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While you're here, you might as well check up on Patchouli. She should be somewhere near the center of the library. You're sure that she has a room hidden around here somewhere, but every time you've seen Patchouli in the library, she's always around that one area. It's probably the best place for reading or focusing magic or something.

You say goodbye to Koakuma and let her resume her duties. She smiles as she waves goodbye, then eagerly returns to putting away her pile of books. You're pretty sure she enjoyed her little break, and now that she's met Sakuya, the two of them will probably end up spending more time together.

The reading area isn't far from where you left Koakuma. It's set up as it always is, with several books piled on top of the table and a reading light shining down, but the librarian isn't there. She probably just went to went to get a book or something. You don't expect a long wait, but you might as well get comfortable.

There's a couch facing the reading area between you and the table. That's probably the best place to relax, and if you sit there you won't need to worry about Patchouli yelling at you for getting in the way of her research.

You walk towards the couch, but stop when you notice a pair of long, bare legs dangling from the side. Someone is already lying on the couch. Patchouli? They certainly don't look like hers. The legs are beautifully smooth and very full, ending in delicate looking feet with well manicured nails. These are the legs of someone who is concerned with her appearance, and that does not describe Patchouli at all. If nothing else, Patchouli would never be able to have her skin produce a healthy glow. All of the other girls should be accounted for, leaving you with no clue as to who this mystery woman is.

The woman notices your presence as you approach. “Oh, Sakuya, is that you? Could you bring me another one of your cakes? They're really delicious!” That was Patchouli's voice. Kinda. It certainly sounds like her, but without any of the usual raspiness or wheezing. Even on her good days, Patchouli can't escape her asthma, and on her worst she can barely talk without breaking into a fit of coughing. But that voice just now was perfectly clear, as well as full of cheer and lilt.

“Oh. You aren't Sakuya. Sorry.” Patchouli looks up from the fluffy pillow her head is resting on once you peer over the edge of the couch. At least, you think it's Patchouli. She has long, purple hair with a crescent hair clip, and she's wearing purple pajamas. But that's about where the similarities end. Her tits are far perkier than you remember, nearly spilling out of her flimsy clothes, which stop just past her waist to show you a stunning array of curves. The display of cleavage is impressive, to say the least. She doesn't seem to be wearing anything underneath her pajamas, leaving nothing to restrain her massive tits. They seem to be a little bigger than Meiling’s. There's a small bit of frosting on her index finger and near her lips, likely from the cakes she was talking about.

“No, I'm not.” She doesn't seem to recognize you, but she does know Sakuya's name. “Um, who are you?”

The mystery woman slides off the couch and stands up. Her posture is closer to Koakuma's confident, sexy stance than Patchouli's trademark slump. She's a little bit taller than you, putting her roughly half a head above the Patchouli you know. “Ah, yeah, I should introduce myself, huh? My name is Patchouli. Pleased to meet you.”

“Reimu. Reimu Hakurei. Nice to meet you too, uh, Patchouli.” No reaction whatsoever to your name. It's really as if this is her first time meeting you. Did some magic experiment go horribly wrong and give Patchouli amnesia? And a sexy body?

“So, what brings you here, Reimu? There really isn't much to do in here. Most of the action is going on outside.”

“'Not much to do'? You're surrounded by books. I mean, don't you read them?”

“Nah. They're all weird gibberish. I managed to find a few novels, but even those were really long and dull. They were better than nothing, I guess, but I'm still bored of out my mind, being stuck in here.”

“Uh, I see. And why are you stuck in the library? Seems like an odd place if you don't like to read.”

“I'm not allowed to leave without an escort, which I can't ever get. Remi's orders. I don't really want to go against her, either. She's cute and all, but she's also pretty scary at times. I haven't ever seen her pissed off, but just imagining it...” She trails off and shudders at the thought.

“Did you want to leave the library for a specific reason?” You have an idea, but it wouldn't hurt to ask before jumping to assumptions.

“Of course! There's dozens of men out there. They can't come in here and I can't go out there. I'm dying to get laid, and there isn't even anything else to do in here to take my mind off of it. I spend most of my time just lying around, complaining about how bored I am.”

“Aha, so that's it. I might be able to help with that, actually.” You're willing to put aside any questions about this woman's actual identity for now. She has an absolutely stunning body, with ample curves everywhere you want them. You'd love to bury your face in those wide hips or suckle those bountiful tits. “After all, you don't need a man for sex.” You lean forward to give her a small view of your cleavage. She doesn't even notice.

“I guess. Why, do you have a dick too?”

“No. But I have a pussy, fingers, a tongue, and plenty of experience. I don't need a cock to make you feel good.” She seems unimpressed by your lack of penis. You actually could give yourself one right now, but it'd probably just get in the way in the near future. Plus, you have a magic bullet that'll definitely persuade this non-Patchouli to take her clothes off. “It's not like you have anything else to do.”

She thinks it over for a second and sighs. “Yeah, you're right. Whatever, I'll give you a chance. You are pretty good looking, I guess. I've never done it this way, so you'll have to take the lead. Is that fine?”

“Of course. Don't worry; you're in good hands.” You walk up to her and grab onto her marvelous tits, enjoying their fullness as your fingers sink into her soft flesh. Her body is every bit as luscious as you had anticipated, although she isn't sharing your enthusiasm as you knead her huge breasts. For the most part, she simply stands still and lets you enjoy yourself, barely reacting to your touch. You slide her pajamas down to expose her breasts and take her left nipple into your mouth. She finally lets out a small moan as your tongue flicks against her delicate nub.

It seems that her breasts aren't very sensitive. That's a real shame, as they're simply amazing to touch and look at. You need to consider her pleasure as well, but there's no way you're moving away from these soft tits until you're good and ready. As a compromise, you slide your free hand up her leg and caress her upper thigh, keeping it tantalizingly close to her slit. If she's lusting for sex with the men running around the mansion, then she's probably not used to foreplay and will want something in her pussy immediately. None of those men gave you the impression of being masters of seduction.

You press your face against her cleavage, savoring the fullness one last time. You're ready to move on. She definitely felt your caresses, but she's used to so much more. You'll have just to go all out; you're positive that you can bring her to orgasm, but she might not appreciate your fingers as much as a thick cock. You instruct Patchouli to sit down on the couch and spread her legs for you.

The intoxicating scent of her arousal fills your nostrils as you gaze at her beautiful pussy. Even if she didn't enjoy your breast suckling, it was still enough to get her somewhat damp. She cries out softly as you flick your tongue against her labia. You give her pussy a few more teasing licks before sliding two fingers inside her. Her cunt is well used, prompting you to add a third finger and start vigorously pumping them in and out of her body. She moans in earnest and slowly grinds her hips to match the rhythm of your hand, as she's finally enjoying the experience. You slow your pace to tease her and keep her on edge for longer, causing her to beg for more between her drawn out moans.

You slowly wiggle your fingers around inside of her and lick up her overflowing juices, giving her clit a few light kisses to keep her enamored. She seems like the type of woman to get annoyed if kept on edge for too long, so you'll need to bring her to orgasm soon. You continue the slow build up for another minute, which should be enough for a good finish.

You take your other hand and slide the middle finger into her anus. Her ass is tighter than her cunt, but you're still able to fit a second finger in comfortably. She moans loudly and her entire body quivers from the sudden double penetration. You quickly insert both sets of fingers, alternating the movements so that she's always enjoying both directions of movement. Her moans turn more and more husky, and she quickly orgasms from your fingers. She cries out in pleasure and her back arches as her cunt and anus clamp down on your fingers.

You pull your fingers out of her body and bring the hand that was in her pussy up to her mouth. She's dazed from cumming and has a satisfied expression on her face, and instinctively suckles her pussy juice off your fingers. You sit down on the couch next to her and give her a few minutes to recover.

“So. How was it?”

She smiles and looks at you. “It was good. You were better than I expected. But I'll be honest: I'd prefer having a nice, thick cock in me. You're good with your fingers, certainly better than any of the men I've been with, but they just can't rub against my walls like a real penis. Above all else, you can't cum inside of me.”

“I see. That's a shame, then.” She still came, though. “Are you interested in a second round?” Without waiting for a response you squeeze one of her massive tits. Once again she doesn't react to your touch.

“Eh. Not really. I'd still prefer something else. Hopefully involving men. But if you don't have any other plans I'll do it.”

[ ] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.
[ ] Force her into lesbian sex until she likes it.
[ ] Escort her out of the library so the two of you can share some men.
[ ] Use up one of your futanari charms on her. [2 remaining]
No. 28926
[X] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.
- Make sure its a porno
[X] Consider asking Koakuma for answers

Well this got strange....
No. 28927
Any theories what happened guys?
No. 28928
I would say Remilia is somehow responsible.

I think we created a monster.
No. 28929
Why do I have a feeling we might also run into another Patchouli in the library as she split herself into Lewd and non Lewd sides... Else we're gonna have to be asking Koa
No. 28933
>bimbo Patchy
No sir I don't like it.
[x] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.
No. 28934
[x] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.
No. 28935
Slight mod. Remove Porno from it.

No. 28946
[X] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.
- Make sure its a porno
[X] Consider asking Koakuma for answers

I, for one, welcome our new bimbo librarian overlord. If we're going to bring her back to normal, we should at least leave her with a little bit of sexiness.
No. 28947
I'll third that. What the fuck am I reading?
No. 28952
Bimbo Patchy is fine. Just need to fix this horrible book hatred. and score Koakuma points

[x] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.

>You actually could give yourself one right now, but it'd probably just get in the way in the near future.
Reimu doesn't want to cum from both sides as Remi pounds her ;_;
No. 28958
>- Make sure its a porno
No porn in the library, sorry. It's not like anyone in the mansion would need it, after all.
No. 28964
You mean sexually attractive and open Patchouli is fine.
That and being her smart self are not mutually exclusive things. Look at Koakuma for an example.

And I wonder if our fuck up earlier with her might be why this happened. God dammit guilty conscious
No. 28965
What fuckup? I don't remember a fuckup.
No. 28986
The first time we met Patchouli. Maybe she was trying to fix things after it as well. We kinda ditched her as after she was really not good with this entire sex stuff as she was going off a script (probably lifted from Generic Doujinshi #323) and utterly bad at sex. And with everyone else being so sex crazed Maybe it pressured her to some odd experiment, which went catastrophically wrong.

If anything she should have taken tutoring from Koakuma. They seemed to be a good match (for the same reasons why Koa and Sakuya kicked it off so nicely)
No. 29030
I think you're overthinking things.
No. 29032
[X] Escort her out of the library so the two of you can share some men.
No. 29055
[X] Read a book to her. It's for her own good.
- [X] Make sure it's not a porno.
--- [X] Although lesbian romance might be Maybe later.
[X] Consider asking Koakuma for answers.
No. 29110
File 136010902251.jpg - (756.82KB , 1401x2000 , GARIGARI22_004.jpg ) [iqdb]
Calling it for [x] book.

But I don't know what Reimu should read for her, so I'll have that as a secondary vote and call it sometime tomorrow.

[ ] Kafka on the Shore
[ ] The Tale of Genji
[ ] Write in

I've read Kafka but not Genji, so the discussion for that or any other Japanese classic would largely be pulled off google/wikipedia.

Additionally, Reimu probably won't have time to read an entire book to her unless it's short. She'll be reading for a few hours, and I'll just say that will mean about 200 pages of text, going by English-edition density.
No. 29118
Is there anyone on this board well-read enough to prefer a particular Japanese classic?

[x] Kafka on the Shore
No. 29123
[x] Fifty Shades of Grey
I kid. Go with Kafka, that'll probably hold Patchouli's attention better.
No. 29137
File 136018768050.jpg - (100.52KB , 323x500 , 61S4qiYiwTL__SS500_.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kafka it is.
No. 29160
I just finished reading The Trial (Der Proceß) and if it's anything like that it's gonna be a world of pain.
No. 29210
File 136038270061.jpg - (580.45KB , 1423x2000 , 010_6f6r.jpg ) [iqdb]
“If you have nothing to do by yourself, then you should just find something to read. You're surrounded by books, so you might as well use them. Besides, it suits you.” Really, the most jarring part of all this is Patchouli's disdain for reading. You're perfectly fine with those tits, but this is just unthinkable.

“Ehhhh. But they're just so dull. I'd much rather just have sex.” So would you, actually. However, you consider Patchouli to be a friend, so you'd like to help her – or this woman who strangely resembles her – if you can. You won't be around to have sex with her whenever she wants, and you still need to visit Meiling and Remilia. Trying to get her to appreciate literature is probably the best solution to her boredom. Plus, this should score you some Koa Points, although you'll have to find a way to let her know you did it without making it too obvious that you're doing it to gain her affection.

Come to think of it, it's rather strange that she has nothing to do. If she's confined to the library, she must have met Koakuma by now. Why hasn't she tried riding Koakuma's wonderful shaft until neither of them can move? It's not like Koakuma can disobey her. Patchouli would be able to order Koakuma to pleasure her, even if she somehow wasn't aware of her dick. This entire situation is strange; you'll need to ask someone about it when you get the chance.

“They can't possibly be more dull than doing nothing at all. Just wait here for a sec; I'll find a book and read it to you. Remember, it's not like you have anything else to do.” You head off to search without giving her any further chance to protest.

There are definitely normal books hidden in the library, but they seem to be few and far between. All of the shelves you've checked so far only contain magical tomes. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing if a book is magical or not without opening it up, which puts you at risk for any traps Patchouli set up to catch rats. Nothing in here is dangerous enough to truly harm you, but it was an immensely unpleasant surprise to have a book grow a mouth and try to bite your hand. It probably didn't like the ofuda you shoved down its “throat” either.

You're probably going about this search all wrong. Patchouli definitely has a collection of regular books, and they're probably not mixed in with the magical ones. It'd make much more sense to have all of the normal books in one area, so if you can find one you've probably found her entire collection. All you need to do is find a book that looks nothing like all the dark leather-bound ones all around you.

If only Koakuma was around, you could just ask her. Finding her in the massive library would probably be just as troublesome as finding a novel, so you don't make a special attempt to look for her.

After another ten minutes of searching, you finally find what you're looking for: a dozen or so shelves full of different-looking books. Bingo. You pick a few up and page through them; several are in languages you don't understand, though they still seem mundane and non-magical, but the vast majority are perfectly understandable. They look really new, too. Patchouli probably has some deal with Yukari for importing books from the outside.

Most of the books have a brief summary on the back or inside cover, so you look through a couple to find one that interests you. You finally decide on a strange-sounding novel, Kafka on the Shore, and head back to the couch.

Patchouli is back to lying down, looking as bored as when you left her about twenty minutes ago. Indifferent to your return, she stares up at the ceiling and idly runs a finger through her long hair. You move her feet aside and clear a place to sit down, your touch met with the same indifference.

“Alright. I think I found a good book. It's called Kafka on the Shore. I've never read it so I can't make any promises, but it certainly sounds interesting from the description. There will be no objections; you're staying here and listening to me read it, so I suggest you enjoy it. We begin with The Boy Named Crow.”

'So you're all set for money, then?' the boy named Crow asks in his typically sluggish voice.” Patchouli listens distantly to your narration. She doesn't make any attempt to escape or bemoan her fate, but also doesn't seem to be paying full attention to you. It's fine as long as she doesn't fall asleep or something; you'd rather not be forced to smack her on the head with the book.


The cat hesitated for a time, then plunged ahead and spoke. 'Hmm ... so you're able to speak.'

“Wait, so the cat can talk?” Oh? She's actually listening. “It's just a regular cat, right?”

“Sure, why not? It's fiction and doesn't have to follow the real world. It does sound like just a regular, lazy cat and not a nekomata or anything.” She accepts your explanation and doesn't say anything else, so you resume reading.


I explain everything to her, from the time I left home. I leave out the omen part, though. That, I know, I can't tell just anyone.” You turn the page. “Chapter ten,” you begin, until Patchouli interrupts.

“Wait, what's that omen? Is it related to him waking up, covered in blood?”

“Beats me. The book didn't exactly say. I think we're just supposed to be aware that it exists, without knowing – oh, wait, I think it mentioned something on the back. Yeah, it did: a teenage boy, Kafka Tamura, who runs away from home – either to escape a gruesome oedipal prophecy or to search for his long-missing mother and sister. So there you go. It's an oedipal prophecy.”

“Okay, and that means what?”

“Beats me. Can't say I've ever heard that before. But, it's gruesome, we know that much. Shall I continue?” With no objections, you move on to the next chapter.


He pushes the CD's play button and some classical piano music starts. I listen for -”

“Hold up. Sorry to interrupt, but I'm lost here. What is all this stuff they keep talking about? What's a CD, or a car, or a TV?”

Uh-oh, she's asking the tough questions. “I'm honestly not too sure. I've heard some of these things mentioned before, but I've never seen them. They're all outside world technology that you really can't get in Gensokyo, at least not ones that do what they're supposed to. CDs make music, TVs make noise, and cars are a vehicle for people that can't fly. Beyond that I really don't know much about them. I probably don't know much more about any of these strange things than you, so we'll both just have to try and figure these things out from the story.”

“I guess I'll have to. It's annoying that it just assumes everyone has heard of these things. At least some are explained, like the other novels and the hemophilia.” Well, to be fair, everyone in the outside world probably does have CDs and cars, so they probably are all familiar with that, but there's no sense in pointing that out.


He wiped the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand and carefully licked his lips clean. 'Fresh and warm. And still beating in my mouth.'

“That's monstrous!” You look up from the book at Patchouli, who is absolutely aghast from the scene you just described. “Why would anyone do that? Any of it?”

“Well, he had to. I don't know why, but Johnnie Walker insists that he is forced to kill cats like that. It doesn't make sense now, but maybe it'll be explained later on?” It certainly wasn't a scene you liked either, but it's not real. Those words didn't actually harm any cats.

“More than that. Someone wrote that. Why would anyone do that? Why would anyone ever think of eat – of doing that?”

You set down the book. This one could take a while. You set down the book for now; this is easily the longest you've ever read aloud, and you could use a short break. “Oh. That's harder to answer. It's a disgusting scene, but it's written as a disgusting scene. Nakata shares your reaction, while Johnnie Walker is unusually cheery. It's almost ridiculous how cruel he's being, even as he claims he wants to stop.. I imagine that the author wants to evoke that precise reaction from you, Patchouli.”

“Well it certainly worked. Did he really need to go so far?”

“He thought he did. I don't know. I can't actually speak for the author or anything.” You pick the book back up and find your place. “Do you want me to continue now, or should I just skip this scene?”

“No. Don't skip it. I don't like it, but it'd probably be worse to not see exactly how this goes.”

You continue the scene, occasionally glancing up at Patchouli to watch her reactions to the horrific events described in the book. She gasps when Johnnie Walker pulls out another cat, and covers her eyes as he readies his knife. But she doesn't ask you to stop and quietly endures your words, finally letting out a sigh of relief when Johnnie Walker gets stabbed. You move on to the next chapter, and Patchouli giggles softly at the mention of Kafka's genitals. Not that you can really blame her; assuming that's him on the cover, he's actually pretty cute.


'A long time ago I lived in Yamanashi. During the war.'

'No kidding,' the driver said. 'Which war was that?' And that's the end of the chapter.” You set the book down and stretch a little. You really need a break now.

“So what war was it?”

“Beats me. But there's been a few other mentions of a war that Nakata was affected by. Especially during those interview chapters earlier on. It's probably the same war. I can't remember if it was named, but it sounded pretty big.”

“Yeah, but also a long time ago, since Nakata is an old man now. That 'driver' guy was probably just too young.”

“Yeah, maybe.” You pause and stretch again. “Ahh, I need a drink. I've been reading for too long!”

“Here you are, Reimu.”

Geh!” The sudden voice from behind surprised you, and you tried to turn around to face her, but you moved too far off the couch and fell off onto your back. The book fell out of your grasp as you tumbled onto the floor and landed on your face. You look up and find Sakuya behind the couch, a glass of water in her extended hand. Patchouli covers her mouth and giggles at your unfortunate state, but Sakuya remains stoic. Your intuition tells you that she's still enjoying the spectacle.

“Are you okay, Reimu? Do you need a hand?”

“I'm fine, Sakuya. Thank you.” You straighten yourself out and stand up, dropping the closed book onto the couch. “Um, were you there long?”

“Not at all. I came here just before the rain of fish.” So, about ten minutes or so? You don't have a good sense of how long ago anything was, but that scene wasn't too far back. “It's lovely that you've taken it upon yourself to read to Patchouli. By the way, the war in question would be World War II. It is not the kind of thing someone living in the outside would simply not hear about.”

“Oh. Thanks. So, what brings you here, Sakuya? Is Remi finally awake?”

“She is not, although I expect her to wake soon. I merely came down here to offer you lunch, but did not wish to disturb your storytime. But first, do you still want this water?”

“Oh! Yes, thank you!” You take the glass from her and down it in one gulp. “Ahh, that hit the spot. I could certainly use lunch as well. I guess I was too engrossed in the book to notice how hungry I am.”

“Certainly. I will prepare something for you shortly. Please come with me.”

“Oh, Patchouli, did you want to finish reading the book yourself?” You stopped at just about the middle of the novel, and the beginning of Nakata's journey. She'll probably want closure, but you aren't going to stick around long enough to read the entire book with her.

“Yeah, I do. It's a strange book, but definitely interesting. Sure beats lounging about.”

“That's good to hear. Although I guess that means I'll have to wait for my next visit to finish it myself.”

“Reimu,” Sakuya interjects, “I'm sure Lady Patchouli has another copy somewhere in the library. I will look for it later in the day and let you borrow one if I do find it.”

That works perfectly. Maybe you can even pick up a few others for when you're stuck at the shrine. You're ready to eat now, but maybe you could use some company as well.

[ ] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[ ] Invite Koakuma.
[ ] Patchouli could use a trip outside of the library.
[ ] Just Sakuya is fine.

It's time for some answers about Patchouli:

[ ] Ask Koakuma.
[ ] Ask Sakuya.
No. 29212
[x] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[x] Ask Koakuma.
No. 29215
[X] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[X] Ask Koakuma.
-[X] Ask Sakuya if you can't find Koakuma.
No. 29217
[x] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[x] Invite Koakuma.
[x] Ask Koakuma.
[x] Ask Sakuya.

If you don't want multi-voting, just Meiling and asking Koa is fine.

I was going to try reading Murakami's stuff in moon eventually, but now that seems like a waste of a good translation.
No. 29221
Multi voting for lunch is fine. As long as you don't mind Koakuma overhearing Meiling and Reimu's talk about pregnancy or anything like that.

Multi voting on who to ask about Patchy just seems pointless to me.
No. 29223
[x] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[x] Ask Koakuma.
No. 29224
[x] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[x] Ask Koakuma.

Doesn't seem like Sakuya would have as many answers as Koa. And, we need more Meiling in here.
No. 29234
Calling it for
[x] Invite Meiling to lunch. You need to talk to her anyway.
[x] Ask Koakuma.
No. 29344
File 136090086526.jpg - (540.10KB , 1387x1153 , 9a7acc844a1bfef0f29134f5e55ee83b.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Actually, Sakuya, do you mind if I invite Meiling to lunch as well? I need to talk to her anyway, and it'd be nice to eat together with her at the same time.”

“Certainly. She is currently training the fairies, but she is allowed breaks. I do not know if she has already eaten, but she would still be able to join you for conversation. She should be in the gymnasium; do you know where that is?”

“Uh, is it that room where Remilia hosts her parties? Really big room, first floor, near the foyer?”

“No, that is the ballroom. The gymnasium is on the east wing of the second floor.” She gives you some simple directions. You don't think you've ever wandered into that part of the mansion, but you should be able to find it.

“Thanks. Oh, and one more thing. Do you know where Koakuma is?”

“She is currently about 500 feet to your left.”

“Thanks again. I'll find Meiling and catch up with you. Same room as before?”

“Yes. The dining room is only to be used when Mistress Remilia is present. I will see you soon.” Sakuya goes on ahead to make lunch while you look for Koakuma. You find her putting books away, right where Sakuya said.

“Hey, Koakuma?” She turns around as you call out to her and gives you a nice smile. “Could I ask you a quick question?”

“Of course, Reimu.”

“I ran into Patchouli a bit ago. She seemed, well, different. So, uh, what the hell happened to her?”

Her smile widens at your confusion. “Nothing has happened to her, Reimu. Lady Patchouli remains exactly the same as the day I first met her.” You stare incredulously at her. Has she somehow not noticed those tits? Or her disdain of reading? Koakuma giggles in response to your unasked questions, making it clear that she's teasing you. “The woman you met is not Lady Patchouli. The real Lady Patchouli is still asleep in her chamber.”

“So, then who is that extremely lewd woman I found lying on a couch in the library? She looked an awful lot like Patchy.”

“Hmph. That idiot doesn't even look much like the real Lady Patchouli. About the only thing they have in common is their hair. She has none of Lady Patchouli's charm, grace, or intelligence either!” While there were plenty of deviations from the Patchouli you know, you could still easily recognize her as “Patchouli”.

“Okay, but who is she?”

“That woman is a doppelganger, made by Lady Patchouli to satisfy Lady Remilia's selfishness. Lady Remilia desired more places to callously shove her penis, but Lady Patchouli was not interested. So, as a compromise, she used her powerful magic to create a clone of herself – one that would serve as Lady Remilia's partner. She certainly succeeded, but something possessed her to deprive the copy of all of her most wonderful qualities. Not that Lady Remilia seems to mind.”

“Huh. That explains things, I guess. I certainly don't mind the new body, but it was weird to see someone I thought was Patchouli lying around bored and not reading. She seemed to enjoy it when I read to her for a few hours, though.” C'mon, Koa Points!

“Oh, so that's what you've been up to? What were you reading?”

Kafka on the Shore. I only got about halfway through and left the book for her to finish.”

“Hm, if she enjoyed that, maybe she'll read through an entire stack of novels with a little 'persuasion'. I might be able to knock some charm into her after all. Thank you, Reimu.”

“You're welcome. Now, if you'll excuse me, Sakuya is making lunch.” Koakuma gives you a little bow as you head off. Now you just need to find Meiling. You follow Sakuya's concise directions and end up in front of a pair of large but plain double doors. The muffled sounds of many people moving about can be heard from within; this must be the right place.

You open the doors and are greeted by the sight of about two dozen fairies doing various exercises. A little under half of them are stark naked, while most of the others are bottomless like the fairies in the hallways. The few that are wearing pants have on a white shirt and dark colored pants that cover the butt while leaving the legs fully exposed. Those uniforms would do a great job of highlighting the fairies' figures, if only they had figures to highlight.

From what you've gathered of the state of the mansion, this must be where the maids are trained to have sex. All of the exercising girls are doing something vaguely related to sex; one group is doing butterfly stretches, another is doing planks, and a third is doing jumping jacks. Three of the fairies are each riding a man while being coached by another group of five fairies. One of the guys has blood on his dick, indicating that it's his fairy's first time, and you imagine that the other two are inexperienced but not virgins. A few other guys are just sitting on a bench and taking in the sight. You don't see Meiling anywhere.

Hmm. The exercise is somewhat disorganized, but you can't imagine that a bunch of fairies decided to go into this room on their own and start training. Meiling probably gave them specific instructions and then left them to themselves. It's a pretty big room, so she might be hidden somewhere on the other end, and if you can't find her there you'll just have to ask – oh, wait, there she is. She's lying down in the corner to your left with two men, and you were simply distracted by all the fairies jumping about in front of you.

You walk up to her and examine her as you get close. She's asleep, as you thought, as are the two men she's with. Both men are naked and their cocks are right next to her cum-filled holes, making it perfectly clear why they're in that position. She's still wearing her dress, which was simply pushed aside to allow the men to enter her, and her panties are at the bottom of her feet. There's some extra semen on her face and exposed cleavage, which you think came from someone else masturbating on her after she fell asleep rather than from either of her partners. Her arms are wrapped tightly around the man in front of her, while the man behind her is loosely holding himself against her body.

She looks perfectly peaceful, lying there with cum on her exposed skin, but you do need to talk to her. Plus, she probably isn't supposed to be sleeping right now anyway, even if the fairies are more or less carrying on without her.

“Hey, Meiling. Wake up.” You give her a gentle nudge, causing her to stir slightly but not wake. After half a minute of being nice, you slide three fingers into her pussy and quickly pump them. She reacts immediately to your fingers filling her still-drenched cunt and moans softly as she instinctively grinds against your hand. When she finally wakes up, you stop thrusting and lick the semen and juices off your fingers. “Good afternoon, Meiling.”

“Reimu? Good afternoon. What happened?” She sits up and quickly looks around and inspects herself, noticing her disheveled state and that she was just sandwiched between two men. “Oh, right. I was teaching the fairies.” Meiling fixes her panties and stands up, then runs her hand through her luxurious hair in a quick attempt to straighten it out. “And then I suddenly got really horny, so I ordered these two men to penetrate me until I felt better. I guess I fell asleep after a while.”

“Don't worry about that. It happened to me, too. That's actually why I came here to talk to you. Want to join me for lunch?”

“Lunch? Uh, I do need to train the fairies. Especially since I kinda fell asleep there.” She rubs the back of her head and laughs softly.

“They were still exercising when I came in, so they seem to be doing fine without you. At least, they will for long enough to let you have lunch with me”

“Hmm. I guess. It probably wouldn't hurt to take a longer break then. I'll just have to work them even harder when I get back!” So, punishing the students so the teacher can play? Although you are encouraging her. “What's for lunch, do you know?”

“Nope. Just that Sakuya's making it.”

“Ah. Well, it'll definitely be great. Is it ready now?”

“Probably. We should go down there so Sakuya doesn't have to wait for us.” You exit the gymnasium with Meiling following you and head down to the room you ate breakfast in.

You enter the secondary dining room and find Sakuya standing behind a table filled with delicious-looking dishes. Several plates full of hot food are sitting on the table, waiting for you to dig in. There's a few meat dishes, plenty of rice, bread, vegetables, and a stew. It looks like a mix between a eastern and western lunch.

Sakuya bows to the two of you after your brief survey of her handiwork. “Well then, please enjoy your meal and ex -”

“Hold it.”

“That excuse won't work again, Reimu. You have Meiling to keep you company now. If you'll ex -”

“Nope. Meiling's here for me, but there's no one here for her. You're just going to have to stay here and keep her company.”

You're here to keep her company. Besides, I already ate, and I do have work to do. If -”

“I can't keep her company; she's keeping me company!” She should've realized by now that you aren't going to let up. “Besides, if you were able to listen in on me reading, you can sit and chat while the two of us eat.”

Sakuya sighs. “Alright, I give up.” She joins the two of you at the table, sitting opposite you, but doesn't take any food. It seems she wasn't just fishing for excuses when she said she had already eaten. “So, what did you want to talk about now?”

“I dunno. I'm eating.” Sakuya groans at your sudden disinterest. Maybe you're teasing her too much.

“Are you doing okay, Sakuya? Sorry that I haven't had much time to help you lately.” Meiling speaks up instead, breaking the silence.

“That's quite alright, Meiling.” Sakuya gives a slight smile in response, reassuring her friend. “Reimu was able to assist me. She introduced me to a lovely girl in the library. Do you know her? Her name is Koakuma.”

“No, I don't believe I've ever met her. I don't really go into the library, after all. It's too dusty in there for my tastes.”

“You should meet her,” you interject, “I think you'd like her.” You'd certainly like to see them meet. Some nice redhead on redhead action. Or maybe redhead on maid on redhead. Mmm.

“I'll consider it. Training the fairies keeps me pretty busy, especially now that most of the physically adept ones have already graduated. It's going to be really slow training my current students, and this might be the limit. I can't simply make them bigger or anything, so no matter how flexible they become, a lot of fairies will simply be unable to accept Lady Remilia.”

“Well, you're still doing an amazing job. I don't know if Lady Remilia has congratulated you personally or not, but she is very pleased with your results.”

“Aha, thank you. She has not, but it's still nice to be praised indirectly.” Meiling helps herself to seconds from one of the meat dishes.

“Sakuya,” you begin, “how has Remilia been doing?”

“She's still asleep, Reimu.”

“No, I mean over the past week. It's pretty obvious that everything's changed a lot since I left. So how has Remilia been doing?”

“Oh. Hmm. Well, I think the best way to describe her would be 'horny'. The day after you left, she ordered Meiling to abandon her guard post and start training the physically fit fairies to become her sex partners. About a dozen were capable right away, so she started penetrating them almost constantly throughout the day. After about two days, Meiling had trained more fairies than Lady Remilia could handle on her own, so she freed the men from the basement to make sure the maids were satisfied. Sex consumes most of her time, so there isn't much else to say.”

“Hmm, I see. How about you?”

“Things have been obscenely hectic since you showed up a week ago and corrupted everyone. It is absolutely impossible to clean anything to the point where even I have effectively given up. I am also forbidden from having heterosexual intercourse, which is slowly driving me insane. That's all.”

“Oh, so the usual.”

“You have a very interesting 'usual', Reimu. But yes, I suppose this isn't that much different than anything else the mistress might think up. At least I can take refuge in the knowledge that at some point she'll simply grow tired of having sex.” Hmm, that does sound like Remilia. You'll just have to take advantage of the situation while you can. But that can wait until after you're done eating; this stew is really delicious.

The conversation pauses for a few minutes as you and Meiling focus on eating. Everything is exquisite as expected from Sakuya's cooking, and you haven't had a chance to have any meat for a while. You praise Sakuya's cooking a few times, mostly to break the silence. She simply sits and watches the two of you eat and doesn't take anything for herself.

“Meiling. About your sudden desire for cock earlier today. If you haven't figured it out, I'm almost certain that was caused by the eggs inside you hatching. It's a sign that we'll give birth soon. I think it'll be better if we're together for this, since neither of us knows what kind of effects this will have on our bodies. In short, I'm taking you home with me.”

“Um, what are you talking about?” Sakuya interjects with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Oh. I guess I never told you, did I. We're both pregnant. With a youkai's babies. I had sex with a creature resembling a manta ray before entering the mansion a week ago, and Meiling did as well later in the day. It laid a batch of eggs into each of us, and it's almost time to give birth. Incidentally, that's also why we're both lactating.”

“Oh. I see.” Sakuya seems largely unfazed by the news. You suppose that maybe it isn't any more unusual than anything else that's happened recently. “Sorry for interrupting. Please, continue.”

“So you want me to live at the shrine, Reimu? For how long? What about my responsibilities here?”

“It's pretty likely that you wouldn't be in any shape to train girls anyway. This is happening much quicker than a normal pregnancy, so it's probably going to put that much more strain on our bodies. Getting lots of rest and relaxation, away from everything – like at my shrine – is probably the best plan. And for however long it takes. Remilia estimated that I'd give birth a week from now, so you'd be there at least that long, and probably a week or two longer to fully recover.”

Meiling pauses to think it over. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Have you asked Lady Remilia about this?”

“Not yet. She's still asleep so I haven't had a chance. I'm sure she'll listen to me though. I can be very persuasive.”

“Well, okay. As long as Lady Remilia is okay with it. Besides, taking a vacation at the shrine for a few weeks might be fun.”

With your business complete, you resume eating lunch. You make some small talk with the two girls as you eat, sticking to simple topics. Lunch passes quickly, with the two of you making short work of the remaining food. Sakuya suddenly stands up when the food is almost completely gone.

“Reimu. Remilia has just woken up.”

“What? How do you know?”

“Maid powers.”

“Powers? Like what?”

“Maid telepathy.”

“Uh, I see. So I can go talk to her now?”

“No, not yet. I need to help her get ready. This won't take long, maybe twenty minutes. But until then you'll need to occupy yourself.” With that, Sakuya uses her maid timestop and disappears to assist her master. Twenty minutes, huh? You're already done eating, and that's not really enough time to have a good fuck. It might be a good opportunity to do something else, though.

[ ] Eat the Chinese girl next to you.
[ ] Step into the hallways and find a man for a quickie.
[ ] Just explore the mansion.
[ ] Watch the orgy in the foyer.
No. 29345
So a Doppleganger.... Wonder if with our work we might have Patchouli getting a sexy research assistant. Well in addition to the one she already has.

That might get some more Koa Points!

[X] Eat the Chinese girl next to you.
Might get a good drink out of this too!
No. 29346
Koa points, lewd Patchy doppelganger, horny Remilia. Yes.

>the Chinese girl next to you
Don't care. Fairies. Dozens of them. Must partake. Meiling can wait for Meiling week, the most Meiling of weeks.

[x] Watch the orgy in the foyer.
No. 29354
[x] Watch the orgy in the foyer.
No. 29370
[x] Watch the orgy in the foyer.

We'll have Meiling to ourselves for a whole week or two.
Let's enjoy the sights.
No. 29387
[x] Watch the orgy in the foyer.
No. 29389
[†] Watch the orgy in the foyer.
No. 29433
Calling it for
[x] Watch the orgy in the foyer.
No. 29485
File 136150574277.jpg - (1.67MB , 1600x1299 , not_really.jpg ) [iqdb]
Maybe you'll go watch that orgy in the foyer. There isn't enough time to participate, but you can still take in the spectacle. It'll probably help get you nice and wet for when you meet Remilia, too.

“I'm gonna go wander around while I wait for Remilia to wake up. See you later, Meiling.”

“Okay. I need to get back to work as well. Thank you for inviting me, it was nice having lunch with you and Sakuya.”

“No problem. I'll come pick you up when I'm ready to leave. Make sure you prepare anything you might need for a week or two as well.” You stand up and head to the foyer, leaving Meiling behind to finish off the last bits of food she grabbed.

The sounds, sight, and smell of unrestrained fucking greets you as soon as you open the door to the foyer. It looks like there's about three dozen maids and a few less men actively having sex. A few others are resting with small amounts of semen dripping from their genitals, while five poor girls are actually trying to clean up the mess.

You sit down on an empty part of the floor and spread your legs wide as you take in the sight. There isn't enough time to bring yourself to orgasm, but you can still caress yourself to take the edge off. You're already damp from the overpowering odor filling the room. You slide your hand into your panties and slowly trace a single finger along your slit as you watch the fairies moan.

A few minutes pass of simple watching pass until you finally realize that something is wrong. There are almost one hundred people in the room, all engaging in casual sex, and yet the scene seems rather bland. This isn't much of an orgy at all. Almost everyone is having separate one-on-one intercourse, with just a few men sampling two fairies at once. None of the girls are even being double penetrated, let alone triple penetrated while giving a double handjob! It's not like the girls are only willing to use their pussies either, as several are receiving anal or giving blowjobs. Why they would choose to not use all of their orifices is beyond you.

“People, this is all wrong! Stop this at once!” You stand up and shout at the inept participants, but almost all of them ignore you. The few that bother to look at you simply shoot you an annoyed glance and quickly return to having sex. If that's the way it's going to be, you'll just have to use force. The nearest pair of participants is a large fairy with shoulder length green hair riding a man. Her back is facing you, but you can still tell that she's enjoying herself from how quickly she bounces along the man's thick shaft. You storm over to them and forcibly pull the girl off her man's cock..

“Hey! What are you doing?!” The fairy is understandably upset at being interrupted, while the man just seems confused.

“You'll thank me later. I'm here to show you the error of your ways. Now sit still for a second, and don't you dare jump back onto his cock until I say so.” You set her down and head for the next closest pair to stop them as well. This fairy is a little bit smaller than the first, but still well above average. She's currently enjoying the missionary position with her partner, who kneads her small breasts as he pounds her wet cunt. She has her legs wrapped around him, so you won't be able to just pull them apart. Instead, you put your hand on his shoulder to get his attention and politely ask him to stop. He obeys, likely out of confusion, allowing you to scoop the girl up off the ground and carry her to the first group with the man following close behind.

The first set fortunately didn't resume fucking each other while your back was turned, and instead watched you with a mixture of curiosity and annoyance. You set down the second fairy in front of the first and address them.

“Alright, now kiss.”

“Huh? What the hell are you doing? We're trying to get laid, here!”

“Yeah, and you're terrible at it. There's dozens of penises around you, and you're only taking in one. You're surrounded by girls, but you aren't doing anything with them. Now, kiss. Do it like this.” You hold the indignant fairy close to you and force your tongue into her mouth, roughly twirling it against hers. That changes her tune. She clumsily tries to move her tongue in response, but you break away from her after a few seconds and repeat it with the other girl.

Both fairies stand around slightly dumbstruck from the short but intense kiss. It wasn't a proper kiss at all, just enough to give them a taste, but it was probably their first time. Meiling is probably only training them to have simple vaginal sex, which isn't surprising given her extremely limited time frame, but it's still a problem. Fortunately, you're here to impart your wisdom and teach these girls the fine art of having multiple partners.

“That's how it's done. Now, it's your turn.” You grab the two girls and force them together. They look at each other with lust-filled eyes, eager to try to repeat the brief experience. The taller of the two leans forward and noisily sucks on the shorter's lips. The girls quickly begin to use their tongues and taste each other, letting out the occasional soft moan. Their movements are clumsy,but they're enjoying themselves. They'll improve if they get enough practice. Still, a few pushes in the right direction wouldn't hurt. “Hold hands, too. Don't just stand next to each other. You need to embrace each other.” With your insistence, they intertwine their fingers together and hold each other close as they continue to kiss.

You leave the girls alone for another half minute and let them enjoy each other, then guide the two men behind each of the girls. The shorter fairy gets penetrated first, and she moans huskily into the other's mouth as the cock fills her soaked pussy. Both girls cry out as the men relentlessly pound their pussies, but still manage to stay together. Their kisses escalate to other parts of the body, with the shorter fairy kissing the taller's neck and cupping her breasts.

These four are on the right path. Now you just need to do the same with the rest. You have about fifteen minutes before the time that Sakuya said that Remilia would be ready, which should be enough time to “convert” several others. You don't need to train everyone yourself; once the rest see their peers engaging in proper group sex, they'll probably start joining in on their own.

Hmm, there isn't much you can do with the position this group is in. The girls aren't situated in a way that would allow for a double penetration, so you move on to break up another pair of sex partners not too far away. They look remarkably similar; they both have beautiful straight hair that goes down to their butt, and their heads are level with your bust. There's still some minor differences in facial structure, but if you didn't know better you might confuse them for sisters.

The four of them are already impatient after just a few seconds, so you waste no time getting them reorganized. You order the smaller of the two men to lie on his back and have one of the fairies get on top of him and take his erect cock into her ass. The other man practically jumps on top of her from his excitement and slams his cock into the girl's pussy. She cums immediately from her first double penetration, but that doesn't stop the men from thrusting into her quivering holes. For the remaining girl, you direct her to squat down on top of the fairy's face, facing away from the men. It takes a little coercion, as the sandwiched fairy is too dazed to actually follow instructions, but you eventually persuade her to eat out the other girl's pussy.

These four are satisfied, but you can add more to this group. You break up another pair and bring them over: the man shoves his dick into the second fairy's mouth, while the girl licks the sandwiched fairy's pussy and the second man's cock. Even with them, there's still room for more. You grab two more sets of people: two men to receive handjobs from the fairy receiving cunnilingus, and two fairies to lick their testicles. It's much easier to find spots for men than women in these situations; why couldn't the fairies just all be futas?

The man on top ejaculates into the fairy's pussy, moaning loudly as her cunt overflows with his semen. He pulls out of her and sits on the floor to rest, his cock already limp. There's a good chance he's been having sex for hours, so you can't really blame him for being so exhausted after cumming once. Instead, you take one of the men receiving a handjob and direct him to the now vacant pussy, which he happily thrusts into. The girl giving the handjobs is mildly upset at losing one of the penises, but she quickly becomes content with the two remaining shafts.

There's always room for more. You find another two pairs and bring them over, this time instructing them to find their own place in the tangled mess of flesh and sex fluids. The men immediately plug two unused fairy pussies, while the new girls find some breasts to lick and massage.

That makes thirteen people actively having sex together. There might be space for more, but you'll let everyone figure it out for themselves. It's hard to miss the large group, so everyone else in the mansion will eventually notice and their curiosity will get the better of them. Your job here is done; now it's time to meet Remilia. Your pussy is still damp, but you're sure Remilia will help you with that.

Wait, weren't you planning on calmly masturbating? You just redecorated the foyer instead. Oh well.

You head toward Remilia's room and find her in the hallway just outside. Sakuya certainly wasn't exaggerating when she talked about her mistress's sexual habits. There's a line of seven fairy maids with their arms up against the wall, sticking their cute asses out. Another girl is slumped on the ground, likely having collapsed from exhaustion. Remilia is mercilessly pounding away at the second girl in line, rapidly thrusting her long cock into the fairy's tiny cunt. The fairy's screams make it hard to tell if she's in pain or just fully enthralled in pleasure. The girl orgasms at least once while you're watching, but Remilia just pounds away nonstop at her for another minute before cumming herself and filling her with thick globs of semen.

Remilia immediately pulls out of the maid and slams her cock into the next in line. She didn't need any foreplay, as the mere anticipation of receiving her mistress' shaft was enough to make the girl completely drenched.

You'd certainly love to join in. You remove your skirt and panties to meet the fairies' no-bottoms dress code.

[ ] Go to the end of the line. It's the proper thing to do.
- [ ] Move in front of the last fairy instead. Then molest the two next to you while you wait.
[ ] Cut in line so you're next.
[ ] Interrupt Remilia and take her cock immediately.
No. 29486
Haha Gotta love it.

Reimu: Sex Education expert!

[X] Go to the end of the line. It's the proper thing to do.
- [X] Move in front of the last fairy instead. Then molest the two next to you while you wait.
No. 29487
No preferences? That was Orgy Tetris: Easy Modo. Reimu's the sadly unused I-block.

[x] Cut in line so you're next.

Interrupting is too rude. The end of the line is too long a wait. This is just right.
No. 29490
[x] Go to the end of the line. It's the proper thing to do.
- [x] Move in front of the last fairy instead. Then molest the two next to you while you wait.
You know, I'm thinking we'll be needing some extra help back at the shrine, what with the births and all. Let's see if we can take that last fairy with us when we leave.
No. 29493
[X] Go to the end of the line. It's the proper thing to do.
No. 29496
[x] Go to the end of the line. It's the proper thing to do.

Now, now, we mustn't upset the system.
No. 29499
[x] Go to the end of the line. It's the proper thing to do.
No. 29538
Calling it for
[x] End of the line.
No. 29561
File 136202707582.png - (684.96KB , 880x904 , c6465f87fcdca513a04cab613f12a9f6.png ) [iqdb]
There's no sense being rude when you're a guest here, so you'll just wait patiently for your serving of cock. You put your hands up against the wall and stick your ass out, mimicking the fairies' pose. The fairies are blocking your view of Remilia, preventing you from watching her bang her current fairy without moving away from the wall. All of the other girls are staying relatively still and looking directly at the wall, so you will too.

At least you can still hear what's going on. The wet noises of Remilia's shaft rapidly moving in and out of the fairy's drenched pussy can be heard even over the fairy's cries of pleasure. Remilia herself is staying pretty quiet and is simply causing the sounds of flesh slapping together, but isn't joining in her partner's varied exclamations of “so good”, “more, more”, and “harder”.

The fairy screams loudly for a quarter of a minute as she orgasms, then slumps down to the floor. She continues to breathe heavily as she lies there, enjoying the afterglow as Remilia's hot semen flows out from her stretched pussy. At least, that's what you gather happened from the girl's superfluous comments.

Remilia wastes no time and slams her cock into the next fairy's cunt. There's three more fairies between you and Remilia right now. Your pussy is already soaked with the anticipation of being filled by her magnificent dick. You rub your thighs together to try and relieve some of the tension, but you're barely able to feel anything on your pussy. You'd need to use your fingers, which you can't do without breaking the pose. There's nothing for you to do but wait for Remilia to make it to you. She finishes up on her current fairy and moves on.

Two more girls between you and Remilia's cock. Now that she's closer to you, you can actually get a decent look at her. Remilia remains a pillar of elegance even when fucking multiple members of her staff. She's smiling as she enjoys the tightness of the fairy's cunt, but is nowhere near the unrestrained and nearly grotesque expression on her partner's face. The other two girls in line are as excited as you are and are breathing deeply in anticipation. The girl next in line is already shaking her hips, barely able to contain her desire to be filled.

The next fairy in line orgasms as soon as Remilia's cock plunges into her depths and cries out in ecstasy. Remilia continues thrusting despite the girl's orgasm, but moves at a slower pace to “wait” for her to finish cumming. The girl shakes her hips, desperately trying to drive the cock deeper into her body, but is unable to fight against Remilia's slow and steady pace. She finally calms down after a minute, prompting Remilia to thrust at full speed without giving the poor girl a break. Her moans betray the immense pleasure she's feeling, and she quickly reaches a second orgasm as Remilia ejaculates repeatedly into her tight cunt. She loses all energy and collapses against the wall before Remilia stops cumming, so Remilia pulls her cock out and sprays the final two loads onto the girl's ass and moves on.

The last fairy moans softly as Remilia's cock slams into her pussy. This girl seems to be a bit more reserved than her peers and calmly accepts the penis, but is enjoying it no less than the more vocal girls. She thrusts her hips to match Remilia's movements and adjust the angle of penetration, leading you to assume that she's much more experienced than most of the other fairies here. Could she have lost her virginity before you showed up? It's not impossible, but it is very unusual for fairies to have sex on their own. Maybe she's just a really fast learner?

Her moans grow more and more sultry as Remilia's cock enters her body. Her endurance is impressive, especially compared to the other fairies, but her composure is finally starting to crack. She pants with each thrust of her mistress's long shaft and furiously shakes her hips to drive it deeper inside of her. Your cunt is burning with desire to be filled, but it shouldn't be long now. The luscious moans from the fairies before you certainly made you excited, and some of your overflowing juices are running down your thighs and dripping onto the floor. Loud moans fill the air as the last fairy finally orgasms, her cunt squeezing several loads of semen out of Remilia's dick. At last, it's your turn.

Remilia walks up behind you and holds onto your hips for support. She must have recognized you at least two fairies back, but has yet to say anything to you. Not that you really mind; you're dying for her cock, not her voice. The tip of her cock touches your slit, then works its way into your soaked pussy at an agonizingly slow pace. You cry out from the mixed sensation; the immense pleasure from finally having her magnificent cock inside of your greedy pussy contrasts with the constant aching for more. Thrusting your hips towards her doesn't help, as she's too in control of the situation and perfectly matches your movements to prevent you from driving her cock in yourself. You're forced to let her move at her own pace, as unbearable as it is. She'll be done in a few seconds, of course, but you want her to bang you mercilessly now.

“My, you're certainly big for a fairy. You have a very nice body. Very pleasant to stick my dick into.”

Her cock touches your cervix, but she suddenly stops moving. Even a second of simply being filled is torturous when compared to how good she could be making you feel right now. “Yeah, my body's pretty great, isn't it? Maybe you should use that cock of yours and try it out.”

She pulls her cock back at a quicker pace, but still slower than you'd like. “Maybe I will, then. That does sound good. I don't think I've seen you around, dear. What's your name?”


“Reimu. That's a cute name.” She slams her cock back inside of you, forcing out a loud moan as the long-awaited pleasure flows through your body. Finally. Her thick shaft pushes against your walls as it rapidly enters and exits your body. You move your hips to help her fill your pussy, but she's doing more than enough to please you so you're content to just let her take control. Half of a minute passes with Remilia pounding you to her heart's content. “Mmm, your body is amazing, Reimu. Very nice. You should become my personal cum dump. Just attend to me every day and let me fuck you until you can't move. Doesn't that sound wonderful?”

“It's tempting, but I'll pass.”

“Oh? You think you can refuse your mistress? I'll just fuck you until you can't resist me!”

You tighten your pussy around her cock, causing her to stop thrusting and moan in surprise. It seems that Remilia forgot who is actually on top in this relationship. The position makes it awkward to move, but you're still able to thrust your hips to guide her cock in and out of your body. Remilia overcomes the surprise from your sudden resistance after a few seconds and resumes thrusting, but you keep your rhythm steady. Despite having a better position, Remilia is unable to break your steady rhythm. She quickly becomes entranced by the tightness of your soaked cunt and matches your movements, forgetting her whims of domination in pursuit of greater pleasure.

Remilia's cock scrapes against your walls with each thrust. She's behaving now, so you let her take control, but stay ready to assert your dominance again if she gets any more dumb ideas. Her cock twitches with each thrust, showing that she's near her limit. Staying like this for a while longer would be fun, but you have work to do. You tighten your pussy around her cock again, immediately bringing her over the edge and causing her to grunt from the sudden burst of pleasure. Her cock ejaculates into your hungry cunt, filling it to the brim and bringing out your own orgasm. Remilia holds her cock inside of you for a few seconds while she finishes cumming before finally pulling out. Several globs of cum drip out of your pussy once her cock is removed, but most if it stays inside of you for your babies.

With playtime over, you stand up and turn to face your hostess. She's grinning from your performance. “Ah, you certainly are the best, Reimu. Welcome back. So, Sakuya tells me you're here to see me?” Oh good, she does remember you. You were afraid you might have to tie her up and perform some heavy denial play to clean out her fairy-sex raddled brain.

“Yeah, I have some favors to ask of you. Why don't we talk in your room?” You'd prefer the privacy, not that any of the fairies here are in any state to listen in on you after Remilia banged them. You lean forward and scoop the small girl up into your arms and hold her bridal style. She lets out a single surprised cry, but immediately accepts it and hugs you as you carry her. You walk her back to her room, carefully opening the door and closing it behind you, then set her down on top of her lavish bed.

“So, what did you need?”

[x] I need to borrow your gate guard for at least two weeks.
[x] I'd also like four of your fairy maids to attend us.
[ ] Any other semi-reasonable requests?

[ ] Tell Remilia that Sakuya is ready to lose her virginity.
[ ] Don't say anything. Let it be a surprise.
No. 29562
>You were afraid you might have to tie her up and perform some heavy denial play to clean out her fairy-sex raddled brain.
riddled. Spellcheck a bitch.
And being afraid is entirely the wrong reaction to that idea.

[x] Tell Remilia that Sakuya is ready to lose her virginity.

Secrets bad. Prolonged Remilia conversation good. I'd say to tell her about Patchelganger, but I imagine she already knows. Maybe. Reimu couldn't tell..
No. 29563
[x] Don't say anything. Let it be a surprise.

[x] Tell her to talk to Koakuma about how mind-numbingly bland all the sex is around here.
A failure of an orgy, the resident succubus trapped in a door, and no talking dirty to the fairies? Remi has a long way to go.
No. 29564
[x] Don't say anything. Let it be a surprise.

[X] Tell her to talk to Koakuma about how mind-numbingly bland all the sex is around here.
[X] Tease her on how she used to want her cock removed.

A bit charisma break here and there, you know. To let her know who's in charge.
No. 29565
>the resident succubus trapped in a door
uh, wrong story.

>raddled - used until no longer useful
I don't know if that's actually the best word to use, but it does seem to fit. I definitely did not mean riddled.
No. 29566
[x] Tell Remilia that Sakuya is ready to lose her virginity.

>trapped in a door

I think you have the wrong story.
No. 29567
[x] Tell Remilia that Sakuya is ready to lose her virginity.

May as well.
No. 29569
>wrong story
So it is! My bad. Hard to keep track of these things when you're following two stories featuring the same characters in the same locations at the same time.
My other points still stand, though.
No. 29570
>I definitely did not mean riddled.
Fair enough. Upon closer inspection, they're close enough in meaning and appearance that I don't think it matters.
No. 29574
[X] Tell Remilia that Sakuya is ready to lose her virginity.
No. 29662
No update this week.

In related news, the Touhou Kenchinroku translation (>>28203) needs volunteers.
No. 29808
Calling it for
[x] Tell Remilia that Sakuya is ready to lose her virginity.
No. 29836
File 13631436706.jpg - (740.46KB , 1296x1812 , dd04a82e94d2c2e69ae1ecf28857c3df.jpg ) [iqdb]
You crawl towards Remilia over her comfy bed and take her still-erect cock into your mouth. The juices from all the girls she fucked mix with her semen and cover your tongue as it glides along her shaft. She purrs from your attention and lightly rubs the back of your head, but keeps her reaction subdued overall. Her cock tastes delicious, but you aren't here just to fellate her. You stop after a minute to talk, letting your hand take over.

“First, I need to borrow your gatekeeper.” You give her tip a little kiss as you stroke her length before continuing. “For at least two weeks. Maybe a little longer.”

“Why do you need to 'borrow' her?” she asks in response. You lick her shaft a few times as she speaks.

“She's pregnant. Same as me. We should both give birth on the same day, probably about a week from now. It'll simply be more convenient to have both of us in one place. I doubt she'll be able to do anything productive until then, anyway.”

“I see. How, exactly, did my gatekeeper get pregnant?”

“She spent too much time with me. It was inevitable.” Remilia glares at you, but she can't stay very mad at you with your lips wrapped around her dick. She stays silent for a few seconds and lets you work on her shaft.

“Fine, I'll let you borrow her.” She sighs in resignation, then thrusts her hips to drive her penis deep into your mouth. You weren't expecting her sudden movement, but you manage to pull your head back enough to prevent from choking on it. The tip of her cock touches the back of your mouth, and she starts to slowly move it back and forth to fuck your wet hole. “Just don't go around getting the rest of my staff pregnant. Meiling's one of my best, and she's proved to be invaluable in training the fairies to meet my needs.”

You take your mouth off her cock and resume stroking it. It's now fully coated with your saliva, and all traces of her earlier sex-binge have been moved to your tongue. “Well, from what I saw when I went up there, the training is pretty much done. I don't think you're going to get that many more sex workers from your current staff. But that brings me to my next request: I also want to borrow four of your maids, for the same duration. Just to help out with the chores and stuff.”

“Maids? As long as you don't mean Sakuya, sure. There are enough in the mansion that it won't make any difference. I doubt they'll be much help, though.”

“Well, one of the chores I have planned for them is sex. They seem to be doing fine with that. Besides, I'm sure they'll learn to cook if the alternative is starving.”

“Fairies don't actually need to eat, Reimu. They just enjoy it.”

“Oh. Well, they're still cute, so it'll be nice to have them floating about in my shrine.” Remilia sighs again at your comment, but you ignore her and resume sucking her off. She already agreed to your requests, so now you can focus on your blowjob. You take her entire length into your mouth, kissing the tip of her cock with the back of your throat. Her pussy is slightly damp from the stimulation, so you fill it with two fingers. It's clear that she's been banging lots of girls with her dick, but you wonder if she's also using her pussy.

Remilia moans loudly as your fingers rub against her tight walls. The double stimulation is enough to break her composure, causing her to cry out lusciously and say your name. Her fingers grip the sheets and she rocks her hips towards you, trying to drive your fingers deeper into her body. She's close to cumming, but you should be able to drag it out for another minute and let her savor the feeling.

You stop moving your fingers but leave them inside of her, leaving her to clumsily pleasure herself by thrusting onto them. In the meantime, you focus on her thick cock, running your tongue along her shaft as you bob your head up and down. The intoxicating taste of her well-used penis fills your mouth with each movement. Once Remilia seems close to cumming, you pull your head back so she can't feel anything but the tip of your tongue. Her cock twitches in the relatively cool air, and your neglect leaves a mixture of pleasure and agony on her face. She tries to compensate by thrusting even harder against your fingers, but it's not enough to make up for the pleasure she was getting from your mouth.

After a few seconds of this torment, you take her entire length back into your mouth and rapidly thrust your fingers into her tight cunt. This instantly brings her over the edge, causing her pussy to clamp even further on your fingers as several loads of her cum spray into your throat. You pull off her dick just enough to let the last few loads grace your tongue and swallow them after savoring the flavor. It's still wonderfully thick and salty, even though she's ejaculated who knows how many times already today. That charm is certainly impressive, even to you.

You get off Remilia once she finishes cumming and lie down next to her. She has an immensely satisfied smile on her face as she lies still and enjoys the afterglow. You decide to take this opportunity to hug the small woman and hold her nude body against yours. For once, she doesn't fight back and simply lets you hug her, and holds onto your hand after you release her.

“Thank you for that, Reimu. You're simply amazing.”

“Thanks. Any time.” Ah yes, you need to pass on Sakuya's message. “Oh, one more thing. It's time for Sakuya to lose her virginity. You should fuck her today.”

“Today? Does that mean you think she's ready?”

She's overcooked, if anything. “Yes, definitely. You should probably do it as soon as possible.”

“Hmm. How long were you planning on staying here, Reimu? Are you spending the night?”

“No, I'm going to leave in the evening. Some time after dinner. Why?”

“It's too early in the day. Have Sakuya come up to my room sometime before you leave, but later is better. I'm assuming you want to watch, of course. Give her any preparations you think are appropriate; I'll defer to your expertise. ”

“Of course I'd love to watch. I'll probably send her up after dinner.”

Which gives you plenty of time to kill.

[ ] There's a naked girl with a big cock lying next to you.
[ ] Sakuya has to wait until evening? She'll need your help to relieve stress.
[ ] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.
[ ] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.
[ ] Find the fake Patchouli.
[ ] Start “interviewing” fairies to take home with you.
No. 29837
[x] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.

Then sex it up.
No. 29838
[x] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.

As tempting as the fairies are, I would like to meet the real Patchouli before leaving. Meiling surely knows all the best fairies, anyway.
No. 29839
[x] There's a naked girl with a big cock lying next to you.
srsly guys
No. 29840
[X] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.
No. 29841
[x] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.

Because Meiling. That is all.
No. 29842
[x] There's a naked girl with a big cock lying next to you.
No. 29843
[X] Start “interviewing” fairies to take home with you.

We need to find the right Sex Pets Help for the Shrine while we're laid up with being pregnant.
No. 29868
[X] Start “interviewing” fairies to take home with you.
No. 29894
[X] Start “interviewing” fairies to take home with you.

We need to get our affairs sorted out first before we start having affairs.
No. 29895
Calling it for
[x] Start “interviewing” fairies to take home with you.
No. 29935
File 136401367741.jpg - (185.26KB , 813x410 , Remilia_doing_her_paperwork.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to start today's work.” With this, Remilia sits up and hops off the bed.

“What, you work?”

“Of course I do. Did you think I spend all day having sex with my maids or something?”

“Yes, actually. So, what do you do?”

“I own three businesses in the village and invest in many others. First, I need to review the earnings reports from my properties and ensure that they're bringing in the expected levels of income for the time of year. One of the managers is behind on his payments, so if he hasn't deposited anything today I may need to send someone to collect. He's still turning a profit, so there's honestly no excuse for his tardiness.

“That is the most consistent source of income, but I do engage in other endeavors, such as consultant work and selling my artwork. I also run a service that leverages my extensive network of contacts to help ordinary villagers negotiate contracts with youkai and hard-to-reach humans. We don't do much actual production here, but I sometimes design clothing and other products and simply sub-contract the actual work to village girls or to Alice. Want to hear more?”

“Uh, no thanks. I get it.” You have no idea what she just said, but it seems genuine. You had always figured that she just spent all of her free time practicing poses or something. “It sounds exciting, I guess? Have fun.”

“Not really, what I'll be doing is terribly dull. But it's necessary, and you get used to it after a while. I don't recommend staying to watch, in case you were thinking of it. The only thing more dull than filling out paperwork is watching someone else fill out paperwork.” You had considered it briefly, if only to see for yourself what she was talking about, but you're certain you wouldn't want to stick around for long even if she wasn't shooing you away right now.

“Alright, I'll leave you be. I think I'll go pick out the maids that I'll be taking home with me.”

“Okay. Let me review your choices before you leave, though. Most of them are fine, but I don't want you taking my best maids. Sakuya is out of the question, as I said, and I won't let you take the best two fairies I have either.”

“That's reasonable. Who are the best two?”

“You've already met them, Reimu. They're the two girls you introduced me to during your first visit.” Ah yes, you do vaguely remember them. They were her first two girls so it would make sense that they have enough experience to be "the best.". You'll probably be able to recognize them and not accidentally select them.

You leave Remilia to her thrilling work and head out the door. Now, how to go about finding the four most suitable fairies to bring home with you? The most effective method would probably be to interview the men, and probably some of the girls as well, and determine which fairies are the best to sleep with. Sakuya had said that few, if any, of them have proper lesbian experience, so while the men's enjoyment may not perfectly predict your own, it's the only measure you have. Sakuya might be able to recommend some for their cooking and cleaning abilities, too, so it'd be a good idea to talk to her as well.

Or you could just have sex with random fairies and pick four that you like.

Some of the fairies that Remilia had just finished banging are still in the area, sleeping on the floor with small pools of cum flowing out of their used holes. Most importantly, the girl who was before you in line is still there, curled up in a small ball where Remilia banged her. She's a perfect candidate, if her experience with Remilia is any indication. Her body is very nice too; she's rather large for a fairy, only about a head shorter than you with long, blonde hair that goes all the way down to her firm butt. A delectable set of soft pink nipples adorn her modest breasts, almost perfectly centered on her small areola.

There's only one way to find out if she's a good match. You lightly run your hand along her thigh and savor the softness of her skin. She stirs as you approach her crotch and unfurls herself. Well, you weren't really expecting her to be in a deep sleep anyway.

“Good afternoon. Wanna fuck?”

The fairy stares at you for a few seconds, too out of it to comprehend what you just said, so you help her out by caressing her slit. It's still soaked with a mixture of Remilia's semen and her own juices. She wakes up quickly and purrs softly as you slide the tip of your index finger into her tight pussy. You repeat the earlier question, now that she's able to answer you.

“Sure. What did you have in mind?” she asks.

“Me, of course. Have you ever done it with a girl? Without a penis, I mean?”

“Done what? Sex?”

“Oh good, I'll be your first. Here's a quick lesson so you can learn what you've been missing.” You climb on top of the petite girl and slip your tongue into her mouth. She accepts it immediately and twists her tongue around yours. It's clear that she has plenty of experience doing this; you're taking the initiative, but she isn't meek by any means. If she wasn't already fooling around before you showed up a week ago, she must have an amazing aptitude for lewdness.

Your hands move down to her modest breasts and cup them as you explore her mouth. Her tits are wonderfully soft and just big enough to fill your hands. The fairy sucks on your tongue, eagerly tasting the small amount of Remilia's cum that is still in your mouth. How rude; she should be appreciating you for your amazing body and technique, not for the leftovers from her mistress. You break the kiss, leaving her panting for more, and slowly move down to her chest, slowly planting kisses along her cheek, neck, and collarbone before settling on her tits. Your hand returns to her drenched cunt, slipping two fingers in to the first joint to tease her. She moans from the combination attack of your fingers and your tongue against her erect nipples. She's enjoying it, but not as much as you'd like.

Her breasts are tempting, but you decide to leave them and bury your face in her crotch instead. Ideally she'd eat you out as well, but it's for the best to hold off on that for now. You're trying to impress her; she's not going to be as eager to please you. You drive your tongue deep into her cunt as you finger her with one hand and gently caress her hard clit with your other. Her cunt is still filled with Remilia's delicious semen, but you focus on pleasuring the fairy rather than lapping up the cum inside of her.

The effect is instantaneous, and the fairy cries out sharply from the pleasure. She grinds her hips against your face, but her movements are erratic and half hearted. She's acting like she would to drive a cock deeper inside her, but her movements don't work as well on your tongue and fingers. Her back arches and she fills the air with her lusty moans as her orgasm nears, so you slow down a little to prolong the experience. You keep her on edge like this for a full minute before sliding your fingers deep into her cunt and sucking on her engorged clit. She orgasms immediately, spraying her juices onto your chin and tightening around your fingers.

You get up off of her and approach her. She's panting heavily with her mouth open from the climax and staring off into the distance, too dazed to focus on you. There's no way for you to compare this orgasm against the one she got from Remilia, but you definitely made her feel good. You lean down and give her a quick kiss on the lips, sharing some of her juices with her.

“Mmm, you're pretty good. Nice and cute, too. I'd love to take you home with me. One question first, to see if you're suitable: how are you at cooking and cleaning?”

“Uhhhh... Yes.”

“Right, good enough for me.” You don't need all of the girls to be proficient at housework. Surely you can find at least one that can cook and clean. “So it's decided. I need you to wait outside Remilia's door. She'll probably want to talk to you eventually. Later today, you'll be coming home with me for a few weeks.” The fairy nods in response, but she isn't in any shape to stand up right now. Oh well, that's not a problem. You get up and leave her behind.

Now to find three more girls. None of the others that are still around do much to excite you, so you'll look elsewhere. The best place to find more girls would naturally be in the foyer. You head directly there and walk inside.

The scene is a little more organized now, but still not as well as you'd like. Most of the people are split into five small orgies with five to ten participants each, with others having individual sex off to the side. You don't feel like giving them any more impromptu lessons; they'll figure it out on their own. Probably. As usual, none of the participants pay you any mind, leaving you free to check out the girls without risk of being interrupted by a rogue penis. You walk between the clusters of people on the lookout for promising girls.

There seems to be fewer people in here now than when you first arrived. That is reasonable; it's not like anyone could actually have sex constantly for an entire day. A rough estimate gives you about four dozen total participants, maybe a few more. This time there seems to be slightly more men than women. That would've been good earlier, when you had an excess of horny sluts and a lack of penises, but it's troublesome now that you're just looking for girls.

None of the girls having one on one sex catch your eye, so you dismiss them immediately. Each of the groups has at least one girl being double or triple penetrated, all of them with the wonderful look of absolute ecstasy that you love to see in a girl. Unfortunately, the lack of penises at your shrine means that they're probably not the best choice to take home with you. You need girls that can orgasm with minimal dickings.

And then you find a good candidate. Two of them, actually. TThe first girl is on all fours at the periphery of one of the groups, with her face buried in the second girl's crotch while she anally fingers a third. The second girl is sucking off a cock, but the third is servicing two dicks in addition to the fingers in her ass, so she probably won't work out. The other two girls, however, seem to be quite content with female companionship. Now you just need to have a private session with them.

You walk up behind the first girl and put your hand on her bare shoulder, squeezing just hard enough to ensure that she can't ignore you. She turns her head and looks at you, somewhat annoyed at your interruption but mostly just curious. This girl has shoulder length black hair and a petite build. You can just barely see the sides of her small breasts; she's not quite flat, but just by a little. The girl she's eating out is only slightly more mature looking and has short green hair. Her hips are slightly wider but still slender. She has a fair amount of meat on her, including decent sized tits that would still fit in your hand, but she's still a far cry from plump.

“Excuse me. Hi. Would you like to suck on my tits?” You hold one arm underneath your large breasts to emphasize them, not that they need any help to look impressive. The fairy stares at you, dumbfounded, and manages to speak after a few seconds pause.

“Uh, er, I guess? I mean, if you're offering. Er, but I am a little busy, and she needs me, so, uh, maybe in a few -”

“It's okay. Your friend can come too. I have two of them, after all.” She nods slightly, immediately persuaded by your offer, and leans towards the girl that she was eating out. The second fairy heard everything, so she sits up without question when you ask her to join you. There's no need to explain anything to her. She seems annoyed that she isn't being licked anymore, and she isn't as thrilled by your boobs, but she's willing to go along with her friend's suggestion. At least, you assume that they're friends. “Great. Let's go someplace with a little more privacy, shall we?”

You lead the girls about two feet away and stop. That's enough privacy, as far as you're concerned. You lift your shirt up over your head to reveal your wrapped breasts and turn to face the two girls. The first girl stares at your boobs with wide open eyes, while the second tries to hide her enthusiasm. You put on a brief show for them by slowly unwrapping your tight sarashi, letting the fabric slowly unwind and reveal more and more of your bare breasts with each revolution, until the cloth becomes too sparse to support itself and drops to the floor. The first girl practically runs towards you, eager to suckle on your huge tits, so you sit down to make it easier for the short girls.

She cups one of your tits with both hands to support it and closes her lips around your erect nipple. Her eyes widen in surprise as a stream of your creamy milk flows into her mouth. You moan softly as her tongue flicks against your nipple and licks around your areola. Her friend is still too shy to join in and simply stares in surprise at the girl's eagerness. You lift your free breast to invite her, but she stays put until the first fairy breaks away from your tit and invites her over with some of your milk dripping down her lips. Both girls start suckling in earnest, with the second fairy attempting to make up for lost time. You pat her head as she drinks deeply, as you get the feeling this is your only chance to get away with such a simple act.

The two girls drink for a few minutes before you stop them. They'd probably drain you dry if given the chance. Remilia had said that they don't need to eat, so maybe they also don't need to stop. Both girls look at you pleadingly, begging for more even after drinking enough to have milk running down their chins. Instead, you lie down on the floor and spread your legs to give them something else to drink. They get down on all fours and crawl towards your soaked cunt. The first girl drives her tongue deep into your pussy and happily rubs it against your walls, while the second girl plants soft kisses on your clit and runs her hands along your thighs. Her face is flushed a deep shade of red from her arousal, but she's still acting far more reserved than her friend. You suppose that's just how she is.

They're doing a decent job of servicing you, but it isn't enough to bring you to orgasm. Their inexperience is too apparent, and the one girl's enthusiasm isn't enough to make up for it. They just keep hitting the same spots with very little variation, although the energetic one is at least occasionally giving your labia and thighs a few kisses. They're good enough to take home, at least, so you might as well have a little more fun with them while you're here. Besides, the reticent fairy would probably object unless you convince her first with a nice orgasm.

“Thank you, girls. Now, let me repay you.” You point to the shy fairy, “I want you to sit on my face. I'm gonna eat out your cute little pussy until you cum all over my mouth.” You turn to the other girl, “and you should grind your slit against mine. Have you done scissoring yet? Don't worry if you haven't. Just experiment and find something that feels good for you.” Hopefully she'll do a better job of this, but it's not a big deal. She'll probably learn quickly, assuming you do end up bringing her home with you.

Both of them obey you without delay. Even the shy girl is too horny to resist you, now that's she's tasted plenty of your milk. She sits down on top of you and lowers her soaked cunt to your lips, then lets out a luscious moan as the tip of your tongue flicks against her clit. Her friend grabs onto your leg for support and moans softly as she rubs her slit against it. It takes her a few thrusts to move on to your slit; presumably she simply didn't care what she used to pleasure herself. She shudders as she experiments and finds an angle that presses your clits together. She enjoys the sensation, but the pleasure seems to be too much for her to keep up a good rhythm. Still, it feels good for her, so she'll keep on trying and hopefully become sufficiently used to the pleasure to not falter.

The shy girl is already putty in your hands. She's all but drooling from the overwhelming stimulation your skilled tonguework is giving her. You slide your tongue deep into her cunt and wiggle it around a little, bringing her close to cumming for the third time. A little denial-play is necessary to keep her in line. She pants heavily and presses her cunt against your lips after you stop, begging for more mind numbing pleasure. You resume ten seconds later and keep it teasingly light before moving on to a rougher licking to bring her back to the edge. You've done this plenty of times by now, and her pleading voice is too cute to ignore, so maybe you should finally let her cum.

You moan into the fairy's pussy as her friend rubs her erect clit against yours. She's finally getting the hang of the movements, and she seems to be close to her orgasm. Her movements speed up as she tries to quickly bring herself over the edge. Time to finish off the other girl. You drive your tongue deep into the fairy's cunt and wriggle it about inside of her, then take it out and quickly flick the tip against her clit and suck on her engorged labia. The sudden burst of pleasure compared to your early subdued speed immediately makes her cum, and her cunt squirts a stream of hot juice onto your face. She moans a few times as the orgasm flows through her, then collapses forward onto the floor, just barely managing to stop her fall with her arms. She's still conscious, just exhausted from the unfamiliar sensation. Her friend finishes herself off a few seconds later after rapidly rubbing your clits together in a flurry of short motions. She cums with a few loud moans, then releases your leg and sits down in front of you.

“So, are you two able to cook and clean?” You jump straight to the tough question. Your pussy is aching for a nice, thick cock, so your anxious to finish up here.

“I guess I can clean, yeah.” The energetic girl answers immediately and waits a few seconds for her friend to respond, but she's too out of it. “Same with her. The head maid doesn't yell at us nearly as much as most girls.” While not very reassuring, that's probably the best you'll ever get.

“And cooking?”

“Umm, I've never done any. I've only been asked to clean. She has, though! She's definitely a good cook! One time, the head maid asked specifically for her help! She must be amazing!” While that's probably a good endorsement, it is somewhat worrying that they seem to have no ability to gauge their own talents.

“Then it's decided. I'll be taking both of you home with me. You'll be staying at my place for a few weeks, and you can have as much delicious milk and oral sex as you want. Doesn't that sound like fun?” She responds with a lively “Yeah!” and hugs you, holding you in her embrace for a few seconds. “Great. Now, I need the two of you to wait outside Remilia's door for me. She might have a few questions for you first. There's another girl already waiting, so just stay with her. I need to go find more fairies, but I'll be up there in a little bit. Okay?” She gives another cheerful agreement and picks up her friend, then heads off towards Remilia's room. That's three; you need at least one more.

You pick up your shirt and sarashi and head outside of the foyer. None of the other girls in there caught your eye, so you won't return unless you get desperate. But where else can you look? The foyer is the place with the most fairies in it, so there aren't many other places to look. There's the gymnasium, although that'd be filled with inexperienced girls. Not that bringing home a nervous virgin fairy would necessarily be bad. Yeah, okay, that's the next place to look. You walk through the hallways, trying to remember the way there.

And then you find her, walking hurriedly through the hallways towards the foyer. A relatively tall fairy with a bucket in one hand and a mop in the other. Her long brown hair is arranged in a ponytail that still goes down to her butt. She has an average build, save for her height, but is sporting a very impressive pair of tits – for a fairy, anyway. They're still smaller than yours, but not by very much. She's wearing the new standard fairy bottoms – nothing at all – so she must have gone through Meiling's training, yet the look in her eyes is unusually serious. You hear her mutter something to herself as she passes you.

“Ah, the cleaning isn't getting anywhere!”

“Hold it right there!” You turn and shout at the girl, much louder than you had intended. She shrieks, drops the bucket and mop in surprise, and backs up against the wall while facing you. Fortunately, nothing spilled out of the bucket as she dropped it, and the mop wasn't wet, so you didn't inadvertently create a big mess. “Are you actually going in there to clean?”

“Y-Yes! I am!” She shouts in response, but quickly realizes how loud she's being. “Um, it's always a huge mess in there, and most of the girls are too preoccupied to do their jobs, so I just want to help out as much as I can.” Oh, my. She's actually willing to do her job?

“Really? You're not just going in there so you can suck off a few dicks? Maybe have a double penetration?”

“Um, well, I was thinking I could help myself to one, or two, or maybe even three penises after I put enough work in. Or maybe four, or -”

“But you'd actually go clean? For how long? And are you actually any good at it?”

“Of course. I'd clean for a few hours, definitely at least two. And yeah, I'm pretty good at cleaning. I mean I go in with my mop and then the stains disappear. It's not hard.”

“You're perfect. Let's have sex.”

“Ehhh?” You leap towards the girl, stepping over the discarded cleaning implements, and immediately place your left hand on her plump tit and your right on her exposed slit. Her breasts are as lovely as you thought, and you can easily feel their softness and size through her shirt. She's even wearing a bra, which is unusual for most fairies. You slide a finger into her hot cunt and discover that she's already slightly damp. There's some semen inside of her as well – presumably she recently finished cleaning another area, and helped herself to a cock or five before heading here.

She moans from your combined assault, all traces of resistance and surprise having melted away. Her nipples grow erect, just barely poking out from her clothes. You give one a little pinch to tease her before opening up her shirt. She's wearing a plain white bra with no frills, but the impressive display of cleavage is more than enough eye candy. You unhook the bra from the front and let her breasts fall out, revealing her gorgeous pink nipples. The fairy moans lusciously as you slide a second and then a third finger into her cunt and slowly pump them in and out. Her fingers curl and try to clutch the wall, but there's nothing for her to grab onto.

She's already close to orgasm after under a minute. If she was having sex not long ago, that would explain her current sensitivity. Either way, she's in no shape to help get you off, so you might as well just let her cum quickly. You take her free nipple into your mouth and lightly suck on it as you pump her cunt faster and faster. She squirms against the wall, loudly moaning as you stimulate both of her breasts and her pussy. Another half minute is all it takes, and her cunt squeezes your fingers tightly as she cries out in pleasure. You slowly pull your fingers out and let her slowly slump down against the wall now that you aren't supporting her. She looks up at you and sighs contentedly, although given her seriousness you expect a lecture once the afterglow wears off.

To distract her, you hold your wet fingers in front of her mouth. She instinctively opens up and suckles them, making loud slurping noises as she tastes her juices. Her tongue twists around your index finger and coats it in a thin coat of her saliva, then moves on to the next. The heat and moisture from her mouth feels amazing, and watching her lick your fingers clean is amazingly erotic. She takes the last finger deep into her mouth and sucks on it, then releases it and leaves a thin trail of saliva that briefly connects them before it breaks.

“Wonderful. Okay, you need a vacation. I'm taking you home with me. No objections.”

“You're doing what?”

“I can tell that you're a very serious worker. I've seen the state that this mansion is in, and it's impossible to clean. Even Sakuya has given up. If you keep trying to tidy it up, you'll just wear yourself out. So you should come home with me and clean up my shrine, instead. It's not filled with hundreds of constantly ejaculating men.”

“Umm, but-”

“No objections. There's still one guy, and I'd bet he's better than any of the guys here, if that's what you're complaining about.” Did you remember to tell Kiyoshi you'd be bringing home five horny girls? You don't think you did. Oh well, he probably won't mind. Probably. “So it's settled. Go wait outside of Remilia's room, right now, and I'll meet you there later. Or, uh, put the mop and bucket away first. But you are not permitted to do any more cleaning in the mansion today. I'm Remilia's guest, so my orders are the same as hers!”

She makes a sour face, but swallows your bluff. She fixes up her shirt, grabs the mop and bucket, and heads off. Well, if she doesn't listen to you, she'll at least be easy to find. Once she's gone, you put your sarashi and blouse back on. Your skirt is still on the floor outside of Remilia's room, but it certainly doesn't hurt anything to go bottomless.

That makes four girls.


Are these fairies good? If not, you can vote some of them out and collect replacements. Feel free to offer suggestions for specific fairies here, if you want. You can look for up to four more girls, and there'll be a final vote for which four to keep.
[ ] Keep these four.
[ ] Look for <x> more fairies.

If keeping them:
[ ] Name the four fairies.
[ ] Just leave them anonymous.
No. 29936
[x] Keep these four.
[x] Just leave them anonymous.
No. 29937
>rogue penis
>You lead the girls about two feet away and stop. That's enough privacy, as far as you're concerned.
>“Um, well, I was thinking I could help myself to one, or two, or maybe even three penises after I put enough work in. Or maybe four, or -”
>giant fairy-fucking update
I love this story. I'd like more speaking and teasing during sex, but eh. Don't force yourself if that's not what you like. Half the time they're too fucked silly to register words anyway.

[x] Look for <2> more fairies.
[x] Just leave them anonymous.

Blondie and Diligent are great. Eager and Daiyousei-lite are alright. Two more seems like a good balance between more fairies and too many choices.
Replacements... One a little more assertive would be nice. Surely Sakuya hasn't completely beaten subservience into all of them.
No. 29941
[x] Look for 2 more fairies.
A domme and submissive, please. Well, more submissive than the others.
I'd like to keep the domme and leave the sub in Remilia's 'care' until we return. She's not even remotely deviant enough for that penis.
And leave fairy number 1 behind. She's just too used to dicks.

[x] Name the four fairies.
Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night? Maybe some other random words mixed in there.
No. 29942
[x] Keep these four.
[x] Just leave them anonymous.

They're all good enough for me. I'd prefer to move things along. Wanna see how Meiling gets along with Kiyoshi.
No. 29945
[X] Keep these four.
[X] Name the four fairies.

Even nicknames would be fine.
No. 29947
[x] Look for <2> more fairies.
[x] Name the four fairies.

Seriously they need names in order to differentiate them.
No. 29948
To clarify, "Name the four fairies" is asking for names. As with the Moriya orgy, I suck at thinking up names.

>I'd like to keep the domme and leave the sub in Remilia's 'care' until we return.
This is for choosing the four fairies that Reimu will be taking home with her, so there's little point in looking for a fairy if you aren't intended to select her. Anyone not chosen will be in her care, whether or not she's "discovered".
No. 29949
[x] Look for 2 more fairies.
-[x] One Dom and one Sub.
[x] Name the fourSix fairies.

Though, I got nothing for names.
No. 29950
Well I don't see how we're going to find a proper domme if she's not with a sub.
But whatever, I just want a dominant fairy.
No. 29974
>I suck at thinking up names.
Everyone else hates it as much as you. Sorry.
No. 29980
[x] Look for 2 more fairies.
-[x] One Dom and one Sub.
[x] Name the Six fairies.
No. 29981
[x] Look for 2 more fairies.
-[x] One Dom and one Sub.
[x] Name the six fairies.

Where's that crazy fairy-naming Anon from Doll Quest?
No. 29990
Just to remind you guys that you can only take 4 fairies home.
No. 29995
>4 fairies max
>not calling them Death, Pestilence, War and Famine
No. 29996
No. 30005
the 4 fairies of adorecalypse?
No. 30042
[x] Keep these four.
[x] Name the four fairies.
No. 30057
[x] Keep these four.
[x] Name the four fairies.
No. 30060
[X] Keep these four.
[X]Death, Pestilence, War and Famine
No. 30066
>those names
anything but those. God.
No. 30068
[x] Keep these four.
[x] Just leave them anonymous.
No. 30073
Calling it for
[x] Keep these four.
[x] Name the four fairies.

Names I'm going with, in order of appearance: Nikkou, Tsuyo, Eri, Seijou.
No. 30103
Do they have any hidden meaning or something, the names I mean?
No. 30104
The hidden meaning is that I suck at names.

Let's just leave it at that.

Update coming soon.
No. 30105
File 136504342954.jpg - (906.46KB , 800x1131 , 46c1d5c3a47df4a2602826b2fd50691c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Those four should be good. Looking further would probably just be a waste of effort. Remilia had said that she wanted to “review” the girls, so you should head back to her. Assuming they actually followed your instructions, they should all be waiting for you outside her door.

You head directly for her room and pick your remaining clothes off the floor of the lobby and put them back on. To your amazement, the four fairies are indeed waiting for you, as patiently as fairies ever get. The blonde fairy is leaning against the wall looking bored, but she perks up when she notices you. The two you found in the foyer are sitting next to each other and talking, while the mop fairy (fortunately without her mop and bucket) watches them idly.

“Hello, girls. Glad to see you made it.” The other fairies notice you know that you've spoken up, and the two stop chit-chatting.

“Why wouldn't we have? You told us all to come here. It's not like we had a choice,” the blonde fairy retorts. She was the first to arrive, so it does make sense for her to be irate. You were gone kinda long.

“I'm still glad you're here. You could've run off and chased after a bunch of dicks while hiding from me or something. Uh, forget I said that.” It's probably not a good idea to give them any ideas. “Anyway, Remi wants to examine you all before I take you home with me, so you should all be on your best behavior. That means no sarcasm, uh – actually, I don't know any of your names.” They do have names, right? They should, unless Sakuya beat it out of them or something. “How about we introduce ourselves first. My name is Reimu Hakurei. I am the legendary and beautiful shrine maiden of the Hakurei shrine.”

“My name is Nikkou,” the blonde fairy says, “I'm just a regular fairy maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.”

“I'm Tsuyo.” The black haired fairy from the foyer goes next. “And yeah, I'm just a regular fairy.”

“Eri. Regular fairy.” Then her green haired friend.

“I'm Seijou. I guess I'm a regular fairy too.” And last is the mop fairy.

Okay, you probably set the bar a little high there. At least you got all their names. “Right. Well, pleased to meet you all.” The girls each respond with a “likewise” of varying sincerity. Now that introductions are taken care you, and walk over to Remilia's door and give it a good hard knock.

“Reimu?” Remilia's voice comes from within the room. “You may enter.” You open the door and lead the four fairies inside.

Remilia stands up from her desk and faces your group. She's still stark naked, leaving her flaccid cock hanging between her legs. “What, do you normally do paperwork in the nude?”

“No. I just didn't want to get dressed just for this. There's no need if I'm not going out, after all.” In other words, “My house, my rules”. You don't really agree with her, as you'd much prefer walking around the shrine dressed, but whatever. There's no sense in arguing with the eccentric nobility.

“Right. Anyway, I've brought my four picks. I hope you don't mind that I came immediately, but I figured you could use the break.” Even though she's been at it for over an hour and a half already, there's still a veritable mountain of papers on her desk that look untouched.

“Yes, I can see that. I'll take a look at them.” Remilia takes a step past you and faces the fairies. “Line up!”

You turn around to watch the fairies scramble to obey Remilia's order. In seconds, they're standing at attention in a line that is actually almost straight, with just a few misaligned feet sticking out a bit in the middle. You're certain that Remilia caught it since you did, but she doesn't say anything. Remilia walks a few circles around Nikkou, examining her body without touching her. Nikkou looks pretty nervous while being scrutinized, but Tsuyo is far worse. Eri seems indifferent to the whole process, as does Seijou.

“Nikkou, was it?”

“Y-yes ma'am!” Remilia seems to be familiar with her. Maybe she asked for her specifically this morning. She moves on to Tsuyo and then Eri and Seijou, circling each a few times without saying anything else. Once satisfied, she moves in front of them again.

“Spread your legs!” Remilia barks another order, and all of the girls hurriedly open up their legs while standing. Too hurriedly – without paying attention to their surroundings, each girl ends up knocking her feet into her neighbor's. Tsuyo stumbles after being hit by two taller fairies, but manages to catch herself before falling over. Remilia sighs at their display and motions for Nikkou and Eri to take a step forward to make room.

Nikkou gasps as Remilia runs both of her hands up the fairy's leg, stopping at her thigh. Her movements are mechanical, but that doesn't stop the sensitive fairy from feeling it. She repeats the motion with the next leg, then sizes up the fairy's hips and gives her modest breasts a few squeezes through her uniform. Remilia nods once, apparently satisfied with her analysis, and moves on to Eri.

Her examination of Eri is much more thorough, presumably because she's already familiar with Nikkou and knows how good she is. In addition to checking her legs, hips, and breasts, Remilia also caresses her slit, slaps her butt, pinches her nipples, slides a finger into her anus and pumps it three times, and has her suck on the finger that was rubbed against her pussy. The stimulation on her erogenous zones leaves Eri panting for more, making Remilia's complete indifference even stranger. She does the same thing to Tsuyo and Seijou, but additionally orders Seijou to unbutton her blouse to allow Remilia to get a better feel of her big tits.

“Very good, Reimu. I applaud your selection, and have no problems letting any of them go for a few weeks.” She turns to face Seijou with a lascivious smile. “Although I'll have to eat up that last maid when she returns. I can't believe I let someone so delicious slip by my notice for so long. What's your name, girl?” she asks in a gentle tone that still comes off as demanding.

“S-Seijou!” The startled fairy responds immediately to her master's request. You'd think she'd be more excited at the prospect of spending more time with Remilia and her thick cock.

“Seijou. Seijou. I'll have to remember that.” Remilia pauses and stands in front of the fairies once again. “Alright, girls! These are your orders! You are to accompany Reimu to her home, where you will spend the next few weeks attending her to every whim. She will decide when you may return. While you are there, her orders are to be considered as my own. You will all act with the highest conduct to properly represent the Scarlet Devil Mansion in its full glory. Do you understand?!”

“Ma'am! Yes ma'am!” The fairies' reply would be impressive if they weren't all responding out of sync. You're pretty sure one of the girls just said “yes” and skipped the “ma'am”, but if Remilia heard that she isn't calling any of them out for it.

“Excellent. You are all free to do whatever you wish until it is time to leave. Pick up any belongings you want to bring with you, but travel light. Reimu will pick you up at - when were you going to leave again, Reimu?”

“I dunno. Sometime after dinner. Definitely before dark.”

“Okay.” Remilia turns back to face the fairies and resumes shouting orders. She's enjoying herself way too much. “You girls may go on break until dinner. You will be present at dinner and will attend to us as part of the staff. Afterward, you are to obey Reimu's orders and leave with her. That is all. Dismissed!”

“Thank you, ma'am!” The girls shout in response, much closer to unison this time. Then they promptly break out of their formation and scramble to get out of the door. Remilia told them to relax, so there's probably no good way to find any of them until dinner. Oh well, you shouldn't need them for anything.

“Did you need anything else, Reimu, or can I resume my work?”

You pause for a second to think it over. It'd be nice to have sex with her, but she probably wouldn't appreciate you asking that right now. You'll still get to see her later today, so maybe you can have a threesome with her after she deflowers Sakuya.

“No, that's all. I'll see you at dinner, and then again with Sakuya.”

You exchange good byes with Remilia and exit her room. Finding those fairies ate up a lot of time, but there's still some time until dinner.

[ ] Go find the two fairies Remilia mentioned earlier.
[ ] Help relieve Sakuya's stress.
[ ] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.
[ ] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.
[ ] Find the fake Patchouli.
No. 30107
[x] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.
No. 30108
[z] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.
No. 30109
[x] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.
I hope we have time afterwards for mucking about with the Patchoulis.
No. 30110
[x] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.
No. 30111
[x] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.

I don't remember those fairies having any outstanding traits, and we're guaranteed Meiling and Sakuya later, so...
No. 30112
[X] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.

I *would* be voting to go find Fakechouli, but I'm not interested in wasting an encounter on Meiling when we're already guaranteed to be spending a nice long span of time with her and her belly.
No. 30114
>wasting an encounter
We don't have to fuck her. We could just, I don't know, be sociable? Discuss our feelings about being pregnant with tentacle creatures?
No. 30115
[X] Find the real Patchouli. Maybe she's awake now.
No. 30116
[X] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.

Seems like we've done everyone else already.
No. 30119

What exactly is your definition of "wasting an encounter"?
No. 30120
You *could've* took that wasted suggestion from back when and named them Blast Hardcheese and co.
No. 30121
Second guy here.
I consider an encounter wasted when it does not result in any character development.
So far this story has provided such development with every single encounter, and that is the reason for it being one of my favourite stories not just on this board, but on the entire site.
No. 30179
Votes are tied right now.
No. 30191
First guy here, and in this case, I'm basing the "it would be a waste" on the fact that picking Meiling for this option has a good chance of bringing us to the point where Meiling is just plain Out Of Stuff To Discuss while she's at the shrine with us, and then there'll be nothing left but sexings - which, while usually pretty good in terms of this story, do not make a good story on their own.

Besides, my real goal is to somehow wrangle an encounter between Patchouli and Fakechouli. Because a discussion on the ethics of making blatantly fake clones would be at once hilarious (due to the sheer incongruity of being so against the tone) and awesome (due to it's just a great topic).
No. 30192
People read this for story? I bet you two read playboy for the articles.

That and it's not just Meiling that'll be at the shrine.
No. 30195
[X] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.

There is only one real choice here.
No. 30212
Calling it for
[x] Find Meiling again. Let her know that Remilia is letting you borrow her.

Ah, that's what you meant by "waste". Yeah, that's definitely a legitimate concern. However I don't think it'll be an issue. The pregnancy week will go by much faster than normal, partly because I don't know how much content I'll actually be able to come up with, but also just to get it over with. I don't think anyone would want to spend a year of real time just at the shrine. As a result, there'll probably be a decent number of updates without any choices and also brief timeskips.

Also, there's at least one thing Reimu can talk to Meiling about only before they return to the shrine.
No. 30229

Getting Sakuya pregnant?
No. 30267
File 136564595515.jpg - (303.35KB , 800x604 , f7a7ac9a359fcc544e75388b54ecc147.jpg ) [iqdb]
Now to find Meiling. You need to tell her that Remilia approved your request. And maybe fuck her as well. She said she was going back to work, so she's probably at the gymnasium again. At least she's easy to find; you make your way over in a matter of minutes.

As before, there's a good number of fairies scattered throughout the room performing various exercises, plus three more up against the wall with dicks in their ass or pussy. About ten of them are standing circle, with Meiling crouching down in the middle. Her tall body and red hair make it easy to pick her out. The fairies are blocking the view of whatever's in the center, so you walk over to it to get a better look.

Two fairies and two men are in the center, with the former riding the latter. Their inexperience is made obvious by the trickle of blood on each of the men's dicks. Meiling appears to be coaching the girls, although you must've arrived late in the process, as both girls are doing a decent enough job of riding the men. Their pain is clearly visible on their faces, and their movements are awkward, but they're both managing a steady pace. The men are just lying still, groaning quietly from the tight cunts wrapped around their cocks. Presumably they were instructed to “keep still and hold it in” for the benefit of the girls' training.

“Good, good. You're moving at a good pace, girls. It's too soon for you to go faster, but after a few times you'll be able to speed it up.” She looks up and addresses the audience. “Pay attention, this is how you should do it when it's your turn. You don't wanna overdo it when you're still new, especially not on your first time. It hurts at first, but with your bodies, it'll start to feel good soon as long as you take it nice and easy. Notice how much more excited they are than when they started.” Meiling must have noticed you by now, considering how you're taller than all of her students, but she doesn't say or do anything to acknowledge you. Probably for the best, since she's teaching right now.

The demonstrating fairies continue to ride their partners for another half minute, their light cries of pain turning to luscious moans from the pleasure of being filled. They follow Meiling's suggestion and maintain the same pace, although you imagine that they already want to go faster and to try and take the cocks in deeper. “Okay, now for ejaculation. We'll do it one at a time so you can see it twice. Kazuo, you should go first. Your partner appears to be closer, so cum inside her now.” At Meiling's command, one of the men grunts and ejaculates into his fairy, who cries out in surprise as his hot semen fills her hole. Her voice quickly changes to a scream of ecstasy as she orgasms from the unfamiliar pleasure. Once Kazuo finishes cumming, the fairy grinds her hips against his a few times, then slumps down against him. A pool of semen mixed with her blood and pussy juice flows out of her used cunt and onto his body as his cock slips out of her body.

“That, girls, is an orgasm. This is what you should aim to get out of sex. Unfortunately, it's much more difficult for a woman to achieve orgasm than a man, and sex typically ends when the man cums. As you can see, his penis is already growing flaccid, despite having a succulent naked girl on top of him. It'll probably be at least ten minutes before he can become erect again, and he probably won't have any interest until then anyway. Sometimes a man can get it back up quickly, but you can't really rely on this. You shouldn't be disappointed too often, though; the men in the mansion are pretty good about bringing girls to orgasm. Remember that they're trying their hardest to please you, but it doesn't always work. Strive for the orgasm, but don't hold it against them if you can't climax. Understand?” Meiling pauses for a few seconds, although no one answers her. This seems to be what she expects, though, and she punctuates her statement with a “Good.”

Meiling faces the second man. “Now it's your turn. Go ahead and cum in her.” Upon her command, he ejaculates and fills his partner's pussy with his semen. The fairy cries out in pleasure from the heat and increases her pace, but she's unable to reach climax. She grinds her hips against his for a few more seconds, desperately seeking release, but stops suddenly after accepting that he's too flaccid to continue. “And just like that, it happens. Sometimes you just don't cum.” Meiling turns to face the distraught fairy and smiles to reassure her. “It's okay, just stand up off him. We can get one of the other guys to help finish you off. I know you're eager, but make sure you take it slowly. You don't want to hurt yourself. Thank you for your time, dear, you were a wonderful help with today's lesson.”

Meiling then turns to the first man, whom is lying flat on the ground and lightly scratching the head of the small fairy sleeping contentedly on his chest. “Kazuo, could you put her to bed? There's some beds in the back room, if you weren't aware. Thanks for your assistance as well.” She lifts her head and addresses the assembly of fairies. “Alright everyone, that's the end of this session. You all know what you're supposed to do now: the B and C groups should continue their exercises, the A group has free time. That's the last lesson for today, and if you hadn't already heard, I will be gone for the next few weeks. There will probably be a substitute teacher, but that's no reason to neglect your practice. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to.”

The circle of fairies breaks up as soon as Meiling dismisses them, one of them carried in Kazuo's arms towards the back room. Meiling stands up and faces you with a bright smile, greeting you with a simple “What's up?”

“I spoke with Remilia. She says it's fine for you to come with me. I also picked out four fairies that'll be taking care of us. You probably trained them yourself. Their names are Nikkou, Tsuyo, Eri, and Seijou. Remember any of them?”

“Yeah, for the most part. Nikkou and Seijou were early graduates. Nikkou's blonde, right? Loves sex? I think I remember her, although Seijou's a bit fuzzier. Tsuyo and Eri graduated together more recently. I was surprised to find out they're bisexual - for each other, at least. I assume that's why you chose them.”

“Yeah, pretty much. Most of the fairies don't seem to care for other girls. Sakuya had issues with that as well. Why aren't you training any girls to have sex with each other?”

She shrugs. “Lady Remilia didn't ask me to. She is pretty selfish, y'know. All she really cares about is having pussies to stick her new dick into. And it's not like the fairies mind that the training is extremely narrow. A handful express interest in other girls, but most don't. I probably could teach them to, since they're so impressionable, but Lady Remilia would just accuse me of wasting time.”

“That's ridiculous. Remilia's a girl too. She still has a pussy, and she's obviously interested in girls.”

“Convince her, then. Not me. But she definitely knows that she's a lady. I'm pretty sure she's sleeping with the men occasionally as well, not just my fairies.”

“Nah. I'll be leaving soon, so it's not really my problem. And I'm bringing you with me, so I doubt anyone would be around to teach them even with Remi's approval. Anyway, did you pack everything you need already?”

“I think so. I have 3 changes of my dress, accessories for my hair, and some food.”

“Why food? I have plenty at the shrine. And at least one of the fairies can cook, even if you or I couldn't for some reason.”

“Why not? It's really good food.” You shrug. That's probably as good a reason as any.

“Oh, one more thing. Uh, don't tell Remilia, but there's going to be a little more company at the shrine.” Meiling raises an eyebrow, but lets you continue. “I kinda got a boyfriend. Sorta.” It's definitely a good idea to let her know beforehand.

“Really? Congratulations, Reimu! What's he like? Is he cute?”

“He's not really my boyfriend. It's kinda complicated. Basically, I'm pretending to be his girlfriend to help him gain confidence. By having sex with him. Mostly because, yeah, he's really cute. He's a nice guy, too, so I'm sure you'll like him.”

“You're pretending to be his girlfriend? That seems kinda odd. Is he living with you?”

“Yeah. Just for a few days now, but he does sleep with me. I've already told him about my pregnancy, and yours as well, and he seems pretty accepting. I dunno if that's just because he hasn't seen me give birth yet, or what.”

“Huh. Wait, I know you well enough to know that you're gonna want to have sex with him, and I'm sure he wants the same, so are you just going to sneak away for the privacy whenever you want to get intimate, or what? How's this relationship of yours going to work with me and the fairies around?”

“I don't mind if you watch at all. You can bang him too if you want.”

“What? Isn't he your boyfriend? Don't you think he'd mind? Wouldn't you mind?”

“Why would I mind? Why would he? I'm not just saying this to flatter you, but you're a gorgeous woman, Meiling. I'm sure he'd love to have sex with you. Any man would.”

She stares at you for a few seconds before finally responding. “Well, you certainly know more about him than I do. And your relationship does seem to be fairly complicated. It'll certainly be interesting to meet him, to say the least.”

There's still time to spend with Meiling before dinner.

[ ] Talk with her some more
[ ] Have sex with her.
- [ ] Here, in the middle of the gymnasium.
- [ ] Privately, on one of those beds she mentioned earlier.
[ ] Have sex with Meiling and order some of the fairies to help out.
[ ] There's enough men for both of you to get a double penetration. Do that.
No. 30268
[x] Have sex with Meiling and order some of the fairies to help out.
No. 30270
[x] Have sex with her.
- [x] Here, in the middle of the gymnasium.
Nice, slow, sensual demonstration of exactly why girl-on-girl is a-okay.
No. 30271
[x] There's enough men for both of you to get a double penetration. Do that.

Last chance we'll get for a while.
No. 30274
[x] There's enough men for both of you to get a double penetration. Do that.
No. 30277
[x] Have sex with her.
- [x] Privately, on one of those beds she mentioned earlier.
No. 30302
[x] Talk with her some more

No. 30306
[X] Have sex with her.
- [X] Privately, on one of those beds she mentioned earlier.
No. 30307
[x] Talk with her some more
Talk beats sex.
No. 30321
[X] Talk with her some more

Because I'd kinda like to get on with things.
No. 30323
[x] Have sex with her.
- [x] Here, in the middle of the gymnasium.
No. 30332
[x] There's enough men for both of you to get a double penetration. Do that.
No. 30333
Votes are tied.
No. 30334
[X] Have sex with her.
- [X] Privately, on one of those beds she mentioned earlier.

Intimate Meiling sexings best sexings.
No. 30335
[X] Have sex with Meiling and order some of the fairies to help out.
No. 30336
[x] There's enough men for both of you to get a double penetration. Do that.

No. 30337
Calling it for
[x] There's enough men for both of you to get a double penetration. Do that.
No. 30374
File 136639123576.jpg - (379.33KB , 1024x768 , c1c4eef0b0b5b876dd7b82111da5d926.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey Meiling, let's get laid. There's enough guys here for both of us. And I bet they'd appreciate a chance to play with some experienced women after spending all day training these fairies.”

“Weren't we just talking about how unusual your behavior is for someone with a boyfriend?”

“Maybe, but that's just the kind of girl I am. So are you interested or not?”

She pauses for just a second to think it over. “Yeah, I am. I could use a break too. Watching all of these girls having sex does get me pretty horny, honestly. Did you want to pick out the guys?”

“Well, for simplicity I'd prefer people that are already in here. No sense hunting through the mansion for them. There's, what, eight guys in here? Ten? We only need four. How about we just each grab two?”

“Four? Isn't that too many?”

“Nah. Two for each of us. We'll each have two cocks in our lower holes, and the men can press us together so we can kiss and fondle each other. Sound good?”

“I guess. You're the expert on this.”

“Have you ever done a double penetration, Meiling?”

“Just once. And that was a long time ago. I'm pretty sure I liked it, though, so it'll be fun to do it again.”

“Great. Now to find some cute boys with big cocks.”

You walk away from Meiling and head for the left side of the gymnasium. The closest guy that you see is leaning against the wall and watching some fairies exercise. Presumably he's resting after sex. As you get closer, you notice that his cock is flaccid but still slightly wet. It's still pretty big, though, so he's a good catch. He's so engrossed in the fairies' stretching their lithe bodies that he doesn't notice you approach him.

“Hey. Wanna fuck?”

He suddenly turns towards you, startled by your abrupt appearance, and gives you a quick look over before speaking. “Sorry? I don't think I know you.”

“Nope. We've never met before. Does that matter?”

“Well, yeah. It does. You're human, aren't you? You're certainly not a fairy.” The way he said that makes you think it's supposed to answer your question. It doesn't, though, so you stare at him expectantly until he explains further. “And that means I can't have sex with you.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I'm not allowed to have sex with humans. Who are you, anyway? Are you even supposed to be in here?”

“Yes, I'm supposed to be here. I am a guest of the mistress.” You don't know where these people actually came from, so you decide against giving your name. It'd be best to avoid a spectacle if they are Gensokyo natives, and your name wouldn't mean anything to outsiders either. “So, why can't you have sex with me?”

“Because you're a human. I just said that. Remi said we're only supposed to have sex with the fairies or the youkai residents if we're directly asked. All humans are absolutely off limits. And I really don't want to do anything to upset her.” He shudders for a second with his last statement; it seems that she’s been barring her fangs at the poor guys here.

Humans? The only human in the mansion is Sakuya. Ordering them to not have sex with her is understandable, but you have no idea why she wouldn't just explicitly say “Sakuya”. Whatever. “Yeah, well, I'm exempt. She's a close friend of mine, so she wouldn't have any problem with it. Of course, if I needed to, I could just complain to her and have her order you to bang me. Meiling can vouch for me too, if you don't believe me.”

“Er -” He pauses for a few seconds, shifting his eyes aside as he considers his options, and finally gives in to your threat. “No, that's okay, I'll believe you. Uh, did you want to do it right here, or what?”

“No, not yet. I need to find another guy first. I hope you don't mind or anything, but I haven't had a double penetration for a while.”

“No, no, that's fine. I'll just, uh, follow you I guess.”

Glad to see that he's finally cooperating. Now, where to next? You give the room another quick glance to see if there are any promising candidates nearby. Meiling is already chatting with one guy across the room, so you'll stay away from that area to give her space. The most interesting choice you see is a man sitting off in a corner, who seems to be talking to a fairy. Most of the men are either actively fucking or resting away from the fairies, so this is an unusual sight. You head over there, with your first pick trailing behind you, visibly keeping his distance.

As you get closer, you confirm that they are indeed simply chatting. You stop for a minute to listen in, and although you can't hear every word, their conversation appears to be almost entirely mundane – questions about how long the girl has worked here, what she thinks of the mansion now, what she thinks of sex, and her favorite foods. The man is leading the conversation, while the fairy nervously responds to his questions without asking any of her own. Judging by her jittering and the fact that she's fully clothed, you assume that she's a virgin who was just added to the training class. This just makes the man's nudity and massive erection appear out of place, but neither one of them seems to care.

You're standing off to the man's side, so he hasn't noticed you yet. He certainly seems like a good choice. You walk towards him, moving at a slight angle to enter his field of view, and wait for an appropriate lull in the conversation.

“Hello! Could I interest you in having sex?” you ask.

The man turns to face you, surprised by your sudden appearance and question. “Er, Hi. I don't believe we've met, so I must -”

“I'm a friend of Remilia's, so any restrictions on who you can sleep with don't apply to me. If anything, she'd be upset if you refused to honor her guest by having sex with me. Just ask him.” You point at the man following you, who tries to slink away as three pairs of eyes focus on him. He's erect now, likely from staring at your ass for the past minute.

“I sincerely doubt that she would care if I refused. And knowing her name doesn't prove that you're even her guest. If Lady Remilia wishes for me to lay with you, then she can tell me so herself. Now, if you'll excuse us, we were having a conversation.”

“Don't you think it'd be good for her, though?” You turn towards the small fairy. “Hello, there. Are you new to this?”

“Huh? Y-Yes.”


“Yeah. Really nervous.” You seem to be intimidating her, although there's probably nothing you can do about that. Honestly, it's amazing that she isn't scared of the man or his big dick. It's a good eleven inches long and fairly thick, so that girl would probably never be able to take it into her petite body.

“It feels really good though. Absolutely amazing. Would you like to watch? Do you want to see how good his huge cock will make me feel?” You gesture towards his shaft, but refrain from touching it.

“Ummm...” The fairy ponders for a few seconds, unsure of what to do. You give her a soft smile to try and reassure her. “Y-yeah. I'll do it. I mean, all the other fairies seem to love it, but I've never watched them closely.”

“Great! I'm sure you'll enjoy the show.” You turn to face the man and look at him expectantly.

“Alright, alright.” He sighs and stands up. “Let's go. But, why is he here too?”

“Double penetration.” The man sighs again at your response, but doesn't say anything.

You head back to the middle of the gymnasium, where Meiling's waiting with her two companions. Her choices are a tall man with broad shoulders and a somewhat shorter man with more subdued features. Both are fairly handsome and have average sized cocks. They're better looking than your men, but you weren't exactly searching for the prettiest ones you could find.

“Okay, that's four men. And one fairy? I don't recognize her, either. Why'd you bring her along, Reimu?”

“She's here to watch. I think it'll be good for her. She's not going to take part or anything.”

“Oh. Alright. So, how are we doing this?”

“Nothing too complicated. We'll have sex with our choices, unless you wanna swap or something.” You like the guys you selected more than hers, so you'd rather not, but you'd accept if she did. Fortunately, she doesn't say anything and lets you continue. “I'll straddle one of my guys and the other can use my ass. Both of your guys will need to get behind you, since there won't be room for a second guy on the floor. Sound good?”

“Yeah. Sure does.”

“Great. Then let's get started.” You take off your blouse and toss it onto the floor. Meiling starts undressing as well, and neatly folds her green cheongsam before placing it on the floor near your shirt. All of the men are already naked and fully erect, so there's no reason to put on a show for them or anything. Right now you just want to strip naked and get fucked hard.

You ask the man with the fairy companion to lie flat on the floor. He obeys and lies down with only a single sigh of complaint, sticking his huge cock high into the air. It's probably too thick for your ass, so you're “forced” to take it in your pussy. You line his tip up with your slit and slowly lower yourself down, swallowing the entire length of his cock with your soaked cunt. The amazing thickness makes you shiver with pleasure as each inch enters your body. The man groans slightly during your descent, but keeps his reaction subdued. He even looks away from you after you finish taking in his entire length, and doesn't react to your large breasts pressing against his chest. Well, whatever; you're sure he'll warm up to you in a minute.

“Ahhh, simply amazing. Okay, Meiling, get down on all fours in front of me.” She obeys immediately and gets down in front of you, front of you, putting her beautiful face just inches away from yours. You could kiss her now, but it's best to wait until everything is ready. One of her men gets on top of her back and wraps his arms around her waist for support. Lured in by her succulent ass, he slowly slides his cock into her anus. She gasps from the unfamiliar pleasure of having her ass filled. The other man joins in right after and slams his cock into her pussy.

You're not about to let Meiling have all the fun. You give your ass a little shake to encourage the last man to enter you. He finally gets the hint and gently slides his cock into your ass. You moan as his shaft spreads your walls and pushes against the other cock inside of you. The man below you grabs onto your hips for support and starts thrusting his magnificent cock in and out of your drenched cunt.

Meiling's face has grown flushed as her two partners mercilessly pound her holes. Her lips glimmer beautifully from the overhead light as her mouth hangs open from the pleasure. She's simply irresistible. You lean forward slightly and close your lips around hers, the two of you moaning into each other's mouths as you wrap your tongues together. The overwhelming pleasure from the double penetration makes it difficult to concentrate on her luscious lips, but you still do your best to please her.

The man on top of Meiling reaches down and grabs her massive tits, roughly handling them to savor their weight and softness. You would've loved to grab onto them yourself, but your hands are preoccupied with keeping yourself steady. Both of your men are pounding your drenched holes with a fast, consistent rhythm, sending countless waves of mind-numbing pleasure throughout your body. You're already on the edge, but you muster every ounce of your willpower to keep yourself from cumming so you can relish the magnificent cocks inside of you.

You break the kiss with Meiling, no longer able to focus at all on her. All you can do now is let the men ravish your body. Meiling is in a similar state, moaning lusciously with each movement from her two partners. The man standing behind you lightly runs his hand along your back, making you shiver from the gentle touch. Their loud grunts surpass your own, and the twitching of their dicks makes it apparent that they're almost at their limit. Your body is dying for their semen, and your mind is begging for release, so it's finally time to end this.

You tighten both of your holes and immediately bring the two men over the edge. They grunt in pleasure and fill your holes with several thick bursts of semen. The sudden heat pouring into your body brings out your orgasm, and you tighten even further around their shafts as you cry out from the searing pleasure. The spectacle is enough to make Meiling's partners cum as well. The man in her ass pulls his cock out before ejaculating, spraying his load all over her back and her long red hair. She cries out and slumps against the ground from her own orgasm as the other man fills her pussy with his cum.

Meiling's partners pull off of her, leaving her sprawled out on the floor in a euphoric daze, and sit down next to her to rest. The man in your ass pulls out as well, but the one below you is trapped underneath you, as you feel too drained after your powerful orgasm to get off of him. Despite his earlier reluctance, the man doesn't seem to mind having your naked body pressed against him now, and gives your head a quick pat. After another minute of basking in the afterglow, you finally manage to pull off of him, but give him a quick peck on the lips before flopping down on the floor next to him. A small bit of semen leaks out of your pussy, but most of it stays inside of you for your hungry babies.

You suddenly remember the fairy from before and turn to face her. the sight of your little orgy's left her wide-eyed and blushing. You're still worn out, but you have enough energy now to sit up and talk to her.

“Hey. So, what'd you think? Looks like fun, doesn't it?” you ask. It takes her a few seconds to register the question, but then she nods her head profusely. “Haha, I thought so. Well, it's still a little early for you to do something like that. Pay attention to your studies and you can have fun like this eventually. But for now, how about a little taste? All that thick semen is too much for my little pussy, so it's flowing out. What a waste. Would you like to taste some?”

She takes a step towards you, but hesitates. “I-Is it really alright?”

“Of course it is, dear. It tastes great, and it'll give you something to look forward to if you can get used to the stuff.” With your approval, she takes another step towards you. You spread your legs to give her easy access to your pussy, and she gets down on her hands and knees to get a closer look. She leans forward, placing her face just a few inches away from your crotch, but hesitates again. “Go on. Just give it a little lick.”

The fairy overcomes her nervousness and gently flicks her tongue against your folds, just enough to get a small taste of the overflowing semen. After a few licks, she makes a sour face and stops. “It's really salty! Bleh!”

“Is that really so bad? I guess it's an acquired taste, but I love semen. At least you were willing to give it a try. Maybe after your first time you'll like it better.”

“I guess. I dunno. I might like it eventually, but for now it's just gross.” She looks down for a second, but quickly brightens up. “Um, thank you for letting me watch though, and for letting me try it. It really does look amazing, having all those big things pounding about inside your body. I'd love to be able to do that too!”

“Good girl. Do your exercises and I'm sure you'll be able to. I don't know if you were here for Meiling's earlier lecture or not, but make sure you don't rush ahead! That's the most important thing.”

“Okay! Thanks again, miss. Bye bye!” The fairy waves and runs off into a crowd of other fairies, presumably to learn the exercises she'll need to do. It's good to see someone so motivated.

You're feeling much better now. So is Meiling, who's already getting dressed. There's nothing more for you to do here, so you should get dressed as well and head down to eat dinner.

You head down to the dining hall with Meiling. The doors are still closed, so presumably you're a little early, but you can hear some activity inside. It sounds like some of the fairies are still preparing the room.

A feast of Sakuya's amazing cooking awaits you, but perhaps you could suggest something to “enhance” the flavor.

[ ] Just eat dinner normally.
[ ] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious head maid.
[ ] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of some fairy maids.
[ ] Or any other character present.

The characters that will be at dinner are: Reimu, Remilia, Sakuya, Meiling, Patchouli (real), all four of the named fairies, and additional random fairies.
No. 30376
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious gate guard.

I think this'll work out best if the "plate" is someone that a lot of people want to tease and play with. Otherwise, it'll just be awkward.

Sakuya's good, but Remilia's already planning some fun with her, so I think we should give someone else a chance.

The fairies might enjoy it, but Sakuya and Meiling don't seem very attracted to them. Seems like Remi and Reimu are the only ones who are.

Reimu's the most eager to eat off of someone, so it seems like a waste to have her on the table. I think the narration would be more interested if she was eating from someone else, too.

Patchouli's a lost cause. She probably won't care no matter what happens.

Role reversal with Remilia might be fun, but Sakuya and Meiling and the fairies might be too nervous to really get into it.

So, I think Meiling's the best choice. Reimu, Sakuya, and Remi are all attracted to her, and I bet the fairies would love a chance to play with their old instructor.
No. 30378
>Role reversal with Remilia might be fun, but Sakuya and Meiling and the fairies might be too nervous to really get into it.
Overcoming their reluctance is half the fun. The other half is Remilia's protests or immediate refusal.

[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
No. 30379
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
Role reversal, eh.
No. 30381
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious gate guard.
I hope we get a chance to chat to Patchouli about her fake.
No. 30386
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious gate guard.
No. 30387
Guys. Hey guys. GUYS.

Remilia has a dick. Donuts. Do the math. Fun. Gate guard voting stop.
No. 30388
[X] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.

Role reversal, go!
No. 30396
[X] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
No. 30408
File 136660934860.jpg - (15.96KB , 400x285 , 1365581719179.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
No. 30412
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
No. 30413
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
No. 30526
Calling it for
[x] Suggest that dinner be served atop a plate of delicious vampire.
No. 30653
File 136781035260.png - (933.19KB , 752x1062 , nyotaimori.png ) [iqdb]
You open the door and head into the dining hall, with Meiling following close behind. Some of the maids are preparing the grand table for its future occupants; most of them are still fully clothed, but a few are wearing the new bottomless attire. They somehow managed to tear themselves away from cocks long enough to set the table, and as far as you can tell, they're doing a perfectly fine job of it too. You take a seat at the table, and Meiling sits down next to you.

It seems that dinner is still a while away. You're pretty sure the maids are avoiding you, trying to stay out of sight and enter the room only when necessary. There isn't much to do in the meantime, so you basically twiddle your thumbs while you wait. Patchouli – the real one – walks in from the other entrance about five minutes later. She walks up to a seat on the opposite side of the table and sits down, all without ever lifting her eyes from the dusty tome in front of her. Talking to her now would be rude, but you certainly don't want to leave without saying something to her.

“Good evening, Patchouli.”

“Good evening, Reimu.” She still hasn't looked up from her book, but at least she's acknowledging you.

“I met your clone earlier today.”

“Yes, I heard about that from Koa. Was she to your liking?”

“Definitely. I would've preferred to 'play' with her a little more, but I still had a good time. Then I ended up reading to her. Did Koakuma tell you that, too? Because I'd like to borrow that book, if you have a second copy.”

“She did. I'll have a maid deliver it to you before you leave. Feel free to use my doppelganger whenever you like.”

“Thanks. I will.” Although you'll be leaving soon, so you probably wont get a chance. Oh well. You're bound to return here sooner or later. That's pretty much all you needed to say, so you let Patchouli continue reading without further interruptions.

Time continues to pass as you wait for Remilia to show up. The fairy maids have stopped coming into the dining hall entirely. Perhaps that's a good sign, if there's nothing left for them to do in here. You make some idle chit-chat with Meiling, but can't drum up a good enough topic for lengthy discussion. The conversation is so inconsequential that you can't even remember what either of you said after a mere five minutes. Oh well; it helped to pass the time.

Remilia finally enters the room with Sakuya at her side. Multiple fairy maids follow shortly afterward, each carrying one or two platters of food. It's quite the feast, and everything looks as delicious and well-presented as everything else Sakuya cooks. But it's missing a certain something.

“Good evening, Reimu,” Remilia greets you as she sits down, “It is good to see you again. And I see you've brought our lovely gate guard with you.”

“It's good to see you too, Remi. And is that unusual?”

“Somewhat. Meiling typically prefers to prepare her own meals in her cabin. She is a better cook than Sakuya when it comes to Chinese dishes, and Sakuya's western cooking is rarely to her liking.” Come to think of it, Meiling wasn't present when you ate dinner here last time. That would explain why. “Well, since you're here, Meiling, I had Sakuya cook up something special for you. I hope it is to your liking.” Another fairy maid enters the room with another tray and sets it down on the table. You don't recognize it, but it seems to consist of several chunks of meat covered in some kind of thick spice. Whatever it is, it certainly smells strong.

“The name is mapo tofu, correct?” Sakuya asks. “This is my first time preparing this dish, but I believe it will be satisfactory.” Tofu? Maybe that isn't actually meat.

“It looks great! I'm sure it'll be delicious. And yes – mapo tofu. Thank you, Sakuya, mistress.”

“Hmm, you're more generous than I thought, Remi.” You lean towards Remilia and show her an irritating grin. She's suitably annoyed by your backhanded compliment. “But is that all you're going to do? I mean, Sakuya did all the work; you just told her to make it.”

“Oh? And is there a problem with that, Reimu? Sakuya acts on my behalf. Having her cook a meal is the same as doing it myself.” Remilia remains calm as she speaks, but you can practically feel the daggers in her voice. Meiling turns to you in surprise from your taunting, but doesn't say anything. Sakuya remains perfectly composed, watching your exchange without altering her perpetually calm expression.

“Of course there is. You are not Sakuya. If you really want to show your benevolence, you should do something yourself, and not simply order a servant to do it. Lucky for you, I know exactly what you can do.”

“Really, now. And what, pray tell, do you have in mind?”

“Fufufu. Simple. It's something you can do with the food that Sakuya already prepared. All you have to do...” you pause for effect, which irritates Remilia even more, “...Is let her eat off of you.”

“I- No, what? Reimu, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Let her use you as a plate. Strip down naked, lie down on the table, and have Sakuya cover you in food. Let Meiling savor the sight of your pale skin as she enjoys Sakuya's delicious cooking. Actually -”

“Reimu, are you out of your mind?” Remilia interrupts you, but surprisingly doesn't sound angry any more. Or maybe she's just so far past “angry” that she's wrapped back to “calm”. Well, she's certainly not going to go along with this easily, so you'll have to find a good way to coerce her into it.

“Of course not. This is a perfect way for you to show your appreciation for all of Meiling's hard work. Why, she's the cornerstone of your entire harem of fuckable maids. But why stop there? You should offer your body up to everyone here, to thank them for all that they do for you.” Without giving anyone a chance to say anything, you turn towards the stunned Meiling and ask her a simple question. “Don't you agree?”

“Eh? Huh? M-Me?” Meiling squirms in panic for a second, not wanting to be dragged into the spotlight of her mistress's ire, but she manages to compose herself quickly. Has she forgotten that you're actually stronger than Remilia? Well, stronger than Remilia herself. Remilia could easily order Meiling, Sakuya, Patchouli, and even all the maids to attack you at once, which would certainly be bad. Meiling, at least, should be able to see the brilliance of your idea. “Um, I guess it would be good, yeah.” Meiling speaks haphazardly, not willing to commit to a definite answer. Her face betrays her, however, as she's noticeably blushing at the idea. At least she agrees with you.

“See? Meiling wants you to do it, Remi. Are you really going to disappoint her like that? And she's not the only one, either! You want her to do it too, don't you, Sakuya?”

Sakuya pauses for a moment as everyone's eyes turn on her, but remains perfectly composed. “Yes. I would love to use her as my plate and lick every corner of her beautiful little body. You always have the best ideas, Reimu.” It's amazing how she can say something so depraved and yet remain perfectly calm. Remilia stares in shock at her head maid, too surprised by her betrayal to even say anything.

“And you, Patchy?” Patchouli put her book away at some point and has been watching the entire spectacle with her usual disinterest.

“Do as you wish, Reimu.” And the final nail is driven into Remilia's coffin.

“Aaaahhhh! Fine! I'll do it!” Good, you didn't even have to ask the fairy maids. “Humph. You people better appreciate the sacrifice I'm making for this. Let no one say that the Scarlet Devil is not supremely generous.” She sighs after her attempt at saving face, but doesn't try to back out. “Sakuya. Help me undress. And then do... that. Whatever it is that needs to be done.”

“At once, mistress.” Remilia stands up from her seat and Sakuya begins undressing her. She's on the opposite side of the table, so you can't see most of the details, but Sakuya is busy removing her garments one by one. It takes a full minute to unravel her overly fancy clothes, but once Sakuya is finished she helps Remilia get up on the table. Fortunately, despite your expectations, Remilia doesn't look furious, merely disgruntled and probably also embarrassed as well. “Okay, now what?”

“Now we cover her in food, of course.” Isn't that obvious? It's not like you've ever done this before either. “Just find stuff that'll fit on her body. Anything like a soup obviously isn't going to work. Actually, start with that mapo tofu. Meiling should have the first chance to taste Remi, after all.” Sakuya nods and grabs the platter of tofu, then instantly covers her thighs and midriff with the dish. Everything is laid out perfectly on her body, with the thin covering of the food drawing attention to her pussy, flaccid penis, and chest without hiding any lewd details. Remilia groans softly to herself as the hot food appears on her body, but has resigned herself to her fate by now. Fortunately, as a vampire, there's no need to worry about the temperature of the food or any spices that Sakuya may have used.

Meiling walks up to the succulent feast prepared for her and licks her lips in anticipation. She uses a pair of chopsticks to pick up a block of tofu from Remilia's chest and quickly brings it to her mouth. “Mmm! This is really good, Sakuya! You've really never made this before?”

“Quit being so damn boring and dig in!” Honestly, why would you bother eating gracefully when eating off of a naked girl? Meiling gets the message and drops the utensils, then drops her head towards Remilia's thighs. She closes her mouth against the skin, giving Remilia a big kiss as she eats several blocks of the tofu at once, then roughly moves her tongue all around to lick up the remaining seasoning. Remilia squirms slightly as the tongue ravages her body, but doesn't attempt to escape. It's clear that she's not enjoying herself, however.

Meiling spends a few more seconds with her face buried in Remilia's thighs. The serving of mapo tofu wasn't very large, so she finishes off her lower body quickly, leaving only some leftover seasoning.

“Ahaha! That was fun!” Meiling lifts her head up and faces you, then licks her lips to get some of the spices off. Her brilliant smile tells you that she's clearly enjoying herself. “I think it'll be more fun if we all dig in, though. There's certainly no need to wait for me.”

“Sounds good. We need to put some more food on her, though. What else do we have, Sakuya?” You take a quick survey of the available food with Sakuya's guidance. There's plenty of meat dishes that would work; strips of chicken, fried salmon, and even some steaks, although those would need to be cut first. Mashed potatoes and some of those vegetables you don't know the names of would work perfectly with the “dig in” style of eating, although a lot of the food here will simply need to be picked off of her with chopsticks. The salad dressing could be applied directly to her body, with or without lettuce. Sadly, there's no cream or frosting to use. Sakuya really doesn't seem to be the type to make a lot of sweets.

There isn't enough room for everyone to eat off of Remilia's body directly, so the best option would be to have one person get in close and everyone else can just use chopsticks. Meiling's had her chance, so Sakuya can go next. You pick up the salmon and drape some strips onto Remilia's upper body, then put some mashed potatoes on her thighs where the tofu was.

“Sakuya, it's your turn. Have fun!” The maid smiles lustfully and gets down on her knees to put her head near Remilia's thigh, then starts to take small bites from the potatoes. Even while eating off of a naked girl, Sakuya still manages to be a picture of elegance. Her nibbles are perfectly controlled, and she manages to eat without getting any of the food stuck to her face. She takes the opportunity to plant small kisses on her mistress's skin as it becomes exposed.

You're pretty hungry and don't want to wait for your turn, so you pick up your chopsticks and grab some of the salmon off Remilia's breast. It's delicious, as expected of Sakuya's cooking, but Remilia's body doesn't add anything to the flavor. Oh well; the sight of the proud vampire squirming while her friends and employees gather around her naked body complements the dish on its own.

Now that you've started eating properly, the other guests pick up chopsticks of their own. A lot of this food would be eaten better with a knife and fork, but using such instruments on Remilia's body probably wouldn't be safe. Besides, you're more used to using chopsticks. Meiling eats some more of her special mapo tofu and tries a few slices of the salmon. Patchouli floats on over and uses a spoon to scoop up some of the mashed potatoes that Sakuya isn't blocking. Some of the bolder fairies, Nikkou included, fly over and try to squeeze in to help themselves. While they're here, you instruct them to replenish the stock of food on Remilia's body. Now that everyone's eating, you need to make sure she doesn't get stripped clean.

Sakuya lifts her head after clearing out all the potatoes from Remilia's lower body. Somehow she did all of that without getting a spot of food on her, but she nonetheless licks her lips in satisfaction.

“Patchouli, did you want a turn?”

“No. Thank you, but I will pass.” She then uses her chopsticks to pick a few slices of fish off Remilia and transfers them to a plate, then eats them slowly with a knife and fork.

In that case, it's your turn. One of the maids restocks Remilia's chest with thinly cut steak strips, which Meiling and Sakuya gladly help themselves to. You'll need something easier to bite into, so you grab the unknown dish of cut vegetables and some extra salad dressing and pour both onto her thighs, leaving multiple trails of thick dressing across her body. Her cock is still flaccid despite having two gorgeous women lick her thighs clean. Maybe you can do something about that.

You bury your face between her thighs and suck on her slit. She twitches slightly from the unexpected stimulation, but stays still for the most part. It seems that she's actively fighting against the pleasure to annoy you. You don't particularly want to want to keep licking her, either; giving cunnilingus with salad dressing covering your cheeks isn't exactly pleasant. Plus, you're still hungry and haven't eaten enough. You move away from her pussy and lick the trail of creamy dressing off her lower thighs, then move on to the vegetables. The dressing tastes great and combines well with the mushy vegetables. You prefer the texture of firmer greens, but they're still not bad. After meeting your quota of healthy eating you resume licking the trail of dressing you spread across her lower body. She's nice and clean now, ready for some forced stimulation, although you decide against using your tongue.

“So, are you done now?” Remilia's certainly fed up with this position at this point.

“Not quite. There's one more thing to take care of.”

“Oh? You actually remembered me? I'm impressed. I certainly can't eat like this.”

Oops. Poor girl; covered in food and unable to grab any for herself. Well, you can't let her sit up just yet. Patchouli seems to have had her fill, but Meiling is still eating meat off of her chest. You'd like to have some of that steak, too. “Right, of course we didn't forget about you! Um, Sakuya, think you could feed her?”

“Of course. Here you are, mistress. Say 'Ah.'” Sakuya grabs some of the steak and holds it over her mistress's mouth. She seems to be enjoying herself, and Remilia is too hungry to care about how she's being fed. You pick up some chicken with your right hand and slide your left between her legs, waiting for her mouth to be empty before sliding a finger into her tight pussy.

“Unn! Reimu! What are you doing now?” She's still fighting it, but you aren't going to stop this time. She'll give in eventually.

“I'm helping myself to your body, of course. Same as we've all been doing.” You slide a second finger in and slowly pump them, waiting for her to become moist before moving faster. She's not going anywhere, after all, so there's no need to hurry. Plus it's kinda hard to get a good rhythm while you're also picking food off her body.

Remilia stays still and focuses on the food Sakuya is giving her, and successfully ignores your fingers for the most part. On the surface, anyway – you can feel her pussy juices flowing, and her cock is twitching as well.. She's definitely feeling it, and she can't hide her arousal from you. Not that you're in any hurry. This steak is absolutely delicious. It's rarer than you'd prefer, but wonderfully juicy with only small amounts of spices to complement the natural taste.

She finally gives in after a few minutes of your slow but steady movements, moaning softly to herself as she lies still. Meiling has moved on to a bowl of soup, which she's almost finished with, leaving just some random fairies to pick off the last bits of food from Remilia's body. They're using their hands, rather than chopsticks, and you had to yell at one of them for trying to use a knife and fork on their mistress's body. Remilia has finished eating as well and is simply lying there moaning as everyone around her goes about their business indifferent to her naked body and massive erection. It's time for her to cum, but you're not interested in finishing her off right now. You'd rather get some of that soup to complete your meal.

“Hey Meiling,” you call out to her once she puts down her bowl, “Would you like to take over? Or maybe swallow a thick load of her cum? She's mostly doing this for you, after all, so I think you should have the honor.”

Meiling looks at you, then eyes Remilia's thick cock. “Yeah, sure. Thank you, I'd love to.” She walks over to Remilia and wraps her hand around her shaft, smiles lustfully at her tip, and takes it into her mouth. Now that she's here, you remove your fingers from Remilia's pussy and lick them clean. Now, where's that soup?

Sakuya pours a bowl of soup for you, and you drink it as you watch Meiling suck Remilia off. She's already bobbing her head along Remilia's length in earnest, moving her hand up and down in time with her head. You focused exclusively on Remilia's pussy, leaving her cock desperate for the attention that Meiling is now giving her. She moans heavily and grips the tablecloth, no longer even attempting to look dignified.

This soup is really good, too. Very thick and flavorful. You slowly drink it down, savoring the taste as Remilia puts on a show for you. Her body is now clean of all the food, leaving just the juices from the meats that were on her body, letting her thrash about as much as she wishes without disturbing anyone. Most of the fairy maids have begun clearing dishes and taking them into a back room, although a few of them are eating soup or some of the tiny scraps of meat that weren't draped all over Remilia's body.

You finish the soup and set the bowl down, allowing Sakuya to pick it up and carry it out with another load of dirty dishes. Remilia has finally reached her limit, and she cries out in pleasure as she ejaculates and fills Meiling's mouth with several thick loads of her cum. The volume is too much, causing a bit to drip down from Meiling's mouth, but she catches it with her finger and licks it off after she swallows the bulk. Remilia really looks out of it now, with a big smile on her face as she lies flat against the table.

“Ughhhh. Are you people finished yet?” Remilia asks after recovering. She sits up, suddenly looking much grumpier. “Ugh. I'm covered in filth.” She stands up and jumps off the table. “Sakuya. Prepare a bath. I need to get all of this disgusting food off of me.”

“At once, mistress.”

“And afterward, we'll be going to my bedroom with Reimu. She said she wanted to watch.”

“Very well, but watch what?”

“Reimu, did you forget to tell her?” Oops. “Sex, Sakuya. I will be taking your virginity tonight. Then you will be free to consort with whomever you wish.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Sakuya sighs in relief now that she knows her burden will finally be removed. “I am looking forward to it.”

Remilia walks off towards the bath, and Sakuya follows her after picking up her clothes. You've had your fill and most of the participants have left. It'll probably take Remilia a bit of time to get all that grime off, so you'll need to occupy yourself in the meantime.

[ ] Slip into the bath with Remilia.
[ ] Just chat with <Resident>.
[ ] Have a quickie with <Specify>.
No. 30656
[x] Slip into the bath with Remilia.
Nicely done.
No. 30658
[x] Just chat with Patchouli
She really needs to loosen up a bit.
No. 30659
[x] Just chat with Patchouli

The only one we haven't really spoken too.

Slutchuli doesn't count.
No. 30662
[x] Have a quickie with the fake Patchouli.

Preferably involving a strapon or a double dildo.
No. 30663
[x] Slip into the bath with Remilia.

bath copypasta.txts
No. 30666
[x] Have a quickie with Meiling

Becuase the last scene with her had Reimu too busy getting DP'd to really enjoy Meiling.
No. 30667
[X] Just chat with Patchouli.
No. 30710
Calling it for
[x] Just chat with Patchouli
No. 30741
File 136867678359.jpg - (507.76KB , 700x691 , c7f64848562e1dc009c5b93583d4c7ea.jpg ) [iqdb]
Maybe you'll pay Patchouli a visit. That way you can ask her some more in-depth questions about her clone. Plus you can pick up your book while you're down there and save her the trouble of tracking you down later.

Patchouli left a few minutes ago while Remilia was still covered in food. Knowing her, she probably went straight back to the library and wasn't interested in any after dinner chit-chat. Now that Sakuya and Remilia have left, you're the only one left at the table that isn't a maid. You get up and walk out, leaving the maids free to clean up the small mess made during dinner.

You find Patchouli at her usual spot within the library with her nose in its usual position inside of a book. It's definitely the real one this time.

“Evening, Patchouli. Up for a quick chat?”

Patchouli sets her book down and looks up at you. “Yes. What do you need, Reimu?”

“Well, first, do you have a spare copy of Kafka on the Shore? Koa might've mentioned that I was looking to borrow it.”

“I do, yes.” She reaches into a drawer on her side of the desk and pulls out an identical copy of the book you read earlier today. “Here you are. Please return it before you die. Is that all you wanted to borrow?”

“Uh, I guess? It's all I planned on borrowing. Why, do you have any other books?”

“Have you forgotten where you are? Yes, I have other books.” She reaches back into the drawer and pulls out three more. “You might like these. Or maybe you won't. But you should still give them a read.”

“Thanks, Patchy. Now, could you tell me more about your clone? I'm curious about her.”

“Did you want anything specific? You've already heard the basics from Koakuma.”

“Um, actually, could you tell me again from the start? I just want to hear your take on the scenario.” Koakuma was rather biased in her presentation, so a fresh angle would be best.

“Very well. In her frenzy, Remilia propositioned me for sex. I lack the desire for such activities, and, quite frankly, her penis would leave me unable to move for at least a week. However, she is my friend, so even if I can't help her directly with her desires, I can still use my powers to create a suitable partner for her. I won't bore you with the specifics, as I am aware that magic is not your forte, but the end result is the woman you met earlier.”

“Huh. Okay, but is she you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I'm not really sure, honestly. Who is that woman, in relation to you? Is she like your sister now? Or just a total stranger? She certainly looks a lot like you, but doesn't act anything like you at all.”

“Her appearance is modeled after my own, yes. However, she is not a magician. Nor is she a human. If you wanted to give her a classification, I would simply refer to her as a generic youkai. Technically, she is a construct, but has no special powers related to this, so it is nothing more than a meaningless name. She won't even unconditionally obey commands or anything. I specifically avoided that to make her appear more human, not that she has any reason to refuse Remi's advances.”

“Huh. So she is basically a human, though. What does she think of all this?”

“Of what, her existence? I've never asked. She certainly doesn't complain about her relationship with Remilia, just about how bored she is. But that's a matter of necessity – I will not have all of Remilia's playthings trampling about in my library, and if we let her roam the mansion freely she'd wear herself out and become too drenched in semen to be of interest to Remilia.”

“Is letting her out of the library really so bad? I mean, I tried to teach her to read as a pass time, but I doubt she'd do it all day long. She's not you, apparently. Why not at least let her have fun while Remilia is asleep or something?”

“I suppose I could, but why? I'd need to find someone to look after her during this time. And there'd be no benefit to it. She was created to be Remilia's consort and performs perfectly. She's not going to get better with 'practice' or anything; all she needs is to be available whenever Remilia wishes to use her.”

“You couldn't get Koakuma to escort her? Or even just a regular maid?”

“The maids can't be trusted. Sakuya is always too busy. And Koakuma simply cannot stand that woman.”

“Yeah, I heard about that. Why?”

“She sees her existence as an insult. Koakuma is quite fond of me, but for the very qualities that my clone lacks. I copied by appearance, but not my intellect or mannerisms. Koakuma has no interest in either of our bodies, just the mind – and my clone is certainly lacking there. Duplicating my knowledge or intelligence would be infeasible, and the change in behavior is necessary to meet Remilia's needs. But Koakuma simply cannot stand that. Furthermore, since she believes that Remilia strictly prefers the vapid copy over the real person, she feels that Remilia must be entirely devoid of the charm and sensibility that she likes to portray. 'What kind of person could find any appeal in that airheaded, worthless twit?!'”

You can, but there's no reason to interject with that. “'Believes', Patchouli? Does that mean she's wrong?”

Patchouli smiles slightly and continues. “Remilia and I are friends. I will not say that we're more than that, but she did approach me with an offer of sex, not the other way around. She certainly has no qualms about using my clone; after all, it is a gift from her dear friend.”

“You keep calling her 'my clone'. Doesn't she have a name?”

“She is named 'Patchouli'.”

“So are you. Isn't that confusing?”

“Not really. It's clear which of us is which from context. There's little reason to refer to her in the first place, and if someone does need to, it'll be in a sexual context.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

You've been talking with Patchouli for quite some time now. Remilia's probably out of the bath by now. You should have the answers to all your questions, so now would be a good time to leave. “Alright. Thanks for your time, Patchy. Remi's probably waiting for me by now, so I have to run. But before I do, I really think you should let the other Patchouli out of the library at least for an hour or two each day. Even if no one else benefits, she does. It's kinda weird to ask you to emphasize with someone that is partially you, but you should still think of her more often. As far as I can tell from talking to her, she's a regular human girl. You should treat her more like one.”

“I will consider it. I question her restraint, but maybe I could find a maid that's actually trustworthy and dependable enough to look after her and keep her in line. Have a good night, Reimu.”

“Thanks. You too, Patchy.” You exit the library and head back to Remilia's room. The doors are still closed, and no one answers upon knocking. Hmm, seems you did get back on time. You let yourself in and sit down in a chair against the wall, then set your books down on the floor to your side. Fortunately, the lights are already on, as you have no idea how to work those things. You don't want to start reading now only to get interrupted in a few minutes, and they shouldn't be long. You'll just wait patiently for the two girls to return.

Remilia enters her room a few minutes later with Sakuya behind her. She's definitely fresh from the bath; her hair is still a little damp, and she's wearing a pink bathrobe instead of one of her fancier dresses. It's surprisingly plain for her, with none of the elaborate frills normally decorating her attire. Even the fabric looks plain. This probably isn't something she'd normally wear around guests, though, which could explain the simplicity. You can just barely see a tent near her crotch from her erection. Good, that'll save you time.

“Ah. There you are, Reimu.” Sakuya notices you first, as Remilia's attention was focused in front of her. Both girls turn to face you once your position has been given away.

“Hey. So, are you two ready?” You skip the pleasantries and lead them into the main course. Remilia's arousal is apparent enough, but Sakuya remains stoic as always.

“Yes. We are. Milady was having trouble containing her excitement during the bath, and had an amazing erection the entire time. It would have made it easier for me to clean, but she forbade me from touching it. That was unfortunate, but no longer of concern now that the time for our intercourse has finally come.”

Remilia casts Sakuya an annoyed glance for going into those details, but chooses not to say anything on the matter. “Yes, Reimu. Shall we begin, Sakuya?”

“At once, mistress!” Sakuya answers cheerfully, quite possibly the happiest you've ever seen her.

The two of them immediately tune you out and focus only on each other. Sakuya kneels at one end of the bed, while Remilia unties her robe, drops it onto the floor, and gets onto the opposite end. Her cock isn't fully erect yet, but is still an impressive length. Sakuya blushes at the sight, despite having seen her mistress's naked body countless times and unties her apron with haste. Remilia gently stops her before she can remove any other articles, and orders her servant to stand still while she takes over. Her hands deftly move over the buttons on Sakuya's blouse, quickly removing each while the two girls gaze into each other's eyes and pant from the anticipation. Remilia caresses her maid's breasts through her lacy white bra once it becomes exposed and pushes her shirt aside, but doesn't remove it. She doesn't linger, though, and moves to remove her skirt and tosses that aside.

Even from here you can see how drenched Sakuya's panties are. Considering what she said earlier, she's probably been soaked since at least the beginning of Remilia's bath, and has been holding in her unbearable lust this entire time. Remilia takes a second to take a deep breath from between Sakuya's legs and sample her scent, then takes off her panties and leaves them scrunched up on her right ankle. With her clothes now out of the way, Sakuya leans back and spread her legs wide, inviting Remilia to enter her body. Her cock is now fully erect and is twitching in the air, yearning for release.

There's no need for foreplay with how wet Sakuya is, so Remilia starts right away. She holds on to Sakuya's legs for support, aligns her cock with Sakuya's quivering slit, and slams the entire length into her cunt in a single thrust. Sakuya throws her head back and grunts from the combination of pain and unfamiliar pleasure, but from the sound of it the pain is far more prevalent. Remilia pauses her thrusts and leaves her shaft buried in Sakuya's pussy, but Sakuya shakes her head in disapproval.

“... fine. Keep going, mistress. I can bear it. I can bear anything for you.” She manages to smile through the pain to reassure Remilia. Amazingly, she hasn't let out even a single tear despite the pain she must be going through from Remilia's massive cock. Her dedication and strength of will are certainly impressive.

Remilia obeys and begins thrusting, but sensibly takes a slow pace. She continues to use her entire length at once, and each thrust and removal is punctuated by a gasp from Sakuya as she struggles to conceal her pain. A thin trail of blood drips down Sakuya's legs, unnecessarily illustrating her inexperience. Sakuya's pain slowly disappears as Remilia continues her slow but powerful thrusts, her body quickly becoming used to the foreign object inside of her. Even through her pain, it is clear that Sakuya is enjoying her first time, if only through her extreme devotion to her mistress.

Sakuya's grunts of pain finally turn into moans of unrestrained pleasure, prompting Remilia to pick up the pace and pound her wet cunt in earnest. The necessarily subdued pace was taxing Remilia as well, as she fought her desire to ravish her loving maid and satisfy herself. Now that Sakuya is used to it, however, she can enjoy the amazingly tight virgin pussy to her heart's content. Sakuya's moans of pleasure quickly turn into a single drawn out cry from the increased pace, and she mouths words but is unable to actually speak any through the blinding pleasure. Both girls cum together after a short minute and cry out in pleasure as Sakuya's hungry cunt gets its first taste of hot semen.

Sakuya lies still against the bed, unable to support herself and desiring only to relish the afterglow, but Remilia isn't interested in staying still. She pulls her cock out while it continues to twitch and ejaculate, letting a glob of semen, blood, and pussy juice flow out and stain the sheets. Her cock is similarly marked, and has a reddish tint from Sakuya's virginal blood. She gets down on her hands and knees, leaving her back facing Sakuya, and crawls backwards to hold her throbbing cock near Sakuya's mouth. Then she lowers herself and holds her mouth over Sakuya's pussy.

Wait, are they...?


Yep. They are.

[ ] Look away for a bit.
[ ] Keep watching.
[ ] Get a better view by perspective shifting to Sakuya.
No. 30742
[x] Get a better view by perspective shifting to Sakuya.

Seems like this will be more fun to read.
No. 30745
[x] Get a better view by perspective shifting to Sakuya.
No. 30750
[x] Get a better view by perspective shifting to Sakuya.

Also the more and more I find of this Koakuma the more I like her. Such a nice succubus.
No. 30756
[x] Get a better view by perspective shifting to Sakuya.
No. 30759
[x] Get a better view by perspective shifting to Sakuya.

Well now, this looks like fun.
No. 30760
[x] Keep watching.
No. 30767
[x] Look away for a bit.

Vampires are icky.
No. 30771
Calling it for
[x] Perspective shift to Sakuya
No. 30804
File 136945796060.jpg - (583.07KB , 1001x750 , Remilia_doing_her_maid.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your mistress's engorged cock hangs tantalizingly near your mouth, covered in a thick mixture of blood, your juices, and her semen. The difference in height means that you'll need to scrunch up a little to taste it, once she finishes moving about.

Lady Remilia's tongue drives itself deep into your pussy as she happily drinks up your blood. Your hole is still sore from the massive cock that took your virginity, but her delicate tongue provides a nice contrast to the brutality of her penis. The echoes of pain from the experience only serve to heighten the stimulation, and you welcome the pleasure with a moan as it flows through your body.

You lean forward and take a cock into your mouth for the first time. A wide range of flavors flood your mouth as you lick the coating off her shaft. The unpleasant metallic taste of your blood is the most prominent, but there's still some saltiness from her cum and the familiar taste of your own juices. But even if the taste is unpleasant, it's still a connection to the lovely woman who has her face buried between your thighs, eagerly drinking the same blood. You lick her entire length and clean off all of the juices, leaving only your saliva behind.

Once she has drunk the blood from your pussy, Lady Remilia gets up off of you. She forces her arms underneath your body and flips you over with a single motion, leaving you face first in the soft sheets. Her hands then move to lift up your waist, forcing you to stick your ass out up into the air. She's being forceful enough to simply jam your body into place, but you try to move on your own as if she were merely guiding you. You stick your ass high up into the air and hold your head against the sheets, giving her a clear view of your exposed ass and pussy.

Her cock rubs against your wet slit, causing you to moan from the light stimulation, but she doesn't put it back into your pussy. Instead, she takes her finger and carefully slides it into your anus, gently twisting it around inside of you. The sensation is too unfamiliar to feel “good”, but her cock continues to press against your opening, confusing your body as to the correct source of the pleasure. A second finger joins the first, stretching out your unused anus as she twists and separates her long fingers inside of you. The pain is apparent now, but the small bursts of pleasure from her cock slowly rubbing along your delicate clit helps keep your mind off of it.

Lady Remilia removes her fingers from your ass. Now that the unpleasant distraction is gone, you're free to moan in pleasure when the full length of her cock slides back into your drenched pussy. This experience doesn't last, however, as she pulls out after a single thrust. There's no time to even beg for her large organ, as the tip then quickly presses against your now vacant anus. So that's what she desires. Her fingers seem to have loosened you up a little, but you fear that this will still be painful. Hopefully it will at least feel good for her. You grip the sheets in preparation and try to relax your muscles.

You groan as the massive shaft forces open your hole. She's moving slowly, which is more consideration than you'd expect right now, but the impossibly large object is still far too big to fit inside of you comfortably. It doesn't hurt. But it certainly doesn't feel good. The shaft is well lubricated from your pussy juice, but that's only a minor saving grace. You'd much rather be drowning in pleasure while she pummeled your drenched cunt.

She stops moving with her cock less than halfway inside of you, likely unable to get it in deeper. It moves out of you with the same agonizing slowness, then drives itself back in. You can hear her crying out in pleasure despite the slow pace. A mere four insertions later, she gives in to the tightness and ejaculates inside of you, sending a thick load of hot cum deep into your anus. She pulls out immediately, finally giving you a break, leaving only her warmth behind. Just that by itself doesn't feel bad at all, actually. Maybe if you had more practice – and your partner had a smaller penis – you could learn to enjoy using your second hole.

After just a moment's rest, Lady Remilia grabs onto your waist and slams her cock back into your pussy. The sudden burst of pleasure feels sublime after the previous experience, and you no longer feel any soreness in your vaginal walls. She pounds your used pussy mercilessly, each thrust blanking out your mind. You're already on the edge from her amazing cock, but she just keeps spreading open your walls and kissing the entrance to your womb. You can just barely make out her moans over yours, and you're glad to know that she's enjoying this as much as you are. She cums again quickly, causing your pussy to overflow with her thick semen and bringing out your own orgasm for the second time tonight.

She pulls her cock out before it finishes ejaculating, letting a few globs stain your thighs and back, and walks in front of you. You're too absorbed in the afterglow of the orgasm to move at all, once again requiring her to force you into position. She lifts up your torso, prompting you to support yourself with your arms, and let your bottom slump against the bed.

The tip of her cock appears directly in front of your mouth. Even through your addled senses and weary mind, you can smell the strong stench emanating from her delicious penis. It's thickly coated with her semen and your juices now, with the blood having been cleaned off already. Finally, you can taste it without your blood marring the flavor. You open your mouth and stick your tongue out a little to get your first untainted taste of a well-used cock.

And then she shoves the entire length deep into your mouth.

You nearly gag on her massive shaft as it fills both your mouth and throat, but you barely manage to compose yourself. She pulls back slightly, giving you some time to breathe, but immediately slams it back in. The overpowering taste of her cock floods your mouth, sending you further into a daze. Her hands hold onto your cheeks for support as she continues her slow but steady thrusts. You stay still while she does all the movement, focusing your attention on accommodating her massive shaft. Her cock throbs against your tongue as she moves, signaling her orgasm, and she ejaculates a few seconds later. Thick globs of semen fill your mouth, most of it landing too far in the back of your throat to taste, but you do still manage to get a small but thick amount directly on your tongue. The experience was too draining for you, however, and you slump down against the bed, unable to properly savor the fluid.

Your mistress isn't done with you yet. She hooks her hands under your armpits and pulls you upright, holding you up as she lines your slit up with the tip of her cock. Your back is facing Lady Remilia, so you can't see her any more, but you can barely make out Reimu off against the wall. She's fidgeting quite a lot in her chair for some reason. Or maybe she's just masturbating. It's hard to tell, and it's not really important anyway.

Lady Remilia lowers your body onto her cock, filling your mind with another burst of pleasure as it easily accepts her entire length. The lubrication from her semen and your juices make the insertion easy and painless. It's good that your pussy has accepted her wonderful sex organ so quickly, although your weakness is somewhat embarrassing. You can't move at all anymore, forcing your mistress to raise and lower your entire body in order to stroke her penis. Not that she seems to mind. All you can hear from her is a slow moaning as she samples your body, illustrating her pleasure. Or maybe that's you moaning. It's hard to tell. But you're pretty sure she's enjoying you.

She ejaculates inside of you after some time, filling your body with another thick load of her hot cum. It still feels amazing, but you just don't have the energy left to orgasm with her. Or maybe you just did. You certainly feel sleepy all of a sudden. Maybe you can fuck her some more after a nap, and you can catch up on that orgasm you might have missed. Yes. That sounds good. You fall backwards against your mistress, knocking her against the bed with you, and lose consciousness before your head hits the bottom.


You finish pulling up your skirt and look up at the two lovebirds. Sakuya is completely out of it; you lost track of how many times she came from Remilia's massive cock, but she certainly enjoyed her first time. She fell on top of Remilia at the end, and she's currently lying at Remilia's side, tightly hugging her mistress against her body with both arms and one leg. You're kinda jealous; Remilia never heaps attention on you like that. Still, they are exceptionally close, and you're just a friend, but you'd still like to be fucked that hard by her some day.

“So, did you want some help with that?” You ask her. Remilia isn't able to move while in Sakuya's embrace, at least not without greatly disturbing her. You don't know if you could actually help, but it's worth offering.

“No, this is fine.” She could've avoided Sakuya's fall easily, so you guess she just wants to cuddle with her maid. “There's no need to wake her. I'm not worn out, but it wouldn't hurt to rest like this for an hour or so.”

“Well, suit yourself. I'll leave the two of you alone, then.”

“Thank you, Reimu. Will you be leaving now?”

“Yeah. It's getting late, and I'd like to go to sleep early today.”

“Very well. I can't send you off properly like this, but do have a safe journey.”

“Thanks, Remi. I will. Have a good night.”

“Good night.”

You step out of the room and head back to the foyer, leaving the girls in peace. The orgy has died down somewhat after nightfall, leaving only a few small groups of participants scattered in the large room. Meiling and the four fairies are off against the wall near the entrance; some of the girls are looking hungrily at the men's cocks. Meiling is carrying two hefty bags of stuff, while the fairies are traveling a bit lighter.

“Hey. I'm back; sorry I took so long. Is everyone ready to leave?” A quick chorus of agreement greets you. “Good. You brought everything you'll need? You're going to be there for a few weeks, after all. I have food and other basics, but any belongings you want you'll have to remember to grab now. Security blankets, dildos, mementos from a past lover that you had to abandon in a tear-filled moment that caused you to grow as an individual; anything like that you gotta bring with you. What about futons? I don't have enough spare futons for five more people. Did someone grab some?”

“Yeah,” Meiling responds, “I did. One for each of us.”

“Um,” Tsuyo speaks up once Meiling finishes, “What's a dildo?”

“It's a fake penis. You can use it to masturbate. You've never heard of them before? I take it there aren't any in the mansion?”

“I have one, Reimu. I'm not bringing it though. I think I'd rather just leave it in my shack. But no, I don't think anyone else has one. I've never seen one, nor have I heard anything about Remilia giving them to the staff or anything similar.”

“Huh. Okay. I guess you wouldn't really need them, considering the supply of virile men. Well, whatever. You're all ready to go then, yes? Good.”

You lead the way and open the doors, then walk outside with your guests following close behind. Two fairies are visible outside the gate, pretending to be capable gate guards, but since you're leaving and not trying to go inside they just ignore you. Once past the gate, you take to the air and move at the slow pace towards your shrine. You don't know if the fairies could keep up with you or Meiling if you chose to move faster, and there's no point in trying to coordinate anything, so you just keep it at a slow pace.

The shrine comes into view after the brief flight. Even though it's dark out now, with just the almost full moon giving off light, there's still only one small light visible from the inside. Kiyoshi isn't keeping the place as bright as you'd like, although you suppose you can't blame him for something you didn't ask him to do.

“Sorry girls, but could you wait out here for a bit? I wanna make sure the place is presentable before letting you in. This won't take long, just a few minutes. Alright?”

There are no objections, so you head inside. The entrance is dark, but you know the way so you avoid stumbling on anything. The lantern visible from outside is hanging over the kitchen, barely illuminating it and the surrounding rooms. The first thing you do is light several more lanterns and spread them out, brightening the entrance and every other room that your guests will need to use.

There's a few dirty dishes lying around, but not many. It looks like Kiyoshi cleaned up before dinner, but not after. Well, that's not a big deal. But where is he? You could call out to him, but if he went to sleep early you'd rather not wake him. Hmm, where could he be hiding?

Maybe he is asleep in your bed. You quietly walk to your bedroom and open the closed door.

Kiyoshi is indeed in your room, but is sitting on top of the futon, rather than lying down. His pants are down and he's stroking his impressive erection. In his right hand is what appears to be one of those magazines Yukari had given you. Oh my. He notices you shortly after looking up to meet your gaze as the bright light from the rest of the shrine pours into the dimly lit room..

“Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” He cries out in surprise once he notices you, tossing the book into the air and struggling to hide his cock. He succeeds, but falls over in the process.

You barely manage to contain your laughter, but you can't stop from smiling. “No, no, go on. Don't mind me. Do continue.” Well, you honestly don't mind if he masturbates while you're away, but now's actually not a good time, considering that you have guests waiting outside.

“Er, um, ahh.” He struggles to find something to say, but at least doesn't go for the moronic “it's not what it looks like!”

“Good evening, Kiyoshi. I'm back, and I've brought my friend and some fairies. Would you like for me to bring them in now, or should I stall for a few minutes to wait for your erection to subside?”

“Huh? Um, I guess now's fine.”

“Alright. I'll bring them in. Just wait here for now. Also, it looks like you did a little more cleaning while I was gone. Thanks for that.” You head back to the entrance where your guests are patiently waiting. Everything was nice and tidy, exception for Kiyoshi's penis, so it didn't take long at all. “Okay. Thanks for waiting. Everything is clean enough, and I lit enough lanterns for you to see what you're doing. Come on inside.”

Meiling walks in first with the four fairies following close behind. They take a few looks around, but don't seem impressed with your home. Understandable, since they're used to living in a giant mansion. Meiling doesn't seem bothered at all, though, and the fairies are at least being polite about it.

“Meiling, you have the futons, right? Could you bring them into my room for now? Follow me, I'll show you the way.” You lead her towards your room. This way she'll get to meet Kiyoshi before the maids. Once the other girls are out of hearing, you add, “Oh, and my boyfriend is in here. I'm sure you'll like him.”

...Oh wait. Uh-oh. You hadn't thought of it before now, but you have no idea who his crush is. It could very well be Meiling. Oh well; you already brought her home with you, so they'll have to meet eventually.

You walk into your room where Kiyoshi is still waiting. His erection isn't noticeable now, fortunately. “Kiyoshi? I'd like to introduce my friend Meiling.”

Meiling bows towards him and introduces herself with a gentle smile on her face. “Nice to meet you. I am Hong Meiling, the gate guard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Reimu's told me a bit about you. I'll be in your care for a few weeks.”

Kiyoshi is awestruck by the red headed beauty in front of him. The fact that she practically towers over him might be a part of that. “Uh, yeah. Nice to meet you too. I'm Kiyoshi.” He returns the bow. You instruct Meiling to drop off the futons and she heads back to the kitchen once done.

“So. What do you think of her?”

“Um, she seems nice, I guess. And she's gorgeous. Amazingly gorgeous.”

“Indeed, she's absolutely delectable. Very nice girl too, yes. And she's incredibly strong. I know it's a bit late to ask this, but is she your crush?”

“Who, Meiling?” He pauses for a second, then answers. “No. That's the first time I've ever seen her, actually.”

“Oh, phew. I hadn't considered it at all until just now. It'd be kinda awkward if I had brought the girl that you were in love with over to live here for a few weeks. Especially since I kinda got her pregnant as well.”

“Oh. Yeah. I see what you mean. I don't think it'd be that bad though. It'd be wonderful to live together with her, even for a small amount of time, and it's not like I'd stop liking someone even if she was pregnant or something like that.”

“Oh? Well that's good to hear. I'll still want to check with you before hand though, just to make certain I don't accidentally do something wrong. But for now, there's another four girls to introduce you to. Let's head out into the kitchen now, alright?”

Kiyoshi nods and follows you back outside. The fairies haven't wandered far, content to poke around at the things in your kitchen.

“Girls,” you announce to the maids, “I'd like to introduce my boyfriend, Kiyoshi.”

Kiyoshi looks around nervously and starts to stay something, but he's cut off before he can speak.

“Oh? So this is the guy you mentioned, Reimu? He is pretty cute.” Seijou is the first to speak, but all of the girls stop what they were doing and swarm Kiyoshi. He's startled by the sudden appearance of four cute girls surrounding him, but there's nothing for him to do at this point.

“Mmm, I was afraid it was just going to be girls living here. And he has a pretty big dick, too.” Nikkou grabs onto his arm and holds it between her breasts, then immediately goes for his crotch and rubs his partially erect cock through his pants. Eri latches onto his other arm, while Seijou appears behind him and presses her big breasts against his back. Tsuyo joins in the hug, but goes for both Kiyoshi's ass and Seijou's.

With nothing else he can do, Kiyoshi turns to you with a pleading look on his face. He's already noticeably erect, so he's not too bothered by the attention, but it does look like he wants you to rescue him.

[ ] “Hey! Hands off my boyfriend, girls.”
[ ] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.
No. 30805
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.

Woo, fairy reverse-gangbang!
No. 30813
[X] “Hey! Hands off my boyfriend, girls.”

We can encourage Kiyoshi later. Right now, let's get him comfortable.
No. 30814
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.

This will work just as well, that and it'd broaden his experiences.
No. 30815
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.
Reverse-gangbang sounds good.
No. 30816
[X] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.
No. 30817
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.
Oh my, more watching? Reimu's going to be absolutely insatiable by the time she gets any for herself.
No. 30818
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.

That marker made skipping the Sakuya scene take slightly less time than usual.
No. 30819
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.
Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing a gangbang.

As for Kiyoshi's crush, have there been any clues that have revealed any possible info on who it is, other than that he saw her once working?
No. 30821
My money's on Reimu herself.
No. 30823
Far more likely to be Alice or Marisa.
Or Keine, but that would be horribly cliche.
Or it might be Akyuu, that would be depressing.
We should give all of them dicks, just to be on the safe side.

On another topic, Remi might be disappointed if we let her fairies' training lapse while under our care. We should make sure they each get at least one session with Kiyoshi every day.
No. 30824
Speaking of the fairies, I've noticed that two of the fairies, Nikkou and Seijou, both have very long hair while Eri and Tsuyo both have short hair. I found the symmetry interesting.

Also regarding fairies, have those three fairies that live in that tree behind Reimu's shrine shown up in the story yet?
No. 30826
They have not, because I am terrible with print works.

Consider how quickly they swarmed Kiyoshi. They'll handle that all on their own.
No. 30829
I meant proper training not just HEY YOU GET OVER HERE AND FUCK ME but whatever.
No. 30830
Oh. Well, they're all graduates of Meiling's school of dicks, so they wouldn't be doing anything special even if they were still at the mansion.
No. 30832
Will we get to see Kiyoshi and Meiling scenes and will we get to see some paizuri?
No. 30833
File 136959597579.jpg - (537.85KB , 800x1000 , 658f1719a383c2fca5a8a21eb68d35c9.jpg ) [iqdb]
There will be scenes of them together, yes.

Probably paizuri; I'm not guaranteeing it, but it would be a waste of her lovely breasts to not do it at least once.
No. 30835
File 136960590335.jpg - (231.36KB , 1200x1755 , pai2_0025.jpg ) [iqdb]
Regarding paizuri I found an, at least what I think is, interesting version of it.
No. 30837
Interesting, yes. Symmetrical docking is still better, though.
No. 30841
that and if she's still lactating, that ought to spice things up a bit unless Reimu already spoiled him on milky paizuri.
No. 30842
Actually I don't think Kiyoshi has really experience milky paizuri. The only paizuri scene he's had really hasn't had any lubrication from milk involved. I hope he can have fun with it with Meiling, Reimu, and possibly both.

Still as of right now I want to see him and the fairies have fun.
No. 30845
If I don't see some double (multiple) milky paizuri action I'm gonna be sad.

The best one is when one of the girl has inverted nipples, and the other one has erect nipples, and the latter enters the former. This will cause a scientific phenomena called "Nipple Penetration Docking," which scientists believe is the solution towards world peace.
No. 30849
>milky paizuri with nipple docking
op please
No. 30852
Does any of the girls have inverted nips, though? I can't remember, but it likely won't work otherwise.
No. 30859
I'll be sure to keep the milky part in mind.

They do not.
No. 30865
Are any of the fairy maids pregnant, in addition to Reimu and Meiling?
No. 30866
Can Fairies even get pregnant?
No. 30867

Not from a human, at least.
No. 30875
>no docking
No. 30878
I didn't say no docking.

As I said earlier, I honestly don't have too much planned for this part of the story. So I'll probably just wind up throwing in a bunch of random sex scenes and timeskipping a lot.
No. 30885
>"Hm. I can't remember what I did the last couple of days."
>"Me neither. Wanna fuck?"
>"Sure, why not."
No. 30886
I'm sure there's plenty to do with one busty milky shrine maiden, one extra busty milky gate keeper, some fairies, some of which are well endowed, and one young man near his sexual peak.
No. 30887
Plus any shrine visitors that might show up. Not that I'm expecting that out of this story. It's weird, you'd think Reimu doesn't have any friends.
No. 30888
That's a good point. Have Suika and Yukari met Kiyoshi? And I forget but does this take place shortly after MoF or later than that?
No. 30889
Time period is shortly after UFO, during the summer. This does mean that there won't be any TDs, since they don't exist yet, and I think some of the newer manga characters as well.

For the most part I just avoid visitors to keep things simple. Plus, given the nature of the story, she's actually away from the shrine most of the time (To go SDM, stay a few days, return and sleep overnight, go to Moriya, stay a few days...)

Plus, considering her pregnancy, it'd be best to not have any visitors at all for a while. I'm sure I'm inconsistent with how her public image is portrayed, but letting word get out that she's pregnant with monster babies would be a bad thing. So while her close friends (i.e. touhous) might be understanding, there won't be any regular shrine patrons coming.
No. 30890
Would someone like Kasen, or that bibliophile girl, be around in the time period this story takes place in?

What manga characters wouldn't be around in this time period?
No. 30891
Kasen is around, but I dunno how to include her. As I said earlier, I'm terrible with print works. I like her, but honestly don't know anything about her except that she's delicious.

Kosuzu (bibliophile) is not around. As a side effect, this also means that Akyuu isn't legal in story time.
No. 30892
File 136996383614.jpg - (398.86KB , 1019x637 , akyuute.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Akyuu isn't legal
You let us bang Fakechouli who is like, a week old? Or something like that.
No. 30899
Kasen is the lewdest touhou, so she'll fit in just fine in this story.
No. 30903
Please don't do slutty Kasen. Can't stand that shit.
No. 30915
Yea I never got where that meme came from.
No. 30916
Possibly from all the h-doujins made featuring her?
No. 30917
Well, like I said, I don't have any plans to include her yet. But if I do, she's going to be slutty. If not at first, once Reimu gets a hold of her. Sorry.


Highest ratio of R-18 to total artwork on pixiv. See >>29758.

In related news, Komachi is the most tits. Numbers don't lie, people.
No. 30918
Kasen is very stylish girl often shown with a nice figure (big enough to be nice but not so it risks turning people off like say Komachi) and she has that good girl vibe, which is an H-magnet in my experience (more so than being a bustier sexier girl in some cases)

So I can imagine Kasen "getting corrupted" by Reimu, though I think this Reimu would give Seiga a run for her money in nauhtiness.

And All hail Komachi, Queen of breasts.
No. 30919
What's Yuugi then?
No. 30921
>So I can imagine Kasen "getting corrupted"
I can't stand this shit either.

Well, don't. Do Eirin or something; she's fun.
No. 30922
>Kasen is very stylish girl often shown with a nice figure (big enough to be nice but not so it risks turning people off like say Komachi) and she has that good girl vibe, which is an H-magnet in my experience (more so than being a bustier sexier girl in some cases)

You mean Rape magnet since Kasen gets a good amount of the standard Raped by Faceless Men until mindbroken which seems to be incredibly popular now! Still Sanae's the queen of this for now.

And on the best Kasen stuff her... Probably the Okuu / Kasen stuff in KOHTA. Would have put Mind the Gap's stuff but well that never finished
No. 30923
Honestly >>30921 is right. If you're going to do slutty, try someone else other than Kasen. And as >>30921 mentioned, Eirin would be nice. She isn't in much of /at.
No. 30924
Could you people take this to the doujin thread? If you don't like slutty touhous, then just why are you reading this? Isn't it clear that 99% of the female population in this story's Gensokyo is some form of slut?
No. 30925
The humor.

Half kidding, it's the sluts.
No. 30932
Trying to keep Touhous you don't want to see slutty out of a story where all the Touhous are sluts seems fine to me.
No. 30933
I think it's more valid to keep readers like you out of a story we like. But maybe that's just all of us but you.
No. 30941
Would Reimu even consider grabbing either Eirin or Reisen to act as a midwife for the birthing? If so we could get them in easy
No. 30942
I already have plans for Eientei as a visit option. It just hasn't been available because of Reimu's pregnancy - Eientei is one of those "places you don't want to bring your monster babies", along with Old Hell.

Oh. and calling votes for
[x] Nod to Kiyoshi and encourage him.
No. 30969
File 137040451499.jpg - (695.11KB , 1447x2046 , 35477157.jpg ) [iqdb]
You give Kiyoshi an encouraging nod. Not that it really matters at this point, as the girls are certainly not waiting for your approval. Nikkou strips off his pants in a single deft motion, while Eri and Seijou work together to remove his shirt. They manage to strip him and set him down on the floor in under a second. Is this part of Meiling's training?

Kiyoshi blushes as he's suddenly exposed, but he's unable to do anything to cover himself with the fairies there holding him down. His cock doesn't share share his reservation, however. It's currently towering in the air, waiting to be serviced by the girls. Nikkou takes the lead and kneels down between his spread legs, sucking the tip. It's too big to fully fit inside her tiny mouth, but that doesn't stop her from licking and sucking as much of his length as she can.

Tsuyo is the first to strip herself, carefully removing her maid uniform and plain underwear. Once finished, she stands over Kiyoshi's head and lowers herself until her moist slit presses against his face. His reservation has disappeared by now, and he eagerly licks her bare pussy. His tongue isn't enough for her, though, and she impatiently grinds her hips against his face to forcibly pleasure herself.

Kiyoshi has effectively surrendered to the girls, so Eri and Seijou are free to release him and strip themselves. Seijou forces Nikkou to stop her blowjob and mounts Kiyoshi, while Eri licks and caresses Kiyoshi's torso with the entirety of her sleek body. The blonde fairy pouts for a second after losing her favorite treat, but then she crawls up to Kiyoshi's face and passionately kisses him instead. You can hear Kiyoshi's moans even through Tsuyo's cunt as Seijou takes his cock into her and rides him, causing her sizable tits to bounce deliciously with each movement.

Meiling walks back into the kitchen and notices the sudden orgy, but the sight doesn't seem to faze her. She's carrying a large sack of flour, a large pile of wood, and a few blankets draped over her back. “So, is this really all right?” she asks as she indifferently watches the spectacle.

“Sure. They're all enjoying themselves. Did you head out to the storage shed?”

“Yes, I figured we'd need some additional supplies with all the people staying here, and I wanted to drop off some of the other stuff I brought.” She walks over to one of the counters not blocked by the group and sets down the bag of flour, then walks back towards you. “You aren't going to join in?”

“Nah. I'm honestly pretty tired. Today was a big day and all. It somehow feels like I spent five months at the mansion. I was actually planning on just going to bed right after I got home, but there's no harm in watching them play. How bout you? You're not going to join in either?”

“I'll pass. Uh, is there anywhere else I can put this firewood? I found a spot earlier, but it's kinda blocked right now.”

“Not inside, no. Is that much even going to fit?” She did grab a large load of the stuff, and the cabinet isn't even empty. “Well, whatever. I'd just set it down outside for now. As long as it doesn't get rained on, it's fine.” Meiling gives you a quick “alright” and walks back outside with the wood.

It looks like the orgy is getting close to wrapping up. Nikkou stripped at some point and must've had sex with Kiyoshi as well, as there's a generous amount of cum leaking out of her pussy. She's on her knees and licking Kiyoshi's dick as it joins with Eri's cunt. Eri's face has an expression of utter bliss from the double stimulation, and she seems to be close to orgasm. Seijou is lying on the floor with her legs spread over Kiyoshi's chest, with Tsuyo hungrily lapping up the semen from her drenched pussy. Tsuyo's the only girl that hasn't ridden Kiyoshi yet, it seems.

Kiyoshi, for his part, is holding up pretty well. Despite already cumming at least twice, his cock is still erect and ready for more. It kinda makes sense; you'd been sucking him dry every day since you met him, and then you disappeared for a whole day.. If he hasn't masturbated except for the one session you interrupted, then this is his first time cumming since you woke up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, if the fairies are able to drain him with a single session, then no amount of practice with you will be able to prepare him for the horror of six horny girls lusting for his cock. This is going to be a problem.

Eri and Kiyoshi cry out in pleasure together as they cum, and he fills her cunt with another thick glob of his semen. Eri pulls off of him almost immediately, not even waiting for the ejaculation to finish. His dick immediately starts growing limp, but the girls will have none of that. Nikkou and Seijou work together to lick his cock, carefully cleaning off the combined juices, while Tsuyo stands and readies herself for her turn. Their tongues twist about his entire length, and Seijou alternates between sharing the shaft and sucking on the tip by herself. His exhaustion is no match for Nikkou's experience and Seijou's enthusiasm, and the girls successfully prevent his refractory period for another session.

Tsuyo practically jumps on Kiyoshi now that he's fully erect again and takes his entire length in a single motion. Eri and Nikkou move up to his torso and lick his nipples, while Seijou forcibly sticks her tongue into Kiyoshi's mouth. It's not much of a kiss; Seijou just wants a taste of Kiyoshi's warmth, and Kiyoshi is too worn out to do anything more than open his mouth and let her have her way with him.

Kiyoshi doesn't last even a full minute and quickly cums, filling Tsuyo's pussy with a final load of his cum. She grinds her hips against his until his cock finally stops twitching, trying to wring out every last drop of cum from his body. Once she realizes that there's none left, she gets off him.

“Okay, ladies, that's enough for today.” You step forward and break up their little party before they kill your poor boyfriend. “Someone needs to clean up his dick, but that's it. No more for today. Alright?”

“You weren't going to use him yourself, Reimu?” Nikkou asks.

“Nope. I don't think he has it in him right now. Plus, I'm pretty tired from spending the day at the mansion. I'm just going to go to sleep now, and bring him with me. Oh, but we'll have to set your futons up first.”

Actually, how should that be done? Kiyoshi is sleeping with you, but there's still five more futons that need to be laid out. Three futons are probably all that would comfortably fit in your room, and you could maybe squeeze in a fourth. You want Meiling to sleep in the same room as you, primarily since she's pregnant as well, but it'd be perfectly fine to have the fairies sleep in the guest bedroom.

[ ] Just Meiling. Keep all the fairies together in the guest bedroom.


Pick 1 or 2 fairies to stay with you. The others will be in the guest bedroom.

[ ] Nikkou.
[ ] Tsuyo.
[ ] Eri.
[ ] Seijou.


[ ] Let the fairies decide themselves.
No. 30970
[ ] Just Meiling. Keep all the fairies together in the guest bedroom.

Yes yes yes yes
No. 30972
[x] Tsuyo.
[x] Eri.

They're friends. Just Meiling and Kiyoshi is a little boring imo.
No. 30973
[x] Seijou.
No. 30974
[x] Seijou.
Because boobs.
No. 30981
[x] Just Meiling. Keep all the fairies together in the guest bedroom.

They had their fun. Now to encourage some Meiling action.
No. 30984
good man, I voted for that reason that and if Reimu gets busy with someone, the third might have someone to have fun with.

Did Seijou ever learn how to paizuri?
No. 30985
If not she may get a demonstration of how to do it from Meiling, possibly including Reimu!
No. 30986
By the gods you have opened my eyes. I didn't realized the option was to choose a fairy ALONG with Meiling. Deleted and changing my vote to

[x] Seijou.
No. 30987
[x] Seijou

Changing with the tide~
No. 30988
Changed vote to this:
[x] Seijou
No. 31023
Calling it for
[x] Titty party at Reimu's room (no small chests allowed)
No. 31026
Rereading the newest segment I have to ask, how did Nikkou kiss Kiyoshi if he was still eating out Tsuyo?

Here is the segment in question:

>Tsuyo is the first to strip herself, carefully removing her maid uniform and plain underwear. Once finished, she stands over Kiyoshi's head and lowers herself until her moist slit presses against his face. His reservation has disappeared by now, and he eagerly licks her bare pussy. His tongue isn't enough for her, though, and she impatiently grinds her hips against his face to forcibly pleasure herself.

>Kiyoshi has effectively surrendered to the girls, so Eri and Seijou are free to release him and strip themselves. Seijou forces Nikkou to stop her blowjob and mounts Kiyoshi, while Eri licks and caresses Kiyoshi's torso with the entirety of her sleek body.The blonde fairy pouts for a second after losing her favorite treat, but then she crawls up to Kiyoshi's face and passionately kisses him instead. You can hear Kiyoshi's moans even through Tsuyo's cunt as Seijou takes his cock into her and rides him, causing her sizable tits to bounce deliciously with each movement.
No. 31027
Clearly Nikkou was kissing two sets of lips at the same time.
No. 31028
Hopefully both had tongues.
No. 31029
No. 31034
>Tsuyo practically jumps on Kiyoshi now that he's fully erect again and takes his entire length in a single motion.
This is dangerous. Could have incurred penile fracture.
No. 31036
It's okay. The girls are all professionals at ridiculous sex acts. They know what they're doing.
No. 31050
Truly, Meiling has taught them well.
No. 31076
File 137109986275.jpg - (149.54KB , 640x891 , dede3a360c4e2b54e0a91107cb27157d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You lower yourself to the ground and take Kiyoshi's flaccid cock into your mouth, giving it a few quick licks to clean it off. He's too tired to react, but that's fine because you're not interested in actually giving him a blowjob right now. Once his dick is sufficiently clean, you pick him up and carry him in your arms. There's no point in putting his clothes back on him, as you're planning on going straight to bed.

“Okay everyone, the futons are in my room – but we don't have enough room for everyone to sleep in there together. So, Meiling will be sleeping in my room, as will... um.” You pause for a second and think things over. One fairy sleeping in your room will split everyone up evenly. But which? “Seijou. Seijou will be sleeping in my room, with me and Meiling. The rest of you should pick up your futon and carry it into the guest room. Uh, I'll show you where it is in a second; I just gotta put my boyfriend to bed.”

You walk to your room with Kiyoshi resting in your arms and all of your guests following close behind. He's smiling contentedly from the multiple orgasms the girls “forced” him into. You're pretty sure he isn't asleep yet, and is just enjoying your warmth as you hold him against your body. He's a little heavy, but it's nothing that you can't handle. You reach your room, but with your hands full, you have to ask a fairy to open it for you. They follow you in as well, which makes things cramped as you set Kiyoshi down on your futon, then toss a blanket onto him to hide his naked body.

“Okay. Nikkou, Eri, Tsuyo: Pick up one of the futons and follow me. Seijou: I'm going to bed soon. You don't have to go to sleep right now if you don't want to, but please be quiet when you do. I don't know if there's any reason to stay up, but it's your call. Alright, on to the guest bedroom.”

The three fairies each pick up one of the futons and flutter after you. Seijou and Meiling opt to follow you, even though they won't be sleeping in there. Well, it won't hurt to show it to them anyway. You walk through the hallway, past the kitchen, and into the second bedroom.

Despite the name, the “bedroom” doesn't have a futon in it right now. There's normally one in here, but it's stashed away in storage somewhere due to disuse. You can't even remember the last time you actually used this room. Most people that stay over at the shrine do so in your bedroom, after all. There's still some furniture in the room, and you dust it occasionally, so it's hardly musty.

The three girls float into the room and drop the futons down on the ground. The relative sparsity of furniture means that there's plenty of space to place the futons far apart for breathing room, which is at least one advantage over sleeping in your room.

“Okay, are you girls all set? Need anything else from me before I go to bed?”

They glance at each other for a second, and Nikkou answers cheerfully for the group. “No, we're fine. Good night, Reimu. We'll see you and your boyfriend in the morning.”

“Good night, girls.” You walk away from the room, but Seijou chooses to stay behind and chat with the other fairies, while Meiling follows you. “How about you, Meiling? Are you going to sleep now?”

“Yeah, I might as well. I suppose it has been a long day, even if I'm not very tired.” She walks at your side as you return to your room. Kiyoshi is in your bed, right where you left him. He's actually asleep now. You spread Seijou's futon out on the floor and strip out of your clothes.

“Good night, Meiling.”

“Good night.”

You crawl into bed with your sleeping boyfriend and wrap an arm around him, holding him close to your naked body as you drift off to sleep.

When you wake up, the sun shining, the birds are chirping, and your pussy burning with desire. Kiyoshi is still asleep and in your embrace, his face almost buried between your tits. His morning wood presses against your thighs. Oh good, that'll make things simple. You feel well rested now, so considering how long you must've been sleeping, it's perfectly fine to wake Kiyoshi up now for a little snack.

“Hey, Kiyoshi.” You give his body a light shake as you call his name. He grunts and stirs slightly, but doesn't wake up. Well, you tried. You reach down, grab his erect cock, and give it a few quick strokes with your right hand. It throbs inviting at your touch, and its owner moans softly even though he's still asleep. There's no point in waiting any longer. You flip him over onto his back and mount him, aligning the tip of his cock with your drenched pussy.

“Mmmmmm.... Eh? Reimu?” He wakes up in the middle of a moan as you take his whole length inside of you.

“Good morning, Kiyoshi. I hope you don't mind me helping myself.” He moans again as you quickly raise and lower yourself. You need his thick cum now, so there's no time for foreplay or gentleness. He's probably still tired, but he wakes up enough to hold on to your hips for support and begin thrusting on his own. His movements are still somewhat awkward, but he's able to match your rhythm well enough to make you moan hard. The need for cock has you on edge immediately, but you can tell that you won't be able to orgasm until he does.

The two of you are being loud enough to make Meiling sit up and watch. You aren't paying close attention to her right now, but she doesn't look upset that you woke her. Actually, she's probably going through the same thing you are right now, so Kiyoshi will need to attend to her needs as well.

It's too early in the morning for Kiyoshi to focus on holding it in, and ejaculates inside of you after about three minutes. The burning lust inside of you immediately subsides once you get your first taste of his cum, and a powerful orgasm flows through your body. You cry out in pleasure as your cunt tightens around his cock and squeezes out as much of his cum as it can. The sensations fade quickly, and you climb off his dick and sit down on the floor once they're gone. Short but intense. Strange, but you're not complaining.

Meiling is stretched between your futons, with her hands on yours and her knees on her own. The sight of Kiyoshi's semi-erect cock seems to have taken away her modesty. She changed into her sleepwear at some point, which consists solely of a loose-fitting green button-up shirt and pants. Without a bra to support them, her breasts hang down delectably between her twin braids. The loose fabric just barely covers her nipples, leaving her impressive cleavage exposed. You see a small wet spot under each of her nipples, likely caused by her overflowing milk. Now that you think about it, your nipples are slightly damp as well.

“G-Good morning, miss Meiling. Um, did you sleep well?” Kiyoshi greets your guest, nervous from the pressure her lust filled eyes give off. It's obvious what she's after.

“I did, thank you for asking.” Her response is as bright and cheerful as her smile, but still unmistakeably sultry. “You wouldn't mind sharing some of that with me, would you?”

“Huh? 'Some'? Um, do you mean -”

“Sex.” She crawls towards Kiyoshi as she speaks in that unusually seductive tone. “I want you to slam your big penis into my soaked pussy and fill it to the brim with your delicious thick cum. Doesn't that sound wonderful? You certainly enjoyed having Reimu ride your thick cock. Give my body a try too.” She places one hand on his shoulder and looks him at him with her lust filled eyes. Her face is flushed with arousal, and she's already panting softly. Kiyoshi is holding out remarkably well against her advances, although his dick is once again fully erect and eagerly throbbing in the air. He's finally taken over the edge, however, by the simple action of Meiling licking her lips in anticipation. He gives you a quick look, pleading for approval from you, only to find you already nodding to support him. Really, he should know better by now.

Kiyoshi reaches both hands into Meiling's shirt and fondles her wonderfully soft breasts. His hands push the fabric down and off her shoulder as he vigorously squeezes her milky mounds. He isn't touching her nipples, but she's still letting out enough to leave trails down his hands. Meiling giggles at his sudden assertiveness, but she's as impatient as you were. She slowly leans back, forcing Kiyoshi to follow her in order to continue enjoying her soft tits, until she's lying down on her futon with Kiyoshi on top of her.

Meiling takes off her pants, revealing her soaked pussy to the enamored boy on top of her. “You can keep touching my boobs if you want, but wouldn't you rather put it in? Your cock looks like it hurts, with how much it's throbbing. Go on. It's okay.” Kiyoshi looks surprised at her words for a second, as if he had forgotten that anything could be better than playing with her tits. Then, he moves his hands down to her waist and slams his cock into her moist cunt. Both of them moan with the first penetration, with Meiling's sweet, sultry cries nearly drowning out Kiyoshi's rougher grunts. Meiling perfectly matches Kiyoshi's movements to heighten the stimulation. She's already on the edge, but like you, she can't cum until he does.

Hearing the loud noises of their fucking, Seijou wakes up and stretches with a cute little yawn. She's completely naked, as she probably didn't bring any sleepwear with her, and she watches Kiyoshi and Meiling go at it with a disinterested look on her face. You have no idea when she actually went to bed or what she was doing last night, so that might explain her tiredness. Maybe they had some kind of sexy fairy slumber party without you or something. Oh well; you weren't in the mood last night anyway.

Kiyoshi looks like he's close to cumming now, but he hasn't slowed down his thrusts at all. Meiling's breasts jiggle with each of his powerful thrusts, and she moans lusciously from the overpowering stimulation. After another minute, Meiling suddenly wraps her legs around Kiyoshi, holding him tightly against her body with his cock buried in her pussy. You can't tell if she sensed that he was ready to cum or if that brought him over the edge, but he immediately moans loudly as his cock shoots into her greedy cunt. The hot semen triggers her own orgasm, and she lets out a powerful cry from the sudden burst of pleasure. Like your own, her orgasm is powerful but brief, and her cries turn to a content purring as his seed fills her after just a few seconds. Kiyoshi falls down onto her chest once his cock is spent, and only then does she release him from the grip of her powerful legs. He's a little tired from cumming twice so early in the morning, but he'll recover in a minute.

“Hey, Kiyoshi.” You speak up after a minute of watching the two of them lie together. “Are you hungry? I am. Could you go out to the guest bedroom and convince the maids to make us some breakfast? I think Tsuyo is supposed to be a really good cook. Or maybe it was Eri. One of those two. Uh, get dressed first though. And don't let them just tie you down and suck you dry or anything. They need to do work too.”

“Sure. I am pretty hungry, so that sounds good.”

“Great! Seijou, could you go with him? Try to keep your peers in line, would you?”

“Yeah. Does that mean I'm not allowed to suck him dry either?” Looks like she was paying a little too much attention. Oh well; she's awake now.

“Correct. Hold off on that for now. Alright?” She nods in response and heads out the door once Kiyoshi finishes dressing himself. Now that they're gone, you turn to Meiling, who has straightened out her pajamas.

“So,” you ask Meiling after you close the door behind those two, “what do you think of him?”

“Kiyoshi? He's nice. Pretty good in bed, if that's what you're actually asking.”

“Sort of. I'm getting to something, though. I noticed that your orgasm was rather intense but short. As was mine. And neither of us could cum until he did.”

“Come to think of it, yeah. That is pretty strange.”

“Okay, so I take it you haven't noticed, then. Our bodies seem to have a need for semen now, no doubt a result of the pregnancies. This is going to be a problem if he's the only man around for not only the two of us, but also the four horny maids I brought home with me.”

“Yeah, I see your point. Hmm. In that case, I could use my chi manipulation on him to help him ejaculate more and not have a refractory period. It's not going to be enough, but it will definitely help out.”

“Oh? That's great! It'll definitely help. But yeah; it won't be enough, and we can't just go and hit up the village for men or something.”

“Hmm? Why not?”

“Because we're pregnant. It's going to be noticeable. The villagers are pretty good about privacy when I sleep with one or two of them at a time or whatever, but if I suddenly show up pregnant? That's going to be a huge problem. I do have a reputation to uphold, sorta. Same for you; you're the most visible resident of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and I'm sure Remilia would be furious if you did anything to sully her name. So, we need some strategy for this that doesn't involve either of us going outside.”

Meiling pauses for a second, thinking over what you just said. “Y'know, you're right. I never thought about it that way! I am the most visible resident, aren't I? Wow. Er, no, wait, what about Sakuya? She goes shopping sometimes. Doesn't that make her more visible than me?”

“Uh, Meiling? I don't think that's really important right now.”

“Sure, sure, but is she? Actually, I don't really know how she goes shopping, so maybe she just stops time and teleports everywhere? Hmm, I'll have to remember to ask her about -”


“What? Is it that big of a deal? Can't you just borrow some of the men Lady Remilia has all over the mansion?”

“I doubt it. I already took four maids and a gate guard from her; she probably isn't interested in giving away anyone else. That, and it'd require another trip to and from the SDM, which potentially could still be a problem.”

“Hmm. Yeah, that's a tough one.”

So how can you solve this semen problem?

[ ] Write in.
[ ] Maybe Meiling can come up with a good plan.

Naturally, Meiling does have a solution that will work, mainly because it's my solution. Reimu and Meiling need a supplemental source of male semen, and the fairies all want one. Any solution will work, so long as it does not risk tarnishing anyone's reputation.
No. 31077
[X]Spend a while 'picknicking' in the Forest of Magic!

We already know enough about the place that all the youkai there love a good time. We'd also get to corrupt Kiyoshi a little more, and show how much fun it is to watch girls frolicking with beasts.
No. 31078
[X]Spend a while 'picknicking' in the Forest of Magic!
Hopefully we'll be smarter than the average bear or humans and will we get to see Ranger Marisa or Alice?
No. 31079
[x] Produce the semen yourselves
Obtain some drugs from Eirin that allows the girls to grow dicks
No. 31080
[x] Maybe Meiling can come up with a good plan.

I would like to see your solution.
No. 31081
Doesn't Reimu still have some dick charms?

Hey Remilia I upgraded your fairies~ If there aren't enough for everyone they can duke it out.
No. 31082
File 137113476299.jpg - (75.88KB , 1200x1703 , _001.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Doesn't Reimu still have some dick charms?
Voting until it contradicts with the story. Don't feel like backtracking today.

[x] Produce the semen yourselves
No. 31083
She has exactly two left, and I haven't come with up a way to replenish them yet, so for now that's all she can use.

This sounds like just a temporary solution to me. The pregnancy is going to last another week. Reimu can go somewhere today if necessary, but she's going to become noticeably pregnant fast, and then won't be able to go anywhere she might be seen.
No. 31084
[X] Perhaps Eirin has some 'performance enhancers' for Kiyoshi. Time to pay Eientei a visit...or send a fairy to ask.
No. 31086
[x] Ask Suika if she, or Yuugi, or both, would be willing to assist.
I imagine an oni or two would be sufficient. And sexy.
>replenish them
Isn't it simply a matter of 'draw funny squiggles on some paper, pump full of hot sticky magic, and say some important-sounding words'?
Granted, you might need special ink that is hard to acquire from sex, the magic-filling might be really tiring due to being channelled though sex and the words might take a while to say while having sex, but I'm sure if we really devoted ourselves to the task we could produce a new batch and have a lot of sex in the process.
No. 31094
File 137118074768.jpg - (188.35KB , 800x1143 , 60393c13bce80e78a6912626d9914958.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nope. Reimu can't do it by herself, as it's kinda outside of the Hakurei expertise. Naturally, Yukari needs to be involved for something that involves people growing penises.

The best idea that I've come up with is that Yukari imparts some of her magic on to a specific type of powerful Hakurei talisman - one for ensuring conception during sex. The perversion of this charm causes it to instead create an invirile penis on a woman's body, pretty much the exact opposite of the original intent.

So, at the very least it requires Yukari's cooperation. And she doesn't exactly have any reason to help Reimu out; she doesn't care if she's actually a virgin, but that's not enough reason for her to help Reimu get penetrated. Reimu doesn't have much of anything to offer in trade either, largely because Yukari can just bang her whenever she feels like it anyway. And maybe the original charm is a big deal to make as well or something, but since it's a conception charm, it wouldn't just get created through casual sex or something. That's Reimu's way, not the Hakurei way.

...and that's the in-universe explanatory for not giving everyone dicks. There's also the simple fact that just letting Reimu give everyone a dick would be rather dull, due to the lack of variety. I think it's better to actually need to stop and think about whether or not girl x should grow a penis.

Well, there's also alternatives for turning girls into futas, but those aren't going to be unlimited use either.
No. 31123

This looks to me like 3 votes for obtaining shady drugs from Eientei.

Unless anyone else suggests something, I'll call the votes for this tomorrow evening.
No. 31124
Except who's gonna get sent there to pick up the medicine? Kiyoshi or someone else?
No. 31125
Reimu will handle just about everything herself.

Except for the Eientei option, she won't actually be going to Eientei. They sell medicine at the village as well, which is much easier to reach.
No. 31126
Neither she or Meiling are visibly pregnant yet right?
No. 31127
...they sell sex drugs in the village?
No. 31128
Village life is probably pretty boring most of the time.
No. 31129
Not to a point where it'd be visible with clothes on. Meant to mention their state in the last update but forgot. Whoops.

Eientei will sell just about anything. They don't necessarily sell everything at the village (can only carry so much stock), but you can always special order something that you need.
No. 31133
And called for [x] Shady drugs from Eientei
No. 31134
Man I dunno. Reimu's had plenty of chances to grow a dick so far, and has refrained from doing so. Also, shady drugs might affect the babies.
Taking such a risk for something that isn't critically necessary (we could just use the charms) seems to me to be a bit inconsistent with her established character.
Could we at least take Kiyoshi along and get a chance to vote on 'enhancing' him instead?
No. 31135
Lemme clarify a bit.

The shady drugs are not strictly for Reimu and Meiling, but for whomever. It depends on the drug in question, and the vote (not this one but the next one) will be a pick-3 for what to take. There will be a futa drug, but it's for the fairies, not Reimu or Meiling - those two need to get dicked, not to grow a dick.

For any thing that Reimu or Meiling might take, there will be absolutely no side effects for them or the babies.

On that note, I only have 5 planned options for shady drugs to pick from. So if there's something you want to see, feel free to suggest it here. Not in the new thread when that goes up though, just to avoid clutter.
No. 31137
Oh okay then.
Tongue lengthener
Muscle definition enhancer
Miscellaneous body part sensitivity increaser
Breast milk/semen/pussy juice flavourisers
No. 31142
I like the way you think and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
No. 31147
File 137165881621.png - (935.99KB , 1500x2195 , 68a2a4b5f20922bbd9c062d128a00c95.png ) [iqdb]
>semen flavourisers
I object to this on the grounds that Reimu already thinks of semen as the best thing ever, and all of the other girls at least enjoy the taste.

Also a tongue lengthener just seems creepy to me.

Anyway. My solution:
Have the fairies go out into the village and have sex with men. This will directly satisfy them without draining poor Kiyoshi, and can then also bring their semen-filled pussies for Reimu and Meiling to eat out/scissor. That's less effective than actually having sex, but it still frees Kiyoshi to service those two directly.
No. 31149
File 137169085445.jpg - (388.61KB , 810x1000 , suwako.jpg ) [iqdb]
Except Reimu already stated that Kiyoshi still wouldn't be enough if it was just her and Meiling, not even with CHI POWER boosting his output.

>he doesn't like long tongues
What are you, gay?
No. 31151
Chi powers aren't enough for 6 girls. Given that Kiyoshi was (barely) able to handle 4 at once, I think he could manage Reimu and Meiling by himself with help from the chi manipulation.
No. 31155
New thread >>31154