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34054 No. 34054
Previous thread >>31154

Seijou moans as Kiyoshi rubs his hands all over her soft breasts. The two of them are naked and in the midst of foreplay; Seijou squeezes Kiyoshi's ass while he focuses on her breasts, licking and groping every inch of their silky skin. And you're “helping” too, by gently stroking Kiyoshi's penis with your right hand. This is their time to be intimate though, so you don't intrude too much. Not that either of them minds.

Kiyoshi licks one of Seijou's nipples while roughly groping her other breast. She has to be ready by now, but Kiyoshi remains fixated on her voluptuous tits. He really does love boobs, after all. He's always been interested in yours, and now he's focusing on Seijou's. Not that you can blame him, as she does have a really nice rack. Actually, if he likes them so much, maybe he should just stick his dick between them.

“Hey, I just had a thought.” You let go of Kiyoshi's cock as you speak. The two of them look over and stop feeling each other up, although neither moves their hands away. “Seijou, you have a really nice set of tits. Have you ever tried giving paizuri?”

Kiyoshi's eyes light up at the suggestion, but Seijou just looks confused. “Huh? Paizuri?” she says.

“Oh, you've never heard of it before?” It's understandable, now that you think about it. She may have nice tits, but she probably never did anything sexual with them until you went and convinced Remilia to turn all of her fairies into cock-hungry sluts. Meiling's training probably never had time to cover such specialized acts, given how most fairies aren't sufficiently endowed to pull it off. “Well, to put it simply, paizuri is tit fucking. The guy places his dick between the girl's breasts and thrusts until he cums.”

“Well it certainly sounds interesting. And it works? I mean, it feels good?”

“Yep. Well, it's certainly different than, say, vaginal. Hmm, think of it like giving a blowjob, only with your tits. You get a cock between your breasts, he gets enveloped by your tits. So for the girl it doesn't hit any erogenous zones, but it still feels nice. You'll have to try it to know for yourself, though. So, are you interested?”

“Yeah!” You don't bother asking Kiyoshi – it's already clear he wants to do it.

“Alright. I'll tell you what to do, but it'll just be the two of you. Hmm, there's basically two ways to do it: girl leading and guy leading. Kiyoshi has done this before, so I think it'll be better if he leads. The first time, at least.”

“Okay. So, what do I do?”

“Well, first you need to lie down on your back.” She does so, and Kiyoshi does his part without needing any instructions. He gets on his knees, straddling her chest and lining his cock up with the space between her tits. Her breasts are both off to their respective sides, so the gap between them is far too large for him to start. “Now, you need to grab your boobs and hold them together. Make sure you use just enough pressure to clamp down on his shaft as it thrusts into your cleavage.”

Seijou places her hands on her boobs and holds them together, creating an inviting crevice between them. “Okay, now what?”

“That's pretty much it, actually. Kiyoshi is leading, so he'll be doing almost all the movement. Just make sure you keep the tightness right for him, and don't let him slip out or anything.” Kiyoshi could just as easily hold her boobs together himself – and he'd certainly enjoy doing it as well – but you want Seijou to do something. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” Kiyoshi starts moving on his cue and slides his cock into the tight space between her soft tits. His tip soon pokes out from the other side, hovering in front of her face for a half second before pulling back. He repeats this multiple times, moving at a fairly slow pace to accommodate Seijou's inexperience. Seijou starts panting after about ten seconds – she's enjoying this, although it doesn't have the same intensity as sticking it into her pussy.

“So, how is it?” you ask Seijou. You can guess, but you want to hear her say it.

“Mmm, it is pretty nice,” she responds. “It's certainly different, but very fun. How about you, Kiyoshi? Do my boobs feel good?”

“Yeah. They're amazingly soft. You're doing a good job with your hands, and the tightness is just right.”

She giggles in response. “That's good to hear. Your cock is nice and hot between my breasts, and it smells really... hmm.” She pauses for a second and stares at Kiyoshi's dick as it recedes back into her cleavage. Once it returns with his next thrust, she gingerly sticks out her tongue and traces it around his tip. Kiyoshi slightly but doesn't let it interrupt his thusting, moving it out of her reach a second later.

You were wondering how long it'd take her to realize she could do that. Her tongue briefly caresses his penis at the end of every thrust, quickly causing Kiyoshi to moan loudly from the added stimulation. Seijou's enjoying the paizuri more herself as well, judging by her occasional giggling. You could've just told Seijou that she could use her tongue as well, but it's more interesting if she figures it out on her own.

Kiyoshi's cock throbs as he nears the edge. Seijou can't continuously suck on his cock, but the brief stimulation from her breasts and tongue are more than enough for him. He puts more force into his thrusts, but still gives her plenty of time after each thrust to play with his tip.

He finally cums mid-thrust, spraying his thick cum onto her waiting face. The burst catches her off guard, and the first few shots cover her lips and chin, but she quickly opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue to catch the remaining shots. Most of it lands in her mouth, but enough still misses to stain her cheeks, nose, chin, and cleavage with his cum. Kiyoshi gets up off of her once his cock finishes ejaculating and sits down on the floor next to her.

“Mmm, delicious.” Seijou scoops up some of the semen plastered on her face and seductively licks it off her finger. “That was fun!”

“Did you want to try leading now?” you ask.

“Yeah!” She just lies still, though. “Um, what do I do now?”

“Well, this time, Kiyoshi is the one who lies down on his back.” He does so at your word. His cock is still fully erect, thanks to the combination of Meiling's chi and Eirin's shady drugs. Seijou sits up off the floor and earnestly listens to your instructions. “You'll get on top of him and hold your tits against his dick. He won't be moving, so you need to do that yourself. It's the same basic idea, though: you're using your breasts to make his penis feel good.”

Seijou crawls over and places her breasts around Kiyoshi's throbbing cock, using her hands to hold them tight against his length. “How's this?”

“Good, just like that. Now, try moving.”

She starts off by just using her hands to lift her breasts up and down, but quickly switches to using her back as well. Kiyoshi groans as the tight embrace from her tits begins to move along his shaft. Seijou purrs in response, no doubt enjoying the heat between her breasts, but far more pleased with Kiyoshi's enjoyment.

This time, it only takes her a minute to remember that she can fellate him as well. She starts off with some simple licks, as before, but quickly switches to taking his entire tip into her mouth. Now that she's the one in control, it's much easier for her to use her mouth. Seijou continues to move her breasts, but her attention is clearly elsewhere at this point. Not that Kiyoshi really minds; his grunts and groans make it clear that he's enjoying himself either way.

Kiyoshi's cock is still sensitive from his last orgasm, so he quickly gives in to the double pleasure from Seijou's moist mouth and full breasts. He ejaculates with a loud groan, filling her mouth with another thick load of his cum. Her mouth was covering his tip this time, so she keeps most of it inside, only letting small stream trickle down his shaft. Once he finishes cumming, Seijou pulls off his cock and sits up, then makes a display of swallowing his semen with a contented sigh.

“Mmm, that was fun! Thanks!” Seijou says to the two of you.

“You're welcome. Feel free to experiment on Tsuyo and Eri as well; I'm sure they'd enjoy it too. But, is that really enough for you?”

“Hmm? Is there a third way to do it?”

“Kinda, but that's not what I meant. Do you want to have sex with Kiyoshi?” That is what they were about to do before you interrupted them.

“Oh! Yeah, that would be nice. If you still want to, Kiyoshi.” His still-erect cock should make it clear what his answer is, but he nods in response nonetheless.

Seijou purrs and gets down on all fours, sticking her ass out towards Kiyoshi. Her slit is completely drenched by now. You assume she was just having too much fun learning how to use her breasts, and that's why she didn't simply demand his cock, considering how horny she has to be. Kiyoshi pushes his dick into her pussy, and the two of them moan in sync.

They're both extremely sensitive at this point, so neither will last long. Kiyoshi's powerful thrusts cause Seijou's large breasts to swing back and forth, and she moans loudly each time his shaft fills her depths. Their cries fill the room, the two of them already approaching another orgasm.

Mmm, you've been watching them for too long. Seijou was cute and all while learning how to use her wonderful breasts, but her lust-filled face and sultry moans are simply unbearable. Your pussy needs relief as well. You can certainly borrow Kiyoshi after he finishes inside of her, but you need something to tide you over.

You pull your panties off, breaking a thin trail of pussy juice that stretches between your slit and the fabric. Seijou is too busy getting penetrated to notice you, so you hold your skirt up and press your soaked slit against Seijou's face. She lets out a confused shout, muffled by your thighs, but quickly realizes what's going on and starts licking you instead. Her tongue pushes past your folds and weakly thrusts into your pussy. It's the best she can do with Kiyoshi's dick repeatedly shaking her entire body, but it's enough to satisfy you.

Kiyoshi slows his thrusts for a few seconds to allow Seijou to better focus on eating you out. She traces her tongue along your lips and then drives it deep inside of you, picking up the small bits of leftover semen from your earlier session with Tsuyo and Eri. Kiyoshi picks up the pace again about twenty seconds later, causing Seijou to moan into your cunt. Her tonguework becomes weak and without direction, so she switches to lightly sucking on your pussy lips instead.

The two of them moan in ecstasy as they climax together. Kiyoshi's thick cock fills Seijou's cunt to the brim with his semen, and he pulls it out after a few spurts and shoots the rest onto Seijou's ass and thighs. Without Kiyoshi to support her, Seijou slumps down to the floor, weakened by her powerful orgasm.

Kiyoshi's still rock hard, and Seijou's not up for anything at this point. You're sure he won't mind if you borrow him for a little while.


Pick one. Starting from scratch, so the previous vote counts don't matter.

[ ] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.
[ ] Sex with Meiling.
[ ] Reimu tries to read a book, but...
[ ] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu.
[ ] Test the limits of Eri's cock's endurance.
[ ] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [ ] Without them noticing you.
[ ] Write in.
No. 34056
[x] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.

It isn't as kinky as the other options but a mix up never hurts.
No. 34063
[x] Test the limits of Eri's cock's endurance.
-[x] Tsuyo's too.
-[x] And Kiyoshi's, if he wants.

Didn't we buy ejaculate pills? Let's see how far they can go.
No. 34065
[x] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [x] Without them noticing you.

Still wanna see this.
No. 34066
I think you're missing the point of the "intimtate with Kiyoshi" vote: basically things besides sex as he's Reimu's boyfriend.
No. 34067
[x] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.
- [x] Without them noticing you.
No. 34069
[x] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi.

Changed vote to this
No. 34070
[ ] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu.
No. 34071
[X] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu.
No. 34083
You know I think Daiyousei could use those lessons as well, too bad we don't know when/if she'd show up again.
No. 34086
Daiyousei doesn't need to be near any filthy dicks.
No. 34087
You seem to have forgotten what story this is.
No. 34097
Prior to Kiyoshi, has Reimu done anything similar to what she's doing with Kiyoshi? Taking under her wing a sorta-boyfriend or girlfriend and teaching them stuff?
No. 34098
No. She does have an extensive sexual history with a multitude of girls and boys, but this would be her first time training someone.

I imagine she would've run into inexperienced men before and given them pointers, but strictly as a one off thing. "Oh, you've never done this before? Well you stick your penis into my vagina and then thrust. Yeah, like that! That was fun; seeya"
No. 34101
It's been established that grown dicks start off clean, so Cirno's dick would, too.
No. 34104
How about a combo?

[x] Reimu tries to read a book, b̶u̶t̶ WHILE...
- [ ] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu.
No. 34105
Now you're just being silly.

Until she rolls around in the mud, or something. Or, y'know, uses it.

(This pre-supposes Cirno would grow a dick, as opposed to Daiyousei just finding some random guys. And I'm pretty sure Reimu told her to do that as well)

Anyway, unless I count >>34104 as a vote for "[ ] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu.", votes are currently tied. My count:
[x] Getting intimate with Kiyoshi. - 2
[X] Eri and Tsuyo double penetrate Reimu. - 2
[x] Test the limits of Eri's cock's endurance. - 1
[x] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex. - 2
No. 34106
[X] Watch Nikkou and Kiyoshi having sex.

Someone call for a tiebreaker?
No. 34107
File 13913723558.jpg- (1.21MB , 1120x1700 , 129812d530bfc5850cfc4ae7aec3a61e.jpg ) [iqdb]

Votes called for voyeurism.
No. 34108
that or in the increasly likely case of the confession outcome I suspect, we can steer Kiyoshi Dai's way.
No. 34114
Does Daiyousei "work" in the Human Village, considering Kiyoshi mentioned he gained his crush on his crush when he saw her working?

I don't remember fairies working in the Human Village though I may be wrong.
No. 34115
File 139145656830.png- (286.60KB , 703x815 , f931253b846e193bf70b94484a4970ca.png ) [iqdb]
Found the post; just to clarify, Kiyoshi said she was "working", but not necessarily in the human village.

That still pretty much disqualifies Daiyousei, though. Unless you wanna picture her selling large sunflowers to other fairies in exchange for candy or something.
No. 34116
I mean more as a consolation measure.
No. 34117
>Unless you wanna picture her selling large sunflowers to other fairies in exchange for candy or something.

I will, because that sounds adorable.
No. 34118
File 139146254471.jpg- (572.65KB , 900x1200 , 50907a7057368474f66d5b9ab8cc813e.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sorry your crush turned you down, here's a titty fairy"?
No. 34119
Well it's better than outright rejection, that and Daiyousei wouldn't be a bad girlfriend provided Reimu's advice didn't sink in too hard.
No. 34120
Er since when has Reimu been giving bad advice?
No. 34121
Reimu's idea of advice is basically "penis"
No. 34122
You know, being theoretically a touhou fapfiction, isn't it sort of missing the point that half the sex is all these random OCs?
No. 34123
File 139147635840.png- (678.05KB , 750x1000 , 112a4bf6274142455f675b446c0ddac8.png ) [iqdb]

The fairies will be going away soon enough, since I'm trying to rush through this arc.

And Kiyoshi might disappear as well, since I'm railroading the conclusion for his stuff next.

So, these OCs will be going away. But, on the whole, a decent amount of the sex in this story will probably involve non-touhous. Either faceless men, or women with made up names (e.g. the fairies), or whatever else. While I can understand the objections to OCs, I also feel that they're rather important towards Reimu's characterization (hopeless slut). And there will almost certainly be more, whether or not they end up getting names.
No. 34155
>The fairies will be going away soon enough
No. 34168
File 139190895871.jpg- (337.26KB , 1920x1200 , 4a0dc959b4dd7dbe176b075ae224e76c.jpg ) [iqdb]
The sound of a young girl's lustful moaning leads you to the fairies' bedroom. Not that this is at all an unusual sound in the shrine – there was plenty of it just ten minutes earlier when Tsuyo and Eri decided to double-penetrate Seijou. Moaning from behind a closed door is unusual, though, since no one here usually minds if other people watch them have sex or masturbate. You don't know if they shut themselves in for privacy, or just to not disturb others, or what, but someone is definitely doing something sexual in there. And you intend to watch it.

You carefully walk up to the closed door, or at least as carefully as you can manage. Your oversized boobs and belly keep you from doing anything like tip-toeing, and the added weight makes the floorboards creak beneath your feet. On the other hand, whoever is inside is a little distracted and probably can't hear you over their own moans, so your failed attempt at stealth is basically pointless anyway.

The moans continue uninterrupted. Now that you're up against the door, you can rest your ear against it and listen better, letting you determine that it's Nikkou moaning. There's also the occasional “mmmm”, “so good”, “more... more”, and “keep going” mixed in, so it would seem that she's with someone and not simply masturbating. The other three fairies were curled together in the living room, and Meiling was taking a nap when you last saw her, so that's probably Kiyoshi in there with her. Now you're definitely interested.

Once a minute has passed since you got down in front of the door, you slowly and carefully open it a crack. It's not enough to make out any real details, but you can at least see the vague shape of Nikkou sitting on a futon with Kiyoshi's head between her legs. They don't seem to have noticed you at all, so you slip your finger into the tiny crack and slide it open to about a hand's width.

Now you can see them properly. That is indeed Kiyoshi between Nikkou's legs. Both of his hands are on her thighs for support, so her moans are purely a result of his tongue flicking against her slit. Her unending moaning and panting make it perfectly clear how much she's enjoying this. You don't know how long they've been at it, but she's close to cumming. Kiyoshi's getting good at cunnilingus; you've been focusing on his cock recently, but you'll have to remember to try out his mouth, too.

“Ahh, more, more!” Nikkou pants. “My clit! My clit feels so good! Faster!”

Nikkou throws her head back and moans loudly as she reaches her climax, falling backwards against the futon as she savors the pleasure. Kiyoshi continues to lick her for a few seconds before getting up to reveal his hard cock. Despite still being in the middle of her orgasm, Nikkou happily spreads her legs wide to accommodate him as soon as she sees his erection. She purrs with a wide smile on her face as Kiyoshi lines his cock up with her soaked slit.

If the two of them were trying to be quiet earlier, they've given up on that. Nikkou's screams of pleasure from Kiyoshi's thick cock entering her are probably loud enough to be heard throughout the entire shrine. Each powerful thrust forces her to moan lustfully and causes her modest breasts to bounce back and forth. Her fingers grip the futon, another orgasm already approaching quickly.

Kiyoshi seems to be taken aback by her vocal responses. He started off with a rapid but steady pace, but he's slowed down considerably.

“Um, am I going too fast for you?” he asks. Nikkou's noisy screams have calmed down as well, so you can actually hear him now.

“Faster! Your cock feels so good, Kiyoshi! Fuck my pussy harder!”

Kiyoshi takes the cue and resumes thrusting with his earlier pace. She lets out a stream of delighted “Ahhn”s as his thick cock repeatedly fills her pussy. He leans forward, trying to get a better angle, and moves his hands up from her waist to the sides of her chest. The sudden closeness forces Nikkou to quiet down, not wanting to hurt his ears, but she still continues her heavy moaning.

Nikkou had released her grip on the sheets during Kiyoshi's brief pause. Now that he's closer to her, she reaches out to wrap her arms around his body. But before she manages to touch him, Kiyoshi pulls his arms underneath her small body and lifts her up into the air. The surprise causes her to flounder around a bit in mid air, but Kiyoshi does an impressive job of both keeping hold of her and keeping his dick inside of her.

After waiting a few seconds for Nikkou to stop panicking, Kiyoshi once again makes a sudden, unannounced movement and turns her over. She squeaks out a cute little “Waah!” as she suddenly finds herself facing the futon. She's really light like the other fairies, which certainly helps Kiyoshi keep her steady through all of this. Finally, he lowers his hands back towards her waist, causing her to drop towards the futon. Her descent is slower than freefall, but still rapid enough to make her instictively put her hands out front to cushion her fall.

The end result of these involved acrobatics is the fairy being held above the futon, supported both by her own arms beneath her and Kiyoshi's around her waist. This allows him to stand up straight and resume penetrating her with rapid thrusts. She grinds her hips against his to match his rhythm, although for the most part Kiyoshi is in control of both his and her movements. Still, she does all that she can, and they're certainly enjoying themselves, judging by their loud moans.

Damn, you wish Kiyoshi would try a position like that with you sometime. ...although you're probably too heavy to hold up like that. Especially with the extra weight from your pregnancy. Sigh.

After a mere three minutes of fucking Nikkou while holding her up like a wheelbarrow, Kiyoshi ejaculates inside of her tight pussy. The two of them moan as Kiyoshi holds the fairly close, filling the depths of her cunt with his thick semen. Nikkou's arms fail her during her orgasm, causing her to collapse into an awkward position with her cheek against the futon, but the look of ecstasy on her face makes it clear that she doesn't mind.

Kiyoshi gently sets his partner down once his cock finishes cumming. Nikkou was pretty out of it for a second, but she quickly recovers and climbs into Kiyoshi's lap once he sits down. She looks up at him with an eager smile on her face and places both of her hands on his bare chest. Some of the semen in her pussy leaks out and onto his legs. You can't see his face from here, but he doesn't seem to mind her intimacy nor the gooey mess on his legs.

“Mmm, your cock is delicious, Kiyoshi. You don't mind another round, right?”

His cock is still erect, so the answer should be obvious, but he still gives her a succinct “Of course!” Nikkou takes the initiative, adjusting her body to straddle Kiyoshi's cock. She lets out a sultry moan as his long shaft enters her soaked cunt, rubbing her fingertips along his chest as she savors the sensation of being filled.

Once she's settled into a rhythm of bouncing up and down along his length, Nikkou leans forward and presses her head against Kiyoshi's chest. You can see her moving her head slightly, so you assume she's actually sucking on one of his nipples and not simply nuzzling his body. Kiyoshi wraps his arms around her, placing his left hand on her back to hold her tightly while using his right to grope her tight ass.

Nikkou abruptly pushes Kiyoshi down against the futon and starts to ride him, not that Kiyoshi puts up any resistance to her weak arms. She's facing you now that Kiyoshi's chest isn't blocking her view, but if she's noticed you, she isn't doing or saying anything to indicate it. Most likely she's just too fixated on Kiyoshi's cock to notice you through the narrow opening in the door. Her entire face is flush with arousal from being joined with Kiyoshi for so long.

After another minute of riding him, Nikkou cries out in pleasure as she cums for the third time. Her pussy tightens around his cock, causing him to orgasm as well with a deep grunt. His cock ejaculates into her already full vagina, sending large amounts of cum pooling down her thighs and onto his groin.

She climbs off his dick after a minute of cumming, then lies down on the futon between his legs. Her eyes focus on his erect shaft and the large mess of cum on his lower body. Kiyoshi's just lying there, and it looks like he has no real intention of continuing.

“Mmm, you got really dirty, Kiyoshi. Let me clean you up.”

Nikkou, on the other hand, doesn't care if Kiyoshi does anything or not. She crawls towards him and closes her lips around the splotches of semen on his legs, sucking and licking them clean one by one. His cock twitches from her closeness, but he just lets her carry on. Nikkou moves up to his thighs once his legs are “clean,” repeating the same process with the large pools of cum and moving up towards his throbbing penis.

Finally, she reaches his cum- and pussy juice-soaked penis and takes the tip into her mouth. Kiyoshi moans from her tonguework despite his fatigue, but otherwise remains at rest. Her tongue wraps all around his tip as she makes a noisy display of cleaning it off. Even from this far away, you can still hear her lips smacking together, her messy gulps, and her satisfied purring at the taste of their juices.

After the tip is cleaned off, plus another half minute of sucking for good measure, Nikkou moves on to the rest of his penis, taking his entire length into her mouth with a single, drawn out motion. She keeps her mouth around the base for a good fifteen seconds, just holding the entirety of his cock in her mouth and throat. Then she begins to move up and down, pursing her lips around his shaft to clean off his entire length.

Not that she stops even after it is clean. She continues moving up and down at a quicker pace, stimulating his cock with her throat and tongue. Kiyoshi doesn't last long against her deep throat and groans as he ejaculates into her mouth. She happily drinks up every drop, then pulls off his newly cleaned cock and crawls up next to him. Kiyoshi is obviously fatigued from servicing her, but he still wraps his arm around her body to hold her close to him.

“Tired? Me too.” Nikkou says, though she certainly doesn't look or sound like it. Presumably, she's just being nice. “Let's take a little nap, okay?” Nikkou grabs the cover and pulls it over the two of them, holding herself up against Kiyoshi's body and looking very pleased with the arrangement.

Well, they're probably not going to do any more, so you gently close the door and stand up. Damn, you really need to get laid now. You couldn't even masturbate while watching them, since you really didn't want to let them know you were there.

Maybe Eri and Tsuyo have recovered by now...
No. 34215
File 139234453980.jpg- (599.10KB , 720x960 , 89d3dd2b8eef911c8cce960b16d34f9d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up to two things: the bright morning sunlight streaming over your face, and a mass of fairies sleeping on top of you.

Yep. They came back. And now your futon is even more crowded: Kiyoshi is sound asleep between your arms, and Meiling's lying on the other side of him. That means the lucky boy is currently nestled between two pregnant bellies and four huge tits. To your left, you see Nikkou's long, wavy blonde hair poking out from under the covers. She's sleeping face up, but with her whole head under the blankets.

You didn't want to wake them up early last time, but now you're just mad. Although you do feel sorry for Kiyoshi, since he's not at fault here.

“Gahhh! It's too crowded here!” You abruptly sit up with a scream and throw the covers off you, successfully waking everyone up in the process. Sorry, Kiyoshi.

From all around you come the annoyed grunts and groans of people woken up before they were ready. Nikkou must've had her hand on the cover, as she's still buried beneath it, turning away from you instead of actually getting up. At least she's awake. On your right, Kiyoshi stirs and slowly sits up, looking more confused than annoyed. Meiling already seems wide awake, which is impressive in its own way, and sits up to reveal her uncovered breasts. She greets you with a cheery “Good morning!”, ignoring the disgruntled fairies.

Towards your feet, the fairies give you their various irritated looks. Even though it's their own damn fault for crawling into your futon. Tsuyo crawls out from the covers between Nikkou's legs and looks towards the source of the disturbance. Seijou was lying face down on top of your legs, and rolls onto her side to look at you. Nikkou sits up from her resting spot near Meiling's legs. Seijou lazily stirs about near Kiyoshi's -


You look back at Nikkou in shock. She seems somewhat surprised to see you so surprised, but she's too sleepy to do anything but yawn. Yep, that's definitely Nikkou.

So who the hell is that under the covers?

You grab the sheet with both hands and yank it off the mysterious intruder. She must have let go at some point, since she offers no resistance.

“How rude. You shouldn't wake a lady from her beauty rest, Reimu.” The intruder rolls onto her back, visibly distressed at the sunlight now shining on her face, but she bears with it so she can cast you an annoyed glare.

“Yukari! What the hell are you doing in my futon?!” She must have used a gap at some point and snuck underneath the covers. You doubt she's actually been here long; she doesn't look tired at all, which is certainly unusual for her, so you're guessing she gapped herself in no more than fifteen minutes ago and has been pretending to be asleep since. She's certainly dressed for her favorite bedroom activities as well: she's wearing a thin purple babydoll that covers her voluptuous breasts, but it's transparent enough that you can see her pink nipples with ease. Further down, her slit is barely covered by a matching pair of purple panties. There's no bulge, so she must not be planning on fucking you – yet.

“Everyone looked so comfy that I just had to join in! Or are you saying that I can't enjoy my extra soft and cuddly Reimu?”

“Yes!” You try to push her off the futon, but your hands just slide underneath her somehow, making you lose your balance and fall right on top of her.

“Oh my, you're so eager this morning! But is it really okay for us to be intimate with all of the children watching?”

You scream again, but internally this time. A moment later, you simply get off her and sit back down on your futon. It's too early and you're too pregnant to deal with this crazy woman.

“Um, Reimu? Who is she?” Nikkou asks.

“Well, she's a really annoying friend.” That's the best way you can think of to describe her.

“Aww, I love you too, Reimu!” Yukari sits up and hugs you from behind, wrapping her gloved hands around your chest just below your huge tits. Her own breasts press against your back, although you're not really in any mood to enjoy their softness. “Ahem. My name is Yukari Yakumo. I am a dear friend of Reimu's, and a trusted advisor to the Hakurei line. It is a pleasure to meet you all; I have heard great things of you all from reading Reimu's diary.”

“I don't even have a damn diary!” You scoot forward and shake off Yukari's embrace. Fortunately, she lets you go without too much of a fight. “Anyway, that's who she is. And that's exactly what she's like. She'll probably get bored in a few minutes, so you shouldn't need to put up with her for long. Yukari, meet Nikkou, Seijou, Eri, and Tsuyo.” The four girls each perk up a bit and wave as you call their names. They all seem pretty nervous, which is perfectly understandable considering who they're dealing with. You highly doubt they can appreciate her immense power, but her irritating personality is enough reason to be uncomfortable around her. “They're fairy maids I'm borrowing from Remilia. And then we have Hong Meiling; I don't know if you've met or not.”

“No, we have not,” Yukari says, turning to face the gate guard, “although your mistress does speak highly of your prowess. It is a pleasure to meet you in person, Hong Meiling.” Yukari gives a short bow towards Meiling as she speaks.

“Ehh? Uh, yeah. Likewise. I've only heard rumors of you, but... anyway, a pleasure!” Meiling returns the light bow, although hers is more panicked and less elegant than Yukari's.

“And finally, this strapping young man is my boyfriend, Kiyoshi.”

“Gasp! Reimu, you're cheating on me?! How could you!” You glare at her, and she finally takes the hint and cuts the theatrics. “Fine, fine. A pleasure to meet you. Do take care of Reimu. She may seem rude and unrefined at first, but once you get to know her, you'll realize that that is perfectly accurate.”


“But she's also really cute, so it's alright.”

Kiyoshi nervously scratches his head, turning to face Yukari but without making eye contact. “Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you, too. I'll try and take good care of Reimu, I guess, but really it seems like she's taking care of me.”

“So,” you interject, now that the introductions are done. “Did you come here just to annoy me, or do you actually need something?”

“All three! But yes, there are things I need to discuss with you. In private.”

You sigh. “Sorry, girls, and Kiyoshi, but could you leave us alone for a while? She may be an idiot, but she's a very important idiot. Eri, how about you start making breakfast? It's your turn to cook today.”

“Oh. Um, all right, Reimu. We'll leave, then, I guess.” Meiling speaks up, glancing at the others as she speaks to see if they have any objections. None of them do, though; there's not really any reason for anyone to linger in here, after all.

“Okay. I'll make a great breakfast! You can help too, right Kiyoshi?”

“Eh? Yeah, sure, Eri,” he responds. You give Kiyoshi a quick hug before sending him off, letting him follow the girls as they slowly walk out of your room. Nikkou yawns as she walks out, and everyone but Meiling still seems tired, but they can at least sleep in their room.

“Well? What did you want to talk about?” This better be good, or you'll seal her away on the spot.

“Reimu. I have news of the utmost importance.” She pauses for effect, staring intently at you with a perfectly serious look on her face. You silently curse the fact that you don't have your gohei with you. “You're pregnant.”

“Yeah. I kinda know that.” There's a pile of ofuda on your desk, but those aren't strong enough to do any lasting damage to her. Maybe you should throw them at her anyway, just to do something.

“Oh, is that so? Well, that makes things simpler.”

“Please tell me that isn't all you came here for.”

“Of course not. But we do need to talk about your and Meiling's pregnancies. What do you plan on doing?”

“Huh? We were going to give birth, and -”

“Where?” she interrupts.

“Huh? Er...” Actually, you haven't given this much thought. They should be aquatic creatures, so... “In the small pond by the shrine.”

“And then what? You will have youkai living in a small, enclosed area. How will you care for them?”

“Care for them? Uh...”

“How will you feed them? Will they spend their entire lives in that small pond? You and Meiling are both carrying triplets; it will be very crowded in there. And what about visitors? You do not receive many, which is a separate issue, but people do occasionally visit the shrine. What will they say if they notice the extremely out of place and obviously youkai creatures living in your pond? What will you do if a woman gets too close to the pond that is effectively full of feral rapists?”

“Umm.... Uhhhhh...” You... actually have no idea. She's asking a lot of important questions, and revealing just how little you've actually thought about this.

“These are things you need to seriously think about. Pregnancy isn't something you go into lightly.”

“Yeah... I know that, but – I mean, are you saying I can't keep my babies?”

“I'm not saying that. Not as long as you find a way to properly care for them.”

“But how? I mean, I don't actually know what they eat. I have tons of milk, but I don't think they can live off it forever. Can they?”

“Consider that the 'father' was living on its own when you met it.”

“So have them live in the Misty Lake, since there has to be food and everything else they'd need? That sounds like giving them up to me.” It may be selfish of you, and certainly impossible if you can't care for them here, but you just really want to keep them around. They're your children.

“Not necessarily. You seem to have forgotten about me! I can open a gap between the shrine pond and the Misty Lake. That will allow them to both live in the lake and visit you at any time. Plus, I imagine Meiling would prefer her children to live in the lake, and not spend all of their time at your shrine.” Ah. Yeah, that's a pretty good point. You were too busy thinking of yourself to consider Meiling.

“Wait, you'll really help me out? Me and my babies? I would've thought you would be more opposed to me being pregnant like this.”

“Reimu, as much as I'd prefer you to hurry up and get knocked up by a human, I do not have any problems with you being impregnated by youkai. Quite the contrary, actually.”

“Oh. Well, thank you.” It's rare to see her actually being helpful. “How is it going to work? You'll just have a gap in my pond at all times? Won't I also get random fish or idiotic fairies or something?”

“No. It will only be usable by your and Meiling's babies, so you won't get any unwanted visitors, excess water, sudden temperature changes, or anything like that. I suppose there's no harm in allowing yourself and Meiling to use it as well, so I'll be certain to allow that. But nothing else will be able to pass through. It may take some time to teach them that it can be used, but I'm confident that they will learn.”

Hmm, you'll have a new shortcut to the SDM as well. An extremely inconvenient and unpleasant shortcut. It's good to have options available, at least.

“So, was there anything else?” You break the short silence. “Did you want to stay for breakfast? Eri's actually a pretty good cook.”

“No, thank you. Ran is cooking for me now before I go back to sleep. I'm sure your fairy is a fine cook, but no one can compare to my dear Ran. But yes, there is something else I need from you. The third thing I came here for.”

“And what's that?”

“My, isn't it obvious?” She turns over and gets up on all fours, crawling partway across you and putting a hand on your shoulder. Her massive breasts swing invitingly before your eyes; when you take your eyes off her erect nipples and look back up at her face, you see that she's now wearing a predatory grin. “What else would two beautiful girls do on top of a futon?”

That's when you notice the large bulge in her panties.
No. 34320
File 139329897638.jpg- (178.47KB , 800x1150 , dd95557bf36cba0176f03d6378028f88.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yukari runs her gloved hand up and down your swollen belly. She still has a lustful expression on her face, one that makes you think she wants nothing more than to fuck you until you can't move, but for now she's just caressing you. Her breathing grows heavier as she touches you, betraying her excitement.

“Mmm, your belly has gotten so big, Reimu. When are you due?”

“Um, two days from now, I think.” That was Remilia's prediction. It seems to be pretty accurate – you certainly feel like you're almost ready.

“I hope you enjoy it. This is a rapid pregnancy; nothing like letting a human knock you up. You should probably keep that in mind for the future.” She pauses and moves her hand up to your massive breasts, giving your right nipple a quick pinch. A jolt of pleasure shoots through you as your milk squirts onto her hand. It leaves a stain on her glove, but she doesn't seem to mind. “They're huge. It's strange to see you with breasts so much larger than mine.”

Yukari grabs your left breast as well and gives them both a vigorous massage, making you moan softly as more milk flows out onto her hands. She's just as eager to fuck as you are, so why is she teasing you like this?

“Yukari! Hurry up and put it in me! Don't show up, let me see your cock, and then just play around with my breasts!”

“Very well. I just wanted to set the mood, but it seems that wasn't necessary.” You're already soaked, your pussy desperately waiting for her familiar cock to enter it again. Yukari gets up off the futon and slides her panties down to the floor, causing her large dick to spring forward. It looks as delicious as always; nice and long, wonderfully thick, and with a small bit of precum dripping from its tip. “Since you're pregnant, I'll be sure to be gentle. But I can still use the full size still, right?”

“You don't really need to hold back at all. I've been having sex almost constantly since I was impregnated, and my body hasn't had any troubles. It's just a bit harder for me to move, but other than that we can just do it like normal.”

“Oh? Then, shall we have sex upside down while suspended from the ceiling? Give me a moment to prepare my gaps so I can tie you up there.”

“I said 'like normal,' Yukari. If that's your idea of 'normal,' then please hold back.”

“Perfectly ordinary missionary it is, then.” She takes a step toward you and lines the tip of her cock up with your wet slit. The anticipation causes you to shiver with excitement.

Yukari slides her length inside of you with a single swift motion. A flash of pain shoots through your body as her large cock tears through you restored hymen, but you're so used to it at this point that you can mostly ignore it. Your walls are still sore at first, but it only takes a few thrusts for the pain to be completely masked by the amazing pleasure.

You moan as her shaft fills the depths of your pussy. Her hands hold on to your waist for support as she rapidly thrusts into you. She keeps a steady pace and doesn't change the angle of her thrusts, but the perfect size of her cock means that she doesn't need any variation to be able to fill your body with ecstasy. Your breasts and belly bounce back and fourth with each forceful movement; she's really not holding back at all. Not that you mind.

Yukari's face remains perfectly composed, save for a lascivious smile across her flushed face. Her breasts sway slightly as she thrusts into your pussy, but their natural perkiness keeps them from moving around too much.

In contrast, you're most assuredly a beautiful mess right now. Her thick cock forces you to moan constantly, leaving your mouth hanging open as you gasp for air. She's doing all the moving, but you're still disheveled and sweaty from her relentless assault. Plus, you never even got out of bed, so your hair was a mess from the start.

Yukari slams her cock into your depths and ejaculates, coating your walls with her thick cum. You were already on the brink, but the sudden injection of heat immediately pushes you over and brings out your own orgasm. Her quiet moans as she cums are drowned out by your own loud screams. After a minute, your body relaxes as your orgasm passes, prompting Yukari to pull her dick out of your body. Your walls clamp down on her shaft as she slowly pulls it out, your body desperately trying to keep it inside of you longer. Her penis comes out covered in your sexual juices and blood, and excess fluids drip out of your gaping hole and onto the futon.

Come to think of it, you were being pretty loud, so everyone else in the shrine probably heard you. Not that it's a huge deal, but you did kick them out with the impression that you'd be strictly talking business. Oh well. It's not like Yukari would've let them join in, anyway.

“That wasn't too rough, was it?”

“No. That was perfect.”

“Wonderful. Shall we go again?” Yukari asks with a smile on her face.

“Yes,” you reply immediately. This is quite unusual for her – most of the time she just fucks you and disappears. Not that you're complaining.

“How about doggy style this time? That shouldn't require too much movement on your part.”

Sounds good to you. You voice your agreement and turn over to get on all fours. Your massive breasts just barely touch the futon, no matter how much you try and extend your arms. You aren't putting any weight on them, at least, so it's not too uncomfortable. Your stomach doesn't have the same issue, and is above the futon by a good margin. Once you're reasonably satisfied with your position, you stick your ass up high into the air and give it a little inviting shake.

Yukari wastes no time and places her hands on your ass, driving her cock deep into your pussy. She didn't restore your virginity, so the penetration instantly rewards you with a burst of pleasure that makes you moan.

As before, Yukari vigorously thrusts her hips but keeps her movements almost exactly the same each time. She probably considers each insertion to be objectively perfect – and she may very well be correct – but this perfection lacks intimacy. It feels amazing, but it'd be so much better if she'd just change the angle or the depth every so often. Fortunately, your new position makes it easier to do it yourself. You shake your hips back and forth, deliberately going against her rhythm to make her thrusts vary wildly: shallow one moment, deep the next, and scraping against a different side of your walls each time.

The change in stimulation quickly brings you back to the edge. You can't see her face like this, and the only sounds she's making are from her hips slapping against yours, but you'd like to think that she's enjoying this more as well. She's certainly not fighting it.

Her cock continues to slam into your cunt without pause. The pleasure overwhelms you and makes it difficult to focus on moving your hips, but it's not like you need to follow a specific rhythm. You're explicitly going for chaos, after all.

Yukari suddenly ejaculates with her dick buried deep inside of you, causing you to tighten up around her shaft as you orgasm once again. Her thick cum pours into your already full cunt, spilling out onto the futon just as quickly as it pours into you. You moan loudly as her cock twitches and throbs in your pussy, the stimulation from her amazing organ too much for you to handle. Your arms lose their strength, causing you to partially collapse forward, but you remain supported by your massive boobs. Putting weight on them is uncomfortable and causes milk to shoot out into the futon, but holding your elbows against the futon helps by partially supporting you.

“Oh dear. Do you need some help?” Yukari pulls out of you before she finishes, shooting two thick globs onto your ass and slit.

“Yes, please,” you groan. Yukari gets up and walks over towards you, then helps lift you up so you can flip back onto your back. You feel your strength returning already – it's too early in the morning to get fatigued.

“It must be tough, having boobs as big as those. Well, time to leave. Ran is done cooking now, and I don't want to keep her waiting.”

You sit up and look at her. “Thanks, Yukari. For everything.”

She smiles, then gives a short bow. “It is my pleasure to help when you haven't asked. Good day.”

And with that, she's gone. She disappears out of sight by walking downward as if there was a flight of stairs beneath her, no doubt while standing on top of one of her gaps. All that's left is the thick cum in your pussy and a mess of fluids on the futon.

Eri might be done cooking by now. You shouldn't keep them waiting, either.
No. 34321
File 139329949965.png- (1.84MB , 1500x1500 , 92f420c2c604355348e210f866e3e9a8.png ) [iqdb]
The next update will be #100. With the story's current position, the following update would probably just be something plain involving cleaning up around the shrine.

So, if anyone has ideas/suggestions for somewhat grandoise sex scenes for the next update, I'd like to hear them. This will be canon, and thus also occur at about the same time and with the same restrictions, meaning Reimu can't leave the shrine. But other people can visit, and perspective doesn't need to stay at the shrine, e.g. checking up on Sanae is perfectly okay too. I'd prefer to stick with places that have already been introduced, just to avoid messing with future plans, though.

If you have suggestions for scenes/settings, feel free to suggest them. I'll pick the winner through a combination of voting and what I think will work well. Anything that is downright impossible definitely won't win, but I'll try to reply to any such suggestion and try to work out a way to integrate it with my current plans.
No. 34322
Aphrodisiac'd Sakuya worshipping Remi's cock. Maybe Flandre wants to play too?

Koakuma bonding with Fakechouli as the real Patchy uses them for an experiment of some sort. Possibly involving dicks.

Moriya Shrine holding a mass 'donation' drive. Sanae's the receptacle.
No. 34323
Something with Cirno and Daiyousei. That scene from more than a year ago was begging for some kind of continuation.

or just add fairies to something else. you can't go wrong with more fairies
No. 34330
More Dai-chan would be nice.
No. 34342
I'm down with Dai-chan learning to be slutty.
No. 34344
Putting my vote in for more Koakuma. And hell. more Fakechouli and Remilia.

How about this: Due to Reimu's interference, Fakechouli get's incredibly into books, to the point where she's rejecting sex from Remilia to spend more time reading. Both Koakuma and Remilia see this and are reminded of what attracts them to Patchouli in the first place. Cue threesome. Maybe foursome if Patchy gets jealous.
No. 34348
Actually with just how good Koakuma and Sakuya got off to their relationship AND how nice their scene was... a soft and proper scene including some girl on girl love might be nice.
No. 34350

Remi fucks aphrodisiac'd Sakuya in all holes until Sakuya passes out. I think adding Flandre would be too troublesome, sorry.

Several dozen men visit the shrine to ejaculate on Sanae's naked body as she sits in a large box to collect the semen.

Cirno x Daiyousei yuri (Was the Dai scene really a year ago? How time flies...).

Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration. Maybe a third guy after the fact.

Remi is turned down for sex because Fakechouli is "at the good part" and complains to Patchy. Koakuma overhears and is genuinely impressed, leading to Remi convincing Koakuma to double-team Fakechouli.
(Personally I like this more than just >>34322. Much more fleshed out, too)

Futa Koa x Sakuya; Sakuya lusts for big breasts to play with, but Meiling is still gone. Then she remembers the other busty redhead, and how she also has a great cock. So she heads to the library to meet with her, leading to sex after tea and chatting.

Do these (slight) elaborations seem fine? If there's nothing else to add or anything to modify with these, I'll open the voting starting tomorrow. I'll probably call votes Wednesday morning.
No. 34353
>I think adding Flandre would be too troublesome, sorry.
What about just peanut gallery? Or voyeuristic masturbation? Or raping the maids?
>ejaculate on Sanae's naked body
I was thinking more of 'forced' oral service, with a ring gag and other restraints. If you're gonna do bukkake, you should crank up the numbers to make it REALLY special.
>Fakechouli is "at the good part"
She keeps reading throughout. This is required. Patchy thought ahead and warded all her books against jizz stains.
No. 34354
Works for me!
No. 34355
File 139362923560.jpg- (911.96KB , 877x1239 , but_none_in_the_pussy.jpg ) [iqdb]
I meant writing Flandre period. She's honestly one of those kettles of fish that I'd prefer to avoid entirely.

>I was thinking more of 'forced' oral service, with a ring gag and other restraints. If you're gonna do bukkake, you should crank up the numbers to make it REALLY special.
Oh, I figured it was just a "Please, give me your faithsemen." thing.

If you were thinking of any kind of force/equipment involved, you'll need to explain it in a bit more detail.

>She keeps reading throughout.
Koa isn't the type of girl to dick someone while they're reading

>Patchy thought ahead and warded all her books against jizz stains.
Of course. They're protected against almost everything.

Except theft.
No. 34359
File 139364191280.jpg- (143.50KB , 800x600 , 18cec3b020d1986d487d729866ceac28.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh. Okay then.
>more detail
Basically pic related, without the nose hooks? And she'd just pretend not to enjoy it. Her acting would probably fall apart pretty quickly, though.
No. 34360
File 139364585538.jpg- (1.03MB , 867x1227 , dc777abca21803d79d6806b02e63a244.jpg ) [iqdb]
A bit extreme, so I think I'll make it a separate choice.
Will call these on tuesday morning. Maybe wednesday, depending on the weather.

[ ] Remi fucks aphrodisiac'd Sakuya in all holes until Sakuya passes out.

[ ] Several dozen men visit the shrine to ejaculate on Sanae's naked body as she sits in a large box to collect the semen.

[ ] Sanae is tied up with her mouth forced open to allow visitors to fuck her mouth as they please.

[ ] Cirno x Daiyousei yuri.

[ ] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.

[ ] Remi is turned down for sex because Fakechouli is "at the good part" and complains to Patchy. Koakuma overhears and is genuinely impressed, leading to Remi convincing Koakuma to double-team Fakechouli.

[ ] Sakuya pays a visit to the other busty redhead and enjoys her cock.

[ ] Some last minute suggestion that's totally better than all of these (Write in).
No. 34361
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
-[x]Paizuri is involved.
No. 34363
[x] Remi is turned down for sex because Fakechouli is "at the good part" and complains to Patchy. Koakuma overhears and is genuinely impressed, leading to Remi convincing Koakuma to double-team Fakechouli.
No. 34365
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
-[x]Paizuri is involved.

Dai-chan corruption~
No. 34366
[X] Remi is turned down for sex because Fakechouli is "at the good part" and complains to Patchy. Koakuma overhears and is genuinely impressed, leading to Remi convincing Koakuma to double-team Fakechouli.
No. 34367
[ ] Remi is turned down for sex because Fakechouli is "at the good part" and complains to Patchy. Koakuma overhears and is genuinely impressed, leading to Remi convincing Koakuma to double-team Fakechouli.
No. 34368
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
-[x]Paizuri is involved.
No. 34369
[X] Sakuya pays a visit to the other busty redhead and enjoys her cock.

Koa and Sakuya for a Prim, Proper, Dicking
No. 34370
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
No. 34371
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
This sounds good enough. Dai-chan corruption GO.
No. 34375
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.

I'll just pretend Cirno is stalking her all day masturbating offscreen.
No. 34378
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
-[x] With Cirno stalking her all day masturbating unseen.

Why pretend when we can make it a reality?
No. 34379
If the Dai option wins, will we get both sub options?
No. 34381
Cirno successfully remaining unseen stretches my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point.

I want to see her try.
No. 34390
Cirno hides being a too thin tree and since she can't see them they can't see her. Or her peeking around the tree has her rear poking around the other side of the tree and everyone's not pointing it out because it'd just be rude as fuck
No. 34402
[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.
I'm ok with any optional vote. Can't go wrong with fairies.
No. 34403
File 139377402741.png- (653.57KB , 850x800 , maybe_some_day.png ) [iqdb]
Paizuri is fine, of course.

Regarding Cirno, the update would be from Dai's perspective. So if Cirno did remain hidden, she just wouldn't be mentioned. And if she didn't, it'd just be like "Oh, and Cirno is over there watching. You'd say hello, but you're kinda busy". As such, I really don't feel it'd add anything, so I'm just not going to mention Cirno at all.
No. 34408
[X] Remi is turned down for sex because Fakechouli is "at the good part" and complains to Patchy. Koakuma overhears and is genuinely impressed, leading to Remi convincing Koakuma to double-team Fakechouli.

We have been double teamed before, but we have yet to be the ones doing the double teaming.
No. 34450
[x] Sakuya pays a visit to the other busty redhead and enjoys her cock.
No. 34454
[X] Remi fucks aphrodisiac'd Sakuya in all holes until Sakuya passes out.

I cannot resist. Great job so far on the story, btw.
No. 34459
Calling it for

[x] Daiyousei searches for men and convinces them to give her a double penetration, but even that isn't enough.

With some paizuri as well.
No. 34539
[x] Sakuya pays a visit to the other busty redhead and enjoys her cock.
[x] Remi joins in

Yes. Yes. Add in assertive power play please.
No. 34540
You're a bit late.
No. 34640
File 139528874213.png- (399.03KB , 800x900 , 25882625_big_p1.png ) [iqdb]
You walk along the road that skirts the edge of the forest. It's a simple dirt path, made over the years by humans moving between the more distant farms and the human village. This is the shortest route for them that doesn't go through the dark forest. There aren't enough people using it to warrant paving it with stones, but it does still get a fair number of travelers. As a result, it's a hotbed of fairy activity, as your brethren seek out lone farmers and play their simple pranks.

This time, you have something much better in mind.

Evening is approaching, but there's still at least two hours of light left. It's too early for the road to be abandoned, so it's just a matter of time before you find a man traveling along it. A nice, strong man with a thick cock to stir up your lustful pussy. Anyone outside may be on high alert at this hour, but you know from experience how little it takes to lure in a suitable partner.

After about five minutes, you find your target: a man, walking right towards you, all by himself. There are a few empty sacks over his shoulder, so he must be returning home after selling his wares in the village. He's not very tall, as humans go, but he still has about a head and a half over you. His frame is fairly lean but still muscular, and his face is unremarkable. You never did get the hang of estimating ages, but you're pretty sure he would be described as “middle aged”. Not a bad prospect at all, although the most important part is still hidden from your eyes.

The man does his best to ignore you, but his eyes are drawn towards you as you skip towards him with a smile on your face. You try your hardest to keep it gentle and reassuring, but you guess it still comes out a bit predatory. He stops in his tracks and studies you with narrowed eyes, which is honestly a reasonable reaction – fairies are never up to any good, especially when they're out in in the open like this.

“Hello, Mister!” You stop in front of him and stick out your chest to emphasize your generous bust. The difference in height means that he's forced to look down at your cleavage as well as your face, although you're certain that he'd steal peeks regardless. Now that you've stopped wearing your annoying sarashi or even the old dress shirt, there's plenty of your cleavage on full display at all times. Your one-piece dress just barely covers your nipples, and does little to keep your breasts from bouncing about as you walk. “Beautiful day today, isn't it?”

“Huh? Y-Yeah... I guess it is.” He's still unnerved by your unexpected intrusion, but since you're being polite, he can't very well turn you away. And it is a really nice evening; the sun is just starting to set, bathing the world in a brilliant orange. The summer air is still hot, but at least the sun isn't shining so brightly now, and the scarce trees around the path give a decent amount of shade. It's the perfect setting for an evening stroll.

“Isn't it, though!” you reply cheerfully. He's still wary of you, but not outright hostile. You take another step closer, prompting him to shift his weight away from you, but he doesn't also step back. Another step brings you right up against him, your tits just barely not touching his body. Time for the kill. “It's just perfect for some outside fun. Wouldn't you like to 'play' with me, Mister?” He gulps audibly as he catches on the intonation in your words.

Without giving him a chance to react, you jump against him and press your huge breasts against his body. Your erect nipples scrape against his toned chest through your clothing as your soft, pillowy boobs mold against him. Your hand reaches for his crotch, and you look up at your victim with a lustful smile on your face. The bit of innocence you were able to feign is now completely gone. He doesn't fight back, not even as your hand lightly squeezes his cock through his pants. It's hard to get a good estimate, but he does seem to be fairly big.

“Shall we?” you ask, entwining the fingers of your free hand around his. All he can do is nod meekly in response. He's completely ensnared. “Great! There's a better place for this, deeper in the forest. Let's go there for a little... 'privacy.'” He nods again.

You pull off of him, but leave your left hand together with his as you walk directly into the forest. You're sure he's a little disappointed that your tits aren't still pressing into him, but he doesn't say anything. His vivid ideas of what you could do with your ripe young body are more than enough to keep him interested.

Neither one of you speaks as you lead him deeper into the forest. You certainly have nothing to say, and if he has any concerns about how potentially dangerous this trip is for him, he doesn't mention them. After a short five minute walk, you arrive at the small clearing you've started to use. There's a layer of three blankets on the ground, which serves to make sex here reasonably comfortable. The trees are dense enough and it's far enough off the path that no humans will ever stumble upon you.

The man you picked up earlier is still sitting patiently against a tree. His cock is still visibly erect through his pants, even though you've been gone for more than ten minutes now. As with the new guy, you found him walking along the path by himself. He's a good deal younger than the other, though he's still an adult. He actually greeted you on his own; your immediate willingness to have sex in the woods surprised him, but he was quick to go for it. Then you ditched him, saying you needed to “get something to spice our sex up.”

Number One notices you quickly, but his eyes immediately turn to the new guy you brought with you. “Welcome back, but, uh...” he struggles to find a polite way to say it, but quickly gives up. “Who's he?” As if you know. You aren't interested in his name or life story. All you want is his cock.

“Just a man I found on the road. Same as you.” You throw yourself back on Two, again pressing your large breasts against his chest. This time you slide your hand into his pants and gently wrap your fingers around his penis. He shivers and moans slightly as your soft fingers caress his partially erect shaft, making a bit of his precum leak out onto your palm. “I just wanted to try having two men at once. You're free to leave, if you don't mind this guy having me all to himself. Otherwise, get over here and let me fuck you.” You beckon him over with your finger, then turn back to face Two after a few seconds.

The first guy finally gives in and gets up from the tree, but you're focused on your new partner now. He's a lot more cooperative than that young upstart, which is probably in large part due to having your hand on his dick. You get down on your knees and lower his pants to free his cock. As you expected, it's pretty big. Not the biggest you've had, but still nice and thick. You'd love to have it inside of you, but first you want to have a little taste. You lean towards it and give it a nice, sloppy kiss on the tip, running your tongue over his opening to clean up his precum and some of his sweat. Delicious.

You take the tip of his cock into your mouth and lightly suck on it, causing him to moan from the stimulation. He must've been outside for a long time, as his shaft is coated with a delicious layer of sweat. His entire body has a musky odor that invigorates you as you take it in. One finally reaches you, eager to join in as well. You give Two's dick a quick swirl with your tongue before pulling back, leaving your hand wrapped around his shaft. “I'm a bit busy here. Take it out yourself, would you?”

Without another look, you turn away from One and take Two's shaft back into your mouth. You'd rather focus your attention on the older gentleman, since he hasn't talked back since he agreed to come here. Judging by how quickly you can hear One removing his pants, however, you think he'll be more complacent in the future. He thrusts his penis towards you a few seconds later, stopping just shy of jamming it into your cheek. You don't even glance his way, and simply extend your other hand and curl your fingers around his length.

His dick is pretty big, too. It's a little bit thicker and a decent amount longer, you determine after giving it a few quick strokes. You change positions and run your index finger along the whole underside of his length; this both makes him grunt in pleasure, and gives you a better estimate of his size. Definitely longer, and by a good amount.

Your curiosity overcomes your minor urge to tease him, so you pull off of Two's shaft and turn towards One. This gives you your first look at his bare cock. Just touching let you know that it was big, but actually seeing its impressive size makes your body shiver with excitement. He's definitely a good catch; you got lucky when you found him walking alone. You flick your tongue all over his tip before taking it into your mouth and sucking on its length, causing him to moan softly from the pleasure. It's far too big to fit the entire thing in your small mouth, but your hand is enough for the base of his shaft.

After about half a minute of servicing him, you pull off of One's cock. The hand wrapped around his shaft is enough to keep him satisfied, and leaving his tip to dry will make him look forward to when you return to him. But for now, you want another taste of that middle aged cock. You look up at the older man's face to watch him as you run your tongue along the base of his shaft and plant a few small kisses on his tip. He's panting pretty heavily already, but his dick isn't throbbing much yet, so you don't think he's about to cum. Maybe he just has good self control. Once another forty or so seconds have passed, you switch back to sucking One's cock.

You swap between them every half minute. Keeping the amount of time on either guy short will keep them from cumming too soon, in addition to leaving them constantly wanting more. As soon as you feel one of their cocks throbbing like it's about to ejaculate, you immediately switch to the other guy and slow down your hand movements as well. You'd love to drink a thick load of their cum, or have it plastered on your face, but you need to keep them on edge for a long time so they'll stay longer.

While you're busy fellating One, Two reaches into your dress and cups your breasts with both hands. The angle makes it difficult for him to do anything, so you push your chest out to make it easier for him to touch you. He lifts the heavy mounds out of your clothes, finally freeing them and exposing them to the air. Both of his hands massage and caress your tits, although One quickly notices and starts grabbing them as well. They settle on each claiming one of your soft boobs for themselves, squishing the softness between their fingers and playing with your nipples. How thoughtful of them; you didn't even have to ask.

It doesn't take long for both of their cocks to shudder like they're about to cum, even without your mouth. It's been long enough, so you'll finish them off. You rapidly flick your tongue against the underside of One's cock while rapidly stroking both of them. Up until now you've been doing nothing but long, drawn out motions, so the sudden increase in pace catches them both off guard. The cocks throb invitingly in your grasp, causing their owners to moan in sync.

One's cock ejaculates first, sending a shot of thick semen that grazes your left cheek as you focus on its underside. You quickly move in front of it and take the tip into your mouth, letting the rest of his delicious semen land on your tongue. More cum splashes against your right cheek and hair a second later as your older partner starts to orgasm as well.

You stand up after they both finish cumming. The younger one unsurprisingly lasted longer, and his cum tasted great, but the smell of the older man's semen splattered across your face is amazing as well. Both of them are breathing heavily as they recover, but they're still hard. Penises tend to stay hard while you're around, after all.

While they're busy doing nothing, you take the opportunity to strip fully. All you are wearing is your one-piece dress, and taking that off just takes a few seconds. Your toys notice you undressing almost immediately, and admire your nude body after you toss your dress onto the blankets. But that's all they do.

Humph, they loved playing with your tits earlier, but they won't give the same attention to your luscious naked body? They should be rushing towards you and fighting one another for the opportunity to cum inside of your tight cunt. Your hips may not be as wide as Reimu's, nor your legs as long, but your lower body is still pretty good, if you say so yourself. It's not like your huge tits are your only appeal.

The guys are both still erect, so their inaction must be purely mental. In that case, you'll just have to take the lead yourself. You were being kinda mean to One earlier, so you decide to give him some extra service to make up for it. Anyone with such a big, delicious cock certainly deserves it. You walk towards One, take his hand without a word, and lead him back to the blankets. He takes your lead without any resistance, so he's not opposed to doing more things with you.

You get back down on your knees and hold his cock between your breasts, surrounding his length with your soft flesh. You've only done this a few times in the past, but men seem to really enjoy it. It's called 'paizuri,' if you remember correctly. Having a nice, hot dick throbbing between your breasts does feel nice, although you'd prefer it in your pussy. His is even big enough that the tip sticks out from your cleavage, which will let you lick it a bit as well. None of your other partners have been able to do that.

You hold your breasts together to increase the pressure on his shaft as you begin to move. He moans as your heavy tits mold over every inch of his length, and begins to thrust his hips as well. His earlier apathy is instantly dispelled by your amazing breasts. After just a few seconds, he places his hands on your breasts to massage them, so you let him take over holding them together as well. It's a lot easier on you if he presses them together, and this way you can focus on the tip of his cock.

Two shows up at your side before you get the chance, however. He pokes your soft cheek with his erect penis, suddenly interested in joining in now that you're busy with someone else. Not that you really mind. You turn to face him and part your lips, allowing him to slide his length back into your hot mouth. His cock throbs as soon as it touches your tongue, and there's a bit of tasty precum on it, but otherwise this is largely just a repeat of your earlier blowjob. Making him feel good is important too, but you wanted to focus on the younger of the two.

After just a minute of lightly sucking his length, you pull away from Two's dick and grab it with your hand instead. That's enough for now; you need to get back to One. Since he took control of thrusting into your boobs, you haven't needed to worry about maintaining a rhythm. Just a few sways back and forth to add motion of your own, with him doing the real work to make it feel good. But you don't want to pass up the opportunity to lick his tip during paizuri.

It's only visible when he thrusts deep into your cleavage, but that's still enough to work with. His length is well lubricated with your saliva and moves easily through your tight cleavage, the pleasure from your all-encompassing flesh causing him to grunt roughly. Whenever the tip peeks out, you lower your mouth and quickly swirl your tongue around the head before it disappears just as quickly.

Licking his tip is surprisingly difficult, requiring both timing and coordination, but his moans of pleasure make it worth it. The contrast between the crushing softness of your tits and the moist caress from your tongue has to feel amazing. His cock twitches in your cleavage with every thrust, betraying its closeness to orgasm. Two's getting there as well from your small hand, but you'll wait until the end before you pay any more attention to him.

One cums shortly after as his tip descends back into your cleavage. The first burst of his semen shoots up onto your still-extended tongue, while the rest comes out after his dick is buried between your breasts and simply pools between your big tits. He stops thrusting after that, content to simply make a mess between your boobs. Not that you mind. You can already feel some of the hot liquid dripping down onto your midriff.

Two is about ready as well. You take his cock back into your mouth and and you're instantly rewarded with a burst of his delicious cum. He groans as you suck on his shaft while trying to coax as much of his juice out as possible. A small bit of it drips down your chin, but you manage to swallow most of it.

That's enough service for them. Your pussy is absolutely drenched at this point. You need a nice, thick cock to fill it up now. Since you were so nice to them for so long, they should be more than happy to return the favor and fuck you until you can't move. Or until they can't move.

As with the last time, their penises remain hard, but they still look fatigued after cumming twice. This simply will not do. You'll just need to entice them a little, to remind them of their duty.

You crawl over towards the center of the blankets and stick your ass up into the air, putting your soaked cunt on full display for them. Your overflowing juices are already dripping down your thighs, and a few drops land on the blankets, adding even more stains to the well-used fabric. The sight should be enough to make any man charge towards you and plunge his cock into you with a single thrust.

“You aren't going to keep me waiting, are you, boys? One of you needs to hurry up and fuck me!” Your ass is facing Two, but you don't care which of them fills you up as long as you get something deep inside of you.

Your words have the desired effect: Two snaps out of his daze, rushes towards you, places his hands on your hips, and slams his cock into your pussy. The euphoria from finally being penetrated is so great that it feels like you cum immediately, although your body is still hungry for more. The excessive lubrication inside you makes it easy for him to move, despite how tight you are compared to his thick cock.

He begins to rapidly thrust into you as vigorously as ever. All those years of making trips to and from the village must've given this man plenty of stamina, which he's more than happy to use on you. Every hard thrust causes you to moan loudly as the tip of his cock touches the entrance to your womb.

But this still isn't enough. Fortunately, you have another penis nearby. You can't see him from here, but you imagine that One is looking on with rapt attention. There's no reason for him not to join in, so you just need to invite him over.

“Hey,” you call out to your right, trying your hardest to stifle your moans. It's not easy, but you manage to keep them under control for a bit. “You can join in too, you know. I've got another nice, wet hole up here for you to enjoy.” You bring your right hand up to your face and trace a finger around your soft lips to emphasize their appeal. Once you feel him walking on the blankets, you noisily run your tongue around the tip of your finger while moaning, making it perfectly clear what you have in mind.

One walks in front of you and holds his massive dick in front of your face, close enough for you to smell the precum on its tip. You open your mouth and extend your tongue, eager to have it inside of you as well. It may just be another blowjob, and you've certainly given out plenty of those this evening, but you still want to try two dicks at once.

He pushes his cock past your lips, stopping once it reaches the back of your mouth. He can only fit in half of it's impressive length, but that should be more than enough to make him cum. Two's constant pounding causes you to bounce back and forth along One's length, and you consciously bob your head as you suckle it as well. The sensation of having two long, hot dicks inside of you is even better than you thought, and the overwhelming pleasure makes you dizzy. It won't take long at all for you to cum.

Without any warning, One leans forward and places both of his hands on the back of your head. You've had a few other guys do this before; it's not exactly comfortable or even necessary, but it's not a problem. Not until he pulls on your head, trying to force the rest of his dick into your already full mouth. You try to scream in protest, letting him know that this is absolutely not ever going to work, but it's impossible to speak with your entire mouth filled. You're completely helpless like this; you can only barely move with both men holding you in place, and certainly can't do anything to escape.

Except it does fit. It takes him a few seconds, but his long cock manages to find room inside of you, reaching past the end of your mouth and going deep into your throat. The feeling of having something so large stuck back there is extremely disconcerting, but it doesn't actually feel “bad.” In fact, you actually feel euphoric once you actually realize that you're taking his full size down to the base. You have no idea what to do now – moving feels absolutely impossible, and One seems mostly content to simply have your throat squeeze down on his dick. The slight movements from Two's thrusts seem to be enough for him.

Not long after, Two orgasms and fills your hungry pussy to the brim with his cum. He didn't last for very long, but that may be a good thing. As if on cue, One begins to slowly pull his cock out of your mouth, but stops and ejaculates as well after just an inch. His semen shoots directly into your throat, preventing you from even tasting it after that questionable experience. Once finished, he resumes slowly pulling it out, much to your relief once your throat is clear again. You instinctively take several deep breaths once it's fully outside, even though you don't really need to breathe.

You recover from your ordeal before they do, and since you're still eager for release, you decide to take the initiative. One is lying on the blankets with his hands and legs propping him up, making it easy to take advantage of him. You push him flat onto the ground and immediately lower yourself onto his hard cock, not giving him any opportunity to resist. Although you doubt he'd even try. His huge cock fills your pussy, immediately bringing you back to the brink of orgasm. You're eager to cum quickly to make up for earlier, even if he doesn't join you. There's still plenty of cum in you from Two, after all, even with how much One's cock is displacing.

It's hard to focus with the pleasure muddling your thoughts, but you force your hips to move up and down along his amazing shaft. You're so close, but being on top is making it difficult to finally go over the edge. That's the problem with this position; you'd like nothing more than to just relax and let him ravish you, but it's harder for him to move and he probably lacks the initiative to swap places after cumming so soon.

Two moves about behind you, his muffled footsteps on the blanket barely noticeable even with your excellent hearing. He must want to fuck your mouth – maybe the cocktail of your pussy juices and his cum will be enough to make you orgasm. But he doesn't move closer to you. Instead, he stops right behind you you and, after a few seconds of waiting, places his hands on your hips. What is he doing?

He holds you down while you're pressed against One's hips, preventing you from raising yourself for another thrust, then pokes the tip of his cock against your butt. You still have no idea what he has in mind, right up until the tip slides between your cheeks and into your anus. Your entire body tenses up from the unexpected intrusion, but that isn't enough to stop his shaft from slowly pushing deeper into your body. It's amazingly tight, far more so than when you lost your virginity, but his well-lubricated length is able to slowly work its way into your ass.

You can feel them both at once, pressing against each other inside of your lithe frame. It's uncomfortable and entirely foreign to you, but the amazing tightness from having your insides completely filled like this sends sharp bursts of searing pleasure throughout your entire body. It only takes a few seconds of this for you to climax, causing your body to twitch and moan as your holes tighten even further around those delicious shafts.

He doesn't stop moving.

Even as your strength fails you, Two continues to slowly push his cock into your ass, paying no heed to your violent orgasm. Or maybe your frail, twitching body just serves to excite him further. Not content with simply having his penis buried inside of you, One begins moving as well, lifting you up off of him slightly and thrusting his hips upward. His movements are shallow, but with your body in the middle of cumming, even the slightest touch to your sensitive walls feels as good as a thrust from his entire length.

Two's penis doesn't stop until it's completely inside of you. You take a deep breath, having finally calmed down from your first orgasm. Having a dick in your ass feels nothing like having it inside of your pussy. The heat and sensation of being filled is still there, but your anal walls lack the sensitivity that sends jolts through your body.

Both men are moving now. Two is forced to slowly slide his cock in and out of your anus, but he's able to speed up as your body grows used to the new source of pleasure. Their cocks press against each other while inside of you, amplifying the tightness and pleasure. You moan endlessly with your mouth hanging open, completely unable to form any kind of sentence, and just incoherently beg at the two men. By this point, you can't even tell if you're begging for them to stop, or for more.

It doesn't take long for them to finish. After just three minutes, both of them ejaculate together, filling your ass and pussy to the brim with their thick cum. You cry out in pleasure as their hot seed fills you, your moans easily drowning out their strained grunts. It seems you've finally drained them of all they have; Two pulls his cock out of your ass as soon as it finishes cumming and collapses on top of the blankets, while One closes his eyes and lies still beneath you.

You climb off One once you've calmed down. It looks like he's asleep. Two is still conscious, but too tired to even stand. He'll probably be better in half an hour or so, but it's already getting late. It'd probably be best for the two of them to sleep here, while you vigilantly keep watch over them. And then you can have more sex in the morning, when they're fully rested and horny again.

This little clearing in the forest isn't exactly the greatest of accommodations for needy humans, but they should be fine. Nothing will be able to harm them while you're on guard, so they're still safe without being in an actual house. The summer nights are warm enough that they don't need a roof over their heads, although it is only going to get colder – you might need to actually find a house for yourself this winter.
No. 34643
not bad
needed more throatfucking though
No. 34651
So this is canon huh? That's good since I liked it.
No. 34653
I'll just pretend there was a nice, slow descent to this point offscreen.
No. 34660
If you're so upset then you really shouldn't read this story as it seems to be the norm for Gensokyo to be some sort of slut.
No. 34663

He doesn't sound upset to me at all.
No. 34669
I'm not upset. Having everything Reimu touches turn to sluts is funny enough on its own, even if I wasn't capable of filling in the blanks to get Shyyousei here.
No. 34674
File 139579534739.jpg- (171.81KB , 700x990 , e6a88862fa50d01c0e288f6aa84777cb.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writing. I hate dialogue so much.

This is also going to be the last update before the "big event".
No. 34687
how big is Reimu and meling anyway?
No. 34688
Stomach-wise, probably a little bit smaller than the Reimu image I just posted, but not by much. They're both the same size in that area.

Breast wise, Reimu is absolutely huge; roughly the size of her stomach, each. Meiling is far smaller, and is only a little bit bigger than normal. She went up a cup size upon getting impregnated, and another cup during this arc.
No. 34689
Wow, had no idea Reimu was supposed to be that big. Should have had a scene with the fairies using them as beds or something.
No. 34690
File 139596804052.jpg- (344.45KB , 1075x1518 , cg1_3a.jpg ) [iqdb]
That'd be uncomfortable. Probably for everyone involved.

But yeah, I noticed while writing >>34320 that in order for her tits to reach the ground while on all fours, she'd need about a foot of boobs. That's how damn big she is.

I meant to post images from this set to illustrate her progress, but ended up forgetting all about it. Plus the progression is way too rapid, and she gets way too big in the CG Set (there's another level past this one). Oh well.
No. 34691
1. Considering one of the abilities of her powers, at least I consider the Yin-Yang orb to be part of her powers, is the ability to not get fat from eating sweets, after the pregnancy, will Reimu be able to lose the weight gained from the pregnancy belly fast? Will she keep the boobs or they'll become smaller?

And what of Meiling, will she be able to lose her belly relatively quickly?

2. For the last sex scene with Kiyoshi, can it be with Reimu? Hey they were boyfriend/pupil and girlfriend/teacher, so it feels appropriate to me that his last sex scene at the shrine would be with Reimu.

3. For Kiyoshi's crush, do you have it pre-determined or would there be votes or calls for suggestions for that?
No. 34692
1. for the belly, I was just going to have them both return to normal in a few days (and a few days will be covered in a single post, just as a quick "epilogue" or something). I'm sure this isn't realistic, but fuck realism.

For the boobs, they're so huge because of all the milk they're producing (again, fuck realism). So once they give it to the manta babies, they'll quickly shrink.

2. Last scene? What I mentioned in >>34674? Sorry, it's already with someone else. He's not going away after it or anything, so there'll be plenty of time for sex after she's not pregnant.

3. It's pre-determined. There's been some mention of her identity in the story. I doubt there's enough to actually draw any solid conclusions, though. Don't expect some masterpiece of subtle narration where every event in this story suddenly makes perfect sense in relation to Kiyoshi and his mystery crush.

If you do figure it out, though, please don't just blurt it out into the thread. PM me your guesses on IRC, if you must.
No. 34693
...but Reimu will keep the title of "biggest boobs in Gensokyko" right?
No. 34694
But I thought Sanae or Meiling still have bigger boobs? Or am I incorrect about that?
No. 34695
Maybe? It's something easily fixed with an Eientei visit in an arc or two, in any case.
No. 34696
once she's done I doubt it, though I'd imagine she'd still be bigger compared to the start of the story.
No. 34697
File 139600887678.jpg- (286.96KB , 960x1200 , 71f562e3cd6dfff059c804922002fb53.jpg ) [iqdb]

At the moment, she's the largest. However once she starts nursing, they'll steadily shrink back down to managable sizes.

After getting knocked up, she was the same size as Sanae and a little bit smaller than Meiling. Then Meiling got pregnant in the same way, so she got an even bigger lead over Reimu (her initial increase is less dramatic, though, since she was already stacked)

Reimu would rather just get pregnant again than pay Eientei. Cheaper and more fun!

I'm not going to do anything as ridiculous as this again, however. Pregnancy will make boobs bigger, but not so big that the woman has trouble standing. Only the manta rays will have that effect, and Reimu isn't going to get impregnated by the same thing twice.
No. 34698
No. 34699
It's better this way. She only got that high by cheating.
No. 34700
...add two cupsize and we're good.
No. 34721
File 139632148954.jpg- (218.38KB , 480x720 , 30436592.jpg ) [iqdb]
Getting some fresh air for the first time in a few days feels really nice, although it's still somewhat worrying to be outside. Not that you're concerned about people seeing you; barely anyone comes up to the shrine in the first place, and they would never head behind the building. What you're worried about is more simple: falling over. Your balance is horribly off thanks to the size of your tits and stomach, but at least if you're inside there's plenty of walls to hold on to if you do suddenly feel like you're about to collapse. Meiling is by your side, and she's certainly faring better than you, but she's not exactly safe either.

Still, the hot air is nice, birds are happily chatting away, and there's not a cloud in the sky. It's the perfect day to be outside, even though you're only out here because there's work to be done. Not that you're doing any of it.

“Looking good so far, girls!” you call out to the actual laborers.

Seijou and Tsuyo are standing on opposite sides of the shrine's large pond, running nets through the water to get out any debris. There really isn't too much – you do the same thing yourself every spring – but if you're going to give birth in this pond, you absolutely want it to be as clean as possible. The ground still needs to be swept up to give you a spot to lie down, but there will be time for that.

“You doing alright, Meiling?” While the fairies work, you turn and address your redheaded companion. You haven't spent as much time with her as you'd like, but it's only natural with the two of you chasing after futanari fairies and strapping young men all day long. It took you a few minutes to explain to the girls how to use the nets, but now that they've got it down, there's really no reason for you to be out here.

“I'm fine. You have it much worse than me, after all. It's weird having my balance thrown off so much, but I can still stand upright. Even if I can't guard anything like this, I can still do just about anything else.”

“Well, I meant more like 'mentally,' I guess. We're almost due. And then we'll sit down in front of that pond and give birth. So how do you feel about all this?” Tomorrow is the date Remilia predicted, and you can tell that it's accurate. Your breasts and stomach don't feel any bigger compared to when Yukari was fucking you yesterday, at least not noticeably so. They don't move much, but if you leave your hands on your belly long enough, you can sometimes feel your babies stirring about.

“Hmm. I'm fine with it, I guess. I really haven't put any real thought to it. It felt really good getting impregnated by that manta ray, uh, thing, but... I can't get excited about a weird pregnancy like this. The eggs aren't actually mine, so I'm not even really the mother as far as I'm concerned.”

“That's certainly one way to look at it.” She does have a point – the two of you do seem to be little more than surrogates. “Even so, I consider these babies to be mine. I'm the one carrying them, regardless of anything else.”

“You're looking forward to it, I take it?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. It's certainly going to be interesting. I'm sure it'll make up for the burden of carrying them.”

“Oh? That part I don't mind. Being pregnant certainly earned me a nice, sexy vacation with my favorite shrine maiden.”

“Well, that is true. I certainly wouldn't be seeing much of you at all otherwise. Pretty soon, we won't be pregnant; wanna make the most of it while we can?”

“Let's.” She smiles in response to your invitation. “Did you want to invite any of the fairies, or your boyfriend?”

“No. Just the two of us. It'll be better that way.” You take hold of Meiling's hand, and the two of you walk back to the shrine. It'd probably be a good idea to supervise the fairies more, or at least tell them that you're ditching them, but whatever. They can manage on their own. Probably.

The two of you walk into your empty room, and you close the door behind you. Just being near Meiling's gorgeous body is enough to make you damp with anticipation, so you're eager to get started. You slide your skirt and panties down and step out of them, exposing your slit to the summer air. It feels cool compared to the heat coming from your crotch.

Meiling doesn't join you in stripping and instead steps towards you, wrapping her arms around your back. Your stomachs and breasts touch as she pulls you towards her, preventing you from getting too close to her. She leans forward and slips her tongue between your lips, pushing them apart and entwining with your own tongue. You let her take the lead, purring as you enjoy her aggressive movements, but gently brush your tongue against hers to return the affection.

Her hand starts to wander; she leaves her left wrapped around your back, but places her right on the outer side of your thigh. After gently rubbing up and down for a few seconds, she then moves to your pussy, gently rubbing her long fingers against your slit. You were too engrossed in her kiss to think of it, but the sudden stimulation on your pussy makes you realize that you need to return the favor. Skipping the usual indirection, you slip your right hand underneath her dress. You can clearly feel the outline of her slit through the thin fabric of her panties. She's only a little bit damp; enough to make it clear that she's excited, but not as far along as you.

You press your fingers against her slit, enjoying the feeling of her panties slowly getting more and more wet as her tongue ravishes your mouth. She purrs softly from the stimulation, encouraging you to keep going. Her finger repositions itself, and she slides the tip of her long digit into your trembling cunt. The sudden penetration makes you gasp and causes your knees to tremble, but Meiling's strong embrace keeps you from falling over. Still, that was enough for Meiling; she pulls back to break the kiss and removes her finger from your pussy. You pant to catch your breath after the prolonged embrace, during which time Meiling simply waits with a relaxed smile on her face.

“Shall we move on, Reimu?” A few more seconds would be nice, but you also don't want to keep her waiting. You nod.

Meiling gently lowers you onto the futon and tries to crawl on top of you, but stops when your stomachs get in the way of each other. It would seem that the more interesting positions are impossible now. A shame, as you would've liked to do 69 with her. She sighs and crawls backwards, back off the futon, and crouches down on the floor to lower her head between your legs.

You cry out as her tongue gently flicks against your pussy lips. She starts off with brief touches, pulling her tongue back for a few moments between each movement, but quickly advances to continuous licking. Her movements are slow, but even that is enough to keep you excited. Your body twists and quivers in response to Meiling's tonguework, urging her to increase her pace.

She gives in to your silent pleading after a minute and drives her tongue deep into your cunt. Your body tenses up, and you moan lusciously as her wet organ turns about and brushes against your sensitive walls. After a few seconds of this, she moves her tongue to your engorged clit and slides two of her fingers inside of you. She kisses and sucks on your sensitive nub as her fingers rapidly pump in and out of your pussy.

If only you could see her face right now. She must have a beautiful expression as she fervently works to bring you over the edge. Her tongue moves back to your lips as she noisily drinks up your overflowing juices, still giving your clit the occasional flick to send shocks of pleasure through you.

Not even a minute later, you finally cum, crying out her name as her fingers gently wriggle about inside of your cunt. Her tongue continues to brush against your slit as she licks up your juices, but you can still feel them dripping down your thighs and staining the futon.

Meiling stands up once your body calms down and walks over to you a few seconds later, giving you a beautiful view of her bare legs and damp slit. She must have stripped while you were lying on the futon, basking in the afterglow. With only a lustful smile to announce herself, she positions her legs on opposite sides of your head and drops down to press her thighs against your face.

The intoxicating scent of her pussy snaps you out of your post-orgasm daze. You reach both of your hands up and place them on her firm ass, holding on to it for support as you run your tongue along her slit. She pants as you lick her engorged labia. She's nice and wet now, and the combination of her juices and sweat delights your tongue as you diligently clean it up.

Meiling moans and grinds her hips against your face as your service continues. You focus your attention on her clit, giving her labia brief licks in between your teasing. She's already warmed up, so now you just need to quickly bring her to orgasm. Your fingers gently caress the soft flesh of her voluptuous ass; there's not much to do while you're concentrating on her clit, but you still want to enjoy the feeling of her firm butt.

She gives in to the pleasure from her sensitive clit and groans loudly as she cums. Her body shakes for a few seconds and she almost loses her balance, but manages to catch herself. Not an impressive orgasm; she came, but there's still a lot more for her to experience. You push up on her ass, trying to get her off of you so you can find a better position. She gets the hint and moves on her own, likely a result of her small orgasm making her more complacent, rolling onto her back to your side. There's a content smile on her face, but you fully intend to make it more lustful.

You lie down on your side and scoot towards her. Once you're as close as you can get with your enormous breasts and stomach in the way, you lean towards her right breast and suck on her delectable nipple. Sweet milk immediately flows out into your mouth, causing Meiling to purr from the sensation. Her tits are much smaller than yours, with the fairies and Kiyoshi drinking as much as they can every day, but even then she seems to have an endless supply of milk.

Meiling deserves more than just suckling, so you reach your hand over to her crotch and rub your fingers against her slit. There's plenty of lubrication from her pussy juice, allowing you to easily caress her exposed lips and sensitive clit. Her content purring quickly turns to lascivious moaning as you assault two of her erogenous zones, aided by the increased sensitivity from her earlier orgasm.

You slide two of your fingers into her pussy and gently wriggle them about inside of her, scraping against her walls with deft motions. Your goal is to get her nice and worked up so you can finish her off with a powerful orgasm, but it feels like she's already getting close again. Oh well. You release her nipple and run your tongue around her large tit, giving her areola the occasional lick but focusing mainly on her skin. Even though you aren't sucking it anymore, her nipple continues to release a small bit of milk that runs down the side of her breast. You've already drank your fill, but the added flavor from the small trickle is still nice.

Meiling squirms in place as you finger her cunt, her legs moving back and forth as she fidgets unconsciously. She's about ready now. There isn't as much that you can do from this position, so you sit up and lie back down between Meiling's legs. Meiling pants and lightly sways her hips, begging for you to resume pleasuring her. You're all too happy to obey.

You start off by inserting two fingers from your clean hand back into her pussy. She's completely drenched at this point, making it easy to move about inside of her. After four thrusts to make certain that she's ready, you bring your right hand up to her anus and insert the two fingers that were in her cunt before. The double penetration catches her off guard, and both of her holes tighten up at the intrusion into her ass. Your fingers are well lubricated, and plenty of her juices are dripping down from her overflowing pussy, but the tightness still makes it almost impossible to move.

It takes her a few seconds to relax, and once she does you rapidly thrust into both of her holes. She cries out in pleasure as both of your fingers enter her depths and press against her sensitive walls. You're moving too quickly to do anything fancy like wriggle your fingers inside of her, but you make up for this by varying the angle to stimulate as many parts of her pussy and ass as possible.

Half a minute is as long as she lasts. She cries loudly as she cums, her body convulsing as the overpowering pleasure fills her. Her holes tighten around your fingers again, but you manage to slowly pull them out of the crushing embrace. She lies flat against the futon after her climax, visibly worn out from cumming again so soon. The experience has left her a disheveled mess; her long red hair is laid out in all directions, there's plenty of milk around the breast that you were suckling earlier, and she's wearing a wide smile of supreme bliss. Truly the pinnacle of post-orgasm beauty.

It doesn't look like she'll be getting up for a while. You're pretty tired too; it's still early in the day, but everything seems to make you tired this late into your pregnancy. It wouldn't hurt to nap for a few hours. You pull up a blanket and snuggle next to your gorgeous friend, quickly falling asleep alongside her.
No. 34723
Aw, no tribbing?
No. 34778
File 139701240668.png- (1.52MB , 1000x1425 , 42250988.png ) [iqdb]
You step out the door into the early morning sunlight and slowly walk towards the pond. Eri and Tsuyo escort you on either side to make sure you don't fall. Meiling steps out behind you a few seconds later, followed by Seijou. She's in much better condition than you, so she doesn't need two girls to escort her. Nikkou is still inside, ready to keep Kiyoshi busy.

It's time.

The babies started thrashing around inside of you and Meiling shortly after you woke up. Their movements were uncomfortable, but not overpowering or dangerous. For now, at least. They calmed down after about ten minutes, but that's still enough of a sign for you to head outside. There wasn't even time to eat breakfast. You can still walk just as well as you could yesterday, but this unusual pregnancy might have unforeseen results – it's perfectly possible that you'll suffer from sudden violent spasms if you try to delay this. As such, the sensible option is to hurry towards the water and give birth.

You're almost to the pond. Eri and Tsuyo are watching you nervously, but haven't needed to intervene yet. Maybe you just managed to get used to walking around with a ridiculously inflated chest and stomach. You'll certainly be glad to have your sensible body back, though.

You sit down in front of the pond and let out a sigh of relief. ground beneath you is swept clean of any loose dirt or sand, and the water is as clear as it's gonna get. They did a good job yesterday. You're not really sure what to do now, so you just scoot forward and dip your legs into the cool water. Whatever it is that you need to do will come to you when your body is ready.

Meiling sits down on your left and dips her legs into the water as well. There's about a foot of space between the two of you, giving you enough room to stretch out if necessary. For now, you both just relax. The morning air is already hot but not unpleasantly so, contrasting nicely with the cool water. Were the circumstances different, this would be the perfect setting for drinking tea while taking in the scenery.

Your babies start moving about five minutes later. Hopefully, that's a sign that they're ready to come out on their own. You really have no clue as to how to do this yourself; this kind of pregnancy is certainly unusual enough to make what knowledge you do have mostly useless.

You lie back against the ground, leaving your legs spread open and dangling in the water. This is probably the best position to be in for whatever is about to happen. Tsuyo stands next to your head and asks, “Um, are you feeling alright, Reimu?”

“Yeah, I'm fine.” You smile to reassure her. “Just trying to make this easier on myself.”

Nothing significant happens for the next twenty minutes. Meiling has switched to lying down as well, but if she's also experiencing these occasional spasms, she isn't showing it. The fairies walk around aimlessly, looking bored. Your sudden movement got them all excited, but that's worn off now that they have an idea of how much waiting is involved. You still want them to stay nearby and alert, so you can't just let them head back inside or have sex with each other in the meantime.

After ten more minutes have passed, you finally feel like they're actually ready. It feels like there's a strong pressure on your cervix, vaguely like a penis reaching the depths of your pussy, but from the other direction. That would probably be one of your babies trying to come out. You take a deep breath as you feel your cervix opening to accommodate the creature inside of you.

“Reimu?” Tsuyo asks. The girls have been taking turns floating around the back of the shrine; right now Eri is on the other side of the pond, while Seijou is sitting on the ground about two feet from Meiling.

“I think...” You pause and take another deep breath. “I think it's finally coming out.”

“Oh! Really?! Um, can I help at all?”

You really can't think of anything specific. “Just stay near me. It's comforting to have someone to talk to. And go kick Seijou's butt so she'll pay attention to Meiling; she's gonna need someone too soon, I'm sure.” She got impregnated almost half a day after you, but her body seems like it's been catching up to you this past week.

“Right!” You can vaguely hear her running towards the busty fairy and shaking her, but your attention lies elsewhere at the moment.

Half a minute passes in slow motion. Sounds like Seijou is over by Meiling, and Eri's coming back to this side of the pond. Meanwhile, your first baby continues to relentlessly push against your opening, still unable to exit your womb. It doesn't feel bad, exactly, but the constant pressure is starting to numb your senses. It's like getting laid, but without the fun parts.

At your side, Meiling gasps and quietly groans. She probably would've collapsed if she hadn't been lying down already. Her children must be starting to move.

After another four minutes, the baby finally starts to make some progress. You're suddenly overcome by an overpowering stimulation, nothing at all like the constant pressure that was on your cervix, that causes your arms to twitch and forces you to gasp for air. A long and thick cylindrical object is very slowly pushing itself through your aching vagina, its sheer size almost painfully stretching you to the limit. It feels a full ten times thicker than any cock you've ever had, although logically you know that this is impossible. It's definitely big, but your pussy is both dilated and far more sensitive right now, making it hard to tell exactly how big.

Tsuyo gets down on her knees and clasps both of her small hands around yours. “Are you doing alright, Reimu?” she asks.

“Y-Yeah. It's just, it's coming out. Slowly...” You pause to gasp for breath. “But it's coming.”

“That's good, right?”

“I... guess?” What a difficult question to answer. “Right now I just...” You pause again to breathe, but it ends up coming out as a moan. “Just want it to be over.”

You squeeze Tsuyo's hand to try and distract yourself, but can't stop yourself from moaning. The object slowly moving through your vagina is forcibly pleasuring you, but the experience is so unusual and uncomfortable that you can't say it feels good. Nevertheless, you continue to softly moan as your body becomes more and more aroused. If there wasn't already something halfway out of your vagina, you'd be begging for a thick cock right now.

Your baby finally reaches the end, and you can feel your labia parting as it exposes itself to the light. You squirm in place and moan, barely able to contain yourself with the massive bursts of pleasure shooting through you. It no longer feels nearly as uncomfortable, leaving just the sensation of having a large object pressing against your sensitive flesh.

You orgasm as your baby exits your body, sending a strong wave of pleasure over you as it drops into the pond with a small splash. A small stream of pussy juice squirts out with it, landing in the water. You pant, struggling to catch your breath once the short climax ends. The source of the pleasure is already gone, but it took its toll on your body. Your first baby is in the pond, but you can't even lift your head to look at it.

“Umm, girls? How is it? Is my baby safe? What does it look like?”

“I think it's safe. It's swimming around in the water just fine.” Eri answers your request. “Uh, it's pink. Pretty small. Or maybe it's big for a newborn? It's like, um, two inches long and six inches across. Give or take.”

“Wha- six inches?!” No wonder it felt so huge! How the hell did that fit?!

“No, no, it uncurled itself when it hit the water. So it was like this...” Eri takes a few steps closer so you can see her whole body. She stands straight with her arms against her torso. “And then it did this!” She jumps up and opens her legs and extends her arms. “It was much smaller and rounder when it came out of you.” So that's why it felt cylindrical. You breathe a sigh of relief at the news, which abruptly turns to a gasp as you feel the next one starting to move.

This time, your baby is able to progress much more easily. Your pussy is already stretched open, relieving some of the pressure from your walls. It's able to move faster and less painfully this way, greatly multiplying the pleasure your soaked cunt is feeling. You moan loudly as it rapidly moves through you, completely unable to control yourself under the overbearing stimulation.

A few seconds later, you hear Meiling cry out in a sultry voice and thrash around on the ground, followed by a small splash. The cause is obvious: she just gave birth. You had actually completely forgotten she was at your side, as you've been too preoccupied with your own womb. Sounds like she's having a more pleasant experience than you are as well. Or maybe she was groaning throughout her entire first time and you simply didn't notice.

Your second baby reaches the end of your vagina. You struggle to take a deep breath in anticipation, the constant stimulation making it difficult to focus. A single experience was enough to make you want to prepare for the next part.

A massive wave of pleasure hits you as soon as your baby pokes its extremity out of your vagina. It shakes itself against your spread lips and quickly drops out into the pond, joining its brother. You orgasm as soon as it lands, letting out another loud cry as the searing pleasure numbs your mind and leaves your body completely exhausted. And as abruptly as before, it ends. The fierce but brief orgasms are so unusual that it's hard to tell if you're actually enjoying them or not. Regardless, you take quick heavy breaths while you have the chance; there's one more of these orgasms coming up soon.

The stimulation resumes a mere ten seconds later, barely giving you any time to catch your breath. Your final baby begins moving through your vagina. It's going at about the same rate as the last one, but your increased sensitivity results in shocks rippling through your entire body. You are immediately brought back to the brink of orgasm, but this alone won't be enough to make you cum. That's probably a good thing, though, which makes you think that your babies are somehow preventing you from orgasming on purpose.

Another loud cry emanates from your left as Meiling gives birth to her second child. She seems to be doing pretty well, although you're honestly too exhausted from all of this to even turn your head to the side and look at her. All you can focus on is the constant pleasure from your baby slowly making its way through your pussy. Everything else is going numb in the wake of the searing pleasure. It won't take long, judging by the last time, but any amount of time is too much. You just want it to end, but even if there was anything you could do to speed it up, you're too overwhelmed by the unending stimulation.

It takes just over a minute for your baby to reach the end of your vagina. Your body quivers as it spreads your engorged lips apart, sending another intense burst of pleasure through you. A few agonizing seconds pass as it struggles to escape, shaking itself against your hypersensitive walls as it tries to get out. Your body tenses up in response, but release doesn't come until it finally drops into the water with a satisfying splash.

A jolt of electricity shoots through your body, finally bringing you over the edge. You cry out, both from the stimulation and from pure relief that this is now over. Meiling joins you in moaning a second later as her last child falls safely into the pond. The orgasm passes quickly, leaving you panting for breath while feeling absolutely exhausted. Just the first was enough to leave you so tired you could barely move. All that's left is the memory of the burning pleasure.

You lie back and try to relax. You're entirely unwilling to even try to move at this point. The fairies probably can't pick you up and carry you inside anyway, and you don't feel like asking either. Having your legs in the water might be troublesome, but maybe you can fall asleep like this anyway. Giving birth was certainly exhausting, although for a completely different reason than you expected.



That's right.


They must be hungry now. And you have so much milk to offer them. Time to put these gigantic tits to good use.

You force yourself upright and lie back down with your tits hanging over the water. Most of your fatigue appears to be mental, as your arms have no trouble supporting your weight. Meiling is already in position, and two of her babies are poking out of the surface of the water to suckle her erect nipples. You lean forward and two of your own children pop out of the water and immediately attach themselves to your tits. A shiver shoots down your spine from the pleasure of being milked, but it's a far more relaxed and subdued feeling, especially compared to the blinding intensity of giving birth.

This is your first time getting a look at your babies. Eri's simple description was certainly apt: they look like miniature versions of their father (Mother? Parent?), only pinkish. Presumably they'll turn into a darker grey as they grow older. They have a tail, but you doubt it has the impressive sexual capabilities of the parent. It still helps them swim, though, as the third baby that didn't get a chance to feed demonstrates. Those other tentacles that restrained you and enlarged your breasts are either unformed or hidden in your children as well.

The two lucky babies continue feeding for a full minute. Just how much can they drink? You have enough milk, but with only two breasts, you need to help out the last one. You take your finger and gently poke it against the baby on your right tit, coaxing it to release you. Its skin is soft and rubbery; touching it too hard is probably dangerous considering its age, but a few gentle pokes should be fine. It loses its grip after a few second and falls back into the water, freeing up space for the third child.

Now you have an unfed baby on one breast and a well-fed baby on the other. You quickly realize why they're able to drink so much at once: the fed baby is about half an inch longer and a good deal fatter. It's already growing so quickly. It looks twice as big as the other already, and it just keeps growing. No wonder you've been producing such ridiculous amounts of milk!

You let the babies feed, alternating which is left to rest every minute or so. Meiling does the same, and all six baby mantas quickly grow as they ingest your milk. The two that are unable to feed swim in circles near their mothers, but they don't move far away or try to interact with one another. Hopefully that's just a result of hunger; they probably just want to be as close to your breasts as possible so they don't miss their chance to drink.

After about seven more minutes, you drop them all off your tits and back into the pond. They appear to have tripled in size, so you're pretty sure they don't need any more right now – they just want to stuff their little faces. More importantly, your nipples are starting to hurt from their small mouths. They don't have any real teeth or anything and probably can't break the skin, but having them suckle you for so long starts to hurt after a while. You need a break and a nice nap.

On the plus side, your breasts have shrunk considerably. They're still gigantic, but a good deal lighter and smaller. At this rate they'll be down to a manageable size tomorrow, or maybe even today. Your stomach is back to normal too, with all signs of your pregnancy having already faded away.

Thinking of your stomach immediately reminds you of the painful fact that you haven't eaten yet. You stand up, a task made slightly easier by the sudden loss of weight. Time to have Eri cook up some nice breakfast for everyone.
No. 34779
I thought they were going to get help from Eientei for the pregnancy. When did that change?

Also how dangerous are the babies or their parent?
No. 34780
It'd be nice to pay Sanae a visit once Reimu has recovered. Things seemed to end on a bad note earlier, though maybe they've calmed down and come to a new normal like the SDM has.
No. 34782
Well, they got help with the penises. I don't recall ever saying that Eientei would do more than that.

>Also how dangerous are the babies or their parent?
Well, I guess they're natural born rapists, but they aren't going to otherwise hurt anyone. On the other hand, Reimu is probably the only one crazy enough to go swimming in the misty lake, so the parent's list of victims is probably just "Reimu" and "Meiling".

I've been thinking of doing revisits, but there are other locations I want to visit. I really do need to speed up these visits, though, just so she isn't in one place for 5 real-life months or whatever.

There will be a short SDM revisit coming up, since she needs to drop off Meiling and the fairies.
No. 34790
...we can't keep a few?...*sadface*
No. 34797
A few posts back, Yukari arranged a gap linking the Hakurei Shrine pond to Misty Lake. We can pretty much see our kids any old time we want to.
No. 34798
I think he was talking about the fairies. The kids are going to be "around", but the fairies are leaving. They're Remilia's; you can't just keep them forever.
No. 34800
yeah gonna miss Seijou.
No. 34851
File 139729970427.gif- (1.09MB , 248x200 , 632.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 34855
No. 34856
Jesus just stick to IRC you faggatron.
P.S. Nobody cares who you are.
No. 34857
So what does linking >>34778 4 times do? Is it to emphasize how weird you find it? Such an emphasis couldn't be found in merely linking to it once?
No. 34860
Seen weirder shit here man. Although a few of those posts got nuked after OP realized it was weird.

Good Bye Fairy helpers. You were fun!
No. 34866
They aren't gone just yet!
No. 34888
File 139752731898.jpg- (1.54MB , 2500x1253 , 6406003e0daf63f501ebdff32bcf3de5.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wait patiently for Eri to finish cooking breakfast. Or lunch, as it's already past noon. You'd help out, but you still feel exhausted from your ordeal. Besides, they'll be leaving soon – you need to take advantage of having servant girls while you still can!

Kiyoshi and Nikkou aren't around, but you see some dirty plates, so they must have eaten already. Maybe Nikkou just fucked him so hard that neither of them could stand. That will give you time to figure out how to approach him. He hasn't been openly hostile or anything, but is it clear that he's not a fan of the whole bestiality thing.

Eri finishes cooking and serves you and Meiling a mountainous course, which you both scarf down without reservation. The three fairies have a little, but spend most of the time staring in awe at your insatiable appetites.

Once you've had your fill, you stand up, yawn, and head to your room. Time for a nice, long nap. Meiling stays at the table; she doesn't seem quite as tired as you, so presumably she's just going to stay awake.

Kiyoshi and Nikkou are, as you had guessed, asleep on your futon. They're embracing one another's naked bodies, and Nikkou has plenty of cum on her chest, thighs, and lips. Yeah, they definitely fucked each other plenty. It might've been interesting to watch as a sideshow, but right now you're too tired to care about them. Nikkou smells nice, at least. You fall down onto the futon next to Kiyoshi, pull the blanket over you, and drift off to sleep.

You wake up some time later. A quick glance out the window at the slowly setting sun suggests that it's already about dinnertime. Surprisingly, you're actually hungry again. You're probably not the only one, though: recalling your babies' voracious appetites, you figure they must be ready to feed again.

Kiyoshi and Nikkou are gone, having already woken up before you. Oh well, you'll run into them soon enough, you're sure. But for now, you need to head back to the pond. You get up, put on a skirt and one of your breastless shirts, and head outside. There's no need to be naked if you're just breastfeeding.

You step out of the door without encountering Kiyoshi. It'd be rather awkward to explain what you're about to do, even if you can't hide it from him forever. And he probably already knows anyway, but having him know something and directly saying it to him are very different.

Your babies greet you with a set of soft “skreeee”s as they rush towards the edge. So they can recognize their mother! Meiling's three are barely visible in the water, rarely if ever swimming up to the surface. They appear to have no interest in your milky tits, insisting upon only suckling their mother's boobs. Just as well – balancing milk for your three is troublesome enough.

You get down on all fours and drape your heavy tits over the water. Two of your babies immediately jump up, latch onto your nipples, and begin to drink. Having your milk drunk this way feels really nice, but in a fairly non-sexual way. It's not making you moan, but it's also not stopping you from thinking about having sex with Kiyoshi tonight.

They feed in the same manner as this morning: after a minute you force one to drop off and let the third join in, then repeat this process over and over. They're a lot heavier than you remember, and they just keep getting bigger as their drink your breast milk. The weight quickly makes your nipples sore, but you endure it to make sure they get enough to eat.

You stop after about ten minutes. They still want more, but you imagine they'd never let go if you indulged them. Once it's clear that there's no more milk for now, the three of them dive underwater synchronously, waving their long tails into the air for a few seconds before those disappear as well.

Awww, they're so cute!

Well, you can't stand out here gushing about your new babies all night. You stand up and walk back towards the shrine. It's a lot easier to walk now that your stomach isn't massive. Your boobs are a good deal smaller too; feels like this feeding session took off another two inches of bust or so.

Eri is just starting to make dinner when you walk in, so it'll be a while before you can eat. Instead of simply waiting around, you seek out Kiyoshi so you can finally have a talk with him. You find him in the sitting room, where he is simply relaxing, and sit down next to him.

“Evening, Kiyoshi.”

“Oh, hi, Reimu. Um, how are you feeling?” His eyes drift down to your flattened stomach, then travel back up to look you in the eye, pausing at your exposed breasts for a brief second along the way. “Your stomach's gone, I see.”

“Yep. It's finally over.” You let out a dramatic sigh of relief. “My boobs are shrinking pretty rapidly, too.” You lift your tits both up with your hands and give them a few shakes for emphasis. They're still huge, but not as much as before. Kiyoshi's eyes are instantly drawn back towards your mounds, their full shape filling his gaze with desire, but he looks away after catching himself.

“Yeah... Um, I mean, they do look a lot better now, Reimu.” He never seemed to mind too much when they grew to ridiculous sizes; he is a breast man, after all.

“They feel a lot better, too. So much lighter already.” You pause for a few seconds and watch him. He's sneaking peeks at your tits, but is trying to avoid getting caught. “Hey,” you call out to get his attention. “Do you want suck on them, Kiyoshi?” You lift up your left breast to offer it to him. He stares at the nipple, then looks back up at your face.

“Umm, no thanks. I think I'll pass.”

“Oh? Well, suit yourself.” How unusual; you expected him to jump on you and drink you dry. “But isn't there something we can do together?” You lean towards him as you speak, transitioning to a soft whisper as you approach his ear. “I missed you all day, after all. How about a pre-dinner blowjob? Wouldn't you enjoy that?” He shivers from your hot breath against his ear. You reach your hand towards his crotch and gently rub his partially erect dick through his pants. He's practically melting in place from your words. “Well?”

He nods. Time for your fun! You pull down his pants with a single swift motion to free his throbbing erection, and take the tip into your mouth. He groans as your tongue runs along his head, curling around the entire surface. The taste is as delicious as always, with plenty of his cum and some pussy juice – probably Nikkou's – mixed in with his sweat. Once the tip is clean, you take his entire length into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down as you deep throat him.

He moans freely from the stimulation, his earlier reservations disappearing completely once he gets his dick wet. It's always refreshing to see how honest people get when you're going down on them. You would've offered real sex, but your vagina is still pretty sore, so getting penetrated would be uncomfortable. Oh well, having his hot shaft kiss the back of your throat is still nice, and you enjoy giving him the service as well. His cock throbs in your mouth, prompting you to slow down to-

“Hey you two,” Tsuyo calls out from behind you. You aren't about to release his penis to actually face her, but you do stop moving so you can listen to her better. “Dinner's done, so hurry up and cum. It's time to eat.” With that, she walks off.

So much for teasing him and drawing out the blowjob. Oh well, time to end this. You slowly raise your head, sucking on his length as you move. His entire body tenses up from the sudden increase in pleasure; five seconds is all he lasts before he shoots out a thick load of cum directly onto your waiting tongue. You swallow it all once he's let everything out, and lift your head away from his crotch before pulling his pants back up.

Kiyoshi pants and slumps down against the floor after his orgasm. You give him a few seconds to recover, and then extend your arm to help him up. “C'mon, they're waiting for us. Let's eat!” He nods and takes your hand, and the two of you join the others for dinner.


The next day, you wake up early and head straight to the pond. Kiyoshi got up before you, and is probably in front of the shrine exercising with Meiling. Which is convenient for you, as this means he won't see you feeding your children.

You get on all fours and repeat the usual process. They've already grown quite large; they're still smaller than their parent, but in a single day they've more than quadrupled in size. It's not a problem yet, but if they keep growing this fast, they'll practically tear your nipples off while trying to feed. Fortunately, you shouldn't need to keep feeding them for long – if they're growing this quickly, then they'll be adults just as quickly.

Once you've decided that they've had their fill, you head back inside and help Seijou prepare a quick breakfast. Your appetite has returned to normal, so you take your time and eat slowly with everyone else. There's not really anything you have planned for today, so you'll probably just spend most of your time relaxing. Your body is almost back to normal for the first time in a week, so you feel great all of a sudden. It'd be a shame to not spend this time wisely.

You sit outside in front of the shrine and slowly drink your tea. Absolutely nothing is going on, just the way you like it. The fairies are probably having sex inside somewhere, but you're not really in the mood right now. Maybe after lunch. It'd be nice if you had something to read, but you finished your book a few days ago. You probably should've borrowed more than just one from Patchouli; it's not like she'd mind if you took three or four. Oh well.

The weather is simply perfect. Nice and cool for a summer day, although it will still get hotter later. But for now, it's absolutely flawless. You stay out here for another ten minutes after finishing your tea, just taking in the view of the shrine stairs.

About an hour after you eat, you head outside to feed your babies. Meiling is already out back and in the middle of nursing. You get down on all fours next to her and hang your tits over the water. Two of your children immediately latch on.

“Hey, how're you doing?” You decide to make smalltalk with Meiling in the meantime. Not much else to do, and this is the first time your feeding schedules have overlapped since you gave birth.

“Hmm? Fine, I guess. These guys can certainly eat, huh?”

“Yeah.” You pause for a moment to let the third one have his turn. “My boobs have shrunk a lot. So much easier to walk now.”

“I think I'm back to my original size. Which will mean that I can wear my old bras again. Good thing too; I really wasn't looking forward to shopping for new ones.”

“Well, that's good. You'll probably get to try them on in a few days. I don't think these guys are going to need our milk for much longer. You looking forward to getting back to work?”

“Yep! A vacation is fun and all, but I do miss my gate. There shouldn't be any fairies left to train, so I doubt I'll be sent back for more of that.” That's surprising – you were asking about her new job, but it seems she prefers her guard duties. Meiling drops her babies into the water and lies back on the ground. She's done nursing, but is sticking around to continue talking with you. Her breasts remain out, and her beautiful nipples are both erect and red from their mouths. Letting these little guys drink certainly takes its toll on your nipples, but hopefully this won't leave any permanent marks.

“Oh? You didn't like doing the training?” Teaching a bunch of small girls to be sluts sounds like your dream job.

“It was fun, but I'm an outdoors person. So it was just like another vacation: interesting for a short while, but not something I want to do forever.”

“Ah, I see.” That's somewhat understandable. “Oh, and after I'm done, we need to try out the tunnel.”


“The tunnel. Connecting my pond and the Misty Lake. Didn't I mention it to you?”

“I think you did. It's something involving Yukari, right?”

“Yes. Our children can't stay here forever. The pond just isn't big enough. So Yukari offered to set up a permanent gap underwater that only we and our children can use. That way they can live in the lake and still visit me. Plus, it actually gives us a shortcut, in case either of us wants to quickly reach the other.”

“All it requires is getting soaking wet and swimming in a cold lake.”

“Yes.” You never said it was a good shortcut. But it's nice to have the option. “Anyway, if we swim through it once, I think they'll figure out that it exists. They seem reasonably smart. Sound good? Right after I finish up.”

“I guess.”

You finish up three minutes later. Meiling looks at you expectantly, waiting for you to show her how to use this gap. Well, she probably can't sense Yukari's powers like you can, so that's reasonable. You can feel the gap in the far corner of the pond, but you have no idea what, if anything, it actually looks like. Oh well, there's only one way to find out. You strip naked, not wanting to get your clothes soaked, and slowly step into the water.

The water is even cooler than the air, but not unbearably so. Your children swarm around you once you're waist deep, swimming a few circles around you before latching on to your skin. They're holding on to you with some kind of mess of small tentacles; it feels a little weird, but not too bad. Meiling follows you, and her children do the same as yours. She lets out a surprised cry when they latch on to her, but quickly accepts their embrace. Affectionate little guys, aren't they?

There isn't a whole lot of room in here, but the pond is just big enough to let you get horizontal and swim around a bit. You close your eyes, submerge yourself, and let your intuition guide you towards the gap. Opening your eyes right before entering the gap shows that it is visible; rather than the typical eye-filled horror of her gaps, it's simply a view of the misty lake with a small purple outline. However, the misty lake is far deeper than your pond, making it vaguely look like there's a large crater in your little pond.

You dive through the gap. The transition is seamless; if it wasn't for the huge temperature difference, you wouldn't even notice that you just moved several miles in an instant. And the temperature difference is huge – the misty lake is cold even in the hottest summer day, but right now it's positively freezing. You're about a foot underwater after emerging from the gap, so you swim straight up to breathe. Your children let go of you as soon as you reach the surface and resume playing around, but they don't stray too far from you.

Meiling pokes her head up from under the surface a few seconds later. “Huh. We're really in the lake! I didn't think you were being serious.”

“Y-Yeah. Yukari's a j-jerk, but she c-can be n-nice sometimes.” You're shivering from the cold. The sun is shining on you now and it helps a little, but it's not nearly enough. Meiling, on the other hand, seems entirely nonplussed. Must be her chi manipulation or something.

“Hmm. Not too far from the mansion.” She turns around until she's presumably facing her home, although you can't see it through the fog. “Short swim, but far enough that no one would see me using it. Just in case I want to pay you a midday visit or something.” She giggles, so she's probably not being serious. You certainly wouldn't mind a soaking wet busty redhead showing up, although you would prefer advance notice. But considering how she can just fly, you doubt she'll ever actually use it. “Well, you're cold, aren't you? Nothing to do here, so let's head back. Okay?”

“Y-Yes. T-Thank you.” You both dive and head towards the gap. Meiling seems to know where it is now, so you just let her lead. The children all follow after you, staying close to their respective mothers. They have no trouble keeping up; you're pretty sure they're already faster swimmers than either of you.

You jump out of your pond as soon as you return. That water is miserably cold! You're definitely never going to use that shortcut yourself; the Misty Lake is only bearable on the hottest days. You sprawl out on the grass, hoping that the sun will warm you up.

“Cold? Come here, I can help.” Meiling stretches her arms out and beckons for you. You stand up and embrace her. Heat immediately starts flowing from her entire body, quickly dispelling the cold. Ah, this feels so nice! She lets you go after two minutes, by which time your entire body has been warmed. You thank her, get dressed, and head back inside.

It occurs to you that Tsuyo and Eri never took the last of the futanari pills. You had enough to last until the day you gave birth, but they were too busy then, and haven't remembered since. They'll be leaving soon, so you could have them take the last pills in the morning for a big farewell “party.”

Alternatively, they could take their pills tomorrow morning and leave for the SDM that day. Then they can give Remilia a nice little surprise.

[ ] Have an orgy at your shrine.
[ ] Surprise Remilia.
[ ] Nah, save them for later. They might come in handy.
No. 34889
Yep, there's actually a choice!

This is pretty much the epilogue of the arc, so ideally I'll have a choice in almost every update from now on. Except, of course, when I railroad into Kiyoshi's arc.
No. 34896
[X] Have an orgy at your shrine.

An orgy a day keeps the fairies around.
No. 34898
[x] Surprise Remilia.
No. 34906
[x] Surprise Remilia.

If Reimu needs a dicking later, there'll always be other monsters.
No. 34909
[x] Surprise Remilia.
No. 34928
[x] Surprise Remilia.
No. 34929
[x] Try to surprise Remilia, have your fate seen through, and be surprised by her.
No. 34994
Calling it for
[x] Surprise Remilia.
No. 35005
File 139844806261.jpg- (258.22KB , 800x600 , pretend_these_are_fairies_or_something.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up early in the morning with the sun shining down on your face. Kiyoshi stirs as well in response to your movements; seems you managed to get up before him for once. Good, that means it must be very early.

Kiyoshi drowsily looks at you and greets you with a "G'mornin, Reimu." He stretches and yawns, then adds, "You're up early."

"Yep!" you reply enthusiastically. You're still just as tired as he is, if not more so, but being cheerful in the morning helps keep you awake. "Gonna go work out with Meiling?"

"Yeah." He pauses for a second. "Did you want to join us? You're fine with exercising now, right?"

He does have a point – you certainly could join them, if you wanted to. Your stomach is flat now, and your boobs are back to where they were a week ago. As a result, your balance is back to normal, and you no longer feel tired all the time from your pregnancy. There's no reason why you can't join in anymore. But, on the other hand...

"No, sorry. I need to take care of things for the fairies. Make sure you give it your all with Meiling today, though: I'm bringing everyone back early."

"Don't worry, Reimu," Meiling interjects. Surprised by her voice, you turn to face her. You're pretty sure she was still asleep just a minute ago, but now she's wide awake and sitting up in her futon. "I'll be sure to wear him out." She finishes with a smile, but her face returns to a neutral expression as she continues. "So, we're going back today?"

"Yeah, that's the plan. I figure if we leave early enough, we can get there before Remi goes to bed." It'd be simpler to tell her in private exactly why you want to get there early, so you don't mention the planned fairy orgy just yet. "So, take your time with him. I'll go wake up the girls and have them pack."

"Okay. I'll see you when we're done. Are you ready yet, Kiyoshi?"

"Ah, just a minute, okay?" The two of them walk out once he finishes putting his pants on.

You get dressed as well once they leave. It's been a while since you've been able to wear a blouse that actually covers your tits. Seijou is still asleep in her futon, having slept through your conversation. You crouch down and pick her nude body up off the floor and sling her over your shoulder, resulting in her boobs pressing against your back. She lets out a tired "Funyaaah", but otherwise remains completely asleep. Oh well, she's not moving much, so that at least makes it easy to carry her.

Now to wake up the other lazy fairies. You walk to the guest bedroom and open the door to find the remaining three girls sound asleep. They're all nude, with varying parts of their bodies exposed from underneath the blankets. Are all fairies such sloppy sleepers, or did you manage to pick the worst? Half of Nikkou's chest is uncovered, showing off one of her modest breasts, and her long, golden hair is sprawled out on the floor. Tsuyo's chest is covered, but one of her legs sticks out from the side of the futon. And Eri somehow managed to get upside down, with her head and chest inside the futon, but her bare legs and pussy out in the open. You sigh at their display, and set Seijou down onto the floor.

"Alright girls, wake up!" You shout at the crowded room and succeed in causing all four girls to panic. They let out a variety of startled yelps and twist about on the floor, struggling to get out of their futons. This is why proper sleeping posture is important, ladies!

Seijou is the first to orient herself and stand up in front of you. "Reimu?! What happened?!" she asks, still in a panic. The others are still struggling with their bedding. You can't really call her the winner in this situation, since you did help her out of her futon in the first place.

"Nothing yet. But you girls need to get ready. You're going back to the SDM today, and if you hurry, you can sneak up on a sleepy Remilia. Hurry up and pack so we can get some role-reversal play going."

"Sneak up on... huh? What're you talking about?" Seijou asks.

"What, don't you girls want to dominate Remilia for once? C'mon, it'll be fun!"

"Umm... how?" Tsuyo asks. "We sneak up on her... and then what?"

"I checked last night, and there's still two futanari pills left. So, you and Eri can stick your dicks in her. If you're worried about her fighting back, don't. She's really meek in the morning, on account of her being a vampire and all." It's fun to bully her like that, since she usually doesn't fight back and acts a lot more like a young girl. Plus, you're asleep when she's at her strongest, so you usually only see her when she's weakened anyway. You just have to always remember to not overdo it so she doesn't take her revenge at night.

"...Are you sure about this, Reimu?" Nikkou's turn. "She's still a vampire, even if she's weak. And won't we just get in a lot of trouble, even though it'll be your fault?"

"Like I said, she won't just be weakened, she'll also be really pliant. She'll be like putty in your hands. If she actually does try fighting back – and she won't – I'll be there to stop her. Don't worry about revenge either. I'm sure she'll strike back at night, but she'll probably just use her dick. I don't think you'll mind that, now will you?"

"No... I guess not."


"Sounds like fun!"

And they're already mostly convinced. Seijou and Eri are still somewhat doubtful, but you're sure they'll go along with your plan anyway. "Great! Tsuyo, Eri, take your pills right away. Everyone, hurry up and pack your things. We need to get there as soon as possible so we get a tired Remilia and not a fast-asleep Remilia. I think we have at least an hour, but there's no sense risking it. Alright?"

"Yeah!" You get energetic replies from Tsuyo and Nikkou, while Seijou and Eri lack the others' enthusiasm. However, they all still get to work. You help out as well, working to get all of their futons set up. It goes against the whole point of having servant girls, but time is of the essence.

And yet, despite your hurrying, packing doesn't take very long at all. All of the fairies traveled light, bringing little more than the clothes on their backs. They get dressed into the casual clothing you bought for them and each fold their work uniforms up nicely to store. Meiling was the only one to bring a lot of stuff, but she's actually already packed. She ate some of what she brought, and her extra sets of clothing are folded neatly in her bags. She's actually quite tidy; you just never noticed. You set the extra futons down next to her stuff. It'd be better to let her stuff them in, rather than going through her belongings yourself.

You're finished packing after a mere ten minutes have passed. Meiling and Kiyoshi are still exercising outside, so you can't leave just yet. Hmm. Kiyoshi will probably be hungry when he gets back. Normally he'd eat breakfast with you, but if you're going to the SDM, you're definitely going to eat Sakuya's cooking as well. But you can still cook something just for him.

"Hey, I'm going to make Kiyoshi breakfast before we leave. Do you girls want anything as well?"

"Hmm? Are you not going to eat, then?" Tsuyo asks.

"Nah. I wanna eat Sakuya's delicious cooking while I'm visiting instead."

"So, Kiyoshi isn't coming with us?"

"No. I don't think he'd fare well in a mansion full of devils and magicians." And maids. A legion of horny maids. Plus, you want to get laid while you're there, and it'd probably be best to not show him how often you do that. "I won't be gone for long or anything, so it's no big deal. I trust him to watch the shrine."

"Okay. Well, I'd like a bowl of rice, if that's okay." Tsuyo says. Nikkou asks for the same, while Eri just wants a cup of tea. Seijou says she's fine and doesn't need anything.

Cooking so little is simple, and you need something to occupy yourself, so you refuse the offers of assistance from the girls. Kiyoshi walks inside about twenty minutes later, looking somewhat tired but not dead on his feet. He's sweating a bit and breathing heavier than normal, but that's all. You guess Meiling wasn't as hard on him as you anticipated. She walks in a little bit after Kiyoshi with a wide smile on her face. Seems she had fun, at least.

"Welcome back, you two. I made some breakfast, Kiyoshi, if you want to eat now."

"Oh, thank you. Did you already eat?"

"No, I was just going to wait to eat until I got to the mansion."

"Oh. Well, yeah, I'll eat now. It's better hot, after all." You set the dishes down on the table for him and give the fairies what they requested. He starts eating immediately, apparently having worked up quite the appetite while outside with Meiling.

"Meiling, could you finish packing? I dropped the futons off beside your bags, but didn't put them inside. And if you have anything else to take care of, could you do that now? I'd like to leave soon."

"Alright, Reimu." She walks off to your room to finish her packing. The fairies are all set, so you'll be able to leave once they finish eating.

Meiling returns a few minutes later carrying her two bags. They're smaller than before, but still quite large. The girls finish their rice and tea shortly after, so you send them off to pick up their small bags. It's almost time to say goodbye.

"I'll be leaving soon, Kiyoshi. I'll be gone for a few hours, since I have some other business to take care of. I'll try to hurry back though, okay?"

Kiyoshi stands up to respond. "Okay, Reimu. I'll see you soon." You give him a tight hug and kiss him on his lips. "Bye, girls. It was nice meeting you all!"


"Goodbye! It was fun!"

"Bye, Kiyoshi!"

"Bye!! I'll miss you!"

Each of the fairies run up to him and give him a big hug and say their goodbyes. Meiling goes last and squeezes him tightly, telling him to be sure to practice his Tai Chi in addition to how much she enjoyed her time with him.

Now that the goodbyes have been said, you walk out the door with everyone. Kiyoshi stays on the veranda and waves goodbye as you take off into the air. You wave back until he's out of sight. Well, you'll see him again soon enough.

"Oh, Meiling," you call out to her mid journey. "Remi's gonna be weak since it's early morning, so we were planning on letting her have a taste of the fairies' dicks. Did you want to join in?"

"Hahaha, you're doing what? What brought this on?"

"We had some extra futa pills. I figure she deserves a taste of fairy dick for once, instead of just giving hers to them."

"It does sound interesting, but I think I'll pass. Honestly, I just want to take a nap in my own bed; I miss it. But Reimu, do you think she's a virgin or something? She has sex with the guys too, just not as often. She's never been penetrated by a fairy, obviously, but she's not a blushing maiden or anything."

"Oh. Huh." Actually, you had figured that you were her first time two weeks ago. "Well, whatever. It'll still be fun. Offer's open if you change your mind, or if we're still going at it when you're done napping."

"Hah! I'll keep that in mind. Have fun!" Oh, you will.

You land in front of the gate and give Meiling a quick goodbye hug. She takes her bags into her shack and leaves your little group. You're in too much of a hurry for a proper goodbye, and you're certain that you'll see her again on your way out anyway. There's still a bunch of small fairies in front of the gate, but they don't hassle you at all since you arrived with Meiling. You walk past them and open the doors to the mansion, leading the way for your fairy companions.

The orgy is still going on in the foyer. It's smaller now and slightly more organized, compared to before. A quick count gives you about ten men and eight fairies participating, with five more people resting against the walls. They're split up into six groups; four are one-on-one, while the remaining people are jumbled together in two large groups. There's fewer people involved, but they're going at it as intensely as you remember from last time.

A pity you don't have time to stick around. The smell is nice and invigorating, at least, but that's all you can experience for now. The image should help get your girls nice and excited and preparation for their date with Remilia, though. You walk past the lustful participants and head straight for Remilia's chamber, making sure you don't lose any of your girls along the way.

You arrive at the big doors without any interruptions. Sakuya didn't decide to teleport in front of you this time. Maybe being surrounded by fairy maids is throwing off Sakuya's maid powers, or maybe Remilia just isn't in her room right now. Well, whatever; if she isn't in, you can just wait inside and ambush her or something.

"Alright, we're here. Are you ready, girls? Nice and erect, Eri, Tsuyo?"



The girls answer in unison. Time to do this.

You push the doors open and step inside. Remilia is sitting in her bed, reading a book, and looks up at your appearance. She's wearing a light pink camisole that does a great job of showing off her lithe body. It's sadly not transparent, but it leaves enough skin uncovered to keep you aroused.

"Reimu? Why are you here?"

"I've come to return your fairies."

"That's nice, but you didn't need to interrupt me for that. Don't go barging into other people's rooms. Or homes. I'm trying to sleep!" Remilia closes her book and sets it down on a nearby table, but doesn't get out of bed.

"But this is important! I need to pay you back for letting me borrow your girls by showing you what I did for them!" You walk towards Remilia as you speak, with the fairies staying close behind. She looks more and more annoyed as you approach her, but doesn't seem to suspect anything. It's not like she can see into the future or anything.

Remilia sighs. "Oh? And what might that be? Their new outfits? They are nice and all, but I insist that my servants wear their uniforms while they are on duty."

"No, not that, although they are nice. By the way, you need to reimburse me for those." Remilia sighs again. "But what I did is far more interesting!" You stop at the base of Remilia's bed. The fairies draw closer, two of them moving to either side of her large bed. Remilia looks around her and finally realizes that she's surrounded, but it's not like there's much she can do at this point.

"Will you get on with it already so I can go to sleep?"

"Fine, fine. Girls, take off your skirts." Tsuyo and Eri happily oblige, dropping their skirts to the ground in seconds to reveal the impressive erections within their panties. Seijou and Nikkou start to strip as well, but they're both wearing one piece dresses, so it takes them longer to disrobe.

"So, do you give every woman you run into a penis?" Remilia doesn't seem all that surprised by the penises around her. Probably because she has one of her own.

"Of course not. Meiling doesn't have one, so I'm only at like fifty percent." You'll let her know that these penises are temporary after she gets a taste of them.

The fairies get ready to pounce on Remilia and dominate her, but you move first and dive towards Remilia. Even when she's weakened, the fairies would be no match for her, unless you incapacitate her first. Your leap is cutoff midair as Remilia grabs onto your sides, effortlessly holding you up and away from her.

"Can't you fuck me when -"

"Now!" You shout, cutting off Remilia's silly request. The fairies all leap onto her at once, and with her hands occupied, she's unable to defend herself. They swarm her, pressing their barely clothed bodies against hers. Nikkou and Tsuyo lick her nipples through the thin cloth of her camisole, causing Remilia to start moaning despite her reservations. Seijou throws the blankets aside and buries her face between Remilia's legs, starting to lick her pussy and dick through her silk panties. Eri takes off her panties and begins rubbing her cock around Remilia's thighs, competing with Seijou over Remilia's genitals.

She's sufficiently distracted now. You float away from Remilia's arms and gently set down on the floor, then press her flat against the bed to make it easier for the girls to ravage her. She's already too engrossed to fight back, leaving the fairies to do as they please. As your final deed, you grab her camisole and lift it up past her head. Remilia meekly moves her arms to allow you to take it off completely, having already surrendered herself to her servants' whims. You'll let them play by themselves for a while, and join in later.

Nikkou moves up and claims Remilia's mouth for herself, slipping her tongue past the vampire's lips. Remilia readily returns the kiss, and the two of them sloppily run their tongues together. She's already starting to softly moan from the attention, all traces of her earlier resistance gone. Nikkou's hand runs along Remilia's bare chest, gently caressing her small breasts and erect nipples. Tsuyo leaves her mistress's chest behind, moving down towards her damp pussy instead.

Remilia's cock is fully erect now, and Seijou is happily running her tongue along the massive shaft. Unfortunately, this blocks Eri and Tsuyo from penetrating her. Understandably upset by this, the two futanari girls team up to lift Seijou up and toss her off the bed. She lands on her back and lets out an annoyed cry, but immediately jumps back on with no ill effects.

Eri and Tsuyo plan their assault together. Eri lifts Remilia's butt off the bed a tiny bit, allowing Tsuyo to grab onto her and push her dick into Remilia's tight ass. Eri then floats up above Remilia and gets on top of her, then slides her large cock into her mistress's small cunt. Despite her small size, Remilia's body easily accepts both thick shafts as the girls thrust rapidly into her holes. She starts moaning lustfully into Nikkou's mouth, interrupting their drawn out kisses.

Seijou crawls onto the bed towards the others, but chooses to focus on Remilia's pussy instead of her cock. She holds on to Remilia's waist for support, then leans forward and flicks her tongue where Eri and Remilia are joined. Eri pauses to moan from the sudden contact, having grown used to Remilia's pussy but not the sudden wetness from Seijou's lithe tongue. Seijou licks the two genitals equally, making sure to spend plenty of time on both Remilia's swollen clitoris and Eri's underside.

Remilia's entire body twitches and convulses as her four dedicated servants flood her with pleasure. She cries out as an orgasm tears through her, causing her pussy and anus to clamp down on the fairies' dicks while her own cock ejaculates. No one was servicing her dick, so the thick load of semen flies high into the air, splattering down on Remilia's chest and face and the back of Nikkou's head. Eri and Tsuyo cum together as Remilia squeezes on their cocks, the two of them filling both of her holes with their semen. Exhausted for the moment, they pull out of her and sit down on the bed. Nikkou and Seijou pull away from Remilia for the moment as well.

You start to strip, taking your time to give them all a chance to catch their breath. Remilia has a content smile plastered on her face, fully enjoying her taste of subservience. All three cocks are still rock hard, as if waiting for you to join in their little orgy. You wouldn't want to disappoint them.

"There, wasn't that fun, Remi?" You walk towards them and lean on the bed, letting your large breasts hang invitingly in front of them. Remilia turns to face you, her eyes full of lust at the sight of your naked body. "You should become their personal cum dump. Just attend to them every day and let them fuck you until you can't move. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

"It does sound fun, but I must decline." Just as well – those cocks will be gone in a day. "Maybe you should do a better job of convincing me, personally."

"Oh? You're rather cheeky for a sex slave. Let's see if you can keep that up after a taste of my tight cunt!" This doesn't really work with the whole "cum dump" thing, but whatever. You just want to fuck her.

You climb onto the bed and straddle Remilia, then line her thick cock up with your entrance. Her entire length is coated with a small bit of precum and saliva, and you're wet from watching them go at it, so it sinks into your body with minimal resistance. You throw your head back and moan as your pussy swallows the entire length, its amazing thickness pressing against your walls and numbing your mind with pleasure. Large penetrations just feel so good!

Remilia moans from your walls clamping down on her shaft, but doesn't start thrusting on her own. She must be expecting you to do everything, since you're supposed to be dominating her right now. Not that you mind riding her cock, but she's got another thing coming if she thinks you're the only one that will be moving.

"Don't just stand there, girls!" you say to the seated fairies who have been watching you with bated breath. "Pick a body part and fuck it! We're all in this together, remember?"

The girls jump up at your words and scramble to find something nice. Tsuyo claims Remilia's mouth and shoves her cock into the small hole. Remilia obediently starts cleaning it while the fairy slowly thrusts her hips, enjoying the taste of the fairy's leftover cum. Nikkou gets beneath you and licks Remilia's pussy, drinking up the overflowing cum from her used hole. Meanwhile, Eri and Seijou decide that they'd rather have a taste of you and get on either side. Seijou goes for your tits and starting sucking on one while groping the other, while Eri rubs her cock against your stomach.

Eri's poking is somewhat annoying, so you wrap your fingers around her length and give it a few quick strokes, encouraging her to back away from you and enjoy the simple handjob. Your other hand is free, so you use it to caress Seijou's voluptuous breasts and return the favor. It's somewhat difficult to service these two while riding Remilia's dick, but their satisfied purrs and moans let you know that you're doing a decent job.

Remilia's cock twitches violently inside of you, signaling that it's near its limit. She's panting heavily and her face is flushed with arousal as the pleasure from her cock overwhelms her. Mmm, you want to watch her cum. You release Seijou's breast and Eri's cock in favor of holding on to Remilia's waist, allowing you to raise and lower yourself as a quicker pace. The increase in speed almost causes you to lose your balance, however; it seems you're closer than you thought. Her shaft fills you completely and every movement causes her cock to scrape against your sensitive walls.

She cums shortly afterward, her face contorting in pleasure as she moans and fills your hungry cunt with a massive load of thick cum. The burst of heat injected directly into your womb brings you over the edge as well, and you join in her loud cries of pleasure. You keep your eyes focused on hers throughout your orgasm, watching her squirm through the pleasure. Tsuyo is unable to keep her cock in Remilia's wide open mouth, and gives up after a few seconds, giving you a better view of her flushed face. She's unable to avert from your gaze, which only serves to embarrass her and redden her face even further. She's just so damn cute when she's meek like this!

Eri must have switched to stroking herself after you let go of her cock, and ejaculates onto your body and Remilia's as your paired orgasms wind down. The small shower of cum acts as a nice finisher, but you're too satisfied at the moment to get excited about having semen sprayed into your stomach.

You get up off of Remilia's dick, causing some of the excess cum to drip down onto her thighs and the bed. It's still fully erect, of course, meaning that another lucky girl gets to ride it. Nikkou is closer, so you help her get on top of Remilia and line her cock up with Nikkou's slit. She lowers herself onto Remilia's shaft, taking the entire length inside of her with a single rapid motion. The familiar sensation causes her to orgasm immediately as she finally gets a taste of her mistress's cock for the first time in over a week. It only takes a few seconds for her to recover and start moving on her own, raising and lowering herself along Remilia's length with unsteady but determined motions.

The rest of the fairies need something to do, but you have a plan for them. First, you instruct Seijou to get down on all fours perpendicular to Remilia's body, with her ample breasts hanging just above Remilia's head. Eri then gets behind her and slams her large cock into Seijou's drenched cunt. The penetration causes both girls to moan, and Seijou's tits bounce back and forth in tune with Eri's rapid thrusts.

Next, you match Seijou's position and get on all fours next to her, but facing the opposite way. Tsuyo mimics Eri and slides her cock into your filled pussy. Both sets of voluptuous breasts hang delectably over Remilia's face, bouncing back and forth as their owners are ravished from behind. They're just close enough to her head that she can reach either yours or Seijou's, a fact she quickly realizes. She holds onto one of each of your tits and starts licking yours, sending a small trickle of milk onto her waiting tongue.

Tsuyo pounds your cunt, moving even faster than Eri's impressive pace. Her cock isn't a long or thick as Remilia's, but she's still able to hit your sensitive areas with a bit of maneuvering. You've done it so many times with her over the past week that she knows exactly how to please you. She slightly changes the angle of insertion with every thrust, causing her tip to scrape against a different part of your walls each time.

Remilia switches to tasting Seijou's breasts after about a minute. You'll miss the stimulation on your sensitive tits, but this allows you to focus on Tsuyo's lovely cock. You grind your hips to match her rhythm, driving her dick deeper inside of your body with every thrust. She falters for a second as the unexpected movement causes her to moan, but quickly recovers and resumes fucking you in earnest.

All around you are the lustful cries of girls approaching orgasm. Nikkou moans deeply with the occasional outburst of "It's so good!" or "Amazing!". Remilia's panting makes her sound close as well; she also stopped sampling the tits in front of her after a few minutes, too engrossed with the tight cunt wrapped around her dick. Eri and Seijou are lost in themselves, the sounds from Eri's wide hips slapping against Seijou's plump ass echoing throughout the room in testament of their enjoyment of each other. Tsuyo has begun to stumble occasionally, but bears through it in dedication of making sure you orgasm as well. You're well past the edge yourself, but you're trying to hold it in so you can climax with everyone else. They're probably doing the same thing, actually.

Eri is the first to climax, moaning loudly as she fills Seijou's pussy with her cum, which sends her over the edge as well. Seijou's groans are your signal to end it as well, and you tighten your pussy around Tsuyo's dick while she's deep inside of you. The effect is instant, and she ejaculates inside of you, her cum mixing with Remilia's still-hot load. You moan without restraint as you let the pleasure take control of your body. Remilia and Nikkou cum as well, joining your chorus of lust. You and Seijou both collapse against Remilia's body as the semen continues to pour inside of your hungry pussies.

You get up off Remilia once you've recovered and sit down to rest on the side of her bed. Once the fairies have gotten off of her as well, you turn to face the completely defeated mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

"So? Do you finally see the joys of being our sex slave?"

"You make a powerful argument, Reimu. I've decided." She closes her eyes for a few seconds, then reopens them before continuing. "Being on top is much more fun. I'll have to decline. Now let me get some damn sleep."

"What?! That's it?! You're not even going to pretend to be mind broken? At least give us a double-v ahegao or something!"

"Where did you even pick up a dumb term like that? No, of course I will do no such thing! Now scram, before I have Sakuya throw you out on your naked ass."

"Bah, you're no fun. Well, whatever. I'll leave." You're hungry, anyway. Time to find Sakuya, hopefully without getting thrown out.

"It was entertaining though, Reimu. Thank you. It was fun being with other girls with penises."

"Oh, uh, don't get too attached to those dicks. They're temporary. I just had them take some pills I got from Eientei."

"I see. That's a shame, but maybe I'll just have to buy some for myself."

"Sounds like a good idea to me. Okay, I'll let you sleep. I'm going to leave before you wake up, so thanks again for letting me borrow your servants. They were a lot of fun." The fairies all smile as they hear you say this. It was fun, and you hope they and Meiling enjoyed the little excursion as well.

With your business concluded, you and the girls put your clothes back on and head outside of Remilia's lavish room. They need to return to their quarters, so you give them all a final hug and kiss goodbye and see them off.

You want to get back to your shrine soon, but you might as well pay some of the other residents a visit while you're here.

[ ] Have sex with Sakuya.
- [ ] Just the two of you.
- [ ] With some of the guys.
- [ ] With Koakuma.
- [ ] With Meiling.
[ ] Have some fun with Patchouli's clone.
[ ] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.
[ ] Join in on the orgy in the foyer.
No. 35006
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.

I missed the little devil.
No. 35007
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.

Here I was hoping Seijou'd give Remilia Paizuri, though I think she will in the future.
No. 35010
[x] Have some fun with Patchouli's clone.
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.
Well, they're both in the library, so.
No. 35014
[x] Have some fun with Patchouli's clone.
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.

More Koakuma!
No. 35016
>Well, they're both in the library, so.
They also hate each other
No. 35021
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.
[x] Have some fun with Patchouli's clone.
No. 35026
Not to mention the Patchy clone is pretty vapid (which is why Koa dislikes her: She lacks what attracted her to the original Patchy), which would be rather dull compared to the ohter options.
No. 35028
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.

Not really feeling the Fakechouli. She's only fun if we bring dicks.
No. 35030
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.

Reimu Adventure Koa is Best Koa
No. 35031
We kind of worked on fixing that last time.
No. 35033
I think if anything it might be a long trek to make Fakecouli as well educated as the original.
No. 35034
Komatits Adventure Koa is pretty great too.
BSD, pls.
No. 35037
Yes she is but I don't think she matches the refined succubus who will be discussing books with you while having sex with you... and yes I agree with the second sentiment
No. 35044
File 139873804542.jpg- (1.34MB , 1920x1080 , Welcome to Dark Souls.jpg ) [iqdb]

This vote's gonna be open for a while.
No. 35045
...oh dear.
No. 35070
File 139908673659.jpg- (307.22KB , 1446x2046 , 6f33d5426f0e9678852ae16fafa37bda.jpg ) [iqdb]
Calling it for
[x] You finished that book. Go collect your Koa points.
No. 35164
File 140025820035.jpg- (169.77KB , 648x900 , false_advertising.jpg ) [iqdb]
After collecting your food and money from Sakuya, you head down to Voile. It took a bit longer than you anticipated to get the maid's attention, seeing as she was busy getting fucked against the wall, but you didn't mind watching the guy's big dick fill her wet pussy. She really did turn out nicely after all. But now you have a new mission, so you put the thoughts of Sakuya's slutty moaning aside. You open the large doors and step inside the library.

The usual dark tranquility of Voile greets you as you close the doors behind you, although the contrast isn't quite as noticeable as last time. You heard a group or two having sex off in the distance, but it's nothing like during your last visit, where every hallway seemed to have at least four sets of people engaged in some sex act. But even the distant sounds of debauchery cut out as soon as the doors close.

Now you just need to find Koakuma. She can accept your book, and, more importantly, she can fill your aching pussy with her succubus cock. Unfortunately, you have no means of locating her in this vast labyrinth of a library. Patchouli will know, however, and she's always in the same place.

You make your way towards the familiar open area and find Patchouli – the real one – sitting diligently at her desk, her nose buried in some book. There's a large pile of books at her side, and several more strewn about in a mess around her. She's certainly been busy with whatever it is she's doing. It would be considered rude to interrupt her, but you know from experience that she's already aware of your presence and that something as minor as a conversation will not break her focus.

“Morning, Patchouli.” You give her time to respond, but she doesn't. “Do you know where I can find Koakuma?”

“To my left, approximately 400 paces.” You glance at your right and see a long line of bookshelves blocking your way. “Please walk, and do not fly over the bookshelves. This is for your own safety. Koakuma is in another open area and is busy sorting books, so you will not miss her.”


“Is there anything else you need?”

“Nope, that's all.”

She doesn't respond, so you turn towards what you think is an opening and start to walk towards it. About ten seconds later, Patchouli suddenly speaks up: “Oh. Good morning, Reimu.” You thank her and leave her to her studying. Now you just need to find a way around these books. This long shelf was never here before, and apparently there's some trap on top of it, so maybe this is some new anti-Marisa security measure. You walk along it towards the darker parts of the library where more shelves appear on your left. Patchouli didn't say anything, so there must be a way around here somewhere.

It takes a good three minutes of walking, but you finally find an exit to the other side of this annoyingly long wall. Then you're forced to retrace your steps to get back to where Patchouli was, which requires a few more minor detours. Voile was already impossible to navigate, so why are they adding in a maze as well? You sigh and continue walking, hopefully towards Koakuma.

Fortunately, you soon come to another open area with an empty desk. Koakuma is off on the left side, slowly reshelving a cart full of books. There's still at least forty left, out of who knows how many were on it originally. She definitely deserves a break.

She notices your approach when you're about six feet away and turns to face you. “Oh! Hello, Reimu. Good morning.” She pauses to give a quick curtsy, then looks you in the eye with a gentle smile on her face. “Can I help you with anything?”

“Yes, actually. I'd like to return the book I borrowed.” You walk up to her and hand her the book.

“Ah, yes. You borrowed this two weeks ago.” She takes the book from your land, looks at the cover for a second, and then places it on the bottom of her cart. “So? What did you think?”

You expected her to ask that. If only you were able come up with a good answer. “Well, to be honest, I had no idea what was going on. Things just seemed to happen, with no actual cause behind them. There's also the issue where I just don't know what a lot of things are that are taken for granted in the outside world. But I don't think that's the only problem. Maybe there's an explanation for what happens with Kafka and Nakata, but I couldn't possibly give one. It was interesting, but I couldn't really enjoy it while understanding so little.”

“Hmm. A reasonable judgment, in all honesty. I assume you only read it once?”

“Huh? Of course I only read it once.”

“I see. If you read it a second time, it may make a little bit more sense. Just a little. And maybe you'll notice more after a third. But, therein lies the true problem – there are so many other novels to read, so how much time you can justify spending on a single one? On the other hand, if a single book requires a second or even third reading to fully understand, then couldn't it just be considered a single reading of greater length? But there's also no guarantee of full comprehension after any number of times, and could a book of effectively infinite length ever -”


“Oh! Dear me, I seem to have gotten a bit carried away. Ahem. Anyway, I do highly recommend reading it again. Maybe not now, but in a year or so. It may also be beneficial to consult with someone well-versed on the outside world as a primer, so you'll better understand the events of the novel. Gensokyo is not completely sealed off, so you should be able to find someone who can teach you.”

“Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.”

“You are very welcome. I suppose you want to have sex now?”

Wow, she's good. “Actually, I'd prefer just having tea and cakes, if that's alright.”

She gives you a sly smile. “That doesn't work on me, Reimu. I'm a succubus, so I can sense what you truly desire. However, I am going to hold you to that statement. One moment while I prepare the tea.” Koakuma walks off towards some shadowy corner of the library that apparently has a kitchen. Well, that backfired. Free tea and snacks is still good, at least. Then you can fuck.

Koakuma returns just a few minutes later with an extra chair and a tray holding a porcelain tea set. She must have everything ready for tea at all times, considering how quickly she returned. You're certainly glad it was fast – there was nothing to do with her gone, so you simply sat at the empty desk and stared at the endless books. You'd have to be crazy to pick up a book from here, as you have no way of knowing if something is readable or a devilish trap.

She places the tray on the desk and sets the chair down opposite you. It's not exactly elegant dining, but it's the only option available. She set all the necessary porcelain on the table with expert movements. Before sitting down, she takes off her black vest and drapes it over the back of her chair, revealing her voluptuous breasts swelling against the tight fabric of her dress shirt. You try not to stare at the gorgeous mounds, as you suspect that she's testing you. Instead, you occupy yourself by taking a sip of your tea. It's good, with a small amount of milk added to even out the flavor. The cakes are nice and soft too, with a mild hint of lemon.

“So, how's Patchy doing?” You ask after a few more sips. You're curious about the other residents, but don't have too much time to spend here. Kiyoshi is waiting for you, after all.

“She is known as the Great Unmoving Library for a reason, Reimu. She's working diligently to complete her next tome and is continuing her studies at the usual pace. Same as always, ever since I was summoned.” She takes a sip of her tea, and realizes her mistake shortly afterwards. “Oh, did you mean her clone?”

“Yeah, I did. Sorry for not clarifying.” Hearing about the real one is fine too, but you kinda knew what to expect. The fake is more likely to be up to something. “I just never know what to call them.”

“Personally, I am in favor of 'twit,' but I can understand others not sharing my sentiment.” She takes another sip to punctuate her statement. “But she's still the same as before. Mistress Remilia 'borrows' her most nights, an event that is followed by some amount of debauchery with the tasteless men outside. I don't ask for the specifics, just that she bathes when she's done.”

“Did she ever finish reading Kafka after I started reading it to her?”

“Yes. Yes she did. She then promptly asked Mistress Patchouli to explain it to her, and hasn't shown any significant interest in reading anything else. I believe she did enjoy it, at least, although I would argue that her experience is marred by not thinking about and interpreting the story herself.”

“I see. It's still progress, though, right?”

Koakuma sighs. “I suppose. She still has little interest in anything outside of sex, and at best sees reading as a way to kill time between intercourse. But that is at least better than killing time by complaining about how bored she is.”

“So why do you hate sex so much?” You're finished with your cakes and almost done with your tea, but you feel that this is important enough to ask, even if it ends up cutting into your sex time.

“Hmm? I don't hate sex. I love it. It's a wonderful expression of intimacy.” She pauses to finish her tea. “I'm just aware that there are other things in life that are far more enjoyable on the whole. Things like reading, or assisting my Mistress. I have no need for sex, and will never have an issue finding a partner, so I simply never prioritize it. But if someone I have an interest in desires me, or if I can somehow help another by having sex, I would be a fool to turn them down.”

The two of you finish your tea and cakes. It was a nice snack, but now you're ready for the main course. Koakuma picks up the dishes and places them on the tray, but leaves that on the desk. She'll pick it up later, you presume.

“So, then. Your reward, Reimu.” Koakuma turns to face you with a lascivious smile on her face. That alone is enough to make your heart race, but she also brings both of her hands up to her collar and begins slowly unbuttoning her dress shirt. Each button's release is accompanied by the click-clack of her long nails brushing against each other. Her shirt gradually opens, giving you a taste of her beautiful neck, collarbone, and eventually a glimpse of her lacy black bra. She stops after the fourth button is undone, then leans forward and moves her hands aside to give you a stunning view of her full cleavage. “Did you have anything specific in mind? And do you want me to grow a penis?”

“Yes please. For the penis, I mean.” Your pussy is already soaked. While you're certain that she could do amazing things with those long fingers of hers, you need to have a thick cock inside of you to scratch this particular itch. “Umm... I don't really have anything specific in mind. But could you take the lead? I guess I just want someone else to be the one in control for once.” You've been busy teaching Kiyoshi and the fairies and everyone else how to fuck, so it feels like forever since you've had someone else take care of everything for you.

Her smile grows ever wider at your words, although your eyes are practically glued to her chest. She takes a step towards you and places her right hand on your thigh and her left on the side of your chest. Her breasts stop just shy of touching yours, but you can practically feel the heat emanating from them. “Don't worry, Reimu,” she whispers, her voice dripping with a sensuality that sends shivers down your spine. “I'll take very good care of you.”

Her lips close against yours and her tongue slides into your mouth. The nimble wet length explores your mouth and flicks against your own tongue in a hot, sticky embrace. Meanwhile, her hands quickly get to work; her right moves upward until it's touching your ass, and her left squeezes your right tit through your clothing.

Koakuma doesn't waste any time in getting you ready. Her hands both move to your skirt for a brief second, and she loosens it with a single deft motion. Both your skirt and panties drop to your ankles, and her hands immediately return to groping your body. Her left returns to your tits, but her right moves to your drenched pussy. She traces two of her fingers along your slit, sending shivers down your spine from the sudden stimulation, but refrains from penetrating you. Her thumb grinds against your clit, the smooth nail just barely touching the sensitive nub, while her index and middle fingers soak up your juices. The mixture of sharp pleasure and mild pain makes your legs weak, and makes you feel like you're going to orgasm just from her soft touch.

And then she abruptly stops. She breaks the kiss, removes both of her hands from your body, and takes a half step away from you. Her sudden absence makes you stumble, as she was supporting most of your weight, but you manage to catch yourself before falling. You look at her with a mixture of annoyance and longing, only to find her holding her hand over her mouth. The juices that were collected on her two fingers drip down onto her outstretched tongue, forming a thin, translucent bridge connecting them.

Koakuma looks at you as she samples your juices, a lustful gleam in her eyes. She softly mutters the word “Delicious” once she's confirmed that you're watching her. You stare transfixed at the sight, conflicted between wanting her to continue this wanton display, and wanting to pounce on her and ravish her body. Once the fluid stops dripping, she lowers her fingers to her mouth and sucks on them, making loud slurping noises mixed in with satisfied moans. It's obvious that she's exaggerating everything in this display of hers, but you're still frozen in place by how deliciously sensual she's acting.

Her tongue makes quick work of the juices. Once they're all cleaned off, she slowly removes her fingers from her mouth, leaving another small trail of saliva connecting them. She steps towards you and places her hand on your ascot, pulling it loose before you can even move. Her hands then move to your blouse and she starts to lift it. You eagerly raise your arms to assist her, happy to help this beauty in any way you can. Your sarashi is removed next, her hand rapidly spinning around your body as it unwraps the cloth.

You're now stark naked in front of Koakuma, and she pauses for a few seconds to look you over. Your breasts are the same size they were when you first met her; she completely missed their unusual growth. It's probably for the best, as you imagine she would not have enjoyed the sight of such massive tits. Your skin is flushed, your nipples erect, and your pussy juice is running down your legs. In contrast, Koakuma remains relatively stoic. She's smiling as she looks you over, and she does seem to appreciate your naked body, but she lacks any of the flustered excitement most people get when looking at you nude. You're proud of every one of your curves, but seeing this woman examine you with such a subdued reaction is somewhat disconcerting.

“You're beautiful, Reimu. Shall we begin? Will you offer your body to me?”

“Of course! Please fill me up with that wonderful cock of yours.”

Koakuma places her hands on her skirt and slowly unfastens it. In contrast to how quickly she removed your clothes, she takes her time removing her own. Once the skirt is unfastened, she pauses before lowering it with long, drawn out motions. Even as the bulge in her black panties comes into view, your eyes remain fixated on her stocking-clad legs as she carefully lifts them out of her garment.

She hooks her thumbs into her panties and slowly slides those downward as well. The dick they were covering springs forward as soon as the restraint disappears. A small bit of precum covers the tip, smeared about by the fabric of her panties. It looks every bit as delicious as you remember from your last trip, and throbs invitingly in your direction.

While you're busy staring at her cock, Koakuma takes a step towards you and embraces you once more. Her hands are on your face and chest, and her beautiful face is hovering just an inch away from yours. She stares into your eyes, captivating you with her presence.

“Ready?” she whispers. It takes you a second to even realize she spoke, but you nod meekly in response to her silky voice.

Without any other warning, Koakuma twists around your body and grabs your hips from behind. Her earlier slow teasing has abruptly ended, and it seems she intends to fuck you at full speed. She rubs her cock against your soaked slit a few times to coat it in your juices, then slides her entire length into your pussy with a single plunge. You cry out from the insertion alone, and her thick cock forces open your walls with each rapid thrust. Your body has been longing for this since you walked into the library.

You lean forward to give her a better angle and grab onto the table to support yourself. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh mixes with your moans and fills the otherwise silent library. Koakuma slightly varies the angle with each thrust, but her tip still presses against the entrance to your womb each time. It's as if her cock is perfectly molded to fill your cunt. You try to grind your hips to make her movements feel faster, but quickly give up: she’s moving too rapidly for you to match them while the pleasure numbs your mind.

Her hands travel from your hips and explore your body. One moves to your swinging breasts and lightly caresses it. The other moves to your crotch, where she rubs a finger against your swollen clit. The sudden stimulation causes your pussy to tighten around her cock, but she continues moving at the same pace.

Koakuma ejaculates, filling the depths of your pussy with a thick load of her hot cum. She pinches your clit at the same time, lightly pressing two of her fingernails into the hypersensitive nub. The unbearable double stimulation causes you to orgasm instantly, and you cry out as the pleasure shoots through your body. Your grip on the table loosens and you drop forward, but Koakuma supports you by wrapping her arms around your waist before you can fall into the ground. Her cum continues to pour into you hang weakly in her arms. After what feels like a full five minutes, she pulls her cock out of your pussy and helps you stand up.

A thin trail of her cum runs down your leg, but your body holds most of it in. Your strength has mostly returned thanks to the short rest in Koakuma's arms. But instead of pouncing on you again, Koakuma calmly walks back to the chair and sits down. She spreads her legs wide enough to fully expose her dick and pussy. Her shaft is covered in your juices and a thick coating of her cum; it'd shimmer in the light if it wasn't so dark in here.

“You spilled so much of my semen, Reimu. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste, now wouldn't it? You should clean it off before we continue.”

You'd prefer another good pounding, but this is fine too. It sounded more like an order than an actual suggestion anyway. You walk over to her and get down on your knees. The thick cum coating her cock smells amazing and makes your head swim. Most of the semen stayed on her shaft, but a little bit ran down to her pussy. You'll have to clean that up as well.

As enjoyable as the smell is, you have a job to do. You flick your tongue against her shaft and scoop up the biggest glob you see, causing Koakuma to purr contentedly from the contact. The taste is wonderfully salty with a slight sweetness. Your pussy juice is just barely discernible, but almost entirely masked by her amazingly thick cum. You glide your tongue along the top of her shaft and lick up the juices.

You travel down to her base of her cock as you clean. Your tongue slowly makes its way to her pussy so you can clean up the small trail of cum, but she closes her legs before you can reach it. It seems that she's intent on keeping you focused on her dick.

Her cock is mostly cleaned now. There aren't any more large globs left, and the sheen is mostly your saliva instead of sexual juices. The intoxicating smell of her cum has been replaced with the significantly less interesting stench of your spit. You're almost done, but you'll need to work harder to completely clean it off. To that end, you move back towards the tip and take it into your mouth.

Koakuma gasps as your throat slowly takes in her impressive length. She probably didn't expect you to go this far for a simple cleaning, but she isn't doing anything to stop you. Your lips press against her groin once her cock is fully inside of you. Her tip kisses the back of your throat, and the entire shaft twitches against your cheeks. Both of Koakuma's hands touch the back of your head, gripping your hair at first, but quickly relaxing into a soft touch. A few seconds later, she begins scratching the back of your head using her smooth nails. This feels really nice, actually. You start to purr in response to the gentle stimulation.

There's still cleaning to do. You pull back away from her, letting her cock slowly move out of your mouth while your lips purse against her skin. Koakuma pants heavily from your slow movements; she's really into cleanliness, isn't she? You keep her tip in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it, making sure to get everything spotless. Her shaft looks like it's clean, but it never hurts to be thorough.

You slowly move your head back and forth, letting her cock slide in and out of your tight throat. Your movements are slow so you can be certain that you're getting every last bit of sexual fluid off of her length, but there just seems to be no end of it. Each time it's almost out of your mouth, you flick your tongue against the tip and find even more cum on her urethral opening. It's throbbing nicely, so it must almost be done. Maybe if you suck on it a little as well...

Koakuma finally ejaculates and moans from your relentless fellatio. Her cock quickly fills your mouth as it repeatedly shoots out more of her delicious semen. You swallow as much as you can, but it nonetheless starts to drip down both sides of your mouth. It finally stops after what feels like a full minute, leaving your mouth completely stained with her fluid. You flick your tongue around her tip and suck on it a few times, trying to get as much of it off as you can, but still see a decent amount of white on her when you finally release her penis. Oh well; there's not much you can do at this point.

“Aaah, haaa... Mmm, thank you, Reimu.” Koakuma speaks up after a few seconds, still breathing heavily. “It's nice and clean now. I think you deserve your reward.”

She remains seated in the chair, but spreads her legs open once again. Her cock stands up invitingly, just begging for you to ride it. You stand up and step closer to her, then wrap your legs around her body to straddle her. The positioning is somewhat awkward, but placing your hands on her shoulders is enough to help you line her tip up with your entrance. You slowly lower yourself onto her large cock, savoring the feeling of your walls being pushed open. Some of the cum inside of you is displaced onto her thighs, but you pay it no mind – there'll be plenty more inside of you shortly.

Koakuma moans softly as your body accepts the entirety of her length. This position puts you up close to the beautiful little devil; her luscious lips are right in front of yours, her voluptuous tits are still nestled in her partially undone shirt, and your butt is seated on her creamy thighs. You start bouncing on her cock, letting you fully enjoy both the view and her penis. Her lips part as she begins to moan, just begging for you to kiss them.

But there's other things to do first. You reach out in front of you and struggle to undo the buttons on her shirt. It's very troublesome to do something so delicate while rapidly moving up and down, but you manage to get two more unfastened. It's not necessary to do any of the others, so you stop there. With the opening enlarged, you push her shirt aside enough to expose her voluptuous breasts. Instead of actually removing her bra, you simply stick one hand into her cup and caress her supple flesh. You glide your fingers around her silky skin and gently pinch her erect nipple.

You ride Koakuma's cock, moving up and down with fierce movements to drive it deep inside of your pussy. You're doing all the work, which is somewhat disappointing, but also completely understandable – there isn't much she can do while you're sitting on her. Her hands are placed firmly on your ass, but that's mostly for support and not to grope you. The position is rather awkward, but you're managing to do a good job of mounting her. Both your and Koakuma's moans attest to that.

Something presses against your anus. You stop moving in surprise, but that just allows it to push itself into your tight hole. The sudden insertion when you already have a thick cock inside your pussy causes you to tense up and moan. Whatever it is, it has a thick, leathery tip with a small point, but the rest of it is incredibly thin and barely perceptible. Koakuma simply watches you with a small smile on her face, as if – oh! It's her tail! As soon as you realize what she's doing, Koakuma's smile grows wider and she begins to slowly slide her tail back and forth in your ass.

A little bit of anal stimulation isn't going to stop you. You resume bouncing along her cock, sending waves of pleasure through you as the thick shaft pushes against your walls. The movement doesn't affect her tail, and she continues her weak thrusts without interruption. She's able to turn it about a tiny bit, but for the most part is limited to two directions. The extra stimulation is nice, but it's nothing compared to her delicious cock.

Koakuma's face grows red from the pleasure as her orgasm nears. She continues to moan softly with her mouth open, her moist lips glistening in the dim light. You can't resist them anymore; you take your hand out of her bra and wrap both of them around her back, then close your lips around hers. She eagerly accepts your kiss and slips her tongue into your mouth. The semen still in your mouth doesn't deter her at all, and she happily moves her tongue about to taste her own fluids. You flick your tongue against hers, swapping small globs of semen between the two of you.

You drive Koakuma's shaft deep into your cunt. The triple stimulation from her cock, tail, and tongue finally drives you over the edge. You break the kiss to moan and tighten down on her dick as you climax, causing her to immediately join you. Her cum once again stains your vaginal walls as she shoots out another large load, filling you to the brim with her hot semen. Plenty of it drips out of you and onto her thighs and the chair, but neither of you mind while you're joined together in ecstasy.

The orgasm passes after another minute. Both of you sit there panting and looking at the other for a little longer, but having an unmoving dick inside of you for so long is uncomfortable. You slowly get up off of her, your legs weak from both cumming and being in that awkward position for so long, and rest against the desk for support.
No. 35165
File 140025823768.png- (1.03MB , 853x1200 , 000bfc4faa951bea5149a5b4807cb497.png ) [iqdb]
You turn to face Koakuma once you've caught your breath. “That was amazing, Koa. Thank you.”

“Oh my. You don't think we're finished, do you?” She smiles as she speaks with her usual sultry tone.

“Eh? Well, um, yeah. I mean, I don't think I could -”

“Unacceptable, Reimu.” She cuts you off before you can finish and stands up, then starts walking towards you. You're still breathing rather heavily, but Koakuma seems to be no worse for the wear. It might be troublesome if she wants to keep going until she's tired. “We still need to do our post-coitus cuddling!”


“Sex doesn't end with an ejaculation, Reimu.” Koakuma reaches you and wraps her arms around you, putting you in a gentle embrace. “Actually sleeping with your partner is just as important as the sex.”

“But I'm not tired!”

“That's not important. You can still lie down with me. Thirty minutes is all I ask for.”

You'd prefer having the time to yourself, either to get back to Kiyoshi sooner or just play around in the mansion, but Koakuma does deserve at least this much. It's not that big of an inconvenience for you or anything, and it will be nice to spend more time with her.

“Well, alright. But did you just want to lie down on the floor here?”

“If that's fine with you, sure. Otherwise, I can bring you to my bedroom.” Well that sounds a lot nicer. You agree to that, and Koakuma lets go of you. She immediately swoops you up off your feet and holds you in a bridal carry, then starts walking off towards what must be her room.

Koakuma stops at a small door in a corner. The outside walls are covered by the bookshelves, giving the impression that she simply lives between books. She opens the door, supporting you with one hand for a brief second, and steps inside.

Turns out she does live in a proper room, with walls that aren't shelves and a proper ceiling. Unsurprisingly, there are still two large bookshelves inside of her room that do cover most of her walls and are filled to the brim with books. The room itself is fairly small, especially with the bookshelves, reading tables and chairs, lamps, and a large bed against the far wall. This is definitely a bibliophile's room. All of the furniture looks nice and well polished; not as fancy as Remilia's, but much nicer than anything you have in your shrine.

Koakuma carries you to her bed and gently sets you down, then climbs in with you. Her bed is large and soft, designed for two people despite having the room to herself. She embraces you once again, holding you close to her luscious body. She never did remove her dress shirt or properly take off her bra, but she doesn't seem to mind.

“See? Isn't this nice, Reimu?”

“Yeah...” You give a noncommittal answer. It is nice, but there isn't much to say about it. Oh well, you might as well relax while you can. She pulls a satin sheet over the two of you, and you simply lie there in one another's embrace without saying anything.

Koakuma rouses you after what she assures you was thirty minutes have passed. Resting for so long made you groggy, even if you didn't actually fall asleep. You stretch a little and get out of Koakuma's bed. Your clothes are lying folded on the ground when you look down. Funny, you never saw her pick them up or anything. Not that you're complaining. You put your clothes back on while Koakuma stays in bed, propping her head up with one hand and watching you silently.

“Leaving now?” Koakuma asks once you're fully dressed. You take that as an invitation to do more things – probably nonsexual – with her, but you really do need to finish your business here.

“Yeah. I need to eat lunch and get back to the shrine.” In that order – it's probably lunch time by now, so Sakuya will be more than happy to cook for you again.

“Mmm, that's a shame.” Koakuma climbs out of bed and walks towards you. She's still only wearing a half-opened shirt, giving you a lovely view of her pussy and one breast. “I had fun, Reimu. Feel free to visit again. But you really should read more often. Would you like to borrow some of my books? I have a few I think you may enjoy.”

“Uhh...” Well, it wouldn't actually hurt anything, but it would set up some potentially annoying expectations of you. “I don't know if I should. I mean, I can't guarantee I'd have time to read anything. And I have no idea when I'd come back to the mansion to return them.”

“Not a problem! These are my personal books, not Patchouli's, so there's no need to have a deadline. As long as you make an honest effort to find time to read them, it's perfectly okay to keep them for a long time.”

She's really enthusiastic about this, so it's hard to say no. And she does have a huge selection, so it's probably not inconveniencing her any. “Well, okay. I'll try to read them. But I can't make any promises!”

“That's fine.” She leans forward and kisses you on your forehead, then skips towards one of her bookshelves and quickly grabs four books from seemingly random spots, then walks back and hands them to you. “Here! I think you'll enjoy these. Give them a try when you have time.”

“Okay. Thank you. Goodbye, Koa.” She waves to you as you exit her room. You find your way out of the library and seek out Sakuya. She makes you lunch, as soon as she finishes up with another guy. Once you're full, you head outside of the mansion and walk up to Meiling's shack.

Meiling answers a few seconds after you knock. She's dressed and seems wide awake, so she must have finished her nap a long time ago. “Heading out?” she asks.

“Yeah. I need to head back to the shrine. Just wanted to say 'goodbye' properly before I left.”

“Ah. Well, goodbye, Reimu. I had a lot of fun spending time with you and Kiyoshi. It was a nice vacation.”

“Yeah, me too.” You hug Meiling and hold her close to you. “You can visit anytime you want. Our kids know how to use the gap, so I imagine they'll spend most of their time around the lake. They should be able to fend for themselves now. Bye!”

You let go of her after another ten seconds, say your last goodbyes, and fly off. The trip back to the shrine is uneventful as always, so you quickly find yourself back home. There's still plenty of time in the day to do things.

[x] Hang out around the shrine and spend time with Kiyoshi.
No. 35166
I hope we get more Fakechouli later.
No. 35239
File 140133336282.jpg- (368.62KB , 572x800 , c4c923839197b34cf7cfda88e1afd93f.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk into the shrine and find Kiyoshi relaxing in the living room. “Welcome back, Reimu,” he says, noticing you immediately.

“Thanks.” You walk up to him and give him a big hug while he stays seated. “Did you eat already, or would you like me to cook for you?” It's late enough in the afternoon that he could've eaten without you. You didn't see any dirty dishes, but it's possible he simply cleaned up after himself.

“No, I didn't. I'd love for you to cook something, thank you.”

“Alright. Gimme a minute and I'll whip something up quick.” You walk towards the kitchen, Kiyoshi following behind you.

“Did you want me to help?” he asks.

“Hmm.” You pause for a second to think it over. “Well, I was going to just make simple stuff, since I'm sure you're hungry. I'd appreciate the assistance, but I don't know if there'll actually be much to do.”

You put on an apron and get to work, starting with the rice. There isn't much to do, as you're only cooking for one person, but you do find some stuff for him to do. He handles the few vegetables while you prepare the other two side dishes. When the rice finishes cooking, you set the dishes out on the table for him.

Kiyoshi eats while you watch. You're not very hungry, as you filled up on Sakuya's cooking, but you still prepared a small bowl of rice for yourself. Her food was excellent, of course, but it just feels weird to not have rice with a meal.

“...Quiet, isn't it,” you say after a minute, mostly to yourself.

“Yeah.” With the fairies and Meiling here, every day was certainly lively. Or noisy. Especially with the fairies. Not a 'bad' noisy, although you assume you'd change your mind eventually if they stuck around long enough. Still, with them gone so suddenly, the silence is deafening.

“I guess we'll just have to make our own noise,” you say with a smile. Kiyoshi gulps and looks up at you expectantly. “After lunch, of course. We'll have plenty of time together now.” He nods and gets back to his food, moving his chopsticks noticeably quicker. You finish the last bits of your rice and watch him eat.

He finishes eating five minutes later. Even though his chopsticks were practically flying, he still took the time to chew his food properly, so he really wasn't eating that much quicker. But now that he's done, you have him all to yourself. You walk up to him and wrap your arms around his body, holding his chest close to yours. He does the same, but one of his hands goes lower and squeezes your butt. His erection pokes against your thigh, betraying his eagerness. He was probably erect the whole time he was eating, no doubt thinking of your luscious body. Better keep this quick.

You move back far enough to kiss him and slip your tongue into his mouth. Kiyoshi closes his lips around yours, slowly entwining his tongue with yours. His other hand moves to your breasts, which he slowly squeezes through your blouse. In between groping your plump tits, he unties your ascot and loosens your blouse. You break the kiss soon after, leaving Kiyoshi with a hungry look on his face as he yearns for more.

The two of you hurry to your bedroom, holding hands as you briskly walk through the shrine. Once inside, you guide Kiyoshi onto the futon and quickly pull off his pants. His fully erect cock springs forward, freed from its restraints. It throbs lightly once exposed to the cooler air, aching for release.

You climb on top of him and lower your mouth to his dick, savoring his pungent scent for a moment before taking his length into your mouth. He moans softly as your tongue and cheeks brush against his sides. There's a small bit of fresh precum on his tip, but also some dried semen coating the shaft. He must've masturbated while you were away, giving it a nice flavor for you to enjoy. You bob your head up and down along his length, pursing your lips against his sensitive flesh.

His cock throbs violently in your mouth, twitching at the slightest contact. You aren't even taking it all the way to your throat, and he's already on the brink of cumming. He ejaculates on your next descent, shooting several globs of semen onto the back of your tongue while he groans. That didn't take long, although you suppose it's to be expected. Up until now there were six horny girls living here, now there's only one, and you left him alone for about four hours.

You swallow his load and pull up off of him once he finishes cumming. His cock is still fully erect, showing no signs of fatigue. Now for the main event. You reach down into the box on your bedside table and pull out a condom, then wrap it around his shaft. It'll be necessary to use these from now on. It's good practice for him, anyway.

With the condom secured, you mount Kiyoshi and slowly lower yourself onto his dick. His hot shaft pushes apart your walls as it slowly enters your body. The condom prevents you from feeling the precise shape of his cock, but you're still able to appreciate its heat and girth. You'll miss being able to have consequence-free condomless sex, but it's necessary for now.

Kiyoshi reaches his hands up and grabs your boobs while you ride him. His fingers sink into your soft flesh as he squeezes them, savoring their weight and texture. He's not doing anything specific, just moving his hands about randomly. Your nipples let out a small bit of milk as his palms rub against them, but not enough to drip down from your breasts. You lean forward to make it easier for him to grope you; you'd prefer a little more attention on your erect nipples, but it's fine if he just wants to enjoy your lovely tits on his own.

You grind your hips against his to drive his thick cock deeper inside of you. His heavy breathing makes it clear how close he is, forcing you to use slow, drawn out movements. You'd hate to have him cum without you, after all. You slowly raise yourself off him, keeping just the tip of his penis inside of you, then lower yourself with equal speed. The stimulation is enough to keep you excited without overwhelming Kiyoshi.

After a few more minutes of this teasingly slow sex, you abruptly pick up the pace and start riding him in earnest. He moans softly from the sudden change in speed, but the drawn out relaxation period gave him time to calm down. Your tight walls clamp down on his cock with each movement while his tip presses against the entrance to your womb, sending waves of pleasure through your body. Even with the condom in the way, this is still an amazing dick.

He orgasms soon after, filling the condom with his seed. You miss out on the pleasure of being cummed inside, but you can at least still feel the heat from his semen as it pools at the end of the condom. That, paired with its twitching inside of you, is still enough to bring you over the edge. You throw your head back and moan with his dick buried deep inside of you, savoring what you can feel of his hot cum.

You climb off him once the orgasm passes and lie down on the bed beside him. Kiyoshi pulls the condom off his penis and then lies back down with you. He presses his partially nude body against yours, but doesn't do anything sexual. The two of you just lie together, silently enjoying the other's company. You came here to make noise, but this is fine too.

After about twenty minutes have passed, you sit up. You can't just spend all day in bed, after all. Especially not when you need to go shopping for dinner. Almost all of the additional supplies you brought in for the girls' stay have been used up, and you definitely don't have any fish to cook.

“I just remembered that there's nothing to cook for dinner. I need to head out to the village now. Do you want to come with me? If not, you could just give me suggestions on what you'd like.”

“Sure, I'll go with you.”

The two of you get dressed again and head out the door, walking hand in hand down the steps. It's not too far to reach the village, so walking is a nice change of pace. Plus, it's a lot easier to carry things with your feet on the ground, so you usually end up walking the way back, at least. The walk is uneventful; it's still too early for any youkai to be around, even in the unmaintained part at the bottom of the steps.

...You really should straighten this place up, one of these days.

When you arrive at the village, the residents are unexpectedly busy. People are running about hurriedly, many of them carrying food, containers, or wood. There's also some simple, half-finished buildings lining the sides of the main road. They actually look like festival stalls. Was there a festival this season?

Confused and seeking an explanation, you walk up to a nearby guy who doesn't look especially busy. “Uh, excuse me, but do you know what everyone is preparing for?”

“Oh, you hadn't heard? This year's crop is extremely promising, and we still have plenty left over from last year, so we're having another early harvest festival to give thanks to the gods.”

“Isn't it still early for the pre-harvest festival though?” It's fairly late in summer, but the actual harvest is still a long ways off.

“Right, this is the pre-pre-harvest festival. It'll be held the day after tomorrow. Then the pre-harvest festival will be in another month, and the actual harvest festival will be after the harvest.”

“Oh. Thanks.” The man goes back to work after you thank him. This is your first time in the village in about two weeks, so it's understandable that you'd miss this news. Last year's second harvest festival was fun, though, so having three in one year should be interesting.

“Did you go to the festival last year, Kiyoshi?” you ask him as you resume walking towards the markets.

“Only the main one, with my parents. It was a lot of fun. I think they didn't want to go to the earlier one so they could better appreciate the true one.”

“Ah. Well, would you like to go to this upcoming one with me?”

Kiyoshi squeezes your hand a little bit tighter when you ask him. “Yeah! I'd love to, Reimu.”

“Great! It's a date, then. We still need to get stuff for dinner while we're here, but we can spend all day tomorrow preparing for it.” You have a kimono, but it's fairly old, and you wouldn't mind getting a new one. Kiyoshi might have one at home... but it'd be easier to just get Alice to quickly make a new one for him, especially if you decide to get one of your own.

You might as well splurge for this. But what else should you get?

[x] Kiyoshi needs a kimono.
[ ] You'd like a new one, yourself.
[ ] Your hairstick went missing some time ago. Get a new one.
[ ] Visit Sanae and have her apply some light makeup.
[ ] Write in
No. 35240
File 140133367852.png- (2.00MB , 1228x1819 , 2b902a77d33d48c9ba76ea985918e136.png ) [iqdb]
So, this is another dress up vote. For something I have very little experience with. Reimu's going to attend a festival and has a day to shop around for accessories/clothes and the like for herself (and Kiyoshi, although he's automatically getting the kimono). So if you have ideas for stuff she could get, please add them.

For now, just one vote. If a lot of suggestions are added, then I'll probably pick the two or three most popular options or something similar.
No. 35242
[x] You'd like a new one, yourself.
[x] Your hairstick went missing some time ago. Get a new one.

I figured a new one would fit better.
No. 35244
[x] Visit Sanae and have her apply some light makeup.
While demonstrating some heavier, slutty stuff too, right?
No. 35246
[X] You'd like a new one, yourself.
[X] Your hairstick went missing some time ago. Get a new one.
[X] Visit Sanae and have her apply some light makeup.

Why not do all three?
No. 35249
because >>35240
No. 35251
[X] Visit Sanae and have her apply some light makeup.
No. 35255
[x] Your hairstick went missing some time ago. Get a new one.

Well, that bothers me.
No. 35256
File 140141031932.png- (159.14KB , 333x339 , Untitled.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Visit Sanae and have her apply some light makeup.
No. 35257
[x] Your hairstick went missing some time ago. Get a new one.
No. 35315
Calling it for
[x] Visit Sanae and have her apply some light makeup.
No. 35383
File 140286722844.jpg- (1.83MB , 1000x1414 , b00840f469a98099ce6112cef6fbcca9.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk towards Alice's house in the Forest of Magic, with Kiyoshi by your side. She lives in a really inconvenient location, but it could be worse. At the very least, her house is in the slightly-less-dense part of the forest, closer to the village. It's still far enough in that none of the villagers would ever want to go there, but it at least has fewer of the troublesome flora and fauna. Marisa's house, in comparison, is deeper in the woods, and far more difficult to get to. Not that she cares.

There's a path that leads to her house. It isn't well maintained – even worse than the one leading to your shrine – but still guides you to her without issue. It's early in the morning, although the sun is mostly blocked out by the forest canopy. Enough light gets through to let you see well enough, but it's still dim.

Alice's house comes into view after twenty minutes of walking. The curtains are drawn, so she might still be asleep, or at least just now waking up. You don't normally visit this early (spending the night doesn't count), so you really don't know how early she's usually up and about. You're not even sure she needs to sleep; she might just only do it out of habit, or consideration for those around her.

You walk up to the door and knock. There's no immediate sound from inside that you can hear, but a small hanging doll to the right of the door frame turns slightly to face you. That means that she knows you're here.

About a minute later, you can hear the muffled pitter-patter of footsteps from the other side of the door. That must be Alice, you think to yourself, as the door opens to reveal Marisa.

“Yo, Reiiiieeee-” Marisa starts to greet you, then suddenly slams the door shut before you can say anything, let alone walk inside. You quickly deduce that her unusual reaction was triggered by noticing Kiyoshi, and that she probably didn't want him to see her topless.

“Was that Alice?” Kiyoshi asks. It was only for a second, but he did get a good look at her modest breasts.

“No, that was Marisa. She's a close friend of ours.” You'll let him figure out exactly how close, but there's very few explanations for why a girl would go topless in another's house. “For her sake though, you should probably forget you saw those.”

“Um, I'll try.” Well, he's probably not going to actually forget them, but that's understandable, so long as he doesn't mention them. They are pretty nice, after all; they're on the small side, but very perky and silky smooth. “So, what now? Is she coming back?”

“Probably. We'll give her another minute or two. If she's not back by then, I'll charge in and kick up a storm.”

Marisa returns just under a minute later, this time wearing her typical vest and apron. She's smiling now, but her face is still a bit red from embarrassment. It's obviously forced and nothing like her usual cheery smile. “Mornin', Reimu. Pretty rare to see you down here, unannounced.” She stresses the last word, probably her own small complaint about being seen half naked. How, exactly, does she think you could've let them know you'd be coming? “And with a guy, even. I don't think we've met. I'm Marisa.”

“Hello.” Kiyoshi gives a short bow as he introduces himself. “Nice to meet you. I'm Kiyoshi.”

“Morning, Marisa.” You greet her once Kiyoshi is finished. “We're here to see Alice. I've got a job for her.”

“Oh? Clothes or dolls? Well, either way, she's inside. Come on in.” She holds the door open, and the two of you step inside.

Alice is sitting in the kitchen table, illuminated by the sunlight shining in through the large windows. Her house is in a clearing in the woods, so there's plenty of light, unlike the rest of the forest. There's three cups of tea already set on the table. Alice smiles softly as she sees you enter the room, but looks surprised to see a fourth person.

“Oh? Hello, there. Excuse me, I didn't expect another visitor. One moment, and I'll prepare some tea.” Without any visible motions, she signals for a group of three dolls to carry over a tray holding a tea set, and a fourth to bring an empty teacup. They work diligently, soundlessly setting the fine porcelain cup on the table and pouring hot tea into it. You walk towards the table, but Kiyoshi remains fixed in place.

“Ah! You're the puppeteer lady from the village!” he exclaims, suddenly recognizing her.

“Indeed, I am. Does this mean you're a fan of my performances?”

“Yeah! Or, well, I guess I was. I loved watching your plays when I was a kid, but I guess I haven't been to one in years.” He averts his eyes and rubs the back of his head as he speaks, as if confessing some great sin. It's hardly unusual; you've watched a few of them before, and while you can see the appeal for young children, they all grow up eventually. It's not unusual to lose interest in things over time.

“Ah, that's a shame. But I'm glad I was able to bring some enjoyment to you, for some part of your life. But now, sit. The tea will grow cold.” You sit down together and take a sip of tea. Alice addresses you shortly after, “So, Reimu. What brings you here?”

You set the cup down on the saucer. “I have a job for you, Alice. Kiyoshi needs a new kimono for the pre-pre-harvest festival, and you're the only one who could probably tailor one on such short notice.”

“The pre... oh, right. That. I forgot there was going to be a third this year.”

“Not going, then?”

“I might, now that you've reminded me. Assuming Marisa is interested, at least.” Marisa looks away at the mention of her name. She hasn't said anything since she invited you in: presumably to avoid drawing attention to herself while Kiyoshi is still around. “But this means you'll need it by tomorrow evening, at the latest. That certainly is short notice. I would need to drop all of my plans to work on it all day – meaning it'll be costly.”

“Yeah, I expected as much. But I know you'll do a good job, so it'll be worth it.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, Reimu. I imagine you aren't carrying that much money with you, so I'll just let you pay me back sometime in the future. I know you're good for it, even if I have to tie you up and take it by force.” She takes a sip of her tea and winks at you while drinking. Her tying you up would be new, not that you're opposed to it.

“Did you have anything in mind, Kiyoshi?” Alice asks Kiyoshi after everyone has finished their tea, and elaborates when she notices his uncertainty. “As in, the design, or any patterns on the kimono, or even the color of the cloth.”

“Well, I think I'll see myself out now.” Marisa stands up abruptly and announces her readiness to leave. It's understandable, really – Alice did just announce that she would need to focus on this for the entire day, so there's nothing for Marisa to do. She isn't as interested in clothesmaking as Alice is, so even this planning is boring for her. Relatably so.

“Ah, I'll see you out, then.” You get up and hurry after her. Alice is using her dolls to bring out several sheets of fabric of various colors, forcing you to duck out of their way. “Sorry for interrupting the two of you,” you say after you're out of earshot of Alice and Kiyoshi.

“Eh, it's alright. Business is business. And I'm not gonna stop Alice from helping you out.” She pauses for a moment, probably thinking about exactly how clothing Kiyoshi helps you. You're not exactly hiding your relationship with him, but it still keeps things a lot simpler without Alice or Marisa knowing. They both know what you're like, so maybe she's just figuring you're planning on taking him out on a date and then “eating him up” afterward. Which is fairly accurate. “Plus, I have work to do. Can't spend every day lying in bed with Alice,” she adds with a grin.

“Mmm, that does sound fun, though. We'll have to do something together, just the three of us. It's been too long.”

“Yeah, it has.” Marisa places her hand on your cheek, leans forward, and softly kisses you. She only holds it for a half second before pulling away, still grinning. “Bye, Reimu. See you soon.” With that, she walks out the door and promptly hops onto her broomstick. You close the door and head back towards the kitchen.

Alice and Kiyoshi have decided upon some dark blue fabric when you return. The others have been put away, but Alice still has a small cut held up against Kiyoshi to double check its appearance. She nods approvingly after a second.

“Yes, this will definitely look nice. I still need to get your measurements. Take off your clothes, please.”

“Eh? Um, that's-”

“Haven't you ever been measured before?” Alice interrupts Kiyoshi's stammering. “This is necessary for me to be precise. I can't get good results with your clothes in the way.”

Kiyoshi reluctantly gives in to Alice's insistence and begins to disrobe. You sit down and silently enjoy the show, although you're sure that your leering isn't doing anything to help his nervousness. You'd think he'd be used to getting naked in front of women by now, but Alice is a classy lady. Her expression hasn't changed at all, even when he strips down to just his underwear. With that said, she's still checking him out and assuredly liking what she sees; she's simply stoic enough to hide it.

Alice motions for her dolls to come over, and six of them swarm Kiyoshi with measuring tape. They immediately stretch the tape along both of his arms and wrap more around his waist. Alice simply stands behind them, quietly memorizing the numbers the dolls come up with. They then move to his legs and neck, repeating the same process. Alice has her dolls do all the work, as usual, but this doesn't seem to help Kiyoshi relax at all. Having a multiple of tiny women with exotic dresses and blank expressions fluttering about you is unnerving in its own way. At least they don't have cold hands.

“Finished. Thank you for your cooperation; you can get dressed now.” Alice's dolls finally leave Kiyoshi alone after obtaining a few thousand measurements, causing him to let out a sigh of relief. What does she even need his nose length for, anyway? Kiyoshi picks his clothes up off the floor and puts them back on.

“So, is that all you need from us?”

“Oh my, eager to leave so soon, Reimu? You don't want to spend more time with me?” she teases you for a second with a smile, but turns serious just as quickly. “But yes, that is all I need from him. You are welcome to watch if you like, but I do not expect it will be interesting. And I do need to focus, so if you do stay, I must ask that you not disturb me or get in my way. You aren't giving me much time for this.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No, it's quite alright. I'll have it done by tomorrow. Were you going to stay any longer?”

“I guess not. I'll take Kiyoshi back to my shrine now, if that's alright.”

“Of course. And Reimu? It's good to see you again,” she adds, with another of her subtle smiles. “You should visit more often. Good day.”

You bid Alice farewell and walk out the door. The sun is higher in the sky now, but that stops mattering as soon as you step back into the forest. It's just as dimly lit under this canopy as it was on the way in. The two of you quickly make your way through the forest and back to your shrine, just in time for lunch.

It occurs to you while you're eating that you meant to ask Marisa about those strange mushrooms you found in a forest two weeks ago. That would've been a perfect opportunity, but you had forgotten all about those things. Oh well, you'll run into her again sooner or later.

Shortly after lunch the next day, you flew towards the Moriya shrine. Having Sanae put on a little bit of makeup for the festival will be nice, and you can see how she's doing at the same time. And finally, on your way back, you can pick up Kiyoshi's new kimono from Alice. There's no need to bring him along, especially since it's a lot faster to fly solo, so you leave him at the shrine.

You take the direct path, heading straight from your shrine to hers, flying far over the land and even the checkpoint they have set up at the entrance. Well, whatever; you're kinda in a hurry, and Sanae is cuter than some random priest you'd have to fellate.

The shrine has expanded quite a bit from its original design, and you think it's even larger than it was when you last visited. There aren't any people outside that you can see; presumably they're all down closer to the checkpoint or inside. You land in an open area on the back of the shrine. If your memory serves you, Sanae's room should be close by. You find a nearby door and walk in, then make your way to her bedroom.

The inside of her room is still dark. It's briefly illuminated by the light spilling in from the hallway, but that disappears as you close the door behind you. She's still in bed, the lazy girl content to sleep the entire morning away. The bright light shining on her face was enough to finally wake her, however, and she stirs about in her bed, making nonsensical sleepy noises.

Light suddenly appears from a lamp on the side of her bed, revealing Sanae's tired face. She's sitting up in bed, with her lower body hidden away by her sheets, but her large breasts are on full display for you to enjoy. They're even bigger than you remember. As is her stomach. There's a slight swell on her belly; the light is fairly dim, making it harder to tell, but you estimate her to be about the equivalent of three months pregnant.

Sanae yawns and brushes some of her messy hair off of her face, then spends a few seconds staring into nothingness before finally realizing that you exist. Another second passes before she recognizes you, but as soon as she does, her eyes light up. “Reimu?! Good morning!”

You were about to correct her greeting when you notice something else stirring inside of Sanae's bed. A woman you don't recognize sits up part way and immediately shrieks out a loud “Kyaaaa!” upon noticing you. She hurriedly grabs the sheet and wraps it around her nude body, then turns to jump off the bed. But before she can even finish letting her legs down, Sanae pounces on her from behind and tightly wraps her arms around the panicking girl's body. Sanae's right hand covers the girl's left breast, while the left moves between her legs. She continues by planting kisses on and running her tongue along the girl's neck.

“Mmm, I liked your screams better last night, Mayumi. There's no need to be embarrassed. Why don't we show Reimu just how cute you are when you cum?”

Mayumi continues struggling for a second and lets out a cry of distress, but her cries of “Nooooo!” quickly turns to soft moaning. The sheet she was using to cover herself falls to the ground as she gives in to Sanae's relentless stimulation, letting you see her body in full for the first time. She has short, black hair and a youthful appearance, probably about two years younger than you or Sanae. Her breasts are modest, large enough to have a pleasant weight, but nowhere near the size of Sanae's wonderful tits. She has a slender build, with a perfectly flat stomach and thin, lithe thighs and legs. The sheet is still covering her feet and part of her legs, but you're certain the rest of her is nice too.

Sanae continues to assault Mayumi without interruption. She slides two fingers into the slender girl's pussy without difficulty, and Mayumi responds by opening her legs wider to allow Sanae to move more easily. All traces of her earlier resistance are gone, Sanae's fingers having reduced her to a plaything. Her eyes were closed at first, but Mayumi slowly opens them as she nears her orgasm. And in front of her is you, watching her eagerly while you sit relaxed in a chair. The sight of your undoubtedly lust-filled face causes her to shiver, and she cries out from a mixture of embarrassment and delight as she orgasms.

Mayumi slumps against Sanae as she loses consciousness, and the green-haired girl releases her and lets her return to resting properly in bed. To finish up, Sanae takes the hand that was pleasuring Mayumi's vagina and runs her tongue along her fingers and palm, drinking the girl's pussy juices. It seems Mayumi is a squirter as well.

With that taken care of, Sanae carefully gets off the bed as to not disturb its current occupant, and walks up to you. She throws her arms around you and hugs you tightly, pressing her huge tits against your own. “Ahh! I've missed you, Reimu! It's so good to see you again. But what brings you here?”

“Well, I did want to check up on you,” you say, gesturing towards her belly. “But I also have a favor to ask of you.”

“A favor? Sure, anything for you. Did you want to meet my babies first?”

“Babies? Huh?” That would mean - “Oh! This isn't your first?”

“Nope. I gave birth about four days after you left. I'm on my third now!” she says with a grin, immensely proud of her new position as a mother. “I'll introduce you! They're so incredibly cute!”

Sanae walks over to the far side of her bed with a light step and leans forward. She then turns to face you and whispers, “they're still sleeping,” while motioning for you to come closer. You follow her and discover a large mass of white fur. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be two dogs – or wolves, rather – sleeping together. They're both surprisingly large given how young they are, the bigger of the two is about the length of your forearm.

“Aren't they just the most absolutely adorable things you've ever seen in your life?!” Sanae gushes.

“Uhhh...” Her excitement is tangible, but not contagious. They're okay, you guess. You have no idea what the “most absolutely adorable” thing you've ever seen is, but you're certain it's not these two.

The larger of the two stirs from Sanae's commotion. It lifts its head and sleepily looks towards the source of the disturbance. Upon seeing its mother, it immediately perks up, barks, and runs into Sanae's arms. The younger one rolls onto its back, but stays asleep.

“Rex! Good boy, good boy.” Sanae hugs the young wolf and rubs the back of his head. “Say hi to Reimu!” On cue, Rex peeks out from Sanae's embrace to look at you and begins loudly sniffing the air. You're too far away to really “greet” him though, so you start to bend down to get closer. But instead, Sanae picks him up off the ground and holds him up to her chest. He continues to crane his neck towards you, but now that he's closer, he's able to actually smell you properly.

His nose's constant back and forth movement so close to your face is unnerving, but you try to resist your urge to back away from him. After all, he's harmless, and it'd be rude to back away from Sanae's inquisitive child. He stops poking his nose around after concluding his brief investigation... only to promptly lean forward and slobber all over your face with a large lick of his wet tongue. You pull away before he can do it a second time, and he lets out a single bark.

“Aww, he likes you!” The bark, apparently, was one of approval. Or something. “Reimu's such a good girl, so be sure to get along with her.” Rex barks again.

“Uhh, thanks.” Rex pants excitedly, his tongue slightly hanging out of his mouth. He's staying almost perfectly still in Sanae's arms, though, with just his head showing off his eagerness. Okay, maybe he's a little cute, and he certainly looks really fluffy against Sanae's naked body, but you aren't a fan of having dogs (or wolves) slobber all over you. “Can I get a towel, or something? And I still need a favor from you.”

“Oh, right. What do you need?”

“I'm going to the harvest festival tonight. I was hoping I could get you to apply some light makeup for me. I'd like to dress up a bit, since it's a special event.”

“Oh, you're going? Neat! I'll be there with Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako, since they're assisting the Aki sisters. I probably won't have time to be with you, though, since I'll effectively be a guest of honor. But yeah, I can do your makeup. Oh, you wanted a towel. Just a sec; down you go.” Sanae crouches down and lets Rex onto the floor. He steps out of her arms and walks around. “Okay, be right back. Just wait in front of my vanity, okay?” Sanae gestures towards a piece of furniture with a stool in front of it and briskly walks out of the room. You think it's where she did your makeup last time.

You sit down and wait patiently. Rex walks over and sniffs your feet for a few seconds, but loses interest quickly. He probably expected you to bend down and scratch his head or something, but you're not too keen on doing that.

Sanae returns after about a minute with a towel. She pulls up another chair and sits down next to you, then dabs the wet towel against your face a few times. You're about to complain that this isn't helping, but then she switches to a dry part of the towel and finishes cleaning you off.

“Okay, now for the makeup. Light, light... hmm, probably no lipstick then. Bit of eyeliner should be fine. Eyeshadow... hmm, no, that'd be too much.” She spends a few seconds thinking about what to do before stating “Okay. I've got it.” She picks up an eyeliner pencil from her desk and moves it towards you. You close your eyes, still unaware of how she could ever manage to do this on her own without poking herself.

Sanae spends a few minutes working. Once she finishes applying the pencil around your eyes, she uses her index and middle finger to rub a light cream into the skin on your face. Next, she uses a brush, and gently dabs it against the same general area where she put the cream. You keep your eyes closed the whole time; you have no way of knowing when she's about to apply something near them, and you don't particularly want to get poked in the eye.

“Okay, what do you think?” Sanae asks, after spending another half minute looking you over without doing anything else. You open your eyes and turn to face the mirror. The results are about what you expected; your skin is a little bit brighter and a good deal smoother. Except for the highlights around your eyes, it's not immediately clear that you're wearing any makeup, as the overall tone still looks natural.

“It looks great! Thank you, Sanae.” Sanae beams at your praise. She did pretty much exactly what you hoped for.

“You're welcome. So, were you going to leave right away, or do you have time to stay for a little while?” Sanae's smile turns lascivious, and she spreads her legs just enough to give you a glimpse of her bare pussy. It's slightly damp, most likely from her brief session with that other girl.

“Well, I do need to hurry. Buuuut...” you draw out the last word, as if you hadn't already made up your mind to enjoy her voluptuous body in some manner. Sanae continues smiling, undeterred by your brief refusal. “...I guess I could stay for a little bit. But really, just a little.” Your voice turns serious as you echo your lighthearted statement. “I do need to do more preparations for the festival, and I certainly don't want to do anything to smear the makeup, since you did such a good job on it.” Going down on her would probably ruin her work. As would Rex licking your face again, incidentally.

“Hmm...” Sanae thinks for a few seconds, trying to come up with a sex act that doesn't spray bodily fluids everywhere. “I know, you could let me return the favor from before. Would you like to suck my breasts? I'm lactating now, just like you!”

“Yes,” you answer immediately. “I'd love to.” This should be relatively quick and clean, so it won't mess up your makeup. Maybe a little bit of milk will get on your lips, but that's easy to wipe off.

You lean towards Sanae and cup one of her large tits, then close your lips around her nipple. Her sweet milk splashes onto your tongue as soon as you start suckling, causing Sanae to let out a subdued moan. The taste is about what you expect: nice and sweet, a bit less creamy than Meiling's, but that's not a bad thing. You drink her milk at a leisurely pace and press your hands against her soft flesh, savoring the feeling of her naked body. Keeping it slow also stops her from getting too excited; you really don't have time to have real sex with her, no matter how much you'd both enjoy it.

After about five minutes have passed, you pull away from her tit and sit up straight. Sanae looks dejected at your stopping. “Aww, is that all you're going to do?” she asks, opening her legs up a bit once again to let you see her wet slit.

“Yeah, sorry. Your milk is delicious, but that's all I can drink now. I'm sure that I'll be able to visit you again some day soon. Then we can have plenty of private time together.” Or not so private. Judging by her little performance when you arrived, she isn't too worried about being with other people.

“Sounds fun. I'll be waiting.” The two of you stand up, hug, and briefly kiss before you exit the building. Now that your face has been taken care of, you fly towards Alice's house.

You land on the edge of the forest and follow the path into the forest. Even though Alice lives in an area with an opened canopy, you've never actually been able to find it from above. Probably more of the damn trickery that's ever present in this annoying forest. Her house shows up after a few minutes. You walk up to the door and knock, even though that's unnecessary with that signal doll at your side. She doesn't respond after half a minute, so you let yourself in.

Alice is walking down the steps from the upper floor when you find her. “Oh, good afternoon, Reimu. The kimono is ready.” With that, she leads you to the sitting room, where a dark blue kimono is hanging from the ceiling. There's a simple vine-like floral print on both sides of the front, along with a simple checked pattern around the legs. The dark red sash is loosely tied around it, holding itself in place without interfering with the appearance. “What do you think?”

“It looks great! I'm sure he'll love it.” Beautiful and well adorned without being too flashy, which is probably perfect for Kiyoshi. Normally, you wouldn't make the call in his place, but even if something is off, there's no time to fix it.

“Good to know. We can discuss the specifics of your 'payment' later. The festival will be starting soon, so I'm sure you're in a hurry.”

“Thanks again. So, were you going to go?”

“I decided that I will, assuming Marisa has some clothes to lend me. It wouldn't do to attend in Western clothes, after all. If all goes well, I will likely see you there. You're going with Kiyoshi, correct?”


“Ah. Well, enjoy yourselves. Good day.”

You pick up the kimono and walk out the door, moving back to the shrine as quickly as you can while making certain to not damage the clothing. There's about an hour left before the festival starts, and most of that time will be spent moving back and forth. Oh well, everything should be done except for changing clothes, so it should be fine.
No. 35384
File 140286739840.jpg- (522.40KB , 706x1000 , c2a3d940d842c2cb0d1fc3fee2b3becd.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kiyoshi greets you as you return to the shrine. “Welcome back, Reimu. Is that the new kimono?”

“Yep. We don't have much time, so hurry up and get changed. I need to do the same.” You hand him the kimono, and he inspects it for a few seconds before taking it off the hooks.

“Okay.” He replies, then mumbles to himself, “...It's beautiful.”

You rush into your room and quickly change into your old kimono. It's not as fancy as his, but it's still a nice one. The base material is red with many well-drawn white flowers printed on, but the colors aren't as vibrant as they once were, and the material could never compare to what Alice uses. You've had it for so long that you can't even remember how old you were when you first wore it; it's a lovely garment, but it does need to be replaced. Someday.

There's really not any time to do anything beyond changing. It's somewhat disappointing to go out to an event like this with your usual hairstyle, but whatever – it's supercute as-is, so it's not like you need to change it. The only thing you think you need to bring with you is your coin purse and a strip of condoms. Both will definitely be necessary tonight. You head back to the living room to find Kiyoshi.

He's changed into his new kimono, stretching and looking himself over while admiring Alice's exceptional handiwork. Once he notices you, however, he stops and turns his gaze towards you. “...Wow. You look great, Reimu.”

“Thanks,” you say, smiling. “You look lovely too. Are you ready to leave?” He nods, so you take his hand and begin the journey to the village.

The sun has lost its intensity by the time you arrive, but it isn't dusk yet. The village is bustling with activity; full rows of stalls are visible even from the perimeter, the streets are packed with people in a wide variety of colorful clothes, and a multitude of lanterns are hung about in preparation for nightfall.

You walk along the road alongside Kiyoshi. Everything is so vibrant; there's plenty of people walking about, quietly chatting amongst themselves. You see a few couples as well. No one you know, but there's plenty of cute boys and girls in the crowd. The wonderful scent of a plethora of grilled food floods your nose, making your mouth water. Festivals are just so much fun.

It's about time for dinner and you're appropriately hungry. Might as well start with some festival food. You glance around to quickly judge the options and decide on a yakitori stand being run by an older man. He hands you and Kiyoshi a stick each after you pay for them, and you bite into yours immediately. Delicious. Cooked enough to give it just a little bit of burnt crispness, and the sauce wonderfully complements the flavor of the chicken. This stuff is going to be your dinner for the day, so you'll end up eating a bunch of it.

But for now, there's plenty of sights to take in and people to greet.

[ ] Mmm, food. It looks like Mystia has a stand set up.
[ ] Keine is walking around by herself.
[ ] Marisa and Alice are probably around here somewhere. Go look for them.
[ ] There's a well-dressed woman with green hair who scares people away just by walking around.
[ ] Yukari and Yuyuko are off in the distance enjoying themselves.
No. 35386
[X] Keine is walking around by herself.
No. 35389
So err, is Sanae fucking her kids, or is she just going to the forest and fucking the same wolf over and over again?
No. 35390
Same wolf.
No. 35391
In which case, colour me surprised that he isn't living with her.
No. 35393
[x] There's a well-dressed woman with green hair who scares people away just by walking around.
No. 35397
[X] Yukari and Yuyuko are off in the distance enjoying themselves.

I want to see Yuyuko.
No. 35399
[x] Keine is walking around by herself.
No. 35400
[x] There's a well-dressed woman with green hair who scares people away just by walking around.
No. 35404
[X] Keine is walking around by herself.
No. 35405
[x] There's a well-dressed woman with green hair who scares people away just by walking around.

Difficult choice, but I think I want to see Yuuka.
No. 35406
[x] Keine is walking around by herself.

Keine deserves some companionship. If said companionship is thick and meaty, so much the better.
No. 35410
Not OP but probably it's just outside his territory and well he IS a wolf and that kind of thing is important
No. 35412
[X] There's a well-dressed woman with green hair who scares people away just by walking around.
No. 35413
[x] Keine is walking around by herself.
No. 35418
You know what I'm wondering: do people perceive or treat Sanae and Reimu differently despite their similarities in sexual deviancy?

I just honestly wonder.
No. 35419
Or the fact that the areas we've seen have taken some levels in slut?
No. 35445
[x] Keine is walking around by herself.
No. 35447
File 140330502926.jpg- (887.98KB , 1000x1000 , not_dressed_like_this.jpg ) [iqdb]
Calling it for
[x] Keine is walking around by herself.

ff5ff is over, I can get back to work, hooray
No. 35458
File 140348945276.jpg- (175.18KB , 439x600 , 96bc8cb2faa3121843d222c4979417c8.jpg ) [iqdb]
There are plenty of faces in the crowd, both familiar and not, but Keine sticks out a bit. It's unusual to see her by herself in this kind of setting. She doesn't look lonely or anything and does seem to be enjoying herself while she walks from stall to stall, but it is still strange. And she's always friendly, so you decide to walk over to her.

“Good evening, Keine. Enjoying the festival?” you ask her. She's dressed up as well and is wearing a light pink kimono with simple flower designs. It's a simple garment, but suits her excellent figure well. Especially with how much cleavage she's showing off. It's unconventional – even you're mostly covered – but you certainly aren't complaining.

“Ah, Reimu. Good evening. Yes, I'm having a lovely time. It's good to see the village doing so well, all thanks to the harvest goddesses, of course.” Keine answers with a smile. It seems genuine, so she probably isn't perturbed by her usual partner's absence. Well, it's not like you actually know her situation. “Are you having fun on your date as well?” Her attention turns to Kiyoshi, who grips your hand at her sudden gaze. She was smiling the whole time, but opens her mouth slightly in surprise after a second, and seems to be struggling to find her words.

“Hello, Miss Kamishirasawa,” Kiyoshi says after a few seconds of silence. This snaps Keine out of her daze, and she all but pounces on Kiyoshi, instantly wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. This knocks him out of your grasp, and he briefly struggles in her embrace while his face is squished against her massive exposed tits.

You've never been able to figure out how aware she is of her breasts. She flaunts them almost constantly, but at least acts as if they don't exist or aren't visible for the world to see. Considering their impressive size and firmness, it'd be difficult to not flaunt them, but she's always unaware of how many men, and probably women too, tend to have their eyes glued on them. On the other hand, you're fully aware that she's not exactly innocent, so maybe she's just a really good actress.

“Kiyoshi! Oh it's been so long I didn't even recognize you at first! And look how much you've grown!” She releases him and moves back, but leaves her hands on his shoulder and bends down to look at it. Kiyoshi isn't much shorter than you, but Keine is still very tall. “You're so big! How are you?”

“Um... I'm doing fine, Miss Kamishirasawa.”

Keine looks like she's about to assault him again, so you intervene. “Hey, come on, Keine, you're embarrassing him.”

She's still beaming as she turns to face you. “Of course I am, Reimu. I'm an adult. It's my sworn duty to embarrass anyone that I've known since they were a child. And I haven't seen my dear Kiyoshi since he was this tall!” Keine holds her hand up to his chest, indicating his former height. You guess that means he was about thirteen when she last saw him.

“So, I take it you used to teach him, Keine?”

“Yeah,” Kiyoshi answers. “I was in her class for three years.” He's red from embarrassment, but doing better now that Keine isn't all over him. Or maybe that's not all embarrassment.

“Oh ho. So, I take it she give you plenty of special attention, Kiyoshi? She's certainly glad to see you after all this time.” And she was all over him.

“No no, nothing like that.” Keine dismisses your claim nonchalantly. It seems she didn't catch your meaning of “special.” Or maybe she's just a good actress. “I treasure all of my students equally, Reimu. Of course I'd be excited to see one of my dear pupils all grown up, so big and strong.”

Kiyoshi blushes some more at Keine's innocently-spoken words, but musters up the composure to speak. “Well, actually. There was this one time...” he begins. You listen excitedly, eager to hear the juicy details of exactly how Keine rewards her “dear pupils” for being extra good. Probably with those giant breasts. “Um, it was back when I first entered school. I think I was eight, or maybe nine. Anyway, there was this really big storm. It came quickly and blocked out the sun, and the wind blew out most of the candles. So it was dark, really really dark. And I was scared.”

Kiyoshi's hesitation and subdued tone make it clear that this isn't a pleasant memory, but he continues telling his story after a short pause. “Uh, I got over it eventually, but I was never any good with the dark. I was young, so it's kinda reasonable, but the darkness just always terrified me. Even though I knew I was still safe in the schoolhouse, with many other children, who weren't scared. So, after that, I started getting picked on. They said I was small and a crybaby. But Miss Kamishirasawa showed up and stopped them.” He finishes his tale with a smile.

“Ah, yes. I remember that now,” Keine says shortly after Kiyoshi goes silent. “Those boys were mostly troublemakers in their youth, as I recall. I think they toned down their mischief a bit as they got older, but I had to discipline them on several occasions.” Keine sighs, lamenting the state of today's youth and the human condition.

You decide to change the subject. While Kiyoshi's story does have a happy ending, it's still an unpleasant memory for him, and Keine is getting fixated on her work. This is a festival; it's a break from stuff like that.

“You're here by yourself, Keine? Mokou isn't with you?” It's been bothering you that she's not here. While the two of them are hardly inseparable, this is exactly the kind of event that Keine would drag Mokou to.

“No, she's not around. I decided to go by myself, since there's no sense in letting a perfectly good festival go to waste. Hopefully she'll be around for the next one, at least.”

“Oh. That's a shame. Where is she?” Must be important if she was able to escape Keine.

“I'm not sure. She's been missing for a while,” Keine says, completely unconcerned.

“Oh. Uh, how long is 'a while?'” you ask.

“Hmm. About two months now, I think.”

What?! “She's been missing for two months[i]? Isn't that really bad?” And yet Keine is completely unfazed by this. They definitely have feelings for one another, so it's weird that she's not more concerned.

“Not really. Two months isn't long at all for Mokou. She's disappeared for over a year a few times. It's just part of who she is. And it's not like anything [i]can
happen to her.” She does have a point there – worrying over an immortal is rather pointless. Nonetheless, you'd be upset over someone abandoning you for so long, but Keine really does seem to accept Mokou's wanderlust. Mokou is an introvert at heart, even with Keine's frequent attempts to force her into the public view.

There's nothing else for you to say on the subject, so you abruptly drop it. The three of you continue making small talk for another minute, but quickly say your goodbyes. She's happy just walking around on her own, and you want to spend more time with Kiyoshi as well. 'Private' time when you get an opportunity, but that will need to wait until most people have gone home.

The two of you spend half an hour going through various stalls, trying out some of the games and enjoying the food. While you're walking on the street to look for some more food vendors, you abruptly find yourselves in a thick crowd of people. They're all walking slowly in the same direction, and the sheer volume of people results in them pressing against you from all sides. You try to hold on to Kiyoshi's hand, but he's separated from you before you can do anything.

The end of the crowd is in sight, but they won't be out of your way for another half minute. You curse to yourself and look around, trying to spot him. There's dozens of men and women on every side of you, some familiar, most not, but you can't find Kiyoshi. They're too noisy for you to call out to him either; no one is speaking loudly, but there's so many people that their soft voices and footsteps drown out all other noises.

From their chatter, it seems that they're going to view the Aki sisters, who are responsible for the great bounty that allowed the village to host three festivals. That explains the sudden surge of people, at least. Unable to do anything, you struggle to slip past people and get out of the middle of the street. They try to move around you, but no one is able to do much in this situation.

After what feels like hours, the crowd is finally gone. You managed to get to the side of the street and wait for the hundreds of people to completely pass. Everyone had the same plans, it seems, as the area is now empty of people, except for you and Kiyoshi. He's on the other side of the road and seems fine, no more worn out than you.

“That was some crowd, huh? Do you want to go over there and see what the fuss is about?” It's gotta be interesting if everyone is going there, but if everyone is there, it might not be worth the trouble.

“Um, Reimu?” He gets your attention and changes the subject. “I saw her.”

“Huh? Saw who?”

“...My crush. She was in that crowd of people.”

“Oh. Oh! Uh, so, I guess we shouldn't go over there?”

“No, I mean,” he looks away for a second, but forces himself to look you in the eye. “I think I'm ready. This is a good background, right? It's time I tell her how I feel.”
No. 35459
Good Luck Kiyoshi!
No. 35460
So one of the Akis? Interesting taste he got
No. 35462
Not one of the Akis. Actually, come to think of it, I explicitly ruled them out by doing this.

It's one of the girls who was in the crowd; the crowd itself was going to see the Akis.
No. 35465
Guys there's obviously no point in guessing. All the obvious answers have been ruled out already.
No. 35466
> All the obvious answers have been ruled out already
They have?

I don't mind guessing, but I'd prefer it over IRC, honestly.
No. 35489
“So, this is it, then? Are you going to go into the crowd, or wait for her?”

“Umm...” He thinks it over, not actually sure of what to do. His earlier conviction has started to collapse under the reality of the situation. “Yes! I mean, I'll do it now. I have to. If I wait any longer, it might be too late.”

“Okay. So you'll just push your way through that crowd looking for her?” Kiyoshi confessing while surrounded by people isn't exactly what you had in mind. It'd be more difficult for you to watch his brilliant success, or console him if he gets turned down. Something more private would be more romantic, as well.

“I think I have to. I mean, if I wait, I'd have to find her among all the other people again, right? It looks like right now is the only opportunity.”

“I dunno. It just sounds like you're rushing things too much. Aren't you nervous? Anxious? That's what I mean. Sometimes you just need to stop and calm down.”

“Yeah, I'm nervous. Of course I am. The woman I love is so close to me. This is the perfect setting, so I feel like this is my only chance to tell her how I feel.”

“I see.” There's probably no convincing him. You'd prefer a different setting, both for his sake and your own, but he does seem determined to do this now. Hopefully his resolve is strong enough to let him confess his feelings in front of a bunch of other people. “So, are you ready?”

“Yeah. I am.”

But he doesn't move. He just stands there, looking at you. It doesn't seem like he's too scared to move or anything like that; he's standing straight with a strong look in his eyes. Definitely not the appearance of someone paralyzed by fear.


“It's you, Reimu.”


“The woman I love. It's you.” He's smiling now, but he also looks like he's about to cry. Kiyoshi abruptly bows, dropping his head so low that you can't see his face. “I love you! Please go out with me, Reimu! For real, now.”

“Wait a minute! What do you mean it's me?! All this time?”

“Yes!” he practically shouts. “I've always admired you, ever since I heard that you cleared up that red mist over the village. And ended the long winter the year after. And everything else you've done for everyone. I- I donated when I could, but I never got to saw you. Until recently. And then you were just so kind, and we, um, had great sex, a lot.” His voice trails off towards the end, but his resolve is still palpable.

“Kiyoshi, please raise your head.” It's awkward talking to someone while you can't see their face. He quickly looks up, eyes full of hope. And a few tears. He finally mustered up the courage to confess to you.

But are you really ready to enter a proper relationship?

[ ] Settle down with Kiyoshi.
[ ] Keep your relationship the same.
[ ] “I'm sorry.”

(Please put your votes and any comments in spoiler tags)
No. 35490
[x] Never used spoiler tags, How do i use them?
No. 35491
[ spoiler ] Text [/ spoiler ]

Without spaces.
No. 35492
[X] Settle down with Kiyoshi. 
No. 35493
[x] Settle down with Kiyoshi.

I want to see how this goes, that and we can go back to the other choice (where I'd vote to keep it the same then for the time being. Gotta find a girl to keep him company though.
No. 35497
[x] "Sorry, Kiyoshi."

I don't think Reimu would be happy settling down, and keeping Kiyoshi around after this would be all kinds of awkward. I think we'll have to let him go.

We could totally hook him up with another girl, though.

No. 35498
[X] Settle down with Kiyoshi.
No. 35500
[X] Settle down with Kiyoshi.

You know, I actually saw this coming. Or at the very least entertained thoughts of him pulling something like this. Granted I didn't seriously think it would pan out this way. Good show.
No. 35501
[x] "I'm sorry."

I distinctly remember being told that it wasn't Reimu. I have made multiple votes under that assumption. I am not happy with this turn of events, and won't be reading any more if 'settle down' wins.
No. 35502
The author never claimed that I think.

Actually looking here ( http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/31154.html#33526 ), the only specifics about his crush are that it isn't Meiling and it isn't some OC or background character.
No. 35503
Well that's rather great, because where the fuck would the story go after that option? Settling down also seems to imply a sense of stopiing the crazy fucking fucking, you fuck. Saged for non-vote.
No. 35504

No. 35505
[X] Settle down with Kiyoshi.

I don't have the heart to break his.
No. 35506
I'm not going to go back and read every thread, but I'm pretty certain Kiyoshi stated at point that he saw his crush in the village with more regularity than Reimu's infrequent visits.
No. 35507
[X] Keep your relationship the same.

In truth I don't really know if Reimu is ready for such a commitment.She just enjoys having sex with many things too much to tie herself down right now. They seem to enjoy each other with sex and such, but I really wonder if Kiyoshi knows the depths of Reimu's sexuality?

No. 35509
[X] Settle down with Kiyoshi. We'll still have lots of sex with everyone, we'll just include him in it as well.
No. 35510
[X] Keep your relationship the same.
No. 35515
[X] Keep your relationship the same.

Eh, what. We incubate lake monster babies on a whim. Settle down is not in the books. No reason to break his heart though - does he really WANT more than how it has been?

No. 35516
[x] “I'm sorry.”

She goes around fucking pretty much everything, including animals. She can't settle with a normal person.

No. 35517
"Settle down" means settling down. While Kiyoshi won't necessarily be her only partner, she won't be screwing all of Gensokyo anymore.
No. 35518
[x] Settle down with Kiyoshi.
No. 35519
[x] “I'm sorry.”

I can't see settling her settling down with him at all - it's too out of character for the gigantic slut this Reimu is.

No. 35520
I've disliked Kiyoshi since he was introduced and have only kept reading because I assumed he would eventually fuck off.
Guess I should have complained more because at least then I might have been told I was wasting my time by sticking with it.

No. 35521

Would you mind sharing why you hate him with us?
No. 35522
[ ] Keep your relationship the same.
No. 35523
He's an immature, irresponsible (he's spent what, a couple of months now doing nothing but fucking Reimu, when he probably has shit that needs doing in the village) kid.
Even ignoring that, he's a deceitful little shit that manipulated Reimu by telling her he needed her help to build up the courage to confess to his crush; this pretty heavily implies that his crush is someone other than Reimu herself.
I'm hoping it just turns out to be Nue pulling a fast one. I really am.

No. 35524
If it's in /at/ tradition, we get an ending and get to select some other choice. Fucking summerfags.
No. 35525
[X] Settle down with Kiyoshi.
No. 35526
The little itch about Kiyoshi here seems to be indicative of the story as a whole. This is probably the least well-written story still running on this board. Am I wrong in remembering that this had more than one writer too? Or it just felt heavily like that, not a good sign...

The characters are quite flat, most of the characterization is them explaining the sex away. There isn't much to tell them apart aside from their original touhou qualities (made most apparently with the undifferentiated fairies), and Kiyoshi's true crush wasn't guessable beforehand because all his interaction with Reimu were sex and flat obedience.

I mean at least it's all still fappable, but geez

No. 35527
>he's spent what, a couple of months now
About two weeks.

>I'm hoping it just turns out to be Nue pulling a fast one. I really am.
It's not.

>Am I wrong in remembering that this had more than one writer too?
Kind of. The story was originally written by U Metal; his name and tripcode are on the first few posts. Then he abandoned the story and I picked it up. There was a brief period where another author wrote some (2 posts), but beyond that it's been me since then.
No. 35528
>It's not.
I'm out then. Fuck you for wasting my time.
No. 35529

Cry more.
No. 35531
[X] “I'm sorry.”

While he was nice he just doesn't fit. Just dump on the side. I want him gone as well as he's taking up possible scenes with youkai or other Touhous. Also this reveal seems incredibly ham handed.

He's an albatross around Reimu's neck and really needs to be cut free as we'd have to luck his useless ass around everywhere and NOT be able to do the fun plots we were doing earlier because of him

No. 35532
Which kills story. Thanks for killing the story people who are wanting this vote
No. 35533
See >>35524
That's exactly what's going to happen. Short epilogue, then go back to this choice.
No. 35534
[x]Settle down with Kiyoshi.
No. 35536
You realize this just now? People read it to see raunchy sex scenes, especially in the wake of other stories here seemingly dying or hiatusing
No. 35537
No one said that people weren't reading this for sex, it's just that the others are sexier and better-written.

[x]Settle down

No. 35538

[x] “I'm sorry.”

This charade needs to end.

No. 35539
[x] Settle down with Kiyoshi.

Y'all are the dumbest motherfuckers, glad to see summer is here in full force.

No. 35540
[x] “I'm sorry.”

No. 35541
Maybe better done but those things are either dead or slower than the summerfags' mental processes
No. 35545
File 140409371240.gif- (763.99KB , 640x480 , 2e9321d3ec5159f2e6f551d16cfeb12e.gif ) [iqdb]
Calling it for
[x] Settle down with Kiyoshi.

There will be a brief epilogue after the next post, then the story will resume with [x]Sorry. However, I'm going to take a break after the epilogue and start working on another short I recently had an idea for.

This break is in no way related to me buying XCom: EW during the steam sale.
No. 35546
So much for continuing to have lots of sex.
No. 35547
He just said it's an epilogue. Gotta collect 'em all.
No. 35548
Well, the incredibly out of character choice winds up winning. There's no real believable path for this to end up even vaguely happy. This Reimu has been established as a gigantic slut, and she's now going to have to cut off almost cold turkey. Plus, she has no actual strong feelings towards him.

Were this not a CYOA, this would be an incredibly hamfisted change. Hopefully the author won't have another brainfart later on.
No. 35553
Considering there is essentially no consequence, because it'll be a short epilogue and then going back to choose "I'm sorry", what are you terrified or nervous about when this choice isn't permenant or anything story wise?
No. 35554
...god damn you all just bitch and whine don't cha?
No. 35556
Yea I never got why we even had that character come into existence. I can handle random Male OC being the MC, but as random pickup just leave a really bad taste in my mouth. Especially with how forced this reveal was.

That and really the guy had about as much character and personality as your average faceless male in doujinshi. I can't even really remember his scenes.

Did we have him fuck a slime or something?
No. 35557
Of course 'Brief Break' tends to translate quickly to 'This story is now dead' on this board...
No. 35559
I've taken at least 2 "brief breaks", maybe 3. And the story isn't dropped.

If I drop the story, I'll say something.
No. 35560
it wasn't a random pick up as he came to the shrine to talk to her.

That and
>Implying you're not just as (un)memorable
No. 35582
File 140451977761.jpg- (675.87KB , 1200x1694 , d2dcd94aef2e308424c3ffc7310a0519.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk up to Kiyoshi and embrace him, holding his body close to yours. You've liked him since you met him – albeit sexually, not romantically – so maybe settling down with him would be nice. It's something you'll have to do eventually, when it's time for you to continue the Hakurei line, and it'd probably be good for your daughter to have a father growing up. Unlike you.

“Yeah, we should,” you say, softly. “I'll be your beautiful girlfriend, for real this time.”

Kiyoshi gasps and hugs you back, tighter than you'd consider comfortable. But he's understandably excited, so you let him. “Wha- really? You will? You'll go out with me?”

“Yes. You don't need to sound so surprised.”

He releases you and takes a step back to better look you in the eye. “Uh, I know, it's just that – that I was so afraid you'd say no. It took all of my courage just to ask you. But you said yes! I'm so happy, Reimu! I love you!”

You hug him again for a brief second, then softly kiss him on the lips. “I love you too, Kiyoshi.” You aren't sure if you really mean it. But you definitely like him, and it's worth finding out if you love him as well.

After a few more seconds of embracing him, you decide to ask the important question: “So, um, now what do we do?” Most of your experience revolves around sex, and what little you do know about acting like a couple is escaping from your grasp in this unfamiliar situation.

“Well, we're at a festival, so why don't we just continue enjoying it?”

“Okay.” Since literally everyone else seems to have moved to one location, the two of you hold hands and walk to where that earlier crowd was headed.

You find everyone around the village commons, surrounding a podium that hosts the Aki sisters. There's a large fire on the ground in front of the podium, between them and the huge mass of spectators. All of the nearby trees have already changed colors, a testament to Shizuha's powers. Or maybe Minoriko's. One of the two. It's impossible to see the details at this distance, but the two goddesses seem to be well dressed, each wearing a suitably fancy yukata with their hair held up by hairpins. You assume that the patterns on their garments are autumn leaves and crops, although you can't make out them out from here.

Sanae and Kanako are also on the podium, but off to the side. The Akis are the main “stars”, after all, with the Moriya Shrine just lending assistance. You never did hear exactly how they helped, but it was probably some fancy outside world stuff. Suwako isn't with them. Or maybe she's just too short for you to see.

The two of you get closer, but stop before the wall of people. No sense trying to push your way through that, as it's way too crowded. You're close enough to get a general idea of what's going on, at least. There's some food cooking on the fire; far too little to feed this crowd, so you assume it's as an offering to the godesses.

Shortly after you arrived, Minoriko (Or is that Shizuha?) gently walks down to the fire and grabs the skewered vegetables. She gives four sticks to her sister, one to each of Sanae and Kanako, and keeps the remaining four for herself. Sanae and Kanako both bow for the offering and begin eating the freshly roasted vegetables. Nine bursts of light appear from behind them, silently soaring into the sky and exploding into massive bursts of light. Looks like someone is doing danmaku fireworks.

There's plenty of “ooh”s and “ahh”s coming from the crowd from the display. It certainly is pretty, but far more breathtaking when you're in the middle of it. Another burst of five shoots up, but this time they make a loud whistling noise. Then they explode, creating a massive BANG that echoes throughout the air and causes you to take a step back. That definitely wasn't danmaku; probably some outsider thing, thanks to Sanae. Those fireworks released brightly colored lights in a flower shape, but it quickly fizzled out, just as abruptly as it came.

The display continues for some time, using a mix of the standard danmaku fireworks plus the unfamiliar type. The danmaku ones allow for more creative patterns and lasts longer, but the new kind of firework is visually more intense and has that attention-grabbing bang. The combination of the two allows for visually stunning displays with plenty of noise. It's a good change of pace from the usual fare.

You hold Kiyoshi's hand while you watch the fireworks. He's enthralled by the view and hasn't spoken or looked away for some time. Danmaku fireworks aren't that rare, but it's uncommon enough for most people to consider them a major event. And then they added this new twist; you're pretty sure no one has ever used that other kind in Gensokyo before.

The fireworks conclude with another big bang after about ten minutes. Everyone sticks around for a bit longer to see if they're planning on firing off any more, but nothing comes up. Fianlly, people begin leaving, although it's still crowded enough to prevent you from reaching the goddesses.

“Well, that was quite something,” you say to Kiyoshi. You missed most of whatever happened before the fireworks, but you honestly don't mind. But there's still plenty of time to spend here. “What should we do now?”

“Do we need to do anything special? Why don't we just go back to walking around and taking in the sights?” Hmm. That's probably the best way to enjoy a festival, but this is your big day. You'd like to do something to commemorate going out with Kiyoshi for real. Or maybe that alone is enough. “I'm happy just being together with you, Reimu,” he adds.

“Alright then. Let's start with some more food. I'm hungry now, after watching that scene.”

The two of you head back to the main street. Some of the stalls are unstaffed, but there's still plenty of people who didn't go to see the goddesses and are eagerly awaiting the returning customers. You start with another two sticks of yakitori from a nearby stall. The sauce is better, compared to the one you had earlier, but the chicken itself is too dry. Oh well. You complement the chicken with some takoyaki, and then some dango for dessert.

You spend another hour or so walking around the grounds with Kiyoshi, checking out the innumerable stalls. The crowd slowly dwindles as time passes, but there's still a healthy crowd and wide selection of vendors. However, the loss of people means that some side streets that were occupied are now mostly empty, as there's no longer a need for people to use them. Which suits you perfectly fine, as it gives a small bit of privacy in the middle of a busy village.

Kiyoshi follows you into the deserted street. It's almost time for you to head back to your shrine, but there's one last thing for you to do here. Once you're satisfied that you're in a sufficiently private location, you turn towards Kiyoshi and deeply kiss him. Your lips close on his as you gently slide your tongue into his mouth, tasting both his sweet lips and a small hint of your earlier dinner. He returns the affection, brushing his tongue against yours as he extends it to explore your mouth.

After a few seconds, you slip your arm through the opening in his kimono and caress his bare chest. The heat from his body feels wonderful, even though the evening air is still warm. Kiyoshi takes this as an invitation to go further and cups your right breast with his hand, giving it a few squeezes to savor its weight. He then breaks the kiss and reaches behind you to untie your obi, prompting you to remove your hand to make it easier for him to move. Once the sash is loosened, your clothes open up to reveal your ample cleavage, and Kiyoshi pushes the last bits of cloth out of the way to completely free your huge tits.

He doesn't waste any time, immediately beginning to suckle your left breast and gropes your right with his hands. Milk shoots out from your nipples and onto his waiting tongue and palms, causing you to moan softly from the stimulation. You untie his sash and reach into his kimono to grab hold of his already erect cock. There's a bit of precum on the tip, which you rub into his shaft to use as lubricant. He shivers at your gentle touch on his sensitive length, but continues to diligently pleasure your tits.

Kiyoshi stops after about a minute, either because he's had his fill of your milk, or simply because his cock's throbbing has become unbearable. He opens up his kimono and exposes his penis, forcing you to stop him before he can put it inside of you. Gotta do things properly, after all. You reach into a pocket on the inside of your kimono and pull out the strip of condoms you brought. He watches with heavy breathing while you deftly open the first package and place the rubber around his length.

With the preparations complete, you open your legs to accommodate him and he slides his cock into your wet pussy. As always, the condom prevents you from feeling every lovely bump on his penis, but the heat and sensation of being filled is more than enough to make you purr. Sex while standing isn't the most comfortable, but he's strong enough to handle it and manage a decent pace as well. Still, it'd be better to finish quickly, so you match his rhythm and tighten around his thick cock.

He moans as he continues to thrust into your soaked cunt. You wrap your arms around him and hold his body close to yours, enjoying his warm breath on your bare breasts as he pants. It doesn't take long for him to ejaculate, and you sigh contentedly as you feel the heat inside your vagina from the condom catching his load of cum. He pulls out of you, still erect, and removes the condom from his shaft.

That wasn't nearly enough for you. It felt good, but you'll need a bit more to reach orgasm. Fortunately, his penis is still ready and willing to please you. You put another condom on his dick and lie down on the ground, spreading your legs for him. He accepts and invitation and lies on top of you, immediately inserting his dick back into your pussy. This position is much simpler, allowing you to mostly sit back and enjoy his powerful thrusts. You still sway your hips gently, just enough to have some motion, but entrust him to do most of the work.

His cock slams into your wet cunt, moving much faster than before. It's enough to make you scream in ecstasy, but you force yourself to remain quiet. No one is walking around, but there's still plenty of people within earshot. Having someone come to watch or yell at you for being indecent would kill the mood immediately.

Kiyoshi's hands move back to your breasts, and he begins to roughly squeeze and grope your huge mounds. Your erect nipples scrape against his palms with every movement, sending bursts of pleasure through your body. His cock feels amazing as it rapidly thrusts into your tight cunt, the condom doing little to hamper the enjoyment of your walls being spread open.

You cum after a few minutes of his constant penetrations, clamping down on his length as your body twists on the ground. You're forced to cover your mouth with both hands to prevent the lustful moaning from alerting everyone to your presence. Half of a moan got out, but you should have silenced it in time. Kiyoshi joins you and climaxes as well, filling up another condom with his semen. He pulls out of you after you both finish cumming, but lies flat on top of you instead of standing up. He's not exhausted or anything – you know from experience that he can go a lot longer than two rounds – but just wants to lie against your bare flesh. You reach up and pat the back of his head while the two of you feel each other's warmth.

This isn't so bad, after all.
No. 35584
Is very cute!
No. 35588
too bad Reimu's gonna completely dump him and this isn't cannon.
No. 35590
File 140468221847.jpg- (558.13KB , 800x565 , cannon Reimu.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is a porn CYOA. Everything is equally non-canon
No. 35592

Except Black Tewi, which is always cannon.
No. 35595
While true, I would hope Reimu tells him that there are other fish in the sea, and that all the stuff he learned from Reimu could probably easily find him a partner.
No. 35611
File 140519538359.png- (661.60KB , 869x1100 , d7f0ea6c8b8ac704700ba87437b17c7d.png ) [iqdb]
You descend towards the shrine and land in front of the door. This year's incident was simple enough to resolve, just a bunch of weak thieves that were no match for your powers. It's been a while since you last had to do anything; last year was surprisingly uneventful, and you let Marisa handle the year before that. It feels somewhat refreshing to get back into the groove, even if it kept you away from your family for a full day.

“I'm back,” you announce after opening the door. The pitter-patter of feet can be heard a few seconds later.

“Mama!” Your adorable daughter comes rushing towards you, greeting you with an enthusiastic shout. You crouch down to get closer to her and she jumps into your arms, with Shinmyoumaru desperately holding on to the top of her head.

“Ahhhh I missed you! Give Mama a hug, Ayumi.” She hugs you back while laughing as you lift her up into the air. You'd love to spin around with her in your arms, and you're certain she'd enjoy it too, but poor Shinmyoumaru would probably disapprove.

“Welcome back, Reimu,” Shinmyoumaru says, after getting a firm grip on Ayumi's head.

“Thanks.” You hold Ayumi up with one arm and use your freed hand to gently pat Shinmyoumaru on the head. Ayumi's been getting so big lately that you won't be able to carry her like this soon. It's hard to believe that she's already six. “Were you two playing nicely?”

“Yeah! We played piggyback, and we did pattycake, and hide and seek too! Did you beat up all the bad guys, Mama?”

“I sure did! And speaking of...” You pause to rummage through the pockets on the inside of your dress until you find Shinmyoumaru's prized possession. “Here's your mallet back, Shinmyoumaru. Those thieves gave it up pretty easily once I tracked them down.”

Her eyes light up as the object comes into her sight, and she gasps with relief. “Thank you, Reimu!”

“You're welcome.” Your stomach growls as Shinmyoumaru takes the mallet from you, reminding you that you haven't eaten in over a day. It's well past lunch time now, and the last meal you had was breakfast the day before. “You two have already eaten, right?” Ayumi nods in response. Shinmyoumaru might be nodding as well, but it's hard to tell. “Okay, I need to eat now. Can you two play together a little longer?”

“Okay, Mama!” With that, Ayumi runs off towards the living room, with Shinmyoumaru desperately holding on.

You head into the dining room, where Iku is already waiting for you. “Welcome back, Master,” she says with a curtsy. “Will you be dining now?”

“Yes, please. I haven't eaten anything all day. But, I guess not too much, since I have an appointment for tea this evening.”

“Very well. Please wait a moment while I prepare the food. There is still plenty leftover from lunch, which I can reheat quickly. Or, if you prefer, I can cook something up fresh, but this will take longer.”

“Leftovers are fine. Thanks.” With that, Iku steps out to get the leftover food. She's able to use small shocks of her lightning to reheat things, which is definitely the best part about having her as a maid. She's not as good at cooking or cleaning as Sakuya is, but her outfit has twice as many frills, so you're pretty sure she would win in a maidness competition.

Iku's been serving your family since shortly before Ayumi was born. After saving all of Heaven from the rage of Timmy Masters, you were granted a favor in recognition of your services. Since you were pregnant at the time, you requested assistance with the housework. The very next day, Iku showed up at the shrine wearing a maid costume that closely resembled Sakuya's under her usual shawl. Apparently, the Dragon God had granted her a vacation, and since Tenshi was being punished for starting the whole incident, she was sent to work for you. You're not quite sure how working for you is a vacation, but you aren't complaining. She's good enough at housework, Ayumi likes her, and she looks great in a maid outfit.

She returns a minute later with several steaming dishes of food. “Your food is ready, Master,” she says with another curtsy. “Do you require anything else?”

“No, that's all for now. I'll call for you if something comes up. Thanks.” Iku gives you yet another curtsy and walks off, leaving you alone with the delicious smelling food. There's rice, fish, a baked sweet potato, and some nori strips. It tastes better fresh, but its' still good. Actually having food in front of you has made you realize exactly how hungry you are, so you immediately start cramming the food into your mouth.

It only takes you a minute to finish eating. The serving sizes were small, as you had requested, so they disappeared quickly. That should be enough to tide you over until the party this evening. You sit back and relax for a moment, letting the food settle.

Kiyoshi enters the kitchen a few minutes later. He's covered in sweat, so it looks like he was outside doing yard work. He stops in his tracks as soon as he notices you. “You're back!” he announces, then steps towards you with his arms extended. You stand up from your chair and run towards him, the two of you each closing your arms around the other in a tight embrace. His body is still hot, and the wonderful aroma of his sweaty body fills your nostrils as you bury your face in his chest.

Kiyoshi kisses you, his lips closing around yours several times, and you purr softly in response to his affection. “How did it go?” he asks after breaking the kiss.

“It was no trouble at all.” It was disappointingly easy, actually. Most of them put up less of a fight than the average fairy. “I would've been back in under an hour, if not for how long I had to spend finding everyone. But in the end, I beat up their boss, and returned Shinmyoumaru's mallet.”

“She must be relieved to get it back.” He sneaks in a quick kiss before continuing, “Still, it'd be nice if we could just get Marisa to handle incidents, like last time.”

“You just want me all to yourself, don't you.” Not that you mind.

“I do.” He kisses you again. “Why wouldn't I want to be with my gorgeous wife? Plus, this little incident interrupted our 'private time.'”

“Well, we'll just have to make up for that, won't we?”

Even with your attention fixated on Kiyoshi, you can hear the faint clinking of dishes. Iku must be collecting your used bowls and trying to be discreet. Not that it really matters; this is a common enough situation that no one is embarrassed. Kiyoshi doesn't even bother removing his hand from your butt, and he's facing Iku.

But still, no matter how used to it she is, it's still less intimate to grope your wife's butt while the maid watches. More privacy is always a good thing.

Kiyoshi's hand moves down to your legs, and he lifts you up off your feet using familiar motions. “Shall we?” he asks.

“Of course.” You wrap your arms around his chest as he holds you in a princess carry and starts walking towards your bedroom. It's conveniently soundproofed, which will certainly come in handy very shortly.

No. 35614
So it's finished then?
No. 35615
No. 35616
Hopefully this is a temp end. As well this is just a really lame end tied to an out of nowhere character who just was randomly tacked on.
No. 35618
Yes, this is just a temp end. I'm going to take a break from Reimu and write a short now, then the story will resume from the last choice.
No. 36053
File 141193702330.jpg- (84.58KB , 700x843 , 43cf1d1b2f81e99c9446579370872a30.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're still shocked from his words. No one has ever confessed to you like this. Young men telling you they love you while slamming their cocks in and out of your pussy obviously don't count. His words fill you with warmth, and you find yourself smiling in response. It's rare to get any appreciation at all for your incident resolving. And he's a good boy, and excellent in bed. You want to tell him 'yes,' and really mean it.

But you can't.

Your current relationship is a sham. He knows this perfectly well, considering how he stressed “for real” in his confession. There's no way you could just keep going on like this. It isn't what he wants, and it'd just hurt him. Even if he hasn't raised objections to you banging men, women, fairies, and even manta rays left and right, it's obvious that he doesn't approve. You've even hidden most of it from it from him, although you have no way of knowing how much of your debauchery he suspects. A real relationship would mean settling down, dedicating yourself to him, and raising a daughter, just the two of you.

You really can't picture that. It's just too different from your current life. Having a successor is something you need to do eventually, and you accept this, but not now. The responsibilities of raising a child are not something you look forward to. On top of that, could you really limit yourself to a single partner? No, you have needs, and wants, and you simply enjoy sex too much. Even if it was the best cock in all of Gensokyo, there's no way you could be satisfied with just one for the rest of your life.

“I'm proud of you, Kiyoshi. You finally got the courage to confess. I never expected it'd be to me, of all people. I'm happy to hear it, I truly am.” You step closer and hug him, holding his body tight in your embrace.

“Then...?” he asks expectantly. You can't see his eyes like this, but you're certain they're lighting up.

“I'm sorry,” you say simply. It's best to say this directly and quickly, so he doesn't get any more hopeful.

“Eh...?” he stammers.

“I'm sorry, Kiyoshi. I can't return your feelings. I just – I'm just not that kind of girl. I really like you and all, but... that's it. That's all I can do. I just can't be in the kind of relationship that you're looking for. It's not in me. I think you've realized this yourself as well.”

“I... I see.” He says. After a few seconds of silence, he adds, “So, this is goodbye then, Reimu?”

“Yeah. I guess it is.” It'd be fun to have him stay around and have tons of sex with him. But that would be far too selfish of you to even request. It's for the best if he just goes back to his parents. “I had a lot of fun being with you, Kiyoshi. I'm sorry that I can't return your feelings.”

“I had fun too, Reimu. It was amazing, spending so much time with you, and Miss Meiling, and the fairies too. Thank you for everything that you've done.” He gives you another deep bow, holding it for several seconds. When he lifts his head again, you notice the tears welling up in his eyes. “Goodbye.”

He turns and leaves. You return his goodbye, and wave to his back as it heads towards the crowd.

You'll probably never see him again. Chances are, he'll see you, as you're occasionally a public figure, but he'll just avoid you. Not that you can blame him.

Your first confession, and you had to turn the guy down. He was really cute, and a good person. It's a shame, but it couldn't be helped. There's no way he could be happy in a long term relationship with you. It just wouldn't work.

You need to get your mind off this. And there's only one way you know how.

[ ] Alice and Marisa are around somewhere.
[ ] You saw Keine a bit ago. You'd prefer to not explain things, but she'd be willing to share a guy with you.
[ ] Aya has to be nearby, covering this event from the sky.
[ ] Yukari and Yuyuko could offer you some company.
[ ] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.
[ ] Sanae said she was coming as well.
No. 36054
[ ] Yukari and Yuyuko could offer you some company.

How can I not?
No. 36055
[x] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.

Nothing like sluttery to follow up breaking a heart.
No. 36056
[X] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.

Need some eats.
No. 36062
[x] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.

No matter how much she eats, she won't get fat. The strongest ability.
No. 36063
Isn't that just sweets?
No. 36065
[X] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.

Let's add another notch to the belt.
No. 36069
[x] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.

And good riddance.
No. 36080
[X] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.
Mystia route go go go!
No. 36095
Calling it for
[x] Eat, drink, and molest bird youkai.
No. 36096
[X] Stuff yourself at Mystia's stall. Then help yourself to her as well.
No. 36111
File 141308384099.jpg- (1.00MB , 907x1280 , 3f2866b9e386d0d35362df9e5bfc481e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Eating sounds good. Some nice, delicious meat to fill your stomach and take your mind off things. Mystia's stall is set up somewhere in here; you saw it a while back when you were glancing around, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

You backtrace your steps and explore the festival area. Almost all the people are gone. Most shops are unattended, and there's only a few people walking the street with you. They must all be wherever that crowd went. While this might mean that Mystia has joined them, so you'd have to wait before stuffing your face with her lamprey, but your intuition tells you that she's there. Most of the few remaining staffers are youkai, presumably because whatever's going on doesn't interest them.

The smell of grilled lamprey finally leads you to her stall. As you thought, she's still there. It's also completely deserted, as there aren't any other customers around. Lucky for you, as this means there won't be much wait.

Mystia has her attention focused on her stall and doesn't notice your approach. From the loud scraping noise, it sounds like she's taking advantage of the downtime to clean off her grill. She's wearing her usual work clothes: a simple brown kimono with the sleeves tied back, and a head scarf in favor of her silly hat. The garment completely covers her chest and doesn't show off any cleavage, but the size of her tits means that they're still emphasized, despite her best efforts.

You stand there for half a minute, staring at her and hoping she'll notice you without you needing to interrupt her. Sadly, she remains fixated on the hot grill and doesn't look up once.

“Hey.” You announce yourself, loud enough to definitely be heard over the scraping of metal on metal.

“Eek!” She lets out a panicked immediately and drops her scraper, hurriedly jumping away from you. “You still open?” you ask, not commenting on her overblown reaction.

“Ah! Yes! I am!” she shouts in response, barely able to compose herself. “Oh, Reimu? Geez, don't scare me like that. Can I get you something?”

“So how should I scare you?”

“Don't!” she replies angrily. It's too much fun to tease her. “Do you want something to eat or not?”

“Yeah, I do.” Her expression softens a bit once you reveal that you are a customer, and aren't just here to annoy her. “I'm starved. Gimme your biggest lamprey.”

“My biggest? Great!” She seems unusually happy about this. “I caught a giant lamprey a few days ago, but no one's been willing to eat it. I can have it ready for you, but it's so big it might -”

“Uh, hold on. Just how big is this thing?” You cut her off before she can do anything dumb. If it's as big as she's making it sound, you won't be able to eat it all either.

“About eight feet long. Somewhere around there.”

“That's huge! I can't eat that much!” No one could eat something that big. It's four times the size of what you'd normally call a big one, and probably just as thick. That thing could feed a room full of people. “Just give me a regular sized one. Please. And a bowl of rice.”

“Aw, you won't take the big one? Fine. I'll have one ready in no time.” She turns around and walks to another corner of her little stall, then readies her hands over the bucket of lampreys. Once she's found a good one, her hands strike the water with impressive speed and pull out a proper lamprey. It flops about in her grip, but she remains unfazed. Years of practice and all. You never liked touching the slimy things.

Mystia sets your future dinner on the cutting board and impales its head with a nail, then cuts it open with a thin knife. She's really good at this; her movements are steady but quick, and the drained lamprey is on the grill in no time. It's a big one, alright, but only reasonably big. Not that ridiculous demonic lamprey she described earlier. This will make a good meal.

“So, how's business today?” You make a little small talk while it cooks. The aroma is making you hungry already.

“Not too bad. Everyone cleared out to go watch the fireworks, but I've had a good number of customers.” So that's what the big event is. Mystia works diligently as she responds, her attention remaining on your food.

“How's the festival treating you? You don't normally go, right?”

“Yeah, I prefer my normal spot. More customers, better atmosphere.”

“So what made you come this time?”

“Customers. Everyone is here, so no one would show up if I waited at my usual spot. But there's more competition here tonight, with all the other shops around. I can't even sing, and give my little shop its usual charm!”

“Why not?”

“Too many people. It just bothers the neighbors. Everyone appreciates my voice in a dark, quiet forest. But in a crowded street? 'Listen, bird, you're too noisy, keep it down, would ya? Is it too much to show a little consideration?' Humph, is it too much to show consideration for me and my customers?” Mystia rants about an earlier encounter. Whoever said that must have gone to the fireworks, as all of her neighbors are gone. Well, you kinda can see it from their perspective, even if it inconveniences Mystia. A dark forest certainly is the best backdrop for her song, even if it's otherwise dangerous.

“You could sing for me now,” you offer. Everyone's gone, so there's no one left to complain.

It takes her a few second to answer. “Nah. I'm not in the mood. Sorry.” Her attention goes back to the grill, and she skewers the cuts of lamprey onto several long sticks. After adding a final bit of sauce, she stacks them on a plate and sets it down in front of you. Finally, she drops some steaming white rice into a bowl and sets that beside the lamprey. “Here, food's ready. Want something to drink?”

“Of course! Give me your finest sake.”

“I only have one type, Reimu.”

“Fine, gimme that, then. Two cups.”


“You're drinking with me. What, are you going to make me drink alone?”

“I can't drink with you. I have to mind the shop.”

“Nonsense!” you declare. “There's nobody around but me, so you might as well relax. Or are you going to refuse hospitality to your best, most loyal customer?”

“You cause way too much trouble to be my best customer, Reimu. You don't even come by that often.”

“Details, details. Let's drink!”

She sighs. “Alright, alright. I'll have a drink too. Just a little.” There's really no harm in it at all; no one else is going to come here for a while. The fireworks haven't even started, and they can last for well over an hour. It depends on who's firing off the danmaku, of course, but since there's less movement involved it requires a lot less endurance than a real fight.

Mystia sits down opposite you, then pulls out a bottle of sake and two cups. She fills both of them, and you each grab one and take a sip. It's cheap stuff, but still strong enough for you to feel the alcohol as you swallow it. You weren't expecting anything fancy, and honestly the bitter taste will go well with her lamprey. The two of you set your cups down; you notice the Mystia sipped a lot less than you, and her cup is still nearly full.

You dig into your lamprey and pull a chunk off the stick. It's as delicious as ever: greasy meat with extra crisp from the slightly burned skin, and a nice tangy sauce to complement. The rice is nice and fluffy, although somewhat lacking in taste. The main course more than makes up for that, though.

While you're chewing, you pick up the sake bottle and refill Mystia's cup. If she's going to take small sips, then you want to make certain that she always has a full cup. She takes another small sip as soon as you fill it. At least she's drinking, even if it's a small mouthful at a time.

You continue like this for some time. Slowly eating your lamprey and rice, chatting with the hostess, and enjoying how her cute face becomes slowly flushed from the alcohol. She eventually forgets to take such small sips and drinks properly. Your face is probably redder, as you've drank more, but it's not like you mind.

The sake runs out shortly before you finish your meal. Not wanting to pay for another bottle, you quickly scarf down the last bit of rice and chunk of lamprey, then chase it down with the last sip from your cup. Ah, that was good. Nice and filling, on top of being tasty. But you still have a different kind of hunger.

“Myysschiiiii,” you complain, “I'm still hungry!” You reach your arms out, as if pining for her, and have them “accidentally” settle on her voluptuous chest.

She brushes your hands aside without comment. “Do ya want another lamprey, Reimu?”

“Not that kinda hungry, Myschiii.” You reach your arms out again and go directly for her tits, giving them a nice squeeze this time. She cries out from your groping and stands up to try and get away from you. “I wanna eat youuu Myschi. You're so cute and delicious.”

You get up and vault over the counter in a single motion, leaping towards Mystia. Your bodies collide and you knock her down onto the ground. This leaves you on top of her, still holding on to her tits.

“C'mon, Reimu, not again!” You ignore her weak protests and open up the top of her kimono. She isn't wearing a bra or sarashi, so her big tits spill out from the tight confines of the fabric. They're nice and big, just a little bit smaller than your own tits, and more than enough to fill your hand. You grab one and squeeze it, savoring its firmness and silky texture.

Mystia blushes even deeper now that she's been exposed and tries to cover her face with one hand. Her cute reaction fuels your drive, and you take one of her nipples into your mouth. She shivers as your tongue flicks against the soft nub, already beginning to feel good. You pinch and roll your fingers around her other nipple, teasing it to double her stimulation. They quickly become erect from your touch, which just makes her even more sensitive.

You run your tongue around her breast, starting with her areola and slowly moving outward. Her entire body is covered with a thin layer of sweat, no doubt from standing in front of those hot coals for however many hours. It gives her a nice salty taste that complements her inherent deliciousness.

Mystia gasps and moans from your unending assault. Despite her earlier complaints, she's getting into it now. She's bright red when you glance up at her face, and she rubs her legs back and forth once she notices your gaze. It might be fun to tease her until she speaks up to ask for more, but you'll be nice and take care of her right away.

You sit up and quickly take her obi off, then open up her kimono to reveal her naked body. She twitches uncomfortably while you admire her toned thighs and stomach. It seems you ended up staring for too long; one of her hands moves towards her pussy, and she begins to rub her wet slit. She looks like she's about to cry from embarrassment, lacking the nerve to ask you to continue. You lie down between her legs and press your mouth against her cunt without forcing her.

She moans as your tongue flicks against her lips and laps up her wetness. There's just a little bit of sweat down here, but it adds a slight hint of salt to the taste. Given how soaked she is, she must be fairly close already, just from playing with her tits. She's probably been holding it in; despite being an animal youkai, she's oddly fixated on her stand, and doesn't get laid as much as she should. On the other hand, it does make it more fun to molest her.

Her clit is in front of you, swollen and begging for attention. You close your lips around the pink nub and suck on it, causing her entire body to tense up from the burst of pleasure. She moans feverishly and gasps for breath, signaling you to slow down a little. Just the tiniest bit of stimulation is enough to keep her on edge. While keeping your lips gently closed around her clit, you slide two fingers inside of her drenched cunt.

Mystia cries out as you slowly move around inside of her. Her walls constrict around your long fingers and coat them in her overflowing juices. She's barely able to speak like this, mostly just breathing heavily and letting out interrupted words, but you catch a hushed “no more.” That's your cue.

You pump your fingers in and out of her hot pussy as quickly as you can and flick your tongue against her clit. The sudden attack brings her over the edge, and she cries out in pleasure as she climaxes from the overpowering pleasure. Her pussy squirts out hot juice onto your chin and lower lip. You pull your fingers out of her and sit up. Mystia pants softly while lying on the ground, her heavy breasts gently rising and falling with her breaths.

“Can't you ever ask first?” she mumbles, somewhat annoyed but still enjoying the afterglow.

“Nah,” you reply, not mentioning that you like watching her pout like this. You take a look around and confirm that there's still no one around. She got pretty loud there for a while, so it's a good thing the area is so deserted. Although you doubt anyone would've actually investigated and discovered the two of you.

“Well, can you help tie my obi, at least?”

“Yeah.” You lean down towards her and bring your face close to hers. It takes her a second to realize that this isn't quite right, during which time you slip your tongue into her mouth. She doesn't resist and parts her lips for you, flicking her tongue against yours. You place a hand on her right tit and squeeze it, savoring its wonderfully firm texture before you leave Mystia for the night. After just a few seconds, you break the kiss, but thrust your chin towards her mouth. She diligently extends her tongue and cleans her juices off of you.

Once your face is cleaned off, you press your lips against hers for a quick goodbye kiss and actually do what she asked a minute ago. You help her stand up, giving her plenty of support to compensate for her wobbly legs. After straightening out her kimono and hiding her magnificent cleavage from view, you tie her obi snugly. Now there's no indication that she was just molested by a hungry slut.

“Good as new,” you announce.

“Yeah, yeah,” she continues to grumble. “You got it messy in the first place. No one should see the stain, at least. And you still owe me for the food.” She's able to stand fine now, so you let go of her and pull out some coins for your meal. Naturally, you end up paying for the full bottle of sake. Cheapskate.

You wave goodbye and fly back towards the shrine. The fireworks are still going on, but... you're really not in the mood. Right now, you just want to go to sleep. The sake was fairly strong, but only half a bottle isn't enough to have any real effect on you. Oh well, it might make it a bit easier to fall asleep. You step inside the shrine, head directly to your room, and get into the futon.

Morning comes quickly. A perfectly ordinary, quiet morning. It's early in the day, just a bit after dawn. You eat a quick breakfast, and leave your shrine.

Where to?

[ ] You aren't pregnant any more. This must be fixed.
-[ ] Forest of Magic.
-[ ] Misty Lake.
[ ] Take a trip to Eientei.
[ ] Head down to Old Hell.
[ ] Shop at Kourindou for some “supplies.”
[ ] Koa told you where to find Omud Princeprincess, the deranged author of that weird book you read. Go check that location out.
No. 36112
[ ] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36113
[x] You aren't pregnant any more. This must be fixed.
[x] Head down to Old Hell.

Is that allowed? If not then well then change my vote to
[x] Head Down to Old Hell
No. 36114
[x] Take a trip to Eientei.

Time for shady drugs.
No. 36115

I like this hybrid option.

[X] You aren't pregnant any more. This must be fixed.
-[X] Head down to Old Hell.

Though, if we can't do that, I guess I'll settle for the Forest of Magic. Reimu needs that baby quota filled, though.
No. 36116
the "This must be fixed." bit is for a similar pregnancy to the first one, i.e. Reimu goes and searches for a beast to knock her up. Old Hell doesn't quite have what she's looking for for that.

With that said, I make no comments as to what will actually go on in Old Hell if that does win.
No. 36117
[x] Koa told you where to find Omud Princeprincess, the deranged author of that weird book you read. Go check that location out.

Well, this sounds like it'll be wacky. Also, Mystia was sexy.
No. 36118
[X] Koa told you where to find Omud Princeprincess, the deranged author of that weird book you read. Go check that location out.

I do want to see who and what thisnOmud Princepuss is like.
No. 36119
[X] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36120
[x] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36121
[X] Koa told you where to find Omud Princeprincess, the deranged author of that weird book you read. Go check that location out.

On second thought why not check this out. Helps get us Koapoints for the inevitable revisit
No. 36122
[x] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36123
[x] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36124
[ ] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36129
Calling it for
[x] Head down to Old Hell.
No. 36130

Doesn't Satori have a bunch of animals that she keeps as pets?
No. 36131
File 141342498857.jpg- (348.73KB , 1200x1200 , 5b97d689192575fff7ccbea093d45675.jpg ) [iqdb]
I said "not quite".

Well, just wait and see.
No. 36140
New thread >>36132

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