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File 136717692619.png - (792.62KB, 800x792, always brightens your day.png) [iqdb]
Because there's always time for some Meiling.

Thread 1: >>/sdm/54956
Thread 2: >>/sdm/55386
Thread 3: >>/sdm/55803
Thread 4: >>/sdm/56153
Thread 5: >>/sdm/56497


With a nervous gulp I decide to call out to her. It's not that I'm actually frightened or anything by this surreal atmosphere. No sir. Not at all. I just don't want to disturb the poor girl. That's all. Really.


"Hey there!" I call out, forcing myself not to hide behind a tree. For a moment there is no response. Then the fairy slowly, methodically, sets her spoon down and turns towards me like she's rotating on an axis. Smooth, mechanical, precise... like she's keeping a careful grip on herself and won't let anything inside burst out.
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And we got another thread done!
congrats Keymaster.

Thanks! And to think I thought this would end at the second thread, tops...

Anyway! Calling it for a nice, calm reaction. Update will be in a new thread.
File 136795425031.jpg - (126.67KB, 850x1153, i just like momiji.jpg) [iqdb]
New thread:


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File 136614014693.jpg - (231.86KB, 554x788, the morning after.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread five and still going!

Thread 1: >>/sdm/54956
Thread 2: >>/sdm/55386
Thread 3: >>/sdm/55803
Thread 4: >>/sdm/56153


Pain. Agony. Suffering. These were the songs that my body was singing to me, a harmony of protest over how poorly it had been treated lately. The bruising from the fight with Yuugi was basically nothing. The sheer amount of alcohol I had imbibed, however? That was the real problem. To say I feel like hell is an understatement. My mouth feels like it's full of fur. My head is pounding relentlessly. And that weird, rusty squeaking coming from somewhere nearby is NOT helping.

I open my eyes a crack and then slam them shut quickly. Light! Horrible, horrible light! And what the hell is that squeaking?!

In the distance comes the sound of someone puking. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a hangover. Good thing I know a cure.

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You go through threads quickly.
You're an update machine, Keymaster. I don't think I've ever seen someone keep up a daily schedule for this long.
File 136717713960.jpg - (688.00KB, 700x800, hi meiling.jpg) [iqdb]

I try. I actually find this a relaxing way to relieve stress.

Anyway, new thread:


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File 131088263753.png - (517.65KB, 1417x883, interviewwithanampedflyer.png) [iqdb]
>[x] Now? Right now?

I squirm a bit in my seat. "...All right." She practically chirps as she produces a small notebook with a flourish.

"Just relax," she hums. "Never been interviewed before?"

"Never even seen a tengu before, but I'll wing it." Oof. Pun not intended. This isn't off to a good start. Still, she smiles and lifts the pen as she starts.

"Can you tell me your name, please?"

"My name's Kazuki. Kazuki the Applepicker." Scribble, scribble scribble.

"There's probably a story to that," she notes as she pens.

"A long one." Fortunately, she moves on.
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I'm the poster of that vote, and this is my favorite post in the story.
[x] I should probably be going, honestly.
-- [x] I was thinking of seeing Stalkuya about those clothes.

mo' saku mo' betta
[x] I... all right, fine, as long as Reveille doesn't get her sparkles on me.

Maybe Kazuki might learn something from them. That and can't bring myself to turn down Meiling.

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File 136518624291.jpg - (468.55KB, 524x700, I mean who wouldnt.jpg) [iqdb]
I honestly never dreamed that I would have four threads. Thanks for voting!

Thread 1: >>/sdm/54956
Thread 2: >>/sdm/55386
Thread 3: >>/sdm/55803

I take a deep breath to clear my mind. So, I'm going to be very honest with myself here. This is stupid. Really, really stupid. I have a little pervert, who claims to be able to see into my subconscious, offering to play therapist for me. Her fee? She wants to fondle me. This has got to be the dumbest thing-

"Your face says no," Koishi notes.

I glare down at her. "I won't lie, a little advice could go a long way, and I'd really like to unravel whatever's happening in my mind. But I really don't like the thought of someone coming up and handling me like a piece of meat. Isn't there someone else you can do that to?"

"Everyone else has learned to dodge me," Koishi pouts, "Sorta like you. So I don't get too many goodies down below. Besides, you've got one helluva body!" Koishi peeks up at me as she says this, but I just stare back blandly. "...Not big on flattery, huh. Fair enough." Koishi shrugs innocently. "So, lemme lay it out for you. I wanna be friends, 'cuz I don't have too many friends. That's why I wanna help you. On the other hand, I'm a creature of impulse. It comes with my nature, and all my impulses are screaming BOOBIES right about now. Help me get that out of my system, and I can be serious with you."

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[x] Blue Kimono

CALLED. Thank you. Update later today.
File 136614023550.jpg - (606.17KB, 824x1025, long night.jpg) [iqdb]
New Thread: >>/sdm/56497

Thread 55280 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136301419866.jpg - (237.16KB, 430x609, 12167713989dd8b4d3d3a161af90babdfd1a6687.jpg) [iqdb]
Hi, I'm new here to Touhou-Project. I've mostly been lurking reading some of the stuff here and now I feel inspired to try my hand at writing a CYOA. I'm a massive fan of U.N. Owen/Princess Tepes' 'A Fairy's Tale'. In fact it's where I drew the inspiration to write this. I was also inspired by a few other stories such as 'Fae Adventure in Resonant Youthfulness' and 'Fairy Maid in Gensokyo' to name a few. Considering I drew inspiration from these there will be some similarities, especially in the premise itself - the story of a nameless fairy. (So, being new and unaware of the customs here, if anyone, especially the authors of the stories mentioned above, asks me to cease on grounds of plagiarism, I will do so.)

So, without further ado...


Ah, I beg your pardon, honoured guests, you took me completely by surprise. Yes, I was already expecting you. I just didn't expect to run into you so. Yes, the mistress has already notified me of your coming. Please, take a seat and make yourselves comfortable. I shall see to the tea and biscuits.

Here, please, help yourselves, enjoy. Now, I understand you wished to speak to me specifically? It is not very often our honoured guests seek out a fairy so specifically, let alone me. I feel humbled, and somewhat curious too. Whatever could the occasion be?

Ah, I see. You'd like to hear about that. And the mistress directed you to me, did she? That does make sense, though I feel I'm hardly the fairy, let alone person, most qualified to tell this story. Hmmm? The whole story, you say? Well, that might take a while, I'm afraid. I'm not as quick or smart as some of my cousins, you see. You don't mind? And you'd like me to start at the very beginning? Well then, what luck that we're so comfortably set up with tea and snacks. Very well then, dear guests, I will have to ask you to forgive my poor rambling excuse for storytelling. My memories of the beginning are only fuzzy at best. This will be my first time relating this tale to anyone too. But I will do my very best. If
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[X] "Can you please tell me more about this place?"
[X] "Can you please tell me more about Remi?"
[x] "Can you please tell me more about this place?"
[x] "Can you please tell me more about the young mistress person?"

Kurumi as a fairy? Playing fast and loose with canon, I see.
gee, how unexpected

Thread 54199 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 134371410368.jpg - (111.84KB, 1000x766, Ufufu~.jpg) [iqdb]
You are Remilia Scarlet.

And today you are going to murder someone.

So naturally you have to look your best. Which is why you are taking great care with selecting your outfit.

"Which do you think, Sakuya?" You ask, holding first one, then another, in front of your otherwise unclad form.

"They are identical cuts, Mistress." Sakuya replies, and you ignore the very subtle hint of weariness in her tone.

"No, no, not at all. You see. This one has gold buttons, but a rather plain mourning veil. This other, by contrast, has only brass buttons, but the veil is rather intricately done to resemble spiderwebs."

"Of course, Mistress. It is as you say." Sakuya replies, pleasant smile not shifting so much as an iota.

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[x] Change clothes to the ones in the picture. They are now the official teaching uniform, and no other clothes will be used while in Hogwarts/outside Gensokyo.

75% of the students will be guaranteed to pay attention to Patchouly.
File 136557317744.jpg - (117.02KB, 850x960, grue.jpg) [iqdb]
It would be foolish to simply leave the golems inert and useless. At the same time, you don't see much point in simply destroying things so soon after you create them, when you might be forced to create something anew rather than have it waiting in the wings.

You alter their status, so that they will defend Alistair, if truly needed, and follow his commands.

..... No, you don't think you need to bother telling him about that. He'll find out on his own. Or not.

In the meantime, you have most of the shopping done. You still should pick up chocolate, maybe a plant, and some other nebulous things, but it isn't an immediate concern. For now, you should simply transport them home.

... It does not strike you until after you have done this, that you do not recall the Rumia youkai following you out of Alistairs, or entering your shadow.

This observation, however, is rendered of secondary concern at most when you return to your library to find Marisa, your assitant, and the spider working in concert to finish of a purple and sludgy roaring mass.

It grows still and bubbles a bit. And Marisa whirls on Koakuma.

"And that is why I said I needed seeds from the blue ones." She snaps.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.

Next thread.

Thread 55803 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136424421649.jpg - (264.51KB, 600x1024, beware of tengus.jpg) [iqdb]
Good Lord! A third thread?! How'd that happen?! Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Thread 1: >>/sdm/54956
Thread 2: >>/sdm/55386


Nice day today. Warm sun, decent breeze, and lots of fluffy clouds. They look like marshmallows. Which is kinda fitting, given what I'm reading.

Oh yeah, I'm reading the Bunbunmaru Times, much to my dismay. It's not that I really want to support Aya's scandal rag, but it usually has some articles about DyCirno in it, and collecting those articles in a scrapbook is a fan club priority. This article, however, makes me groan a little bit, mainly due to personal association.

"DYCIRNO OVERCOMES FOREST ARSONIST," the headline screams. "Yesterday, the mighty, the lovely, the awe-inspiring DyCirno came to the aid of the innocent inhabitants of the forest of magic. A massive blaze had enveloped a good part of the forest, causing animals and youkai alike to flee for their lives. While at first the suspect was known ruffian Marisa Kirisame, she was later seen engaging in a domestic spat with her new fairy wife (see related article). Regardless of the danger, or the miscreant responsible for this act, the heroic DyCirno dove into action! Glorious in action, divine in her loveliness, our beloved hero saved the day by using her delightful freezing powers to chill the wood of the forest until the blaze went out. This brought her into conflict with the cause of this blaze: a simple, unassuming fairy, apparently a rogue from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Of course, the lovely DyCirno is no bully, even against evildoers! Instead, the flame-loving fairy was quickly subdued by our sparkling heroine, and brought to justice for her deeds. She has currently been assigned to help restore the forest she helped set alight, under the stern supervision of Yuuka Kazami. When questioned as to why she performed such a nefarious act, the fairy's response was 'What's the big deal? I just
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Wow. Quite the response. Okay, so I'm gonna call it here. Overall trend seems to be taking Koishi's advice... but people aren't totally fussed over her 'terms.' I can work with this.

Next update will be in a new thread.
>getting help in exchange for getting groped

This is exactly like my rape doujins.
File 136518636269.jpg - (239.53KB, 850x1063, amateur therapist.jpg) [iqdb]
New thread: >>/sdm/56153

Never expected this, to be honest.

Thread 55386 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136320262815.jpg - (412.38KB, 540x794, another nice day.jpg) [iqdb]
After a moment I snap my fingers. "How about something casual? You know, Outside fashion?"

"Huh?" Remilia looks surprised. "Well, I don't know... I wasn't thinking about that. I was just wondering what sort of dress I should wear, or if I should stick to what I usually have on-"

"No, Meiling's right," Sakuya interjects. She scratches her chin thoughtfully. "Something cute and appealing that catches her eyes, something new and exotic to her viewpoint without being overdone... maybe something that makes her want to try something new."

"Reimu in outsider clothes?" I ask, seeing where she's going with this.

"I have an idea there, but half the fun would her her and Mistress Remilia looking through the wardrobe." Sakuya winks at Remilia, who blinks, considering.

"Picking out clothes with Reimu," she says thoughtfully. A pretty, gentle smile comes over her face. "That is an excellent idea! If it works, I mean, but it's worth a shot, right? So, um..." Remilia paces over to an unused section of her wardrobe. "I of course have a selection, but I've never worn them. What do you two think would look good?"

The three of us spend the next hour or so picking through clothes for Remilia, finally settling on a blue pair of shorts and a pair of shirts, one worn on top of the other. A black ribbon tops it all off. The final result is actually quite cute, showcasing Remilia's youthful attractiveness while not making her look like a child. No two ways about it, Sakuya knows her stuff.

The rest of the evening is quite busy, as we scamper around making sure everything is perfect. Finally, everyone makes it an early night, ready to do our best to make tomorrow the best day it can be. What bothers me is that I can't find Flandre anywhere. Some of the fairy maids did see her in one of the older storage rooms, rooting through a box marked 'BRIDESMAIDS.' This worries me.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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You and your constant updates.
File 136424429473.jpg - (106.24KB, 850x864, watch out cirno.jpg) [iqdb]
New thread: >>/sdm/55803

Pic related, but creepier.
>Occasionally she glances at Remilia's reflection in the mirror
It just occurred to me that this should not at all be possible.

Thread 54803 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 135640661646.jpg - (479.91KB, 700x900, f18d56a11044169e7a989cae6aa856b3 (2).jpg) [iqdb]
Date: 24th December
Time: 11:30 hours
Location: courtyard, Scarlet Devil Mansion

She was tired.

Ever since she returned from the graveyard, Anne was immediately pressed into a major task of renovating the mansion in time for the annual Christmas party. And she barely got her work started, as Remilia had (“politely”, as the Scarlet Devil preferred) ordered that the interrogation of the prisoner of war she brought along be given a top priority. It was not paying off due to his absolute refusal to cooperate, and the only information she was able to acquire was that he served with the Lunarians as a member of the expeditionary team that was sent to Earth on a reconnaissance mission. She also had to maintain a professional demeanour as the prisoner started throwing slurs on the Wehrmacht (as well as calling the Red Army weak and incompetent), and at one point she almost threatened to blow him to kingdom come when the prisoner called her a “coldblooded murderer”.

Right now, she was taking a break after spending hours breaking sweats trying to make the prisoner talk. She sighed; between interrogating prisoners and supervising the maids, she preferred doing the latter, and she would like it if she could hand over the task to Captain Ivanov. She might not know the blood feud he held against the Lunarians, but she knew he would handle the prisoner better than she did.

“Guess who?”

Before she can respond, her eyes were covered. She did not even have to make a guess as she recognized the warmth of the hands very much, and she did not even bother asking as the owner of the hands pulled her into a soft, comfortable body. She did, though, manage to pull the hands off her face and she looked up to meet the person.

“My little tiger looks very tired today,” Meiling asked. “What’s the matter?”
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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Sata you ass. Using Morino Han's Meiling for post pics? That's just cheating. How can I not follow this.

Hmph. Nice short.
File 136319409327.jpg - (325.95KB, 636x1020, if_only_we_could_see_her_in_this_outfit_every_othe.jpg) [iqdb]
My reader is acting tsundere at me? Colour me surprised.


Date: 24th December
Time: 19:45 hours
Location: Scarlet Devil Mansion.

“Hurry up and get the hall ready!! We’re running out of time!!”

It was as chaotic as one could guess. As soon as Anne and Meiling returned from their lively, if not short, trip they were immediately pressed into last-minute works. Apparently Remilia had dragged Sakuya along in the interrogation, and even with Sakuya reminding her about the party she was too occupied with drilling the prisoner’s head into submission. Anne did not want to disrupt the scarlet devil’s quality time, nor did she want to remind her about the upcoming party, so with the efficiency of elite tank crew, she took charge of her maid chief’s supervision and mobilized the fairy maids to hasten the preparations.

“So, she’s leaving you to do the duties?” Anne’s attention to her work was disrupted by Reimu’s presence.

Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
I can't blame you choose quality over quantity. Updates should only be written if you have 51% steam left: scientific fact.

I just hope you continue it someday.

Thread 54956 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136219059161.jpg - (238.44KB, 850x1199, a nice day.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey all. So, I've written a couple of Meiling-themed short stories in the past and figured why not try my hand at a CYOA? Can't vouch for the overall quality, but no harm in giving it a try, right? I don't think it'll last that long, maybe a thread or so. Also, the format will be pretty much slice-of-life, Meiling's day-to-day experiences as a gate guard at the SDM. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, so just a head's up. Here's where my previous short stories are:


They're the set-up for this, so if you're curious, please take a look. Well, let's give this a shot.


Springtime. The grass is turning green, the trees are growing leaves, and Cirno is complaining about the lack of snow and ice. Also, Sakuya is hinting that I should forget the pants and just go with a dress for a while. I could be annoyed, but we just made up, after all, and at least Sakuya's being less blatant about it. Oh well. I guess I don't mind being appreciated, as long as she isn't leering or pressuring me.

Still, what a lovely day! Soon I'll have to get to work on the gardens. I already know what I want to plant, and there are plenty of seeds stored away. I give it three weeks, tops, before the gardens look as gorgeous as ever. Sakuya offered to warp time a little bit to speed things up, but I had to turn her down. There's no point in rushing things, after all. I find the garden to be at its most beautiful when things are just left to happen on their own.

This year, the Mistress wants to to put together a tribute to Reimu. I think she's strying to flirt with the shrine maiden. And by 'I think' what I'm really saying is 'I'm certain beyond a shadow of a doubt.' Fat chance, but that doesn't stop her from trying. Honestly, I kinda suspect it's all just Miss Remilia messing with Reimu. Then again, she does seem
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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[x] What you normally wear.

To clarify, this is a totally new vote, not a change of mind.
Okay, tallying. That's 7 for 'casual' and 5 for 'normal clothing.' 1 anon changed his vote but deleted the original, so that leaves things unchanged. Another anon did not delete his original vote, so that's 6 for casual, and 5 for normal.

Close vote, but calling it for Remi Casual. Which is fine, because I just had an idea regarding that.

Also, holy shit, autosage? I get a second thread?? Then, after writing, update will be posted in a new thread. Should be later today. Probably.
File 136320272012.jpg - (196.78KB, 850x1133, labelled for convenience.jpg) [iqdb]
New thread: >>/sdm/55386

Pic related: pretty much what Remilia's wearing.

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