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After six months, 99 A4's and 36797 words.
Thread two.
And a new name.


One of your knives is on your table. You reach out and grab it. The polished metal feels cool under your fingers. Well made. The knife, that is. Great balance. Sharp, but not too sharp. It also has this sturdy feeling to it. Given to you by Sakuya. The same person who told you to learn how to protect yourself. Why didn’t she just teach you herself? Hm. She probably didn’t want to force you to spend time with her. Or maybe she wanted you to decide how you want to fight? You decide to ask her to teach you nevertheless.

She wasn’t in her room. Not that you were expecting her to be, but it was worth checking. Probably. The abnormal silence of the Mansion causes you to doubt yourself. Why was it that you even checked her room? Why are you even asking such stupid questions form yourself? Why are you even here? Why are you?

The hell just happened? All you can remember is that you sat down to think about some philosophical question. It must’ve been like, 30 minutes or something. You were about to reach some sort of a conclusion as someone poked you.
“What are you doing?”
Sakuya is right in front of you. You were looking for her when that, whatever it was, happened.
“I’m looking for you, actually.”
The maid raises her eyebrow.
“You gave me the knives and everything, so why don’t you teach me how to use them?”
Silence. Her blue eyes quickly evaluate your body before nailing their piercing gaze into yours. You don’t want to interrupt her so you stay silent and endure her gaze, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Eventually she blinks and looks elsewhere.
“I’ll train you if you want me to. But first, I’d like to test you to determine what you already know.”
She turns around, motions you to follow and begins descending the stairs. You get up and follow her. It’s a mystery how you ended up sitting on the stairs, but whatever.

You’re waiting for her to move. She’s slowly walking towards you. You’re not sure what to expect. She simply led you to the main doors and said that she’d begin. Just what is she planning? It can’t be that she’ll just walk to you and do nothing. But that seems like what she’s doing. You get ready to block any kind of an attack she may use. Her eventual punch is easily blocked. That was it? It’s your turn to show a questioning face. You’re met by a knowing smile and an impact on your head. Ow. Something metallic falls on the floor. It’s a knife, which must’ve been the thing that fell on your head.

“As I expected. You expect the attack to come from where your opponent is. You need to realize that most of the people around here are very capable of attacking form all sides at once should they feel like it.”
“So, uh-“
“You pass. Now, if you could just stand over there…”
Sakuya gives you a few instructions about how to watch your surroundings while simultaneously concentrating on what she’s doing before proceeding to check what you learned. She goes on for a good while, leaving you tired and bruised when she finally says that you can have a break. You feel like you didn’t progress at all. Her knives kept falling on you, or if you focused on them, she kept hitting you herself.

The pause is over. You’re watching her moves. She doesn’t do anything special, but you notice that she always has her watch at hand. There! You catch the knife and…
Get hit by her. And you thought you were doing it perfectly this time. Damn it. Drawing a deep breath, you get ready again.

You haven’t even done it once. Yet she told you that you’re doing well. How can you be doing well if you haven’t advanced at all?
“Why are you looking so depressed? You did well, even if it didn’t seem like it.”
Yeah, yeah. Just how did you do well? The last time was no different from the first. No matter how hard you tried, you kept on failing. You look at Sakuya. She’s smiling. Up to something again? Whatever it is, you won’t ca-
Your hand neatly catches the knife coming from somewhere.
-re about it. The blade feels cool as you run your finger form the base to the point. She can do whatever she wishes; you’ll rest for a while. And what’s with that smile? Oh, right. You give the knife back to her, smiling against your will.
“Seems like I really did learn something.”
“I told you, didn’t I? Same time tomor- or actually we’ll be busy with the party. I’ll see about the day after tomorrow, then.”
You manage to kill your smile.
“So we’ll train whenever there’s time for it? Or is it just the other time?”
“We’ll train until you’re ready. I won’t be bothering you all the time, only when it seems you don’t have anything else to do.”
“Until I’m ready? What do I have to know to be ready?”
Sakuya gives you a mysterious smile.
“You’re ready when Mistress thinks you’re ready. Now, do you have something else to ask? I have to go to hang the laundry soon.”

[] Ask something. (what?)
[] Seek “Mistress” and ask what she is planning for you.
[] Morning is wiser than the evening. Go to sleep.
[] Someone in the library will listen to your troubles.
[] Gate guards are wiser than they look.


About the vote? You're going to ask about what Remi has in stock for you. Feel free to suggest a good way to phrase the question.
Sakuya option is not limited in any way or form, just remember that she may not agree to everything.

>>39548 <- Thread one
>> No. 44719
Why did you changed the name? I'm assuming this is still the same story, but you had me confused for a while, you know?

[x] Someone in the library will listen to your troubles.

More time with Patchy.

Saged because mostly nitpicking and bitching.
>> No. 44721
[x] Gate guards are wiser than they look.

Meiling's an under appreciated member of the SDM and she might have life knowledge that might be useful.

I don't really have any good questions for Sakuya and I doubt she knows what's in Remilia's mind.
>> No. 44722
[x] Someone in the library will listen to your troubles.
>> No. 44724
[X] Someone in the library will listen to your troubles.

>> No. 44728
[x] Someone in the library will listen to your troubles.
>> No. 44730
Isn't it sad, Meiling? I'm sure you can share a drink with Reisen, the yama, the Akis, and all the other neglected girls
>> No. 44754
[x] Someone in the library will listen to your troubles.

“No what?”
“I don’t have anything to ask.”
Sakuya shrugs and begins walking away as you stretch a bit to ease the aching of your muscles. The stretching doesn’t really do anything, but for some reason it reminds you of Patchouli. Why? You have to admit that stretching doesn’t have anything to do with Patchouli, but since she’s probably in the library, you could as well as tell her about your worries. Or maybe- no. Not that.
The door Sakuya opened closes a second earlier than the library door you opened. The air feels very dry for some reason. It’s the same between the shelves. Your breathing is getting a bit uncomfortable due to the fact that your mouth gets drier with every breath you draw. It feels like every hair of your body is protruding to some random direction. Touching the shelves to ground yourself doesn’t help, neither does touching the nails in the floor. You stop for a while and consider turning back but abandon the idea because you’re nearly there. Dry throat…

“- - -“
You swallow. It hurts. Your attempt to speak failed. Sorry for the trouble, I’m doing some preparations. Waitwhat. Her preparations are making you feel like this?
No response. Damn her. The hell are you supposed to do? You’re standing behind Patchouli. Now that you think about it, it’s a bit strange that she hasn’t noticed you yet. It’s also strange that she isn’t reading anything. Instead, she’s just resting her head on her hands. You reach out to touch her shoulder.
You hand shoots back. Owowow! That huRt!
Frozen by her tone, you look at her. Anger. Or is it joy? Maybe disappointment? Whatever it is, it disappears immediately. Yet the image of it remains.
“What happened?”
She sounds normal now, silent and calm. The polar opposite of what she was.
“I’m not sure. It felt like an electric shock, but static electricity, even with its extremely high voltages, shouldn’t act like that…” Your words flow before you can even think about them. Why recite physics now? You shake your head to clear your thoughts. “I mean, I’ve got no idea.”
Patchouli looks at you. For quite some time.
“Strange. Since I don’t know either.”
She doesn’t say anything else. You’d ask her about it, but there’s no point if she doesn’t know the answers to your questions. This, of course, leads to a silence.

“I actually came here to tell you something.” The librarian looks at you again. “It’s about Remilia, you see. I’d like to know if you know anything about what she’s planning for me.”
Your question is met by silence. Patchouli parts her lips but closes them again. You just said something you shouldn’t say, didn’t you?
“It isn’t something I’ve really thought about. It’s obvious that she’s planning something, but I’m not sure what it could be.” She closes her eyes and places two fingers on her forehead. “She doesn’t really need guards, the mansion is well-kept…” Her eyes bolt open and her mouth remains open. “Unless it’s that… I can’t think of anything else.”
You’re looked at again. This time she’s smiling slightly.
“She’s bored. I believe she’s having fun watching you.”
Eh? Why would she like doing that, and - you take a look around you - how is she doing it? She’s not anywhere to be seen, yet you were told that she’s-
“You’re a bit slow, aren’t you?”
Patchouli is surrounded by four floating blobs of water. Each blob has something shiny inside it which makes it glow in a soft light.
“What are those… things?”
“These are just lights I prefer over the normal fiery ones. I quite like the effect the layer of water makes.”
Well, you can’t deny that. It gives the light a nice and wavy pattern. Definitely better than the simple flickering of fire. But aside that, she’s telling you that you’re being watched over by means of magic? What could you do? Do you even want her to stop watching over you? Why in the first place is she even interested in your actions? You’re just a normal… Okay, you’re definitely not normal. Not anymore.

[]”Can you teach me how to make those?”
[]”They’re nice. But thanks for your time, I think I’ll be going to sleep now.”
[]”Why would she want to watch over me?”


Delays. Delays everywhere.
>> No. 44755
[x]”Why would she want to watch over me?”

I'd think things'd have gone better if we went to Meiling... at least we'd be closer to peace of mind.
>> No. 44756
[x]”They’re nice. But thanks for your time, I think I’ll be going to sleep now.”

>[]”Why would she want to watch over me?”

Didn't she kind of just explain this?
>> No. 44757
[X]”Can you teach me how to make those?”

Finding peace of mind in the company of the lovely librarian~.
>> No. 44758
She only explained why she has him here, never why she'd like to watch him, just that she does.
>> No. 44761
[x] "Can you teach me how to make those?"
>> No. 44765
[x]”Can you teach me how to make those?”
>> No. 44790
[x]”Can you teach me how to make those?”

“Why, yes… I guess I could.” Patchouli falls silent for a moment. “I just don’t know where to begin…”
She proceeds to shift around some books to check the ones below them, but doesn’t seem to find what she’s looking for.
“It doesn’t seem to be here… Well, no matter.”
“So… What are we going to do?”
“You are going to relax and try to get in touch with yourself.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean? Getting in touch with myself?”
Patchouli doesn’t answer but moves behind you. You begin to wonder what she’s doing as she prods your shoulders and back.
“Tense. Way too tense. You can’t do anything if you’re like this. Sit down and try to relax.”
You do as she says, sit down and take a deep breath. Eyes closed, you try to think about something relaxing. Like flowers. Yeah, flowers are nice. They have a nice scent to them and most of them manage to look good while at it, too.

“That’s a bit better. I think we can move on.”
Huh? Patchouli’s voice wakes you up. No, you don’t think you actually fell asleep, but it wasn’t far. When did you get this tired?
“Here, take this.” You take the book and repress the urge to ask about it. “Now, close your eyes and imagine the book. Feel for the details with your hands, but don’t open your eyes.”
You imagine a generic book and correct the colour. There was something written on the cover, and you add the writing too. Now the book is what you remember, but you guess you’re supposed to do the back cover too. You turn the book over and feel the other side. There’s some kind of a pattern on it.

In the end, the book you imagined was like the one in your hand - expect it had an Arabic mosaic on it rather than a picture of a cat. Well, it could’ve been worse. At least the mosaic resembled the cat a bit. Okay, it didn’t.
“So, what am I supposed to do next?”
“Just a moment!” Patchouli’s voice is muffled by something, and nearly too silent. You look at the direction it came from, but can’t see anything but a few book piles. “There!” She gets up from wherever she was, holding a very thick book in her hands. The book drops in front of you with a very final thump. “I want you to read this.”

All you can remember about your dream is the green-haired woman. You can’t get her out of your mind. She even said something to you, but you can’t remember what it was.
“It was just a dream, don’t dwell on it.”
But she- Okay. You get up from the bed, but since there isn’t anything else around, you sit back on it. Green. No, the hair in front of you isn’t green, it’s blue. Why was it that you fell asleep again? Something about a book drifts into your mind. You were hit with a book?
“You read a good part of a very boring book. Wasted your time there, seems like you can’t remember any of it.”
Yeah, that was it. The book told something about the elements and how to use them in spells. That’s about everything you can remember.
Hm. You should probably wake up for real. Just how does that work? Deciding that you wake up when you’re asleep? Eh, whatever. You’ve given up trying to make sense of anything that has anything to do with Blue.
“Hey Blue, could you-“

You’re on some kind of a mattress. It isn’t very comfortable and the blanket is a bit too short for you. It isn’t anything you can’t handle, but you’re not tired anymore. It’s almost midday, at least according to your watch, so you force yourself into your pants (Who took them off? You didn’t.) and take a look around. You’re still in the library, but there isn’t anyone else around. The book you read last night is next to where you woke up.

[] Read dem book.[] See if they’ve already began the party preparations.


Super arcane-steam-lightning beam kaZAP!
... I totally didn't spend yesterday playing Magicka. Not at all.
>> No. 44791
[x] See if they’ve already began the party preparations.
>> No. 44792
[x] Read dem book

I dunno bro, I like water and then ice. Make the guy vulnerable to thunder, and freeze him.
>> No. 44793
File 129747128179.jpg- (84.03KB , 406x600 , Inception_Poster.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] See if they’ve already began the party preparations.

>Hm. You should probably wake up for real. Just how does that work? Deciding that you wake up when you’re asleep?
>> No. 44794
[x] Read dat book
>> No. 44795
[x] Read dem book
Actually wishing to wake up is usually enough. if you're too deep (it happened to me) you'll have to go through several (some surprisingly realistic) instances of your room at night before you wake up for real.
>> No. 44802
So why do folks want to forgo any insight/social interaction and mess around with some book?
>> No. 44804

Probably magic/Patchy.

I agree with what you're implying though.
>> No. 44807
I mean there has to be a reason the author had "[]”Why would she want to watch over me?” " as a choice. Patchouli, being Remilia's long time friend would have provided insight on her fondness for watching him. She only said thus far Remilia keeps us around to watch us, but not WHY.

And anon shows a bit of bad focus, going from finding out what's going on/knife training to magic training.
>> No. 44815
File 129790243458.jpg- (175.95KB , 850x1202 , 5e412c1577f568fd2079d0637dc31283.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Read the book.

The book helped you understand. It’s simple, really. You grin.
Control yourself!
Control? Who needs control? Fuck control! You need style! Words are useless if you know what to do. True magic listens to no one, it obeys only the ones it wants to.
Hold it! Just listen to me for a while!
You’ll listen to no-one!
This place needs some more flames. Some ice would look cool too. Both of them obey your call. Left, right, up and down. Every place needs some.


“Stop it!”

“Listen to me and stop it!”
It’s useless. He isn’t listening. It pains your heart to watch his rage, unable to do anything to stop him. He is burning books, freezing what doesn’t burn and ripping apart what’s left. The books are protected, so the damage isn’t permanent, but to see him do it…
Something has to be done. Yet you don’t know what. Better take a look at the situation before doing anything. The scenery changes from the usual bedroom to something else. A desolate scene, perhaps a former battlefield. Fire and destruction everywhere. The most prominent feature, however, is the cage. He, or at least what he thinks of himself as, is in it. The helpless look on his face tells a lot about the situation. It isn’t the usual him who’s doing all that. Not that you didn’t know it already. Sighing, you change the scene once again.
So, it’s a giant crystal this time? It used to be an underground lake. You guess you should do something to the red glow. Maybe those cables have something to do with it? They don’t seem to do anything though; they’re just coming out of a wall and connect it to the crystal’s base. There are five of them, but only one is intact. If this was one of the games he used to play you’d have to cut the last cable before blasting the crystal with your rocket launcher…


Ok. You’ve read the book. Better eat something before the hunger gets any worse. Yes, you’re hungry.
You blink twice. The hunger remains but the conflicting thoughts disappear. It’s interesting how thick the book seemed at first, but because two thirds of it were filled with something that had nothing to do with the first third, it didn’t take too long to read it all.
“You’re done reading?”
Koakuma peeks from behind a shelf.
“Is there anything you have to do now?”
“Well, I’m rather hungry right now, so I’ll go eat something. I guess I should get to work after that.”
Koakuma reveals herself completely. She’s wearing her usual black dress.
“I just thought that we could train together for a while since Sakuya will probably sleep for the next two hours…”

[] They could probably use some help in the kitchen.[] Theory is useless without practice.[] Write-in.


I had something to tell you but I can't remember what it was.
>> No. 44816
[x] Theory is useless without practice.

Batshit insane MC continuing to be batshi insane. Fuck cooking.
>> No. 44817
[x] They could probably use some help in the kitchen.

Valiant attempt at saving the story from jumping the shark.
>> No. 44818
[x] Theory is useless without practice.
>> No. 44832
[x] Theory is useless without practice.

Practice makes perfect?
>> No. 44835
File 129842479965.jpg- (150.54KB , 740x600 , 9ac8d74408b05869348abc045b50f1cb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Theory is useless without practice.

It’s kind of annoying to have someone watch you eat. You’re not sure about others, but you tried to avoid eating together with your family just so you could eat alone. It wasn’t because you didn’t like your parents or anything. This time isn’t quite as bad because there’s only one person watching you. Or she isn’t actually watching you, at least not when you’re looking. It’s still making you nervous.
“So, what are we going to practice?”
Koakuma reaches for her teaspoon. Her hand doesn’t find anything to grab since there is no spoon. You didn’t think you’d need them when you made the tea.
“All kinds of things.”
Well, don’t answer if you don’t want to. You abandon the issue and eat some more. She’s paying a little too much attention to her cup. Probably. Shrugging, you ignore it and eat the rest of your food.

All kinds of things was actually a rather good description for what you’re doing. Picking up books for her, doing pushups and, of course, the actual practice.
“Now, do as I showed you.”
You draw the circle and the symbols inside it. Nothing happens.
“Try again.”
This time you add some stylized curves. This time your index finger gets set on fire while you’re drawing the thing in the air. You watch it silently for a second. ”Your doing?”
The flame extinguishes. Could be~
Well, great.
“So, what was that all about?”
“Uh, sorry. I’m actually not sure, it was probably something I did accidentally.”
Koakuma looks at you for a while before drawing her own symbol in the air. A ball of water shoots from its center.
“Try this next.”
An image appears in your mind. Try this instead.
“It’s getting a bit hard to concentrate, you know.” … Oh right. Koakuma can’t hear her. “Eh, it’s her again. The woman in my mind.” That sounded a bit… stupid. You hope you won’t get misunderstood.
“What is she saying?”
“She wants me to try some symbol of hers.”
“Well, try it then.”
She said it like it’s the most natural thing in the world… You begin drawing the symbol, trying not to think about the firestorm that would result if it’s what you think it is.
Nothing happens. It’s kind of disappointing. Nothing happened? Take a look around before saying anything.
A glimpse of something blue catches your attention. It can’t be…

“I think something happened, but I don’t know what…”
Is she playing stupid or something? Or can’t the familiar really see the woman right next to you?
“Uh, hello? Can’t you see her?” She can’t, I’m just projecting myself into your field of vision. I’m not really here. Seriously, what’s the point then? You get enough of her on her nightly visits. Uh…
“Eh? You can see her? But how can she be… Or is it just…”
Blue turns her back to you and walks out of your line of sight. It’s kind of odd how you can see her clearly even form the corner of your eye.
“She said I’m the only one who can see her and that she’s here as only some kind of an illusion.”

You continue to practice for some time. Blue remains silent for the rest of it. You actually think that she’s pouting. Apart from her you actually manage to do something: your finger sets on fire again. It’s encouraging because the fire didn’t burn you. Well, better something than nothing, even if you were trying to do something else.

Sakuya walks in just as you’re trying to put out the fire on your finger. She looks at you as you wave your hand like a madman.
You stop waving your still smoking hand around and look at her. She seems amused.
“I need you to help me prepare today’s party. I’m going to let you choose between some options.”

[] Help decorating the yard.
[] Let Sakuya handle it and do her part as Remilia’s personal servant.
[] Cooking with the faeries.


I waited for some inspiration. It never came.
>> No. 44836
[x] Help decorating the yard.
>> No. 44837
[x] Help decorating the yard.

The least likely one to fuck up on.
>> No. 44838
[x] Help decorating the yard.
That's not how burning hands work, Chris.
>> No. 44912
File 129963385060.jpg- (103.64KB , 963x909 , 129941029919.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here's a Yukari for you.

No-one noticed anything, right? Right?
... I'm sorry about the delay. I just... have a lot of stuff to think about (such as "What am I going to do for the next five years?"), but it doesn't mean that I haven't had time. I just haven't done it because... Well, because. I'm not sure either. Just didn't start doing it for some reason.
The update's done now, I'll post it tomorrow. Why not now? Because there's a certain someone who I want to read it before posting.

Not that anyone cares about what I do anyways.
>> No. 44914

>Not that anyone cares about what I do anyways.

Cut back on the emo a bit.

We'll be waiting.
>> No. 44915
[x] Help decorating the yard.

“I think I’ll handle the decorations.”
“Just don’t burn them.”
She turns away to leave.
“Hey, aren’t you going to tell me how to decorate the yard?”
Sakuya looks at you again.
“You don’t know how to? They’re just simple things, you know. Hanging lanterns and stuff.”
“Eh, I mean like, where am I supposed to hang the lanterns? Is there some kind of a model for what the yard should look like when decorated?”
Your boss smiles and turns away before answering.
“I’ll leave that to your inner artist.”
Well, all right. You shrug. If that’s what she says, then you’ll do as she says. Simple as that. Nevertheless, you should probably get going… oh. One more thing.
“Thanks for training with me, Koakuma.”
You feel like you should smile, but it just… Well, faking one isn’t hard.
“I’ll find you later, bye for now.”
“Eh? It’s not like being there one minute later matters.”
Koakuma doesn’t answer but simply leaves instead. Did you misunderstand her somehow?

The lack of sound bugs you a bit as you hang the paper lanterns. The cool wind is nice, but it just doesn’t feel right without the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds. It seems like anything past the wall marking the end of the yard can’t get inside, be it sound or insect. Well, you’re not actually sure about insects but at least one wasp turned around just as it was about to fly over the wall. For a moment you wish the sun wouldn’t go down. The feeling disappears as soon as it appeared, though. Stepping down from the ladder, you stop to evaluate your handiwork. Mmh… Maybe that one should be moved to that other branch? You move the ladder to where it’s needed. Yep, definitely better now - though you doubt that anyone will notice how much effort you’ve put to thinking how the lanterns should be arranged. Well, you kind of like doing this kind of stuff so it’s fine.

“Heey, can you help me out for a moment?”
Yes, yes, you’ll just… Damn it. Your great image of how everything should look like when you’re done was lost.
You hang the last lantern and climb down. Well, it isn’t all that bad. The yard that is. It actually looks rather nice. Turning around to face Meiling-
Boobs. Ohwaitnevermind. Ignoring the fact that she’s actually floating, you feel for the ladder behind you and climb to the first step while still facing her. She seems a little confused but doesn’t dwell on your understandable mistake.
“So, eh, what did you need help with?”
She hands you a rope from the pile of cloth she’s carrying.
“Help me out with this. We’ll hang this at the gate.” Oh, it’s some kind of a decoration too. She handed you the other end of a long, red cloth. There’s something written on it but most of it hidden in the folds.

It simply says “Welcome!” Looking at the yard from the entrance, you see a few flaws in your decorations, but decide to ignore them because no-one else will notice them.
“So that was it?”
“You don’t need help with anything else?”
“No, not right now.”
You glance at her. She’s sitting on the path and seems to be admiring the sight in front of her. Seems like she likes it. It makes you happy, someone appreciating your work.

[] Do something (what?)
[] Dunka-dunka time. (Timeskip option)
>> No. 44918
[x] Dunka-dunka time. (Timeskip option)

Everyone is probably in the middle of preparations. Aside from Patch and Koa and Flan at least, but we just got done training with Patch and Koa previous to this and Flan is busy streaking in the basement.
>> No. 44942
[x] Dunka-dunka time. (Timeskip option)
>> No. 44943
[x] Do something
-[x] Try relaxing and talking with Meiling

She doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment.
>> No. 44945
File 130014475837.jpg- (381.36KB , 770x770 , 84fc7fe3ef4a6b7ce74ef6de3d93f46c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Since I couldn't find a pic of Remi with suitable panties, here's a normal Remi for you.


[x] Timeskip option.

“Are you ready in there?”
You button up the shirt and open the door. Sakuya walks around you to check if the clothes fit. It makes you feel nervous. To your relief, however, she just nods approvingly.
“Those should do.”
Should do, yeah. A white dress shirt and black pants. She would’ve made you wear one of those penguin suits or whatever they’re called, but it was a bit too… wide for you. Not just a bit, in fact. You could fit both of your hands in the pants, and even a third one should you somehow have had one at hand.

Sakuya went in before you. You asked her to wait a bit so you could calm yourself down. It isn’t too embarrassing to be overdressed like this when everyone is in their casual clothes. Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. Okay, you’re ready. Your cheeks don’t feel hot anymore. Being the center of attention is something you hate. Yet you must endure it for a moment now. The door opens…

They’re looking at you. All of them. After taking a look around, you close your eyes and breathe out. You got this, it isn’t anything you can’t handle, you got this… Plus Meiling has changed her usual clothes to a bit more ceremonial Chinese dress. And even Patchouli has changed into a real dress. It really isn’t anything you can’t handle. Pulling yourself to a level above everyone else, you feel a bit like you’re performing on a stage as you walk through the room to Remilia. She’s the only one you have to care about. The others can gaze at you all they want.
“Are we ready, Miss Scarlet? And how should I address you to, by the way?”
Remilia gives you her usual, rather fanged smile.
“In any way you see fit. Any yes, we’re ready.”
You take the arm she offers. Sheesh, no-one told you what kind of a party it’s going to be, but judging from the amount of booze you had to carry, this kind of an entrance is definitely not needed. Whatever, they can stare at you all they want. Right now you’re here just to walk in with Remilia. Or to walk out, seeing that you’ll be actually leaving the mansion.

There are a lot of maids. Aside them, you recognize a few faces. There’s Reimu talking with that bunny-eared girl from the clinic. Remembering the clinic makes you feel empty inside. You cover the emptiness with a sense of duty: you can’t be emotional now, Remilia needs you to, eh, pose next to her?
And there’s Keine Kamiwhatever, the one who asked you to be her substitute. She’s looking at you. You ignore it and move on to the last person. You don’t know her. Green hair, a dress that reminds you of kilts, a parasol and last, but not least, strikingly red eyes. You lean a bit closer to Remilia.
“Who is she? The green-haired woman with a parasol?”
“Yuuka Kazami. Don’t mess with her.” Her voice is as silent as yours to keep the woman in question from hearing it. “But why won’t we begin?”
The later part was said loud enough for everyone to hear. People turn their attention towards you and Sakuya appears next to her (and your) mistress.

That was the signal for you. As you were told earlier, you slip from between people and sneak back inside. Remilia is doing some sort of a speech, and you’re supposed to get her a pair of panties (for reasons unknown) from her own wardrobe before she ends the speech. Up the stairs, to the right and into her room. Pulling open one of her drawers, you grab a pair of panties at random. One with a disturbingly low cut on the front and a bat-shaped hole in the back. You fail to surpass your blush as your mind summons an image of Remilia with these on… Nevertheless, you head back to the yard and hand the panties to Remilia. She just pockets them in one of her dress’ hidden pockets while giving you a naughty yet amused smile. Did she plan this…?

After about an hour of random chatting and drinking (just soft drinks for you), Remilia calls you again.
“Chris, come- Oh, there you are.” She grabs your hand and drags you to a table. “There’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Sakuya!”
As always when Remilia calls, the maid appears immediately.
“Explain the rules to him.”
“Yes, Mistress.” Sakuya bows. “Basically, Mistress wants to have a drinking contest with you, Chris. The rules are simple: the first one unable to continue loses.”
“Thank you, Sakuya. Now, of course, I’m not forcing you to do this, but…” She leans in right next to your ear. “If you win, I’ll… reward you…” She finishes it with a breath to your ear. Her tone and the breath make you rather aroused.

[] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.
[] You’re no good with booze…
>> No. 44946
[x] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.

Hell, even if we lose, it'll be funny. So let's do this.
>> No. 44947
[x] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.

Let's attempt badly to amuse her.
>> No. 44948
[x] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.

And then, for his second trick, drunken singing!
>> No. 44949
[X] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.

Might as well see what it's like to get drunk.
>> No. 44950
[x] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.
>> No. 44951
When Anon will be drunk, maybe he'll try to sing that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByLaRZqL4Xg

Without any instrument, of course. It'll be funny as hell.
>> No. 44953
Nah. It's gotta be something like Don't Stop Believing or Turn the Page.
>> No. 44958
BGM for the next update: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXrC-O2vkDU
>> No. 44967
[x] Vampire or not, her smaller volume leaves her little chance against you.

Eugh, why not? The primary purpose of this party seems to be “get smashed ASAP” to begin with, so why shouldn’t you join in? Plus chemistry is on your side in the competition, so you might even win.
“All right, let’s drink until you drop.”
Yeah, you practically can’t lose. Chemistry always works. Actually, you’re not sure about that anymore…

Sakuya pours something pink into the small cup in front of you. Unsurprisingly, it reeks of alcohol. Glancing at Remilia, you grab the cup and bring it to your mouth… Bleargh, disgusting. Tastes like saturated sugar solution (though you haven’t tasted any) with some strawberry juice mixed in. Remilia, however, seems to enjoy it. You wonder how she does it as Sakuya pours another round for you and her. It’s like eating sugar that has been sweetened with aspartame. Well, even if it tastes horrible, it isn’t undrinkable. So, another one down.

You stopped counting at seven shots. It’s been some time since then, and you remember why you thought this wasn’t a good idea. They’re not letting you drink anything to dilute the effects of the liquor. And rapidly drinking a considerable amount of what you suppose is about 20% alcohol isn’t the best idea to begin with. However, the fact that Remilia isn’t dealing with it as well as you grants you some relief. She missed the cup twice, while you missed it only once. You also noticed that people are gathering to watch. You avoid looking at them because they seem to spin around you if you do. Okay, here goes shot number something. Oh, the cup wasn’t there? You blink twice. The other cup disappears and you grab the remaining one. It still tastes terrible, but not as bad as it was in the beginning. How much have you drunk already? Does your drunkiness follow a linear function, or maybe it’s like a parablola? Maybe your favorite, a third-power function with three roots? If so, after beginning you would be anti-drunk before it kicks in. Yeah, maybe that’s it. Oh, Remilia isn’t done with her drink for this round yet? You decide to watch her.

Remilia’s hand misses the drink a little. She tries again, but doesn’t do any better. Suddenly her hands bolt to her sides. She’s having problems with her balance? The world is indeed spinning, and you’re not sure whether even you could stand anymore. Oh, another try? A slow approach. Sudden pounce. She’s successful this time. Or, would have been if her sudden move hadn’t thrown her off balance. She leans to the left - and falls off the chair. Oh. Is she hurt? Hopefully not. But can she continue?
“She’s asleep.”
What? Oh, Sakuya checked her. Asleep? Does that mean you won? And she’s under the table. You drank her under the table. Hehe. Under the table. You laugh a little. See, she’s under the table, and you drank her there. Funny.

Someone offers you another cup. It’s bigger than the one you just used. There’s some colourless liquid in it. It doesn’t even smell like anything. Blink, blink. What could it - Oh, water. Yes, you could use some. And you could use the bathroom too. Thus you head towards one. Whee… it spins. Yet you manage to walk inside and into the toilet. It feels good to empty your bladder.
“Oh, hi there. I shaw you drinking her out, yes.”
Eh? Someone was here? And it’s even a woman, though you can’t remember why that’s important. She seems somehow familiar…
“Yuuka Whowasit… Emmmm…. Yuuka Kazami?”
“Oh, you know my name? May I ask you to spend some time with me, Chrish Roshendahl?”
Yep, she’s drunk. Maybe about as drunk as you. “So, what are you planning? I mean what are we going to do?”
Yuuka Kazami tilts her head and thinks for a moment.
“Well, we could ash well drink shome more. To go all the way, you khnow.”

[] Could as well.
[] Nope, not with her.
[] Drink water and eat something salty to sober up a bit.
[] (write-in) instead.


He has a name.
>> No. 44968
[] Could as well.
>> No. 44969
[x] Could as well.

Let's take a risk, it'd be nice to have some friends in high places.
>> No. 44970
[x] Nope, not with her.

Remilia warned us, and I'm worried Chris will do something stupid with being completely smashed.
>> No. 44971
[+] Could as well.
[+] Drink water and eat something salty to sober up a bit.
>> No. 44972
and you think a mere warning will stop anon from voting for stupid stuff (and ignoring Meiling) in this?
>> No. 44973
In addition:
[x]Ask her if she'd like to chat over a bite to eat.
There were nibbles, right?
>> No. 44988
[x]Ask her if she'd like to chat over a bite to eat.

Don't be alone with her. Besides, having something in your stomach will help you recover from the alcohol.
Are write-in authorized?
>> No. 45001
File 13007480229.jpg- (303.97KB , 2400x2400 , 128855899394.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic by Kaguya. And yes, it is related.


[x] Could as well.

Drinking just because everyone else is doing so is not an attractive idea, so why not drink with her? Besides, you can’t come up with a reason not to drink with her. She’s attractive, wants to do it with you and, well, as drunk as you. So, you get up, pull up your pants and do the zipper.
“I’m not going to oppose that idea.”
Kazami’s reaction is instantaneous. She nails herself to your side and half drags, half carries you back outside. The thought of resisting is abandoned immediately because you can somehow feel her immense strength as she drags you behind her. Plus, she asked whether you want to. She could’ve easily forced you to come with her, but she didn’t.

You’re led (carried) to a secluded corner of the yard. Yuuka tells you to wait there for a moment as she heads back to the doors. It’s rather dark. The only light is coming from the lanterns which are rather far away. Some stars are visible, but most of them are obstructed by the clouds.
“Do you like thish stuff? “
You avert your eyes from the skies to see Yuuka with a bottle and two cups.
“Eh, I can’t read what the etiquette says… Too dark.”
“Then I’ll jusht have to have you drink shome of it. Isn’t that shad?”
Yeah, really sad. You take the cup she poured full and have a taste. Strong stuff. But not bad. You nod in approval.
“It’s good? Great.” She sits on the ground and pats the spot next to her. You sit there, even if it feels like you’re a bit too close. “Sho, can you tell me a bit about yourshelf?”

Everything’s grey. Except the sky, it’s black. Very black. There’s a trail of footprints behind you, but you can’t remember where you’re coming from or where you’re going to. Actually you don’t have any idea about where you even are.
“Where am I?”
You can’t even hear your own voice. The silence here is absolute, nothing can break it. You sit down to think about it. Apart the scent of flowers, nothing makes sense. The blue-white moon in the sky, the gray landscape, the black sky, the perfectly smooth sand…
It’s the moon, isn’t it?
Dude, what? How’d you end up in here? Did you drink a bit too much? Even so, ending up on the moon is a bit off.

Someone prods you, and you wake up to find yourself in a rather comfortable bed. The roof isn’t red like it is in the Mansion, and there’s the scent of flowers. Sitting up, you notice that the headache isn’t as bad as you had expected. Yeah, you ended up drinking a lot with Yuuka. You think you were about to finish the first bottle when your memory gets cut off. But where the fuck are you right now? In a small-ish room with a flower-patterned wallpaper, but where’s the room? Why is Kazami Yuuka sleeping in the same bed with you? Not that you really mind that though, she’s good-looking and everything. And where are your clothes?

[] Write-in.


>Are write-in authorized?
>[] (write-in) instead. provided as an option
Yes, I think they were. And you can always do a write-in, even if there's no such option. Just bear in mind that I may choose to ignore it for some reason.
>> No. 45002
[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.

I don't think leaving the bed is a good idea considering who we're dealing with.
>> No. 45003
[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.

Nothing else we really can do. Still hopefully Chris was good in bed.
>> No. 45005
[+] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.
>Someone prods you
[+] See who's doing the prodding.
>> No. 45006
File 130078752624.jpg- (365.85KB , 566x800 , 66a93935983336aa4f8b26a1ccae5091.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Someone prods you


[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up

Even if we do leave Chris has no idea where he is. Not really a point to sneaking around.
>> No. 45030
Given Yuuka is a powerful Youkai, and you are unaware of what happened last night, assuming anything would be unwise. Leaving would be bad, but even just hugging her may end badly too.

[x]Look for prodder, if not present, search for clothes and get changed, but stay until Yuuka wakes.
[x]If prodder is there, make conversation with them (maybe).
>> No. 45032
File 130110568924.png- (779.02KB , 746x900 , 5e69dfff9a244b6ecc62d843102a45f3.png ) [iqdb]
This, minus the bathrobe.


Head? Check. Hands? Check. Legs? Check. Miscellaneous? Check.
You seem to be in a working condition. Right, now that you’ve checked yourself, it’s time to check the room. It's a rather plain room; a window, a drawer, a closet and mirror on a table. Apart the bed you’re in right now, and Yuuka, of course, there isn’t anything else. You can’t see your clothes anywhere, but decide to take a look outside. Carefully lifting yourself from the bed to avoid disrupting Yuuka, you take a few carful steps to bring yourself to the window. It seems to be raining heavily. A sudden flash illuminates the dark landscape and reveals… sunflowers. Sunflowers everywhere. A deafening sound of thunder comes about a second after the flash. That was close.
“Mmh… It’s raining?”
You turn around. Seems like the sound woke Yuuka.
“Yeah, there’s a rather nice storm out there.”
Your words cause her still half-asleep brain to begin processing bits and pieces of memories from yesterday. You can almost see a progress bar in her eyes as she looks at you with her lips slightly apart.
“You like… storms?”
“As long as I’m inside.” An odd question for her to ask, but whatever. “So, eh-“
Kazami decides to get up and her eyes gain their usual predatory look. Your question wasn’t all that important, after all.
“You were a bit disappointing last night.” She reaches for something you can’t see.
Disappointing? How? You can’t remember. You couldn’t drink as much as she wanted you to? Did you try to, ahem, engage in sexual activities with her and fail?
Yuuka finds what she’s looking for. Before you can react, you’re being threatened with a parasol. It may not sound very bad, but when the said parasol is wielded by someone threatening to skewer your throat with it, the danger factor is high enough.
“I brought you here for one reason, and you failed to do what I wanted you to.”
She’s only wearing black, frilly underwear. Seems like it wasn’t about drinking. You’d say that she’s hot and get an erection, but your brain seems to prioritize the threat of getting pierced with a parasol over trying to fulfill your biological purpose. In short, the point of the parasol is a lot more interesting than Yuuka’s almost naked body.

Just as you’re about to give her some sort of an answer, the door opens.
“I brought you some breakfast, mi-“
The blonde woman freezes as she sees what’s going on. The sight of you and Yuuka naked, combined with the situation, seems to be a little much for her.
“Eh… excuse me.”
The woman takes a step back and closes the door again. Yuuka stares at it for a while and suddenly bursts laughing. You’re thankful because the parasol is no longer pointed at you.
“Haa… Come on, let’s find your clothes and prepare a bath so you can get going.”

Your clothes were conveniently in the bath tub, but you obviously can’t remember why. You were told to wait in the bedroom until the bath is ready. It didn’t take very long for Yuuka to prepare a bath, so you didn’t have to wait for too long. After a short walk to one of the nearby rooms, you find out that the bathroom is unlike those in the Mansion, and you’re not actually sure what to do. The problem, however, is solved in a rather unexpected way.
“I’ll wash your back for you.”
Your host arrives just as you were finished with the toilet. Eh… what should you-
Yuuka forces you to sit on a stool of some sort and begins scrubbing your back. You’re still at loss of words when she finishes and hands the soap to you. Not knowing what to do, you take it and begin washing other places. She’s in the bathroom with you? She’s not going to leave, is she? She’s probably taken off her underwear for this, too… You try to surpass the reaction caused by the thought with some degree of success. Finished with washing, you prioritize getting into the bath over asking questions.
“What are you doing?” You finally manage to ask something as you get up from the stool.
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m taking a bath.”
You climb into the tub and submerge yourself. Whoever she may be, you have to ask her… She can’t get pissed off by it. Besides, the clear water isn’t going to hide anything. Yeah, you just have to do it. You turn your back to her and lift your head above the edge of the tub.
“Why? Why are you taking a bath with me?”
Silence. You can feel Yuuka staring at you. She gets up and comes closer.
“I want you to stay here…”

[] “E-eh? B-but I can’t just leave Remilia like that, she’ll get mad.”
[] Turn around to show your scar. You belong to Remilia Scarlet and will not let her down.
[] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”
>> No. 45033
[x] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”
-[x] "But what about Remilia? She seems to insist that I'm hers."

I get the feeling that Remilia might have loaned us out. And since we're stuck here, might as well enjoy it.
>> No. 45035
>“You were a bit disappointing last night.”
>“I brought you here for one reason, and you failed to do what I wanted you to.”
>“I want you to stay here…”

[X] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”
-[X] "But what about Remilia? She seems to insist that I'm hers."

I'm not sure anyone could refuse that request from Youkai Moe.
>> No. 45036
[+] Why?
>> No. 45037
Gah. Stupid 'V' key not triggering.

[+] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”
-[+] "But what about Remilia? She seems to insist that I'm hers."
>> No. 45038
[] “E-eh? B-but I can’t just leave Remilia like that, she’ll get mad.”

Chris is under a contract with her. He doesn't have a choice in this unfortunately
>> No. 45039
[x] “E-eh? B-but I can’t just leave Remilia like that, she’ll get mad.”

>I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”
>Living with Yuuka

Oh Chris, you so silly.
>> No. 45043
There is the possibility that she loaned him out for the time being, hence the question after the staying choice. That and pissing Yuuka off isn't a good idea in genearl.

I doubt much happens in the flower field compared to the SDM and the errands it sends him on.
>> No. 45046
Do we even know if there is a possibility of such happening? Also a pissed off Yuuka sucks, a pissed of Remilia sucks quite a bit too. Ah he's such between a rock and a hard place.
>> No. 45047
I doubt a drunken Yuuka could have made off with him that easily from the SDM without permission.
>> No. 45070
File 130145022556.jpg- (93.59KB , 850x600 , 085acf2796220db13a0647220ed5e81d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not exactly NSFW, but very questionable.


“W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”
A hand lands on your shoulder.
“You’ll be safe here, I promise… There’s just you, me and Elly behind that door.” The thing about Elly is whispered to your ear. You’re not sure about how to feel about someone listening to you behind the door. You’d look that way, but turning around would cause an unwanted reaction… Or actually it wouldn’t, since it has happened already.
“Yes, but…”
“But what?”
“What about Remilia? She says she owns me.”
The hand is removed from your shoulder.
“Mmh… How come?”
You’re not sure what she actually wants you to say, but asking doesn’t seem an attractive option right now.
“I don’t know. She’s been like that since I arrived. It’s probably because I would’ve died had she not been there.” It’s probably not worth mentioning that she almost killed you.
“I wonder if you’re expensive…”
The hand returns, though this time it wraps around your chest and is accompanied by something soft pressing against your back. The hug doesn’t last for long. You hear Yuuka moving and feel something big entering the tub. She grabs your chin and forces you to look at her. Those eyes… You could relax if it wasn’t for them. They seem friendly at first, but a closer look reveals something totally else. What does she actually want of you?
“Close your eyes.”
You do.

She turns you around and pulls you to her so that your back is pressed against her breasts. Her hand runs down your front towards you crotch. You twitch as you realize what she’s doing - but do nothing to stop it since you know the difference in your strengths. If this is what she wants, she’ll do it even if you don’t actually want her to. Her other hand finds its way to between your ass and her crotch just as the other grasps your thing.
“I wouldn’t mind doing it properly, but Elly is listening… And I don’t want her to know about it.”
Her grip is tighter than your usual one. It’s not really bad, but-
The hand on your organ moves down slowly and the other one begins short, repetitive jerking movements. She’s good at this… You have to think about something else or you’ll blow your load way before she’s even near her climax.

Mountains… Those mountains form Austria which you loved so much. Their jagged ridges and snowy peaks.
Yuuka lets out a silent moan. She has picked up the pace and you’re almost at the edge. Yet she has barely even begun. You need something else. Mathematics. 0∫2 (sin x)+3x2 dx = 0/2 (-cos x)+x3 = (-cos -
Her movements become even faster as her upper body jerks back slightly. Concentration is impossible, you can only think about the sensation her hand moving on your thing causes… and about what her other hand moving on her thing must look like.
Her grip suddenly tightening pushes you over the edge. Your eyes turn upwards and your back arcs as you let out a silent moan of pleasure. The hand keeps moving rapidly. Another, a bit smaller wave of euphoria washes over you as your semen is released into the bath water. Yuuka’s grip feels a bit too tight now, but her muscles feel very tense. She has to be close too. You open your eyes just as she moves her hand away from your crotch, no doubt to help the other one in its efforts.
The woman behind you lets out yet another moan as she twitches again. The twitch is followed by her arcing backwards while her hands move faster than you thought was possible.
“Haaa…” Her movements stop as she releases the breath she was holding. “I’m sorry. I hadn’t done it in a while so I couldn’t hold back.”
Eh, you couldn’t have lasted any longer anyways. But that may be better left unsaid. Instead, you say nothing and let her pull you to her soft embrace.

You just stay there for a while, enjoying the remnants of your orgasm in the warmth of the bath and Yuuka’s body. Why did she do that? Someone behind the door definitely heard that. What was she trying to achieve? Was it just because she hadn’t fulfilled her sexual need? Questions form in your mind as your brain returns to its normal state.
“Hello there~ I hope you enjoyed yourself.”
Something drops into the water again. What? Who’s that? The voice is somehow familiar…
“You. What are you doing here?”
Yuuka reacts before you can look at the source. It’s Yukari Yakumo, stark naked and in the bath with you.
“Oh~ I thought I’d enjoy a bath with you now that I’m here.”
Yes, but what is she doing here in the first place? Oh, she isn’t Blue.
“Yes, but why are you here in the first place?”
“I’m actually here because of you. Ran said I should pay for sleeping at your house, so I brought you something.” A box wrapped in brown paper drops on your clothes. You don’t even try to understand. “I think I owe you something else too, since I drank most of your tea after I sent you away. It was rather good, by the way.”
It had better be. It was 1st class tea straight from China, the sort they don’t sell outside tea producing countries.
“Get out.”
Yuuka’s voice has something very cold and aggressive in it.
“Ah~? You don’t enjoy my presence? Well, I guess I’ll leave then. Laters~”
Yukari climbs out of the tub and opens some sort of a tear in reality. Something stares at you from the illogicality.

[] “Hey, wait!”
-[] Can you take me home? I forgot something I need.
-[] Something else, what?
[] Say nothing.
-[] Open the box immediately.


Home = the Mansion
>> No. 45071
[x] Say nothing.
-[x] Open the box immediately.

I'd think more on getting stuff from the mansion, but that'd require actually going there which may not be a good idea.

Must have gift.
>> No. 45072
>It’s Yukari Yakumo, stark naked and in the bath with you.

[X] Say nothing.

Just enjoy the moment with Yuuka. Everything else can wait.
>> No. 45073
[x] Say nothing.

I'd rather enjoy the moment with Yuuka.
>> No. 45074
>Get back from vacation.
>Catch up on stories.
>"Screw this I'mma live with Yuuka."
Well this should be entertaining.
>> No. 45075
I'm curious as to how this'll play out as it feels as if we have gone off track... into a very nice place. But I'm sure LandScout has a plan.

Been a while since we had a Yuuka route on THP anyhow.
>> No. 45078
[x] Say nothing.

I have to wonder how does Chris feel about Yukari, considering what has happened to him in such a short time? Do you think he might feel that his friend's death was ultimately attributable to Yukari?
>> No. 45083
There could be problems when Flandre hears about this. I wonder if that's the idea, from Yuuka's standpoint: goad Flandre into a fight away from the Mansion. We should at the very least mention her to Yuuka.
>> No. 45084
it's not a worry now with the rain and all, but it will be worth noting later as there will be some shit hitting the fan sooner or later. But it seems Yuuka's willing to 'buy' the MC from Remilia.

I wonder why Yukari dropped into the bath naked, though it's most likely lack of modesty.
>> No. 45089
Yukari looks at you for the last time before entering the tear, as if expecting something. She simply shrugs and turns away as you remain silent. The hole closes behind her.
“That bitch… Always has her nose in other people’s business…” You have to agree, even if you’ve seen her only twice. “I guess that wasn’t all that special for her, though.” Yuuka pulls you a little closer.
“She does this stuff often?”
“Well, she tends to appear when you least expect her, but dropping into some ones bath is something I haven’t heard her do before.”
Eh, whatever. You’ll just enjoy the moment for now.

Eventually your time in the bath comes to an end. You decide to leave the packet until later and join Yuuka for the dinner. The rain ceases while you’re eating.
“Ah… I have to go out for a while. The flowers are always so beautiful when it has rained. Do you want to come with me?”
Eh? Flower viewing with her? Then again, why not. It’s not like you’ve got anything else to do.
“Yeah, just let me finish this.”

It is beautiful. The droplets on the petals, the cobwebs that look like pearl necklaces and the general feel of life and growth around you. Add the cleansed, fresh air and there you have it. Moments like this make you want to praise the omnipotence of life and the fact that you’re alive.
“Won’t you come here?” Yuuka calls for you from underneath a nearby cherry tree. She hides something behind her back as you approach. “Surprise!”
She sticks a flower to your hair. You don’t know what it actually is, but it’s pretty. If there was someone else around, you’d feel ashamed.
“Eh, thank you.”
She smiles at you. You blush a little and return the smile.
“It is rather beautiful in here, isn’t it? Mistress?”
“Hmm, yes, it indeed is.”

Remilia is holding a parasol matching her dress. She’s looking straight at you as she walks towards the cherry tree. Sakuya follows behind her.
“Ah, miss Kazami. Were you in the middle of something important?”
The little vampire sounds very businesslike, probably the result of countless hours of practice.
“Eh, yes, I actually had something… Would you sell him for me?” Yuuka points at you as she speaks. You do your best to look innocent and even remove the flower from your hair. Don’t say anything else, please… “Seems like he’d rather stay here with me. I kind of understand him, he told me about everything that has happened to him so far.”
“He’s not for sale. But I don’t need a servant who leaves me when I as much as turn my back to him. You can have him… in a moment.”
You blink twice and let out some kind of a noise. “…”
“Now then, You’ll have to fight for your freedom. Defeat me, and you’re free to go wherever you wish.”
Yuuka turns to you.
“Ah! Isn’t this great, I’ll get to see your power! That’s the reason why I wanted you to stay for, after all. And even if you lose, I’ll just have to wait for you to get back into shape.”
You swallow. It’s definitely not great. And you won’t be getting back into shape.

[] Write-in.
[] Back 1 choice.
[] Back 3 choices.

If going back (not mutually exclusive):
-[] Advice from Yukari
-[] Advice from Ran


Let's see if this works...
>> No. 45091
[x] Write in
-[x] Fight cautiously until getting a good opening, it's not likely that she'll take you seriously.

It's a try as opposed to just chickening out.
>> No. 45092
[X] Fight defensively. Be ready to dodge when she pulls her arm back.

Remilia took Chris out in one shot when he tried to rush her the first time. Let's try to avoid getting curb stomped again.
>> No. 45096
[x] Back 3 choices.

Fuck your fighting. Remilia makes me feel bad for going this route and I didn't even vote for it.
>> No. 45097
[x] Back 3 choices.
>> No. 45098
[x] Back 3 choices.

We really need to
>> No. 45099
Really, anon? Deciding to rewind even though it's not a bad end? You're softer than Youmu. Seriously, I expected Remilia to kick Chris's ass, drag him back to the mansion and punish him, regardless of what choice he made when Yuuka asked him to stay. Take the chance for freedom.

Besides, three choices back puts him in bed with Yuuka.
>> No. 45100
that's two choices back, 3 is the decision to drink with her. Anon: never known for conviction, only ADD and drinking out of a puddles to avoid being accused of being a stalker.
>> No. 45101
One choice back: Ask Yukari something?
Two choices back: Yuuka asks you to stay.
Three choices back: You're in bed with Yuuka. Naked.
The drinking choice is four choices back.
>> No. 45102
This is how I meant it to be. Sorry if I confused someone, change your votes if you meant to vote for something else.
>> No. 45103
So how would changing something be better then? As there's a good chance Yuuka would get pissed and splatter us. Thus the only way is forward without regrets. And failing that, going back enough choices so we can get back on the track the author intended us to go.
>> No. 45104
A possible idea: mainly going back one choice and asking Yukari to get us our knives, including THAT back.

Though it's odd how Blue hasn't spoken up much in the last few updates.
>> No. 45106
[X] Back 1 choice.
[X] Advice from Yukari
>> No. 45107
[x] Back 3 choices.

A strange anomaly occurs in the time/space continuum, allowing me to be lazy and use some copypasta.

Someone prods you, and you wake up to find yourself in a rather comfortable bed. The roof isn’t red like it is in the Mansion, and there’s the scent of flowers. Sitting up, you notice that the headache isn’t as bad as you had expected. Yeah, you ended up drinking a lot with Yuuka. You think you were about to finish the first bottle when your memory gets cut off. But where the fuck are you right now? In a small-ish room with a flower-patterned wallpaper, but where’s the room? Why is Kazami Yuuka sleeping in the same bed with you? Not that you really mind that though, she’s good-looking and everything. And where are your clothes?

[] Write-in.


No advice for you? Well, whatever. And no, you're not fucked. There are multiple ways out of the situation.
>> No. 45108
[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.

I would enjoy this story more if the other readers weren't such gutless retards.
>> No. 45111
[x] Leave bed, look for a way out of here.
>> No. 45112
[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.
The only thing we can do right now.
>> No. 45113
My plan is to do the same things, but asking Yukari for our knife set (including THAT Knife) as well as looking into her package.

Though if the Writer didn't want us to go with Yuuka, then he should have put some guard rails there.
>> No. 45114
[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.
>> No. 45115
We'd already been warned about her by Remilia.
>> No. 45117
we were warned about how dangerous she was, not the whole 'being taken home' thing.
>> No. 45118
Please try to decide what you actually want to do. Even if this allows me to be lazy, it's rather boring. Ask if you can't understand what I'm trying to do here.


[x] Stay in bed until she wakes up, possibly enjoying it.

Update is in here -> >>45032 <- ereh ni si etadpU

[] “E-eh? B-but I can’t just leave Remilia like that, she’ll get mad.”
[] Turn around to show your scar. You belong to Remilia Scarlet and will not let her down.
[] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.”

If [] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.” is chosen, choose one of the following:

[] “Hey, wait!”
-[] Can you take me home? I forgot something I need.
-[] Something else, what?
[] Say nothing.
-[] Open the box immediately.

Again, if [] Say nothing. is chosen:
[] Write-in.
>> No. 45119
[x] “W-well, if you can promise I’ll be safe here… I’ve had enough of crazy stuff happening to me.” is chosen, choose one of the following:
-[x] “Hey, wait!”
--[x] Can you take me home? I forgot something I need.
---[x] mainly my equipment (in case it doesn't lead into another update)
>> No. 45120
Since we couldn't go back & decline more drinking with her...

[x] Turn around to show your scar. You belong to Remilia Scarlet and will not let her down.
-[x] You could visit some time if she'd like.

I'm sure she's mature enough not to go breaking someone's possession just because she can't have her way. The add-on is just an attempt to pacify her a bit to help make sure he can get out in one piece.

What I want to know is how is she got him out of the mansion unnoticed.
>> No. 45121
>[x] You could visit some time if she'd like.
Just to clarify: I meant him visiting her.
>> No. 45122
[x] Turn around to show your scar. You belong to Remilia Scarlet and will not let her down.
-[x] You could visit some time if she'd like.
>> No. 45123
[x] Turn around to show your scar. You belong to Remilia Scarlet and will not let her down.
-[x] You could visit some time if she'd like.

He can't stay since he belongs to Remilia.
>> No. 45125
that's fine and all, but that vote seems to have a firm tone of being fully devoted to Remilia (the middle one is more of a middle ground)

I'm not opposing the vote, just making sure your intent is clear.
>> No. 45126
Visiting doesn't mean he wants to stay with Yuuka. When you're a kid you can visit friends, but that doesn't mean you want to stay with them over your parents.
>> No. 45127
[x] Turn around to show your scar. You belong to Remilia Scarlet and will not let her down.
-[x] You could visit some time if she'd like.

No, you can’t. Out of question. You owe your life to someone, and you can’t just abandon her. At least not yet, not until you have repaid her. Actually, could all of this be one of her plans? In that case…
You turn around, making sure that the scar on your chest is clearly visible. The scar isn’t there for any particular reason, but Yuuka doesn’t have to know. Or, at least she doesn’t have to- Why is she like that? Leaning on her hands, her elbows on the edge of the tub? Well, she’s offering you a rather nice view of her bust and- Nope, not gonna work. You won’t fall for that.
“I’m afraid I can’t stay, but I think I could drop by for a visit every now and then if you’d like.”
Yuuka withdraws her hands and straightens up. You can totally see her thing. There’s a small patch of green hair above it, the rest has been removed. A certain part of you presents an objection about your decision not to let yourself fall for her assets.

“Hmmh… I guess I knew it wouldn’t have worked out. Oh well, worth a try.” There’s a moment of silence before she lets out a short laugh. “Ehheh, though I have to compliment your willpower. There aren’t many who’ve resisted me for this long. I guess I’m glad to see that my charm hasn’t completely faded. But, clear things out on your end and come for a visit.” She leans closer. And plants a kiss on your cheek. “I’ll be waiting.”
With that, she turns around and leaves, making sure to sway her hips while walking. Eh… Buh… Blah… You want to release the pressure, so to say, but you don’t want to do it in somebody else’s bathroom. It takes a while, but eventually things settle down as you simply lie in the warm bath. But you should really get going, people are probably getting worried. With that, you get out of the bath, dry yourself with the towel Yuuka left there and get dressed.

Yuuka is writing something in her room as you pass by it on your way downstairs. She looks at you as you glance at her. You hear the bathroom door closing as you reach the bottom of the stairs.
“Would you like to eat something before leaving?”
Huh? The speaker is the same blonde girl who saved you from getting skewered by Yuuka. She’s wearing an apron this time, and is standing at what seems to be a door to the kitchen.
“Is it still raining?”
“Well, I think I’ll wait for it to end. So, yes.”
The blonde girl turns around and motions you to follow. She seats you at the table, gets two plates and some food.
“So, how’d you end up in here?”
The discussion is opened by her as she sits down.
“Eh, well, I remember drinking with Yuuka and the next thing I know is that I wake up next to her in here.”
The girl takes some food from the pot. You follow her example and take some for yourself. Rice and vegetable sauce.
“So it’s the usual case, then.”
You have to chew for a moment before you can swallow.
“Yeah. She does this once or twice a year. Brings someone here from a party, that is.”
So, you’re not all that special. Or actually, she probably didn’t ask them to stay here.
“I see.”
“By the way, I’m Elly. I’m actually the gatekeeper but since no-one ever comes here, I just take care of the house since she doesn’t. Who might you be?”
This Elly seems very calm and collected compared to the hot-blooded Yuuka. Even her speech is slower than Kazami’s.
“I’m Chris. A servant of the Scarlets.”
Elly looks at you for a while, as if evaluating you.
“I see. Say, what is it like to work for them?”
The conversation continues on equally meaningless things for some time.

Yuuka’s yell comes from upstairs. From the bathroom, to be more precise.
“Oh~ He wasn’t here? Hmm… Oh, there he is.”
A woman drops into the chair next to you. Yukari Yakumo. She’s wearing a frilly dress with some sort of a tabard on it.
“Hellooo~ I was looking for you.”
“Eh, why?”
“Remember when I slept at your place? Remember Ran, who was with me?”
“She convinced me that I need to pay for all the tea I drank at your place after I sent you away. I’m not sure why I’d have to do that, but I thought I’d be nice to her for a change. So…”
A packet drops into your lap. It’s rather light for its size.
“Eh, thanks?”
“No problem~ By the way, you seem like you could use a ride. I could drop you anywhere. Interested?”

[] Yes.
-[] Where do you want to go?
[] No, you’ll walk.

[] Something’s bugging your mind.
-[] (write-in)


Obviously, something can bug your mind regardless of your answer. Plus, you'll ask Yukari about it, unless you absolutely don't want to.
>> No. 45128
[x] Yes.
-[x] The Mansion so I can explain what happened.
[x] Something’s bugging your mind.
-[x] "Yuuka was awfully interested in me, would you know why?"

Sorry Yuuka, maybe later.
>> No. 45129
[x] Yes.
-[x] The Mansion so I can explain what happened.
[x] Something’s bugging your mind.
-[x] "Yuuka was awfully interested in me, would you know why?"

I have nothing better than this vote.

We can still visit. Still honestly would Yuuka have been better than Remilia? In the scene when Yuuka wakes up, she first threatens to skewer him.
>> No. 45130
[+] Yes.
-[+] The Mansion so I can explain what happened.
[+] Something’s bugging your mind.
-[+] "Yuuka was awfully interested in me, would you know why?"
>> No. 45131
She's just tempermental some.

Now let's see how many more times we ignore Meiling
>> No. 45132
[x] Yes.
-[x] To the Scarlet Devil Mansion!!

[x] Something’s bugging your mind.
-[x] Yuuka was awfully nice! This is an unprecendent incident! We must investigate at once! "We" meaning someone else, I'm too busy working my ass off for the Devil and not getting paid for this.
>> No. 45133
that sounds as if she can't be nice normally.
>> No. 45163
[x] Yes.
-[x] The Mansion so I can explain what happened.
[x] Something’s bugging your mind.
-[x] "Yuuka was awfully interested in me, would you know why?"

“Well, I wouldn’t mind if you could drop me to the mansion, but… can I ask something?”
Yukari tilts her head a little. “Go ahead”
“You see, about Yuuka… She was, eh, very interested in me for some reason. Would you happen to know why?”
Yukari responds with a wave of her hand. You do a reflexive motion to prevent the chair from falling over. It doesn’t help, and you plummet down to the ground… But, as you could have expected from the previous display of her power, the ground never comes. Instead, you find yourself sitting (?) in… well, something. The woman who sent you there appears in front of you. Is she going to say something offensive?
“She’s not allowed to be?”
Eh? “I… guess she is allowed to, but it’s still strange…”
Yukari turns upside down. Or it could be you who turned around, “up” and “down” can’t be specified if there isn’t anything around.
“She’s not actually interested in you, but rather in the being inside… She just doesn’t know that you’re separate entities.” She smiles devilishly. “But now…”
You fall on something. …It didn’t hurt? Now that was unexpected.

“Would you mind getting off me?”
What? Oh. You get up, relieving Sakuya of your weight.
“Sorry… It wasn’t my-“
“I know, I know. She did it, I saw the gap.” Well, one less thing to worry about. But… “You may want to know that Mistress wants to see you now that you’re back.” … where’s your package?
“Okay, but where is she? In her room?” You can’t see it anywhere.
“Yes.” Maybe it was dropped into your room? “And I won’t mind hearing about your adventure when you’re done.”
“I’ll see about that, but thanks for relaying the message.” The package can wait, it won’t move on its own.

“Come in.”
Remilia replies weakly to your knock. You open the door and enter the dimly-lit room. Your mistress is lying on the bed, looking miserable. Looks like her indigestion system doesn’t handle alcohol as well as yours…
“Sakuya told me to come here.”
Remilia lifts herself very carefully and winces. “Can’t you speak silently? And yes, I have something to tell you: Make me some tea.”
“Just that?” Your voice is little more than a whisper this time.
“Just that.”
Remilia slumps back on the bed as you leave. It doesn’t take long to make the tea and deliver it to her. She simply thanks you as you place the cup on the table next to her bed.

[] Descend to the basement. Why not?
[] Find Sakuya and tell her about what happened.
[] Patchouli may know something.
[] Meiling option for you to ignore.

Vote for the contents of the box:
[] Something useful.
[]Something useful as a gift for someone (suggest receiver)
[] Mystery/Goddammit Yukari option.


One thing I forgot: Sorry for having the write-in/back in choices option. It was an experiment and won't be seen again.
>> No. 45164
[x] Meiling option (I'm not ignoring it)
[x] Something useful.

That went pretty well, though I wouldn't mind the Sakuya option either, though we might need to edit out certain parts.
>> No. 45166
[] Descend to the basement. Why not?
might aswell say hi to Flandre
[] Mystery/Goddammit Yukari option.
Way too damn tempting
>> No. 45167
[+] Find Sakuya and tell her about what happened.
[+] Something useful.
>> No. 45169
[x] Meiling option (I'm not ignoring it)
[x] Something useful.

I want to visit Meiling.
>> No. 45170
[x] Meiling option.
[x] Mystery/Goddammit Yukari option.
>> No. 45172
I have to wonder, but does Chris know about Flan's ability to create multiple copies of herself?
>> No. 45191
Remilia looks at you. “Get me something to eat.”
Eh, couldn’t she have said that when she told you to get the tea? Well, whatever. You shrug; it occurs to you after you’ve left the room that you probably should have answered. Well, she’s probably not going to be angry, as long as you return.

Down the stairs, to the kitchen and up again.
Knock, knock. “Mmph.”
You enter Remilia’s room again.
“Here, I made you a sandwich. I hope it’s enough.” You set the plate on one of the tables.
“Could you also get some painkillers while you’re at it?” Her voice is muffled by the pillow she’s hiding her head under.
…While you’re at it? Does it look like you’re still at it? Nevertheless, you leave the room again. Wait, where do they keep the drugs in this place? You have to swallow your pride (and your anger) and return to her room for directions.
“In the kitchen, in a small locker near the spices.”
“Ok, thanks.” Right, out again. Wait, is the locker locked? Should you ask for the keys? But you don’t want to return again. Fuck it, if it’s locked, you’ll just force it open. Or return for the keys if you can’t.

Down the stairs, to the kitchen and up again. It wasn’t locked.
Knock, knock. “Mmph.”
You enter Remilia’s room again.
“Here, I got the painkillers.” You throw the can to her. It lands on the sheets.
“Get me some water to down these with.” Her hair stands up rather spectacularly as she lifts her head a little to look at you.
Some… You refuse to lose your temper because of something as insignificant as this, partially because it was your fault for not figuring out that she may need some. Out you go.

Down the stairs, to the kitchen and up again.
Knock, knock. “Mmph.”
You enter Remilia’s room again.
“The water you wanted.” You set it on the table next to her. Remilia takes two pills and a sip of water. Glup. At least it wasn’t in vain.
“Now, give me that book.” She points at somewhere behind you.
That book? That goddamn book that’s at the other end of the goddamn room? Yep, that same damn book that would require her to get up, take one fucking step and another to get back to the bed. You barely manage to stay quiet as you hand the book to her.
“Thanks. That’s it for now.” She takes the book and hides under the pillow again.
Turning around, you curse her in your mind. What the hell does she think you are? You stomp out of the room. Even servants aren’t something that you can order around about however you please. And you’re a servant, not some fucking slave.
In the end, you manage to completely miss her cheeky tone due to your irritation.

Fuck the rain, you’re going out. Stomp, stomp. Down the stairs. Bang. You kick the door open. The fact that the door remains in one piece irritates you a bit further.
“Hey, Meiling! Would you happen to be in the need of a sandwich? How about some water?”
“Eh?” The gate guard is understandably confused.
“How about me handing you the book that’s right next to you? Or would you like me to tie your shoelaces?” You stop when you’re next to the canopy she’s sitting under.
“In that case, would you mind some company?” You manage make yourself sound more or less calm.
“Do as you see fit, but what was that all about?” She edges towards the other end of the canopy, allowing you to sit next to her.
“I’m sorry. A certain someone just ordered me to run around the house five times for something I could’ve done in one trip.”
Meiling gives you a questioning look. “Sakuya did? But it isn’t like-“
“No, not Sakuya. Remilia.”
“I see.”
You manage to calm down completely by listening to the rain for a moment.

“So, why did you end up in here?”
You glance at her. She seems genuinely interested. “I’m not sure, I guess I just wanted to get as far away from her as possible. It’s rather silly now that I think about it. Getting angry because of something like that, not like me at all.”
A hand lands on your shoulder. “Don’t worry, everyone has those days. And they always time themselves to cause as much trouble as possible.”
You smile and pat her hand. “Thanks.”
The hand is removed as Meiling shifts uncomfortably. “By the way, did something happen last night?”
“What do you mean?”
“There’s something odd about you, and I can’t quite figure out what…” Meiling gets up and stares directly into your eyes. “Mmh…” She takes your chin into her hand and turns your head around a little. Just what is she-
Snap. She snaps her finger as she comes to some realization.
“I got it! You’ve been infected by an evil spirit! I’ve seen lots of those around lately.”
You remove her hand from your chin. “And just what would that mean?”
“Eh, I don’t know. But evil spirits are, you know, evil. We should get rid of it.” Really? Evil spirits are evil?
“How do you get rid of evil spirits, duh. We’ll exorcise it.”
Eh… You’re not sure if it’s a good idea…

[] It’s a good idea.
[] Maybe you should call a professional…
[] It’s not a good idea.


>> No. 45192
[x] It’s not a good idea.
>> No. 45193
[X] It’s a good idea.

Being a youkai, she probably has more mystical senses compared to us, so I wouldn't be surprised if we really did have an evil spirit in us.
>> No. 45194
She might be referring to "Blue" (Which might be really Mima)
>> No. 45195
Maybe. Isn't Mima at the Hakurei shrine though?
>> No. 45196
[x] It’s not a good idea.
Might be wise to play it safe for now until we know what it is.

Though I'm not 100% sure on this, I doubt it will be blue, as it seems to be a more recent change.
>> No. 45197
we could always get a profession to look at it, though the risk is that she'd discover Blue and mistake her for the evil spirit.

But it's been odd how she hasn't spoken much yesterday and today.
>> No. 45198
[x] It’s not a good idea.
>> No. 45221
[X] It’s a good idea.

Worst thing I can see happening would be Meiling referring him to Reimu, because she can't do anything about it herself.
>> No. 45223
[┼] It’s a good idea.
>> No. 45224
I doubt it'd be anything as so simple. At worse she'd try and end up screwing something up as she'd be trying to get rid of Blue who has bonded with Chris.
>> No. 45225
[x] It’s not a good idea.
>> No. 45244
File 130411818813.jpg- (117.92KB , 850x774 , 79960543d67691a51c2577b09dcd4773.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] It’s not a good idea.

“I’m not sure if it’s a very good idea…”
Meiling halts her hustle and looks at you.
“Why not? Don’t you trust me? Should I call Reimu?”
“I just think it isn’t a very good idea to begin with.”
Something in your voice assures her about you being serious, even if you’re not really after such a tone. It could be because you were hesitant to decline her offer to avoid making her feel like you hate her. You shrug at your own paranoia. Nobody’s going to hate you for declining an exorcism. At most she’ll stalk you to be sure that the evil spirit hasn’t possessed you. Wait, that doesn’t sound too bad…

“Well, if it begins to trouble you, you know where to find me. Did you perhaps have some other reason for coming here?...”
Did she sound hopeful? Nope, must’ve been your imagination.
“If I had one, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten about it.” Meiling looks at you, as if she’s expecting you to say something else. …Nope, you can’t remember anything. Yet she’s still expecting you to say something “Eh, I think I’ll get something to drink. Want me to bring you something?”
“No. I’m fine.” Perhaps sounding a little sad, she looks at the lake.
You give Meiling a questioning glance. She’s still looking the other way. Damn, she hates you now. You made a mistake, but lying about having another reason didn’t seem like a good idea...
“You should probably get back to work instead of just loitering around here since you always seem to be so busy.”
You get up and look up. The rain has almost stopped, and the sky seems like it’s about to clear. Your father would be happy about that, he’d get to take some astounding photographs of the planets or some deep-sky objects through the recently-cleansed atmosphere. After he would’ve taken some pictures, he’d call you to look at Saturn or some galaxy through the telescope while explaining that he’s sad because he can’t see Messier 41 or something because of the trees. All this while you brothers bicker with each other in the background, before concluding that they want to play something on the computer.

…You miss your father. And your brothers. Yet you’re not going to see them again. Ever. They could as well be dead.
“I really can’t remember why I came here, sorry. I could’ve lied, but which is- “
You can’t continue. The memory is too real, the feeling of emptiness is simply too great. Meiling moves, but you turn your back to her and head back inside. There’s no way you’d let her see you like this.

Someone calls to you from behind a door to your left as you get back inside. It’s to the opposite direction from the kitchen where you were going, but you’re not really in a position to not to answer the summons of anyone in the Mansion. Yet, you open the door only to find out that whoever called you isn’t there. She’s behind a corner, only her hand is visible. Goddamn, didn’t she annoy you enough already? Those frilly, pink wrist cuffs are a dead giveaway. What does she want you to do in the staff quarters? Nevertheless, you have to follow her - for now.

You peek around the corner. She’s not there, either. Again, only her hand is visible. She’s motioning you to follow. Left with no other options, you do. The room she was in is empty, save for a few dusty pieces of furniture. And Remilia’s cuffed hand motioning to you from a doorway to your left. Sighing, you decide to play her game. Avoiding noises as best as you can, you head towards her, sneaking on the mats and avoiding the hard floor. But, just as you’re about to grab her hand, she disappears. You swear. Damn her.

The doorway led to a corridor. She’s at the other end, again only sticking her hand from behind a corner. This time you sprint to her. It takes only a few seconds to reach her, but she’s managed to slip away once again.

The next room is equally unused, save for the fact that someone’s dusted it recently. Remilia is, yet again, motioning from behind a half-open door to your left. Right, another tactic. You sit on the floor and wait. For quite some time. The only thing that changes is how high the hand is from the ground; Remilia must’ve sat down too. Heh, you’ll see who’s more patient…

Half an hour later…
You check your watch again. 21:38. She hasn’t moved an inch. Neither have you. You’re kind of getting fed up with this.

[] She should’ve thought this over by now, go to her.
[] She’ll come to you, and you’ll wait until the end of the world if you have to.
[] Leave.
[] (write-in)
>> No. 45245
[x] She should’ve thought this over by now, go to her.
>> No. 45246
[+] She should’ve thought this over by now, go to her.
>> No. 45251
[x] She’ll come to you, and you’ll wait until the end of the world if you have to.

I bet it's actually Flandre.
>> No. 45252
[X] She’ll come to you, and you’ll wait until the end of the world if you have to.
>> No. 45253
doubt it, Flan doesn't wear pink cuffs.
>> No. 45267
I wouldn't rule it out, in some fan (and offical) art Flandre wears cuffs similar to Remilia.

[x]She should’ve thought this over by now, go to her.
Though she might still run off, I'm sure after you waiting half an hour she might reconsider running in case you wait again.
>> No. 45276
File 130472785397.jpg- (192.40KB , 640x640 , 1cfd0db5c3e99788c70394b4a68ec8ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] She should’ve thought this over by now, go to her.

You set your hand on the ground in front of you and push yourself up slowly to avoid noise. It’s useless; she’ll hear you anyways since it’s so silent. Yet you still try, even after seeing her hand disappear yet again. Doesn’t she ever get bored…?

“You went and took your time, even if we were almost there.” When did Koakuma get behind you? And when- wait a second. You turn around. Yep, it’s Koakuma, and she’s wearing Remilia’s wrist cuffs. You glare at her, trying to ask what the fuck she wants without saying anything. “Ah, that was just a slight miscalculation on my part, if that’s what you want to know… I expected you to follow Remilia obediently, just like Sakuya. Yet it seems like what Master said about humans is true; all of you really are different.”
You take a step back and bring your hand to your chin. “Eh, that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to know…” Maybe it’s better not to pour it on her, there’s no way she could know. “It was just about what you want me to do in here in the first place, there’re only sleeping faeries in this part of the Mansion.”
The devil grins maliciously. You’re suddenly afraid of her in the lack of people or weapons. “That’s exactly the reason why it has to be here. Now, if you’d just follow me, It’s not going to hurt…”

You lower your hand again and take a look around. Koakuma is blocking the only open door; the one in the other end of the room is closed, and her words and pose suggest that it’s locked. You’re left without options, but decide to act like you had some. “Just what do you exactly want me to do?”
Koakuma closes the distance between you, grabs your hand and tugs you towards the closed door. “I just want you to see something. Unfortunately, for this something to happen, I’m going to need a little blood from you.” She glances at you. “Don’t worry, it’s just a few drops. Literally. I would’ve asked some of Sakuya’s, but she wasn’t around.”
You give up and follow her to the door.

Whatever you were expecting, it wasn’t this. The room is lit by candles, and a large, runed circle has been drawn on the floor. A few tomes with equally mystic runes on them are lying around. The whole image is fulfilled by some random items lying in the center of the circle: a black feather, an empty piece of paper, a vial of some liquid and a pile of what looks like sand. If you’ve ever imagined a room for casting spells, it would’ve looked like this.

Koakuma rushes to get the piece of paper. “Now, I’m going to need one of your knives.” She turns around and walks back to you as you try to feel for one, only to remember that you don’t have any with you right now.
“I’m afraid I don’t have any.”
“Tch. We’re going to have to do this the hard way, then... Your hand.” She extends her hand towards yours. You move your left hand so she can grab it. She does, and examines it for a second before suddenly bringing it into her mouth. You feel her one of her teeth breaking the skin on your index finger before you can even react. You reflexively pull your hand back. “Hold this paper on the wound, it should gather enough of your blood for our needs.” Taking the paper from her, you look at your finger. Just a tiny cut.

You wrap your finger in the paper. A small red dot appears on it. “Now, would you mind telling me what you’re going to do with this stuff?”
“Not me, not me, you. You are going to do things with this stuff.” Koakuma point at the books. “And you’re going to do it by the book. Have a look at those, I tried to gather the simplest ones form the library for you to practice with.”
She seems serious, and you go to the nearest book. Uλ×MΩ… Nope, not going to work. “Sorry, but these moon runes just don’t make any sense.”
Somehow she’s managed to sneak up right behind you with a small pile of books as you turn around, managing to give you a start. “Try one of these, if even these don’t work, we’re going to have to ask for help.”

[] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”
[] “Scrying: What, how and how to avoid doing what you just did”
-[] (What do you want to know?)
[] “Summoning for busy people”
-[] (What do you want to summon?)
[] Press f1 for help.


Scrying: You can ask anything, but it's one question per user. Other uses of scrying include, but are not limited to: Watching far away places, finding fap material and finding out whether conspireacy theories are true.

Summoning: You can summon anything, but remember that the master has to be more powerful than the servant.

Lasers and fireballs: I think I won't have to explain this one.
>> No. 45277
About the scrying, can we only see what's in Gensokyo, or can we even see to the Outside?
>> No. 45280
[X] Press f1 for help.

Clippy: It seems you're trying to use magic. Would you like some help?
>> No. 45281

>> No. 45303
[x] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”

A bit of offensive magic wouldn't hurt and I'm not seeing any good uses of the other two.
>> No. 45312
The summoning might have some uses (e.g. a certain entity coexisting within his mind). But as a whole I agree with your choice.

[x] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”

...am I the only one that thinks Marisa had some hand in this one?
>> No. 45317
[x] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”
Shame there wasn't anything about enhancing one's physical capabilities. It'd be handy if he's going to use a weapon in any significant way.
>> No. 45343
[x] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”

At least we'll be able to actually defend ourselves when our life is on the line.
>> No. 45344
[x] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”

Triangle Wizard reference? Or just a coincidence? Since F1 means "help" in any games...
>> No. 45352
[x] “Fireballs and lasers: quick start guide”

Without saying another word, you snatch the quick start guide from her. Hey, if it’s magic, it’s got to have fireballs. Goes without saying.
“Explosions and shiny lasers? Whatever rocks your boat. Now, open page 15 and do as it says. It should help you get started.”
Huh? You’re not going to read the introductory chapter? Well, she probably knows what she’s talking about…

“Getting started: lasers.
Requirements: one (1) Basic Magic Circle (BMC, page 7 for details), one (1) caster (you) and one (1) crow feather or similar source of energy. Step 1: place the caster inside the BMC. Step 2: Place the source of energy on the caster. Step 3: Have the caster follow the following guide.
Guide for the caster: Think about something hot. Imagine the hot stuff as something long and thin in front of you, but make sure it doesn’t touch anything. Make it glow. (optional step: Say the following words if you need to sound mystical: Veadji teahtásmit, nagir nohkat.) Make a tunnel that links your energy source to your glowing laser. You should now have your very own laser.”

Well, as long as it works… Moving the other items out of the circle, you sit down in the middle of it and set the feather on your lap. Now, something hot… The candle flames aren’t hot enough. You close your eyes. Hot, hot… Tamali? No, molten steel. That should do. Now, mold the steel into something long. A rod should do. A rod of molten, orange steel. Glowing because it’s so hot. Now, the words…
“Veadji teahtásmit, nagir nohkat.”
And last, the tunnel. You’re not exactly sure how to make one, but maybe simply thinking about a tube connecting the feather to the rod works… You open your eyes to take a look.

… Nothing has changed. Damn, and you even felt something. You look at Koakuma and shrug. She doesn’t see your action because she’s staring at the ceiling above you.
“Interesting… I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”
She was expecting something to happen? …You feel honored that at least someone believes in you.
“It would’ve indeed been nice if something had happened…”
Koakuma glances at you. She seems a little confused.
“You… Oh, of course.” She takes a step forward and stretches out her hand. A blue dot appears on her palm. “All you have to do is to increase the intensity and you have a fine laser. I wasn’t expecting a blue one, nor anything this weak. By the way, you don’t have to say the words. Just remembering them is enough. On another note, did that make you feel tired?”
“Eh, no…”
Koakuma crouches to pick up the book from the ground, managing to give you a rather nice view of her bottom. She doesn’t even try to avoid that; in fact, you think she did it on purpose. However, there’s one detail that prevents you from enjoying the spectacle in the fullest: the presence of a tail. You don’t when or why she has it, but you’re sure that there are moments when she lacks it. Nevertheless-
“Page 25, you should know what to do.”

You take the book form her and look at the page she opened. All right, you need your own blood for this one. Then, an orb of blue plasma. “Eahccil, sadjái mánnu!” Finish with a tube.
Wavewavewavewave. Blow. Blow. Whew… …Why is she laughing at you? It wasn’t funny. Your finger could’ve burned for real.
“Ehee… You did it again.”
You look at her, trying to seem angry. “It isn’t funny!”
“I’m sorry, your face just -hee- looked so funny with you waving around like that.” The devil manages to suppress a chuckle. You sigh and roll your eyes. “So, I think that’s enough for today. Take the book and read it, it’s a bit repetitive but still better than most of her books. Oh, and you may want to eat something, the energy consumption of rookies tends to lean heavily on the physical side.”
… Yeah, you were wondering about why you felt hungry all of the sudden.
“So, interested in having a bite?” You get up and stretch your legs a bit. Sitting cross-legged has its cons.
“I’m afraid I have other things to do; I’m already pushing the limits here. It’ll take a few hours, come find me if you’re still interested at that point.”
“Well, all right then.” You shrug again. Koakuma begins picking up the books and other items as you leave the room.

Where the hell has she been? It’s been what, a day or something.
It’s not like I can leave… As to what I’ve been doing, let’s just say that it isn’t easy to burn alcohol inside someone while keeping the carbon dioxide levels in check. Did you seriously think you could out-drink a vampire?
Eh… Oh, you were promised a reward for that. You forgot about it.

[] Reward. Now.
[] Ask if Sakuya is interested in eating something. She asked you to tell about your adventure earlier, remember?
[] Just eat. Drop to the library to read the book when you’re done.

I believe this magic is called "Exercise."

>> No. 45354
[x] Ask if Sakuya is interested in eating something. She asked you to tell about your adventure earlier, remember?

Might as well square things up while we got the chance.
>> No. 45360
>I believe this magic is called "Exercise."
Oh fuck you man. You should know what I meant.

[x] Ask if Sakuya is interested in eating something. She asked you to tell about your adventure earlier, remember?
>> No. 45367
[X] Ask if Sakuya is interested in eating something. She asked you to tell about your adventure earlier, remember?

Somehow I doubt the reward will be as nice as Remilia insinuated.
>> No. 45368
Who to say? Seeing how Chris got to see one naked flan, and almost had some fun with Yuuka (excluding the pre-retcon stuff).
>> No. 45386
[x] Ask if Sakuya is interested in eating something. She asked you to tell about your adventure earlier, remember?

I'm somewhat inclined to agree with you given she might not have expected you to win. But, on the other hand she might make it simple to spite us.
>> No. 45387
File 130574670824.png- (653.74KB , 621x869 , cdc023a5ae61f8432659a738f1df294c.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask if Sakuya is interested in eating something.

That way. If you want to find the maid, that is. …What do you mean it’s not very helpful? She pauses for a while just to step out from behind a corner, in a way only possible to her. The reflection motions you to follow. This way. You follow the image quietly. It’d be nice to know if keeping you sober really was the only reason for her quietness, but reasoning with her is kind of impossible since she can get whatever she wants out of you without you noticing anything. Even tin foil hats won’t protect your mind from her.

You bump into- No, walk through her image as she suddenly stops when you reach the front doors. It feels kind of odd to walk through something seemingly solid only to find out that it actually isn’t there.
We have to wait a moment, she’s jumping around the house. Freaky… You can hear her voice, but the reflection’s mouth doesn’t move. You know how she does it, but it doesn’t make it any less disturbing. It’d be nice if she’d stop doing it.
In your dreams. …Yeah, she doesn’t do it in your dreams. Maybe because she doesn’t have to bother with illusions in those.
Got it. She’s doing the laundry. Go upstairs and call for her. Right. Even if it fails, you can’t foresee anything bad happening. But, why does she have to make you feel somewhat awkward whenever she has something to tell you? It isn’t nice to just listen and then have her read your mind for an answer or reaction. It’d also be nice if other people could see and hear her.
Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that… You set your hand on the rail and begin scaling. The image isn’t following you. I think it is because there’s something preventing me from leaving and because there isn’t anything outside. I mean, if I were to leave, I’d just disappear since there wouldn’t be anything that binds me to this world. I’m kind of… pathetic, am I not?

“Sakuya!” She’s not pathetic. She’s actually pretty nice in her own, strange way.
“Yes?” Don’t say that you’ve fallen for me.
“You asked me to tell you about what happened last night, so I was just wondering if you’d like to hear it out while eating something.” Fallen for her? For the annoying way she just appears and disappears, the way she reads your mind? No. Or have you?
“Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?” She’s indeed interesting in her own way, but still… She’s not real. Yet she’s there when you most need her. So, maybe. God, have you really went and done that? It’s- Don’t worry. I know that you can’t control your feelings. Just, eh, don’t go telling your shrink about it. Or anyone else, for that matter.
“Hello?” Huh? Sakuya’s waving her hand in front of you.
“Eh, sorry. What did you say?” You receive an odd glance from her.
“I just asked if there was something particular you’d like to eat.”
“Nah, anything’s fine.” You can’t just ask her to make something time-consuming, even if it’d be something you like.
“Well, fine. I’ll just do something fast, then.” She disappears. You hear something form downstairs. She did it again…

You arrive to the kitchen, just to find out that Sakuya has already prepared a steaming bowl of rice and some fish. Fast… All that in less than a minute.
“Take a plate with you and have a seat.” The maid points at the cupboard that holds the cutlery. You head towards it.
“I don’t want this to sound insulting, but how the hell did you make all this in less than a minute?” There’re piles of plates in there. You pick two smallish ones.
“I never told you, did I? See, I’ve got this watch in here.” Click. She appears right in front of you. “And whenever I press the button, time stops.” Uh, right… So, she can do, like, anything? The more you think of it, the fewer things are impossible if you can stop time. “But you needn’t worry about it. Usually I just use it to slow the time a bit. Makes managing the massive workload a little easier. But, shall we eat?”
You… don’t have anything to say. Controlling time itself? Eh, whatever. She’s sane (perhaps the only sane person in the Mansion) and you’re hungry.

“Did she ever tell you why she was so interested in you?”
You swallow and set down the fork. She listened so intensely that you forgot that she may ask something.
“No… I can’t remember her saying anything about the reason.”
“Odd. While she does pick up men at parties every now and then, the few that have returned have said that they were practically kicked out as soon as they woke up. I wonder why she’d treat you differently, going so far as to even ask you to stay there…” Sakuya snatches the plate from you just as you begin munching on the last piece of fish you still had. Hey, you didn’t even have time to set your accessories back on the table. “…I think I’ll have to consult Patchouli about this. She’s the only one who knows something about Yuuka.”
You weren’t planning on telling her about Yuuka asking you to stay with her, but lying to Sakuya seems impossible. She seems to see right through you. Besides, lying to someone who’s honest with you isn’t your thing.
“You aren’t angry?”
She gives you a surprised look.
“No, I’m just glad that you’re alive. I bet Mistress is too, she just has a peculiar way of showing it.” Blink, blink. They… were concerned about you? “But, now that we’re done with this, there’s something for you to do.”

[] Weekly cleaning of Remilia’s room + the corridor leading to it.
[] Weekly cleaning of Flandre’s room + the corridor leading to it.
[] But you were in the middle of training magic…
>> No. 45388
[x] Weekly cleaning of Remilia’s room + the corridor leading to it.
>> No. 45389
[X] Weekly cleaning of Flandre’s room + the corridor leading to it.

>Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Am I just tired or is this slightly confusing for other people?
>> No. 45392
>Am I just tired or is this slightly confusing for other people?
I know you what you mean. I'm pretty sure there's a 'so' in there somewhere.

[+] Weekly cleaning of Remilia’s room + the corridor leading to it.
>> No. 45393
[X] Weekly cleaning of Flandre’s room + the corridor leading to it.

>> No. 45396
I know it already. I legitimately thought there was a 'so' between 'been' & 'far'. I'm just too damn lazy to look it up.

Thanks for doing it for me though.
>> No. 45397
[X] Weekly cleaning of Remilia’s room + the corridor leading to it.

Yeah I decided to replace my old vote of Flandre with this one. Hopefully what I've done isn't illegal on this site.
>> No. 45398
Did you delete that vote then? If you can't, then state which one it was so the writer cna exclude it.

You shouldn't count on the site-generated password, rather making one of your own.
>> No. 45399
[X] Weekly cleaning of Flandre’s room + the corridor leading to it.
>> No. 45400
I did delete on my own. I was just wondering if declaring a vote, then deleting it a few days afterward and making a new vote would be considered rude or fickle. True there hasn't been a declaration of what has won, but I was a little nervous, thinking that just deleting a vote like that would be considered rude or cheating.
>> No. 45401
nope, it's perfectly acceptable. It does piss some people off when you DON'T delete your previous vote and vote a new one saying "_____ here change my vote to ________"
>> No. 45404
[x] Weekly cleaning of Flandre’s room + the corridor leading to it.

That whole post was confusing to me. Well, I'm tired, I'm hungry, so I guess it's time to eat some ramen and drink coffee so I can read more stories!
>> No. 45416
File 130608411650.jpg- (213.96KB , 850x1201 , 28513ca25223b6fecb83742d3be06bc5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Something cold and wet splashes on your left thigh. Damn it, she filled the bucket to the brim… Nevertheless, you have to be careful. These damn stairs are so damn dark that you can’t see a single bloody thing. With both of your hands occupied by necessary equipment (namely a bucket and a mop), the only choice left is to do it slowly. And that means quite rather slowly indeed. Luckily, you’ve cleared the worst part and there’s literally light at the end of the tunnel. Last few steps and there. Dip mop, squeeze out the excess water and- wait a sec. If you begin from this end, you’ll end up trapping yourself to a corner. On the other hand, if you begin from Flandre’s room, then you’d end up at this spot. Brilliant.

Dip, sweepsweep. And one sweep to get all that nasty stuff from behind the sink. She said that this is weekly cleaning, but this bathroom hasn’t seen a mop for at least a month… Well, it is Flandre’s, so you guess Sakuya wouldn’t pay that much attention to it since no-one ever comes here. Except Flandre, that is.
“When Heaven sings… It echoes within the souls of people…
When Heaven cries… The pearls of solace fall down on earth…
When Heaven smiles… We feel that little something in us…”
You’re singing one of the songs you remember from a long time ago. The one your grandfather taught you when you were little.
“Beautiful song… Where’d you learn it?” Flandre must’ve heard your singing, and it seems like it piqued her interest.
“My grandfather taught it to me. Why’d you ask?” A sad feeling forms inside you as you remember your grandfather. One of the few people you felt like you couldn’t compare to, he is. Is in a good condition too, or at least was when you last heard of him. Still, one more person you’re not going to see anymore.
“It’s just that I’ve heard it before.”
She has? Well, you have to admit that you don’t know anything about the song. Only that it is old.

There, you’re done with the bathroom. Just the final spot, the one previously occupied by the bucket. You’ll do the bedroom next. You lift the bucket from the floor and turn around. Well, seems like you have a problem…
“Could you move a bit? I need to wash your bedroom too.”
Flandre doesn’t answer, but lifts her head a bit to meet your eyes. You can’t quite make anything out of her red eyes. She offers you her hand. You look at it for a second before setting down the bucket again and reaching for it. Just what is she after? A handshake wouldn’t be suited for this situation. Yet instead of shaking your hand, she grabs your hand by the wrist and hugs it. Just…? Yet when you’re about to ask her about it, she lets go and zips to her bed.
“Hey, you may now want to be there if you don’t want to get your socks wet.”
Flandre simply looks at you. Her wings flutter a little. Oh, right. You had forgotten about that. To the corner, dip, squeeze, sweep.

“Hey…” Huh? You look up from the floor and at the bed. Flandre is still sitting on it and hugging her knees while doing so. “Why don’t you ever come down here? It’s… it gets rather lonely down here, you know?” She hides most of her face behind her knees, leaving only her eyes and forehead visible.
“I just have a lot of things to do. Take this cleaning, for example.”
“So, if you don’t have time to come down here, would you mind if I’d come to see you instead?” Her forehead reddens a little. You feel your pulse going up.
“Eh, no… I wouldn’t mind if you did.” She completely hides her head behind her legs. You suddenly feel like leaving her alone for a moment, but you’ve got to clean this room, too. Your problem is solved as Flandre bolts out of the room. The last batch of unwashed floor is finished in about a minute. Pushing the door open with your shoulder, you move to the practically unused “living room” or whatever it actually is.
“You hate me, don’t you?”
You look at Flandre. She’s standing at the door leading to the corridor, looking at the floor in front of her.
“No… Of course I don’t.”
“Liar! You do!” You back off a bit before her loud voice. “I-I waited for you, and you came here only when you had to, just when ordered to do so.” Her voice breaks.
“H-hey…” You take a step towards her.
Slam. Flandre slams the door open.
“Leave me alone!” The last thing you hear is a loud wind blowing down the corridor. What was that all about?

[] Chase after her.
[] Better not to.


Someone asked if Chris has seen "Taboo: Four of a kind." (Was the name correct? Well, you know what I mean.)
Well, he hasn't. Someone can, of course, correct me if he finds out that I forgot about something.
>> No. 45417
[x] Chase after her.

Not sure if this will do any good, but leaving Flandre alone might tell her that we do hate her.
>> No. 45421
[x] Chase after her.
>> No. 45423
[+] Chase after her.
>> No. 45445
File 130627329830.gif- (4.13KB , 650x450 , 03346.gif ) [iqdb]
Um, what just happened? I am so fucking confused right now, you have no idea. Pic related.
[X] Chase after her.
It's really the most logical thing to do. Even if we don't find her, we'll probably bump into someone who will.
>> No. 45462
File 130645622228.jpg- (896.88KB , 928x1104 , 98369ba11032b3f139a4a6cbe4e02834.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is something you'll never get. Even if I like it too...

[x] Chase after her.

She’s nuts. But you can’t have her think you hate her. If your intuition is correct, you’ll have a hard time finding her. Sighing, you set the mop on the floor next to the bucket and peek to the corridor to see if she’s there. Nope. Sigh. That would’ve been too easy, anyways. Now then, where could she have gone to? Remilia’s room? The library? Through that door at the other end of the corridor? Eh, the best bet would be Remilia’s room since even if she isn’t there, you can still ask Remilia about where she could be. Besides, you haven’t got a clue about what’s behind that door at the end of the corridor. It’s probably one of those huge, maze-like dungeons which serve no purpose whatsoever other than having a lot of money in chests. And those dungeons always have monsters in them.

One very dark stairway and one not-so-dark stairway later you run into Remilia just as she’s leaving her room. Those pills seem to have worked, or at least she’s good at hiding it. She seems a little surprised to see you there.
“Hey, have you seen Flandre? She stormed out of her room while claiming that I hate her, so I’m trying to find her.”
Remilia looks down and lets her shoulders slump. It makes her look tired.
“Again?” Sigh. ”Fine, I’ll find her. We can’t have her running around. Not when she’s unsure about her feelings.” She even sounds tired. “I believe you had something to do?” As she looks at you, you notice the dark areas below her eyes. You failed to see them earlier.
“Yeah, I was in the middle of cleaning her room. I should be done with it in about an hour.”
“Go clean her room, then. When you’re done, seek Patchouli or something. Sakuya and I are going to be busy for a while.”
Remilia returns to her room, leaving you staring at her door. Remilia seeming that tired left you feeling a bit guilty. You shrug and return to Flandre’s room since you were told to do so.

Right. You should clear the floor of all the stuff before washing it. Broken plushies? To the trash pile, which shall be at the door. A twig? Same pile. The note sheets end up on the piano, the pencils end up on her bed since you don’t know where to put them and the gay porn mags end up in… wait. Gay porn magazines? You look at the thing in your hand. Yep, bonafide gay porn. Wait, does something that big really fit in there? Eww. …You shouldn’t be looking at it. Not because you have something against gays or gay porn, but because these aren’t yours and because you’re afraid that you may suddenly find them exiting. So, where should you put these? To the trash pile? Onto her bed? To the library? Having Patchouli see you carrying these doesn’t seem a good option, so not the library. And if these, eh, rock her boat she may not want to lose these. So, you put them on her bed, right next to the pencils.

After you’ve sorted out the stuff lying around, you begin the sweeping. Then you do some more sweeping in the corridor. Then you’re done. For almost an hour all you could hear was the mop sliding on the floor and the occasional dipping of it in the bucket. So, nothing that could be Flandre.

[] Go find Patchouli or something.
[] Find Meiling instead.
[] Try to find Flandre anyways.
-[] (from where?)


If it's confusing, tell me why it's confusing. That way I can avoid making it confusing in the future.

On another note, no more updates until next wednesday because of entrance exams. Unless I feel ninja and do it anyways.
>> No. 45465
[x] Find Meiling instead.

She might have some insight on Flandre.
>> No. 45467
I was confused as to why she was angry, actually. Well that and this whole Flandre may or may not have met Chris(?) at some point in the far past, which may or may not be a potential plot point.
Basically, I'm confused due to plot purposes.
>> No. 45468
Forgot my vote. Derp.

[X] Go find Patchouli or something.
After all, she is the most knowledgeable person in the mansion. Sorry for the pun.
>> No. 45469
She was upset because she assumed Chris' reluctant answer to be a sign of hatred. I do remember somewhere in /sdm/ someone being set up as Flandre's Fiance.
>> No. 45470
[+] Go find Patchouli or something.
>> No. 45471
[x] Go check your E-mail find Patchouli or something.
>> No. 45473
[x] Go find Patchouli or something.

Follow your Mistress' order and go for Patchy.

>you’re afraid that you may suddenly find them exiting.
Because gay porn makes you leave the room.
>> No. 45477
It wasn't an exact order but a suggestion of what to do afterwards.
>> No. 45482
[X] Go find Patchouli or something.

You know I have to ask: can someone support gay rights, yet not enjoy gay porn without looking like some sort of bigot or fake supporter of gay rights?
>> No. 45487
You know I have to ask: can someone support gay rights, yet not enjoy gay porn without looking like some sort of bigot or fake supporter of gay rights?


though "you’re afraid that you may suddenly find them exiting" is rather lame, cowardly, and unself confidant.
>> No. 45494
[x] Go find Patchouli or something.
I'm assuming she told us to find Patchouli for a reason
>> No. 45499
Can you support women's rights without having a vagina?
>> No. 45536
File 130745611262.jpg- (525.46KB , 664x800 , 116a00e66e0efb303bdde05a5123d06f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go find Patchouli or something.

You were told to find Patchouli. Or rather, you were told to “stay out of my way” in a polite way. Still, you don’t have anything better to do.

The door creaks as you open it. You should oil the hinges. After a short trip to the storeroom and the oiling itself you give the door a satisfied nod as it opens and closes silently, no longer disturbing the peace of the library whenever someone enters or leaves. You return the oil to where it was and head to the now absolute silence of the library.

It’s the same as before, static and unchanging. Elsewhere, even if no-one goes there, you can see minuscule changes. Not in the library. You wonder if it’s somehow frozen in time, changing only when someone changes it. Some of the book piles have moved; that’s it. Everything else is exactly as you remember. Even Patchouli is sitting in her chair and reading something. This time you don’t even try to sneak up on her. In fact, you purposefully make some noise to make her notice you before you’re close enough to greet her. It’s opposite to your usual agenda of being as silent as possible. This time, however, the breaking your habit brings the desired result: Patchouli glances at you. The success is short-lived, since as soon as she has recognized you, she returns to reading the book. You’re not sure whether you should greet her, but the problem is solved as you hear Koakuma’s voice from somewhere nearby.
“You? Have a seat, I’ll see what I can do for you in a moment.” You look around yourself, but can’t find her. “Above you.” Oh.
“Sorry, I’m not quite used to people flying.”
“I don’t mind.” You’d ask her about the book you forgot in the room where you practiced with her, but she flaps her wings once and zips off. You didn’t get a very good look at her ass, but it seemed like she didn’t have a tail this time. Nevertheless, her bottom is quite a sight, regardless of the tail. And she doesn’t hide it.

“She really goes into tunnel-vision mode once she really gets to something.”
“Huh? Who?” You turn around. Patchouli has somehow moved from the chair to where you’re standing without you noticing anything. She points at the direction Koakuma went to.
“Koakuma. But, did you come here for some special reason?”
“Well, kind of.” You give her a quick recap on what happened in Flandre’s room and in front of Remilia’s room. She simply nods in response.
“This isn’t the first time she’s done that. Remilia is rather fed up with it, actually, since it usually takes several hours just to find her.” Patchouli sighs. “But no matter. It isn’t our business. Not yet. Say, have you been training lately?”
Talk about changing subjects…
“Eh, I practiced a little with Koakuma. She had found some books, and I tried some basic spells.”
Patchouli stops. Completely. Her mouth is left open and she’s looking at you. She recovers nigh-instantly, but the tone of her voice isn’t the same.
“You did? That’s… fine, I guess. What books did she have with her? Which one did you try to read?”
The last part comes out a bit worriedly. Her overall expression has changed drastically from the usual, a bit bored looking one.
“She had several books, but I could only read the names of three of those. There was a book on summoning, another one on scrying and one named “Fireballs and Lasers: quick start guide”. The last one was the one I read.”
Patchouli moves her hand onto her chest and lets out a long, relieved sigh. She remains silent for an instant after that.
“Did you learn anything?”
Better not ask about it, she would’ve told you if you’d have to know it.
“I managed to make a laser, but it was just a normal one. I mean, you could only see it because it made a spot on the ceiling. The fireball didn’t go quite as well.” Something moves behind you.
“Okay, I’m done! Was there something else, Master?”
Koakuma lands behind you. She’s carrying three books.
“No, we’re done for now. As to you…” Patchouli glances around her and heads towards some spot only seen by her. “I can help you with the fireball as soon as I find the correct book…” She stops next to a pile of books lying on the floor and begins removing the books from the top just to pile them on the floor again.
“Are you looking for these? I had these with me.” Koakuma glides to Patchouli and shows the books to her. The presence of a tail is hard to miss.
“You should’ve brought these back right after you were done with him.” The librarian takes a book from the pile her familiar is holding. You recognize it as the one you practiced with.

[] You’d rather do it with Koakuma.
-[] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet” and why Patchouli didn’t like the idea of you training with her
-[] Ask about her tail

[] Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem
-[] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet”
-[] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
-[] Ask about her familiar’s tail


>Follow your Mistress' order and go for Patchy.
Did it sound like an order to you?
>> No. 45537
[x] You’d rather do it with Koakuma.
-[x] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet” and why Patchouli didn’t like the idea of you training with her.
Blood magic for me, please.
>> No. 45538
[x] Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem
-[x] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet”
-[x] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?

I'd rather learn from a known expert.

>Did it sound like an order to you?
Nope but you know some of the voters, pretty stupid.
>> No. 45539
[X] Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem
-[X] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet”
-[X] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
>> No. 45540
[X]Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem.
-[X] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet".
--[X] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
---[X] Ask her about her familiar's tail.

Write us a wall.
>> No. 45541
[x] Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem
-[x] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet”
-[x] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
-[x] Ask about her familiar’s tail

First two are necessary, the last one has me curious.
>> No. 45543
[x] Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem
-[x] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet”
-[x] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
>> No. 45544
[X]Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem.
-[X] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet".
--[X] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
---[X] Ask her about her familiar's tail.

I would Patchouli's probably a better teacher considering how knowledgeable she is about magic. For a devil it might almost be like a fairy in that magic is something that comes much easier to them.
>> No. 45545
[X]Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem.
-[X] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet".
--[X] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
---[X] Ask her about her familiar's tail.

>Follow your Mistress' order and go for Patchy.
>Did it sound like an order to you?
It's a very polite way to say "fuck off" as you said. Gramatically speaking, it's not an order, but disobeying her would have unforeseen consequences. So that's an order.

Also, MC lacks initiative.
His mistress asks him to being painkillers. It's dumb for him to forget the water.
To compare, it's like bringing her a tea and saying "Uh sorry, you needed a cup to put the tea in?"
>> No. 45548
I don't think Remilia would have cared if the MC went to see Meiling as it still would have filled the core order: Leaving her and Sakuya alone for a time.

And Chris might as assumed she had something to drink already.
>> No. 45549
>And Chris might as assumed she had something to drink already.

According to the story, Chris was working in a restaurant before being kidnapped mannapped. I'm nitpicking, but I think it's really out of character for someone like him to forget water when bringing painkillers.
>> No. 45557
[x] Maybe she can help you with the “Burning Finger” problem
-[x] Ask her why it isn’t “our business yet”
-[x] Why’d she act like that when she heard of you training with Koakuma?
-[x] Ask about her familiar’s tail

Pathcouli hands you the book and you take it, not completely sure what you’re supposed to do with it. You end up opening the page with the fireball spell on it. Koakuma calls you to her with a wave of her hand as Patchouli heads off to her chair, probably to get something else. You shake your head and nod towards Patchouli to indicate that you’ll train with her. The devil responds with a shrug. The wings on her head go up and down with her shoulders. You find it a little cute.
“There it is. Come here, and take the book with you.”
Whatever the librarian was looking for, she seems to have found it. You feel a little sad for leaving Koakuma just like that when she wanted you to be with her, but then again, you can only be with one person at a time.

“I remembered that I had some of this around. Here, take it.”
Patchouli hands you a bottle of something as you finally reach her in the middle of all the mess. As you take it, you also glance behind you. Koakuma is gone. Good, she may not be comfortable with the next question you have in mind…
“Say, there’s something that has had me curious for a while. Since you know Koakuma so well, can you tell me about her tail? Sometime she has it, but sometimes she doesn’t.”
Patchouli, who was in the middle of searching for something else from the pile in front of her, stops.
“Yes… I guess I could tell you about her. I should’ve expected that question. You read about it from some book, yes? It may have told you about familiars losing most of their identities as they’re summoned and enslaved; they’re all more or less the same after that. Familiars, that is.” She pauses for a while, gathering her thoughts again. “You see, I’ve been around for a while. At first, I thought that it’s the only way. But then I found out that there are many alternative ways to summon something. To put it bluntly, she’s a failed experiment of mine. At the time of her summoning, I was trying to combine multiple types of summoning spells to create something more powerful.” Sigh, shrug. She looks upwards as she recalls some distant memory of hers. “Needless to say, I failed. But at the same time, it was an astounding success. While she wasn’t actually very powerful, she didn’t lose her personality. That is usually the mark of a failed summoning, since that means you can’t control the thing you just summoned. But, as I found out, she actually had to do as I said. Not willingly, but still. She was under my control.”
“So, eh, about the tail? What does it have to do with all of this?” You inform her of the fact that she didn’t actually answer the question.
“Oh, sorry.” She blushes a little. “I shouldn’t ramble like that.”
“I don’t mind.” You really don’t, even if the blush seems a little unnatural for someone like her who barely lets her emotions show.
“So, uh, yes. I can give her orders, but she fulfills them as she sees fit. And when she’s done with doing what I’ve told her, she regains complete control over herself. The tail, a mark of an unbound devil, appears when that happens. That, actually, is one of my greatest successes ever. Now, did you have something else to ask or could we get to the actual training?”
“Eh, well, there was this other thing…” You’re not sure if she’s completely comfortable with this… “Why were you so shocked when I told you I was training with Koakuma? Don’t you trust her?”
Patchouli shifts uncomfortably. “Well, I was just afraid that she’d make you do something that isn’t good for you…” She shakes her head and drops the uncertain tone. “I’ve heard of beginners using their own life force as a part of spells, and thought she could let you do that mistake… but it seems like my fear was unnecessary. But now, let us see how it’s done properly. Open the page again, and… What?” She stops as she notices that you’re not opening the book and looks at you. Why is she so eager to get on with the training when there’s one more question, one that she could’ve seen coming?
“You told me about Remilia being fed up with Flandre’s behavior, right? I just wanted to know what you meant when you said that it isn’t our problem yet.”
Her mouth opens and closes before she returns to rummaging in the pile of stuff.
“It was just because they’ll be looking in here later on.”

[] “You don’t need to lie to me.”
[] Leave it.
[] (write-in)
>> No. 45558
[x] “You don’t need to lie to me.”

I see this as an offer, we're not forcing her to tell the truth.
>> No. 45559
[X] “You don’t need to lie to me.”
>> No. 45560
[x] “You don’t need to lie to me.”

Face full-life consequences.
>> No. 45561
[X] “You don’t need to lie to me.”
>> No. 45570
[x] “You don’t need to lie to me.”

Might hurt her feelings if we're wrong...
>> No. 45600
File 130844666594.png- (343.79KB , 472x1024 , 2f4d13f9c8cc5a3a1adfb179760ac382.png ) [iqdb]
[x] “You don’t need to lie to me.”

Patchouli stops and draws breath, as if she’s going to say something, but remains silent for a moment. “I wasn’t lying, you know.”
You nod. “I know. And you should know what I meant.”
The feeling of her presence is changing. You don’t know if it’s because of the color of her eyes becoming slightly darker or because of the unreal wind that is blowing towards her. “Care to explain what you meant, then?”
“You may not have lied, but you didn’t speak the truth either. When you spoke of Flandre’s behavior and it not being a problem yet, you didn’t mean that it isn’t a problem because they’re not here yet.” The conversation is gaining colder tones with every passing second. Even you used a serious tone even if you didn’t really mean to.
“I wished this hadn’t come to this…” She closes her eyes and sighs. The tense atmosphere relaxes a little. “Listen, I’m not going to lie to you. I said something that I shouldn’t have. I know you can’t just forget about it, but I’m afraid I’ve promised not to tell you about it.” She looks at you, seeming a little sad. “I’m sorry, It’s my fault for saying something I shouldn’t have.”
Why and what? Those are the only things in your head but you know that they’re something she can’t help you with. Otherwise it’ll end up with something even more awkward, even if you’re not completely sure if anything could be more awkward than the current silence. You want to break it, but aren’t sure how to. Until you remember the book you’re holding, that is.

“Say, uh, weren’t you going to tell me how to cast a fireball?”
“No, I was going to push you down and slowly, tenderly have my way with you. Then, unsatisfied with your performance, call Koakuma and have a hot threesome for the rest of the day.” Patchouli says that with a straight face and in a serious tone. You’re rather sure that she wouldn’t have done that, but there’s a small part of you that says it’s true. The large part wants the small part to be correct. Not going to help you with that one comes from somewhere.
“So, err, are you or are you not? Still going to do that?” You aren’t entirely sure why it came out like that. Probably because you’re still puzzled if she would’ve really done that.
“No, not anymore. I would’ve done it if you had just remained silent. Now I’m just going to ask you to open that book and look for the page with the instructions for a fireball spell on it.” She’s still using the same, serious tone. You respond by opening the said page, but the small part of you is trying to kill itself for not remaining silent. It also reminds you that you haven’t relieved your sexual pressure for days, and that getting raped is not a proper way to do so.

You get to the point where you have to sit in the circle Patchouli drew when you hear the door above you open. Remilia appears, leaning on the railing next to the balcony doorway.
“Hey Patchy! Have you seen Flandre today? She’s having one of her moods again, and - oh, sorry for intruding.”
“He hadn’t started yet, and no, I haven’t seen her.” Patchouli doesn’t look away from the rune she’s modifying.
“Okay. So, if you see her, let me know. I’m getting fed up with running around the house behind her.” Remilia sighs and disappears from the balcony. You hear the sound of a door closing.
“Is she gone now?” A small voice comes from somewhere nearby. You try to find the source but can’t see anyone. You hear something moving above you. A blonde girl, dressed in red and with multicoloured crystals for wings lands next to you. Patchouli looks at you silently, as if expecting you to decide on what to do.

[] …maybe Flandre could help you relieve the pressure?
[] “I’ll go get some tea for us.” Find Remilia and tell her that you’ve found Flandre.
[] (write-in)


I know, I should update more often. I've just been rather busy with life.
>> No. 45601
I think Patchy's remark about the threesome was just a rather mean joke.

Let me think on the choice some.
>> No. 45602
[X] “I’ll go get some tea for us.” Find Remilia and tell her that you’ve found Flandre.
+[X] Ask Flandre if she'd like to give you a hand.
>> No. 45603
[x]Apologize to Flandre for earlier
[x]Ask if she wants to help you to make Tea.
[x]Tell Remilia when the opportunity comes up, without revealing any details.

I get the feeling that we should reveal that much to Remilia so soon.
>> No. 45606
[X] Apologize to Flandre.
-[X] Give her a hug.
[X] “I’ll go get some tea for us.” Find Remilia and tell her that you’ve found Flandre.
-[X] Ask Flandre if she'd like to give you a hand.
>> No. 45607
I don't think that'd flow together all that well or go all that well.
>> No. 45609
[X] Apologize to Flandre.
-[X] Give her a hug.
[x]Ask if she wants to help you to make Tea.
[x]Tell Remilia when the opportunity comes up, without revealing any details.
>> No. 45615
[X] Apologize to Flandre.
-[X] Give her a hug.
[x]Ask if she wants to help you to make Tea.
[x]Tell Remilia when the opportunity comes up, without revealing any details.

I have to wonder, would Flandre really help him relieve his pressure?
>> No. 45616
[X] Apologize to Flandre.
-[X] Give her a hug.
[x]Ask if she wants to help you to make Tea.
[x]Tell Remilia when the opportunity comes up, without revealing any details.
>> No. 45621
[X] "So, the threesome idea is still up or what?"
-[X]“I’ll go get some tea for us.”
--[x] Do NOT tell Remilia about this.
>> No. 45622
Did you even read the update?
>> No. 45632
[x]Apologize to Flandre for earlier
[x]Ask if she wants to help you to make Tea.
[x]Tell Remilia when the opportunity comes up, without revealing any details.

Also, yeah, about that threesome, can we upgrade it to a foursome?
>> No. 45654
File 130905295183.jpg- (144.17KB , 850x708 , 2941544a1bec3d76a0edaacabbd8bc5f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] (write-in)
[X] Apologize to Flandre.
-[X] Give her a hug.
[x]Ask if she wants to help you to make Tea.
[x]Tell Remilia when the opportunity comes up, without revealing any details.

“Flandre… I’m sorry.” About what? You’re not sure, but you probably did something wrong. As always.
Flandre doesn’t respond. She just tilts her head a bit. You get a sudden urge to hug her and take a step towards her. You stop at that point because you can’t decide how to hug her since her wings are at the optimal hugging height and you’re not sure if you she likes having them touched. After a split-second of thinking you bend forward a bit, reach around her and pull her into a hug. She twitches a little but shows no other reaction. Patchouli just watches you in her usual, analytical way. As you release Flandre from the short hug, she just stares at you with big, round eyes.
“Uh…” You don’t like the silence. It feels like you’re causing it. “Say, should I get some tea? Who’s interested in some?”
“I’ll have some.” Patchouli sounds a little deeper than usually. “Get some for her too.” She nods at Flandre, who just shrugs in response.
“Right, I’ll get some for us. Want to come with me, Flandre?” Maybe she’ll be a bit more talkative if there isn’t anyone else around. You certainly have some questions.
You receive a wary nod. And a small vampire glued to your side. …She’s actually kind of cute when she clings to your hand like that, squeezing it against her chest. Yet you know she’s nuts, and may not even know what being this close to someone means. Actually, that would explain her declaration of you being engaged…

You look at the creature beside you. She’s clinging to your arm like a scared child to her favorite plushie. You’d like to ask something, but you’re afraid that the fragile contraption that is her mind would break. It’s rather annoying: you want to know what’s going on, and the answers are right next to you, clinging to your arm, yet still out of reach. Curses, you got to break the silence (even if it’s broken by your footsteps), even if it can upset her a little… Oh, but there’s that thing. You’ve had it with you all the time. You tend to forget it because wearing it has become a habit for you.
“Hey, could you let go of my hand for a while?” She does. You reach up to your neck, take off your necklace and hold it in front of Flandre. “Have you seen anything like this before? I’ve had it for a long time now.”
Flandre extends her arm and prods the necklace. It dangles for a while before settling again. She reaches at it again, but snatches it and hangs it around her neck instead of just prodding it.
“Hey… Well, you can keep it for a while. Until the tea is done, right?”
Flandre nods and glues herself to your arm again. She’s hopeless… You head towards the kitchen again.

“What kind of tea do you want? Green? Black?”
Flandre jumps up and picks a can from the shelf while floating in the air. Then she lets herself drop to the ground while holding the can with both hands. She even opens the can for you.
“That one? Fine.” You take a pinch of leaves from the can and drop them into Flandre’s cup while she places the can back to where it was. She seems rather happy while doing so, and it makes you feel fuzzy.

“Hey Chris, you in there?” Flandre glues herself to you again in response of Sakuya’s voice coming from outside the room. The maid walks in before you can respond. “Oh, sorry…” The sight of Flandre trying to hide behind you while hugging you at the same time seems surprise Sakuya, at least if her blinking repeatedly is an indication of that. You hear a click and then she’s gone.
Feeling Flandre relax her hold on you, you turn around and see her sitting on the floor, holding your necklace in her hands. She looks at it, but looks up at you when something can be heard from the door. You glance at the door and see Remilia, waiting for you to do something. Why does it always have to be you who decides on what to do in these situations?

[] (Write-in)


Busy, busy. Working full-time tends to kill my creativeness for the day. Anyways, here it is. Comments, thoughts and criticism are, as always, welcome.
>> No. 45655
Well damn... the goals should be
-explain in a way to ease the amount of trouble both Chris and Flan will get into.
-Find out what Remilia's intentions are as she's a complete blank.

Can't we get even a few possible suggestions as it's hard to do a write in when it's a complete blank.
>> No. 45656
[x]explain in a way to ease the amount of trouble both Chris and Flan will get into.
[x]Find out what Remilia's intentions are as she's a complete blank.
-[x]Maybe she would like some tea as well?

The last option I'm wildly guessing with.
>> No. 45658
Well we kinda goofed up.

[x] Explain that after Remilia left, you went out to get tea when you ran into Flan in the hallway, where you invited her as a way to help calm down.
[x]Also mention that since Remilia said that she was tired of looking that you were going to inform her of what happened, which you did.

Well this is a start, hopefully the smarter voters here can help improve it.
>> No. 45660
File 130930688592.jpg- (488.84KB , 776x844 , 235fe944c3c0045ca3f9cca82747c8ca.jpg ) [iqdb]
Since the last vote ended up in a failure, I made this. Revote if you've voted already, since I'll be ignoring the ones already cast.


The said situation last for about a second. That’s when Remilia walks to you and lets her usual smile take over. You remain silent because you, as far as you know, haven’t done anything wrong. Her slit-like pupils pierce your eyes as she stops right in front of you and lifts her hand to your chin. You feel one of her nails sinking into your soft skin there…
“I’m not angry.” The finger slides forward a bit and is joined by a thumb. Ow! She plucks out a few of the hairs occupying your chin. Yeah, you should shave, but obviously there aren’t any razors in this all-female household. “I don’t actually even care how, when or why Flandre got here, I’m just happy that you’ve found her.” She looks at the hair she’s holding and throws it away. Her hand returns to your chin, and this time forces you to look into her eyes. “I’m just going to ask: how are you going to solve this little fiasco?”

[] “I’ll help you with it.”
[] “I’ll be with her until she’s ready to go back to her room.”
[] “You told me to stay out of the way, remember?”
[] (Write-in)


I'm planning on updating either tomorrow or the day after, depending on the votes.
>> No. 45661
[x] “I’ll be with her until she’s ready to go back to her room.”
[x] "I'm willing to talk about how to avoid repeating it afterwards as I don't want to hurt her feelings again."

Guys, Flan heading yes or no? in before someone calls me pedo
>> No. 45662
You're anon.
[x] “I’ll be with her until she’s ready to go back to her room.”
>> No. 45663
[X] “I’ll help you with it.”
+[X] “I’ll be with her until she’s ready to go back to her room.”
+[X] "And I'll do what I can to keep it from happening again in the future."
>> No. 45664
File 130933120437.jpg- (593.57KB , 700x700 , Cruel Mirror.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “I’ll be with her until she’s ready to go back to her room...”
[x] “and I'm willing to talk about it afterwards, as I don't want to hurt her feelings again.”

The “fiasco” is Flandre running off, right? We can just accompany her until she no longer thinks we hate her, then make sure to visit her more often. Asking for occassional company isn't too much to wish for, is it?
>> No. 45665
File 130939266692.jpg- (117.78KB , 850x417 , 0dc69badee4e8d6ea7a98961205b72ca.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's not very good, but I couldn't find a better pic.

[x] “I’ll be with her until she’s ready to go back to her room.”-[x] “I'm willing to talk about how to avoid repeating it afterwards as I don't want to hurt her feelings again.”

Remilia responds with a smile that is a little deeper than the usual. “Are you sure you can handle her? Well, since she seems rather fond of you, I'll let you try. But remember: I don't want to hear a single word of complaint.” She yanks your head down to hers and whispers in your ear. “My room in two hours.” Her grip is released and you nod in response.
Now that she's gotten what she wanted of you, she turns her attention to Flandre.
“You hear what he said, right?”
“Are you fine with this arrangement?”
“Do you want to show that thing to me?”
Flandre doesn't nod, but gives the necklace to Remilia anyway.
“This is...” Remilia's eyes bolt to your neck and notice the missing chain. “Yours, right?”
“Yes. I showed it to her and asked if she's seen it before, but she just snatched it and I thought I'd let her have it for a while.”
Lifting the necklace to her eyes, Remilia looks at it closely.
“Hm. About the millionth silver cross necklace I've seen. There's something special to it, but I'd say it's still not worth more than it's weight in silver.” She hands the necklace to you. “Even if she's seen it, there's no way she could remember it. These things are far too common, or at least were. Oh, and that reminds me: I'll have to tell you some of our family history at some point.”

“Hey, Remi!” Flandre's voice surprises the both of you. “Come over here for a second.”
Remilia shrugs and goes to her. Flandre taps the floor and Remilia sits next to her. You hear something being whispered. Remilia breaks the atmosphere by saying “Yeah, that's okay” out loud, which results in Flandre looking rather elated. They get up. Remilia does so slowly, but Flandre jumps almost up to the ceiling. She seems to be wearing red underwear today. After landing right in front of you (her skirt actually touches your face), she seems to remember where she is and calms down a notch. Her sister seems amused by the show.
“I'm going to excuse myself now. You should deliver the tea before it gets too bitter.” Remilia points at the tea tray you prepared and heads towards the door. “Just remember what I said and you'll be fine.”
So no complaints and her room in two hours? Got it. You give the tray some finishing touches and head towards the library, closely followed by Flandre. You'd like to know what made her so happy, but she'd just tease you about it should you ask.

“Ah, the tea. Took you a while.” Patchouli smiles knowingly. “Had to stop for some relief, did you?”
You've got no idea where that's coming from. “Well, we ran into Remilia in the kitchen.”
“Oh.” She seems a little disappointed. “So, what'd she say?”
“Nothing much, just that I'll have to watch over Flandre for a moment.” You glance behind you to check that said vampire is still there. She is. “So, this cup is for you, this one's for me and the last one's for her.” You set the said cups in front of Patchouli, yourself and to where Flandre could sit. “I added some extra leaves for you.”
Patchouli takes her cup, stirs it and inhales some of the vapour rising from it before saying anything else. “Perfect. You're getting better at this. Say... Never mind. Flandre, you should drink your tea before it gets cold.”

The three of you drink tea in silence for a moment. It gives you some time to think what to do next. You could just continue training with Patchouli or maybe Flandre would enjoy going outside for a bit?

[] Training.
[] Go outside.
[] (write-in)
>> No. 45666
[x] Go outside.

Hopefully conditions are good for a vampire. And since Flan's enjoying time out of the basement, we might as well spend some time with her before she goes back to her room.
>> No. 45667
[x] Go outside.
All work and no play makes Flandre a rampaging murderer. Or so I heard.
>> No. 45668
[X] Go outside.

It's probably one of the few times Flandre gets to feel the sun, at least if she has the same type of parasol Remilia has.
>> No. 45672
File 130948126248.jpg- (357.74KB , 1000x1412 , Sunset.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go outside.

What time of the day is it? We woke up at Yuuka's after a night party, then I sort of lost track.
>> No. 45678
[x] Go outside.
I'm not sure whether to be worried about or just ignore what Remilia said to Flandre...
>> No. 45705
File 131026227089.jpg- (674.53KB , 900x900 , c256f3f6bfea049eebfa6288f745d3c5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go outside.

You wouldn’t mind staying here to train for a bit - as you already promised - but you’re afraid that Flandre would get bored if you’d do that. She’d probably also get bored should you head back to the basement. Upstairs is also out, since there isn’t anything to do there. That leaves the first floor, but you don’t want to disturb the sleeping faeries. So, the only option left is to go outside and hope it doesn’t rain. If it does? You haven’t got a clue.
“Hey, Flandre.”
“Mmh?” Glup. “What?”
“Interested in going outside?” You receive an odd glance from both her and Patchouli. What?
“Why not? But…” Flandre’s expression quickly changes from a bit surprised to cheeky. “…Why not just go out with me instead?”
Wh… “I…” You weren’t expecting that. “I, well…” Wait a tic. Why has her cheeky smile transformed into a grade A trollgrin? “You little-“
“Enough.” Patchouli overrides your squabble with a voice of authority. “Just go if you’re going. I have some research to do, and you’re not exactly helping.” …What’s up with her?

Patchouli glares coldly at you and Flandre. It seems like she won’t be listening to your arguments. You feel your shirt getting tugged by Flandre.
“Come, let’s go.” Following her, you can’t help but wonder about Patchouli’s sudden outburst. Was it because you let your guard down a little because of Flandre and let your acts come from your heart? You’ll have to apologize to her the next time you see her. But… for what? For acting natural? Yeah, you shouldn’t do that, because if you do, someone ends up hurt. Like now. You walk silently behind Flandre, too afraid of hurting her to voice your thoughts. Why was she so interested in your necklace? Why did she remember your song? Most of all, why is she so interested in you? There’s nothing special to you: nerdy looks, thin and weak body, nitpicky comments, introverted nature...

“Hey, cheer up a little.”
You look at the tree next to her. It’s a cherry tree and it seems like it’s going to be a good year for it, deducing form the amount of raw berries. The bright, yellow-ish star right above it is probably Saturn. And there’s Orion, and that should be Mars… That’s everything you can recognize. It’s pretty dark right now, the sun has set and the moon hasn’t risen yet. The air is warm but not hot, the sky is cloudless and it’s very calm. The grass you’re sitting on feels a little moist and the soil seems very rich. Overall, it’s a very pleasant summer night.

“ You’re so silent. Is there something on your mind? Mind telling me what it is? I can try to help you.”
Yeah, you know. You’re silent. It’s your curse. Sometimes it may seem like a blessing, but even in those situations en up the wrong way. When discussing about how to improve something, for example. All the loud, noisy and rude guys just walk over you. Even if your ideas are better than theirs.

“Well, fine. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, and I’m not going to be nosey.”
And now she’s teasing you about it. If she could just disappear for a moment… What does she want of you, anyway? You’re not rich, so it can’t be money. You don’t have a silver tongue, so she can’t love you. You’re not especially good at anything. If you don’t count being good at school. Your grades were always top notch, even if you never read for the tests. But she can’t take that, so she can’t be drawn to it. All of this has to be some kind of a game to see who can wrap you around their little finger…

A hand lands on yours. It startles you, and your sudden move causes your hand to hit her wing. Ding, ting… The crystals sound like instruments as they collide with each other. Regaining control of yourself, you set your hand on the grass again and mumble an apology.
You screwed up again. The realization causes your face to feel a little hot. Not now, you can’t blush now, it’s so embarrassing to be seen like that…
“Finally. Done with playing mute, are you?” Coming from her, that hurts… “And I don’t mind, it should be me who’s sorry. I startled you, after all. I should’ve realized that you have something on your mind.” She places her hand on yours. It feels cool, a little moist and has impressions from the grass on it.
“It’s just…” Flandre looks at you, seeming a little lost in thought. “No, never mind.” You can’t tell her, you’re too ashamed of it. Something about your teacher telling you of American children taking medication to cure their shyness drifts into your thoughts. If there just were those drugs here…

Some time passes with the two of you just sitting there. The silence feels awkward to you. Something to talk about, something to talk about… Magic? No, it’ll just bore her… Gensokyo? No, you’ll just offend her because she spends so much time in the basement…
“Hey, are you okay? You’re a little hot and your pulse is higher than it should be.”
Are you okay?

[] ”Yeah, I’m fine.”
-[] “…But how’d you know my pulse and body temperature?”
[] No, you’re not
-[] (why not?)


Sleep deprivation, long days at work. You should know why I mentioned them. Also, I got accepted to the university I applied to. Yay.

So, I'll be busy until the end of August. I'm afraid I can't promise more than one update per week for that time.

On the bright side, I have next week off. I'll try ot write as much as I can.

PS. I kind of got into an arguement about whether this update is good. Help me know if it is.
PPS. The plot thickens...
PPPS. Not really.
>> No. 45706
[x] No, you’re not
-[x] "I'm worried about saying the wrong thing to you like I did earlier. I appear to have hurt Patchouli's feelings today. It doesn't help that I'm not the most talkative person on good days."
-[x] "There's what happened with Mystia. While I'm grateful for you for saving me, but all that happened is a bit much to take in."
-[x] "Sorry if this time isn't as good as you wanted. But if you want to talk about something, I'm willing to talk about it."

I know this could be improved. I figured this might be a point where he just pours things out.
>> No. 45707
[x] No, you’re not
-[x] "I'm worried about saying the wrong thing to you like I did earlier. I appear to have hurt Patchouli's feelings today. It doesn't help that I'm not the most talkative person on good days."
-[x] "There's what happened with Mystia. While I'm grateful for you for saving me, but all that happened is a bit much to take in."
-[x] "Sorry if this time isn't as good as you wanted. But if you want to talk about something, I'm willing to talk about it."

Could be improved, yeah, but I'm too busy right now to write something in someone else's story.
>> No. 45708
[x] No, you’re not
-[x] "I'm worried about saying the wrong thing to you like I did earlier. I appear to have hurt Patchouli's feelings today. It doesn't help that I'm not the most talkative person on good days."
-[x] "There's what happened with Mystia. While I'm grateful for you for saving me, but all that happened is a bit much to take in."
-[x] "Sorry if this time isn't as good as you wanted. But if you want to talk about something, I'm willing to talk about it."
>> No. 45709
[x] No, you’re not
-[x] "I'm worried about saying the wrong thing to you like I did earlier. I appear to have hurt Patchouli's feelings today. It doesn't help that I'm not the most talkative person on good days."
-[x] "There's what happened with Mystia. While I'm grateful for you for saving me, but all that happened is a bit much to take in."
-[x] "Sorry if this time isn't as good as you wanted. But if you want to talk about something, I'm willing to talk about it."

Well, it works.
>> No. 45716
[x] No, you’re not
-[x] "I'm worried about saying the wrong thing to you like I did earlier. I appear to have hurt Patchouli's feelings today. It doesn't help that I'm not the most talkative person on good days."
-[x] "There's what happened with that youkai. While I'm grateful for you for saving me, but all that happened is a bit much to take in."
-[x] "Sorry if this time isn't as good as you wanted. But if you want to talk about something, I'm willing to talk about it."

We don't know Mystia's name.
>> No. 45719
File 131061363069.png- (644.34KB , 1400x1000 , 95778507348679ced2dd7ee3666b3f1b.png ) [iqdb]
[x] No, you’re not
-[x] "I'm worried about saying the wrong thing to you like I did earlier. I appear to have hurt Patchouli's feelings today. It doesn't help that I'm not the most talkative person on good days."
-[x] "There's what happened with that youkai. While I'm grateful for you for saving me, but all that happened is a bit much to take in."
-[x] "Sorry if this time isn't as good as you wanted. But if you want to talk about something, I'm willing to talk about it.”

An automated process starts in your head. Some questions are asked and answered immediately. Can she be trusted, will she tell anyone, is she the one best suited for this and will she be able to do anything about it?
Are you desperate enough to tell her regardless of all that?

After reaching the mental verdict, you give her an once-over. Her right hand is still on your left one, but she seems to be occupied with examining a clover. Given that it’s her, you’re not completely sure if she was completely serious with the question or if it was just courtesy. If it was the latter? Then she’ll just have to deal with the fact that you’re ready to tell her about your problems.

The clover falls from her hand as she’s done with it. It gets torn to pieces on its way down. Three perfectly symmetrical pieces hit the grass, each with a leaf and a third of the stalk.
You pass the last mental block. It’s the first time for you to willingly let out what’s on your soul.
“I really screwed up earlier, didn’t I?” You look at the ground and smile lightly. “Patchouli was totally pissed off. I wonder what it’s going to take to calm her down a little. Heh. And now I’m afraid that I’ll do the same to you, or anyone else for that matter, not that I’d manage to say anything even if I wasn’t afraid of screwing up. I really am pathetic, am I not?” Still smiling, you look at her again. Her bright-red eyes with mere slits for pupils are still unreadable to you.

“A man has two ears and one mouth for a reason; so he would listen twice as much as he speaks.” She’s quoting someone, but you can’t remember who. “Everyone makes mistakes. You’re no exception.” Her voice gets a little softer and gains a little depth. “She’ll forgive you, if she was even hurt in the first place. That’s just how people are; otherwise everyone would be too hurt by the others to do anything. Don’t be afraid. It’ll get you nowhere. That goes for your fear of not speaking enough, too. Don’t be afraid of it. If you can’t accept yourself as you are, can anyone else?” Something moves behind you and her wing touches your right shoulder. Wide… She always has them more or less folded and you haven’t really realized their real width before. You place your right hand on her wing and wonder if her sisters’ wings are as wide as hers.

“Sorry about blurting this all out so abruptly, but can you listen to me for a bit longer?”
Flandre gives you a fanged smile, one more typical to her sister. If it wasn’t for the fact that she’s blonde, you could swear that you’re sitting next to Remilia right now. Then again, even your mother sometimes confuses you with your elder brother, even if you’re not twins. He’s 10 years older than you, in fact. It mustn’t be all that uncommon for sibling to look alike.
“Right now I’m here just for you. Listening is the least I can do for you, dear.”
…You’ll let that slide for now. If she listens, that is.
“Remember when you saved me from that bird girl? A few days back, in the forest.”
“Of course.”
“It was… Like… Why did you do that? Sure, taking me by force is wrong, but… Did you have to treat her like that? Was she really nothing more than a ragdoll to you? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like watching it…”
Flandre doesn’t look away from you. Something small moves in her eyes. It frightens you a little.
“She hurt you and paid the price. It wasn’t like she was human or anything.” Her wing, still resting on your shoulder, pulls you to her. She reaches around you and you’re pulled into a tight hug. “I won’t let anyone hurt you. I won’t let anyone take you away. Not now that I’ve finally got you.” She holds you to her small body for a moment before letting you go. “She’s probably still not done with you. I’d expect her to be back in business any time now. I’m not letting my guard down, so don’t let yours.”

Just as you’re about to pull a little distance between the two of you, Flandre’s hand grips your shoulder again. She seems very serious as she speaks. “I have to go.” In a sudden move she pulls you right to her and plants a kiss on your cheek before letting you go. You touch the wet spot on your cheek in amazement as she stands up and spreads her wings again. “Being with you was nice, but listening to your troubles was not.”
You only have time to open your mouth before she shoots upwards. A faint “I’m sorry” is the last thing you hear of her. She’s… nuts. What was that supposed to mean? She’s sorry about what she just said, or she’s sorry about faking the whole thing? Unsure about how to feel, you think about what to do now. Remilia told you to be with her, but you can’t follow her. Any other direction would be fine, but up is kind of out for you. Curses. Seems like you’ve got no other choice expect to go to Remilia. Two hours haven’t passed yet, but what can you do?

Knock, knock.
“Come in.”
You enter Remilia’s room and close the door behind you. Remilia’s lying on the bed sideways and seems like she was reading a book right until you came in.
“You’re early. Did something happen?” She sounds only mildly curious, definitely not angry at your failure.

What’ll you do?
[] Stay there.
[] Sit next to her on the bed.
[] (user defined)
What’ll you say?
[] Flandre flew away.
[] You were talking about what happened with the bird girl when she just said that she has to go.
[] (user defined)


Why do I always list the (write-in)?
Because you seem to forget that it's there even if I don't list it.
>> No. 45720
What’ll you do?
[x] Ask where you may sit for the discussion.
What’ll you say?
[x] You were talking about what happened with the bird girl when she just said that she has to go.
-[x] Mention somewhere that the time wasn't completely in vain as some learning happened between the two.
>> No. 45721
Uh, 3 of the 4 last choices where write ins, in some way or form.

[x] Sit next to her on the bed.
[x] You were talking about what happened with the bird girl when she just said that she has to go.
-[x] Explain her sudden insight and contradictory, yet always friendly, reactions.
>> No. 45722
[x] Sit next to her on the bed.
[x] You were talking about what happened with the bird girl when she just said that she has to go.
-[x] Explain her sudden insight and contradictory, yet always friendly, reaction
>> No. 45723
[x] Stay there.
[x] You were talking about what happened with the bird girl when she just said that she has to go.
-[x] Explain her sudden insight and contradictory, yet always friendly, reactions.

Not appropriate for a servant to sit on his master's bed.
>> No. 45734
File 131095898728.jpg- (225.83KB , 664x800 , 50d0d1756626b7ad7f5aa3bbe985df36.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You were talking about what happened with the bird girl when she just said that she has to go.
-[x] Explain her sudden insight and contradictory, yet always friendly, reactions.

“Well, she kind of just flew away… I would’ve chased her, but up is pretty much the only direction I can’t go to.” Without really thinking about it, you’ve walked to her bed. To avoid seeming stupid, you sit on her bed. Remilia doesn’t seem to care about your sudden intrusion. In fact, she moves a little closer. You certainly do care about her invasion to your personal space, but can’t really do anything about it.
“She did? I wonder what it is this time…”
“We were talking about what happened with that bird girl and she said that the girl would be back in business around now and her not letting her guard down. Could it be related to this?”

Remilia rolls over to her side so she’s facing you. Her hair flops down to cover her face and she has to sweep it out of the way. “No, it wouldn’t be like her to hunt someone she’s already killed… On the other hand, it isn’t at all unlike her to just suddenly run off to somewhere. I wouldn’t be worried about it, that’s just how she is.” Her hair is doing its best to drop back to cover her face; some strands have already succeeded. You have an urge to sweep the strands back to where they should be.
“I just find it a little odd because we were having a nice talk, and then she just proclaims that she’s leaving… By the way, she said that ‘Now that I finally have you’. Any idea about where that came from?”
“Ah…” Her hand, which was about to sweep her hair again, drops back on the bed. “That’s… Well, I guess you should know. You see, she was left alone for a very long time at one point. I think it was around… 12 years, give or take a few. What?”
She pauses as you almost fall on your back as you hear the ridiculous number. Alone for more than a decade… You let yourself fall on the bed as you try to realize what it’s like to be alone for a year after another. It’s a wonder she’s as sane as she is if it’s true.
“Yes, eh…” Remilia shyly looks away to hide her face. “I’m not proud of that, but it was kind of a busy time and I forgot…”
“You forgot about Flandre for 12 years? And you still call yourself her sister?” You try to sound firm, but aren’t very successful because you’re lying on her bed.
“I didn’t forget about her! I made sure that she has everything she needs! I just… didn’t realize that she’s all alone in there.” She calms down a little and looks your way again. “Anyways, I was about to say that she has remembered things that have never happened after that. I’ll leave the rest to you, but keep that in mind if she says something like that again.”

She moves a little and her hair falls to her face again. She doesn’t do a thing to move it out of the way. Why… “Do it yourself if it bothers you so much. You’re going to have to learn to be less reserved around me in any case. What would you do if I’d order you to, say, help me undress? I can’t get this dress off on my own.”
“I’d help you, of course.” Why is she bringing this up now?
“So what’s the problem, then?” She makes it sound like a real question, even if she’s kind of contradicting herself.
“Wouldn’t it be improper to touch you without prior notice?”
“You didn’t seem to have much of a problem with coming to my bed without prior notice.”
She’s got you there. You can’t say that you ended up next to her bed by accident and sat on it to avoid seeming dumb. Seems like you don’t have any options…

You reach out and shift her hair back into its original position to reveal her face again. Her hair feels very smooth; no wonder given her apparent age. As soon as you’re done, you find out that she’s looking right into your eyes while smiling softly. You’re not quite sure how to interpret that.
“Uh… How does your hair stay so smooth?”
Remilia doesn’t look away. Her gaze makes you feel a little uncomfortable, especially because she doesn’t blink at all. “It just stays that way. I want it to be like that, and that’s how it is.”
“That’s it? You don’t use any special combs or anything?” You have to look away from her to get some time to recover from her constant staring.
“It’s not like I was given an explanation on how I work… Anyways, we should be getting to sleep. There’s something we have to do tomorrow, and it has to be done somewhat early.”

[] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.
[] Sakuya keeps her head cool. She should be able to help you chill, too.
-[] Maybe she knows what’s happening tomorrow?
[]…You want to sleep here.


That's it for now. I'm not sure if I can get anything done this week, but look forward to the weekend.
>> No. 45735
[x] Sakuya keeps her head cool. She should be able to help you chill, too.
-[x] Maybe she knows what’s happening tomorrow?

Stopping by and talking to Sakuya should be good if to find out about what's tomorrow.
>> No. 45736
[X] Sakuya keeps her head cool. She should be able to help you chill, too.
-[X] Maybe she knows what’s happening tomorrow?

I will be honest: I just want more Sakuya.
>> No. 45737
[x] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.
peels please
>> No. 45738
[x] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.

Delayed, but it's nice to read about Flandre caring about us. Also,

>Don't be afraid. It will get you nowhere.
Let us take these words to heart and proceed fearlessly, come morning.
>> No. 45739
[x] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.

Nice to see a Remilia caring for someone else's well-being.
For a while, she sounded like a friend, not like a 500 years old proud vampire.
>> No. 45744
[X] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.
>> No. 45748
[x] Do as she suggests and go to sleep.
If it's something early, then we need sleep.
>> No. 45816
Isn't it sad, Sakuya?
>> No. 45850
I began writing today, but due to certain circumstances I can write only when:
a) I'm At work
b) There isn't anything else to do.
While it may seem like "never" to some of you, it is actually quite often, since I did two months' worth of work in three weeks, and now my boss can't always come up with anything that I could do. I'm not sure how long this situation will last.

TL;DR: Delays. Please wait warmly.

Anyways, the update will start the third thread. Awesome, isn't it?
>> No. 45884
Thread three:
>> No. 54699
Thread two, because it's not linked in the OP:

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