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One-shot time.


"This is wrong!" Nazrin shouts to you. She writhes and squirms, restrained by a metal bar on the wooden table before you. She's angry. Very, very angry. Yet despite her rage, a damp spot can be seen forming on her exposed panties. It wasn't very difficult to get her in this position. A combination of trust and her eagerness to, as she put it, 'explore new territory', led to this.

You laugh and shrug in response to the girl as you wheel a small cart over. A cursory glance at the low ceiling reveals a series of hooks dangling down. "What's so wrong about it?" you inquire. She stares at you in anger, her eyes burning holes in you. "You're a mouse youkai, and," you pause momentarily, picking up a long, thin device from the cart, "mice tend to get caught in traps, don't they?" She shakes her head and struggles. Perhaps it is a bit twisted to place her in what is essentially a large mousetrap.

No matter the effort she makes, Nazrin can't seem to free herself. The heavy bar has her pinned perfectly across her waist, although her arms and legs are free. She finally gives up on the struggle and looks down towards you. "What are you doing with that?" your captive asks. You glance at her and then over to the nearby cart. The top is covered with a variety of implements; vibrators of different length and design, a multitude of clips and clamps, as well as a long spreader bar. This particular one you've chosen, however...

"Telling you would ruin the fun, Nazrin," you reply with a wink. Briefly, you set the device down and retrieve the spreader bar. She gasps in surprise when you attach it to her legs, leaving the small girl spread wide and exposed. That damp spot seems to have grown in size since you've begun. For all of her protests, Nazrin's body seems to agree with what you're doing. A soft whine escapes her mouth as you reach for her panties and rip the thin fabric from her. You smile, gazing upon the soft, damp lips of her now exposed pussy. She's a sweet girl, but if she's to truly broaden her experiences she must be broken down. With one hand you part her lower lips, and with the other you take the slender tool from before. Holding it up for Nazrin to see, you press a small button on the handle. It immediately comes to life, buzzing and vibrating.

Her eyes go wide with surprise. "You're not going to put that in me," she states, swallowing nervously. To think she believes that she has some sort of power or say in this position is amusing. You shut the device off and bring it in line with her damp hole. You're not only going to put it inside of her, but in the place she least expects. A loud squeal comes from Nazrin as the cold tip of the vibrator pushes into the tiny opening of her urethra. "It's cold!" she complains. "What are you doing?!" Juices drip from her pussy and pool on the table beneath. Inch by inch, the urethral sound slides into her body. All that remains outside is the handle. Another press of the button in met with a howl of pleasure as the vibrator stirs up her insides. It doesn't take very long for Nazrin to react, legs tensing as her thighs strain towards each other, as if trying to keep something in. "Stop!" she cries. "Stop, I need to, to," she starts, cut off by a series of gasps and moans. Stepping to the side, you remove the sound from her body. A hot stream of fresh piss follows it, arcing into the air and splattering on the floor. She lays there on the table, face flushed and taking slow, deep breaths.

"How do you feel, Nazrin?" you ask her. She rolls her head in your direction and smiles slightly. Her lips move as she speaks quietly. Judging from the look on her face, you imagine it was something good. A wide grin crosses your face as you realize she's ready to move on. You set the sound down and pick up a large, multi-pronged sex toy. "I've been wanting to try this one on you for a while," you say with a chuckle. "That kappa on the mountain made it for me, you know." She doesn't really seem to react, though you're not surprised. After all, she's still getting over the prior intrusion of her body. You grab the damp spreader bar with your free hand and lift it up, hanging it on one of the ceiling hooks. Nazrin shifts uncomfortably, blushing at the realization that the tight pucker of her anus is exposed. She squeaks softly when you push the tips of the top against her openings.

She takes in a breath and braces herself. "Gentle, please," she requests. You nod and put a bit of pressure on the toy, the twin heads sliding fairly easily into her asshole and slippery cunt. A content moan urges you to continue filling her petite frame. Finally, the vibrator is sheathed to the hilt within. On the top side, near the base, lies a small, cap-like extension made of rubber which fits neatly over Nazrin's fully engorged clit. She groans and shifts her body, swaying back and forth in the air, when you touch her. You step back and take in the view, grinning and chuckling quietly. "Don't, don't tease me," she whines.

You walk around the table to Nazrin's side. "Sorry, but I'm not quite ready to turn that on yet," you tell her, receiving a disappointed pout in response. Much to her dismay, you tear open the front of her shirt. Her nipples are rock hard due to a combination of her arousal and the chilly room. You briefly return to the cart, taking up a pair of small clamps with long strings attached. Her eyes go wide at the sight of what you're holding. You attach the first clip to her left nipple, Nazrin wincing slightly in pain. The clips aren't particularly strong, just enough to pinch without causing damage, but her body is rather sensitive at this point. The second one goes on shortly after and causes her to inhale sharply. "Now for the final touch, my dear," you whisper to her. You lift the strings up and loop them over another hook in the ceiling, pulling them somewhat taut and tying them off. Nazrin groans in a mixture of pleasure and pain, her back now arched toward the ceiling.

"Hurts," she moans out softly, "but I like it." Little does she realize it's about to feel even better. You return to her lower half and set the vibrator on the lowest speed. Jumping to life, the whole device begins vibrating softly, including the cap on her clitoris. The reaction is instantaneous, Nazrin shifting her whole body back and forth. Her nipple clamps pull on those budding breasts as she moves, serving to heighten the pleasure she's feeling. A soft 'click' signals the speed on the vibrator being turned up another notch. She screams and moans, the sounds of her enjoyment filling the air. If she wants it this badly, why not indulge her? Three more short clicks and the toy is at its maximum setting, humming away loudly. You can't help but wonder what the others would think if they saw Nazrin like this. Well, at the very least, Byakuren would enjoy it.

You've been giving her all of the fun up until this point. "It's my turn," you say, crossing over to her side. Her eyes go wide while you push your pants down, freeing your aroused cock from them. You roll the foreskin back from the head and expose it, precum trickling down the tip. Your pants drop to the floor and you step out of them as you move above her head. "Open wide," you order her, climbing on top of the table above her. Nazrin complies eagerly, spreading those cute little lips wide open to take your shaft between them. You lower yourself on to her face and slip the tip of your penis inside of her wet, warm mouth. She takes to it right away, her tongue sliding around the head and lapping at it hungrily. Her hands grab at your upper thighs and pull down on you in an attempt to draw more of your length in. She lets out muffled moans around you as she swallows your cock. You let out your own soft moan and tug upward on the clamps. "Cum for me, Nazrin, and I'll give you a treat," you tell her with a chuckle.

Nazrin groans loudly around your member in response. You decide to help her along and release the nipple clamps. Replacing them with your fingers, you gently massage her tiny breasts and pinch the tips of her nipples. Her body jerks in response to your warm touch and she lays back on the table. You're able to feel her muscles tightening up and her body stiffening as she approaches her orgasm. Just a little bit longer and Nazrin can taste her reward. You lean forward across the bar and reach between her legs to push on the large vibrator. She suddenly gasps for air around your cock, squealing and convulsing. Multiple squirts of her pussy juice shoot from her and fly through the air, splattering on the ground a couple feet away. You shut the toy off and slide it from her gaping cunt and asshole, letting it clatter to the floor.

"Good girl," you groan, sitting back up and pushing your cock deeper into her mouth. She continues pulling at your thighs, sucking on you hungrily. The small mouth of this sweet, broken girl is too much for you. Your length tenses up as you approach your own orgasm. Grunting and moaning audibly, you release yourself inside of Nazrin. The first two spurts flood her mouth and are met with coughing as they slide down her throat. You withdraw yourself from her and crawl forward down her chest, leaving a trail sticky cum on her. You climb off of the table and stand beside Nazrin to have a look at her. Her eyes are heavy-lidded and she seems exhausted as she sits up, coughing slightly and trying her best to swallow the reward you left her. It seems as if some of it is even running out from her nose. You lift the bar from her waist before moving down to release her legs from the spreader bar. Nazrin glances to you briefly before sliding forward on the table. Tentatively, she places her feet on the ground and tries to stand. Instead, she lowers herself gently to the floor and lays upon it wearily. "Well, I suppose you'll be fine, Byakuren will come by later to get you taken care of," you say, gently patting down her messy hair. She nods her head briefly before passing out on the floor in a pool of her own fluids. "Can't believe she keeps this sort of place under the temple," you remark to yourself with a laugh as you exit the room.
This is shit.

I kid, good job as usual, pettanko.

Also, the end was unexpected. :)
More like this in your main story IMO

Really liked it.
Hey, you even remembered how Nazrin likes her cocks. Uncut.
Pretty nice, one complaint though: too short. But I guess it's better this way, keeps you focused on the main story.

And this is the problem I have with posting on an image board.

This update is 2.5 pages (almost 2000 words) in a standard width and height. Imageboards are variable width based on your resolution.

While the word counts stay the same, the length of the post on the screen changes depending on the resolution you see it at. If I go to my laptop and read this it seems much longer. If I were to publish this in a book (with proper spacing and such) it would seem long, perhaps even too long-winded for some.

Yet on an image board, at the high resolutions most people run these days, it appears short.

Also, keeping in mind, since it's a one-shot it lacks the lead up and post-sex activities that the posts in my story all have.
While I wouldn't want it to totally take over everything, I must say I'd love to see more kinky shit like this in MtG.

While there has been some kinky stuff, a lot of the harder fetishes have been avoided so far due to the paths chosen. Shinki and Byakuren selections were perhaps the most normal (despite Byakuren's odd tastes). There will be some fetishistic stuff like this in MtG.
File 127877735291.jpg - (7.87KB, 480x360 , bison.jpg) [iqdb]
This was awesome.
I am not the guy for that kind of fetish, but my cock approves this, well done .

Oh, and YES
I'd love to know what fetishistic material we have missed due to our choices.

I can't wait to see what you have in store. While ordinary oral/vaginal/anal is fun and all, Ran's tail-fucking scene is still the best by far. I'm looking forward to more unusual stuff like that in the future! Maybe Nazrin or someone else returning the sounding favor...

You haven't MISSED anything, you've simply delayed it.

I bet Kanako goes with bondage
Also, remember the three fetishes I won't be writing: Guro, vore, asphyxiation. Everything else is up in the air.


I bet you're that guy who is referred to as 'Captain Obvious' by his friends.
Good to have that misunderstanding (about missing versus delayed) cleared then. The word "avoid" to me sounds like a typical writefag codeword for "Hahaha, you've missed all this awesome stuff because you were [insert something the writefag doesn't like] before!"
>Netorare (????), sub-genre of hentai, where male protagonist is being betrayed by his wife or lover. The unique objective of NTR is to play with the "jealous feelings" of the reader (or player, if it is a hentai game).

egh. No thanks. This sort of thing offends my very nature.
Awww, man...

/jp/ here. Not exactly what I expected and was looking forward to, but still pretty good.

Good man.
I second this post.

Also, what was your stance on scat/piss again, writer?
File 127885139540.jpg - (109.79KB, 600x800 , 1283(2)gou.jpg) [iqdb]
Dunno about you, but I'd rather just watch than participate.
I liked the Komachi and Alice pics better.
File 127920756468.png - (43.97KB, 600x600 , 1585624.png) [iqdb]
Simply replying to bump a certain image out of sight from the main page.
File 128000211741.jpg - (134.39KB, 600x900 , 1218gou.jpg) [iqdb]

Something wrong?
I must say.... that artist certainly makes such things an art form. Komachi and Alice in such poses the best examples as such.

And that's why I love Fakepucco and his scat is the only scat I can stand.
I think we all understand why you're against it, and I'm perfectly fine with that notion.

I like Jam Kingdom because he somehow makes scat into something beautiful.

Probably because all his stuff is full of dickgirls being all lovey-dovey to an extent that is almost unbelievable.

Against it? Hell no, I'm FOR it!
And yet you're against asphyxiation.

But killing the fuck toy is NEVER fun ;_;

Just not fulfilling and is wasteful.
Ignorance is bliss~
File 128022250110.jpg - (119.66KB, 600x800 , AliceScat.jpg) [iqdb]
Some more top notch scat.

Asphyxiation isn't intended to kill the recipient. It's an unfortunate side effect sometimes, but that's not the goal.
It's not like Touhous die if you kill them.
That's only in the case of fairies. The rest can die... Unless they were already dead, like yuyuko.

I'd be worried about Rick, not the Touhou characters.
Rick wouldn't die, even if you killed him.

People die if they are killed.
We thought he wouldn't die even if we killed him.
File 128044216747.jpg - (32.72KB, 640x368 , PEOPLE_DIE_IF_THEY_ARE_KILLED.jpg) [iqdb]
File 128047518965.jpg - (223.14KB, 574x2532 , ppldieiftheyarekilledxi6.jpg) [iqdb]
1. That last one about the funeral misses the point. She did die

2. WTF was he holding?

lurk moar
I'm writing a Kanako one-shot on the side. I'm going to use this thread for that and other one-shots.
File 128285257864.jpg - (49.30KB, 520x720 , e8f02744ef8d6da143d9f9581c3f2c9e.jpg) [iqdb]
This image and its comment were both quite relevant when I posted them the last time.


It's rather odd seeing Kanako dressed the way she is now, if you could even call it dressed. A pair of fuzzy cat ears top her head and a long cat tail protrudes from her rump. You grin to yourself, you've got a few ideas as to how that tail is attached. On her extremities are pairs of gloves and thigh-highs that end with large, fake cat paws. You'd never expect to see her acting this way given her age and personality. But despite your expectations, Kanako is now crawling towards you on all fours. Her large breasts dangle and jiggle as she slowly approaches you. An innocent smile crosses the woman's face. "Nya?" she says in a questioning tone, her gaze shifting back and forth between your face and erection.

Well, if Kanako wants to play, then you might as well indulge her. "What a beautiful kitty," you start. She smiles and nods happily. "And what would your name be?"

Kanako stares at you with a sweet expression on her face. Her lips slowly part as she speaks. "Ka," she says, pausing briefly. Her voice has taken on a different tone than usual, sounding younger and cuter. "Nyan," she continues with the next syllable. Your eyes widen in surprise. "Ko," she finishes, grinning from ear to ear. "Ka-nyan-ko." Your heart skips a beat. This is almost too much for you. Pushing forward, you knock Kanako over and pin her to the ground in one motion. "Nya?" she inquires again.

"What can I say, Kanako?" you reply. "I've always had a soft spot for cats." You grin and grip one of her breasts firmly in your hand. Kanako shakes her head unhappily and frowns at your advance. "What's wrong?" you ask of her. She pushes back and you release your grip, allowing her to take the lead.

The soft paws of her gloves press against your chest, leaning you back. Kanako crawls up your body a bit and straddles your waist. She frowns slightly and rubs at your shirt as if urging you to take it off. Those cute lips slowly curls up into a smile as you pull the shirt up over your head. As soon as the garment is gone she leans down to your chest. Her heavy breasts slide across your bare skin, her hard nipples teasing the flesh as they pass over it. You inhale sharply when her damp tongue flicks across your chest. A soft groan follows, her teeth gently nipping at you. Kanako briefly rises from your waist to allow herself to slip a paw-covered hand beneath your pants and underwear. She settles back in after they're halfway down your legs, moaning quietly while tasting your chest. Your rock hard erection twitches with anticipation as it comes to rest against the curvature of her ass.

She giggles quietly and grinds her crotch and butt against your penis, her tongue rolling across your right nipple as she teases you. Instincts tell you to thrust upwards, but Kanako has your body pinned rather firmly. You moan quietly, her soft, squishy butt pushing your cock down. "Nya-ha-ha," she laughs mischievously, biting your nipple playfully. You gasp and arch your back in response to her assault, lifting Kanako slightly from the ground. She sits up on your lower body and offers you a rather appropriate cheshire grin, happily watching you squirm beneath her as if you were the mouse to her cat. You look down towards Kanako when her weight leaves you. "Nya?" she inquires, gesturing towards a nearby chair. You're not entirely sure what she wants, but you manage to pick yourself up from the floor and sit in the chair.

Kanako slowly crawls over to you on all fours, licking her lips. "What are you up to, Kanako?" you ask with a mixture of excitement and curiosity in your voice. Those soft, gloved hands spread your legs. Her eyes seem fixated hungrily on your cock as she leans in closer. You can hear a quiet sniffing sound, a satisfied 'mm', and finally the sensation of her lips kissing the tip of your penis. It jerks in reaction and slaps lightly against her face. Kanako lets out a happy 'nya' and grabs at your length with both of those soft paws. They squeeze down on you and slowly slide down the shaft, peeling your foreskin back and exposing the sensitive head. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide, allowing her tongue to hang out. Leaning down slightly, her wet tongue runs along the underside and then up across the head of your hard cock. You moan happily and relax in the seat, allowing Kanako more access to you.

Her lips embrace the tip of your shaft and slowly slide it between them, stopping just past the crown. She moans softly, her tongue slipping back and forth across your cock head and tasting it. Kanako sucks hungrily on the end of your penis, her tongue pushing into every crevice it can find. Then, she firmly presses her tongue up against you from below. Her hands slide up your length and roll the foreskin back up, sandwiching her tongue between the two. You moan and shudder as you feel your skin being stretched by her. Then it moves, rolling around your cock beneath the layer of skin covering it. She sighs contentedly through her nose and groans happily as she cleans you. She finishes and comes to a rest once more on the lower side of your head. She glances up at you expectantly, as if wanting permission to continue.

"Yes, Kanako, please," is all you can say to the sweet woman sucking hungrily on you. She closes her eyes and slips her tongue out from its trappings. One paw leaves your cock and slips down to gently play with your testicles. The other stays in place and rubs at the base of your shaft. Her warm mouth pushes down past the head, taking more of you inside. The feeling is wonderful, and Kanako knows exactly what to do. She hums slightly, the vibrations tickling you as she begins to gently suck. You move a hand to her head and hear a quiet 'mm-mm' of disapproval. You resign yourself to relax and allow her to do as she wishes. A moan escapes your lips, Kanako lightly squeezing your cock and balls in her paws. Her mouth slides from you length and then, in one smooth motion, swallows you whole. She removes the paw from your cock and continues to push down on you, her lips kissing your skin as she impales herself upon you. A quiet series of gags and moans can be heard from her as she deep throats you. Her muscles tighten around your cock and you moan loudly, letting your head roll back and your eyes close. Kanako slowly withdraws and slips your penis from her tight throat. She pulls off of you entirely and momentarily gasps for air. She looks up at your face, her eyes burning with desire. Her mouth wraps itself around you once more, bobbing up and down hungrily.

The cat tail waves back and forth in the air playfully as she tends to your needs. You could almost reach it if it'd just sway a little bit closer. Your wish is granted and you lean forward, snatching the cat tail. Kanako doesn't seem to have noticed yet and continues to suck on your penis vigorously. You groan and try to maintain your composure. The long, fuzzy tail seems to be coming from a toy planted firmly in her rump. A gentle tug of the tail and her body reacts by tensing up. She lets out a muffled cry. "Nya!" she moans around your shaft.

"Does the kitty enjoy having its tail pulled?" you ask of her. She nods as best she can, still working your cock over. Another tug, this time a bit harder. Her body shakes and quivers, deep moans slipping out from her mouth. The vibrations caused by her moaning feel so good, and she seems to be enjoying herself as well. You wait for her to have the majority of your length inside of her mouth before pulling on it again. She groans and shifts, doing her best to suck on you despite your actions. In fact, Kanako seems to be picking up the pace. Her mouth quickly slides along your hard cock, her tongue stroking your sensitive head with every pass. She roughly squeezes and pulls on your sack, causing you to moan in a mixture of pleasure and slight pain. You can feel your orgasm coming closer and closer, your shaft throbbing and tensing up. You jerk roughly on the tail, holding it firm in your grip as Kanako squirms. She squeals and moans, releasing your cock from her mouth. It slaps loudly against her cheek, splattering it with sticky precum. Her paw moves up to join the other on your penis, the both of them stroking it excitedly in anticipation. Kanako opens her mouth wide and places it directly in front of your crotch. The first string of hot cum misses its mark and stains her pretty face, but the rest meet their target and flood the inside of her waiting mouth. She moans and coos in delight, making contented 'mm' sounds as she tastes your semen. Her tongue comes up beneath your cock and rests under the head, collecting the remaining fluid as it seeps from you. Finally finished with you, Kanako swallows what she can and leans back to rest on the floor.

The tail pops free as she moves away, a loud groan escaping her lips. Her large breasts heave up and down as she lay on the floor in an attempt to catch her breath. "Nya," she says with exhaustion in her voice.

"Good girl, Kanako," you tell her. She sits up and comes back to you, stretching up to kiss you on the cheek. Then, just as suddenly as she came, she leaves, walking out of the room on all fours. Before she disappears through the door, the woman glances back at you. She reaches around with one gloved hand and parts her damp pussy lips, offering a wink to you as if to say 'I expect more from you later.'
Oh gods, a Kanako one shot and my main fetish. Consider yourself forgiven for the laziness.
I agree with this man. Jolly good job!

What they said
The last part makes me want even more. Fuck yeah!
File 130253239149.jpg - (40.34KB, 400x533 , 75c00006504e1fcde6682473f473d225.jpg) [iqdb]
My name is Kumayoshi Shikainami. I currently teach the equivalent of tenth grade here in Japan.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Everyone says the same thing when they hear my name, that I must be cursed. My life has become a little strange, but I'm not cursed.

At least, I don't think I am...

Shikainami walked toward his classroom, students slowly flooding the halls around him. The sound of excited chatter on the first day, friends finding friends again, and a brand new class of students for him to teach. He was excited, to say the least. Last year had been rather strange, but he would still miss his students.

"Kuma-sensei!" called out a giggling group of girls. They were from the prior year, now in the classes above his own.

The teacher sighed and looked in their direction. "I told you not to call me that!" He couldn't stand that nickname, even though it was used in friendly jest. Still, that had been one of the better groups of students. He could forgive their teasing, for the moment. Looming ahead was the entrance to the classroom. It was closed tight, as it should be, given that classes weren't due to begin for a short time yet.

Across from his classroom was a woman, struggling with the lock on a door. Long, golden hair cascaded down toward her upper back. A fairly snug women's suit showed off her rather voluptuous form. She pounded the door in frustration and stepped back, looking in Shikainami's direction as he approached. "Oh, Kumayoshi-san?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Good morning, Yakumo-san," he replied, bowing politely. His lips curled upward slightly. "Another year, another stuck lock, is it?" The woman before him, Yukari, held another tenth grade class across from his. It really was the same thing, year after year. Maintenance would leave her with a broken lock, mostly because she complained to them some time ago. To say they held a grudge would be an understatement.

She reached up to rub at her forward, brushing her hair out of the way. Her breasts bounced slightly, mostly restrained by the outfit. "Another year, another lock for you to fix," she said in return, looking expectantly at her fellow teacher. He gave a short nod and worked his magic. The magic being, basically, brute force. "As always, you have my appreciation." Yukari leaned in, the same as she does every year, and whispered into his ear. "You could have a little extra appreciation if you wanted, Kuma-sensei." She pulled back, giggling and stepping inside of her classroom.

"You never change, do you?" he sighed quietly. She was an attractive woman, but those offers were never pursued. Shikainami turned back to his own classroom and pulled out the key. He paused, memories drifting to the prior year. It was a strange experience, one he had never had before. Something he'd never forget. There was this girl in his class, and she was...


Choose one from each grouping.

'She was attractive, and appeared to be...'

[ ] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[ ] Short, well endowed and a bit chubby.
[ ] Tall, with a thin, fragile body.
[ ] Short, with a light frame and small chest.
[ ] Average all around.


'As far as her personality went, she was...'

[ ] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[ ] Quiet and obsessive, always staring at you and showing up in strange places.
[ ] Dismissive and aloof, yet always focusing her attention on you. Even if it was negative.
[ ] Caught up in her own world, probably distracted by fashion or whatever fad was going on.


'Despite her outward appearance, there was always a bit of an air about her. She reminded me of...'

[ ] A mature woman, someone with years of experience behind those young eyes.
[ ] An immature girl, someone who didn't grow out of her prior years.
[ ] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[ ] A younger sister, someone innocent to have fun with.
[ ] The girl next door, someone who is always there to be a friend.


'Overall, I'd say she was...'

[ ] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[ ] Perhaps a bit slow, having difficulty with her work.

You're on the wrong boards, sir.
[X] Short, with a light frame and small chest.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] The girl next door, someone who is always there to be a friend.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.

As tempted as I am to go with a busty stalker, this sounds fun. Partially because this is /at/, and I think it would be funny if this sweet, innocent girl turned out to be a nymphomaniac.
File 130253759653.jpg - (40.70KB, 520x800 , get out of here.jpg) [iqdb]
Did someone say stalker?
[X] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.

I refuse to make this character into his namesake.
[x] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.

Aiming for voluptuous nympho.
[x] Short, with a light frame and small chest.
[x] Dismissive and aloof, yet always focusing her attention on you. Even if it was negative.
[x] A mature woman, someone with years of experience behind those young eyes.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[X] Short, with a light frame and small chest.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] The girl next door, someone who is always there to be a friend.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[X] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] A younger sister, someone innocent to have fun with.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[x] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[x] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
I'll close votes tomorrow. I'm not sure how I am going to handle this, as it might be complicated depending on how many more I get. I am considering just taking the highest vote in each category and combining those.
[x] Short, with a light frame and small chest.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[x] A mature woman, someone with years of experience behind those young eyes.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[X] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[x] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[x] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[x] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.

[x] Tall, with a thin, fragile body.
[x] Dismissive and aloof, yet always focusing her attention on you. Even if it was negative.
[x] The girl next door, someone who is always there to be a friend.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[x] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[x] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.

This seems like a fun little diversion from MtG.
[x] Short, well endowed and a bit chubby.
[x] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[x] The girl next door, someone who is always there to be a friend.
[x] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
[X] Short, with a light frame and small chest.
[X] Quiet and obsessive, always staring at you and showing up in strange places.
[X] A mature woman, someone with years of experience behind those young eyes.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
Votes closed, stop voting.

Looks like this won:

[X] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.
So we've pretty much got Komachi from MtG here. I have no problems with this whatsoever!
This is going to take a bit longer to write than normal since I'm, basically, typing out a massive wall. The only choices for this short story are the characteristics above.
So how's that Momiji thing coming?
That's how I see Komachi in general.
Komachi, huh? Hmm...


Slow and steady.
Oh, I do too. It's just that Pettan also writes her that way, so we know he's at least used to writing the voluptuous, affectionate older sister in a hot way.
>Slow and steady.
Excellent. Keep up the good work.
File 130272045592.jpg - (44.28KB, 560x640 , glasses are like bacon they make everything better.jpg) [iqdb]
Also doing this without proofreading.

[X] Tall, with a curvaceous body and large bust.
[X] Sweet and affectionate, always hanging around you with a kind word and encouragement.
[X] An older sister, someone to look up to and go to with your problems.
[X] Intelligent, yet distracted by other things.


She was quite an attractive girl. Fairly tall, at least in comparison to the others around her age. A wonderfully curvaceous body, with a nice sized chest. Not too large, but just right. Shikainami smiled to himself as the fond memories came back. He had enjoyed her presence in the class, and outside. She was sweet and affectionate towards him. The type to always be around to offer kind words and support. In fact, he would go as far as to say she reminded him of an older sister. Age difference aside, of course.

"Hina," Shikainami muttered. They had grown close enough that the formalities were dropped, at least outside of the classroom. It was a shame that year had to end. He wasn't entirely sure what happened to her. She was such a smart girl, she did wonderful at the start of the year, but things started slipping away. It was almost as if something else had been occupying her mind.

He shook his head, fumbling with his keys. Soft footsteps began to approach in the distance. "Must be the first students arriving," he said, flipping through the key chain in a hurried effort to get the room open. The keys slip from his grasp and clatter loudly on the floor. The teacher sighed, bending down to retrieve the keys.

A slender hand scooped them up from the floor, gingerly offering them to their owner. "Shikainami-san," came a soft, familiar voice. "You dropped your keys again," she added in a gentle, yet slightly teasing, tone.

He blushed in embarrassment, taking the keys and standing up. His eyes met the gaze of the young woman. Her deep, green eyes stared back into his. "H-Hina?" stuttered the surprised man.

Hina gave a slight nod, pushing a pair of spectacles up the bridge of her nose. "Of course, who else would it be?" she asked, laughing softly.

Shikainami didn't expect to see her here. She looked just as she did before, with her stark green hair and outlandish clothing. This school was one of the few that didn't enforce a dress code, but he was curious as to how she would look in a uniform. The other girls always teased her about her fashion sense, but he thought it was cute. She didn't care about what they said, in any case. "I just didn't expect to see you back here, are you visiting before class?" he inquired.

Her hands came up to cover her mouth in mock horror. "Kuma-sensei," she started. He winced slightly at the nickname. "Are you saying you didn't check the student roster yet?" He blinked a few times, slowly processing what was said.

"You're in my class, Hina?" he asked in disbelief.

"Of course I am," she answered with a sweet smile. "I didn't pass last year, and I thought I'd go with my favorite teacher again."

She didn't pass? That wasn't a surprise to him. Her grades plummeted as the year progressed, after all. "Wouldn't you do better in another class, then?" he wondered aloud.

Hina frowned slightly. "You don't want me?" she said in return.

"N-no, I love you, Hina," he stuttered. Her lips curled upwards. "I mean, I love having you in my class, you're a wonderful student." Remembering the task at hand, he turned to open the door to the classroom. "So, what did you do during the break?"

"Oh, I moved in to my own apartment, closer to the school," she announced cheerfully. "My parents had to go do business elsewhere in the country, and I wanted to stay here, so they gave me the money to do so."

He smiled at his student. "That's wonderful, Hina," he replied, opening the door and ushering her inside. She was certainly mature enough to live on her own, although he was curious as to how lonely it would be for a young woman of her age.

The green-haired girl paused once inside, looking about the room. "Nothing has changed," she stated. "Fourth row, second seat, same as last year," Hina added, heading toward her seat.

Shikainami was overjoyed to see her, doing his best to contain the excitement. Another year, another chance, for her sake. "Class is starting soon, so..."he began, trailing off.

"Of course, Kumayoshi-sensei," she replied respectfully. Hina understood the situation. They were close friends, and perhaps something more in her mind, but there were certain expectations in public. Soon after, the rest of the students began to trickle in, finding their seats and settling in. He couldn't wait for lunch time to come around.


To be continued.
>glasses are like bacon they make everything better.jpg
Oh hell yeah.
>Vote with Komachi in mind. Get Hina instead.

I'm more than okay with this.

Busty Hina at that. True I don't exactly see her as busty, but if a busty Hina comes along I won't complain.
File 130282144551.jpg - (220.39KB, 907x2248 , hinaa.jpg) [iqdb]

I consider Hina to be variable, although I definitely prefer her with some sort of tits.

Keep in mind we're talking 'bigger than average' for someone in the high school range. We're not talking AMAZON TALL WITH MASSIVE TITS like Komachi, Meiling, etc.
Oh, look. It's a janitor youkai.


"Do you really think this is appropriate, especially in the temple?" Kyouko asks you, a mixture of concern and embarrassment on her face. You're not sure why she is suddenly backing down, she was more than eager to sneak into one of the back rooms with you.

You offer her a soft smile in return, reaching up to gently stroke what you can only identify as some sort of floppy ears. "This is Byakuren's temple, though," you answer, as if that alone explained it all. She recoils slightly in response to your touch. "You've not been with her long enough to understand, have you?"

Her short greenish hair sways back and forth. "N-no," she stutters slightly. "Lady Hijiri wouldn't approve of this." Kyouko grips her broom tightly, fidgeting nervously. Beneath her concern and worry, there is a hint of desire. You can tell by the way she looks at you that she is conflicted.

"On the contrary, I'd encourage it," comes the familiar voice of Byakuren from the doorway. The two of you turn toward her, a look of surprise on the face of the new caretaker. "Your duties include more than just cleaning, my dear." She gestures in your direction. "Forming bonds with humans is an important part of your presence here."

The younger girl blinks a few times, looking between Byakuren and yourself. "Forming bonds with humans?" she says curiously. "W-well, if you say so," Kyouko starts again, trying to steady herself.

"I can assure you, he'll be quite kind to you," speaks the older woman. "I've bonded with him a number of times." Byakuren grins, turning slowly to leave the room. "I'll offer you two some privacy, then."

You turn back to face Kyouko. Her face is covered in a deep blush and her knuckles have gone white from squeezing on the broom. "You're quite nervous, aren't you?" you inquire, placing a hand on hers. "It couldn't be your first time, could it?"

She gasps slightly in reply to your rather forward line of questioning. "Yes, but if Lady Hijiri says that it's alright, then, maybe," she trails off.

You laugh softly and give her a reassuring smile. "I understand, you don't know what to expect, but I'll be good to you." Slowly, you begin to walk around the scared girl, placing your self behind her. She attempts to follow you, but your hands now hold her waist steady. "It's all right, you can trust me, I have Byakuren's approval."

A few moments of silence pass between the two of you. She finally nods slightly. "I trust Lady Hijiri," she says quietly, now looking away from you. You release her waist, bringing both hands down to lift up the hem of her skirt. Kyouko lets out a soft moan as a hand comes to rest on her small rump. She bends over, pressing her ass toward you and using the broom as support. You were right, she did want this, didn't she?

You push the skirt, along with the lower portion of her top, up her back to expose the smooth, pale flesh beneath. A thin pair of white panties greets you, with a damp spot already forming on the crotch. "Beautiful, Kyouko," you say to her with a kind tone. She doesn't respond, perhaps out of embarrassment. You slowly peel the underwear down, exposing the pink lips of her pussy. She gasps slightly as she is exposed to the cool air of the room. Flecks of liquid glisten in the light patch of hair on her crotch.

"What, what are you doing?" she asks, your fingers slowly parting the lips of her virgin cunt.

"Does it feel good?" you question in return. Before she can answer, you dip your index finger inside of the tight opening. A loud moan escapes her lips as you penetrate her body. "I'll take that as a yes," you add, withdrawing the finger and now taking the opportunity to push your pants downward. Your erection pops free, precum dribbling from the head. You lightly press the tip to her entrance, Kyouko gasping in surprise. "Are you ready, then?"

She shakes her head in response. "N-no," she stammers. "But, I want to do this, even if I'm not." Her voice has changed tone, taking on a more aroused note. You slowly enter from behind, the first inch easily sliding inside of her already damp pussy. "Nngh," comes a pained groan.

You reach forward with one hand, the other placed on her rear, and stroke her hair. "Are you alright?" you ask with concern. She pauses for a moment before nodding. Her ears flop up and down as she does so. Quite the adorable girl, isn't she? After allowing her to steady herself with the broom, you press on. A content moan leaves your lips and it seems to echo about the small room. Her own cries mimic your own, the walls of her tight cunt clamping down around you.

The head of your cock presses against her virginity. Another groan of discomfort comes from the green-haired youkai. "It kind of hurts," she complains quietly.

You affectionately pet her hair, attempting to calm her down. "It hurts at first, but I promise it will feel better soon."

She turns her head slightly in your direction. "If she trusts you, I do too," Kyouko says softly. Her butt wiggles slightly as she repositions and prepares herself. You press into her dripping pussy, forcing your way through her barrier. A cry of pain rings out but quickly subsides, being replaced by a pleasurable moan. A light trickle of fluid can be felt passing beneath your shaft. You bring your hand down from her hair and instead grip her waist, lifting it slightly. Her body is quite light, making this an easy task. Her thin legs dangle mere inches from the floor, her thin frame supported by both your hands and the broom.

You slowly slide from her depths, the tight walls of her pussy gripping your length. "Kyouko," you moan aloud. The feeling is incredible, and it seems she is enjoying it as well. Slight moans can be heard with every inch withdrawn. You press back inside, filling her body in a single, smooth stroke. A sharp gasp follows as your pelvis smacks against her rear. "It feels incredible," you tell her.

She nods eagerly as you begin to thrust inside, her body swaying from front to back with each push. "Ah, unh," she vocalizes, finding difficulty in forming words. "Y-yes," she stutters, head hanging down limply. Peeking in from the side you can see her face. Her eyes are shut tightly, cheeks covered in a deep blush. Kyouko's mouth hangs wide open as she gasps for breath. Your affections push her over the edge rather quickly, culminating in a loud cry of pleasure. Her body suddenly tenses up beneath your grip and fluids squirt against your crotch, soaking your skin.

It becomes increasingly difficult to resist your own orgasm, the tight walls of her cunt sucking eagerly on your dripping cock. Every inch of her pussy seems as if it is doing its best to please you. "Kyouko," you repeat, her name quickly obscured by the sounds of your own moans. With one last push, your own climax comes. You empty your warm seed inside of her virgin pussy, satiating her hungry body. The two of you fall silent, save for the sound heavy breaths echoing through the room. Your shrinking erection slips from her depths, a mixture of cum and blood splattering onto the floor.

"Thank you," she speaks up quietly. "For letting me form a bond with you." You lean forward over her body, pressing a soft kiss to the back of her neck.

Byakuren stands in the doorway, the both of you oblivious to her presence. She smiles to herself, pleased with the result. "Good work, Kyouko," she says quietly, turning to leave once more.



Now do miyako before anyone else can! though I can't even find any H pics of her yet.

Nah, I'll incorporate Miyako and Kyouko into the main story and give them H scenes there.
File 130293198739.jpg - (378.87KB, 800x1012 , miyakopronz.jpg) [iqdb]

Well here ya go.
For some reason, I can't wait for Yoshika doujins.
I like Yoshika's design. But, for some reason, I really, really dig Kyouko. I have no idea why, I just saw and read her description and liked her.

I also keep imagining her in gray overalls dragging around a janitor cart, since that's basically what she is. Man, if only I could draw, I've got ideas for silly Janitor Youkai 4komas and other pictures in mind.
Maybe you can ask Giddy. Sometimes, he draws.

Giddy doesn't like me. That, and I want to learn to draw anyway. When I originally started MTG I had a desire to draw images to go along with the story, but never go around to it. I have some extra cash coming up shortly to pick up a few books that SA's creative board and AD recommended.
File 130297444359.jpg - (115.25KB, 850x1020 , sample-c1a0f5dd3e9071b7f0e29ef51573091a.jpg) [iqdb]
Same thing happened first time I saw Nue in the game.
And even now, I'm still lusting for her and cheering for any route she can have.

New Touhou games cause more pain to my wallet than just buying them. Still need a Nue, too bad the only decent one on market doesn't meet my needs.
Fond of Nue, and fond of anal.
But most of time, it's either futa, either rape.
So in the end, I fap to Satori porn.

Also, you buy doujins?
Kyouko's really cute to be honest while Yoshika is nice but it doesn't exactly stand out. Kinda hard with girls like Nue around.

I buy more than doujins. I guess I should actually post my photo galleries in one of my threads, since I talk(ed) about them so much. That and a while ago people asked me to show my shit and I didn't.


Holy ... I bet you'reliving alone, or something like that? Nobody to peek on your dakimakura collection?

Saged because off-topic. Maybe we should start a thread on /words/ about your collection.

I'm not so vain that I need a thread dedicated to my hedonism and money spending. I can shit up my own story threads just fine.

Also, I live at home with my parents, they've seen all of my dakimakura and most of everything else and either like some of it or don't care.

Damn, I wish I could afford some of those figures, but they tend to be too expensive for me to justify it.
Nice collection you got there
File 130307588866.jpg - (465.04KB, 1024x725 , 18234588.jpg) [iqdb]
What's that? You guys want me to write Kyouko x Yoshika x Kogasa x Rick?

What a silly idea. That could never happen.

... Could it?
I made a bet in /blue/ that U Metal would be gone after a month. Sadly, I was mistaken. But the good news is that you can benefit from me being wrong! I bet one H-scene whose subject matter is based on the community's request.

Although, I'd prefer not to write something already planned in MTG, it isn't like you have a way of knowing what is and isn't.

In other words, post a bunch of suggestions. I'll take the first 10 or so and then those can be picked from. Sound good?

In celebration of the demo being released.
I want porn of Yuyuko flying around and masturbating while phasing through people and leaving them utterly confused.

Futa Koakuma dominating Rick sounds fun. Anything with some prostate fun, really.

Oh lord.

Something Rin x Chen x Shou
An epic Godzilla-style battle/sex scene involving the Goliath Doll and Hisoutensoku.

Giant Catfish is optional.
A fivesome with all the bird women.
That's fully stupid.

Let's do this!

Because why not?

Giant Sukia is also optional.
Bonus points if you use the "Hisoutensoku is a giant mecha" thing and have Sanae pilot it.

Actually, now I'm just imagining Sanae in some sort of Evangelion parody where it turns into a giant version of her and then she has really weird sex with Alice's MEGAS Shanghai. And then Suika gets involved.
There's a doujin somewhere on danbooru where a giant Reisen must fight Hisoutensoku.
Said giant mecha is piloted by Nitori/Reimu and is powered through yuri sex. And the story end with Reisen getting it from Hisoutensoku.

These are extremely silly. I was hoping for more serious ideas, like some of the other suggestions presented.
File 130313455117.jpg - (109.92KB, 533x800 , that fucking creeper.jpg) [iqdb]
If I could vote seriously, I would vote for a RickxZombiexJanitor threesome.

Since I'm drunk and officially handicapped since 4 days, so I'm not taking this seriously.
How about a RickxShinkixAlice threesome? I can't remember seeing one before.
This man speaks wise words. He's got my vote
Eh, I kinda had that planned for MtG, and would like to incorporate it in the story.
I would not mind seeing some sort of shrine maiden sandwich. Maybe they're competing for a follower or something.

I'll probably look back at this when I'm not so hung over.
I'm still in favor of my Koakuma vote. It would be a nice treat for those of us disappointed with the outcome of MtG's last vote.
Fine, fine. Even if I think I'll only see it in many months, I'll propose another idea.

Threesome with Maribel and Renko. That's anotehr I've never seen. Since I doubt Rick will work well for this, unnamed guy for the scene?

If I had a dollar for every time I was disappointed with a vote...

Maribel and Renko? Yes, please.

No protection, if you would be so kind.
So far the suggestions I've taken into account are:

Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt
Rin x Chen x Shou
Bird fivesome (are we talking just the girls together, or with Rick included?)
Faceless guy x Renko x Maribel
Rick x Yoshika x Kyouko

Did I miss one? Not counting the silly choices.
Oh, I agree, it's completely silly. But that's kinda the point. What good is it to do something for losing a bet if the thing you do isn't much different from what you normally do?

Just thought it would be interesting to mix things up a bit. No harm done if it gets vetoed.
Mmm, I know I'm the one who first called him unnamed for the sake of it, but it does sound strange. Are you going to give him some sort of backstory if it wins (like close friend of both girls)?

The problem is more of 'I don't know how the fuck to write this and I don't want to disappoint my readers'.


He was going to be Random Faceless Villager that the girls mistake for a youkai.

I had meant it was going to include Rick with all five bird women. I should have included that part.

That's what I thought was going to happen, although I'd want to make it faceless guy for this and not Rick. Basically, saying 'Rick' puts it in the scope of MTG and I feel funny doing that because it creates expectations for when certain characters arrive.

Well, whatever you decide I'll look forward to reading.
I was imagining Rick waking up to find several different avians perched all over his naked body, grasping at it with cold talons and pecking him lightly, fluttering their wings at one another and squawking and cawing, jumping and batting their wings as they argue over eggs...

I'll be in my bunk.

(Ah, but seriously, there are so few girl-only orgies. Perhaps you could provide?)
Read a doujin for that
Currently hoping for Koakuma futa sexans.
Okay, so, no more suggestions have come in. I want you to vote amongst these:

[ ] Mima x Rick
[ ] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt
[ ] Rin x Chen x Shou
[ ] All five bird girls x faceless guy
[ ] Faceless guy x Renko x Maribel
[ ] Rick x Yoshika x Kyouko

Bird girls and Renko/Maribel involve faceless guy and aren't tied into MTG for story related reasons.

If someone could tell me who the five bird girls are, that'd be cool. I can only think of four off the top of my head.

Hatate, Aya, Tokiko, Mystia, Okuu.
[X] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt (If possible, normal sex as well)
[x] Rin x Chen x Shou

Cats > Birds
[X] Faceless guy x Renko x Maribel

Because outsider girls need love too.
We can vote for our own suggestions, right? If not, disregard this.

[X] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt.
[X] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt

Of course you can.
[X] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt

Who the fuck needs to fap when you've a succubus having gay buttsex with Rick?

But it isn't gay if she has breasts, right!"

Also, I just realized, this Koakuma choice seemed a bit random at first, but it's related to that guy getting upset over her getting smut, isn't it?
Sooo tempting...
[x] All five bird girls x faceless guy
[x] Rick x Yoshika x Kyouko
Too many good choices
File 130323753835.jpg - (24.74KB, 415x284 , 093821.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] All five bird girls x faceless guy

>faceless guy

I have a name for him.

Pick only one.


Oh dear...
[X] Faceless guy x Renko x Maribel

Gotta love 'em. In more ways than one.
[x] All five bird girls x faceless guy
[x] All five bird girls x faceless guy
Mystia then
[x] Mima x Rick

Tokiko, Okuu, Mystia, Aya, Hatate.
[X] Faceless guy x Renko x Maribel

Oh, yeah, that guy. No, I actually wasn't thinking of that at the time. I just feel that Koakuma doesn't get much appreciation around here, and the futa aspect was because people keep avoiding it in MtG lately. Just a treat for those who keep losing votes.

Come to think of it, one reason I thought of Koakuma was because you were joking with that guy about doing a Koakuma one-shot. So, I guess it was indirectly related to that, in a way.
[+] Faceless guy x Renko x Maribel
Not enough love for 'em as-is.
People weren't avoiding it solely due to it being Futa but other factors.

Isn't it sad Mima?
[X] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt

Sealing Club is a close second, but I can't pass up a chance for femdom buttsex.

I understand that. The end result is the same, though.
[x] Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt
Can I downvote Koa instead of voting? The rest sound fantastic, especially the ones with Renko and Miyako.
Votes closed.

Looks like Koakuma won with six. Or with five if you want to count the 'downvote', since it appears to be ahead by two.

Hey, I actually created a winning vote for once! Sweet.
I don't know how to feel about this.
File 131210815973.jpg - (74.30KB, 410x353 , 1311762817057.jpg) [iqdb]
I couldn't even read all of that. Does this mean you did a good job? Can't really tell and I don't know if I really want to know.

Sort of disappointed he didn't continue with a "Island of Dr. Moreau" feeling to it; what with the "vivisection" done on Nue and all that.

Or perhaps he is invoking his inner "splatterhouse" side with a heaping dose of finesse thrown in
>Curses, I have been foiled, both by myself and this impetulant shapeshifter!

This is probably supposed to be "petulant" (childishly stubborn, sulky). I suspect you combined it with "impetuous" (impulsive).

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for next time. I did mean petulant, but I guess I thought 'impetulant' was a word!
File 131368347637.jpg - (114.11KB, 1056x1500 , 11acb744206c70d1cc5eaca05cfdb985.jpg) [iqdb]
As promised months ago!


Koakuma grips the bookshelf behind her tightly, using it to support her body. Her skirt sits in a pile on the ground, leaving her lower body completely exposed. "Do you like the surprise I prepared for you this time?" she asks, grinning from ear to ear. A thick cock, about the same length as your own, rests just above the slit of her dripping pussy. It's fully erect, the head covered with a roll of foreskin. Having no shame, she doesn't even blush as you stare at her body. Her spade tipped tail flicks about behind her, the two pairs of wings fluttering slightly. A single strand of precum hangs precariously from the tip, ready to stain the floor at any moment.

You've already got your pants on the ground around your ankles and your own penis stands up, ready and waiting. "God, yes, Koakuma," you blurt out, pushing your body to her own. She opens her mouth, tongue hanging out, and you waste no time in taking her up on her offer. You mash your length up against her own, gasping as your hot cocks touch together. You part your lips, sucking her tongue inside of your mouth.

She releases the shelves and throws one arm around your back, the other one moving down into the gap between your bodies. Her hand peels back the foreskin on her penis, followed by giving yours the same treatment. Koakuma embraces the head of your cock with the palm of her hand, gently rubbing it against the tip of her penis. She suddenly kicks a leg up from the ground, wrapping it around your waist. You reach down with one hand to grab her thigh and support her body. Her tongue explores your mouth, twisting around inside of it before finally twirling around yours. She breaks the kiss, now bearing a sly smile on her face. "Patchouli's desk again?" she suggests with a laugh.

You nod, pulling her body away from the bookshelf and reinforcing your grip on her thigh. She brings her other leg up, securing hold on your waist. After a few minutes of stumbling around the library, you're now approaching Patchouli and her desk. She's relaxed in her chair, reading a book. You reach the desk and Koakuma releases her grip on your back, flopping onto the table in front of her master. Patchouli does not break her concentration, completely ignoring the both of you. "Koakuma, shall we?" you ask, flashing her a smile.

She nods eagerly. "Do you even have to ask?" she fires back with a smirk. You reach out, grabbing the front of her shirt and ripping it open. Her plump little breasts are exposed, topped with hard little pink nipples. You grip her breasts with both hands, rubbing your thumbs across the hard nubs. Even though she can change her body to meet your desires, she decided to keep her breasts exactly as you remember them from the last visit. Bucking your hips forward, you stroke her cock with your own. She moans happily, propping herself up with one hand and tightening her grip on your waist. She reaches out to grab the head of your length, smearing your precum all over her hand. "Oh? It seems like you're going to cum just from rubbing our cocks together," she teases, now rubbing your cum on to the tip of her penis.

She's right, you are about to cum, but as lovely as Koakuma would look stained with your semen, you would much rather empty it inside of her. "N-no, I'm not," you tell her, trying to pull back. She looses her legs, allowing you more room to work with. You push your penis downward, placing the tip against the entrance of her pussy. Asking her if she's ready would be a waste of time at this point. You push inside of her slick cunt, receiving no resistance as her pussy loosens and contracts to fit you like a velvet glove.

Koakuma tightens her legs once more, pulling your cock into the depths of her body. "Touch me, please!" she cries out, her control over the situation wavering. You release one of her breasts, instead bringing your hand to her throbbing shaft and squeezing it firmly. The moment you touch her, her hips buck forward, slapping against your pelvis noisily. You can feel her pussy juice splattering on to your crotch and drenching it. She takes a deep breath, trying to steady herself as your hand begins to stroke her hot, hard cock. Koakuma is holding you firmly inside of her body, but you don't even need to move to enjoy it. The walls of her pussy shift and contract, almost as if they have a mind of their own.

Continuing to tease her body, you pick up the pace. You roughly squeeze one of her nipples between your fingers, eliciting a sharp gasp from the demon girl. Koakuma's hand joins yours, her thin fingers tightly squishing the sensitive head of her penis beneath them. The sensation of something coiling around your leg draws your attention away from her dripping, pulsing cock. A spade shaped object presses against the flesh of your thigh. This can only be her tail curled around you, slowly sliding up your leg. The tip of the spade flicks along the underside of your testicles, grazing them briefly. You shudder slightly as the tail follows up with a gentle prod against the tight opening of your anus. Despite her lack of composure, she seems to have enough presence of mind to return the favor when it comes to teasing. The tip of the spade gently works itself against your tight pucker. "K-Koakuma," you moan, gritting your teeth.

"Go ahead and cum inside of me," she says with a pleased grin on her face. Her pussy clamps down around you, roughly massaging your needy cock. The spade of her tail suddenly forces itself into your body, pushing you over the edge. You cry out in pleasure, shutting your eyes tightly and gasping as the hot cum pours out of your cock and into her hungry cunt. You reflexively reinforce your grip on her hard cock, squeezing it with all of your might. You open your eyes just in time to see Koakuma enjoy her own orgasm, throwing her head back as she erupts on to her hand. Thick streams of cum pour down her shaft, coating your hand in her sticky semen.

You gasp for air, trying to catch your breath as you watch her body shake and quiver. She releases her hand from her cock head, exposing the cum soaked shaft. Her legs weaken, allowing you to pull free from her body. A thick mixture of your sperm and her own juices flow out from her loose cunt, splattering noisily on the floor of the library. You chuckle, releasing Koakuma's spent penis. It's still half erect, the length of it covered completely in cum. "You look a mess, Koakuma," you tell her with a sly smile. She looks at you with sudden surprise as you open your mouth and lean down to swallow her.

"Wait, hold on, I'm still sensiti--? She moans loudly as you lower your mouth around her cock. Lubricated with her cum, it slides easily into your throat. You close your lips, resisting your desire to gag and cough. She groans and squeals in pleasure, her cock spasming and releasing another shot of cum. You moan loudly around her length, causing her to shiver as the vibration travels through her shaft. With a loud slurp, you slowly pull up, cleaning the salty semen from her penis. You bring your gaze up in line with hers, licking your lips and making a scene of swallowing her semen. Despite her nature as a demon, even she seems genuinely surprised by your sudden actions.

Having recollected herself, she blinks a few times and offers up a sultry smile. "So, when are you going to come by to see me again?" she asks, giggling playfully. Koakuma sits up, leaning forward and opening her mouth. You press your lips to hers, forcing what little cum remains into her mouth.

Breaking the kiss, you return the smile. "Maybe Yukari will give me some more free time in a week or so," you answer. She licks her lips, enjoying the taste of her own juice.

A sudden thump interrupts your conversation. Patchouli, her book now slammed down on the table, is standing up and looking at you with frustration. "You..."she starts, quite clearly angry. "If you're going to come here and fuck my servant every week, at least ask for permission!" she shouts. "Now she's going to be masturbating for the next week instead of working for me."

Koakuma turns toward her master. "Well, maybe Yukari will let me keep him for a week! Then I won't be masturbating," she says innocently.

"Wh-what! That doesn't help anything!" Patchouli cries out. The two of them begin arguing back and forth, Koakuma teasing her about being jealous and further incensing her master. You feel a desire to run away, but her legs begin to tighten around your waist once more.
Next planned short is deliciously chubby Okuu, which I was inspired to do last December when I ordered this: http://sengendo.a.la9.jp/okuu01.html

Been on the slate for a while, though I think this is the first time I've mentioned it. Afterward, I will finish up Hina. No real schedule for this as the main story takes precedence.
That's it? I mean, it's good and all, but still. For an option you described as "Koakuma putting it in Rick's butt," there was a profoundly disappointing lack of anything of the sort. It was nice, but not really worth the long wait.

I realized that the scope had changed over time and there will be more than enough things being put in Rick's butt in the main story to satisfy, while there are far fewer opportunity for male on futa rather than the other way around.

The wait had nothing to do with me slowly building up a 10,000 word post. It had to do with other factors pertaining to the main story and not wanting to put out a bunch of same-y shit. The hardest part of writing H-scenes in the quantity that I do is preventing people from going 'sigh, read this already'.
Nice short and it nicely covers things to do with a Futa other than taking it in the ass. I'd like to see a threesome w/ Futa Koa and Patchouli sometime.

Yeah, I suppose I see what you mean. Besides, Nitori's picking up any slack in that area right now.

Also, I didn't mean to imply that it was too short, sorry. It's a good length as is.

And there is more to come. So don't worry, Anonymous. The mountain will be a very 'deep and fulfilling' experience for him.
File 131597032396.jpg - (572.59KB, 810x1033 , Do_Malice.jpg) [iqdb]
Resurrecting this thread with the Pettan's permission.

"Oh my goodness, are you that happy to come back?" Byakuren giggles. Your cheeks flush with color. Your erection has been standing tall all day, aching to release.

?it's not like that, really." You glance away, trying not to focus on her beautiful face with her long exotic hair, or her breasts pressing against her dress, cupped in the black fabric of the outer layer, the crossing fabric making you think of leather dominatrix outfits.

?it's fine, dear. I may be a monk but I keep my body beautiful for a reason." She glances down the hall to make sure nobody's watching, then kisses your neck. "I'd say yes if you asked. You're so young and virile, with such nice muscles.?

?No, really," you insist in a panic. "Please, it's not what you think it is."

"Oh, don't worry. it's fine with me, really." She slips a hand under your robe and undershirt, squeezing your abdomen. With another glance to make sure she's alone, her hand slides under the knot of your robe and brushes against your dick. In your current state her light graze is enough to make it twitch hungrily. She wraps her hand around you and feels the ribbon tied tight around your base.

?What's that?" Byakuren looks confused. You just wanted to make a quick visit and check up on Nue, and give other people as few chances as possible to see your boner. Looks like you don't have the luxury now.

It started this morning. Alice seemed to take Sunny's arrival well the night before. When you woke up the next morning, though, you noticed she looked a bit more? predatory than usual. Sunny was still sleeping, so the two of you had breakfast and made small talk. You mentioned going to the Myouren temple to give Nue a visit, and she agreed it'd be a good idea. Just when you thought the conversation was done, she had sent in a group of dolls. They grabbed your arms and legs, holding you tightly to the chair.

?Alice, what?" you were too surprised to complete your thought. Alice pulled out a ribbon from her pocket.

"I don't care what you do with your tentacles." She yanked open your robe and wrapped the ribbon around the base of your dick. You felt it tingle with magical energy as it fastened itself tightly around you, looping down to squeeze your testicles shut. "But your dick belongs to me and only me. I won't have you cumming in every woman that beast wants to feed on."

Almost immediately the tightness of the ribbon made your dick start rising. Alice put your robe back on and let the dolls go. "I believed you said you were going to check on Nue. But since it seems you can't go anywhere without fooling around with half of Gensokyo, I have to give you a little protection." She's grinning wide despite her angry words.

?Alice, I can't walk around with this?" it's already sensitive, the touch of your underwear's soft cloth is enough to make it stay stiff.

?Tut tut. Maybe you should've thought of that before you went on your little adventures. Now, shoo. If you're a good boy I might let you have some release tonight." Alice opened the door, motioning for you to leave. Her anticipation for your return was clearly visible all over her face. You sighed in dejection, realizing you had no choice.

?Alice did it." You admit to Byakuren, returning back to the present.

?Oh?" Byakuren swings open the door next to her and pulls you into the room with her. It looks like her room, various religious objects and scrolls decorate the walls, along with a small kitchen area and countless books about magic. Byakuren shoves you onto the bed and peels off your robe, exposing your swollen purple dick.

?What?re you doing?" you gasp in surprise. Isn't she supposed to be a monk?

?I bet I know what happened." Byakuren kneels by the bed and buries her face against your crotch, her cheek rubbing your cock and tugging on your stretched skin. "I've seen this seal before. it's specially designed to keep men from releasing their semen. You were cheating on Alice, weren't you?"

?N-no!" you instinctively shout back. Did all that stuff count as cheating? The whole situation feels so complicated.

?And now you lie about it to a woman of the cloth?" Byakuren grabs your dick and starts to jerk it up and down. Her hand is amazingly soft and feminine, but it still hurts as she tugs on your skin already stretched to near-bursting. "I thought I told you to be nice to Alice, and here you are cheating on that poor girl and lying about it. You deserve your seal as punishment."

Byakuren climbs into her bed with you, sliding your body back so you're leaning against the headrest. Her face returns to your crotch and she nibbles gently on your testicles, then sucks them into her mouth, her nose rubbing on the back muscle of your dick. She suckles on them like they're peppermints, making loud slurping noises as she stretches your sack in her mouth.

?Your dick is twitching already. You must've had that seal on for a while," she says while still sucking you, the vibrations of her voice making you shiver even more with pleasure.

?Byakuren, you shouldn't do this! Aren't you supposed to be a monk?"

Byakuren releases your balls and starts to undo her dress. "That I am. And as a monk, it's my job to chastise people who do things like running around and cheating on their lovers." She opens her dress up as if emphasizing her point. Her breasts look even bigger than they did under her clothes, thick and tight enough to have a spherical shape to them. She wraps both her hands around your cock, but doesn't start to rub you. Instead, magical energy tingles on her hands, and you feel a strange fullness where she's touching you.

?This? feels amazing," you moan. Your cock is growing inside her hands, stretching in her soft grip. By the time it finals stops growing, your tip and part of your shaft are sticking out even above both of Byakuren's hands stacked on top of each other. it's much thicker too, about as thick as your wrist.

?Oh? Is it nice?" Byakuren pulls her hands back, exposing your new length to the air. it's indescribable, you have three or four more new inches, the skin feeling like it's never been touched before. You can't resist reaching a hand down to feel it. The sense of newness, after being so used to your current length, and to suddenly have all this extra length to feel good, makes you heady with pleasure.

Byakuren brushes your hand away and crawls closer to you, grinning from the fun she's having with you. She pinches one of her nipples in each hand and presses her breasts against your cock, rubbing them up and down. The feel and stimulation of her squishy breasts on your new length is intense. If you didn't have the ribbon you'd already be cumming. As it is, you can only buck your hips against her in frustration, aching to let out your cum.

?I'd forgotten how much fun this was." Byakuren giggles. Your straining must have brought out some sort of schoolboy desire in her to tease and taunt you. Even through the pleasure and frustration, you feel almost betrayed at this kind, motherly woman taking advantage of you like this. She wraps her mouth around your tip, moving down to meet her breasts, and starts sucking and running her mouth along you. You kick your legs in pleasure and sheer frustration, feeling another impossible orgasm rise.

Byakuren spreads her breasts aside, taking more of your cock into her mouth. You hit the back of her throat with three or four inches left over. She shifts her position and adjusts her mouth as she pushes her mouth harder onto you. She gags as you enter her throat, suppressing her urges to cough as her mouth makes moist, lewd gurgling and slurping noises.

?Aaaagh!" You scream, partly in pleasure but mostly in frustrated rage at her teasing. Another inch down, you can feel her tight throat clamping down around your tip. There's no way she could fit any more, you think. As if trying to prove you wrong, she forces her head further. You scream again as another inch goes into her throat and gets clamped into her wet tightness. It feels like your dick is being crushed, but it feels wonderful at the same time. Your length twitches furiously, almost having a spasm inside her throat. With a chuckle, Byakuren forces the rest into her throat. Her nose buries itself in your short pubic hair, her chin tickling your balls. It feels like your entire dick is in a vice, trying to squeeze out your cum like squeezing juice out of an orange. Another denied orgasm. You're almost starting to lose count of them. Each denial makes you that much more sensitive and wanting to cum. Slowly, Byakuren's mouth lifts up a few inches, then forces its way back down. You go from the tightness of her throat to the comforting warmth of her mouth and tongue, then back to the sharp tightness, like she's slowly milking you.

?Please, stop! I beg you!" you whimper pitifully, tears leaking out of your face. Byakuren looks up at you. You can see her throat bulging out unnaturally from your cock. It looks like it shouldn't even be possible. She lifts her head up, her mouth making gurgling sounds as she lets you free. Saliva dribbles down her lips as she gives you a sympathetic frown.

?I'm sorry." She glances away. "I got a little out of control, aheh?" She starts to re-dress herself. You can't do much more than lie there panting. "Here, I'll make it up to you." She ties your robe shut for you. "I'll take you back to Alice so you can work things out. You probably don't want to be walking around with that anyway." She points to your dick.

?But can't you change it back? Please?"

?Oh, I'm sure Alice will love it. Think of it as a gift to make her forgive you." She flicks her finger against your tip poking out from your robe, making you wince. "But enough delay, off we go!" She grabs your shoulder and pulls a card out with her other hand. It charges with energy. You blink. You're a few yards away from the door to Alice's house. That was fast. You always assumed teleporting would be a lot scarier than that.

?Good luck, dear." Byakuren pats your shoulder, then winks out of existence and back to the temple. The sight of Alice's house fills you with determination, a singular bloody-minded need to get your ribbon off and finally be free. Running to the door, your meat bounces painfully up and down with your steps. You grab the door. Unlocked. You fling it open and run into the dining room, seeing Alice sitting at the table.

?Alice, please?!" you moan, on the verge of tears. Alice waves her hand, and a group of dolls fly in, grabbing your wrists and ankles. You take your place on a chair, knowing what she wants. She frowns at you, like she's trying to judge a rather unpleasant and offensive painting to say just how much it disgusts her.

?Hmph," Alice snorts at you. "You step through the door, and what's the first thing you do? Complain about your cock. No ?good afternoon, Alice? or ?how's Sunny doing?" Just your dirty lust."

She yanks open your robe to get a look at your swollen, purple erection. Standing straight up, the tip is a little above your navel. "it's bigger," she says simply. She buries her face against it, sniffing deeply off of your testicles and sensitive back muscle. Her face looks like she just bit into a lemon. "You've been with Byakuren, haven't you?"

You stare at her in surprise. "W-what?"

?I can smell her. Her hand, her mouth. Even her breasts. I bet she was behind your growth, too."

She straightens back up and looks you in the eye, crossing her arms. You feel like a criminal about to receive your sentence. She grabs your dick and squeezes it tightly, not to please you but to hurt you, to crush your dick in her hands. You let out a shout of pain.


?Even after I told you to behave." Her grip tightens further. "Even after I told you your cock belongs to me and only me." She yanks painfully on it, making your hips rise. "You stuck your dick. In. That. Byakuren. Woman." With each word she gives another sharp tug, as if she's trying to tear your member right off.

?Alice, I'm sorry," you moan through the pain, intense enough to make you squeeze your eyes shut and grit your teeth. She slaps you across the face suddenly.

?You don't get to call me Alice. Filthy men that can't resist going out and fucking every woman they see shouldn't be on a first-name basis with others. You will call me ?madam? until I forgive you."

?Madam, please. I'm sorry, I didn't try to do it, Byakuren got carried away!"

Alice snorts. "I'm sure she did. That's no excuse." She swats the head of your dick, making it sway back and forth like a metronome. "Hmph. it's too big to even fit in my pussy." Alice starts to strip in front of you, undoing her ribbons and letting her dress fall to the floor. "I suppose I'll have to use my other hole." Two dolls fly up with tubes of lubrication and smear it over the upper half of your dick. She throws off her underwear and puts her feet on your thigh, using your lap as a floor and gripping the chair for support.

?Ow ow ow!" you whimper from this new pain. Alice may be light, but the pressure on your thighs still hurts. "Please. I'm sorry, I'll never do it again."

?Oh, I'll make sure you won't. I'll make your life a living hell for betraying me." A doll grabs your dick, moving it back and placing it between Alice's pale cheeks.

?D-don't do this Alice, please!"

Alice glares icily at you. "What did you call me?"

?I mean madam! Madam, please d- aaargh!" Alice cuts your protests short by pushing her hips down fiercely, forcing the first few inches your swollen cock into her asshole. Her walls grip tight to every bump and vein, as though it's the first time her hole has ever opened. From the way she's wincing, your size is painful for her too, but her desire to make a point overrides any pain in her mind. She grips the chair harder, forcing more of you into her and making her feet dig harder into your thighs. She's a little over halfway down with her second push. Her body shivers as she fills herself, starting to enjoy the spreading. You feel as though your dick is going to split apart any second now.

?Madam, oh god madam, please. Just let me cum." You start crying again, her asshole's tight squeezing feeling like pricking needles on every inch.

?No." Alice is grinning like a wild animal. She lifts her hips up and pushes down again, almost like she's falling on top of you. It elicits another scream from you and another grunt from her. Her eyes start to glaze from the pleasure. She breathes deeply, steeling herself for another thrust. She pushes up, giving some of your length some respite, then slams down, taking you down to the hilt with a single powerful thrust. Her buttocks slap against your lap. You writhe in your chair. Alice's shivers of lust and satisfaction vibrate through every inch of you, her every twitch making you shake and quiver.

?Oh god, I love it!" Alice leans forward and kisses you, her tongue running all over your mouth and cheeks in her crazed lust. She puts her hands on your shoulders and starts to hop up and down in your lap. The bottom few inches of your cock rapidly alternate between the air and Alice's tight, warm hole. Alice takes deep, ragged breaths of pleasure, each breath almost like a small scream. Her pussy lips open and close in pleasure, leaking her fluids onto you. Fingering herself wildly, she starts to go even faster, slapping your thighs over and over as she jams four fingers in and out of herself, her thumb grinding her clit.

?I'm cumming!" She wraps her free arm around your waist and holds you. Her cum sprays against your chest and groin, then dribbles down to your thighs, tickling you as it drips to the floor. She shrieks with each squirt, bucking her hips and making you swirl back and forth inside her. Spent and exhausted, she nestles against your shoulder.

?Did? did I do well, madam?" You hope playing along with her new interest in domination will help make her forgive you faster.

?Mmm." She nods. Finally deciding to part from the pleasure and fullness your cock brings her, she starts to pull up her hips, giving small ?oh's and ?ah's as her anus clenches to you. She pulls loose of you with a pop, then shakily climbs off your lap and onto her feet.

?Look at what you did to me." She grins, thankfully looking less sinister. "You spread me so much." She bends over and spreads her cheeks apart, teasing you with her newly-stretched asshole.

?Please, can I cum now, madam?"

Alice straightens up and puts her hand on her chin to contemplate your question. "Yes? on one condition."

?What is it? I'll do anything!"

She points a finger and a doll suddenly presses against the back of your head, bending you over so you're staring straight at the tip of your member. "Drink it."

?Yes! I'll drink every drop!" You're too crazy with anticipation to even think about protesting. Once she sees you open your mouth wide, Alice crouches down and touches that damned ribbon. You stare at your tip in anticipation, wondering what it's going to be like to drink your own cum. No sooner has the ribbon disappeared than you start to feel your cum rise. Your combined pent-up orgasms start to shoot out into your mouth, spurt after spurt of thick, salty goo. It fills you, and you shut your mouth to swallow quickly and get hit on your cheek by another spurt. Your seed takes its time traveling down your throat, coating your mouth and making you want to cough. There's no time for that, though. You open your mouth back up, your member continuing to unleash into your mouth. You're forced to swallow again, feeling like this climax will never end, you'll be stuck in the moment of pure muddle-headed release for the rest of your life. Gradually, the spurts of cum decrease in force, then turn into a slow, steady oozing down your length. You lie back and sigh, completely exhausted.

Alice seems to have enjoyed the show. With her domineering, scheming smile, she doesn't even look like the same woman from yesterday. She plants a kiss on your cheek, licking some of your cum off of it. "Good boy. You earned that one. Now?" she turns and walks for the hallway, the dolls still holding you in place. ??I think I ought to go give Sunny's room a visit."
Well-written, but distinctly unpleasant. Cannot fap.
Good lesson or Tentanon to learn, I think.
File 131598270046.jpg - (44.04KB, 571x308 , becausethatsourfetish.jpg) [iqdb]
Simply wonderful.
If Alice was like this in the main story, I'd actually like her.

>?Alice did it."
Made me burst out laughing.
Speak for yourself.

It only became unfappable to me at the last scene, but that speaks more for how depraved I am.
For me, it was the excessive CBT. And that Alice seems... Well, I hate to use the term "out of character", but it fits.
It was perfectly okay at every part.
Started out good. Thought it was an interesting turnaround for Tentanon to be fustrated sexually.

Was starting to get disturbed 'bout halfway. Wishes he didn't read that part, or those after it.
This oneshot was fantastic.
I quite liked it, honestly. I love me some good domination, regardless of who's on the receiving end.
I liked it, everything except the very last part.
Even the thought of ass to mouth turns me off.
Who are you, Dante Hicks?
More likely someone who doesn't want to eat shit. I'm not him btw. Just sharing the same thought process.
File 132070940040.jpg - (299.89KB, 850x1200 , it'sapartyinthisthread.jpg) [iqdb]
Will you accept your punishment?
[x] Yes.

What were you even thinking, running off with Youmu like that? With the amount of slacking off you do, it was really just a matter of time before something like this happened. The best you can do now is try and please Eiki as much as you can and hope she goes easy on you.

You descend meekly to your knees and bow before the Yama. Your face grows extremely flushed, and the heat spreads quickly to the rest of your body.

"You're right. I've been a terrible servant. I'm really sorry, so please...please..." You trail off and stare at her cock with your mouth half open. You have a vague idea of what you're trying to say, but your grasp on language is slipping. Something about the smell is fogging up your head.

Shiki walks over to you, her cock bouncing hypnotically as she approaches.

"I wasn't expecting you to be so obedient, Komachi. This doesn't mean that your punishment will be any lighter, though.?

This close to Eiki, the sheer power of her will is unbearable. Losing even the strength to sit upright, you slump over at Eiki's feet and start to lick at her boots. She leans over and grabs your head with both hands, pulling it up to the head of her cock. You open your mouth with the tongue pushed out, presenting it for her to take. You don't have any difficulty relaxing your throat as Shiki pulls on your head, pushing the whole thing into your mouth and a few inches past your tongue.

Eiki holds her cock in your throat while you suck on it in long bursts and wriggle your tongue underneath it. As your head starts to swim from the lack of air, she finally pulls back just enough to let you breathe in through your nose. Your break only lasts for five seconds before she takes your throat for herself again. She takes one hand off and brings it to her mouth, contemplating something as she keeps training your throat.

"Hmm, this isn't quite enough. You!" She points at a male shinigami, who startles so hard he nearly falls out of the air.

"Come fuck me."

The shinigami jumps behind Eiki and drops his pants to reveal a fully erect cock. He seems unwilling to lay hands on the Yama, so she has him reach around and grab your head instead. She fits the tip into her pussy on her own and then orders him to thrust. His hands clench around your head and pull it sharply into Eiki's crotch as he drives his length into her with a loud moan. You gag from having her cock shoved down your throat so suddenly. A terrible feeling crests in your stomach, but you force it to subside; defiling the Yama's penis would be inexcusable.

The shinigami doesn't show any restraint in fucking Eiki, pushing and pulling your head almost at random to give leverage for his thrusting. You close your eyes and focus on pleasuring Eiki's cock, sneaking in a few breaths whenever you can. Your breasts slip out of your robe and swing freely, slapping against your chest as you're pulled back and forth.

While her two subordinates do all the work to please her, Eiki stands still with her eyes closed and her arms crossed, blushing just a bit.

The shinigami cums inside of Eiki, moaning in helpless ecstasy. His hands hold your head tightly against Eiki's crotch to push himself in as deeply as possible, depriving you of breath while he shoots out a seemingly endless stream of cum. Finally, his hands slacken enough for you to pull back and breathe. You don't dare take your mouth all the way off, though. The exhausted shinigami starts to fall away from Eiki, but she grabs the collar of his robe and lifts him into the air, swinging him around to her front.

"Is that all you could manage?" she says with obvious disappointment.

"Sh-sh-sh-Shiki-sama, please, I-"

Eiki's fist crashes into his stomach with enough force to send him flying for stages, his screams quickly fading away. All of the other shinigami, who've been watching the whole time, back away nervously.

"Pathetic. He did get me fairly close, though. A little more and you'll be able to drink it."

Eiki puts both hands on your head and starts moving on her own. Her technique is more practiced and deliberate than what the shinigami was doing to you. Her quick strokes wear out the last of your resistance, letting her fuck your mouth as easily as if it were your pussy. All you can do is try to suck on her cock and rub your tongue against the underside as it has its way with you.

You hear a single satisfied moan as Eiki finally reaches her orgasm. She shoots a generous amount right into your stomach before pulling the head back to your lips to spray it all over the inside of your mouth. You can't even manage to swallow it; some just sits there in your mouth and the rest flows across your tongue and right down your savaged throat. Still not finished, she pulls out and strokes herself as even more of her hot cum splatters onto your face. You collapse on the ground when she finally finishes.

Eiki tears off your clothes and picks you up. She holds you in front of her, facing the audience, and hugs her arms around your thighs, making your legs point straight up and squish your breasts out in front of them. Your whole body is balanced on top of her cock, whose tip is resting against your asshole.

"I want all of you to watch as this whore receives her judgment," she says to the congregation. You almost try to struggle, but her gaze stops you. Even though her head's behind you, you can still feel it burning a hole in your mind.

Eiki loosens her grip, letting you fall helplessly onto her hard cock. Intense pain shoots through you as her cock spreads your ass open; you think something might have torn. A ragged groan makes its way out of your mouth, earning you a hard slap.

"Are you expressing displeasure with my penis, Komachi?" You shake your head emphatically. "Good. This is the only thing you want, after all."

Eiki starts thrustng at a merciless pace, carving an impression of her cock into your asshole and torturing your sensitive nipples with her fingers. You feel overwhelming sensations of something, but you don't know what it is anymore. It's the feeling of being fucked in the ass by Eiki, so it's the best feeling in the world.

An incredible orgasm starts to rise, but the Eiki orders you to suppress it until she's ready. You obey her, of course. It's not hard at all.

The fucking seems to stretch for an eternity. Your senses all grow fuzzy and start to fade, leaving you with an awareness of nothing but the Yama's will. She's enjoying the feeling of your ass, so you're happy too. She pulls you closer and whispers into your ear with the voice of God.

"Now cum. Lose your mind and be reborn as a servant of the Yama."

The strongest orgasm you've ever felt consumes you, obliterating everything except for the grip of the Yama. You can't think about anything anymore; you've forgotten what thinking is. The Yama lets go and drops you to the ground in a heap, cum pouring out of your broken ass.

"Hmm, you made me cum twice. Very impressive." The Yama's foot nudges your face up to look at her. "I think I'll be using you a lot." Your face works itself into a sort of smile.

BAD END for some definitions of BAD
Glorious. Bit harder of a dom-Shikieiki than I usually prefer, but an excellent GOOD END.
>> Eiki's fist crashes into his stomach with enough force to send him flying for stages,

This had me laughing: great phrasing there.
Hell YES. Look upon Eiki, ye mighty, and despair.
Thank you BSD
This was most excellent!
I'm, uh, getting, ah, increased blood flow rather than despair. Is this normal?
Yes, usually the way these things work is "Pop raging boner>fap like the fist of the north star>realize the implications of the scene>despair" Though the last two steps are lessened as this is purely a what if and more of a focus on sex than despair.
I am bumping this to say I had late-night inspiration and I am writing a three-part set of shorts taking place over the course of a roughly 5-6 month period. Everyone loves Momizi, right? And happy, loving sex. Without the guy taking stuff up his ass.
I hate all those things. Thank you for warning me.

Don't worry, I'll be sure to write rough, hateful sex with the guy getting his ass stretched thoroughly.
File 133640401526.jpg - (247.84KB, 1280x960 , my-body-is-ready.jpg) [iqdb]
Your lack of Cirno disappoints me.

Have plans for Cirno in main story, don't worry. Post is like 2/3rds done, going to eat then write sex and get it proofread.
Albeit my fetish is anal, as long as she's not the usual moron, I'm fine with that. Just don't do a stupid Cirno, okay?

I don't think that the fairies in general are 'stupid' like most portray them. I think they're more lacking in common sense and restraint. Such as not picking up on subtleties in conversation, social faux pas, etc.
I meant to get it up on Tuesday or Wednesday, but have spent the past two days distracted by house work and the incredible burning in my quads from DOMS. Today or tomorrow!
File 136685768796.jpg - (461.35KB, 544x800 , e98f6edc8a4a6eed9f207fd904daaf7d.jpg) [iqdb]
Tried writing something light-hearted and plotless. Didn't expect it to come out so long, though.

Let me know what you think.


it's a peaceful day. Lying out on a couch, you've managed to lose yourself in a good book. it's so good, in fact, that you don't bother to look up when two people enter the room from opposite sides.

"Oh, wow! You look beautiful, Miss Yuyuko!" exclaims a bright, lively voice. Just the sound of it is enough to brighten your day.

"As do you, Meiling. You pull that look off extremely well." This voice is the opposite: polite, refined, and faintly melodic, naturally drawing in your attention.

"Eheh, thanks. I haven't worn one of these in a while, so--"

"Mine is clearly better for sex appeal, though."

Meiling's voice suddenly fails her, and there's a moment of stunned silence.

"W-what? How can you possibly think that? This dress emphasizes every one of my features, while yours does its best to cover them up! You hardly look sexy at all, bound up and hiding your face like that!"

"Hmph." Yuyuko's voice turns condescending. "How simplistic. True appeal comes from concealment, with just the slightest hint of exposure. There's much more of a thrill to slowly unwrapping an exotic beauty, than there is in drooling over some--"

"That's ridiculous! If you wanna seduce someone, he should know exactly what you have to offer!"

The bickering continues back and forth. You've gotten quite curious at this point, but you're hesitant to look up. You don't want to butt into an argument between someone who can break every bone in your body and someone kill you with less effort than it takes to blink.

But, they eventually notice you all the same. Meiling speaks first.

"Hey! You're a guy. Which one of us looks sexier? it's obviously me, right?"

There's no getting out of it now. You close your book and set it down, hoping you'll live long enough to finish, and look over to the two women.

And the sight takes your breath away.

On the left is the lovely Hong Meiling, wearing a bright red cheongsam with golden trim. A golden dragon and golden flames dance across the fabric, their image somewhat distorted where the dress curves outward to accommodate her amazing chest. Starting in the middle of her bust, a curved line of golden rope-buttons runs up to her left shoulder. The dress splits at the sides near her waist, and the cloth runs all the way down to her shins, framed between her long, bare, lightly-tanned, and perfectly-sculpted legs. Her feet are tucked away into a pair of bright red heels, which add a few more inches to her already-imposing height.

It takes you a nearly half a minute to get your fill of Meiling's legs and look back up to her face. She's left her hat off, leaving her sleek red hair free to flow down past her waist, with a single long braid on each side of her head. Her light-blue eyes seem especially brilliant when framed by her red hair and her red dress, in turn making her expectant smile all the more dazzling. The cheongsam covers her neck, but it leaves her tanned arms and shoulders bare; toned yet womanly, they're currently crossed underneath her breasts, giving them an extra bit of delicious support.

The dress really does emphasize her features. Every last one of them. You could stare at this beauty for--

"Don't be blinded by that artless display. Isn't my refined beauty more appealing?" The sound of Yuyuko's voice finally tears you away from Meiling. How can Yuyuko compare to something like that?

Ah, that's how. Yuyuko's wearing an ornate, sky-blue yukata, with a stylish yet detailed depiction of the branches of a cherry-blossom tree in full bloom. The design covers the lower half of her outfit and her long, flowing sleeves, and there's a similar depiction on the dark blue obi that's fastened tightly around her waist. it's wrapped very tightly around her, in a way that makes it extremely clear she isn't wearing anything underneath. Her breasts still make a noticeable swell in the clothing, and you have to wonder how large they'd be if they were left unrestrained. There's also a smaller, less-pronounced swell at her rump, just under the obi. The yukata goes all the way down to her bare, shapely, milky-white feet, which rest in a pair of brown clog sandals.

Yuyuko's hidden most of her face behind a fixed blue-and-purple fan decorated with all manner of flower designs. As a result, all you can see above her neck is her bright pink eyes, her short, soft pink hair, and the smallest glimpse of her pale, delectable skin. Her mouth is hidden from view, but there's a mischievous smile in her eyes.

The outfit and the fan hide most of Yuyuko's body, but the garments themselves and the few hints she's left visible are more than enough to convince you of her beauty. Your imagination kicks into high gear as you stare at her beautiful dress, imagining an equally-beautiful body underneath, smooth and pale and flawless all over, with curves twice as generous as the ones you see straining against her tight clothing?

"So?" Meiling asks impatiently, putting her hands on her hips and leaning towards you. Yuyuko hardens her gaze a little, adding her own demanding stare to Meiling?s. There's something playful those eyes, too.

You have to choose! But if you do, there's no telling what the loser will do to you. Yuyuko might kill you and turn you into her eternal servant as revenge, and Meiling might just fold you into a pretzel. You're doomed either way!

Besides which, you really don't know who's better-looking. Meiling's fantastic body looks irresistible in that cheongsam, while Yuyuko's yukata presents her so well that you're dying to unwrap her. Meiling's breasts are huge, but Yuyuko's might be even huger. Meiling's legs are long and powerful, but Yuyuko's must be pale and soft. Meiling?s--

"Poor thing. Seems he can't decide." At Yuyuko's gentle words, you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding.

"Aw, that's no fun." Meiling heaves a small sigh, and your eyes glue themselves to the rise and fall of her chest.

"Although?" A naughty smile spreads over Yuyuko's face as she lowers her fan. You and Meiling both look at her with interest, and she takes a moment to bask in your curiosity. Right before she speaks, you notice her looking between your legs. Needless to say, it's gotten rather tight down there.

"If it's sex appeal we're arguing about, why don't we have a match?" Yuyuko approaches to you with short, light steps, her movement limited by the tight clothing around her legs. When she finally reaches you, she pulls you to your feet and hugs you from the side, deliberately squishing her impossibly-soft breasts into your arm. "Whoever makes him cum the most is sexier."

That takes Meiling completely by surprise. ?" Eh? Wh-what are you? You can't be? Ah? Hey, no fair!" Yuyuko's started without her, crossing to your front and catching you in a tight hug. The two of you are about the same height, so it's easy for her to lean forward and claim your mouth as Meiling watches in shock.

The softness of her moist, pink lips is the first thing you notice. She starts by just brushing them against your mouth, enticing you to open up for her. Then, turning her head sideways a little, she locks her lips onto yours and gently offers you her tongue, as if she were giving you her hand for a dance. You take it into your mouth and gently stroke it with your own, pushing it this way and that while she slowly sucks on you. As you play with her wet, delicate tongue, you gradually notice the perfume that's begun to invade your senses. You close your eyes and breathe in deeply, and your nose is greeted by a rich bouquet of flowery scents. it's strong enough to make you blank out for a moment, giving Yuyuko the chance to speed up her tongueplay.

You're so preoccupied with her tongue that it takes you minutes to notice the rest of Yuyuko's body. Her breasts are now firmly pressed into your chest. You can feel their size and softness even through two layers of clothing. You'd love to give them a squeeze, but that's not possible with Yuyuko hugging you so tightly and pinning your upper arms. Instead, you settle for stroking her back. The yukata's fabric is rich and silky, and thin enough that you can also feel some of the warm, supple skin underneath. Your hands roam contentedly over her back for a while as your tongues swirl back and forth. Eventually, it finally occurs to you to slide your hands down and get two handfuls of her ass.

Oh, wow. She really isn't wearing any--Wah!

Meiling pulls Yuyuko away from you, trembling and blushing furiously. You're left kind of dizzy for a moment, still reeling from the effects of Yuyuko's perfume. it's powerful, but not cheap or cloying. The powerful scent just adds to the bewitching effect of her body.

Refocusing your eyes, you look over to the two women. Yuyuko's put her face behind her fan again, but from your position at her side you can see she's wearing an unrepentant grin. Meiling hasn't calmed down one bit.

"How can you call me shameless, then do something like that?!?

Yuyuko coyly fans herself in reply.. Meiling seems to just be flushed with embarrassment, but you notice that she's breathing harder, as well. She looks over to you, back to Yuyuko, and down at her own appealing body. A fierce battle rages inside her head, and then?

"B-besides, if that's your idea of sex appeal, you don't stand a chance!" You suddenly realize that you'd been so focused on Meiling's blush that you hadn't thought to look into her eyes. Despite their tranquil color, they're overflowing with fighting spirit.

"I'll show you just what a cheongsam can do!"

With that, Meiling wraps her arms tight around your neck and dives right into a kiss. You've barely registered what's happening before her firm, warm tongue shoots into your mouth and starts running over everything it can touch, from your tongue to your teeth to your gums. You're stunned at first, not able to do anything but enjoy the feeling of her strong tongue probing every corner of your mouth, but you eventually manage to weakly push back. You're no match for her, of course, but it seems to convince her to calm down a little. She pulls back a bit to let you get your own tongue in play. Kissing her is less of a dance and more of a competition, with your tongues frantically trying to pin each other down. Small, excited sounds jump out from her throat as she plays with you.

Once you've settled into the kiss, Meiling grabs one of your hands and guides it to her waist, right through the split in her cheongsam. As easily as that, your hand is greeted with the warm, springy feeling of Meiling's bare skin. You quickly tuck your other hand in to feel more, and she returns her arms to your neck with a smile in her eyes. Yuyuko lets out a derisive snort; she's just watching the two of you with a critical eye, searching for a weakness to exploit.

You move one hand down to feel Meiling's toned thighs, while the other slides up to squeeze one of her cheeks. At the same time, Meiling tightens her grip on you, pressing her large, soft breasts into your chest like Yuyuko did. Her body seems to be full of warmth and vigor; if you focus, you can almost feel her heartbeat through her chest. Her ass and thighs are fairly soft when she's relaxed, but they become extremely firm when she tenses up; she flexes muscles a few times to demonstrate. Your tongue gets more aggressive as your excitement builds, compelling Meiling to use more and more of her technique.

Even at full strength, you're still no match for her. Meiling catches your tongue and pins it against the bottom of your mouth, then tilts your head back and lets her warm saliva trickle down your throat. With your tongue restrained, you can only fight back by squeezing and kneading whatever you can reach under her dress. As you move a hand from her ass to her thighs, you one of your fingers grazes over something moist, but Meiling breaks the kiss and backs away before you can investigate.

"Nothing beats touching them directly, huh? Let me show you even more!?

Meiling holds your gaze with an excited smile as she undoes the middle buttons of the top part of her cheongsam. Once she's opened three of them, she pulls apart the two sides of her dress to open a decent-sized window into her bountiful cleavage. Most of what you can see is tanned like her arms and legs, but you can make out part of a bikini-shaped tanline at the edges of the opening.

"Don't be shy!" Meiling grabs your head and pushes it straight into the opening, mashing your face into the warm softness you were just examining. You panic for a moment as she keeps you pressed too tight to breathe, but then she relaxes her grip a little. She's still holding you in place, though, so you're not sure what else to do but start kissing and licking at her breasts, tasting a bit of saltiness in her cleavage. She smells faintly of soap, with some spicy incense mixed in as well. She must have exercised earlier today, then taken a long bath before she put on this dress. it's amazing to think that someone as fit as her can pull off this kind of beauty.

Meiling purrs quietly and pats your head as you attend to her, and you're sure she's throwing a smug look in Yuyuko's direction. You're about to put your hands under her dress again when she reaches right for your pants and tugs out your cock, letting it sway back and forth as it's freed from its confinement. This whole situation has your penis rock-hard and trembling with excitement, but Meiling doesn't touch it again until you've run your tongue over every inch of her exposed cleavage.

Then, Meiling turns you sideways and extends one of her bare legs straight out across your chest. Even she has trouble balancing on one leg in those heels, so she puts an arm around your shoulders to help hold herself up. She gives you a moment to admire it, holding it perfectly still while you run a careful hand over its smooth surface and squeeze her firm thigh and calf. Uncountable hours of training have gone into these legs; they're probably among the world's best.

"Here's something else you can't do in a yukata," she says proudly. You think she's just referring to how she can show off her legs, but then she slips your cock under her thigh and squeezes her leg shut. Suddenly, your shaft's trapped between the thigh and calf you were just admiring. they're both quite warm, and they surround your penis with an appealing mixture of softness and firmness. Then Meiling starts to clench her leg muscles, and her grip on your shaft gets tighter and tighter, until she's squeezing you even harder than you could manage with your hands. She relaxes her grip and lets you feel the softness again, then tightens up again, then relaxes again.

"Mm, does that feel good?" Meiling gives you another long squeeze, forcing you to answer her with a weak moan. "Just relax and enjoy it. I'll make you cum until you can't even think." Looking into her bright, excited eyes, you can tell she means it.

While your head's turned, Meiling grabs it and pulls it in for a messy kiss. Her leg continues its rhythmic stimulation, gradually increasing the proportion of time she spends squeezing you. One of her arms is hooked around your back for support, but the other one's free to roam over your chest. Reaching under your shirt, she rubs her strong, nimble fingers in small circles around your nipples until they're hard and sensitive. Then, after a few teasing flicks, she traces her fingers down to where her leg is working you over.

Meiling's thigh is about as thick as your shaft is long, so the cock is still exposed. The repeated squeezing has made it swell up quite a bit, and a small stream of precum leaks from the tip. She slowly reaches for your glans as she intensifies the pressure from her legs, giving you one second of rest for every five seconds of intense, painful-yet-pleasurable crushing. You tremble in anticipation, but there's no escaping her grip. The excitement's clear in her eyes as she pushes her head forward and drives her tongue a little further into your mouth.

Finally, Meiling's fingers reach your glans, and you let out a weak moan as she squeezes your whole cock with her hand and her leg all at once. Fortunately, she keeps her nails cut short, so she can't torment you with scratching. However, even a gentle caress from her warm, powerful fingers feels amazing on your extra-sensitive tip. it's a very sharp pleasure, one that makes you shudder in her grip but doesn't bring you much closer to cumming.

You moan and writhe in Meiling's grip as she assaults your cock with pleasure. Her leg has gotten slightly moist with your precum, letting her slide it back and forth while she squeezes you. At the same time, her free hand ceaselessly strokes and pinches your glans, and her forceful kissing drives all the thoughts from your mind. Your hips are starting to tremble from the pleasure; if it weren't for Meiling's arm holding you up, you might just crumple to the ground. If she keeps this up?

"That's quite enough, Meiling!."

Yuyuko's voice cuts cleanly through the haze of muffled moans that surrounds you. Her sharp tone is enough to make you and Meiling break your kiss and look towards her, if only out of curiosity. Once you manage to refocus your eyes, you see Yuyuko kneeling on the floor a few feet away. She's--oh, wow.

Yuyuko's loosened the top half of her yukata, enough to make the fabric drop from her shoulders to drape itself around her elbows and across her back. Her neck and shoulders are pale, unblemished, and perfectly-formed, just like you imagined, but even more impressive is the incredible amount of cleavage she's revealed. The yukata's fallen far enough to show you the whole top half of her magnificent breasts, plus the entire space between them. Without the yukata's binding, they seem half again as large as they were before. She supports the fabric from below with her arms to keep her nipples from showing. The sight is fantastic, but most of her body still lies hidden beneath the fine silk and exquisite patterns of her yukata. You have to wonder if you could handle seeing her whole body naked.

"Just look at yourself, torturing his penis like that. Is that any way to treat a man?" You hear some playfulness in Yuyuko's tone, but Meiling doesn't seem to notice. She relaxes her grip on your leg and stares intently at your red, swollen cock.

"I? I?"

Yuyuko puts a hand under each of her partially-covered breasts and offers them up to you. "Wouldn't you much rather use these?" she asks with exaggerated sweetness.

Meiling's treatment did feel good, but it was getting pretty hard to bear. And Yuyuko looks extremely appealing like that. Seeing the preference clear on your face, Meiling sighs and releases you.

?" Fine, you can have him. I'll just steal him right back." Meiling crosses her arms and steps off to the side, eager to see how Yuyuko treats you. You take one last look at her striking figure and the cleavage framed by her brilliant red-and-gold dress, then turn to Yuyuko, who's been watching you with a seductive smile.

Yuyuko's breasts only get more appealing as you come closer and get a better view of their size, their creamy, flawless surface, and the way they bob gently in time with her breathing. She shifts her grip a little to press on them from the sides, forming a delectable channel between them as the tips bulge away from her body. Holding your cock straight out, you step forward and slip it right between her breasts.

Oh, they're even softer than you thought! A gasp escapes you as soon as you touch them. With your glans still swollen and sensitive from before, you can feel her plush, heavenly breasts in minute detail as you slowly thrust into them. While the softness assaults your glans in full force, a gentle warmth and the slightest pressure envelop the rest of your shaft. You moan contentedly as you push your hips forward, sinking deeper and deeper into her breasts? pillowy grip. You keep expecting to bump into her chest, but it doesn't happen until your shaft's disappeared completely.

You can hardly believe your eyes. Yuyuko's lovely breasts are wrapped around every inch of your cock, molded against every curve and vein. it's warm and comfortable between them, and the soft, gentle pressure is a world away from the vise-grip of Meiling's leg. Yuyuko favors you with a sweet smile, at once submissive and self-assured.

"Mm, do you like my breasts? Your cock's throbbing so eagerly." Yuyuko spreads her fingers, securing her grip on her breasts. "Please, use them to your heart's content.."

Your penis twinges at her invitation. You lean forward and gingerly grab hold of Yuyuko's pure, smooth shoulders, afraid you'll somehow bruise them just with the slightest touch. Then, when your grip is secure, you carefully slide your shaft halfway out and back in. The softness rubs the crown of your glans and makes you shiver even when you're moving backwards. When you push back in, the pleasure's even more intense than the first time, now that you've smeared your precum onto her skin and made the thrusting frictionless. Yuyuko keeps a careful grip on her breasts to make sure your cock doesn't slip out, freeing you to thrust as much as you want.

At first, you think she's just repositioning her hands, but you eventually realize that Yuyuko's groping her breasts while you use them. How improper! As punishment, you reach down and tug the yukata the rest of the way off her breasts, exposing her hard, bright-pink nipples. You can't resist giving each one a long, forceful pinch.

"Ohhh! Hahh? So forceful?" Instead of a scream, Yuyuko lets out a sultry moan and stares at you with lustful eyes. The sight brings new life to your penis, and you redouble your thrusting as you continue to play with her nipples. Now that the secret's out, Yuyuko does away with subtlety and shamelessly plays with her breasts, moaning all the while. Her hands dance back and forth over their considerable surface, sometimes pausing to give it a deep, thorough groping. The pressure from every squeeze and press gets transferred straight to your cock, drawing your voice out to mix with hers.

A quiet squishing sound leaks out of her cleavage as you build up speed, pulling further back and plunging deeper into her soft breasts with each thrust. The pleasure's quickly building up in your cock and your hips, helped along by Yuyuko's moaning and the thought of staining her beautiful skin with your sperm. You hear some grunting and rustling behind you, but you're too focused on the beautiful woman in front of you to pay it any mind.

As you roll her nipples between your fingers, it occurs to you that Yuyuko must have planned all this. She kept her nipples covered so you would reveal them yourself, and the excitement of uncovering them made you thrust even harder and give her some extra pleasure as well. The ways of the kimono are devious indeed!
File 136685778274.jpg - (119.32KB, 850x549 , ebcb603c4f1cb4e30075738cfdc64493.jpg) [iqdb]
"Hah! is that the best you can do?" Meiling's confident voice snaps you out of your thoughts. You and Yuyuko both stop and look at her, leaving your cock buried deep between Yuyuko's breasts.

Meiling stands proudly before you, her stance wide enough to leave her legs fully exposed. She's opened all but the topmost of her buttons, creating an opening large enough to let her pull out her breasts. It seems the cheongsam was binding them a little; now that they're free, they seem to be about the same size as Yuyuko?s. You can see a definite triangular tanline on each of her breasts; you'll admit that the tanlines seem a little out of place with the cheongsam, but you don't especially mind. A luscious pink nipple stands in the middle of each patch of pale skin.

"I thought you had something great lined up, but then you just sat there and let him use you." Meiling puts a hand on her hip and leans towards you, making her amazing breasts hang down and sway invitingly. "Don't you want something more exciting than that? I'll show you a real titfuck!"

In a sudden flurry of movements, Meiling dashes over, pulls you away from Yuyuko, puts you down on the carpeted floor, and lies down in front of you, with her large breasts hanging just inches from your cock. All that activity's left them swaying in small circles.

"Lecturing me and then making you do all the work? Who does she think she is? Anyway, sorry if I hurt you before. I'll take really good care of you this time.."

With a lascivious smile, Meiling presses her chest down on against your crotch, letting you feel the full weight of her generous bust. She rocks her chest back and forth a few times, then reaches into her cleavage to pull your shaft upright. The head just manages to peek out above her breasts, but the rest is swallowed up in her soft, supple breasts.

Meiling puts her hands on the sides of her breasts and presses them together with all her strength, crushing your shaft in a pillowy-soft cage. they're firmer than Yuyuko?s, but nowhere near as firm as Meiling's thighs were. No matter how hard she squeezes, you don't feel the least bit of pain.

Meiling lowers her head and plants a wet kiss on the tip of your cock. Her tongue comes out and swirls around the head, licking up your constantly-flowing precum and leaving some saliva in exchange. You can't help shuddering as her warm, moist tongue drags itself over your glans and flicks over your urethra.

Off to the side, Yuyuko studies the two of you from behind her fan. She seems less inscrutable now that her yukata's half-off, though. A light pink flush has spread through her body, and the exaggerated rising and falling of her large breasts betrays her arousal. She's absentmindedly caressing one of her hard nipples with her free hand, as well. Despite all her criticism of Meiling's style, she does seem impressed by the Chinese girl's technique.

Yuyuko takes a deep breath and nods to herself, then stows her fan and starts fiddling with the bottom half of her yukata. Then Meiling's voice, speaking in a playful, naughty tone, draws your eyes back to her.

"Don't you wanna cum like this? You could shoot it right into my mouth, and I'd swallow every drop. Or maybe you'd prefer to just cover me in it?" Meiling slowly lifts her breasts up as she speaks, then drops them back onto your waist with a quiet slap and squeezes them together again. You let out a little groan, and she repeats the motion a few more times, gradually settling into a steady stroking.

You can't see much of Meiling while you're just lying on your back, so you muster up some strength and prop yourself up on your arms to get a better view. Looking over Meiling's head, you see her dazzling cheongsam clinging tightly to her back, clearly outlining her round, firm ass. Her legs are fully exposed once again, and she's still wearing her high-heeled shoes, which work with the hem of her luxurious dress to add a wonderful touch of elegance to her already-amazing legs. You don't see an ounce of fat anywhere on her body; women would kill to have a figure like hers.

But the most beautiful part is right in your lap, where Meiling's eagerly servicing your cock. Her soft, slippery breasts slide up and down your shaft once every second, sometimes moving together, sometimes in opposite directions. After each stroke, she pauses to squeeze your shaft between her breasts and plant a kiss on the head, attacking you with a hot pleasure from every direction at once. She whipped your lust into a frenzy by showing off her body in that cheongsam, and now she's indulging you so eagerly?

Meiling stops her stroking for a moment to focus purely on sucking, bobbing her head up and down on the tip of your cock. A messy sound fills your ears as she tightens her soft lips, flattening them around your glans and rapidly stroking it while her tongue plays with your urethra. You fall back to the ground with a loud, helpless moan and close your eyes, arching your back and pushing your hips up to drive yourself further through Meiling's breasts and into her mouth. You'd love nothing more than to give her a huge, thick load of cum right now.

Your head ends up on its side by the time Meiling goes back to her normal stroking and you're done thrashing and moaning. When you open your eyes, you're greeted with the sight of Yuyuko's lavishly-pedicured feet. Your eyes slowly travel up the length of her milky white legs, and you forget to breathe for a moment when they reach her pussy. Her pink labia are clearly shimmering with moisture, and a small, round clitoris peeks out timidly in front. There's not a hair to be seen anywhere. Your cock twitches painfully at the sight, earning you an angry squeeze from Meiling.

The yukata is still fastened around Yuyuko's waist, but she's pulled it apart both above and below. Some of the cloth remains pooled around her elbows, but it's fallen away completely from her breasts. If she weren't leaning forward to smirk at you, they'd easily hide her face from view.

With a small smirk, Yuyuko reaches down and spreads her pussy with two fingers. Small strings of juice stretch out between her lips, and a tiny trickle starts to run down one of her thighs, leaving a small, shimmering trail on her pale skin. Her walls are a bright, lovely pink, and you can see that they're lined with small folds and creases that quiver slightly as you watch. It seems to be begging to take in the whole length of your cock and stroke it all over, letting you fill it up with your hot, sticky--

Ngh! A sudden burst of pleasure nearly brings you over the edge. You clench your hips in a panic, and the urge to cum passes safely. Looking back between your legs, you see Meiling with her arms pressed tight against the sides of her breasts and her lips still wrapped around your cock. Come to think of it, she kept stroking you the whole time you were staring at Yuyuko.

"My, my. Are you jealous, Meiling? He couldn't take his eyes off me while you were trying so hard to please him."

Meiling snorts, but she's blushing harder than before. "If showing yourself off is all you can do, I'll win for sure," she boasts.

"Oho." Yuyuko steps over your head and starts to bend her knees, steadily bringing her pussy closer and closer to your face. "You don't think I can keep up with you?" As she says that, her loose yukata settles down around your head, giving the daylight a bluish tint as it's filtered through the fabric.

"Of course not!" Meiling's hands clench tightly around her breasts, putting more than a little pressure on your penis. "I'll bet you don't know the first thing about proper titfucks!"

Yuyuko responds with a chuckle. "Well, why don't we put that to the test?"

With that, Yuyuko moves from kneeling to lying. Her whole body plops down on you, weighing you down from your chest to your waist. She's not heavy, but she isn't light, either. The pressure from her body is calming, though, and every pound of her is so deliciously soft. Their banter continues, but the sight before you suddenly draws all of your attention.

Even with the yukata blocking some of the light, Yuyuko's pink slit is still clearly visible just inches from your face, framed on all sides by her pale, smooth skin. You start to make a move for it, but you have to put that on hold when your hands touch her thighs. they're large, and soft, but not as impossibly soft as her breasts. they're slightly warm, and your fingers sink in a little when you poke them; you're sure they would make excellent pillows. You give them a few healthy squeezes, then slide up to her ass; it seems much larger and rounder without the yukata binding it, and it's nearly soft enough to compete with her breasts.

Speaking of which, you suddenly feel Yuyuko pressing her breasts against Meiling?s, forcing your cock out of Meiling's cleavage and into a small, tight space right in between them. The two of them press their breasts together, each trying to claim your penis for their personal use, but neither Meiling's firm grip or Yuyuko's luxurious embrace can completely capture you. Meanwhile, your erection's squeezed between their amazing assets, sometimes feeling more of Meiling's breasts and sometimes feeling more of Yuyuko?s, and occasionally feeling the graze of a hard nipple as well.

Remembering that Yuyuko's dripping pussy is just inches away from you, you snap back to attention and press your head between her thighs. Extending your tongue as far out as you can, you draw a careful line up her labia, quickly coating your tongue with the delicious taste of her juices. Her lips tremble slightly under your touch, encouraging you to spread her a little give her a longer, deeper lick. As you do, you hear a faint moan near your crotch. Hearing that while her taste soaks into your tongue, you can't hold yourself back. You dig in with your thumbs and spread Yuyuko wide open, then plunge into her soaked pussy with your tongue.

Trapped under her clothes this whole time, Yuyuko's heady, elegant perfume has combined with the natural musk of her sweat and her juices to an absolutely overpowering aroma. A few deep breaths of the womanly scent is all it takes for your thoughts to shut down completely. All you can do is squeeze and knead her soft flesh and lick hungrily at her overflowing pussy, raking your tongue over her clitoris whenever you pull back to swallow. She twitches and convulses more and more as you keep licking, eventually squeezing her legs together to crush your head between her heavenly thighs.

Somewhere far away, your cock's in a heaven of its own. Meiling and Yuyuko haven't stopped their chaotic, exceedingly squishy struggle for your penis, and they've started competing with their mouths as well. There's at least one tongue and one pair of lips on your glans at any given moment, and they swirl around with such excruciating speed that it can be hard to tell which mouth belongs to whom.

After another minute of fierce licking, your efforts are rewarded as a hot rush of juices spills out of Yuyuko's pussy and coats your mouth and chin. You back away to lick yourself clean and see Yuyuko's pussy twitching as her whole soft body shudders and twists back and forth on top of you. Her moaning is clearly audible through the yukata, deep and womanly and dripping with lust.

That sudden, shameless display must have caught Meiling off-guard; you feel her stop stroking you, and Yuyuko takes the chance to push forward and fully enfold your cock in her pillowy breasts. Noticing the treachery immediately, Meiling dives forward and closes her lips around your glans before Yuyuko can. Yuyuko squeezes hard with her breasts while Meiling tightens her lips and sucks, and the combined stimulation finally brings you over the edge.

Your hands dig deep into Yuyuko's ass as your cock clenches up harder than you thought possible. Two surges of pleasure wash over you as you fire two thick shots into Meiling's hot, inviting mouth, and she swallows them both without a moment's hesitation. Then Yuyuko's soft lips seize you, and she gently sucks out two more equally-pleasurable shots. She swallows as well, then releases your penis to let you spray the rest of your load onto the two of them. With your cock cradled between two sets of magnificent breasts and your head swimming in erotic scents, you lie back and moan happily as you enjoy the longest, most powerful orgasm you've ever felt.

You've lost count of the number of shots by the time your orgasm ends. You think it was nearly a dozen. Yuyuko plants one last kiss on your cock and crawls off of you, finally releasing you from under her yukata. You raise your head to get a look at them; Meiling's still lying between your legs, while Yuyuko's lying on her back a few feet away.

Both girls? faces are thoroughly stained with cum. Their cheeks, foreheads, and lips are all covered with an intricate web of white trails and splatter-marks. There's a shiny white patch in one of Meiling's bangs, and Yuyuko nearly got some in her eyes. The stains extend to the tops of their breasts as well, covering most of their surface and trickling as far down as their nipples. The white color stands out clearly on Meiling's tanned skin, while you have to look a little harder to make it out against Yuyuko's pale complexion.

Yuyuko sighs happily and closes her eyes, content to enjoy her afterglow as she slowly wipes up and licks off your sperm. You feel unusually relaxed as well; you wouldn't mind just lying down and cuddling with her for a while.

Meiling, however, had no release to speak of. The frustration is clear in her furrowed brow and jealous eyes as she glances between the two of you. Her arousal's been building since Yuyuko first started kissing you, and she just watched a pair of huge orgasms happen right in front of her. And you're sure the thick, musky sperm coating her face is only adding to the problem. She directs a disappointed glance at the limp cock under her breasts, then rises to her knees.

"No fair?" she grumbles. With neither you nor Yuyuko springing to help her, Meiling slips a hand through the side of her dress. It makes a noticeable bulge in the fabric as it settles between her legs and strokes along her slit.

"We were trying to see who can make you cum the most, but now I feel so?"

Meiling blushes harder and speeds up her stroking as she speaks. The redness of her cheeks heightens the contrast between her skin and your drying sperm. Her back-and-forth motion abruptly changes to an up-and-down one, and her eyes grow hazy as she moans in a low voice. A quiet squishing leaks out from the seams of her cheongsam.

While one hand works between her legs, Meiling moves the other one to her chest and digs it into one of her breasts. The sperm quickly coats her fingers, but she hardly seems to notice how she's massaging it into her skin as she slides her hand around. Her thumb traces circles around her nipple while the rest of the hand attacks her soft, bountiful flesh with rapid, forceful squeezes.

Aside from her bare legs and breasts, the rest of Meiling's upper body is still enclosed in her elegant dress. It makes for an arousing contrast, seeing such a classily-dressed woman masturbate like this. The tanlines on her cum-smeared breasts only add to the effect.

Meiling switches to her other breast a minute later. Her movements are clumsier with this one, indicating that she's not used to groping it with her non-dominant hand. She switches back to the first one with a frustrated moan, not able to give both breasts the pleasure they demand while she's fingering herself as well. After a moment of struggling, she tries lifting one of her breasts to her mouth. The nipple fits easily between her lips, and she sucks it hungrily while the most appealing mixture of frustration and arousal covers her face. Unfortunately for her, the breast slaps back down to her chest when she lets go. A small patch of saliva gleams around the nipple.

Even if you're tired from your orgasm, you can't just sit back and watch a display like that. Carefully rising to your knees, you start to crawl over to Meiling, slightly in front of her and to her right. She notices the movement immediately, but doesn't stop either of her hands as she watches you approach her. Yuyuko seems to be watching with interest as well.

Without hesitation, you slip a hand through the unoccupied split in Meiling's cheongsam and feel your way across her warm skin to her pussy. She starts to ask what you're doing, but the question breaks up into a loud cry when you find her rock-hard clitoris and give it a healthy pinch. You figured she'd like it rough, judging by how she treated her breasts.

"Oh, that feels good?"

You stare into each other's eyes for a moment, but you refrain from kissing. You're not eager to taste your own sperm, and she's not eager to lick Yuyuko's juices off your face. Instead, she grabs your head and presses it against the breast she was just sucking on.

"it's your fault I'm like this, so you'd better?!"

There's no need for her to finish that sentence. You close your lips around her hard nipple and suck on it eagerly, earning a low moan as a reward. When it's clear you won't run away, Meiling moves her hand from the back of your head to her other breast, moaning happily as she finally gets all the pleasure she wants. You give her clitoris a few smaller pinches and then switch to stroking it with your thumb, trying to keep pace with the fingers she's using on her pussy.

You flick your tongue against it a few times, then press your mouth in a little further and graze it with your teeth. She lets out a sharp gasp and pinches her other nipple at the same time.

"Good? More?"

You slide a hand up her round, slightly-slippery breast and grab it tightly, partly for your own sake and partly to make sure it doesn't move around while she pleasures herself and twitches all over. Then, you carefully grab the nipple between your teeth and start to flick your tongue back and forth across the hard nub poking out between them.

You keep a steady rhythm of stroking on Meiling's clitoris, moving back and forth and up and down while her fingers churn away at her pussy. You're pretty sure she's moved up to three fingers by now, but you can't tell for sure. She mauls her free breast with her other hand, squeezing it from underneath and rolling the nipple between two fingers. You try to give a similar treatment to the one you're sucking on, but it's hard to keep up with her. She's had who-knows-how-many years to perfect her technique, and you can't help but feel you have to be gentle with something as soft as her breasts, even if the rest of her is tougher than iron. You can hear her breathing speeding up; just a little more of this and she'll go right over the edge.

"Mmm? G- gonna cum, gonna cum, gonnacumcumming!" Meiling shuts her eyes tight and clenches up tight all over, and makes a high-pitched noise that's somewhere between a moan and a scream. A second later, she relaxes again and starts panting as the rest of the orgasm works through her, mixing some husky moans in with her heavy breathing. You crawl back to watch the display; she falls onto her back once you leave her and covers her mouth with the back of one hand. Her long, beautiful legs quiver and shift around as her upper body trembles hard enough to get her breasts jiggling as they lie atop her chest. You were hard already, but this sight drives your erection into painful-throbbing territory.

Meiling's teary eyes open slowly at the end of her orgasm. She takes a few deep breaths and beckons you over with a wide, seductive smile and a healthy blush. Her hair's grown disheveled after all the thrashing, lying in a mess on the carpet beneath her head, but her cheongsam's only slightly twisted out of place.

You glance over at Yuyuko, catching her with a hand on her breasts and another between her legs. She's just lightly playing with herself, though. She gives you a smile and nods at Meiling. Seems she doesn't feel up to competing right now; her orgasm took a lot more out of her than Meiling's did. Or, perhaps this is all part of some plan. In any case, you smile back and turn to the beautiful Chinese girl who wants your penis.

Meiling gently pulls you down to her level, then rolls over and crawls on top of you. The orgasm's caused her scent to change, making it slightly more musky and powerful than before. One of her hands reaches down to give your hard cock a surprisingly gentle stroking while she plants a wet kiss on your cheek and looks into your eyes.

"That felt really good. Lemme pay you back now, okay?" Meiling's bright, lively voice is thicker than before, weighed down with exertion and arousal. She gets onto her knees and mounts your waist, arranging the lower part of her cheongsam so it lies flat on your chest. The hem's long enough that it almost reaches your chin, encouraging you to stay still so you don't disturb the expensive-looking fabric.

On a whim, Meiling pulls your cock upright and tugs the hem towards her, trapping your length between her warm, muscular stomach and the fine, silky fabric. An excruciating pleasure tortures the head as she slides the hem back and forth with a teasing smile on her face. Your erection's clearly outlined against the tight fabric, which starts to darken around your glans as your precum soaks into it.

Once she's had her fill of your groaning and trembling, Meiling stops teasing you and raises herself up to accept your cock. She reaches through the side of her cheongsam and closes a hand around your shaft, pointing it straight up and rubbing it against her drenched slit. You can feel the heat wafting out of her pussy as she spreads herself, and small drops of hot liquid drip onto your erection. Her lips come to rest on the tip, and then?

"Mmm?!" Meiling looks towards the ceiling and lets out a dreamy moan as she starts to lower her hips. The tip of your cock spreads open her tightly-closed walls, which hug your shaft closely and stroke every inch as her pussy swallows your whole length. It squeezes you as tightly as she could with her hands, but she's so wet inside that she can move around easily. The heat inside her is intense as well, at least twice as strong as it is on her skin.

That's all hidden from view, though. You can see Meiling's thighs and the sides of her hips as she slowly lowers herself down, but her bright red cheongsam covers the rest. That's somewhat disappointing, but it is a little more exciting when your sense of touch is all you have to go by.

It only takes ten seconds for Meiling to take in your whole length, sighing happily as her labia touches your waist. Her tight walls press onto your cock from all sides, shifting around with the slightest movement, and the heat keeps your shaft extremely sensitive. You felt her stretch a little on the last inch or two, so she's completely full as well. it's hard to tell with all the other sensations inside her, but you think you can feel the pucker of her cervix against your urethra.

Meiling stays to herself for a few moments, closing her eyes and gently twisting her hips to get used to the fullness inside her. Even that small movement feels wonderful; you're forced to close an eye and groan quietly as her tight walls rub over your whole length.

"Ah, nice and full. Does it feel good~?" Meiling opens her eyes and gives you a smile. She seems calm at the moment, but the excitement's boiling under her skin.

Meiling plants her hands at your sides and starts moving her hips in small, mincing circles, keeping her hips pressed firmly onto yours. The movements quickly familiarize your penis with every corner of her hot, tight pussy, as each one of her folds gets a chance to stroke you. Some spots inside her seem especially sensitive, making her tremble a little when your cock rubs them directly. After a few passes, she starts pausing at each one of those spots to rub them once or twice with the tip of your penis. Her pussy tightens up and shudders briefly whenever she does, giving you an extra spike of pleasure as well.

Your cock feels like it's melting inside of her, and it's throbbing even harder than it was between the girls? breasts. Every instinct in your body is telling you to blow your load and impregnate the beautiful woman on top of you. Your last orgasm was pretty tiring, though, so it'll still be a while before you cum again.

Meiling speeds up her movements, swirling her body until you're moving in a full circle every second. She stays at that speed until your glans is burning with pleasure, then stops to catch her breath. She seems to have reached the upper limit of the pleasure that can provide her, and she wants more.

During your respite, you cast a brief glance at Yuyuko. She's still leisurely watching the two of you and stroking her breasts and clitoris, not looking the least bit worried even though her opponent's riding you at the moment. There's a dangerous glimmer in those bright pink eyes. She's breathing harder than before, though, and that stroking isn't exactly feather-light.

"Okay? Now for the real thing." Your attention snaps back to Meiling as soon as she starts to move.

Meiling straightens up and slowly raises her hips, moving them in small circles and figure-eights to rub your cock all over. The circling feels just as good as good as before, and now there's also the wonderful feeling of her tight, slippery insides sliding along your shaft. The air outside of her is slightly cooler, but the heat trapped under her cheongsam and the warm juices coating your length keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

When the head of your penis is the only thing still inside of her, Meiling sharply drops her hips all the way to the base, plunging your cock into her hot, tight snatch once again. Your vision goes hazy for a moment as the pleasure shoots through you, and you see Meiling, who lets out a short cry of pleasure. The impact's strong enough to get a healthy jiggle out of her breasts, which continue to bounce around hypnotically as she starts her next thrust. They sway back and forth as she makes her slow, convoluted way up, then bounce mightily and jiggle once again as she drops back down.

Before you can sit up and grab them, Meiling draws her hands up to her chest and starts to stroke and squeeze them herself, digging her hands deep into the flesh until it bulges out between her fingers. Her hips keep up their movements just as well as before, not at all hampered by the lack of support from her arms. Only a woman with her strength could manage such fine muscle control in the midst of all this excitement.

Small strands of red hair cling to her bare arms and breasts as she starts to sweat from the exertion. Her eyes seem very hazy now, softened by tears from the pleasure. The look on her face is affectionate, horny, and dominant all at once.

The extra pleasure from her groping encourages Meiling to speed up a little, sacrificing her technique in favor of a more straightforward up-and-down movement. There's suddenly no reprieve from the rough stroking of her heavenly walls, and your own moaning voice comes out to join with hers.

it's an amazing sight. Meiling's lithe body is constantly in motion, from the way she throws her head back and moans, to her constant kneading of her breasts, to the way her back arches when she pinches both her nipples, to the ceaseless bouncing of her hips. The movements all flow together into a seamless, sensual dance, and she never misses a beat even as the pleasure courses through her. The golden dragon on her cheongsam almost seems to be alive, dancing around with mesmerizing grace as Meiling mates with you.

And your cock's in the middle of it all, hot and throbbing and twitching with delight. You can feel another huge orgasm welling up inside you, but all you have to do is sit there until Meiling brings you over the edge. it's great having her serve you like this, but?
File 136685793839.jpg - (269.62KB, 849x1202 , a0a83b57a061aac2e1b01c89f6894202.jpg) [iqdb]
Meiling tosses a wide, confident smile in Yuyuko's direction. "You can't match this, can you?" she asks during a break in her panting. "After this, he'll be addicted to my pussy!"

Yuyuko's fairly disheveled, with her yukata in precise disarray to wrap her body in elegance while leaving the most voluptuous parts exposed. But compared to the two of you, she seems perfectly composed. At Meiling's question, her eyes practically gleam with excitement.

"I should hope so. It seems like your pussy is all he gets."

Meiling slows down at that. ?" Eh?"

Yuyuko puts on a sly smile and starts to approach the two of you. "You have such an amazing body, but you're keeping it all out of his reach. You call this sex? It has all the intimacy of a handjob. You're doing all the moving, and you've kept those lovely breasts all to yourself. He can't even see where it's going in!"

Meiling stops moving and gestures frantically at your face. "But, but, look at him! He feels so good, he'll--"

"Only because he hasn't had a turn with me." Yuyuko pulls one of your arms out sideways and lies down on top of it, making sure to wedge it between her soft breasts. "Who do you think he'll like better? A woman who uses him like a toy, or one who lets him hold her close and make love to her?"

Yuyuko lowers her head and gives you a deep kiss, staring lustfully into your eyes while her fingers slip under the fabric on your chest and trace gentle circles around your nipples. Her long nails press into your skin with just enough pressure to stimulate you without causing any pain. After so much time moaning into the air, it feels nice to have someone to kiss. Her tongue isn't demanding, either; she's happy to let you play with it at your own pace. As you breathe in the familiar scent of her perfume, you realize that your hand's right between her legs. If you stretch a little, you can reach her clitoris and stroke it. Yuyuko moans softly into your mouth before breaking the kiss, leaving a thin trail of saliva to connect your lips with hers.

"See how easily he can use me? You'll never match this level of appeal with that ridiculous dress of yours." Yuyuko goes back to kissing you, letting out an excessive number of moans as you play with her clitoris. As good as it feels inside Meiling, you can't help but concentrate on the soft, affectionate ghost-woman who's offering herself to you.

Meiling's too honorable to force you to cum if you don't want her to. If this keeps up, you'll wind up pulling out of her and cumming inside Yuyuko instead. You've been stolen away once before. Meiling looks down at her body and her cheongsam, frantically trying to find a way to win back some momentum?

And she comes up with one. A new fire suddenly surges in her eyes, and she breaks up you and Yuyuko with a short, confident laugh.

"That's what you think! My cheongsam won't let me down so easily!"

Meiling stands up in a single, dramatic motion, leaving your cock to slap down onto your body. The warmth from the juices on your shaft quickly fades away, and air in the room feels cold and cruel compared to the welcoming heat of her pussy.

You raise your head to see Meiling lie down on her side in front of you. She folds her legs and pulls them halfway up to her chest, taking the front hem of her cheongsam with them. For the first time, you're treated to a clear view between her legs.

"C'mon, let's do it like this," she says, raising her head to look at you.

Then the two girls make eye contact, Meiling's smile meeting Yuyuko's narrow-eyed glare. Biting her lip, the ghost woman growls out a sound of grudging respect and backs off. Seems like it's back to the drawing board for her.

Your hips feel slightly numb after the pounding they got from Meiling, but you manage to get to your knees and crawl over to her. Her thighs are perfectly tanned, just like her arms. You can see the beginnings of a tanline towards the middle of her ass, but the rear hem of her cheongsam hides it from view. Between her legs, a thin strip of pale skin surrounds her pink, dripping labia. Everything near her pussy is smeared with a thick coating of shiny juices.

You can't resist getting a quick taste. Getting on your knees and bending forward, you carefully pull up one of Meiling's pussy lips and lick along the exposed wall with as much of your tongue as you can manage. She has a strong, musky taste, and the smell's equally impressive; it lacks the flowery component of Yuyuko's scent, but the sweat and pheromones are even stronger, and there's a pleasant outdoorsy smell as well. You can only manage a few licks before her trembling and moaning force you to mount her.

You crawl forward until you're on all fours over Meiling, and she reaches between her legs to spread herself and guide you in. the lust in her eyes has only grown stronger; it seems she wants you just as much as you want her. She looks up at you with eager eyes and purrs invitingly as you line yourself up.

"You wanna cum inside me, don't you? Fuck me as hard as you want. I won't break." Meiling shakes her ass a little to entice you; the sight short-circuits your thoughts, and you slam your cock into her without even thinking.

The two of you let out a loud groan as you fill her up. Meiling's pussy is just as hot and tight and wet as before, but the folds settle in different places along your penis now that you're coming in sideways. Your lust drives you to start thrusting immediately without even taking a moment to get used to her. Whenever she clenches up with pleasure, the squeezing attacks the top and bottom of your cock instead of the sides. It greatly increases the pressure on your sensitive glans, enough to make you cry out whenever she gives you a particularly powerful squeeze. Her pussy feels tighter in general as well, now that her thighs are pressed together rather than spread apart. It takes all you have to keep thrusting, despite all the resistance from her pussy and the pleasure that attacks you at every turn.

"G-good? So good?"

Meiling turns her head towards you as you bend over her, and you meet her halfway for a rough, passionate kiss. Your thrusting keeps jolting your heads apart, but you seek out each other's lips again each time it happens.

Your right hand grabs her shoulder for leverage, helping you pull her onto your cock as you pound into her, and your left hand goes to the bountiful breasts that spill out from her cheongsam. You do your best to divide your attention between them, squeezing one and then the other and roughly twisting her hard, aching nipples. Now that you're on top, you'll handle her body as roughly as she handled yours.

Meiling's body really is unbelievable. it's firm, lean, and tight, but soft in all the right places, able to simultaneously fill your left hand with plentiful, blissful softness and squeeze your cock with an overwhelming pressure. And Meiling herself is incredible, the way she's panting and moaning blissfully as you churn up her pussy and trying her best to thrust back at you even in this awkward position. You remove your right hand from her shoulder and trace a line down her back, which arches once again under your touch.

You plunge into Meiling with all the force and speed you can muster, and she responds with the loudest, most enthusiastic moaning you've ever heard. Every one of them seems like a plea for you to drive her crazy. Right now, you'd do anything for her.

Finally, with five earth-shattering thrusts and counterthrusts, the two of you go over the edge. You squeeze Meiling's breast even harder than she did before, and every muscle in her body tightens up like before. An amazing tightness clamps down on your cock and opens a floodgate inside you, and your sperm comes pouring out as she screams and quivers helplessly beneath you. Even after the first surge of sperm, her pussy keeps squeezing and sucking on you for nearly a minute, milking out more and more until she's completely full. You're trapped inside her for the full duration of her orgasm, feeling every one of her contractions come crashing onto your shaft as it throbs with ecstasy.

Finally, Meiling releases you and drifts off into her own happy little world. A thick stream of white cum leaks out of her pussy, trickling across one of her still-trembling thighs to make a small pool on the floor. As far as your mating instincts are concerned, your mission in life is complete.

"Hmm, seems I've underestimated her. She certainly has a talent for this." A soft hand closes around your messy, rapidly-softening penis , matching the soft voice that flows into your ears like a gentle evening breeze. "But, she still has much to learn. See? She didn't even bother to clean you up.?

? Or is it?

Yuyuko leads you a short distance away from Meiling and has you sit on the couch you were using earlier. The soft cushions are a welcome change from lying on the floor. You spread your legs wide enough for Yuyuko to kneel down in between them, treating you to an up-close view of her beautiful face, her lovely bare shoulders, and a glimpse of her magnificent cleavage. She raises herself up for a short but passionate kiss, pressing her body tightly against yours so that her breasts rub your chest and the fine silk around her waist caresses you between your legs. It only lasts for few seconds before she releases your lips and gets back on her knees.

Your cock's shrunk to about half of its full size by now, and a thick mixture of sperm and juices covers every inch of it. Yuyuko takes a deep breath of the scent, then grabs your penis by the base and gets to work.

At first, she simply cleans all the fluids off your length with slow, careful licks. Some of it gets on her hands as she shifts your cock around, but she doesn't seem to mind. She puts the tip into her mouth, just a little further than she would for a kiss, and you quiver a little as she forcefully sucks out the last few drops of cum from your last load. Then she takes the whole length into her mouth, surrounding it with warmth and moisture, and swirls her soft tongue around the whole thing a few times to catch whatever she missed before. You're an inch longer when she slides back her mouth.

Next, she closes a hand around your shaft and teases it with gentle squeezes while she moves her head to your scrotum. it's smeared with its share of juices as well, so she licks off the front before carefully taking it into her mouth. She applies some gentle suction as her tongue moves in slow circles around your balls. You can feel them tingling slightly as she encourages them to get back to work.

A minute later, Yuyuko releases your balls and moves back to your shaft. Holding it diagonally upright, she purses her soft lips around the tip and smoothly descends to the base. Your limp cock comes to rest on her tongue, which caresses the underside as she sucks on you. As you grow firmer, she starts to slowly bob her head and lick around your shaft as well, and one of her hands comes up to stroke and massage your balls.

The stimulation is still less than what you felt in Meiling's pussy, but you're fine with that. This subdued stimulation has its appeal as well, and there's a good deal of satisfaction to be had from seeing such a beautiful woman fellate you. She's not as fiery as Meiling, but she still seems eager to prove herself. Her short, light hair shifts around as she bobs her head on your cock, and you imagine her breasts are bouncing a little as well.

Soon, your cock's grown too large for Yuyuko to fit comfortably in her mouth. Instead of using her throat, she adds another hand into the mix. She rapidly bobs her head on the top half, keeping her lips tightly closed and her tongue against the underside of your shaft, and strokes the rest of your length with a tightly-closed thumb and forefinger. Her head and her hand move in time with each other. At the same time, her other hand intensifies its work on your scrotum, carefully squeezing your balls and teasing them with her long nails.

You let out a happy groan and stare into her soft pink eyes, which captivate you with a lustful stare. The tastes and smells of your penis seem to have gotten her aroused as well, but she isn't able to play with herself while her hands are both working your cock. The thought of her putting your pleasure before her own is a pleasing one.

Yuyuko stops as soon as you're hard and swollen, not wanting to wear down your resistance before the main event. She removes both of her hands and slides her lips back to the tip of your cock, giving it a small, audible kiss to finish her service. A small line of fluid stretches between her lips and your urethra as she pulls away with a seductive smile. You were nearly limp when she started, but now you're rock-hard and ready for another round.

"Mm, seems you liked that."

Yuyuko climbs right into your lap and hooks her arms under yours, draping her long sleeves around you like a blanket as she gives you a deep, intimate kiss with plenty of tongue. She swallowed all your cum long ago, so there's nothing strange about the taste in her mouth. The same tongue that was fluttering around your shaft leads your own tongue on a merry chase as her smooth, soft breasts press into your bare chest. Further down, her bare pussy rests atop your cock, which lies flat underneath her. Her body is almost completely exposed to your eyes, but her yukata still covers her on the back and sides. Right now, the only one who can see her beauty is you.

"You'll make me feel just as good, right?" she asks, rubbing her drenched slit along your length. Rewarding her with a wombful of cum sounds lovely.

The yukata still covers most of Yuyuko's back, so you slide your hands in from the front to get at her plump, squishy ass. Your hands sink right in when you apply a little pressure, giving you an excellent grip to use as you pull her up into position. She whines impatiently as you line her up, lets out a small gasp when you first penetrate her, then moans sweetly as your cock fills her depths.

Yuyuko is? very comfortable. There's a decent squeeze at her entrance, though it's not nearly as tight as what you felt from Meiling, and the rest is just soft, warm, and sticky. it's not loose, though; her walls seem to cling to you, wrapped tight enough to caress your shaft without actually squeezing it. Almost instantly, the cock she worked so hard to clean is covered with a fresh mess of juices.

You let out a noise that's between a groan and a sigh as Yuyuko's pussy envelops the last of your length. She does the same and tightens her grip around you, staring into your eyes with a confident smile.

"You were fantasizing this as soon as you saw me, right? Is it as good as you imagined?"

it's better, of course. You hadn't dared to think that her yukata could be hiding a body this perfect, and you certainly didn't imagine her pussy could be so comfortable and so pleasurable at the same time.

You're content to spend a few minutes sitting still and getting used to the gentle squeeze from Yuyuko's pussy. You idly knead her ass and stroke her smooth back as she leans against you, trailing kisses up your neck and teasing one of your nipples with a few fingernails. The whole time, she keeps shifting around in subtle movements, making her folds slide gently around your cock.

Finally, the throbbing between your legs compels you to tighten your grip and pull Yuyuko's body back up. She adds some of her own strength to the movement to make it easier for you, but you're still the one directing her. That's fine with you; your hips need a little break after the workout they got from Meiling.

Her tight entrance squeezes its way up your shaft as you lift her, while her soft folds cling to your length for as long as they can. You stop when she's about two-thirds up and push her back onto you, moaning and sighing again as your cock sinks back into her plush depths. it's just begging to be ravished.

You set your arms to work pulling her up and down along your length, thrusting a little with your hips as well to make each thrust end with a powerful impact. A pleasant heat fills your penis as it's attacked on all sides by Yuyuko's warm, sticky walls.

Yuyuko manages to keep on a demure smile even as she purrs and moans. She's clearly enjoying your cock, but the knowledge that you're enjoying her at least as much excites her even more. The two of you alternate between deep, passionate kisses and quiet gasps as you follow the steady rhythm you've created.

A few minutes later, Yuyuko breaks your latest kiss and leans back, presenting her bountiful chest for your personal use. Her breasts jiggle slightly as you pull her up and down, encouraging you to give her a few fierce thrusts just to see how they react; the resulting bouncing is glorious to watch. Your hands are already occupied with her ass, so you just lower your head to one of her breasts and flick your tongue over the nipple. She responds with an approving purr, so you press your lips against her softness and start sucking on her nipple and areola all at once. The suction makes the whole area extra-sensitive, giving you ample opportunity to tease her with your tongue. You lick in a few careful circles around the areola to build up anticipation, then hit the hard nipple with four or five rapid tongue-flicks, then give her a few seconds to rest before repeating the process. Soon, Yuyuko brings a hand to her mouth to stifle her increasingly high-pitched moans. Her sleeve's fallen down far enough to cover the hand completely, making her seem strangely innocent as she blushes and chews on the cloth to keep her voice down.

As you suckle at Yuyuko's breast, your eyes fall on the smooth curves of her shoulders and neck. They look delectable as well. Letting the nipple drop from your mouth, you lick your way up her breast and plant a small kiss on the nape of her neck. Yuyuko gasps in surprise as your lips touch her there, trembling and moaning into her hand as she tightens up slightly around you. Ah, is she sensitive there? You give the same spot a longer, more sensual kiss, swirling your tongue over her skin and gently grazing it with your teeth. Yuyuko moans again, more loudly this time, and a fresh trickle of heat covers your shaft. The skin you were kissing has turned a light red, so you slide your lips to a nearby spot and plant a fresh kiss there. At the same time, you slide your length all the way into her until the tip kisses her cervix, and twist her hips back and forth to make her grind against you. Her walls shudder with the rest of her body, caressing your cock all over while her juices keep flowing out around you.

"Ahhn! Nn? H-hey, that?s?"

You stop and pull back after your fourth kiss to look at Yuyuko's face. Her pink eyes are cloudy with tears, and the blush on her face has gone from pink to red. Her face shows a mixture of arousal and playful annoyance; it seems as though she'd be pouting if her mouth weren't hanging open. it's quite unlike the demure, almost-haughty expression she had on when she first came into the room.

But, that doesn't make her any less beautiful. In fact, this earnest, lustful face is exactly what you wanted to see, and she knows that it's all part of her appeal. Seeing her closely-guarded body fully exposed, hearing her moan in that beautiful voice, and feeling her soft form tremble and shudder against you is almost as satisfying as the pleasure that's filling your cock. You claim Yuyuko's mouth once more, chasing her flirtatious tongue with renewed vigor while you pull her up and down as fast as you can. The building excitement has made her even hotter, wetter, and tighter than before, but her pussy still lacks the unbelievable strength of Meiling?s.

Unfortunately, pulling an entire full-figured woman up and down on like this puts a fairly low limit on your speed. Your cock starts to twitch impatiently even while it's pounding into her, eager to ravish her even harder. Her own desire's clear in her eyes, too, and she backs it up by tightening her embrace and letting out a pleading whine. So, you get off the couch and kneel down to lay her out on the carpet. You intend to fall onto her and start thrusting almost immediately, but the sight of her stops you in your tracks.

She's lying flat on her back now, with one leg slightly folded and both arms resting on the ground above her head. A deep flush spreads from her face to her pale breasts, which heave mightily with each heavy breath. The yukata's still cinched around her waist and spread out beneath her, wrapping her body in elegance, and the whole area around her pussy is smeared with shining juices.

She's really beautiful.

With newfound reverence, you gently lower yourself onto Yuyuko's pillowy body and slide your cock back into her. She hooks her arms under yours and hugs around your back, then crosses her soft legs over your ass at the same time. Her large breasts pillow out against your chest as she pulls you close, and the soft fabric around her waist strokes your chest as you start to thrust.

Yuyuko's soft whispers quickly change to loud, breathless moans as your hips pick up speed. You fill her up completely with each stroke, moving fast enough that her pussy's almost constantly shuddering with pleasure. Your cock's starting to twitch along with it, but you can't let yourself cum until you've satisfied your beautiful partner.

You lose yourself in a hot kiss for a while, swallowing Yuyuko's moans and feeding her your own as your tongues clumsily rub together and a trail saliva runs down one of her cheeks. Then you break the kiss and move to her neck, attacking the side you didn't touch before with licks and kisses and gentle bites. Combined with the pleasure from your thrusting, it's enough to make Yuyuko throw her head back and cry out in a very undignified voice.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Just like that!" Yuyuko pants. Her fingers clench up and dig into your back, leaving two sets of thin scratch marks. You're so focused on pleasing her that you hardly notice the slight stinging. You hug her as tightly as she's hugging you and put all your strength into your hips, letting the scent of her perfume fill your head, thinking of nobody but her as you pound away at the churning mess of heat and softness and pleasure inside of her, until?

Yuyuko's walls squeeze shut around you, tight enough to compete with Meiling?s. She tightens her arms and legs around you at the same time, leaving you trapped in a soft prison as your penis clenches up and shoots out another huge load. Rather than the forceful wringing you felt from Meiling, Yuyuko gives you more of a gentle but insistent milking, steadily sucking out shot after shot of hot semen. Her constant moaning into your ear and the powerful scent invading your nose only serve to prolong your orgasm. With her soft pussy coiled tight around you, squeezing and sucking and stroking all at once, you let out nearly a dozen spurts before your cock calms down.

Yuyuko's powerful grip withers away to nothing as she sinks into her afterglow. You carefully put her arms and legs back on the floor and pull out; almost immediately, a mess of fluids starts to leak from her pussy. She rolls her head back and breathes heavily as your sperm slowly pours out of her, lacking the strength or desire to keep it soaking into the fabric of her yukata. You feel a little guilty staining her clothes like that, but it also gives you a sense of satisfaction. Even if she's fully wrapped up and hiding her body like, that stain will be proof that you came inside the beautiful woman underneath.

But even with that, most of her is still pure and untouched. The yukata stays cinched around her waist to wrap her flushed body in elegance and compliment her lovely hourglass figure, and only the slightest hints of sweat mar her skin.
File 136685802297.jpg - (96.14KB, 850x850 , ef0ff4af3317735865798475e980385f.jpg) [iqdb]
"Hey?" A husky voice stirs you from your reverie. it's Meiling, who seems to have grown extremely horny after watching you drive Yuyuko crazy. A deep blush colors her pleading face and her hanging breasts as she crawls over and gets on all fours directly over of Yuyuko, the front and back hems of her dress draping down behind her. "You can still keep going, right?" she asks, swaying her hips as she speaks. The movement pulls the cheongsam's loose ends back and forth, accentuating the sensual movement.

Meiling reaches back and shifts the hem to the side, exposing part of her perfectly-formed bottom and thighs. A curved tanline cuts diagonally across the exposed cheek, dividing the skin between a rich light brown on the bottom a pale, creamy white near her back. Her other cheek is still partially covered by her dress, which outlines the curve of her ass in a rich mixture of red and gold as it clings to her sweaty skin. The contrast highlights the beauty of each color, and the effect extends to her pink pussy, nestled on a small patch of pale skin between her smooth, tanned thighs. it's still gaping open a little from your last round with her; most of your sperm's drained out by now, but there's still a small white truckle running down across her clitoris and along of her exposed thigh.

it's quite a sight. One of the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, wearing a dress that perfectly accentuates her already-stunning figure, staring back at you with a heavy blush and begging for your cock. Right beneath her is another equally-beautiful woman who you've just had sex with, staring at nothing in particular with glazed eyes as she reels from her orgasm. Their two scents mix together as you stare at them, one fresh and breezy and the other rich and flowery, and both laden with sweat and pheromones. You find yourself growing hard again almost immediately, as if your penis refuses to let mere exhaustion deny it such an opportunity. You commend its fortitude.

"I'm? not gonna lose, so give me your'mmm!"

You grab onto Meiling's ass before she even finishes speaking. it's a wonderful thing to squeeze and slap, but it doesn't make a very good grip in this position. Instead, you slide your hands further up to her waist, putting one hand on her firm, warm skin and the other against her silky dress. She raises her ass a little higher in anticipation, and you quickly line yourself up and penetrate her again, filling her up to the hilt immediately.

The tightness catches you by surprise after spending so much time inside Yuyuko. You shudder involuntarily as she clamps down on your cock and immerses it in sweltering heat. It feels a little stickier than before, now that your semen's thoroughly coated her insides.

"Mmmm...!" Meiling lets out a satisfied purr as she's filled again, which changes to a happy moan as you start moving. In this position, she's able to thrust back onto your cock as hard as you're thrusting into her, and her pussy tightens up hard enough to hold you in place for a moment each time your hips slam together. She seems just as eager as before, possibly even moreso after watching you do it with Yuyuko. Nothing gets her fired up like a good competition.

You can't see Meiling's face from here, but her loud moaning tells you all need to guess at her breathless expression. You can see the sides of her breasts swaying back and forth beneath, with an extra jiggle at the end of each thrust. An intricate whirl of red and golden silk covers her back while her red hair hangs down on either side of her head, swaying and bouncing in time with her breasts.

If you tilt to the side a little, you can see Yuyuko underneath her. Her head's less than a foot from Meiling's face, giving her little choice but to watch her opponent and listen to the lustful moans messy squishing. Soon, Yuyuko's forced to tilt her head to the side and look up at you.

"H-hey, I want some too?" she pleads, staring at you with soft, watery eyes.

Meiling snorts in amusement. You can't see her face, but you can hear the smirk in her voice.

"Heh. Sorry, but he can't get to your pussy right now."

Hm? You pause your thrusting for a moment and down to look down at Yuyuko. Meiling's right; the front part of her cheongsam's draped over Yuyuko's crotch, blocking you from access. Ingenious! There's a growing dark stain on the brightly-colored fabric, right where Yuyuko's pussy should be.

"Ah!" the surprise rouses Yuyuko from her afterglow-induced trance. "But, what's to stop me from just--mmf!" Yuyuko reaches for the obstructing fabric, but Meiling snatches up both her wrists and holds them down with an iron grip. Then, caught up in the moment, Meiling dips her head down and snatches Yuyuko's lips for a kiss.

At the same time, Meiling redoubles her backwards thrusting. It takes all you have to just keep your hips in place under the barrage of from her hips, so you just stay still and stare down, watching in amazement as her pussy swallows your shining length again and again with a loud, shameless squelching. Her tight pussy's stroking your cock with such speed, ceaselessly rubbing her hot, wet walls over the whole surface of your sensitive shaft and glans. If you hadn't cum three times already, you doubt you could've held out for more than a minute against this kind of pleasure.

Meanwhile, a thick stream of smacking and moaning comes from the girls? kiss. They constantly push against each other and turn their heads back and forth, and their lips are locked together so tightly they must be able to touch every corner of each other's mouths. You can only imagine the fierce struggle that they're engaged in, with Meiling's powerful tongue relentlessly pursuing Yuyuko's as it dances around in circles, always just out of Meiling's reach. Their breasts are pressed together as well, with Meiling's tanned ones mostly retaining their shape while Yuyuko's pale chest flattens out beneath them.

Despite all the chaos, Meiling seems to be perfectly in control. You don't need to worry about anything when you have sex with her; she's more than capable of pleasing you on her own. If she keeps thrusting at this speed, it won't be much longer before you succumb to the pleasure and cum inside her. This next orgasm will be your last.

"Hmm? Mm!" Suddenly, Yuyuko's legs rise up and slam into your chest, pushing you right out of Meiling and onto your ass. Then, without breaking the kiss, she throws her weight to one side and succeeds in rolling both herself and Meiling over. Now she's on top, free from the tyranny of Meiling's cheongsam. The back of her yukata does drape itself over her ass, but that's easy enough to fix.

You wouldn't mind a break from that almost-painful squeezing, and Yuyuko deserves a reward. You grab the bottom of the yukata and flip it up to expose Yuyuko's bountiful ass and her bright pink pussy, still dripping with your semen. Grabbing her soft, deliciously wide hips, you bury yourself in her without a moment's warning. She cries out happily as her frustration comes to an end.

Now you're back to being the one in charge, plunging deep into her soft, welcoming sperm-soaked pussy and making her squeal with pleasure. Her pussy pays you back for each thrust with a fresh coating of hot fluids and a dozen tiny caresses, tight enough to warp her walls around your cock without actually squeezing you like Meiling?s. She throws her head back to moan after a few particularly vicious thrusts, giving Meiling a chance to look you in the eyes and beg.

"Oh, it felt so good? Please, fuck me more?"

Coming down from her burst of pleasure, Yuyuko interrupts Meiling with a laugh. You can't see her face, but you can hear the smirk in her voice.

"Oh. I'm sorry, but he can't get to your pussy right now."

A double-edged sword! The front part of cheongsam's fallen down to cover Meiling's pussy now. She's surprised for a moment, but then the look on her face changes to a smirk. Faster than Yuyuko can catch, Meiling's arms shoot down and pull up the hem, exposing her pussy once again. Seems that trick doesn't work as well against a trained martial artist.

As amazing as it feels in Yuyuko's soft, sticky pussy, the thought of that hot, tight squeeze from Meiling's is hard to resist. After a few more slow, heavenly thrusts, you pull out of Yuyuko and ignore her pleading whine as you lower yourself to get at Meiling. But before you enter her, the sight of the girls? pussies so close together gives you an idea. Grabbing Yuyuko's ass again, you press her hips down into Meiling's and thrust your cock into the space between them, forcefully rubbing both their clits at once.



The two girls cry out and embrace each other, and you see their legs and toes twitch as you stimulate them both at once. The crown of your penis presses against Yuyuko's soft and squishy tummy, while the backside rubs over Meiling's firm but smooth stomach, and their hard clits scrape constantly against your shaft as you thrust.

it's a very unusual feeling, and Yuyuko and Meiling both seem to be enjoying it, but it doesn't feel as good as being inside one of them. Soon enough, you pull out and stick your cock back into Meiling, who moans in delight and clamps down even harder than you expected, as if she's trying to keep you inside her by force this time.

Yuyuko makes a disappointed sound and rolls off of Meiling after another short kiss. Seems she's taken a liking to that. Her yukata gets a bit rumpled and bunched up in places as she lands on the floor, but she's too concerned with staring at you and pleading for more as she squeezes her breasts and fingers herself.

In this position, you're free to grope Meiling's breasts as you thrust into her. The soft, pliant flesh easily fills your hands, and you roll one of her hard nipples between your fingers while you force her to suck on the other. She's learned the joys of giving you a turn on top, so she happily accepts her own nipple and stares at you lustfully with her watery blue eyes while you churn up her insides.

At the same time, the beauty to Meiling's side is getting harder and harder to resist, with the way she moans in that sweet, melodious voice and arches her back invitingly. Eventually, you're drawn back over to her, and your hard cock replaces the fingers in her pussy. Her folds stimulate you in your most sensitive places as you do the same for her, changing your angle a little with each thrust to hit her where she'll feel it the most. She pulls her arms out of her sleeves and reaches up to embrace you, but you're wary of letting her trap you again; the sound of Meiling's husky voice as she stirs herself up with two fingers is already drawing you back to her.

The frantic sex goes on for minutes, with one girl arching her back and moaning in delight while the other one masturbates and begs for your cock. The constant switching helps you stave off your orgasm, while Meiling and Yuyuko steadily approach theirs. The competition seems all but forgotten now; they're just hungry for as much pleasure as they can get.

At the moment, you're inside Meiling, squeezing one of her luscious breasts with one hand while the other one pounds two fingers into Yuyuko's pussy. Meiling's hugging Yuyuko close and sucking on one of her breasts, either because making Yuyuko cum will give her the advantage, or because she just wants to suck on them. You certainly can't blame her. Even after all this, her cheongsam still hasn't come off, and the exotic silk clinging tightly to her toned form only makes her more beautiful.

Five more thrusts, and then you switch to Yuyuko. Her yukata's spread out like a blanket beneath her, stained in places with juices and sperm, but still a clearly elegant piece of work suitable only for someone of her otherworldly beauty. At first it hid her body from you, but now it's like a fancy tablecloth, offering up its contents and complementing their natural appeal. Her soft skin's pure as snow, and her voice is sweet and seductive all at once. Her voluptuous body writhes under you as you mercilessly pound away at her, making her luxurious pussy shudder uncontrollably around your cock. You squeeze one of her breasts and one of Meiling?s, noting the subtle differences in firmness and texture somewhere in the back of your mind as you knead them and pinch their nipples. For their part, the two girls enter into yet another lustful kiss, with Yuyuko staring at Meiling while Meiling stares at you, pleading for you to come and enjoy her body some more.

Back and forth, back and forth. Firm, soft, tight, clingy. Both incredibly aroused, both breathtakingly beautiful.

How can you possibly choose?


"Yes, yes, just a little more?"

"Please, let it out inside me?"

"I can't? I'm going to?!"


A vicious squeeze from Meiling's pussy brings you both over the edge. You thrust all the way into her and let your first four shots spurt straight into her womb, squeezed unbearably hard by her tight, convulsing walls the whole time. With a single herculean motion, you manage to pull out and leave her to writhe in pleasure while you slam your cock into Yuyuko, who cums with a loud squeal as soon as you enter her. Her plush walls coil around your length, eagerly milking out enough sperm to replace what's leaked out and then some. Then, when she starts to overflow, you pull out and let the last of your cum shoot over their bodies to stain skin and clothes alike. Even after you're finished, the girls keep twitching and moaning for nearly another minute.

The result is a sight to behold. Meiling and Yuyuko are both flushed, panting, and sweaty, with thick globs of your sperm leaking out between their legs and white splatters across their breasts and faces. The pleasure's left Meiling smiling with eyes full of happy tears, and Yuyuko's post-coital flush makes her positively radiant.

Then your legs fail you, and you fall face-first onto the floor between them. Yuyuko scoots a bit closer and starts stroking your hair, and Meiling joins in a moment later, rolling you onto your back so she can stroke your chest. Both girls smile fondly at you, apparently satisfied with your performance.

The silence stretches on for several, with constant stroking and the occasional light kiss from the girls, who still have yet to fully catch their breath. It seems that even someone as strong as Meiling can get tired after enough sex. For your part, you feel like it'll be hours before you can stand up again.

"So? who won?" Meiling finally asks.

"Hmm..." Still breathing heavily, Yuyuko puts a finger to her lips. "Well, he came inside each of us one and a half times, and it was half for each of us when we used our breasts, so? it's a tie!" Yuyuko doesn't seem too troubled by that.

"Ah." Meiling takes a few deep, calming breaths before speaking again, with a hint of nervousness in her voice. ?" Guess we'll need to have a rematch, huh?" she says, looking at everything but Yuyuko.

"Mm, sure thing. You make a great opponent, you know." Yuyuko turns towards Meiling and kisses her on the mouth. You lift your head a bit and press your lips to theirs, and the turn their heads slightly to welcome you into the kiss. Your tongue's just come out to play with theirs, when--


A door to the room suddenly crashes open, loud enough to make the three of you flinch away from each other.

"Yuyuko! Meiling! We're going to be late! What are the two of you? ???


Alice Margatroid stands in the doorway, wearing a sleeveless, strapless black dress. it's cut low enough to give you a generous view of her respectable cleavage, which seems to be getting plenty of support from her undergarments. Long, silky black gloves enclose her hands and run halfway up her slender arms, contrasting beautifully with her pale, doll-like skin. The ruffled hem of the dress ends a few inches above her feet, which are clad in tall, shiny black heels that show off her stately arches and her slender toes with dark purple nails. She's switched out her red headband for a frilly black one, which matches the black choker around her neck.

A look of utter bewilderment covers her pretty face as she takes in the sight of you and Meiling and Yuyuko all sprawled out on the floor, beyond disheveled and covered in a wide variety of fluids.

Meiling's the first to find her voice. "Oh, sorry! Yuyuko and I started arguing about whose clothes were sexier, and he happened to be here to judge, and we just kind of ended up like this."

"It was a draw," Yuyuko adds.

There's a long, uncomfortable pause. Finally, Alice closes her eyes, crosses her arms, and lets out a proud, refined snort.

"Well, obviously. Those outdated fashions are nothing compared to a dress like this." Alice bends over a little to give you a glimpse down her front as she pinches her dress with two fingers from each hand. Then she straightens up and lifts the fabric a modest amount, revealing about a foot's worth of her long, delicate legs. A smirk covers her face as your eyes are drawn towards the sight; if the angle were a bit closer, you could probably see all the way up to her--

"See? he's already staring."

Meiling and Yuyuko both look at you with faces you'd rather not examine, then stare up at Alice with narrowed eyes.

A dangerous atmosphere fills the room.
Great "short", it may be long but it's a good long. Can't wait for the part with Alice.
Felt good after reading it, man. Now, Alice scene when.
Oh, God yes. This was fantastic beyond measure.
You are a GOD among men.
Beautiful. You, sir, have won my respect.

This is a masterful piece of erotica - pure sex without any distractions or dilution, and no poorer or less imaginative for it.

I can only hope that you will continue to make the world a brighter place with your work for decades to come.
File 137330602559.jpg - (367.13KB, 600x849 , cb1368492c319ffb69d84c39b14e9e2a.jpg) [iqdb]
You're standing at the entrance to Voile, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's grand library. Normally, you would never be permitted anywhere near here, nor would you have any desire to visit such a dangerous place. However, the news that the mansion's owner had suddenly decided to make her library available to the public was too interesting to ignore. You've always been an avid reader, stymied by limited funds and the prohibitive cost of books, so you naturally jumped at the chance to read any book you wanted there for free.

The ornate double doors open easily, despite their heavy appearance. The library is connected to the main building, but it appears that this entrance was added recently for the public. The stone path you're on is as high-quality as the rest of your surroundings, but you can tell that it's newly built from the way it interrupts the flow of the grass and the freshly excavated dirt around the stones.

You walk through the doors and look around the massive building. The inside of the library is relatively dark, illuminated solely by candlelight and the doorway you just opened. There are no windows that you can see from the inside. Hardly proper lighting for reading, but you should be able to manage.

Innumerable shelves of books fill the library for as far as you can see. The bookshelves are lined up against the walls and at each others' backs to create twelve long paths across the room, filling the space with an amazing number of books while still leaving room to maneuver. There are also a number of ?reading stations? scattered throughout: open areas with several luxurious chairs and better lighting. You spot a set of staircases in the distance, likely leading to another level also filled to the brim with books; judging by the height of the building, there must be a third level as well. The interior is truly a breathtaking sight to behold.

There's already a large number of people inside the library. Many are standing around the bookshelves, either browsing for something to read or simply admiring the opulence of their surroundings. Others are actively reading in the sitting areas, but more than half of the chairs are still open.

You spot what appears to be a receptionist's desk near the entrance. There's a good length of empty space between it and the first row of books, presumably so that patrons aren't disturbed by any of the chatter. A young woman with long red hair is sitting behind the desk, reading a book while no one needs her. She's dressed in a black vest worn atop a white dress shirt with a red necktie, and she has some kind of black accessory on both sides of her hair. Behind her, a few fairies walk to and from a back room carrying stacks of books or other supplies.

This is your first time inside of a library, so asking the woman for help seems like the best plan. She puts down her book as you approach her; it's impressive that she was still aware of her surroundings despite appearing to be fully engrossed in her book. As you draw closer, you realize that the ?accessories? are in fact a pair of wings attached to her head, and she has another set on her back. The odd features on the girl catch you by surprise, although it makes perfect sense once you think about it. This is the Scarlet Devil Mansion, so it's to be expected that there would be demons inside. Still, the woman is exceptionally beautiful; she has a rounded face with soft features, glistening red lips, red eyes that contain a kindness you'd never expect from a demon, and an ample bosom that is well accentuated by her tight shirt. Her hair goes all the way down to her short black skirt, paired nicely with a set of black thighhighs. A long black tail ending in a spade is curled up on the floor, presumably coming out of the bottom of her skirt.

"Excuse me, what can you tell me about this library? Is it true that anyone can come in and read any of the books here?" It would be strange for the announcements to be that inaccurate, but the opportunity to read even a fraction of a percent of these books sounds too good to be true. It never hurts to verify information before rushing in.

"Hello, and welcome to Voile. Yes, you may read and relax within the library as you wish. As you can see, our selection is quite impressive so there should be something here for everyone. We must ask that you remain courteous and keep your voice down so as to not disturb the other patrons. Please, enjoy yourself." She has a lovely voice, full of lilt and cheer. It sounds like she enjoys her job, but still maintains a professional image.

"Interesting. I've heard of the magnificent library located at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but it's always been private. Why the sudden change?"

"The mistress has decided to display her generosity and opulence by making much of her treasured collection available to the general public. However, there are a large number of magical tomes that are being kept in the basement of the library, and the general public is forbidden from entering that area. This is for your own protection, as the books are incredibly dangerous on their own, and the contents range from incomprehensible to life-threatening. All other books are perfectly safe and may be read here or, if you have a library card, you may choose to bring up to five items home."

"So I can take a book home if I get a library card? How do I get one?"

"That is correct, sir. There is no cost, but we do insist that patrons have a permanent address to be issued a card. This is to ensure the safety and prompt return of our property. There is no charge for borrowing items as long as they are returned on time and in good condition. Books may be borrowed for seven days, and all other items are only available for three. Artwork may be available in the future, but currently the mistress has not decided which, if any, items from her collection will be made available."

"Alright, that certainly sounds useful. I'd like to get a card, please." You haven't looked at the selection yet, but there's bound to be something in this vast library you'd like to bring home with you.

"Very well. Please provide your seal here." The woman slides a piece of paper onto the counter, giving you a glimpse of her long, delicate fingers and well manicured nails. You fill it out and stamp the space for your personal seal, and she takes it back immediately.

"Thank you. It will take some time to complete your card, so you may use the library in the meantime. Please, enjoy your stay." She gives you a half bow and walks to the room behind the counter, where a fairy dressed as a maid handles your request. Finished at the desk, you head off towards the innumerable bookshelves in search of reading material.

The library contains an impressive selection of books from around the world, split into separate categories based on language and origin. The Japanese section is by far the most popular, which is to be expected given that most people don't know any other languages. The English, French, Latin, and German sections are all larger, but they have almost no patrons. You can read English fluently and know a bit of French and Latin, so it'd be best to stick to those sections and avoid the crowd. You grab a few interesting books, sit down in one of the lavish chairs, and begin reading.

Several hours pass as you sit there, absorbed in one of the books. Most of the patrons have left by the time you finally put it down, a little under half way through. It's probably getting close to supper time, although the complete lack of windows makes it impossible to know for certain. The woman had said you're allowed to bring books home, so there's no harm in a brief pause. After placing a bookmark in the novel you were reading, you bring all three books back to that beautiful receptionist you spoke to earlier, who is still reading her book. She looks up as you approach, once again impressively aware of her surroundings.

"Hello again. Your card is ready." She hands you a small card with your name on it, as well as the name of the library, and a fancy crest that probably represents either the library or the mansion. "I'll need that back if you're checking out books, however. These three?" You nod and give her back the card and the books you wanted.

She opens up the first book and takes out two cards from the inside of the cover, working quickly as she talks. "Started reading this one already, I see. It's certainly rare to see people here reading books in European languages. Are you enjoying it so far?" She stamps the date on both cards and puts one back into the pocket.

"Yeah. It's an interesting book, although I fear some of the wordplay is lost on me. It's normally rare to find a book in French, but you have an amazing selection of them in here. I only have a handful of French books at home." After removing and dating all three sets of cards, the woman beckons for one of the fairy maids. The maid takes the three slips and your new library card and runs off into the back room.

"Yes, Lady Remilia has an excellent selection, with a vast number of languages. She's spent time in over a hundred countries throughout the world, collecting art, books, musical instruments, and other curios during her long life."

"Amazing. I thought I was lucky to have a tutor teach me a couple of foreign languages, but that's simply incredible. How many languages does she know, if she has such a vast library?"

"I believe she is only fluent in ten. The Lady is more of a collector than a linguist or reader, and has a tendency to do things on a whim." She leans in towards you and whispers, bringing her luxurious red hair close to your face. The proximity to the sensuous woman throws you off guard, but you still manage to listen to every word she softly whispers into your ear. ?In fact, opening up the library to the public is one such whim. Make sure you enjoy it while it lasts, because she might suddenly change her mind in a few months." She seems to enjoy the distress that covers your face, smiling at you as you murmur vague agreements.

A different fairy returns with your card, announcing to the receptionist that filing is complete. The librarian takes the card from the assistant and hands it back to you.

"Thank you for your patronage. Is there anything else you'd like to bring home?"

"That depends, can I take you home too?" You flash her a grin. A little flirting never hurt anyone, and you're hoping that she'll laugh in return. She must have a beautiful smile and a lovely laugh.

"Certainly. I'll need your card again, just a second." Wait what? Before you can react, she pulls the card from your loose grip and grabs two more cards from somewhere below the counter. She stamps both, hands one to the maid for processing, and slips the other one into her breast pocket. When the maid returns with your library card, just as calm as her boss, the red-haired woman orders her to act as a replacement during her ?absence."

What is going on?

"There we go. As a reminder, books are loaned for seven days and must be returned before the seventeenth, while little devils are only available for three days. I will need to return before the thirteenth." She emerges from behind the counter and walks up to your side, while her replacement pulls up a stool and takes her place. "Shall we be off?"

You stare at her in shock. "Y-you're really doing this? I mean, it's okay for you to just leave?"

She flashes you a reassuring smile. "Certainly. Only for three days, of course."

"Uh, yeah, okay. Um, let's go then." The circumstances are baffling, but still: a gorgeous woman is accepting an invitation to come home with you. And judging by your admittedly short conversations with her, she shares your love of books and languages as well. You grab your books and head towards the exit, too overwhelmed by the situation to speak. The woman walks with you, following you from about a foot away at your side.

You open the door and walk outside. The evening sun is slowly setting, bathing the area in orange. It's a lot later than you thought it was. The woman shades her eyes from the sun, noticeably agitated by the light.

"Are you alright?" you ask. The sun really isn't that bright right now, so her reaction is rather unusual. She is some kind of devil, so hopefully she isn't physically unable to survive in the sun. It doesn't seem to be that bad, at least.

"Yes, it's just been a while since I've seen the sun. I'm used to being in the windowless library all day long, so my eyes are adjusted to candlelight. This is good, though; I could use the fresh air and sunlight."

"Oh. That's good, then. How long has it been since you last saw the sun?" Spending a few days inside probably would make your eyes excessively adapted to the darkness.

"I think it's been about three years now. Give or take a few months." Oh. She closes her eyes and stretches, pushing her arms above her head and flapping the small wings on her head. Once finished, she opens her eyes and rejoins you, seemingly no longer bothered by the sunlight. The two of you resume walking towards the front gate.

"Come to think of it, I never asked for your name." She has your name from your application, so it's a little unfair that you don't know hers.

"Oh! My apologies. My name is Koakuma. Pleased to make your acquaintance." She bows as she introduces herself.

"Likewise. Nice to meet you." You return her bow and the two of you resume walking in silence. It was so easy to talk to her back in the library, but now that she's walking with you all you can do is respond to her. Walking in silence is hardly unbearable, but you'd still rather talk to her if you could. But no words come to you.

The two of you walk in silence past the mansion's gate. The solitary gatekeeper watches you leave, but neither says nor does anything about you walking off with the librarian. You continue on the long path around the side of the Misty Lake towards the village, occasionally stealing glances at Koakuma. She doesn't return your glances, possibly not noticing them at all, as she's more interested in admiring the scenery. Despite her claims of inactivity she's holding up perfectly well with the long walk. Maybe devil muscles don't atrophy.

Almost back home. The perimeter of the village is in sight. Still no words exchanged. Once you walk past the gate and reach the village proper, you notice that a good number of people are staring at your companion, although you can't tell if it's because of her unusual features or her exquisite beauty. She remains entirely nonplussed by their stares; well, it's not like she's going to get attacked here or anything, so the stares are really more like curious looks.

"Well, here we are. This is my humble abode." You reach your house as the sun has almost finished setting. You're certainly hungry, as it's past your usual dinner time. Is your guest hungry? You have no idea if devils eat, but you can certainly offer her food when you start cooking. But first you need to welcome her into your home and show her around. She follows you into your house and stores her black shoes next to yours.

"This is a nice place you have." Koakuma walks around your home and examines your rooms of her own accord. She's surely just being polite, as no place in the human village could even be compared to the mansion. "Ah, and here's your books. You do have a good collection." Your collection is a mere two bookshelves, both shorter than either of you.

"Ah, it's nothing compared to the library's collection. The endless rows of towering bookshelves there were nothing short of breathtaking."

"I think that's a bit of an unfair comparison. You shouldn't belittle your collection like that. Besides, you have a good set of Japanese works. There are so many classic novels that I've heard so much about, but aren't in the library. We're a little too focused on European literature." She turns back to the bookcases and takes out a few books one by one to study them closer.
File 137330606156.jpg - (141.67KB, 566x800 , de4feddc87ad60de7fafa16f66f35c3d.jpg) [iqdb]
Suddenly, Koakuma turns to face you, staring you in the eye with a naughty smirk. "So. You brought a beautiful girl home with you. What ever were you planning on doing with her?" She unbuttons her black jacket and folds her arms behind her back. The white fabric of her shirt paired with the way she arches her back perfectly emphasizes the size of her bountiful breasts. You find yourself walking towards her, unable to resist her charms.

"I-I don't know, I mean I onl -? She embraces you as soon as you reach her, drawing your body close to hers and silencing you by placing one of her delicate fingers against your lips. You're a little bit taller than she is, so you have to look down at an angle to meet her eye. She's blushing slightly and still smiling beautifully, showing a slight hint of her perfect white teeth. She holds this distance for a few seconds, as if savoring her proximity to you, before closing in and pressing her lips against yours.

She kisses you three more times as you stand still, too surprised by the softness and sweet fragrance of her body to react. Before you manage to recover, she breaks away and draws back, then wakes you from your stupor with a whisper. "...Planned something like that?" She's still smiling, clearly enjoying herself. And aren't you as well?

You wrap your arms around Koakuma, embracing her tightly and pushing her chest up against yours. She looks up at you expectantly, this time waiting for you to make the next move. There's no way you'd keep her waiting. You return her earlier kisses, eager to taste her full lips. She holds still and accepts them for a few seconds before starting to actively kiss you back. She opens her mouth around your lips to better get a taste of you, slipping a hint of her wet tongue between your lips. You accept her invitation to deepen the kiss and brush your tongue against hers.

The two of you stand together, deeply kissing for another few minutes. Her tongue greedily explores your mouth, and you're all too willing to indulge her. Eventually, she carefully guides you to the floor, easing her way on top of you without breaking the kiss. Once underneath her, you move your hands from around her body and place them on her magnificent bosom. Even through her clothes, you can easily feel the immense softness and weight of her breasts.

She pauses briefly as you fondle her. "Hey, don't you want to feel them directly? You can take off my clothes whenever you like." Her sultry invitation immediately brings your hands to the buttons on her tight shirt. The strangeness of this situation, paired with her intoxicating beauty and aroma, is making it difficult to think. Fortunately, Koakuma remains composed and eager to direct you. Your hands make quick work of the buttons on her blouse; you'd be willing to tear it off, but you'd never forgive yourself for damaging her clothes.

Opening Koakuma's shirt reveals her milky white breasts in all their glory. They hang invitingly from her chest, barely contained within a black bra trimmed with intricate lace. One of her delicate pink nipples is barely visible behind the edge of her bra, having slipped out from the angle of her body. You move your arms to her front and unhook her bra... or at least try to, as the mechanism is a perpetual irritation. You've done it before, it'll just take a bit of time. As you struggle with freeing her breasts, her fingers gently glide along your chest through your shirt. She buttons your shirt and slowly moves her hands inside, directly touching your skin with her feathery fingers. Her touch feels divine, as each soft finger strokes your body with careful and deliberate motions.

Finally, you undo Koakuma's bra and open it up to fully expose her breasts. Her nipples are every bit as delectable as they appeared from the brief hint you saw earlier. Both nubs are fully erect from her arousal, tantalizing you with their perkiness. With her breasts freed, she lowers herself towards you and presses them against your chest. She slowly slides down your body, massaging your chest with her heavy mounds as she plants kisses along your torso. After half a minute, her hand reaches down to your crotch and squeezes your erection before quickly freeing it from the uncomfortable restraint.

Your penis sticks up into the air, fully erect and throbbing for want of attention. You moan as her fingers encircle your shaft and lightly caress your sensitive flesh. After a few slow pumps, she stands up and drops her skirt to the floor, revealing her milky thighs and a set of lace-trimmed black panties that match her bra.

"Are you ready? Do you want to put it inside me now?" You can only nod weakly at her request, completely enamored by her half naked body. Koakuma smiles at your answer and leans forward as she slides her panties down, blocking your view of her crotch but swinging her large breasts towards you. She lifts each foot to step out of her panties as they reach the ground, then returns to standing upright. Her hairless slit is fully visible, with an engorged mons and erect clitoris. A bit of juice covers her entrance, further evidence of her arousal. She straddles your waist and slowly lowers herself onto your penis.

You moan loudly as her tight vagina envelops your shaft. She continues lowering herself with controlled motions, remaining significantly more composed than you but still panting from the penetration. Her hands press on your chest as she finishes moving, the entirety of your length now inside the beautiful, lusty girl. The urge to ejaculate inside of her is strong, but you use all of your willpower to hold it in. Doing so would end your time with her as soon as it began, making you - and her - lose out on the potential pleasure of being joined. This wonderful woman deserves the best you can offer her.

Koakuma moans as she starts to ride your penis. You match your rhythm and grind your hips against hers each time she descends onto you. The sound of flesh slapping together echoes through the small room, mixing with your cries of pleasure. She closes her eyes, as if savoring the taste of your body on hers. Her breasts bounce and jiggle invitingly with each thrust; your hands reach up to squeeze the voluptuous mounds, and your fingers sink easily into the soft flesh. The tightness of her vaginal walls feels incredible, and you're already on the brink of orgasm. She's enjoying herself, but you can't tell how close she is.

She tightens around your shaft when you lightly pinch her nipple, making the pleasure almost unbearable. You still manage to keep it under control, but you'll need to be more careful with her sensitive nipples if you want to last. Your hands caress the entirety of her breasts, teasing her hard nipples without giving them any direct stimulation. After half a minute of fondling, her panting quickens as she approaches her climax; there's no need to hold it in any longer.

You finally let yourself ejaculate, moaning as your seed fills her womb. The sudden heat brings out her own orgasm, and she cries out in pleasure as her walls clench down on your shaft. She slumps down on top of you, still supporting herself with her arms on your chest, but laying still as the semen continues to flood her body. She pants softly while looking into your eyes, with a beautiful, content smile on her face. The two of you sit like that for a minute, catching your breath from the climax but in no hurry to move away from each other.

"Are you ready for a second round?" Her question catches you off guard. She wants you to have sex with her again? Immediately? She definitely came, but was that not enough for her? Not that you're mentally opposed to the idea, but physically it might prove to be a challenge. "So are you not interested, then?" She looks crestfallen from what she took to be a refusal. You don't want to see her like that.

"No no, not at all. I'd love to, but uh, I don't think I'm quite ready for that right now."

"Oh, is that all?" Koakuma gets off of you and lies down facing on the floor. She caresses your flaccid penis for a few strokes, then takes it into her mouth. You moan as her tongue flicks against the tip of your penis and starts to suck on your length. The blood quickly returns to your crotch, readily responding to her sensual touch. Your shaft quickly expands in her mouth until it becomes fully erect. She continues sucking on it for a bit longer, keeping the entire length in her mouth, before stopping and looking up at you. It's clear what she wants, and you're all too happy to give it to her now.

"Do you mind if I'm on top this time?" What she did before was nothing short of amazing, but you'd prefer to stick with a position that you're more familiar with.

"Certainly," she replies as she gets on her back. She spreads her legs and raises her arms into the air, inviting you into her grasp. Her heavenly body faces you, all curves and smooth skin. She embraces you as you get on top of her, pulling you against her natural cushions as you prepare to enter her once again.

Your penis slams into her body, fully invigorated by her treatment and filled with lust for this amazing woman. She moans as your length pushes open her walls, and she grinds her hips against yours to match your rhythm. The semen from your earlier intercourse coats your shaft and adds to her natural lubricant. Everything about Koakuma is simply intoxicating, from her creamy thighs to her beautifully bouncing breasts to her contended smile. The sheer pleasure of being with her overwhelms you, and you quickly cum again inside of her. She purrs contentedly as you lie on top of her, resting your head against her breasts as you penis drapes over one of her thighs. Her long fingernails lightly scratch the back of your head as she glides one of her hands through your hair. You'd love to stay like this forever, but sadly you can't.

You still need to make dinner.

It's already dark out; the sun finished setting while you were embracing Koakuma. You also had an early lunch today in preparation for your trip to the library, so you're understandably famished. It seems that Koakuma will also be living with you for a few days, so for once you probably won't just be cooking for yourself. You get off of Koakuma and sit down next to her.

"I need to make dinner now, Koakuma. Is there anything you won't eat?" It's probably a bit more polite to ask that than ?So, do you eat at all?"

"Anything is fine, really. I'm not a picky eater. Would you like me to help? I mostly just make tea, but I do know the basics of cooking."

"Thanks, that'd be a big help." The two of you get dressed. You calmly admire Koakuma's body as she puts her underwear back on. This isn't the time for any sexual activities, but you can still appreciate her exquisite curves. She refastens her dress shirt and pulls her short skirt back up, but leaves her vest off. Once you have your own clothes back on, you lead her into the kitchen and hand her your apron. You only have the one, but she is your guest and it would be inexcusable to allow her clothes to become stained. You'll just have to be extra careful.

Tonight's dinner is fried fish and vegetables with rice. Koakuma proves to be a valuable asset despite her modesty; she's certainly handy with a knife and cuts the vegetables and fish with no problems. It's not like either of you are amazing chefs or anything, of course. You fry up the vegetables and fish once the rice is set. There's not much for Koakuma to help with at this point, so she returns the apron to you and contents herself with watching you finish cooking.

Dinner is ready. You split the dishes evenly between the two of you and sit down at the table. The food turned out pretty well, although you assume Koakuma is used to eating far better meals at that huge mansion. You're still hungry so you focus on eating, but you do manage some small talk during the meal.

"What's it like living in a mansion with such a huge library?"

"Hmm? Well, it does mean that I'm able to read almost any book I want, but I usually don't have enough time. About a month ago I was asked by Lady Remilia to reorganize the library and train the fairy maids in preparation for the public opening. Before that I was acting as an assistant for Lady Patchouli. It's pretty rare for me to have enough spare time to sit down and read a novel."

"Did you have any hobbies or anything besides reading?"

"No." She answers immediately, without needing to think about it at all. "I just never had the time to do much of anything." Hmm. You'll have to do something about that. She has a brief respite from her work, so she should be given the chance to enjoy herself.

"Well, my selection is certainly nowhere as large as the library's, but you're welcome to read anything you'd like during your stay here. We could read together after dinner, if you'd like." You much prefer natural light for reading, but there isn't much else to do before bed. Normally you'd be asleep already, but you want to let dinner sit for a few hours before you sleep.

"Oh? Is that all you'd like to do together?" She flashes you another gorgeous smile, showing off a hint of her perfect teeth. Her intent is all too clear, but there's no way you'd be able to go another round so soon.

You clear your throat. "Yes, well, there'll be plenty of time for that tomorrow. For tonight I think we should just sit and read quietly.."

She giggles at your answer. "That sounds wonderful. I'd love to have some nice reading time."

You finish off your meal and bring the dishes to the sink. Koakuma helps you wash them off before the two of you grab books to read. Naturally, you pick up the French book you started reading in the library, while Koakuma grabs your copy of The Tale of Genji. The two of you sit down and read quietly for about two hours.

It's getting really late, and you're too tired to continue reading at a leisurely pace. Now would be a good time to stop. "Hey, Koakuma? I'm turning in for the night. It's getting late."

"Alright. Where are we sleeping?"

We? Uh-oh. "Oh. Right. I only have one futon. Ah, that's going to be a problem."

"Oh? And what is the issue?" She walks up to you and lightly embraces you. Her breasts rub against your arm through the thin fabric of her shirt. "I'm sure we can fit on it."

"Oh, um, yeah. I guess that'd work." You've already slept with her in the other sense, so this isn't really a problem. You extinguish the lights and guide her to your room. The sounds of Koakuma quietly discarding her clothing fills your imagination with vivid images of her body as you change into your sleepwear. Come to think of it, she didn't bring any change of clothes, or anything else for that matter. So she's going to have to sleep naked. Next to you.

You might have some trouble sleeping tonight.

The two of you slip into the futon and get under the covers. Koakuma lies next to you and holds your hand, intertwining her fingers with yours. Her breasts are up against your chest, still covered by her lacy bra. It seems she didn't strip entirely, which is both disappointing and relieving. She gives you a quick kiss on the lips and whispers, "Good night." After that, her soft breath is the only sound you can hear.

"Good night, Koa." You drift off to sleep in her embrace.
File 137330633119.jpg - (455.51KB, 1173x800 , 255da45f2f4227b81c04aa4d2f4401c7.jpg) [iqdb]
You awaken to an unusual heat on your penis. Something hot and wet envelops your erect shaft, and slurping sounds emanate from the area between your legs. An immense pleasure floods your mind; part of you wants to do nothing but enjoy the sensation for fear of cutting it short, but your curiosity gets the better of you. You throw off the covers and are greeted by the sight of a beautiful head of red hair and some strange black... wings? Ah, that's right: Koakuma slept with you, and it seems she's taken an interest in your morning erection.

She pauses just long enough to give you a cheery ?Good morning!" before taking your whole shaft into her mouth. Her head bobs up and down your length as she holds onto your thighs for support. Your tip kisses the back of her mouth each time her lips reach your base, and her tongue rapidly flicks against your shaft. The blowjob does a nice job of waking you up, although you would've preferred to be conscious for the whole duration. The pleasure quickly catches up with you now that you're awake, and you soon ejaculate into her mouth. She eagerly swallows the entire load, not letting a single drop spill, and then flashes you another of her brilliant smiles.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Uh, yeah, I did. Thank you. Did you?" In all honesty, you're still rather tired. A quick glance out the window tells you that it's later than you normally wake up, but you went to bed so late that you're still missing out on a few hours of sleep. Fortunately, you still managed to fall asleep quickly even with Koakuma's voluptuous body so close to yours. Her fellatio did a fine job of breaking your morning stupor as well.

"I did. It's nice to be able to sleep next to someone for a change. I hope you don't mind my method of waking you up; it was too dull being the only one awake, so I gave you a little treat to get you out of bed."

"No, not at all. It was a very nice surprise." You get out of bed and change into your clothes. Koakuma is already dressed, once again wearing her black vest on top of her dress shirt. All of her clothes remain impeccable despite being worn for a full day and then spending a night on the floor. You follow Koakuma back to the kitchen, and the smell of recently cooked food fills the air as soon as you open the door. "Oh, you made breakfast already?"

"Yes. I've been awake for an hour now, so I had plenty of time. I hope you like it." You follow her to the table and sit down as she brings out several dishes of rice, miso soup, and hard boiled eggs with tea for both of you. The two of you sit down and start eating; she definitely doesn't give herself enough credit for her culinary skills. Everything turned out wonderfully, especially the tea. You'll have to leave the tea making to her while she's here.

"So, what did you want to do today?" Once the breakfast dishes have been cleared, Koakuma walks up to you and loosely holds your arm against her large breasts. "We can do an-y-thing you want today, all day long." Her close proximity and sultry tone make it perfectly clear what she has in mind, but you already have plans. As much fun as it would be to lay with her for an entire day, you're perfectly aware of your limits. A few consecutive hours with her would leave you completely drained, unable to do anything but lie on the ground and recover.

What the two of you need are some nice, relaxing activities that won't wear either of you out. Then you can have sex afterwards. Koakuma seems to have quite an appetite for it, but you're certain that she will enjoy your plans. "Actually, I did have an idea for today. How would you feel about going on a little hike?" Your tone makes it clear that you're turning down her advances, but you leave your arm where it is; there's no reason not to enjoy her soft breasts.

"A hike?" Her puzzled expression makes it clear that this was among the last things she had in mind, but she is at least considering the possibility. She thinks it over for a few seconds before smiling. "Okay. That sounds like fun, actually. Did you have a destination in mind, or were you simply planning on wandering?"

"I know a great place we can go. It's only about two hours from here, and it's a great place to relax. You mentioned that you don't get out much, so I figured that spending some time outdoors would be a nice change. I love reading too, but I think it'd be best if we did stuff other than reading and, uh, 'other activities'."

She giggles at your euphemism and leans towards you for a quick kiss. "Thanks for looking out for me, then. A hike does sound good, and then we can do some 'other activities' when we get back. When did you want to leave?"

"Soon. Right now, we need to buy some food at the market. We'll leave for the hike a little bit after that." You grab your coin purse and head out the door, with Koakuma following close behind.

The market in the village is just a short walk from your house. Koakuma looks amazed at all the buildings and all the people that are buying and selling. It's likely that she hadn't ever seen any part of the village before yesterday. A large number of stalls are open on both sides of the wide road, each staffed by at least one merchant with their wares on display. There's also a number of shops behind those, including the book store, but for now you're only concerned with the food stalls.

Koakuma follows you closely and takes in the sights as you purchase a loaf of bread, some sliced chicken, a block of cheese, butter, and a head of lettuce. Your companion draws a number of looks from the crowd, but nothing that causes any problems. By now, you're certain that it's her exceptional beauty that's drawing attention and not her inhuman features; elsewhere in the market, you spy a group of fairies purchasing confections with loose change they found and a horned girl buying fine sake without incident.

"Koa, is there anything you'd like for dinner tonight?" All the food you're carrying now is for lunch, although you could include some with dinner as a side dish. "Or anything else that catches your eye? Feel free to pick anything out and I'll pay for it."

"I couldn't possibly ask for you to do that. I do receive a salary for my work at the library, and I rarely have any chance to use it. Besides, I'd just pick out the most expensive items for myself." True to her word, the first item she's interested in is a sizable jar of powdered chocolate. Since chocolate cannot be grown in Gensokyo, that single jar is significantly more expensive than all the other foods you picked out. Entirely unfazed by the price, Koakuma pays with several coins that she pulls out of her shirt.

She continues shopping around the market, picking out some beef, lamb, daikon, mushrooms, and tofu and paying for each out of her own pocket. It seems that she's planning on making a hotpot tonight. You might have a few other items at home you could toss in, but she definitely grabbed a healthy selection. You both return to your house carrying full loads of groceries. Once inside, you start putting away the food she bought for dinner.

"Phew! It's so hot outside!" Koakuma suddenly complains about the temperature as she walks into your house. She hastily unbuttons her black vest and discards it onto a nearby chair.

"Is it? It didn't seem bad to me." The late morning air was certainly warm, and the sunlight was strong, but it's going to get a good deal hotter during your planned hike. You were looking forward to that, so you hope you don't need to call it off. "Are you still up for the hike? It's well before noon, so it's going to get a good deal hotter as the day goes on. I was also planning on being out for several hours."

"Several hours?" She pauses for a few seconds to think it over, not having anticipated the length of the hike. "Oh, I should be fine. I can also leave off my vest, and air out my boobs like this if they get too sweaty?" She demonstrates by unfastening the top two buttons of her shirt and fanning herself with the loose fabric. Doing so exposes the tops of her milky white breasts, which jiggle slightly as she cools herself off. You gulp and find yourself walking towards her, lured in by her luscious mounds.

You cup her breasts through her shirt and steal her lips in a kiss. It was a sudden decision on your part, but she immediately returns your kiss as though she were expecting your affection. The softness and weight of her breasts feel amazing even through her shirt, but the small amount of visible skin tempts you to free them from her clothes. You break the kiss to focus on undoing a few more buttons on her shirt, then on freeing her breasts from her bra. They're every bit as lovely as you remember; the delectable light pink nipples and areola stand out against her pale skin, and they're large enough to fill your hand and soft enough to mold onto your fingers.

Koakuma purrs contently as you take a nipple into your mouth, lightly sucking on the delicate nub. You squeeze and massage her other breast, enjoying the sensations of her soft flesh squishing between your fingers and her erect nipple digging into your palm. Her arms wrap around your back to lightly embrace you while you sample her body. You guide her towards a chair as you lick and squeeze her breasts, and she sits down immediately when she backs into it. Her legs spread open as she pants from the stimulation. It's time to give her lower body its well-deserved attention.

You lift up her skirt and pull down her black panties to reveal her slit. She's soaking wet from your caresses, and her intoxicating scent fills your nose. She cries out in pleasure as you press your face between her legs and greedily taste her overflowing juices. Your tongue pushes into her folds and brushes against her sensitive walls, eager to please the devilish woman. After a few minutes, you push a finger into her as well and slowly wriggle it about to tease her insides, causing her cries of pleasure to intensify from the combined stimulation. You already have her on the brink of orgasm, but she's doing her best to hold it in so she can savor the pleasure. A second finger fits snugly inside of her, and you begin pumping them in and out of her opening. Not long after, she places both hands on the back of your head and holds you down against her thighs, not that you want to move away. She lets out a final cry as she climaxes, spraying more of her delicious juices into your mouth. You give her slit a few final licks to clean it off before standing up.

Koakuma remains seated and watches you with a slightly dazed expression on her face. She's panting quietly and wearing a contented smile, obviously pleased with your performance. She only spends a few seconds recovering before standing up and walking towards you.

"Mmm, thanks for that." she purrs contentedly. Then she embraces you and gives you an open-mouth kiss, having no qualms over tasting her own juices. If anything, she seems to enjoy it. "How should I return the favor? Should I use my mouth, or perhaps my breasts?" She lightly traces one hand along your upper body as she considers her options. Her breasts are still exposed, and her erect nipples press noticeably into your chest. That alone would be enough to drive you to a frenzy, but your shirt dulls the sensation enough to keep you relatively calm. "You already know how nice my pussy feels, so maybe my ass instead? My hands are nice, too, if you'd prefer something simpler." She places a hand on your shoulder and leans towards your ear, lowering her voice to a whisper.

"What. Would. You. Like?" with long, pronounced pauses between each word. Her voice is positively dripping with sensuality. It seems that she is intent upon offering her body to you again, and it takes almost every ounce of your willpower to turn down the voluptuous seductress.

You give her a quick kiss in return, partially to indulge yourself and partially to keep her from saying something that might change your mind. "It's really not necessary. I enjoyed that too much for you to need to repay me. Just think of it as me returning the favor from this morning. Besides, we have a hike to go on."

"Oh? You'd rather go on a hike than have sex with me? You must have quite the trip planned." Fortunately, she seems amused by your unusual preference and not insulted. "Is this hike really going to be more enjoyable than sleeping with me?" You're sure she's just teasing you; you've talked with her enough to know that she doesn't consider sex to be the only pleasure in the world, although it may be her favorite.

"Maybe, maybe not. The important thing is that it's a different kind of enjoyment. Besides, getting some fresh air and sunlight is good for you. I'm sure that you'll love it." There's no need to mention that she'd outlast you and get bored if you tried to have sex all day. She seems to be perfectly capable of nonstop vigorous intercourse for an entire day, but you're only human, and it isn't clear if she actually realizes your limitations.

"Well, if you say so then I'm sure I'll enjoy it as well. We can always have plenty of sex after we get back, of course." She gives you a soft kiss on the lips and pulls away from you, then starts fixing her clothes.

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way." You can certainly still have some fun with Koakuma's body. You just need to space it out between other things so your stamina has a chance to recover. "We'll leave soon. I just need to make lunch first." And to put away the rest of the groceries, as Koakuma's breasts interrupted you.

"Isn't it a little early for lunch? But okay. I'll help out in a second." It is early to eat lunch, but not to prepare it. You set aside the remaining groceries and walk into the kitchen to ready the food for lunch. Most of the ingredients for tonight's hot pot were already dealt with, and the remainder you can worry about later.

Koakuma enters the kitchen just as you start slicing the bread. Her clothes are back to normal, showing no signs of their earlier disarray. "So, what are we making?"


"Sandwiches? Isn't that rather plain?"

"Perhaps, but they're still good. How many would you like? We won't be eating them until after the hike, so think about how hungry you will be, not how hungry you are." She ponders this for a moment before giving you a number. Adding it onto yours, plus one more in case either of you want an extra one, leaves you with seven sandwiches to make. It's always a good idea to have some extra food, especially since you're planning on being outside for a few hours. Even if you don't eat them all for lunch, you can just save any extras for later.

The sandwiches are rather simple, but that's how a good sandwich should be. You start by laying the sliced chicken across the bread, then cover it with a slice of cheese. A generous helping of lettuce goes on top of that, and you finish it off with a lightly-buttered second slice of bread. Each sandwich only takes about a minute to complete, and with the two of you working together you quickly finish all seven. They certainly promise to be a nice meal. You place the sandwiches in a small picnic basket and close the lid. There's one final thing to grab before you leave: a thin blanket you keep folded up in storage. It's too rough and raggedy to be suitable for your futon, but it should work perfectly for a picnic.

Koakuma takes the folded blanket, and you carry the picnic basket yourself. There's a spot not too far from the village that is absolutely perfect for a picnic, although you plan on taking a scenic route for the hike. It has a few hills that some extra challenge, and it mostly stays on the road at the outskirts of the village, but still offers a very nice view of Gensokyo. A nice, relaxing walk through the grasslands sounds perfect for a pair of bookworms like yourselves. Now that everything is prepared, the two of you step outside and begin your little excursion.

Your route first takes you through a large part of the village, carefully avoiding the center. Most of the people are either in their homes or at the market, so the streets are almost bare. The streets and houses are a boring everyday sight for you, but Koakuma takes everything in with a good deal of interest. Twenty minutes pass before you reach the village perimeter, with neither of you saying anything. Koakuma found the buildings interesting, but they did little to encourage conversation.

Immediately surrounding the village is a beautiful grassland that extends for about half a kilometer to the north and east. Any trees that used to be here were cleared away long ago. Well-maintained dirt roads cut through the tall grasses, offering convenient travel to and from the village. The lush green grasses greet you, highlighted beautifully by the bright late-morning sun. Koakuma stops at the entrance to gaze at their golden tips. You stand next to her silently as she takes in the scenery.

"It's so beautiful." She turns to face you, wearing a smile that rivals the scenery. "Thank you for showing this to me."

"It's my pleasure. But this is just the beginning of our trip." Though, this could actually be the best sight of the entire trip. Not that the remainder of the route is unappealing, but you were lucky enough to catch the sun at just the right time for this effect. The main allure of this hike was the bracing physical exertion, followed by a nice, relaxing picnic. "Shall we be off?"

She nods eagerly and follows you along the road through the golden fields. All the land around the village is almost perfectly flat, making it perfect for a warmup. There aren't any extreme hills along your route, but she might find the later slopes a bit stressful. You walk along the road for half an hour, staying near the village to admire the surroundings. It wouldn't be a scenic route if it wasn't incredibly indirect.

"Are you doing alright, Koa?" you ask. She seems to be holding up fine in the heat, but she didn't say anything last time until you were inside.

"Yes, I'm fine. Not wearing my vest helped more than I thought. Thank you for your concern." The sun is almost at its highest point right now, shining heavily on the two of you with only a mild breeze to cool you both off. You consider this to be absolute perfect weather, but she's been cooped up in a dimly lit library for so long. Still, she says she's fine, and you doubt she'd pass up a chance to fawn on you.

After another thirty minutes through the grasslands, the road leads out of the clear-cut area and into the sparse woods. It's far from a forest, but there's still a decent number of trees along the path that offer a relaxing shade. This area is also where the hills start, but now that you're both warmed up you aren't expecting any difficulties from a few mild slopes. Your route will take you around the village as you slowly climb the hill.

The road up the hill winds back and forth to reduce the incline. There are many segments where it goes along the slope of the mountain rather than straight up, offering a break with a flatter surface to climb. The hill isn't especially high, but there's little reason to build a road leading directly to the top when no one ever has a need to go to the top. All of the land here is entirely unsuitable for any productive use; nothing could be built easily due to the slope, the soil is too rocky to be farmed, and the trees are too sparse for logging to be worthwhile. As a result, few people ever go to the top of the hill, and most traffic on these roads is to simply go around it.

Not that any of this bothers you. The road isn't properly maintained in some places, but the solitude more than makes up for it. This way you get to spend some personal time with a beautiful woman. The indirectness of the road isn't a problem either, as you've already told yourself that this is a scenic hike. The view is nice, but not amazing. You've climbed high enough to be able to see over the top of all but the tallest trees, offering you a fine view of a sea of green leaves. The hill blocks your vision up ahead, though.

Koakuma stops underneath the next tree that's large enough to offer some decent shade. She leans against the trunk and unfastens the top button of her shirt, revealing a bit of her milky white cleavage.

"Do you mind if we stop here for a second? I think I need a little break."

"No, not at all. A break sounds lovely." There's no pressing need for you to stop, but you are beginning to feel some exhaustion yourself. You join Koakuma and lean next to her against the trunk, trying to avoid the tempting sight of her breasts. While she probably wouldn't mind, you'd prefer to keep the hike and picnic purely platonic to avoid spoiling the mood.

"Phew! Okay, I'm ready." After about five minutes of resting, Koakuma stands up straight and takes a step away from the tree. "I feel a lot better now. Thanks." You follow after her and resume your hike.

It won't be long now; you've passed the final fork in the road, so from now on you'll be heading straight to the top. Koakuma walks briskly and wears a relaxed smile, occasionally pausing to admire the scenery. Your concerns about her being unable to handle the exercise or bear the heat were unnecessary, as she remains energetic even on the steeper incline of this final stretch of road.

After another minute of walking, you finally reach the top, where you're greeted by a stretch of flat, grassy ground that is perfect for a picnic. The road ends abruptly, leaving the short grass unspoiled. There are three trees growing up here, covering about half of the small area in shade. A few birds can be heard chirping in the distance, but the scarcity of trees here means that they won't linger. With nothing to obstruct your view, the hill offers a perfect view of Gensokyo. The village sits to your left, its busy inhabitants barely noticeable from this height. Far off in the distance behind it is the misty lake and the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The Hakurei shrine is further off to the left, sitting atop a majestic hill that easily dwarfs this one. Over to the right, beyond the menacing greenery of the Forest of Magic, stands Youkai Mountain, with the rival Moriya shrine nestled somewhere among its peaks. All around you is a wonderful green landscape of lush grasslands and trees.

All that remains is to pick out a good spot. You set the picnic basket down on the ground and take the blanket from Koakuma's hands. There isn't much room to work with up here, making the choice of spot a simple one. You unfurl the blanket on a partially-shaded corner of the hill and hold it in place with four small rocks. This way you can relax in the warm sun, but still have the option to hide in the shade if it gets too hot. The position gives a clear view of the village and the surrounding landscape.

You move the picnic basket to the center of the blanket, then sit down at one corner and invite Koakuma to join you. "There, all set! Did you enjoy the hike, Koa?"

"I did. Thank you for bringing me out here. The view is certainly spectacular, and the fresh air feels amazing. I think I'm finally getting used to having the sun shine on me like this, although I suppose it is a bit warm."

"Great! I'm glad you like it here. I hope you worked up a good appetite, because we have plenty of food." You grab your first sandwich from the basket and bite into it. It's exceptionally delicious after your walk; the crisp lettuce provides a nice contrast to the savory chicken and cheese, while the hearty bread acts as a nice base and helps to fill you up. The butter and moisture from the lettuce keep the sandwich from being dry, which is especially good since you don't have any tea to drink up here. Koakuma grabs a sandwich and joins you, letting out a pleased ?Mmm!" as she bites into it.

You grab a second sandwich after finishing the first. They aren't very big, so it takes two to sate your hunger. There's still plenty more, but the plan was to stay up here for a few hours and enjoy the scenery. Even while seated, you can still see much of Gensokyo from here.

You finish your second sandwich shortly before Koakuma starts her third. You're satisfied for now, so you just sit back and relax as you watch her eat. She takes small bites, slowly but steadily working her way through her meal. It's a good thing you packed as many as you did; you should have just enough to keep both of you full for the duration of the picnic. Once she finishes the sandwich, she stands up and stretches her arms, holding them high into the air as she makes a few strained sounds..

"Ah, that was a good lunch. Thank you for the meal. Did you have any specific plans for this picnic?"

"You're welcome, although you did help me make them, so you deserve just as much credit as I do. And no, I didn't have anything specific in mind. You said you spent the last few years in the library, and since you were able to leave so easily, I assume that was voluntary. I just wanted to show you the great outdoors. This hill has a great view, and hardly anyone comes up here, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to just get out, relax, and have a nice lunch."

"Okay." The concept of just relaxing and watching the scenery seems novel to her. Nonetheless, she definitely appreciates the view. She stands near the edge of the hill, surveying the landscape. You leave her to herself for a bit and take a closer look at the tree you set up next to; it's an apple tree, with some tasty looking fruit growing from some of the branches. All of the branches are big and strong, and they could definitely hold your weight without any risk. You grab onto a limb just above your head and pull yourself up, then move your hands up to other branches once they become available. Climbing the tree is a simple task, thanks to the conveniently placed and sturdy branches. Once you're at the top, you sit down far away from the trunk, giving yourself a nice view from a few meters up with minimal foliage to block your line of sight.

"Hey," you call out, "There's an even better view from up here!" Koakuma turns in response to your voice, clearly surprised at your sudden appearance in the tree. "Come on up! There's some apples we can have for a snack. Do you know how to climb a tree, Koa?"

She glances up and down the trunk and the branches, trying to decide how hard they would be to climb. "Of course," she responds after a few seconds of thought. She spreads her wings and jumps into the air, gives them a few flaps to propel herself. In seconds, she reaches a branch near yours and sits down on it.

"Hey now, that's cheating!" Both of you laugh at her unorthodox climbing technique, although you would've preferred she actually climb the tree. Watching her work hard to lift her body, offering her your hand when she gets close but can't quite make it, seeing her hair and clothing ruffled by the exertion... ah, that would've been nice. Still, she's up here with you, and that's the important part.

"Sorry, but I don't know any other way to climb a tree. Plus, I don't want to risk tearing my clothes, or get them any dirtier than I can help. I didn't bring a change, after all."

"Ah, that's true. Sorry, I should've considered that." Although worrying about tearing your clothes is a bit much. You don't think you've ever ripped anything while climbing a tree, not even as a reckless kid. However, they're her clothes, and they certainly are a lot more elaborate than your own, so wanting to keep them safe is perfectly understandable. "I would've enjoyed teaching you, too. It's not hard; you just need to know where to put your hands and have decent upper body strength."

"Oh, I have plenty of upper body strength. We librarians are tougher than we look! I'm almost always on my feet, carrying heavy stacks of books."

"In that case, I'll have to teach you some day."

"Yeah, that'd be nice." The two of you sit quietly for a while, just enjoying the scenery from your new vantage point. You pick two ripe apples and hand one to Koakuma, then bite into the one you kept for yourself. It's sweet, crispy, and juicy, a nice complement to the savory sandwiches you just ate.
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"Hey." You decide to break the silence. Just relaxing with her is nice, but you'd rather get a good conversation going. "What's it like at the library? It only opened up to the public yesterday, so what did you do before that happened?"

"Everything. I am the servant of Lady Patchouli, and my duties cover almost anything that she could ask of me. I handle everything from making her tea to searching for books she needs. When Lady Remilia thought of making the library open to the public, she put me in charge of the reorganization, due to my familiarity with its layout and contents."

"Amazing. It sounds like you have quite a bit of responsibility back there. But if you're in such a high position, is it really okay for you to be here?" Not that you wish for her to leave. You just don't want any trouble upon your return to the mansion for ?kidnapping? their valuable librarian.

"Not at all. I am still just a servant, and my responsibilities could be performed by any of the maids living in the mansion. I simply happen to be the best at them. Either way, I was temporarily relieved of serving Lady Patchouli to focus on the library, and the maids I trained are more than capable of handling that without me."

"Oh? Well, I guess that's good too, if it means that you're allowed to take breaks like this." You sit back in the tree and resume watching the scenery. Birds flutter about in the sky, trees rustle in the wind, and people walk back and forth along the paths to and from the village. All together, it makes for a panorama of subtle changes. Another thirty minutes pass as you watch the constantly shifting landscape.

It's been a while since you ate your first two sandwiches, and you've worked up enough of an appetite for another. There's still quite some time until dinner, so you need to eat plenty to avoid being too hungry when it's time to cook. You drop down from the tree and walk back to the picnic basket to take out another sandwich. Koakuma glides down gently to join you and takes the last one for herself.

You finish your sandwich before Koakuma, and spend the remaining time watching her eat. You're completely stuffed after eating so much; hopefully Koakuma feels the same, as dinner is still a ways off. All you want to do right now is sit back and relax up here. Maybe you'll head home after another hour or so, be intimate with Koakuma, and then read until dinner. There's no need for another scenic hike, so you'll take a more direct path this time.

"Ahh, nice and full now. I just wanna lie down and bask in the sun for a while."

"Oh? I thought you didn't like the sun."

"I'm just not used to being outside. The warmth does feel kinda nice." She drops onto her back and lies still, silently soaking up the sun. After a few seconds she sits back up and rubs her eyes. "Ugh, nevermind. It's still too bright for me, even with my eyes closed."

"There's some shade in the corner. You won't be able to bask in the sun there, but you could still lie down." You get up and move under the edge of the tree to demonstrate. The sun feels nice, but you prefer staying with the librarian over enjoying it alone.

Koakuma follows you to the shade and lies down, resting her head on your lap. Her head is completely covered by the shade while her body from the breasts down is still exposed to the sun, with only a few branches breaking up the light. "Mmm, this is nice. I can still feel the sun, but it's not blinding me. And now I can rest on your comfy lap. You don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all." Having a beautiful girl use your lap as a pillow is far from problematic. She smiles contentedly and closes her eyes after receiving your consent. Her breasts heave slightly with each breath, straining against the tight fabric of her shirt. You'd love to caress the lovely mounds, and you're sure she would enjoy it, but doing so would spoil the serene atmosphere. It's much better to just stay like this and enjoy each other's proximity.

Koakuma purrs softly as you rub your hands through her silky hair and lightly scratch her head. You hope she isn't planning on falling asleep; there's no way you'd have the heart to wake her.

About twenty minutes later, she opens her eyes, still smiling at you. The smile fades quickly, however, as she looks somewhere behind you. "Hm, those clouds look pretty dark." Clouds? You can't see any clouds - no, she's looking behind you. You turn your head and see what she's talking about: an extremely dark formation of clouds is directly behind you, visibly advancing towards the hill. Uh-oh. Clouds that dark definitely mean hard rain, likely with plenty of thunder and lightning.

"Okay, time to leave. We need to get out of here before that storm hits." You help Koakuma up and hand her the basket before taking the blanket for yourself. There's no use in trying to outrun the storm, so you just walk briskly towards the trail back to the village. Home should only be about twenty minutes away at this pace, since you'll be taking the direct route. Hopefully you can make it inside before it really starts to pour. It's hard to tell how long you have before the clouds overtake you, or if it'll start raining immediately once they do. At least the path home leads away from the storm and not into it.

Going down is easier than coming up, but the poorly-maintained path forces you to go slowly. You have to watch every step you take to make sure you don't accidentally trip on a loose stone or wedge your foot into some animal's burrow. The sky in front of you is still perfectly clear and sunny, an odd contrast to the monstrous storm behind you.

The clouds finally overtake you as you near the bottom of the hill. It's only a matter of time before the rain starts. The birdsong that accompanied you up the hill has gone completely silent, the birds likely having flown someplace calmer. A few claps of thunder rumble in the distance; it seems that the worst of the storm is still a ways away. The strong winds accompanying the storm shake the trees and create waves through the grasses as the blue sky disappears behind the advancing black clouds. This would be a fun scene to watch if you weren't about to be stuck in the middle of it.

A light drizzle starts to fall when you're halfway to the village. A few drops fall on the two of you, just enough to make small spots on your clothing, but the intensity quickly increases. The pitter-patter of the rain fills the area as the rain intensifies. It's enough to soak your clothes and the ground; it's tolerable, but still irritating. The road you're on will become uncomfortably muddy, but there's no risk of it completely washing out or anything harmful like that. Fortunately, home is only about ten minutes away from here.

The rain starts in earnest just as the village perimeter comes into sight. A fierce downpour covers everything almost instantly, blown about by strong gusts of wind. You're forced to cover your face with your hands, and you barely glimpse Koakuma doing the same before the storm nearly blinds you. Another clap of thunder, much closer and louder this time, rumbles through the ground. This is not weather you can linger in, and home is still a way off,. However, you're sure that no one would deny you shelter in this weather. You just need to run to the closest building and wait out the storm there.

You grab onto Koakuma's hand once the wind calms down and shout that you need to run for the village. There's no way to tell if she heard or understood you; everything is so noisy that talking is difficult, but you think you see her nod in response. The two of you won't be separated with your hands together like this, but you don't want to pull her off her feet when you suddenly start sprinting. All you can do is hope she heard you.

You start running towards the village, pulling on Koakuma's hand to guide her. Fortunately, she joins you in the sprint and keeps up with you easily. You stomp through the puddles strewn over the road and ignore the splashes, with Koakuma doing the same behind you. Soon, the hazy outline of a building appears before you, maybe half a minute away. There's your salvation. You race over to the front as fast as you can and stop for breath once you reach the door. There's a balcony above you that blocks most of the rain, although the heavy winds are still enough to wet the ground and your feet. You wipe the water off your face, allowing you to see normally once again.

Koakuma is in the same state as you: completely soaked from head to tail. Much of her long red hair is spread out across her face, though she quickly brushes it aside. Her clothes are wet enough to turn transparent, exposing her intricate black bra under her dress shirt. She's also still clutching the picnic basket, which was thoughtful of her, although you couldn't have blamed her for dropping it in that storm. Good thing you already ate all of the food that was in it.

"We'll need to stay here for shelter. There's no way we can go back out into that storm. My house isn't that far away normally, but any distance is too far in this weather. Hopefully, the people inside here can offer us a change of clothes and a hot fire." Now that you're closer, however, the building doesn't appear to be a house at all; there probably aren't any people inside to offer you assistance. The side that faces you is strangely nondescript; there's a set of wide double doors in front of you, but no windows or anything like that. The shape of the building is also more reminiscent of a barn or storage shed than an actual house, and there are no other structures nearby. There's a decent chance that nobody is inside, or that you'll only find some animals.

Darkness greets you when you open the door. It really does seem empty. "Hello!" you try calling out. No response. That's to be expected from the lack of lights, but it's still possible that someone is off in another room. You walk inside with Koakuma and close the door behind her, cutting out most of the noise from the rain. "Is anybody in here?" Again, no response. This place seems to be entirely unused. "We're coming in. Please pardon the intrusion!" Still no response, but there's no sense in being rude in case someone is in here. "Koa, could you open the door to get a bit more light? There might be a lantern or something in here." Koakuma opens the door again. It's extremely dark outside as well, but there's still more light out there than in this building. You manage to find a lantern and light it, revealing more lanterns strewn about the floor and hanging on the walls. Lighting a few of them provides enough light that you no longer need the door open.

As you thought, this building seems to be an abandoned barn. The interior is almost bare, but the wide open rooms suggest that it was once used to store animals and large amounts of feed. All that remains now are the lanterns and some broken tools in the corners. The building offers shelter and light, but nothing more. Fortunately, the blanket is still usable. Your body partially shielded it from the rain, so it's damp but far from soaked.

"Well, we have the building all to ourselves. It doesn't look like anyone has used it in a long time. I'm sure no one will mind if we stay here until the storm passes." Koakuma shivers as you inform her of the situation; the late summer air is still very warm, but being drenched by the rain is taking its toll on both of you. A small puddle of water has formed under her, and you notice that you also made a wet trail as you walked through the building. There's nothing in here to help you dry off, so your only choice is to strip naked.

Yes, that's the only option.

"Koa, we're going to have to get those clothes off you. All we can do to dry off is hang our clothes up and wait for the storm to pass." Her clothes stick alluringly to her pale skin, and the water on her body glistens in the lantern light. You lead her towards a horizontal wooden beam; there's nothing here that resembles a clothesline, so this is the best you can do for now. It probably won't actually do much to dry your clothes, but it's better than nothing, and it will at least keep them off your body.

The two of you start to strip off your clothes. There's no point in worrying about privacy after the number of times you've been intimate with Koakuma, but you still try to avoid staring. And right now, that beautiful woman is beside you, carefully disrobing to escape the cold, her garments clinging to her luscious body as if they don't want to be separated from her shapely form. You shake your head to try and drive off the thoughts, but there's no way to avoid thinking about her.

You finally sneak a peek at her as you remove your pants. She's just finished removing her dress shirt and is laying it out on the beam. Her bra is still supporting her large breasts, and they jiggle noticeably as she bends forward. You focus back on undressing yourself just as her hands move behind her back to undo the clasp on her bra. Her clothes are more intricate than your own, so you'll likely finish before her. You take off your pants and free your penis, growing erect from the proximity to Koakuma.

Well, there's no point in fighting it.

Koakuma is almost done stripping, down to just her panties now. She lifts one leg up through her panties, taking them past her bare foot. You walk behind her as she bends forward to remove her other leg, sticking her round behind out towards you in the process. Once she finishes removing her panties and places them next to her other clothes, you wrap your arms around her, hugging her naked body from behind with your hands just under her breasts. She's cold. You probably feel just as cold.

Koakuma's hands move on top of yours as she welcomes your embrace. You plant a line of kisses along her shoulder, moving up towards the side of her neck. "I know a good way for us to warm up. Interested?" You whisper her suggestion into her ear, eliciting a purr in response. She's definitely interested.

You unfurl the blanket and spread it out across the floor. It isn't much, but it's still better than lying right on the dirty stone slabs. Koakuma lies down on her back, her beautiful breasts facing you and inviting you to join her. You grab the side of the blanket and pull it on over the two of you as you climb on top of Koakuma's voluptuous body. The blanket is slightly damp, and it isn't thick enough to offer much warmth, but again: it's better than nothing.

Koakuma wraps her arms around you and holds you against her body. You're happy to give her your body heat, as meager as it is right now. You place your hand on her left cheek and kiss her several times on the lips. She returns your affection and kisses you back, slipping her tongue into your mouth and wrapping it around yours. After a few seconds, you move down from her lips towards her breasts, planting kisses along her neck and collarbones as you travel under the blanket. The stimulation from your tongue makes her body writhe in pleasure. Your penis, now fully erect, rubs lightly against her soft thighs.

Your tongue brushes over one of the librarian's erect nipples, eliciting a few soft moans in response. Meanwhile, your hand vigorously rubs and massages her other breast to help warm her up. The softness of her large mound feels wonderful as it fills your hand. Koakuma squirms with each touch as you lick and caress her cold but sensitive body. Your free hand reaches down and finds her entrance, and you trace a finger around her wet slit. She's ready for you now.

You line your penis up with her quivering vagina and slowly push it inside her. The heat from her insides soaks into your chilled shaft and quickly warms you up. She moans from the sudden insertion as your tip pushes apart her walls. You press yourself against her as you start to steadily thrust against her hips, slowly returning the warmth to her body. Her insides feel amazing, but you restrain yourself from moving faster to ensure that you'll last. You focus most of your attention on your movements, but continue to caress her breast with one hand while you keep the other on her hips. It's difficult to resist ejaculating inside such a woman, but you manage to keep it up for about ten minutes. She orgasms just after you do, screaming your name as your semen floods her vagina and brings her over the edge.

You pant softly as you lie on top of her. "How was that? Do you feel better now?" you ask. She certainly feels warmer, although she naturally knows her body better than you do. The blanket is actually doing a reasonable job of keeping the heat in, so you're quite comfortable right now.

"Mmm, I think we should go another round," she says with a smirk, "Just to be certain." You're certainly willing to oblige, although you'll need some time to recover first. If it's for Koakuma, it shouldn't take you very long at all.

Understanding the state you're in, Koakuma lightly rubs your flaccid penis with one hand and strokes your bare chest with the other. She kisses you several times on your collarbone, returning your earlier service. Her long but smooth nails brush over you as her fingertips grace your body, providing a pleasant contrast to her soft skin. The blanket still covers most of her body, hiding her gorgeous nude body, but the added mystery from not being able to see her just excites you even more. Once your shaft has begun to react to her touch, she removes both her hands and places them on your shoulders. Her creamy flesh and soaked slit surround your growing erection as she closes her thighs around it.

She gently kisses your lips while she moves her body back and forth, rubbing your shaft between her encompassing thighs. Her breasts and erect nipples rub your chest with each movement. She's certainly taking the lead this time, and you're all too happy to allow her. You do make an effort to twist your tongue around hers and slip it deep into her mouth, though. There's no reason to let her have all of the fun. Once she's happy with the state of your penis, she stops moving and lies back against the floor.

"Just a second. Let's try a different position this time, shall we?" Without waiting for a response from you, Koakuma scoots out from inside the blanket and gets down on all fours on the hard floor. Her plump rear is sticking out towards you, and you can easily see her drenched entrance from this position. It seems that she doesn't care about the blanket anymore. At this point, you're warm enough to not need it either; being with her is doing a better job of keeping you warm, and you'd rather have her body exposed to the dim light from the lanterns.

You toss the blanket aside and walk up to Koakuma, then place your hands on her hips for support. She wiggles her rear slightly, inviting you to enter her. You slide your penis into her depths and press your hips against her soft buttocks, and she moans loudly as you start to thrust rapidly into her tight insides. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoes throughout the empty barn and mixes with her screams of pleasure. She arches her back and raises her rear to give you a better angle as your penis fills her body again and again. Her wet hair, parted down the middle, sways and bounces alongside her beautiful breasts with each thrust.

You lean forward and cup her left breast in your hand. The softness and weight contrast nicely, and you give the nipple a little pinch. That's enough to make her cum; her body tenses up and tightly squeezes your shaft as she cries out in pleasure from her orgasm. The sudden stimulation brings you over the edge, and you match her cries as you start to ejaculate. You bury your penis deep inside her and shoot several thick spurts of semen, then pull out and collapse to the floor. This amazing woman has completely drained you once again.

Koakuma turns to face you and gives you another one of her beautiful smiles. Her skin is still flushed, with the afterglow of her second orgasm. She leans closer and kisses you, gently tasting your lips. "Mmm, thanks for that. I'm nice and hot now." You wrap your arms around the sultry woman and return her kiss. Her skin is pleasantly warm now, so it seems your plan worked perfectly. You just hope she isn't having any thoughts about a third round.

Unfortunately, there's nothing else for you to do in here while you wait for the storm to pass. You lie down next to Koakuma and pull the blanket over the two of you. She grabs your arm under the blanket and holds her body against yours. There's no need to huddle together like this, but you can still enjoy each other's warmth while you wait. The pounding of the rain on the roof of the barn is audible now that neither of you are screaming in ecstasy, and it seems to be just as hard as it was when you first entered the barn.

The minutes pass slowly and silently as you grow accustomed to the sound of the rain. You give Koakuma's head the occasional light rub, but for the most part the two of you just sit still and remain quiet. The best way to pass the time would probably be to just take a nap until the storm passes and hope you don't sleep too far past the end. You aren't very tired, though, and if you do fall asleep now it will likely keep you awake at night.

A strong gust of wind shakes the barn for a few seconds, creating plenty of noise but nothing else. This barn seems to be well made and structurally sound, so you should be perfectly safe in here no matter how strong the storm gets. Actually, that gives you an idea.

"Hey, Koa, I just thought of something we can do to help pass the time. We can't leave because of the storm, so why don't we just watch it from inside?" You're probably going to be in here for several hours, and there's not much else to do. It should at least be better than staring at the rafters, and it won't keep you up at night like a nap would.

"Certainly. Rain this hard should be an interesting sight, to say the least." You walk towards the doors with the blanket in hand while Koakuma follows you. Opening them immediately exposes your ears to the pounding of the rain and the howling of the wind. The torrential rains cover the landscape as far as you can see. It's still dark out even though it's early in the afternoon, but it's at least possible to see further into the distance now that you aren't trapped in the middle of it. The balcony prevents the rain from getting too close to the door, although the strong winds are still able to blow it in every direction. It should still be safe to watch the storm from right in front of the door without much risk of getting wet again.

You sit down with Koakuma near the open door and wrap the blanket around your fronts. This will keep the wind and occasional raindrop off of you; it's not long enough to properly cover your backs as well, but that's less of an issue now that you've warmed up. You hold Koakuma's hand underneath the blanket and lace her fingers together with yours.

The rain pours down in thick sheets for as far as you can see. Large puddles of water have already covered the road, which will make it nearly unusable for the return trip. Off in the distance, the trees shake in the fierce winds, barely visible through the dense rain. Occasionally, a bright bolt of lightning rips through the sky, briefly illuminating your surroundings and creates another crack of thunder that echoes through the empty barn.

It's a very relaxing scene, now that you're watching it rather than feeling it. Despite their volume, the sounds of the wind and rain are almost like white noise; they would likely lull you to sleep if it weren't for the thunder. Safe within this building, you watch in awe as the storm rages outside, perfectly safe within this building. Not a single drop of rain touches you, thanks to the balcony and blanket shielding you.

The hours pass noisily as the storm continues. It is certainly interesting to watch, but there's still nothing else to do. You probably won't be ready for sex again until well after the storm passes, and you didn't bring anything to read. Neither you nor Koakuma say much while you wait, aside from the occasional insipid remark about sudden gusts of wind or remarkable bolts of lightning. Storms aren't very conducive to intellectual discussion.

After about three hours of waiting, the storm finally looks like it's weakening. It's still coming down too hard for you to walk out into it, but before now it showed no signs whatsoever of calming down. It's a good thing, too; you're starting to get hungry again. The thunder has been reduced to a low rumble now that the storm has started to move on.

Another hour of quiet waiting passes as the wind and rain die down. It's less interesting to watch without the fierce wind and lightning, but that stopped mattering to you long ago. You stand up and stretch once the rain has slowed to a drizzle.

"Alright, it's finally over. Just in time for dinner, too. Let's get dressed and head back home so we can eat!"

"Great." Koakuma stands up and stretches with a yawn. She seems to be just as weary as you are. "It'll be nice to get back to your warm house."

You walk towards the beam and start to put on your clothes. They're still a bit damp, but at least they're wearable now. The air in the barn was too damp to dry them out fully in such a short period of time. It looks like Koakuma's clothes fared slightly better: her underwear seems to be dry, but her shirt and skirt are in the same condition as your clothes.

Koakuma dresses herself as you watch. There's no point in worrying about privacy now, and you'd rather not pass up the opportunity to watch a beautiful woman get dressed. She starts with her bra, fitting her large, jiggling breasts into the cups after fastening the clasp. Next, she lifts her legs to put on her panties, giving you a clear view of her bare slit in the process. She isn't doing anything to draw attention to herself, but her amazing body is enough to make any action seductive. Now that her underwear is on, she puts on her shirt and carefully buttons it from the top down. It's still somewhat transparent, so you can still see her black bra through the white cloth. Hopefully there won't be many people outside after that fierce storm to gawk at her underwear. Finally, she puts on her skirt and tucks in the bottom of her shirt as she fastens the clasp.

You extinguish the lanterns and grab the blanket while Koakuma picks up the picnic basket. Both of you step outside and close the doors behind you; whoever actually owns this place shouldn't mind or even notice your brief little intrusion. All you did was use up a bit of the oil, after all. You could leave a few coins as payment, but you get the distinct feeling that the place is completely abandoned, and your money would just sit unnoticed.

A few rays of sunlight shine through the gray clouds, but the sky is still mostly overcast. Aside from some branches that were blown apart by the strong winds, it looks like the storm didn't do too much damage. The drizzling rain is barely noticeable, save for the ripples that appear in the numerous puddles. You take Koakuma's free hand with your own and start the short trip to your house, staying on the grass to avoid the washed out road. The ground is muddy, but it's still better than walking through the ankle-deep water on the road.

Other houses soon come into view once you walk away from the barn. A few people have ventured outside to clear up debris or inspect for structural damage, but most remain huddled inside their homes. At this hour and this level of cloudiness, all that the outdoors has to offer for the rest of the day is gloomy weather and a lot of mud. Hopefully the clouds will blow away by tomorrow, so you can have a beautiful day when you say goodbye to Koakuma.
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Finally, your house comes into view. Like all the others, it seems to be free of property damage. There aren't even any downed branches that you'll need to clear away; seems that you just got lucky. You open the door for Koakuma and follow her inside, relieved to be home at last.

"I'm sorry about today. I meant for it to be a nice and relaxing excursion, and a good opportunity for you to get some fresh air. I wasn't expecting anything like that storm," you say.

Koakuma walks up to you and wraps her arms around your body, pressing a smooth cheek against your skin as she holds you in a tight embrace. "There's nothing you to apologize for. The rain was unpleasant, but I found it exhilarating in its own way. I don't regret having experienced it, and the picnic itself was simply lovely. Thank you for bringing me out there."

"Oh? Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I guess it wasn't bad that we got rained on, but I still would've preferred something less eventful." You return the hug and smile at her, clutching her still-wet body to yours. Now that you're home, you can actually do something about that dampness. "Did you want to change your clothes before we eat? I don't have any women's clothing, but you're welcome to wear something of mine for now. I think it would beat staying in your damp clothes." They'll definitely be dry by tomorrow, at least. She really should've brought a spare set or two with her.

"Sure, thank you. Waiting in the barn definitely helped, but these clothes are still uncomfortably damp." You lead Koakuma to the chest in your room and let her pick out a shirt and pair of pants. Once she's made a choice from your meager selection, you grab a set for yourself and start to change into them. Koakuma strips back down to her underwear and puts on your shirt and pants. They're a little big for her, but they still look great on her. The sleeves and pant legs are a little too long, requiring her to roll up the fabric for the garment to fit comfortably. Unlike in the barn, you can actually hang up the wet clothes to dry properly now. They'll definitely be fine by morning.

You and Koakuma head to the kitchen now that you're wearing dry clothes. It's about an hour after when you had planned on making dinner, so you're aching to start eating. "What are you planning to make, Koa?" you ask. You have a pretty good idea what she's planning, but you should still let her announce it.

"I was thinking a hot pot would be good, especially since we were rained on. Some hot food will help warm us up. It shouldn't take that long to prepare, which is good if you're as hungry as I am." You are, so you want to get started right away. Koakuma takes the lead, securing her hair with an elastic tie she pulled out of who-knows-where before getting to work. She ignites some kindling in the fire pit in the middle of your dining room, then places a small metal pot above the flame. While she starts preparing the stock, you get to work on cutting up the meat and vegetables. Your job is a bit messier than hers, so you claim the only apron for yourself.

Koakuma has to run around the kitchen to gather the ingredients and bring them to the pot. She naturally doesn't know where you keep anything, so you direct her to the sake, the soy sauce, and everything else she needs. Meanwhile, you chop up the meats and vegetables, starting with the beef and the lamb. She really went all out buying this stuff; the beef is especially high quality, with plenty of fat to add flavor.

It seems that Koakuma is done with the stock now, so you bring over the fully-chopped beef and lamb and help her slide them into the pot. As an afterthought, you grab the leftover chicken from the sandwiches and add that in as well. It's not really intended for this, but it should work just fine. You probably won't ever eat it otherwise. Once all of the meat is in the pot, you go back to start cutting the mushrooms, daikon, and tofu into manageable chunks. You only have one cutting knife, so Koakuma can't do anything to help except watch the stock now that it doesn't need any more work. Oh well; this isn't a very demanding task anyway.

The stock comes to a boil about a minute after you finish. You carefully add all the ingredients to the pot, tossing in the leftover lettuce as well. Everything needs to cook for a while before it's ready, so you grab the bread and butter a few slices for yourself and Koakuma. They make for a decent snack to eat while the main dish cooks. Once finished with the bread, you take out the dishes, chopsticks, and sauces, plus a bottle of sake for the two of you.

Koakuma takes off the lid and sets it down in the soil next to the pot. The delicious smell of the hot pot fills the room immediately; everything seems to have turned out beautifully. You reach into the pot with your chopsticks and start with a bit of mushroom. The taste is wonderful, as expected; the mushrooms soaked up some of the savory flavor of the meats, and they're nicely complemented by the sweet and tangy dipping sauce. Koakuma notes your reaction and grabs some tofu for herself, biting into it with a satisfied ?Mmm."

You and Koakuma eat heartily from the hot pot. The heat from the food and the fire does a wonderful job of warming you up, dispelling the last remaining effect of your time in the barn. Not that you're cold right now or anything, but it still feels much nicer to be warm on a late summer evening. Once you've eaten about half of the vegetables, you finally let yourself grab some beef, and savor the tender treat. It lost some of its richness to the stock, but that flavor found its way to the other ingredients.

"Here! Say 'Ahh'!" Koakuma holds her chopsticks in front of your mouth, with a large piece of beef squeezed between them. You were going for some food yourself, so the sudden appearance of her chopsticks in front of you takes you by surprise. It takes you a few moments to figure out what's going on; her words were lost to you, so your only clue is her brilliant smile. Hesitantly, you open your mouth and let her place the food on your tongue. You can feel your face turning red as you slowly chew, causing Koakuma to giggle slightly at your embarrassment.

You return the favor by taking a chunk of lamb and holding it out towards Koakuma. She eagerly opens her mouth with a charming ?Ahh? and waits for you to feed her. Her soft lips close on your chopsticks when they reach her mouth, and she smiles brightly with a satisfied purr as she savors the taste of the meat. The two of you take turns passing food back and forth like this; it's immensely impractical, but you've already eaten most of the dish, so neither of you are very hungry at this point. The embarrassment of letting someone else feed you wears off quickly, and you're just glad to be able to do something so simple yet enjoyable with this wonderful girl.

The supply of food fades slowly as you exchange bites with Koakuma. The lamb and chicken are all gone now, and there's just a single piece of beef left. Feeling mischievous, you pick up that last cut of meat and slowly move it towards Koakuma. Once she opens her mouth in anticipation, you snap your hand back and eat it yourself.

"Hey! That's not fair. That one was mine."

"And it was delicious."

She rummages through the remaining mass of vegetables, trying to find another bit of meat hidden underneath them. "Ah! That was the last one too. You meanie!" She pouts at you quietly, tears welling up in her eyes. Uh oh, did you go too far?

"Er, sorry about that, I mean, I just meant to, um, I didn't mean any -? You stumble over your words, desperately trying to justify your teasing, until Koakuma interrupts you with a giggle. It seems you've underestimated her.

"I'm sorry," she says, still laughing. Her apology doesn't sound very sincere. Still, you're the one that started the teasing, so really it's only fair that she pays you back. Now that you've finished playing around, the two of you make quick work of the last bits of food. Afterwards, you get up and clear off the dirty dishes; there's no need to actually clean them right now; you'll leave them until just before bed.

"Just a minute. I'll make us some dessert," Koakuma says.

"Huh? Dessert?" You don't think you have anything that could qualify as a dessert, and you doubt you have the ingredients to make one.

"Yeah, I can make something simple. It'll only take a second; just wait in the sitting room for a bit." She all but pushes you out of the kitchen and starts preparing something once you're out of sight. It seems like she wants it to be a surprise, so you might as well respect her sudden request and wait patiently in the sitting room.

You sit down at the table while you wait for her. She said she wouldn't be long, so you just sit there and do little more than tap your fingers against the wood to pass the time. A few minutes pass without any word from her. You'd like to have an idea of how long she wants you to wait, so you call out to her. "Koa?"

"Made cocoa!" Kokoa? She walks into the room carrying two mugs filled with steaming liquid, placing one down in front of you and keeping the other for herself. It's filled with a dark brown liquid that you don't recognize, although it certainly does smell nice.

"What is that?"

"Do you remember the jar of chocolate powder I purchased this morning? I used some of that to make some hot cocoa. It's very simple, just milk, cocoa powder, and sugar - oh, I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed some of your sugar to make it."

You pick up the mug and take a small sip. The flavor is nice and rich, a pleasant combination of sweet and creamy with a hint of bitterness from the thick chocolate. Chocolate isn't something you can normally indulge in, but you've tasted enough to know that this is exceptionally high-quality.. ?This is delicious. Thank you, Koa." You take another sip; it's too hot to drink any faster, but it will probably cool quickly.

"You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoy it. You can have the rest of the chocolate if you want it. I only used about a tenth of the jar."

"Are you sure? I mean, wasn't that really expensive?"

"It's no problem at all. I'd rather you keep it for yourself so you can enjoy it. Not to brag or anything, but the mansion does have its own ample supply of chocolate. The head maid is quite fond of this drink; she's the one who taught me how to make it." She punctuates her statement with a sip from her mug. It seems she's quite insistent upon being generous, so you stop arguing. She did say that she gets paid handsomely but never has a chance to spend her money.

"Well, thank you. I'll be sure to put it to good use. How much powder and sugar did you use for this?" She gives you the recipe, and tries to give you a few more, but you doubt you'll attempt any of the others. You only have so much powder from her, and it's too expensive for you to want to buy on your own, so there's little room for experimentation.

The two of you slowly sip your hot cocoa in near silence, simply enjoying the rich flavor. It becomes easier to drink as it cools over time, allowing you to swallow it faster.

You finish your mug of cocoa and bring them both into the kitchen to wash later. There's still a few hours before the sun sets, but there isn't much light due to the clouds. Today was quite eventful, so just sitting back and reading quietly with Koakuma sounds like a good way to pass time until bed. You walk back to the sitting room to announce your plan, but she jumps on you as soon as you get near her, wrapping her left arm around you and holding her right against your chest. The close embrace makes her large breasts press against your chest.

She looks up at you with a coquettish grin and speaks in a soft whisper, her hot breath tickling your skin. "I'm glad you enjoyed my little treat. Did you know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac? In addition to tasting great, it also helps your libido." She removes her hand from your chest and slowly brings it to your crotch, where it lightly rubs your penis through your pants. "See? It's working already. I can feel your penis twitching from the chocolate."

Your body is reacting, but you're pretty sure it's towards the gorgeous woman holding herself against you, and not anything you ingested. The thin fabric of her borrowed shirt does little to hide the softness of her breasts, and you can feel her erect nipples brushing against your chest. Isn't she wearing a bra? She slowly brings her lips up to yours and gives you a brief, soft kiss, then anxiously looks up at you.

She's waiting for you to make a move. You aren't going to disappoint her.

You take your free hand and wrap it around her back, holding her body even closer to yours, then slip your tongue into her mouth. She purrs softly as you twist your tongue around hers and taste the slight hint of chocolate that lingers in her mouth. Her hand reaches into your trousers and pulls out your penis, giving it a few strokes to quickly bring it to full size. You return the affection by caressing her breast and lightly pinching her erect nipples through her shirt.

After a minute of tasting her, you break the kiss and lift her shirt up over her head, freeing her bare breasts. She quickly removes her trousers as well, leaving her in just her panties. The speed with which she took those off gives you the impression that she didn't like wearing them at all. It makes sense, really; she's almost certainly never worn men's clothing before, and a pair of trousers would be a big change from her normal short skirt.

The almost nude librarian gets down on her knees in front of you and wraps her hand around your hard shaft. Her face is flushed with desire as she looks into your eyes, eager to swallow your length and watch you squirm from the pleasure. You're sure you have a similar expression on your face, as you'd love to simply jump on this woman and ravish her until you can't move. However, considering the number of times you've already been with her today, you imagine that ?until you can't move? would only be a couple of minutes at best. Koakuma deserves better than that, so you'll show some restraint and let her enjoy herself.

Koakuma gives your penis a few slow strokes and plants a trail of kisses along the entire length. She uses a hint of tongue with each one, flicking the hot tip against your flesh. Her touch feels amazing on your sensitive shaft, and you let out a few small moans from the pleasure. Her movements are slow enough that there's no risk of early climax, but fast enough to still feel wonderful.

"Mmm, does it feel good?" Koakuma pauses her kissing to talk, but continues stroking your shaft. You nod in response, silently hoping that she'll return her lips to your penis. "Aha, of course it does. But it's not fair if you're the only one feeling good, now is it?" She sticks out her lips in a fully transparent attempt to look displeased. It isn't the least bit convincing, given how enthralled she seems to be with your penis and how she continues to stroke it throughout her complaint. Still, you might as well humor her and see where she's taking this. "So, you should be licking me, too." She runs the tip of her tongue up the entire length of your shaft, sending shivers down your spine. "It's only fair, after all."

Koakuma guides you down to the floor and turns around, giving you a brief view of her plump rear before she sits down on your face. Your penis stands straight up in front of her, but she ignores it for now, instead moving her hips back and forth over your head and tempting you with the sight of her beautiful vagina. You quickly raise your head and flick your tongue against her labia; she moans contentedly from the stimulation, so you slide your tongue deeper into her and brush it against her walls. Your penis throbs from the lack of attention, but Koakuma returns her hand to your shaft and lightly rubs it after you shake your hips to get her attention. The touch is barely enough to keep you erect, as it seems that she's intent upon making you service her.

A minute passes with Koakuma on top of you. Your penis yearns for release, but you're happy to be able to pleasure Koakuma like this. Her moans continue to grow huskier as you run your tongue along her wet slit and suck on her engorged clit.

"Ah, that feels so nice. I think it's time for your reward now.?Koakuma lowers herself onto you, keeping her vagina in reach of your mouth, and lowers her head to your erect penis. Her long, silky hair tickles you slightly as it drapes down across your waist. "But that doesn't mean you can stop!" Not that you were planning to. Your attention didn't stray at all from her slit as she adjusted her position.

Koakuma takes half of your shaft into her mouth and starts to bob her head along the length, gently sucking on your throbbing penis. You loudly moan as a wave of pleasure flows through you, but you manage to stay focused on pleasing her. Your tongue pushes through her delicate folds and explores her delicate inner walls.

You place one hand on her firm behind for support and caress her slit with the other. The angle makes it too difficult to properly finger her, but it's still more effective than just using your tongue. Koakuma flicks her tongue against the bottom of your shaft, forcing you to pause for a moment from the sudden stimulation. Paired together, the pleasure from her full lips enveloping your penis and the musky scent from her vagina are making it very difficult to concentrate. You'd like nothing more than to sit back and enjoy her fellatio, but you know full well that she'll stop it if you do.

Koakuma takes your entire length into her mouth and kisses the tip with the back of her throat, then bobs her head at a faster pace than before. It seems that she's finished with the teasing, and now just wants you to orgasm. You desperately hold it in, not wanting to cum without her, and focus on her erect clit. She moans lustfully around your penis, but her movements don't slow down at all. Your tongue alternates between flicking against her delicate nub and running along the outside of her lips as you slowly trace your fingers over her slit. The two of you have been at this for quite some time, so she should be as close to the edge as you.

You squeeze her butt and loudly suck on her clit, finally giving her enough stimulation to make her falter. She tries to recover and resume her sucking, but the built up pleasure finally overwhelms her and forces her to orgasm with a loud moan. You join her immediately, now that there's no need to hold back, shooting your hot semen into the back of her throat. She moans contentedly, enjoying the tasty treat at the height of her pleasure, and lightly suckles on the tip to clean it off completely. The two of you lie like this and enjoy the afterglow for a minute before Koakuma turns back around and lies down next to you. She wraps her arms around you, holding her bare flesh against yours, and gives you a quick peck on the lips.

"Mmm. You're simply wonderful. Thank you for going along with me."

It feels nice to just lie here against Koakuma's nude body, but you really would like to continue reading your book. You get up and extend your arm to help Koakuma onto her feet. "Yes, well, I was happy to do it. You're amazing too, Koa. Now, how about we read together until bed time? I'd love to work on my book while there's still some light outside."

"Oh? Are you sure you don't want to go another round first?" she asks seductively, taking a step towards you while looking you in the eye. Her lips curve into a subdued but still noticeably sultry smile.

"Ahaha, sorry, but I don't think I could last. There'll be plenty of time for that tomorrow." Ah. That's right. Tomorrow is her last day with you, and you need to ?return? her before sunset. You'll have to try to make the most of it - although her idea of ?the most of it? probably involves lots of sex. "But for now, I think we should just sit back and read."

"Oh, of course. I'm just teasing you, silly. Reading sounds lovely. I certainly want to finish The Tale of Genji before I leave. Otherwise, I'd have to borrow your copy and make you come back to the library to pick it up." She pauses for a moment. "Actually, that sounds like a good idea."

"That really won't be necessary. Did you think I'd just forget about you or something?" Or about that huge collection of books? But it's probably more romantic to not mention that. "I'm certainly going to visit you whenever I have the chance."

"I'll look forward to seeing you again at the library. But for now, where did I toss my bra?" Koakuma wanders off into the kitchen, looking for her missing garment. That must be where she removed it. Your clothes are scattered on the floor in this room, so you take the opportunity to dress yourself. Koakuma returns a minute later wearing nothing but her bra and proceeds to put on the rest of her temporary clothes. She deliberately faces you as she bends over to put on her panties and skirt, giving you a direct view of her ample cleavage each time. However, you're so tired from the day's events that you can only appreciate her beauty in a purely aesthetic sense.

You grab both of your books from the shelf and set hers aside on the table for her, then light the lanterns in the sitting room. The light coming in from the windows isn't nearly enough to read by anymore, although some natural light is always better than none. Now that everything is settled, you sit down in your chair and open up your book. About a page in, you start to hear light footsteps approach you as you remain engrossed in your reading. You catch sight of an arm picking up the book on the table before your concentration is interrupted..

"Room for one more?" Koakuma asks, standing in front of you with a smile on her face. She's fully dressed now, and holding her book against her chest. There really isn't any room here, since this chair is really only designed for one person, plus there's other furniture to use, so she shouldn't even -

Without waiting long enough for you to come up with a polite response, Koakuma sits down on your lap and leans back against your chest. So that's what she was planning. "Mmm, nice and warm. You don't mind, do you?" As nice as it feels, the position makes it harder for both of you to read at once. Her body is right where you'd normally hold your book; you could probably hold it in front of her and glance over her shoulder, but that wouldn't work very well unless you were both trying to read from the same book. You should be able to manage by holding it far enough to your side, but deviating from your normal reading posture will be irritating.

"No, not at all. Are you comfortable like this, Koa? Should I move my legs or anything?" You're as fine like this as you'll ever be. The shirt she's wearing doesn't have an opening for her wings, so they're not in your face, neither is her long hair. She's isn't heavy enough to put any strain on your body, either.

"I'm fine, thank you." She opens up to her bookmark and begins reading. Now that she's settled, you do the same.

Time passes quickly as the two of you read in near silence. Her presence turns out to have its advantages, as you can ask her for help with some of the French words you aren't familiar with - when she isn't too absorbed in her reading to help, of course. She happily answers all of your questions, further impressing you with her mastery of languages. Reading isn't much of a social activity, though, so other than that the hours pass quietly, with the only sounds being her soft breathing and the turning of pages. Still, you're happy to share her company like this, and you certainly enjoy the warmth and scent of her body.

About an hour after the sun sets fully, you close your book and set it down on the table beside the chair. About three hours have passed since you began, and you've just passed the halfway point on the thick book. The clouds seemed to have mostly drifted away by the time the sun set, so tomorrow should be a beautiful day. Hopefully there won't be freak storms two days in a row.

Koakuma notices your movements and closes her book - hopefully at a good stopping point, as you wouldn't want to interrupt her. "Are you ready for bed now, Koa? I guess it's a little early, but I'm pretty tired after everything that happened today."

She puts her book down on top of yours. "Yeah, that sounds nice."

"Alright. Are you ready?"

"Huh? For what?" You'll take that as a ?yes." You hook one arm under her legs and another around her back, then stand up and hold her sideways against you. You don't consider yourself especially strong, but she's very easy to carry. She panics for a second as your sudden move catches her off guard, but giggles once she realizes what you're doing. You extinguish the lantern and bring her to your room.

You gently set Koakuma down on your futon, although she sits back up immediately. Oh, right, she still needs to undress. She unbuttons her shirt and removes her pants as you change into your own sleepwear. The lack of light makes it impossible to see anything, but you can still hear her subtle movements. When you finish dressing and slip under the covers, you feel her soft breasts and lacy bra press against your chest as she settles down just inches away from you. She gives you a peck on the lips and holds onto your left hand with her right.

"Goodnight, Koa."


The two of you fall asleep instantly in each other's warm embrace.
File 13733065743.jpg - (141.93KB, 601x889 , a5fd5325a0f584f0d9e32cbe73bb9ad2.jpg) [iqdb]
You wake up in darkness. It's well before sunrise, so there's no light in your room to see by, but you can feel Koakuma's body at your side. She's lying on her back now, still sound asleep. Her arms aren't wrapped around you anymore, but she's still loosely holding onto one of your arms. It shouldn't be too difficult to shake her off without waking her, even if you can't see exactly what you're doing. You're missing out on seeing her sleeping face, though, which is a shame.

You gently lift her arm off of you and let it rest at her side. No signs of movement from her; she's still sound asleep. Now that she's not touching you, you're free to get up off the futon and slowly stand up. Without making a sound, you walk in front of Koakuma and get back down onto the futon, then crawl towards her. The lack of light is no problem, as her long legs act as a perfect beacon towards your target. Once you reach her waist, you hook your fingers around the fabric of her panties and slide them down to her feet.

Time for your payback.

The intoxicating scent of her bare slit fills your nostrils as you hover over her thighs. You start out small, just giving her a few quick flicks from your tongue. There's no reaction from her, at least nothing audible. Next, you press your tongue against her clit for a second and transition into a kiss, lightly sucking on her little nub. Still nothing. It's probably safe to be bolder; you need to find the proper level of stimulation to make her feel it without waking her. It's still early enough that there's no risk of her waking up on her own, which means that you have plenty of time for you to have fun with her.

You slip your tongue into her folds and wriggle it around inside of her, keeping your movements simple but forceful enough to pleasure her. Even though you're trying to stay quiet, you still stop every few seconds to listen for any reactions. After a little over a minute of persistent licking, Koakuma finally lets out a soft moan. Her voice is your only cue, but you can imagine that her face is growing flushed now. There's still no signs of her waking, so you start paying more attention to her clit and outer lips.

Koakuma starts to toss and turn in her sleep as her breathing grows heavier. She's still asleep, but at this point you want her to wake up. You've been at it long enough that she should be close to cumming, so hopefully the stimulation will let her awaken to a nice orgasm. You place one hand on her thigh for support and lightly caress her clit with the other as you continue to lick her moist lips. Another minute passes, filled with the sound of her increasingly loud moans.

"Eh, huh? Issit morn- what is th- ahhh!" Koakuma finally wakes up and tries to sit up, but she isn't able to muster the strength to move away from your hand. She isn't sure what's going on, which is perfectly understandable since she probably can't see anything, but she's quickly overwhelmed by the pleasure between her legs.

"Good morning, Koakuma." You cheerfully greet her and immediately return to licking her. She can only moan in response, and she lies back down with her legs slightly opened to accept the stimulation. Time to finish this. You slide two fingers into her drenched vagina and churn up her insides as you suckle her engorged clit. The sudden increase in pace catches her off guard, and she cums immediately from the overwhelming pleasure. She moans lusciously and clutches the sheets, then relaxes and pants noisily for about half a minute before recovering enough to speak.

"Well that's a lovely way to wake up. But isn't it kind of early?" She yawns to emphasize her point. It is early in the morning, but you also went to bed shortly after nightfall. Unless you woke up a lot earlier than you had intended, you should've both gotten at least eight hours of sleep. And you certainly feel well rested.

"Yes, but that's because there's so much for us to do today! Get dressed so we can begin the day."

You can hear Koakuma sit up and stretch. "So what's for breakfast?"

"Breakfast can come later. We have to get up bright and early today!"

She yawns again. "Ughhhh. What's so 'bright' about this?" You light a lantern to answer her question, finally illuminating your room. Koakuma simply looks tired with her partially closed eyes and slumped shoulders, and not nearly as grumpy as she sounds. Her normally well-combed hair is a frumpled mess; it'll probably take her a long time to fix it, but for now it's actually really cute.

"C'mon, get dressed. There's something I want to show you, and we don't have much time."

"Yeah, yeah. Just..."she pauses to yawn once again, then continues. "... Gimme a second, okay?" She pulls her panties back up, then gets off the bed and heads out the door to grab her dried clothes. In the meantime, you strip out of your sleepwear and select an outfit to wear. Koakuma returns a few seconds later and tosses her clothes onto the futon, then starts changing into them. Neither one of you worries about privacy. It's far too early in the morning for any of that, even for Koakuma. Once she's finished dressing, Koakuma takes out a comb that she had hidden somewhere in her clothes and runs it through her hair a few times. It's a bit of a pity, as you would've liked more time to admire her bed head, but her straightened hair is nice too.

"Are you ready now?"

"I guess? What are we going to do?" Koakuma doesn't look tired anymore, at least. Turning on the light probably helped her wake up.

"We're heading outside for a bit. Shouldn't be too long. Then we can have breakfast."

"Well, alright. But was it really necessary to get up so early?"

"Yep. This is something you have to do before the day even starts. And then we'll have plenty of time to be together before we finally have to bring you home."

"Yeah, that's true." She walks over to you and hugs you tightly. "Okay, let's go. I'm eager to see what all the fuss is about." She flashes you a brilliant smile, the first of the day. You take her hand with yours and head outside, stopping to put your shoes on.

It's dark outside, but the light from the moon and a handful of street lamps provide enough light for you to keep from stumbling. There aren't any clouds in the sky, at least none illuminated by the moon, so today promises to be a beautiful day. Normally you'd be familiar with the road here, but yesterday's storm could have easily left uncleared debris in the way. The soil is still damp, but there don't appear to be any puddles remaining. That's one good thing, at least.

For what you have planned, you need to guide Koakuma out towards the village gate. You can stay on the road for most of the short trip, but you will need to leave it to get the best view. Hopefully the grass will have absorbed most of the water, or will at least keep the ground steady.

Everyone else is still asleep at this early hour, so your trip is entirely uneventful. The chirping of crickets and other assorted night insects are the only sounds outside of your own soft footsteps. You walk outside of the village and follow the perimeter to the eastern wall, where you settle down and wait.

"So, what are we doing here?" Koakuma asks. She's giving you the benefit of the doubt, but she naturally wants an explanation.

"Sorry, but you'll just have to wait a little bit longer." As you say this, you notice the sky becoming slightly brighter. It's starting, although it seems that Koakuma hasn't noticed the small change; she's simply staring ahead, unsure of what to expect. While you wait, you stand by her side and wrap your arm around her shoulder. This will ensure that she's facing the right direction, and it has the added bonus of keeping her warm body close to you.

The first hints of orange light peek out from the horizon. Moments later, the sun's orange sphere appears and rises majestically into the sky, covering everything you can see with its brilliant rays. Koakuma finally notices what you brought her out here for and watches the sunrise with her mouth open in awe - without staring directly at the sun, of course. She stays silent for the next few minutes, just watching the horizon grow brighter and brighter. You figured that she had never seen the sunrise before, considering her admitted lack of exposure, and it seems that you were right.

You stand at her side and watch the spectacle with her. After another five minutes, she finally lets out a hushed ?thank you." By now, the sun is completely visible, so the sunrise itself is over. Koakuma turns away from the horizon to face you with a beautiful smile as bright as the sun. "Thank you so much for showing me this. I had no idea the sun could be so beautiful." She wraps her arms around you and gives you a tight embrace for a second, then takes a step back.

"That was worth getting up for, wasn't it?"

"Of course! Thank you again!"

"You are very welcome." The two of you stand there for another minute and watch the early morning sky before you speak again. "Shall we head back? I'm getting pretty hungry now, since we haven't had breakfast yet." Koakuma agrees and takes your hand into hers for the short trip back. The return trip is equally uneventful, although by now a few people have awoken and have gone outside to tend to their crops or just stretch. None of them pay you or your demoness companion any mind as they go about their business.

You walk back into your house and close the door after Koakuma. "Did you want any help?" she asks as you walk towards the kitchen.

"Nah. I can handle it myself, and I'd like to treat you today. I'll just make a quick breakfast. You could prepare tea if you want to help, since you made such excellent tea last time."

"Okay. Just a minute." Koakuma puts some water on to boil and gets out some of your tea leaves. Let's see; you're pretty hungry already, so you want something filling but also quick. The best way to do that would be to make a bunch of simple side dishes. Today's menu shall be miso soup, rice, scrambled eggs, bread, raw vegetables, and nori.

Cooking doesn't take long, as you can prepare everything in parallel, and after twenty minutes you carry the first set of dishes towards the table. The rice is still steaming in the pot, but you'd really like to start eating now. Koakuma is already seated, and two cups of tea rest on the table. You join her, give a cordial greeting, and dig into the food immediately. There's no conversation during breakfast, as it appears that Koakuma is just as hungry as you are; the room is silent save for the clinking of utensils against the bowls. The food is just your usual cooking, so the taste is nothing amazing, but it's still very welcome to your empty stomach.

After a few minutes have passed, you get up and check on the rice. It's ready now, so you bring it out to the table and add it to the menu. You dish some out for Koakuma and take the rest for yourself, then finish eating.

"That was a wonderful meal, thank you."

"I'm glad you liked it. Was there anything special you wanted to do today, Koa?"

"Sex." And she jumps right to the chase, skipping any pretext or subtlety. "After all, I need to pay you back for waking me up so early in the morning." She gets down on her hands and knees and slowly crawls towards you with a predatory grin on her face. Her tail swings back and forth near the ground as she approaches, and her ample breasts and butt sway with her motions. Her expression gives you the feeling that she's going to pounce on you and suck you dry, then hold you in her embrace until you finally recover, only to repeat the process again and again. You take a step back, but realize the futility of escaping such a beast.

Well, you doubt she'll actually go that far, but there's no harm in playing along a little. "I-Is that really necessary? I mean, you woke up early, but it was to an orgasm and a wonderful sunrise. You enjoyed that, right? Right?"

"Yes. It was lovely. That's why I need to repay you." She jumps up into the air, no doubt assisted by her ability to fly, and holds her hands out with her fingers spread to resemble claws. Her descent seems impossibly slow, once again likely due to her flight, and she finally lands on top of you after a few seconds of nearly hanging still in the air. There's almost no force from her landing due to her slow speed, but she gently pushes you to the ground as soon as she lands. You offer no resistance as she pins you against the floor. Her predatory smile turns into a satisfied grin, and she moves her head down to your chest to deeply breathe in the scent of her catch.

You reach up to her chest and squeeze one of her voluptuous breasts through her shirt. She purrs in response and moves her head towards your neck, where she gives you collarbone a quick lick. "Mmm, you love my boobs, don't you? Not that I can blame you. They're really nice, after all." She arches her back slightly, giving you a little more room to feel them. In response, you add your other hand and start to caress both of her soft mounds. Your erection presses uncomfortably against the fabric of your pants, dying to be released so it can enter this wonderful woman once again. "How about I use my breasts, then? Wouldn't you love to have your cock surrounded by my heavy tits?"

Use her breasts? You've never heard of someone doing that before, but you can at least imagine what it entails. Koakuma servicing you, holding your penis in that tiny space between her breasts, completely covering it with the soft, milky skin. The thought alone makes your shaft throb with anticipation.

"Yes. Please. I'd love you to." Koakuma smiles again at your enthusiasm and slowly backs up until her chest is an inch above your crotch. Then she sits up and slowly unbuttons her shirt, tantalizing you with her slow, deliberate movements. Her lacy bra comes into view after a few buttons have come off, giving you a clear view of her impressive cleavage. She stops for a second to slide your pants down and give your throbbing erection a few experimental strokes while you stare at her chest. The sight of the tight space in her cleavage makes you want to slide your penis in and savor the feeling of her breasts, but you restrain yourself. You've never done this before, so it's simply best to trust in her expertise and let her handle this. Koakuma stops unbuttoning her shirt about halfway down and instead unfastens her bra, setting it aside before she pulls her large breasts out into the open.

Koakuma leans forward and surrounds your penis with her huge breasts, cupping them with her hands to keep them together. The contrast of their weight and softness assaults your sensitive shaft, forcing a satisfied groan out of you. It feels even better than you expected. She grins at your reaction and lets out a seductive ?Mmm? as she starts to move slowly, lifting her heavy breasts up and down with her hands and stroking you with their creamy flesh. Your penis is just long enough to stick out from her cleavage when she presses her breasts into your waist, and she leans forward to give the tip a little lick each time it appears.

The soft pressure around your shaft has you moaning constantly. It feels nothing like entering her vagina, but the stroking from her silky smooth skin still floods your mind with pleasure. Her slow pace is arduous, but you can tell that it'd be uncomfortable for both of you if she moved too fast. Even her warm breath against your tip is enough to make your sensitive penis quiver, and the occasional lick she gives you sends shivers down your spine.

After a few minutes of this, she gives your tip a nice, long lick and covers your penis in her saliva, which her breasts to spread all over your shaft. Now that it's properly lubricated, she begins to move much faster, rapidly raising and lowering her impressive bosom. The immense pleasure from her soft, silky skin is too much for you to bear, even though she's no longer licking it as well. You don't even last five minutes before you ejaculate, covering her face and the tops of her breasts with your thick semen. She giggles as the hot globs touch her skin, and stops to scoop some off her face and lick it up after you've finished.

"So, how was it? Did you enjoy my titfuck?" As if the answer to that wasn't already plastered on her face. Your mind is still in a daze from the orgasm, so you only manage to nod meekly in response. "Wonderful! But don't tell me you're finished already." She switches to a coquettish tone and stands up to take off her skirt and panties. The fabric of her underwear clings to her soaked vagina, and a few drops of her juices run down her thighs and onto the floor once the silky black barrier is removed. Her face is also flushed with arousal; you'd been too fixated on your own pleasure to notice until now, but it's clear that she's enjoying this as well. "After all, you still need to fuck me."

Your penis regains its full strength at the sight of such a beautiful woman lusting for your body. Koakuma licks her lips seductively at the sight of your organ before turning around and lowering herself onto it, skipping any further foreplay. She moans lustfully as her drenched vagina swallows the entirety of your hard shaft, then purrs as she grinds her hips against yours. The softness from using her breasts was incredible, but nothing can compare to actually being inside of this amazing woman. Taking the initiative once again, she starts to ride your length, moaning lustfully with each movement.

Her breasts must be swaying beautifully right now, but you can't see them from your current position. This simply will not do. You sit up and press your chest against her back, then wrap your arms around to her front and grab onto her pillowy breasts. They're still hidden from your eyes, but not from your hands. Koakuma purrs softly as you massage her breasts and pinch her nipples, enjoying the extra attention while she pleasures herself with your length. You part her hair and plant kisses all along her neck and left shoulder, savoring the hint of sweat on her smooth skin.

Koakuma's cries of pleasure grow louder and louder. It's only been about three minutes now, but the searing pleasure from the hot, wet folds wrapped tightly around your shaft have already brought you to the edge. Her heavy panting makes you think that she's close as well, so it should be safe to cum. There's no way you could hold out any longer. You let go of her breasts and collapse back to the floor as you ejaculate, filling her hungry vagina with your thick semen. She lets out a loud moan as she climaxes with you, and she holds your penis deep inside of her as it twitches and coats her walls with your sperm.

You lie down flat against the floor, too exhausted to want to move after ejaculating so much in such a short amount of time. Koakuma gets up off your penis as her own orgasm finishes, letting some of the overflowing semen drip out onto your waist as she turns around and climbs on top of you. Her huge breasts and erect nipples press into your chest, but you're not in any state to fully appreciate them. She smiles and gives you a quick kiss, keeping her beautiful face right up against yours. The most you can do in return is wrap your arms around her waist and hold her close to you. Neither of you say anything, simply enjoying each other's warmth and the afterglow of your orgasms.

"That was wonderful." Koakuma speaks up after a few minutes. You're feeling much better now, but you're still content to just lie here. "Thank you."


"Wanna go again?"

"No! Please." Is she trying to kill you? "Um, I mean, I think we should stick to relaxing stuff for now. Like reading. Reading is good."

"That is true. But first, how about taking a bath together? That's sounds nice and relaxing, right?" It does, actually. A bath would be lovely now that you're all sweaty from sex. So long as Koakuma doesn't use the nakedness as an opportunity to try anything.

"Sure. I think it's big enough for both of us, as long as we don't need to move around a lot. But I can't fathom any reason why we would do anything but relax. I'll draw it right away." You get up off the floor and head for your bathroom to heat the water. It's actually been a while since you last bathed, since you haven't done it since Koakuma arrived, but the water is still good, though cold. It should be hot by the time you finish washing each other off.

Koakuma walks in shortly after you do, now completely naked. Her skin is still a little flushed from the sex, and a thin coating of sweat shimmers on her body in the sunlight coming in through the window. She's absolutely gorgeous, as always. You quickly take off your clothes and sit down on the stool, with Koakuma in front of you. She got dirtier than you did, so it'd be best to wash her off first.

You pour the water over her back and long hair, then start scrubbing her back with the washcloth. Her skin feels so smooth and delicate that you're afraid you'll somehow damage it if you apply too much force. Once her back is clean, you ask her to turn around so she can wash yours.

Koakuma picks up the washcloth and scrubs your lower back clean, softly humming to herself as she works. She's using just enough force to thoroughly clean your skin, and the slight pressure feels good against your fatigued body. You didn't get as sweaty as she did, so she quickly moves up to your shoulders. She holds her body against yours as she works, pressing her soft boobs against your body and jiggling them slightly with her movements. You're still too out of it to find this sexually appealing, but it does still feel nice to have her soft flesh resting against your skin.

You don't need any help to clean your front, so the two of you take turns using the washcloth to scrub yourselves. Not that you'd mind gently rubbing your hand between her breasts or anything, but considering how little experience you have with her body, it's probably best to let her take care of herself. Once you've finished with your chest, you pass the cloth back to Koakuma and dip your hand into the water to test the temperature. Nice and hot, perfect for melting away fatigue.

You climb into the bath and sigh contentedly as the heat flows into your body. It's been way too long since you had a chance to relax like this. Koakuma finishes washing herself and walks over to the tub, then gives the water a quick test with the tip of her foot before slipping in opposite you. Her long legs brush against yours as she lowers herself into the water, and her feet eventually find themselves near your waist. It's a little cramped since the tub was not designed for two people, but the closeness does add a certain degree of intimacy. She lies back in the water and lets herself sink in up to her neck, obviously enjoying the experience as much as you are.

The two of you soak in the tub without saying anything. The bath just feels so good that there's really no reason to try. It's so much nicer to just relax. Koakuma lifts her shoulders up out of the water after a few seconds and drapes her arms over the rim of the bathtub for support. Her nipples are just barely covered by the water, but they're still plainly visible. The natural perkiness of her breasts makes it appear like they're floating. You stare for a few seconds and enjoy the gorgeous view of her curves, but don't do anything else. Not that there's room for it anyway.

You get out of the bath once the water turns lukewarm. The heat is nice, but a hot bath can't last forever. You've been unusually active these last few days, in more ways than one, but now you feel full of energy and ready to read for the entire day. Fortunately, you have enough towels to spare: one for each of you to dry off with, and a third for Koakuma to wrap around her long hair. It's somewhat odd to see her without her luxurious hair visible, but it does help show off her slender shoulders - while she's still naked, at least. Once you're dry, you step outside and change into a new set of clothes. Koakuma changes back into her only set, but at this point you have to assume that they're magical in some form. There still isn't a single wrinkle or visible spot on them even though she's worn them for at least three days straight.

You step into the living room and take a seat with your book in hand. There's still half the book to go, so it isn't likely that you'll be able to finish it today. Oh well; you have it for another five days or so. But then there's the other books you rented. All three of them are fairly thick, so maybe you won't be able to finish them in time. Hmm.

"Hey Koa? What if I can't finish reading all of the books I borrowed before the due date?" You ask Koakuma once she steps into the room and picks her book up off the table.

"Well, you can just ask for a renewal. You'll still need to bring the books in before they're due, but as long as you do that you can just ask for another week."

"Oh? Is there a limit to the number of times I can do that?"

"No, but it counts against the total number of books you can have out at once. For example, if you can't return any of your three books, you could still check out another two, but that would be it until you return some of them. It works on the honor system, so please return the books when you're done."

"I'll return everything that I'm finished with, of course. I just wanted to know if I could have more time with anything that I checked out." That should work out perfectly. You give her a bright smile and thank her for the information.

Koakuma sits down next to you and opens up her book to where she left off. The two of you sit in near silence and simply read, with the only sounds being the occasional turning of a page and Koakuma's soft breathing.

The hours pass quickly as you sit, engrossed in your book. Reading in French makes progress slow, but you still manage an acceptable pace. None of the words are outside of your vocabulary; even if they were you could just ask Koakuma for assistance, but you'd rather let her read in peace.

You close your book and stop reading once you notice that you're getting hungry. You made decent progress and finished a little over 100 pages of the book. Still a ways to go, but you're getting there.

"Koa, are you at a good stopping point? It's about time for lunch." It's still before noon, but you've been up since before dawn.

"Hmm? Yeah. I am. Just a second." She scans through the page one last time, then puts in her bookmark and closes the book. Looks like she's getting close to the end.

"Alright. Mind helping out with lunch?" You don't have much food left, so your options are limited, but you also don't want to go back to market now. Maybe tomorrow. There's enough for lunch and dinner still.

"Certainly. What are we having?"

"Hmm. Stir fry, omelette, grilled fish, and some raw vegetables. Sound good? Oh, and can you prepare the tea as well?"

"It does sound good. What should I do?"

"I'll do the fish, the vegetables, and the rice for the stir fry. Could you handle the omelettes and the rest of the stir fry?" Koakuma agrees to your suggestion and starts with the eggs. You grab the fish and place it over the firepit, then measure out the rice as the fire starts. The vegetables won't take long, so you need to get everything else cooking first.

About thirty minutes later, everything is finished and neatly arranged on the table. Koakuma brings out the fresh tea with the last of the food, and the two of you start eating as soon as you sit down.

After eating you return to the living room. There's still plenty before you'll have to take Koakuma back to the library. The best way to pass the time until then is to just relax and read a good book. She's almost at the end of hers, so it shouldn't take long for her to finish. That way she can get closure and not need to borrow one of your books. Letting her borrow it could be an excuse to visit her again, but why would you even need an excuse in the first place?

Both of you return to your earlier seats and grab your books. It's pretty much the exact same scene as before, except that Koakuma is leaning closer to you and is resting her head on your shoulder as she reads. Her long red hair drapes down over your arm, and her lovely scent is a welcome addition to the atmosphere, but you focus on your reading.
File 137330698143.jpg - (545.86KB, 1701x1134 , 60cc4602de02cf71451ff37db895b733.jpg) [iqdb]
Time passes quickly as you sit together, engrossed in your books. After an hour or two, Koakuma closes her book and stretches. There's no bookmark in it.

"Oh? Are you finished already?" You slide your bookmark between the pages you're on as you close your book.

"Yep. Just finished it. It doesn't look like I'll have enough time to read anything else today. When were you planning on returning me?"

"I was thinking after we were done reading. Which would mean right now. There's still plenty of time before evening, though, if you wanted to do something else together."

"I'm sure we can find something to do together." She leans towards you and places her hands on your shoulders, holding her chest over yours without letting them touch. "Can't you? Think of it as a going away present."

"I'd love to." You wrap your arms around her back and hug her, pressing her soft breasts into your chest. She purrs softly in your embrace. "Did you have something in mind?"

"Yes. You've tried every other part of my body, so how would you like to use my butt? I'd love to feel your thick penis fill my anus and cover it with your hot, thick cum. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

"Uh, sure. Okay. Yeah, I'll give it a try if you want." You've never tried anal sex before, largely due to a lack of interest. You never even bothered to ask your previous partners, since you'd always assumed that they were even less interested in it than you were. But with Koakuma, it could still be interesting. Her posterior is certainly beautiful, and the cushioning would be nice against your pelvis. All of that is secondary to how it would actually feel, but if Koakuma is suggesting it herself then she's likely experienced it before. She wouldn't suggest it unless it was going to be enjoyable for both of you.

"Great." She gives you a few kisses on your lips, then slips her tongue in and explores your mouth for a few seconds. You return the affection and gently suck on her lips until she pulls away. "Did you want to start now? Or should we keep doing this?" She breaks the kiss to speak, but resumes twisting her tongue around yours immediately, not stopping to let you respond until she's satisfied.

"Yeah. Let's start now. If it's as good as you're making it sound, then I can't wait to try it out." She pulls away from you a little, giving you a chance to reach your hands up and cup her large breasts. You give them two quick squeezes and move on to unbuttoning her shirt, freeing her cleavage for you to admire. She takes over from there and tosses her shirt onto the ground, then unhooks her bra to expose her beautiful pink nipples. Finally, she stands up and unhooks her skirt, letting it and her panties drop to the floor.

"So, are you ready?" she asks. You're already erect from kissing her, and her naked display is making it very uncomfortable to keep your pants on. You nod meekly to give your consent to the gorgeous girl in front of you. She isn't even doing anything to highlight her body right now - she's simply standing upright with a subdued smile while her hands rest at her sides, but her natural beauty and flawless skin makes her comparable to any work of art. After you confirm your readiness, she turns around and gets down on all fours, sticking her butt out towards you. Her anus and slit are fully visible in this position and her tail hangs limply along the side of one leg.

You stand up, enthralled by her presentation, and quickly tear off your pants to free your throbbing erection. You'd like nothing more than to simply walk up to her and slam your penis into her entrance, but you manage to muster enough restraint to control yourself. Koakuma had asked for anal, so you can't just ignore her request by going for her vagina again, and your inexperience would make rushing into her anus quite unpleasant. Instead, you wait for her guidance, but press your penis between her thighs to savor their heat in the meantime.

Koakuma quickly notices your uncertainty. "Okay, start by rubbing your penis against my slit. It's going to be tight, very tight, so you need to lubricate yourself first with my pussy juice." You obey and gently rub your penis against her drenched opening. It feels nice, and Koakuma shivers for a second from the stimulation, but if there's a trick to properly lubricating yourself you don't really know what it is. "Do that for a few minutes. Later, you can put it in and thrust a few times to make sure it's fully coated, but don't do that yet. For right now, coat some of your fingers and stick them into my ass. Try to loosen me up before the main event."

You take your middle and index finger and gently slide them into her wet vagina. Once they feel sufficiently damp, you try to slide your middle finger into her anus but meet an incredible amount of resistance as soon as it enters her. Her anal ring clamps down on it, making any progress extremely difficult. Is it really possible to fit a penis? However, the intense tightness and heat surrounding your finger is strangely alluring, and you suddenly find yourself aching to stick your penis into her amazingly tight hole. If even your finger can feel good inside it, then your sensitive shaft would definitely feel incredible. But now is not the time to rush, and you limit yourself to lubricating your penis and slowly thrusting your finger in and out. Koakuma has assured you that it'll feel much better if you wait, and you trust her advice.

Her anus feels a bit looser after about half a minute of slow thrusting, so you add your index finger and gently wriggle them around inside of her. The tightness returns when you force the second finger in, but subsides as her anus relaxes and accepts the new intrusion. Does this mean that she's ready? She hasn't said anything yet, so probably not. Instead, you continue your gentle thrusts into her anus and along her slit. Koakuma seems to be largely unresponsive to your stimulation; you've heard a few soft moans, but you're pretty sure that was from the tip of your penis rubbing against her clit rather than anything being done to her butt. You just hope she'll actually be able to enjoy it once you get started for real.

"That should be enough." After another minute, Koakuma speaks up and asks you to move on. Her breath is only slightly ragged from the stimulation, and the change is barely noticeable. You follow her earlier advice and slowly slide your penis into her vagina and give it two slow thrusts, causing her to let out a brief satisfied moan. Once your shaft is fully coated, you pull out and press the tip against the opening of her anus.

The feeling of unassailable tightness returns as you attempt to slide your shaft into her opening. Your member is significantly wider than your two fingers, so even with the plentiful lubricant from her vagina, movement is still extremely difficult. Koakuma lets out a grunt of what sounds like discomfort as her anus swallows your tip, but she doesn't ask you to stop or even slow down. Is it hurting her? It doesn't seem like it, especially given her lack of protest. In contrast, you feel absolute bliss from her tight walls squeezing your sensitive shaft like a vise. The sensation is nothing like using her vagina - which is certainly amazing in its own way. The only problem is your partner, who doesn't seem to be enjoying herself at all right now. You'd hate to drown in pleasure at her expense.

Sensing your indecision, Koakuma gently pushes back to edge your shaft deeper inside of her. It seems you had stopped moving for a second out of misplaced concern. If she's actively accepting your penis, then it would be rude to stop halfway because you think you know her body better than she does. You resume the penetration at a slightly faster pace, suddenly finding it easier to move than before.

You stop once your length is about three-quarters of the way in. It feels like you've hit a wall, and trying to go any further would just cause the unrelenting tightness to crush your penis. Judging by Koakuma's state, however, it isn't necessary to go deeper anyway. She's panting heavily now, like she does when you're in the middle of a heavy session of love making. You can't say for certain that she's feeling good right now, but she's definitely feeling something.

"That's good," Koakuma says between breaths, "Now, keep moving. It won't be as tight as before, so you can go a little faster now." You carefully pull out of her, moaning as her anus squeezes your shaft, then slowly drive it back in as far as you can. It is indeed much easier to move now, but the almost oppressive tightness and heat are still sending waves of pleasure through your mind. The pace is still slow, relative to vaginal sex, but you feel that if you could go any faster you'd just end this experience too quickly.

Once you develop a steady rhythm, Koakuma begins to moan and thrust her butt backward in time with your movements. It's good to know that she's actually enjoying this, but her movements are somewhat distracting. You're still unable to move very fast, so her ?contribution? is really just making it that much more awkward to thrust. Her moans are sultry, but not as unrestrained or vocal as they were with your earlier sessions. She can't be feeling as good as you are, and the one-sided nature of this intercourse is making you feel guilty. Hmm.

Well, there's no reason to only stimulate one of her erogenous zones. Keeping your left hand on her hip for support, you lean forward and reach around to give her erect clit a quick little touch. She immediately lets out a cute little yelp and clenches her anus around your shaft. Yep, this will definitely work. You gently rub your fingers against her lips and clit as you pound her anus, and the added stimulation causes her to moan more freely. Your attention is divided between her two holes, so you can't pleasure her as well as you'd like on the second front, but it's still better than nothing.

Another minute of steady thrusting passes. The pleasure from her amazing body is becoming unbearable, and it's taking all of your willpower to just stop yourself from cumming. You do your best to continue fingering Koakuma, but it's far too difficult to do anything resembling a proper job at this point. Sadly, she doesn't seem anywhere close to her orgasm, but you don't know how much longer you can hold out. Maybe if you focus solely on her clit, and hold out for another thirty -

You groan loudly as you ejaculate into her anus, holding your shaft deep inside of her as she squeezes out a long series of thick spurts. She moans in pleasure as the hot, thick cum fills her hole, but she doesn't orgasm herself. Once the eighth and final shot exits your urethra, you pull out and slump down against the floor. A small bit of your semen leaks out and runs down her butt, but due to her position most of it is staying put within her body. The whole event took less than fifteen minutes, including the preparation, but thrusting into her tight anus has left you physically tired and mentally exhausted.

After a short rest, still on all fours, Koakuma gets out of that position and crawls towards you as you lie on the floor. She leans over you, filling your vision with her beautiful face and her long red hair as it drapes over your field of vision.

"So? Did you enjoy it?" Koakuma asks.

"Yes. It was absolutely amazing. Truly exquisite. Did it feel good for you too, Koa?"

"Of course. It's always nice to mix things up a bit, don't you agree?" You slowly nod in approval, then wrap your arms around her back and hold her naked body against yours. Right now, you want nothing more than to stay here like this and savor your contact with Koakuma. The two of you stay like that for about fifteen minutes, with the only sounds being your soft breathing. Eventually, you remove your arms from around her and let them drop to your sides.

"Well, shall we get going now?"

"Yeah. I guess we need to, huh? Just let me get dressed first." She moves out of the way and helps you stand up. The two of you grab your scattered articles of clothing and put them back on. "Okay. Let's go."

"Ah, do you have your card with you? You'll need that when we get there." Oops. You just got the thing, so you're not yet used to carrying around with you. If she hadn't said something, you probably wouldn't have thought you needed it at all. You run back and pick it up, then return to the front door where Koakuma is waiting for you. Now that you're actually ready, you take Koakuma's hand in yours and step outside.

The return trip is similar to your earlier trip back from the library. Once again, neither of you say anything, but this time that's because there's little left to say. You've spent three days with this wonderful woman and been intimate with her many times. It's still bright out and the village is bustling with activity, but aside from a few curious glances no one pays you any mind.

The imposing gate of the mansion soon comes into view, with the same gatekeeper watching diligently over it. She bows to Koakuma when the librarian comes into view, but says nothing. You walk past the gate and along the hastily constructed path to the library entrance, where you open the doors to Koakuma's home.

It seems that interest in the library has died down already. There are still a few patrons browsing the bookshelves, and four people are sitting at the reading stations you can see, but the place is still nearly empty relative to the activity you saw on the first day.

A librarian fairy with a maid headdress is sitting at the front desk, taking advantage of the inactivity by reading a book. She puts her book away as you walk up to the desk and looks up to you once you reach it. She smiles as she recognizes Koakuma, but retains her professional attitude and doesn't say anything beyond a simple ?good afternoon."

You wrap your arm around Koakuma's back and let your hand rest on her shoulder, then turn to face the librarian fairy. "Hello. I'd like to get a renewal, please."
Suddenly Koakuma and god damn I like it!
Very high quality and the length was great!
really really awesome
Great stuff. I wish there was more stuff about Koa learning about life outside the library.
Glorious. This is simply glorious. Thank you for sharing this with us.
File 138595844184.jpg - (193.91KB, 648x906 , b450905bcfc57613bca02a3574407103.jpg) [iqdb]
"Is everything ready, Koakuma?" Patchouli asks her assistant. The two of them are alone in their massive library, amidst a mountain of piled-up books and overflowing bookshelves. Before them is the sole empty spot on the floor, which bears a large hand-drawn summoning circle. The circle is reinforced with multiple layers of seals and barriers to ensure the upcoming occupant's full cooperation.

"Yes! I'm all set over here, Lady Patchouli!" The little devil responds cheerfully, eagerly awaiting the new arrival.

Patchouli begins to softly chant. She focuses all of her attention on the crystal in her hand, searching through the aether for a suitable target. A magician of her class deserves nothing less than the finest servant, so it takes quite a bit of time to filter out the unworthy. Finally, she discovers someone of interest. A fearsome major demon, all but forgotten in the human world. It seems he was last summoned just under a thousand years ago, when he completed his ?task? in under a day and unsummoned himself in the center of the resulting firestorm. No one has touched him since. Patchouli makes a note of his name, and then erases it - he won't be needing it anymore.

A column of flame suddenly bursts out of the floor, fully contained by the circle. Patchouli remains entirely unfazed by the massive tower; the heat is unable to penetrate the circle, and she simply ignores the nearly blinding light produced by the eight meter wide inferno. The flame dies down after just a few seconds, leaving only smoldering embers on the floor, but the entire enclosed space remains filled with thick smoke. The silhouette of a massive winged figure is barely discernible through the smoke screen, and the faint roar of heavy breathing rumbles out from the center. The demon is here.

The creature spreads its wings wide, their tips almost touching the edge of the eight meter barrier. It gives them a single flap, causing a gust of wind to blow the smoke around. The dark cloud dissipates in the field, despite not having anywhere to go, revealing the demon in full for the first time. It is shaped like a human, but with an absolutely massive frame; the demon stands at least two and a half meters tall, with arms and legs like tree trunks and an extremely thick upper body with prominent toned abs. Two thin, sharp horns jut out from the top of its broad head. Its skin is extremely dark, only kept from complete blackness by a slight maroon tint. The eyes are the most unusual feature, as they glow pure white in stark contrast to the dark skin all around them. The demon keeps its wings fully expanded, holds out its hands to emphasize its six centimeter long claws, and bares its jagged teeth in an attempt to terrify its summoner.

He must have been practicing, Patchouli thinks to herself.

?Raawwrrrgghhh!? The demon lets out a roar that echoes throughout the silent library. ?Who dares to summon me?! What sort of deed do you desire, that you would risk the burning hellfire to achieve it??

Patchouli stares at the demon for a second, her flat gaze not wavering in the slightest. She decides not to lecture the newcomer for shouting in a library like that. Not this time.

"I'd like to rearrange my books, but I don't have enough help. I need you to assist me." Patchouli points to a waist-high jumble of books to the demon's side, where Koakuma struggles to carry a stack of ten books in her arms while balancing three more atop of her head. She desperately flaps her back wings to alleviate some of the weight, but this does nothing to cancel the magical interference that emanates from some of the tomes.

"What?! You... you called me for something like that? You waste my time with something so trivial! I am the greatest demon your world has ever seen! I can envelop an entire city in flames with a single flap of my wings! The combined armies of the world would be helpless against my might! And you would ask me to move some books around??

"Be quiet. You are in a library. But yes, that's all I need from you. If you don't like it, you're free to refuse. I'll just terminate your contract, in that case."

?Don't get cocky you little bitch!? The demon charges towards Patchouli, swiping his claws against the barrier with enough force to level a building. However, the barrier easily stops his attack, a bright light emanating from the point of contact and burning the demon's hand. He continues his futile attempt to claw through the barrier, ignoring the pain shooting through his arm as Patchouli's spell disintegrates his fingers on contact. Patchouli remains entirely unconcerned with the demon's struggling, even as her energy is drained to power the shield. She sighs after half a minute, tired of watching her potential new servant's infantile flailing. With a single word, she fires a powerful spell right at the demon, knocking him away from the barrier and onto his back.

"You are free to refuse, but I will not have you putting on this childish show. Make up your mind this instant: will you assist me, or will I need to terminate your contract?"

"...I accept." The consequences of termination are too dire, and this demon has not seen any employment in centuries, so he has little choice but to accept this insane request.

"Well then, could you get started right away?"



"What do you want now?"

"You will address me as 'mistress' from now on. Do you understand me?"

"Yes.... mistress."


This impudent little bitch! Who does she think she is, giving such a worthless task to such a proud and mighty demon? And yet, there is nothing that he can do about this. Patchouli is far too strong a magician for him to fight while under contract, and he knows it. In theory, he could simply wait until the end of his term, but he knows better than to dream of such fantasies. The books will not be the end of it. There will be some other chore to do after that, and then another, and another. He will need to find some way out on his own.

The demon gets off the ground as his blinding rage subsides, replaced by a mere seething hatred. The summoning circle and its barrier have been gone since he first uttered the word ?mistress," enabling him to start on his assigned task. With nothing to use as an excuse, and not wanting another taste of discipline, he walks past his new mistress and towards the mess of books.

On his way, the demon takes a good look at his mistress. In addition to being a powerful magician, she is also an exceptionally fine chunk of meat. Her sole piece of clothing is a long camisole with straps over the shoulders; it's cut low enough to show a hint of cleavage from her huge tits, and the bottom stops just short of her knees. Her bare legs are long and fairly plump, connected to an equally plump and very squeezable ass. Her clothing tightly hugs her body and greatly emphasizes all of her curves, despite appearing to be a loose garment - no doubt the work of some magic that the wench uses to lure in men. There's a fair bit of meat on her belly as well; less than the demon would prefer, but still enough to make her desirable.

Her wide hips are the most alluring part of her body to the demon's eye. She might actually be able to take his massive cock without damaging her body. That whore would certainly make a fine vessel for his offspring, considering both the voluptuousness of her body and her obscene magical reserves. Simply attempting to rape her would result in a fate worse than death, of course, but it still gives the demon a goal to work towards. Making that bitch into his sex slave would even invalidate his contract, and give him a nice prize to take back with him. He has no plan for how to achieve that, but something will come to him. He can think of something while he works.

The task itself is simple, but if anything that simply infuriates the demon further. The piles of books in this part of the library seem to go on without end.. The building was expanded recently to contain additional bookshelves, and now those shelves need to be filled. The immense power stored within some of these tomes prevents magical relocation, so they must all be carried over by hand. Many of the books are filled with an absurd amount of power, further illustrating the immense power of this magician, while others are simply mundane novels.

The demon is not alone, of course. Patchouli's other servant is a lesser demon known only as Koakuma. She doesn't radiate the same frightening energy as her mistress, and she appears to only be useful for carrying books around - which she isn't even that good at. Koakuma struggles to carry eight books at a time, including two on her head, while the newcomer is able to carry a stack of ten in each hand with ease.

No words are spoken between the two servants as they work. The demon has no interest in conversation, and dares not risk speaking out against Patchouli to her. She is a complete unknown - it is unclear if she is voluntarily loyal to Patchouli, if she is as rebellious as him and is biding her time as well, or if her spirit has been completely broken by that slave driver. Subterfuge has never been the demon's strong point, so he decides that it is not worth the risk to try and discover her loyalties.

On the other hand, the demoness is quite fine herself. She lacks Patchouli's sheer voluptuousness, but she still has an impressive pair of tits, silky red hair that flows down to her toned ass, and long legs that are fully exposed beneath her extremely short miniskirt. Regardless of her loyalties, she will make a fine prize after Patchouli is disposed of. As a demon, she should have no trouble joining her mistress as his personal breeding-slut, even without the latter's wide hips.

The hours pass as the demon continues to work and plan. Patchouli stays seated at her desk, frequently alternating between reading from one tome and writing in another. She never looks up, but the demon can feel her monitoring his progress regardless. That clairvoyance would prevent any kind of sneak attack.

And then, an opportunity presents itself. Six hours after the summoning, Patchouli stands up from her desk and addresses the two workers.

"I am going to sleep now. Continue working in the meantime. You may both take a four hour break after another two hours have passed. You will then resume working. I will see you in the morning, and I expect to see at least another five hundred books moved, based on your current rate."

She doesn't wait for a response before turning towards some corner of the massive library. Despite the lack of attention, the other servant still calls out after her in an enthusiastic (but still quiet) voice: ?Good night, lady Patchouli! Sleep well. We'll have more than five hundred finished, for sure!"

Two hours until a break? The demon can suffer through that. Even without Patchouli's supervision, there is still too much risk in leaving early. Koakuma does appear to be loyal to her mistress, and it is possible that it takes a long time for the magician to reach a deep sleep. No, it is far better to wait. Two hours of carrying books is nothing compared to what the demon will put her through.

To the demon's surprise, Koakuma actually chooses to rest once the two hours have passed. He expected her to simply continue working throughout, considering her earlier enthusiasm. Instead, she sits in the chair Patchouli was using and leans backward, holding her hands against her head. There are no other seats visible in the library, so her choice was simply born of necessity, rather than a desire to imitate her mistress or read her books. In any event, this is fortunate for the demon, as he is not pressed to explain why he silently walks off into the same corner of the library that Patchouli moved to.

He finds her room easily, as she walked straight there on an easily followed path. There's a powerful barrier surrounding the room as well, but because the demon is now her servant, he is able to cross it without issue. Either she inexplicably trusts the demon enough to not secure her sleeping quarters, or she simply neglected to account for the additional servant. Either way, this is fortuitous for the demon, and he advances on her sleeping form unchallenged.

Patchouli is sound asleep in her simple western-style bed. There's little flair in the design, although the sheets are made of very high quality silk. The demon pulls the fine sheet off of her, revealing her slumbering body still clothed in the same revealing clothes she wore in the library.

For such a high class mage, she is surprisingly careless in her defenses. Her body is shielded by multiple magical fields protecting it from all harm, but there is nothing to protect against indirect threats - for example, a sleep spell that will prevent her from waking while the demon ravages and corrupts her body. Magic is not the demon's forte, but he still has enough power to ensure that she doesn't wake up.

The demon extends his index finger and runs a claw down along her clothes, perfectly tracing a line straight down the entire garment without touching her body. He then pulls the torn clothing off of her body, revealing her massive breasts and fully shaven pussy. As expected, she wasn't wearing any kind of underwear underneath her camisole. His cock grows fiercely erect at the sight of her voluptuous body, eagerly awaiting his chance to corrupt this impudent bitch. He places his hands above her chest and focuses on reciting the sleep spell. It takes ten minutes for the full power of the spell to take effect, but she is already in a natural sleep, so there is nothing to disturb him.

The spell completes without issue, putting Patchouli into a deep sleep, leaving her completely unable to wake up until the demon dispels the magic. He readies his cock, lining it up with the entrance to her cunt. A thin layer of slime around his length will allow him to easily penetrate her without any foreplay. This stupid whore will finally get what she deserves for underestimating such a powerful demon!

Her plump body now fully prepared, the demon slams his massive cock into her cunt with a single thrust, filling her hole with his girth without issue. He moves quickly, ignoring the pleasure from the tightness of her frail mortal pussy around his oversized cock. There's a job that needs to be done before he can enjoy himself, so he ejaculates after just a few seconds, coating her walls with a layer of semen before pulling out and spraying more onto her tits. This is a good start, but she needs to be absolutely soaked in his cum to ensure her obedience.

Next, the demon focuses on her ass. As before, he slams the full length of his cock into her hole, stretching it out to accommodate his massive girth. No matter how much it might hurt, she can't wake from this slumber, so her pain is of no concern to the demon. His seed is already beginning to corrupt her, so now he can take his time and enjoy her delicate anus while he permanently defiles it. He moves more slowly this time, savoring the tightness of her anal walls clamping down on his cock. Once her anus is loose enough to easily accept his cock, he places his hands onto her massive tits and vigorously rubs them, spreading the semen all around her pale flesh. This bitch will have plenty of milk to give to his spawn. The thought of turning this woman into his loyal sex slave excites the demon further, and he quickens his pace as he thrusts against the soft cushion of her ass.

He ejaculates after a few more seconds, filling her hole to the brim with a massive load of his semen. Much of it spills out once he pulls his shaft out of her body, forming a large pool between her legs on the sheets. Her walls are soaked, however, and that's the important thing. Not satisfied with the small taste he had of her delectable cunt, the demon returns his cock to that slutty hole and resumes thrusting. Her pussy easily swallows the demon's shaft, molding its shape to accommodate his tip as it presses against the entrance to her womb. He grunts and moans loudly as his thick cock pushes apart her walls. Patchouli's breathing grows heavier, her face reddening as the stimulation starts to affect her despite the deep sleep. The demon ejaculates again, filling her cunt to the brim with another thick load of semen that oozes down her ass and onto the bed once he pulls out of her.

There's one last hole that needs to be ravaged. The demon climbs on top of the bed and slides his dick into her mouth, shoving it in straight down to her throat. Her jaw is slack in her slumber, making it easy to force her lips apart. His cock brushes against her teeth on its way down, since she can't give a proper blowjob in her sleep, but the skin on his cock is too thick and tough to be damaged by her mundane teeth. Instead, they just give him an additional source of pleasure. He thrusts with reckless fury, enjoying the sensation of defiling the mouth that dared to speak against him. The moist heat from her throat makes the demon grunt in pleasure, the awkward position doing nothing to slow him down. He cums after two minutes, covering her throat in a layer of his semen before pulling his shaft out and covering her tongue, lips, cheeks, and chin as well.

The bitch is almost prepared. The demon's corrupting juices are soaking into her body, and she will be hopelessly addicted to his fat cock by the time she wakes. Her body may resist at first, but her desire will soon overwhelm her will, and she will be helpless to refuse the demon's advances. It won't take long at all until her only desire is to service the demon. Then he can assault Koakuma as well, and patiently wait for the two of them to give birth to the first of his many future children.

Now, what to do with this slutty bitch next? Her long, purple hair could use some semen in it as well. That won't do anything to help her corruption, but it will look nice. But her cunt is exceptionally fine as well, so the demon decides to use that some more first. He moves back to her spread legs and lines the his cock up with her cum-soaked slit once again.

Patchouli opens her eyes.

The demon freezes in shock. His ?victim? rouses herself in spite of his sleep spell, and glares at him with an intensity he would only expect from the deepest, darkest regions of his homeland. However, even after the surprise wears off, he finds himself still unable to move. Without a single word or motion, Patchouli has fully paralyzed the demon.

"Did you really think your pathetic tricks could work on me, you worthless boar?"

Patchouli sits up and effortlessly pushes the demon down onto the bed. She then climbs on top of him, needlessly pinning his arms against the sheets. He is able to move his eyes to follow her movements, but he can't even move his mouth to speak.

"You should've stuck to your job, demon. It's the only thing you could've hoped to do properly. Were you trying to turn me into your sex slave, or something ridiculous like that? Know your place, demon. Still, you do have a fantastic penis, so I think I will return the favor."

Patchouli grabs the demon's cock with one hand and runs it up and down his length. He can't control his movements due to her magic, but this doesn't stop his shaft from throbbing in response to her touch. Her hand doesn't linger, and she pulls it away after just a few seconds and straddles the demon, lining her slit up with the tip of his massive cock. She lowers herself onto his length, easily swallowing the entirety of his shaft down to the base. Pleasure shoots through the demon's body as her tight walls clamp down on his dick; his body suddenly feels more sensitive now that he's been paralyzed, likely as a result of more of her magic.

He feels another orgasm approaching already, but the feeling is abruptly cut off as the magician uses yet another spell to lock his semen in. She begins to move, placing both hands on his chest and quickly sliding up and down along his length. Her lustful moans echo throughout the small room, while the demon is forced to silently endure the searing pleasure. Patchouli moves quickly but does not increase her pace, preferring to savor her attacker's agony over trying to reach orgasm herself. Nothing is visible on his frozen face, but Patchouli can still sense his suffering. His cock throbs continuously, desperately trying to ejaculate into her soaked cunt, but nothing is able to come out.

The torture continues for another fifteen minutes, by which time Patchouli has grown weary of being in the same position without cumming herself. With a simple thought, she releases the spell on his testicles, causing him to ejaculate repeatedly from the backed up pleasure. Countless globs of thick semen shoot out into her greedy pussy, and she orgasms with him as her womb fills to the brim with his hot cum. He's still ejaculating when Patchouli climbs off of him, prompting the magician to lower her mouth to his tip and happily drink his overflowing semen until he finally stops ejaculating. Patchouli is not yet satisfied, however, and she prepares to have some more fun with her new toy.


There is a knock on the door to Patchouli's room. "Lady Patchouli? I've brought you some tea."

"Oh, Sakuya? Please come in. You'll need to wait a minute, though; I'm almost finished."

Sakuya opens the door and is immediately assaulted by the overpowering stench of semen and vaginal juices. She calmly walks into room, stepping carefully to avoid the larger messes of sexual fluids. Patchouli is on the floor now, still riding her new demon. Her body is completely covered in a thin sheen of semen, with thick pools all over her breasts, lips, and thighs. It leaks out of both her pussy and anus, and her belly is completely swollen from the massive amount of cum inside of her womb. They've been having nonstop sex for the past six hours, with Patchouli taking advantage of the demon's limitless supply of cum to sate her endless sexual appetite.

"Here you are." Sakuya places a tray on a table sufficiently far away from the two to still be relatively clean. "Your tea, and some fresh tea cakes. Did you need anything else, Lady Patchouli?"

Patchouli doesn't answer for a minute, instead focusing on the demon's massive cock inside of her. She bounces up and down along his length, her massive breasts matching her rhythm. After another minute she sighs contentedly, another small trail of cum leaking out of her pussy.

"Need? No." Patchouli looks towards Sakuya, but keeps the demon's dick inside of her. "Did you want to fuck him? I can't trust him to move just yet, but his cock is still fantastic and he cums a lot. Interested?"

"With a... demon, Lady Patchouli? I mean, is that safe?"

"Of course. I've already neutralized his powers, and he can't impregnate you or anything."

Sakuya stares at the two of them. Patchouli looks ecstatic with her body soaked in semen, and the wonderful stench of sex fills her mind and excites her further. It takes her a few seconds to muse it over, but she finally speaks. "Sure. I'd love to, if you'll allow me to borrow your... friend."

"Toy," Patchouli corrects her. She smiles at the maid's acceptance, then calls out to the air. "Koakuma?"

"Yes, Mistress?" Koakuma appears just outside the doorway, her voice slightly muffled by a white breathing mask covering her nose and mouth.

"Oh. Sorry for the smell, Koakuma, but I need you to prepare Sakuya. She will be joining me. You can do it in the library, of course."

"At once, Mistress." Koakuma bows to Patchouli, then turns towards Sakuya. Sakuya bows at Koakuma, and she returns the bow. The two of them never could figure out how to act around one another. "Please, come with me, Miss Sakuya." Koakuma extends her hand, which Sakuya takes, and the two of them walk off out of sight.

Patchouli gets up off the demon and sits at the table to drink her tea. Her inflated belly forces her to sit further away from the table than she'd prefer, and the coating of juices all over her body will stain the wooden chair, but nothing will stop her from enjoying her tea.

File 138595845173.jpg - (576.46KB, 772x1080 , 0cd1abb200c2bd3f958cba5d6394d787.jpg) [iqdb]
Sakuya undresses slowly, first removing her apron and then sliding her miniskirt down to the floor to reveal her lacy black panties and garter belt. Koakuma stops her from going further and gets down on her knees in front of the maid, smiling lasciviously at her partner's exquisite body.

"I apologize for making you do this every time, Miss Koakuma."

"Not at all, Miss Sakuya!" Koakuma smiles and runs a finger over the maid's panties, tracing a line over her slit. Sakuya quivers from the stimulation, already damp after experiencing the intoxicating smell in Patchouli's room. "It is my pleasure to do this. You have such a beautiful pussy, after all," Koakuma adds, as she pulls her panties down to her ankles.

Koakuma immediately starts to flick her tongue against Sakuya's clit and traces it along her lips. She places both her hands on Sakuya's supple ass for support and drives her tongue deep into her fellow servant's folds, causing Sakuya to moan from the pleasure. They've done this many times before, so Koakuma knows all of Sakuya's weak spots, and gently glides her tongue around to stimulate them. Sakuya doesn't want to cum from this, so Koakuma makes certain to move slowly to avoid pleasuring her too much. Even so, the maid's pussy still overflows with juice, which Koakuma readily drinks up and swallows.

She stops after five minutes, which is far longer than was necessary. Sakuya breathes heavily and rubs her legs together, already missing Koakuma's gentle caresses. Koakuma's tonguework brought her to the brink of orgasm, and she would like nothing more than for the little devil to resume. However, it was necessary for her to stop so that Sakuya could fully appreciate the demon's cock, and both girls know this.

"Haah... Thank you, Miss Koakuma. You're always so good at this."

"It's my pleasure. Let me know if you ever need to relax. I'd love to spend the night with you again." Koakuma stands up and gives Sakuya a peck on the lips, then takes a step back with her hands held behind her. Sakuya smiles at Koakuma's invitation, and the two girls bow to one another, before Sakuya excuses herself. Perhaps she will take the little devil up on that offer soon. But for now, she has a cock to ride. She picks her panties up off the ground and walks back to Patchouli's room.

Patchouli is still naked and seated at the table when Sakuya returns. The demon is, unsurprisingly, in the exact same spot, his huge cock pointed upward and waiting for Sakuya's pussy.

"Ah, welcome back. He's ready for you now. I shrunk his cock down to half the size, which should make it easier for you. You'll need to do all the moving yourself, but it should still be very enjoyable for you."

"Wha - that's half size?!" His cock is still a good 25 centimeters long and suitably thick to match. He's easily bigger than any of the other companions she has borrowed from Remilia or Patchouli, although they were only humans. The demon's cock looks unusually small when compared to his massive frame, but is still massive compared to Sakuya's previous partners. He looks like he's twice the size of an adult human, though,so having that big of a dick shouldn't be such a surprise. Still, it's her largest to date, and the thought of having something so big inside of her both excites and intimidates the young maid.

Sakuya climbs on top of the demon and readies herself for the penetration. She looks the demon in the eye, but he doesn't return the gaze. Must be a result of the paralysis, Sakuya thinks to herself. Most men compliment her excessively before lovemaking, praising her exquisite underwear and her lustrous pale skin, but obviously this demon can't do anything of the sort. She didn't even bother taking her top off for this, leaving her sizable breasts covered by her blouse.

After a few deep breaths to mentally prepare herself, Sakuya lowers herself onto the massive penis. She's well lubricated from Koakuma's service, and the shaft is fully covered in various mixed juices, so it enters her with far less difficulty than she had anticipated. Sakuya moans as the thick cock spreads her walls open and completely fills her hungry pussy. Pleasure shoots through her sensitive body, forcing her to move slowly so that her legs don't give out, and she breathes a sigh of relief when she reaches the bottom. It's fully inside of her now.

A few drops of saliva trail down Sakuya's open mouth as she savors the sensation of being so thoroughly filled. She stays like this for a full minute, letting her body adjust to the large cock inside of her before moving. In the meantime, Patchouli sits up from her seat and walks towards the door.

"Koakuma," she calls out to the air. "Please draw a bath for me now." No one appears or responds, but the magician nonetheless seems satisfied, and walks outside the door towards the bath.

Sakuya starts to move, lifting herself up slowly at first but quickly increasing her speed. Her pussy has grown accustomed to the large object inside of it, and there's enough lubrication to make movement easy now. She moans as his cock repeatedly fills and exits her cunt, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body. Patchouli certainly found herself a wonderful ?toy." She'll have to borrow it from her in the future as well.

The massive cock quickly brings her to the brink of orgasm. The mind-searing pleasure interrupts her rhythm and makes it difficult to reach her climax, but she manages a few awkward bounces and cries out loudly as she cums. Her cunt tightens around the demon's cock, causing him to orgasm as well, and he fills her womb with thick globs of his hot semen. Sakuya trembles in place and moans as the cum flows into her pussy, too enamored with the heat filling her body to move. None of her other partners have cum so much, either.

Sakuya barely manages to dismount from the demon's cock before collapsing onto his chest. Her blouse is immediately stained by the layers of semen coating his body, but Sakuya isn't in any position to care at the moment. She simply lies there, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Patchouli will be back in about half an hour, so the maid will have plenty of time to fuck him again after a short rest.

She's definitely going to be using him in the future as well.
It's mentioned that Sakuya has borrowed companions from Remilia and Patchouli before. Does Remilia just take some men from the village home or something?
Some demons have all the luck.
Yep. But not for Patchy

Yeah, pretty much. Think of it like that one scene from Being Meiling, only instead of Remi being treated like a kid, some guy (or guys) winds up in her bedroom.
File 14109186901.jpg - (548.28KB, 500x1500 , lewd professor.jpg) [iqdb]
I wrote this with some help from a certain anon. It was going to be my contest entry, but I couldn't contain all the lewdness in two posts.


Class began with a slight change that day, though none of my students noticed. To them, I was still their ordinary, bespectacled, and humorless linear algebra professor, the same Patchouli Knowledge. I was wearing the same frumpy, conservative clothing as always, as far as they could tell. But for the second time that week, I had decided to indulge myself.

Underneath my loose grey blouse and beige ankle-length skirt, I was wearing a set of lingerie that would have made my students' jaws drop. I keep a large selection at home, one that I'm quite proud of. This morning I decided to put on a translucent, frilly black bra, one that displayed my ample breasts through a thin, silky curtain while giving them just a bit of support. I'd paired them with a pair of black panties to match; the edges were embroidered with elegant flowers and butterflies, and the middle was sheer enough to give the a faint view of the pink lips underneath. To top it off, I had on a matching garter belt with a pair of delightfully smooth, soft stockings; even if anyone saw the stockings beneath my skirt, they'd be indistinguishable from my usual pantyhose.

There was no real reason for it. I didn't have a date after class. No one was going to see me wear these clothes. But, now that I'd locked myself into a lifetime of lectures and paper-grading, this was one of the few sources of excitement I had. I would frequently dress up in front of a mirror at home, striking all sorts of provocative poses... and often masturbating as well. Sometimes I wanted more excitement, though, and nothing beat wearing a scandalous outfit to work. I supposed it would be even more exhilarating to show off to someone else, but who could I possibly have trusted?

The last students rushed into their seats as I turned from the whiteboard. "Good morning, class," I greeted them once they'd settled. "Please pass yesterday's homework up to the front. Today, we will be reviewing eigenvalues, and, if we have time, moving on to eigenvectors."

A standard college groan followed my introduction, and I walked up to the front row and began collecting the stacks of homework. This was the closest I get to my students regularly, and the only time they saw me up close. I couldn't shake the feeling that they were examining me more thoroughly this time... as if they could see what I was wearing underneath.

It must have been my imagination. My bra was less restrictive than the ones I usually wore, but I doubted my bust would look much larger beneath the blouse I was wearing. But as I leaned forward to pick up one stack of papers, I could have sworn I heard a student gulp. Maybe my breasts were hanging down more than usual as I leaned closer..."I only lingered for a second, quickly moving on to the next, but then I felt that their eyes were all over my butt, peering through my skirt at the seductive panties underneath, and the plump cheeks that they barely covered.

Each student would stare at my chest while I collected the homework, or make a show of not staring at my chest, followed by the unmistakable sensation of their eyes following me as I moved on. And as I returned to my podium, it felt like every student had their eyes glued to my plump behind, each of them entertaining their own fantasy about sinking their hands deep in and giving it a dozen rough, hungry squeezes. To my own surprise, I found my lips slowly curving into a smile while my back was turned.

It was exhilarating, but also terrifying - what if they actually could see what I had on? A respectable teacher has no business wearing such underwear, and I was already at risk of being found out after I'd misplaced that other set in the worst possible location. I simply couldn't help myself, even though I knew I'd be caught sooner or later.

It took a minute of needlessly adjusting the markers below the whiteboard for me to calm down and let the color of my flushed face return to normal. Next, I turned around and went to stack the students' homework together, but I felt their eyes upon me again as soon as I turned around.

"Okay, class, let's begin," I said, finally starting the lesson once I had run out of ways to distract myself. "As you know, the first step in finding an eigenvalue is to achieve row-echelon form..."

Even without their staring eyes, it would have been hard to forget what I was wearing. Every time I turned around or stepped to a different part of the whiteboard, I could feel my underwear subtly caressing me. That sheer purple bra was much lighter than what I usually wore, and it shifted over my breasts and nipples with a gentle, delicate scratching. The panties were unusually soft and smooth as well, and I felt the slightest rush of pleasure whenever my movements pulled the luxurious fabric tight to grind against me. My hips gently tugged on the tight garters as I walked, the tension in the straps enough to make my stockings rub and squeeze my legs.

My mind wasn't really on the day's lesson, but I don't think it mattered. No matter how much time passed, I could always feel their eyes on my body, watching my curves rather than the matrices I drew from memory. Most were still diligently writing in their notebooks throughout the lesson, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was just for appearances. It seemed more likely that they were drawing crude depictions of my ass or breasts, or writing inappropriate remarks about me instead.

There wasn't a single lewd comment from my students, but the nervousness kept me a bit flushed and sweaty for the full fifty minutes. I let out a sigh of relief once the class came to an end, and the students began to leave. I swore to myself that I would never do this again... for the fortieth time. It was too exhilarating, the constant feeling of being watched, the risk of being found out and exposed, the knowledge that my young students might be fantasizing about me. The proper thing to do would be to wear my normal underwear from now on, but I knew that I would succumb to temptation and put on this lingerie again, even as I waited for the hammer to fall...

I let out another sigh and focused on tidying up. There wasn't another class in this room for a while, so I could take my time. I gathered my papers, organized the markers, and put my books into my tote bag, trying to shake the feeling that I was still being watched...

"Umm... excuse me? Professor?"

I whirled towards the voice in surprise, frightening the petite girl who owned it. I'd assumed that the room would be empty by now, but one of my students had stayed behind. It was no wonder I hadn't noticed her, though; it was Kokoro Hata, the quietest and most easily overlooked girl in my class. Perhaps she had been waiting for me to notice her, or perhaps she'd just been working up the courage to speak.

"Yes? Can I help you?" I chose not to mention that I hadn't seen her, to spare both of us the embarrassment. She didn't look me in the eye, and instead kept her gaze on my feet. It was hardly unusual; the girl was nearly a foot shorter than me, and her personality gave her a natural inclination to hunch over. Her long, slightly-messy pink hair hid her face from view, as it often did.

"Ah... Uh, well, um..."

Rather than explain herself further, she bowed her head and thrusted a small bag forward with both hands. It was an unusual gesture, one that resembled nothing so much as a love confession.

"... Ah."

I took the bag that was offered to me, unsure of its contents. There was a bit of tissue paper on the top, preventing me or anyone else from looking inside. What could it be, I wondered? It was small, so there wasn't much that could fit, but more importantly, what would this student want to offer to me?

And then my stomach sank as realization hit. The bag was small, but still large enough to hold clothes. Especially very small articles. And the contents were hidden away, suggesting that they were private and not meant to be seen by others. Kokoro wasn't offering me something of hers; it was something of mine.

"Is this...?" I asked, more to myself than to her. I removed the tissue paper, and my fears were realized. Inside was one of my more daring sets of underwear: a large, pink, exquisitely-embroidered bra with slits to display my nipples, and a matching set of crotchless panties. The sight of them brought memories rushing back in embarrassing detail.

Last week, I'd worn these to work, constantly fighting off distraction of my thick blouse rubbing over my bare nipples. I had just been about to head home and fuck myself silly when I was asked to join the university's President Toyosatomimi for dinner. It was something I couldn't very well turn down, and there wasn't time to drive home and change. "It won't be a problem," I had told myself, but this had backfired when I was offered a bath after my "long, tiring day of work." The President had been extremely insistent.

My fear was likely irrational, but I felt as though I had to hide that lewd underwear; what if the President's wife wanted to clean my clothes while I was bathing? I doubted I would lose my job over it, but the embarrassment would have killed me. So, I made a special effort to hide the set in one of their closets, where I felt no one would find it. But when I returned, it had vanished without a trace. The President never made any mention of it, so I assumed that it had been thrown away without a glance, or at least not been attributed to me.

But this girl was the President's adopted daughter, wasn't she? I had been told that she was busy with homework at the time, but she had definitely been somewhere in the house, and must have somehow stumbled onto my secret.

I didn't know what to say. This was a huge problem. I felt myself blushing head to toe just from embarrassment, but there was an even bigger issue: had she told her parents? At first, my panicked mind was sure that she had, but then I noted how secretive she was being, and how I hadn't heard a word about this beforehand. I'd been found out, true, but only by one person.

"...Th-thank you," I finally said, my voice trembling with nerves. Kokoro was just as embarrassed as I was, and hadn't moved her eyes from the floor. I was sure that we both wanted to get this over with, and never mention it again. I took one more look at the box's contents...

And then I noticed the smell.

It was a strong, musky, unmistakably sexual smell, and it wasn't one I recognized. In spite of this situation, I felt my heartbeat quicken just from smelling it, and I was once again aware of the soft, seductive fabric cradling my most sensitive parts.

Kokoro had finally come up from her bow, but she must have seen my reaction. Now, she was pointedly looking away, pressing her index fingers together.

"Umm... Kokoro?" I saw her flinch as I asked, but I had to know. "Did... did you do anything with... these?"

Her head shot down even lower than before at my words, and she let out a soft yelp. I had caught her, and she knew it.

"Yes... I did, Professor." She was crestfallen, fully aware that she had done something bad and was about to face the consequences for her actions.

Instead of responding, I took another whiff from the bag. The scent was extremely thick from being in a confined area, possibly for days. It was nothing like my own arousal; sweet and rich like a young girl's, but also with a thick, rich muskiness that seemed completely foreign. I couldn't help pressing my thighs together just a bit as I smelled it... and the girl who produced it was still right in front of me.

"...Did you enjoy it?" I asked softly after a long pause. It wasn't something either of us had expected to hear; Kokoro had been preparing herself for a thorough scolding, and my question caught her completely off guard. She fretted and stuttered in a shockingly cute way, seeming like she might bolt at any moment, while I struggled to collect my own thoughts. It had seemed so right to ask that.

"...Yes," she finally mumbled.

The answer had been clear enough before I even asked her, but actually hearing her admit it sent a shiver down my spine. Dressing up had always been for my own benefit - I'd never expected that I might have a fellow enthusiast, or... an admirer.

"Would you like to see more?" I asked.


The next thing I knew, I'd invited her to come over that evening. Seeing the surprised, nervous, excited look on her face had made me shiver with an excitement of my own, but that tingling turned to a sickening regret as soon as I made it back home. How could I have possibly done something like that, throwing away all my years of secrecy? And to one of my students, no less! I felt like locking the door and hiding for a week, or running from town and changing my name.

And yet...

If I'd had another chance, I probably would have done the same thing again. I didn't like to admit it back in those days, but... things were getting stale. My sex life had been limited to the same routine for nearly a decade; dressing sexily, masturbating in front of a mirror, and even wearing in lingerie in public were simply losing their appeal. I didn't want to keep doing it for the rest of my life. I'd always thought that a strapping young man would just appear and sweep me off my feet someday, but the years were wearing on. Now, as dangerous as it was, I had a chance at some sort of relationship! If the President found out, I would be done for, but... well, it was too late to worry about that, wasn't it?

So, with rapid breaths and shaking steps, I went to my bathroom to get ready. Discarding my oversized blouse, over-long skirt, and uninspiring black shoes, I suddenly found myself in just my lovely underwear. I'd felt it teasing me all day, of course, but the contrast with my outerwear still surprised me. I had to chuckle a bit at the thought; even if my students suspected I was more lewd than I let on, would they imagine something like this?

I was quite familiar with my own body, but the knowledge that someone else might be seeing it too made me see myself in a new light. It had been quite a while since I finished my studies, getting my thesis on published in the national review. I'd been a bit younger than my peers at the time, but that didn't change the fact that I was much older now.

And I had certainly filled out. My breasts had been large enough to draw unwanted attention even back then, and they'd only grown larger since. When I turned around and held up my hair, I could just see the sides of my bust from behind. Every few years, I seemed to gain another size, regrettably putting part of my collection to waste. I'd put on some weight in general, too, but my body seemed to have been merciful in deciding where to put it. My waist still had a visible hourglass curve, though it wasn't as pronounced as it once had been, and my thighs and calves seemed much fuller than before. The same went for my ass, which

Remilia would be more jealous than ever, wouldn't she? Poor girl.

I took off my underwear, laying it out carefully before stepping into the shower, and drawing the curtains behind me. I was still shaking at first, but the rush of warm, soothing water helped to calm my nerves. My body was unusually sensitive after spending all day in that lingerie; my skin tingled pleasantly just from having the jet of water massage my front, and I allowed myself a moment to bask in the sensation.

Grabbing the bar of soap, I began to rub down every inch of my body. First came my breasts, which gave easily under the pressure of my hands. They were firm enough to hold their large, round shape but soft enough to knead endlessly, and I'd always thought my nipples were the perfect size for pinching and tugging. When I pictured Kokoro's smaller, unsure hands doing just that, I was sorely tempted to masturbate right there. However, I shook it off for the moment, moving on to my arms, my soft stomach, and between my legs. I was surprisingly sensitive there as well, enough to flinch and let out a little moan when my fingers rubbed over slit.

The soap slipped through my fingers then, clattering to the bottom of the tub. I had to squat down to retrieve it, low enough that my breasts pressed into and spread out over my thighs. I resumed with my somewhat plump legs. Last came my rear; it fit quite well into my hands as I soaped it up, soft enough for them to sink into and perky enough not to sag.

My hair had gotten wet and a bit messy by then, some of it trailing down over my breasts. It reminded me a bit of the two tails I'd put over my shoulders when I was younger; they'd always end up resting on the curve of my breasts, drawing even more attention to my chest, so I'd stopped a long time ago. Back then, I'd only wanted to study and become a respected scholar. Now I had respect, but it seemed I was still wanting...

I reached for a bottle of shampoo far at the back of my shelf, one I hadn't touched in a long time. It had been a gift from Remilia, and I was sure she'd wanted me to catch a nice boy with it. A nostalgic scent of violets filled the small space, and I savored the memories of my old friends and studies as I lathered and rinsed my hair.

Stepping out of the shower, I found myself lightly flushed and covered with seductive streams of water, the droplets emphasizing my curves as they ran down my body. My long hair shone with an attractive luster. I blow-dried and brushed it as well as I could on my own, briefly annoyed that I'd put off getting a haircut for so long. I added a golden crescent-moon hair ornament as well.

While my hair dried, I gave myself a quick manicure. I was glad I hadn't cut my nails in a while; with a bit of filing, they were appreciably long and perfectly rounded. I was planning to do a French one at first, but an old bottle of deep purple, also from Remilia, drew my attention. I was already getting an idea of what I would wear tonight, and that color would match perfectly.

As I sat on an armchair, still naked while my hair and nails dried, I had some time alone with my thoughts. Not surprisingly, those thoughts were chaotic. Just what was going to happen tonight? Assuming Kokoro didn't back down the way I almost had, I was going to let a girl I barely knew into my house, and possibly show her my most closely-guarded secret. The thought almost scared me out of what I was doing, but then I remembered the fierce blush that had covered Kokoro's face and the excitement with which she'd accepted my invitation.

I pictured her wearing those lewd, crotchless panties and masturbating furiously, moaning my name as her lean young body shuddered with pleasure. Then, I pictured her still wearing them as she recovered in bed, and then wearing them into class the next day, trembling whenever the air drifted over her bare pussy.

There was no denying it: I found the girl attractive. I hadn't even known I was into girls, but something about her shyness, her hidden perversion, and that amazing scent all made her seem irresistible. I wanted to show her every piece in my collection, just to see more of those reactions... and I wouldn't mind doing other things to her after that. If it was her, I didn't mind if she knew my hobby. My fantasies kept me company for some time, while I lamented how I couldn't touch myself.

Eventually, I was finally ready to get dressed. I didn't feel comfortable keeping my precious collection in a dark, cramped closet, so I kept my underwear locked up in the guest room instead. That would have presented a problem if I'd ever had a guest, but I hadn't had anyone stay over since I bought this house.

Exquisite clothing filled the room, laid out on the floor and the bed, folded up in drawers, and hanging neatly in the closet. Sometimes the sight ashamed me, but today it filled me with excitement. Everything seemed more enticing than before, just pleading to be shown off. I looked over slinky babydolls, tight leather fetish gear, a mind-bending assembly of ribbons, and even a G-string with a silver butterfly adorning the front. Some of it was old, true, but I still had dozens of combinations to choose from.

There were all sorts of things I could try, but who knew if I'd get another chance like this? I decided to go all-in for my cute visitor, choosing some of my finest pieces. They certainly hadn't been cheap, but it had given me many pleasant days and evenings...

The centerpiece was an exquisite purple bustier with darker purple trim, and laces running criss-cross up my back. It reached halfway down my stomach and up only an inch or two above my nipples, pushing my breasts up so they stood straight out from my chest. I'd bought it one cup size ago, so it struggled a bit to hold them in; they jiggled with the slightest movement, and I was sure they'd pop right out if I tried anything more than a slow, seductive movement. The corset-like straps also squeezed my figure into a more appealing shape, though at the cost of some discomfort. I didn't pull the strings too tight, just enough to give myself the waist I had five years ago. Of course, that made my chest seem even larger than before as well.

The panties took more thought. Part of me was tempted to wear something extremely scandalous, like that G-string or another crotchless pair, but that seemed excessive even for this sort of situation. I settled for the deep purple, finely embroidered pair that I'd originally bought with the bustier. They were opaque but extremely thin, only slightly more modest than the pair I'd worn this morning. I made sure to pull them on as snugly as possible, until the back was squeezed between my cheeks and I could almost make out my labia through the fabric. This tight, the velvety fabric would rub me with the slightest movement; I hoped they wouldn't be too ruined by the time Kokoro came over.

Next, I pulled on a frilly purple garter belt, tugging it just over the curve of my ass, and pulled on a pair of purple stockings to go with it. These proved a bit tight as well, forcing me to stretch the straps a bit to clip them on, but I soon grew used to their embrace. They were pleasantly snug, and they molded my legs into an irresistibly womanly shape, with pronounced and squeezable curves at the calf and thigh. I also found a pair of pink, elbow-length fingerless gloves to pull onto my arms. My skin was healthy on its own, but that couldn't compare to the flawless, shiver-inducing smoothness of these gloves.

With that, my body was adorned from bust to toe in exquisite, seductive clothing. I could still do more, though. Something still seemed to be missing, but a quick search through some drawers showed me what I needed: a pair of thin, purple-rimmed glasses. I flicked them open, brushed aside some hair, and smartly put them on. My vision was still fine, but I'd sometimes put these on and fantasize about being the sort of teacher that every student would lust after. It was a fine fantasy, but I doubted I'd be able to handle that sort of constant, shameless desire for real. Not to mention, I would never want my looks to distract them from learning.

Now, I finally allowed myself a look in the room's full-length mirror. I'd felt a growing heat between my legs thighs this whole time, but it suddenly flared up when I saw myself, enough to make me gasp and squeeze my thighs together. Fully made up and dressed, I was nothing short of breathtaking. The fact that I was doing this for someone else only made it better.

I simply had to pose.

First, I put my arms behind my back and bent forwards, smiling like a curious schoolgirl. My breasts nearly fell out of their confinement, preventing me from bending all the way, but I was still pleased with the effect. Even I had trouble looking myself in the eye, my gaze being drawn to the huge, round, pale breasts that hung down seductively beneath me. I could feel their weight dragging me down a little, and they found space to sway even in the bustier. The valley between them was nearly as long as my face.

Next, I put my hands on my hips and turned around, looking back over my shoulder as I pushed my ass out towards the mirror. My thin panties were bunching up a bit in the crack, but that only showed off even more of my pale, round rump. I tried giving it a little slap, and it responded with a pleasing jiggle.

Finally, my breath quickening, I moved to the sitting room, where another mirror awaited. I pulled up a chair and sat down before it. Leaning back a little, I spread my legs and placed my hands atop my thighs.

This was the most amazing one yet. Rather than compliment just a single part of me, this position showed off everything at once: huge breasts heaving with every breath, soft, milky thighs contrasting with my taut garters and rich purple stockings, even my curvy legs and freshly-manicured nails...

And those inviting panties, stretched to their limit between my legs and thin enough that I could make out my slightly-spread labia beneath. There was already a faint wet spot forming there, and I could even feel my clitoris rubbing gently against them. I drew a soft, gloved hand up my thigh, trembling as my fingers reached the hem of my panties...

But just then, my doorbell rang.
File 141091885087.jpg - (232.58KB, 850x1189 , moe student.jpg) [iqdb]
I was halfway to the door when I realized that I couldn't very well answer it in this sort of outfit. This whole scenario was far too similar to a low-budget porno already, and I certainly didn't want anyone besides Kokoro to see me like this.

Did I even want Kokoro to see me like this? The thought of showing myself off still made me nervous, and almost unbearably excited. It lingered as I ran back to the bathroom, finding a conservative pink bathrobe to put on. It was large enough to hide almost everything, though I could still see the tips of my gloves and stockings when I glanced in the mirror. Anyone would be able to notice those, though they'd first have to look away from the healthy slice of well-supported cleavage that peeked out between the sides of the robe.

I would have lingered more, but a likely-nervous girl was waiting at my door. A quick glimpse through the peephole confirmed that it was in fact my guest. This was my last chance to turn back; common sense and simple nervousness tried to hold me back, but the burning excitement in my scandalously-clad body urged me on. I took a deep breath and opened the door

There she was, the pink-haired girl, standing straight upright and glancing shyly to the side. She wore a surprisingly well-tailored plaid aqua blouse, which hugged tightly around her narrow waist and small but perky breasts. It was offset with a somewhat roomy pink skirt that reached to her knees, showing off a long, lightly-toned pair of legs. Those legs were clad in a pair of light blue garments that matched her blouse; most observers would have mistaken them for thighhighs, but their soft-looking texture and a slight stretching in the fabric gave them away as stockings. It seemed I wasn't the only one who had dressed for the occasion.

I had to wonder for a moment where she'd gotten those clothes, but I quickly put the thought out of my mind.

"Hello, Kokoro. I've been... expecting you," I said.

"Hello, Professor Knowledge," Kokoro muttered, immediately bowing as deep as she could. Right when I'd opened the door, I'd managed to get a straight look her eyes; they were a strange, cloudy lavender with hints of white, with just a faint suggestion of milky white pupils. She never seemed to look anyone in the eye, but I doubted she was just embarrassed by her eyes.

I invited her inside, and she followed with slow, measured steps. With every step I took, I could feel the velvety touch of my underwear rubbing and stroking me in a dozen different places. I'd been aware of that before, but the sensations seemed twice as potent now that I wasn't alone. It was surprisingly tempting, to get lost in the sensation and just fall down moaning right there.

"Would you like some tea?" I ventured.

"Ah, no, that's okay."

We reached my living room, and I offered her a seat in my easy chair. I took one in the chair from a moment earlier, which I quickly turned away from the mirror. We were both ill at ease in our seats, Kokoro shifting and fidgeting nonstop while I struggled to find a position where none of my sensitive parts were pressed into something extremely distracting. I was sure I saw Kokoro's eyes flit to my feet and hands, and to my chest as well.

Now that I took a look at the normally-forgettable girl, I saw that she was surprisingly attractive. Her clothes did an excellent job of showing off what she had. In contrast to me, she was on the petite side, slim and lean without a single wasted pound. Well, her perky breasts were fairly large for her size, but she could have passed for a gymnast otherwise. She was sitting unnaturally straight, with both hands folded tightly in her lap. Her mouth was flat as usual, but the blush on her pale face betrayed her feelings well enough.

We couldn't simply look each other over for an hour and go home, but neither one of us had planned out what would happen when we met. We each simply knew that we wanted... more, of whatever it was that had excited us.

"So, you... liked my underwear?" I finally asked.

Kokoro nodded. "Y-yes. When I found it, I... thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces I'd ever seen! I masturbated with it three, no, four times!" She raised her head and clenched both fists, though not at me. Despite the passion in her flat voice, though, her face was remarkably expressionless. Then, she realized what she'd just said, and immediately deflated. Before I could say anything else, she began to explain.

"U-um... when you came over, I happened to find your underwear when I was looking though the closet. I was going to put it right back, but then I got a better look at them. They were so beautiful, and so well-made, that I just couldn't leave them like that. I took them back to my room, and smelled them, and then..." She let out a small groan hunched over a bit, for some reason I didn't understand.

"I got them dirty. I didn't know what to do after that, so I just... I kept them for a few more days. I didn't want to give them back like that, but I was afraid I'd ruin them if I tried to clean them. And whenever I saw them or smelled them, I ended up masturbating again... Th-they're probably ruined now! I'm very sorry!"

Again, even though her hands were tightly gripping her skirt, her face was as blank as ever. I could certainly believe her story; when I examined the underwear earlier, the panties were covered in dried stains, and the whole set gave off the strange, powerful smell of her arousal.

"No, it's fine. I'm... flattered that you thought so," I responded, truthfully. She was just as cute as she'd been this morning, and hearing her admit to that lewdness was making me shiver again. I'd never felt this way about someone before, but I was wanting this girl more and more.

Another question came out, before I could change my mind. "Actually... when you, ah, 'used' them... did you think of me?"

Kokoro nodded, breathing heavily now. "Y-yes. I... tried to imagine the sort of figure they could fit, and just thinking about it made me excited... and whenever I saw you in class all week, I couldn't stop staring at you, thinking about what you looked like underneath those clothes..."

I briefly considered asking her if she'd drawn any crude depictions of my ass or breasts, but quickly thought better of it. Surprisingly, Kokoro wasn't finished.

"I know that you're a very beautiful woman, Professor! And I understand what it's like to want to hide your body from people, and how lonely it can be. I would be honored to help you in any way I can!" She raised her head again, despite the embarrassment quaking through her frame.

I could hardly believe it. After all this time, my secret had been discovered... by a young, beautiful, and surprisingly lewd girl. And I'd aroused her enough that she couldn't keep from masturbating, without her even seeing me. I felt the same shiver from earlier today, nearly three times as strong.

Finally, my chance had come. Without another thought, I stood and began to undo the belt on my robe. Kokoro's eyes shot down to the motion, and I could almost hear her heartbeat quickening.

"I've never told anyone about this, you know."

The words were strange, ones I'd only ever fantasized about saying. Yet, it felt as though I were reading from a well-rehearsed script.

"But, you're right. I've grown lonely doing this. So, in return for what you did to my underwear... why don't you tell me how well I compare?"

With that, I let the robe drop, revealing myself completely in a single swift motion.


There was a long, drawn-out moment during which both of our breaths stopped. Kokoro's eyes opened wide, and whatever she'd been thinking was lost forever as her jaw dropped in amazement.

I'd been surprised at the sight myself, even though I'd known my body my whole life. But this girl had only ever seen me as an ordinary, frumpy teacher, with only a hint of what I might truly look like. And now, she was taking in the full sight of me, at my most beautiful and seductive. I felt another surge of excitement, even stronger than before, that made my knees bend inwards a bit. Blushing fiercely, I managed to smile and put a hand on my hip, adjusting my glasses and brushing away some hair with the other. "Well?"

I felt her gaze traveling all over me, taking in every detail she could find: the sheen of my long purple hair, the size my inviting, bountiful chest, the rich combination of my panties and garter belt, the full length of my curvy legs...


I'd expected some sort of stumbling praise, but it seemed that my appearance had simply overwhelmed the poor girl. She simply rose from her chair and leapt forward, catching me in a tight, lustful embrace. Her head landed comfortably in my welcoming cleavage, which she immediately set to nuzzling with her soft, warm cheek.

After a moment, I put my gloved arms around her waist and pulled her small, firm body in even closer, letting her soak in the feeling of my soft, curvy body.

"You like it?" I asked, feeling a faint edge of teasing creep into my voice.

"Mmm." I felt her praise as much as I heard it.

It felt like she might melt against me, with the way her body relaxed and trembled in my embrace. Soon, I felt her hot breath playing over one breast and she stammered a question.

"I-is this really okay?"

In truth, it wasn't. One of my own students was in my home, I was wearing an outfit very clearly designed to seduce her, and I couldn't even be sure of what was about to happen.

"Go ahead, Kokoro."

But it was too late to stop now. My body was burning up with excitement, and I could feel that hers was as well. After so long, I wanted to... indulge her.

"Ah..." With that, her restraint finally melted away. Her hands began to move across my body, starting with the most "innocent" areas she could reach. First, her fingers traced the exposed parts of my sides and back, just sampling the texture and softness of my freshly-washed skin. I wasn't able to see her face, with how she'd buried it in my chest, but I imagined her keeping that same deceptively calm expression as her breaths grew heavier and heavier.

Of course, my own heartbeat was speeding up too. I'd felt myself up in lingerie countless times, but I'd never had someone else touch me like this. Even without doing anything to my erogenous zones, her soft touch excited me as much as an intense solo session.

She didn't stay innocent for long, either. Her hands slid down to the exposed part of my ass, which proved to be softer than what she'd felt so far when she gave it a long, deep squeeze. From how it felt, I could picture her fingers just sinking in, becoming lost in the soft, luxurious flesh.

One hand remained there, stroking and kneading the skin, while the other roamed elsewhere. She slipped a few fingers into my stockings, sandwiching the between the tight, silky garment and my own pillowy skin, and slowly rubbed her way to the inside of my soft thigh. At the same time, she began to move her head over my plentiful cleavage. Her soft hair tickled my skin while she covered the tops of my breasts in kisses, savoring the taste of my creamy flesh and moaning my title in a voice I could barely hear.

Her desire was infectious, but I let her play by herself, simply basking in the feeling of her reverent attention. I brought a hand to my mouth as I began to moan, keeping the other around her. I was being touched, kissed, praised by another person, and it felt even better than I'd imagined. Her lips and hands left trails of fire across my body.

She continued to ravish my exposed skin, and began to press more of her body against mine. That was when I felt it against my thigh - a firm bulge beneath her skirt, right at her groin. It was long and hard and gently throbbed against my skin.

"Ah - Kokoro?" I asked. Just that was enough, as she stopped in her tracks and took a step back, her face crimson. "No, no, you don't need to stop!" I frantically reassured her. I didn't want her to embarrass her, and especially didn't want her to stop touching me. "It's just, um..."

I trailed off, hoping to invite an explanation without explicitly stating my question. She looked down for a few seconds before finally speaking.

"I said I knew what it was like," she said, then paused for another moment before continuing, "I- I have a secret I've been keeping, too, so... I know how it is."

I reached forward and gently put my hand over the bulge. I could feel its heat even through her skirt, and it seemed sensitive enough to make her tremble and moan from the contact. I smiled, doing my best to reassure her once again despite her embarrassment. I had an idea of what it might be, and the thought excited me more than I expected.

"May I see it?" I asked.

"Huh?" She seemed confused by my interest. "...Okay. I've seen your secret, so..."

She moved her hands to take off her skirt, but I was faster. Hugging her close once again, I felt her heartbeat speed up as I unfastened her pink skirt and let it drop to the ground.

I already knew what she was hiding, but seeing it for myself was still strangely exhilarating. My suspicions about her stockings were confirmed, as I now the straps running up to a well-made aqua garter belt wrapped around her slim waist. I only noticed that for a moment, before my eyes were drawn to a much more fantastic sight: a thick, hard cock that bulged between her legs, only slightly concealed by a pair of lowleg panties that matched the belt. A gleaming trail of precum slowly ran down her length, almost far enough to stain the soft, extremely inadequate fabric. I had to stop myself from gasping at the sight of the thick shaft, not wanting to offend her.

Before I could react further, I was struck by realization. Up until then, I had assumed she'd simply worn my panties or held them to her nose while she fingered herself. But if she had something like this... had she wrapped my precious underwear around that, or fit her penis through the slit, and furiously stroked herself off? For the smell to have been as strong as it was, she must have coated them with her sperm as well... I shuddered at the thought, both stunned and amazed by the possibility. Had she even pictured herself having sex with me, violating me with this hard, dripping length? And just how many of her fantasies would she be willing to reenact with the real person in front of her?

Overcome by curiosity, I reached down and firmly wrapped my long fingers around her shaft. She mumbled a tiny protest, but it did nothing to stop me. Her body made it clear that her embarrassment couldn't overcome her desire.

Her panties were hardly in the way of all, covering little more than her scrotum. I was sure she didn't wear underwear like this all the time, but I feared she might melt from embarrassment if I tried to tease her about it. Instead, I simply slid my fingers up and down her hot, throbbing length, marveling at how it pulsed in my hand and stained my fingers with a warm, slippery liquid

I began to tighten my grip, but Kokoro suddenly pulled my hand off and turned away. "Um, it's really okay! You don't need to do this," she said, somewhat frantically. It was impossible to read her expression, as usual, but she certainly didn't seem angry at me. I smiled back at her, and gradually shepherded her back into my embrace.

"Don't worry, Kokoro. You've been hiding your urges the same as me, haven't you? Let me help you, too..."

She hadn't turned back fully, but she also didn't move any further away as I returned my hand to her penis. She didn't resist as my long fingers closed around the shaft, and her body quickly relaxed when I began to pleasure her in earnest. I gave it a few quick pumps to start, savoring how it stiffened and twitched in response, and then moved to a slower, steadier stroking. Her expression remained flat even after several seconds of this, but her eyes seemed to soften, and she opened her mouth and began to softly moan from my touch. Soon, she was back to hugging me, though she held me from the side so I could reach her.

"Professor..." she moaned into my arm.

I decided to change my motions a little. Raising my hand, I pressed her tip into the palm of my glove and close my fingers down along her shaft. With a gentle twist, I treated her sensitive glans to the wonderful smoothness of my glove, while my fingers and nails massaged the shaft. The stimulation on her extra-sensitive flesh made her entire body shudder, and I felt a warm, wet spot grow on my palm as she let out another weak moan. Already, I could feel myself falling in love with the sound of her quiet, husky, and lustful voice.

After a few more twists, I returned my fingers to her shaft and returned to a normal stroking. There was just enough precum to coat my fingers now, letting me me pump her fast enough to make her moans flow freely. Small tremors ran through her cute body, and she hugged me tighter and tighter as the pleasure built.

As she clutched me in a surprisingly powerful grip, Kokoro remembered that she'd been groping my body just a minute ago. My chest was being offered up right before her eyes, so that was where she started. Her hands reached into the cups of my bustier and slipped underneath my large, heavy breasts, and carefully pulled them out into the open.

She tried to be careful, at least, but there was still a small, jiggling pop as my breasts were freed from the restrictive bustier. They seemed even larger once they'd burst into the open, round and jiggling as they rested atop the deflated garment. She wasted no time in crossing back to my front, where she could bring her mouth up to my erect nipples. She marveled at the hard pink tips, then closed her eyes and kissed each one in turn. I felt a small, delightful tingle each time her lips touched me, which turned into a steady flow of pleasure as her delicate kissing gave way to hungry licking and sucking. I rewarded her with some attention from both hands at once, stroking her with one while the other rubbed and scratched her glans.

Her hands stayed on my breasts at first, but she moved on to the rest of my body. She leaned closer to me and groped my ass, shuddering with delight as her fingertips sunk into my soft body. Then, she gave my panties a sharp tug, driving them deeper between my cheeks and into my labia. I let out a little cry of surprise and pleasure as the thin fabric tightened against my most sensitive parts, while she gave one my nipples a gentle pinch with her lips. I could hear her panting even as she flicked her tongue against my nipples and caressed my voluptuous breasts with her cheeks. Her voice came out in deep moans and helpless gasps, half-heard as she suckled my breasts and licked over every inch of my chest.

Her magnificent cock continued to throb in my hands, growing more fervent every second. I had slowed down considerably once she resumed groping me, but it seemed like she would... finish, soon, no matter how slowly I traced my fingers over her shaft. I couldn't doubt that this was a real penis; it twitched, throbbed, and burned with need in my hands, and her balls felt full and heavy, even through her panties. If I kept this up, she would cum all over my hands and stockings, dirtying them and coating me with that amazing smell of hers...

Without any warning, Kokoro released my body and took a step away. She continued to pant softly, and her penis still throbbed in the warm air even without my touch.

"Haah... Professor..."

"Hmm?" I asked, breathing deeply myself. My glasses made me feel like a professor, even when my body was in such a shameless state.

"Um, could you... ah..." She stumbled on her thoughts and started over. "Your breasts," she began again, "could you... do me with those? They're so big, and soft, and warm, they'd feel really good..."

That did catch me off guard. I knew what she was talking about, but I'd only read about it in passing. Could I really fit that hot, thick cock between my breasts and get her off like that?

"I'd love to," I responded. A moment later, I kneeled down and leaned forward enough to bring my chest level with her shaft. My heavy breasts hung down and swayed gently now that they were free from my bustier, tantalizing to look at but not positioned right for sex. I cupped my breasts from below and held them together, just letting my pink nipples peek out from between my dark purple nails. "Like this?"

Kokoro took one look at me and shuddered. Her cock had calmed down a little in the time it took me to get ready, but the sight of me presenting my bountiful cleavage to her set it right back to throbbing. She gulped, transfixed by my presentation, and I trembled just seeing the effect my body had on her.

"Yes... just like that..." Once she came to her senses, Kokoro grabbed my shoulders for support and slid her cock into my cleavage. She moaned and faltered just from feeling it touch my pillowy flesh, but she continued to push forward into the tight yet cozy space until her hips were pressed into my breasts. Already aroused by her groping, I couldn't restrain a lewd purr as I felt her hot, slippery length push its way between them. She kept sliding in more and more, but my breasts proved large enough to wrap around every last inch.

Now, her entire length was buried in my voluptuous cleavage. Her body trembled endlessly under the stimulation, as the smallest movement from either of us immersed her cock in soft, squishy pleasure. It was exhilarating to feel how my bust could take her whole cock at once, and its heat spread all throughout my chest, hardening my already-stiff nipples even further. No amount of groping could compare to the excitement that gave me. However, it seemed Kokoro was too nervous to try anything more.

If she wasn't going to move, then I would. Shifting my hands up to the sides of my chest, I pressed my breasts closer together and completely enveloped her shaft. She cried out in a mixture of surprise and pleasure from my warm bosom molded onto her sensitive skin, and it throbbed invitingly in response. It wasn't enough to make her cum right away, so I began to slowly move my breasts, just rubbing her up and down and back and forth.

Kokoro moaned from my movements, but my slow pace wasn't enough for her. After a few seconds of stroking her cock with my breasts, she placed her hands on my bare shoulders and began to move on her own. Her thrusts were slow at first, but soon this lewd thrusting seemed like second nature to her. She began calling out my title again as she sped up, completely enamored with my body.

Once she reached a good pace, I stopped moving myself and simply sat there, using both hands to keep my cleavage nice and tight. She seemed to be lost in her own world by then, her mouth hanging open as she moaned in her shy, needy voice. I stared up at her through my glasses, smiling seductively; though she didn't stare back, I'm sure she stole a few glances at my wanton expression.

Her cock made a quiet squishing sound as it slammed between my breasts, each lustful plunge making my breasts jiggle and my body throb with need. I was already panting myself from her infectious arousal, but the thought of her hot semen shooting out and filling my cleavage made me burn with anticipation. The smell was already leaking out, and it was all I could do to keep from dropping my breasts and masturbating.

And then, I remembered that I wasn't naked. My breasts were out, but I was still wearing the bustier. If she were to ejaculate like this, my precious lingerie would get stained!

I panicked. She was about to cum, and I wanted her to cum... just not quite like this. I did the only thing that came to mind.

"Kokoro! Um, do it... in here!" I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue for her. A moment later, I was forced to backpedal a bit. "I... don't want to stain my lingerie, so..."

Realization dawned on her with a simple "Ah." She hastily pulled her cock out of my cleavage and clumsily shoved it into my mouth, the thick shaft forcing my lips apart. My tongue ran over its entire length as it entered my mouth, and I closed my lips around it. Just that was all it took; she was right at the edge, and the wet heat from my mouth immediately made her cum.

She groaned aloud as her hot, thick, and salty semen filled my mouth. I managed to swallow one mouthful, but the taste was so overwhelming, and the texture so thick, that I couldn't take any more. I pulled back and opened my mouth, receiving another shot on my tongue while a half-dozen others splattered over my face and cleavage, one after the other. Streams of it leaked back down my chin, and there was nearly enough to pool between my breasts.

My lingerie came out unstained, but that was only a passing thought. As Kokoro's wild voice died down and her body slumped, I was left to revel in the sensation of being covered with her sperm. I had only swallowed a single mouthful, but it felt as though my lips, tongue, and throat were all soaked through with the strong, salty taste. Her thick, lustful scent surrounded me completely, far stronger than what I'd smelled on my underwear beforehand. Her face was as placid as ever, but this smell... she couldn't communicate it in words, but the raw, overwhelming smell of her semen made her overflowing desire clear. Just breathing it in was enough to harden my nipples and soak my panties even further.

I was excited just from witnessing one of Kokoro's long, powerful orgasms, but she'd been the one to actually experience it. Once she'd finished, it didn't take long for her to drop straight to her knees, still panting and shuddering.

"Are you alright, Kokoro?" I asked, looking down at her. I had to lean forwards a bit to see her over the tops of my breasts, and she was content to look at those instead.

Still panting, she nodded. "That just felt... really good, Professor..." Her blank gaze trailed down from my breasts, and I felt a small tingle when her eyes settled on my crotch. My delicate panties were a mess by then, soaked through with my sweat and juices. I could feel how wet they'd become from the way they clung to me, so I was sure Kokoro could see how drenched they were.

"Did you get like that... because of me?"

"Ah...!" I crossed my legs on reflex, hearing a quiet squishing as my thighs pressed together. She was right, though. Just seeing myself in the mirror had been enough to excite me, before Kokoro even showed up. After feeling her touch me, stroking her cock, using my breasts, and finally taking that enormous load, I could feel myself aching with a need for more. So, I uncrossed my legs and spread them apart, putting my hands on my thighs in the position I'd "practiced" earlier. It must have looked even lewder then, with my breasts hanging out and coated in semen, my skin flushed and sweaty, and my crotch and thighs smeared with juices.

"That's right, Kokoro," I said, amazed at how deep and rich my voice became. At this point, it was easy to abandon any sense of shame, and say whatever felt right. "I've never been this excited before. It feels good, but I think I want even more..."

"Mmm..." Suddenly, she leaned forward, closed her eyes, and kissed me through my panties. I couldn't help a small purr as I felt her soft lips press against me, and it only grew louder as they gently dragged the velvety fabric around.

She pulled back and briefly licked her lips, then hurried to compose herself. "Well, if you're like that because of me, then, um, I should be the one to..." She cast her eyes further down than usual and trailed off, at a loss for words. She was trying to make it sound like an obligation, but her body betrayed her overflowing lust. Already, her penis was starting to rise and thicken once more, and the smell of her arousal was only growing stronger.

"There's no need to hide it, Kokoro," I said. "You want me, right? Go ahead, and... don't hold back~"
File 141091890239.jpg - (862.65KB, 714x1000 , even lewder.jpg) [iqdb]
Briefly, I wished that I'd chosen the crotchless panties after all. I slowly pulled my drenched pair aside, feeling the juicy fabric cling tight to my skin the whole way. These ones would never be clean again. Kokoro's eyes widened as I presented myself to her. My pink lips were soaked and slightly swollen, while my clitoris was already standing on end. Already, I'd let out enough juices to trickle down my skin, starting to stain the chair beneath me.

"Ah! P-professor's..." Kokoro shot upright, and her penis did the same. She reached out and pressed a thumb into each side of my labia, just firm enough that I could feel her fingers tremble. Then, she carefully spread me open, making me shiver as the cool air intruded on me.

"Ahh... So wet, and such a bright pink... I can see them twitching, too..." I smiled at Kokoro's praise, but that was all she gave me. Rather than say any more, she simply drew close and opened her mouth. I felt a single hot breath on my slit before her warm, wet tongue came out, covering my exposed lips completely, and slipped into my entrance.


Both of us moaned at that, though my thighs muffled her. While she soaked her tongue in the flavor of my arousal, I shuddered as I felt it sink into my hot, sensitive pussy. None of my toys could compare to that: the faint quivering of her tongue, the delicious way it molded against my soft, delicate folds, and the passion with which her soft mouth kissed me again and again.

She serviced me with long, deliberate licks, drawing her mouth up from one end of my pussy to the other. Along the way, she would slip her tongue deep inside me, fighting the pressure from my walls to wriggle it back and forth and swirl it in small circles. Then, at the top, she gave my clit a quick kiss or lick before starting it all over Her cloudy eyes somehow grew even hazier with arousal, until she seemed completely lost in my body. Her hands began to roam all over my soft, stocking-clad legs, with just enough force to drag the silky fabric across my sensitive skin. She lightly squeezed and prodded everything in reach, even tickling the soles of my feet and snapping my garters against me. Combined with the constant stimulation from her tongue, it was too much to bear; leaning back and moaning freely, I squeezed her head between my thighs and tangled my hands in her hair, as if that could somehow control her tongue.

"Koh... Kokoro!"

I doubted she could hear me with her head trapped between my pillowy thighs, but she sped up of her own accord. I could feel her tongue swirling and wriggling about inside me, dancing gracefully over my drenched, needy folds as it stunned me with wave after wave of pleasure. I could feel the gentle vibrations of her moans, and her hot, quick panting tickled my clit, My head was still swimming in the powerful scent of her semen, as well, making a simple breath enough to arouse me. Her hands slid up my legs and slipped into my panties from behind; squeezing my ass hard enough to leave indentations of her fingers, she pulled me even tighter onto her mouth, and drove her tongue even deeper inside me.

The pleasure was too strong to withstand, but I couldn't bring myself to release her from my quivering thighs, and my quivering voice couldn't reach her. Rather than try to stop her I gave in completely, reaching up from her head to fondle my breasts. My hands were larger than hers, but even they couldn't fit all the way around my bust. I simply massaged the soft, squishy, slippery mounds while she pleasured me, rolling one nipple between my fingers while I mauled a breast with the other.

I only lasted a minute. After a dozen deep, breathless licks, Kokoro pulled out to kiss my clit, just as I pinched my rock-hard nipples with the very tips of my nails. The three most sensitive parts of my body lit up at once, forcing my eyes wide open. The storm I'd felt building since this morning finally came crashing over me.

My pussy clenched incredibly tight as I quaked with pleasure, and I sprayed all over the poor girl's face. I couldn't keep from crying out in a long, rich, shameless voice, grateful that I didn't share any walls with prying neighbors. My legs locked around her back and squeezed together, my calves flattening against her lean form and nearly crushing her, before they fell away and I collapsed into a half-minute of steady, delightful shuddering. Kokoro was free to take in the sight of my seductively-clothed body writhing its way through that orgasm. My breasts jiggled, my toes twitched and curled, and my stomach and labia trembled helplessly as my voice poured out in syrupy moans.

By the time I finished, it felt like every muscle in my body had gone slack, massaged into weakness by that incredible orgasm. But, amazingly, I still wasn't satisfied. It was as if I'd been starving for a long time, and that taste of pleasure had only shown me the true depths of my hunger.

When my husky breaths quieted and my eyes refocused, I found Kokoro standing before me, one hand squeezed tight around her hard length. She'd been watching me the whole time, either masturbating furiously or trying very hard not to. Her gleaming, juice-smeared lips were still flat, but the blush on her messy face was clear enough. Her body was tight in the grip of arousal, tensed up and hunched over slightly while long streams of precum dripped from her cock.


Her eyes were devouring my pleasure-wracked body, and I couldn't look away from her cock. It was so long, and hard, and thick, so out of proportion with the rest of her petite frame. Her tongue had been wonderful, but it had only stimulated a small part of my depths. With that, she'd be able to fill me up completely, and grind down every inch of my still-aching pussy...

"It tasted so good, and there was so much..." I licked my lips as she said that, tasting a hint of the thick, salty cum she'd given me. "I'm still so excited, and it won't go away... I'm sorry, Professor, but... if I don't get to put it in, I'll go crazy!"

"Ah... r-really?" I spoke in a disbelieving tone, but my lust-filled mind delighted at her words.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, Professor... From now on, I think I'll get hard just looking at you..."

Her voice was so sincere, her body so honest, her blushing face so overcome with need. I felt another tremor of desire then, and I knew: I was going to squeeze this cute girl dry. And not just tonight, either. Putting on a seductive smile, I straightened up a little and reached out with one hand, cupping her balls from below.

"Mm, and you think the same doesn't go for me? Your cum is delicious, and you're amazing with your tongue. I'm going to be distracted whenever I see at you..." I slid a finger up her length as I spoke, until I could scratch the dripping tip of her cock. "... especially after you drive me wild with with this."

"Professor!" She nearly jumped onto me again, but I caught her this time, holding her at bay as I stood up. We shared a quick but intimate hug; I held Kokoro tightly and ran my fingers through her hair, while pressed herself into me and shamelessly ground against my thigh. The girl really couldn't control herself, could she?

Balancing on wobbly legs, I turned the chair back towards the mirror and offered Kokoro a seat. Her body was trembling with arousal as well, so she gratefully collapsed into it. As she did, I noticed that she was still partially dressed. In our earlier excitement, I'd stopped undressing her as soon as her panties were off. Now, I allowed her to fumble off the buttons of her blouse before tossing it aside.

I wasn't too surprised to see that she'd dressed well under that, too. She was wearing a thin, frilly teal bra that matched her garter belt and stockings. I doubted that her perky young breasts needed much support, but her underwear showcased them well; the soft fabric cradled and pressed her breasts together from the sides, playing up their size and showing off some cleavage that seemed quite large for a girl her size.

Now that she'd been stripped to her underwear, I had to stop for a moment to admire the girl who was quickly becoming my lover. Her pale body had the sleek tone and firmness of a dancer's, making her look surprisingly mature despite her short stature. Her petite figure still had some curves of its own, though, and they suggested that she would grow into a lovely woman one day, able to showcase all manner of lingerie. I noticed a soft smell in her hair as well, a surprisingly girlish scent of strawberries.

Of course, any image of youthful innocence she might have projected was shattered by the large, thick cock that stood up between her legs, somewhat darker than the rest of her pale body. It reached up past her navel, and I could see its powerful throbbing as gleaming trails of precum streamed down her shaft. She was like that because of me, and my beautiful body and lingerie that had bewitched her. Standing behind her, I looked surprisingly predatory, with my large breasts cushioning her head, my cum-smeared face blushing and horny, and my gloved hands lightly squeezing her bare shoulders.

"Professor..." she murmured, impatiently squeezing her lean thighs together. That snapped me out of my contemplation.

"Oh, I'm sorry! It must be hard to bear..."

There was no more time to wait. this was it; I was really going to have sex with one of my students. I knew that this would have consequences I couldn't foresee, but I also knew how much I wanted her. This was my chance for an exciting new love life, and I wouldn't pass it up.

Crossing to the front of the chair, I put my hands on my knees and began to lean forward. Kokoro was treated to a view of my curvy back, enclosed and hugged by my the tightly-laced bustier and draped over with my long purple hair. As I bent over further, she also got a fine view of my plump ass, crisscrossed by my thin panties and the tight straps of my garter belt. Meanwhile, I couldn't help staring at myself in the mirror, seeing the drying smears on my large, hanging breasts catch the lamplight. A few locks of hair hung straight down from each side of my head, framing my curvy form, and my stockings matched perfectly with my long gloves and nails. With my glasses to complete the image, I made for a perfect centerfold.

Once I thought I was tilted far enough, I removed my hands from my knees and reached back between my legs. One hand found Kokoro's hot, soaked length, which twitched and leaked into my palm as I held it. The other hand went to my pussy, spreading open the wet, slightly-puffy lips as best I could manage. I could feel my juices dripping out, flowing down far enough to stain the rims of my stockings.

"I'm going to put it in now, Kokoro..."


That was easier said than done in the awkward position I'd put myself in. I was afraid I'd miss her and embarrass myself, but Kokoro took the lead. Placing a gentle hand on my ass, she guided me into place, and then gently pulled me onto her. We were both wet enough that this went smoothly; the warm tip of her cock slipped in easily, along with a few extra inches, before I managed to stop myself.

Even though I'd given her a thorough stroking with my hands and breasts, I wasn't prepared for how she would feel inside me. Between the tight walls of my pussy, her hot, thick cock felt even larger than it looked, stretching me wide in all directions just to fit inside. I'd felt that much from my toys before, but there was more to this. Her penis throbbed hungrily inside me, stretching me just a little bit extra with every pulse, and I could feel her leaking fresh precum into my already-soaked depths. We both trembled and moaned quietly as I took her inch by inch, feeling her cock filling me more and more with every passing moment. It was starting to seem like there was no end to her length, when I finally reached the base of her cock with a full-body shudder.


Kokoro shuddered too as my wide hips pressed into her waist. Impaling myself on her length had also landed me in the smaller girl's lap. Looking into the mirror, I saw that Kokoro's body had all but disappeared behind mine. All that I could see of her upper body were a few locks of wavy pink hair that mingled with mine, and her arms hanging limply from the sides of the chair. Her legs were only slightly spread, enclosed on the either side by mine. The contrast between our legs was striking: mine were large and voluptuous in their purple stockings, while hers looked slim and taut in their aqua. And then, of course, there was the spot where we were connected. I saw my clit standing on end, and my labia stretched wide to wrap around her cock, and her hairless scrotum hiding her own drenched pink pussy from view. It occurred to me that I could stimulate there as well... but that could wait for another night.

I placed a hand on my stomach, over the spot where I could feel her inside me, and stroked my fingers up and down in amazement. Her entire penis was buried inside me, stretching me wide and reaching all the way to my womb. It seemed larger and harder than ever, and she weakly twisted her hips beneath me as her body was wracked by desire. Behind me, I heard her voice in a barely-audible moaning.

After a moment to collect myself, I braced my arms and legs and pushed myself up. Her cock slid out of me with a wet sucking noise, and she bit back a cry as her body tensed up. Unlike the smooth toys that I used, her thick cock was richly textured, with a soft tip and slightly-bulging veins that stimulated me the whole way up. I could only make it halfway before I relaxed my arms, falling back down; the sensations I'd just felt rushed back twice as strong, ending in a wet, sticky impact that made us both moan.

"Does that feel good, Kokoro?" I asked, already pushing myself up again.

"Ah... It's amazing, Profesorrrr..." she replied, drawing her quavering voice out as I slid back down. This time, I took it slowly, feeling my pussy gently suck her in until she kissed my womb once again. The pleasure was more constant and manageable that way, and Kokoro's pleasure-soaked voice was so cute to listen to, so I began to fuck her just like that. I felt a few soft kisses through my hair near my shoulders, and Kokoro's arms came up beneath mine to find my breasts once again. She seemed content just to bury them in my warm, soft tits, and the gentle but passionate kneading she gave me went wonderfully with the steady burn of pleasure from her cock.

We stayed like that for some time, settling into more and more of a rhythm. Kokoro bucked gently into me as I rode her cock with that same steady movement, though I did occasionally lose my strength and impale myself. We both seemed to have more endurance after cumming once, but even so, I felt the heat inside me building higher and higher with every stroke.

Soon, the lust was more than this this slow sex could satisfy. Burning with lust and excitement, I planted my hands on the seat of the chair, spread my legs wide, and arched my back. Kokoro's hands fell from my breasts as I pushed them out, just a moment before I began to bounce up and down her full length with all the strength I had.

"Ngh!... P--p-aaahh!"

Kokoro's moans were loud, but they were drowned out by my own. This motion forced my pussy to tighten up as I flexed my hips, and now I could feel every inch of her cock in incredible detail as it skewered me again and again. The pleasure only made me go faster, slamming my full weight down to the base of her cock each time, even twisting a bit now and then before I went back up.

My students would have scarcely recognized me now, with my face flushed and my mouth hanging open as I shamelessly fucked the President's daughter. There were plenty of small tremors from head to toe, but the unrestrained bouncing of my breasts was by far the most hypnotic sight in the mirror. Their bouncing was fairly uncomfortable, but the discomfort was outweighed by the sheer excitement, and the pleasure that coursed through me every time I mashed my hips onto Kokoro's.

I wasn't the only one to enjoy the sight. I saw my lover's cloudy eyes glancing around my side, and felt the effects a moment later.

"Aah! It... it feels too good!"

Kokoro's arms closed and tightened around my waist, squeezing me through the tight, silky bustier. She suddenly took charge of my body, hammering up into me with more strength than I thought her small body could hold. My breasts switched from a fast, rhythmic bouncing to a chaotic jiggling, their direction changing every time her cock plunged up to fill me. Her movements didn't slow even when my arms failed me, dropping me into her lap.

But, it seemed even that wasn't enough for her. She pushed herself upright, taking me with her, and I stumbled forward until the mirror itself stopped me. My large, soft breasts quickly spread out against its surface, the coolness of the glass biting into my tender skin and nipples. I must have made for a tantalizing sight then, bent over with my breasts molded to the glass. My hair splayed all over my back, bustier, and garter belt, and my ass stuck out lewdly behind me, thin panties nearly invisible between the cheeks. My legs were spread wide and fully extended, stretching my garters and stockings to their limit.

The friction came back, fast and constant, as Kokoro resumed our lovemaking. Her small, eager hands dug into my ass, groping it the same ferocity she was showing to my depths. She was able to pull back more easily in this position, so the bulging tip of her cock scraped back and forth over nearly every inch of my walls. For once, my breasts didn't sway or bounce, but I still felt small, pleasurable waves of pressure from my chest as her thrusting pressed it into the glass. I even managed to buck back as well, making each impact just a bit more heavenly.

I could only see her vaguely when I looked back, but I could hear her shy, breathless moans quite clearly. I tried to keep my voice down so I could listen better, trembling with delight whenever my tight, soaked, quivering pussy made her moan or cry out.

"Y-you're good at this, Kokoro..." I panted.

"Mm... I'll... I'll make you feel even better!"

The vigorous friction died down for a moment as Kokoro adjusted her technique. She pulled almost all the way out, and then slammed herself back in, strong enough to force me onto the tips of my toes as I threw back my head and cried out. My breasts nearly flattened against the mirror as my mind blanked out, briefly overwhelmed by sheer delight. Just as my body settled, she thrust again, forcing me back into that lewd position with an even louder cry.

Kokoro must have felt just as good, but she thrust into me again and again, replacing the mind-numbing current with strong, mind-clearing bursts. Each time she thrusted, we both moaned, our voices competing for supremacy each time. With Kokoro in charge, I could just rest against the mirror, fogging the glass with my breath, feeling my body tremble with pleasure, and marveling at this girl's passion. I could feel how eager her twitching cock was to release inside of me, and it felt like she was getting even bigger...

"So good...so good...!"

I was taken by surprise as Kokoro leaned forward and grabbed my wrists, pulled them straight back for leverage, and began to pound into me even more forcefully than before. Now, those thrusts were coming once a second, and my body could hardly keep up. There was just wave after wave of pleasure hammering through my needy pussy, my voice pouring out in long moans, and a massive orgasm mounting inside of me. I only had just enough sense to know what I wanted to do.

It was hard to distinguish her cock's trembling from the shuddering of my walls, but it felt like she was twitching madly again, the same way she'd done between my breasts. We were both right on the edge... but I wasn't ready to cum just yet. Kokoro was the first partner I'd had in ages, and I wanted to finish with her in a more intimate position.

I grabbed her wrists back and pushed back into her with my hips, leaving her buried inside me. It was easier to think without that pleasure wracking my body, though the hungry twitching of her thick cock was still distracting.

"Kokoro... Could you... stop for a moment? I want to feel your arms around me when we cum..."

I could tell that I'd chosen my words well, from the sharp twitch her penis gave. She still tried to thrust into me a few more times, but she eventually convinced her body to stop. "Ah... If you want it that way, Professor... that's okay."

I pulled off of her with a small shudder, drawing a small whimper as her drenched cock flipped upright. I nearly dropped to my knees as well, but my strength hadn't yet been depleted. Turning back towards her, I pulled off my glasses with a warm, perverted smile.

"You've called me 'Professor' enough, dear. From now on, when you're alone, I want you to call me 'Patchouli.'"

I could hear her panting with lust and exertion as I led the way to my bedroom, and I couldn't keep from swaying my wide, messy hips the whole way. It felt so good to be desired that I had to tease her.

When we reached my bedroom, I turned around and threw myself onto the covers without a second thought. With my legs still draping over the edge of the bed, I held my arms straight up with a warm, lewd smile, respectfully averting my eyes.

"Now, go ahead... Don't hold back at all."

She practically fell onto me, and I was pleased at how well my body absorbed the impact. as she buried herself into me once again. Not just into my pussy, which was stuffed to the brim with her cock, but into all the curves of my body. Her head nestled comfortably between my breasts, her flexible legs curled around mine, and she wrapped her arms around my back to pull us as close together as possible.

Over the flat plane of her back, I saw her taut, round ass rise up as she pulled back with her hips. Then, they slammed back down as she drove her cock sharply inside, sending a jolt straight through my body. The thrusts that followed were actually gentler, however; it seemed that she was close to the edge, and wasn't quite ready to finish.

Moments later, she raised her head from my breasts. I briefly looked her in the eyes and gave her a warm smile before she remembered to glance away, a fresh blush coloring her face. Instead, she grabbed both of my bare, flushed breasts and pushed them together, wrapping her lips around my nipples. She licked and sucked even more ferociously than before, making me gasp from the tingling pleasure welled up in my bust. I brought up one of my hands and patted her on the head, feeling her moan into my pillowy breasts in response.

"That feels amazing, Kokoro..."

Even if she didn't want to say anything, I could feel her emotions through how she loved me with every inch of her body. Her hands and mouth were hard at work on my breasts, her firm stomach rubbed over mine, and even her legs wrapping around and caressing mine. And, of course, that wonderful cock of hers was plunging into me nonstop, scraping along a different part of my walls and twisting around just a bit every time.

At the same time, my own clothes were stimulating me as well. My bustier had stopped supporting my breasts long ago, but it still hugged tight around me, squeezing my waist even when Kokoro's arms were elsewhere. My soft stockings rubbed me constantly as our stocking-clad legs rubbed together. Even my arms were feeling it, stroked from wrist to shoulder by my long, silky gloves as I clutched the sheet as well. It was all the excitement I ever had from wearing lingerie, on top of this new pleasure that the adorable pink-haired girl was giving me. I don't think I'd ever felt as good as I had in that moment.

"P-Patchouli... I'm gonna...!" She raised her head moaned, trails of saliva connecting her soft lips to my nipples.

"Ah! D-do it..." My voice trailed off. If she let out that thick, rich semen, it would coat my precious lingerie, and I might never clean it off...

But that was much better than the alternative! I shook my head and opened my mouth, but...


Kokoro's hands dropped from my breasts and tightened around my waist. She clenched up tight inside me, and then a hot burst of her semen erupted directly into my womb.

All the built-up stimulation burst into an explosion of pleasure, one that blanked out my vision and left me moaning helplessly as my pussy convulsed in delight. Of their own accord, my legs wrapped themselves around her and pulled her in tight, burying her inside me to the hilt. Shot by shot, the cute, moaning girl filled my womb with her sperm, until I felt it rushing back over my walls and splashing back out of me. We clung to each other, lean to curvy, as she emptied herself of her pent-up stress and I accepted every drop she had. There was nothing to worry about, then. Everything was wonderful.

What felt like minutes later, the flood finally subsided. Kokoro had just enough presence of mind to plant her hands on my thighs and push back, finally pulling out of me. A small river of semen rushed out after her, thick enough that I could feel it pouring out. I feared that she might fall back and hurt herself. But instead, she managed to tumble forward, flopping onto the bed beside me.

I barely knew the girl, but we'd just made passionate love to each other. Even if we'd barely spoken, I felt as if I understood... something about her. She likely felt the same way. I didn't waste any time pulling her close, nestling her head between my breasts and idly running my fingers through her long, soft hair. We both smelled strongly of sex, enough to drown out both our perfumes, and the air was filled was filled with our exhausted panting.

My body felt heavy and languid as a delicious afterglow set in, without the usual pang of loneliness. It was Kokoro who had the presence of mind to pull up the sheets over both of us. She did it reluctantly, though, as if she were hesitant to cover exquisitely-clothed, semen-stained body.

It was only then that I remembered she'd cum inside me without protection. My eyes widened, and I started to push myself up, but she seemed to predict what I was going to say.

"It's okay. My body's weird, so... I can't get people pregnant."

"... You can't?"

"The doctor said so."

A crushing weight lifted from me before it had had a chance to settle down. I sighed in relief and relaxed again, but she wasn't sure what to say after that, nor was I. At a loss for words, I found myself nagging.

"Will your parents worry if you stay out this late?" I ended up asking. The last thing I needed right now was the President knocking on my door.

"... Mm-mm. I stay out late a lot."

She came very close to looking me in the eyes, her gaze only off by a few centimeters. "Um... thanks for not telling anyone what I did, and for letting me come... over. I'm really happy right now... Patchouli." Her mouth was flat, but I could believe her. There was a pause, and then her hand tightened on mine. "We'll keep each other's secrets from now on."

"Mm. I should be thanking you too, for letting me indulge myself like this." Bringing her head up a bit, I kissed her on the forehead, feeling her blush hot against my lips. "I hope you'll come back soon, Kokoro. I have many more outfits to show you~"
Ho-o-ly crap. I guess it's a sign when the thing you write for a contest is too big and detailed for it, huh. Well, maybe people have already said this before, but I absolutely love your style.

You've got the whole 'description' thing down. Even little, tiny things are sexy; there's like a focus to the whole thing, and I've seen this in other stuff you've written too, BSD.

I'm not good at detailed analysis but I figured this deserved some kind of response. There's no vote so there won't be lots of messages and the general flavor of Negative Is Cooler means praise won't be posted as often without a vote etc but yeah.

Good stuff man.
If only this was a doujin. Not sure if someone could read it in one sitting due to how much sexy was in it.
I realized one tiny flaw in it (the fact I didn't realize it until now speaks of how great everything else was): Not much was done with Kokoro beyond her dick (it could have been a guy just as easily)
File 141953113350.jpg - (230.78KB, 1000x853 , 44736118.jpg) [iqdb]
A well-dressed maid greets me as I arrive at the large gate in front of the mansion. She has short, silver hair arranged into twin braids in the front and a neutral expression on her face. Her foreign-looking outfit is adorned with frills and an apron in the front. It's an unusual sight, certainly, but this is an unusual mansion, and seeing a Western maid in a Western mansion isn't that odd. Another woman in a beautiful green vest and slitted skirt is standing closer to the gate, but she ignores me.

"Good morning, sir," the maid says with a short curtsy. "We've been expecting you. You are the applicant for the new position in the library, correct?"

"Yes, that's me."

About a week ago, I had noticed an advertisement in the Bunbunmaru paper for work at the infamous Scarlet Devil Mansion. It sounded simple enough, something to the effect of ?Strong man or woman with lots of stamina needed to shelve books in library. Pls. contact Sakuya Izayoi, Scarlet Devil Mansion." I was in need of work, so I jumped at the opportunity and wrote to them about my interest.

"Good. I am Sakuya Izayoi, chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I will guide you to the library now; the librarian is the one in need of help, I simply posted the job on her behalf. As such, I am unable to offer any details. My only instruction was to ensure that the applicant is up to the task. You will likely be doing strenuous work for an extended period of time; are you able and willing to handle this?"

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I should be fine." It's just shelving books, right? How hard could it be? Sure, it's a big mansion, and it probably has a big library, but still.

"Very well." She then turns to address the other woman. "Meiling, open the gate for our guest."

With a cheerful ?Right away, Miss Sakuya," Meiling pulls the latch out of the ground and effortlessly opens the gate for us. That thing must weigh a ton! And yet, it shouldn't surprise me that she's able to move such a heavy object; this is the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and it's foolish to assume that anyone in here is a human. I've been assured multiple times from many sources, ranging from idle bar chatter to the Hakurei shrine maiden herself, that the residents are generally friendly and not dangerous to humans... so long as I don't do anything stupid to incite their wrath.

"Follow me," the maid instructs plainly. I obey, walking close behind her as she leads me into the mansion. I can hear the squeaking and groaning of iron behind me as Meiling closes the massive gate.

Sakuya leads me through the mansion and down into the basement. The interior is amazingly beautiful, albeit really red, but I don't have time to stop and look around. Gotta keep up with that fast walking maid.

"We have arrived," she says after a ten minute or so journey. "The librarian is just inside. Greet her and ask for details as necessary. She will call for me to escort you when your work for the day is done; do not attempt to leave before then. Walking through the halls on your own is quite... dangerous." She pauses for a second to let the veiled threat sink in, then continues as normal. "Good day, I will see you then." With another curtsy, Sakuya leaves me alone and walks down the hallway back to the stairs.

Only one thing to do now. I open the light wooden doors and step inside. The library is dimly lit and extremely musty. I suppose I'll get used to the lighting, but I still wouldn't want to read in this light. This part is relatively open; it appears to be some kind of reception area. There's a desk in front of me with several open books on top, and a chair behind it, but there's just a heap of rags on the chair.

I take a look around, searching for the librarian that's supposed to be instructing me. Off in the distance is an endless number of shelves of neatly organized books, not that I can actually see very far in this light. It's definitely a massive library, befitting of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Now I see why they wanted someone with lots of stamina.

"Are you the assistant I requested?" A voice that can only be described as ?dusty? calls out to me. I look around for the source, and discover that what I had assumed to be a pile of dusty rags is in fact a very dusty woman. She continues to sit and read from the books in front of her as she speaks, never bothering to look at me. This makes it difficult to get a good look at her, but she seems quite plain. She looks older than her age, in a sense; her face is smooth and devoid of wrinkles, but nonetheless completely devoid of any luster, and her hair is a similarly dull shade of purple. Her baggy clothes could possibly conceal a youthful, vibrant figure, but I doubt she has one. I think there's a coating of dust over her entire body.

"Uh, yes. That's me." I respond after studying her for a second.

"I see. We used too many books in our research, and they need to be put away now. Anywhere will do; just get them off the floor. Take as long as you need, there are many books and you will not finish in a day. The main problem area is two hundred paces to your right, then another forth-five paces left of there."

She doesn't say anything after that. Clearly a woman of few words. "Alright, I'll get started then. Thank you!" She continues to not respond. Oh well.

I walk through the library to my assigned section, and face-first into a mountain of books. There's a huge number of shelves, each containing a huge number of books already, but with some visible open spaces. Then there's the massive piles on the floor, on top of the shelves, literally everywhere they could fit.

My job is to reshelve all of these books. Every single one. That's what the purple haired librarian said to do. This is the job that I agreed to do.

I really should've asked for some details before accepting.

I sigh, and pick up a book. Then shelve it. I pick up another, and shelve that too. It only takes about five seconds for a single book... but there's practically an infinite number of them, and I'm working solo. How did that frail-looking woman manage to make this big of a mess?

Am I at least being paid by the hour? I really should've asked more questions. I do need the work and all, but this isn't what I had in mind. Long hours sitting in a dimly lit, dusty library, endlessly shelving books. It sounded like she expected me to finish on my own, but that'd take a lifetime. No matter how many hours I worked a... wait, what are my hours? Dammit, another thing I needed to ask.

I sigh, and pick up yet another book. Hmm, this one actually seems interesting. It appears to be a compilation of the author's short stories. I've never heard of him, but the back of the book promises tales of adventure, ranging from a samurai warrior defeating Western demons to a long distance romance from one coast of Japan to the other.

When faced with an impossible task, sometimes the best answer is to slack off.

I open the book, flip through the pages until I find a title that catches my interest, and start reading.

Hmm, is this the romance one? The beginning is odd, but it does have a young man living on the coast.

And then a shadow falls over the book. I instinctively look up and see a woman falling from above! I drop the book and manage to catch her with my already outstretched arms, receiving her in a princess carry.

"You've released me from my prison!" She 'greets' me immediately while I stand there dumbfounded. "Now you are to become my slave as I conquer all of Japan!"

"Umm, who are you?" The woman in my arms is an attractive - beautiful, really - woman with several unusual features. Inhuman features. She has a pair of wings on top of her head, pointed ears, and I can feel a tail or something similar squirming about against my left arm. It would appear that she is some kind of demon. Despite this, her expression is one of amusement or playfulness, not hostility.

Her relatively gentle expression certainly highlights her beauty. She has prominent cheekbones, large, red eyes, long and silky red hair... Actually, a lot of her is red. Her plump lips shine with a brilliant red lipstick, and her fingernails are equally vibrant. All that she's wearing is a simple red bra that barely covers her voluptuous breasts and a pair of matching panties... that I can see through. A neatly trimmed mat of red hair just barely doesn't cover her slit, and her... moving my eyes further to my left, I discover that she's also wearing bright red high heels that cover her toes but leave the tops of her bare feet visible. She daintily swings her legs back and forth; I get the feeling she's enjoying this position.

"Fufufu, you may call me 'Daiakuma.' I was sealed in the book you were reading by the legendary mage Patchouli Knowledge, but your carelessness has freed me! Now I can have my revenge! But first, you are to become my slave and assist me." She really doesn't look that imposing. Gorgeous, yes, but not scary. There's no frightening aura emanating from her, and I doubt it's just because I'm too dumb to notice it. Is her special power her boobs or something?

"Why would anyone seal a demon in an ordinary book? Do you really expect me to believe that hogwash?"

"Oh? You doubt my powers? Then tell me, how did I get here?"

"I'm pretty sure you just jumped down from above while I was reading. I don't question that you're a demon, but you're obviously lying about coming out of that book." There aren't any books on top of the bookcase in front of me, so she could've easily hidden up there and waited for me. Although why she would do that is beyond me. Maybe she's touched in the head?

"Ufufufu, it seems you need a taste of my powers!" With that, she leans forward and presses her lips against mine, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth. I step back in surprise, enjoying the feeling of her long, wet tongue more than I'd like to admit. Her left arm touches my cheek, and she presses her amazingly soft breasts against my chest, forcing some semblance of intimacy upon me. Maybe her boobs actually are her power.

However, I am not one to consort with demons, and I lower my arms to drop her on the floor. She's weird and I don't see any reason to believe a thing she says, but intimacy with such creatures is never wise.

Except she doesn't actually fall. She just floats in midair, gently flapping the wings on her head and back, and turns to face me with an amused smile. Her large breasts hang down, giving me a perfect view of her cleavage that I can't turn away from. "Hohoho, you certainly have spirit! I like that. But it's too late for you - a spirited slave is still just a slave!" There she goes again. I don't feel the least bit different, discounting the erection I hope she can't see, so I don't think I'm under her powers. But maybe that's just how her charm works. If I don't believe I'm under her influence I won't fight it, and mistakenly think her thoughts are my own... but wait, doesn't realizing this negate that possibility entirely?

And while I'm over thinking things, she makes yet another move. One hand reaches into my trousers and clutches my throbbing penis, which responds readily to her silky hand. Her nails are perfectly smooth and gently tap against my flesh, but it doesn't hurt at all and only serves to excite me more. The other hand returns to my cheek and she gives me a loving caress, simultaneously sticking her face right up to mine.

She smells amazing. It's somewhat hard to describe, as her scent is mixed in with the ubiquitous musk from the library, but her femininity tickles my nose and makes me yearn for her despite myself. Her bright red lips are right in front of mine, a position she holds for a second before giving me a more subdued kiss. It's just pressing her pressing her lips onto me this time, no tongue involved, but she makes certain to push her bosom against my chest as well. That alone would entice me, but it's rendered moot by her hand on my erect shaft, which puts me completely under her control.

The demon twists her hand, caressing my sensitive flesh with her fingertips and nails. The stimulation causes me to open my lips and moan, completely within her charm at this point. She takes this as an invitation to kiss me again, and gently sucks on my parted lips. I don't resist her.

"See, my dear slave? It's much better if you simply cooperate. Allow me to show you a glimpse of my power, and you'll never resist again."

With that, she breaks the kiss and uses both of her hands to pull down my trousers. My erect cock springs into the air, causing her to exclaim something in some unknown language. Even without knowing what the words mean, I can tell that she's pleased.

My self-proclaimed master parts her lips and slowly takes my entire length into her wet mouth. Her tongue brushes against my tip as she carefully swallows it, causing me to wince from the unfamiliar sensation. It's been years since I last received a blowjob, but this ?woman? has already surpassed my fondest memories. The heat from her mouth envelops my shaft, her wet tongue roughly massages its tip, and her soft lips tingle as they slowly take in more of my penis. I know that this is dangerous, but it's far too late to stop.

She giggles with her mouth full, and I suddenly realize that I've been moaning out loud. It seems that she's pleased by this, which is probably a good thing. Her lips near the base of my length, and my legs begin to buckle from the gentle but constant sucking. She reaches both arms around my sides and firmly places her hands on my buttocks, partly to support the two of us. But the repeated squeezing makes me think she just wants to grope me.

My dick reaches the back of her throat, and she purrs in satisfaction. While my length is nothing amazing - I don't think, anyway - this is the first time a woman has been able to fit the full thing in her mouth. Then again, this is my first time consorting with a demon. Perhaps she's a sex demon, a succubus. That would be really bad, wouldn't it?

Her tongue continues to wrap around my entire length, immediately dispelling any concerns about my soul. I'm completely lost in this woman.

"Koakuma! What are you doing here?!"

A woman shouts, and I turn to look in surprise. Daiakuma or Koakuma or whatever her name is doesn't react and continues sucking my shaft, completely ignoring the woman's anger. It's the librarian from before... sort of. Her face, hair, and voice are similar enough to what I remember, but beyond that...

For starters, the woman is curvy. Very curvy. Her hips are decently wide, creating a narrow gap between her thighs, but her greatest asset is absolutely her breasts. Daiakuma's are very large compared to most women I've seen, big enough to fill my hand if I were to squeeze them. This woman's, on the other hand, are massive. I would need to grope one with both of my hands to be able to cover its full size.

Her outfit is also very striking. Much like Daiakuma, she's wearing nothing more than a matching purple bra and panties. Despite having a much fuller figure, her clothes are even skimpier; her panties are extremely thin and just barely cover her slit, and her tiny bra is completely ineffective at holding up her heavy breasts. I don't know why she bothered wearing anything, though, as both articles are transparent enough for me to easily see her privates. If I wasn't having my dick sucked by a demoness, I would avert my eyes, but in this situation I don't really think there's any point.

Actually, their outfits aren't the only comparison I can draw between her and Daiakuma: they're both running a consistent color scheme. Daiakuma is all red, while this new woman is going for purple. Her skimpy clothes are purple, her hair is a vibrant purple, her nails are painted purple, and I think she's wearing purple eyeshadow as well. She's a bit too far away for me to be certain, especially in this terrible light, but she's definitely wearing something, and I'd be shocked if it wasn't purple. I bet her eyes are probably purple too, which would certainly be captivating.

Could this delectably curvy woman possibly be the dusty librarian from before? There's no way her (admittedly baggy) clothes could have concealed those incredible breasts. Her sister, perhaps? I suppose it's possible, but it'd still be rather unusual. There are both enough similarities and enough differences to make it impossible to tell if this is the same woman. The voice is the same, but with added emotion. Her hair is still long and purple, but now more vibrant and silky. And her skin is no longer dull and dusty, but flush and glowing, so much so that in this dim light I can't help but think she's luminous on her own.

Daiakuma finally acknowledges the woman's appearance and pulls her head away from my shaft. The lack of stimulation doesn't last for long, fortunately, as she grips my throbbing shaft with one of her delicate hands. It's not nearly as good as her hot mouth, but still amazing enough to keep me satisfied.

"I am exacting my revenge, Miss Patchouli Knowledge. You should just give up now and accept it; everyone in this mansion will soon be my loyal slave!" She gives my shaft a few quick pumps as she speaks, caressing my sensitive flesh and forcing me to moan. Does this mean I'm already her slave?

Patchouli Knowledge, as the demoness called her, steps towards the two of us. Wasn't that the name Daiakuma had given earlier, the mage who sealed her? Maybe she became the librarian in order to keep an eye on her. Or maybe she's just as touched in the head as Daiakuma - she seems to think nothing of me standing here, having my dick stroked. "Oh? So that's your plan? I defeated you once, demon, and I am still far more powerful than you."

"It's too late! You'll never stop me!" With that, Daiakuma parts her lips once again and takes half of my shaft into her mouth. She doesn't remove her hand, and continues stroking me in tandem while her head bobs back and forth. Her other hand joins in and gently takes hold of my testicles, softly caressing them. I moan from the three-pronged attack; her exquisite sucking alone was enough to keep me on the edge of orgasm, but I'm absolutely drowning in bliss now that she's using both of her hands as well. The situation is getting stranger, and consorting with a demon has to be bad news, but I'm too far gone at this point. I place my hand on the back of her head, encouraging her to suck on more of my aching cock. Her hair feels so nice.

"I won't let you get away with this!" Patchouli cries out, before rushing at the two of us. Daiakuma does nothing, even as her opponent draws closer. But, upon arriving, Patchouli ignores Daiakuma and instead grabs hold of my free arm. She forces it between her amazingly soft cleavage, her heavy tits practically crushing it with pure joy. Not finished yet, she thrusts her lips towards mine and savagely kisses me, trying to force her slender tongue inside. My lips part as she takes me by surprise, which she instantly exploits. I'm not sure how this is supposed to stop Daiakuma, but I'm in no position to complain. Patchouli moans softly as she explores my mouth, sloppily running her tongue all over and tasting my saliva. On top of this, she begins bouncing on her toes, causing her huge breasts to move up and down and caress my trapped arm and chest.

It's too much for any man to bear, and I ejaculate swiftly, filling the demoness's mouth with my semen. She stops moving, purring contentedly as my seed lands directly on her tongue. Patchouli continues filling my mouth with her tongue, but the orgasm causes me to simply groan in response and do nothing else. She doesn't give up until my penis finally stops ejaculating and Daiakuma removes her lips from my shaft. I look down at the demoness once Patchouli has stepped away from me. She looks up and meets my gaze, and I notice a small bit of white on her brilliant red lips. She smiles lasciviously at me, and her pleased expression makes me think she ?won? at whatever it is that she was doing.

"Hmph, Don't think it will be this simple," Patchouli mutters. She reaches out, grabs my shrinking cock, and gives it a few strokes. It remains unresponsive, completely drained of its vigor from that thorough blowjob. This doesn't dissuade her, however, and she continues to futilely stroke my penis in an attempt to bring it back to life.

"Fufufufu," the demoness chuckles. "You won't be able to accomplish anything with that meager attack. Give up already and become my slave!"

"You can't do anything either!" the purple girl retorts. "Don't pretend you've won already."

The red one gasps, and extends her left hand and begins stroking my flaccid dick as well. Despite their apparent rivalry, the two girls have no qualms at all about letting their hands touch, and willingly interlock their fingers as they caress my skin. Both hands feel silky and their fingernails are perfectly smooth, but that's all. Despite touching my penis, it's not getting me excited at all. Really, I just want to sit down for a few minutes. Preferably away from these two lunatics. But I don't think that would end well.

"It appears we are at an impasse," the demoness says. "Will you agree to a temporary truce, so that we can continue our fight? I know a magic spell that can resolve this situation, but it requires a partner.."

"It can't be helped. Fine, show me this spell." The two of them finally release my penis and take a few steps away from me, never removing their eyes from each other. I take this opportunity to sit down and rest. Running away is useless, as I have nowhere to run to, but I want to at least relax while these girls fool around.
File 141953113929.jpg - (509.75KB, 1430x2000 , 7c238b542afb12edc8cd23f449ff540a.jpg) [iqdb]
The two girls place their hands on the others' shoulders. Patchouli opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue, prompting Daiakuma to lean closer with her tongue extended. The two connect, and something white drips down from Daiakuma's tongue onto Patchouli's. It takes me a second to realize what it is: a thick load of my semen from Daiakuma's blowjob. Patchouli's tongue retreats back into her mouth, but Daiakuma's chases after it and sloppily tastes it. Both girls glance at me while they passionately kiss, each rubbing their tongues against the other's mouth, tongue, and lips.

They're remarkably well coordinated, given how Daiakuma is supposed to be instructing Patchouli.

Daiakuma forces her tongue over Patchouli's, once again stealing the glob of semen for herself. It's been watered down with their shared saliva at this point, but that hasn't stopped either girl from hungrily fighting over it. Small bits of white drip down from the corners of their mouths, a result of their overeager sharing.

Every couple of seconds or so, the two of them glance at me to check my reaction. Watching them is actually kinda annoying, as I know instinctively that two busty, attractive, almost naked girls sensually kissing each other and swapping my cum back and forth should be erotic. But I just can't get engrossed in it, with my penis out of commission.

Daiakuma's hands move up and grope Patchouli's huge boobs. She starts by cupping the exposed underside of each, slowly tracing her hands further up until her palms are resting on Patchouli's barely-covered nipples. Each gets a firm squeeze, prompting Patchouli to break the kiss and murmur, "Ahn... Koakuma..."Patchouli follows suit and drapes her fingers over Daiakuma's breasts, giving them a gentle touch before pushing the fabric aside. Both girls now have their nipples exposed, and each begins to caress the other, with extra attention paid to their erect nubs.

A stream of white liquid shoots out from Patchouli's breast and flies off into the air as Daiakuma pinches her left nipple. Was that... milk? Neither girl seems surprised by the fluid, and now that I know it's there, I notice that both of their hands are wet. There's a sheen on both of their breasts that wasn't there before. They're both lactating, and they're rubbing each other's milk onto their breasts as it coats their hands.

Both of them abruptly stop their passionate kiss and turn to face me, breaking their embrace. "There. The magic spell is complete, Miss Knowledge," Daiakuma declares. Looking down, I notice that my dick is indeed erect. Not that this was likely the work of any magic. The two of them were going at it for a good ten minutes, more than enough time for me to recover. Although, admittedly, watching the two of them wrestle with their tongues probably did give me the erection. "You cannot run from our fight any longer!" Daiakuma adds, facing her ?opponent."

"I don't need to!" Without hesitation, Patchouli runs towards me, closing the narrow distance in a second. Her huge tits bounce back and forth with her footsteps, no long constrained by even that tiny bit of cloth. She extends her arms and runs into me, pushing me down with all the force she can muster during her running charge. Which actually isn't that much. Despite her full body, her arms are relatively thin and completely lacking in any visible muscle. I'm a little too distracted to resist her, though, so I still wind up on my back.

The woman in purple looks down at me with a satisfied smile on her face. "Fufufu, let's see how you can handle this!" She says it while facing me, but I think she was addressing Daiakuma. She takes a moment to remove her panties, quickly raising and lowering each leg in turn, then discards the garment by tossing it onto my face. The slightly damp article is filled with the overwhelming scent of her arousal. As pleasant as the smell is, I don't particularly want it directly on my nose, and so I grab her panties and drop them on the floor beside me.

Patchouli lowers herself onto my dick as I'm moving her discarded panties about. The heat from her dripping-wet pussy reaches me first, and the pleasant warmth makes my shaft tremble with anticipation. My tip pushes her lips apart as she moves further down. I groan as her walls constrict against my sensitive head, the pleasure filling my vision with a burst of white. She smirks at my reaction and promptly drops herself against my hips, swallowing my length with a single motion.

Her pussy wraps around my cock, its folds caressing every inch of my sensitive flesh. Patchouli begins to move, rapidly raising herself and slamming her hips down against my flesh. She's wet enough to make movement simple, but still so wonderfully tight. The sound of our hips slapping together echoes throughout the large library.

"Well!" she exclaims between heavy breaths, "How's that, Koakuma?! Can you defeat this attack?" If the red girl does or says anything in response, I don't notice it. Patchouli's huge breasts, bouncing up and down in front of me, have captivated my attention. Her insides feel so good, and I can already feel myself about to cum, but I do everything I can to hold it in. She's doing all the moving, which does make it a bit easier for me, but it's still nearly impossible to resist the urge to stain her womb with my semen.

A red item drops from above, near my head, and lands on top of Patchouli's panties. I sit up to try and get a better look at the fallen object, surprised by its sudden appearance.

Only to be forced back down against the floor by a pair of milky white thighs. Their owner moves back a little, just enough for me to see a damp slit surrounded by a light patch of neatly trimmed red hair. It would seem that the demoness is counter-attacking. The thighs close against my head, and her engorged pussy lips grind against my face. So that's what she wants.

Not having much choice, I extend my tongue and brush it against her moist slit. I hear a delighted moan from the girl whose face I can't see, and she stops rubbing her thighs against my face as much. My tongue runs up and down her lips, then gently parts them and works its way inside. It's impossible to concentrate with Patchouli's pussy squeezing my dick so tightly, so it's hard to do a proper job. I raise my hands and place them on Daiakuma's firm butt cheeks to keep her still, and I can't help giving them a couple strong squeezes as well.

As reluctant as I am to lay with a demon, I find myself getting engrossed in licking her. The overflowing juices have a pleasant, tart taste, and the invigorating smell of raw female sexuality. Her pubic hair lightly tickles my face, and the heat from her firm thighs pressing against my head is rather nice. I slide my tongue past her lips and explore her insides, letting her occasional cry or shiver of delight guide me. It sounds like they're continuing their ridiculous verbal fight, but I pay them no attention.

Patchouli continues bouncing up and down along my shaft. I can't see her wonderful tits anymore, but I can still hear the muffled sounds of our flesh slapping together and her unrestrained moans. Her walls feel incredible, and every movement fills me with an irresistible pleasure. I try to focus on eating out Daiakuma, but Patchouli's pussy simply feels too good. After a while, I find myself mindlessly licking the same spot over and over.

I finally give in to the pleasure, dropping my head back against the floor and moaning as I shoot into Patchouli's tight hole. Daiakuma tries to get me to resume by grinding her slit against my face a few times, but to no avail. I simply lie back and groan, listening to Patchouli's delighted cries as my hot semen pours into her hungry pussy. Once finished, she pulls off of me, letting a small bit of cum leak out onto my waist beside my now-flaccid penis.

Daiakuma, having given up on coercing me into oral sex, crawls towards my crotch. Her hand gently strokes my penis in an attempt to return it to life, but quickly gives up on that as well.

"It's no good," she announces, hopefully referring to the situation. "We'll have to use that."

?That," Patchouli echoes, suddenly looking contemplative. "Yes... that. We won't be able to continue otherwise."

What are these two idiots planning now?

It seems I won't have to wait long to find out. Both girls stand up and slowly walk towards me with smiles on their faces. They don't seem to be malicious, at least, but it is somewhat alarming how much they're anticipating this. Whatever it is.

Daiakuma gets down on all fours and crawls towards me, holding her breasts together with her hands. She stops once her breasts hang over my face, both of her erect nipples pushed together above my mouth. As if on her command, a small bit of milk squirts out of each and lands on my closed lips.

"Drink," she commands, lowering her chest even closer. The aroma of her fresh milk invades my nostrils, and a tiny bit seeps past my lips and onto my tongue. I obediently open my mouth, and I'm immediately rewarded with another squirt, this time directly into my mouth. The taste is incredible; rich, creamy, and pleasantly sweet. It has a slight hint of a flavor I can only place as her own, reminding me of the scent of her thighs.

Her nipples lower to my mouth and I close my lips around both succulent nubs. Daiakuma lets out a soft moan as her wonderful liquid flows freely into my mouth. I simply lie there, enjoying the pleasant taste from her voluptuous breasts.

Patchouli appears by my other side and raises her massive breasts towards me. Their size pushes Daiakuma's away, but the two of them calmly compromise and reposition themselves. Both sets of nipples are soon in front of me, the girls' huge tits filling my entire vision. I resume sucking after the brief interruption, and Patchouli joins in with Daiakuma's subdued moans.

I extend my tongue and gently flick it against their nipples. The two sources of milk mix freely in my mouth, becoming indistinguishable. I can taste the slight hint of Patchouli and Daiakuma's scents, but their milks are equally delicious.

They're cooperating rather well for this. Neither girl is trying to monopolize my mouth, not even accidentally as a result of the size difference between the two. All they're doing is calmly letting me feed to my heart's content; no trying to out-do the other, no ridiculous dialogue about some blatantly made up conflict, nothing. This is actually quite nice.

My cock begins to twitch, slowly returning to life. The girls are too preoccupied to notice, which is good because they'll probably stop feeding me once they do. It's the same as with their makeout session earlier; they're just buying time until my refractory period passes naturally, claiming that their actions were responsible. Maybe it's just because they've been having sex with me for a while now, but drinking their milk has made me realize that I'm quite hungry, so I don't want them to stop just yet.

Still, there's no reason to be completely passive. Two beautiful, almost naked women are crowding around me. I'd be a fool to not sample them, especially while their silliness has been toned down a little. I raise both of my hands and grab a cheek from each girl's plump behind, eliciting a small cry from their owners. My fingers sink into the soft flesh and dance about over their area, savoring the sensation of their silky smooth skin.

Daiakuma's butt is nice and firm, but still plenty soft. Patchouli's is bigger and much more pillowy, matching her wider frame and larger bust. Both girls purr in response to my caresses, keeping their bodies still so as to not interrupt my flow of milk. I can't decide which rear I like more, but fortunately, I don't need to. Neither girl wants me to stop, so I'm free to enjoy their butts while I drink their delicious milk.

As if on some cue, Patchouli and Daiakuma abruptly stop feeding me and sit up. Their attention turns to my cock, which is now rock hard and facing the ceiling. Daiakuma leans closer to my penis and gently strokes it with her soft hand, letting her smooth nails run over my length. Even her light touch sends shivers down my spine and forces me to moan from how sensitive it's become.

"Fufufu, I knew that would work. It always does. Let us resume, you second-rate soap additive!" Daiakuma declares, still rubbing my penis. Great, it looks like they're starting this up again. Unless, of course, someone were to interrupt them and take control of the situation...
File 14195311458.jpg - (499.57KB, 752x1062 , f6137661693f27a76854500cadf060b2.jpg) [iqdb]
?You fools!? I shout, sitting up as quickly as I can. Patchouli and Daiakuma turn to face me, surprised by my sudden exclamation and unsure of how to react. "You have unsealed my powers! Uh, and now I will make you both into my slaves!"

The girls continue to stare at me, but quickly share a glance. This isn't quite what I was hoping for. Well, actions speak louder than words, so maybe I just need to go all-out.

I rush forward, bringing myself between the two girls, and wrap each of my arms around their chests. My hands cover their breasts and squeeze the voluptuous mounds. Daiakuma's are big enough to fill my palm, and feel almost weightless. I suppose it's to be expected, considering how impossibly light she was when she first jumped into my arms. Patchouli's are a good deal larger, to the point that my hands are unable to cover them. And, in contrast to Daiakuma's, they have substantial weight, so her creamy skin envelops my fingers.

Neither girl does anything for a few seconds while I help myself to their breasts. Patchouli is the first to react, and twists and moans in a mock struggle to escape my hand. "Ahhh, no! He's draining my magic! Ahhn..."she cries. I move my hand in the middle of her little speech and pinch her nipple, causing her to honestly moan at the end of her acting. Daiakuma joins in, breathing heavily between moans as she laments her sudden loss of magic. I reward her performance by squeezing her nipple between my index and middle fingers. A small bit of milk shoots out with each pinch as I play with their breasts.

Now that they're under my ?power," I can take the lead. I step behind Daiakuma and place my hands on her thighs, then lift her up with her back resting against my chest. Fortunately, it's easy to move her around, considering how little she weighs.

"Kyaaan! Master?" she cries out playfully. I like that sound of that... ?Master." Once the brief surprise wears off, she does nothing to resist my grasp, and lies in my hands. Her tail drapes down and gently brushes against my penis. I can't tell if she's doing it on purpose or not, but it does feel kinda nice.

I don't respond to Daiakuma, and instead address Patchouli, who is watching us with envy. "You," I begin, then add, "Slave. What is this slave's name?" I ask her while groping Daiakuma's right breast to make it clear who I mean, causing her to twitch and moan happily. It's a good thing she's light enough to support with one hand. The red demoness introduced herself by a different name than the one Patchouli uses, and it's been bothering me for a while. Hopefully I can abuse my new position as master to get a straight answer out of them. Although I suppose I already know what she's going to say.

"Her name?" Patchouli responds, then hastily adds, "Master?" I should remember that little infraction and ?punish? her later for it. "It is Koakuma, Master. She likes to dream big about having great power and conquering all of Japan, but it is just a lie. She is nothing more than a mischievous little devil. Why, just look at how small her tits are!" Patchouli stands up and walks towards me with a playful smile on her face, then grabs Koakuma's breasts with both hands. Her soft hand touches my own on top of Koakuma's full breast. Patchouli leans forward, letting her significantly larger mounds press against Koakuma's midriff. No, Patchouli, Koakuma isn't small. You're just huge. "Naughty little devils like her need to be punished, don't you agree, Master?" she concludes, looking at my eyes with anticipation.

"Indeed," I exclaim, and move both of my hands to her ass. I lift her up a little and then lower her onto my penis, letting it sink into her drenched pussy. Her insides tightly grip my dick, but there's enough lubrication to make the insertion easy.

"Ahn!" She moans from the insertion, crying out in bliss. "Your cock feels so good, Master! Please, punish this naughty devil's wet cunt!" It takes all of my effort to not moan with her; I have to keep up appearances as ?master," and I feel that involves staying composed no matter how good my ?slave? feels. Ejaculating on the first thrust would certainly be embarrassing. I squeeze her ass while raising and lowering her entire body, forcing her to ride my length.

Patchouli takes a step away and crouches down in front of us, moving out of my vision. "Allow me to assist you, Master!" she says from below. A second later I feel her tongue licking Koakuma's swollen clit and just barely touching my penis. The sudden extra stimulation causes Koakuma to let out a drawn out moan, and her walls constrict even further around my penis. Patchouli's limber tongue rubs everywhere that the two of us are joined, tracing around Koakuma's labia and flicking against my dick.

At this point, I no longer care about any potential consequences of fucking a demon. If there are any, I'm already a victim, so I might as well enjoy her sultry body as long as I can.

I lean my head forward and turn towards Koakuma. "Lips," I command, and my diligent slave pulls her head back and turns to face me. My tongue slides into her mouth as her succulent lips part to accommodate me, and she gently rubs her wet organ against mine. She moans softly from the combined attack as Patchouli and I both fill her with unending pleasure.

My dick throbs inside of Koakuma's tight pussy. I can feel my orgasm approaching from how amazingly good she feels. Without breaking the kiss, I speed up my thrusts and slam into her wet hole as quickly as I can. If I can't savor her body any longer, then I should make certain to finish with a flourish. Patchouli does her part as well, and continues to brush her tongue against my penis as it slides in and out of Koakuma's vagina.

Within the minute, I thrust deep into Koakuma's pussy and ejaculate inside of her. As my thick load of cum fills her womb, I break the kiss and moan. I can't keep up the act when faced with her luscious body. But considering her own loud moans of ecstasy, I don't think she notices. Or cares. Her walls twitch in response, as if trying to squeeze out every last drop of my semen, and I'm all too happy to oblige her.

Koakuma pants from the afterglow, quietly enjoying the warmth from our joined bodies. I wrap my arms around her chest, just underneath her breasts, and leave my penis buried inside of her. There's no reason to rush things, so I might as well relax for a bit. Just holding her soft body against mine like this feels nice. Patchouli continues to lick us but at a much slower pace, presumably also cleaning up any semen that drips out of Koakuma's pussy. I can feel her tongue brushing against my penis, but it doesn't do anything for me. Koakuma certainly appreciates her fellow slave's attention, however, and shudders in my grasp with each lick.

Once her breathing returns to normal, I gently set Koakuma down on her feet. My flaccid penis falls out of her, along with a tiny bit of semen. I won't be able to have sex with them again for another few minutes, and I can't really rely on one of their ?magic spells? now that I'm the master. Even then, I wonder how long my stamina will actually hold out.

Still, I have to do something to keep these girls busy. I get the distinct feeling that they'll turn on me the second I hesitate in my ?duties? as their ?master." If I can't use my penis, then I'll just need to pleasure them some other way.

I move my left hand down to Koakuma's ass and give it a few quick squeezes. I've already sampled her ass enough, as wonderful as it is, so I don't linger. My hand moves between her legs and I slide two fingers into her pussy.

"Ahn!" she moans lustfully from the sudden insertion. "Master, your hand feels amazing! Please give me more!" She practically sings in response, and thrusts her hips back and forth in tune with my movements. Her soaked pussy and creamy thighs envelop my hand in a wonderful heat.

"Of course. Offer your body to me, and I will reward you thusly. You'll make an excellent slave." I separate my fingers and wriggle them about inside of her, beginning to alternate between carefully stirring her insides and mercilessly pounding her entrance. Each variation causes her to moan again, and her pussy lips grip my fingers, not wanting to let them go. Koakuma raises a hand to her mouth and begins to noisily suck on her own fingers, making lewd popping noises as her tongue and lips caress the soft digit. I can't tell if she's simply this aroused and is desperate for something to suck on, or if she's simply trying to tantalize me.

After about a minute, I notice Patchouli on the floor, still on her knees. Her left hand has moved between her legs and is slowly moving up and down, her face flushed from the quiet masturbation. It would seem that I was too enthralled with Koakuma's body, and neglected my other slave.

"No no no, that won't do at all," I say to the purple girl, without pausing my work on Koakuma. Patchouli looks up in surprise and her hand stops moving. "You are my slave now. Both of your bodies belong to me. I will take care of your needs, so you two are forbidden to pleasure yourselves. Come here, and entrust your body to me."

I use my free hand to gesture to the area next to Koakuma, inviting Patchouli to join her. She stands up slowly and keeps her eye on my hand. "Yes, Master. I will do as you command," she states, suddenly much more subservient. I'm still gonna punish her later, though.

She turns around after walking towards me, showing her back and plump ass. I'm still fingering Koakuma, but this isn't the best position. Now would be a good time to transition.

"Not like that," I say. "Get down on your hands and knees. Stick your ass up towards me." She obeys, dropping to her knees and then leans forward until her hands are on the ground. Her large ass is raised high, with her moist pussy on full display. I rub her slit and let the moisture coat my fingers, then slide two of them into her entrance.

"Ahh! Master! More, more!" She bucks her hips as she joins Koakuma in moaning, driving the long digits deeper inside of her. Her huge breasts sway back and forth, her erect nipples just barely above the library floor.

"Mmm, what a lovely position," I say, admiring the view. All of her assets are highlighted, with her ass being the most prominent. Even with my penis out of commission, I can honestly appreciate the sensual curves of her body. "You should join her," I say to my red slave while slowly pulling my fingers out of her pussy. She spends a few seconds just standing there panting before obeying, dropping her body to the floor and raising her ass.

Koakuma moans once I re-insert my fingers and resume pumping them in and out of her hungry pussy. I pleasure them in tandem, letting their lascivious moans mix and fill the library. I think they're getting close to cumming, so I slow down a little. This is largely a time wasting effort, so I don't want them climaxing too quickly.

I continue this for another eight minutes, slowly moving my hands back and forth to keep them on the edge. The girls never grow tired of the simple, repetitive motions and slowly moan for the full duration. Actually wriggling my fingers about for two girls at once is too bothersome, especially since they seem content with just thrusting.

My erection returns, and I finger their pussies with renewed vigor. They're already right at the edge, so a little extra attention will have them cumming in no time. I slide a third finger into each and begin pumping them as quickly as I can. Both girls are loose enough at this point to easily accept the extra digit, and their cries of pleasure make their enjoyment clear. Patchouli's arms give out, causing her to tumble forward a little, but she manages to support herself with her elbows.

My ?slaves? succumb to the pleasure and let out a loud cry together as they both hit their peaks at the same time. Their already tight pussies clamp down on my fingers, their walls squeezing my hand with their folds. The sweet moans continue for a minute before dying down, with the girls panting for breath against the floor.

I'm not giving them time to rest. I walk over to Patchouli and help her up, although she does the real work, with me simply guiding her. "Your loyalty is lacking, Patchouli. You lack the pure devotion of my dear Koakuma." Koakuma looks up at her name, her eyes sparkling from my praise. "Maybe a little 'punishment' will enlighten you.."

Patchouli's face brightens at the prospect of ?punishment," and she smiles vividly. "Yes! Of course, Master! Please punish my lustful body." She's rather excited, although that will surely change in time. I lead her to the nearest bookcase. Her breath is ragged and her movements unsteady, but she manages to make the trip with some assistance.

"Get up against the bookcase, and stick your ass out," I command. Patchouli obeys instantly and puts her arms up against the shelves to support herself, eager to begin. "Good. Koakuma," I address the devil who is still on the floor, but she stands up once she hears her name. She seems to be holding up better than Patchouli as well. "Come over here as well. Patchouli isn't prepared. Lick her pussy."

In truth, she is most assuredly ready to accept my dick, having done so already. My cock is eager to enter her again, but watching these two go at it sounds entertaining as well. They're probably lovers, so it'll be a nice treat for them as well. And, of course, it's just plain fun to order them around like this.

With a succinct ?Yes, Master," Koakuma kneels down in front of Patchouli's plump ass. She places both hands on her cheeks and brings her face up to Patchouli's dripping pussy without hesitation. Patchouli lets out a soft moan as Koakuma's tongue flicks against her labia, then slips past her lips.

As I thought, Koakuma seems quite experienced at this, and intimately aware of Patchouli's weak points. The purple woman's breathing turns sultry in a number of seconds, and her entire body trembles from Koakuma's light tonguework. Those magnificent breasts sway from her movements, and even from behind their jiggling is enthralling.

I can't wait any longer. "That's enough, Koakuma. You may stop now." Koakuma continues for a few more seconds, despite certainly hearing me, but still backs away from Patchouli's thighs and stands up.

She turns to face me, and I notice Patchouli's juices covering her lips and chin. "She is ready, Master," she says with a lustful smile, "Please, enjoy yourself."

"Of course. But don't go too far; you deserve a nice reward. Copy Patchouli's pose next to her and I'll treat you once I'm finished with her 'punishment.'?

"Yes! Thank you, Master!" she responds excitedly and stands next to Patchouli, resulting in the two of them offering their bodies to me. Patchouli is first, however. She's already moaning pretty heavily just from Koakuma's licking, so it shouldn't take long to make her cum. I place my hands on her hips and press my dick against her warm entrance, causing her body to shudder with anticipation. She cries out in pleasure as my shaft fills her, not stopping until its entire length in buried in her hot pussy.

Patchouli grinds her hips against mine, begging for me to continue. This is supposed to be a punishment, too. Oh well, it's not like I really care if she doesn't want to act the part. I slide my cock out and slam it back into her drenched cunt as hard as I can. Her body tenses up and she lets out a lustful moan in response, not expecting this amount of fervor from me. She was on top last time, while I just laid still, so it's a good opportunity to show her what I can do.

Every thrust makes Patchouli's body shake, and she's already given up on trying to match my movements. Her walls grip my cock, their folds caressing every inch of my sensitive length. I keep a steady rhythm going, moving quickly enough to make her moan incessantly.

I gaze at Koakuma from the corner of my eye. She's standing there in the same position, still with her ass sticking out, waiting for me to enter her next. Her head is turned a little to the side to let her watch us, and I'm sure she's enjoying the show of Patchouli's giant breasts bouncing up and down while her sweet moans fill the air. She only has to wait a little bit longer for her treat.

But, there's no reason I can't make the wait easier for her. She's within arm's reach of me on my right, so I grab her ass and give it a firm squeeze. Her body trembles a bit from the surprise, but she quickly switches to wiggling her ass back and forth, inviting me to continue. I give it a few more seconds, not wanting to miss out on her fantastic butt, but then switch to caressing her tail. Nothing special, just wrapping my fingers around its narrow girth and moving my hand up and down. I've touched her tail a couple of times since I arrived, but never focused on it. It's perfectly smooth, even moreso than her skin, and has an odd leathery texture. She seems to enjoy this and playfully moves her tail around in my grasp, but I don't think it's an erogenous zone for her.

Patchouli's body trembles from my powerful thrusts. Her hands give out, forcing her to support her body with her arms instead. It seems like she's close to cumming. I lower my hand on Koakuma's butt down to her pussy and gently rub against her slit. Good, she's still nice and wet. Patchouli is in the throes of pleasure, and her constant moans make it sound like she'll cum any second.

So I pull out of her, quickly step to the right, and slide my dick into Koakuma's waiting pussy.

It takes Patchouli a few seconds to realize what happened. Koakuma moans from the sudden insertion, equally surprised but certainly pleased. She begins bucking her hips to match my movements, happily driving my shaft deeper inside of her.

Patchouli, meanwhile, stammers about a bit, looking at the two of us in confusion. "...Huh? Er, wait, what about -"

"This is your punishment," I interrupt. "Your loyalty is lacking, Patchouli. Now watch as I bring my loyal slave to climax!" With that, I slam my hips against Koakuma's butt as hard as I can, causing her to let out a scream of pure bliss. I'm already near the edge myself, so I won't last long in her wonderfully hot and tight vagina. Cumming together is preferable, so I'll have to go all-out with her.

I reach both hands around her front, placing my left over her clit and my right over one of her breasts. I give both of her sensitive nubs a sharp squeeze, causing her pussy to spasm from the jolt of pleasure. A small trail of milk shoots out from each, landing on the bookcase in front of her. The extra stimulation from my hands is definitely helping, but I'm not certain it's enough. Her hot insides feel amazing, and I won't be able to hold on much longer. My cock slides in and out of her entrance, and I glide two of my fingers around her lower lips to help stimulate her.

My limit comes all too soon. I push my dick deep inside Koakuma and ejaculate, filling her insides with another load of my semen. As my penis twitches inside of her, I pinch her clit and nipple once again. My efforts pay off, as Koakuma's pussy clamps down on my shaft and she lets out a loud cry of pleasure. I groan as her succulent pussy squeezes my length and hungrily accepts my semen.

I break my attention away from Koakuma's beautiful back and look at Patchouli. She's watching us as I ordered, and her eyes are transfixed on Koakuma's look of ecstasy. Her legs are spread, showing off her gaping, soaked pussy, but she isn't masturbating. Just as I ordered. I really should reward her next, as she's undoubtedly still on the edge of her own climax after I abruptly pulled out of her.

Finishing with Koakuma comes first, of course. I raise my other hand to her chest and grope both of her soft boobs. My dick finally stops ejaculating after filling her to the brim, and I can feel some of my cum dripping down my thighs. Even then, I don't want to pull out of her. Staying inside of this girl is really nice; just pressing our bodies together, groping her tits, and smelling her luxurious hair.

My penis goes flaccid inside of her, and the minute of rest stopped the adrenaline surging through my body. I suddenly ache, immediately conscious of just how tired I really am. My legs and arms shake together, and I lose my balance and nearly drop to the floor. It takes all my concentration to sit down normally and not collapse.

I let out a sigh of exhaustion. I got too caught up in frolicking about with these gorgeous temptresses and wore myself out. How many times did I ejaculate today? Four? Five? It's amazing I went that long. Especially with their silly antics that wore me out mentally... although I did kinda join in myself.

"Now's my chance!" Koakuma's voice calls out from above, and she abruptly drops down onto the floor in front of me from above. She lands in a sitting position with her legs spread wide, giving me a clear view of her cum-stained pussy and bouncing breasts. "Fufufu, you're too weak to call yourself my master! I will take control, and punish you for your impudence!"

Oh. She's rebelling against me. Well, whatever. Most of my body is fine, albeit really sore, but I don't think my penis is going up again any time soon. No matter how attractive and sensual she is. There's just limits to this kind of thing. "Can't you just play with Patchouli instead?" I complain. Then I look around, and discover that I can't find her. Is she planning something stupid as well?

"Fufufu, let's see how you like my ultimate destructive attack!" Koakuma ignores me and resumes her stupidity. She raises her hand, then lowers it to her vagina, and slides three of her fingers inside. Her hand moves back and forth, stirring up her insides and my semen, and begins moaning from the pleasure. She closes her eyes, becoming lost in the sensation, and uses her free hand to grope one of her breasts. As a final act of enticement, she begins swaying her hips back and forth, as if matching her partner's movements during sex.

I stand up and turn away. Let's see, I think this exit was in this direction. I could be mistaken, considering how long it's been since I came in here, and how similar everything is. Well, I'm sure I'll find the way out eventually. I'm not so sore that I can't walk. The sooner I get out of here, the sooner I can rest at home.

After walking for about two minutes, I hear a loud and very annoyed ?Hey!" call out from behind me. I ignore the idiot and keep walking.

The familiar reception area comes into view soon after. Koakuma never bothered pursuing me, so I can only guess that she's given up on coaxing more sex out of me. I sit down on top of the desk, wanting a break before the long trip home.

"Good work today," a voice calls out from behind me. I turn around and find Patchouli. It doesn't look like she's about to pounce on me and demand more of my penis, so I should still be safe. She's still naked, but she's carrying a set of clothes in one arm and some kind of slip of paper in the other hand.

"Oh. Hello," I respond. What's the proper etiquette for post-orgy conversation? Am I supposed to thank her for riding my dick now?

Patchouli walks up to me and offers me the slip of paper, which I realize is actually a small envelope. "Here. Your pay for the day."

Oh yeah. I kinda did come here to do actual work, didn't I. Then I kinda got sidetracked. Well, she doesn't seem to mind that I'm leaving without resuming the original task. Or maybe she's actually paying me for sex? "Thank you," I say again.

While I'm examining the closed envelope, Patchouli pulls the purple one-piece dress over her head. Seems she isn't bothering with any underwear. The loose fabric covers her sizable breasts... and then they vanish. There's no way the bagginess of her clothing could accomplish that. Her breasts simply disappeared. That's not the only change either; her eyeshadow is gone, and her hair and skin have lost much of their luster.

"Allow me to walk you to the exit. I've already requested Sakuya to escort you outside. I believe she warned you about going out on your own; you really should've waited and not just walked off like that. Still, I can - hmm? Is something the matter?"

"Er, well, no, it's just, uhhh..."I stammer, unable to find the words regarding this ridiculous change.

"What, my chest? Oh, is that all? Despite my appearance, I am a mage, after all. I'm wearing an enchanted dress that hides my figure. Remi won't let me go outside the library without it on. Says I'll attract too much attention. She's such a prude." Patchouli finishes dressing and fastens a capelet around her back, covering her shoulders. "Are you ready to leave? We shouldn't keep Sakuya waiting."

"Oh. Yeah, I'm ready."

I get up off the desk and walk to the door with Patchouli at my side. The exit isn't far, so we stop moving after just over a dozen steps. Still, it was a nice gesture from her.

"Sakuya should be waiting just outside. Thank you again. I had a lot of fun." She leans closer to me and presses her soft lips against my cheek. "Good bye. You're welcome back any time." Before I can react, she turns around and walks away, leaving me alone.

There's nothing else to do. I open the door, and the maid from this morning is indeed standing there, waiting for me. "Good afternoon, sir. You are ready to leave now?" she asks.

"Yeah," I confirm.

"Very well," she replies, matter-of-factly as always. "Follow me."

I do so, and walk just behind her through the mansion corridors. The journey is just as long as it was when I came in, but now my body is wracked with fatigue. About half way through, I desperately ask the maid to pause for a moment, leaning against the wall to help catch my breath. There aren't any paintings in this hallway, but even then I get the feeling that I shouldn't touch the wall. However, I'm exhausted, and the only way I'd stop is if she carries me the rest of the way.

"Is something the matter, sir?" she asks.

"Just... Just a little tired. That's all. I'll be fine in a moment." I didn't think I was this exhausted, so hopefully it doesn't take too long to recover.

"I see," she replies curtly. "So, Patchouli worked you down to the bone, then?"

"...Yeah, you could put it that way."

After a full minute has passed, I pick myself up off the wall and resume following the maid. Her pace is a little more relaxed now, I assume out of consideration for me, not that she said anything of the sort. She leads me through the remainder of the labyrinth, finally opening the large door to outside. The strong afternoon sunlight glares at me, forcing me to shield my eyes for a second, but I'm glad to be in its warm glow for a change. It was way too dark and musty in that library.

As before, the maid instructs the gatekeeper to open the gate, and she once again effortlessly moves that ridiculous mass of iron. I thank her and say goodbye, and turn to say the same to the maid, but she's already managed to disappear. Oh well. She wasn't much of a conversationalist, so I doubt she really cares if I say my goodbyes or not.

I begin the walk home, leaving the red mansion behind me. Fatigue sets in once again about ten minutes later, prompting me to sit and rest against a large tree. I'm almost home, but I'm not really in a rush, so resting here won't hurt anything.

Since I have the time, I might as well open up this envelope and see how much I got paid. While having nearly-continuous sex with two horny beauties was fun, I do need the money. That place is huge and ridiculously ornate, so they should be able to pay well. I was in there for several hours, which should give me a few days of living expenses, if I'm careful.

With bated breath, I open up the envelope and reach inside.

And pull out a single 100 yen bill.

...That's it? There must be some mistake! I frantically tear the envelope open, trying to see if there's somehow more bills or coins hidden inside. I find a small piece of paper, but it's not money. It seems to be an handwritten list of the work done.

Books shelved: 2
Final amount tendered: 100 yen

p.s. Both of us had a lot of fun. Come visit us again, whenever you want! We're waiting for our master's return ??"

--Patchouli Knowledge


Well shit. I guess I was getting paid to shelve books... and only shelved two. The sex wasn't part of the work. Still, it's entirely their fault for distracting me in the first place! If they really wanted me to shelve books, they wouldn't have thrown their voluptuous bodies at me, and let me...

...Wait, one hundred yen for two books? That's fifty yen a book. How long does it take to shelve a book, maybe five seconds? No, I wouldn't be able to keep that rate up forever. Maybe twenty seconds on average, then, for a long period of time. That's three a minute or one hundred eighty an hour, which would be...

It would seem that I'm definitely going to return to the library soon. I'll need a few days of rest first, though, as I'm sure those two won't leave me alone.
Sadly this just doesn't do it. Maybe it's that it's Generic Maledom and I've seen that done so to fucking death that I can't even view anything with it as being junk

Loved it, curvy Patchouli is the best, way better then sickly-thin or regular Patchy.
This was awesome. And don't let >>36600 depress you. I myself greatly enjoyed this piece and don't think there is enough of it.
Curvy Patchouli and Koakuma are always the best!

The only thing missing was some paizuri between their two sets of huge tits. Dammit they have nice tits and yet there's no paizuri!" A crime I tell you, a crime.
That was great except for what >>36611 said. If you're gonna have huge tits you should make good use of them.
Indeed, a massive (ha) missed opportunity.
File 142213683595.png - (280.94KB, 612x838 , Lusty Bunny.png) [iqdb]
My thanks and gratitude to AlcatrazBSD, who helped collaborate on this lewd bunny's exploit.


Perhaps it was the full moon that compelled me, or perhaps it was my memories, or perhaps it was a hundred other things. It certainly wasn't the wine Tewi's entourage had brewed. The princess had received a shipment of grapes from Outside, the bunnies had their fun stomping on the fruit, and the juice that came out from those hastily erected barrels was more vinegar than alcohol.

I rubbed my tongue over the roof of my mouth, desperate to get the sour taste out. It was a late hour by human standards. The full moon, despite the light, only helped to keep the Village's streets cold and lonesome. After all, it was common hearsay that youkai were more rabid when the night was lit. The rumor was true, too - though the specifics differed between species.

A cold wind breezed past, brushing the folds of my skirt across my half-erect length, and I grumbled and fussed and tried to hide my arousal. I still had difficulty believing that I was really doing this. The princess and Eirin and her whole retinue were still partying the night away, losing themselves in the usual gossip and nonsense; but tonight, I just couldn't join them.

Kaguya's soft hair and softer skin, the swell of Eirin's breasts, even Tewi's dainty thighs and bare legs - everything set me on edge tonight, to the point where I couldn't hear the words they were saying, even if I stared right at their full lips. If I'd stayed, it only would've been a matter of time before Eirin had noticed my erection. Then she would have begun the typical patronizing routine, and the rabbits would have noticed and given me no end of trouble, and Kaguya would have hidden her mouth behind a sleeve and chuckled in her own infuriatingly serene way. I wasn't inclined to go through all that again. Never ever again, if I had a say.

But what did that leave me with? A rumor. A letter to the Bunbunmaru's editor. A hushed piece of gossip from the far side of the clinic. In the daylight, I doubt I would have given it more than a passing thought. But tonight, under the full moon, with the taste of quickly-consumed, poorly-made wine in my mouth, I found myself drawn towards it. Towards the crown jewel of the red-light district, the Lotus Pavilion.

I had wandered through the Village, avoiding what few brave or drunken men still walked the main streets and back alleys. In the process, I had passed several establishments with red lanterns by their doorstep, but the loud laughter and the echoing moans scared me away. I hadn't lost all my sanity on this cold spring night, and if I wanted to... be comfortable, then I would need my privacy.

So I was relieved when I approached the Pavilion. No hint of noise escaped the building - or buildings, perhaps, for the structures next to the main house were quiet as the grave. It remained brightly lit, and yet no shades appeared through the papering of the front door. Even the tell-tale lantern was hung plainly, only bright enough to confirm that this was a den of iniquity rather than some out-of-the-way inn or pub.

The building's magic embraced me as soon as I opened the door, working to fight off the windchill and discomfort that had seeped into my body. It was a nice feeling, I'll admit, but the professionalism of the madam was the chief source of my ease. She showed no surprise at my ears, even as they gently banged against the wooden beams up top. She looked into my eyes with the proper amount of grace and decorum, and - most thankfully - she did not offer to me a list of men for the night's enjoyment.

I was impressed. She took in every part of me at a glance, and neither ignored nor discriminated against my lack of humanity. For her, it was simply another factor to consider. Her gaze met mine for the briefest moment, before she greeted me with a deep bow. "Good evening, honored guest. Welcome to the Lotus Pavilion."

That I would actually set foot in such a place was far too surreal, so it was no surprise that I had nothing to say in return. I fumbled silently for words, glanced all around the tastefully-decorated front room, and finally bowed in return. "Good evening to you, as well. I have come in search of a suitable companion for the night. You do not require reservations, I hope?"

After diagnosing a hundred illnesses, I had learned the art of sounding professional and at ease in any situation. The madam nodded and reached for a small slip of paper, which came to life with illusions at her touch. After a few moments of fiddling, she presented it to me and directed me to a small room off to the side. "There is no need to worry. Some of our girls are spoken for this night, but this item will show you who is still free, as well as their rates. Please, take your time in choosing."

The foreign couch in the anteroom was, as I discovered, far more comfortable than Eientei's simple and austere seating pillows. I let myself sink into the soft cushions as I gazed at the paper, its plain surface swimming with a variety of luscious sights. It was only a few moments before I felt my heart stir and my shaft swell with blood. A gentle stroking through my skirt already forced faint sounds from my mouth, and dimly, I wondered if I could simply satisfy myself now and leave without payment.

In the end, I decided not to. Serving as a nurse had left me with more than enough money to splurge on myself. Whatever her faults, Eirin did not stiff her employees. And, if I were completely honest, I wanted to feel the warmth of another girl, her softness and gentleness, more than I desired simple gratification.

So I left myself throbbing in the slightly-chilled room, and if my ache had addled my thoughts, well - what Eientei didn't know wouldn't hurt it. With that slightly-petulant thought in mind, I returned to the illusion-paper. Suddenly, my senses were assaulted, phantom hands brushing and massaging my back, while the light, airy scent of perfumes began to waft through the air. Echoes of words, all sweet and needy, began to whisper into my ear, all in time with the vibrant, real scenes before me.

A high-pitched whimper left my lips, and I knew I was seduced.

After I fought my way through the sheer erotic power of the phantom voices, scents, and sensations, I found that there were four girls still available for the night. They were all astoundingly beautiful, and, curiously, they were all people I'd met before in one way or another. I was presented with the Sanzu River's shinigami, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gatekeeper, even the princess of the Netherworld herself - though to the average customer, they were likely just a procession of exotic women. They all called to me, displayed their charms, and enticed me with visions of a night filled with bliss...

But they paled in comparison to the woman I chose. The one who captured my heart desire that night was, surprisingly, the famed Ordinary Magician, Marisa Kirisame. She appeared before me in a full set of black lingerie, surrounded by strange but powerful perfumes that appealed both to my base instincts and my scientific curiosity. Her soft, dextrous hands teased my back, rubbed my shoulders, even cupped my breasts as she introduced herself.

"Heya," she started, her voice lower and... gentler, than I thought was possible of her. "I really do hope you can keep my being here between the two of us." Despite the wording, however, there was no sense of pleading or desperation in her tone. Marisa smiled at me, her eyes half-lidded and lightly enhanced with mascara, and I couldn't help but smile with her.

"Of course," I replied, forgetting, for the moment, that she wasn't actually here. It was an easy mistake - even through the illusion, she felt warm, soft, and, as she sat in my lap, comfortable.

The image's actions may have been pre-recorded, but they certainly deceived my senses. I tried to lean back to give the witch more room, but Marisa would have none of that. She began to jostle herself, slowly - and soon methodically - rubbing her full, curvaceous ass against my thighs. My skirt didn't go that low, and her black panties were incredibly sheer; there was nothing to muffle the sensation of her silky, luxurious weight pressing against me, or her inner thighs gently rolling my cloth-covered cock between them.

"I know how it is, I promise. You're feeling cold, and lonely, and maybe just a bit bitter." When was Marisa this good? Just her words alone left me leaning towards her, and despite the impossibility my head was stopped by a pair of very real, very soft breasts. "And if you want a bit of company, then I wouldn't mind. Let me help you forget about your worries, just for a little while." I could feel her breathe as she talked, see the waves of sound pass between her lips. It was something like a dream, as she brushed her fingers against mine and pressed her lips onto my cheek.

And then, the illusion faded, leaving me breathless and panting with only my clothes and my thoughts. I needed to dream a bit longer.

Marisa had earned her reputation in Eientei as a thief, and her prices could certainly have been called highway robbery, but I paid without a second thought. Just the memory of her warmth, her smile, her skill with her thighs, made me painfully hard. Even when I found a partner at Eientei, it had never been like... that.

The madam accepted my pouch of coins up front, calmly made a few marks in her ledger, and bade me follow her deeper into the building. The rooms' walls were opaque, and no sound left them. The walls and ceilings were bare of lanterns, yet a warm light and a soothing, welcoming scent of incense permeated the lacquered wood. I knew that no simple trick of the trade could have done something like that - it seemed Marisa was hard at work behind the scenes.

I also realized, halfway through the walk, that this was really happening. I was about to spend the night with a courtesan. Not only that, she was one that I knew personally. Not only that, I was surprisingly calm about the whole... affair. I had a feeling that Marisa would treat me right, and I would enjoy myself, and I would come sauntering back to Eientei with a smile on my face and the biggest secret in the castle.

"This will be your room for the night," the madam said, stopping in front of a door. "Thank you for your patronage, honored guest."

I stepped inside, and was dazzled by stars.

Unlike the hallways and the rooms previous, there was no dimlit magic that accentuated the atmosphere. The moon, surrounded by hundreds of pinpricks of light, gleamed where the ceiling should have been. It cast an ethereal brightness about the room, giving the clean, wooden refurbishments a silvery tint.

For the star of the show, the moon was a spotlight, making her pale skin and long, curly blonde hair glow. And that made her thin black bra, sheer black panties, and tight, dark stockings stand out even more in contrast. Her eyes shone with the brilliant yellow of the sun as she lounged on the bed. The only movement Marisa allowed herself was the crossing and uncrossing of her long, firm legs, and I was mesmerized as I saw her pillowy thighs squish together. Beneath them, the curve of her gorgeous, hefty cheeks jiggled ever-slightly from the excursion.

For a deluded moment, I was on the moon and home again.

My memory played its tricks on me before I returned to my senses, but the woman before me was no illusion. Truthfully, I had never thought of her as a woman before, but now it was the only word that could describe her. Despite her below-average height, she had graceful legs, a mature if petite chest, and a child-bearing pair of hips. Luckily, her new trade had not changed her personality, and she was not content to simply lie there and be appreciated. Rather, she was not content to simply lie there.

"Oh, wow, it really is you, Reisen." At the sight of me, the witch sprang to her feet, bringing her hands behind her head to shake out her golden locks. "Noriko gave us a heads up, but people can write anything in those guest books. There was this one smart alec once who had the guts to put down my Mom's name!"

Marisa let out an easy, playful laugh, greeting me like an old friend, and seemingly unaware of the sight she presented me. I was sure she knew what she was doing, though; her hips swayed back and forth with mesmerizing grace as she approached me, and one hand constantly played with the silky hair that curtained her youthful face and gleaming eyes. The starlight slowly swirled around her already-pale skin, bringing hidden curves and contours to light and presenting my eyes with myriad paths to follow.

So I was almost surprised when she finally reached me, placing a fond hand on my cheek and grabbing my wrist with the other. Her eyes were truly mesmerizing, somehow enchanted to gleam with tiny swimming stars.

Without another word, I was led towards a sturdy-looking wooden table, complete with gorgeously carved chairs. I couldn't help but wonder if it was sturdy enough to hold the weight of two people - it was uncouth of me to think about, but I was in a brothel. But Marisa had no designs on that type of play, and for that I was surprisingly grateful. She offered me a seat and then walked right away, leaving me to sit and watch as she made her way to a cabinet.

And I did watch. It was impossible to keep my eyes off her. The light seem to reflect off her svelte body, even as she reached up on her toes to pull out a tinted bottle and two wine-glasses. Her swaying this time seemed a bit more natural, but no less charming; it was slightly clumsy, and I could hear the glasses clink against each other as she held them between her fingers, but her smile seemed just a bit more satisfied when she finally turned around.

When she uncorked the bottle and poured the wine, she did it with practiced ease - and, I suspect, magical assistance. I had little experience with western alcohol, but the wine seemed richer in color and fragrance than any vintage I'd encountered before. It was a heady, fruity scent, and combined with Marisa's own airy perfumes, just a single whiff was enough to make me curl my toes.

The witch left the bottle opened as she sat next to me, taking her own glass with one hand as the other gently brushed against the tent in my skirt. It was such a natural gesture that, for once, I didn't blush at the contact. Even through my skirt, Marisa was lovingly gentle, petting me with two outstretched fingers. My tail started to twitch and wag, and once I grabbed my own glass, we smiled and wordlessly toasted.

Compared to the village night outside, this room was practically silent. I clearly heard the gentle ting of our glasses, and saw a half-dozen muted echoes as the sound rebounded around the room. Marisa smiled once more, then raised her glass to her lips, and I hastened to follow her.

Perhaps a bit too hastily. The bitterness of the wine soaked my tongue and my throat, and I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head as I forcefully set the glass down. Marisa couldn't hide a chuckle at my reaction, watching me as she ran a pale finger around the rim of her glass. This was a far cry from Eientei's amateur vintage; earthy, dark, and dry, it both stunned my mouth... and enticed.

"Hmm, did I choose wrong? I figured someone like you would be used to the hard stuff."

"Ah, well..." Trying to will the aftertaste away, I forced a nurse's calmness back onto my face. It was strange for me to be the one sputtering, when Marisa was dressed so provocatively. The witch tightened her grip on my bulge a bit more as she watched, keeping any thoughts to herself.

"Eientei prefers sake to other kinds of alcohol, eastern or western. The princess is very... traditional, as you may have assumed."

"Hmmm, that's a real shame." Marisa leaned close to me, staring into my eyes with no fear at all. I could already smell the hint of wine on her breath, her lips just about to press against mine. She was still smiling, completely at ease, even as her hand began to slip under the skirt, and her soft, warm fingers curled around me. I had gone without panties - between my tail and my cock, it simply hurt too much to wear.

"If I were her, well... I'd treat my servants a bit better," Marisa mused as she rested her forehead against me. I couldn't do anything but stare back, watch those pretty yellow eyes swim with light, and weakly shake my hips as she gripped my hot, throbbing cock. "Just like this, really. Maybe a bit more~ Do you think you'd be happier with a new employer?"

The witch was teasing me, and I was buckling under her. Before I knew it, Marisa had gotten off her chair and onto my lap, just like the illusion that had seduced me a scant few minutes ago. But this - this was real. I could see the few beads of sweat that ran down her neck, the slightest bit of dampness as her panties began to cling to my aching length. The weight of her body was amazing, and her soft laughs, as I bounced her up and down with my needy hips, sounded divine. She wasn't laughing at me, and that was enough.

But I had my pride too, and I didn't want to surrender too easily. I forced myself to slow down as my cock began to twitch, staining my skirt with precum, and tried to smile back. "You'll have to show me the rest of the benefits, Marisa."

"Heh. Still driving a hard bargain, huh?" Marisa leaned in close, lacing her fingers together behind my neck. Her soft breasts pressed against mine, smaller but no less perky, and her toned stomach fit neatly with mine. My clothes muffled every sensation, and I felt a sudden urge to take them off and feel everything as clearly as her smooth neck nuzzled into mine.

"Well, for starters, you'd get to do this kind of thing all the time. You're a youkai, so I know you've got a wild side, don't lie. Wouldn't you like to dress like me, too? Seduce some innocent girl and have her eating out from the palm of your hand?" Marisa shifted her hips and ground against me, forcing her weight onto my cock in defiance of my attempts to hold back. Her sensual whispers tickled my spine, making me shiver in her warm, comforting embrace.

Her hands were trailing down my back, tracing the curves of my own carefully-honed figure. The steady rocking of her hips kept me from resisting as she found the catch to my skirt, unfastening it ever so slowly and gently. Then, she backed off for a moment and simply played with the fabric, smirking as she rubbed it back and forth across my aching, leaking length.

The roughness of the fabric made me mewl from the pleasure, and even in the dim light I could see and feel the skirt getting stained from my first hints of release. "I'd... I'd like that very much," I replied, and I almost winced from how my voice sounded. It was low and throaty, embarrassingly desperate. My cheeks started to burn as soon as I admitted it, and I couldn't bear to look Marisa in the eye.
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And just like that, the pleasure, the pressure - it all stopped. When I opened my eyes again, Marisa's frown had just a hint of disappointment. I tried to speak, but she silenced me with a single French-manicured finger. Like the rest of her, her rosy-pink and pure-white nail gleamed in the night, and I almost wanted to start sucking on it.

I didn't get the chance. Marisa's frown slowly turned to a smile, as she began to tap my lips with her finger. It was slow and languid, but each press made a whimper leave my throat. "None of that, now," Marisa began, and then she leaned upwards to whisper into my twitching ears. Each small breath brushed against my earfluff, forcing me to shiver in my seat. "There's no need to be embarrased, I promise. You'll feel great - I'll make you feel great."

She began to rock against me then, making the wooden chair creak from our combined weight. I could feel the soft, pillowy thighs begin to rub around the sides of my throbbing length, my juices and hers keeping the friction warm and slick. "Just relax," she whispered again, even as she grabbed me by my shoulders to push herself up. My nose was buried into her cute, dainty cleavage, and the frills of her bra tickled just a bit. "Enjoy yourself. I certainly will."

For a moment, I thought she was going to mount me right there, simply claiming me with that warm, slick pussy. Perhaps she thought the same; I felt her palm gently press into my shaft as she nuzzled me against her chest, and she seemed to be carefully aligning her body. But then, she relented, and stayed pressed against me as she slid down to her knees. My upper body was still clothed, but the sensations that assaulted my cock had me panting the whole while.

After one last kiss from her soaked panties, she massaged my length with her smooth, warm stomach, tightening her muscles just a bit to ramp up the pressure. Then, I felt her silky bra, the precious softness of her breasts, and the flirtatious tickle of her hair before she finally settled down. Her lovely stocking-clad legs folded out to either side of her, and my penis cast a shadow across her face as she smiled up at me. Resting her cheek in one hand, she turned her starry gaze to my cock, probing its length with her fingertips.

"You're the customer here. Before we get to the hard stuff, I'll get you nice and warmed up..." Marisa closed her eyes and brought her head in close, close enough that I could feel the hot, teasing puff of her breath. Her hand grasped my shaft as gently as she'd held her wineglass, and she coiled a few golden locks around a free finger as she planted a kiss on my cock - the first it had ever received.

I knew that fellatio wasn't anything dirty, but... no one at Eientei had ever considered the idea. The few times Eirin had agreed to fuck me were always cold and mechanical. She was beautiful, and elegant and many other things, but... it was a chore, for her. The faster I got off the faster I could go back to work.

And the other rabbits...we only ever got together when the moon drove us all into a frenzy. It made us go into heat, unable to do anything, think of anything, beyond sex. It may have been good, it may have been bad - I could never remember, and no one ever willingly talked about it, least of all to me.

So even if it was clean, and maybe even normal for Marisa, my heart was pounding so fast it hurt. I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I was left gripping my unfastened skirt, stretching it hard enough I could hear it start to tear.

Marisa never took her eyes off me as she began to pepper my length with gentle, soft kisses. She always kept those pink, juicy lips pressed against me, so that I could feel her warm, damp breaths brush alongside my sensitive skin. It was so easy, so incredibly simple, but I was already gasping for air. Her hand made for a aching contrast, her fingers' constant heat and softness only serving to make the feel of her kisses sharper and stronger.

When Marisa finally let go of my length, I actually mewled from the disappointment. I looked down at her, ready to beg for her to continue, to just kiss me one more time - but the witch had better ideas. The tip of my cock, twitching and leaking a thick, gooey precum, was pressed right into her lips. She smiled at me, her serene face completely at odds with the situation. Did it feel good for her, too? Was she really happy to do such a sinful thing? I wanted to know, but asking would have broken the magic.

With a gracefulness that must have been practiced, she parted her lips just a bit and slipped my swollen glans into her mouth. I couldn't help moaning as my tip was enveloped by the blonde's slick lips, which molded onto its shape with a quiet sucking sound. It felt so smooth, wet, and warm, and her teasing had made me terribly sensitive.

She started to suck in slow, gentle waves, each one strong enough to make me twitch from base to tip. I started to leak even faster in response, and her nimble tongue lapped it all up as it darted back and forth. All that attention was focused on just a single part of me, but she had me moaning and trembling in my seat... when I looked down to her, her brilliant eyes stared back up, silently encouraging me to moan even more.

Her fingers were gently laid over my bare thighs, leaving her ready to swallow my entire cock whenever she pleased. If she kept lavishing layer after layer of pleasure onto my glans, sucking and licking and tilting her head back and forth, it would only be a matter of time before I forced her to swallow every inch...

Marisa didn't react at all when I started to hunch over her, burying my fingers in her soft blonde locks and wrapping my thighs around her head as I pulled her down my shaft. I could feel her warmth and wetness pulse around me, each powerful suck trying to coax an even stronger reaction from my sensitive length. I was almost howling from the pleasure, small tears welling up as I started to buck into her eager mouth.

She could have stopped me - pressed her hands against my thighs, or gagged around me, or even just pulled my tail. I was expecting it, in fact, and I was so desperate for more that her lack of resistance, her happy, pleased moans, didn't even cross my mind. All I could think of was focing more of myself inside her, until she had swallowed all of me, her hot, clever tongue lavishing my cock with blissful attention.

"Marisa, I'm, I'm going to..." I tried to warn her, I really did, but the pent-up stress and the novel, feeling of being past her lips destroyed any sense of stamina I had. My knees almost buckled when I came, and my aching, ravished cock began to shoot load after load into the pretty witch's mouth. My legs could barely support me, and I was still mindlessly bucking into her, almost making her gag; if the table hadn't been there to lean on, I no doubt would have fallen over her.

Finally, with a gentle push from Marisa, I fell back into the chair, my arms dropping limp at the sides. My cock still twitched with small aftershocks of pleasure, as did my quivering hips. Small moans crept into my voice as I panted. I'd always let out quite a bit when I came, but an orgasm like that was... only on very late nights, after a minute of pounding into Eirin...

"Mmmm..." For her part, Marisa stayed on her knees, savoring the taste of that massive load as she swallowed it bit by bit. Her vivid pink lips were stained with white, and she was forced to dirty one of her fingers to wipe it off. However, it seemed she'd taken everything in her mouth, not letting a single drop fall to stain her perky breasts or her exquisite lingerie.

"Mmmg... Ah, that's the stuff~" Finally finishing, my companion stood upright and walked straight over to me, leaning over my body as she put a finger beneath my chin. "Feels good to let it all out, doesn't it?"

I didn't have the strength to look up on my own, so Marisa had to do it for me, adding just enough force to tilt my head and make me look into her eyes. I felt... hazy, and satisfied, but Marisa's eyes were wide and sparkling, and very obviously full of energy. "Hmmm? Are you already conking out? You won't get your money's worth that way, Reisen."

Without letting me get in a word of response, Marisa let my head droop again before taking a few steps back, enough to rest on the room's grand four-poster bed. I was still panting, and even though I wasn't done yet, I still needed time to recover; all I could do was watch as Marisa sat down, and spread her firm, beautiful legs ever so slightly. With the moonlight on her, I could tell she was soaked - her thighs were gleaming now, thanks to the trails of juices that had run down them. Her black, silk panties clung to her entrance, creating a vivid cameltoe that left nothing to the imagination.

But even with all of that, my resting period was running a bit too long for either of our liking. That's probably why, as I tried to etch her image into my memory, Marisa's hands began to trail down between her legs.

"If you take much longer, I'm gonna feel insulted. Don't you want a taste of this~?" One of Marisa's hands settled right between her inviting thighs, neatly covering her thin black panties. Straightening her fingers, she started to rub her hand back and forth over her covered slit, tracing the shape of that cameltoe with her middle finger. Her other hand reached up to her chest, forcing itself into the tight space between her breasts and her bra. She easily cupped one of her modest breasts, the tips of her nails sinking slightly into her skin.

Soon, she was tilting her head back and moaning, a low, lustful sound that stirred the basest instincts of my mind. Her curtain of hair shook back and forth with every gasp and tremor, and her stroking seemed to grow noisier by the second as she soaked her panties further and further. She wanted me, wanted to be filled by my cock and then with my seed, laid out and claimed by a strong, virile partner.

That much, I could do. In fact, it seemed like the most wonderful idea in the world. Before I knew it, I was out of the chair, half-stumbling across the room to where Marisa lay. A small smirk graced her lips as she watched me, and she scooted back to the center of the bed - just in time for me to leap on and crawl over her, half-naked and painfully hard.

The soft bed creaked as I landed upon it, hard enough to make both Marisa and the pillows bounce. She took it all in good stride, giggling as I slowly crawled over her. I stopped every few moments to kiss a patch of bare skin here and there, or lean down to smush her breasts against mine. We were still both clothed, but that didn't matter to me - her black ensemble only emphasized her body, directing my attention to her pale, soft flesh and her smooth, exciting curves.

I kissed her as soon as I could, roughly pressing my lips against hers as she began to hold and rub me. I didn't mind the slight salt and bitterness I tasted - in a way, it excited me further, feeling the traces of my cum on her tongue and in her mouth. It made me throb to the point of hurting, and both Marisa's soft thighs and her soaked panties only made it worse. I knew I needed just a bit of patience, and gently move her lingerie to the side, but she was just so warm and comfortable I couldn't wait. I was already starting to thrust my hips into her, the silky fabric the last barrier between me and Marisa's soaked, tight depths.

"Marisa... Marisa...!"

The witch chuckled at my eagerness, though a moan interrupted her partway through. She pulled me down for a second kiss, slowing my movements for a time as I focused on her mouth instead. Her wet tongue was skilled and nimble, slipping and swirling easily around mine... but she still let me play with it, pausing to let me probe all over her mouth. It was so engaging, I barely noticed as she reached down and shifted her panties aside...

I was distracted from the dance of our tongues when she lightly grasped my shaft and pulled it down, rubbing the tip against something hot and slick. I didn't need to look to know what it was. Breaking the seal of our kiss, Marisa pushed my head back up as she rubbed my tip all over her dripping entrance. Her other hand came down and spread her pink lips wide open, wide enough to welcome my whole swollen girth. A pink blush betrayed the excitement beneath her polished skill, and her shameless anticipation of the rutting to come.

"I'm all ready for you, Reisen. Go on, shove it right in. I won't break."

It was easy to say and hard to do. Just brushing myself against Marisa's soaked lips made both of us shiver and moan. If it hadn't been for her ealier service, I'm sure I would have finished far too quickly. Even then, there was some trouble - Marisa felt almost impossibly tight, and even though her walls were utterly soaked, every inch was a struggle. We had to pause more than once, just to let her delicate folds stretch for me - and for me to get used to her hot, sticky depths.

She felt amazing. Even though I was barely halfway in, her walls coiled around me, tightening and massaging my swollen tip and aching shaft. My whole body was tensing up, trying to keep me from cumming too soon, while I watched Marisa start to grip the sheets and clench her eyes from the sheer sensation. Every little push made us both moan, our voices and bodies starting to intertwine while our hips started to buck.

"That's good, that's good~ Go even deeper, now..." Marisa encouraged me between gasps and moans, her mouth settling into a wide, lewd grin. When her eyes were open, they stared up dreamily at mine or at the canopy above. I could see the pleasure flow through her body, making her twitch and tremor from her eyelids to the tips of her curling toes. It was completely different from how my other partners acted; she was completely absorbed in the action, yet fully conscious of it as well.

Her hot, wet insides were certainly eager to receive me. The slightest movement set them to trembling and tightening, rubbing her endless supply of juices all over my length. Velvety folds covered her walls and gently clung to my length, and her pussy seemed to suck me further and further in. The deeper I filled her, the harder it became to withstand the pleasure, but she kept begging me for more...

"Mmmm! Just a bit more, a little bit more..."

Gritting my teeth, I gave her one last, forceful push... and stuffed her soaked hole completely, a wet smack and two loud moans announcing my triumph.

From then on, all I could notice was her. Her soft and warm skin, just slightly sticky with sweat, was clinging to mine, while each little squeeze and twitch of her tight folds brought her moans just a little higher. I was buried inside her, panting from both the exertion and the pleasure, when I felt her legs wrap around my waist. Her feet were daintily soft, and I could see her giggle as she tightened her grip around me in every meaning of the phrase.

"It feels good... doesn't it?" Marisa managed to say between throaty, tantalizing sighs. She had run her hands underneath my blazer and my shirt, and each little scratch she gave me made me wince, forcing my body closer against hers. It was instinctive - but that didn't make it feel any less amazing. My cock was throbbing as I mutely nodded, each pulse of blood rushing down there driving me crazy. I couldn't trust myself not to say something that would kill the mood, so I gritted my teeth and kept my mouth shut.

She noticed, though, and her pretty nails dug into me just a bit tighter. "Come on, now. Don't worry about anything - I'll take everything ya got, if it's you."

She'd been leaking, and adjusting to me, the whole time she spoke. Her pussy was still almost unbearably tight, fitting like a hot, wet glove around me, but there was enough lubrication that I could move inside her.

I could barely process that this was all happening; I was spending the night in a brothel, buried inside a girl I knew as she clung to me and covered my cheeks in gentle kisses and moans. She was so young, so beautiful...

I moved my hands from her shoulders to the sheets, not wanting to bruise that pale skin with my grip. Bunching the sheets between my fingers, I braced my legs and pulled back. A slow, drawn-out squishing sound leaked from between our hips as I slid out inch by inch, Marisa's hot, wet depths doing their best to suck me back in. I started panting halfway through, nearly losing myself in the ceaseless caressing of her slick, velvety folds. But with her husky encouragements, I managed to pull back halfway, and then slammed straight back into her - the first of many powerful thrusts.

Marisa's legs were still wrapped around me as I started to pound into her, tight enough that I couldn't pull out all the way even if I wanted to. It felt right, forcing Marisa to stretch around my shaft, and hearing her mewl and groan as I started to prod into her womb. Our hips aligned perfectly as I started thrusting faster and harder, and the frills of her tugged-back panties tickled me all the while.

Every inch of me that was out of Marisa's depths felt painfully cold - and every inch that was past her lips was burning hot. I couldn't get enough of the heat, and the way Marisa moaned and shivered with each thrust only urged me on. She had her arms wrapped around me now, clinging to me tight and keeping our breasts mashed against each other, our soft flesh slipping and grinding against each other despite the rough cloth of my shirt and our bras.

We kissed. It was frantic, and gloriously desperate. Each thrust of my hips would force her to moan into my mouth, our tongues pressing and rubbing even as lightning danced between our lips. She was so soft, so vibrant, and her light, perfumed scent was making my head foggy with lust. I couldn't think - all I wanted was to make her whimper and moan, and watch and feel her young, tight body writhe as I plunged into her.

Her arms and legs were more than enough to hold us together, so my hands were free to roam as I fucked her. And roam they did; I sampled and squeezed her marble-smooth shoulders, her silky hair, her lean, smooth back, her cozy thighs... and eventually, that fantastic ass.

Even when I was hammering away at her tight, squishy pussy, it still managed to draw my attention. Marisa was a fairly short, fit girl, but her ass... it was huge on a girl her size, warm, pillowy-soft, surprisingly sensitive to the touch. I forced both my hands into her panties from below, stretching my fingers and filling my palms with her voluptuous rear - thrusting and grinding into her all the while. It twitched and trembled under the combined assault of my cock and hands, occasionally clenching and rounding out before softening back into two mounds of dough.

Marisa noticed how it engaged me - she had to, with the way I kneaded it - and forced herself to release her grip on me. Our tight, forceful kiss was the last thing she broke, and she immediately threw her head back to moan from a particularly fierce thrust. When she returned her clouded gaze to me, though, there was a fresh mischief in her eyes.

"You're almost there, right? Why don't you turn me over? I want to feel you own me, Reisen..."

How could I resist? I had felt her firm, curvaceous ass when she had sat on me, her whole weight pressing those two firm mounds into my lap. Marisa's legs slowly unlocked as I momentarily pulled out of her, my cock still slick and gleaming with the young woman's sticky juices. The room's temperature had been comfortable before, but after feeling the depths of her heat it seemed ice-cold in comparison. I throbbed and whimpered, even as my heart started to slow down, and I had to grip the sheets to avoid stroking myself.

Marisa must have felt the same way. Even though it was her idea, I could sense the disappointment in her whimpers, and in the instinctual way her hand delved between her legs. She was gaping lightly now, her lower lips and pretty clit engorged with lust, and just the lightest touch sent her into more convulsions.

Just watching her was mesmerizing, and her voice - soft and coy - utterly seduced me.

Marisa's sudden yelp when I grabbed her waist made my heart start pounding all over again. I was a youkai, after all, and Marisa's weight was nothing compared to my strength. The surprise on her face was intoxicating as I effortlessly pulled her off the bed, leaving the sweat-stained sheets for a better location. She was surprisingly light, and clung to me, as I quickly moved my hands down to her full ass to support her weight. Gravity was my friend, and my slender fingers sunk into her fleshy bottom; even with the break in activity, just a few hungry squeezes was enough to keep Marisa happily moaning.

If there was a tree, I'd have pinned Marisa against it. As it was, I had to make do with the wall. It didn't take too long to turn Marisa around in my hands, so that my face was curtained by her blonde locks while she faced the wall. "I own you... you're mine," I whispered, far too gone to consider how silly the words were. All that mattered was that my voice had come out confident and husky, and that murmuring it into Marisa's ears got her shivering and wet. "So put your hands on the wall and present yourself."

"Ah... Sure thing, honored guest~" Marisa happily fell against the wall, likely too aroused to support her own weight. Her fingers spread out artfully over the darkened, starry surface, and the points of light played over her pale skin as she bent over and stuck out her lewd rump.

I'd already felt up every inch of her ass, but seeing it so clearly still amazed me. With her muscles lightly clenched like this, it had a perfect, bubble-round shape, the two globes lightly reddened with excitement and marked with beads of sweat. Her panties were simply inadequate to cover them, and I pulled the garment down with a sharp tug of my finger. That drew my attention to her drenched slit, as well; halfway exploited, her entrance seemed to beg for my cock as it poured trails of juices down Marisa's healthy thighs.

I hadn't even known I could get so hard as I did at that sight. My soaked length was harder than diamond, and I felt its urgent pulsing in every corner of my body. Not able to wait a second longer, I smacked my hands onto Marisa's ass and rammed back into her. She jumped and squealed, her eyes rolled up, her walls squeezed magnificently around my cock; she was mine. I ignored the desperate pressure as I pounded away at her slick, luxurious depths, carving the shape of my cock into her tight, trembling walls. Her ass became my plaything, mine to squeeze and smack and pinch and massage however I wanted. Gripping her full bottom for leverage, I pulled her onto me as I thrust with my hips, forcing the horny magician to stand on her toes as the hot, wet friction overwhelmed her mind. With every thrust, my swollen tip pressed into the entrance to her fertile young womb...

"Fuck, fuck you're so thick... harder, don't stop don't stop!" Marisa was almost screaming aloud as I smashed into her, squeezing and spanking her pillowy, jiggling ass hard enough to leave bright red marks. I was leaning over her for support as I fucked her, drowning out the loud, echoing smacks and thick, juicy squishing with our moans. I ended up biting her neck to keep from screaming, sucking on that nubile, sweet skin as I thumbed her rosebud, stretching her second hole even as our knees buckled and we started to slide down the wall. My nose, my eyes, my skin - All of my senses were drowning into her, and the tight, eager spasming of her pink folds told me she was close. I was, too; I could feel my body churning, desperate to keep from coming for just a second longer...

But Marisa had other plans. "Please, inside - inside, fill me up!" Her dirty talk ended with another ear-piercing scream as she suddenly slumped, taking me down with her. I could feel her writhe in front of me, her slick, hot walls desperately trying to milk me as she came and came, coating our legs and thighs with her juices. It drove me over the edge, and I buried myself into her as deep as I could; I cried out too in a weak, high-pitched wail, as thick, hot spurts began to pour into her unprotected womb.

It'd been so long that I couldn't stop. Even as we came, I still managed to hammer into her, trying to make our release last as long as possible. Each little motion made our hearts stop and our bodies cling closer together, even as I painted Marisa's slick depths white, and her tummy began to bulge from the sheer amount I'd left in her. It was gooey, and even with my cock still throbbing inside, rivulets of cum began to seep out from where we were connected.

I lost track of my movements as the pleasure built and built, throbbing all through me as I emptied myself. I knew that Marisa was stuffed full, both in her womb and her pussy, but I simply couldn't stop cumming. I was addicted now, to this witch's scent and body... and I hoped the feeling was mutual.

Eventually, we found ourselves curled together on the floor, my arms wrapped around Marisa's stomach as I contined to hold her close. She was the one who gently undid my grip, forcing herself off my half-erect cock with a loud, lewd pop. A pure, thick stream of cum poured from her depths as she pushed herself upright, hair and lingerie in dissaray and her skin covered in light red marks. But then, in defiance of my expectations, she stretched and let out a satisfied purr before turning around to help me up.

"Phew... You really needed that, huh? I didn't give you any drugs, and you still made me stretch." Taking my hand in hers, she led me the short distance to the bed, where we both collapsed onto our backs. Now that the excitement was over, my body was starting to ache.

The rest of the night was spent under the sheets, our arms wrapped around each other in a soft, almost loving embrace. We didn't talk much, but that was fine - having someone stay with me after the act was more than enough. Marisa seemed all too happy to humor me, and she peppered me with kisses as she dripped our mix of fluids onto the luxurious bed. I couldn't resist her, and even though our bodies were sore and achey, we still had enough strength to press our lips together, and hold each other close.

Even the morning after was wonderful, and wasn't that a surprise? Years of training and working under Eirin's watchful eye had me awake with the morning sun, with Marisa's nubile form still right by my side. Maybe it was a bit awkward of me to watch her sleep, smiling at her relaxed, pleased face and the rise and fall of her chest, but I'd never had the opportunity before. It was novel, and when Marisa finally woke up, she didn't seem to mind at all.

"Thank you, really. I'd stay longer if I could," I told her, with a refreshing lack of shame or doubt in my voice. Hearing it made my confidence seem much more real, and then a small smile was gracing my lips. "Maybe I'll come again next full moon."

Either there really was no roof in this room, or Marisa was just that good, but the sun cast everything in a beautifully light shade. The witch was no exception; no matter what the light source, it shone on her, giving her skin a healthy hue and her face a sleepy look. Her eyes were closed to keep out the sun, but her smile was as wide as ever - and maybe just a bit coy.

Marisa leaned closer, her soft, hot puffs of air brushing into my nape and her blonde, unruly hair tickling my skin. The perfume had worn off now, replaced with a thick, animalistic musk that suited her perfectly all the same. Under the sheets, I could feel her stretch, leaving my cock trapped between her soft thighs one last time.

"You don't have to wait that long, Reisen. Or wait until night, for that matter." Her voice was lusty at first, and her delicate hands moved down to tease me one last time. "And... I wasn't kidding about the job offer, either. I'd like having an assistant for my day job, y'know? I could use someone with steady hands for potions." Slowly, effortlessly, she threw the covers off the bed, revealing her thumb swirling around the tip of my morning wood. I was shivering all over again as she stared into my eyes, sliding down to her stomach the entire time. "I might not pay as well, but I do give free room and board. Employee benefits are top notch, too!"

And with that irreverent boast, Marisa gave me a complimentary morning service before I left for home.
Okay that was really arousing! Normally I'm not the biggest fan of futanari, but this and that Patchouli x Kokoro story are making me reconsider my earlier stance on it.

I noticed Reisen was sorta frustrated/irritated at Eientei, like her mention of how Eirin and the others would react to her arousal, along with attempting to keep her visit to the Lotus Pavilion a secret. Are Eirin and the others that assholish to her about her dick and is Eirin like a control freak or something? Would she reallh have a problem with Reisen going to the Lotus Pavilion for some satisfaction?
Not the ReiMari I was expecting, but incredibly hot nonetheless.

The only gripe I can find is that there was no breast play involved. Right, Marisa isn't exactly well-endowed in that department, but Reisen is. Other than that, bretty gud bro.

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