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Thread 16878 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136530441865.jpg - (295.26KB, 1036x800, a8ba7a44ed8c0c39972613dcf1b55d2a.jpg) [iqdb]
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I went ahead and put some older Hentai Games together which I thought should not be missed. Some might already know them and wish to replay them while others might find them interesting.

Maid's Story
Runaway City
Season of Sakura
Three Sister Story
Princess Maker 2
True Love
Nocturnal Illusion

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>> No. 16884
True Love, Three Sisters, May Club especially and all of the others mentioned here. This list is lacking a little and the person who made it should hang his head in shame for missing out on some of the greats. Dividead is basically a thp story in game form. Where is my Eve: Burst Error? Critical Point? Fatal Relations (whoever spots a reference to that gets a cookie)? Or what about Pia Carrot? The others yearn for a mention and a recommendation.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, where's YU-NO? If you haven't played through that you don't know shit about the glory of these old games.
>> No. 16885
File 136532039989.jpg - (168.23KB, 1000x1000, 636f2f8892b6c3c598b501993b806205.jpg) [iqdb]
That is why I wrote some Hentai Games. I do not wish to upload all of them yet, if there are some who play them and say they wish for more I will go and post the rest.

This short list is merely a start.

And you know that YU-NO will scare off many people because it is pretty old. And shame on you for not knowing Desire. It is by the same guy who wrote your beloved game.
>> No. 16966
which kind of THP story? Something modern or something old and mired in shitty VN tropes?

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File 136185091099.jpg - (63.42KB, 1024x768, goldsmith.jpg) [iqdb]
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So, I just came back to the site after an absence of several months, and it's like the apocalypse happened or something. I don't think I've ever seen the place this empty, or the boards this slow.

Can anyone explain why?

Pic unrelated.
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>> No. 17386
Don't ask me. That's Deme's words, not mine.
>> No. 17390

I think he's just misinterpreting it as HFY, when it's really people who have never played a high level wizard and who think he is a barbarian voting strictly for "entry-level awesome".
>> No. 17391
possibly but there was a sudden increase in interest the moment Remilia got the villain label as if they've been waiting all this time to do this.

But the thread has always had a bad habit of people voting more to show off their DnD knowledge wang than for story progression.

That and their attitudes seem to support the innacurate rep of 3.5 as "caster edition" (where melee classes are useless) when in reality a caster does best in combat supporting a properly equipped Melee class.

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File 135119571179.jpg - (100.46KB, 480x854, 19295398_big_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
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So, how do you organize your worldbuilding?

A pile of ideas floating around in your head that gets picked at when you update? A neatly organized timeline subsumed into your writing document? Just an outline of events?

How far's it go? Yukari pulls in an idiot, a list of events? Do you attempt to explain Gensokyo? Does it cover the creation of the border? Does it matter? Why do things happen, does your document tell? Do you talk about the humans, how they work their village? Do you talk about the characters that you interact with, all their hidden thoughts? Or maybe it's the ones out of the spotlight, pulling strings behind the veil?

I want to hear about you plan your past and future events. Of course, feel free to anon for this one, for obvious reasons.
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>> No. 15339
Uh... I haven't written any Touhou works yet, just a few scraps for a short when I'm free to commit to writing for a while. I like world building. Guess it's a by product of reading the Magic the Gathering lore since I started the TCG.

For most of my world building, I pick a scene and elaborate between conversation. Obviously just talking about how the surroundings are for a few paragraphs straight is boring as fuck. Same with expo dumps. I mostly weave that exposition either into the conversation, i.e. character are talking about it, or between dialogue through character action. Like a sentence or two about what they're doing, how their moving about, what's going on around them etc. etc. It moves the plot along and keeps up a pace while letting me build character and throw out exposition. Works with lore in metropolises. Difficulty is balancing all of it. I've turned out chunks of talking heads that need to be chopped.

Sometimes I try to have a little fun with things. Like restrict their speech to heptameter or to syllable counts that are divisible by seven.
>> No. 16374
Defining characters on the fly I suppose is ok, but world building on the fly? Going with something that seemed good at time can contradict with other developing ideas you have. Even the events are going to change, you should know your Gensoyko (light, dark, etc.).

If you aren't going to dig into history at all, then just figuring out the current state of Gensokyo is fine. Otherwise, try to explain outwards starting from the places the story touches. A working timeline for the plot events is helpful. So does breaking Gensokyo's history into time periods marked by important events or a change of the state of Gensokyo, and then slotting the minor events into them. This is really important if your story takes place over multiple time periods (flashbacks!) or you have characters or bodies who have had significant interactions over a period of time.

An good, if not rather explicit, example of world building is Iced Fairy's A New World (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6403057/5/A-New-World-Book-1). Ctrl-f to "VI:" and go read Akyu's notes.

If I am interested in portraying an particular event or backstory or it's key to the story, than I'll keep thinking and try to elaborate on it; if I'm not, then I'll leave it alone (see the creation of the border paragraph).

This methodology can recursively go on forever, but you don't need to solidify everything that's ever happened in Gensokyo to write a story. One of the biggest pains in the ass to sort out is the spellcard system and danmaku. It can be the primary mode of fighting, in which case you have to craft it to be believable as well have be enforced somehow. Or it can be balanced with actual combat (e.g. danmaku used as a less serious and lethal substitute), but there's still a waterfall of "how" and "why" questions. No wonder why most serious stories ditch the danmaku bit altogether(?).

Incoming ideas which aren't answers to existing problems, get appended to my notes and may or may not get used. Things like world mechanics (magic is powered
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 16379
Damn, you're so cool dude.

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File 135570848147.jpg - (193.66KB, 1600x1192, d38b96de31667a94664611ead887a61f.jpg) [iqdb]
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Because everyone wants to be loved.

Every character should be romanced in at least one story.
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>> No. 16247
[x] Tried using magic to help open the door.

Can't turn back after going this far.
>> No. 16265
[x] Tried using magic to help open the door.

I’d suggest pulling the door too, but I’m going to assume that YuugenMagan is able to discern which way the door opens.
>> No. 16268
[x] Pull the door
[x] Tried using magic to help open the door.

Yeah, that reminded me of that gif of a stickman using more and more powerful means to open a door, in the end he had to pull.

Thread 16098 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 136087015780.jpg - (131.54KB, 850x478, let it rain.jpg) [iqdb]
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I am disappointed in you guys.

No one has written any Touhou valentines shorts. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
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>> No. 16219
You overlook the fact the first time she rebuilt it, it had a room specially for her, something Yukari took quite the offense at (and their fight wound up wrecking it again).

I'm trying to remember who rebuild it the second time.
>> No. 16223
File 13620763539.jpg - (475.10KB, 800x650, 10626264.jpg) [iqdb]
Suika in giant modo, iirc
>> No. 16312
File 136260462367.png - (950.74KB, 600x888, suika32930001.png) [iqdb]

Thread 14796 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 134501967312.jpg - (468.40KB, 607x858, f476f8867e6e9bbe5e1f4e687b91ff56.jpg) [iqdb]
14796 No. 14796 hide watch expand quickreply
I remember a thread, long ago, that was a Mokou thread.

Then it got hijacked by Reisen pictures. This made the thread incredibly better. But! Having a thread purely for the best rabbit is unnecessary. There are also other things on the Moon. And things that were on the Moon, but aren't anymore.

And hell, even an earth rabbit is fine too.
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>> No. 16075
File 136034813554.jpg - (272.53KB, 609x618, 12487508.jpg) [iqdb]
Does Tewi rhyme with chewy? Why or why not?
>> No. 16076
It's pronounced "Tei" due to "wi" being the same as "i". Read her wiki article for more info.
>> No. 16077
No, the closest approximation to a rhyme would be 'say' since the hiragana ゐ in her name is romanised 'wi' but is generally pronounced 'i'. Of course, when you have an 'i' sound at the end, it's a lengthener, so it isn't "tay-ee" but rather "teeeeh".

Thread 4069 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 131014407833.jpg - (174.43KB, 900x900, iwillseeyouinyournightmares.jpg) [iqdb]
4069 No. 4069 hide watch expand quickreply
We miss you here.
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>> No. 4513
Fuck, I grew up with those stories. I can't believe they're gone.
>> No. 16023
Oh, Norseman, where art thou?
>> No. 16656
Oh blankfag, where art thou?

I've the impression that he was possibly of worsening health in the later threads.

>>4070 From the last post of the story: Do you know, young hero?” She whispers gently, “I have no body to that I can return. That is why I cannot come with you.”

A salute to them both...

Thread 15008 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 134643794382.png - (1.18MB, 1000x1393, momiraser.png) [iqdb]
15008 No. 15008 hide watch expand quickreply
Previous threads:

I think most everyone can agree that having a thread at all is more important than deciding between /blue/ or /gensokyo/, so here.

These threads are intended for civil discussion of writing tips and advice, whether on this site or in general. If you have any questions about what the site judges to be good writing, are struggling on a specific part of your story, want to post a sample of your writing for feedback, or wish to discuss anything else relevant, then feel free to post about it here. We'll do our best to help out, and will most likely value honesty over sparing your feelings.

A possible starting topic: to any writefriends, what enables you to write and update faster or more efficiently? Mood-setting music, carrying a notebook around with you, et cetera.
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>> No. 16031

You mean, like a story centered around nothing but romance? There's been plenty of romancing in stories.
>> No. 16032
File 135985410884.jpg - (746.01KB, 1000x1400, 932845bb2eeb2ccb50a80eaad313f1ba.jpg) [iqdb]
Make it posteriority and I just might, heh heh heh. Haah. Oh, I crack myself up.

Goodness, no. Not even I would venture a story focusing exclusively on romance. That's madness. Crazy. Off the rocker. Yes.

Anyway. Somebody brought up the issue of emotional bonding by long-lived beings "in the amount of time most stories last." All I'm wondering is what this time comes up to on average. Not necessarily in romance-centric stories, but ones involving (fulfilled) romance at all as well.
>> No. 16033
in universe or out of universe as the early stories seemed to have stuff happening within days if not weeks.

Thread 914 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126516080692.jpg - (783.30KB, 1000x1177, 41285dbf65cd423c60d846d7b7a9e996.jpg) [iqdb]
914 No. 914 hide watch expand quickreply

[ ] Run.
[ ] Hide.
[ ] Stay.
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>> No. 16235
[O] Reincarnate my body under the same name. That's final.


"I assume you understand what happens next then." She closes her eyes and writes your name in the book.

"Make sure to do good in your next life. When I see you again, I don't want to feel guilty of the action you asked of me."

Unfortunately unconscious. ...Your color? Black.
Once more ...Your color? Grey.
Strangely changing ...Your color? Vermilion.
Magically imbued ...Your color? Blue.
Gradually growing ...Your color? Mauve.
Repeatedly revising ...Your color? Emerald.
Terrifically transforming ...Your color? Saffron.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 16241
[x] Light Brown
>> No. 16364
[x] Clear.

Thread 11393 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 133925705576.jpg - (181.85KB, 600x553, 4b0f43f838182425ab583b0276dff467.jpg) [iqdb]
11393 No. 11393 hide watch expand quickreply
Roll call.
Is Owen still around?
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>> No. 15082
>I've dabbled with the idea of setting up some kind of website where folks could see the novel's progress, but I don't think it would be quite the same without reader participation.

Even on-site stories like Palingenesia which did, effectively, this were still popular, to say nothing of the other writers who web-publish using such a method. I think many of us would be interested if you did this, I myself would at least.

And seconding >>15079's sentiment.
>> No. 15792
File 135701406738.jpg - (216.66KB, 800x920, What are you looking at?.jpg) [iqdb]
For your consideration:


I have been making an excuse to myself for too long that I don’t have the time to write. This is a lie. And to prove to myself that this is a lie, I am resolving in the year 2013 to write at least 100 words of something each and every day, and post it on the above site as proof for both you and me. It’s likely I’ll end up writing more, but I figured I’d keep a small baseline to be safe. This isn’t about me outputting mountains of material, or even me wanting to make progress on my new book (though that will happen anyways). Rather, it’s an impetus for me to just keep on writing constantly, because my problem has never been one of inspiration; simply one of motivation and momentum.

I’m still getting used to the mechanics of Wordpress, so bear with me if I edit the formatting here and there. It also looks like there’s a commenting system on the site, if any of you would like to give your two cents.

To all of you who posted on this thread, thank you for caring; I don’t think I’d have even bothered setting up an external site if this thread hadn’t been made. You all have a Happy New Year~
>> No. 15793
Haven't read your works but it's an interesting experiment. I'll be keeping an eye out Owen. Good luck.

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