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“How about getting help from Eientei?” you suggest. “They make all sorts of medicine, so they might have something that could help us.”

“It might work,” Meiling replies. “but I'm not really familiar with Eientei. I know Lady Remilia has gone there with Sakuya once or twice, and I think they've visited the mansion a few times, but I've never really been introduced to anyone from there.”

Come to think of it, Meiling doesn't really get out much, and she usually isn't inside mingling during Remilia's lavish balls. It's not really surprising that she wouldn't have much exposure to the other major factions in Gensokyo. “Well, Eirin Yagokoro is a nurse. Or maybe a doctor. I'm not sure, but the important thing is that she's a genius. She can create all sorts of medicine for just about any purpose. Plus, she's a bit of a pervert, so I'm sure she has something to help us.”

“Well, okay. You know more about her than I do, so I'll trust your judgment. Were you going to head over there today?”

“Yeah, after breakfast. Well, not there. They have a stand at the village, and that's a lot easier to get to. I dunno if you were aware, but Eientei is located within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. It's downright impossible to get there without a guide, so it's not somewhere I'd want to go to if I could help it. Anyway, let's go eat now. Hopefully they're behaving and actually cooked up some food.”

You grab one of your uniforms from your closet and start to change into it. Now that you're paying attention to your body, you notice a slight bulge on your stomach. The very first visible sign of your new stage of pregnancy. Your loose shirt will probably hide it for now, but if your belly has grown this much in a single day then you'll look several months pregnant in another day or two. As you wrap your sarashi around your tits, you discover that they have grown as well. Not as much as when you were first impregnated, but it's still a noticeable change. This might be related to the extra milk this morning, so maybe if you just breastfeed your guests more they'll stay the same size. Or maybe having even bigger tits wouldn't be so bad, although you're already pretty huge.

Meiling's fully dressed by the time you put your sleeves on to finish the process. It looks like she just brought several identical versions of the same green dress, plus her sleepwear. Which is fine, you guess, but watching her play dress up with her undoubtedly exotic wardrobe would've been fun. Oh well. Did the fairies just bring a bunch of identical maid uniforms as well?

Once you finish getting dressed, the two of you walk towards the kitchen. To your surprise, the girls are actually up and doing work – two of them, anyway. Tsuyo is just sitting at the dining room table, looking bored, while Nikkou is nowhere in sight. Presumably she's still asleep in the guest bedroom. Eri and Seijou are at the counter preparing breakfast, both wearing plain white aprons and nothing else. Kiyoshi is helping them, but since you only have the two aprons he's just wearing his regular clothes. Hmm. Naked apron Kiyoshi...

Eri is clearly in charge, handling most of the work herself and giving simpler tasks to Kiyoshi and Seijou. She's isn't making small talk, but she has no problem ordering around her assistants and even gives Seijou a quick lesson on how to hold a knife. Well, they seem to have everything under control, you and Meiling head to the dining room and leave them be.

“Morning, Reimu. Morning, Meiling.” Tsuyo lazily greets the two of you without getting up from the table. She seems hungry. Unlike the other two fairies, she actually got dressed in her regular uniform.

“Good morning, Tsuyo.” Meiling returns the greeting with a little bow.

“Mornin'.” You just keep it simple and sit down opposite Tsuyo. Meiling takes a seat on your left side. “Is Nikkou still in bed?”

“Yeah. She can't cook at all, so she decided to just lie around. Not that I can help out either.” You don't have anything else to say, so you just sit still and wait for the chefs to finish.

About eight minutes later, Kiyoshi walks into the dining room carrying several dishes. The two fairies follow after him, each carrying their own set of nice looking food. You let out an excited “Ooooh” as the feast reveals itself; everything does look pretty good.

“Is that everything?” you ask. There's certainly a lot of food here, but there's also seven people dining.

“No, there's a few more things. I'll go grab 'em now,” Eri responds.

“Great, thank you for your hard work, all of you. Seijou, could you grab Nikkou as well?”

“Yeah. Sure.” She replies immediately and walks off towards the guest bedroom, returning half a minute later with the naked blonde fairy. Despite sleeping in, she seems well and wide awake, so she was probably just lounging about instead of actually sleeping. Eri takes a seat next to Tsuyo, Nikkou and Seijou both sit down opposite Meiling, and you beckon for Kiyoshi to join you on your right. Sitting seven people at your table makes things somewhat cramped, but you all manage to fit well enough.

There's certainly quite a lot of variety of clothing at the table: a shrine maiden outfit, a Chinese dress, a maid uniform, two naked aprons, a boy in regular clothes, and one stark nude fairy. No one bats an eye at the unusual scene, as everyone here has grown used to such things.

Breakfast consists of rice, miso soup, grilled vegetables, fish, and nori. There is a lot of food, but when it's split up among seven of you, the servings become disappointingly small. It's still enough to sate your hunger, but you're used to eating more. You'll just have to have an early lunch. The food itself is pretty good; there's no glaring issues in the taste or presentation, and the fish and vegetables were both grilled very nicely. On the whole, you could've done a better job yourself, but this is still better than you expected, and you aren't about to complain about food you didn't have to make yourself.

You set your last dish down once you've finished eating your share. Tsuyo is the only other one to have finished already, but everyone else is getting close to the end. Now, it's time for “dessert”. You take your shirt off and slowly unwind your sarashi while remaining seated. Kiyoshi and a few of the girls watch you as you undress, but everyone keeps their focus on their meals. Considering the current lack of clothes at the table, your undressing isn't a big deal.

Kiyoshi's almost done anyway, so you wait another minute to let him finish, then turn to face him and hold up your right breast. “Kiyoshi, would you like some after-meal milk?” He turns towards you and gives your huge breast a quick look, but remains hesitant with everyone else around. “Come now, dear. Don't be shy. There's enough for everyone.” The last statement is directed at Kiyoshi, but loud enough for everyone present to hear..

Your breasts captivate everyone's attention. A small bit of milk is already leaking out, showing off your abundant supply. Kiyoshi gives in immediately and holds your breast in both of his hands to support it. He leans forward and takes your erect nipple into his mouth, then starts suckling with just a hint of teeth around the nub. A small wave of pleasure flows through your body as the milk squirts out into his hungry mouth. It's not enough to make you feel unbearably horny; instead, you feel a more subdued pleasure as you watch him drink his fill from your warm bosom.

All of the girls' eyes are on you now. Eri is the first to speak, practically drooling with envy as she watches Kiyoshi drink. “C-Can I join in too? Your milk tastes amazing, Reimu.”

“No, not yet. Finish your breakfast first. You can't have dessert until then.”

Tsuyo, who's finished, takes this as an invitation and claims your left tit for herself. You lean backwards, using your arms to support yourself, and let the two drink to their hearts' content. A small stream of your milk is dripping down Kiyoshi's lips, as he's unable to swallow everything. The remaining fairies quickly scarf down what's left of their food, eager to join in as soon as possible.

“Meiling is lactating too, Eri. It's entirely up to her, but you can ask her to take her clothes off.”

“Meiling!” Eri turns towards the gate guard and excitedly asks for her permission. You can practically see the stars in her eyes. “Please let us drink your sweet, delicious milk!”

Meiling seems a bit put off by the sudden attention, but she smiles and nods in response. She removes her shirt and undershirt to reveal a plain black bra, then discards that to free her massive tits. Nikkou and Eri both practically lunge at her breasts in their enthusiasm.

“Nikkou.” She stops mid-run and looks at you when you call her name. “Let Seijou go first. She helped with the lovely meal, after all.” And Nikkou didn't do a thing. Well, you can't really blame her, as she doesn't really have any good skills. You just picked her up because she's a good lay. “Please wait your turn.” Seijou finishes as you talk and claims Meiling's left breast. The two barely clothed fairies press their heads against her huge tits and gently suckle her milk. Meiling copies your posture and lets them take the lead, letting out a contented sigh as her milk flows freely into the eager fairies' mouths. Nikkou pouts for a second, but just watches the six of you longingly as she quietly waits her turn.

Tsuyo lets go of you a moment later, having apparently drunk her fill. Kiyoshi is still on your other breast, but he's barely suckling at this point. It seems that he just wants to spend more time next to your boobs. Nikkou walks over to you now that your left tit is available and takes over where Tsuyo left off. She sucks hungrily, likely having worked up quite the appetite for milk after watching four people drink without her. Kiyoshi stops a few seconds later and decides to instead rest his head on your lap. With your second breast now free, Nikkou squeezes them both together so she can drink twice as much milk at once. You don't mind her greed at all, as you seem to have plenty of milk to spare now. It is a bit wasteful, though; the flow is too much for her mouth to handle, causing a good part of it to dribble down her chin. It does give her a nice look, though.

Nikkou can only withstand your doubled milky flow for a little over a minute. When she's had all she can drink, she releases your breasts and lies down on the floor to rest. Your boobs feel much better now; all of that extra weight and swelling has disappeared after letting the girls drink. Presumably that's another part of your pregnancy. It might be necessary to do this daily – or even more often than that – if you want to combat the effects on your already huge breasts.

Now that your breasts are taken care of, you put your sarashi and shirt back on and then stand up. “Alright, I'm going to go down to the village now and pick up some medicine for everyone. Having one guy service six girls is probably going to be troublesome, so hopefully I can find something nice that'll help with that problem. I shouldn't be gone long, but please clean up the dishes before I get back. Other than that, feel free to do whatever.”

You grab your coin purse and head out the door. The village isn't too far, and flying makes the journey quick. Everything is hustle and bustle there as usual, but you're here on a mission. No time to shop around or pick up a guy. You need to head straight for the Eientei booth.

The booth is located near the corner of one of the side streets. It gets a good amount of traffic, but never enough to feel congested. The shop itself is a tiny one person store front, but still occupies a large amount of space. Supposedly, this is to help protect the privacy of their customers; instead of actually constructing a proper large building to assist people away from the public eye, they just insist that the public keep a good distance. It's a haphazard solution, but considering that they only sell medicine here, a proper building would probably be too much trouble to maintain to be worth it.

Reisen is at the booth, as usual. She's currently selling some kind of medicine to an older man, and no one else is waiting in line. You stand at the designated boundary and patiently wait your turn, not wanting to make her yell at you.

The man walks away with something in his hands and Reisen calls out “Next!” At least the wait times are short. You walk up to the booth, and the two of you greet each other. You've never really talked to Reisen much, but at least you aren't still enemies after dealing with them years ago. She's not the easiest person to talk to, and since shes spends most of her time either at Eientei or doing business, you haven't had much chance to speak with her either. You stick to your duties, and she sticks to hers.

“So, Reisen, do you have any good sex drugs? I have a bunch of guests at my shrine right now, mostly women. Any suggestions for something we could use to spice up our sex?”

“Did you have anything special in mind? We do have some things I could recommend, but could you be more specific about what you're looking for first? That'd make it easier to find something beneficial.”

You lean forward and put your hands on the counter, showing off a little bit of cleavage. She isn't wearing her usual blazer, just the dress shirt, having likely abandoned the former due to the heat. The tight, white fabric does an amazing job of emphasizing her huge breasts. You don't remember them being quite that big before, and the way the buttons are barely holding together suggests that it was tailored for a smaller bust size. Still, you've never had a chance to see her topless, so you could have just guessed her cup size wrong before.

“How about something to make a girl grow a nice, big cock? I know you have something like that, Reisen.” You can smell it from here. That wonderfully salty aroma that nearly sticks to your throat. She's hiding it under all those clothes, but it can't fool you.

“Erm, yes, we do have stuff for that. Anything else?” And she completely misses your subtext. Or maybe she's choosing to ignore you.

“Hmm. A stamina drink, perhaps? Something to give a guy lots of energy so he can keep on pounding me. Oh, and something for his ejaculate too. I like it nice and thick. And plentiful, of course. Do you have anything like that?”

“Yes, we do. However, we do not keep stock of any of those in here. I can deliver them to the shrine this evening after my shift, if that is acceptable. Everything you've mentioned will be quite pricey, though – especially the futanari pills.”

“That's fine, I don't need them immediately. How much for the stuff I mentioned?”

She gives you the prices. You wince. It's buyable, but still more than you'd like to spend at once. The futa pills are especially bad, like she said; they're more than five times the cost of the other stuff. There's no way you can pick up everything you want, and you'll only be able to get enough futa pills for one or maybe two people.

“So, how am I supposed to know if these are worth my money or not? Are you using any of them, right now?”

“Um, well, I don't really -”

“I mean, is that cock of yours from the futa pills?”

She glares at you for a second, but remains composed. It's not a problem as long as you don't look too close. “No. My penis comes from a different source. One that isn't available to the public, and not easily distributed in pill form.”

“Aw, that's a shame. I would've liked to give it a try first. But we can still do that, right? You give me a little taste of your dick, I give you a little taste of my body. Doesn't that sound like fun?” You reach forward and grab one of her huge tits to give it a quick squeeze. The texture is amazing, even through her shirt and bra. It's nice and firm, but still wonderfully soft. As expected from her well toned body.

Reisen slaps your hand away and takes a step back, out of your reach. “Please don't do that, Reimu. I'm busy tending to the store, and I don't have time to have 'fun' with you.” Despite her tone and surprisingly well controlled facial expressions, you can tell that she is very interested. Her nipple felt erect when you touched it, and you can distinctly smell her arousal. Her pussy must be soaked, and there's enough precum on the tip of her cock for you to notice that as well. Finally, when you got closer to grab her tit, you could just barely make out the sound of something whirring under her skirt.

“Oh? You're certain about that, Reisen? You're soaked. I can tell from here. It's going to impact your performance, you know. Sometimes you just gotta take a break and plow a shrine maiden or two. Think of it as part of your duties – resting up so you can do your best. And you'd get a top-class partner as well!”

“No, Reimu. I am not interested, nor do I need to take a break. Despite what you may think, I do not need to have sex at any point in time, and certainly not to do my job.”

Her facade is remarkable, but she'll cave eventually. “You're sure about this? I mean, I'm not going to stick around here forever. You might lose the chance to try out my succulent -”

Without giving you any time to react, Reisen grabs onto your arm and pulls you towards the booth, then takes hold of your shoulder and lifts you up off the ground. The entire world spins as you're vaulted over the counter and dropped onto your back. A second later, you vaguely make her out standing above you. Your head is still spinning, but you don't think you lost consciousness during that maneuver. You think.

“Next!” Reisen's loud call helps to wake you up and focuses your attention on her. You sit up and keep your back to the booth, remaining out of sight. She chooses to ignore you, even as you peek up her skirt. The source of the whirring is revealed immediately; she has not one but three vibrators on her. Two cords run up to her crotch from a pair of small devices nestled in her black thighhigh socks, and there's also a visible bulge in her striped panties where a vibrator-dildo is lodged deep within her cunt. You can't actually see her cock, but it looks like she has it taped against her stomach to hide it from view. Her willpower is certainly impressive if she can have all that stuff on her and not show it at all.

“Good morning, sir. Welcome to the Eientei booth.”

“Ah, good morning, little Reisen. Uh, wasn't there just someone here before me? I didn't see her leave.”

“Yes, sir. She concluded her business and teleported away.”

“Oh, is that so? Huh. Kids these days. How are you today, Reisen?”

The man outside continues to make smalltalk with the cute bunnygirl running the booth. Reisen responds kindly, but lets him steer the conversation. She probably doesn't care for his flirting, but she remains professional and never rebukes him.

You raise your hand and run it along her thigh, stopping at her butt and giving her plump rear a nice squeeze. It's as firm as her tits, but even softer. Her leg twitches momentarily at your touch, but as far as you can tell her face remains perfectly composed. The man didn't notice anything either, or at least chose not to comment. Not deterred by her lack of reaction, you slowly move your hand further up and trace your finger around her anus. To your surprise, you find another hard bump in her panties. Is she wearing anal beads too?

Reisen's composure never breaks, even as you reach your other hand up through her skirt and caress her huge cock. It's seems to be at least a good ten inches long, maybe even eleven. The girth is just as impressive; the mere though of that amazing thing pounding your pussy is enough to make you drool.

The man finally gets around to asking for some of Eirin's Butterfly Dream Pills and drops some coins onto the counter. You take your hands out of her skirt shortly before she bends down to grab the medicine out of one of the shelves. She shoots you another glare while she's out of sight, but doesn't linger and returns to her customer quickly. He then thanks her and walks off, apparently finished with his small talk as well.

You put your hand back on her ass once the man is out of earshot, but she immediately grabs your wrist and pulls it away. Her grip is too strong for you to shake off. “Stop it. Stop it now, Reimu. I do not have time for you.”

“I can tell you want it. You're soaked. Your cock is nice and erect, and it throbs at the slightest touch. You want to stick it in me, now admit it already.”

She releases your wrist and drops her hands to her legs, clenching them both into fists. “Of course I want to fuck you. I want to shove my giant cock into your tight little cunt and make you cum over and over again until you can't move. I want to cover your entire body in my filthy cum and make your body reek for days. But I can't. I have work to do, and if I take a break now I'll get punished. Master will know, because the booth will be suspiciously empty and my sales will obviously drop. So please, pick out what you want to buy from us and leave.”

At least she's finally admitted that she's interested. She hasn't called for the next person in line, so you have her undivided attention for the time being. Honestly, being punished by Eirin doesn't sound that bad to you. There's certainly worse things than being punished by a hot, incredibly busty, perverted, and slightly sadistic doctor. It wouldn't surprise you if Reisen ended up enjoying it.

[ ] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”
[ ] Insist upon doing it now. She's putting up a front, but she can't last against your charms.

2013/06/20 (Thu) 03:21 No. 31156
[x] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”

I see lots of potential with this choice.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 04:05 No. 31158
[x] Insist upon doing it now. She's putting up a front, but she can't last against your charms.

Yay, Nikkou got a woman with big titties after all!
2013/06/20 (Thu) 04:21 No. 31160
[X] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”
Reisen can fulfill her duty and get some pussy or ass.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 05:07 No. 31161
[ ] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”

Too much potential for me not to choose this.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 06:23 No. 31163
[x] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”
2013/06/20 (Thu) 06:53 No. 31164
Reading through the story, I wonder is there any character here who is exclusively heterosexual or homosexual? Not bisexual, but either hetero or homo.

I'm just wondering.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 08:26 No. 31165
Same guy who wrote >>31164:

I remember Kiyoshi mentioning in >>27400 that he grew a crush on his crush when he saw her working once and was "entranced by her diligence". Presuming he lives in the Human Village, which may not be true, his crush is someone who works there. Other than Akyuu and Keine is there anyone who typically travels to the Human Village to do work? Because I'm wondering if Reisen might be his crush.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 08:41 No. 31166
I seem to have a vague recollection of OP stating that Kiyoshi's crush wasn't an existing named character.
I may very well be mistaken, though.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 10:16 No. 31167
[x] Insist upon doing it now. She's putting up a front, but she can't last against your charms.

Angry Reisen hatesex is slightly more appealing to me than her fucking everyone into submission. Slightly.

>Because I'm wondering if Reisen might be his crush.
Considering what we just saw of her, for his sake I hope not.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 10:50 No. 31168
She still has a pussy and at least she's still very female, other than the dick, so there's still some fun things he and she could do. At least it's not like she's a cuntboy. Yes I'm not making up that word because I once read a story with such a concept.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 11:16 No. 31169
Futa Reisen on Kiyoshi? Yes please.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 12:21 No. 31170
Kiyoshi is straight. I can't think of any strictly not-bi girls that have been introduced. There is at least one total lesbian, who is entirely uninterested in penises.

The thing is, straight women and gay men aren't exactly appealing to Reimu, since she isn't appealing to them. Futa tends to muddle things as well. As such, most of the girls that appear in this story are going to be bi.

Kiyoshi on futa Reisen, sorry. He's already tried something up the butt. He didn't like it.
2013/06/20 (Thu) 15:35 No. 31172
>He didn't like it.
Who said anything about him liking it?
2013/06/20 (Thu) 19:08 No. 31173
[x] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”
2013/06/20 (Thu) 23:53 No. 31175
Well she could give him a nice handjob, unlike the slime girl who did nothing while pegging him.

In addition she could also have paizuri or blowjob fun with him and the others.

Finally he could just fuck her from behind.
2013/06/21 (Fri) 07:08 No. 31185
[X] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”
2013/06/21 (Fri) 08:12 No. 31186
2013/06/21 (Fri) 08:15 No. 31187
[x] Harass Reisen in front of her customers more.
2013/06/21 (Fri) 12:11 No. 31188

Reimu did, because she isn't a jerk, and thus will protect his anus from all invaders.
2013/06/21 (Fri) 19:55 No. 31192
Can't we, like, just give her blowjob under the counter ?

Reimu, hidden from view, giving Reisen a messy blowjob with lots of deepthroat while Reisen desperately tries to act as if nothing is happening.
That would definitely make for a hot scene.
2013/06/21 (Fri) 21:38 No. 31194
He can fuck Reisen while she's fucking someone else.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 00:46 No. 31195
A Reisen sandwich huh?

I know it won't happen in the story but part of me wants to see Kiyoshi being the sandwich and the person behind him being a futa, like Reisen here. Futa x Male with the male getting pegged is too rare.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 01:51 No. 31196
This,please make it happen.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 02:06 No. 31200
The proper way to make a Reisen sandwich is to acquire two delicious bunnygirls, not one.

No, there aren't any clones of Reisen in this story, super-slutty and doujin inspired or otherwise.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 02:46 No. 31202
this isn't Mind the Gap.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 02:55 No. 31204
No it isn't.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 06:05 No. 31208
Really. Huh, well in my experiences I've seen far more futa x female and pure yuri/het than I have of futa x male.
2013/06/22 (Sat) 07:20 No. 31209
2013/06/22 (Sat) 09:38 No. 31212
While it's true that some fetishes are rarer than others, you're going to see whatever you like as rare regardless because you're conflating everything you don't like as much.

There's way more sadistic futa on male than sadistic male on futa, for what it's worth ;_;
2013/06/22 (Sat) 13:23 No. 31213
That's what I voted. Inviting Reisen and harassing her can be done at the same time.

>Yes, we do. However, we do not keep stock of any of those in here.
That's too bad. If there were some sex pills on the counter, we could even shove some into her anus. Faster absorption, more excitement!
2013/07/01 (Mon) 15:51 No. 31350
Calling it for
[x] “What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”
2013/07/02 (Tue) 02:46 No. 31369
“What about when you come to the shrine to deliver the medicine? There will be plenty of other pussies begging for your cock there, too.”

Reisen pauses for a few seconds to think it over. “Hmm. I'll need to leave anyway, and I won't even be on duty by then. Yes, that would work out nicely. How many girls did you say you had over, again?” She licks her lips as she asks you, practically drooling. Now that's more like it.

“Me and five other girls. I'm sure they'll all be looking forward to your visit as much as I am.” Her cock is pretty big, but you imagine the fairies can handle it despite their small frames. They were all trained to handle Remilia's dick, after all, and Reisen's is only a bit bigger. “So, in the meantime, can we have a little fun together? No one will notice if you let me suck you off down here.”

Her mood immediately turns sour. She scowls, but continues to stare straight ahead as if nothing is wrong. “No. You have your compromise; you aren't getting any more than that from me. Either buy something so I have an excuse to visit you in the evening, or get out.”

“Okay, okay.” She must really take her work seriously. Although that would seem to be contradicted by all the toys she has stuffed inside of her. “Uh, how did you want to do this? Do you want to tell me about the stuff down here, or should I find a way to sneak out and return to the front?”

“Just walk out in front. I don't think anyone will care that you were down there.”

“Oh.” You get up off the ground and walk around back to where you were standing before Reisen grabbed you. There are a few people queued up back at the boundary line, but you're too far away to judge if they're surprised to see you crawl out of the booth or if they care at all. “Alright, tell me about all of that stuff you mentioned. Start with the futa pills, please.”

“Very well. The futanari pills will temporarily give a woman a penis. The size of the penis is dependent upon the individual and cannot be predicted beforehand, but the average penis resulting from these pills is still about two or three inches larger than the natural size of a human male. The penis will appear approximately twenty minutes after ingesting the pill and can become erect after another five. It will persist for twenty hours after ingestion, but for the last two hours it will be difficult or impossible to maintain an erection. It is advised to take the pill in the morning to get the most out of its duration. The penis is fully functional and capable of ejaculation, but cannot impregnate a woman.”

“Sounds wonderful. It will work on youkai and fairies, right? Not just human women?” You pause for a second. “What about men?”

“It will work with any female, including fairies and presumably all other types of youkai. There is no effect if a man takes it, so don't even bother.”

“Ah, that's a shame.” Well, you probably wouldn't have tried giving him one, even if it did do something. They're too expensive for that. “How about the sensitivity pills?”

“The sensitivity pills are very straightforward. They increase your body's sensitivity to touch and smell, especially in the genital region. They are very popular with women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, but conversely can also make it too easy to orgasm. It is generally advised that men do not take these pills for that reason. They will take effect within fifteen minutes of ingestion, and will be at their standard effectiveness for approximately twenty-eight hours afterward. There is no risk or benefit from taking additional pills sooner – the standard effect will wear off twenty-eight hours after the last pill was taken, regardless of the number or frequency of pills before that. The effect will persist at a reduced strength for several days afterwards if another pill is not consumed. Additionally, there is a short period of hypersensitivity that lasts for two hours after taking the first pill. During this period, the user's body is extremely sensitive to any touch and even the slightest fragrance, and it is possible to orgasm from contact as minor as a firm handshake. If this effect is desired, it is necessary to wait a full ninety-six hours after the first pill to let the minor effect wear off first, and then take another pill. Most people report not enjoying this side effect, however, and it can be circumvented by taking the pill immediately before going to bed. Assuming you can fall asleep that quickly, of course.”

These things are more complicated than you thought. You certainly don't have any problem cumming, nor do any of the other girls, but if you give the fairies some of these pills they might need to ride Kiyoshi's dick less. they only want sexual pleasure, and not his semen like you and Meiling, so they might be satisfied faster if they cum more. That hypersensitivity thing she mentioned could be fun, though.

“How about the stamina drink?”

“It's a stamina drink, Reimu. Drinking it will give you a short burst of energy, as well as more stamina throughout the day. It's really high calorie, obviously, so don't drink too much, and be sure to eat balanced meals as well. It is a nutritional supplement, not a nutritional replacement. Beyond that, there are no side effects.”

High calorie? Well, whatever it is, it should be fine as long as Kiyoshi doesn't take too much of the stuff. No one else will probably need it. “Do you have anything for penis enhancement?”

“Of course. We have two types: pills to temporarily increase the size of a penis, and pills to increase ejaculate. The penis pills will increase the length of a penis by about one to three inches, with longer penises gaining less, and the circumference by half an inch to an inch, again with thicker penises benefiting less.”

Those might be good. Kiyoshi is pretty big, but bigger is better. It'd also provide insurance against one of the girls growing a small dick.

“The ejaculate pills will increase the volume and thickness of semen released and will increase the body's production of semen, allowing for more ejaculations per day even with the increase in volume. The refractory period is also reduced significantly.

“Both pills will last for twenty-four hours. The penis size pills will take effect immediately, or with the user's next erection, while the ejaculate pills take a few hours to reach their full effectiveness. They will work with both men and futanari women, but there is typically no need to take the penis size pills alongside our futanari pills.”

“Hmm. How will those pills work with other sources? If a friend of mine uses ancient Chinese chi techniques to enhance a man's penis, what will happen if he also takes these pills?”

“Huh? Um, I don't know, sorry. We don't really study such things, so we can't make any guarantee that it'll still work while in the presence of -”

“Will the effects multiply together and give him a giant cock with a permanent erection, as well as an insatiable sex drive, compelling him to fuck every girl in sight until even the floor is drenched in his endless cum, and then rampage Gensokyo searching for more women to violate?”

“What?! No!” Reisen flails her arms and shakes her head, shocked by your train of thought. “Nothing like that could happen! Absolutely not.”

“Oh.” Well that's boring.

Now, what to get. Everything here is really expensive, especially the futanari pills. They're five times more expensive than the next pill, so you definitely can't splurge on those.

“Alright, I think I'll buy ...”

Pick up to three medicines. Except for the futa pills, each comes with enough for everyone on the list to use them for the entire duration of the stay, plus a few leftover for after everyone has left. Futa pills are exactly enough for one fairy to use them for the entire duration.

[ ] Futanari pills – for one fairy
[ ] Futanari pills – for a second fairy
[ ] Sensitivity increasing pills – for the fairies.
[ ] High powered stamina drink – for Kiyoshi
[ ] Penis pills – for Kiyoshi (or futas). Increases penis size and girth.
[ ] Ejaculation pills – for Kiyoshi (or futas). Increases ejaculation volume, thickness, and frequency.
[ ] Breast milk/semen/pussy juice flavorizers – For all of the girls.
[ ] Write in. Incredibly elaborate or “overpowered” ones might only benefit one or two girls.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 03:45 No. 31371
[ ]Futa pill
[ ]Futa pill
[ ]Ejaculate pill for Kiyoshi

More dicks means more variation, and I want to see Kiyoshi drenching the girls in cum.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 05:05 No. 31372
[x]Futanari pills
[x]Futanari pills
[x]Ejaculation pills


I like the way you think!
2013/07/02 (Tue) 05:57 No. 31373
[x] Sensitivity increasing pills – for the fairies.
[x] High powered stamina drink – for Kiyoshi
[x] Ejaculation pills – for Kiyoshi (or futas). Increases ejaculation volume, thickness, and frequency.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 06:08 No. 31374
[x] Futanari pills - for Eri
She's such a competent, hard-working fairy. She deserves a reward, and letting her fuck any juicy pussy she wants any time she wants seems fair.
[x] Ejaculation pills – for Kiyoshi and Eri
Uh, duh.
[x] Lactation Inducer - for Seijou
Because boobs.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 09:57 No. 31376
[X] Sensitivity increasing pills – for the fairies.
[X] High powered stamina drink – for Kiyoshi
[X] Ejaculation pills – for Kiyoshi (or futas). Increases ejaculation volume, thickness, and frequency.

Hypersensitive fairies should be fun.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 10:34 No. 31378
[x]Futa pill
[x]Futa pill
[x]Ejaculate pill for Kiyoshi

We get enough ejaculation pills for everyone. Feels like a waste to not maximize that.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 10:48 No. 31381
[x]Sensitivity increasing pills
[x]Penis pills
[x]High powered stamina drink
All for Kiyoshi
2013/07/02 (Tue) 12:52 No. 31384
[x]Futanari pills
[x]Futanari pills
[x]Ejaculation pills

Efficient and fun!
2013/07/02 (Tue) 13:22 No. 31385
>Sensitivity pills

What, do you want him to become a premature ejaculator?
2013/07/02 (Tue) 15:55 No. 31388
Yes. It'd have to be after the pregnancies, obviously.
2013/07/02 (Tue) 18:39 No. 31390
The plan is to make him cumming non stop.
2013/07/04 (Thu) 08:21 No. 31440
Calling it for:
[x]Futanari pills
[x]Futanari pills
[x]Ejaculation pills
2013/07/04 (Thu) 18:25 No. 31442
You can never go wrong with more dicks. “Alright, I think I'll buy two weeks' worth of the futanari pills, and five weeks worth of the ejaculate pills.” That's enough futanari pills to give two lucky fairies a cock, and enough of the ejaculate pills to last for Meiling and the fairies' stay, plus another fourteen or so for special occasions.

“Excellent choices, Reimu. I will need fifteen percent of the cost as a deposit now, with the rest to be paid upon delivery.”

You do some quick math in your head and pull out some coins and hand them to her. “Here you are.”

“We thank you for your business. I will be available to make the deliveries sometime in the evening. So far no one else has requested anything that we don't stock here, but in the event that someone does make such a request, I will be certain to save you for last. There might be some delay, but it will mean plenty of time for your 'special service.'” She gives you a slight smile after speaking; it's not much, but still the most pleasant look she's giving you today.

“Wonderful. I'll be looking forward to seeing you, Reisen. So will everyone else, I'm sure.” With your business concluded, the two of you bow and say goodbye. You walk away from the booth and hear Reisen call out “Next!” behind you. There isn't anything else you want to do in the village, so you just head straight back to the shrine. As always, the trip back is uneventful.

You walk inside and a scene of debauchery greets you. Kiyoshi has Nikkou bent over against the wall as he pounds her wet cunt with impressive force. Eri is lying on the floor with her maid uniform opened up and her bra and panties pushed aside, while Tsuyo is completely nude and lying on top of her in the sixty-nine position. They're enthusiastically eating each other out while their hands roam over each other's bodies. And Seijou is just cleaning, paying no attention whatsoever to the depraved scene all around her. She's even humming as she sweeps out the corners of the shrine.

Well, there's no rush in giving them the good news.

[ ] Join in with Kiyoshi and Nikkou.
[ ] Slip in between Tsuyo and Eri.
[ ] Seijou is such a good girl. She deserves a break.
[ ] Wait, where's Meiling? Go find her.
2013/07/04 (Thu) 19:04 No. 31443
[x] Slip in between Tsuyo and Eri.

There'll be plenty of dickings later.
2013/07/04 (Thu) 20:56 No. 31444
[x] Seijou is such a good girl. She deserves a break.

She really is a good girl. Let's give her a reward~
2013/07/04 (Thu) 21:10 No. 31445
[ ] Join in with Kiyoshi and Nikkou.

Two girls docking and Kiyoshi ramming from behind. Have done something like that before?
2013/07/04 (Thu) 21:22 No. 31446
[x] Slip in between Tsuyo and Eri.

I could not care less about Meiling.
2013/07/04 (Thu) 22:28 No. 31447
[x] Seijou is such a good girl. She deserves a break.
2013/07/04 (Thu) 22:56 No. 31448
[X] Join in with Kiyoshi and Nikkou.

Kiyoshi can learn about docking!
2013/07/04 (Thu) 23:34 No. 31449
[x] Slip in between Tsuyo and Eri.
Round and round and round we go.
2013/07/05 (Fri) 02:21 No. 31450
[X] Join in with Kiyoshi and Nikkou.
2013/07/05 (Fri) 02:32 No. 31451
[x] Wait, where's Meiling? Go find her.
Maybe give Seijou a pat on the head for her good work?
2013/07/05 (Fri) 06:24 No. 31454
Wait, I'm a bit slow in the head here. Which fairy is which, again?
2013/07/05 (Fri) 09:09 No. 31469
Seijou is the one with the tits.
... that's all I remember.
2013/07/05 (Fri) 10:13 No. 31470
Seijou has ass lengths brown hair and has breasts only a little smaller than Reimu, thus big breasts still.

Nikkou has ass length blonde hair and has modest breasts.

Tsuyo has shoulder length black hair and has small, not quite flat breasts.

Eri has short green hair and has decent sized breasts.
2013/07/08 (Mon) 13:02 No. 31521
Votes are tied.
2013/07/08 (Mon) 13:22 No. 31522
I...honestly can't remember if I voted or not...
2013/07/08 (Mon) 18:14 No. 31533
One year ago yesterday, I mentioned that I had an idea for a short. I finally finished it. It's massive, 28,748 words spanning 7 posts and 3 days of in-story time.

You can read it at >>31525

There is absolutely no relation to Reimu's Adventure, nor any of !lggAzV5pXw's shorts (I'm just borrowing his thread). It is also significantly tamer than what you might find in this story; all of the sex is one on one, and for the most part vanilla.

Please, enjoy the delicious Koa.
2013/07/08 (Mon) 22:46 No. 31542
It was delicious.
2013/07/08 (Mon) 23:43 No. 31544
[x] Slip in between Tsuyo and Eri.

2013/07/08 (Mon) 23:55 No. 31545
And called.
[x] Slip in between Tsuyo and Eri.
2013/07/09 (Tue) 00:01 No. 31546
Would you say the Koakuma in that short acts pretty different from her counterpart here or are there some behaviorial similarities between the two?
2013/07/09 (Tue) 00:14 No. 31547
Not very similar. She's not even a succubus in there, just a generic demon that likes sex. She's a good deal nicer in the short, as well. None of that "lead a man/woman on with your overpowering sexiness, then criticise them for being interested in you" stuff. She does prefer intellectual/refined people in both, though.

Feel free to assume that Sakuya has a fondness for hot cocoa in this story.
2013/07/09 (Tue) 03:44 No. 31551
Would the Koakuma of this story have been attracted to him, even kind of attracted, to the MC of that short? Would she have treated him alright or be pretty assholish to him?
2013/07/09 (Tue) 04:00 No. 31552
I never saw it being really flaunting it as being the problem she had with Reimu here. It was just how promiscuous she was with her pretty much banging everything in sight (Who's supposed to be the sex oriented devil here? the one with wings or the one with a gohei)

She seemed to really warm up towards Sakuya due to her being a bit more reserved.
2013/07/09 (Tue) 06:20 No. 31553
I think she'd find his thinking of books and such refreshing. Her main beef is with people who think mainly of sex and don't use their brains for much else. It's for this reason she wasn't interested in the Patchy clone as she lacked what appeared most to this story's Koa: brains/knowledge.
2013/07/09 (Tue) 14:02 No. 31559
Yeah, I'd say she would. Although rather than going home with him, I'd see her instead seducing the guy and convincing him to live in the library, luring him in with her great, big books.


Pretty much this, yeah.

>Who's supposed to be the sex oriented devil here? the one with wings or the one with a gohei
The one with the wings, of course.
2013/07/10 (Wed) 01:19 No. 31564
I have to wonder if Patchouli would use him as another assistant?
2013/07/12 (Fri) 03:11 No. 31580
Sure, why not!

upcoming coming soon. There's no choice this time, and there'll probably be several other instances during this arc with no choices.
2013/07/12 (Fri) 03:59 No. 31584
Tsuyo and Eri seem to be having fun, but they'd be having more fun if you were involved too. You approach the two fairies and stand over them as they continue eating each other out. Both of them are too engrossed in the other's drenched pussies to notice you. There's no need to stop them, so you simply crouch down and stick a finger into Tsuyo's exposed ass. She stops licking her friend's cunt to give a cute little cry from the unexpected intrusion and finally notices your presence now that her head isn't buried in thighs.

“Huh? Oh! Reimu! Welcome back.” You slide your finger out of Tsuyo as she speaks. Eri is probably annoyed by your presence, as Tsuyo isn't eating her out anymore, but she continues to lick her partner as if nothing happened.

“Thank you. You two seem to be having fun. Room for one more?”

“Sure, I don't mind at all. You don't either, do you, Eri?” Tsuyo lifts her crotch up off Eri's mouth, giving the flushed fairy room to speak. In the meantime, you start to take off your clothes. There's no point in waiting for an answer before getting naked.

“No. Go ahead.” Monotone acceptance is still acceptance, although you're still pretty sure Eri would prefer some alone-time with her friend.

Once your sarashi is fully unwrapped, you place both hands under your huge breasts, holding them up as you present them to the two girls. “Would you like some milk, to start? I remember you girls liking it a lot.” Your breasts aren't aching like they were this morning, but letting people suckle them more often will probably help keep the swelling down. Assuming you even want to keep the swelling down.

Tsuyo stares at your bare tits for a second, captivated by their size, then crawls towards you and claims one for herself. Eri gets up and claims the other once Tsuyo is off of her. Two sets of small hands caress your breasts as the fairies savor their weight and softness. After a few seconds, both girls close their lips around your nipples and start to suckle. Your breasts tingle pleasurably as the milk leaves your body and flows into their eager mouths, forcing you to let out several soft moans. After a minute of inaction, you wrap your arms around the girls' backs and run your hands along their butts, thighs, and pussies, caressing each to your heart's content. You're just barely able to reach their slits, since they're both about a foot shorter than you. They don't react for the most part, as they're both too busy drinking your milk, but each girl shivers slightly when you trace your fingers along her soaked slit.

Another minute passes of the girls quietly drinking before they're finally satisfied. Tsuyo stays attached to your breast for a few seconds longer than Eri, but stops once she notices that the other girl is ready to move on. You remove your hands from around the girls' backs and kiss the two eager girls. First you slip your tongue into Eri's mouth, tasting your milk as your tongue flicks across hers. Then you do the same to Tsuyo after a few seconds. Both girls let you take the lead and only meekly move their tongues to match yours during the kiss, too entranced by your superior technique to try and match your quick movements.

You're nice and wet now, and eager to have one or even both of the girls give your pussy some attention. However, as much as you'd like to have both girls service you, you couldn't ask them to do it. They were in the middle of cunnilingus before you interrupted them, and they have to be as horny as you are by now. Every girl deserves to have her pussy licked clean when it's wet. You're not going to deny them that pleasure, so you'll need to do something that will satisfy all three of you.

You lie down on your side and lift your right leg up into the air, exposing your wet slit and setting an example for the other two. “Girls, lie down like this. We can all eat someone else out if we do it this way.” Let's see, which of the two is better at cunnilingus? Probably Tsuyo, since she seems to be more enthusiastic about lesbian sex. “Tsuyo, lie down in front of me and lick my cunt. Eri, stick your pussy in front of my face and eat out Tsuyo.”

The girls obey and hurriedly get into position. The three of you quickly form a triangle while lying on your sides. Eri's cute pussy is directly in front of your face; when you give it a quick lick, she moans softly into Tsuyo's thighs. There's a little bit of saliva around Eri's pussy lips, but plenty of juice to lick up as well. Tsuyo starts licking your soaked cunt, rubbing her tongue against your lips and giving your erect clit the occasional flick. Her attention is more than enough to send excited shivers up your spine, but you keep focused on Eri's pussy.

Tsuyo slides two fingers into your soaked cunt and slowly pumps them in and out as she continues to trace her tongue around your slit. The sudden penetration makes you stop for a second to moan from the pleasure, but you compose yourself and resume servicing Eri. Tsuyo's lithe fingers feel amazing inside of you, and the sensation makes you want to grind your hips against them to drive them deeper inside of you, but the position makes it too difficult to move properly. You can already feel your orgasm approaching anyway, so you don't feel like trying it. You'll just have to entrust your vagina to her reasonably-skilled hands and tongue.

You give Eri's clit a quick but thorough suck, causing her to cry out for a second from the sharp stimulation. Tsuyo wiggles her body around a little shortly afterward, presumably because Eri stopped licking her. The green-haired fairy seems to be on the verge of cumming, judging by how much your tongue is making her squirm. You place your free hand on her ass and grab it for support, then slide your tongue into the depths of her soaked cunt. She moans again, this time muffled by Tsuyo's thighs, and gently shakes her hips to encourage you to go deeper. It's getting harder and harder to concentrate with Tsuyo's tongue frequently brushing against your clit, but you're still capable of doing something as simple as driving your tongue into a girl's pussy.

Tsuyo is the first to cum,and she moans deeply into your cunt as she shudders with pleasure. The vibration feels amazing against your sensitive flesh, and she continues to crudely flick her tongue against your lips in an earnest attempt to make you join her. Instead, you suck on Eri's erect clit and quickly bring her over the edge, causing her to squirt a hot stream of her juices onto your face. The bewitching smell and heat from her ejaculation, paired with Tsuyo's diligent licking, finally bring you over the edge, and you cry out loudly as you cum along with the other two girls.

You roll over onto your back after your climax. Lying on your sides isn't a very comfortable position for for sex, so you feel a bit sore and need a short break to rest. Tsuyo and Eri are in a similar state, lounging about in exhaustion after their orgasms. Kiyoshi and Nikkou finished as well at some point, and Nikkou has decided to use Kiyoshi's lap as a pillow. His back is facing you, so you can't see his face, but you get the feeling he isn't pleased with the situation, judging by how he isn't even caressing her naked body or patting her cute head.

And Seijou is still cleaning. Hasn't she run out of stuff to dust yet?

After about five minutes of rest, you stand up and walk over towards Kiyoshi. He certainly seems relieved to see you again.

“Ah! Welcome back, Reimu. Did you get what you were looking for?”

“Sorta. I placed an order, and she said she'll deliver it to the shrine sometime in the evening. I don't have anything yet, but I did pick out some really nice stuff.” You really should inform all of the fairies about your purchases, considering that two of them are going to be growing dicks tomorrow morning. “Uh, is she asleep, or what?”

“Hello!” Nikkou answers your question for you with a cheerful voice. She definitely wasn't asleep.

“Oh, good. I have an announcement for you girls.” You turn towards Seijou and call her over, then do the same for Eri and Tsuyo. The two have had plenty of rest, so they get up and come over without any problems. “Okay, girls, I have news: first of all, I ordered several interesting pills from the village pharmacy. They'll be delivered sometime this evening. Secondly, the delivery girl is a cute bunnygirl with huge tits, a nice ass, a giant futanari cock, and an overactive sex drive. She is absolutely looking forward to meeting all of you, intimately. Lastly, the main set of pills I picked up will temporarily give a woman a nice dick, just like Remilia's. So, two of you lucky girls will be able to cum inside the others.”

The girls excitedly chatter amongst themselves at the news, but Seijou speaks up over them. “Who's going to get picked, Reimu?”

“I haven't decided yet. There's no point in thinking about it before Reisen – ah, she's the bunnygirl I mentioned – gets here. I'll figure something out by then.” You'll just decide this problem the same way you make all other life decisions. “Any other questions?”

“How big will the dicks be?” Nikkou asks.

“I can't say for certain, but they should be 'big.' We won't know until someone takes the pills.”

“Are you or Meiling going to grow a dick too?” Seijou asks.

“No, I think it's better to let you girls have the fun.” You can't fill your own womb up with semen, after all. Besides, Kiyoshi will probably be turned off towards whoever does grow a dick, and you'd prefer to avoid that happening to you.

That seems to be the end of the questions. You still need to tell Meiling about the pills, and you need to borrow her abilities for Kiyoshi anyway.

“Oh, does anyone know where Meiling is? I haven't seen her since I got back. Did she go for a walk or something?”

“I think she's just in your room,” Eri volunteers have a few seconds of silence. “I saw her walking over there a bit after you left.”

“Ah. Thanks, Eri. Kiyoshi, come with me for a second. We need to pay Meiling a visit.”
2013/07/12 (Fri) 07:27 No. 31591
Oh boy will Kiyoshi get a demonstration of double paizuri and will Seijou get to learn paizuri and possibly demonstrate her ability to learn, possibly with Reimu and Meiling!?
2013/07/12 (Fri) 07:56 No. 31593
depends on how the votes in the future go, I'd say and this is assuming the rest of anon aren't too obsessed with whoever the dick fairies are going to be. We didn't pick Seijou just because she's a diligent cleaner.
2013/07/12 (Fri) 19:55 No. 31598
Rereading the latest entry, any reason for Kiyoshi being unhappy? I guess it could be because Reimu was gone for a day, comes back and stays for a night before going right out again for a while but he should be prepared for that. Is sex with the fairies that bad?
2013/07/12 (Fri) 20:00 No. 31599
He probably just didn't want Nikkou's head in his lap but was too polite to do anything about it.
2013/07/13 (Sat) 04:21 No. 31604
Seijou's just a good girl.
2013/07/13 (Sat) 06:10 No. 31607
We should keep her.
2013/07/13 (Sat) 06:34 No. 31608

Remi wants her too, though. Might take some convincing.
2013/07/13 (Sat) 06:44 No. 31609
At the very least I suspect she won't get a dick pill.
2013/07/13 (Sat) 14:11 No. 31612
Depending on exactly how those pills work, we might be able to do some interesting things with their distribution... so long as Reimu is willing to let a day or two go by without any futa cocks around.
2013/07/13 (Sat) 15:49 No. 31614
Too much micro.
2013/07/16 (Tue) 11:25 No. 31640
Considering Reimu's reflexes her APM should be sky high.
2013/07/16 (Tue) 19:42 No. 31641
All those skill gained from playing cocks like flutes must translate to Korean tier micro.
2013/07/16 (Tue) 23:06 No. 31651
and it's time for another hiatus. See >>31650 for the details.

To reiterate the main point, I would greatly appreciate any help with cleaning these doujinshi after I scan them. Or any of the other touhou-related crap I've gotten myself involved in. For example, I have another block of the Kenchinroku 2 translation but no time to edit it in.

I have no idea how long this will be. I took a week off to work on these doujinshi, but there's no chance I'll finish in time, and my speed will plummet when it's time to go back to work.
2013/07/17 (Wed) 15:20 No. 31660
Waiting warmly.
2013/07/31 (Wed) 01:50 No. 31761
Don't bump if you're not voting. Sage, please.
2013/08/16 (Fri) 00:10 No. 32088
another one bites the dust...
rip Reimu's Adventure, i'll miss you.
2013/08/16 (Fri) 03:45 No. 32090
Hey. I'm still here, dammit.
2013/08/17 (Sat) 04:20 No. 32104
wow taking a little while to update isn't it?
2013/08/17 (Sat) 05:17 No. 32105
For one, the author explained in >>31650 and >>31651 exactly what the holdup was. For two, FUCKING SAGE YOU SHITCOCK.
2013/08/17 (Sat) 23:14 No. 32109
I hope we'll get to see another Kiyoshi - fairies scene/orgy again.

Though I hope we get to see some Reason fun beforehand.
2013/08/18 (Sun) 10:56 No. 32119
OOT. There's something unique about proper sage usage and this story, it is as if I'm on /jp/. The writer is probably an old school /jp/ user, though I don't know about the readers.
2013/08/18 (Sun) 12:50 No. 32120
Go read >>>/gensokyo/6052
2013/08/18 (Sun) 14:00 No. 32121
Ctrl+f sage returns on couple of old posts which aren't the main guideline post. THP FAQ also doesn't mention anything except autosage. Post 6117 mentions proper sage uses, but it's a 2010 year post, buried deep within the thread. So, I can only guess a little (oldfags being the reader) what are you implying with that redirection.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 01:25 No. 32123
I'm implying that, on THP, you sage your posts in story threads unless you're voting or updating, so that people don't see a bumped thread and get disappointed when there's no update.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 04:16 No. 32125
You take Kiyoshi's hand and lead him towards your room. Meiling comes into view as soon as you slide open the door; she's currently sitting at your desk, finishing off what appears to be a meatbun. She notices you a second after taking the final bite, her eyes briefly widen with surprise at your sudden appearance. Once she finishes chewing and swallows she greets you with a cheerful “Welcome back!”

“Thanks. Uh, did you come in here just to eat?” You don't really mind if she eats in your room or anything, but it's still an odd choice.

“Yeah. I brought some snacks in my luggage, and figured I might as well just eat it in here. I have a few more – they're not hot or anything, obviously, but they're still good. Did either of you want one?”

“I'll pass, but thank you for the offer.” Kiyoshi gives a quick bow as he answers first.

“Same. I'm still full from breakfast. But, if you're done eating, ready to give Kiyoshi his 'treatment'?”

“Huh?” Kiyoshi looks up at you with a puzzled frown. “What are you talking about, Reimu?”

“Meiling is an expert at manipulating chi. She can do a lot of things with her powers, like enhancing your body's endurance and sexual stamina. If it's okay with you, of course.” You crouch down just a little bit to rub your hand along his thigh and press your bare breasts against his arm. He gulps audibly at your touch; he's probably still worn out from his session(s) with Nikkou, but your affection will get anyone's heart racing. “But is there any reason you'd turn her down? After all, you're surrounded by six lovely, nubile young ladies. Don't you want to pleasure us as much as possible?” You speak softly and smile seductively, leaving Kiyoshi torn on where to focus his attention – your tantalizing lips, luscious breasts, or the hand that's slowly approaching his growing erection.

“That's right.” Meiling stands up and takes a step towards the two of you, then leans forward to get even closer. She has to do it to get her face level with Kiyoshi's, but you're certain that the main reason she's doing it is to show off her massive cleavage. It works, too, as Kiyoshi's gaze quickly switches to Meiling's bosom. He isn't even trying to make it look like he's looking her in the eye. “It's very easy to do. It won't take long at all. All I need to do is pour some of my energy into your body. Doesn't that sound fun?”

“Eh? Yeah, Those look – uhm, that sounds lovely.”

“Wonderful! This might feel a little strange, but it shouldn't feel bad. Most people seem to enjoy it when I do any kind of chi infusion. Are you ready now? You'll need to take off your pants first, as I need to be able to touch your skin directly. Do you want to undress yourself...” Meiling pauses for a second to lick her lips, “...or would you prefer if we stripped you ourselves?”

“Ummm, I'll do it.” As an afterthought, he adds, “Thanks, though.” Maybe you're teasing him a little bit too much? Oh well.

Kiyoshi starts to take off his pants, and the two of you take a step back to give him some room. Once he's naked, Meiling guides him towards your futon and instructs him to lie down on his back. His cock is about half erect now, thanks to all the attention the two of you have been giving him. He isn't embarrassed at all by his partial nudity. It would, after all, be unusual for someone to be self conscious about that while you're standing here stark naked without the slightest care.

Meiling crouches down in front of Kiyoshi and then places both of her hands on his thighs. Kiyoshi gasps a second later, probably not because of the contact. Meiling's back and hair are blocking your view, so you walk towards the side of the futon to better see what's going on. Meiling's palms are radiating a soft light, presumably from her chi being poured into Kiyoshi's body. Her eyes are closed tight, and she remains almost perfectly still as she concentrates on her task.

Kiyoshi, however, is far less composed. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but the experience is definitely unsettling for him. His head and arms are fidgeting, like he's tossing and turning in his sleep, and his eyes keep darting about and focusing on random items in your room. He's keeping most of his body still – or maybe he just can't move it. His movements aren't excessive, so it doesn't look like he's going to hurt himself or damage anything, but it's still unusual.

“Hey,” you say loudly enough to be certain to grab his attention. His head turns towards you, and his eyes immediately focus on yours. “Are you doing alright?” It still doesn't look like it actually hurts, and you certainly trust Meiling's judgment and abilities, but it's still a good idea to be certain.

“Yeah.” His voice is perfectly normal, at least, and isn't sharing any of his body's potential problems. “It just feels weird. I don't really know how to describe it. It tingles a bit, but mostly it just makes me want to get up and move. It's like a bunch of energy is just being poured into me.” Well, that is exactly what's happening. You can't really fault him for not being able to explain it. “Except I can't move, since I need to stay still for Meiling, and yet I can't seem to stop my body from moving like this. It does feel nice though, so I guess it isn't a problem.”

You hold Kiyoshi's hand to try and calm him down. It seems to work a little, at least, and he smiles as he grips your hand in return. He's still fidgeting a bit and squeezing your hand more often than he should be, but he's definitely more relaxed now. Meiling's been at it for a little over a minute now; you don't know how long she needs, but hopefully she'll be done soon.

After another four minutes or so, Meiling lifts her hands off of Kiyoshi's body and audibly exhales. At the same time, Kiyoshi suddenly stops squirming and just lies still on the bed. His cock is fully erect now, although you're not certain if that's from Meiling's chi or Meiling's chest. It even looks a little bit bigger now, but you that could just because of how much it seems to be throbbing. It looks painful, and you imagine that he's dying for release. You're certainly dying to have that thing inside of you.

“So? How does it feel, Kiyoshi?” you ask, giving his his pulsating cock a few light touches with your left hand. It's giving off an impressive amount of heat to go with the exquisite hardness. Meiling's handiwork certainly did the job; you're already damp with anticipation.

“Great! I mean, I feel really good right now. I can't remember the last time I had this much energy. Thank you so much, Meiling!”

“You are very welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it.”

“So, would you like to try it out?” You ask him.

Kiyoshi looks at you for a second, unsure of what you mean. It quickly dawns on him, though, probably thanks to the lustful expression on your face. “Oh. Um, sure, I'd love to. What did -”

You don't even let him finish before you climb on top of the futon and take his tip into your mouth. He moans loudly as you gently wrap your tongue around his base, cutting off his question. His reaction is a little extreme; it seems that his sensitivity has increased as well. Meiling joins you on the opposite side of the futon and crawls towards Kiyoshi's cock. You take it out of your mouth and switch to licking his shaft, allowing Meiling to join you. She wraps her tongue around his length as well, focusing on pleasing him but letting it occasionally brush against yours in a makeshift kiss.

Kiyoshi groans loudly as the two of you slowly service his erect dick. It hasn't been long at all, but his overly sensitive shaft simply can't handle your combined assault. Every gentle flick of your tongue against his shaft causes it to throb as he approaches his orgasm. You decide to finish him off by moving your tongue up to just below his tip and running it along his frenulum while Meiling licks toward his testicles. He moans loudly as he ejaculates, spraying several thick globs of his cum high up into the air. Both of you look upwards and stick out your tongues to try and catch some. The volume is much greater than usual, double or even triple what any normal human could possibly do at once. Only a single glob actually lands on your tongue, and several more end up on your face, while a lot of it is just wasted on the futon. Oh well, you can clean that up later. Even with his half-minute long ejaculation, the whole act only took about two minutes.

You scoop a small amount of his cum off your face and bring it to your lips, then loudly suck on your fingers to clean off his delicious milk. It's definitely thicker than normal, but the taste remains unchanged. The main attraction is still the volume, and his cock remains impressively hard even after shooting out so much all over your faces. Meiling looks amazing right now, with several thick globs plastered on her cheeks, forehead, lips, and chin, and dripping down her neck towards her breasts. She wipes off a splotch that was covering an eyelid and licks it off her fingers with a satisfied “Mmm.”

Meiling's treatment is certainly effective. Kiyoshi himself is panting heavily after his prolonged ejaculation, but his cock remains hard and pointed straight up into the air. Which means that he's ready for another round. You get up and straddle him, quickly aligning his tip with your entrance. Meiling casts you a dirty look; it seems she had the same idea as you, but wasn't quick enough. Anyway, he's your boyfriend, and that means you get to ride him first. Resigned, Meiling crawls towards his head and presses her bare cunt against his face, keeping her back to you. Despite his earlier exhaustion, Kiyoshi happily indulges Meiling and licks her undoubtedly drenched pussy, reaching his hands up through the flaps of her dress to hold on to her ass for support.

Kiyoshi's cock spreads open your walls and drives itself deep into your pussy, forcing you to moan as his full length fills your body. The spilled cum coating his shaft mixes with your juices to fully lubricate him in moments. You bounce up and down against his waist, grinding your hips with each movement to force his cock to explore your insides. Powerful jolts of mind-numbing pleasure flow through your entire body as your cunt tastes his magnificent cock. He isn't doing any moving of his own, since he's too preoccupied with eating Meiling out, but you don't mind in the least so long as you can savor this cock.

His dick throbs inside of you, signaling his orgasm and sending additional short bursts of stimulation through your pussy. You've been riding him for about six minutes now, which is a lot longer than he lasted before. Maybe the hypersensitivity just isn't an issue now. It might be interesting to see how long you can make him last with his newly enhanced cock, but your mind feels like it's going to melt if you don't orgasm soon. You grind your hips against his one last time, driving his full length into your body as you tighten around his cock. That finally brings him over the edge, and you cry out loudly and join him in an explosive orgasm that fills your hungry cunt to the brim with his hot, thick semen. The searing pleasure causes you to nearly fall over as your legs fail you, but you support yourself by resting your hands on his strong chest.

He finally stops cumming after a good twenty seconds, but you stay joined with him afterwards while you ride out the rest of your orgasm. His cock is still rock hard inside of you; it never once went limp even after cumming for the second time. You could start riding him again, but for now you just want to feel his warmth inside of you.

Meiling gets up off his face and lies down on her back to Kiyoshi's side. She spreads her legs wide open and flips up the flaps of her dress to expose her soaked pussy and midriff. You know what she wants, so you pull yourself off of Kiyoshi's still erect dick and sit down on Meiling's other side. A bit of cum drips out of your cunt, but you stayed connected long enough for most of it to stay inside of you.

“Hey, Kiyoshi,” Meiling says. Her voice possesses its usual sweetness, as well as an audible coating of lust. “You weren't planning on stopping before sticking that nice, thick cock inside of me, now were you? I didn't get to cum before, after all. Be a good boy and stir up my pussy.”

Kiyoshi props himself up with one arm while listening to Meiling's pleading, then practically leaps towards Meiling's legs to line his cock up his her slit. All of the fatigue from his last orgasm seemingly vanished at the sound of her voice. He's being a little too eager, honestly. There's no way you can let someone as gorgeous as Meiling monopolize your boyfriend like that!

Kiyoshi immediately slams his cock into Meiling's dripping pussy and starts pounding her before you get a chance to interfere. He's trusting into her with impressive force, causing her tits to jiggle beautifully with each movement. You climb on top of Meiling and line your pussy up with hers as Kiyoshi slides into her without interruption. He remains focused on pleasing her, but you make certain to stick your ass out and give it a few inviting shakes to make it clear that you want some fun too.

Meiling is a good deal taller than you, so even though your pussies are lined up, her luscious lips remain out of reach of yours. She's still partially clothed, but the direct contact with the silky skin on her legs and waist feels wonderful. Your breasts fit snugly beneath hers; you would've loved to dock with her, but once again the height difference denies you such pleasures. While you're contemplating your options of appreciating Meiling, Kiyoshi's cock pushes into your cum-filled pussy and interrupts your train of thought. His thick shaft thrusts into your body with even greater speed than before now that he's moving as well. You grind your hips to match his movements and moan loudly from the sensation, but after just a dozen thrusts or so he pulls out and puts in back inside of Meiling. The short taste of pleasure was delicious, but not nearly enough to sate your appetite, and you find yourself shaking your hips some more in the hopes of encouraging him to put his thick cock back inside of you.

After another dozen thrusts, Kiyoshi switches back to your pussy. You moan as he fills your wet cunt, leaving Meiling panting softly as she recovers from the overpowering stimulation. The wonderful feeling doesn't last long, however, as Kiyoshi quickly switches back to Meiling. He's sticking to quick alternations between your two pussies, ensuring that neither of you is left empty for long, but the short bursts just leave you aching for more. His cock enters you again, momentarily filling your mind with pleasure, but stopping again just as quickly. He could at least finger you while he's fucking Meiling, but you assume that he's too engrossed in his newly enhanced cock to think about using his hands.

The cycles continue for about ten minutes, always too short to bring you any closer to a second orgasm. Meiling, however, is already on the brink. She moans loudly from the stimulation when it's her turn, and her panting during the breaks has been growing heavier and heavier. You don't have the best angle to look at her face, but you can tell it's fully flushed with arousal. Kiyoshi sticks his cock in Meiling for her turn, but he doesn't stop after the usual handful of thrusts. You redouble your hip-shaking, as you desperately want to taste his warmth, but it quickly dawns on you why he stopped.

A few seconds later, Kiyoshi and Meiling both moan loudly in sync as the two of them climax together. Through her abdomen, you can feel his cock throbbing in side of her and filling her cunt with his overflowing semen. Kiyoshi doesn't linger inside of her and quickly switches to using your pussy, not showing any signs of fatigue from his third ejaculation in under half an hour. He didn't even wait until he finished cumming, letting his last few spurts of semen join the rest already in your pussy. Meiling purrs contentedly from her afterglow while Kiyoshi plows your aching cunt and quickly brings you to the edge.

His wonderful cock floods your body with pleasure now that you have his undivided attention. You can feel your orgasm building up from the relentless pounding... And then it stops. Right as you were about to cum, Kiyoshi pulls his cock out of you and sticks in back into Meiling, now that her afterglow has mostly worn off. You furiously shake your hips, hoping to get his attention and bring you over the edge, but he ignores you. For twenty agonizing seconds, you hear Meiling's luscious moans echo through the room as the aching from your denied orgasm threatens to drive you mad. You aren't even in a good position to masturbate, and you fear that if you somehow did start masturbating, Kiyoshi would just use that as an excuse to keep banging Meiling.

Instead of switching back to using your pussy, Kiyoshi places both of his hands on your ass. He takes his shaft out of Meiling and slides it between the two of you, then pushes down on your butt to stop your incessant wiggling. With this, his cock is now sandwiched between your pussies, allowing him to thrust into the space between you and rub against both of your slits at once. You'd prefer for him to just stick it in, but you'll allow this.

Kiyoshi thrusts his dick at a steady rate, rubbing against your slit and bumping against your engorged clit. It doesn't feel nearly as good as proper sex, but it should still work, considering how close you are to your orgasm. Meiling moans softly from the stimulation, seemingly close to cumming again as well. There isn't much to do in this position, as you need to keep your pussy lined up with Meiling's or you'll ruin the pressure for both of you. All you can do is lie still and let Kiyoshi do all the work.

Your cries grow louder and louder as your orgasm approaches. The almost constant pressure on your clit is becoming too much to bear. You lightly grind your hips against Meiling's to rub Kiyoshi's hard shaft against your sensitive slit. It's not much, but still better than nothing. Kiyoshi cums first and thrusts his cock as deep as he can between your flesh, shooting out thick spurts of his thick cum all over your midriff and Meiling's blouse. His shaft throbs as it continues to ejaculate, pressing against your clit and bringing both you and Meiling to orgasm, and the three of you cry out together in ecstasy.

Kiyoshi pulls his dick out from between you and falls flat on the futon. It seems that he's had enough of your bodies. The wonderful stench from your lovemaking fills the air, and both you and Meiling are covered in his cum. You lie still on top of Meiling and relax for a bit with your head against Meiling's lovely pillows, enjoying the afterglow from your second orgasm. She's in no hurry to move either, and lets out a contented sigh. Well, you should probably do something about the huge mess on the futon now. You glance over at Kiyoshi's naked body as you sit up and crawl off.

He's still rock hard.

Well, no sense in stopping now. He's too tired to look at you, which gives you plenty of time to prepare your attack. You silently signal your plans to Meiling by pointing at his erection and then squeezing her boobs. She gets the message and quickly removes her vest and blouse, freeing her massive tits. The two of you get off the futon on opposite sides and crawl towards him.

You address Kiyoshi in a seductive voice as you approach him. “Oh my, still so hard? I hope you don't think that we're finished with you, my dear Kiyoshi.” By the time he looks at you, you've already firmly placed his cock between your breasts.

Meiling joins you on the futon and presses her huge boobs against yours, surrounding his dick with your four huge breasts. He grunts from the massive pressure and softness wrapped around his still sensitive shaft. Meiling's tits are bigger than yours and still wonderfully soft, but yours are big enough now that you can compete with her.

His cock presses against the soft skin of your tits as their combined weight pushes against it. It throbs with every heave of your bosom, but isn't quite ready to cum yet. You adjust your position and rub your left nipple against his tip, letting Meiling provide the pressure for now. A bit of milk squirts out from the contact and lubricates his shaft, making it even easier to move. Next, you alternate with Meiling, holding his length between your breasts while Meiling squeezes out some of her hot milk onto his dick and on your breasts. Your breasts and his dick are now fully coated with a combination of milk, semen, and pussy juice.

It only takes another minute for him to cum from your combined efforts. He cries out in pleasure as his cock shoots out several thick globs, which arc through the air and land on your breasts. Both of you sit up and release his shaft from your fleshy embrace. It's still hard, but you think he's had enough fun for now.

“Hey, how're you feeling, Kiyoshi?” You scoop some of the cum off your breasts and eat it while you wait for his response. Delicious.

“Um, well, I feel incapable of having sex for a while. Mentally, I mean,” he adds while glancing at his unending erection. “No offense or anything, but, um, I think I've had enough for now. Sorry.”

“No, I understand. We were a little rough, after all, so there's no need to apologize. But you still enjoyed it, right?”

“Yes! Definitely, I did. Thank you, both of you.” He gives you a big smile with those words. You just want to hug him right now, but considering all the semen smeared all over your body, it'd probably just make things worse. It's gonna take a while to get all this cleaned up.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 04:27 No. 32126
I took over this story two years ago today. So, to celebrate my anniversary, I whipped up some Reimu and Meiling on Kiyoshi action. Still no vote - that'll come later with a short update.

With that said, I am still on hiatus. This is just one a one-off thing, so don't expect any more updates for a while. I might as well say what all I'm working on, though.

Scanning: I've done a bunch of books. It's a lot easier now, thanks to the efforts of Shaolan-kun, who is doing the editing for me. I think I have less than 15 books left...
...except I'm talking with someone about potentially getting even more. I have no idea if it'll pan out, but I might get another shipment of books around september. Now that I have more of an idea of what I'm doing and also don't need to do the editing myself, I think I could manage to update and scan stuff as well. I'm definitely able to scan faster than he can edit, so additional volunteers wouldn't hurt either.

Kenchinroku 2: Only one block of translations left. Once that's done I still need to insert the text, change formatting as needed, and test. Probably done by the end of october, and then I'm taking a long ass break before I start on 3.

Labyrinth of Touhou 2: I'm the hacker for this. Sadly, the translator for the first game hasn't responded to my email, so everything else is a more-or-less makeshift team. Translators and checkers would be helpful, as would someone to do a good job of typesetting the images.

Reimu's Adventure will probably return once my work for the bottom two are done, and I hopefully won't need to finish all of the scanning before I have time.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 08:26 No. 32127
Wow, you're one busy dude.
Eh, I can wait, especially if we're getting all that other stuff in the meantime.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 10:01 No. 32128
How many books have you scanned and translated?

Also the scene was definitely hot, but for some reason the paizuri didn't feel like it was up to your usual standards. I think it was just a little too short.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 10:09 No. 32129
> Labyrinth of Touhou 2

Wait, there's a sequel? Since when?
2013/08/19 (Mon) 10:23 No. 32130

Since Comiket 84, it was just released, might want to look around at the 'usual' places
2013/08/19 (Mon) 11:16 No. 32131
Why would you want such a badly made game
2013/08/19 (Mon) 12:19 No. 32132
translated? 0. I'm not a translator, and no one has volunteered to work on anything I've scanned yet.

Looks like I've scanned and posted 17 doujins. They're all available in the doujin upload thread, except for the single worksafe doujin I've done.

Then I have another 7 done waiting to be edited, and 2 more that I just haven't posted yet.

>but for some reason the paizuri didn't feel like it was up to your usual standards
Yeah. I like boobs and all, but paizuri's honestly not that high up on my list of preferred sexual techniques. Makes it harder to write, since I don't really know what makes it good or even the mechanics. Especially with double paizuri.

Because it's a great game, of course.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 13:35 No. 32133
Soft, cushiony warmth, wrapped completely around your dick. Just like a pussy, only softer, and with a much greater degree of control.
2013/08/19 (Mon) 14:16 No. 32134
Yeah but

Reimu doesn't have a dick. She has the tits. So what makes paizuri appealing for the girl?
2013/08/19 (Mon) 19:21 No. 32138
the feeling of something warm and hard inbetween them, depending on the sensativity of the breasts.

One could ask what feels good for a girl in regards to a normal blow job, where I'm not as likely to come up with an answer as most normal girls aren't the sorts to love having a cock shoved their mouth and getting mouthfuls of bitter white stuff.
2013/08/20 (Tue) 00:43 No. 32140
The original was utter shit the sequel I expect to be no better

If I wanted to play a grinding simulator I'd play Ragnarok Online... wait No I wouldn't that's horrible too!
2013/08/20 (Tue) 03:52 No. 32148
it's closer to disgaea than RO in terms of grinding.
2013/08/20 (Tue) 04:02 No. 32150
At least in Disgaea you could just go 'fuck it' and start throwing prinnies around. LoT's a mechanical clusterfuck and the fact they never unfucked a mechanic which they broke kinda showed that the devs were not only inept but incredibly lazy.

Also When you make Family Guy seem reserved when it comes to References you fucked up man.

Really the TP = 0 LOL BAI mechanic was a grand fuckup. Also not having the attack button do anything but waste a turn was another fuckup as it resulted in the game not only be grinding but tedious grinding which is pretty much RO grinding.
2013/08/20 (Tue) 12:29 No. 32158
>At least in Disgaea you could just go 'fuck it' and start throwing prinnies around.
I have no idea what you mean. I didn't think that gave exp. Unless you mean as just something else to do.

>the fact they never unfucked a mechanic which they broke kinda showed that the devs were not only inept but incredibly lazy.
No, the v2 and v3 bosses show that the devs are lazy. Evasion never got fixed because it sucked anyway, and the game was better off without it.

>Also When you make Family Guy seem reserved when it comes to References you fucked up man.
Yeah there's a shitton of references. They never really bothered me all that much, but I can understand.

>Really the TP = 0 LOL BAI mechanic was a grand fuckup.
Uh. That's one of the fundamental mechanics of the game. It's the entire point of the TP stat. The game is a dungeon explorer, and that is used to limit the exploration that can be done in a single trip, forcing you to explore efficiently and to avoid taking damage or losing party members.

>Also not having the attack button do anything but waste a turn was another fuckup
Don't do that, then. The command probably shouldn't exist at all, sure, but you aren't supposed to use it. You're supposed to use skills for damage and focus/switch/rest to recover SP. Which forces you to try and conserve SP for actual exploration. It can be recovered, but typically in ways that require TP loss. There's that exploration mechanic again.
2013/08/20 (Tue) 17:04 No. 32159
I think the attack command being useless is a side effect of touhou thinking (as in things have got to be flashy)
2013/08/20 (Tue) 21:53 No. 32160
Then you get 4 encounters then have to leave due to TP being retardly low and MP being insultingly low. Also the let you up all sorts of stats... too bad there is only one build worth using.

And really Exploration? Let me laugh at you harder. That game has NO real exploration at all. It is only the grind. GRIND UNTIL YOU CANNOT GRIND ANYMORE!
2013/08/21 (Wed) 08:01 No. 32162
I played LoT1 and hated it. Didn't like the character-switching system, didn't like every character having just a few moves for the entire game, didn't like every boss feeling like a flat damage race...I gave up at around floor 13, I think. Eientei battle and Tenshi.

That said...I might try LoT2 anyway, once it's translated. I really wanted to like the first game; had a hankering for a good Touhou RPG that wasn't sated until Genius of Sappheiros, and after that masterpiece I've been looking again.
Godspeed, writefag. Good luck with your hack job. There was going to be a jab at your writing here, but I thought better of it.

Good lord you're thick.
Please, define exploration for me. It'll be funny.
2013/08/21 (Wed) 09:47 No. 32163
Why is this discussion happening here
2013/08/21 (Wed) 13:12 No. 32164
Because it would otherwise happen in the doujin upload thread?
2013/08/21 (Wed) 13:22 No. 32165
Because the OP is a huge fan of the game(s), and the story is on hiatus anyway.

Someone could always make a thread on /gensokyo/ for talking about LoT or fangames in general if they want.
2013/10/06 (Sun) 00:55 No. 32580
You step out of the bathroom now that most of the semen is off you. Meiling is still in there with Nikkou, the two of them trying to get the last bits of Kiyoshi's cum out of her long hair. There's no need for you to stick around and help, as Nikkou is a lot more familiar with cleaning stuff out of long hair than you are. Instead, you'll go into the kitchen and help Eri make lunch.

Eri's already in the kitchen, cooking rice and cutting vegetables. No one else is helping her, so you put on the other apron and start preparing some fish to grill.

Twenty minutes later, you call the other girls and Kiyoshi to the table and start eating lunch. Meiling's hair is clean now, but still wet. Kiyoshi has fully recovered from his multi-orgasm, no doubt thanks to the chi treatment, and is happily eating down an extra large portion of fish and rice.

Now, what to do...

[ ] Drink tea and chat idly about incident resolving. That'll make for nice stories.
[ ] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!
[ ] Just take a nap (skip the scene)
[ ] Write in (Nothing sexual)

I should be able to pick this up again. Stuff has mostly settled down.

-Still no word on Kenchinroku 2. The translator is aware of the delay and has apologized, and he's “half done”
-I have one book left to scan from the current pile. Except I'm a dumbass and ordered another 56 books that will be sent to me. However, now that I actually know what I'm doing (more or less) and more importantly have editors helping out, this shouldn't be a problem and I should be able to write and scan at the same time. Although it'll still be a little slower.
-I wrote two entries for the writing contest that I will post or have posted already, so it's not like I haven't been writing either. I'll announce which ones were mine after the voting is closed.

Regarding Reimu's Adventure, I really need to step up the pace. So the next three updates will be simple:

Reimu does something nonsexual, possibly involving other people (what the vote is for)
Reimu has private sexytimes with Kiyoshi
Reisen shows up and fucks everyone until they can't move.

Then it'll be a new day, which should only involve a handful of updates, with following days involving even fewer. Hopefully it won't take too long before Reimu can give birth so she can be open to getting pregnant again!
2013/10/06 (Sun) 04:14 No. 32584
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!

Fairy dress up games.
2013/10/06 (Sun) 04:17 No. 32585
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!

Cosplay fairies~
2013/10/06 (Sun) 04:59 No. 32587
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!

Dressing up fairies is far from non-sexual and a great use of Reimu's money.
2013/10/06 (Sun) 07:46 No. 32593
x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!
Yay it's back! Maybe Kiyoshi can come along and get all flustered and stuff?
2013/10/06 (Sun) 16:29 No. 32597
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!
Good to see this continue.

>Yay it's back! Maybe Kiyoshi can come along and get all flustered and stuff?
Better yet, dressing room sex.
What's that, old-style clothing shops in Gensokyo doesn't have fitting rooms? Screw logic, dressing room sex.
What's that, it's a non-h update? DRESSING. ROOM. SEX.
2013/10/06 (Sun) 16:30 No. 32598
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!

>Reisen shows up and fucks everyone until they can't move.
Including kiyoshi?
2013/10/06 (Sun) 16:49 No. 32599
Use the power of your imagination, then. The upcoming update is mostly to make it clear that no, Reimu and co are not having sex constantly.

Just frequently.


With her vagina.
2013/10/06 (Sun) 19:10 No. 32600
[x] Drink tea and chat idly about incident resolving. That'll make for nice stories.

It's called boy-pussy.
2013/10/07 (Mon) 03:53 No. 32610
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!
2013/10/07 (Mon) 20:51 No. 32623
Calling it for
[x] Head out to the village and go shopping. The girls need non-maid outfits!
2013/10/10 (Thu) 15:51 No. 32664
Update is almost done.

In the mean time, I just received >>32661 and >>32663 today. This shouldn't impact my writing though, because I'm actually 15 books ahead of my editors.
2013/10/11 (Fri) 03:22 No. 32677
You arrive outside the village with Kiyoshi and the four fairies in tow. Meiling wasn't the least bit interested in doing any shopping, so she offered to stay back and watch the shrine for you. That was reasonable enough, since there aren't any shops in the village that would have any Chinese dresses. Where does she get her clothes, anyway?

Your companions' unusual uniforms draw a number of stares as soon as you enter the village. They need some casual clothes so they won't attract a lot of attention if they go into the village, but this unfornately requires them to go into the village and attract a lot of attention. Oh well, this will just be a one time thing, and you can actually be here to help out this time. You're pretty sure that your stomach has grown since this morning; it's hidden under your blouse for now, but it won't be long until it's blatantly obvious that you're pregnant. At that point, you won't be able to step outside of your shrine.

There are three clothes shops in the village that sell almost-ready clothes that should be able to cater to your needs. The others are more specific and always tailor their garments from scratch, which will take too long. You could ask Alice to make clothes for you, which would go much faster even if she were to work from scratch, but you don't want to explain why you are caring for several of Remilia's fairies. Or have a boyfriend. Or got impregnated. You don't want to know how any of that would impact your relationship with her. The four girls are all tall for fairies, so it shouldn't be difficult to just find some teenager clothes for them and get some quick adjustments made for their wings and Seijou's chest.

You step into the closest shop and find a middle aged woman standing behind the counter. No one else is in the shop, which is probably a good thing. You recall her having a daughter or two that help out at the store, but they don't seem to be around.

“Ah, good day. Welcome. Oh my, maids?”

“Yes, hello. I'm looking to get some casual wear for these four young ladies. Oh! Um, did you want anything as well, Kiyoshi?”

“Eh? No, I'm good. I don't need anything new. Thanks.”

“Oh? Well, alright.” You turn back towards the woman and continue. “I'll still need outfits for these girls. Something that's easy to move around in, but frills are still fine. And they'll need alterations in the back for their wings.”

“Of course. I have some dresses that would look lovely on the young ladies, as well as some basic blouse and skirt combinations. Did you have anything specific in mind?”

“Well, that's up to them. I think it'd be best to just show off what you have that'll fit them and let them decide.”

There are a few fancy dresses on display already, and the shopkeeper finds some other items among her wares, including simpler stuff. Nikkou looks absolutely enthralled by some of the dresses, primarily ones made for adult women that she could never fit in. Seijou also has her eyes on the fancier clothes, but she acts far more restrained than her blonde companion. Tsuyo and Eri are instead both gravitating towards the simpler outfits, although they do seem to prefer shorter skirts. You've taught them well.

Seijou is the first to find something she really likes: a light purple sleeveless one-piece dress. It's nice and breezy, which will keep her cool for the remaining summer days while exposing her cute legs. The lack of sleeves means that the dress is fairly low cut, doing a good job of emphasizing Seijou's ample bust. All in all, the garment is plain but functional and shows off her shapely body without drawing much attention to itself.

“Miss! Miss! I found something I like! Can I try this on now?” Seijou picks up the dress and excitedly runs towards the shopkeeper, holding it up for her to see.

“Ah, that does look cute. Follow me, we have a room in the back you can use.” The two of them head off to the back of the shop and disappear around a corner. That's one outfit taken care of.

You take a quick survey of the other girls and see how they're doing. Nikkou looks bored, and can't seem to find anything at all that interests her. Eri and Tsuyo seem to be having more luck as they rapidly look through the store's selection, each girl frequently holding up a shirt or skirt to the other's body to see how it looks. You walk over to them to see if you can help; it'll probably be more productive to get them sorted out before trying to worry about Nikkou.

“See anything you like, girls?”

“Ah, Reimu! Yeah, we've found a few things, but can't really decide what to get. You can help pick one out for each of us, right?”

“Of course. Show me what you have.”

The girls picked out four shirts and five skirts to choose from. Despite their indecision, all of the clothes are pretty similar. The skirts are all so short they'd just barely cover the girls' thighs; there isn't even an inch of difference between them, so the length isn't an issue. You get the feeling they found these by picking out the five shortest skirts in the entire shop. Two are pleated, two are plain, and the last one is decorated with frills at the bottom. With the only major difference being color, it'll probably be easier to pick out a shirt and then find a matching skirt to go with it.

The shirts are a little more varied. Two are standard short-sleeved blouses; one is light red and decorated with ample frills at the collar, sleeves, and bottom, while the other just has a bit of décor at the bottom. Well, you like frills, so that second one is definitely out. The other two shirts are sleeveless, both looking a fair bit like Seijou's favored dress. One is light blue with thin shoulder straps and lace around the top and bottom, and the other is a darker button-up shirt that fully covers the shoulders while leaving the arms exposed.

Three shirts to choose from, two girls interested in them. You'll need to pick one out for each girl, and leave the last one alone. Well, out of the two girls, Eri has bigger tits - nowhere near Seijou's exquisite ones, but she has a decent pair of handfuls, while Tsuyo is nearly flat. Therefore, she should get one of the sleeveless shirts to give you some nice cleavage to admire, and Tsuyo can have the really cute frilly shirt. You definitely prefer the color and design of the thin-strapped one, even if the button-up shirt could potentially show off more cleavage.

Next, a skirt. You like the frilly light purple skirt, even if it is a little poofy. That'd go well with the frilly shirt, so you'll give that one to Tsuyo. That leaves two plain and two pleated. The pleated ones are nicer, so you select a blue skirt to go with Eri's light blue shirt.

“Hmm. How about these two for Eri?” You pick up the sleeveless shirt and skirt and, with Tsuyo's help, hold them up against Eri's body. It's not a perfect preview, since she's still wearing her maid uniform, but you definitely think it'll work, and Tsuyo's “Ooooh!” makes you think she agrees. “Okay, and then these for Tsuyo.” You repeat the process for Tsuyo, with Eri's help this time.

“Hey Kiyoshi, what do you think?” You call out to him for another opinion.

“Huh? Um, about what?”

“Their clothes!” What else?

“Um, yes? I mean, I guess they look good.”

“Okay.... and what about Eri?” You switch to holding Eri's new clothes up in front of her and present her to Kiyoshi. He stares blankly.

“Yes? I don't really know.” He's a ton of help. “I mean, I think they're both cute, no matter what they're wearing.” Okay, that's a little better, but it's still completely useless. Well, you like them, and the girls seem to like them, so you'll just go with these. You fold the other garments and put them back where the girls found them.

Seijou comes running out excitedly in her new outfit a minute later, with the shopkeeper following calmly behind her. “So! Whatdya think, huh? Don't I look great?” She certainly does; it's a cute outfit and it does an amazing job of highlighting her features. You can see more than a hint of her impressive cleavage from the top, and plenty of leg from the bottom. The garment is loose fitting, but still shows off her lovely hips. It's also much lighter than her maid uniform, which should be good in the remaining summer months – although come to think of it, you haven't once heard the girls complain about the heat. She does a little twirl for you all, letting you see her back as well. The dress does need some adjustments, since her wings are folded up in the back to create a pair of bulges in the fabric.

“Lookin' good, Seijou! Very nice choice!” You walk over to the shopkeeper with Eri and Tsuyo. “Uh, miss? These two are ready to try something on now. Could you take care of them?”

Nikkou's the only girl left, and it looks like she hasn't had any more luck. Tsuyo and Eri head off with she shopkeeper while Seijou shows off her new outfit for Kiyoshi, who looks just as flustered and confused as before.

“Still can't find anything?” you ask Nikkou, leaving Kiyoshi and Seijou alone to amuse each other.

“Nah. Nothing I really like. There's cute clothes here, like what Seijou got, but if I'm picking something out myself I'd like something better. Something sexier. You know what I mean, right?”

“Yep, of course.” You can certainly relate. The point of going shopping was to get clothes that would attract less attention, but this is still acceptable. As long as her idea of “sexier” doesn't involve visible nipples, it should be fine. “They certainly don't seem to have anything like that here, but there are other shops in the village that have petite sized clothes. One of them should have something racier. We can try there next, although we'll need to wait for Tsuyo and Eri first.”

“Alright! Hope I can find a nice outfit that'll turn some heads, ehehehe.” Well, not much to do for now but wait. You aren't interested in shopping for yourself; you have plenty of uniforms at the shrine, and you don't want to mess with your classic shrine maiden look.

Another five minutes pass before Eri and Tsuyo come out together in their new clothes. Naturally, both girls look fantastic in their new summer outfits. They're showing off a lot of leg, and Eri does have a bit of cleavage showing from the top of her shirt. The wings are, once again, an issue; contrary to your expectations, it actually looks like Eri has it worse off. You were hoping that the lower cut shirt would help with the wings, but it just makes the bulge more prominent since there's less fabric to restrain it. It might not be feasible to cut out a window, although you'll leave that up to the shopkeeper.

“They definitely need adjustments for the wings. And maybe some other stuff, if the girls are interested.” You get the feeling they're all going to ask for shorter skirts now. Hopefully they'll leave some fabric left. “Can you take care of that, Miss? Unfortunately, my last friend isn't able to find anywhere she's interested in here, so I'm going to take her to another shop. Is it okay if I leave them with you now?”

“Certainly. It's a shame that we don't have anything that pleases her, but it can't be helped. I can handle the alterations just fine with my daughters' assistance, and it won't take long at all. I will need to ask that you pay in advance, however.”

“Of course.” You take out your coin purse and give her what she requests. “Uh, could I get a written receipt though? Thank you.” You pocket the receipt when she finishes writing it up and signs it. Even if you can easily afford these new clothes yourself, you'd prefer to have Remilia pay you back. She's effectively going to be keeping these new clothes, after all. “Kiyoshi, could you watch these three girls for a while? I don't think I'll be gone long.”

“Hmm? Sure, no problems, Reimu.” There isn't any real need, but you figure he'd prefer to relaxing here to following you and Nikkou around. You walk out of the shop with Nikkou and return to the village market.

Of the two other shops in the village with a good selection of women's clothes, the one at the end of the street would probably have a better selection for “mature” clothes. Nikkou is really tall for a fairy, only a bit shorter than you, so you should be able to find something she likes there. You lead Nikkou down to the second shop and enter it.

“Good day, Miss. May I help you?” The young owner of the shop greets you as soon as you enter. His wife stays behind the counter, but gives you a friendly smile.

“Hello. I'm looking to get some new clothes for this young lady here. Something a bit, well, revealing. The kind of outfit that'll draw attention. I'm aware that it'd be easier to tailor a new dress for her specifically, but I'd prefer a ready-made dress with just some minor alterations to account for her wings. Do you have anything that could fit her?”

“Hmm, we might. Those wings are troublesome, though. We'll need a simple dress; anything complicated or well adorned would be too troublesome to alter. Let's see what we have though, shall we?” The man leads you through the displays of many beautiful dresses, searching for ones that could fit someone of Nikkou's size.

It doesn't take long at all to find something that Nikkou likes. She falls in love as soon as she sets her eyes upon the fourth dress the man offers, a simple yet exquisite silken black dress. It does at least cover her shoulders, but it's still cut to show enough cleavage, and it only reaches about halfway to the knee at the bottom. The only frills are in the front, which is good because part of the back will need to be cut to make room for her wings. However, having an exposed back will actually look pretty good in this dress. It's a splendid mix of sultriness and elegance.

“It looks wonderful, Nikkou! Try it on!” She excitedly takes the dress to the owner's wife, and the two of them head to a back room together. This leaves you alone with the owner and with nothing to do, as you aren't interested in shopping for yourself right now. He is pretty good looking, but even you aren't so tactless as to seduce a man while his wife is away.

Nikkou returns a few minutes later wearing the new dress. As expected, the wings produce a rather unsightly bulge in the back, but other than that she looks amazing. It's not the casualwear you were hoping for, but whatever.

All that's left is to pay and get the alterations done. The dress is expensive, of course, so you make certain to get a receipt. You're not going to accept “no” as an answer from Remilia for this one. The wife handles fixing up the dress, and finishes quickly. She did cut out a large piece of the fabric, but the exposed back and wings work remarkably well for this dress.

With the last bit of shopping done, you head back to the first shop to pick up Kiyoshi and the girls. Seems the owner there finished with the modifications a while ago.. Tsuyo has a window neatly cut and hemmed into her shirt to allow her wings to fit, while everyone else had to go backless. You thank the woman one last time and head back to the shrine, carrying the four sets of folded up uniforms.
2013/10/12 (Sat) 04:38 No. 32682
>Well, you like frills, so that second one is definitely out.
Why does being railroaded into my preferences feel better than voting for them.
2013/10/12 (Sat) 09:50 No. 32685
Because you don't have to compete and potentially lose in preferences?
2013/10/15 (Tue) 00:59 No. 32741
And now for my writing contest stories.

For the veterans, I did Dogfight: >>/shorts/1217
My first time writing entirely non-porn and also my first time writing a fight sequence. I based a decent amount of it off Dark Souls (e.g. the mentions of parrying. I was also going to have Sakuya equip the Dark Wood Grain Ring and ninjaflip around Momiji, but decided against it).

I had the basic idea a long time ago, namely around Sakuya pretending to not stop time. It was the kind of thing I was going to implement in some worksafe CYOA I never had real ideas for. She's canonically an illusionist, so if I had some setup for an outsider (or Reimu/Marisa if I was re-enacting EoSD) fighting her, it'd make perfect sense for her to not immediately reveal her powers. So why not go a step further with a double illusion? Pretend to just be a mere illusionist, and let her opponents waste time figuring out the "deception".

Using Momiji came like a month later when I had the idea to have a series of duels with Sakuya, and realized I could add this old idea in. I was briefly considering using a male OC, but decided on Momi instead. It might be a little mean to Momi to have her lose so badly to Sakuya without even her full timestop powers, but Sakuya is a player character, and Momiji is just a stage 4 midboss (lolpowerlevels).

The ending was intended to remedy that a little, to add a lot of praise to Momi's valiant efforts. Except I'm pretty sure I botched the dialogue horribly. I threw in an unasked explanation of what Sakuya was actually doing, since I did want it to be clear, but I couldn't find a way to make it not-awkward. Oh well. I definitely wanted Remi to paint though - I can't turn down an excuse to make her actually act like a noble.

Apparently I wrote really good fight scenes. I have no idea how I pulled that off. I was going to joke about the sex scenes helping, e.g. "it reads like Momiji trying to bang Sakuya with her sword!" but maybe it actually helped? Who knows.

And then for porn I wrote Densha De R: >>32480
And I hate it. I think it's a good idea, and I like twist endings, but god damn the execution. I don't even have a clue on how to do it well. The inherent problem of making it seem like rape despite being consensual group sex is a problem. I don't really want to write anything like Reimu screaming "NO!!! Let me go!" or the like. The best I could come up with was mild annoyance and excuses as to why she wasn't screaming out ("Causing a scene might get innocent people hurt! I can't have that!"). I was going to do a lot more, e.g. multiple penetration, more involved sex, having "that cute boy" get involved instead of just leaving him as a red herring... but honestly I just hated writing it so much I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.
2013/10/20 (Sun) 20:04 No. 32793
You take Kiyoshi's hand and quietly guide him away while the other girls are distracted. The fairies are still showing off their new clothes, both to Meiling and to each other, so none of them notice the two of you slipping away. There's no need to explain to Kiyoshi either; he just obediently follows you into your room, and you close the door behind him.

Now that you have him all to yourself, you wrap your arms around him in a tight hug, then loosen it a bit so you can face him while you talk. “Hey, are you doing okay with everyone else here? I guess they do kinda get in the way of us spending time together.”

“Yeah, I guess. But everyone is really nice, and pretty too. They are nice to be around, but I do like you more, Reimu.” He smiles as he says that last bit. He's so damn cute.

“I'll try to spend more time with you, since everyone should be settled now. I want to see you grow up into a fine man full of confidence, Kiyoshi.” You release him after another squeeze, then sit down on the futon with your hands at your sides. “But first, I need to make it up to you for waking you up in the middle of the night. I'm really sorry about that, but I needed to.”

“Um, it's okay, Re-”

“No, I insist!” you interject, “I owe you that much. So, name whatever you want, and I'll do it. Anything at all.”

“Umm...” Kiyoshi's face turns red as he thinks over your forced offer. He averts his eyes from yours and just stammers in response. It looks like he has an idea, but is too embarrassed to speak up. Well, you're pretty sure you know what he wants, so just a little push will straighten him out.

“Anything you want, Kiyoshi. I can make you breakfast in bed tomorrow, or give you a nice massage... or maybe you'd just prefer my body.” You take hold of his arm and gently pull him closer to you, speaking softly to entice him. He swallows audibly as you whisper the last word into his ear. “You know how good I can make you feel. So is that what you'd like? To feel my hand wrapped around your thick cock? Or to cum inside my tight pussy and fill my womb with your semen? I'm all yours, Kiyoshi” He's already noticeably erect by the time you finish. You could give it a quick squeeze, but you want him to make the next move.

“Umm.... Yes. I'd love to, um, if I could...” He's trailing off, still flustered. You give him a reassuring smile and let him continue. “Um. Please... your armpit. May I?” Your... what? Armpit? The surprise is evident on your face, and Kiyoshi immediately takes that to be a rejection. “Oh. I, uh, I didn't think – never mind! Just forg - ”

“No, that's fine. I mean, if that's really what you want to do.” He gives a quick nod to confirm this. “But, um, I don't know if it'll actually feel good.” You've never had anyone ask for that before, even if your armpits are prominently displayed. It's simple enough to envision what he would do, but it's harder to imagine why he'd want to. There's no way it could ever feel as good as your pussy. Or ass. Or mouth. Or even your hands. But, if this is what he wants, you'll just have to try your best to make it feel good. “Um, I don't really know how to do it, but I'll certainly try my best.”

How are you going to do this? Hmm. The only way you can see would be for him to thrust under your arm while you clamp down on his dick, surrounding his shaft with your soft skin. He's going to need lubricant for that, so you'll definitely need to open with a quick blowjob. Then, would he thrust from your front, or from your back? The back should be better. This way his knees won't be pressing against your breasts, which sounds really uncomfortable for you. Plus, it should allow his tip to be able to rub against your large tits. If that's everything, then this should be doable.

“Okay. Um, let's get started, then.” You're still a little unsure, but you have to try. You lean towards Kiyoshi and slowly open up his pants, freeing his erect cock. “First, I need to coat it in saliva. It's not going to feel good for you without plenty of lubrication.” His cock throbs in response to your hot breath as your lips near his tip. The smell alone is enough to make you grow moist. Ah, you want it inside of you so badly! But this is something you're doing for Kiyoshi, so your own enjoyment will have to come later.

You close your lips around his shaft and run your tongue along his entire length, savoring the taste while you coat it with your saliva. He hasn't been doing a good job of cleaning his cock after sex, not that you mind in the slightest. Pussy juice from some of the fairies mixes with his dried cum and sweat, giving you a wonderful mix of flavors. The smell and taste of his wonderful dick is enough to make your head foggy, but you concentrate on getting his shaft prepared. The sensations from your tongue are enough to make him moan, but you make certain to go slow enough so that there's no risk of him cumming.

His cock feels ready after a little under a minute, so you pull back away from him. A thin train of saliva connects his tip with your mouth for a second, but quickly breaks. A thick coating of saliva covers the entirety of his shaft, and the excess drips down towards his testicles. That should be more than enough. You lift your blouse up over head and quickly unwrap your loose sarashi. Small droplets of milk are leaking out of your nipples, even without any stimulation.

“You should be ready now. I think the best way to do this would be with my back facing you. You can stick your penis against my left armpit, and I'll press down on you with my arm. That way you can even poke my boob. It's up to you if you wanna come in my armpit or on my tits. How's that sound? Like I said, I've never even heard of anyone doing this before, so if you have better ideas, I'm open to them.”

He doesn't have any, so you go with your plan. You turn away and sit against the edge of the futon, then raise your left arm for him. He holds on to your right shoulder for support and starts to rub his length against the hairless skin of your armpit. You lower your arm, pressing your flesh against his, using just enough pressure to give the sensation of tightness without hurting him. Your saliva coats your skin as he slowly begins to move; at least the heat from his cock kept it warm, or it'd feel even more disgusting against your sensitive armpit.

Kiyoshi groans as he continues his slow thrusts. He does seem to be enjoying this, at least. There isn't much for you to do besides trying to squeeze down harder with your arm, but he's moving so slowly it's impossible for you to tell if he prefers it one way or the other. It's likely that he doesn't even know himself, honestly.

Once he's gotten used to thrusting into the unusual crevice, Kiyoshi shifts his body to the left a little, allowing the tip of his cock to poke against your tit. The minor stimulation isn't enough to excite you, but you still use your free hand to raise your left breast and make it easier for him to rub against it. It should feel good for him, at least. He continues thrusting like this, sometimes moving his hips around to change the angle he uses to scrape against your armpit or to press his tip against your boob.

A few more minutes pass. Kiyoshi's breath grows more ragged as he continues to rub his cock against your body. After a few more thrusts, he pulls back, and then rubs his tip along your armpit with quick, shallow thrusts. He moans from stimulation as he repeats his for a few seconds, then resumes thrusting normally. After alternating between these two methods a few times, he finally cums, moaning softly as he shoots several thick loads of his semen onto your armpit. Several thick trails of his cum ooze down your sides and along your arm.

“So, how was it?” you ask Kiyoshi once he's finally stopped cumming.

“Amazing. You have really beautiful armpits, Reimu. They're wonderful.” He lowers himself closer to the floor and wraps his arms around you, giving you a strong hug from behind. “Thank you for agreeing to this.”

“You're welcome.”

“You didn't enjoy it, though, did you? I'm the only one that felt anything from doing that. Let me make it up to you. I'll eat you out, how's that sound?”

“That's really not necessary. I was doing it to amend for waking you up in the middle of the night.”

“Please? I want to do it, Reimu. And I'll enjoy it too, you know. Won't you let me?” He pleads. Your back is still facing him, but you're sure he's giving you a cute face too. Well, there's not really any reason for you to turn down an offer of cunnilingus, now is there?

“Well, alright. It seems silly, but if you insist.”

Kiyoshi moves on top of the futon to face you, then leans towards you and gives you a few soft kisses. He quickly adds his tongue in, slipping it into your mouth and rubbing it against yours. You return the affection and suck on his tongue, but let him take the lead. It's nice to see him acting assertive. He squeezes your left breast as he gently guides you flat against the futon; a little bit of milk stains his hand, but his caresses are gentle enough to keep your lactation to a minimum.

He breaks the kiss after about a minute and moves down, slowly pulling your skirt and panties down to your ankles. You're already soaked from the smell of his cock and semen, as well as his involved kisses. You lift your head up a bit and look at him expectantly as he savors the view of your drenched slit. His tongue experimentally flicks against your lips, causing you to quiver and moan from the sudden stimulation. It's been far too long since you last had oral sex.

His tongue circles your entrance a few times before sliding into your pussy. You grip the sheets and loudly cry out as it pushes apart your walls. After a few seconds, he uses his left hand to finger you and moves his tongue to your erect clit, then reaches his right hand up to your breasts and pinches your nipple. He treats your breasts a lot more roughly now, sending several squirts of milk up into the air. The simultaneous bursts of pleasure from three erogenous zones almost brings you over the edge, but he quickly notices your state and slows down to a agonizing crawl. He removes his finger from your pussy and gives it a nice, long lick to suck off the juices, using exaggerated motions as you watch him.

He kisses your pussy after a few agonizing seconds of waiting, continuing to keep his movements light to hold your orgasm at bay. You rub your thighs back and forth to try and encourage him, but he ignores your motions and continues at the same pace. His movements slowly grow more forceful; first he alternates between kissing your slit and your clit, then begins tracing his finger along your lips, and finally resumes driving his tongue deep into your wet cunt. The orgasm that subsided from his teasing delays quickly resurfaces, and you cry out his name in pleasure as his skilled tonguework brings you over the edge. He continues licking your clit even as you cum, amplifying the pleasure even further as your juices spray onto his face.

You lie flat on the futon, panting from the powerful orgasm that drained you of all your energy. Kiyoshi crawls up towards you and asks if you enjoyed it, as if the answer wasn't covering his face. You nod weakly before closing your eyes. A nap sounds pretty good right now. It seems that Kiyoshi has the same idea; you can hear him moving about and rustling the sheets, and finally feel him lying down next to you. He drapes one arm over your body, resting it just beneath your tits, and then all you can hear is his slow, steady breathing. And with that, you drift off to sleep.
2013/10/21 (Mon) 00:13 No. 32796
>armpit sex
Hah! We should totally introduce that to the Moriya Shrine.
2013/10/21 (Mon) 10:01 No. 32799
Perhaps even something like fucking two armpits at the same time? Kinda like that fucking two pussies at the same time thing often found in doujinshis.
2013/10/21 (Mon) 10:18 No. 32800
We could have a contest to see who can service the most dicks at the same time!
2013/10/21 (Mon) 12:13 No. 32801
2013/10/21 (Mon) 14:54 No. 32803
Yes that's the one! I wonder how Sanae would take to armpit fucking?
2013/10/21 (Mon) 18:12 No. 32806
1. Same person who wrote >>32803, I've been reading some of the older threads with Kiyoshi and rereading the slimegirl sex scene, >>27309, it's noted how Kiyoshi really didn't care for it. If no one had many any suggestions for what youkai to fuck, as the author what youkai would you have picked for Reimu and Kiyoshi to fuck and is there any youkai Kiyoshi would've enjoyed having sex with?

2. Regarding Sanae, are Reimu's breasts here bigger than hers or are both girls about the same size in breasts?
2013/10/21 (Mon) 22:20 No. 32808
1. I honestly can't remember what, if anything, I had planned if I didn't get a write in. And it wasn't so much the youkai sex that he didn't like. He specifically did not like the anal sex. So he would've enjoyed about anything else more, but I wouldn't say there's anything out there he'd prefer over a human girl.

During the shrine visit, both girls were about the same size, with Sanae being just a little bit bigger. I can't estimate cup sizes for the life of me (I have them in my notes file as "D"), but it's probably somewhat like in this pic, or a little bit smaller.

Both girls have grown since then, of course. Sanae has gone up a full cup size by now.

Working on the Reisen scene now.
2013/10/21 (Mon) 23:46 No. 32811
Interesting. Will we ever get to see Sanae come visit the Hakurei Shrine, during or after Kiyoshi is hanging around there?
2013/10/22 (Tue) 00:42 No. 32812
There's a few ideas I have in mind that would be done with Sanae, e.g. a cum bath (but first you need a source of a lot of cum before you can pull that off. No feasible number of regular human males could do it). Maybe some other stuff. Checking up on her pregnancy at some point, although I don't want to do it as a full arc or anything. Dunno how that should be handled. SPOILERS: She's getting pregnant again on her own.

For Sanae visiting the Hakurei shrine, maybe. However it's something I'd probably want to restrict to after Kiyoshi confesses, so I wouldn't expect to have Sanae meet him.
2013/10/22 (Tue) 02:34 No. 32814
Just saying i found the whole Reimu armpit thing to be something of a forced fetish.
2013/10/22 (Tue) 04:36 No. 32815
This whole story is "forced" fetish.
2013/10/22 (Tue) 05:58 No. 32816
Isn't pretty much every story in /at ultimately something that boils down to a "forced fetish"?
2013/10/23 (Wed) 04:05 No. 32822
please type "sage" into the e-mail field next time you post, unless you're voting.
2013/10/23 (Wed) 16:34 No. 32832

Please refrain from using the "name" field. Being a namefag is generally frowned upon unless you are a writer.
2013/10/24 (Thu) 00:49 No. 32836
2013/10/30 (Wed) 04:54 No. 32901
“Excuse me!” You hear Reisen's voice calling out from the shrine entrance while you're relaxing in the sitting room. It's still early in the evening, just a few hours after dinner; the sun is just beginning to set and gives an orange tint to the light, but night is still a long ways off. You get up and walk past Seijou and Eri, towards the entrance to greet Reisen. The two girls are playing a card game together on the floor, and choose to focus on it instead of finding out who's at the door. They'll change their minds shortly, of course.

You open the door to find Reisen waiting patiently. Her attire is largely unchanged from when you saw her at the village, except that her erect nipples and massive erection make it clear that she's not wearing anything underneath it. The short fabric of her miniskirt just barely covers the top of her massive cock.

“Good evening, Reisen. Welcome.” She's also wearing makeup – just a tiny bit of eyeliner and maybe some blush, along with some lipstick that colors her lips a brilliant red. The faint scent of some perfume tickles your nose; you can't quite place it, but it does smell really nice. There's only one vibrator nestled in her thighhighs this time, the cord leading up to somewhere under her skirt. Despite all this, she remains perfectly composed and acts like there's nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe this is nothing out of the ordinary for her.

“Hello. I've brought your medicine.” She's holding two small white paper bags at her side, each with some writing on it that you assume is just a label. You dig into your coinpurse and hand her the remaining money that you owe her. “Thank you. Everything is labeled, and each bag contains a set of instructions and dosage information. I can also recite the directions and precautions right now if you need me to.”

“Uh, no, that's okay. Our business is concluded, so how about we move on to pleasure? Come on in, and I'll introduce you to some nice fairies that you can plow.”

She gives you a faint smile and nods, then takes off her shoes and steps into the shrine proper. “Thank you. I'm looking forward to them, Reimu. You too, of course.” Well, there's no point in waiting. You reach out to cup one of her breasts and give it a quick squeeze. It's wonderfully soft yet still firm, and absolutely huge. Her tits are even bigger then yours, even after your sudden rapid growth over the past few days. And, as expected, she is not wearing a bra. “Oh? A little impatient, aren't you, Reimu? Touching is fine, but wouldn't you rather get started on the main event with everyone else?”

Reisen knows exactly how to persuade you. You give her another squeeze before retracting your hand, then lead her to the sitting room. Seijou and Eri are still playing on the floor, and Tsuyo walked in at some point while you were gone. You set the medicine down on a table before addressing everyone else.

“Girls! We have a guest! This is Reisen Udonge Inaba. She's the nice pharmacist I mentioned earlier, and she's here to fuck us until we can't move. Come here and say hello!”

Tsuyo is the first to react, running towards your guest with an excited “Whoa!” She stops right in front of Reisen and looks up at her face, then checks out her entire body, stopping at her erect dick. “Can... can I touch it? Is it okay?” Tsuyo reaches her hand out towards Reisen's cock, holding it inches away from the tip until the bunny girl nods in affirmation. She grabs it and frees it from her miniskirt, then uses both hands to give it a few strokes. Reisen purrs in response, both participants very pleased with the contact.

Seijou and Eri are crowding around Reisen as well now, checking out her various features with the same level of adoration. Due to the difference in height, all of the girls' heads are right in front of Reisen's giant tits, giving them perfect eyefuls of her lovely mounds. This doesn't cause the girls to fixate solely on her breasts, though; they make sure to touch and stare at every part of her toned body.

“This isn't everyone, Reisen. Let me find where the rest are hiding.”

“Alright. But do you mind if we get started right away?”

You think it over for a second. “Uh, don't cum or penetrate anyone yet. I don't want to miss the real fun stuff, but by all means get each other nice and ready.”

Reisen smiles and firmly grabs Seijou's ass. The fairy lets out a pleased cry as Reisen pulls her close to her body. “Alright. I'll be waiting eagerly, Reimu.” Reisen's other hand slips down Eri's skirt, causing Eri to moan and blush as she lightly rubs her finger against Eri's slit through her panties.

You'd better hurry.

It doesn't take long to find everyone else. You had lost track of them while you were relaxing in the sitting room with Eri and Seijou, but it's not like the shrine is big enough for them to be difficult to find. Meiling is sitting down and relaxing in the fairies' bedroom, watching Kiyoshi comb Nikkou's long hair. It's really quiet in here, so everyone turns and looks at you as soon as you open the door.

“Evening, girls. Reisen from the Eientei clinic is waiting in the sitting room. I mentioned her this morning, and she's here for a big orgy with us all. Come out and introduce yourselves!”

Nikkou excitedly jumps up and runs towards you, remembering your comments about the bunny girl from this morning. Kiyoshi isn't quite as excitable, but he at least seems curious about the new girl. Her cock will probably be a turnoff for him, but you hope they can get along. Hopefully she at least isn't interested in penetrating him, as you would need to put a stop to that. Meiling looks eager as well, but also a bit tired. It's understandable, since you were feeling pretty lethargic yourself. Of course, that might be a result of your pregnancies, so the prospect of receiving Reisen's thick cum should help perk both of you up.

You lead everyone back to the sitting room and find Reisen a little further along than you anticipated. She's hugging Seijou with both arms while she fervently kisses her, driving her tongue deep into the fairy's mouth. The top half of her shirt has been undone, freeing her massive tits. Her miniskirt is still on but no longer covers her cock, which is currently nestled between Seijou's legs. Seijou is in a similar state of disarray, with her dress pulled down far enough to free her own breasts. Eri and Tsuyo are both completely naked as they stand behind Reisen, each rubbing each other's pussies with one hand while they caress Reisen with the other. You definitely missed out on a lot of fun.

“Ahem!” You loudly cough into your hand to get Reisen's attention. She breaks the prolonged kiss with Seijou and looks up at you. “I'm back. We're all here now.”

You walk up to Reisen and take Seijou from her arms. The fairy's eyes are unfocused, and her body is mostly limp. Did she cum just from kissing? Seijou's not completely out of it, at least, and she mutters a quiet “You smell really nice...” before going quiet again. There's plenty of lipstick smeared across her lips, although the coating on Reisen's lips seems to be perfectly intact. You gently set her down on the floor, out of the way. She'll be back to normal in no time, you're sure.

Meiling is the first to speak, cheerfully extending her hand towards Reisen. “Hello! I am Hong Meiling, guardian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Except I'm on vacation right now.”

“Pleased to meet you. Reisen Udongein Inaba.” Both girls spend a few minutes checking out each other's body, naturally very pleased with what they see.

“Hi. My name is Kiyoshi. Um, I'm Reimu's boyfriend. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh? I wasn't aware Reimu caught herself such a fine man. A pleasure. I'll be especially looking forward to getting a taste of you.” Reisen gives Kiyoshi a wink, then turns to address you. She either didn't notice or doesn't care that Kiyoshi grimaced at her flirtation. He's probably uncomfortable due to her massive penis; hopefully he'll still be willing to fuck her during the orgy. Maybe he'll warm up to her if they don't actually fuck until close to the end. “So, Reimu, this is everyone? We can get started now?”

Reisen licks her lips once she finishes speaking and begins to unbutton the rest of her shirt. You nod in affirmation and begin stripping as well, with everyone else following you. Nikkou hastily strips off her dress and tosses it into a corner, with no concern for the fabric. You'll have to have a little word with her about that later. Meiling moves quickly but doesn't rush, using the same amount of care as if she were undressing to go to sleep. Kiyoshi moves the slowest, likely a result of his lack of enthusiasm. Even though his clothes are simpler than everyone else's, he's still in his undergarments by the time you, Nikkou, and Meiling are naked. You don't want him to force himself – not too much, at least.

Reisen is the guest of honor, so she should get a nice welcome. You and Meiling instruct her to lie down on the floor, then get down on either side of her crotch. The two of you run your tongues along her throbbing length, and she moans freely from your combined service. Nikkou walks up to Reisen and sits on her face, planting her small cunt in front of Reisen's glistening lips. The bunny girl readily licks her slit, driving her tongue into Nikkou's depths and causing the fairy to cry out in pleasure.

You stroke Reisen's thick cock with one hand and use the other to finger her drenched pussy. Your fingers bump against the egg vibrator lodged firmly inside of her, but you leave it alone. She's still using a set of anal beads, but there's no reason to take them out. Her cock twitches with each flick of your tongue, but shows no signs of cumming soon. Just as well, as you want to keep licking this delicious treat for a long time. The taste is nice, well complemented by a thin layer of her sweat, but the smell is easily the best part. She reeks of semen and pussy juices, likely the result of keeping those sex toys inside of her all day long. The scent mixes well with her faint perfume, and the combined fragrance is enough to make your pussy wet.

Nikkou moans loudly as Reisen's skilled cunnilingus drives her towards an orgasm. She's not going to last much longer, so you want to finish Reisen off quickly. Eri and Tsuyo remain content to finger each other, and have started french kissing each other as well. Kiyoshi seems to just want to watch for now, so Reisen's mouth will be lonely if Nikkou cums too soon, and you can't have that.

You move away from her cock and focus on her pussy, flicking your tongue against her clit a few times before driving it into her folds. With Reisen's cock freed up, Meiling moves on from simple licking and opens her mouth wide to swallow her shaft. She only gets about three-fourths of the way down, but even that is impressive considering how long and thick that cock is. Meiling bobs her head up and down along Reisen's length, letting the shaft fuck her throat. You can hear Reisen's moans even through Nikkou's thighs from the combined stimulation of Meiling's fellatio and your cunnilingus and fingering. She finally cums at the same time as Nikkou; both girls let out loud cries of pleasure as Reisen's cock violently ejaculates, filling Meiling's mouth to the brim with semen. It's too much for her to swallow at once, and plenty of her thick cum drips down Reisen's cock and Meiling's chin.

Meiling sits up and struggles to swallow the massive load in her mouth, finally getting the last of it after the third gulp. Reisen's cock is still fully erect – you expected nothing less from what is assuredly Eirin's handiwork – and both it and her drenched pussy are practically begging for attention. Might as well start the real sex now. Nikkou and Seijou are both out of it now, and Eri and Tsuyo are lying on the floor together as they explore each other's bodies, so that just leaves Meiling to ride Reisen's delicious cock. You have other matters to attend to, after all.

You give Meiling the go-ahead, and she gets on top of Reisen and swallows her entire length with a single motion. She throws back her head and moans lasciviously, then starts to move slowly after taking a few seconds to compose herself. Her pace rapidly increases, as her well-trained and thoroughly soaked cunt allows her to handle even Reisen's dick, and both girls thrust their hips in perfect sync to repeatedly fill Meiling's pussy. Their movements are truly a beautiful sight, and the intensity is enough to make both sets of massive tits jiggle lusciously. Meiling's are just a little bit bigger than Reisen's, and the stimulation from their bouncing is enough to cause her to lactate, squirting small jets of milk onto her and Reisen's bodies. Reisen doesn't question this, likely too enamored with Meiling's beautiful body to care.

Kiyoshi watches the display with rapt attention. Meiling's luscious body seems to have dispelled his nervousness. Hopefully, he'll be willing to have sex with Reisen now, but it wouldn't hurt to help get him into the mood.

“Beautiful, aren't they?” You stand next to Kiyoshi and ask a simple question. His erect cock has already shown that he approves.

“Huh? Oh, y-yeah. They are. Um, an-”

“Wanna fuck?” You cut him off and go straight to the point. “It'd be silly to just watch when there's so many beautiful women craving a cock right now.” His cock throbs in your hand as you grip it, eliciting a short moan from him. “Wouldn't you agree?”

“Ahh... yeah.” He barely manages to answer, thanks to your hand running gently along his length.

“Wonderful.” You get down on your hands and knees and stick your ass out in front of him. “Wanna try it in this position? I don't think we've ever done it from behind before.” You normally avoid this position since it doesn't let you see your partner's face. Watching a guy's face as he savors your delectable cunt is always a pleasure. But in this case, it should work out in Kiyoshi's favor. Taking Reisen from behind will probably be a lot easier for him, as it should hide her cock from view. Getting some “practice” with your body first might help as well.

Kiyoshi places his hands on your hips and slides his dick into your eager cunt. You're already soaked from watching Reisen, so it enters you easily. Spurred on by the depraved scene in front of you, Kiyoshi rapidly thrusts his thick cock into your pussy, sending waves of pleasure through your body with each insertion. Your hanging breasts swing in rhythm with his movements, squirting droplets of milk onto the floor. The strength leaves your arms from the searing pleasure of his amazing cock, causing you to collapse against the floor.

A tongue suddenly flicks against your pussy where it's joined with Kiyoshi's dick. You look down and see the perpetrator: it seems that Seijou has recovered already, and crawled under you to help herself to your pussy.. Her tongue is a welcome addition, but can't compare to Kiyoshi's throbbing cock. Kiyoshi falters for a second from the unexpected stimulation on his shaft, but quickly regains his composure and resumes thrusting into your soaked cunt. His cock is throbbing even harder now; it seems that he's enjoying her service as well. Both of his hands reach forward and cup your hanging breasts, giving each a few rough squeezes to each. The third source of pleasure forces you to moan, and you buck your hips to try to drive his cock deeper inside of you. You only last another two minutes before cumming, causing your pussy to tighten on Kiyoshi's dick and send him over the edge as well. He ejaculates and fills your hungry cunt will multiple thick globs of semen, much of which spills out and lands on Seijou's face and tongue.

Kiyoshi pulls out a few seconds after he finishes shooting inside of you, and Seijou crawls out from underneath you right before you collapse flat onto the floor. You lie there for about half a minute, basking in the afterglow of your orgasm, before sitting up. Meiling and Reisen are still going at it, both girls possessing enough stamina to last for a long time. Eri and Tsuyo are now going after Reisen as well;; Tsuyo has her tongue wrapped around Reisen's, while Eri is suckling one of Reisen's huge tits. There's a small stream of white going down the breast Eri is on top of – is Reisen lactating too?

You'd like to rest for a few more minutes, but Kiyoshi's cock is still rock hard despite cumming so hard inside of you. He should step into the fray and help more girls orgasm. You put your hand on his butt and push him towards the other girls. “Hey. You should join in, too. You're the only guy, and there's lots of girls begging for your lovely cock. Nikkou seems to be feeling better; why don't you go say 'hello?'” He looks back, as if to protest, but you just smile in return and keep pushing his butt. He gives in quickly, at least, and walks over to say something to Nikkou. You can't hear what he's saying over Reisen and Meiling's moans, but his awkward movements imply that some of his nervousness has returned. Nikkou will have none of that, however, and she starts to run her hand along his thighs almost immediately. Kiyoshi only fights it for a second before allowing her to suck on the tip of his cock.

Nikkou fellates Kiyoshi for only about half a minute, then lies down on the floor and spreads her legs wide. Kiyoshi climbs on top of her and slams his dick into her small hole. She wraps her arms around Kiyoshi's back as he pounds her wet cunt, her moans mixing with Reisen and Meiling's in the background.

A hand cups your left breast, caressing the bottom and giving it a pair of squeezes. “So how long were you going to wait and leave me alone, hmm?” Seijou asks, standing at your side. You turn to face her, and find that she's practically drooling as she examines your tit. There's still plenty of cum staining her face.

“A little bit longer, actually.” You need to plan for when Meiling and Reisen finally finish. Handling the logistics of a six girl, one and a half male orgy is no simple task! Although, you shouldn't leave her completely alone. “Did you want some milk?”

“Yes please.” She answers hurriedly and lowers herself to your chest, immediately beginning to suck on your tit. A burst of pleasure flows through you as your milk squirts into her mouth. It's been a while since you were last relieved, so it's fairly swollen by now. You pat the back of Seijou's head while she helps herself, but try to ignore the stimulation so you can think. Eri and Tsuyo should go next, but considering how close they are, it'd be best to use a position where they can still be together. Hmm.

Meiling is still riding Reisen's thick cock. Both girls have slowed down by now; Meiling is focusing on lowering herself at multiple angles to allow Reisen's cock to rub against her walls, while Reisen simply thrusts upward to match Meiling's descents. You can't see Meiling's face, but her long hair is disheveled and her body is coated with a sheen of sweat. Reisen's face is fully flushed, and both girls are panting heavily. It's amazing that they haven't cum yet – or maybe you just didn't notice, and they kept going through their orgasms. Tsuyo stopped kissing Reisen at some point, and has joined Eri in drinking the bunny girl's milk. Reisen is definitely lactating too.

Seijou crawls onto your lap to switch to your other tit. A thin trail of milk drips down your now vacant breast, but you pay it no mind. You leave her alone for another minute while an idea comes to you. Yes, that should do it.

Now that you have the next few stages of this orgy planned out, you can finally pay attention to Seijou. She's curled up in your lap as she suckles earnestly, with one hand and her mouth on your right tit while the other hand lightly rubs her bare slit. A thin trail of your milk runs down the side of her mouth. Come to think of it, she must have been drinking for at least ten minutes. She has to be full by now.

You reach your hand down and slide two fingers into her damp cunt. She's wet enough to allow you in easily, so you add a third and begin pumping them. She stops sucking on your tit and moans lustfully, looking up at you and begging for more. You slide your fingers in and out a few more times, keeping it simple, then get out from underneath her and help her onto her back. She's already panting heavily; she must've been close to orgasm before you moved her. Maybe you'll tease her a little.

Instead of fingering her again, you bring both hands up to her wonderful boobs and knead them roughly. Her tits really are the perfect size; large enough to be squeezable, but not so big that you can't fit them in your hands. You close your lips around one nipple and lightly pinch the other while you continue to squeeze and caress her lovely mounds. She squirms and moans softly from your stimulation, desiring you to return to her aching pussy but not wanting you to leave her sensitive breasts either. The best she manages to do is rub her legs together, as your body blocks her from even being able to finger herself to satisfy her cunt. This isn't nearly enough for her, and her moans grow more and more pained as she struggles to masturbate.

Time to let her cum. You break away from her tit, leaving one hand on her chest to continue pinching her erect nipples, and bring your lips back to her soaked pussy. Seijou sighs in relief once your tongue flicks against her swollen lips, and the sigh immediately changes into a lustful moan. She's perfectly content to just lie still and let you fuck her with your tongue after your little bit of teasing. You lightly flick her erect clit with your tongue as you pump two fingers in and out of her small cunt, then run run it along her pussy lips. It doesn't even take a minute for her to tense up and spray juices onto your hand as face as she cums. You crawl towards her and press your lips against hers, letting her savor the taste of her own pussy as she slips her tongue into your mouth and against your lips. She's a little weary, but not so out of it that she can't kiss you. She'll be fine in a few minutes.

You sit down on the floor next to Seijou and watch the others. Nikkou and Kiyoshi finished at some point, and the latter is now resting with his head atop the former's breasts. Eri and Tsuyo stopped sucking Reisen's tits as well, and are simply lying on the ground next to each other off to the side. Reisen and Meiling are still going at it, although it seems like they're both getting close to the edge. Meiling has one hand on Reisen's chest and her other hand on her clit, lightly stimulating herself while she rides Reisen's think cock. Her movements are much slower than before, but she's still taking Reisen's entire length with each bounce. Both girls are panting heavily, and it sounds like they're at their limits.

They still manage to go another two minutes. Reisen cums first and grunts in pleasure as her cock repeatedly throbs, shooting thick cum into Meiling's cunt. Meiling responds by grinding against Reisen's hips until she orgasms from the heat flowing into her body. They stay connected for half a minute, then Meiling abruptly slumps down on top of Reisen, presumably because her cock stopped cumming. Reisen pulls her still-erect cock out of Meiling; surprisingly, no cum leaks out of Meiling's pussy.

“You two certainly took a long time to cum once. Are you ready to go again, Reisen?”

“Actually, that was her fourth time.” Meiling lifts her head to look at you and corrects you. “I didn't want to stop, so we just kept going.” She returns her attention to Reisen and caresses the bunny girl's cheek with one hand. “You were fantastic. It's amazing that you could keep up with me! Thank you.” Meiling closes her lips around Reisen's, and the two of them start kissing sloppily. They both gaze into each other's eyes as they savor the taste of their partner's lips.

Meiling caresses Reisen's sweat and milk coated body as she lies on top of her, pressing their massive tits together. As much as you'd enjoy watching them make out, there are fairies here that need to be penetrated. You cough into your hand a few times before finally getting their attention. They break away from one another and look at you sheepishly, embarrassed about being caught up in their passions.

“Aha, sorry. Yeah, I'm ready, Reimu. Um, just gimme a minute to rest and I'll be fine.”


This isn't done, but since it was taking a while I figured I should post what I have so far. Next update will conclude the orgy, following update will include a very important choice regarding the plot thickening. And by "the plot" I mean Reimu's boobs. And by "thickening", I mean growing bigger.
2013/10/30 (Wed) 08:03 No. 32905
All I can say is 'more!'
2013/10/30 (Wed) 08:14 No. 32906
So we'll get to choose just how big Reimu's boobs grow?

As for Reisen will we get to see both doggystyle sex and a blowjob with Kiyoshi?

And will we get to see Seijou, Tsuyo, or Eri have more fun with Kiyoshi? I've noticed that Nikkou seems to have done him the most among the fairies.

Regarding his reluctance, I could understand the nervousness he felt with Reisen and her cock, but what about after he has sex with Reimu? He seemed kind of reluctant to do it with Nikkou. Is he nervous around Nikkou or something? It's not like she's a stranger to him or anything.
2013/10/30 (Wed) 12:26 No. 32907
"Hopefully she at least isn't interested in penetrating him, as you would need to put a stop to that"

What a shame.
2013/10/30 (Wed) 13:00 No. 32908
He's probably worried about doing something wrong, what with his lack of experience. He just needs more confidence.
I have an idea. We should blindfold Kiyoshi, gag the fairies, and lay them out in front of him on their hands and knees. He has to figure out which is which just by fucking them.
2013/10/30 (Wed) 18:21 No. 32912
Eh, there are other stories to get your fix if that's your thing. I'm more interested in the haracters, scenario, and tone as those are mostly unique to this story.

>You need to plan for when Meiling and Reisen finally finish. Handling the logistics of a six girl, one and a half male orgy is no simple task!
2013/10/30 (Wed) 21:27 No. 32913
What "lack of experience"? He's been banging women left and right under Reimu's tutelage. He's doing good enough to satisfy Reimu, which might not be that impressive of a feat though I don't know, and he knows of various ways to fuck.
2013/11/02 (Sat) 23:14 No. 32931
Most of the girls he's been banging left and right have actually just been Reimu. The fairies have just been around for a day. And, of course, he's intimidated by Reisen's giant cock.
2013/11/03 (Sun) 04:36 No. 32932
I admit I was exaggerating in my little rant there but he's had sex with Reimu, sex with Meiling, sex with those fairies, even sex with that slime girl. I can understand his nervousness about Reisen's cock, but what was his nervousness about banging Nikkou when he'd already done her several times before?
2013/11/04 (Mon) 05:36 No. 32941
likely an effect of Reisen toting that cock.
2013/11/14 (Thu) 21:34 No. 33111
Reisen is ready to go after getting a quick drink of water during the short break. Orgies are tiring, so everyone appreciated the rest, no matter how much they're lusting for each other's bodies.

Tsuyo and Eri haven't been penetrated yet, as they've both been too busy with each other to enjoy a nice, thick cock. You get them to stand in the middle of the room, facing each other with their asses sticking out. they intertwine their fingers and lean together, forming a bridge as they pant with anticipation. This should be a good position for them, considering how close they are.

Reisen gets behind Eri while Kiyoshi pairs up with Tsuyo, and the two of them both slide their cocks into the fairies' tight cunts. Eri and Tsuyo both gasp and squeeze each other's hands as they get their first dicks of the evening. Reisen is able to fit her dick into Eri, but the tightness of Eri's small fairy cunt slows down the thrusting. You paired her with Reisen because she's a little bit looser than Tsuyo, but it seems that wasn't enough. Not that Eri seems to mind at all; from the way her legs are shaking, you're certain that she would've fallen over in ecstasy already if not for Tsuyo's support.

Meanwhile, Kiyoshi slams his cock into Tsuyo's pussy. His cock isn't as thick as Reisen's, but his quick thrusts are more than enough to make his partner moan from the pleasure. He reaches one hand towards her front and caresses her small breasts, keeping his other hand on her hips for support. Eri releases her right hand and tries to claim Tsuyo's other breast for herself, but she's unable to steady her hand enough to grope her friend. Both fairies are in the same state, moaning huskily as they're penetrated, and the loss of support from their hands just makes it harder for them to stay upright.

The four of them seem to be having fun, and you'd like to get some action for yourself. Your eyes fall to Meiling, who's sitting on the floor and watching them. She's folded her legs so that her knees support her huge tits, and she's still leaking a tiny bit of milk from her erect nipples. Such tantalizing mounds, and you haven't played with them at all tonight. Time to change that.

You walk up to Meiling and hug her from behind, placing both of your hands on her voluptuous tits and giving them a good, firm squeeze. She turns her head to look at you, and you kiss her before she can say anything. It should be clear what you're after. You slide your tongue into her mouth to taste her lips, and she immediately responds by wrapping her tongue around yours. A thin coating of milk covers your hands as you roughly massage her tits, causing her nipples to squirt small bits of milk. She lowers her legs and gently lies down on the floor, prompting you to break the kiss and move your lips to her lovely breasts.

You close your lips around her left nipple and begin to suckle, quickly filling your mouth with milk. It seems a little odd to drink milk when you have an overabundance of the stuff, but hers is still rich and delicious. Meiling moans softly as it flows out of her body, and her voice attracts the attention of Seijou and Nikkou. Not wanting to lose your real prize, you quickly move down to her dripping pussy and start licking it before the other girls arrive. She shivers for a second as your tongue flicks past her engorged lips and against her walls. There's only the slightest taste of Reisen's cum; Meiling must be holding onto it really well, considering how much Reisen shot into her.

Nikkou claims one of Meiling's breasts for herself and begins suckling in your stead, while Seijou walks past Meiling and crouches down behind you. You stick your ass up into the air for Seijou, and she holds onto your hips for support and buries her face in your cunt. Not wasting any time, she runs her tongue along your slit before pushing it past your lips. Two of her fingers join in as well, and she pumps them in and out of your body with a slow rhythm. She doesn't wriggle them around inside of you, just keeping to a simple in-and-out thrusting. Her straightforward movements are still enough to make you moan into Meiling's pussy, but you don't let the growing pleasure distract you from servicing Meiling.

Nikkou crawls on top of Meiling's body to switch to her other breast, her small breasts resting on top of Meiling's toned torso. Now that the fairy is in her reach, Meiling reaches over and strokes Nikkou's wet slit from behind. She moans from the stimulation, but doesn't release Meiling's milky nipple.

You continue licking Meiling's pussy with slow, deliberate motions focusing on her labia. Seijou's attention is nice, but you can’t be distracted. Meiling is panting pretty heavily from your combined assault, and you want her to cum soon. You remove your fingers from her soaked pussy and slide them into her anus, making her cry out and clamp down on you. It's incredibly tight, but you remember her taking a double penetration back at the mansion, so she must be somewhat trained. It's clear that this hole doesn't get a lot of use, so you're forced to move slowly. However, each thrust causes her to moan loudly from the unfamiliar pleasure.

Seijou closes her lips on your erect clit and sucks on it as she gives you multiple kisses, forcing you to pause for a few seconds and moan. She's such a good girl, and she definitely deserves a reward for that, but right now you need to focus on Meiling. You give Meiling's clit the same combination of kissing and sucking as you pump your fingers faster and faster into her loosened anus. The sudden increase in speed is enough to make her cry out in pleasure, and she stops stroking Nikkou's slit so she can concentrate on grinding her hips to match your fingers. After just half a minute of this, she tenses up and orgasms with a series of sultry moans.

You pull your fingers out of Meiling's ass, leaving her to recover on the floor, and turn around to give Seijou easier access to your pussy. She immediately puts her hands on your thighs and resumes eating you out with renewed vigor, eager to please as always.

Now that you're on your back, you can also watch Reisen and Kiyoshi fuck Eri and Tsuyo. Both fairies are gasping for breath between their moans as their partners thoroughly fuck their soaked cunts. They released each other's hands at some point, and now they're merely watching each other's ecstatic faces. Reisen took advantage of this and changed positions; she is currently holding her fairy up off the ground, raising and lowering her petite body to thrust into her. Reisen's movements are much faster now that Eri's pussy has gotten used to her thick cock, although she is still going slower than Kiyoshi.

A trail of cum is oozing down Tsuyo's leg – it seems that Kiyoshi already came inside her, but he hasn't stopped pounding her greedy pussy. They haven't changed positions, although he is holding onto Tsuyo's chest to support her now that she's not holding Eri's hand anymore. He's panting pretty heavily, too. He might be about to cum again.

Seijou grabs your attention by sliding three fingers into your pussy. Her hands aren't very big, but she makes up for it by wiggling her fingers about inside of you after a few simple thrusts. At the same time, she runs her tongue along your lips and drinks your overflowing juices. You suddenly realize how close you are to orgasm; you were too preoccupied with Meiling's cunt earlier, but Seijou has been diligently licking you for at least ten minutes now. And now it's all catching up to you. You place a hand on Seijou's head, keeping her buried in your aching pussy. Each flick of her tongue against your erect clit sends little shocks through your body, causing you to moan. Her fingers speed up, pushing apart your walls, and their lithe movements finally bring you over the edge. You collapse against the floor and moan, your pussy squirting juices onto Seijou's waiting face. Before your head returns to the floor, you see her gather your juices and swallow them. Time for some rest.

Kiyoshi's grunting stirs you from your place on the floor, and you sit up to find him and Tsuyo cumming together. His semen shoots into her already overflowing pussy, much of it dripping down her legs and onto the floor. Tsuyo's legs fail her in the middle of her orgasm, but Kiyoshi catches her, pulls his cock out of her, and gently sets her down to the floor. She doesn't even try to get up, just lying still as she savors the afterglow of her orgasm. Kiyoshi's cock is still hard, but he's nonetheless finished for now.

Reisen continues fucking Eri with impressive force. Now that the other fairy is out of it and on the floor, Reisen quickly changes positions again and sets Eri down on all fours, resuming the fucking as soon as possible. Reisen's huge breasts swing back and forth with each rapid thrust, now that the fairy's pussy has been stretched enough to allow Reisen to move at full speed. Every movement causes Eri to cry out from the stimulation, and the agonizing pleasure evident on her face makes it clear that she's close to orgasm. Reisen's demeanor, in contrast, is significantly calmer. She's panting from the exertion, but her expression is otherwise neutral, despite having an exceptionally tight fairy cunt squeezing her cock.

Eri's arms soon give out from Reisen's unrelenting pounding, and she slumps down against the floor with her ass sticking out into the air. She cums just a few seconds later, letting out a loud cry of bliss as the pleasure finally overwhelms her. Reisen moans at the same time, the fairy's pussy undoubtedly clamping down on her cock, and she orgasms as well. She pulls out of her after she finishes filling Eri’s hungry pussy with her semen, leaving a thin coating surrounding her length. Despite what appeared to be an impressive volume, none of her cum leaks out of Eri's cunt, likely due to the fairy's current position.

Reisen and Kiyoshi are still both hard, and both need a new hole to thrust into. You sit up and pat Seijou on the head. “Thanks for that. You're such a good girl that you deserve a nice, thick reward. Have you ever done a double penetration before?”

“Double...?” She gives you a puzzled look for a few seconds, having never heard the term before. Her eyes light up as soon as she gets an idea of what it entails. “No, I haven't, but it sounds like fun! And I get to try one? How's it work, Reimu?”

“One cock fills your pussy, the other goes in your ass. Ah, assuming you two are up for it, Reisen? Kiyoshi?”

Reisen looks at you with a subdued smile. “Of course. I'd love to. As long as it's okay with Kiyoshi here.”

“Eh? Oh, yeah. I can do it.”

You lead Seijou towards the center of the room, where Reisen and Kiyoshi are standing close to each other. Reisen's cock is too big for Seijou's ass, so you'll let her take the vagina, and Kiyoshi can use her butt. You help Reisen pick her up and line her slit up with the tip of Reisen's cock, then slowly lower her onto the large shaft. Seijou's well trained and fully soaked pussy easily swallows her entire length. Once she's in place, Kiyoshi walks up and slides his cock into her anus. It's a much tighter fit, but he still manages to fit it all in thanks to the coating of juices on his dick.

Seijou pants for breath with two thick cocks inside of her. She's obviously done anal before, but this is her first double penetration, and the sensation is probably overbearing for her. Nonetheless, she manages to compose herself and smiles enticingly at Reisen.

And then they both start to move.

Seijou cries out in pleasure as both cocks pull out of her and slam back in. They both move at their own speed, which quickly leads to them alternating their thrusts. Reisen holds Seijou up by her arms to help keep her steady, but their movements are still enough to shake the fairy's body and making her voluptuous tits bounce everywhere. They'd be able move much faster if they could coordinate better, but it can't be helped. This is definitely Kiyoshi's first time in this position, and although Reisen has probably done this before, she's not able to compensate for his lack of skill. And Seijou's too far gone already to do anything herself, even if she did know a way to get the two of them to develop a rhythm. A trail of drool oozes down her chin, her mouth already unable to close her mouth from the constant pleasure.

She cums in under a minute, moaning loudly with varying pitches as Reisen and Kiyoshi continue to pound her holes unabated. Reisen remains calm as she thrusts her thick cock into Seijou's soaked cunt, but her light smile and heavier breathing make it clear that she is enjoying the fairy's body. Kiyoshi moans as he penetrates Seijou's anus, savoring the tightness of her hole and the softness of her cheeks. He reaches his hands around Seijou's body and cups her voluptuous breasts, giving them light caresses as he thrusts into her. Reisen notices his hands and leans forward without interrupting her thrusts, pressing her massive breasts against Seijou's large ones and covering Kiyoshi's hands with two sets of soft flesh. It makes it harder for Kiyoshi to caress Seijou's boobs, but you doubt either of them mind the addition of Reisen's tits. Both Reisen and Kiyoshi show no signs of fatigue this early into the act; Seijou has a long way to go before this is done.

Seijou's breathing calms down after another two minutes. She's still breathing heavily and moaning lustfully, but her first peak has subsided. Reisen and Kiyoshi seem to have a rhythm going now, but not what you had expected. Their movements are almost perfectly timed to ensure that only one of them is ever fully inside of the fairy girl. Is Kiyoshi doing this on purpose? Well, that's no good at all! How's he supposed to teach Seijou the beauty of double penetration if she only has one thick cock in her at a time? How is he supposed to enjoy the feeling of pressing against another cock through his partner's body? You're mostly just guessing on that part, but surely it feels as good for the guy as it does for you.

“Have you tried timing your thrusts to match hers, Kiyoshi?” you ask, placing your hand on his far shoulder. He looks at you, but continues thrusting without interruption. There's probably no reason to give Reisen the same talk, but you definitely don't want to mention that to him.

“Eh? Um, I can try, but...” He pauses for a second before continuing, “but, will that actually work?” Another pause. “Is there room?”

“Of course. Don't underestimate the female body.” Especially one as well-trained as Seijou's. “It'll fit just fine, and it'll feel amazing for her. She's a real cute fairy, and such a hard worker, so don't you want to give her a nice treat?”

“I guess. I'll try, at least.” Kiyoshi pauses his thrusts for a fraction of a second, waiting for Reisen to enter Seijou, then pushes his cock deep inside her anus. She immediately tightens up and moans from the massive increase in pressure on her pussy and ass, almost going over the edge with that single thrust. Kiyoshi grunts as well, feeling an increased tightness from sharing her body with Reisen's cock; he's feeling pleasure from this, but you can't tell if he's actually enjoying it. Nonetheless, he's willing to continue, as he stays in sync with Reisen from then on.

Seijou's cries of pleasure grow louder and louder as she takes both cocks at once. Kiyoshi joins in her moans, and even Reisen is panting now that she's feeling Kiyoshi's cock as well. A little under a minute is all it takes for Seijou to climax, crying out as the double bursts of pleasure overwhelm her. Reisen moans softly and ejaculates, as if on command, filling Seijou's pussy with her thick cum. After a few more thrusts, Kiyoshi ejaculates as well, filling her other hole with just as much hot semen. The barrage of pleasure during her orgasm is too much for Seijou, and she goes limp in Reisen's arms. She's still awake, just unable to focus. Once the three of them stop cumming, Reisen gently sets her down onto the floor, thick pools of cum leaking out of both of her holes.

You want a taste of Reisen's cock for yourself. Almost all the other girls have had a session with her, but you've been focusing on coordinating this orgy. Now it's your turn. You walk up to her and place your hand on her erect cock, giving it a few quick strokes. She gets the message immediately and moves her hand between your legs, lightly rubbing your soaked slit and erect clit with back and forth motions.

This is nice, but not enough. You let go of her cock and lie down on the floor, spreading your legs wide for her. You're already panting with anticipation as she places her hands on your legs and lines her tip up with your soaked slit. Her massive length slowly pushes past your entrance, sending jolts of pleasure through your body as it spreads apart your walls. This cock is fantastic. You can feel every vein and crevice in her cock, Which perfectly molds your pussy to match the shape of her cock. It's exactly thick enough to completely fill you, and you moan as each inch enters your body.

Reisen's hips press against yours once her cock is fully inside of you. She looks at you, gives you a content smile, and then begins to move. Unlike with the fairies, she doesn't need to pace herself, and can slide her cock in and out of your body as fast as she can. You moan lustfully as her tip repeatedly brushes against the entrance to your womb, immediately putting you on the brink of orgasm. There's no way you could hope to match her rapid movements with your mind addled like this, so you simply lie still and let her have her way with your body. It doesn't matter anyway, considering how wonderful this feels.

Her cock continues to slam into you. She was maintaining her usual calm demeanor for a while, but her expression is finally changing to one of pure bliss as she savors the feeling of your delicious cunt. It looks like she'll come soon, but you're right on the edge. You lean forward off the floor and wrap your arms around Reisen's body, meeting no resistance due to her surprise as you pull her back down to the floor on top of you. Your little maneuver interrupted her movements, delaying your orgasm by a few agonizing seconds, but you want to feel her body against yours when you do cum. Reisen puts her hands at your sides and pushes herself up, then resumes pounding your soaked cunt. You cum after just a few thrusts, holding her close to you as you cry out from the pleasure. Your walls clamp down on her cock, causing her to cum as well, and she fills your womb with her hot, thick semen.

Reisen pulls her cock out of you as soon as she finishes cumming. Her tip has a tiny bit of semen on it, but it's otherwise clean of her fluids. It still looks delicious, though, coated with your juices and those of the other girls she's fucked today. You sit up and reach for her tantalizing shaft, then begin cleaning it off with your mouth. The cocktail of women's juices brushes off onto your tongue as you run it along her length. Delicious. There's not as much semen as you'd like, but this is still good. Her shaft is wonderfully hot, and it throbs in your mouth as you take it inside of you and start sucking.

She places one hand on the back of your head, but doesn't force your movements. You look up at her and see her content smile; she's enjoying your simple fellatio, but she wants more. She's had a taste of your pussy, and your mouth simply can't compare. You'll give her another go soon enough.

You notice Kiyoshi and Meiling out of the corner of your eye while servicing Reisen's cock. Meiling is on her knees in front of him and has his cock smothered by her massive tits. Meiling looks up at him lasciviously as she uses her hands to slowly move her breasts back and forth, causing him to moan earnestly from the pressure. There's a bit of cum dripping down her thighs, so they must've already had sex beforehand, and now Meiling is giving him a little extra service.

Now that her length is clean, you give it one final lick and pull back. It throbs longingly in the open air now that your lips aren't wrapped around it, but Reisen is entirely unbothered by this. She knows what comes next. You stand up and face her, taking a moment to admire her gorgeous body, then line your slit up with the tip of her cock. She's a little bit taller than you, so you need to stand on your toes and hold on to her shoulders for support, but you manage to get her shaft inside of you. She places both of her hands on your butt and lifts you off the ground, easily carrying you with her youkai strength. Now that your legs are free, you wrap them around her waist for added support.

Reisen starts to move, thrusting her cock deep inside of you with slow movements. This position is a little awkward, but she's still able to completely fill your pussy completely with her long shaft. You grind your hips against hers to match her thrusts; there's little freedom of movement, but you still manage to get a decent rhythm to match hers. The actual penetration in this position is somewhat lacking, but it's nice to be carried like this, to have your body embraced by your partner's strong arms while you do the same. Doubly so when your partner is an extremely busty woman, since it makes your breasts press flat against hers.

Reisen moans freely, her usual composure broken by the sensation of your cunt wrapped around her penis. Her lips glisten in the lamplight, the thin layer of lipstick amplifying their luster. You lean your head forward and slip your tongue into her mouth, closing your lips around hers as you moan. It takes her a few moments to register the kiss, but she then returns it by flicking her tongue against yours as it explores her mouth.

Her cock feels amazing as it plunges deep inside of you and kisses the entrance to your womb. You break the kiss after a few minutes, unable to coordinate your movements sufficiently with the pleasure flowing through your body. All you want right now is to focus your attention on her delicious cock. Every movement sends a jolt of pleasure through you, your orgasm approaching with each thrust. She's feeling as good as you are, and she moans freely as she savors your pussy.

A few more minutes pass of unrestrained pounding, and the pleasure quickly numbs your mind. With a loud cry of pleasure, Reisen finally goes over the edge and orgasms, her cock shooting several thick globs of cum inside your aching pussy. Her eyes lose their focus, and the pleasure makes her gaze turn towards the ceiling. She almost falls to the floor as the strength leaves her legs, but she manages to move one foot back to a more stable position. The amazing heat of her cum brings out your own climax after the third spurt; your pussy suddenly clamps down on her cock, greedily swallowing her entire load as the pleasure flows through you.

Once your orgasm has subsided, you unwrap your legs and set them back down onto the floor. Reisen gently lowers you, and collapses onto the ground in front of you once you're safely on your feet. You crouch down to see if she's okay and make sure that she's just exhausted, which she confirms by muttering “Amazing”. She has incredible stamina, so she should be good to go in a minute or so.
2013/11/14 (Thu) 21:34 No. 33112
Kiyoshi and Meiling have already finished up, and the former has his head resting on the latter's lap. There's a large load of semen in between her tits where Kiyoshi must've finished, and it seems that she wants it to stay there. Nikkou is sitting on the floor, a bit disappointed that you and Reisen are finished. Seijou is still out of it, while Eri and Tsuyo have recovered enough to move around, but are nonetheless still resting on the floor. It would seem that this orgy is just about over, although you still need to get Kiyoshi to fuck Reisen.

Kiyoshi doesn't notice as you walk over; his eyes are closed, but he's not actually asleep. Meiling looks at you as you approach, but doesn't say anything.

“Enjoying yourself, Kiyoshi?”

“Huh?” He opens his eyes and finds you standing over him, then immediately realizes where is he and bolts upright. Meiling lets out a silent giggle at his reaction, but he's focusing his attention on you and doesn't notice. “Um, yes – I mean, I just needed a little rest, and Meiling's lap was here, so...”

You give him a reassuring smile, although you're not quite sure what he's so flustered about, considering how many times he's slept with Meiling. “It's alright. Seems like this little orgy is about over now. Would you like to have sex with Reisen before she leaves? You can say no, of course, but I'm sure it would mean a lot to her. Interested?”

“Um...” He pauses for a few seconds to think it over. You don't want to pressure him too much, but you definitely want him to bang her. Given his distaste towards her cock, you think that having sex with a futa now will help him in the long run. Especially since there will be two futas living here starting tomorrow morning. “Yeah, I'll do it, for you. I mean, she is a beautiful woman, but...” He doesn't finish his sentence, although you're sure you know what he meant. You extend your hand and help him stand up, then walk towards Reisen.

Reisen is sitting on the floor now, rather than lying on top of it. Her relaxed posture gives you the impression that she's still tired, but not completely exhausted. Her cock is mostly hidden between her legs and isn't prominently on display.

“Hey, are you ready for another round? Kiyoshi would like to fuck you now, if possible.”

“Of course, “she answers cheerfully. “I'm always prepared for sex.”

“Ah, one more thing. Could you do it doggy style?”

“Hmm?” She looks puzzled for a second at your request, but isn't bothered by it. “Sure, that's not a problem. Just a second.” Reisen crawls forward and gets on her hands and knees, then sticks her ass high up into the air for Kiyoshi. Every part of her rear is on full display in this position; her fluffy tail nicely complements her shapely ass, and her pussy is soaked from the night's activities. She's sticking her ass up high enough to make her cock visible as well, which is somewhat unfortunate, but it won't matter once he actually enters her.

Kiyoshi knows better than to keep a lady waiting. He places both hands on her hips and drives his cock into her soaked cunt without hesitation. Reisen moans contentedly as his thick cock thrusts into her pussy with rapid motions. Even though it's late in this evening of debauchery, Kiyoshi's movements are swift and he shows no signs of fatigue. Each thrust sends the sound of flesh slapping together echoing throughout the room and causes her massive tits to sway back and forth. Her cock also bounces up and down, but that fortunately remains hidden to Kiyoshi. You'd love to get underneath her and stroke her cock or take it into your mouth, but that would just draw attention towards it. It'll be easier for Kiyoshi to concentrate this way.

Reisen shakes her hips back and forth to match Kiyoshi's rhythm, driving his cock deeper inside of her. Come to think of it, she never did take that vibrator out of her pussy. It must still be in there, vibrating constantly even as a thick cock repeatedly enters and exits her hole. You wonder how that feels, as Kiyoshi must be touching it with his tip as he fills her. He hasn't said anything in complaint, so it probably feels good. Makes you wish you owned a few of those; you've never thought of using them during sex before. But Kourindou is the only place that would have such things, and Rinnosuke is one of many people that you don't want to run into during your pregnancy. Oh well.

The two of them moan lustfully as Kiyoshi continues to pound her cunt. They've been at it for only about four minutes now, but they both already appear to be at their limit. Kiyoshi leans forward without interrupting his thrusts and cups her right breast with one hand, leaving the other on her hip. He gives it a few squeezes and runs his fingers along her skin, savoring the weight and softness of her massive tit.

After less than a minute, the two of them cum together, both crying out loudly as Kiyoshi's throbbing cock fills Reisen's pussy with a thick load of semen. Reisen joins in with Kiyoshi's cries of pleasure, but despite throbbing violently, her cock doesn't ejaculate during her orgasm. Some semen spills out of her entrance and runs down her legs from the sheer volume of his ejaculate. Kiyoshi pulls his cock out of her shortly before he finishes ejaculating, and shoots the last few globs onto her shapely ass. He's panting after the orgasm, but remains standing over Reisen, as if admiring his work in filling her with cum.

“Did you want to go again?” Reisen doesn't waste any time before inviting him again. She looks back at him while staying on her hands and knees. “You're still nice and hard, after all. How about my ass, this time? You've already stained one of my holes a lovely white; why not the other?” She gives her ass a little wiggle to emphasize her voluptuous curves.

Kiyoshi is, of course, unable to resist her charms. He swallows once, then places his hands on her hips once again. Reisen smiles at his agreement, then faces forward in preparation. Kiyoshi runs two of his fingers along her cum and pussy juice stained slit, then presses one finger inside of her anus to help lubricate it.

“Ah, you don't need to do that!” Reisen immediately interrupts him before he even gets the first joint of his index finger inside of her. “There's no need, I mean. I'm ready. Just put your cock in my ass.” It looked like his finger went in without any difficulty, so she's probably right. You just hope he doesn't wind up trying that with any other girl in the future.

Kiyoshi pulls his finger out of her anus and lines his cock up with the tight hole, then pushes the tip past her entrance. He moves slow at first, but soon discovers that there is no need for such caution, and quickly fills her anus with his cock. Reisen lets out a sharp cry of pleasure as he begins to move, still slowly at first, but quickly advancing to a modest pace. His groaning gives you the impression that it is still a tight hole, but he's not having any trouble penetrating her. Must be the result of her training, or some weird Eientei-exclusive drug, or something.

Reisen balls her hands into tight fists as Kiyoshi pounds her anus. She's not moving this time, and is letting Kiyoshi do all of the work as she lies there moaning. It would seem that she really enjoys anal. Kiyoshi is enjoying her other hole as well, but not to the same extent that she is. Despite her unusual readiness, it's still a much tighter hole, and thus Kiyoshi can't move as quickly as he could with her vagina. He's still moaning, but his voice is drowned out by Reisen's as she approaches her second orgasm.

As he continues to thrust into her tight anus, Kiyoshi moves one hand to her fluffy tail and lightly touches it, not wanting to hurt the delicate-looking appendage. You tried that once, back at the first tea party you had with the denizens of the moon. It was nice and fluffy, wonderfully soft to the touch, but the slap to the face you received in turn wasn't as pleasant. Apparently it's bad manners to go and grab people's tails like that, and no amount of sake is a viable excuse. Reisen doesn't seem to mind Kiyoshi doing it though, or maybe can't even feel it over the mind numbing pleasure she's experiencing from her ass.

Kiyoshi starts to pant as he approaches his limit. Reisen still hasn't cum, despite sounding like she was right at the edge for the past two minutes. She must be waiting for Kiyoshi to give in first and fill her anus with more semen.

Not long after, Kiyoshi finally gives in and ejaculates, once again filling Reisen's body with hot cum. As if on cue, Reisen joins in, moaning much louder than before as she cums from her ass. Her cock joins in this time and ejaculates repeatedly onto the floor, creating a thick pool of her semen beneath her. Kiyoshi holds his cock inside of her until he finishes ejaculating, then slowly pulls it out of her, the tight hole not wanting to release his thick penis.

Completely spent, Kiyoshi drops down to a sitting position to rest. His cock is finally showing signs of fatigue, but is still half erect. Meiling's conditioning is certainly impressive. Reisen stays in the same position for a few seconds longer, then rolls around onto her back and lies still to rest.

Looks like the orgy is over now. The fairies have all recovered, but none of them look especially interested in getting laid again. You're fairly tired yourself, so you'd like to just rest for a while. It's actually still very early into the night, so it's way too soon to go to bed, but you do want a break before you have to clean this mess up.

Reisen gets up off the floor after a minute, looking fully rejuvenated. She walks over to Kiyoshi and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. “You were fantastic,” she says, then stands up straight and walks towards you. “Well, looks like it's time for me to leave. Thank you for inviting me over; I had a great time tonight.”

“You're welcome, Reisen. Feel free to come by any time, I'd love to play with you some more. Let's get dressed, and I'll walk you to the door.” The two of you pick your clothes up off the floor and put them back on. Reisen finishes first, as she just has her shirt and skirt and no underwear to worry about. Once you're done as well, you walk her to the entrance to the shrine and hold the door open for her.

She gives you a goodbye kiss on the lips and places her hand on your left breast, giving it a couple of quick squeezes. “Thanks again, Reimu. Enjoy your medicine.” With that, she steps outside and walks off into the night.

Now to have a little chat with Nikkou about how to take care of her clothes.
2013/11/15 (Fri) 10:29 No. 33117
Not bad.
Needed Reimu dp and a more dominant Reisen, though.
2013/11/15 (Fri) 13:27 No. 33118
Liked it. Keep up the good work.
2013/11/15 (Fri) 15:02 No. 33119
Liked it as well.
2013/11/18 (Mon) 21:29 No. 33134
Writing now.

This update and the next will actually have choices!

In unrelated news, I started on another short. This one probably won't take a year to finish. I'll post it in SCD and link it here when I'm done.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 03:55 No. 33143
Any info on which character your short is going to have?
2013/11/20 (Wed) 04:13 No. 33144
Well, it isn't long and I'm somewhere around halfway done. I'm going to leave votes open for the entire week, which'll give me time to work on it.

So no, I won't spoil. It'll probably be done this week, so it's not going to be a long wait regardless.

However I will say that it is not Reimu or Koakuma centric. It's also nothing like Checking out the Librarian in content.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 04:56 No. 33145
You wake up to what feels like one of the fairies sleeping on your chest. Upon sitting upright you discover that although Seijou was indeed sleeping on top of you and Kiyoshi, that's not the problem. It's your boobs; they've grown again, and by a lot this time. Yesterday morning they were bigger than your head. Now they're each bigger than a watermelon. And there's still five days to go until you expect to give birth.

This is going to be a problem.

Your stomach is similarly advanced, but at least not ridiculously so. You've only been around a handful of pregnant women in the village, so your estimation isn't perfect, but you think you appear to be about five months pregnant. There's absolutely no way to hide the bulge now, meaning that you won't be able to go outside the shrine grounds. You can't risk people finding out that you're pregnant.

You scoot out from underneath Seijou's naked body and try to stand up. The extra weight on your front has been throwing off your sense of balance for a while, but you've been able to compensate. It's more difficult today, with the rapid change in weight distribution, however you should be able to manage. For how long, you can't say – it's definitely going to become problematic soon if you don't do something about this. Poor Meiling probably has it even worse, since her tits are naturally bigger than yours.

And now you're hungry. Probably because all the food from dinner went straight to your boobs. No one else is up this early in the morning; a quick look outside confirms that it is about two hours before you usually get up, and the sun is still low on the horizon. Maybe you'll do the cooking today. That'll let you eat sooner.

Moving slowly, both to avoid waking anyone else and to help keep your body steady, you make your way to the kitchen and start to look over your ingredients. You'll want something big and filling, since Meiling will probably be starved as well, but it should also be simple since you'll be working alone. You pick up an apron and tie it around your back; your boobs are too big to be fully covered, but it's still better than cooking naked.

An hour passes as you prepare the various dishes and wait for people to wake up. Eri is the first to show up, lured in by the smell of the food, and walks into the kitchen naked.

“Mornin'. You're cooking today?”

“Yep. Are the other girls awake yet?”

“Nope. Or at least not up. When's the food going to be ready?”

“Ten minutes or so. Just relax for a while. Oh, but could you wake everyone up when the food is ready? Thanks.” Eri agrees, then goes to sit down in front of the dining room table and wait for you to finish cooking. Just about everything is finished, although the rice needs to sit a bit longer, and you still need to wash and cut the vegetables.

Tsuyo and Nikkou come in about five minutes later, both of them naked as well. You probably should've picked up some (sexy) sleepwear for the girls, but this is nice too. Seijou, Meiling, and Kiyoshi are still in your room, so you get Nikkou to fetch them. It only takes her a moment to return with your other guests. Seijou is naked like the rest of the fairies, but Kiyoshi and Meiling are actually dressed. As expected, Meiling's tits have grown just as much as yours, although her dress does a better job of containing them than your clothes probably will. They actually look to be the same size as yours now, although you're sure they're at least a little bit larger. Her dress fully covers them, so all you have to go on is the massive bulge in her chest.

Breakfast is served. You made tons of rice, and it's a good thing too, as Meiling is even hungrier than you are. You start off with some of the omelettes and slowly drink your tea.

Kiyoshi speaks up after you finish sipping your miso soup. “So, Reimu. Um, I notice that you look, well, bigger.”

“Ahahaha, yeah.” You laugh nervously, not expecting him to be so direct. The apron partially masks the swell in your belly, but your massive tits are on full display. “I have, haven't I? It's all cause I'm pregnant. My tits just keep getting bigger, and my belly, too!” You stand up and lift your apron a bit to reveal the prominent bulge in your stomach. Kiyoshi glances away, probably regretting the conversation topic he brought up, while the fairies stop eating and crowd around you to get a better look.

“Can I touch it?” Nikkou asks, her hand outstretched but stopped right in front of your stomach.

“Sure. Just be gentle.” After you tell her it's alright, Nikkou carefully touches your stomach while the other girls look on with interest. After a few seconds she moves her hand to a different spot, then another.

“It's not doing anything, Reimu.” Is it supposed to? It's not like you have a human baby in there that can kick. The father doesn't even have legs in the first place.

“Well, I'm still early on, so maybe later? Try again in three days, I guess.”

“Oh. Okay, then.” Nikkou withdraws her hand, disappointed. Has she even ever seen a regular pregnancy? You might have to have a little talk with them about how this is going to work.

“When's the baby due?” Tsuyo asks. “Your stomach's growing kinda fast, isn't it?”

“Yeah, it is. My pregnancy is, well, a little complicated. Same with Meiling. That's why our tits are so huge and full of milk. As for the due date, we should both give birth about five days from now. That's the estimate I was given.” You have no idea how good vampires are at predicting such things, but it's all you have to go on.

“Oh. Huh.” The girls lose interest in your pregnancy quickly, finding their food to be significantly more important. Which is a good idea, as you're still hungry as well.

You finish eating a few minutes after the others. Only Meiling is still eating, with everyone else waiting to leave until she's finished. With everyone here, this might be a good opportunity to talk about your tits. Presumably, they're filling up with milk in anticipation of when you give birth. If that's the case, then you should be able to limit or even reverse the massive increase in size by having everyone here milk you frequently. But you aren't sure if you want that.

The big problem is that it's already getting harder to walk, and your tits are probably just going to keep growing. You don't think you'd have any trouble providing milk for your children normally, but your body seems to disagree. Hmm, what to do...?

[ ] Have the girls and Kiyoshi milk you to reduce the size of your tits. They're already ridiculously big.
[ ] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 04:59 No. 33146
[x] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting.

I doubt the writer would visit this area again... so why not enjoy having one of the biggest pairs of tits in Gensokyo? It'd be a nice last hurrah to the side arch that gave Reimu such a nice boost to her bust for most of the story.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 07:37 No. 33151
[x] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting.
-[x] But let the fairies and Kiyoshi take their fill.

Compromise vote. There will likely be way more milk than they can comfortably drink anyway.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 09:07 No. 33153
[x] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting.

I have to wonder what Kiyoshi will think about the babies? Yes I know he already got Reimu's talk about it, but seeing and hearing are two different things.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 09:38 No. 33154
[X] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 13:12 No. 33156
If he's anything other than completely disgusted, I will be shocked.
2013/11/20 (Wed) 17:47 No. 33164
I'd be shocked too if it was anything other than disgust. Still I hope it doesn't affect his relationship with Reimu negatively. I don't want to see him turn into an asshole or something.
2013/11/21 (Thu) 09:34 No. 33167
[x] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting.
-[x] But let the fairies and Kiyoshi take their fill.
There's plenty to go around, so long as they don't get greedy.

Good to see Kiyoshi getting a bit more confident, but that part from Reimu was a bit weird. She hasn't really shown any embarrassment over anything else, yet.
2013/11/25 (Mon) 19:31 No. 33253
Calling it for
[x] Don't do anything. Your babies need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting. I'm counting the subvote as a given.

The short's done and proofread, I just need to apply all of the changes. And there are a lot of them. I'm probably going to write this update first before concentrating on finishing it, so it'll be a little bit longer. I think this update'll be relatively short, though.

>She hasn't really shown any embarrassment over anything else
I was aiming for more of a "God dammit I was hoping he wouldn't ask me that he's not going to like the answer. ...Yep, he didn't like the answer."

Yeah, I'm honestly not going to do such big ones again. Any future pregnancies, if voted for, will just be a small increase in size.
2013/11/26 (Tue) 00:47 No. 33256
>small increase in size
2013/11/27 (Wed) 17:30 No. 33271
Maybe you just won't do anything. Your babies will need the milk, and having gigantic breasts could be interesting. Hopefully they don't get too gigantic, or you'll be forced to spend all day in bed while Kiyoshi and the fairies care for you. Actually, that sounds kinda nice.

“Have you thought of anything, Reimu?” Meiling asks. She’s finally done eating now.

“Hmm? ‘Bout what?” Cute girls in naked aprons feeding you, Kiyoshi cooking you breakfast in bed, being able to relax all day long... somehow, you doubt that's what she's talking about, though.

“About our boobs, of course. They're throwing off my center of balance. It's to be expected during a pregnancy, but everything is happening so rapidly that it's really disorienting.”

“Yeah, I know, it is weird. Well, I do think there is a solution. They're filling up with milk, right? So maybe if you just 'donate' a lot more milk, they'll get smaller.”

“Um, Reimu, I don't think that's how breasts work.”

“Yeah, well, this isn't a normal pregnancy. So trust me on this. Do you want to try it?”

“I guess,” Meiling sighs. “It's worth a try, at least. So, just get people to drink my milk?”

“I volunteer!” Tsuyo speaks up, excitedly raising her hand high.

“Me! Me!” Seijou joins her. Eri and Nikkou look interested as well, but but they aren't exactly jumping with excitement trying to get first dibs on Meiling's tits.

“Calm down, you two.” You say. “Have you looked at her boobs? They're huge! You aren't going to do anything by yourselves. Everyone is going to have to pitch in and suck on her tits.” You've had people drinking your milk and it never did anything to make them feel smaller, just less swollen. No amount of casual drinking is going to noticeably reduce the size of her breasts.

“Um, just how much were you planning on having them drink?”

“A lot. I think someone'll need to suckle you every hour or so.” That should give the girls time to become hungry again. You aren't an expert on fairies, but you know they don't need to eat. So maybe they can't really become full, either. “Well, if we actually do manage to drink you dry, we'll know what your limit is. We just need to find out how much to drink to stop your breasts from growing any more. Sound good?”

“Makes as much sense as anything else these days. We should get started right away, then?” Meiling stands up and unfastens the clasps on her vest, then takes off the white blouse underneath. Her huge tits pop out immediately, as she was understandably not wearing any kind of bra. Tsuyo and Seijou get on either side of her, anxiously awaiting their morning taste of breast milk. She takes a step away from the table and squats down, bringing her tits in reach of the two hungry girls. Each fairy grabs a breast, takes the nipple into her mouth, and begins sucking her milk.

Meiling purrs contentedly as the milk starts to flow from her breasts. Given how much they grew overnight, they're probably really sore, so having the girls relieve her must feel extra nice. You kinda want to join Meiling, but you've already decided to keep yours huge, so you don't want to give away too much. Tsuyo suckles more aggressively, sending a trail of milk running down her chin, while Seijou drinks at a more relaxed pace. Meiling wraps her arms around the two girls, holding them close to her magnificent tits. She's breathing pretty heavily already, even if she isn't outright moaning. It looks like she's going to need another form of relief once this is done. You hope she's willing to wait a few hours first.

Tsuyo finishes first and stops suckling, signaling Meiling to release her, then gestures for Eri to take her place. Everyone else is watching Meiling with rapt attention, and Eri is more than happy to take her friend's place. Tsuyo walks away and sits back at the table to watch them, wiping the excess milk off her face and licking it from her hand. Eri matches Seijou's relaxed pace, and Meiling and the two fairies stand there, quietly enjoying each other's warmth.

Seijou stops after another minute and lets Nikkou have her turn. Nikkou is more aggressive than her predecessor; in addition to hungrily sucking on Meiling's nipple, she also caresses Meiling's tit with one hand, running her fingers all along Meiling's smooth skin. The added stimulation breaks Meiling's composure, and she finally starts to moan softly from the pleasure coming from her sensitive tits. Meiling reaches her hand around Nikkou's back and cups the fairy's ass, lighting caressing it in return for the treatment her tit is receiving. Nikkou purrs as she suckles Meiling's milk, enjoying the feeling of Meiling's strong hand against her small ass.

The three of them stay like that for another six minutes before Eri reaches her limit. Actually, judging by the amount of milk coating her lips and her dazed expression, you think she went past her limit. She releases Meiling’s breast and returns to the table, leaving it vacant for a brief moment. If Kiyoshi isn't going to jump on it, then you'll just take it for yourself!

You walk up to Meiling and crouch down to her succulent nipple. Nikkou finishes just as you close your lips around the pink nub, then walks away to leave an open spot once again. Sweet milk flows into your mouth as you suckle, eliciting more soft moans from Meiling. The poor girl must be feeling really horny by now, but she isn't in a good position to be relieved without interfering with the breast sucking. Kiyoshi joins you about half a minute after you begin, preventing you from having to nurse from both her tits at once.

Her milk is delicious, as always. Even with two people drinking from this breast before you, there's still a seemingly unlimited supply in the giant mound. It doesn't feel any smaller, but a single session is too early to know for certain. In any event, her milk is delicious. Even if this suckling doesn't accomplish anything, you'll still getting a lot of milk out of it.

You pause after just a minute of drinking. You're nowhere near full, but you imagine Meiling could use a break. “Feeling any lighter now?”

“Not really, no. Although it is hard to tell for certain.”

“Thought as much. Wanna stop for a bit? We still have pills to distribute, after all.”

Meiling's eyes light up once she realizes what you're talking about. “Of course! I forgot about those. Yeah, let's.”

Kiyoshi is still drinking as you speak with her. No point in stopping him. “Well, let him finish, I guess. I'll go get the pills.” You stand up and walk towards the table you set the medicine down on last night. Kiyoshi stays with Meiling, quietly enjoying her breasts.

You have exactly enough pills to give cocks to two girls for the entire duration of their stay. Who should get them?

Pick two girls:
[ ] Nikkou.
[ ] Tsuyo.
[ ] Eri.
[ ] Seijou.


[ ] Let the fairies decide themselves.

(Meiling and Reimu are not options)
2013/11/27 (Wed) 17:56 No. 33272
[x] Eri.
[x] Seijou.
2013/11/27 (Wed) 18:28 No. 33273
[X] Nikkou.
[X] Tsuyo.

Give them to the slutty blonde and the quiet lesbian.
2013/11/27 (Wed) 22:00 No. 33275
[x] Let the fairies decide themselves.

You're all jerks. Nikkou seems to like Kiyoshi somewhat, too, making him less attracted to her is a dick move.
2013/11/27 (Wed) 22:39 No. 33277
Guy who posted >>33276

Part of me wants to see another "fairy reverse-gangbang" with Kiyoshi like that shown in >>30969
2013/11/27 (Wed) 23:02 No. 33278
>dick move
I agree, but beyond that I don't even remember which fairy is which.
2013/11/27 (Wed) 23:25 No. 33279
I'll repost their descriptions, not that I ever reference them, ever.

Her body is very nice too; she's rather large for a fairy, only about a head shorter than you with long, blonde hair that goes all the way down to her firm butt. A delectable set of soft pink nipples adorn her modest breasts, almost perfectly centered on her small areola.

tl;dr: tall blonde slut

This girl has shoulder length black hair and a petite build. You can just barely see the sides of her small breasts; she's not quite flat, but just by a little

tl;dr: flat petite lesbian slut

is only slightly more mature looking and has short green hair. Her hips are slightly wider but still slender. She has a fair amount of meat on her, including decent sized tits that would still fit in your hand, but she's still a far cry from plump.

tl;dr: introverted bisexual slut

A relatively tall fairy ... Her long brown hair is arranged in a ponytail that still goes down to her butt. She has an average build, save for her height, but is sporting a very impressive pair of tits

tl;dr: tall titty monster slut
2013/11/28 (Thu) 00:53 No. 33280
[x] Tsuyo.
[x] Eri.

They like each other. Futa on futa, yes.
2013/11/28 (Thu) 00:57 No. 33281
[x] Tsuyo.
[x] Eri.

This seems like the most logical decision.
2013/11/28 (Thu) 01:35 No. 33282
[x] Tsuyo.
[x] Eri.

Yeah considering Nikkou seems to like Kiyoshi somewhat, it'd be kinda sad to see her become less attractive to Kiyoshi. Honestly I'd think Tsuyo and Eri would probably be the ones to enjoy being futas the most considering how into each other they are, though considering how much fun they had with Kiyoshi in the first orgy, and during the later orgy with Reisen, they're definitely bisexual.

Other than at the Kiyoshi-fairy orgy when Reimu came back from the SDM, has Seijou fucked Kiyoshi?
2013/11/28 (Thu) 02:00 No. 33284
[x] Tsuyo.
[x] Eri.

Seijou already has a nice rack so it'd be counter productive to give her dick when other fairies could use it better (and on her to boot)

there was her getting DP'd though there's been no cases of fairy paizuri.
2013/11/28 (Thu) 02:44 No. 33285
2013/11/28 (Thu) 02:48 No. 33286
Double Penetration'd
2013/11/28 (Thu) 03:00 No. 33287

[x] Tsuyo.
[x] Eri.
2013/12/02 (Mon) 04:33 No. 33327
And it's done. >>33325

This short is heavily inspired by the doujin Nemurii by Fukutsuu Okosu. Including this guy here.

As I said before, don't expect something as vanilla/romantic as Checking out the Librarian. The doujin's plot should give a good idea of what to expect, althouugh it is obviously not exactly the same.

It's my first time writing in third person, so the narration and especially sex might be a little awkward. Especially since I do switch "perspective" a few times.
2013/12/02 (Mon) 05:29 No. 33329
So Depressing Rape and Mindcontrol?
2013/12/02 (Mon) 08:28 No. 33332
That's why the first part of the story felt familiar. I thought someone was literally just copying what the doujin had said when I first read what was posted.

Though the endings were certainly different!
2013/12/02 (Mon) 20:55 No. 33342
Calling it for Tsuyo and Eri growing dicks
2013/12/07 (Sat) 05:16 No. 33413
“Hey Tsuyo, Eri, how would you like to become futas? I have just enough pills for two people. Unless you object, of course.” They seem close, so they'd probably be the best candidates.

“Awww, you're choosing them?” Nikkou grumbles. “I wanted to grow a dick!”

“Yep, sorry. But look on the bright side: you'll have one more penis to play with than if you were chosen.”

Nikkou stops to think it over, seemingly swayed by your argument. “Wait,” Tsuyo interjects, “But doesn't that mean we're being punished then? Since we're losing out on that extra penis?”

“No, because you'll have the extra penis. So it all evens out, right?”

“I... guess?” That placates her as well. “So, basically, it doesn't even matter who gets picked. No matter what, everyone gets two more dicks.”

“Yeah, pretty much.” The only person that loses out is Kiyoshi, as he's probably going to be less inclined to have sex with Tsuyo or Eri now. On the other hand, you doubt the fairies will mind, and there'll still be other pussies eager for his cock. Like yours, for example. “So, no objections?”

No one says anything, so you open up the bottle of pills and carefully slide two of them out. They're surprisingly small, especially considering how damn expensive they were. Each is a little bit smaller than the tip of your index finger, shaped like nondescript white ovals with rounded corners and flat tops and bottoms. There's absolutely no indication on them of what they're supposed to do.

Hmm, you should probably keep them someplace safe, where only you can access them. The fairies probably won't do anything bad, but you still want to be certain. No sense in taking risks with stuff like this.

You hand one pill each to Tsuyo and Eri and they both pop it into their mouth, swallowing without any difficulty. Nothing seems to have happened, even after waiting a minute in silence.

“Well? Feel any different?”

“No,” Tsuyo responds. “Should we?”

“I dunno. She said it'd take an hour or two. I wasn't sure if it'd just take that long to be ready, or what.” It's probably all detailed in that instruction booklet, but you can't be bothered to actually read that. The girls already took the pills, so you'll find out how they work soon enough. “Well, let me know when they're ready. I'd like to be the first to try them out, if you don't mind.”

You excuse yourself and head back to your room, going out of your way to pick up the ejaculation pills as well. Once inside, you pull out the metal box you keep protected with a barrier and drop both pill bottles inside. No one else will be able to touch them like this.

Now you just need to get dressed. None of your clothes fit anymore, but you think you can make some quick alterations. Your boobs are be the only issue; your uniforms should all be loose enough around the stomach for that to not pose any problem. So, if you just take two or three of your uniforms and cut out the area around the chest, then you'll be able to wear shirts again. It'll definitely be better than going completely nude, and having breastless clothing could be useful in the future anyway.

First, you need to figure out how to do this. You search your room for a good knife, then lay out one of your shirts on a table. You'll obviously need to cut out all the fabric around your boobs, and extend that new area up to the collar. There's no way you'd just make a titwindow, or anything similarly hideous. And with how much fabric you're cutting off, maybe you should also cut up the yoke and turn it into straps. Your shirts are already all sleeveless, so it shouldn't be too big of a change.

Yes, this should work nicely. You run the alterations through your mind one more time, then grab the knife and sink it into the fabric once you're certain. Your clothes are all fairly durable, but no match for the sharp edge slicing through them. You move slowly, careful to not cut any more than is necessary, and redesign your shirt. First, you cut a deep valley into the collar to make room for your breasts. Next is the yoke, which you transform into straps. And finally a swallower cut into the back, enough to keep your shoulders free without going as far as the front.

The job is complete after a little under ten minutes, and you hold up the shirt to the sunlight to inspect it. Not bad at all, especially considering the tools used. You can't remember ever needing to cut fabric before, and a knife isn't the best tool either. Nonetheless your steady hands made the best of the situation. The blade didn't stray too far from your design, and while there are a few knicks in the fabric around where you cut, they shouldn't be visible unless something gets really close and looks for them. And considering that your huge tits will be on full display, everyone will be sufficiently distracted to not notice any imperfections in the shirt while you're wearing it. Still, it's not perfect, and your shirts weren't designed to be modified like this. You'll just have to have Alice fix it up a bit, or even make you new breastless clothes from scratch – after everything is over, of course.

The final test, of course, is actually wearing it. You lift your “new” shirt over your head and pull it down. The size of your boobs still makes it difficult to get it on, but it stretches well enough. Once fully on, you lift up each breast to pull them out of your shirt and out into the open, removing the strain from the fabric. Perfect! Then the only thing that's left for completeness sake is your skirt, which fits without issue. All of your bizarre body changes seem to be restricted to your upper body.

Pleased with the results, you grab two more of your shirts and give them similar treatment. It's even easier the second and third time, making the job go by even quicker. You still have over a dozen unmangled shirts, so even if this doesn't end up working out you still have plenty of shirts to wear when your boobs go back to normal.

Hmm, what to do now? It only took about half an hour to alter your shirts.

...Maybe you'll just take a nap.

Yeah. A nap sounds good.

You climb on top of the futon and pull the blanket over you. Good thing no one bothered to put it away this morning.


“-ere? Reimu?” A voice outside your room wakes you from your slumber. The sound is muffled by the closed door, and you think you missed some of it while you were asleep. “Reimu?” Oh. It's Nikkou.

“Huh? Yeah. Yeah, I'm here. What's up?”

“Oh, were you sleeping? Sorry. Anyway, Tsuyo and Eri are erect now.”

That wakes you up right away. You hop off the futon and slide open the door, where you find the blonde fairy fully dressed and staring directly at your boobs. Oh yeah.

“Nice outfit.”

“Thanks,” you say, grinning. The two of you start walking back towards the dining room, chatting along the way. “Made a few changes before my nap. Anyway, penises? I like penises. How're they doing with their new appendage?”

“They're thrilled, of course. They haven't actually done anything yet, since they're waiting for you. But they're still excited.”

You step into the dining room and find everyone still there. Meiling is sitting down on the floor with Seijou and Kiyoshi suckling her exposed breasts. Tsuyo and Eri are standing close to each other, facing away from as they watch Seijou and Kiyoshi enjoy themselves. They're wearing shirts now, but not their skirts, and you can see just the tip of Eri's erect cock. Presumably Tsuyo is erect too, but you can't see anything from this angle. None of them have noticed you, as they're all too fixated on the breast sucking.

Might as well take advantage of the situation, then. You sneak up on the two new futa girls while walking on your tiptoes – mostly so that Nikkou knows what you're doing, rather than to actually avoid making noise. No one notices you until you strike, wrapping your hands around the girls' cocks from behind. Both girls let out a sultry moan as you give them a few strokes and examine their new dicks.

Seems like Eri is a good deal bigger than her friend. Her cock appears to be an impressive eight inches long, and is nice and thick as well. Tsuyo's is shorter, only about five inches long. It's pretty thick for its size, though – only a little bit thinner than Eri's, so it'll still feel real nice inside of you.

Of course, size isn't everything. It's equally important to know that they'll work properly. The girls' moans make it clear that it's just as pleasurable as the real thing. Reisen made it sound like they can cum just fine, but you'd like to see it for yourself.

“So? How does it feel, girls? Enjoying your new appendage?”

“Ahn! Reimu!” Tsuyo manages to say your name between her moans as you lightly run your hand along the base of her cock.

“Yes! It feels amazing! Please... ahh... more! More!” Eri practically melts under your touch as you give her the same treatment. In addition to being bigger, it seems that her shaft is more sensitive as well.

“Of course. Turn around, girls. I'll give you more than just my hands.” You lick your lips in anticipation; they can't see it with their backs to you, but the faint sound of your tongue quickly running over your lips is more than enough to let them know what you have planned. They both turn around and get as close as they can as soon as you release them.

Now you can actually see their new penises. They look... exactly like real penises. The only difference from a man's body is where the penis is connected to their body; both girls have it is just above the clit, leaving their female sexual organs untouched. There's not really anything to suggest that these girls weren't simply created as futanaris. Both girls are slightly damp, as their excitement carries over to their pussies.

You wrap your fingers around Eri's massive cock and take Tsuyo's into your mouth. Both girls moan at the sudden pleasure from their new organs. They're quivering in place, barely able to stand as they experience what it's like to be on the receiving end for a change. You'll just have to move slowly, then, and drag it out. You run your tongue along Tsuyo's shaft while you trace your fingers along Eri's underside. The taste of Tsuyo's cock is actually fairly unsettling, mainly because there it's almost non-existent. There's a tiny bit of precum leaking out already, but that's it. No sweat, no musk, none of the taste or smell normally associated with a delicious cock. It could just be because they're brand new, so hopefully they'll be fine later on.

Tsuyo's enjoying herself, at least. Her cock twitches in your mouth, and it feels like she's going to cum already from your light tonguework. Time to switch. You back away from Tsuyo and lightly grasp her moistened cock with your other hand, but you keep it still to avoid stimulating her any further. Then you take Eri's huge cock down to the back of your mouth. Hers is long enough that you can leave your hand on her base and still get a nice mouthful. Unfortunately, it does have the same lack of flavor as Tsuyo's, save for a small bit of precum on the tip.

Eri feels like she's getting close as well. You had planned on dragging this out, to let them savor the feeling of having a cock, but at this point you've lost interest. Maybe they'll taste better in a few hours. You switch back to Tsuyo's cock, but continuing to stroke Eri's with your hand. Tsuyo moans as soon as the tip of your tongue flicks against her frenulum; Her cock starts to throb in your mouth, and she cums after just a few seconds of your simple licking. She shoots out a few globs of semen into your mouth, which fortunately taste nice and salty, then stops after the fourth shot. Probably another consequence of it being new, as her shaft continues to twitch and throb as if it had more to give.

You turn your attention towards Eri, and she cums before you can even open your mouth. Her ejaculation is the same as Tsuyo's: she lets out six thick globs, all of which land on your face, and then her penis continues to twitch without actually letting anything out. Eri stumbles in place for a moment during her orgasm, but barely manages to catch herself with her left leg before falling over. However, she then drops to the floor anyway a few seconds later, panting from the unfamiliar pleasure.

“Um, are you okay?” She dropped pretty quickly, although you think she was in control. Still a good idea to check.

“Yeah... It was just really good, Reimu. Um, just give me a few minutes to rest.”

Well, you were planning on giving them longer than that. Hopefully waiting an hour or two will help make the cocks more delectable. They haven't taken the semen pills either, which should help with the ejaculations. You wipe the semen off your face and lick it from your hand. All in all, they're still pretty good cocks, though. The semen is nice and salty, and the taste issues won't matter if they're inside of your pussy. You'll have to give them another try later today.
2013/12/07 (Sat) 14:32 No. 33417
>Anyway, penises? I like penises.
Yay dicks.
2013/12/08 (Sun) 15:37 No. 33443
I should find that doujin where Sanae is asking Suwako "how long until we get to the dicks?"
2013/12/08 (Sun) 16:33 No. 33444
2013/12/08 (Sun) 17:56 No. 33446

That's the one. It seems I have underestimated you Anon. Good show, sir
2013/12/12 (Thu) 03:01 No. 33497
Okay, so.

I'm probably not going to update before I leave for Christmas. It's possible that I'll post something before then, or even while I'm at my parents' house, but I wouldn't count on it.

With that said, there is one thing I want to bring up now. After the pregnancy is over, there would be another "Where should Reimu visit next?" vote. One of the options would involve completing Kiyoshi's arc - by having him confess to his love interest and, depending on her response, potentially being removed from the story.

I don't think this part would take very long at all; mostly just setup, final preparations, and then the big moment. So, I'll hold a pre-emptive vote: should I railroad the next "hub" vote to automatically go for Kiyoshi?

[ ] Yes, do it.
[ ] No, hold a vote like normal.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 03:05 No. 33498
[x] Yes, do it.

He's been around for a while now. Let's give him some closure.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 03:24 No. 33499
[x] Yes, do it.

I want to see how this ends up, though is Seijou going to get paizuri lessons before she returns to the mansion?
2013/12/12 (Thu) 03:25 No. 33500
[X] No, hold a vote like normal.

Honestly I'd rather let votes come in first. At least then there'd be no accusations of railroading or whatever.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 03:33 No. 33503
people rage about railroading when you give the illusion of choice but to have basically the same thing happen no matter what.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 05:18 No. 33504
[x] Yes, do it.

That sounds good. Best to finish up one arc before moving on to the next. I'd vote for this option anyway.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 07:54 No. 33508
[x] Yes, do it.
Pretty understandable if you feel like you need more time to prep for it.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 16:18 No. 33513
[x] Yes, do it.

If he confesses to Raymoo I'm voting for him to fuck off.
2013/12/12 (Thu) 20:38 No. 33514
It's been mentioned before that his crush is on someone else. A canon Touhou character, but who has not been mentioned yet.
2013/12/13 (Fri) 00:21 No. 33518
[ ] Yes, do it.
2013/12/13 (Fri) 00:39 No. 33520

If he still confesses to Reimu after all he's seen, I'd be impressed as most guys would not persue a girl after it's clear that she's an uberslut that has fucked some animals.
2013/12/13 (Fri) 00:47 No. 33522
Wouldn't it be easier though if you've been fucking said girl though, knowing that she's done it with animals?
2013/12/13 (Fri) 13:32 No. 33526
Okay, word of god time.

-Kiyoshi's crush is a "canonical named touhou character". This obviously includes anyone introduced in-game, in manga, and also touhous without official names that have been named by fans (Koakuma, Daiyousei, Tokiko). I am not going to include any kind of OC or background character, e.g. EoSD death fairies or anything ("Surprise! It was Seijou all along!"). PC-98 characters are eligible.
-Kiyoshi's crush is female. Some girls are natural futanaris; they're still eligible. They can make it disappear at will or whatever
-Everyone else is fair game. It could be someone that has been introduced, it could be someone that hasn't yet been introduced, and it could be someone I wasn't planning on introducing except as his crush (Ever notice that Suika isn't around the shrine? Me neither).
-Kiyoshi's crush is someone that he's seen before. Probably because they took a trip to the village or anything similar. This doesn't exclude many people though; there's no chance he could've ever seen the Watatsukis, but even though Koakuma (for example) spends most of her time in the library, she could've gone out into the village for an errand and Kiyoshi became stricken with her charm and beauty.
-It's not Meiling.

Yeah, I'll try and incorporate that at some point. Maybe tomorrow in story time.

Well, it's not like he knows how much she's done it with monsters. Just the slimegirl and the manta that impregnated her. He probably should be a lot more disgusted by her actions, but writing people is tough and all.

...I have no idea how I'm actually going to handle his reaction to the actual birth. Fuck.

The votes are mostly in favor of the railroading, but I'm going to leave this open until I finally get around to updating.
2013/12/13 (Fri) 15:00 No. 33528
>...I have no idea how I'm actually going to handle his reaction to the actual birth. Fuck.
Lalalalalalala this isn't happening I'll just be over here, fucking fairies to take my mind off it
Now let us never speak of this again.

>Um, can I ask you something?
>Yes, what is it?
>(Huh, where'd this guy come from?)
>Please hypnotise me.

Something like that.
2013/12/13 (Fri) 15:03 No. 33529
It's actually part of a pool of similar images. That one is translated, but none of the others are. Also, it's him saying "Please let me hypnotize you", not "Please hypnotize me"

2013/12/13 (Fri) 16:33 No. 33531
I fail moon grammar again.
2013/12/13 (Fri) 22:58 No. 33535
>...I have no idea how I'm actually going to handle his reaction to the actual birth. Fuck.
Totally believable for him to just go 'nope, too much, can't deal with it' and just fuck off BEFORE the birth.
2013/12/14 (Sat) 01:48 No. 33543
>...I have no idea how I'm actually going to handle his reaction to the actual birth. Fuck.

Just don't turn him into an asshole or something because of it.
2013/12/14 (Sat) 04:19 No. 33547
Honesty it's probably best if Reimu sends him away on the last day.
2013/12/14 (Sat) 04:39 No. 33548
No, he's going to stick around. The alternative would be boring.

There was already a vote for that, way back in >>28219. Although I didn't actually offer one for "I'm going to give birth now, please go home for 24 hours. Thank you.", I'm still using that to mean that he should stick around.

I won't. I don't know what I will do, but it won't involve any kind of major freakouts or anything like that.

He's at least partially getting used to Reimu's insanity. I'll have to remember to throw in a bonding scene or something. Encouraging him to feel her belly and all.
2013/12/15 (Sun) 07:47 No. 33550
Hey regarding the baby(ies), will some form of monster girl come out?
2013/12/15 (Sun) 18:54 No. 33553
No, they're just pretty much be exactly the same as the manta ray. It laid eggs in her and fertilized them itself, so honestly Reimu and Meiling are just surrogate mothers.

I had considered the possibility of monster girls in the future, but I think that'll just cause problems. So yeah, don't expect any of those being born.
2013/12/15 (Sun) 22:02 No. 33555
Wasn't the manta ray aquatic? I have this mental image of Reimu and Meiling lovingly carrying few buckets of babies back to the lake.
2013/12/15 (Sun) 22:09 No. 33556
What about some monstrous female youkai, who needs Reimu's help finding the confidence and self-respect to approach the human man she loves from afar and fuck him into submission?
Nothing as extensive as Kiyoshi has been, though. Just some assertiveness training and a bit of logic warping.
>"If you drive him mad with pleasure, he won't be able to even think about stupid things like morality!"
2013/12/15 (Sun) 23:18 No. 33557
Maybe. Monster girls are fine. I just don't want them to stick around, that's all.
2013/12/15 (Sun) 23:27 No. 33558
take that stuff to some other place, this is a touhou website.
2013/12/17 (Tue) 05:11 No. 33563
There's plenty of other named characters that would fit that area anyways. Wakasagihime, Kagerou , or Mystia are the first to come to mind and all fit the bill.
2013/12/17 (Tue) 05:33 No. 33565
I'll give you the mermaid, but werewolves are edge cases, and Mystia doesn't count at all, fantastic nails or no.
2013/12/29 (Sun) 23:00 No. 33722
fish 2hu is best 2hu
2014/01/07 (Tue) 22:24 No. 33875
Updates almost done. Won't be much longer.

Going to call it for railroading as well.
2014/01/08 (Wed) 02:06 No. 33879
2014/01/11 (Sat) 20:36 No. 33907
You lead Tsuyo and Eri back to your room about an hour after finishing lunch. Meiling is already inside, still lying on the futon after her afternoon nap. She's awake now, but is still lying on top of her futon when you enter the room. You close the door once both fairies have entered the room. They're suitably excited, as they know what you brought them here for, and their erections are visible through their short skirts. Those new cocks of theirs still go flaccid if they aren't stimulated, although they do tend to stay erect a lot longer than most normal ones.

Meiling sits up once she notices you, giving you an eyeful of her huge breasts in the process. Even though her clothes still fit, she had explained earlier, they are still uncomfortably tight, so she took them off for her nap. Her tits have shrunk noticeably compared to this morning, however – having four milking sessions in as many hours has finally had an effect, even though her supply of milk really does seem endless.

You sit down on the futon next to Meiling, while the two fairies stand on the opposite side of the room, about six feet away from you. The tip of Eri's huge cock pokes out from the hem of her skirt, while Tsuyo's is only large enough to make an impressive bulge in the fabric. Neither girl is wearing panties now that they've grown cocks, which is understandable; panties aren't really designed to hold those.

“Okay girls, ready?” They both nod enthusiastically as you address them. “Good. Show us what you've learned.”

The two of them quickly unfasten their skirts and drop them onto the ground, fully exposing their hard cocks and moist pussies. A tiny bit of precum is visible on Eri's cock, but not on Tsuyo's; presumably she has a small stain on her skirt now instead. Then they both sit down on the floor with their legs folded up and spread wide open. This way you can easily watch them work.

The girls move their hands to their cocks and pussies and immediately start masturbating in front of you. The extra set of genitals lets them pleasure themselves with both hands now: one on their cock and the other for their pussy. Eri vigorously strokes her massive shaft with her right hand and uses the left to gently rub her slit, while Tsuyo opts to thrust three fingers in and out of her dripping cunt while lightly caressing her shaft.

Their movements are a bit more experienced compared to their first session. You had only given them basic instructions on how to masturbate with their new penises, and they seem to have developed a good understanding of how to use them on their own. Not that you actually have first hand knowledge, but you've given enough handjobs to have a good idea of what feels good. They're both extremely lustful girls who will readily experiment to find what interests them best, and too much input from you would just cloud their judgment.

Not that it matters what they focus on. Right now, the goal is just to slather their shafts with semen to give them some flavor. Any sexual pleasure will cause them to ejaculate as they orgasm, whether it comes from their pussy or cock or even their ass.

Their little show is getting you understandably excited. The smell of sweat and sexual arousal filling the air, their cute little moans as they experience a new form of pleasure, the twitching of their excited cocks... it's enough to make you want to leap right onto the girls and have your way with them until they can't move. However, that'd just interfere with their masturbation training, and they do need to get a proper feel for their new organs. Instead, you reach your hand down your skirt and lightly touch your moistened slit. A jolt of electricity shoots through your body as you rub your finger against your erect clit. You let out a small moan as you slide the first finger into your wet cunt, then spread your legs wide for easier access. This way the girls will get a nice view. Your panties are covering your pussy still, but their imagination should fill in the blanks just fine.

A soft moan comes from your left. It seems that Meiling has begun masturbating as well. You turn your head to watch her for a second and discover that she is basically emulating you: light fingering, just enough to keep her excited, with her legs spread open. She's not wearing any panties and her dress has been pushed aside, so the girls can actually see Meiling's fingers slowly moving in and out of her pussy.

Tsuyo is the first to cum. A thick spurt of semen flies up into the air as she moans, too enamored with the burst of pleasure to control it, and lands on the floor between her legs. She moves her left hand from her shaft to just above her tip after the second shot lands on the floor as well. The rest of the semen hits her hand immediately and drips down onto her dick, thighs, and legs. A few seconds after the flow finally stops, Tsuyo remembers your instructions and strokes her cock again, rubbing the semen on her hand over every inch of her shaft. Her penis is extra sensitive from the orgasm and throbs violently at her touch, causing her to moan and spasm as she works. She lies back against the floor once finished and pulls her fingers out of her pussy, too tired to continue masturbating again immediately.

Eri continues stroking her cock and speeds up as she watches her friend cover herself in her own cum. Her shaft throbs with each stroke of her tiny hand over its massive girth. Her heavy breathing and flushed face make it clear that she's close to her limit, but she's been like that for the past minute or so. She's also fingering her pussy now – most likely she isn't familiar enough with her dick to please herself as much as she'd like, so she's falling back on her experience with her cunt.

Tsuyo sits up after about a minute of rest and wraps her fingers around her still erect cock. Her entire body shivers as the tips of her fingers press against the bottom of her shaft, and she moans loudly as soon as she starts to stroke it again. The cum coating her skin acts as a lubricant, making it easier for her to move her hand up and down. Nonetheless, she's still overly sensitive from orgasming once already, so she moves slowly and doesn't even return her other hand to her soaking wet pussy.

They're both putting on a good show. Eri is at the brink of orgasm, her face distorted with pleasure while she desperately works to finally reach climax. Tsuyo is still panting and flushed from her previous orgasm, but is nonetheless pleasuring herself eagerly to reach a second one. You slide a second finger into your soaked pussy and start fingering yourself quicker as well. It's not nearly enough, but it's all you have for now.

Eri ejaculates shortly after. Like with Tsuyo, her semen shoots high up into the air before she remembers your instructions and covers the tip with her right hand. The first four shots ended up on the floor, but the rest coats her hand and drips down her shaft. A few small squirts shoot out from between her fingers and fly wildly over the room, but are too small for you to see where they land. None of them hit you, though. Eri gasps for breath as her cock finally finishes cumming, then slowly uses both hands to rub her semen into her shaft. She came a lot harder than Tsuyo did, and the sheer volume makes it look like her cock is already fully covered in the thick, white goo.

The fairies still aren't ready. They need more cum slathered all over their hard cocks. So they can't fuck you yet, no matter how much you want them inside of you. No matter how much you need them. Your fingers simply aren't enough anymore.

But there is one other person in this room. Meiling is rapidly sliding two fingers in and out of her drenched cunt. Her face is flushed and she's breathing heavily as she watches the fairies masturbate, no doubt yearning to have one of those cocks buried inside of her. You're certain that she's in the same state you are, so maybe you can help each other out. Neither of you has a cock, but someone else's fingers will at least feel better than your own.

You scoot towards Meiling and reach your hand down between her toned legs. She's too fixated on masturbating to notice you until your fingers brush against her clit. She looks at you for a few seconds before she realizes what you're doing and retracts her hand. This gives you room to slide three of your fingers into her soaked cunt. She purrs as you pump them in and out of her, then returns the favor by inserting two of her long fingers inside of you.

The positioning is a little awkward, but it still feels a lot better now that Meiling's fingering you. Meiling's fingers are larger and rougher than yours, sending shivers down your spine as she wriggles them about inside of you. She moans as your fingers rapidly pump in and out of her, further exciting you. The fairies are enjoying the show as well; both are rapidly stroking their hard cocks while fingering themselves.

The two girls cum together after another minute of stroking, both of their cocks shooting huge globs of semen high up into the air. They don't even think about catching any of it, as they're too enamored with the overpowering pleasure to do anything but moan. Most of the cum lands between their legs, but plenty gets on their legs, thighs, and stomachs.

When she's almost finished, Tsuyo finally remembers your instructions and covers her tip. Eri catches on at the same time as well, but the girls only manage to collect two spurts each. Nonetheless, they rub what little they gathered all over their shafts, giving them a little extra flavor.

Both girls sit back after their cocks finish cumming, needing a bit of rest before continuing. They're too tired to masturbate again right now, even though their cocks are still hard. It'll probably be a minute or two before they're ready again, but you can't wait that long. Twice is enough, right?

You lie back flat on the futon, moving out of Meiling's reach, and pull your panties down to your ankles. Your soaking wet pussy is now fully visible to the two fairies. They're still tired from cumming twice in such a short period, but they immediately perk up when they notice the feast you're putting on display for them. Despite this, they stay still and don't advance upon you, even though they should know by now that you want their cocks.

“You aren't going to keep me waiting, are you girls? Hurry up and stick one of those delicious cocks inside of me!”

They get the message and quickly scramble to stand up. It still takes them a few seconds, since they've been sitting down and masturbating for so long, and their haste honestly isn't actually helping them any. Meiling joins you and lies down beside you – it seems that she was simply admiring your bare slit after you stopped fingering her. Now there are two horny pussies waiting for two thick cocks.

The girls finally straighten themselves out and rush towards the two of you. Tsuyo was on your right while she was masturbating, so she runs straight for you, while Eri claims Meiling for herself. It only takes a second for Tsuyo to position her tip up against your slit and push it inside of you. Your pussy and her shaft are both fully lubricated, allowing her to slide it in without any difficulty. Her thick cock immediately brings your excited body to the brink of orgasm, and you moan loudly as it forces your walls apart. Meiling lets out a similarly pleased moan a second later, as Eri slams her massive cock into the Chinese girl's aching pussy.

Tsuyo stops once her dick is fully inside of you and holds still for a few seconds, panting heavily. She's too enamored with the sensation of your walls clamping down on her penis to move. This is her first taste of your pussy, so her inexperience is expected, although you are assuming that the two have tried their new cocks out on Nikkou and Seijou before now. Her cock should be extra sensitive from cumming twice already, but even then it'll feel so much better for her if she moves. You wanted to let her take complete control, but it seems you'll need to guide her a little bit more.

You grind your hips against hers, forcing her cock to move about inside of you. She moans as her shaft is treated to the shifting contours of your walls. You make sure to keep your movements tantalizingly slow – enough to give her a proper taste while still making her yearn for more. She doesn't start moving even after fifteen seconds, though, so you stop completely. She immediately gets the message and starts thrusting inside of you, awkwardly at first, but quickly learning to develop a rhythm.

Her clumsy thrusting is still enough to bring you to orgasm. She's already close as well from sampling your body, her mouth hanging agape as she's unable to stop moaning. Pleasure shoots through your body with each movement, causing you to join in her moans.

A pair of loud screams of pleasure from your left signal Meiling and Eri's paired orgasms. You glance over to watch as Eri fills Meiling's cunt with a load of hot semen. The sight of Eri's blissful face as she pumps her thick cum inside of her partner gives you a sudden yearning for release. You turn back towards Tsuyo and tighten your pussy around her dick, immediately causing her face to distort in pleasure as she orgasms. Her cock twitches inside of you and lets out thick bursts of hot semen, bringing you over the edge as well. You wrap your legs around Tsuyo's back, instinctively trying to drain her cock of every delicious drop of cum.

Tsuyo's cock stops cumming a little under a minute after it started, but it continues to twitch inside of you for a while longer. You unlock your legs from around her, allowing her to pull out of you and drop down onto the futon next to your legs. She's still awake and fully conscious, just tired from so many ejaculations. Her cock is showing the first signs of fatigue as well; it's in the process of becoming flaccid, but still partially erect. You could probably grab it and have another round... but the poor girl deserves a break. Even if her penis can handle you, that doesn't mean the rest of her body can.

A quick glance at Meiling shows that she and Eri are in a similar state. Eri is lying down with her eyes closed and the side of her head on Meiling's pregnant belly, but you're pretty sure she's just relaxing and not asleep. Well, they could use a break for a few minutes. If Tsuyo's head wasn't so far away, you'd pat it while you wait. Oh well.

“Okay you two,” you say after about three minutes have passed. You try to speak forcefully but without being loud. Eri opens her eyes and looks at you, but doesn't move her head. Tsuyo and Meiling both turn to face you. “From now on, you should take your futa pills as soon as you wake up. Then, when your cocks are ready, I want you both to masturbate. Twice. Be sure to rub your cum into the shaft each time, just like you did today. And then, you two should have sex. Take turns receiving and giving. Alright?”


“Sounds like fun.”

Ordering horny fairies to have sex is pretty simple. That should be enough to give their cocks some flavor. You don't know if the work will be undone when their cocks disappear overnight or not, but as long as they masturbate daily, it shouldn't be an issue.
2014/01/12 (Sun) 07:44 No. 33908
>their cocks disappear overnight
Aw, no morning wood? That's a shame.
2014/01/14 (Tue) 01:41 No. 33915
So does this mean every time they get a cock it'll be with that 'new cock taste'?
2014/01/14 (Tue) 04:34 No. 33916
Worse than New Coke.
2014/01/14 (Tue) 05:40 No. 33917
Was that the one that was clear?
2014/01/15 (Wed) 00:01 No. 33919
Nah you're thinking Crystal Pepsi
2014/01/17 (Fri) 04:55 No. 33937
Update's done, just needs to be proofread.

There'll actually be a vote this time, although it's just to choose the scenes for the day. Anything not chosen might show up later in the arc, otherwise just assume "it happened but Reimu didn't narrate it".
2014/01/18 (Sat) 00:19 No. 33957
You wake up to a mass of fairies sleeping on top of you.

It seems that the girls all sneaked into your room at some point during the night, as they're all sound asleep and are draping themselves over you in various ways. Seijou's breasts are pressed against your right arm, and someone's hand is draped over your face. Other than Seijou's distinctive softness, all you can feel is three light bodies partially resting on top of yours. You can't see any of them like this, and getting out of bed would just wake them up, which you don't really want to do.

They seem to be sound asleep, even after a minute of waiting. You definitely don't want to spend all morning in bed waiting for these girls to wake up. Maybe if you're careful you can slip out without actually disturbing them. First thing to do is move you head to the side to get the mystery woman's hand off your face.

Huh, Kiyoshi isn't in bed with you. He sleeps with you every night, so you usually wake up with him in your arms. But he's not here today. You're positive you went to sleep with him, right after riding his cock until you were both exhausted, so he must've gotten up earlier in the morning. Oh well, you can find him after you escape from your futon.

You slowly pull your legs up, sliding them out from underneath whichever girl is laying on top of them. She soundlessly falls flat on the futon without waking as you move your legs away. That's one. This gives you enough room to sit up, allowing you to take a look at the girls. Nikkou is the one that was lying on your feet. A little further up is Tsuyo, whose back is lying on top of your thighs. Seijou is off to the side, face down with your arm between her breasts. She's not on top of you for the most part, although it looks like her leg was draped over yours before you moved out of the way. And finally, Eri is face down on top of your chest, her body sprawled out between the swell of your stomach and your massive boobs. It was her hand that was over your face, and it is now resting at her side.

What the hell are they all doing?

Okay, there's no gentle way out of this, so you'll just have to hope they don't wake up. Not that you're quite as concerned anymore. You pull your arm out from underneath Seijou, somehow succeeding in not waking her. With both hands free, you lift Eri up off of your chest and set her down on your right side. Fortunately, she's nice and light. Her eyes open sleepily after you release her, and she stares at you for a moment. “Mornin',” she eventually yawns. You'd reply, but she's already back asleep. That just leaves Tsuyo, and you can't be bothered at this point, so you just slide down to the left and out from underneath her. She doesn't wake up.

Well, whatever. You're too hungry to worry about them. It's Meiling's turn to cook today, but she's gone too. It doesn't feel that late in the morning, and you don't really think of her as an early riser. Oh well, you'll just have to find her and Kiyoshi.

A quick search of the shrine turns up nothing. They probably aren't far, so you head outside and look for them on the grounds. It's still warm outside, despite being early in the morning, and the air is quite humid already. There are some dark clouds off in the distance; looks like it'll finally rain today after who knows how long. But for now, the morning summer sun is shining brightly down onto you.

You find the two of them together in the clearing around the pond. They're standing near each other, both of them holding the same pose without moving. They haven't noticed you, as they're both facing the side and looking away from you. Their hands are held apart in front of their bodies, as if they were holding onto a large invisible ball, and their feet are positioned into a basic stance. It looks like they're doing some Tai Chi together or something, so it's just as well that they haven't noticed you – no sense interrupting them. Instead, you just stay where you are and watch them.

“And exhale,” Meiling instructs, speaking gently and slowly. “Now, lift your right foot off the ground, and turn forward, then set it down, heel first,” she continues, pausing between each set of instructions to give both of them time to actually do what's she saying. “And the left foot, slowly turn to face forward, because we have a guest.”

They're both facing you now, but don't break out of their current stance. Still, Meiling gave you the cue to speak, so they're obviously willing to pause for now. “Morning, you two. Doing some early morning exercises?”

“Yes. Kiyoshi had asked me about my experience, and I offered to teach him a bit while I was here. I've been too lax with my training as well, but that couldn't be helped with the balance issues.” Her balance does seem fine, but that's mostly thanks to the fairies drinking so much of her milk. Her belly is still as big as yours, but her breasts are about back to her natural size. They're still a little bigger than normal – you think, anyway – and her stomach is still growing, but she must feel stable enough at this stage. “Did you want to join us?”

“Uh, no thanks. I don't think I'd be able to manage it.” You're still perfectly capable of walking, but it is getting somewhat troublesome. Lifting one leg into the air for several seconds, on the other hand, will almost certainly result in you falling forward. Plus, you've never exactly been interested in practicing martial arts anyway. “What I really came out here for is to remind you that it's your turn to cook today.”

“Oh, is it? Let's stop here then, Kiyoshi.” He finally relaxes at her word. “It's been over an hour, so that's long enough for now. Are you up for doing this every morning?”

“Yeah! Thank you, Miss Meiling. It was very invigorating.” The three of you head back inside, and Meiling gets to work right away.

“Oh, one more thing, Meiling. If Seijou wakes up before you finish, could you get her to help you? I think she knows a little bit about cooking, but not enough to prepare a meal on her own. I figure getting some hands-on experience would be good for her, and might give us someone else for the rotation.”

“Hmm? Alright, sure. I'll probably be a while, so I don't mind teaching her a bit.”

“Thanks. They were all still asleep on my futon last I checked, but I might wake their lazy butts up. It's later than I thought it was.”

Meiling gives you a quick “'Kay” and gets to work. You need to rest for a bit, so you sit down at the table and relax. Kiyoshi joins you and sits down on the opposite side. You'll give the fairies about ten minutes before you go in there.

“So,” you say after a few seconds of silence, “How was practicing with Meiling? She does Tai Chi, right?”

“Tai Chi, yeah. That's what she said. It was fun, I guess. Nice and relaxing, and certainly woke me up. But Miss Meiling was teaching me, and it was my first session, so I'm sure she was going easy on me.”

“Yeah, probably. I don't really know much about Tai Chi, or anything else like that. What all were you doing?”

“Um, poses, mostly. I guess that's the best way to put it. She would mention specific ways to hold your body, and I'd do my best to copy her words and movements. Something about 'directing and channeling your chi,' but I didn't really understand it. I guess it works, though.”

“It definitely works, I've seen her in action.” Not that she can beat you or anything, but there's no point in saying that. “She's a master of martial arts; probably more than just Tai Chi too. All of her strength comes from her training and her control of chi. So yeah, it definitely works.”

“Hmm. I guess.” And with that the conversation stops. You don't really have much else to talk about, so you just sit back and relax in silence.

Eri comes out of your room about five minutes later. She's dressed in her new clothes, but still looks tired. You greet her and get a yawn and a sleepy “Morning” in response.

“Is everyone awake now?” you ask.

“Yeah. Just a few more minutes... Mmm, something smells good.” She perks up a little from the heavenly scent of Meiling's food; it seems that Meiling is currently cooking some meat in oil.

Seijou walks out a minute later, prompting Meiling to call her over. “Ah, Seijou. Could you help me cook breakfast?”

“Huh? Me? Um, yeah, okay. I can try.”

“Have you ever cooked Chinese before? I bet they don't have anything like this at the mansion.”

“Um... nope. They really don't.” What is she cooking, anyway? If you turn your head, you can see their backs, but can't really make out what they're doing from here.

“Ah. Well, just remember: The basics of Chinese cooking are fire and oil! Yeah!” You look over just in time to watch her bang the pan against the stovetop, sending a towering column of flame high up into the air.

“Woah!” Seijou exclaims. And you have to admit, that did look really cool, but...

“Hey! Be careful, dammit. Don't you dare burn my shrine down while cooking!”

“Haha. Don't worry, Reimu. The ceiling is too high and the flame too weak to do anything like that. It's just a flashy trick.” Sounds like it could still leave scorch marks on your ceiling though. Certainly not as bad at burning the entire building down, but you still don't want her doing anything of the sort. No matter how cool it looked.

“How'd you do that, Miss Meiling? Can you teach me?!” Oh great, they're multiplying.

“Sure! It's easy. But then we gotta focus on actually cooking. This is neat, but it's also completely useless. So just once, okay? Now, you gotta hold it like this, and get the angle right...”

Yeah, you should probably head over there. If the shrine catches on fire, you want to at least be in a position to panic effectively. You stand up and turn towards the kitchen, taking the first step towards the two girls.

Seijou is a good deal shorter than Meiling, so she's hovering more than a foot off the ground to help compensate for the height difference. Since she's not on solid ground, she's also leaning forward a bit to get a better view of the cooking area. Both she and Meiling have their hands on the pan and are about to smack it against the stovetop once more to do the trick again. And as they do, Seijou leans even further towards the hot stove.

A tower of flame shoots up from the pan once again, but it doesn't reach the ceiling this time. Seijou's face is just above the pan. And the flames hit that instead, curving around her entire head and enveloping it in fire.


You run towards the two of them as fast as you can. Your massive boobs bounce back and forth, completely unsupported by any cloth, hitting you in the chest repeatedly. Your swollen belly and tits make it difficult to keep your balance, but you force yourself to go quickly. “Holy fuck are you okay?!” you shout as you run. Meiling did say that the fire wasn't very hot...

Seijou looks up at you, the majority of her face scorched black. Her mouth and everything below were untouched by the flame and still have their usual pale color.

“Huh? What do you mean?” And yet, she's perfectly calm. As is Meiling.

“Y-your face. Um...” Their puzzled looks make it difficult for you to continue. “I mean, doesn't that hurt?!

“Face?” She takes her left hand and runs a finger along the entire length of her face...

...and brushes the soot beneath it aside, revealing her perfectly fine skin.

“...Huh?” Now it's your turn to be confused.

“Ohh! I've got it!” Seijou clasps her hands together in realization. “Fire hurts humans! That's why!”

“Uhh... yeah. It does.” A lot. But...?

“Oh, I see.” Meiling adds. “Reimu. You didn't know that fairies can't be burned?”

“They... what?”

“We aren't hurt by fire,” Seijou explains. Her face is still black, but it looks somewhat comical now that you realize that it's entirely superficial. “We can feel heat and cold, but they never actually hurt. Sorry, it's just something I'm used to, so I kinda forgot that humans are hurt by fire. Which makes your panic reasonable.”

“Oh. Um... okay. Yeah, I had no idea. At all. I guess it isn't something that ever came up?” You let out a sigh of relief. You're still agitated from what you thought was a girl setting herself on fire before your eyes, but now you can calm down.

...You need a rest.


Reimu does stuff and people. Pick two events for the day:

[ ] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.
[ ] Sex with Meiling.
[ ] Reimu tries to read a book, but...
[ ] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).
[ ] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu.
[ ] Test the limits of Eri's cock's endurance.
[ ] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [ ] Without them noticing you.
[ ] Write in.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 00:29 No. 33958
[x] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).
[x] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [x] Without them noticing you.

These seem fun and sweet. The book one sounds good too, but it's an unknown.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 00:49 No. 33960
[x] Reimu tries to read a book, but...
[x] Sex with Meiling.

Rolling for the unknown. And Chinese food.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 01:12 No. 33962
[x] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).
[x] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [x] Without them noticing you.
Can we have a spying partner?
2014/01/18 (Sat) 01:19 No. 33963
If it wins the main vote, I'll throw up another mini vote for a day. I don't want to clutter these results any further.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 01:37 No. 33964
Eh, just pick someone at random.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 06:39 No. 33969
[x] Reimu tries to read a book, but...
[x] Test the limits of Eri's cock's endurance.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 07:05 No. 33972
[x] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).
[x] Watch Seijou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [x] Without them noticing you.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 07:18 No. 33975
[x] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.
[x] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).

I think the first would be a nice contrast to other things, or are you guys planning on just using him as a living dildo?
2014/01/18 (Sat) 08:13 No. 33977
Reimu is giving him paid tutelage. He is paying with his dick. I though this had been established from the beginning?
2014/01/18 (Sat) 09:02 No. 33978
Well it's been slightly hinted that the girl he has a crush on is Reimu. That and I wanted to see how that choice turns out or at least vote for it as it would make a nice contrast to the usual fare in this story.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 11:32 No. 33980
Er where? He certainly didn't act like he had a crush on Reimu when he first appeared at the shrine. Reimu was able to seduce him very easily due to his inexperience with women and sex. Not that she is bad at seduction, but you know what I mean.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 16:04 No. 33984
[x] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.
[x] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).
2014/01/18 (Sat) 18:28 No. 33986
Also, if anyone hasn't read and voted for the winter story contest, please do so. At least read and vote for the ero entries.

Links to the stories here >>/gensokyo/12435 voting goes in that same thread.
2014/01/18 (Sat) 23:13 No. 33990
I have no intention of reading any story written for the sole purpose of winning a contest.
2014/01/19 (Sun) 05:49 No. 33992

Why not?
2014/01/20 (Mon) 19:48 No. 34008
Okay, votes are:

5 for [x] Teach Seijou paizuri techniques (using Kiyoshi).
2 for [x] Reimu tries to read a book, but...
2 for [x] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex. (Without them noticing you.)
2 for [x] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.
1 for [x] Watch Seijou and Kiyoshi having sex.
1 for [x] Test the limits of Eri's cock's endurance.
1 for [x] Sex with Meiling.

Paizuri lessons is the clear winner, which will be this next update. But I'll need a tie breaker for the following update.

Writing now.
2014/01/25 (Sat) 12:09 No. 34034
You know considering how pregnant Reimu is, and that Kiyoshi has fucked her while she was pregnant, has his dick ever touched the offspring inside of her? Just something disturbing I thought about.

The offspring are essentially like worms, or little manta rays, right?
2014/01/25 (Sat) 13:46 No. 34035
I think it's safe to say the cervix does not work like that.
2014/01/26 (Sun) 22:06 No. 34052
/at/ confirmed for being populated with underaged kids.
Or at least virgins.
2014/01/27 (Mon) 03:24 No. 34055
New thread >>34054

The author is a virgin too so it's okay.