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Pic mostly unrelated, but hey, it's Remi. This update wouldn't have had a pic if the old thread had more room.

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[x] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.

If that's what she says... You're not completely sure if her ?early? matches with your definition of the word, though. Then again, considering that it's getting early, it doesn't really matter.
"Is there anything else you need, then?"
"No, but there's one thing I want to tell you: Don't worry about Flandre. She'll be back before sunrise."
She reaches for her book as you nod and get up to leave.

The corridor is as silent as usually. Deciding to head downstairs for something small to eat, you notice that the main doors are open. Kind of odd since you definitely closed them when you came in, but it's probably better to leave them as is. In the unlikely case that someone who shouldn't have come in actually went and came in, closing the doors won't help since the locks can be opened from the inside even if you don't have a key.

After a quick snack, which you ate not because you're hungry but because it's kind of a habit for you to eat something before going to sleep, and a visit to the bathroom it's time to head to your room. As you're about to open your door, you hear something from Sakuya's room and notice that her door isn't completely closed. Deciding to take have a look to check if she's there, you peek in to see that she's there, sitting in front of a mirror and brushing her hair.

You tap lightly on the door to announce your presence. Sakuya sets down the hairbrush and looks at you silently.
"Hi. I noticed that the front door is open; is it supposed to be?"
"Yeah, it gets me some fresh air. You should open your window, too." She sounds very calm and a little sleepy.
"All right." Shrug. "Well, good night then."
She returns to brushing her hair and you go to your room. There's a packet right in the middle of the floor. You recognize it as the same one you received earlier today. Now is probably a good moment to open it...

The brown paper gets torn easily. There's just a lot of it, and you're trying to avoid noise. Eventually, you reach the final layer and tear it apart to reveal... a razor. You look at it, slightly disappointed. She... paid for your tea with your own razor? Oh, there's something else. A slip of paper with an exquisite purple pattern on it. The paper feels a bit like the paper used on money instead of your everyday paper; clearly, it was made to last. Last, but not least, there's this odd warmth glowing from it. You flip it around and reveal a simplistic picture of a woman with nine fox tails. You've heard of those somewhere... A kitsune? That's what those are called, at least as far as you can tell. You can't deny the usefulness of a razor, but what's the picture for? You can't find anything even resembling text on the package, so you'll have to ask someone about it. Or, it's not the picture itself, but rather the pattern on the other side and the odd warmth coming from it. Well, whatever it is, it'll wait until you wake up.

It feels kind of odd. You opened the window before going to bed, but now the silence feels even more odd than usual. Instead of a total silence, there's the slightest whispering of wind. Even it sounds odd: you're used to the hum of traffic. Now that it's gone, the unfamiliar noises of nature keep you awake... for a moment.

You're in an odd world. The ground is odd. The air is odd. Even the light is odd.
"Makai, the world of demons."
You get up and try to seem angry.
"Why did you have to go and do that?" She's just floating around, not even bothering to stand on the ground. "And why are we here in the first place?"
"Don't ask me, it's your dream. This isn't my doing. Though I have to ask, why on earth would you dream of this place..."
it's not like there's much to dream about... There's ground, there's air and there's light. That's about it. Seems like a very boring dream. "So what am I supposed to do now?"
She shrugs. "Don't ask me. You could, of course, just dream of something."
...That kind of makes sense. But what could you...

A woman appears. A scantily clad one. Her body has the right curves in the right places. She seems rather young, yet she somehow seems to combine the best part of each age: her eyes gleam with wisdom that comes only with years experience in life and her face has lost the unrefined look that is often found on younger women. You'd say that she's perfect, but she seems very annoyed. And then she has wings. Six of them. Even Blue is impressed by her and backs off a bit.
"Fwee... You certainly dream big, boy. And there's no need to be ashamed about it.? I know that you haven't been able to fulfil your sexual needs for a while. I can help you with it if you just ask.
The woman speaks. Her voice has a tone of authority in it, even while sounding very annoyed. "While I don't mind being the target of your dreams, could you please do the next time elsewhere?" She sighs and snaps her fingers. The clothes she appeared in turn into a robe. "Now, let me introduce myself. Shinki, the goddess of this realm." She extends her hand and smiles. You reach out and shake it. Her skin is soft and warm. "And who may you be?"
"Chris-? ?No, not you. Her." The goddess points at a spot to your left. There isn't anything in there. "Oh, she fled. No matter, she can't hide. This is my realm, after all." A chair appears behind her and she sits on it, resting her legs on top of each other. "So. You're Chris and you work for the vampire. A newcomer who has decided to stay. Fast learner, has problems with self-confidence. Shows some talent in both magic and that odd fighting style the maid uses."

You're left speechless. it's the first time you meet and she knows all that?
"I don't want to sound rude, but... how'd you know all that?"
She smiles again. "I have a lot of eyes and ears. But it seems like I found her." The chair disappears again as Shinki gets up. "By the way, if you ever come here in flesh, give me a call. I'm always interested in getting new blood. This world's sealed off, you see, and I'm afraid that my subjects suffer from the downsides of... inbreeding. You should understand. Bye." Snap, she's gone. Snap, she's back. "False lead, my bad. But now she only has one place to hide, and I'm going to need your permission to go there."

The goddess places her finger on your forehead.
"One moment. Just what are you exactly going to do?"
"I'm just getting her out. I think I've seen her somewhere, but I can't remember if it was me in person who saw her or just one of my ?eyes? outside of this realm. And just that you know: Welcome to Makai. I took the liberty to change your dream for the real thing so that I have the power to do anything and everything. I'm the goddess of this realm, after all."
Her finger doesn't move while she speaks, but her eyes find yours and drill deep...
"And what are you going to do if you find her?" Your attempt to look serious is a bit more successful now that she finally takes a step back.
"We'll just have a nice, friendly chat. That's all I can do when you're not physically here."

[] Let her do it.
[] ...maybe it isn't a good idea.


My proofreader disappeared halway through and I didn't have the time to wait. So, there may be illogicalities and errors.
I can't believe you finally updated. I was told you would update one day, but damn, it's strange to see you updating like that.

[x] Let her do it.
[x] Let her do it.

Hey, we might get some valuable information out of this.
[X] ...maybe it isn't a good idea.

There shouldn't be a reason Chris can't just act as a mouthpiece for his apparently-frightened guest.
[X] ...maybe it isn't a good idea.

I don't know, she might try to do something to Blue. We already felt antsy about getting someone to exorcise her out, so how is this any better?
[X] ...maybe it isn't a good idea.
Yeah... no. >>45889 has a good point.
I get the impression that Shinki's more curious than out to get her.
[x] ...maybe it isn't a good idea.

I'll act as a backup proofreader whenever you need one.
[x] Let her do it.
-[x] But don't harm her, she's helped and I'd like some answers from her before I continue letting her stay any longer.

I find it suspicious that Blue ran... it's time for some answers.

Also awesome description of Shinki (I've always figured her to be youthful yet womanly)
File 131194997010.jpg - (205.58KB, 710x1173 , 131057074865.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] ...maybe it isn't a good idea.

"No, I'm not going to let you do that."
Who knows what'd happen should you let her do whatever she wants to you? She says one thing, but will she do as she says?
"Oh? You don't trust me, do you? You know, I could very well do it without your permission..."Her eyes ignite as the words are left hanging. You don't falter. "Well, if you insist. But I wasn't lying, you know. All I wanted to do was to have a chat." The fire is extinguished as she blinks.

"And how would I know you wouldn't do something totally else than you say?"
Shinki gives you a mysterious look. "How indeed? All I can give you is the word of a goddess. But no matter, you've already made your decision. I'll see to it that you dream of me again, maybe you'll change your mind. For now, bye."
Snap. She's gone.

"Sh, quiet! Miss Sakuya is asleep!"
...they're not quiet at all.
"Yeah, I know. But we have to get the list she left in there."
A door opens relatively quietly.
"There it is!"
Short silence. You feel warm and comfortable... ?Gah, so much to do! Let's have a short break before starting all this."
"Great idea." A chair scrapes the floor as it is moved. Silence. "I wonder how the newcomer's doing... Isn't his room that one right opposite to Miss Sakuya?s?"
"Coincidental, isn't it? I hear that they're pretty close... I wonder if they sneak into each others? rooms at night."
Great... Just what you need, gossiping maids. Can't they be silent or go elsewhere?
"Nah, I heard that they're not that close. But I wouldn't mind if his room was next to mine..."
"Wouldn't it be romantic? A forbidden relationship, true love forced to be hidden in the dark of the night..."
You can't really sleep anymore. Clothes, clothes... There.
"Just look at you! All red! You've so fallen for him, haven't you?"
"I have not! Anyways, we should be getting back to work."
Someone's brought you a new set of clothes, but seems to have misplaced the other sock.
"Don't try to deny it! it's all over you. I'll have to make sure the others hear of this, too..."
Regardless of the other maid's answer, they seem to have agreed on continuing work since you hear them walking away.
"Hey, not fair! Then I'll tell them about what you dreamt of."
You find the other sock from under the bed. Then there's just your necklace and the wrist contraptions left before you're ready to go.

The corridors are filled with the bright voices of the maids as they go along their business in small groups. There aren't that many of them, but it's still a lot compared to the usual emptiness. it's kind of annoying to eat when someone comes in every minute just to leave when they notice that you're there. When you're almost done eating, you ask one of them if Remilia is awake. She is not. So, it's about 12:00 (?early??) and you don't know what to do. Of course, you could just go and wake her up, but you're not sure if she'd like it.

"Hey, Chris!"
Bwuh? Oh, it's her.
"Hi Katy."
Yep, definitely her. Dark hair, brown eyes and short stature. And wings.
"Could you help me out a bit? There's something that should be done, but we could really use your help..."

That something turns out to be trimming the hedges. You have to do the top since the maids are too short to reach it. it's kind of nice because you chat with Katy while at it, but the downside is that the sun scorches on you from a cloudless sky. It doesn't take very long but you're all sweaty when you're done.

One bath and a shave later...
13:17. Remilia is still asleep, and so is Sakuya. Also, Katy asked you to help her with something else, but you said you'd have a bath first and then see if something else comes up. She said it's fine since she could do it on her own.

[] Go wake Remilia.
[] Go wake Sakuya
-[] Maybe she can help Katy while you wake Remilia?
[] Help Katy.


Yeah, I was a little late, but you made it sound like I hadn't updated in a month. And I even said that I won't be able to update for a while.
[x] Go wake Sakuya
NEVER wake the mistress before the servant.
Also, what's wrong with me? When reading this update, I was half-expecting a rape.
[x] Go wake Sakuya
-[x] Maybe she can help Katy while you wake Remilia?

Boy you folks are overly paranoid.
Remilia will probably ask the person who woke up to also dress her. And if you send protag to wake her, he'll have to dress her.
Can you imagine MC having to fully dress a naked 500 years old loli? It'll be funny as hell.
I wasn't talking about this update, but rather the last one where folks were worried that Shinki was going to do something terrible to Blue.
[x] Go wake Sakuya.
My bad. Please accept my apology, sir.
And, yes, Anon can be quite wary about everyone. But I must say that I never read a malevolent and/or evil Shinki in any story.
[x] Go wake Sakuya
-[x] Maybe she can help Katy while you wake Remilia?
[X] Go wake Sakuya
-[X] Maybe she can help Katy while you wake Remilia?

Replacing old vote with this.
File 131232565538.jpg - (682.96KB, 1300x739 , 0b3b2d0aebbf653f5be65530ddd422c5.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go wake Sakuya
-[x] Maybe she can help Katy while you wake Remilia?

Something was supposed to happen early today, and now's the last moment you can imagine as early for someone. If Remilia complains that it's too early to wake her up, you'll just say that her early is very subjective. Actually, you're not sure that she'd listen to that...
But, then there's Katy. She said she didn't necessarily need your help, but didn't really mean it. So, if you're going to whatever Remilia wants to do with you, you're going to have to ask someone else to help the maid. That someone would be Sakuya, which means that you'll have to wake her up, too.

The air upstairs is a bit fresher than it was. A certain feel of stagnation is gone. it's only a small change, so small that you didn't notice it when you went downstairs still half-asleep, but it's definitely something. Now, if this corridor had some art and was painted blue, it'd be something you'd like. Maybe you should ask if you could paint your own room blue and hang some paintings on the walls. Maybe you should stop daydreaming and just open the door with the sign saying ?Izayoi? on it. That's an odd name, now that you think about it, but- No, it's time to wake her up, not to think about how odd her name is.

She's sleeping peacefully. You listen to her even breathing for a while, not wanting to break her tranquil dream. She always seems so busy that it makes you feel bad for not being able to help her with anything. Yet one can't sleep forever, and things need to be done, be it by her or you, and you have something else to do.
You call for her softly and quietly. She doesn't wake up but moves a little.
This time your call is a little louder and is accompanied by the lightest tug.
Her eyes open. They lack their usual sharpness and seem very, very blue. Their sleepy gaze wanders around the room before finding you. All this just so she can close them again and take a deep breath while pushing herself to a sitting position. The blanket slumps off her chest, revealing breasts covered by a white lacy bra. She stays like that for a split-second before reaching up as high as possible and giving herself a nice, long stretch.
"Mmh." Sakuya turns to you again. Blink, blink. "Good morning."
"Morning. Is there something special you'd like to have for breakfast?"
You better leave her alone so she can dress, and it's better do something for her if you're going to ask a favour. Besides, just seeing her look confused like that makes it worth the effort.
She seems a little hesitant to ask for anything, but doesn't remain silent.
"You... woke me up just so you could ask that? Well... A fried egg and a slice of toast. Don't break the yolk.."
"All right, come to the kitchen in a moment. I'll make that for you."
You do something between a bow and a nod before leaving the room.

Keeping the pan from getting too hot proves problematic, but you manage to fry the egg without breaking the yolk. There's no toaster, so you melt some butter on the pan and do your best to warm the bread with it. Your attempt is more or less successful, depending on personal preference. Hopefully Sakuya won't mind toast with a little black on it... And hopefully she'll come down soon; these won't stay warm for long.

She does arrive in time. You do another nod/bow and point her to the place you prepared for her. The surprise has faded: Sakuya just nods back at you and sits down. Now, you're not sure how to bring this up... Eh, better just get it out of the way...
"When you're done, could you check if Katy need some help? She asked me to help but said she'll be fine even if I couldn't."
"I was kind of expecting you to have something to ask, but yes, I'll go have a look."
"Thank you."
She's... eating. Your presence is probably annoying her otherwise silent moment and you have to wake Remilia. So, without another word, you leave the room.

You knock on the door just to be sure, but receive no answer. Entering, you sneak to her bed and sit at her feet. Compared to Sakuya, she's small. And also a light sleeper, since she woke up just now. Her eyes have barely opened when she throws off the covers, revealing a light night-dress, and gets on her feet to stretch.
"Nnnnh. Is it that late?"
Her mouth opens wide, giving you a good look at her fangs, as she yawns.
"it's around two in the afternoon."

You're quite sure that you did something wrong when she gives you that look and falls back on the bed.
"Let me sleep some more..."
"You yourself said that we'd have to do something early on today."
"It can wait. I'm tired." You're glared at from under a pillow. "...All right." She gets up again, yawns again and stretches again. Then she proceeds to searching something with her gaze, and opens her drawer when she doesn't find what she's looking for. The piece of clothing she takes from the drawer is something you'd recognize anywhere: it's the one she sent you to get two nights back at the party, the one with a disturbingly low cut at the front and a bat-shaped hole at the back. You just sit there, stunned, as she puts her left foot into the piece of ?clothing?, does the same with the right foot and then quickly hoists the underwear to below her dress. She's going to wear that? Ahemhum...
"Hey, help me with this."
Her usual dress falls on your lap as she sits next to you with her back turned towards you. The dress she was wearing until now falls on the bed next to you. Welp.

You'd say she's between 13 and 16. Her hips have a bit of width, but her chest... well, her chest has something. Maybe the fact that she didn't hand you a bra has something to do with it. So, uh, dress. It has a wide hole at the bottom and a narrow hole at the top. Clearly, her head is supposed to come out of the narrow part. The fact that she's holding her arms upright supports this evidence. The hole in her underwear is certainly interesting. You can't see the front part. But now, the dress. Kind of dropping it on her, she manages to get her hands to where they belong. Now to the hard part: her wings. She's not really helping you with them so you have to be a bit more brutal than you'd like, but eventually it gets done and the dress falls into place. After that it's just a question of a few buttons.
"That wasn't so hard, now was it?"
Hard or not, it would've been easier if she hadn't chosen that particular pair of panties, but you can't say that. You remain silent as she grins.
"So, I guess we're ready to go now. Where do you want to head to? The shrine, the village or the outside shop? Maybe even the mountain shrine? We wouldn't get to be there for very long though, there's something I have to do at the village before it gets late."

[] Where to?


Compulsory comment.
[X] Hakurei Shrine

>Compulsory comment.
Obligatory sarcastic jab.
[x] Human Village
[x] Human Village

Might as well get it out of the way... though her choice of dress is certainly bold if she's going there.
[x] Human Village
[x] Human Village
-[x] Makai
Job first, fun stuff later.
File 131257661684.jpg - (152.55KB, 572x800 , ac23e985392182ff8b6ab50da6db8afa.jpg) [iqdb]
-[x] dat Village.

"The village? Fine. Let's go."
She just said that you have time to spare, but now she's in a hurry to leave? You've never understood why someone would do that. If there's time, you'll just walk a little slower and pay attention to what happens around you.

She has a parasol. You don't. You're very jealous of her parasol since it's still too damn hot. Luckily for you, however, most of the trip will be in a forest where the sun won't scorch on you. For some odd reason the forest reminds you of the dream you had last night and you decide to break the silence.
"Say, how much do you know about this place called ?Makai??"
"A bit." Remilia glances at you without stopping. "Why'd you ask?"
"Just curious." You continue walking in silence for a moment. "Would you happen to know how to get there?"
"You don't get there. The entrance is sealed." She stops for a moment as you reach the edge of the forest, where the trees change into chest-height bushes. Even you have to stop to get used to the brightness of direct sunlight. "If there's someone who knows how to get in, it'd be Reimu. The Yakumos could probably also get in if they wanted to." Fiddling for a moment, she opens her parasol and continues walking. You follow her quietly. "Academic interest, I presume?"

"Well, kind of. I-?A branch comes out of nowhere. You trip on it. The sudden disappearance of balance causes your hands to prepare for impact. Ka-thump.
Remilia reacts instantly by turning around. She's scary. The way she stares at the air behind you and the way she stops her hand just before its move could be considered a strike...
The alertness fades as she sees that you just tripped on your own. "Did you break anything?"
"No." After getting up and examining the damages, you conclude that the worst hit you took was a bruise on your knee. The ground was relatively soft and is covered in dry leaves. A perfect place for tripping on something, you'd say. After a few seconds of self-study, you dust yourself and get ready to go on.

The thicket gives way to farmland as you cross a dry stream. The path goes on through the fields of wheat until it meets a road that leads to a waterwheel. You can hear the water flowing somewhere near the wooden hut, but the river itself is not visible. You'd love to go and have a look, but Remilia doesn't seem too keen about the idea so you just keep following her. She leads you to a gate (less of a gate, more of a ?place where no-one has built a house yet?) and further inside the village from there. The next thing you know is that you're being followed. By whom or why remains a mystery as you still follow Remilia to the more busy parts of the village.

"Hey, want one of those?" Remilia points at a crowded stand. You think it sells stuff to drink: something you could totally use. The trip was pretty long and the sun is still shining from a cloudless sky. As a result you sweated quite a bit. Besides, it'll take a while for her to get through that crowd so you can see who's following you without raising her interest, yet while being close enough to remain safe.
"Yeah, why not."
"Right, you wait here while I go get some."
As she heads towards the crowd, you head towards a corner that'll hide you from the stalker while allowing Remilia to see you should something happen. Plus it's shady.

The pink parasol disappears into the crowd - until a hole forms around it.
"My, my..."
When'd she get behind you?
"Out and around with your Mistress, eh? Well, I'm not interested in her..."
A hand grabs your wrist. The hand has frighteningly long nails and belongs to a girl with bird wings and feathery ears. You try to jerk your hand from her grip and, to your surprise, succeed in doing so.
"Don't be afraid. I'm here just to say sorry." She moves closer and lands her other hand on your thigh. "But if you're willing..."

[] Forgive her.
- [] Yes, you want to do it again.
[] "Get out of my sight."
[] She's positioned nicely. Knee, meet crotch.
[] Flee.
[x] Forgive her.
-[x] Ask her to leave before she gets into trouble.

Not to say I'm opposed to giving her a normal shot, but I'd rather not see Remilia blast her to bits or something painful/fatal.
[x] Forgive her.
- [x] Yes, you want to do it again.
Honestly, I don't really remember what's the trouble with her. Maybe I shouldre-read the story. But I'm voting anyway because you shouldn't hold grudges.
Exactly, though not to say I would be opposed to time with Mystia, now isn't the time.
[x] "Get out of my sight.."

Chris got fucking wrecked last time he was with her. No thanks.


It was pretty bad.
>Honestly, I don't really remember what's the trouble with her.
She raped him and stated intent to kill him afterward.
It was more than 'almost'.

[X] "Get out of my sight."

I would think common sense would tell Mystia to stay away from him after what Flandre did to her.
[x] "Get out of my sight."
Maybe she feels guilty about the whole thing, even after she got blown up. And if we get Chris to start holding grudges, odds are it'll hurt things with Flandre.
[x] Forgive her.
-[x] Ask her to leave before she gets into trouble.
>Maybe she feels guilty about the whole thing, even after she got blown up.
Her actions do not indicate such a thing. She pretty much walked up and said 'Sorry about raping and threatening to kill you. Wanna fuck?'.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
She's a youkai, don't expect her to act like a human.

TL;DR: She wanna fuck, she wanna fuck. Given her past behavior, she won't wait our consent before trying it again.
If that logic was true, she wouldn't have bothered trying to apologize.
[x] "Get out of my sight.."
-[x] "It's not you, it's me."
Maybe she just want to try?
Anyway, Remi isn't here, so don't piss her.
that's what the "-[x] Ask her to leave before she gets into trouble." covers as it covers the apology and gets her out before Remilia notices. Chris doesn't seem like the grudge carrying type as his earlier reaction was more horror over her death than rage at what happened to him.
[X] Forgive her.
-[x] Ask her to leave before she gets into trouble.
[x] "Get out of my sight."
[X] "Get out of my sight."
You do know that voting with a name/trip is frowned upon, right? The only folks able to get away with it are folks with sizable histories of good posts/behavior/writing.
[x] Forgive her.
-[x] Ask her to leave before she gets into trouble.
File 131291861656.jpg - (1.68MB, 1253x1770 , 4620940034619b02f8ad4d2e732de66c.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Get out of my sight."

"Get out of my sight. And don't come back."
The hand on your thigh stops from creeping upwards.
"Oh? Now that someone's finally interested in you, you decline. No wonder you're always alone..."
She creeps closer, pushing herself against you. You feel rage forming inside of you as the hand that isn't occupied with your thigh lands on your chest. "Think about it. You can do a-ny-thing..."
it's not that you don't want her. Hell, you want her more than anything else right now. You want to sink into her again and again, get enveloped by her warmth and feel the euphoria once again as you release your load into her deepest parts... Then you could do it again, letting her enjoy this time as you slowly work your way towards climaxing her, her focus slowly slipping away from the heated battle of tongues second in intensity only to your thrusting...
But you're not a dickhead. Gathering your rage for a moment, you watch her self-satisfied smile as she feels a certain part of you harden against herself. Then, when she's about to say something again, you push her away, watching in glee as she loses her balance and falls to the ground.
"I told you. Get the fuck out of here."

You're not sure if it's genuine or if she's faking it, but tears well into her eyes as she looks back into your eyes. Her mouth opens, but she doesn't say anything. She closes it again with a simple ?hmph?, gets up and dashes to the nearest corner. From there she gives you a final, teary look before disappearing behind it. Damn, you hurt her... She may deserve it, but it still doesn't feel nice.

"Here." Something touches your back. You turn around, take the red juice Remilia offers and taste it. Tomato juice. "I wonder why she's so interested in you."
"No idea." You sip your juice slowly to avoid the worst sourness while Remilia devours hers like a man lost in a desert would.
"I mean, it's not unheard of for an animal youkai to be a bit... forceful, but they rarely show any interest after that..."
You remain silent while sipping the juice. it's not something you like talking about. Remilia seems to get the hint and waits for you to finish the juice before doing anything else.

"So, where are we going to?"
Remilia shrugs. "I don't know. We could check if there's anything fancy at the market, or we could go tease Keine."
"The market sounds better." Sipping the last drops from your cup, you return it to the stand and head towards the market behind Remilia.
it's not that crowded, but you don't mind the fact that she creates a circle that people seem to avoid around her. Gives you some room, and considering that you're the in the centre of attention again, it's nice that people aren't bumping to you while trying to look like they're totally interested in something else. Besides, it lets you watch the flock of sparrows that lives in the village. They seem to be doing well, or at least they're chirping and flying around like sparrows do. Then there's this big crow that seems to be watching you.

"What do you want?"
You stop as you hear Remilia's voice. As you look at her, you see that a woman is standing in her way. The said woman has dark-brown twintails, a black-and-purple skirt, a white shirt and very odd shoes.
"Hatate Himekaidou at your service! May I interview the Queen of the Night?
"No." Remilia points at you. "But you can ask him."
The woman turns to you and steps closer. "May I interview the servant of the Queen of the Night, then?"

[] Walk past her. "Who was she?"
[] "No."
[] "Go ahead."


Ignored. Why? Because I was 75% done when you voted.
[x] "Go ahead."

In before people go out of their way to be jerkasses.
[x] Walk past her. "Who was she??
[x] Walk past her. "Who was she?"

So Mystia raped him because she was in love? No need to ask why human and youkai have trouble living together. The headache excuse can't work if your partner wants it.

Also, I voted for that because:
1) either we're going against Remilia's wish,
2) either we're repeating Remilia. And we're not a parrot.
[x] "No."
[X] "Go ahead.."

Maybe it'll prove a pleasant enough distraction.
[x] Walk past her. "Who was she??
again Chris was in mind-space when the event happened, and perhaps the troubles gotten things to such a point where desperate action is required. Though I'm sure we'll have trouble due to not forgiving her, possibly anger or yandere affection. Nice job breaking it, jackass
File 131352820525.jpg - (486.13KB, 1504x1000 , IMGP5309.jpg) [iqdb]
Unfortunately, most of my pics of Chinese gardens have people in them. This one doesn't.

Also, the original pic was almost 4 megs. I only have Paint on this comp. Yes, it looks a little butchered, but it gets the message across. I hope it does, at least.


[x] Walk past her. "Who was she?"

She's just some random reporter.
You don't have time for random reporters, you're busy watching sparrows. Thus, you just walk past her like she wasn't there in the first place.
"Who was she?"
"Just some random reporter. Come, this way." Remilia leads you towards an empty alley between two large houses.
"That was quite rude, you know." The reporter's voice comes from behind you as you're about to reach the peaceful alley. You take a look but she's already gone. Now that you think back to it, it really was. It wouldn't have been very hard to just say no or something similar, but you had to go and be an ass. It isn't nice to be totally ignored, even if it's by a complete stranger. Your thoughtlessness ended up hurting someone. Again.

The alley leads to an unremarkable wooden gate. You haven't got the faintest idea as to what you're doing in there, but Remilia pushes the gate open with ease and enters the garden hidden within without second doubt. Shrugging, you follow her to the pleasantly silent Chinese-style garden. The gate closes itself behind you, shutting off the noise of the market. As soon as that has happened, Remilia sighs in relief and heads towards the canopy on the other side of the pond. You'd like to ask why you came to this garden when she said you'd go to the market, but you'd most likely end up hurting her. As a result you just follow her silently, like always. it's not like you ever have anything worth saying.

"You may want to ask why I'm doing this." Remilia gives you an explanation as she sits on the stone bench under the shade of the canopy. "But you will not ask. I'll tell you regardless: I don't like crowds. Just? give me a minute, okay? Go see the turtles in the pond or something."
You nod and head off. The tranquil garden relieves your self-disrespect bathed mind by giving it something else to think about. Take those holey rocks, for example. Or the bridge with a 90 degree turn in the middle. Or the old guy watching you. Wait. You just followed Remilia to somewhere that is probably someone else's property without asking the permission of the owner? Well, he doesn't seem angry, so you head towards him, but not the straightest way. One has to walk through miniature bamboo thickets when given the chance to do so.

If you've ever seen someone look like an old, wise man, it's him. Chinese-style grey beard, no hair, a book in hand. You approach him from behind, making sure that he knows that you're there. Regardless of your effort, the man is more interested in a turtle swimming in the pond. When you get a little closer, he points at the turtle.
"Can you see him? he's older than the both of us. But stay a while and listen. I will tell you something."
Oh well, it's not like you have anything better to do.

The old man tells you a story about a rich merchant and a poor scholar. The point of the story is that one shouldn't aim for wealth in spite of knowledge and wisdom.
"You may wonder why I told you this story. I told it because I am the scholar and the merchant is the father of the owner of this garden. Not much has changed: I teach the child of the noble but he doesn't listen. He wants to get rich. I hope it will teach you that the easiest way is not the only one. Ah, but there is my pupil."
A guy, about your age but a little shorter, has come to the garden. You listened closely to the old man's story, not because you were that interested but because you didn't want to seem rude, so you didn't notice. The guy is holding a piece of paper with a rune on it and seems annoyed.
"Old man, your thing didn't work." The guy shoves the paper at the old man. You recognize the rune on it now that it's at a better angle. Border. No wonder it doesn't work, borders can't exist alone.
The old man takes the paper, digs his pockets for a while and gives it and a pen to you with a smile. "Let us watch Knowledge at work."
You don't like the way he said that, but you know how to make this into something usable?

The border needs to be defined. You draw the rune of inside to its right and the rune of outside to its right. It also needs power. Add water below the rune, it's the closest to a pond you can manage. Then you just need to link it all together, but you only know the Basic Magic Circle?
"See, that is knowledge and wisdom at work. Not did he only know that a border needs to be between something and something else, but he also knew that it won't work without power and limits."
"Great. Now give me that and get lost before I call the guards?" A hand snatches the paper you just finished. The old man answers before you can.
"Have I not told you to threaten people before you know who they are? Did you not notice who is resting under the canopy at the other end of the garden?"
The young guy backs off a bit. His overconfident presence shatters. "Uh, no, but-"
"Then you better not tell him what to do. You-?He points at you. "should go check on her. I will try to hammer some wisdom into his head, useless as it may seem."

You leave the polar opposites and head to the other end of the garden. it's remarkable how peaceful it is in there even if the two are arguing in the same garden. The canopy itself is so silent that Remilia has fallen asleep, stone bench or not.

[] Wake her up. Stone benches are not good for your back.
[] Let her sleep. it's your fault that she's tired, you woke her up early.


I'm sorry that I've been busy. I'm also sorry that I had a headache and didn't feel like writing.

I just felt like saying that.
>?That was quite rude, you know." The reporter's voice comes from behind you as you're about to reach the peaceful alley. You take a look but she's already gone. Now that you think back to it, it really was. It wouldn't have been very hard to just say no or something similar, but you had to go and be an ass. It isn't nice to be totally ignored, even if it's by a complete stranger. Your thoughtlessness ended up hurting someone.

WHhy giving us choice if some of them are wrong?
I just feel like saying it loud.

[x] Let her sleep. it's your fault that she's tired, you woke her up early.
It's your choice to choose something. You have to live with the consequences of your choice.
Seems less that LandScout's saying it's wrong and more that the character is acknowledging that he is saying/doing things that could be hurtful to others. And you can't forget our guy here has a habit of self-deprecation.

[X] Let her sleep. it's your fault that she's tired, you woke her up early.
[x] Wake her up. Stone benches are not good for your back.

Waking up early was something of her idea and she'd be far more upset at losing time to do stuff and sleeping on a stone bench than being woken up.
[X] Wake her up. Stone benches are not good for your back.
Yeah... though people reading this seem to go out of the way to be unnice 75% of the time, needlessly so.
[x] Wake her up. Stone benches are not good for your back.

>Your thoughtlessness ended up hurting someone. Again.
>You'd like to ask why you came to this garden when she said you'd go to the market, but you'd most likely end up hurting her.
>The tranquil garden relieves your self-disrespect bathed mind by giving it something else to think about.
In past updates, we weren't depressed this much. I wonder if our mindset is deteriorating for some reason?
I'm trying to remember the point where this trend picked up as I noticed an increase in the emo. I'm sure people voting certain choices aren't helping, that's for sure.
File 131430850563.jpg - (447.32KB, 1030x1030 , 4d80ef0c557d4b471fff026d5493628b.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Wake her up. Stone benches are not good for your back.

Better wake her up so she won't be late from whatever she was talking about. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that now that she isn't busy thinking about how to make your life miserable, she's actually someone you could like. It'd also be totally wrong to assume that her peaceful sleeping figure has managed to charm you. Assuming that her beautiful yet somehow cute face has finally breached the barrier of formality you've formed around yourself would also be a step to the wrong direction.
it's just because you don't want her to be late.

She stares at you for a second, trying to figure out what's going on. You're totally unaffected by her wonderfully sleepy face.
"What time is it?"
You check your pocket watch. "Quarter past four."
Yawn. "Mmh." Remilia rubs her eyes. It completely fails to amuse you. "I need some chocolate. Come on, let's go see if Kourin has some."
You don't know who Kourin is, but you are very surprised as you get lifted off the ground by your waist.

After definitely too many seconds you're lying on the messy lawn of a junk store near the edge of a forest, doing your best to convince your breakfast that it doesn't want to come out the same way it went in. She did it again and didn't even ask before doing so... However good she may look on the outside, she's still a devil bent on making you feel miserable. She isn't even bothering to wait for you to get up before going in to get her chocolate. Damnit. You force yourself to get up and follow her, even if you're still not feeling very stable.

A tiny bell rings somewhere in the back as you enter the store. Well, less of a store, more of a house full of stuff. Remilia is standing in the middle of the mess and is talking to a silver-haired guy (the shopkeeper, you presume) who's sitting on what looks like an old armchair while reading a book. They guy seems rather annoyed by her presence.
"If I have any, it's over there." The shopkeeper points and glances at your general direction "-Oh. I don't think I've seen you before. Who may you be?" He has golden eyes and looks wise - though it may be just the glasses he's wearing.
"I-? ?he's just my new servant. Now, the chocolate?"
"I told you that I don't know. Now, if you won't mind, I'd like to talk with your servant." Despite not being as polite as you'd expect a shopkeeper to be, he remains calm. Remilia shrugs at his words and heads towards the shelf behind you. "Tea? I'd rather chat over a cup."
"Yeah, sure."

He makes some tea and then you chat. For quite some time, too. He asks you about what your life was like before you got drafted by Remilia. The said vampire spends the time rummaging the shelves in search of chocolate. She must be suffering from a serious lack of it. Eventually, when you're in the middle of explaining the school system to Rinnosuke, she finds what she's looking for.
"Ha! Found some! Come on, Chris, we're leaving."
You set your now empty teacup back on the tray. "So, that's it, then. Sorry for having to leave so suddenly."
"I don't mind. But if you ever feel like chatting, come visit me again."
You wave him goodbye and head back to the store from the kitchen. Remilia is at the door, holding a bar of chocolate and ready to go. Opening the door for her, you check your pocket watch again and head out.
"How much was it?"
"The time? 17:30."
Remilia turns around mid-step. "That much? I've got to hurry? Just follow the road and you'll get to the village. Meet me at the dragon statue at eight." When she's said that, she flaps her wings and shoots upwards. Sigh? All this for a bar of chocolate.

"Not so full of yourself anymore, are you?"
A voice comes from your left as just as you reach the point where the forest changes to fields. Recognizing it as Yuuka's voice, you decide to check it out.
"Oh, sorry? you can't talk anymore."
There's a small clearing, little more than a hole created by a fallen tree, where Yuuka is holding someone up against a tree. Her hand right hand is holding the guy by the head. There's a pool of blood at the base of the tree below the guy. Yuuka's left hand is holding an open parasol. She doesn't seem to have noticed you.

[] Better safe than sorry. Sneak out of there.
[] Get closer and try to convince her to let go of him.
[] User defined.


This is the product of an accidental nap.
I should nap more often.
[x] Better safe than sorry. Sneak out of there.

The guy brought it upon himself, and it's not worth risking irritating Yuuka and making Remilia mad.
[x] Get closer and try to convince her to let go of him.

Can't leave a man hanging. Don't kill me.
[x] Get closer and try to convince her to let go of him.
[] Get closer and try to convince her to let go of him.
[X] Get closer and try to convince her to let go of him.

I wonder if he'll make it through this without being impaled.
[x] Get closer and try to convince her to let him go.
Canonicly, Yuuka's actually of the reasonable sort.
Yeah but what if the guy did something to really deserve it? And how would Remilia react to Chris loitering about. It's pretty amazing anon can be inconsistent.
File 131465888050.jpg - (751.83KB, 1000x1000 , 2b56cbce5c8368e9d0af577553236693.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Get closer and try to convince her to let go of him.

There's a risk that you won't come out of this alive, but you can't just watch him get skewered. Even less so since you've been in the same situation yourself. Though, unlike him, you were conscious. Even so, external forces were required to get you out safely. Thus, deciding that you're not the kind of a person who leaves someone to die, you start moving towards Yuuka, making sure to step on a few dry branches to make some noise.

She glares at you angrily when she notices you, but the anger fades out quickly and is replaced by a mask of indifference.
"Good day. Was there something you need?"
"Yes. Can you let him go?" Beating around a bush doesn't feel like a good tactic when dealing with her - not that you like doing so regardless who you're talking to. She seems a little confused by your straightforwardness.
"Why..? Is there- oh." Realization. "Of course. I'm sorry; I forgot that the ones born human find it disturbing." Yuuka lets go of the guy. He slumps to the ground like a doll. "But, as a repayment of having me let him go, I want you to do something for me."
"And what would that be?" You've got time to kill, so you may as well hear her proposal. Besides, you'd be dead by now should she feel like killing you.
"Just follow me for a moment and I'll tell you.? ?That made it sound like she's trying to divert your attention from the guy by taking you away from him. Yuuka notices you glancing at her feet. "Don't worry about him; he'll be back on his feet in a moment. And, hopefully, will advice his foolhardy friends to not to have a trial of guts in the Forest. The others won't mind easy prey, but I prefer it quiet."
You just have to believe her. That's all you can come up with that doesn't involve annoying her any further.

"This seems as good place as any?"
She stops in what seems like - and is - the middle of a grain field. The grain is still green and young, and only reaches your knees. Whatever she has in mind has to take a lot of space.
"So, what it is that you want? If it's something that takes very long, I'll-"
You dodge to the left. The point of Yuuka's parasol appears where your head was. If she'd gone for your chest instead of your head?
A lot of? something is gathering to her. You've felt the something when you've tried to cast spells. Deciding to play it safe, you dash to the left. Just as you move, a beam shoots to where you just were.

A fight, huh.."

[] Enough is enough. You won't be her plaything.

[] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[] it's a good time to see what the ominous dagger can do.
-[] Give her what you got, but refrain from using anything potentially fatal.


Am I advancing too fast? Perhaps I'm skipping too much to get form one place to another? Let me know.
[X] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[X] Give her what you got, but refrain from using anything potentially fatal.

The dagger should be tested under controlled circumstances. This is not the time.
[X] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[X] Give her what you got, but refrain from using anything potentially fatal.

We should really test that dagger out sometime before we run into something really dangerous.
[X] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[X] Give her what you got, but refrain from using anything potentially fatal.
[x] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[x] it's a good time to see what the ominous dagger can do.

Reimu was just a human, but Yuuka's a powerful youkai, so no permanent damage should result. The tricky bit will just be moving in close enough.
Given what it did to Reimu, Youkai or not it might still do damage. Don't forget she is on par with the Youkai to some degree

[X] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[X] Give her what you got, but refrain from using anything potentially fatal
File 131518257029.png - (1.50MB, 1384x1332 , fe4c637caf86903b3b25c2525b724ace.png) [iqdb]
[X] If a fight is what she wants, a fight is what she gets.
-[X] Give her what you got, but refrain from using anything potentially fatal.

She's attacking like clockwork. Parasol, beam, parasol, punch, repeat. You've adapted to her style and dodge everything she's giving you, mashing her wrists with the hilts of your knives when possible. So far, she hasn't even flinched, not even when you felt something break as you struck harder than usual. it's time to end this.

Faking exhaustion, you wait until she punches. Then, as you see that she's about to attack, you spin towards her. Her hand grazes your back as your knife swings towards her. Checkmate.
Or that's what you think until she moves faster than you thought was even possible. Your attack is blocked, feet are grabbed and you're swung to a fireman carry before you even realize she moved in the first place.
"I'm going to make you use it one day. Now, there's something I want you to see?"
Yuuka turns around and takes a step forward.
"Uh, can't you just let me walk on my own?"
"No. You lost and don't have a say."
You'd hang your head dejectedly but it's already hanging upside down. Well, on the bright side, you've got an acceptable view of her rather bountiful rack - something Remilia doesn't have. Being carried like this is not very comfortable, but as she said, you don't really have a say. You lost. No, you were utterly and completely crushed.

She carries you through the fields for a moment before finding a road. Then Yuuka takes you to the village and to some building in there. There're a lot of chairs and tables in there. You'd take a better look, but your neck is hurting because you kept looking upwards when she carried you through the fields, before you accepted that she's not going to let you fall or hit anything. Because of that, the first thing you do when you're thrown into a chair is to grab your own head and turn it to the side. Crack. It doesn't hurt? It doesn't hurt. If it doesn't hurt, the crack probably just meant that something went to where it should be, not the other way.

Yuuka carried you to some sort of a pub or bar. it's not the largest one you've seen, and there aren't that many people in there aside you. There's this obviously drunk middle-aged man, a not quite as drunk woman who looks like a swamp monster and then there's Yuuka who's at the counter. She returns soon, but not before the sea monster notices you. Luckily, the monster isn't sober enough to get to you before Yuuka gets back with two pints of water.
You do, but not quite as fast as she does. As soon as you're done, she drags you outside and to some random, empty-ish market square. A most delicious scent of food comes from somewhere. It reminds you that you haven't eaten for a while.
"Hey, can we eat something?"
Grooowl. Can't your damn stomach be quiet?
"I'm not sure if he have enough time. Do you have a watch or something?"
?18:47.? Pocketing the watch again, you're surprised by how much her figure changed once you told her the time. The grip on your hand loosened, her expression changed to a friendlier one and her shoulders lost some of their previous stiffness.
"Oh? Only that much? Well, in that case we've got enough time to eat."

You're taken to the source of the scent - a nearby restaurant - where Yuuka tells you to wait outside as she gets something. She comes out with two large and dangerously tasty looking pita sandwiches. She hands the other one to you, and ruffles your hair for some reason. You give her a questioning look.
"You just looked so happy for a second?"
You? aren't sure how to respond. So you don't respond at all, and take a bite of your sandwich instead. it's exactly as good as it looks.
"Let's go sit on those benches over there." She points at a bench down the street. it's at the edge of the main market square.

It takes quite a while to eat. Even if you've always been a somewhat fast eater, Yuuka is done when you're about halfway there. it's not that surprising since she's taller, heavier and stronger than you are.
"Hey, Chris, there's something I want to do."
Glup. "What?"
"Look at me."
You do. Her eyes are red and there's a little bit of something form the bread near her mouth. Then, just as fast as she moved when you were fighting, she moves her hand to behind your head and pulls you into a kiss. You're completely taken by surprise.
Her tongue forces its way into your mouth. Her food was spicier than yours. it's all you realize before she ends it. You gaze at her as she pulls away.
She smiles warmly. "I have my reasons. Now, I believe you have something to do. I'm afraid I have to excuse myself. Oh, and if you happen feel like it, you'll find me from the schoolhouse. I'd be glad to offer a place for you to stay tonight."
Then, before you can gather yourself, she gets up, revealing that someone behind her was looking at you. it's Remilia, and she's holding hands with some man. The instant she sees you, she heads off.

You're left there, absolutely clueless about what to do. Well, you were told to be at the dragon statue in forty minutes, so you can't go very far.
Staying on the bench, you try to figure out what just happened. First, Yuuka kissed you out of the blue and then left. Remilia was looking at her, but couldn't see you. Then Yuuka left and Remilia saw you. At the same time, you saw Remilia holding hands with some guy. For some reason it felt bad to see her like that, like something had stung your insides. You can't make any sense of it.

Around you, the people slowly change from people minding their own business to people who just hang around. At the same time you feel a change in the atmosphere: it's no longer a busy village, but rather a place where people gather to when bored. The statue is in the square in front of you. Remilia's time limit nears. Nothing happens. It passes by just like that. You keep sitting on the bench and watch the people around you. There's something odd about them. Maybe because they're mostly women - the only males are shopkeepers. Or maybe it's because they don't go too near to each other.

Nothing special happens. The odd people come and go, but no-one hangs near the statue. it's now nine in the evening, and the sun has set already. it's getting a bit chilly.

[] Find Yuuka and accept her offer.
[] You'll wait until the end of the world if you have to.
[] Go looking for Remilia.
[] Get back to the Mansion.
[x] Go looking for Remilia

Probably shouldn't head back on our own; we might run into a grue.
>?I'm going to make you use it one day."
Looks like Yuuka knows about the dagger and was in fact prepared for it. Also, why'd Yuuka kiss us? Last I checked we'd just shacked up for one night after getting wasted, and we disappointed her at that.
[X] Wait one more hour. If Remilia doesn't show up, find Yuuka and accept her offer.

I'm kind of torn. On the one hand, she could just be running late. On the other, I'm getting sick of her treating Chris like a toy. So, a compromise. Yes, I'm one of the people who voted to move in with Yuuka.

She wants to see Chris's power, not the dagger. As for the kiss, she could have been trying to make Remilia jealous, or she could genuinely like Chris. Only she knows.
[X] Wait one more hour. If Remilia doesn't show up, find Yuuka and accept her offer.

Yeah I'd have to pick this one. We're on time, but Remilia isn't. We're being very generous to give an hour.

You know I have to ask, but considering Yuuka has that ability to make a copy of herself will we ever get to see that used in... interesting ways?
[X] Wait one more hour. If Remilia doesn't show up, find Yuuka and accept her offer.

Seems good, a nice compromise.
[X] Wait one more hour. If Remilia doesn't show up, find Yuuka and accept her offer.

Love me some wagon rides.
[X] Wait one more hour. If Remilia doesn't show up, find Yuuka and accept her offer.

That Yuuka is interesting so far. But we're Remilia's servant.
File 131553153359.png - (1.19MB, 1500x1171 , 4877fa542561b3f18ba1b0e1cf388f91.png) [iqdb]
Unfortunately, this is not what it's about.
I just happen to like the picture for whatever reason.

[X] Wait one more hour. If Remilia doesn't show up, find Yuuka and accept her offer.

She said she'd be here, but she's isn't here. it's already been an hour, but you're not sure if it's okay for you to just leave. Could she be in trouble? No, it's unlikely. Actually, she's the type of person who attracts trouble, but she's also someone who doesn't actually get into the trouble she attracts. Yeah, she probably just ran into something unexpected and is late. But, of course, if the thing she ran into was the guy she was holding hands with, you? Why are you thinking like that? She's your slaver and nothing else. She's free to do whatever she wants with however many guys she wishes and it's none of your business.

The strange people keep minding their own strange business. You entertain yourself for a moment by examining their hats: everyone seems to have one, each more ridiculous than the last. Remilia has one too, and truth to be told, it would find itself near the top should someone list the most ridiculous hats. Luckily, she doesn't wear it very often so you can get annoyed by her unkempt hair.

Slowly, but surely, an hour passes. You get a few odd looks from the shopkeepers, but no one's really interested. There's no sign of Remilia. Her not coming despite saying she will pisses you off. Actually, she can go fuck herself (which is probably what she's doing, anyway), you're going with Yuuka. At least she won't treat you like Remilia does.

It takes a while to find the schoolhouse. You would've missed it if it weren't the only building with lights on the street. The building looks empty, and you can't hear a thing from the door. After a moment of hard thinking, you decide to just go in since the door isn't locked. The door opens into a silent hallway. Fortunately, the building isn't very large, so it doesn't take too long to find the classroom where Keine Whateveritwas is lecturing. You haven't got a clue what she's going on about, but sit down anyways to avoid distracting her. You look for Yuuka and see her in the back row. She also sees you, but nods at Keine. Shrugging, you guess that she wants you to listen.

History. That's all you realize in the five minutes she lectures before being done. The others get out quickly while you wait for Yuuka.
"You're here because of my offer, hm?" She sounds a little smug. You don't like it.
"Yes. I was supposed to meet someone two hours ago, but she never showed up."
"Ah, I see. Now, is there something you'd like to do, or should we go according to my plan?" She offers her hand to you. You hesitate for a moment, remembering how she carried you through the village - not the most dignified way of moving.
"Well, I have some ideas? But what's your plan?"
Yuuka grabs your hand instead of waiting for you to reach a decision. "Oh, I was planning on going to the bar for a while. I like the place."

[] A bar is fine too.
[] Being as strong as she is, maybe she could help you with your combat training?
[] Maybe she'd want to see the Mansion?
[] (something else, what?)


Short and not as good as I wanted.
[x] A bar is fine, too.
-[x] Do not, under any circumstances, get completely wasted. You can't even remember what happened last time.
[x] A bar is fine, too.
-[x] Do not, under any circumstances, get completely wasted. You can't even remember what happened last time.

Hopefully there won't be a repeat of the last time we woke up with Yuuka.
[x] A bar is fine, too.
-[x] Do not, under any circumstances, get completely wasted. You can't even remember what happened last time.
[x] A bar is fine, too.
-[x] Do not, under any circumstances, get completely wasted. You can't even remember what happened last time.

Very nice picture here. Too bad it's unrelated. But I do like your tastes.
[x] A bar is fine, too.
-[x] Do not, under any circumstances, get completely wasted. You can't even remember what happened last time.

I also like that picture.
No pics this time because I'm busy flying my internet spaecshipz.


[x] A bar is fine, too.
-[x] Do not, under any circumstances, get completely wasted.

"I don't have any objections? as long as we stay just for a few."
You say the words that are always said before staying for a lot more than ?just a few?. There are some exceptions to the rule, of course, but this time is not one.
You just don't know that yet. It only dawns to you after you've been dragged to the bar, and after Yuuka downed some questionable looking drinks while you sip at your beer. She does drink quite a bit of water, though, so it's possible that she knows that she can take that much.

"- So when the alpha particle exists in a spot where the strong interaction is weaker than the electromagnetic force, the nucleus breaks."
"So that's it? It just happens -? The rest of Yuuka's line is drowned in the background noise. You've been in the bar for a while now, and it's pretty loud right now. She had you explain alpha- and beta decays and spontaneous fission to her. It went well despite the amount of alcohol you've consumed.
"What? it's too loud in here, I couldn't hear you."
She sighs. "Let's go outside, then."
Getting out requires some navigating to avoid bumping into the tables. For Yuuka, at least. You don't have any trouble walking straight.

it's silent, dark and pleasantly cool. The sky's cloudless, and the almost-full moon has just risen.
"So, where were we?" Yuuka looks clueless for a second. "You just told me about alpha decay, right?"
You nod. "Yeah, and I was about to ask if you've had enough to drink."
"I guess I have? Come, let's go to my place. There's something I want to show you."
She heads off to some random direction. Realizing that you haven't got the faintest idea about how to get to her place, you follow her. Her last words made you feel rather? exited. Exactly what does she have in mind? Obviously, she's going to show something like a painting she likes or something. Better wait and see before jumping into conclusions.
"Hey, come here." Stopping to wait for you, she turns around. You take a few hurried steps to reach her faster. She plants her arm around your shoulders when you reach her. You? are totally fine with it. She's warm and somehow comforting. "That way." Placing some weight on you, she points at a direction. You feel her sway ever so slightly. She's leaning on you just for support. Nevertheless, she's leaning on you of her own, free will. Smiling, you head to the direction she's pointing to.

You can tell that she's not that drunk from the way she jumps over roots and rocks when you lead her along the path.
"So when I was in school one day, just minding my own business, I ended up walking from behind a bunch of guys I knew. At that moment the guy who was facing away from me said. "You know that Chris guy? he's always so silent, never saying anything.?" You're not really sure why you're telling her this, but it felt like something worth mentioning.
"That wasn't nice. How'd you respond?"
"I didn't. I tried to come up with something good, but couldn't. So I just walked away as fast as I could. I'm sure the others noticed that I was there, but I don't know if they mentioned it." it's the story from that one time. It hurt, but you never let it show.
Yuuka is silent for a moment. Then she rolls her eyes and smiles. "I guess I could tell you something, then?" She tells you of something that happened a few years back. First she went to the Hakurei shrine. In there, she had overheard Reimu and some others talking about her. She heard them say how she attacks anyone who comes near her place; she had to be some kind of a sadist who enjoys harming others and hates company.
"So, then I flew away. I don't understand them: Marisa doesn't want to be bothered when she's home. Neither do I. But they don't have a problem when it comes to her. I decided to let them be. They could survive without me and I didn't need them. Forgetting about them worked for a while, but then I began to feel lonely?"
Not sure how to react, you try to pat her on the shoulder. It doesn't go very well since she's still leaning on you.

Eventually you arrive to a large sunflower field, and a bit later to Yuuka's mansion. it's not as large as the Scarlet Devil Mansion, even externally, but still large enough to be called a mansion. Yuuka, now walking on her own, goes straight to the kitchen and drops onto a chair.
"Fwaaah? Home. Now tell me: who are you? I mean both of you."
Interesting? I could actually try a new trick now. Sit back and relax, I'll take over.

[] A servant of the Scarlet Devil.
[] Sit back and relax.
[] You're you and no-one else.
[x] Sit back and relax.

Might get more answers this way
[x] You're you and no-one else.

Not totally wasted, but it we're drunk enough to mention old tales from the past, we're too drunk to answer seriously.
[x] Sit back and relax.

You should really get a better proofreader as it's excited not exited.
[x]"I'm a servant of the Scarlet Devil."
-[x]Then sit back and relax. She did ask about both of you.
[X] Sit back and relax.

Let's let of the wheel and see what happens.
[x]"I'm a servant of the Scarlet Devil."
-[x]Then sit back and relax. She did ask about both of you.
[x] "I'm a servant of the Scarlet Devil."
-[x] Then sit back and relax. She did ask about both of you.

Did we ever find out who Blue is, besides some voice that got welded to our minds when we crossed the border?
[x] "I'm a servant of the Scarlet Devil."
-[x] Then sit back and relax.

"You know who I am: A servant of the Scarlet household." Following Yuuka's example, you pull back a chair and sit.
"So that is how you feel? Seems like you've already accepted your fate?" She leans on the table and looks at you menacingly. "But it seems like you have something to add. Go on."
"Just a moment." Trying to relax, you switch to a more comfortable position on the chair, let out a deep breath and try emptying your mind. Try to imagine me.
You do. Blue hair and? You've never actually paid attention to what she looks like. She probably has green eyes, and isn't that tall. Some other strings of memory get connected, and she gains a few minor details. Then her image starts moving. You try to open your eyes out of surprise, but get yanked into the darkness surrounding her instead?


You're on a bed, and a familiar floor extends infinitely into every direction. This is where she takes you when she feels like talking to you in your dreams. At the same time, if you want to, you can still see Yuuka sitting in front of you. She seems very confused.
?it's been a while?? Your right hand moves without you moving it. Yes, it's your right hand. There's no need to look at it clench and open repeatedly. ?Whatever you do, stay calm. I know what I'm doing. Probably.? Not very assuring.
Meanwhile, Yuuka has recovered from the initial confusion and is listening to what looks like you talking to yourself. "Uh, you all right in there? You (she?) sound different than usual?"
?Yes! Well, kind of. Ah, whatever. I'm not used to this. You know me, right?? She makes you grin evilly - something you're absolutely unused to, and the expression wears away as soon as the muscles used for it run out of juice.
"I'm going to assume that something happened and that you're not the same person as a moment ago. As to your question: How could I remember you? I know nothing of you, apart that you seem to co-exist with him."
?Aw, I thought you'd remember everyone who's beaten you??

It feels really odd to be just a bystander while she controls your body. No matter how much you try, you can never guess when she decides to move something a little. Feeling parts of you moving without prior warning feels scary, but it's manageable. It would be a lot easier to manage if Blue wasn't constantly trying to cough your vocal chords out. On the bright side, Yuuka has been staring at you silently for a while.
"You can't be Reimu, I saw her yesterday. I also saw Marisa with her. That'd leave just?"
You're made to grin again. ?I knew you'd remember.?
Yuuka's arm lands on your shoulder so hard it hurts. "I'll kill you the instant you let go of him."
?Oh, that's fine. Want to go drinking afterwards? Or rather, that's fine once I figure out how to get out. If I ever figure that out.? Sigh. A feeling of great desperation washes over you.
"Come on, that isn't like you. Besides, what about the match you owe me? The tiebreaker? When are we going to fight if you're not getting out?" Her arm shakes your shoulders reassuringly.
?Whatever, I'm going now. Take good care of the boy.? You feel yourself lean back and close your eyes. And then?

Nothing happens. You remain in the dream space. Still unable to control your body, you yell. "Hey, what happened? Weren't you supposed to switch back?"
?I, uh, think I screwed up? It seems like we can't change back.
Can't change back? But that's unthinkable! She has to be lying, she just wants to fuck around now that she finally has a body. What was she thinking?" No, there's no reason to panic. It won't help, and she's been around long enough to know how not to get hurt.
?So, you still interested in that fight, Yuuka? Wasn't it 2-2?
"Yeah, the carving is still in Reimu's torii. I remember it: Yuuka versus Mima, II vs. II?
There is a reason to panic.

[] Use Obvious Plot Item
-[] Which one and how?
[] Pray
-[] For who?
[] Sit back and relax. She's been in there for almost a decade, at least according to her own story.
[] She's still listening to you. Make her stop it.


Votes were tied.
So I flipped a coin.
[x] Sit back and relax. She's been in there for almost a decade, at least according to her own story.

Eat popcorn in front of the apocalypse.
>[] Use Obvious Plot Item
>-[] Which one and how?
I forget. How many do we have again? I remember the "ominous dagger" but that's it.
Obvious Plot Item list:

Omnious dagger, recieved from Mima/Blue. Powerful, made of steel, cursed.
Pocket watch, recieved from Sakuya. Useful if you want to know the time.
Silver cross necklace, recieved from your aunt a long time ago. Slighly magical. Patchouli has shown interest in this, but Remilia said it's worth only it's weight in silver. Kind of obvious because it's made of silver.
Knives, recieved from Sakuya. The same kind she uses. Nothing special with these.

Not an item, but related:
A bat-shaped scar on your chest. Was made when Remilia tried to kill you when you first saw her.
>?You know who I am: A servant of the Scarlet household." Following Yuuka's example, you pull back a chair and sit.
"So that is how you feel? Seems like you've already accepted your fate?"

What a bleh remark from Chris; thanks alot, anon.

As far as what Mima did... we all brought that upon ourselves...
[x] Use obvious plot item.
-[x] Hold silver cross necklace to bat-shaped scar.

Something of a shot in the dark, but if the necklace is slightly magical and our scar contains residual mana, maybe we can power the cross and make something happen.
[x] Use obvious plot item.
-[x] Hold silver cross necklace to bat-shaped scar.
File 131691234574.jpg - (759.68KB, 900x1200 , 69be299a07e8a7c383e956f98fe96fa9.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Use obvious plot item.
-[x] Hold silver cross necklace to bat-shaped scar.

All right. No panic, you've got this. You've got a necklace that, for the last five years or something, has been just that - a necklace. You've also got this scar on your chest. it's shaped like a bat. Other than that, it's your everyday scar. Though, unlike the other scars you've had so far, this one looks kind of stylish. It has its own kind of charm, but you're quite sure that no-one else likes it. it's just a scar, after all.

The moment of truth. With the necklace in hand, you slowly inch it closer to your chest, until it finally touches the skin. And then?

Nothing happens. Damn, you were hoping that it'd be the magic solution to everything. On the bright side, however, it seems like your placeholder tried to get up from the chair but failed to stand. As a result, you are currently exploring the world of ?under the table? with great passion. Said passion includes quite a bit of swearing and a moderate pain in your left knee.
"See, you can't even stand. Here," You're pulled you up. "I'll take you to bed."
"Hey, I'm sorry for not being used to having legs!" Wobble wobble? "Okay, we'll do it tomorrow, right?"
"Yes, yes? tomorrow." Yuuka sounds like she's speaking to a tired child as her hand guides yours so it reaches around her shoulder. "You never change, do you? Can't handle alcohol even If you possess someone?"
Huh. And you thought that being drunk was only dependent on how well the brain can handle various levels of blood alcohol content. Things you learn. But you have to admit that Yuuka's body feels very warm and soft, and that it makes you feel comfortable and sleepy.

"Just sleep now, we'll look at it in the morning. Good night."
Yuuka walks away to the door, but turns back to look at you again. She mumbles something and closes the door. You can't recognize the words.
When Yuuka's gone there isn't much to do. If you want to, you can see the insides of your eyelids or listen to the silence. Obviously, it isn't very interesting. Thus, you wait.

At some point, before you even realize that some time has passed, you feel that you're awake again. You're not sure why. Then you feel your hand reaching for something that's on the bed. A letter. Something's written on the envelope, but it's too dark to read. Snap, one of your fingers lights on fire. Nifty. The letter reads:
Mistress has requested your immediate presence. She said it is of utmost importance, but did not entrust me with any information regarding the matter.
PS. Come see me the instant you come back. I couldn't wake you up.
A ?Hmph!? is all she does before extinguishing your finger and falling asleep again.

A while later, while you're lost in thought, a hand lands on your shoulder. Usually it'd startle you, but not this time.
"Hey, I'm back. Want to hear what happened?"
"I know what happened." Turning around, you face your blue-haired companion. "I could hear and see what's happening, you know."
"Ah, I guess it makes sense that you can interpret the data from your own sensory nerves? It took me three years to learn how to do that." She's silent for a moment and looks very serious. "That brings us to the problem: I don't know how to get you back in control."
"Why don't you just do whatever changed our places in the first place?" She didn't sound very convincing, but you can't remember her lying.
"That only brought me back here." She gives you some time to think about the situation before continuing. "I do, however, have two ideas. We can try to find the end of this place and throw you out. Since you're human, removing your consciousness should cause you to wake up - like when you die while dreaming. The problem with this is that finding the end of this place will take a long time."
"Is time a problem? Don't we have the whole night?" Asking that makes you feel somehow stupid.
"it's already morning. You didn't notice?" She makes it sound like it's the simplest thing in the world, causing you to feel even more stupid. "Anyways, the other idea is to let things be as they are for now."
So, you can either go hours late or then you can go on time, but not as yourself. It seems like you're left with two short straws.

[] Do nothing.
[] it's worth a try.
[] Ask something.


It wasn't easy to write this. Two days of not having the slightest idea about what'll happen, and even then it took twice the normal time to write. Wasn't because of votes, it was because I'm running out of ideas.
Take a break until you get some more ideas, waiting for an update would beat all these half-assed sets of choices we've started to get.
[X] Might as well try it.

Agreed, you should probably take a break till you get ideas.
[x] Do nothing.
-[x] Stay in touch with Blue so she knows how to react.

Hopefully she can still hear us while controlling our body. If not, strike the last bit of the vote, and just let her do her best at impersonating us.

Gotta get back for more Flandre~
[x] Do nothing.
-[x] Stay in touch with Blue so she knows how to react.
[x] Do nothing.

I'll be back! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
This hasn't been forgotten, I just have a lot of other things to do at the moment.
Please wait warmly.
File 131846226864.png - (714.72KB, 598x900 , 0f9d1c9842afbe72e4b8376f0f85fb48.png) [iqdb]
[x] Do nothing.

"Better go as we are? just listen to what I say and they won't even notice that there's something wrong."
Mima smiles and nods. "it's unlikely that they notice it, they barely know you at all. Anyways, keep your calm."
And then she's gone, as if she never was there to begin with. Which, in fact, is true. At least, if your guess is correct.


it's damn bright and noisy. The wind whistles in the corners and someone's moving around downstairs. You didn't notice it last night, but it seems like that you pay attention to all the useless stuff that he automatically ignores. Like how there's a very slight breeze or that the pillow is a little too soft. And now that you've paid attention to it, it's impossible to sleep. Damn it.

After a while, you kind of wish you hadn't possessed him. Hangover sucks. Being hungry sucks. Having to go to the toilet sucks. Not being able to float around sucks. Being forced to listen to him without knowing what he's thinking sucks. Trying to vent a bit of your anger, you punch the wall next to you. It doesn't help with the anger, but it does helps you realize that sore fist sucks, too.

?Hey, chill! You'll end up hurting yourself- wait, myself? Whatever, just stop it.?
"Yeah, yeah. I know I have to. I'm going to the toilet, but don't worry, there isn't a place of you I haven't seen already. And yes, I know that you fap to loli and futa."
?I wasn't going to ask??
Heh. That should keep him quiet for a moment.

One bladder-emptying moment later you find yourself face to face with Yuuka as you drop by to the kitchen to banish the hunger you've felt since waking up.
"I'm afraid our fight is going to have to wait." Shoving the letter to her before she can recover, you rush past her to see the surprise she (or more likely, Elly) has prepared: freshly-baked bread still hot enough to melt the butter on it, roast pork to go with it, tea and a whole load of just about everything you could think of as breakfast.

"Hm, I see. A pity. I'll try to arrange something; how long do you think you're going to stay like that? Oh, consider it a welcoming gift. I thought one would be in order since you were gone for so long." Yuuka gives the letter back and pulls back a chair for herself. You sit next to her.

"You didn't have to do anything for me and we're changing back as soon as possible."

"I see? In any case, there's something I want you to do. Eat while you wait."
She gets up and leaves, making you wonder what it could be. Regardless, you do your best to enjoy the breakfast while trying to be fast. If you know Remilia at all, she'll ask whether you came as soon as you could. Combined with her ability to see straight through humans, it's better not risk it.

A while later, just as you're finishing your meal, Yuuka comes back with a letter. She gives it to you. "Here, take it to Patchouli Knowledge. You know her, right?"

"Sure, I'll take it to her." She smiles as you take the letter and pocket it.

"Right, then you better get going. I certainly wouldn't mind if you could stay for a little longer, but the Scarlets shouldn't be messed with."

"See you, then." It'd be great if you could stay, but the risk isn't worth taking. Thus, after waving goodbye, you head out.

Meiling opens the gate for you without saying a word. She looks at you sharply, and it feels like she knows that something's wrong. Thanking her, you hurry inside. Once there, you stop for a second. Should you try to find Sakuya as she told you to, or should you go see Remilia immediately? it's probably best to compromise and check Sakuya's room before going to Remilia. It won't take long if she isn't there. A moment later, you're knocking at the maid's door.
"You're back." Sakuya startles you by appearing next to you. She's carrying a large pile of laundry. "I'm afraid I can't be much of help, but remember this: Mistress doesn't make mistakes. You do. Now, if you'd let me into my room?"
Stepping aside, you let her pass. The door closes silently, yet it still feels like a death sentence for some reason. It'd be so easy if you could simply mow Remilia down by force, but that may have some unforeseen consequences for Chris?

[] Remilia was late. It was her own fault.
[] You're sorry.


Updates! Finally!
I'm still rather busy, but I'm getting used to it.
[x] Remilia was late. It was her own fault.

What would have happened if we didn't run into Yuuka? We might have been left hanging at the village all day.
[x] You're sorry.
[x] You're sorry.
Let's try a decent approach before taking her down for the count.
[x] Remilia was late. It was her own fault.

I have restored the balance.
[x] Chris is not in right now. Please leave a message after the beep.

[x] Remilia was late. It was her own fault.

I really can't see Mima caring too much about the repercussions and, if need-be, Yuuka can corroborate the possession story if whatever methods Mima herself uses prove unsatisfactory for Remi.
[x] You're sorry.
[x] Remilia was late. It was her own fault.

We kicked Makai's goddess holy ass. We can make it against a puny little loli vampire. Be careful of any strange boner, since you know that Chris faps to loli and futa.
File 131933677359.jpg - (1.67MB, 1000x1200 , 232f143154f52d0137e52f8d9d0e9625.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Remilia was late. It was her own fault.

Chris may let Remilia off the hook and pretend like it was his own fault, but you won't. Hopefully, she won't be too mad about it.

?You heard Sakuya, didn't you? It doesn't sound like she said it because she wants to mess with me.
Yeah, you know what he thinks of it. That's exactly why it should be done now, because he'll never do it on his own.

"You're going to live as her pet monkey?"
he's silent for a moment. ?If it keeps her happy and me alive? Yes.?
it's your turn to be silent as you approach Remilia's room. Despite all your confidence, you're getting excited: sweaty palms and a heightened sense of your surroundings reveals it. Just a moment later and you're standing in front of the door. You feel the all too familiar surge in your stomach as you get ready to knock?


Knock, knock, knock?
Mmh? it's Sakuya, come to tell you that it's time to wake up. You're still tired, so you'll let her come in to wake you up. She likes it, and you get to laze off in bed for some extra seconds.
Knock, knock, knock?
Wait, Sakuya never knocks twice. Flandre wouldn't even knock once and Patchouli would wait until you go to the library. So it has to be him. Did Sakuya send him to do her job again? Not that you really care.
"Mrrf mfin!"
It seems like something's blocking your mouth. You remove the pillow from your general vicinity.
"Come in!"
The door opens and Chris enters, giving you a look that is very much, but not exactly, like the one you were expecting.

"You wanted to see me."
Huh? You did? Oh right, he didn't bother to wait for you last night, and to make it worse, he let you down to be with Yuuka.

"You left me alone last night."

"Well, considering that you were two hours late, I believe it was justified."

"I understand that I was late, and that I couldn't tell you about it, but I except you to get worried if I'm that much late."
You were supposed to be angry at him, but thinking of what will happen today calms you down. it's going to be the night of the full moon. A most peculiar idea forms in your head?


That went a lot better than you expected. Although, the odd look Remilia is giving you is bothering you. She notices your unease, smiles and looks away.
"I'll find you later today. We'll? do something you'll like. Now, off with you."

A moment later you're in the kitchen, drinking some tea to calm down.
I can't believe you actually did that? I also can't believe that she let it slide.
You remain silent. it's true. It certainly wasn't what you were excepting. Thinking a bit about the current situation, you come to the conclusion that it's time to return to where you belong. it's not that you don't like the current situation, but rather because it isn't right to rob someone's body from them.

[] There's something you have to do before leaving.
-[] What is it? What'll you do afterwards?
[] It may take time, but it's safest to do it alone.
[] Seek help.
-[] From who?


Tests coming up. Blah blah. I won't bother this time.
[x] It may take time, but it's safest to do it alone.
Well that was anti-climactic.

[x] Seek help.
-[x] From Patchouli

It's the obvious answer, really.

>[...] but I except you to get worried if I'm that much late.."
>It certainly wasn't what you were excepting.
I believe you meant 'expecting'?
[x] It may take time, but it's safest to do it alone.
-[x] Try seeing about getting some help from Sakuya as isn't she able to affect time?

wouldn't this cancel out this choice's downside?
[x] It may take time, but it's safest to do it alone.
-[x] Sakuya can affect time; see if you can get her to help.

Need more votes in here.
[x] Seek help.
-[x] From Patchouli

Considering both Patchouli and Mima are magicians, and thus know magic quite well, I'd trust Patchouli to have more of a solution than Sakuya.
File 131967845051.jpg - (483.74KB, 960x1280 , 00a8184209ad658c9e488151be42c0de.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, it's time to-


You have 12 hours.
For those who have already voted: please wait warmly and have a Kanako.
[x] It may take time, but it's safest to do it alone.
-[x] Sakuya can affect time; see if you can get her to help.
>It may take time, but it's safest to do it alone.

So normally this is very likely to work but takes time... with Sakuya's help, the time issue will be mostly nullified.
[x] Seek help.
-[x] From Patchouli
[x] Seek help.
-[x] From Patchouli
Vote spam check requested as the timing of the last two votes is very suspicious.
[x] Seek help.
-[x] From Patchouli

I still need to catch up, but this is a nice story so far.
File 131986754870.jpg - (466.00KB, 600x800 , 0a13248f831eaa7567e7bcc83b19e937.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Seek help.
-[x] From who? (Patchy)

If you don't want to fail miserably, you decide that it's best to seek help from someone who knows something about the situation, namely Patchouli. Besides, the letter Yuuka gave you needs to be delivered. Damn, now you have an urge to read it. The fact that it isn't sealed makes it even worse. Somehow, while you're headed to the library, the letter manages to appear in your hand. You look at it, then at the library door, then at the letter again. What the hell are you thinking? You're not the sort of person who reads other peoples? letters. Pocketing the letter again, you push the door open and enter the ever-stagnant library.

A moment later, when you reach Patchouli's reading spot, you notice that she's nowhere to be found. You could search for her, but you're no more familiar with the library than Chris and the last time he left the known area didn't end well.

"Are you looking for something?"

Koakuma lands in front of you, her tail wiggling behind her.

"I was looking for Patchouli, actually."

No need to tell her about the letter or your problem.

"She wishes not to be disturbed. Was it something personal or could I perhaps help you with it?"

You're not sure if she's making that up or not. Then again, she wouldn't lie about her master.

"Well, I had this letter for her? But no matter, it can wait." You pause for a moment and evaluate Koakuma. Could she help you? Watching the tip of her tail move behind her, you think hard. A devil? She's not bound right now. She could have? interesting insights about the whole affair. Yes? it's time to drop the guise.

"You know about the situation? About the second consciousness in him?"

Koakuma's expression shifts from the smile that crept to her when you looked at her tail to a more confused one.

"Yes, I knew about-" She abruptly stops mid-sentence. "Don't tell me?" Her eyes widen as she realizes it.

"Yes. You're not dealing with Chris right now."

"I-I'm not going to help you fight Master!" She drops into a fighting pose, ready to take on whatever you throw at her.

If you weren't in a borrowed body, it'd amuse you. But, as is, you're not sure who'd be the victor if you were to clash right now. Regardless of the grim thoughts, you smile at her. She gets even more confused by it.

"I'm not going to fight anyone. I'm trying to help him get back in control."

Koakuma blinks. Twice. She slowly gets out of the fighting pose she was holding.

"You? want to help him? I don't understand. Can you? explain the situation?"

You give her a thorough explanation.

"Right. So, basically you changed places while drunk, and now you can't change back. I should be able to help you. Just?"

She waves her hand. Three symbols draw themselves into the air. You immediately fall into a deep sleep.


Mima appears next to you. She doesn't seem very happy.


Koakuma appears too. You can see that she has a plan.

"I'm going to use some demonic magic to make things right. The preparations will take a while, though."

She begins drawing something on the floor.

Quite a while later?

"it's done. Now, stay still while I cast it."
A most interesting feeling takes over your mind. It is as if every bit was filled with fluff.

You open your eyes. The first thing you see is the figure of Patchouli. She's crouched over you.

"It seems like you had fun. Are you feeling all right? Her sessions can be rather? taxing at times. And you were out for several hours."

"Yeah, I'm feeling good. But now that you're there?"

You take the letter from your pocket and give it to her. She takes it, glances at you and turns away to get to her reading spot. She doesn't seem too worried about your condition.

"Several hours? Did it really take that long?"

Koakuma gets up too. Seems like she was asleep for the whole time, too. And to answer her question, you check your pocket watch.

"We were out for at most three and a half hours - I'm not sure when exactly we began, but that's the upper limit."

"Oh. It didn't seem that long to me? Anyways, you should take it easy for a while."

You remember Remilia saying that she'd find you tonight, but it isn't late yet. it's 17:57 right now, so you've got some time. The exact amount depends on what Remilia sees as ?night." So, what should you do?

[] Take it easy.
-[] Chill with Koakuma.
-[] Chill with Patchouli.
[] You're feeling fine already.
-[] (Sakuya/Remi/Meiling/Flandre)


Spam check done, seemed fine.

Yes, I did. I also didn't expect something like that to slip past TWO proofreaders.

Also, I'm trying out some alternate spacings. Comments are more than welcome, as always. As are write-ins, since the choises aren't all that interesting.
[x] Take it easy.
-[x] Chill with Patchouli.

This seems to have gone pretty well.... too well in fact. I wonder what interesting things we missed in those 7+ hours. Oh well.
[x] Take it easy.
-[x] Chill with Koakuma.

We should express our gratitude.
[x] Take it easy.
-[x] Chill with Koakuma.

Indeed she did help us. Why not hang with her a bit, must be boring being a librarian's assistant.
[] Take it easy.
-[] Chill with Koakuma.

Time for more magic lessons. If I remember right, we learned how to make lasers last time we had one of these sessions.
Why not Patchouli who's actually read more on the subject?

Patchy isn't as fun. Plus it doesent even have to be magic lessons. Sometimes it's nice to just chill.
[X] take it easy. chill with Koakuma. also thank her for helping you.
We still need to find out what happened to Mima as it seems the whole thing has worked but what about its after effects?
crap. forgot my sage...
File 132003032246.jpg - (73.59KB, 400x300 , wat.jpg) [iqdb]

Why would you sage if you're voting in an active story?
>Yes, I did. I also didn't expect something like that to slip past TWO proofreaders.

In my defense, the proofed version I sent you wasn't uploaded here, and... oh, I missed that too. Just shoot me now, I guess.
various reasons... that i will not tell you.
In other words, "Because I am a fucking tool. Also I think I'm far more clever and witty than I am and will try to reflect this in my answer, but will only fail catastrophically at doing so. And furthermore, I still can't figure out where the fucking Shift key on my keyboard is, or am simply too much of a lazy ass to use it."

That's what I got out of it, at any rate. Also, forgoing sage out of sheer spite because seriously, fuck your shit. You aren't smart, you aren't funny, and someone who thinks
>various reasons... that i will not tell you.
constitutes an answer to a perfectly reasonable question doesn't belong on this site, anyway.
Not sure if trolling.
Oh, I'm quite serious.
File 132055037081.jpg - (739.39KB, 1600x2000 , 8c57fd2fa28ad1cd5b905fb2878a9081.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Take it easy.
-[x] Chill with Koakuma.

The breakfast may have been plentiful, but it's been, what, five hours or something since you last ate? It's kind of annoying that no matter how much you eat, you'll get hungry again. Hm, you decide to eat something and then check the bathroom near your room. If you remember correctly, it could use some mopping and polishing. "wait, you're actually coming up with work to do on your own. It feels strangely natural. At least, it makes the strange feeling of ?you shouldn't be doing this? go away. Your plan is perfect, but?

Koakuma is staring through you, at something only she can see. She seems? dreamy? Lonely? Bored? You can't tell.

"Hey Koakuma, fancy eating something?"

Her eyes slowly focus on you. It takes a while for your words to be understood.

"Yeah, sure."

She sounds very? disappointed? She seems eager to follow you, but you get the feeling that she'd like some time alone. Because you're not doing anything important, you climb the stairs to the balcony with the odd door on it. Koakuma follows you quietly, seemingly lost in thought. Just before opening the door, you glance downwards and see Patchouli looking at you. Her expression is stern but otherwise unreadable. She looks away as soon as she notices your gaze. You shrug and step through the doorway. It leads straight to the kitchen this time. Nifty. You'll have to do some research on the door some day.

A moment later, after finding out that Sakuya left some for you, you're busy preventing the vegetables from burning. Koakuma is sitting at the table in the dining room, still lost in thought. If she were anyone else, you'd guess that she's homesick. it's very much unlike her, though you have to admit that you don't really know her. Anyways, the food has warmed up enough now. There's plenty of it, so you take two sets of plates and cutleries and carry them to the table, followed shortly by the food.

"Here. Sakuya made it earlier, so I'm not sure what it's called. Anyways, rice and fried vegetables with fish.."

The devil in front of you lifts her head from the table. Both of her sets of wings visibly droop. You're set back by the totally empty expression on her face. Just what in the world is going on in her mind?" She takes the plate, throws a bit of carrot into her mouth and begins chewing on it. You can clearly see that while she may be sitting there, there's nothing inside. Her eyes are empty and her mouth just keeps on chewing on the same piece of carrot for too long before swallowing. You watch her for a while, but there doesn't seem to be anything you can do.

"Hey Chris, do you ever feel like you need someone who listens?"

You look up from your plate. Koakuma is back, and she's looking at you. She's serious. That much can be said for sure.

"Uh, yeah? Sometimes?"

For a moment you ponder whether or not to tell her that you tend to keep your things to yourself, but decide not to.

"Well?" She shakes her head a little. "Since I don't know when the next person who master approves of will come around?" She closes her eyes. One of her fingers rolls a lock of her red hair around itself. After a second or so, she lets go of her hair and opens her eyes. "Will you be my boyfriend?"

That? came out of nowhere. You open your mouth to accept the offer, but close it again as your mind regains control.

[] Write-in
I'm seriously tempted as while Flan may need someone, Koa has been a stable supporting voice in the mansion, and one that hasn't really steered Chris wrong.
Right. While I'm sorely tempted to say yes just because of Koakuma I'll have to reread everything up until now before voting.
I figure it might help Chris gain some much needed confidence too.
A brief summary:
Thread One
>>40593 We're hypnotized by a story and left in the hedge maze overnight.
>>41550 Koakuma sends us into our subconscious, leading us to Blue, but?
>>42201 Turns out she actually tried using a charm spell on us.
>>44304 Invades our dreams. Grabbing food; stared at while eating.

>>43749 We meet, and it turns out we're engaged (it's just in her head).
>>44022 Hiding moe~
>>44048 Decades ago, she had a vision of us arriving at the SDM.
>>44405 Holding hands, dual Hedgehog's Dilemma. Nap together.
>>44431 No injuries from leaving.
>>44591 Mystia rapes us, Flandre saves us.
>>44651 Piggyback ride; consolation. No clothes?

Thread Two
>>44835 Magic Training.
>>45244 Leads us on a pointless chase around the library.
>>45276 Intro to blood magic.
>>45352 Laughs at us for burning our finger with plasma.

>>45416 Singing is complemented; Flandre recognizes our song. Asks us to visit more, runs away.
>>45600 Comes out of hiding.
>>45654 We give a comforting hug, and she helps prepare tea. We give her our necklace.
>>45565 We'll stay with her until she calms down. Scarlets share a secret.
>>45705 A joke. Flandre and us go outside; Patchy's jealous. A talk beneath the summer night sky.
>>45719 Self-derision. Flandre listens and states she'll protect us. Flies off afterwards.

This thread - Koakuma: This update and the last.

>Stable, supporting voice
Besides teaching us how to laser, I don't follow. Maybe you were thinking of Patchouli? At any rate, Flandre has been a good friend while we've been here, saving our ass and listening to our troubles. This:
>?Since I don't know when the next person who master approves of will come around?"
>?You're probably the only male I'm gonna get for a while, so?"
makes it seem like she doesn't really care.

[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but I can't be that person for you."
There's the fact that things with Flandre would be slow going given Flan's own insecurities and flaws and Chris basically pre-Kamina Simon. It's such that a typical useless ass harem lead has more confidence than him.

It might be that she's so jaded due to other folks basically leaving her dry.

Still I'm going to require more thinking on this.
[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but I can't be that person for you. We can still talk, but not as a couple."
[X] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but I can't be that person for you. We can still talk, but not as a couple."
[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but we barely know one another and this is way too sudden. I can still be there to lend you an ear when needed as your friend."

>>49504 seemed a bit too accusatory to me and >>49493 reads as being too contradictory for my tastes.
[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but we barely know one another and this is way too sudden. I can still be there to lend you an ear when needed as your friend."
[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but we barely know one another and this is way too sudden. I can still be there to lend you an ear when needed as your friend."

This is much better sounding and neutral. Though how would we get the point to Koa that her mischevious ways may backfire?
[X] "Well..maybe? This is kind of coming out of no where..and I..am suddenly surrounded by pretty girls.."
- think

The other responces feel too well thought out..not natural to me. Shes not asking for us to marry her
[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but we barely know one another and this is way too sudden. I can still be there to lend you an ear when needed as your friend."

I can go with this.
[X] How about friends with benefits?
[X] How about friends with benefits?
[X] "How about friends with benefits first? Then we work up from there."

You guys are evil. How could anyone refuse Koakuma?
[z] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but we barely know one another and this is way too sudden. I can still be there to lend you an ear when needed as your friend."

She comes to Chris claiming to want someone who'll listen, someone she can tell her problems to, and you want to decline but ask about being fuck buddies? Seriously?
Landscout has some really stupid voters, I'm too used to their "brilliance" to get too upset. The best thing to combat it is to get non-stupid folks to read and vote as to drown them out.
File 132115594547.jpg - (294.09KB, 2149x3035 , Koa3.jpg) [iqdb]
It's not supposed to be scary, it's just supposed to bring up the fact that she's not human. Nor is Flandre, for that matter.
Also filesize limits so forgive me for the crappy quality.


[x] "I can understand how you feel, wanting to have someone you can confide in, but we barely know one another and this is way too sudden. I can still be there to lend you an ear when needed as your friend."

A while passes as you go through everything you've experienced with her. She politely waits for your answer as you recall the time she tried to cast Charm on you. She's actually always tried to make you hers, though usually by questionable methods. Because of that, you're not entirely sure of her true motives?

"I'm sorry, but I believe we don't know each other well enough." You begin with that, even if you know that you don't actually have to know each other that well to be a pair. Blind dates, anyone? Koakuma is about to voice an objection, but you override her. "Of course, that does not mean that we can't talk. If you ever need an ear, I'm ready to listen."

"You feel like you don't know me? I'm sorry. You would've rather talked under a starry sky rather than practiced magic?" Koakuma sounds a little annoyed, but realizes it herself and corrects her tone after a deep breath. "I know I may have been a little too forceful with you. When you say that we don't know each other, you're only half correct. I know you a lot better than you think. If you're interested in how, you have to ask Patchouli for a book on devils."

You feel pretty conflicted. It'd be lovely to have some time alone right now to think about Koakuma and Flandre, but the devil shows no intent to leave you. Yeah, you also have to consider Flandre. While the engagement is nothing more than a product of her lonely mind, it doesn't erase the things you've done together. Besides, she's lonely? It makes you sad to think about it, since you know what it's like to be lonely. When you moved into a new school, you didn't have anyone to talk to for a month. A bit later you offended one of the few friends you had, and?

"So. I have some time and it seems like you've got some too. Would you be interested in honing your magical capabilities a little? I'll make it worth your while."

Her voice draws you back to the real world from your thoughts. Training?"
"Sorry, I need to clean the toilet upstairs." it's an excuse, but better than nothing. "Besides, I need time to think about things. How about after I'm done? It should take an hour at most."

Koakuma smiles as she gets up.
"Could it be related to Flandre in any way?" You nod. "I understand. She is? a lot more than she seems." Then, as she's about to walk past you, she leans to you and whispers to your ear. "She's not after you, but rather a dream?" Then, before you can ask more about it, she plants a light kiss on your cheek and leaves.

There's some very persistent dirt behind the toilet seat. It must've been overlooked for many years now. Regardless of the lack of progress, you continue scrubbing it with the rag. For the last forty minutes, you've been trying to make sense of your own feelings. Flandre is nice, but? not sane. One moment she's sitting next to you, holding hands and the next she's flying away. Perhaps you just don't know her well enough. Besides, can you be sure of her true feelings? If she created a fiancé for herself, what happens when she finds out that you're not what she's excepting you to be?

There's a knock on the door.
"Come in, I'm just cleaning."

Sakuya comes in and takes a quick look around.
"Ah, you're busy. Perhaps at a later time, then."
She curtsies and turns to leave.

"I'm actually almost done here. What did you have on your mind?"

The maid stops and looks at you over her shoulder.
"Mistress said that she won't be ready for a while and thought that it'd be good time for us to train a little."

[] You already promised to train with Koakuma
[] "Sure thing."
[] Something else, what?


Seems like one update per week is all I can do for now. Ninja updates are possible, but unlikely.
[x] You already promised to train with Koakuma
[x] Apologize then arrange another time to train.

Interesting remark about Flan chasing a dream...
[x] You already promised to train with Koakuma.

We did. And who says we can't become Flandre's dream? From the sound of it, her dream was of the future anyways, at least when she had it.
[x] We already agreed to train with Koakuma.
[x] Apologize and then arrange another time.
[z] You already promised to train with Koakuma
[z] Apologize then arrange another time to train.

This will do.
[z] You already promised to train with Koakuma
[z] Apologize then arrange another time to train.
[x] ask her to tell Remila that you weren't quite your self earlier today so your sorry if you said anything rude.
File 132175560785.png - (275.25KB, 676x787 , d5e58d31fb9b1b93868be861e2f02174.png) [iqdb]
[x] We already agreed to train with Koakuma.
[x] Apologize and then arrange another time.

"Eh, I kind of promised to train with Koakuma already? Can we do it a bit later on?"

Sakuya turns around to face you properly.
"I believe you won't have time today. We have to see about it tomorrow when there isn't as much to do. But, you are training with Koakuma?"

You're a bit surprised about her curiosity. Why'd she be interested in what you're doing as long as you do what she tells you to?
"Yes. She's teaching me how to use various spells. Last time she showed me how to summon fireballs and lasers."

"I see. Were you successful? Or did you even get to try to do it yourself?"

The feeling of flames licking your finger returns to you as you recall the event.
"I tried it with? varying degrees of success."

"That's very?" The pause is a little too long. ??interesting." Sakuya keeps another pause as she thinks about something. "Anyways, we'll train tomorrow. I'll inform Mistress that you wish to be left alone for some time."
She turns around and leaves. You watch the door close behind her and resume scrubbing the last bit of the persistent dirt.

A bit later, after finishing up the toilet and having something to drink, you're headed to the library again. Koakuma didn't tell you where to find her, but you can't think of any other place to look for her. Someone calls for you a bit before you reach the spot where you can see the central ?clearing?.

"Hey, I'm here!" Stopping, you turn around to see Koakuma. She seems out of breath. "I didn't think you'd?" Pant, pant. ??actually come. Jeez."

She wasn't expecting you? Well, you weren't convincing at all when you said you'd come. The excuse of cleaning a toilet was rather poor.
"Well, I still came."

The devil doesn't answer immediately since she's still catching her breath.
"Haa? Yes, and that's what matters." She swallows and her usual tone returns. "Come, let's go get some material."

You follow her into the depths of the maze known as the library. All these turns and identical bookshelves make you feel uneasy, but Koakuma's determination lets you remain calm. She knows where she's going even if you don't.
"I thought you'd want to see some results today, so I picked something that gives visible results very early on. While illusions may not seem very practical for anything except improved sleight of hand tricks, they shouldn't be underestimated. A skilled illusionist can confuse her opponent to the point where combat is impossible, and only lose a little of her energy while doing so. However?"

Her explanation goes on. You listen to it closely, not paying any attention to where you're headed. Pretty soon, at least for you, she stops and pulls a single book from the shelf. Nodding approvingly, she points to the direction you came from and continues her explanation about illusions in general.

Quite a bit later?

Koakuma hands you an apple.
"Crush it."

You give her a questioning look. For the last hour or so, you haven't had any idea about what's real and what's not. She nods at you, and you take the apple. it's green, a little wet and looks like something you'd love to eat. Regardless of all that, you start forcing your fingers into it - expect that no force at all is required to do that. You can feel the apple trying to resist your fingers, but you just don't have to use any force to do so.

Koakuma notices your concern and the apple disappears.
"So, what was it like? Was something missing?"

You're not sure how to describe it. Eh, she should know basic Newtonian physics.
"it's like? I didn't have to do any work to do it. I mean, work as in Joules. It felt like it resisted my grip, but it actually didn't."

Your tutor smiles and hands you a potato.
"Yes, that is the limit of illusion. You can't actually create anything that would require energy to destroy since you're only cheating the senses. Now, turn the potato into an orange."

Right, what'd she say again? Concentrate, visualize and expand. That was it. The irregularly shaped potato turns into a spherical orange as you feel something being drained from you. Koakuma inspects your creation closely. As she prods it, you see her finger entering the orange in a very impossible way.
"Hmm? The visual side seems okay, but the kinetic one is a little? lacking. You can dispel it now." The orange turns back into a potato as you stop concentrating. "That should be enough for today. You seem to have learned how to create small visual illusions, which is more than I thought you would. You go get something small to eat to compensate for the energy you used; I'll clean up the mess we made."

If she insists? You wouldn't mind helping her with it, though. Nevertheless, you head towards the door. That was fascinating. Your spell actually did what it was supposed to - well, almost.

"Ah, there you are. I was looking for you, Chris." Remilia's voice comes from above. "It is time to go out?" She lands in front of you, her wings? final flap creating a cloud of dust around her. There's a smile on her face, but it's not like her usual one. This one seems more genuine. She offers her hand to you.

"Or would you rather go with my sister?"

You're not sure what she's planning, but it can't be anything bad if she's like that? The question about who you'd rather go with seems a little out of place to you.

[] Go with Remilia.
[] Go with Flandre.
Interesting question as while I want to find more out about Flan, I'm also curious about Remilia.
[x] Go with Remilia.

Of course.
[x] "Yes. Still, have you considered taking Flandre with you so she can get used to being outside?"
[x] Go with Remilia and take Flandre with, if she allows it.

Remilia is the one who usually has things to do outside the mansion, so it doesn't make much sense to go with Flandre. Also, if it were just the two of us, we couldn't do anything if something bad were to happen. Let's make it a family outing instead.
I don't think an idort choice could be accepted. I suspect the question is more more gauge who's on Chris' mind more.

[x] Go with Flandre.

I'm just going with my gut here.
How is my vote an idiotic choice? If she's literally asking us who to go with, it's her. I do agree that it's to guage who's on his mind, though, hence the "yes" (indicating Flandre).
[z] Go with Remilia.

Got shorted out of spending time with her last time. Might as well try and make up for it now.
[x] Go with Remilia.

Definitely gunna go with the non-crazy sister.
He said "Idort" which basically means choosing both options out of a "choose one" question.

[x] Go with Flandre.
[x] Go with Remilia
[x] apologize if you said anything rude earlier you weren't yourself (Literally but I'm not sure if we want to tell her that)
If she's not pressing the issue, then we should just leave it be.
[x] Go with Flandre.

It's a question of preference, not who we'll actually go with, so it's ok to be honest.
[x] You'd rather go with Flandre.
[x] Go with Flandre
[x] "Yes. Still, have you considered taking Flandre with you so she can get used to being outside?"
[x] Go with Remilia and take Flandre with, if she allows it.
[X] Go with Remilia.

Remember, this is to make up for the previous night.
Total Votes:
Flandre - 5
Remilia - 5
Both (preference to Flandre) - 2
[x] Go with Flandre.
[x] Go with Remilia.
[x] both
[x] Go with Flandre.
[x] Go with Remilia.
[x] Go with Remilia.
[x] Go with Flandre.
[x] Go with Flandre.

She hasn't shown herself to be uncontrollably insane, and it might do her good to explore outside the mansion a little. Will probably have to borrow Remilia's parasol, though.
Oh boy...another "I can't hang out with other females because Flandre will kill me" CYoA.
Stop trying to start a shitstorm. No one has ever said that... at least not everyone.
[x] Go with Flandre.
Please stop that. You just irked Taisa.
File 132244350161.jpg - (338.79KB, 666x985 , db85b578e5a3c4660c267ceb3a618a18.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go with Flandre.

"I would rather go with Flandre."
You say it with a straight face. Remilia's smile doesn't change either, as if she had guessed your answer.

"I will see if I can arrange that for next month. For now, however, you're stuck with me."
She bows her head and bends her knees slightly while using her other hand to keep her dress from touching the dusty floor. Her eyes look into yours from below her brow. You grab the hand she's holding to you from below, making it seem like she invited you to dance with her. Compared to yours, her hand is small and soft. Not that your skin isn't soft. It is, because you haven't done much physical labor.

"So, what are we going to do?" You flash a smile and finish with an ironic remark. "Should we dance, milady?"
Remilia lifts her head again, and shows that she's back to her usual, rather fanged smile.

"That is what I had in mind. Let's not do it here, however. it's a bit dusty, and it'd be a shame if my dress got dirty."
She tugs your hand gently to show that it's the time to go. It seems like she's really going to do it. Why didn't you take the dance classes when you had the opportunity?"

Remilia leads you through the same corridors Koakuma used to get here. As you get to the central room and head towards the stairs to the balcony, you notice Patchouli glancing at you. Her expression doesn't change a bit as you stroll by. After climbing the stairs and going through the door, you find yourselves outside Remilia's room. You head towards the stairs, but get stopped by Remilia.

"There's something we need to do first. Come."
She tugs your hand again, and heads to the opposite direction, towards the end of the corridor and the unoccupied master bedroom. You're puzzled and a little excited as she opens the door and enters the room.

"So? what are we going to do here?"
The bedroom is as it was when you were shown around. The dominating element is the old, large canopy bed. Along the walls there are two mirrors, one above a small table, a drawer that hasn't been used in ages and a chair that isn't of the same style as the other chairs found around the Mansion. In addition to all the furniture, there's a door to the wardrobe that came with the bedroom, and a window - something that's rare in the Mansion. As you glance outside, you note that it's getting dark; Koakuma's lesson must've been longer than you thought.

"We're getting you some clothes. I can't have you go around like that tonight."
You're not quite sure what she's getting at. As far as you know, there shouldn't be anything special happening tonight. Still, you take the set of clean and a little more fancy-looking clothes Remilia hands you as she comes back from the wardrobe.

"Now, go get changed. I'll be changing into something more? suitable, too."
You get her hint and head towards your room. She follows behind you, and you hear her opening the door as you pass by her room.

The door to your room is open. it's a little odd, since you always close it when leaving the room. It wouldn't be a big deal, but as you are about to go in, you see that Sakuya's in there. She's staring out of the window, looking at the sunset hid by the hills. Both of her hands are at her chest, and she seems to be holding something. Because you're about to change into the other clothes, you knock on the door to get her attention. It causes Sakuya to turn around and look at you, but for a moment she just looks at you with her lips slightly parted. For some reason, she seems sad. You can't see what she has in her hand: it's something so small that it completely fits inside her fist. Then, just as you're about to ask her what she's doing, she shakes her head a little.

"Oh. Sorry. Did you need something? I was? never mind."
She pockets whatever she was holding without letting you see what it is.

"Remilia told me to change into these." You show her the clothes you're carrying. "So could you, you know?"
Sakuya gets it before you have to continue.

"Ah. Of course. Your room just is the only one where one can see the sunset without going outside."
The sadness still hasn't completely faded as she passes by you. The room to her room opens and closes behind you as you start getting changed.

[] See if Remilia needs your help to get changed.
[] Ask why Sakuya's so sad.
[] Just chill for a moment.


Spoilers: Flandre isn't going to kill Chris. At least, not for that reason.
[x] Ask why Sakuya's so sad.

I think Remilia's used to it and I think Sakuya's in need of more help.
[x] See if Remilia needs your help to get changed.
[x] Ask why Sakuya's so sad.

I cannot resist a vulnerable Sakuya even if it's only a tiny bit.
[x] Ask why Sakuya's so sad.

Implying we can't simply want to hang out with Flandre. As contrary to your opinions as it may be, some of us do enjoy her personality and company.
Indeed as the thinking wasn't "If I don't choose her she'll kill someon" but rather "Flan could really use a night out... but we also owe Remilia one too"
[x] Ask why Sakuya's so sad.

Nay you are all wrong we must show all these women our love. Even if it means we end up in a relationship with none of them. For they all deserve it.
File 132288317239.jpg - (175.43KB, 981x718 , ce245f58c840b4bc57734d6dac553362.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask why Sakuya's so sad.

The new (for you, at least) clothes fit quite well, regardless of being tailor-made for someone else. You only had problems with the pants: they were made for someone who's quite a bit? wider than you. Oh well, nothing a good belt can't fix. If you had a pair of sunglasses, you'd look like a badass bodyguard. Assuming, of course, you could keep your poker face (not a problem) and had a little bit of muscle (problem). All in all, it's a stylish black suit.

You're about to leave and go see if Remilia needs some help when you suddenly realize what has been nagging you. Sakuya was? sad? She rarely displays any emotions, and this one was clearly visible even for someone as insensible as you. She's the only sane person in the Mansion, and if she falls, who knows what'd happen? Besides, she's done a lot of things for you; a small repayment would be in order.

Knock, knock?
The door opens.

"Come in. I have something for you." Sakuya was apparently about to leave her room when you knocked. There is no sign of her earlier weakness if the slight softness visible on her face is not taken into account. She makes way for you as you get in, and closes the door again. "But, there was something on your mind? I'll hear you out before going to? business."

"I was just concerned about why you were in my room; you said because you could see the sunset, but why did you feel like watching it? Or, actually, forget all that. I just wanted to know what was on your mind when you left."
Sakuya sits down on her bed and thinks for a moment. You remain standing because you're not sure if it's okay to sit on her bed without her inviting you to do so.

"I have my? concerns. You needn't worry about it; it is something I have to deal with by myself. I'll just tell you that I've seen a lot in my life and sometimes, sometimes?" This is where her composure fails her. She rests her forehead on her hands and closes her eyes. Her voice changes into something completely different. "Sometimes I just feel so tired of all this. The maids are completely useless and there's just so much to do?"
There's a hint of desperation in her voice. You're at a complete loss about what to do or to say. That's why it's Sakuya who is the first to break the silence.

"Anyways, I had something for you."
The desperation is gone from her voice, but she still sounds tired. She shakes her head a little, gets up and reaches for her drawer. Taking something from one of the boxes, she places the cloth-covered item on her make-up table. The shape looks frighteningly familiar. Your fears get confirmed as Sakuya removes the cloth.

"That's a?"
it's a Beretta 92F. A 9 millimeter semiautomatic Italian handgun.

"Do you know how to use it? I don't have enough time to teach you the basics, so I hope you do."
The usual determination has returned to her voice as she examines the gun.

"Yes, I do?"
You practiced with a different model, but yes, you know how to use it. The problem is that the weight of a handgun always feels uncomfortable, no matter what. You despise the idea of carrying a tool designed solely for killing?

"I'm afraid I don't have a spare clip, but Rinnosuke gave me a whole box of bullets when I asked for them."
She takes out the clip, glances at it, reloads and hands the gun to you.

[] Take it.
[] Refuse.
[] Shoot Sakuya.


Did I have something smart to tell you? Probably not. Can't remember what it was, if anything. Oh, and weapons aren't mutually exclusive unless they're too bulky to be carried around together.
[x] Take it.

What the hell is with that Shoot Sakuya choice?
[X] Shoot Sakuya a weird look.
[X] "Why the heck would I need a gun in a house full of cute girls? It's not like this is some grimdark vampire novel."
[X] Refuse.

Only YOU can prevent grimdark fires.
[x] Shoot Sakuya a weird look.
[x] Take it.

Even if it can't kill anything we'd need to use it against, a 9mm has enough stopping power to give us a few extra seconds to get away. It's also a great "I'm here; please help me" sign; all guns are automatically flare guns by sound, not sight.
Eh, think of it as prevention of a future Mystia incident.
Having lead lodged into your body is probably tougher to regenerate around than a knife that can just be pulled out. Being shot in the joints could cripple a low-level youkai until they can dislodge the bullet.

[x] Shoot Sakuya a weird look.
[x] Take it.

And why are we shooting her a weird look?

>?I'm afraid I don't have a spare clip, but Rinnosuke gave me a whole box of bullets when I asked for them."

/k/ is why.
[x] Shoot Sakuya a weird look.
[x] Take it.
File 132306593944.jpg - (50.83KB, 374x599 , clip vs magazine 02.jpg) [iqdb]
We need to lecture Sakuya on the basics of clips and magazines. Ignorance is no excuse.
File 132314722538.jpg - (114.44KB, 600x800 , 48128713558ba99833a2f23cec6c9993.jpg) [iqdb]
Stock picture #34 because I can't be bothered to look for something more relevant.


[x] Shoot Sakuya a weird look.
[x] Take it.

Your hand reaches out for the weapon, but stops halfway for a split-second. it's used to kill people. There's no way you could actually use it. it's too? easy to kill with this. Still, you can't decline. Not after being seconds from death yourself. The images of Flandre maiming Mystia resurface. Her ricocheting off trees, getting cratered into a rock?

Your eyes shift back into focus a moment later. Sakuya's looking at you with a weird expression on her face. She's still holding the gun and your hand is still halfway extended. She nods at the pistol. This time you take it without stopping to think about it. It weights about one and a half kilos. Not enough to encumber you, but too much to not to be inconvenient.

"You may also need this."
Sakuya takes something else from the drawer. it's a gun holster. The sort of thing that cops in old gangster movies had. it's not the most convenient thing, but certainly better than nothing. Obviously, it'll be clearly visible if you take off your coat.

Taking what she's offering to you, you take off your coat to put it on and adjust the straps for someone of your size. With the coat on, it's almost impossible to see that there's something under it.

"it's not very comfortable, but you need some extra protection tonight."
it's not as bad as she makes it sound. it's actually rather comfortable, even with the weight of the gun added.

"You know what's going to happen?"
Shooting her an odd look, you continue to fine-tune the straps.

"Yes. She asked me to not to tell you, so I'm afraid I can't. Sorry."
Sakuya slumps back on the bed and shifts to a more comfortable position. You take it as a hint and leave.

"Well? Thanks anyways."
She just glances at you before you close the door. The ways she was lying on her side made her seem very tired for some reason. Thus, better leave her be. It can't be that often that Remilia is away and she gets to relax. Even you have had too much to do lately. it's surprising how important the five minutes of doing nothing every now and then can be.

A moment later you're at Remilia's door yet again. Should you just wait for her? Wouldn't it be rude to interrupt what she's doing? Bah, you need to know.
Knock, knock?

"Hey, I'm ready now, Remilia." Her name has an odd taste to it, probably because you rarely use it. "Will you be ready soon?"
It takes a while for her to respond. Eventually, however, she does.

"Uh, I think it'll take a while? Go read a book for a moment or something."
For some reason, you imagine her being in the middle of something catastrophic. You could always ask if she needs help, but?

[] Ask if she needs your help.
[] Ask if you can go see Flandre.
[] Go read a book or something.
[] it's time to? FAP!
[x] Ask if she needs your help.
-[x] If not, then ask to see Flandre.
[X] "No thanks. I'm going to sit outside your room and masturbate until you are ready."
[X] Use the time to write Flandre a cute poem, and slide it under her door before you leave.
[X] Don't sign it, it's more interesting that way.

Sometimes you just need to do a random act of romance and see where it goes. and who knows, maybe she expresses herself better in writing than with words.
I don't think pissing Remilia off would be inductive to anything.
[x] Use the time to write Flandre a cute poem, and slide it under her door before you leave.
[x] Don't sign it, it's more interesting that way.

An unsure mind set
Beryled gaze alit, searching
Her answer lies close

I'm all for omitting the piss-off part, then. As for the poem, someone else should write two 7 syllable lines to finish it. Renku's done with two authors, after all, or we can just let it stand alone as a haiku.
[x] Ask if she needs your help.
-[x] Go read a book or something.

Normally I'd be all for time with Flandre but that being interrupted by Remilia showing up to drag Chris off to be alone doing god-only-knows-what probably won't sit too well with her.
[x] Use the time to write Flandre a cute poem, and slide it under her door before you leave.
[x] Don't sign it, it's more interesting that way.

Don't you need a seasonal reference?
I think a limric or sonnet would fit Flan better..
] Ask if she needs your help.
-[x] Go read a book or something.
I don't even know the difference.
Also, if you want to write a poem, you'll get bonus points if you come up with one. That way I won't have to.
You don't want to read my poetry. I really mean that.

Also no updates before the weekend.
What >>50196 wrote is a poem: a Haiku. If someone adds more, it's a Renku, apparently.
Not necessarily, at least according to Google and wikipedia. Still, no one's stopping you from writing more, or something else.
> But farther then two oceans
> Is the frothed sea of longing
Have an terrible and somewhat creepy psudo-sononet:
Time passes fitfully
One beautiful sleeps
Dreams slip colorfully
Longing unspoken keeps.

Goddamn it I forgot how *hard* poetry on demand is.
there is a time and place for romancing people now is not the time
That's not a terrible and somewhat creepy pseudo-sonnet. This is a
terrible and somewhat creepy pseudo-sonnet.

The measured step of Time in waking hour
In sleep becomes a stuttering refrain:
where pass the sight and shade of Morpheus' tow'r
No clock, no watch shall keep his tread in rein.
Thereover hangs a vast and brilliant blue;
thereunder lie the verdant woods of spring;
thereabout, great fields of every hue,
Reflected each in one fair dreamer's wing:
though visitor she be -- as all must be,
to realms beyond the earthly and the grave --
one might mistake for native denizen
Her vivid red-and-rainbow joie de r've.

(But here in Time's grey metronomic flow
I wait and watch: she takes her waking slow.)

will you not let me in!?
File 132335205779.jpg - (36.49KB, 430x539 , 14854456780.jpg) [iqdb]

Throughout the course of your wonderful and adventurous life, you will find that, for the single male, there is ALWAYS time for romance. All girls appreciate individualized attention from a male they are interested in, and there is no time like the present to give it to them.

Stay thirsty my friend.
I am still of the opinion that everyone in this mansion (well not the faeries) deserves our love. Even if it means we forever remain single

That never works out. How would you feel if your high school girlfriend was everyone's high school girlfriend?
Boy... this is a chance to help Remilia and folks are passing it up. It wouldn't hurt to ask before going to plan B.
I'd probably feel angsty and write terrible poetry about it.
[X] Go read a book or something.
>>50196 here. I'm in favor of saving the Renku for later and using >>50216 now, so it has my vote. In addition, I'm adding

[x] Ask if she needs help.

as the first action. It really doesn't hurt anything at all.
>>50190 here, I'm going to go with;

[X] >>50216
[x] Ask if she needs help.
[x] if no read a book
[X] Use the time to write Flandre a cute poem, and slide it under her door before you leave.
[X] Don't sign it, it's more interesting that way

Doesen't matter what poem we go with, just don't want to read lame as hell read a book option.
[X] Use the time to write Flandre a cute poem, and slide it under her door before you leave.
[X] Don't sign it, it's more interesting that way.

Doesen't matter what poem we go with, just don't want to read lame as hell read a book option.

Shit double post with no password. Ignore the first one please.
[x] Ask if she needs help, while reading a book and writing a poem for Flan. The f... on second thought we can do that last part later.
the above is a joke seriously though

four for asking if she needs help four for leaving a poem for flan.
[] Ask if she needs your help.
Omitting your vote, then, I counted 6 votes for asking if she needs help first, 4 for writing a poem for Flandre, and 4 for reading a book. Fairly the certain the last two are mutually exclusive, while the first may or may not inhibit the others.
[X] Use the time to write Flandre a cute poem, and slide it under her door before you leave.

This is so sweet.
File 132392141299.png - (1.08MB, 1000x707 , 4b9e1ebb0be0c4e16e31164d2d0515ed.png) [iqdb]
The dress is based on this one. Obviously, I modified it a little.
[x] Ask if she needs your help.

"Are you sure you don't need help?"

"Yes! "or wait. Go get Patchouli. If she's nowhere to be found, go to the moon and look for her there. Just get her. it's kind of important."
Did she discover that she's got cancer or something? Is there a spider in her room? Well, whatever. You're rather interested in where she's going to take you, and doing what she says is the fastest way to find out.

"I'll be right back. Try to survive."
Unsure whether she understood the attempt to make fun of her, you head to the library once again.

The mansion is as silent as always, and the ever-present dim-but-just-light-enough-for-about-everything light makes it seem a little? eerie? A chill passes through your spine as you start walking a little faster. The corridor seems longer than usual, but you reach the stairs - eventually. The echo of your hurried steps dies down a fraction of a second too late. You can't see anyone as you look around, though. Still, your heart beats faster than usual and the effects of adrenaline can be felt easily - heightened senses and a feeling of never getting tired. Trying to climb the stairs as slowly as usual is a little difficult because your hands are shaking and each one of your steps is followed by another, barely audible one. There can't be anyone there, you just checked? There isn't anyone in there? Just chill, no need to worry? it's difficult to stay calm when every part of your body is screaming ?run, run, run away!" at you. Legs want to go faster and faster with every step. Lungs want more air. Hands want to swing at your sides as you run.
You give in.

Pant, pant?
You ran way too fast and way too far.
Pant, swallow?

"What's that important?"
Patchouli views your exhausted figure with some sort of scornful look on her face.

"it's Remilia?" Heavy breathing. "She said it's important? "Haa, haa." To get you, but?" Glup, haah. "she didn't say why."
The belated effect of prolonged usage of anaerobic energy generation in your huge thigh muscles is making you feel like they're on fire. On the other hand, it feels kind of good now that you've mostly paid up the oxygen debt. The feeling of hot blood flowing up from your legs isn't all that pleasant, though.

"Well, if she said it's really important, I'll go have a look. Where is she?"
Patchouli gets up. You notice that she's floating in the air. Cheater.

"In her room."
Your legs express a strong objection at the idea of you following her. Ignoring it, you do so anyways as she begins floating up the stairs to the door. Climbing the stairs is torture, but you've had worse. That would have been when you were physically unable to lift your feet because of extreme exhaustion.

This time the door opens straight into Remilia's room, revealing a vampire lying on her bed next to a fancy looking dress. She isn't wearing anything but a pair of red, silken panties. You are forced to admit that her bust is better off than her sister?s.

"Finally! What took you so long???what? You ran most of the way and she says you were too slow? Just how fast was she expecting you to be? "Anyways, the problem is this."
She lifts the dress and turns it around to show the back side. it's made of black silk, and has lots of frills at its hem, but is rather plain from the waist up. You can't see the problem, or wait?
You look at Remilia's wings. Then at the dress. Then at her wings again. The dress doesn't have holes for them. That certainly is a problem.

"I see. I can fix it, but it'll take a while."
Patchouli moves in to take the dress from Remilia. She examines it for a moment before setting it back down on the bed again. Her finger lands on the cloth and she begins moving it around. You see that the cloth gets torn apart behind it.

"Hm, not bad. it's not exactly your size, but that's all I could get with that short notice. Come here."
Remilia's voice wakes you from the trance following Patchouli's work got you into. She's holding her hand to you, seemingly unmindful of her exposed small and firm breasts. You step closer to her, letting her spin you around and adjust various places of your outfit.

"Not bad indeed. The pants could be a little less loose and the shoulder area of the jacket could be a little wider, but we'll have to go with this." Then, before you can stop her, she jumps up from the bed and takes the pistol from the holster. "Sakuya gave this to you?" Nod. Remilia smiles. "She seems to be rather concerned for your safety. Anyways, keep it. it's unlikely that you'll need it when you're with me, but who knows what'll happen tonight? it's the night of the youkai, after all."

Remilia hands the gun back to you, letting you return it to the holster. Patchouli is muttering something while holding her hands over the dress. You think you can see the cloth mending itself while she does so. You watch her work for a while.

"it's done now, Remi. Try it on."
The witch stops her chants and lifts up the dress. Seems like she removed most of the back portion of it. She hands it to Remilia, who in turn begins putting it on. She also seems to have taken a pair of black, silken elbow gloves from somewhere. It takes a while to get it on her, even with you helping with her wings. You have to admit that it looks pretty good on her once you're done. The hem is a little puffy, but not overly so. The chest part sticks to her, revealing the most delicious curve of her hips and somehow emphasizing her bust. The back part reveals about half of her back and its very light skin. She smiles as your eyes stop to admire her form for a fraction of a second.

"You like it?" Smile. You nod. She spins around once, showing off the hem of her dress. "Come then. We have some time before the main event. I'll show you around." She grabs your hand and tugs it lightly. "Is there somewhere special you want to go to? I could show you the mountain: you haven't been there yet."

[] Timeskip to ?The Event?
[] (place)
[] (romantic place)
[] Wherever she wants to go.


More tests coming up next week, but the three test days in a row is now behind me. Wee.
[] Wherever she wants to go. Oddly enough you trust her judgment
[x] Wherever she wants to go.

Kind of bummed Flandre will miss this "night of the youkai," but then again, maybe she'd be more cracked in the head than normal tonight. If so, it's better for everyone for her to stay inside. Conversely, this might be one of the few moments when she's completely sane, freed from her condition.

She was following us, wasn't she? We'll have a fun time tomorrow explaining everything.
[x] Wherever she wants to go.

Seems like she has this planned out already.
[x] Wherever she wants to go.
[x] Wherever she wants to go.

Soon we will have danced with the devil under the scarlet moonlight.
[X] Wherever she wants to go.

This. Yeah looking back it wasn't nice to stiff her.
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