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File 137011142082.jpg - (201.61KB, 850x1190, a resolution.jpg) [iqdb]
Something happens in this update. I wonder how people will react to it?

Thread 1: >>/sdm/54956
Thread 2: >>/sdm/55386
Thread 3: >>/sdm/55803
Thread 4: >>/sdm/56153
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Thread 8: >>/sdm/57460


The music starts out loud and aggressive, getting the attention of everyone in the audience. It's like a force, a blast of sound so powerful, yet so controlled, that you can't help but pay heed to it. However, after this initial blast, as though its point has been made, the music settles down into an energetic, rhythmic beat. It's loud, but not oppressive. It flows well, brings up your spirits, and overall is just plain fun. I'm pretty sure that this is the results of the collaboration between the two sets of musicians. Whatever you want to call it, it's working!

Lyrica Prismriver is pounding away at her keyboard with a broad grin on her face, clearly enjoying every last second of the performance. Her sister Merlin has switched from her usual trumpet to some odd kind of saxophone, blasting forth exuberant notes from its brass innards. Mystia has taken up a kind of electric guitar, playing with excitement and occasionally singing backup. Lunasa Prismriver stand back a little bit with a bass guitar, staring down as she carefully plays the notes, yet still swaying in time to the music despite her grim appearance. And finally, Kyouko Kasodani is front and center as the lead singer. Now, I'd heard that this girl was more about volume than technique, that she covered up for a lack of ability with sheer volume. Either reports were in terrible error, or this girl has taken some singing lessons, because her voice is loud, clear and musical. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Kyouko is generating echoes to make the five girl band sound like a full orchestra. With electric guitars.

It's noisy, sure. But it's also rhythmic, musical, carefully written, and well performed. Most importantly of all? It's FUN. The girls aren't halfway through their first song when people in the audience start singing along and howling out their approval. They're gonna talk about this one for months.

Beside me, Sakuya is smiling. "This is better than I though!" she calls over to me.

"I know!" I shout back. Looking down at the lower floor, I notice that the crowd of people has taken to the floor and started dancing in time to the music. As I watch, I suddenly get an idea and smile wickedly. Glancing over at Sakuya, I notice that she's still smiling, but firmly rooted in her chair. Well, we can't have that, now can we?

"Sakuya!" I call out over the music, "Dance with me!"

The maid gapes up at me in surprise. "Wait, what?!" she shouts back.

I just laugh and grab Sakuya's wrist, hauling her out of her chair despite her shouts of protest. Taking hold of her hands, I start to dance with her in time to the music, pulling her along with my motions. At first, Sakuya can only sputter in confusion and a little embarrassment. As we seamlessly shift into the next song, however, Sakuya stops resisting and begins dancing along, albeit a little red-faced. By the third song, she's begun to dance with me, smiling broadly. By song number four, Sakuya is laughing as she takes the lead. Together, the two of us combine techniques, with myself incorporating rhythmic motions I take from my martial arts training. Sakuya's dancing is more precise and elegant, coming across like a fast-paced sort of ballroom dancing. It's a strange combination, and I can't deny it. But it works, and it's one hell of a great time.

The music shifts from playful, to aggressive, to mellow and slow, the five band members seeming to wish to demonstrate their ability to play any type of music you can think of. As they shift into a slow, intimate tune, Sakuya and I wind up slow-dancing under the stars.

"This is kinda romantic," I note, watching her blue eyes.

She just smiles back at me. "It is. We'll have to do something nice for that young man." I laugh and nod at that. After a few more moments of dancing, Sakuya speaks again. "I love you, you know."

I swallow deeply. "Yeah, I know. And I..." my voice trails off. It's hard to say. Do I love her? Of course I do. Just as much as I do Yuuka. That's what's so terrible about it. Just knowing what's going on in my heart is frustrating. I mean, if I told them, how would they react? I just shake my head and look at Sakuya helplessly.

Sakuya just smiles gently, and kisses me on the cheek. "Thank you," she tells me.

"For what?" I ask.

"I can read you so well, after so long. You tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve. Always have. It's one of the things I like about you the most: your sheer honesty." She sighs and rests her head on my shoulder, still looking up at me. I blush in response. "I know how you really feel. About us. So does Yuuka. That's enough. You're care about us both so much, that you're putting yourself through hell to avoid hurting us. It's a nice gesture... but it kind of bothers me to see you put yourself through all of that."

I shrug helplessly. "What would you do in my position? Go after both of you like in some kind of harem show? It just wouldn't work."

"Not really," Sakuya notes, "Not unless Yuuka and I were into each other as well, that is. She really is a beautiful woman, you know."

"She is," I agree.

"Beautiful, strong, protective, with a sweet heart underneath it all. The kind of woman that just wants to take care of you." Sakuya watches my face clearly. "Admit it, if you woke up in bed next to both of us, what would your reaction be?"


I feel my face heat up at the thought of becoming a Meiling sandwich. "Uh... we darn near did that during the wedding, didn't we?" I ask, desperately trying to change the subject.

Sakuya just smiles enigmatically. " I suppose we did." After a minute, she laughs. " I have to confess. When you suggested that we head out today, I immediately went to Remilia for advice."

I look at her in surprise. "Really? What did she say?"

Sakuya shrugs. "Be myself. Don't push you too hard. Have fun with you for the sake of having fun with you. Wait for the right moment."

"Right moment for what?" I wonder.

"For this," Sakuya says, and kisses me.



Yep. This woman knows what she's doing.

I could do this more often.

Where are her hands going...?

Ah, heck with it. It's not like I mind. I'll just reach over here...

Ooh. Soft.

When the kiss breaks, the two of us smile at each other, breathing heavily. It takes us a moment longer to get our hands off of each other.

After a few more songs, the concert wraps up to thunderous applause. Sakuya disappears for a few minutes to use the washroom, and we then decide to take advantage of our elite tickets to investigate the backstage after-show party. It's easy for us to get in: Sakuya and I are relatively known figures, and Remilia has employed the Prismrivers before. The party proves to be a little too crowded for our tastes, but we see a certain figure back there and resolve to do a little bit of good.

Once we have a clear path, Sakuya and I make our way over to Lyrica, who looks a little worn out from everything. She smiles when she sees us coming. "Hey! Meiling and Sakuya! Welcome! I love your outfits, by the way."

I smile back. "Thanks! I kinda like your look too. Not to mention the music."

Lyrica just grins, gesturing at her clothing. "Yeah, we've wanted to play with those two for a while, and finally managed to write some decent music together. However, Mysty and Kyouko insisted that we dress the part if we were going to throw a concert together. After a while, we caved in. I think it turned out alright, though."

"It certainly did," Sakuya agrees, and her smile turns mischievous. "So, all by yourself these days? Or do you have someone special hidden away back here?"

Lyrica sighs. "I wish. There aren't a lot of men to go around in Gensokyo. Those that are available tend to hesitate at the thought of dating a poltergeist."

Huh. Been there, done that. Got a couple girlfriends. But I have another solution for Lyrica. "Well, you should try someone younger. Someone open-minded, and gentlemanly." Lyrica raises an eyebrow in interest, and I point across the room to a certain ticket attendant, who is watching the room with a jaundiced eye. "I met him earlier today. Handsome, polite, respectful, and willing to look beyond just human women. You should have a word with him."

"Hmmm..." Lyrica muses, looking over at the ticket seller. After a moment, she nods and walks over to him, engaging him in a conversation. He looks surprised, but smiles back at Lyrica, eagerly chatting with her. After a while, the other band members drift over out of curiosity, also joining in the conversation. The young man looks like he's just gone to heaven. Surrounded by pretty girls, he notices me and gives me a thumbs-up before happily turning his attention back to the girls around him.

"He looks happy," Sakuya notes.

"I think we can call that our good deed for the day," I say proudly. "So, ready to go home then?"

Sakuya smiles at me and takes my hand. "Absolutely."


After a short flight under a clear night sky, Sakuya and I land in front of the mansion and head inside. It's quiet; most of the other residents are probably occupied with other things. Remilia and Reimu with each other. Koakuma with Josef. Patchouli with her books. Flandre with developing the latest edition of life-sized Risk. Holding my hand, Sakuya quietly leads me to my room.

I look over at her curiously. "Sakuya?"

She chuckles lightly as we come to my room. "You know how I vanished for a few minutes before we went backstage? Well, I needed to talk to someone for a moment."

I raise an eyebrow as I place a hand on the doorknob. "What about?"

Sakuya beams at me. "About resolving your little moral conundrum." Shaking my head in confusion, I walk into my room-

Oh. Yuuka's here.

Reclining on my bed,

In a red cheongsam. Also, she's smiling at me.

"It's about time," the flower youkai says huskily.

I can only stare at the beautiful woman in front of me, my mind short-circuiting with disbelief. Distantly, I notice a displacement of air behind me and the door shutting. As Yuuka slowly, seductively rises to her feet, I hear Sakuya's amused voice come from behind me. "I think she's surprised to see you, Yuuka."

Blinking, I tear my eyes away from Yuuka to turn to Sakuya and oh my god she's wearing her purple cheongsam that I just got her today. Grinning, Sakuya sashays over to stand next to the smiling flower youkai. "You really do seem surprised," she notes.

"Uh..." I say intelligently, my mind and senses full of curves and more curves and are they wearing perfume? They smell nice.

"Allow me to explain," Yuuka says, "Sakuya and I have, after a great deal of discussion, figured out a way to remove the burden of the terrible choice hanging over your shoulders."

"...Namely?" I ask weakly.

Grinning at me, Sakuya and Yuuka turn their heads and kiss each other. Deeply. Sakuya wraps her arms around Yuuka's neck and her leg around Yuuka's waist. The flower youkai purrs contentedly, running her hand along Sakuya's long leg. All I can do is gape in shock, my mind refusing to register what I'm seeing before me.

After a long, long moment, the two break their kiss and turn back to me, smiling hungrily. "Get over here," Sakuya orders.


My mind appears to have seized up, which is why it takes me a little longer than usual to respond. That seems to be longer than Sakuya and Yuuka are willing to wait, so they expedite matters by simply tossing me on the bed. And then diving on top of me.

So, it turns out that this is their method of settling my difficult choice for me. After a great deal of discussion, the two realized that they had a fair amount of appreciation for one another, as well as me. The solution came quite naturally after that.

They feel quite nice.

Wow, they're so flexible!

I love my life.


They were playing twister. Why, what were thinking was happening? Anyway, I'm just gonna go ahead and fill in the next option for you:

[x] The DyCirno Super Heroic Force

So, Being Meiling is on the home stretch now, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to wrap up the Sakuya/Yuuka subplot. After the DyCirno thing, there's a couple more episodes that I want to write, in order, and then that will be that.

So, a vote to kick off the next scene:

[ ] Morning.
[ ] Noon.
[ ] Afternoon.
[X] Morning.
[X] Noon.
D'aww, lesbian threesomes save the day again!


Gotta get that "morning after" reaction. Also, breakfast in bed by Sakuya.
File 137011549021.jpg - (48.92KB, 672x717, Bueno.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Morning.

Meiling gets them both, it is time for her to wake up with them in her arms.

What the heck at you talking about? They played Twister. Please keep your weird fantasies to yourself.

[X] Morning.
File 13701189971.jpg - (163.20KB, 772x1080, 64011a1ad73e5b47e861ce44bf34033d1a080153.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Morning, when you are accidentally wake up by Flandre... Hilarity ensues

P.S. A Photo taken during Remilia x Reimu Wedding Ceremony... Size doesn't matter
The first line was:
>Sometimes I hate my job.

Now we have:
>I love my life.

Well done, Keymaster.
[X] Morning.
Good End Achieved

[x] Morning

We're at the home stretch now.
[x] Morning

Delicious. I'm almost tempted to write an /at/ version.
[X] Morning.

>They were playing twister.
Is that what they're calling it these days?
[x] Morning.
I'm curious, Keymaster. What would have happened to interrupt the end of Sakuya's date if we'd voted for that first?

[ ] Afternoon.

Obviously they aren't going to let Meiling go until then.

A very curious Malla would have walked in.
I wonder if Kyouko took lessons from Rin Satsuki or not.
[ ] Morning.

The morning after.. mmmmmh.
[x] Mooooorning.
Righto, seems to be a clear majority for the next morning, so consider the vote called! Update later today.
File 13701982972.jpg - (183.16KB, 850x1192, awkward.jpg) [iqdb]
I wake up feeling good. Really good, in fact.

I feel relaxed, like all is right with the world. As though a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders and replaced with warm, fuzzy feelings of contentment. A pleasant scent fills my nostrils, and I hold something warm and soft a little closer to my body, feeling it hold me closer in turn.

Well, a couple of somethings, from the feel of it.


Wait a sec-



Right. Last night I... wow. I never saw that one coming. Makes me wonder just how long those two had been planning that, or if it was a spur of the moment decision. Either way, the end result was quite pleasant, to say the least. Apparently, stopping time lets Sakuya do some very interesting things. As does Yuuka's plant control. Just... wow. Not that I didn't have a few tricks up my own sleeves, mind you.

I eyes slowly flick open and I take in the early morning light. Looks like instincts made me wake up on time. It's almost a pity; I'm just so comfortable right now, and would love to sleep the day away. Probably has something to do with those soft, warm unknowns I'm holding close to me right at this very moment. Wait. I lower my eyes to see Sakuya and Yuuka on either side of me, still asleep and holding on tight. Each of my arms is wrapped around either one of them, making for a very cozy little tangle.

Actually, this isn't half bad. It wouldn't be too terrible if I slept in a little bit today, now would it? I mean, it's not like I sense any intruders. Nor would anyone be coming along at this time of day. So maybe, just maybe, I can justify just laying in bed with my girls for just a little while longer...

Then someone knocks on the door.

I tense up. Sakuya's eyes shoot open and she stares at me in horror. Yuuka just murmurs something and pulls the sheet up over her head. Okay. Don't panic. Just pretend to be asleep, and whoever it is will probably feel embarrassed and go away. It's probably one of the fairies, they're smart enough to know to come back later.

Then the door opens and Flandre walks in. I start screaming mentally. Judging from Sakuya's wide eyes, she is having much the same reaction. Flandre, for her part, is frowning down at a sheaf of papers in her hand. "Hey, Meiling, wake up," Flandre says, "I wanted to get your opinion on the next version of real-life Risk and-" Flandre looks up and her words die in her throat.

There's a long moment of silence.

Flandre stares at us, and Sakuya and I stare back. "...Make whoever it is go away..." Yuuka mumbles sleepily, nuzzling my neck. Flandre's eyes get much wider at that.

After a while, the young vampiress sighs. "Yep. This is gonna screw me up good."

"You're the one wanting your sister and Reimu to have children," I retort.

"This feels very different somehow," Flandre replies, looking the situation over. "I'm already trying to visualize how this all worked. And I don't want to, Meiling. I really, really don't want to." Flandre shakes her head. "I'm going to my room, and I'm going to be looking at pictures of cute boys for a few hours. Please don't disturb me." Turning on her heel, Flandre calmly walks away from the awkward situation, closing the door behind her. After a moment, I can hear her tearing down the hallway.

"Well, you're like her sister," Sakuya notes after a moment. "It's one thing to talk about it, but actually seeing it with her own eyes? Probably a little disturbing for her."

"I can only imagine," I sigh. "Well, I'm hungry. Let's get some food." Sakuya nods, and the two of us start to get out of bed. As we do, however, a still half-asleep Yuuka groans in complaint and flails out with her arms. My reflexes allow me to roll out of bed and away from her grasp. Sakuya isn't so quick however, and finds herself hauled back into bed, hugged tightly to Yuuka's chest.

"Help," Sakuya says, gazing up at me.

I snort with amusement, already putting on my uniform. "And risk being grabbed myself? Sorry. I have to get to my post, and I can't stop time like you. Just wait until she's ready to let you go, alright? Consider it a bonding moment."

Sakuya pouts a little bit. "Fine, then. I'll just curl up in this oh so comfortable, warm bed."

I chuckle. "Don't tempt me. Anyway, I'll see you both later. Love you both." I hear Sakuya and Yuuka both react to this as I close the door.

A few minutes later, I'm in the kitchen, making a breakfast sandwich. It's a pity that Flandre killed the mood; I would have loved to have just stayed like that for a little while. On the other hand, I have a feeling that I'll have plenty of more chances in the future, so it's not a total loss. Poor Flandre. I'll have to go talk to her later.

Remilia walks into the kitchen, still in her pajamas and looking rather rumpled. "'Morning," she mumbles, walking over to her personal refrigerator.

"Morning," I say back, "Looks like you had a rough night."

Remilia sighs, sipping from a bloodpack. "Reimu can be insatiable. Who would've guessed that a shrine maiden would be so pent-up? Not that I'm complaining, mind you." She glances over at me. "By the way, don't go into the bathroom in this hall. It looks like Koakuma and her boy-toy occupied it last night. Speaking of insatiable." I shake my head. Sounds like the whole mansion was a little active last night.

"You might want to have a talk with Flandre sometime today," I comment as Remilia head over to the coffee pot.

"Why's that?" she asks.

"She kinda... walked in on me this morning. And Sakuya. And Yuuka."

Remilia freezes mid-pour, and slowly turns to look at me. "You know, when Sakuya came to me for advice last night, that isn't really what I expected to happen." She considers. "Although this outcome isn't terribly surprising."

"Oh, really?" I ask.

"Let's just say that Reimu won a bet," Remilia says with a shrug. "Anyway, it sounds like Flandre wasn't exactly ready for the real thing. I'll have a word with her later. How much did she see, anyway?"

"Just the three of us cuddling."

"Should be fine then. She was probably just embarrassed." Remilia yawns. "Well, I am going to go get dressed, see my darling wife off to her job, and then go have a word with my sister. You should do the same later. Have a good day, Meiling." I bid Remilia farewell, then head out to my post with a cup of coffee.

It's a nice day, though clouds are threatening. Behind me, I can hear the sounds of the mansion in general waking up. Gonna be a lot of questions from the fairy maids, I can just tell. Oh well, it's a small price to pay.

...Speaking of fairies, I can see a familiar blue one rapidly shooting my way. A smile breaks out over my face as Cirno lands in front of me, looking triumphant. "Good morning, Cirno!" I greet her.

"Good morning, Meiling! I need you to come with me right away!" The little ice fairy seems very insistent.

I tilt my head in confusion. "Why's that, Cirno?"

Cirno's grin is wide and happy. "The DyCirno Super Heroic Force is ready to go, and I need your opinion on our machines! Come on, hurry up!"

DyCirno Super Heroic Force?

[ ] Go check it out alone.
[ ] Bring Sakuya.
[ ] Bring Yuuka.
[ ] Bring Sakuya and Yuuka.
>stopping time lets Sakuya do some very interesting things. As does Yuuka's plant control

[x] Go check it out alone.

Let them sleep.
[x] Bring Sakuya and Yuuka.

Company would be nice, that and showing them the results of being a good big sister figure would be nice.
[X] Go check it out alone.

Just gave those two a whole bunch of screen time in a relatively small period. I think it's safe to leave them a tiny break for now.
[x] Go check it out alone.

Do they even like DyCirno?
[x] Bring Sakuya and Yuuka.
[x] Go check it out alone.
[x] Bring Sakuya and Yuuka.

Can't get enough.
[ ] Bring Sakuya.
[X] Go check it out alone.
I think they do. Still
[x] Go check it out alone.
[ ]Go check it out with Sakuya
There's a ZONE flash in there somewhere.

[X] Go Alone
[x]Check it out alone

Yuuka needs more sleep, and letting them bond more is always good.

Besides, it lets them think up more stuff to do .
[X] Go check it out alone.
[x] Go check it out alone

If we go back, we won't be able to see it until later. Sakuya will just drag us back to b...
[x]Bang Bring Sakuya and Yuuka

...Why would you say that? There were lot's of people with conflicting votes.
File 137024710345.png - (255.83KB, 500x721, tumblr_mi8sfsi1dO1rcsd64o1_500.png) [iqdb]
Anon No. 57821 'ere

[X] Bring Sakuya and Yuuka.
That should be ONLY Option.
Harem Route, Best Route, Only Route.

>and I'm going to be looking at pictures of cute boys for a few hours

Flan girls your's age should do not "that thing"! It causes blindness and hairs at the palm of hands... You know I am an EXPERT in this subject.

Prescription for Flan:
Get a Boyfriend ASAP. And Manly one, not Cute-te-he-he one, MANLY one!
If a guy is "cute" then he is:
A - Shota
B - Not trying hard enough

/r/ Canadian Lumberjack x Flan - Route
Why you want to be an Auntie, when you can be a MOTHER?

Pic VERY related.
Why are you guys all so worked up over a game of Twister in the late nights? It's not like they did anything outrageous. Seriously, guise.

[X] Bring Sakuya.

IIRC, she was also a fan of DyCirno. I don't know about Yuuka, but if she is also a member of the DyCirno Fan Club we could bring her too.

That, and as much as I like those two fine ladies, I don't want them to hog Cirno's spotlight in this "chapter".
You do know that flan outages any age of consent law in the world by a factor of 25 right?
my intent with bringing them is showing them a part of Meiling's life and I believe in such a case I doubt that Keymaster would have them hog the scene but rather having them add flavor to the scene.
[x] Bring Sakuya and Yuuka.
[x] Check it with both
[x] Ask Sakuya and Yuuka if they want to come.


Stop this smug passive-aggressive whining immediately. There's no reason you couldn't post >>57858 first instead of bitching about everyone who doesn't vote like you do.
File 13702728179.jpg - (83.57KB, 417x597, Just_as_Flanned.jpg) [iqdb]
> Joking about "little" girl who is older than ALL of us combined in this thread, or even older than some Countries.
>One guy doesn't get that Joke.

I know that she is a Vampire who spend 495 years in a FKN Basement ALONE. But you know she acts MOST of the time like a little 8 years old Girl, MOST of the time. And what do you think she do when she "watches cute boys/please do not disturb for few hours" stuff? I am really sure that is NOT a One-Person-RISK-Game.

Everyone who read this Whole CYOA remember that Flan know a "bit" about Hanky-Panky stuff. And she feels really bad because she THINKS that she is uglier than everyone. Flan + Alcohol = ENVY - "Those are nice boobs, why I don't have ones like those?" and other similar stuff
Being an eternally loli vampire can take its toll, especially when sharing a place with fully mature women.
Called. Meiling will be making a personal trip to see what Cirno hath wrought. Update later today, sometime.
Is there anything I can do to turn that temptation into a crazed, driven,, obsessive need?

...You're doing something you shouldn't, but I can't put into words what, exactly. This makes yelling at you to cut it out a lot more difficult.

I guess the best thing I can say is that from the way you write, it does not sound like you are a longtime visitor to the site.
Therefore, I would strongly urge you to look around at other people's posts, look at your own, and ask yourself if that really seems like acceptable behavior, here.

I don't want to start a shitstorm, so please don't make a big fuss over this.
File 137028537223.jpg - (246.14KB, 735x900, you get the idea.jpg) [iqdb]
For a long moment, I consider inviting Yuuka and Sakuya along with me, but ultimately decide against it. Best to let them sleep in a little bit. Besides, I'm the resident DyCirno fan; I doubt that they'd understand my fascination.

Instead, I just smile and nod at Cirno. "Sure thing! I can't wait to see what you've put together!" Cirno gives a little cheer and practically hauls me into the air in her excitement. Face beaming, she leads me in the direction of youkai mountain. "So what can you tell me?" I ask as we travel.

"Well, you remember how I got those kappa to promise to make machines for my friends, so they could be heroes with me?" I nod. "Well, it took a long time for them to get things right. They kept having these really stupid ideas, or getting distracted, or sleeping in, or dumb stuff like that. But I finally got them to finish all the armor-suits! I've got everybody over there right now, tryin' them out!"

"Where is this?" I ask, "The kappa village?"

"Eh, it's a garage a little ways away from the base of the mountain. But yeah, it's pretty close. Anyway, the kappa put together some really awesome stuff for us, and I want your opinion! You were a big help when I was perfecting my own armor."

I beam a little bit at the compliment. "Have Sanae or Hatate seen them yet?"

"Nope! You're the first!"

I grin broadly. So Cirno got her friends to be her teammates, and got the kappa to build mechs for them. And I'm the first one to see them. This is gonna be great!

After flying for a little while, Cirno finally leads me to a kappa-built structure in the middle of a field. It sort of looks like a quonset hut, but has a bunch of additions. Antennae and dishes festoon the roof, and a couple of buildings were obviously built later on and attached to the sides of the main structure. The result appears very high-tech, but a little chaotic as well. In other words, exactly what you'd expect from a kappa laboratory.

Cirno lands and walks up to the structure, pushing the door open as though she owned the place. In a way, maybe she does. I follow in after her and see a large machine-shop, with countless pieces of machinery lying around, sometimes complete and sometimes in pieces. A number of kappa inhabit the place, some running around with faces full of excitement, and others glowering down at drawings and sketches. I think I recognize the gloomier kappa: they're the ones who helped Nitori confront Cirno all that time ago, and were defeated. Not too surprising that they'd be a little disgruntled, then. However, their numbers are far exceeded by the number of kappa running around happily, pleased to be participating in such a neat project.

Near the center of the commotion is Nitori herself. The kappa is staring blearily down into a bottle of what appears to be cucumber-flavored beer. She glances up at our approach and narrows her eyes when she sees Cirno. "Oh. You're back," Nitori says with a marked lack of enthusiasm.

"Yep! I'm gonna show Meiling the mechs!" Cirno is as bubbly as ever.

Nitori sighs. "Fine, fine... go ahead and have your fun. I'm just going to sit here and wonder how my life came to this."

"...'Kay!" says Cirno, walking past her. Nitori just glares in her wake.

"I'm a little surprised," I comment, "I thought you'd be happier to be working on something like this."

Nitori shrugs. "I admit it's kind of interesting... but when you're doing something under duress, answering to CIRNO, and she keeps vetoing your ideas, it gets old." Nitori takes a drink of her beer. "Oh well. I'm outta here once the mechs are finalized. Cirno can get her other hangers-on to maintain them." Nitori gestures to the other kappa. "Then, I can go home and pretend that I never heard of any DyCirno."

"Meiling! Hurry up, over here!" Cirno excitedly waves me over. Nitori shrugs and waves me off, and I walk over to Cirno, who is standing next to her friends. All of whom are wearing colored jumpsuits of some kind. All of whom are a combination of baffled and embarrassed.

"Um, Cirno?" Daiyousei speaks up first, wearing an aqua jumpsuit. "Do we really have to do this?"

"Of course!" Cirno insists, pulling out a dark blue jumpsuit. She walk behind a screen to put it on. "A hero needs a super-team. And you're my friends, so you're my super-team!"

"Is that so..." muses Rumia, wearing black. "Well, that's fine. I don't have anything else to do."

"Well, I do," says Mystia Lorelei, wearing pink. "I mean, I have to run a food stand! I can't run around like this all day!"

"It's like a secret identity! Chef by day, super hero by whenever I call for you!"

"...But everyone will know who we are anyway," Mystia points out.

"Bah! An unimportant detail!" Cirno scoffs.

Wriggle Nightbug, wearing green, sighs in resignation. "Oh, it's not that bad. It might make us a little more popular if we fly around with Cirno- sorry, DyCirno like this. Besides, you know Cirno. Now that she's set her mind on this, there's no turning her away from it." The others nod in agreement.

"Okay!" Cirno calls out, strutting out in her dark blue jumpsuit, "Meiling, be honored! You will be the first to witness the birth of the DyCirno Super Heroic Force!" I stand to attention, but make a mental note: that name needs to be changed. Badly. Satisfied that I am paying attention, Cirno nods to a couple of kappa who pull a sheet off of five shapes in the middle of the floor.

...Well, I recognize Cirno's DyCirno battle armor immediately. The others are colorful mechanical shapes of the same rough size as DyCirno itself. The appear to be stylized, mechanical versions of the four pilots intended to operate them.

Cirno drags Rumia over to the first one in line. "This is Rumia's machine, the Chomping Shadow!" The Chomping Shadow is a black-colored mech whose arms rigidly stick out to the sides. The machine appears hunched-over, mainly due to the enormous, metal-fanged maw on its front. Honestly, that jaw is half of the machine! A pair of red eyes finish the rather intimidating effect.

"So yeah, this is Rumia's machine," Cirno continues. "Those jaws can bite through anything, and it has eye-lasers. You notice how the arms are stuck out straight? Well, that's 'cause they're loaded with missiles! Lot's of 'em! And this thing has that kappa invisibility gizmo!"

"Optical camouflage!" one of the kappa shouts out.

"Yeah, that!" Cirno agrees. "So now, even when people can't see Rumia, she can still see them!"

"Is that so?" Rumia says in wonderment, looking up at the Chomping Shadow.

"Anyway, over here is Mystia's machine, the Singing Sparrow!" Cirno hauls Mystia over to a pink mech that looks like a hunched over bird. With immobile metal wings and huge claws at the end of two long arms. "So its claws are, like, REALLY sharp! And they have flamethrowers in the hands! For guns, it has these weapons that shoot out really loud noises!"

"Sonic blasters!" another kappa shouts out.

"Yeah, those, in the shoulders!" Cirno agrees. "Anyway, the Singing Swallow can also shoot these bombs from the back filled with black dust, so that nobody can see anything! Except us, 'cause Mystia won't fire 'em at us."

"I'll try not to," Mystia agrees, looking skeptically at her suit of armor.

Cirno hurries over to where Wriggle is already standing next to a tall machine with very long legs. "And this is Wriggle's mech, the Super Hopper! Its main weapons are that it kicks really hard and has a gatling gun on each arm. But that's not all!" Cirno points to the Super Hopper's pronounced back, looking like a beetles' shell. "Inside here are a whole bunch of mini-mechs with guns, lasers, bombs, and a whole buncha stuff! And Wriggle can control them all just by thinking about it!" Wriggle look vaguely pleased with her machine.

"And last but not least is Dai's Fairy Knight!" Cirno declares, pointing to where Daiyousei is nervously walking up to her own machine. It looks like a larger version of her, with large crystal wings, a sword and shield, and large pods on its arms. "So yeah, this thing is great in hand to hand. Plus, thse wings can shoot lasers EVERYWHERE! But best of all, those big thing on the arms? They're full of tools Dai can use to repair our own machines!"

Cirno puffs her chest out with pride. "We're still working on the combined form, but that's what we got so far! So, whaddya think?"



Feel free to vote for whatever you want to.

Change the name of the group:
[ ] Write-in.

Chomping Shadow:
[ ] Call it this instead (Write-in).
[ ] Add this to it: (Write-in)

Singing Sparrow:
[ ] Call it this instead (Write-in).
[ ] Add this to it: (Write-in)

Super Hopper:
[ ] Call it this instead (Write-in).
[ ] Add this to it: (Write-in)

Fairy Knight:
[ ] Call it this instead (Write-in).
[ ] Add this to it: (Write-in)

Anyway, feel free to get Cirno to call her group something else. Also, go ahead and change the names of the other girls' mechs, and make suggestions as to different equipment. It's all for fun, and the kappa have plenty of spare parts and gizmos lying around, so go right to it!
File 137028641486.jpg - (39.47KB, 500x402, SDM2_0_Logo.jpg) [iqdb]
>> 57865
Dear Sir

I lurked here for around 3 years? Maybe more.
I explained it detailed an in NON aggressive tone. I also really don't want to see how bad "S*it can hit the fan", nobody likes it, really nobody.

And about Flan (if that first line that you posted was about Flan) she is a really old being, nobody know how she thinks (she probably doesn't know that too) I know that she survived a lot more that ANYONE, and she still lives. There are things scarier and more painful than death, and Flan had that for LOOONG time.
I understand that somebody may fell sick about the Idea of Flan doing sexual things just because she LOOKS like little kid (yes she JUST LOOK like one, only look). She maybe childish in Canon but if you read here lines in TH6 you will find that she is knowledgeable person and cruel like only kids can be. But maybe not "bed wrecking stuff" but still at least a warm person that can hug her tightly and pat her head when saying that she is gorgeous little Lady.
;_____: Damn I will cry...

And in "few" threads of other Authors here at ?SDM? you can find that she have even "Husbands" (even few of them).
Of course it all depends on writer.

Here I have found a Few Anons and Authors that I would Love to talk for hours, really after reading all those posts it made me really warm inside. Keymaster is probably really happy to have as great audience as you guys, no I am SURE he is.
And If I offended ANYONE here then I humbly apologize for my actions. I really want to read good stories like this one, and you too, right?

P.S. Pic related to Flan's feelings (no not about D). Pun about name of Location - Intended, INTENDED as HELL! xD
I cringed. 9/10
File 137029020963.png - (85.13KB, 290x370, frost.png) [iqdb]
Found mah old Tripcode

Please Add Vote Option:
[x] History of Super Sentai (Morale and Knowledge Boost)

- Hearth warming story of the Heroes of the "old" days.
- Informations about "colors" in Super Sentai "hierarchy" (Red, Blue, Yellow are CORE squad in Sentai series - just like 3 Primary colors)

a. Cirno should be RED Ranger (Fighting with Emotions rather than Mind, "burning sense of Justice", rough 'bad-boy style - tomboyish in Cirno's case [Beloved TOMBOYISH Daughter - was probably taken not because it sounds good] but is Blue because you know she wears Blue?
b. Probably Daiyousei - BLUE Ranger (analytic mind "the smart one") but probably will be RED, because Cirno was First.
c. Probably Mystia - YELLOW Ranger (JOKE (that only fans of Sentai will understand) ABOUT "ASSIMILATING" ALL CURRY HERE)
d. Probably Wriggle - GREEN Ranger (Super Sentai wiki "The Green Ranger in a core team is usually a comic relief character." ;__: My poor, poor Wriggle)
e. Probably Rumia - BLACK Ranger (??second in command?? in Sentai franchise)

"Plastic" Suits + Full Helmets with weird looking Visors are NOT an OPTION, that is a STANDARD issue.

Meiling is a Good Friend and a Mentor/Big Sister character for Cirno and by showing and teaching the whole team you will only gain in their eyes and in the eyes of Sakuya & Yuuka.
File 137029137044.jpg - (196.63KB, 351x700, tumblr_llh5xu92021qzeld6o1_500.jpg) [iqdb]
Fear NOT!
In Gensokyo we are all Grounded Meat brothers!
Darwin's Awards Gensokyo edition: Award no. 172: Last Words: "Mmmm... Yummy. That this is really good, you have great skills as a Chief, you could even open a big Restaurant. Becouse it tastes like a Chicken made by my mther." Said when "Prize Winner" was eating at Mystia's Food Stand.
File 13702914114.jpg - (141.21KB, 850x850, sample-0625525968fa2771c8f24e13103268b1.jpg) [iqdb]
Stop embarrasing all of us.
File 137029476239.jpg - (181.71KB, 850x1154, sample-6cd99132b0e3d7337e817c555c00f4d0.jpg) [iqdb]
Why don't you guys get as much dignity as her?


Not really sure what to say to this, honestly. But Cirno and company won't be going down the sentai route. Sorry. (Funny you brought it up, though. See, I've been thinking I need to do something with Mima before ending the story. This will become apparent in tomorrow's post).
File 137029949679.png - (455.08KB, 500x672, no seriously.png) [iqdb]
Dear God, someone needs to do a YTMND-style dramatic reading of this. Pic related.

As for names, well this requires a bit of thinking. At the moment, here's what my brain has come up with, taking a cue from comic book conventions and wordplay:

[X] Rumia - change to Kuro Crunch
[X] Mystia - change to Sear Searcher
[X] Wriggle - change to High Jolt
[X] Daiyousei - change to Mend-at-Arms

I can't think of anything as far as team names go, and my suggestions are just a jump-off point. Feel free to improve it.
File 137030007230.jpg - (301.13KB, 657x641, 7806f7962cf24dea004b4847decc984a.jpg) [iqdb]

Get Hyped.
posting with a trip doesn't make your point stand out any better, it just makes you look like a jackass. Anonymity is for your protection.

"Lurking" is the most important part of becoming a successful poster. Each and every board has its own unique culture (generally rooted in 2channel one way or another). It is your job to learn it BEFORE making any posts. This process may seem daunting as boards do not have a set of defined parameters for posting. The only way to learn what sort of posts will be enjoyed is to spend time reading other posts. You will slowly learn all of the injokes, common posting style and sense of humor of the board as you read more and more posts. Do not make a post asking about the meaning behind an injoke or other questions about the board unless you absolutely have to as most users will be annoyed by this and simply tell you to lurk more. In addition to this, DO NOT make an introductory post or anything of the sort you should simply become a fellow poster overtime. Obviously this also means that, while posting as Anonymous, your work and your posts might never be directly attributed to you, regardless of the effort you put in them. Lurking can sometimes take only a week and other times take a few months. You'll know you're ready when you're understanding posts and finding the humor in them. Not all boards revolve around humor but there is always lurking to be done just to make sure you aren't posting in a style that the others find annoying.

I advise you to lurk more, friend. In addition, anonymous boards are not just about the software allowing users to post anonymously, it is a cultural thing: on an anonymous board, you are simply expected not to fill in the name field if your identity is not relevant to the discussion.
I hope you can become a valued member of our little community in the future.
File 137032276987.jpg - (26.72KB, 347x207, 17584239478335.jpg) [iqdb]
Am I the only one imagining these posts being read out loud in the voice that reads hate mail out loud on The Best Show In The Universe?
Oh FFS, can we get a mod here to clean up this shitposting, especially by that tripfag.
Hmm. I've got a few ideas, but I need until later on to ruminate on them.

Would it be possible to delay the update until later this evening? Seems we've got a lot of people arguing and only a couple actually contributing so far.

Sure. I've got some things to do today, so the update will probably be later than normal anyway.
The DyCirno squad has the attack department pretty much covered, but what about defense? They can't rely on Daiyousei's repairing abilities all the time, so we should give the rest of the squad some countermeasures too.

Rumia's opitcal camo makes armor useless, since she'll be relying on stealth attacks. Mystia could use her smoke bombs and sonic blastrs to run away if things go bad, though she should get another last-resort protection too. Wriggle could use a bee-hive shield to block magic attacks, and maybe flash bombs too. For Daiyousei, those lasers that come from her wings could be specifically programmed to intercept enemy bullets as well, making it a fully defensive system to support to the rest of the offense oriented members of the squad. And IIRC, Cirno had a shield, and she's proven her toughness in previous battles, so no problems there.
Cirno's has the advantage of being made out of her magically created ice. But the point stands for the others. I'm surprised that Wriggle didn't insist on riding some giant bug.
Change the name of the group:
[X]The DyGuard

I think the individual mech names are fine.
If no one else has any ideas, I'll just call the vote in a little over an hour.
New Name:
[x]The DyGuard
[x] DyCirno Super Heroic Force is much too long and not catchy enough. Her team's name should be something short but with impact. Like...like the DyRangers or the DyGuards or something.
[x]The DyGuard

Voting for this before voting for nothing.
Eh, good enough. I'll just assume people like the mech designs as they are, and change the team name to the DyGuard. Vote called, writing now.
File 137039079117.jpg - (569.06KB, 619x870, well kinda.jpg) [iqdb]
Slowly, I begin to applaud, nodding my approval. "Not bad!" I tell Cirno, "Not bad at all! I really like the mech designs. But, uh... I think you need to change the team name a little bit."

Cirno blinks in confusion. "But why?"

"Well..." I shrug, "It's a little long and cumbersome, you know? Doesn't really roll off of the tongue."

"I told you!" Wriggle calls over to Cirno.

"Aw, stuff it!" Cirno shouts back, "It's just like one of the names I saw in one of those comics." Cirno turns to me, curious. "So, if that name is way too long, what do you think we should call our team, Meiling?"

I think about it for a minute. "Well, it's your team, so it should really be named after you... what about something like the DyGuard?" Cirno blinks in surprise. A loud 'Ooooooh!' goes through the room, coming from the kappa, Cirno's team, and even Cirno herself.

"That's PERFECT!" Cirno shouts excitedly, "Wow! I knew there was a reason I invited you along Meiling! Thanks a million!" She turns to her newly assembled superhero team. "Listen up, everybody! Because Meiling's so smart, almost as smart as I am, we are now the DyGuard!" The newly-minted DyGuard start chattering excitedly among themselves, apparently quite happy with the new name. I run my eyes over the kappa-designed machines. I have to admit, this is really impressive. Looks like the kappa went all-out on the designs. Or were pushed to go all-out by Cirno, at any rate.

Cirno's voice cuts through my meandering thoughts. "Okay! Now suit up, DyGuard, and prepare to head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion!"

"Huh?!" I nearly jump out of my skin. "Cirno, wait, why are you heading for the mansion?!" I demand.

Cirno chuckles triumphantly. "Don't underestimate my resources, Meiling! The fairies see everything, and then report it all back to me, the strongest! I recently received word that a powerful super-villain is going to attack your mansion, and I aim to be there to stop it!"

By eyes narrow. "An attacker?" My fists clench unconsciously. "If that's the case, then I have to head back and prepare our defenses-"

"No need!" Cirno heroically declares, hopping into her icy suit of armor, "The DyGuard is here to save the day!"

I hesitate. "Well... it IS sorta my job, Cirno..."

"I said no need!" DyCirno declares as her helmet seals down over her head. "The DyGuard is here to protect the innocent!" Turning to her teammates, who have entered their mechs and are standing around, looking awkward, DyCirno points a commanding finger. "DyGuard! Now is the time to fight for great justice! To destroy all evil! To the Scarlet Devil Mansion, on the double!" Despite themselves, the assembled DyGuard stand to attention and follow Cirno as she marches out of the hangar, taking to the air once they're outside. Feeling a deep sense of reservation, I follow them back home.


Sakuya and Yuuka just stare, the tea and biscuits still held in their hands. Looks like they were bringing me out a snack. How thoughtful of them. However, all I can do now is shrug helplessly at their questioning glances. "DyCirno heard that the mansion was going to be attacked. So, here she is. With the assembled DyGuard."

"...Huh," is all Sakuya can say. I haven't seen her this flabbergasted for a while.

Yuuka very slowly picks up a biscuit and eats it, thinking. "Is that so," she finally says, giving up on saying anything more intelligent.

"Stop stealing my lines!" the Chomping Shadow complains from where she stands.

The DyGuard are all here. Standing in front of the gate proudly, they act as sentinels against all who would dare cause harm to the inhabitants of the mansion. They also stand out like a blowtorch in the middle of a snowfield. Passersby might take them to be new decorations of Remilia's. Certainly, some of the fairies passing by on some errand or another keep gaping in disbelief, not watching where they're going and colliding with a tree or shrubbery or something. I'm probably going to have to do some cleaning up afterwards. Not that I'm going to ask DyCrino to leave, mind you. She's just so earnest, and besides! It's DyCirno!

"How long are they going to be here?" Sakuya asks me.

"Until the evil is defeated!" DyCirno declares, hands on her hips.

"...When will that be?" Singing Sparrow hesitantly asks.

"When the bad guys show up, and we kicks their butts!" DyCirno asserts.

"And how long will that take?" Super Hopper sighs.

"I say two or three minutes, tops." DyCirno nods confidently at her estimate.

Fairy Knight shakes her head. "So, when will the bad guys show up?"

DyCirno scratches her chin in thought. "Hard to say. Depends on when they stop hiding in the trees across the lake, and actually come over here to fight us."

I stiffen. "Huh?!" Sakuya and Yuuka both jerk in surprise, while the rest of the DyGuard just stare at DyCirno in shock.

"Crap!" I hear echoing from across the lake.

I turn to look at the blue-armored icy heroine. "DyCirno, how did you...?"

DyCirno just shakes her head in dismay. "People really need to stop underestimating me." Then a massive blue bolt of magical energy sears from across the lake and slams into DyCirno WAIT WHAT.


I brace myself against the sudden wave of force, and shield my eyes from the dust. Shocked, I open my eyes to see DyCirno toss aside the shattered remain of a shield of ice she had just summoned. "Is that your best?!" the ice warrior shouts, "I could have slept through an attack like that!"

Her response is a deep, feminine laughter echoing around us. "Ah, but it is as I suspected, DyCirno! One such as you cannot be felled by such a minor attack! I shall then honor you with my full might!"

...Okay, so someone has learned how to talk over-dramatically. Good for them. And that someone sounds very familiar, at that. I look up as the dust finally blows away to see-





So, it's Mima. That would be cause for alarm in and of itself. What is cause for confusion is the fact that Mima is now wearing a very ornate leotard, and laughing like a super-villain.

"So!" DyCirno declares, "It is you! The villainous spirit, Mima!"

I blink. "You know each other?" I ask.

"Oh, sure!" Mima tells me, "We ran into each other a while back. Just my luck! A self-declared hero for me to fight!"

"Self-declared my butt!" DyCirno complains, "I kicked you around the curb!"

"Sh-shut up!" Mima sputters, "I just wasn't ready for you! Besides, I really smacked you around too, missy!"

"Who cares?" DyCirno asks dismissively, "I still won!"

Mima turns a little red, but rallies. "Ohohohohoho! But this time, I am not alone! While you have been gathering your friends about you, oh 'hero,' I have mustered forces of my own!"

I blink as realization sets in. "...You gathered a team of super-villains?" I ask.

"Precisely!" Mima crows.

I take a long look at DyCirno's force of power suits. Then a long look at Mima's super-villain costume. "...Why are you fighting mechs with a sentai villain outfit? That makes no sense..."

"Oh, shut up!" Mima complains, "I just didn't want to run around in a bunch of tin cans! Besides, I use MAGIC. Obviously, my followers shall be empowered by the forces of magic!"

"Oh." DyCirno nods. "That makes perfect sense."

"Exactly!" Mima declares. "Now! Face the might of the KIRISAME CLAN!"

It is at this moment that Marisa flies up on her broom, wearing what appears to be a lacy leotard and cape, festooned with crystals of varying hues. She's also blushing fiercely. "Uh, hey Meiling," she says awkwardly, "Fancy this, huh? Never thought I'd be coming back in this getup..."

"Hi, Marisa," I greet her. "So, Kirisame Clan? Is it just the two of you?"

"Nah, Mima just needed a name, and she's staying at my place so..." Marisa shrugs. "Anyway, we should probably perform the introductions, huh?"

"Not at all!" another familiar voice says, "I can certainly introduce myself." Another figure drifts forward, one wearing what appears to be a mass of black spiderwebs. Very SHEER black spiderwebs, I should point out, along with a few more of those colored crystals.

I blink at the blonde, skimpily-dressed figure. "...Yamame?"

"Hi there!" Yamame Kurodani says cheerfully, "Miss Mima here gave me a chance to visit the surface, and I just couldn't turn her down. Being a super-villain sounded like fun, so... here I am!"

"The magical crystals give her a much greater store of energy to draw from," Mima says smugly, "So you will find her to be a very fierce opponent indeed. But our clan goes beyond an evil spirit, a witch, and an earth spider! Tokiko! Come forth!"

"...Do I have to?" a new voice asks weakly.

Mima rolls her eyes. "Tokiko, we've been through this. You have the booster crystals, you have the magical gauntlets, now GET OVER HERE." Hesitantly, the fourth member of the Kirisame Clan floats forward. A figure I recognize vaguely as Tokiko, an ibis youkai. A youkai who is currently dressed in what appears to be a few criss-crossing belts, a heavy pair of gauntlets, and not much else.

Tokiko desperately tried to cover herself as much as she can, face a bright shade of red. "...Please don't stare at me," she pleads.

A weary sigh comes forth from their ranks, and the fifth member of the Kirisame Clan floats forward, dressed in a shiny black corset. "Can we just get this over with?" the gossamer winged woman asks. A fairy?

DyCirno and Fairy Knight both reel. "LILY?!" they cry.

"Oh, right!" I shout, realizing at once who this must be. "You're Lily... wait. Lily White or Black?" They both look so alike, it's hard to tell them apart, except for...

The black-clad fairy rolls her eyes and gestures to her black clothing. "Take a wild fucking guess," Lily Black tells me. I cough in embarrassment. Shaking her head, the fairy turns to Mima. "Hey, Boss Lady? Why the hell are we even in these get-ups, anyway?"

"It's traditional villain garb," Mima retorts, "Now shut up and form up." Shaking her head in irritation, Lily Black gets in formation with the rest of the Clan.

"I can't believe it!" DyCirno shouts, "Why have you all turned to such evil acts?!"

"I'm a wicked spirit, and I was bored," Mima says with a shrug.

"Eh, Mima kinda dragged me into it," Marisa says with an embarrassed smile.

"Hey, they offered me a chance to come up topside!" Yamame says with a smile, "How could I refuse? Besides, I feel kinda sexy~!" she giggles.

Lily Black shakes her head. "I met Mima over drinks one day and we hit it off. One day she asks for my help with something. I wound up wearing this. Probably should have asks for more details, first."

"I didn't know this was gonna happen!" Tokiko wails, still mortified over her costume, "I saw these guys doing something, asked if I could join in, and this happened! Who the heck wears this kind of thing, anyway?!"

"You, now," Marisa quips. Tokiko just moans in response.

"GO, GO, KIRISAME CLAN!" Pameel's voice calls out, before the fairy herself appears. She's wearing a cheerleader's outfit, and is waving her pom-poms around excitedly.

"Pam's our team mascot," Marisa says helpfully.

DyCirno nods slowly. "Okay. I think I understand your reasons," she says, causing her teammates to stare at her. "But it doesn't matter! Villains most foul, prepare to meet the might of the DyGuard!"

Mima smiles ferally. "I knew you'd say that! Kirisame Clan! Prepare to attack!"

As the two groups begin to square off, Yuuka just shakes her head slowly. "This is so surreal," she murmurs. Sakuya and I can only nod in agreement.

[ ] Watch the coming battle.
[ ] Get the people inside to come watch, too.
[ ] Should I ready the mansion's defenses?
Oh Mima. Mima is the best evil nemesis. Considering what she does at the end of Mystic Square, being a ghost can probably get boring if you don't do anything new.

Supervillainy is the greatest hobby.

I'm pretty sure we should start setting up the popcorn. What do you guys think?
[X] Get the people inside to come watch, too.

One does not interfere with a superhero-vs-supervillain throwdown. One simply gathers the commonfolk, as it were, to root for one side or another.
[X] Get the people inside to come watch, too.

This fight will have something for everyone to enjoy.
[x] Y'know... DyGuard might need some help.
-[x] And it's not uncommon for a Sixth ally to arrive when the team is in danger of being defeated.
[x] Quick! You need Sakuya's seamstress skills and Yuuka's plant manipulation!

Because why not. Meiling would totally be into it.
[x] Get the people inside to come watch, too.
This is gonna be great!

Also, did Cirno fight toe to toe with Mima? I know this is fanfiction, and this Meiling and several other character's powers are modified (like Yukari's) but you're kinda reaching Kahi levels there.
[x] Y'know... DyGuard might need some help.
-[x] And it's not uncommon for a Sixth ally to arrive when the team is in danger of being defeated.
[x] Quick! You need Sakuya's seamstress skills and Yuuka's plant manipulation!

My thoughts exactly.
[ ] Watch the coming battle.

Bring out the popcorn. dis gonna be good
[X] Get the people inside to come watch, too.

We can probably gather enough viewers to give Cirno a heroic THE PEOPLE'S HEARTS ARE WITH ME power-up. Mima quite clearly appreciates drama enough to be okay with that.
[x]Get the people inside to come watch too.
-[x]Make sure not to forget Flandre!

Eh. It's not the first time someone's been surprised by Cirno being surprisingly effective for a fairy. And now she's got a super robot, so that's even doubly so.

(Besides, Mima is crazy fast as a PC and that's not always too great for dodging danmaku)

[x] Bring everyone out to watch! Because an audience makes super heroes more heroic, and super villains more villainous, and then we can all break for tea once the dust settles.
[x] Get the people inside to come watch, too.
[x] Y'know... DyGuard might need some help.
-[x] And it's not uncommon for a Sixth ally to arrive when the team is in danger of being defeated.
[x] Quick! You need Sakuya's seamstress skills and Yuuka's plant manipulation!
File 137041469382.jpg - (306.05KB, 600x888, meiling ryuki.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]If you want meiling to become a sixth ally.Make her a Kamen Rider.

Fuck Yeah!!!!
File 137041547656.jpg - (261.21KB, 450x600, now_count_up_all_your_sins.jpg) [iqdb]
This. Totally this.

Failing that, this will do just as fine.
[c]Get the people inside to come watch too.
-[c]Make sure not to forget Flandre!
[x] "Sakuya, gather the mansion. they would regret missing this."
-[x] Get badass hero costume, doesn't matter what it's based on as we already have a mismatch.
--[x] Wait for a dramatic moment to jump in as the 6th DyRanger.
I'd get this

[X] Get the people inside to come watch, too.
[x] Get the people inside to come watch, too

The final battle.
[x]Enter the battle. Kamen rider getup

But not as the 6th DyRanger, that'd imply that we follow Cirno's order.

No, we're going to be that Mysterious Stranger who shows up in the time of greatest need and saves the day with a single strike.

Kinda like a female Tuxedo Kamen. Everyone'll be awed, and Sakuya and Yuuka will be dating a superheroine. Win/win.
What do you want Meiling to be?
Kamen Rider Skull perhaps...
The Mystery Ranger. I like that idea.

[x]Enter the battle. Kamen rider getup.
File 137043297241.jpg - (701.87KB, 1024x768, Age-of-wushu.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Enter the battle. Wushu Hero getup

Something closer to Meiling's Chinese roots.
[x]Enter the battle wearing a mask. Be the mysterious...CHINA MASK.
Votes called! The people inside will be coming to watch... and do to popular demand, Meiling herself may very well have a part to play in the coming battle. Update later today.
File 137046170819.jpg - (133.19KB, 850x637, if she had one.jpg) [iqdb]
I take a good long look at the forming battle lines and feel a smile come over my face. "Hey, Sakuya? Get everyone else out here. They have GOT to see this." Sakuya glances over at me, hesitating, then laughs a little bi,t shaking her head. She vanishes in a flicker of time, and moments later the remaining inhabitants of the mansion appear in a series of flickers, including Reimu. There are parasols over Remilia and Flandre, of course.

For a moment, the new attendees just stand around, blinking in confusion at their sudden change in location. Then they notice the brewing battle, and confusion shifts to absolute bafflement.

"What the actual fuck is going on?" Remilia says faintly.

"The DyGuard is facing off against the Kirisame Clan, who were planning to raid the mansion," I say simply.

Reimu takes a long look at me. Then a long look at the two groups floating above us. She shakes her head. "It's a good look for Marisa, I guess," she finally says.

Patchouli frowns. "Interesting. It looks like the 'Kirisame Clan' are wearing crystalline magical boosters, and have a few magical artifacts among them. This might actually be informative to watch."

Flandre and Koakuma look on with interest, already talking about who is likely to win. Yuuka is looking at Pameel thoughtfully. "So, is that little one just going to fly there and cheer?"

"Not likely," I say, "She's probably going to intervene sometime in the future. I figure she has some kind of secret weapon hidden up her sleeve, and is just waiting to use it. Y'know, the plucky mascot coming to the aid of the team."

"If that's so, it looks like Cirno and company are outnumbered," Sakuya notes.

I grin. "Not necessarily. Sakuya, can you run into my room and get something for me...?"

Meanwhile, the battle has begun. With a roaring battle-cry, Mima thrusts her staff forward and launches a wave of azure bolts at DyCirno, who bobs and weaves in the air, barely dodging them. "Not enough!" the blue champion shouts, thrusting forward her right arm. "DyCirno Cannon!" The gatling gun on her arm blasts forth with its hail of icy shrapnel, but Mima puts on a bursts of speed, dodging to the right and clear of the cloud of icy daggers.

"Too slow!" Mima taunts, and pulses of electricity blasts forth from the tip of her staff, enveloping DyCirno. Shouting with pain, DyCirno manages to raise her left arm and send a pulse of bright blue freezing energy at Mima, who easily dodges. And the one after that. And the one after that. In fact, Mima dodges every single icy blast sent her way with almost contemptuous ease.

She does not notice that DyCirno is flying towards her while firing. She certainly does not dodge the massive punch that sends her flying, skipping across the lake, and finally splashing into the water. Knowing that her opponent is not yet defeated, DyCirno remains ready, still in a fighting posture. A wise idea, for moments later a swarm of magical bolts scream out of the lake, forcing the mighty hero to dodge. Mima herself rises from the lake once again, humiliated and infuriated. With an angry shout, she surges towards DyCirno, flying past Marisa, who is on a hunt of her own.

"Damn it, come out!" the magician shouts, looking around wildly. Marisa fires a few hakkero-blasts, looking for an invisible opponent. A moment later, the witch's eyes go wide, and she quickly dives, barely making it under a black shadow that appears just for a moment before fading once again.

"Awww, I missed!" Chomping Shadow's cheerful voice comes from nowhere.

"Well, I won't!" Marisa retorts, firing her hakkero at the source of the voice. There is a frightened yelp in response.

"Hey, watch it! You almost hit me!"

Marisa grins. "There won't be any 'almost' next time!" She promises. Then Marisa is forced to dodge as Chomping Shadow temporarily decloaks and sends a wave of missiles at her position. By the time all of the missiles have been dodged, Chomping Shadow is invisible once more, and the cat and mouse game continues.

Meanwhile, Yamame laughs delightedly as Super Hopper desperately tries to hit her with dual chainguns. "Having trouble?" she asks.

"Stop taunting me!" Super Hopper retorts. "You're just too quick... fine, then take this!" The shell on Super Hopper's back opens, and a wave of insectoid mini-mechs pour out, all targeting Yamame. The earth spider pales noticeably. As one, the mini-mechs open fire, forcing Yamame into a complex series of evasive maneuvers, just barely avoiding being hit... but I can't help but notice that the spider has a smirk on her face. Just as it seems that the net is closing in on her, Yamame throws her hands out, enveloping all of the mini-mechs in a rapidly-expanding mass of webs. She gestures, and the webs lash out at Super Hopper, wrapping her up as well.

As the insectoid hero struggles with her bonds, Yamame floats up with a smug smile on her face. "There. Now I can take my time peeling you out of that armor, hmmm?" Supper Hopper looks up at her, rears back, and kicks Yamame in the face with both legs. The villainous spider goes flying.

"Counting your eggs before they hatch, hmm?" Super Hopper comments, breaking free from the webs. "Sorry, but I'm not your prey. Time to squash a spider!"

Meanwhile, Tokiko is desperately flying away from Singing Sparrow, who is harassing her with bolts of sonic force. "Get away from me!" The ibis yells.

"Look, just give up and I'll go easy on you, I promise!" Singing Sparrow shouts back.

Tokiko shakes her head desperately. "No! I promised I'd do my best, so... I've gotta beat you!" Her gauntlets shimmer, and Tokiko suddenly launches forward in a dizzying array of punches that are strong enough to leave dents in Singing Sparrows armor plating. The pink DyGuard yelps under the hail of blows, finally triggering her last resort: a small bomb that spreads an inky-black powder through the air, blocking out the vision of everyone within. It hangs there, a jet-black smear on the sky.

Tokiko backs out of the cloud, shaking her head. "Wow..." she says in wonderment, a smile growing on her face, "I... I really did it! I totally kicked butt!" The ibis starts laughing happily, laughter that chokes off as the cloud fades and Singing Sparrow hovers there, managing to look annoyed.

"Not bad," Singing Sparrow admits. "You know, that's pretty loud from in here. Anyway, I usually don't like to cook fellow birds, but I'll make an exception just this once!" Throwing her hands hands out, the Sparrow fires gouts of flames from her palms, forcing Tokiko to start flying away in a panic. The mecha-warrior follows, firing blasts of sound once more. "I have a splitting headache now!" Mystia screams from within her armor.

Meanwhile, Fairy Knight is in dire straights. Lily Black's weapon of choice turn out to be a long, electrified whip, which she uses to lash at her opponent without mercy. Squealing in panic, the armored warrior can only duck behind her shield, desperately warding off the attacks. Lily just shakes her head. "You suck at this. Why are you even doing this anyway, Dai?"

"Y-You shut up!" Fairy Knight shouts back defiantly, "I'm doing this for my friend! I'm doing this for DyCirno!" Fairy Knight's crystalline wings glow with power, and a hail of lasers burst from them all targeting Lily Black. However, the black-clad fairy just twils her electrified whip in a complex motion, creating a wall of magical leather and electricity that deflect all of the lasers. "Um..." Fairy Knight says, sounding a bit nervous.

Lily Back grins. "My turn? Great!" With a broad smile, the fairy brings her weapon forward in a massive swing in front of her, causing bolts of magical energy to launch out of it. Bolts of magical energy that are shaped like daggers of lightning. Fairy Knight screams and ducks behind her shield again, causing all the energy bolts to bounce off harmlessly. Still, she's on the ropes.

I look up at the aerial battlefield, thinking. Right now, it's fairly even. Mima and DyCirno are trading shots, neither being able to land a solid blow on the other. Marisa is cursing wildly as she keeps trying to hit Chomping Shadow with a blast from her hakkero. Super Hopper's mini-mechs keep getting wrapped up in Yamame's webs, although she herself hasn't gotten caught again. Tokiko is running in a panic from the angered Singing Sparrow, and Fairy Knight is desperately hiding behind her shield from Lily Black's onslaught.

It should be any moment now... there! Pameel is pulling out a long, metal rod with a mischievous smile on her face. With a grin of my own, I pull on what Sakuya brought me and MOVE.

Pameel considers the battle for a moment, then points the faintly glowing rod at Fary Knight's back. Distracted as she is, the pilot doesn't even notice the action. Pameel starts chanting in an arcane tongue, as an orb of pure magical force starts growing on the end. Just exactly the distraction Lily Black needs to defeat her foe, and then the odds will be irreparably against the DyGuard.

Fortunately, they do not stand alone.

"Take this!" Pameel shouts triumphantly, "Fairy special attack! Pameel Super Bl-" I jerk the rod out of her hand. "-ast!" She blinks, taking a minute to realize that her weapon as vanished. Slowly, Pameel turns her head to look at me. Then she screams.

At once, the battle pauses as all of its participants turn their heads to see what the problem is. I see the eyes of the Kirisame Clan grow wide as they stare at me, and can only assume that within their armor, the DyGuard is having a similar reaction. Below me, the residents of the mansion gape in disbelief. Pameel just backs away in fear. Not that I can blame her.

The wind causes my long red hair and green uniform to fly out dramatically. Behind my mask, designed to resemble the skull of a fierce dragon, I smile fiercely. The time has come for the mentor to join the battle!

Say something:

[ ] Encouraging to the DyGuard.
[ ] Challenging to the Kirisame Clan.


[ ] Join the battle.
[ ] Give verbal support, but let the DyGuard handle it.
[x] "DyGuard, You fight valiantly today, but this battle is not only yours. Clan Kirisame has dared to intrude on grounds of Scarlet, grounds I swore to protect. I, the Crimson Dragon, am here to fulfill my duty and purge these lands of those that would defile them."
[x] Take over for the Fairy Knight, telling her to assist the Super Hopper and leave Lilly to you.
[x] "DyGuard, You fight valiantly today, but this battle is not only yours. Clan Kirisame has dared to intrude on grounds of Scarlet, grounds I swore to protect. I, the Crimson Dragon, am here to fulfill my duty and purge these lands of those that would defile them."
[x] Take over for the Fairy Knight, telling her to assist the Super Hopper and leave Lilly to you.

[x] Encouraging to the DyGuard.
[x] Give verbal support, but let the DyGuard handle it.

If we jump in, it'd be 6v5. That's hardly fair(y)
File 13704704888.jpg - (13.62KB, 480x360, WAIT.jpg) [iqdb]
Can't not.

Just, can't.

[x] "HALT!"
[x] It is virtuous to defend those who live peacefully under the moon and sun. To stand where others would sit by and watch- to protect this world, our home. Some call it duty, I call it magnificence!

When Mima inevitably asks who Meiling thinks she is--

[x] Scum like you do not deserve to know my name!

As for action--
[x] Don't actually try to interfere too much. Just make sure nobody actually gets dangerously hurt. And, of course, keep those invaders out of the mansion if it comes to that.
>>57917 here.
Assuming that >>57920 is taken from karmen rider or similar, I change my vote to this(similar to >>57920, but more fitting for our job)

[x] "HALT!"
[x]It is virtuous to defend those who live peacefully under the Scarlet moon. To stand where others would sit by and watch- to protect this Mansion, our home. Some call it duty, I call it magnificence!

When Mima inevitably asks who Meiling thinks she is--

[x] Scum like you do not deserve to know my name!

[x] Relieve the Fairy Knight to assist the Super Hopper, we can take on Lily but should probably leave Mima to the DyGuard. It is their show after all.
Can I just quickly say how much I appreciate your tasteful nods to the history of the site's literature? First a shout-out to WUiG, and now DRT-style Lily Black.

If I could, I'd bake you something, Keymaster.

[x] "HALT!"
[x] It is virtuous to defend those who live peacefully under the Scarlet Moon. To stand where others would sit by and watch—to protect this Mansion, our home. Some call it duty, I call it magnificence!

When Mima inevitably asks who Meiling thinks she is—

[x] Scum like you do not deserve to know my name!

[x] Relieve the Fairy Knight to assist the Super Hopper, we can take on Lily but should probably leave Mima to the DyGuard. It is their show after all.

I always loved that depiction of Lily Black. Acerbic and irritated. Hell, I should write about her the next time I write a story. 'Lily Black is pissed off at people.'
About the Lilys is there one or one bipolar fairy?
The story keep getting crazier and much more wacky,not that I'm complaining.

[x] "HALT!"
[x] It is virtuous to defend those who live peacefully under the Scarlet Moon. To stand where others would sit by and watch—to protect this Mansion, our home. Some call it duty, I call it magnificence!

When Mima inevitably asks who Meiling thinks she is— Lets add a little bit

[x] Scum like you do not deserve to know my name!.Now count your sins!

[x] Relieve the Fairy Knight to assist the Super Hopper, we can take on Lily but should probably leave Mima to the DyGuard. It is their show after all.
Votes called. Glorious write-in shall be implemented. Update later today.

No "Stop right there, Criminal Scum!"
File 137055059282.jpg - (112.77KB, 850x713, obviously my inspiration.jpg) [iqdb]
As I float in the air, a dramatic breeze blowing my hair and clothing into the wind. I consider the expressions of those gazing upon me. The DyGuard, impossible to say of course, but their rigid postures convey shock. The faces of the Kirisame Clan range from fear (Tokiko) to confusion (Yamame) to outright disgust (Lily Black).

The hell with Lily, she doesn't know class when she sees it.

Down on the ground, Flandre and Koakuma are applauding with excitement, while Sakuya and Yuuka look on with bemusement. Even Reimu seems mildly interested. Remilia and Patchouli just exchange a weary glance, resigned to whatever is about to happen.

I look down at Pameel. "Your enthusiasm is pure and commendable, young one," I tell her, "It is regrettable that you have chosen to cheer for the side of evil. But step back a moment; I would avoid hurting you if I could, and perhaps witnessing this battle will show you the inherent wrongness of the path your beloved family has chosen."

Pameel blinks in confusion. "Ah-all right, Miss Meiling. If you say so..."

I chuckle. "Meiling? Have you mistaken me for someone else?"

"Huh?" Pameel gapes at me, confused.

"Enough of this!" Mima shouts. "I don't care in the slightest about loopy gate-guards and dumb masks. Come on, Kirisame Clan! We still have a lot to do! ATTA-"

"HALT!" I shout, my voice booming and silencing Mima. I'd put a little chi into my voice to give it a little extra volume, and it worked like a charm: I certainly have everyone's attention now. I shake my head thoughtfully and fold my arms. "It is virtuous to live peacefully under the moon and sun. To stand where others would sit and watch- to protect this world, our home." I look up at the combatants, my fierce spirit blazing in its intensity. "Some call it duty, I call it magnificence!"

Mima just stares at me, her mouth hanging open. "What the hell are you going on about?!" The evil spirit sputters. "And just who exactly do you think you are-"

"Scum like you do not deserve to know my name!" I spit at her contemptuously. Mima twitches with outrage. I turn to the DyGuard. "But heroes of justice do. DyGuard! None can question your valor. But you made one mistake when you began this battle."

"A mistake?" asks DyCirno, "Mysterious warrior, what do you mean?"

Marisa stares at her. "What do you mean 'mysterious?' It's so obviously Meiling-"

I cut her off. "DyGuard. You fight valiantly today, it is true. But your error is as follows: You forget that this battle is not only yours." My fists clench. "The Kirisame Clan has dared to intrude on the grounds of Scarlet, grounds I swore to protect." I raise my fist in the air, letting a fiery battle-aura develop around me. "I, the Crimson Dragon, am here to fulfill my duty and purge these lands of those that would that would defile them!"

"Cool!" I hear Flandre call out.

"This is so AWESOME!" DyCirno cheers enthusiastically, "Now the mysterious warrior who is really the team's mentor is gonna help us kick some butt!"

"Hey, that means it'll be six on five!" Marisa complains, "How is that fair? I thought you were heroes of justice!"

"There is some truth in your words, oh thief of books," I admit, "However. It was not the DyGuard that first sought to turn an honorable duel into a farce. It was you that planned a vile ambush to turn the tide in your favor!" I point an accusing finger at Mima. "When you did that, you proved yourself unworthy of any consideration! Even so, I have still fairly announced myself, to prove to you the weakness of your ways." I turn to the leader of the DyGuard. "DyCirno! I ask permission to fight by your side! To get rid of these unworthy scum all the more quickly!"

"Hell yeah!" DyCirno whoops. "With you on their side, we're gonna clobber 'em all!"

I nod politely. "You have my thanks. Though I know that triumph would ultimately be yours in the end, these villains are unworthy of being dueled. They exist only to be defeated like the vermin they are." I float forward to hover next to Fairy Knight and place a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You fight well. But this enemy is beyond you. Allow me to take this one, while you aid your friend against that villainous spider."

Fairy Knight nods in gratitude. "Thanks! My weapons just aren't working against her! Good luck, okay?" Turning in mid-air, the metal knight flies to the aid of Super Hopper.

Lily Black sighs. "Please tell me that you're not getting into this too," she says in a pleading tone of voice.

"Silence, villain!" I shout, "You lost all my respect when you dared to side with the forces of evil! And when you came to attack my lands, you became my enemy!"

The black fairy just shakes her head. "Okay. You know what? No. I'm not doing this. This. This is dumb. I'm just gonna kick your ass, help Mima on her raid, then go home and drink until I forget today ever happened." She twirls her whip in a pattern in the air. "Let's see how you like this!" Bringing her arm forward, Lily lashes out at me.

I punch forward, causing the whip to wrap around my arm and PULL with all of my might. Lily yelps, hauled forward at top speed. As she approaches me, I twirl my arm to free it before she can electrify her weapon. Then I meet Lily Black with a massive punch to the gut.

"Guuuuuh!" the fairy gasps, all of the wind knocked out of her. Desperately, she flies backward, trying to put some space between us. Unable to speak, she instead lashes her whip in desperation, sending waves of those dagger-shaped shard of lightning at me. However, I'm a lot smaller than those heavy mechanical battle-suits. It's easy for me to twirl between the waves of magic, none of her shots so much as even coming close.

Then, it's my turn.

Bringing my fists back, I remember all of the practice I've been getting in converting chi to magical force. My fists are wreathed in rainbow power. I punch, again and again, each punch sending forth a rainbow-hued blast of power. Lily Black hunches over, desperately trying to dodge as rainbow bolts singe her skin. Finally, the onslaught ends, and the villainous fairy straightens up, looking around for me.

She never sees me soar down from the sky and deliver a rainbow flying kick directly to her head.

With a massive *CRACK* of force, Lily Black is launched into the ground in front of the mansion, making a small crater as she plows into it. She groans, and lies still, eyes spinning. Satisfied that my opponent has been dispatched, I turn my attention to how the rest of the battle is going.

Fairy Knight and Super Hopper have turned the tide in their favor. Fairy Knight easily slices through all of Yamame's webs, while the mini-mechs keep her on the defensive. Unable to counter, Yamame desperately ducks and weaves, trying to avoid the waves of firepower. She only notices Super Hopper at the last minute, when it's too late to dodge a drop-kick from the warrior's extremely powerful legs.


And there's another crater in the ground, right next to Lily Black. That's gonna take a while to clean up.

Not waiting, the two immediately break off to help their teammates. Singing Sparrow has been chasing Tokiko around for quite a while, all to no avail. When Fairy Knight suddenly appears in her path, the ibis pulls up short with a startled screech. It's just enough time for Singing Sparrow to hit her point-blank with sonic cannons. All of a sudden, there's another crater in front of the gate.

Meanwhile, Marisa is forced to stop her pursuit of Chomping Shadow when a cloud of mini-mechs start firing her. Dodging like mad, Marisa doesn't notice the wave of missiles coming for her until it's too late. One explosion later, and Marisa is sprawled next to her teammates, groaning wearily.

As for Mima and DyCirno, the fight has been going evenly, with neither able to gain an advantage over the other. That all changes when DyCirno suddenly rushes upwards, causing Mima to take careful aim... and completely miss that she's been surrounded by the rest of the DyGuard.

Chomping Shadow's eye-beams. Singing Sparrow's flamethrowers. Super Hopper's guns. Fairy Knight's lasers. They all hit the shocked evil spirit at the same time, causing her to convulse and writhe under the hail of firepower. The barrage only stops for one thing:



DyCirno's finishing move knocks Mima into the center of her Clan, dizzy and nearly senseless. With that mighty blow, the battle is ended.

The six of us lower to the ground and gaze at the defeated Kirisame Clan. Off to the side, I notice that Remilia and the others are sitting at a table, drinking tea and having snacks. Sakuya must have brought them out.

Lily Black groans and raises her head. "I told you this was a stupid idea."

"So dizzy..." Tokiko moans.

"This isn't as fun as I thought it would be," Yamame notes. "And I liked the outfit so much, too..."

"The hell with the outfits," Marisa grumbles, "Mine's a little too frilly for my liking. And leotardy."

"Stop insulting my fashion sense!" Mima retorts, levering herself out of the ground. "Besides, we're not done yet! GROUP FORMATION!" I tense. There's more?!

The Kirisame Clan just stares at Mima in horror. "Mima, you can't be serious!" Marisa protests, trying to scramble away.

"Oh, be quiet and get over here!" Mima yells back. Stretching out her arm, it... changes, becoming ghostly and blue. It sort of looks like a mass of tentacles... tentacles that are reaching for MarisaOHGODWHAT.

"Gyaaaahh!" Marisa shrieks as the tentacles envelop her lower quarters. They wrap around her torso for support, and drab her closer to Mima, making Marisa look like some sort of mutated right arm. Then Mima does the same thing with her left arm, this time enveloping Tokiko.

"Eeek! Watch where you're putting those things!" the ibis wails, to no avail. Two more sets of tentacles spread out from Mima's legs, this time grabbing Yamame and Lily Black.

Moments later, the result stands. Grinning widely, Mima spreads her arms wide... arms that now end in a horrified Marisa and Tokiko. Yamame and Lily Black are forced to become the legs, each doing a handstand and trembling with the exertion of holding the others up. "And now the head!" shouts Mima.

And that's when Pameel flies over, sits on Mima's shoulders and is enveloped by blues tentacles like the others. "I'm big now!" she cheers.

The rest of us can only stare in horror at this monstrous construct. "Yes... tremble," Mima hisses, "Quake in fear at the power of GREAT KIRISAME!"

"You... guys... are.. heavy!" Lily Black gets out through gritted teeth.

"I totally did not sign up for this," Yamame sighs.

"Eeek! Miss Mima, watch where those tentacles are going!" Tokiko protests, slapping at her blue-entangled lower quarters.

Marisa is desperately trying to hide her face. "...Please don't look at me..." she says quietly.

"Wow, I feel so tall!" Pameel says wonderingly, looking around.

Mima seems to ignore the less-than helpful comments of her teammates, and the laughter coming from the lunch table. Even DyCirno seems a little lost for words.

"This is certainly something," the leader of the DyGuard admits. "I'm not sure what kind of something, but it really is. Something." In front of us, the Great Kirisame awkwardly lurches towards us. I should probably give some advice to the DyGuard, but what...?

[ ] Now it's your turn! Combine!
[ ] Just surround it and pull it apart! Literally!
[ ] Stand back. I shall finish this.
[x] Now it's your turn! Combine!

C'mon, show them how it's really done. If the combination hasn't been tested yet, that only makes it more likely to work!
[x] DyGuard! It's time to use That!
[x]Now it's your turn! Combine!

I don't get it. it thought CYOAs were supposed to have lots of options, but I only see this choice.
[x] Now it's your turn! Combine!

This has to be done. There is no other way but tod o this. COMBINE!
[X] Now it's your turn! Combine!
[x]Now it's your turn! Combine!

[x]Now it's your turn! Combine!

Even if the transformation only has a 25% success rate, each of the pilots can add 10%, and courage can make up the last 25%! It's sure to succeed!
>"I'm big now!"

Goddamn it, your fairies are too adorable for words.

[X] Now it's your turn! Combine!

Like hell we're going to be upstaged by this Saturday morning reject. Let our true aura shine through!
[x] Now it's your turn! Combine!
Oh god wat
[x]Now it's your turn! Combine!
[X] Now it's your turn! Combine!

I wonder what other things the Kappa had added.

>That picture

And this is why Persona!Nyarlathotep is not allowed in Gensokyo.
Halfway through thread 9 already? Oh wow, you are one hell of a fast writer Keymaster.
[X] It's time to use that
Well, that was a pretty easy vote. Combination form it is. Update later today.
File 13706369572.jpg - (154.85KB, 850x575, strongest hero.jpg) [iqdb]
I stare for a long moment at the horrifying, shambling monstrosity that the Kirisame Clan have formed into. Well, two can play at that game! I turn to the DyGuard and nod confidently. "Now it's your turn! Combine!" I tell them.

DyCirno nods. "You're right. It will take all of our powers combined to vanquish this menace! DyGuard! Fusion Mode is go!"

The rest of the DyGuard hesitate. "Um, DyCirno?" Super Hopper says, sounding worried, "What about... you know?"

"It'll be fine!" DyCirno insists, "The power of Justice fills us all! We cannot lose this battle!" Glancing at each other, the rest of the DyGuard shrug and get into formation.

Mima laughs mockingly. "Ohohohoho! Have a combination move of your own, do you? Fine, then! Come at me with all that you-"

"You'll never beat us!" Pameel shouts over her, "The Great Kirisame will show you our true power!"

There is a pause.

"Uhm, Pameel dear?" Mima says, looking up at the fairy sitting on her shoulders, "I'm the one in charge here."

"But I'm the head," Pameel replies, "And that means I'm the one in charge, right? Cause the head has the brain, and the brain's in control of the body. Right?"

"Uh, well..." Mima says hesitantly.

"Sounds good to me," Marisa comments, "Like she said, SHE'S the head." There is a rumble of agreement from the rest of the Kirisame Clan, who seem less than happy at being wrapped up in blue tentacles. Mima just gapes at her compatriots, it slowly dawning on her that she's been usurped by a fairy.

"Yay!" Pameel cheers, "Now I'm the super-cool big bad guy!" Mima just sighs wearily.

"Enough talk!" DyCirno declares, "It's FUSION TIME!" This said, DyCirno leaps into the air, her arms and legs changing shape to resemble sockets, while her torso becomes bulkier. Below, Super Hopper and Fairy Knight rush into position, their own machines changing shape. Joints shift and armor plates change position as the two mechs alter their form to look like legs. The DyCirno torso lands on both of them, clamps sliding into place to lock the legs into position. Chomping Shadow and Singing Sparrow have undergone their own metamorphoses, changing to look like arms; one black arm ending in a wicked set of jaws, and one pink arm ending in awesome talons. These arms lock onto DyCirno's arm joints, and a giant set of icy wings emerge from the back.

"Crimson Dragon! You too!" DyCirno shouts. With a nod, I vault through the air and land upon the shoulders of the combined DyGuard robot.

"What are you called?" I hiss down.

"Never came up with a name!" DyCirno hisses back, "Just think of something!" I nod. That can be done.

I thrust my finger at an awed Great Kirisame (at least going by the head's facial expressions). "Great Kirisame! Your reign of terror is at an end! Prepare to face the full might of the DYMASTER!"

"YEEEAAAAHHH!!!" DyCirno crows, "You heard the mysterious warrior! Forward, full power, guys!"

The DyMaster doesn't move.

"...Guys?" DyCirno says, a note of uncertainty in her voice.

"I'm... trying," Wriggle's voice comes from the right leg.

"Can't... move..." Daiyousei grunts from the left. "Ugh, it's so tight in here!"

I look down at the DyMaster uncertainly. "Is everything okay down there?" I ask.

Mystia sighs from the right arm. "We're fine. But there's a bit of a design flaw in the combined body. The interior structures of our suits move around too... so we can't reach the controls."


"The blood is rushing to my head~," Rumia says dizzily from the left arm.

"That too," Mystia admits. "Actually, wait... hang on, I can almost reach the controls if I just stretch a little bit here..." The right arm of the DyGuard shifts a little bit, the fingers starting to move.

"Hang on, I can get some bugs to help me," Wriggle puts in. Bit by bit, the DyGuard start to take control of the somewhat defective combined body. Well, justice doesn't always come easily to heroes.

Unfortunately, this has all given Pameel enough time to maneuver the Great Kirisame directly in front of us. "Hi!" the fairy calls out happily, "I'm gonna win now, okay?" This said, she pulls back the creature's left arm... the one made up of Tokiko.

"No no no nononononoNONONONONONO!" Tokiko shrieks in a panic.

"It's fine, you have those gauntlets!" Mima shouts over to her, moments before the Great Kirisame lands a massive punch on the DyMaster's chin. Then another. And another. Paralyzed as it is, the DyMaster can only stand there and take the blows on the chin, its armor cracking a little.

As Pameel laughs merrily, stepping back to survey the damage, Cirno grunts from within the center of the mighty, if immobile, warrior. "C'mon guys, get it together!"

"I've almost got it!" Daiyousei shouts, "I just have to turn to the side, and..."

"All right, we've got them on the run!" Pameel says merrily. "Tokiko, are you ready for one more blow?!" There is no response. "Tokiko?" Confused, Pameel lifts up the left arm of the Great Kirisame, only to see that the ibis is completely unconscious. "Ooops..."

I appears that Great Kirisame has some design flaws of its own.

"Well, you did just slam her against heavy armor, repeatedly," Marisa notes. She glances up at Pameel, worried. "Um, don't use me to punch, okay?"

"Aww, I would never do that, honey!" Pameel says brightly. Instead, she raises Marisa until the witch is pointed at us. The Great Kirisame starts to glow with a reddish aura. "Take all of our powers! The Kirisame Mega Cannon!"

"The what." Mima says blankly.

Marisa just grins ferally and points her hakkero at us, all of the combined, enhanced, magical energy of her teammates at her disposal. Power starts to gather, and I begin to think that this might have been a bad idea.

Fortunately, at that moment, DyMaster left arm twitches. "I've got it!" Rumia happily calls out.

"Hurry!" Cirno urges her. The DyMaster's left arm whips up, jaws opened and rainbow energy gathering between them as all of the DyGuard pool their energy into a blast of their own. "Stupid villain-thing! You think you can beat us?! We were just giving you a few free hits, that's all! Now, take a dose of your own medicine!"

Both figures fire at the same time.




Twin blasts of rainbow energy collide, sparkling with tremendous power. Neither side can gain an advantage; instead the bolts continue to rage against one another at a point midway between the Great Kirisame and the DyMaster.

But the DyGuard do not fight alone.

Kneeling down, I place my hands upon the DyMaster's broad shoulders and allow my energy to flow into the combined suit of armor, bolstering the DyGuard's attack. Their energy beam grows noticeably in power, and quickly closes the distance to the Great Kirisame. In a panic, Marisa sends a pulse of energy up their own beams, causing both blasts to detonate in a dazzling burst of light and sound. For the moment, the Kirisame Clan is safe.

But only for a moment. For the DyGuard have learned how to move the DyMaster. Surging forth (albeit a bit awkwardly), the giant warrior closes in on the Great Kirisame, causing Pameel to panic. Realizing that Tokiko is senseless, and not wanting to hurt her darling, Pameel instead goes for a high kick-

"Nononononononono-" Shrieks Lily Black.

-and smacks the dark fairy against the DyMaster's side. Lily Black is knocked out immediately. "Ooops," Pameel says helpfully.

There is a pause as the Dymaster considers its options. Finally, it reaches forward, grasping Tokiko in one hand and Marisa in the other.

"Gaaahhh! Watch the teeth!" Marisa yells.

Then DyMaster rears back and, with the leg that used to be Super Hopper, delivers a massive kick to the Great Kirisame, driving it back, and tearing Marisa and Tokiko loose from the main construction. All of a sudden, the Great Kirisame is in bad shape. Tokiko dangles limply from DyMaster's right arm. Marisa is panicking in the jaws of the left. Lily Black is out cold, Yamame is trembling with the effort of keeping the remaining body upright, and Mima looks dazed.

Pameel pouts a little. "Awww, we lost! Can we at least have a cool defeat?"

"Sure!" Cirno says agreeably. Rushing forward, the DyMaster slams Marisa and Tokiko into Mima's chest. Two long cylinders, cannons of some short, emerge from the machine's back. Taking the confused tangle of the Great Kirisame in its hands, DrMaster twirls in place and HURLS the Kirisame Clan into the sky, the villains yelling out in surprise (at least, the ones still conscious).

The shoulder-cannons lock down into place and begin to pulse with energy. "A hero can have no mercy to those who show no mercy themselves," she says grimly. "Our final attack! DYMASTER FINAL BUSTER!!!" With a massive crack of energy, twin lances of blue light are fired out of the dual shoulder cannons, hitting the Great Kirisame in the center of mass. In an explosion, the six villains are blown free of each other, screaming off into the distance. Dymaster's cannons recede back into concealment, and it folds its arms, nodding calmly. "And so, evil is once again defeated. But... for how long?"

"Cirno, can you unfold the arms, please? I'm twisting in all the wrong ways, here."

"Oh, sure. Sorry."

Behind us, there is applause from the spectators, cheering at the show they have just been given. However, Yuuka looks a little confused. "But that creature was so unwieldy. Why didn't you just separate and tear it apart?"

I just shake my head mournfully. Yuuka just doesn't understand...


In the aftermath, the DyGuard separate into their individual units, right themselves, and head back to home base for repairs. And possibly some physiotherapy, judging from Mystia's grumbling. The rest of the spectators pack up and wander off their separate ways. Koakuma and Patchouli head back to the library. Flandre goes back to designing the next edition of Live Risk, while Reimu and Remilia fly off together.

The Kirisame Clan officially disband after that defeat, with Lily Black and Tokiko basically running away whenever they catch sight of the others. Mima, Marisa and Pameel head back home to brew up another plot. As for Yamame, she gives Hatate an exclusive interview in the aftermath of the battle, and dedicates herself to mending her ways, intending to become a hero of justice herself. She quickly becomes rather popular. Her choice of outfit may contribute to this.

As for Sakuya and Yuuka, they join me at the gate, contentedly resting their heads on my shoulders. After a while, I wrap my arms around their waists, causing them to sigh happily. Yep. A beautiful day, with a beautiful woman on each arm. This is the life...

Hmmm, what should I say to them?

[ ] Talk lovingly.
[ ] Talk about the weather.
[ ] Talk about the future.
[ ] Talk dirty.
[ ] Talk about something else (Write-in).


Also, a survey. What is your opinion on the Watatsuki sisters?

[ ] I really like them!
[ ] They're okay.
[ ] Meh. No opinion.
[ ] I honestly don't like the two of them.
[X] Talk about the future.

This just seems fitting.

As for the Watatsukis:
[X] They're okay.
[x] Talk lovingly.

I'm tempted to ask about what happens if a guy ends up liking them, but that's a bridge to worry about when it gets crossed.

[x] They're okay.

Can't say I'm too wild about them but I think you can make a rather likable rendition of htem.
[X]Talk about the battle and about how incredibly awesome was that "mysterious warrior".

Nothing better than a bit of gloating to get our self-esteem to historical maximum.

[ ] I honestly don't like the two of the Moonbitches.

They're too broken, and that's saying a lot in a setting where every girl has a gamebreaking power. But if you're going with it, I have confidence you'll use their characters well enough.

Odd. Why the belief that I have something NICE in mind for them?
I'm not that extreme but yeah, marysues are a no-no
[x] Talk lovingly.
[x] Talk about the future.

Both please.

[x] They're okay.
I am not the biggest fan of them but would read a story about them. If the MC steals them away from their husbands I will be happy.
[x] Talk about the battle and about how incredibly awesome was that "mysterious warrior".
[x] Talk about the future.

[x] I honestly don't like the two of them.
[x] Talk about the future.
Gotta wear shades.

[x] They're okay.
I respect them.
[ ] I really like them!
[x] Talk dirty.

Obligatory horndog "when's the /at/" comment.
[ ] Talk lovingly.
-[ ] Talk about the future.
--[ ] Then Talk dirty.

I want to see more around here
[x] Talk about the battle and about how incredibly awesome that "mysterious warrior" was.
[X] Talk about the future.

Best choices. As for the moonladies?

[X] They're okay.
File 137066911548.jpg - (51.65KB, 241x300, The Finger.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Talk lovingly about the future.

Watatsukis...my opinion ranges between
[x]Meh. No opinion.
[x]Image Related
have you and the other bashers fully read SSiB or are you just content to just go off of what you've heard?
[X] Talk about the battle and about how incredibly awesome was that "mysterious warrior".
[X] Talk about the future.

[X] They're okay.
Yeesh, so much hate.
I actually did, and I still maintain my opinion about Yorihime being broken as long as you don't put her in front of one of Tewi's pitfalls. You can't simply have a character who singlehandedly defeats three playable characters and a final boss (and cuts a friggin Master Spark in half with her sword) just after introducing her to the Spell Card System, and not call her a Mary Sue. In fact, even ZUN himself stated that she and her sister won't appear in any game because they're simply too damn powerful.
[x] Talk about the future.

[x] Meh. No opinion.
Rught, calling votes! There will be some talking about the future, as well as some comments about how awesome that battle was.

Also, quite a few people had some nice things to say about the Watatsukis. These people may be disappointed.

Anyway, update later today.
File 13707159241.png - (1.01MB, 1532x1265, here comes kumogakuru.png) [iqdb]
>As for Yamame, she gives Hatate an exclusive interview in the aftermath of the battle, and dedicates herself to mending her ways, intending to become a hero of justice herself. She quickly becomes rather popular. Her choice of outfit may contribute to this.

File 137071860798.jpg - (175.24KB, 700x1000, it could work.jpg) [iqdb]
I sigh contentedly, holding my girls close to me as I do so. The sun is out, the birds are singing, the flowers are in full bloom, and Meiling Hong has a gorgeous woman on each arm. It's kinda ironic, given how opposed to this sort of thing I used to be, but I've gotten used to it. What can I say? I'm hooked.

I chuckle despite myself, causing Sakuya to look over at me with an odd expression on her face. "What is it?" she asks.

I shake my head. "Sorry. Just realizing that I'm thinking of you two as 'my girls.' Kinda funny, isn't it? I used to be opposed to hopping in bed with a woman, but..."

Sakuya snorts. "Tell me about it. You certainly weren't complaining last night, now were you?"

"I didn't know you could do those kind of things with chi manipulation," Yuuka says wonderingly. "And here I thought I was the one with all of the tricks up my sleeve." She glances over at me. "Incidentally? I object to being called a 'girl.' I am a healthy 'woman,' thank you very much."

I grin at her. "You most certainly are." Yuuka blushes in response.

Sakuya pouts a little bit. "This is so frustrating. I have to get back to work, but it's just so nice here..."

Yuuka raises an eyebrow. "So complains the woman who literally has all of the time in the world."

Sakuya pauses, nodding slowly. "You make a good point," she says, settling back into my shoulder. "Well, this certainly fulfills a long-time goal of mine, albeit in a manner that I never really expected."

I raise an eyebrow. "Are you complaining?"

Sakuya looks over at Yuuka and blushes. "Um... no, actually. I'm the furthest I could possibly be from complaining, in fact." Yuuka blushes a little but herself. Not surprising. Those two were certainly enjoying themselves last night. I know I was.

After a few minutes of relaxing together, a grin crosses my face. "So! What did you two think of the battle today?"

Yuuka considers it for a moment. "Very interesting. I wasn't too fond of all of the posturing, mind you; I prefer my battles to be honest and direct, right to the point. Still, it was very intense, very visceral. They were actually fighting rather than dueling. It was quite fun to witness." She frowns. "Of course, things kind of lagged at the end... those combined bodies were awkward and disappointing."

"Well... it seemed like a good idea at the time?" I suggest.

"I was very interested in their technique," says Sakuya, "I mean, the DyGuard are fairly low-power youkai and fairies, but they overcame that by striding into battle in kappa-designed mechanical suits. On the other side of things, the Kirisame clan had some less powerful individuals who were empowered through the action of magical enhancing crystals. It really makes you think, you know?"

"The important question," Yuuka interrupts, "is which one of those costumes we would like to see Meiling in." The two take a long, considering look at me, and I just chuckle.

"You two are missing the most important part, though!" I chide them.

"Hmm? Yuuka and Sakuya look at me in confusion, and I smile broadly.

"What did you think of that awesome Mysterious Warrior? Wasn't she just the greatest thing you've ever seen?"

Sakuya doesn't miss a beat. "She was truly impressive. But her fashion sense was all off for a mysterious superhero. Maybe a nice leotard would have suited her better... something nice and skintight."

"I don't know," Yuuka grins, "That mass of belts that the ibis was wearing would have looked good on her. But there's something to be said foe a nice corset as well."

I just roll my eyes. "You two are still on that? What about her commanding presence? Her inspiring speech? Her absolute trustworthiness, dedication to a cause, sense of justice, and of course her awesome martial skills?"

"Those are of course things we admired," Sakuya says evenly, "But look at it this way: if you saw me posing in a leotard, what would you have running through your head?" I take a pleasant moment to envision Sakuya posing in a leotard. "You see? Proof that we were thrown for a loop by that warrior's... presence."

"Which may have had something to do with the wind and her dress," Yuuka comments.

I keep thinking about Yuuka and Sakuya posing in leotards.

"Stop that," Sakuya scolds me.

"Never," I declare.

We spend some more time together staring out at the lake, just enjoying the peacefulness of the day and each other's company.

"So, where do we go from here?" I ask.

Yuuka shrugs. "Is it truly so pressing a question?" Sakuya and I stare at her in surprise, and the flower youkai just shrugs. "You and I are youkai. Sakuya controls time. Is time truly a threat to any of us? Of course not. Therefore, we have all the time in the world to consider things. To determine where we want to go, and how fast. Why rush things? Why not take it slowly, and do things correctly?"

I smile gently. "You have a point there," I admit.

"I want to do everything," Sakuya speaks up. I look over at her and she continues. "Everything I always dreamed of doing with you, but never could. Shopping, eating meals, trying on clothes, watching movies, curling up together and reading a book... everything. And that's just the mundane things. Anything that we can do together, from having tea in the garden to exploring the darkest reaches of Gensokyo, I want to do with you." She looks away, blushing.

I gently take Sakuya's hand. For all that her words came out in a rush, they stated her feelings very clearly.

"...Of course, I want Yuuka to be there as well," Sakuya murmurs.

Yuuka smiles gently. "I would be delighted," she says happily. "I myself would be perfectly happy to visit you two every day. Perhaps I can help with the gardens?"

I give Yuuka a thoughtful look. "I'd like that, but... for some reason, I really want to see you in a maid uniform."

"Eh?!" Yuuka squeaks, turning red.

Sakuya looks excited at the thought. "That's a wonderful idea, Meiling! After all, it looked so good on you, and I'm sure that Yuuka would fill one out quite nicely!"

"Uh, er..." Yuuka waves her hands in desperation, "I really don't think that I'd look all that good in-"

"And we'll get Meiling to wear the mini-skirted version," Sakuya adds cheerfully.

Yuuka just glares at her. "Curse you, woman." She looks away, embarrassed yet intrigued, and I start to laugh. Somehow, I think that the three of us are going to get along just fine.

And then Yuuka goes rigid, eyes narrowing and staring off at the horizon as thought seeing a threat.

"What is it?" I ask, suddenly concerned. I tense up a little bit myself, willing to trust Yuuka's instincts.

The flower youkai shakes her head. "I am uncertain. Two powerful presences just entered Gensokyo before muting their auras. They are... unfamiliar, but I can't shake the feeling that I've sensed them before somewhere... have they visited before?" Yuuka frowns, considering, while I ponder what it could mean to have a couple of powerful beings suddenly show up in Gensokyo. Newcomers, perhaps...?

[ ] Interested.
[ ] Worried.
[ ] Don't care.
[X] Interested.
Now that Keymaster spoiled I am pretty sure I know where this is going.
[X] Interested.
[x] Interested.

I'm sure they could be used provided they're made to follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. Hell, DDC reeks of Lunarian interference.

Also being absurdly powerful hasn't stopped Yukari from getting 2-3 playable spots.
[✓] Interested.

Just to clarify, this is the start of a new arc, right?

Nope. The moonbitch question was all an elaborate ruse. It's going to be Mugetsu and Gengetsu.

[X] Worried.

Yes it is. Since I'm no longer holding votes for which arc we do next (due to being close to the end), I'm trying to make things transition a little more smoothly.
[X] Interested.

As someone who voted "They're okay." And provided the question wasn't some kind of elaborate diversion, I don't care how this ends as long as it's hilarious and awesome.
[X] Don't care. Got best friends/bitches.

But that's not what a Mary Sue is. It's better not to use them because you get arguments like this.

Powerlevels don't matter in a slice of life, character driven story, and that shouldn't impact their usage. The fact that they're kinda boring, though? That's fine.
[X] Worried.

May as well prepare properly.
[x] Interested.
Right, vote called for being interested. Update will be later today, but possibly a bit later than normal. Things on the go today.
File 137080829562.jpg - (520.10KB, 850x779, i dont like you.jpg) [iqdb]
"This could be fun!" I say brightly, causing Yuuka and Sakuya to give me strange looks. "Well, it could," I say defensively. "I mean, two newcomers to Gensokyo? That always means that something interesting is going to happen!"

Sakuya shrugs. "I suppose you're right. Could be intriguing to see what happens."

"Hmm," Yuuka muses, "I suppose I'll just wait and see what happens. Perhaps it really is another set of neighbors?"

"I highly doubt that." The three of us blink, and turn to see the source of this new voice standing to the side of us. Reimu nods back, looking us over. "Hi you three. Sorry to interrupt your little moment." The three of us just stare at her, causing Reimu to blush a little bit. "What?! What are you staring at?"

I point at Reimu's puffy, frilly dress. "New look?"

"Uh..." Reimu blushes even more deeply. "Well, you see, Remi was teaching me how to ballroom dance and... you know..."

"We're midway through a lesson when she takes off outside to stare at the horizon!" Remilia complains, stomping up in her own lovely dress. "Honestly, darling, a girl could feel a bit neglected!"

Reimu smiles and takes Remilia's hand before leaning over to kiss her on the neck. "Sorry, honey. Forgive me?"

Remilia just stares, stunned. It takes her a moment to get her voice back. "Er, well, of course, but what was that all about? Not the kiss, I liked the kiss, I mean you running off like that." She takes a deep breath, forcing her babble to a halt.

Reimu looks off into the distance with a troubled look on her face. "I recognize those presences. Hard to mistake them. It's the Watatsukis." Remilia groans and rolls her eyes.

I raise an eyebrow. "Lunarians, right? In charge if defense of the moon, or something?"

"Pretty much," Remilia grumbles, "Almost anyone who encounters them thinks of them as the Moonbitches. The last thing I want is to deal with them today."

Reimu sighs. "I don't want to deal with them either, but Yukari will probably send me over to deal with them and see what they want. If only because she doesn't want to deal with them herself."

"Yukari can't make you do anything!" Remilia protests.

"No, but she will start whining," Reimu points out. "You really want to deal with her sulking around the mansion, giving me puppy-dog eyes?"

Remilia grumbles, but nods. "Fine. But I'm heading along to back you up. And it's not happening today! We still have dancing lessons." Nodding firmly, Remilia grasps her wife's hand and leads Reimu back to the mansion, the shrine maiden giggling all the way. Sakuya, Yuuka and I smirk at each other. Newlyweds.


A couple of days later, Yukari finally nags Reimu to head to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost to see what the Watatsuki sisters want. Remilia insists on heading with her, as moral support and backup. I just shrug, not really understanding what everyone's so worked up about.

I'm more concerned with the weather. It really isn't a nice day, with overcast skies and a high level of humidity making the air feel kind of cold. I really wish that Sakuya and Yuuka would come visit. Then I could warm myself up by cuddling with them. Ah well, I'll just have to wait until tonight, when I can also see their reactions to my new-


"GAAAH!" Lost in thought, I don't notice the new presence next to me until AFTER it's spoken. Actually, where did it come from-

Oh, it's Yukari. Must have just gapped in. That'd explain it. I sigh deeply. "Yukari, most people would at least appear in front of me, rather than try and give me a heart attack."

"I'm sorry," the blonde youkai responds. That pulls me up short. No witty comeback, no teasing explanation? That seems a little out of character. Looking at Yukari, I notice that she seems a little tense, and slightly drawn. That makes me feel even warier. A cold feeling settles into my gut, a premonition of sorts.

"What's wrong?" I demand. Yukari just sighs, looking very unhappy, and points into the distance. Following her gesture, I see two figures making their way towards the mansion. Two figures that eventually resolve into Reimu and Remilia. A very ragged Reimu and Remilia. Before my shocked eyes, the two land in front of me, appearing bruised, battered... and defeated. It is not an expression I like seeing on either of them.

Reimu's jaw is tightly set, her hands bunched into fists at her sides. She doesn't look either myself or Yukari in the eyes. Remilia is twitching with anger, practically, snarling, but I can see tears forming in the corners of her eyes. What happened?

Yukari steps forward, looking very sad. "I'm sorry," she says quietly.

"You'd better be," Remilia mutters, looking away. Slowly, gently, Reimu takes her wife into her arms, and the two clutch one another tightly, as though hanging on for dear life. I can only stare in confusion, wondering what could have happened to make them act this way.


Sometime later, Reimu and Remilia have bathed, changed, and are sitting together staring into their cups of tea, holding each others hand tightly. The rest of us are gathered around them: me, Flandre, Sakuya, Patchouli, Koakuma and Yukari. Even Yuuka is here, and Josef is watching the proceedings from a chair off to the side.

"They're the Watatsuki sisters," Reimu says calmly, "And they are some of the strongest people that I have ever met."

"They're bullshit," Remilia says blackly.

Yukari steps in. "They are charged with defending the moon from any perceived assault, and are more than capable of doing so. Some complain that my own powers are unfair. The sisters, I fear, have me beat in that regard."

I blink. "What can they do, exactly? Push a button that says 'I win?'"

"Very nearly," Yukari replies. "Yorihime is a swordswoman, and can use a magical blade to summon shinto gods. She can pretty much summon a god to counter ANY situation. Going to punch her? Shoot her? Drop a rock on her? She summons a god to counter it. You lose, end of story."

"She cut one of Marisa's Master Sparks in half," Reimu adds.

Yuuka starts at this. "You can't just cut a bolt of magic in half!" she protests.

"Tell her that," Reimu grumbles.

"What's so special about shinto gods?" I wonder. "I mean, there's plenty of other gods in the world, with a lot more worshipers. What about Hindu deities? Christian angels?"

Yukari shrugs. "I don't know. But that's what she does, and it works. Her sister, Toyohime, can do something similar to my own abilities, but only as it relates to the Lunar capital. Her main weapon is a fan that can purify anything."

Flandre looks confused. "So... what?"

Josef speaks up. "Reisen told me about it once. It purifies things down to the atomic level, It's basically a fan of disintegration."

"Oh," Flandre says, looking unnerved. "Not even a satisfying explosion. That sucks."

"Okay, so they're powerful," I say, working through the situation. "You went over there to see what they wanted, and you obviously lost to them. Not something that happens very often, but it happens. So why this reaction?"

Remilia looks away, and Reimu sighs before speaking again. "Apparently, they were only there visiting Eirin and Kaguya. Reisen had gotten the hell out of Eientei and is laying low with a friend in the underground until they leave. So, we walk up, see what they want, get a response, and start to leave. No reason sticking around with people like that."

"Are they hard to deal with?" Sakuya asks.

"They're insufferably arrogant," Yukari replies. "It has to do with Lunarians in general believing themselves to be superior, to be 'pure,' while the Earth is the source of all sin."

I snort. "Purity, huh? Pretty subjective term, and in my experience not always something to aspire to. Moderation in ALL things, after all."

Yukari shrugs. "It's what the Lunarians believe in, and they really don't care what anyone else has to say about it. There's general disdain among them for all things not Lunarian."

"Such attitudes are prevalent among more than a few historical cultures on Earth," Yuuka notes, "But all of that hardly explains why you two came back in such a frame of mind."

"They insulted our marriage," Remilia says quietly. The rest of the room goes still. "They said that they had heard about our union... and were disgusted by it." Remilia clenches her hands so tightly that her knuckles turn white. "They said that it was repugnant that a shrine maiden and a youkai would join together in such a way. They said that it was filthy. That WE were filthy. And the way they looked at us..." Remilia closes her eyes.

Without a word, Reimu takes her beloved into her arms. "We tried to make them take those words back," the shrine maiden says quietly. "We failed."

"I'm so sorry," Yukari says quietly, hiding her face. "I had no idea that things would go that way."

There is silence in the room. I feel something, deep inside me. Grief, yes, that the two lovers should have to endure such a thing. Compassion for their trial. Sadness. But more than that, directed at the two beings who would dare to make them feel that way, burning deep within me comes a deep feeling of...

[ ] Burning anger.
[ ] Cold rage.
[x] Cold rage.
[x] Burning anger.
[x] Cold rage.

[x] All of the above.
[x] Get the whole (or at least most) of Gensokyo to back up the couple.
[X] Cold Rage
Let's not blow this out of proportion. In the sister's defense, Remilia should have been mature and ignored it.
File 137081010538.jpg - (122.40KB, 850x756, 6 stages of rage - Panda Meiling.jpg) [iqdb]
--[3]Steaming Mad
---[4]Blazing Mad!
----[5]Blazing Mad Inferno!

Moonbitches gonna act like bitches, they gon' die like bitches.
...I do believe that these are the Watatsukis that hit the bottom of my scale.

They seem to have dug right through it, in fact. Impressive.

[x]It is time for another Gensokyo-Luna War.

[x] Cold rage.
[x] Get the whole (or at least most) of Gensokyo to back up the couple.
[x] "Reimu, you have my permission to use that"(can be said by Yukari is more convenient)

These moonbitches want hax eh? They don't know the meaning of hax(sign)!
[x] Cold rage.

The Moonbitches Dun Goof'd, and we desire satisfaction but RAGE is beaten by Bullshit in Rock-Paper-Scissors, so we gotta be cold as ice, and plot this shit so we can bring greater Bullshit to bear.
[x] Cold Rage

Let's not go in without a plan. That way lies doombitches
I have to say that this arc doesn't seem to be in the spirit of the rest of the story. Why bring the Watatsukis in at all? How do they relate to any of the characters this story is about? And 3 different options for "get mad"? This story has so far played down overpowered characters and stayed away from overtly hateful tones. This arc seems to bring in characters so they can be hated.
[x] Cold rage.
File 13708199499.jpg - (329.02KB, 575x800, MyRageHasHitRAPTURE.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Past MACH
-[x] Past LUNATIC
--[x] RAPTURE!

See picture. Also I'd like to see them try cutting Yuuka's master spark in half.
They won't need to. Yuuka uses the Double Spark.

Now, if we can somehow convince Mima to fire the Twilight Spark...
File 137082509879.jpg - (24.72KB, 712x511, slow tonight.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Cold rage, bordering on...

Remember that those sisters are supposedly marry in a whole hetero, man-and-woman in holy unity kind of dealy. It's easy to see that also playing a part in their mocking ReiRem.

Now think about how that would sound to us, having just overcome a long-held stigma toward homosexuality and not only embracing the idea with open arms, but taking a hand ax to the gate leading to our insecurities about being intimate with another woman, Jack Torrance style.

Wouldn't you feel just a little miffed as well?

Hey, you remember when we went down to the underground and got plastered when fighting Yuugi simultaneously? Remember the part when we initially woke up and walked around the ruins? Remember all those descriptions of how poor off the terrain and the people who got involved in the brawl were?

That wasn't exactly gumdrops and moonbeams either, friend. But it all managed to turn around in the end, and the veil of despair lifted for some genuinely funny moments.

I don't doubt this situation follows a similar route. Even if it looks glum right now, we'll probably find a way to demoralize the Watatsukis before a single bullet is fired. Although finally having an option for danmaku battle is something I'm not opposed to.
[x] Cold rage.

You know whats scarier than a woman in apocalyptic fury?
A woman seething in cold, justified rage, hellbent in fucking you over in everyway possible, and doing so with a calm, collected head.
[X] Profound disappointment.

I don't know if fighting is really the answer to this one. Their views are probably shared by the whole moon, and Lunarians hating on the dirty earthlings is hardly anything new. So they disapprove... so what?

I kind of want to throw them a party, actually. A massive, highly lesbian-charged party. Defeat them with kindness, tolerance and symmetrical docking.
>>I kind of want to throw them a party, actually. A massive, highly lesbian-charged party. Defeat them with kindness, tolerance and symmetrical docking.

[X] Profound disappointment.

Do it.
[x] All of the above

It is time.
[X] Profound disappointment.

This is a vote about how mad we should get at two people we haven't even met. Even Aya didn't get to us this bad.

>>57994 here, I agree with these statements of-
[x] Profound disappointment at such narrow-minded space-guests
As well as:
[x] Cold rage at those bitches making the mistress and her wife sad.

That is brilliant.

Disregard vote on >>57999 and change to

[X] Profound disappointment.

I agree with everything that Anon said.
[X] Profound disappointment.

Don't get mad, get even.
File 137083604545.jpg - (1.06MB, 2043x2216, ANGRY_MARINES_HATE_EVERYTHING_MOTHERFUCK_ILL_KILL_.jpg) [iqdb]


[X] Profound disappointment.

I can get behind what he said.
[X] Profound disappointment...
-[X] Chilled over some Cold Rage
[X] Profound disappointment.
-[X] With a side of Cold rage.

I can't say that Meiling shouldn't be mad. But I see this as taking the high road. And I get the feeling that this Eirin would fully endorse the idea.
[X] Profound disappointment.

It wasn't stated that the moonbitches disapproved of the relationship because of their gender, though... it was because of the union of a shrine maiden and a youkai. At least, that's the facts we've been presented with so far.

Juuuust thought I'd mention that.
[X] Profound disappointment.
-[X] With a side of Cold rage.

Stay calm. Be rational. We can always attempt to murder them later.
[X] Profound disappointment.
Changing vote
This is excellent.
[x] profound disappointment.
My oh my. What a response I got to this one. It looks like profound disappointment takes the lead, with cold rage and APOCALYPTIC FURY also having a very good showing.

Vote called. I think that I can work with this. Sadly, I can't guarantee any lesbian-charged parties. At least, not yet.
File 137088770574.jpg - (918.79KB, 600x858, i have an idea.jpg) [iqdb]

It's pure and strong. However, it's not the only emotion I feel, nor even the first one that I recognize.

The first, of course, is the all-consuming FURY that burns in my veins. How dare they?! How dare those Lunar bastards come down here and immediately start spitting on people?! Does it make them feel better? Does it make them feel good to tear down those around them?! Is it right, virtuous, and 'pure' to react with contempt too two people who have found love, comfort, and companionship in one another? That is what their oh-so-enlightened society is all about?!

More than anything, at that moment I just want to march over there and force those words down their throats until they choke. Grab my spear and make them see just how 'inferior' those of the Earth really are.

"We can't tolerate this," Yuuka hisses, voice thick with emotion. "Not an insult like this. How DARE they say such a thing?! We should head over there right now and-"

"And nothing," Yukari replies, voice equally angry. "Remember what I said: those two are powerful, and they really don't see any need to play by our rules. Fight them in a duel, and they win. Fight them for real, and you're risking annihilation."

"Who cares about that?!" Flandre screams shrilly, face twisted in anger. "They think they're tough? Let's show them tough! I say we let people know what happened, get some help, get everyone we know..."

"Ans march on Eientei?" Patchouli finishes. She shakes her head. "It wouldn't work, Flandre. Yes, mobbing them would probably bring them down. It would also provoke Eirin into coming to their aid. Whatever her feelings on their behavior, she wouldn't be able to tolerate outright conflict on her doorstep. Nor would Tewi, who is in many ways the greater danger. Beyond that, the conflict would spread, and plunge all of Gensokyo into turmoil."

They're right. I take a deep breath, feeling the fury die down into a cold rage. A rage that makes me want to make them PAY. To tear way everything that they hold dear until they are nothing more than sobbing wrecks on the ground, devoid of anything that they can take pride in, curled in on themselves, and pleading to be allowed to just go home, to leave...

The rage isn't leaving. But it isn't the primary emotion either.

"Much as I hate to say anything remotely nice about those two-" Yukari begins.

"Then don't," Remilia snaps.

Yukari presses on. "-in many ways they're victims of circumstance. These sentiments are pretty common on the moon. They simply don't know of any other way to act, or think."

"That is no excuse," Sakuya says heatedly. "They don't know any better? It's just what everyone around them thinks? That is in no way an excuse for such behavior! They're a part of the problem, they think that way and encourage others to think that way. No, the guilt is all theirs, and blaming it on their 'society' is just giving them an excuse." She heaves a deep breath. "And imagine... these Lunarians are supposed to be the most enlightened of people."

And there it is. The disappointment. The Lunarian race, supposedly the most advanced, cultured, enlightened people in the solar system. And what happened when they reached that pinnacle? Did they set out to share their understanding with others? To share their knowledge and make the world a better place? To provide a path for others to follow? No. They turned in on themselves, declared everything that was not them to be 'impure' and unworthy, and shut themselves away, happily clapping one another on the back and congratulating themselves on how 'superior' they were.

This, then, was the height of development? To spit on others, content in the knowledge that they couldn't do a think about it? That they simply had no choice but to stand there and take it?

Yes, infuriating. Outrageous. And disappointing beyond words. I shake my head. The most powerful, advanced people that Gensokyo had every seen... and they're little more than super-powered bullies. How absolutely wretched.

"Well, we could always resolve this succubus-style," Koakuma quips. "Throw them a sexy party." Everyone turns to stare at her, and she shrugs. "I'm serious. They have a stick up their asses? Bring them down to Earth. Make them see things how everyone else sees things. Force them to overlook their pride and actually try to UNDERSTAND the people around them. A sexy party is more than just people running around in lingerie; it forces them to leave any defenses behind and deal with people on an even standing. Sort of like skinship, you know?"

Reimu raises an eyebrow. "That's the most eloquent defense of a lingerie party I've ever heard."

Koa shrugs. "It works for us in Makai. You should really come visit sometime."

Yukari smirks a little bit. "Tempting as the idea is, it wouldn't work. You'd never get those two to so much as entertain the idea of attending one of our parties. All you would get is a snide comment, at best. They simply have too much pride."

"Hmmm," I muse, "So to get them to forgo their pride, we have to get them to lose their pride in the first place?"

"Catch-22," Sakuya notes. "Unless someone can think of a way to bring them down a few notches first."


"Have they ever been defeated at all?" Yuuka asks.

"I hear that Tewi dropped one of them into a pit trap once," Yukari comments. "I really wish that I could have seen it." She chuckles a little bit then shakes her head. "Of course, I sincerely doubt that such a trick will work twice."


I look at Yukari for a long moment. So, dropping them into a pit worked. Pretty non-standard tactic. So something like that would probably let us get the drop on them. And if we managed to lay them low, like they tried to lay others low, we might get through to them. Don't treat them like warriors, more like bullies getting their comeuppance.

And it's not like it'd be the first time someone got a victory over sometime drastically more powerful. Just looking at Yukari, I'm reminded of-


What would DyCirno do?

Oh, I know what she'd do. And I know what I'm gonna do, too.

"Meiling," Sakuya asks me, sounding worried, "You're smiling. And not a good smile. What's on your mind?"

I slowly turn to face the room, my brain going a mile a minute. Everyone takes a step back at the look on my face. I turn my head a little bit. "Flandre? Joe? Can I talk to you two in private? I have an IDEA."


"You. Are. Insane," Josef tells me from inside Flandre's room.

"Insane like a FOX!" Flandre agrees, nodding excitedly. She's scratching hurriedly on a few pieces of paper, having made her own additions to my preliminary idea.

"Can you make it?" I ask Josef.

"Your idea? Yes. Flandre's idea? Also yes, though it'll take longer. But, flammable?" He looks a bit troubled.

"They're tough enough to resist the flames," Flandre says calmly. "Their clothes aren't. And that's all a part of the plan. At the very least, we'll have enough dirt on them to make them stay off-planet PERMANENTLY." She shrugs. "Of course, Koakuma's plan makes for an interesting addition. I'll have to talk it over with her."

She hands me the piece of paper, and I nod after looking it over. "Perfect," I say with relish. "Now, to start with..."

[ ] The salts.
[ ] The marshmallows.
[ ] The junk store.
[ ] The reporter.
[ ] The dressmaker.
[ ] The rabbit.
[ ] The marshmallows.
[X] The reporter.

Aya can redeem herself this way, I suppose.
[x]The marshmallows

I like where this is going.
[x] The rabbit.

Sex part with the 2 MARRIED Lunarians? What could be a better way than this to end the story.
[X] The reporter.
[x] The marshmallows.
A plan the proposal of which causes Flandre to deem us insane, inspired by Cirno...

This should be good.

[x]The rabbit.
[x] The reporter. I'm pretty sure we can trust this version of Hayate, or perhaps if Aya's had some sense beaten into her, we could use her. The best kind of source is an inside source, and this is a scoop that would be of epic proportions.
[x] The rabbit.

This calls to me.
[X] The rabbit.

Ensuring non-interference from the rabbits is CRITICAL.
As a non-sequitur to my simply voting about the plan...

The Lunarians boast constantly about how "pure" they are. Yorihime does this while wielding a steel sword.

Steel is what happens when you take iron and strengthen it by adding impurities.

I think we have another thing to add to our inevitable and devastating lecture on how pathetic they are.
I'm surprised getting Flandre drunk wasn't part of the plan as well.... if there was a time to use THAT, it'd be now.
Vote called, update will be later today. Next couple updates may be a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully you will like the payoff.
File 137097569175.png - (342.02KB, 615x955, kinda dreading it.png) [iqdb]
"... I think I'll hunt down Reisen, and let her know what's going to happen. See if I can get her to run interference for me."

Josef nods. "Alright. Last I heard she was in the underground, staying with a friend of hers. Yamame something or other."

"Kurodani," I confirm. "That's perfect; it means that she isn't too far below the surface. Then if you two would be so nice as to get the others up to speed, I have some people to meet!"

A few minutes later, I'm airborne and heading to the cavern where I first met Yamame. She likely lives close by the opening, and should know where Reisen is. That'll be the first stage of my plan. The Watatsukis will never know what hit 'em.

After a fairly brief flight, I land in front of the cave that I've started to regard as 'Yamame's Cavern.' Not an accurate title, but whatever. "Hello!" I call into it, "Anyone home?!"

"Yes~!" A familiar voice hollers back. After a few minutes of waiting, Yamame herself walks up to the entrance, dressed in her regular outfit. No spider-web clothing this time. Yamame smiles as soon as she sees me. "Hi, Meiling! What are you doing here?"

"Hi, Yamame!" I say with a grin, "What, no super-villain outfit today?"

Yamame giggles. "Actually, I'm thinking of taking up the hero business." She looks apologetic. "Sorry about what happened the other day. It just sounded like a lot of fun, and well..."

I wave it off. "No worries. Everyone had fun, it looks like. Anyway, I'm sorry to bother you, but is Reisen here? I heard that she was staying with you."

"Yeah, this way," Yamame replies, gesturing for me to follow her. As we walk into the dark cavern Yamame glances back at me. "So, a few days ago Reisen comes down here hollering for me, and desperately begging me to hide her from 'the greatest terror she's ever known in her life.' She wouldn't say anything more than that. Just wanted to hide out here for a bit."

I nod. "The people she's avoiding are a bit hard to deal with," I note, "Probably why she took refuge down here." Yamame shrugs and leads me to a slightly more open area. It's lightly furnished, and looks quite homey. Must be Yamame's nest. Sitting in a chair reading a book is Reisen, who look up as I walk in.

"Meiling!" the moon rabbit exclaims, standing up, "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you. I need your help." I ask Yamame for a bit of privacy, and proceed to explain my plan to Reisen. It takes about ten minutes to lay everything out, during which Reisen's eyes get wider and wider, and her jaw gets progressively more slack. Finally, she just winds up shaking her head.

"You're nuts," she says faintly. "You're completely insane, and I have eyes that drive people crazy. I've seen a LOT of crazy, Meiling, but this really takes the cake, no two ways about it!"

"...So will you help me?" I ask.

Reisen groans and holds her head in her hands. "I came down here because those two are just so insufferable sometimes." She sighs. "But it sounds like they really crossed the line this time. And it would probably do them some good to be humbled a little bit, at that. All right. I can get Tewi to give you safe passage, and keep Kaguya and Eirin off of your back." She glares at me. "But I'm only doing this because they'd ask after me sooner or later regardless. And you are going to OWE me, you hear me?"

I give Reisen my best smile. "Thanks, Reisen! You're the best, you know that?" The moon bunny just sighs and waves me off, obviously not looking forward to leaving her refuge.


After leaving Yamame's nest, I take to the sky once more and spend a few minutes tracking down Hatate. Fortunately, the tengu keeps a fairly predictable route, and it doesn't take me too long to track her down. She's happy to see me, as a fellow fan of DyCirno, and a I take a minute or two to shoot the breeze before explaining what I need from her. Her reaction is predictable.

"WHAT." Flat, blank look. Vaguely suspicious that I'm just jerking her leg.

I look her in the eyes. "It's all true. This is my plan. Will you help me?

Hatate takes a deep breath. "What you are asking me to do is basically imitating Aya at her worst. I was hoping to keep my newspaper free of such things."

"And you should," I agree. "However, this is more of a personal favor; there's no reason to put some of the nitty-gritty details in your newspaper. Besides, we're talking about the defeat of the Watatsukis. Wouldn't that be an AMAZING story to have in your newspaper? With first-hand details, no less!"

Hatate stares at me. "You're angry, aren't you?"

"Massively," I agree. "But more than that, I'm disappointed that supposedly enlightened beings feel free to stoop so low. Someone has to teach them humility. Why not me? Why not now?"

Hatate stares at me for a long moment before slumping in resignation. "You have my camera," she finally says. "But I still think you're nuts. But if this works..." she straightens again. "...I get a full interview with you."

I laugh despite myself. "Atta girl!" I say with a nod of approval.


I quickly swing by the mansion on the way to my next destination. I'm sure she'll help me, but it would be best to confirm it with her first. Her help would be very useful in my plan. A little bit of surreality to bombard the Watatsukis.

"...So I get to roast marshmallows with people from the moon?!" Malla squeaks with excitement.

"That's right!" I smile back at the crazy little fairy. "So, can you help me? The way I told you?"

"Absolutely!" Malla is practically bouncing with excitement now. "Oh wow! This is gonna be great! I can show people from the moon just how wonderful marshmallows are! I can make people happy!" I just laugh and ruffle her hair a little. Malla's nuts but perfectly harmless. Provided someone keeps an eye on her, that is. Now, where to next?

[ ] The Dollmaker.
[ ] The Kappa.
[ ] The bartender.
[ ] The junk store.
[ ] Salts for the alchemist.

(Choose three of the above).
[X] The Dollmaker.
[X] The Kappa.
[X] The bartender.

We've yet to see Nitori or Alice for more than a few lines, and Albrecht is pure awesome. These are the only choices.
[x] The Dollmaker.
[x] The Kappa.
[x] The bartender.

Well, okay.
[x] The junk store.
[x] Salts for the alchemist.
[x] Nitori
[X] The junk store.
[X] The Dollmaker.
[X] The Kappa.

I'm confused as to what the "salts" option is referring to.
[ ] The Dollmaker.

Alice! We need some sexy lingerie for a sexy party!
[X] The Kappa.
[X] The bartender.
er I mean

[X] The Dollmaker.
[X] The junk store.
[X] The Dollmaker.
[X] The Kappa.

I have a question regarding the Watatsuki sisters: are they sneering because Reimu and Remi are in a lesbian relationship or are they sneering about the fact a shrine maiden and vampire got together?

I ask this because I read the story post they sneer about the fact a shrine maiden and vampire got together, but everyone here, and even the next story post, seem to imply they're sneering about the fact Reimu and Remi are in a lesbian relationship. Are they sneering about one or the other or both?

In an earlier thread, Reisen mentions about whenever she pokes fun at Lunarian purity that Eirin gets on her about that. Does Kaguya have a similar attitude as Eirin, or even the sisters, to Lunarian purity?
[It] The Dollmaker
[Is] The bartender.
[Time] The junk store.

Whatever this plan is, it obviously requires everyone. The Kappa will almost certainly be happy to help, and the salts are simple to acquire.

We will, however, need time to persuade Alice, so she needs to be first. Finding what we need at the junk store will take time as well, and we need to make sure Albrecht will be open. These three need priority, due to the possible length.
Votes called for the dollmaker, the kappa, and the bartender. Update will be later today.
File 137106662555.jpg - (314.40KB, 800x1131, her reaction.jpg) [iqdb]
The next leg of my trip takes me to the Forest of Magic. Specifically, the residence of Alice Margatroid. I don't know how she'll react to my proposal; hopefully she'll hear me out and understand what I'm doing. Her assistance is absolutely vital to my plan.

I land in front of Alice's house and walk up to knock on the door. Moments later, it is opened by one of Alice's dolls, a cute little blonde one in a blue dress. I greet it (her?) with a smile. "Hi there! Is Alice home? I need her help with something." The doll nods and ushers me inside, leading me to the kitchen where another doll is already setting out some tea. How thoughtful! I thank them and take a seat, waiting for Alice to show up.

It actually isn't much of a wait. Alice walks in after a few minutes, a gentle smile on her face, and takes a seat across from me. "Welcome to my home, Meiling. Need any more wedding dresses?" She chuckles a little bit.

A shake my head. "No, but I do need your help with something, Alice. You see, it has to do with Reimu and Remilia..."

It takes me a few minutes to outline what had happened. Alice's response is one of honest shock and dismay.

"That's terrible!" she exclaims, hand to her mouth, eyes looking sad. "How cruel... how could they possibly say such things?"

I nod in agreement. "That was our response. And I refuse to take this lying down. I have a plan to give those moonies their just desserts... and I need your help with it, Alice." The puppeteer sits up straighter, giving me her full attention. I nod, and launch into the second half of my story: the plan.

By the end, Alice is gaping at me with a slack jaw. "You need me to do WHAT?!" she squawks.

"Exactly what I told you," I reply matter-of-factly.

"But... that's... I-"

"What, can't you do it?" I tease her.

"Of course I can do it!" Alice scoffs, "I can modify some items I already have in storage! That's not the point! And you aren't going to play upon my pride to get my cooperation, Miss Hong!" Damn. Worth a shot. "But I just can't believe you intend to do something like this."

"After what they did to Reimu and Remilia? There's no such thing as 'too much,'" I tell her seriously. "Honestly, I think I'm showing a bit of restraint my NOT planning to cave their skulls in. But never mind that. If you need convincing, just think about how devastating this was for Reimu and Remilia. If you could just have seen the looks in their eyes..." I sigh, shaking my head. "That's why I'm doing this." I smirk a little bit. "Besides, look at it like this. By insulting their marriage, they're technically insulting everything associated with it. Including your handwork."

Alice's eye twitches at that. "...That's a cheap way to try and get my cooperation," she tells me.

"Did it work?" I ask hopefully.

Alice sighs. "Yes, actually." She pauses. "You know what? I can work with this. There have always been some outfits that I've wanted to try making, but never had the reason to. This is a good excuse to hone my craft, while still helping out. It's all for a good cause, right?"

"Right." I nod, then let my smile turn a bit sly. "So, uh, about what you said earlier. About already having some of the items on hand. Care to elaborate on that?"

Alice blushes a little bit. "...You should just forget I said that."

"Aw, c'mooooon," I wheedle her, "I'm curious! Give me hint, at least-"

"NO." Alice says firmly, face bright red. Damn. I slump in defeat, my curiosity thwarted. At least I got her help.


My next stop is the DyGuard garage, where the kappa helpfully point me in the direction of Nitori. Any one of them might have been helpful as well, but I know Nitori better, and trust her work. Besides, something like this might cheer her up a little bit.

I finally track Nitori down at her private residence, located a ways outside of the kappa village. Nitori herself is standing outside, sipping another one of her strange beers. She notices me coming and waves as I come in to land.

"Please tell me you're not here on DyGuard business," she pleads as I land.

I shake my head, smiling. "Nope! Personal business. How are you holding up, Nitori?"

The kappa shrugs. "Doing alright. My reputation among the kappa has gone up since the whole DyCirno incident. It's just know... I don't have good memories of that incident, for reasons I've already told you."

I nod sympathetically. "No consideration given for helping the cause of justice?"

Nitori snorts and rolls her eyes. "Whatever. I still think those battle suits could have been a lot better if she'd just trusted my judgement. Anyway, what do you need?"

I take a few minutes to once again lay out my plan. By the end of it, Nitori is rolling around on the ground with helpless laughter. "Bwahahahahahahahaha! You're planning to WHAT?! Oh man, that's... that's..."

"Entirely deserved on their part," I say firmly.

Nitori desperately tries to get her laughter under control. "Eheheheheh...heh, no, not that. Eheheh, yes, they sound like jerks, and they totally have this coming. It's just... how did you come up with a plan like this?! Ahahahahahaha!"

"So, can you make what I need?" I ask. Unable to answer, Nitori just nods. It takes her another five or so minutes to stop laughing. She finally beckons me into her workshop, and displays her amazing skill with machinery. I finally leave after a couple of hours, now laden with two new kappa-designed machines. Nitori watches me go with a huge grin on her face, still chuckling, At least I brightened up SOMEONE'S day.


Albrecht stares at me. Stares at the contraptions I'm lugging around. Back to me. "This is the weirdest plan I've ever heard," he says simply.

"Yeah," I say simply. "So, can I borrow them? I figure this would be the best place to get a couple. First place to come to mind, really."

"What makes you think I have a pair of those?" Albrecht asks. I just stare at him. He snorts with laughter. "All right, yeah, you got me. But I want these back, okay?" He reaches under the counter of the bar and hands me a couple of objects.

I take them gratefully and smile. "Thanks Al, I really appreciate it!"

He just shrugs. "Who am I to refuse to assist a plan like this? But let me know how it all turns out, okay?"

"Deal!" I grin at him. "So, I saw you with a certain Oni lady the other day. care to give me some details?"

Albrecht smiles and starts polishing the bar top. "What can I say? We met. We talked. I found out that behind the boisterous woman on the outside, Yuugi's a really classy lady. We're just hanging out a little bit, taking it slow. It's going pretty well."

"An Oni, not slinging you over her shoulder and carrying you home?" I ask.

Albrecht just shrugs again, smiling gently. "Like I said. A classy lady."

A few words can say a lot. Nodding, I turn and head out of the bar. Just a few more things to pick up.


These will apply after Meiling has finished gathering what she needs:

[ ] Alone.
[ ] With back-up.


[ ] Stealthy
[ ] Direct.
[x] With back-up.
[x] Direct.

Just like Mei
[x] With back-up.
[x] Direct.
[x] With back-up.
[x] Direct.

Fling that glove into their faces.
[x] With back-up.
[x] Direct.

Tis best.
[x] Alone.
[x] Stealthy

Against a superior foe, direct attacks are suicidal.
[c] With back-up.
[c] Direct.

Can we throw in drunk Flandre as the grand finale?
>It's just know... I don't have good memories of that incident,...
>It's just know...

Sorry, I didn't quite catch what this is supposed to be.

[X]Bandwagon vote

Argh. Can't believe I missed that.

*It's just, you know... I don't have etc.

Sorry about that.
Calling vote. Meiling will be courageously walking in, though not without backup. Update later today, as usual.
> "So, I saw you with a certain Oni lady the other day. care to give me some details?"

> Albrecht smiles and starts polishing the bar top. "What can I say? We met. We talked. I found out that behind the boisterous woman on the outside, Yuugi's a really classy lady. We're just hanging out a little bit, taking it slow. It's going pretty well."

> "An Oni, not slinging you over her shoulder and carrying you home?" I ask.

> Albrecht just shrugs again, smiling gently. "Like I said. A classy lady."

Awesome Yuugi is awesome.
File 137115192489.jpg - (150.88KB, 850x477, they have this coming.jpg) [iqdb]
I head down the street a little ways to the market. A few people give me strange looks as I lug around my equipment, but most just shrug it off. After all, I work for a vampire lady. Who knows what kind of strangeness I have to do on a daily basis? I duck into a chemical supplies store and pick up the materials Joey said he'd need. They're a bit heavy; no wonder he wanted me to do it for him. I'd make a nasty comment, but he is helping me out already. Speaking of which, I'd better go check on him.

A few minutes later, I stand in front of Eientei's village branch, which isn't much more than a drugstore. It does a fair amount of business from what I hear. The sign on the front clearly states that the store is 'Closed due to Unreasonable Orders from Highly-Paying Customers.' Thanks for the vote of confidence there, Joe.

Anyway, I figure that the sign doesn't really apply to me, and push through the unlocked door. Following the smells and sounds of something being concocted, I make my way to a back room where Josef is hunched over some equipment. It's quite the set-up: tubes, beakers, vats, burners, water baths, coolers, and numerous shelves full of reagents. Josef himself is fully geared up in a full face-mask and gown, and he waves as I walk in.

"Might want to keep back a ways," he tells me, voice muffled through his mask, "some of this stuff can be pretty volatile until treated." I nod, and carefully set the bags of chemical salts down. After a moment, Josef walks over and cuts the bags open, taking several scoops back to his project.

Well, my project really. He's just doing the work for me.

"This just needs to settle, and then it'll be done," he says, with a nod of satisfaction. "Do you have something to put it in?"

"Yeah, I got Nitori Kawashiro to make a sprayer for me," I reply, indicating one of the pieces of machinery I've been lugging around. He looks at it for a long moment before shaking his head.

"I say again, Meiling. This plan of yours is insane."

"You're still helping me," I cheerfully point out.

"That's because you asked nicely, Koa would've given me puppy-god eyes... and you're paying from the Mansion's own expense account. Your credit's good here." He sighs. "Besides which, those two ARE jerks from all that I've heard, and they really crossed the line here. This just seems like a really weird way to get back at them."

I shrug. "They're too powerful to duel. Hence, this."

"I suppose." Josef just shakes his head. I think that he's amused despite himself.

Anyway, it only takes another fifteen minutes for the concoction to finish, and Josef helps me pour it into its receptacle. They'll never see this one coming. Job done, I thank Josef and head on to my next destination: the junk shop.


Well, okay. Junk shop is a little harsh. But I've been inside Kourindou a few times, and the proprietor really doesn't do himself any favors with how he scatters everything around. When I walk inside, I don't think 'Emporium of strange objects from beyond the Boundary.' I think 'Junk Shop.' No wonder poor Rinnosuke gets so little business.

Anyway, at the very least he puts on a professional image, calling out "Welcome!" as I walk inside. Immediately afterwards, Rinnosuke blinks in surprise before putting on a polite smile. "Miss Hong, wasn't it? Welcome to my shop. Can I help you with anything?"

"Maybe," I say distractedly, walking through the aisles. "Nitori told me that I could pick something up here, and mentioned where I could find it. How's business, anyway?"

"Same as ever," he says with a polite smile. "Almost moribund, with my only real customers being kappa and Marisa. And I need to keep a close eye on the latter, thought she's somewhat reformed lately. Her new... significant other scolds her terribly whenever she tries to sneak off with something." Rinnosuke chuckles, probably remembering such an incident.

I laugh a little bit myself. "Yeah, that sounds like Pameel. Ah, here it is!"

"Hmm?" Rinnosuke blinks with surprise. "You know her?"

"Yeah," I say, walking up to the counter, "Pameel used to work at the mansion. Actually, I had a bit of a role in hooking those two up."

"Ah, then it would seem I have you to thank for helping to preserve some of my stock," Rinnosuke nods.

"Enough to give me a discount?" Hopeful smile.

"Regrettably, no." Professional smile.



With my gathering done, I make one last stop at the mansion to make sure that everything is in order. It's getting late, and the full moon is coming up. How fitting. As I work to make sure that everything is in order, and to make sure that Malla understands her instructions fully, I sense a group of people walking up behind me. I turn around to see Reimu and Remilia staring at me.

"Meiling," Remilia says quietly, "You don't really have to do this. Not for our sakes."

"We'll be fine," Reimu tells me. "It hurt, sure, but we don't really care about the opinions of a couple of dumb moonies."

"Worried about me? I ask.

"Yes," the two say in unison. After sharing a surprised glance, Remilia continues speaking. "These two are immensely strong, Meiling. And as... unorthodox as your plan is, if it doesn't work, they may retaliate against you."

"Maybe," I say with a shrug, "But this about more than just a couple of people being jerks. During my training, I developed a great respect for the concept of enlightenment. My image of the enlightened is of people who have transcended worldly concerns, and thus have a deep and abiding compassion for others. They help others not just because they want to, but because it is the right thing to do. These Lunarians regard themselves as enlightened, but are arrogant and callous." I turn to stare the two Ladies Scarlet it the eyes. "I find them appalling, and I'm not going to tolerate them. That's why I'm doing this."

"Then let us come with you." These words come from Sakuya, who steps forward with Yuuka. "If this plan fails, you'll need backup."

"I'll be there!" Malla says brightly, waving around a metal prong she uses for roasting marshmallows.

"Of course you will, dear," Yuuka says warmly, "But what we mean is this, Meiling: you're going into danger. We are going with you. End of story."

I chuckle in response. "Guess I have no choice, huh?" The two shake their heads. "All right, but no one else. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and all that. This is a small-scale job, not something for an army."

"In other words, we just need to stand back, and leave you to this madness Flandre told us about," Reimu says, rolling her eyes.

"Pretty much, yeah."

Remilia sighs. "...If it works, I want all of the details," she says.

I burst into laughter. "Absolutely!"

And so I take into the air, flanked by Yuuka and Sakuya, with Malla bringing up the rear. Behind us, the residents of the mansion wave farewell, all bearing looks somewhere between concern and bemusement, Except for Flandre, of course. She has a huge grin on her face.


It's fully night-time now, and the moon has risen in the sky. Before us stands the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, and someone is waiting for us. A small rabbit youkai in a pink dress, leaning casually against one of the bamboo trees. Tewi Inaba looks up as we arrive.

"Reisen told me you would be coming," she tells us.

"Will that be a problem?" I ask.

Tewi grins wickedly. "Fuck no. This is the funniest goddamned thing I've heard of in years. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it myself." She spins around, gesturing for us to follow. "This way. I'll lead you around the traps. You wanna sneak up on them, or just call them out?"

"Just take us to where they are, please," I reply, "I'll take it from there."

"Ballsy," Tewi notes, leading us through the forest now. "But then again, with a plan like this, 'subtlety' isn't a part of the game plan, is it?" She chuckles to herself. "Oh man, I just can't wait to see this thing in action..."

"How do you deal with them, anyway?" Sakuya asks, "The Watatsukis, I mean."

Tewi just snorts. "The secret is this: I fundamentally couldn't care less about what they think about me, the Earth, or really anything in general. With that mindset, anything they say or do becomes hilarious, and maybe somewhat pitiful." She pauses. "That said, I admit that they really have this coming. What they said to the Shrine Maiden and your Mistress? A bit over the line, and I don't deny it."

"No worries," I say cheerfully, "That's what tonight is all about, after all! Balancing the scales!" Tewi just chuckles in response.

After a while, she leads us to a moonlit clearing, where two figures are quietly talking. "There they are," Tewi says quietly. "I hope you appreciate this; Reisen had to take a lot of flak to get them out here, and to distract Eirin and Kaguya. My rabbits are also helping out. You're welcome." She gestures me into the clearing. "So. Show's all yours."

I nod, and gesture for Yuuka and Sakuya to stay back. I also instruct Malla to get into position. Preparations all made, I calmly step into the clearing.

[ ] Say something before beginning THE PLAN (write-in).
[ ] Just do it.
[x] Just do it.
Just do it.
You're given a chance to be as ridiculously hammy as possible and you let it waste like that? Tut tut.

I don't believe this'll be any good, but damn I'm gonna try to make a rousing speech!

[x]"When the affront is great enough, justice will lend us the strength needed to correct it. None may stand against it. It will shatter every sword, sunder any hax, tear through any enchantment, and lend its servants the power to pass sentence. Know this, my companions: There is nothing on both Gensokyo and the Moon that can stay the hand of retribution when it is brought against those Lunarians! It can unmake the strongest people! It can even destroy the thrones of their gods! For all who insult our friends, we are their fate! And fate carries a sprayer loaded with chemicals!"
[x] Just do it.
If we don't talk about it, it will work!
[ ] Just do it.

Lets go.

Alright, listen here friend. There is a time and place for hamming it up, and then there is a time for keeping it cool and subtle. If we really want this out-of-our-heads, batshit insane scheme of ours to truly be effective, we must act as though such a thing is a perfectly normal occurrence for us. Serve as the eye of the crazy storm, if you will. While chaos erupts in our midst, our performance as straight man will make the entire affair all the more biting to our targets. Sort of like the tunnel scene from Willy Wonka, only less cramped.

Thus, I propose the following:

[✓] Walk to within 20 metres of the sisters, and stop. Remain standing there, calm and motionless. When they notice you, remain quiet until the opportunity for a retaliatory one-liner is offered, and proceed to signal for the Ultimate Plan Of Tolerance to commence.

If we don't react at all to their bigotry, the two will grow more and more flustered until the need to assert their "superiority" hits boiling point. We must strike and deflate them JUST before that happens, for they shan't be able to think straight, and maximum effectiveness may be achieved.

Otherwise, if that doesn't work,

[X] Just do it.

I have nothing against simple tactics, if that's what it comes down to. Just thought I'd offer a counterpoint to that other Anon's speech.
[X] Just do it.

I bet we're going to do something to their clothes.

> puppy-god eyes
There's a puppy god here? Man, I'd like to play that boss battle.


Damn, my proofreading sucks these days. Puupy-dog is what I meant. Of course, Koakuma might be dom and WANT Josef to see her as a god...

Yes. Of course. That's what it is. No typo here. No sir.
[x] Just do it.

There will be plenty enough trolling achieved DURING the plan. No need to risk it by revealing ourselves beforehand.
[x] Just do it.
File 137119553512.jpg - (13.68KB, 555x222, nike-just-do-it-logo.jpg) [iqdb]
(In reference to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1YmS_VDvMY)

[x] Just do it.

They don't warrant any kind of announcement or speech.
Vote called, with overwhelming support for the silent option.

Today I fall down with my ship alone, but know this, fellow Anons! I will return stronger and hammier than ever, and my words will make you soil your pants with the awe of the gods!

I'm getting the feeling that, as of lately, my efforts on coming up with creative write-ins are being rewarded with the opposite effect.
File 137123294462.jpg - (146.63KB, 850x609, screw you both.jpg) [iqdb]
The two look up in surprise as I enter the clearing. One is a blonde woman in a purple dress carrying a fan. Toyohime, then. Her wide eyes blink in confusion as I walk towards them, no doubt wondering what an intruder is doing here, having the nerve to walk up to them like this. The other woman has purple hair and wears a red dress, her eyes narrowing and her hand falling to her sword as I continue to approach. Yorihime, no doubt.

Me? I just keep walking forward, equipment strapped to my back and waist, turning a small stone over and over in my hand. I keep a peaceful smile on my face as I walk up to the two Watatsukis, and come to a stop a few feet away from them. I don't say anything. I just stand there, silent, smiling the same peaceful smile.

After a moment, the two women from the moon seem to relax, and raise their eyebrows at me. Their expressions turn into condescending smiles. Having gotten over their surprise, they're already turning the arrogance back on.

It's amazing. I just met them, and I already find them intolerable just from their facial expressions and demeanor. Not that I wasn't already poorly-disposed towards them, that is. This just compounds matters.

Toyohime flips open her fan, not quite concealing a superior smile. "My, my," she muses, "Now whatever would a lowly inhabitant of this world-" She doesn't get a chance to finish. I sidestep to the right quickly, and use a burst of chi to throw the stone in my hand forward with bone-breaking force. The hurled rock knocks the fan out of the lunar sister's hand, and into the bamboo trees behind her.

"Wha-?!" the Watatsukis stare in shock at what had just happened, while I feel a familiar presence flicker twice. Sakuya, using her time-stop ability to collect the fan and withdraw. That's one disarmed.

Toyohime stares at me in outrage, while Yorihime, eyes blazing, whips her sword out of its sheath to point it at me. However, I've already used the distraction to leap back and pull out my second weapon; a strange contraption of metal and wires that I had Nitori build for me.

Yorihime stares at the strange gun for a moment, then sneers at me. "Fool. You think to challenge us with some peculiar, half-engineered Earth-weapon? You will find that such toys are as nothing to-"

I pull the trigger, and the Nitori-brand super-magnet gun rips the steel sword out of her hands, causing it to stick to the dual prongs on the end. I promptly hurl the sword and weapon over my shoulder and into the woods behind me. I hear the sounds of Yuuka catching them and backing off. Yorihime just gapes at me, mouth hanging open like a fish. Toyohime is just staring at the woods where their weapons have been discarded, trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Me, I just pull out my second Nitori Special; a weapon consisting of holding tanks and tubing. Toyohime stares at the weapon, then at me. "Okay. This is new. I'm... not sure how to respond to this."

Yorihime snarls with rage, lowering herself into an unarmed fighting posture. "You think that means anything, you lowly Earthling?" she asks me. "I am still many times your superior-"

I pull the trigger, and the spray-gun covers both Watatsukis with a thick, greenish foam.

You've heard of tear-gas? How it irritates the eyes and nose? Well, imagine something like that, that also has a vile smell to it, and sticks to your body like shaving foam. Bear-mace foam, if you want look at it that way. And the the Lunar sisters are covered in it. For a moment, they stare at me in shock. Then the screaming starts.

"KYAAAAAHHHH!!! MY EYEEEEEESSSSS!!!" screams Toyohime.

"OH GOD IT BURRRRNNNSSSS!!!" wails Yorihime.

It's not corrosive, I swear. But now the two are effectively coated in tear gas. And as they flail about, frantically trying to brush all of the goo off of themselves, and succeeding in only spreading it around even more, I take out my third weapon: a huge air-horn. A huge, LOUD air-horn. Walking up to the two flailing moon-sisters, I point it at them and-


-watch as they cover their ears, screaming at the sudden noise.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!" Yorihime shrieks.


I watch the two flail about, paralyzed by both the tear gas foam, and the noise of the air-horn. And then Malla flies up and sets them both on fire. Hey, that stuff's flammable after all.




"Yay!" Malla cheers, "Let's roast marshmallows!" She's already holding out a prong studded with marshmallows, roasting them on the flames coming forth from the sisters' bodies.

It's not hot enough to hurt them, really. They're too tough for that. But it sure as hell is a potent psychological weapon, judging by how they're now running around in a sheer panic.

"EVERYTHING BURNS!" screams Toyohime.

"OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" screams Yorihime.

"Hold still! I'm roasting marshmallows!" Malla complains.




"Hold still!"





"STOP, DROP, AND ROLL!" At Yorihime's order, the two sisters frantically start rolling around on the ground, desperately trying to put the fires out. Wimps. Their hair isn't even singed. Malla flutters around, frantically trying to cook her marshmallows a little bit more.

"Why is there a goddamned fairy?!"

"Who cares?! Just put these flames out!"

"My ears! My eyes! Everything stings!"

"Just keep rolling!"

"Nooooo! My marshmallow roast!"


Aside from Malla, I can't really tell who's saying what. Instead, I just calmly walk forward and pull out the two objects that Albrecht lent me. As the Watatsukis leap to their feet, dazed, confused, and slapping at their charred, stinging clothing, I step forward and smack them both upside the head with the blackjacks.

There's a long, pregnant moment where the two sisters just lock up. And then, with all of the slow inevitability of a tree falling in the woods, they keel over and fall face-down into the dirt.

The forest is suddenly very still and silent, aside from the sound of Malla bemoaning her ruined marshmallow roast.

"Those two were no fun," she complains.

"Don't worry," I reassure her, "We'll roast lots of marshmallows later, okay?"

"Oh, okay!" And that's one fairy who's easily cheered up. I'm suddenly distracted by the sound of laughter, which is followed by the sight of Tewi Inaba toppling out of the trees, clutching her stomach and roaring with laughter.

"Oh... oh man! That's just... that was GREAT! Bwahahahahahahaha!"

Yuuka and Sakuya slowly walk up, staring at the smoking bodies of the unconscious sisters. "...How the fuck did that work?" Sakuya asks.

"I was inspired by the mighty DyCirno," I reply with a wink. Sakuya snorts, and Yuuka just shakes her head, speechless. "Now, we just need to find Hatate and Alice-"

"Here." I turn my head to see the puppeteer and tengu step out from the woods. Alice is visibly holding back laughter, while Hatate is fighting off a smirk. The tengu gestures to her camera. "So, uh... we got here earlier, and Tewi led us to this place. I, um, got a video of the whole thing. So congratulations, I think."

"Thanks!" I say brightly. "Now, help me with these two, will you? We still have a lot to do."

All of a sudden, a ribboned gap opens up in the air, filled with staring eyes which somehow manage to look gleeful. "Oh, please, allow me to assist you~!" Yukari's voice calls from within. I just smile. Now comes the fun part.


Much later, the Watatsuki sisters slowly come to their senses in a pitch-black room. At a gesture from me, a light suddenly turns on, shining directly into their eyes and leaving me a mere silhouette. "Good morning!" I say cheerfully. "Wow, you two had a busy night, huh?"

"Wh-wha..." Toyohime groans, shaking her head in confusion.

"Where..." Yorihime is the first to regain her senses. "You! You're that woman that attacked us!" She snarls angrily. "Such humiliating tactics... do you really think that you can get away with such a thing?!"

"My, what pretty clothes!" I say, still maintaining a cheerful tone. The two Lunarians look down at themselves and let out a simultaneous "Eep!", faces turning bright red. With the assistance of Alice, the two are now clad in extremely fetishy schoolgirl outfits, complete with long socks, low necklines, and micro-miniskirts.

Yorihime desperately tries to preserve some modesty by tugging her skirt over as much thigh as she can. It only serves to expose her stomach. Her sister crouches behind her back, whimpering in embarrassment. "What the hell are we wearing?!" Yorihime shrieks, looking to be on the verge of panicking.

I giggle a little bit. "You're embarrassed about THOSE?! Oh come on, that's the least of what you two were wearing! Here, let me demonstrate." I snap my fingers, and a another light goes on, revealing a wall covered with photographs. And as the two sisters look at the wall, their faces go very, very pale.

The subject matter is them, of course. Wearing a variety of outfits, custom-made on the fly by Alice. Schoolgirl outfits. Bunny suits. Maid uniforms. Lingerie. Bikinis. Any fetish you can think of, they're wearing it. And they're also posed so realistically; you can't even see the strings that Alice's dolls were using to hold them in position. And such poses, at that! The two sisters, in incredibly provocative clothing, appear very... intimate in all of the pictures, arms wrapped around each other with affection that goes beyond the sisterly.

"Such affection between sisters," Yukari comments from the shadows, "It would be touching, if it weren't so scandalous! Imagine if pictures of these got out! Imagine if, say, these were only copies, while other sets were concealed... elsewhere. Ready to be uploaded, en masse, to the Earth's internet!"

The two sisters somehow manage to look even paler.

"Just imagine it," I say in a seductive voice, "Legions of lonely men finding websites dedicated to you two. Watching you in these intimate poses. Seeing everything. Sharing your experiences. And eventually touching themselves while looking at pictures of you."

The Watatsukis slowly turn to look at me, their faces masks of pure horror. I nod in satisfaction. Now negotiations can begin.


So, you're offering to never let these pictures see that light of day. Dictate your terms.

What do you demand?
-[ ] Write-in.

How do you act?
-[ ] Friendly.
-[ ] Polite.
-[ ] Businesslike.
-[ ] Threatening.

Also, the sexy party idea: just a joke, or seriously do it?
-[ ] No, that's going too far.
-[ ] Do it!
-Apologies for their behavior, binding promises to act decently towards others from now on.

-act businesslike. These two have been foul, its time to show them that we're above pettiness, but we're not going to be friendly to them.

-no sexy party. Really, it'd just be too much at this point. We've got them where we want them, and I don't think they'll be willing to enjoy anything with us. It'd just be dangerous.
[X] Demand a formal apology in the middle of the human village and have it video taped as proof as well as promising that they will cease their arrogance, at least when visiting Gensokyo. Also if they decline remind them of Yukari's gap powers and that she could blanket the surface of the moon in copies of the photos should they refuse.

[X] Businesslike
[X] Sexy Party: Joke
[X] Friendly
We got 'em good, so might as well be good sports about it.

[X] Sexy party go.

This entire plan was weird and lewd, so might as well take the HUE to eleven.
[x] A recorded formal apology - A promise to behave themselves. - A gift for the married couple.
[x] Polite.
[x] Do it

I guess it caught the by surprise. Jesus.
[X] Demand a formal apology in the middle of the human village and have it video taped as proof as well as promising that they will cease their arrogance, at least when visiting Gensokyo.


[x]Sexy Party: As a celebration, for their finally showing some civility.
[x] A recorded formal apology - A promise to behave themselves. - A gift for the married couple.
[x] Friendly.
[x] Sexy Party: As a celebration, for their finally showing some civility.
[x] A recorded formal apology - A promise to behave themselves. - A gift for the married couple.
[x] Friendly.
[X] No, that's going too far. But joke about it.
[x] Demand formal and public apology, compensation to the newlyweds, and rehabilitation at the Myoren Temple.

[x] Businesslike.

[x] Post-redemption sexy party.

I meant "Myouren" but mistakenly used a different spelling, sorry.
[x] A recorded formal apology - A promise to behave themselves. - A gift for the married couple.
[x] Business like.
[X] No, that's going too far. But joke about it.
[x] Demand formal and public apology, compensation to the newlyweds, and rehabilitation at the Myoren Temple.

[x] Businesslike.

[x] Post-redemption sexy party. (But take it to /at/.)

I don't know how explicit you intend to be with the sexy party, but probably best to put it somewhere else.

No worries. If people do decide to vote for it, I'll keep it clean.
[x] A recorded formal apology - A promise to behave themselves. - A gift for the married couple.
[x] Friendly.
[x]Sexy Party: As a celebration, for their finally showing some civility.

There is a line between delivering justice and going too far. Let's not cross this one. Else this might turn quickly into a doujin.

Can you make the sexy party for everyone involved into this (Yukari, Yuuka, Sakuya etc.)? We need to make them loosen up and have fun with everyone else!
[x]Polite, if they start getting high and mighty begin leafing through a stack of the pictures while smiling, commenting on how good they look in the photos etc.

-[x]A formal apology explaining how no one is perfect, especially themselves and they hope Reimu and Remilia will forgive them because everyone makes mistakes.
-[x]Formal apology written out, signed by all parties involved and witnessed/signed by a neutral third party, such as Eirin.
-[x]Give the Watatsukis a framed copy of the apology before they leave. The framed copy has one or two of the pictures hidden in it between the apology letter and the back frame.

[x] Do it, because why not?
[x]Polite, if they start getting high and mighty begin leafing through a stack of the pictures while smiling, commenting on how good they look in the photos etc.

-[x]A formal apology explaining how no one is perfect, especially themselves and they hope Reimu and Remilia will forgive them because everyone makes mistakes.
-[x]Formal apology written out, signed by all parties involved and witnessed/signed by a neutral third party, such as Eirin.
-[x]Give the Watatsukis a framed copy of the apology before they leave. The framed copy has one or two of the pictures hidden in it between the apology letter and the back frame.

[x] Do it, because why not?
[x]Polite, if they start getting high and mighty begin leafing through a stack of the pictures while smiling, commenting on how good they look in the photos etc.

-[x]A formal apology explaining how no one is perfect, especially themselves and they hope Reimu and Remilia will forgive them because everyone makes mistakes.
-[x]Formal apology written out, signed by all parties involved and witnessed/signed by a neutral third party, such as Eirin.
-[x]Give the Watatsukis a framed copy of the apology before they leave. The framed copy has one or two of the pictures hidden in it between the apology letter and the back frame.

[x] Do it, because why not? If they play nice they don't have to come.
[x]Polite, if they start getting high and mighty begin leafing through a stack of the pictures while smiling, commenting on how good they look in the photos etc.

-[x]A formal apology explaining how no one is perfect, especially themselves and they hope Reimu and Remilia will forgive them because everyone makes mistakes.
-[x]Formal apology written out, signed by all parties involved and witnessed/signed by a neutral third party, such as Eirin.
-[x]Give the Watatsukis a framed copy of the apology before they leave. The framed copy has one or two of the pictures hidden in it between the apology letter and the back frame.

[x] Do it, because why not?

This vote seems good to me.
Congrats guys, we just bested the most broken characters ever made in the Touhou universe! In a fair fight, even. They may be broken in raw power, but we are broken with our ingenuity.

[x]Polite, if they start getting high and mighty begin leafing through a stack of the pictures while smiling, commenting on how good they look in the photos etc.

-[x]A formal apology explaining how no one is perfect, especially themselves and they hope Reimu and Remilia will forgive them because everyone makes mistakes.
-[x]Formal apology written out, signed by all parties involved and witnessed/signed by a neutral third party, such as Eirin.
-[x]Give the Watatsukis a framed copy of the apology before they leave. The framed copy has one or two of the pictures hidden in it between the apology letter and the back frame.

[x] Do it, because why not? If they play nice they don't have to come.

We have to give them a little (read microscopic) out on this one. Let them leave before the party if they wish. With this, we've created a grudge/hatred that makes the one Marisa had look like an ant in Shadow of the Colossus. We also can't send anyone to keep tabs on them like Pameel. Keymaster may not write it, but they WILL find a way to get back at us, and negate the pictures effect. Everybody knows that Gensokyo houses hundreds, if not thousands of people with bullshit hax powers. Whose to say that those lowly Earthlings used shapeshifters to frame them (we actually do have two shapeshifters who would have probably helped, but that's neither here or there).

Besides, if we force them to be there, they will just ruin the party with their foul mood.
This is just how I see things, though. I could be wrong, but I felt we should get the idea out there. At the very least we could have a backup plan either for the validity of the photos (yes, it's actually them) or whatever.
[X] Polite, if they start getting high and mighty begin leafing through a stack of the pictures while smiling, commenting on how good they look in the photos etc.

-[X] A formal apology explaining how no one is perfect, especially themselves and they hope Reimu and Remilia will forgive them because everyone makes mistakes.
-[X] Formal apology written out, signed by all parties involved and witnessed/signed by a neutral third party, such as Eirin.
-[X] Give the Watatsukis a framed copy of the apology before they leave. The framed copy has one or two of the pictures hidden in it between the apology letter and the back frame.

Wasn't gonna vote this round. Didn't see any options I liked. This is marginally okay.

Not voting on smexy after party, though. Don't really want it personally, but looks like the will of the tribe can't be turned. Just make sure it's tasteful, please.
Calling votes!

First off, the Watatsukis will be giving a formal, recorded apology to the newlyweds, alongside a promise to behave themselves in the future. They will be on their best behavior from now on while visiting Gensokyo, and will be giving an apology gift to Reimu and Remilia. Furthermore, the apology will be publicly signed by all parties, including a third party, namely Eirin. The Watatsukis will also get a copy.

Meiling will be conducting the negotiations in a polite manner, without being overly friendly, but certainly not being hostile.

Finally, the sexy party is a go. But for those concerned, I'll be keeping it clean, and will try to play it for laughs. So don't worry, no /at/ stuff.

Update later today.
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