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File 13682229719.jpg - (278.91KB, 850x765, sample_fc43d586dd9a0a40e5c3f173ff2e1af4.jpg) [iqdb]
Has there ever been a better Reimu than YAF's?
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Or maybe that makes the apology more noteworthy, without names to tie us down? Hm.
File 138380784351.png - (462.47KB, 635x903, 64d28c1d4d6e598b813a84a6877bdf73.png) [iqdb]
Never before in my life have I thought my laziness would make two completely unrelated people fight.

Maybe I should look into becoming the second Hitler. Or just leave THP for another few months because fuck this shit.
File 138392292097.jpg - (46.36KB, 496x394, AD Eve.jpg) [iqdb]
> I'm sorry I puked vitriol all over your monitor like a raging asshole being ravaged by kidney stones, because that's exactly what I was at the time!
Don't even joke about that shit.

You haven't felt true pain until you've peed blood arr day everyday for a week. And trying to hold it in only makes it worse, because it'll hurt much more when it, inevitably, inexorably, goes out.

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File 13727149788.jpg - (0.96MB, 859x1166, 8254189e0df5ed72b1389248f064edb6.jpg) [iqdb]
Since it seems like we need yet another one!

Previous one: >>16035
I'm not sure why you'd want to see the ones before that one.

Don't be afraid to ask if you're unsure about something. There's nothing worse than making a stupid mistake because you didn't bother to ask about it.
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I feel you. You could even say I sympathise with you. I do agree it is the writer’s own prerogative to choose one type of narration over another. But, still, for pure technicalities’ sake, TPP offers the most mechanical freedoms. The freedom to switch at will, the freedom to provide insight into characters other than the protagonist, the freedom to make remarks or observations which would otherwise have never been made by the protagonist, the freedom to refer to Geralt as “the Witcher,” further cementing the subconscious idea of his professionalism and devotion to his job (and maybe even the quality of him being unique thanks to that “the”), the freedom to appear a smug-ass faux-expert on writing on the internet...

... Ahem. Yes. At any rate, there isn’t one universal agreement on which type of narrator is the best in all situations, so your best bet would be to try out everything and decide which works the best for your particular circumstances. Experiment. Skill comes from experience – and the best sort comes from your own.
Does anyone have that back-up of "Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration"

I need it because reasons
Get on the IRC and ask. There are a few people who have a copy of everything and will likely give it to you.

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File 138039170384.jpg - (258.49KB, 620x406, paper.jpg) [iqdb]
Where we talk about your opinion of advertising THP on other websites, if we even want more people on THP or not, and if there are specific sites we don't want to draw more people from.

As well as all other relevant and similar questions.
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Here's you go.
Thanks. I read the whole thread.

Well, dang. All that discussion and nothing came of it? Some of the things in that thread looked really promising...

Also the thread derailed so gradually that I forgot what the topic was originally about.
Discussion just makes ideas; actually executing them is another matter.

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File 137698636543.jpg - (149.72KB, 740x388, 1e57ea6ced1f2aa61d3aeb08a992c0cf.jpg) [iqdb]
So when's the next contest happening?
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It's time.
Crossboard linking is done with >>/board/##.

In this case, >>/gensokyo/11744

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File 137599399192.jpg - (809.97KB, 1000x1414, d6579d277d92917bec1451c1759d9740.jpg) [iqdb]
Waifu-fags get in, I want I to know,
Which nigger can rap best about his touhou—
See which girl get the best rhymes to flow.
Originality is key; fuckin rule of this show.
No taken memes or shit from radio.
No quid pro quo. Nigger, make yo' own.
Takin' a beat from a pro, is that apropos?
I don't give a shit; use some wit though.
Complex rhymes impress crowds the most,
Read up poetry theory if yo' not in the know.
You gonna need a trip to be postin' back.
But go ahead and push a rhyme on the stack.
Thread's open till the 16th to post a run.
We vote then for the faggot who won.
Hit me.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What’s this garbage; you askin’ where the charm is?
Some’n fine fo’ my time, pull my rhymes outta storage?
I ain’t no foo’, but lemme tell you too,
Some dude’ll school you like you ain’t been to college.
Am I that bro? Hell no; my flow’s slow, yo, but he’s comin’,
He’s gunnin’,
Send you runnin’ back a-cryin’ like you dyin’ in the street.
So hug your girl, kiss them curls, like she’s all you got in the world,
But it don’t make no diff if yo’ rap be stiff, an’ I’m sure you ain’t got the time,
Ain’t got the mind to jump off that ledge, rap wit’ the best and ace that test.
Love your life.
Love your wife.
All you’ll get is strife.
You wanna go? Show that Touhou fo’ sho’?
Get in line.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Can't have this thread without this one.

Bah, not enough entries to bother doing a full vote.

Nantucket wins because it's still funny.

>>18103, wins overall for originality and clever rhyming.
>>18101 Good try mate. It wasn't half bad.

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File 136371052497.jpg - (65.92KB, 512x600, 4a91466abedc4dace9d476c8db6f8476.jpg) [iqdb]
Because I'm angry that PC-98 doesn't get enough attention.

And because someone mentioned the lack of this thread again, and I missed it.
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File 137344625089.png - (151.39KB, 450x300, 3edgy5me.png) [iqdb]

>ITT edgy things you've done on this site.

I once insulted a writefag in his own story and deleted the post two seconds later.

I know, I'm so edgy I cut garlics with my breath.
I'm a cut above you, I'm afraid: I thrice predicted a story twist just before it happened: nobody got my points. Guess I'm sharper than the average slice-of-life reader.
/blue/ has enough puns already, so cut it out.

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File 13598683577.jpg - (681.24KB, 1200x720, 01983548a0c851b22125bf4ebed78b5b.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous threads:

This thread is for some of our authors (and readers) who have spare time from their busy social lives and mental meltdowns to give writing advice. We're giving vague hints, but we're not writing a story for you. Come ask for advice if you don't know how to write something, but we can't help if it's too specific. In such cases, go discuss with your readers.
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does it work for "oh god work is running me into the ground and I don't feel like doing much?"
File 137339006965.jpg - (128.73KB, 600x465, 1369151431498.jpg) [iqdb]

It greatly speeds up the brainstorming process, so, yes, it helps a lot. At the very least it lets you work out what you need to do, what your goals are, etc. so when you DO have time, you can spend it all writing your update instead of getting ready to write your update.
Why are you encouraging him?
Actually. YAF. Do it. And post pics as proof.

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File 137184577842.jpg - (190.28KB, 1920x1080, 2013-06-19_00002.jpg) [iqdb]
I just finished playing Saints Row The Third in a complete Yuuka run Pic related. Was pretty fun, though there's a massive lack of dresses and in fact general lack of really girlish items in the game. I resorted to getting her tatted from head to toe in flower motifs and running around naked.

Hey, don't look at me like that, it felt 100% in-character for Yuuka no to give any fucks about it all, especially when I then used a nail bat to beat people's faces in (no dongbat because that's just vulgar). No good handheld laser cannons sadly, the few that there are are massively unsatisfying and you can't dual-weild them either for Dual Spark action.

So I guess let's have a thread about vidya other than Touhou where you (role-)play Touhou characters. I'm currently setting up Fallout: New Vegas for a massive mod-massacre, let's see what comes out of that one.
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you're a strange one
>and you can't dual-weild them either for Dual Spark action.

Yuuka only ever fired one Master Spark at a time.

Her "Dual Spark" simply required there to be two Yuukas.

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File 136960962959.png - (581.94KB, 600x800, 30bb0a550da590aadbfb3ded598aae86.png) [iqdb]
You wouldn't a hairy wolf woman, would you?
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Meta Knight.
File 137011836118.png - (1.20MB, 1000x1414, 0e1455c77e17d8babe5ab4c343fa5f4a.png) [iqdb]
That name alone should be forbidden.
Only if she had hairy legs

and didn't shave down there

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File 136290960663.jpg - (286.33KB, 708x501, Faintly related.jpg) [iqdb]
THis is a thread about cases of THP stories jumping the shark.

I'll start with a very infamous double case: A New World Fool, Pursuing My True Self?

The first is the attempted seduction of Koakuma in the story and its results: Stat debuffs and sparking off the story's version of EoSD

And the second? META KNIGHT. What few readers remained after the Koakuma fiasco were greeted by the first of a good number of Asspull crossover cameos. All but a 2-3 of the remaining bunch quit upon seeing that.

Between these two, it was clear the story was going south in a hurry.
 [View thread]
You guys drop at the smallest things.

So was this the point where that story jumped the shark?
Not really, just a matter of opinion. With that story there is no clear moment where it jumped the shark if any as it stopped suddenly.

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