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File 134775758367.jpg - (151.42KB, 800x581, ibelieveicanfly.jpg) [iqdb]



Fine. Why not? It's not like you have something to do here anyway.

“Well, okay...” Sanae takes a deep breath. “You better change your clothes first,” she adds, and signs you to follow her. Oh, right. Can't go anywhere in this sailor suit...


You enter Sanae's roo- Wait a minute... Modern desk lamp? You remember last night conversation about taking things from outside; You shouldn't be surprised in finding something modern.

“Uhm... Try this,” Sanae hands you a t-shirt; There is a big green frog picture in front of it. It suits her, with that frog hairclip on her head. She also takes long blue pants. They seems small; you don't know whenever they will suit you or not.

“You don't mind wearing these, right? At least better than my school uniform!” Well, she's right, but you are not sure if her size- meh. You are wearing her suit right now. If you can wear it, why won't these clothes fit you? Better try them now. But first...

“Come on, try it. What are you waiting for?” It seems she hasn't realized that you are a man and she's a woman, or she wants to see you naked. Fine. You start taking the upper unifor-

“Hey, what are yo- Oh... I'll wait outside...”

You feel glad and disappointed at the same time. Glad, because she gives you a bit privacy to change your clothes. Disappointed, because she doesn't want to look at you na- what the hell are you thinking? Lusting for a shrine maiden? Who helped you with your life? You better clear that thought before getting zapped by lightning from Kanako.


You walk out of Sanae's room with the new look. It's hard to wear the clothes, but you managed it, just like when you have to wear that sailor suit.

“You look much better now with that shirt! Don't you think so, Kanako?” Suwako comments.

“Better than that school uniform...” Kanako sighs. “Although, if you think about it, maybe Nobu can get away with that sailor uniform without much ruckus from people.”

“Eh? Why you think so? In Sanae's school uniform, he looks...”

“Strange? So are most outfits from the outside. Perhaps he can get away with the sailor suit because of his status as an outsider. Remember, the culture here is different than on the outside.”

“Maybe... But he certainly doesn't enjoy wearing a skirt, right?” You respond to Suwako with a nod. If you enjoy wearing that, either you have a disorder, or you are a girl.

“Anyway, here,” Sanae gives you the charm. Damn, must've been gone when you took a bath. “I don't know how you could get this, and I doubt that you remember it...”

“Talk about that later. You have a shop to visit,” Kanako reminds her. Sanae crouches to lower her body, allowing you to go into the cloth carriage. You feel like a baby now. It's embarrassing, but this is the only way to travel far.

“Ufff! You are heavy...” Sanae mutters, and the sky feels closer to your face. You look at the ground; yup. You are flying. Fear creeps into your body, but it's beaten by the amazing view of the scenery below.

“Goodbye! Happy shopping!”


“Well, where are we going?” Sanae asks you while flying. “We have to decide this ahead, right? We can go to the tailor at the human village, but don't expect something modern. Or we can go to Kourindou. Clothes there are a bit dirty, but they are from outside, along with other things.”

Well...Anything's fine...But you need to choose one.

[]Human Village


Kourin route lock!
[x] Human Village.

It’s better to have something custom tailored and loose for now. It will probably be cheaper too.
[x] Human Village.

I'm sure he has modern clothing and I doubt he charges much for them, the man's infamous for his bad sense of business.
Who knows, maybe we will make Rinnosuke look like a retard for not being able to handle calculator.

Wait for proofing.
the second half will arrive tomorrow. The timer of expiration is one day, by the way.
File 134824827298.jpg - (115.04KB, 1024x768, youwishyouwerethismanly.jpg) [iqdb]



Hm, Kourindou seems like a good place. You 'write' on Sanae's back with your finger. You don't want to risk dropping your notebook from this height.

“Hihi, it tickles! Stop it!” Sanae stops mid-air, clearly not getting your message. So much for being a mute. You reach for her hand and start writing there.

“Uh... What is it? Kou...Kou... Oh!” She taps her own forehead. “We'll rush to Kourindou, then. Hang tight!”

She starts flying forward fast . Really, what the hell she's thinking by saying 'hang tight' while the person has a broken arm? Must be still dozing off and not realizing that you are crippled.


You and Sanae land... somewhere. Wasn't she going to take you to the sho- oh. That shop. You are surprised by the fact that there is a store in the middle of... nowhere. There is a thick forest that you can see from here, and you can see a path in front of the shop, which leads to nowhere you know.

“Huh... Tired... Taking a breath... A while...” Sanae puts you down, panting heavily. You take a look at the shop while steadying yourself with your stick; The shop itself is quite average. There are some decorations on the front, which make it... exotic.

“...Okay... Enough rest... Didn't expect it to be this tiring. I'll hate the trip back with the goods...” She mutters, slaps lightly her own face with both of her hands, and puts her smile back.

“Alright, let's get inside!”



A bell rings once you enter the shop with Sanae, alarming the shopkeeper who reads a newspaper. He puts down the newspaper and greets the customers.

“Ah, welcome. Sanae, if I remember correctly?”

You look at the newspaper. You can read the headline in front of it; 'Hakurei Shrine Maiden Spotted Hugging A Man.' Glad that isn't you on the headline.

“Yes, that's correct! I'm here looking clothes for him.”

There are many modern things here: clock, poster, magazine, computer... How he can get all of these in the middle of nowhere, you don't know.

“Hm... The clothes he wears...They are yours, aren't they?”

Fuck. Busted on the first sight.

“Wha- How do you know?”

“A man walking with a shrine maiden is a rare thing to see, so I think he is the outsider mentioned in the newspaper lately. Outsiders was rarely bring additional clothes here, right? So it's weird that he have a clean clothes here. Besides, that big, green frog in front of the t-shirt seems more suits you. I'm just taking a guess.”

Woah. He's sharp. Anyway, how old is he? The face and the color of his hair are unmatched with each other. He looks like a young man, but already has white hair. Must be either using hair dye like Sanae and Kanako, or he got albinism.

“So... The clothes...”

“Oh, almost forgot. They're there,” he points to a fancy looking wardrobe. Sanae opens it; there are many clothes in different styles. Jackets, shirts, pants... But somehow, they're too fancy for every day’s use. More like costumes for films.

“Hum... Let's try this... This.. And this,” Sanae takes all green set; Green jacket, green shirt, green hat, green trousers... She really has a thing for green, hasn't she? Whatever, she's the one who has the money.

“Any room that he can use to change his clothes?”

“Try there. It's empty,” he points to a door. Sanae shoves you to the room and closes the door. Man, she really needs to slow down a bit. You start to unbutton your clothes-


What was that? There is a blond haired woman entering through the window...

“Ah...It's hur-”

Shit. She looks at you. Naked.

[] A broom to the head!
- [] And another for wimpy shopkeeper!

[] Scream! Not your voice. Hers.

[] Whiteness cover your body...More like a rainbow actuall-
[x] Scream! Not your voice. Hers.

Broom or master sparks are bad.
[X] A broom to the head!
- [X] And another for wimpy shopkeeper!

This is why you don't leave your windows unlocked, Kourin. Now everyone thinks you're gay.
[x] Whiteness cover your body...More like a rainbow actuall-
[] Scream! Not your voice. Hers.

I would vote for the broom, if Rinnosuke was named Hank.
[x] Scream! Not your voice. Hers.
If we could I would vote for us screaming.
File 134884504694.jpg - (13.72KB, 180x274, Riddora.jpg) [iqdb]


Well... This is an embarrassing situation... A blushing girl in a weird outfit staring at you... Naked. And why the hell she keeps staring at THAT part!?

Alright... Think something to defuse this situation. You need to cover the 'nether' area first. You slowly grab your loincloth ba-


Bomb exploded.


“That sounds like Marisa...”

The shopkeeper hits his own head.

“Don't tell me she's sneaking in again...” He says and runs to the source of the sound. Sanae follows him behind.



Here they come. The girl in weird outfit runs to the shopkeeper. You better have an excuse to- wait. You are mute.

“H-H-How-” The girl is unable to mutter the next word she wants to say.

“He's going to buy clothes, so I let him use this room to chang-”

“Don't you know what I just got through? He stabbed my eyes with his... 'katana'!” She yells and points at you in anger. Sanae's face reddens.

“Uhm... 'Katana'...” Sanae stares at your nether region, and nosebleeds.

You quickly cover your 'katana' with the clothes in your hand. Great, today you defiled the eyes of two girls. Getting caught wearing nothing is worse than getting caught wearing a sailor uniform.

“Alright, alright. Let's give this man some privacy, okay?” The shopkeeper shoves them out and closes the door. Finally.


After properly putting on the clothing, you swallow your dignity and step outside. You hope that Sanae explained the situation to that gir- why are they staring at you?!


The girl covers her mouth, clearly trying to hold something in.

“WAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!” She explodes, again. It seems she already forgot the scene before. Good. “Sanae, did you pick the clothes for this man?

“Yeah, Marisa. Why are you laughing?”

“Sanae, look, he looks funny in that all green suit! He looks like a bad guy in a certain hero book!”

“Huh, really?”

“Yes! Kourin, was there a stick when you found this costume?”

“Uh, I found the clothes along with the wardrobe, but-”

Marisa quickly runs to the wardrobe and opens it, searching for something.

“Marisa, what are you se-”

“Hold on Kourin, I was- Aha!”

She throws you a stick, which you catc- ouch. It hits your head instead. She rubs the back of her head.

“Oops, sorry... Uh, what's your name?”

“Nobu. He's mute.” Sanae tells her for you.

“Oh. Sorry, I didn't notice it.” She grabs the stick off the ground, and gives it to you. There is a question mark on the top of it, so you can't place it under shoulder to support your weight. It's more like a cane for a jester on the western part of the world.

“See, from now on I shall call you 'Riddora'!”

“ 'Riddora?' What is that?” Sanae got confused.

“It's from one of the books that I...”

“Steal?” Kourin completes her sentence.

“Gifted! You gave it to me!” She punches him in stomach. Ouch, that looks painful. “It was written in another language, so I asked Keine to translate it, but she couldn't help much.”


“Yeah! Keine said the language was 'Engurish'. I couldn't understand the book much, but it looked good! Did you understand the language?”

“Well, I used to learn it back at school, but-”

“How about we make a deal? You help me translate the books, I'll tell Kourin so you can take the clothes. Free!”

“Hey, I don't-”


She punches Kourin again. Hard.

[]No Deal!
-[] Although you can change my mind with...(Write in)
-[] The shopkeeper has suffered enough, we'll pay for the clothes.

Porque podemos hablar muchas lenguas.
Though not necessarily Spanish.

Worked overnight to do it.
File 134928616729.png - (249.26KB, 450x582, oops.png) [iqdb]



“Deal!” Sanae yells instantly.

“Awesome! Wait here, I'll get the books!” Marisa runs outside, rides her broom and flies away. Flying girl is a common sight in here, but flying witch who's using a broom? That's new, and compared to flying reporter and flying shrine maiden, flying witch with a broom is the most believable.

“Are you okay Rinnosuke?” Sanae helps the shopkeeper get up.

“Don't worry, I'm already used to it,” he rubs his punched stomach. “I will fetch some tea while we are waiting for her. Sit down.”

You and Sanae sit down in fancy chairs... More like thrones, actually, or a film set... Whatever. It's easier to sit in the chair than on the ground. You ask to Sanae about Marisa.

“Huh? Well... She's a witch, loves to discover something mysterious, carefree...”

“And can't be stopped once she has interest in something,” the shopkeeper puts down the tray, with four glass of tea on it.

“Yeah, and that,” Sanae takes one and sips the tea. You prefer to wait until it cools down a bit. “She's actually nice, it's just her personality that makes people around her uncomfortable.”

“I spoke with her once about that...And she told me to stop talking like her old man. Maybe it's part of her reason why she left her father's house.”

“She has a father?”

“Of course. I once worked for her father, you know, before opening this shop,” He sips his tea and sits on another chair. “But enough of her. How about you, outsider? The information in the newspaper about you was minimal.”

“He lost his memory, so-” Sanae suddenly gets an idea. “Oh, I heard that you have the power to know names of things. I wonder if you can-”

“See what's his true name?” Kourin guesses, to which Sanae nods. “Unfortunately, my power doesn't work like that... I know true names and purpose of objects, not people. If I could, I would stare at the mirror and look what is the purpose of my life. Heh...” He chuckles.


“Hi guys! Am I missing something?” Marisa barged in with some books in her hand. How she carried these while flying on a broom, you don't know, and don't care. You classify that as 'trivial stuff', along with 'how Kanako can call gusts of wind' and, 'how girls in this world fly'.

“Hum...Batman huh? I know this series...” Sanae looks at the book.


“...Give me some paper to write the translation...”

“Be quick, I want to read them as soon as possible!” Marisa takes the tea, and drinks it in one glup.



Great, she launches all the tea straight to your head.


“Hah, finally... that's the last page...”

“Hm... Maybe I should change my dress to something resembling a bat while reading it... If Riddora clothes are there, Battoman clothes must be in here too!“ She steps into the wardrobe again.

“Hey, hey... Last time I heard, you were a witch-” Kourin says, but stops upon being glared sharply by Marisa.

“So... May I take the clothes?” Sanae asks.

“Well, I will be punched if I don't...” The shopkeeper sighs. “But, I'm okay with it anyway. You are a paying customer, unlike Reimu or her bat obsessed wi-”


He dodges the broom thrown at him. Damn, he's fast.

“Well, We're off now. Thanks for the clothes!” You and Sanae step out from the shop.

“Goodbye Sanae, Riddora!” Marisa waves her hands. It seems you just got another name...


“Ufff!” Here we go again!” She flies forward. From the look of her face, she's really trying to carry you all the way. Are you really that fat? You barely ate anything since you woke up in this-


Wha- Sounds like a cloth rippi-





“Huh, wha- NOBUUUU!”

You fall.




A voice can be heard... You can smell gasoline really close to you, but can't see anything clear.

“Please...Wake up...”

Where's that sound coming from? Only bright fire fills your sight.

“Don't leave me alone...Hel-”




Damn... That's quite a fall... Your body is no stranger to the pain, bit it still can paralyze you. Maybe you broke another bone or two...


What was tha-

[]An umbrella- Is that a tounge!?
[]Darkness...Darkness everywhere...
[]A girl...with a knife...Bloodied knife. And an eel.

One choice may prove lethal to your life...Maybe.
[x]A girl...with a knife...Bloodied knife. And an eel.

No RUMIA allowed
Mystia eats people too.
That said:

[X]Darkness...Darkness everywhere...
[X] A girl... with a knife... Bloodied knife... And an eel.
[X]An umbrella- Is that a tongue!?

Everyone needs more Kogasa in their life.
[X]An umbrella- Is that a tongue!?

If this keeps happening, you might as well changed the title to "When main characters get maimed!"
[]An umbrella- Is that a tounge!?

Least dangerous choice.
[x]An umbrella- Is that a tongue!?

Kogasa is always the best choice.
[X]An umbrella- Is that a tounge!?
Kogasa is a nice girl. While Mystia can be encountered some other time, if ever.
Called. Just to inform what you guys missed:

Losing a limb

Yukari intervention

Sex scene with Suwako because she feels responsible about the accident resulting in one of your limbs gets eaten.

Writing now.

I'm surprised that Anon took the smart option. Kogasa has achieved her purpose, it seems.
Indeed in light of the idiotic ones they've chosen in this story's past.
File 134954080482.jpg - (105.08KB, 850x708, angerleadstoanger.jpg) [iqdb]




It vividly becomes clear as the thing comes closer; a strange umbrella with... a tongue. Is that one of these 'youkai' things that Sanae told you about earlier? Will it eat you? You remember an old story about a spirit resembling an umbrella-


Oh god, it leaps to yo-




“Hahaha! Found you!”

You tell her that you are tired, and want to rest for a while...

“No way, now it's your turn! Don't try to quit while it's your turn! One last time, okay?”

You nod. The girl runs away while you count.


It's dawn... You can't find her... Maybe she has gone home...


You check the source of the sound.

“Uh...Heero... Let me get into the cockpit...”

She's sleeping...

“Big Zam....Zaku....”

And you are tired... You sit beside her and close your eyes...




“Noooooo! Please, I'm already beaten, wh-”

You are awaken by flashing lights.

“You killed him! I saw it myself, you jumped on the top of him and-”

“I didn't kill him! Dead person can't get surprised! It's a misunderstanding! I'm trying to he-”

That's Sanae and... You never saw her before, but it's a girl. The girl carries a familiar umbrella; Right, that's the creepy umbrella that scared you.


A big star emerges from Sanae, while another girl cowers in fear. Sanae looks VERY angry, with capital V. You better stop her no-


AUGH! The pain, it comes back. The fall must have damaged your body. Think... How to distract her? You look at your surroundings. There's your stick lying besides. Maybe this will be enough. You-


Hurt...Tears... Come on, this is nothing...





Right on her head. Good you haven't lost your aim.


Heh...You flail your arm weakly to her. Sorry Sanae... No other way to stop you...

“Nobu! You're still..” The star dissipates as she runs to you. The umbrella girl follows her quietly from the back. Sanae lets out a small laugh and tears, all her emotions mixed. “Hahaha...Thank you...For keeping yourself alive...”

She carries your body, bridal style, and looks at the umbrella girl.

“Kogasa, carry the stick and clothes and come with me!”

“Eh, but-”

“NOW!” Sanae yells. She definitely looks scary when angry. The umbrella girl jumps a bit, surprised, then nods and takes your stick and clothes.

“Hold still, we'll going to Eientei!”


The three of you land in another forest. The difference is the trees have changed to bamboo.

“Excuse me, is the doctor here?” She yells inside. A woman- correction, a bunny-eared woman comes out of the building.

“Please keep the sound down, the princess-” She stops once she sees Sanae and you. “I'll get master Eirin.”

She walks back inside. Sanae lays you down on the terrace while you are waiting for her.

“Come on...Keep strong, okay?”

“Is he your lover? Why I never saw him before?” The umbrella girl asks. This catch Sanae off guard.

“Eh eh?! Wha?! He doesn't! I'm helping hi-”

“Ahahaha! I surprised you!” She is dancing around like a little girl. Heh, what a refreshing sight... Not for Sanae though. She clutches your hand in anger. You clutch her hand back to get her attention.


[] Ask her for your notebook
-[] Tell her to apologize to the umbrella girl. She nearly killed her with... whatever magical power she used.
-[] Tell her about your recent dreams, before you forget it.
-[] Write In.

[] Don't say anything...Just laying down on her lap is enough to ease the pain.
[X] Ask her for your notebook
-[X] Tell Sanae if the umbrella girl not doing anything to you at all, you should at least listen to the umbrella girl explanation.
-[X] Tell her about your recent dreams, before you forget it.

Am i doing this right? this was my first time
[X] Ask her for your notebook
-[X] Tell her about your recent dreams, before you forget it.
-[X] Tell Sanae if the umbrella girl not doing anything to you at all, you should at least listen to the umbrella girl explanation.

because dreams come before the apology in case you forget it in that time, they can be rather fleeting.
[X] Ask her for your notebook
-[X] Tell Sanae if the umbrella girl not doing anything to you at all, you should at least listen to the umbrella girl explanation.
-[X] Tell her about your recent dreams, before you forget it.
[X] Ask her for your notebook
-[X] Tell Sanae if the umbrella girl not doing anything to you at all, you should at least listen to the umbrella girl explanation.
-[X] Tell her about your recent dreams, before you forget it.
[Z] Don't say anything...Just laying down on her lap is enough to ease the pain.

tide pissan gaems
[X] Ask her for your notebook
-[X] Tell her to apologize to the umbrella girl. She nearly killed her with... whatever magical power she used.
-[X] Tell her about your recent dreams, before you forget it.
-[X] Tell Sanae if the umbrella girl not doing anything to you at all, you should at least listen to the umbrella girl explanation.
She shouldn't be so rough on poor girl, scaring people is her only meal ticket.
File 134997791897.jpg - (101.07KB, 850x531, shewonteatyou.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks. And sorry for piling your work. Things doesn't go really well here(I have mid-term exams on the corner, so kind of hurried the writing and got back studying. Ironically, one of the materials for the exam is 'English'). I'll look harder for errors next time.


You use your hand to 'write' on Sanae's arm. You better 'chat' with them.

“Huh? Bo- ok... Oh!” She reaches into your jacket, searching for something.

“Eep! Pervert! Grabbing onto man's clothe-” The umbrella girl stops once Sanae glares at her, again.

“Look, I'm trying to ease his pain, so, please don't make me exterminate you aga-” You clutch her hand. She takes a deep breath and starts searching again. Doesn't take long for her to find it.

“Here.” She hands you the notebook and the pen. Good. What do you need to say now... Right, first thing first. You need to know what happened when you were unconscious. You write this to Sanae.

“Uhm, it happened very fast... I was carrying you back, until the carriage ripped apart.”

She releases the leather carriage from her back and puts it in front of your face. The part that keeps your weight to Sanae was torn apart. You are so getting on diet after this.

“It's clear that Suwako didn't make it strong enough to carry a man. And you are so heavy to add the fact! I was too concentrated on carrying you all the way back to the shrine, so I only noticed you were falling when I didn't feel your weight on my back... I'm sorry...”

Meh, why she says sorry? It's clear that the accident was not her fault. If anything, it's Suwako's fault for making the carriage not strong enough. But... It's your fault for going with Sanae. All of this wouldn't have happened if you stayed at the shrine.

“I searched where you fell, but it's hard to look in the middle of the forest. And the dim light in the night didn't help much...” She stares at the umbrella girl. “Until I found you almost eaten by this youkai...”

“I didn't! I told you, I was trying to surprise-“

“By pouncing right onto him? Yeah, right.” She says sarcasticly. Man, what's wrong with her? She's really cold to her. It seems that the girl did something wrong to Sanae in the past, so she hates her. You write to Sanae that you want to hear the girl's story.

“Eh? But-” You shake your head. Nope, no 'but'. You want to hear the umbrella girl's story first, no matter how strange it is.

“Well, if you insist...” Sanae reluctantly agrees. “Talk up, Kogasa. And please, no surprises.

“Okay... I was wandering around, looking for humans to surprise... since the children in the village are hard to surprise. Can you believe it, they instead laugh at me and-“

“Focus, please.” Sanae glares at her, for the fourth time.

“Oh, right! And I spotted this man, lying in the forest, so I thought he'll be easy to surprise. So I crept to him and let out some ghastly voice...”

She makes a gesture of a ghost creeping around. You can see the problem with her plan though – her umbrella. It reveals her position. That's why you only saw the umbrella after you fell.


“And... BOO!” She jumps. “I jumped and grabbed his shoulder! But instead of surprising him, I only found him unconscious...It seems he hit my head and got knocked out from that...” She rubs the top of the umbrella. “I tried to wake him up, but he kept sleeping and sleeping... Until you came and shot me with a barrage of bullets...”

“Well...You were on top of him, so it's natural that I thought you were trying to eat him!”

Uh...You are thankful for her concern... But shooting someone with a barrage of bullets when the person doesn't do any harm... You write to Sanae, supporting the girl by telling her that if she wanted to eat you, this conversation wouldn't be happening, because you would be in her stomach right now.

“Fine... I believe you. Sorry for accusing you, Kogasa .” She says rather coldly.

Well, this is a start. If you want to help her problem with this umbrella girl, you need to know why she's hating her. Not now though, because you have a bit of a problem here, namely, falling from the sky.

Oh, and it's better if you discuss your recent dreams with Sanae, before you forget them like before. This will take long to write...


Damn... quite a work... for a man who can move only one hand. Well, actually you can move all of your body, but that takes work. And pain. Especially pain. Sanae reads through it. You can read her face; she seems puzzled.

“Hm... I don't understand... About your first dream: can you see or remember the source of the voice?”

You shake your head.

“Can you see anything other than bright fire?”

You shake your head, again.

“My... This is pointless...” She mumbles. “Maybe it's one of your traumatic experiences? Maybe you have a fear of fire, or something like that...”

“Maybe. No matter how hard you forget those memories, they'll always latch to your brain, or if you prefer a more 'doctorate' terms-”



Sanae jumps back after hearing another voice replying to her, leaving your head successfully falling from her lap to the floor. The umbrella girl looks at the doctor in awe.

“Watch out young girl, you might give him another memory loss. Sometimes amnesia doesn't just work retroactively.”

You look at the source of the sound while rubbing the back of your head; it's the doctor. Behind her is the bunny girl. Sanae sits back and puts your head back on her lap.

“Finally! Doctor Eirin, he-”

“Easy Sanae... Anxiety and panic will worsen the patient's condition much faster than you expect.” Eirin smiles to her. “I'm quite surprised that you came back to me again. What did I say about rest and giving your body a chance to repair itself?“

Heh...Busted at the plain...You can only sheepishly grin at her.

“I thought humans at the outside would follow doctor's order more than the ones at the village. I heard that doctor's fee and medicine's price at the outside are expensive. Maybe I should do the same to you, so you'll follow my orders, yes?”

Your grin quickly fades and you shake your head. Bringing more fees to the shrine that takes care of you? No, thanks.

“Hahaha...Just kidding. Relax, the fact that you can still communicate with one hand using your notebook proves that you'll survive. Now, follow me to the examination room.” She instructs, and Sanae takes you and follows her.

“Can I leave now?” the umbrella girl asks.

“No. I can't carry his things when I'll need to go back to the shrine. Wait here.” Sanae says, and continues walking. You can see the umbrella girl pouting for a while.


You are now lying inside a typical examination room. The only strange thing here is the fact that this place is in the middle of a bamboo forest. The doctor does some tasks on you, before informing you about the result.

“Good news, there are no new broken bones or other major wounds, only some bruises. Did he really fall from that height?” Eirin asks Sanae.

“Yes... I saw him falling down myself...”

“Now, the bad news. Even though there are no new major wounds, the old broken bones do got worse, and need to be re-adjust into position, unless you want to grow the bones in all wrong ways...”

Woah, hell no. You don't want to become cripple forever.

“Let's see... Since we are here, I can give some more treatment that I previously couldn't, because I have all my equipment here. Me and Reisen will do some small operations. You might want to go home first, this will take a while.”

“Thank you... I'll come again to look over him soon.” Sanae walks out of the room.

“Reisen, fetch my masker.” She orders. “Now, what anesthesia should I use...”

[]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple.
[]Hypnotize! Stare that bunny girl's eyes for a while...
[]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.
[]Hypnotize! Stare that bunny girl's eyes for a while...
Reisen route lock! Seriously though, I can't be the only one curious about what Nobu would see...
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple.
We've come very close to suffering from serious physical harm, let's avoid mental harm. A fried brain doesn't do much good for routelocking anyone.
[X]Hypnotize! Stare that bunny girl's eyes for a while...

Maybe by receiving brainwave will regain Nobu another memory recollection.
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple.
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple.
[X]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.
Lol pain
but we need to savegame before that. Just a hunch.
[X]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.
[x]Hypnotize! Stare that bunny girl's eyes for a while...
[X]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.
Changed my Vote into

[x]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.

Let the pain begin!
[X]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.

No one shall hear our screams, its cool we can do this.
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple.

No thank you. I never win on Lunatic.
[X]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.
But only if we get to restart at this choice in case he dies.
why are you people voting for the most painful choice? Are you trying to show others that you're even more retarded than /th/'s underbelly?
[X]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple.
[X]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep. Simple

We seem to learn more when we sleep anyway.
[X]LUNATIC MODO. No anesthesia. This is the punishment for not following doctor's order.
because it's the funny one. Any fool can ask for anesthesia.
Called. Will write when the exams stop biting my brain. Tenshi will be proud.

Oh, and an interesting fact: cardiac arrest can triggered from sudden massive outburst of pain. Medical facts are interesting indeed...
Didn't you say that about crossdressing? And look how that turned out. This board certainly has fallen upon dark times since Lion left.
I personally think that only a fool wouldn't use anesthesia. Or perhaps a fuckwit like yourself.
File 135079006383.jpg - (180.75KB, 850x1202, dead.jpg) [iqdb]
“Reisen, where all the anesthesia went to?"

“What?” The bunny girl returns to the doctor with two masks. The doctor points at the bottle. “That's strange... It was still full last time I saw it... What should we do?”

“It'll take a long time to collect and extract the ingredients again...” The doctor massages her forehead, thinking. 'Start the 'special' procedure.”

“I understand,” the bunny girl walks outside, and comes back with some...powder. What is this 'special' procedure? Your guts do not feel well... The doctor and the bunny girl put on the masks.

“Come on, smell it,” she puts it under your nose. You have no choice but to smell it.


Damn, what was that? It stings your nose with some powerful smell.

“Alright. Now, Reisen, watch his vital sign closely. I'll start now,” she starts moving to your side- wait, why can't you move your head? She's now out of your sight. What she'll-



“Master, his vital sign goes high.”

“I'll continue. Outsider, I assume you can still hear me, so I'll explain the situation.”



“That powder that you inhaled is taken from a poisonous plant. It paralyzes anyone who smells it.”


“I used it so you won't move when I operate you without any anesthesia. Usually I do this to the patients who refuse to get injected with a syringe. I can't understand, they are not afraid to fight youkai, but are afraid of a tiny needle.”


“I'm sorry, if I delayed this operation to produce another portion, the wounds might've got worse.”


The pain keeps striking your body. If you could move you'll definitely grab that doctor and...


You are sleepy...The pain drains your energy... You can't handle it...

“Master, his heartbeat is stopping!”

Yeah...Just a little nap... The next time you wake up all this pain will be gone...

“What!? Quick, get the defibrillator!”

Your consciousness slips away...


“Here...it hurts a little, but you'll able to hop normally again!”

A little girl is injecting a bunny with a syringe. It looks back at her

“No, don't worry Taro. Ms. Eirin won't get mad that I borrowed some of her medicine. I did drop the rest on the floor though...”

The bunny hops out from the girl's lap.

“I wonder what Reisen is doing now... I should check on her! Maybe I can find something fun!”


Dead End


Restart from which point?
[]Write in.
[x]back one
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep.

i would go with resin but that could be dangerious
[x]back one
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep.
[x]Stop listing moronic choices.

Only a retard would have found this update funny.
sadly, this retard is the only proofreader, so shut up.
[x] Activate Gold Experience Requiem.
[x] Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep.
[x] Continue listing various choices.
no fun allowed, huh? You're not taking it easy.
what fun is that in that bad end? If this is going to be a trend, I predict this story is going to get dropped by the writer; it wouldn't be the first time it's happened.
Not the same anon, but I have to honestly say I was amused. It's the first bad end I have read in a while. Not that I read a lot any more so I am sure there have been some.
[x]back one
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep.
[x]back one
[x]Normal anesthesia. Inject the drugs, and sleep.

Lets not take obviously idiotic choices because lolsorandom XD
File 135096735220.jpg - (11.47KB, 800x600, theend.jpg) [iqdb]
Called. Also, take it easy folks, it's fun sometimes to create a bad end scene. I take references on F/SN(Planned to make a hint corner, taiga dojo style, that contain some comedy and stuffs, but decided to not include it because it can delay my writing.), Katawa Shoujo(they don't have dead end though, except for that one end), and Sierra's adventure games. Especially Sierra's adventure games, since they have so many dead scene that's amusing(but not the save scumming and restart from the start because forget to take an item, although I tempted to make one here...) Although I doubt that I can make a bad/dead end as good as those games, I'll try.

Point is, take it easy, and feel free with your votes. Just don't make an insanely creative write-in(like burning Yuuka's flower, trying to rape Suwako...You get the idea.)
i think it's not the fact you gave a bad end it's to who you gave a bad end. I mean comparitively this male touhou oc is much nicer than some of the other ones we've seen and the fact that he seems to give of the air of a helpless kitten that needs to be taken care of also kind of adds to it.


And, sorry, I forgot to say thanks for the earlier proof.

Hint: There are some choice that, while it lets you live, may cost you another limbs. This prevents you from taking heavy task like having labor-intensive jobs. Too bad that no one chooses Rumia earlier.
The proofread will be finished tomorrow. Sorry fellas, had a tough week in the university.
File 135156798477.jpg - (156.00KB, 850x649, what.jpg) [iqdb]



“Hm... The normal ones will do. You aren't afraid of tiny needles, are you?” The doctor says, then turns to her bag. “Now where did I put the syring-”

She stops when her eyes look at the bunny eared little girl carrying a syringe. Damn, there should be a rule for keeping animals out of the clinic. Although you don't know if bunny eared person is counted as animal or human.

“Tewi, may I take that syringe? I have a patient that urgently needs it.” She smiles, keeping her cool.

“But... Taro hurt his leg, and he can't hop normally... Please, let me borrow it! I'll return it soon!” The girl pleads. Eirin shakes her head.

“Now, what did I told you about sterility of medical equipment? I can't inject someone with used syringe,” She takes the needle slowly. “Now, be a good girl and look after it, okay? I'll treat it after I'm done with this man.”

The little girl looks at you for a while, mocks you by showing his tongue, and walks away. She seems angry.

“Please forgive her. She really cares about her...pet rabbit.” Well, it's okay. You can't be angry for something like that on a little child. Eirin then grabs your right arm, trying to find your blood vein, and then applies some alcohol on it. “Hold on, this will be stingy.”


Ouch. Couldn't she give a little time for you to prepare? Getting injected by a syringe is not a pleasant experience to begin with...

“Here master, your mask,” The bunny girl gives it to the doctor. She then looks at you, takes your glasses and pats your head. Oh, right... It's weird to operate while the patient still wearing...

Whew...The medicine sure works quick...Your eyes are feeling heavy...

“Sleep well. The operation will be over before you know it.” The doctor pats your head. Better rest now... You are tired anyway...

“Shall we begin, master?”


You are inside a white room. Your right hand is infused with a tube. There is a man sitting beside you. When realizing that you are awake, he instantly hugs you.

“Thank gods...My son is still alive...” he's crying rivers. “Are you okay son? I'm sorry, I shouldn't hug you too tight...”

You look around, but you can't find what you are looking for. You ask the man.

“I...” He looks sad, ready to cry again. “I...I'm sorry...This is all my fault...Your mother...I shouldn't have brought us into this...”

He breaks down in tears.


You can feel chilling winds sweeping your face... You open your eyes...And find yourself flying, about 1000ft from the ground. What the hell?!

“Sanae, he awakens!”

“Nobu, calm down, or you'll fall again in no time!”

Alright...Better see the situation... You are carried...by a tornado, or wind, or- whatever. It feels strange to be carried by a wind. Sanae and Suwako are flying on Kanako's left and right side. What happened? Last time you remember, you were about to get operated by Eirin...

“He's waking up while we are flying after all, he must be startled.” Suwako flies closer and pats your head. “Don't move too much until we arrive, okay?”

“Remember your promise Suwako, tell hi-”

“Later, Kanako. Later. I can't tell him here,” She flies away from her. Kanako sighs and flies on, along with you. It seems she's the one who's controlling the wind, which is unsurprising, considering the power that she demonstrated back in the day...

“Are you feeling better now, Nobu?” Sanae asks. You nod; It still hurts when you try to move your body, but that's it. You are no stranger to pain anyway. Although-


Your stomach rumbles, hard. Sanae giggles after hearing it. You slap your forehead; Great job stomach, it managed to tell your body condition more than your mouth could ever do.

“Well, I bet that he didn't eat anything since last night. Let's hurry then,” Kanako starts flying faster along with you. Better fill this hungry stomach with something soon...


You arrive back to the shrine. Ah, it's good to be back home.

“Sanae, catch him,” Kanako instructs her. Slowly the wind dissipates, lowers your position, and finally gone, followed by you falling into Sanae's ar-


Ouch. At least you have a landing base now.

“Kanako-sama, I'm sorry, but I've told you before, he's heavy! Please do it slowly next time,” Sanae brushes off her outfit and carries your body. “Ufff!”

“Sorry, my bad.”

“Sanae, should I hel-” Suwako offers.

“No, thanks. If I could hold him all the way to Eientei, carrying him to his room should be easy,” She slowly walks to your room.


Sanae puts you on your bed. It feels good to lay on your bed again,

“Well...” Sanae sits besides you. “It'll take awhile until your meal's ready. Do you want to talk for a while to kill time?“

[]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so...

[]That umbrella girl... You can't forget how Sanae's attitude turned half-circle once in front of her. Ask her why she's so harsh to her.

[]What did Suwako want to tell you earlier? Why not just tell you directly? Maybe Sanae knows something about this...

[]You see the radio that you received from Yukari... Ask Sanae when you can meet with the rucksack girl. You forgot her name though...

[]Most importantly... Ask her to teach you how to fly, so you won't need those silly muscle-coated bones called 'legs'.

[]Write in.
>[]Most importantly... Ask her to teach you how to fly, so you won't need those silly muscle-coated bones called 'legs'.
Confirmed for losing legs choice.

[x]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so...
[X]ask if tewi's bunny friend is alright
[x]That umbrella girl... You can't forget how Sanae's attitude turned half-circle once in front of her. Ask her why she's so harsh to her.
[]That umbrella girl... You can't forget how Sanae's attitude turned half-circle once in front of her. Ask her why she's so harsh to he

Also, please don't use the suffixs. It's jarring in english. "Lady","Master" or "Mistress" works well instead. Former for the Goddesses like Suwako and Kanako and often for Yuyuko and Yukari as well. "Master" tends to be an accepted term for Eirin when Reisen is speaking. "Mistress" is usually for the master/servant relationships, especially non-royality. Example is Remilia as the "Mistress" of the SDM and "Young Mistress" for Flan when Sakuya or Meiling are speaking.

Just examples. It's pretty loose as a rule when it comes to titles as long as you're not using the dreaded suffixes.
Not to mention that Ms Eirin is incorrect. It should be Ms Yagokoro.

Though Master works better.

Uhm, sorry. I didn't noticed it when checking the proofread. It wasn't there in the original text. And thanks for the suggestion, I find it weird when Sanae calls Kanako and Suwako without any honorifics (since it implies her being not paying any respect to them).

I don't know when to call people using last or first name, since in some works I see people using last name and some using first name. When to use it properly?

Thanks guys, I don't know what to do without you all.
Calling someone by their first name is informal whereas as a title such as Mr or Mrs is formal. If you're going to call someone Mr or Mrs then it would be Mr Surname or Mrs Surname. It's never Mrs First Name, especially when your talking to someone of a higher or equal standing.

Reisen calling Eirin Master would be appropriate.
[x]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so...
[x]That umbrella girl... You can't forget how Sanae's attitude turned half-circle once in front of her. Ask her why she's so harsh to her.
[x]What did Suwako want to tell you earlier? Why not just tell you directly? Maybe Sanae knows something about this...
[x]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so...
[x]What did Suwako want to tell you earlier? Maybe I should ask Her directly later...
[x]You see the radio that you received from Yukari... Ask Sanae when you can meet with the rucksack girl. You forgot her name though...

Suwako can't tell Nobu something i assume that some private matter or something else, better ask her directly than asking other person.
[x]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so...
[x]What did Suwako want to tell you earlier? Maybe I should ask Her directly later...
[x]You see the radio that you received from Yukari... Ask Sanae when you can meet with the rucksack girl. You forgot her name though...

About the radio that Yukari requested maybe she'll give something to Nobu after finish repair it. And yeah it's better to ask Suwako directly than asking Sanae, cause it seems Sanae is avoiding Suwako for some reason (maybe just my imagination though).
And sorry for my bad grammar
[X]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so...

[X]That umbrella girl... You can't forget how Sanae's attitude turned half-circle once in front of her. Ask her why she's so harsh to her.

[X]What did Suwako want to tell you earlier? Why not just tell you directly? Maybe Sanae knows something about this...
Called. I'll take three top votes since more than half anons take three. Those three votes are:

[]Ask her what happened before you woke up in the sky with the girls. They seem to urgently pick you up, so..

[]That umbrella girl... You can't forget how Sanae's attitude turned half-circle once in front of her. Ask her why she's so harsh to her.

[]What did Suwako want to tell you earlier? Why not just tell you directly? Maybe Sanae knows something about this...

Writing now. This will be take some time...
It took long, and I think I left some jagged sentence constructions, but I tried my best.
File 13522240307.jpg - (148.95KB, 500x740, temptinggoddess.jpg) [iqdb]



Uh, okay. You don't like sitting without something to do anyway. You need to find your glasses first-

“Looking for this?” Sanae gives you your notebook and pen. Well, not what you had in mind, but you definitely need these. You point at your eye to Sanae, showing her that something is missing from your precious eye.

“Oh, Eirin gave you that eye patch to cover the removed eye, since she said the bandage on your face can be removed now, since by now it has been healed.”

Damn Sanae, she doesn't get the- the bandage on your face was removed already? That's... terrifyingly fast. You remember that the doctor said it'll take some weeks to get healed. You look at the mirror at your side to check- wait, you still need the glasses. You make a 'glasses' with your finger and put it on your face... Although it's more fitting to call it a 'monocle', since the other hand is broken.

“Oh!” Sanae hits her own head, reaches inside her outfit and gives you the glasses. Heh, finally she caught the meaning... One advantage of being a woman; they can store something inside their breast pocket without being afraid that someone will pickpocket it. And not to mention that she has quite large brea-

“Hm... So, how's your dream? Do you remember anything from sleeping for three days?” Sanae cuts your naughty thought before it could manifest. You try to call on your dr- wait, three days!? You stare at her in surprise.

“W-w-w-what's wrong?” What's wrong? Doesn't she understand how wrong it is when a person sleeps for three days? Alright... Take your breath, this isn't something that needs to be freaked about; Your body functions normally, your mind is still intact, everything's fine except for the broken bones, which is understandable. You better ask her what happened in the last three days.

“Uhm... Where to start... Well, after I left you in Eientei, I went back to the shrine to put away things that you had dropped. Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako asked why I did't carry you back, and...

She stops to mutter under her breath, it seems something has happened.

“And we decided to wait until tomorrow to visit you, since operations usually take many hours. Fast forward to the next day, when we visited the Eientei, Eirin said that you were still sleeping, but we still can see you in the room. She said that we should try again tomorrow. When I came again on the next day, she gave the same answer. We started to get worried, if something wrong has happened to you...”

Well, good that they noticed it. You don't want to become a male version of sleeping beauty. On the second thought, sleeping ugly is more fitting to you.

“Then today, when we came again, Eirin once again said that you are still sleeping, but we can take you back to the shrine. When we asked what she has been doing to you for you to be sleeping that long, she confessed that she has experimented with a new medicine on you. I was mad hearing that, but the result...“

She points to the mirror. You look at it; your face has fully healed. No marks, no scars... It's pretty smooth. Now, that's a miraculous medicine.

“Oh, and she asked me to give this to you.” Sanae gives you a folded paper. Hum, looks like a note. You open read it...

'Greetings. By the time you read this, you must already know that there was something unusual in my treatment. I'm sorry to drug you to sleep for three days, but you are satisfied with the healing, yes?”

Damn, so she did drug you to sleep... But still, looking at the result, you can't complain.

'Your bones will still be rapidly mending themselves for the next few days, so please this time, rest. I don't want you wasting the new medicine. If you come back to me before they fully mend, I'll make you a living statue for a month~'

Uh...You shudder while reading this. You are not sure if she's joking or not, since she has showed herself capable of making you sleep for days. If all doctors gave warnings like this, nobody would disobey a doctor's order.

'Jokes aside, tell Sanae not to worry about the payment. You can pay whenever you have the money if you come to me, I'm not too shabby when it comes to money. I told her a few times earlier, but she insisted on paying it all at once. Please understand this, I know all these medicines do cost a lot of money, but some herbs are hard to grow, some are hard to process...'

“I pay it all at once because Lady Kanako said that we better not get into debt with other person, because that can bite in the future...” says Sanae. She must be reading the note behind you.

'But this treatment, it's already payed by your... friend. It's a surprise that she wants to help you. Care to share your secret with that lady?'

'She'? You point this part of letter to Sanae.

“Uhm, no, I didn't pay anything to her. She only said that whole fee was already covered. I can only think about one person who did this... But, it's really strange of her to interfere directly so often like this.”

Heh... Yukari. She's helping you too much now. How can you pay her back after all her help? If only she actually told you your past...

'That's it for now, Reisen tells me that somebody's looking for me. Must be Sanae. Don't forget my warning. Farewell~

Signed, Yagokoro Eirin'

You sigh and fold back the paper. She's right, you need to rest, only for a few days. You'll fix the radio after you are fully healed, or at least until you can walk again, that's the least you can do to pay Yukari's kindness.

There is another thing that you better know about... Sanae's hatred of the umbrella girl. You ask her what's wrong between her and the umbrella girl.

“Eh?” Seems like she wasn't expecting that you'll ask this from her. “No, nothing's wrong... I... I mean, I was just freaked out that you are-”

You stare at her, she's a bad liar. You can notice there is difference between her normal talk. Besides, if there is nothing wrong, she wouldn't keep her mean attitude after she discovered that you are safe and the umbrella girl has no intention of harming you. She sighs and raises her arms in defeat.

“Alright, I give up... I did have a problem with her... But, prepare yourself, okay? Things that I will tell will be hard to understand... Don't think into it too much...” She takes a deep breath. “It was quite a long time ago... I was trying to gather faith from people at the village. To make them believe that there are gods in the shrine, I had to do something that would amaze people.”

She closes her eyes and mumbles something.

“Your glasses will fall in three seconds.”



Your glasses fall, and drop to your leg. Sanae takes them and gives them back to you.

“I haven't told you this before... I can cause a miracle.”

Wait, wait... How does this 'miracle' thing work? Did she see the future and tell it to you, or she really made the glasses fall? Or-

“Nobu, Nobu!” She calls you out from your thoughts again. “Don't think about it too much, okay? If you want details, overall it means I can make something out of chances. Like the chance an apple will fall down from the tree by itself, or chances that it'll rain today, anything, good or bad.”

Good or bad? Wait, if she can do that, why didn't she save you when you fell? Like, falling to the bushes or somewhere soft? You scribe your question to her.

“Theoretically, I could've saved you, but I would've needed time to cast it... I was too late to realize that you were falling, not to mention I was panicking...Sorry, if I had the chance...”

You nod to her in understanding. Although this 'miracle' thing confuses you; Why doesn't she create a miracle to make people come to this shrine, instead of her coming to the village? Or make your bones instantly heal themselves, it counts as a miracle, right? Or-

“Nobu, don't think about it too much. Just call it 'magic' and we are done, okay?”

Err...Fine. Besides, if you dwell into this 'magic' thing, she can't continue her story.

“Where was I...Oh, right. So I was preparing a big miracle, worth several hours of casting, I thought that'll bring a lot of faith towards the shrine...” Sanae palms her hand. “Before Kogasa came and surprised me, messing the spell, and instead of something good like rain, tadpoles and frogs fell from the sky! It was pretty hectic when that happened... Several hours of casting lost because of her...”

Raining frogs... You think that you heard that before in a fairy tale or something... But having several hours of work lost because of one person must be really frustrating, although keeping it inside your heart won't be healthy. You scribe to her that she should forgive her for it.

“Why?! She didn't even feel sorry about that! She just walked away and laughed! You don't know how much trouble that-”

You wait until she cools down. It's not easy to forgive a person, but you have to do it someday.

“I... I'm sorry for yelling at you...” Sanae gets quiet for a while. “I... I will try, okay?”


“Nobu! Dinner's ready!” Suwako comes into the room. Hmm, that food smells good. “Sanae, rest. I'll feed him this time.”

Sanae nods and walks out of the room. Huh? It's unusual for Suwako to feed you. Actually, maybe you can eat on your own now, looking at your better condition.

“Come on Nobu, the train will enter your mouth soon! Cho choo!” She takes a spoonful of rice. You roll your eye; you are not a 5 year old boy. Suwako seems to notice this.

“Ahaha! Sorry Nobu, just kidding! Now ahhh~”

You eagerly open your mouth, this is the second time you eat rice. You hope it won't be as painful like before...


It was sudden, but you noticed it, she looks grimmer, out of her cheerful attitude, before hiding that with her smile. What was- Meh, screw it. You have a stomach to fill.


“Nobu, I have something to tell you.” Suwako puts down the empty bowl and starts talking. “I... I'm sorry, I endangered you life... If I didn't lie to you...”

You stare at her in confusion, what does she mean?

“Listen... The carriage that you used earlier... Actually...It's not exactly a carriage. It's a bag... I thought that it should help Sanae carry things she bought, but seeing you... I thought you might want to go with her, and I thought the bag will be strong enough to hold you...”

Damn... You can't find a word to express this... You almost got killed-

“Kanako always tells me to think things throughout, or something bad will happen... And it shows now... I did the mistake that risk other people's life... Like some hundred years ago...”

She crawls to you, and puts her face really, really close to you.

“Don't worry Nobu... I'll pay for my mistake... If I won't do my punishment, I'll forget again like before... Just relax...”

She kisses you in the mouth. Passionately.

[]Go down with the temptation...

[]No...You can't... This is wrong...

To proofreader:Are you okay to proof a sex scene, if that one choice is chosen?
[]No...You can't... This is wrong...

It will only come back to bite us in the arse later on if we choose to accept.
[]No...You can't... This is wrong...
Ya this is gona come back to bite us if we go along with it. There are other ways to say your sorry and make up but, this isn't one of them.
[x]No...You can't... This is wrong...

Only because of the writer's tendency for drama/cheap laughs. Otherwise I'd be tempted
[]No...You can't... This is wrong...

Probability-manipulation miracles? Sanaekastel.
[x]Grab your Note Quick!
[x]Write:Suwako Don't. Whatever your reason is i'm not accepting this as an apology, if you want to apologize just treat me like usual, i'm already gratefull by the things they are.

Are Write-in Choice accepted this time?
[x]No...You can't... This is wrong...

We've being told to rest.

>But this treatment, it's already payed by your... friend

Payed should be paid.
Also having ellipses in a written sentence doesn't make sense.
[X]Go down with the temptation...
I feel like these are double, or triple posts by one anon.
[X]Go down with the temptation...
taking a shit against the tide.

Warning: NSFW

How can I check which post is posted by the same anon or not? I kinda feel it when sometimes the votes that come in exploded from 3-6 votes into 10-15 votes, like update >>21946, but I can't tell if one anon spamvoting or not.


Write in accepted at all time, but the decision to put it in or not lies in the votes. If majority of the anon supports it, I'll do it(if the write in is do-able).
Usually it's just a matter of asking a mod to check.
I'll post the update anyway if there's no proofing in 24 hours.
finally got it done. Had little time these days, and a headache to boost.
File 135277722334.jpg - (88.22KB, 900x508, ZOMGIwriteNSFWmaterial.jpg) [iqdb]



Warning: NSFW scene ahead.


You appreciate her understanding that lying to you and putting you in a grave situation was wrong.

But this is not the solution.

Her tongue dancing in your mouth as she lowers her left hand on your pants, rubbing your crotch. You break the kiss before you are tempted too far.

“Hm? Nobu? Why-”

You shake your head, you can't let her continue this act.

“No?” She looks in your eye. “Oh, I know; You don't want do it with this childish body, do you? No worries...”

She opens all her garments and starts chanting. Slowly, her body transforms into an adult one, which is really... tempting, with quite big breasts and great posture. Wha- what just happened? What is she? Why can she change her body so easily like that?

“Satisfied now?” She opens your pants, revealing your hard dick. You immediately take your notebook and start scribing before your mind's too clouded by lust.

“Huh?” She stops seeing you scribing. You tell her that while you are glad she knows that what she was doing was wrong, it's even more wrong to do this to pay for her mistake.

“I...” Suwako can't find a word to mutter. You scribe again that she better think about what she's doing now, besides, there's nothing to forgive for anyway; her intention was good. It's your rotten luck that the bag ripped before you arrived to the shrine. Not to mention that you will be disrespecting Lady Kanako if you do this in her shrine.

“Well...” She sighs, and sits beside you, still naked. “You... You are right Nobu... I shouldn't even be doing this...”

She's smiling again, but this time it's different. She doesn't hide anything behind that smile.

“You remind me of someone... He's young like you when I met him, and unlike me, he's able to think ahead and keep a firm grip on his morality... It's my mistake too that he's gone...”

She lets out a few drops of tears.

“Nobu, thank you... Thank you very much...” She wipes her tears. “But it's uncomfortable for me if I don't do something to pay my mistake...”

Well if she says so... You scribe to her that if she tells you what she is, then you'll forgive her mistake, since no normal people can change their body at mere will. Except actresses, they can call a surgeon to change their body.

“Mhmh...MUAHAHAHA!!” She laughs hard when reading that. “Nobu... Haven't you figured out that I'm also a goddess? I mean, Sanae tried to hide it, but she keeps calling me 'Lady', and I'm not talking like a little child, it's so obvious that I'm not as young as you think.”

Uh... What?

“Listen, don't tell Sanae I told you this, okay? She's a bit paranoid that you'll go mad when you find out the truth. Basically... Everyone in this shrine are goddesses... Including Sanae and me!”

That... makes sense actually, with Sanae having her 'miracle' power and Suwako's ability to change her body, and everyone flying when fetching you... Why haven't you thought of this yet?

“Kanako can control air, I can control land, and Sanae can do miracles, but she still has her human form. Think of her as a newly deified goddess.”

Wait, newly deified? So she can make you a deity as well? Uhm, nah. You are not into this god-goddess thing. Living forever is not something on your mind.

“We goddess need people's faith to keep existing. If there isn't any faith, we'll go back to our true nature. For Sanae, she'll only be reverted to human. For me and Kanako...”

Death. So being a deity doesn't mean immortality after all...

“Doesn't really matter to me though. Nothing is going to last forever. Everything has their own end after all, it's how we end our way that matters, like what he said to me...” She stops to look down. “So, does that answer your question?”

You nod. You've got your answer, and you are not fancy for infodump, you need to save your memory on your brain for your past.

“But promise me something, don't treat us any different after hearing that. We only need you to believe that we are goddesses, that's it. I am content with four of us treating each other like this and not with servant-master attitude, as long as everyone respects each other. Do you understand?”

Well, that's a relief. Your luck isn't really rotten after all, you are living with three goddesses and you can talk to them like some other person.

“I'm glad. But...” She sees your juicy, erect cock. “I'm responsible for making you aroused after all... ”

She grabs your hardon and massages it. Ahhh... You... can't....

“It's okay Nobu... Just for this, and forget that this ever happened...”

You... Your brain is too excited by this sensation.... You grab her breast and try to bring your head closer to her.


She notices this and uses her hand to support your head, while her other hand still massages your dick. You suck her breast like a baby... Something sweet enters your mouth... It makes you even more excited...

“You are so cute... drinking my milk like a baby...”



“Ah! You let out so much sperm...”

She notices that you are still sucking her breast, and some of her milk spilled outside your mouth.

“Uhm... Nothing, Nobu... Drink up until you are full...”


NSFW material ends here.


Suwako enters the room. Kanako is already there, sipping her tea near the table.

“Suwako, are you done with...”

“He's sleeping now. No. I didn't do it... He doesn't want it. He told me that it's wrong... and he's right.”

Kanako drinks her tea, and smiles.

“It's good that he can tell some sense into you better than me. It's rare for a male outsider to be able to overcome their own desire...”

“Yeah... He's a good man.” She sits on a pillow and pours some tea into a glass. “I wonder... Maybe we should match him with Sanae? I don't think that boys from the village will fit with her, since Sanae comes from outside...”

“Hey, who's the one that thinks too far now...” Kanako stares at her. “He's really a wonder... Although his faith is not flowing really well...” She notices something. “Suwako, your right cheek...”

Suwako touches it, and finds some... liquid on her face.

“Oh?! I must've missed it while cleaning up... Even though he's doesn't want it, I can't just leave him while he's still aroused, right?”

“On the outside, it's called 'rape'...” Kanako sighs.

“Whatever...” Suwako drinks her tea and walks outside. “I'll go get some sleep. These breasts are really killing my back...”


“Awesome! This will be a hot gossip for the month! 'Outsider romancing on a goddess!' I can't wait to-”

A strange hole appears behind her.

“Ms. Shameimaru... Care to talk for a while?”

She groans. This will be a bad day...


A few days later...


You have to lay down for a few days, doing nothing... Okay, sometimes you sit down when Suwako or Sanae come with food, or spend your time reading the engineering book, but you gain nothing from it.

But today, it's different.

“Alright, it's safe to remove the splits,” says Dr. Yagokoro, and removes the fastened splint on your left arm. Sanae helps her by removing the splint on your right leg.

“How do you feel now, Nobu?”

You move your used to be broken arm and leg; it's like being reborn. Good as new.

“Okay, I must go now, I have an appointment with a patient in the village. Good bye,” She says, then walks out from the room.

“Thanks for the help!” Sanae yells as Eirin flies away. Then she stands in front of you. “Can you get up on your own?”

You coordinate your limbs, and get up from the bed. Not bad, but it somehow feels a bit stiff. Better go somewhere while stretching your limbs...

[]Ask Sanae where's the rucksack girl's place, and walk to there. Not flying, walk. You need some exercise, and a task to do from Yukari.

[]Ask Sanae where's the village. Maybe you can find something to work out this body. You also want to see how Sanae collects faith.

[]Go to Kourin's shop. Maybe you can get a job at there. You need to help the shrine's economy.
[x]Ask Sanae where's the village. Maybe you can find something to work out this body. You also want to see how Sanae collects faith.

And, some job if it possible....
[X]Ask Sanae where's the rucksack girl's place, and walk to there. Not flying, walk. You need some exercise, and a task to do from Yukari.

[X]Go to Kourin's shop. Maybe you can get a job at there. You need to help the shrine's economy.

[X] Think about recreational use of medicinal marijuana, and where to get it.
who's the rutsack girl again? If it's marisa, talking there might be the best idea.
File 135285340711.jpg - (233.91KB, 700x1000, answer.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Ask Sanae where's the rucksack girl's place, and walk to there. Not flying, walk. You need some exercise, and a task to do from Yukari.

Because walking is good and should get Yukari tasks done as soon as possible
[x]Ask Sanae where's the rucksack girl's place, and walk to there. Not flying, walk. You need some exercise, and a task to do from Yukari.
[x]Ask Sanae where's the rucksack girl's place, and walk to there. Not flying, walk. You need some exercise, and a task to do from Yukari.
The proofread will be done tomorrow.
File 135348865963.jpg - (195.00KB, 850x1288, hellothar.jpg) [iqdb]



You look at the broken radio that was gifted to you by Yukari; She did ask you to repair it, didn't she? You feel obliged to do her request, after all, she paid for your treatment. You take the radio and show it to Sanae.

“Hm? The radio? It's still broken. I'll bring it to Nitori if you want. She maybe be taking day off today.”

Nah. You'll go with her, this is a good chance to test your recently healed limbs. You sign that you'll go with her. She, however, responds with a frown.

“Nobu, no. I don't want another accident like before. You stay here while I'll go, okay? The radio will be fixed before you know it, Nitori is an expert in this sort of thing.” Sanae objects to your decision. You shake your head, like hell you'll stay doing nothing for another day.

“Please Nobu, don't-”


“Good afternoo- Wheee, look who's standing now!” Suwako barges in, as cheery as always. “Sanae, why you don't look happy? Nobu is fully healed now!”

“He insists to go with me to Nitori's place. He should get some rest now, right? Just because he's recently healed doesn't mean-”

“Sanae...” Suwako calms her down. “Don't you think this is too much for him? Do you like it when you can only stay in one place, and do nothing?”

Sanae looks down. She can't talk back to her.

“Besides it's only Nitori's place. It's not that far, it's still on this mountain. Won't take long if you fly there. With his healed limbs Nobu can hold tight while you are flying right?”

Uh... Actually you don't want to fly, especially after the unpleasant experience that you suffered falling down from the carriage. You'll walk. Walking is good for your health, doctors approve. You state this to her via your notebook.

“Uhm, Nobu...” Suwako looks at you. “I don't mind you flying with Sanae to a lot of places, but walking? The path isn't too good if you aren't used to it, and it's at the base of the mountain...”

You are certain about this. She's the one who said the place isn't far from here, so why worry much?

“If you say so, then I can't stop you. But...” Suwako chants a few words that you don't understand, and a frog materializes on her hand. “Take this with you, okay? It'll make you safe on your travel, I promise!”

“Lady Suwako, please, I've told you not to use your power in front of him!” Sanae glares. You take the frog and look at it; how can this bring you safe trav- On the second thought, she's a goddess. Don't question her. “Nobu, you don't look surprised... Did you-”

Suwako pushes both of you before Sanae can finish her statement.

“Sanae, show him the way, would you? Have a safe travel!” She says quickly, and runs to the main building. She glares at the frog, who sits firmly on your shoulder, then sighs in defeat.

“Let's go Nobu. If you can't walk anymore, tell me, okay?” She starts walking, leading the way. You have no choice but to follow her, she's the one who knows the area here.


“So... Lady Suwako already revealed herself as a goddess, right?” Sanae starts talking. You nod slowly, it's useless to lie to her anyway. You start writing and tell her to not get angry at Lady Suwako, goddesses should not fight with each other.

“Wait wait wait, she also told you that I'm a goddess!?“ She stops and yells when reading your message. Oops. ”I knew Lady Kanako could hold secret much better than her, but this is really awful...” She sulks under her breath.

You send her another message, asking why she was keeping it in secret.

“I... I'm afraid that you won't hold all the facts, and will go away from us in fear... Or go insane because it's too weird for you... I mean, many things here will shatter your common sense...”

You don't know why she has irrational fears like that. Where will you go if you run away? You don't have any destination at all, also they saved your life. If they wanted it, you wouldn't be walking with her today.

“Nobu, there are many things here that you'll find absurd, strange... anything! Don't use your common sense, just accept that it happens and move on. Thinking about it will only strain your mind. Okay?”

You're already doing that, why else can you accept flying girls as a trut-


You slip away from your steps and hit the ground. Sanae runs to you in panic.

“Watch out Nobu, the path is a little bit slippy because of the moss, be careful!” She takes your arm to help you stand. That hurt, but at least this time you did not fall from the sky.


You arrive at a... lake that's surrounded by some weird cliff formation. When you look at the lake at the side of the cliff, it has the look of a tortoise shell. Beautiful. How it could form itself like that is a wonder, like the rest of natural beauty of mother earth.

You're almost out of your breath. The distance was quite far for your body, or you need to work out your stamina more. Sanae takes your hand while you and her traverse down the cliff to the lake. You can see some girls there, all wearing same outfit and hats... Maybe some kind of uniform for their group. One of the girls notices both of you. She runs to your position.

“Sanae, welcome! What brings you here? Why didn't you fly? Do we have another tasks? Who is this man?” She torrents her with question.

“No, I come on my own will. Where is Nitori?” Sanae asks. The girl goes to the crowd, calling someone. Not long after, you can see the girl that visited the shrine long ago come towards you. You can only differentiate her from other by her hair and face, since all their apparels are same. Oh, and her big rucksack.

“Sanae, is there somet- Oh!” She gets surprised by your presence.

“Don't worry Nitori, it's just Nobu, remember?”

“Ahahaha... Sorry, I can't recognize you in that outfit...” She rubs her head, apologizing. “What brings you here? Will we go venturing somewhere?”

“Uhm, actually...Nobu, will you?” Sanae looks at you. Oh, right. You give Nitori the radio. “We can't turn it on.”

“Let me see.”

She sits down and takes some tools from her rucksack. Her face turns serious. You hand your book. It might help her more than you. She opens the radio with her screwdriver, and looks inside.

“It's dusty inside. Dirt won't do good to electronics like this, you know. How old is this thing?”

You raise your shoulders, no idea. She takes a towel and starts to clean it gently.

“Good that it didn't rust. Many of the parts are dislocated. This won't be long.”

You look closely at her, how she puts the parts, looking at the tubes, the circuit board... It looks... familiar...

Memory rushes into your mind...



You are sitting on a chair, a man guiding you from behind.

“Slowly solder it after putting the right piece, so it's connected to the circuit board.”

You carefully use the hot rod to melt some string-like metal on the board. The melted metal takes very little time to harden itself.

“Good boy. Remember to do it slowly. If it hits your arm, the burn mark won't get off easily,” he says and pats your head.



An old man looks at you, he's wearing a business suit. You test a radio-controlled car, hand made.

'I'm impressed, you have your father's crafty hands at such a young age,” he claps. “If only he actually gets up from that accident... You'll definitely surpass him someday.”



“Hey, finish that radio later, didn't you say you want to visit-”


“-'s daughter? The shrine's very far from this place. We'll get into traffic jam if we depart late. We'll also pay a visit to their grave, right?”

You nod and leave the unfinished radio aside, and walk with the man.

“Don't remind her about her parents, okay? Even though it's years ago, it must be still scarring her. We know what she has gone through.”

You nod again, and step into the car.

“Although I can't imagine such an active child like her becoming a shrine maiden... I wonder what he'll say if he can see his daughter now...”


You feel cold... and wet. What happe-


Brrrr! You immediately sit down from your position. Sanae and Nitori looks at you... along with hundreds of girls... Alright, not hundreds, but really-really many. Nitori holds a bucket, it seems she's the one who pours water to you.

“He's awake!”

“What happened to him?”

“Is he sick?”

“Anything alright?”

[] Disperse the crowd first, and scribe to Sanae what happened. Somebody put an entire encyclopedia into your head, and it really hurts....

[] The radio... you need to fix the radio now, before you forget the knowledge.
[X] Disperse the crowd first, and scribe to Sanae what happened. Somebody put an entire encyclopedia into your head, and it really hurts....
[x] Disperse the crowd first, and scribe to Sanae what happened. Somebody put an entire encyclopedia into your head, and it really hurts....
[X] The radio... you need to fix the radio now, before you forget the knowledge.
[x] Disperse the crowd first, and scribe to Sanae what happened. Somebody put an entire encyclopedia into your head, and it really hurts....
[] The radio... you need to fix the radio now, before you forget the knowledge.

On a side note, it seems like it'd be a good idea to make a to-do list of what all we should maybe accomplish.
File 135380351866.jpg - (142.96KB, 850x609, alrightI'mranoutoftitleidea.jpg) [iqdb]



These eyes... They are looking at you... You feel nervous with all the attention. What should you do about them? Do they want something from you? Did something big happen to you? Sanae seems to able to read your uneasiness.

“Hey, please don't gather around here, give him some room to breath!” Sanae tells them off. They suddenly... vanish. Are they ghosts or something?!

“Geez, look at yourself Nobu... If you stayed at the shrine this wouldn't have happened...” She scolds you. Man, it's not like you can help it. Anyway, how about the radi-


The pain, it's back, but instead hitting your shoulder, it hits your head. Violently. You slam your head on the ground repeatedly, but it doesn't go away.

“Nobu?! What's wrong, tell me!” She holds your body, preventing you from injuring yourself more. You steady yourself against the pain, and it slowly becomes clear... It's not hitting you, it fills your head with many things, so many information that it overwhelms you.

But most importantly, now you know who's the man that keeps appearing in your mind.


Where is he now? Is he safe? Where he lives? Why you got separated with hi-

'Nobu, listen to me! Concentrate, don't think of anything else!” Sanae breaks your train of thought. Damn, you're trying to remember something important here. Although you understand why she worries so much, banging your head on the ground is unhealthy and strange. You need to tell her what happened to your mind. You take your-

Crap. Your notebook. It's wet. Daaaaaaaammmnnnnnn.... How will you communicate now? Writing on the ground again?

“Uhm... sorry... I didn't know that you've brought a notebook...” Nitori emerges from...nowhere. How can she go to and out of nowhere? Is that her power? She reaches her rucksack and gives you a paper. Yeah, this will do... If your hands weren't wet-


“Nobu... unbutton your clothes. You'll catch a fever if you don't,” Sanae looks at your wet suit. Nah, half naked with girls looking at you? No thanks.

“Come on Nobu, it's not like I've never seen you in your... birthday suit... 'Katana'...” She blushes. What is she talking abo- oh. That accident in Kourin's shop. Well... you reluctantly open your wet jacket and shirt, revealing your not-appealing body. As long you can keep the pants on, it's fine...

“Nitori, your towel please?” She asks her.

“Sorry, it's kind of dirty...” Nitori hands the towel to her. You take it before Sanae rejects it. You wipe your wet body with it. Your lower body is still wet, but at least with now-dry hands, you can write without ruining the paper. You take your pen and start writing...


Sanae reads your finished note, while curious Nitori peeks behind her.

“So you remembered more pieces of your memory... But why fainting and slamming your head onto ground? You didn't do any of those last time, only blank stare and such...”

Uh... It really hurts this time, dunno why. You respond to her with raised shoulders. She sighs and continues reading.

“Well, at least now you know who your father is. How about your mother? You don't remember anything about her?”

She has a point. You try to recall your memory. Come on, there must be-



“Alright, forget it. You're scaring me. I'm glad to know that your memories are back. We'll talk about it later, after your headache subsides, okay?”

You nod to her. Your brain already did well on recovering your memories. It deserves a rest.

“Anyway... Here. It should be working now,” Nitori gives Sanae the radio. She turns it on, but only static sound comes out from the speaker.

“Uh... Why it's only letting out static sound?” She gets puzzled. You ask her if there are any radio stations here.

“Well, of course there isn't an- Ooohh...” She realizes what you mean. “But... why Yukari gave this to you?”

If your memory serves you right, she didn't give it to you, she only asked you to repair it. Why? With her power, she can appear to a person who can repair it and ask them. Why you?

“Anyway, thanks Nitori. I'll go back to the shrine,” Sanae says her farewell.

“Huh? Why going so fast?”

“He'll definitely catch a cold if I keep leaving him topless...”

You look at Nitori; she seems disappointed...

[] Stay longer. Maybe you can learn something from her...
-[]Write in

[] Go back. Enough with making Sanae worry.
[x]See if Nitori can come back to the shrine with us if not try to make some plans to meet up some other time.
[x]Ask her for a prostate exam
[x]See if Nitori can come back to the shrine with us, if not try to make some plans to meet up some other time.
-[x]At the shrine, ask her how she disappears, and what are their occupations apart from kidnappings and is that true that they turn people inside-out through their asses and find it a jolly jest.
[x] Go back. Enough with making Sanae worry.
-[x] But try to see if Nitori can visit the shrine so you can talk more.
[x] Go back. Enough with making Sanae worry.
-[x] But try to see if Nitori can visit the shrine so you can talk more.
[x]Ask her for a prostate exam
[x]See if Nitori can come back to the shrine with us, if not try to make some plans to meet up some other time.
-[x]At the shrine, ask her how she disappears, and what are their occupations apart from kidnappings and is that true that they turn people inside-out through their asses and find it a jolly jest.
http://pastebin.com/Ez2EL4tL this week I'm feeling fast
File 13540701383.jpg - (339.50KB, 1000x1399, itsdinnertimesoon.jpg) [iqdb]

Thanks. I hope you can proof this fast at all time...


Okay, it's better if you don't stay here any longer. Sanae won't be happy if you loiter around more. The air is starting to get chilly anyway, you need to change these clothes. Though it would be nice to stay here and chat awhile with her...

Wait, why here? You can ask her to go with you to the shrine. You scribe this to your paper and give it to her.

“Uhm, is it okay Sanae?” Nitori consults her.

“Sure, why not?”

“Thanks! I'm coming then!” She says happily, and packs her things that she used to repair the radio earlier. Didn't take long for her to do it.

“I'm ready!” Nitori picks up her now packed rucksack.

“Let's go then!” Sanae starts to walk. You and Nitori follow her behind.

“Goodbye! See you later!”

You look behind to the source of the sound; the girls that previously disappeared are now re-appearing again, waving to your group. They are nice, although the disappearing part was a little bit creepy.



“Nobu, are you okay?”

Yes, yes. Aside from your wet pants, wet notebook and cold air striking your topless body, you are perfectly fine. It's actually colder to take a bath at the shrine, thank goddesses that Sanae always heats the water first.

“Sanae, why aren't you flying?” Nitori asks. Wait, she can fly too?

“Uhm, if I fly with Nobu without some clothes to cover him he'll definitely get a cold from the wind.”

Good point. It's like riding a motorcycle topless in the winter. The wind will screw your health.

“No, I meant when you both came to the lake.”

“Oh. He's the one who insisted walking to the lake, saying that walking is good for his health, although I'm sure that's not his reason...”

Nitori stares at you, and you answer with a sheepish smile. Hey, it's a fact, you aren't lying to her. She giggles at your reaction.

“Sorry that I threw a bucket of water at you earlier. You suddenly fainted without warning. The first thing that came into my mind was to wake you up. Sanae tried, but she couldn't, so...”

Not a very nice act to wake someone up, eh? Still, at least she took concern of you. For how long you were passed out anyway? You give the paper to Sanae after writing the question.

“Around five minutes, I guess? I tried hard along with the others, but you kept sleeping and sleeping... Until one of the kappa came up with a bucket and gave it to Nitori... You know the rest.”

Waitwaitwaitwait, kappa? So that's what these girls really are? But that means Nitori too is a... They don't resemble anything of kappa. No turtle-like shell, no bald head... You ask Sanae what she meant when she called the girls 'kappa'.

“Oh, right. I haven't introduced you properly yet...” Sanae smacks her forehead. “Nitori, and all the girls you met earlier are kappas. Kappas are technological experts in their field. No, they aren't ferocious, they won't take your shirikodama, so throw the old myth about kappas and accept this as a fact, okay?”

Okay... Overwrite all the old myths, and replace them, like myths about tengu. Still, it's jarring to find a technologically-advanced-mythical-creatures... That's too long. There is a shorter word for that: Aliens.


You finally arrive back to the shrine. Good, can't wait to change your clo-

“Momiji?” Sanae looks at the girl at the terrace with Suwako, carrying a shield and a sword behind her... A big sword. You swear that you have seen her before...

“Hello Sanae, Nitori! And...”

“Nobu,” Sanae completes her sentence. “Oh, Nobu, this is Momiji, tengu patrol. She's the one who brought you here when you fell into Gensokyo.”

Oh, right. So technically, without her, you would be six feet under now. You bow deeply to her, to show your gratitude. To think of it, you're indebted to many people...

“Uh, no need in bowing to me...Anyway, there is a letter for you. I've given it to Lady Kanako.”

“Letter? From who?” Sanae asks.

“Lord Tenma,” she looks serious. “Anyway, I need to go back to patrolling now. See you later!” Momiji runs downstairs.

“Welcome back guys! Nobu... Why you-”

“Long story. Nobu, change your clothes and put the wet ones on the tray inside the bathroom, will you?”

Yes ma'am. You walk to your room while Sanae and Nitori go to living room.


You wear your old clothes and put the green suit on the tray. Finally, the cold rapidly goes away from your body. Although-


-you're still sneezing. Should be healed by morning, you hope so. Whatever, you better join with others at the living room.


Oh, you almost forget about the frog. You put it on your shoulder, maybe Suwako wants it back.


“So he's fainted because he regained his lost memory?”

It seems they have started talking before you came in. Everyone are here, except Kanako. You sit at one side of the table. There are cups of tea on the table, obviously for the people who talk here.

“Uh huh. Me and others got freaked out because of him,” Sanae replies to Suwako.

“But why his clothes got wet?”

“Nitori threw a bucket of water to wake him up.” The person in question looks down in shame, while holding a half-eaten cucumber. “Don't feel like that, if you didn't do it, who knows how long we would've waited until he woke up. Besides, he didn't get mad from it, right Nobu?”

Sanae use her hand to hit your ribs. Right... You nod to Nitori, indicating everything is fine. Maybe you better start another topic to defrost the situation...

[] 1 Write-in. Only one.
[X] It hurts when I pee. Can you give me a prostate exam?
[x] Tell them a bit about the memories we regained.
[x] Tell them a bit about the memories we regained.

Lets go with this.
[x] Tell them a bit about the memories we regained.

That wasn't funny the first time, so stop it.
[x] Tell them a bit about the memories we regained.
File 135447015522.jpg - (813.61KB, 1240x878, 7a87455505fef54a93b7a29da328f296.jpg) [iqdb]

Thanks. Somehow the word 'stuffs' rings better in my ears for more than one objects... And local grammar checker(Using this to prevent obvious mistake like adding '-s' on wrong word.)give a pass on this. I need to break this habit...


“Anyway Nobu, can you tell me more about that memory you've regained? I want to know about your progression too...” Suwako breaks the ice in the room. You give her your paper, since you already wrote on it once for Sanae. She reads it for a while.

“Hm, so in your vision your father taught you how to tinker with something?” Suwako stops reading. Well, yeah. A lot of stuff, actually, but you can't remember exactly what it was... It's like looking at a full storage room without glasses; You know it's full of things, but you can't tell exactly what items are in there. You scribe this to Suwako. “Why don't you ask Nitori to teach you something? It won't hurt to re-learn your skills, right?”

“Actually...I wanted to ask him the same thing earlier, but I was afraid of his headache... Is it okay Nobu?” Sanae looks at you. Come on Sanae, stop worrying too much. You wave her off, signing her that everything is fine. Now the teacher herself, though...

“Well... I'll be happy to teach you one or two things. Don't hesitate to ask if you don't understand, okay?” Nitori chews and finishes her cucumber. You give her the radio, and she starts opening it with a screwdriver.

“Take it easy Nitori. How about starting from explaining each part of his radio to him? So if it gets broken again maybe he can fix it on his own...” Suwako drinks her tea.


“Almost forgot,” Suwako extends her hands to you, and the frog that previously sat on your shoulder now hops into her hands, and slowly dissipates. Alright, what was that frog really made of? Maybe it's one of Suwako's goddess power-

“Hey, attention please... I'm going to start the lesson,” Nitori waves her hand in front of you. You throw that thought away and start listening to Nitori.

“See this thin rope-like thingy? It transfers electricity and voltage signals to the-”


“-parts of electronics to be processed further. No, son. We start from the very basic thing first. You might think this is obvious, but do you know what those wires are made from? Or how those wires were made? No? Then listen to me-“


“...See this part? It limits the flow of the electricity-”


“-look how small is this resistor, but without this part, the overflowed electricity will burn out other parts. Just like team work; one person doesn't do his job, the others will suffer for it, so be sure to do your best in team work, okay? And don't touch it when it's working-”


“NNNOOOOOBUUUUUUUUU!!!” Sanae yells in your ears. What the hell!? “You are spacing out again while Nitori is explaining! It's not nice, you know... What happened? Did you remember something again?”

How to say this... Each time she explains something, a small part of your memory flows into your mind... You look at the radio parts again, where did she cut off her explanation? Is it the transistor part? No, you remember last time she was explaining a resistor...

Wait, she didn't say that part is a resistor, she only explained what the parts do, but not the name... You know it from your memory. You look at the radio parts; you know what they are: circuit board, transistor, coils...

“Nobu, please, say something!” Sanae shook your body. Damn Sanae, you are telling a mute to do something impossible - say something. She needs to think her choice of words. You take your pap- Uh... it's full of your writing. “I'll get another blank paper.”

Sanae stands up and goes to another room. You look at Nitori, she doesn't look happy from your treatment. Granted, you ignored her lesson... You bow a few times to show your apologize.

“No no, it's okay. Sanae has told me that sometimes this happens. I just wanted to know... if you got something from my lesson...” Of course you got something; Nitori's explanation awakened memories in your brain. You nod frantically to her. “I'm glad. At least my teaching doesn't go wasted.”

Nitori stands up, right when Sanae enters the room, with a blank paper.

“I'm sorry, I have to go. It's already this late.”

“Ah, why not staying for a while? I'll make dinner soon,” Suwako tries convincing her.

“No, thanks... The others will worry if I'm gone for too long,” Nitori then looks at you. “Come back to me if you want to learn something from me, I'll be happy to teach you again.” She goes outside and waves her hand. “Goodbye, see you later!”

She flies off. Good that she isn't angry... You have to do something to your concentration, especially when talking to people. It's awkward to continuously space out when interacting with others.

“Ah, Sanae, Nobu. I see you both сame back from the lake,” Kanako enters the room.

“There's Nitori too, but she's already went home...” Sanae adds.

“Is that so?“ Kanako sits where Nitori sat previously. “Anyway, I want to discuss something about Lord Tenma's letter.”

“What's wrong? Is it about...”

“Yes... He wants an explanation about Nobu's presence in here. I assume he just wants to make sure that he isn't dangerous. I'll come to his palace tomorrow. But...” Kanako puts the opened letter on the table. “He asks specifically for you to come with me. Not as an order, but more as a request. So if you can spare your time, it's a good idea to heed his call.”

Wait, who is this person? With the title 'Lord', this person must be an authority, but who exactly is he? You take Sanae's blank paper and state your question.

“He is the chief of the tengu. As you know, this mountain is restricted for humans. And your presence might be a disturbance to them....”

“But why he sent this letter now? Momiji must have reported to him when she saw Nobu, so the tengus must have known that Nobu is here quite a time ago,” Suwako asks.

“I don't know. Maybe because he was injured at that time, and thus not seen as a threat to tengus. Now, though...”

Ugh...What to do...

[] Come with Kanako tomorrow. You better convince the authority here that you are peaceful, and won't make any trouble.

[] Don't come. You are not sure if you can stay focused in the conversation. Sudden memory recalls while talking to the lord are... troubling.
[x] Come with Kanako tomorrow. You better convince the authority here that you are peaceful, and won't make any trouble.
[X] Come with Kanako tomorrow. You better convince the authority here that you are peaceful, and won't make any trouble.
[X] Don't come. You are not sure if you can stay focused in the conversation. Sudden memory recalls while talking to the lord are... troubling.
That shady fuck suddenly wants to inspect you. I say that's sketchy.
[x] Come with Kanako tomorrow. You better convince the authority here that you are peaceful, and won't make any trouble.

If we don't go, the tengus might be offended and cause trouble.
File 135498818917.png - (403.68KB, 693x644, anothervisit.png) [iqdb]



You nod to Kanako. Alright, let's go with her tomorrow. What's the worst that can happen anyway? Not heeding the call is rude, and you need to pay respect to the local authority if you want to stay here for a long time. Besides, if you get strucked with a sudden memory recall, maybe he will understand it if Kanako tells him about your condition.

“Good. The tengu's place are on the higher peak of the mountain, it'll take awhile to reach it. We'll depart tomorrow morning. Don't look tired in front of him, it'll be bad for your image, so try to get enough sleep today,” Kanako explains.

“It's not really that far, why you say it'll take a-” Sanae gets what Kanako's meant. “Wait, don't tell me-”

“Yes, we'll walk. If he can walk to the lake, why not to tengu's place? He can learn the path of this mountain whilst walking. Besides, I doubt he wants to fly with me there.”

“Nobu?” She looks at you, demanding an answer. You nod again to Kanako, she got it right. Sanae throws her hands up. “Fine, I won't complain. Beside's I'm sure Lady Kanako won't let you get harmed.”

“Why so paranoid, Sanae? Usually you are not this restrictive.” Suwako asks her.

“I don't want him to get hurt again. Seeing him slipping away and falling...”

“He has gone through something worse than this, remember how you first found him?”

“But it's different!” Sanae protests. “I think that it shouldn't even have happened in the first place. If he had stayed in the shrine, if I had felt that the carriage couldn't hold him much longer, if-”

“Sanae, can you change something that already happened?” Kanako stares at her.


“So let it be. Use the past as a lesson, but don't let it dominate you.”

“Yes, Lady Kanako...” Sanae looks down. Kanako sighs and pats her head.

“Good girl. Now, go make the dinner, will you? He'll need energy for tomorrow.”

“Nah, sit here Sanae, today is my turn to make dinner!” Suwako stands up. “Kanako, help me!”

“Eh, why-” Kanako gets pulled out of the room by Suwako, leaving you with Sanae in the room. There is an awkward silence, partly because you are mute, and partly because Sanae just got told by Kanako. It takes a moment before she starts to talk.

“Uhm, Nobu...” She finally speaks. “I'm sorry if my restrictive actions annoy you... I don't mean it...”

You nod to her; yes, you understand her worry and know her intentions are good, she doesn't have to be sorry. Honestly, she's not really annoying, since she still lets you do what you want.

“Thanks. Anyway, I have to go to the village tomorrow, so I can't join you... But I still have time to make breakfast. You no longer need me to fetch your food, do you?”

Of course you don't, although you'll miss being fed by her. Heh. Better kill that lazy attitude in your body before it grows.


Kanako opens the door, while Suwako carries a tray. Yummy, dinner time.

“Ta dah! Come, fill your stomach with Suwako's special!” She declares and puts the tray on the table. It smells good, and intensifies your hunger.

“Let's eat then!”


Your stomach is full... That's the most delicious thing that ever entered your mouth since you ended up in this place.

“It's good, isn't it?” Suwako asks, and you give her two thumbs up. “Enjoy it, I made it specially to celebrate your healing!”

“I did most of the cooking though...” Kanako sighs. “You better sleep now, or you'll wake up late tomorrow.”

You nod to her. Sanae helps you stand up- wait...

“Oh, sorry! Force of habit...” She rubs the back of her head in shame. You let out a silent laugh; Yeah, you'll definitely miss the time when you had a broken bone. You walk out from the room alone, as Sanae helps Suwako cleaning up the table. She gives you a farewell before you leave.

“Good night Nobu, have a good rest!”


“...Eirin's medicine sure works great. It would've been be tiresome waiting for months until your bones naturally mend. I'm delaying my sleeping time, after all.”

You hear some sounds, but you can guess from who. Damn Yukari, you appreciate her paying your doctor's fee, but you need to sleep for tomorrow. You wear your glasses as you wake up.

“Finally, you wake up. I started to wonder if I better leave you alone in your dreams~” She giggles behind her fan. “So, how's your body? Does it feel good?”

You move your arms around; yes, it's good. Why she came- Oh right, you have done her task. You give her the fixed radio.

“Yes, I see you have fixed it, but that's not the point. If I wanted I could've asked Ran to find someone to repair it,” She looks into your eyes. “I simply... gave you a way to reawaken your skills. Because honestly, people that don't have any skills won't last long, especially outsiders like you. That's one of the reasons why outsiders are valuable in Gensokyo.”

Wait, she's trying to say that you're valuable? From the way she says it, you suspect she's trying to make you her errand boy... Not that you'll complain about it, she already did much for you...

“Now, since you can't use this radio here anyway...” She takes the radio, and puts out a box. “Another gift for completing my request~”

Another box? Why she bothered to put the gift in a box when you'll open it anyway? Whatever, time to open the box...

[] A piece of photo, a boy plays with a little girl. Somehow you're familiar with the little girl...

[] A nice set of kimono and hakama. She's giving them for tomorrow's meeting?
-[] And a hat.

Additional gift:

---[] Some naked photos- Wait, is that Sanae!?
[] A piece of photo, a boy plays with a little girl. Somehow you're familiar with the little girl...
-[] Some naked photos- Wait, is that Sanae!?
[x] A nice set of kimono and hakama. She's giving them for tomorrow's meeting?
-[x] And a hat.

Always choose hats.
[] A piece of photo, a boy plays with a little girl. Somehow you're familiar with the little girl...

For some reason I feel like these clothes look like shrineman's garments. And I find them
And naked chicks spell danger in women filled household.
[x] A piece of photo, a boy plays with a little girl. Somehow you're familiar with the little girl...
Additional gift:

---[x] Some naked photos- Wait, is that Sanae!
[x] A piece of photo, a boy plays with a little girl. Somehow you're familiar with the little girl...
Additional gift:

---[x] Some naked photos- Wait, is that Sanae!
[x] A piece of photo, a boy plays with a little girl. Somehow you're familiar with the little girl...
[X] Additional photo - naked Kanako!

I've never seen "photo" used as a verb before. Its generally "take a picture" or "shoot" or "photograph". I left them as is, but it still sounds weird.
File 135526983963.jpg - (214.47KB, 490x600, watcher.jpg) [iqdb]



You find a photo, some children playing with sand at a beach. It's sightly burned at the side. What is this? You stare at Yukari, demanding her reason for this.

“What? You don't remember? Look throughout, you know who are those children.”

Huh? You look more carefully at it. The girl looks-



'It look good, but it lacks something... Ah, I know! Watch this!”

The girl adds some details to the sand figurine. She does it very gently, making sure she won't destroy it in the process.

“Now it's perfect! Dad, photograph us with the-”

She tripped and falls. Right onto the figure, destroying it in the process. Your eyes get watery. She looks to your nearly crying face.

“I... I don't... I'm...“

She ends up crying with you. The sound attracts the adults to you both.

“Sanae... What's wrong?” A female asks her. The girl runs to her and hug her legs.

“Mom... I... Tripped...”

She goes down and hugs her back, calming her.

“Pstttt... Calm down... Now tell me, why you're both crying? Tell me what happened...”

The girl tells her how you and her both building a sand robot, and asks her dad to take a picture of it, but ends up destroying the figurine.

“Sanae... Have you said sorry to him?”

She shakes her head, and turns to you, having already stop crying minutes ago.

“I'm sorry... For ruining our robot... Please forgive me...”

You slowly nod. Her mother looks at the pile of sands. She notices there is still some parts remain unscratched.

“Look, is that the robot's leg?” She points. You and the girl nod in unison. “Let's build a new one, then! It's better than leaving it as a pile of sands, right?”

Sanae starts to take her bucket and build again, helped by her mother. You follow her behind and help them.

“Hello kids! Did we miss something?”

Your dad comes to your position along with a man. The girl's mother stands up and approach them.

“Where you both have been going? Sanae wants you to take a picture of her,” She stares.

“Sorry, man's stuff,” The man says, then both him and your father laughs. “Well, smile at daddy!”

Sanae ticks your shoulder and points to the camera.



You stare to the photo at the front seat of a car. You are on your way to somewhere...

“Missing her so much?” That ma- your father asks. You nod to him and wonder if she remembers you.

“Doubt it, son. It's been years, so much things happen during that time. I doubt she's even still the girl that you know. Remember, we're just visiting. If she's remembering you, good. If not...”

He looks at your doubting face, and pats you on the back.

“Don't give me that face. Let's think positive, she might forget you, but you can't forget her, right? Maybe you can start over, talking, chatting, and maybe sending mail to each other when we get back.”

You tell him how impossible it is, because of her duty as shrine maiden.

“I won't say it's easy, but if you feel your friendship is still strong, you can do it. Although I doubt it's only friendship... You have crush on her, right?”

You deny it and say how crazy it sounds. He responds with laughter.

“Just kidding, don't take it seriously...”



“Remember something good?”

You know... It's the girl in your dreams, and you remember her name, but... Sanae? But 'Sanae' is a very common name. You take your note and ask her if this girl is her.

“Oh, that's for you to discover. Why don't you compare it with another photo?”

There's another? Oh, righ-


“So, do they look like each other?” She smirks.

What the hell this... Sanae's photo...Naked... Rubbing herself... Your eye's twitching. How- You give it back to Yukari.

“Oh, you don't want it? Too bad then. Maybe Aya has better use of it~”

She starts to duck into her hole thing. Goddammit. You quickly grab the photo before she vanishes. Like hell you'll let her give this explicit picture to that paparazzi.

“Changing your mind? Good,” She giggles behind her fan. Damn, she's teasing you... “Good luck with your meeting tomorrow~”

She vanishes along with the hole. With that attitude, you don't know if she's trying to help you or not... Whatever, she helps you remember your past, and that's good. You'll keep your childhood's photo. As for the another photo...

[] Dispose. Burn. Eat. Global saturation bombing. Whatever needed to destroy this heretical photo.
-[]But maybe... Since you can't sleep, maybe you'll be using this photo once... Only once...
-[]Don't delay the destruction of this item. If Sanae see you carrying this, she'll vanquish your sorry ass.

[] Keep it. There are voices in your head commanding to keep it...
[] Dispose. Burn. Eat. Global saturation bombing. Whatever needed to destroy this heretical photo.
-[]But maybe... You need to memorize this photo before disposing it, it'll make a usefull material for emergency....

[X] Dispose. Burn. Eat. Global saturation bombing. Whatever needed to destroy this heretical photo.
-[X]Don't delay the destruction of this item. If Sanae see you carrying this, she'll vanquish your sorry ass.

Just get rid of it as quickly as possible.
[x] Dispose. Burn. Eat. Global saturation bombing. Whatever needed to destroy this heretical photo.
-[x]But maybe... You need to memorize this photo before disposing it, it'll make a useful material for emergency....

I wonder if the MC's worries are too severe or was there a scene where Sanae reminded readers of Naru from Love Hina?
[x] Dispose. Burn. Eat. Global saturation bombing. Whatever needed to destroy this heretical photo.
-[x]Don't delay the destruction of this item. If Sanae see you carrying this, she'll vanquish your sorry ass.
[x] Keep it. There are voices in your head commanding to keep it...
[X] Dispose. Burn. Eat. Global saturation bombing. Whatever needed to destroy this heretical photo.
-[X]Don't delay the destruction of this item. If Sanae see you carrying this, she'll vanquish your sorry ass.

The house is filled with women. Even simply jerking off feels like a felony (you bet they will sense the fap aura emitting from the place he hides in, and the afterglow), and now we have one of them naked in our hand. Nope, not on my watch.
[X]Keep it. There are voices in your head commanding you to keep it...
-[X]...Because they want you to turn it in to Sanae.

Sanae's our friend. If someone's taking naughty photos of her without her knowledge, she deserves to know.

Plus it establishes our gentleman cred with her, and warns her to be on her guard for spies. And this is just a gut instinct, but I think that naughty image might be relevant to her and Nobu's past relationship, so we might get more details there if we give it to her.
Suwako might not punish him for it though considering what happened earlier. Kanako on the other hand...

Sound effects are really more intended for visual novel/comic format rather than pure text narrative. Once in a while is fine, but as you found with the whole "supposed to sound like the gates of mordor" ordeal, its really better to just write "with a bone-rattling groan" rather than "*BBBBBRRRRRRPPPPPP*". If you would like, in future updates, I could start integrating sound effects into the narrative.
File 135562622063.png - (579.36KB, 544x800, smile.png) [iqdb]

Thanks. Maybe it's better to keep it like now, I'm afraid it'll be weird to read if sudden changes were made...


You look once again at the photo. Sanae was clearly enjoying herself at that time: Rubbing her crotch whilst having that face...


You tear the photo to pieces; Like hell you'll give it a chance to corrupt your mind. You open the window-


Sunlight stings your eye. Whoa, what time is it? You thought Yukari prefered to wake you up in the middle of the night, but it seems not. You look at the pieces of the photo for the last time, before throwing it outside. See ya naughty phot-


“Morning Nobu!” Sanae enters the room. You praise your luck; one second late, and she'll have discovered the photo, though she might still find its pieces. “Lady Kanako told me to wake you up for breakfast and to make sure you aren't late, but you seen to have woken up early on your own. Can't sleep today?”

You nod, and write of one lady who kindly wakes you up. Sanae sighs after reading it.

“Tell me about it later. Now, go take a bath, Lady Kanako and I will be waiting in the living room. Also...” She gives you the now-dry notebook. “The pages was wavy and clumped together. Maybe you don't want to use this anymore...”

You take the notebook and open it; She's right, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. You draw some doodles on it; yep, still useable. You scribe to her that you won't waste this book just because it's not good.

“If you say so... I'll wait at the room, don't take too long with your bath, okay?” Sanae gets up and leaves your room. She's right, better take a bath now before you make Kanako wait too long...


You enter the living room, where Kanako and Sanae already start eat their breakfast.

“Morning. Sleep well?” Kanako greets you. Well, not exactly good... You shake your head.

“He told me something about Yukari. She must have woken him up again. Wasn't that right, Nobu?” Sanae push a plate of baked bread to you. Better tell them the truth, except for Sanae's photo part...


You eat your bread whilst Sanae and Kanako read your note. Taste good, but you wonder where they can get some butter. Maybe they make it themselves?

“Wait, this girl is also named Sanae? And you thought it was me?” The person in question asks. Well, you would ask her that. She looks at you closely and shakes her head. “Sorry, I don't remember you, back in outside world. I've lived at the shrine since I was young, so that can't be me. Can you show us the photo though?”

Well, that's predictable. There is no way she's the one in your dreams. The girl has short black hair, and she has long green hair, although that green part must be painted... You put the photo on the table-


Kanako sputters her tea, and coughs. What the hell!?

“Lady Kanako, what's wrong!?” Sanae helps her fellow goddess. After a while, she calms down.

“Ahem, sorry. I choked on my tea,” Kanako takes the photo, looking the photo closely along with Sanae.

“Hmm, I don't know... Your past is so mysterious...” Sanae gives her opinion.

“Think on it later, we'll have to walk to the Tengu's place, right?” Kanako stands up. She's right, you have a lord to talk to. You stand and walk out with Kanako. “We'll be back soon. Do your best at the village, Sanae.”

“Alright! Be careful out there!” She waves her hand.


You and Kanako walk to the top of the mountain. It feel strange, you thought the road will be harder to traverse the more you climb up, but instead the road gets progressively better. Maybe because you are closer to the civilization. There is no conversation between you and Kanako on the way, partly because you are saving your breath for walking, and because she's walking faster, repeatedly stopping to wait for you.

“Come on, you can do it. Young man in old times used to walk much farther than this. Where's that spirit from when you were trying to walk with broken limbs?” Kanako waits for you at the front. Can't she see you're trying? You aren't a higher being with infinite stamina... She has the point though, you need to try harder.

“There we are,” she stops at the high wall in front of you, guarded by some... well, guards. With swords and shields like the messenger yesterday.

“Hold. State your business,” A guard stops you both. Kanako gives her the message. She then takes out a... Radio? Wait, what? You thought the place will be technologically-challenged... She talks to it for a while, before, with a groan that rattles you bones, the huge gate opens.

The place reveals itself to you; an old styled building, maybe Edo period, or... Whatever, you can't remember history well. There are some men and women flying around, in modern business dress... The guard hands you and Kanako a long-nosed tengu mask. Uh... Alright. After wearing it, the guards let you into the town.

“Ayayayaya, look who's here!”

You think you know that voice... That paparazzi lands to you and takes a quick shot of your covered-in-mask face. Baaaad day...

“Sorry Aya, we have no time to do your interview right now,” Kanako tries to shoo her off.

“Awww... Call from Boss, right?” Aya then stares at the notebook at your hand. “And what happened to my notebook? You ruined it...”

Crap... You bow a few times to her...She smirks instead.

“I will forgive you... If you answer some questions for me!“ She then leans to your ear. “And you don't want your relationship with Suwako get-”


She kneels down in pain...What's wrong with her? Wait, is that an umbrella coming from a hole under her skirt? It vanishes when you try to take a closer look. Must be your eye screwing you up.

“I mean... You must be remembered something since the last interview...” She gets on her foot. “So, how about another interview? Boss won't get mad if I borrow you for a while!”

[] Interview.

[] Ignore.
[x] Interview.

Better to head this off now than later.
[X] Interview. But after we done with our bussiness with Lord Tenma.

Not bad i guess?

Better the paparazzi like us so that we can maybe convince her to not print naked photos of Sanae if she should come across them.

Also, it's clear from her reaction to the photo that Kanako knows something. We might want to confront either her or Suwako over this when we get back.
File 135593297763.jpg - (113.86KB, 1024x768, cat-errr-crowfight.jpg) [iqdb]

Thanks. Also thanks for the added content, it gives me more idea(but I have to edit some out, sorry...)


Alright, you'll do her interview. Maybe she'll leave you alone after this. You nod to Aya.

“Nobu, are you sure? You'll be delaying the meeting with the lord,” Kanako reminds you. Aya instantly pulls you away from her.

“Like I said before, it's okay! It's not Boss that you need to worry about...” That paparazzi tells her. Kanako sighs and move along with you. “Come, we need to hurry!”

Please, can't she slow down? She's running so fast. You pant behind your mask trying to follow her movement, while Kanako calmly walks behind. You clench her arm, stopping her movement. Breathe... Need... Oxygen...

“Geez, what's wrong with you? I understand that you are a human, but this is awful! We're running for just a minute!” Aya chews on your pathetic stamina. Goddammit, does she want your interview or not? “Let's move, before you get discovered by- Crap!”

She pushes you into an alley. What a rude treatment-

“Nope, he's not with me! Maybe you can find him around Boss's place!”

“Don't lie Aya, I saw with my own eyes that you were with that outsider. Don't be greedy, share some material with my paper!”

You hide yourself as soon as you her another person talking. Aya talks with another woman... Who is that person? Is she dangerous?

“It's not my fault that you're publishing only outdated materials. Besides I already gave you the answer, he's not with me!”

“Oh really? Maybe I should check... HERE!”

A girl jumps in front of you. Your reflex tells you to run away, and so you do.

“No, wait! I'm from Kakashi Spirit News! Just answer some of my question-”

“Great, you are scaring him...”


“Whoa whoa whoa, remember your promise to do interview with me!” Aya rushes to the front, catching you in her arms and pressing you to her lean, ample chest. Heh, she really knows how to stop a man...

You look behind, at the girl who surprised you; She has brown pigtailed hair, purple skirt, a hat that looks the same as Aya's, and a... cellphone? Modern business suit, cellphone... The place really doesn't match with the technological advance.

“You're... Nobu, right? I'll only ask some questions and then I'll go away! No annoying photograph session, no my subjective opinion about your answer, nothing bad!” The girl tries to convince you.

“No! He's my resource, don't steal him from me!”

“You must have plenty news for materials, let me have this one for my paper!”

*Caw! caw! caw!*

Journalists start bickering like a pair of crows, over an amnesiac hobo, no less. You only deserve a better status when you get a job, a house, and a wive... Stretch the last one. As for them... Kanako touches your shoulder, making a sign to go away, leaving those girls in their argument.

[] Calm them down. Pointless argument is pointless.
-[] Go with Aya, you have promised her.
-[] Go with the cellphone girl, she looks really desperate...
-[] [PIMP OPTION] Come on girls, there's enough Nobu for both of you...

[] Silently sneak away. Sorry girls, you have something better to do than hear your bickering...
[X]Silently slip away. Sorry girls, but we're keeping Lord Tenma waiting!

We can give Aya an interview later. We're really pressed for time now, and I can't imagine that keeping the head of Tengu civilization waiting even more is a good idea.

>lean, ample chest.
Uh, last time I checked, lean and ample meant nearly the opposite things.

Minor spelling issue.

Delightful read, however.
[X]Silently slip away and leaving a note for doing the interview after done with Lord Tenma.

Seems good..?
[X]Silently slip away. Sorry girls, but we're keeping Lord Tenma waiting!

"...and just like that, he was gone"

It supposed to be 'lean,but ample chest', showing him being... What to call it...

And the 'wife' part... purely my mistake. Sorry...
File 135610825797.jpg - (44.40KB, 300x407, mask.jpg) [iqdb]

Thanks. I restore the father of journalism part, as it's his random babbling in his brain.


“Look, where's your dignity, stealing my material like it is nothing, thief?”

“Oooh, where's your dignity, trying to pick a fight with me? Are you really a tengu? Or just an Oni in disguise?”

*Caw! Caw! Caw!*

They both throwing insults at each other, it looks like they forget about the interview. You silently walk away with Kanako. Goodbye ladies, time to hit the eject button. If father of journalism saw this degradation, he'll roll in his grave...Wait, was there any 'fathers of journalism'?


You and Kanako arrive at the largest building in the town; An big, old castle. This must be the lord's palace. There are some guards at the gate. Kanako once again gives the letter, standard procedure. Given who you'll be meet soon, it's expected. The guard then lets both of you in.

“Welcome. Lord Tenma is expecting you,” You greeted by a girl, as tall as you, in a kimono. A servant, perhaps? “Follow me.”

You enter the big castle; The interior's pretty much what you can expect from a castle; wooden stairs, creaking noise of the floor... You remembered one castle intentionally had creaking floorboards, to alert the defenders in case of assault. The girl stops in front of a room.

“Please wait,” she says, and goes in. After a while, she opens the door. You let Kanako enter first, so you don't screw things up.


You enter the main room; There are many people here, all of them in red, long-nosed tengu masks. At the back of the room, sits a person, again, covered in a tengu's mask. That must be the lord. Kanako bows down to him, and you followed.

“Welcome. I see you brought the outsider too,” he starts to speak. People in the room start talking too, you can only heard some of them.

“He looks harmless... But still, he's a human...”

“We shouldn't let him live with them... There's already a village for his kind...”

What should you do... It's uncomfortable get stared by those men and women. And from their talking, it's clear that they are not happy with your presence...

“Alright, leave me with the outsider,” the lord gives an order.

“My Lord, it's unwise to leave you alone, he might be dangerous-”

“I appreciate your concern,” he responds. “But as you can see, to have him sit here, he had to pass through our guards at the gate, and I'm sure none of us doubt how good are white wolf tengu at their job.”

They go out one by one, leaving you, Kanako, and the lord in the room.

“Kanako, would you mind?” He calls her.

“But he's... unable to speak.”

“I know Kanako. That doesn't mean I can't communicate with him, right?”

Kanako looks at you. Well, if the lord wants it, then you can't refuse... You nod to her, indirectly telling her it's okay to leave you. She pats your back, then gets up, and bows to the lord and steps out of the room.

The lord then makes some gesture with his hands. Uh.. What is he doing?

“You can't use sign language?” He talks again. Oh, that's what he meant with the hand signs. You shake your head. “Too bad... It'll let you communicate with others faster than writing. But then, I doubt you'll use the language will anyone other than me... Come closer, I can't read your note if you sit too far from me.”

You slowly stand up and move yourself closer to him, only a few inch between his fancy seat and yours.

“First, I'm sorry if the great tengus were giving you an unpleasant treatment, we tengus are... skeptical about newcomers. We only wish for peaceful living, nothing bad,” he explains. “I'm sure Kanako has told me a bit about me before this, but let me introduce myself. I'm Tenma, lord of the tengus... Although personally, I prefer the term 'boss' more. It's up to you. We can drop this formality, if it disturbs you.”

Whoa... He's pretty casual... It makes the atmosphere better, but it's weird how a lord act this... informal.

[] Keep it this way, my lord...

[] If you want it, boss!
[x] If you want it, boss!
[x] If you want it, boss!
[X] Fo sure! Anythin' that's fly with you, my nigga.
Shouldn't that be "Fo sho"?
[x] If you want it, boss!
[X] Fo sho! Anythin' that's fly with you, my nigga.
Let's make him a real straight up gangsta.
[X] Fo sho! Anythin' that's fly with you, my nigga.
Normally I wouldn't vote for this, but then I remembered that he has to write it down, and thought that too weird to pass up. Besides, boring nice guy is boring. Is it even possible to bad end here?
[x] If you want it, boss!
[X] Fo sho! Anythin' that's fly with you, m nizzle nigga.
[x] If you want it, boss!
File 135644238545.jpg - (309.06KB, 2000x1484, thiswithbiggerclothes.jpg) [iqdb]


Anyway, Merry Christmas!


You take your notebook and draw a big thumbs up, adding huge text under it.

'Yes Boss!'

“Great! That's good to hear- uhm, read!” He gives you two thumbs up. Woah, the pressure on your back suddenly lifts. In a moment he starts looking much younger with that attitude. “But... You have to change that crumpled notebook. Here, use this.”

He takes an expensive-looking notebook, with fabulous motif at the cover. He puts it in front of you. Uh... You aren't sure you want to receive such a gift...

“Oh, come on, take it! Don't be fooled by the cover, it's really only a bunch of blank paper, I can easily get another. No offense, but it'll be hard to read your writings on that crumpled notebook...” he pushes the notebook to you. Well, if he insists... You finally take the notepad.

“That's better! Now, would you kindly take your mask off? Isn't really nice having a conversation with a mask covering your own self, right?”

You use the notebook to ask him if he meant it figuratively or literally.

“Whoa, nice observation of my words there!” He applauds you. “I mean it both. Although the 'mask' is used for other people's sake when interacting with them, how can I trust someone if I can't see their true self? Besides, I want to see your face directly anyway.”

You ask if it is fine to take it off, since this mask must be given for a reason.

“Yes, it's okay, just remember to wear it back after this. Most of us are... uncomfortable with seeing a human in our territory, although I think it's more out of jealousy, since we're forced to take human-like form as part of the seal, like most of the youkai...”

Huh? Seal? You scribe to him what he means by the seal.

“Oh, nothing important! Nothing that you should know. Now, if you don't mind...” Yes, yes... You slowly take off your mask, revealing your face to him. You can feel his stare behind his mask.

“Hm... Good... by the way, that's a cool eyepatch. Now, I guess it's my turn to take off this mask, I don't want to be called a hypocrite...”

He takes of his.... Her mask. Wait... What?

“Surprised?” She grins. Now, when her voice isn't muffled by the mask, she sounds... pretty. “I take that funny face as yes. Try not to fall in love with my beauty, okay?”

She laughs. You wonder how her whole body looks like, since this baggy robe contributes a lot in confusing you about her gender. It doesn't show her features as a woman.

“Just kidding! Now, let's see...” She takes a file, then reads it. “Your name's Nobu, was found dying by Momiji, has a memory loss, and has a strange sense of style... Is that all correct?”

Wait, how- You ask her how she got all of these facts.

“I have my eyes and ears. You see, as a lord, I have access to all the information that I need to know from my subordinates. I believe you've meet with my fastest crow reporter, right?”

Fastest crow reporter? Only one person crosses your mind that can possibly have such title... And that is probably still fighting that other journalist.

“And, woah. You somehow look cute in this outfit... Why don't you wear this for today's meeting?” She shows you a photo- AHHHHH, YOUR EYE... It's you in that cursed SAILOR SUIT...

“Hmm... It seems you don't like it.... Why bother wearing it, then?” Damn... You better tell her what happened before your reputation in her eyes goes down...


“Hahaha! Is that truly what happened?” She gives the notebook back to you after reading your story. “Such a thing can't be happening only by misfortune alone. It must be staged by someone.”

Yes... Even when you don't tell all of it is Yukari's doing, it's obvious that someone planned it to happen.

“Anyway... Did Kanako tell you about her project? Did she give you a job in there?“ She asks. Uh... Project? Nope, you shake your head, and you add with your notebook that you don't know about any projects, except if she means gathering faith, in that case you are in.

“So she didn't tell you huh... I thought she sheltered you because of your skill...” She mumbles. You look at her, confused by what she says. “Oh, well. It's something for gathering energy, Aya said it's called... nuclear reactor or something... You should ask Kanako herself. It's just weird that she's seeking faith from an outsider...”

Yes, better ask her yourself. But, maybe you shouldn't, she must be not telling you that for a good reason... Or maybe she didn't tell you because you haven't asked...

“Oh well. That's it. Normally, I'm going with many questions like what are you intending to do on this mountain, if you can do something to improve the mountain's society... But let's throw all of that out, I think you'll fit in here. Just stay out of trouble, and you'll be fine! Right, Aya?”

She throws a look behind the... cardboard box? Wait, you don't remember any cardboard boxes when you entered this room...

“Ah, busted...” That paparazzi reveals herself. Come on, there's no privacy even for a lord?

“You're fast, but my eyes are faster~ Aaaaand... You have a companion behind,” the lord points to a... huge up-side-down vase, with a pair of feet under it. Aya takes the vase, revealing another reporter who previously fought with her. “I'm disappointed in both of you, can you at least try to find a less obvious disguise? It's a wonder how you both can even get past the front yard.”

“Sorry boss...” They both look down in shame.

“Oh well, at least I don't have to hire a clown to entertain my guest!” She then looks at you. “You can leave now. Kanako'll get suspicious if I hold you much longer. Maybe we can have some sake at another time!”

You nod to her, stand up, and give a deep bow before you step out of the room. Woah, you never thought meeting with a lord will be this... relaxing...

“Don't forget to wear your mask back!” She warns you. Oh, almost forgot. You wear the mask back and step outside... And get stared down by many masked men and women, but not for long; they go inside once you exit. You can see Kanako sitting, accompanied by that servant girl. Must be waiting for you.

“You're done?” She asks. You nod, then she puts down her glass and walks out. The servant girl follows you both to the exit gate, and bows, saying her farewells.


You give the mask back to the guard, and walk away from the town. You're not sure if you want to come back; The stares from officials, rabid journalists... The lord is nice, though. You will come to her place again if she calls you.

“So, how was it? Did the meeting go well?” Kanako asks.

[] Scribe to Kanako what happened, with your new notebook. You can't wait to tell her how the lord is so... friendly.

[] Nah, better wait till you get to the shrine, so you won't rewrite the story again to everyone.
[X]Scribe to Kanako what happened with your new notebook.

I'd vote otherwise, but it occurs to me that we can just show Sanae and Suwako our explanation when we get back without writing it again, and Kanako just asked us this, so it'd be kind of rude to ignore her.

Also, Lord (Lady?) Tenma is a bro.
[x] Scribe to Kanako what happened, with your new notebook. You can't wait to tell her how the lord is so... friendly.
[x] Scribe to Kanako what happened, with your new notebook. You can't wait to tell her how the lord is so... friendly.

Sorry, I took my time too long, and there's end-term exam waiting at the start of 2013...
File 135697763277.jpg - (340.53KB, 878x589, watchoutforthetrees.jpg) [iqdb]


And happy new year guys!


You point the new notebook to her; not to brag, but to show that the lord herself gave you her fabulous book. Wait, that's bragging...

“Well, I see you've got yourself a new notebook...” She takes it and examines it. “I assume the meeting went well. Would you like to tell in details what she said to you?”


You describe everything that the lord said to you, or at least what you can remember from it.

“Hm, she really acts like that?” Kanako asks. “I chose to keep the formality when asked the same question. She shrugged and carried on with the conversation in formal manner.”

Well, kind of expected from Kanako, but maybe she can handle lord Tenma if she chooses to carry on the conversation in informal manner, seeing how Suwako is more leeway than her... Kanako continues reading.

“She took off her mask? That's... I don't know. She didn't take off her mask for me... Good for you, I guess,” Kanako reads your story again. Maybe you should ask her about the reactor now... You point her the part where the lord mentioned nuclear reactor.

“Oh, she told you that, huh...” Kanako sighs. “It's incorrect to call it a nuclear reactor, it's a geyser center. We're conducting some research and experiments in there, too. One of them is a cold fusion reactor.”

Wait, 'we'? And cold fusion? How does it work?; Why gods need it anyway? You take your notebook back and write your questions.

“Well, first... There's concern about the lack of energy... And we have to power the electricity in the shrine,” she explains. “And when I said 'we', I meant the kappas, Sanae, and Suwako too. Yes, Sanae's smarter than girls of your age. Go ask her how it works, I don't feel like explaining it to you without showing examples...”

Alright, this sounds interesting... You ask her if she can include you in her project. Maybe you can learn something useful, and you need a job to do...

“No.” She flat-out rejects. Eh? “The place is infested by evil spirits, and we haven't driven them out. It's only a nuisance for us, but for you, it's asking for a death to come there. If you want a job, go with Sanae to the village. You can help her gather faith, or seeking some work while at it; There must be people who are willing to pay you for lending a hand to them.”

If she says so... Suicide is not on your to-do list, so it's better to heed her warning. It's surprising Kanako said that Sanae is involved in her research, doesn't she get burdened with her shrine maiden's tasks? You rethink that statement- What tasks? She's a goddess herself, not to mention you never spot her doing what shrine maidens do, like praying, or rituals... So she must have had a lot of free time to stud-


You hit a tree in front of you. Ouch.

“Focus, Nobu,” Kanako looks at you and resumes walking. How dares this tree stand in your way? You kick the tree in anger- OUCH. Now the pain transferred from your face to your feet.


You arrived back to the shrine. You can see Sanae walking on a different road to the shrine, with a pink haired woman, in chinese dress and a bandaged hand. She goes away as soon as she notices you and Kanako are in front of the shrine's gate.

“Welcome back. How's today?” Kanako asks.

“Not bad!” Sanae smiles, and looks to you. “Instead, how about the meeting? Did it go well?”

“It did. Let's go inside first, it's going to be dark soon,” Kanako tells her. You need to refill your stomach now...


“She's really that leeway?” Sanae asks after reading your story. You nod repeatedly to her. “I thought meeting with a lord will be...”

“Plain?” Suwako guesses while chewing her meal. “Come on Sanae; We're goddesses, but we talk to each other and to Nobu like normal people. You shouldn't get surprised by this.”

“You're right... I can't just judge someone by their title,”

“Anyway, he's looking for a job,” Kanako puts down her finished bowl. “Do you know if there's something that he can do in the village?”

“I dunno. I don't really need help whith collecting faith, and if he will have a job in the village, it'll be dangerous for him to come back and forth everyday between the mountain and the village, maybe he's safe while on the mountain, but there's a considerable length between the village and the mountain. I can't carry him to the village everyday-”

“Sanae...” Suwako stares at her.

“Sorry... I mean, there must be another alternative. How about helping Nitori? She said that he can visit her again. Maybe he can learn something-”

“Tomorrow we'll go to the geyser center, remember? So she'll be unavailable,“ Kanako tells her. “Show him the way to the village tomorrow, then meet me at the base, okay?”

“Fine... But,” Sanae looks to you. “I'll tell you how to survive first, so listen to me! First, don't get fooled by appearance! Most youkai are human-like in look, so be prepared if you feel anyone watching you!”

Human like? You remember what the lord said about most youkai being forced to take human form as a part of the seal... Alright, you open your notebook and write it in.

“Second, even when you're healthy now, do not even begin a fight with those youkai if you happen to meet one. Even the village guards who are stronger than you can get overwhelmed easily by one, so run quickly to the village or back to the mountain and find a white wolf tengu patrol quickly. Of course, there are some youkai that don't attack humans like the one on this mountain, but do not take your chance!”

You write it in again. It's not like you want to fight those youkai... Youkai that you've met until now had no intention to kill you, so maybe you can talk to them. But, just in case...

“I think that's it. Remember those, okay? I don't want to find a body half-eaten by one of those youkai...Now, go to sleep. I'll show you the shortest path tomorrow,”

Yes, ma'am. You step outside and walk back to your room. Let's hope tomorrow Sanae's fear won't become true...


“Hoam... All the dishes washed...” Sanae informs the other goddesses.

“Good! You better sleep now. Remember, make sure to pick the safest route for him tomorrow!” Suwako reminds her.

“Yes... Even though there's no road thats 100% safe for him...” She mumbles and steps out, leaving Kanako and Suwako in the room.

“Suwako... I need to tell you one thing...” Kanako pours some tea for herself and Suwako. “Nobu... He's related to Sanae from the past, before we took her in...”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes. Yukari gave him the photo; I saw it myself. It's clearly Sanae.” Kanako puts the photo on the table. “She can't remember him, and he doesn't discuss it any longer, so it's safe for now. I'm afraid she'll remember it too once he regains his memory...”

“That's inevitable, isn't it? I mean, she has to know the truth one day...”

“Perhaps, but Suwako, don't you remember her reaction years ago?”

“It's different now. She must be able to handle it herself now...” She quickly drinks her tea and steps outside. “I'll go to sleep. Let's not think about what will happen. Better focus on tomorrow's research on...What is it?”

“High temperature superconductor materials.”

“Yeah, better focus on that. Good night, Kanako.”

“Good night,” Kanako drinks her share of tea. “I know Yukari had something on her mind while sending him here...”


You stand up in the middle of the road. It's really dark...


“That human looks delicious...”

A woman steps out from the darkness.

“He doesn't look muscular, so his meat will be easy to chew!”

Another woman steps into your sight.

“Why waiting then? Let's eat him now,”

This is bad... You run away following the roa-


“Gotcha!” She appears in front of you and grabs you. Oh shit mother-of... You try to break free from her grip, but she's too strong... She instantly bites your arm. Another woman grabs your leg and tears a bit of flesh from it...

Goodbye cruel worl-



You rise from your bed. Sanae's sits besides you... You check your arm and leg; Looks good... That was a dream? Thank goddesses...

“Nobu, you look pretty pale... are you sick? Did you remember something again from your dream?” Sanae asks. No... That's definitely not another piece of your memory; The dream's too blurry, but you must admit that it scared the hell out of you... You write to her that you just had a nightmare, and she should not worry about it.

“Nightmare? What was it about?” She seems interested in it... You scribe how you tried to run away from a group of youkai, how they commented how delicious you are before they caught you and ate you.

“Urgh... That's horrible... Good for you, youkai usually don't move in groups. If two youkai are chasing you, maybe you can make them fight with each other, and you can slip away. I do hope you never meet one, let alone two hungry youkai...” She then stands up. “I'll wait at the living room as usual.”


You eat your breakfast; Today, you're served with a fried egg with a bowl of rice. Tasty.

“So, Sanae... Do you have any idea where he should start?” Kanako looks at her.

“Like I said before, I dunno. There's farming, tree-cutting, taking care of animals... I can only think some hard labored work that'll exhausted him....”

“It'll exhaust him no matter how hard it is. The only important thing is if he has the will to adapt or not,” she drinks her tea.

“Yeah... Maybe you should start by finding Ms. Keine. She maybe has something for you.” Ms. Keine? Who's she? Puzzled, you look at Sanae . “Hmm, she's a teacher in the village, but also a historian. I dunno, she should know everything in the village and can fill you in, I guess. She has long silver-blue hair and wears a funny hat on her head, you can't miss her.”

Long silver-blue hair? That's pretty unnatural... Maybe she's a youkai too? Sanae stands up before you can write your question.

“Let's go! I'll show you the way by flying!” She says. You step outside with her, and hop onto her once she lowers herself.

“Waiiitttt!” Suwako's voice comes from one of the rooms. She runs towards you. “Don't forget to bring this!” She hands you a frog, the same that she gave to you previously, It automatically hops to your shoulder. She also gives you a... frying pan?

“Lady Suwako, he won't do cooking at the village!”

“Who said it's for cooking? It's for self-defense! I don't expect you to use it, but in case you're trapped by youkai, go smack that man-eater straight in their face!”

She makes a gesture of a league batter. Well, at least you have a weapon now... Sort of. Sanae sighs and flies with you.

“Goodbye! Good luck finding a job!”


Sanae points you many things that you can use to trace your way back home - road sign, stone mark... Before she lands in front of the group of buildings, surrounded by a tall wall. This must be the village.

“Nobu, I'll head away. Do you remember the way back?”

You nod. You remember all the things that she pointed... for now. You quickly make yourself a map on the book... She notices what you do and smiles.

“That's good! I'll go now. Good luck!” She flies away... That's the last time she'll see you... As an unemployed person. The guards stares you down, probably thinking 'what does this one-eyed all-green suit want to do in this village?', but let you in anyway. The security isn't as tight as in the tengu town, you don't know if it's good or not...


Now you stand in the middle of the village after walking aimlessly, unable to find something that you can do. Maybe searching for job is harder than it sounds...

[] Go find the teacher. It's better than walking around the village like a madman...

[] Continue wandering through the village. There must be something that you can do in here...
[X] Go find the teacher. It's better than walking around the village like a madman...

Seems reasonable enough
[x] Go find the teacher. It's better than walking around the village like a madman...

Nobu doesn't seem to be the heavy labor type at all.
[X]Go find the teacher.

So the plot thickens! Still, short term Keine is probably our best bet. Nobu's not book-stupid, he's just got common sense issues.
[x] Find the teacher.
File 13571455815.jpg - (149.11KB, 850x1228, misshelpful.jpg) [iqdb]



Well, let's find the schoolmarm first. Wandering aimlessly won't get you anywhere. The problem is how can you find a goddamn school in this goddamn village? Heck, how do you know how an ancient-era school building looks like? You better ask someone... Think, who'll definitely know location of the teacher of this village?

The guards? Nah, you don't see one around here. If only you asked at arrival here... Who else? How about children? Well, maybe, since there is a big chance that they will be one of the students in the school. But they're unreliable source... Shit, you're over thinking this. Just ask that woman on the street and be done with it. You approach and bow to her.

“Uh... what do you want? Are you an outsider?” She's nervous, which is understandable, since you are basically a stranger with strange clothes who came out of nowhere and bows without saying anything. You take your notebook, scribe to her that you're mute, and ask if she knows a teacher called Keine.

“Uh, fine. Follow that road to the school; There's a sign in front of it, she should be still teaching kids now,” she points. You bow once again in gratitude and go away. That's easy, although you need to basically inform every person that you want to talk to, or there will be misunderstanding...


You arrive to a big house-like building. In front of it stands a sign: 'Keine's private school.' This must be it. You peek inside through the window; There's a woman standing in front of what you assume is a class. She has long silver and blue hair, and a... hat resembling a temple... or is it a lunch box?

“There are some events that enforce this, for example, 500 years ago, to be exact, around year- “

She's still teaching... Better sit outside and wait for her to finish... You're sleepy anyway, thanks to that nightmare...

You fall asleep wondering, can a mute person snore? The sound akin to a saw trying to part a metal tube rips through the air, but you're already not here to hear your own answer to your own question.



“Uhm...Miss Keine, there's a person in funny outfit sleeping here! Is he a youkai?”

You wake up from your slumber. Your head feels lighter... How long did you sleep?

“Wait, I'll come!”

Kids surround your position. Somehow, it reminds you when a bunch of little girls surrounded your position back in the lake... What makes it differ is there's only a bunch of kids here, probably twenty or so.

“He's wake up! He's wake up!”

Hey hey hey, you're not a public attraction... Well, this suit certainly attracts kids. That silver and blue haired teacher comes out from her school.

“Alright, alright. Go home kids, unless you want another hometask from me...”

The kids run away. Heh, no matter the place teacher's always a bane to a student.

“Good afternoon. My name is Kamishirasawa Keine. I assume you came from the outside world, didn't you?” she guesses. You nod, it seems she's experienced dealing with problematic people like you. “So, I guess you want to go back to the outside?”

Uh, no... You take your notebook-

“Excuse me, may I see that?” She says again before you can write anything. You hand her the fancy book. “Hm... Where did you get this?”

You take the notebook back and scribe to her that the Lord of the Tengus gave it to you.

“You've met with the Lord of Tengus? Wait... Don't tell me. You're Nobu, right?” She makes another guess. You nod, confirming her. “I thought that's another one of Aya's gossips in her newspaper, I never thought it's true...”

You ask her what she's talking about. The teacher goes into the school, and back with a roll of newspaper, pointing a section. 'Another Outsider Accepted on Youkai Mountain, Great Tengus Skepticism Arises'. Must be one of that paparazzi that report it...

“Anyway, why do you communicate with texts? Do you have a speaking problem?” Keine asks. You tell her you've lost your voice since ending up in Gensokyo. “I'm sorry to hear that... Now, what brings you here to this village?”

Ah, yes. You ask her if there's a job suitable for you. Any job will be fine, you'll adapt sooner or later.

“What skills do you have?” She asks. You tell her that you know a lot about electricity, tinkering some gadgets... But that's it. You're willing to learn, though. She sighs and massages her forehead.

“Hm... This is hard. I'll be honest, all your skills are pretty much... unusable here. Many outsiders who stay here have farming skills, excel in trading, and many other. But none with your skills stays here. Also, added the fact that you live on the Youkai Mountain...”

She sits besides you. Augh, come on...There must be something that you can do to make money...

“I suggest you gain some skills first. You can help some people in the village first, but do not expect to gain money from it. Give me that book.”

She writes something after you hand it to her. You read what she writes off; some kind of approval letter. On another page she writes places that you can pay a visit to.

“This should help you. Now, anything else?”

[] Ask her if she needs help. This school is also a potential place for seeking a job, so why not?

[] Say your farewell to her, and go to a place to hone your skill.
-[] Blacksmith
-[] Farm
-[] Restaurant
-[] Tailor
[x] Ask her if she needs help. This school is also a potential place for seeking a job, so why not?

if there is no jobs

[] Say your farewell to her, and go to a place to hone your skill.
[x] Ask her if she needs help. This school is also a potential place for seeking a job, so why not?

If not,

Then [x] Restaurant
[X] Ask her if she needs help. This school is also a potential place for seeking a job, so why not?

That was fast Mister Writer!
[x] blacksmith
I'll post the update if there's no proofing until tomorrow.

Note: Hit me when I forgot to add sage in this kind of post.

Am I doing this right? Haven't really done much proofing.

Thanks. Just correct the wrong stuff (preferably slap me hard in case of glaring mistakes, like using 'on' for house and 'in' for places) and you'll do fine. And maybe you can add suggestions and comments for some parts, maybe those can spark some more ideas in my brain.


This teacher... She might have some kind of job for you in this school, right? Teaching little kids seems fine to you. You proceed to ask her if she has anything that you can do.

“Um, I'm sorry... I'm afraid there's nothing for you right now. Although I'm sure you've learned all of basic curriculum, you'll have to attend school everyday, and you'll have a hard time communicating with children without your voice...”

Oh, right... The fact that you can't use your voice already kills the chance to get a job here. What a shame...

“Keine, another outsider?” Another woman approach both of you. She has long white hair, and is wearing red long pants.

“Yes... I'm afraid we'll have to delay our sightseeing today...”

“I have to escort him to Hakurei Shrine?” The woman observes you carefully, then she shrugs and looks back to Keine.

“No, he's living on Youkai Mountain. I have to check the children's math assignments...”

Wait, math? You can help her.

“Staying at Youkai Mountain?” The woman now stares at you, clearly she doesn't believe what the teacher said. “I lived in Gensokyo for hundreds of years, and I still was shooed away from it, but they accepted this outsider?”

“He's living with the Moriyas, and communicated with the lord himself,” She hands her the newspaper. You use this chance to show Keine your notebook, telling that you could check the assignments for her. “Eh? But... No, this is my job, I-”

“What is it Keine?”

“He says that he will check the assignments for me...”

“I can't see the problem, outsiders should know kid's lessons. Show him the questions then,” she gives her opinion. Keine looks at your big grin, it seems you have a 'temporary' job now.

“Hahhh... You win. I guess it'll be okay if it's only math... Come with me...” She goes into the school, followed by you. She points to the big pile of books on a table, presumably teacher's table. She lets you sit, opens one book, and points out which answers you must check. Three thousand five hundred and fifty two times five, Ten thousand three hundred and thirty six divided by two... And there's an essay like 'if Itou has 1.000 Yen and he bought 3 apples that are worth 76 Yen, how much money he has now?'

“You can do it, right? Remember to check how they found the solution, don't just check the answer!” The teacher says. Heh, piss easy. You give her a thumb up. She smiles and goes away with the woman. “Goodbye, I'm depending on you!”

Good. Let's start this. You write down the answer of each question on your notebook before checking all the kid's homework, so you have to match the answers.


Hours pass, and you finish the last text. Damn, checking the answers was easy, but it's really tedious to check around thirty assignments. After this, you'll respect a teacher's job more.

“Excuse me... Keine, are you there?” Someone knocks on the door. You stand up and open it, revealing a girl... Very young girl, with some woman behind her. “Good evening... Who are you?”

You quickly scribe that you're helping Keine checking the children's assignments today, and the person herself went with another woman in red pants.

“Ah, I see... Well, I'll go now. Say my farewell to-”

“Akyuu?” The person in question is back, with that white-haired woman.

“Good evening Keine. I didn't know you hired an assistant, it's about time I guess...” the girl turns to her.

“Him? No, he just helping me for today... Although I must admit having someone helping with my job is really relaxing...”

“See? I told you, one helping hand won't hurt. Anyway... Here's another record,” she gives a book to her. “I have to go, see you next time Keine.”

“Goodbye.” They both bow to each other, and the girl and her companion go away. From her way of speaking, she must be older than she looks. The real question is, how old? The teacher walks to you.

“And, let's check your work...” she gets into the school and opens an assignment. “Good... You put some corrections in it too. Maybe if you still had your voice I would've hired you...”

She goes to another room, and comes back with a handful of money. Ahhh... Finally.

“This isn't much, but take it... Thanks for your help,” she hands you the money. You smile and shake her hand in gratitude. “Now go back to the shrine. The way is dangerous at night.”

You look at the sky through the window; It'll be night soon. You bow to her and run away.


You're stopped by the red-pants girl as soon as you leave the building. She takes some money and puts it in your pocket. Wha-

“My thanks for helping her and our trip. Now, go. The road will be swarming with youkai soon,”

She pats your back and walks away. Oh, hard work pays off. You'll definitely like this place...


You walk following the road. Now, if the map's correct, you should take this way...


Now there should be a sign here... where is it?


The frog is hoping wildly on your shoulder. It also seems to be croaking, but you can't hear its sound. What ha-




You fall from what seems to be a cliff... Fortunately you grab a nearby branch before you fall far... What the hell just happened? Last time you checked, it was a road up ahead...

Forget it, you need to get back up... But how? You're hanging on a cliff now, alone... You have to do something...

[] >Text Parser(Write in)

Deliberately changing name for obvious reference, will changing it back once the situation is safe.
[X] Put the frog in your mouth so the back legs hang out and give out a shuffled yell for help. Let the frog vibrate from it. Wail your legs in vain. Hope for the best.

Sorry, but unless I can get quick proof in 1 hour(since it's a short dead end, I'm sure no one wants to wait long only for a short update)...

Which reminds me I forget to use the local grammar checker...

Wait, I'll redone this.
Alright. I have use local grammar checker and there's nothing wrong, so...


Be aware that the expiration date is 1 day.(Since it's only 113 words...)
File 135745033237.jpg - (107.91KB, 969x841, death.jpg) [iqdb]



>Put Frog in Mouth

You put that hopping frog inside your mouth with another free hand. It can produce sounds better than you. Come on frog, save us by-


You choke instead. You try to spit the frog back out, but you can't. Strangely, there isn't any sound coming out of it. Something is definitely happening here, but you can't think as oxygen to your brain runs out...


You lose your grip and fall to the river. The frog finally comes out of your mouth, but it matters not, because you've lost your consciousness. Water fills your lungs as your body desperately tries to get air...

Since he is in a green suit with question marks all over it, and 1-up mushrooms are green and come from blocks with question marks he deserves a 1-up and can have another try!
He fell because he didn't wag his legs. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his head.
[X]Concentrate on the frog and send her a mental message to do something cool and useful. Make her really feel it. Force the mental message so hard that sweat starts pouring down your forehead. Do it until you see it in her eyes. As soon as she understands you grab her and throw her into the river. Wag your legs helplessly.
File 135756465291.jpg - (152.66KB, 850x670, damnvan.jpg) [iqdb]



>Stare at Frog

You look at the frog. Deeply. So deep that you might be falling in love with it. If you kiss it, maybe it'll turn into a princess- arghh, stop thinking weird things. Suwako said that it could save you in your travel. Now, frog, I am you master, I rule you and I command you! Inside your mind you order it to go save your life with it's utmost-


It disappears. Shit. Maybe you DID need to kiss it..


“Where's Nobu... He should be here by now...” Sanae gives a bowl of rice to Suwako, but her eyes keep looking at the clock.

“Don't worry, he should be on the way to-”


Suwako stays silent for a while, and then gets up.

“...Sanae, I'll go for a while to fetch Nobu if you worry so much, okay?”

“Huh? Why so sudden? Did he-”

“No, it's okay! I don't want him missing our dinner,” she slides the door and flies away.


Shit... What to do now... The frog did nothing but disappear...

>Wag legs

You wag your legs around like a dog. Go left, go right... It's shameful, but you need to attract someone.


The branch starts breaking. Ah, nigg..


It really breaks now. You fall into the river... Well, actually it's not really bad, the water breaks your fall. It still hurts, but at least it's better than hitting ground.


You can hear the river's flow. Finally, sound is back to your ears, you almost thought that these ears might be damaged... Another good news. Now the problem is, the river's current is strong, and it quickly sweeps you.


You try to swim to the side of the river, but it's hard; every time you reach a rock, you miss the grip on it. It's really slippy...

[] Let the river flow you down, the current should be more manageable at the downstream.

[] Keep trying. You don't know what will be waiting for you at the end of this river...
[X] Keep trying. You don't know what will be waiting for you at the end of this river...

Where is everyone anyway?
[X] Keep trying. You don't know what will be waiting for you at the end of this river...


If you mean other voters, he updates more often than I check /youkai/.
[X] Keep trying. You don't know what will be waiting for you at the end of this river...
[X] Keep trying. You don't know what will be waiting for you at the end of this river...
[X] Keep trying. You don't know what will be waiting for you at the end of this river...
Maybe kappas downstream will sodomize him.
File 135774206972.jpg - (122.84KB, 850x408, theculprit.jpg) [iqdb]



Try again. If you fail once, do it again. So is the second, third... You can't give up now. Looking at your luck, it won't be a surprise to find a waterfall at the end of this river. You have to find a way to land yourself on the side...


Ah, yes. The frying pan. You should try to use it. You reach for your frying pan and try to swim to the side again,


You try to snag it between the two rocks, but no success. You try it again.


Your body feels weak... You are tired... One last time...


Well, at least you've tried... You close your eyes and let your body be swept by the river...



Wha- Your back hits something... You open your eyes and look- WHAT THE FUCK A GIANT SNAKE!?

“Nobu, calm down! Mishaguji won't hurt you!” Suwako tells you. She's walking on the snake's body and gives her hand. You grab it, and she lifts your body on the snake. You lay on the serpent's wet back. Finally, safe...


The snake moves, carrying you and Suwako with it. It quickly bites something. Whoa, despite it's size, it can move fas-


Wha? Suddenly the views change - it bit a little girl's skirt. There are another two girls, all those girls have wings on their back.


Both of the girls run away, leaving the girl who got her skirt bitten.

“WAIT FOR ME!!!!” she's trying to fly away, while the snake stares at her.


She finally gets free, but at the cost of torn skirt, revealing her panties. You don't know if that sight is funny, refreshing, or disturbing, but scared little girl getting attacked by giant predator, ditched by her buddies, and barely escaping by the price of her skirt makes you strangely agitated. The snake starts moving again.

“Don't chase them Mishaguji, we don't have time,” Suwako commands the snake. It then poofs away, plummeting you to the ground.



“Ah, sorry Nobu! Hold me tight, can you? We'll be flying now, Sanae's waiting for you!” She offers her back. Well, looking at the sky, it's already night. You take a piece of torn skirt that the snake dropped - it might come in 'handy'. Who were they? You nod and ride on Suwako's back. She flies away without problem. She's stronger than she looks...


You look over your belongings. Your money? Check, it's still there. Good, the whole thing is in coins. Your noteboo-meh... Your notebook must be ruined... again, considering how long your belongings was submerged in the river... Suwako notices your displeased reaction.

“Look at the bright side Nobu, you're safe now. Don't think about these fairies, although I never thought their prank would be this cruel...”

Fairies? Well... With butterfly-like wings on their backs, it's possible that they're fairies... Although how are they related to the recent accident? You only spotted them after you were saved by Suwako, but muffled sounds, sudden view change... You can't comprehend what actually happened there...

“Uhm, Nobu...” She starts another talk with you. “I know you've got a bad day, but don't tell Sanae about this, okay? If she discovers you're in trouble, she'll get paranoid again, and you don't want to make her worry, do you?”

[] Don't agree with Suwako. Tell Sanae; She deserves to know what happened, and it's kind of hard to make excuses with totally wet clothes...

[] Agree with Suwako. Do not tell Sanae; Imagine how she'll freak out if she discovers what happened...
[x] Agree with Suwako. Do not tell Sanae; Imagine how she'll freak out if she discovers what happened...

Is the whole "crap happening to him" going to be some overplayed running gag? Maybe Nitori ought to make him some nigh-indestructable, waterproof tablet to write things down on with a stylus.
[X] Agree with Suwako. Do not tell Sanae; Imagine how she'll freak out if she discovers what happened...
[X] Agree with Suwako. Do not tell Sanae; Imagine how she'll freak out if she discovers what happened...

yeah, I don't want him to be locked forever in his room by an overprotective shrine maiden.
Or a possible fairy holocaust.
File 135809465374.jpg - (122.49KB, 600x600, Woman.jpg) [iqdb]



Well, okay... If she knows what happened, she'll definitely never let you out again. Although it's disturbing how frequent you are in trouble. Not too long after, you find yourself landing near the shrine. Bad news is, Sanae's waiting outside.

“Welcome back Nobu. Why are your clothes-”

“It's raining down there, so he had to stay under a tree,” Suwako starts lying through her teeth. Sadly, she doesn't sound very convincing.

“I don't know if rain could make his clothes THIS wet...” She checks your dripping wet jacket.

“It was a real downpour! Ask him if you don't believe me!”

Sanae stares in your eye. You put on your totally innocent smile and nod to her. She sighs and slaps her forehead.

“Fine, I won't ask, but change that suit right away. There's dinner waiting for you in the living room, so get there as soon as possible, or the rice will be cold before you can eat it.”

She goes into the living room. Fuh... It seems the final danger of this day has passed. You really want to go crash into your bed and sleep, you're out of energy, but so is your stomach...


You enter the room in dry clothes. One bowl of rice and dry seaweeds served on the table. You immediately sit, bow to everyone in the room and chow down the food.

“You seem really hungry... Did you get a job?” Sanae asks first. You nod to her, and put all of your hard-earned coins onto the table. “Whoa, that's a lot for one day! What did you do on the village?”

You reach your- oh, right... You left your notebook outside to dry... Suwako puts a paper and a pen in front of you before you try to say something. Heh, thanks...


You put the empty bowl on the table and pat your stomach. It feels good to eat something after work. Sanae and the goddesses read your story at other side of the table.

“Huh, you helped Keine instead of looking another job that she listed for you?” Suwako looks at your now full stomach. Wait, she is not looking at your stomach, she's talking to you. Uh huh, yes. “I thought you're looking for a full time job instead of just helping people.”

“Well, I don't expect him to go back and forth to the village everyday. Once you get a stable job though, maybe you'll want to move into the village.” Kanako gives her opinion.

“Eh? Moving into the village? But... We'll miss him if he moves away from here...”

“It's not really a good idea to make him stay here for too long. He's a man after all, and making him live with entire household of women can hurt public opinion on us.”

“Not that anyone knows about it, right? I mean, there's no one except some youkai that can enter this mountain...”

“These 'some youkai' are also our source of faith,” she takes a deep breath. “There's no noticeable change in flow of faith though, so I guess it's okay for now.”

“I don't know what to say... He's definitely safer inside the village, but it's much safer for him if he crosses the border...” Sanae also gives her opinion.

“He has no recollection of memory of himself Sanae... Bringing him back to the outside without skills and family is pretty much killing him slowly...”

Well... Choosing between becoming a bum in a safe world or be a freelancer in a world where accidents are waiting to do you in your ass... You'll pick the later. At least you are much more useful in this world than being a bum on the street.

“Let's change the topic... What you'll do with your first work salary Nobu?” Sanae asks. Uh... Kind of obvious where the money will go. You push the money to Sanae's direction. “Ehhh!? I understand if you will give me some of the money, but not all!”

You explain that you can't manage the money well, and it's not like you can easily buy something with it, since the nearest shop is miles away from here.

“He's correct Sanae, we can manage his money better than he,” Kanako supports your point. “Don't make him do an offering in donation box again.”

Sanae sighs and takes the money. She counts the load and pushes it aside.

“Alright, I admit you do have a point. I'll give you some of the money back when you'll go to the village, in case you'll want to buy something.” Sanae lays back to the nearest wall. That's fine. Some pocket money when going to the village is nice.


Alright, your consciousness won't stay long. You need to go to sleep now. You nod to the shrine members as a farewell and get back to your room.

“Good night Nobu!”


“Kanako, you're trying to drive him off from here, aren't you?”

“What I said is true, it's not good for us if he stays here for long.”

“Kanako... Like I said before, she'll know it no matter what...Driving him away from her and sheltering her from the truth forever is not a better solution.”

“Oh, and what about today? You're lying about what happened to him, right?”

“It just some fairies playing pranks on him, she shouldn't worry about it-”

“If you can't reveal something small like this to her, how can you tell her about what happened to her parents?


“Think Suwako. Don't make a decision that you'll regret.”


“Wake up sweetie~”

Urgh... You know that voice... You wake up and find a familiar woman, as usual, half stuck inside her hole-thingy.

“Kind of disappointing that you wake up late now. You used to automatically wake up when I arrive here... I won't complain, though. A rest is a prized reward for hard workers like you~”

She waves her hand, and another hole opens, revealing a bed with a little girl slee- wait, you know that girl. She's the one who had her skirt ripped by Suwako's big snake.

“I have another prize for you~ But first... You must know this girl, right? Of course you know, she's the brain behind your misfortune this evening,”

She gets into the hole and disappears. But then reappears behind you.

“You might wonder why your view suddenly changed when walking, resulting in your fall. She's responsible for almost getting you killed.”

She pulls you on your feet and pushes you. Hey- wha- The hole consumes you and now you are inside the little girl's room. She's still sleeping, unaware of your presence. Yukari's re-appearing on your side.

“Now... What you do is your choice...” She covers her face with fan and vanishes. The hole to your room is still open behind you. What does she want from this?

Although if what she said is correct... That this girl almost killed you...

[]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...
-[] Grab her and spank her butt.
-[] Hit her with a frying pan to the face.
-[] Prank her back. Set a trap or vandalize her room for cheap laugh.
-[]Write In

[] No... She's still a little girl...

Due to his moral he can't kill her. At least not consciously
-[X] Prank her back. Set a trap or vandalize her room for cheap laugh.
Put a low stool over her head so when she wakes up she will hit her forehead. Presumably.

Or slightly change places of items and furniture so when she wakes up she will feel that there was someone present and maybe she will be scared that something was done to her and she didn't notice.
I don't know, I'm not crafty. But I want to prank her back with purpose of calmness loss, not injury.
[x]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...
-[x] Leave a note taped to her head warning her about playing any more pranks.
[x] No... She's still a little girl...
Dont think she meant any harm really.
[X]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...
Take off her panties and appraise her lower mouth. Cum into that piece of her dress you have and gently stuff it into her sleeping mouth. Take the panties as trophy with you. Leave silently like a ninja.
That'll teach her a lesson.
[x] No... She's still a little girl...
[x] No... She's still a little girl...

I believe it wasn't done out of malice but a stunt aimed at someone who could normally fly. Suwako scared them pretty good enough as it is.

Reposting a corrected post.
[X]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...
Take off her panties and appraise her lower mouth. Cum into that piece of her dress you have and gently stuff it into her sleeping mouth. Fart in her nose. Take the panties as trophy with you. Leave silently like a ninja.
That'll teach her a lesson.
[X]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...
Tie her down to the corners of her bed. Blindfold and gag her. Tickle her until she pees herself. Take the pee-drenched panties off her, have a deep sniff and jerk into them. Put the cum-stained panties on her face and leave. Perfect crime.
[x] No... She's still a little girl...

Consider the following: Every time such actions have come up they have ended poorly for us, this vote also may determine that the character is spiteful. Pranking her back is one thing but vengeance seems extreme potential death or not considering how easy we were to forgive others (IE not even blame) granted the situation was different but I still think it is too extreme.
[x] No... She's still a little girl

Because those write ins cannot be allowed
[X]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...
And let the random number generator site decide - if odd, she gets a nice spanking till she pisses herself. If even, anything from above also decided by rnd.

File 135830744212.png - (113.83KB, 250x292, 1221142980290.png) [iqdb]
>>22175 >>22178 >>22181 >>22182 >>22185
Votespam. Not the first time, either.
[x] No... She's still a little girl
-[x] Leave a note by her bed explaining why what she did was dangerous and wrong

Vengeance in some small way by potentially making her paranoid, but really I don't think she's mature enough to realize this sort of thing on her own.
[X] No... She's still a little girl...
Anything else doesn't feel right for Nobu...
[]Vengeance. This spoiled brat needs to learn a lesson for the act...

I felt this option. It called to me from the other boards.

I think it's my first vote in this story, and probably the only one. Unless there's another raep option in the futue, tht is.
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