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You slowly sit up and remove the blanket, exposing Kiyoshi's naked body. His impressive erection presses against the futon now that you've moved, just begging for a nice pair of lips wrapped around it. It'd be a great shame to not indulge him. You gently turn your boyfriend over onto his back, allowing his dick to stick up in the air. He remains blissfully asleep despite your movements; the first thing he sees when he wakes should be the top of your head. Or maybe your cum-stained lips if he manages to sleep through it.

Once you move into a comfortable position, you part your lips and take the tip of his cock into your mouth. Rubbing your tongue around his tip gives no reaction; he must be more tired than you thought. There are things you need to do today, so waking him up is important. If he's used to sleeping in every morning, you'll just have to train him to better follow your sleeping patterns.

You bob your head up and down along his shaft, taking most of the length into your wet mouth. Your hand gently caresses his testicles as your lips slide against his cock. Kiyoshi tosses about on the futon, still asleep but clearly feeling your fellatio. His breath is slowly becoming ragged from the pleasure. Maybe he's having a nice dream of fucking your mouth, and will be lucky enough to wake up to a matching reality.

A minute passes while you gently suck his dick. A small bit of precum graces your tongue, but your movements are slow to prevent him from ejaculating early. He's breathing heavily and lets out the occasional light moan, but otherwise isn't reacting much to your fellatio. Time to go deeper. You force his cock down to the back of your mouth, swallowing the entire length and sucking as you pull your head back up. His fingers involuntarily grip the sheets from the sudden increase in stimulation, but his eyes remain closed. He'll ejaculate soon, though; his cock twitches in your mouth, ready to blow at any second from the prolonged stimulation.

Your hands grab onto his thighs and squeeze, gripping him tightly but not enough to hurt. If your mouth isn't enough to wake him up, maybe you'll just have to try something more basic. That finally did the trick; he slowly opens his eyes as your throat engulfs his tip.

“Uhh, wah? Wherrem I? 'at's going on?” You're a little annoyed that he doesn't immediately notice the beautiful woman wrapping her lips around his dick. His eyes dart around the room before quickly settling on you. He lets out a short scream as soon as he recognizes that there's a person on top of him, apparently not realizing that his dick is inside of you, and tries to pull his body away. Fortunately, your grip on his thighs is enough to prevent him from actually moving away; that really would've hurt him.

“Good morning, Kiyoshi!” You pause for a second from your fellatio to greet your bewildered boyfriend.

“Ahh! Miss Hakurei?! What are you doing here?! Wait, this isn't my room. Reimu?” He abruptly calms down, having finally figured out what's going on. “Oh. That's right. I went to bed with Reimu, and then we had sex...” His voice trails off towards the end as he slowly recalls yesterday's events. Seems he forgot that he became your boyfriend, although that's more reasonable, given that you skipped most of the steps involved in a normal relationship.

“Yep. And now your girlfriend is waking you up with a blowjob.” He connects your presence to the pleasure coming from his penis for the first time as you lower yourself back to his twitching cock, and moans loudly as soon as you take it into your mouth. Now that he's awake he's able to fully appreciate the sensation of having his cock sucked. He was already near the edge before he woke up, so all it takes is a few strokes to finish him off. A burst of delicious cum fills your mouth as he ejaculates. It's not as thick was it was yesterday evening, so you should probably let him take it a bit easier today. Limiting him to six times today should do.

You sit up on the futon and lick your lips to catch the remaining semen. Kiyoshi lies still on the futon, drained of energy from his orgasm. “C'mon, wake up. You can't lie around in bed forever. There's things we need to do today.” For starters, you need to air out the futon. It'll be pretty hard to do that if he's lying on top of it. You offer him your hand and help him up, then get him to help with the futon. It's a one person job, but you just want him to get up and moving and give him some fresh air.

“Now for breakfast. This isn't hard to make, so I'll just do it myself.” You can get him to make you breakfast some other day, possibly after teaching him. “Could you prepare the tea, Kiyoshi?” He agrees, and starts on his task once you tell him where you keep your cheaper leaves. Meanwhile, you prepare some miso, nori, fried vegetables, and nattou.

You sit down with Kiyoshi and eat breakfast with him. The tea turned out decent; you would've done a better job, but it's still presentable. Kiyoshi scarfs down the food, likely to regain his strength after you squeezed it all out last night. You let him take a larger share than you; he definitely needs it more than you do, and you can put his extra energy to use later today. You'll have to make an extra-large lunch and dinner for him.

“Alright, now we need to head down to the village to get groceries for the rest of the day. You're helping, of course. I'll need you to help me pick things out and carry them back home. That's an important part of being a boyfriend, but you also need to be able to go into public with your girlfriend. She's going to want to do things with you, and no I'm not talking about sex here, and you can't be embarrassed about being with her.”

“Okay. I'd love to help out, Reimu.” Huh? That was easy. You figured he was too shy to want to be seen in public with you, and would need plenty of training to get over it. Oh well, if he's fine with it then this'll just be a simple shopping trip.

If you're heading out to the village with your new boyfriend, you need to dress for the occasion.

Your necktie:
[ ] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[ ] Leave it off to expose some cleavage.

[ ] Wear your sarashi, like always.
[ ] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[ ] Wear nothing.

[ ] Wear regular panties.
[ ] You should wear some frilly ones, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
[ ] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.

No. 26662
[x] Leave it off to expose some cleavage.
[x] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[x] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.

There's no better time to use Sanae's bra than a town visit.
No. 26663
[x] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[x] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[x] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.

He might not like it if Reimu draws too much attention to herself.
No. 26665
[x] Leave it off to expose some cleavage.
[X] Wear nothing.
[X] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.

Going commando. And a reward for being Kiyoshi being so agreeable. Two extra hands is awesome.
No. 26666
[X] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[X] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[X] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
No. 26668
[x] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[x] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[x] You should wear some frilly ones, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
No. 26694
[x] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[x] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[x] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
No. 26696
Your necktie:
[x] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[x] Wear nothing.
[x] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.

Can't wait.
No. 26699
[x] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[x] Wear nothing.
[x] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
No. 26705
[x] Leave it off to expose some cleavage.
[X] Wear nothing.
[X] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
No. 26729
Calling it for:

[x] Wear it. It's part of your uniform.
[x] Put on Sanae's bra for the trip. That'll push your breasts out.
[x] Don't wear any, just in case he gets a look up your skirt somehow.
No. 26746
File 134802475151.jpg - (322.14KB , 680x1000 , 4d8ab93c60059ce4e180dc102800e240.jpg ) [iqdb]
You head back to your room to change into Sanae's bra. Although you normally wear a sarashi, there are times when a bra is more suitable. It might be a good idea to buy more for yourself, just to give yourself additional options. Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick any up at the village, so that would require a special trip. For now, the one you borrowed will have to do. You strip naked and put it on, tucking your large breasts into the cups, then put the rest of your clothes back on.

The bra does a nice job of supporting your tits, making them appear extra large and perky. This'll definitely be a nice treat for Kiyoshi. If that's not enough to get his attention, you can reveal that you're also not wearing any panties. You head back to the dining room and rejoin Kiyoshi. “Shall we be off?” He nods slowly while staring openly at your boobs, but doesn't comment about their new appearance. Well, he has seen you naked, so he knows how big they actually are. You head down the stairs towards the village with Kiyoshi at your side.

“Um, Reimu?” Kiyoshi speaks up shortly after you reach the bottom and looks up at you nervously. “W-would it be okay if we, um, could hold hands on the way to the village?”

You sigh. “Kiyoshi, that's not really something you should be asking me at this point.”

He lowers his head and stares at the ground, apparently taking it as a rejection. “Oh, okay. Sorry to a -”

“No, I mean you don't need to ask. You should just do it.” You take his hand and wrap your fingers around his to emphasize your point. “We're boyfriend and girlfriend now, so there's some things you don't need to ask for. If you want to hold my hand, just take it. If you want to kiss me -” You lean towards him and seal his lips in a kiss, slipping your tongue into his mouth. He's surprised by the sudden intrusion, but he quickly returns the affection. Your tongues coil together a few times before you break the kiss.

“ - Then just kiss me,” you finish. He's just going to make his crush sad if he doesn't actively try to get closer to her. “Understand? We're not strangers. Couples are expected to be close.” He gives you a quick peck on the lips once you finish lecturing him, causing you to smile in return. Hopefully he gets it. “Well, with that said, there are some limits. Sticking your hand up my skirt is fine in private, but doing that in the middle of a crowded street would result in a lot of unwanted attention. Use some common sense.”

“Huh? Stick my hand up your skirt?”

“Sure. I have a nice ass, if I do say so myself. Give it a nice feel; no one is around.” You turn around and stick your ass out towards him. He pauses for a second, but quickly gives in to your luscious butt. His hands reach under your skirt and spread out to cover your plump cheeks, squeezing lightly between caresses. You purr as he savors the feeling of your bare ass, moving his hands down to your thighs and pussy. You're getting damp from his caresses, but now's not the time to have sex. He stays like this for another two minutes before you cut him off. Sexy times can wait until after the shopping is done.

“Just like that. Go ahead and feel me up whenever we're alone. Please ask before doing anything more involved though, like if you want to have sex.” While sudden penises aren't unwelcome, you'd rather be warned in advance so you can prepare for a proper fuck. With your lecturing complete, you take Kiyoshi's hand once again and resume walking towards the village. He's still blushing but seems very satisfied as he strolls hand in hand with you. Your ass tends to have that effect on people.

The village market is filled with people, as it is every morning. A number of stalls have opened on the market square, offering fresh food and other wares to the multitude of potential customers. You head straight for some of the shops that you know carry good ingredients at reasonable prices. The two of you start picking out food for later today, as well as some new tea leaves. You'd like to keep holding Kiyoshi's hand, but that quickly becomes impossible as your arms fill up.

That should be enough stock for a while. But is there anything else you should get or do while you're here?

[ ] Just this food is enough.
[ ] Pick up some sweets to share with Kiyoshi.
[ ] Invite Kiyoshi into an alley for a quick fuck.
[ ] Write in.

Write ins should be reasonable; little that is western or modern is going to be available at the market, but clothes, specific foods, and miscellaneous items can be chosen.
No. 26747
[x] Pick up some sweets to share with Kiyoshi.
No. 26749
[x] Invite Kiyoshi into an alley for a quick fuck.

I'm too distracted by the prospect of vaguely exhibitionistic sex to make a write-in.
No. 26750
[x] Buy sweets and then find a place to sit down somewhere and have a jolly good (stealthy) mutual 'bate whilst people-watching.
No. 26753
[x] Pick up some sweets to share with Kiyoshi.
Let's not go too overboard.
No. 26756
[x] Pick up some sweets to share with Kiyoshi.
No. 26760
[x] Pick up some sweets to share with Kiyoshi.
No. 26761
[X] Pick up some plum sake.
[X] Subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.

Gotta train our boyfriend, after all. I swear though, if we go to get that sake and get tentacle-raped, I'm gonna laugh.
No. 26763
Nah, not planing on doing any crossovers with other stories.
No. 26765
In any case I just want to give an underage alcoholic liquor and see his reaction.
No. 26776

>thinks that all governing bodies restrict liquor

[X] Pick up some plum sake.
[X] Subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.

It's not a girlfriend until it wheedles gifts from you.
No. 26783
>>26750 here. I can't delete my post for some reason, so I'd like to change my vote to:

[X] Pick up some plum sake.
[X] More than subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.
No. 26785
[X] Pick up some plum sake.
[X] Subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.
No. 26803
Tied between
[X] Pick up some plum sake.
[X] Subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.


[X] Pick up some sweets to share with Kiyoshi.

Next vote for either wins, or I can compromise and go with: [X] Subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.
No. 26804
[X] Subtly imply to Kiyoshi that we would perhaps enjoy some sweets.
No. 26807
And called.
No. 26868
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“Well, we have everything we need for dinner, but there's no need to leave immediately. Is there anything you'd like to get, Kiyoshi?” The real tests begin when you don't even know you're being tested. Hopefully, he'll want something the two of you could share, and you can gently provide suggestions if his are lacking.

“Me? Um,” he pauses to think it over for a few seconds. “I dunno. I can't really think of anything I want. We already got a bunch of food, and I really like your cooking, Reimu.” He doesn't have a good answer, but he at least complimented your cooking. You'll give him a few points for that response.

“I meant treats, not more stuff for dinner. Like some yokan, for example. There's a good stall for it nearby.”

“Oh. Yeah, that does sound good. We could get some of those and have them for dessert.”

“Why wait? We can have a few now and save the rest for dessert.”

“Oh. Alright. Let's do that, then.” You lead Kiyoshi towards the stall you mentioned. It doesn't have the best location, but the quality of their goods does a fine job of attracting customers. Not that there's a line or anything, as it's well past the morning rush.

As usual, the stall has a nice selection of treats on display. The kindly old woman that runs the shop greets you with a smile as you approach, but doesn't comment on your boyfriend. The sweets here are nice and all, but you honestly don't come here very often. You don't even know the woman's name, and you've never talked with her beyond pleasantries.

“Pick out whichever you think look good, Kiyoshi.” He quickly selects several blocks of yokan from the counter. The shop has other goods, but he ignores those. It seems he took your suggestion too far; any of the other sweets would've been fine, after all. He drops a few coins onto the counter and thanks the woman for the package of yokan. You have enough to last until tomorrow, even if you take a little now.

You lead Kiyoshi to a bench along one of the main roads and sit down with him. Even this late in the morning, there's still a decent number of people walking back and forth. No one pays you any mind, as expected; you'd have to do something really embarrassing to draw a lot of attention. You intended to teach Kiyoshi this, but it seems he already knows that most strangers will simply mind their own business. It's a bit surprising, considering how nervous he was when he asked to hold your hand. A boy and a girl together is hardly unusual, so you'd have to do something really embarrassing to draw attention.

You're not interested in drawing a large crowd, so you'll have to settle for something only mildly embarrassing. You unwrap the first yokan and slice off a small chunk, then hold it up to Kiyoshi's mouth on your index and middle fingers. “Here! Say 'ahh,'”, you say with a smile. He looks surprised at your sudden gesture, but that doesn't stop him from accepting it.

“Ahhhh.” He opens his mouth wide to accept his gift and slowly closes it around your extended fingers. His tongue gently wraps around them as he takes the treat from you, smiling at his first taste of the delectable treat. You slowly remove your hand from his mouth, making a soft pop as you pull them from his lips.

You take off a slice of the yokan and bite into it. It's just as delicious as you remember from the last time you treated yourself. The yokan is sweet without being overpowering, and has some chopped chestnuts added for flavor. The two of you quickly devour the small treat. The rest you can save for later; you wouldn't want to spoil your lunch, after all.

With the last item of business in the village complete, you start heading back to the shrine. Your arms are full from all the groceries you picked up, but it's not enough to slow you down, not even after you reach the stone stairs. You're used to going up and down the huge set of stairs frequently, but Kiyoshi is actually able to keep up with you. Well, he was willing to make the trip up to the shrine on his own at least once, so maybe you shouldn't be so surprised.

You finally make it back to the shrine and head inside with all of your food. The two of you spend a few minutes putting all the groceries away. It's still too early for lunch, so you'll squeeze in some training for Kiyoshi.

There is one thing you can teach him now that you probably won't have much opportunity for later: removing a bra. You have no idea if his crush wears or a bra or if she wraps her chest like you, but being able to remove a bra in the middle of a passionate moment is certainly a valuable life skill. Kourindou had some for sale when you last visited, so it's quite possible that the younger village girls are starting to wear them to appear more western or something.

You head into the sitting room and remove your blouse. “Kiyoshi, come in here for a bit. I have something to teach you.” You face him as he walks in, giving him a full view of your impressive cleavage. “This, Kiyoshi, is a bra. I have no idea if you've seen one before, but it's another way to support breasts. You may have noticed that my chest seemed a bit larger while we were shopping; that's because a bra gives support while a sarashi restrains. They're also a bit tricky to remove if you aren't used to them.” You advance towards Kiyoshi, who is still marveling at the view, and gently guide him down to the floor. He stares up at your shirtless body, your large breasts hanging delectably above his face. “So your first lesson for today is to take off my bra.”

It takes him a few seconds to regain his composure before trying to remove the unfamiliar garment. His hand moves up to your left breast and reaches into the cup. He's trying to simply pull your tits free from the bra. You gently brush his hand away from your tit. “Uh uh uh, that's cheating. You need to actually take it off. There's a clasp in the back. That's what you need to focus on.” He needs to be able to do it properly.

Now that you've spelled it out for him, Kiyoshi reaches behind your back and grabs onto the strap. It takes him a few seconds to find the clasp, as he's blindly moving his hands around until he feels something unusual. You smile to let him know that he's on the right path. Now that he knows where the mechanism is, he focuses all his attention on it and tries various movements to unfasten it. His efforts don't pay off, but at least he isn't pulling hard or doing anything else that would deform the strap. You'll give him another minute to play around with it; you could easily just explain how to undo the clasp, but it'll be better for him if he has a chance to play around with it and learn on his own.

And then he gets it. He finally tries pinching the strap and then undoes the clasp, allowing the bra to fall off your body and land gently on his chest. Your large tits are now free from their restraint and swaying enticingly over Kiyoshi. You're glad to be rid of the thing; it certainly has advantages, but you simply aren't used to the straps, making it quite uncomfortable after an hour or so.

You lower yourself onto Kiyoshi's body, pressing your bare tits against his chest, and give him a quick kiss with a hint of tongue. Your shirt is already off, so this would be a good time to continue with more training. It'll be necessary to inform him of your pregnancy later later today, but you'll get him nice and horny first. He'll probably be more accepting of your babies if you tell him while his mind is still focused on your cunt.

Kiyoshi's training before lunch:

[ ] Just have sex.
- [ ] Use a condom.
- [ ] Bareback.
[ ] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.
[ ] Oral sex.
- [ ] Give him fellatio.
- [ ] Have him eat you out.
- [ ] Do both.
[ ] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
- [ ] Masturbate in front of him.
- [ ] Give him a strip dance.
[ ] Teach him to appreciate your body through groping.
[ ] Work on his stamina by keeping him on edge without letting him cum for twenty minutes.

Just one option and sub option (if applicable). There will be other training choices later today.
No. 26869
[x] Teach him to appreciate your body through groping.
No. 26870
[X] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
- [X] Give him a strip dance.

Reimu encouraging him to go harder and harder while she gets more and more naked sounds nice.
No. 26872
[X] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
- [X] Give him a strip dance.

Because >>26870.
No. 26874
[x] Teach him to appreciate your body through groping.
No. 26875
[X] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
-[X] Masturbate in front of him.
No. 26876
[x] All of it.

Extra long and exciting sex scene please.

Would it be bad manners to post more Reimu and not be OP?
No. 26886
>Just one option and sub option
No. 26912
[X] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
-[X] Give him a strip dance.
No. 26915
[X] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
-[X] Give him a strip dance.
No. 26916
[X] Masturbation training. But he'll need some material.
- [X] Give him a strip dance.

Works for me.
No. 26935

Please don't.
No. 26966
Calling it for:
[x] Reimu should put her shirt back on so she can take it off again
No. 27069
File 135034593557.jpg - (660.83KB , 1200x1350 , c8e5407a84c04ae2dd896ee97c652fc5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kiyoshi stares up at you from the floor, his gaze fixed on your hanging breasts. His breathing grows heavier with excitement, but he doesn't move to touch you or anything. He's probably just intimidated by having an aggressive woman leaning over him; you can't really fault him for that. But still, it's something to work on. If you make him more open about masturbation, he might be able to compose himself better in sexual situations.

“Mmm, Kiyoshi,” you say seductively, “you enjoy my luscious body, don't you? Just looking at me is enough to get you excited, isn't it?” You sway your body a little to make your tits jiggle over his head. As expected, he nods slowly in response. “I thought so. Just looking at my big tits is getting you nice and hard. I bet you want to take your cock and slide it into my cleavage. But I won't always be around or able to take care of you, so if that happens you'll need to masturbate. So what I want you to do right now is take out your cock and stroke it until you cum.”

You get off of Kiyoshi and sit back on your legs, inviting him to sit up as well. At your insistence, he slowly removes his pants to expose his partially erect cock. He gives it a few slow strokes, but it doesn't seem to do much for him. Presumably he's too embarrassed to masturbate in front of you, which is precisely the problem you're trying to help him overcome. He's not even staring at your delicious tits as he clumsily beats off.

This calls for more drastic measures. You need something that will shift all his attention onto you and make him forget his self-consciousness. You've never done it before, but giving him strip tease would probably be the best option. It'll give him some nice material to use, and he won't be as embarrassed as he would be if you were just watching him. You're already topless, though, so you'll need to get fully dressed before you can start taking clothes off.

“Just a second, Kiyoshi, and I'll give you a real treat to masturbate to. Just keep stroking and thinking of me in the meantime.” You pick up your blouse from off the floor and blow him a kiss as you exit the room. Your bra is still in there next to him; he can use it if he likes, although you do hope he doesn't make a mess on it while you're gone. You head back to your room and wrap your sarashi loosely around your tits. A sarashi is more familiar to you, so you'll probably be able to put on a better show of taking it off. It feels a lot more comfortable as well.

Once the sarashi is secure, you put on a button-down blouse and a necktie. You want to look proper and formal for the start of your little show. Hmm, maybe you should put your hair up as well? That would give you another article to take off to draw out the dance, and your hair dropping to your shoulders should be a nice effect as well. Now you just need to actually find a hairpin; you're positive you own at least one, but can't find it anywhere in your room! Great, that's just great. You're in too much of a hurry to track down a hairpin, though, so you'll have to tie it up with just your ribbon.

You do a quick job of fixing up your hair and tie in the ribbon to support your new hairstyle. It's not perfect, but it'll do. You'll have to remember to get some more hairpins at some point. Not that you put your hair up all that often. You give yourself a quick look over in your mirror: nice and formal, just the look you were going for. It'll be a nice contrast to your typically relaxed demeanor, and again when the clothes start coming off to reveal the dirty girl underneath. With your clothes now set, you head back to the sitting room to entertain Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi is sitting just where you left him, still clumsily stroking his half-erect dick. Your bra isn't where you remember leaving it, but he isn't actively using it right now. “Hello there. You look like you need some help.” You greet him with a sultry smile. He's a bit taken aback by your change in appearance, but he doesn't stop touching himself. He seems to like the new hairstyle. You come closer and lean towards him, keeping your face a short distance from his, then lightly caress the bottom of his dick with your fingers. Normally a strip tease doesn't involve actually touching the recipient, but you'll make an exception in this case. His cock throbs in your hand, slowly growing to full life from your soft touch. “Poor boy. Let me teach you what to do. Just keep your eyes on me and do what comes naturally.”

The first thing to go is your necktie. You slowly pull on it to undo the knot and drop the yellow article onto the floor, giving him a small glimpse at your cleavage. Your sarashi's too loose to actually restrain your tits. “The first thing you need to do is get hard. Don't stop touching yourself, but slow down until you're fully erect.” You've found that flaccid dicks simply cannot be heavily stimulated and that it's best to wait before doing anything serious. “Keep it light and simple for now. Caress yourself, but don't try to go overboard. And try to imagine that it's my hands or your crush's touching you if you can.” You have no idea if that last bit is actually good advice or even feasible, but it does sound helpful.

You step away from him and begin your dance by gliding the backs of your hands down your sides. Your movements are haphazard, as you've never given this kind of dance before, but you definitely know where your best parts are. Emphasizing them seems like it'd be the best approach to take. You slowly sway with each step, keeping your upper body bent slightly forward to draw attention to your chest. His dick is already fully erect from his slower caresses and your movements.

You reach up to your blouse and slowly unbutton it from the top, making certain to draw out every movement. A little bouncing as you strip makes your big tits jiggle within the loosening confines of your shirt. Each button you unfasten exposes more of your cleavage and midriff to his hungry eyes. Once your shirt is half undone, your loosely covered breasts spill out onto your chest.

The last button comes off, but you leave the unbuttoned shirt on for a few more movements to hint at your exposed body before pulling your arms out from the blouse and allowing it to drop to the floor. You lean forward again and bring your tits close to his face, giving him another good look at your cleavage. He's still diligently pounding away at his fully erect cock, going a bit faster than before but probably not enough to make him cum. Well, it would be a bit wasteful to have him finish before you reach the end.

Next, you start to remove your skirt. There's no sense stalling here, since you'll be down to your underwear after this. You gently sway your hips as you unclasp your skirt and slowly lower it to your knees, revealing your white panties. Then you're forced to stop the extra movement as you lift your legs to fully discard the article. Trying to shake your hips or move around with one foot off the ground would just look really awkward, doubly so if you lost your balance and fell. Once your skirt is on the floor you gently kick it aside and resume dancing.

Your hips sway gently with each step you take, making sure to draw his attention to the bare skin surrounding your panties. Kiyoshi is breathing heavily from his masturbation now. His grip has shifted so that his fingertips can caress the base of his shaft with each stroke. It seems that he did find something that he likes. It shouldn't take him long to ejaculate now, so you should speed up your stripping.

You reach your hands behind your head and untie your ribbon. Your hair falls down to your shoulders as soon as the knot loosens, and you gently shake your head to amplify the effect of your hair returning to your normal style. Your hairtubes are still in place, but it'd be kinda pointless to take those off.

Just two things left to go. Crossing your arms, you place your hands over your tits and gently rub them through the sarashi. This opens up some more skin as you push down on the loose fabric, so you lean forward again to give him a final view of your cleavage. It might be pointless as he's going to see your bare tits soon, but cleavage does have its own appeal over unrestrained breasts. You reach behind your back and slowly unwrap your sarashi, each cycle around your chest making your breasts more and more visible. You simply let the fabric fall to the ground once it is no longer tight enough to support itself, fully exposing your luscious tits.

You don't waste any time before moving on to your panties. Kiyoshi is panting heavily from his rapid strokes and might cum just from looking at your bare pussy. You slowly slide your panties down, stopping just before you expose your slit as a final tease. His breathing becomes even heavier and his cock throbs in his hand as his climax nears. You turn around and bend over, sticking your bare ass out towards him. Using your free hand, you caress and squeeze your plump cheeks and thighs. The angle shows him a tiny glimpse of your slightly damp slit.

He's almost there. You toss your panties at him with a wink, the used fabric landing just past his erect cock. The sudden warmth on his body sets him off, and he sprays a thick load of semen into the air before it arcs and splatters onto the floor in front of him. What a waste; you really would've preferred it inside of you.

[ ] Lick his cum off the floor.
[ ] Just wipe it up.
No. 27071
[x] Lick his cum off the floor.
No. 27072
[x] Lick his cum off the floor.

A final service maybe?
No. 27073
[x] Lick his cum off the floor.

Why is this even a question
No. 27074
[x] Lick his cum off the floor.

We did just clean it, right?
No. 27075
[x] Make him lick his cum off the floor.
No. 27077
[x] Lick his cum off the floor.
No. 27079
Calling it for
[x] Lick his cum off the floor.
No. 27080
File 135053210242.jpg - (148.93KB , 620x715 , 7a9937d48fea3522f7d55fb42fdcbcf3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kiyoshi's thick semen covers the floor in front of you. Judging by how much he let out, he certainly enjoyed your dance.

It doesn't need to go to waste. You get down on all fours in front of the mess, lowering your head to the ground so you can breathe in the delightful scent. His cum has such an intoxicating aroma. It's a shame that your first taste of the day has to be spoiled, but it's still better than doing without. Your tongue darts across the hot globs on the floor, scooping up the mess into your hungry mouth. You let the semen linger on your tongue after you get it all, savoring the taste for a few seconds before you swallow the load. It's still delicious.

“Um, Reimu? What are you doing?” You turn to face Kiyoshi, whom is looking at you with a somewhat troubled expression on his face.

“I'm cleaning up the mess you made.” Isn't that obvious? “I can't just leave it on the floor, and it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“But – but you're licking the floor! Isn't that, well.” He pauses for a second, trying to think of what to say. He's definitely not being clear. “Isn't that dirty?”

“Not really. We cleaned it yesterday, remember? Sure, it tarnishes the taste a bit, but it's better than nothing.” Of course it's better direct from the source, but that's not the issue. Although, now that you think of it, there's a small bit of semen on his cock after his ejaculation. That certainly needs to be cleaned as well.

You crawl towards him and take his entire flaccid cock into your mouth, wrapping your tongue around the soft shaft. Your tongue licks up the cum dripping down his length; it's so much better untainted. You feel his cock throbbing back to life as he moans from the stimulation, but you stop abruptly as soon as it's clean. He just ejaculated, so you don't want to tire him out or anything. There'll be plenty of time to suck him dry later.

Now it's time for lunch. You don't have anything special planned, other than having a large meal to help keep Kiyoshi's stamina up. It's probably a good idea to eat heartily yourself; you are pregnant, after all, although you can tell that your babies really just need more semen. You take your panties from Kiyoshi and put them back on, then head into the kitchen to start making lunch.

Now, what would be good to make? You want to find a few simple things for Kiyoshi to cook, just so he can help out without doing anything too hard. Letting him handle the rice and vegetables would probably be best. You'll prepare some miso, egg, beans, and maybe another dish or two if that doesn't turn out to be enough.

“Kiyoshi, could you join me in here? Let's make lunch together!” He enters the room a few seconds later, fully dressed.

“You aren't going to put the rest of your clothes on, Reimu?”

“Nah. It'll be fun to cook with my tits out.” It's a shame nothing you're making requires any milk. You instruct him on what you want him to do, and he starts working without complaint. He knows that you're giving him easy work, but he deserves a bit of a break after his good performance yesterday. You work on your portion of the meal alongside him and lightly hum to yourself as you prepare the soup.

About fifteen minutes into the cooking, a hand suddenly squeezes your mostly bare ass. There's no one around but Kiyoshi; is Yukari intruding on you again? Looking over, you see that it is in fact Kiyoshi who's grabbing your butt. He's mostly finished with the vegetables, and he's now caressing your cheeks with his free hand as he continues to work. How unusually bold of him; it seems that he took this morning's lesson of “don't ask, just do it” to heart. You smile to yourself and stick your ass out a little further, letting him get a better feel of your rump.

Lunch is served. The two of you bring all the dishes you prepared to the table and start eating. You made plenty of food, so Kiyoshi should have all the energy he needs to keep you satisfied. He shifts uncomfortably in his chair, still embarrassed about his erection even though you're almost completely naked. While he's cute when he's flustered, it is somewhat annoying that he'd be concerned over his dick with the number of times you've played with it. Still, it's probably for the best if you don't completely adapt him to your unusual tastes. You continue eating as if nothing was unusual about the situation.

Now, what to do after lunch? He needs more training, but you're going to need to break the news to him at some point.

[ ] Tell him about your pregnancy now.

or, more training:

[ ] Just have sex.
- [ ] Use a condom.
- [ ] Bareback.
[ ] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.
[ ] Oral sex.
- [ ] Give him fellatio.
- [ ] Have him eat you out.
- [ ] Do both.
[ ] Teach him to appreciate your body through groping.
[ ] Work on his stamina by keeping him on edge without letting him cum for twenty minutes.

Same rules as before with the training. Reimu is going to tell him about the pregnancy today, so voting for training now will just delay it, not prevent it.
No. 27081
[x] Tell him about your pregnancy now.

Training arc is getting a little boring. Somehow. Maybe weirding him out will help. A visitor or field trip would be nice.
No. 27082
[x] Tell him about your pregnancy now.
No. 27083
[x] Tell him about your pregnancy now.
Agreed. Maybe we could take him down to the lake, show him where it happened, get him molested by friendly tentacles, that sort of thing.
No. 27089
[x] Tell him about your pregnancy now.
No. 27098
Calling it for
[x] Tell him about your pregnancy now.
No. 27137
File 135126605735.jpg - (1.05MB , 1920x1080 , 816d0a85dc21448e6e03b56827958038.jpg ) [iqdb]
After putting the last of the dishes away, you return to the sitting room and kneel down on the floor. It's time to tell Kiyoshi. Hopefully the combination of food and sex he's had will help him accept the news gracefully.

“Kiyoshi, could you come here?” He gets up and walks towards you. “Rest your head on my lap, dear. It's time for a drink.” He lies his head on your bare legs at your command, clearly eager to drink from your breasts. Not that you would've accepted “no” as an answer.

You lift your left tit and present him with your nipple. A jolt of pleasure shoots through you as he begins suckling, forcing a small moan out of you. You're trying to project a serene atmosphere, so you do your best to keep your moans under control despite the constant stimulation on your breast. He holds onto your breast and supports it himself, but doesn't caress your skin or anything else sexual. You place your hand on the back of his head and lightly scratch it as you hold him steady.

You let him drink from you for a full minute without saying a word. His tongue brushes against your nipple as he drinks, but you keep the bursts of pleasure under control. Once he's had enough from the left, you silently offer him your right breast instead and have him switch. You take your free hand and slip it into his pants, freeing his erect cock. He moans into your mounds as you lightly stroke his dick, just enough to keep him excited without going fast enough to make him cum. His shaft is still a little wet from his masturbation, giving it enough lubrication to make your strokes pleasurable.

This should be a good place to start explaining. “Kiyoshi, you like my big, milky tits, right?” He nods subtly in response without stopping his feeding. “Mmm, I thought so. And you also enjoy shoving this thick cock of yours into my pussy and cumming inside me?” He nods emphatically, again agreeing with your obvious questions. His shaft twitches in your hand, prompting you to slow down your caresses. You don't want him to cum just yet.

“I told you after we first had sex that it's perfectly fine to cum inside me and that I'm lactating. Don't stop drinking; you can listen to me as you nurse. The cause of both of these is the same, and I feel that I should tell you why, now that we've lived together for a bit. First of all, I enjoy having sex. A lot.” Kiyoshi doesn't react to your first confession, probably because he doesn't quite grasp exactly how much you love dicks. You give his cock several gentle strokes, trying to keep him close to the edge. He very well may panic or be revolted by what you're about to tell him, but this should be less likely if his mind is on his dick.

“I've been sleeping with other women for years now. You broke my hymen when we first met, but I've slept with many different men and women in the past. I also have sex with a youkai woman named Yukari, and she restores my virginity before she fucks me with her thick cock. She first took my virginity on my eighteenth birthday and has been sleeping with me frequently ever since.” Kiyoshi drops suckling about halfway through your explanation, but doesn't react in any other way. He simply lies on your lap and takes in what you're telling him. You give him a little gentle nudging to resume drinking from your left breast. He takes your nipple back into his mouth after you spend a few seconds holding it up for him. You let him drink in silence for a half minute and gently scratch the back of his head to calm him down.

“About a week ago, I took a swim in the lake at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. There was a sea monster there, and I had sex with it.” Again, he stops drinking. You don't even try to make him resume this time, just letting him lie in your lap while you stroke his cock. All you can do is finish explaining. “During this, the youkai latched on to my breasts and injected them with fluid, causing them to more than double in size. It also laid three eggs inside of me. The mistress of the mansion told me shortly after the event that I should expect to give birth about two weeks later. I am lactating and cannot become pregnant because I am already pregnant with that creature's children.”

That was enough for Kiyoshi. He sits up on the floor and faces you, and you stop stroking his cock. The time for edging has passed.

“Why? I-I mean, how did this happen? Did it force itself on you, or what?” He seems saddened by the news, but not for himself.

“No, it was purely consensual.” Actually, it was trying to rape you. You simply got to it first. “As I said earlier, I love having sex. It doesn't matter to me if it's a man or a woman or a beast. I didn't actually intend to become pregnant, but I didn't mind at all once I realized the benefits.” You didn't mind it so much that you helped two other girls get pregnant as well. But it's probably not a good idea to mention Meiling or Sanae right now.

“I-I see. But why? Why would you do that to yourself?”

“I'm not doing anything to myself. Sex with a lake monster isn't much different than casual sex with a human. Youkai can do things that no human is capable of, though. Anything with tentacles can easily plug all three of my holes by itself and still grope my body.”

“So, you only do it because it feels good?” His gaze softens, and he looks genuinely curious now. He still seems a bit wary from the news, though.

“Yep, pretty much. It's simply amazing to have multiple tentacles push into my dripping cunt while others hold me in place.” Ah, that was amazing sex. Your pussy grows damp as you fondly recall your first experience with bestiality. “It's cock was simply delicious, nice and thick and covered in slime so my pussy could take it easily. Then I took one of its feelers into my mouth and sucked on it, and it made me drink some weird fluid. I don't know what it was, but it made my body really hot and forced my cunt to tighten around its cock.” You lick your lips, hoping to taste some more of that liquid.

“Then came the eggs. Three of them entered my body, one at a time. Each felt like its cock was expanding inside of me and pushing apart my walls as they forced their way into my womb, and each one brought me to the brink of orgasm. Then it took its second cock – sadly it didn't seem like it could use both at once – and slid that into my drenched pussy. This one felt more like a human cock, and it fit much better inside of me. I thrust my hips against the creature as hard as I could to milk its new cock and quickly brought myself to orgasm.”

“But that wasn't enough for it. A tentacle pushed inside my ass and filled it with more of that fluid I drank. Maybe I was a little too eager for it, and it had to use that tentacle to paralyze me so it could have its way with me. The first thing it did to my helpless body was attach more feelers to my breasts and inflate them. It hurt a little, but it was exciting to watch my tits grow so quickly right before my eyes. I was at its mercy, but it still did exactly what I wanted and continued to fuck me until it finally ejaculated inside of me and covered its eggs in a thick coating of semen.”

Kiyoshi stares at you once you finish telling your tale. You might have gotten a little carried away in your reminiscing, but he doesn't seem mind the level of detail you went into. It doesn't look like he's fully accepted your pregnancy, but he isn't repulsed by it either. A little hands-on experience with bestiality might make him more accepting, or you could just avoid the conflict entirely by abstaining until he gains enough confidence to move on.

[ ] Tell him you won't engage in any bestiality while you're with him, and keep your word.
[ ] Tell him you won't engage in any bestiality while you're with him, but sneak out at night after he's asleep.
[ ] Invite him to the forest or lake to have him watch you get fucked by a youkai.
[ ] Pressure him to go out and get him to have sex with a youkai.
[ ] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.

Suggestions for the last two choices would be appreciated as well, as I don't really have anything in mind for male bestiality. I'm not really interested in just putting things up his ass. That's a different story.
No. 27138
[x] Tell him you won't engage in any bestiality while you're with him, and keep your word.
I feel for him.
No. 27139
[x] Invite him to the forest or lake to have him watch you get fucked by a youkai.

Why not more bestiality?
No. 27140
[ ] Tell him you won't engage in any bestiality while you're with him, and keep your word.

No. 27141
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
Wholesome family education for a young guy.
No. 27143
[x] Tell him you won't engage in any bestiality while you're with him, but sneak out at night after he's asleep.

Lying is fun.
No. 27146
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.

It'd be cool to have something tie him up and get him with onahole-tentacles while it has its way with Reimu.
No. 27147
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.

Sure, why not.
No. 27152
[X] Tell him you won't engage in any bestiality while you're with him, and keep your word.
[X] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.

Maybe he'll grow to enjoy fucking youkai as much as he enjoys fucking Reimu.
No. 27154
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
Slimegirl. It's gotta be a slimegirl, man. Maybe one that grows a cock after it's done with him.
No. 27157
[X] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
No. 27158
That vote seems pretty contradictory.
No. 27159
I consider Bestiality to be with the nonhumanoid youkai. Humanoid ones, such as Meiling or any of the named Youkai from the games, wouldn't count in this vote
No. 27162
I should clarify then that "youkai" in the votes is specifically non-humanoid. In other words, the last three options are votes for bestiality.
No. 27163
Oh was thinking it was with a humanoid. Then I guess I might change it to that.

[x] Pressure him to go out and get him to have sex with a youkai.
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
No. 27164
[X] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
No. 27165
154 here
If 'non-humanoid' excludes slimegirls, just use regular slime.
No. 27170
Slimegirl is fine. The restriction is that it's not going to be sapient.
No. 27172
When are slimegirls ever sapient?
No. 27193
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.

I actually do hope it is a slimegirl, since 1. they're rather rare to read about, and 2. the possibilities of their shape-changing are intriguing. I kind of hope futanari-on-male action comes as a result.

Aren't many "monster girl" slimes sentient, and aren't they typically sentient in hentai and such?
No. 27198

Read the post you just replied to again, a little more carefully this time.
No. 27204
I know in this story there will be no sentient/sapient slimegirls, I'm just wondering if the claim "When are slimegirls ever sapient?" is really true or not.
No. 27205
This particular vote would be for a non-sapient slimegirl. I'm not going to completely exclude them. I don't have any plans right now for one, but it could happen somewhere else - just not here.

>When are slimegirls ever sapient
Yeah, I'd say they tend to be in hentai. They very well could be anywhere - they don't talk in stuff like dragon quest, but neither do humans in random encounters (not that I've ever played DQ). I'm pretty sure the slimegirl at the beginning of MGQ was plenty sapient.
No. 27210
[X] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
No. 27218
Calling it for
[x] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
No. 27222
I want to see a Kiyoshi sandwich, if possible.

Also does anyone think it might be hard for Kiyoshi to move on to the girl he wants to confess to considering how much experience Reimu would have in comparison and such? Just something I've wondered about occasionally.
No. 27225
Once we get bored of him he won't really have a choice.
No. 27294
[X] Have a threesome with him and a youkai.
No. 27309
File 135206176632.jpg - (373.13KB , 708x1000 , f346bdcf319299a091f20540235d6373.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You still seem uneasy. Would you try it with me? I guarantee that it'll feel amazing.”

“Eh? Try what?”

“Bestiality, of course. We can head to the Forest of Magic and find a nice creature to share between us.”

“What? Why would I want to do that?”

“Because it feels really good. You seemed pretty interested in the details of my first time. Besides, it'll help you become more comfortable with it. Whether or not you like it, I'm still pregnant with a monster's babies, and I am going to be giving birth to them soon. It will probably cause issues with our relationship if you can't come to terms with this.” You'd really rather not break up with him over this. Even if you aren't really going out with him or anything, he's still nice and even has a good cock. You're definitely making progress with him, so you want to see it through to the end.

“Um, er.” He hesitates for a few seconds, clearly not thrilled with the idea, but also unwilling to turn you down. It would seem that your words were more threatening than you had intended. “Okay. I'll do it. I'll try it out, just this once. But when I don't like it, that'll be it for me.”

“Alright then. We'll fly down to the forest as soon as I finish getting dressed. I'll try to find a nice woman for you to enjoy once we're there.” You pick your clothes up off the ground and put them back on, but leave your sarashi off. Flying there in just your panties would just cause a scene, and you'd prefer to avoid that kind of attention. There's nothing other preparation needed, so once your shirt is on you take Kiyoshi's hand and fly towards the depths of the Forest of Magic.

The Forest of Magic is pretty difficult to navigate through, but you landed in a relatively familiar spot. There's a few landmarks about that you remember seeing before, so you're pretty sure you are where you think you are. This should be a good spot to search for a companion; the excess magical runoff from nearby is probably affecting the local wildlife.

A mere five minutes is all it takes to find your prize. You walk into a small clearing and find a shapely, dark blue woman holding on to a tree. It's a slimegirl, and she seems to be eating the moss off of that tree by pressing her body against it. The two of you haven't been making excessive noise, but you also haven't been stealthy as you trounced through the forest. As a result, the woman should be aware of your presence at this distance, but hasn't done anything to acknowledge either of you. She doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in you right now, nor afraid of you.

“Okay, Kiyoshi. We've found our catch. Now go stick your dick in her.”

“So suddenly? Shouldn't we introduce ourselves first or something?”

“You can try if you want. I don't think she's going to respond.” The slimegirl continues grazing as you talk about her, completely oblivious to what you just said to Kiyoshi. She doesn't seem to have any intelligence at all, so conversation is probably pointless.

“Excuse me! Miss?” Kiyoshi tries calling out her, but gets no response. Most animals would at least turn to face him with how loudly he's talking or run away in fear. “I know this is rather sudden, but would you like to engage in sexual intercourse?”

“I'm pretty sure she isn't going to respond no matter what you say. Just put it in. What are you waiting for? I mean just look at her. She has large, perky breasts, shapely legs, a nice, round butt, and wide hips. She's beautiful!” The only thing that makes her appear inhuman is her translucent skin. She even has hair that goes down to her back, made out of the same substance as the rest of her. Beyond that, she would be considered quite the catch in the village with her body. “Do you know what the best part of slimegirls is, Kiyoshi? You can stick your dick anywhere you want, and it'll still feel amazing. She does still seem to have a pussy, though, if you want to keep with the basics.” You can't tell if it's an actual vagina of some kind or just a slit, if that even matters.

“But I can't have sex with her if she doesn't want it.”

“She's a slimegirl. You can't do anything to her she doesn't want. There's no way to hold her against her will as she can simply flow right around you if she chooses. Watch, I'll show you that it's alright.”

You walk up to the woman and slide two fingers past her slit. Her viscous fluid coats your fingers as you wiggle them about inside of her. The slime is thick and cool to the touch, providing an unusual contrast to a woman's heat. Your fingers finally bring out a reaction from the woman, and she stops eating from the tree to raise her head and cry out in a silent moan. It would seem that she is unable to make any sound, but you know a moan when you see one. She grinds her ass towards you to seek greater pleasure and engulfs your entire hand into her crotch.

“See? She loves it.” You give your hand a few quick movements, evoking another drawn out silent moan, then pull most of your hand out to just leave a single finger inside of her. She tries to move her body to re-engulf your hand, but you keep it just out of her reach. “Join in already. She feels great.”

Kiyoshi walks up towards the two of you, but still seems apprehensive. “Um, okay. But what do I do?”

“She's still a woman, Kiyoshi. You should know how to make her feel good by now.” Kiyoshi hesitates for a second, then experimentally sticks a finger into the slimegirl's anus. She reacts to the insertion and sticks her ass out towards him, engulfing his hand with her thick slime. He panics from the sudden and unusual movement, but is unable to pull his hand away from her body, then calms down once he realizes that she isn't hurting him. “So, how is she?”

“It's weird, but not bad.” You take your finger out from her slit and move both hands up to her sizable breasts. Kiyoshi takes advantage of the extra room and pushes his other hand into her body through her pussy. “I don't like how cold she is, but the slime covering my hands does feel nice.” He enthusiastically spreads his hands inside her body, clearly enjoying himself more than he admits. You slip your tongue into the woman's mouth as you rub her breasts without penetrating her. Her “skin” is strong enough to hold under your caress, but she doesn't give any special reaction to your touch or when you flick your finger against her nipple. She returns your kisses, but her mouth is strangely devoid of any flavor and the lack of warmth is unpleasant. You're probably treating her too much like a woman and not enough like a slimegirl, but you want to leave most of the fun for Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi pulls his hands out from the woman and slides his cock into her slit. He moans as his sensitive shaft is covered by her syrupy fluids. The slimegirl's face contorts in pleasure as he stirs up her insides. You hold the woman against your body to help support her against Kiyoshi's thrusts. Her breasts press against yours and slowly suckle milk from your nipples. The sensation of milk leaving your body is weak compared to Kiyoshi's earlier breastfeeding, but is still enough to give make you moan slightly. Two small pools of white fluid form in her body, each growing slowly as your milk continues to enter her and dissipates within her fluids.

Kiyoshi moans loudly as he orgasms, shooting thick loads of semen into the woman's body. The globs float around inside of her goo, gently floating within her fluids once he pulls his cock out. That didn't take long; even if he said he didn't really care for her, the sensation of having his cock covered with such an unusual substance was too much for him to handle. He pants slightly as his dick hangs out in the air, completely dry despite having just been inside of the slimegirl.

The semen settles together into a large clump at her slit and causes her slime to protrude out into the air in the shape of a cock. It has the exact same shape as Kiyoshi's dick, actually. The semen dissolves into her slime once the shaft is formed, returning to a consistent fluid.

“Huh? Reimu, why did she just grow a penis?”

Why would you know? “Well, you ejaculated into her, so now she has the memory of your cock and used that to grow her own. It's perfectly natural and nothing to be surprised about.” He accepts your made up explanation without question. Does it even matter why she grew a penis? It just means that there's another part of her body to play with.

You get down on your knees in front of the slimegirl and take her new cock into your mouth. It may be the same shape as Kiyoshi's, but other than that it's very different from any human penis. The temperature and taste are the worst differences, as it lacks the satisfying heat and the delicious sweat of a human penis. Fortunately, it is at least firm enough to act like a cock, and is able to fuck your mouth properly without dissolving. The woman places her hands on the back of your head as your uvula kisses her tip. She holds your head in place and thrusts into your mouth, showing a surprising amount of aggression for something that was completely submissive until now.

Kiyoshi walks behind the slimegirl and gropes her breasts and ass. He was probably just watching his girlfriend fellate a monster off to the side before moving into your view, just barely visible through her slime. His cock slips between her thighs, lightly rubbing against them as his hands caress her soft body. You'd love to trade her dick for his, as it sits enticingly close to your face, but the woman's grasp prevents you from escaping. She holds your head against her thighs just before she cums, filling your mouth with a thick load of her slime. A bit of Kiyoshi's semen is still mixed in, but the majority is a slightly sweet and extremely thick goo. It's far too thick to swallow all of it, and you spit out more than half once she pulls her still-erect cock out of your mouth and releases her grip on your head.

Now that she's finished with you, the slimegirl focuses her attention on Kiyoshi. Too quickly for him to react, she moves behind him and slides a few fingers up his anus with one hand and wraps the other around his chest. He cries out in surprise from the sudden insertion and tries to run away, but doesn't manage to escape from her hold. His cock throbs and he lets out a forced moan as her fingers move in and out of his ass. Even if he uncomfortable, he's still feeling pleasure from her movements.

“How is it, Kiyoshi? Does it feel good to have your ass stimulated?”

“Not really. It feels really weird.” He gasps for breath, finding it difficult to talk during his first penetration. “It's not horrible, but I don't really like it. So, uh, could you help me get out of here now?”

“Hmm. Nah. This is a good experience, and besides, she just wants to return the favor. I probably would've put my fingers in there eventually, and I think her slime would be a lot more gentle.” You probably wouldn't have bothered to do anything with his anus, but it is cute how he squirms uncomfortably from the unfamiliar pleasure he's experiencing. It's good to try new things, but you aren't going to force him if he doesn't like it after the slimegirl is finished. “Just let her have her fun. If it becomes unbearable or anything, I'll stop her, but I think you should try it out.”

The slimegirl adjusts her hips and aligns her cock with Kiyoshi's tight anal ring. He panics as she begins the first thrust and shifts his ass to the side, making her miss the penetration.

“Kiyoshi, you should let her inside. It feels amazing to take a cock up the ass. You've done it to me and seen how much I enjoy anal sex, after all. Just try it out, for me. Please?” You flash him a wide smile to help reassure him. He calms down and help him bend over to give the slimegirl a better angle. She thrusts her cock into his anus, fitting half of her length in before stopping. Kiyoshi cries out and tenses up from the sudden insertion. “Shh, relax. Just accept her cock.” You grab his hand and intertwine his fingers with yours, which helps him calm down. He needs something else to focus on. You kiss him, lightly sucking on his lips. He immediately returns the kisses, happy to have a distraction.

The woman continues banging his ass, rocking his body to her rhythm. His cock throbs with each of her movements and the occasional moan escapes from his lips. He's still clearly not enjoying himself despite the pleasure, but doesn't complain about the woman violating him. The slimegirl is certainly thrilled with the hole she's using, however, and has an expression of utter bliss on her face.

She buries her cock deep into Kiyoshi's anus and holds it there. He lets out another cry as she ejaculates, filling his ass with her thick cum. Her orgasm brings him over the edge, and he shoots out several thick loads onto the ground. Completely spent, the slimegirl lets go and Kiyoshi and falls backwards, losing her form as she collides with the ground and turning into an formless and inactive blob of goo. Her penis broke off as she fell, leaving part of it inside of his ass. Without the woman to support him, Kiyoshi falls forward into your arms, burying his face between your bare breasts. He's worn out from his first anal orgasm, but is still conscious.

“So how was it? You certainly came pretty hard.”

He lifts his head from your cleavage and looks at you. “Ugh. I really didn't like it. Even if I came, having something inside of me like that is just unpleasant. I really don't get how you could enjoy that, Reimu.”

You give him a quick kiss on the forehead. “I guess it's an acquired taste. I'm used to being penetrated, so my first experience with anal wasn't bad at all. But still, you hung in there. I'm proud of you Kiyoshi. But don't worry, I won't ask you to do it again.” You lie back on the ground and let Kiyoshi rest on top of you and idly scratch his head for a few minutes.

Once he's ready, the two of you get up and put your clothes back on before heading back to the shrine. He's still worn out, so it'd probably be best to find something relaxing to do with him for a while. Sex is definitely out of the question right now.

[ ] Lie down together and enjoy the other's company.
[ ] Give each other back rubs.
[ ] Sunbathe.
[ ] Go find something to clean together.
[ ] Write in.
No. 27312
[x ] Lie down together and enjoy the other's company
No. 27313
[ ] Go find something to clean together.
No. 27314
[x] Sunbathe.
No. 27324
[x] Sunbathe.

Mmm, tanned slutty Reimu.
No. 27328
[x] Go find something to clean together.

Clean. Must clean. Make tidy. Greet tidings.
No. 27330
[X] Give each other back rubs.
No. 27336
[x] Go find something to clean together.
No. 27358
[x] Sunbathe.
No. 27360
[x] Sunbathe.
No. 27361
Calling it for
[x] Sunbathe.
No. 27363
[X] Sunbathe.
Just voting this so I won't be left out. As for the slimegirl, I found it a little underwhelming, though that's just my opinion. I guess I was thinking the slimegirl would've been similar to the type of slimegirl encountered in that "corrupt Sanae" story where she gets lost in the forest. Or would that one have been considered sentient?
No. 27400
File 135249112853.jpg - (770.19KB , 1254x1585 , 273aab45237957bde91367b1b3fc141a.jpg ) [iqdb]
You put your arms up and stretch. You've already taken two trips away from the shrine today; even when you fly, the large hill can really drain your energy. Kiyoshi will need another training session soon, and then you need to make dinner, do the dishes... having a boyfriend is more tiring than you thought. For now, you just want to lie back and relax. Maybe you can even have him make dinner for you. He does know the basics now.

“Ah, I'm tired! I need to rest in the sun for a while. Interested in joining me, Kiyoshi?”

“Uh, sure. I guess relaxing sounds nice.”

“Great. Let's go outside and lie on the grass. It'll be nice to get some sun. We have plenty of time before dinner, and it'd be a waste to spend too much time inside when it's this nice out.” It's actually still rather hot out, but not as bad as yesterday, and a warm day seems more appropriate for this sort of thing.

You walk outside with Kiyoshi following you. The sun is high in the sky, so it'll shine on you regardless of where you are. that gives you a lot of choices of where to sit. The grass will make a much better cushion than the hard ground. The thickest grass seems to be in front of the shrine, just a little off the path. You unbutton your blouse and let it fall onto the grass.

“You're going to sunbathe topless, Reimu?”

“No, completely nude. Why wouldn't I? It feels better if the sun hits my body directly, and this way I won't get any tanlines.” Although you probably won't be out here long enough to develop a proper tan, it will still darken your skin. Maybe you can find the time to get a tan later; the long summer days won't be over for a long time, and it could be an interesting new look for you. “You should do it too. Just take off all your clothes and lie back.”

“Um, but we're right in front of the shrine. If someone comes to pay their respects, they'll stumble onto us lying here naked.”

“I don't think we need to worry about that happening. I don't get very many patrons.” Well, it's not unheard of. Kiyoshi made several visits, and possibly others while you were gone if that wasn't just him coming repeatedly. Marisa comes by every once in a while, although she hasn't visited recently. She's probably just busy playing with Alice. Sanae might pay a visit at some point, but she should be preoccupied for a while. She might even be noticeably pregnant by now. There's little chance that anyone else you know will pay you a visit today, and almost none that a random villager will show up in the middle of your nude sunbathing. “So, are you going to join me? I doubt anyone will show up out of the blue today, and it's not like we're doing anything obscene.”

You remove your skirt and panties while he hesitates. “I guess I will, if you're certain that no one will show up. You probably know more about it than I do, and I certainly didn't see anyone else when I came up here. Not even you.” With that, he starts disrobing and tossing his clothes. You lie down on the grass, turning your head away from the sun to keep it out of your eyes.

The sun beats down on your front, quickly covering your body with its pleasant warmth. Kiyoshi lies down next to you once he sheds his last article of clothing and lets out a relaxed sigh. It seems that he needs the time as much as you do. You have been pushing him pretty hard, but you want him to be ready soon. A boy in love is a wonderful thing, so you want him to hurry up and confess to that girl. Even after your training, he'll probably be so nervous that he'll blush furiously and stammer out his declaration of love. His crush will be surprised, but she'll accept his earnest feelings. Ah, you can't wait for that to happen. You'll watch from afar, silently cheering for your student's success and sharing his joy when she accepts. Or his sorrow if he is actually turned down, but you don't think that's very likely.

Fifteen minutes pass in near silence. There's not much you can do as you sunbathe, not that that is really a bad thing. The past week has been pretty hectic, so it's nice to be able to just sit back and relax without worrying about anything or dealing with any of your responsibilities. It's still boring, though.

"Hey Kiyoshi? What's your crush like?" You decide to break the silence a few minutes later. It'll help pass the time, and you've recently realized that you don't know anything about this woman that Kiyoshi has a crush on. You actually don't know all that much about Kiyoshi either.

“Uh, huh? What?” It seems he was half asleep and missed the question. You repeat it for him now that he's awake. “Um, well. She's a beautiful woman that I admire. She's a committed person, but she isn't always appreciated for her efforts. But she always does her job, and she's really good at it.”

“She certainly sounds admirable. How'd you meet her?”

“Um, well, I've never actually spoken to her. I saw her working once when I was younger, and I was entranced by her diligence. She seemed very unapproachable at the time, but that was really just because I was too shy to talk to her.” So it's an older woman. Hopefully not too much older or she might be entirely uninterested, but you don't want to bring up that possibility. If he's never actually talked to her, he probably doesn't know too much about her.

“She certainly sounds like a good catch. You really should confess to her soon.”

“Yeah, I should. I do want her to know how I feel about her, but it is difficult to really talk to her.”

“You seem to do fine talking with me. I'd say you just need more practice. You could even just pretend that she's me for your confession, just to help you talk normally.”

He sighs. “Yeah, I guess. I know I should, but -”

“It's okay. If you aren't ready, then you aren't ready. There's no need to force yourself.” You cut him off before he can finish his sentence. This conversation is just going to turn to lecturing and nagging, and you don't want that. It's much nicer to just focus on relaxing right now.

After a little over an hour has passed, you flip around to tan your back. Your shoulders are partially covered by your hair; you're too lazy to hold it up with your ribbon again, so you just push all your hair up past your head. It looks really silly, but Kiyoshi is the only person around.

You don't really have anything to want to talk about with Kiyoshi any more, once again leaving you with nothing to do. The sun's rays beat down on you, melting away the stress from the past week. This really is nice.

“Reimu? Reimu? Wake up, Reimu.”

“Ehh? Huh? Oh, Kiyoshi.” You must've dozed off there. The warmth just felt so nice. You sit up and stretch, then look around: judging by the sun, it's only been another hour or so. Kiyoshi is already dressed, so you put your clothes back on and head inside.

“So, did anyone show up while I was asleep?”

“Nope. No one. You were right, Reimu.” As you thought. Although you do wish you weren't.

There's still time before dinner. Both of you should be nice and rested by now, so you can resume your training for the day.

[ ] Just have sex.
- [ ] Use a condom.
- [ ] Bareback.
[ ] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.
[ ] Oral sex.
- [ ] Give him fellatio.
- [ ] Have him eat you out.
- [ ] Do both.
[ ] Teach him to appreciate your body through groping.
[ ] Work on his stamina by keeping him on edge without letting him cum for twenty minutes.
No. 27401
[X] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.

We would have to get dressed before deciding what to do. A sunbathed nude makeout session would have been nuts.
No. 27403
[x] Work on his stamina by keeping him on the edge for twenty minutes.
No. 27404
[x] Make him a better kisser by making out with him...
[x] ...then teach him to appreciate your body by groping and eating you out.

Not really mutually exclusive options there.
No. 27405
[x] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.
No. 27407
[x] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.
[x] Teach him to appreciate your body through groping.
He gets an extra-special bonus if he can make Reimu cum without putting anything inside her.
No. 27409
[x] Work on his stamina by keeping him on edge without letting him cum for twenty minutes.
No. 27412
[x] Make him a better kisser by making out with him...
[x] ...then teach him to appreciate your body by groping and eating you out.

Worship the female body, for it is the universal temple of man.
No. 27443
Calling it for
[x] Make him a better kisser by making out with him.
No. 27481
File 135303819289.png - (864.91KB , 1125x1314 , 8cf5a6946e73ab52104fdc022c8962ad.png ) [iqdb]
You call out to Kiyoshi once both of you are inside. "Come over here, Kiyoshi. I want you to kiss me."

“Okay.” Your sudden request confuses him slightly, but he accepts without question and walks closer to you. He leans towards you and kisses you with his mouth open, slipping his tongue into your mouth and rubbing it against yours. You stand perfectly still the whole time, forcing him to do all the work. He stops after a few seconds, perplexed by your lack of reaction. “Um, was that okay? Do you want me to continue, Reimu?”

His kiss wasn't bad, but it was lacking. He went straight for the erotic open mouth kissing without any lighter and more romantic kisses beforehand. Which really just means that you're rubbing off on him too much. His current approach is perfectly fine for you, but anyone else would likely find it inappropriate.

“You still need work. The kiss itself was fine, but there's more to kissing than just rubbing tongues together. Something more like this.”

You wrap your arms around his body and place one hand on his ass. He's still pleasantly warm from being outside in the sun for so long. You lean in closer, looking him in the eyes as you advance, and steal his lips into a kiss. Your lips press against his, lightly sucking on them as you hold him against you for a full minute. Satisfied with your performance, you break the kiss and take a step back. He's smiling now; he certainly enjoyed that.

“More like that. Rather than the rough kissing we've been doing, try moving much slower. There's no need to frantically rub our tongues together all the time. Keeping it soft and slow is a good deal more romantic, and much more suitable when we aren't actively having sex. Now you try. Remember: the kiss itself should be much slower and more subtle than what we normally do. You don't have to use tongue at all, even. Do whatever you think will be romantic. Anything that helps set the mood is a good thing. Go ahead and take the lead; I'll remain still.”

He pauses for a few seconds as he considers his options, then slowly walks closer to you. His left hand touches your back, just a bit above your ass. A good choice; your cheeks may be wonderful to touch, but he should be focusing on romance right now. The right hand goes higher, supporting your back just below your shoulders. He holds this position for a few seconds as he decides how he should proceed.

Suddenly, Kiyoshi breathes in sharply, sweeps his left hand under your legs, and pulls you up off your feet. He holds you in a princess carry, keeping your face just a few inches from his. You have to hold in a laugh once you realize what he did – not because it's funny or out of place, but simply because it's so daring. Fortunately, the suppressed laugh just comes out as a wide, welcoming smile to his bold move.

Kiyoshi stares deep into your eyes and softly whispers your name. He holds this position for a few seconds before lowering his head and claiming your lips. His soft lips press against and lightly suck on yours, with just a hint of his tongue pressing against your lips without entering your mouth. You wrap your arms around his head and return his kiss, keeping it simple to match him. There's no need to remain passive if he's doing this good, so you should instead act like any other girl in this situation.

Kiyoshi breaks the kiss and sets you down after a minute. “So, how was that? Good?”

You pause briefly to recover your breath after that kiss. “Oh yes. That was good. That was very good. You're definitely going to need to do that with your crush. The only concern is that you'll need to wait until you're well acquainted with her. That's not something you can do on a first date. The kiss itself was fine for that, so let's practice one more time: just a simple kiss.”

You return to your earlier positions and repeat the trial. Kiyoshi walks towards you, places one hand on your cheek and the other on your back, and looks into your eyes as he leans closer for the kiss. His lips touch yours, again with just a hint of tongue, and you return his affection with equal calm. All in all, an enjoyable experience. All he needs is more practice and he'll be a wonderful kisser, but that's not something you can do in one day. So now you can consider today's lesson finished.

“Good job, Kiyoshi. That's a good way to kiss a girl in public or if you aren't close enough for the more erotic kisses.” You give him a congratulatory pat on the head. “Now, I want you to completely disregard all that stuff I said about keeping it slow and subtle. That's fine for other girls, but I like my kisses sloppy and passionate.”

You wrap your arms around Kiyoshi's body and push your tongue past his lips twisting it around his as you explore his mouth. This could be considered part of his training, so you slow down to force him to take the lead. He noisily sucks on your lips and slides his tongue into your mouth, eager to taste you. One of his hands comes to rest on your tit, and he lightly squeezes it through your clothing.

You move your head back a little, forcing him to lean forwards to continue kissing you. He gets the hint and presses further, moving his hand from your breast to your back and easing you down to the floor. His chest presses against your tits as he climbs on top of you resumes sucking on your lips. You gently rub your hands along his back, enjoying his body as he helps himself to your mouth. He's doing good, so it wouldn't hurt to be a little more aggressive. The two of you lie lie there and continue tasting each other until your both wear yourselves out.

Now that you're finished playing with Kiyoshi, you stand up and lick your lips to catch the last bits of his saliva. That little bit of training didn't take too long, and now would be a good time to start preparing dinner. Kiyoshi did a very good job, so you give him a quick congratulatory hug before announcing that it's time to make dinner. You have plenty of ingredients from your shopping trip and you want to ensure Kiyoshi eats enough, so it'll have to be a large one. The only question is, who should make it?

[ ] Have Kiyoshi do everything, and only help him if it's necessary. It's good practice.
[ ] Split the work about evenly between the two of you.
[ ] Just give Kiyoshi some simple tasks and do most of the work yourself. It's a congratulatory dinner.
No. 27482
[x] Have Kiyoshi do everything, and only help him if it's necessary. It's good practice.
No. 27483
[X] Have Kiyoshi do everything, and only help him if it's necessary. It's good practice.

Reimu is playing Boyfriend Maker 2, and she plays to win.
No. 27484
[x] Split the work about evenly between the two of you.

Boyfriends are not slaves.
No. 27485
[x] Have Kiyoshi do everything, and only help him if it's necessary. It's good practice.
No. 27486
[x] Have Kiyoshi do everything, and only help him if it's necessary. It's good practice.

And attack him from behind while he is at it.
No. 27487
>not making your boyfriend into your willing slave
>not wanting to be that boyfriend
You are not deviant enough.
No. 27489
"You must be at least this deviant to ride Reimu"
No. 27495
[x] Split the work about evenly between the two of you.

The first option is admittedly very Reimu-like, but this would hardly be the first un-Reimu-like move in this story.
No. 27512
Calling it for
[x] Boyfriends are slaves.
No. 27521
File 135338414924.png - (460.51KB , 1024x768 , There_is_a_severe_lack_of_cooking_Reimu.png ) [iqdb]
“Kiyoshi, do you feel up to making dinner by yourself?”

“By myself? I dunno, I've never really cooked by myself before. I don't know if I'd be able to avoid ruining the food.”

“Really? You were a big help earlier with lunch and dinner. I'd say you definitely know more about cooking than you think. This'll be a good learning opportunity for you, then. I'll assist you if you really need it, but I want you to do as much as you can by yourself. Okay?”

He hesitates, still unsure about agreeing to this, but gives in. “Okay, Reimu. I'll do my best.” You'll still need to watch him closely to make sure he doesn't butcher your dinner, but all in all this'll be a pleasant break from having to cook for yourself.

“Great! We have plenty of food, so feel free to make suggestions if you want. But I'd start with some grilled fish, miso soup, rice, and grilled vegetables. I think that'd make for a good meal, and shouldn't be too difficult to prepare.”

Kiyoshi agrees without adding anything else and starts preparing. He grabs some wood and starts a fire in your stove without issue. Hauling wood is no problem at all for his muscles. He then puts the rice on the stove as the fire grows to bring it to a boil, and brings out the vegetables while he waits. The vegetables won't need as much preparation, so he leaves those alone for the time being.

The rice gets covered and moved to the edge of the stove once the water is boiling. That will take the longest to cook, giving him time for everything else. Next, Kiyoshi readies the fish by giving it a small coat of oil. The delightful smell and sound of cooking meat fills the room as it touches the hot pan. He then finishes preparing the vegetables and puts them next to the fish to cook.

That's the last dish that needs to be cooked, so all that's left is the soup. Kiyoshi starts on the stock as everything cooks, but he's taking too long. Or maybe he just overestimated how long everything needs to cook. You could tell him, but you might as well do something to help out instead of just watching. You get up and turn the fish and the vegetables.

“Oh. Thank you, Reimu. I didn't realize the fish was already ready.”

“Not a problem. Juggling a lot of dishes is pretty difficult. It probably would've been best to make the soup first, just so you wouldn't have to worry about it. Still, you did a good job.” The vegetables should be done now; you scoop those off into a dish and let the fish finish cooking. All that's left to do is watch the fish and rice, which Kiyoshi takes over when the soup is prepared.

The fish is ready first, followed by the rice, and you help Kiyoshi divide everything up into portions. Naturally, you give Kiyoshi a somewhat larger share of everything. There's still more than enough food for you.

Dinner is pleasant, though uneventful. Everything turned out nicely, and you make sure to compliment the chef a few times throughout the meal. He eagerly accepts your praise and smiles throughout dinner. You were able to show him that he's capable of cooking a full dinner for two with minimal help. All in all, this turned out quite well for both of you, and should give you plenty of energy for tomorrow.

You bring the dishes back into the kitchen once you're finished and start washing them. Kiyoshi helps out, but you make sure to do most of the work, since he made dinner. The ashes in the stove have cooled enough for you to empty them by the time you finish washing the day's dishes, so you have Kiyoshi carry those outside and show him where to dump them. The sun is just beginning to set, and the orange light brilliantly illuminates the small cloud of ash as it drifts away from the dump spot and diffuses into the air.

Now that the day is almost over, it's time to take care of your needs. While it certainly is fun to help Kiyoshi out, your sex drive is too active to be satisfied while focusing on someone else for an entire day. There's no need to disguise this as part of his training either: you're horny and want to get laid, hard. The only question is, what should he do for you?

[ ] Ride him until he's exhausted.
- [ ] Use your anus.
[ ] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
- [ ] Suck him dry as well.
[ ] Ask for a crude double penetration by having him use one of your dildos on you as he fucks you.
[ ] Write in

He has multiple shots left in him, so feel free to combine options. Some groping is implied for just about everything. Write-ins should be predominately assertive and Reimu-pleasing.
No. 27522
[ ] Ride him until he's exhausted.
No. 27523
[ ] Ride him until he's exhausted.
- [ ] Use your anus.

Let's step it up
No. 27525
[X] Ride him until he's exhausted.
[X] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
- [X] Suck him dry as well.
I'm not picking anal because a sex position that requires the man to have to clean his penis before sticking it somewhere else isn't a good thing in my opinion. Besides with all the stuff encrusted there, ew.

As for oral, he should learn more on how to please his partner because hey if she's giving him head, he should do the same for her.
No. 27527
[x] Ride him until he's exhausted.
- [x] Use your anus.
[x] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
[x] Give him a little control too but coach him through it if necessary.
No. 27528
[x] Ask for a crude double penetration by having him use one of your dildos on you as he fucks you.
No. 27529
[x] Ride his face for the warm up
[x] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
[x] having him use one of your dildos on your anus
[x] Suck him dry as well.
No. 27531
[X] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
- [X] Suck him dry as well.
[X] Ride him until he's exhausted.
- [X] Use your anus.
No. 27537
[X] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
- [X] Milk him with your breasts as well.
[X] Ride him until he's exhausted.
No. 27538
[X] Consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.
No. 27539
[X] Ride him until he's exhausted.
[X] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
- [X] Suck him dry as well.
No. 27540
She's taken.
No. 27541
Not for long!
No. 27556
Calling it for

[X] Have him eat you out until you're satisfied.
- [X] Suck him dry as well.
[X] Ride him until he's exhausted.
No. 27627
File 135398814871.jpg - (216.34KB , 1060x1300 , da7987a99ddbd3aa0e91c6bba71661aa.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wrap your arms around Kiyoshi's body from behind and hold him close as you nibble lightly on his earlobe. He squirms in your embrace and moans slightly from your warm breath against his ear. “Mmm, Kiyoshi. I'm feeling really horny right now.” You whisper directly into his ear, making sure to draw out each syllable. “I want to fuck you, hard. Think you can help me with that?” Without giving him a chance to respond, you turn his head to face you and slip your tongue into his mouth. You gently suck on his mouth and lips for a few seconds, just enough to entice him to go further, then stop after a few seconds. He breaks the kiss and nods, eager to have another taste of your body.

You guide Kiyoshi to the floor and take off your skirt and panties. It's his turn to make you feel good. You kneel down and sit on his face with your back to his head. He starts licking your pussy immediately, brushing his tongue against your folds and licking up your juices. His hands squeeze your ass in the meantime, letting him enjoy his softness while he holds you steady. Waves of pleasure wash over your body as his tongue flicks against your clit. The training is definitely paying off, as he's acting much more aggressive than before. You grind your hips against his face, enticing him to drive deeper into your soaked pussy.

Eating you out has given him a full erection, visible through his pants. You lean forward and free Kiyoshi's trapped shaft as he continues to taste you. It springs out of its confines and stands up tall, lightly throbbing with a little bit of precum. Kiyoshi moans as you take the tip into your mouth and lick his frenulum. He stops pleasing you, likely finding it difficult to concentrate with his cock in your mouth. Sorry, Kiyoshi, but right now you're being selfish. You take his cock out of your mouth and rub your pussy against his lips to remind him who is on top right now.

He gets the message quickly and slides his tongue back into your cunt. To make sure he behaves, you wait a few seconds before returning to his dick, and just give it a few light kisses to start him out. After a minute of the light teasing, you take his entire glans into your mouth and stroke his shaft with your left hand. He moans into your pussy as your tongue rubs against the base of his shaft, but you're careful to not let it interrupt him.

Kiyoshi sticks two fingers into your drenched cunt and wriggles them around inside of you, scraping against your sensitive walls. His tongue focuses on your labia and occasionally flicks against your clit, giving it a few light kisses. You can feel your orgasm approaching, so you speed up your fellatio slightly. You're not going to let him cum before you, though.

He closes his lips around your clit and lightly sucks on the sensitive nub. The sudden burst of pleasure sends you over the edge, and you scream loudly from the powerful orgasm. Kiyoshi slows down after your orgasm, but he doesn't stop licking up your overflowing juices. Once you've calmed down you take his cock back into your mouth. He's been a good boy, so he deserves his reward. His dick throbs in your mouth as you glide your tongue around the tip, already on the brink from your earlier stimulation. You take his cock out of your mouth and stroke it with your hand until he ejaculates, spraying his thick cum all over your face. The hot semen feels amazing as it sticks to and rolls down your cheeks and forehead. You lick your lips to catch the globs near your mouth and swallow them.

Kiyoshi's cock grows soft after his orgasm. This is completely unacceptable; you aren't close to fully satisfied yet. He should still have a few shots left in him, so you just need to give him a little excitement and he'll be ready to go for another round. And you have just the body to do that. You crawl off of Kiyoshi and turn around to face him, lying between his legs with your breasts near his cock. It twitches to life as you take it into your hand from the sight of the naked woman in front of him. You rub his penis against your tits, letting it feel the softness of your flesh and your erect nipples. A little bit of milk leaks out onto his shaft, providing some convenient lubrication. His cock throbs as it returns to full life, now ready for another round.

You get up on top of Kiyoshi and align his cock with your slit. His thick shaft spreads your pussy, and you both cry out as your hungry cunt swallows his full length. A content moan escapes your lips from the familiar sensation of fullness. You bounce up and down along Kiyoshi's shaft, causing his face to contort in pleasure from your tightness. You'd better slow down; you want to savor him, but it seems that his cock is still sensitive from his previous orgasm. It's fine if he cums inside of you, but it feels so much better with proper pacing. Kiyoshi grinds his hips against yours once you slow down, too impatient to restrain himself.

Still, you're the one in control here, so he probably won't cum much sooner this way. It's just that much less work for you to do. You lean forward a bit and place your hands on Kiyoshi's chest. It's a little more awkward to move from this angle, but that isn't a problem now that Kiyoshi is helping. Your hands lightly caress his chest, enjoying the sturdiness of his body. He doesn't look especially strong, you can still feel the muscles in his chest. His cock throbs mightily inside you after a few minutes of riding him; he ejaculates a second later, filling your pussy to the brim with his thick cum. The sudden heat brings you over the edge, and your orgasm forces you to join him in crying with pleasure.

You keep his cock buried inside of you as he shoots out the last few thick globs of cum, making sure to catch every drop. Once his dick stops twitching inside of you, you pull off and lie down on top of him. Your erect nipples scrape against his chest as you embrace him.

“Mmm, that was wonderful, Kiyoshi. Are you ready for another round?”

“Uh, I don't think so, Reimu.” You hug him a little tighter, interrupting his objections for a second. “I mean, I'm kinda tired after -” You kiss him on the right side of the neck and move down, giving his collarbone several kisses on the way towards his chest, finishing with a single kiss on his right nipple. He tries to start objecting again, but then he takes a good look at the naked woman lying on top of him with his semen painted on her smiling face. His dick presses against your thighs as it becomes erect once again, and you give it a little rub as a final incentive. “Okay. I'm ready. But, uh, could you go a little easy on me?”

You flash him a reassuring smile. “Of course. I'll just use my mouth again, so you can lie back and enjoy it.” He's probably tired from the number of times he's ejaculated today. This'll be what, his seventh? Eighth? And he had his first anal experience as well, which was probably mentally tiring, considering his reaction. This will be the last for today.

You leave a trail of kisses down his chest as you approach his crotch. His hard shaft twitches when you press your lips against it, still energetic despite its owner's fatigue. Kiyoshi moans softly as your tongue runs along his length and licks up your juices. Drawing this out for too long would just be cruel to your boyfriend; it's already been over an hour since you started, and he's clearly at his sexual limit. You lightly stroke his cock with your hand and bob your head along the tip. Your other hand runs along his thighs, lightly feeling him with your extended fingers.

He's already on the brink of orgasm, as his stamina ran out with the last ejaculation. You remove your hand from his shaft and take his entire length into your mouth. The back of your throat kisses the tip of his cock, and you hold the position for a few seconds until the heat of your mouth becomes too much for him to bear. You pull out as he gives in and cums to catch his semen with your tongue. It's a waste if it goes to the back of your throat where you can't taste it, after all. Despite his exhaustion, he still manages to let out a few good shots into your mouth. It's not as thick as his previous ejaculate, but it still has the normal pleasant taste. You hold the cum on your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing it.

Kiyoshi looks completely drained now, but you manage to thank him before he falls asleep on the floor. He's still smiling from that last orgasm. You pick him up off the floor and carry him in your arms to your room, then tuck him in under the sheet of your futon and give him a quick kiss on the forehead.

Kiyoshi is sound asleep, but it's still too early to join him in bed. You'll need to find something to occupy yourself until you're sleepy.

[ ] Go for a long walk.
[ ] You're satisfied now, but more is always better. Masturbate for a while.
[ ] Take a bath.
[ ] Do some tidying up.
No. 27628
[x] Go for a long walk.
No. 27631
[X] Take a bath.
No. 27632
[x] Go for a long walk.
Let's go molest a fairy or something.
No. 27636
[x] Go for a long walk.

I'm not sure if there are wild fairies in this setting. Have we seen any yet? Maybe they're all hiding from the rape-monsters.
No. 27652
While I admit fairies would find her somewhat intimidating, I think calling Reimu a monster is a bit much.
No. 27655
File 135407260866.jpg - (497.68KB , 892x1269 , 24.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27657
File 135407285091.jpg - (498.02KB , 916x1280 , 25.jpg ) [iqdb]
The three great fairies live nearby canonically, though it's up to the writefag to shape the stroy.

[ ] You're satisfied now, but more is always better. Masturbate for a while.
No. 27658
File 135407297819.jpg - (485.75KB , 913x1280 , 26.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 27678
[x] Go for a long walk.
No. 27683
Depends on when this is because they originally were in the Forest of Magic before Yukari borrowed the tree and replanted it
No. 27684
After UFO but before TD. Summer.

I have no idea how that relates to OSP time, if at all.
No. 27753
Calling it for
[x] Go for a long walk.
No. 27811
File 135440167839.jpg - (729.11KB , 905x1280 , 14a19e20a984b171b44133c10f2b7383.jpg ) [iqdb]
A walk sounds like a good way to kill time. The moon is nearly full and it's still very warm, making this the perfect night for an outdoor stroll. You take a few minutes to clean yourself up and get dressed before walking outside. The cries of the cicadas and crickets welcome you as soon as you step out. Before you set off, you go into the storage shed behind the shrine and pick up a paper lantern for your trip. Even with the relatively bright moonlight, there's no way you can go for a walk without one.

Walking down the stairs is no problem. You've been down them so many times over the years that you aren't at any risk of falling, even with the flickering light from the lantern not fully illuminating the steps. You reach the bottom and walk on the path towards the human village. The path itself is wide enough to accommodate you easily despite its constant state of disrepair. You really should go out and fix it up one of these days. Eventually. Still, the actual problem with the path is something that doesn't directly affect you. Nothing out here is going to attack you, not even in the middle of the night.

As you exit the grove of trees near the shrine, your disused path joins the network of roads around the village. It's still bustling with activity this late at night, and its lights shine brightly to your left.

You take the right path and head away from the village. There's nothing in particular you need at the village, and it isn't often that you get to enjoy a quiet, moonlit stroll through the woods. It's impossible to see that far, but this fork should lead to a light forest; dense enough to provide a nice shade on a hot summer day, but nowhere near as problematic as the Forest of Magic. There definitely won't be any other humans outside of the village this late, so this should be a nice and relaxing excursion.

The forest is empty, save for the encompassing whine of the cicadas and crickets. There are probably youkai and other wild beasts on the prowl tonight, but none of them would dare to approach you. The wild beasts inherently know to never attack you – which certainly makes it easier to play with them – while many of the youkai know from personal experience that you are not a meal. Only an idiot would dare challenge you.

Just then, a familiar voice yells out from the treetops in front of you and to your left. Its owner doesn't seem to be talking to you, and the foliage makes it difficult to catch every word, but she's doing little to hide her voice. A muffled response comes from the right, make that one out at all.

“I know she's ... there!”

She's definitely talking about you. That's never a good thing.

“... a plan!”

Yep. Bad news. You'll just have to put a stop to it before she can do anything.

“My plans always ...”

Let's see, where is she? She's somewhere around that area, judging by where the voice is coming from, but it's too difficult to see. Maybe if she moves a little during her boasting.

“... you watch. I'll ...”

A brief gust of wind lightly shakes the trees, but a small dark shadow doesn't shift with the leaves. Bingo.

“Of course she hasn't ...”

You put the lantern down nearby and pick up a smooth rock from the ground. She's probably upright, which would put her head right there.

“All we need to do - “ The voice is cut off as the rock hits the speaker and knocks her out of the tree. Your would-be assailant lands flat on her face in front of you, close enough to your lantern to let you get a good look at her. And you're not the least bit surprised.

“Cirno!” Her friend sticks her head out from the branches, but it's not enough for you to get a good look at her. She was probably just being dragged into this by Cirno, so you leave her alone.

“Owwwieee.” Cirno sits up and rubs the wound in the center of her forehead. You managed a perfect hit without being able to properly see your target. “What'd you do that for, you big meanie?!” It doesn't look like the fall did anything to her, and the wound from the rock is pretty minor. The bruise should disappear by tomorrow morning.

You were planning on doing something to me just now, weren't you?”

“No! We were going to throw you a surprise party! That's all! And you ruined it.”

“A surprise party. In the middle of the night. Outside, in a forest. And when you had no way to know that I was going to come out here?”


Ugh. You don't want to deal with her. This was supposed to be a relaxing stroll, and she went and ruined it. You pull out an ofuda from your blouse; paralyzing her until morning might be a suitable punishment. Exterminating fairies has never been worthwhile, considering how they tend respawn quickly and forget that anything happened. It makes teaching them manners extraordinarily difficult.

“Stop!” Cirno's friend drops down from the treetops as you throw the ofuda towards Cirno's head. “Don't you lay a finger on Cirno!” The girl is certainly brave, but in her eagerness to defend her friend she seems to have failed to notice that the ofuda already struck Cirno just below her bruise. She holds her arms and legs out to shield her fallen friend. Not that it'd do her any good, as you could just curve another ofuda around her or between her legs. Or just brush her aside, as she's just another weak fairy.

“Oh? Why not? Naughty children deserve to be punished.” Now that you can see her friend, she's actually pretty cute. She's wearing a bluish-green dress with large, intricate wings sticking out from the back. Proper fairy wings, unlike Cirno's strange ice wings. She is a little bigger than Cirno, which is unusual as Cirno is pretty big for a fairy, and even has a pair of budding breasts that form small mounds on her thin frame. Her long green hair is arranged in a ponytail off to her side, partially covering her delectable looking pointed ears.

“I'm very sorry for the trouble!” As if her behavior wasn't already unusual enough, the fairy gives you a full bow and apologizes to you. “We were planning a prank for you, but it would've been small and mostly harmless. We were at fault, and I'm sorry for any trouble that we may have caused you!”

That was unexpected. You don't think you've ever heard of a fairy apologizing before, and certainly not for something they didn't even do. If only she could teach Cirno to act like that. Nonetheless, those two did interrupt your relaxation, and they need to make it up to you. If you can't have a late night stroll, maybe you can have a late night snack instead.

“Fine, I won't hurt Cirno. But I'm not letting you off that easily.” Without giving her a chance to react, you wrap your arms around the girl and hold her against you. Good, she isn't secretly an ice fairy as well. Sex with Cirno is downright impossible due to how cold she is, so you're glad that this cute friend of hers is different.. The fairy gasps slightly as you hold her head against your breasts, but she doesn't struggle at all.

Once you've confirmed her acceptance, you release her and nibble on her cute little ear. She whimpers as you lightly press your lips against her skin and brush your tongue against her sides; it seems that these are pretty sensitive. You place your hand on her thigh and lightly caress her bare legs. She really does have an impressive body for a fairy. Her reaction has been positive so far, so this should be a good time to move on to – oh wait.

You stop nibbling on her ear and look behind her to the fairy frozen to the ground behind her. She can't move or speak right now, but she can still hear and see everything that you're doing with her friend. It might be a good idea to do something about that.

[ ] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
[ ] She's in the way. Push her deeper into the woods so you can have some privacy.
No. 27812
[x] She's in the way. Push her deeper into the woods so you can have some privacy.

Let's not be cruel. After all, it might upset Dai-chan more than anything. And that's a crime worthy of damnation.
No. 27813
[x] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.

It's not cruelty. It's education. E-du-cation. Useless education for someone who couldn't fuck properly if they wanted to.
No. 27814
[X] She's in the way. Push her deeper into the woods so you can have some privacy.

If Cirno's that cold as Reimu says then Dai trying to eat out Cirno will just end with her tongue stuck to Cirno's vagina.
No. 27815
[x] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
No. 27816
[X] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
No. 27818
[x] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
No. 27820
[X] She's in the way. Push her deeper into the woods so you can have some privacy.

Nah, let's be kind to Dai.
No. 27821
You've sold me.

[X] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
No. 27823
Not my intent but now that I think about it... that mental Image is hilarious
No. 27832
[ ] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.

Feel a little sorry for Cirno, but I think its better than the other option.
No. 27842
[X] She's in the way. Push her deeper into the woods so you can have some privacy.
No. 27848
[X] She's in the way. Push her deeper into the woods so you can have some privacy.
No. 27849
[X] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
No. 27852
[X] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
Hopefully Cirno can get in on this too?
No. 27862
Calling it for
[x] Cirno should watch and see how much her friend enjoys this.
No. 27902
File 135485146781.jpg - (372.01KB , 723x734 , f9081ad548d728ec3164d0f0633410dd.jpg ) [iqdb]
You'll leave Cirno where she is. Pushing her aside would just ruin the mood you've built up with the other fairy. She probably wouldn't escape or anything if you did turn your back to her, but there's no sense in giving her the opportunity. Cirno might enjoy watching as well; the fairies you played with at the SDM were quite eager once they had a taste of you.

You resume your assault on the fairy by stealing her lips in a kiss. Her eyes open wide from surprise, as this is likely her first kiss. She returns the affection after a few seconds and clumsily presses her lips against yours. You slip your tongue into her mouth and slowly brush it against hers. She relaxes and partially closes her eyes, letting you do as you please with her body.

It's time to start undressing her. You break the kiss and take a step back, leaving a thin trail of saliva that connects your lips for a few seconds. She pants lightly from the stimulation and stares at you, torn between composing herself and throwing herself at you for more.

“Shall we continue? We can have much more fun together if you want to go further.” She nods meekly to your question, too enthralled with the light taste you've already given her to refuse. You reach out to her necktie and slowly untie it. “Good. Now let's get these clothes off of you.”

The necktie drops to the ground, and she panics and holds her hands over yours as she realizes what you're doing. “N-No, you can't.” Her protests are weak, the result of her embarrassment narrowly winning over her newfound lust. “Um, can we – can we just work around them instead?”

“Nope! They've gotta come off, and there's no alternative. You can't talk your way out of this.” You reach behind her back and unfasten the clasps holding her dress together. The outer garment falls to the ground once you “help” her get her arms through the straps. She was wearing a white shirt underneath the blue dress, but the only thing she had for her lower body was a pair of plain white panties. You start to unbutton her shirt, but she stops you again, even more insistent now that she's lost a garment. Strangely, she doesn't seem to mind that her panties are visible.

You interrupt her protest by kissing her with a bit of tongue. Her arms relax as her attention returns to coiling her tongue around yours. Your right hand massages her small breasts through her shirt, while your left caresses her exposed thighs. She's too engrossed in kissing you to realize what your hands are doing, allowing you to slowly unbutton her shirt with your right. You break the kiss once the last button is undone and open her shirt without giving her a chance to stop you.

To your surprise, her breasts are covered in a tightly wrapped sarashi. They don't seem to be that small, either; they just looked tiny through her two layers of clothing. The fairy shrieks and tries to hide her undergarment from you by crossing her arms over her chest and bending forward to obstruct your view. Her face is bright red from the embarrassment.

“It's okay. We're going to both need to get naked to continue.” She looks up at you with tears forming in her eyes. She hasn't tried to escape or say anything to you, so this situation is still salvageable. This is probably her first time being naked in front of anyone, so her nervousness is understandable. “We're both girls, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. I wear a sarashi too.”

You quickly take off your blouse to show her your sarashi. She looks up at your covered tits, only slightly mollified by your display. It would probably be a good idea to go past her state of undress. You remove your skirt and panties with the same haste, leaving nothing but the sarashi on. “See? There's nothing to be ashamed of. You can even see my pussy now. I want to be intimate with you.” You trace your index finger along your pussy, then hold it in front of the fairy. The moonlight catches the juice, causing your finger to shimmer slightly. “I'm already this wet from looking at your beautiful body. We can do so much more together, but you'll have to take off the rest of your clothes. Okay?”

The fairy stays still and simply watches you. She isn't tearing up anymore, but she also isn't stripping, leaving her at a deadlock. You begin to unwrap your sarashi, hoping that the slow reveal of your boobs will be enough to convince her. Her attention stays focused on your chest, and she finally relaxes and stands back up straight once the final strips come off, revealing your pert breasts and erect nipples.

“Okay. I want to be with you as well. I'll – I'll take it off now.” You stop her before she can remove it. From your perspective, she just gave you permission to do it yourself, which sounds like a lot more fun than simply watching her. You start to unwrap her sarashi with your right hand and quickly take off her panties with your left. She's already damp from the kissing, so you notice a small wet spot on her panties as you toss them on top of her dress. You lightly rub her slit as you continue to unwrap her binding to help keep her in the mood. She really wrapped this tightly and used a lot of cloth, so undressing her is more of a chore than usual. Maybe you can give her some pointers on doing it properly after you ravage her.

Her tits slowly expand as the fabric loosens, and her face grows more and more red as you get a better look at their true size. They're much bigger than you had anticipated, and they just keep swelling as you loosen the binding. You've finally taken off enough for the rest to fall on its own, finally revealing her naked breasts.

“Um, ple – please don't stare so much. It's embarrassing!”

These tits are amazing. They're only a little smaller than your own, but they seem huge on a narrow frame like hers. Her delicate pink nipples are already erect, practically begging for you to taste them. You grab one of them and sink your fingers into their heavenly softness, eliciting a small cry of surprise from the big fairy. And she chose to hide these under a tight sarashi and two layers of clothing?

You take a nipple into your mouth as you continue to knead her other breast. She moans softly as your tongue roughly flicks across her delicious nub. It tastes just as good as it looked, compelling you to tease, suckle, and even lightly bite her erect nipple. You slide your free hand back down to her pussy and slip your middle finger inside of her. Her tits are wonderful, but you can't neglect the rest of her fine body. Her moans grow deeper and more sultry as she experiences the pleasure from her first penetration.

There's so much you want to do with this girl, but it's getting late. Making her cum once and letting her experiment on her own would probably be more effective for her sexual awakening, anyway. You guide her down to the ground and climb on top of her, but can't tear yourself away from her tits. There's still time to play with them a little more before you move on to the main course. You align your tits with hers and press them together. She moans lightly as your nipples rub against hers and leak out a small bit of milk onto her ample breasts.

The fairy moves her hand to your drenched cunt, brushing her fingers against your entrance. One of her fingers slips inside you, and you moan huskily and grind your hips against her hand to try and drive it in deeper. She gets the message and starts moving her finger around inside of you, then adds another after a few seconds. It honestly doesn't feel that great, given her inexperience and the awkward angle, but you still want to encourage her by giving an exaggerated reaction. Besides, she's not bad, and her clumsy attempts at stirring up your insides are endearing.

She plays with your pussy for another minute before you stop her and get up off of her. You grab her leg and hold it up against your body, fully exposing her drenched cunt. The fairy pants softly and looks at you with lust-filled eyes, curious as to what further pleasures you have to offer. You press your cunt against hers and quickly rub them together, brushing your clits together at the apex of each thrust. She throws her head back and moans loudly at the sudden bursts of pleasure, no longer able to focus on anything besides her pussy. Her slit feels amazing, and you quickly find yourself joining in her moans as you ravage her body.

Her body tenses up as she climaxes, and she screams into the air as she squirts pussy juice onto your thighs. You're close, so you give her slit one final grind to bring yourself to orgasm and join in her cries of pleasure. Her first time was definitely impressive, and with any luck she'll seek out other people to be with on her own. She has a narrow frame, so a decent sized cock would practically make her melt. You rest against her for a moment to catch your breath, then stand up and start putting your clothes back on.

“Th- that was amazing, Miss Hakurei. Thank you for that.” She sits up and looks at you as you put your skirt back on, her expression still dreamy from the afterglow.

“You're very welcome. You have an amazing body, so it was lots of fun for me, too. Feel free to play with other people as well; if you can find yourself a nice man, I can guarantee that he'll make you feel even better. Also, you shouldn't wrap your chest like that. You have beautiful breasts, and it's a shame to keep them hidden away like that.”

“I'll think about it. Um, if you're leaving, could you please remove the charm from Cirno's head? I think she's learned her lesson.” Oh, so she did notice that. You're in a good mood, and Cirno probably won't do anything to ruin that now, so you might as well. You finish putting on your blouse and walk over to the frozen idiot.

“Alright, but try to keep her under control. I don't want to see her pulling any pranks on people – especially not me. And that's for her own good; I won't go so easy on her if there's other people around.” You do have an image to uphold... sort of. With that, you grab onto the charm and yank it off. It's unpleasantly cold and wet from being attached to her for so long. You toss it into the air, and it bursts into flames.

“You stupid jerk!” And yet, you aren't the least bit surprised.

“Do you want me to put another one on you?”

Cirno drops down behind your new friend to escape you and wraps her arms around her naked body. The fairy's skin is still flushed from her orgasm, and she seems to enjoy the pair of arms around her chest. Cirno peeks her head out from the big fairy's shoulder and sticks her tongue out at you. You really don't want to deal with her right now, so you simply sigh in exasperation.

“By the way, I never got your name.”

“It's Daiyousei.” She gives you a beautiful smile with her name.

“Nice to meet you, Daiyousei. I'm Reimu.” Although she already knows that. “I hope we can meet again later.” You walk up to Daiyousei, causing Cirno to cower behind her once again, and give her a quick kiss on the lips.

With that, you grab the lantern and fly out of the forest. The original plan was to go on a longer walk, but that was a much more fun and rewarding workout. The flight home is entirely uneventful.

You put away the lantern and walk back to your room. Kiyoshi is right where you left him, sound asleep beneath the sheets. You strip naked and climb into bed with him, wrapping your arm around his body to hold him close to you as you drift off to sleep.


I'm stopping here for now. I will be visiting my parents for Christmas, and there's no chance of me doing any writing while I'm down there. And then C83 starts right after I come back. I'm not leaving immediately so I could continue writing, but I figure it's best to stop at the end of the day to avoid anything like a cliffhanger. I'll be spending the time before I leave on the short I mentioned back in >>25368; I've been working on it for 5 months now and I'm only about 2/3rds done.

I won't be writing anything while I'm gone, but I'll still check /at/ periodically. So I think this would be a good time for some Q&A. Feel free to ask anything, although I won't be giving out any spoilers. I'll start: What was your favorite scene? Least favorite?

Reimu's Adventure will return in January.
No. 27905
Favourite scene so far for me was definitely the fight with Kanako. Dem snakes man.
I haven't liked this whole 'girlfriend' thing with Kiyoshi, and especially disliked anything involving his ass. I've been scrolling straight past those; male anal's just not my sort of thing. If it weren't for that the googirl scene would have been my favourite, easy.

As for a question of my own, is Kiyoshi's crush a named character, or just some girl in the village?
Also, is there any chance a certain witch might show up at some point?
No. 27921
>disliked anything involving his ass
Wasn't that just one scene? Regardless, there won't be any more; he tried it and he didn't like it.

>As for a question of my own, is Kiyoshi's crush a named character, or just some girl in the village?
Well, I can spill that much. Yes, it is a touhou. I won't elaborate any further, so consider the entire cast a possibility.

>Also, is there any chance a certain witch might show up at some point?
Who, Marisa? There's been options to visit her house. I doubt I'll have her show up anywhere else, but if her presence fits the situation she might.
No. 27924
So far, my favorites were the two scenes where Meiling and Sanae were impregnated, along with the six-girl scene from Moriya. The first two had fetish appeal, and I thought the last one was just well-designed and well-written.

I guess the later scenes with Sanae in the forest were a little repetitive, and the last scene with Kanako was kind of disappointing. Reimu just kind of did her and left, without really addressing their earlier hostility.

Right now, I'm curious as to how much longer it'll be before we can pick another location. Seems like this Kiyoshi business could go on for ages.
No. 27930
File 135492072379.png - (644.97KB , 1000x1000 , 31628996.png ) [iqdb]
I particularly liked the Remilia (unwilling futa, fuck yeah), fairy, and Suwako (ero goddess~) scenes. Echoing the Kiyoshi arc length complaints.

Slutty Reimu is best Reimu.
No. 27936
I like the Kiyoshi stuff. Touhou straight shota is always nice to have.
No. 27941
Uh. What?
No. 27944
First, some numbers.
The first 13 updates were spent at the SDM. This doesn't include anything that happened before I started writing.
Updates 14-37 were spent at the Moriya Shrine; that's 24.
Then there was the Yukari scene, and Kiyoshi has been around for 19 updates. Some of these, including the last 2, didn't really involve him at all.

Not the longest, but the Moriya arc was also longer in story time. That said, this is the end of the main Kiyoshi arc. He'll still be around, but isn't going to be the focus unless something to the effect of "[x] Spend some time with Kiyoshi" is voted for.

The next location vote won't be for a bit, actually. When it does come up, some of the locations will have the option of bringing him along with you, but not all of them. Kourindou won't have that option since Reimu'll just be "making a quick trip to the store" and won't think there's any reason to bring him. Former hell won't have the option because that's no place to bring a guy.
No. 27946
Part of me wanted to see Reimu bring Dai home to Kiyoshi as a sort of test of his skills.
No. 27958
File 135508977081.jpg - (253.08KB , 552x640 , closeenough.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not him but:
>He's a few years younger and a head shorter than you, with a thin build and short black hair.

I really like Kiyoshi, he's just too cute. His arc alone made me check this thread everyday in hope of for the writefag to throw an update.
No. 27959
I liked Kiyoshi. In was fun to see Slutty Reimu become a caring, informational sex instructor. Wasn't she even looking forward to observing his confession from a safe distance?

I have a suspicion who his crush is, and I doubt it'll be accepted. But if that happens, Kiyoshi just needs to go on a quest for experience with other Touhous, and we get to hear the after-action reports.
No. 27997
I thought the former Hell is a lot safer in this period of Gensokyo? Would it be that dangerous for Kiyoshi?
No. 28001
Just hope Yuugi's not one to clamp down TOO HARD on human's cock or well... It might end with screaming and pain. And a trip to Eirin's to get that checked out.

And Old Hell's a better place to go alone anyhow.
No. 28004
While it's certainly "safer" compared to actual hell, I'm sure it's still not a place you'd want to bring someone for sight seeing. I imagine most of the inhabitants wouldn't take kindly to a human intrusion, and it probably wouldn't end well for someone without Reimu's strength.
No. 28006
They respect strength... might view Kiyoshi as slave material. Or possibly as Reimu's property...
No. 28052
>And then C83 starts right after I come back.
What is your plan for the comiket?
No. 28055
Stare at Share and get pissed because all the stuff I was looking forward to isn't being uploaded.

I'm not going to comiket or anything. While it would be nice to be able to pick up all the stuff I'm interested in, I don't have a standing-in-line fetish. It's much easier to pay someone else to buy crap for me; if only I could find someone to reliably do that.
No. 28073
You're such a snarker.
No. 28105
>Kiyoshi arc length
It felt longer because many of the prompts were similar.

>What training next?
>What to do after training?

It kinda feels like time isn't passing in-story.
No. 28108
Ah, that would explain things. Thanks.

As I've said, the Kiyoshi training stuff is over now though. I won't be copying the training choices again. I'm not getting rid of Kiyoshi just yet, but there will be a lengthy break from him coming up.
No. 28132
File 135640805964.jpg - (707.24KB , 900x1200 , Your_present.jpg ) [iqdb]
Merry Christmas, everyone.
No. 28217
File 13570572144.jpg - (110.55KB , 800x1200 , cddb3148c678499b78501edc2b712250.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writing now.
No. 28219
File 13570723492.jpg - (97.13KB , 800x600 , 16494096.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up. It's still pitch black outside, but a sudden aching has filled your body and interrupted your sleep. Your breathing is ragged, and sweat pours down your face. You can tell instinctively what the problem is.

Kiyoshi is sleeping next to you, naked just as you are. Although you can't actually see him, you can tell that his cock is soft in his slumber. This absolutely will not do.

“Hey, Kiyoshi.” You nudge him several times, trying to wake him gently as you call his name. “Wake up, Kiyoshi. I need you. Now. C'mon, wake up.” You flip him onto his back and push him a little harder this time. He tosses and turns, but stays asleep. Instead of waiting for him, you grab onto his soft dick and stroke it, trying to bring it to full strength. It still responds to your soft caresses, twitching in your hand as it slowly grows. Once it has reached about half of its full length, you straddle Kiyoshi and press his cock between your thighs.

He's still asleep, but the stimulation on his crotch alone is enough to stir him. You place your hands on his chest and rub them against his nipples. Nudging him wasn't working, so maybe you can wake him with sexual stimulation and enjoy yourself at the same time. He finally wakes as his cock is just about ready for you.

“Ugh. Huh? Reimu? Why is it -” He struggles to find the words, too groggy to properly speak. Sorry, Kiyoshi, but this is an emergency.

“I need your cock inside me. I need it bad. You don't have to move or anything, just let me ride you. Then we can go back to sleep. I'm sorry I had to wake you like this, but my body is screaming for a thick cock right now.” You line your slit with his tip and take his full length with a single thrust. A wave of relief washes over you as the shaft fills your pussy, but it's just temporary. You need his cum.

Kiyoshi just lies still, letting you do all the work as you fiercely bounce against his hips. He isn't even moaning from the stimulation, probably because he's too tired to properly appreciate your pussy, but his breathing does grow rougher as you speed up the pace. His ejaculation comes quickly, since he wasn't making any effort to hold it in. Exactly what you needed. His cum fills your pussy and coats your womb, finally ending the aching throughout your body. Fatigue takes its place, and you pull off of Kiyoshi and lie back down next to him.

“Thank you so much.” You give him a quick kiss on the cheek, too tired for anything else. He's already asleep, so there's no response. That's perfectly fine; you can join him now and talk properly in the morning now that your babies have been fed.

You wake up again, this time at a reasonable hour with the sun shining in your face. You feel perfectly normal; the aching never returned, and you still got a good night's sleep. It looks like it's a bit later in the day than you normally wake up, but that's to be expected after the little incident during the night. Kiyoshi woke up a little bit before you and is sitting up in the futon, stretching his arms.

“Good morning, Kiyoshi.” You crawl towards him and hug from behind. “Sorry about waking you up like that, but I had this sudden overpowering urge. I really couldn't help it.”

He turns and smiles. “Good morning, Reimu. It's alright. I'm just glad I could help. I fell right back asleep so it wasn't a problem. I barely even remember it, really.”

“Oh, alright. I'll still see if I can make it up to you, though.” You pause for a second. It's probably not a good idea to promise anything right now. “But first, there's something I need to do today. I need to leave and visit a friend of mine so she can stay here for a while. She's quite wealthy, so I'm also planning on bringing some of her servants back with me to help take care of us. I don't know how long she'll stay here, but if I had to guess, I'd say two or three weeks.”

“Oh.” He lowers his eyes, obviously saddened by the sudden news. “What is this about, if you don't mind me asking?”

You were really hoping he wouldn't ask, at least not so directly. Oh well, he accepted your pregnancy already, so maybe he won't mind the additional information. “Well, that's because we're both pregnant. Last night was my body telling me that it's almost time to -” you pause for a second before continuing, “- to give birth. It'll be simpler if we're together for this, which is why she needs to stay with me for a while. And I don't know what kinds of changes will happen to my body, but I likely won't be able to properly care for myself, which is why I'm also going to ask to borrow some of her servants. That's all.”

“Erm. Oh.” He definitely regrets asking. Still, he deserves the truth, and telling him is better than hiding it or otherwise lying. At the same time, you certainly don't need to go into further detail about everything that's happened, how you can feel your babies slowly moving around inside of you, how badly you needed his cock last night, or how your babies are probably feasting on his cum right now. This is no normal pregnancy, so unusual changes in your body are quite likely to occur.

“But first!” You change the subject and put on a cheery tone, trying to lift his spirits back up. “Breakfast! I'll make you some breakfast before I leave. This isn't my way of making last night up to you or anything; it's just the least that I can do right now. Let's get dressed and I'll prepare something nice.”

“You're not going to eat, Reimu?”

And miss Sakuya's cooking? No way! “Eh, I'm not really hungry right now. I want to leave early as well, so I don't want to wait until I'm hungrier.” That's not quite a lie either – you could certainly eat a full breakfast now, but you aren't as hungry as you usually are in the morning. Both of you get dressed quickly. You start with a pair of simple white panties and loosely wrap your sarashi around your breasts before putting on your blouse and skirt.

You head out into the kitchen and start preparing some food. Kiyoshi tries to help, but you insist upon doing it all yourself and force him to sit down and wait. Rice would take too long to cook, so you decide to skip that. Instead, you make a simple meal of bread, tamagoyaki, fried fish, and miso. Definitely not a meal for apologizing to someone, but it should be reasonably filling and fairly tasty.

“How long were you going to be gone, Reimu?”

“I don't think it'd take -” Sakuya. Food. “Hmm. Probably most of the day. I should definitely return before sunset.” He's going to have to cook for himself if you're gone all day. He should be able to manage fine, but maybe having him stay here for everything that's going to happen is a mistake in the first place.

[ ] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.
- [ ] Hand him the panties that you're wearing and instruct him to masturbate with them. You want them nice and full of his cum for when you return.
[ ] Send him home for the day. It's better than having him stay here, but you still want him to “meet” Meiling.
[ ] Suggest that Kiyoshi return home for about three weeks while your friend stays here with you.
[ ] Kiyoshi's training has paid off already. Send him home and tell him to hurry up and confess to his crush.
No. 28220
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.

We should have the place nice and clean to make a good impression. Sperm-filled panties might be a bit gross in front of a friend, though.
No. 28221
[x] Suggest that Kiyoshi return home for about three weeks while your friend stays here with you.

Living like Reimu for extended periods of time considered harmful. Return temporarily to normal social unit and fraternize, citizen.
No. 28222
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.
No sense getting rid of him if he's still gonna be handy.
No. 28223
[X] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.

A good husband needs to know how to take care of the house just as well as the wife. And if he happens to get into any fairy shenanigans while we're gone, well, I don't think Reimu would mind.
No. 28226
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.

He can handle himself for a while. And I'm curious as to how he'll interact with Meiling.
No. 28228
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.

Rule one is to never pass up on a good cook.
No. 28231
[x] Suggest that Kiyoshi return home for about three weeks while your friend stays here with you.
No. 28242
[X] Suggest that Kiyoshi return home for about three weeks while your friend stays here with you.

Was gonna Try to cut ties but in those 3 weeks we might not have to do so
No. 28243
We should let Kiyoshi get us pregnant in the future
No. 28245
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.

What about Yukari shenanigans? That might be interesting

This please
No. 28246
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.
Not going to send him home. Nope, no.
No. 28250
Is it wrong that I read that as "We should get Kiyoshi pregnant in the future?"

I mean if we can make girls Futas who says we can't make a guy a Futa and knock Kiyoshi up with the tenatacle monster.
No. 28254
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.

This might let him get to interact more with humanoid youkai or others, considering it was mentioned his crush is a character.
No. 28259
Mpreg bad.

I'd rather have Remilia get Reimu pregnant, if her uterus must be a revolving door.
No. 28264

Oh, god, thanks for reminding me that's actually a thing.
No. 28267
Calling it for
[x] Ask Kiyoshi to stay here today and mind the house. He's a fine cook, from what you've seen.
No. 28274
At least here it'd be because the man in question is now a hermaphrodite, with a functioning vagina, and not because somehow the anus connects to a non-existant uterus.
No. 28275

Yeah, not happening. Not in this story.
No. 28280
File 135727300152.jpg - (420.03KB , 1070x818 , 20.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You can cook for yourself, right, Kiyoshi? There should be plenty of food, and it'd only be for two meals.”

“Yeah. I think I can manage. So you're leaving now?”

“Yup. I need to get there as early as I can. Sorry about leaving like this; I'll try to make it up to you when I get back, okay?” You give him a quick kiss on the lips, followed by a big hug, and leave the shrine. He waves at you as you fly away, so you turn around for a second to wave back before heading to the mansion. You hurry straight to the mansion, eager to get to your luxurious breakfast.

The early morning air is already quite warm, but quickly turns chilly as you fly over the misty lake. Today promises to be another hot day, like all the others, but at least now you can take a dip in the lake to cool yourself off. You wonder if your old friend is around anywhere. It wasn't very interested in you last time, though, so it probably doesn't matter.

You land near the mansion and walk up to the gate. Strange, Meiling doesn't seem to be around for once. A small group of fairies comes into view as you walk closer. Presumably, they're the replacement guards, but they're paying about as much attention as you'd expect. It's amazing that they even bothered to stay anywhere near the gate.

One of them finally notices you once you're halfway to the mansion's entrance. She takes off towards you, and her six friends trail along once they see what she's up to. They all land in a circle around you, with the one who saw your first stopping directly in front of you. They're all dressed modestly, but they aren't wearing the normal mansion uniform. All of them are pretty short and frail-looking as well, which is also odd, as normally it's the larger fairies that end up helping Meiling guard the gate. She probably helps them work out, as well.

“Stop! No one is allowed inside!” The “head fairy” in front of you speaks up, her voice full of false bravado. She's not shaking in her boots or anything, but it's clear that she's just repeating what she was told.

“I'm allowed inside.” The fairy wasn't expecting any resistance, and it takes her a few seconds to figure out how to respond. She's definitely new at this. Even if there are seven of them, they couldn't hope to stop you or anyone else.

“No one is allowed inside! Orders from the mistress!”

“No, I'm going inside. You're welcome to try and stop me.” You pause for effect and point your gohei at the fairy menacingly. She gets the message and lets out a small cry before you interrupt her. “But keep in mind that not even Remilia was able to stop me when she tried. You are not even a real guard. Do you really want to try me?”

“No! Please, go on ahead!” Two of the other fairies fly off in a fright, but the rest just stay where they are, not wanting to abandon their friends.

“Excellent. But first, where is Meiling? And the other guards? You really aren't cut out for guard duty. Uh, no offense.” You try to ask nicely, but the poor girl is so worked up from your threats that she shakes and stammers as she answers you. Maybe you overdid it a little.

“M-Meiling is inside conducting training. The regular guards are, um, busy.” A vague answer, but good enough. You will need to find Meiling to let her know that you're here, but meeting with Remilia is more important. If she's inside somewhere, you should run into her eventually, even if you don't explicitly seek her out.

“Thank you. Um, keep up the good work, girls.” You leave the fairies behind and open the door to the mansion.

An overpowering smell of sex assaults you as you step inside. A scene of chaos reveals itself as you look about the mansion. Several fairies are up against the wall or on the floor, having their cunts mercilessly pounded by naked men. Others are resting, fresh cum dripping from their holes. Despite the small frames of most of the fairies, all of them easily receive the full length of the cocks entering them. Judging by the cries of pleasure echoing throughout the mansion and the looks on the faces of the few that are facing you, it's clear that they're experiencing no discomfort from the relatively huge shafts entering their bodies. Most of the sex is one-on-one, but three lucky men are sampling a pair of fairies each.

You definitely like what Remilia has done with the place.

Splotches of cum and other sexual fluids appear on every surface of the foyer, but a handful of fairies are walking around making some token effort to clean the place. Many of the cleaners are bottomless, and some even have cum stains on their ass or pussy, but a few are fully clothed. The cleaners only serve to add to the insanity of the situation, as they carefully step over their busy colleagues to wipe off one cum stain, knowing full well that it'll be replaced with a new one in another minute or so.

To your left, a fairy cries out as she orgasms from her partner ejaculating inside of her tight cunt. She slumps down to the ground and closes her eyes, fully spent from the orgasm. The man removes his penis from her and wipes it off on her bare thighs. Without any pause, he walks up to one of the bottomless cleaning fairies and strokes her ass. She responds eagerly by setting down her mop and bending over, allowing the man to shove his cock into her ass. She's pretty big for a fairy, but the ease with which she accepted that man's cock is impressive, to say the least. Come to think of it, all the fairies involved in this orgy are above average by your standards, while the few clothed ones are on the smaller side. It makes sense, but you hadn't noticed it until now.

The scene before you is making you understandably horny, but you did come to the mansion for a reason. You also need to see Remilia about bringing Meiling home with you tonight. No one in the room appears to have noticed you yet. Everyone is understandably preoccupied, but you doubt that they'd object if you tried to join in.

[ ] Go see Remilia first. Business first, pleasure later.
[ ] Track down Meiling. You also need to talk to her, and you'd like to see how she's doing anyway.
[ ] Find Sakuya. She's always around somewhere.
[ ] Head to the library and meet Patchouli.
[ ] Pay a visit to Koakuma.
[ ] Join in on the orgy here.
- [ ] Take some men for yourself.
- [ ] Clean off some of the fairies. With your tongue.
- [ ] Both. The more, the merrier.
No. 28281
[x] Track down Meiling. You also need to talk to her, and you'd like to see how she's doing anyway.
No. 28283
[x] Go see Remilia first. Business first, pleasure later.

Eye on the ball. Plenty of time for bullshit later.
No. 28284
Oh god, what the hell is this?
No. 28285
[x] Track down Meiling. You also need to talk to her, and you'd like to see how she's doing anyway.
No. 28293
[x] Go see Remilia first. Business first, pleasure later.

Going around the master of the house isn't very courteous.
>Oh god, what the hell is this?
Remilia making use of her food supply~
No. 28296
[X] Go see Remilia first. Business first, pleasure later.
[X] Pay a visit to Koakuma.
Wonder what Koa thinks of the changes Can't help but think she doesn't approve of men who can't even enjoy proper tea or a good book.

You're already thinking of what I'm thinking... Bad times man. Bad times
No. 28318
[x] Go see Remilia first. Business first, pleasure later.
No. 28355
Calling it for
[x] Go see Remilia first. Business first, pleasure later.
No. 28365
File 135753230196.png - (742.89KB , 800x600 , sakuya_0_0.png ) [iqdb]
It's proper to introduce yourself to the mistress of the house first. There will be plenty of time to join in on the unending orgy around you later. You carefully step through the foyer, making sure to avoid the occasional unconscious maid or random man. The participants of the orgy continue to ignore you, despite your luscious body, short skirt, and display of cleavage. It's unusual, but probably not any more unusual than there being an orgy here in the first place.

Your pussy is soaked by the time you escape the room and close the door behind you. The smell alone is intoxicating, but the sight and sound of so many young girls being violated is almost too much to bear. You'll just need to milk Remilia's cock that much more to make up for that display. The hallway immediately in front of you is free of sex-crazed people and is mostly clean, but you spot some dried semen on the corners of the walls when you examine them closer. Why was that orgy even going on in the foyer? Sure, it's a large room and well suited to holding the sixty or so people that were involved, but normally Remilia is a lot more classy than that.

As you walk towards Remilia's room, you come into earshot of another group having sex. It's nothing near as involved as the orgy, just the occasional “so good” or “harder, yes!” and moaning, so it's probably just two people going at it privately. So the sex isn't limited to the foyer, that's just where most of it is happening.

Sure enough, you find the group after another minute. It's just one guy mercilessly plowing a single large fairy against the wall. Both of their faces are flush, and it's clear they've been going at it for a while. The bottom of the fairy's uniform is entirely missing, while the top half has been pushed down to reveal a pair of modest milky-white breasts. Like all of the others, these two ignore you entirely. At least this time it's reasonable; any concerns of modesty have long been abolished in this house, and each participant is too engrossed in their partner to pay any attention to the newcomer.

Well, you can't watch them all day. As you walk past, an idea suddenly strikes you, and you decide to give the man's bare ass a decent, encouraging smack. He looks around, startled by your touch but without pausing his thrusts, and immediately turns back towards his fairy once he notices you. Odd behavior, but nothing worth stressing over. You can just ask Remilia about it; maybe she told them not to do anything to you.

You finally reach Remilia's door without encountering any more debauchery. Finally, it's time to taste her delicious cock.

“Good morning, Reimu.” Sakuya steps in front of Remilia's door from the side and greets you with a little curtsy. “It is good to see you again.”

“Oh, good morning Sakuya.”

“You are here to see Lady Remilia, correct?” Sakuya correctly guesses your intention without giving you a chance to make small talk with her. “I am sorry, but she is asleep right now and is not to be disturbed.”

“You can't just let me in? I only need to talk to her.” You do only need to talk to her. You're certain that Remilia would be so overjoyed to see you that she'd shove her cock into you of her own accord.

“Absolutely not.” Figures. “I wouldn't be much of a servant if I didn't do my job just because someone asked politely, now would I?”

“But it's me. Are you really going to deny your master her morning gift of Reimu?” ...She's not buying it. “Okay, well, when will she wake up?”

“That is not for me to decide. Lady Remilia did have a long day, so I expect her to wish to remain undisturbed for several more hours. I can inform you when she wakes, if you wish, but that is all. You will not disturb her this morning.”

[ ] Force your way through.
[ ] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.
[ ] You're still horny. If you can't get to Remilia, help yourself to some maid.
No. 28366
[x] Force your way through.
Miko on a mission.
No. 28368
[x] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.
Can it have semen in it? Or on it, or even around it?
No. 28369
[x] Force your way through.

>Lady Remilia did have a long day, so I expect her to wish to remain undisturbed for several more hours.
>I expect
Sakuya expects? Did Remilia not say she wishes to be undisturbed? Suspicious! That "did" sounds like someone trying to make an excuse to me.

I like the way you integrate Reimu's thoughts into the conversation. And Reimu's thoughts in general.
No. 28375
[x] Force your way through

Stage 5 all over again. I expect nonsensical banter and danmaku.
No. 28376
I think of that Reimu should wear something like Koumajou version, even it is still looks like a shrine maiden.
Why? Because once I made a cosplay as Koumajou Reimu, ended up that find out the skirt was too short and "Cirno" raised up it. She said that I can even see your panties when I sit up while you are standing before me.
No. 28382
no no, she expects Remilia wants to be left alone for several more hours. The message is clear, the timeframe is not.
No. 28386
[x] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.
No. 28387
[x] You're still horny. If you can't get to Remilia, help yourself to some maid.
[x] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.

Fuck a maid while you get food. It's Win Win!
No. 28388
[x] You're still hungry. make Sakuya for dinner.
No. 28391
I'd like to read another non-H scene.

[x] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.
No. 28392
[ ] You're still horny. If you can't get to Remilia, help yourself to some maid.
No. 28394
[x] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.
No. 28414
Calling it for

[x] You're still hungry. Have Sakuya make you something to eat.
No. 28422
File 135770642482.png - (1.25MB , 1128x1890 , d2e7ca5e01ab4b216706ee45d72a26dc.png ) [iqdb]
“Fine, if you won't let me see Remilia, can you at least make me something to eat? I haven't had breakfast yet.”

“Certainly. You are still a guest, even if you weren't invited. What would you like?”

“I'm not picky. Anything that you make is bound to be delicious.”

“Blood pudding and bloodied eggs with blood sauce it is.”

“Okay, I guess I'm a little bit picky. Please make something fit for human consumption, Sakuya.” Her face remains straight during the whole conversation. You can only hope that she was joking there. What are bloodied eggs supposed to be, anyway?

Sakuya leads you back down the same hallway you came from. You pass the pair of horny animals again, just in time for the man to orgasm and fill the girl's pussy with his overflowing semen. The two of them gently fall to the floor, the fairy lying against the man's naked body as she rests in his embrace. They still pay no attention to you or even to Sakuya, and Sakuya returns the indifference. You expected Sakuya to order her to stop fooling around and clean the entire mansion, or for the fairy to stammer and apologize as she desperately tries to think up an excuse for being naked. That's usually how the Sakuya-fairy interactions in the mansion go, although without the fairy being naked.

“Here we are. Please wait a moment while I prepare some human food for you.” She opens the door at the end of one of the hallways to a small room with a plain tables and some chairs set up, then heads off into another connected room that you assume is a kitchen. There's nothing else to do, so you take a seat at the table and wait for her return. The room is really plain relative to the rest of the mansion; this room might be intended for servant use normally.

“Sorry for the wait.” Sakuya returns after a few minutes, as quickly as you'd expect, carrying several dishes of various foods and sets them on the table in front of you. It's a more western breakfast than you're used to, but you did tell her that you aren't picky. The wonderful smell of the cooked meal drifts into the air and makes your mouth water, and the flawless presentation just makes everything look even more scrumptious. Even the stuff you don't recognize at all looks delicious.

You start with the scrambled eggs, as they're the closest to what you'd normally eat, and take a bite. They're nice and fluffy, perfectly cooked with just a hint of butter to them. You nod emphatically and take a few more bites, then move on to the toast. Nicely browned with a thin spread of sweet strawberry jam on the top makes it another exquisite meal. It's definitely a good thing you decided to wait to eat.

“Is everything to your liking, Reimu?” Actually, now that she mentions it...

“No, not quite. Something is missing. Something very important.”

She seems genuinely surprised by your comment, but fortunately not insulted. “And what is missing, Reimu? Is it anything I can fix?”

“Yes, of course. What's missing is...” You pause for effect, and to take a bite out of these chopped and fried potatoes. They're not something you recognize, but they're certainly delicious. “Conversation. I can't just sit here and eat by myself while a maid watches me with hunger in her eyes, longing to taste just one bite of the luxurious feast she prepared.”

“I wasn't-” Of course she wasn't; she has the same stoic look she always has. You're sure she had her own breakfast (or maybe it's lunch for her?) earlier today.

“So I insist that you sit down and join me for this meal. And make pleasant conversation, including, but not limited to, small talk and topics about yourself.”

“Reimu, it is not my place to-”

“Sakuya, I am a friend and guest of your mistress, Remilia Scarlet, and I insist that you show me proper hospitality by sitting down and talking with me!” She finally listens to you and sits down opposite you. “Also, you gotta have some of these potatoes. They're great! What're they called?”

“Hash browns, Reimu. So, what did you want to talk about?” Sakuya grabs a fork and scoops up some of the hash browns, then delicately brings them to her mouth. She doesn't share your enthusiasm about the taste, but you suppose that's to be expected if she's able to eat like this every day.

“Anything. If you can't think of any topics, I'll come up with one. For example, I couldn't help but notice that there was a massive orgy going on in the foyer when I came in. So what's the deal with that?”

“Milady decided that her staff needs to be ready to relieve her desires at any point, and mandated that all of the able-bodied fairies have sex with several different men daily. That way they gain experience in accepting and pleasing a man's organ, and the men can determine which fairies are most pleasurable to lay with. I believe this was your idea, actually.” Indeed, it was. Remilia certainly took it a lot further than you had anticipated.

“Oh ho ho, so I take it she's finally able to appreciate my little gift. Has she stopped trying to have it removed? Oh, and what are these?”

“Sausages. Yes, she stopped trying to have it removed. She figured out that you were lying with whatever you told her a few days ago, and was pretty upset for a while, but she seems to be over it now.” That's good to hear, at least. You didn't expect that little lie to last long, anyway. “She is enjoying having a penis and samples her maids several times a day. It is her wish, so I cannot oppose it, but it is getting in the way of my cleaning. Fairies have never been very useful as servants, but before now they didn't actively make messes all over the mansion. Even I cannot keep up with the constant emission of sexual fluids.”

“And you? Have you joined in on that massive orgy yet?” The mental picture of Sakuya being triple penetrated while several guys stand over her and masturbate onto her maid outfit, staining it with their thick cum, is too delicious to pass up. She's probably not anywhere close to ready for a triple penetration, but you'd still love to see the normally calm and collected Sakuya going at it like a wild beast.

“No. I have not, and am forbidden to do so. Milady insists that she will be the one to take my virginity when I am ready, but also says that it is not yet time. I believe that was also an idea of yours.”

“It was. Perhaps I can help you become ready, Sakuya.”

“Yes. Thank you. Please do. It is quite troublesome, the way things are now.” She pauses and takes another bite out of a piece of toast. “Every day, every hour, all around me I see a constant scene of depravity. My subordinates are all having their cute little bodies pounded by thick penises that appear too large for their bodies, but they gladly take them in and cry out in ecstasy as their bodies are filled to the brim. Everything around me makes me yearn for this forbidden fruit. I've even begun masturbating as I work, but it's never enough to satisfy me. I need Milady's penis inside of me; but any will do, just to scratch this constant itch.”

She definitely needs your help. You should be able to talk to Remilia and insist that Sakuya is ready for her, but there's no harm in having a little fun with her first. She needs to preserve her virginity, but having sex with another girl is fine. You've already slept with her, after all. But first, you need to finish eating this delicious feast.

Other breakfast topics: (pick what you like, but please don't go overboard.)
[ ] Ask Sakuya about <character>. How does she feel about the constant sex going on?
[ ] The men and fairies seem to be ignoring you entirely. Maybe Sakuya knows why.
[ ] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.
[ ] Ask Sakuya to describe one of her masturbation sessions. Purely for research purposes.
[ ] Write in.
No. 28423
[X] Ask Sakuya about <Koakuma>. How does she feel about the constant sex going on?
[X] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.
[X] Suggest Sex with yourself and Possibly Koakuma (Dependent on response to first question)

We know Patchouli is godawful at sex and the best teacher (other than Reimu) is Koakuma.
No. 28428
[X] Ask Sakuya about <Flandre>. How does she feel about the constant sex going on?
[X] Offer private tutelage, using Patchouli as an assistant.
No. 28435
To clarify, this vote is for stuff to talk about. There'll be another vote afterwards for how to "help" Sakuya.
No. 28437
Gotcha then as >>28423 Changing vote to
[X] Ask Sakuya about <Koakuma>. How does she feel about the constant sex going on?
[X] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.

In part I'm curious how our refined succubus thinks about this turn of events
No. 28441
[X] Ask Sakuya about <Koakuma>. How does she feel about the constant sex going on?
[X] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.
No. 28442
Oh well then change my second entry here >>28428 to
[x] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.
No. 28443
[x] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.
[x] Ask Sakuya to describe one of her masturbation sessions. Purely for research purposes.
No. 28473
Calling it for
[x] She can't sleep with men, but women are fine. Ask her if she's been with anyone besides yourself.
[X] Ask Sakuya about Koakuma. How does she feel about the constant sex going on?
No. 28476
File 135796408477.jpg - (176.67KB , 600x834 , df6edda86222fbc6ff05626899d249be.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Have you slept with anyone? If you've only been forbidden from losing your virginity, then having sex with another woman should be fine. Have you tried non-penetrative sex with Remilia?”

“No, not with Remilia. She refuses to do anything with me.”

“Really? She may have a penis, but she still has a perfectly good tongue that she could use on you. I bet she'd enjoy it too. Anyone else? The multitude of maids, perhaps?”

“I did try something with one of the maids a bit ago. One of the first graduates from the training program. She was terrible at it. I ordered her to lick my pussy, hoping for an experience similar to what you gave me. Despite her hunger for sexual pleasure, she had no interest whatsoever in attending to me. She only did exactly what I told her, and would not experiment in any way. I pushed her aside after a few minutes of her inept bumbling. All of the maids are like that now, and are only interested in having a penis inside of them.”

“Really? I was planning on having some fun with the maids while I'm here. They're that bad, huh?” Actually, you had spent some time with two big fairies on your first trip, and they seemed pretty receptive to you. You wonder how they're doing now. “Anyone else? Plenty of other girls in this mansion.”

“Meiling, a few times. She's been busy training the fairies, but I've managed to borrow her for some nights. She's a nice girl with a wonderful body and has plenty of experience, unlike those useless maids. And she's producing milk, just like you. It tastes amazing.” Sakuya pauses for a second to reminisce about her times with Meiling, a smile forming on her face as she imagines drinking her breast milk. She opens her eyes after half a minute and resumes talking. “I didn't have a chance to be with her yesterday or the day before. She's been a great help in relieving the tension, but every day just leaves me desiring more and more, so it's troublesome if I can't have her relieve me at least once a day.”

“Okay, so you have found someone other than your hand. Is she good at it? Can she take away your desires, at least while you're with her?”

“Yes. She is quite skilled with her tongue and hands. I can tell it's not the same as what the fairies are experiencing, so the urges to join them never go away, but they're bearable when I'm with her. I wish I could return the favor, but Meiling insists on being the active partner and won't teach me to pleasure her. I could force myself on her, but without her instruction I have no confidence in being able to bring her to orgasm.”

“Well, it's not too bad to just let her have her way with you. Maybe she just enjoys eating pussy?” You scoop up the last of the egg and swallow it. Sakuya has mostly finished eating; she still takes the occasional bite out of a piece of toast, but leaves the rest for you. Not that the remaining food will last you much longer, but you can still get another topic out of her.

“Going back to the subject of the orgy, what does Koakuma think about it? I spoke with her on my first trip, and she seems like the type that would be aghast at the state of the mansion now.”

“Koakuma? Who?”

“Patchouli's assistant. I guess she spends most of her time in the library. Beautiful girl; big tits, long red hair, wings on her back and head, spaded tail. Haven't you seen her?”

“Oh. Her. Yes, I know whom you're referring to. I wasn't aware of her name. Or that she had a name at all. I've never spoken with her, so you probably have a better idea of her reaction than I do. But I don't think she would necessarily take it that badly; Lady Patchouli is certainly opposed to the idea as well, and insists that none of the men are to enter the library without supervision. Lady Remilia listened to her friend and forbade the men from entering as well. The maids weren't forbidden, but they're mostly only interested in going where the men are anyway. So I imagine Koakuma is aware of the change in the mansion, but does not actually have to worry about any of the effects.”

“Ah, thank you. I was wondering how she was holding up. You should definitely get to know her. I'm sure the two of you would get along, and she's also an amazing fuck. She's a succubus, if you weren't aware.” You finish the last of the sausages and thank Sakuya for the amazing meal. Now it's time to return the favor and help relieve some of her sexual tension. You're planning on trying to convince Remilia to take her virginity soon, but giving Sakuya some educational tips or introducing her to a new playmate would still be helpful.

[ ] Ask Sakuya to masturbate for you while you observe.
[ ] Help Sakuya masturbate.
[ ] Have sex with Sakuya yourself.
[ ] Bring Sakuya to Meiling. Let her relieve Sakuya's stress.
[ ] Patchouli might be able to offer some assistance.
[ ] Introduce her to Koakuma now.
No. 28478
[x] Patchouli might be able to offer some assistance.
Ha ha time for bad doujin dialogue.
No. 28479
[x] Patchouli might be able to offer some assistance.

Sure, why not?
No. 28480
[X] Patchouli might be able to offer some assistance.
[X] Introduce her to Koakuma now.

Well They're both in the Library so why not kill two birds with one stone?
No. 28481
[†] Patchouli might be able to offer some assistance.
[†] Introduce her to Koakuma now.
No. 28482

One girl at a time, please. I might have a follow up afterwards, but this vote at least is one or the other.
No. 28497
[x] Introduce her to Koakuma now.

I like Koakuma in general, and this Koakuma in particular. She also seems like she'd be slightly more receptive than Patchouli.
No. 28499
[x] Ask Sakuya to masturbate for you while you observe.
[x] Help Sakuya masturbate.
No. 28502
Okay as >>28480 I'm switching to
[X] Introduce her to Koakuma now.
No. 28512

Switch to Koa too.
No. 28514
[x] Help Sakuya masturbate.
No. 28517
Calling it for:
[x] Introduce her to Koakuma now.

Also, you can delete your posts if you need to change your vote. Please try to do so if you're able.
No. 28530
It's kinda interesting that this rather interesting take on Koakuma is a Succubus comes on setting where she might be one of the least sex crazed characters we've run into (Only Patchouli has the lowest libedo we've run into)

Still I think Sakuya's gonna be in good hands with Koakuma. It will probably be the most proper and refined lesbian sex between a maid and succubus I can think of with breaks for tea and discussion.
No. 28538
File 13584838218.jpg - (313.24KB , 600x700 , 5a3b88cf2771d85336366b5674d7b387.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Actually, why don't I introduce her to you now? I can guarantee that she'll whisk away all of your tension.” Sakuya immediately agrees to your proposal, trusting your assessment of Koakuma's sexual prowess, and leads you to the library. You pass another two groups of maids getting nailed but you pay them no mind. By now, they've just started blending in with the ornate furniture throughout the mansion.

Sakuya closes the large double doors behind her and all sounds of depravity instantly cease. The dimly lit passages of the library seem like another world compared to the insanity outside. It's just as you remember from all your other trips: dark, dusty, and quiet. Patchouli and Koakuma are somewhere within this labyrinth, but you can't see any signs of life from here.

“Well, she's in here somewhere. It didn't take me too long to find her before, and now there's two of us, so maybe if we split up -”

“There's no need. Miss Koakuma is about 400 feet to your left. Follow me; I will lead you to her.” You have no idea how Sakuya figured that out, but she is Sakuya. Maybe she just stopped time and combed the entire library in an instant. However she did it, it's a lot easier than trying to find her yourself.

You follow Sakuya and she quickly brings you to the red haired girl. She's standing in front of one of the bookcases with her back to you, softly humming to herself as she works.

“Pardon me, Miss Koakuma?” Startled, Koakuma turns around as Sakuya calls out to her.

“Oh! Good morning, Miss Sakuya. And Miss Reimu.” She gives both of you a small curtsy before continuing. “It certainly is unusual to see you within the library. Ah, but where are my manners? Would you two like to join me for tea?”

“Of course, it would be my pleasure. It's nice to finally meet you. I don't believe we've ever had a real chance to talk.”

“Indeed, we have not. Please excuse me while I prepare the tea. It'll just be a moment.” Koakuma leads you to a small table with three seats close to a wall with no bookcases on it. She gives the two of you another curtsy and walks off to prepare the tea. With nothing to talk about, you and Sakuya wait in silence for Koakuma to return.

“Sorry for the wait. Here you are, Miss Sakuya.” Koakuma returns with a full tea set and sets down an ornate porcelain teacup and some cakes for all of you. She then pours tea for Sakuya, herself, and finally you. You pour a little cream into the tea and take a sip once Koakuma has seated; it's delicious, just as you remember.

“You are here to have sex with me, correct?” Sakuya doesn't seem the least bit surprised by Koakuma's sudden and direct question and simply smiles in return.

“Yes. Reimu recommended you, and said you should be able to help me with my problem. I'm sure that you're aware of the current state of the rest of the mansion, even if it doesn't have much impact on the library.”

“I am quite aware of Lady Remilia's latest whim. Lady Patchouli shares my opinion and forbade those men from entering, but that hasn't stopped the twit from clamoring about wanting to join the fairy maids in the debauchery. But why has that brought you here?”

“The constant scenes of sex are wreaking havoc on my body, but Lady Remilia has forbidden me from laying with a man to relieve myself. This constant need for sex is very unusual for me, and is proving to be difficult to resist. Masturbation helps but is not enough to stop the cravings. In short, I need a woman I can sleep with. If I cannot find an outlet for my desire, I may wind up forcing myself upon a man. Remilia would be very disappointed if that were to happen.”

“Indeed, and that would be bad for everyone in the mansion. So, Reimu suggested that you sleep with me because I have a penis but am not a man?”


“No, the intent was for you to have lesbian sex with Sakuya.” You decide to interject to avoid any confusion. Sakuya's restriction is on penises, not actually men. Besides, those two keep skirting around the issue and won't just come out and say “I want you to fuck me until I can't move” or anything else as simple as that. “She'd also appreciate it if you could teach her a little about cunnilingus, breast fondling, and maybe even masturbation. She's new at this and could benefit from your experience; if you're willing to teach her, of course. The priority is to fuck her to relieve her pent up stress so she can concentrate on being a maid.”

“I see. Is this accurate, Sakuya?” Sakuya nods in response, now that you've said everything that needs to be said. It's so much easier your way. “Very well. If that's what you need, I can certainly help. But first, we need to finish our tea and snacks.”

“Oh, of course. I wouldn't dream of interrupting tea time.” The two of them make small talk as they slowly drink their tea. You remain silent for the most part, more interested in the delicious tea and cakes than in having a conversation. That, and stealing looks at Koakuma's voluptuous body. Koakuma seems to have taken a liking to Sakuya and lets out a charming laugh a few times from whatever they're discussing. You aren't paying any attention to the conversation, and both girls seem to have already tuned you out. Just as well, as you don't really have anything to say.

Koakuma stands up once both girls have finished their tea and snacks and walks over to Sakuya, then extends her hand invitingly. “Are you ready now, Sakuya? We can begin any time. Would you prefer we go to my bedroom, or is here fine? We won't have any company in either location, except for Reimu, if that is a consideration.”

Sakuya takes her hand and uses it to stand up next to the demoness. “Yes, I'm ready. Here is fine. A bedroom would be more comfortable, but I will not always have that luxury. It'll be better to get used to a hard floor sooner rather than later. I have only a little experience, so please guide me.”

Koakuma laughs softly at Sakuya's enthusiasm and glides her hand along Sakuya's cheek. “Not to worry, my dear. Just leave everything to me and follow my instructions. First, we need to get those clothes off of you.” Koakuma slowly undresses Sakuya and removes her apron, blouse, and skirt, leaving her in just her white lacy underwear. She runs her hands along Sakuya's exposed skin, paying special attention to her breasts, midriff, and thighs as she appraises the pale maid. Sakuya stays almost perfectly still as she is fondled; a slight increase in her breathing the only sign that she realizes she's being touched. “Beautiful,” Koakuma says as she finishes her examination, “you have a wonderful body, Sakuya. I'm looking forward to our session.”

With that, Koakuma quickly but delicately removes her vest, blouse and skirt, revealing her own black lacy underwear. Koakuma is by far the sexier of the two, with breathtaking curves that are perfectly accentuated by both her posture and her revealing underwear. Her ears and tail complement her devilish appeal, naturally drawing attention towards her luscious lips and hips. Sakuya, on the other hand, has much more modest curves and underwear, and carries herself perfectly straight – fitting for an elegant maid, but does little for her sex appeal. However, her flawless, pale skin and balanced facial features give her a nearly unearthly beauty. She lacks the raw eroticism of a succubus, but even you can appreciate her gorgeous features. If only she'd smile more.

“Now, we need to get you ready. Sit down on the floor, Sakuya.” Sakuya obeys the order wordlessly. Koakuma places her hands on Sakuya's shoulders and slides her bra straps to the side. She then vigorously rubs her shoulders, causing Sakuya to cry out from the sudden stimulation. “You're very tense, Sakuya. You need to relax before we can continue. Just let me work all of the stress out of your body.” Koakuma continues the vicious massage, ignoring the victim's occasional outcry.

“W-What does this have to do with sex? Is this really necessary?”

“It's skinship. Besides, my goal is to remove your stress; sex is simply one way of doing this. You'll be able to appreciate my body more fully if I help relax you first. This won’t take much longer, and you’ll feel better once I stop.” Koakuma moves onto Sakuya’s back and arms, rubbing them with the same fervor. Her methods certainly seem like they’d hurt, although Sakuya’s cries seem to be more from discomfort than actual pain. “There. Now, we can begin.”


Miss Koakuma gently guides you onto your back as you gasp from air from her excessive massage. It feels like all the energy was drained from your body, but in a good way. The constant desire to be filled has been suppressed by her skilled hands, although you assume only temporarily. She climbs on top of you, pressing her full breasts against yours, and plants several kisses on your lips. You’re too dazed from that massage to react, leaving you like putty in her hands. Her tongue slides into your mouth after a few seconds, wrapping around yours as she gently explores your mouth. She breaks the kiss, leaving you hungry for more, and pulls your bra down to focus on your breasts. You moan softly as she rubs your mounds with both hands and flicks her tongue against your left nipple.

She doesn’t linger and moves further down, sliding your panties off your crotch and leaving them at your right foot. Her tongue immediately moves to your pussy, roughly licking your sensitive labia and occasionally flicking against your erect clit. She’s nothing like the useless fairies; she seems to instinctively know exactly where to touch you and genuinely enjoys licking up your juices. The unfamiliar sensation forces you to moan and squirm in place as the pleasure overpowers you, breaking what little remains of your composure.

You grind your hips against Miss Koakuma’s face, desperately trying to drive her tongue deeper into your body. She alternates between short periods of heavy licking and longer periods of light teasing, further amplifying your desire for release. Her tongue slide deep into your drenched pussy, causing you to moan loudly and arch your back from your first proper orgasm in days. You notice Miss Koakuma standing up and discarding her bra and panties out of the corner of your eye as you bask in the afterglow. Her gorgeous breasts and damp pussy are on full display for you.

“I'm glad you enjoyed that so much.” Koakuma leans down and gives you a quick kiss on the lips, sharing some of your pussy juice with you. You lick your lips to taste your arousal. “Now it's your turn to do the same to me. I'll instruct you as needed, but if you just think about what you'd enjoy, you should do fine. Are you ready now, or do you need more time?”

There’s no way you could possibly wait. You sit up immediately and cup Miss Koakuma’s breasts with both hands. The softness feels amazing to touch, despite how firm and perky they are, and the tangible weight from their size fills you with lust. She purrs softly as you take a nipple into your mouth and lightly suck on it, hoping to taste her succulent milk. Strange, none is coming out, despite suckling for several seconds. Meiling and Reimu both let out ample milk for you to enjoy, but maybe she doesn’t have any for you. Such a shame, as you’re sure her milk would be amazing. You give up on suckling and switch to alternating between planting kisses on and licking her voluptuous mound. She wraps her arms around you and loosely embraces you, just enough to hold you without restricting your movement. That’s right, you need to take the lead here. You enjoyed it when she played with your breasts, but the next step felt much better.

You move down to Miss Koakuma's beautiful pink pussy. She adjusts her position to give you easier access to her slit, leaning back and using her arms to support herself. You place your hands on her luscious thighs to steady yourself and lean towards her crotch, sticking your bottom out into the air. She moans softly as you give her outer folds a quick lick. You're actually able to make another girl feel good. Meiling wouldn't give you much opportunity the few times you had sex with her, so being able to return the favor is quite exhilarating for you. You give her clit an experimental lick, causing her to quiver from the pleasure. She gives you some advice between moans, but you're too engrossed in tasting her to do any more than subconsciously obey her. The taste of her wet pussy is intoxicating, and you greedily lap up her overflowing juices. Her moans grow louder and louder as you continue your relentless assault, finally culminating in a powerful orgasm that shakes her entire body and causes her pussy to spray some of her juice onto your face. You wipe your face off and lick the juices off your hand while Miss Koakuma lays against the floor, smiling from the orgasm.

Miss Koakuma doesn't stay on the floor for long. She sits up and embraces you, holding your body against her voluptuous breasts. “Mmm, thank you for that. You did a wonderful job. There's no need for you to have a tutor. With enough practice you'll be able to bring any woman to orgasm.” Her left hand moves to your bare bottom while her right squeezes your breast. “But that's not all you came down here for, after all. You haven't had enough to be freed from your excessive desire. Besides, it'd be rude to stop before she finishes, wouldn't it?” Miss Koakuma directs your attention to your left, where Reimu is shamelessly fingering herself with her legs spread wide open. She's panting heavily, close to orgasm, but pumping the two fingers she's using slowly. It would seem that she's waiting for you and Miss Koakuma to resume before bringing herself to climax. You owe Reimu a lot for all that she's taught you, so it is only proper that you reward her with a little display. Besides, Miss Koakuma is right: you do want another round with her.

You answer her by slipping your tongue into her mouth. She returns the kiss and twists her tongue around yours, letting both of you sample your juices off the other's tongue and lips. You moan into her mouth as she sucks on your lips, eager to taste you. After a few more seconds of involved kissing she gently pushes you back down against the floor. Instead of continuing to kiss, she turns around and resumes licking your pussy. Her slit is hanging right above your face, just begging for you to return the favor. You wrap your arms around her body to hold her close and slide your tongue deep into her folds. She shudders momentarily from the stimulation but quickly recovers and resumes licking you.

She already came once from your tongue, but you want to do more for this woman. You take your index finger and slowly slide it into her, gauging her reaction to figure out how to please her. Reimu had you do this when she had sex with you, but you haven't had a chance to practice since then. Still, from the way she's grinding her hips against your finger, you're pretty sure she's enjoying this. You slide a second finger inside of her as you lick her entrance and clit. She moans softly as she eats you out, the pleasure making it difficult to return the favor, but you force yourself to concentrate on her body. It simply wouldn't be fair to let her do all the work.

Her body tenses up as you wiggle your fingers around inside of her. You're almost at your limit, but you try to hold your orgasm back until she's ready. Just a little bit more should do it. You suck on her clit and quickly pump both fingers in and out of her pussy right before your limit is reached. She cums with you, her moans joining with yours as her entire body quivers, and then collapses on top of you.


You slide a third finger into your drenched cunt and increase your pace, bringing yourself to orgasm just after the two women cum together. Your moans are drowned out by theirs, and the two girls pant loudly well after they finish cumming. You slide your fingers out of your pussy and slowly lick the juices off them, then pull your panties back up.

Koakuma is the first to recover, and sits up by Sakuya's side. She runs her fingers through Sakuya's hair and lightly scratches her head for a few minutes before helping her up. The second orgasm seems to have completely drained Sakuya, making it difficult for her to even stand on her own. Koakuma fixes her bra and panties by herself, and Sakuya has recovered enough by then to help with the rest of her clothes. Once her apron is tied, Koakuma gives her a quick kiss on the lips. “So, how do you feel now?”

Sakuya smiles and returns the kiss, hugging the nude girl for a second as she presses their lips together. “I feel amazing. It's like all the weight has been taken off my shoulders. Thank you so much, Miss Koakuma.” She gives her a full bow, then turns towards you and bows again. “And you, Reimu. Thank you for all that you've done for me.” Huh? Did you do something? You give her a noncommittal response, not really sure what she's thanking you for. Koakuma did the work here; you just introduced them.

“That's good to hear. Please, feel free to visit whenever you wish. We'll have to do that again sometime.” Koakuma giggles softly with her offer.

“Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you for the invitation. Goodbye.” With that, Sakuya turns and walks towards the exit of the library. You've finished your business with Sakuya, at least until lunchtime, so you let her leave without you.

Now, what to do next. There's a naked succubus in front of you, or you could see what Patchouli's up to, or finally get around to talking with Meiling, or maybe-

“Reimu. I believe we have business to discuss.” Koakuma interrupts your train of thought with a sudden demand. “Have you read anything since your last visit, like I suggested? Or done anything else with your time besides screwing like an animal? Or am I going to need to punish you now?”

[ ] Yes. You read The Humans and Other Travesties.
[ ] Nope. You haven't read a thing.
No. 28539
Punishment is nice, but rewards are even nicer.

[x] Yes. You read The Humans and Other Travesties.

It took me a second to remember that, yes, this was a thing Reimu did, not a blatant lie.
No. 28540
Another nice scene as Koa and Sakuya make for such a nice pair here.

The build up is nice as it seems that at least two girls can be gentle lovers.
No. 28542
[x] Yes. You read The Humans and Other Travesties.
Ah, but Reimu might need to be punished anyway. Perhaps something subtle that can work while we chat with Patchouli?
No. 28544
[X] Yes. You read The Humans and Other Travesties.
No. 28577
Calling it for
[X] Yes. You read The Humans and Other Travesties.
No. 28684
File 135891503821.jpg - (495.95KB , 1050x1404 , 0cfbe9ee4e29418eb99646ad15cb6dd9.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Actually, I have. I read a book titled The Humans and Other Travesties a few days ago.”

“Oh? I'm amazed that you actually read something – and such an unusual piece as that, especially for a human. What did you think of it?”

“What, you've heard of it?” It was such a weird book that you figured that no one else would have heard of it, probably not even Sanae or anyone else at the Moriya Shrine.

“Yes, of course. I have several of Omud Princeprincess's works in my personal collection. She is an acquaintance of mine, in fact. But we're getting sidetracked. What did you think of the book?” Her insistence is rather odd, but maybe she just doesn't believe you and wants proof that you actually read it. Still, it was an odd book and you weren't prepared for an interrogation. You pause for a few seconds to think it over, during which time Koakuma fortunately refrains from pressing further.

“Well, it was weird. That's the best way I can describe it. It's a blatant attack on the human village and the people in it, but I felt that it had absolutely no basis in reality. I can't tell if the author is actually that mistaken regarding humanity or if it was intentionally wrong. It could just be that I'm reading it from a human's perspective instead of a youkai's, but I really don't think that's it, either.o”

“An interesting observation. Yes, the author is somewhat deranged and is unfairly harsh towards humans. Her exposure to them isn't on the best of terms, either, although that is her own doing. She was born a human, though, and turned into a youkai from a book she found. I didn't meet her until after the transformation, so I don't know the exact circumstances, but you could say she went mad with power.”

“I see. Well, it was definitely an interesting read, so I'm glad I read it. It gave some insight into the mind of the younger youkai, even if she is entirely wrong. The prose was atrocious, though.”

Koakuma sighs at your last comment. “Yes, that's certainly one of her problems. She hasn't gotten any better over the years and I doubt she ever will. Her goal is not to write fine literature, but rather to document humanity's perceived faults and her own perceived strengths.” She finishes her statement, likely waiting for you to pick up the conversation, but you don't have anything to contribute at this point. “Actually, would you like to meet her? I can tell you where her current residence is, if you're interested. I think you'd like her, in your own way.”

“Sure? I guess it wouldn't hurt to know, although I won't guarantee I'll ever actually visit her.”

“Of course. I'm not requesting that you actually visit her, just allowing you to if you choose.” Koakuma gives you directions to and describes this residence of hers. Apparently, she chooses to live in some underground stone structure a distance from the human village. You should be able to find the entrance with her description, but would never have noticed it otherwise. It sounds like it would just appear to be an unusual but not extraordinary stone formation in an unremarkable forest without her information.

“Thanks. Maybe I will go meet her sometime.”

“You're welcome. And thank you for sharing your thoughts on the book.” She pauses for a second. “I suppose you want a reward now, don't you,” she adds, emphasizing her body with her hands.

“Yes please.”

“With a penis or without?”

“Hmm. How about both? You and Sakuya were having plenty of fun without. Then for a second round, you can get your penis and cum inside me.” You start disrobing as you talk and take off your blouse. “Sound good?”

“Sure. Whenever you're ready.”

You quickly finish disrobing and start by slipping your tongue into the succubus's mouth. She twists her tongue around yours and wraps her arms around you, pressing your body against hers. Your erect nipples rub together, causing you to moan softly into her mouth as a few drops of milk seep out from your breasts. Her hands rub against your back, lightly brushing her smooth fingernails against your skin.

Koakuma took the initiative last time, so now you'll pay her back. You guide her onto her back and climb on top of her without breaking the involved kiss. Your hands find her breasts and lightly squeeze them, enjoying their softness and size. The kiss continues for another minute as both of you ravish the other's mouth. You break the kiss, leaving a thin trail of saliva connecting your mouths as you softly pant for breath. Koakuma's face is flush with desire, and she's smiling beautifully as she waits for you to resume.

Instead, you lower yourself to suckle her wonderful breast and stroke her slit. You give it a few rubs to ensure that she's ready for you before sliding two fingers into her damp cunt. She moans lusciously from your combined assault on her pussy and nipple and grinds her hips against your hand. Her hands move to your tits, and she slowly but firmly kneads your hanging mounds.

Koakuma moves her hand down to meet yours and stops you from fingering her. She gently lifts you up off of her and puts you back down on your back, then moves her head to your crotch. A single lick from her skillful tongue is all it takes to remove any plans you had of being assertive. The slightest flick against your sensitive folds sends shivers throughout your body and forces you to moan loudly.

Your body quivers from the pleasure as Koakuma slowly laps up your overflowing juices. All of the sex going on in the mansion must be the cause for your unusual sensitivity. You've been watching all those nubile young women fill their bodies with thick cocks, followed by the exquisite show Sakuya and Koakuma put on for you, and the only release you've had since you came here was a quick masturbation session. Koakuma noticed your sensitivity and keeps her pace slow, perfectly keeping you on the edge of orgasm with slow movements of her tongue.

She keeps you on edge for a while, just long enough for the searing pleasure to become unbearable, and finally drives her tongue deep inside your cunt to bring out your climax. Your back arches and you cry out as the orgasm flows across your body. Koakuma continues slowly licking your pussy to clean up your squirting juices. You lay back against the floor, panting as you enjoy the afterglow. Koakuma sits up and waits for you to recover, gently smiling the whole time.

You sit up once you've recovered. “Are you ready for my penis now, Reimu? Or did you want another round without it?”

“Now's good. Please let me taste your wonderful cock, Koakuma.”

She giggles softly at your response and stands up, then lowers one hand to her crotch. Her clit begins to swell and slowly changes shape into a penis, quickly growing to her full length. “Just a second. Although it'll go a little faster if you service it now.”

There's no need to ask twice. You get down on your knees in front of her and take her dick into your mouth. It's tiny now, but you can feel it quickly grow inside of your mouth. You slide your tongue against her shaft, causing it to twitch while it expands. Her cock is nothing like a man's flaccid penis becoming erect, but rather an already erect penis that continues to grow. The unusual movement is certainly an interesting change.

Her dick has reached a good length now, so you switch techniques and bob your head back and forth against her crotch, lightly sucking on her delicious shaft with each movement. After another half minute it becomes too large to comfortably fit in your mouth. You stop fellating her and admire her full sized cock. It's just as big as you remember, wonderfully long and thick. You can't wait to have it inside of you.

Without giving her a chance to retake initiative, you quickly guide her down to the ground onto her back and straddle her. Her magnificent cock rubs against your slit, the anticipation nearly making you drool. Just the heat from her organ pressed against your body is enough to send shivers down your spine. You move up and align her tip with your entrance, then slowly lower your body onto her thick shaft. A burst of pleasure washes over you as soon as her tip penetrates you, nearly causing you to orgasm again and lose your balance. A cock this fine needs to be savored.

Carefully, you slowly lower yourself to take in more of her delicious shaft. Your body quivers with each inch that enters you, requiring all of your willpower to avoid giving in to the temptation. Her thick shaft spreads your walls open, easily the biggest you've had since – actually, since you last had sex with Koakuma. Your breathing turns to panting as you slowly work it inside of you, and you can feel your face growing flush from the overbearing pleasure. Koakuma lies still and lets you handle the insertion, but her breathing makes it clear that she's feeling it just as much as you are.

You're forced to stop after the first 5 inches to catch your breath. It's only halfway in and you're already having trouble focusing. The hypersensitivity from watching others have sex is making it difficult to continue, but also makes it feel so much better. A few seconds is all you needed, and you resume the descent. You moan loudly as the next inch enters your soaked cunt. Not much left. Another inch. And another. Your head is swimming from the sensation of being so full, but you force yourself to continue and accept her entire length.

Finally, you can begin.

You grind your hips a few times to move her cock around inside of you, savoring the sensation of her thick shaft perfectly fitting your pussy. Just that feels amazing, but it's time to go all out and really enjoy this fantastic woman. You raise yourself and quickly slam back down against her hips, flooding your body with ecstasy as that single movement almost brings you to the edge. There's no way you can let yourself cum so soon, though. You repeat the motion over and over again, enjoying the searing pleasure as her cock scrapes against your insides and kisses the entrance to your womb. Koakuma starts moving and matches your rhythm, slightly adjusting the angle of penetration as you ride her. It's much easier to take her cock now that your body has grown more used to the thick shaft.

Koakuma moans as your tight cunt squeezes her shaft, but her voice is nearly muted by your own cries. You hold onto Koakuma's hand as you bounce up and down along her shaft, trying to focus on it to keep you from cumming too soon. If it lets you hold back for even one more second, then that's another second of pure bliss from enjoying her cock.

Your orgasm comes all too quickly. As you feel the sensation finally surpass your limits, you slam down against Koakuma's hips and grind your pelvis against hers. She cums first, shooting several thick loads of her hot cum deep into your body. The pleasure from her semen coating your walls sends you over the edge, and you cry out as your cunt tightens around her cock to milk out every last drop it can. Her ejaculation continues for what feels like a full minute, each load sending small spasms throughout your body. You climb off of her once her dick stops twitching inside of you, letting several large globs of her precious cum fall out of you and onto her body. Not wanting to waste a single drop, you wipe the semen off her body and lick it off your hand. Out of energy from the intense orgasm, you collapse back onto the floor and lose consciousness.

“Wake up, Reimu. You can't sleep here all day.”

Koakuma's voice brings you out of your slumber. You open your eyes and are greeted with her smiling face. You're lying down with your head on her lap. She's already fully dressed – actually, so are you.

“Ah. Good morning, Koakuma. Or is it afternoon now?”

“Still morning. You weren't even out for twenty minutes.”

“What? Why'd you wake me then?”

“Because I still have things to do. I can't leave you on my lap all day. Besides, you don't need the rest.” Actually, she's right. You feel good enough to do it again, although you suspect that the succubus would complain of a headache if you asked to do it again so soon. Still, resting on her lap seems like a pretty good plan. Unfortunately, she'll have none of it, and stands up before you can put your head back down against her lap, leaving you with just the cold floor.

You sit up now that you've been denied your pillow. “Thank you, Koakuma. That was simply amazing.”

“You're welcome, Reimu, and thank you. I enjoyed it as much as you did, I'm sure. We'll have to do it again sometime,” she says with a mischievous grin, but she quickly turns serious, “but you'll need read more, first! You should be finding time every single day to spend with a good book, even without me telling you.”

You stretch your body. Sakuya said she'd tell you when Remilia woke up, so it seems you still have to wait for her. There's still plenty of ways to kill time.

[ ] Ask Koakuma for a book to read. With her, if possible.
[ ] Patchouli should be around here somewhere. Pay her a visit.
[ ] Track down Meiling. You still need to let her know that you're here for her.
[ ] Join in the orgy in the foyer.
[ ] You had trained two fairy maids during your last visit. Maybe you can find them again.
No. 28690
>read every day
Haha. Omud freaking out at Reimu's visit should be fun.

[x] You had trained two fairy maids during your last visit. Maybe you can find them again.
No. 28693
[x] Patchouli should be around here somewhere. Pay her a visit.
While we're here.
No. 28695
[X] Patchouli should be around here somewhere. Pay her a visit.

Magic is fun stuff.
No. 28700
[X] Patchouli should be around here somewhere. Pay her a visit.
No. 28843
Calling it for
[x] Patchouli should be around here somewhere. Pay her a visit.
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