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File 128961714819.jpg - (246.77KB, 1024x768, Kyoto.jpg) [iqdb]
A new CYOA. I won't say this is my first nor will be my last so I'll pretty much be depending on experience for this once. You can give some tips of course and I'd prefer that. Title may not have any relevance at all depending on where the story will go. Never mind, vote for the following first, before we can get the fun started.

-> Gender will have great effect on how the story will play out.

Oh yeah, our MC's attitude and personality will be based on how this CYOA will play out.
File 128961977691.png - (94.03KB, 396x360, HEHEHE.png) [iqdb]
It's kinda hard to come up with a name without any personality, or even story queues. Seriously, you should probably write a portion of it, before we get to naming MC.
You know, people in real life are often given names before anyone has a chance to figure out what their personalities are like. I've heard it works out pretty well most of the time.

[X] Souji Kondo
[X] Male
Real life ≠ interactive works of fiction.
To have a name of importance, a little bit of personality or atmosphere is needed. It allows everyone to connect to the MC and get a better experience overall, and not just everyone voting for "whatever I personally like."

That being said, I am more than willing to delete my post should something agreeable come up.
[X] Souji Kondo
[X] Male

Souji as personal or family?
[x]Ezio Auditore da Firenze
[X] Souji Kondo
[X] Male
Well if you guys want, I can, but you can say I'm going with something like what >>18193 said. Maybe I should try to post a little biography first. Alright, let me try and write one for our MC, male, with the name of Souji Kondo then you can change the name if you want after the post.
Nice pic there, OP. Really love the nature of Japan. I especially love the scenes around shrines. They are just magnificiently spectacular, I'll tell you that.

Here's a question, OP:
What about the other story in /th/? Is it discontinued or are you having a writer's block?

Also, saved the pic as a wallpaper for both PC and phone. I like it~
May be considered discontinued. I might just decide to integrate Gandalfr here. Though I may never get around it. Also, the bio turned into a prologue somehow.
[X] Souji Kondo
[X] Male

I like this name, and I want to see where this one goes.
Where it will go depends. I have this planned out already but it might play differently than I thought. I'll be posting the prologue in several hours.
And so it continues. In the end, I've written a bit of the first part of the story as well, in my notebook. Will take some time to type it all in my current pace.


January 1, 1998
12:03 am

Suwa, Nagano

“Beautiful.” I say astounded as I watch the fireworks.

“It truly is.” Mama says. Currently, we’re watching the fireworks this year on a place called the Moriya Shrine which is overlooking the city. Mama usually visits this place on her own when she has free time but she sometimes brings me along. You can consider this as my 3rd time being here but I’ve never really gotten to know its inhabitants that much, except that they were friends of Mama already for several years.

“Enjoying the view?” Kanako-san says as she appears from the front door of the shrine then she sits beside mama.

“Yes.” Mama answers in return. “Say, where is Suwako-chan?” Mama asks with signs of cheerfulness in her voice, smiling with eyes closed while patting my head.

“Still calling her that, huh?” Kanako-san left eye twitching a little.

“Yep.” Now mama looks towards Kanako-san, eyes still closed. I wonder if she can see with her eyes closed.

“She actually went to go get someone.” Kanako-san answers in return.

“Ahm, may I ask who this person is exactly?” Mama asks.

“You’ll know when Suwako gets back here.” Kanako-san answers.

“Ah, won’t you just tell me?” Did Mama’s tone suddenly change? I can’t fully describe the tone of her voice, the only description I can give is that it sounds slightly gentler or something akin that.

“Please… don’t use that tone on me. It won’t work.”

“Ah well, better than not trying at all.” Both laugh a little bit at the same time after Mama’s comment. I decide to just continue watching the fireworks, ignoring Mama and Kanako-san’s chatter. After 5 minutes, the fireworks have stopped, with the last having the largest explosion and bang, leaving behind sparks which fell down to the city.

“You know, I’ve always pondered on why you never renamed the Shrine to your name.” Mama says.

“Ah, well, in truth, I actually did when I took over but Suwako complained so much that I just gave in.”

“That’s very unlike you, you know.” While Mama has a very interested look on Kanako-san.

“Can you just leave it, please.” Kanako-san says with a sign of embarrassment. She then suddenly perks up her head as if she has noticed something just now.

“They’re here.” Kanako-san says.

In the dark, I can see the figure of 2 small people. The other one is Suwako-san most likely with the silhouette of her hat. For the other, I can’t recognize the other one however, except that he or she is almost the same height as Suwako-san.

Just as the light from the lamps on the shrine start to illuminate them, I can see that the other one is a girl. She has green hair which extends up to her shoulders with a small frog symbol clipped near her bangs at her left, wearing a white knee-length skirt which is filled with pattern of blue flowers slightly with black stockings beyond her knees and black sandals. She has a matching white jacket with the same pattern.

“I’m home.” Suwako-san says.

“Welcome back.” Kanako-san greets Suwako-san in return. Both walk towards Kanako-san then sit beside her.

“Eh? So you mean that person you were talking about is Sanae-chan?” Mama questions while being surprised.

“Yep, it’s her.” Kanako-san answers in return. “So, did she say anything?” she now asks to Suwako-san, I assume.

“Nothing really. She just waved goodbye then said to take care of Sanae well.

“That’s just like her.” Mama says.

“Definitely. It’s a good thing Sanae knows us quite well already or else she would probably be scared. However, with the way things are now, she won’t be able to take care of Sanae.” Suwako-san says to both Mama and Kanako-san. Sanae just ponders on what they are talking about which, I also wonder at.

“That’s right, I remembered. How about you introduce yourself with each other? You two haven’t talked with each other yet.” Mama says. Now that I think about it, I’ve never talked with Sanae-chan once. We look at each other in which where I began to think on how to introduce myself.

“Hi. Uhm, my name’s Souji. Pleased to meet you.” I say. I’m a little nervous since I’m not sure what to say, especially to a girl.

“My name’s Sanae, Sanae Kotiya. Same to you as well.” Her smiles quite intriguing.

“Well then, I guess we should all go to sleep for now. Don’t wanna tire ourselves completely as I have some things to do later.” Mama says as she stands up. I stand up as well where she then holds my left hand with her right. We then begin heading down the long steps.

“Alright. I guess I’ll be seeing you later.” Kanako-san assumes, I think.

“Bye.” Both Kanako-san and Suwako-san say to Mama as she waves goodbye with her left hand while we were going down the steps with Sanae just watching behind Suwako.


Maybe I can give some explanation about the lake, or maybe not. Alas, let me quickly finish this supposed to be prologue, in part 2. Also, I'm gonna set the date for the events of the CYOA to happen in our current year, 2010.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add, the "prologue" is just like an introductory of this story. Heck, our character is still 8 years old. I do wonder if 8 year olds tend to act like the way I have written it. Time skip after prologue. Hmmm... I think I'm doing this just for fun.
For some reason I get the feeling that our mother is a goddess
You should drop the honorifics.

That's just personal preference speaking, though.
Being that our characters from Japan, I tried using it but I can drop it if you guys like. Also, I thought I lost part 2 of the update. Thank god for ctrl+c.
It would be more readable if you only used honorifics in dialogue. There's no reason for the narration to address anyone politely.
'However, we left home traveling to the US in order to visit dad. He is in truth, a foreigner who married mom in Japan when they met. Dad was in Japan for vacation during that time. Just like the usual on how people fall in love. But, I never though I could go back to the place I once called home, after 12 years.'


November 12, 2010
Somewhere in an airport in Japan
09:38 am

Stepping off the airplane, then breathing in the air then exhaling it, I am now absolutely back home.

"So nostalgic." Its been 12 years since I was here in Japan. I wonder how are Kanako, Suwako, and Sanae faring. I've heard that the Moriya Shrine disappeared mysteriously sometime 1 & a half year ago.

Apparently, the event caused quite a fuss not just here in Japan but as well as nearly all over the world. There are no witnesses of the event of the shrine suddenly disappearing nor any reasonable explanation for it. So many explanations have been put forward but they're all pretty much just crap.

In truth, mom sent me here to check it out as well to 'investigate' but I don't think that's her true intentions. She's always been sneaky on her intentions sometimes, but for her to be able to convince dad, I guess there's nothing I can do. Well in fact, I wanted to go back to Japan and explore around in the first place. And then my thoughts had to get interrupted...

"Master, I have a vehicle ready for transportation. We shall be leaving now for Nagano." Erica says. Well, Erica can be considered as a personal servant of mine that Mom said I would be meeting in Japan. As if I needed any protection in the first place and of all, why a girl? It's more like she's the one that needs protecting.

If I could have just convinced mom, I wouldn't have had a baby sitter & I could have gone around anywhere I wish. But, I guess I wouldn't want mom to get angry with me for not doing what she has told me to. Well, at least she's cute and pretty as well. Also, another thing...

"Jeez..." I sigh. "Do you have to call me master all the time? You know you could just call me by my name." I say.

"But master, doing so would be very informal." She answers. I think a vein on my head will pop due to the annoyance. Alright, brief check of her. Slightly shorter than me, brown curly hair below her shoulders, white and black french maid outfit with white headband on her head... As expected of mom, this must be her doing. Never mind, back to the living world. She just called me master again.

"Again... Ah, whatever then." Really, I just don't like being called Master by someone else, especially another girl. My reasons? Well, I just don't like it. That's it.

Others will probably contemplate of me not having any reason but I just don't like being called Master. I do wander why she calls me that in the first place. Loyalty I guess is something very important to her and maybe I can respect that.

"Please get in Master, we should live now." She says.

"Alright alright. Is my baggage already in there?"

"They have all been placed in the trunk."

"Ok, then lets go." I say as I get in the backseat of the black 3rd Generation Mitsubishi RVR while Erica gets in on the other side. Its quite comfy. And now starts what would be a boring trip even with the radio on. I hope the driver can take the boredom.


Suwa, Nagano
3:40 pm

"Wake up master. We have arrived." Erica says to me as she shakes me out of my sleep. As I straighten myself up with a sleepy look on my face, I can see that we have already arrived at the shrine or to be more precise, the place where the shrine once stood.

"Your mom has ordered us to first go through the shrine before we check in a hotel. The place is currently off limits though there are no guards and we have been granted permission to enter." All done by mom, as always. She has everything already prepared before I have even packed up back home.

"No use in wasting time, lets go already." I say as both of us get out of the car. Heading up the steps, which are here, I can see that the foundation of the shrine is here, but the buildings are not. Not a single sign of it.

"I'm not really sure what we are going to look for." I say. I just search around and around but I can't find anything at all that could give me a hint or a clue on what happened here.


30 minutes has passed already but nothing. Whatever mom sent me here for now just perks my curiosity, and irritation, a bit more. Erica's been helping as well but nothing so far. That is until I stumbled into something inscribed in the ground...


So sleepy... Must... sleep...

Thanks for the tip. I'd try that.
Hm, this seems interesting. The prologue's started off well. But one thing - if Erica wants to be formal, shouldn't it be "your mother" instead of "your mom"?

Also, a little sketchy on your grammar, but nobody's perfect.
>>18221 is right about the familiarity.

What I get is that the protagonist is from new money or possibly yakuza blood.

Your writing isn't bad.
Yeah, didn't realize it till now. Originally, Erica was going to be a different character but I made a last minute revision.

Thanks. There's still room for improvement but I'm trying my best.

Explanations may be given on the next post as its the true start, that is if I can fit them.
File 12898811664.jpg - (134.91KB, 1024x768, Sanae.jpg) [iqdb]
And so it continues. Enjoy. Took longer to write due to a mistake on my part.


“This is..!” Erica’s surprise took my attention very greatly, not that I’m expecting it. “Look Master.” She says as she points on the ground where we are stepping in.

Deeply engraved within the very stones that makes-up the floor of the foundation of the shrine is what you can only assume as, a magic circle. It’s hard to describe it. Basing on where we are, I can see that we’re near the center of this circle, standing on what appears to be the most inner ring before the central one. The rings filled with letters in between but I can't understand them at all.

“You know, I thought people would’ve already noticed something this big and visible but I’ve never heard something like this being mentioned ever at all.” I say. In fact, not one report, article, nor news I have read mentioned anything about a magic circle being engraved deep within the stones. It’s so visible and out of place that you must have been blind to miss it.

“Master, I think we should investigate this tomorrow instead. You need to get your rest first.” Erica suggests. Well, I scoff at the idea.

“You know, I’d prefer to finish up everything today if possible. It would just give me more time to do what I want.” Erica doesn’t look happy with the idea but being that she’s currently under my authority, she can’t stop me.

“Now, what to do…” I have already found a possibly important hint but what to do next with it is something that I don’t know. Making the assumption that this magic circle could have had something to do with the appearance of the shrine, I would need to further my investigations.

“Erica, can you search around for anything suspicious?”

“Ah. Yes Master.” Being called Master, even just once still has a sure nice irritating effect on me. Erica heads towards what I can only assume as a random direction. For me, I’ll try to inspect this engraving more as it greatly interests me. Checking all of its parts however would take a little longer so I just decided to head towards the center. It’s not too far but its scale can sure be fittingly said as something quite larger than usual.

In my sight, within the very middle of the circle is a pentagram. I stop besides the edge of the center. Comparing its size to me from top to bottom of the pentagram to the bottom, I can say that it’s nearly as tall as me, that is if it were standing up.

“I wonder if Kanako and Suwako-san were trying to engrave this all day. Must have been hard with the shrine still present during that time.” I say as I ponder if they made this and if they did, why did they do so in the very first place.

Now, looking back at the center and inspecting it, it’s just like the rest of the circle. However, there’s something about it that’s off. Hmmm… The smell? Nope. Feel? Nope. Aura or something similar? Nah. Taste? Won’t try that. Appearance? Nothing odd… That is until I look closer and see a very tiny and faint bluish glow on the top end of the pentagram.

“Now that’s odd.” Looking at it even more closer by kneeling, I can only see that it is glowing by itself with no possible explanations to it. Well, I think a little bit more further until Erica suddenly comes in my view.

“Found anything?” I ask as I stand up.

“Nothing yet, Master. It look’s like this circle is our best clue.” I have the feeling that she’s hiding something but I always have that feeling around people I don't know. Standing up and walking around, I try to think and piece all the clues we have.
“Master, I don’t think you should be walking around there.” What?

“Why? I’m just walking to the center. It’s not like there’s any immediate dan-.” In an instant, upon stepping on the center, the whole circle glows with extreme blue light. Suddenly, I’ve been brought down to my knees, being pushed down by an extreme force.

“Master!!!” Erica shouts as she tries to get to me but is blocked by some invisible force field. Heavy… Too heavy… I don’t think I can keep myself up any longer. I can't even speak at all. The circle keeps growing brighter as I start to feel like I’m losing strength. I can barely raise my head to see Erica who's trying to find her way around the sudden obstacle. Only a few seconds pass before the light from circle completely covers both of us.

Regaining my vision, I can see that I am… falling. “Oh sh-!” though my words get immediately cut as I land on something. For a second, I thought I was gonna die. As my vision clears, I can barely see someone with light green hair who is now lying on the floor with me on top. With my vision clearing further, I can see that the person is...

A girl, who is wearing on what appears to be a shrine maiden outfit. Apparently, she had just recovered from her dizziness of her hitting her head on the concrete and is now looking straight at me with a . Wait, what’s this soft feeling in my left hand? Oh... I think I realized it too late. The girl blushes completely then…

“Kyaaaa!!!” She immediately stands up which knocks me back.

“Ouch!” I say as I land on my butt. Damn. She’s unusually strong to be able to knock me off. Looking at her, she’s not happy. I think that thought just know is an understatement.

“You... I’ll kill you, you Pervert!!!” She screams in rage as she launches some sort of projectile that which proceeds to destroy a part of a forest behind me as it barely grazes my shoulders.

"Holy..." are the only words I could say as the extreme shock I just felt is too much. I think I'm turning a bit pale from the fear. It was just an accident but she's overreacting. Heck, she's beyond that even.

Looking at her directly, I can feel the extreme killing intent from her giving me chills.

I think... this... would be... my very last moments.


[x]Try to calm her down
[x]Call for help
[x]Do nothing

[x]The usual Write-in
[x]Try to calm her down.
[x] Anemia option.
[x] Touch it again.
[x] Try to calm her down.
[x]Try to calm her down.
>>18235 & >>18236

Lol. Haha. Oh yeah, I missed the apologize decision... Sorry. Include


now in the decisions
File 129003673961.jpg - (75.62KB, 750x600, Motivation.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Apologize
[x] Try to calm her down

I'm not ready to die yet, after all. If this is my only shot to get out of this, then I'll take it.

"Wa-wait! Calm down!" I sound like a freaking coward, and on front of a girl. Hurts my self-esteem. Well, she ain't normal, that's what I'd give.

"Please allow me to explain." I say out in a calm manner as I stand up steadily. Showing fear could just entice her to wipe me off the face of the planet.

"And why would I do that?" She says in such a scary way that it would give an old man a heart attack. She's not easy to talk to when angry, I guess.

"Because what happened just now was an incident, and I'm sorry for such a thing to happen, so please, forgive me and just calm down for a bit." Shit, that didn't seem to be enough to calm her down.

"Wouldn't it be braking the law as well if you killed me just for a small misunderstanding?" I add up. Those last words made her freeze, her killing intent very slowly subsiding.

"Che. I guess so. Reimu wouldn't like it if such a thing were to happen." Then she sighs. She mentioned someone named Reimu? Bah, never mind. I'm still not out of the danger zone and thinking of other things won't help right now.

"How about I give you instead a proper greeting?" she says, and in a completely different manner. What's with the sudden calm and kind voice? Does her mood swing that easily so much?!


[x] Accept

This guy looks legit.

Might as well.
[x] Accept
Alright, some slightly bad news. My laptop, which is my main computer, is dead. I've lost the update which is around 75% complete. I already have ordered a new desktop a week ago and it should arrive later this Friday. For the update, I have to rewrite it again. Sorry guys but no updates till I can get my desktop. I'll try to make up for it with a longer update.

P.S. I'm in a computer shop.
Back to business. In truth, my computer hasn't arrived yet but I did manage to get my laptop fixed. I have the story written in my notebook but I wouldn't be able to post it for a while.

Thank you for the status update.
It looks like my computer has actually arrived already just when I spent some money to fix my laptop. Jeez... But now continues the story:


"Ah... Alright, I guess." Nervousness, a vile thing gripping me down to its very fiery depths. That sounds more like hell actually but it's close enough. Well, starting all over again with greetings with this girl may work better for me to get me out of this death line rather than her trying to obliberate me.

"Let me introduce myself then. My name is Sanae Kochiya. I'm currently the shrine maiden of the Moriya shrine, serving both Kanako and Suwako-sama." So this really is the Moriya Shrine. But wait, did she say her name is Sanae!? Now that I think about it and look at her further, I can see that she looks nearly the same 11 years ago, except for that snake ornament and that she's wearing this clothes with detached sleeves.

"May I ask for your name, little stranger?" Uah, the 'little' part just further strengthens my nervousness and fears.

"M-my name is Souji. Souji Kondo... A pleasure to meet you?"

"That's quite a nice name. Well then, Souji-san, enjoy the rest of your day." I knew it. She doesn't even remember me. And what's with suddenly ending the conversation?

I think I'm in still in big trouble after all.


Moriya Shrine

??:?? ??

"Did you hear that just now?" Kanako asks to Suwako, who is sitting on the opposite side of the table within the dining room of the Moriya Shrine as they just sit there.

Suwako nods in agreement of the question of Kanako, following up with: " That's the second explosion I've heard, and this time, it sounds to be just outside the shrine."

After those last words, both Goddesses ponder for a mommet before realizing something.

"Ah! Sanae!!!" both scream out as they immedietly scram to get to the exterior of the shrine. It only took several seconds but both look tired already as they step outside the front door.

"Sanae!" again, both of them though less noisy. Sanae looks at Kanako and Suwako in a surprise, due to their antics.

"What did you do this time?" asks Kanako.

"I just gave someone a proper greeting."

"What? What!?" Suwako now says in a surprised manner as both Goddesses look at a new crater located nearby. The crater is 8 feet wide and about 2 feet deep. In the center lays a man with black hair who's formal clothing has been slightly damaged. He looks to be a little bit taller than Kanako and can be said as quite handsome.

"Like I thought..." Kanako follows up her words with a sigh. They both head out to inspect the man in the newly formed creater. Sanae just stands at the same spot, watching them.

"Don't tell me you..." Kanako

"No, I attacked him under the spellcard rules so he should wake up soon. It's just payback."

Kanako and Suwako are just completely unable to grasp Sanae's reasoning, which can be seen with their current faces.

"Better bring him in then till he wakes up." Kanako suggests.

"Eh!? But why?!" Sanae sudden refusal was completely expected.

"Because you were the one who knocked him out in the first place for whatever small reason."

"He did something completely unagreeable to me." Sanae looks to her right as she says those words, with hints of a very slight blush on her cheeks. Not visible enough to be caught by Kanako and Suwako.

"Were still taking him in temporarily." Suwako answers.

"But-!" However Sanae was unable to continue her complaints, knowing that she can't go against the wishes of the two goddesses which she serve. Kanako brings in the guy within the shrine, Suwako behind her.

Sanae stays still completely on where she is, unable to contemplate that the guy she just attempted to blow up in the first place will be here on the same roof as her, even though if it may only last for several hours.


Moriya Shrine

??:?? pm

Waking up. A true gift, being the fact that I was nearly killed. Or maybe I was, only that I'm in heaven. The sight however of a roof, though very dark and slightly hard to see, gives me proof that I'm still alive.

"I guess it's not my time yet." Observing my surroundings, I see that I'm currently in a small room. Just to my left is a door which is often used in buildings such as shrines. That just further afirms that I'm in the Moriya shrine right now.

Now to my right is walls with a small cabinet located at the middle. And where I am is a futon which was layed out neatly on the floor. Simce to be someone brought me here. Well, how would I end up here in the first place?

Standing up, I notice that I'm completely fine. I thought that blow Sanae dealt just now would have killed me for sure but there may be more to it.

For my clothes, I seem to have brand new ones. It's still the same formal attire I have but they look to be in brand new condition.

"Best I head out and search." I find my shoes just beside the door then wear it, heading out through the door. I'm immedietly greeted with a large hall extending from left to right or vice versa. If I remember right, the halls aren't even supposed to be this big in the first place.

Ah, whatever. If it still has the same design, if only bigger, that means that the dining hall is towards my right, along with the kitchen. If I take a left before going through the dining hall, I would be brought to the front entrance. To the left is most likely where the rooms of all the occupants are located in. In front of me is the door that leads to the living room.

[Where to?]


[x]Dining hall/Kitchen

[x]Go outside


My new big LCD screen is making my eyes dizzy, being 7" than my laptop's 12" LCD Screen.
[x]Dining hall/Kitchen

More likely to find someone than going outside. Less likely to intrude on someone's privacy than going into the occupants' rooms.
[x]Dining hall/Kitchen
[x]Dining hall/Kitchen
File 12907741995.jpg - (21.20KB, 480x360, Suwako.jpg) [iqdb]
I've been too lazy and uninspired but I'm still trying to get updates out. Please bear with it.


Now that I think about it, I probably haven't eaten anything except for lunch last time but it could already but a new day hear. Urge of hunger just pretty much struck me as I remembered that I need to eat.

"To the dining hall!" I'm just hungry, really. I just didn't realize it at first. Also, going to the dining room would make it unlikely for me to intrude on someone on a bad time and Kanako or Suwako might be waiting for me there. I do wonder why they wouldn't just be waiting in my room, like what you always see in animes or movies when someone wakes up. But I'm just too hungry to think any further, time to go.

Taking steps silently to avoid making too much noise, I reach my destination after only 30 seconds despite my slow walking. That wasn't really necessary just now.

Sliding the door, I immediately take note of the presence of what simce to be a plastic wrapped food tray. Within the plastic are a bowl of rice, soup, probably miso and some finely sliced pieces of meat in the largest part of the food tray, which is most likely chicken.

"Hm? A note?" To be more specific, the note says "Enjoy the food. I had Sanae cook it up for you even though she didn't want to.

Signed: Suwako"

I sigh. "Going through all that trouble... That confirms though that I'm really in the Moriya Shrine. Best not to let it get any colder."

Removing the plastic wrapping then taking the chopsticks placed behind it where I don't know why it is there in the firs place, I begin munching on the chicken. Delicious and it's still quite warm so I guess the food was probably cooked around 15-30 minutes ago. I doubt that Suwako expected me to wake up anytime soon though. Now on to the miso soup.

Taking a sip, I don't seem to like it that much... Damn. I think I just got way used too Western Food or the soup just tastes different from the norm that I usually have before.

But, no more thinking. Time to finish this up.


"Enjoying the food?" Woah! Sudden quite voice beside your ear... Damn scary. That made me jump a little bit just now.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" And so the laugh of Suwako goes on for what simce to be like an eternity before she get's control of herself.

"That never gets old."

"Damn it Suwako-san. Don't do that again, ever!" I say those last words in a slightly serious manner. Suwako doesn't seem to be affected by it.

Just as I get a clear look of Suwako, I already know that she hasn't grown... at all. Despite the 11 years that has passed, she still has not only the very same figure but the same clothes!?


"What?" She says.

"How the hell are you still a kid?" I got a little bump on the head for that.

"Geez, I'm not a kid and I'm just like this. Really!"

"Whatever. For someone to not grow at all not just physically but mentally as well..." That comment just now made her a little humorously angry.

"You... Do you want me die?" now she's a little bit too angry.

"No thanks. I'd prefer to eat instead."

"Geez. Your really just like your past self. Even worse. I can see how you could easily get the wrath of Sanae." I think she's trying to get back to me.

"Why thank you." That should do it.

"Uwaa?!" Yep, it did. She probably expected me to flare up from it then argue with her where she will try to bring me down with something like philosophy. Probably.

"But let us end that topic. So why are you here?"

"This is my home, you know." She answers. Trying to be annoying. I guess this will never end.

"No, I mean why are you here right now?"

"I came to talk but what I found was something else."

"Well, I am something else compared to before." She didn't like that comment again. It's really funny playing like this, to prevent her from finding a way to initiate an argument. Just reminds me of the old days when both of us fought for this candy. I don't even know how that happened in the first place but mom and Kanako got the best laughs out of it.

"Alright, no more. To be truthful, I wanted to ask some questions."

[x]No tha-

"How did you get here in the first place?" Wha-!?

"Hey wait! I still haven't decided if I wanted to listen or not."

"You were thinking of that?"

"Baah, never mind. So you mean how I got here? Well, I fell from the sky then landed on Sanae. That's how I got here."

"No, not like that! I mean how did you get here to the Moriya Shrine in the first plae."

"Hmmmm." How do I explain it? That I just found some magic circle in their place then it somehow brought me here? That does remind me of where I am. I'll try asking that later.

"I found something on the previous location of the shrine. Some sort of magic circle."

"Eh?" Yep. The odds of Kanako and Suwako being unrelated at all to the object that I found is nearly impossible. Due to the fact that it brought me here, it is most likely made by them, and they used it to bring the shrine here That I guarantee.

"That Kanako... She must have messed up something when bringing us here. Well, you probably already suspect something quite supernatural right?"

"What else do you think I will assume? For you guys to have made it, then you must have some sort of power. If nothing else, I would assume that you guys are aliens instead that are being chased by the government and that you used your very own technology to escape from mankind. Now that does remind me, where is this place anyway where the shrine is in right now?"

"You know, I would like to point out and speak the facts but I suggest you go sleep first."

"What? Why?!" I say in a slightly angered manner. I think she's trying to hide something from me and I want to find out.

"You still have to recover from what Sanae did to you. If you don't know yet, she knocked you out by using her own powers." Now this power thing. She did have some sort of power, probably something in relation to wind. It sure knocked me cold but it didn't kill me, mysteriously.

"Now that you mentioned it, why did I not die from that?"

"Like I said, go sleep. I'll answer your questions tomorrow instead." That girl! This is starting to irritate me, albeit only slightly but it's still there. There's so much time yet she just insists that I go to sleep.

[What do you do?]

[x]Calm down and Go to sleep, like what she says
[x]Keep it up to force her to answer


Didn't have much time too check for any possible errors in grammar and such so sorry if there are any.
[x]Calm down and Go to sleep, like what she says

Don't be in such a rush.
[x] Find someone else to answer your questions.

Nap time's over. Need information.

[x]Calm down and Go to sleep, like what she says.
[x]Keep it up to force her to answer
[x] Find someone else to answer your questions.

We have sleep enough. Time for MC to discover this paradise he's in.
Must... have... tiebreaker.
[x] Find someone else to answer your questions.
Called. Gonna write as soon as I can.

Heads up. Update is done. Yeah I know, took a little long. Been busy with playing some new games I got with my new PC so... sorry.
Bah. Blast it. Someone else could answer my questions instead.

"Never mind. I'll just go scoot around and find someone else."

"In the middle of the night?" She adds.

"Everyone's asleep already. You won't find anyone besides me."

"Like that will stop me. I want some answers but if your not going to give me that, then I'll go find another person to talk to."

"Suit yourself. But like I told you, the others are asleep and in the middle of night, many things you can't imagine are awake." Another thing to try to scare me? Don't care about that. Heading out of the dinning room, I left as Suwako watches while sitting besides the table, drinking this tea that she didn't have before.

Now, pondering who could answer my question. My best bet is Kanako but finding her might be a difficult task, considering the time. Another one is Sanae but an encounter with her already scares me. She may be still holding a grudge on me.

"Heading outside first may help. I do remember Kanako who always stays at the garden when she has time. She could be there." Heading through the hallway then immediately getting out through the front door, I'm greeted with a familiar site.

The site of the shrine's entrance is quite nostalgic. It's been so long I guess. It still looks the same except the background isn't. I can see a forest thanks to the moonlight, which is different from the usual bright city. Also, T
their sits a crater just nearby, where I was most likely found. For her attack to have done so much damage...

"I'm still alive, right?"

Going to the garden, or where the garden was supposed to be, what I found was instead this huge lake as well as a large field filled with pillars. I have the feeling Kanako did all of this.

"Searching is gonna take some time so better find a good vantage point."

There wasn't any. The freaking place is very flat, but the air is quite thin. I just noticed. It's a little hard to breath. Assuming that we are in a mountain, how the hell did they get here in the first place?!


Nothing. Been searching for 30 minutes. Nothing. I guess it's best to head back in for now.


"What was that? Just now..." An ominously dark feeling. Cold. Very cold. Like two very cold eyes staring at me. There's nothing however, no signs of anyone at all. I don't know what that was but it might be getting dangerous and that's what my instincts is telling me anyway. Need to head back quick. Running... Just as I get to the front door, I am greeted by someone, a figure which I recognize completely.


"Yo, Souji." Yo? Haaa, I get it. She hasn't changed at all. "Enjoyed the sight?"

"I did but I though you guys were all sleep? That is, except for Suwako."

"I was, but something bothered me and I woke up." Could it be due to that feeling just now? The timings a bit too much to be a coincidence but I'm just being too rash right now. Need to calm down. Still, the chills I felt sure are scary. Her looking at empty space with a serious face sure does help affirm it.

"Suwako just told me that you were looking for me. So why are you looking for me in the first place?" So that's what Suwako said. Nothing about my questions though.

"In truth, I've been trying to find answers."

"Answers? For what?"

"For the many things I don't know. One thing is, where am I?" She then laughs a bit then answers with:

"The Moriya Shrine of course. But I know, I know. That's not the answer you were looking for." Ah jeez! Toying with me as usual. "I'll answer your first question." After those words, the look on her face goes back to normal as she sits down on the floor just beside the front door. I follow by sitting then doing the same, except on the other side.

"I'll answer that question. Your already wondering where you are as you probably have noticed the big differences in this place and in Japan. Another thing is that you know that we just suddenly disappeared along with the shrine one night without anyone knowing on the circumstances. To be quick, we are currently in Gensokyo."

"Gensokyo." Kanako just nods in return.

"Sounds familiar? Very very few people in the outside world has ever heard of the name. I guess a large majority of its history was lost."
Now that I think about it, I remember reading something about a mystical land in a book. Can't remember the title but it was located in the library back on our house. This just strengthens the possibility that my parents, most likely my mom, had some prior knowledge about this.

"That's bullshit." I answer in response. I don't believe that Gensokyo actually exists. I know very little of such a place anyway, especially the fact that Kanako might just be making it up.

"Then what else do I tell you? This is a fact, not a myth. If you don't believe in something so simple, then there are many more things that you will never get to believe ever." I grit my teeth, admitting defeat that she's right.

"If you wish to know, Genskyo, in truth has been completely sealed from the outside world by extremely powerful but fragile barriers. I already assume you have prior knowledge on Gensokyo based on your reaction just now so let me get this straight. Humans live here as well though in numbers much more smaller than those you find outside. But it's not only them that lives here. Many things of power as well take refuge here in Gensokyo. One's that you can't imagine. Most don't look dangerous but you'll know how much of a threat they are when you get on their bad side. Like Sanae when you fell on her on the morning. She might seem like an innocent girl but if she get's angry, she becomes... well, something else in terms of attitude and personality." She probably doesn't want to admit it. But back to the topic, it feels like I'm in some sort of manga right now. All of these dangers suddenly surfacing up. I'm beginning to doubt that Kanako and Suwako are humans. For Sanae, she may be human with powers but for these two, something is tipping me off right now. Something that I have only realized.

"Hey! Get your attention back."

"Ha ha ha. Sorry." Nervous laugh. "Please continue." I got jumbled up on my thoughts

"Now the only thing I'm gonna say to you is that you should never leave the shrine unless with someone else. Its very dangerous." Well duh.

"That's all for that question of yours. Anything else?" Kanako asks.


[x]Ask a question

[x]No more for today
>She might seem like an innocent girl but if she get's angry, she becomes... well, something else in terms of attitude and personality.
Sanae is a good girl.

[x]Ask a question
[X]About Sanae
[x]Ask a question
[X]About Sanae
[x]Ask about Sanae and her family.
Called, with her family.

Screw the mind block. Trying my best to write still but so many things are just distracting and discouraging me from writing. Again, partial part of the update is written but there's too many things preventing me from continuing.

Need some sort of inspiration to write... I feel so sad...
File 129216519951.jpg - (739.49KB, 1000x833, Suwako Moriya.jpg) [iqdb]
So hard to think...


"May I ask, about Sanae?" I ask prudently.

"Oh? What about her?" She asks in return.

"I want to actually know more about her, like her past and such, especially since I may be staying her longer than expected."

"Getting interested in her, ha?" She follows up with a small smirk which irritates me slightly.

"Think what you want."

"Ha ha ha. Do you really want to know all? I doubt Sanae would agree with it if she knows and you look like you need some rest." Saying the same thing like Suwako even though I'm fine.

"Don't need. I'm feeling fine right now."

"No, I didn't mean your mean your physical condition." Eh?

"Then what?" I say with a more serious voice while looking at Kanako.

However, she doesn't answer at all and for several seconds remains silent while looking around outside the shrine. I don't know but it's starting to feel... different, around here. Just like the feeling before. Greater things however feel my mind right now so I'll shrug it off.

"I'll continue this tomorrow. Go sleep. Now." She says very seriously as she stands up. That isn't the answer I'm expecting. I don't get it. Are they trying to hide something from me?

"No, I won't till you tell me." I'm starting to feel real angry and this isn't helping with what I say. Kanako stares at me seriously with those words.

"I'm sorry but you need to sleep for now." Wah? Shit... Feeling... very sleepy...


Greeted by the sunshine, I'm back at the futon again and in my room. Wait, what happened on the time?...

Damn, can't remember much except me falling abruptly after feeling these extreme sleepiness. To be more precise, I just fainted. I guess Kanako carried me back here. But I just wander, what did she mean when she wasn't referring to me physically. I guess the answers I was searching for only resulted in more questions completely filling the very depths of my mind.

Slowly getting up from the futon, I close the window to my right as the sunshine is just too damn hot and bright for me, and I'm still feeling a bit sleepy. I also notice my clothes are still the same, thankfully... Hmmm?

"Yo!" Suwako, who is sitting seiza-style on the the left side of the room from where the futon is. For some reason, I was completely oblivious to her presence.

"You know, doing that can be a little tad bit irritating." But she just smiles at me with a smug face which proceeded to annoy me even further.

"So, why are you here?" I ask annoyed.

"Waiting for you to wake up." Suwako answers with this usual cheerful voice like a kid. It feels like she hasn't grown at all. But for her answer...

"That's it?" I doubt she would be here just to watch me waking up. Something's amiss, my mind says.

"Hmmm... In truth, its more of a favor by Kanako."

"So she asked you a favor to just watch me wake up?" Why? Why? Why? Why would someone ask for something like that?!

"Ahahaha." A nervous laugh, while Suwako scratches the back of her head.

"Never mind that, since your awake, its time to eat. There's food already waiting for you at the dinning room." She continues. Damn, everywhere I seek answers, I always get more questions instead. Is this some sort of jinx or a form of bad luck for me?

"So, shall we go and eat already?" That snapped me out of my thinking. I didn't notice she managed to close the gap between me and her. Right now, she's standing in front of me with her hand on her hips while having her narrowed eyes staring directly at me.


[x]Maybe later


Yes!!! I have overcomed my very first writer's block! Though took maybe a little too tad long.
[x] Alright

An option between not getting our questions answered and eating & not getting our questions answered.

That cracked me up.
[x] Alright

I think we might have do some investigation if we want answers.
Update written. Posting soon.

>Update written. Posting soon.

'Soon' in how relative a sense?



November 13, 2010
Somewhere in the place called Gensokyo, at the Moriya Shrine

I just sighed. "Ok, ok. Let's just go." With those words, Suwako backs up with her usual smiling face.

"Come on then!" She says as she cheerfully opens the door and starts making her way to the dinning room. I don't feel particularly hungry but I guess some food will help for later. I wonder... is she planning something?

Following her quickly, only now did I notice my shoes were gone but it's not the time for that. I just got to her when she is about to open the door.

We both enter the room at the same time as Suwako slides the door to the side, now with her somewhat usual hat which tended to creep me out at first.

Upon fully opening, I can see Kanako sitting cross legged behind the japanese dinning table and Sanae on the right side sitting in Seiza style, both already eating the food.

I note that the table has a nice white table cloth embroided with red tsubaki flowers near the very edges of the cloth over extending up to the floor.

"Yo! Sure took your time, you two." Kanako says.

"Well, he's monologues take some time." Suwako answers in return. Is it really that long? Well, my attention is sort of concentrated on the contents of the table.

About 8 pieces of onigiri placed in this sort of large ceramic plate at the right half where as some 20 fried tofu's rest on the left half of the plate, the plate being placed in the middle of the table.

There's some tea as well in a large tea pot, not sure what kind of tea though. I just hope it has some honey mixed with it.

Also, somehow, I'm feeling like this is more like a small daily snack rather than just a usual breakfast every morning.

"Looks like Kanako managed to eat a bit of the food already..." Suwako says which disrupts me from my monologue.

Now that I think about it, I guess I should have been quicker in deciding whether to eat or not, but nothing I can do. I wonder how much did both (Sanae, Kanako) managed to swallow up already.

"Come and sit already, Souji." Kanako says.

Sitting in the very front of the table cross legged, only now did I notice that Suwako has already occupied the left spot, eating to her hearts contents.

Sanae, who has been quite since the start, already stopped eating, content with what she has consumed where as Kanako still ravages the food, the food in the table dwindling to about half of it's original amount.

"You two sure can eat a lot, especially you Kanako-san."

"I'll take that as a compliment." She answers. I then proceed to fill my stomach as much as possible. Taking on my first bite with the Onigiri, I couldn't taste that much till I got to its fillings. The fillings taste are a completely different story.

The sudden difference in tastes and as well as in the style of the food didn't help in swallowing. I guess I was just really hungry last night for it not to affect me that I'm eating Japanese Cuisine which I haven't eaten since a long time ago.

Due to this assortment of differences, I'm kinda making it look like I'm having a hard time eating due to the food tasting horrible or something.


Swallowing the last bits of food after some forcing, I feel quite full, and relieved at the same time that it's over.

"How about the tea, Souji?" asks Kanako.

Oh yeah, I forgot that there's tea. Taking a small sip from the cup that Kanako poured the tea into, the tea taste's quite nice and sweet.

"Quite good." I say. Kanako and Suwako just smiles at me while Sanae looks at me with an expressionless face, as we three steadily empty the tea pot.


"Now that was satisfying." I say.

"He he he. Thank Sanae for that." Kanako says.

"Ah, ok... Thanks for the food." I thanked Sanae. She just nods at me a bit then proceeds to clean up the table.

Now that I thinka bout it, Sanae had been glaring at me since when I started eating. Hope she understand why I couldn't eat properly. In a matter of seconds, Sanae heads to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

With her temporarily gone, time to ask about last night.

"So, about last night, can you tell me what you were going to say?" I direct this question to Kanako.

"Kinda expected you to ask that. To be quick, I wasn't going to answer anyway."

"What? Why is that?" I say in a mildly annoyed manner.

"Ha ha ha ha ha. I think it's best that you get that info from Sanae herself instead, right?"

"You do know that that's nearly impossible for me right now!" now in a more angry manner.

"No need to say that loud." Suwako says.

"You know Kanako-san, Suwako-san. You two should just tell me to save the trouble."

"But that wouldn't be fun." Kanako complains.

"Yep!" Suwako says so as well. This two... They sure are getting on my nerves.

"Just go ahead and get to know Sanae if you want to know about her past so much. Talk with her or something. Don't you think you can fix the messed up greeting you have the previous day?" Kanako suggests.

"Easier said than done." I answer.

"Then we'll help you!" Says Suwako.

"Can I ask? Why are you two coaxing me to fix my relations in Sanae?"

"Because it can be fun, and you know, you may get stuck here in Gensokyo for a bit. You'd want to have some friends to help you in tight spots if something ever occurs. Also, we don't like seeing our Sanae get anymore sinister, you know." Kanako answers.

"Now what's with this of me getting stuck here? Can't you guys send me the way back like how I got here?"

"That won't be easy. It took me half a year just to be able to draw all of that circle, having to navigate through this crooks bellow the shrine's foundation just to get it.

If I were to send you from here back to there with the same methods, it would take me at least 4 months to prepare, being that I'm a little bit more powerful compared before. Still, it'll be quite long." Damn it all. Nothing I can do I guess but stay here for 4 months. Unless I can find some other way.

"Any other options I could take?"

"None, literary." Says Suwako in a childlish manner. Doesn't really help that much with my mood but I get the feeling she's hiding something.

"But you know, you shouldn't dwell in getting back. You didn't think about going back home didn't you until I mentioned it?"

"Ah..." Now that Kanako mentions it, I didn't really thought up of the idea of going back.

Somehow, I felt contented here since when I first arrived. I guess it's just because my current situation is something out of the norm, what I've been wishing for since my childhood.


Not yet done, I wanna try to get back for the long time it took to post an update done already last week. For why it's late, its because I completely forgot to paste and then proceeded to forget about the story, that is until I started playing some of the Touhou games. Geez, this might be a little problem in the future.

Until then, wait for the next update. Just hope it'll be quicker than this time.

Oh yeah, for today's update, I kinda feel like I'm lacking something and I feel way to sleepy too read it from top to right. Not that long but still... Let me see tomorrow after getting a proper sleep.
Looks like I've been neglecting to update since vacation. Sorry guys. I'm kinda feeling great so let me try to whip up the 2nd part of the update and post it in several hours. Sorry for the long delay. Been in vacation for far too long.

File 129566264954.jpg - (47.15KB, 450x300, 412675-bigthumbnail[1].jpg) [iqdb]
We come back, with a new title.


"So... How the hell did it end up like this?!" I screamed angrily. This only annoyed Sanae who was preparing to leave and just made Suwako giggle while Kanako has that big smirk on her face.

Of all, in the most dumbest move I have ever made, I somehow succumbed to the nagging 'request' of Kanako and Suwako to go to visit another shrine called the 'Hakurei Shrine' and then go to some human village to get some supplies. No, I did not succumb. It was more like I was completely forced, having no other decision. Kinda understandable. I didn't want to go with the request in the first place but having two people who's powers are probably greater than Sanae, its just a death sentence to not agree with them. Howver, doing this all while with Sanae does not help my case.

Damn it all that she couldn't deny the request of the two people that's been caring for her for a long time, no matter how much she didn't want to go with me in the first place.

"We're leaving now." Sanae says in a quite serious manner. Geez, I hope those two know what they are making me go through. She extends her right hand to me which I'm quite aware means that I should hold on to her.

"You'd better not say a word or I'm gonna drop you to your doom." She threatens me with this freakishly huge killing intent.

"Don't worry. I-I won't." Keeping all your nervousness in is so not easy. I grab on to her right hand with my left and as expected, she begins to fly with me hanging on to her. Now, this does tell me that she's stronger than me, to my humiliation, as she doesn't seem to be slow downed by my weight at all, where as my left arm is feeling a tad bit tired already from just carrying my whole weight for 10 seconds.

Reaching a sufficient altitude, Sanae proceeds to speed up towards our first destination, the Hakurei Shrine. I just hope this trip won't lead to some sort of incident happening.


It's already been 5 minutes and I haven't seen any signs of civilization. All nature. I'll admit, the environment looks quite spectacular but how are you supposed to live here? Still, I wonder how far away are we from the shrine. Also, I'm not sure what to really do there.

"We're almost there." Sanae says. Did she just read my mind? True to her words, I can barely see the shrine from my view but it's there. At last, after so long.

After around a minute after those words of Sanae, we have arrived. She sets to land me, actually, make that drop me first on the ground. I then land on my back on the solid hard floor.

"Aw, what the hell are you doing?!" She doesn't say a word and just proceeds to land 5 meters from me. Damn, she really hates me.

"So, my guests have arrived." A voice from within the shrine says. As I look, I can see a girl, dressed like Sanae except being colored red and having her hair tied up in a pony tail, sitting seiza style in front of the door to the shrine while drinking some tea.

"Welcome." She says in a quite emotionless manner. Wonder if this girl really speaks like this or just doesn't have the spirit right now.

Oops, out of time. Gonna continue it later.
People are reading this but just aren't responding due to no choices.
Yep. My bad. I'm getting caught up with the other one.


"Ah, Sanae. You're here as well." The girl says, slightly surprised that the other miko is here. Thoughts of them having fought before though due to the difference in the deities they worshiped & because in the difference of their traditions just flew by me. Not that I care, I'm not too interested with Shinto anyway.

"Ahmm, didn't Kanako tell you?" Sanae replies, having no real awareness on how Kanako prepared our little trip. I'm kinda wondering on what she's planning now.

"Never mind that then. Come here and sit and let's talk." She says, inviting both of us to have tea.

As I step up into the floor board and sit seiza style only 3 feet away from the girl, Sanae sits on the opposite side, contemplating the fact that Kanako refrained from mentioning her on this visit. For the heck of it, I'm not sure why she's taking it a little seriously. There's already tea prepared for both of us, even though she was only expecting one visitor somehow. I take a little sip just as the girls about to talk.

"To start, let me introduce myself, Mr. Kondo. My name is Reimu Hakurei and I am currently the only miko of the Hakurei Shrine or straight to the point, this shrine." She's say all of those with closed eyes, following it up with a little sip from the tea. Somehow, I already expected that she knew my name but how?

"So, Ms. Hakurei... How do you know my name already?" I ask that in a whim, even though she only mentioned my family name, I'm expecting it already. Truth be told, I though Kanako just only recently planned this trip so she wouldn't have been able to inform anyone about this trip.

"With this." she shows me a black cellphone. Where did she get that from? Looking at the phone closer, it resembles the Nokia N76 Nseries phones in terms of appearance and size but my intuitions telling it's more than that. Also,

"How the hell is that phone supposed to be working?"

"I'm not sure. I guess Yukari did something to these things?" The red miko says, completely straight on what she says. Maybe the ability of some of the people on this land to use technology is more of a mystery right now to me.

"Actually, I kinda remembered now that the kappa tended to make some of this cellphones. I think Yukari-san did something to this things though to make them work properly." Sanae replies, giving me some information which is weird. The funny look on my face still hasn't disappeared as I still don't get how someone could get it to work in such a place lacking completely in any other forms of technlogoy.

Another thing, I kinda think that crazy things might live here but a kappa of all things, especially one that makes phones. Ah geez. It's just too much to stomach in. Just too -

"Now, it's time we continue with our conversation. Mr. Kondo, do you know the reason why you were sent here?" Getting interrupted in the middle of my thoughts didn't help with answering the question.

"Ah? N... I don't really have any idea at all." I reply to her question, my mind still recovering from the sudden changes in my 'perception' of my thoughts and the real world.

"So I see. Just as expected." She says. "How about you Sanae? Any ideas?"

"Not really, I was only told to accompany this guy." This guy? How rude. She sure can show her annoyance with me quite well.

"Then I guess I'll tell you. The reason why you have been made to come here is to talk with me. I'm interested on the circumstances on how you managed to get here so I requested Kanako for you to come here. If you want to know on how I knew about your presence here and your status as an outsider, I've seen it in the newspaper of a certain tengu.

In turn, I have been asked by Kanako to provide any information as well that may help you survive in this place until you can go back which I'll provide if you wish." Long talks can sure bore me to hell.

"You said a newspaper just now. Can you show it to me?" I ask, puzzled on how someone could get a hold of information from me when I've only been here for a day.

"Here then." Again, the newspaper just comes out from nowhere as she hands it out to me. Looking at the article in the front page, it describes of a mysterious man who fell from the sky and is currently sheltering in the Moriya shrine.

It also details on how I appeared here in the first place, that is me falling a few feet, along with a picture of me accidentally falling on top of Sanae taking up one fourth of the paper of said event. Also, another image of me at night when I was exploring around the shrine.

"..." My jaws just dropped from this article. A freaking stalker. That's just what comes up to my mind. And this picture...

"What the hell is this?!" Sanae asks in a fit of rage, not even knowing how the, ahm, tengu, managed to get a picture of both of us. Did Kanako already know about this?

"You know, I'm surprised that that 'Tengu' managed to print out an article within a day. I guess she's really just high in spirits right now."

"Still, something like this." Don't what to say. I'm just stumped. Sanae on the other hand is boiling with rage on this 'Tengu'. Well, I just hope this won't cause any misunderstandings. I hope.

"Now, Mr Kondo. I'd suggest you come back here later after finishing up with your other business so that I can prepare for a demonstration."

"A demonstration? Of what?" Asked by me.

"A spellcard fight. I'd tell you about it as well after once you come back here. For now, let me prepare first."

[x]Go to the human village
[x]Somewhere else?

[x]Disregard her advice
[x]Is it possible to write-in???
[x] Agree
[x] Suggest that Sanae go help the 'Tengu' get her facts straight, while you are busy here.

I'm wary of Sanae helping us with our practice, and then obliterating us before we can learn anything. Plus, this way she'll get to blow off some steam.
[x] Agree
[x] Suggest that Sanae go help the 'Tengu' get her facts straight, while you are busy here.
[x] Hang around on the steps in the meanwhile.

Wow... this is a first, a story where Sanae's bitchier than Reimu.
[x] Agree, but head to the village before all of the preparations.
[x] Suggest that Sanae go help the 'Tengu' get her facts straight, while you are busy here.
File 129617408925.jpg - (522.36KB, 1024x768, 198%20-%20kotiya_sanae%20shrine_maiden%20touhou[1].jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Agree
[x] Suggest that Sanae go help the 'Tengu' get her facts straight, while you are busy here.
[x] Hang around on the steps in the meanwhile.
"This 'Tengu', do they really love to mess around people?" I ask to Reimu, make that Ms. Hakurei.

"Not really. The actual tengu who tends to take pictures like that is Aya, and she's a big troublemaker and loves to make lies for her articles." She answers stoically. Now thinking about Tengu's, I thought they're like crows with these long noses like the tengu masks I kept seeing in my childhood days.

Maybe things here are a bit different than we completely perceive back in the real world.

"Now, I shall prepare a bit for the spellcard demonstration. If your planning to stay here, then do so." The Miko states as she heads inside the shrine, sliding the front door close behind her. I wonder just how she'll prepare.

"So, are we just going to sit around here?" Ask Sanae as she stomps her foot on the floor to get my attention, not wanting to waste more of her time doing nothing here.

"Well, maybe you should find that Tengu first then get all of her facts straight while I just stay here." I suggest to her, wanting her to get off some of the anger before the demo. I don't know what will really happen once it starts but I pretty much assumed that already includes blowing things up with their own powers. Truth be told, the possibility of Sanae blowing me up and making it look like an accident has not escaped my thoughts. Just thinking about that makes me shiver.

"Hmmm... Alright then." She says with extreme coldness... S-Sanae takes a step off the wooden floor of the shrine into the tiled ground. Lifting off with her own power, she begins to search for the tengu who has caused her so much anger and anguish with a single article plus picture. I don't like it myself so I guess making her take care of it would benefit me as well.

"Now, what to do?" I'm not sure how long the Ms. Hakurei will take to prepare for the spellcard demo but based on what she said, it'll take time. Without Sanae, I wouldn't be able to go anywhere as I please but at least the looming danger of possible and sad death has faded to zero.

Looking around the shrine, I only realized that the open area is quite small, with the shrine being in the middle. That is when compared to the Moriya Shrine but still...

"How she lived in such a rundown place, I don't even know." I say, pondering still on what I could do to fill up the unknown time it'll take before the start of the demo. I'm kinda hoping that someone would just pop up somewhere around to help me on what I would do.

Standing up and taking a step off the shrines floor into the ground, I head towards the steps to see if there's anything else around here. Still, the place is quite rundown. I wonder if she's even being looked upon by the people here... That was quite rude.

"So nothing special here as well." I sigh, looking at the steps up to the buttom, it pretty much connects to a dirt road towards somewhere else. Couldn't see as it directly heads through the forest in front of the shrine. Along the sides as well are Japanese Cherry trees, blooming with the bright elegant flowers. Huh?

"Wait..." Somehow, I always thought that this place could be Japanese in terms of the culture that existed here. This tree's just really reinforce that possibility. Now that I think about it... Wait. It's just too much and makes my head hurt. Maybe I'll talk with her later on the true location of this land in the real world if it really used to exist there.

For now, nothing to do but hang around here. At least I have a good view of the land around...

[x]Go do something else (specify)
[x]Just sleep
[x] Relax while keeping an eye out for anything strange.

The shrine usually has 1-2 freeloaders.
[x] Relax while keeping an eye out for anything strange.
[x]Go do something else (take a nap under the sun)

And hope you won't attract any fairy, youkai, meat-eater, tengu, kappa, sin-sack, MANnosuke, gay fish, light grue, sic...
[x] Relax while keeping an eye out for anything strange
Oddly enough, I thought this would be at the very back page but...
Update already!
Currently being hogged down by lots of work so update may come later or tomorrow.
[x]Just sleep

This story is quite interesting. I'll be following it.
File 132157197173.jpg - (185.85KB, 832x539, HakureiShrine.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Relax...

Somewhere in the place called Gensokyo, at the Hakurei Shrine

??:?? am(?)

You know what, I'm just gonna relax for a bit. I'm still a bit shaken from this current ordeals after all. Not that thinking more of it would be of any help but... Might as well put it off for later and take a small time off. After all, its a boon I probably won't get to enjoy that much in this crazy place though I should still keep an eye out around just in case. You never know when something crazy is gonna happen.


Taking the time to find some nice spot to sit or lay on, I decided that the Sakura tree just on the left side of the shrine near the forest edge, would be nice. It provides some ample shading against the sun and the spot around it is carpeted with grass.

"At least there's something nice about this place." Commenting on the Sakura tree and the nice bloom it has, I head towards the grounds where it has been planted on. After making sure the spot I'm going to lie in is clean and not filled with ravenous human eating bugs or something similar, I softly lie down and perch my head on a small trunk protruding out of the ground. Not that bad at least though something softer would be nice.

Just letting off all my burdens from my mind and inhaling the nice air from the wind breezing through, I'm starting to feel comfortable at the least, and hey, my body feels a bit lighter. Wish that it would stay like this forever.


Nearly 30 minutes later and nothing odd has happened nor has the Hakurei miko come out from within her little place. Sanae as well isn't back yet and its kinda making me worry a bit despite our current terms. Hmmm?

"Afternoon." What the... "Enjoying your time?"

"...Ah. Kind off." Couldn't find a better answer. Now, this is something else. A girl who is appearing out of the Sakura trees trunk like a ghost, just looking at me from above. I won't say this is the oddest thing that I would ever encounter but it sure is unexpected.

"Thinking of something?" She asks quite nicely.

"No, its nothing. May I ask who you are?" I ask as courteous as possible.

"Oh, sorry. Call me Mima. So the red miko didn't tell you about me, Souji Kondo?" With some slight glee included along. Another one...

"Not at all. I guess you were listening a while ago while we were talking?"

"Of course! Nothing else to do after all."

... She just looks at me with a smile while her eyes are closed. Her blue hat sure is quite big. I'm surprise that its not falling over with her current position.

"So, uhm. Ms. Mima-"

"Just call Mima." She cuts me off while putting a slightly bigger smile on her face. I haven't said this yet but this, is a bit uncomfortable, that she's just staring at me directly above while half of her body is phased in on the tree.

"A-alright. May I ask, what do you exactly do here?"

"I'm currently the person of worship here." Was expecting that she was just a freeloader wrong?

"I guess you're like a god then?"

"Nope. I'm just a spirit." ... Maybe a very powerful spirit for her to be worthy of worship. "Well then, see you next time then. I still have something to do." She says as she brings half of her body within the Sakura tree, completely disappearing.

"Maybe I need some sleep." Felt a little tired after that five minute encounter. Though you know what, before I could even shut off my eyes, I spotted Sanae flying back here. My tiny worries perish off into the void upon seeing her. I do shudder on the thought on what could have happened to the tengu (Aya).

[x] Go to Sanae.
[x] Ask her what happened.
[x] Welcome her back.
[x] Or something else?
[x] Check on the red miko (aka Ms. Hakurei).
[x] Sleep. Just sleep and relax.
[x] Write-in.


Did I miss anything, like wrong grammar or spelling or discontinuity from the story? I haven't written anything for a long time nor I have been visiting this place on the past months so do please be a bit gentle for any criticisms.
[x] Go to Sanae.
[x] Welcome her back.
[x] Ask her what happened.
[x] Go to Sanae.
[x] Welcome her back.
[x] Ask her what happened.
[x] Check on the red miko (aka Ms. Hakurei)

We don't want to meet Reimu without Sanae.
Gonna start writing later. Should be up in half a day.
As Sanae approaches closer, she lands within the boundaries of the Hakurei shrine. Looking at her from my distance, my gut feeling is whispering to me that she should be safe to approach. A little risk for getting more in friendly terms with her might be worth it. Well, here goes nothing. Standing up from my comfort zone, I head to Sanae.

As I get within talking distance, I greet her.
"Welcome back. How was it?" Eagerly asking, Sanae only looks at me with a small smile, tilting her head slightly to the left. Then, to my horror, I see at least six black feathers on her left hand.

"C-could it be that y-you k-k-..." Wishfully thinking that she says no!

"Nope. I instead slowly plucked each off from her wings as punishment for her errors. It should have been a dozen though she quickly ran halfway through. Seeing her crying face was more than enough though." I stare at shock for the prospects on Sanae being a sadist. Is this world weird enough to even affect others with really strange habits?

"Isn't that a bit too much..." My slightly nervous voice helps illustrate my thoughts on the subject matter.

"I don't apply such ethics here." Oh dear gods! Her cheerful voice doesn't help at all! I think I'll ask Suwako and Kanako on what happened to her while being here once we get back.

As I was in the middle of thinking, Sanae had already gone up to the front doors in the shrine. Opening it up gives some funny things. First off, Reimu is sleeping on her futon with half of her lower body and such being underneath the table. Also is the presence of a katana on top of the table. It doesn't look that much special though the black scabbard has some nice golden engravings shaped like a dragon. But first things first is the red miko.

Actually, before even saying those thoughts, Sanae had already gone to work and started poking Ms. Hakurei on the head.
"Wake up Reimu. You have something to do."

However, the red miko does not budge and only moves a little to cover her head from the barrage of discomfort hitting it. This is worrying me. For each failed attempt, it feels like Sanae's killing intent is growing.

"That does it!" Why must I always be right! Sanae stands up a bit and quickly extends her free hand towards the red miko. For me, I ran outside in panic. Kind of cowardly but being a normal human, I'm too weak in this world!

And then there was the small bang. Small amounts of smoke come out from the door, though I'm not really that worried about Ms. Hakurei. She should be alright being a person born in this place. I just hope that Sanae's head cools off quickly. A trigger happy Sanae is something I would like to avoid all day if I want to at least preserve my life.

Several seconds pass by and both mikos get out of the door, Reimu warning Sanae that her actions might have blown the whole shrine to pieces. Reimu only sighs as Sanae walks with her scary happy face towards open ground.

"Alright. So let me start by telling you a bit about the spellcard system." I'll listen. What else can I do?


I've been educated enough on how powerful people are here. All I can say is that currently, I'm in the bottom of the food chain here. Considering that I might not be able to get back to real life anytime soon, this might be really bad.

"Now, for a little demonstration. Me and Sanae will have a small duel." Reimu places a small red seal just beside me before both fly towards their respective positions high up.

"Ready! Be attentive Mr. Kondo and you may learn something." Then she begins to count off from 3 to 1. In a short moment, Sanae fires off a barrage of... frogs? Reimu dodges them gracefully sideways and throws several seals which Sanae evades. They go at it for several more seconds and the sheer speed of everything is just making me dizzy. Before I knew it, a small projectile was heading towards me.

"Oh shi-!" It was a frog, which made an explosion that would have been more than enough to obliterate a person. How the heck is that possible?! Thankfully, I was safe due to a small barrier that suddenly sprang up before it the frog hit me, thereby absorbing the impact. The seal on the ground, most likely the origin of the barrier, begins to burn without leaving anything at all. Upon seeing these, Reimu stops the duel.

"That's it for now! So how was it Mr. Kondo?!" I didn't even answer due to the shock from what just happened. Both mikos steadily glide down the ground, Sanae with still her creepy smile. I can't help feel that the shot just now was intentional... I-I should shrug that off for now. Reimu stares at me, probably waiting for a response which I will deliver.

"Ahm. I couldn't follow that much so I didn't get anything off it." The frogs Sanae conjures makes me assume that how one makes bullet is dependent to ones own taste.

"That's too be expected, considering that you're currently powerless in this world." That hit like a hard hammer in my gut. "Let's go in for now. I'd like to discuss with you on how you got brought here." More talking. I sight a little.

"Please be quick with your discussion." is what Sanae says as me and Reimu enter inside. As expected, she goes slightly underneath her futon while keeping her head on the table. Shows that she's probably a lazy one, not that I would blame her considering she's living alone by herself, probably not doing much. The katana though including everything else is unaffected by the chaos caused by Sanae.

"Let's start. Please discuss the circumstances on how you got here." Oh boy. This might be long.

... Around dusk ...

"So I see." I feel like she noticed something weird.

"Is there anything strange?"

"Aside from the fact that the magic circle still worked, there's nothing else. Don't think too much about it though. You're already here anyway." I will do that. Also, she explained a lot about this place and its denizens as well as many odd places that I can find here and there and some of the more notable people around. Well then, I guess it's time to leave. Standing from my spot, I head out for the door.

"Wait." Hmm? "Take the katana." Reimu says while she is drowsy, giving off a less than good impression about her.

"Are you sure about that?" I ask. Reimu nods in response.

"It should help you a bit even though its just an ordinary katana, except being one that is nicely crafted. I haven't used it though ever since someone just left it in my door a year ago." The circumstances around its arrival makes it feel like the owner was either really generous, didn't like the blade or something similar. I'll gladly accept it even though I don't have much training in wielding these things. Not much time to think for that however as Sanae could be aggravated already by the waiting.

"Alright. Thanks for everything then. I'll repay you sometime."

"For the food or for the katana? Well, don't mind. Kanako payed already in advance." A-alright... Saying farewell to each other, I go outside where, to my surprise or lack of thereof, Sanae is busy scaring three kids. Slash the kids part, they're actually fairies as described by the red miko. Sanae takes notice of my presence where the three quickly scuttle off to the forest.

"Ah. They're gone. So, you done already?" She states quite normally like how she always treats me. At least she doesn't have her sadist face. Sanae takes notice of the Katana briefly though she isn't interested that much in it.

"Let's go then." I can bet that she's saying finally in her thoughts. I extend out my right hand to Sanae where she grips it a little hard with her currently free hand, the other now holding a small modern shopping bag containing food and supplies. The Tengu's feathers are probably in it.

Sanae takes flight along with me on tow. This time, she's a bit more gentle though that's probably because of the bag she is holding. Here's a wish that she'll be more accepting of me in the future once I get reacquainted with her.

... Evening on the Moriya Shrine ...

We've arrived! Finally! I feel really tired carrying such a heavy weapon while flying though at least that parts over. Sanae enters the house immediately when we arrived to probably check on Suwako and Kanako. She's probably gonna start cooking right now. As for me, I'll just head to my room. I don't really feel sleepy right now but I'm not sure what to do once I get there.

[x]Check the katana.
[x]Try to use it.
[x]Examine it.
[x]Train your skill with blades.
[x]Leave the katana for later.
[x]Go find any of the three (specify).
[x]Head out somewhere (specify).
[x]The usual write-in


That took a little longer than expected but its here.
[x]Check the katana.
[x]Examine it.
[x]Try to use it.
[x]Train your skill with blades.

We must train as much as we can with this katana because we really need some kind of self-defense ability right now.
[x]Check the katana.
[x]Try to use it.
[x]Examine it.
[x]Train your skill with blades.
[x]Make a note to talk to Suwako and/or Kanako when Sanae's not around. Aya may have been a nuisance, but pulling feathers is just cruel.
What's wrong with this story's Sanae anyway? She's a freak job.
[X] Ignore the katana.
[X] Make a note to talk to Suwako and/or Kanako when Sanae's not around. Aya may have been a nuisance, but pulling feathers is just cruel.

If you don't know how to use it, it's best to not pretend that you do. If we can find a teacher, that's all well and good, but let's not be the idiot flailing around a sword just because it's cool.
[x]Check the katana.
[x]Try to use it.
[x]Examine it.
[x]Train your skill with blades.
[x]Make a note to talk to Suwako and/or Kanako when Sanae's not around. Aya may have been a nuisance, but pulling feathers is just cruel.

Today has been exhausting. I just can't a grip on what Sanae has become. She feels like a different person, like her self from 12 years ago isn't even here. Sighing, I need to talk to Kanako and Suwako when I can about the matter. Should help clear things up...

...Closing the door behind me, I just slump my back on to the door and slowly fall down to a sitting position. Thinking about it, what happened still shakes me up. With me arriving here only like a day ago, that's not surprising but it feels like its been several weeks already. I close my eyes to conjure up my past memories. All those things from the real world, I just miss it right now. Not that this place could contain fun that I once dreamed off while I was a child. Its just disturbing right now with how Sanae is acting. If she were more elegant in her attitude, then it might have been different but that's not reality. Its just a big lie being screamed in my mind, wishing that it were true... Sanae...


...Hmm? Damn, fell asleep. Good thing the sting from not eating dinner isn't present. Checking around, I haven't move from my position that much and outside, the suns still rising. My back hurts though for falling asleep while sitting. Standing then stretching a bit, I look out through the small window to pass up time...

Not working out well as I start feeling bored. Looking around for something to do, I found the katana on the edge of the wall. Must have accidentally pushed it while asleep. Well, its about time to take it out for a spin...

Heading out into the field behind the shrine, I unsheathe the katana to get a better look of it. Well, to my surprise, the blade is completely black. Not pitch black but more like iron like in color. In shape though, its similar to most of the katanas my mom had. Checking around a bit more, the only thing I noticed is that the Katana feels much more lighter than before. Still heavy, but sure not as cumbersome like yesterday though the exhaustion from that time could have affected my senses.

Ignoring that, time to test it out. But how? Looking around the place, there nothing. Except the pillars... Never mind, I'd rather avoid the wrath of Kanako when I can. With nothing to test it on, I guess the ground soil will do.

Remembering the things mom said a bit about using one, I put myself into my own stance and raise the katana above me. Then within a second, I put all my strength into the swing... A small noise from the soil clashing with the blade is heard. The blades quite sharp as it managed to embed itself quite deep within the soil. With a little strength, I lift it out of the ground. But, the weight managed to push me back a bit. Almost fell down in fact.

"That was dangerous. I could have been injured." I guess I'm not cut out to use this blade yet. Won't stop me from bringing it around as a form of intimidation. I need more training if I'm to use this properly however and that may be weeks or months away.

Swinging it around a little should help train my skills with it. Starting with a vertical slash, I begin to count down from one to ten then continue on by slashing horizontally. Little did I know that time passed by quite quickly while I practiced as the sun indicates that dawn is finished. That wraps up my tiny training session.

"Best to head in and rest." Looking at the sky for a bit before I head out into my room, all I can say that yesterdays been heck of a day. Here's my hopes that the talking part won't make things any worse.


Slow internet is slow. Other than that, no excuses. Part 2 upcoming.
Still a few things to do. First up is finding Kanako or Suwako. Breakfast would be for later as I don't feel hungry right now. Time to search...

Searching around the outside of the shrine for several minutes, I spot Suwako near the lake. From here, she's crouching while looking after some frogs hop around. How nostalgic. Remembered how Kanako told me that she always does this in the morning. First time I've seen her do it however.

Well, the past would be for later. There are more important things for me to attend to at the moment. I approach Suwako at a slow pace while she is busy watching the frogs leap around. She keeps it up until I'm only several feet away from her, oblivious to my presence.

"Morning." I greet her with a small smile.

"WAAAAH!!!" Woah! Didn't expect that!

"Hey, hey! Its me!" Need to calm her down. Upon seeing me, Suwako calms down and lets out a big sigh. "Why the hell did you get surprised?" Still acting like a child, I see. Ahahaha.

"Hey! Don't laugh! I was... I was just a little preoccupied" Ooops. I wasn't able to contain my laughter. Looking at her face, she is pouting like a child... With a little time, she regains her composure and tries to look more confident to no avail, for me that is.

"So, what is it?" She tilts her head slightly away from me while keeping her arms crossed. Oh dear, feeling a bit embarrassed I see. She really looks cute like this. Oh wait, I didn't mean it like that however.

"How long have you been here." Some slight giggles escape from my mouth while speaking those words.

"I said stop that already! And I only got here just now. For you Souji, what are you doing here this early?" She noticed that I was holding the katana. "I see. Trying out your gift so early in the morning. I do hope you didn't destroy anything."

"Don't worry about that. Its just a normal katana anyway." Those words didn't help my cause.

"Well, whatever. So what brings you here?" Ahhhh... Finally. The atmospheres much better. Best to tackle that now. Suwako crouches down again and looks at the frogs who are still around.

"I want to talk a little. Its about Sanae." That caught her attention. She starts to look at me.

"What about Sanae?"

[x]"She's really strange."
[x]"She's very scary."
[x]"She's a freaking sadist!"
[x]"What the hell happened to her?!"
[x]"I think she hit her head too hard."

[x]Change topic

[x]"She's really strange."

Don't want to insult Sanae in front of her.
[x]"I really hate to say this but she's a freaking sadist!"
-[x]Explain what you found out about how she dealt with the reporter.

I think we need to hit it bluntly as being "strange" is too easily dismissed in Gensokyo.
I think what Sanae did to Aya is justifiable. I mean, to make a girl like Aya regrets her actions, Sanae needs to punish her extraordinarily, in this case by plucking some feathers off her wings.
But I doubt Kanako or Swuako want Sanae that way or intended for her to end that way.
Waiting for a tiebreaker.

[x]"She's really strange."

So much for doing something about her sadistic streak.
[x]"I really hate to say this but she's a freaking sadist!"
-[x]Explain what you found out about how she dealt with the reporter.

...am I too late?
Oh dear. Was about to post but then... Waiting for another tiebreaker. I'm just gonna do some revisions to ensure that I can make quick changes, just in case.
[x]"She's really strange."

Here it is, the tiebreaker.
You might want to check for votespam just as a precaution.
Here it is.


"She's really strange." Hearing those words, the expression on Suwako's face change to a more serious look.

"What do you mean about that?" Her tone has changed as well. This is getting scary. If I say the wrong thing, it might get really troublesome. Think think think. How to explain...

"Well... I think that Sanae is being odd. That is, I think she's a little mean and she doesn't like me at all." I'm feeling a little nervous and its not helping at all when trying to say out something. Suwako just looked at me silently before suddenly changing back.

"Oh. Don't tell me that you're worried for her?" What the... Not the words I was expecting to hear. At all!

"How the hell did you come up with that idea?!"

"Well, gut feeling?" This sure is not helping at all. Though I feel a little glad that I said wanted to say, I think Suwako didn't get what I was trying to convey. Or she did but is scoffing it off. If its the latter, I would be very worried on how well they've been living in here.

"So, is that all?"

"Ahhh... I guess." I guess I'll try to ask next time in a different context.

"Is that so. Then follow me. I want to show you something."

"A-. Alright." There's nothing to do for now so, why not?


That was tiring. I had to walk at least a kilometer to Suwako's destination which was on the other side of the lake. Suwako walked as well though she doesn't seem to be feeling tired at all. Wish I had her stamina.

"We're here." Suwako states. In front of me is an entrance leading deep inside the mountain. The entrance is quite big, probably can fit a trailer truck in it. The design and shape of the construction around indicates that this place is quite ancient. The entrance itself is square in shape and the edges are lined up with walls made of white blocks that extend probably until the end of the entrance. Most of it though is being obscured with vines. On top lies a symbol of a uniquely shaped pentagram. Observing it closer, the star in the center actually resembles a flower of some sort while the middle part has a small eye drawn in it. I feel like I've seen this before...

"Hey Souji! You're falling behind." While in the middle of my thoughts, Suwako already went in and I can't see her anymore through the darkness. Well, here goes nothing.

I keep on walking until the darkness has completely obscured my vision. Walking blind is not fun at all. Its quite scary and I could bump into something. Thankfully, after a few seconds, I can see some light coming through and another second later, I am through...

"Wow..." I'm quite amazed. Considering the fact that we just went inside a mountain, who wouldn't be surprised. Right now, I'm in some sort of flat wide area. I'm not sure how to describe the place except that most of the place is illuminated with a great light blue color. The floor is as hard as metal and its filled with many white circuit like veins going around everywhere. If you look around, you would find that the place seems to go forever. Oddly enough, the exit behind me is now some sort of portal, like a wormhole though looking through it reveals only darkness. Must be how it connects to this place. The dark color does make it easier to find in this very bright place. Suwako right now is just several feet away, watching my expression.

"Hey Suwako, how does this place work?" I ask her. "And why does it look unusually advance?"

"Magic." I expected that answer. "To be more precise, this place is actually an artificial world created long ago. It was given to me and Kanako as a gift and I didn't like how it looked before so I changed it into this.

Usually, such worlds are connected to other ones through gates like the one we just passed through." Good enough for me. I assume that someone being able to create and manipulate a world of his own must be very powerful. Wait...

"Suwako. Are you some sort of magus?" I would have said a god but I feel like that's a little far fetched. Also, while I would say magician, I find the word magus much cooler and easier to say.

"You can say that." Oh? Well, it would be logical that Suwako and maybe even Kanako are powerful, considering Sanae. Didn't knew from the start though that the two, wait, I mean three, people I knew from my childhood days are powerful magus. I'm not really sure if that's the correct term but whatever... One last thing to ask.

"Say Suwako, why did you show this to me?"

"I was actually watching you practice with that katana for a bit. While you are trying, such things won't really do you much good in Gensokyo." In Gensokyo, it looks like guys get picked on by girls. Makes me really sad.

"You want to get more powerful right? Then you have to first learn some of the more basic stuff around here such as flying and using magic. While we could practice at the garden of the shrine, we're going to use this place so that there's no interference. This area has a very high concentration of magic as well, even more so than Gensokyo so it'll make it easier for you to learn those things." That was a lot of words. However, it looks like I found my gate to power.

"Thanks, I guess." Suwako just giggles a bit.

"Don't worry. I won't be harsh." That relieve me a bit.

"So, do you want to start now?" She asks.

[x] Yes
[x] No


Thinking about it, you could say the place is like TRON, except lighter and wider. Didn't really notice the similarity till I finished writing these.

How do I do that?
You don't, you ask a mod/admin/etc to.
It's usually not really necessary, though. There's usually more people reading your story than you think.
[x] Yes
[x] Yes

Good job on the strange vote as it basically amounted to little more than a waste of time.
[x] Yes
Now to think of a good way to inform Kanako of Sanae's tendencies as dancing around the issue won't do a damn thing and it's better they find out now than after some sort of massive incident caused by Sanae.
File 132359191774.jpg - (430.02KB, 1600x1200, Kanako_Yasaka.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Yes

"What? Did you expect me to say no?" I just couldn't resist saying something cool. It might bite me back later though.

"I see. Then..." Suwako raises her right arm before she makes a snapping sound. The entire area suddenly starts to be consumed by darkness and its quite creepy, I must say. While the ground does turn seemingly into nothing, its still solid. As the last part of this once bright world disappears, everything goes dark for a moment.

"Ah, Suwako?"

Suddenly, I hear the sound of a drop of water landing in a much larger pool. The sound itself echoes around the area for several seconds until it becomes nearly inaudible. As the echoes disappear, the ground turns into an extremely clear ocean with a white glow. Weird thing though is you can't even see anything underneath. Only your reflection. Despite being water, the top is still solid enough to stay on. I try to take a step and surely enough, the sound of water moving away affirms that this thing is really water and I didn't plunge to a watery grave. It could be that this is just a really thin layer of water over some solid ground but I can't feel that.

"Huh? WOAH!" Just now, the entire area lights up and I barely managed to cover my eyes in time. The temporary blindness ain't pretty at all but it quickly disappears. Inspecting the area, I can see that the place is similar to the real world, only it is completely covered with a very still and pristine ocean. Looking above, the blue sky is here along with some spots of clouds. The sun is present as well currently sitting at the center of the sky. Due to this, the ocean is tinted blue as it reflects the light from the sun and the sky. Now, where is Suwako? Oh, there she is. Currently, she is floating slightly above ground several feet away from me and she is emitting some sort of blue aura. After several seconds, the aura disappears but Suwako remains afloat. She then looks at me...

"Suwako, I do hope the water here won't suddenly turn back to normal water and give in to my weight."

"Don't worry. It won't and even if it did, you can swim anyway." That's true but getting wet won't do me much good.

"So, why change the place to something like this?"

"Kanako requested it." Huh? "And speaking of her, there she is." I never really noticed it but Kanako's already behind me.

"Yo." Couple with raising her left hand.

"Please don't sneak behind me next time."

"You're back is way to close to the portal anyway so you should have expected something like this. So, do you like it?" She says while taking a few steps forward, tilted slightly to the right to avoid colliding with me.

"I would admit, its quite nice." And somehow, I feel really calm in here.

"Thanks. So, Souji. How is your mom doing?" Kanako asks.

"She's fine. Still doing the usual, as always." The usual refers to my mom taking trips around the world. I don't even get where she gets all that money.

"Hahaha. Well, that's great. How about your dad?" She asks this time. Dad probably doesn't know much about them except from some little gossips from mom.

"He's fine as well. Though, he's been rather busy this year and I haven't seen him that much. Wait, make that a month. Right now, he is currently in UK, busy making some sort of talks with government officials.

"I see. Well, don't worry too much. I'm sure he'll be fine." Thanks Kanako. And Suwako too.

"Lets start then." Suwako says enthusiastically.

"That's right. We don't want to waste time. Ready Souji?"

"Yes. Lets start." I know I won't get very powerful in just one day but this is a start at least.

"Reimu and Sanae showed you a demonstration of the spellcard system right? How was it?" Asks Kanako.

"It was chaotic. Heck, I couldn't even follow their movements." Coupled with a view that guys would like, I couldn't really watch the fight properly. There were bullets flying everywhere as well and one almost got me. Heck, the word precision didn't even exist during their little fight.

"Thats too be expected. Now, we'll first teach you how to use magic." Kanako says as she goes to Suwako. Huh, thats odd. I didn't notice that Kanako has this odd enclosing rope behind her which have some sort of folded pieces of paper around it. I think they called that shide or something and that huge rope like thing was shimenawa.

"What? You think this thing is weird?" She points to the shimenawa behind her back.

"Not really. But why did you wear it just now?"

"Its because I'm in this place." Ok. Didn't really answer anything...

"Let's just start." Suwako took the initiative. "There are many things you need to learn but you can learn any of them anytime. For now, we can just teach you on how to fight using magic purely such as Sanae or Reimu or, you can try to fight along with your own weapon. Of course, another thing is flying which you'll need if you want to travel around here but you need to know how to fight first before doing that."

"Firstly, do you know how to use magic?" Asks Kanako.

"Nope. I don't know a single thing about it."

"What?" Somehow, saying that managed to surprise Kanako and Suwako.

"I-Is there something wrong?"

"No, nothing... Let's continue already." Kanako states.

"Don't mind that. First, if you want to be able to manipulate magic, you need to be able picture it within your mind. It doesn't have to be that clear since we're in here. Try it. Just extend your arm somewhere then think of a sphere of energy." Geez. This is like the things I read in the internet about ki. That kinda tells something about those internet stuff though that surprisingly, some may hold a grain of truth. But I'll ignore that. Need to concentrate.

"Here I go." I try to concentrate and picture a glowing sphere of white energy within my mind. I leave my eyes open though and just point my left arm towards the sky, all while imagining that sphere.

"Oh, that's quite good." Compliments Kanako. In a short moment, a very small sphere forms slightly ahead of my hand.

"Is that it?" I state as I see the small glowing sphere of magic that has formed.

"Its small but you were still able to do it, as expected." Compliments Suwako.

"Thanks, I guess. Now what do I do with this?"

"Since you're still a novice, you can't use magic as a form of projectile with just your mind. Instead, try to throw it with your hand like a ball." Replies Kanako.

"Alright. Here I go." I position my left hand just slightly behind my head above my other shoulder. The magic sphere follows along nicely. After getting ready, I launch it to my left. It proceeded about twenty feet before making a tiny poof. Then silence...

"Hahahahahahahaha!" Laughs Suwako while Kanako attempts to hold her giggles.

"Hey hey, this is my first five minutes of trying to use magic. Can you guys be a bit less-"

"Sorry. Real sorry." Nice cut-off. Suwako's now trying to hold back her laughter but its a little too late. I'm starting to get irritated.

"Don't feel down. It has been only five minutes after all but you can at least use magic in a tiny scale." Man, those words aren't helping at all, Kanako. I just sigh in return.

"I'll just keep practicing."

And I keep on doing so until time passes by without me noticing.

...1 Hour Later...

"I'm really exhausted now." My heavy breath is an obvious sign, including the sweat forming in my forehead. I've been doing this for like an hour and the farthest my magic power got is fifty feet. Everytime I do it, it gets harder and harder to conjure up magic.

I tried out as well my magics destructive power on the water yet it only made a puny explosion when it hit it. Currently, Kanako and Suwako are busy watching several meters behind me. Wait, actually, they're having a conversation. They've been doing it since the start and its making me feel a little uneasy. I just continue to stare at them for a bit before Kanako takes notice.

"Hey Souji! You should rest for a bit!" She shouts at me.

"Alright." I reply quietly. I'm tired right now so I'm just gonna lay down. Touching the water just to be sure that it doesn't get my clothes wet, I put myself into a comfortable position while laying down. I keep the katana in my right hands grip just to be safe. I didn't let go of it throughout the entire thing yet its not really affecting me speed that much. It feels almost weightless here. I just close my eyes and relax...

"Hey Souji. You ready? Its been ten minutes already." Suwako states as her face suddenly obscures a part of the sky that I was viewing. She's currently looking at me from behind.

"I'm not sure. Is five more minutes enough?" I do feel better but I think ten minutes ain't enough for me.

"I told you, this place has a high concentration of magic so you should be rejuvenated by now."

"Alright, alright." I say while getting up.

"Now that you're up, how about we spar for a bit?" Suwako suggests, out of nowhere.

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yep. Though not by magic but this time by our weapons." Wait, wait. That's even more dangerous!

"A-are you really sure about that?" While Suwako only looks like a kid, she's older than me and in terms of our magic power, she's much much more stronger. I know that already with what she does. Same goes to Kanako. However, I'm not very sure with Suwako's skills with weaponry but I still think this is dangerous. Most especially for me.

"Don't worry, I won't go serious. So?" Feels like she's trying to provoke me. I would have requested Kanako's help but she's busy floating around far away from here.

[x] "Alright."
[x] "I think its a little too dangerous"
[x] "No way."
[x] Write-in.
[x] "I think its a little too dangerous"
[x] "I think its a little too dangerous"
[x] Just tay silent and get ready.

I see things are going just swell.
Hmm. My spell check missed that. It should be stay.
File 132428571716.jpg - (102.60KB, 529x600, Kanako_Yasaka_02.jpg) [iqdb]
Repost as I fail at spelling.


"I think its a little too dangerous."

"What? Are you serious?" Am I serious? That's funny.

"Do I joke that much?" I reply.

"No. Not really, but I expected you to say yes rather than speaking out your thoughts." What?

"Just leave it at that. I wouldn't like either of us to get hurt so please." I answer. Suwako gets deep in her thought, as if trying to think of another way. I have a bad feeling about this. Wait, I shouldn't even be saying that in my thoughts.

"Huh? Suwako?" Not a second later and Suwako is already far away from me, just beside Kanako. And Kanako... That big smirk in her face...

"Good luck Souji!" Kanako says. Uh oh. This might get-

I knew it... Just now, the water behind me exploded. Looking behind, I see a... A giant blue snake flying out of the water and its about to EAT ME!!!

"HOLY-!!!" I leap to my right as the snakes head crashes directly into the water where I used to be. Rather than remaining on top however, to my lack of surprise, it continues to dive underneath.

I groan as I attempt to stand up. Still, that was really close. Managed to avoid that snake though my crash landing wasn't pretty. Also, that snake created some huge waves when it landed and its rocking the water back and forth, completely interfering with my balance.

"Hey Souji! Don't get distracted now!" Screams Suwako. I look to my left, then my right, then behind me, then back in front and... nothing. Where the hell is that snake. Maybe... Below me? And yep, looking below, I see its ominous shadow and a faint glow from its red eyes.

"Not again!" I leap forward a second before the water underneath me explodes for the second time. "Woah!" Managed to land with my feet but I'm really drenched from all the water getting splashed around. But still... "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!!"

"Hey, Kanako, Suwako! Are you guys trying to get me killed!?" Considering that I could have been eaten, twice, I'm really mad! Looking around to ensure that the snake isn't sneaking up on me again, I regain my composure and try to get closer towards Kanako and Suwako cautiously.

"What? You said that you didn't want hurt me so something else would do instead, like that snake from Kanako." Suwako explains. Magic aside, I will never get the common sense in Gensokyo.

"But still, isn't that snake too much for me?! I can't defeat something like that!" And referring to that thing, the snake appears behind Kanako, bring all of its body out of the water before coiling itself and not sinking. Its quite huge with its head being much bigger than me. Its purely red eyes give me the creeps. However, are they both expecting me to be able to beat something like that in my first day of training?

"By the way, how the hell can it dive underwater?" Even if I land in the water with all my weight, I only make a splash and won't sink underwater and yet it can somehow dive at will.

"You just answered your question." Kanako answers.

"No! Not that! Why is it that it can dive underwater willingly" I point to the snake "where as I can only stay on top of it?" Both Kanako and Suwako seem baffled for a moment.

"Well, don't you like it that way in the first place?" Suwako asks.

"Maybe, but I can't help gripe at the fact that the snake holds an advantage in mobility over me. And last thing, I won't fight that."

"You know Souji, if you can't even fight this thing, how would you ever live in this place." Taunting me now Kanako?

"I know that I'm weak right now Kanako, but I can't get that strong in just a single day. Besides, I might not be getting back to the real world anytime soon so there should be enough time." Kanako sighs from those words while Suwako just sits around listening.

"Souji, I understand what you're trying to say but..." Kanako starts to walk slowly towards me... D-did I say something wrong? I'm getting real nervous and I started walking back slowly each time Kanako steps closer.

"K-Kanako?" Suddenly, I felt something weird and instinct just tells me to shield myself. Just as Kanako takes one more step closing in the distance between us, a feel an extremely strong impact striking me from the front and I get sent back flying several feet away before landing in my back and rolling on top of the water for a few seconds. Damn, that really hurt. Was that from Kanako just now? My legs feel a little weak from that impact as I try to stand and my arms are bruised but at least, still functional. But that attack really shook me and hurt really bad.

"Now Souji, would you rather face someone like me head on or that snake over there?" Well, she's got a point but...

"That attack just now was still unnecessary and it hurt bad. I do hope you won't do that again." I'm not really sure how she did it but I'll just that its a cheap-shot.

"You were a little noisy so I had to teach you something. You know, if Amaya were here, she would probably be laughing right now." Mom really would.

"Wait. So does that mean that mom knows the thing about the two- I mean three of you?"

"About what?" Being magus of course! Damn it, wasn't suppose to say that in my head. What the hell? But, I feel like that if I ask about that, Kanako would tell some really really long story while Suwako runs away to a corner. I don't like that.

"N-nevermind. Its nothing." After all, all of Kanako's stories about the past last several hours at best. Mom can attest to that.

"So then, will you fight the snake? You just need to hit in a certain spot and it'll die. Though in terms of power level, its ten times higher than yours." Thats ridiculous. "Against me or Suwako, maybe a thousand?" I won't even ask where she gets her basis but, I will take the Snake over them. I don't want to get hit with something like that again anyway.

"You know, I would face the snake if it was only half its size right now but I'll fight it. Its my only choice after all." This is probably a bad idea but if I can't even hit the giant snake a single time, then I probably won't survive here.

"Then lets continue." Kanako walks back to her position, raising her hand. "You ready to fight my little pet?" Getting cocky again Kanako.

[x] "Yes"
[x] "No"
[x] Just stay silent and get ready
[x] Panic!
[x] Write-in


First, I would like to apologize to the long days of no updates. I've been rather busy with lately as there's been a lot of things needed to be done before Christmas break. But at least I managed to get this one out.
[x] Just stay silent and get ready
[x] Pray
File 132442510448.jpg - (29.68KB, 500x500, The_Katana_Almost.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Just stay silent and get ready
[x] Pray

I stay silent as I place my right hand on the katana's hilt whilst praying in my thoughts to whatever god to help me in this situation.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kanako flies to the head of the snake, seemingly talking with it. I'm not sure from this distance but I hope she'll tell it not to eat me. A few seconds later, the giant snake starts to slither real fast towards me as Kanako lands down to the water.

"Good luck Souji!" Suwako shouts out to me. Thanks... I need to be careful. Currently, the snakes just too strong for me to handle with my current level. Getting hit even by its tail won't be a pretty story.

With just that, it has already closed the distance and is about to devour me from above.

"Shit!" I leap to my left as the snake crashes its head into the water. Though rather than diving fully, it swiftly maneuvers itself underwater and is about to perform the same move from below. This is not good. I'm still in mid-air and while I can see its movements, my body can't react to it quickly enough. How am I suppose to dodge in mid-air anyway?!

Mere seconds later, its head bursts out of the water, mouth fully opened and fangs protruding menacingly. I quickly notice though that its throat is smaller than me standing up, giving me some slight hope of not getting instantly devoured in one gulp.

"No choice. Here it goes!" As the snakes jaws get in between me, I extend my katana up while supported by my hands and position my feet in its lower jaw. Managed to avoid the fangs at least though the flesh underneath the mouth is really sticky and its not helping me.

As I managed to position myself in with the help of the impact, I instantly feel the crushing weight being applied by both jaws. This is starting to get really hard. I'm nearly down to my knees already and it hasn't been that long. Damningly enough, I forgot as well to unsheathe the katana, preventing me from using it to get out of this place. With such mistakes, I'm not making this any easier for myself!

I keep my head titled to the left to avoid staring down directly its throat and to keep a view of the surroundings.

"Damn it. Mom would really laugh at this situation." Speaking of mom won't help in my situation, but, well... I don't know. Back to the snake, it quickly takes a nose dive towards the water after managing to somehow leap into the air. 'This won't be nice!' I close my eyes for the worst. A big splash follows as the snakes head impacts the water. 'Damn it! That really hurt!' Especially my back which took most of the impact.

I managed to hold on and, and as I open my eyes, I can see a bit of the endless blue tinted ocean from my position. I'm more of thanking my luck right now from preventing me in getting pushed towards its throat.

But still, I can't hold much longer, and being underwater, I can't escape quickly from the snake. 'No choice. I'll have to push myself out with the katana as support.' I'm taking in the risk of accidentally letting go of the katana and it getting devoured but, I can guarantee that it will be returned by Kanako if it did. Trying to hold out as long as possible until it makes a turn to make it easier for myself...

I've been here half a minute underwater but the stress is making me lose my breath quickly and my knees are starting to give way. Thankfully, the snake starts to turn sharply upwards to the left and is about to leap out of the water.

'One, two, three!' With an adrenaline rush, I successfully execute my plan and got out of its mouth, just as the snake gets us both out of the water. I nearly lost the katana when I tried to slide out but it dropped off the other side thankfully.

Successfully landing in top of the water, I make a dash to retrieve my blade and unsheathe it. Quickly looking around for the snake, I see it shaking around haphazardly. I'm not sure why but this is my chance.

How will I attack?

[x] With the katana.
[x] With my fists!
[x] Make do with magic.
[x] Think of a plan.
[x] "I can't..."
[x] With the katana.
Well, duh
[x] With the katana.
[x] With the katana.
File 132459315250.jpg - (95.94KB, 1600x1200, The_Etherworld.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] With the katana.

Obvious choice. I use the katana. 'Now why the hell did I think of other options?' I just stop thinking about it and get ready. I place the scabbard on top of the water and let go slowly to ensure that it won't suddenly sink when I fully release my grip. Thankfully, it won't.

With that said and done, I run towards my enemy who right now is thrashing around like it ate something nasty. Closing in the distance quick, I place both of my arms on the grip of the katana and position it horizontally to my right.

'I need to hit its head but how?' With the snakes length and its really chaotic movement, it won't even stay in one spot for a second before moving a bit and thrashing around. As of now, I'm really close to it and just a little mistake could spell doom. Its causing the water to move a lot and as I can't sink freely, its making movement harder.

As I try to move around looking for an opening, the snake crashes its whole body into the water several feet in front of me. This created some rather huge waves which completely obscured my vision of it. For several seconds, everything stays silent for the moment as the wave reaches me. Then, not a moment to soon, the snakes head bursts out to my right through the wave.

'That was close! But, this is my chance! With a quick swing and the use of the snakes momentum, I put on a stance and successfully make a shallow cut on its head and disable its left eye just before the wave overtakes me. I lose sight of the snake as I get dragged underneath.

My trip underwater lasted for about a second as the shallow depth and my rather unusual buoyancy forces me back to the surface quickly, front first. Using both my hands as support to stand up, I check around for the snake.

Nowhere. 'That's odd. Maybe underneath? Looking around thinking that it could be sneaking up on me again, I instead spot Kanako and Suwako behind me.

"That was rather fun to watch." Kanako says.
"You do lack experience and skill but at least you managed to hit my pet." She further adds up.

"Wait, wait. What happened to the snake?" I ask frantically.

"Don't worry. It returned to where it belongs. That is, me." Explains Kanako.

"So, that thing was from magic after all." I think that was rather obvious in the first place.

"Well, pretty much." I didn't notice at first but looking a bit closer, I can see that a small part of Kanako's forehead is actually bleeding lightly.

"Kanako, could that be from...?" I just look at her injury and she notices.

"Maybe. But something like this is not enough to bring me down anyway so don't worry about it." Ok.

"Well, enough with the chit chat! I'm hungry." Suwako complains. I'm not hungry as of this moment but I guess food would be nice.

"Alright. Lets go back." With those words said by Kanako, we all head back through that portal. Quite far actually.

"Wait." I tell them as I remember the scabbard and try to search around.

"What are you snooping around for Souji? Lets go already." Suwako complains.

"I'm sorry but I need the scabbard of this thing." I explain...

"Then here." Kanako suddenly throws the scabbard towards me in a short notice.

I successfully catch it with my left hand though the strong impact from Kanakos strength hurt my left hand. "Kanako, can you please not do that for a second when its me. But still, how did you find it?"

"I have control of this place as of this moment so finding something like that in here is easy. Now, lets go already." Kanako answers. And with that, we continue back to the portal which we reach in several minutes.

... Back at the Moriya shrine ...

"Alright, we're back!" Suwako yells out as she enthusiastically enters the shrine, probably heading to the dining room. Right now, me and Kanako are about to go in as well.

Now, I'm not sure how much time has passed but I feel like its afternoon already. Was time faster in that place somehow?

"Lets go eat as well." Kanako tells me as she continues walking which promptly interrupts my thoughts as she continues walking inside. But should I?

[x] "OK."
[x] "Maybe later." and go do something else (specify).
[x] "OK."

We should be tired from all that training with Kanako. Eating first wouldn't hurt.
[x] "OK."
[x] "OK."

Personally I'd like to try bringing up the Sanae matter with Kanako, though it might be a lost cause (no thanks to anon)
[x] "OK." I reply back. With those words, both of us continue on towards the dining room. Kanako opens the door and what greets me is an unsurprising scene.

Suwako, seated at the back of the table from my point of view, is currently eating some pork and at the same time, taking in a huge serving of rice. Sanae on the other hand is eating normally on the left side of the table. Now, the presence of Sanae makes me slightly nervous, even if her two guardians are around. Guess all I can do is try to hide my fears as much as possible.

"Hey Souji, what are you spacing out for? Come on and eat." Suwako speaks out which brings me back to reality. Kanako's already seated on the right side of the table.

"Sorry. Was just thinking of something." I reply. As I sit in front of the table, Sanae gives me a small glare before continuing to eat her food. 'I'll just say that 'that' just now is a sign of danger.'.

'Never mind. I'm just gonna concentrate on eating' . Looking at the table, I can see a rice cooker ('?') with half of its content already missing based on the left out rice. Around it are several mid-size plates, one containing pieces of pork, another with some slices of apple and strawberries, and the last one is some vegetables. Not sure what those greens are though. Lastly, there's miso soup again.

After cataloging all the food, I just take some food, mostly rice and pork, and eat...

...10 minutes later...

"I'm full." Suwako comments as she swallows the last bits of food. Sanae stands up and proceeds to start cleaning the table.

"Well then, I'll be at the lake for a bit." Kanako says as she stands up and heads out through the door where we came from ten minutes ago. Sanae's still cleaning up and bringing everything to the kitchen on the other room. As for Suwako, she's not here anymore. The spot where she used to be which is behind the table is now empty. 'How the hell did she just disappear like that?'

That reminds me though, me and Sanae are the only ones remaining in this room. Sanae's busy right now but...

[x] Get out...
[x] Find Suwako.
[x] Go to where Kanako is.
[x] Go to your room.
[x] Go somewhere else (specify).
[x] Stay...
[x] Talk with Sanae.
[x] Just lay down and keep quiet.
[x] Do something else (specify).
[x] Talk with Sanae.
[x] Talk with Sanae.
-[x] Question her about the hostility.

Shit needs to stop or, at least, we need to find out what her problem is.
[x] Talk with Sanae.
-[x] Question her about the hostility.
Sorry for my absence but Dark Souls and Skyrim have most of my free time occupied since the time I got them as gifts during Christmas. I'll try my best to post later though.
my brain is filled with the fires of awesome by this story.
File 133013950752.jpg - (139.33KB, 1600x1122, 925403.jpg) [iqdb]
Back on track after 2 months. I should stop wasting time too much.


In all the random things that could happen, I have this sudden urge to just stand up and shout at this girl who right now is busy cleaning up the mess left behind by the two. Not really shout. That might be too harsh with the added bonus of me getting vaporized.

However, the stares she gives me every time she looks at me is really starting to get in my nerves. As of now, I'm trying to keep myself calm by thinking of the possible end result of suddenly trying to solve the 'problem'.

"I suggest that you be gone of here. You're presence is not helping me concentrate."

'D-did she just say that?' She's just standing on the other side, staring at me with the intended meaning of me getting out.

'She's really done it! I'll need to solve this now!'

"Sanae, I don't know if you have something against me but I suggest that you stop!" my words followed by me standing up then slamming both my hands unto the table. Sanae stood there, shocked that I suddenly got angry of her.

'I'm probably gonna end up hurting myself in the end but I need to keep going!'

"You're not helping the situation by being antagonistic against me. Its really irritating me and the fact that I don't know the root cause doesn't help. So, I'll ask, why is it that, you, are acting this way when it comes to me?" 'Now I've done it.' Fear starts to build up within me, threatening me to collapse in my knees. If that happens, I would just be humiliated and that might make things worse.

'Shit! I need to keep steady!' Looking at Sanae, her head is down, as if feeling guilty or something. 'D-did it work somehow?'

"You... Who do you think you are to just speak out like that..." 'I'm doomed. The flags been set.' "I guess its better that you die right now!" This really mixed hazy aura of black and green starts to build up around her, displacing the air inside the room. Its so dense that its nauseating me somehow and I can feel parts of my body turning numb. 'This isn't good. I need to get out of here now!'

I try to open the door behind me but I was too late. Just as I look back to Sanae, all I see this huge roaring beam of energy about to hit me.


Opening my eyes with great pain and difficulty, I can barely see hazy smoke rising from the ruined part of the Moriya shrine. I'm lying on my right side, right now on the hard concrete ground behind the shrine. My flowing blood tints the floor crimson as the sun, a setting really out of place, shines brightly.

Somehow, I was able to shield the attack slightly with the use of my physical arms but, they're gone now.

'Shit. Well, at least I can feel relieved that I tried to solve something, no matter how stupid my plan was.' I just silently laugh as the girl whom is radiating a powerful killing intent stands in front of my now dying body.

I can see it, a darkness cloaking the girl, a black aura screaming with the intent to kill. I feel like its gonna devour me whole...

I guess I really did care for her for me to do something like that despite my fears. I don't know though if it'll get better in the end but I can't care for something in the future with my current situation.

"I told you to get out didn't I, but you tried something stupid instead. Its about time to punish you." The girl says with a cheery voice that echoes with distortion.

That does remind, the aura she is giving off. Its has the same feeling of the one on that night. But how... 'I can't think anymore. I-I'm gonna pass... ou-...'

File 133018751974.png - (893.45KB, 1000x1000, sanae41234.png) [iqdb]
Surprise, surprise.
>Yandere Sanae

Are you trying to commit story suicide?
Whatsa matter, bro? Characterization choice not to your liking?
It's a questionable move that would fit in just fine in some dark corner of FF.net or some other shithole (coughmotkcough). I am hoping he has a good explanation for this.

Your taste at this rate however is undoubtedly lacking.
Well, there's only two ways my explanation can be. Either it'll make sense (hoping for this) or not.

Update incoming in a few hours.
File 13304320425.jpg - (145.53KB, 900x600, HLROOM.jpg) [iqdb]
I guess you guys shouldn't trust my words when it comes to estimates. But never mind that, updates here.


'?... I...I'm alive? Where... A hospital?' Right now, it looks like I'm in a private room, one resembling most of the hospital rooms you see in TV. It's a little more luxurious though.

The only thing lacking here is the IV Fluid but the amount of bandages I can feel in my body and the current simple blue clothing I'm wearing is more than enough to affirm my thoughts.

I attempt to get up until a sudden surge of pain in my chest makes me quickly give up and just stay down. 'No use in struggling with my current state. Did I...'

"Finally awake?" My thoughts get interrupted as I look towards the speaker who, I never noticed, is sitting at the chair to my left. I feel shocked when I realize who it is.

"Mom?!" 'What the hell?! Why is she here? Does that mean that... I'm back in the real world?' Currently, she's wearing one of her black and dark red gothic dress with many frills and red ribbons. I don't know why she has a liking for these things but at least her hair styles normal with only a frilly black and red headband to match her clothing. It does look suitable nice with her.

"How are you feeling?" She asks cheerfully. I don't know what to say to that...

"I'm fine, I guess." 'As for my sanity, maybe not. I don't even know whats happening right now and my attempts to comprehend the situation is hurting my brain.'

"That's good. I was beginning to think that you might have gotten a brain injury. At least you managed to recover despite what happened." 'Brain injury? What the hell. However, mom's words affirms that I did nearly die. But still...'

"How long... was I out? And how did I get here?" I wanna know at least. The time that has transpired and how I somehow survived that encounter.

"You were out for a week. Kanako brought you to me and I decided to get you admitted here. You were quite in a bad shape when you got here. I heard that Sanae tried to kill you but Suwako intervened before she delivered the finishing blow. You can thank them both later if you want." 'So, it was them. And Kanako could actually return to the real world with her own capabilities... Why the hell didn't they told me in the first place? I could have easily returned here if they told me... Where they planning something?' I just contemplate on the matter for several seconds before mom's word interrupt my thoughts for the second time.

"So Souji, how do your new arms feel?" Now that mom mentions it, both my arms are fully healed or rather, back, only currently covered in bandages from the finger tips up to my shoulders. I can't feel anything from them though which explains why I didn't notice that they've been 'fixed'.

"H-how...?" I try to ask but my surprise gets the better of me.

"Thank your doctor for fixing them. It'll take you some time to get used to those two though since they're synthetically made with magic. At least they'll be tougher than the average human arm." Mom answers. Are there such doctors in the real world who can do something like this?

I try to test my new arms but the bandages constrict my movement and I don't have a good feel of them yet. I should get used to it eventually.

"They should be very similar to a normal arm so don't worry. Lastly, it was modified in a way that you could more easily concentrate your magic with both. The only restriction is your capabilities." Mom says in a rather quick succession. I'm not sure if I'll ever need magic here in the real world but I guess it's better than nothing. And with mom mentioning magic, I'm not really surprised about her knowing it. Considering Kanako and Suwako, I would suspect that mom would know as well. Maybe she can even use it.

"Thanks, mom... and to my doctor." I say somewhat quietly. I can't muster up any other words to thank her, and the doctor.

"Now, you probably have a lot of questions but lets have a little talk for now." I get up with some difficulty and rest my back in the headboard then nod in agreement.

'We talked with each other for a bit with me mostly narrating again on what happened in my past week in 'Gensokyo', I believe? I tried asking some things but mom didn't answer anything I wanted to know. But at least, she affirmed me that Kanako and Suwako are fine...' My thoughts remind of one last thing I forgot to ask.

"What happened to Sanae?" Mom suddenly falls silent, as if thinking on how to properly answer my question.

"She... She's currently 'sleeping'." Mom answers reluctantly.

"What do you mean?" I question somewhat slowly. I want to at least know what happened after that time but I need mom to clarify it more properly. I noticed the emphasis on the 'sleeping' part and its really peeking my interest.

"You know Souji, I can't really explain it to you. Instead, do you want to see her current condition right now?" Mom answers, trying to convey something in her words but I can't truly perceive it. It's as if she's telling me that Sanae's not in a good situation as of this moment. Not that she is being scolded by Kanako and Suwako or the likes of that but something worse...

Thinking about it, I feel a little fear on trying to meet a person who tried to kill me but if I'm with mom, I might feel a little safer. 'But, should I see Sanae?'

[x] "I want to."
[x] "I don't want to."
[x] I don't want to.
No more yandere Sanae.
[x] "I want to."

How is she yandere?
She shows no signs of having any affection for the MC
[x] "I want to."
[x] "I want to."

I want to get to the root of this.
[x] "I don't want to."

Bitch be crazy.

[x] "I want to."
File 133060446130.jpg - (43.38KB, 600x450, yu.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "I want to."

"I see. Then lets go." Mom stands up then sits just beside me to my left. She then places both her hands on top of my left.

"Lay down. Souji. Mom says. I do so and not even a second has passed when an extremely powerful surge of magic flows from my arm throughout my body. It's flowing in rapid pulses and I feel like its going out of control. It's just too much for someone like me.

A second later, my vision begins to tunnel as I try to prevent myself from fainting. Very soon, it becomes so blurry I can't see anything. In several moments, my vision starts to return to normal. However, as my sight clear, I can see that I'm in a different place. The hospital ceiling moments ago has been replaced by a blue sky with very few and small cloud formations.

"Where am I?" I feel like I'm floating right now in the middle of nowhere.

"Yū. That's how others used to call it though now its a little bit to bright for that name." Mom answers. Currently, mom's standing to my left, looking at a direction to which my lying body is oriented towards.

I stand up without difficulty somehow and noticed that I'm wearing my previous clothes while I was in Gensokyo and that I'm currently standing on top of water.

Looking around, I realize that I'm in the world in which where Kanako and Suwako trained me. An endless ocean world with a vivid blue sky and bright shining sun.

'But how... how does mom know this place? And mom can also use magic?... I guess the latter's expected though not on this scale where she could transport people to other worlds and instantly heal wounds. Heck, I can even move my arms properly unlike just now.

However, for the former, I'll have to ask that later. Maybe add a little question for the latter when I do so.'

"So why are we here?" I ask slowly. While this world is quite beautiful, I don't get the reason behind our visit here.

"Look over there." Mom points in front of her. I look and see something different. Five pillars similar to those found behind the Moriya shrine now stand in front of us, each with a distance of at least half a kilometer from each other. The way they are placed makes them form a hexagonal shape when looked from above. 'Where this things here before?'

"Lets go." Mom says a she starts to walk towards the center of the five pillars. One of the pillars is only a short walk from us but the center is quite the walk.

Upon stepping inside the boundary of the pillars, I feel something. An unusual aura is scattered around this place. I feel like I shouldn't get any closer but mom continuously walks towards the center. Of course, I keep on going as well. 'Doesn't mom notice it or is she aware of it already?'


As we get closer and closer, the aura gets denser. I feel fear building up in my body, and I can't help shake the feeling that I have encountered this aura before.


Almost to the center and the extremely dense aura is creating some dark haze around the area. The feeling it is giving off as well is nearly unbearable, a powerful stench of death. My stomach feels like its going to release all the food I ingested. Mom doesn't seem to be fazed by it however. As we tread closer and closer, I'm starting to feel weak. 'If I stay here any longer, I'm gonna faint.'

"We have arrived." Mom says. She now stands near the very center of the place. "Just try to bear it for now Souji. Come here." She ushers me to go forward towards the exact center of the place.

I do so with some difficulty. I can feel it. The aura is coming from underneath the water. "Souji. Look down." Mom tells me as I stand at the center...

"S-Sanae?! Why is she-?" I fall down to my knees before I can complete my question. 'Damn it! I'm at my limit.'

Sanae is visible several feet below the water lying in her back underwater. It's as if she's dead. The dreadful aura is coming from her. The dark haze wrapped around her body is more than enough to confirm it.

"Don't worry. She's still alive but currently, she's asleep and will be so for some time." Mom says.

"But..." 'Damn it. I can't take it anymore... Not agai...'


"Ah. He fainted. I guess that's too be expected but I'm surprised you managed to stay up this long. As expected of you, Souji. Now let's get out of here before you fall asleep further and never wake up."

Rei places her hand on Souji's back whose back is facing towards the sky and whose face is currently submerged as well underwater along with half of his body. Not a moment too soon, both fade out from the water world and return.
Ok, now I am completely confused.
What the hell is going on here?

Well, uh, apparently the reason Souji's been able to take living under the same roof with someone who has tried to murder him on a few occasions in relative stride is because he's not a stranger to abuse/neglect.
File 133095919689.jpg - (277.30KB, 1600x1067, mansion.jpg) [iqdb]
'... I-I'm back?' My vision is a little hazy but I can see the familiar ceiling of my room in the hospital. Its dull grey color is not helping to quell my current headache though. 'Its good that I'm alive but I don't like it that I passed out only an hour after waking up.'

"Awake, master?" A girl asks from my left side. 'That way of speech. Definitely her.'

"Didn't I tell you not to call me master anymore, Erica?" I follow my question with a small chuckle. Looks like she's still wearing the same maid uniform mom got for her. This time though, she has a ponytail. 'Quite cute.'

"But that would be rather rude, master." She answers back. 'I was expecting that. I guess its really fine with her so I won't bother her of it next time.'

"By the way, how long was I out?" I ask again. Knowing the time that has passed would always be nice for me.

"Just a day, master." She answers.

"I see. Then where is Mom?" I ask.

"After she brought you back here from the other world, she went back to the mansion in Nagano." Erica answers. Well, affirms me that Erica also knows of magic. I guess she should considering that she was a witness to me of disappearing. But now, why the old place?

"What? Isn't that place abandoned? Why would she go there?" I ask with some uncertainty. That does remind me that I am in Japan. I never really noticed at first but considering the many places mom tends to send me to, I often lose track of where I am when something happens. 'Guess mom used her powers to get here upon being contacted by Kanako or something like that. Last thing was she was at home when I got here.'

"I don't know Master but she did tell me that once you're out of the hospital, go and meet her at that place." Erica answers.

"I see. That might take some time though." I make myself comfortable in the bed and just stare at the ceiling, thinking about the things that happened just now and what I saw in that place.

'What really happened after that time?'

"By the way Erica, after I disappeared, what did you do?" I ask her.

"Well master, I tried to call your mother but said that I shouldn't worry much after that happened, saying that you're in good hands on wherever you got taken too." 'So, mother really did knew what would happen. There's more to this events than I actually think. Maybe that was already obvious but I'm a little slow on catching up in these kinds of things... Well, I hope mom's gonna answer my questions once I'm out of here.'

...1 Week later...

"Finally out!" I say as I step out of the hospital and see the outside. Looks like I'm in Nagano. Its lightly snowing right now and quite cold. I can pretty much thank Erica for bringing me this black coat and white scarf. At least it matches well with my currently formal outfit.

'I forgot. I never actually got to meet my doctor. Hell, not one doctor came to check me in my room... That's odd.'

"Master, let's go." I got interrupted by Erica. 'Is that a limo?!'

"Don't tell me... is that new?"

"Yes. Now master, please get in." I'm not really comfortable with this but I guess there's no choice. Getting inside the luxurious car, I sit in the somewhat comfy backseat on the of the vehicle. Erica proceeds to sit on the one facing towards the door.

I try to look on who is driving but I can't figure out who it is.

"Don't worry about him master. He'll bring us to the mansion in no time." 'Not really what I wanted to know but I'll let it off for now.'


"That took a little too long." Its been nearly 4 hours, its quite dark, there's a blizzard right now and we've only just arrived. 'Dear gods, the cold's gonna freeze me.' I think as I step out first of the Limo.

"I'm sorry master but the high traffic condition was unexpected." Erica answers. The limo that brought us here starts to leave.

"I know, I know. There's no need to apologize. At least were here now." The blizzard ain't helping us though. 'I'm surprised though that only our house is still standing in this place. Most of the area's pretty much covered with small trees where other houses used to be.'

"Wait, aren't you getting cold in that outfit of yours?" I ask Erica.

"It does not truly bother me, Master. Please, do not worry about me." 'A-alright...'

"Geez. At least the mansions right in front of us now." I say. The mansion, which where I lived before going to the US, stands right in front of me. I'm surprised that its in very good shape.

Squinting my eyes at the door, I can see mother just outside the gates. She's now wearing a white and light blue gothic dress, now with more frills and less ribbons. She's also wearing a matching hat while holding a white parasol, also with light blue frills...

'Sure does match with the snow but not much with her dark brown hair. But where the hell does she get all of this things?'

"Welcome back, Souji. Thanks for taking care of him Erica." Mom says as we reach the front of the gate.

"It's nothing, mistress." followed by Erica bowing down. 'Quite the way to call mom...?'

"What's wrong Souji? Cat got your tongue?" Mom suddenly says out.

"I-It's nothing." I answer while suddenly feeling a little nervous.

"Then let's get inside before the cold freezes us to death." Mom enters the place with me and Erica behind. The place looks quite clean actually. 'Guess mom cleaned it up a bit with some help.

Mom heads inside where she promptly head upstairs. Me and Erica follow suite up to the very top floor where straight from exiting the stairs, we keep on going until we reach the door at the end. 'I think I'll go check around later.'

As mom opens the door, I am greeted with a sight I have never seen in this place in my long years in here. The room, which used to be a small 5 x 5 library as an extra to the big one we have below, is now this huge circular room with a smooth curving ceiling at the top. I think that its even wider than our mansion.

The white marbles this place is made of and the 6 pillars extending up to the ceiling that forms a circular shape just before the center gives it a somewhat majestic look. In the very center which is raised from the ground by a few inches and has black marble edges lies a faint black pentagram. It's vague shape looks oddly familiar but I can't make it out as its too far from this distance. Several huge paintings are placed that I have never seen before are placed are hanged around and large vases containing some plants that I don't recognize are scattered at all the four edges of this smooth square shaped room. Oddly enough, I never noticed but the center of the ceiling, around ten feet in diameter, is actually made of glass and through it you can see a different weather than the one outside. Rather than being covered mostly in snow, its actually shining outside with no hints of snow. 'I wonder if this place runs independently from the current time in the real world.

"So, what do you think of this place, Souji?" Mom asks. She proceeds to sit on the rightmost edge of a white sofa just to our right facing the other side of the room from where we came from. There is another similar sofa on the other side, slightly distant from the other and is currently facing the wall. A small glass table with a smaller vase containing a few white camellia's in the middle lies in the center between the two. Oddly enough, the parasol mom was holding just now is nowhere in sight.

"Was it like this here before?" I ask rather than answering mom's question.

"Oh, you mean the auxiliary library room? No, its not like this. I just used the door leading to that place as a gateway to get here. Its quite tricky though, you know." 'Ah, alright. I guess...'

"Take a seat, the two of you." Mom ushers us. I do so and take a seat on the other sofa while Erica sits just beside mom and promptly lies her head on mom's shoulders. Mom proceeds to pat her head a little bit.

"She looks tired." Mom says, but, 'I feel a little awkward with this situation.'

"Souji. I know you have a lot of questions right now so I'd like to answer most of them if I can, just to clear things up. So, ask right away." Mom suddenly says.

This is quite sudden but I guess this is the moment I've been waiting for.

[x] 'Specify a question'


I feel tired from writing something this long just after finishing something long so I'll leave the questions to you guys. Ask away, just not too much. Do forgive any typos, wrong grammars on this update. I might have missed some by chance.
This is hard as there's many questions, such as what's happening with Sanae, the truth behind the hospitial stay, how his mother seemingly got rich overnight/magically knowledgable overnight (no such impression at the start) and so forth.
[x] "'Right away'? I feel like Isaac being ushered to the sacrificial altar by Abraham. The pentagram really doesn't help in that regard."
[x] "I'll come right out with the primary concern: Am I in a politically-arranged marriage with a homicidal psychopath?"
[x] "Where does Kanako & Suwako fit into this mess? Who can I trust?"
[x] "Mother dearest, I want you to know that I will remember all of this when you are old, infirm, and not in control of your faculties. At least, barring receiving any further concussions. Even if that does seem very likely, I still wish to express the sentiment!"
[x] "Eh, so how's Dad doing?"
[x] "As a small aside, how much does Erica get paid? Because I don't think it's enough."

Honestly, I kind of like Brunette-Yukari, but it's the duty of a mother to entertain her son's entirely justified temper tantrums. Even if she can apparently alter the laws of spacetime.

♫ Someday mother will die and I'll get the money~ ♫
[x] "I'll come right out with the primary concern: Am I in a politically-arranged marriage with a homicidal psychopath?"
[x] "Where does Kanako & Suwako fit into this mess? Who can I trust?"
[x] "'Right away'? I feel like Isaac being ushered to the sacrificial altar by Abraham. The pentagram really doesn't help in that regard."
[x] "I'll come right out with the primary concern: Am I in a politically-arranged marriage with a homicidal psychopath?"
-[x] Or at least a woman possessed by one, what is going on with Sanae?
[x] "Where does Kanako & Suwako fit into this mess? Who can I trust?"
[x] "Mother dearest, I want you to know that I will remember all of this when you are old, infirm, and not in control of your faculties. At least, barring receiving any further concussions. Even if that does seem very likely, I still wish to express the sentiment!"
[x] "Eh, so how's Dad doing?"
[x] "As a small aside, how much does Erica get paid? Because I don't think it's enough."
I don't know if you're going to get any more votes. Anons tends to be reticent on these sandbox type choices, except in cases of clear majority.
Dear god! What a mess I have made...

Well, it's time for me to fix it, or fail trying. I do hope for the former but I guess its not something that would so easily happen with just raising my eyebrow.

File 133985458016.jpg - (444.92KB, 1256x1660, AmayaLoweredRes.jpg) [iqdb]
So, rather than trying to finish the incomplete update that was sitting in my desktop for the past week, I've been drawing 'that' in the left instead most of my time. The time it took to finish it (nearly 1 week) really gives a hint on my drawing skills and motivation. I wonder if I can obtain the will to even digitally edit it.

At least the first of the two (possibly more) parts of the update is below. Enjoy.


[x] 'Part of the many things we wish to ask... and say.'

"'Right away'? I feel like Isaac being ushered to the sacrificial altar by Abraham. The pentagram really doesn't help in that regard." 'There's a good reason why I'm nervous about this. That's considering the things that happened on that Gensokyo place and the defictionalization of the many things I thought weren't real in this world.'

"Souji, there's no need to be nervous. Nothing bad's gonna happen to you later." Mom answers, trying to affirm my safety.

"You know mom, it's like you're not even trying to deny that somethings gonna happen later." I point out.

"I wonder." Mom says before making a small laugh. Erica, whose head is still lying in mom's shoulders, manages to fall asleep somehow.

'How can she even fall asleep like that, especially while me and mom are talking to each other...' While I'm busy looking at Erica, mom takes notice then just had to tease me.

"Could you be jealous of how close Erica is to me?" Mom says to me with her cheery voice.

"Why would I even be-" Before I could finish what I'm saying, mom cuts me off.

"Or maybe you wanna switch positions with me?" Mom suggests.

"I don't even think she'll agree so no thanks." I answer, trying to avoid an awkward situation if possible.

"Aw, alright." Mom says, being slightly disappointed.

"Can we just get back on topic. Now, I'll be direct to the point. Am I in a politically-arranged marriage with a homicidal psychopath? Or at least a woman possessed by one, what is going on with Sanae?" I ask. 'Hope mom will tell me.'

"..." Mom just stays silent, probably trying to think on how to explain things.

"Is something wrong?"

"Souji, when you were staying in Gensokyo, did you feel anything strange?" Mom asks, catching me off guard.

"Ah... L-let me think." Thinking of things during my stay in Gensokyo is not easy thanks to Sanae. 'Think think think. On that night... While I was outside... That's right!'

"There was a dreadful feeling at the night I arrived, while I was outside though it disappeared quickly. However, it felt very similar to that 'thing' radiating out of Sanae yesterday" I answer.

"I see." Mom starts to look serious after hearing that. 'I'm starting to get a bad feeling that I might get pulled in towards something troublesome by saying those things.'

"...I'll answer your question. The first part is a no. There's no plans at all of getting the two of you married. That's considering that you two were separated by a dimension, meaning such a thing could never be done so in the first place and those two wouldn't agree anyway in the first place. If you ask me though, I'm fine with that."

"I'm not sure what to say about that." As expected of mom, she thinks of strange stuff. "But then, how about me arriving to Gensokyo?" I continue.

"You arriving in Gensokyo was just an incident." Mom answers. 'I guess that's good to hear for some reason.'

"I-I see. Then, how about Sanae? What's... What's happening with her?" I try to redirect mom back to my question.

"You've seen her state yesterday, right? As of now, she's actually fine and is asleep back at the Moriya Shrine. However, she probably holds no memories of what happened during that day and, if the two of you meet and you somehow anger her again, she probably won't try to kill you quickly unlike the last time."

"I'm not even sure on how to feel right now about her but I guess it's nice to here that she's fine and 'probably' not homicidal. But mom, you still haven't answered a part of my question. What was going on with Sanae during that time and why did she lose her memories of that time?"

"Considering on what little you know right now of the 'hidden' side of the real world, you might be surprised when I tell you that Sanae's conscience was the only thing 'possessed' instead." Mom answers.

"Wait, are you telling me that she got 'mind-controlled' by someone else?" I ask, being rather surprised by the information.

"That's right. We don't even know how or even who controlled Sanae during that time, only that that person must be really powerful and quite evil for releasing that amounts of miasma when that person revealed its existence through Sanae."

"Miasma? You mean, that really thick black 'smoke' that was covering Sanae on that water world?"

"It's more like a very dense aura but you should already know its effects. As for Sanae, we managed to remove the control effects on her mind but it took a lot of time due to its power. We were able to remove it several hours only after you fainted on that place. That's nearly a week being sealed in that place. Of course, that includes whatever she remembers during that time. After all, she's still awake while being controlled by someone else. 'I don't even know what to take of this.'

"I guess I'm starting to understand what's happening.... Just let me take all the information in for a bit."


The server was giving off bad request messages while attempting to post this. Took a bit of time to find the problem but turns out the image I was trying to post was too big (7MB). Tried again with a 1.7MB one but it still gave off a bad request so I settled with a low resolution one (444KB).
I'll need to give this up. Quite a bad time to do so so I'm sorry guys but life hasn't been giving me enough time (plus rest) and motivation to update this any further.

You know, when I first started this, I just thought of it as an experiment. It was kind of fun, then I failed to update for like half a year or more then came back. Coming back was quite nice for me but I tried to do things I shouldn't have... Oh well, it was fun at least most of the time.

So sorry again. I may come back here again though in a different story but that probably won't be for maybe in a year or two (or never). Well, if I ever do, I do hope that I'll have better writing and story telling skills by that point. Bye...
File 134701067284.jpg - (657.06KB, 1024x768, Sanae.jpg) [iqdb]
'Isn't this a bad idea? I... I don't even know anymore.' Since you've met the girl at this otherworldly place, she's been hostile towards you. Yes, you know, you groped her when you landed on top of her from several stories above the ground but that's not your fault! It was just a freaking accident that in fact, nearly got you killed.

On the other hand, rather than doing something this stupid, you could just ignore her and put up with her attitude.

The better part of you however is just screaming at you to brave your fears, despite the titanic gap between your powers. After all, not being able to fix your relationship with her when you could be staying here longer than you think could prove fatal in the near future.

"Now just what are you thinking about so deeply there?" Sanae asks as she looks down on you from the doorway to the kitchen. The words were tinted with a very tiny amount of anger, or maybe hatred. You're not too sure but you do know that she doesn't like you for whatever reason. However, her attitude around you is starting to get annoying. It must stop, now!

"Alright, I'm sorry for being a jackass but I just don't like that attitude of yours! I know that we didn't get off to a good start but at least, can't you just forgive me for that incident (even though it wasn't my fault) and become friends?

If you have a problem with me, just please say it since I'm really fed up with all of that bullying of yours." Now you've done it... If this doesn't lead to your death, then maybe it'll be a fate worse than death...

Odd. Though you expected her to scream at you or just plainly blow you away with her powers, Sanae remains speechless, surprised that someone like you stood up to her.

"Y... You... You've really pissed me off now... Do you think you've got the right to just insult me?" 'This isn't going to end well, but what the heck! She's the one insulting me in the first place!'

"What? Don't I have the right to at least protect myself from your harassment?" Despite the dangerous situation, your mind encourages you to go on, just plainly motivating you that this is for the best for both of you.

"Oh, so you're feeling mighty now after a little training. Then, how about let's solve this argument with a spellcard battle?!" 'What?!' She's trying to dodge the problem directly. And how the hell are you suppose to defeat her in a spellcard battle when you have no cards in the first place?!

"Wait a minute! How the hell did this lead to something like that?!" Panic rushes through your veins as you've realized the full extent of Sanae's 'craziness'. You start to back up to the door as Sanae steps forward, the table standing as a tiny barrier between the two of you.

"No excuses, Souji Kondo!" She shouts as she blasts you with some sort of magical force field, knocking you through 2 wooden walls and out into the front yard. The pain that surges through your body as you hit the concrete floor makes you wince. You stop after rolling several times in the ground, managing to protect your head from a direct impact on the cold floor.

As your consciousness recovers, you feel dizzy and you're in a lot of pain but mostly OK. Trying to ignore the pain as much as you can is not easy but you hold. Splinters of wood have been scattered around from the force of the hit.

"Now, wouldn't want you to just flail around helplessly." Sanae smirks after saying those words, throwing the katana towards you as she appears out of the broken doorway. You stumble as you barely catching it with your left hand, you contemplate on what the heck is going on right now! What is this girl trying to achieve?! And why the heck is she like this in the first place?! In fact, the biggest thing that makes you rage is where the hell are Kanako and Suwako when you need them!

"So, are you ready to take back your words?" She asks, feeling high and almighty.

"Just wait a minute! I don't even know what you're trying to achieve but can't we stop this pointless fight?" You're acting like a weakling. Wait, you are a weakling in this forsaken world... 'I... Is there no escape from this death sentence?' Giving up would be another option but then would Sanae even accept something like that? No...

Just looking at her brings chills down your spine as intense magic gathers around her. That small smile in her face further intensifies the belief that she's become... well, sadistic. Did Gensokyo really change her into something like this. If it did, you wonder, if you stayed here long enough, would you also become like her?

In an instant while you try to think of a way out, a huge dent forms on the floor near your left.

"What? Are you so scared that your body literally froze?" 'She's really pissing me off but the difference in our powers is just staggering. Can I even hope to defeat her?!

You do know you have no other choice. After having seen her personality in this world, there's nothing else you do but defeat her. But how?!


And so Souji Kondo was beaten to a bloody pulp, though he survived. Except his confidence got smashed to dust and now, he only acts like a dog around Sanae, following every single order of the green haired girl. Kanako and Suwako only watch in horror, keeping silent as their daughter further plunges into the depths of sadism... Wait, what?!


'No! I won't let that happen! I mean, what the hell is that kind of ending! If there's really no other choice, then, I'll fight her! Even if there's no hope, its the only thing I can do after all!... Breathing in deeply, you start to feel better. And now, its time to do it. Your face loses emotion as you unsheathe the katana, wielding it with your right. The black blade shines slightly as the rays of the sun hit it.

"That's good... Then, let the battle begin!"

To Be Continued...
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