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File 133757420470.jpg - (504.05KB, 900x900, 6dc29a5363494861b65ff588bb99f3b3.jpg) [iqdb]
Check out the new bugs features!

Previous version: >>50389


[x] "I love her, even though I haven't known her for long."
-[x] "It's a sad thing indeed to be alone. And I want to be here for her."

“I know what it feels like to be alone. No-one deserves that.” Remilia draws breath as if she wants to say something, but remains silent as you pause for a short while to decide how to say the next bit. You're... not comfortable with saying it. “Also, I think... I've fallen in love. With her.” A slight, or not-so-slight, blush creeps onto your cheeks. “Don't ask me why. I'm not completely sure.”
The last bit is blurted out as you attempt to salvage the situation.

“I see.” Remilia smiles gently. She... isn't angry? “It seems like I'll have to settle with with what I have.” A small hand lands on your back after a short silence. “You seemed tired. Feel free to sleep.”
Her hand breaks contact with you. She rummages around the bed a little, presumably to find a good place to sleep in.

You'd attempt to sleep too, but she left you too confused. Just what was she up to? Did she get what she wanted? You certainly weren't expecting her to let you off with so little. Usually she would have chewed you thoroughly, spat you out and then proceeded to stomp on what's left.

An odd feeling that something has happened slowly creeps into your mind as you realize that you're suddenly very thirsty and have an acute case of bladderisabouttoexplodium. The fact that the worst feeling of sleep deprivation is also gone lets you arrive at the conclusion that you accidentally fell asleep. A quick glance reveals that Remilia is still sleeping soundly, hugging her pillow affectionately. Smiling at the cute sight, you get up and wander towards the bathroom through the quiet mansion.

One moment of relief later you're back in your mistress' room, having realized that your clothes were left there. Being as silent as possible, you manage to sneak in and then back out with your clothes, only to realize that you need to change into a less formal attire. Oh well.

Yet another moment later, the now properly dressed you is trying to decide what to do after breakfast. It's a bit after ten in the morning, and you haven't seen anyone apart sleeping Remilia. In other words, there's no-one telling you what to do. That means you're at a loss: should you just slack around and be bored, or should you try to find something intelligent to clean or something? Cleaning would cause noise as a side-effect, but being bored isn't fun.

The gatekeeper, Meiling, is at her usual spot, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. It took a while to remember her existence, but you're relieved to see that she's awake. She notices you before you say anything.

“Yes? Do you need help with something?”
Glancing at you in a not very friendly way, she doesn't bother turning around.

“I just wanted to talk, but I'll go away if you don't want to.”
Not in a mood to be at the receiving end of her bad mood, you make a preemptive strike. This earns you a long, cold gaze which you take without flinching.

“Hmh. What's your problem, then?”
Meiling assumes a friendlier pose, but is still clearly pissed about something.

“Remilia and Flandre. I can't figure them out.”

“You're not the only one. Shoot.”
The worst of her mood seems to be subsiding, at least if her eyebrows rising into a relaxed position is a sign of that.

“First, Flandre declares that I'm her fiance, then we actually get engaged. Now Remilia asked me why I chose her. Then she was just 'okay, that's nice' when I told her.”
Incoherently blurting out everything makes you feel a little dumb. However, Meiling seems to understand what it's about nevertheless.

“You haven't figured that out yet?” The guard seems a little disappointed. “Well, I'm not going to help you. Just... remember that they're not human. Do not assume that they think like they are.” She gazes at the sky, following the clouds with her eyes for a moment. “It's going to be a hot week...”

You can't get Meiling to talk about Remilia and Flandre anymore, but at least you manage to waste some time with her. It's still too early for anyone else to wake up when you get back inside, the sun yet to pass the highest point of its journey across the sky.

[] Wake Sakuya anyways.
[] Maybe you could find a book without getting lost in the library?
[] Attempt to sleep again.
-[] With Flandre.
[x] Attempt to sleep again.

Leaving Remilia alone in the bed is a dick move, even in a non-romantic context.
[x] Maybe you could find a book without getting lost in the library?
[x] Attempt to sleep again.
-[x] With Flandre.
[x] Wake Sakuya anyways.
Just because I can create a tie, I will. Have fun throwing a 1d4 to decide what wins, Landscout.
[x] Attempt to sleep again.

I wasn't gonna vote this time but you drove me to do it. It's all your fault and I hope you feel bad.
Payback's a -you know-.

[x] Attempt to sleep again.
-[x] With Flandre.
Man. I'd almost forgotten about this story.

[x] Attempt to sleep again.

Coulda sworn it was rude to go to sleep with a lady and then let 'er wake up all alone. Then again I'm assumin' this vote is for returning to Remilia.
[x] Attempt to sleep again.

You can say bitch here. You're not going to get your mouth washed out with soap.
File 133876707070.jpg - (521.42KB, 800x896, e5034dd2d04a6a86af14d3ee29d8218d.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Attempt to sleep again.

In the end, you left Meiling with more questions than answers. Said questions haven't still fully formed and thus can't be asked yet even if a proper moment happened to present itself. So... Remilia has a reason to not to care, and it should even be something relatively obvious which is somehow linked to her not being a human. While you're not worried about such things as her being in love with you (who the hell in their right mind would fall in love with someone like you), it still probably has something to do with her feelings. So, whatever she wants from you, she'll still get it even if Flandre, for whatever jinxed reason she has, wants and gets you. Then again, Flandre paying attention to you is equally confusing for aforementioned reasons. It's not like you've done anything to her which would attract such interest, and it's not like you're someone who attracts interest from the opposite sex even if you do something interesting, fun or flattering. Well, not that you were really even interested in 'scoring' with some random gal before. Now that was because you pretty much hate yourself for every mistake made and consider many things not worth even trying because failing is possible.

Enough monologue. Standing in the middle of the hall, looking dumbly at the stairs in front of you won't get any answers to any questions. Remilia knows the answers, but she is asleep and possibly angry about getting left alone. At least, in some of the series your mother loved to watch, a lady asking someone to sleep with her would not be glad to wake up alone. While you're not tired, nor sure about why it wouldn't be acceptable to leave bed after waking up, you decide to go back to Remilia because of all the persons she's the only one who certainly knows what you do not.

“Oh. it's just you.”
Remilia mumbles something as you sit on the bed, about to take off your pants, before closing her eyes and falling asleep again. Her words... make you feel odd.
'It's just you.'

It's only a lot later when Remilia moves again. A bit over two hours to be exact. You know this because you didn't fall asleep at all, but instead were just bored and thought about problems ranging from integrals of vector fields to how pork could be cooked in a way you haven't tried before. Oh, and also got bored. Very bored.

“Mmh...” Her hands draw arcs in the air as she moves them above her head and stretches. They slump back onto the covers as she's done. “Good morning.”
Smiling slightly, she looks at you with sleepy eyes. Her hair is a mess, something you'd love to mess even further.

“Good morning.” Setting down the book you found on Remilia's drawer, you prepare to do whatever she wants you to do. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did.” Not getting up yet, she lets herself relax again. “It's nice to be awake.”

“I'm sure it is. So, …

[] How about some breakfast?
[] Could you answer some questions?


I had some tests, got sick, and moved. Now I have nothing to do for a few weeks.
[x] Could you answer some questions?

It might be rude but it'd be better than interupting the breakfast mood for it.
[x] How about some breakfast?

Nothing else to say.
[] How about some breakfast?

We can ask our questions later in the day.
[x] How about some breakfast?

The opening update made me paranoid, and this update sealed the deal. I think that our whole "relationship" with Flandre might be one of a long series of "relationships" that she's had, and we're just the most recent bum to fall for it. Consider the following:

>“Also, I think... I've fallen in love. With her.” A slight, or not-so-slight, blush creeps onto your cheeks. “Don't ask me why. I'm not completely sure.”
>“I see.” Remilia smiles gently
You'd think Remilia would be slightly more concerned that some outsider has fallen for her sister and isn't completely sure why. Instead, she doesn't even give it a second thought.

>“You haven't figured that out yet?” The guard seems a little disappointed. “Just... remember that they're not human.”
Given that vampires have lives much longer than a humans, it's plausible for one to see things in a grander time scale. This supports the previous hypothesis that Remilia has watched men come and go in Flandre's life.

From this update,
>So... Remilia has a reason to not to care, and it is something relatively obvious that is somehow linked to her not being a human.
The previous point gives a valid reason.

>Flandre paying attention to you is equally confusing for aforementioned reasons. It's not like you're someone who attracts interest from the opposite sex even if you do something interesting, fun or flattering.
This could just be the usual self-depreciation that Chris occasionally expresses, or it could be an in-character insight that something is wrong: that Flandre isn't actually "in love" with us, and is just using us for whatever purpose she has in mind.

I really hope I'm wrong about this. Scout writes a lovely Flandre, and it would be great for us to reach a pleasant relationship with her. A lot of thought came out of the updates from the night of the full moon, granting insight into Flandre's character, and it would be a shame to just write it all off as a huge mindgame that she's playing with us. Actually, that night and these recent updates contradict each other, so I guess it's a question of which one you want to believe, and which one Scout is writing.

Thoughts, anyone?
[x] How about some breakfast?
[x] How about some breakfast?

“…what would you want for breakfast?”
Perhaps it’s better to leave questions for later. She’d just get angry, and you don’t like making people angry. Being angry means you’re not happy.

“What I’d like, eh?”
She gives you a piercing look. A long, piercing look with those eyes of hers. An uneasy feeling creeps into you as the corners of her mouth begin slowly creeping upwards. She doesn’t usually look at you like that. She never looks at you with her lips slightly parted, her tongue slowly moving downwards along one fang, then moving to lick the other one…

“Uh… I’ll go make something…”
Without really thinking about if it’s rude or not, you basically flee from the room. Remilia made you feel like a critter she’s about to catch and eat. The instinct to stay alive overpowered, beat and spat on your manners. But that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Not wanting to return to your mistress’ room to avoid that stare of hers, you head to the kitchen – and run into a very sleepy Sakuya eating breakfast. Her azure eyes lock onto a spot somewhere behind you, her head slowly turning as you walk by her. The blank stare suggests that she doesn’t really even know what just happened, the fact further proven by her continuing to munch on the loaf of bread and not acknowledging your presence in any other way.

“Morning. A long night, I suppose?”
Sakuya’s reaction is far from instantaneous. First, her eyes focus properly. Then her eyebrows furrow for a second before a spark of realization lights her face again.

“Ah! Movnin’.” She remembers another thing: her mouth is still full of bread. “Sorry about that. And yeah, the night was long.”
Clearly not a morning person. Neither are you, for that matter.

“Would you happen to know what Remilia likes to eat for breakfast? Apart me, that is.”
The last bit was supposed to be a joke, but it comes off as something somewhat awkward. Sakuya gives you an odd look, which is mostly covered by her braid. She quickly sweeps said braid behind her ear to prevent it from touching her now mostly-eaten bread.

“Hm.” Remaining quiet for a while, she glances upwards and then shrugs. “Make whaatever you like. She’ll have to take care of her bloodlust on her own.”
Well, she is a vampire.

“Eh, thanks. I’ll make something.”
For reasons unknown, a shiver runs down your spine as the kitchen door closes.

It takes quite a while to make the breakfast of your choice, mostly because of your incompetence in determining how much to make, yet Remilia is nowhere to be heard of when you finish the way too large portion of bacon and eggs. Unfortunately, there was no spam to go with it.

Leaving the still steaming mound of unhealthy breakfast under an insulated cover, you go check on Remilia only to find out that she’s asleep. Sakuya said it was a long night, and she had a harsh day before that, too. Perhaps you should let her sleep and just leave a note that there’s breakfast waiting…

[] Wake her up.
[] See if Flandre wants something to eat.
- [] (something) if she’s asleep.
[] Patchouli and Koakuma probably want some.
[x] See if Flandre wants something to eat.

We are her fiance after all. I'd consider the library duo but they might run things themselves.
[x] See if Flandre wants something to eat.
- [x] Kiss in the cheek if she’s asleep.
[] See if Flandre wants something to eat.
- [] Pat her head gently if she’s asleep.
[x] See if Flandre wants something to eat.
- [x] Kiss in the cheek if she’s asleep.
>Kiss in the cheek if she’s asleep.

Please don't suggest rape so casually.

[X] See if Flandre wants something to eat
I would call it a little too forward at this point in time and risky (this is Flandre we're talking about), but I wouldn't call a kiss on the cheek while asleep rape.
[x] Patchouli and Koakuma probably want some.

We haven't talked with either since we left for the party, so this is a good opportunity, unless everyone in the mansion is equally exhausted.
[x] Patchouli and Koakuma probably want some.

Not nearly enough Patchouli or Koakuma to suit my tastes.
File 133946541648.jpg - (104.97KB, 850x903, sample-64f5e72b51ba65949473765f6530c39b.jpg) [iqdb]
Here's a random Flan.


[X] See if Flandre wants something to eat

Better let her sleep. That way, she won’t have a headache due to too little sleep. She also won’t eat you, which is definitely an added bonus. Now, you’ll have to find some paper and a pen and leave her a note about the waiting breakfast. A faint memory of seeing some in your room is the best lead you have.

“Wake up! I need to find some paper and a pen.” The presence of your minion was known even before you opened the door. “I’ll search my drawer, you look elsewhere.”
Argus looks at you from your bed where he was resting and jumps onto the floor.

“I know where to find some. Wait a moment, I’ll bring some.” His ghastly voice still echoing in your head, he disappears. You shrug and continue searching the drawer, even if it proves to be fruitless in the end. Argus returns soon after you’re done, carrying a stack of paper and a pencil in his mouth. “There’s plenty of this stuff in the library.”
Dropping the pile on the floor, he jumps back onto the bed and curls up. You pet him a little and write the note to Remilia. ‘There’s breakfast waiting. I didn’t want to wake you up.’ Short and simple.

And now what? The note’s on Remilia’s drawer, and there’s too much to eat for just you and her. Sakuya just ate, so she won’t be interested either. There’s al- Flandre. You’re still not sure how to feel about last night, but it can’t hurt to be nice to her. Retrieving the ring first, you head down the long, stone staircase which leads to her corridor. She is probably asleep, but… If she is you can wake her up by sitting on her bed and gently stroking her smooth hair… The thought makes your heart race. What if she’s not the sort who likes that? What if she’s the sort who sees everyone who disturbs her sleep as a threat?

The first door opens silently. Sneaking across the almost tidy room, you attempt to contain the excitement. How will she react? Does she remember? Does all that even matter? The battered door of her bedroom is within your reach now. Swallowing loudly, you push it open…

She is asleep on her bed, lying on her left side, facing you and the door. The upper body, apart her head, is completely under the covers. Her right leg is, however, above the cover, bent so the knee points forward. This reveals that she isn’t wearing a thing, and also that her ass is close to perfect. Round, smooth and of just the right size compared to her other assets. But you’re not here to ogle her body, however attractive it may be. You’re supposed to wake her up… Is it really okay to just sit on her bed? Is it okay to just touch her like that? Obviously you have no ill will, but people should be able to decide who can touch them and where.

There may have been no kneeling and theatric exchange of rings, but you are still her fiancé. It should be fine for you to touch her. On her forehead, to wake her up. A little. Nothing bad with that. Your mother did it to you when you were little. If a mother can do that to her child, then it should be okay to do it to your fiancé. With that in mind, you slowly lower yourself until you’re sitting next to Flandre’s head. Slowly, you move some of her fine hair out of the way and watch her sleeping face for a moment. She seems so peaceful, being completely relaxed… Unable to hold back a smile, you gently stroke her hair and marvel at how soft it is. Her eyes open suddenly, round and wide, as you continue petting her head.

“Good morning.”
Not answering with words, she only looks at you, her eyes still wide open. A thin opening forms between her lips, revealing a set of white teeth and a pair of fangs. You feel her hand move under the covers, then land on your thigh. You both remain there for a short while, you petting her hair and Flandre gently moving her hand on your thigh.

[] Hug her.
[] Kiss her.
[] Let her take the initiative.


I'm running out of time. Less than a month left. So: what should I do?
Any vote which doesn't have one from both selected will be ignored completely. Sorry, I really need to decide.

[] Hurry to an ending, even if it feels rushed and leaves things open.
[] Continue as-is. Updates will become very sporadic in less than a month.
[] "Open end" ,aka: an end which doesn't even try to reach concluson.
[] Other, specify.

For those who did't know, I'm getting conscripted in less than a month. My choices are currently:
1. Go there for 6-12 months.
2. 12 months of civil service.
3. Go to jail. Go straight to jail without passing through the starting block.
[x] Kiss her.

[x] Hurry to an ending, even if it feels rushed and leaves things open.

My opinions, here they are.
[x] Let her take the initiative.
[x] Continue as-is. Updates will become very sporadic in less than a month.

I won't accept a half-assed ending.
[2] 12 months of civil service.

I don't know how things work in your country, but unless you're sure you will be getting only 6 months of military service, stay away from the army.
[x] Let her take the initiative.
[x] Continue as-is. Updates will become very sporadic in less than a month.

better to wait for a good ending than to get a crappy one quickly.

[2] 12 months of civil service.

Is this /sdm/ goes on hiatus month?
[x] Hug her first, then kiss her.
[x] Continue as-is. Updates will become very sporadic in less than a month.

You can always go deeper, but you can't take something back that's been done. Also, did no one else have paranoid or rational thoughts about >>53542 ?
[x]Hug her.
[x] Continue as-is. Updates will become very sporadic in less than a month.

Having just gotten out of my own country's military, I'm going to go ahead and recommend civil service to you. Then again, I'm not sure how similar a military with so many short-term conscripts would compare to an all-volunteer service.
File 133972952356.jpg - (268.08KB, 800x900, 7ac7ffdbce0c78f1118b0711842ae800.jpg) [iqdb]
Just a sideboob, but it may offend someone. Probably will, too.


[x] Let her take the initiative.

You’re at a loss about what should be done in a situation like this. Would it be proper to kiss her, or would it be better to scoop her into your lap for a hug? Or should you just tell her that breakfast is ready and then offer to help her with whatever may come up?

“Mmh… Is it time to get up?”
Flandre’s hand pats your thigh one final time before she moves it above her head and stretches herself.

“I’ve made some breakfast, but it can wait.” Quickly glancing at the door, you-
Get yanked by Flandre and fall into her waiting arms, your ear pressing against her chest as she gently holds your head and presses her chin on your forehead.

“Don’t worry.” Thum, thum, thum… “I’m here.” Her heartbeat sounds oddly calming. “You don’t have to be alone anymore. I’ll be with you.”
She lightly touches your forehead with her lips before letting go. Even more at a loss than before, the only thing you come up with is to get off her.

“I- I promise to be there when you need me…”
You’re instantly ashamed by the cheesy reply stuttered as an answer. This causes your face to feel hot; a certain sign of blushing. Flandre smiles at the display and sits, letting the covers fall off her bare torso.

“In that case…” She turns around so she’s on her fours. “I’ll have you be here always.” Clearly not caring about her own nakedness, she moves herself closer. “That way, I won’t be lonely anymore…”
Curling her arms around your neck and upper back, she hugs you again. She is small and light… All of her ribs are visible through her skin, and so is the anomalous structure where her wings join her back. A bit of her otherwise pale skin is dark at those spots.

“Don’t worry.” You pat her back, avoiding touching her wings. “I’m here.” Her hug tightens a little. “You don’t have to be alone anymore. I’ll be with you.”
For a short moment, you consider moving your hand onto her soft and round buttocks, but abandon the thought as something which would break the moment. Why’d it even spring to your mind?

“I know…” Finally letting go, she sits on her feet. “It’s just been so long, and then I thought you’d choose someone else…” Some dampness has formed around her eyes, yet again leaving you at a loss about what to do. She quickly sweeps it off with her wrist. Still, nothing prepares you for the heart-crushingly genuine and sweet smile she shows next. There she sits on her feet, her modest breasts, small body and well-developed hips all visible, smiling sweetly and looking at you with tiny droplets still sticking to her eyelashes. “I couldn’t even wish that you’d choose someone like me… yet you did.”
Her voice is lower than usual, hinting at the extreme emotion she’s feeling.

“Yet I’m here.” You look away to let her regain her composure. “And I’m not going to leave you, don’t worry.”
You hear some shuffling of sheets as the mattress deforms when Flandre moves. She crawls into your field of vision, gets off the bed and stands up. Beautiful. You have to admit, she is beautiful.

“Help me a bit with this.”
Pulling open her drawer, she throws you the red dress of hers which was on the other end of the bed. You attempt to sort out the dress as she takes a fresh pair of underwear from the open box. Pink today, it seems.

“I think I got this… Here.”
Holding the one-piece dress, you get up from the bed and turn towards Flandre, who’s now wearing her chosen pair of panties. With one nifty move, she sticks her hands into the holes reserved for them from below and, with your help, wriggles around until the dress is on her.

“I think you said there’s breakfast. Did you?”
Still moving around uncomfortably, Flandre pulls her dress downwards to make it more comfortable.

“Yeah, I made some. It should still be warm, even.”
Now that it’s brought up, you realize you’re pretty hungry. Flandre agrees that eating is a good idea, and you head towards the kitchen together. You both wolf down your portions in relative silence while you’re trying to remember why you have this odd feeling that something needs to be done today.

You forgot …
[] to take a bath.
-[] with Flandre.
[] your promise to practice with Sakuya.
[] Mima.
Dangit. The last two options are both right, but I can't remember if we've just forgotten about Mima, or if there was something specific that we needed to do. Can I leave it to someone else to sift through threads 3 and 4 to see if we missed anything?
You forgot …
[y] to take a bath.

Let's get the party started.
[x] to take a bath.
-[x] with Flandre.
I'll wait before making my decision. It's always better to make an informed choice.
File 134076987683.jpg - (68.54KB, 445x540, 1334179832435213.jpg) [iqdb]
Always do things yourself when possible. It's the only way to make sure they a) get done in the first place b) get done in a way you like.

I'm not completely sure about what to say or in here. I want to update, but...

Oh, and one last thing. From now on, you always have the option to call for Argus at any time.

I dislike having to bump this without an update. Don't make me do it again.
[x] to take a bath.
-[x] with Flandre.
[x] your promise to practice with Sakuya.

A piss against the tide as I don't think breaking it would be good, even if it's to lather up Flandre. Well here's hoping Chris remembers this after the bath.
[x] ...about Mima. You haven't heard from her since last night.
[x] Didn't you promise to practice with Sakuya, too?

Duly noted. The rest of y'all are a bunch of bums.
I hope you aren't doing this choice to see what we remember from an update 5 months ago. Maybe Chris should see Patchouli for something that helps his memory.
File 13410991636.jpg - (819.89KB, 2400x1800, e129ed9921f045e6354263233dfc69e7.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] to take a bath.
-[x] with Flandre.

It had to be something simple. Like washing your teeth, for example, but you're pretty sure you did that since they're not sticky. But, while your teeth may be fine, the rest of your body feels like it hasn't been washed properly since... since... when, exactly? Yesterday? The day before? No matter, it's clearly been too long since the last time.

“Do you have anything on your mind or should I go take a quick shower?”
Not expecting an objection from Flandre, you get up and pick up the used plate which was used to hold the bacon.

“Why not take a bath?”
Her response cause you to stop. A bath? The idea didn't even cross your mind; it's been ages since you last took a bath. Your house didn't have a bath tub, and neither did those of your parents...

“That's... actually not a bad idea. I think I'll do that.”
It's been... more than five years since your last bath, partially because you consider them a waste of warm water. This time, though, you're not the one who pays for the energy used to heat it. The environmental effect of producing said energy is still there, but, well, life is.

“Use my bathroom. It's larger.”
Flandre, about to get up herself, speaks up as you're about to start washing dishes.

“Eh, fine. I'll finish these and go get my towel.”
It'd be nice if there were a pair of gloves. That way, it wouldn't be necessary to dip your hands in the soapy water. Flandre doesn't answer, so you suppose she left the dining room. Oh well. ...it would have been nice if you had been courageous enough to ask her to bathe with you, though. Then again, you haven't got the faintest idea about how to actually bathe, even less when there's a member of the opposite sex in the same room. She'd be naked and you'd have a boner and then you won't have any idea about what to do and stuff. No, not going to happen.

Watching the hot water slowly fill the tub puts you in a good mood for some reason, a good enough mood for you to start quietly reciting the words of 'Nemo' while you hang your towel onto the hook above the tub, throw in the rubber duck because it's so cliché and because it's funny. Squeak. Heh.

It may be a little selfish, but you congratulate yourself for remembering to take a fresh set of clothes into the bathroom. This way, they'll be warm and you won't have to open the door to let the cold air in. Hum, hum... You smile and check yourself form the mirror. As thin as always. Working out was always something you should have done, but doing that just to look good sounded a bit too superficial. Now, using that bath aroma would probably not be a good thing to do since it's not your and you haven't asked a permission to use it.

A door opens just as you're about to get into the tub. It could be Flandre coming back, it could be her coming out of her bedroom; you don't actually know where she is or what she's doing. It could also be anyone else coming in. It would be a little awkward to be seen by anyone other than Flandre while in her personal bathroom...

[] Open the door to see who it is.
[] Unlock the door but don't open it.
[] Just try to be quiet.


I'm expecting you to remember what has been promised.
with your update speed sometimes, it's terribly easy to forget. People do forget things if the gap between updates are too long and the impact of each one isn't significant enough to last through said gap.

[x] Just try to be quiet.

Let's see who it is before we do anything.
[x] Just try to be quiet.

I'll try and do a recap of each update from threads three and four later.
[] Just try to be quiet.
[x] Just try to be quiet.

Better stay quiet to remain unnoticed. It’d be bad if it was someone other than Flandre; you’d have to explain why you’re using the bathroom despite there being one upstairs, much closer to your room. Yep, definitely better to stay quiet and slip into the tub.

The person outside is very silent, the only proof of his existence being some barely audible footsteps. Even those disappear after another sound of a door opening and closing. You sigh. If it wasn’t Flandre, he should be gone now. If it was Flandre, there is no problem. The water’s warm, perhaps a little too warm, and you’re not in a hurry. Thus, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the rare opportunity to bathe. Squeak goes the duck.

A moment later, a problem surfaces. Literally. For some reason, your body decides that now would be a good time to release some of the pent-up sexual desire that has been building up since Yukari’s arrival. Ugh… best let it out, even if it dirties the water. Fap fap fap fap fa-
Fear. You’re suddenly very afraid. The lights are on and there’s no-one hiding in the corners, but it doesn’t help you calm down. Then the memory surfaces. Of her. Of what she did to you. The memory of talking with Mima on a mountain with an extremely beautiful view of the city of Innsbruck and the memory of what you saw immediately after the illusion shattered…

You come out of the bathroom feeling bad. Just… bad. Not bothering to check if Flandre’s in her room, you head up the stairs in a stupor and eventually collapse on your bed with your eyes wide open. The ceiling stares back, reminding of the overpowering strength of the one who forcefully used you to fulfill her own, hell-bent desire…

After some time – a minute, an hour, perhaps even a full day; you don’t know or care – something wet touches your cheek. You don’t care. Then, something warm, wet and a little sticky moves across your whole cheek, making it damp and leaving a somewhat familiar scent in the air. You turn your head to face whatever licked you – only to receive another lick, this time on your face.

“Bleagh. Don’t do that.”
Argus moves back a little, just enough so your eyes can focus on him.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to make you feel better.”
Moving your hand onto his head, you ruffle his fur. He makes a sudden pounce and licks your face once more.

“All right, all right! I’m fine now. Thanks.”
Flashing a smile, you push yourself to a sitting position and ruffle Argus’ fur some more. He closes his eyes and seems to enjoy it. It makes you feel a little warm inside.

“Mm… I spoke to the resident sorceress in here. She said she wants to meet you.”
He opens his eyes again and looks at you.

“She did? Did she say when?”
Messing with your familiar’s ears one last time, you withdraw your hand and get up.

“As soon as possible.”
Jumping down from the bed, Argus moves to the door and looks up at you. He doesn’t have to wait for you to open it, but does it anyways for whatever reason.

“Let’s go see her, then.”

The library is as creepily silent and unchanging as always. It takes a while to reach Patchouli’s table, but seeing that she closes and sets down her book when she notices you makes it worth the while.

“Ah, so he really is yours. Interesting.” The librarian glances at Argus before looking at you again. “So. I need your help, as rare as it may be.”
Her voice is silent and smooth, and she speaks quickly. It’s challenging to understand what she’s saying.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I need to gather some ingredients. Some of them are rather… heavy. Too heavy for me and Koakuma to move on our own. Add to this that the said ingredients are located inside a relatively dangerous forest and we have the situation we are in now.” Patchouli pauses momentarily, probably to draw breath. “Of course I understand that you may be busy with something else: in that case, we’ll have to do this some other day.”
Finished talking, she looks at you, perhaps a little coldly. It could also be her usual, emotionless glare.

[] You’ll help her.
[]She could be there. No thanks.
[] There’s [something] you need to do.
[X] You’ll help her.
[x] I need to talk to Sakuya first. I feel like I am forgetting something.
[x] I need to talk to Sakuya first. I feel like I am forgetting something.
File 134178871886.gif - (108.92KB, 600x778, 2ef8bbd4dd24bb6e2841f72ac1e5b66e.gif) [iqdb]
[x] There’s [something] you need to do.
-[x] I need to talk to Sakuya first. I feel like I am forgetting something.

“I think I should talk to Sakuya first. I've had this odd feeling that I've forgotten something since I woke up.”
Bathing certainly didn't make the feeling go away, so it has to be something else. A gut feeling is telling you that Sakuya would know what it is.

“Well, I'm not stopping you.” Patchouli's glare pierces you. “If you think that something you may or may not have forgotten, that may or may not need you to do something is more important than helping me help you, then go ahead.” She speaks fast and her voice is as quiet as always. Her face doesn't even hint at any kind of emotion at all, despite her words clearly pointing at the opposite. “Just try to be fast. I'm not going to wait until the storm is overhead.”
You think her tone softens a little before she picks up her book again. It doesn't make you feel any better, though.

After wandering through the library, trying to tell yourself that Patchouli wasn't angry at you, you run into a fairy maid in the hall. She's a little shorter than Sakuya, has brown eyes, dark hair and is carrying a basket full of dirty bedsheets.

“Hey, wait, uh...” The maid seems somehow familiar, but you can't quite recall why. “Katy?”
Now noticing you, the fairy stops and seems a little surprised. She nearly drops her basket.

“Wah! Don't scare me like that, coming out of nowhere.” Supporting the basket with one hand and her hip, she places her now free hand on her chest and sighs. “Haa... So, did you have something to tell me, Chris?”
Her voice is faintly familiar, too...

“I was just wondering if you knew where Sakuya is. I need to talk to her.”
You've definitely seen her before. She was the one who woke you up that one time, and Katy is indeed her name.

“Sakuya?” Her free hand moves to her chin as her eyes turn upwards. “Umm... She's in her room, I think.”
Looking at you again, she grasps the basket with both hands again.

“Okay, thanks.” You're about to head upstairs when something crosses your mind. “Oh, have you met Argus yet?”
Turning around again, you see that Katy was about to leave, too.

“Argus? No, I haven't. Should I know him?”
Only now do you notice that your companion is no longer around; he's apparently still inside the library.

“No, not necessarily. Argus!” The hound appears as soon as its name is called. Your minion looks at you, clearly unsatisfied at your choice of a moment. “Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt anything. Anyways, stay around Katy for a moment, won't you?”

“It wasn't anything important.”
He turns around and jogs to Katy's side, who sets down her basket and hugs the creature, despite Argus being half her size. Even you can feel the embarrassment of your companion.

“Ha. Have fun, you two.”
You don't receive an answer, apart the faint sound of Katy petting your minion. Smiling, you begin climbing the stairs.

You visit your own room before doing anything else, even if there's no reason to do so. It's exactly the way you left it. Shrugging, you close the door and knock on the one opposite to it, the one with the small sign saying 'Izayoi' on it.

“Come in.”
Opening the door after hearing Sakuya's voice, you step into her room. She's sitting at her desk, writing something to a book which she closes immediately as she sees who it is.

“Hi.” Sakuya nods at you as a greeting while you try to decide how to dress your odd feeling into words. “I got this odd feeling that I've forgotten something, and that it has something to do with you.”
Perhaps a little blunt, but should get the point across.

“I don't think you've forgotten anything... if it isn't the promise to practice with me.” The head maid pulls open her drawer and sets the book in it before closing it again. She then gets up and sweeps her braid off her face. You hear someone walking towards this end of the corridor. “We could get started now if you want to.”
Someone knocks on the door you closed as you're about to answer. The person doesn't wait for an answer and comes in.

“Hey Sakuya- oh. I was looking for you, Chris.” Remilia clearly wasn't expecting you yo be here, and has to pause for a while to adjust. “I need you for a bit, but if you were in the middle of something, don't let me interrupt.”
Backing off towards the door again, Remilia's attitude seems a little odd. Usually she wouldn't care about interrupting something if there's something she needs to be done.

[] Continue with Sakuya.
[] Go back and help Patchouli help you.
[] There's something odd about Remilia. Go with her to find out what.


So. This is it. I'll update as often as I can from now on, but I don't know how often it will be.
Starting tomorrow, I'll be serving in the military; not because I want to, but because I have to.

Oh, and this isn't just a "Go see X" choice. There's something more to this.
[X] Continue with Sakuya.
[x] There's something odd about Remilia. Go with her to find out what.

Great. You're headed to boot camp, and I have extremely limited internet access, so I can't browse the threads to see what we've missed. Going with Remi because it seems like she has the most pressing issue. "I need you, but don't let me interrupt" is always code for "this is very urgent, but for whatever reason, I'm reluctant to openly demand your attention."
[x] There's something odd about Remilia. Go with her to find out what.

I hope we actually get to make it up to her without a constant series of events happening.
File 134297094991.jpg - (228.86KB, 849x1201, sample-afb33f31406dcd7679a1829d8f417e39.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] There's something odd about Remilia. Go with her to find out what.

“It wasn't anything important.” It totally was, but finding out why Remilia is being odd is even more important. “We hadn't even begun yet, and it's something that can be done later.”
Sakuya will hopefully understand your decision to delay the training for now.

“Ah. I see. Come with me, then.”
Glancing at Sakuya, Remilia nods once and turns around. You hear her pull open the door as Sakuya reaches for the drawer where she put the book which she had when you came in. She doesn't seem to mind your sudden departure.

“I'll come back when I'm done.”
Your words are less directed at Sakuya, who you're looking at, but more at Remilia to make sure she won't waste your time. The maid never answers, or at least doesn't before you're outside the room, following the silent mistress of the house.

Remilia strides along the corridor with long, at least for her, steps. Following her, a little amused by her long stride and serious expression, you attempt to say something to lighten the mood a little but can't come up with anything suitable. Thus, the trip from the one end of the second floor to the other remains silent to the very end, namely the master bedroom of the mansion. You hold the door open as Remilia passes by you and sits on the dusty, unused pair bed. Her hands rest at her sides as she looks at you.

“Lock the door.”
You haven't heard her use such a commanding tone before. Still, it's impossible to do as she commanded because something vitally important is missing.

“I don't have the key.”
You turn around just in time to reflexively catch something small flying towards you. It's an iron key, and it fits to the lock. After hearing the *click*, you throw the key back to Remilia, who neatly catches and subsequently pockets it, before stopping in a spot a little in front of her. She has a thin smile on her face, and is staring at you intensely. It makes you feel a little uneasy.

“You may wonder why I called you here.” Her pupils slowly move downwards during the pause, checking your exterior thoroughly. The thin smile of hers changes into a frown as she does so. “The thing is... I'm not sure myself.” As her eyes reach the floor, she crosses her legs and gazes into your eyes again. “What I do know is that you've crossed a certain threshold.” To emphasize the pause, she leans closer, supporting her head on her upturned palm. Her elbow is resting a little above her knee. “We've decided to keep you.”
Her declaration is... a little odd. You're not sure what to make out of it. There's little left of what your life used to be, and one of the few bright spots is now gone forever. Yet, despite all of this, she still hadn't made her decision?

“So, what does that mean? You already gave me all I need – and more.”
It may be true that she hasn't always treated you well, but there's little to complain about when one considers everything she's given to you. She's fed you, clad you, given a job to you, arranged a place to sleep in. Even let her sister...

“You'll get the key to this house, and with that, access to some places – such as the wine cellar, or the locked rooms in the staff quarter.” Her hand seeks some spot below her clothes, which, you think, are completely filled with pockets on the inside. She throws a key to you, but this one's made of brass and looks a little different than the one used to lock this room. Remilia nods at the key while you look at it. “You can also use it to lock your room. Only my personal key can be used to open it if you decide to do so.” Flashing a smile, she continues. “Also, I've decided to give you a raise. From nothing to something.”

“Eh, thanks...”
You mutter something in an attempt to seem a little less impolite. However, Remilia lifts her hand not occupied with supporting her head to silence you.

“But obviously, that isn't why I made you come here... There's something I'd love to do later, but unfortunately, for reasons out of our control, it cannot wait.” Somehow managing to make the room hang in a suspended silence, she gets up noiselessly and places her right hand on your shoulder. Her piercing, thought-revealing eyes lock deep into yours, only displaying the slightest of predatory lust deep within. “You need to decide... Decide with whom your loyalty lies.” Her voice is nothing but a whisper, yet it carries a serious tone with it. You swallow and blink under the pressure she's placing on you. “Is it me, or is it Flandre? I promise not to interfere with your personal life, and to let you do what you want as often as possible, and not to force you to do anything that's impossible to you, but Flandre...” Remilia closes her eyes and gently, slowly shakes her head. You think her eyes have a hint of sadness in them as she reopens them. “I do not know.”

“Sorry about being slow, but... exactly what am I deciding on?”
What must be completely clear and obvious to her is not the same to you.

“You'll have to decide whose slave you'll be.” Remilia states this without giving it too much thought to it. You're about to protest as she continues. “I'm giving you the choice of who has the power to give absolute orders to you – ones you'll have no choice but to obey. I try to avoid using those, as I said, but I can't know about Flandre.”

[] Your choice.


I'm in a hurry, not enough time to proofread or anything. I'll be back on next week's friday. Gotta go.
[x] "I want to be Flandre's lover." Should I be her slave?
[X] I would rather die than be a slave.

Sorry guys. But as an American, this is the only choice.
[X] I would rather die resisting than being a slave.

As a French, it's my only choice.
It sounds like Remilia has a twisted view on romance... but I hope you do know that doing the whole "Die before being a slave" thing will have 99.9999999999% of having a bad end.
[x] I would rather die resisting than being a slave.

I'd rather have a bad end than a slave end. You know what they say: "You may take our lives, but you'll never take our freedom!" or something like that. If Chris dies like that, I'll consider the story as over, and I'll quit reading it.


You do know that slave end has a 100.0000000000% chance of MC being someone's bitch?
so you'd rather end the story on a bad note than to actually see what's actually going on? I knew this story had some stupid voters but this takes the cake.

[x] Slave? That's a twisted view on romance.

I don't want to end the story at all. But I would choose to in a heartbeat if the alternative was slavery.

Also this choice most likely has nothing to do with romance.
Sure it doesn't, there's been a underthread of romantic tension between Remilia and chris and such a thing coming up? I do not think it's unrelated.
Well, you are not alone. This is the second story of which I'm making this choice (albeit with different words) and I don't regret it.

[X] I would rather die than be a slave.
So you'd rather be someone's personal prison bitch? I knew that story has retarded voters but I couldn't prove it before.
the choice addresses the issue while not going for the faux bravado of "dying before becoming a slave" as I doubt you'd be saying that in real life in a similar situation.
You don't know me, and yet you think that I'm a wimp immediately giving up when someone tries to make me a slave? Let me laugh.
File 134302646250.jpg - (641.73KB, 981x702, 127208a5d7e14681ca32c2acf9e07a06.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.

To all "freedom or die" voters:
>“You'll have to decide whose slave you'll be.” Remilia states this without giving it too much thought to it.
The whole use of the word "slave" is just careless wording on Remilia's part; the issue at hand that we need to focus on is "to decide with whom your loyalty lies.” And really, we're an outsider human taking up extended residence in a vampire's mansion; it's only a matter of time before one of the sisters tries to enthall us.

I'd say Remilia is indeed asking who we think should have the capability to exert complete control over us, rather than who we're romantically interested in. That's why she "...promised not to interfere with our personal life"; we could theoretically state that we want her to be the one with absolute authority over us, while still pursuing Flandre.

The issue with that, of course, is that Flandre would then think that Chris remains both afraid and mistrusting of her. Furthermore, we'd appear cowardly to both sisters for sticking with the "safer" option. Couples in successful relationships have to trust each other, after all. Just imagine what would happen on each full moon if we let Remilia control us: Flandre's precious window of coherence would be consumed by realizing the shallowness of our words when we accepted her proposal in >>51759, and either killing us in a fit of rage and sadness, or becoming even more unstable and distant than she already is. Neither of these scenarios is remotely desirable.

Damn it. I'd picked up on the fact that there was something wrong going on (>>53542), but I couldn't figure it out in time. There's always the hope that Remilia's simply lying to us, but given the seriousness of her tone and the lack of any previous examples of lying, that seems highly unlikely.
”Hey Chris, we ran out of toilet paper again. Could you go ahead and lick my asshole clean?”


[X] I would rather die than be a slave.
[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.

You guys are overreacting for nothing and assuming bad things.

What this guy said.

[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.
[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.

Death's over-rated

Surprise me
[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.

The hell?

It's not too far off what sadistic masters may enjoy.

Also if you're easily offended by that, oh man you've not seen the worst of it.
[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.

Remilia thinking in antiquated terminology is probably just fine. Besides that, she's a vampire. Thinking of your servants as slaves is sort of a thing.

And who knows if Flandre will think of Chris the same way?
[x] Choose Flandre. A relationship is nothing without trust, and you'll not doubt her now.
File 134361036564.jpg - (87.99KB, 640x350, 5076c6ca68d4cfe58d1e4c3626e74b1b.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Your choice.

It slowly dawns on you as Remilia is preoccupied with removing a bit of dirt she found under one of her nails. You'll be a slave, a being that does not own its own body. They'll order you around like you were a machine, incapable of emotion or thought.

“I'm afraid... I'm afraid I'll have to refuse your offer.”
Thum, thum, thum... You've said it. Before even realizing the full wight of the words, it's already too late. Lifting your face, you feel your heart beat as if you just completed the Cooper's test. Servant, that you may accept. It implies you're an honorable member of the household – something that's needed and taken care of. But slave?

“Are you completely sure you want to say that?” Remilia doesn't seem to mind your refusal; quite the opposite. She stretches her arm, palm outwards, to see if there's any more dirt under her nails. There isn't. “You know, I wouldn't have given you housing.” Pausing for a while to put more wight on her words, she lets her arm drop back to her side. “Food, clothes.” Facing you again, she steps a bit closer. “Even let you do as you please with my sister.” She leans closer, close enough for you to feel her breath. “I wouldn't give all that only to take it away...”
Her voice turns into a whisper as she examines your face intensely.

“I've made my decision. Kill me if you have to, but I will not be a slave.”
It is taking all the courage and willpower you have to just stand still and not to cower in a corner. You can't look at her, it would be too much, so you settle with staring at the wall.

“Stubborn, aren't you?” A small finger lands on the side of your throat, exactly over the carotid. “One small cut... and you're gone.” The finger slides upwards and forwards until it's at the tip of your chin. Remilia moves backwards until she can just barely keep her finger there, forcing you to look at her. “Unfortunately, your life and death is not something you can decide on.” Closing her eyes slowly, she faces downwards and lets out a deep breath. In the next instant, she is staring at you and her eyes flash red just as she whispers the command. “Obey!”
You immediately drop onto one knee and bow your head. Remilia's hand pats the back of your head as you do so.

“Yes, milady.”
It's not that you can't resist. It's that there is no reason to.

“Freedom... so fleeting. Unfortunately, we can't afford any.” You hear her move behind you. “So. Me, or Flandre? Which one shall it be?”
Her hand leaves your head, which is followed by some shuffling of clothes. You kind of want to look, but she hasn't told you to do so, so you don't.

“I choose Lady Flandre.”
The reasons behind the choice are unclear. All you know is that she asked for your opinion and you chose Flandre.

“O-ho... Well, I shall respect your decision. Her shall it be. But, before that --- carry it to --- here --- me.” Remilia's speech continues, but begins to fade in and out. She's telling you to do something, but it's impossible to tell what. “Oh, and --- forget. Afterward, we'll --- make out.”
Stop resisting. Since your consciousness isn't needed at the moment, I'll teach you one thing.

The world fades out and gets replaced by a pair bed and an infinitely large wooden flood under it. Above you, her blue hair tied into a ponytail, is the face of your resident spirit. Mima, noticing that you... wake up? Come to? Well, anyways, her face disappears from above yours.

“Bwuh? Whuthappened?”
You suddenly feel very much in control.

“Let's just say she made you like the idea of doing as she wants you to do. Call it whatever you want, all we can do now is to trust her.”
You'd push yourself up, but there's no strength in your limbs. All you can do is to stare at the nothing that is above the unnatural place.

“Oh. So, what's going to happen now?”
Mima, perhaps noticing your inability to move, slowly floats into your field of vision.

“I'll teach you how to possess a familiar.”

An odd, floating feeling overtakes you. For a moment, you're very dizzy. Then, you notice that you're lying on your own bed, got paws instead of hands and that your tailbone is much more than what it's supposed to be. Oddly, you've got no trouble with controlling all of it, as proved by the sleek jump off the bed.

Now, I suggest you do what you will to pass some time. If you feel like doing this again, just try to remember the feeling.

The door's in your way, and you can't open it. Darn. You were about to march (can a dog even do so?) straight to Flandre and tell her what happened. Then, as you're about to give up, you suddenly appear on the other side of the door.

While telling Flandre would seem like a good idea, do you think she'd believe your minion? I mean, you yourself are going to tell her that everything's fine should the elder sister wish for that to happen.

[] Go find Flandre regardless.
[] Just pass the time.
-[] With Katy.
[] Find someone else. Who?


I really wanted to tell you what'll happen if you choose to resist.
So I did.

Oh, and the next update wont be here for two weeks.
File 134366241525.jpg - (128.95KB, 768x845, 2506138defae8ed3ef57a0d9035da8be.jpg) [iqdb]
The outcome wasn't what I wanted it to be! This has to be railroading!
...oh wait.

Anyways, I got to go. I'll be back when I'll be back. It won't be for a while.
well the whole salve thing was out of nowhere...
The thought that it's railroading is probably because Touhou vampires do not canonically possess the mind powers that some other types of vampire do.

canonically there isn't some dude strolling around the SDM. It's kinda a given that the author is going to take some liberties with his story. Especially if he wants to throw in some new plot mechanic because he can't think of anything else.
[x] Just pass the time.
-[x] With Katy.

Can't do much else while we're possessing our familiar. And how come Mima ripped us away from our body right when Remilia was issuing important orders? "Consciousness isn't needed right now," my ass.
[X] Just pass the time.
-[X] With Katy.

It could also be Remilia's fate manipulation. Goddamn open-ended powers.
File 134473213515.png - (1.85MB, 2000x2000, 33d9fc088014dfcbf4cb200f8c6952e3.png) [iqdb]
Hum, well. There isn't much you can do right now. Exploring the various smells and scents of the mansion with the impressive sense of smell you're in possession of now could be interesting, but since you have no way of recognizing them, it probably won't be. An odd feeling of walking as a human comes out of nowhere. The sound of a door opening comes immediately afterward. Someone comes out of the master bedroom at the other end of the corridor, said someone looking a little too much like yourself. It is a very confusing moment. Intrigued by it, you go take a closer look.

The moment is certainly confusing. Somehow flickering between two beings, you simultaneously experience being pet and petting yourself. It quickly makes your head ache and turns the contents of two stomachs upside down. Then, just before throwing up, you find yourself sitting behind your human self, being hugged by your own mistress. Her hands and cheeks feel incredibly soft and smooth. They draw some sort of a shape on your fur.

“Don't worry. He's in good hands. Or should I say that you are in good hands?” She smiles and strokes you some more, not letting go. “I'll tell you one thing about your... internal resident.” Her hand grabs you by the chin and turns your head so that you're face her. Her smile turns into something twisted, and her voice drops to a whisper. “Not all of her interests are something she wants you to know. She, for example, desires your body... in more ways than one.”
Flashing one last, twisted smile, she gets up and heads somewhere. Where that somewhere is remains unknown because at the exact moment, you think of Katy and immediately appear in front of her.

“I'm not sure who to believe anymore.” You know you saidsomething, but there's no sound to be heard. “Can you help me?”
Another odd feeling, this time of climbing down some stairs, appears.

“Wah!” The fairy visibly jumps into the air and drops the broom she's holding. “Pfee... Don't just appear like that.” Recognizing you, Katy calms down a little. She drops to her knees and offers her hand for you to sniff, which you do. “If you don't know who or what to trust, trust your heart.”
She plays with your ears a little.

“I wish it was that easy.” There's a short pause during which she moves on to the top of your head and ruffles it. “Mmm. Do me a favor and help me pass some time.”
That is exactly what she does.

During the next half an hour or so, you get a lot of odd feeling out of nowhere. Most of them have something to do with carrying something heavy. As Katy chats and plays with you, the feelings keep getting stronger and a feeling of exhaustion creeps into them. Gradually, as the tiredness starts to creep into your muscles, your movements become slower. Eventually, you have to ask for a pause.

“You okay?” Pant, pant, pant... “We haven't done anything heavy.” You lie on the floor, exhausted and panting heavily as Katy tries to find out what happened. “Have you drunk enough? I think heat exhaustion can do something like this...” It came so suddenly and out of nowhere that you had to lie down on the floor.

“I have. This has something to do with what I'm doing elsewhere.” You suddenly know that whatever you were doing is now complete and that you should return. “Damn, I didn't know that physical exhaustion is shared between us like this.”
The other being probably falls onto a bed to rest. At least he, or it, does something that lets you both slowly recover from the exertion.

“Oh. Should we go take a look if there's something we could do to help him recover faster?”
So, she hasn't noticed. Doesn't matter.

“We could bring him something to drink, I suppose. I believe he's thirsty.”
You also want to see what has happened and possibly switch back, but it isn't necessary for Katy to know that.

“Okay, let's go get a jug and a cup for him, then.”

A bit later, after a visit to the kitchen, you two climb upstairs and go into your room. Nothing odd about it, expect that you feel odd because you're too short to see what's on the tables. Also, the lack of limbs suitable for carrying is a bother that prevents offering to carry the jug and the cup. As for your room, it has three cardboard boxes in it which weren't there before. They seem heavy. Also, you are sleeping on the bed.

I should have known. She's going to do it. You should end the possession; just touch yourself for a while. Katy examines your sleeping self during the brief moment. If you ever want to be free, I suggest you do something to at least one of those three foci. Just a scratch will do.
It'd be perfect if you just knew what's going to happen... Now, you'll have to decide who to trust.

[] Remain as is.
[] Switch back.

[] Sabotage a focus.
[] Do nothing.
[] Tell Remilia of what you were told to do.


I should get to come home every weekend for more than a month from now.
I'm also as tired as fuck. 2 camp nights (about 4 hours of sleep/night) and a 15km march in full combat gear just before I got to come back home for the weekend. Oh, and 6 hours of combat training, another 6 hours of digging foxholes, some carrying of logs, setting up tents and some other fun stuff. Yeah, I was a little smelly when I got back from the camp.
[­­¬] Remain as is.

[┼] Sabotage a focus.

Best to not piss off Remi, if we can help it. Best to also maintain some kind of free will. Again, if we can do so without pissing Remi off.
[x] Switch back.
[x] Do nothing.

Have to go with my gut on this one.
[x] Switch back.
[x] Sabotage a focus.

I don't know if the current vote is for sabotaging Mima, or sabotaging Remi's and/or Flandre's control over us. Either works, I suppose.

>“I'll tell you one thing about your... internal resident. Not all of her interests are something she wants you to know. She, for example, desires your body... in more ways than one.”
So Mima will eventually try to take possession of our body, and may in fact already be doing so:
>She's going to do it. You should end the possession; just touch yourself for a while. If you ever want to be free, I suggest you do something to at least one of those three foci.
I'm assuming the cardboard boxes contain the three foci, and that Mima was using our body to move them into our room while we were in Argus's body.
[x] Switch back.
[x] Ask what exactly these Focuses do, before we take any drastic measures
[x] Ask Mima what the blazes happened back there, if it wouldn't cost us any SAN points to find out.

Because that last bit was a bit unclear, so I'm not quite sure which one to go for. If it's Mima telling us to sabotage those focuses, then there's grounds to believe her, but equally huge grounds to be a bit suspicious. Also, because everything that Mima's done so far has been pretty cool, except maybe the dagger and the body switch back at Yuuka's.

But the former was also done for our protection, and the latter was unintentional (as far as we might know).
[x] Switch back.
[x] Sabotage a focus.
File 134534268743.jpg - (568.28KB, 680x780, c8598a15abb9be538456bb5f3fb755ba.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Switch back.
[x] Sabotage a focus.

It’s simple. All you need to do is to scratch a thing in one of the boxes. That way, you’ll be free. Freedom is always a good thing. Even if you don’t know what you’ll be free of.

A moment later, and you’re back in your real form. As you open your eyes and look around, Argus licks your hand to get some attention. All he does before disappearing in his usual way is to look straight at your eyes for a minute or so. Then he’s gone. He definitely tried to tell something, but all he managed to do was to make you think about things for a while. You’re about to sabotage something you know nothing of. Is it a good idea? It probably won’t go boom, but will it result in freedom? What exactly is freedom? Is it the selfish, cold and distant kind of “freedom” that is usually marketed as freedom? The kind where everyone is your enemy and needs to be monitored, and where the greatest freedom is to get to vote about whether the guys who decide everything wear red or blue ties?

If you are going to do something, do it now. She’ll be back soon.
It’s not really time to me indecisive, but… is that what you really want? It won’t be hard for anyone to guess who has done it when something goes wrong. Well, regardless, it can’t hurt to take a look at the contents of the crates. Deciding to see what a focus looks like, you force yourself up from the bed and open the closest box. There’s a rock inside. A large, irregular yet mostly round rock which hasn’t been smoothed or polished in any way; the sort of rock one can find anywhere. The only slightly interesting feature of it is the colour: it’s sort of red. Not that it’s really uncommon to find red stone.

The other two boxes are equally disappointing. You were expecting large crystals, gemstones or some sort of instruments, not granite boulders. How are you even supposed to scratch one of these? Sure, there is a knife in your drawer, but it was made to be light and nimble, not hard and durable. Regardless, it’s the only thing you have right now. Taking it from the otherwise empty box, you admire the masterful craftsmanship for a few seconds. It makes you feel a little happier, but said happiness gets replaced by nervousness as you press the edge of the blade on one of the rocks, trying to think how to do it silently. You can feel the metal giving up as you make swift, small movements in an attempt to cut the stone. The silent screeching sound, coupled with the feeling… Just a tiny moment later, as you lift the once sharp edge from the barely scratched rock, the idea feels like a very bad one. You’ve done it. All for a possibly false promise of freedom.

“May I come in?” You’ve sat on your bed for maybe five minutes as Patchouli’s barely audible voice can be heard from the corridor. She does not wait for an answer, instead just coming in and giving you one short glance before closing the door to give you a degree of privacy. “You don’t seem to be feeling too good.”

“Same could be said of you.”
It’s probably the dark areas around your eyes that made her say it. She, instead, has red eyes and a wheezy breath; true enough, she lifts her hand to her mouth and coughs into her sleeve before answering.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m just tired.”
She moves towards the closest cardboard box and squints her eyes a little, as if the faint light of your room caused pain to her.

“Whatever you say.”
The way she hovers her hand above the open box makes you feel nervous. You can’t feel anything, but it’s obvious that she’s doing something.

“I’m glad we have reached an agreement.” Moving on to the next box, the one you have tampered with, her words reveal that she isn’t in the best of moods. She repeats the procedure she did with the first box, then looks at you with dead, uninterested eyes. Then she turns herself to face you, floats closer and sits on the bed next to you. “I see.” It’s all she says, but that doesn’t make the nervousness disappear. The witch closes her eyes and faces upwards. “Why did you do it?”

“I didn’t want to be slave for the rest of my life.” Reciting the answer you had prepared for the predictable question, you do your best to sound credible despite not completely agreeing with your own words. “So I decided to do something.”

“You’re not that stupid.” Patchouli sounds calm despite seeming a little angry. “In fact, I think you’re actually rather intelligent.” She pauses again, this time opening her impressively-coloured eyes. “Just tell me why and I won’t tell anyone about it.”

[] Tell her the truth.
[] You already told the truth.


There are no SAN points.
Wait, I think there actually are. They're just not called that and work... well, they just do.
[x] Tell her the truth.

I don't think she knows about what's possessing us and her plans on grand theft body. Or Remilia's question.
[x] Tell her the truth.
[x] After you finish, ask if you can still help Patchouli gather the ingredients from the forest. If she's too tired at the moment, you will help her out tomorrow.

Second vote because of >>53996 :
>“I need to gather some ingredients. Some of them are rather… heavy. Too heavy for me and Koakuma to move on our own. Add to this that the said ingredients are located inside a relatively dangerous forest and we have the situation we are in now.”

Unless of course these stone foci were the heavy ingredients Patchouli was talking about, in which case I am thoroughly confused about just who is trying to possess us.
[▌] Tell her the truth.
[▌] "What were these meant to do?"
File 134599293983.jpg - (45.03KB, 362x600, 1335463087502469.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tell her the truth.

“I did it because I was told to do so.”
You attempt to face the witch, but the way she looks you with her seemingly bored eyes is too much.

“I see.” She sighs. “What exactly made you believe her? A promise of a better life?”
Noticing your discomfort, Patchouli looks away.

“She said I'd be free if I did it. I didn't want to become a slave.” It has to be the way she moves and speaks that makes it feel like its her who's correct. “It was easy to believe her after Remilia took control of my body...”

“Oh, she can be like that at times.” Patchouli does something quite unlike her – she smiles, probably remembering something that happened a long time ago. “I believe she just wanted to show you that she can do it. Besides, what did she make you do? Carry these boxes?” As she looks at you again, you notice that the boredom is gone. “She was in complete control. It could have been anything. Instead, she chose to have you carry some boxes; you should be thankful.” She has to pause for a while to draw breath, which causes her airways produce a faint wheezing sound. “Besides, has she ever done anything bad to you? Do you have a reason to believe that she will do so in the future?”

“...No. I don't think she ever has, if we don't count our first meeting. If we do count that, there's a lot of stuff she's done to me.” At least, if she has, it doesn't come into your mind right now. “I guess you're right. That wasn't a smart thing to do.”
Remilia may have taken a lot, but she has also given an equal amount. What has Mima done to you? Given a dangerous and cursed dagger?

“I'm glad you understand. See, Remilia is not a bad person, just a little... showy. I'm sure she didn't want to have your first night be as tragic as it was; it is against her interests to harm you. You see, there's something she hasn't told you. Something that's quite important, and I believe you should know it.” Wheeeze... She draws breath again, and coughs into her sleeve. It sounds nasty. “Sorry. Anyways, she didn't bring you here for herself – we have more than enough staff already. I'm sure you knew at least that much.”

“Yeah, I kinda knew that.”
It's not really rocket science. You've barely done any work at all, yet Remilia doesn't seem to mind you being around doing nothing.

“Think about it. I believe you have noticed that she's a little odd when talking about a certain person.” The witch moves herself a little, preparing to get up from the bed, and then continues just as you're about to arrive to a conclusion. “Anyways, could you help me a little? I'll mend the focus you damaged, but I'd rather not tire myself any further. Just hold out your hand and don't resist when you feel a little odd.”
Nearly smiling again, she offers her hand to you and looks at the damaged focus.

“Uh, sure...”
Holding out your hand as she instructed, you watch her get up from the bed and move to the box before taking your hand into hers. Her hand feels a little cold, but there is barely any time to think about it before she starts sucking something out of you. It's over as soon as it began.

“There. It's fixed. Thanks for the help.” Glancing at you again, she flashes something that is her interpretation of a smile before heading out of the room. However, she stops just as she is about to open the door. “Oh, and remember that I was told not to tell you why you're here. Think about what I said and stay here. They'll be here soon enough.”
With those words, she leaves, managing to set off a cascade of thoughts.

Someone barges in a few minutes later. Or, to be more precise, two siblings barge in.

“I see you're back and ready. Good.” Remilia comes straight and goes to check the foci. Flandre, instead, remains at the doorway and stares at you. Staring back into her red, bright eyes, you think of what Patchouli told you. She is the reason why you're here... “...Flan? Are you coming?”
Remilia turns around to look at her sister, her wing almost knocking off some of the stuff that is on your drawer.

“I...” Flandre shivers. “Okay.”
Looking downwards at the floor, she takes a step forward that brings her into your room. Remilia furrows her brows at this but then shrugs and turns around again.

“We can do this later if you're not feeling like it. I just thought it'd be best to get this out of the way immediately.”
Inspecting the last of the boulders, Remilia seems to be content with them and turns to face Flandre again.

“No, I'm fine. Let's do this.”
The sisters look at each other in silence for a while. Then, after nodding at each other, they both take a focus from a box.

“Okay, Chris, take the last focus and stand up. This will be done in a flash.”
Both of the vampires look at somewhere behind you just as you get up. Glancing there, you see that Argus appeared to watch the show.

“I don't know what exactly will happen.” Standing in front of the box, you prepare to lift the heavy stone. “But I believe that despite you making me lose everything I had, you offer more to me than anything or anyone else can.”

[] It's time for her to explain.
[] Let her do it now. When it's done, she'll probably leave you alone with Flandre.


I'll get to know my sentence on Wednesday. 6, 9 or 12 months, minus the two I've already served.
[x] Let her do it now. When it's done, she'll probably leave you alone with Flandre.
[Φ] It's time for her to explain.

"Alright Remi, let's do this magical ritual I don't know anything about that could possibly enslave me for the rest of my natural life. I'm also completely retarded."
[x] It's time for her to explain.

>“She said I'd be free if I did it. I didn't want to become a slave.”
Damnit Scout, the "If you ever want to be free" line from >>54327 was in italics, so I thought that it was Argus talking to us. This in turn made me suspect that Mima was possessing our body while we were in Argus, and that the "she" in "she will possess your body" referred to Mima. This most recent update, though, states that Remi was the one controlling our body, and Mima was the one telling us to destroy a focus. No harm done since the focus was repaired, I guess, but which one is correct? Was Argus warning us about Mima, or was Mima warning us about Remi?

Elaboration on questions to ask will be posted after this vote. I can't even see straight, let alone think, so more will be posted later.
Adding to >>54409
[x] "How come you didn't react when you found out I'd become Flandre's fiance? You're sisters, aren't you?"
[x] "Is it related to how you were forced to kill something you loved?"
[x] "Why did you say you can't afford freedom?"

Second sentence references >>52617
>“You made me remember what it is like...” Her voice, having slowly gained in amplitude, drops to a whisper. “To be forced to kill what you love.”

Scout, please include these questions in addition to any you were already going to have Chris ask. We're hurting for information, here.
File 134655084558.jpg - (876.71KB, 1600x1131, 3a189c0eebb110a048865bc7467af218.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] It's time for her to explain.

“Regardless...” Looking up from the focus and at Remilia, you let your hand fall to your sides. The granite focus remains in its cardboard box, somehow managing to look impressively unimpressive. “I think it's time for some answers. You once said that there are some things I need to know, but that it wasn't the right time for it. I believe now would be a good time for you to tell me the answers to some questions.”
While you may not be the best person to interrogate people, it's easy to see who has an advantage now. Flandre is present, and while she may not know the answers you seek, it is likely that Remilia is reluctant to lie in front of her. It isn't nice to use her like this, but you can't always be nice.

“Hm.” Remilia lowers her focus and looks at you, first into your eyes, then right through you at some spot far behind you. Her face loses its typical expression as she stares into nothingness. During the few seconds, Flandre looks at her focus, then at you, then at Remilia, then at her focus again. “Yes, I think it wouldn't hurt to tell you.” Her eyes focus on you again and she regains her half-smile. “Ask away, I won't lie to you.”

“Fine.” Letting out a deep breath, you prepare for the first question. “Why am I here?”
Flandre is the reason, but what will Remilia say of it? She promised not to lie...

“You are here because we need you.” She nods at Flandre, who tilts her head a little and seems clueless. “Because she needs you.” Flandre blushes lightly and Remilia smiles amusedly, either at Flandre or at what she's going to say next. “Also, because life is less boring when I can watch you doing all kinds of idiotic things.” She shrugs. “That is why you are here.”
So, you are here so she could watch you fail at everything? How nice.

“So you could watch me fail... You have a way of watching me, then.” Remilia nods and is about to explain, but you want to ask something else. “Earlier today, you said that we can't afford freedom. What did you mean?”
Glancing at Flandre, you notice that she's set down her boulder and is now sitting on the floor, watching your conversation.

“Ah, that...” Remilia's lips remain parted as she remembers something. It makes her smile disappear. “You used to be stubborn... Trustworthy, honorable, reliable. All of those.” She shakes her head lightly. “I don't know what you are anymore. You've... changed. For the worse.” You can now clearly see that she is sad, despite her eyes glowing. “I can't trust you.”
The way she looks at you is frightening. Not because you're afraid of her, but because you're afraid of what she sees. Have you really changed? You always wanted to be a man of your word, but it seems like it is no longer true.

“I'm... sorry.” Attempting to forget the thing for now, you only manage to scare it to the back of your head where it remains, ready to pounce at the worst possible moment. “I thought... I wanted to know why...” Flandre moves a little just as you're about to ask why Remilia doesn't care about her. She's patiently waiting for you to finish, content at being ignored. Can you remind her of it? “...why are we here? I mean, what is going to happen when we begin?”
No. No, you can't.

“This is a little more than a formality. All we're going to do is to remove the connection you have with me – yes, there is one – and replace it with a similar connection with Flandre.” Remilia lifts her focus again, signaling that the time for questions is over. “I'm not going to go into details, but the connection is little more than a vague feeling of where you are and if you're in trouble or not.”
Flandre, seeing what Remilia does, also prepares herself. You make a split-second decision, take the stone from the box and hold it at your chest. It's heavy: you won't be able to hold it for very long.

The ritual begins silently. Both Flandre and Remilia simply radiate something which you think is raw power, which subsequently gets sucked into the foci. You could drop yours or do something else to interrupt the ritual, perhaps regaining the freedom you've lost. Then you begin to feel the heat from the absurd amount of energy being transferred. The two beings in the room with you are something that you can't even begin to compare to. Closing your eyes, you concentrate on the weight of the rock in your hands and attempt to push the hazy sphere of something immaterial that seems to have appeared around the middle section of your torso towards the focus...

The dizziness fades quickly, leaving only the burning feeling on your chest. Placing the focus back into the box, you kneel on the floor and shake your head to get rid of the last bit of dizziness.

“How are you feeling?”
Flandre places her small hand on your shoulder and gives you a reassuring squeeze. She sounded genuinely worried, but who can know about her.

“Fine... I guess.”
This time, it's not a lie like it usually is. The pain is fading away and the only thing left is a lingering tiredness.

“I'm glad you're both fine. I'll leave you for now; you've earned it.”
Remilia voices her thoughts just as you're about to stand up. She's already holding the handle of the door when you look at her and leaves immediately after your eyes meet hers. She's completely serious, not a bit of her typical smile is present as the door closes and leaves you alone with Flandre.

“So... it was done.”
Flandre wraps her arms around your torso from behind and pulls you to her. Her head rests against your back as she hugs you from behind. She feels soft, warm and comfortable. Some faint noise carries from downstairs as she lets you turn around.

“I don't know what was done, but it's done now.”
Your heart is pounding out of excitement. While you've been with her before, it's rare that both you and her have been trying to just be with each other. She looks upwards for a tiny moment before pressing her cheek on your chest, but it's enough to see her wide, warm smile and eyes full of happiness. You two remain there, embracing each other until it happens.

“I didn't come here for you! Out of my way!” The scream is loud enough to be heard from outside, and is easily recognizable. “He took my eye, I'm going to take his!”
Yes, it is her. Your winged tormentor. How did she manage to pick the most clichéd moment of them all? It seems like someone is already taking care of the problem, so you won't have to, but...

[] You created the problem. You will also help solve the problem.
-[] Go there, but ask help from Flandre.
-[] You created the problem alone, you will also solve the problem alone.
[] Let 'em handle it.
-[] Go watch anyways. You'll probably learn something.
-[] Gently push your fiancé onto your bed...


I only got 6 months. So, 4 months from now, I'll be free again.

And yes, the latest updates did suck.
[X] Let 'em handle it.
-[X] Gently push your fiancé onto your bed...
Flandre is best Flandre
File 134659646075.png - (786.09KB, 1612x1209, 54d8f8b255f6e0e06977eb488860b686.png) [iqdb]
Uhm, well... News.

I will not get to visit home next weekend due to some important training at the barracks. On top of that, I got a call this morning. My grandmother died last night and the burial is likely to be on the weekend after the next one.

So, it's possible that I won't be around until three weeks from now.
I'm not sure why I saved that picture. I just like it.
[x] You created the problem. You will also help solve the problem.
-[x] You created the problem alone, you will also solve the problem alone.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Regarding the vote, we really do need to deal with Mystia. If someone else just keeps her away from us, the underlying issue will never be dealt with. There will be plenty of time to enjoy with Flandre once the bird stop pestering us.
[x] Let 'em handle it.
-[x] Go watch anyways. You'll probably learn something.

Trying to subbornly do things alone is basically sucidal both in terms of Chris's lacking strength and the tendency for things going from worse to worst when he and Mystia are alone.

Did she lose an eye for some reason? I don't remember Chris really injuring her, at least not compared to what Remilia and Flandre did at separate times.

And there's the fact she's charging into the SDM no little to good reason, so this might fall under Remilia's jurisdiction.
File 134780209916.jpg - (36.69KB, 456x800, e93550fd63ce7acc7ceee76b9dd63454.jpg) [iqdb]
I had a whole four hours to write an update.

I hate writing if I have a deadline.
So I didn't write an update. Instead, I'll write it next week and post it when I get to come home again on next Friday.

I totally didn't write this just as an excuse to post a picture. No way.
Nice Mystia. It's a shame we're not on good terms with her in the story; probably won't resolve anything either, thanks to route oriented voting.

>“You used to be stubborn... Trustworthy, honorable, reliable. All of those.” She shakes her head lightly. “I don't know what you are anymore. You've... changed. For the worse.”
This was a hint, guys.
File 134844902476.jpg - (401.43KB, 1289x1823, 2dfe05f417855bca95b13d7578e19563.jpg) [iqdb]
“She definitely knows how to pick the worst of moments and places.”
Her coming to the Mansion seems a little odd to you since the last time she met one of the residents ended... not so well to her. Then again, she doesn't strike you as a very smart person.

“Why is she here? I thought I took care of her already.”
Flandre, letting go of you, seems as puzzled as you are.

“Ahem, we had another run-in on the night when Remilia demanded that I go to the party with her. I... stabbed her in the eye. Your sister saved me from her rage.” You receive an odd glance from Flandre, but she remains silent. “I think I'd better go see what's going on.”
As you turn to leave, Flandre stops you.

“Why? Just let Meiling take care of it. She's the guardian of us all.”
She's holding your sleeve, but clearly not with much force.

“She'll just come back if I won't be there. Better take care of the underlying problem than sweep it away.”
Why you're not afraid of her after all she's done is a mystery of sorts, but it can remain as such.

“Fine. But I'm coming with you.”
She lets go of your sleeve, sounding a little disappointed. Would it be proper to apologize? Eh, probably...

“Sorry.” You pat her head, which makes her cross her arms, pout and look away. “I can't just ignore her now that she's after me. It's better see her here, where I'm safe, rather than on some dark forest path.”

“Hmph! As if I'd let her!” She seems to calm a little, or at least she looks at you again with her impressively red eyes. You could lose yourself into their depths for ages. “I'm always with you now, and I won't let it happen again.”
Her voice is as light as the lid of a sarcophagus slamming shut for the last time, with a hint of the professional joy of a gravedigger. It causes you to shiver.

Flandre's final act is a little odd, but you don't care about it and head downstairs. Flandre squeezes past you just before the stairs and spreads her wings to prevent you from doing the same. Shrugging, you adjust to her rather slow rate of descent.

“Took you long enough. They've almost finished their stare-down, you should go outside if you want to have a word with her.”
You're almost at the bottom of the stairs when a tired-looking Remilia literally glides in from the hall and then past you on her way upstairs. She yawns as she passes, idly flapping her wings and completely ignoring the stairs you're using, and the fact that you're using them. If she hadn't said anything, you'd have thought she hadn't seen you. She even ignores your attempt to respond, and Flandre acts as if Remilia hadn't been there in the first place. It's confusing.

Flandre pushes the front door open after short, disturbingly silent walk. Behind it stands Meiling, her eyes fixed on Mystia, who is a little farther away. The two are silently staring at each other, but the moment Mystia sees you breaks their charm. The bird woman screeches and charges, seemingly without plan, only to be in the receiving end of a nasty-looking punch by Meiling. Her face twists in pain as she is completely stopped and momentarily lifted into the air by the power of the punch which landed just below her ribcage. She attempts to gasp for air before dropping to her knees, continuing to open and close her mouth like a fish on dry land. Meiling stands in between her and you, pondering whether she's had enough for a moment before turning around to see what happened behind her. Nodding once, she steps to the side when she notices Flandre.

Your approach:
[] Friendly
[] Direct
[] Insulting
[] Violent


It sucks and I know it. Yet, I don't care.
[x] Direct.
-[x] "You did rape me, after all."

Can't be friendly when talking about how you stabbed someone in the eye, and being insulting or violent will only aggravate manners.
[x] Direct.
-[x] "You did rape me, after all."
[x] Direct.
-[x] "Why are you still continuing with your vendetta?"

Neutral is best and as such no accusations should be launched so soon.
Forgot my sage. whoops.
[x] Direct.
-[x] "Why are you still continuing with your vendetta?"
File 134895967614.jpg - (518.70KB, 1300x1658, 2fc6bbe127f4d4b1f7ba4685f27bc9ca.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Direct

“Miss, I am not sure why she's here or why she decided to attempt to attack us.” Meiling jabs her foot at Mystia, who is still attempting to catch her breath without success while glaring at you from under her brows. “What should we do with her?”

“Perhaps we should listen to what she has to say before getting rid of her.”
Flandre steps outside and looks at the bird girl from above, and not only because of her physical position.

“Gasp...” The pained pile of trouble finally manages to draw breath. “Just give me what's-” Her face twists in agony as she holds the place where the punch landed. “-gah, mine.” She forces a grin, almost managing to dissipate the look of pain. “Give it to me and I won't bother you.”
Stubborn, you have to admit. Still, you inch past Flandre.

“Why do you keep harassing me?”
It's a simple question, but difficult to ask. So difficult, in fact, that you manage to stutter which makes you feel ashamed. This, in turn makes Mystia's grin to turn into a genuine one.

“What is mine is mine... and you came to me willingly.”
She pushes herself up, which causes Meiling to drop into a stance. However, she remains slanted forwards, still covering the hurt area with her arms. She staggers backwards a little before regaining her balance.

“You'll... take him away?” Flandre is looking at her with her head tilted a little to the left. She sounded a little odd. “Will you take him away from me?”
Your fiancé's eyes are wide open and her lips remain slightly apart as she takes a step forward, past you.

“If he's already mine, then he can't be yours.”
There is a very, very short silence.

The sound of a gunshot causes you to first cover your ears and then dive to the ground. It's not a 'blam' like it is in movies or games that can be silenced with a silencer, it's mostly the bullet breaking the sound barrier. And that's not something you want to hear near your ear. Then, as you've recovered from the worst shock and raise your head from the grass, you see Flandre floating above the iron gate, looking at the lake that can be barely seen through the metal bars. Mystia is nowhere to be seen. The worst of tinnitus fades out quickly, allowing the sound of Flandre's silent mumbling to be heard.

“Got away... Got away... She got away...”
It's all she says.

“Odd. She shouldn't have been that fast. Oh, and you can get up now.”
Meiling's also looking at the lake, but offers her hand to you as she notices that you've recovered from the attack of cowardice. She helps you up.

“Thanks.” Your shirt now has some green stripes on it, combined with the smell of damp ground. “What happened? It was too fast for me to see it.”
You attempt to brush off the worst of the newly-acquired camouflage as Flandre slowly drops herself to the ground.

“Miss Flandre charged at the intruder who somehow managed to dodge the attack and then fled. Or disappeared, I'm not sure which.” Flandre walks back to you two, clearly disappointed at herself. Miss, should I...” Without caring about the gate guard, the vampire goes back inside, her face blank and her eyes at her feet. “Oh well.”
Shrugging, the guard glances at you and then looks at the lake again.

[] Flandre clearly needs someone.
[] Something fishy is going on.
-[] Go to X to Y her about Z.


Again, it isn't as good as I'd want to make it, but sadly, I don't have time to improve it. Unless you want to wait for another week, of course, and I don't think you do.
[x] Something fishy is going on.
[x] Flandre clearly needs someone

Because even if this is a weird thing, letting it ruin the wedding night is just plain wrong. Deal with it in the morning.
[x] Flandre clearly needs someone.
[x] "Are you upset that Mystia claimed I was hers?"

Where did it say that tonight is the wedding night? I sure didn't see it; so far we're just engaged. No wedding is planned, and we don't have a date.

That said, it's fairly obvious why Flandre's upset, but the subvote is included just to make sure. Mystia claimed that we already belong to her, and thus can't be Flandre's. Flandre now thinks that Mystia could come take us away at any moment. Previous updates (>>51759) have revealed that Flandre's extremely lonely, and since her mind is now restricted again because the full moon has ended, the thought of being left alone again is very distressing to her.

When talking with Flandre, it might be a good idea to emphasize that even if we're separated from her, we'll always come back. It's also important to discuss her attachment to us, and why she's so afraid of losing us, even though we accepted the ring.
[x] Something fishy is going on.a

Something odd is going on here as Mystia isn't that fast and the whole bullet thing is odd as the only one with a gun is Chris last I remember.

I have to wonder who could be fast enough to butt into this. I know it's not Aya as she'd rather use the scene as material
[A] Flandre clearly needs someone.

You stole my words. All of them.
Can't post a picture because for some unknown reason the post fails completely if I select one.


[x] Flandre clearly needs someone.

“I'll go see that she won't do anything stupid because of this. I suppose you'll manage?”
Sometimes you wish your fiancé was a bit less prone to extreme mood swings...

“Just make sure she won't cause trouble to anyone else and we'll manage.”
Meiling, despite being a little boring, wouldn't be freaked out like that. Sighing, you head inside and try to guess where Flandre went.

Your first guess, which turns out to be correct, is her room. She's in there, rummaging through her drawer while muttering something to herself. You stop at the doorway for a moment, watching her furious search. She's on her knees, facing away from you, piling the stuff she moves out of the way on the floor next to her. While you watch, she adds a few stuffed toys and quite a lot of underwear, some of which is quite daring, to the pile.

“Are you okay?” You're not sure why you asked the question which will be certainly answered with a lie. “What are you looking for?”
Not sure whether it'd be okay to just go there or if would be better to stay where you are, you decide to be delicate and stay still.

“Something.” She adds a plain wooden box to the pile without looking inside. “I'm not sure myself, but there should be something in here.”
For some reason, a fine looking teacup is added to to the pile, too. Why'd she have it in there?

“What's this something supposed to do?”
Seeing that she's more or less fine, you take a few steps and close the distance between her and the door.

“I'm not completely sure, but...” She stops, her hands finding a golden chain from the bottom of a box filled with some of her shirts. Pulling it out, she reveals a golden locket which she then places on her left palm. “I'm sorry...” She whispers it to herself while opening the locket. It has a faded picture of Remilia in it. The hand holding it clenches into a fist before dropping the still intact necklace between her knees. “I'm sorry.”
Flandre looks upwards for a second and then gets up. All of the sudden she turns around, jumps towards you and tackles you onto the floor.

“Hey- Gah.”
A jolt of pain travels up your spine as you fall onto your back with Flandre's weight on top of you. She nearly knocked the air out of you and didn't do anything to soften the impact.

“I failed.” Flandre's arms curl around you as she hugs you, completely ignoring the pain she caused. “I promised to keep you safe, but I failed. I won't fail again.”
Her head is resting on your chest, and you can see that she's trying hard not to cry.

“It's okay.” What are you supposed to do now? “I'm safe.”
Your back still hurts a lot, but you ignore it and pet Flandre's head. She's biting her lip and tries to catch your hand with hers to stop you form touching her hair.

“Maybe now, but...” She makes another try at grabbing your hand, which you avoid. “...what about tomorrow? Or next week?”
Annoyed by your persistence at petting her hair, she rolls off you and pushes herself up. She doesn't seem too happy, but at least she isn't about to cry.

“Who knows?” You'd shrug, but the slowly fading pain suggest that it wouldn't be a good idea. “I'm not seeking trouble, but trouble can seek me. You shouldn't be worried, though: I'm not going to go with her despite her saying that I'm hers.”
You can't lie on the floor for all day, but shifting to a sitting position would hurt. Doing so regardless of the aching, your face twists because of the bruises. Flandre notices your pained expression, moves behind you and places her hands on your shoulders.

“Did I hurt you? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.” Her right hand moves to the sore spot, gently touching it. It stings a little. “This doesn't feel bad. It'll be a bruise at most.”
She grabs you by your sides, pulls you up and then gives a little tug to turn you around. Flashing a smile, she lets go.

“It's fine. You weren't yourself when you did it.”
Flandre remains silent and looks at something near the drawer, which is behind you.

[] Question her about the locker
[] Lighten the mood and go for a walk with her.
[] You still haven't fulfilled your promise to practice with Sakuya.
[] Ask Flandre what she'd want to do.


I'm halfway there.

v = d/t
[x] Question her about the locker.
[x] You still haven't fulfilled your promise to practice with Sakuya.

Presumably a "what is that?" and answer won't take much of our time, and we can go practice with Sakuya after that. Then again, it might be late enough in the day that she's already working to maintain the mansion. If so, we'd have to come back later, or she'd have to use time manipulation shenanigans to practice with us, in which case we should be very appreciative.
[X] Question her about the locker
[X] Lighten the mood and go for a walk with her.

fiancé walkan gaems

Also, what's the alt-code for é? I've been having to copy-paste it because it's not with the Spanish accented letters.

v = d/t eh? Definition of Velocity. So either she could just be that fast, or she's radically shortening the time in which she's travelling, which suggests temporal manipulation. Alternately, she's warping space to travel extra far.

In any case.

[x] Lighten the mood and go for a walk with her.
[x] Ask Flandre what she'd want to do.
[x] Ask Flandre what she'd want to do while trying to lighten the mood some

If she doesn't want to do anything then
[x]You still haven't fulfilled your promise to practice with Sakuya.

It's like the writer doesn't want Chris to go to practice putting it against Flandre choices.
[x] Lighten the mood and go for a walk with her.
[x] Ask Flandre what she'd want to do.
File 135087141678.jpg - (586.92KB, 1920x1080, 4120d0c90f29a5b81e6fab21ede24022.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Lighten the mood and go for a walk with her.
[x] Ask Flandre what she'd want to do.

“That's not an acceptable reason!” She doesn't yell, but her voice is harsh. “I can't just... do that. Not to you.”
As she looks downwards, her hair falls down and covers her face. The hell are you supposed to do now?

“Hey.” You stroke her smooth, soft hair once to get her attention. “Come. Let's go for a walk.”
There's no grand idea behind it, but at least it's something.

“To where?”
Sweeping the hair off her face, she reveals her blank expression.

“I don't know. I just felt like going for a walk, and walks are always better if there's someone to talk to.”
For some reason, the ways she's looking at you is making you feel nervous.

“Fine. Let's go, then.” Her blank expression transforms into a twisted smile. “But I'll decide where we're going.” With one motion, she's already on her way out of the room while waving you to follow her. “Don't worry, we're not going to leave the yard.”
Even her voice has changed. You don't like where this is going...

Despite your bad premonitions, she only leads you out of her room, along the corridor, up the stairs, into the hall and then outside. She constantly speeds up her pace during the short trip, nearly crossing the borders of your comfort zone.

“So, we're outside.” After a quick glance at the afternoon sky, you look at your fiancé. She's squinting because of the sunlight, even if sun itself is hidden behind the mansion. “You had an idea about where we could go?”

“Yeah. Just follow me.” Turning to the left, Flandre heads towards the shadier end of the yard, the one with the tiny orchard. You notice that Meiling has noticed the two of you. She glances at you, then resumes to read the book she has. “Come on.”
A hand seeks yours just as you're about to continue towards the corner of the mansion. The hand feels very warm.

“I'm coming.” Flandre pulls on your hand, forcing you to a light jog as she floats slightly above the grassy ground. Cheater. “Are we in a hurry or something?”
No answer, just some more running. She turns immediately after the corner, lets go of your hand, drops to the ground and sprints towards the small hedge maze which occupies the shadiest corner of the yard. Sighing, you sprint after her, only to watch the distance between you grow despite your best attempts. She disappears into the maze only about 30 seconds before you do, but even that is enough for her to be nowhere to be seen when you reach the entrance. Stopping to repay the oxygen debt accumulated during the sprint, you wonder what's up with her. Well, better find her regardless of her reasons. After catching your breath and deciding your tactic, you head straight into the maze. Left, left, left, left... A dead end. Left, left, left... Eventually, you reach the tiny central clearing of the maze. It's nothing much, a granite bench in a hole that is barely large enough for it. Despite this, Flandre's sitting on the bench, her knees together and her hands supporting the weight of her head on them. She immediately looks at you, bringing herself back from the world of her own thoughts.

“You took your time. Come, sit with me.”
She pats the empty part of the bench next to her.

“Sorry, I've only been here once, and that wasn't exactly a pleasant trip.”
The hazy memories of that night return to your mind as you sit next to Flandre.

“Maybe, but you still took your time.” She places her hand on your shoulder. “Still, I'm glad you're here.”
Leaning closer, she touches your cheek with her lips. The only explanation she offers is a soft smile and a warm gaze.

It's an honest question.

Her cheeks gain some colour as she continues to look directly into your eyes; hers have lost their omnipresent predatory glare and seem... caring? Then, after a short moment, she inches closer until her side is pressing against yours. Her hand moves so it's resting on your shoulders. You faintly feel her strong, fast heartbeats.

“I could, but I won't.”
You're not quite sure what she smells of as you let her onto your lap. Perhaps a mixture of sweat and a faint perfume. While Flandre's light, she's heavy enough to reduce the blood circulation in your legs in your current stance. Your attempt to move a little causes Flandre to giggle.

“Te-he...” Or, not to giggle, but to let out a noise that resembles a giggle. “You know, there's something we could do.”
She gets up and turns around. Her face's now clearly flushed, and it's infectious. Even your face is starting to feel hot.

“Like what?”
You think you may know what she means as she bows, places her hands behind your head and pulls so your lips get planted directly on hers. She touches your still-closed lips with her tongue before letting go.

“Like...” She pulls, hard. Hard enough to cause you to tumble forward and fall onto her, only your fast reaction preventing her from being left between you and the ground. “This.”
There she is, in the small space under you as you're on your hands and knees after her sudden yank.

You are conflicted, even scared. You haven't even done it by yourself since... since that. Even now it's haunting your mind, telling you to flee from the situation. All your lust is gone; you could let her do it, but probably couldn't enjoy it yourself.

[] Flee.
[] Back off.
[] Tell her you can't do it.
[] Attempt a passionate kiss.
[] Let her do as she wishes with you.
Landscout is best scout
[X] Attempt a passionate kiss.
[x] Attempt a passionate kiss.
[x] Attempt a passionate kiss.
Since the story should be wrapping up soon (we passed the deadline in >>51038), I have a feeling this choice will greatly influence which ending we'll get.

Consider what would happen if we go for the kiss: optimistically, it would work, and demonstrate that Mystia does not stand between us and Flandre, finally putting that incident out of Chris's mind. This would strengthen our relationship with Flandre and put Chris's mind at ease. Pessimistically, it might bring up the traumatic memories of the event in Chris's mind, which Flandre would notice and question him about. She'd then see we're still distracted by Mystia, even if involuntarily, despite our assurations to the contrary (>>54623). I think this is supported by
>You are conflicted, even scared. You haven't even done it by yourself since... since that. Even now it's haunting your mind.
Or, it could go well, but this decision will be one of the last we make in the story, and Chris will be submissive to all of Flandre's demands for the rest of his life at the SDM.

We could instead attempt to avoid escalating things. This would have the benefit of avoiding all of the above possible negatives, and could prove to be a point of character for Chris at full moons in the future: when Flandre becomes fully coherent again, she'd know that he didn't take advantage of her, or submit to requests that she made while not in her right mind. Of course, negatively, backing out of this could make Flandre suspect that something's on our mind (Mystia), which leads to the same negative as going for the kiss. And again, if this is one of the last choices we make for Chris, then backing out could result in him being constantly afraid of Flandre whenever the moon isn't full, which is equally undesirable.

Or I could be overanalyzing things because no one else is offering up thoughts. At any rate, because of the strong support for this action in the last update,

[x] Back off.
File 135139051065.jpg - (358.01KB, 1495x1084, cb304566777ea5c42967ace1a48a4649.jpg) [iqdb]
That's ass.


[x] Attempt a passionate kiss.

She's close and her lips are cracked open, as if inviting you... Yet still, all you feel is fear and a certain, freakishly disgusting excitement as you lower yourself. Closing your eyes a little before forcing the final centimeter, you feel her hot breath on your cheek. No, you can't do this...


Your hands give up as you fall what little distance is between you, pinning your fiancé between your body and the ground. Her lips clash with yours, engaging in a heated battle of lust. Your hands lock her against yourself, letting you feel the slightest of her moves through the clothing which serves no purpose at this point. She wants you and something is preventing you from stopping. Tackling her tongue with yours, you move your hand to raise yourself a little and the other to her chest, feeling the softness of her tiny breasts. Her response is to gently bite your lower lip and to roll over, bringing her to the top and leaving you between her inhumanly strong, soft and shapely thighs. She backs off, sitting on top of you with her face full of lust.

“Now you're mine.”
Flandre wipes off a bit of your saliva from around her mouth with the back of her hand. You're charmed by her, completely unable to respond or to do anything but admire her ethereal beauty and feel the softness of the skin on her thighs. She lets out a light giggle and lets herself fall down again, stopping herself just a little above you with her hands and knees putting you into the starting position, only reversed.

“Are you ready?”
The question is asked despite you not being ready for what is about to come. Your face remains still as your hand rises up her thigh, pressing small indentations into her nigh hairless skin while still moving them towards its goal. The blush on Flandre's face grows deeper as you go, and she suddenly sneaks one hand onto your crotch, ensuring that she has the first shot. She does not, however, use the advantage, instead settling for moving her finger on the fabric of your pants, causing a tickling sensation on what's below.

Her words reach you just as your fingers reach their target underneath her dress. The underwear she's wearing feels smooth and soft, as does her ass beneath it. It's round, shapely and firm; just perfect. As you grope her heavenly rear, she roughens her movements on the hand which is still drawing shapes on the fabric over your crotch, changing the tickling feeling into something totally else. Your thing rises up to meet her call, though not completely due to your lingering fear. She lowers herself again and engages you in another battle with her tongue. She manages to pin you down, but an under the belt hit changes the situation. As you slide your index finger into her butt crack, her hand which is above your crotch undoes the button and the zipper and moves to gently massaging your balls. To keep the upper hand, you bite Flandre's tongue extremely gently, and while she's busy pulling it out of your mouth, slip your hand inside her panties to continue from where you left off. Your hearts are beating intensely as your fiancé lies on top of you, both bodes shivering from the excitement and heat of the moment. She twitches as your finger reaches her anus and you add a little pressure, pushing it a little inside the tight hole. Your grin is short-lived as her hand moves from your scrotum and a small finger finds its way onto your asshole. You immediately continue moving your finger downwards, over the short, hot and wet area and finally onto her hole. Dipping in the tiniest bit, you take some of her juices with you and search for the tiny knob that should be somewhere.

“I think you are.”
She breathes in sharply as you do the slight dip into her, and her eyes widen for a moment. Then, as you start your search in her holiest, she grabs your not completely solid shaft rather roughly and grins widely.

“I may be, but you don't seem to- Haa!” A jolt travels through her as you accidentally tap her clitoris. The tap was a lot rougher than what you meant to do, and came nail first because of her suddenly moving her hand down your thing, exposing the tip so the skin on her hands slides directly on it. You begin massaging her spot extremely gently, first wetting it with her own fluids, as soon as she stops moving. “Hahn... rougher.” Her voice is nothing but a whisper, but still enough to command. Pressing a little harder, you move your index finger a little faster and bring your middle finger between her fiery hot lips, too, to play with her wet entrance. “Nhaa...” Her back arches backwards a little as she enjoys the sensation you're causing, without forgetting to play with your thing, too. She's changed her grip so that now only the foreskin touches the extremely sensitive tip to avoid too strong stimulation. It is still enough to cause a pressure to build near the base and a floating, ecstatic feeling in your head. “Enough... I want it...”
She gives you one last stroke as she moans her request. With your heart in your throat, you tap her entrance once more and give her clit one final tease before sliding your hand out of her panties.

“Just tell me what to do.”
It's supposed to sound like you're trying your best to make her feel good, but actually you haven't got the faintest idea how to do that. She knows, or at least smiles knowledgeably as she stands up and drops her damp underwear onto her feet before kicking it off, then lifting her skirt to reveal the thing you just played with. While you've seen it once before, it's difficult not to stare. What was once just a crack is now two soft, hot red mounds, flushed with blood, sensitive and ready.

“I know I'm your first... Unfortunately, you're not my first.” She kneels, placing her hands onto your shoulders. “Just let me handle this.” Leaning closer, she places a loving kiss onto your lips before leaning back again while pushing you to the ground. Her left hand seeks the base of your shaft and takes a hold of the rock-hard thing. She touches the very tip with her right index finger, bringing a thin strand of your fluid with it to front of her face only to be locked off as she slowly lowers herself. You can already feel the heat radiating from her as she stops for a final time, her lips less than a centimeter above the your tip. “Ready?”

I'm not.
Is what you're supposed to say. Instead, you let out a small whine as the wings in front of you turn into feathery ones, the smile into one of sick, twisted lust and the face into what has haunted your dreams. The image disappears as soon as it appeared, however, as something very soft and very warm grazes your enlarged glans. You obey her request and just watch as she brings her right hand to between her lips to spread them apart a little, revealing the small knob you played with. She's incredibly beautiful. It's all you have in your mind as she ever so slowly lowers herself, pressing you into her hot, tight and wet self. The feeling is very much unlike anything you've felt before with her walls tightly gripping and massaging you as she keeps forcing you deeper into herself. Her eyes turn upwards a little before you're completely inside. The last bit is nearly too much for you with your complete length being stimulated inside her hot folds.

It's happening again. The feathery wings in front of you, the sick grin, pink hair and the pierced feathery ear. The difference is that this time, you can stop her. Or, could stop her if your hear weren't beating madly enough to cause pain in your chest and head as your vision slowly fades.

“Hey, are you awake?” Flandre's voice reaches you in the depths. “I'm sorry... I was a little too rough on you and got you over-exhausted.” Something soft brushes your face. “But don't worry, you're going to be just fine.”
Opening your eyes, you see Flandre's gently smiling face only about a palm's width away from yours. She's moved you to her bed and is under the covers with you, her thigh on your hip. It's a little hot to be curled together like that, but you're not going to complain.

“Gah.” You rub your eyes. “I have to get something to drink.” Probably partially because of how hot it is under the covers, you seem to have lost a lot of liquid and the need to replace it is immense. You also need to visit the bathroom to empty your bladder, and decide not to waste any time. Flandre hasn't undressed you, so you just slip from under the covers and head for the door. “I'll be right back.”

“No need to hurry.” Opening the door of your fiancés bedroom, you quickly cross across her other room which is, as always, littered with stuff ranging from porn mags to piano notes. “After all...” Reaching out for the doorknob, you pull it only to realize that the door is locked. “...we'll be together...” Digging the key from your pocket, you stick it into the keyhole and turn it. The door remains locked. “...forever.”
As you glance behind yourself, you see Flandre, wearing nothing at all, gazing at you with her burning red eyes, filled with predatory lust.

The end?
Do read what's under the line, though.


So, you have reached an end. It's not a bad end. It's up to you if it's a good one either.

I'm giving you the choice to go back a bit. You'll decide to which exact point in time we'll go back to, but I won't accept a point too far in the past. Anything from the previous threads is straight out.

Also, this story reached a conclusion. You took too many things for granted and fell for the plan like an ignorant fool without even suspecting that one exists.
I'm not saying this is the only possible end for this story, but it is, still, an end. I mean, you got the girl you chased and get to be with her. Forever.

Oh, and one last thing about me and my stories in general. Don't think of sex as a reward for making the right choices. It can happen for reasons other than love, too. For example, to make the MC do something or someone may see it as the best way to avoid conflict. Sometimes, it may be used as a lure.
Guess we all should of listened to >>54692 as he obviously knew what was up. Clearly we need to go back to the good old days of paranoia, despair and second guessing ourselves into oblivion.

But on a serious note, perhaps it would be best to wait until the next full moon before trying anything with Flandre. Actually thinking of that just now if Flandre is coherent during the full moon and this end essentially stuck Chris in the basement forever, does that mean coherent Flandre would also keep him trapped forever as well?


[x] Back one choice
[x] Back off
A list of problems we had at this point in the ending:
-Unresolved rape incident with Mystia.
-Flandre is our master. This is probably an issue due to
>No, you can't do this...
>Your hands give up as you fall what little distance is between you...
-Never practiced fighting with Sakuya.
-Never helped Patchouli. (>>53996)

I think we should keep in mind what Meiling said in the OP: "Just... remember that they're not human. Do not assume that they think like they are."

I need to think more before voting how far back we should go. Tentatively, I'm thinking >>54366, so... 7 options.

The mistress of the mansion requests a huge favor from the most powerful known being in all of Gensokyo to bring a guy from a far-away land to her, then hires him despite already having more than enough staff and finally gives no fucks when her sister decides that she's engaged with the newcomer despite barely knowing him.

Makes sense to me.
Not sure if serious, or sarcastically mocking our attempts to make sense of your story.
[x] Back seven choices. (>>54366)
[x] You already told the truth.

We didn't want to be a slave. This is a true statement.
File 135316918340.jpg - (921.78KB, 1428x2000, 283c430e3b2eab0ac51e00c26b001151.jpg) [iqdb]
Take your time. I'm not in a hurry. I won't be writing anything this month.
What about this month?
Vote, don't beleaguer.
It's all I'm good for.
File 13549759895.jpg - (606.42KB, 1000x1200, 94f22d561a6f6bd6ec44766217f3dc76.jpg) [iqdb]
Likely. The amount of free time I have this month is like, five or six times that what I had last month thanks to Christmas holidays and my service nearing its end.

Still waiting for some votes. Two isn't many, especially when they're for different options.
[X] >>54707
Just so that there is a clear majority.
[X] >>54707

Oh look, another vote
File 135606219072.png - (29.93KB, 798x743, 1e2a055ddfeb581b0fbfae690af2ba32.png) [iqdb]
[x] You already told the truth.

“I already told you. I will not be a slave.”
This time, it comes out with a little bit more confidence. Patchouli, however, doesn't seem impressed.

“You are dealing with something that is beyond your power to decide. You already know that they are both capable of obliterating you without any effort.” Her voice remains emotionless and her face blank while she speaks. It's a little spooky. “But do as you wish. Just don't expect any help from me.”
The witch turns away, glancing at you once before leaving the room.

“...Well, that could have gone better.”
Your mutter gets drowned in the sound made by you falling onto the bed. Haah... She got you all nervous about it. What if they won't notice the fault you made? Will whatever they're doing end up in a spectacularly painful fireball of pure death?

I have to admit: I'm not sure what will happen. It's rather unlikely that you'd die, though. Or, at least if the energy does not transform into kinetic energy... Very reassuring. Hey, I'm doing my best here, but self-feeding positive feedback loops of magical energy can be unpredictable. Just look at the Sun: it's the same thing, just with matter transforming into energy instead. An unrestrained, self-feeding positive feedback loop.

Her monologue does not assure you of the safety of her idea before you hear something from the corridor. Just as you're about to get up to investigate, two siblings barge in.

“I see you're back and ready. Good.” Remilia walks forward and goes to check one of the foci. Flandre, instead, remains at the doorway and stares at you. Staring back into her red, bright eyes, you think of what Patchouli and Mima told you. “...Flan? Are you coming?”
Remilia turns around to look at her sister, her wing almost knocking off some of the stuff that is on your drawer.

“I...” Flandre shivers. “Okay.”
Looking downwards at the floor, she takes a step forward that brings her into your room. Remilia furrows her brows at this but then shrugs and turns around again.

“We can do this later if you're not feeling like it. I just thought it'd be best to get this out of the way immediately.”
Inspecting the last of the boulders, the one you damaged, Remilia stops to view it for longer than the two others before turning to face Flandre again.

“No, I'm fine. Let's do this.”
The sisters look at each other in silence for a while. Then, after nodding at each other, they both take a focus from a box. Remilia takes the one she inspected first, and Flandre takes the other untouched one.

“Okay, Chris, take the last focus and stand up. This will be done in a flash.” Both of the vampires look at somewhere behind you just as you get up. Glancing there, you see that Argus appeared to watch the show. Swallowing, you stand in front of the box, prepared to lift the heavy stone. Remilia is staring at you intensely while Flandre looks away when you look at her. “You seem troubled. Is there something you want to tell us before we begin?”

[] No.
[] Yes.
-[] Admit the sabotage.
-[] Ask if she knows why Flandre's acting like she is.


There we go. An update.
[x] Yes.
-[x] Ask if she knows why Flandre's acting like she is.
[x] Yes.
-[x] Ask if she knows why Flandre's acting like she is.

I'd assume admitting to the sabotage would equate to suicide.
[x] Yes.
-[x] Ask if she knows why Flandre's acting like she is.
File 135657789419.jpg - (489.04KB, 990x1175, 9e81ff81236c8762541ef8935d3b3688.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Yes.
-[x] Ask if she knows why Flandre's acting like she is.

“Yes. There’s… something.” Remilia keeps glaring at you expectantly. Can she know? “Why is Flandre acting like that?”
The person in question is currently holding her rock while examining the oddly warm card which has a picture of a kitsune on it. It came in the package you received from Yukari, the one she used to pay for the tea she drank ages ago.

“Why…” Remilia closes her eyes, empties her lungs, breathes in and looks at Flandre before continuing. “Why are you asking me instead of her? I… cannot answer.” There’s a short silence, during which she looks at the floor. “I assume you’re ready now.”
Her voice is silent and lacks the usual enthusiasm. You look at Flandre, but she seems like she hasn’t heard you, still focused on the odd slip of paper on your drawer.

Seems like you won’t be getting an answer, at least not now. Nodding, you look at Remilia again who seems to have regained her typical fervor. Picking up the heavy focus from the box, you do your best to turn it so only you can see the scratch on the surface. How the hell did it end up like this…?

Flandre is the one who begins it all. You feel a massive wave of energy flowing from her, only to be joined by another from Remilia. There’s nothing to be seen, and only a mild hum to be heard but the two are somehow exerting a force that seems to be pushing you away from them.

“I know what you did, and it was stupid. Remember, this is your own fault…”
Remilia’s voice is still calm despite the storm of energy that is forming around her and Flandre. So, she knew…

A cloud of red mist forms in the room and gets sucked into the focus you’re holding. It begins glowing red from heat alone causing you to drop it, but not before the burning sensation has spread into your hands. The tips of your fingers glow red for a moment, but the glow fades as the feeling begins moving, first into your palms and then up your arms. Glancing at Remilia in distress, you’re only met with distant, sad eyes and a faint smile.

Out of my way!
For a moment, you feel dizzy. The sensation of heat traveling up your arms stops moving as you realize that someone else is in control now. The burning feeling slowly dissipates, and as soon as it’s gone, you feel another wave of dizziness and regain control.

“I see.” Remilia doesn't sound too surprised. “I’ll leave you to sort out your business in here.”
Setting down the rock in her hands, she leaves without stopping even when you call for her.

“What was that about?”
Flandre has also set down her rock and is now looking at you.

“I’d tell you if I knew.”
Setting down your focus, too, you sit on your bed. Argus jumps onto the bed, too, and lies down so his head rests on your lap.

“Not the last bit.” Flandre sits on your other side and pets Argus’ head while gently leaning onto you. “I mean, where’d all the energy we poured into you go? You’re not enough of a sorcerer to absorb that much.”
She says it as if babbling to a pet while playing with Argus’ ears.

[]”I don’t know.”
[]Tell her.
[]Remain silent.


A change in direction because of two choices?
[X]Remain silent.

Where the hell are the voters? I can't be the only one...
[X] Remain silent.
Sorry. Things came up.
File 135739919551.jpg - (570.35KB, 1600x1200, Downthesights.jpg) [iqdb]
It's over. I'm home.
Never again.
I liked shooting, tho. It let me understand how easy it is to kill with these things.
[x] "I don't know."

Remain silent is patronizing, and telling her about a girl in our head may lead to jealousy, and consequently trying to "remove" Mima.
File 135829566462.jpg - (352.99KB, 1200x900, b3efac754fbc4f6bb1b88342e46f7028.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Remain silent.

You choose to remain silent despite it rarely being a solution to any problem. At best, you're just delaying when you tell her. Unless she forgets about this all...

“Silent, hm? Could you... could you tell me why you don't want me to know?”
Argus lifts his head from your lap as Flandre lets a brooding silence take over. He licks Flandre's fingers while you attempt to come up with an answer.

“I...” You can't just tell her that you can't tell her. “You should know that I dislike lying. Lies hurt people and I don't like hurting others. That's why... that's why I can't tell you: because I'd have to lie to you.”
Yes, it's better if she doesn't know. You'll solve the problem with the help of those whose reactions you can predict.

“But you've told Remi about it...” Her voice falters. “If she knows then why can't I?”
Flandre moves her hand out of Argus' reach and holds it close to her chest while looking at it.

“I haven't told her. She may know something, but I haven't told her.”
Your voice is quiet, but there's no doubt about whether it's heard or not: Flandre freezes in place with her mouth slightly agape.

“Follow me.” Her cold tone is a slight surprise as she pushes herself off your bed and bolts for the door.

“Right.” Not bothering to hurry, knowing that she's too fast for you to keep up anyways, you look at Argus before leaving. There was something odd about his behavior... “I thought you didn't like her.”

“It is unwise not to like someone who can literally crush you like a bug.”
You're not completely certain whether it was supposed to be just a statement or a warning. Still, your familiar's disembodied, ethereal voice echoes in your head as you walk along the corridor. You were just fast enough to see Flandre enter Remilia's room.

“Why haven't you told me?” Flandre's voice is loud enough to be heard to the other end of the corridor. “About what? About him, of course! You knew what was going to happen, yet didn't bother telling me!”
Silence. The only thing to be heard is your own footsteps. They don't echo.

Suddenly, just as you're about to open it, the door bursts open and Flandre rushes past you without even looking at you. For a moment, you're about to go after her, but then decide that you should probably ask Remilia what made her do that.

“Hey, -”
The atmosphere of the room silences you immediately. It feels heavy and sad.

“I'm sorry. I had to.” Remilia's sitting on her bed, hugging her knees. She has wrapped her wings around herself and is looking at the sheets she's sitting on. “I know how she feels, but there was no other option.”
She finally looks at you. Tears are flowing down her cheeks.

“You told her what?”
You get closer and sit next to her.

“She asked me why I hadn't told her. I said that she's-” There's a short silence, during which Remilia wipes away the tears. Her tone doesn't change, though. “I said that it was for your safety. Now... now she's terrified of herself.”
There's a knock on the door just as she finishes.

“Should I go to her?”
Remilia does her best to regain her composure as the person behind the door knocks again.

“Mistress? Someone's trying to get into the mansion by force.”
It's Sakuya.

“Come in.”
The door opens and the head maid enters the room, curtsying to your. Remilia has recovered, or at least has managed to hide her distress.

“It's the night sparrow. Mystia Lorelei. What should we do?”

[] You'll confront Mystia yourself and see what she wants.
-[] Fight her yourself if that's what she wants.
-[] She's above your level. Ask what she wants, but have someone be between you and her.
[] Flandre needs some attention.
[] Flandre needs some time to think, and so do you. Head to the library where it's silent.


Sorry about the delay. After everything I had to go through, I just needed some time off everything. Also, Flandre's reaction was hard to write. She's a difficult character overall.
[X] You'll confront Mystia yourself and see what she wants.
-[X] Fight her yourself if that's what she wants.
Well none of these choices seem like the 'correct' option, confronting Mystia is probably just the least bad.

Also fighting her is a bad idea as in the previous story line she was fast enough to dodge Flandre and then almost instantly disappear so going man mode 1v1 no items final destination is just going to get us killed.

[X] You'll confront Mystia yourself and see what she wants.
-[X] She's above your level. Ask what she wants, but have someone be between you and her.
[X] You'll confront Mystia yourself and see what she wants.
-[X] She's above your level. Ask what she wants, but have someone be between you and her.
[x] You'll confront Mystia yourself and see what she wants.
-[x] See why she's here before assuming she wants to fight, but take the cursed dagger with just in case.

Chris can't win a serious fight with her with mundane weapons. We only managed to stab her eye in >>50753 by sheer luck, so the dagger will at least increase our allowed target area to "whole body."
File 135904051128.jpg - (362.60KB, 1024x768, wo man.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Sakuya to make the bird an offer she can't refuse to come back tomorrow
-[x]IF she insists, make sure she is un- "arm" -ed and disabled before explaining our rape trauma to flan and how its almost "worse than death"

[x] Get Remilia to come clean on why you need to be "bound" to anyone and if it actually means being their "familiar"

im curious though, our contract with remi seemed very similar to our contract with our familiar (bar the blood bond), and remi hasnt explained the difference or why we need it in the first place, to either Chris OR her sister.
doesn't anyone else see this as an urgent mystery to be explained?

in relation to mystia; what part of "gyuu" doesnt she understand? she's shown she wont give up no matter what parts are removed from her other parts, so either she leaves us alone or gets taken apart piece by piece and then to the shrine for decommission

I agree, which is why im taking up scout's open offer of write ins
>>54871 here
to clarify the vote is meant to be like a programming statement, the way i wrote it seems like its 2 votes, its meant to be one because if the birds gone we cant go and talk to her - its logic should flow like this:

[x] Ask Sakuya to make the bird an offer...

if(bird_insits = true)

-[x] make sure she is un- "arm" -ed and disabled ...

[x] Get Remilia to come clean...

sorry if it looks wierd, instinct kicked in when i wrote it, but i hope it makes sense >.>
>shitty vote
>can't into grammar
> >.>
Slink back to the hole from whence you came.
File 13593952954.gif - (7.47KB, 400x300, img004.gif) [iqdb]
Updates delayed for now. I'm busy trying to get back on track with school after 9 months of assault rifles, heavy equipment and classified.

Picture related.
So you learned quantum mechanics while attending boot camp? Cool, but not really classified.

Unless you were testing some kind of prototype radio that uses particle entanglement to instantaneously transmit signals to its counterpart.
File 13598585368.png - (677.05KB, 1024x1024, 9f6d0363d344ca763fe130bca1f97373.png) [iqdb]
[x] You'll confront Mystia yourself and see what she wants.
-[x] She's above your level. Ask what she wants, but have someone be between you and her.

“Throw her out. Those who harm someone close to me are not welcome here.”
Remilia flicks her wrist, as if backhanding someone. A hint of disgust is visible on her face.

Sakuya nods and opens the door to leave.

“Wait.” Both Remilia and Sakuya look at you, seemingly surprised. “I'll come with you.”
Beginning to push yourself up, you’re interrupted by Remilia placing her hand on your shoulder.

“You don't need to force yourself. Sakuya and I have met her before, and she is nothing compared to us.”
She is only lightly holding your shoulder, and you grab her hand by the wrist and lift it off.

“I think she'll just come back later if she doesn't see me. Besides, what could happen if Sakuya's there with me?”
Letting go of Remilia's wrist, you finally get off the bed where you were seated.

“Fine.” You mistress speaks just as you're about to leave with Sakuya. “If you're determined, I'm not going to stop you. Sakuya, see that no harm comes to him.”
The maid nods again before heading towards the staircase. You follow her.

You have to admit, you're nervous. The corridor seems longer than usual, and the pace at which Sakuya moves is too fast. Some suppressed part inside you moves restlessly while descending from the second floor. The wood of the railing, smoothed by centuries of use, feels as if it was sand paper tearing through the sensitive skin on your fingertips. But that isn't what made the nervousness surface. It's the lack of silence. The sound of Sakuya's shoes hitting the somewhat recently replaced steps echoes through the mansion, accompanied by your own, much lighter steps. The faintest of hints of the sound from somewhere behind you, the sound of an animal's clawed paws moving across the corridor you can no longer see. That's what causes the uneasiness and nervousness.

You're blinded the moment the door opens. With watering eyes, you do your best to follow Sakuya into the sunlit yard where someone's waiting – or that's at least what it sounds like. The only thing visible is the sun, filling your head with burning pain.

“I told you, I need to-”
A figure speaks. You think you recognize the voice, but aren't sure who it is. The immense amount of light is painful to your eyes, and despite your best attempts to keep them open, you can't really see much even with your hand blocking direct sunlight.

“Well, there he is. Say what you need to.”
Another figure, with the voice of Meiling, responds. The worst of the pain is gradually fading and you can see the outline of the yard and the gate.

“Go on. You are allowed to speak.”
Sakuya urges Mystia after a moment of silence. Now that your eyes have adapted to the change in lighting, you can see that the sparrow girl's mouth is slightly cracked open and that she has difficulties in believing that you came to see her.

“I... just came to say that I've been waiting for you...” She shakes off the surprise and gathers her willpower. “Come with me. I promise I'll take care of you.”
Bowing her head, she timidly looks at the ground.

“I can't. If I have a place in this world, it's here.” There's a short silence. “Was that all you had to say?”
You can't see Mystia's face, but something has to have changed.

“I... You...” She looks at you with a face full of confusion, hate, fear, love... “I'm no good, am I?”
Facing downwards again, she falls silent.

“He has some very good reasons to dislike you. Now, please leave.”
Sakuya, standing to your left, has decided that she's had her say. Something large and yellow has appeared to your side; Argus came from wherever he was to see what's happening.

“So be it.” Sakuya tilts her head as Mystia reaches a decision. “If you're not coming, I'll have to take you.”
The night sparrow speaks very quickly with an uncertain voice. As she notices the lack of reaction, she steps forward and then takes a running step.

As the situation takes a turn to the worse, Argus shoots forwards, jumps and pushes Mystia to the ground using his momentum. Then, just as she's about to rip him off her, he disappears and reappears on your side again, holding a card between his teeth. He offers it to you. It's the one you had in your room, the one with the picture of a kitsune on it.

[] Take the card and use it. Argus should know what he's doing.
[] Leave quietly and let Sakuya and Meiling take care of it.
[] Try to convince her to stop.


Shrödinger equation is what I need to solve at school.
[X] Try to convince her to stop.

Let's reason first. If that doesn't work, we have Sakuya and Meiling watching our back.
[x] Take the card and use it. Argus should know what he's doing.

Mystia's already made the first move, escalating from talk to agression. She can't be reasoned with.
File 136063821212.png - (28.82KB, 792x437, Kuvaaja1.png) [iqdb]
Quick status update: I just got my science project done. Now, I only have to do some C programming for the 13th. Then, I may finally have some free time.
Oh, and it's 5 AM.

Picture related.
[X] Try to convince her to stop

Works for me~!
File 136235657498.jpg - (375.90KB, 1225x1894, 60d18b48030095e4a9dea862a05ea1a9.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Try to convince her to stop.

“You don't want to do this.” Sakuya steps between you and Mystia after a moment has passed and the youkai starts getting up. “Leave, and I won't do anything to stop you.”
Her voice is not very convincing, but she does have a certain air of seriousness around her. You wouldn't cross her; she's never given the slightest of reasons for you to do so.

“How can you know what I want? Stay out of my way.”
Mystia points a finger at Sakuya. Neither one of them moves, until...

They're at it before you can say a thing. As quietly as possible, you slink backwards towards the door as Sakuya weaves through a barrage of red arrows. You can't watch it, you can't. Mystia seems to be doing the best she can, but all her attacks are effortlessly dodged.

“Stop! You don't need to fight.”
They aren't listening. Not anymore.

“You're even worse than you were back then. Not even worth the effort.” Sakuya, after somehow emerging unscathed after a wall of small pellets went mostly through her, finally draws one of her knives from the holder she has under her dress. “One will be enough.”
She doesn't throw it immediately, but waits for an opening.

“Stop it!”
You already know that yelling is useless, so you desperately begin searching your pockets for something, and find the handle of a gun. Quickly dropping into the stance, as you were taught, you draw the weapon and do a sweep with your right middle finger – only to realize that the sound and feel of the safety dropping to semi-automatic isn't there. After a second of looking at the weapon in your hands, you find the switch and load a cartridge into the chamber. Now, how do you shoot this thing?

It's too late. As you're finally ready to fire, the battle is nearly over. Sakuya has thrown her knife. You can't see where it went, but Mystia is no longer attacking and seems beaten.

“Leave now.”
Sakuya states this while standing between you and Mystia, pointing at her with a knife.

Mystia does not answer, but dejectedly glances at you one last time before flapping her wings and slowly flying towards the lake. As the fear her presence causes fades, you realize that you have a loaded, ready-to-fire gun in your hand and turn on the safety again.

“What were you going to do with that?”
Meiling, who stood by quietly until now, nods at the weapon.

“I was going to shoot at the ground to make them listen.”
Thinking about the gun again, you remove the magazine, undo the safety, remove the cartridge from the chamber, and then load the cartridge into the magazine again before placing the whole thing back into its holster, unloaded and safe.

“I don't think there was anything you could have said to make her listen.” Sakuya's already headed inside, but stops and turns around. “Don't feel bad, I didn't hurt her that much.”
She flashes a smile and goes back inside. You're not quite sure if you like her attitude.

“I agree with her. Lorelei would not have listened to anyone at that point.” Meiling looks in the direction Mystia flew to. “She could have gone on if she had really wanted to, though. She understood, at least at some level, that she had no hope of winning.” The guard shrugs. “But, she should have learned her lesson. We shouldn't be seeing her around here again.”
Promptly glancing at you, she also heads inside, leaving you alone on the yard.

It's time to:
[] Ask Remilia about Flandre.
[] Take a walk in the garden to clear your head.
[] Do some [physical/magical] training.


What have I been doing?
I have been having "problems". I tried to fight these "problems. And, I lost.
My dream? I don't have any. Not anymore. I lie awake at nights, thinking. Asking the same questions every night. Why am I doing what I'm doing? What should I do instead? Am I really needed anywhere?
I do not know the answers.

Anyways, ask questions about the story and I'll answer. Did some detail in some old update pique your curiosity? Ask away.
Good stuff man.

[X]Take a walk in the garden to clear your head.

No idea if this will help.
[X]Take a walk in the garden to clear your head.
[X] Take a walk in the garden to clear your head.
File 13632188412.jpg - (260.65KB, 563x1833, ed6f2a4deb8213b62d9491257a1035e3.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Take a walk in the garden to clear your head.

You don't feel too well. Or, rather, you're not sure how exactly you're feeling right now. Conflicted, sad, angry and lonely. Perhaps.

After wandering around the building, you sit down on a spot that looks more or less dry. Looking down, you pick a clover to have something for your fingers to do. Sheesh. It sure has been a long, strange trip. There still hasn't been enough time for the change to sink in.

“I've been gone for quite a while now. I wonder if-”
You cut your own rambling short as you feel tears welling to your eyes. Not letting yourself cry, you realize where the sudden sadness came from. Is your mother worried? She used to call you every now and then, but now you haven't heard a thing from anyone. To them, you've simply disappeared off the face of the Earth... You know your brothers cared about you deeply although they'd never admit it, and now you're half a world away with no means to get back or tell them that you're okay and there's no need to worry.

Sighing deeply, you lie down on the grass. The sky's clear and mesmerizingly blue, but there's a dark cloud front over the northern horizon. The very highest peak of the mountain is still snow-covered, now glowing brightly in the sunlight. You sigh again. Even wondering at the local sights can't take your mind off your homesickness.

A hawk flies over the yard. It wakes you from your stupor. First pushing yourself up, you shake your head for a bit. While you don't feel any better than before, it was something that needed doing. Having gained some determination, you head back inside and into your room. There's a letter that need writing.

Argus watches you curiously for a moment, but returns to sleeping on your bed as he notices he's not needed. “Hi mom, how are you-” No, that can't be it. That sounds too casual.

It takes quite a while to write the letter. Finally, you read the finished letter's last line: “I'd love to come back home, but I cant. Say hi to-”
You were about to write the name of your friend in there. What appeared instead was a droplet of water. They can't say hi to him because he's not there. You've already cried for his loss, but the pain hasn't subsided. With another deep sigh, you fold the letter and look for an envelope. There isn't one around.

“Argus” His ears perk up. “Go find an envelope and bring one to me.”
He disappears, only to return soon with what he was sent for. Putting the folded paper in, you close the envelope and write the address on it. You know that you can't just drop it in the mailbox, but there has to be some way.


“Hello?” Sakuya peeks into the room. “Am I intruding?”
She knocks on the door frame, although you left it open on purpose.

You were lying on the bed, resting and thinking about the past week. Now you push yourself up and sit on the edge of the bed.

“Are you feeling all right?”
Sakuya comes into the room and sits on the bed next to you. You glance at her. She seems worried: her brows are furrowed and her lips are slightly parted.

“I've been better.”
The absolute worst may have passed, but the more you thought about it, the more you wanted to meet them again.

“You seem and sound like that, too. Want to tell what it is?”
You glance at Sakuya again. She seems sincere...

“I miss my family.” Sakuya smiles, but doesn't answer. Instead, she places her hand on your shoulder. You look at her, but can't respond to her smile with your own. “Thanks.”

“I know it's hard to be separated from the ones you love.” Love... Yes, they were your loved ones. You look at the floor again. She's not going to get you say that, though. “Remember that they wish for your happiness, even if you can't see them.”
She gives your shoulder a reassuring squeeze and gets up.

“Yeah... I guess you're right.”
It doesn't lessen the pain of being separated, but the thought warms your heart.

“I'll go make some lunch. You try to get better.”
Flashing another smile, she gets up.

[] You'll help her with lunch.
[] Figuring out how to deliver the letter is more important.
[] Now's a good time to check up on Flandre.


I know you have questions, but I assume you have some reason for not asking anything.
[X] You'll help her with lunch.

Looks like your story got buried by those new rapid updating stories.
[x] You'll help her with lunch.
[x] You'll help her with lunch.

Nice Sakuya is nice.
File 136385129216.jpg - (236.75KB, 600x800, b480ad4441974ba02e959a51686daa32.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] You'll help her with lunch.

“Wait a moment.” Sakuya looks at you as you get up. “I'll help you.”
She blinks twice, shrugs and heads off again, this time with you following her.

The sound of her heels hitting the floor rings through the silent mansion as you make your way towards the kitchen. The sound makes you feel a little better.

“Is there anything you'd like to eat?”
Sakuya breaks the silence as you reach the bottom of the stairs.

“How about pasta carbonara? Do we have everything needed to make some?”
It's not the exact thing you want, but it's close enough and should be something she knows.

“Sure, we can make that.”
She glances at you, smiling lightly.

Cooking the pasta and making the sauce for it doesn't take too long, but it does the thing you wanted it to do: you forget your worries somewhere in between all the frying, mixing, measuring and adjusting.

“You could add another pinch of pepper to it.”
Sakuya just tasted the dish you prepared and you think she'd rather do the spicing herself.

“You're better than me at this, so I'll let you do it and go set the table.”
Backing off a little, you make room for her.

“Fine, if you insist. But could you go see if Patchouli or Koakuma want to come and eat with us? I'll finish this, set the table and call Mistress while you're doing that.”
She takes the can of pepper, pours some onto her hand and adds it to the food.

You leave to let her do her magic and wander towards the library, only to be surprised by how oppressive the silence feels. Eep. Regardless of it, you soon reach the short stairs leading to the library door and enter the dusty and mindbogglingly enormous space.

“Oh, hello there. Patchouli just went to sleep if she's who you want.”
Koakuma surprises you from above, then lands in front of you. She's carrying a book titled “Studies in the field of human consciousness.” It's in English and seems somewhat recent.

“I was just sent to tell you that lunch is ready in case someone's hungry, but I suppose she's not coming, then.” You roll your eyes. “Well, how about you, then? Want to have some pasta?”
Koakuma is looking at the hem of her dress, which you find odd.

“Sure.” She walks by you, back towards where you came from. Her tail grazes your ankle. Then she stops. “We've been doing a bit of research lately.” Turning around, she fixes her eyes on yours. “It's about your... resident.”
Her tone and the way she's looking at you with her pupils nearly hidden below her eyebrows tells you that it's important.

“What about her?”
You wonder if it's something bad.

“She hasn't told you everything. We're not sure if it's because she doesn't know or if she has other reasons.” She's silent for a moment, not breaking eye contact with you. “Bottom line: be careful. Patchouli should be able to do something about it.” Closing her eyes, she turns around. “For now, let's go eat.”

You can't get it off your mind. Sakuya and Remilia give you odd glances as you attempt to eat, but fail every now and then due to your mind being elsewhere.
I can't say anything to make you feel better, now can I?
She can't, and that's the problem. Can you trust her anymore?

“Chris.” Sakuya's voice causes you look up from your plate and notice that the others are looking at you. “What is it?”

[] Nothing.
[] Tell them, here and now.
[x] Tell them, here and now.

Advancing the plot!
[x] Tell them, here and now.

I see only one choice here.
File 136494573718.jpg - (334.14KB, 768x1024, dd76c2ce95b86371c7ecf951173031c0.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tell them, here and now.

“It's...” You glance at Koakuma and immediately know that she's not going to help. Sighing, you look at your plate and try to figure out how to continue. “You should know that I'm not alone. Not even in my sleep.” You never trusted her completely; there was always the lingering suspicion that she's just the product of your own mind. An imaginary friend of sorts. “And now I'm afraid of her.”
It's done. They'll all think of you as some sort of a freak.

“Yes, I was aware of her presence.” Remilia sets down her fork and knife. “Why are you suddenly afraid? Did something happen?”
You attempt to answer, but nothing comes to your mind. All you manage to do is to open and close your mouth as ideas appear and then immediately disappear afterward.

“He's afraid of losing to her.” Koakuma cuts into the discussion. “She's already assumed direct control once.” She's looking at Remilia instead of you. “We found a case similar to his. 150 years ago, near Innsbruck in Austria.”
A silence. You don't like it. Remilia and Koakuma are gazing at each other and neither seems like she's going to give up first. Finally...

“Fine.” Remilia closes her eyes and faces downwards. “I'll take care of it.”
She glances at you before picking up her fork again and concentrating on her food. You follow her example and eat some of your pasta.

The reminder of the lunchtime is unnaturally silent. Remilia occasionally glances at Koakuma who does the same to her, but apart that uneventful.

Sakuya is the first one to get up. She starts gathering the dishes from the table, and asks you to help her. Remilia and Koakuma disappear before you're done, and Sakuya tells you to wash the dishes you used.

Later, after you've finishing the dishes, you lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling to relax a little. Telling them was clearly a bad idea. Now they won't leave you alone, instead suggesting all kinds of stupid things to make you feel better. You sigh. Really, what's the point of telling anyone when it's clear that they won't be able to help? Absentmindedly petting Argus' head, you momentarily ponder about what to do next before a certain part of you tells that it's time to pay a visit to the toilet.

A few minutes later, after emptying your bladder, you're wandering back towards your room when you remember Flandre. Now's probably as good time as any to go see her. Turning on your heels, you head towards the stairs, descent to the first floor and then slowly make your way down the stone stairs to the cellar and Flandre's room. For some unexplained reason, you're actually in a good mood and think about why you never finished Pokémon Red all those years ago. Now it's too late to do that, unless someone finds a Game Boy, the ROM and some batteries. That'd be actually kind of awesome.

You're still trying to figure out how to get the console when you go into her room. Only realizing that you're there after arriving, you look around and almost apologize to her chair before noticing that Flandre's not present. The room is actually surprisingly tidy, apart the ever-present gay porn mags. You piled them neatly onto her table in her bedroom when you tidied the room, but there they are again. Well, whatever. Since she's not here, she has to be in her bedroom, behind the closed door. This time you remember to knock.

Flandre opens the door herself and looks at you. She's tied her hair into a ponytail, and doesn't seem surprised to see you.

“I was just about to go out for a while. Want to come with me?”

[] Perhaps she shouldn't...
[] Sure
-[] Optional where-to
[] You actually came here to tell her about what happened while you were eating lunch.
[] How about a bath instead?


I only stalled twice while writing this.
[X] Sure.

Fast updating stories are all well and good until they obscure the other ones on the board. Took me a little while to notice this update.
[x] You actually came here to tell her about what happened while you were eating lunch.
-[x] "Koa and Remi mentioned something similar happened 150 years ago, near Innsbruck in Austria. Do you know anything about that?"

Remember what happened last time we went on a walk? Yes, the pre-conditions have changed, but caution is still good to exercise. 150 years ago... depending on the fanon, and it's a bit of a stretch, this might refer to Sakuya or Patchouli.
[x] You actually came here to tell her about what happened while you were eating lunch.
-[x] "Koa and Remi mentioned something similar happened 150 years ago, near Innsbruck in Austria. Do you know anything about that?"
File 136572912742.jpg - (124.46KB, 481x879, b2cbaecc23f7b7007bcf30f571c046f2.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] You actually came here to tell her about what happened while you were eating lunch.

“I actually came here to tell you something.”
You look down at Flandre, making your best attempt to seem determined.

“Go on.” She nods at you energetically, causing the tip of her ponytail to sway a little. You quickly go over what happened during lunch, trying to be as detailed as possible while keeping it short. “I see.”
She brings her hand to her chin, then lets it drop back to her side while looking at the floor.

“So, do you know anything about it? About what happened?”
You break the silence after a short while.

“No.” Flandre answers without hesitation, but keeps looking at the floor as if in deep thought. “I'm trying to remember what happened all those years ago but I must have forgotten.” Finally looking up from the floor, she glances at you and flashes a smile. “So then, how about we go out for a bit?”


Again, the sun blinds you as you and Flandre step through the main doors into the yard. You're glad about your shirts' long sleeves, and that you were smart enough to pack water into your backpack as you feel the scorching heat on your cheeks and forehead. It's one hell of a hot day, at least for a resident of colder climates like you.

Flandre has opened her parasol and is waiting for you.

Peering at the horizon while you cross the yard, you notice that the dark clouds at the northern horizon are still there. They don't seem to be coming your way, though.

“Is there some particular place you'd want to go to?”
Her question returns the letter you wrote earlier back to your mind, but you doubt Reimu could do anything about it.

“No, not really.”
You also remember the tranquil garden Remilia took you to once, but it's in the village and you've heard Flandre isn't good with crowds.

“I'll just take you somewhere I like, then.”
She heads towards the currently unwatched gate. Meiling must still be somewhere inside.

Skreee, skreee, skreee...
It's hot.
Skreee, skreee, skreee...
The moisture isn't helping either.
Skreee, skreee, skreee...
The cicadas don't give a fuck about the leaves rustling happily under Flandre's boots as she zigzags between the trees and bushes. You've been following her for a while now, and the suffocating heat isn't helping you keep up. She lead you out of the gates, and to your relief, out of the open and into the forest. There, she turned to the right when you reach the path at the shores of the lake, going to the opposite direction than where Remilia took you when you visited the village.

The breeze blowing from the lake does little to cool you down, only bringing in some moisture into the hot forest. Soon, your shirt is drenched with sweat and the water bottle you brought is getting depleted fast. Flandre, much unlike you, seems to be enjoying the weather and the chirping of cicadas. She's lightly hopping on the dry leaves, grazing the bark of the trees with her fingertips as she passes while occasionally stopping to listen to some sound you can't hear.

“There's a spring nearby, we can fill the bottle from it.”
Flandre breaks the long silence as she notices that the bottle's nearly empty. As she looks at you, her gaze lingers around your waist and chest instead of her looking at your eyes like usual.

“Is that where we're going?”
She's still staring at you as you put the bottle back into the backpack.

“I don't know. I didn't have any particular place in mind.” She finally looks at your face. “I just like this forest.”
True, it is kind of nice. But it's not like forest are supposed to be. Way too little underbrush, the trees grow too far away form each other and what kind of a forest has its ground covered in dry leaves and not in moss, blueberry plants and rocks?

“I like it too, but I liked the ones back home even more.”
Flandre doesn't answer, instead only turns around and heads off again.

She leads you to a rock with a small pool of water near it. The pool is tiny, only about 15cm deep and less than 1m wide, but it feeds a tiny stream which flows towards the lake. The surface seems still, but as you look closely, you notice that the light reflects a little oddly, revealing the eddies.

“Here we are.” Flandre nods at the pool. “Fill your bottle.”

You drop your backpack to the ground, take the bottle – easy, seeing that it's the only thing in it – and submerge it in the cold, clear water. Then, after it's full, you splash some of the wonderfully cool water onto your face.

“How about a break? This seems like a good place for one.”
Slumping down against the rock, you gulp down quite a portion of the bottle in one go.

“Sure thing.” She sits down next to you, places her hand on yours and leans on your side for support. “Feels like you're really in need of one.”

“Eh, well...” She moves a little to find a better position just as you glance at her. “I'm just not used to it being this hot.”

“Mmh...” She hugs your arm and rests her head on your shoulder. You wouldn't mind, but it isn't helping with the heat... “It doesn't get this hot in where you're from, that's true.”

“Nope.” You've never told her where you're from, though. “How did you know that, by the way?”
She lifts her head off your shoulder as you look at her, showing her smiling, dreamy face.

“Of course I know where you're from. Why wouldn't I?”

[] How does she know that?
[] “Since you know where I'm from, could you tell me where you're from?”
[x] “Since you know where I'm from, could you tell me where you're from?”
[x] How does she know that?

Answers at last! The whole "I know about you and why you came here" thing has been driving me up the wall. Though, I really want to bote for both options; backstory is always nice.
[X] “Since you know where I'm from, could you tell me where you're from?”

both options are too tempting.
File 13666775867.jpg - (220.09KB, 1600x2000, 0461f667ea17289974a9684cbc9ba059.jpg) [iqdb]
You wiggle around a little, changing your position so you don't have to strain your neck to look at Flandre. She lifts her head off your shoulder, pouting because she was about to doze off. Seeing her like that, sitting against a boulder in a verdant forest with the faint sound of flowing water in the background stings your heart. You know she cares of you and wants to be as close as possible. You believe she loves you.

That feeling is not mutual.

You like having her around. She's fun to talk to, beautiful and intelligent. A few weeks ago you wouldn't even have dreamed of having someone like her. Your hear yearns for her, but something in your head screams. This all seems too perfect. You arrive into a new world, have your past ripped from you and then – bam. She's there. Loving and caring, even if not completely normal. Her sister, the person who brought you here to be a servant, didn't even bat an eyelash when she claimed that you two are engaged. And when you talk to her, you always get the feeling that she knows everything about you.

No. Until the part of your head that's screaming warnings of Flandre is silenced, you can't claim to love her. Sure, you like her and enjoy being with her, but love? No.

Flandre tilts her head a little, blinks and opens her mouth a little but then closes it again without saying anything. You've been staring at her without really paying any attention to it until now. Closing your eyes, you let out a sigh and take a deep breath.

“The question is how you got to know that. I haven't told anyone.” You don't mean to sound harsh, but it comes out that way regardless. “How did you find out? We only met a week ago and-”
You cut yourself short mid-sentence and let out the rest of the air in your lungs in a long breath. That almost slipped.

“There's a-, there's...” Flandre stammers. It's something you'd never think she'd do. “You see, I- we...” She falls silent for a moment and sighs. “I have to tell you, don't I?”
Her voice is deep, almost sad as she says the last bit. She looks at you at first, but then lowers her gaze to the ground before her feet.

You don't answer. It's because a part of you wants to give her shoulder a reassuring squeeze and then pull her into a hug while another wants to snap at her for keeping you in the dark for so long.

“Fine.” As she looks up, you see that her smile's gone. Something in her eyes has gained a bit of the predatory look so typical to her sister. “I'll tell you what I know.” Closing her eyes, she falls silent for a second. “Most of what I know I heard from Remi. A little bit from Patchy, too. How I know the last bit I haven't heard from anyone else is a mystery to me, too.” She pauses for a while and shifts uncomfortably. A sudden gust of wind blows through the forest, momentarily relieving you from the heat. “For a long time before you came here, Remi spent a lot of time with Patchy in the library. At the time I wasn't really interested in what she was doing, but I doubt there are multiple possible explanations.” She looks up at you again. “And that's all I know.”

She's lying. About what, I'm not sure.

[] Ask why she lied to you.
[] Say nothing and hug her.
[] You need to see Remilia. Now.
[] (write-in)


So far, you have been cleverly avoiding every single option which could have revealed a piece of the puzzle and were headed for another ending similar to the one you already had.

This time, I didn't let you.
You don't need to worry about Flandre's affection points: those have been locked to max since the beginning of her route.
[x] Ask why she lied to you.
[X] Say nothing and hug her.
[X] Ask why she lied to you.
File 136727944114.png - (393.69KB, 500x700, af166e3e5cc774232c3fdf37887802fe.png) [iqdb]
Her expression is neutral, which is unusual of her. When she's with you, it's rare for her not to smile. However, you like her more like this. It feels like she's admitting that it's possible that she doesn't always think well of you. Yet, she's still not being completely truthful.

“I want you to be honest with me. I haven't lied to you, and I'd rather not be lied to either.”

“But I wasn't...” Her voice trails off after a snappy beginning. “Unless you mean that.” Her cheeks gain a slight reddish tint as she thinks of something. “I lied when I said I didn't know how I got to know the last bit no-one's told me. I actually dreamed of you.”
She meekly looks away from you.

“It's okay.” Your softer, typically dominant side has caught up with the situation. “Thank you for being honest.” Reaching out, you gently stroke her hair. She blushes a little more and shakes her head to make you stop. You'd tease her some more, but feel like this isn't the moment for it.

“A-anyways! I think we should get back. The wind is picking up and carries the smell of rain.”
She places her hands on her thighs, gets up and looks at the horizon – without much success thanks to the forest you're in. She then glances around and picks up her parasol.

“I can't see anything, but I have nothing against going back.”
The only thing near the horizon is the green-gray-brown mat of foliage above you. The bits of sky visible through the sparse branches directly above are as blue as ever. It's true that the wind is picking up, though. While you can't feel it, you can hear the gentle rustling of leaves from above.

Flandre wordlessly heads away from the spring, towards the direction you came from. You follow her, and quickly notice that she's moving faster than before. Your shirt, which had dried a little during the break, quickly gets drenched with sweat again as you leap over roots and boulders while trying to keep up with her. Your attention is divided between making sure you don't trip on the roots, not losing sight of Flandre, and making sure that you remember to drink every few minutes.

You empty the bottle while still in the forest, and worry about hydration for a while before the gate of the mansion becomes visible between the low-lying branches. The rustling of leaves slowly grew louder as you walked, but the breeze still couldn't be felt below the canopies. The sight of the gate and Meiling reading a book under a shade is both a kiss and a curse: soon, you'll be inside the eternally cool mansion but you'll have to endure the scorching sunlight while getting there.
Some sort of noise comes from where Flandre is; she opened her parasol.

“What is it?”
She must have noticed your troubled expression.

“Nothing. I'm just hot.”
Facing the inevitable, you head towards the gate and into the sunlight.

Some time later, after you left Flandre behind because she wanted to chat with Meiling, you're slowly sipping water in the kitchen. The heat got you worse than you thought: the visit to the toilet produced something very yellow. They told you that 'if what comes out isn't the same color as what goes in, you're not drinking enough.' Still, it could have been worse. At least you were still sweating when you got in, and the looming headache is now fading away. Just as you're refilling the mug, you hear some footsteps from the dining room.

“Oh.” Looking at the direction of the sound, you see Sakuya at the doorway. “I didn't know you were back.” She silently looks at your shirt while you take another sip of water. “Hot day, eh?”

“More than just that.” Sip. Sakuya's impressive blue eyes continue to examine your clothes. “Sun shining from a cloudless sky. While the forest blocked the sunlight, it also did a good job at blocking the breeze.”
You set down the mug just as she's done with checking your clothing and looks up at your eyes.

“I can see that.” She folds her hands below her chest and tilts her head a little. “By the way, I'll get you a change of clothes should you feel like bathing.”

“Thanks. I'll go prepare one.”
Emptying the mug in one go, you set out to do just that.

[] Go in alone.
[] Ask Flandre to join you.


The main character, Chris Rosendahl:
-Was a student until his peaceful life was interrupted by him finding Yukari sleeping in his bed one afternoon when he got home. Yukari tells him of a job opening, and he accepts.

-A day later, he and his best friend fall into Gensokyo. It doesn't end too well for either of them: his friend ends up getting his blood sucked by Remilia and Chris himself cracks open Remilia's skull with a rock in a fit of anger after seeing this happen. When Chris wakes up the following day, a bat-shaped scar has appeared on his chest.

-As he meets Patchouli for the first time, she offers to trade a book for the necklace Chris has. Chris refuses to trade. She says the following: “Oh? It just seems interesting. I wanted to study it to know why.”

-At this point, he realizes that everyone seems to know his name even if he hasn't been introduced to them.

-For a contract, Chris has to sign two empty papers. Sakuya's words: “You heard what Remilia said. You're hers. The contract's a formality. Your pay will be what she wants to give you. You'll have holidays when she wants you to have some. You're lucky to be alive at this point after having done what you did.”

-Remilia takes Chris to see his friend at Eientei. The first words he hears from Eirin: “He's not going to respond.”
A disease has damaged his brain, turning him into a vegetable.

-Chris is presented with a choice. He can either choose an untested method of injecting his friend with youkai blood in hopes it will heal him, but Eirin warns him that this will likely turn the patient insane. The other option is injecting his friend with a deadly neurotoxin. Chris chooses the blood. Result: >>41141

-He meets Flandre for the first time. She immediately claims that he's her fiancé.

-Chris meets Blue, later revealed to be Mima. She gives him a dagger. >>43787

-Patchouli removes a curse from the dagger and says it gives her an eerie feeling.

-Reimu appears. You should read these: >>43952 >>43985 >>44022
(TL;DR: Reimu appears. Chris duels him with his newly-acquired dagger and knocks her out somehow. Afterward, the sack Reimu brought with her turns out to be Chris' best friend who was left at Eientei earlier. However, Sakuya stabs him with the dagger and he disintegrates and is never seen again.)

-Remilia tells him that Flandre long ago described her husband-to-be and the description matches Chris. >>44048

-Blue/Mima was trapped into Chris' mind and was told to keep him safe. She does something to him which makes him feel awful. He tells Sakuya an Patchouli about what happened. >>44158 >>44202

-Apparently, Mima has been inside Chris for a decade already. >>44266

-Chris leaves the mansion with Reimu. They go to the Hakurei shrine, and then to the village. After meeting Keine, Chris heads towards the mansion again, this time alone. He runs into Chen. After Chen leaves...

-Mystia appears, knocks him out and: “You’ve got nice thighs… I think I’ll just have them. Or actually…” Her gaze moves to your crotch. “Maybe I’ll have that… It’s tasty…” Well, shit. >>44562

-Chris decides to fight, but Mima stops him before he can do anything and shows him one of his own memories. After a short chat, she shows him what Reimu saw after getting hit by the dagger. >>44591

-Meanwhile, Mystia has raped him. As he realizes this and wakes up, Flandre appears and turns Mystia into a puddle. >>44591

-Chris does not respond well to this and, to put it bluntly, momentarily goes insane. His personality changes permanently as a result. >>44640

End of thread one.

-MC has another fit of insanity. Mima helps him calm down. >>44815

-Mima makes him cast a spell which summons an illusion of her. >>44835

-A party begins. Remilia teases Chris. >>44945

-Chris beats Remilia in a drinking game. The promised reward is yet to be delivered. >>44967

-Chris meets Yuuka, drinks some more despite being already smashed and wakes up naked with Yuuka. No memory of what happened after deciding to drink some more remains. >>45001

-A bad end. >>45032 >>45070 >>45089

-Yuuka wants Chris to stay with him. He refuses. Yukari appears and transports him back to the mansion. >>45127

-Yukari tells Chris that Yuuka was actually interested in Mima, who's inside his mind, not in him. >>45163

-Meiling says there's an evil spirit in Chris and offers to exorcise it. He refuses. >>45191

-Chris talks with Mima. She tells him that she'd disappear if she left his body as-is. >>45387

-While cleaning Flandre's room, Chris sings an old song his grandfather taught him. Flandre claims she's heard it before. >>45416

-Patchouli knows something about Flandre, but has promised not to tell. >>45600

-Flandre stuff. Remilia says that there's something special about Chris' necklace and promises to tell him about their family history. >>45665

-Remilia talks of Flandre, revealing that she was left alone for 12 years at one point, and that she's remembered things that have never happened afterward. A moment with Remilia. >>45734

End of thread two.

-Met Shinki in a dream. Apparently, she has a bone to pick with Mima. >>45883

-Went to the village with Remilia. >>45984

-Another meeting with Mystia. She's rather direct, but couldn't do anything due to being in the middle of the village. >>45984 >>46036

-Remilia ditches her promise after seeing Chris with Yuuka. He decides to go drinking with Yuuka, and they end up at Yuuka's place. >>46292

-Mima takes over his body, only to realize that she can't change it back. >>46608

-Yuuka entrusts him with a letter to Patchouli. He gets back to the mansion >>47912

-Koakuma helps Chris regain control of his body. Delivered the letter. >>48767

-Out of nowhere, Koakuma asks him to be her boyfriend. She gets rejected. Afterward, she claims that Flandre's after a dream rather than who Chris actually is. >>49432 >>49734

-Going out with Remilia. Chris said he'd rather be with Flandre, but apparently this isn't possible. >>50031

-Acquired a Beretta 92F and a holster for it. >>50188

End of thread three.

-Remilia takes him to a festival. The first person they meet is Yuuka. Chris french kisses Remilia to get rid of Yuuka. >>50389 >>50478

-Eirin examines his scar and finds it interesting. >>50874

-“There's still a lot you need to know. One day, I'll have to explain it all to you, but for now, it is safer if you do not know. Trust me.” >>51038

-Yuuka and Remilia begin dueling. Chris nearly gets himself killed. >>51160 >>51284 >>51285 >51337

-Flandre has a moment of complete coherence. >>51628

-Chris accepts Flandre's engagement ring. >>51759

-Flandre wants to help Chris summon himself a familiar. The spell fails, but Argus is summoned and they form a pact. >>51843 >>51940 >>52067

End of thread four

-Remilia has Chris choose who will have absolute control over him. >>54113

-Mima removes his consciousness from his body, claiming that it's not needed at the moment. >>54183

-Remilia prepares a ritual, but Chris sabotages one of the key components. Patchouli fixes it after he tells her what he did. >>54399

-Remilia gives him some answers. >>54436

-Mystia appears. A bad end appears. >>54557 >>54619 >>54632 >>54672 >>54696

-A change of plans. Chris lies to Patchouli and the component of the ritual does not get fixed. Patchouli gets rather pissed off.

-Due to the sabotage, the ritual fails. Mima prevents Chris from being sublimated by momentarily taking control. >>54807

Present moment.


If I missed something important, please feel free to point that out.
[] Go in alone.

Well I'm still lost, although I suppose the song thing and Flandre recognizing him means at some point in the distant past one of Chris's ancestors knew the Scarlets.
[x] Go in alone.

I got nothing to add. Maybe Yukari or Remilia was the one who bound Mima to Chris? She was given the exact same wording that Chris was, after all. And I didn't realize we actually knew what the dagger's power was; that would have made the fight with Mystia at the dance easier.

Grand conspiracy theory: Flandre's dreams are premonitions, and Remilia searched out Chris to make them come true. Mima pipes information from Chris to Remilia, whether voluntarily, consciously, or not, letting her keep up the illusion.
[x] Go in alone.
File 136800997012.jpg - (287.88KB, 600x849, e9350058804785ee501b46800394bcfd.jpg) [iqdb]
Picture unrelated.


[x] Go in alone.

Better relax for a moment after the trip without any overly curious persons in the same room. For a multitude of reasons, you haven't had nearly enough idle time just for yourself lately. A bath is a good opportunity to have some time off everything.

A bit later, you finally slip into the bath you prepared with absolutely no intention of coming out any time soon. Preferably not before the nearly too hot water cools down too much to be comfortable anymore. You also made sure not to forget to lock the door. Sakuya said she'd leave a change of clothes into your room and there was a yellow rubber duck in the closet where the soap was. Perfect? Well...

I've always wondered how can you do this shit without getting bored.

...it would be if you were alone.

Cast this thing again. I'm afraid you may drown in the tub if I bring you here.

The formula of a spell fills your mind. Sighing due to her interrupting your happy private fun time, you slowly begin to draw the runes and symbols into the air with your finger. It's a relatively simple audiovisual illusion. Of course, you only take care of the first step, which is opening the channel for her.

“Better.” Her blue-haired figure appears at the corner of your eye. “So, you seem to be doing well.”

“I was, until you showed up.”
You sink a little deeper into the tub to hide from her despite knowing how useless doing so is.

“Well, sorry for being stuck with you.” She comes closer and sits on the edge of the tub, looking at you with a frown on her face. “So, how long are you planning to play their game?”

“What do you mean?”
You're quite certain of what she means, but want to make her say it.

“You aren't stupid. You know what I mean.” She sighs. “There's something they promised to tell you, remember?”
She reaches down towards the water and flicks the surface. It doesn't cause any ripples.

“I haven't forgotten: I just don't know what to ask. I know that about everything about this whole affair of me being here feels wrong.” You look at her, giving her a look full of all the doubts and suspicions you have. “They brought me here and had everything ready for me despite having never even seen me, and exactly how much work have I done for them?”
Blue smiles at your outburst.

“That's more like it.” She reaches out to pat your head, but her hand goes through your head like a 3-D model without a hitbox. “Perhaps I will get out of here one day, after all.” Her face turns dreamy for a moment. “So, anyways, what are you going to do now?”

Well, you were planning on staying in the bath for another while, but she's managed to ruin the mood, so you'll...

[] Finally fulfill the promise of practicing with Sakuya
[] Check on how Flandre's doing.
[] Find Patchouli and try to make her not be so pissed off with you.
[c] Finally fulfill the promise of practicing with Sakuya
[x] Finally fulfill the promise of practicing with Sakuya
[X] Finally fulfill the promise of practicing with Sakuya
File 136918457228.jpg - (227.17KB, 655x1000, 9f4186797a989eca41a65801f003acd6.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Finally fulfill the promise of practicing with Sakuya.

Perhaps it's time to fulfill the promise you made with Sakuya on- when, exactly? Hopefully it hasn't been long enough for her to forget... or actually, it's fine if she has. That way she won't be as disappointed with you than she would if-

“I'm sure she won't care about that. Just find her and ask.”
Perhaps it's just the fact that she doesn't make any sound unless talking, but you're surprisingly tolerant of Mima's image in your presence. Having anyone else nearby, even when you aren't in a bath, changes the way you think.

“All right, all right, I'll go find her. You just let me take care of myself, okay?”
She's making you remember your-

“What!? I don't resemble your mother in the slightest. She's way older tha-” Mima staring at you with her mouth open, frozen mid-sentence, is not as dull a sight as you'd think it is. “Anyways, she neither looks nor acts like me.”
Looking at her as you get out of the bath, you see her fade from view. Most likely she'll appear again soon, on the very moment you least want her to do so.

The door to Sakuya's room is slightly ajar, and you see her sitting at her desk with pen in hand as you come out from your own room. Closing your own door, you give hers a few light raps with your knuckles.

“Come in.”
The sound of a drawer opening and closing follows her words. As you go in, you see that she put whatever she was writing into the drawer below the desk and is now looking at you with her stunningly blue eyes.

“Hi. Were you busy?”
The atmosphere around her is so calm that you find it hard to believe that she was.

“No. Not at all.”

“I was just wondering if you had some time to practice with me. I promised to do that earlier, didn't I?”


Left, right, right, right, right, left, right...

You move in perfect sync. As soon as the slightest hint of the direction of her coming attack can be seen, you move to block it. She speeds up, as do you. All the blocking you've done so far is slowly causing your forearms to ache.

Left, left, center, left, center, left...

She speeds up again. This time, you have trouble keeping up with her.

Right, center, center, left, left, …!?!

Her fist finds your right collar bone, lightly tapping it.

“Ow!” You jump backwards; not really due to the pain, but more because of the surprise caused by her somewhat rough hit. “What was that for?”

“You need some incentive to keep working in your discomfort zone. It's the only way to improve.” Her red eyes show no remorse. “Get ready.”


Ow, ow, ow.

'Discomfort zone' may not have been the expression she was looking for. First, she had you stop her assaults until you were tired and sore all over. You were already hopeful when she said 'enough', but it only meant that you changed roles. Being on the offense was no easier: if you gave her even the shortest of moments, she landed a quick hit somewhere painful. As a result, you're sore all over.

“Now place your palms on the floor and push yourself upwards while keeping your hips on the floor.”

Right now, you're lying on your stomach while Sakuya's telling you how to stretch various places. None of her methods are new to you, but having her look just as dumb as you lessens the discomfort somewhat. This particular move stretches your abs, but makes you look a bit like a seal.

“Hold your breath...” You both remain still and silent for a good half a minute. “...and done.” Sakuya pushes herself onto her knees and then jumps onto her feet. “Is there some place you think we skipped?”

“No.” In contrast with the maid's cat-like moves, you climb onto your stiff and aching legs like a newborn calf. “I just need some time to recover.”
You look at Sakuya, who looks back at you with compassion on her face.

“I'll get us something to drink. Wait here.”

She returns soon, carrying a tray with a jug, two cups and some crackers on it. Sitting next to you, she places the tray between you and fills both the cups.

You take the cup she offers to you and take a sip. Plain water.

You never realized how thirsty you got before sitting down to think about it. For a while, you just sit on the floor together, drinking and occasionally eating a cracker while chatting idly. This lasts for some ten minutes until the tray is empty.

“...anyways, did you like the crackers? I thought I'd try something new.”
Sakuya places both your and her cup onto the tray again.

“They were perhaps a little salty, but perfect for the occasion.”

“You think so, too? I better adjust the recipe, then.” For a moment, she seems lost in thought until suddenly remembering something. “Say, do you like shooting? I thought we could improve your marksmanship a little.”

[] There's something else you need to do
-[] Find Remilia and see if she has the answers she promised.
-[] You should know the other options by now.
[] Sure.


This took a while. I know. I'm simply out of ideas.
[x] Sure.
[X] Sure.
[x] Sure.

Sounds good to me. Maybe after this our pistol can be used to cause pain instead of just loud noise.
File 136963574596.jpg - (1.47MB, 1998x1431, 42fc72a60f4acfe9527ae77d1ce674ec.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Sure.

“Yeah, I do... kind of.”
Shooting itself is fun. Remembering that the target is the size of a human torso isn't as fun.

“Ok, come on then. I'll let you choose your preferred weapon.”
Sakuya heads off and you follow her.

You had no idea there was a room like this in the staff quarter of the mansion. The door was just like any other you could find there, but what's inside is something completely different form anything you've ever seen. The floor space is mostly taken by nondescript wooden boxes, but the walls are lined with weapons. The first thing on the left is an ancient-looking bronze spear hung under a large, round shield. Next to them is a Roman gladius and a throwing spear from the same era. From there the weapons gradually shift to newer ones: there's a crude short sword and a massive two-handed sword, a katana and a naginata, there's a war hammer and there's an elegant rapier. The wall opposite to you is dedicated to firearms: primitive hand cannons at the corner, flintlocks and muskets at the middle and finally bolt-action rifles at the other corner. Last, but not least is the right wall. It's lined with every sort of modern and semi-modern weapon imaginable. There's a M1 carbine on top of a Colt 1911 and a German stick hand grenade. A PPSh-41 and its predecessor the Suomi KP/-31. The 'arch rivals', M16 and AK47 are also represented, pointing at each other, both with a few variants hanging beneath the main attractions. There are also plenty of other guns you can't name, and a single empty spot.

“Impressed?” You nod, still wordless due to the vastness of the collection. “It's a bit of a shame that I can't find any of the newer firearms for my collection anymore... Yukari promised to give me any that make it through, but she only seems to find stuff I already have like Mosin-Nagants or Kalashnikovs.” She pauses, possibly realizing that you're not that interested in the details. “So, anyways, choose the one you like the most.”
She gestures at the guns to your right. But, there isn't any choosing left to do. Below the Kalashnikov, along its variants, is the one you need. You silently move to it and lift it off its wall-mounted support.

“I'll use this one.”
The black metal is cool under your finger as your hands remember the shape. Safety. Trigger. How to keep fingers when not about to shoot. The feeling brings up other memories.

“Fine. I'll take a few boxes of ammo and we'll see if we can get you to hit anything with that.” She opens one of the boxes. It's divided into two compartments: one has what looks like maintenance sets for various weapons and the other has small cartons full of cartridges. She takes three of the cartons and one of the maintenance sets before closing the box. “You take a target and some hearing protection for us from that one.”
She points at a box near you.

You rip open one of the cartons and take out a cartridge and turn it around. There's a marking at the bottom: Lapua 7.62. Glancing at Sakuya, who's at the other end of the back yard bringing the target to it's position, you begin filling the magazine. One, two, three. That's enough for now.

“You seem to know what you're doing.”
Sakuya returns to your side of the yard as you're cleaning the barrel of oil.

“True.” You wrap your little finger in the rag and wipe the chamber from the inside. “How far away is it?”

“About 150 meters.”

“Fine.” Putting the rag back with the rest of the set, you begin assembling the weapon. Piston cover. Bolt. Piston. Cover. Done. You also check that the sights are set to 150m. They are. “Are we done here?”

“Yeah, start when you feel like it.”

You protect your ears, lie down next to the gun and attach the magazine. The stock fits firmly against your shoulder as you wiggle into position and take aim before chambering a round.

A bit later and you're at the target, checking the results. Sakuya lifts her hand and places it on the holes. It covers them all.

“Looks like we have to adjust the sights a little. I aimed at the middle, but all the hits went to the left.”
Sakuya looks at you in response, her face betraying no emotion.

In total, of the 90 shots you fired, only five missed the target completely. Three of them were in the set of 25 you fired from the knee. Out of the remaining 85 most would have been deadly.

“Impressive. I wouldn't have guessed that you're this good with weapons.”
Sakuya's examining the hole-filled target now that you have used all of the ammo she brought with her.

“It's not something I'm proud of.” Being capable of killing at a range of 300 meters is not something you like to talk about. “Besides, you don't seem too surprised.”
By now, you're ready to accept that someone in the mansion knows about everything you've ever done.

“I knew you'd do well as soon as I saw how you positioned yourself. But, you don't seem as comfortable with your pistol if I recall correctly. We should work on that.”

You do work on it. Your performance isn't nearly as good as it was with the assault rifle, but gets a little better towards the end. Another round of shots and another target full of holes later, you two head back inside for dinner. By then, dark clouds have covered the sky even though not as much as a droplet has come down.

As you're eating, Koakuma, Flandre and Remilia burst into the dining room.

“...yeah, but it can't be... Oh, hi. Didn't think we'd find you here.”
Koakuma is the one voicing her thoughts as they come in and is also the one to greet you.

“Are you hungry, Mistress? Do you wish me to cook something for you?”
Sakuya's instantly on her feet, as if she hadn't been sitting in the first place.

“No, I heard that you were busy and had Meiling cook for us.”
Remilia waves her hand dismissively.

“You could have asked me and I would have done it for you regardless.”
The maid curtsies, but then sits down and continues her meal.

Who do you wish Chris to have a three-way discussion with (choose two):
[] Koakuma
[] Remilia
[] Flandre
[X] Koakuma
[X] Remilia

Not that important choice, so the first two!
[X] Koakuma
[X] Remilia

Interesting about Chris being such a good shot, especially with a Kalashnikov. I think only Switzerland, among European countries, allows civilian gun ownership to an extent similar to the US, and I do know many there practice a lot with rifles.

He had to have been firing semi-automatically for so many shots to have been accurate.
File 137037828024.jpg - (136.20KB, 850x1018, 99f524e87fc32964f83f10bd44d4ad69.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm now feeling a little better than during spring, but I have work now. You know, the stuff that you get paid for doing.

Anyways, I write a little bit every day. Can't say when I'll be done; it'll get there when it gets there.

There are still a few (three) scenes that I want to write. Aside them, I'm 100% out of ideas and plot, so try bear with me until the very end.
File 137073653399.jpg - (168.61KB, 640x480, 0bf5091ee5f7737fda41f5a8df1bc2a3.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Koakuma
[x] Remilia

After a moment of silence, Koakuma looks at Flandre again.

“So, the bottom line is that we shouldn't try to do it by force or something may break.” The devil shrugs. “That's about as detailed explanation as I can give, so I can only hope it was enough.”

“Yeah, um, I guess it was...”
Flandre mutters something you can't hear and looks at her feet, which causes her hair to swoop down and partially hide her face.

“Flan, would you mind if I kept your fiancé here for a bit longer?” Remilia speaks in an artificially light tone, which leads you to believe that the talk they just had was not just idle chit-chat. “There's something we need to talk about; feel free to stay around, though.”
She smiles at her sister endearingly.

“I... there's something I need to do.” Your fiancé turns around on her heels and heads towards the door, but then stops. “Sakuya, could you come with me when you're done eating?”

A short silence follows Sakuya's words, during which Flandre leaves and you manage to eat a little of what's left on your plate.

“So, Sakuya, how was he? Did he meet your expectations?”
Remilia is the first one to break the silence. She pulls back a chair and sits down while Sakuya still has her mouth full of food. Koakuma follows her example and also sits down.

“He handled the assault rifle of his choice far better than I though he could. On the other hand, his skills with small arms are lacking at best.”

“Well...” She's silent for a while, spreading her wings and leaning back on the chair while scratching one of her fangs. “At least we can give him the rifle and make him defend the gate through the windows...”
Looking at what remains at the tip of her finger, she wipes her finger to the side of the chair she's sitting on. It's a little gross, but no-one say anything about it and a silence ensues.

You awkwardly fork some more food into your mouth to have an excuse for being silent while Remilia and Koakuma glance at each other and then shrug simultaneously.

“Excuse me, but I'll have to go and help miss Flandre.” Sakuya, suddenly done with her meal, sets down her utensils. “Chris, could you take care of the dishes?”

After hearing your response, the maid gets up and walks out, the clacking of her heels echoing from the hallway for a while after she's gone. For a moment, you forget that you aren't alone.

“So, Chris. You're quite the marksman. Are you proud of your skills?”
Koakuma's question was probably supposed to be just a conversation opener, but it sets off an avalanche of thoughts in your mind.

“No.” You look at her. “I hate it.” Her head jerks back a little as a response to your voice. You speak slowly and spit out each word to emphasize the point. “I'd get rid of it if I could. But, it isn't something I can just forget.”
Still glaring at Koakuma, you momentarily regret making it seem like she stepped on a sensitive issue.

“Like it or not, you may need your skills sooner or later.” Remilia breaks the short silence you created. “If what I've heard is true, we may have rough times ahead of us.”
Placing her elbows on the table, she presses her palms together, folds her fingers together as if praying and rests her chin on her knuckles. “Anyways, Patchy should be waking up soon. She should have some solutions for us.”
She glares at you like she typically does, but then notices Koakuma, leans back on the chair again and uncurls her fingers.

“Aren't you going to explain anything? He deserves to know what you're about to do.” The tip of her tail coils around her ankle as they glare at each other, and even you can feel the tension forming. “Or are you going to have him go through everything without even knowing what's happening? Like you have until now?”
Her fervent tone surprises you, as does the fact that she's actually doing this for you.

“Hm...” Remilia closes her eyes and lets out a long, drawn-out breath. “I suppose it would be reasonable to tell him...” She reopens her eyes and gazes into yours, seeming somehow dreamy or perhaps just tired. “But before that, tell me one thing: How do you feel about Flandre?”

[] Your answer.


Hasn't been proofread, but I'm too tired to wait for someone to show up. I hope you can forgive the typos if there are some.

Also, since we're near the end, one to three updates remain depending on your votes, I'm going to start asking things from you.

First: How Have you liked the characters of the story? Why? Why not? What could I have done to make them better?
[x] "I will marry her, but you will always be my master."
Why not go for CO and be on remi's good side for the battle?
You don't read very well, do you? We weren't asked "What will you do," we were asked how we feel; specifically, about Flandre. Do we love her? How much, and why? Any reservations about her sanity?

This must be what I get for working 50 hour weeks and hoping someone else will apply a little critical thinking.
File 137236653010.jpg - (79.40KB, 595x595, QRHfisi3zn01XwB6P4Zl.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm not sure what to think. I know how to write the next update. I want to write it, too.
Still, something's missing.

Time? Check. Clear lack of votes? Check. Summary of the entire story a few posts up? Check.

"This looks difficult! I don't have a brain of my own, so I'll wait until someone else does all the work for me and then copypaste the vote!"
Pic related. That's an excellent hobby for you.

"I hate this story. I hope it dies soon."
Vote. It'll end faster that way.

Yuck. Don't drool on the keyboard.

"I can count to... Potato!"

"But if we answer wrong, we'll get a bad end!"
No, you won't.

"Haist vittu!"
Ime sinä runkku faijas kyrpää.

File 137236688582.png - (163.50KB, 333x469, Thanksguys.png) [iqdb]
This is just something that came out one night. I wasn't planing on posting it yet, but who cares about what I do? That's right, absolutely no-one at all.

How far will you go as you continue to walk?
The wind asks me that, and I stand still

The first drum rang out with a ba-dump
And one single life began

Who are you?
Yes. You've been there for a while already, haven't you?
I've always been here. But who are you?
I don't know. Who am I?
You must be someone like me. Otherwise I would still be alone.
But what are we like, then?
I don't know.

At length, seek out something

They are watching us again. Her too. I don't know how I know it, but We do. Five of them, two of us. They are different from me and him. She can hear me. They can't. At first, we kept asking them who they are, but they never answered. Now I don't do that anymore.
Don't you find it strange that we you always know how many of them there are?
Not at all. We've always known that. Why would it suddenly be odd?
Because I never knew before. Before you. Before us.

Spread out your tiny palms
And find someone right away, okay?

For the first time, I feel something. Something pinches. Up. It doesn't feel good. What was that? What happened? Why can't I PƐ”¤% with her?
I panic.

Someone who is not you

She no longer remembers, but at one time we used to be even closer to each other.
“Today I saw a kitten. It went 'mew!' when I touched it. I was a little afraid, but then they told me that that's what kittens do.”
The image of a moving, warm and soft hairy thing flows from her. She said this is what she 'sees'. I can't see. I don't know what it means to 'see', but there must be a lot to 'see'. Back when we were closer, she couldn't 'see' either. I tell her that I want to touch a kitten, too.
“You can't. They told me that it's not possible.”
That's what they always say. It must mean I'm not like her. She is a 'human'. I wonder what that would make me. Am I a kitten?
“You're not a kitten. You're... you. I've never seen you, but you can't be a kitten.”
But they also told you that you aren't a human.
“They said something about a 'mother' and a 'father' I couldn't understand...”

My birthday candles have increased, but
I've traveled from my one single hometown

“The specimen seems active today.”
What is this? It's not her memories and I'm 'hearing' something.
“Yeah. I just hope this one won't die like the previous one...”
This one sounds a little different. If I heard the third one, too, would he sound different than these two?
“Br. Don't remind me of it, I still have nightmares of it. I mean, the technical report didn't tell why the glass broke despite not being even touched.”
It's the first one again.
“Come on, it was just a bit of glass. These things die as soon as they leave the fluid anyways, so what's the danger?”
These two sound familiar. She must have heard them at some point, too.
“I just get the odd feeling that I'm being watched whenever I'm in this room...”

Even now, seek out something
With your wide eyes shining

“They told me that you don't exist.”
What does it even mean to exist?
“It means that we shouldn't hear each other.”
But we do. Doesn't that mean I exist?
“I think it does. But they asked me if I can see you. I couldn't. I still can't.”
What does it mean to see? Can I see?
“I believe you can. Just do like this.”
The memory of a sensation fills my mind.

Inside of your pocket
With someone who is not you...

I try to recreate the sensation in myself.
“Hey! Something odd is going on with this one.”
It involved sliding something off these things called 'eyes'. I'm quite sure I have eyes, just like her.
“Look at its brain activity! We've never seen anything like this.”
I think I'm getting there. Slowly. Something glows red. It's something I haven't seen before. I haven't seen anything so far.
“Shouldn't we try to stop it? This could be dangerous!”
The red glow changes into a line of pure white at the bottom.
“I'm trying, but this isn't doing anything. It just won't stop!”
The line slowly widens, until I see nothing but white.
“It's waking up. I hope this one won't die...”
The white gives way to something else. Everything is still tinted in red, but now I see...

Several encounters
Several partings

He came again today. He always does. Asked the same questions again, too. I didn't know how to answer. He drew some marks into his papers, again. Now that he's gone, only the two near the monitors remain. I watch them for a moment, but they never do anything. They just watch the odd patterns on the monitors. I've tried asking them, too, but they're all the same. They can't hear me. So far, she has been the only one who could, but she hasn't been here since I learned how to see. Without her, just watching the patterns in the monitors is getting boring. The red tint is getting boring. The man with the papers is getting boring. I want to know where the man with the papers goes when he's not here.

And a bit of illusion-like memories

The man with the papers comes in again. He comes next to me and asks his question. This time, I really want to answer. So instead of trying to do it like I did with her, I try to reach for the pen he uses to do the marks on the papers. My hand only moves the tiniest bit, but the pen still moves just as I thought it would. The man looks surprised while I use the pen to draw a kitten on his paper. It's done in an instant. The man lets go of papers, turns around and runs. The papers fall to the floor. I pick them up and draw her touching the kitten. It has been a while since I L”3iƱd¤ last with her. She'd be happy if I told her that I can see. I want to see her so I can show her my kitten. The one I just drew. But would she run away like the man did?
[ ] I do have affection for Flandre, however, not the sort related to marriage. She feels more like a younger sister to me more than anything, frankly. Furthermore, although her mental condition has been relatively stable for quite a while. . . nobody knows when she will act up. Although I do feel affection for her, I feel fear too.

On a side note unrelated to story. Ran-Rii it is kinda looked down upon to post in other threads with your name. You are just asking to be assaulted.

But I just finally caught up, as in stayed up almost all night reading. Gotta say, I like it.
[x] "Though I love her, something about her seems... off. The way she talks about me like she's already known them; is she mistaking me for someone else?"

Excuse you. Please see >>51682, >>51759, and the OP of this thread at >>53244.
>>58283 Here, changing my vote to

[x] "Though I love her, something about her seems... off. The way she talks about me like she's already known them; is she mistaking me for someone else?"

I Just jumped on the bandwagon because write-ins aren't my forte...
> You believe she loves you.

Followed by

>That feeling is not mutual.

>>>56677 Please refer to that post for the context. So I'm sorry >>58308 you are in fact wrong about how Chris feels.

Also, LandScout, When are you going to update!?
File 137338571678.jpg - (523.07KB, 834x1103, ea901571ed3f777fb01952a01e7ff232.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137372180379.jpg - (190.82KB, 850x1202, sample-6bcb18fd88c28590e4d6ab8e9abec21d.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Though I love her, something about her seems... off. The way she talks about me like she's already known them; is she mistaking me for someone else?"

“I- Actually, I'm not sure myself. Though I love her, something about her seems... off. She often acts like we've seen each other before you got me here, and I have no idea why.”

“She's mixing dreams and reality.” Koakuma leans backwards as she speaks while rapidly moving her gaze between you and Remilia. “I said it already, but I don't think she's actually interested in you at all, rather-”

“Stop.” Remilia interrupts her. “Even I cannot understand what goes on inside her mind, so can you claim to do so?” She pauses, but keeps the pause so short it's clear she wasn't expecting an answer. “I know she hasn't met you before, though.”

“So, why does she claim she has? And why does she know so much about him anyways? I don't think it's because he's told her.”
A short silence follows. You nearly break it by asking why it's so important, but that would be just a courtesy and you want to know. Thus, the short silence becomes a long one unless you count Remilia letting out a deep breath.

“Hmmh... I guess I'll have to tell you sooner or later anyways.” She momentarily closes her eyes and lets out another deep breath. “Fine. Remember what I told you about her earlier? About her remembering things that haven't happened? Well, that isn't the only thing. Sometimes she also forgets when something happens. I once told her to come to my room later that evening, and she wasn't seen until next week... when she came to me and said I'd told her she should see me that evening.” Twirling a strand of hair around her finger, Remilia looks down at the table and seems a little wistful. “Sometimes, she seeks me or someone else due to something they've said months, sometimes even years ago...”
Her voice fades out as she looks to the side, away from you and Koakuma.

“Ah.” You're out of words. “So, ehm, what does...”

“As the years have passed by, she's thankfully begun to get better. It doesn't happen nearly as often anymore.” She looks at you again, seeming a little more confident than a moment ago. “You obviously want to know why I'm bringing this up. Well, it's about what happened... a long time ago. We had been separated for a few years due to the witch hunts, and apparently she had been living with some peasant family; I'm not sure, I never asked back then and she forgot about it soon afterward. However, it seems like the people she was living with were planning to have her marry someone, or at least that was when she first mentioned having a fiancé. Back then she was... better off than she is now, so she immediately realized that they're never going to meet again.”

Remilia smiles lightly for a moment, recalling some scene from the past. “What makes all this relevant is that she suddenly started talking about her fiancé again a few years ago. I thought she'd forget about it after a bit, but she didn't. So, finally, we all decided that we could just as well see what would happen if we brought someone in here.” She shrugs. “So, there you have it. That is why she claims to have met you before.”

You are... speechless, yet feel strangely calm. It makes no sense, yet gives you a feeling of relief. All of it hasn't sunk in yet, but some part of your subconsciousness is telling you that the parts of the puzzle don't fit together.

“I see.” Koakuma sounds a little lost, too. “So, eh, anyways. I think I should return to the library now.”
As the devil gets up, you wonder if she's ashamed of making Remilia tell you everything she did.

“So“ Koakuma's footsteps have already faded out before the silence is broken. “Are you feeling any different now that I told you?”
Your mistress looks at you, lacking her usual oppressive, predatory aura.

“I'm not sure. I need some more time to think about it.” The sound of footsteps returns. Did Koakuma forget something? “I guess I'm thankful that you told me.”

“No need to thank me.” She flashes a smile at you. “It's better not to live misinformed- Oh. You're awake already?”
Turning around, you notice that it wasn't only Koakuma who was in the corridor, and that she definitely didn't forget anything. She ran into Patchouli, who is now floating at the doorway.

“Yes. Yesterday was taxing, but I recovered faster than I thought.” Patchouli doesn't waste any time, and floats towards the table and sits in the seat formerly occupied by her minion. “Koa, make me some coffee.”
The minion hurries into the kitchen at her command.

“Are we ready to begin the ritual, then?”
Remilia glances at you, sending a creep up your spine.

“As soon as he is.” The librarian's silent for a moment, watching Remilia. “You haven't told him?”

“Um, no... I forgot.” She hangs her head and scratches her neck before turning towards you. “I know I should have told you earlier about this, but we think we have devised a way to separate you from... Mima, was it?”

“You have?”

“Yes.” Patchouli answers, of which you're thankful. “I'm not going to go through the details unless you really want me to, but basically we're going to summon a temporary vessel for the both of you while we slowly detach the strands of her consciousness from yours. Of course, if you think it's too risky, we'll respect your decision.”

You try to bump the corner of your mind where Mima usually resides, but all you get is silence.

[] Too risky.
[] Go for it.


I thought I'd apologize for this taking so long.
But then I remembered why.

I'm still looking for feedback about this story, though. Is it too difficult to give some, or is there some other reason?
[X] Too risky.
-[X] Mima hasn't done anything wrong so you don't mind keeping her in your head for a while longer. Plus she's been helpful at times, if not a little annoying.

No getting rid of the voices in our head. That way lies madness.

And as for the story...
1) You need more voters. It's a good story, so why is no one voting?

2) I feel somethings need to be explained more, or kept consistent. i.e Does Chris love Flandre or not? We as readers have said we do, but at times Chris will say something contradictory.

An example would be
>You know she cares of you and wants to be as close as possible. You believe she loves you.
>That feeling is not mutual.

The opening of this thread states
>[x] "I love her, even though I haven't known her for long."
>-[x] "It's a sad thing indeed to be alone. And I want to be here for her."

And the last vote
>[x] "Though I love her, something about her seems... off. The way she talks about me like she's already known them; is she mistaking me for someone else?"

We went from loving her to not loving then back to loving. You need to be more consistent, if we say we love her you shouldn't let us change our mind (or forcibly change it) just because we got a "Not good but not bad end".

Honestly, with all the questions that haven't been answered I would have been annoyed if you just let it end then. But now I'm more annoyed by the wishy-washy "Love" aspect. I want questions answered in a timely fashion (Of course I realize that if all the questions are answered as soon as they are asked then there would be almost no plot to it).

As for writing style, sometimes what the characters say blends together and is kinda hard to figure out who is saying what at times. Especially when Mima and Chris are conversing.

Anyway that's my two cents.
[X] Too risky.
Updated five days ago, has one vote and you decide to sage yours?

I can't let you do that, Dave.
[x] Too risky.

I remember that during one of our dream sequences, Mima said she'd fade into oblivion if she was forced out of our head in her current state. Can't go around willfully killing Touhous now, can we?
[X] Too risky.
File 137497353461.jpg - (1.07MB, 2400x3800, 77e6a55a46e93fa24d97d32bd3737fa4.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Too risky.

”I don’t think we should do it. She’s told me that she’ll disappear if she were to leave as-is.”

“And you believed her?” Remilia looks at you with a raised eyebrow. “It’s not like we can make her any more dead than she already is. Besides, we have a reason to believe that her continued presence may be a hazard to you.”

“I have to agree with Remi in this.” Patchouli joins in as soon as Remilia falls silent. “When we finally found a similar case, we immediately knew that she had to go.”

“If you can promise that both of us will be safe after whatever you do, I won’t mind.”
You dislike the way they’re looking at you. It feels like they’re treating you like a rebellious child.

“Can we promise that?” Remilia glances at Patchouli, who shakes her head. “...so, you won’t let us do it? Despite knowing she can be dangerous to you?”
She can’t be very dangerous if she’s been there for a decade already.

“As long as you can’t promise her safety, no.”
And that’s final.

“And there’s nothing that would convince you?” You don’t answer, which causes Remilia to sigh deeply and look at Patchouli. “Do we really have to do this?”

“Seems like we do.”
The answer makes Remilia sigh again.

“Fine. I don’t want to do this, but it seems like we have to.” Patchouli nods at her silently. “I’m really sorry about this, Chris...”
Remilia gets up and slowly walks to you. For a moment, you consider running away but realize that it would be pointless.

“I thought you gave me a choice.”
Remilia smiles at your protest in her usual cute, yet a little fanged way.

“I thought I told you already. Freedom is something we can’t afford.” She grabs your wrist, not tightly but firmly enough to remind you that she’s not going to let go. “Now please come with us and we’ll take care of everything for you.”

You don’t really have a choice. If you run away, she'll catch you. If you try to to hide, she'll find you.
She's so much stronger than you that it's simply unfair.
But, sometimes, life is a little unfair.

“Don't be so mad. You knew this could have happened at any moment.”
At some level, you know that Patchouli speaks the truth. It was just about whether she'd be enough of an ass to pull this off. Apparently she is.

“Perhaps I should have kept you on a shorter leash. It would have spared you of the 'surprise', and would have saved me quite a bit of trouble as well.”
Remilia stops to push open the door to the library.

“Not getting me here would have saved the both of us a lot of trouble as well.”
You glare at her as she gently tugs your wrist, forcing you to follow her amidst the nigh-endless shelves.

“And you seemed so happy with your life before we got involved with it. Spending the next 40 years in a cubicle; wasn't that your dream?”
You... don't have an answer.
Living a meaningless life while doing the same thing every day, over and over again...
Perhaps it is a little better over here.

“Lie down on the circle. Remi, you come over here.”
Patchouli advises you, and Remilia leaves you alone in the middle of the circle. You do as the librarian tells you to, still wondering about what your old life would have been like.

Hey, Chris. There's something I want to tell you.
Huh? Go ahead.
It's just that... Uh... Jeez, just take care of yourself while I'm gone, OK?
You think she's flustered just as Patchouli finishes casting a spell.


So, how do you feel?
A familiar voice.
I don’t think he’s awake yet.
This one’s familiar too, from your dreams.


“Is he going to be all right?”
Sakuya’s voice drifts into your sleep.

“We can’t say for certain before he wakes up, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him.”
Patchouli’s answer finds its way into your mind a little bit later.

They talk about something else, too, but you drift deeper again...


“Hey, Chris?” Someone’s playing with your hair. “Are you awake?”

“I think so...” Your throat is incredibly dry. “Is there anything to drink?”

“Yeah. I brought some.”
Flandre lifts your back from the bed and places a mug to your lips. You drink greedily and regain enough strength to hold the mug by yourself.

“Thanks.” Drinking the rest of it, you place the mug onto your drawer. “What time is it?”

“Around nine in the evening. You were asleep for five hours.” Flandre pulls you into a hug. “I was worried about you.”

“I seem to be fine, though.”
You curl your arms around her and smell her hair.

“I’m glad you are.”
She lets go of you, but places a short kiss on your cheek before pulling back. Her peck sets off a chain reaction inside you.

Swinging your legs out of the bed, you place your hand behind her neck and pull her a little closer. The look of surprise on her face makes it just that little bit sweeter as you close what little distance remains between you and her and firmly plant your lips onto hers.

Her surprise fades immediately. It feels like she’s trying to eat your lips, so you open your mouth a little, only to have her tongue invade the opening immediately as she pushes you back onto the bed. You wrestle intensely for a moment, lips locked together.

“Haa...” You both gasp for air as Flandre finally pulls her tongue out of your mouth. “You finally got rid of your inner devil, didn’t you?”
You nod. Your fiancé responds by assaulting your mouth once again, but this time you respond to her assault with your own, and it isn’t limited to her mouth.

The part of your mind which used to warn you about her is dead silent.


I close the book and run my fingers across the smooth, soft leather cover. A smile creeps to my face. All the memories...
The book was first opened three years ago, on a whim and without a plan.
And now? Well, some say they like it. No-one says they don't. Mostly, they don't care.

"The promise has been fulfilled."
So the choice was go along with it or be forced into it? Huh?

I didn't like it.

I still have no idea what was going on.
Well, it's been a hell of a ride. Good on you for joining the very few who have completed a story on THP. Thankfully we avoided a rape end, but it's a shame we couldn't resolve things with Mima in time.

Too used to being spoon-fed exposition, I see.
Not the same guy as >>58421 but there are too many unanswered questions and the ending is just to abrupt. It's rushed and unpolished and is leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth.

LandScout, if you could just answer the following questions it would be greatly appreciated.

-Why is Mima in Chris's body?
-Was there more to Chris being Flandre's Fiance than we were told, and if so explain.

This are just the two I care most about. Also, not saging because I want answers.
File 137530331087.jpg - (1.60MB, 2343x1557, d66369ae949ff9080c9b3f09a90f72ae.jpg) [iqdb]
I know.
1) I ran out of plot.
2) Exactly one person cared about anything else than banging touhoes.
3) Dues to 2, the story was going nowhere.

>Why is Mima in Chris's body?
Because someone put her there. Duh.

>Was there more to Chris being Flandre's fiancé than we were told, and if so explain.
Chris was chosen because he was the person with the most physical resemblance to the one Flandre dreamed of. It was also made sure that his personality is suitable, that he is healthy and that he would not leave a widow.
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