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File 137498236287.png - (487.99KB, 351x612, Tacit_Ronin.png) [iqdb]
You are making the final preparations for the upcoming launch of colony ship Homeward Bound, the last checks being performed, the engines warming up; the slight hum of electricity fills the room. Standing at the bridge you find yourself looking out the front view port. The other forty-nine crew members settling into place, one announces, "All systems within operating limits."

The captain, behind you, calls out, "Good, enter the coordinates Fragile."

You interface with the computer as you devote the majority of your body’s processing power towards rechecking your thrice checked coordinates. You're already certain that you've perfected the math on the jump, but one final check isn't time wasted. Well, not more than point-zero-two seconds anyway. "Entering coordinates now." You inform the others vocally while logging the data in the group chat. Your dexterous fingers dance unnecessarily over the analog controls while you use your direct computer connection to input the data instead. Appearances must be maintained, of course.

"Jumping in five," Captain Sharp calls out, "Four, Three, Two, One."

The ship lurches forward, its engines thrumming into overdrive, pushing the ship into faster than light travel. Everything is going as expected until your optical sensors pick up an abnormality, a body you haven't seen before with blonde hair and a purple dress plastered on the front view port of the ship. Alarms go off, signifying atmospheric reentry detected, the safeties activate, engines go back to a quiet hum, and the ship is telling everyone you have 10km to impact.

You can feel a vaguely disapproving glance behind you as the captain says, "Does anyone recognize that body on the view port? Also, please initiate proper landing procedures."

You find yourself feeling rather annoyed at the implication that it was your calculations that caused this, which is completely impossible as you made sure that they were perfect for entire minutes.

"It is not a body in my database." You inform the crew over the logs and vocally and quickly check with the main database as you casually watch the body slide along the viewports of bridge while helping put the emergency landing procedures into effect. "All thrusters activated and operating properly." You inform as you peer out the window as reentry begins to take effect. You also activate the clamps on your feet to ensure that you won't get jostled around too much.

Your 360' vision and sensor suite allow you to watch as your fellow bridge crew activate all emergency measures. The nearest crewmembers numerous tendrils lash around in mild annoyance as it activates and overcharges the kinetic barriers on the bottom of your vessel to absorb most of the blow from the landing. Ahead of you through the burning colors of reentry you can just barely make out the general shapes of the surface of the planet you're crashing into. You can see what appears to be a mountain looming in the distance, but you have enough time to make adjustments on your ships trajectory to avoid smashing through it.

Homeward Bound's decent slows from a crash, to a hard landing; the base of the mountain looking to be the exact location; the flare of the burning atmosphere dies out, Captain Sharp behind you calls out, "Brace for impact."

An unneeded call, as every member of the crew already is latched into place through various methods. A violent shake, cloud of dirt and trees, and the alarms ceasing later signifies that Homeward Bound has finished its descent.

"Any one suited for scouting, leave now and bring back a detailed report of 20km radius. Everyone else, prepare the immediate area with a defensive perimeter. Also wake and unload Megiddo Battler," Captain Sharp calls out as he looks over the exterior camera displays. The bridge bursts into action as everyone starts the task at hand.

You quickly tap a few final keys as you disengage your clamps from the floor and stalk out of the room in long, quick steps as you easily glide past your fellow crew. Your body is made with situations like this in mind, so you intend to be the first out of the door so you can make sure that this job is done properly. Your heels clink on the metal of the ship as you stalk along its long corridors, quickly picking up the pace as you loosen your joints with a practice jog to the nearest airlock. There are only three others whose bodies are capable of performing this scouting job properly. You interface with the air lock just up ahead of you and enter it, waiting as it seals shut behind you and locks off the ship from the exterior atmosphere. You hope this planet’s atmosphere isn't as acidic as the last one.

It took forever to get your detailing redone.

The air lock slides open with a hiss of air escaping, one thing quickly becomes apparent, this planet has locals and a small group of twenty-one white haired dog-eared people are standing swords and shields drawn, uncertainty painted on their face.

One in particular stands in front of the group, a woman, calls out, "H-halt! You are trespassing on Tengu land! Leave immediately!"

This is certainly a modestly concerning situation. You quickly uplink your visual and audio links with Captain Sharp's displays and flag them as 'Urgent' as you stalk out of the Homeward Bound's airlock that you are in and allow it to seal shut behind you, confident that you'll not need the avenue of retreat and determined to maintain the Homeward Bound's safety. Nothing's ever gotten into it when it was buttoned up before.

...Of course, you were also fairly certain that the Homeward Bound has never actually landed in atmosphere before either.

Now to deal with the other matter of importance; you turn your gaze onto the odd white haired, dog eared humanoids, nearly classical human really. Tengu? Perhaps you landed on a lost colony. It would explain why they're speaking an ancient Earth dialect.

Deciding to wait and observe for the moment, you take up a guard position in front of the airlock and gather what data you can while waiting for a respond from Captain Sharp as to your situation. If he tells you to do something and it doesn't work, it'll be his fault after all.

Captain Sharp's command comes down, "Try to communicate with them, explain the impossibility of that request, and gather information; keep hostility to a minimum if possible."

The group of people before you shuffle uneasily, and spread out, forming a half circle around you leaving the one that initially spoke to you directly in front. It speaks up, once more, "We are not afraid to use f-force!" Your sensors pick up moderate shaking in the surrounding people's hands.

You stare at the so called Tengu as you quickly put together a plan to pacify the locals until someone else more suited to the job can take over for you. Raising your hands up in a placating gesture and accessing the database you speak in their ancient tongue, "We come in peace." You try to soothe the locals and keep them from doing something they'll regret.

It'd be terrible to have to clean all the mess up off of your body again.

The Tengu's circle closes in a few feet, "T-That doesn't matter!" The leader shouts at you, "This is Tengu land! You must leave, or we will force you too!"

Your patience rapidly wears thin with how these uneducated locals are behaving and you turn your head to 'look' at the massive body of the Homeward Bound, which is currently dug into the earth from the impact, and then look back at the Tengu. "Do you want to help push?" You ask them, shifting your stance into a prepared one as they try to intimidate you by closing their little circle on you. You're not some non-combatant, and if they try something you'll be happy to make these yokels regret it.

The leader tengu looks down the length of Homeward Bound, the majority of its length obscured from view by the remaining dust cloud. "It was flying before!" she bites her lip, "Can it not still?"

Your optical sensors pick up distant flying humanoids, all closing in on your position. Captain Sharp passes down another command, "You are attracting life forms attention to that location, keep it up so the others can work in peace." You can practically feel the smug amusement emanating from him.

Well, if that is the way that this situation is going to go that is the way that this situation is going to go. You focus your attention on the sensible local and continue to converse with them, "Negative. Time is required before flight will be possible." You decide to not tell them everything, such as how the Homeward Bound is not designed for atmospheric flight and that 'flight' will involve getting the massive ship back up into space.

The leader frowns, "How much time?" her guard lowers some, taking a more relaxed stance but still keeping her distance. The other 'tengu' keep their guard up, some nervously shifting their grip on the oversized weapons they all have.

A few more life signs just outside of the half circle these tengu have formed show up, their forms easy to pick up for your sensors. An incredibly fast moving figure flies by you laughing, "Ayayayaya!" going down the length of Homeward Bound.

You're forced to engage the full extent of your sensor suite to get a proper read out and examination of the high speed target that's circling your vessel armed with an odd contraption that doesn't seem to be doing anything. Well, it's not his problem anyway. Let Captain Sharp deal with it. You just focus on the tengu in front of you as you consider your response, "...I cannot give you an accurate answer. Damage must first be ascertained. Should we be missing the entire bottom of our ship, lifting off will take considerably longer than if we simply needed to reapply the racing stripes."

"... an estimate then?" The leader asks, "Please I need something to tell my boss."

Captain Sharp, "Megiddo battler is awake and headed towards you, give them a ten year time estimate to keep them off our backs for a while."

Your auditory sensors begin to pick up the resounding steps of Megiddo Battler making his way through the ship, and so do the tengu judging from how their dog ears are reacting.

You suppose it is a bit much to expect Megiddo Battler to be quiet when stomping across the ship while it's in the atmosphere. You know that these Tengu can apparently hear him as well, so you simply behave as if nothing is out of the ordinary. "At an estimate, only ten standard Terran years."

The tengu frowns, "T-ten years!? Can't you make it go any fas-" She is cut by a larger air lock opening and revealing Megiddo Battlers massive form. He drops down to ground level, sinking into the soil and creating another cloud of dust.

Every time you see his body in motion you can't help but be filled with a certain sense of awe as the massive hundred and sixty ton war machine moves with a sense of fluid grace and malice. Build like some sort of bastardized fusion of a spider and a crab, Megiddo Battler is likely the most immensely powerful and combat capable individual you've ever met. Able to move surprisingly quickly for his size on his eight legs, his massive pair of crushing claws are capable of piercing through almost any material and house a pair of plasma cannon in them, while countless other weapons are hidden in its body or dot its exterior. As it rises up to its full height, Megiddo Battle makes you look like ants as he looms over the Tengu.

According to one rumor you found drifting among the Netscape, he based his body off of a beast that destroyed his previous one.

The tengu merely stare, mouths agape. It takes a minute before the leader finally manages to speak, "W-what are you!?"

Megiddo batter speakers loudly proclaim, "Why, my dear lady, I am a Transhuman by the name of Megiddo Battler! Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?"

"I-I'm Mokoto..." her face screws up in confusion, "transhuman...?" The circle of Tengu is slowly becoming wider, retreating away from Megiddo.

"Yes, Transhuman." Megiddo tips forward in a pseudo bow, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mokoto!"

Mokoto, the tengu leader, begins to back away as she notices her circle has more or less left her behind, "I will be back, I need to report this!"

All twenty-one of the Tengu retreat, quickly following after Mokoto, and up the mountain; Megiddo harrumphs, and begins to patrol around the one-point-five kilometer long ship. "I was even being polite!" You hear him say.

You just stare after the Tengu as they go before sending a 'mission accomplished' to Captain Sharp and start down the mount of earth the Homeward Bound is stuck in, building quickly up to a bounding jog as you map out a series of locations to hit on your circuit around the ship to best and most efficiently map out the area. You casually leap over one of the life forms hiding in the bushes and dash off past them, savoring the feeling of rushing past the trees and bushes of this lush world. What kind of luck do you all have to jump into a planets gravitational field and atmosphere, yet end up on a Garden World of all places?

The life form you jumped over squeals, runs in a circle before slamming face first into a tree and passing out, several other life forms chase after you, having problems keep up with your bounding strides.

You leave behind the locals and just continue to bound along your chosen rout, your reverse joint legs aiding you in your leaping job as you devour the ground ahead of you and allow your sensor suite to passively log the area and scan the local life forms as you pass by them, not bothering to pay more attention than you need to them. Tensing your legs you leap across a river, not even needing to use your thrusters to pass over it and immediately take up your sprint again as you land on the other side.

The figure from before, with the weird laugh, is quickly closing distance between you and it, the weird laugh being picked up by you auditory sensors, "Ayayayaya! This is a huge story!"

You devote a portion of your sensors to tracking the modestly speedy local as you slowly begin to up your pace, putting more effort into your strides as your bounding jog starts to become a bounding sprint. There's still no need for you to use your thrusters or any other assistance though. You're not trying to outpace her; you're just doing your job faster.

The life form still is outpacing you, not by much, before long she comes into range of visual sensors and shouts to you, "Hey! How 'bout an interview! I promise you will get front page!" she still has that odd device that appears to do nothing besides click.

[x] Ignore this local, it’s not your job.
[x] Converse with this modestly speedy local, while performing your job.
[x] Put local through its paces, see what it can do.
[x] Ignore this local, it’s not your job.

Want to see Aya's reaction to being ignored
[x] Ignore this local, it’s not your job.
[x] Ignore this local, it’s not your job.

Is this based of some fandom I'm not aware of or is it OC? Just asking so I'll know if I need to read up on anything.
[X] Ignore this local, it’s not your job.

>...Of course, you were also fairly certain that the Homeward Bound has never actually landed in atmosphere before either.
>colony ship
What? Is this supposed to be for space colonies only? Or does it use drop pods that just got crushed by that landing?

>ship ran over Yukari
If these guys ever get home, they should tell the FTL drive designers to find some other hyperspace to use, and make sure it's uninhabited.

I'm guessing original futuristic setting.
[x] Converse with this modestly speedy local, while performing your job.
Original mostly. It references some thing but vaguely enough that it isn't worth mentioning really.

Homeward bound basically is a colony construction ship, it theoretically can land as shown here, but it hasn't for all of the previous colonies made.

Votes called, writing.
File 137504438387.jpg - (299.12KB, 984x800, JPEG (5).jpg) [iqdb]
You consider the local for a few moments before deciding that she's not worth the attention or effort on your part, especially not when it would interrupt the first good physical jog you've had in a while. Keeping the local tracked by your systems just in case she tries something you simply continue your rounds along the area, and appreciating the local flora. You've only been on a real garden world once before this one, and they're quite different.

The local continues to match your pace, though it is flying instead of running obviously inferior if it must use flight to keep pace. It continues making that clicking sound while asking rapid fire questions such as, "What are you? Where are you going? Why are you here? What's your name? Hey, Hey Stop ignoring me! Let me interview you damnit!"

The ground you cover over this short amount of time is immense, as expected really, after that river all you have seen is a declining forested slope of a mountain with a few paths here or there, probably game trails. This forest is very much so alive, life forms everywhere, won't pose much of a threat to you, or your fellows but you note it all the same.

Your body continues to march as you quickly examine over the data your sensors are bringing in to you and continue to ignore modestly fast flying local. Atmospheric checks are telling you that the area is surprisingly close to what was considering the pre-transhuman ideal atmosphere. How odd, the amount of variance is amazingly low, almost as if you're on ancient Earth.

Which is completely ridiculous, of course.

You abruptly turn and sprint off towards your next waypoint, instantly shifting directions as you consider circumstances and ponder what will be decided. You've landed on a planet that is perfect for being made into a new colony, despite the circumstances of your arrival here. Perhaps you'll begin processing it proper and simply found a colony here instead.

The local tries to change its direction to keep pace, but due to it being in the air and not on the ground where you have better traction, its momentum carries it forward into a poor tree that with a loud crack, and a horrendous cry from the local cracks in half and begins to fall. You hear some whimpers, an angry protest, and finally your aft facing visual sensors pick up the local flying away cradling her seemingly useless device.

You save the footage of the local smashing into the tree and save it to your personal files before making a note on your logs as to the nature of the local you encountered and their apparently mastery of personal flight and send that to Homeward Bound before returning the majority of your attention to your jog.

Your scouting mission continues, as you jog takes you to the edge of a lake, you can see the other side, some more life forms flying, a fish that is almost as large as Megiddo Battler jumps out trying to catch one of the locals. The local dodges and seems to laugh it off, a sort of game, maybe.

You slow down your pace so that you can observe the local beings and get a solid scan on all of them, shifting your view focus through multiple spectrum as you mark the visual data you're sending to Homeward Bound as 'Important' and 'Potential Dangerous Fauna'. Once you've completed the examination to your satisfaction you pick up the pace again and start down towards the next waypoint on your route.

You follow the edge of the lake, towards your next waypoint, back into the forest and back up the mountain. The local wild life stays roughly the same until half way to your next way point when you spot a small hut in the forest; it looks abandoned currently, the resident likely checking out the crash site of Homeward Bound.

You take only a moment to give the hut a look over and note its position on your map of the area before continuing on your way, not wasting any unnecessary time here when there's little of interest and importance.

Your next waypoint comes and goes with little of note to be had, the slopes of the mountain gradually increasing, the rising elevation no problem for your tireless body. Near what must be the peak of the mountain you come across a walled settlement that has various layers until a castle in the distance poke out above everything. It's a style you have only seen in the archives, related to the ancient dialect these people are speaking.

You look over the location and mark it down on your map while internally lamenting the mounting evidence that you've crash-landed on a forgotten colony inhabited by what appear to be some sort of antiquity role-players. You send Homeward Bound another update and mark this one as 'Important' "Local Stronghold'. A quick cycle through your visual spectrum shows that you have a few locals watching you from the walls. Finding little point in staying here you turn away from the structure and quickly bring yourself back up to your previous pace.

Your circuit almost complete, you return to the river you jumped over before and head back to Homeward Bound, Megiddo Battler still making his rounds, too far to speak to aloud, never too far to alert via commlink though.

Captain Sharp, "Good job on the scouting, compiling the information into a map as we speak, Fragile, you have some people that are looking for you. The Tengu locals, seems to be a different woman this time, definitely not as afraid as the previous one. She even tried to break open one of the Air locks, horribly amusing to watch the kinetic shield react and launch her back." The location is attached as being the Air lock you first exited from, with an image showing the tengu sprawled on her rear shock displayed across her face.

You surely feel a song of joy in your heart as you’re ordered to once again interact with the locals. This is, after all, certainly what you spent all your time training and building your body for. Still, this is something you have to deal with; attempts to breach Homeward Bound cannot be tolerated. Checking the position of the Tengu locals in the area you change your direction and begin to advance on their position, adjusting your pace down to a leisurely jog.

The local, upon your arrival, is standing up and brushing itself off, its ears twitch and it looks toward you, "Oh, Good I was hoping to talk to one of you." It apparently intends to act as though it did not just attempt a hull breach.

You continue to march towards the local that's decided to make itself representative of its group and slow your pace to a calm stalking pace as you advance, readjusting your posture to bring you up to your full height that leads to you easily looming over the smaller Tengu being. "Because you could not force your entry," you point out, not intent on letting her brush off her trespass.

The tengu waves your accusations off, "Because I could find no one to speak to." Its right hand has made its way to the blades hilt. "I came to confirm things; my colleague's stories are wild and hardly understandable."

You continue to stomp towards her before coming to a stop at optimal combat range given her apparent equipment and shift your optics into all focusing primarily onto your opponent, all twelve of them shifting and locking onto it, "You speak of the Mokoto." You remember the fearful Tengu's designation, "I have already answered her questions. Was she unable to deliver them to your superior?" You send a report to Megiddo Battler and Captain Sharp, informing them of the situation and sending them automated updates as it progresses.

“The information she delivered was filled with inconsistencies, and told tale of humongous monsters made from steel," it looks you over, "I can see the steel, but not the size." The tengu shakes its head, "She also mentioned it would be ten years until you can move this?" It gestures toward Homeward Bound.

You shift your eyes in irritation at her presumption, but you decide that calling you a monster made of steel was a remark born from ignorance rather than anything else. "Yes." You respond to her question simply, "The current estimate is ten standard Terran years."

"I see, then I was told to inform you to move no further up the mountain, that any trespassers would be treated with extr-" The tengu is abruptly interrupted by an orb of considerable size lands directly between the two of you. Your sensor's finally pick up a large amount energy storming down onto either of you. The tengu takes to the air carefully weaving between small gaps in the energy.

You switch to combat mode and send up an alert to Homeward Bound and Megiddo confirming hostile actions and requesting support as hit your thrusters and burst out of the way of the energy barrage and try to rapidly search out the source of the attack as you run a check of your sensors to try and find the error that let them get so close before you were alerted.

You manage to avoid a good portion of the energy storm, taking a few hits that might need some polish later. Through following the source of the energy you manage to find the source of it. A local in red-white clothing, brown hair, and a lazy look on its face; a cry to your side signifies that tengu took a hit. The energy storm increases in intensity landing a few more hits on you causing your sensors to act weirdly, before ceasing entirely in its onslaught.

The Tengu lands on the ground rubbing its side where it apparently got hit, while the Red-white continues to float there seemingly relaxed.

You stare up at the red-white local as you rapidly calculate optimal attack patterns and approaches as you zoom in on the local and it...she? Your optics widen in response to the jolt of shock you feel.

She looks just like one of the girls from one of your ancient Earth cultural/social simulations!

Your body shifts out of combat state as you send an update to Homeward Bound and Megiddo Battler as to the situation, and you're left staring silently at the red-white local...girl?

The very same red-white local girl begins a new storm of energy this one more difficult to navigate with your distraction. A few inconvenient hits to the thrusters later and you too are on the ground, no worse for wear, just in to let your body's systems reset. Well, except your paint job, that will require another custom detailing...

The Red-white girl, floats closer, staring menacingly at you, then the tengu, and back to you, "So?"

You stare at the red-white girl as you idly refresh your systems and do a quick check of them, ensuring that the barrage of energy attacks, you're still not certain what they are as your scans were inconclusive, didn't overload anything important. Still, it seems as if she wants an answer of some sort, "...It's the Tengu units fault." You immediately come to the logical conclusion and place the blame on wolf local.

The Tengu looks rapidly between you and the red-white, "What!? This is clearly your fault! You should have placed that elsewhere!" She thumbs toward Homeward Bound.

The Red-white continues to watch, apparently waiting for you to respond.

"You are the ones who upon initiating first contact attempted to make use of threat of force, and then attempted to force your entry into our vessel." You respond simply, "Moreover, this was the only viable landing area, save for going through the mountain and landing on the other side. As this mountain is inhabited, it is preferable that we landed here, is it not?"

The tengu starts to say something, "Why are you here?" The red-white asks, cutting the Tengu off.

"We are here because we landed here under extreme conditions." You respond simply to the red-white, find more and more similarities to her when compared to the individual from your ancient Earth social/cultural simulation as you converse.

"I see... how many of you are there?" The Red-white girl's voice sounds more tired than anything.

You quickly check with the Homeward Bound to ascertain how many transhumans are currently embodied before responding, "One thousand and seventeen." You inform her, not mentioning the bodies currently in construction as they do not have a mind within them yet.

"I see, then here are the rules, behave, don't kill things, and donate to me," the red-white girl nods with a satisfied smile, "I am the peace keeper here, Hakurei Reimu. If you need me, my shrine is that way," she points back towards the lake, "It's a good distance away."

The Tengu, all but forgotten at this point, stands up and begins to slink off until another orb, pulled from seemingly nowhere, is thrown at her by the red-white. "That goes for you too, make sure you all behave." The orb misses, creating another cloud of dirt with a loud whumpf, still enough to cause the Tengu's ears to stand up on end.

"I'll relay that..." it says, before taking to the air and retreating quickly.

You stand perfectly still as the red-white demonstrates more anomalous abilities that you document and send to Homeward Bound for analysis. "I understand, and I have already relayed your information to the rest. We have no intentions of starting a conflict, so there will be no difficulty in following that directive. However, please provide clarification on the donation directive."

Reimu, turns back to face you, "Donations, you know money," she reaches inside of her clothes to pull out a small bag of sorts that clinks, and pulls out an odd looking coin, "You know, Mon, shu, bu, and ryo?"

You examine the coins, shifting your eyes and taking in a full spectrum scan of them for analysis of the coins and taking in their shape, structure and design and making a note of it in his logs. "I understand." Interesting. So they still rely on a monetary system, and judging by the analysis one based on precious metals. It makes sense, you suppose, given their apparent current levels of advancement.

Reimu nods; satisfied and quickly hides her coin pouch back into her clothing, "Don't forget mine shrine is over there," she points back toward the lake again, "and don't cause problems." She takes to the air and begins to float along the distance of Homeward Bound, head on a swivel.

It's odd, throughout that entire time, the only sensors that picked her up was visual, and audio; an anomaly that bears further investigation eventually. You are also beginning to wonder what is taking Megiddo Battler so long to get here; surely nothing here is capable of holding him up. There is also the shrine that you apparently missed around the lake, or perhaps past it.

[x] Investigate the Red-White irregular ability to hide from your sensors.
[x] Go see what is holding Megiddo Battler up, it must be something serious.
[x] Scout the shrine that is beyond the range of your initial area scan.
[x] Go see what is holding Megiddo Battler up, it must be something serious.

Surely nothing can beat THE CRAB TANK!
[X] Go see what is holding Megiddo Battler up, it must be something serious.

>Atmospheric checks are telling you that the area is surprisingly close to what was considering the pre-transhuman ideal atmosphere. How odd, the amount of variance is amazingly low, almost as if you're on ancient Earth.
>Which is completely ridiculous, of course.
So why haven't Fragile's sensors noted that all of the plants are also from ancient Earth? No logs to compare against?
[x] Go see what is holding Megiddo Battler up, it must be something serious.

>Robot equivalent of "She did it!"
pfffft, cute. Never can totally overcome the human sides now can we?
Plants can be transferred at least as easily as humans on colony ships. Atmospheres, not so much. I'd expect it to be a big part of terraforming to import Earth-native plant life.
Note that I used a key word: all. As in, there's no plants that would be alien to Earth. Think about this:
>You've only been on a real garden world once before this one, and they're quite different.
Sounds like they're a rarity, and most likely supported their own life before colonization. Life on a habitable planet gets everywhere it can, meaning it'd be practically impossible to wipe out all the native plant life and replace it with Earth plants. Any imported plants would have to be in competition with the local ones.
[x] Go see what is holding Megiddo Battler up, it must be something serious.
[x] Converse with this modestly speedy loc-
Oh...damn it! DAMN IT!

There is a reason for it.


Sort of, the are less common than other planets, but not out right rare.

update called, update tomorrow.
Man, you're quick.
Is there a limit on how many votes you want per update? Or how popular you want the story to be?

Not really? I just didn't expect enough votes to turn the tides of Megiddo battler. So I called it.

Update sometime around 1900-2000 Est
File 137521864541.jpg - (210.31KB, 800x450, Sanae Yandere Stare.jpg) [iqdb]
The anomalous red-white maiden can wait for now, as tribute will apparently have to be delivered to her and you will have your chance to study her anomalous abilities then. This apparent other shrine was outside of your range of roaming at the moment and you have no intention of leaving that range until the go ahead is given. The most concerning part of this situation is that Megiddo Battler failed to respond to your ping or any of your messages or your signal that combat was initiated. Given the anomalous abilities the red-white demonstrated, it's possible that Megiddo Battler is engaged and simply not signaling for assistance.

Which is why you locate his position and make for it at a brisk pace, testing your thrusters and making sure that they're fully functional as you go.

Your test on the thrusters indicates that they are good for light use, namely changing directions quickly, but a full load would likely knock them down for repair at this point.

: Megiddo Battler's position shows at the far end of the ship, beginning around the back end where the majority of the engines are housed. You note a distinct lack of the very noticeable sound of his vast armory of weapons firing. A mildly concerning fact, one that is quickly interrupted by his words.

"... I can most certainly show such an eager young lady as yourself!"

Followed by the thrumming of his dual plasma cannons warming up and firing, literally vaporizing a line of trees before slamming into the ground.

You quickly switch back into combat mode as you consider your options with your thrusters in their weakened state, rapidly running through multiple variable combat situations as you come into sight range of Megiddo Battler.

Megiddo Battler is either in the most peaceful combat of his time, or just showing of to a local Blue-white with green hair, which in all honesty is far more likely.

The Blue-White local is currently staring off towards the newly found, burning, hole in the tree line, mouth agape. Megiddo Battler is standing higher than he normal does, "That is what I like to call my 'Gentleman's touch,' after all everyone knows Gentlemen are no pushovers!"

The Blue-White's mouth slowly closes, a giant grin spreading across it's face, "Aha! That was amazing! What else can you do!?" It's flying around Megiddo Battler excitedly.

You slow your pace down to a stalking stride as you stomp across the torn earth towards Megiddo Battler, slowly returning your body and systems out of combat mode again. You focus your optics on the blue-white local and scan them, uploading the data to Homeward Bound so that they can study their odd method of flight. Your optics focus on the face of the local as you make optical contact and...and...

...This local also looks like one of the girls from your ancient Earth cultural/social simulations!

Megiddo Battlers ego inflates, almost visably, "Why my dear, my armor is practically invulnerable to attack, only specialized equipment has managed to damage me for quite some time now!" He thumps his chest, "I am a literal arsenal of weapons, to include rockets, lasers, a railcannon, and high frequency energy blades." He tips forward to the girl in his typical bow, "This, and more makes up Megiddo Battler."

The girl lands in front of him, "Ah, I almost forgot my manners! I am Kochiya Sanae from Moriya shrine," she points to the lesser of two peaks, "Which is located at the top of the shorter mountain, please feel free to visit anytime!"

As she is pointing, her eyes find you, "Ah! Another one!" Her grin displayed wide across her face.

You stand perfectly still, watching as the unstoppable warmachine Megiddo Battler showboats for a small, female local. Somehow you never expected to see this in your entire existence. You are also rather stunned by the sheer similarities between this local and the red-white local and the girls in your ancient Earth social/cultural simulation. Comparing the face details and hair coloration and body structure you are seeing a shockingly high level of similarity between them, one that's too high to ignore. You will have to consider them thoroughly when you are off duty.

"Ah, Fragile. I was confident you could handle yourself! Captain Sharp even reinforced this assesment," Megiddo speaks, as if he just noticed you. Something of which you know should be impossible as he is carrying around a small starships sensor array.

Not to mention, the newly compiled map showing each of the crew members locations.

You quickly pull up the list you made as to why carving Captain Sharp's body into pieces would be a bad idea and remind yourself that violence against your fellow transhumans is frowned upon outside of specific situations.

As Megiddo Battler seems content to speak vocally, you do the same, "I would appreciate it if you would not ignore my requests in the future." You respond simply, adjusting and checking on your thrusters with a waggle as you try to flush their systems faster. You really do not want to put your body in for maintenance already.

"I will, as always do my best," he also sends over the commlink, 'Captain Sharp deemed dealing with this local to be more important as she appears to be an enthusiest, in hopes that she may help dissuade any future violence, he also noted not that it would matter as they seem to have little to no technology here.'

Of course Captain Sharp would have a good reason that just happens to leave you with the short end of the spanner. Like that time on the only other garden world you've been to and that massive predatory plant. You respond back to Megiddo 'Understood. Red-White local anomalous and capable of avoiding all sensors except visual light spectrum and auditory. I am unsure as to how she managed it. Is this local better mannered than the Tengu units?'

"I would, of course, expect nothing less from the Megiddo Battle." You respond vocally, brinding your optics attention onto the local again as you pick up movement.

'Very much so, she has been nothing but kind and eager to learn about us. I suspect the Tengu, as they call themselves, to be isolationist types. This Blue-White local appears on all sensor ranges, without issue,' Megiddo informs you, "Hah, you flatter me too much Fragile. This one here seems to have taken an interest in us, come tell her a few stories while I continue my rounds!"

"...Understood." You agree to Megiddo's suggestion. It's best for everyone that he get back to establishing his threatening presence here. The last thing you want is to have the Tengu get ideas. Your paintjob is already ruined and you'd rather not clean the gore up off of it. 'The Tengu appear to disbelieve in your existence, last I heard from them. Perhaps you should give them an eyeful.'

'Once I finish my initial rounds I will be sure to remind them of my existence,' Megiddo then bow's to Sanae, "It was a pleasure to meet one so admiring as you, Sanae, any time you wish to speak you may come find me. A task that will surely pose little difficulty!" he finishes with a laugh as he turns and begins his patrol anew.

"Ah I will, you can count on it!" Sanae waves Megiddo off before turning to you, "Fragile was it?" smile still present.

"That is my designation." You agree stiffly as you find yourself feeling a delightful thrill at what the Tengu will feel when they see Megiddo in person again. Perhaps the would-be invader will do something even more foolish than trying to fight you and attempt to threaten him?

"So... then you break easy?" Sanae asks sounding confused, "Or is it something else...?"

"My designation was given to me by my associates." You respond, "It was not one I choose for myself. I am considered more lightly armored in comparison to Megiddo Battler." And many other bodies, but you've always know that armor isn't everything. And besides, you're plenty durable thanks to just what you made your body from. It's amazing the information you can find when you dig deep into the archives of a ship as ancient as the Homeward Bound.

"So then, what do you do?" Sanae asks, apparently indulging her curiosity.

[x] Explain to this Sanae just exactly it is that you do and the many amazing ways you do it.
[x] Give her a proper overview of your purpose.
[x] A quick explanation should suffice.
[x] Do not speak of your job, wow her with technology instead.


This update is a bit short due to one half of a duo being on highly effective painkillers.
[x] Explain to this Sanae just exactly it is that you do and the many amazing ways you do it.
[X] Explain to this Sanae just exactly it is that you do and the many amazing ways you do it. |

Sure, why not.
[X] Explain to this Sanae just exactly it is that you do and the many amazing ways you do it.
[x] Explain to this Sanae just exactly it is that you do and the many amazing ways you do it.
[x] Give her a proper overview of your purpose.
Tenuously enjoying this. Keep it up.
File 137558289854.jpg - (330.41KB, 850x1265, JPEG (16).jpg) [iqdb]
...This Sanae wishes to know of your numerous capabilities, abilities and the tasks you perform for the Homeward Bound? Ordinarily you would keep such important, vital information to yourself and your fellows, but as Megiddo Brawler seemed to be more than willing to show off for her it is only appropriate that you demonstrate your own wide range of abilities and modifications you have built into your body. You would not lower yourself so far as to brag, of course. You are merely educating the local, that's all. "My duty is to perform a wide range of scouting missions, including short range and long range expeditions. I am also responsible for mapping out all areas I should pass by or over and attempt to locate and categorize all threats that could exist in the area. To this end, I am equipped with a wide range of sensors and designed myself with speed and agility in mind, as well as a secondary focus in long range solo operation capabilities."

Sanae seems to soak all of this in, "How fast can you go?" she asks excitedly.

You briefly consider giving her an exact number, but decide against it despite everything, "I am capable of going exceedingly fast. I have yet to encounter another transhuman who could out maneuver or outrun me when I have disabled my limiters."

Sanae listens intently, smiling all the while, "Amazing!" she pauses for a moment, "So... this might be awkward to ask... but is that a suit? Or are you controlling it remotely..?" she is biting her lower lip, and shuffling nervously.

You stare at the Sanae for a long moment, rapidly processing and connecting the dots that hadn't formed a cohesive hole then. Perhaps...this is a lost colony from before Humanity's great change? It is possible, immensely unlikely but possible. Even now, hyperspace travel can have accidents. "It is a suit." You answer truthfully. After all, the body is just a tool. The mind you have downloaded into it is what you are. Thus, you are a mind using a body.

"Then you can take it off right? Let me see your face," she pauses for a moment, "Please?" she asks with a tilt to her head, looking up at you.

"...I believe there has been a miscommunication between us." You respond after a moment thought, still pondering on that subject, "I am not a biological individual piloting a mechanical exoskeleton as I suspect you believe I am."

"Eh? Then there isn't a person in there..?" Sanae looks genuinely confused, brows knit together, frown displayed across her face.

"Yes. I am a person." You feel a flash of irritation at her insult to you and transhumanity, before you cool your temper with logic that she is merely an ignorant who knows no better, "This 'suit' is my body. I am a consciousness that has installed itself into this body so that I can interact with the physical world." You explain simply, deciding to be educational for the day with this local. Her bright, shining eyes full of enthusiasm plays some part in this willingness of yours.

"... you don't have a human body?" Sanae's head tilts again, she leans in close.

"No, I do not have a human body. I see no purpose in insisting on a biological body or biological components when they get in the way of my ability to perform the duties I designed my body to perform." You respond, shifting your camera's closer together so you can stare right back at the extremely close Sanae.

“Then Megiddo didn't have a ‘biological body’ either?" Sanae's face has gone to being mostly expressionless.

You consider how to respond to that for a very long moment before you respond, "I cannot confirm whether he does or does not. It is feasible for an individual to have more than one body, and given Megiddo's..." You quickly search your dictionary for an appropriate term, "Eccentricities, I would not be surprised if he did have something of the sort. I myself have earned the right to a second body due to actions I have taken previously," which you have not taken advantage of. There's little point in you doing so while you are still optimizing your current form. You don't even know what you would use a second body for, anyway.

After a moment Sanae nods and her smile returns, "I see, that's... amazing in its own right," she pauses, "Doesn't feel weird to not have a body though..? A 'biological' one as you put it..."

"I am full capable of feeling every range of sense you yourself are capable." You respond, "And many more, most likely. Moreover, even if I were to not be within a body, there are any number of simulations that already exist that I could run and experiencing a world that would seem every bit as real as this one."

"You mean like a video game?" she asks, as she runs a hand through her hair.

"...Like living in one." You decide that it's a close enough example to just allow it. There are plenty of pleasure simulations available that are completely fanciful and unbelievable anyway.

Even though they are very fun.

Sanae is silent for a few moments, a look of wonder on her face, "That's... kind of surreal, almost unbelievable..."

"And yet, it is reality." You respond simply, letting the Sanae have her moment while you contemplate the situation. You're becoming increasingly certain that you are on a lost colony from before humanity's great change, yet the observed technological levels are quite low. Then again, they also are capable of flight and other amazing abilities. Perhaps people who did not wish to transcend their physical bonds fled and their fear of technology became more pronounced?

Sanae nods, "You know, I really probably should head back to the shrine. People may head there to pray, thinking they angered some god or another," she gestures to Homeward Bound, "What with, 'the sky falling' and everything," she laughs at that.

"It was nice meeting you Fragile, you should come stop by the shrine, Megiddo too," Sanae's unusual flight begins again, her hovering just above the ground.

You quickly run a full scan of her as she takes off, rapidly shifting your focus through your multiple spectrums to try and see just how she's making use of this flight; some sort of biological anti-gravity device? "I will keep that in mind, Sanae." You respond, "Thank you for your invitation."

You will have to make the time to visit the Sanae's shrine then. One cannot simply put off such an invitation for long.

Your scans quickly provide no indication that something is happening beside average life functions of a healthy young woman, how... odd.

Sanae waves goodbye, "I'll see you around then!" She calls happily as her odd flight takes her away, towards where she mentioned the shrine was.

You make a note of her trajectory and estimate her route as you contemplate your situation. This is not anything that you ever anticipated having to deal with, you'll admit. It was just supposed to be an ordinary jump to a star system that had only been visited by probes before. Simple.

On more practical matters, you consider your lack of knowledge past your immediate surroundings. You have a reliable map of all areas in a 20 kilometer radius of Homeward Bound, but past that you only have speculation, guesswork and nothing. But, you've already accomplished the job set out for you by Capitan Sharp. You're aware that you essentially have operational freedom at the moment. What should you do...?

[x] Begin scouting further out, preferably in the direction Reimu showed.
[x] Captain Sharp has certainly made your job difficult more than once, perhaps it’s time to pay him a visit.
[x] You know the immediate area, but what is beyond this? Might as well find out now instead of later.
[x] Additional commands here <write in>

Update a little later than it would normally be, work schedule is changing this Monday so updates may be a little awkwardly timed at first.
[x] Begin scouting further out, preferably in the direction Reimu showed.
[X] Captain Sharp has certainly made your job difficult more than once, perhaps it’s time to pay him a visit.

He threw Fragile to the wolves. What has he been doing all this time?
[x]begin scouting further out
>Megiddo Brawler
Dude, you really need to proofread. Although the grammar's gotten a lot better since the first couple posts.

[x] Begin scouting further out, preferably in the direction Reimu showed.
The hell with Sharp, we've got touhous to meet.
an honest mistake I assure you, it was proof read even. Otherwise there would be a lot more mistakes.
[x] Begin scouting further out, preferably in the direction Reimu showed.
[x] Begin scouting further out, preferably in the direction Reimu showed.
[x][x] You know the immediate area, but what is beyond this? Might as well find out now instead of later.
Nuts to the shrine, we've barely explored the landing site.
[X] Begin scouting further out, preferably in the direction Reimu showed.

Let's see who else might we meet.
...You decide that since you have no orders waiting for you and you have operational freedom at the moment, you will satiate your own curiosity. You begin to plot out a course in the direction that Reimu indicated to you before she departed and estimate the most efficient path based off of what you saw in that direction. As you do this, you quickly take the time to perform a more in-depth check of your thrusters and see just how the self-repair system is working. Short of having one blown straight off you should be able to repair these on your own eventually, but you need to know just what you can use to pick up your pace when you get started.

Your self-repair functions indicate that the thrusters should be functioning at one hundred percent, but advise a gradual increase to speed for operation check purposes.

Well, with your answer given it seems like it's time to depart. You bounce from one foot to the other before taking off, quickly working up from a jog to a sprint as your long legs devour the ground in front of you with ease, each step covering more ground than the last as you gently begin to ease your thrusters into activation, seeing what kinds of nudges you can manage out of it.

Your thrusters sputter at first, a good thing you eased into it, before operating better than expected, your sensors inform you of a five degree increase of thruster temperature; still easily lower the materials maximum heat tolerance.

The ground starts to literally fly by and your increased speed combined with the density of this forest is making it increasingly difficult to dodge trees.

Which is, of course, exactly the point of doing things this way, you could probably skim through the sky or take a cleaner route, but it would be so much less fun than dodging around trees while traveling at the speeds you’re hitting, dancing always closely with running into disaster.

Or a tree trunk like that local from before.

You continue onwards, just barely dodging each tree, even passing by one or two locals; which to their credit manage to dodge out of the way rather well. Not that you would have hit them, but that is of itself another story entirely.

Your sensors are operating at full capacity to give you the information you need to avoid running into anything in your path, as well as map out the area that you're currently blasting through. No reason not to mix work with pleasure after all, especially when you enjoy what you do so much.

You continue onwards through already traveled terrain, and come upon the break in trees you were expecting, the lake now apparent. The beings you sensed earlier no longer around to be found.

Keeping your sensors active you start to sprint around the lake, keeping your suite running to full as you take long strides and focus on your determined route. Just what should you expect there? What do these locals keep in their shrines? Should you acquire some form of offering immediately simply for going there?

Nothing answers your questions, not that you were trying to get any answers though. You slowly round the lake, not due to lack of speed on your part but rather the sheer size of the lake. For all you know it may actually be a sea.

Be it a sea or a lake you'll get past it all the same. Unless it's an ocean you suppose, you're not specifically designed for deep water operations, though you can manage just fine up to most points. You'd rather not end up like that poor fellow who delved too deep and found out the hard way that even Transhumanity can't make a machine that can do everything perfectly; yet anyway.

Back to the matter at hand, you focus your attention to the lake and whatever may lie in the distance; do you have any targets of interest here?

Your attention proves only that there is no single life form visible, aside from various insects, and a bird. As you travel around the lake, your speed continues its acceleration, no longer hindered by the trees.

Soon, you find yourself pulling away from the mist covered lake, only a barely visible mansion to pull into view. It is at the very limits of what you can see, easily 30km out of the way.

And out of the way it is, at nearly a perpendicular path when compared to your current heading.

You make a note of the Mansion on your slowly developing map, marking it down and ensuring that you're constantly streaming this data back to the Homeward Bound as you continue on the move. This local domicile is of a drastically different build style than the other ones you've seen, which makes it extra worthy of note. Still, you are not here to see a mansion, you are scouting the route to Reimu's shrine, which you continue onwards towards. Such an odd world, but some of these buildings remind you of your Ancient Earth Social/Cultural Simulations and things you'd see in them, just a bit. That's another bit of data in favor of your theory that you've crash landed on a forgotten colony.

You also note the forest line is currently making its way back toward you from the other side, still a few kilometers of open grassland before you hit the tree line again, but you can enjoy your faster pace till then.

The tree's come back too soon, and your speed dwindles down a little as you are forced to dodge the tree's and underbrush, jump over falling tree's, some as wide as you are tall. You do note that compared to the other garden planets you have been to this one has much taller trees; some literally dwarf Megiddo battler’s girth.

The wild life is odd, almost all of it is carnivorous, including the plants; all of them would have posed a threat to humanity before the great shift.

Not that anything in this forest poses much of a threat to you and your superior form. That doesn't mean you can get careless though. Even with the great heights Transhumanity has ascended to, carelessness can lead to one losing their physical body and having to wait for a new one to be produced. And that's just entire hours wasted because you were careless. Thankfully, with your improved sensor suite it's a simple matter to spot any potential problems before they can ever become actual problems. Still, the Fauna and Flora of this world is quite fascinating, isn't it? You're sure the Xeno-biologists on the Homeward Bound are having quite the day with where you've ended up.

You keep sweeping the area with your scans while rapidly progressing forward, a clearing approaches and inside the clearing a building, much like what a lot of the role play worlds are said to have on them. A well-kept garden, two floors, a chimney, a porch with two rocking chairs, several windows placed in regular locations, and finally a local and a bunch of... machines(?) floating around her and the clearing. The local is wearing a blue white outfit and has blonde hair. Almost all of the machines possess similar colors; all of them have blonde hair.

Some form of remote controlled drones? An interesting idea, one you've heard used before. Their forms may not be as efficient as the examples you studied, but they have a style about them. Besides, the human form has its own advantages, and it appears that these drones are designed off of it. Moreover, in just your brief moment of observing them you calculate the numerous hidden compartments and uses such a device could have. You may...have to experiment on this idea. You've been focused during your admittedly short life on improving your own form to its limits that you hadn't considered such an idea. Engrossed with what you'd seeing, and noticing that the clearing and the building that stands in it are in your way, you slow your pace quickly, firing your thrusters once to bring yourself to a rapid stop.

You manage to stop before exiting the cover of the tree's but you notice some irregular movements as a few of the drones alter slightly were they were going to place themselves roughly between you and the local.

Well, even your engineering cannot completely remove the sounds of your thrusters firing. You maintain your position and observe the drones, intrigued by their designs and shapes. They are...pleasing, in their own way. There is no shame in having a graceful form as long as your form is practical as well, after all. You are an example of that.

You are left with a conundrum, a situation. You could simply go around; avoiding the local and continuing on your objective of scouting the path to Reimu's shrine, or you could enter into the clearing and interact with this local. Should you choose to interact with the local, perhaps you could discuss with them their design philosophy on their drones and their experiences on them; a mutual exchange of knowledge.

[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits
-[x] Inquire about them, and this role playing style home.
-[x] Something else that caught your fancy.
[x] You wish to find this shrine Reimu mentioned, you can check this out later.
[x] There was the building far out of the way, probably some 35km now, might as well check that place out.
[x] Input action here <write in>

To explain delay, I was evicted from my apartment and had to move. Just finished mostly settling in. So update.
[X] Engage the local.
-[X] Inquire about them, and this role playing style home.
-[X] Ask about the drones, and their possible benefits.

>Moreover, in just your brief moment of observing them you calculate the numerous hidden compartments and uses such a device could have.
Such as a self-destruct mechanism.
[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits

Seems like a perfectly normal conversation topic for Fragile.
[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits
[x] Engage the local.
-[x] With speak of drones, and their possible benefits
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