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♫It's Spring♫
Nature awakens from its slumber. Snows of winter clear away. Touhou girls look for a bit of income. Street pickups take place, brothels fill up with customers, shrine maidens receive their donations, lovers play games and sweat trickles down the thighs of high class ladies of the night. Nights fill with sounds of ecstasy and lust.
Welcome, THP, to the First Annual Touhou Spring Sales Festival! Here we share stories of Touhou girls selling their bodies for money. Post as many stories as you want, make them as long as you want and use whatever characters you want. It's all up to you. As long as you stick to the basic theme of prostitution, anything goes.
This is more of a community event than a contest, although feel free to leave feedback for entries. It's just a thing that will hopefully become a board tradition and maybe generate some more lewd writing.
The 'deadline' for the Festival is June 1st. For obvious reasons.
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If it wasn't that topic I might have actually tried to do something for this
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Think of it a a challenge to write your usual style but with that.
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It's more that kind of plot doesn't mix with me.
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Note: Not related to my other stories, but there may be a small reference or two.

Thanks to Rule and BSD for editing

Repost due to a certain line.


"Joe, are you really going to do that? It's not something people regularly do, especially since that place is so expensive." Sheesh, that Nanashi. He thinks it's a bit crazy that I'm planning on doing this. "Let me treat you to lunch. It wouldn't do to pass out tonight. I know you've been subsisting on rice, cheap milk, and water. And I know you've been working yourself ragged saving up for this. I just hope you're not disappointed with it."

"I doubt it, a place like that wouldn't get away with the prices it has otherwise."

Today's a rare day off; my boss forced it. Once we reach the place he's chosen, we order some food and go to a distant table so we can talk more without too much getting out.

"So what sort of girl are you gonna ask for? I did some looking in and it seems they have a wide mix, from real young looking sorts to curvy bombshells that even our teacher would be envious of."

I gathered that much as well, dunno what to say about those that prefer the first sort. "Since most normal girls aren't that well-endowed, I'd see what's there in busty girls. I'm doing this to get a taste of something unobtainable," I answer.

The food arrives and we start eating. In between some bits, he responds, "I don't know, you might have a shot with, say, that mountain priestess. You're part outsider, you know, and it seems they're girl magnets. Like that guy who went to the flower lady's place and landed her."

But quite unlike my father, one of the few outsiders who choose to stick around have a normal life. After taking some bites, I retort, "Dad's one of the few that actually accepted village life, and he's very happy with it. Certainly beats dying like most outsiders that try their luck outside. And after tonight, I'm willing to start reasonably saving for a future with a nice girl in the village."

"That's a relief. Those places can be rather addicting, after all. I heard in the outside world some people more or less toss away their life's worth of money going for such things. And the Boss gave you a few days off because even he's worried about you," he answers.

We finish eating as he pays the bill. "You should take a nap. If it goes well, you'll definitely need the rest. Good luck," he says as we part ways.


After the nap, I wash up and put on my best clothes. The Lotus Pavilion is not a place one goes into looking like a greasy bum. Though I do have Mom and Dad to thank for the clothes, as they ensure that I have something nice for occasions, but I'm not gonna tell them about this occasion. Not if I can help it. I decide to try out some aftershave Father managed to get me, wh-OH WOW THAT STINGS! Well that woke me up nicely.

I finish getting ready, and make sure I have my money envelope with me. I'm nervous enough going there, but to find out I forgot the money would be terrible.

As I step out my house's door, I find myself thinking, 'one path, no regrets.'


I walk in a bit to find a room that's fancy but not overly so. The chairs look comfy and at the desk I see.... the Tengu reporter? Well she looks as nice as usual, though it seems her shirt is a bit snug compared to usual on her nicely sized chest. A night with her wouldn't be bad at all.

She notices after a bit, remarking, "Surprised? It's not a bad way to make money. I mean the desk job! I already have a nice boyfriend. But the last few girls that worked this job wound up being girls in the typical sense here. But where are my manners, This is the Lotus Pavilion, what would you like tonight? Our girls are undoubtedly the most beautiful and skilled in Gensokyo. They range from criminally young looking girls with many times their size in experience, to voluptuous beauties that put outsider pornography to shame."

"That last bit was rehearsed, wasn't it, Miss Shameimaru?" I ask.

She shrugs, responding, "Yeah but I'm not kidding about the range. So what group can I narrow it downto? Tonight's rather busy, though, so the pickings might be slim. Also, may I see your money? Nothing personal but it's part of my job. Some people have had the nerve to 'dine and dash' here."

Due to this small chat, I feel more at ease. Makes me wish I had some money to tip her with. I am disappointed she's not a choice, but her boyfriend must be VERY lucky. I take it out and hand it to her to count. I answer, "The busty girls, if there's any available."

She finishes counting and hands it back. "Yep you have the minimum amount, but the girls have their own different prices for things, and this amount covers any one for a mere dinner and night. You're not the first working guy who's starved himself to afford a night here." I guess she noticed the signs of not quite eating well. She pulls out a stack of papers and sorts them into two baskets: 'Available' and 'not available.'

A bunch of them go into 'unavailable.' I see the buddhist monk ("motherly affection and a tantric release"), That ghost lady ("Softness second to her appetite"), The border lady ("Anything is possible; cost depends on customer's performance"), and her fox assistant ("Her soft curves are only rivaled by her tails"), and the doctor from the moon clinic ("cool mannered with fiery passions"), and a few others I don't recognize. She finally puts one into available: Komachi Onozuka. Original occupation, ferry woman of the sanzu.

"What does that mean? It sounds like she deals with dead people. Not that I'm complaining," I ask, continuing the read about her. her tagline is, "The prettiest girl in town, the best company, and the biggest bust in Gensokyo*." I look down the page for the footnote, which says, "Totally not making this up- A.S." Guess I'll have to wait and see, since I only see a picture of her face, which is pretty cute. She seems to be young-adult-aged.

"She just ferries spirits across the river, doesn't do any actual reaping or anything. Gensokyo's not really busy for her usually, even in spite of outsiders getting themselves killed. And before I forget and get the both of us in trouble, here's a non-disclosure form to sign. Unless both you and the girl wish otherwise, what happens here, stays here." She hands me a pen and a form, which I sign.

"I'll pick Komachi; any reason why she of all girls is available? From what I've seen and read, she'd have more customers." I answer, curious about this.

She puts it away as she writes two notes down and puts them into separate tubes. She then answers, "I really have no idea, I figure that the other girls are better known and aren't slouches in size or skills. And Yukari is something else entirely. I wouldn't have advised you to go for her as she is pretty picky, hence her price notice." She gets two notes from behind her desk, adding, "Naturally, Komachi is ready for you. Just follow these directions, and this advice: she likes talking and while she doesn't mind vigorous fondling, she'd appreciate it if you consider her as well. Take it from someone who knows her decently, though you look like the sort that already knows that." She pushes me in the direction as I start walking towards the room.


I get to the door with her name on it and knock. "Go ahead and come in," I hear. Pretty cute, warm. I open the door and come in to find her sitting by a table in a blue dressish thing, which seems opened enough to reveal some very nice cleavage, but the table and her knees get in the way. "I'm Komachi, nice to meet ya. Dinner should be on its way," she introduces herself in an obviously casual manner.

I sit down by the table, replying, "I'm Joe and it's definitely nice to meet y-" As I see her get up and stretch a bit, showing her chest which doesn't seem suppressed by her outfit at all. I notice that she's pretty tall, but her skirt covers her legs, which must be rather nice as well. But the reporter was not kidding about their size, and the apparent shape complements it very well.

"Whoops, I knew I should have waited. But that reaction's pretty cute," she says as she sits down again.

I feel I can be honest with her, answering, "Well... what your profile says is definitely true. You even dwarf the school teacher, and she's the biggest in the village." I try to look at her face, it's what my parents taught me. "Though the rest of you I can see is pretty nice, making the prettiest lady in town bit true," I add, scratching my head.

"I don't mind staring as we both know they're eye catching, but I appreciate the effort to compliment other things about me. So, mind telling me about yourself? I'm curious about why you came here."

I tell her about my mostly normal life as a half-outsider, and decide to reveal my first experience. "Well I was curious and sort of hasty when I went along with this one bad girl's idea of gaining more experience. She wasn't bad looking, and it was pretty nice. In the end however, it didn't feel right afterwards and she moved on to do something else. After getting a job I decided to try to save up money and focus on getting a stable house before I try dating seriously. Then I heard about this place and decided to save up for a night here, just to experience something extraordinary before living life normally." As I compose myself I hear some knocking.

It's a fairy maid with a dinner tray of steak, potatoes, and some other veggies. "I'm sorry it's late, it's just that Lady Yuyuko's client ordered the special. But as per your instructions I didn't bring drinks," she says before leaving.

"I hope the guy has an empty stomach, he's got a lot to eat off of her. Could you please set the plates down while I get the drinks?" she asks. I nod and go do that, noticing her go to a refrigerator to get what looks like a good sized bottle of milk out and some glasses. I set down the silverware, thinking how grateful I am to my father teaching me how to use such things growing up. I wait until she's ready before I start eating. This is pretty good steak, and the potatoes are also pretty good. And I've got to ask her where she got this milk, as it goes well with the food and its sweetness doesn't interfere with anything else.

I ask for another glass after I'm done. She chuckles, "It is good stuff and it's nice to see that you like it, Joe. As far as my story goes, honestly I doubt you want to hear about my past job and how I got this gig in gensokyo, but barring certain things, it leaves me with a lot of free time and not much company. So I had the idea of working here for some fun and companionship, however fleeting. I was surprised to get hardly anyone, and guys that were a bit too grabby and unappreciative of talking. Did Aya tell you to do anything? We might have butted heads in the past but I guess she's a friend."

"She did, but it wasn't anything I wouldn't have done. I'm enjoying your company even before anything... fun happens. And I like you enough to want you to smile. Sorry I have no idea what to do!" I reply. I wasn't expecting this... but it's a nice thing.

She comes up to me, her chest jiggling with her movement. She responds, "You're pretty sweet and pretty cute. I think it's time for the fun to begin." I can smell the scent of some sort of flowers on her. "But I think I know why that first time wasn't that great: something was missing. But not in this case," she adds before kissing me. I didn't know a kiss could be like this, even with the tongue play. She ends it, looking me in my eyes. "I'm going to make you forget that girl."

I'm just stunned by the sudden show of passion as I try to compose myself and let the situation sink in. I find myself realizing that I want to make her forget those other guys... to make her mine. I close the distance to her, and she lays down. "I'm going to make you forget about those guys," I respond as I start kissing her while my hands work at her top. If I'm exceeding my boundaries she'd let it known; I know she's stronger than she looks. It turns out that i have to get one breast out of at a time due to how her top is in that position and- my gods, its soft.

"You're doing a pretty good job of that. But let me get them out; it's something you want to see," she interrupts.I get back as she sits up and starts 'digging' them up from her top, showing some mild signs of enjoying the self-touching. As soon as she gets the other one out, she lets her top fall, revealing their true shape, which wasn't much different than what I'd seen already. But it means that they're remarkably firm for their massive size. What sag they have only conveying the mass and weight, creating an incredibly attractive shape. And they're topped off with dark pink nipples that seem small on such wonders. "They're not gonna bite, you know," she teases, snapping me out of my state of awe.

Right, gotta resist the urge to absolutely squeeze them. I feel around, trying to get a sense of what feels best for her while fully feeling them. Her quiet moans are cute and encouraging as I try to move them around while feeling them. Her nipples are next, where my ministrations are rewarded with louder moans and gasps and her scent filling the air. Unlike the first time, it's of a mildly musky flower of an unknown sort. I'm seriously tempted to see if I could bring her to an orgasm with just her boobs. Feeling my dick strain against my pants I step back a bit, realizing that she might not be the only one that comes just from that.

"You should get undressed fast before you stain those clothes. That it's about time you experience some of my specialty," she says as I start getting my pants off, hoping I didn't stain them too badly with my pre-cum. My shirt follows, joining the pants in a pile. What I get to see is Komachi doing likewise, treating me to a view of her breasts moving along with her in various ways as she she removes the long skirt. What's revealed are a pair of long, rather attractive legs, and a behind that's respectable. She oesn't seem to have any fat in places besides her backside and especially chest. If anything there's some signs of muscles there, my suspicions of her being strong are definitely true. I get on the bed figuring she'd want to do it there. She takes off her drenched panties, revealing a patch of red pubic hair.

"I'm ready, Komachi" I say, suspecting I'm really not ready. I have a strong feeling that the tag line should have added 'Best Paizuri' in Gensokyo. I see her come back over with half a glass of milk as she kneels next to the bed.

"It's a pretty nice size, not too big but not lacking. As you'd guess, paizuri is my specialty.I learned all I could use from Otogi's manuals. But there's nothing wrong starting with the classics," she says, full of confidence. I have no idea who this Otogi is and how/why he made paizuri manuals, but- Wow! She's using one arm to squeeze them around my dick. It's like it's between two soft walls. Then she pours milk into her cleavage and over her breasts, creating one hell of an opening act. "You don't have to hold back, but it'd be better if you did," she adds as she uses both- guh. Almost came right there, but the pressure she makes with both arms is incredible as she starts moving them up and down. I realize I'm laying down, and sit up to see what she's doing. She's holding each breast in an open fingered manner with the middle fingers on her nipples; it's like she's trying to please herself as well. Wow,she's doing alternative movement now. I don't think I can hold out for much longer as she's doing more exotic movements and speeding up. Is that her moaning I hear? Curious I sit back up, to find her using her hands to try self-fonding. The sight of using her fingers to pull at her own nipples is to much as I- WOW. I think I hear her have a similar reaction.

Did I just black out for bit? I check how she's doing; while she's breathing heavily, she seems to be scooping up my come and swallowing it. I look down to see a small puddle beneath her. "Komachi, did you come as well?" I ask.

"Yeah, but it takes more effort on these compared to down here, but I like how the notion turns guys on. And I don't usually eat this stuff but I'm willing to make an exception. You were really saving up down there, weren't you?" she replies. Man that must have been some orgasm I had as my dick's still not fully recovered in spite of seeing her slick with sweat, milk, and sexual fluids. She gets a napkin to wipe off the last bits and then crawls on to me. Huh? "You didn't get to suck them yet, and I know guys like that sort of thing," she adds as she holds her breasts in an offering sort of why.

Well I don't need to be told twice. I decide to use both hands to hold one in place as I try licking, sucking, and a bit of tooth-grazing to find what she likes best, finding she prefers the sucking best as I mildly message the rest of her breast. Not sure how long she wants me to, but i can do it all- what just came into my mouth? It tastes familiar. I suck some more to have some more come out, when I recognize the taste: It was the milk she took out of the fridge. The same milk I drank up eagerly, the same milk she drank, and the same milk she used for Paizuri. While I feel a bit confused, I also feel incredibly aroused. My dick's now beyond fully recovered. It's the hardest it's ever been.

"Hope you like that surprise, I know you dick does. And according to the moon doctor, there's nothing wrong with drinking your own milk. Yeah, that milk was freshly squeezed this morning, otherwise you'd have found out much sooner," she says.

"I do even if I'm a bit confused," I reply, as I really don't know what to fully make of it.

She laughs as she answers. "I don't know how it happened either. It just happened one day. But I think it's time for the main event." She lays down the bed looking awfully receptive. I prepare myself trying to push back whatever nervousness I felt when I saw her smile, and that's all it takes for me to push my anxiety aside and get into the right mindset.

I go over and slowly, carefully insert it. Komachi's wet and nicely snug down there. I wait for a bit just to get used to it; the last thing I want to be is a 'thirty seconds man'. I start to move, paying attention to her face as that'll be an indicator of how well I do. I find a good pace which has the side effect of causing her breasts to wobble on top of her occasional moans. I'm tempted to move my hands from her hips to her breasts, especially due to the effect playing with them has on her.

We enjoy the pace a bit when she beckons me to move my face closer to her. I do so as I trust her directions. She isn't overbearing at all, but rather supportive in her assertiveness. She surprises me by wrapping her arms around my neck/upper back and pulling me into a passionate kiss. I try to continue moving in and out at the same pace as I return the kiss, holding her closer. She moans into my mouth. I'm tempted to pull back and go even faster just see how her breasts move if my hands aren't on them.

We break off the kiss to catch our breaths as she says, "You can go as fast as you want now, I'm good and warmed up, and I don't mind some intense fondling at times like this" between breaths. She does know what a guy wants. I resume my normal position as I speed up. Her breasts move and bounce in increasingly lewd ways as her face grows flush and lusty. After bit I decide to move my hands to her breasts as I start fondling them and midly pinching and tugging at her nipples, seeing bits of milk come out. I imagine that if it was pre-milking this would probably result in a nice milk shower. Her moans are getting loud now, and her hips are staring to buck back with equal intensity.

I'm surprised I lasted this long. I wonder if she could get preg- heheheheh. The mental picture that fills my head is definitely motivating. Her breasts would get even bigger and her milk production would go up, and add in the knowledge that she'd only get that way because she wanted to has me in a frenzy, with only my consideration keeping me from going absolutely overboard. It's to the point it's taking the greater chunk of my focus not to finish early.

Komachi's expression has a bit of a sly grin, as she says inbetween moans, "You're thinking of impregnating me aren't you?" I can't respond due to the mental effort I'm doing though I think it shows on my face. She pulls herself up to me and whispers in my ear, "If it's with you, I wouldn't mind and even if I did give birth to twins, there'd still be plenty of milk for you." At hearing such a confession, my figurative dam breaks as I come hard again right into her womb. I notice her locking her legs around me a bit. That sets her off in a combination that seems to make both of our orgasms long and hard.

Last I remembered... I come back to my senses to find myself laying on top of her as she rubs my head. I look around to notice my head is resting on her chest, which easily doubles as a pillow like no other. "Joe, that was the best sex I've had in a very long time. And I wasn't exaggerating about the last part. You might not be a perfect gift to women, but your consideration more than makes up for that. But don't worry about anything else tonight, just sleep and we'll have some more fun tomorrow." Upon hearing that I do realize I am pretty worn out.

I gather what energy I have to wish her good night. "Good night, Komachi."

"Too late, already having one," she responds teasingly before I fall asleep on her chest.
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That was a rather dreamless sleep, but I'm not sure how dreams would compare to last night. I hear birds tweeting, seeing the sun rise with the light entering the window. I feel Koamchi stir. "Good morning Joe, just let me get us some breakfast," she says to me as we sit up and finish waking up.

She gets up and puts something in a tube on the wall as I look around for our clothes to only to find they're missing. "I see the cleaning crew picked up our clothes while we were sleeping. Don't worry, they're very good at their jobs," She says. I'm relieved as I'm not sure how I'd explain whatever stains were on the clothes to my parents.

"Good thing, as those were my nice occasion clothes. This is a pretty fancy place," I respond. I see Komachi stretch normally, but her breasts move in a tantilizing way. Last night must have been something as while my spirit is willing, my flesh is still sort of worn out.

"I'm not one for posturing like that, since here everyone ends up naked, sweaty and in need of a nice shower. What job do you do anyways? Your build isn't that bad," she responds, looking me over.

I answer, "Mix of a few manual labor jobs, some carpentry, some moving. The group is a general oddjobs sort of thing. And hearing you say that is pretty flattering." Before anything else is said, my stomach growls.

The door opens as the same fairy as last night comes in. "I managed to make this before Lady Yuyuko's order got started," she announces as she leaves a new tray-cart of food with her departure. I guess the cleaning crew removed the other one.

I get up to prepare the food, it appears to be a thing of biscuits and gravy with sausage bits in it. I was expecting something more typical. I notice there's not anything to drink; I hope that Komachi isn't out of milk as nothing else goes better.

I sit down next to Komachi as I ask, "Do you have any milk left? The fairy didn't leave any." I'm not sure if i should be specific or not.

"I think I have another bottle, as the last bottle was from the day before yesterday," She answers. She lifts up her boobs as she adds, "as far as these beauties go, I'd have to find out in a bit." She goes and gets the milk and clean glasses. 'Find out in a bit'? I wonder if it involves sucking herself.

Breakfast actually goes by extremely normally for all that's going on. "I'm not a bad cook myself, though I think you'd be the first guy here to appreciate that," she remarks.

I decide to tease her, "I'm sure you'd flavor the food with love." That came out easier than it should. I decide to give her a hug.

"Yeah, especially if it needs milk. I'm not exactly bad tasting down there, it has nothing on my milk," she replies as she hugs back. "So tell me more about your job," she adds as she lets go and resumes eating.

I answer, "Well there's Nanashi, a good buddy of mine. He thought I was crazy for coming here, but was nice enough to occasionally treat me to a nice lunch. There's the Boss who's strict, but understanding; he gave me a bunch of days off due to all the overtime I've been putting in."

"My job isn't that much different, though the only real co-worker is my Boss. She's a nice gal, but rather uptight. She needs some sort of release. She's also rather attracted to her job as she tends to spend chunks of her free time going around and giving lectures and warnings. There's also the two hermits, Kasen and Seiga. Kasen tries very hard though I'm not sure how her chronic meat bun eating would work with that. But her main hobby is trying to get the Hakurei shrine maiden to work on a regular basis. Like that's going to happen anytime soon. Also someone that needs a guy. Now, Seiga is a real nasty piece of work, very much attractive but also quite malicious. If you see a blue haired noblewoman with her hair in loops, avoid her at all costs," She explains. I hear her mutter about if something were to happen to me and shoving a head into the Sanzu river. She pauses then resumes, "Even that brat Tenshi isn't that bad, and she's a bratty celestial who likes to cause trouble. However, finding a job here seems to have gotten her to behave much better. The boss here had the idea of me and her giving a threesome option, trying utilize our rivalry. It never came up, though I hear she gets a nice amount of customers." Quite a job she has, well day job.

I shudder when I remember a chance sighting of Seiga. Undeniably attractive and shapely, but the look on her face had predatory vibes and hidden intentions. Far cry from Komachi's warm smiles. We finish eating as she directs me to the bed, where I notice a small pile of... Did I come that much in her last night?

"I figure if I'm gonna check, I might as well put on a show," she says as she stands up, seemingly unaware that just moving around is a pretty nice show. If I focused on all the movements her breasts did as she moved, I'd be terribly distracted. I wonder what this show would be when I see her bring one breast up to her mouth and suck it. Well, between the food and this my dick's nicely recovered. Her other hand first plays with the other breast before trailing down her stomach to her pussy, where she starts fingering it. I resist the temptation to interrupt the show as I see her switch hands and breasts. She uses her pussy juice to coat her nipple before sucking on it. The one she was sucking on has a bit of milk trailing down. The same milk- welp, my dick's getting to that intense hardness again.

This show goes on a bit longer with Komachi obviously getting worked up before she just stops and sits down. I know she didn't come and I'm not gonna just sit here and let that be. I'm by her in seconds as I start gently fingering her, causing her moans to gain in volume. She presses her breasts together as if to offer them both. I don't need to be told what to do as I start sucking in addition to my fingering. I get the idea to focus on both gently nibbling her nipples and playing with her clit. It doesn't take her long to come as I feel a small downpour on my fingering hand. "Thanks Joe, that's better than what I could have done myself" she says as she recovers.

I decide to try her juices out for myself as I remember how she lewdly scooped my cum into her mouth. Not unpleasant, but not as sweet as her milk. I'm reminded of my own need for release as I see Komachi lay on the bed in a way that makes her already huge breasts look even bigger. She motions me over as she starts explaining. "This is no.9 in the Otogi manuals, Land Subsidence. This his a favorite of mine as it allows me to place more pressure... and be comfortable at the same time. Oh yeah, don't forget the remaining milk." I quickly get the bottle with seemingly half a glass left. She takes it and pours some over my dick and her breasts. "Hope you don't mind taking the active role this time," she adds as I put my dick into her sideways cleavage. Definitely different, from Komachi's arms putting extra pressure to the different areas affected. I start thrusting at a rather vigorous rate which Komachi seems to enjoy as well. A bit of the way through I feel bits of warm milk land on my dick when I pull out, causing me to intensify my thrusts as well as the feeling that even in this position my dick has yet to touch her actual chest. Unlike her first Paizuri, I don't hold myself back and come in her cleavage.

Whew... that was a pretty hard orgasm. I look to- she's doing the come scooping thing again. My dick starts to recover some at that. She sits up with a bit still on her. "How about we finish things with a shower? Having someone else wash your back is nice."

"Okay, sounds good," I reply as I follow her to the bathroom of the room. Showers in the village are a sign of luxury... though I could say that of who I'll be showering with. She removes her hair bobbles which lets her hair down, though the change to her hair isn't much. She fiddles with the shower in front of me, giving me a nice view of her butt and a bit of her wet pussy. I notice the shower having two shower heads as if it's made for two people.

"Okay it's ready! Could you wash me down first?" she asks after we get in. I'm a bit distracted by the water running down her body before I get to the Lotus Pavillion brand body soap, boasting both cleanliness and no irritation on most areas of the body. I lather up my hands and see her do likewise after turning away from me. While she starts to wash her long legs, I start on her back, trying to work in some messaging action into it. "Now do the front," She requests as I get even more body soap in my hands; I'll need it. Wow, her breasts feel great, all slipperly as I go about washing her stomach a bit. It's quite a contrast that her stomachi is flat and rather fit while her breasts are anything but flat and hard.

"Okay my turn to wash you!" She says, turning me around as- OH WOW She's using her breasts to clean my back as her hands wash my front in all sorts of places, even down there. After a bit she stops, thankfully. If she'd kept it up, I'd have come all over the lower wall.

"That was a nice surprise, Komachi," I respond as I seen her rinsing off. I do likewise while resisting distraction. I wonder what's next when she goes to a wall and reveals a hidden seat-looking thing with spongy back padding. She sits on it with her legs spread as I realize that's the perfect height for face to face sex in the shower.

She extends her arms invitingly, "The engineers of this place are really good, but I figure this would be a nice finale to our time together," she remarks as I plunge into her, embracing and kissing. This time, finding the right speed takes not even a second. And it feels better with her wet body, the feeling of water coming down, and the dance of tongues in our mouths. My hands drift to her breasts, playing with them as we continue the combined make out/sex. Our pace speeds up, her moans getting louder with my grunts. I try to hold out to make sure she also comes when she wraps her arms around me and gives me a kiss unlike the others - one filled with affection. The shock causes my orgasm, and luckily hers as well. In the clarity following my orgasm, I get a feeling that tonight became something more.

After enjoying some wet cuddling, we clean and rinse fast and then dry off. "Joe, could you check to see if our clothes back back yet? And could you turn away?" She asks as I nod and leave. Good reason as she didn't want me getting turned back on, with her drying off her- Joe, stop that!

I find our clothes neatly folded and warm. I get dressed and pick up the money envelope as I try to bring her clothes to her. She takes them into the bathroom, responding, "Thanks and don't worry about the money. I'll pay for it out of what I've made here. I'd feel bad for taking your money. It was truly nice, Joe." Not sure how to feel about that as I don't want her to be troubled on my behalf. "You should go now. I don't want you to get into trouble with the boss or anyone that might see you. I'll figure something out," she adds. Did she sound a bit sad about that?

"Goodbye Komachi, I'll never forget tonight," I reply as leave. Before I exit the room, I leave my money envelope.


I see Miss Shameimaru there, where I remember the notion of a tip. "I'm sorry, I don't have anything left to tip you for your help!" I blurt out with a slight bow.

"If she had a good night, that'll be good enough. With how late it is, you should take the discrete exit, which is down the hallway behind me. It's impossible to miss. And make your way out behind a random store nearby. That should give you enough of a believable excuse"She says point down a hallway.

I say "Thank you," as I leave. Once outside, I recognize the back area as I've done some checks with the group here. I know the way home well enough from here.


A couple of days have passed since then and I find myself missing Komachi. I think it's safe to say what happened in the shower: Love making. It certainly isn't lust, as I found no appeal in those extra-busty fox girl comics. I wonder what I could do to meet h-


Someone's at the door. I wonder if it's Nanashi noticing my weird behavior or not. I go to open the door and what I see stuns me: Komachi, though her outfit seems to be worn more conservatively. And she seems to have some bags of food. She smiles at me as she says, "Face it, Tiger... you just hit the jackpot!" I faintly recongize that phrase from Spiderman, but it's very VERY fitting.

I recover what little of my composure I can. I ask, "What happened?" as she comes in with the food and shuts the door.

She responds by hugging me and answering, "I quit, I only was there to find fun and company, which I did in you. So naturally I'm here, and I got a bunch of food with the money you left as I know you don't have anything good to eat. And I got some fun stuff, like chocolate syrup. I heard it goes good with milk." I know too well what she means. I definitely hit the jackpot of a few life times.


Author's notes: I admit that I both wanted a lewd Komachi piece and thought up of a Lotus scenario with her for BSD to use. But upon seeing this thread, the scenario expanded itself.

Being a purely /at/ piece, I decided to go all out. It's pretty freshing to write something like this, having a simple timeline/universe.

And the Paizuri position is from "Touhou Paizuri 48 Techniques, Part 1" by Otogi.

I'll do some more stuff but at my own leisure.
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File 143258055595.jpg- (268.93KB , 1403x821 , 紅白天誅_043.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sakuya walked up the innumerable steps to the Hakurei shrine, alone. It was one of her rare days off, and she decided to spend some time with the “diligent” shrine maiden. There was no rush, so she slowly climbed the stairs, one at a time, and admired the scenery. A few feral youkai had attacked her when she went through the untamed path before the stairs, which gave her some light exercise as well.

Reimu came into view once Sakuya reached the top. She was seated on the veranda, with a cup of tea in both hands and a contented smile on her face. Off to the side was a broom lying unceremoniously on the grass. A small part of the yard was clean, but the majority still covered with dirt and fallen leaves. It looked like she started sweeping, but quit after a few minutes to take a tea break.

“Oh, Sakuya? It's rare to see you without your vampire.” Reimu said simply as soon as she noticed Sakuya's presence. She didn't move from her spot, nor did she invite Sakuya to join her.

“Good morning, Reimu,” Sakuya replied politely. She then reached into a pocket and pulled out a folded bill. Reimu's eyes locked on to the unexpected bit of paper immediately, and even from the distance she could tell it was a 1,000 yen bill. It was surprisingly crisp, considering how worn all of Gensokyo currency is. Once she confirmed Reimu's attention, Sakuya continued, “I've come to donate as a patron of the Hakurei shrine.”

Reimu instantly stood up and knocked her tea cup onto the ground. Only a little bit of liquid spilled out and soaked into the ground, suggesting she was almost finished anyway. “Wha- really?! I mean, yes, of course. I'll show you to the donation box now!” Reimu blurted out excitedly, unable to contain herself. Despite her overbearing opulence, the most Remilia had ever donated to her was a mere fifty yen coin, and that was after getting drunk during a New Year's party. Sakuya had never once expressed any interest in doing anything on her own, so a sudden donation of 1,000 yen was a complete shock to her. A welcome shock, but a shock nonetheless.

“There's no need for that,” Sakuya said, stopping Reimu in place. “There appears to be a donation box right here.” With that, she took the bill and forced it down Reimu's blouse, sticking it against the nape of her neck. The tightness of her ascot prevented Sakuya from reaching her target, but this was close enough. Reimu's eyes went wide in surprise, but before she could say anything, Sakuya pulled out another crisp 1,000 yen bill and held it in front of the shrine maiden's chest. “It's not a problem if I use this one, right?”

“No, not at all!” Reimu responded instantly, her eyes fixated on the sizable bill between the maid's fingers.

“Of course,” Sakuya said, smiling. She lowered her hand towards Reimu's breasts, pressing it against the fabric of her blouse over her breasts. “Hmm, there appears to be a cover over the lid. What a strange thing to place over a donation box. I'm afraid I won't be able to donate any more if it isn't removed.”

“Eh? Ah, just a second, then you can donate as much as you like!” Reimu untied her ascot with a single pull, then pulled her blouse over her head. Both articles dropped to the ground without a second thought from their owner. The bill that was stuffed into her collar fell as well, but Reimu snatched it out of the air and stuffed it into a skirt pocket before Sakuya could even blink.

With her blouse off, Reimu's voluptuous breasts were fully exposed to the spring air. Each was large enough to fill one of Sakuya's hands, and they looked wonderfully soft with light, delicate skin. She's wearing a sarashi only covered her nipples, leaving the majority of her breasts bare while creating a tempting valley in between. Is she trying to save money on cloth? Sakuya wondered to herself.

Sakuya reached out for Reimu's chest and slid her hand into her cleavage, dragging the bill between her luscious mounds. The softness of her tits enveloped Sakuya's delicate hand, smothering it with Reimu's silky smooth flesh. Reimu twitched a little from the unfamiliar sensation of the paper being crushed by her breasts, but made certain to not do anything that would interrupt Sakuya from donating.

Next, Sakuya pulled out a bunch of small coins from another pocket, and opened her hand for Reimu to see them. There were seven 100 yen coins sitting in her palm; not an amazing amount individually, but all donations are welcome. She picked one up and pushed it deep into Reimu's cleavage, deliberately taking her time to savor the loveliness of her tits. The cold and hard metal was uncomfortable against Reimu's bare skin and almost made her grimace as the coins keep coming, but she steeled herself and thrust her chest out to encourage Sakuya to continue. Each deposit took longer than the one before it, as Sakuya stalled for longer and longer periods of time with her hand buried between Reimu's breasts. She made certain to place the coins in separate areas, allowing her to touch every inch of the shrine maiden's bosom.

Without giving Reimu a chance to look away, Sakuya pulled out another bill. Creased at first and partially obscured by her hand, Reimu couldn't tell what denomination it is until Sakuya slowly unfolded it and held it closer to her. A 5,000 yen bill, almost double Sakuya's already substantial donation, and worth more than all of her donations on even the best days. With a small gasp of surprise, Reimu leaned forward to show off even more of her cleavage, outright begging for Sakuya to stick her hands between her breasts once again.

But she didn't. She kept the bill in her hand, occasionally spinning it around between her fingers. Reimu was perplexed by her actions: she showed up out of nowhere and unexpectedly donated for the first time, but now she's stopping? She wouldn't have taken out that money unless she intended to donate it, so why isn't she donating it?

“Excuse me, honored guest,” Reimu began, speaking politely for once, “could I perhaps persuade you to offer that substantial sum to my humble shrine?”

“Hmmm,” Sakuya said, pretending to think it over when it's obvious that her intentions have already been decided. “I don't know if I should. This is certainly a lot of money. It might be better to keep it,” she said, giving the money another twirl between her fingers. It abruptly disappeared behind her palm, and Sakuya opened both hands to show that they are empty. “Now,” she began, reaching her hand into a pocket as if to take the money out again, “if I was given some special, divine service in return, then I'd be able to part with it.”

“Of course!” Reimu said enthusiastically, looking up at Sakuya's eyes while still offering up her cleavage. “It is my duty as the shrine's representative to attend to the needs of its believers! Is there something you need?”

“Yes. I need you to bless my nipples. They're very important, you know? I'd be able to work much more calmly if I had my nipples properly blessed by a shrine maiden's tongue.”

“Huh? Your, um, nipples?”

“Yes, Reimu. Just close your lips around my nipples and suck on them until I ask you to stop. That's all there is to it.” Without waiting for a response, Sakuya started taking off her clothes in front of Reimu. First, she untied her apron from behind, then her dark blue dress, and let both garments drop onto the ground. This left her in just a thin white blouse that was only barely long enough to cover her panties, and did not hide her lithe figure at all. Even her garter straps were visible, although Reimu's eyes never once looked down to admire the maid's legs.

“Well, if that's all...”

“Excellent,” Sakuya said with a smile while unbuttoning her shirt. Her dextrous hands made quick work of the line of buttons, and she let it drop on top of the rest of her clothes. By now, all she was wearing was a set of matching white lace panties and bra, plus the garter belt that held up her stockings. The bra fit snugly against her modest breasts with a tiny bit of cleavage offered to Reimu. A small wet spot had already formed on her panties as they clung to her pale skin, the only visible sign of her arousal.

She lowered her hand down to her leg, and slowly ran her hand against her bare stomach and exposed thighs. As Reimu automatically followed her motion, she noticed a strap on her leg that was covered by her skirt until now. Tucked away inside the strap was at least ten bills, each carefully folded and held in place against the maid's leg. Reimu couldn't see the exact denominations, but as the smallest bill is 1,000 yen, she's carrying a lot of cash with her.

Sakuya pulled out a bill from the middle of her strap and quickly stuffed it into Reimu's waiting cleavage. It was too quick for Reimu to see the actual amount, but she trusted Sakuya to be honest, if only because of her wealth. At the very worst, it was another 1,000 yen. Immediately after came the snap of Sakuya's bra being unfastened, fully exposing Sakuya's chest to the outside.

Her breasts protruded ever so slightly from her slim form, and they did not jiggle when she leaned forward to offer them to Reimu. That they were so small only accentuated Sakuya's grace; in contrast, Reimu's own tits were pillowy, sensitive mounds that not even her sarashi could properly contain. Sakuya's breasts formed a splendid teardrop-shape, perky enough to not even require a bra. Their skin was flawless and just as pale as the rest of her body, save for the pink of her areolae and erect nipples. Sakuya's breasts were obviously beautiful, even to a shrine maiden who didn't care about such things.

“Go on,” Sakuya commanded, “Perform your duties.”

“Huh? Oh, um, yes...” Reimu muttered. Sakuya had already donated, so she couldn't very well refuse her now. She took a step forward, eliminating the short distance between the two girls, and leaned closer towards Sakuya's left breast. Her delicate nub sat in the center, begging for Reimu's attention. She opened her mouth, closed her lips around Sakuya's nipple, and began sucking.

Sakuya's mouth opened involuntarily and she exhaled from the pleasure, but quickly composed herself. She must not make a sound during the “blessing.” Her lips were frozen into a lascivious smile and her face was turning flush, but there's no way for Reimu to see the lust on her face. Reimu's inexperience had her using more force in her suction than a proper sexual partner, but the roughness only excited Sakuya further.

“Ah, use your tongue.” Sakuya commands, struggling to keep her voice steady. “That's where your divine energy is. And your lips. Alternate between them.”

Reimu ran her tongue around Sakuya's areola, gently flicking it against her nipple. The stark contrast to the harsh sucking made Sakuya tremble, and a sigh almost escaped her lips before she caught herself. After a few seconds, Reimu switched back to sucking, but not as strongly as before. Sakuya patted the back of Reimu's head with one hand and softly muttered “good, good,” aware that it was against the pretext she had set up, but still unable to help herself.

While Reimu busied herself with Sakuya's breast, Sakuya reached her hand down to her leg strap and pulled out another 1,000 yen bill. She tried to make enough noise with the meager bit of paper to let Reimu know what she was doing, but Reimu remained perfectly focused on licking Sakuya's nipple. Sakuya's other hand reached out and grabbed on to Reimu's skirt, and she searched for the fasten for her skirt. At the same time, she pushed the bill into Reimu's cleavage, distracting her from what her other hand was doing. She only lingered to savor the softness for a second, having already tasted her fill of those magnificent tits, and being more interested in Reimu's tongue at the moment.

Sakuya picked out another 1,000 yen bill and repeated the process. While stuffing it into her cleavage, she unfastened Reimu's skirt and let it drop to the ground. She wasn't in a good position to properly admire Reimu's lower body, but she could at least see the side of the shrine maiden's long, creamy legs. It appeared that she was wearing panties; very plain white ones, from the glimpses Sakuya was given.

“Move on to the other one,” Sakuya commanded, pulling her chest back a little to interrupt her while she was transitioning from sucking to licking. She obeyed immediately and began sucking on Sakuya's right nipple. There was no reason to object, especially with how generously Sakuya has been donating all of a sudden. Reimu made certain to keep her cleavage accessible, to encourage Sakuya's continued support.

Once Reimu had settled on a steady rhythm of pleasuring Sakuya's delicate nub, she picked up another 1,000 yen bill from her leg strap. While stuffing it between Reimu's luscious tits, Sakuya slipped her hand inside Reimu's panties and stroked her clit with her middle finger. The sharp stimulation surprised Reimu and she faltered for a second, letting out a muffled cry, but she persevered and resumed sucking, even as Sakuya continued to massage her sensitive clit. She then moved her hand lower to Reimu's pussy and traced two fingers over her slightly damp slit. She's ready.

“Enough,” Sakuya said, once again pulling her breast away from Reimu's diligent attention. A small bit of saliva dripped down from her nipples, as the clitoral stimulation caused Reimu to drool a little. “I have another task for you,” she continued, once again reaching her left hand down to her leg strap. She pulled out another bill and unfolded it close to Reimu's face. A 10,000 yen bill; the sight made Reimu gasp, as it was more money than she'd ever seen at once.

“I want you to ravish me. Use a strap-on and fuck my soaked pussy until I scream. If you do that, I'll gladly donate. Make it the best I've ever had and I'll give you another 10,000.”

“Ehhh?! With a strap-on?!” Reimu objected. She knew what a strap-on was, but had certainly never used one before. And never really had any inclination to use one, either now or in the past. On the other hand, 10,000 yen is a lot of money, and there's a chance it might be doubled as well. 20,000 yen! Of course, there was a more pressing matter than Reimu's interest in sex toys. “But I don't own one, so that'd be-”

“Not a problem,” Sakuya interrupted. “I have one with me.” Sakuya bent over to pick up her discarded dress, deliberately sticking her ass out towards Reimu. Underneath the apron was a bright red dildo with an unusual shape. It looked like two dildos joined together with a small plastic base in between them. Both endings were phallic, but the angle was different for each. One was mostly straight but with a slight upward tilt, much like a normal erect penis, albeit larger than any Reimu had ever seen. The other was much more curved, almost to a ninety degree angle. It was certainly an odd design, but its function was immediately obvious to Reimu: Sakuya had called it a “strap-on” despite it not having a strap. It was clearly intended to be shared between two women, and if the curved end was inserted into a woman... it would look like she had a penis. She couldn't be certain it would work just from looking at it, but there's no way something so advanced could exist if it didn't function perfectly.

“Well?” Sakuya asked. She held the 10,000 yen just inches away from Reimu's cleavage, while waving the red dildo about in her other hand. “Take off your panties,” she commanded, presupposing Reimu's acceptance.

Would she do it? This was Reimu's last chance to change her mind. Actually having sex with another woman was a strange prospect, but... the lure of the money was too strong. She calmly obeyed, sliding her panties down to her ankles, and then stepped off them. Her pussy was now completely bare, and Sakuya took some time to admire it. It was perfectly shaven, the result of meticulous care, which fully exposed the exquisite pink. Her lips were slightly engorged from arousal, and a thin sheen of liquid was just barely visible. The beautiful color paired with her surprisingly wide hips made Sakuya suddenly wish she could use the strap-on herself and ram into that delicious-looking cunt. Alas, that wasn't the agreement.

Sakuya brought the dildo to her lips and opened her mouth wide. Without a word, she slowly slid the curved end into her mouth, bringing the shaft in the middle to her lips in a single motion. Reimu stared in amazement at the spectacle; it was the smaller of the two ends, but it was still long enough to mean that the tip was touching her throat. Furthermore, the shape was not at all conductive towards fellatio, and yet she was still able to take it without any visible difficulty.

After about ten seconds, Sakuya pulled the dildo out of her mouth. It glistened with a light sheen of her saliva that covered the full half length. She didn't repeat this with the other end, and instead walked towards Reimu. “It'll be easier if you put it in yourself. Here,” Sakuya said, and handed Reimu the dildo.

Reimu was befuddled at first, but realized that Sakuya was right. Knowing her body was probably more important than knowing how the dildo works, and Reimu was fairly confident she could handle the dildo anyway. She had already agreed to this, so she had to go through with it, no matter how intimidating that massive lump of plastic was. It may not be the scariest thing Reimu has ever encountered, but the intimacy of it was unsettling.

Gripping it with both hands, Reimu lined the tip up with her slit and slowly pushed the curved end into her vagina. She gasped and her entire body shuddered as the tip forced apart her lips. It felt good, but in a very strange and unfamiliar way. The slight coldness of the plastic was entirely alien to her, but it was at least not unbearable. After a short pause to catch her breath, she resumed sliding the dildo inside of her.

It felt like an agonizingly slow process, but Reimu had the entire thing inside of her in under a minute. The lubrication from her own juices and Sakuya's saliva made insertion easy despite her inexperience. Sliding it in was mentally taxing, but it also simply felt so good. Reimu was torn between the two conflicting emotions, but her desire for money tipped the balance, meaning she had to push it in. Once it was fully inside, Reimu let out a sigh of relief and looked down to examine herself. The dildo was lodged firmly in her pussy, the curvature keeping it steady. It looked like she had suddenly grown a penis; a bright red, cold, unusually large penis, but the basic shape was certainly there.

Sakuya was already on the ground with both her legs and pussy spread open for Reimu. She had taken her panties off while Reimu was preoccupied, and was now almost naked. All that she's wearing still were her boots, stockings, and garter belt. Reimu stared at her for a second, surprised at the normally elegant maid's shameless exposure of the insides of her pussy. And yet, it is of course the same woman: the same eerily beautiful pale body, with her lithe but slightly muscular frame.

“Come,” Sakuya commanded, knocking Reimu out of her trance. “Stir my pussy up with your fat cock.” Her voice was stern and Reimu was unable to disobey the combination of her commanding tone and admittedly beautiful body.

Reimu took a step towards Sakuya, and her entire body visibly shuddered as the dildo rubbed against her insides. Just standing still with her pussy filled like this was difficult enough, even without the dildo gently shifting up and down inside of her. But she had to walk over to Sakuya's naked body. Reimu took two steps in quick succession, trying to get through this quickly, and moaned out loud from the slight vibrations. The exposed end wiggled back and forth as she walked, highlighting the hidden movements inside of her.

Sakuya watched Reimu's struggle, amused by the spectacle. She had a good vantage point from the ground, as it gave her the perfect view of Reimu's pussy as the dildo vibrated against her engorged lips and clit. Reimu's progress was slow, as she couldn't move rapidly without bringing herself to climax, but she never stopped completely.

After what felt like an eternity to her, Reimu finally reached Sakuya. She was panting and nearly out of breath from the short walk; being forced to pleasure herself against her will was mentally taxing, and made it difficult to concentrate. And yet, she couldn't say she hated this absurd situation.

Reimu slowly got down on her knees, enduring the rubbing sensation inside of her with clenched teeth, and got on top of Sakuya. She raised her hips and then she lined the tip of the dildo up with Sakuya's pussy. It was a position she had obviously never used herself, but it was still plenty familiar to her. Sakuya watched patiently, her only encouragement a light smile. Half the fun of this was watching Reimu force herself, after all.

With a single swift motion, Reimu plunged the full length of the exposed dildo into Sakuya's waiting pussy. She was completely drenched from the anticipation, and the shaft entered her with no difficulty, despite its considerable size. Both girls moaned together, as Reimu's swift thrust had as much impact on her as it did for Sakuya. Reimu slumped down momentarily, the sheer pleasure making her lose her balance. Her wrapped tits pressed against Sakuya's chest, stimulating the maid's throbbing nipples with their magnificent softness.

It took Reimu a few seconds to focus enough to pull herself off Sakuya. Not wanting to let go of those tits, Sakuya wrapped an arm around Reimu's back and took the opportunity to both caress her mostly-bare back and prevent her from lifting her luscious chest. Their eyes locked as Reimu attempted to silently protest, but Sakuya's blissful smile was enough to convince Reimu to continue.

Sakuya panted slightly as Reimu lifted her hips, scraping the dildo against her sensitive walls on its exit. Reimu was already exhausted from the short walk, and the difficulty of the unfamiliar movements was immediately apparent. Nevertheless, Reimu was determined to go through with this, and not just because of the significant monetary reward. Once only the tip was still inside Sakuya, Reimu thrust forward once again, driving the full length back inside of her.

“Faster, Reimu,” Sakuya said, her voice involuntarily dripping with lust. “Focus and fuck me harder. Let's feel good together.” Sakuya's smiling face convinced her, and Reimu focused her mind on thrusting into her tight pussy. She raised herself once again and then slapped them against Sakuya's hips, causing the sound of their flesh slapping together to echo throughout the otherwise empty shrine grounds. The forceful impact made Reimu quiver, but she persevered and began repeating the powerful thrusts again and again in a fervor.

Sakuya shook her hips to match Reimu's movements, changing the angle slightly each time to make the dildo rub against varying parts of both of their walls. Being on the ground made it difficult to move, but Sakuya was still able to heighten her pleasure with slight movements. She kept her composure despite Reimu's intensity, letting out the occasional moan but mostly keeping her expression in a steady smile. Reimu, on the other hand, was a mess of sexual indulgence. Her mouth hung open from her constant panting and moaning, and a few tears dripped down her scarlet cheeks. Sakuya considered this part of the view, and watched lovingly as the normally calm shrine maiden drowned in pleasure while her massive tits jiggled against Sakuya's chest.

Reimu gasped as the dildo shook against her walls. She had settled into a steady rhythm, but that didn't make the vibrations any less intense. A lustful moan escaped her lips with every thrust into Sakuya's hungry pussy. The pleasure was unbearable, as the full length of the dildo was lodged inside of her at all times, giving her no respite from its constant stimulation.

After just a few minutes, the last remains of Reimu's composure finally cracked. Her back arched and her pussy tightened around the dildo while she let out a cry of pure delight. The dildo trembled and shook while buried deep inside of Sakuya's cunt from Reimu's orgasm, her vaginal walls gripping and quivering against the thick plastic. This gave Sakuya a small taste of the vibrations that drove Reimu to climax, and she purred from the sharp stimulation. It all ended far too quickly, however, and Reimu soon collapsed against Sakuya.

“Hey, Reimu,” Sakuya said sternly, trying to get her attention. Reimu turned a bit and opened her eyes, then murmured something that sounded like “time for tea” before closing them again. She wasn't unconscious, but was completely out of it. Her soft body certainly felt nice, and Sakuya would adore this position in any other situation, but not cumming despite paying for a luscious partner annoyed Sakuya. But what could she do? Reimu was in no condition to resume thrusting into her aching cunt, which limited her options for release. Frustrated, she slowly pushed Reimu off of her and onto her back, then stood up.

The dildo stood up invitingly, but there was no point in continuing to use it. Riding her like this would just be masturbation, which isn't what Sakuya was after, even if it included a gorgeous view. But she couldn't think of any alternatives. Sighing from the frustration, Sakuya stood up and put her clothes back on, covering her drenched pussy with her panties. Once her apron was set, she turned to exit the shrine before stopping suddenly.

Reimu didn't bring her to orgasm, but she still went along with her nonsense. Leaving without the promise 10,000 yen would just put a bad taste in Reimu's mouth, and would disincline her to further “donations.” And it's not like Sakuya had much else to spend the money on. Pulling out just one 10,000 yen bill, she walked back towards Reimu and slipped it between her breasts with the rest.

She was still naked, but that wasn't Sakuya's problem. It's not like anyone else would actually come to the shrine and stumble upon the shrine maiden passed out, nearly naked, with wads of cash between her breasts, and a large dildo sticking out of her pussy. Her business concluded, Sakuya walked out of the shrine. Maybe she would go pay a visit to some quaint locales in the village.

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