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You'll save them for later. Most of them, anyway; there's no way you'll be able to resist eating more, so you might as well give in now. You bite down on another mushroom and quickly devour it, savoring the delicious filling. So good. Once you get over your moment of weakness, you have a total of four treats left.

Now to find where you left Sanae. You traveled a decent distance in your search for lunch, but you should be able to retrace your steps without a problem. This isn't the bamboo forest after all, so there's plenty of landmarks and differences in flora to help guide you. As expected, you find Sanae right where you left her. She's still asleep within your barrier, completely unmolested by the denizens of the forest. Well, you can do something about that.

You lie down in front of Sanae and gently spread her legs. Her pink pussy is fully exposed, looking no worse for wear from her recent penetrations. You gently run your tongue around the edges of her pussy lips, keeping your motions slow to avoid waking her. No reaction. She stirs slightly and lets out a faint “mmm” as you flick your tongue against the meat of her pussy. It's safe to go deeper. Your tongue slides into her wet cunt and licks up some of the leftover semen still inside of her. Her pussy tastes great on its own, but mixing your two favorite flavors is still the best.

Sanae softly moans from your assault. Despite being asleep she still grinds her hips against your mouth, seeking greater pleasure without consciously realizing anything is happening. She moans louder as you plant a few kisses on her clit and purrs for more once the stimulation ends. Her cunt is soaked with juices from her excitement. Now to finish this. You drive your tongue deep inside her and brush it against the folds of her pussy. She moans loudly and her entire body shakes as a powerful orga – no, wait, she's just waking up. You quickly sit up before she finishes waking up and notices what you were doing. Even if she wouldn't mind, there's no point in secretly eating a girl out and then blatantly admitting it.

“Finally awake, Sanae?”

“Reimu? Good morning.” She looks around, obviously confused by both your presence and her surroundings. Her breathing is still heavy and her skin remains flushed, but since the stimulation is gone she's calming down quickly. “Oh, right. It's not morning, I just took a nap in the forest.” She extends her arms into the air and stretches, pushing her ample bosom towards you. Once finished she drops her arms and the two of you stand up.

“Glad you're awake, but it's time to head back now. I found these amazing mushrooms that I want to keep, so I need to borrow some of your fancy outside-world devices to help preserve them.”

“Eh? We're leaving already? I wanted to spend some more time with the beasts in the forest.” You wonder if she realizes what she's admitting to. She might be too tired to realize how lewd she's already become. “And I know you do too, but you're choosing mushrooms over that?”

“Yes.” You take one of your mushrooms and thrust it into her face, just outside her mouth. She backs away from the sudden intrusion, but takes the mushroom from your grasp. “Go on, try it. The real treat is the creamy filling, so make sure you don't spill any of that.”

“It looks like a -”

“Never mind that. Just taste it!”

She gives in to your insistence and takes a small bite from the cap. It's obvious she enjoyed the taste, as she then devours the entire thing in two large bites. A small bit of the juice runs down the corner of her mouth, but she catches it with her tongue.

“Mm. Those are really good. Got any more?”

“Only three, and I'd like to save them. It might be possible to cultivate more.”

“Right, let's head back. I don't know much about mushrooms, but I don't think putting them in the fridge for a bit would hurt anything. Storing them in some Tupperware should definitely help as well.” She's saying things you don't really get, but it certainly sounds like she's trying to help.

The two of you return to the clearing where you arrived and pick up your clothes. At least, you think you grabbed “your” clothes; since you borrowed one of Sanae's outfits the two piles of clothing look the same, and you can't remember which pile is which. Not that it matters, as you've been naked for a lot longer than you've been dressed. Even if you are wearing Sanae's clothes, you don't have the luxury of being enveloped by her scent, or vice versa.

The clothes stick to your skin as you put them on. Ah yes, you're still coated with centipede semen. You had grown used to the stench after an hour or so and forgot you had it on you. It'll be necessary to bathe and get a fresh change of clothes when you get back; you highly doubt the goddesses would appreciate you stinking up the entire shrine with the overpowering stench of monster semen. With your clothes on, the two of you take flight and return to the Moriya Shrine.

“Before we deal with the mushrooms, could you draw a bath, Sanae?” you ask as you touch down out front.

“Certainly, but it's a little early for a bath, isn't it?”

“In case you've forgotten, we're both still covered in semen. We do need to wash it off.”

Sanae stares at you blankly for a second before realizing. “Oh yeah! I guess we are. Isn't semen supposed to be good for the skin or something?”

“I've never heard of anything like that. But the point is, we stink. Even if you wouldn't mind the entire shrine reeking of semen, your goddesses probably would.” You're exaggerating, but it seems like this silly girl isn't going to get the message if you don't. Much of the semen has probably been brushed off or lost its odor during your flight, so rather than the two of you getting used to the smell over time, it's more likely that the smell actually went away. Either way, you'd love to have a nice hot bath right now.

“That is a good point. I don't want either of us to get into trouble for something like that. Alright, I'll start the bath now.”

You follow Sanae into the shrine, but head for the kitchen instead of the bathroom. The proper usage of the fridge and Tupperware she mentioned is completely unknown to you, but you can at least set the mushrooms down on the counter and wait for Sanae to return. There is no trace of either of the goddesses. Not surprising; they've been forced to give you a day alone with Sanae, and they probably aren't interested in watching you have sex with her.

“The bath is filling up. Now I'll show you the secrets of modern day food preservation. Watch carefully, Reimu!” Sanae emerges from the hall and enters the kitchen. “Okay, first we put the mushrooms into the Tupperware.” She opens a cupboard and takes out a small transparent container with a green-tinted top. “This is Tupperware,” she continues as she hands the container to you. On the top you can clearly make out the word “Ziploc”. “It's an airtight container for storing food and stops it from spoiling. Again, I don't know much about mushrooms, but this should help keep it fresh. If nothing else carrying one of these containers is a lot easier than carrying three loose mushrooms. Now, take the lid off.”

There's a thin tab on the top of the container. That looks like the only way to get a good grip on the thing, so you pull on that as hard as you can. It wasn't fastened nearly as strongly as you thought, causing your arm to lose control from the excessive force. Sanae giggles at your error; fortunately you kept your grip and didn't toss the lid across the room. “Now put the mushrooms in.” You do so. “And put the lid back on. Press tightly; you need to make sure it's sealed.” Again, you follow her directions. The lid snaps in place and looks the same as when you started.

“That's it?”

“That's it.”

“You were making a big deal out of this for no reason, weren't you?”

“Yes. Now, put it in the fridge.” She walks up to the large silver box and opens a door from the side. The inside of the fridge is filled with lots of food, including several identical “Tupperware” containers, illuminated by a light in the top. With her instructions you place the mushrooms near the back of the fridge, hiding it behind some of the other things to keep it safe from the goddesses' prying eyes. She closes the door once you're done. “And that's it! Now for our bath.”

You follow Sanae into the bathroom. The water is just about ready, although first you need to wash each other off. You strip and toss your clothes into the hamper. The semen on your body has almost completely dried by now and has turned into an itchy, discolored mess, instead of the pleasant fluid it once was. It'll be good to finally wash it off.

The two of you spend several minutes scrubbing the filth off your fronts. The various types of semen, dirt, sweat, and milk covering your body understandably makes the washcloth absolutely filthy. Still, the hot water feels amazing as you pour it against your body in the steamy room. Covering yourself in semen is fun and all, but getting clean is definitely better. With your front clean you volunteer to wash Sanae's back. Even you are tired after spending most of the day in the forest, so you keep it civil. Not that you would ever ignore Sanae's breasts; you simply have to touch them to ensure they're nice and clean.

With Sanae clean you turn around and offer her your back. She takes another, clean washcloth and rubs it against your back, scraping off the remaining grime. Her hands feel wonderful against your skin as she presses with just enough strength to clean you with gentle scrapes of the cloth. You let out a contended sigh as she works your shoulders. Her breasts rub against you as she leans forward to reach your lower back, causing her erect nipples to poke against your skin.

You thank Sanae when she finishes and the two of you climb into the bath. The hot water soothes your sore body, and the bathtub is large enough to allow both of you to stretch out comfortably. Bliss. This is all you want right now, to just sit back and relax in the bath. Neither of you speaks for the duration; it seems Sanae has the same idea as you. Your fatigue melts away in the bath, quickly restoring your energy. Good thing too, as you do have plans for tonight and certainly don't wish to be tired for them.

After about thirty minutes you get out of the bath. You dry off and follow Sanae to her room. It looks like your uniform was cleaned while you were gone, but you'd still rather borrow some of Sanae's clothes for the remainder of your stay. Maybe she'll let you keep a set. Putting on a bra is a simple task by now. While the lack of coverage from not wearing your sarashi feels weird, you certainly enjoy the additional exposure and perkiness the bra provides.

“So what's for dinner, Sanae?”

“I dunno. It's Kanako's turn to cook, but she isn't around for some reason. I'm not even sure what we have available. I'm sure we can whip something up, though. You don't mind helping, do you?”

“Not at all. I'd love to help in any way I can. You'll probably need to teach me to use some of your devices though.”

“Great! Let's see what we have available.”

The two of you head into the kitchen. Sanae spends a bit of time looking through the cupboards and fridge searching for ingredients. Once finished she grabs two aprons and hands one to you.

“Alright, I know what we can make. Here, put this on.”

[ ] Put on the apron.
[ ] Put on just the apron.

[ ] What should you make?

No. 24761
[x] naked apron
[x] fish with white 'sauce'
No. 24763
[X] Put on just the apron.
[X] Eggs.

Let me see your work with the classic THP food ingredient called "egg".
No. 24764
[x] Put on the apron.

Naked aprons are not practical. Not at all.

>Even if she wouldn't mind, there's no point in secretly eating a girl out and then blatantly admitting it.
So true.
No. 24767
[x] Put on the apron.
[x] Eggs.

Even in porn, this is a must.
No. 24768
[x] Put on the apron.
[x] Omletted eggs
-[x] or any other egg-based recipies

Thou shalt not waste food. It's like semen that way.
No. 24780
[x]Put on just the apron.
[x]eggs.....in any kind or form.

The power of the naked apron is at hand.
No. 24799
[x] Put on just the apron.
[x] Omelettes.

Why would Reimu possibly pass up the chance for a naked apron?
No. 24804
[x]Put on just the apron.
[x]eggs.....in any kind or form.
No. 24805
[x] Put on the apron.
[x] Eggs.
No. 24806
Calling it for making omelettes in a naked apron.

Updates in 7 minutes.
No. 24811
File 133877061423.jpg - (26.63KB , 512x384 , Threehourslater.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 24872
File 133895100821.png - (755.22KB , 1050x1150 , d672eebca9cd1e89e701360b3e862ac9.png ) [iqdb]
You take the apron from Sanae. There's only one proper way to wear these. With Sanae focusing on the contents of the fridge, you take off your clothes and toss them into a corner of the room. You don the frilly white apron and tie it around your back. The apron just barely covers your tits; the straps cover your nipples but expose a large area of cleavage. The complete lack of sleeves means your tits and armpits are also fully visible from the side. The apron stops just below your crotch, again barely covering your thighs. Your backside is completely naked except for the thin straps.

“So what are we making?”

“Omelettes! We have a lot of eggs, but nothing else that could serve as a main dish.” She pulls out a carton of eggs and several blocks of cheese and places them on the counter. “Ever had an omelette, Reimu?”

“I have not. You're making something other than tamagoyaki, aren't you?”

“I am. I figured you probably don't have much exposure to foreign foods living here in Gensokyo, so I thought it'd be a nice treat. Here, take the but - “ She goes to hand you something but finally takes her head out of the fridge and looks at you. “Reimu, what are you wearing?”

“The apron you gave me.” You take the object from her hands and set it on the counter, next to the cheeses.

“That's not quite what I meant when I said 'put this on.'” She sighs, then shakes her head. “Fine, just don't start crying if you burn yourself.”

“We'll be fine! All we need to do is just not get hit by any oil, right? Simple.”

“Wait, 'We?'”

“Of course! You think I'm going to let someone with such a sexy body not flaunt it?” You lunge towards Sanae and grab her breasts. She cries out in surprise as you grope her through her clothes and apron. “Mmm, let's get these clothes off you,” you whisper into her ear as she squirms in your embrace. She's already panting from your rough treatment of her nipples.

You maneuver behind Sanae and begin undressing her through the apron. The first thing that needs to go is her skirt. Your hands deftly reach around her waist and undo the clasp on her skirt, enabling it to fall to the ground. Her ass is now unprotected, allowing you to cup her cheeks to keep her stimulated. Her panties are right by your hands, so you put your thumbs on the inside of the fabric and quickly take them off. Your hands slowly trace up her body along her sides. She shudders in your grasp, excited by your touch and close proximity. You stop at her breasts and give them a few soft caresses, pausing to enjoy their softness before moving on to her blouse. She stopped resisting long ago, her arms remain limp against her sides as you rapidly unfasten her blouse and bra.

Both articles fall to the floor, leaving nothing but the skimpy apron to contain her large tits. You return to her front to examine your handiwork. As with you, the shoulder strap just barely hold her boobs in, exposing her wonderful cleavage. All that remains of her outfit is her detached sleeves, which she removes on her own after you finish. Her white apron blends in nicely with her pale skin; you are a bit more tan than Sanae is, but you still look amazing in the apron.

She sighs again. “You could've just asked if you really wanted me to strip, ya know.”

“No, I like it better my way.” She bends over to collect her discarded clothing, giving you a perfect view of her bare ass and pussy. Despite her mild complaints she moves without a hint of embarrassment in her new attire. After dropping her clothes next to yours, she walks over to the stove.

“Okay, I'm naked, you've had your fun. Now it's time for cooking, so I want you to promise me you'll behave. An omelette isn't hard to make, but it still involves hot oil. That'll be especially dangerous if we're naked, so no grabbing my breasts or anything while we're cooking, or I'll really be angry!”

“Yes, honey, I promise I'll behave.” She smiles as you agree, but doesn't react to your affectionate term. She's probably right about not fooling around anyway; you can just wait until after the food is ready.

“Good. Now bring the butter over here and I'll teach you how to use the stove. It's the package I handed you from the fridge.” You grab the item after she tells you what it was. The rectangular container is certainly different from the butter you'd pick up in the village; outsider conveniences you guess. Sanae takes the package from you, opens it up, and removes a stick of butter wrapped inside a translucent casing. Using a knife to measure and cut the casing, she drops a decent chunk of butter into a black pan and sets the stick aside.

“This is an electric stove, so what happens is these metal coils get really hot and heat up whatever is on top of them.” She drops the frying pan onto the near-right coil with a loud clang. “And then these control how hot the coils get,” she explains as she manipulates a dial on the dashboard, “and the dots next to the dial show which stovetop it controls. Higher numbers mean it gets hotter; for cooking the eggs we want to use '6'. It takes a while to heat up, so in the mean time we can prepare the eggs and cheese. Normally we'd put a lot more stuff into this, like some meat, but we're lacking on ingredients right now. Maybe some other day I'll treat you to a proper omelette.”

Sanae guides you back to the counter and hands you the carton of eggs and takes the blocks of cheese for herself. “Okay, you handle the eggs and I'll do the cheese. It's pretty much the same as preparing tamagoyaki; just crack the eggs, put them in a bowl, and beat them with the whisk. You'll need about 8 eggs for the two of us.” She rummages through some more cupboards and gets you a bowl, a cup, and the whisk for the eggs.

You crack the eggs one at a time into the cup and pour them into the bowl. You've never seen a whisk before, but there's only one obvious way to use it. Beating the eggs proves to be a simple task despite the large number, and you quickly finish your job. Sanae looks up her from pile of cheese, “oh, done already? The butter melted, so pour half of the egg into the center of the pan.” She watches you carefully to make sure you don't make any mistakes, but still lets you do the work so that you'll learn. The egg sizzles as it lands in the melted butter. “Great. I need to finish up the cheese, so please watch it cook.”

“That means I can grope you now, right?”

“No. Pay attention to the eggs.” How boring. Oh well, it's still important to do. Sanae continues grating the cheese as you watch the egg slowly solidifies in the hot pan, then drops cheese all around the top. It quickly melts from the heat and mixes with the runny egg. Another minute passes before the egg fully solidifies. “Alright, time to flip it. Take this wooden spoon and fold it in half.” You take the spoon from her and slip it under the sides of the omelette. It easily slides underneath, as none of the egg is stuck to the pan, allowing you to flip it perfectly on your first try.

“Good job. Drop it onto this plate and we can eat.” You do so. As soon as you clear the pan, Sanae drops another chunk of butter onto the still-hot pan. She then takes a knife and cuts the dish into small chunks, making it suitable for chopsticks. The butter has already melted in the pan, so Sanae pours in the remainder of the egg. “I'll watch the second one, so you can concentrate on eating.”

It's good. Certainly nowhere near the level of Sakuya's cooking, but still delicious on its own. And it really was simple to make. The melted cheese blends in perfectly with the cooked egg, enhancing the flavor without hurting the texture of the cooked eggs.

Sanae occasionally glances at the pan in between eating bites of the dish to check up on the second helping, eventually dropping the second helping onto the plate. Hers turned out a little better than yours, but that's to be expected considering her experience. The two of you make quick work of the omelettes, and then clean up after yourselves.

What to do next?

[ ] Groping time!
[ ] Make out with Sanae on the couch
[ ] Sit back and relax until bedtime. Maybe find a nice book to read.
No. 24873
[x] Sit back and relax until bedtime. Maybe find a nice book to read.

This Reimu taking an interest in reading? I don't believe it.
No. 24876
[x] Make out with Sanae on the couch
No. 24877
[x] Sit back and relax until bedtime. Maybe find a nice book to read.

fallowing the thoughts of the anon above me, i am quite interested.
No. 24878
[x] Make out with Sanae on the couch
No. 24879
[x] Groping time!
No. 24881
[x] Sit back and relax until bedtime. Maybe find a nice book to read.
No. 24883
[X] Groping time!
No. 24888
[x] Make out with Sanae on the couch.
No. 24890
Votes are currently tied. If I get a tie breaker I can start writing today.
No. 24891
[x] Sit back and relax until bedtime. Maybe find a nice book to read.
No. 24918
There's something surreal and extremely amusing about the rather in-depth cooking scene in the middle of all the porn.

Sanae's got a good head on her shoulders, though: eggs take precedence over screwing on THP, even in /at/.
No. 24923
File 13391959228.jpg - (256.19KB , 1200x1866 , 70a6a5968879e01ae74100a76f4d92cb.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Thanks, Sanae. It was delicious!”

“You're welcome. I'll have to make you a proper omelette some day, or have you cook one for me.”

The two of you gather your discarded clothes and get dressed. This time you make sure to swap; she wasn't wearing them for long, but her lovely scent is still noticeable on the outfit. If Sanae noticed the switch she chose not to mention it. Now that dinner is over you just want to sit back and relax.

“Hey Sanae, do you have any books I could borrow? Today's been pretty hectic, so I wouldn't mind just quietly reading for a change.”

“I do. I don't have a large collection, but I'm sure you can find something interesting in there.” Sanae leads you to a bookshelf in her room containing a decent selection of novels, reference books, how-to guides, essays, and a few dictionaries. You skim through the titles – hmm, this one seems interesting. It certainly has an eye-catching title. Sanae takes a thick novel off the top shelf for herself. The two of you return to the sitting room and sit on opposite sides of the couch, next to the electrical lamps.

You read The Humans and Other Travesties.

The written portion consists of a 164 page essay entitled The Humans and Other Travesties, authored by the youkai Omud Princeprincess. It concerns the human village. The writing is stunningly self-indulgent and it descends to a rant in places.

A very strange book, obviously written by a half-literate and confused youkai. Still, it provided a unique insight into the beliefs of the younger of their kind. Despite the thickness of the book it proved to be a quick read, thanks to the numerous illustrations present throughout the text. You stretch again after you finish paging through the last of the exceptionally detailed illustrations at the end.

Sanae looks up from her book as she notices you stretch and slips a bookmark into her book. She made decent progress; hopefully she was at a good stopping point when you accidentally interrupted her.


“Yeah. Interesting piece, to say the least. How about you?”

“This is a nice novel; I'm about a third done now. I'll have plenty of time to finish it later; it is getting pretty late.”

“Yeah, bed sounds good.” You walk up to Sanae and kiss her before the two of you head for her room.

This is going to be your last night spent here, so you'd like to make it memorable. The best option would be to take advantage of the other inhabitants and have an orgy.

[ ] Bring in how many guys?
-[ ] Make sure Sanae gets vaginal penetration
-[ ] Make sure Sanae gets a [double, triple, +handjob] penetration
[ ] Bring in how many women?
-[ ] Ask Sanae for some sex toys as well

[ ] Have Sanae find the participants
[ ] Collect volunteers yourself.


Pick any number of men and/or women you want. Zero is perfectly fine if you want all women or all men; pick zero for both and you just cuddle with Sanae overnight. Double/triple/triple+handjob obviously requires 2, 3, or more penises.

Only limits on the number of participants is the feasibility of it all. Total population will be capped by the (arbitrary) size of Sanae's room, so don't try to vote for 100 women pose nude in Sanae's room to add to the décor.
No. 24924
[x] Bring in how many women?
4 women
-[x] Ask Sanae for some sex toys as well.

[x] Have Sanae find the participants.

I was tempted by the men option at first, but then I thought that training with women will also be beneficial for both her AND us.

Besides, I wanna see if Reimu is going to be satisfied with just this.
No. 24926
[x] 6 men
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets vaginal penetration
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets a double penetration + double handjob
Reason for not including triple pen is I want her to give a running commentary on that part.
No. 24927
[x] Bring in how many women?
4 women
-[x] Ask Sanae for some sex toys as well.

[x] Have Sanae find the participants.
No. 24928
Oh right, and
[x] have Sanae find the participants
We'll accompany and instruct her in being properly shameless while begging to be filled with cocks.
No. 24929
>book description
And then dwarves were youkai.
No. 24930
>>24926 sounds incredibly nice.

[x] 6 men
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets vaginal penetration
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets a double penetration + double handjob

[x] Have each of you find half the participants.
No. 24933
To clarify for the Reimu/Sanae vote, it'll be like >>20257 where one of the girls fetches the men/women and the other sits back and gets wet with anticipation relaxes. Voting for both is fine, but otherwise only one of you will leave.

Actually, Omud Princeprincess was a human necromancer. So 'and then youkai were procedurally generated'.
No. 24936
[x] Bring in how many women?
4 women
-[x] Ask Sanae for some sex toys as well.

[x] Have Sanae find the participants.
No. 24938
>Youkai Fortress
No. 24939
[x] 6 men
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets vaginal penetration
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets a double penetration + double handjob
[x] Have Sanae find the participants.
No. 24942
[x] Bring in how many women?
4 women
-[x] Ask Sanae for some sex toys as well.

[x] Have Sanae find the participants.
No. 24943
>don't try to vote for 100 women pose nude in Sanae's room to add to the décor.

Killjoy. ;_;

[x] Four women
-[x] Ask Sanae for some sex toys as well.

[x] Have Sanae find the participants.
No. 24944
[x] 6 men
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets vaginal penetration
-[x] Make sure Sanae gets a double penetration + double handjob
[x] Have Sanae find the participants.
No. 24945
Calling it for Sanae fetching four women and sex toys.


100 women would not fit in Sanae room! Now, if you had voted for ~5 women to pose nude while you play with another 4 on the bed, that'd be a different story.
No. 24946
>Calling it for Sanae fetching four women and sex toys.
Goddamn feminist conspiracy.
No. 24947
Reimu leads a vast third-wave feminist conspiracy.
No. 24948
I've noticed that trying to refer to participants in group sex is extremely awkward when they don't have names. However I'm also bad at names; so another informal vote:

What should the four women be named?
No. 24949

Yukari, Marisa, Tenshi, and Yuka.

Nothing was said about them not being Touhou's.
No. 24950
Saki, Rin, Shizuka, Yumi.
No. 24954
Tits, Cunt, Ass, and Mouth.
No. 24956
oh you
This... might actually be in-character for this Reimu.
Voting for it anyway because it's funny.
No. 24965
Saki, Ren, Shizuka, Yumi.

Why change the second from >>24950? Because there's already a Rin in canon, and another one dummied out.
No. 24997
Ai, Yame, Agya, Kasu.
No. 25021
Eri, Maya, Mika, Tora.

...Shou is the worst at undercover ops.
No. 25137
File 134049574452.jpg - (535.00KB , 1850x1450 , Reposting_because_its_great.jpg ) [iqdb]
“You want to have sex again, don't you, Sanae?” She nods meekly at your suggestion. Ah, how the tables have turned. “I thought so. How about you pick up a few women that are enrolled in your program? Sex with four more women sounds like fun, don't you agree?”

“Sure, that sounds lovely. I'll run and get them, okay?”

“Great. Try to pick up some girls that already seem interested in other women if you can. No sense forcing the unwilling, after all.” She agrees and turns to leave, but you stop her. “Oh, one more thing. Could you get a box of sex toys as well? They'll come in handy.”

“I have some extras in my room,” she says as she pulls a box down from the top of a dresser. “I never had a chance to use them before now.” You thank her as she leaves the room.

The box has a large number of objects in it, but without much variety. There's a lot of dildos and anal beads, as well as some small egg-shaped capsules. Other than the weird eggs, there's nothing too exotic in here; no ball-gags or strap-ons or bondage implements. There are far too many objects for any one girl, even without considering Sanae's belt, making you wonder why they were in her room in the first place.

Upon closer examination, all of the eggs are attached to other rectangular devices buried underneath the other toys. This box has a switch on it. The egg starts vibrating in your hand as you flip the switch, rapidly bumping up against your palm. So that's what it is. You turn the device off, but notice a similar switch at the base of some of the dildos. Like the egg, the dildo you tested it on vibrates and wiggles in the air. Oh yes, these will do nicely. You take out some of the toys for easy access; you've got a basic plan for what to do when the women arrive. Until then all you can do is wait on top of the bed.

Sanae returns about twenty minutes later with four young women following her. She joins you on the bed, leaving the four girls standing, most of them looking nervous.

“Oh, back already? And with some cute looking girls. Did you tell them what they're in for?”

“I just asked everyone in the dormitory 'Is anyone here interested in lesbian sex?'”

“And that worked?”

“After I said I was looking for women, yes.”

You turn to greet the girls, hoping it will loosen them up a bit. “Well then. Welcome to Sanae's bedroom. I'm sure that after tonight you'll be returning here quite often.” Sanae chuckled a little at your jokes, as did one of the bustier women, but the other three couldn't even manage a dry laugh. You just hope there wasn't a communication issue involved. “My name is Reimu Hakurei, and I'm sure you know Sanae. Why don't you introduce yourselves before we get down to business? Let's start with you.”

“Um, hi, my name is Saki.” The first girl is quite the tall beauty. She has waist length black hair with a nice shine to it, paired with a gorgeous set of long legs. “I've been enrolled in the Moriya training program for the past four months; I love it here, but I've been thinking about some alternatives lately, so I went along with Sanae's direct offer.” Good, she's opening up and talking about herself. She smiles at you once finished with her introduction, having noticeably calmed down. Plus, she confirmed that Sanae message wasn't somehow misunderstood.

“Ah! M-My turn now? Okay! My name is Shizuka!” This bundle of nerves is cute, but still average. She lacks any of Saki's standout characteristics; her black hair is shoulder length and plain, she isn't especially tall, and her breasts are on the small side. She has a cute face, at least. “I've only been here for two weeks now, I figured that the training would help me find a boyfriend since I haven't had much luck, and my parents thought that was a reasonable idea, as they do want some grandkids from their only daughter, but maybe I could get a girlfriend instead? Hahaha.” Unlike Saki, her nervousness isn't fading, and is growing worse if anything. She's practically babbling at this point, speaking largely irrelevant personal information with barely any pause. “I mean, I'd still need to find a boyfriend but I could use a break from looking, right? It's a pleasure to meet all of you, and please take good care of me for the duration! I'm sure -”

“Thank you, Shizuka. It's nice to meet you too.” If you didn't stop this girl she'd probably choke on her tongue. You gesture for the next girl to begin.

“I'm Rin.” It doesn't look like she is going to say any more than that, a striking contrast to Shizuka's lengthy introduction. She wouldn't be here if she wasn't interested, so she's probably just shy. She is tall, but otherwise doesn't stand out too much. Her brown hair is arranged in a neat ponytail and her breasts are modest but still noticeable through her loose shirt.

“Hello,” the final girl begins, her voice dripping with sensuality, “my name is Yumi.” She stares deep into your eyes as she speaks, gauging the reaction her words and body have on you. Unlike the other girls, she has a mature body and appears to be a few years older than you. The low neckline in her shirt exposes a good deal of cleavage, which she accentuates by crossing her arms underneath her massive tits. Her body is wonderfully curvy, with meat in all the right places, not just her big breasts or wide hips. “I've been enrolled here since the shrine opened up to the public. I figured that not gaining more experience would be a waste with a body like mine. I'm looking forward to the pleasure of being with you all.”

“Nice to meet you all. You all already know what you're here for, so I'll cut to the chase: have any of you ever slept with another woman before?”

“I have,” Yumi volunteers, “but only once. Still, we went pretty far.” None of the other girls say anything, meaning that they're just curious and have no prior experience. Well, that's entertaining as well.

“Good. You don't mind acting as a volunteer to show what the other girls are getting into, do you?”

“I'd love to.” With that she crawls onto the bed and slowly moves to between you and Sanae.

“Pay attention, girls. Here's a sample of what you're in for.” You turn your attention to Yumi and start by pulling her shirt over her head. She does little to assist you, only lifting her arms up to allow you to disrobe her. Removing her shirt reveals a plain black bra supporting a lovely pair of breasts, slightly bigger than your own. Sanae joins you and unhooks Yumi's bra, freeing the heavy mounds and letting them drop against her chest. Her nipples are already erect, and look so delicious that you can't help but take one into your mouth. Sanae helps herself to Yumi's mouth, their tongues intertwining noisily as they engage in a wet, sloppy kiss.

Sanae slowly pushes Yumi down against the bed as the two girls kiss. You break away from her breasts and move to her legs. Her skin is silky smooth to your touch as you part her legs. You flip her miniskirt up and slide her panties off her crotch. She's already wet from Sanae's involved kissing, causing a thin trail of her pussy juice to form on her panties as you pull them away. She quivers as you lightly touch her pussy lips, then moans loudly into Sanae's mouth as your tongue rubs against her walls. Your tongue traces along the edge of her cunt, keeping it slow to put on a better show for the girls.

You return to Yumi's breasts after planting a few kisses on her enlarged clit. The two of you each focus on one tit, suckling the nipple and areola. Sanae grabs and activates one of the egg vibrators and presses it against Yumi's clit. She immediately screams in pleasure, the vibrator affecting her much more than your loose tongue work. Sanae holds the device against Yumi's clit, ignoring her spasms from the pleasure. You continue sucking her breasts as you rub one hand along her thighs, enjoying the heat as she squirms. Yumi doesn't last long against the vibrator and screams as she climaxes, spraying fluid onto Sanae's hand and the bedsheets.

The girls certainly enjoyed your little show. All three are still staring at Yumi's gorgeous, sweaty body as she tries to catch her breath. Saki's mouth is open slightly in surprise, and you notice Rin lightly rubbing her hand against her vagina through her dress.

“So, who wants to go next?” Rin and Saki immediately shoot their hands up into the air, with Shizuka following after a short hesitation. “I like that enthusiasm!” You'll need to speed things up a bit to accommodate three girls at once; stripping each girl individually would just take too long. “You can all go next, then. Take off all your clothes and get on the bed on all fours. Stick your asses out, towards Sanae and me, like so.” You demonstrate for the girls, making sure to stick your ass high into the air. The girls nearly tear their clothes off their bodies after your instructions finish, eager to share Yumi's experience.

“Hey Yumi?”

“Yeah,” she responds slowly, still dazed from her orgasm.

“Will you be able to sit up soon?” Saki is the first girl to finish stripping and lies down on the bed in front of you, her pink pussy fully exposed and waiting for you. “Because we have three lovely ladies with pussies that need to be eaten. Are you up to joining me and Sanae?” Shizuka finishes next and presents her body to Sanae.

She recovers quickly after hearing about the opportunity, just in time to claim Shizuka for herself. You grab three of the anal beads you had set aside and distribute two of them to Sanae and Yumi. “Don't use these until I say. Just keep them ready for now.” The other girls can't see the toys from their position and thus are left in the dark regarding your plan.

You advance on Saki's glistening pussy. She's already wet from anticipation and you don't intend to disappoint her. Grabbing onto her firm buttocks for support, you run your tongue along her folds. She moans cutely as you slowly lap up her juices. If she's been enrolled at the shrine for four months then this can't be the first time her pussy has been eaten, but it is her first time with another woman. The two women to your right join in Saki's moaning as Sanae and Yumi bury their faces in Shizuka and Rin's dripping cunts.

Saki has been sufficiently prepared, but there's no need to rush. You push your tongue deeper into her body, keeping your motions slow to savor the taste. Wiggling your tongue around in her depths causes her to shriek, her body weakening from the constant pleasure. She slumps against the bed as her arms fail her, giving you better access to her cunt. You move down to her clit and give it a few light flicks, just enough to tease her before stopping.

“Okay, that's enough you two. Lubricate the toy and stick it in now.” You give your orders to Sanae and Yumi. About 10 minutes of having their pussies eaten should be enough for the girls, although apparently Sanae was using her fingers as well. Not what you intended, but it's fine as long as Shizuka enjoyed it. They both stop their cunnilingus, to the mild annoyance of the recipients, and grab the beads you had set aside.

You rub the beads along Saki's pussy, covering them in a thin layer of her lubricant. She might be able to tell the shape of your toy from that contact, but unless she's experienced with anal play she probably won't know what they're for. That's the problem with this position; you can't see your partner's face. You (and Yumi, and Sanae) are going to miss out on watching your partner have her first anal insertion. Saki cries out in surprise as the first bead enters her ass, your finger pushing it in as deep as you can. Rin and then Shizuka join with their surprised moans as you push the second bead into Saki's tight anus. The girls sing in a beautiful melody, crying out each time a new bead is added. Saki's body arches and she screams as she violently climaxes from the sixth bead. Such a waste that you can't see all of her face during her first anal orgasm. Saki's anus is now slightly looser as you continue pushing the remaining beads in, ignoring her heavy panting and sensitivity from cumming. Rin and Shizuka come as well, shortly after Saki finished moaning. The last bead slides in place, leaving only the ring sticking out of her anus.

There's no time for her to rest, however. You poke her a few times to get her attention and rouse her from her dazed state. “How does it feel to have several beads in your ass, Saki?”

She gives her butt a little shake, shifting the beads around inside of her. “It's amazing. They feel so big inside of me, and they rub my walls with even the slightest movement.”

“Glad to hear you're enjoying it. But you have work to do. Go eat out Yumi. Just do what I did for you and you'll do fine.” Yumi and Sanae are already preparing themselves to receive without any instructions, but were waiting for their earlier partner. This is an orgy, so it's necessary to sleep with everyone, not just split up into pairs! You guide Rin towards Sanae and take Shizuka for yourself. Yumi is on her back, while you and Sanae are on all fours on either side of Yumi.

Shizuka pushes her tongue into your wet pussy. Her nervousness has completely faded, replaced by a direct desire to feel greater pleasure. Her eagerness to please you more than makes up for her inexperience as she does her best to emulate her time with Sanae. You moan as her tongue explores your folds, slowly sampling your juices. Yumi is to your left, purring contentedly as Saki drinks from her cunt. Her massive tits are just sitting there, begging to be tasted. While still supporting yourself with your right hand, you grope the closer of her breasts and kiss her nipple and areola. Sanae notices your movements and joins you by sucking on Yumi's other tit. She moans from the triple stimulation, but isn't in much position to return the favor; all she manages is to grab each of your tits and lightly massage them. Still, having your tits massaged while Shizuka tastes your pussy is plenty satisfying.

Sanae's glistening lips lightly kiss Yumi's breast, her tongue slowly rolling around the delicate nipple. Her actions are too sensual for you to leave her alone. Without taking your hand away from Yumi's breast, you lean in towards Sanae while her head is pulled back and steal her lips in a kiss. She returns the favor and closes her lips around yours, pleasantly surprised by your initiative. Your tongues meet and intertwine as you noisily kiss the other shrine maiden. You break the kiss and cry out as Shizuka slides two fingers deep into your anus; her ignorance towards proper anal stimulation is causing her to move too roughly with her fingers, although fortunately not hard enough to cause any real pain.

“Careful Shi-” a sudden insertion forces you to moan, interrupting your warning. “Shizuka! You need to be more careful when dealing with asses! Slow down! Start with a single finger and loosen me up first!” She follows your advice after being chastised, although she probably already loosened you up enough to take a second finger. Still, this is better for teaching her. Her tongue moves to your clit as she carefully pumps her finger in and out of your anus, again forcing you to stop kissing Sanae. The double stimulation is too much for you, and you can feel your orgasm slowly building up with each movement. You collapse against the bed, no longer able to focus on Yumi's delicious tits. Sensing your proximity, Shizuka finally adds the second finger and plunges it deep into your anus. You scream as you cum from her fingers and spray your juices onto Shizuka's eager face. The other two girls cum as well while you remain slumped against the bed, but you're unable to see the details.

Now all four girls have been initiated. They've been eaten out and tasted pussy themselves. Their curiosity has been satisfied, and they are all well aware that they enjoy sleeping with women. You tell the girls to do whatever they wish now, but quickly claim one of Yumi's breasts for yourself before any of the others can steal them away from you. Rin joins you and begins sucking on Yumi's other tit. Sanae pairs up with Shizuka and Saki, with Sanae lapping up Shizuka's cunt while Saki examines some of the devices you set aside. She takes a thick vibrator and slowly inserts it into Sanae's dripping pussy, then turns it on. Sanae moans and her body trembles from the sudden burst of pleasure, but she doesn't stop licking Shizuka's slit. Satisfied with Sanae's reaction, Saki puts a slightly smaller vibrator into her own cunt and holds a pair of egg vibrators against Shizuka's erect clit.

You suck on Yumi's nipple and lightly run your hand along her stomach. Rin is diligently sucking her own tit, using one hand to caress it and rubbing her clit softly with the other. As much as you love everything about Yumi's big fat tits, it's clear she isn't enjoying having her nipples suckled as much as you'd like her to. The obvious solution is to give her pussy some attention too. You grab a large, ribbed dildo and slowly slide it into her pussy. She moans as each of the rings forces her pussy open. There's the reaction you wanted to see. You slowly pump the dildo in and out of her vagina, keeping her on edge without stimulating her enough to climax.

Yumi's breasts have had enough; now it's your turn. You offer your boobs to Yumi and Rin. Small droplets of milk have leaked out onto the tips of your nipples. Yumi sits up and grabs one tit first, eager for the change of pace. You leave the ribbed dildo lodged in her as she drinks from you. Rin joins her quickly and begins lapping up your milk. If either girl was surprised by your lactation, they don't show any sign of it, focusing solely on the taste of your milk and the softness of your breasts. You allow them to drink for a few minutes without intervention, doing nothing more than hugging the two cute girls to bring them closer to you.

Next you pick up another vibrator, this one with an extension to rub against the clit, and push it inside Rin. She remains unfazed as the phallus enters her body, clearly enjoying the insertion but without breaking her concentration on your nipple. This changes when you turn the device on, the sudden stimulation of her vaginal walls and her clit causes her to collapse onto you. Yumi continues to greedily drink your milk while Rin moans helplessly against your body. That's not fair, Yumi; how inconsiderate of you to not wait for Rin to recover. You stop her from drinking your milk and order her to get down on all fours on the bed. She obeys reluctantly and sticks her ass out, not wanting to disobey you even if she loses access to your breasts. You slide your middle finger into her anus, then quickly add your index finger. Her anus is a lot looser than you had expected; she's obviously had a number of cocks in that hole. Your hand other grabs onto the dildo still inside of her and rapidly pumps it into and out of her dripping cunt. She screams as the double penetration quickly brings her to orgasm, but you keep stimulating her throughout, making her moans louder and louder with each movement.

Rin recovers from her orgasms, but instead of returning to your tit she grabs another vibrator from the pile. She turns it on to a low setting and slides it into your cunt. Once fully inside she turns it up to what must be the maximum setting. The dildo thrashes about inside of you, forcing you to stop assaulting Yumi's body as your legs nearly fail you. As she is no longer having her anus fingered, Yumi gets up, grabs a beaded vibrator, and slides it into your anus. Your back arches as each of the beads slowly pushes past your tight anal ring, your body barely able to withstand the vibration from your pussy.

And then she turns it on.

You scream as an explosive orgasm rips through your body. The combined sensation of two vibrating shafts inside you is too much for you to bare. Your cunt sprays juice onto Rin's upper body, with more dribbling down your thighs from earlier. You fall to the bed as your legs fail you, fortunately able to land on your side rather than your front or back. And the whole time, the devices just keep going inside of you, blinding you from the excessive pleasure. Yumi fortunately removes and discards the vibrator from your anus, giving you some chance to recover while you lie on the bed, panting heavily. Of course, the two girls aren't done with you. They turn you over to your back and clean your thighs with their tongues, eager to taste your juices and sweat.

Looking over at Sanae's group, you see that they've been busy too. All three girls have vibrators lodged firmly into their cunts, slowly buzzing to give them constant pleasure without overwhelming them. Sanae also has a pair of egg vibrators attached to her nipples. Saki is deeply kissing Shizuka while caressing Shizuka's small breasts, while Sanae eats out Saki's cunt, working her tongue around the vibrator.

Rin turns off and removes the vibrator in your pussy and moves towards Sanae. She says some stuff, but you're still too dazed to understand them. Whatever they're talking about is certainly exciting the other girls. Having reaches some arrangement, Saki pulls the vibrator from Sanae's pussy and gives it to Rin, taking her vibrator in exchange. Saki holds the vibrator out, extending it towards Sanae and Shizuka. The three girls crowd around the dildo and lick it, gliding their tongues all over the device to lick up every trace of your pussy. Their tongues brush together as they compete for your juices.

Rin does the same with her prize, holding it out for you and Shizuka. With Shizuka's assistance, you crawl over to the dildo and the three of you lick the shaft. The familiar and lovely taste of Sanae's pussy greets you. Once most of her fluid has been cleaned off, you grab the vibrator from Rin and take it deep into your mouth, finishing off the remaining flavor. Although the other two are certainly upset about being denied the last bits of pussy juice, they certainly enjoyed the sight of you taking the entire length into your mouth.

Sanae once again has a vibrator inside of her, this time lodged firmly into her anus. Shizuka is eating out her cunt while Saki suckles Sanae's breasts. The three of you join in; Yumi gets behind Saki and starts eating out her pussy, Rin pairs up with Shizuka and makes out with her, while you sit on Sanae's face and force her to eat your pussy. Her tongue darts into the depths of your pussy, occasionally brushing against your extremely sensitive clit. You lightly grind your hips against her face, honestly more interested in the contact with the lovely girl than with sexual pleasure; you probably don't have another orgasm left in you for tonight. The other girls probably feel the same way; Rin and Shizuka, for example, are definitely enjoying the other's company but aren't kissing with the same fervor they had an hour ago when the orgy started.

“Okay girls, I think that's about it for this party. It's getting late and I'm sure we're all tired by now. But first, Shizuka, Rin, Saki: assume the position. It's time to remove your beads.” You climb off Sanae and remove the vibrator from her anus. The three girls get back on all fours and stick their asses out again. You get behind Shizuka, Sanae takes Rin, and Yumi gets Saki. The girls moan as the first bead exits their body. You play around with her toy a bit, shifting it around inside her anus, and slowly removing two more of the beads after a long buildup. Teasing is fun, but if you yank them all out she'll be sure to cum from it immediately, as would the other girls. “We'll pull them out on the count of three, okay?” You signal to Yumi and Sanae to go sooner than that to catch the girls off-guard. “Ready? On the count of three, pull out all the beads. One,” you lightly pull on ring to tease Shizuka a little more. “Two!” With that the beads are pulled out of each of the girls, and all three orgasm together from the rapid sensation of the beads pushing out of their delicate anuses. They slump together against the bed, completely exhausted by their final orgasm after a long night of sex.

You rest until they recover, unwilling to engage in any further sexual acts for the night. Sanae takes this opportunity to collect the various sex toys scattered about her room, including several still in use, and puts them in a transparent bag. The three girls are able to stand again after a few minutes and get dressed. Yumi already took the time to put her clothes back on, while you and Sanae changed into her sleepwear. They get dressed and chat amongst themselves, exhausted but nonetheless very pleased with how the night turned out and glad to have made new friends. They'll surely return to Sanae for more in the coming nights, and will probably form the basis of the Moriya Shrine's lesbian training program, assuming Kanako and Suwako do decide to go through with your advice.

Once dressed you and Sanae both kiss all of the departing girls on their lips and send them off. The room is a lot quieter now with just the two of you remaining. You climb into the bed with Sanae and drift off to sleep.

No. 25150
They had to consciously decide to put on only their sleeves. I can't decide if that's hot or dumb.
No. 25167
That was an impressive scene! I like how you gave the other girls faces and juggled all the action. I would have liked for their personalities to come through more in how they acted during the sex.
No. 25180
File 134068036839.jpg - (389.05KB , 1200x1694 , dd890453706f541b3e672e1959e72cf2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reeeeeiiiimmmmuuuuuuuu!” Kanako's annoying voice wakes you from your slumber. Why is she screaming your name like that? Is she mad because you ate too many of their eggs or something? You groggily open your eyes and try to focus on her; it seems to be early in the morning so the lighting isn't very good, and you're especially tired thanks to last night's activities.

Kanako's form finally comes into view after you strain your eyes a bit. “Accept your punishment!” Yeah, she's definitely mad about something. She's standing weird, too; one foot in front of the other, while her arms are above her -

You bolt upright immediately, just barely avoiding the katana as it crashes down where your neck was moments ago. A few strands of your hair are cut short as the katana cuts into Sanae's mattress. Fully awake, you notice Sanae being held on Suwako's lap with her mouth covered. They must've woken her up before hand. You jump off the bed before Kanako can pull her sword from the mattress and start running.

Get back here, you coward! How dare you defile the sanctity of our shrine maiden!” Oh, so it's not about eggs. When her idea of “punishment” involves sharp steel, you certainly aren't about to stick around. You run for the door as fast as you can, opening it quickly without slowing down and slam it shut before fleeing into the hallway. Closing it proves to be a waste, as Kanako simply crashes through the wooden door as if it wasn't even there. She's gone completely insane.


Lady Kanako runs through your door, not bothering to open it, and continues screaming at Reimu while chasing her. First she puts a huge cut into your mattress, then she destroys your door. Why can't she just talk with Reimu about her problems?! Lady Suwako releases you and uncovers your mouth once Lady Kanako is completely out of hearing.

“That damn bloodthirsty goddess of war.”

“Lady Suwako, why didn't you do anything to stop her? Reimu might die!”

“Nah, Reimu wouldn't die from something as trivial as losing her head. And if she did, we have a backup shrine maiden ready.”

“Lady Suwako! This is not something to joke about!”

She sighed again. “Reimu is in no danger. She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, even against an insane goddess of war. I didn't stop her because it'll give Kanako a chance to calm down and give me a chance to speak to you privately.” Calm down? Lady Kanako was nearly frothing at the mouth! It doesn't look like she'll calm down until Reimu is in pieces.

“Talk to me? So you're mad too?”

“Of course I am. At both you and Reimu. You should've just left the belt on, Sanae.”

“I'm sorry, Lady Suwako.”

Another sigh. “Apologies don't bring hymens back, Sanae. Really, we can't boast of you as the shrine's figurehead anymore.”

“Why not? Why does it matter if I'm a virgin or not? Is it really so wrong for me to want to have sex?”

“No, it's not 'wrong', it simply wasn't our plan. Humans need something to look up to. That's why we trained you to become the perfect wife. You were to serve as an inspiration and object of desire for worshipers and potential converts, but above all else you were to be entirely unattainable. Only one extremely lucky hypothetical man would have the utmost honor of marrying you, and everyone would strive to become this lucky guy by devoting themselves to our shrine and to bettering themselves. Only through this could be considered worthy when compared to you. Reimu, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of 'unattainable'.”

“Please don't speak badly of Reimu. She's still my friend.” Lady Suwako looks away, obviously not willing to argue with you regarding her dislike of Reimu. “So, does this mean I've failed you and Lady Kanako?”

“No,” she says in a manner that makes you think she actually means “yes”, “Please don't think like that, Sanae. While you did stray from our expectations, they were our expectations; even if you agreed to the plan, it was still our idea that we forced onto you. It was unreasonable and cruel of us to expect you to keep your virginity indefinitely, especially while undergoing extensive sexual training at your age. We sincerely apologize for our selfishness. Never forget or doubt that we love you, Sanae.”

“Thank you, Lady Suwako. It means a lot to hear you say that.”

“Yes, but now it's time for your punishment.”

“Ehh? But I thought you sa - “

“Sanae. While you only failed our unreasonable expectations of you, you still failed our expectations. No buts about it! Now stand up!” You follow her commands; even if she's contradicting herself, she's still a goddess. “Now rest your head on my lap!”


“That is your punishment. Use my lap as a pillow and rest until I say that you may stop.”

“This doesn't seem like much of a punishment, Lady Suwako.” In fact, you know from experience that her lap is quite comfy. You haven't used her lap as a pillow in years, though. Well, an order is an order. Her lap is just as nice as you remember.

“Punishments don't have to be bad. The intent is to deter bad behavior, not necessarily to harm the culprit. And right now, you need to spend time quietly resting.”

“I'm not sure how thi - “

“Because it'll make you less like Reimu.”


Kanako's body slumps to the ground from your punch and her sword lands harmlessly on the dining room floor. The god-sealing charm wrapped around your fist slowly burns away, its powers depleted upon contact with Kanako's face. You knocked her out thanks to a lucky break; you were able to find your actual clothes while running away and were able to pick up several useful charms. She wasn't expecting any resistance, so you caught her completely off guard when you suddenly stopped and punched her.

Still panting from the exertion, you quickly grab a few more charms from your clothes and tie her to the table. She can stay in there until she calms down. Even if she stays angry you were planning on leaving today anyway.

Hmm. Come to think of it, Kanako did have a pretty big dick.

[ ] Take advantage of Kanako while she's tied up
[ ] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.
No. 25181
[X] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.
No. 25182
[x] Take advantage of Kanako while she's tied up.

There is not nearly enough Kanako-defiling (and/or -loving) on this site.
No. 25183
[x] Take advantage of Kanako while she's tied up.
No. 25184
[x] Take advantage of Kanako while she's tied up
Jizz fountain time?
No. 25185
I can't believe I'm agreeing with Kanako. There's a first time for everything, I guess.
No. 25186
[X] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.
No. 25187
[x] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.

Defiling the unconscious isn't any fun. Besides,
>“Because it'll make you less like Reimu.”
this decorruption cannot be allowed to continue.
No. 25190
What, that Reimu should be killed?

I was planning on having her wake up in the middle of it

Ooh, that's a nice idea. Thanks.
No. 25192
No, I'm not agreeing with her to that extent. Probably.
No. 25197
[X] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.
No. 25203
[X] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.
No. 25206
[X] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.

Kanako will stay where she is. Sanae might not.
No. 25207
[X] Return to Sanae and Suwako. Suwako seemed to be a lot calmer.

Iam more interested in this then Kanako.....for now.
No. 25208
>Kanako will stay where she is
You sure about that? I figure she'll ambush Reimu while she's talking to Suwako. Which is fine, I'd rather have some divine punishment than punish the divine.
No. 25231
File 134093561488.jpg - (1.40MB , 1100x1556 , pic_unrelated.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, that can wait for later. It's not like she's going anywhere. Plus, if you did mount her, she'd just scream at you some more. You've had enough war cries for today. With that you head back to Sanae's room and float slightly off the ground to avoid the numerous splinters.

Sanae is resting her head on Suwako's lap, but stands up as soon as she sees you.

“Oh, so you did survive. What happened to Kanako?” Suwako greets you nonchalantly, as if her fellow goddess wasn't just trying to make you a good deal shorter.

“She's a bit tied up at the moment.”

“Oh, lovely. That'll give her a chance to cool her head. I hope she didn't hurt you too badly.” You doubt her sincerity, but whatever. There's nothing to gain from pointing out any hypocrisy.

“Not at all. She's too slow to get me.”

“Great! I'm sure you're hungry after all that running around. I'll cook breakfast today. Hope you like waffles!” She hops up and quickly walks out of the room, heading for the kitchen.

“What are waffles, Sanae?”

“They're delicious, that's what they are. They're a breakfast food made from batter cooked in a shaped appliance. I suppose that doesn't really explain much, but you'll see them soon enough. Trust me, you'll love them.” Sounds interesting at least, and you aren't about to turn down someone else cooking for you. Sanae appears to have been completely unharmed during your little ordeal.

“They're not trying to kill you too or anything, are they? Just me?” It'd be weird for them to attack their own shrine maiden, but nonetheless you're worried about her.

They aren't trying to kill you, only Lady Kanako was. But no, I'm perfectly fine. They are... upset with me, but that's all.”

“Suwako didn't do anything to stop Kanako. I count that as supporting Kanako.”

“I think she just wanted you to fight Lady Kanako and force her to calm down. She said she fully expected you to win.” So she's just being a manipulative jerk. At least she has more confidence in you than in her fellow goddess. “Honestly, though, she did seem to enjoy your look of terror more than I'd like to admit. I think that counts as your punishment.”

“About that. You aren't upset or anything about me inviting you to orgies or offering your virginity to that wolf, are you?” Not that you would've changed your mind even if she did resent you. Those two goddesses are too cruel for bringing this girl so deeply into sexual depravity, but refusing to allow her to have real sex. This won't be a problem any more; the belt is off and there's no longer any reason for her to ever wear it again.

“No, not at all. It was my choice to make, you just helped me out when I needed it.” She stands up and walks towards you, then gives you a peck on the lips. “Besides, it was a lot of fun. Thank you, Reimu.”

“Glad to hear it. And you're welcome. Let's get changed; I wanna try some of those waffles. It's fine if I borrow another change of clothes, right?” You could just wear yours now that they're clean, but what fun is that?

Sanae consents, and the two of you head towards the kitchen after getting dressed and allowing Sanae to fix her hair. Suwako is standing in front of a metal appliance with steam coming out of the sides.

“Oh, good timing. The first one's just about done. Who wants it?”

“Reimu should have it, Lady Suwako. She's never had waffles before.” Suwako opens up the appliance and pulls a lightly browned circular cake out onto a plate. It is covered with extrusions that form a large number of squares on both sides. So this is a waffle. It certainly smells delicious.

“Butter and syrup are on the dining room table. Help yourself.,” Suwako comments while pouring batter onto the metal plates. “Next one'll be yours, Sanae.” Sanae thanks her and leads you to the dining room.

Reeeeeeiiiiiiimmuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” Oh boy. She's awake. Fortunately your charms are still in place; they're limiting her movement and strength, so even the relatively flimsy dining room table is enough to keep her secure.

“Yes, Kanako?”

I'll make you pay for what you did to Sanae!” Sanae sighs, not at all amused by Kanako's crass behavior. “Untie me, Sanae.”

“No. You need to calm down. Reimu hasn't done anything wrong, now apologize to her for how rude you're acting!” No, Sanae, attacking someone with a sword while screaming death threats doesn't count as “rude”.

“Apologize? Never! Now untie me! This is an order from your goddess!” Sanae shudders at the word “order”. It doesn't look like she's able to disobey Kanako. Uh-oh.

“Ignore her, Sanae.” Suwako yells in from the kitchen. “Don't let her free just yet.” Sanae calms down with Suwako's interference. It seems she's free to make her own decisions when the goddesses conflict, and she's definitely on your side. “And you! Stop screaming at Reimu! She's still our guest, and certainly hasn't done anything worth a beheading. I'll administer her punishment later, so you should just be quiet for once. If you yell at her one more time, you aren't getting any waffles!”

Kanako is noticeably hurt by Suwako's (absurd) threat, but quickly recovers. “Suwako! This is more important than waffles!”

“You're right that it's more important than food, but you're still hopelessly misguided. Now shut up and let me handle it.”

Kanako glares in Suwako's direction, but quickly gives up. She slumps back against the floor in defeat, but definitely isn't about to apologize to you. Not that you really care.

“Well that's settled, so you can eat in peace now, Reimu. Normally you put a bit of butter on the waffle, then some syrup. If you want I can try to find some confectioners' sugar as well.”You'll pass on that; the syrup should be more than sweet enough. You pull up a chair as far away from Kanako's pouting body as you can and sit down. Suwako already set out a knife and fork for you; this kind of food is definitely not suited for chopsticks. Using the knife you spread a bit of butter over the waffle. The ridges make spreading it awkward but do a good job of holding it in after the butter melts from the heat. After adding a small bit of syrup you cut off a small portion and taste it. It's really good.

“Sanae! Waffle!”

Sanae runs back to the kitchen to get her waffle. By the time she returns, you've finished eating the first quarter of yours. She smiles as she watches you dig into your meal. “See? I knew you'd like it.” She was right, these are really delicious.

“Kanako! Waf – oh wait! You can't get up! Ahaha!” She brings the waffle into the dining room and adds butter and plenty of syrup, but instead of sitting down to eat it she brings it over to Kanako. She cuts off a large chunk and holds it over Kanako's mouth

“Here. Say 'ahh'.”

“What are you doing, froggy?”

“I'm feeding you! You certainly can't eat a waffle by yourself in your current state. 'Ahh'.”

“You could just untie me, then we wouldn't have this problem!”

“No can do. Stop resisting, or your waffle is gonna get cold.” Suwako takes the portion and swallows it herself, much to Kanako's dismay. “And eaten.” She cuts off another chunk and repeats her taunting, but Kanako finally gives in and opens her mouth. Kanako's mood noticeably brightens as she finally gets a taste of her waffle. She feeds her like this a few more times, but as Kanako is about to grab the fifth bite, Suwako abruptly pulls it away.

“What was that for, froggy?”

“You still haven't apologized to Reimu. No more food until you do say you're sorry.” Coercing her after teasing her with a taste of breakfast. Too cruel, Suwako. Kanako glares at Suwako, but gives up once Suwako eats another bite.

“I-I'm sorry.”

“For?” Suwako refuses to let up on her assault.

“I'm sorry for attacking you this morning, Reimu.”

“Go on.”

Kanako grimaces as she continues. “My behavior was deplorable and entirely unprovoked. Please forgive me.”

“Thank you, Kanako. I forgive you. All I ask is that you give Sanae the freedom she deserves.” You honestly didn't care if she apologized or not, and a forced apology is far from ideal, but she does seem to be repentant. Or really hungry.

“Can you untie me now at least?!”

“Nope! You need a few more hours like this as punishment.” She feeds Kanako another bit of waffle, then ruffles her hair in congratulations of finally apologizing. “Oh, Sanae, the next waffle should be done by now. Could you get it while I feed this fool here?” Sanae brings the waffle back to the dining room table and splits it with you. Breakfast continues as such, with Sanae giving out more waffles until the batter is exhausted and Suwako feeding Kanako.

“Thanks for breakfast, Suwako. It certainly was delicious.”

“You're welcome, Reimu. But now it's time for your punishment. I think the most appropriate punishment would be for me to not spank you.”

“Huh? You're not going to spank me? Then what are you going to do?”

“I told you. I'm going to not spank you.”

You have no idea what she's talking about. But it's a punishment so presumably it's something unpleasant.

[ ] Accept your punishment. Whatever it is.
[ ] Refuse.
[ ] Run away!
No. 25237
[x] Accept your punishment. Whatever it is.
I have absolutely no idea where this is going.
No. 25238
...This is one of the more amusing set of choices I've seen in a story in a while, since it's being processed through the filter of Reimu's understanding. Unfortunately, there's no way that Suwako doesn't end up winning in some way.

[x] Shrug, keep eating.
[x] If she's actually going to punish you'll, she'll make more sense when she does.
[x] In the mean time, waffles.
[x] Eye the bound goddess in front of you as you eat, and think about the opportunities this presents.
[x] Try a Kanako-flavored piece of waffle.
[x] Hey, that wasn't half-bad! Now for the other two.

Maybe this is a retarded vote. I don't know.
No. 25243
[X] Accept your punishment. Whatever it is.
No. 25244
[X] Accept your punishment. Whatever it is.
No. 25246
>Maybe this is a retarded vote. I don't know.

Me neither. ...Oh well!

[x] >>25238
No. 25250
[x] Accept your punishment. Whatever it is.

Does refuse mean forcing her to spank? The thought is appealing.
No. 25251
[x] Accept your punishment. Whatever it is.
No. 25252
[x] >>25238

I see nothing wrong with this.
No. 25253

Sorry if it wasn't clear, but the waffles are all gone. Batter is finished as well.
No. 25316
File 134136658613.jpg - (771.56KB , 1406x900 , c2ae73daeda1963bb89cf550817f85ac.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Sure, go ahead and not spank me.” You still have no idea what she's talking about, so you might as well just agree and get it over with.

“Oh, you'll accept? Good, I wasn't looking forward to forcing you. Get down on all fours. I need to get some rope. Sanae, make sure she doesn't try to run away or anything.” You comply and lower yourself to the dining room floor.

“Sanae, do you have any idea what she's talking about?”

“Not a clue. But thank you for not resisting.” Odd thing for her to thank you for, but whatever. There's nothing to do while you wait; the only remotely interesting sights are Sanae's legs and Kanako's pouting face. She's making an effort to avoid looking at you, and it's not like either of you wants to talk to the other right now. Ten dull minutes pass before Suwako returns.

“Oh good, you didn't run away while you still had a chance.” She's making this sound really unpleasant. How bad could it be? “Just hold still while I tie your arms and legs up.” She wraps a short length of rope around your arms and ties them off it a simple knot, then does the same to your legs with a second string. The ropes are painless and loose enough that you could easily escape if left alone, but you wouldn't be able to outrun Suwako.

Suwako flips up your skirt and slowly pulls down your panties, exposing your bare ass to everyone in the room. Normally you'd be fine with this, but the bondage makes you feel unusually vulnerable. Suwako runs her hands along your cheeks and squeezes your buttocks. “Have I mentioned that you have a beautiful ass, Reimu? I don't think I did. Such lovely cheeks, just begging for attention.” Her finger lightly traces against your anus. “And this dirty hole, always begging for a nice cock lodged in it. Hmm, and a very good hole it was. Very nice and tight. But, you'll get none of that today!”

Suwako removes her hand from your ass and readies it to spank you. You've never been much into masochism play, so you brace yourself for the pain of Suwako's hand slapping your delicate ass.

But it never comes. Suwako's hand stops just before it hits you. A small gust of air hits your ass and pussy, but other than that nothing touches you.

“Eh? What are you doing, Suwako?”

“I told you. I'm not spanking you. This is the greatest punishment imaginable for someone like you. If I spanked you normally, you'd just enjoy it too much and orgasm well before I was done. Instead, I won't touch you at all. You'll only feel a slight tickling from the wind against your privates, and that won't be nearly enough to relieve you. The lack of pleasure will slowly drive you insane until you beg for me to spank you. But I won't.”

“That's stupid. I'm perfectly capable of going without sex. Do you intend to 'not spank' me for a week?”

Another flick of her wrist brings a gust of wind over you. “No. I expect you to only last twenty minutes. So I'll plan for thirty.” Another gust.

She continues her “not spanking” for another few minutes, occasionally taunting you but mostly remaining quiet. You're still perfectly sane. The frequent gusts of wind against your ass are more refreshing than annoying; it's still early in the morning, but you can already feel the onset of another hot day.

Suwako suddenly breaks the silence. “Sanae, isn't it about time for your morning training? I think you should do it here. In front of Reimu.”

“Here? In front of Reimu?” She hesitates, but gives in. “Of course, Lady Suwako. I'll return shortly.” Five more minutes of pointless hand gestures pass before Sanae returns with three men following her. She gets down on her knees in front of the first man, leaving the other two to watch attentively. None of the men pay any attention to you; either they're too interested in what they know Sanae is going to do, or seeing girls getting (almost) spanked on the dining room floor is a regular occurrence in this shrine.

Sanae reaches into the first man's pants and pulls out his erect cock. She lightly strokes it with her right hand before taking the entire length into her mouth. The man groans in pleasure as her tongue wraps around his shaft. Sanae slowly bobs her head, bringing the shaft deep into her mouth while her hands lightly caress his shaft and testicles. She appears to be enjoying herself a lot more than when you first arrived. The man doesn't last long against Sanae's expert fellatio and ejaculates, filling her mouth with his seed. She smiles and swallows the entire load, then beckons for the next man. The first steps aside, but continues to watch her.

A sudden gust of wind against your pussy makes you cry out in surprise. Watching Sanae suck a dick got you wet and sensitive, making Suwako's “not spanks” significantly more irritating. Watching her go at it reminds you that you haven't fucked a guy since your first night at the shrine. Your pussy aches for a nice thick cock to spread open your walls and fill you with hot sperm. Another brush of air makes you cringe again. Uh-oh.

Sanae starts on the next man. His cock is a bit longer but still fits easily into her mouth. Again, she bobs her head along the shaft, kissing the tip with the back of her throat. Her left hand caresses his testicles and thighs, eager to please her partner beyond the fellatio. A sharp wind against your engorged clit breaks your concentration, giving you a tiny taste of pleasure. A soft moan escapes your lips, despite your efforts to silence it. You don't want to give Suwako any clues about your current state, although from her subdued chuckling it's clear that she already knows that she's finally gotten to you.

The man abruptly ejaculates, surprising Sanae as his cock sprays several bursts into her mouth. Unprepared for the volume, she lets the dick slip out of her mouth and squirt a few loads onto her face. She catches some semen as it drips down her face, saving it from landing on the floor. After swallowing what she can, she slowly slides her tongue along her hands to pick up the cum, then wipes the large globs off her face and swallows those. Her face still has semen on it, but she certainly doesn't mind traces of it.

You whimper as Suwako's hand again tortures your sensitive pussy without touching you. You're completely soaked now, as Suwako's hands are tricking your body into thinking that it's time for a nice, long fuck with each stroke. But nothing ever comes. The tiniest movement of the air against your burning pussy makes you shiver with anticipation of what will never come. The delicious smell of semen floats over from Sanae, making you ever more anxious for a proper fuck. Hiding any of this from Suwako is well beyond impossible now, and you groan weakly after each of her “not spanks”.

Sanae beckons for the last man and you crash your head against the floor. You can't bear to watch. It's bad enough having Suwako tickle your cunt with her constant movements, but to be denied a cock when there's three right in front of you? Two of them are still stained with semen and Sanae's saliva, making them that much more enticing.

Suwako chuckles cruelly at your state. She was right; she's driven you insane with lust. “Have you given in already, Reimu? It's only been 17 minutes. I expected you to outlast my original estimate, but it seems I was wrong about you.” You can only groan in response. Lowering your head didn't save you from Sanae, either. You can still hear her slowly sucking and licking the cock, the man's low moans of pleasure, Sanae's contented sighs at the meaty shaft in her mouth, the slight noise made by her thighs rubbing together as she gets excited from sucking men off, the other two men eagerly watching Sanae suck off their friend, the movements of the air from Suwako's hand, and your own labored breathing, but above everything else you hear Suwako's terrible laughter as she does all this to you. If anything, lowering your head is only making it worse; your imagination fills in the gaps with images far more vivid than reality, but there's no way you could muster the strength to raise your head at this point.

“Hasn't it been long enough, Lady Suwako?” Sanae's voice brings you back to reality. You gave in to Suwako's punishmentat some point, letting the "not spanks” turn into a constant dull ache in your cunt rather than sharp bursts of near pleasure..

“I suppose. I was going to bring it to the full 30 minutes, but this is long enough. Congratulations, Reimu. You went through 25 minutes of not being spanked. How do you feel?”

“Uuuuuuggghhhhhhh.” That's the best you can manage immediately, but after another minute of composing yourself you manage to speak. Suwako punishment has finally ended, giving your pussy a chance to cool down. It still needs to be filled. “I want a cock. I want a cock in my pussy and in my ass. I'd even settle for actually being spanked.” Suwako snickers again at your final admission. Your punishment went just as she had planned.

“Very well.” She raises her hand one final time, but actually follows through and slaps you hard on your ass. The combined pain and extreme pleasure washes over your body, immediately bringing out the orgasm you had been denied for the past half hour. You cry out and squirm around, spraying your juices onto the dining room floor. The last of your strength fails you and you fall down into the shallow pool of your own pussy juice, forced into an awkward position from your bound limbs. You're far too tired to care about something so minor. Suwako unties you as you lay still, letting you sprawl out into a slightly more comfortable position.

“Can I borrow your lap, Sanae? I think I'm going to need it for a few minutes.” You finally muster up enough strength to speak and ask the lovely girl for assistance. Naturally, she agrees and helps you into a comfortable position, resting your head on her soft lap.

“Well, I have some shrine business to take care of. Your punishment is now complete, Reimu. Kanako and I are not pleased with your actions, but you have suffered enough for them. What's done is done. Please, enjoy the rest of your stay as a guest here.” With that, she walks off somewhere, probably to her bedroom. You spend another fifteen tranquil minutes lying on Sanae's lap. Your strength returns after your short rest.

You still need to get laid.

[ ] Find some men from the shrine.
[ ] Have sex with Sanae.
[ ] Have sex with Kanako. She's still tied up and can't resist.
[ ] Get Sanae to have sex with Kanako.
No. 25317
[x] Have sex with Kanako. She's still tied up and can't resist.
No. 25318
[x] Get Sanae to have sex with Kanako.
[x] Have sex with Sanae.

If multi-voting isn't okay, just count the first one.
No. 25325
[x] Have sex with Kanako. She's still tied up and can't resist.
Told you guys the girl-only orgy was a bad idea...
No. 25326
[x] Get Sanae to have sex with Kanako.
[x] Have sex with Sanae.

I am with that vote, only if multi-voting isn't okay, then I pick the second one
No. 25334
How are you getting that from this? ... Oh. You don't get neglect play, do you?

25 minutes isn't long enough for my tastes.
No. 25335
Neglect play is fine. It's losing out to Suwako that I don't like.
No. 25339
[x] Have sex with Kanako. She's still tied up and can't resist.
Bah, why have Sanae do it? That makes no sense, it's OUR makeup sex.
No. 25340
Convincing people to have sex with their bound authority figures is my fetish.
No. 25341
[X] Have sex with Kanako. She's still tied up and can't resist.
No. 25342
[X] Have sex with Kanako. She's still tied up and can't resist.
No. 25343
That.... is awfully specific. What exactly happened with your teacher?
No. 25344
Generally speaking, I'd call it a temptation fetish. Convincing people to violate their taboos, that sort of thing. Without coercion. Force isn't as hot.
No. 25345
I can understand violating taboos being fun and hot but does this really count? It's like saying that wearing freshly laundered clothes, cannibalism or walking on the sidewalk are taboos.
No. 25347
I don't know. Does Sanae have an aversion to fucking Kanako in this situation, for whatever reason? Yes? That's good enough for me. Taboo might be the wrong word here.
No. 25348

OP here.

On the contrary, it's Kanako that would have an aversion to fucking Sanae. While they are "intimate" in that she's willing to eat out her shrine maiden, anything Kanako has done with Sanae so far has been for Sanae's training. She's still pissed at Reimu for getting dicks put into her "pure" shrine maiden, so naturally she isn't going to voluntarily stick her own into Sanae.

It wouldn't be so much 'force' as 'deception', however.
No. 25349
Also good! It looks like Reimu is going to take Kanako for herself, though, which is fine too.
No. 25368
File 134162563536.jpg - (1.43MB , 1600x1300 , e5a35dbce5f51dd0c68e82f4f4aa8856.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Thanks for letting me borrow your lap, Sanae. It's so nice and comfy.”

She smiles at your compliment. “Any time, Reimu. What should we do next?”

“Uh, actually, I still need to get a dick inside me. I was planning on finding some unsuspecting people and getting one to fuck me.”

“Oh. Alright. It's a little early in the morning for me. Maybe I'll finish reading my book.” The two of you stand up, and you kiss her goodbye before she leaves the room. You're now alone with Kanako, who is still trying to ignore you.

“Hey, Kanako!”

What, Reimu?” Despite her (forced) apology it's clear she's still very upset with you.

“Let's have sex!” Without giving her a chance to react, you lean down and grope her left breast. Big and soft, just how you like them.

“Wha- are you out of your damn mind?” She struggles against your hand, but thanks to the charms she's barely able to shake the table. There's nothing she can do to stop you.

“Yep. I am.” You grab her other tit. They're both quite lovely, and a good deal bigger than your own. “We already had sex earlier, remember? I know you enjoyed sticking that huge cock of yours into my pussy.” Time to open up her dress and free that fantastic dick. Her cock springs out into the air as you release it from her clothes, fully erect despite her protests.

Her shaft twitches as you run your hand along its length. It's clear that she's enjoying your touch, and she's given up the struggle after realizing how useless it is. You plant a few kisses on the base of the tip, using a hint of tongue each time. A bit of precum leaks out, and you kiss that up as well. She moans softly, still unwilling to admit how much she's enjoying this but unable to stop herself.

You take her dick as deep into your mouth as you can. It's too thick to deep throat, but you still manage to fit half of her impressive length. Your tongue dances around her tip as you bob your head up and down along her shaft. She throws her head back and moans some more, no longer even trying to restrain herself. Unlike earlier, she stares fixedly at you, absorbing the sight of your body riding her as she pants in ecstasy. It feels like her cock is about to explode.

She groans as you pull off from her cock and expose it to the warm morning air. Not wanting to leave her alone, you caress her shaft with both hands, softly running your fingers along her length. Her cock twitches again, and she resumes her soft moaning in response to your touch. A few pumps is all it takes to finish her off; her cock sprays globs of semen high into the air as she orgasms. Some of it lands on your hands, but most of her load stains her thighs, her penis, and the floor. She sighs contentedly from her climax, but you aren't done with her yet.

You get on top of Kanako and align yourself with her cock. She's still fully erect despite ejaculating; one of the nice perks of having sex with a goddess. She moans as you rub the tip of your cock against your wet slit and slowly lower yourself. Your cunt is soaked and her dick is coated with semen, so despite the thickness it easily slides into your body, pushing open your walls and completely filling you. Her tip pushes against your depths as your pussy swallows her entire length.

Holding onto her thighs for support, you bounce up and down on top of Kanako, forcing her massive cock in and out of your pussy. She's finally interested in fucking you, and thrusts her hips to match your rhythm. Every movement of her magnificent dick makes you moan loudly, your orgasm already approaching. Her tits bounce subtly as you ride her, still supported by her clothing. She floods your cunt with another load of semen as a powerful orgasm takes over her body, forcing her to arch her back and cry out. Your own orgasm follows, a welcome release after Suwako's torment, and you join in Kanako's moaning.

The two of you remain connected for a bit as you enjoy the sensation of fullness. You get up and pull out of her, spilling more semen onto her body as it leaks from your filled pussy. She pants contentedly, her hostilities overshadowed by the immediate pleasure. For now, at least; you're certain that she'll be mad at you again once the afterglow wears off. It'd be best to leave her before that happens. You say goodbye by leaning in towards her face and kissing her on the lips, pushing your tongue towards her mouth. She accepts your kiss and returns it, happily wrapping her tongue around yours. Your hand briefly fondles her breast as the two of you kiss for a minute. You thank her as you leave the room, receiving only a satisfied murmur in response.

Kanako is covered in semen, Sanae is pregnant, and Suwako is doing accounting. It's probably time for you to leave.

After fixing your clothes, you head into the living room and find Sanae quietly reading on the couch. She looks up as you enter the room and puts her bookmark to keep her place. “Oh, done already?”

“Yep. She was delicious.”

“She?” Sanae doesn't make the connection. “Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.”

“Thanks. I think it's about time for me to head back home, though. The leaves are probably piling up again.”

“Oh, so soon? Well, it's been lovely having you here. I hope you had a wonderful time, and thank you for everything you've done for me.” She stands up and hugs you, tightly holding her body against yours for a solid minute.

“Thanks. I'll be sure to stop by again some day, or maybe you could pay me a visit at the shrine. One last thing, though: do you mind if I keep this set of clothes for myself?”

Sanae looks surprised at your odd request for a second, but then smiles. “Certainly. I have plenty of spares. I'll be sure to pick up one of your uniforms for myself when I visit.”

“Bye, Sanae. I'm sure I'll see you soon.” You give her a final kiss with a bit of tongue and leave the room. Your clothes are scattered along the hallway after your little chase; you pick them up and head into Sanae's room to pick up her discarded chastity belt. You don't have anything specific planned, but it might come in handy one day, and it's not like she's going to need it anymore. Finally, you loot the fridge for the mushrooms stored in the Tupperware container. You walk out the door while avoiding Kanako; even if she enjoyed fucking you, it's likely she's still mad. Sanae or Suwako can let her out when they want.

The flight home is uneventful. The shrine yard isn't as cluttered as you had feared, so there's no need to go out of your way and clean it now. There's a few coins in the donation box; you pick those up and head inside. Time for a nice, relaxing bath. You take off Sanae's outfit and put it to be washed. You weren't wearing it for very long, but you did have sex with Kanako while in it. You probably won't wear it, though. Mostly you just wanted a trophykeepsake.

You sigh contentedly as the hot water flows over your naked body. It's still before noon, so where should you head to next?

[ ] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[ ] Visit Marisa.
[ ] Go to the human village and check to see what's around.
[ ] Head to Kourindou to pick up “supplies”.

There's an even more pressing concern that needs to be addressed as soon as you get out of the bath, though. How should you support your boobs?

[ ] Wear a sarashi, like normal.
[ ] Use the bra you borrowed from Sanae.


Word of god, the mushrooms are not going to go bad, even without a fridge. Marisa is the only one that can do anything with them, but there's absolutely no time limit for this.

I'm going to leave this vote open for a while. In addition to being a relatively big choice, I'm going to start work on a short that I had an idea for. It won't be related to Reimu's Adventure at all, but I'll link it in here when I'm done.
No. 25369
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Use the bra you borrowed from Sanae.

We must strive for an easy-access Reimu.
No. 25370
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.

>There's a few coins in the donation box;
What! Whoever left these might come back, getting caught wearing a bra by a donator would be unseemly.
No. 25371
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Use the bra you borrowed from Sanae.

I'm curious about Marisa and the mushrooms too but I'll go for this for now.
No. 25372
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.
No. 25373
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.
Bra's part of Sanae's outfit, not ours. We could go get our own bra from somewhere eventually.
No. 25377
[x] Head to Kourindou to pick up “supplies”.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.
I'm interested in seeing what kinds of useful tools Reimu might find.
No. 25383
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.
No. 25385
[x] Visit Marisa.
[x] No Sarashi or Bra
No. 25408
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Use the bra you borrowed from Sanae.
No. 25452
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.

Threesome with Shingyoku?
No. 25481
But as a Male or Female since that thing can be both. Why am I envisioning it now as a futa?

I'm okay with this!
No. 25482
Pretty sure he was talking about a threesome with just Shingyoku and Reimu.
No. 25521
Well, I was. But now that the idea has brought up, there's no reason it can't be both.

Hey, Shadowy Writefag X. Are there going to be characters from Touhous 1-5 showing up? Please?
No. 25522
I'm hoping for Mayohiga. Yukari's got a hymen to fix.
No. 25523
Sorry. Don't count on it.
No. 25544
Calling it for
[x] Stay at the shrine. Something interesting might happen.
[x] Wear a sarashi, like normal.
No. 25549
File 134239972840.jpg - (125.68KB , 1133x743 , e1c5995b7cd8785e0740791ae4299964.jpg ) [iqdb]
You step out of the bath. There's nothing like relaxing in a nice, hot bath after getting laid, but you can't spend all day in there. You get dressed, putting on a sarashi and your regular uniform for the first time in several days. Next, you examine the state of the shrine a bit closer. The outside isn't too bad, so it won't scare off any potential visitors, but the interior is getting really messy. Well, it looks it's time to spend a few days cleaning this place up.

The first place that needs cleaning is the kitchen. Something definitely needs to be done about this room. First, you grab some spare ingredients and toss them into a pot on the stove to get them out of the way. There's also some extra wood that needs to be burned; you put that into the stove and ignite it. Once the wood has burned for long enough you move the food from the pot to a bowl for easy disposal and throw it out into your stomach.

With lunch taken care of, you grab a broom and head outside. The shrine grounds are “acceptable” but far from perfect. As the outside is all that most visitors will see, it takes the highest priority despite the mess being worse inside. Starting with the stone path, you sweep all the debris out of the way into a few piles. The work is slow but calming.

An hour passes under the hot summer sun. The sweeping isn't physically straining, but the heat alone is making you sweat uncomfortably. There's hardly any breeze to cool you off, either. You pause for a moment to loosen your clothes, especially your sarashi. Your breasts are sticky with sweat already; one of the downsides to your enhanced assets, you suppose. The air feels cool against your sweaty skin as you flutter your skirt, but it's not enough to work against the sun. All that's left to sweep is the area around the pond, so you take a short break to splash water onto yourself. Even though it's as hot as everything else, the water feels heavenly against your skin, quickly cooling you down. You pour a generous helping into your cleavage; soaking your sarashi and blouse, but it feels too good for you to care.

The short break ends once you stop dripping water onto the ground. You pick the broom back up and resume sweeping, trying to finish quickly before the water evaporates completely. Once everything has been cleared away from the pond and pushed into neat piles, you return to the shrine and put the broom in storage. Your tits are still damp, but the rest of your body has completely dried off.

The outside is now presentable to anyone who might visit, so next up is cleaning the hallway floor. This shouldn't take long at all. You grab a suitable cloth and bend over so you can reach the floor while still standing.

Something pushes against your slit.

Without giving you a chance to react, the “something” pushes into your cunt, completely ignoring your panties. The sudden penetration makes you lose your stance and fall onto the floor, landing on all fours. Your ass is sticking out high into the air, making your pussy easily accessible to the unknown assailant.

The thick cock slowly drives itself into your pussy, pausing slightly as it meets a layer of resistance. The familiar pain of having your hymen torn floods your body, removing any doubt as to the assailant's identity. Not that there is anyone else that could sneak up on you so quickly without making a sound.

“Yukari! Don't just shove your dick in me like – ahhhhhh!” Her cock silences your protests by pushing deeper into your cunt, fitting perfectly inside your body. Her gloved hands grip your waist for support as she finishes burying her dick inside you. The pleasure easily overcomes the pain from your lost virginity, forcing you to moan loudly despite the irritating circumstances. She does this too often, fucking you without warning and then leaving when she's satisfied.

On the other hand, sex with her is nothing short of amazing. Her cock is exactly the right size to completely fill your cunt and press against all your sweet spots. Since she restores your virginity each time, your pussy is also nice and tight regardless of any fooling around you might've been doing. A single thrust of her hips is more than enough to remind you of how great her shaft is, forcing another lust-filled moan to escape from your lips. Your breasts push against the floor with each of her thrusts, causing bits of milk to slowly leak out through your clothing. You can already feel your orgasm building up, although Yukari won't permit you to cum until she ejaculates inside of you.

And once she done she'll leave. You'll have a fantastic orgasm, but only one. And the rest of your body will remain untouched. She's never so much as touched your butt, and right now she isn't even letting you look at her.

[ ] Stay like this. It's not like you can force her to do anything.
[ ] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [ ] Kiss her
No. 25550
[x] Stay like this. It's not like you can force her to do anything.

Reimu is already in the best position. Yukari has good taste.
No. 25553
[X] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [X] Kiss her

Step up your game, Yukari. We're off getting knocked up by wild monsters when we should be getting knocked up by you.
No. 25565
[X] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [X] Kiss her
No. 25568
[X] Turn around. Make her look at you.
- [X] Kiss her.
No. 25569
[X] Stay like this. It's not like you can force her to do anything.
No. 25571
[X] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [X] Kiss her
No. 25574
I can't decide what to vote for. It's up to you this time, Anonymous.
No. 25575
[x] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [x] Kiss her
- [x] Grope her
No. 25576
[X] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [X] Kiss her
No. 25577
[x] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [x] Kiss her
No. 25578
[X] Turn around. Make her look at you
- [X] Kiss her
No. 25618
File 134280439325.jpg - (359.66KB , 800x600 , 28d1af06c297579f9105f5ba749a950d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You moan again as Yukari's cock slams into your pussy. There's no way you can let her get away with this! This time you'll make her look at you. You'll even go so far as to kiss her.

Yukari pulls back to prepare for another thrust. But before she can put it back in, you scoot forward off of her and flip onto your back. Finally, you can see her face. Her golden eyes stare at you incredulously, like she can hardly believe that you interrupted her sex to do that. It may be silly, but seeing your partner during sex is important to you. You have nothing against doggy style, but Yukari needs to learn other positions.

Her gloved hands return to your waist as she resumes thrusting into your wet cunt, apparently not concerned enough with your behavior to stop for long. She's wearing a long purple dress with nothing underneath. Her impressive breasts bounce with each thrust, and her satisfied smile shows how much she's enjoying being inside of you. But she still isn't looking at you as she penetrates you.

You've already shifted positions and interrupted her once. Doing that again would be a waste of her magnificent cock. You'll make your move when she's almost ready to come, and simply enjoy yourself until then. Her shaft continues to plunge into your body, rubbing against your clit as it pushes apart your walls. You're well past the point of orgasm, but climaxing before Yukari is impossible. Even the tiniest movement fills your mind with a wonderful searing pleasure. Your tits leak milk in an endless stream, soaking through your already wet sarashi and blouse.

Yukari's pace quickens. She must be close to orgasm, so now's your chance! You wrap your legs around her body and pull yourself upright. Without giving her any time to react, you throw your arms around her and steal her lips with a simple kiss. Your tongue reaches out to part her lips, but meets only air. Opening your eyes reveals that she has escaped your grasp. Your bodies remain connected, but her lips are now outside of your reach.

“Yukari! What are you doing? Get back here and let me kiss you.”

“I could ask you the same thing. Why are you trying to kiss me all of a sudden? Just sit back and enjoy my cock.”

“You are the least romantic person I've ever met.”

“I only accept the best, Reimu. I'll kiss you once you've proven that you're the best kisser in Gensokyo.”

Despite her refusal, you continue your attempts to force your tongue into her mouth. She easily dodges you, even after you get on top of her and pin her down. The overflowing pleasure makes it difficult to coordinate your movements, while she remains perfectly composed and manages to keep thrusting into your cunt while avoiding you. That, paired with her ability to move in impossible directions, makes your efforts futile. On the plus side, she is finally looking at you, and and your struggling is putting the two you through a variety of sex positions.

Yukari's cock finally explodes, ending your game as the two of you scream from massive orgasms. The strength leaves your body, and you slump down onto Yukari's generous chest. You moan weakly as the semen continues to pour into your hungry cunt. Yukari lightly pats your head as you lay still between her soft tits.

“Sorry, Reimu. I love you and I know you're a great kisser, but I set my standards extremely high. Maybe in a few years you'll become the best, but until then you'll need to settle with just being the finest pussy.” She pulls her thick cock out of your soaked cunt, but none of her cum leaks out. She's left you in the unusual situation of being full of semen, pregnant, and a virgin.

“You're no fair,” you pout. “Just because I'm not the best means that I can't kiss you? Can't you at least look at me while we're having sex? I'm fine with taking it from behind, but you never seem to want to do anything other than fuck me and leave.”

“When you're as experienced as I am, you'll understand why I insist on being selective. I'll try to remember to bang you in other positions, though. I suppose I am completely unromantic.” Well, you've made some progress. Maybe. You'll probably never get her to kiss you unless you can find out who she considers the best and find a way to outclass her. “Well, I seem to have interrupted you, and I have other appointments myself. Until next time, Reimu.” She stands both of you up and kisses you lightly on the forehead before vanishing into the air. You'd definitely call that progress.

She was right about interrupting you. You had almost forgotten that you were in the middle of cleaning, thanks to her wonderful cock. Not only did she interrupt you, she also made a mess of her own; instead of the floor simply being dusty, there's now a mess of your juices and her semen. Sex is so much more convenient when you don't need to clean up after yourself. You gather some damp cloths and finish cleaning the hallway.

Next, you move on to your room. This is, unfortunately, a bigger mess. Half of your uniforms and underwear are strewn about across the floor. One of your blouses is serving as a cushion for your two dildos. Some of the stacks of ofuda were knocked over in your absence, cluttering your desk and the floor around it. Lastly, the magazines Yukari gave to you a few months ago are lying on the floor, opened to the centerfolds. The contents were just some crudely drawn women without visible genitalia, so you pretty much just tossed the magazines onto the floor and forgot about them. You've been out a lot recently, but how did you let it get this bad at any point?

You're going to need to do laundry to get rid of these dirty clothes, but that can wait until tomorrow. You start by picking up all your clothes, separating them into piles of your skirts, blouses, sarashi, and panti - wait, these ones are Marisa's. How long has it been since you've slept with her? They're definitely used, but it's been so long there's little point in keeping them as a trophy. You'll wash them and try to remember to give them back the next time she comes over.

Everything's mostly picked up now. Your clothes are in piles, the ofuda are back in neat stacks, and everything else has been set aside for now. The dildos need to be cleaned off, but that can wait until you do the laundry. Spending any more time in this room would just drive you crazy, so you might as well take a break. You'll get back to picking stuff up after dinner and just relax until then.

The shrine bells ring while you're relaxing in the sitting room. You actually have a visitor? You quickly walk towards the front of the shrine to see for yourself. There is indeed a young man in front of the offertory box with his hands clasped in prayer. Actually, this shouldn't be too surprising; there have been coins in the box each time you returned home from a trip. You must've been getting visitors everyday while you were out, and this is just the first time you've run into any of them.

"Thank you for your patronage," you say when he finishes his prayer. You bow deeply to emphasize your appreciation. "Would you like to join me for tea?"

Your presence catches him by surprise. He seems to have been expecting the shrine to be empty, so he must have visited recently. He's a few years younger and a head shorter than you, with a thin build and short black hair. He has some muscle on his arms and torso, but his size still makes him look weak. He probably got picked on as a kid and worked out to compensate. His face is cute but largely unremarkable. He's avoiding your gaze; either he's really shy, or you're intimidating him somehow.

“Eh? N-no, I mean I couldn't. I don't want to impose or anything. I'll just be - “

“Nonsense! It's no trouble at all! I was just about to prepare some tea for myself, and I'd love to have some company. I won't let a nice boy like you just run off after doing something so generous.”

“Oh, um, okay. Thank you for the invitation, miss Hakurei. I'll join you for tea, then. Thanks.”

“My pleasure. And please, call me Reimu.” He's still shy about looking directly at you, but that just makes him cuter. You lead him into the sitting room; you hadn't gotten around to cleaning it yet, but it's already in a presentable state. “I'll go prepare the tea. Please, make yourself comfortable.”

You put the water on for the tea and prepare some of your finer leaves. The cute boy is in your grasp, so what should you do with him?

[ ] Just treat him to tea.
[ ] Seduce him.
[ ] Dominate him.
No. 25619
[X] Seduce him.
No. 25622
[x]Lock up his penis and Dominate him.
No. 25624
[x] Just treat him to tea.

He probably doesn't have the stamina to satisfy us anyway.
No. 25625
[x] Seduce him.
[X] Dominate him.

Who says the seduction can't lead to dominance?
No. 25626
[x] Just treat him to tea.
No. 25629
[x] Seduce him.
No. 25630
[x] Just treat him to tea.
[x] Tease him.
No. 25632
[x] Just treat him to tea.
Human male? Boooooring.
No. 25640
[x] Treat him to tea.
[x] Naked.
No. 25643
[x] Just treat him to tea.
[x] Tease him.
No. 25645
[X] Seduce him.

Tea is boring. If this writer's prior posts are any indicator, it will literally be just tea.
No. 25647
Sounds like someone wants to write a sex scene. Why would you give us the option to refuse in that case?
No. 25652
In case people don't want this particular scene. There will be other opportunities after this regardless.

I'm just trying to clarify that tea is just tea. There was an earlier (now deleted) comment that sounded like he wanted Reimu to prey on this kid, like a fly walking into a spiderweb, but the vote was just for tea - and thus letting him go unmolested.

>How is Reimu seen by the rest of Gensokyo?
I suppose anyone she's slept with knows what she's like. This applies to the "power players" as well; Remilia didn't see her new penis coming, and the Moriya Shrine's training program is completely independent of Reimu.

>Is there any kind of reputation or image she has to protect?
Not really. I'm pretty much going for entirely consequence-free sex (well, except pregnancy). So unless I can find a way to make her reputation interesting (i.e. blackmailing Reimu about being a slut would either not work or just be creepy), it's simply not going to come in play.

This also means you can fuck random guys (or even animals/youkai) without worrying about everyone in the village gossiping about you. The people in the village fully respect one another's privacy and will not brag to all their friends just because they had a threesome with two shrine maidens. This also means you can do anything with the guy here without anything bad happening.

>Is she still just as powerful and talented at shrine maidening and incident-resolving as in the games
She just punched out a goddess that charged through a wooden door like it was nothing. I'd say she's still pretty good.

She's a slut, not a whore. She hasn't been paid for sex yet.

>Or did she just basically screw her way through the various games
No, she still fought her way through all the games.

That sounds like seducing him to me.

Correct. It's just tea and pleasantries.
No. 25653
>There was an earlier (now deleted) comment
Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to win. It seems /at/ hates shy young men or faithful donators more than I thought.

I wouldn't say this result promises to be boring, though.
No. 25654
[X] Seduce him.
No. 25655
[X] Seduce him.

Come on, let's make his day for him.
No. 25656
[X] Tease him.
[X] THEN Seduce him.

I want to see the guy squirm before we play with him.
No. 25657
[X] Seduce him.
No. 25660
[x] Dominate him
Why so little love for domination?
No. 25661
[x] Dominate him
No. 25662
[X] Seduce him.
[X] Dominate him.

Consider this a pro-some-kind-of-sex-scene-where-Reimu-is-in-charge vote.
No. 25663
[x] Dominate him
No. 25664
[X] Seduce him.
No. 25665
[ ] Dominate him.
No. 25666
[x] Seduce him.

Because while it can be done well, it's usually just done badly. I've got faith in Mysterious Writefag X, though, even if it wins.

That answered my question, and then some. Thanks!

I've now deleted and re-voted once again.
No. 25686
File 134318915825.jpg - (656.87KB , 860x1116 , b16e5deb4a5d40161b730e2a94783754.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're not about to let that boy leave without taking something from him, but you'll have to come on to him slowly; he'd probably just freak out and run away if you were to sit on the table and spread your legs in front of his face. No, with how shy he seems to be, subtlety is the best choice. A hint of cleavage here, some leg there... it shouldn't take long for him to give in to your charms.

You pour the tea into two cups. The first step is to give him a taste of your body. Even if he doesn't realize what he's drinking, it'll make him yearn for a full course meal. Whether or not you treat him to that is something you'll decide later. To that end, you take off your blouse and undo your sarashi. Your breasts are out in the open, ready to be milked. Each cup gets a generous serving of your thick, creamy milk; it's a bit more than you would normally add to this tea, but it's difficult to finely control your milky tits. After adding a small helping of sugar you put your blouse back on, leaving your sarashi on the floor.

There isn't a mirror in the room you could use to properly examine yourself, but your attire should be perfect right now. You can see a small protrusion from your partially-erect nipples through your blouse. Your breasts appear much bigger now without the sarashi to bind them, although your clothes are doing a reasonable job of keeping them restrained. There shouldn't be any “issues” where a tit falls out into the open. The lack of support does mean that they are fully visible from the side, so simply lifting your arm will give him a nice view of some sideboob.

You put the teacups on a tray with some snacks and bring it all back to the sitting room. The boy is still waiting patiently where you left him. His eyes turn to you as soon as you fall into his sight, but he quickly averts his gaze and looks to your side. Maybe you are intimidating him. Your tits bounce subtly but noticeably with each step, but if the boy is appreciating the view it's through the corner of his eyes.

“Here you are,” you say politely as you serve him the saucer. As he takes it, he finally looks at you and mumbles some thanks. You'll assume that he's sincere and just unable to speak up. Hopefully some conversation with help him with his shyness or fear or whatever he has.

He takes a sip of his tea and looks pleasantly surprised by the taste. “Do you like it? I hope you find the shrine's tea to be enjoyable.”

“Yeah, it's really good. I'm not used to having milk tea, so this is a nice change. Thank you, miss Hakurei.” He takes a bite out of his cake and seems to enjoy that as well.

“'Reimu' is fine,” you remind him. “I'm glad that you enjoy it. It's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea, especially in this weather. It's been so hot out lately!” You make some exaggerated fanning motions and pull on the collar of your blouse. He's finally looking at you after your brief conversation, so now you can give him a little treat of your cleavage. As expected, his eyes are glued to your breasts after your little display of skin.

He finally stops staring after you take another sip of your tea, blocking his line of sight as you raise your arm past your chest. Once the spell is broken, he hastily grabs his teacup and drinks a hearty portion, as if that would somehow make up for his staring. You aren't going to call him out on it, but he's a fool if he thinks you didn't notice. Oh well, the single-mindedness of young men is just part of their charm.

The tea runs out quickly. You walk over to the boy when he finishes his cake. “Here, let me get that.” You bend over to pick up the saucer from the table and deliberately brush your tits against his arm. “Oops! Pardon me. This'll just take a second.” His arm is forced between your breasts as you reach for his dish. His face isn't visible, but you imagine he's completely shocked by the warm flesh pressing against his body. He's at least too out of it to move his hand, either away in embarrassment or deeper into your cleavage. After a few seconds of fumbling around with your boobs, you finally grab the saucer and pull away from him. “Sorry about that. These things are such a bother sometimes! They're just so big and soft that they always get in the way of everything. I hope they didn't bother you too much.”

“No! I mean, no, not at all. No trouble, Reimu. It was ver – I mean, it wasn't a bother at all! Really!”

“Well, that's good to hear. Just a second while I take these into the kitchen.” You bend over to pick up your saucer and stick your ass out towards the boy. Again, there's no way for you to tell, but hopefully he's enjoying the sight of your plump cheeks outlined by your skirt. After stacking the saucers and cups together, you head back towards the kitchen, making sure to shake your ass with each step.

The boy's eyes seem glued to you as you walk back to the table. He's doing a slightly better job of hiding his looks, at least; his eyes are focused on your neck this time, giving him a good view of your rack while making it appear that he is looking at your face. Your tits jiggle with each step, giving him a nice treat while he's actually paying attention. You sit back down in front of the table and lean in a bit towards him.

“So, what brings you to the shrine, if you don't mind me asking? It's pretty unusual for anyone your age to make the trip here.” Not that you get many visitors of any age. But you don't need to tell him that.

“Um, well.” He scratches his head and looks away as he starts to speak, obviously embarrassed about the subject. “The truth is, I've been having girl issues lately. So I've been donating at the shrine in the hopes that the gods would bestow some luck upon me.”

“Ufufufu. Girl trouble, huh? You are at that age, aren't you. Tell me, is there a specific girl you like?” He nods bashfully to your question. Ah, to be young and spirited. Not that you're old or anything; you only have a few years on top of him. “Have you confessed to her yet?” He shakes his head vehemently, downright terrified of the thought. No wonder he needs assistance, although you suppose you can't really blame him. “Well, have you at least talked to her before? If she doesn't know how you feel, does she at least know you exist?”

He nods again. “Yeah. I see her every once in a while, but I've only talked to her on a few rare occasions. I mean, she's really nice and pretty, but there's no way I could tell her that I like her!”

“Hmm. Rather than luck, I'd say what you need is more confidence. Let me ask you this: are you a virgin?”

Your question takes him by surprise, but he nonetheless answers after a few second's pause. “Yeah.”

“I thought so. I want you to know that you are a nice, handsome young man, and I think that any girl out there would be happy to know that you liked her. I don't know all your circumstances, and I'm not telling you to find her and confess right now, but you should at least try to talk with her more. Okay?” He nods after your little speech. He might take it to heart, but he definitely needs to get a little push first. And to give you your treat. “But first, you need more experience with women. What would you do if that girl accepted your confession, hm? Let me teach you about a woman's body.” You walk behind him and wrap your arms around him, placing your hands on his chest and pulling his body against yours. Your breasts are pressed against his shoulder, lightly poking him with your erect nipples. He freezes against your touch, too shocked and overwhelmed to move. You lower your lips to his ear and whisper, “Okay?”

The boy melts in your arms. He's now yours to do whatever you want with. You remove your blouse, finally freeing your breasts. He stares at your partially naked body, likely seeing bare breasts for the first time since childhood.

“Go on, touch them. They're really soft, and they feel great to hold.” He eagerly takes your advice and massages both of your large breasts, enjoying the weight as they fill his hands. His hands are rougher than you'd like, but his over-eagerness is excusable. You'll just have to teach him after the fact. A small bit of your milk leaks out from your nipples as he presses against them. You give him permission with a slight nod, and he takes one of your nipples into his mouth. The pleasant sensation of warmth leaving your body makes you moan slightly as he greedily suckles your left breast. Both of his hands are holding onto your left tit for support, leaving your right untouched. You pat the back of his head as he drinks his fill.

You put your hand against his cheek and slip your tongue between his lips. The thick taste of your milk fills you as you explore the inside of his mouth. He remains still for a minute before sticking his tongue out to meet yours. You continue to lead and guide him as you kiss, wrapping your tongue around his and encouraging him to be more bold. He learns quickly, realizing what feels good for him and trying to reciprocate. The most important thing for him to learn is to help his partner feel good, so now it's time to move on to his reward. You break the deep kiss and close it with a quick, simple peck on the lips.

He has a dazed but content look on his face, obviously very pleased with what was probably his first kiss. If he enjoyed that, he's going to love the next part. You pull down his pants and free his cock, now fully erect from your kissing. It has a nice length and thickness; certainly not the biggest dick you've taken, but perfectly capable of pleasing you or almost any other woman. Since Yukari restored your virginity, it'd feel extra big inside of you as well. Taking his virginity can wait, though; first he needs a little taste to ease him in.

You take the tip of his cock into your mouth and run your tongue along the base of his shaft. He moans loudly, entirely unprepared for your mouth. You'll need it keep it slow to stop him from ejaculating too quickly and missing out on a proper blowjob. Your tongue moves to the less-sensitive sides of his cock, where it's enough to make him gasp without overloading him. You lightly suck on his tip and move your mouth down his length, savoring the taste of his unused dick. A bit of precum leaks out from his tip, and you hastily lick down the tasty treat. Despite your careful motions, his cock isn't going to last much longer. Might as well go out with a nice finish. You take his entire length into the back of your mouth in one swift motion, immediately bringing him to climax as your throat kisses his tip. Thick globs of semen quickly fill your mouth; it seems he had been saving up quite the load. The delicious taste of his cum covers your tongue. Ah, the lovely vigor of a young man. His cock continues cumming for nearly a minute, forcing you to swallow several times in order to prevent any spillage.

The boy nearly collapses onto the floor after his powerful orgasm. He's still conscious, and he'll be fine in a minute or so. He just needs a quick rest in your arms. Now, what to do with him when he recovers?

[ ] Thank him and send him off
- [ ] Take his virginity first
[ ] Offer him a relationship as a sex friend
[ ] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
[ ] Take him as your sex pupil

Every option but the first means you implicitly take his virginity as well. It's only optional for the first.

The last two options involve him moving into the shrine, where he will provide dickings whenever asked. He will not accompany you on any adventures and will stay at the shrine the whole time (and will clean it up in your absence, or something).
No. 25687
[ ] Take him as your sex pupil
No. 25689
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence.
No. 25690
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence

He'll learn plenty about sex as her boyfriend.
No. 25691
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
No. 25692
[x] Take him as your sex pupil

So he doesn't feel too NTRed when he finds out what she gets up to.
No. 25693
Consequence-free sex, remember? You want a boyfriend, vote for a boyfriend. If NTR comes into play at all, it'll probably be after we vote for it.
No. 25698
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence

Reimu in a girlfriend role? Yes please.
No. 25700
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
No. 25701
[x] Thank him and send him off
-[x] Invite him and the girl he likes back in a few days
You guys realise you're missing out on a threesome, right?
No. 25706
[x] Thank him and send him off
-[x] Invite him and the girl he likes back in a few days
No. 25710
[x] Thank him and send him off
-[x] Invite him and the girl he likes back in a few days

Best option.
No. 25711
[x] Take him as your sex pupil
- [x] train him with Sanae as well.
No. 25712
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence

This is clearly the most adorable choice.
No. 25713

Assuming his girl comes along.
No. 25717
You realize he can barely work up the nerve to talk to her, much less invite her to a threesome, right? This could only happen after he gains more confidence. A lot more confidence.
No. 25718
[X] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence.
No. 25720
[X] Thank him and send him off

If he needs another confidence boost he can come back later.
No. 25725
[X] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence.
No. 25726
[X] Take him as your sex pupil
No. 25729
[x] Thank him and send him off
-[x] Invite him and the girl he likes back in a few days
No. 25732
[x] Thank him and send him off
-[x] Invite him and the girl he likes back in a few days

Nice option is nice. Normal humans are boring anyway~
No. 25733
I'm not sure if you realize who he likes. Hints: Red, Detached sleves, tea.
No. 25734
>talked to her on a few rare occasions
Reimu's never met him before; my money's on either Akyuu or Keine, if she's any named character at all.
No. 25737
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
No. 25739
He's actually making the trip out to Reimu's shrine and donating. I'd say that qualifies as evidence of a crush all on its own.
No. 25740
If Reimu talked to this nondescript guy at a festival or whatever, would she remember? Probably not.
No. 25741
If Reimu talked to this nondescript guy at a festival or whatever, would he still be a virgin? Probably not.
No. 25742
[X] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence.
No. 25743
That could be anyone.
No. 25744
[X] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
No. 25745
[X] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
No. 25766
Oh you.
No. 25788
[X] Take him as your sex pupil
No. 25813
[X] Take him as your sex pupil
No. 25823
Calling it for
[x] Become his girlfriend until he gains more confidence
No. 25841
File 134369159792.jpg - (135.93KB , 800x600 , 4dc99a285ceb351d3396cc9c254aa4db.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey, feeling better yet?” The boy has spent the last few minutes in your arms, resting his head against your bare breasts as he lay on top of you. His dick is only partially erect now, but he's young so it should perk up at the slightest touch. He's been pretty quiet, probably too overwhelmed to start smalltalk with the woman that just sucked him off for the first time. You can't very well send him off to confess if he's that shy, so you'll need to work on that as well.

“Yeah, Reimu. That was amazing! I've never felt anything like that before.”

You grab his cock and give it a few light strokes. It twitches immediately in your hand. “Good. But I'm not done with you yet.” He moans softly as you glide your finger along the base of his shaft. “Stand up; it's time for you to experience something better than my mouth.” He obeys instantly, very interested at the prospect of even greater pleasure. His cock points towards you as he stands, fully erect from its brief contact with your hand. You stand up, take off your skirt and panties, then lie back down on the floor with your legs spread open.

“Whenever you're ready, boy. Do you know where to put it?” You spread your pussy lips with both hands as you wait for his cock, giving him a perfect view of the inside of your cunt. He walks toward you slowly and unsteadily, as if he'd fall over from excitement if he walked any faster. Once he reaches you, he gets down on top of you and aligns his dick with your opening. “Go on. Whenever you're ready.” You'd prefer him to hurry up and fuck you, but there's no point in rushing him. It'd just make him more nervous.

His cock slowly pushes into your wet pussy. Your wetness provides plenty of lubrication, but he keeps it slow out of his inexperience. He moans as his tip gets its first taste of a warm cunt. Uh-oh. If he's feeling it that much then he's probably not going to last very long inside of you, even after cumming once already. Oh well, that's the downside to hunting virgins. You'll just have to give him plenty of practice.

He pauses briefly as his tip meets your hymen. You nod at him to encourage him to proceed. The sudden pain of having your virginity taken again makes you wince, and he stops his insertion at your cry of pain. No matter how used to it you are, it still hurts.

“Ah! I'm sorry I'm sorry! Are you okay? Did I hurt you too badly, Reimu?”

“No, I'm fine. Just please, keep going.” Your voice is a little strained from the pain, but there's never any point to stopping. “It only hurts once, so all you need to do is put it in deeper to make me forget the pain. Just try to hold it in; I know it feels really good inside of me, but it'll feel much better for both of us the longer you last.” He nods at your words and pushes his cock all the way inside of you, moving fast enough to make you let out a small moan.

The boy holds on to your legs for support and slowly pulls out of your cunt. He then slams his cock back in with surprising force, making you moan loudly in earnest. He thrusts into you repeatedly like this, filling your cunt with strong movements, but moving back slower and awkwardly. Presumably he'd accidentally pull out entirely if he tried going any faster. Not wanting to leave your pussy for even a second is perfectly reasonable. The result is a pleasurable but inconsistent rhythm, more than enough to make your moans join the sound of flesh slapping. The boy is practically drooling as he samples your body, drowning in ecstasy with each thrust into your drenched cunt.

He stops thrusting and buries his cock deep inside of you. His thick cum pours into your cunt as he moans from the overwhelming pleasure. He only lasted a little over two minutes and wasn't able to make you climax, but you honestly weren't expecting much. Sex with him was still plenty pleasurable; he has a nice, long cock and loads of thick semen. He pulls his shaft out of you, leaving a small pool of his semen and your blood, then practically collapses against your body. Once again he's resting his head against your bountiful tits.

You pat his head as he lays on top of you. “See? I told you my pussy is better. Hurry up and confess to that girl. I'm great and all, but sex always feels best with someone you love. I'm sure she'd be happy to hear your feelings.” You'll have to remember to teach him about safe sex before you cut him loose, though.

“Thanks, Reimu. Maybe I will, someday. Even if she wants to go out with me, she might not be able to. It's, uh, kinda complicated.” He still doesn't sound very confident, even after seducing a pure and beautiful shrine maiden and taking her virginity. He needs a lot more help. And sex.

“Hey, why don't I become your girlfriend? Just to teach your what it's like. We can go on a few dates and have lots of sex to prepare you for when you're ready. There's so much I can teach you about a woman's body, and your own. You should move in with me as well and learn what it's like to live with a woman.”

He pauses for a few seconds before answering. “Yeah! That sounds like a good idea,” he replies enthusiastically. No man could refuse such an invitation while resting on your naked breasts.

“Alright, then. Starting today you're my cute boyfriend.” Oh wait. “Uh, I know this is going to be really out of place after just saying that, but what's your name?”

[ ] Write in
No. 25843
[X] Kiyoshi

According to google it means 'quiet'.
No. 25844
[x] Souta

According to google, this is a fairly common anime guy name I picked off the top of my head.
No. 25845
[x] Blast Hardcheese.
No. 25846
[x] Kiyoshi
No. 25847
[X] Oishi
No. 25848
I like the way you think son
No. 25849
[x] Blast Hardcheese.

There's really no way I can choose anything else.
No. 25850
[x] Kiyoshi
No. 25851
Oh hell, how would the story even work if-

Okay I need to see this.

[x] Blast Hardcheese
No. 25852
[x] Blast Hardcheese
Why the fuck not?
No. 25853
[x] Blast Hardcheese


No. 25854
Hardcheese sounds like smegma reference. Is this intentional?
No. 25855

No. 25856

No. 25857
Yeah I'm vetoing this.
No. 25859
[x] Blast Hardcheese
No. 25860
[X] Kiyoshi

I don't care for ridiculous names.
No. 25861
I posted that as a joke. I'm a friend of the writer and wanted to mess with him. It's not happening.
No. 25864
[x] Souta
No. 25878
Boooo, spoilsport.
[x] Souta then.
No. 25902
Wow, it's like all of a sudden, everyone turned into City Quest's readers. I can see the first one being a joke, but the rest of you have no excuse.

[x] Kiyoshi
No. 26048
What, only one vote for calling the kid "Delicious"?

Calling it for
[x] Kiyoshi
No. 26053
>What, only one vote for calling the kid "Delicious"?
I'd have to read all his lines in a fat old detective's voice if that happened. No thanks.
No. 26059
Yeah, but then you'd get an air conditioned car.
No. 26104
File 134448203171.jpg - (1.27MB , 1000x1400 , 9410bc3ac36abf9735cb87e84f223104.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Pleased to meet you, Kiyoshi. I'm your beautiful temporary girlfriend, Reimu.” You introduce yourself to your new boyfriend, even though he already knows your name. “I'll get you full of confidence and knowledge in no time! You don't mind moving in with me for the duration, do you?”

“No, but is that normal? I mean, we've just started dating, so shouldn't we really get to know each other first or something?” He doesn't seem to properly grasp the situation yet.

“This is going to be a crash course in dealing with women, so it'll help to have you around all the time. Yes, normally couples would know each other for a long time, or even get married before living together, but most couples don't have sex over tea on their very first meeting. Besides, in all honesty, I'm a weird girl. First of all, I love having sex. A lot. That's something you're going to have to keep in mind with other girls. They aren't going to ask for sex ten times a day.”

“Eh? T-ten times in one day?”

“Don't worry, I'll start you off small, and then help you build up your stamina. Don't worry about trying to meet a specific number. Like I said, I'm weird, so if you can manage to make your girlfriend cum three times a day I'm sure she'd be more than satisfied.” Well, he'll satisfy almost anyone; the girls you normally associate with tend to have much higher requirements than village girls. Not that you can fault him for being out of your league.

“The second thing that's weird about me is that it's perfectly fine to cum inside of me. This is something you really need to keep in mind later; do that with your crush and you'll quickly become a father. It's partly your decision if you want to be a father in the first place, but until you and your partner know for certain, use some damn protection! Last thing for now is that I'm lactating. In case you weren't aware, most girls aren't. I recommend drinking heartily; it's delicious, and it'll help keep your strength up. Did you get all that?”

“I think so.”

“Good. Don't worry, we'll do more than just squeezing your balls dry. Sex is an important part of a relationship, but I'm just focusing on it out of selfishness. Although I doubt you'll really mind. We'll do other couple-y things, together. Let's start by cleaning up the shrine!”

“Cleaning?” He groans at the mention of work. He was probably thinking that dating you would consist of sex, sleeping off fatigue from having sex, and maybe a date or two.

“Of course. It's a necessary part of living with someone. Or living alone, for that matter.” Chores are very important. You are most assuredly not abusing your sudden position as his girlfriend to cut your workload in half. “You'll also need to help out with cooking. I'll teach you if you don't know how to cook. There's a few hours before dinner, so let's get as much cleaning done before then.” You'll need to start with yourselves; your blood and other fluids have formed a light red coat on his penis and a small puddle on the floor. You wipe yourselves off with towels and get dressed. Cleaning in the nude would just be distracting.

You start off with the sitting room. Other than the small mess you made having sex, it's mostly already clean. The dishes from tea are already piled in the kitchen and there's nothing on the floor, so all the room really needs is a good dusting. This should be a good way to ease him into the workload. Kiyoshi groans slightly as you hand him a dust cloth, but accepts it and gets to work wiping down the walls. You clean up the pool of leftover semen with the towel and grab a new dust cloth for the floor.

As expected, the room only takes a quarter of an hour to clean. You haven't been using it lately, thanks to your little adventures, so there was barely anything to do. You move on to the kitchen. You haven't used this room much either, but there's still some mess here: a small pile of dirty dishes, crumbs scattered all around, ashes in the stove, and of course dust in the corners.

Again, you split up the workload. You'll throw out the ashes and do the dishes, and Kiyoshi can start wiping everything down. He doesn't complain at all this time and simply accepts the task as you give it to him, and hums a soft tune to himself as he starts on the counters. You were worried for a bit that he had never done chores at home, but he's doing a fine job of cleaning. Presumably he just didn't want to do chores at his house only to do more at yours. Well, this is probably just a one-time thing.

You pull out the catch tray from the oven and carefully bring it outside. A bit of ash falls onto the kitchen floor despite your best efforts, but fortunately none gets anywhere else in the house. You dump the ashes outside once the wind dies down and hurry back inside to avoid the dust cloud. After putting the tray back, you start on the dishes. There's a good number in here, dating back to before you left for the Moriya shrine, but the dirty pot from today's lunch is going to be more of a pain to deal with. Well, there's nothing to do but get started. Scrubbing all these dishes isn't particularly difficult, just time consuming. Thirty minutes of uneventful scrubbing later, you dry off the last of the dishes and help Kiyoshi finish up the dusting.

There's still time to finish cleaning your room before dinner. With Kiyoshi to help you out this time you should be able to finish everything. You lead him to your room and open the door to reveal the partial mess.

“Wow,” he says as he looks around your room, “So this is a girl's room? It's so messy.”

“Yeah, well, that's why we're cleaning it up.” It's probably a good thing that you already started on this room. The big thing remaining is the laundry, plus dusting once everything is off the floor and airing out the futon. Kiyoshi steps through your room and examines your scattered belongings as you figure out what all needs to be done. He picks up one of your dirty panties from the pile of clothes and holds it in front of his face, fascinated by the thin piece of fabric. “Oh my,” you tease, “picking through a girl's underwear?” He drops the article as you call out to him, somehow surprised by your presence. Did he forget you were still standing next to him? “Not that I really mind, but wouldn't you rather play with my pussy directly? Well, not right now though. We still have cleaning to do. Sex can wait until after dinner.”

He resumes poking around your stuff once he realizes that you don't mind, although he doesn't pick the panties back up. He glances at your dildos and moves on, apparently considering the phallic objects you push deep into your cunt less interesting than something that barely touches your slit. The pile of magazines does catch his interest, and he gasps in surprise as he opens one to a random page.

“Oh? What are these, Reimu? I've never seen books like this.”

“You like 'em? They're a gift a friend gave me a while back. You can have them if you want. They honestly don't do much for me.”

“Really? Thank you!”

You assign your helper his tasks once he's finished poking around your room. You'll do the laundry together; he can wash your blouses, skirts, and other large articles of clothing while you take care of the delicates. There are a number of reasons why you don't want him cleaning your panties, so it's better to just leave him with the sturdier and less sexual articles. You separate your clothes into two piles, grab your washboards, and carry the load down the stairs to the river.

The river is only a short walk away, but carrying the load of laundry and the washboards makes the trip rather cumbersome. Unlike the earlier tasks, washing clothes in the river is actually strenuous. This is the kind of work that makes you grunt in frustration. There's no chance for idle chitchat. Once again, you're glad to have a helper, although you're sure that right now he wishes he hadn't agreed to your offer. You'll just have to make it up to him tonight. The two of you work diligently, and you finish washing the clothes and return to the shrine after forty minutes.

That's enough chores for today. You always hated doing the laundry, and even with a helper it was pretty exhausting. It certainly took a lot out of your new boyfriend too. Both of you lie down on the futon after dropping the clothes off in your room. You're certainly nowhere near being unable to stand, but resting is definitely all you feel like doing right now.

“Sorry about that. I guess I kinda got carried away there. It's important to help out around the house, but I shouldn't make you help so much with my chores if we aren't really going out.”

“It wasn't a problem at all, Reimu. Cleaning the shrine was actually kinda fun. I enjoyed working with you. Everything except the clothes, but I guess I need to learn to wash my own clothes, huh? Haha.”

Well, if he honestly doesn't mind then it's not a big deal. It is an important lesson, just one that should've been delivered a bit slower. Still, you feel bad about exploiting him, so you'd like to make it up to him.

[ ] Give him a quickie before dinner
[ ] Make a special dinner
No. 26105
[x] Make a special dinner.
No. 26108
[x] Give him a quickie before dinner

Intense cleaning action. It's true, dildos are less interesting than panties.
No. 26112
[X] Make a special dinner

This feels like the more romantic option.
No. 26114
[x] Make a special dinner
No. 26116
[x] Make a special dinner.

Seems like there'll be plenty of time for sex.
No. 26121
[x] Make a special dinner.
No. 26124
[x] Make a special dinner

/at/'s cooking fetish strikes again!
No. 26130
[x] Make a special dinner
No. 26174
MtG means I have to vote for
[x] special dinner
No. 26214
Calling it for
[x] Make a special dinner
No. 26306
File 134541006014.png - (551.36KB , 684x545 , 2dd6c0023136286112611fafcff9e8ee.png ) [iqdb]
The two of you lie on the futon for a few minutes. Just enough time to properly catch your breath after scrubbing your panties.

“I still feel bad, so how about we make a nice dinner together?” Cooking takes time, but it isn't too strenuous. It shouldn't be a problem to make, even if you're both still somewhat tired. Plus, eating a good, healthy meal will help him last longer tonight. “How's fish with white sauce sound? It'll take a while to make the sauce and cook the fish, so we'll need to start right away. If we do it right it'll be delicious, and will be good experience for you.”

“Sure. I've never had white sauce before, but if you say it's delicious I'm sure I'd like it. I'll do what I can to help.”

“Great, let's get started.” You get up and look expectantly at Kiyoshi, but he just stares back in exhaustion. You're forced to give him your hand and pull him up. You head into the kitchen and start pulling out ingredients: butter and flour for the sauce, cooking oil and some garlic for the fish. All that's left is the milk for the sauce.

“Kiyoshi, I'll need your help with the milk. We'll need it for the sauce.”

“Alright, Reimu. Where do you keep it?” Without answering him, you undo your necktie, loosening your blouse enough to give him a view of your cleavage. “Eh?” You can't tell if he actually caught on or if he just thinks you're stripping for no reason. You resume stripping and take off your blouse, revealing your sarashi. “Ehhhhhh?”

“You'll need to find a suitable container. Don't use the liquid measuring cup, as we'll need to measure the milk afterward.” He finally gets it now that you've started unwrapping your sarashi. Really, you told him you were lactating, and even gave him a decent taste. Why wouldn't he jump at the opportunity to cook a meal with your breast milk? He finds a sufficiently large cup in one of your cupboards just as you finish unwrapping your sarashi. You place it on the ground and get on all fours, aligning your bare breasts with the opening. “Alright. Now milk my tits. About three-quarters of the container should be enough.”

“Y-You're really going to do this, Reimu?”

“Of course. I should have more than enough milk in these big tits.” Or maybe that's not what he means. “It's perfectly safe to drink, if that's what you're concerned about. It's a convenient and always-available source of milk, on top of being delicious and nutritious, so why wouldn't we use it?”

“Do you always cook like this?”

“Well, no. This would be the very first time. But I'm sure that it's fine to cook with, and there's only one way to know for certain. In all honesty, I only started lactating recently, so I would like to know if there's anything I can't use my milk for. It's complicated, so I'd rather not explain for now.” The lactation is simple, but telling him the source is not. Hopefully a few days of living with you will be enough for him to accept that a large manta ray impregnated you and inflated your breasts. “So for now, just grab my tits and squeeze some milk out into the cup. I'm sure you're getting hungry too, and we can't make the sauce without milk.” If you can't appeal to his penis, aim for the stomach.

He finally gives in and squats down in front of you, then hesitantly reaches for your nipples. The cup is wide enough to completely cover the area of your breasts, so even if his aim is bad nothing should spill onto the floor. A burst of pleasure shoots through your body as he gives your left nipple an experimental pinch, shooting out a small jet of warm milk into the cup. His other hand grabs your right tit and milks it. Despite having suckled from your breasts earlier, he still seems embarrassed to be touching your boobs like this. His face is right next to yours and is already quite red, although naturally his attention is not directed towards your face.

Kiyoshi quickly gets the hang of milking you like a cow. He alternates between your breasts, slowly filling the cup with frothy milk. Each squirt sends a jolt of pleasure through you, becoming harder to keep in check as his pace quickens. The sensation finally becomes unbearable, and you let out a husky moan. He mostly ignores you and maintains his concentration on his task. Your pussy is getting damp and eager to taste his delicious cock. This is not the time for sex, though, and you do your best to keep your desires under control. You can suck him dry after dinner.

He stops once the liquid slightly exceeds the three-quarters mark. “That's enough, right, Reimu?”

“Yeah. That should be good. But now my tits are all milky. Could you wipe them off for me?” You get up off the ground and raise one tit, holding it up to his mouth. Just in case he doesn't catch the hint that you want him to use his tongue to clean it. He stands up and grabs onto your tit to steady it and glides his tongue against your nipple. A small bit of extra milk leaks out into his mouth, but as he's not sucking it stops quickly. His tongue travels down to the bottom of your breast, happily cleaning off the traces of milk. He then moves onto your other breast, cleaning it just as thoroughly as the first. You notice that he has an erection as he stands up, but tries to avoid drawing any attention to it. Just as well; you're also horny, but dinner comes first.

Now that the milk has been obtained, you can put your clothes back on. You wrap your sarashi as you issue orders to the fledgling cook. “Pour the milk into the measuring cup in the cabinet. If there's any left over, feel free to drink it yourself.” He carefully pours the milk out of the cup, doing his best to not spill any despite the container being less than ideal for pouring, then drinks the remainder.

Next, you need a good fire going. Not a strong one, as that would just char the sauce and fish, but one that'll burn consistently as you cook. Kiyoshi helps you carry some wood into the stove and you use a match to light a fire. The kindling quickly catches fire and develops nicely. You set out three pans; one to melt the butter, another to scald the milk, and the last to cook the fish in oil. It only takes a minute for everything to heat up. Once the butter melts you assist Kiyoshi in adding the flour, forming the base of the sauce. Everything is cooking at the same time, forcing the two of you to frequently pause and stir the milk to prevent burning and to flip the fish once.

You slowly pour the milk into the base while Kiyoshi stirs. The fish finishes cooking in the middle, forcing another pause as you move the pan aside to keep it out of the direct flame. Once all the milk has been added you add some more wood to the fire and bring the sauce to a boil. Kiyoshi moves it out of the center of the heat and stirs it for a few minutes at it simmers. He's doing a pretty good job; he claims he had no real experience cooking, but he has good strength and stamina and considerable control over his movements.

Everything is finally ready. You cut the fish and give each of you a generous serving and pour the thick sauce over both pieces. It's absolutely delicious. The sauce is extremely rich, both sweet and creamy, and mixes well with the savory fish. Kiyoshi's delighted smile shows that he agrees with your assessment. You both devour your food without wasting a single scrap.

With dinner finished, there's only one thing you could think about doing now: the dishes. Cooking everything at once made a complete mess of your pans, and you'd rather not have to deal with them tomorrow. Everything cooled down while you were eating, so there's no reason not to do it now. Kiyoshi did a great job helping out, so you let him take it (relatively) easy and only ask him to wash off the plates as you scrub the pans.

And with the final distraction out of the way, you lead Kiyoshi back into your bedroom. It's time for his training, to teach him how to fully appreciate his body and yours. You slip your tongue into his mouth as you slowly undress him. He returns the kiss, rubbing his tongue against yours as you explore his mouth, but lets you take complete control. The last article of clothing comes off, revealing his growing erection.

You break the kiss and loosely rub his cock, enjoying the way it twitches in your hand. “I have a lot more to teach you about sex, Kiyoshi. There's plenty of other ways we can please each other. Just relax and let me show you some of the basics.” He moans as you wrap your fingers around his shaft and slowly pump it along his length. You deliberately keep your movements slow to ensure he doesn't suddenly cum. He has good stamina but poor control, so you need to maintain the perfect balance of sensuality so that he enjoys your body without ejaculating too often. “This is a handjob. It feels good to have a girl touch your dick, doesn't it? Much better than masturbating. Have you ever masturbated, Kiyoshi? Have you ever imagined your crush's hands stroking your penis while you touch yourself?”

“J-Just a few times, Reimu.” You quicken your pace as he answers, making him squirm a little from your caress. His reaction to your gentle caresses emphasizes his lack of experience.

“Oh? You should do it more often. It's a good way to learn about your body and build stamina. Plus, it feels really good.” On the other hand, encouraging him to masturbate now would be shooting yourself in the foot. Oh well, this is for his benefit, not yours. “I'll have to help you out with some masturbation as well, but that can wait for tomorrow.” Lacking a penis, there's only so much of the technical aspect you can teach him, but you can at least give him some nice material to use. “Of course, don't do it too much while you're here. We can feel much better together.”

You take his cock into your mouth and move your hand down to the base of his shaft. Your tongue glides along his dick and curls around his length a few times before you pause to speak. “And this is a blowjob, or fellatio. As you already know, it feels really good to have your dick sucked like this. Don't pressure your girlfriend into doing it, though; some girls just don't like sticking large, meaty objects into their mouth. I don't want you to become the kind of guy that coerces girls into doing things they don't want to do, either. So please, let her make the decision. Personally, I love sucking cocks, so don't hesitate to ask.” You demonstrate your love by taking his shaft back into your mouth. He groans loudly as you suck on his tip, and his cock twitches in your mouth, his orgasm building quickly. You're still going easy on him, but you would not mind in the least if he came in your mouth. You brush your tongue against him a few more times, then lower your head to his thigh and swallow the entirety of his length. His tip kisses the back of your mouth, throbbing from the pleasure as your throat squeezes his entire cock. Kiyoshi does a wonderful job of holding it in, despite what his cock must be feeling right now. He had a sufficient taste, so you pull off of his cock and sit back up.

“And that,” you explain while removing your blouse, “was a deep throat. Unlike a normal blowjob, you simply can't do that without plenty of practice. Don't even ask for anything so advanced, since if your girlfriend doesn't know what she's doing she'll just choke.” You toss your sarashi to the floor, freeing your breasts. His cock is still twitching slightly in the air and glistens with your saliva. It's amazing he lasted this long, but it's time for him to cum. “This is another technique your crush might not be able to do, but for different reasons.” You lean towards him and smother his dick between your large tits, holding them down with your hands to keep them in place. He moans from the pressure, his tip barely sticking out of your cleavage. “This is paizuri. It's pretty simple, although you do need big boobs like mine to pull it off.”

Kiyoshi's cock twitches between your tits as he approaches the end of his endurance. You would've preferred to drink it, but this is a nice position too. He cries out in pleasure as you raise and lower your boobs along his shaft. Three strokes is all it takes to finish him off, and he sprays his thick cum all over your face and chest. He pants loudly after his orgasm, and you give him a small break as you scoop most of his delicious semen off your body and swallow it. His erection is fading, but you aren't done with him yet.

“Next is a woman's body. Come closer, Kiyoshi.” You spread your legs and face Kiyoshi, exposing your slit to his view. He's still a bit dazed from cumming, but manages to recover after a few seconds and crawls towards you. He stops a short distance from your pussy, and you spread it open to let him see your insides. “This is a vagina. There's a dozen names for it, so just pick whichever you like. You've already put your dick in here, but are other ways to make a girl's pussy feel good. Let's start with fingers.” You demonstrate by slowly sliding your index into your folds, explaining the best methods for fingering a girl as he watches with rapt attention. After a detailed examination of your vagina, you remove your finger and lick it clean, then instruct Kiyoshi to try.

He slowly pushes his index finger into you, being extra careful out of fear that the penetration will hurt you. His fingers are a little bit thicker and longer than yours; significantly rougher when compared to your delicate hands, but still possessing a good deal of boyish charm. The finger slowly wiggles about inside of you as he gets used to entering you, enough to make you shudder in pleasure despite his inexperience. He's doing a good job of mimicking your example, but conversely isn't experimenting to try to find precisely what makes you moan. On your cue, he adds his middle finger and slowly pumps the two in and out of your drenched cunt. His speed increases as he becomes more comfortable with your tightness, making you moan as he pushes apart your walls. He's not good enough to make you cum with just his fingers, but that's alright. There will be other opportunities. He spends a few minutes playing with your cunt before you ask him to stop and move on.

“Next, use your mouth. Slide your tongue into the folds of my pussy. Kiss and suckle it, and be sure to pay attention to my clit as well.” He obeys and pushes apart your folds with his tongue, happily lapping up your overflowing juices. There's no way you could've given him a demonstration, forcing him to experiment and form techniques on his own. He's certainly eager to please you and search for the pleasurable parts of your cunt, and his efforts are certainly paying off. Your orgasm is building, slowly but steadily from his determined cunnilingus.

“Add your fingers. You can do both at once. And focus more on my clit. Hurry, I'm so close!” He obeys immediately and slides two fingers back into your pussy and moves his mouth to your clit. A single kiss directly on your erect nub is enough to make you cry out in pleasure, but it's still not enough. His tongue alternates between rapid flicks against your clit and lightly licking your labia as his fingers pound you. His other hand joins in and lightly pinches your clit, bringing you over the edge. You scream loudly as the orgasm flows through your body and you spray a bit of juice onto Kiyoshi's hands and face. He gladly licks up all that he can. “Congratulations, Kiyoshi. You just made a girl cum without even using your cock.” That's certainly more than some men can manage. Looking up at him, you notice that his cock is fully erect again. Time to put it to use.

“Now for the final lesson: safe sex. In case no one told you before, pregnancy is simple. If you ejaculate in a girl's vagina, she may become pregnant. I'm an exception, but for now let's pretend I'm not. So if you want to cum inside, you'll need to find another hole to use.” You turn around and get on all fours, sticking your ass high into the air, and spread open your anus. The message is clear, and he walks up behind you and presses the tip of his cock against your ass. “Don't rush, though. My asshole is tighter than my pussy, so you'll need to move slowly. You could try to loosen it up a bit by using a finger or two as well.”

He takes you advice and moves his dick aside, replacing it with his middle finger. The tight walls of your anus tightly constrict against his finger as it slowly moves in and out of your orifice. Even with Yukari's virginity restoration, your ass is still a good deal tighter than your pussy, as you only started using that hole recently. A second finger soon joins the first once. The penetration feels good, but it really just makes you want his cock even more. You told him to slow down, partially for his benefit in the future, so it'd be odd to ask him to hurry up and put it in already.

Fortunately, he quickly decides that you're loose enough and removes his fingers. You moan as his tip slowly forces its way into your anus, perfectly filling you up. His cock reaches the depths of your asshole as his hips press against your butt, just long enough to stimulate your entire length without being too thick. He pulls away, heeding your advice and moving slowly. The experience is still amazing, the pleasure from his dick overflowing from your sensitive ass. He increases his speed slightly as he becomes more comfortable with your body, but maintains a leisurely pace. Then, without warning, he stops moving, leaving his shaft half buried inside of you.

“Huh? Why'd you stop, Kiyoshi?” You were about to climax again, too.

“Um, did you want me to cum inside you? I mean, I'm getting pretty close.” You're lusting for a nice hot load of semen inside of you, but that would make the next and most important lesson more difficult.

“No, you shouldn't. Not that I'd normally mind, but we have one final lesson.” He pulls out of you, his tip making an audible “pop!” as it passes through your ring. You're still panting a bit from the near orgasm, but it's certainly controllable. You lean over towards your bedside table and pull a condom out of the box you keep in there. “Finally, this is a condom. It goes around your penis and will prevent semen from entering your partner when you ejaculate. Thus, there is a minimal chance of pregnancy, making it a truly miraculous invention. If you need to buy some, Kourindou should always have a stock and they're pretty cheap, despite being outsider technology. You might want to find an escort for going there, though, since Rinnosuke decided to build the place so far away from the village.”

You give him a quick lesson on using condoms, ending with him putting it on his dick. Now it's time to actually use it. You lie back on the futon and spread your legs, inviting him inside of you. Without any hesitation, he holds on to your waist for support and slams his cock into you. Bareback certainly feels better, but Kiyoshi's sudden unreserved lust more than makes up for the loss of direct contact. He moans softly as his cock repeatedly penetrates your soaked cunt, apparently not bothered by the cover around his shaft. The pleasure from the anal sex quickly returns, bringing you close to orgasm after a few thrusts. You grind your hips to match his movements, eager to take his cock deeper into your pussy and thrilled by his forwardness. Like you, he was close to orgasm when he started, and cums after a minute of relentlessly pounding you. The heat from his cum is stopped by the condom, denying you from being filled by his hot seed. A downside, but it's still a necessary lesson for him.

He pulls his cock out of you, the condom now filled with his semen. You help him take it off and hold it up, showing him just how much would've gone inside you. “See? Just like that. Girls can't get pregnant if you don't cum in them. But it's very important to be careful with these and to make sure they don't have holes when you put them on.” You demonstrate by holding the used condom still with one hand, and prick it with your index finger on the other. The semen quickly drains out of the new hole and runs down your hand. “All it takes is a single tear and it's useless.”

Tired from his second orgasm, Kiyoshi lies down on the futon and snuggles up to you. You'd prefer to go around round, but there's no harm in letting him rest. You wrap your arms around his body and hold him close to you, quietly enjoying each other's warmth for half an hour. Your pussy is still aching for his cock. He should be well rested by now and ready for sex.

You move your hand to his partially erect cock. It would seem that even while relaxing, he had your mostly naked form in his mind. His dick twitches in your hand and slowly returns to full life after giving it a few light strokes. You give him a quick kiss before speaking to draw his attention.

“That was the last lesson, so now it's time for your test. Use everything that you've learned for this.”

[ ] “I want you to make love to me.”
[ ] “I want you to ravage me.”

One year ago today I hijacked the first thread and started writing. Hooray for anniversaries. And only 4 months of hiatus.
No. 26308
>One year ago today I hijacked the first thread and started writing.

And I think everyone was happy when it happened. Seriously, who imagined a story about a nymphomaniac Reimu fooling around could be so good? And hot?

[x] “I want you to make love to me.”

Now, it's to help him get a girl. Let's test him properly.
No. 26310
[x] “I want you to ravage me.”

Love. Yuck.
No. 26312
[x] “I want you to make love to me.”
No. 26313
[x] “I want you to make love to me.”

Leave 'em better than you found 'em.
No. 26315
[X] “I want you to ravage me.”
No. 26325
[x] “I want you to ravage me.”

It should be cute to watch him try.
No. 26328
[x] “I want you to make love to me.”

>Hooray for anniversaries.
You doesn't sound really excited about that.
No. 26329
[X] “I want you to make love to me.”

Nice and gently~
No. 26333
I think you're in the wrong thread.

I almost always speak in monotone. It just carries over to the internet.
No. 26343
[x] “I want you to make love to me.”

It's practice for the girl of his dreams, right?
No. 26367
[X]Ravage. Watching him try to make Reimu call him Master should be quite amusing.
No. 26371
That sounds more like domination to me.
No. 26399
[x] “I want you to ravage me.”

She's a kinky girl.
No. 26406
[X] “I want you to make love to me.”
No. 26413
Calling it for
[x] “I want you to make love to me.”
No. 26432
File 134620957789.jpg - (361.99KB , 800x600 , 329193743526146ef7b9cc32e5b89a91.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I want you to make love to me, Kiyoshi. I'll help, but you need to take the lead. You can pretend I'm your crush, if it'll help. Just act as you would if you were bringing her to bed.” You spread your legs and face him, giving him easy access to your body. His cock is fully erect now, ready for another round of sex.

Kiyoshi gets on top of you and grabs your breasts, supporting and suckling one while he caresses the other. He grinds his length against your slit at the same time, making you moan as a fresh stream of milk squirts out into his hungry mouth. Despite drinking your milk, he doesn't linger on your nipple, and instead kisses and licks the entirety of your breast. His touch is still inexperienced, but it would be enough to get you wet if you weren't already soaked. Since this is a learning experience for him, you can't simply ask him to cut the foreplay and shove it in.

Once he's satisfied with your breasts, he shifts upward to meet your face. His tongue parts your lips and moves past them to explore your mouth, wrapping itself around yours. You return the kiss, but true to your word you force him to take the lead. Your tongue registers a slight hint of milk, just enough to give you a small taste. He places his hand on your cheek, lightly caressing it as he kisses you deeply.

After about a minute of kissing, he breaks away and aligns his cock with your wet slit. His shaft slowly enters your pussy, not stopping until the entire length is buried within your now-familiar hole. Holding on to your waist to support himself, he begins thrusting into your cunt and scraping your sensitive walls. Despite already having had sex several times earlier today, he's still full of vigor as he rapidly enters and exits you. Consistent movements replace the awkward ones from first attempt. The boy is certainly learning fast.

He changes position after about two minutes, lying once more on top of your body without breaking the connection. This puts his cock at a new angle, hitting the lower walls of your pussy. Despite learning how to keep a rhythm, he hasn't yet learned to change his approach, so he was mostly rubbing against the same part of your walls. You can't really fault him for this, but the coincidental shift is a welcome change. He plants a single kiss on your left nipple, then slowly moves to the left, leaving a trail of kisses along the side of your breast before stopping at your armpit.

His tongue runs along the outside of your armpit. You aren't too ticklish, and bursting out into laughter would kill the mood, so you keep the unfamiliar sensation under control and focus on his cock as it thrusts into your pussy. His hand gropes your tit, squeezing your soft mound as his tongue moves to the center of your armpit. He moans lightly as he savors the taste of your bare flesh. You don't share his particular enjoyment of the act, but his tongue does feel good wherever it touches you, and the tickling sensation is an unusual but pleasant addition to the sex.

He finishes licking your armpit and moves his head back to just below your breasts. It would appear that he's done with the foreplay, as he doesn't resume kissing or groping you, instead concentrating on your pussy. His hands are to your sides, supporting his body above your own. Well, if he isn't going to do anything, you'll have to. You wrap your arms around his back, embracing him and pulling him closer to you without interrupting his thrusts. Just enough to let his chest touch the tips of your nipples. You slip your tongue into his mouth and sloppily kiss him, nearly forcing him to return the affection.

Kiyoshi's moaning becomes louder as his orgasm draws near. His cock slams into you one final time before he cums, screaming your name as he floods your cunt with his hot semen. You instinctively wrap your legs around his body and hug him closer. His inexperienced thrusting wasn't enough to get you off even though you've been on edge for the last hour, but his semen immediately brings you over the edge. You moan in pleasure as the orgasm flows through your body, holding him tightly against you to make certain you get every last drop. A few minutes later, after your body finally accepts that there's nothing left to take, you release him from your embrace.

Completely spent, Kiyoshi collapses into your arms. Five ejaculations since you met him; not bad at all for someone who was just a virgin. There's no telling how long he'd last if he tried to keep up with your overactive sex drive, but ideally he'll gain enough confidence to confess to his girl in under two weeks. Things might get interesting before then, though; you shouldn't put off explaining why you lactate and can't get pregnant. Until he leaves, though, you simply might just need to supplement him with healthy amounts of masturbation. Or find a man on the side. Or woman. Or animal.

Kiyoshi falls asleep almost immediately in your breasts. You gently shift him off of you and onto the futon. It's still somewhat early in the night; the sun has already gone down, but you wouldn't normally go to bed for another hour or two. Kiyoshi certainly isn't in a position to entertain you in any way.

[ ] Just go to sleep now.
[ ] Masturbate.
[ ] Do a little more cleaning before bed.
[ ] Head out to the village and find a partner for the rest of the night.
No. 26433
[x] Head out to the village and find a partner for the rest of the night.
No. 26438
[X] Masturbate.

Haven't had a solo Reimu scene in a while.
No. 26439
[x] Do a little more cleaning before bed.

Eliminate all filth.
No. 26450
[x] Do a little more cleaning before bed.

Interested in seeing where this choice goes,
No. 26451
Knowing this author, it will lead to exactly what it says.
No. 26453
[X] Masturbate.

This. I wouldn't vote for it hoping for a curveball.
No. 26471
[x] Do a little more cleaning before bed.
I'm going to do exactly that.
No. 26504
[ X] Head out to the village and find a partner for the rest of the night.
No. 26511
[x] Do a little more cleaning before bed.
No. 26513
Calling it for
[x] Do a little more cleaning before bed.
No. 26515
File 134663895266.jpg - (801.51KB , 2220x3106 , close_enough.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's still time before you'd go to bed, and there's still work to be done. Kiyoshi did a good job, so you'll just let him sleep and work by yourself. He's probably not in any shape to get up anyway, considering how thoroughly you squeezed him dry. You carefully slip out of bed, doing your best to not disturb his well-deserved rest.

Now, what's left to clean? Your room still needs work, but you can't clean in here while Kiyoshi is sleeping. Well, except for one thing: your dildos are still lying on the floor, as you hadn't remembered to clean them with the laundry. You pick them up and leave the room, noiselessly closing the door behind you.

You fly back down towards the river. Normally you'd walk, but it's a lot safer to fly down the stairs with this little light. The quarter moon only barely illuminates the ground; no matter how familiar the stairs are, you'd rather not risk it. Flying is faster, but also much more tiring than a leisurely stroll.

The river isn't far, even when walking, so you quickly reach your destination. And spend about a minute running both dildos under the flowing water and washing them off with your bare hands. No matter how close the river is, coming down here a second time to do such a trivial task is just irritating. Neither one of them is very complicated; Yukari took you to Kourindou shortly after she first took your virginity and helped you pick out some good ones for a beginner. You suppose you have some sentimental attachment to them; they were your first masturbatory aids, and they brought you to orgasm many times when your fingers weren't enough. Still, you have to admit that you'd like some of Sanae's nice tools. A vibrating dildo would be nice, maybe some beads too.

With the dildos nice and clean, you head back to the shrine. Another uneventful ten minute flight. You walk back into the shrine and set the dildos onto the counter to dry off overnight. The only room left to clean is the bathroom. The tub is still full of water, so you can just leave it alone. You grab a rag and get to work cleaning the floor instead.

You haven't used this room much either, so it isn't that dirty. There's still water on the floor from your bath earlier today, but no real grime or anything serious. You mop up the spilled water, wringing out the rag as necessary into the drain. Next, you use the damp cloth to wipe down the walls and the outside of the tub. You don't notice any real difference after cleaning it, but it's still a good idea to periodically wipe things down, even if they don't look dirty. After thirty minutes of wiping, you finally finish cleaning.

That should be enough for today. You quietly return to your bedroom, making sure to carefully close the door behind you. Kiyoshi remains in the same position you left him in. You take off all your clothes and slip into bed, next to your new boyfriend, and fall asleep with one arm around his body.

Morning comes quickly and wakes you with a flood of strong sunshine. It looks like you slept in a little, but that's hardly a problem. Your boyfriend is unaffected by the sun, since his head is mostly covered by the blanket. The long rest certainly helped him recover, as his morning wood is pressed against your bare thighs.

[ ] Wake him up with a blowjob.
[ ] Get up, start preparing breakfast, and let him wake up on his own. Then give him a blowjob.
No. 26516
[x] Get up, start preparing breakfast, and let him wake up on his own. Then give him a blowjob.

Breakfast and blowjobs, what a way to wake up!
No. 26517
[x] Wake him up with a blowjob.

Sleep rape, fuck yeah.
No. 26524
[X] Wake him up with a blowjob.

Oh, yes! This is one of my many, many fetishes.
No. 26539
[x] Wake him up with a blowjob.
No. 26621
Calling it for
[x] Wake him up with a blowjob.
No. 26661
New thread >>26660