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File 136795414533.png - (1.70MB, 763x1040, on the job.png) [iqdb]
Lucky thread number 7!

Thread 1: >>/sdm/54956
Thread 2: >>/sdm/55386
Thread 3: >>/sdm/55803
Thread 4: >>/sdm/56153
Thread 5: >>/sdm/56497
Thread 6: >>/sdm/56844


As a light drizzle starts to fall from the cloudy heavens, I sigh deeply, running a hand down my face. Part of me just wants to go back to bed and sleep through this. The tengu are pretty isolationist to start with, so why not let them handle their own problems?

On the other hand, Aya is loose. Which means that she may be stalking innocent, heroic little Cirno even as I think things over. Or, she might be vengeful, which means everything from blackmail to a direct attack are a possibility. Given the mansion's role in bringing her down previously, this was a threat that we could not ignore.

Part of me wants to snap at Momiji for letting Aya slip away, but that would just be totally unfair to her. Another part wants to panic, but I force it down. This is a potentially serious situation, and as guardian of the mansion, I have a duty to see it dealt with.

"Let's go inside before the rain gets bad," I tell my two visitors, "We have a lot to discuss."


A few minutes later, we're in a little-used break-room just down the hall from my bedroom. Sakuya isn't up yet, but I provided some coffee and sandwiches to Momiji and Hatate. Seemed the civil thing to do.

"So, why come to me?" I ask. "I thought that the tengu preferred to deal with their own problems."

Momiji swallows a bite of her sandwich and nods. "We do, normally. But this is an exceptional circumstance. Aya is a very old, very skilled, very powerful tengu, who managed to evade the combined efforts of the white wolf company. It pains me to admit it... but we need help." She shrugs. "Why you? Because you helped uncover her activities previously. You were the logical person to come to."

"Besides," Hatate puts in, "If Aya goes after Cirno again, aren't you like her big sister or something? We figured you'd want to know."

I nod. "Well... yeah. Good point." I take a deep breath. "Okay, back up now. How exactly did Aya escape from jail, or whatever?"

"Our punishment for her was a sort of theurapeutic hard labor," Momiji explains, "While closely supervised, she would work hard each day, shackled to the ground, all the while chanting purifying prayers. The hope was that this would both discipline her and remove whatever taint had driven her down such a path." Momiji takes a deep breath. "The problem is that we underestimated her. Aya is a lot more talented than she lets on, and apparently learned how to jimmy the lock on her manacle while we weren't looking. Then one day, just like any other, our vigilance wavered just for a moment... and Aya took her chance."

I wince in understanding. "When every day is the same as the last, it's hard to pay close attention all the time, isn't it?" It reminds me an awful lot of my job, how she describes it.

"Pretty much," Momiji says glumly. "Anyway, we immediately realized what had happened and took off after her, but you know how fast Aya is. She went from zipping around the skies to hiding in the forest, constantly on the go. And finally... she eluded us."

I nod, slowly. "How dangerous do you think Aya is right now?"

Momiji folds her arms. "Her personal effects, like her fan and camera, have been seized and remain in custody. However, Aya still has a limited ability to control the wind and is of course very, very fast. Before being a reporter, Aya gathered information in a more traditional way, and by that I mean that she can be extremely stealthy when she wants to. Also, she is very accomplished at hand-to-hand combat. I think she may have stolen a sword at one point, and she certainly knows how to use it.

Wonderful. A possibly psychotic ninja-tengu is on the loose. Not bad for a perverted newspaper reporter, I suppose.

"Anyway, those are her physical abilities. As to whether she poses a danger..." Momiji looks trouble. "I don't know. Hatate, you where talking to her, what do you think?"

Hatate frowns. "Well, Aya may not actually go after Cirno. From what I can tell, her obsession was never about the fairy herself, not exactly. It's just that DyCirno was news, and made her paper popular, and Aya started to obsess over Cirno as a result. Really, it was the attention Aya loved, and Cirno was just a means to an end. Aya could have obsessed over anyone if they were newsworthy. Even you, Meiling."

I turn a little green at the thought.

"But that's what's really worrying about all this," Hatate goes on, "Aya is really after fame and success, and will do anything to have it again. Heck, she probably thinks that being a renegade tengu will make her more edgy and popular, and make people want to buy her newspaper."

"How would she sell it if she's being pursued?" I wonder.

"I doubt she's thought that far ahead," Momiji says dryly. "Either that or she wants to get a patron's backing. If that happens... well, our authority beyond youkai mountain is pretty much nil." She looks very troubled at the thought.

"Well, what worries me is what Aya's gonna DO," Hatate continues, "I mean, her primary motivation is to get news and publish it. That means getting up to her old tricks."

"Meaning intrusion of privacy, blackmail, that sort of thing," I note.

"Yeah, basically," Hatate agrees.

I think it over. "She may try to take over reporting on DyCirno again, which means following her around... and maybe taking you out of the equation, Hatate."

"Er," the young tengu suddenly looks nervous.

"Or worse, Aya will actually TRY to make news and give the inside story on it."

Momiji pales at my words. "Anything to get popular. Or a patron." She laughs weakly. "But... this is all just speculation, right? I mean, Aya starting incidents in order to report on them first? That seems a little far-fetched, even for her."

Hatate glances at the older tengu. "You mean you can't see her doing just that?"

Momiji has no response.

Into the worried silence comes a horrified scream from upstairs. Momiji grabs at her sword at once. "What was that?!" she demands.

"Well," I sigh, "I don't sense any foreign presences in the mansion- other than yourselves- so it's probably Flandre waking Remilia up to do something that is horribly embarrassing her." Another scream echoes from upstairs. "And Reimu too, apparently. Probably something about having kids, or sexual positions or something."

Momiji and Hatate stare at me. "...The shrine maiden sleeps here?" the wolf asks.

"Sometimes," I shrug.

The wolf nods slowly, and comes to the conclusion that she really doesn't want to know. Smart girl.

"Anyway, you've convinced me," I tell them, "So our next priority is to put together a plan to catch Aya."

"Thank you for your assistance," Momiji sighs in relief. "So, any ideas as to how we do that?"



Run wild. I'm willing to integrate just about anything that sounds entertaining. So, how DO you catch a crazed tengu?

[ ] Track her.
[ ] Lay a trap.
[ ] Stakeout a place/ person (specify).
[ ] Write-in.

Feel free to mix it up a little, and mention any equipment you might need. Let your imagination run wild. Crazy plans are welcome here. We can just ask Flandre for advice.
Okay guys, brilliant plan.

[x] Set a trap + Stakeout
[x] Announce the marriage of one Hakurei Reimu into the House of Scarlet
[x] Tengu guards in three-piece suits, Dycirno waiting in the underground hangar/Voile, Yuuka posing as gardener
[x] Make it a big thing.

Because Aya is to Big News as sharks to blood, and there's no bigger news than something like this.

(Besides, it might end with Flandre as pastor, and that's just hilarious)
[x] Set a trap + Stakeout
[x] Announce the marriage of one Hakurei Reimu into the House of Scarlet
[x] Tengu guards in three-piece suits, Dycirno waiting in the underground hangar/Voile, Yuuka posing as gardener
[x] Make it a big thing.

This calls to me though we should tell Remi and Reimu about this.
[x] Set a trap + Stakeout
[x] Announce the PREGNANCY of one Hakurei Reimu thanks to one Remilia Scarlet
[x] Announce the marriage of said Hakurei into the House of Scarlet
[x] Tengu guards in three-piece suits, Dycirno waiting in the underground hangar/Voile, Yuuka posing as gardener
[x] Make it a big thing.
Big news you say?
I have a question: How are we going to get the rumor out without damaging Hatate's Journalistic reputation?
[x] Lay a trap...
-[x] By starting an incident!
--[x] Plan:
1. Start a big gensokyo-wide game of risk centered at the manison , this is something that will get everyones attention. This includes Aya. Make the prize something she would want(or anyone else who may cause problems down the line for that matter) don't worry too much abut the aftermath, the potential for hilarity is part of the bait.
2. Wait for Aya to arrive(which she will, between the mansion involvement and DyCirno being there everything she wants is in 1 place).
3. Wait for her to sign up.
4. Catch that pideon crow, NOW!
5. Have Sakuya on standby to stall her is she runs, not even Aya can outrun time.
6.(optional) Use opportunity to bring any other problems to the surface e.g. Mima.

Chasing her is stupid, she'll just run again and we may leave the mansion open. Hence we're best lay a trap she can't resist.The sheer craziness of the plan hides our intentions and flan's forced period uniforms will stop any disguises.

Being near the mansion also means we have a plan B in the form of timehax.
>Let your imagination run wild. Crazy plans are welcome here. We can just ask Flandre for advice.

Well, there's our invitation. Let's make a plan that won't finish before this thread does.

[x]Write in(3)
1.) We're getting Remillia and Reimu married. Make sure not to rush it, and don't try hiding things. (estimated time: several months/years)
2.) When it's time for the wedding, make it a big deal. Invite everyone in Gensokyo except Aya. Make sure to include the Netherworld, Makai, Bhava Aghra, and any other nearby areas.
3.) Contact several of the guests(1) and ask them to keep an eye out for party crashers. If Aya is seen, she is to be made the center of attention for gatecrashing until she can be secured properly(2).
4.) If Aya is not seen at the wedding, continue the measures through the weeks long party that is to follow. Ask Suika if she can make sure that quite literally everyone is there. Every last fairy, kedama, wisp, etc. in Gensokyo.
5.) If Aya is still not found, then its time to replan.

1: Insert list of people here. Preference goes to those known for attentiveness, or with grudges against Aya.

2: Locked in Flandre's room until the party is over.

In addition to the above, I would like to include any and all other plans proposed.[/x]
[x] Lay a trap...
-[x] By starting an incident!
--[x] Plan:
1. Start a big gensokyo-wide game of risk centered at the manison , this is something that will get everyones attention. This includes Aya. Make the prize something she would want(or anyone else who may cause problems down the line for that matter) don't worry too much abut the aftermath, the potential for hilarity is part of the bait.
2. Wait for Aya to arrive(which she will, between the mansion involvement and DyCirno being there everything she wants is in 1 place).
3. Wait for her to sign up.
4. Catch that pideon crow, NOW!
5. Have Sakuya on standby to stall her is she runs, not even Aya can outrun time.
6.(optional) Use opportunity to bring any other problems to the surface e.g. Mima.
Funny, but a little carried away. I'm leaning towards tracking her with barrier and restraint teams of some sort, and maybe Sakuya as well.
I mean, it's a simple enough vote to say "go to people likely to help who are most helpful in tracking down or finding someone", and we can leave it to Meiling as to who those people are.

A fake marriage could...have consequences.
As for the Gensokyo wide risk game...actually, not too bad. Funny, and fun. But, probably unmanageable. But Aya would show up to watch and record, I don't see her being so stupid as to sign up when she knows she's being hunted. And it'd be better to have Sakuya stop time and tie up Aya first, and not give her a chance to run.
Come on guys, be more crazy! Just go wild!
[X] Track her. Ask Remilia to alter Aya's fate so that she is caught, quickly, as easily as possible.
[ ] Lay a trap.

Start a rumor, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gatekeeper has rebuffed the Maid and the Flower Youkai to get together with an Oni. Aya is intrigued, there is gossip and slander to be found.
Start a second rumor. Momiji and Hatate have gotten together and plant to take over Genoskyo's newspaper market. Their ace in the hole to sell their wares? They have actual news, and the SDM is backing Kakashi Spirit News' new venture. Aya is back for vengeance.
Sakuya and Yuuka cause an incident out of jealousy. Aya is there like Yuugi to alcohol. Team DyCirno lies in wait to capture the villain in their toughest battle yet.
[X] Does Patchouli know a scrying spell? We have her personal effects...
[X] Does Patchouli know a scrying spell? We have her personal effects...
[X] Does Patchouli know a scrying spell? We have her personal effects...
[X] Does Patchouli know a scrying spell? We have her personal effects...
[X] Does Patchouli know a scrying spell? We have her personal effects...
[x] Set a trap + Stakeout
[x] Announce the marriage of said Hakurei into the House of Scarlet
[x] HEAVILY IMPLY that this is marriage is being rushed because one or the other is already pregnant (a shotgun wedding)
[x] Tengu guards in three-piece suits, DyCirno waiting in the underground hangar/Voile, Yuuka posing as gardener
[x] Make it a big thing.

Directly announcing a pregnancy is over the top, but a rushed marriage often implies as much. That should be sufficient.


Well this doesn't seem like votespam at all.
Call a mod.
Or summon a mod using pics.
What can we call upon capable of preventing Aya from escaping and catching her?

I mean, there's Sakuya and her time stop abilities.
Patchouli may know some binding or barrier spells.
Remilia has her manipulation of fate.
Marisa...might have the same as Patchouli.
Yukari, probably, but we might owe her a favor.

Anything else?
Cirno: A glacier has no locks to pick.
Yamame Kurodani,Letty Whiterock,Reimu Hakurei,Suwako Moriya,Sanae Kochiya,Kaguya Houraisan,Komachi Onozuka: Replace glacier with web, glacier, seal, boulder, seal, eternity, nigh-infinite distance, respectively.

Nitori Kawashiro: Make a better lock.
Aya Shameimaru: Can presumably restrain herself.
Youki and Youmu Konpaku: Alright, she might dodge still, but a few blademasters ought to be a decent deterrent.

There are likely others, but this should be a decent start. Naturally, we should implement all of the restraining measures, just to be sure.
How many could we reasonably expect to be willing to help?
Okay, time to call it. The options with the most votes are the staged wedding and getting Patchouli to try and divine Aya's location. They're also both tied at 5 votes each.

However, I'm going to invoke writer's fiat and call it for the staged wedding, mainly because that seems the most amusing of the options, and because I can just do so much with it. This may turn into another mini-arc, in fact, like the trip to the underground. We'll see.

The risk game is a funny idea, but I'm not actually sure how to implement it. I may include it somehow, however. Actually, I may incorporate some of these other ideas as well. They're pretty creative.

tldr; Called for staged wedding + other ideas that strike my fancy.
Well, whatever happens, it's going to be entertaining and hilarious.
File 13680484576.jpg - (125.96KB, 850x850, plotting.jpg) [iqdb]
I chew my lip thoughtfully. "Tracking's out. If you white wolves lost her, no one's going to be able to track her down."

Momiji nods. "I realize this might not be the best time to brag... but tracking IS one of our specialties."

I think some more. "I'm tempted to suggest a stake-out... but who? And where? There's just too many variables for that to work. Also, waiting for Aya to start an incident just strikes me as a bad plan. Who knows what she'd come up with?"

"What does that leave?" asks Hatate.

I frown. "Laying a trap for her seems the most obvious solution, but I have no idea where to start... wait." I glance up at Momiji. "Do you have anything that belongs to Aya? Anything really close to her?"

Momiji nods. "Ive been keeping her fan and camera on me, just as a precaution. It was Aya's weapon of choice. On the off-chance that she got loose, I didn't want her circling around and liberating them from wherever they were stored." She winces. "It seemed like an excessive precaution at the time. Now, I'm glad I did it."

"Why do you ask?" Hatate queries.

"Let's go have a talk with Patchouli," I tell them, "And hope that she's in a good mood."


Voile is as dusty as ever. I've never really understood why Patchouli, with all of her magical knowledge (so to speak), never bothered to invent a simple dusting spell. Just cast it, let it go, and let it clean up the library. Maybe she thinks it's beneath her or something. But hell, even the best fairy maids can't keep up with this place! Sakuya gave up a long time ago, and just tidies up the areas that Patchouli tends to frequent.

As for the mage herself, she's sitting in her usual study nook, drinking some tea. She looks up as I walk up with my companions. "Good morning, Meiling," she greets me politely.

"Morning, Miss Patchouli," I return the greeting. "You're up early."

She shrugs. "I got to bed early. Besides, I wanted to get back to some research I was doing."

I nod. "Where's Koa? I don't see her around."

Patchouli snorts. "Meiling, I am more than capable of making myself a cup of tea. As for Koakuma, I imagine she is still asleep. She and young Josef had a busy night last night."

I blinks. "Busy night...?"

"They were copulating, Meiling."

Right. Changing subject.

"So, concerning these two," I say quickly, gesturing to my two tengu companions. Who seem a little stunned, incidentally. Probably a little taken aback by Patchouli's cavalier attitude towards sex. "I was wondering if you could lend them a hand."

Patchouli glances over. "The tengu, seeking aid? What a novelty. What do you want, exactly?"

Momiji glances at me. I shrug and continue on. "Aya Shameimaru has broken free and gone missing. Given the mansion's prior dealings with her, I'm worried that she might cause us some trouble."

"...And you want me to attempt to divine her location," Patchouli concludes.

"Pretty much, yeah."

"Hm." Patchouli takes a sip of her tea and considers. "It depends. Do you have anything that belongs to her? Anything that would resonate with her spirit?"

"Yes," says Momiji, stepping forward, "Her fan and camera." She places the two items down on the table.

Patchouli nods. "Excellent. With a tie such as this, divining her location will be as nothing. Given that she may disturb me in the futire, I suppose I can spare enough time for a quick divination." Pushing her tea to one side, Patchouli takes the fan and camera in hand before closing her eyes in concentration. After a moment, she frowns and gestures with her hand, summoning a glowing, intricate magical circle on the table, into which she places Aya's possessions. A few gestures and arcane words later, and Patchouli is staring fiercely into the circle, eyes glowing with energy and likely not seeing the same reality as the rest of us.

"...Does Shameimaru have any experience with magical concealment?" she queries, not looking up from her work.

"I don't know," Momiji replies, "All I know is that she has a great deal of experience as an infiltrator and spy. Given that, and her magical ability, however... it's a distinct possibility. I take it that you're having difficulty?"

"Yes," grumbles Patchouli. "This is a very simple spell that should easily determine her location, among other things. Yet despite the amount of power that I'm pouring into it, Shameimaru remains concealed to me." She dismisses the magic with an irritated wave of her hand. "How damnably vexing."

I sigh. "Well, that's just great. That was my big idea. I guess all we can do for now is wait for her next move and try to react quickly-"

I'm interrupted by the SLAM! of a massive door opening, and some excited laughter coming from the entrance to the library. Flandre. And it's swiftly followed by some outraged shouting. Remilia.

"Oh, ye gods," moans Patchouli, "Flandre is at it again."

"As always," I note.

And then Flandre slides around the corner, dressed in her pajamas, and holding a heavy pink book under her arm. She has a massive grin stuck to her face. "Come oooooon, Sis!" she cries, running towards us, "I'm a growing, curious girl, and I need someone to show me the facts of life! Can't you and Reimu demonstrate? You do it all the time, anyway!" She dives behind me, clinging to my back for protection.

"FLANDRE SCARLET!!!" Remilia shouts, skidding around the corner. She's also in her sleepwear. Rather more... risque sleepwear than Flandre's, to be honest. She stalks towards her gleeful little sister, face a blushing mask of outrage and embarrassment. "I haven't the slightest idea what's gotten into you lately, young lady, but asking Reimu and myself to DEMONSTRATE positions from the lewd little... tome is..." She trails off and stares at Momiji and Hatate. Hatate and Momiji stare back.

Then Reimu walks around the bookshelf, looking tired and irritated, and wearing something that is DEFINITELY non-standard for shrine maidens. Save in certain erotic books. "Geez... can't I sleep in from time to time?" she yawns, "Nice comfy bed, and this morning Remi was actually letting me sleep... in..." She trails off and stares at Momiji and Hatate. Momiji and Hatate stare back. "...And now tengu are staring at me while I'm wearing lingerie. My day is complete, and it's not even dawn yet."

"...Actually, I do believe the sun is actually up-" Patchouli starts.

"Not. The point," Reimu cuts her off, looking around for something to cover herself with. Remilia just stares blearily at the two houseguests.

"It could be worse," she finally sighs. "It could be that twit Shameimaru."

I clear my throat. "Speaking of Aya..."

Reimu and Remilia's heads whip around to stare at me. "What ABOUT Aya?" Reimu demands.

"... Why is the shrine maiden in lingerie?" Momiji mumbles numbly.

"Does this happen often?" Hatate asks distantly.

"This madness in general, or those sleeping together in particular?" Patchouli asks. "Either way, the answer is a resounding 'Yes.'"

Remilia takes a slow step forward. "What ABOUT Shameimaru?" she demands.

I sigh, and start to explain.


About twenty minutes later, everyone is fully dressed, and having a small breakfast in Voile. Sakuya is awake, and listening to the discussion carefully. Reimu groans and rubs her forehead. "So, to summarize: Aya is loose, possibly stalking innocent little ice fairies, and possibly planning to trigger an incident in order to become famous."

"That's the long and short of it, yes," Hatate confirms.

"I do NOT need this," the shrine maiden grumbles.

"And she's that hard to locate?" Remilia asks Patchouli.

The magician nods. "Even my best divination couldn't find her. She's hidden herself quite well."

Remilia frowns. "And tracking is out, while trying to lie in wait for her is doomed to failure. Waiting for her to start something..."

"NOT an option," Reimu insists, "The last thing I need is a crazy, perverted tengu stirring things up. My job is tough enough already."

"Aw, darling, aren't I always there to help relieve some stress~?" Remilia croons. Reimu just blushes in response.

"...They're always like this?" Hatate asks.

"Constantly," Patchouli mutters.

"Anyway," I put in, "Our final option is to start something that'll get Aya's attention, make her want to report on it before anyone else has a chance."

"No incidents," Reimu says, still blushing, "That'll just go way out of control, and wind up on my front step. No, thank you."

"It doesn't have to be an incident," Flandre murmurs, lost in thought. I look over at her. She has her fingers pressed together, and her brow is furrowed in thought. Slowly, the younger vampire sister rises to her feet and starts to pace around." It doesn't have to be an incident, just something very newsworthy... something people want to read about... something she just can't resist getting the inside scoop on." Flandre stops, and turns to face Reimu and Remilia. "...You two both want her caught, right?"

Reimu sighs. "Before she can start an incident or otherwise stir things up? Hell yes."

Remilia nods solemnly. "Aya may very well hold us responsible for her previous fall from grace, and may be a real inconvenience if allowed to fly about unchecked. Yes, I believe reeling her in would be to our best benefit."

"Good," Flandre nods, "Because I have a plan."

I perk up, interested. "What is it, Flan?"

Flandre turns to Hatate. "Miss Himekaidou, can you use your resources to spread a rumor?"

Hatate nods slowly. "Yeah, that's easy, but what...?"

"Spread a rumor that Reimu and Sis are getting married," Flandre tells her.

"WHAT?!" yelp Reimu and Remilia.

"Um, might want to spruce it up a little bit," Flandre muse. "Like... say they were experimenting and Reimu's period is late, so they're getting married to make sure."

"WHAT?!" Reimu and Remilia yelp again.

"...Though come to think of it, you might want to spread THAT rumor through other means. You probably don't want a scandal rag like Aya had. Well, something to think about." Flandre nods to herself. "That'll give us an excuse to hold a lavish wedding here at the mansion. Fake one, of course, so relax you two," She nods at her sister and Reimu. "But it'll sure as heck lure Aya in. I mean, a story that big? Western style, to match the decor here. Really ham things up. Maybe stage an elaborate game with a big prize, something like that." Flandre nods slowly. "We'll need to use tengu as security guards, of course, to catch Aya when she shows up. And maybe lay some magical traps." Flandre's wings twitch as she thinks furiously.

Momiji... is nodding slowly. Hatate is too, albeit reluctantly.

And I have to admit it. It's a brilliant plan. Completely over the top, and absolutely certain to lure Aya in.

Reimu stares at Flandre. "You're insane." Flandre just raises an eyebrow. Reimu looks at Remilia. "She's insane. Your sister. She's insane."

Remilia locks eyes with Flandre, and something passes between them, sister-to-sister. Slowly Remilia rises to her feet. Slowly, she gets down on one knee and takes Reimu's hand in both of hers. "Reimu Hakurei," she says quietly, "Will you marry me?"

Reimu's face goes beyond red and seems to glow in the dim light, before her eyes roll up into her head and she faints dead away.

"Is that a yes?" Flandre wonders.

"Looks like we're planning a wedding!" Sakuya quips.


Welp. Plan Wedding is go. Objective: capture Aya.

So, some decisions to be made:

[ ] Spread rumors via the crow tengu.
[ ] Spread flyers announcing the big event.
[ ] Let Hatate announce the full details in her paper after all.

Guest list?
[ ] Knock yourselves out.

Flashy Entertainment?
[ ] How do I make the Risk idea work?
-[ ] No, really. It's a cool idea, but I don't know how to make it work.
-[ ] Maybe a prize for the winner? Should be confined to the mansion, though.

Dress Code:
[ ] Normal clothing.
[ ] Formal, for Gensokyo.
[ ] Gothic. Vampire mansion, and all that.
[ ] Western Formal.
[ ] Military period uniforms.

[ ] Anything else?

Votespamanon here. Very much apologize for that; I have no idea what happened there. I did reload the page a few times after I posted, but I don't think that should cause votespam...

Anyway, I appear to have forgotten the password I used, so phooey. Just as well that Keymaster arbitrated against it, then.

... anyway, votes.

[X] Flying Risk? Use segments of the mansion obvious from the air, spice things up with, say, a portal from Voile to the kitchen or something, go?
[X] Spread rumors via the crow tengu.

[X] Guest list:
-[X] Marisa and Pameel Kirisame
-[X] Alice Margatroid
-[X] Yuuka Kazami
-[X] Yukari Yakumo and Shinki
-[X] Albrecht
-[X] Satori and Koishi Komeiji, and anyone else from Former Hell (Maybe Big Papa. He can cater AND be the minister!)
--[X] NO tengu, at lest not officially, so as to not tip Aya off.

[X] Have Flandre announce the gigantic Risk game and the prizes (whatever they are). Preferably before partaking of the alcohol.

[X] Formal Western.
-[X] Make it a black tie.

[X] Once Aya has been captured, initiate Flandre protocol. It's the only way to be sure.

I guess that last addition went without saying, but still.
[x]Spread flyers announcing the big event.
-[x]As quickly as she can publish after getting a flyer, let Hatate announce the full details in her paper after all.

[x]Guest list: Absolutely everyone!

[X] Have Flandre announce the gigantic Risk game and the prizes (whatever they are). Preferably before partaking of the alcohol.

[X] Formal Western.
-[X] Make it a black tie.

[X] Once Aya has been captured, initiate Flandre protocol. It's the only way to be sure.
Does this mean the wedding is real?
Depends on how far the ceremony gets I suppose.
[ ] Spread flyers announcing the big event.

[] Risky entertainment.
-[] the prize is the bride (Reimu)

[] Guests
-[] Everyone
[X] Spread rumors via the crow tengu.

[X] Guest list:
-[X] Marisa and Pameel Kirisame
-[X] Alice Margatroid
-[X] Yuuka Kazami
-[X] Yukari Yakumo and Shinki
-[X] Albrecht
-[X] Satori and Koishi Komeiji, and anyone else from Former Hell (Maybe Big Papa. He can cater AND be the minister!)
--[X] NO tengu, at lest not officially, so as to not tip Aya off.

[X] Have Flandre announce the gigantic Risk game and the prizes (whatever they are). Preferably before partaking of the alcohol.

[X] Formal Western.
-[X] Make it a black tie.

[X] Once Aya has been captured, initiate Flandre protocol. It's the only way to be sure.

Oh god Big Papa as the minister.

I like the portal idea. Makes things interesting. Heck, considering this is the SDM, we'll probably have a wide range of prebuilt secret passages and whatnot to take advantage of.

...Wait. That gives me an idea. Instead of a game of Risk, how about a game of Clue? Wedding with a dash of murder mystery. Whatta scoop!
[X] Spread rumors via the crow tengu.

[X] Guest list:
-[X] Marisa and Pameel Kirisame
-[X] Alice Margatroid
-[X] Yuuka Kazami
-[X] Yukari Yakumo and Shinki
-[X] Albrecht
-[X] Satori and Koishi Komeiji, and anyone else from Former Hell (Maybe Big Papa. He can cater AND be the minister!)
--[X] NO tengu, at least not officially, so as to not tip Aya off.

[x] Gothic. Vampire mansion, and all that.
[x]Spread flyers announcing the big event.
-[x]As quickly as she can publish after getting a flyer, let Hatate announce the full details in her paper after all.

[x]Guest list: Absolutely everyone!

[X] Have Flandre announce the gigantic Risk game and the prizes (whatever they are). Preferably before partaking of the alcohol.

[X] Formal Western.
-[X] Make it a black tie.

[X] Once Aya has been captured, initiate Flandre protocol. It's the only way to be sure.

Okay, i like this one! This will be a blast for sure.
[X] Spread flyers announcing the big event.
-[X] As quickly as she can publish after getting a flyer, let Hatate announce the full details in her paper after all.

[X] Guest list: Absolutely everyone!

[X] Have Flandre announce the gigantic Risk game and the prizes (whatever they are). Preferably before partaking of the alcohol.

[X] Gothic. Vampire mansion, and all that.

[X] Once Aya has been captured, initiate Flandre protocol. It's the only way to be sure.

C'mon, folks, the reigning Hakurei is getting married and you want a half-dozen crowd? One of her biggest traits is how she attracts people like mad, nobody would want to miss something like this.
[X] Spread flyers announcing the big event.
-[X] As quickly as she can publish after getting a flyer, let Hatate announce the full details in her paper after all.
It'd be suspicious otherwise. Hatate wouldn't miss this... but Aya can try to get an exclusive interview or something.
[X] Guest list: Absolutely everyone we know
Everyone sir? EVERYONE!
[X] Have Flandre announce the gigantic Risk game and the prizes (whatever they are). Preferably before partaking of the alcohol.
This is going to be great
[X] Western formal.
Obvious, isn't it? The clothing style should be like the wedding's and the mansion's?
[X] Once Aya has been captured, initiate Flandre protocol. It's the only way to be sure.
File 13680832228.jpg - (763.53KB, 2100x1300, UndergroundBaseball.jpg) [iqdb]
Here's something amusing I stumbled upon.
[x] Guest list: Make sure only enough Tengu arrive that it's not suspicious, maybe just reporters or big names. they can wait nearby hidden if they want, but to many will make Aya cautious.
[x] Risk game but instead of dice, straight danmaku fights with the fairy maids as and the generals allowed on the board. Make the board in the library and use the airspace well.
[x] Before it starts quickly check on Remi in private and see if see wants to go through with this for real, considering that proposal she might drop the surprise mid-supposidly-fake-wedding and who knows how Riemu will react. We don't mind but it's probably something we should be sure about before it begins.
Okay, I have enough to go on, so update will be later today.
File 136813010966.png - (843.60KB, 694x981, what is happening.png) [iqdb]
"I don't understand. Are... are we actually getting married?" Reimu looks blankly at Remilia, desperate for an answer.

"All right, let's get started!" Flandre happily declares.

We've moved to another room in the mansion, and are discussing the big plan to catch Aya, which involves staging a wedding. A big one, something that Aya couldn't possibly ignore. Also, Koa's joined us, alone. According to her, Josef is still recovering from last night in her room. I really have to hand it to Koakuma, she's been a lot more relaxed ever since hooking up with Joe.

Flandre continues. "The plan is to stage a big wedding here. We all know that. So, let's go over the details. First of all, what kind of rumors do we spread, and how?"

"But is it a real wedding?" Reimu asks weakly.

"The crow tengu can certainly spread rumors to that effect," Hatate notes, "But a small affair might not get Aya's attention. Sure, she'd be curious, but if it's something small and contained, well... she does have a sense of preservation, after all. She might consider it too dangerous."

"A small wedding? Me?" Remilia actually looks a little bit offended. "Pshaw! Any marriage of mine must by all means be vast and extravagant! I want all the land to see my moment of absolute joy!" Reimu blushes at this. "Besides, it'll make Aya feel more at ease, I'll bet. A big wedding with lots of guests means she'd have an easier time infiltrating." Everyone nods at this. It's a good point.

"What about flyers?" Sakuya suggests, "If milady is getting married, of course she'd want everyone to know. Aya would be suspicious if such an event were not advertised all over the place."

"Point," I agree, "But having Hatate write about it in her paper would also help. It'd be the final nail in the coffin, so to speak."

Flandre nods approvingly. "Great! So, let's do it like this: first, the crow tengu will start spreading a rumor that Sis has got Reimu pregnant." Reimu squeaks a little bit. "Then Sis can start spreading flyers all over Gensokyo, talking about her big day. Hatate, you should print an article the next day, or even make it a special edition or something. It's a natural progression, and Aya couldn't possibly miss it!"

"Good call," Hatate nods, "So, we're hinting that the wedding is Remilia taking responsibility, hence the rush? Good call."

"...How could people think she could get me pregnant?" Reimu wonders out loud, groaning.

Momiji nods in understanding. "Right. The mystery and event are just bound to draw Aya in!"

Reimu glares at the wolf tengu. "Not what I meant."

"What about the guest list?" I ask, "Marisa and Pameel have gotta show up for this. Alice Margatroid would be ideal to help with the outfits, so we should invite her too. Yuuka... could help with the gardens, and can probably search for Aya using the flowers."

"Yukari is a must," Sakuya notes, "She'd be offended if she were left out, and will probably want to bring her lover with her as well. Shinki, right?"

"Hey, can we invite Albrecht Willis, too?" I ask, "He's a swell guy. Actually, he'd make a good bartender..."

"We need to invite people from the underground," Koakuma insists, "They'd REALLY spice things up! We need to invite Satori, Koishi, Yuugi... all of them!" Koa snaps her fingers. "I've got it! We can invite BIg Papa!"

"Big Papa...?" Reimu asks weakly.

"He owns Big Papa's House of Looooooove and Tacos," I explain.

"Exactly!" Koakuma cheers, "He can be the minister, AND cater!"

"...House of Love and Tacos?" Reimu asks, even more, weakly.

"No, no. House of Looooooove and Tacos," I correct.

Remilia waves her hand dismissively. "Ladies, ladies. Invitations will go out to absolutely everyone! This is my big day! I want to share it with all who would be here! So, if there's someone you have in mind, by all means invite them!"

Reimu slowly gets to her feet. Her eyelid is twitching. "May I have everyone's attention?" she asks the room. "We're all talking about a wedding here, one involving me. I have not been consulted at any stage during this so called 'planning,' and it's frankly starting to annoy me. So, MAY I SAY SOMETHING?!"

Remilia stands up, looking abashed. "Reimu darling, I am so sorry," she says sincerely, "I didn't mean to upset you. I guess I just got so carried away that I completely forgot about your feelings. It won't happen again, I swear this to you." Gently, Remilia takes Reimu's face in her hands and kisses her. Long, hard, and very passionately. When the kiss finally ends, Remilia beams up at her beloved. "Now, let's hear what you have to say, my sweet!"

"Uh..." the blushing Reimu says, looking a little dazed. Remilia looks up at her curiously.

"So, the mansion will be decorated to the nines," I muse, "And there'll be food galore, no doubt... what about party games? Something to keep people occupied during the whole shebang?"

"I've already thought about that!" Flandre cheers. "And I've decided that we'll be playing Risk, Scarlet Mansion Edition. Each player is a general with their own army of fairies! Taking over rooms instead of countries! Using real-time fighting between fairies instead of dice! Oh, and Sakuya, I'll need you to mess with space-time a little bit, make some warps. It'll make the game more interesting."

"Certainly , young mistress," Sakuya bows deeply.

"What about the prize?" asks Patchouli.

"Eh, I'll think of something," Flandre shrugs, "Expensive bottle of booze, maybe. I'll work it out."

"Buh," says Reimu, a silly grin on her dazed face.

"WIll there be a dress-code?" asks Sakuya.

"Formal western, to keep with the decor," says Remilia, "Though I'm willing to be flexible there. Not everyone will have access to that type of clothing in Gensokyo. But those who can, should."

"Good enough," I nod, "Then I want to move on to the big issue: security." I suddenly have everyone's attention. "The whole purpose of this is to capture Aya. Now, the fairy maids will be busy during the occasion, so I have a suggestion as to whom we have in their place: the tengu."

Momiji nods slowly. "Because we know Aya's scent, and will be able to pick her out of a crowd."

"That's fine, but I'm sure you understand that certain parts of the mansion will be sealed off during the occasion. I have secrets of my own I wish to keep, you know." Remilia pauses as she says this. "That reminds me. We'll have to officially limit the tengu invited. Invent some sort of spat to rationalize your absence from the mansion, except for maybe a reporter. Enough to make Aya feel comfortable without getting suspicious. Oh, and you'll need to be in disguise. Three-piece suits with sunglasses, maybe?"

Momiji nods. "That's perfectly acceptable, and we of course accept. By the way, what's a three-piece suit?"

"A type of formal wear," I explain to her, "You'll see. Anyway, we'll put you tengu in disguise and pass you off as an outsider security agency or something."

"I can help with magical wards and defenses," Patchouli puts in, "Aya may be able to elude divination, but if she enter the mansion, I will know."

"And the actual capture?" asks Momiji.

I spread my hands. "Consider who all is going to be here. Aya won't stand a chance. Heck, I'll even have Cirno standing by with her armor at the ready."

"And if all else fails..." Flandre holds up a bottle of alcohol. "I know exactly how to demoralize her. It's the only way to be sure." Solemn nods are the only response to her statement.

After the meeting, the group disperses, to attend to their respective tasks. Only Reimu remains behind, staring into space. Concerned, I tap her on the shoulder. "Reimu? You all right?"

Reimu looks up at me slowly. "Meiling? This is just a staged wedding, right?"

I nod. "Of course. Remilia wouldn't force you into a marriage before you are ready. You know that."

"Oh," Reimu nods slowly, "Right."

"...Do you WANT to marry her for real?" I ask.

"EH?!" Reimu's face yet beet-red yet again, and she stares at me in embarrassment. Then her face clears, and she looks... thoughtful. Neither happy nor upset, just... considering. She's still lost in thought, gaze distant, when I leave the room.


What should Meiling's focus be?

[ ] Spreading Flyers.
[ ] Delivering Invitations.
[ ] Decorating the Mansion.
[ ] Arranging Security.

Also, which sounds better:

[ ] Hakurei-Scarlet
[ ] Scarlet-Hakurei

[X] Scarlet-Hakurei

Why have one thing when you can have all the things?
[ ] Hakurei-Scarlet
[x] Delivering Invitations.
[x] Scarlet-Hakurei

This is the only one that really interests me. And Remilia's clearly the seme here.
This event, and your writing, are too interesting to skip any part.

Gensokyo is clearly Matriarchal.

[x] Hakurei-Scarlet

[x] Arranging Security.
[x] Hakurei-Scarlet

As the Head Gate Guard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion it's our duty to make sure this place will be absolutely secure.
[x] Let the couple decide.
So, have a kanji pun!

は紅麗, pronounced "Hakurei" and meaning something like "The Scarlet Resplendent."

(yes I know there's hiragana in there, shut up I'm not Japanese. If anyone's got a better pun I'll take it.)
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet

While the name of Scarlet has a lot of weight to it this is Gensokyo and the Hakurei are damned well preeminent.

[ ] Hakurei-Scarlet

Best arc incoming. Button down the hatches!
Oh god this is happening. This actually happening. I love this Quest SO much, you have no ideas.


Maybe we could get multiple POV on that one rather then just Meiling's.

[x] Hakurei-Scarlet

I understand that Remi would probably prefer to have her name be first, but this once I think the importance of the Hakurei's line to Gensokyo take precedent.
Scakurei: Sounds ugly.

Harlet: lol.
[x] Hakurei-Scarlet
[x] Hakurei-Scarlet

[X] Scarlet-Hakurei
[x] Spreading Flyers
[x] Scarlet-Hakurei
[X] Scarlet-Hakurei

It sounds better.

[x] Scarlet-Hakurei for the win.

I like how it rolls off the tongue more. And Remilia is the one who proposed.
This is going to be fun.

[x] Arranging Security.
We're the guard, we're best suited for that.

[x] Scarlet-Hakurei

I just like how this sounds more.
All sir? ALL!!
[X] Scarlet-Hakurei
I want it aaallll! I want it aaalll!

[x] Scarlet-Hakurei
The miko garbed in crimson and white.
[X] Spreading Flyers.
[X] Scarlet-Hakurei
[X] Spreading Flyers.
[X] Scarlet-Hakurei
I just had a thought; Aya's probably pretty observant, doubly so now that she has to watch her back on the run. It might be necessary to not inform some of those willing and capable of bringing her down of the ploy, lest they give it away.

Who is going to be informed of the ploy anyway?
[X] Kanji pun.
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet


[X] Scarlet-Hakurei.

For added effect, Reimu should get some new clothes in a deeper shade of red. Y'know.
Well, pretty much unanimous that people want a full arc, so... so be it!

Pretty much tied on the name thing. I'll let people think it over, and ask again in a later post.

Right. Now to put this together. Update later today.
For the name thing, which version of the name was the pun? Because I'd switch my vote to it, if that would help.

Puns in Japanese names are the Best things.
File 136821961126.jpg - (197.14KB, 643x800, wedding photos.jpg) [iqdb]
Things began to move quickly after the big meeting. As promised, the crow tengu began sneaking through Gensokyo, spreading rumors about Reimu and Remilia. Rumors about their relationship, how close they were, whether the Hakurei line was going to come to an end, or a workaround had been figured out. Maybe Reimu was going to get a donor at some point, maybe they had figured something out using magic.

The last rumor began to be spread with more frequency, and was soon followed up by rumors of marriage. Remilia and Reimu had been experimenting with magic or somesuch, and now one or the other was pregnant. They were planning to get married to keep things honorable.

Of course, no one believed these rumors. They were simply too ludicrous. That was the point. When official flyers were finally posted, the shock would get EVERYONE's attention.

"So we need to make these flyers good," Flandre asserts.

I shrug. "No big deal. Just put up a picture of each of them, with a nicely-worded announcement. Put some roses or something around the border. Done."

Flandre pouts. "You're no fun, Meiling. This is Sis' wedding announcement! More importantly, it's my chance to be a bridesmaid! And to host a huge game of Risk!" The little sister beams with excitement. I smirk. Someone certainly has their priorities straight.

"Incidentally," I glance over to where Reimu and Remilia are picking out decorations, "Are either of you going to change your surname?" The two glance up in surprise.

"Well, Hakurei is kind of an important name..." Reimu says slowly.

"As is Scarlet," muses Remilia. "What about a joined name? Hakurei-Scarlet? Scarlet-Hakurei?"

"Hmmm, it should be the same for us both..." Reimu thinks out loud. She and Remilia start to quietly talk among themselves, and I turn my attention to something else that's been bothering me.

"So, who all is going to be in on the secret?" I ask, "I mean, some people will need to know, but we can't let too many people in on it. Aya will find out. And what happens when people realize that it was all just a show?"

"The tengu will know, of course," Sakuya says, laying out some tea, "But really, the fewer people who know, the better. Maybe just those closely associated with the planning, those we can trust. As for what happens when Aya is caught..." she shrugs, "We'll have a massive round of drinks to celebrate. People will be too caught up in the party to care." I nod, conceding the point. By the time the hangovers have faded, no one will care that the marriage ceremony was just for show.

Eventually, a suitable announcement paper is put together. It's simple yet elegant, just like Remilia herself (or so she says). It's a picture of Reimu and Remilia together, bordered by flowers, and says, in elegant script: THE HOUSE OF SCARLET IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE JOINING OF REIMU HAKUREI AND REMILIA SCARLET IN A GRAND CEREMONY EARLY NEXT WEEK. PLEASE SEND US YOUR BEST WISHES. INVITATIONS WILL BE FORTHCOMING. NO UNSOLICITED REPORTERS, PLEASE.

The last line was sure to get Aya's attention, I thought.

Anyway, once prepared it was time to send the flyers out all over Gensokyo via fairy. Would have almost burned up in our face, literally, when Malla determined that the flyers made very good burning material for toasting marshmallows. It took six fairies to restrain her. We finally wound up giving her a private bonfire. Under supervision. It was also a reminder that the fairies might not be the best delivery people, so it fell to someone else to take them to the various places around Gensokyo. Namely, me.


"WHAT THE HELL?!" screeches Keine Kamishirasawa as I attach the announcement to the village notice board.

I stare at her in shock. "Teacher, your language!"

For a moment Keine wrestles with herself, clearly torn between manners and her desperate desire to know more. Knowledge wins out.

"Never mind my damn language!" she nearly shouts. "What is... I mean... Reimu and Remilia?!"

"Yes," I say brightly, "The wedding will be early next week, as it says. I'm sure you'll be receiving an invitation."

Keine shakes her head in bewilderment. "I mean... good for Reimu and all... but what about the line? I mean, It's good that she's happy, but the bloodline is still important and all-"

That's not a consideration," I say primly, dodging the question.

Keine stares at me. I see her mind working feverishly behind her eyes. "...Who's pregnant?" she asks in a hushed voice.

"I am unable to answer questions of that nature," I reply calmly, and start to walk off, a crowd already gathering around the notice board. Keine hurries after me, succumbing to the desperate need for gossip.

"Meiling," she says insistently, "It's still not the full moon, I can't wait that long. For the love of all that is holy, who is pregnant?! Is anyone actually pregnant? Come on, I need some answers!"

Professional, dignified teacher that she is, Keine is still possessed of a burning desire to know the truth. Especially as it regards supposedly impossible unions. Must be part of being half-hakutaku. Sadly, Keine's thirst for knowledge had to be denied in this instance.


"WHAT THE HELL?!" Eirin Yagokoro shrieks, hands shaking as she holds the announcement.

"...So again, if you wouldn't mind displaying this in your waiting room, Miss Remilia would be greatly appreciative," I say again. The lunarian doctor looks up at me, a feverish light burning in her eyes.

"How is this possible?! What technique did they use?! How are they going to resolve the genetic differences?! Isn't there any fear of cross-contamination of the Hakurei bloodline?!" I'm bombarded by questions from the frantic Eirin.

"Wow! Reimu and Remilia?" Reisen looks impressed. "Am I getting an invitation? I have got to see this!"

"...Magic has to be involved," Eirin mutters to herself, "But there would still be mechanics involved. How are they going about it? The rumors must be true, one of them MUST be pregnant!"

"I'm sure you will," I assure Reisen. "Anyway, I gotta be going, so... see you later!"

"I'm the obvious person to consult about this sort of thing, so why didn't they contact me? Privacy be damned, there is SCIENCE at stake here! And of course the health of the child..." Eirin is still muttering as I leave Eientei.


"A wedding?" the night sparrow squeaks as I show her the flyer.

"That's right," I say with a smile, "So we were wondering if it would be alright if we could put one of the announcements on the side of your stall, just to let people know."

"O-of course!" Mystia Lorelei stutters, "It's no problem at all! Um..." She hesitates a little bit before speaking again. "...Are you guys interested in a food stall at the wedding? I mean, I know it'll be catered, but it's a big mansion, and maybe people will want a snack..."

"I'll make sure to bring it up," I assure her.

"A wedding? Can I come too?" Cirno asks, looking up from her plate of lamprey.

"Actually, Cirno, we have a very special role we'd like you to play."

"Oh. Good." The ice fairy nods. "I just hope I find Rumia before then. She's gone missing, and I'm a little worried about her."

"Eh, she probably just went hunting in the woods and got lost. Again," Wriggle Nightbug.

"...Yeah, probably," Cirno admits.


"How absolutely delightful!" Byakuren croons, looking over the wedding announcement, "A sign of the ever-improving relations between human and youkai! Involving the Hakurei maiden no less!" I want to point out that Remilia doesn't really have a whole lot in common with Japanese youkai, but let it slide.

"So, those two are tying the knot?" Shou muses, looking over Byakuren's shoulder. "What kind of wedding?"

"Public western wedding for starters, probably a private Shinto wedding afterwards," I tell her.

"Oh, how unfortunate. I was wondering if they wanted a Buddhist wedding," Bayakuren muses. Shou and I both stare at her. "...Well it was just a thought," she says defensively.


Ran just stares at me as I hand her the flyer. "How did you even get here?"

I shrug. "I remember the route to Mayohiga."

"Why ask to put up a flyer here?"

"I think Remilia wanted to jam it in Yukari's face."

"Oh." Ran shrugs. "Well, Yukari has an outlet now, so it'll probably be fine. Still... this place is getting weird, you know?" I choose not to answer that.


Sanae's response as I hand her the announcement is to squeal like a lunatic for five solid minutes. "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh how SWEEEEEET!!!" She smiles dazzlingly. "I can't BELIEVE it! Reimu's getting married, and... and..." Sanae clasps her hands together as her eyes shimmer like they had stars in them. "It's FORBIDDEN LOVE!" She giggles happily.

"...Right," I say slowly, "Incidentally, why did Lady Kanako pass out as soon as she saw the flyer?"

Suwako shrugs. "She's had a plan in the works for a while now to get Reimu to fall in love with and marry someone attached to our shrine. There was a whole lot of planning involved that just went up in smoke."

I consider. "There's no way that would have worked."

"Never stops her," says Suwako.


"A wedding?! No way!" Yamame says in astonishment, "Sure, I'll set a few of these up down below!"

"Thanks," I tell her, "It's kind of a long trip for me, and I really have a lot on my plate right now."

"Sure thing. What about some of the other places, like Makai and whatnot?"

"We're counting on Yukari and Ran to get word to Makai and the Hakugyoukuro. As for the Taoists, if they're interested, I hear that they have eyes everywhere."

Yamame considers. "What about that zombie? Can't you just get her to deliver one?"

"Oh! Good idea!"


"......" says Yoshika Miyako.

"So, yeah, I was just wondering if you guys wanted an announcement?"

The Xiang Shi's eyes roll in their sockets to regard the piece of paper in my hand. She makes a valiant attempt at grabbing it with her rigid arms, but with little success. Finally she lets out something like a sigh, lurches forward, and grabs it in her mouth. Then she turns around and starts hobbling away.

"...Well, thanks!" I call after her. She makes some sort of hand gesture in response.


Sometime later, I land in front of the Mansion, where Sakuya is already waiting for me. "How'd it go?" she asks.

"Exhausting," I sigh, slumping against the wall. "I've literally been all over Gensokyo today. How did things go here?"

"Pretty well," Sakuya tells me, "Hatate came by and took an official statement. We've also put together a guest list, Um... we need someone to deliver the invitations." I look at her blearily. "I'm sorry," the maid tells me apologetically.

Oh well. At least I get to see a lot of people tomorrow.


Next update will be invitation delivery! Wait, crap, need a vote. Um....

[ ] Suggest who should be 'in' on the greater plan.

[x]Include a note with the invitations noting that Reimu has asked the guests to keep an eye out for any unsolicited reporters.
-[x]Yes, all of the invitations.
[X] Albrecht
[X] Satori
[X] yuugi
[X] Albrect
[X] Satori
[X] Koishi (stealth tracking)
[X] Yuugi
[X] Komachi (manipulation of distance. Aya can't run away if she can't move far)
Third. Yukari. She owes us for helping defuse the Kanako-Eirin situation. I'd like to have a powerful gap hacking youkai helping. Makes things easier, when you're thinking with portals.

Speedy tengu goes in, speedy tengu goes out
[x] Albrecht
[x] Satori
[x] Koishi (stealth tracking)
[x] Yuugi
[x] Reisen

The people we can trust of course. Satori will know what is up, of course, and be a big help.
Include Yuuka too.
[x] Albrecht
[x] Satori
[x] Yuugi
[x] Reisen
[x] Yukari

Telling Koishi is a bad idea, creature of impulses remember.Too much risk of her spreading the word.

We don't need to track Aya anyway as she'll be in range of most of gensokyo by the time she arrives, including Sakuya whom she cannot escape from easily[1] and Yukari who can just stick her in a gap for safe keeping.

(Referance [1] http://dizzy.pestermom.com/?p=thcomic18)
We HAVE to get Yukari in on this. I don't think she would take it well if we didn't inform her. At all.
[X] Albrect
[X] Satori
[X] Suika (Oni)
[X] Yuugi (Oni)
[X] Yukari
[X] Shinki

We haven't even met Suika.
No telling the childish constant -drunk (Suika)
[x] Yukari

>Rumia is missing.

Aha! That's how Aya blocked the divination. Patchy couldn't see through Rumia's darkness!
That'd make a terrible amount of sense.
[x] Albrecht
[x] Satori
[x] Koishi (stealth tracking)
[x] Yuugi
[x] Reisen
[x] Yukari
not sure if Koishi is a good idea, for one she's very hard to control.
Neither English version. It's "
は紅麗", pronounced "Hakurei" and meaning something like "The Scarlet Resplendent."
Yeah, that really doesn't work, not with the hiragana は in there.

How about "<given name> Hakurei, Lady Scarlet"?

(If Keymaster had been using a surname-first convention for Japanese names, I'd suggest "Hakurei <given name> Scarlet", but as it is...)
Okay, gonna call it for the following people:

[x] Albrecht
[x] Satori
[x] Yuugi
[x] Reisen
[x] Yukari
[x] Koishi

Yuuka and Big Papa will also be informed, for story reasons. In my defense, I'd always intended them to be in on it. Anyway, update later.
I think you've hit upon the best solution overall.
It isn't. Expect her to spill the beans at the worst moment
File 136829905497.jpg - (163.50KB, 850x1136, gonna be a theme.jpg) [iqdb]
There were a lot of invitations to send out, so I was thankfully able to recruit a few of the fairy maids to cover that base. However, there were a few invitations that I wanted to deliver personally for various reasons; ranging from needing their personal help, to wanting to let them in on the true reason for the wedding. And some were just too amusing to not deliver myself.

"Reimu is getting WHAT?!" Marisa squawked, goggling at me.

"Married," I say primly, "So she would of course appreciate it if you could be there at her special occasion. As, of course, would Miss Remilia."

Marisa stares at me for a long moment. "...You're fucking with me, right?"


Marisa stares at the invitation, shaking her head. After a moment, Pameel runs up to the doorway, practically shaking with excitement. "So it's true?!" she squeals, "Miss Remilia, and Miss Reimu... married... ahhh, how romantic! Honey, do you remember our wedding?"

"How could I forget?" Marisa sighs.

"So Reimu's off and getting married, huh?" Mima floats to the front door as well. "Huh. A Hakurei maiden marrying a vampire lady. Never saw that one coming." She ponders for a moment. "Wait a sec. What's gonna happen to the bloodline? Gensokyo'll collapse if there isn't a Hakurei."

"There are ways to adapt to that situation," I say vaguely.

Mima stares at me for a long moment, then a huge grin spreads over her face. "No way. Don't tell me... Remilia found a way to get her pregnant?!" All of a sudden, I have everyone's full attention.

"Really?!" Pameel squeals, this time visibly shaking with excitement. "Then... honey, there's a way for us to have kids after all! Oh boy, I can't wait to start a family!"

"Witch and fairy couplings must wait at least five years before investigating the possibility of having offspring," Marisa says automatically, as though repeating something by rote, "Sorry Pam, but it doesn't really matter if they did."

"That's okay," Pameel giggles, "That just means that Miss Mima has five years to teach me everything she knows about massage!" Pameel smiles broadly, Mima leers, and Marisa suddenly looks very hunted.

From what I gather, Marisa has figured out a way to keep Pam at arm's length in the short-term, and Mima isn't helping in the slightest. Ah, family...


"Then it's true?" Alice Margatroid asks me.

I nod. "The wedding is early next week. Miss Reimu and Miss Remilia would greatly appreciate it if you could assist with the costumes. Especially the wedding dresses."

Alice nods. "Certainly. I'll leave at once to take measurements."

"Thank you... um," I hesitate for a moment, "Actually, can I ask you a question? You know about Marisa and her new wife, right?"

Alice giggles delightedly. "You mean Pameel? She's so sweet! I'm really glad that Marisa has someone to keep her on track. Not to mention keep her house tidy. Actually, I go over there for tea from time to time."

"Really?" I ask, interested.

"Absolutely! Pameel is such a dear. I've been teaching her stitchwork so she can keep Marisa in a nicer style of clothes than she's used to. I think it's good for her overall image." I nod in agreement at this. Marisa does look a little classier these days. "Honestly? Marisa complains, but I can tell that she really likes Pameel. I figure it's only a matter of time until Pameel starts asking for helping sewing a different type of garment. If you know what I mean." Alice grins.

"Possibly five years," I mutter.


"Nothing. So, uh, there's no jealousy there or anything? I mean the rumors..."

"Oh, those." Alice waves her hand dismissively. "Just rumors, nothing else. Actually, I'm dating a tailor from the human village. I've been seeing him for a while."

I blink at this. Alice and Patchouli... why was it that the recluses seemed to have such good luck with men? Not that it mattered to me anymore.


I touch down in the Garden of the Sun, right in front of Yuuka, who's having a cup of tea. "Hi Yuuka!" I greet her cheerfully.

Yuuka gapes at me, face going red as soon as she sees me. How cute! "M-Meiling!" she stutters, rising to her feet. "Ah, welcome! I wasn't expecting you..."

"And I can't stay for long," I say apologetically, "But I had two things to talk to you about." I take a moment to explain the upcoming wedding, and the true purpose behind it.

Yuuka nods solemnly. "I see. Then this wedding is an attempt to capture a possible disruption to Gensokyo... and also and excuse to have a massive party?"

"Pretty much," I agree, "So, can we count on your help?"

Yuuka gently takes my hand in her own. "Meiling, for your sake, I would do anything," she says gently, her hand warm as a summer's day. I feel a similar warmth growing in my face. "In any case, I'll help you put the gardens together for the occasion. I'm sure we can capture this renegade tengu without too much trouble."

"Ah... thanks Yuuka," I say, suddenly very aware of how nice Yuuka smells. It's a much more natural smell than Sakuya's perfume... not better, but just as nice in its own wayFOCUS MEILING. "Anyway, I just realized that I really need to pay you a visit here sometime, huh?"

Yuuka smiles happily. "Please do! You are always welcome here, Meiling."

I really need to pay this woman a personal call.


"Huh. All this just to catch one tengu?" Yukari considers the invitation thoughtfully.

"That's right. I'm not sure how much you can help us, but Remilia thought we should let you know what's going on." Given Yukari's position, everyone thought that it was a good idea to let her in on the truth. The gap youkai nods in understanding.

"Well, I don't know how much help I can actually be," Yukari tells me, "I can't just snap my fingers and use an interpretation of borders to make everything better... but perhaps once you determine Aya is in the building, I can seal off the mansion grounds, and keep her from escaping."

I raise an eyebrow. "You can do that?"

Yukari smiles. "Certainly! ...Though I'd like to get Sakuya's help on that, to conserve energy. I don't want to faint halfway through such an exciting event!"

"Oh, Yukari~," I hear a feminine voice call from inside Yukari's home. The gap youkai in question whips her head around at this call before looking back to me, eyes wide.

"Uh speaking of exciting events...gottagokaybye!" Yukari charges back into her house, slamming the door behind her. After a moment, a gap dumps Chen and Ran unceremoniously outside. The confused-looking nekomata looks up at the elder kitsune.

"Miss Ran? Why did Miss Yukari throw us out of the house?"

Ran sighs. "I'll tell you when you're older, Chen." Then some very suggestive music starts playing inside the house, followed by some very suggestive sounds. Ran hurriedly covers Chen's ears, and I get the heck out of there.


Albrecht considers the invitation thoughtfully. "Tending the bar at the mansion during a wedding, huh?"

"Yeah. You know a lot of people, so I figured you'd be able to help keep order."

Albrecht nods. "Yeah, I can do that. So uh, how many people know the real reason behind this?"

"Not many," I tell him, "We don't want Aya to catch on to our plan. That's why I've been keeping this under wraps for as long as I can. Incidentally, what do people think about the wedding?"

"The people who actually care?" Albrecht shrugs. "You have old-timers who are decrying it as being damn close to treason, young pups who are taking it as an excuse to propose to their youkai girlfriends, and a whole lotta people in between who just don't care. Just another weird thing happening in Gensokyo, that's all. Plus, I have a bunch more woman coming in moping over not being able to find someone special. Should pass after a while, though."

I nod. "Well, Keine is still stunned about the whole thing, and Akyuu is positively giddy over having something fascinating to write about. But for the most part, everyone is just taking this as an excuse to part like crazy."

"Seems to be par for the course around here," Albrecht notes. "Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for Aya, be it at the wedding or otherwise. And if someone comes on to me too hard during the festivities..."

"Hold the foot-shooting, there will be tengu bouncers," I tell him with a smirk. Albrecht just laughs.


"Yeah, I can help with security," Reisen tells me, "I've had a lot of experience with it here in the bamboo forest." She gestures around her.

"Thanks Reisen," I reply, "I figured with your military training, you might be able to help."

"It's no problem," she tells me, "I'll consult with the tengu guards, maybe set up a central security system. Hmm, Nitori owes me a favor or two, and I'm sure the tengu can get kappa assistance... yeah, I think I can pull something off. Could even be fun." The bunny smiles slightly.

Eirin runs by with a slightly psychotic grin on her face.

"Um, what was..." I begin.

Reisen sighs. "Eirin's bought into the story about those two having a child together. She's a little too worked up about the genetics behind it. Might want to take her aside and give some sort of other cover story..."

"Well, "I sigh, "She'll probably find out on her own sooner than anyone else. I think Flandre wanted to consult with her on actually getting Reimu and Remilia to have children."

Reisen nods in understanding.


My final trip takes me to the Palace of the Earth Spirits, where Satori Komeiji looks at me with all three eyes, saying nothing. I simply allow my thought to reflect upon all that has happened of late. Easier to explain, that way.

"Um..." Yuugi hesitantly speaks up. I invited her to the palace with me, so I wouldn't have to give this speech more than once. Incidentally, she's wearing the uniform I give her. "Are you gonna say anything anytime soon?"

"Almost done," I murmur. A few seconds later, Satori leans back in her chair.

"Allow me to summarize," the satori says. "You are staging wedding for the express purpose of luring in a renegade tengu, who may go on to cause a great deal of havoc in Gensokyo."

"Pretty much," I agree.

"And you're telling the two of us this because I'll find out anyway, and Oni simply hate lies."

"Exactly. Reimu's already told Suika."

Yuugi smiles, looking happy. "Well hell, at least you're being up-front about it! I mean, do you know how long it's been since I've been invited to a party topside? What you're giving me is a chance to go to a party and beat the tar out of an annoying bird-brain. How could I possibly say no?!"

"We are all honored by your invitation, Meiling. Of course, we will be happy to attend." Satori smiles gently.

Koishi squeezes my and Yuugi's chest. "Sure. This sound like fun," she says. I have no idea where she came from.

Satori's smile freezes. "Dear sister, why are you fondling their chests?"

Koishi shrugs. "Just occurred to me. No real reason." She takes her hands away and starts juggling her hat, an apple, and a bowl.

Satori stares at her sister for a long moment, glances at me, then looks back to Koishi."Sister. This is an important opportunity for us to make friends on the surface. Thus, I desperately need you to to reign in your whimsical nature as much as possible and treat this situation with the gravity it deserves. Can you do this for me?"

Koishi ponders for a moment. "...Will you go clubbing with me after the wedding?"

Satori sighs wearily. "Yes." Koishi cheers happily and tackle-hugs her sister, allowing her juggling materials to smash, thud, and plop onto the ground. While Satori tries to extract herself from the over-enthusiastic Koishi's embrace, Yuugi glances over at me.

"So, you're getting the minister from down here?"

"Yes," I reply, "In fact, I'm going to go see him right this instant."


Big Papa looks on the verge of tears of joy. "So... you are inviting me to the surface... to a party... to a WEDDING... and not just to cater, but to serve as minister?"

I nod. "That's right."

Big Papa throws his arms around me in a massive Oni-hug. "This is the best day EVER!" he roars happily. "At long last, Big Papa can spread his message of looooooove to the surface!"

"And tacos!" someone calls out.

"And tacos!" Big Papa adds, releasing me.

"Well," I tell him, "You were the obvious choice. There aren't too many people in Gensokyo who know how to conduct a western-style wedding. Besides, Remilia wants to introduce Reimu to tacos."

Big Papa laughs joyously. "Oh ho! The chance to spread love of tacos alongside the purity of looooooove?! This just gets better and better!"

I raise a hand in warning. "Now remember. This is all a staged wedding. It's for the express purpose of catching a crazy runaway tengu."

Big Papa smiles benignly. "Ah, little chickadee, you just don't understand. Two young ladies, having already taken each other's hand in the name of love, getting up upon the altar of holiest matrimony? One look at each other in their glory, and this ain't gonna be a staged anything. This wedding will be a true expression of looooooove." BIg Papa smiles contentedly. "With a big ol' order of mega-tacos to boot! HAHA!" The dapper-dressed Oni roars with amusement, and I wonder at his confidence.

Thing is, I don't know if he's wrong about that.


So, decorations are next. Back to the name thing:

[ ] Hakurei-Scarlet
[ ] Scarlet-Hakurei
[ ] Write-in (please explain any kanji puns)
do we still vote if we did before or is this a fresh count
[ ] Hakurei-Scarlet

The other sounds clunky
[X] Let fate decide (aka, have Reimu and Remilia, or Keymaster, flip a coin)
Can we have a Big Papa choice in the near future please? He sure deserves a short side story.

[x] Scarlet-Hakurei
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet

(Assuming that this is a new vote. If not, please discount this.)

Yeah, it's a fresh count.
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet

I still stand by this.
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet
One of the spellings is a pun. I keep thinking its Scarlet-Hakurei, but I could be wrong. Anyone know which spelling was the Pun?
I don't mind either way but I'm not surprised by Alice finding someone, she was always popular and considered pretty safe/normal for a non-human. I bet they met when he got lost in the forest.
[X] Let fate decide (aka, have Reimu and Remilia, or Keymaster, flip a coin)
odds are Remilia'd rig it then.
Don't think she'd do that.

は紅麗's not the best, but unfortunately without a decent knowledge of Japanese vocabulary I can't do better.

[X] Kanji Pun

But barring that, I like the

[X] Lady Scarlet, Hakurei <name>

[x] Scarlet-Hakurei.

Haven't changed my mind.
>why was it that the recluses seemed to have such good luck with men? Not that it mattered to me anymore.
So I take it that Meiling has come to terms with herself?
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet

Even if the other /is/ a wonderful Red-White pun, this one sounds less clunky.
File 136833031677.jpg - (184.71KB, 850x1202, sample-b167b0211a52b6a7fda5a191e1a5e949.jpg) [iqdb]
Most excellent.
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet
[x] Hakurei-Scarlet
[X] Hakurei-Scarlet

As I've said before, this once the importance of the Hakurei name should take precedent over Remi's ego.
[X] Lady Scarlet, Hakurei <name>
I think this looks best still.
Well, looks like the overall preference is for Hakurei-Scarlet. Fair enough. Just a little background flavor for the story, in any case.

Update later today.
File 136838851957.jpg - (113.17KB, 592x658, tengu security.jpg) [iqdb]
The mansion was a blur of activity. Fairy maids dashed up and down the halls, and Sakuya appeared and disappeared wherever she was needed most, which was generally five places at once. Everyone was pitching in, both for the wedding preparations themselves, and the security arrangements.

One of the more hilarious scenes was where Alice Margatroid was trying to simultaneously take the measurements and make adjustments to both Reimu and Remilia, which meant draping a heavy cloth across the length of one room and a lot of frantic dashing between each side. When asked why she simply didn't take one set of measurements at a time, Alice would gruffly respond that there was no time for that. Usually with a deadly look in her eyes that said 'do not question the youkai seamstress.' Everyone quickly learned to get the heck out of Alice's way. Say what you will, Alice takes her threadwork VERY seriously.

I walk into the room where the measurements are taking place, and jerk back in time to avoid a collision with a doll carrying a load of fabric. Actually, the whole place is a flurry of activity, with dolls flying every which way, each with some incomprehensible task. Remilia stands in front of a full length mirror, draped with measuring tapes hanging from her arms. She notices me in the mirror. "Hello, Meiling. I'd turn to greet you, but Alice threatened to clobber me if I moved."

"DON'T MOVE!" Comes a shout from from the other side of the divider. Alice pushes through the curtain and marches over to Remilia, carrying a notepad and a dizzying array of instruments. "I keep telling you, if you want to best dress money can buy, you need to follow my directions!"

"...This brings back memories," Remilia muses, "I haven't been so thoroughly ordered around by a tailor in almost two centuries. Ah, the memories..."

"Well, I've never been bossed around like this!" Reimu complains from behind the curtain, "I can't move, and my nose itches."

"Get one of the dolls to do it," Alice says absently, "but DON'T MOVE. Besides, you were the one marveling over my sketches."

"...You're just lucky the dresses look so pretty," Reimu grumbles.

"Anyway, did you need something?" Remilia asks, while Alice takes another incomprehensible measurement.

"Yuuka and I are finishing up the congratulatory flowers beds." I tell her, "You know, the ones spelling out your names. Anyway, we were just wondering if you'd settled on a combined name, or were going to keep your own surnames."

"Hakurei-Scarlet," Remilia says at once, "That way, Hakurei is still front and center for Reimu's sake, but we can still refer to ourselves as the ladies Scarlet."

"Yeah, I don't actually care all that much, but apparently there's appearances to keep up. Or some nonsense." Reimu seems a little too disinterested for me to believe it.

"Oh, Reimu darling, you were as interested in the decision as I was," Remilia chides.

"...I've never changed my name before," Reimu mumbles, "It's a big decision for me. Anyway, I'm cold! Can I get a blanket or something?"

"No," Alice says flatly, "A blanket will throw of your posture, and I still have more measurements to take."

"You've been taking measurements for hours!" Reimu complains.

"She's fair more efficient than some seamstresses I've had in the past," Remilia comments, then gets a wicked grin on her face. "Why Reimu my sweet, what are you wearing to be so cold? Do you need someone to come over there to warm you up~?"

"Sh-shut up!" Reimu sputters.

"Gah, enough!" Alice complains, "I need to work in peace! Remilia, Reimu, hold still and be quiet! You!" She whirls and points at me, "Out! You're a distraction! Begone!" In the face of Alice's command, I have no choice but to retreat. Seriously, that woman can be scary!

Back out in the hall, I start making my way back to the gardens, taking in the barely controlled chaos around me. Fairies zipping around, hanging up decorations, polishing everything in sight... Malla walking down the corridor with so many bags of marshmallows in her arms that I can't even see her face. "Malla?" I ask hesitantly, "Why all the marshmallows?"

"I'm gonna set up a fire pit out back!" Malla replies with an oddly high voice. Which is normal for her. "Then we can roast EVERYTHING all night long!"

Note to self: have someone keep an eye on Malla. That girl worries me at times.

I step in to the bar that's been set up on the ground floor and see Albrecht setting up bottles on the shelves. "Hey," he says when he sees me, "This place sure is jumping."

"Wait until the actual wedding," I tell him. "You settling in all right?" I flew Albrecht over myself; he'll be sleeping here until the wedding is over.

"Yeah, no problem. Room's comfy enough. I'm just prepping my space here, making sure there's enough booze to go around." I glance at the shelves dubiously. Doesn't Albrecht know us better than this? That much booze probably wouldn't withstand a Gensokyo party for an hour. Albrecht notices my look. "There's a back room full of this stuff. This is just what I can fit on the shelves."

Ah. Of course Albrecht would be prepared.

Then Sakuya appears, looking dark-eyed and incredibly frazzled. She slowly sits down at one of the bar stools and unceremoniously faceplants. "...Something stiff, please..." she mumbles.

Albrecht raises an eyebrow. "You sure you should be drinking in the middle of all this?"

"Yes," Sakuya replies, "Now gimme a drink before I stick you full of knives."

" I knew there was a reason I always wear chainmail beneath my clothes," Albrecht muses, not threatened in the least. Sakuya looks up at him, gaze as sharp as one of her daggers. I quickly slip behind her and envelop her in a hug.

"Have it rough, Sakuya?" I ask sympathetically. Sakuya stiffens momentarily, her face going bright red, before she simply melts into my arms.

"Mmmm... busy," she sighs, "Have to run all over the place, always putting out a fire... sometimes literally... better now, though." She leans back into me. Albrecht raises an eyebrow, but wisely says nothing.

At that moment, a fairy maid toddles up to me. "Miss Meiling?" she says, "There's someone from the underworld here to see you. Some big guy..."

"Oh, right!" I perk up a little bit. "Sakuya, wanna come with me to meet this guy?"

"Just five more minutes..." Sakuya murmurs. Her form flickers slightly, and she stands up, looking a bit more rested. After a quick stretch, she nods. "Sure, lets see who it is."

Leaving Albrecht behind to organize his bar, the two of us head for the entry hall, led by the fairy maid. As we walk along, Flandre floats up, looking incredibly excited. "Meiling! Sakuya! It's really happening! This is so great! I've got the whole system set up for the risk game, and I sent out some letters and a whole bunch of people are interested, and I've got the prize picked out, and Sis is getting MARRIED, and I'm gonna be a bridesmaid and and and..." Flandre stops to gasp for air. "This is gonna be GREAT!"

I laugh at her excitement, and Sakuya suppresses a chuckle. Flandre can be so cute when she's excited. The three of us enter the entry hall, and Sakuya and Flandre screech to a halt, eyes bulging at the figure who commands the attention of every last person there.

Big Papa has dressed to the nines. Big Papa is in an elegant white suit with golden buttons, head topped with a white top hat. A monocle rests on one eyes, and a classy cigarette-holder is clenched between his teeth. His hand rests on a long ivory walking stick, topped with a golden carving of a grinning Oni-head. Big Papa himself has a huge smile on his face as he surveys the household, which only gets broader when he sees us.

"MEILING HONG!" he roars happily, striding forward to engulf my hand in his own. "I do say, when you say mansion, you mean mansion! This has gotta be the classiest place I ever have seen, and I have seen many a classy place! This is the perfect spot to cultivate the flowers of looooooove!"

Sakuya gapes. "Who... are..."

I turn to her with a smile. "This is Big Papa," I tell her, "of Big Papa's House of Looooooove and Tacos! Also, it's 'looooooove,' not 'love.'"

"...Looooooove?" Flandre asks, staring at Big Papa wide-eyed.

"That's right, my pretty little chickadee," Big Papa tells her, in as good a humor as ever. "Because when two people are going to join together in the halls of love, they might as well go at it with all of their might! No, love alone isn't enough; it must be looooooove!" He throws his hands wide. "What we have here is a forbidden love being fanned to a blazing flame, all while sober! We gotta make this the most timeless looooooove of all! Are you with me on this?!"

Flandre nods slowly, still gaping at Big Papa. "Yeah... I want Reimu and Big Sis to be real happy."

Big Papa does a double-take. "Oh HO! So you're the little sister that set this whole thing up, huh? Well, of course you are! Look at you, pretty little thing with pretty little wings! Built-in jewelry, how's that, huh?" Flandre giggles at the compliment. "Anyway, little red chickadee, how about you tell me what's in store for Big Papa? That way I'll be able to spread my message of looooooove like no one's ever SEEN!"

"Sure! Right this way, Big Papa!" Flandre gestures enthusiastically, and vampire and Oni walk down the hallway, already eagerly talking about the wedding ceremony.

Sakuya stares in their wake, speechless. From behind us, Yuuka walks up, also gaping at Big Papa. "...What was that?" She asks, stunned.

"A messenger of looooooove," I tell her simply.

Yuuka nods slowly. "Right. Fair enough. So, what did they say about the name?" I talk with Yuuka about the gardens for a bit while Sakuya comes back to herself, when Reisen and Momiji come out of a side passage, talking in an animated fashion.

I give Momiji an interested look. The wolf tengu looks totally different in that getup. For one thing, she's wearing a well-cut three-piece suit that looks very classy on her. Her tail is hidden, and her hair and ears have been slicked back. A set of dark sunglasses completes the outfit. Momiji wouldn't look out of place guarding a head of state.

"...So I'll be watching all of the security cameras we've set up, and I'll routinely send out updates via the earbuds. If you have any questions, just use the microphone built into the collar. Understand?"

Momiji nods, walking up to us. "I think so... So, Meiling, Sakuya, looks like things are progressing nicely."

I nod. "Everything should be in place come the day of the wedding. Now, we just need to hope that Aya shows up."

"She will," Momiji tells me confidently, "This is simply too big for Aya to ignore. Believe me, she'll be here, and we'll be ready for her."

I nod at Momiji, then at each of my companions. We just had to finish the preparations, and then wait.


Anything else?

[ ] Write-in (I wanna see this preparation).
[ ] Day of the wedding, please.

STORY IDEA: Big Papa and Flandre Scarlet's matchmaking service.

I feel like Big Papa needs a theme song, but I have no idea what it would be.
[X] Day of the wedding, please.

Also STORY IDEA if you choose to accept it: Touhou Blitzball
[x] Check with Patchouli if Aya could be hiding with Rumia's aid.
-[x]Flandre's Game of Risk
--[x]The prize
--[x]Sending the invitations
--[x]Setting up the mansion
-[x]Setting up security
-[x]Any and all write-ins that other anons come up with.
File 136839181365.jpg - (167.01KB, 565x800, e94c1699d35fcb88a194635968aed01a.jpg) [iqdb]
Dear God, Big Papa is just perfect. I always imagined him like Garterbelt from P&S
>Big Papa and Flandre Scarlet's matchmaking service.
Damn. Flandre wasn't sure what to think of him yet but they sure make up an interesting team. So I am all for it.
Damn...I want see the wedding, but I also don't wanna waste my vote early in case some amazing write-in anon comes up with some amazing write-ins.
File 136840615952.jpg - (110.99KB, 800x1113, 1360324392582.jpg) [iqdb]
-[x]Flandre's Game of Risk
--[x]The prize
--[x]Sending the invitations
--[x]Setting up the mansion
-[x]Setting up security
-[x]Remilia and Reimu composing their wedding vows.
-[x]SakuyaxMeilingxYuuka moments of course
Is now pretty much my headcanon on how Yuuka looked as she became Dere for Meiling in the first thread.
[X] Don't forget to get Genji ready to give away the bride.
[X] Day of the wedding, please.
[X] Day of the wedding, please.

I'm feeling like getting right to it.
-[x]Flandre's Game of Risk
--[x]The prize
--[x]Sending the invitations
--[x]Setting up the mansion
-[x]Setting up security
-[x]And of course, /CAKE/
Is it me or has Keymaster been slowing down as of late?
He still updates daily, so no, he's as impressively active as always.
Here's something that could quickly be taken care of on the day of the wedding, or the day before, or whatever. This would be in addition to whatever other write-ins people want.

[x]Check to see if the happy couple want to go ahead and make this a real wedding.

Although I get the feeling they've already forgotten this was originally for show just to trap Aya.
I'm also rather curious to know who rest of the bridesmaids are. Flandre can't be the only one.
Can you give us some choices for the preperations and extend the voting for a day? We can't seem to come up with something good.

Meanwhile you could write a one update side view of one the characters. If you want.

I don't mind playing with this thing for a little bit, so here's what I'll do: I can make an update regarding what has been posted already (the Risk game, etc.), and the next vote will be more or less the same thing: a preparation people want to see, or jump straight to the wedding day.
File 136847167353.jpg - (257.60KB, 726x1024, not a lot of these.jpg) [iqdb]
"So... how does this work, exactly?" I look at the blackboard Flandre has set up, feeling a little bit dubious. I can't make heads or tails of all those scribblings. Still, Flandre seems to think it makes perfect sense.

"It's easy," she tells me confidently, "Each of these rooms is connected. Those are the territories. Each room has a marked resource, which give bonuses to your troops. Rather than use dice, people have fairies with weapons that fight for them. Winning is just a matter of choosing the right fairies for the task and motivating them. Anyway, the generals just have to send their troops from room to room, and take control of as many as they can. Lose all your rooms, you're outta the game. After so many turns, the person with the highest score wins!"

I nod slowly. "Sounds good. So, when are you going to be playing this game?"

"The wedding's going to be in the afternoon sometime, so I thought I'd do it in the morning. I've got about two dozen people willing to play! It'll be great! There'll even be fairies giving the generals constant updates on the lay of the mansion, and giving them refreshments. People can go from room to room and watch all the fighting!"

Gladiatorial fairy combat at a Gensokyo wedding. Fitting, somehow. "What about the prize?" I ask.

"A set of expensive bottles of wine," Flan tells me, "Apparently, people are pretty eager to get'em!"

And she's playing to Gensokyo's love of expensive booze. She's certainly thought this one out. "And everyone will be wearing military costumes?"

"Yep! We've got uniforms from all over the world!" Flandre's wings twitch happily. "This is gonna be so much fun! I've got everything set up, and everyone who's going to play has chosen their costume! I hear some of them bragging about how they're gonna win already!"

Yeesh. Flandre's board game would be a news-worthy event in its own right. With everything else going on... this is going to be one gigantic party, no two ways about it.

I leave Flan to her devices and start walking through the mansion. Sakuya is taking a break in one of the side rooms; she's earned it after what she's done. The gardens are taken care of, and everything is in readiness. Really, about the only thing left to do at this point is wait for the big day itself. Still, it seems like there's always one last thing to be done, one last decoration to hang up, one last security countermeasure to establish, one last anything, really.

I pass a group of tengu guard familiarizing themselves with the mansion. For the event, Sakuya stabilized the layout; Remilia's probably going to shuffle it up again after the party, just to feel secure. I think the tengu are still a little unnerved by everything going on about them; they've never really left youkai mountain, and now they're cooperating with a bunch of others to capture one of their own who's gone renegade. Must be a new experience for them.

I wave to Reisen as I make my way up the stairs. The moon rabbit has made herself a control center in the basement, not too far from where Cirno has established a sort of hangar for her battle armor. When Aya shows up, she's going to run into some serious defensive measures. Hopefully enough to capture her.

I walk over to the fitting rooms that have been appropriated by Alice. Since her arrival, she's managed to strike terror into the maids with just how intense she'd been over the wedding dresses. Apparently, she considers them the pinnacle of her art or somesuch. Still, might as well peek in at the two pseudo-brides, and see how they're doing. I creak open the door that leads to Reimu's side of the divider and-

Oh wow.

You know, I never really envisioned Reimu wearing a western-style wedding gown. That's a shame, because it looks GOOD on her. Pure white, white little gems here and there, the dress clings to her without looking seductive. Reimu's hair hangs loose over her shoulders, and she stares into the mirror facing her. "Wow," I say out loud.

Reimu glances back at me. "Hey," she says, "Just... getting used to looking like this."

I walk up to stand next to her. "It's a good look for you."

Reimu smiles gently. "Thanks. This is turning out to be a lot more fun than I expected."

"Well, thanks for going along with it," I tell her, "I know you were kinda skeptical of our plan at first."

"It's a weird plan," Reimu tells me, "But I have to admit, it'll probably work. Besides, how many chances do I have to wear something like this?" She gazes at her reflection in the mirror, turning from side to side to see how the dress look from different angles. "...Remi and I are going to write our own vows for the ceremony," she tells me, "Just in case things happen to go that far. I have no idea what to write."

I shrug. "Can't advise you there. Just... write about how you feel about her. What more can I say?" I glance at her. "Hey, Reimu? If you had a chance to go through with the wedding for real... would you?"

Reimu doesn't say anything, just blushes slightly, and keeps looking in the mirror. After a moment, she speaks. "Remi's been good to me. It... feels nice to be with her. And as for children... maybe Flandre's on to something." She falls into silence, saying nothing more. I respect this, and leave her be.

On the other side of the curtain, I hear the sound of arguing. "I'm telling you, I want to look gorgeous!" Remilia complains, "When my Reimu sees me, I want her to fall for me all over again!"

"Your idea of gorgeous is blatantly sexual!" Alice spits back at her, "A wedding dress must be ELEGANT! THAT is how true beauty is established, not by highlighting your... features! Argh, why can't you be more like Reimu and cooperate?!"

"I'm the customer!"

"And I'm the tailor!"

The two descend into bickering, and Reimu shares a nervous chuckle with me. "Well, good luck," I tell her, "I'm gonna go find Sakuya."

"Thanks," she replies. "I'd go for a walk, but Alice will flay me if I move."

"DON'T MOVE!" Alice shouts from behind the curtain, "I still have adjustments to make, and you'll throw everything off!" Reimu shrugs helplessly, and with another chuckle I leave the room, looking for Sakuya.


I actually find Sakuya and Yuuka together in the same room. Sakuya is sprawled out on a couch, looking dazed, while Yuuka hangs over her with a sympathetic smile, offering a cup of tea, which Sakuya gratefully accepts. The two look up as I walk in.

"Hey there," I greet them.

"Hello, Meiling," Yuuka greets me with a smile.

"Hi..." Sakuya murmurs tiredly. I'd get up, but I am so tired right now."

I sit down next to her. "Big day, huh?"

"Unending," Sakuya sighs. "I know it'll be worth it in the end, but I had to scramble everywhere and oversee everything. At least I got the damn cake finished. It's huge, and there's no two ways about it. Should be enough to satisfy all of the guests."

"Sounds downright monolithic," I chuckle. "So, anyone else think that Reimu and Remilia might actually go through with the whole thing?"

"Who knows?" Yuuka wonders, sitting down next to me, "Those two are certainly close. And didn't Remilia give Reimu a genuine proposal? All the pieces are in place. Why not play the game?"

"Can you imagine what their children would be like?" Sakuya chuckles, setting down her tea, "They'll probably be impetuous as all hell, and powerful enough to get away with it."

"I'm more concerned about Flandre," I snort, "Can you imagine what she'd be like as an aunt? If those kids pick up Flandre's sense of humor, all of Gensokyo will tremble." We share a laugh over this.

"...You're talking as though it's a done deal," Yuuka notes, "I guess that answers your own question." I don't answer. Yuuka has a point. It's just so easy to picture it now, somehow.

After a while, Yuuka rests her head on my shoulder and closes her eyes. Exhausted, Sakuya slumps over and deposits her head in my lap. I don't say anything about it, just slipping an arm around Yuuka's waist and gently brushing Sakuya's hair. After a while, my eyes close of their own accord. I barely notice the fairies laying blankets over the three of us.


Okay. I really can't think of much more in the way of preparations, but if there's anything you're just dying to have me write about, knock yourself out:

[ ] Write-in.


[ ] On to the main event!
[ ] What are Patchy and Koakuma up to? Other than getting laid
They've been absent the whole time.
[x] On to the main event!
It is time.

[x]Find Flandre. That last game of risk was fun enough that you'd like to join in on this one.
[x]Check on the security measures in detail.

The wedding event is fun and all, but we must not forget that we are the gatekeepr of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and as such, security is a matter that falls directly on our hands. We should revise our plan with the tengu, Reisen and Cirno, and double-check everything. Our main objective is to capture Aya, and we cannot screw up.
[x] On to the main event!

That scene with Sakuya and Yuuka just about summed up everything for me. And for them too.

I wonder if we will be in for a surprise when the whole "fake" marriage will turn into a real one?
[X] On to the main event!
[x] On to the main event!

I'm pretty satisfied now.
[x] On to the main event!

I think its Time. Lets witness this Big Event!

Also, I Really want to see Big Papa's speech before the wedding. This Pastors Sermon isn't going to be the normal one, That's for certain.

Now, I'm honestly Curious about how Aya is going to cause an Incident here. It won't end well for her, but given her masochistic tendencies, combined with her unparalleled desire for Attention, I'm guessing whatever happens to her will be Hilarious.
[x]Check on the security measures in detail.

I, for one, enjoy all the background details going on here.
[X] On to the main event!
I wonder how bad Remilia's idea of gorgeous is considering she doesn't exactly have alot of "features" to emphasize
[X] On to the main event!
[X] Reactions from the gardener, the maid, and the gatekeeper upon waking up.
[X] Followed by a shift to the big event.
File 136850135183.jpg - (172.84KB, 600x600, 4e5bf878fca72ac6a88837031b817bb4.jpg) [iqdb]
Adding this to my vote. Image says it all.

[X] Reactions from the gardener, the maid, and the gatekeeper upon waking up.

I don't understand these two. They fell asleep together...why would they be surprised to wake up together?
Even if they recall it (Sakuya might not, in her exhaustion) I'm not expecting surprise, I just want to see the reaction, seeing as this is a step forward in their odd relationship.
[X] Hah! Sneaking in here was a GREAT idea! You'll have to repay Nitori back for stealing her invisibility cloak somehow, but not before this HUGE SCOOP! And no one will be the wiser!
-[X] The Main Event
Okay, calling it for moving ahead to the big wedding day!

Update may be later than normal; I'm a bit busy today.
File 136855732911.jpg - (735.66KB, 600x1062, not this dress i just like it.jpg) [iqdb]
The day of the wedding finally arrives. The weather is perfect, with a bright sun illuminating everything, and a warm breeze sending the garden's mixture of perfumes drifting through the air. All of the preparations are complete: the gardens are tended and ready, the decorations are up, the food is being prepared, and the staff is totally pumped. Flandre's game board is all set up, Reimu and Remilia are preening in their respective parts of the mansion (bad luck for the brides to see each other before the big moment, or something), Albrecht has his bar set up, and Big Papa is tending to the altar in the chapel.

And, of course, the security detail is in full readiness.

Cirno gapes at me as I adjust my dress in the mirror. "Wow, Meiling... you look so pretty!"

I've chosen a tight, form-fitting, sleeveless green dress for the occasion, and my long hair is kept back by hair decorations that Sakuya lent me. It's slit up the side, so if things come to a fight I'll be able to move easily. I smile at Cirno. "Thanks! You look pretty, too!"

Cirno giggles happily, and shifts from side to side in the cute blue dress that we found for her. "Thanks! I'm gonna have fun at the party until that creepy bird-girl shows up, okay?"

"That's fine," I tell her, "But be sure to stay where the guards can see you, all right?"

"I know. I know how to get to my armor real fast anyway, so no problem!" Cirno nods confidently and scampers off, leaving me to adjust my outfit in the mirror.

Well, good enough. Let's get started.

I walk down the hallways towards the entrance, and smirk to myself as I see Sakuya dusting a table. "Hey, you! No working today! Mistress' orders!"

"Ah!" Sakuya jumps a little and looks up guiltily. She's dressed in a lovely dark blue gown, and looks absolutely gorgeous in it. Remilia made it clear: on this special day, Sakuya was taking a vacation while the maids did most of the work. With the extra help we were getting, and the efforts of the older maids, there was no issue with Sakuya getting the day off. Besides, she had been busy preparing, and would likely be VERY busy during clean-up.

Sakuya gapes at me. "Wow... looking good, Mei!"

"Thanks!" I say back, unable to resist checking her out. "So. Ready to get this thing started?"

"All appears to be in readiness," Yuuka comments, striding up. "Reisen reports that all security measures are in place. No reason not to open the gates." Sakuya and I take a moment to take a good, long look at Yuuka. The flower youkai is lovely, in a rose-colored dress, with a flower girlishly placed in her hair. She blinks at us for a few moments before blushing. "...Stop staring..." she mutters.

I chuckle. "Sorry, Yuuka. Looking good, though!" Yuuka brightens noticeably at my compliment.

"Well, let's get to it," Sakuya says. "I'll be keeping an eye on things inside- yes I am, Meiling, you're going to be busy, too- and managing the fairies. But yes, I'll be sure to relax and have a drink from time to time."

"Just don't burn yourself out," I tell her.

"It's me, here," Sakuya snorts, "And this is from the woman who scrambled all over Gensokyo, delivering invitations. Yuuka, you're going to keep an eye on things outside?" Yuuka nods. "And Meiling will be patrolling all over. Splendid. Well... Open the gate, Meiling!" I nod, and head for the main gate.

A few minutes later, I'm walking down the pathway to the gate itself. It looks like some people have started to show up, already! Sheesh, and it's still early, too. I unlock and pull open the gate, and...

"ALL RIGHT, PARTY!!!" Tenshi Hinanai whoops, marching down the path. Iku walks after her, sighing wearily. Both are clad in lovely dresses.

"Good morning, Meiling," she starts, then calls after Tenshi. "Eldest Daughter! Where are you going?!"

"To find this risky game, or whatever!" Tenshi calls back, "I'm gonna win it and show everyone just how awesome I am!"

Iku sighs. "I really hope Utsuho arrives here, soon. She can at least keep Tenshi in line better than I can." She smiles over at me. "As I said, good morning, Meiling. Lovely day for a wedding, no?"

"That's what we're hoping," I say to her, "Anyway, welcome!"

Iku is about to respond when a raucous cry comes from outside the gate. "Allllllll riiiiiight! Bring on the booze!"

"Mother Mima, please, this is a wedding! You must restrain yourself!"

"Aww, c'mon, Pam! Drinking at a party around here is, like, mandatory!"

I look over at the voices to see the Kirisame family, Marisa, Mima, and Pam, walking up. They all look quite cheerful. Even Marisa has a happy smile on her face. "So Reimu's really... huh," the witch muses, looking up at the mansion, "Well I'll be... Hey, Meiling!" The Kirisame family greet me, and seem to be in higher spirits than normal. Must be the occasion.

Iku and Marisa's group finish saying their greetings, and one by one, or in groups, the rest of the invitees arrive at the mansion. A number consisting of just about everyone in Gensokyo. Yukari arrives, on the arm of a warm, motherly woman with silvery hair and a bright smile on her face. Shinki, I assume. Ran and Chen are with them, and close behind them comes the group from Myouren temple, all dressed in their finest. Sanae arrives with Kanako and Suwako in tow, along with representatives from the kappa and tengu (the official representatives, anyway, consisting of Hatate and a couple of elders).

Everyone else invited apparently takes this as their cue to show up. Representing the human village comes Keine and Akyuu, along with a couple of magistrates and Mokou Fujiwara, who looks very uncomfortable at having been forced into a dress. Eientei show up a little after, and Eirin asks some very awkward questions about Reimu and Remilia before being dragged off by Kaguya.

The group from the underground arrives, and draws a few stares. Satori leads the way, followed by Koishi, Okuu (who runs off when she hears that Tenshi has already arrived), Rin, Yuugi (who challenges me to a fight after the fireworks are all over), and even a few familiar Oni gentlemen in charming suits.

In ones and twos, other residents of Gensokyo turn up, including Mystia (who scrambles off to set up an outdoors barbeque), and the rest of Cirno's little friends (though not Rumia... wonder if she's still lost?). Even the taoists make an official entry, for diplomatic purposes if nothing else.

Finally, accompanied by the hermit Kasen, Suika the Oni arrives, floating in on what appears to be an ancient floating turtle wearing a necktie. A friend of Reimu's or something.

To summarize, the gang's all here, and I do mean ALL. The mansion is bustling with activity. Now to wait until Aya shows up. I'd better start patrolling the mansion, making it look like I'm mingling.

Where to first?


Choose ONE of the following:

[ ] Wander the gardens.
[ ] Wander the halls.
[ ] Albrecht's bar.
[ ] Flandre's game.
[ ] Big Papa's altar
[ ] Reisen's security center.
[ ] Check in on Reimu.
[ ] Check in on Remilia.

Aya is coming. Can you find her in all of this?
[X] Albrecht's bar.

Couldn't choose between this or Big Papa, so I flipped a coin.
[X] Flandre's game.

It's the biggest morning attraction so unless Aya manages to get into the brides quarters (unlikely if the guards are there, and they should be) that's where she'll go first(or Cirno,but again she's under guard).
[x] Reisen's security center.
-[x] Be sure to note what *isn't* being monitered.
[ ] Flandre's game.

I have a bad feeling about Rumia, although I can't think of how kidnapping her would help Aya sneak into the mansion...
>The Kirisame family
So many things to write about. I can just imagine those dapper Oni Gentleman in their suits.

[x] Big Papa's altar
Just to elaborate:

Time will pass as Meiling visits each location. As time passes, a certain tengu will visit the mansion and begin moving through it, while other guests will move throughout the mansion.

Basically, this doesn't work like in the past. Meiling's gonna have to walk through the mansion and keep a sharp eye out. But the first choice or two are free. Probably.
[X] Albrecht's bar

Lets do this after hitting up a few places. Give some time for the situation to normalize.
[ ] Reisen's security center.
-[ ] Be sure to note what *isn't* being monitered.
[X] Flandre's game.
[X] Flandre's game.
[x] Albrecht's bar.
[x] Wander the gardens.

It is our job.... though the missing Rumia thing is quite worrying.
Aya is quite smart and we know that she has experience in stealth operation we can be sure that she is already among the crowd. She would probably look for Remilia and Reimu to get some pictures.

Has anybody read this yet? This stuff's fantastic, and Malla even has a brief cameo!

Read it? Nigga...that's like...the 4th best story on the site at the moment.

Out of curiosity, which are the top three?
[X] Flandre's game
I'm surprised Sakuya and Yuuka didn't become blushing, gaping, stammering messes upon seeing Meiling decked out like THAT.
[x] Check in on Reimu.

Maybe her intuition will give us some hints. I'd rather wait for the game to develop a little before visiting.


I suspect they've started to build up a tolerance for sexy Meiling. She's been showing off for them since Thread 4, after all.
[X] Security center. Make note of the dark spots and see if there's a dark path between them.
[x] Flandre's game.
it should be noted that those two returned some of the favor judging by Meiling's reactions.
You know, this thing has blown WAY out of proportion for the intended goal. I mean, all of Gensokyo is right freaking here. We could've done almost anything else, staged a normal incident, maybe two or three, and Aya would've come.

It's almost as if...

They WANTED a wedding...
[x] Wander the garden.

Aya will most likely be observing from outside before sneaking in

One could almost say it was fated to be...

[x] Flandre's game.
*insert dramatic chords here*

[x] Reisen's security center.

A last check to the security measures before we begin our patrol.
Just as FlannedPlanned!
Again, I don't think Remilia would do that.
[x] Reisen's security center.
So... it was pretending to be practice for the real wedding, but was actually the wedding itself? I wonder how well flandre would do commanding a space fleet.
[x] Wander the gardens.
It is our job. But Flandre's game is coming next!
Votes are pretty dispersed, but Flandre's game has narrow lead. So, called. Update sometime today. Note that updates may be shorter in length due to the nature of this event.
File 136864177673.jpg - (128.18KB, 850x1275, general tenshi.jpg) [iqdb]
I probably have some time before Aya shows up. Why not check in on Flandre and her game? I have to admit, I'm more than a little curious as to how that's going.

I walk through the hallways of the mansion, nodding to a few tengu security as I do so. A few guests are in the hallway, going to some location or another. I'm pretty sure I see the Aki sisters at one point, but I'm not sure. At any rate, as I close in on the section of mansion set aside for Flandre, I hear increasingly loud sounds of commotion. Sounds like things are already going full steam over there.

And then a platoon of fairies in 1800's military garb charge across the hall from me, out of one room and into another. Following close behind, in period uniform and riding a stuffed horse being carried around by other fairies, is Tenshi. She has a manic grin on her face and waves her sword wildly over her head.

"CHAAAAAARRRGGGEEE!!!" the celestial roars, "Tear that tiger-nut's armies to pieces! Accept no surrender, no prisoners! Destroy them all!" Her army shouting enthusiastically, the Tenshi Brigade tears into the arrayed defenders in what used to be a sitting room.

Behind the defenders, sitting on her own horse, is Shou, with a smug grin upon her face. "Tenshi!" she calls out, "How good of you to pay me a visit!"

"I'm gonna wipe that smile off of your face, Shou!" Tenshi shouts, "Feel the wrath of the heavens! Attack!" Cheering, Tenshi's soldiers surge towards Shou's own troops.

Still smiling confidently, Shou straightens up. "Defensive lines! Let them break upon your spears! All troops, MARCH!" The room turns into a battle field, as fairy attacks fairy, each intent on winning the day for their general.

"Go, go, Ten-ko!" Okuu cheers from the sidelines, watching the battle with fascination. Around the edges of the room are several spectators, watching the battle with interest. In addition, reserve fairies from both sides are watching the scene develop with interest, soldiers from each army talking to each other amicably. It seems the fairies are only hungry for battle when actually in play.

Off to the side, I see a map of the parts of the mansion given over to the game, with what look like battle plans scribbled over them. A fairy hurriedly throws a sheet over it, likely to prevent Shou's intentions from being known. Huh. I wonder if Flandre accounted for spying in this game?

A woman in a naval dress uniform walks up to me, drinking what smells like whiskey. She looks at the scene with a jaundiced eye. "Sheesh. Shou's been looking forward to this since she first heard about it. Wouldn't shut up about it. And now look at her. Right into things."

I take in the military cut of her outfit. "You're not joining in yourself?"

"Nah. It's all land-battles," the woman complains, "Now, if there were boats involved, I'd show everyone a thing or two!"

"You prefer naval fighting?" I ask her.

"Kinda my thing," the naval woman explains, "Captain Murasa. I'm with the Myouren crew. And yeah, I'll take a sea battle any day of the week."

"Huh. Don't think Flandre thought that far ahead." I consider for a moment. "...And please don't give her any ideas. The last thing we meed is a flooded mansion." Captain Murasa laughs heartily and waves me off, wandering out the door. Meanwhile, Shou appears to have taken the upper hand.

"Come ON!" Tenshi complains, "Don't let that damn tiger humiliate us! Push back! Put everything you have into it!"

Shou laughs heartily. "Face it, Tenshi, you're up against an expert in warfare! There's no way you can defeat me!"

"Oh yeah?!" Tenshi rises high in her saddle. "Are you gonna let her talk down to you like that?!" she demands of her fairies, "You are soldiers of heaven now! So PUSH BACK!" With a roar of determination, Tenshi's fairies strike out at Shou's lines with redoubled efforts.

It look pretty even. Shou knows how to organize her troops, but Tenshi's enthusiasm is contagious. Shaking my head at the scene, I wander out the door.

Where to now?

[ ] Wander the gardens.
[ ] Wander the halls.
[ ] Albrecht's bar.
[ ] Big Papa's altar
[ ] Reisen's security center.
[ ] Check in on Reimu.
[ ] Check in on Remilia.
[x] Wander the gardens.
Patrol for Aya and see whats going on in the gardens. If we can dragon-sense her as she enters it's in the bag. If we don't it's no loss.
[ ] Wander the halls.
[x] Reisen's security center, to check for blind spots.
[x] Reisen's security center.
-[x] Check to see where the blind spots are.
[x] Big Papa's altar
I wonder what that pi- he is up to.
[X] Wander the gardens.
[x] Albrecht's bar.
Getting this out of the way before SHIT GETS REAL.
[X] Wander the gardens.
[x] Reisen's security center.
-[x] Check to see where the blind spots are.

Better sooner than later, I guess.
[x] Reisen's security center.
-[x] Check to see where the blind spots are.
Okay, I guess we'll be visiting the security center first and foremost. Update later today.
File 136873099240.jpg - (102.15KB, 850x638, security chief reisen.jpg) [iqdb]
I walk deeper into the mansion, past rooms full of party-goers, and into the quiet areas where no decorations have been set up. A few odds and ends litter the halls in these corridors, subtly discouraging guests from wandering down this way. Partway down one hall, I open a door into a bare anteroom, with only a pair of wolf tengu standing guard. They step aside as I open the door behind them.

I have to give Reisen credit here. She did an excellent job. The nerve center of the mansion's temporary high-tech security system, computer monitors are everywhere, each showing a different view of either the grounds outside or part of the mansion's interior. I can see guests talking to each other in the gardens, people moving through the hallways, and the interiors of several rooms. Nearly the whole mansion is on display.

To the side is what appears to be a map of the mansion itself, with several areas grayed-out and hazy-looking, These would be the sections of the mansion that are completely sealed off, with no window or hallway leading to them. In a matter of speaking, they don't technically exist right at the moment. On this map, all across the brighter sections that are available to the public, are several glowing red dots that move about. Some are rooted in one place. Some are outside the map, in a diagram representing the gardens. The tengu, no doubt.

In the center of all of it is Reisen, leaning back in a chair, watching the monitors and displays with all of the attention of a hawk. Her eyes dance over the screens, searching for movement, searching for anything out of place. Her hands are clasped in front of her, and she remains perfectly still, only the rapid movement of her eyes indicating that she is hard at work.

The lunar rabbit reaches out and toggles a switch. "Team five, report in," she says into a speaker.

"Team five, reporting," comes a female voice. "Nothing so far. We've got our eyes on everything, but there isn't so much as a hair out of place." There's a pause. "Though, given how freely the alcohol is flowing here, that's bound to change."

Reisen snorts. "Tell me about it... all right, carry on. Continue routine check-ins."

"Affirmative." There's a click as the tengu security team signs off.

I walk up to stand beside Reisen. "Quite a party."

She nods in response. "Pity I can't enjoy it. Well, maybe after we catch Aya." She looks up at a screen. "The others are certainly enjoying themselves, though."


Reisen points at one screen. "Tewi's taking part in that game Flandre is hosting, and doing pretty well. Looks like she just beat out Soga." She points at another screen, where a massive firepit is strewn with metal sticks, each filled with marshmallows. Malla is there, tending to the sticks while listening to Kaguya speak in apparent fascination. "Kaguya's getting some marshmallows, and has apparently charmed one of your staff. Eirin..." Reisen points to a third monitor, where the lunarian doctor stands outside a door, "...is desperately attempting to speak to Reimu or Remilia about the apparent pregnancy. She's not having much luck."

"Huh. You can really see everything from here." Remilia needs to see this. She'd freaking love it.

"Just about, yeah." Reisen looks at another monitor and chuckles. "Hey, look! Yuugi's chatting up Albrecht!"

"Eh?!" I whip my head around to stare at the screen Reisen indicated. Sure enough, there's Yuugi, leaning on the counter of Albrecht's bar, and apparently having a conversation with him. She's definitely eying him up and down, and Albrecht appears amused by the situation. "...The man knows how to attract women, that's for sure."

Reisen shrugs. "Eh, he's a handsome man who happens to tend bar in a place where there's a lot of women who enjoy alcohol. It was bound to happen."

I look over the monitors, searching for anything out of the ordinary. So far, there doesn't seem to be anything out of place... maybe Aya's waiting until later to arrive? Hell, maybe she smelled a trap and is keeping away. I'd hate to think this was all for nothing.

Well, either way, it was an excuse to throw a huge party.

Reisen reaches out to perform another security check when a voice bursts through the speakers. "Central, this is Momiji, please respond." Her voice has a certain intensity to it.

Reisen flicks a switch. "This is central. Meiling's here, too. What's up, Captain?"

"Aya is here," Momiji says flatly. Reisen and I stare at each other in alarm. "I can smell her. She's somewhere on the grounds, but it's hard to track her in all of this commotion. Please signal Lady Yukari to seal off the grounds, and bring us to the next stage of readiness."

"Confirmed." All business now, Reisen flicks another switch. "Sakuya, do you hear me?" On one of the screens, I see the off-duty maid straighten and walk away from the group she was talking with after making an excuse of some sort.

"Sakuya here. What's-"

"Aya is here," Reisen says immediately, "Please go to Yukari and get her to seal the area off."

"On it," Sakuya responds at once, suddenly very serious. Her body flickers and reappears next to Yukari on another screen. Sakuya whispers something into Yukari's ear, and the gap youkai nods calmly. The two seem to concentrate for a moment, then relax. "It's done," Sakuya informs us over the radio. "The Scarlet Devil Mansion is now a closed space. No one can get in or out, at least for a while. Yukari can only maintain the effect for a few hours, even with my help, so we need to get moving."

"Confirmed, that," Reisen acknowledges. Immediately she switches to the general band. "Now hear this, all security. Captain Momiji has confirmed the target's presence on site. Site is now sealed off, duration several hours, indeterminate. Increase readiness to level two. Begin sweep of the premises." On the monitors the tengu security starts to move, calmly searching the grounds and hallways for any signs of Aya.

All right. Time to search for this woman. What's my first move...?

[ ] Watch the monitors with Reisen.
[ ] Search the gardens.
[ ] Search the hallways.
[ ] Go somewhere else (write-in).
[x] Search the gardens.
[x] Watch the monitors with Reisen.

Just think about it: Here you have the view of all the SDM, everything is on camera. Meiling has a trained eye to see things that others might miss. I am sure that if she is were to stare at the screens and concentrate, she will find something unusual that will give her a hint where Aya is. Plus, she has control of the operation and the personal. What better points are there to make than that?
[x] Watch the monitors with Reisen.
-[x] Get Sakuya and Patchouli to check the closed-off rooms.
Reisen is also a trained Lunarian soldier, and has powers indirectly related to pattern recognition.

More likely, Aya has found some way to hide herself from any vision apparatus but Eyeball v1.0 (and possibly that, too.)
Yuuka's out in the gardens- flowers are the best when it comes to detecting unusual light conditions due to photosynthesis, so if Aya's out there with Rumia, Yuuka would find out. Reisen's got the cameras covered, and is probably one of the best when it comes to coordination.

That leaves the halls.

Sakuya is using most of her power to preserve the barrier. That means she probably can't time hop so easily, so monitoring the hallways is probably the best choice at the moment.

Furthermore, Patchouli hasn't actually /been/ mentioned yet, and her library assistant is currently unconscious with her boytoy. The library is a big place, and you can definitely hide out in it, surrounded by musty books and asthma-causing dust that could confound the noses of your average Tengu.


[x] Hallways
[x] Make your way to the library to check on things.
[ ] Search the hallways.
-[ ] Move towards Reimu and Remilia.

They are the scoop. Aya would want to spy on them formost. The pregnancy rumor is too juicy for her to pass up. Nothing like direct observation to find out if some one has symptoms.
[x] Search the hallways.
-[x] Move towards Reimu and Remilia.
What are the most unlikely places she could possibly be? The changing/fitting room of Remilia and Reimu? The library? Our room?
[x] Search the hallways.
[x] Head to the library.

>>57389 makes a solid argument.
Moreover, considering Aya's control over wind, it would be trivial to stir up enough dust to temporarily incapacitate Patchy.

Just a thought.
[x] Hallways
[x] Make your way to the library to check on things.
[x] Hallways
[x] Make your way to the library to check on things.
-[x] Grab a ear piece if you don't already have one.

Aya was smart enough to somehow counter Patchy's scrying, she might try to take her out to avoid future scrying.
[x] Hallways.
-[x] Do people know about the Aya incident? If they do then spread a few rumors that she might be here and let the entirety of gensokyo help in the search.
File 136879564721.gif - (1.93MB, 450x338, 1336020070985.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Search the gardens.
Hallways are Sakuya's territory. We know the gardens best.

This is totally not so we can talk to Yuuka again. Clearly.
hmm... If I was trying to get past the main crowd, you wouldn't really think going into the gardens would be a good idea. there's bound to be a lot of socialization there, not to mention Yuuka and her reputation should still scare Aya far, far away.

but who am I kidding? this is Aya we're talking about.

[] Search the Gardens
Right! Calling it for searching the hallways, with a side-order of checking out the library. Update later today.
File 136881322882.jpg - (590.03KB, 761x1250, bridesmaid patchouli.jpg) [iqdb]
I think quickly. The garden is full of people who would notice anything unusual. There's plenty of tengu security out there, and in any case Yuuka would be able to detect Aya's presence, I'm sure. That leaves the hallways.

It makes sense, the more I think about it. Aya would certainly snap a picture or two of the revelers, but the real story is inside. She'd want to get a good look at the decorations, the altar, the brides themselves. And besides that, the interior of the mansion has so many more places to hide than the relatively wide-open gardens. Yeah, if I was Aya, I'd probably make my way inside as quickly as I could.

I look up at the monitor system. It's thorough, but not thorough enough. There are still blind spots, places that Aya hide in. Hard to avoid that, with how large the mansion is. And even the tengu can't be everywhere.

"Reisen, I'm going to patrol the halls for a little bit," I say to the moon rabbit. She nods her acknowledgement, and I head out.

It's actually fairly loud in the mansion. The sounds of laughter and revelry echo everywhere. Seems like people are getting a little excited for the actual wedding. Hopefully they won't mind that it's all something of a set-up.

Who am I kidding? There's free alcohol. They'll be fine.

I glance into a room where Suwako Moriya appears to be playing poker with Mamizou Futatsuiwa. The two appear to be deadlocked, and have stolen the money from all the other players, who are glaring at the two with frustration. I peek around the room, but see no sign of Aya.

Hmm. The problem is that Aya might be hding anywhere right now. On the other hand, so many people will have to have seen something at some point. She'd need a fallback point, where she could wait for an opportunity to scout the mansion. So where could she go to lay low while all of this is going on, where people are unlikely to see her...?

The library. It's still connected to the mansion, and not many people would have a reason to be there. Lots of places for a crow tengu to hide out while waiting for a good scoop. I increase my pace and make haste for Patchouli's private domain.

A few minutes later, I reach the large doors to Voile. I press against the doors and fling them open... to see Koakuma and Josef sitting at a small table a few feet away, having a drink together and chatting quietly.

Huh. I wondered where those two where. I'm actually a little surprised to see them both with their clothes still on.

Koa and Joe glance up as I walk in. "Oh, Meiling!" Koakuma perks up. She's wearing a nice dress for the occasion. "Welcome! Can we help you?"

"Just checking in," I reply, "So, what are you two doing here?"

Josef, wearing a nice suit and tie combination, shrugs. "Miss Patchouli asked Koakuma to keep an eye on Voile. At least until Marisa and Mima are too drunk to be a threat. She's a bit suspicious of them. Anyway, I decided to keep Koa company until later."

"We'll probably go take a look at things once Aya's been caught," Koakuma nods. "Which, incidentally, is the second reason we're here. To report in should she comes this way."

Ah. Leave it to Patchouli to have that figured out already. Which just leaves me with another question. "I'm somewhat surprised that you two are still clothed."

Josef coughs in embarrassment, and Koa huffs at me. "Meiling! I'll have you know that the two of us are perfectly capable of keeping our hands off of each other for a least a little while! This is a big day, and we can certainly act with the decorum that it demands!" She pauses. "Besides. We're saving up our stamina for later."

I smirk. Typical Koa. "So, where's Patchouli, anyway?"

"Upstairs, getting fitted for a bridesmaid's dress," says Josef.

I almost choke with laughter. The thought of Patchouli in a bridesmaid's outfit is just too hilarious to pass up.

It was decided that each of the brides would have three bridesmaids, with a fourth person giving the bride away. On Remilia's side, it was me, Patchouli, and Flandre, with Sakuya giving Remilia away to Reimu. On Reimu's side the bridesmaids are Marisa, Suika, and Kasen, with someone named Genji giving away Reimu.

"So, how's Patchy taking all of this?" I ask.

Koukuma shrugs. "She's putting up with it all for Remilia's sake, I think."

I'm about to say more when I hear the doors behind me open slightly, then quickly click shut. My head whips around as I feel an unfamiliar presence rapidly retreating down the hallway. Before Koakuma or Josef can ask a question, I calmly but quickly move to the door and exit Voile. No need to let Aya think that we're on to her. Assuming it is her.

I exit the library and look down the hallway. I think I see a dark shadow disappearing down the distant corner of the hallway, but it's hard to be sure. It might not be Aya... but who else would tear down the hallway that quickly?

And then I see something that makes me launch myself forward at top speed. I grab it as it slowly floats down out of the air.

A single black feather.

I press the radio bud on my collar. "Central, this is Meiling. Aya just left the library, and she's heading down the hallway. Copy."

"Copy, Meiling," Reisen's voice sounds excited. "There's something... no, dammit! It's moving too fast! It's all a dark blur, too! I can't identify it, and it's moving too erratically! Hang on, I'm going to gather security forces in that area, and try to cut her off. I'm sending for reinforcements, too. Stand by."

I bite my lip. Aya is close. What do I do?

[ ] Pursue at once.
[ ] Wait for Reisen to direct you.
[ ] Guard a specific area.
-[ ] Specify.


Good call, Anon. Good call.
hm. Aya. What do you think you're pulling?

[X]Wait for Reisen to direct you.
[X]Guard Big Papa's Alter of Looooooove and Tacos while waiting for orders.
[ ] Pursue at once.

Oh, I guess that's why she kidnapped Rumia.
[ x] Pursue at once.

Intruder Alert!
[x] Pursue for now, waiting for Reisen to arrange a corner her.
-[x] Have Sakuya catch up to her(with timehax) and block routes with danmaku to herd her into you/security or spacehax the mansion to seal her.

Noone knows the halls like Sakuya, and there's no outrunning time but the only way to catch Aya for sure is to surround her or trap her.
[X] Guard a specific area.
-[X] Wherever Reimu is.
The rumor originally implied it was Reimu that was pregnant so therefore Aya is most likely after a picture of her.
[x] Pursue for now, waiting for Reisen to arrange a corner her.
-[x] Have Sakuya catch up to her(with timehax) and block routes with danmaku to herd her into you/security or spacehax the mansion to seal her.
[X] Wait for Reisen to direct you.

Listen to the person leading your security detail... It's more then just us at the moment.
[X] Wait for Reisen to direct you.
Sakuya's busy with the barrier, not sure how well she can assist.

On a side note? So, on the one hand, yes, Aya is incredibly creepy right now and definitely needs to be locked up until she can... mature/be sane-itized...

... but on the other hand, give the tengu her due for her speed.

Think about it. She was near or inside the library. At least two youkai were watching the door, both of whom danmaku regularly and one of whom is a centenarian supernatural martial artist.

We saw a glimpse of her, on the other end of the hall. As she tore right past us and down the hall, we caught a glimpse as she rounded the corner.

Holy frak. That... that speed is just awesome. In the original, awe-inspiring, bend your knees in shock sense.
File 136883088637.jpg - (106.34KB, 500x500, ThisIsAyaNow.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Pursue for now, waiting for Reisen to arrange a corner her.
-[x] Have Sakuya catch up to her(with timehax) and block routes with danmaku to herd her into you/security or spacehax the mansion to seal her.

we CANNOT lose her. She know's we're on her tail. If we let up, we'll never find her
Call up Youmu. Can Aya out run "200 Yojana in 1 Slash"?
Oh, we're talking about Youmu being able to move at 26% of the speed of light for a single strike (Imagine being on the receiving end of that strike and forces acted upon both parties when Youmu's blade connects). Can Aya out speed that?
[x] Pursue for now, waiting for Reisen to arrange a corner her.
-[x] Have Sakuya catch up to her(with timehax) and block routes with danmaku to herd her into you/security or spacehax the mansion to seal her.
-[x]Chi Speed, ACTIVATE!
[x] Pursue for now, waiting for Reisen to arrange a corner her.
-[x] Have Sakuya catch up to her(with timehax) and block routes with danmaku to herd her into you/security or spacehax the mansion to seal her.
-[x]Chi Speed, ACTIVATE!
Um guys. Sakuya is occupied keeping the mansion under Time Stop. She drops that to catch Aya now, Aya gets an escape route.

Keymaster has put restrictions on various toohoo's hax powers. Yukari can't control every border possible etc. It's safe to assume that Sakuya also has a limit. Anyways. Rule of Drama yo.
[x] Find the most central point in the mansion, where moving from place to place is relatively simple
[x] Follow Reisen's directions
[x] Suggest forcing Aya to where all the rest have gathered and disseminate that she's an intruder.
[x] Find the most central point in the mansion, where moving from place to place is relatively simple
[x] Follow Reisen's directions
[x] Suggest forcing Aya to where all the rest have gathered and disseminate that she's an intruder.
[x] Find the most central point in the mansion, where moving from place to place is relatively simple
[x] Follow Reisen's directions
[x] Suggest forcing Aya to where all the rest have gathered and disseminate that she's an intruder.

> "Please go to Yukari and get her to seal the area off."

Yukari's the one maintaining the seal, Sakuya just went to tell her to do, which considering her timehax probably took all of 10 seconds. So long as she isn't exhausted there's no reason she can't be called in.
Right, gonna call the votes for pursuing Aya immediately, while coordinating with Reisen for backup. Update later today.


What happened is that Aya peeked inside the library, saw people there, and zipped off again. On the other hand, Meiling was outside the door pretty quickly, and it's a LONG hallway, so... yeah. Aya's very, very fast.


Pretty much. Sakuya lent Yukari a hand, and Yukari's the one maintaining the effect. So, Yukari won't be much help, but Sakuya's good to go.
File 136890288022.png - (837.90KB, 752x1062, this would look nice.png) [iqdb]
I take a deep breath. To hell with it. It's go time.

I burst into motion, chasing after Aya with all of the speed I can muster. Which is quite a lot of speed, when you can channel Chi energies. "This is Meiling," I say into my microphone, "I am in pursuit right now."

"Copy that," Reisen responds, "Teams being coordinated. Teams one through five, center in on point beta- scratch that, point gamma- damn it! She's moving too fast!" Reisen swears a little more into the microphone, and I try to focus on Aya's presence. It isn't easy. There's a lot of foreign people in the mansion right now, and focusing on one is tricky, even for me.

I try to focus instead on the motion of the presences in the mansion, but that doesn't help much. I feel something moving at high speeds, but it's hard to tell where it is exactly. It's like a mosquito buzzing around your head. You know it's there somewhere, but tracking it down is hard as hell. Still, I have a general idea of where Aya is, and try to go in that direction, cutting through rooms full of surprised guests.

Okay, advantages. Aya probably won't cut through crowded rooms at top speed, because that would leave too many witnesses to her presence. Disadvantage, there's still a lot of open rooms Aya can hide in, and these halls give her plenty of room in hich to move.

"This is Sakuya, standing by," comes the head maid's voice over the radio.

"Hang on, I'm tracking her," Reisen responds. "Urgh, she is NOT making this easy! Does she ever even stop?!"

"Can you see her on the monitors?" I ask, twirling around a corner.

"Yes and no," Reisen responds, "Yes, I can see an afterimage from time to time, but it's only there for an instant. Whenever I stop the image and rewind the tape, all I can see is a black blob. Somehow, she's shielding herself. I've got all of the entrances to the mansion blocked, so she's stuck inside, but..."

"But there are a lot of places to hide in here," I finish, leaping over some surprised fairies. "I know. We've got to corner her somehow."

"How?" asks Sakuya, "She keeps moving so quickly without stopping. How can we move fast enough to box her in?"

"Well..." Reisen muses, "At the very least we can just keep narrowing down where she can escape to. Send patrols to block off hallways one after the other, closing off avenues of escape. On the other hand, that would require us to thin out our forces, and with this speed she could easily just blow past small teams like what we've been using."

"A conundrum," I admit. "Hold on! I think she just went upstairs!"

"Confirmed," Reisen agrees, "Directing teams to block off the stairways."

"She's going after Reimu and Remilia," I realize.

"I've got it," Sakuya tells me. She speaks up again after a moment. "All right. I went through the mansion as best I could, but I couldn't see her. I don't know how she's doing it, but it must be damn near impossible to see her with the naked eye."

"All I'm seeing on the monitors is a black blob," Reisen agrees, "Part of that might be distortion from her movement. If she's cloaking herself that well, it might be damned near impossible to see her with the naked eye."

"Either that or she's deliberately keeping to the shadows. Or both," Sakuya notes. She sighs. "And there are a LOT of shadows in this mansion."

"Sakuya, where are you right now?" I ask.

"Outside Remilia's room, with the guards. There's another set of guards outside of Reimu's room, along with that hermit, Kasen."

"So she can't get to them... which doesn't mean she won't try..." I muse, running up a few flights of stairs. "I wonder... do you think she knows we're on to her?"

"Who can say?" Reisen answers. "She must have noticed how dense security is, but probably wouldn't consider that too unusual, given the circumstances. I doubt she realizes that it was a trap... but she's moving so fast, she might not even realize we're tracking her down. Or maybe she does. I don't know!" Reisen sounds frustrated. "Urgh, stupid pervert tengu, who knew she could move so quickly?!"

I'm coming up on Remilia's room, and I see Sakuya standing with the two tengu guards. "Reisen, easy. We all know how you feel. Aya's a trained, experienced infiltrator who just so happens to be very fast and is somehow cloaking her movements. Now, I don't sense any abnormal motion right now. Do you see anything on the monitors?"

Reisen audibly takes a deep breath. "No. She must have gone to ground. We've lost her, for now."

I grimace. This is going to be harder than I thought. We're up against a hyper-speed ninja, for crying out loud. And unfortunately, the very tactic we used to lure her in is now making it damned near impossible for me to track her.

The door to Remilia's room opens, and Patchouli walks out in her bridesmaid dress, blushing. "Not a word from any of you," she says sharply. None of us respond, just staring at her. She blinks. "Er... what seems to be the problem?"

I speak up. "Aya is somewhere in the house, and moving to quickly and too stealthily for us to track. This is harder than we thought."

Remilia pokes her head out. "Reimu?" she asks in concern.

"Safe," Sakuya assures her, "Her room and yours are well-guarded. But this doesn't change the fact that that tengu is somewhere on the premises, and it's starting to get irritating."

Remilia chews her lip thoughtfully. She looks up at me. "Meiling, can you track her?"

"Maybe." I sigh deeply. "It's just hard to parse her out from all of the other people in the mansion. It's going to take a while."

"What about trapping her?" Suggests one of the tengu guards, "We can box her in and slowly draw our net closed."

"Possible, but time-consuming," Sakuya informs him, "To keep Aya from just blowing past our patrols, I'd have to painstakingly seal off passages to keep her avenues of escape low. We'd wind up chasing her all over the mansion before we cornered her. Again, doable, but it would just take a while."

Patchouli mulls it over. "I have a suggestion, odd though it may be." We all look at her. "Go ahead with the ceremony. Aya will have to infiltrate the chapel. Seal off that area so there's no escape, and wait for her to reveal herself. That tengu has a flair for the dramatic, so she's bound to reveal herself. And even if she doesn't, Captain Momiji can still sniff her out. Literally."

"Assuming she takes the bait," I note.

"...Yes," Patchouli admits.

We all mull it over. Each plan has its pros and cans. Which one to go for?

[ ] Track Aya.
[ ] Trap Aya.
[ ] Lure Aya to the ceremony.
[ ] I have a better idea! (Write-in)
Lure Aya to the ceremony.
This sounds like a good plan but there is not enough planning going on. What if she crashes the wedding and ruins the day for Reimu and Remilia?
[ ] Lure Aya to the ceremony.

We need to be trying to both lockdown as much of the mansion as possible and get back onto her trail, as if we can Sakuya's Time-hax can actually get her, but realistically we probably be find her in the chapel.
We're overlooking something important, and it's a thing I can't believe I've forgotten about thus far.

The Oni used to rule the Tengu. They know how to deal with them best. Suika and Yuugi are already in the know. Moreover, we have living radar systems currently in the mansion, in the form of the Komeiji sisters.

[x] See if we can't ask one of the Komeijis (or both) to help track Aya's movements. 'The most perverse and inquisitive thoughts in the mansion' should be a decent tracking measure

That's the tracking. For the trapping:

[x] See if Suika can't decrease local air density in areas we know Aya's in. Wings can't flap where there's no air, and the thin oxygen should slow her down.

Box her in with assistance from some of the others who're in the know, and we should be set to continue the wedding.

(I'd be okay with trapping her at the ceremony itself, too)
Reimu and Remilia laugh in her face?

Or, well, probably not, but this isn't really a wedding and both parties know it. It's annoying, but not a big deal.
Rule of Drama. What starts as a farce becomes real as feelings develop. We are reading a slice of life story. Common sense too. The biggest event draws in prey like no other, and Aya cannot miss the wedding shot. Any photographer can tell you that weddings are a pain to shoot and that to get a good shot, especially in the chapel, you will be testing your patience.
[x] Track Aya.
-[x] See if we can't ask one of the Komeijis (or both) to help track Aya's movements.
[x] Lure Aya to the ceremony.
I'm not sure if she necessarily needs her wings to move fast, or if it's just cosmetic. I'm also unsure if changing the air density would affect oxygen percentage in an enclosed space. If it did, it could backfire on us. Regardless, changing the air density could be a good idea, especially if we could have specific people unaffected by it (Youmu, Meiling, Momiji at least). Tell everyone who isn't in the know that it is a secret aspect of Flan's game.

Not saying we should go this drastic of a change (or if Suika would be able to maintain it) but with air density changed to that of water, Aya's speed would be drastically cut. So, my vote is:

[x] See if we can't ask one of the Komeijis (or both) to help track Aya's movements. 'The most perverse and inquisitive thoughts in the mansion' should be a decent tracking measure

That's the tracking. For the trapping:

[x] See if Suika can't decrease local air density in areas we know Aya's in. Say it is part of Flan's game. If possible have certain people immune to the effects
-[x] Meiling
-[x] Youmu
-[x] Satori/Koishi
-[x] Momiji
-[ ] Anyone else?

[x] Try to keep her upstairs; but if worse comes to worse, the ceremony room will suffice

the only problem would be getting the brides to the ceremony room unmolested.
Any secret passageways we should know about?
[x] Wait Cirno mentioned Rumia if missing, isn't her power over darkness.If Aya has her then that's how she's dodging our detection. That would explain the blob too, which probably means she's been kidnapped. Yay.
-[x] Lure her using a scoop as bait to lock her in a defend-able room. DyCirno could probably help there, maybe a sparing match with Yuggi? Make sure the room is lit and secure before the scoop starts with only 1 useable entrance that can be shut in an instant.

We don't need the ceremony, plenty of ways we can lure Aya in with what we have now, pretty much all of gensokyo is here and with DyCirno around we can have something newsworthy wherever and whenever we want. Don't let her decide the terrain.
[x] Wait Cirno mentioned Rumia if missing, isn't her power over darkness.If Aya has her then that's how she's dodging our detection. That would explain the blob too, which probably means she's been kidnapped. Yay.

I'm undecided on how to catch Aya but the above part need to be pointed out. With luck, knowing part of the source of Aya's stealth may help Reisen and Sakuya track her down.
[X] Marisa beat Aya during that one mountain incident, right? Go ask her how she neutralized Aya's Peerless Wind God.

Flandre's Game?


[x] Use Cirno as bait to lure Aya into Flandre's Battlefield.

no, forget changing the air density. Reveal that Aya is a secret general in Flandre's game, and trap her there. it'll be simple, because there's a lot of room that are part of the game, due to portals. If you use DyCirno to attract our resident Pervert, Aya, and cut off any access to the game until after it's done. The players will do all they can to incapacitate the woman, no matter which part of the game she runs to.
you know that posting with a name outside your own story is frowned upon right? Trust me such a habit is for your protection.

>>/gensokyo/6052 has more info on the culture here.

fine, fine... have it your way.

Don't you think it's a bit more pertinent to actually talk about the storyline/ our respective options than to argue about weather or not names are approved or not? I mean, not to be that one person who does one wrong and yet knocks another, but honestly names are the least of our problems.

Me, personally, I like the idea of using names. With some of the votes here, I see a lot of them that are within about... 1 minute from each other. all about the same with slight variation. Think back to the "Mima" vote in storyline... I just feel like using a nom de plume would help discourage that. partially, anyway. But yeah, I'm aware of thp courtesy protocol.
It is done to avoid favoritism. Despite anonymity being an important part of this community, there are still some authors that are widely known in and out of this page - Demetrious being the most prominent of all.

Now imagine if Demetrious wanted, by all means, to have a MeilingxYuuka ending in this very story. (It's only an example, I don't know and I don't care if he wants that or if he is even following this.) Now some people here are die-hard fans of him, and to express his admiration for him, they will bandwagon - with their own names, of course - to his vote even if that isn't what they really want. Like that, a single celebrity can derail a story that is not his/her own to his liking.

Names and fame have a lot of power, unfortunately. Posting as Anonymous is a means of equalizing the grounds, to show nobody is above or below the rest of the members of this community. We like to think we are not a hive-mind following the will of one or two celebrities.

Of course, that is a gross exaggeration, it doesn't and probably won't happen like that if it happens. Besides, you can always detect votespamming by asking an Admin to check their IPs. It's not that hard, really.
Hmmm. Kind of a spread of votes this time around. Gonna call it for luring Aya to the ceremony, with a side of consulting the Komeijis.

So, funny story. The whole 'catch Aya' thing was originally going to be 3-4 posts. Then someone proposed a staged marriage, and this happened (not that I'm complaining). Funny how things happen, yeah?

Anyway, update will be in a new thread sometime today.
5 bucks says Remilia and Reimu ignore the "staged" part.
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