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File 136860909225.jpg - (290.07KB, 1200x1823, Kochiya_Sanae_full_1230834.jpg) [iqdb]
"Sanae! You're going to be late!"

Ah. That annoying voice that isn't real. I roll over in bed and ignore it.

"Hey, stop ignoring me! What kind of priestess are you? You're still pretending I'm not real? But whether you believe in me or not, time is marching on. You'll regret it if you don't get up now."

"Shut up! You're just an imaginary friend! Just drag me out of bed if you're really there!" I retort, grabbing the covers and pulling them over my head. As expected, nothing of the sort happens. There's just a sigh.

"You were better when you were a kid, you know. Never talked back, always paid your respects to your elders. I've never seen such an ungrateful shrine maiden! Slovenly, too! You know, if you abandon your gods, they won't be there when you really need them!"

Says the goddess- the imaginary goddess- who never did a single useful thing for me. And it's not like she hasn't had the chance, either. I don't say anything more; she usually stops bothering me for a while if I don't acknowledge her. By the time I throw off the covers and have a panic attack at the clock, she's faded away. I hope she fades away for good, because having an invisible woman berate you over everything from posture to diet gives you a complex, mark my words.

Don't get me wrong, having a god around to play with was great fun back when I was a kid, but I'm a senior now. A god who can't do anything but annoy me over trivial things is a god that shouldn't even bother to manifest.

Maybe you think I'm being harsh. Maybe you think I'm being delusional. I've seen Kanako, after all, a mighty storm goddess garbed in the ancient way; why should I ignore the evidence of my own eyes? But you don't live with her or know how she works. She's just sound and thunder in the end. She's got no bearing on my life, no way to effect it save with words. Even if I believed in her completely and made offerings, performed the dances and the rituals, she still wouldn't be able to do a single useful
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Gonna call it here, update shall proceed within a day or two.

[x] Encourage her.
> torch

A British Or maybe Australian writefag?
Could be Kiwi or South African

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File 133818243936.jpg - (379.53KB, 600x863, 6b3d1ccdf6cf706eef819eec0be89dd5.jpg) [iqdb]
The journey felt like punishment, though I knew it was not.
Nevertheless, I continued trudging through the narrow, sinuous path overgrown with vegetation. My ankles and feet flared with the dull pain of walking through treacherous terrain for far too long. I feared to look downwards, as it felt like I'd be bruised and drenched in blood from the knees down. I stopped for what seemed like the hundredth time, leaned against a tree, and looked round yet again.

The Youkai Forest, I realized then, was named such not only for the obvious reason. Certainly many youkai lived there, but if you spend enough time in the heart of the woods, you can feel a curious effect: It's easy to imagine that entire forest itself was one enormous, malicious being. The trees were twisted abnormally like none I'd seen before: their blackened roots rose above the floor and made great arches large enough for a man to pass under, thick vines decorating them with colorful and enormous flowers. The canopy was so dense that a ray of light was a rare sight; it was not unlike traveling at night. Mushrooms of impossible sizes glowed, changed colors and pulsated according to some rhythm unknown to me; fruits and bulbs hanging from the contorted parodies of trees bloated and withered even as I watched, and of course, I cannot forget the incessant growling, snarling, screeching, and just about every other kind of noise the unholy youkai of the forest could manage to unnerve me. The scenery went against everything I took as normal. In an odd sort of way, it was quite beautiful, though I wouldn't realize this until I was safe and well outside the range of its horrifyingly large variety of poisons and dangers.
After resting and marveling at the shuddersome forest once more, I gathered myself and again took the same cramped path, assaulted on all sides by the hostile flora. The aforementioned youkai kept hidden well enough that I did not even catch a glimpse of them, thanks to a set of charms given to me by the village elders who saw me off. I had no doubt I would've been little more than a nice little snack as soon as I set foot in this place otherwise. Regardless, I stumbled along the trail. My mis
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I"m glad to see this back.
Oh man I remember this one.

Nice to see you've found your muse. Hang onto her tightly.

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File 134775758367.jpg - (151.42KB, 800x581, ibelieveicanfly.jpg) [iqdb]



Fine. Why not? It's not like you have something to do here anyway.

“Well, okay...” Sanae takes a deep breath. “You better change your clothes first,” she adds, and signs you to follow her. Oh, right. Can't go anywhere in this sailor suit...


You enter Sanae's roo- Wait a minute... Modern desk lamp? You remember last night conversation about taking things from outside; You shouldn't be surprised in finding something modern.

“Uhm... Try this,” Sanae hands you a t-shirt; There is a big green frog picture in front of it. It suits her, with that frog hairclip on her head. She also takes long blue pants. They seems small; you don't know whenever they will suit you or not.
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[x] No... She's still a little girl
-[x] Leave a note by her bed explaining why what she did was dangerous and wrong

Vengeance in some small way by potentially making her paranoid, but really I don't think she's mature enough to realize this sort of thing on her own.
[X] No... She's still a little girl...
Anything else doesn't feel right for Nobu...
[]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...

I felt this option. It called to me from the other boards.

I think it's my first vote in this story, and probably the only one. Unless there's another raep option in the futue, tht is.

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File 132437676574.jpg - (1.30MB, 2404x1700, mof.jpg) [iqdb]
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Sage, you shameless nigger.

And here I thought there was another update.
Finally finished reading this again. Just as many feels as the first time around, even after all this time. I know it's been five years, and I know you've probably moved on with your life, as we all have, but I still grasp at the tiny ray of hope that some day you'll bring this magnificent story to a close.

But regardless of whether or not you do, Lion, if you're reading this, thank you. If I tried to repay you for all the effort you've put into writing for a bunch random people you've never met on the internet I'd have to buy you a whole damn bar.
I was excited when I saw Lion's post with the date for today, but it looks like he deleted it so I guess nothing's going to come of it. :(

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File 133628747128.jpg - (655.54KB, 1303x921, a653038084ddb3b8fc403c3db753b0ed.jpg) [iqdb]
Gathered my guts and write.

Plot? Will think about that later.

"Where did you find him?"

Your head feels hurt.

"At the forest. Already like this when I found him."

Stratch that. Your entire body feels hurt. You can taste blood inside your mouth.

"Attacked by a wild youkai?"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x]Go with Sanae.
-[x]Change your clothes first.

Should have chosen clothes, but I doubt this will be the last time the best option gets ignored.

Next update posted on the new thread. Hopefully, with a title.

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File 128961714819.jpg - (246.77KB, 1024x768, Kyoto.jpg) [iqdb]
A new CYOA. I won't say this is my first nor will be my last so I'll pretty much be depending on experience for this once. You can give some tips of course and I'd prefer that. Title may not have any relevance at all depending on where the story will go. Never mind, vote for the following first, before we can get the fun started.

-> Gender will have great effect on how the story will play out.

Oh yeah, our MC's attitude and personality will be based on how this CYOA will play out.
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File 133985458016.jpg - (444.92KB, 1256x1660, AmayaLoweredRes.jpg) [iqdb]
So, rather than trying to finish the incomplete update that was sitting in my desktop for the past week, I've been drawing 'that' in the left instead most of my time. The time it took to finish it (nearly 1 week) really gives a hint on my drawing skills and motivation. I wonder if I can obtain the will to even digitally edit it.

At least the first of the two (possibly more) parts of the update is below. Enjoy.


[x] 'Part of the many things we wish to ask... and say.'

"'Right away'? I feel like Isaac being ushered to the sacrificial altar by Abraham. The pentagram really doesn't help in that regard." 'There's a good reason why I'm nervous about this. That's considering the things that happened on that Gensokyo place and the defictionalization of the many things I thought weren't real in this world.'

"Souji, there's no need to be nervous. Nothing bad's gonna happen to you later." Mom answers, trying to affirm my safety.

"You know mom, it's like you're not even trying to deny that somethings gonna happen later." I point out.

"I wonder." Mom says before making a small laugh. Erica, whose head is still lying in mom's shoulders, manages to fall asleep somehow.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'll need to give this up. Quite a bad time to do so so I'm sorry guys but life hasn't been giving me enough time (plus rest) and motivation to update this any further.

You know, when I first started this, I just thought of it as an experiment. It was kind of fun, then I failed to update for like half a year or more then came back. Coming back was quite nice for me but I tried to do things I shouldn't have... Oh well, it was fun at least most of the time.

So sorry again. I may come back here again though in a different story but that probably won't be for maybe in a year or two (or never). Well, if I ever do, I do hope that I'll have better writing and story telling skills by that point. Bye...
File 134701067284.jpg - (657.06KB, 1024x768, Sanae.jpg) [iqdb]
'Isn't this a bad idea? I... I don't even know anymore.' Since you've met the girl at this otherworldly place, she's been hostile towards you. Yes, you know, you groped her when you landed on top of her from several stories above the ground but that's not your fault! It was just a freaking accident that in fact, nearly got you killed.

On the other hand, rather than doing something this stupid, you could just ignore her and put up with her attitude.

The better part of you however is just screaming at you to brave your fears, despite the titanic gap between your powers. After all, not being able to fix your relationship with her when you could be staying here longer than you think could prove fatal in the near future.

"Now just what are you thinking about so deeply there?" Sanae asks as she looks down on you from the doorway to the kitchen. The words were tinted with a very tiny amount of anger, or maybe hatred. You're not too sure but you do know that she doesn't like you for whatever reason. However, her attitude around you is starting to get annoying. It must stop, now!

"Alright, I'm sorry for being a jackass but I just don't like that attitude of yours! I know that we didn't get off to a good start but at least, can't you just forgive me for that incident (even though it wasn't my fault) and become friends?

If you have a problem with me, just please say it since I'm really fed up with all of that bullying of yours." Now you've done it... If this doesn't lead to your death, then maybe it'll be a fate worse than death...

Odd. Though you expected her to scream at you or just plainly blow you away with her powers, Sanae remains speechless, surprised that someone like you stood up to her.

"Y... You... You've really pissed me off now... Do you think you've got the right to just insult me?" 'This isn't going to end well, but what the heck! She's the one insulting me in the f
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 134027431553.jpg - (244.23KB, 529x643, BeforetheSeparation.jpg) [iqdb]
Dear Renko,

You know, I've been writing these letters for a year now. I know you won't receive them, and yet I write anyways. Isn't it weird? I feel like I'll never see you again, and somewhere, deep down I know that, and yet I still refuse to believe it. Gensokyo is my home now. Is that fine with you?

No, I can't stay the same girl I was, Renko. Thank you for being the shoulder I could cry on. I don't know how you could be strong, and even now, when I still struggle to stand on my own two feet, I look up to you. Thanks for everything, friend.

Oh, that reminds me! I met someone interesting today! She was an odd girl: She wore fruit in her hat, like the Chiquita girl on the bananas you like to eat. She introduced herself to me out of the blue while I was fishing, and I ignored her. I needed to focus today.

I thought she left, so I was surprised when she began talking out of the blue. "Why do you fish," she asked. "Why do you fish?" I never really thought much about that, so that's what I told her.

And then she said the strangest words: "When I fish, it's because fishing is life."

Grandfather always said, 'When you fish, the fish is life', so I thought that's what she said. But she said it again.

"When I fish, it's because fishing is life." Then she continued. "The mere act of fishing is unspectacular. You put bait on a catch and throw it into the water. If a fish stupid enough to try and eat the bait goes after it, then you catch it." I didn't have to look at her to know she was smirking; her voice said it all. "It's also boring. You can sit there, hours at a time, only to find out that you ended up wasting a day doing nothing."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
Moving on is always harsh. This Maribel has always been a waiting woman, and despite having to let go of many connections and lifestyles, she waits, knowing that in time she will see them again. Even if she does not.

There's indeed a bigger story behind the short, but part of the reason for this short was about finding out my identity as a writer. The reactions I've gotten are proof enough as to where I should head. I might be able to write more regarding this in due time, but I'll have to either have more free time or finish TLDR in /underground/ first, which won't take long.

Friendships take time to build, are easy to break, and hard to mend. It is one of the easiest ways to hurt, and the hardest thing to strengthen. And yet so many people seek out this elusive feeling, whether artificially or not. I will not confirm or deny the existence of, as you put it, "drunken lesbian sex", but even if you are not correct, you will be close no matter what.
the only thing i can tell is that Maribel somehow wound up in Gensokyo, nothing more.
An interesting short! The message was simple but applied well to the situation, and I can't help but wonder what else you'd write in relation to this. If you ever do write a story that is, in some way, related to this one, then please link to it here! I'll be all ears.

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File 133933327728.jpg - (1.10MB, 1147x765, in the beginning.jpg) [iqdb]
"Mng. Five more minutes."

Of course, there's nobody actually here waking me up, and my alarm clock isn't even set, so I'm really just talking to myself, but it's the little everyday things that are important sometimes, you know?

"Out of bed right this instant, young lady. It's a school day, you know." My grown-up voice needs some work. Is it actually a school day? I have no idea.

"Mmmng. I'll eat breakfast while I'm brushing my teeth. Gimme five more minutes."

"If you're going to have such a hard time getting up in the morning, then I suppose we'll just have to institute a curfew rather than letting you sit up 'til who-knows-when watching those cartoons of yours, hm?"

That's a low blow, adult me.

The ritual complete, I stretch hard, shoulders rolling backward until my back is completely arched up off the floor, then relax, letting the air leave my lungs as I hit the deck with a whumph. I sit up, take one last shake of the head to clear the cobwebs out, and then I'm ready to go, or at least as ready as I ever am.

Right, I had plans, didn't I? First thing I was gonna do when I got up was--
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I guess I'll say it. Glasnost was writing this.
I'm giving up hope of him ever regularly updating again, same as Patchwork.

Blame IRC.
Well, that's what he said, anyway.

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File 122143531238.jpg - (211.87KB, 785x646, eedbe1473dee0643ca0fc35410e28d0b.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Keep the upper hatch closed.
[x] Pull to the center of the road.

“Should I go up top?” Nitori asks, looking a little nervous. “If they have more of those rockets...”

“No. Let's not attack them till they attack us.” You hope this passive approach will work.

If you pull to the center of the road, you're more likely not to be knocked off into the fatal ditch. This vehicle has enough weight that they'd be hard-pressed to move you over a few lanes.

“So, we're not fighting, then?” Suika asks from your side. She's leaning forward between the passenger and driver's seat, trying to get a better view of the front screens. “These are the bad guys, right?”

“They might be. We'll see.”

The opposing cars close in, as expected. Upon closer inspection, only two of the people are without uniforms. Each truck has exactly four people in it; two inside the cab, and two in the open bed in the back. Only two of the people are not uniformed. They're both in the back of the truck behind you.

The passenger in the vehicle to your side, a uniformed man, looks at your vehicle. He's not directly looking at the camera embedded in the vehicle, but it's obvious he's trying to look at you. He shifts between looking at you and looking ahead at a sign hanging above the highway, pointing at said sign the entire time. The expression he's wearing is serious, but not entirely hostile.

He's clearly trying to get your attention. The sign is for an exit leading to some random road, not one you recognize. It's not a major route to anything. The gap to your side makes sense now... they're leaving you an opening so that you can turn.

They've really got no way to make you turn, it seems. They're all armed with weapons, AK-47's mainly, but no heavy weaponry that you can see. Nothing immediately threatening, but... you're field of view is still below the beds of their trucks. You can't see what's inside them.

[ ] See what they want. Take this next exit.
[ ] Screw them. Push through the opening between the lead car and the side on
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 13398456682.jpg - (734.90KB, 1057x1486, inaba_of_the_moon_and_inaba_of_the_earth_-_ch25_03.jpg) [iqdb]
And one more just to be totally sure that this thead is now autosaged.
And also because moonhoney.
Forgot your sage. Nice job.
Even if I don't sage, the thread is in autosage, so it's not bumped any more.

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File 131160210036.png - (444.91KB, 715x894, 2c3bcdc7a1567de75debf83cc7b0028c.png) [iqdb]
I'm gonna try and make this a short story considering that I'm trying to daily update two other stories, but considering how out of control the Orin story got I can't make any guarantees so...hey, forgive me if I'm biting off more then I can chew

"Really? He did that?"

"Yeah! I was like, so shocked too, ya know? I mean, what kinda guy does that these days?"

"Oh you know it, sister. Guys these days, major blech with a capital B, am I right?"

"Totally, but this guy, omigawd, he knew his way around with a tongue like--"

"Hey! What're you girls doing?! Back to work!"

Yep...gossipy crow tengu, doing what they do best. You tire of it so. It's grown weary on your tastes. You used to be such a womanizer. When you were younger, anyways. After a while, the crow tengu all...seemed the same. As did the white wolves as well. They were stuck up, while the crows were just too loose. Too...dumb to live, at times. That slut Aya is the worst of them, being ever so obnoxious and annoying. She likes to party, but she does seem to get in your way quite often, for some odd reason. You can't put your finger on it, but that woman has a personal vendetta against you.

However, while the crow tengu are loud and obnoxious, and the white wolves are strict and overbearing, there's one woman that stands out amongst the both of them, one absolutely perfect female that is the combination of everything good about both parties and has none of the downfalls of either. This delicious specimen of the estrogen bearing has been your current target for a while now, and no matter how much you try and refine your tastes, your tact and your habits, you just can't seem to snare her...yes, the crow known as Hatate Himekeidou.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
[X] Look around some more.
...[X] Remember Hina's thighs and get hard.
[X] Maybe meet up with the girls again.
...[X] Compromise yourself.
[X] This is good. Back to camp.
[X] There might still be time to visit the white wolves.

Wolf tengu are pretty cool, we should go glare at them
Wait. Does Hatate care about the white wolves? I forget.

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