entertaining the Shinto Gods has meant a sharing in the joy of life. With this instrument, you can also share your joy with all the people who try to hurt you!

Type: Instrument (1-handed bell)
Enchantment: 「Pacification of Dreary Spirits」 -- Slightly reduces the target's Power everytime the bells jingle.


In The Forest, A Dancing Light reference thread (13)

1 .

This is a reference guide for all the original characters in In the Forest, A Dancing Light. Pardon me if this is a bit rough, but this was done on the fly.

Yukikaki Kojima - Main character. A kind but over-worrying sort of person. He's a scholar in training whose main task is assisting Akyuu. Among his friends he's the mediator, mainly between Ginji and Kamui or Takami as their personalities are prone to clash. He is friends with Kamui, though he envied him in the past. Has taken up magic as a self-defense hobby.
Shorter and slimmer than the average young man, and has black hair/eyes. Fond of wearing blue like his family. Something of a baby face compared to his friends.

Mr. Kojima - Yuki's father, a wise, patient man who is able to take things in perfect stride. He is prone to moments of silliness. While curious about Wriggle, he gives Yuki his space. His main task is to uncover scrolls and transcribe them. He does this out of duty to his profession, and in the hopes he'll uncover a legend.
Black hair/eyes; slim man who is generally garbed in blue scholar's clothing.

Mrs. Kojima - A scholar much like her family, but she has of late focused more on interviewing new arrivals in Gensokyo as to get an different perspective. She also does some general assistance of both her husband and Akyuu. She is very overprotective of Yuki and likes to inquire about his life.
She's a normal if slightly slim woman with black hair/eyes, fond of wearing light blue clothing.

Kamui (Real name to be revealed later) - Musician at the Inn, who comes from a family that runs a small shop. He ran away from home and ended up talking his way into his current profession. He is something of a womanizer, but isn't insincere about it. His romancing of a few non-humans has attracted attention from a few parties, mainly to see if he'll succeed or not. Loves to antagonize Ginji over various things, such as his feelings for the two genius girls (Rika and Rikako)
Brown haired/eyed young man who is fond of clothing combinations of red/orange/yellow for performances. Ordinarily, he wears generic colors.

Ginji Miyamoto -
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 .

Some more mini-profiles

Lord Hojo: Head of the Humanist faction, but does so more for the reason of reminding others of the past than any hatred. Mindful of the recent altercation. Graying black hair and black eyes, tends to wear light colors with some white mixed in.

Arthur Pentleton: Outsider turned Hero. He's taken the fight to the syndicate as to protect Gensokyo. Appears to have gotten into Yuuka's good graces though details are currently unknown. Red hair, green eyes, wears a button up shirt, jeans and his old sports jacket from Lincoln East High school and has some armor pieces over his clothes when in combat.

13 .

Kumamaru: Bear Youkai (humanoid), leads a group of other male humanoids to educate young male humanoids that would listen and exterminate those that would not. He has spent some time alone to overcome his instinctual nature and being knowledgeable about other people living in such far reaches. Is a rather gentle giant of man.

14 .

Some notes on oneshot characters/updates

Tomoya Sunahara (updated)- Earnest blunt young man who hangs around Yumemi and the 2 Chiyuris. He knows of thier past and tries learning from it.

Chiyuri (Gensokyo)- A 2nd Chiyuri that is a native of Gensokyo, pretty similar to the other one, but more optimistic about things due to not being in college politics.

Elis (mild update)- While she likes to talk about being slim figured, she's actually closer to the middle. But considering she lived in Makai, her assessment might be closer to fact there.

Kazuo - Artist only referenced until now. An artist that had a fondness for fall before getting to know Shizuha.

Kaede - Humble young Farmer that Minoriko mentioned, implying a degree of familiarity.

Nobumasa - a young hunter in his early 20's who lives outside the village gates, citing a preference for nature. Considered an expert on winter hunting, only second to Hayato

Touhou/nWoD Mage crossover CYOA: viable? (4)

1 .

Like the title says, I'm thinking of writing a Touhou/nWoD Mage crossover CYOA, the premise being that Patchy and the other magicians form a cabal in Boston in order to find the lost Library of Elders. Given that my favorite story on this board is Patchy Quest, trolling of the locals will be what appeals to me.

Anyway, is this a viable idea? Do enough people here know enough about nMage rules to take advantage of them? (Knowing oMage rules will suffice for voting, they're enough that I can make judgement calls when there's discrepancy.)

3 .

Hell, man, anything's viable so long as you can write it well. I'm not too familiar with the WoD besides /tg/ storytimes, but I've learned enough to know that it could be pretty fun.

As an aside, you should probably read A Wizard is You if you want to see an example of tabletop game mechanics and story interwoven well.

4 .

A friend mastering a Pathfinder match really wants us to try WoD so I'm curious... yeah I think it may work but... keep the rules hidden.

As in, someone has Architectural Attunement? That's because he was an architect. Someone uses his Lunatic Glare? Magic. Someone creates a Relic? Magic. Etc

5 .

I think it would be awesome.

? (2)

1 .

Is it sad that /at has the best erotica I can find on the web? Like way way better.

2 .

Yes, cry me a river.

3 .

Okay. I will. *sob*

A Wizard Is You Sidethread (43)

1 .

After my joke update, I noticed a few people suggesting that the author of Compensation Adequate and I were the same person. Just to spite those people, I invited Soluslunes (author of Compensation Adequate) to write the next joke update.

I think he did the subject matter justice.


Things are not going well.

Yep, that about describes it. Fucking crocodiles. They exist as a convenient plot device to get rid of bodies, and they’re not even doing their goddamn job.

Well, at least the body count is only one.

Come on, you’re a goddamn wizard! You can make ONE dead dame disappear! You’ve done it with plenty of dead hookers before, if the number of taverns you’re barred from is any indication.

And she’s pretty heavy. All that tea apparently went straight to her hips. You set her down, say a few muttered words, and snap your fingers as Tenser’s Floating Disk relieves you of the burden of carrying a dead body.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

42 .

[x] Bird to Go
Fine then

43 .

[x] Trip the tea
- [x] Then take her

44 .

[x] Trip the tea
- [x] Then take her

It will be glorious!

Doll Reference (52)

1 .

I've finally made one of these spreadsheet things. Enjoy.


51 .

Sorry but, fulfilling wishes for our fairies add anything to their stats or is it just for flavor?

52 .

A little bit of both. For example, a few of the fairies are said to have rusty skills in certain things. That in turn means that if you put them where they can be used with those skills, instead of taking, say, a week, to get anything out of them with it, it would instead only take a day or so, and you might get a bit more than you would have expected. Also, it improves morale and makes them happy.

53 .

Ok, I'm reposting a more complete name/bio list here. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.

01. Agateia Girasole: Was born in the Underground. Can find certain types of stones and underground life with ease.

02. Akira: Used to hang out with the fairies Takashi and Kiyoko before she was captured and experimented on by a Human who had found a way to keep her bodily remains whole and intact, even seperate from the rest of her body, or her state of being. Her escape was due to luck more than anything else. She distrusts Humans as a consequence, and utterly loathes the cold, as it remids of her time spend in those frozen containers. She sometimes wonders what became of Mr. West though.

03. Alexandria: She dreams of conquest, and upon learning of Tabuki sought out a territory so that she could battle with her forces, fight honorably, and if defeated join Tabuki's army so that she could become a General in Tabuki's army. She also dreams of starting a harem for herself.

04. Amber Rose: She got stuck in magical amber, and did not die. She does not know how long she was stuck in there, only that it had been quite some time indeed. An Oni found the Amber in the Underground, and sold it to a jeweler. The jeweler planned on selling what he called the "Amber Rose" for quite a bit of money, and was quite displeased when the amber was broken and the fairy inside made her escape.

05. Anne: While many fairies can and do hurt other beings due to ignorance or carelessness, Anne is very different in that she knows that her malicious actions can and do bring pain, suffering, and death unto others. Anne likes killing things, and goes out of her way to kill and torture. Anne carries an anger that she had to flee the surface after she killed a human adult about 40 years ago. Since that time, many of the 'unexplained' human infant deaths in Gensokyo have dropped drastically.

06. Arras Abatie: (No Bio As Of Yet)

07. Balais Windsweeper: (No Bio As Of Yet)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

yaoi (0)

1 .


Commenting on Old/archived stories (2)

1 .

Lurker/Newfag here,

Read this, which made me want to voice my suggestion: http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/4411.html

I read a lot of archived stories, and when I finish, often I'd like to be able to add a comment (saged of course, but you can't comment with archive), because really, there isn't any where else to comment about the story (other than a casual reference elsewhere). Maybe about the development, ending or lackof, or address the author. I'd think I'd even enjoy reading other people's comments slowly accumulated over the months/years. It kinda feels cold and empty when you finish a story that had you emotionally, intellectually or otherwise hooked, and everything froze the day the story finished. I know there are probably good reasons for the archive being unpostable, but still.

2 .

So you made this thread to comment about archived stories? Or just to discuss about it?

3 .

Just create a thread here or in /gensokyo/ to talk about finished stories. Sounds like the best solution. Bumping threads would just piss people off and I'm sure you're not the only one who feels like that. Some of the authors of those stories are still around and liable to see any discussion. Alternatively, you can try to talk about stories in IRC, though that may require good timing.

Resonant with Vivid Tones: Backstory and General Question Asking (13)

1 .

I highly doubt this'll be used this time, but I'm putting it out there, since the last time I let people look up backstory, they did nothing but search for event after event for a good day or so.

If you have any questions about RwVT, backstory or otherwise, ask it here. I'll check up when I can, which usually is when I can check up on the story thread.

12 .

I have a question; where did you go man ;_;

13 .

Right here: >>/eientei/17366

14 .

I have immensely enjoyed this story since I started reading it, yesterday. It's made me interested in the universe and backstory you've created for this story. This is probably going to be a bump, but I really like this story because it creates an epic sci-fi universe that explores Reisen's backstory and who she came to be. These are a lot of questions, but I only ask them because I truly like this story.

1. Considering this story has Kaguya as the absolute monarch of the Lunarian Empire, and Eirin as the Adjutant/right-hand man of Kaguya, what of other Lunarian characters like the Watatsuki sisters? Do either of them play a part in this story?

2. How many planets have been colonized by the Lunarians? I don't mean just the Lunarian Empire, but also the rebels as well. Also how far have Lunarians explored the galaxy, and how many light years do the Lunarians of all factions control?

3. How fast is the warp travel that the Lunarians use? How many light years-per-hour does it go?

4. In a lot of science fiction, there's often a limitation on FTL that allows for scenarios, like battles, to occur without the protagonists being able to escape easily. Often times it's something like a gravity well preventing FTL travel from occuring, like with Star Wars hyperdrives. So what limitations are there on warp travel? From the description in the story, it reminds me of jump points as seen in Wing Commander (http://www.wcnews.com/wcpedia/Jump_point).

5. The power armor in use by the Lunarians, how does it compare to power armors like the MJOLNIR armor from Halo (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/MJOLNIR), power armor like that used in Warhammer 40K (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Power_armor & http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Terminator_armor) or the FORCE power armor in Hyperion:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Question about MiG (8)

1 .

So, guys, I read whole MiG (1.0 only though). I raged really hard, wtf, plotholes, etc.

Then I learnt that Kirakishou is kind of... you know. Unavailable.

So, my question is: do we have some sort of a spoiler/guide/explanation of the whole MiG plot? I don't care about anything anymore, I just want to know WHAT the hell happened there.

7 .

And now I'm not. That's wasn't a nickname, just some randum words.

8 .

No, he never really explained anything beyond what's in the stories. I'm not sure he had it all planned out to begin with.

9 .

A pity.