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File 138273206191.jpg - (240.82KB, 850x1201, not happening in this thread.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>/youkai/22769
Thread 2: >>/youkai/23061
Thread 3: >>/youkai/23345

Thanks for reading this stuff this far!


I'm sipping my latest drink and still not getting a decent buzz (screw you so much, tengu metabolism), when I hear someone else enter the bar and the bartender call out a greeting. Still can't remember his name. Something foreign, anyway, and I really wonder where he got that vest. Whatever, I'm too busy being in the middle of my funk.

I hear a familiar voice call out in response and a weary figure sits a few spaces to my right. I glance over and-

Godsdammit, this day just keeps getting better and better. A certain pyromaniac has decided to grace the very same bar in which I am hoping to use alcohol to obliviate all of my cares. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for Meiling Hong!

...Doesn't she have a forest-fire fairy working right under her at the Mansion? That explains everything.
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Mmmkay, some good stuff here. Update will be in a new thread, sometime tonight.
File 138352441331.jpg - (137.83KB, 720x960, our lovely architect.jpg) [iqdb]
New Thread:

All I could think of when I looked at that images was:
"Is that a shotgun shell?"
But either way. Yay, new thread.

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File 138135925395.png - (792.78KB, 777x1087, hungry tengu.png) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>/youkai/22769
Thread 2: >>/youkai/23061


I groan from my uncomfortable place on the ground in front of Mystia's stand. There's a lot I want to say here right now. Starting with comments about disproportionate retribution on Mystia's part, Hina's lack of concern and support for her beloved friend, and the fact that from my position, I can't peek up anybody's skirt and see the good stuff.

Seriously, Hina's a classy lady! I bet they're all lacy, and frilly, and I can't see a damn thing!

However, my irritation at my lot in life is slightly overridden by a more pressing concern. One given voice by my loudly rumbling stomach.

"I'm hungry," I announce to the two peering down at me. Mystia snorts with amusement and disappears back behind her counter, while Hina giggles and extends a hand towards me.

"Come on, up at at 'em," the goddess says cheerily. "I think you've had a long enough nap!"
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This is actually a question about the first game, but man did you really had to got that far with Aya? I mean, yeah it was funny at first, but at a certain point it really went too far. I wasn't even able to finish the story, that's how much it bothered me and I know that it did the same to a few others too.

I get that it was fun, but it just felt like there could have been other things to explore instead of well what led to this.

Also, why the hell hasn't Yukari gapped a few therapists in Gensokyo? Cause it sounds like to me that would have made life better for a lot of people here, even without the events of the last game.
1: Normal therapists would have to much trouble with all the ravenous man-eaters around.
2: they have the Komeji's
3: if they did come they would take one look and think "I have to restart my buisness taking care of
a. ravenous man eaters
b. unnamed and magical insanity
c. pre-Meiji level technology
d. a massive gender divide causing more problems
e. overpowered patients and non-human
"no thanks" and then leave.

All I can say is that is was 1) my first story ever, and 2) meant to be humorous. It was, in the end, a cartoon in written format.

For what it's worth, I actually do like Aya as a character. And her legs. Her delicious, saliva inducing-legs.

Also, "Therapist in Gensokyo," sounds like a hilarious idea for a story. Someone should get on that.

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File 13470888287.png - (666.51KB, 800x800, VCpic1.png) [iqdb]
I slam the wooden door with a loud bang behind me as I push my arms out and up towards the ceiling with a relaxing stretch.

"Ah, I'm finally done with the hunt. Good run today." My arms come back down with the leather bag held in my right hand swaying slightly. I press my forehead with my left hand and slide it across flicking the sweat off, then tug my light purple vest around a bit. It's pretty hot around here.

With a precise swing, I fling the bag to a corner with a solid thump on the floor and twirl my hat on top of the bag. I walk over to light the candle then jump with a nice flop landing my back on my soft comfy bed as the eyes on my hat bob from the impact. A moment of peace, a good day's work in.

Until the phone started ringing.

I sit up and slam one end of the handset on the base sitting on the nightstand. It flies with a flourish and ends up in my hand as I hold the transmitter next to my ear.

"Who's this?" I nod speaking into the receiver.

"Oh, it's you, good, I thought I got the wrong number. Anywho, Suwako, it's Shizuha."

"Huh. It's been a long time since I've heard from you. What's the occasion?"
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[X] Isn't it polite to introduce one's self before asking someone's name?
Any specific reason for bumping a dead story?
It was at least still on the first page, so it's not as if it pushes out anything more active that itself.
Best case scenario: the author remembers that the story exists and starts up again.
Worst case scenario: Nothing happens.

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File 136331295879.jpg - (1.17MB, 1822x2100, 39f5082089f0d72fe08cf0b8c36cc6d5.jpg) [iqdb]
Or "How I Ought to Stop Worrying and Love the Story"


I shivered upon stepping inside. A torrent of memories I'd rather not recall rushed through my head. I knew this place more than I wished to.

I recalled walking through the paved streets, after once wandering away in a childish attempt to escape: how absurdly wide the avenue had seemed and my innocent thoughtsa: "Why would anyone need so much space just to walk?"
The walls of the mansions had all seemed the same: tall, an uncaring white. The people also - some scoffed: the ones in silken robes, riding in ornate carriages. Some made a disgusted expression, taking me for a peasant. A few showed pity in their faces, yet none extended a hand. The heart of the city had been cold as ice.
I felt sick.

Then Minoriko was by me, and it was gone.

"Do you feel it?", she asked, brows knitting.

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It's still stories for the board, which seemed cursed at first with the whole Grue incident.

But I'll end this post with

Isn't it sad, Akis? ;_;
Are we not getting our saucy epilogue?
apparently not, he's too busy writing a yuri story in /underground/.

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File 138007232989.jpg - (175.76KB, 850x618, advice tengu.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>/youkai/22769



Okay. This is bad. This is clearly a very nasty combination of guilt, self-doubt, and bitterness at life all flowing together into a steaming, goopy mess of... of... not-feeling-goodness or something, I dunno! I'm not a shrink.

But Hina's clearly suffering, here, and I don't like seeing that. I don't like seeing people cry. It's too depressing. I've seen enough of that to last a lifetime. And I've lived a very long time indeed.

So! Right! Crying Hina, and Kasen looks about as clueless as I do! So, um... gotta give her some support. Gotta let her know that things will be okay. Right.

Carefully, I scoot around the table until I'm sitting next to Hina. Then I gently wrap my arms around her, pulling the goddess into a gentle hug.

Hina hiccups a little bit and settles into my arms, wrapping her arms around me in response. Poor thing... it's like she's pretty much hanging off of me. This must really be eating her up inside. As she sobs into my shoulder, I start running my hands through Hina's soft green hair and start making gentle noises, trying to calm her. It works a little bit, and Hina's crying subsides, just slightly. I notice that Kasen has slipped over and is on Hina's other side, watching her sadly. The hermit looks at me, giving me a nod.
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[x] I'm hungry.
Calling vote! Aya is hungry. And maybe a tad peeved at Hina and Mystia. Update will be later tonight, in a new thread.
File 138135938583.jpg - (203.45KB, 850x606, our chef.jpg) [iqdb]
New thread:


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File 137831578397.jpg - (385.18KB, 600x800, back in the saddle.jpg) [iqdb]
Hi again. Having written Being Meiling and Pleasant Meadows, I've decided to go back to something fairly light and fluffy. This story is in the same continuity as the previous stories, so you might want to read them to have a clue as to what's going on:


Anyway, updates will NOT be daily. I'm taking some courses, so I might be able to update two or three times per week. Maybe.

With all that aside, let's see how this goes!


"This is all a total load of bullshit!" I declare, folding my arms. "Always has been, always will be!"

Ichiro just stares at me with a raised eyebrow. Damned unflappable bastard. That always irritated me about him; no matter what you said, the guy was totally immune to it. Anything from insults to come-ons, he just reacted with a raised eyebrow, and not a whole hell of a lot else.

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[x]Hug Hina
-[x]Aya's pep-talk
--[x]Hug Keymaster
File 138007258670.jpg - (234.81KB, 850x971, progress.jpg) [iqdb]
New thread: >>/youkai/22769

...Ahem, correct link is here: >>/youkai/23061

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File 13712410261.jpg - (144.80KB, 850x637, sample-660cde200918bd295d09504489cbace1.jpg) [iqdb]
Gensokyo was known as a magical land, full of danger, mystery, and excitement. As well as its incidents which tended to directly, or indirectly, involve everyone. But it was also known for lapses in those incidents, and although it did mean the Hakurei maiden was free to lazy about her shrine all day, it meant Gensokyo as a whole tended to get... bored.

Which generally meant someone, somewhere, would throw some kind of party or get-together to temporarily relieve said boredom. As it so happened, today was one of those days. Some time ago, the youkai Yukari had organized a similar get-together at the Hakurei Shrine, and while there was a plan for another, Reimu had stubbornly refused, claiming she didn't want to clean up after everyone again, and all the youkai freely coming and going as they pleased, scared off any potential worshippers.

So instead, the other shrine of Gensokyo, the Moriya Shrine adopt the Youkai Mountain was to be tonight's gathering place. It probably, truth be told, would've been organized a lot sooner, but the ruling Tengu were always trying to keep outsiders away from the Mountain in the first place, so there was a lot of persuasion involved in trying to have them allow outsiders brought in for the party.

The night was to be full of food, drinking, and merry-making! In addition to cards. Specifically, cards used to play strip poker. As like the Hakurei Shrine, so to will the Moriya Shrine offer the same game! Why? Because why not. They had nothing better to do anyway.

- - -

Please select the roster! The teams are split into the Hakurei team and the Moriya team. However, this is mostly just for formality as the same rules as last time apply – the lowest hand loses, and it does not care for which team it is.

Each team will have four characters, totaling eight players in the end. Some characters can only be selected for one side, and will be noted as such, those who are noted as Neutral will play on either team.

Also note which character you want to be the 'main' character. This will just be whichever one will be actually controlled.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] Wager skirt.
[X] Discard 3 and Queen.
I have been mulling this over actually. The first time I tried this, the game went a lot 'smoother' I guess since it seemed everyone kept losing. But at this point, Kanako has a pretty huge lead and I've been struggling with ways to deal with it.

After all, if she keeps it up, we're going to reach just a long string of boring one on one kind of things.

And I just picked WAY too many players this time.
You can try looking at the ideas suggested

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File 137498236287.png - (487.99KB, 351x612, Tacit_Ronin.png) [iqdb]
You are making the final preparations for the upcoming launch of colony ship Homeward Bound, the last checks being performed, the engines warming up; the slight hum of electricity fills the room. Standing at the bridge you find yourself looking out the front view port. The other forty-nine crew members settling into place, one announces, "All systems within operating limits."

The captain, behind you, calls out, "Good, enter the coordinates Fragile."

You interface with the computer as you devote the majority of your body’s processing power towards rechecking your thrice checked coordinates. You're already certain that you've perfected the math on the jump, but one final check isn't time wasted. Well, not more than point-zero-two seconds anyway. "Entering coordinates now." You inform the others vocally while logging the data in the group chat. Your dexterous fingers dance unnecessarily over the analog controls while you use your direct computer connection to input the data instead. Appearances must be maintained, of course.

"Jumping in five," Captain Sharp calls out, "Four, Three, Two, One."

The ship lurches forward, its engines thrumming into overdrive, pushing the ship into faster than light travel. Everything is going as expected until your optical sensors pick up an abnormality, a body you haven't seen before with blonde hair and a purple dress plastered on the front view port of the ship. Alarms go off, signifying atmospheric reentry detected, the safeties activate, engines go back to a quiet hum, and the ship is telling everyone you have 10km to impact.

You can feel a vaguely disapproving glance behind you as the captain says, "Does anyone recognize that body on the view port? Also, please initiate proper landing procedures."

You find yourself feeling rather annoyed at the implication that it was your calculations that caused this, which is completely impossible as you made sure that they were perfect for entire minutes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits

Seems like a perfectly normal conversation topic for Fragile.
[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits
[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits

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File 130607755722.jpg - (325.10KB, 600x800, aww she pissed.jpg) [iqdb]
"I'll be back in just a moment, then." She doesn't seem like she's here to cause harm, but that could change; Just because a law is abolished doesn't mean people stop following it. Then again, they probably don't care about all that if they're on the roof in clear daylight...Still, this is a matter of the shrine itself. Kanako should be there, at least. Unless...No. Stop. No time for this. They're adults, they can make their own decisions.

Informed decisions.

Can't afford to waste any time. My steps are light and measured for only as long as it takes to break from their sight – the second I'm sure I can get away with it they leave the floor completely, being tossed about with each strained corner. It's a bit dangerous, but by the time I know my path I've arrived. Just being here this fast is somewhat disorienting, let alone the ride over. I wonder how Daichi deals with it?

Peeking over the side of the roof proves a mistake. Don't need to see any of that, thank you. "Excuse me, sorry for interrupting." A pair of sighs, one deeper, longer, and a second later.
"Twenty-five minutes too much for you?" I understand your frustration, but this is kind of important...
"Yes." Wait! "No." Well... "There's complications." Stop stumbling over yourself and
"Spit it out, woman!" No need to get all hostile on me!
Kanako coos softly, trying to calm him in the second I take to collect myself. "There's a reporter here asking about what happened and I don't know what to tell her."
It takes a long moment to get a reply, made even longer by the fact that I'm looking away. It's a lot easier to wait when you can see someone's at least thinking. "...Is her name Aya, by any chance?" And it's Kanako that finally comes through.
"Aya Shameimaru?"
"Fuck." Is there just something about this shrine that makes people answer simultaneousl
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
[x] Sure. Let's go see what Alice is up to.
Not being lazy, just rusty and writing two things at once. Please wait warmly.
New thread at >>22669. Hooray!

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File 136860909225.jpg - (290.07KB, 1200x1823, Kochiya_Sanae_full_1230834.jpg) [iqdb]
"Sanae! You're going to be late!"

Ah. That annoying voice that isn't real. I roll over in bed and ignore it.

"Hey, stop ignoring me! What kind of priestess are you? You're still pretending I'm not real? But whether you believe in me or not, time is marching on. You'll regret it if you don't get up now."

"Shut up! You're just an imaginary friend! Just drag me out of bed if you're really there!" I retort, grabbing the covers and pulling them over my head. As expected, nothing of the sort happens. There's just a sigh.

"You were better when you were a kid, you know. Never talked back, always paid your respects to your elders. I've never seen such an ungrateful shrine maiden! Slovenly, too! You know, if you abandon your gods, they won't be there when you really need them!"

Says the goddess- the imaginary goddess- who never did a single useful thing for me. And it's not like she hasn't had the chance, either. I don't say anything more; she usually stops bothering me for a while if I don't acknowledge her. By the time I throw off the covers and have a panic attack at the clock, she's faded away. I hope she fades away for good, because having an invisible woman berate you over everything from posture to diet gives you a complex, mark my words.

Don't get me wrong, having a god around to play with was great fun back when I was a kid, but I'm a senior now. A god who can't do anything but annoy me over trivial things is a god that shouldn't even bother to manifest.

Maybe you think I'm being harsh. Maybe you think I'm being delusional. I've seen Kanako, after all, a mighty storm goddess garbed in the ancient way; why should I ignore the evidence of my own eyes? But you don't live with her or know how she works. She's just sound and thunder in the end. She's got no bearing on my life, no way to effect it save with words. Even if I believed in her completely and made offerings, performed the dances and the rituals, she still wouldn't be able to do a single useful
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [Reply to this thread]
Gonna call it here, update shall proceed within a day or two.

[x] Encourage her.
> torch

A British Or maybe Australian writefag?
Could be Kiwi or South African

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