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 No. 36132
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Previous thread >>34054

Hmm, maybe a trip to Old Hell. You haven't been down there in a while, so it might be good to greet Satori, or something. Might be a good chance of weather as well: it's stupidly hot down there, but at least it's a lot less humid.

Going down there might be dangerous, though. Your reputation is more or less non-existent below the surface, so youkai might not have the basic sense to run away from you. That, and there's a bunch of oni down there. It's probably a good thing you don't have a reputation as a strong fighter for them: they'd probably take it as an invitation to line up and fight you non-stop.

Well, you're in no hurry, so proper preparations won't hurt anything. You walk to your room, grab a stack of papers, and start writing. It's not difficult to turn them into ofuda like this, but there's a huge number of them, so the process eats up a few hours. Once that's taken care of, you grab about a hundred needles from the jar and place them into your pouch.

It's still morning, but you might as well wait until after lunch before leaving. The shrine always needs to be cleaned, so now would be a good time to take care of that. You grab a broom and step outside, wanting to get the sweeping done while it's still cool out. The fairies kept the grounds pretty clean, so there isn't too much to do.

You stop by the lake and peer in. Your babies aren't in it; they must have taken Yukari's gap to go to the Misty Lake. Which is perfectly understandable, but it occurs to you that you don't really have any way to call for them. Short of just jumping into the water and swimming to the lake yourself, but you don't really want to do that.

Time passes quickly as you clean the floors in the shrine. You fly towards youkai mountain after eating a big lunch. You'll probably need the sustenance for your hike, even if it's down instead of up. The flight is uneventful, and you set down in front of the chasm leading to the underworld. You step in and begin your descent.

The soft glow from mushrooms lights the way once the sunlight fades. It's refreshingly cold down here, although that'll change once you get deeper. You're forced to watch your step as you slowly make your way through the “path” to Old Hell. It's obviously not maintained or anything, but it's surprisingly bearable despite this. Still a pain in the ass, though.

About half an hour in, the ceiling opens up enough to make flying safe. You breathe a sigh of relief and take to the air, even if that just means floating a foot off the ground. Flying is normally more strenuous than walking, but it's amazingly better when dealing with such rough terrain.

Another hour later, you hit the first massive cavern. You're in deep enough to actually feel the warmth from the Blazing Fires, although it's still cooler than outside. There's actually youkai down here, unlike the narrow confines of the entrance. You'll have to be careful.

And not a minute later, you find the first sign of one: a massive spiderweb on the ceiling and some walls, easily three times your height. And another. And another. And dozens more after that, as far into the distance as you can see. They're huge, and would probably be gorgeous if exposed to the sunlight. They're kinda drab in this glowing-mushroom-light, though, which is a shame. They're probably also really dangerous. You're no expert on spiderwebs, but if it's big enough to catch a human, it's probably strong enough to hold one too.

There was some spider girl when you first came down here, if you aren't mistaken. Which means you probably beat her up back then.

What to do...

[ ] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.
[ ] Just walk underneath them.
[ ] Leap into one.
 No. 36133
[X] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.

Considering spiders, the male has to preform a specific vibration by plucking one of the outer strands of the females web to let the female know that this isn't food that's making the web shake.

If Reimu gets caught in a web, I don't think having sex with the resulting spider will get her out of that mess.
 No. 36136
[X] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.

I can't think of anything else other than to agree with the first response.
 No. 36139
[x] Leap into one.
Maybe if she gets to stuff Reimu full of eggs she'll let bygones be bygones?
Also, way to not link from the old thread.
 No. 36141
File 141354980523.png - (459.39KB, 625x800, 170ad275b278b46e5cd754f1d93293e2.png) [iqdb]
Oops. Thanks for the reminder.
 No. 36142
[x] Just walk underneath them.

Already voted not to do that.
 No. 36143
[x] Leap into one.

Hello, Yamame~!
 No. 36147
[x] Just walk underneath them.
 No. 36148
>Already voted not to do that.
 No. 36149
[X] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.

I think he meant no pregnancy part in the last vote. Well, everyone has their own tastes.
 No. 36150
I might as well go into more detail.

Reimu may become pregnant while she's doing here.
However, she will give birth shortly after; it's not like the opening bit where she was pregnant for a long time. It'll be quick. Hence "not quite the same".
 No. 36151
Well, in that case, I'm changing my vote.

[X] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.
 No. 36155
[x] Leap into one.
 No. 36156
[x] Leap into one.
 No. 36157
You should probably either link to your old vote (to make sure it doesn't get counted) or say that you've deleted it.

Changing >>36142 to
[X] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.
 No. 36158
[x] Carefully fly around the webs. They aren't covering everything.

Let's not blow our load too early here.
 No. 36159
>people deliberately avoiding fun things
 No. 36160
I bet they're all SJW scum.
 No. 36161
Every option is fun, just in a different manner. I wouldn't offer a choice if I thought it was truly dull, even if it's something I never expect to win (e.g. 'read a book to the cock-starved voluptuous slut')

 No. 36163
You know we're likely to hit the webs on the way up.

It's more spider time NOW or spider time LATER.

Or it might be determining if we get a Giant Spider or Yamame to show up (Which is another Giant Spider but something completely different all together!

There will be time for spiders either way.

Use your head.

It's a catch all now for 'PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE WHAT I WANT!' just ignore it for spam
 No. 36164
[x] Leap into one.

I can haz spider fun time now?
 No. 36167

Don't tell me we missed the Futa spiders!
 No. 36173
Time for that on the way out.
 No. 36182
File 14143682408.jpg - (743.69KB, 1000x967, 27ce198d24abe43f993f276adef7c480.jpg) [iqdb]
(Vote was called for 'fly around')

Deleted the earlier one because I want to use that pic for the next update, since I'm largely stealing her outfit. This one is far less representative of her.

Nope! 'walk under' was the skip-Yamame choice.
 No. 36183
File 141437329227.jpg - (608.47KB, 1200x1683, bf52d2e7f22924ea7e083357ad3c6839.jpg) [iqdb]
You continue your flight, slowing down a bit to try and make it easier to avoid these webs. There certainly are a lot of them. The cavern is tall and wide, but there are still webs all over the place: attached to the walls, hanging down from the ceiling, connected to every stalactite or other unevenness in the roof, everywhere.

Did that spidergirl make all of these? This place wasn't anything like this when you first came down here. You can't actually recall how many you did see, if any, but you'd certainly remember a giant mess like this.

...Actually, are you on the same path? It suddenly occurs to you that you very well could have taken a wrong turn at some point, and that this cave doesn't lead to Old Hell at all. There was definitely a giant cavern like this one, but couldn't there be two? You wouldn't be able to tell two caverns apart.

This might be bad. It should be possible to backtrace your steps from here, but you can't guarantee that if you go deeper. Hmm, what to do...

Your right hand catches on something while you're floating about, deep in thought. It's a spider web. There aren't as many mushrooms over here, so you missed the web hanging from a long stalactite in the middle of the cavern. Uh-oh.

You try to pull your hand free, but it doesn't move far. The web shakes a little, but it's too sticky to escape and too strong to destroy. All that you managed to do was get more of the web wrapped around your fingers. Your palm and the flats of your fingers are completely covered, and the web is beginning to cover the side of your hand, thanks to your thrashing.

This isn't good. Even if the web is abandoned – which you doubt – you're still stuck here until you find a way out. Struggling isn't helping, obviously. You float in midair and try to think of a way to get loose.

And it occurs to you that you have absolutely no idea. Escaping from a spider web has simply never been a problem before. You can't recall ever hearing of a remedy for removing a spiderweb's stickiness from Mom or from any of the wise old ladies in the village. Mom's advice was mostly beating up youkai, which really doesn't- actually, if this was made by a youkai, maybe...

Your train of thought is interrupted by something crashing into you, hard. Or someone, rather, as she begins chuckling at your situation. spins you around and sends you face first into the other side of the web. Your left arm is fortunately still free, but your right hand, face, upper body, and feet are all firmly stuck.

“Mmm, I caught a good looking one this time,” the mysterious woman says, presumably while looking you over. A few seconds later, a hand touches your boob from the other side of the web and gives it a few rough squeezes, paired with another drawn out “Mmmmm.” You can't actually see the hand like this, but it feels human enough, save for the sharp nails. However, if she's able to grope you through the web like this, she must be the one who made it.

“You sure did,” you respond. The web isn't rigid enough to prevent you from talking, but it does make it rather uncomfortable. “So, how about letting me go?”

“No way, I have big plans for you. You're my cute little toy for now, and we're going to have lots of fun together.” She draws out the “lots” as she speaks, and you can just imagine her grinning to herself with amusement. “Don't worry, though, I'll let you go free once I infect you.” The woman runs a hand along the side of your body this time, savoring the curve of your hips.

“Fun, huh? What could possibly be more fun than being trapped in a giant spiderweb after some crazy girl flew into me?”

“You got yourself trapped. All I did was help you along a little. Besides, it's easier to infect you if you can't move.” She leans forward and nibbles on your right ear, slowly flicking her tongue against your lobe in an extremely drawn out manner. It's obvious that she's planning on fucking you; you just wish she'd hurry it up. She's pretty creepy, and foreplay isn't any fun if you can't move. “Ah, delicious. I'm going to enjoy watching you lose your mind in the Ancient City.”

“'Lose my mind?'” you echo. That doesn't sound good. You were hoping this would just be some uncomfortable sex.

“Yes. There's a city down here, I'm sure you didn't know. It's full of oni with great, meaty cocks. And once I give you this little infection, you'll be a sex-starved slut, begging for them to plug every hole until you can't stand.” How's that any different from normal, you decide not to ask. “It's so much fun to watch young girls get defiled.”

“Oh, yeah, I know about the city. I went down there about a year ago and beat them all up. Then I became their queen. They're nice girls. Drink too much, though, and too rough in bed.” The woman's hand freezes in place on your thigh. It's only a partial lie. You did beat up Yuugi, kinda, but you obviously didn't become their queen. They probably wouldn't listen to you anyway. And you barely had any time to sleep with Yuugi, but she certainly was too damn rough.

“You... what? ...Do I know you?”

“Maybe. I think I beat up a cute little spidergirl back then. Was that weakling you?” you taunt. It's not as fun if you can't see her face, but you can at least imagine her glowing red with anger.

“Weakling?! Well, you're caught in a weakling's web, so what does that say about you? Humph, just for reminding me of that, you're getting a double dose!”

“So, what is this infection thingy?” You're actually getting a little worried at her description. Losing your mind certainly doesn't sound good. Yukari would probably break the rules and personally rescue you if something that bad actually does happen, but you'd rather not be indebted to her. “What are you going to do?”

“Simple,” she says, self satisfied. “I'm going to fuck you until you're drooling, then drop you in the city for everyone to enjoy.”

“Oh.” That's it? That's pretty much what you came down here for. “Alright.”

“You'll be changing your tune shortly, girl,” the woman sings. She seems pretty confident, so you'd like to see how good she is at sex.

Her hands grab on to your left leg and lift it off the web, the stickiness instantly fading at her command. She bends your knee and pushes your leg up closer to your waist, then sticks your lower leg back into the web. It was done too quickly for you to do anything, not that having a single freed leg is at all helpful. She then repeats the process with your other leg, resulting in your ass sticking out towards her.

Next, the woman pulls down your skirt and panties in a single motion. You shiver for a second as the cool, damp cave air touches your sensitive skin. The cold doesn't last long, however, as you quickly feel her hot breath on your pussy.

Her tongue rapidly runs along your exposed lips, then pushes itself inside and brushes against your walls. Every place her tongue touches lights up with a tingling sensation seconds later., and the unfamiliar sensation forces you to moan within seconds. You can't really tell if it feels good or bad, but it's certainly different. It's like a faint itch that makes you yearn for her hot tongue to caress every inch of your cunt. Even if it isn't actually pleasant, you want her to do more!

She abruptly stops, after not even a minute. You cry out in distress, surprising yourself with how eager you are for her to continue. Your hips sway back and forth in an attempt to entice her to resume, but she just stays there. It's obvious that she's still behind you, but as you can't see her, you can't tell if she's actually preparing anything, or just smiling to herself as you suffer.

A full minute passes before you feel a familiar sensation pressing against your entrance. It's the tip of an erect cock, ready to plunge inside your aching cunt. You don't wait for her and thrust your hips as far back as the webbing will allow, forcing it inside of you. She doesn't tease you any further and slams her delicious shaft into your cunt, receiving a delighted scream from you in return. It's a good sized cock, hard and long, and perfect for scratching that itch.

After just three thrusts, she ejaculates while pulling out, spraying a small load of semen against your walls. This doesn't slow her down any, and she rapidly thrusts in and out of you as if nothing happened. The heat from her cum soaks into your walls, and her rapidly moving penis spreads the thick fluid throughout your insides. It tingles a bit, just like her saliva did earlier, and you're quickly reduced to a low groan from the unfamiliar stimulation. It hasn't even been half a minute and you're already ready to climax.

She finishes after what feels like no time at all, shooting a thick glob of cum deep into your pussy. You orgasm at the same time, clamping down on her wonderfully hot dick. Despite the tightness, she slowly pulls out of you while continuing to cum, and the combination of your walls constricting around every bump of her cock and the incredible pleasure from being cummed inside causes your vision to go white.

Her cock finally exits your entrance with an audible pop, and you can feel her overflowing semen dripping down your thighs. It's never easy to keep track of time during sex, but you can't remember ever cumming that quickly before. And certainly not that hard from just a few minutes. You pant, struggling to catch your breath, and simultaneously enjoying the afterglow and wishing she was still pounding you.

The woman glides her hand along your ass, causing your body to shiver in anticipation of more. Her fingernails brush against your skin, but gently enough to feel pleasant. “So,” she starts after a drawn out silence, “do you want more?”

“Yes!” you scream immediately. Her cock felt amazing, and that annoying itch has returned, and she's the only one that can scratch it.

...Wait, isn't this bad? You're unusually eager, so doesn't that mean that her infection thing is working?

There's no time to think it over, as her cock plunges back into your soaked cunt. Her leftover cum mixes with your pussy juice, making it easy for her to move at full speed. You moan with every deep thrust, unable to focus enough to thrust your hips due to how amazing this feels. All you can do is lie there and let her have her way with you. Not that you can see any problem with this.

Her hands settle on your ass, and she gives both cheeks a nice, firm squeeze. This drives her nails into your skin, but you're too focused on her cock to care. If anything, it instinctively causes your pussy to tighten around her cock, heightening your pleasure. She can do whatever she wants with you, as long as she keeps plowing you like this.

You moan with each deep thrust from her amazing cock, and you can feel every little bump on her cock. The constant tingling sensation makes it feel like your entire pussy is getting stimulated at once. Her technique is practically non-existent, but you don't care. It's hard and fast, and that's all you want right now.

The woman plunges her cock deep into your cunt and ejaculates again, letting out a low groan as her semen fills your womb. You join her in moaning, your entire body trembling in place as you climax. She pulls back, slowly drawing her penis out of you while your walls tightly clamp down on her. You try following her movements to prevent her from escaping, but you can barely do anything while stuck in this web. Even more cum drips down your thighs once she pulls out.

Your pussy aches for more after just a few seconds. Before you can cry and beg her to continue, her tip presses against your anus. Her shaft is practically dripping with semen and your juices, and easily slides into your tight hole. You let out a long, drawn out moan as her cock fills you, pressing against your stomach as the tip reaches your depths.

Her hips thrust rapidly once your anus has expanded to accept her. The ample lubrication lets her use the same speed as with your pussy, despite the increased tightness. Every movement makes you see white from the mind numbing pleasure, and you groan incessantly from her rough insertions combined with that now-familiar tingling. But even with all this, the ache in your pussy quickly returns. You don't want her to stop using your ass, but you need her to fill your starving cunt as well.

You can't even form the words to beg her for more. It's somewhat bearable if you focus on the pleasure rather than the aching, at least. Her cock throbs inside of you, then finally releases another load of semen deep into your ass. You moan as the hot fluid brings you to climax, finally able to only feel the amazing pleasure from her cock.

She pulls out of you before she finishes cumming and shoots a few small shots onto your bare ass. It's going to be a while until she puts it in again. And even then, she only has the one cock, as delicious as it is. Your ass is going to start craving more soon, you're certain. What was she going to do, drop you off at the city and let the oni gangrape you? That doesn't sound too bad at this point. All you have to do is wait for her to...

Why are you letting her do things on her terms?

Your left hand is still free, and your blouse is loaded with ofuda. You quickly reach your hand in and grab as many of the talismans as you can, then toss them into the air. They activate and turn around after a second, aiming for the web that has you trapped. More than half of them miss, but four ofuda land on various parts and immediately burst into flames. The fire spreads quickly, ruining the strength of the silk in seconds.

“Wha-?!” You hear a surprised cry behind you as the girl notices the flames. A rush of air signals her retreat. You tear apart the web and take flight, the fire having removed the connection to the cavern rock. There's still a lot of silk stuck to you, but it won't hurt anything like this. The fire will take care of it eventually, and it's not like the divine flames will harm you.

You spot the woman flying towards the floor. She's mostly dressed in black, but her blonde hair is easy enough to spot despite the poor light. You fly after her as quickly as you can, but she's actually faster than you. Actually, she's moving kinda weird. She's near the floor, but is flying over it and off into the distance. Except she isn't quite moving in a straight line, but what looks like a curve.

She's not flying at all; she's swinging! Probably on a huge strand of silk. Instead of chasing after her, you fly above her, and quickly spot the rope anchored to the ceiling. It's about the thickness of your pinky; huge compared to a normal strand of silk, but small enough that you wouldn't have noticed it without realizing what she was doing.

You throw another ofuda at the silk and let it home in. Once you see it stick to the strand and burst into flames, you dash down and resume your chase in earnest. A few seconds later, you hear a loud “kyaaa!” from below; that must be from the rope breaking. You fly towards the source of the scream and quickly find the woman on the ground, rubbing the back of her head. She's a little scuffed up and certainly sore, but it doesn't look like she landed too hard.

This is your first time getting a look at your former captor. Your eyes are first drawn to her cock, which is still erect and peeking out from beneath the hem of her dress. She's wearing a dark brown dress with black sleeves; it just looked all black from a distance. The top of the dress is designed to always show off her cleavage, but the cups have been pushed down to free her tits. They're pretty big, about a size smaller than yours, and a simple brass ring pierces each of her pink nipples. Her blonde hair is tied up in a bun by a large black ribbon, and her lips are purple from a thick application of lipstick. Finally, her legs are clad in pantyhose with spiderweb designs on them, with a gap near the crotch for her cock to peek out from. You don't recognize her. But, then again, you don't recognize a lot of people who have grudges against you. It's still probably that spider you beat up when you first came down here.

The surge of adrenaline from chasing her down seems to have dulled the aching in your cunt and ass somewhat. You still want to get laid, but you're at least thinking somewhat clearly now. Sex with her is just going to make you crave more sex, and you personally prefer a good deal of variety. Plus, you're pretty ticked off about the whole “I'm going to capture and mindbreak you and leave you as a plaything for some oni” thing.

On the other hand, her cock was really good.

[ ] Beat her up.
[ ] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
[ ] Chastise her and make her never do it again.
 No. 36184
[X] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.

Just one more time...

Well maybe after that last one time
 No. 36185
[x] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
Ha ha time for cumdump end.
 No. 36186
[X] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.

What could possibly go wrong?
 No. 36187
[x] Chastise her and make her never do it again.
 No. 36188
[x] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
[x] Chastise her and make her never do it again.

Why should we deny ourselves some spider dick? But we can't just let her get away with the mindbreak attempt. If she likes the whole 'capture' play then I'm sure she can find plenty of willing 'victims'.

>foreplay isn't any fun if you can't move

Lies, Reimu.
 No. 36189
[x] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
Oh my. Almost would have liked Yamame to dump us as an Oni plaything. Almost.
 No. 36190
[X] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
 No. 36191
[ ] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
 No. 36195
Is it possible for Reimu to ride Yamame's cock until Yamame is begging us to stop?
 No. 36196
[X] Beat her up.

Well, I don't want her to stop. Just best her up as a formality.
 No. 36197
Yes, but that'd really mess Reimu up, so she's not going to do it.
 No. 36199
I don't think you're paying attention, mate. Reimu's already addicted, and we're going back for more. She's getting messed up whether you want it or not.
 No. 36200
I like the say you think. Damn I'd like to see that happen especially with how potent Yamame's "poison" could be
 No. 36204
Well, she could just brew something up to counter whatever she used on Reimu to begin with if it goes on long enough.
 No. 36208
Calling it for
[x] Ride her cock. Just one more time. You can manage that much.
 No. 36212
YES! Ride her cock until Yamame wants Reimu to get off because it's just too pleasurable!
 No. 36213
File 141523110546.jpg - (126.99KB, 667x1000, ed07bc1a88e1708d97667705b60f337a.jpg) [iqdb]
You float down and land on the cavern floor. At the sound of your shoes touching rock, the spidergirl looks up and notices you for the first time. She stops rubbing her head and lets out a succinct “Aw, crap.” It seems she's too disoriented to try and run away, which is certainly convenient for you.

Being on the ground abruptly reminds you of the fact that your panties and skirt were pulled down. It's not an issue while flying, but trying to walk with your panties around your ankles isn't easy. You let both fall to the ground and step off them, then slowly walk towards the woman.

“Ahaha, sorry about all that. Um, I didn't really mean any...” Your attention is diverted away from her pointless excuses by a small green tube near your foot. You bend down and pick it up, ignoring the girl's explanation of what a good comedian she is. It's an almost perfectly smooth tube, just under the length of a finger, with a small circular indentation near one end. There might be some tiny writing on it, but the light isn't good enough to make it out. It is very obviously not from the cavern, making you think the woman dropped it.

“Ah! My lipstick!” She exclaims. So it was hers. “Give it back,” she demands.

“No way. I beat you fair and square, so it's mine now.”

“What?! What's that supposed to mean? You can't just take my stuff, just because I dropped it!”

“Sure I can. You're lying on the ground, and I'm not. Therefore, I defeated you. Therefore, we were fighting a duel. And since I'm the victor, that means you have to do whatever I say. I'll start with: hand over this lipstick.”

“You can't just – look, why are you making such a big deal out of this? It's just a tube of lipstick. So let me keep it already.” She's not fooling anyone. You aren't the one making a big deal out of it, she is. There has to be something special about this lipstick... as ridiculous as this seems. Your intuition tells you so, and her denial of its importance confirms it.

“Nope! It's mine now. And that's not all I'm taking, either.” The woman swallows at your statement, probably expecting some brutal punishment. Two steps brings you above her delicious cock, still pointed high into the air. The brief fight let you think more clearly, but you still came to the same conclusion: you want to fuck her. You're aware that it'll just make the aching in your pussy worse, but you did come down here to get laid. “I want your cum in my womb. Your cock is too delicious to pass up. I want more!”

“Oh.” The spidergirl looks immensely relieved at your request. “Um, well, okay then. It'll feel better if I tie you up again, but I -”

The poor girl probably thinks your lust is entirely her fault. “Nope. My terms, right now. I'm riding you until you cum.” Without any further warning, you drop your knees and rapidly lower yourself, stopping just above her tip. It only takes a second to properly line it up, and then you go all the way and plunge the entire length into your cunt. Both her shaft and your pussy are still wet, making the insertion easy. The two of you moan together, although hers appear to come in spite of herself. She's probably not used to being the submissive one.

You grab on to her hips for support and bounce on her cock. The aching in your pussy disappears instantly, replaced by that pleasant tingling sensation. Her entire length disappears inside of you with each movement, kissing the entrance to your womb. Despite her boasts, this is definitely more enjoyable. For you, at least. She probably doesn't have much experience with other positions; it'd be fun to train her, or something, but the effects of her semen are too potent. Losing yourself in lust is fine, but you do need to be able to stop.

The woman moans as your walls clamp down on her shaft, unable to keep her voice in check. Her face is growing red, and her mouth hangs open from her labored breathing. She's enjoying this more than she'd like to admit, largely a result of you abruptly interrupting the earlier sex. It feels like she's going to cum soon, so you slow down a bit. You can only spare a single ejaculation, so you want this to last.

You savor her expression as she experiences this new, unfamiliar pleasure. She seemed more interested in infecting you than actually fucking you, so you imagine this is her first time on the bottom. Her pussy is probably unused too; a shame you don't have anything to fill it with. The sheen on her lips makes you want to lean forward and kiss them, but that'll just cause problems. Your mouth hasn't been touched by her fluids, and you should probably keep it that way.

Her tits, on the other hand, jiggle invitingly and cause her nipple rings to swing up and down each time you slam your hips against hers. Those you can play with. You lean forward and cup both of her voluptuous mounds with your hands, giving them a firm squeeze. They're incredibly soft and marshmallowy, allowing your fingers to sink into her smooth skin. The bit of metal on her nipples feels kinda weird, but not bad. At least, not for you. It's impossible to see any discomfort on her face while it's contorted in ecstasy like this, but her nipples are probably really sensitive.

On the other hand, she did plan to rape you and leave you as the oni's plaything. Maybe she deserves a little discomfort.

You turn your hands face up and slide your index fingers into her nipple rings. It takes a second for her to notice, but her body tenses up once she realizes what you're doing. Smiling mischievously, you raise your hands. Not hard, just enough to be certain that she's feeling it.

And she's definitely feeling it. Her body shakes from the sharp sensation and lets out a cry that you can only describe as a mixture of pleasure and pain. You stop pulling at that, but leave your fingers in place, keeping her skin taut. Her breathing speeds up and her eyes widen, but she doesn't actually do anything to stop you.

You can't tell if she's actually enjoying the torment, or if having her cock inside your tight cunt is just sending her mixed signals. Either way, you relax your fingers for about a dozen seconds, letting her calm down, then lift your hands again. She lets out another “eeeeeeeeee” from the pain, her shrill cry echoing through the cavern.

Her cock throbs inside of you the third time you lift your fingers. She's about to cum, so you need to finish this. You lower your hands and press their backs into her pillowy tits while you ride her cock as quickly as you can. She moans between gasps, struggling to catch her breath after the little bit of torment you put her through.

Without warning, you slam your hips against hers, burying her cock deep inside of you, and yank on her rings once again. You go a little higher this time, not by much, but enough to make it hurt a bit more. She cries out once again, first in pain, but then in absolute pleasure as she orgasms, spraying another thick load of her semen deep into your cunt. The wonderful tingling heat sends you over the edge as well, and you join her cries of ecstasy.

Her cock lets out a lot of delicious fluid, even after ejaculating so many times before. This girl's vigor is certainly impressive; it's a shame her semen is so dangerous. After it's finally stopped, you lift yourself off of her and quickly close your legs. A small bit of her cum dripped out onto her pantyhose, but you managed to keep most of it inside of you. The tingling continues to send shivers down your spine, and you don't want to lose it. It might make traveling easier if you have a full load inside of you to take your mind off the ache. Or maybe it'll just make the aching worse.

There's no time to lose. You leave the unmoving spidergirl on the cavern floor and quickly collect your panties and skirt, but only don the skirt. Flying around bottomless doesn't sound pleasant, but putting on your panties will just waste time in the future. Once that's taken care of, you take to the air, but stay close to the ground. That should keep you away from any more damned spider webs.

It only takes a few minutes before the ache returns. You obviously can't return to that woman, so your only option is to move forward. Encountering that spider confirmed that you were on the right path, so you shouldn't be too far from that Parsee girl. She's really annoying, but has a decent-enough dick that you desperately need right now.

Another minute is all that you can bear. You reach your left hand up your skirt and shove two fingers into your cunt, furiously wriggling them about to try and appease this damned sensation. It's not enough, but it slightly helps keep your mind off how much you need a cock in all of your holes. It doesn't even feel “good,” just “not bad.” Damn that woman and her ridiculous semen!

It takes another three minutes before you find the bridge. Good thing, too, as your hand is getting tired from this uncomfortable position. You pull your fingers out and fly towards the bridge as fast as you can, but don't see the blonde keeper. She must actually be in her little house.

You fly to the door of her house and frantically knock on it. “Paruparu! Lemme in!”

You instantly hear the clatter of footsteps running towards the door. It slams open, and an irritated hashihime appears. “Don't call me Paru, dammit!” She looks around for a second, surprised to see an unfamiliar face. “You... I remember you... er, who are you, again?”

“I'm Reimu. The cute shrine maiden.”

“Oh, right. You're that human that tried to cross the bridge. What're you doing down here now, away from your green trees and sunshine?”

“I'm horny. Let's fuck.”

“Wha-” she stammers, “How can you just blurt out something so shameless like that?”

“Because I'm shameless. Now, let's fuck. I'm dying here, I need to taste your cock again!”

Parsee stares at you for a few agonizing seconds before relenting. “Well, alright. Guess it wouldn't hurt. I'll lead you to the bed.” She opens the door a bit wider and lets you in.

“Yay!” you exclaim. You follow her through the small cottage until you reach her bedroom. It's very plain, with no furniture other than a rather simple bed. The walls have been painted a dark green, but are otherwise unadorned. Parsee closes the door once you're inside.

“Did you have something in mind? I'm not as used to this as you are.”

“I just really need a dick inside of me. We can do whatever feels good after that.” You need it in both of your lower holes. Two at once would be preferable. Wait, can't she do something like that? “Hey, you can split into two, right? Let's do a threesome!”

Her already cold expression turns sour at the mention of her ability. You're positive she did something like that when you fought her. It was really troublesome then, but might come in handy now. “Ugh, why would you want to involve her?”

“Her?” That's an odd way to refer to your clone. She definitely split in the middle of battle, so it can't actually be a separate person, just a copy of herself. Man, that must be handy. You could do chores in half the time, not to mention the cool sex possibilities!

“Look, I'm really desperate for some cocks right now since I got attacked by a stupid spider girl. So if you can offer me two dicks, I want them both. Alright?” You've tried to remain calm despite the burning sensation throughout your body, but her reluctance to stick a second penis in you set you off a bit. Your face feels hot from a mixture of anger and pure arousal.

“Fine, fine. You don't need to shout. Just give me a moment.” She closes her eyes and raises her left hand a little, then splits apart with no other fanfare. Two copies appear on top of each other and separate, one moving about a foot to the left, the other about a foot to the right.

“There, I summoned her, you happy now?” Both Parsees say in unison. “What? Quit talking like you're the real one, you copy! I'm the real one, me!” They both point at themselves while glaring at the other.

“Um...” you stammer. This isn't quite what you expected.

“See? This is why I didn't want to summon her,” the one on your left explains.

“Summon me? I summoned you!” the one on your right chimes in.

She's fighting with herself.

This is a new one.

“Enough!” you shout, cutting them off before they can start bickering again. “You're both fakes, as far as I care! All that matters is that your dicks are real. I'm desperate, so take off your clothes and fill me up!”

“Alright, alright.” “Yeash, so annoying...” The two Parsees complain, but obey you. Good thing too; you don't want to know how they'd react to you forcibly stripping them. They start by removing their scarves and blouses. Underneath is a simple black sleeveless turtleneck that shows off some sideboob and midriff. The skirts come off next, revealing unadorned white panties.

Their bodies are, of course, identical. Parsee has decent sized breasts and a toned stomach. She doesn't have a full figure by any sense, but her sleek and athletic figure is very appealing. Having well-defined abs like that would certainly be nice.

You join them in stripping, getting naked in no time at all. Your panties were already off, leaving you in just the sarashi after a moment. You take the time to unwrap it, and notice the girls both staring at your chest instead of removing their tops. You're a lot bigger than they are now, so you can guess their thoughts easily. Once you're naked, you walk over to the bed and sit on top of it, waiting for them to finish.

The clones finish stripping, tossing their panties onto the floor. Their cocks spring up, appearing as soon as the underwear is off. They're fully erect and look positively delicious; not the biggest, but they're still a decent size, and right now you just want something.

“Well?” one of them asks you. “Are we going to start?” They're both sour and impatient, not that this is unusual for Parsee. Maybe fucking you would help them relax a little.

[ ] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.
[ ] You just want a double penetration, their complaints be damned.
[ ] They're too messed up. Make them fuck each other instead.
 No. 36214
[yay, updates!] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.
 No. 36215
[x] You just want a double penetration, their complaints be damned.
 No. 36216
[x] You just want a double penetration, their complaints be damned.
 No. 36217
[x] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.
 No. 36218
[X] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.

...though self hatesex is certainly a tempting option.
 No. 36219
[x] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.

Sounds good.
 No. 36224
[x] You just want a double penetration, their complaints be damned.

Hopefully they won't just get caught up arguing over holes.
 No. 36226
[X] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.

I love how you got the Parsee's fighting like that.
 No. 36228
[x] They're too messed up. Make them fuck each other instead.

This doesn't seem like something Reimu would do in this situation, but selfcest is bestcest.
 No. 36234

Why don't we
[X] Make them fuck each other...
... and THEN we
[X] Join in?

Why not have our cake, the delicious decorative strawberries AND eat them?

Besides, if there's three things I obsess over it's Mizuhashi Parsee, Futa and Self-cest.
 No. 36255
[X] They're too messed up. Make them fuck each other instead.

I gotta be honest. The possibilities for this one intrigue me.
 No. 36258
>Besides, if there's three things I obsess over it's Mizuhashi Parsee, Futa and Self-cest.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter
 No. 36271
Calling it for
[x] They'll complain if you treat one better than the other. Ensure that they both get the same treatment.
 No. 36313
File 141601027736.jpg - (163.15KB, 720x960, 2a89b94c80b6279ccd2028ab940f73f6.jpg) [iqdb]
“Yes, of course. Hurry up and get over here,” you say, then add, “both of you.”

The two Parsees step towards you, their feet touching the ground at the same time. It's kinda weird to see such perfectly synchronized movements, but you suppose it'd be even weirder if they weren't. Their cocks gently sway back and forth as they walk, nearly making you drool with anticipation. Your pussy is soaked wet with desire, eager to gobble up one of these delicious shafts.

But, that'll just cause problems, won't it? The two Parsees are identical, and they probably expect to be treated as such. Or, rather, one will fuss up a storm at being mistreated, while the other will gloat. That'd sour the experience for you quickly, so you'd rather avoid that. The only way you can think to avoid it would be to treat both copies equally.

Well, it's easy enough at first. You extend both hands and wrap one around each girl's shaft. The two Parsees let out a soft moan together as your fingertips brush against their sensitive skin, slowly moving up and down. Your hands obviously aren't the same, but the Parsee on your left isn't complaining about only getting your left hand, so they don't seem to care.

Small bits of precum appears on their cocks after a few seconds. Taking that as a sign to advance, you guide them closer to you and lean forward as well. You open your mouth and take both cocks at once, immediately running your tongue over their heads. Their cocks are forced to touch like this, but their moans suggest that they're enjoying themselves too much to care.

The smell of their shafts fills your nostrils. Having your mouth filled calms you somewhat, but your pussy is still aching. It'll be some time until they're ready to cum inside your pussy, however, so you might as well focus on this pleasure. It's awkward to move your head with two cocks in your mouth, and your tongue can't reach far enough to cover their entire length, but you do what you can.

You purse your lips around their shafts and gently suck, running your tongue around their heads. The frenulum seems to be the most sensitive area you can reach, causing them to moan together in response. Both girls grab onto the back of your head with one of their hands and force your head forward, shoving their dicks deeper into your mouth. Not that it's enough to actually bother you, as it's simply not possible to deepthroat them with both coming in at an angle like this.

The two girls groan from the constant stimulation. Even if you're really just sucking on a small part of their cocks, they're still very sensitive. You get the distinct feeling that Parsee doesn't get laid often; she certainly never fucks herself.

After another minute, they ejaculate together, each shooting out an incredible amount of thick cum. Your mouth and throat are instantly stained white, and the sheer volume causes her semen to drip past your lips, covering your chin and even the tops of your breasts. The overwhelming smell and taste fills you with bliss, and you sigh contentedly while they pull out of your overflowing mouth and let the final splurts cover your upper lip.

Their orgasm was fierce, but short lived. It didn't take long at all for them to finish, which is probably a good thing. You swallow what remains in your mouth, forced to take three gulps to handle that amazing volume.

Drinking their cum relieved the aching somewhat, but you still need a load in your cunt to feel cured. Fortunately, both cocks are still hard and their owners are ready for more. They have nothing to bicker about either, as they both got almost the exact same treatment. Now, you just have to do the same with your pussy.

It's a good thing that their cocks aren't too big.

You lie down on your back and spread your pussy lips for them. They stare with rapt attention, but wait for you to take the lead.

“Well?” you ask them, “Hurry up and fuck me!”

They spend another agonizing second trying to figure out which of the two you were talking to. Neither is inclined to take the initiative; it's like they both want the other to enjoy herself so she can wallow in misery. You don't want any of that crap, so you'll just have to continue ordering them around.

“Together,” you state as clearly as possible. “Both of you, in my pussy. Now.”

They look ready to advance on you for a second, but sink back into tripping over each other. “How, Reimu?” the Parsee on your right finally asks.

You're forced to stop and think. How indeed. You've never actually done this, as most of your group sex just ends up as a spitroast. It should be possible, as there's definitely room in your vagina. The issue is the positioning of their bodies. It won't be possible to go side-by-side again; that caused enough problems with your mouth.

After a few seconds of thinking over the possibilities, the only solution you can come up with is to go vertical. That's a bit of a shame, as it means one Parsee will see your back while the other can feast her eyes on your gorgeous face and tits, but it's the best you can do. Hopefully they'll be too busy fucking you to actually complain.

“Okay, you, lie down on the bed,” you command to the Parsee on your left. She looks like she's about to object for a second, but obeys you and doesn't say anything. You mount her erect cock and let half of its length sink into your pussy. The coating of sperm causes you to shudder for a second as it touches your vaginal walls, giving another burst of relief. You lean towards the bottom Parsee, but use your arms to support yourself before falling on top of her. This puts you in a somewhat awkward position, but her dick is still inside of you, and that's what matters. “Now, you. Put your cock in me too.”

The second Parsee crawls towards you and sits on her knees in front of you. She grabs on to her cock and slides it inside. Her shaft presses against the other and forces it against your walls. There's just barely enough room in your pussy to handle both of their penises, and the pressure sends jolts of pleasure through your body. They wouldn't be able to fit at all if not for your overflowing juices and their coating of semen.

You moan from having your cunt stuffed by their cocks. It's uncomfortable, and hurts just a little, but it also feels amazing to be so incredibly full. They're not even fully inside of you, but the entirely different sensation of being stretched out sends shivers down your spine. You rock your hips to try and drive the cocks deeper inside of you, but the angle makes it impossible to do anything useful yourself.

“Move... please...” you stammer, finding it difficult to speak from the pain and pleasure. “In and out. Thrust, please, it feels so gooood!”

They begin to move, slapping their hips together against yours. Their cocks push deeper into your hungry cunt, spreading apart your walls with their combined girth. You throw your head back and moan as the unfamiliar sensation spreads through your pussy. Your arms almost give out, but you barely manage to hold still and stay in this intricate position.

The top Parsee's cock rubs against your clit, while the bottom's strokes your ass cheeks. Even when you can't accomplish anything, you still find yourself shaking your hips to try and drive them in deeper. Their movements are in perfect synchronization, always sliding in and out together. Parsee is probably the only girl – girls – who could perform such a perfect double penetration. They moan together as their cocks rubs against your pussy and each other.

It doesn't take long at all for you to cum. Their cocks rapidly plunge in and out of your cunt, stroking against your sensitive walls, and bring you to orgasm. You moan loudly and your pussy tightens around their shafts, but it's unable to properly clamp down on the unusual shape penetrating it. It's still enough to make the two Parsees join you, and they ejaculate deep into your hungry cunt. The combined semen completely fills your insides, and you can feel some drip out of the corner of your entrance.

The two girls finish cumming quickly and pull their cocks out of you. You roll off the bottom Parsee and rest face-down on the bed. Receiving a double vaginal was more intensive than you thought. It also felt so damn good. The aching in your cunt is gone, at least for now, thanks to the huge load of semen they unloaded inside of you. They didn't let out quite as much this time, but it was still enough to fill you up. Even so, you're probably not going to do this again any time soon.

You groan in place. One of the Parsees shakes your shoulder. “Hey. You okay?” You groan again in response, but sit up after a few seconds. They've both moved to a sitting position and they're both watching you. They're also both erect. “Were you finished, or did you want more?”

“No, I'm satisfied.” Your pussy can't take any more right now. But you'd hate to leave a cock hard. “Lemme give you some service, though. To thank you for treating me like this.” You sit up and scoot between the two girls, then reach out and grab their cocks with each hand. They tense up and each let out a soft moan as your fingers wrap around their shafts. The messy coating of semen makes it easy to move, so you start moving your hands up and down as quickly as possible.

Their cocks throb in your embrace, and their owners moan together. They're still sensitive from cumming twice in such a short time, leaving them like putty in your skilled hands. You pump your hands back and forth, savoring the cute moans coming from both sides of you. There's nothing from them to complain about, so this is pretty nice and relaxing.

They cum quickly, shooting small loads of semen onto the bedsheets. You don't bother trying to catch it or anything, and just let them stain the sheets. You're kinda tired, so you don't really want to do anything more.

“Is that all, then?” One of the Parsees asks. Or maybe it was both of them.

“Yeah,” you respond. They scoot back a bit, and you quickly feel their presences disappearing, only to be replaced by another directly behind you. Parsee must have recombined. “Thanks, Parsee. I really did need that.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she dismisses. “Don't worry about it.”

“Which one were you, though?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Which of the two Parsees was real? The left or the right? Or, I guess, the top or the bottom?”

“Huh?” She seems genuinely confused. This seems like a simple enough question to you, although you certainly don't have any experience with cloning yourself. “I dunno. I've never really thought about it. Both, I suppose.”

...Well, whatever. You probably aren't cured yet, but you're definitely safe for now.

[ ] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
[ ] Leave now and head to the oni village.
 No. 36315
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
Gotta let that need build up again.
 No. 36318
[X] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
 No. 36321
[X] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
We just gotta let that "disease" build back up again.
 No. 36322
I should probably point out that napping will have the exact opposite effect. It basically cures her completely. It's not like she's being filled with any more of Yamame's semen.
 No. 36323
[ ] Leave now and head to the oni village.

Attempt to find a nice orc.
Fail hilariously.
 No. 36324
Well. uh crap. Good to know then. In that case changing my vote to
[X] Leave now and head to the oni village.
 No. 36325
[x] Leave now and head to the oni village.

Oni Parties are the best parties!
 No. 36326
Aw what? That's no fun.
Changing >>36315 to
[x] Leave now and head to the oni village.
 No. 36327
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.

Want more Parsee
 No. 36328
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
 No. 36329
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.

It might be more fun to have Reimu in control of herself.
 No. 36354
[X] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.

I bet we can get her to actually act sweet, the way we made slutclone Patchy be less of a brainless airhead.
 No. 36355
You do know that after saying that there is only one option on the table, don't you?

[x] Leave now and head to the oni village.
 No. 36364
SOme of us would prefer parsee and stuff besides mindless sex. That the writer can't get better at non-mindless smut if he doesn't get the chance to practice it.
 No. 36369
We corrupt everything we touch, apparently.

[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
 No. 36371
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
 No. 36393
Calling it for
[x] Ask Parsee if you can nap here. Take some time to recover.
 No. 36405
File 141739364424.png - (663.59KB, 936x1200, 75750049aeb18f169d0c035bdc469d15.png) [iqdb]
“Hey, do you mind if I rest here for a few hours?” you ask Parsee.

“Huh? What for?” she asks, incredulously.

“Because I'm tired.” You'd think that was obvious. “I'm going to the ancient capital next, and the oni are rough. So I'd like to take a nap first, if I could... Actually, shouldn't you be stopping me from going to the capital, or something? Why aren't you guarding the bridge?”

“You're allowed to cross. I don't need to guard the bridge unless someone is trying to cross when they shouldn't. I don't care if you wanna play with the oni.”

“So I can stay here?”

“Why would you want to sleep here? I'm sure your great big shrine is a lot nicer than my place. And we aren't exactly 'friends.' You really trust me enough to sleep here?”

“Sure. What are you going to do, rape me in my sleep?”

“I might!”

“Go ahead. I'd rather be awake for it, but I don't really care.”

“Wha-” she stammers. “Well, okay! Maybe I will!”

“'Kay. Oh, got any food? I'm kinda hungry.”

“Oh. Right. Humans need to eat. I have some stuff, but you're not going to like it.”

She doesn't need to eat at all? Must be nice, having that kind of freedom. “Whatever, I'm not picky.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just wait here.” With that, Parsee walks out and closes the door behind you, leaving you alone in her room. There's not much for you to do here, so you pick up your clothes off the floor and quickly get dressed. After that, there is absolutely nothing for you to do, so you sit down on the bed and just swing your legs back and forth while humming to yourself. Her room has nothing interesting to look at, not even a dresser for clothes for you to peek through. If she doesn't need to eat, maybe she doesn't need to sleep either? This place doesn't exactly look lived in, so maybe she does only have a bed so she can bang the occasional shrine maiden.

Boredom sets in quickly, and you plop down on the bed. Maybe you should've offered to help? Eh, she'd turn you down, and even if she didn't, working alongside her would probably just be too irritating.

The ache in your pussy is gone, thanks to her healing semen. Your ass is less fortunate, since she didn't cum inside you there, but you aren't about to start anally masturbating on her bed right before eating.

“Food's done,” Parsee announces while opening the door. She's fully dressed, which is kinda odd as you don't recall seeing her pick up her clothes. Actually, she stripped twice, and you can't see either set. Well, whatever; there's nothing to do but follow after her. There's two bowls set on the table in the next room, and a steaming pot of something between the two. Whatever it is, it doesn't smell that bad. It also doesn't smell good, of course, but it's at least edible. “Help yourself,” Parsee says simply, and sits down.

You sit down opposite her. Parsee picks up the pot from a handle and dumps some of the food into her bowl. It looks like grey mush. Rice gruel or something, you guess. Once she's finished with it, you pick up the pot and use the ladle to drop some of the gruel into your bowl. It looks even worse up close. This is a far cry from appetizing, but you are pretty hungry. You pick up the spoon, blow on the mush a little to cool it off, and swallow some of it.

It's edible. That's the best way to describe it. Much like the smell, the taste isn't bad, just not good. It is warm, at least, and probably filling. You pick up the spoon and eat some more.

“Yeah I know it's bad. I can't make your fancy, delicious food down here. This is all I can get,” Parsee abruptly explains. She's eating it without any complaints, despite supposedly not needing to.

“No, it's good,” you say.

“Humph. You're a terrible liar. Of course it isn't good.” Well, whatever. If she's going to insist, then you won't bother correcting her. She's in her perpetual bad mood, and you don't really have anything to talk about, so the rest of the meal continues in silence. Only the clinking of the spoons against your bowls can be heard. In the end, you eat two bowls of gruel, while Parsee eats three and finishes off the pot.

“Okay, I'm gonna nap now,” you announce while standing up.

“Go ahead,” she dismisses. She doesn't get up from the table, and just watches you as you walk back to the bedroom.

There's nothing for you to change into, and you don't feel like sleeping naked, so you get into bed as you are and pull the sheet over you. The warmth from the otherwise mediocre meal helps relax you and you quickly drift off to sleep.

You wake up, sit up, and stretch. There's no way for you to know how long you were napping for, especially since there's no sun to go by down here. But the important thing is that you feel well rested, and the ache in your ass and pussy is finally gone. Now you can have sex with everyone you meet normally.

As you stand up, you notice an unusual taste in your mouth. You run your tongue over your lips and find some thick fluid near the corner of your mouth. Huh, so she actually did it. She isn't in her bedroom, so she's probably waiting for you in the dining room.

You walk out of the room and find Parsee sitting down, drumming her fingers on the table. She turns to face you as you walk up to her, suddenly looking surprised as you lunge at her and embrace her in a strong hug.

“Gahh! What're you doing now?!”

“I just wanted to thank you for feeding me and letting me sleep over, Paruparu!”

“Don't call me Paru!”

“I'd give you a reward, but it sounds like you already helped yourself to one while I was sleeping. So, how was it? Did rubbing your cock over my sleeping lips still feel good?”

“Ehh? Wait, you found out about that?”

“Of course I did. You left a bunch of cum on my lips and in my mouth. Well? Did it feel good? How many times did you do it?”

“Um,” she stammers, fidgeting in your embrace. “Three times. Twice in your pussy, and once on your mouth.” She seems more concerned about the fact that she was caught than actually guilty. Wait, she came inside your pussy? You're still wearing panties. She must have actually taken the time to take them off and put them back on when she was done.

“Hmm? Only once with my mouth? Well, we'll need to fix that. Take off your pants!” you say, but you don't bother waiting for her and pull on her clothes. She stands up and tries to back away from you, naturally opposed to anything you do, but her cock springs to life as soon as it is freed from her panties.

You take her cock into your mouth, easily swallowing the full length. It's not fully erect yet, and her shaft twitches invitingly as it rests against your tongue. There's a slight taste of dried cum already on her, presumably from when she entered you in your sleep. You gently suck on her length and slowly wrap your tongue around the base, taking it easy until her cock finishes growing.

After half a minute, it reaches its full size. It's too long to fit in your mouth, but you can still go deeper. You place your hands on Parsee's butt for support and push your head forward, taking the tip to the back of your throat. She groans as her sensitive flesh is enveloped by your wet mouth, no longer able to keep up her token protests. Her hands move to the back of your head, trying to hold you into this position.

You're the one in charge here. You run your tongue along the base of her shaft, and the surge of pleasure causes the strength to leave her hands. Taking advantage of that, you move your head away until just her tip is inside your mouth. After letting most of her shaft touch the relatively frigid air for a few agonizing seconds, you slowly move back forward. Your pursed lips caress her shaft as you take it back into your mouth. You repeat this motion a few times, causing Parsee to groan. Her hands don't move from the back of your head, but she doesn't try to force you.

Her cock twitches in your mouth. She can't last long against your skills. You move back enough to let your tongue flick against her tip, and she immediately rewards you with a burst of semen. Parsee grunts and tries to thrust her hips forward to cum deeper inside of you, but you want her load on your tongue. Much of it hits the back of your throat, thanks to her incessant pushing, but enough lands on your tongue to satisfy you.

Parsee pants from the exertion, looking like she's about to collapse. You take her cock out of your mouth and release her ass, but stay ready to catch her if she does pass out. She doesn't, and just slumps down into her chair. You let the cum linger on your tongue for a few more seconds to savor the taste, then finally swallow it and stand up. “Thanks for the meal,” you announce.

“You certainly took a lot,” Parsee complains. You doubt she actually cares. “So, what now?”

“Hmm? I was gonna leave. Need to hurry up to the village and all.”

“Oh,” she replies. You'll just assume that she's disappointed at not being able to fuck you anymore, even if she isn't showing it. “Well, see ya.”

That's probably the best send off you can expect from her. With a simple “Bye,” you walk out the door and fly over the bridge. Well, that was a fun diversion, and most importantly, you're cured.

The former capital isn't too far away from Parsee's bridge. After a short flight, you set down on the ground and walk up to the unorganized mess of buildings. There's a few oni walking around, although it looks like most of the activity is indoors: there are plenty of light and silhouettes coming from the buildings, especially the big one in the center. You think it's a large pub, but you haven't actually ever bothered going inside.

Now that you're here, you should probably do a little investigating. Spidergirl mentioned wanting to drop you off in the village and watch as the oni rape you and turn you into a sex addict. Which means she's probably done that before, with random girls that wandered too far into the underground. You've already “punished” the spider, but you need to find out how guilty the oni are as well, and if there are any village girls being kept as sex slaves. Actually punishing the oni is probably beyond your power, but you can at least try to save the girls.

But, where to start.

[ ] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [ ] And fuck her.
[ ] Interrogate a lone oni walking the streets. Easier to intimidate, at least.
- [ ] And fuck her.
[ ] Check out the drinking hole. It's probably the best place to find the girls, if they are being kept here.
 No. 36406
[x] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [x] And fuck her.

Not sure how many are actually down there.... it's not something I'd like to think about (village girls aren't made for oni pounding)

I'd rather think on how I want to see Parsee pop up again.
 No. 36410
[x] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [x] And fuck her.

Aw, not cutscene of Paruparu's sleep-rape?
 No. 36413
[x] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [x] And fuck her.

Might as well start with her.
 No. 36428
[x] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [x] And fuck her.
 No. 36429
[x] Check out the drinking hole. It's probably the best place to find the girls, if they are being kept here.

We're the Hakurei shrine maiden. When there's something wrong, we kick down the front door and shoot people until it gets better.
 No. 36443
you mean fuck people, that's what sort of story this is.
 No. 36469
[x] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [x] And fuck her.
-- [x] Oni gangbang

Make it happen op.
 No. 36477
No way, that'd break poor Reimu.

Calling it for:
[x] Find Yuugi. She's the only oni you know, and probably knows what's going on.
- [x] And fuck her.
 No. 36529
File 14186034039.jpg - (486.49KB, 800x600, 09bbc0ceb6d2415e803f997a80483ac5.jpg) [iqdb]
Yuugi's the best person to talk to. She's the only oni you know, and she does seem to be as close to a leader as they get. If she doesn't know anything about the girls, she should at least be able to point you in the right direction. And, hopefully, crack some skulls for you.

Let's see, her house was somewhere on the left side of town, if you remember. You'll just pretend that's the west side; it's not like there's any way for you to tell down here. You walk through the bumpy streets, past the ramshackle houses. The buildings down here are fairly dilapidated, but with plenty of impromptu maintenance that horribly clashes with the original design. They were probably very finely built Japanese homes years before, but the oni's constant brawling has certainly taken its toll on the intended architecture.

A few oni cross your path, but the streets are mostly empty. They don't say or do anything in particular towards you, even though a human down here should be a rare sight. Some are walking opposite you, probably towards that giant pub. Others just sit and rest on their porches. And the occasional oni raping another one, although you think that's consensual by oni standards. It's hard to tell. They're almost all nearly naked, some with just a few scraps of fur or assorted cloth on them, and none seem to prioritize covering their huge tits or large penises. Not that you're complaining.

You find what you believe to be Yuugi’s house after a short walk. The door is open, so you just walk inside. Yuugi is indeed in here, sitting down at a table with a cup of sake in her hand. The smell of cooked food fills the room, so you assume she just finished eating. She notices your footsteps and turns to face you before you can say anything.

“Hmm?! Reimu! Rare to see you down here. Come for a rematch?” she asks noisily.

“Evening,” you guess. “No, I have work to take care of. I need to do some investigating, and I was hoping you could answer some questions.”

“Questions? Hmph. There’s no need for any of that!” she cries out, standing up in a flash and towering over you with her incredible size and bulk. It looks like she really wants that fight, and is getting ready without you. “I’m the cause of everything!” she declares noisily. “Now let’s see how much stronger you’ve gotten!”

“What? No you aren’t, calm down. I already know who the culprit is, and punished her for it. I just need to know how much damage she did, that’s all.” Well, the spider girl was certainly the main culprit, but you might need to include a few oni on the list as well, depending on how things turn out.

“Oh,” Yuugi says plainly, defeated in an instant. “Well, that’s boring. Can we fight when you’re done playing around?”

“Sorry, but I came down here for pleasure. Fighting you would make me too sore to enjoy myself, no matter who won. How about we fuck instead?” you suggest.

“Hmm.” She pauses to think it over. It sounds like she was really hoping to fight you. Dealing with oni is always so tough. “Okay, that’s fine too. So? What did you need?”

Oh good, she’s cooperating. “Well, on my way down here, I got stuck in a spiderweb, and the owner tried to rape me. She said something like ‘I’m going to infect you and watch you be gangraped by the oni.’ It sounds like I wasn’t her first victim, so I need to make sure there aren’t any innocent village girls trapped down here.”

“Hmm. Human girls being gangraped? Sounds kinda familiar. I think I heard about that happening a year ago or something. I didn’t join in, though; most humans are just too boring. That’s all I know. You’ll need to find some of the oni that actually bothered with some weak human girls if you want more than that.”

Well, it’s reassuring that she didn’t take part in this, at least. Now you won’t need to punish her, which would be likely be fun for her and a nightmare for you. And she did confirm that something is indeed going on.

“Thanks, Yuugi. Do you know where I could find any of these oni? Got any names?”

“At the watering hole, probably. I don’t remember any specific people, but that’s the best place to look. Let’s go!”

“…Huh? Are you coming too?”

“Of course! I could use a drink,” she says, then takes a quick sip from the sake bowl in her hand. “Besides, you’re my friend. ‘Course I wanna help you out! With Suika gone, I’m the strongest oni here, so the two of us can force some answers out of anyone!”

“Wait, Suika’s stronger than you?” You always assumed Yuugi was the tougher oni, if only because she’s nearly twice the size of Suika. Either way, it’s rare for her to admit being weaker than anyone else, even another powerful oni.

“Nah. I’m still the strongest, even with Suika around. Gahahahaha!” Oh.

The two of you head outside after that. Yuugi knows the city better than you, so you just follow her. As you thought, she leads you to that large pub you noticed earlier. You could’ve saved the trip and come here directly, but it’s probably better to have Yuugi helping you out.

After the short walk, Yuugi bursts into the pub, filled with purpose. You follow after her, ready to stop her from cracking too many skulls in search of information.

And then she sits down right in front of the bartender.

This is Yuugi, after all. You probably shouldn't be surprised.

“Gimme some of that unpolished stuff from last year. I've been meaning to try that,” she says to the bartender. Then she turns to face you and asks, “Hey Reimu, what do ya want to drink?”

“Shouldn't we be talking to people or something first?”

“Nah,” she dismisses casually. “Drinking comes first, of course! Then we can find out what happened. And then drink again!”

You sigh. You're going to pass on the second round, but having a little drink wouldn't hurt. As long as you clarify on the “little” part, and make certain to get something weak by their standards. They should have some stuff that's perfectly safe for you to drink; the oni do enjoy variation in their alcohol, so they probably prepare a little bit of non-oni alcohol. You walk up to the table and take a seat next to Yuugi.

“Got any human sake?” you ask the waiting bartender. “I'd like a little of that.” The bartender nods and walks back to pick up the drinks.

You take a look around while you're waiting. There are about twenty oni that you can see, although it looks like there's a second floor to the building as well. Most of the oni are more fully clothed than those you saw out on the street, although there's still a couple of bare tits hanging out. That, and there's three pairs of people having sex near the walls. No one else is paying them any mind, so you won't either. Oni customs are weird.

The bartender returns after a minute and drops two boxes of sake onto the counter: a huge crate for Yuugi, and a relatively small box for yourself. It's still more than you'd consider “a little sake,” but it should be manageable. She then pulls out a dish for you to use, and steps away from the two of you.

“Mmm, smells good. Go on, Reimu, drink! Drink!” Yuugi encourages you with a little too much enthusiasm. Well, whatever. A little drink isn't going to hurt anything.

You pour some of the sake into the bowl and take a sip. It's good! The alcohol isn't too strong, thankfully, and it has a nice, dry flavor. Definitely higher quality than most of the stuff you drink at your shrine.

Yuugi fills her dish to the brim and drinks much of it in a single gulp. “Hmm, not bad. It's really rough, but that's good sometimes.” She refills her cup and drinks more at an amazing pace, quickly finishing three quarters of the box. “Alright, time to have some fun!” she announces, grabbing the box with her free hand and walking towards one of the oni in the building. You're almost done, so you pour the tiny bit left into your cup and quickly walk after her.

“Hey, Natch, give us some answers,” Yuugi bellows at her victim. Natch puts down her drink and glares at Yuugi, but Yuugi resumes talking before she can respond. “You know anything about those humans that showed up here 'bout a year ago?”

“I might,” An oni responds while standing up. She glares at you, presumably for being a human. “You accusing me of somethin'?”

You take a good look at the woman Yuugi is agitating for whatever reason. She's a little over a head taller than you; big, but still shorter than Yuugi's ridiculous stature. Her breasts and shoulders are both covered with a brown fur garment, but her midriff is completely exposed. Powerful muscles bulge out from her abs and arms. You can't see her dick under the simple fur pants she's wearing, but her breasts appear to be the same size as yours. Her skin is a dark red and two small but sharp-looking horns jut out of her head, as if there was any question as to her species.

“Yeah, I am. Your dick's the smallest of anyone's in here, and I bet that helps with raping innocent humans. Tell us what you know.”

“You bitch!” Natch cries out and throws a punch at Yuugi. Both of her hands are occupied, so Yuugi simply lifts up a foot and catches the fist with her wooden sandals. The impact makes a loud crack, but Yuugi doesn't budge, not even with only one foot on the ground.

“That's more like it!” Yuugi exclaims, easily overpowering Natch's fist and brushing it downward. She follows that up with a swift kick to the gut, causing her victim to grimace. “But I'm a little busy with my drinks, so feel free to take your anger out on Reimu here. She's the one who wants to know, anyway.”

“What?! Why me?” you complain. Did she forget already that you told her that you didn't come down here to fight?

“Her? That pitiful human?” Natch asks, incredulous.

“Of course,” Yuugi responds to Natch, ignoring you. “Don't take her lightly, though. This 'pitiful human' beat me in a fight two years ago!”

“W-What?!” she yells, completely unable to believe it. Yuugi just grins in response, while you're assuredly looking more and more annoyed by the minute. But you aren't denying Yuugi's claim. “I see. Then, I'll be known as the strongest after defeating you!”

Damn that Yuugi. Is this oni at least going to give you time to prepare? It'll be a problem if she charges at you, and that's exactly what she seems to have in mind. She does look a lot weaker than Yuugi... but you only beat Yuugi because she was holding back. By a lot. At least you remembered to stock up on persuasion needles and ofuda. First, you need to set this sake dish down. Tossing it to the ground would be a waste, as this is really good sake.

“Reimu!” Yuugi declares, grinning like a madwoman, “Defeat her without spilling a single drop of that sake, or you'll have to fight both of us!”

“Don't make me try to show off as much as you do!”

“Quiet!” she retorts. “If you won't fight me, then I'll make you fight others for my amusement. It's only fair.” No it isn't. But Yuugi went and pissed off this oni, so you really don't have any say in the matter. If you don't follow Yuugi's ridiculous rules, she'll join in, and you doubt she'll continue holding back. That would probably be the end of your little vacation.

“Alright, alright. At least let me get out my gohei,” you say, continuing to keep an eye on Natch. It looks like she'll wait that long, at least, and Yuugi hasn't objected. There's no way for you to make use of your ofuda or needles with both hands taken up, but the gohei is definitely the best tool for fighting an oni.

You reach into your shirt and pull out your gohei, holding it up towards your opponent. She stares at you the whole time, watching your movements to know when you're finished getting ready. Not that you're going to attack first. A defensive style is more suitable for this fight. Even if she's weaker than Yuugi, she's still an oni.

The two of you stare at each other for a few seconds, each waiting for the other to move first. You have no intention of making the first strike, so you nod to your opponent to make it perfectly clear that you're ready.

She accepts and throws a punch aimed directly for your face, twisting her hips to put all of her strength into the blow. A quick turn of your wrist places your gohei in front of her fist, and her hand stops in place upon touching the sacred wood. The barrier absorbed the full impact, putting no strain on your body. Good thing, too, as any swift movements would cause your sake to spill. The cup is a little under three-fourths full, so you have some leeway, but not enough.

Natch stares in shock for a solid second, unable to comprehend her powerful punch being stopped so easily. It seems that she's still underestimating you, even after learning of Yuugi's defeat. She recovers quickly and starts throwing out a flurry of punches; first a series of fast jabs from her right, then she starts using her left as well. Each fist comes like lightning and retracts just as fast, but you manage to block them all with quick turns of your gohei. She's aiming to overwhelm you with weaker attacks, since she can't break through with sheer force. But all you need to do is slightly move your wrist to catch her and stop her fists.

After the fourth punch, you lift the sake dish to your mouth and take a big sip. Hopefully drinking while blocking her flurry of attacks looks cool enough for Yuugi to not notice that you're making things easier for yourself in the long run.

She finally takes a break from her attacks, realizing they're not working. The respite only lasts a second, however, and she throws out a weak punch from her left hand. You block it easily, but she places her foot to your left and pivots her entire body towards your open side. Her right fist flies up from below, aiming for your stomach, but you step to the right and turn, then quickly bring your gohei down to slap her arm aside.

The sacred wood strikes her forearm, hitting it with the force of a falling tree. But an oni is still an oni, and the painful strike doesn't deter her for long. Her left comes quickly, aimed for your head, forcing you to duck and take a step away from her. The sake shifts in the bowl but doesn't spill. You were hoping to avoid moving your feet for that exact reason, but it seems your drink was enough to save you.

You think you have a good grasp on her movements now. She's a bit faster than Yuugi, but is indeed a lot weaker. Yuugi was strong enough to break through your gohei's divine barrier, while Natch is only able to force through the weaker paper. If she was a human, you'd be in trouble, but as you're up against the supernatural, you have the upper hand. There's only about a third of a cup of sake left, so you should be able to go on the offensive now.

Natch's fist aims for your head once again, but you intercept it with a quick strike from your gohei. The contact stops her hand, and you take the opportunity to take a quick step towards her. You counterattack, aiming your gohei for the top of her head. As she was thrown off balance by her attack and wasn't expecting you to suddenly go on the offensive, she's unable to stop you. The sacred wood strikes her in the temple, the impact causing her entire body to shudder.

But an oni is still an oni. A single strike of anything isn't enough to bring them down. She wobbles in place for a second, but manages to leap backwards to avoid your followup swing. You could probably lunge to still reach her, but you don't want to risk spilling any of the sake. Instead, you stand still, hoping she'll come after you again.

She doesn't. Instead, she simply circles around you, hoping to find an opening. You follow her while standing in place, turning to watch her. You aren't certain what she's looking for, but she isn't going to find it.

Your patience wears out after she's completed a half circle, and you step towards her to attack. She notices and tries to get the upper hand, but you dodge by quickly stepping to the left. Her arm is extended and a perfect target, so you take the opportunity to punish her and strike her on the bicep with your gohei. She recoils from a mixture of pain and being knocked off balance, giving you more openings. You continue the assault, striking her in the side of her chest, wrist, upper leg, head, and abdomen. Each blow causes her to grunt, leaving her exposed to the next one and completely unable to attack.

She finally collapses after the last strike, bruised from the spiritual energy of your gohei and groaning in pain. Well, she's an oni, so she'll be perfectly fine in a day or two. They do worse to each other all the time. With the fight over, you bring the sake dish to your lips and slowly sip the remaining sake. It seems to all be there, although you'll trust Yuugi to say for certain. You were a bit busy and couldn't pay that much attention to the dish, after all.

Everything around you erupts in cheers after you finish the last of the sake. Taking a look around you, you discover a crowd of oni that watched your fight and are currently celebrating your victory. Yuugi is among them, of course, but about half of the oni in the building are loudly cheering with excitement. Presumably they were watching the entire time, and you were just too engrossed in the fight to notice. You don't really know how to react to react to such a crowd, so you just try to stand still and look dignified.

“Great fight, Reimu! I knew you could do it,” Yuugi says, still grinning like a madwoman. “Now, let's get some answers out of her.”

Yuugi gets down on her knees and presses the sake box against Natch's lips, then begins to pour. Some of the remaining liquid flows into her mouth, but Yuugi is lifting the box too quickly, and much of it just drips down her face and onto the floor. Natch coughs from the excess fluid and sits up, forcing the sake box away from her. She looks worn out, but is significantly more conscious now than a second ago.

“You lost,” you say to get her attention. “Now, answer my questions.”

Natch sighs. “Yeah, yeah. Ask away.”

She already knows what you're after, but whatever. You'll spell it out for her. “The girls. The ones the spidergirl dropped off here for you and others to rape. Where are they?”

“That's easy. We sent them home.”

What? She's an oni so there's no chance that she's lying, but... that is certainly not what you expected to hear. “Maybe you should start from the beginning. What all happened?”

“Well, Yamame came by one day and dropped a naked human girl off in the middle of the village. The girl seemed to be suffering from something; she was really red, and was breathing really hard and stuff. I don't remember exactly when this happened, but it was a while ago. Yamame told us that she had infected the girl and turned her into a braindead slut, and us oni should rape her as much as we want. So we did. We lost interest in her after about two weeks, and that infection or whatever wore off anyway. So we sent her home.”

“I... I see. Was she the only one?”

“No, there were a few others. I don't remember how many. But not a lot. She dropped a few other girls off in the same way, but this was always months apart.”

“I assume you fucked the other girls too?”

“Yep. They were begging for it, it'd be rude to turn them down.” That's certainly one approach to it. Although you can relate, considering how Yamame got you too.

“How'd you send them home? Did you make certain that they made it back to the village safely?”

“Hmm,” she pauses and thinks the question over. “No, I guess not. Someone escorted them close to the mouth of the cave, and gave them some food for the journey. I guess it's possible something could've happened to them afterward.” She really doesn't seem very concerned for their safety, although they did at least do something.

“And all of the girls are gone now, correct? When did the last one show up?”

“...About six months ago, I think? And yes, she's gone. None of them stuck around for long. Most humans are just too boring. Most.”

“I see. Thank you, that's all.”

“That was a good fight. Reimu, was it? You owe me a rematch.” With that, she closes her eyes and drops her head to the floor. She's asleep in an instant, and begins snoring loudly. Well, you got what you came for, so you'll leave her alone.

Yuugi walks up to you and lifts you off the ground with both arms, forcing you into a tight embrace against her warm chest. Your face presses into her relatively-soft breasts, muffling your surprised complaints. “Alright! Time for my prize,” she sings. You try to push away from her, at least enough to speak properly, but to no avail. It seems she got the message, at least, as she adds, “Don't you remember? You said I could fuck you. If I can't fight you, I'm at least going to do this.” Oh. Well, that's fine, then.

However, instead of carrying you back to her house, Yuugi simply walks up to a side of the pub and sets you down against the wall. She's still grinning, so... yep, she wants to do it right here. While you're not really squeamish about people watching, it is kinda unsettling to do it in front of so many strangers. On the other hand, there's still four oni going at it on their own, so you won't stand out too much.

Yuugi grabs her skirt by the hem and forces it down to the floor, taking any undergarments she was wearing with them. Her massive cock springs into the air, fully erect and dripping with precum. It's even bigger than you remember! Although that's probably an issue of you forgetting, rather than it actually growing.

“Hurry up and take your skirt off,” Yuugi says, frowning. She sounds impatient, but judging from last time, she'll wait if you tell her to.

“Hold on, you can't rush this! Don't forget that I'm a human. I need to get ready first. It'll go quicker if you help; start by taking your shirt off.” You grab your skirt and pull it down, then take off your panties and place both against the wall. Your pussy is somewhat damp just from the sight of Yuugi's incredible cock, but it's not nearly enough to accommodate her massive girth.

“Hmm? What for?” Yuugi asks, puzzled. You'll have to teach her what “foreplay” means some day.

“So I can see your tits. It'll help me get wet, so just do it.”

She probably still doesn't understand, but she takes her shirt off anyway. Her huge breasts are restrained by a tightly wrapped sarashi, which she takes the time to carefully unwrap. Meanwhile, you lower one hand to your clit and begin to stroke it. The sharp stimulation when you aren't fully ready feels more weird than good, but it's necessary to get wet in such a short time.

Yuugi tosses her wrappings on to the floor. “Okay, now lean closer to me,” you instruct, “and let me touch you. It'll only take a minute.” It should feel good for her too, even if it isn't enough to overcome her patience. She obeys and steps towards you, bending over to bring her tits close to your face. They hang delectably from her strong chest, just begging for you to caress them.

You raise your right hand and grab one of Yuugi's breasts from below, letting its weight sink into your palm. It's very firm, but still the softest part of her body. Your fingers barely sink into her voluptuous mound as you squeeze her tit, savoring the heat emanating from it. Her breasts really aren't very sensitive, but that doesn't stop you from pressing your face against her other breast and sucking on her nipple. It has a pleasant taste of sweat and sake, and grows erect in your mouth.

Her cock throbs invitingly in your hand as you close your fingers around it. It's so thick that your fingers can't fully wrap around her girth. Just touching it is enough to make you shiver with anticipation. This amazing shaft will be inside of you soon. It entered you just fine before, so there's nothing to worry about. You move your hand to her tip and coat your palm in her abundant pre-cum, then rub it over her shaft. It's not enough to really lubricate it, but it should be better than nothing.

“Okay, I'm ready,” you announce. Yuugi suddenly looks thrilled, and lines her tip up with your entrance. Even stroking her dick did little for her, so she's eager to get started. “Just... be gentle, please.” She wouldn't hurt you on purpose, but it's worth repeating. Just in case she forgets how relatively fragile you are.

Yuugi pushes forward, sliding her tip past your lips. Her massive girth spreads your walls to their limit, completely filling your pussy with her hot shaft. The stretching hurts, but the sensation of being so full feels amazing. Every tiny bump and ridge on her magnificent cock sends waves of pleasure through your entire body as they scrape against your walls. You exhale, unable to hold your breath during this intense stimulation.

You look down and watch Yuugi's thick cock slowing sliding inside of you. She's moving very slowly, which is good, since your body couldn't possibly handle anything faster. Despite this, your pussy is yearning for her to slam it in and fill you to the brim.

She stops moving once she's about halfway inside of you. That's all of her ridiculous length that will fit inside of you, considering its thickness as well. You pant just from having it inside of you, savoring the sensation of being completely filled with a single cock.

It feels like your pussy has adjusted to being filled, so you signal for Yuugi to begin moving. She slowly pulls out of you, moving a little bit faster but still agonizingly slow. Once just the tip is still inside of you, she thrusts forward and fills you once again. This repeats several times, with Yuugi gaining speed with each movement.

You moan as her cock slams into your aching cunt repeatedly. The pain has faded completely, replaced with a searing pleasure as her thick shaft scrapes against your walls. Every thrust makes your body bounce a little from the impact, even with Yuugi still moving at a subdued pace. You can feel your orgasm building while her incredible dick ravages your insides.

Her shaft throbs inside of you before she ejaculates, covering your insides with a single shot of her thick cum. She hurriedly pulls out while her cock continues shooting inside of you. The increase in speed combined with the heat from the cum brings you over the edge, and you cry out in pleasure as she continues to spray semen onto your gaping pussy. You pant from the experience, the massive penetration finally over.

Yuugi gets dressed while you just lie there. Fatigue rushes in once the afterglow fades, and your hips start to hurt again after a minute. Still, it was an incredible experience.

“You alright, Reimu?” Yuugi asks while tying her sarashi around her chest.

“Yeah, I just need a few minutes. Thanks.”

“Not a problem. It was great for me too. You're the funnest human I've ever met. We really need to fight again, though! I wanna see how much you've improved!”

“Uh, maybe some day, Yuugi.” Maybe if you actually get significantly stronger. She seems to think you do nothing but train, if she expects that you'll ever be a real match for her. “For now, I'm just having a nice vacation.”

“Hmm. Well, suit yourself.”

You feel a bit better by the time Yuugi finishes dressing, so you ask her to help you up. Your legs are fine for the moment, although you'll probably be sore tomorrow. You pick up your skirt and panties and carefully put them on. None of the oni seemed to have been watching you; sex is probably a common enough sight down here that no one cares, even if a human is involved.

The issue with the missing girls turned out to be a non-incident, and your body can't take any more of Yuugi's idea of fun any more, so there's nothing left to do in the former capital. You head further down, towards the Palace of Earth Spirits.
 No. 36530
File 141860361391.jpg - (1.26MB, 2480x3507, 0b8310274630143cc8b8573da4e25883.jpg) [iqdb]
It's almost Christmas, and as usual I'll be heading home for a week. So this is the last update to Reimu's Adventure until sometime in January.
 No. 36531
I'll be waiting!
 No. 36533
Oni Parties are nice.
 No. 36587
File 141953316637.jpg - (363.66KB, 1056x1089, 3fb4de46cafd0a644eed7f82afebd3c1.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello and Merry Christmas.

I have finished another short, at >>36584. As always, this has no relation to Reimu's Adventure or any other short I've written. As always, it's SDM focused, specifically Patchy and Koakuma. I really do need to write other areas more...

Unlike most of my stuff, this is done in first person. It's fairly long but significantly shorter than the first koa story, at 11453. It just barely did not fit into two posts.
 No. 36659
File 142051868993.jpg - (1.06MB, 1133x1475, No pants Yes life (24788203).jpg) [iqdb]
After your short descent, you stand before the massive double doors to the Palace of Earth Spirits. It's not that far from the city, but a good portion of the trip is vertical. Being able to fly makes it pretty simple, though. You knock on the door, wanting to be polite before barging in. It's not like Satori ever expects visitors, so there's no one around to listen for people. Not that her pets could or would do anything if they heard you.

“Coming!” A cheerful voice inexplicably comes from the other side of the door. There's actually someone on the other side?! It's a woman, although you can't place her with the door in the way. Satori never sounds cheerful like that, so it must be Orin or Okuu. Unless you aren't her only guest.

A few seconds later, the left door slowly swings open. It's huge, over twenty feet tall, but far lighter than it appears. It's still pretty heavy, though, and you can hear whoever it is on the other side grunt in annoyance.

“Hello! Welcome to – ah! It's Reimu!” Okuu jumps out of the door and charges as soon as she recognizes you, wrapping her arms around your back in a tight embrace. The impact almost knocks you off balance, but she doesn't let you fall over. Her huge breasts press against yours, their owner as oblivious to their effect on you as ever. Not that you're going to complain. She's nice and soft, and her hot body feels good as a contrast to the cool and damp underground air. You wrap your arms around her back and hug her back.

“What's the occasion? Another incident?” Okuu asks innocently after releasing you. While you're certain that she hasn't forgotten that she caused the last one, she just doesn't seem to actually care. It's kinda weird to have her mention it so nonchalantly, but that's just how it is with her.

“No, I don't have any business here. I'm just visiting. I'll stay for a few days, if Satori will have me.”

“So you're here to play? Yay!” Well, you wouldn't exactly call it 'playing around,' but... yes. That's exactly why you're here. “I'm sure Lady Satori will let you stay; there's tons of empty rooms that aren't used. C'mon, I'll take you to her.”

“Speaking of empty rooms, is anyone else staying as a guest here? Or is Satori expecting anyone?”

“Hmm? No, she's not. Why?”

“Well, it seemed like you were waiting for someone. No one answered the last time I tried knocking.” Satori certainly wasn't expecting you. And her mind reading ability does have a limited range.

“Oh. No, I just happened to be near the door and I heard someone knocking. So I opened it up, expecting one of the oni or something, and found you instead.”

Okuu leads the way, humming to herself while she walks through the long corridor. The entrance is a long way from anything else, separated by this ridiculously long hallway. This place probably exists just so that Satori can show off her plethora of stained glass windows, which are set up on both walls and also the ceiling. Light streams through them, illuminating the hallway, even though they don't face outside. There must be some candles on the other side or something.

The long hallway branches off to the left and right, and Okuu leads you to the left. There are actually doors on the sides now, leading to the palace's various rooms. Most of which serve as the homes for her myriad pets. Some are used for storage, others are completely empty. You can see into some of them and get a glimpse of various exotic animals; a tiger has a room to itself, as does a crocodile, and a cow. A half dozen cats are lying about in another, and a pair of tortoises in one more. Four wolves are sleeping together in one, and a few regular puppies are roughhousing next door. And that's just the animals you can place. There's also plenty of smaller rodents, strange birds, bizarre reptiles, and some unusual furred creature with a tail on its hind legs in another.

“We're here,” Okuu announces, standing in front of a set of double doors. “Lady Satori should have sensed you by now.”

Okuu opens the doors and reveals a large receiving room. Satori is indeed sitting in the middle on a large throne. You think this is the room where you first met her, and mopped the-

“That's enough of that,” Satori interrupts. She coughs into her hand before greeting you properly. “Welcome, Reimu, to the Palace of the Earth Spirits. It's been a long time since you've come to visit. To what do I owe the pleasure of your appearance?”

“Nothing,” you answer, not giving Satori time to cut you off. Her mind reading is really annoying, even if you have mostly gotten used to her rudeness.

“I am not being rude, Reimu. It is simply a more efficient method of communication. It's also a necessary one most of the time, as the majority of my pets aren't able to speak. But there's no incident this time, I trust?”

“Nope,” you respond instantly once again.

“You just came down here to play?” she asks, surprised. “Well, there isn't much to do down here, so you wast- oh. That's what you meant. Well, I have neither the time nor interest to accommodate you. No, you can't play with Orin or Okuu either; they have jobs to do.”

Okuu looks a little disappointed at Satori's proclamation. Funny, she wasn't working when you got here.

“She was on break, Reimu. I don't mean she's working constantly. But they can't play with you all day, and I don't want you distracting them from their responsibilities. If you want to sleep with them, you'll have to work first.” Satori crosses her thin arms to punctuate her sentence, but her eyes brighten a second later. “Actually, come to think of it, there is some work that would be perfect for you. And it would be like playing around for you. Are you interested?”

Like playing around? So, you'd get getting paid to have sex? And then you get to help yourself to Orin's and Okuu's voluptuous bodies? This sounds too good to be true.

“There's no payment, not in that sense, Reimu. The only reward is the job itself. I think you'll find it to your liking, however. The only caveat is that you'll need to submit to me for the duration, and act as one of my pets. I trust that isn't a problem. Okuu, please go to the storage room and grab the collar from the pedestal.”

“Okay!” Okuu happily walks off towards this storage room, leaving you alone with Satori. She didn't even wait for you to to agree. Should you agree? Wearing a collar isn't exactly your thing. Plus, why would something like that be kept on a pedestal? That's just weird, and your intuition tells you that it's not going to be an ordinary collar.

“Indeed, it is magical,” Satori interjects. “Just a little something to help you focus on acting like a pet. It is assuredly nothing harmful, and its effects are quite beneficial for this job. Well, considering your recent adventures, you'd probably manage fine without it. But I'd still prefer you put it on.”

Her reference to your 'recent adventures' makes you wonder what this job is. She's being suspiciously silent on that front.

“It'll be easier to explain after you've put the collar on, so I'd prefer to wait. That's all. It's nothing suspicious.”

How very suspicious.

Just then, Okuu bursts through the door and calls out, “I've got it, Lady Satori!” She is indeed holding a collar in her hand. It looks like a perfectly ordinary leather collar to you, with a shiny brass buckle. There are no other ornaments on it. You aren't an expect at detecting magic or anything, but the object seems safe to you. Maybe it is enchanted with something, but it shouldn't be dangerous.

Maybe you will accept. You'll probably have to go home if you say no, making this trip mostly wasted. If being her pet doesn't work out, you can always tear the collar off and beat her up again.

“Excellent. Although I'd prefer you use your words over your spellcards to voice any disagreements, Reimu. Okuu, please fasten the collar around Reimu's neck.”

With a cheerful “Okay, Lady Satori,” Okuu walks towards you with a smile on her face. The adorable hell raven certainly doesn't intend any harm with this strange collar, which does help put your mind at ease. She leans towards you, extending both arms towards your neck, and begins fiddling with the straps.

The leather presses into your neck as Okuu secures the buckle. Tightly. Really tightly. You're about to complain to Okuu when you feel the tightness spreading. First it feels like something is clamping down on your chin, then your mouth, your eyes, and even your hair. It's like Okuu puts on a multitude of collars instead of just the one around your neck. Except you can still see and are perfectly aware that there's nothing there.

Still, the sensation is there, and you instinctively bring your hands to your neck to stop it from choking you. Except you can feel how loose it is: it isn't scraping into your skin at all, and can be moved around quite easily. Okuu looks at you with a panicked expression from your unusual actions. Her mouth is moving, but you can't hear anything from her. Satori, on the other hand, seems perfectly calm. And probably expected this.

And then, the choking stops. You can still feel “something” over your entire head, but the suffocation is gone. It was an unusual experience, but you're fine now.

“Fufufufu, it worked!” Satori laughs creepily to herself. She stands up and walks towards you, as if admiring her handiwork. “Reimu has stopped all conscious thought. She's acting purely on instinct now.”

“Unyu? What did you do to Reimu, Lady Satori?” Okuu asks, inquisitively.

“Oh, nothing significant. I never did explain what that collar does, did I? It seals one's thoughts, reducing them to below most beasts. With this, she's nothing more than a bitch in heat.”

That's funny, you don't feel any different. You seem perfectly capable of thinking to yourself. And yet, the mind reader doesn't notice your thoughts, no matter how loudly you try to direct them at her. You don't know the specifics on how her power works, but she certainly isn't reading your mind now. Did she just stop trying because she's so convinced that you're not thinking? Or is it actually protecting you from her ability? Either way, you should probably let her continue for now, and not announce that her collar isn't actually affecting you.

“Like this,” Satori continues, “she'll be perfect for breeding. She can't refuse intercourse with any of my pets, and her body is unusually fertile.”

“Yay! I'm gonna be a mommy soon!” Okuu cries out happily.

“Yes, yes, you'll get your turn. But you'll have to wait. Jala gets to go first.”

“The tiger? Why him?”

“Because he's the oldest, Okuu. Now, please escort Reimu down to his room. We need to get them introduced to each other, and make sure they're compatible. There may be issues with this plan, so you'll need to attend to both of them.”


They're deciding things together while ignoring how not-bitch-in-heat you are. Well, whatever. Satori has no clue at all that you're not actually under her power. You could just go along with this. She was right; this work is a lot like your idea of play. And it's not like Satori's pets are dangerous or anything. You might have even met this Jala during your last visit, unless she has more than one tiger. He seemed pretty friendly, all things considered. Petting a tiger was fun.

If you're going to put a stop to her plans, you'll have to do it now.

[ ] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
[ ] Molest Okuu instead. You can't help it; you're just obeying your instincts.
[ ] Tear the collar off and assault Satori. You might've agreed if she asked normally, but not like this.

I'll explain the choices a little. The first option leads to bestiality, however Reimu will still have sex with Orin and Okuu. The second option skips all the bestiality, and will therefore make Reimu's trip to the underground much shorter. The third option is completely different.
 No. 36660
[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala. 

More depravity is always good.
 No. 36661
[x] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
 No. 36662
[x] Molest Okuu instead. You can't help it; you're just obeying your instincts.
 No. 36663
[X] Molest Okuu instead. You can't help it; you're just obeying your instincts.

Too bad there's no
>[ ] "Acting purely on instinct," eh? Time to pounce on the mind-reader. How's that for "instinct"?
 No. 36665
[x] Molest Okuu instead. You can't help it; you're just obeying your instincts.

Okuu is by far the sexiest option.
 No. 36666
[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.

No need to rush.
 No. 36667
[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.

As much as I enjoy Okuu, which is a lot, Reimu being an animal breeding bitch is a pretty damn rare treat. Besides, it still results in Okuu.
 No. 36668

Well of course you'd be fine with it, Quad-Satan. Then again, so am I, so am I really in any position to talk?

[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.

We still get a chance to assault Satori later, though, right? Maybe strap the collar on her as payback? That'd be fun.
 No. 36669

Oh that would be fun. I'm just hoping going along with this option doesn't rule out the possibility of dominating/screwing Satori down the road.

[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
 No. 36670
Set sail for bestiality and tiger dicks!

[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
 No. 36671
[x] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
Given how specific Satori's being about the collar's effects, I suspect she's fully aware of our actual state, and is just expecting us to play along.
Or Koishi is fucking with both of us.

Either way, time for tiger dick.
 No. 36672
[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
 No. 36673
[X] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.

I'm wondering if Satori knows just how much a slut Reimu is...
 No. 36674
[x] Tear the collar off and assault Satori. You might've agreed if she asked normally, but not like this.

I'm getting the impression that we won't get to fuck Satori without taking charge. Not fucking Satori is unacceptable.
 No. 36675
[x] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
Ahh, this is fun. We can always thank Satori properly later.
 No. 36680
[z] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
 No. 36692
Calling it for
[x] Just go along with it and “meet” this Jala.
 No. 36697
File 142125660469.jpg - (602.41KB, 1000x713, f1cfbdd7f638d30d2ef235b9b464129b.jpg) [iqdb]
You'll go along with Satori's plan, at least for a while. Despite what she thinks, she doesn't actually have any control over you, and this collar is actually protecting you from her annoying power for some reason. So if things do start to get weird, you can just rebel against her. She won't even see it coming.

On the other hand, this will require a bit of acting on your part. She said the collar was able to seal away your higher thought, and also implied that it'd make you more lustful as well. So, you guess that it's supposed to make you spread your legs for every living thing near you.

That's a little excessive, even for you. Maybe it's just supposed to make you act like Koishi and poke at things randomly. Acting on instinct might be as simple as doing the first thing that comes to mind and ignore any consequences. That's probably a good start.

Your first thought is to grope Okuu's boobs.

No, that won't do. Even if it is the perfect thing to do “on instinct,” you're still capable of thought. Showing too much affection to Okuu now might get in the way of meeting this tiger, and you are somewhat looking forward to that. Okuu is sure to give you plenty of love with her thick cock eventually, it's just a question of when. And if Satori delays it too much, you can just claim the raven for yourself.

Yes, that would be best, you think to yourself. Just go along with them and see what happens. You still need to act like you're affected by the collar... but maybe that'll be as simple as just not speaking. Satori is too reliant on her mind reading, and Okuu isn't exactly the brightest star in the sky. They probably aren't going to notice that you're perfectly normal unless you do something really stupid... or, rather, smart.

“I'll come down in a few hours, after I finish my work,” Satori says to her pet. “Make sure they spend plenty of time together before you have her present to him. They should be sexually compatible, but they need to get used to one another.”

“Okay, Lady Satori!” Okuu says cheerfully. She places both her hands on your shoulders and pushes you forward. “Okay, Reimu, let's go play with Jala!”

You don't say anything in response. She's guiding you, and you simply let her, walking on your own but with her grabbing on to you to control the direction. It'd be nice if there was a better way to do this, though.

Okuu leads you out of the room, letting go of you and running forward to open the door before pushing you outside. She leads you through the winding hallways with some destination in mind. There's still a lot of slightly-ajar doors on your sides, but by now a few animals have gotten up. You pass by a group of puppies on their way to somewhere, probably looking for food. After a few minutes of this, Okuu stops at yet another door and pushes it open to let you in.

Inside is a very large tiger who looks longer than Okuu is tall. This must be the Jala you've heard so much about. His fur is mostly a dark orange with numerous black stripes, but also a few white spots near the belly. He's currently lying down on his stomach, showing off his side to you and Okuu, but then lazily turns to face you after a few seconds. You had thought he was asleep at first, but it seems he's just lethargic. Just like an ordinary house cat.

After studying you briefly, Jala yawns and opens his mouth wide, extending his pink, limber tongue as well as exposing all of his many, many teeth. They're all incredibly pointy and white, but his canines look the sharpest, and are definitely the longest.

Okay, so maybe not that much like a house cat. Any similarities are pointless in light of how big he is.

You cry out an exaggerated “Kyaan!” and dash behind Okuu, hugging her from behind and burying your face between her wings. It's an overblown reaction; while the sight of his huge teeth was a little bit worrisome, you're confident that you could fly away before he could reach you. Furthermore, you're pretty sure you met this tiger before, and he was actually pretty friendly. But you're supposed to be acting on instinct now, and ineffectually fleeing from a yawn is probably the right thing to do.

Okuu laughs softly in response and turns her body around to face you. She makes a deliberate effort to block your sight of the scary tiger with her body. “There there, Reimu,” she says, patting the top of your head. Ahn~ her hand is so soft and warm. “Jala isn't scary at all! C'mon, I'll show you.” She walks backwards towards the tiger to make sure you don't run off, turning around again once she reaches him. Hmm, she left you exposed, since you can't hide behind her now. Should you try to find something to duck behind? Nah, that shouldn't be necessary.

Jala lifts his head and sniffs Okuu's outstretched hand a few times. Once he's confirmed that Okuu is indeed friendly, he gives it a single lick to acknowledge her. Then he raises himself with impressive speed and practically jumps onto his hind legs, lunging towards Okuu's head.

And hugs her. He places his paws on her shoulder and presses the side of his head against hers. It's about as close to a proper hug as a tiger can get, and the affection is unmistakable. He must weigh a ton, but there's no strain on Okuu's body. Okuu, in turn, wraps her arms around his body and gives him a proper hug, holding much of her body against his comfy-looking fur.

He's definitely friendly, and looks really warm. You walk towards the two of them, deliberately taking slow steps to make yourself seem nervous. Okuu steps away from the tiger once she notices your approach, leaving him standing on his hind legs. He drops down and moves towards you, sniffing your legs, hand, and crotch. His nose pushes into your loose sleeves and up your skirt, and his breath tickles a bit as it hits your exposed skin. You can't tell if he's innocently sniffing near your pussy simply because it's at his nose-level or if he actually knows what you're here for. Regardless, he approves of you, and repeatedly licks your hand with his rough tongue.

“See?” Okuu says, “He likes you. Go on, pat his head. He likes to be stroked behind the ears.” She demonstrates, and Jala rubs his head against her hand to show his appreciation. You aren't certain if listening to her advice is a good idea or not, but it should be fine if she's doing it too. You cautiously reach out a hand and place between his ears and gently rub the fur.

He's as nice, warm, and soft as you imagined, and his fur is really smooth. You crouch down near him to make it easier to pet him, and the closeness really emphasizes his tremendous size. He probably weighs four times as much as you. About five minutes pass like this, with you just rubbing his head and enjoying yourself. He opens his mouth after a short while and pants, not threatening you or anything, but the sudden appearance of those teeth does make your heart beat a bit faster. A tiger is still a tiger, no matter how friendly it appears to be. You trust Satori's and Okuu's judgment that he's perfectly safe to be around, but nothing is going to stop you from seeing those big teeth or his sharp claws or his powerful muscles and not being a little worried.

Actively trying to keep this fright under control probably means you're doing a bad job of acting on instinct, but Okuu doesn't seem to notice.

Jala starts to purr in response to your scratches. At least, you're pretty sure it's purring. It's a lot louder, of course, but also sounds different and isn't as continuous as a house cat's purr. The sentiment does seem to be the same, though.

Okuu smiles at you. “You're getting along so well, Reimu. Isn't that great?” Jala lies back down and rolls over onto his side, exposing his underbelly to Okuu. It would seem that he's tired of head scratches. “Someone wants bellyrubs!” Okuu coos, and proceeds to roughly rub both of her hands all over his underside. Jala opens his mouth and pats at the air with all four of his limbs, enjoying it just as much as Okuu.

She's a bit too excited for you, and is also monopolizing his belly. You settle for just petting his side some more, far more gently than Okuu. It's just as well; you don't think you'd want to be facing all four of his limbs like that. He's definitely not clawing at the air with all of his might or anything, but he doesn't seem to be holding back enough for you to want to risk being in front of him like that.

Jala rolls over after a few minutes of this and immediately uses both front paws to grab your hand. He grasps it between both, unable to actually hold on to it like a human. Even if he's being as gentle as he can, the weight of his paws is somewhat uncomfortable. But still...

“He wants to be your friend, Reimu.”

...He does seem really nice, so maybe you should stop being so reserved.

You lean forward and press your chin against his underbelly, while gently wrapping your arms around his strong body. He's so nice and warm that you could just get lost in his lovely fur. Naturally, he doesn't object to your presence, and continues to make that like-purring sound, which echoes through your head from the proximity. His paws occasionally bat against your body, but gently and with the claws retracted.

Okuu stood up at some point and is standing behind you now. She's not petting Jala, so it's just you and him lying together right now. Not that you mind monopolizing him.

She's probably waiting for Satori to return before you have sex. It's been at least an hour since you arrived, but Satori said she'd be a while. So there's plenty of time for cuddling with your new friend.

[ ] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
[ ] Pull Okuu towards you and make her join in, at least until Satori shows up.
 No. 36698
[X] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
 No. 36699
[ ] Pull Okuu towards you and make her join in, at least until Satori shows up.
 No. 36701
[x] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
 No. 36702
[x] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~

 No. 36703
[x] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
 No. 36704
[x] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
 No. 36705
[X] Pull Okuu towards you and make her join in, at least until Satori shows up.
 No. 36706
[x] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
[x] Pet a bit lower
 No. 36707
[x] Pull Okuu towards you and make her join in, at least until Satori shows up.
 No. 36708
Calling it for
[x] Just hug like this for as long as he wants. So warm~
 No. 36711
Feline penises are terrifying, btw.
 No. 36712
Yea... Hopefully Satori got some medical attention there or Reimu got some way to barrier the fuck out of herself internally else there will be blood.
 No. 36713
Maybe he's been debarbed?
 No. 36714
No, he's still going to be "barbed"; I'm just going to significantly play it down. There won't be any bleeding or anything.
 No. 36739
File 142215806393.jpg - (339.68KB, 850x1200, 3191162b49dd7d87332089e956e1f982.jpg) [iqdb]
This is pretty nice. Jala's body is so warm and soft, making him better than any blanket. His purring or light roaring or whatever it is has subsided to background noise at this point, and is actually quite relaxing. Maybe a nap would be good. You aren't the least bit tired, since you slept at Parsee's not too long ago, but relaxing with your eyes closed is good enough.

“They're getting along so well, isn't it nice?” Okuu says cheerfully to herself.

Time passes quickly with your face pressed against his belly. It’s like waking up on an especially lazy summer morning, only with more hair.

“Well, it’s about time to get started,” Okuu says. She takes a step towards you, but you pay her no mind.

Okuu crouches down next to you and slips her hand up your skirt. She traces her fingers along your crotch, lightly pressing against your slit. The sudden stimulation surprises you, but being so close to Jala forces you to restrain your movements. Accidentally kicking a tiger would be very bad, after all. After a few seconds, you spread your legs a bit to make it easier for her, but don’t move away from Jala’s warm body.

She continues rubbing you, never making any attempt to go further. You had assumed that she was going to wait for Satori, but she must be getting you ready for intercourse now. Her hands are almost devoid of technique, but the consistent rubbing on your sensitive pussy is enough to get you damp, even through your panties.

After about ten minutes, you finally give in and roll onto your back, away from Jala. Your pussy is aching for proper stimulation, and Okuu’s inexperienced hands in an awkward position and through your panties is simply not cutting it. You open your mouth and pant, only somewhat exaggerating your breath, while looking her in the eye and silently pleading for her to do a better job. Being on your back with your legs spread should make it a bit easier for her, but she needs to at least take your damned panties off. If she doesn’t, you’ll probably snap soon and do it yourself.

Okuu continues her lackluster rubbing, but at least uses a bit more force now. It’s enough to appease you, but you try to grind your hips a little towards her fingers to encourage her to move on. Anything more than that would probably blow your cover. The poor girl really has no idea what she’s doing. She’s not a virgin, but her experience is limited to shoving her dick into pussies, and presumably taking them as well. There wasn’t much foreplay involved when you fucked her on your last visit, and her inexperience is showing.

Jala, for his part, continues to do absolutely nothing but lay beside you with his eyes closed. Typical lazy cat.

The door opens and you can hear soft footsteps coming towards you. “How is she doing?” Satori asks after a few seconds pause.

“Reimu and Jala really like each other, Lady Satori. They were hugging for a long time and petting each other. Now I'm trying to get her ready so he can mount her.”

“Hmm,” Satori mutters, contemplative. She's probably reading Okuu's mind to get more details as well. “Okuu, you should take off her panties first. That will make her more receptive to your touch.”

“Oh, okay.” Okuu responds. She stops stroking your slit and leans forward, finally pulling your panties down to your knees. Your pussy twitches a little after being exposed to the air, both from the differing sensation and from anticipation of being able to properly continue.

Okuu's fingers return to your damp slit and rub against your exposed lips. She doesn't change her motions, but it feels so much better to have her touch you directly like this. You moan and lightly grind your hips against her hand, hoping to drive her fingers inside of you. Having her touch you indirectly so for long made you really frustrated, so you're yearning for proper release.

“Be sure to touch her clitoris as well,” Satori instructs, “but not too much. It's very sensitive, and you don't want to make her orgasm.” Oh great, more teasing. This makes you wish you could just tell them that you're ready and you want a cock inside of you. “Also, vary your strokes a little. And try sliding a bit of your finger inside of her vagina, but only up to the first joint.”

Okuu brushes her index finger against your clit for a single second before retracting it. Just that was enough to make you cry out from the rough stimulation. She pressed a bit too hard with her nail for your taste, but even that is preferable to the earlier agonizing teasing. Her fingers return to your slit for a few more seconds before she stops again, then carefully slides the tip of her index finger inside of you. Finally having something inside of you makes you squirm in pleasure, even if Okuu doesn't quite know what to do next. After a bit of puzzling, she settles on twisting it around a few times, then pulls it out.

“Hmm, she may be ready,” Satori says shortly after. Okuu stops caressing you entire at her word, furthering your frustration. “How long have you been rubbing her? ...'about forty minutes?' Okay, she should be open enough. Okuu, turn Reimu over and assist her in presenting. Jala, please remember that Reimu is just a human. I am confident that she is fertile, but you need to be gentle. … Yes, good. I trust that you will.”

Okuu pushes her hands underneath your back and tries to flip you over. It's not exactly comfortable for you, but you suppose it's the only way for her to deal with a “wild bitch in heat.” She's not going to rub your pussy any more, so you might as well make it easier for her and roll over yourself. You stick your ass up in the air a bit once you're on your stomach, but Okuu still adjusts your posture, tucks your legs further in, and flips your skirt up.

You can hear Jala finally standing up behind you and walking around now that you're offering yourself to him. Your pussy still aches from Okuu's teasing, so you hope he hurries up and sticks it in. Instead, he opts to circle around your back, sniffing your exposed butt and slit. His hot breath tickles your pussy, causing you to unconsciously sway your hips in the vain hope of enticing him to move on.

Jala must approve of your body, as he moves on top of you. His fur brushes against your backside, but none of his weight is on your body. Okuu hurriedly retracts her arms from adjusting your posture and steps back to give the two of you some space. Jala sniffs the back of your head, and then you can hear him opening his mouth just above the nape of your neck. Nothing happens at first, but after a few seconds he simply licks your neck a few times.

After a short wait, Jala finally pushes forward. Something spindly pushes into your vagina, and it takes you a moment to realize that it must be his cock. It feels nothing like a human cock, as the tip is covered in dozens or hundreds of small protrusions. His dick isn't very big, at least considering how big the rest of him is, which fortunately means the barbs aren't digging too deep into your vaginal walls. It's a good thing they aren't sharp, or that'd really hurt.

You gasp as his penis pushes deeper into your pussy. Only the tip is covered in those things, but you can barely even feel the rest of his shaft inside of you, as the extremely alien experience drowns out everything else. It's not a sharp pain, and is really just extremely uncomfortable. In any event, you certainly can't say that this feels good. He's moving very slowly, probably out of consideration for you.

His dick stops after just a few inches. It's really not that long either, nothing at all compared to most humans. He holds this for a few seconds, just leaving his penis buried inside of you, which helps you briefly relax. Then he starts moving, slowly nudging his dick back and forth inside of you, but only moving about an inch at a time. You gasp from the pain of his sudden movements; going backwards is even worse, as the barbs must be angled to make insertion easier. The shallowness of his thrusts isn't helping either, since it just means his cock is repeatedly scraping against a small area.

And then it ends. Probably a mere fifteen seconds after first putting it in, or maybe even less. He ejaculates, shooting a few globs of semen into your pussy, then slowly pulls out his entire length. The backwards motion hurts once again, but you're just glad its over. You'll have to remember to not have sex with cats again – well, except Orin, since her dick is just like a human's.

You lie still, drained of all your energy from the unpleasant experience. Right now, you just want to rest for a while, even if it means falling asleep with your ass high in the air. His penis didn't do any real damage to you or anything, but the mental anguish was enough to practically knock you out.

Jala slides his penis back into your pussy. The shock causes you to cry out in pain as his barbed tip once again scrapes against your sensitive insides. You hoped it was over, but it seems the tiger had different ideas. His protrusions bite into your walls and he ejaculates again, mercifully even sooner this time. It only lasted a few seconds, but pulling all the way out is still the worst part.

He's still standing over you. Does that mean he intends to do it again?

“How many times are they going to do it, Lady Satori?” Okuu asks.

“Well, humans can have intercourse thousands of times before becoming pregnant, and each session can last hours. Reimu appears to be exceptionally fertile as a result of her position as the Hakurei shrine maiden, so I'm hoping she'll be able to get pregnant from repeated bursts of shorter intercourse. I just hope Jala can keep up with her; they normally only have sex about a hundred times a day.”

Where did she hear this crap?!

Jala's dick pushes past your entrance once again, before you have time to object to Satori's misinformation. Not that there's really anything you can do about it, given that you're trying to pretend to be a wild beast. He is trying to be nice and gentle with your weaker human body, but there's only so much he can do. His cock moves back and forth inside of you, stirring up your walls, and once again ejaculating quickly. You groan while he pulls it out of you, no doubt about to stick it in again soon.

After about a dozen ejaculations, the pain disappears. You can't tell if your pussy is actually used to it or if your mind is simply blocking it out. His cock is starting to feel good as it rubs against you, but you're so exhausted you can't properly enjoy it. He ejaculates yet again and pulls out, fortunately without any more pain.

You moan as his cock pushes into your pussy, pushing more of his overflowing cum out onto the floor. How many times has it been now? You lost count somewhere around two dozen. The entire room reeks of his semen and your sweat. Satori and Okuu continue to look onward, watching your progress with relative disinterest. They're just making sure that you get pregnant, and to ensure that nothing bad happens to you. Not that they can tell; you're quite certain that the huge volume of cum he's let out has already impregnated you.

The barbs on his cock scrape against your walls, sending bursts of pleasure through your entire body. You'd love to thrust your hips back and shake them and drive his shaft deeper into your pussy to make up for his complete lack of technique, but your body simply can't handle it. Your entire body quivers as his unusual tip finally brings you to orgasm, and he ejaculates inside of you again a second later. This is only your second orgasm despite repeated penetrations, as the short duration is simply not enough to get you off, and just leaves you hungry for more.

Despite your body's exhaustion, he continues to fuck you repeatedly, with only a minute or two between most sessions. There's only been one longer break, where you both got some water, and he got to eat some ground up meat. You weren't offered any... but you don't exactly want to eat anything right now, let alone raw meat.

Jala ejaculates yet again and pulls off of you. Finally, Satori and Okuu crouch down and flip you over onto your back. Does this mean it's over? You have no idea how long you were going at it, or how many times he came inside of you. There's a pool of his semen on the floor and your butt is soaking in it, a testament to how much he came. You're definitely pregnant, and that's the only thing you're sure of at this point.

You lie still, looking up at Satori and Okuu. They seem to be talking to each other, although you're really not sure what. At this point, you're far too physically and mentally drained to be able to focus. Jala seems to have decided to nap again; you can't see him, but you can feel his breath on your shoulder.

A few minutes pass with the two of them talking and occasionally looking at you. You feel a bit better already, and can kinda make out what Satori is saying. She mentioned something about a “bath” and also “horrible stink.”

...She must be talking about you.

[ ] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.
[ ] Satori must be punished! Muster up all your strength and molest her right here.
 No. 36743
[x] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.
 No. 36744
[X] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.

Refill HP before taking on the boss.
 No. 36745
[X] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.
 No. 36748
[x] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.
 No. 36766
[x] Satori must be punished! Muster up all your strength and molest her right here.

>Refill HP before taking on the boss.
It's more thrilling if you beat them when you're at death's door.
 No. 36775
[x] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.

That was... weird.
 No. 36786
[x] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.
 No. 36805
Calling it for
[x] Yeah, a bath sounds good. Let them clean you off.
 No. 36809
Well what did you expect from fucking a god damn animal? They're not built to go together.
 No. 36811
Considering we have Sanae having had pups with that youkai wolf who says that ain't a youkai tiger...
 No. 36812
I never knew we got Sanae to do that.
 No. 36814
see >>35383. Reimu meets some of her wolf pups.
 No. 36816
File 142293568772.png - (278.35KB, 700x640, 7a93c45b7484a0fbea534c47ca7359f7.png) [iqdb]
A bath would be good. You really should get all of this semen off of you. Some got into your clothes, but at least getting it off your body would help.

Okuu bends down and scoops you up off the floor, holding you in a princess carry. You let out a surprised “geh” as she lifts you, but you quickly settle down and nuzzle your head against her warm chest.

“Okay, Lady Satori. I'll make sure she gets nice and clean!”

Satori holds the door open for Okuu and bids farewell as Okuu walks outside. Seems Satori won't be joining the two of you. Oh well. Okuu navigates through the winding corridors of the palace with a clear destination in mind. You don't pay any attention to her path; there's too many hallways for you to ever hope to find anything on your own. Plus, since you're a helpless beast right now, someone should always escort you to your next destination.

Okuu stops in front of a door that looks much too plain for the bathroom. This can't be it. She fumbles with the doorknob, having trouble twisting it while also supporting your weight. After a few seconds of struggling, she gives up and sets you back down on your feet, then easily opens the door.

“Um, wait here a second, okay? Don't run off!” With that, Okuu hurries into the room and starts searching for something on the floor. Well, it's obviously not the bathroom, so this must be her personal room. You can't see everything from the doorway, but there's a normal human-sized bed, two dressers, a full-length mirror, and a large heap of straw on top of a simple wooden platform.

...One bed for each of her two forms? That's all you can think of.

“Aha!” Okuu exclaims with her hand reached underneath the bed. She must have found whatever she was looking for, and walks towards you while humming to herself. It's her cannon, and she's in the middle of attaching it to her right arm.

Well, it shouldn't be dangerous as long as she doesn't point it at you or anything. Presumably she has a good reason to need it.

“Thanks for waiting, Reimu,” she says, and picks you up again. The backs of your knees touch her arm cannon, which is even warmer than her body, but not burning hot or anything. It doesn't really heat up until she fires it, and you just hope she puts you down first if she ever needs to.

Okuu leads you through another trip through the maze, this time ending at a pair of large white double doors with golden handles. It's suitably ornate for the massive bathtub that you recall from your last visit. Okuu turns the handle and carries you inside, stepping over the porcelain ridge into the washing area. Even this is as big as a room in your shrine, but the bathtub itself is large enough to fit all of Satori's pets comfortably.

“There we go,” Okuu says as she sets you down onto a stool. “Just wait a moment while I heat up the water.” Heat the water? The bathtub is filled with what must be an incredible amount of water, and it does look to be cold. There's so much water in the tub that an entire forest's worth of wood would probably be needed just to warm it up. ...Is she going to shoot it with her cannon?

Okuu steps towards the bathtub with her left hand bracing her cannon, looking like she is indeed about to blast the entire tub and probably destroy half the palace. But she doesn't actually fire and keeps moving closer instead, finally crouching down in front of the porcelain ridge. She pushes the full length of her arm cannon into an octagonal opening that you hadn't noticed, which appears to be sized perfectly for her unique weapon. Once it's almost fully inside, she tightly grips the remaining handful with her left hand and shouts out a loud and enthusiastic “Yeeeaaaahhhh!”

The water bursts into a boil and bubbles at her shout. It looks like something is racing through the surface of the water and rapidly heating it, branching out and covering the entire bathtub in just a few seconds. Okuu pulls her arm cannon out and the water stops boiling, but continues to steam invitingly. Quite the neat trick.

“Hmm, still a little hot, but it should cool quickly as the water evaporates,” Okuu says, after sticking her left hand into the water to test its temperature. You get the feeling she gets to practice doing that a lot. She pulls off her arm cannon and sets it down on the ground outside of the bath, then walks back towards you. “Okay, time to strip you down, Reimu!” Okuu says, and holds both of your hands with hers. She gently lifts your hands over your head, and uses that opportunity to take off your blouse. Just like if you were a child, although you are pretending to be a little like one.

The rest of your clothes come off quickly, with Okuu deftly unwrapping your sarashi and pulling off your skirt. You help, of course, as there's no reason to make her job more difficult. Once you're fully naked, she picks up a wooden bucket and fills it with the hot bath water. “Now to get you nice and clean!” she says with her usual enthusiasm.

A stream of hot water pours over your body as Okuu dumps the contents of the bucket over you. It's hotter than you'd like, but not scalding, despite some of it boiling just a minute ago. The worst of the cum washes off you and flows into the drain. Just that isn't enough to really clean you off, so Okuu grabs a sponge and begins scrubbing your body. She's being a little rough, but you suppose it's necessary. Her hands diligently scrub your back, arms, legs, and even your breasts with loving care.

It only takes her a few minutes to do this, and she finishes you off with another bucket of hot water. There isn't much she could do for your hair, but you suppose two buckets of water helps at the very least. “There,” Okuu says, “now you're all clean.” Finally, she takes your hand and guides you to bathtub. You gingerly stick your foot in to test the temperature and, having determined that it's not too hot, sit down in the tub.

The water is heavenly and caresses your entire body. While the whole mating business didn't involve much work, it still left you sore, and the heat massages your muscles and makes the ache disappear. You let out a sigh and just relax, using your arms on the rim to keep yourself propped up.

It's weird being in a bathtub so large. You're used to bathing in a small box with edges immediately to your left and right, but in this massive room you can only hold on from one side. It is nice being able to actually stretch out like in an onsen, but the lack of outdoor scenery makes it somewhat jarring.

Okuu strips down while you soak and relax, getting ready to join you. All she's wearing is a blouse and a skirt, with nothing underneath, so she's naked in no time. She isn't the least bit concerned about exposing her skin to you, even as you watch her undress with lust-filled eyes. Her breasts are exposed first, big and heavy and pushed apart by the large red eye between them. Once she's nude, she walks towards you with a spring in her step, causing her tits and flaccid cock to sway back and forth. Scrubbing your semen-covered body and voluptuous breasts didn't turn her on at all, it seems.

She picks up the bucket and fills it with the bath water once again, then dumps it over her head. After quickly gliding a clean sponge over most of her body, Okuu steps into the tub and sinks down to her neck in the hot water. She echoes your earlier sentiments with a content sigh, then adds, “Being able to relax like this is so nice, isn't it, Reimu?” You silently agree, not able to actually say anything in response. Even nodding is out of the question.

There's nothing you want to do more than simply relax, but Okuu seems to have other ideas. After a minute of soaking, she stands up and walks away from you, then extends her feet, arms, and wings to stretch them all. All without any consideration for the fact that she's nude, giving you a clear view of her toned ass. Next, she lies down on her back and floats on the water's surface, then flaps her wings repeatedly. A lot of water splashes into the air from her furious movements, but she's far enough away that none of it gets on you.

She stands back up after a few seconds and flaps her wings some more to get the water out. “Ahhh, doing that feels so good. Lady Satori gets upset if I do that, so it'll just be our little secret, okay, Reimu?” she says with a wink. Satori's objections are perfectly understandable. You'd yell at her just for floating in the bath, let alone that ridiculous display. At least she isn't swimming in here.

Once she's done with her little exercise, Okuu walks back towards you and resumes soaking in the tub normally. This puts her wings back under the water, but you guess they just don't get as wet if they're folded up. Her breasts are right next to your arm, but you're not in the mood to grope her. You could probably get away with it, but having sex with a tiger wore you out. Your vagina doesn't hurt anymore, at least, which supports your assumption that nothing actually got torn.

The two of you get out of the bath after about half an hour has passed. Okuu grabs two towels out of a drawer and dries you off first, then herself. You get dressed on your own while Okuu does the same. Hopefully she'll just dismiss it as you being so used to being clothed you instinctively put them on. Waiting for her to do every little thing just sounds too annoying, and fortunately she doesn't mention anything about your unusual behavior.

“Hmm, it's still too early for dinner to be ready,” Okuu says to herself. “Now what do I do? Lady Satori just said to clean Reimu off, and that's all done. Hmm, do I even need to do anything...? I guess we just need to waste time. Hmm.”

[ ] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.
[ ] Follow Okuu and do whatever she does.
 No. 36817
[x] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.
 No. 36818
[X] Follow Okuu and do whatever she does.

Either Reimu's finding her second wind, we get ourselves a cat girl or nuclear control hijinks?

Sign me up!
 No. 36819
[X] Follow Okuu and do whatever she does.

Either Reimu's finding her second wind, we get ourselves a cat girl or nuclear control hijinks?

Sign me up!
 No. 36820
[x] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.
 No. 36821
[X] Follow Okuu and do whatever she does.

Time for fun with Okuu~
 No. 36822
[X] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.
 No. 36823
[X] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.

There has been a distinct lack of Orin in this palace. Let's see if we can run into her.
 No. 36825
[x] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.

Time for some KoKo.
 No. 36828
Calling it for
[x] Take this opportunity to wander around aimlessly by yourself.

Well, she'll be at dinner. Even if she doesn't do much. And she'll be attending to Reimu tomorrow as well.
 No. 36843
File 142371701185.png - (842.93KB, 813x1137, Ignore_the_Remilia.png) [iqdb]
“Hmm. Maybe I'll just take a quick nap. There's nothing else to do today.” Okuu decides her course of action after briefly debating with herself. “C'mon Reimu, let's go back to my room now.” You don't really want to take a nap, but you don't have any choice but to follow her for now. After picking up her arm cannon, Okuu takes your hand and leads you back to her room, closing the door behind you.

She unceremoniously drops her cannon onto the floor and plops down on her bed, face first. She rolls around a bit, rubbing her face against the pillow, before finally crawling underneath her covers. “Hwaaah... good night, Reimu. Y'can just, haaaah, sleep here or on the floor if you like,” she mumbles, already almost asleep. A few seconds is all it takes for her to close her eyes and start breathing peacefully.

Well, you could take a nap with her, or molest her in her sleep, but you don't particularly want to do either right now. There's probably something more interesting to do in this huge palace, even if it's just playing with some of Satori's pets. Non-sexually, of course; you're not in the mood for another jagged corkscrew monstrosity.

You quietly open the door and sneak out, although Okuu's deep sleep probably makes any stealth unnecessary. Now, where to go? You have no idea where anything is, so you just go to the left from her room and start walking. As the forks in the hallways come up, you just randomly choose where to go, hoping to discover something interesting. There are unfortunately no signs giving directions to any important areas, such as the dining hall(s) or wherever Satori is, but hopefully you can manage to avoid her on your own.

There aren't many animals in the hallways, especially considering the huge number of pets Satori seems to have. Most of them seem to prefer to stay in their rooms rather than wander around, although there are a lot of empty rooms too. You pass an unusual bird-like creature that stood on two legs and is as tall as you cleaning itself. A minute later, you encounter a large, scaly lizard thing that only comes up to your ankles walking towards you, and then off to some unknown location. There certainly are a lot of animals here you don't recognize.

Most of the rooms you pass don't have visible occupants. Only a few of the doors are actually closed, but a quick peek into the others usually turns up nothing. They could just be sleeping somewhere you can't see them, or hiding behind the assorted junk on the floor, or maybe they've just stepped out. Either way, there's little of interest here. Where are all the fluffy kittens and other cute pets?

A pack of wolves show up from around the next corner and walk past you; first the leader, then six other members. They pay you little mind, but you still make certain to hug the wall to give them room. Even without doing anything threatening, you can see how big their teeth are, so you'd prefer getting out of their way. Satori's pets are all reasonably friendly, but it's still better to play it safe, especially without Satori or Okuu around.

Once they're gone, you continue walking and turn around the next corner... And promptly fall onto your butt. You rub your head, trying to ease the sudden pain in your head. Did you run into someone? It certainly feels like you did... but there's no one in front of you. You stand up and look around, but can't find anyone, human or animal, that you could've collided with.

Did you just walk into the wall or something? No, that's ridiculous. You're not that clumsy, and you're certain you hit something in the hallway, not the hallway itself. Maybe you ran into some unusual animal and it ran away, frightened, while you were disoriented. That's the best explanation you can come up with, even if you never saw or heard anything.

Something grabs your butt. A very human hand squeezes your right cheek, then moves underneath you and rubs against the gap between your thighs. So, it's not an animal, and it didn't escape. Which means...

“Koishi?!” you cry out, turning around and pushing the girl's hand away from your thighs. Now that you know what to look for, you can finally see the perpetrator, and she stares back at you with her usual blank smile.

“Ah! You noticed me!” she exclaims. You can't tell if she's pleased or not about this. “Hello, new pet.”

“No, I'm not one of Satori's pets,” you explain. It's probably useless to try to explain anything to her, but you have to try.

Koishi suddenly places both of her hands on your breasts and squeezes them. “You're cute,” she says simply. “I like you.”

Should you stop her? You wouldn't normally object to having your tits fondled out of the blue, but this is Koishi. She's difficult to deal with, not to mention unpredictable.

“Soft!” she exclaims, still feeling your boobs. “So soft! Yay, sis got more fun pets!” You decide to just let her continue. She's handling you roughly, enjoying just the softness of your breasts through your clothing and not trying to pleasure you or anything. Still, her small fingers sink into your breasts and occasionally rub against your nipples as her hands wander, causing your heart to race. One of Koishi's hands moves away from your breast and slides up your skirt, then rubs your slit a few times through your panties.

“Hey, you should ask before touching people there, Koishi.”

“Let's have fun together!” she says instead. She's not actually asking, but the sentiment is there. Kinda. You don't think there's anything you could say to get her to actually ask for permission. And, of course, she doesn't stop and wait for you. Her index finger brushes against your entrance, staining your panties with your juices.

“Alright, fine.” You give in to her request, now that she's gotten you all horny. “But in the middle of a hallway? Shouldn't we -” Koishi interrupts you, pushing you down and onto your back. Not hard enough for it to hurt, but with enough strength to force you down. Her frail-looking body is surprisingly powerful, especially in contrast to Satori, who is almost exactly as weak as she looks.

Her forcefulness annoys you, but you don't fight her. Letting someone else take control isn't bad, and it's probably the only way she knows how to fuck. The hallways are mostly deserted anyway, and Koishi's power seems to extend to people and objects near her, not that you understand how. It'd take a massive stroke of bad luck for Satori to chance upon the two of you here like this.

Koishi crawls on top of you, taking a moment to savor the sight of your sprawled form. After a second, she brings her attention to your lower half, flipping your skirt up and pushing your panties to the side with quick, practiced motions. She buries her face between your legs and deeply inhales your scent as her nose touches your entrance, then rubs her entire face against your slit. Her cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and lips all brush against your lower lips, like she's trying to etch the smell of your pussy onto her body.

It's a little weird to feel her rubbing you like this, but if that's what gets her excited, you aren't one to stop her.

Koishi extends her tongue and licks your pussy, occasionally sampling your thighs and waist as well. It feels like she isn't trying to pleasure you, instead wanting to just drink up your juices for herself. She brushes against your folds with the meat her of tongue, sending jolts of pleasure through your body. Despite her intentions, her aggressiveness is nonetheless making you feel good.

One of her hands reaches up and grabs your tits. She softly moans into your pussy as she licks you, apparently enjoying herself just as much. Her heavy breathing tickles your clit as she pants between slurps. You can just barely hear her muttering to herself, but can't make out what she's saying.

After a minute or two of licking, Koishi abruptly stops and crawls on top of you. She looks at you with lust-filled eyes, breathing heavily as her tongue hangs from her mouth and drips a few drops of saliva onto your shirt. She's also stark naked, which is surprising because you never saw her strip out of her clothes. Her nipples are erect and a stream of juice trickles down her thighs, easily spelling out how aroused she is.

Her cock slams into you, causing you to moan loudly. It was unexpected, but Koishi's rough cunnilingus got you wet enough to accept her full length easily. It's bigger than you expected, at least seven inches long and suitably thick. A nice, ordinary, human penis, and a great change from Jala's barbed cock.

Koishi then takes advantage of your parted lips and kisses you, forcing her tongue into your mouth. She ravages you with the same ferocity she showed with your pussy, roughly slapping her tongue against yours and brushing against your cheeks, teeth, and gums. Your mouth is filled with the taste of her saliva and your pussy juice as the mixed fluids drip onto your tongue. As before, she's acting solely in her own interests and it's purely incidental that she's making you feel good too.

She's equally aggressive in penetrating you, thrusting her meaty cock in and out of your hungry pussy with a steady but rapid pace. It's actually impressive how well she can focus on both her tonguework and her hips like this. Her eagerness has you completely captivated, and you're unable to stop her or take control. Not that you mind.

Koishi crawls closer a bit to get a better angle towards your face so she can drive her tongue deeper into your mouth. She places both of her hands on your shoulders for support, and you notice that her fingers on her left hand are wet. Was she fingering herself while she had her face buried between your legs?

After just a minute, her cock ejaculates, filling your pussy with a thick load of cum. She buries her cock into your depths and and holds it there until it stops twitching, letting your womb drink her hot semen. Cumming from her cock does nothing to slow down Koishi's tongue, and you moan into her mouth as the pleasure shoots through your body. It wasn't enough to make you climax, but you can feel it approaching.

Cumming doesn't slow her down, and she resumes fucking you once she finishes ejaculating. Her cock slides in and out of your cum-soaked pussy, scraping against your sensitive walls. It's still wonderfully hard with no signs of fatigue, displacing some of the cum from your pussy as it rapidly plunges in and out.

Koishi finally breaks the kiss, moving her head away from yours, leaving you moaning and panting for breath. A thin trail of saliva connects her tongue to your lips, which breaks as she moves her head further away. She looks you in the eye while panting, the arousal still clear in her face and eyes.

She crawls forward and sits upright, then shoves her pussy into your face, grinding it against your lips. You grab on to her butt for support and slide your tongue between her folds. She's completely soaked, and you can taste some semen deep in her cunt as you push deeper inside of her. Her lips are loose and hang down a little, suggesting that she gets penetrated very frequently. Considering how quickly she decided to fuck you, she must also get it on with other residents of the palace very often. Possibly even all of the underground.

You kiss and suck on her lips, causing her to moan happily. She stops grinding her pussy against your face now that you're sucking on it, but continues to slowly rock her hips back and forth. Her clit is swollen and her entire body quivers when you lick it, bringing her close to her climax. It's a little hard to concentrate on her cunt while her cock continues to slam into your pussy, but her dominant posture means you have to appease her.

Something doesn't quite seem right here, but you can't quite figure out what it is. It's probably nothing.

Her voice climbs higher and her moans become more frequent as you lick her clit and lips. She's not in a good position for you to finger her as well, so you're forced to make do with your tongue. You moan into her cunt as her cock takes you to the edge of orgasm, but continue to focus on pleasuring her as well.

Koishi moans and leans forward, grabbing on to the sides of your head. A second later she orgasms, crying out in pleasure and spraying her juices onto your face. You climax as well, joining her moans of pleasure and tightening your pussy around her shaft. Her cock ejaculates a second time, once again filling your pussy with more delicious semen. You can feel some of it dripping out of your pussy and onto the floor as she finally pulls her cock out of your pussy.

You lie like that for some time, dazed from the orgasm. After a while, you realize that Koishi isn't on top of you anymore. You sit up and take a look around, but don't see her anywhere. It's possible that she's just hiding her presence from you, more successfully this time, but it's more likely that she's actually gone. She vanished as abruptly as she appeared.

It occurs to you that you never instructed her to keep the fact that you can talk hidden from her sister. Well, Satori seems to have trouble noticing Koishi herself, so hopefully it won't cause any problems. You stand up and fix your clothes, then resume wandering.


Dinner's next, and I don't really have a good choice for here. So, instead I'll open up a vote for what should impregnate Reimu next. She is pregnant with tiger cubs, and will be knocked up again shortly after giving birth. I can't decide on what animal either, hence the vote. Only caveats are no more felines, and nothing that'd be physically impossible, e.g. due to size (so no elephants, and also no chipmunks).
 No. 36844

She is complaining about size all the time after all.
 No. 36845
[X] Boar
Three-stage semen and actual corkscrew dick.
Alternate ideas: rhino, dolphin (rape cave, prehensile dick), ostrich (large eggs).
 No. 36847
A giant duck.
 No. 36848
oh god why
 No. 36849
[X] White Wolfs need some luvin'. Either Malemiji or futaMomiji, or some oc
 No. 36850
Pretty sure we're voting for animals here. So a vote for white wolf would get an actual white wolf, not Best Tengu.
 No. 36851
File 142380380787.png - (846.18KB, 1200x829, 881d8497cefd622aee53efa1de556b00.png) [iqdb]
More specifically, Satori's pets.

Momiji is not a pet.
 No. 36852
File 142380480318.gif - (400.60KB, 300x182, so unexspected.gif) [iqdb]

Unless! Momiji secretly enjoys pet play, and volunteers to be Satori's pet sometimes.

For some reason, the mental image of Satori smacking Momiji with a newspapers just seems so right.

[X] boar
 No. 36853
[x] Shoebill

We get Eggs AND we get the most intimidating bird around.
 No. 36854
File 142381082912.jpg - (106.18KB, 600x450, shoebill_img01-l.jpg) [iqdb]
Pic related
 No. 36855
[X] Dolphin
Let's say Satori has a giant tank...
 No. 36857
[x] Boar
 No. 36858

Of course she has a giant tank. Otherwise her "Trauma in the glimmering depths" spellcard would be useless.
 No. 36859
File 142389225213.jpg - (1.53MB, 1250x1650, 99fd82ee0cc23c4769698d16eb58dbb7.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, going to close votes in 2 days. The suggested critters are:

[ ] Horse
[ ] Boar
[ ] Dolphin
[ ] (giant) duck
[ ] Shoebill

Vetoing Momiji, Rhino, and ostrich. Not going to do an ordinary wolf simply because Sanae already got knocked up by one. Yes, Satori has a pool she can use for the dolphin.

I'll count all of the existing votes. If you already posted and want to change it, please delete your old post so I don't count it twice.
 No. 36860
[x] boar

I've seen enough porn to know how this ends.
 No. 36861
[X] Shoebill

Because Intimidating Birds are amusing (and it fits the describe the very tall stork like bird)
 No. 36863

just because.
 No. 36864
[X] Horse

Can't go wrong with the classics.
 No. 36875
[X] Dolphin
sounds interesting~
 No. 36876
Calling it for
[x] Boar
 No. 36879
File 142423131823.jpg - (610.45KB, 755x950, 418a1a39e17f2b1679bda583c7ef684f.jpg) [iqdb]
You walk through the hallways, occasionally peeking into open doors, and finding little of interest. Then, before you can reach one door you had your eye on, it opens a bit on its own and a deer walks out. It ignores you and passes you by in the hallway, running to the fork and turning out of sight.

A second later, two more doors open. A goat walks out of one, followed by several small furry animals, and they all run off in the same direction as the deer. The second door opens more slowly, and you look down to see a large turtle shambling away after the goat.

The squeaks coming from down the hall suggest that other doors are opening as well from where you just passed. Something is definitely going on. Not everyone is leaving, though; you take a moment to peer into another door that's ajar and find a very sleepy dog, curled up into a ball, and ignoring both you and the current commotion.

You have no idea where they're all going, but it's bound to be more interesting than wandering the hallways. Having nothing better to do, you follow after them. Most are a lot quicker than you, but you find a small, bright red bird that is making the trip at a much slower pace. It takes a few short hops towards its destination, then flies into the air but lands after only a few paces, repeating the process each time. It'd be much faster if it just flew without pausing, but this way you can keep up with it easily.

After about five minutes of chasing this little bird, you find a significantly larger bird wandering the hallways looking lost. Or, rather, looking like she lost something else, rather than herself.

“Ah! There you are, you naughty girl!” Okuu says after noticing you. “C'mon, it's time for dinner!”

You'll need to remember to not say anything. Koishi went and broke your practiced silence, but you should be able to stay in the groove again. You're kinda curious as to where all these animals are headed, but unfortunately can't just ask her. You glance at Okuu to acknowledge her, then go right back to following after that bird.

“Hey, don't ignore me!” she protests, then runs towards you and throws her arms around you from behind. “Let's go eat. You like human food, don't you? Or would you rather eat grass seeds with Kanoni?” No, you wouldn't. Is that where he's going, then?

You give in to Okuu and stand still. Once she's realized that you'll go along with her, she grabs onto your wrist and leads you through the hall, finally stopping at a set of double doors. They're a bit less grand than the ones at the entrance, but still impressively large and trimmed with gold. Okuu pushes them open and leads you inside.

Satori and Orin are already inside, seated at a large table. It's a huge table, about three feet by eighteen, but only has four places set. Satori is at one edge, with Orin on the side farthest from you. There's an empty seat opposite Orin and another opposite Satori; you're guessing you'll sit there, while Okuu sits opposite Orin. All of the other pets must eat somewhere else, with Orin and Okuu getting special treatment.

“Ah, I see you found her. Thank you, Okuu. 'Wandering the hallways?' Well, it doesn't sound like she caused any trouble.” You take a moment to look around the table. Satori is sitting calmly, while Orin is fidgeting in place and looking exasperated. The large, still-smoking fish and slabs of turkey on the plate in front of her are probably the source of her distress. They look and smell great, even from this distance, but remain untouched. Satori must have ordered Orin to not eat until everyone was seated... meaning your disappearance resulting in her having to wait with a delicious meal right in front of her. You offer a silent apology to the poor catgirl.

Satori, meanwhile, appears to have a much simpler meal. It's green. Really green, with only a few spots of red, white, and brown that you can see from here. You can't make out the details from here, but in front of her appears to be some kind of really big salad in a large bowl, and that's it. There's no side dishes to go with it, just a glass of red wine.

Looking towards your side of the table, you're dismayed to see that your meal appears to be exactly the same as Satori's. Just eating a pile of lettuce doesn't sound very appetizing to you. Okuu gets a nice looking chunk of beef with a large bone in the center, plus a few big eggs. So the pets get the finest meats, while the owner and her “guest” get to eat a tree.

“Please lead Reimu to her seat, Okuu,” Satori says, interrupting your brief inspection. Okuu complies and guides you to the far edge of the table, then pulls the chair out for you. You sit down, and she helps you slide in.

“Hey, Lady Satori, is Reimu going to be fine using a fork with the collar on?” Okuu asks.

“Huh? Oh, um, she should be able to,” Satori responds, not sounding convincing. She obviously hadn't considered the finer details of enslaving you, so it's a good thing her plan didn't actually work. “The collar doesn't interfere with basic or repeatedly practiced skills, which is why she's still able to walk fine. Anything she does daily, like using silverware, will be fine.”

Satori, you can count the number of times you've used silverware on your fingers, thanks to Remilia's almost complete insistence upon Western dining. Alice made you use a fork and knife once, and you promptly demanded chopsticks and a bowl of rice with every meal in the future.

Now that everyone is seated, dinner can begin. Satori signals this by picking up her fork, prompting Orin and Okuu to dig in to their meals. Neither of the two pets bother with any utensils, and simply grab their cooked meats and start chewing noisily. None of this bothers Satori, and she soundlessly uses her fork to eat her salad.

You pick up the fork and hold it in a fist, then use it to poke at your salad a little to examine it. It's not entirely lettuce as you had thought. There's a good amount of shredded cheese on top, small bright red fruit adding some color, chopped nuts spread throughout the leaves, and some kind of oil covering everything as well. This might not be horrible, but it's still not your idea of a proper meal. There isn't even any rice! Nor anything good to drink; there's some clear liquid in a wide cup by your seat, but you're dismayed to discover that it's simply water.

Oh well, there's nothing you can do about it. This is all you have to eat, and you are pretty hungry. You stab some of the leaves with the fork, then bring them to your mouth. The fork picked up too many to comfortably fit into your mouth, but you just open wider and force the whole mess in.

Hmm, this isn't half bad. You only got the cheese and oil along with the lettuce, but that was enough to give it a decent flavor. The oil has a surprisingly sharp taste that really takes away the monotony of eating leaves, aided by the fullness of the cheese and the hint of umami.

You continue eating at a slow pace, trying to get all the little bits from the salad without stuffing your face again. It's better than you expected, but not enough to get you worked up into any kind of fervor. Like the cat and raven; Okuu has already finished about half of her chunk of beef, and is peeling the shell off of one of her hard boiled eggs. Orin has already devoured her fish, and is using her sharp teeth to tear off chunks of turkey. And then Satori is just eating silently, occasionally taking a sip of her wine, and watching the carnage without comment. What unusual dining arrangements.

Dinner concludes once everyone has finished eating. Orin and Okuu had a lot more food in front of them, so everyone finishes at about the same time despite those two eating faster. Everyone remains seated until Satori stands up, and then Orin and Okuu leave their seats as well. You decide to stay put until someone actually comes to order you around, figuring that's the proper thing to do.

“I believe it is time for Reimu to sleep. Okuu, please help me guide her to the bed. I finished the preparations just before dinner, so it is eagerly waiting for her. Orin, you'll be responsible for caring for her tomorrow. That means your usual work will be on hold. Please be available when she is finished sleeping.”

“Mmkay, Lady Satori!” Orin agrees cheerfully. With nothing to do right now, she stretches and heads for the door.

Okuu walks up to you and takes your hand. “C'mon Reimu, let's go to bed, okay?” She helps you out of your chair and leads you to the door, where Satori is waiting for you. Satori leads the way, guiding you and Okuu through the hallways once again, stopping at a closed door that looks like all of the others.

“Here we are,” she says simply, and reaches out to grab the handle.

You can hear something coming from within the room. Or maybe from a nearby room, but you're reasonably certain it's the one that Satori is about to open. However, you have no idea what the noise is. It doesn't sound like a person is in the room, waiting for you, but more like a really thick soup being poured back into the pot. It's a very odd sound, but it's also very faint. Nonetheless, there is definitely something inside.

Satori opens the door, and the sound grows much louder, but you can't still figure it out. The three of you step into the room, which is only lit dimly by the ceiling lights. You take a quick look to the left and see nothing unusual, just some basic furniture like in most of the other rooms, only suited for humans rather than assorted animals. Then you follow Satori's gaze, realize she's looking at the oddly-shaped wooden bed, and discover the source of the noise after stepping closer.

The bed itself is unusually designed, with solid wooden rim that reaches up to your shoulder. The huge mass of writhing tentacles inside of the bed perfectly explains the height, however. Hundreds of tentacles fill every corner of the bed, the slimy limbs moving over each other and causing that strange noise. You barely manage to stop yourself from yelling out in surprise, which would have blown your cover.

Satori is entirely unperturbed by the tentacles, while Okuu peers closer to get a better look, but without being alarmed. Which means that they are indeed supposed to be here, and this would be the “preparations” Satori had mentioned earlier. She expects you to sleep on this?

You take a closer look at the tentacles. You've “dealt” with tentacles in the past, just... not this many. At the very least, they seem normal. There's a few varieties that you can make out; some are thin and smooth, others wide and covered in innumerable protrusions on one side, and others are fat and warty. Some end in a simple tail, others have something that looks like a (fortunately toothless) mouth, a few have strand-like feelers coming out of the end, and you spot at least one that looks a lot like a penis. If your past experience is any indication, they will absolutely all try to rape you if you get into that bed. The height of the bed's rim will also make escaping impossible, forcing you to rely on outside assistance, even without taking into account how they will inevitably restrain your entire body. There's a small step to help you get into the bed, but nothing to help you get out.

“Okuu, could you pick up Reimu now?” Satori says.


[ ] Run away!
[ ] Let them put you to bed.
 No. 36880
[x] Run away!
 No. 36881
[X] Run away! ... but without breaking cover, and don't try too hard if they push it...
 No. 36882
[X] Let them put you to bed.

Well, hell we came here to get screwed didn't we? Lets go all the way then.
 No. 36883
[x] Let them put you to bed.
A tentacle bed? Count me in!
 No. 36884
[z] Let them put you to bed.

Tentacle Hell time!
 No. 36885
[x] Let them put you to bed.
 No. 36886
[x] Let them put you to bed.

Because why not is a thing.
 No. 36888
[X] Let them put you to bed.
 No. 36889
Calling it for
[x] Let them put you to bed.

I'll make it really clear if an option is going to break her cover. It'll have to be pretty blatant, e.g. Reimu actually talking or something.
 No. 36890
[ ] Run away!
 No. 36891
[x] Let them put you to bed.

Tentacle furniture is pretty good.
 No. 36892
OP, please get a tripcode so people don't have an excuse for not noticing you've called it.
 No. 36894
There's already no excuse.
 No. 36902
File 142526049263.jpg - (506.11KB, 768x1024, c31d104f4ae1429e647e7d8c62afef8f.jpg) [iqdb]
“Okay, Lady Satori!” Okuu says, far too cheerful for someone about to throw you to the not-exactly-figurative wolves. You briefly consider running away, but Okuu grabs you from behind before you can finish thinking. She lifts you up into a princess carry and takes a step towards the bed. You can't help but squirm in her embrace, not looking forward to what will happen next, but she continues to hold on to you without difficulty.

It might be possible to break free if you tried hard enough, but you've lost the drive at this point. Thinking it over, you shouldn't be in any kind of serious danger from this. Satori isn't going to hurt you or anything – probably – and those tentacles do look like the kind that only rapes women, and not something more sinister. Nothing bad will happen, it'll just be a lot more sex at once than you're used to. And really, isn't that why you came down here in the first place?

Okuu leans forward and dips her arms into the bed, holding you just above the writhing mass of tentacles, and drops you in. The bed of tentacles cushions your fall, and you sink about three inches in as your weight displaces the tentacles. And then, nothing happens. You expected them to swarm over you as soon as they made contact with your succulent body, but they aren't doing anything different than before. They're still moving around a bit, rubbing their slimy bodies against your back and sides, but that's it.

“Good night, Reimu! Sleep tight!” Okuu says with her usual cheer. Did they really just put you in here to sleep? No, you can't believe that. This setup is far too out of the ordinary for something so plain. The tentacles will ravage you eventually, you just don't know when. Right now, they're merely a little gross, so you try your hardest to keep still and not rub against them yourself.

“Yes, good night, Reimu. Be sure to sleep well; you have a big day tomorrow,” Satori says, perfectly calm. A real bed would make it easier to fall asleep, Satori. The two of them start to walk out the door, and Satori begins talking to Okuu. “You need to go to sleep too. Yes, I know you're not tired.” Satori turns off the overhead lights, making the room even darker. “But you need to wake up early to resume your work on-” She closes the door behind her, cutting off her sentence and plunging the room into total blackness.

The tentacles begin to move. They move slowly, but with actual direction now, as opposed to simply squirming about in place. Two crawl over your exposed stomach, one from each side, and another curls around your right arm. A few seconds later, two more snake across your body, both starting from your left shoulder and going diagonally towards your waist. One slides between your breasts, slightly indenting the fabric of your shirt, while the other goes around and brushes against the side instead. Some more wrap around and ankles and pull downward, sinking your bare feet into the mass of tentacles.

They're not doing much, but it's only a matter of time. You try to stay as still as possible, as movement will only encourage them. Especially since there's no possibility of escape. Letting the tentacles pleasure you might be fun, but you don't want to deal with all of them at once.

About a minute later, you can feel a swarm of something crawling across your chest. They're obviously tentacles, or parts of one, but they feel very different from the others: much smaller and thinner, about the size of a stalk of rice, and without the light coating of slime that's on all the others. More of these tiny worms than you can count slither over your chest, with some of them taking advantage of their size to fit underneath your sarashi. The sheer number of them allows them to cover much of your chest as the others slowly work their way up your boobs. It's like they're scouts for the bigger ones.

Your heart races as the worms slowly climb towards your nipples. Their squirming bodies tickle you as they approach, forced to press into your soft flesh by the tightness of your wrapping. It doesn't feel good, but the anticipation of what comes next is enough to make your pussy dampen. Even if their movements seem aimless, they must have a destination.

More of the thick tentacles wrap around you. Your left leg is covered by three particularly strong ones and forced down into the writhing mass, spreading your legs open a bit. As if on cue, another pokes its “head” against your entrance, but is blocked by your panties. It's either unwilling or unable to simply tear the fabric and drive itself into your cunt. The brief touch is enough to make you moan a little, but the stimulation passes once it quickly gives up. Some other tentacles move around your hands and wrap around your fingers, but don't exert any pressure or do anything else.

You gasp as the worms find your nipples. They circle around them, unable to actually exert any pressure on the delicate nub, but climb on top of each. Once there, they slide into the pores in the center of your erect nipples. Your body shakes from the surprise of the unusual penetration, even though the worms aren't able to push past anything, and remain still with their heads buried inside of you.

Avoiding movement was definitely the right decision. The involuntary shaking from the nipple insertion was enough to bring the entire bed of tentacles to life. You can feel them moving about underneath you, much faster than before. A thick tentacle with a cone shaped end pops up and forces its way into your mouth, taking advantage of your parted lips from your earlier moans and cries of surprise. At the same time, a thinner one wraps itself around your body and arms, holding them together with a surprising strength.

The thick tentacle fills your mouth and shoves itself against your throat. Its meaty texture brushes against your tongue as it squirms in place for a few seconds. You're forced to taste some of its slime; it's not awful, but certainly not good either. The taste is rank and bitter, but at least only mildly.

An unbelievably sweet fluid pours into your mouth, rapidly dripping from the entire surface of the tentacle. It's the sweetest thing you could possibly imagine, and it's absolutely disgusting. The syrupy liquid drips onto your tongue and pours down your throat and makes you want to gag, but the tentacle has your mouth completely plugged. You're forced to swallow the horrible stuff as the tentacle continues to excrete more and more of the awful substance.

Your body shakes as the foul liquid fills your mouth, encouraging even more of them to assault you. A thick, bumpy tentacle slides up from between your legs and grinds its ribbed body against your slit. It's not able to get past your panties, but even this indirect rubbing is enough to make you tremble. A few seconds later, a flat tentacle crawls up your thigh and slips underneath your panties, thin enough to move underneath the fabric and intelligent enough to know what to do.

You let out a muffled moan as the flat tentacle brushes against your damp slit. It feels eerily similar to a human tongue, and the sudden burst of focused pleasure after so much teasing sends shivers down your spine. The tentacle sways back and forth and licks your lips and erect clit as if drinking up your juices. It's a simple motion, but it feels so good relative to this situation that you sway your hips back and forth as much as you can, trying to encourage it to go deeper.

The repeated back and forth motions gradually push your panties down, revealing your soaked slit to the air. It only takes a second for another tentacle to take advantage of this, plunging its warty tendril deep into your cunt. The thickness of the tentacle perfectly fills your pussy, stretching your lips just enough to feel amazing while the hard bumps dig into your sensitive walls. You climax instantly despite the harsh insertion and try to thrust your hips to drive it even deeper into your hungry body. It's a welcome respite from the less-than-pleasant experience with Jala.

Your body trembles with joy from the afterglow, having completely abandoned any notions of trying to remain still. The tentacle pauses for a moment inside of you while your walls clamp down on it, but quickly begins to steadily thrust in and out of your pussy. Its elongated tip brushes against your womb while its thick body scrapes against your tight walls and the flat tentacle licks your engorged clit. You moan into the tentacle plugging your mouth as the pleasure sears your mind from your.

The tentacle in your mouth begins to move as well, gently pushing against your throat. You're surprised at how little resistances your body is offering, especially considering how it was unable to reach that far back earlier. It wriggles around a bit as it slides down your throat, tightly filling the cavity before retracting to allow you to breathe. The foul taste is gone as well, replaced by a still sweet but far more pleasant aftertaste. You slide your tongue around the bottom of the tentacle while it plunges deep into your throat, hoping to taste some more of the syrupy fluid.

Another tentacle pushes against your ass and forces its way in. It stops after just an inch, where it suddenly gets thicker. You grunt as the tentacle moves forward, pushing the bloated limb into your tight anus. Now that it's inside of you, you can feel that the growth is ball-shaped, roughly the size of Yuugi's cock at its thickest. Then the tentacle stops again, having reached yet another swelling. Is this thing covered in them?

Three minutes later, you moan as the fourth ball slides into your ass. It feels so amazingly full now, as the swellings push apart your walls without making it much more difficult for the tentacle to penetrate you. And more keep entering you, quicker now that your anus has loosened. Your body quivers as the tentacle in your cunt pushes deeper, pressing against the mass in your anus. All three of your holes are being thoroughly violated, and it feels amazing.

A few more tentacles wrap around your body, but you can barely feel them over the blinding pleasure flowing through your body. They cover your body in slime and hold your limbs in place, but you pay it no mind. All you care about right now is the wonderful stimulation you're being treated to.

The tentacle in your pussy swells up for a second, then squirts out a hot fluid directly into your womb. Your body convulses as it ejaculates inside of you, clamping down and letting your sensitive walls feel every bump on its rough skin. You let out muffled moans as the pleasure overtakes you, the swarm of tentacles preventing you from even shaking in place.

They don't stop ravaging you. The tongue-like protrusion licks your throbbing clit and lips without pause, the searing pleasure wracking your addled mind. On top of that is the relatively gentle but omnipresent rustling of the surrounding tentacles that brush their tips against your skin or glide over your body. They aren't doing much individually, but the constant tickling and caressing over every inch of your sensitive skin is enough to drive you crazy.

Once it finishes ejaculating, the tentacle in your pussy opens up its tip even wider. You shudder as several tendrils pop out and brush against your womb. The tentacle already has your cunt plugged, and is now able to reach your deepest parts. You're barely able to move anything, but the thin tendrils cause your body to jerk and tremble as it caresses your insides.

Cumming twice in such a short amount of time is draining, both mentally and physically. It feels like the only thing that isn't moving is the tentacle inside of your anus, as it is physically unable to push any deeper. Despite the exhaustion, their embrace feels so good. It won't take long for a third orgasm at this rate, and the anticipation of how many they'll treat you to fills you with delight.

A pair of small tentacles slither across your chest. Unlike most of the others, these seem to have a destination in mind, and move directly to your breasts. They crawl against your skin and force their way underneath your slightly loosened sarashi, then climb up your breasts and towards your nipples.

You let out a startled cry as the tentacles latch onto your nipples. It feels like they're biting them with a toothless mouth. The pain quickly turns to pleasure as milk flows from your nipples and into the tentacles' hungry mouths. Your milk is coming out faster than usual, possibly a result of that horrible fluid you were forced to drink. The speed amplifies the sensation and leaves you moaning softly into the tentacle that continues to slowly fuck your throat.

The constant stimulation is too much for you to bear. Your body throbs and tightens around the tentacles as your third orgasm sweeps over you. The tentacles have you held in place now, barely able to even curl your toes or clench a fist from the overwhelming pleasure. And even through all of this, the tentacles continue to explore your pussy and suckle your milk, with no end in sight.


You wake up with no recollection of having fallen asleep. That means you passed out at some point. The room is still dark, leaving you with no way to judge the passage of time. None of the tentacles are moving, but you're still somewhat restrained. Of the tentacles that were inside of you, only the one in your mouth retracted, leaving your pussy and anus still full.

Your entire body is sore and feels heavy. How many times did they force you to climax? Your memory is a little hazy after the first time, but you know that they continued to ravage you long after that. Six times, perhaps? There's no way to know. The tentacles probably kept going even after you passed out, probably until they ran out of energy and went docile.

Nothing happens while you lie still on the unmoving bed. Orin should be coming at some point to free you, but you don't know when. You should probably get some real sleep. While this isn't the height of comfort, the tentacles aren't too bad to lay on now that they aren't squirming around.

But first, you might want to prepare a little for when Orin comes. The tentacles' grip on your limbs have loosened, allowing you some freedom of movement. In particular, you can easily free your right arm from the sole tendril that barely touches it. It'd be a little tricky, but you can definitely take off your collar like this. That would allow you to demand some answers from Orin without giving up your charade. Or just bully her in Satori's place for putting you through this crap.

[ ] Take the collar off.
[ ] Leave it alone.
 No. 36903
[x] Take the collar off.

Time to mix things up a bit. And the tentacle bed was all kinds of fun.
 No. 36904
[X] Take the collar off.
 No. 36905
[x] Take the collar off.
Questions? Questions!
 No. 36906
[x] Leave it alone.

Orin did nothing wrong.
 No. 36911
[x] Leave it alone.

I enjoy Satori's plans so far, why mess them up?
 No. 36912
[X] Take the collar off.
 No. 36913
[x] Take the collar off.

Get some quick role-reversal in to start the day.
 No. 36916
[x] Leave it alone.
 No. 36918
[x] Take the collar off.

Welp, time to get some answers.
 No. 36919
[x] Leave it alone.

No, see, the collar is, if anything, a blessing as it prevent Satori from reading Reimu's mind. Meaning that if we take it off, she'll immediately realize what's happening. If we want to do a surprise reversal at some point, keeping the collar on is the way to go.
 No. 36920
Who doesn't say the collar isn't boobytrapped
 No. 36921
Calling it for
[x] Take the collar off.

It's not.

Satori is too busy to wake Reimu up. It'll just be Orin.
 No. 36922
It isn't not boobytrapped? Awesome!
 No. 36923
 No. 36930
File 142673031240.jpg - (288.14KB, 750x850, 5ca4d5d6c8b70e3a71c9d815fd93a87e.jpg) [iqdb]
You easily free your right arm and move it towards your neck. You're fatigued and can't see what you're doing, but even with that it only takes a minute to find and undo the clasp. Gravity takes over and the collar falls from your neck towards the mass of tentacles. Now that it's off of you, you can relax and take a deep breath. You forgot how tight that stupid thing was; your body got used to it, but it's still nice to have it off completely.

The tentacles remain dormant. There's no way for you to escape, and no other furniture to sleep on even if you somehow managed it. All you can do is try to sleep here until Orin comes to wake you up. Hopefully you can get a few hours of rest before that, and then you'll be ready to give her a little surprise. You close your eyes and drift back to sleep.

A light shining on your face wakes you. You open your eyes quickly to see that the overhead lamp has been turned on, then quickly shut them and pretend to still be asleep. That would be Orin.

Her soft footsteps can be heard as she approaches the makeshift bed. A few seconds later, you can feel the slight vibration from her hands grabbing onto the wooden frame. She must be peering in on you now.

“Yeash, they sure did a number on her. Smells bad, too.” That's definitely Orin's voice. Both of her hands grab on to you and pull, but the tentacles refuse to let you go. They aren't moving, but they're still wrapped around your waist and legs tightly enough to make pulling difficult. It only takes half a minute for Orin to give up, cursing about the “stupid tentacles” and their “gross slime.”

Then she disappears. You can hear a few more soft footsteps leading away from the bed, then silence returns. Where'd she run off to? You aren't given much time to ponder it, as she returns a minute later. The light gets a bit brighter with the click of a chain, and Orin tries once again to get you out. Her arms wrap around your back and she pulls a bit harder, barely managing to free you from the tentacles' embrace. She lifts you up, out of the bed, and sets you down on your feet. Your legs are a little wobbly, but still sturdy enough to stand on, but Orin offers her shoulder against your chest as assurance.

“Alright, wake up, sleepyhead,” Orin says. You're already awake, of course, but still make a little show of slowly opening your eyes, yawning, and stretching. She spends a few seconds just holding still and looking you over. “Hmm?” she suddenly says, “damn, these things are really clingy.” What, the tentacles?

You discover what she meant quickly, as she leans forward and grabs on to the tentacle still lodged firmly in your anus. The one in your vagina must've retracted at some point, leaving just-

Orin grabs the tentacle and pulls, forcing its considerable length out of your ass. The balls open your anus with an audible pop as all four of them rapidly exit your hole. A wave of pleasure and pain washes over you from the unexpected and harsh movement, causing your legs to buck slightly and your mouth to open in a moan. It wasn't enough to make you cum or anything, but it's a hell of a way to wake up.

Maybe you should pay her back a little for that.

“Hey! Warn me if you're going to do something like that!”

“Nyaaaaa?!” Orin cries out in surprise and looks up at you as soon as you start talking, but loses her balance and falls over. She rolls around a little, trying to distance herself from you without having full control of her limbs. It takes her a few seconds to calm down enough to raise her right hand and point at you and asks, “You can talk?!”

Watching her flail around has lowered your gaze enough to discover precisely why your body feels so heavy: your stomach has bulged considerably while you were asleep. It looks like you're almost due, despite being impregnated yesterday. Tiger cubs certainly mature quickly.

“Yes?” You answer her haphazardly, pretending to not understand her confusion. “We've spoken before, Orin.”

“That's not what I meant!” she yells. “Ah! Where's your collar?”

“Oh, that thing? It fell off when those tentacles swarmed me,” you lie, “they kinda got everywhere.”

“Oh. Err, that's not good. You're supposed to be wearing the collar, and, uh, would you be kind enough to put it back on so I don't get in trouble?”

“Maybe,” you say simply, then reach into your rumpled clothes to grab some of your persuasion needles. “Perhaps you should answer a few questions first.”

“...Ask away,” she responds, resigned.

“First, why the hell did you need to put that stupid thing on me in the first place?” Well, you're not really very upset, but pretending you are will make your acting more believable. It doesn't hurt you, and Satori's mind reading abilities are pretty annoying to deal with. But you aren't fond of what she was trying to accomplish, and have no idea why she thought it was necessary anyway.

“Lady Satori's the one who did it, you'd have to ask her.” You glare at her. “Umm, but I can certainly hazard a guess. She needs you to be complacent so you won't say no to having sex with her various pets. That way you'll give birth to even more pets for her.”

“That's it? Why's she need to make sure I won't refuse? Couldn't she just ask or something?”

“Well, I think I can answer that. But first, do you still remember things while you have that collar on?”

“I do.” No sense lying about it. It'd be a pain to try and keep your memories straight if you wanted to pretend otherwise.

“Then you already know the answer.” She says. Upon realizing that you don't, she adds, “Okay, think of it this way: you had sex with a tiger last night, right? Would you like to do it again?”

“I think I'll pass.” It wasn't completely awful, and it did have some nice parts – mainly his warm and cuddly fur – but actually having sex with Jala or any other tiger again isn't very appealing.

“Exactly. I can't blame you either; tiger dicks are horrible. You'd probably refuse as soon as you saw his barbs. Or maybe even his fangs and claws. That's probably why she wants the collar.”

“Wait, 'tiger dicks are horrible?' You're a cat too.” You're not exactly an expert on house cats, if that even matters with a kasha, but you're pretty sure they're barbed too.

“I'm speaking from experience here, Reimu. I had sex once, and that was enough. Let's just say I'm glad I got my human form at a young age, alright?”

“Oh.” You suppose there's no reason to believe it'd be any less painful for a cat than it was for you. That must be why they're always so damn noisy. “Anyway, what about the tentacles? Why'd she throw me in a box with them?”

“I don't know the specifics, but they help with the pregnancy. Have you noticed your belly?” she asks, pointing at your swollen stomach. You nod and she continues, “Well, the slime or something else about them will help the young grow much faster. That, and they feed you while you sleep.”

“So, without them, I'd be down here for ten months? Or, uh, however long a tiger cub takes, I guess.”

“Nah. This is still former hell. It'd only take about three days. I think it used to be a punishment.”

“'Much faster' than three days? Does that mean I'm going to give birth today?”

“Yup. Probably in about two hours. And then Lady Satori will expect you to move on to the next lucky guy, which is why I need you to put that collar back on.”

“What, already? It's not another tiger, is it?”

“No. Jala is Lady Satori's only pet tiger. Your next 'meeting' is with Hamlet, the boar. He's friendly, but I'd still recommend putting the collar on.”

There's a lull as you try to think of anything else to ask. Orin takes this to mean that you're done and asks, “So? Are you going to let me put it back on you?”

[ ] “No way. I'm out of here once I've given birth to this tiger.”
[ ] “No. I'll stick around, but I'm not putting the collar back on.”
[ ] “Yeah, alright. Go ahead.”
[ ] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
-[ ] You want some meat with your meals.
-[ ] No more of that damn tentacle bed.
-[ ] Orin needs to have sex with you today.
--[ ] Right now.
--[ ] In a few hours.

Feel free to write in any other demands, or any other questions for Orin. Don't demand too much from her, or she will start refusing things.
 No. 36931
[X] “No. I'll stick around, but I'm not putting the collar back on.”
-[X] Make Orin try it on to see if it's actually faulty, or if you were just resistant to its effects.
-[X] If it works, go find a beast to mount her.
-[X] Whether it works or not, go find Satori and scold her. Hasn't she ever heard of artificial insemination?
 No. 36932
[X] “No. I'll stick around, but I'm not putting the collar back on.”
-[X] Make Orin try it on to see if it's actually faulty, or if you were just resistant to its effects.
-[X] If it works, go find a beast to mount her.
-[X] Whether it works or not, go find Satori and scold her. Hasn't she ever heard of artificial insemination?
 No. 36933
[0] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
All the collar seems to be doing so far to Reimu is make her immune to Satori's Mind Reading. I suggest putting it on again and keeping it when she leaves.

~[X] I need more nutritious food for meals. More meat and rice are preferred.
Even though that tentacle bed is feeding her cubs we really leave any mother with less than excessive food, right?

~[0] Ask Orin to have sex with Reimu. On the Tentacle Bed. Now.

(Note: at the end of Reimu's charades in the underground, have her remove the collar herself in front of Satori and scold her for not using Artificial Insemination on Jala)
 No. 36935
[x] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
-[x] You want some meat with your meals.
Why would you want to risk revealing that the collar doesn't do what Satori thinks it does? As much as I'd love that orin tentacle bed thing, it risks us getting stuck and having Satori come in to see what the hold up is about. With us without the collar she'd know immediately the collar didn't work.
 No. 36936
>Hasn't she ever heard of artificial insemination?
Why would she have?

wiki sez first occurance of AI with animals was in Russia; 1899. More than a decade after the creation of the border. The wiki isn't lising anything special about Japan, so I doubt they had anything in place before this time.

Far more relevantly, Reimu absolutely would not be familiar with artificial insemination.

Also, I imagine that tigers would be particularly difficult to artificially inseminate, since the pain from the penis barbs actually triggers ovulation in females.
 No. 36942
[36933 here]
I am swayed to agree with you two, >>36935 , >>36936 .

I change my vote to--

[0] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
Also following my original reasoning. It's fun toying with Satori.

~[X] I need more nutritious food for meals. More meat and rice are preferred.
With the same justification as in my original post.

And as was pointed out, it's unlikely Reimu would know about AI, barring Yukari Intervetion.
So unless Yukari told her about AI, then forget that thing I said about Reimu lecturing Satori.
 No. 36956
Votes are tied.

Two for:
[X] “No. I'll stick around, but I'm not putting the collar back on.”

Two for:
[x] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
-[x] You want some meat with your meals.

I should clarify that I'm not accepting any of the sub options from >>36931:
First, Orin would refuse to put the collar on in the first place. I could include that and write her refusing it, but I don't think there'd be much point.
The second suboption is dependent on the first.
The third option relies on Reimu knowing stuff she doesn't know, so that's out too.

Also, please delete your old posts if you're able. It makes counting a lot easier.
 No. 36957
[x] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
-[x] You want some meat with your meals.

Tie broken.
 No. 36958
Calling it for
[x] “Yes, but I have some demands first.”
-[x] You want some meat with your meals.

This is probably going to be a very short update.
 No. 36960
File 142759138952.png - (1.70MB, 1240x1753, ed316b9ca790abfe08b29b36b081926f.png) [iqdb]
“Alright, I'll let you put it back on me. But! I have a condition first!”

Orin sighs. “Alright, what is it?”

“I want better meals. How come you and Okuu get delicious meat, and I'm stuck eating leaves? And what about some rice, or miso soup, or nori?”

“I don't even know what nori and miso are. We probably don't have any rice. It's just not something we eat. Maybe mixed in with some bird food or something, but I don't think you'd want that. I can ask Lady Satori about adding some meat, though. Do you prefer beef or turkey?”

Are those your only options? “Beef, please. But what about fish? You were eating some last-”

“No way,” she cuts you off. “It's too hard to get fish down here. They're reserved for me.”

“You can't share a little? It's not like I'm going to be down here for that long or anything.”

She pauses. “Maybe. I'm not making any guarantees or anything. But that's it? You'll put the collar on now?”

“Yeah. Just try and not make it so tight, if you can. It was kinda irritating.”

“I'll see what I can do.” She stands there for a moment, not moving. “Um, where is the collar?”

“Like I said, it's still in the bed. It's not like I took it off and carefully set it on my bedside table.”

“You mean it's in that gross mess of tentacles?” Orin says. “Ugh.”

She walks over to the bed, places both her hands on the wooden rim, and peers inside. “Dammit, I don't see it. You're sure it's in here?!”

“Where else would it be?”

“I don't know!” she cries. “Ugh, this is great. Just great. Um, your head was over here, so...” She leans forward and sticks her hand into the clump of tentacles, cursing and complaining the whole time.

Half a minute later and she still hasn't found anything. She's forced to lean even further towards the bed and stick her entire arm into the unmoving tentacles, much to her disgust. Even with that, she's still unable to locate the collar.

It occurs to you that she's also incredibly vulnerable right now now, considering how far she's leaning towards the bed and how distracted she is right now.

[ ] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show.
[ ] Help her find the collar.
[ ] Do nothing.
 No. 36961
[x] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show.

Feeling mischievous.
 No. 36962
[X] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show.
 No. 36963
[x] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show.
My demon horns are sprouting and growing and wooyeah.
 No. 36964
[x] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show.
Well, that was a forgone conclusion.
 No. 36965
[x] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show.

As if there was even a question.
 No. 36968
[x] Help her find the collar.

Futile vote against being mean to Orin.
 No. 36969
what happened to thread 1? i cant find itr anywhere, and i am curious as to how this story started.
 No. 36970

Hello there.
Please do consult our manual (http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/6052.html) before you dare post again.
 No. 36971

All of the threads are on the storylist.
 No. 36976
Calling it for
[x] Push Orin into the tentacle bed. She has a nice body, so this will be a good show
 No. 36979
File 142862745833.jpg - (1.24MB, 1873x2685, 35543591_big_p8.jpg) [iqdb]
Orin's butt is right in front of you. It's decently plump, and her twin tails are shaking back and forth out of frustration. She really can't stand the touch of those tentacles, and it hasn't even been ten seconds. They weren't that bad, and you had your entire body immersed in them.

Maybe a little forced exposure would change her mind. And treat you to a delicious show of her tits and ass being fondled, her cunt penetrated, and her cock and boobs milked until she cums repeatedly. This should be fun.

Orin's too engrossed in searching for the collar to notice you walking up behind her. Her center of gravity is off, as she's supporting her weight with one hand on the rim while reaching down into the depths of the bed. You push on her ass with both palms, sending her tumbling forward into the mass of tentacles.

“Uwaaammmffgg?!” she starts to scream, but her face is quickly covered by the tentacles. You can still hear some muffled shouting, which probably means that she's accidentally tasting some of their slime as well. She landed somewhat awkwardly, with her legs still draped over the rim of the bed, but enough of her body is in there that she isn't capable of getting out on her own. Her legs flail back and forth a little as she panics, desperately trying to free herself, but she's unable to accomplish anything.

You step closer in order to push her legs inside, but her random thrashing did that for you. She's now completely inside of the bed. Unfortunately, the only sounds coming from it are howls of anger and the occasional thump of her limbs against the wooden frame, and not moans of ecstasy. The tentacles aren't doing their job.

Peering closer, you find Orin on her back, supported by a mass of very slowly writhing tentacles that appear to have no interest in the voluptuous catgirl at all. Hmm, are they only interested in humans, or something annoying like that? You hope not; that'd be really troublesome.

“Hey! What is wrong with you?! Hurry up and get me out of here before these things swarm me!” She sounds confident that they will, given enough time. Unless she's unaware, they probably aren't limiting themselves to just humans. Orin has done plenty of thrashing about, which you know gets them going. There must be something else.

“Sorry, but think of it as another one of my demands.” you say to Orin. Gotta talk while you think. “I don't want to be the only one to have to spend time with these tentacles, so now it's your turn. Besides, it'll be easier to find the collar when you're closer, right?”

“You goddamn pervert!” she curses and kicks the side of the bed, causing her body to sink a little bit deeper into the tentacles. They still aren't molesting her. “Don't involve these disgusting tentacles if you want to fuck me. Get me out of here right now and I'll let you suck on my dick. Do a good job begging for it and I'll even take my dress off.”

Begging isn't your thing. Tentacle molestation is. You think back to your brief time in the bed. The tentacles didn't move until after Okuu and Satori left the room. You were thrown in, but that impact didn't make them stir. And then Orin just brought in this other lamp, and it seemed to make it easier for her to pull you out. Is it all this light that makes them docile?

Only one way to find out. First, you turn off the lamp that Orin brought in by pulling on the cord. It took you a minute to figure it out; Yukari has some lights much like this one, but it's still not an object you interact with often. The overhead light is still fully illuminating the room, but Orin and the tentacles are a bit less bright now. Next, you stand up and walk towards the light switch. These you're a bit more familiar with.

“Where are you going?! Don't just leave me like this, dammit!” Orin protests, but you ignore her. You aren't going far, anyway.

You flip the switch and the room plunges into total darkness.

“Hey! Turn the- kyaa! It's crawling up my leg! No, get off! Stop that! Don't go in- mmmmmfffg?!” The tentacles do their job after just a second, interrupting Orin's complaints about the darkness. It sounds like they're already swarming her and may have even entered her pussy already. Considering how much she was moving around when the lights were still on, she probably managed to kick them all into activity at once. You have got to see this.

You walk back towards the bed, extending your arms to find the tall structure. Fortunately, there's no other furniture in the room, so there's nothing for you to bump into. Once you actually find the bed, it occurs to you that it is, in fact, really dark in here. This is necessary to make the tentacles molest Orin, but also makes it impossible to see this molestation. What a quandary.

“Mmmmmffff?! Mmmm nhggg gggeh. Fffffmmmnnn?” Orin's muffled moans are just barely audible. You can't tell if she's actually trying to say something or just incoherently groaning from the forced stimulation. Either way, her voice paired with the slow shlicking of the tentacles against her skin and genitals sounds really sexy. There's the occasional thump as her leg or maybe arm bumps against the side of the bed, meaning she's still trying to struggle.

It's so frustrating that you can't see any of this. Maybe just a little light would be fine?

You stumble around in the dark until you find the lamp Orin brought in. It's much weaker than the overhead light, so maybe this will be enough to let you see without also pacifying the tentacles. You keep your hand on the base as a guide and move it upward until it reaches the fixture, then stumble around some more until you find the switch. Pulling on the chain brightens the room, finally letting you see Orin.

The tentacles moved quickly, no doubt a result of her frustrated movements. They've already pushed her green dress towards her midriff from both ends, and have wrapped themselves around both arms, her chest, neck, waist, and between her breasts. Her legs are still free; as you watch her, a thin one tries to curl around her ankle, but she quickly and fiercely kicks her legs until it falls off. Of course, doing this will quickly wear her out and also makes the tentacles more active, so she won't stay free for long.

Her mouth is fully plugged, with three narrow tentacles crammed inside and squirming about, as if competing with one another over her wet hole. Two more have her pussy completely filled and are thrusting back and forth with a slow but steady rhythm. There might be some in her ass as well, but you can't see anything from this angle. Finally, a thick tentacle has swallowed her erect cock, leaving just half an inch of her sensitive flesh uncovered. It slowly stretches and retracts, caressing and sucking on her engulfed shaft.

The tentacles swarm around her, forcibly stimulating her erogenous zones. Orin struggles a little, but can't do anything with only her legs free. Her face grows crimson as the pleasure overwhelms her against her wishes.

After just a minute, she moans loudly despite her full mouth and her legs tense up before going slack. It looks like she just came. Her cock throbs and shakes the tentacle wrapped around it, which continues to slowly suck on her length even as her cum flows into its mouth. It never softens, giving Orin no rest from the constant stimulation.

A few tentacles creep up onto Orin's legs and ankles. She glances at them but doesn't react, still too dazed from the orgasm. It isn't until another tentacle crawls against her thigh, a full minute later, that she realizes how bad the situation has gotten. She frantically kicks her legs, repeatedly hitting them against the wooden frame of the bed, but succeeds in keeping her legs free from their embrace.

Of course, this also wore her out. She's breathing heavily through her nose, unable to use her mouth, while keeping her legs still to rest them. Which just makes it easier for the tentacles to try again. A second is all it takes for another one to wrap itself around her ankle. She doesn't even try to free herself, possibly thinking that just one isn't a problem, meaning there's no need to hurry.

Her legs aren't the only thing they're interested in. While Orin is staring blankly at her ankle, a pair of tentacles rises up on either side of her chest. They move quickly and slide onto her tits, then bite down on her erect nipples. Her back arches from the sudden burst of pleasure, and moans loudly once again as she experiences her second orgasm.

The convulsions from her orgasm enticed the tentacles to move again, and her lack of energy and inability to focus prevented her from stopping them. More rise up onto her legs and finally restrain her completely. It takes them a few minutes to fully secure her legs, but Orin makes no attempt to stop them at this point. Even as she came, the tentacles never ceased penetrating her pussy and mouth and sucking on her nipples and cock. There's no way her anus is vacant at this point in time either. Every part of her body is being ravaged without pause, and she's now powerless to do anything about it.

More tentacles creep up on her. Most just brush against her exposed skin and join the others. A few with unusual tips, shaped much like a human tongue, pop out as well. The first one travels between her breasts and licks both, sliding around between the mouths of the other tentacles and covering her cleavage in slime. Two more brush against the sides of her body, slowly and randomly moving up and down from her exposed armpits to her hips. These don't seem to get much of a reaction out of her, compared to everything else she's going through, but tongues are unusual enough that she's definitely feeling it.

Another one slides up between her legs and brushes its tongue-tip against Orin engorged clit. Her entire body shudders and a muffled moan escapes her lips. Unlike the other tentacles, this one moves rapidly, swaying back and forth to repeatedly lap at her clit. She struggles and tries to close her legs to stop it from touching her sensitive clit, but the restraints prevent her from doing anything. All she can do is groan helplessly and watch it as it forcibly pleasures her.

Her body goes slack after a few minutes, no longer even attempting to fight it. Did she just cum again? It's getting harder to tell, due to the combination of her exhaustion and the sheer number of tentacles assaulting her. The tentacles remain indifferent to her plight and fuck her without reservation. From your experience, they'll probably milk her for another hour or two before growing tired.

Maybe it's time to stop. Orin had said you were expected to give birth in about two hours... and that was forty minutes ago. She's on the verge of passing out, unless she already did and you just can't tell. Either way, you should probably rescue her. It's not as fun to watch if she's too exhausted to move.

You walk back to the overhead light switch and turn it back on. Looking back at her, the tentacles have slowed down considerably, but haven't completely stopped moving. The restrains are still there, but look a lot looser, and the ones filling her pussy are still sliding in and out, just very slowly. Only the ones sucking on her tits and cock have completely stopped. Orin herself still looks worn out, and hasn't even realized that it's over.

The first thing you need to do is get all of these tentacles off of her. You start with the one on her cock, grabbing it and pulling until it releases her. There's no resistance, but it spills out a lot of her semen onto her crotch once it's been removed. Oh well, she needs a bath anyway. Next you remove the ones in her pussy, followed by the ones that were sucking on her boobs. There's no liquid in those two, as you expected. Finally, you begin peeling off the dozen or so tentacles that have wrapped themselves around her body.

This isn't difficult, but there's a lot of them. They offer little or no resistance, having relaxed their grip around Orin's limbs with the bright lights shining on them, but you're still forced to peel them off one by one. A few retract on their own, attempting to dive underneath their brethren to escape the lights, which makes things a little easier for you. Orin's still too out of it to help you out either.

After five minute of tedium, you finally have her free. Now you just need to actually get her out of there. It'd be nice if you had her youkai strength, but at the very least she's much lighter than she looks. You lean as far forward as you can without losing your balance, and just barely manage to hook your arms underneath her body. By letting her body rest against the far side of the wooden frame, you succeed in lifting her high enough to transition to a princess carry and lift her out of the bed.

You set her down on the floor. There isn't a real bed in this room, so you really don't have a choice. She's drooling a little, covered in slime, leaking semen out of her flaccid cock and juices out of her pussy, her eyes are unfocused, and her hair is a mess. All in all, the perfect picture of a beautiful woman who just had the best sex of her life and is now savoring the afterglow. Her beautiful skin, exposed breasts, and cum-stained genitals all look exceptionally delicious right now. You'd love to ride her cock and savor her body for yourself, but after all you just forced her through, she'd probably kill you. That, and you apparently have a schedule to adhere to.

She needs to rest, and you need to find that collar. It's the least you can do for her. You had back to the bed and start to rummage through the tentacles, trying to find where that stupid thing ended up. They are pretty gross to the touch, but you're used to it at this point.

It took another ten minutes of searching, but you finally found it. The damn thing was stuck in the near right corner, probably pushed there by the squirming tentacles. You pull it out, try futilely to wipe off some of the slime, and drop it on the floor for now.

Orin's eyes are closed now, and she's probably asleep. She does need some rest, but she probably also need to get to work soon. You don't know if she'll get into trouble with Satori or not, but it might be a problem if she can't get everything ready before it's time for you to give birth. On the other hand, she'll probably be less angry at you if you let her rest for a bit.

[ ] Put the collar on now and lie down to rest next to Orin.
[ ] Wake her up right now. She has work to do!
 No. 36980
[X] Wake her up right now. She has work to do!

I don't much care about her opinion of us.
 No. 36981
[x] Put the collar on now and lie down to rest next to Orin.

I will keep voting against being mean to Orin as long as the options remain.
 No. 36982
[x] Put the collar on now and lie down to rest next to Orin.

Eh, we had our fun at her expense already.
 No. 36983
[x] Put the collar on now and lie down to rest next to Orin.
 No. 36984
Well, I wouldn't consider either option being mean.

Think of Reimu like an alarm clock. Even if Orin would be upset at waking up, she's supposed to wake up and not sleep.
 No. 36985
[X] Wake her up right now. She has work to do!
 No. 36986
Except in this case, it's like the alarm clock doses you with sleeping gas then calls you lazy when that's its fault.
 No. 37006
[X] Wake her up right now. She has work to do!
 No. 37007
[X] Wake her up right now. She has work to do!
 No. 37013
Calling it for
[X] Wake her up right now. She has work to do!
 No. 37029
File 142992698610.jpg - (726.90KB, 708x1000, 85118eacaa065905da2b6933c743d83a.jpg) [iqdb]
This isn't the time for sleeping. You crouch down next to Orin and poke her in the cheeks and call out her name. She stirs a little and grumbles, but doesn't wake. If she's saying anything, then she's not in any kind of a deep sleep. Doing anything rough would just make her mad, so you'll keep it gentle. Also, her cheeks are pretty nice and soft.

It takes a minute, but she finally opens her eyes and looks at you groggily. “Huh? Whassat... Reimu?”

“Wake up, Orin. You have work to do.”

“Work?” She says, puzzled for a moment but realization suddenly dawns on her. “Aw crap. Dammit, why did I... this is your fault! Ugh, I'm so sore. Why did you push me into that damned bed?!” Orin sits up and yells at you, but otherwise stays still.

“Ask Satori why she put me in. It's not like any of you asked for my permission either. I decided that you should know what it feels like.”

“That's completely different; you need the tentacles for their pregnancy-boosting effects. You'd be down here a lot longer without them. Okay, fine, I don't think Satori asked. I apologize on behalf of my master. Do we have your permission to use these tentacles in the future?”

“Yes,” you respond immediately. They really weren't that bad, although it is nice that you got an apology for being dumped in like that.

“Good. No more complaints from you, then. Ugh, how much time do we have left? Well, you're not going into labor, so there should be enough time to get you hosed off. You still stink something awful. Help me up, would ya?” She weakly reaches out a hand towards you. Is she really that sore? “Oh. Did you find the collar? Go put it on before Satori finds out you got loose.”

Orin straightens out her dress while you pick the collar back up off the floor. You wrap the leather strap around your neck and fit it through the buckle, then fasten it. A familiar tightness assaults you and almost drops you to your knees, but you manage to stay standing. You were trying to make it looser as well; it seems whatever magic it has also only gives it one setting.

You stand up straight, occasionally looking around but not moving anywhere. Orin is stretching now, presumably trying to get some of the soreness out of her limbs. It's time to pretend you're acting on instinct again. After a minute or two, Orin finishes stretching and guides you out the room.

“Where's a clock when you need one,” Orin grumbles to herself. As you're not supposed to be able to talk right now, you say nothing and just follow after her. After a short trip through the hallways, she opens a pair of white double doors.

You're back at the bathroom. It's exactly the same as last time, with a gigantic tub full of water but no other animals. Orin leads you to the washing area and starts to pull your clothes off you. You never bothered straightening them out after the tentacles ravaged you, so the loosened garments come off easily.

“Okay, uh, sit!” Orin commands. You might as well obey her, so you sit on the floor and hug your knees. It's cold. “Stay there!” Orin adds, then walks away from the washing area, moving parallel to the bath. It occurs to you that without Okuu here, the bath water is going to be cold. Or, at best, lukewarm. Maybe she's going to get Okuu to warm up the tub again? But she didn't go towards the exit, and you don't think there's another one.

Orin returns shortly after, carrying what looks vaguely like a rope, only green and smooth. She's also only holding on to one end of it, letting the rest drag along the floor behind her for some reason. Why would she even need a rope, anyway? Looking closer, you see that there's also a bronze cap thing near where Orin's holding it. It's definitely not a rope, but what is-

Your thoughts are cut short by a blast of water coming from Orin. Or, rather, from that thing she's holding. It's not a solid stream, thankfully, but more like the splash from a tall waterfall. The cold spray hits you in the face and chest before you can react, filling your mouth and blocking your voice as you try to yell in protest. You cover your face with your hands and turn away, but the water just gets everywhere, and your hands can only cover so much. You're soaked in an instant, but Orin continues to spray you, moving the water up and down to repeatedly cover your entire body.

“There, all clean!” Orin happily announces and somehow turns off the water. She was having way too much fun doing that. Meanwhile, you're lying on your back in a pool of cold water, shivering. You don't even feel that clean. “Hmm, but why do you still smell so bad?” Orin asks, obviously to herself. “Wait, that's me! Ugh, no wonder the stench was so strong in the hallway. Now what?”

Orin stands there, trying to figure out what to do. After a few seconds, she pushes up the sleeve on her left arm and aims the bronze-thing at it, then gives it a little twist. “Kyaaaaaaaah!” she screams as the burst of water hits her exposed arm. The rope falls to the ground and sways about like a snake, spraying water all over the washing area. A tiny bit hits you, but you're so soaked that you don't even care. Orin stomps on the flailing tube, stopping its movements, then finagles the cap to stop the spray.

“Euch, now what can I try?” she says, hastily wiping the water off of her arm. “Wait, do I even have time? I shouldn't risk it. C'mon Reimu, let's go.” Orin walks towards the edge of the washing area and bends down to pick up your clothes, but stops before touching them. “These are still dirty. She's clean, but...” She grabs them without finishing her statement, but doesn't put them on for you, or even hand them to you. Instead, she pushes you towards the exit and leads you back to the hallway.

You're naked, wet, cold, and being pushed around by a catgirl with an extra set of ears. It's not like there's anyone who will see you like this – anyone you care about, at least – but it's still annoying. You can't do anything about it, since you've always obediently followed your caretaker up until now, so you just let her guide you.

Orin stops at a slightly ajar door that looks exactly like all of the others, but you think you know where you are. As expected, Jala is lying on the floor as you enter. He lifts his head to lazily look at the two of you, but quickly lowers it and closes his eyes.

“Must be early,” Orin says. “I need to get a fairy to wash Reimu's clothes. Make sure Lady Satori knows that; I'll be back as soon as I can.” Is she talking to Jala? He opened his eyes again as she spoke, so it sounds like he was listening. And Satori is a mind reader, after all. With that, Orin hurries out the room and closes the door behind her. Jala takes another short look at you, then opens his mouth wide in a drawn out yawn, and goes back to resting.

Jala was pretty warm, now that you think about it.

You get down on the floor and rub against Jala's large body, savoring his warmth. He feels amazing in contrast to the chill from being wet and naked out in the hallway. Some of the water still stuck to you dampens his fur a little, but he doesn't seem to mind. Instead, he nuzzles his nose against your shoulder and neck, then licks your face just once. That's the only show of affection from him, and after that, he returns to resting.

The door opens some time later, and Satori steps in. She looks around for a second, then asks, “Where is Orin?” Jala lifts his head once again and looks at her, which is enough to answer her question. “I see. I hadn't considered that. I do hope she returns soon.” Satori walks up to you and crouches down, rubbing the top of your head with her fingers. She's treating you like one of her pets, although it does feel kinda nice. “How are you feeling, Reimu?” She pauses for a moment, then continues, “It's weird to not get an answer for once, but you seem fine.”

Satori doesn't say anything more and just stays like this, rubbing your head. After a while, she switches to Jala, who rubs his head against her arm happily. She's just passing the time, waiting for Orin to return.

You suddenly spasm as you feel a slight pressure on your cervix. The unexpected sensation compels you to slide away from Jala and lie down on your back.

Satori notices your state and hurriedly stands up. “Reimu? Is it time? Dammit, where is Orin?” She looks around the room, as if Orin could have snuck in and hidden from her, but turns her gaze back towards you. “Do you need anything? You can't answer me,” Satori says, sighing once she realizes the obvious. She crouches back down and places a hand on your forehead. “I guess all I can do is wait.”

A minute passes and you can feel the baby shifting about inside of your womb, but it doesn't quite seem ready to be born just yet. It's a very unfamiliar experience, but you have only given birth once. As Satori said, all that can be done is to wait for it to be ready.

The door opens once again and Orin steps in. You notice that she's not carrying your clothes. “Did I make it in time?” she asks herself hopefully.

“No,” Satori responds sternly. “You're late. You should have stayed by Reimu's side.” Satori gestures towards you, making it clear to her that you've already entered labor.

“Gya. I'm sorry, Lady Satori.”

“It's alright, you came before she really needed anything. I don't believe there's anything to do but wait at the moment.”

Orin spends a few seconds studying you. “I see what you mean.” She sits down on the floor and faces Satori. “Normally, I'd say she needs a few hours. But this is old hell.” Satori nods in response, but doesn't say anything else.

A few minutes pass with you just lying on your back. The occasional flutter of movement can be felt from your belly, but otherwise the time is uneventful. Satori and Orin simply watch and wait, as there's nothing they can do to help.

You gasp as the child suddenly begins to move. It feels like the child is trying to climb out of you, as opposed to your relatively gentle prior experience. Your vagina dilates to accommodate its rapid movements, but the bizarre sensation doesn't go away. The gasp turns to a groan as it works its way through your passage.

Satori notices your state quickly and alerts Orin. “It's happening, Orin! What do we do now? Um, breathe!” she commands, “wait, she's already breathing. Then, uh...”

“Lady Satori, please calm down!”

“But I have to do something!” she insists. Unable to think of anything she can really do, she ends up clasping both of her hands around your left hand and holding it firmly. She looks you in the eye and smiles reassuringly. This actually does help a little, as it keeps your mind off of the strange feeling.

“I can see it!” Orin announces after a minute of agony. Satori's grip tightens a little at the news, but she isn't strong enough to cause any discomfort. The tiger cub reaches out a paw and forces its way out of your vagina, slowly crawling out into the open. After just a few seconds of being partly out, it plops down onto the floors. You're too exhausted to raise your head to look at it, but you can hear it letting out a strange cry that's a mix between a kitten's mewl and screeching.

Satori lets go of your hand and quickly walks towards Jala. It sounds like he stood up at some point, and Satori wraps her arms around him in a tight embrace. “I'm so happy for you,” she says softly. “You're finally a father! Congratulations, Jala. Congratulations,” she mutters, audibly shaken and on the verge of tears. “But you need to clean off your new son,” she adds, more firmly than before. So, it's a boy? “Don't give me that look. Reimu can't do it; you're the only tiger here. This is an unusual situations, so we have to improvise. There's no other option.”

Jala lets out a loud snort of air, but walks towards you. Or, rather, towards the newborn cub. The mewling stops as Jala gets closer. You're feeling a bit stronger now, so you look up and see him quietly licking the newborn's fur with his rough tongue. It makes sense, as there really isn't any other way for him to clean.

After about five minutes, he finally stops, concluding that his new son is now spotless. The mewling resumes, and you conclude that he's probably hungry. You sit up and lie back down on your side, keeping your breasts near him so he can feed. He doesn't make any attempt to suckle, so you pinch both nipples to let some milk flow out, hoping to entice him. The difference in anatomy is probably confusing him, but the smell of milk is the same, right?

It's enough to get him interested. He bites your breast, pricking the skin a little with his soft teeth. Fortunately, he has little jaw strength so his teeth can't penetrate the skin, but it's probably going to leave a red spot for a while. Milk flows out of your body into his hungry mouth, sending a shudder down your spine. His appetite is certainly voracious, and he sucks on your nipple to try and get the milk to flow even faster.

“Milk...” You hear a muttering voice and discover that it's Orin, staring at your tits while you breastfeed. “Such milky boobs...” It looks like she's about to pounce on you, but is barely being held by by her restraint. Satori doesn't seem to have noticed her pet's mental state. You certainly have milk to spare, and it looks like just a little extra push would drive her into a frenzy.

[ ] Squirt out a little extra milk.
[ ] Don't do anything. There will be time later.
 No. 37030
[X] Squirt out a little extra milk.

Lets have both a tiger cub and catgirl attached to our tits.
 No. 37036
[X] Squirt out a little extra milk.
 No. 37037
[x] Squirt out a little extra milk.

Hmm, looks like the collar's effect is stronger now.
 No. 37050
[x] Squirt out a little extra milk.

As if there really was any other way.
 No. 37053
[X] Squirt out a little extra milk.
 No. 37066
[x] Squirt out a little extra milk.
 No. 37067
I don't think it's doing anything. Seems to be all due to Reimu herself.
 No. 37068
I really doubt that, honestly, because
>A familiar tightness assaults you and almost drops you to your knees
and particularly
>You can't do anything about it, since you've always obediently followed your caretaker up until now
indicate to me that it's definitely doing something. It's nowhere near the complete mindlessness that Satori seems to have intended, but there's no way it's not having an effect at all.

Don't think we'll get bad-ended unless we juice it up, though.
 No. 37071
>You can't do anything about it, since you've always obediently followed your caretaker up until now
No, that's Reimu acting deliberately. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

Her thought process was something like "I'm limited to 'acting without thinking'. That's all I've been told. Up until now, I've always been acting docile. Therefore, by my own actions, I'm forced to continue to act docile, as a sudden shift from this would be unusual. Simply being naked and cold is not enough for me to change my behavior without attracting suspicion."
 No. 37073
Oh, oka-
>no comment on the tightness
 No. 37107
Okay, I need to drop this.

I just can't write anymore. My writing has never been especially good, and it's just getting worse. Writing is just too much of a slog for me now, and I'm getting sick of it. I tried writing something for the prostitution thread, and it just turned into 9 pages of clunky exposition dialogue before any sex. I don't even know how that happened.

Maybe I'll pick this up again sometime later. I don't know. If I do, it won't be for a long while. Not until I start feeling better.
 No. 37108
You don't get better at writing by not writing.
Instead of aiming at some arbitrary goal and missing, just sit down and write. Let your muse wander wherever she wishes.
 No. 37109
I'd say that sucks, but honestly I stopped doing more than skim the updates a while ago. Have fun with whatever you do.
 No. 37110
It's not just about being bad at this. I'm tired and listless all day, but wide awake when I try to sleep. I have no motivation or ability to focus on things I want to do, writing included. And at this point, it's become a chore, where I spend a week slowly pecking at an update before losing interest for the day. So I stopped.
 No. 37111
Man you need a vacation. Go to Thailand and hire some ladyboys to take you on a tour of the country or something.
 No. 37113
Yeah man, take a chill pill, you sound like you're suffering from some sort of burnout. Do something else for a while, huh? Put ponos in vagoooo or something.
 No. 37123
I wrote a thing. >>37122

As always, the idea was much better than the execution. Oh well.

p.s. Kousen Engi and Kouhaku Tenchu are both fantastic doujins.
 No. 37182
just take a brake for a few month to recharge the writing batteries.
 No. 37183
 No. 37184
File 143527894036.jpg - (63.78KB, 644x504, Thischair.jpg) [iqdb]
 No. 37922
RIP, one of the most entertaining elit I've ever read. Hope you continue this sometime because it's seriously enjoyable to read.
 No. 37923
Sage when posting in a thread without updates for a while please!
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