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File 145395856755.jpg - (163.72KB, 850x1179, image.jpg) [iqdb]
22134No. 22134
Wasn't there a story with an evil Hina? Just name drop it in here if you remember.
>>No. 22137
Oh hey man I remember that story. I'll post it for ya.

The Evil Hina,
By: Lockapprentice

Once, there was an Evil Hina. She was soo evil that everyone died. The end.

Feel free to shower me with your eternal praise and gratitude.
>>No. 22138
I think the love triangle part is a bit forced.
>>No. 22141
Didn't that one butler mystery story have Hina as one of the baddies?
>>No. 22142
Not so much as a main baddie. Just a victim played as a pawn. It's still a good story. The author is Keymaster if you want to go check it out.

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