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File 135693010924.jpg - (145.59KB, 560x420, 130473411853.jpg) [iqdb]
28203 No. 28203
Touhou Kenchinroku is a series of eroge by circle eden. There are currently three games in the series:

1: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE065288.html (Mayohiga)
2: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ074811.html (Hakurei Shrine)
3: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ098059.html (SDM)

A PCB sequel is expected sometime around June-July.

The first game of the series is currently being translated. I can handle the text insertion myself, but I have no skills as an image editor.

So I'm asking for help. This archive contains all of the images with Japanese text and a txt file containing the translations. The majority of the images are dirt-simple to clean, and just need proper type setting. A few also have cleaned versions, meaning nothing needs to be cleaned at all. However, there are a few images that might be difficult to deal with.


Is anyone willing to volunteer to edit these images? The translation is expected to take about 7 weeks to complete, so there's no real rush, but I'd rather see this done sooner than later.
Expand all images
>> No. 28204
File 135693017344.png - (220.50KB, 800x600, opt_bg.png) [iqdb]
Sample image that I think would be difficult.
>> No. 28205
File 135693027556.png - (280.07KB, 800x600, aya_2_6.png) [iqdb]
Sample image that I think would be difficult. There are 8 images like this, but 5 of them are very similar to this one, so cleaning this and copying/pasting onto the rest would probably work.
>> No. 28216
I can't offer any real assistance, but I'm just posting to say that I'm glad that you've made it known that this is being worked on.
>> No. 28240

>> No. 28253
я надеялся русский перевод выйдет раньше хоть раз... удачи.
>> No. 28255
>> No. 28257
File 135718637831.png - (760.61KB, 806x644, Yukari's_motivation.png) [iqdb]
Started editing in the first block of text today. The translator delivered early, but that might be a one-time thing.

In addition to needing image editors, it's getting clear that I'm going to need assistance in other areas as well. Anyone with experience with LUA or especially NScripter would be a great help for some minor things that have come up.
>> No. 28260
Can't really help, but that screen cap is too hilarious to go unnoticed.
>> No. 28352
File 135749805791.png - (869.21KB, 805x702, Untitled2.png) [iqdb]
Bump for interest.
>> No. 28377
I'm interested.
>> No. 28400
We aren't a vocal lot, but we do wait warmly for the fruits of your efforts.

Also, you've picked some solid-gold lines to show us. Is there an online document for the translation somewhere or something of the sort?
>> No. 28405
File 135762032734.png - (375.64KB, 806x644, penises.png) [iqdb]
Nothing like that, no. The translator emails me a block of text when it's ready and I edit it in. I'm just taking screenshots from good places to try and build hype. Once the project is done you can take the nscript.dat file and look at the translation yourself, if you want.

So yeah, still need people. An image editor is the big thing, but people familiar with LUA and/or NScripter are also going to be necessary. I somehow managed to break the history function; not sure how yet. And the (LUA) wordwrap function works for the most part, but breaks every once in a while. I'm also going to need proofreaders and play testers once the translation is finished, and a translation checker would be nice as well.
>> No. 28406

I'd be interested in the post-translation phase of the writing. I haven't worked on any real organized projects before, but in my experience translators almost always produce something that's just a little off. Churning these slightly awkward sentences into smooth(er) English, even at the cost of "literal accuracy", turns an OK translation into a great one: see Ted Woolsey and his work for Square Enix.

Who do I talk to?
>> No. 28407
I'd like to write my own engine for this game, but i'm afraid i don't have time for this... Fuck.
>> No. 28410
I'm on IRC all days weekends and after 5 PM EST on weekdays, sometimes earlier. I go to both #THP and #touhouporn as qazmlpok.

The script probably won't be completed until mid to late february, due to the translator's work schedule.
>> No. 28417
Honestly out of the three games, the SDM one seems particularly interesting

As it has among other things, an encouter with Aya, Remilia getting her head/arms blown off, a freaky Meiling pic, and an encouter with Yuyuko
>> No. 28418
File 135769607820.png - (297.12KB, 800x600, sakuya_1_13.png) [iqdb]
The third one is definitely the best so far for a multitude of reasons. But still, it's fairly necessary to go in order to get the context for the later ones.

If this project goes smoothly and the translation turns out well, I'll certainly look into doing the 2nd, 3rd, and even the 4th when it comes out.

I'm definitely looking forward to the 4th game. If the pattern holds up, Sakuya will be visiting Hakugyokuro as well.
>> No. 28419
WHAT THE FUCK!? That sounds utterly stupid and unsexy as hell. Rather not have grimdark retardation with my fapping
>> No. 28421
You don't actually see it happening, you just walk into her room and see her after it occured. And she gets better anyway.

It's not really grimdark, and rather than being unsexy, it's really just part of the plot. I don't think you're supposed to fap to it.

Regardless, I highly recommend checking it out. Just download it and ctrl-skip through all the text and watch the CGs play.
>> No. 28424
File 135770935898.png - (724.51KB, 816x658, and then they all fucked.png) [iqdb]
To clarify: Flan blows Remilia's head off for plot reasons, but Remilia is more pissed off than she is actually wounded, and spends the rest of the scene trying to communicate via angry body language, with Sakuya stepping in to 'interpret' occasionally. Not only is it not grimdark, it's fucking hilarious.
>> No. 28425
Sorry I've seen enough of this shit in the past with the fandom to automatically assume it is NOT for laughs... At all.
>> No. 28427
Ah porn logic.
>> No. 28430

Here's the relevant section if you want to try to google translate it or something. If nothing else, the screenshots that have been posted should make it fairly clear that this isn't a very serious game.
>> No. 28431
I didn't say anything, just saying what I saw (the context may change things) such as what >>28424 said. That changes a dark scene into one of black comedy (She is a vampire and it'd take a lot to kill her)

As far as the last part, I couldn't exactly blame you as fans do love going full grimderp with things.

>>28405 's pic is another big question with that series; mainly what is her role and how is she connected to the lead. Rather notable for being the only original female in this TOuhou H-game.
>> No. 28432
Hi there, I can help with the image editing stuff. I'm quite experienced with manga editing/typesetting (no, I'm not talking about fan scanlations), so those pictures should be easy to deal with. I just don't have too much free time lately, so it could take me a while, but I'll try to get it done before the translation is complete.

I'll get in touch on IRC ASAP.
>> No. 28433
>what is her role and how is she connected to the lead
That much I can answer. Her name is Yurika. The MC is an adult film director, and Yurika is just an actress. I'm not sure if she's actually some random girl he found off the street or if she's just acting like one for the movie. Either way, she doesn't appear again after the opening scene, has no relevance beyond helping to introduce the MC, and will probably never appear in the series again.

Awesome, thank you! I should be on IRC sometime around 3:30 today. Hopefully I'll see you then.
>> No. 28434
>> No. 28465
Isn't this that game where everyone in Gensokyo besides Yukari is somehow a virgin? Man, this thing weirds me out. It's like a bunch of Japan's misogynistic, infantilizing gender politics wrapped up in a silly, light-hearted Touhou sex romp, and the dissonance is really jarring.
>> No. 28466
More or less. It's explicitly mentioned that Ran lacks sexual appetite, which is what >>28352 is all about. But yeah, I'm pretty sure most of the girls in the other games are also virgins.
>> No. 28503
But Suwako CAN'T be a virgin...
>> No. 28505
As if they would allow their pubescent fantasies to be muddy by such salacious "facts"!
>> No. 28506
Suwako hasn't appeared in the games yet. She might, if the series ever makes it to MoF, but I kinda doubt that will happen.
>> No. 28562
How are you guys exactly getting this game to run without crashing?
>> No. 28572
I've never had any problems with crashing. What're you seeing?
>> No. 28573
Blind Guess: It might be an region settings problem for him. Try running it with applocale
>> No. 28805
File 135920923456.png - (521.63KB, 806x644, plot device.png) [iqdb]
Images are finished now, thanks to >>28432.

3rd text block (out of 7) is inserted, but the translator had to stop for a bit due to work scheduling. I'm estimating the translation will be done around the end of february.
>> No. 28806
File 135920925115.png - (678.14KB, 806x644, titles.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 28807
Alright. Keep on going. Don't mind waiting more.
>> No. 28813
File 135922750659.jpg - (48.72KB, 500x392, Feed me Chechens.jpg) [iqdb]

Waiting warmly.
>> No. 28817
Hahaha God damnit that made me laugh more than it should have!
>> No. 29085
File 135994810524.png - (952.39KB, 806x644, A common occurence.png) [iqdb]
Translation has resumed. The translator was unfortunately sick and lost a week or so of time, but he seems to be fine now. This makes 4/7 blocks complete.

I'm also still looking for people knowledgable about NScripter. I'm probably going to continue with the second game sometime after this is all finished, and I'd really like a better method of inserting text. The current method works but is a giant pain in the ass, and I'm definitely not going to do it again for the second game.
>> No. 29305
File 136080905234.png - (643.36KB, 806x644, steal0.png) [iqdb]
Yukari is the best.
>> No. 29306
File 136080907290.png - (694.85KB, 806x644, steal1.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 29307
File 136080908218.png - (628.37KB, 806x644, steal2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 29308
File 136080909989.png - (653.80KB, 806x644, steal3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 29309
File 13608094049.png - (576.64KB, 806x644, title.png) [iqdb]
5/7 blocks of text completed. At the translator's average rate, the final block will probably be done about a week and a half from now.

And the usual speech about needing more help. The translation is almost finished, I'm also going to need QC/proofreaders and a translation checker. I already have one volunteer for QC and can try to squeeze some TC out of IRC denizens, but more volunteers are always better.

playtesters will also be needed, but that step will be some time after the QC people get a chance to pick the translation apart.
>> No. 29310
Well that's a uh...
Unique title screen
>> No. 29513
File 136172927967.png - (764.13KB, 806x644, Propositioning.png) [iqdb]
6/7, and the last is a short block. Translation is almost complete.

Still looking for assistance. In particular, the (LUA) wordwrapping keeps messing up on corner cases, and every fix I add just seems to make it break on a different corner case.
>> No. 29523
Bumping for justice. I don't know shit about Lua, but you've sure got my hype going.
>> No. 29568
File 136209249089.png - (774.04KB, 806x644, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
Translation is complete.
>> No. 29571
Okay. When will the translation be available for download?
>> No. 29572
When it's ready. There's still a number of known technical issues that need to be solved, the script needs to be QC and TC'd, the game needs to be play tested, and any new issues that crop up during play testing need to be fixed.
>> No. 29575
Is this real life?
>> No. 29720
In that case, I'll be a good boy and wait.
>> No. 30019
is it done yet?
>> No. 30021
>> No. 30025
All of the technical issues I care enough about have been fixed. Everything has been playtested and should be working fine - definitely no crashes, at least. A far better writer than myself volunteered to proofread and cleanup the script, and I'm hoping to get some TC on a few select lines, since I wasn't able to find anyone for a full TC.

Probably within the week.
>> No. 30048
how 'bout now? is it up yet?
>> No. 30051
You tell me.
>> No. 30069
How did, "Within the Week" become three days?
>> No. 30070
it became 3 days when easter rolled around
>> No. 30072
I said "probably". It's still not done.

Also, I looked at Kenchinroku 2 today. I can't find a good way to modify the text before it's sent to the screen, so once again I'm looking for NScripter experts for help with this.
>> No. 30233
The proofreading is done. There's still one small change to the images that I'd like to get it, but the image editor hasn't gotten back to me yet.

If I don't get the image fixed before Friday, I'll post the patch then.
>> No. 30278
File 136570911830.png - (397.63KB, 800x600, yukari_2_4.png) [iqdb]

It is done.

Extract the contents of this archive into the Kenchinroku directory and run patch.bat. As a reminder, this only works with Kenchinroku 1.1 and not 1.0. It's also best to use it on a fresh install of the game. Any savefiles from the untranslated version will not work.

Thanks to everyone that provided assistance for this project.

Translation for Kenchinroku 2 will begin eventually.
>> No. 30286
A question is there a dedicated print screen button as some of the lines are pretty amusing when taken out of context
>> No. 30297
No, but you can press alt+printscreen to take a screenshot of just the active window and paste that into paint.
>> No. 30318
Hmm... looks like I only have 1.0 and can't find the 1.1 patch.

Does anyone has the 1.1 patch?
>> No. 30319
There is no 1.1 patch.

You will need to buy it from one of the shops... or just go to the game upload thread, currently on the next page.
>> No. 30328
File 136599705965.png - (25.48KB, 487x259, Error found.png) [iqdb]
I seem to encountered an error. It occurred shortly after first encountering Ran. Here's the error message that pops up.

It might be me, but I have no clue, so I felt it best to bring it to your attention.
>> No. 30329
Mojibake. Set up applocale or change your system locale to Japanese.
>> No. 30331
The game requires Japanese locale for that one line. So yeah; switch to Japanese locale or use AppLocale. It's typically a good idea to do for Japanese games anyway.
>> No. 30409
Translation worked like a charm for me. Will be monitoring this thread for the next translation.
>> No. 30535
how much longer till 2nd one is out
>> No. 30536
I'm speaking with the translator now.

I thought of a decent way to handle text insertion, but in practice it isn't working out as well as I had hoped. Which unfortunately may result in working with the old, pain in the ass method.

As always, volunteers that actually know anything about NScripter would be appreciated.

I'll also need the images to be edited, but I assume I can count on the same person as last time.
>> No. 30672
update on this?
>> No. 30781
when will the 2nd and 3rd one come out
>> No. 30825
When they're ready.

Just got the last image translated and sent an email to the image editor. The first block of text (of 6) is translated, the second should be done soon. Probably another 4-6 weeks for the translation itself.

The post-translation phase shouldn't take as long this time, but it's still not going to be ready immediately. And then I'm going to take a break before starting 3, because inserting text hurts my hand.

A change to Kenchinroku 3 was posted on dlsite, apparantly due to issues with the opening movie with Windows 8. To the best of my knowledge, the script has not changed, and thus I don't care.

Still nothing on the fourth installment of the series. No sample images on his pixiv or word that I can see on his blog.
>> No. 30834
Any really comical out of context screencaps?
>> No. 30968
File 137040221170.png - (180.84KB, 450x640, 36163720.png) [iqdb]
A non-update:

Circle Eden will have a new doujin out for C84. Pic related. It's exactly what it looks like: "Eirin teaches sex ed using Keine's body"

Still no word on Kenchinroku 4. Especially since he announced a new doujin, it might not come out any time soon at all. Drat.

The translator is still working on block 2. Don't know why there was such a long delay, but stuff happens. I might have some screencaps once that's edited in. The first block didn't have anything that really caught my eye.

The images are fully edited. So that's one less thing, at least.
>> No. 30989
>A change to Kenchinroku 3 was posted on dlsite, apparantly due to issues with the opening movie with Windows 8.
I hope he threw out that swf thing, the game crashed on my pc because of that.
>> No. 30990
Yes, I believe he took out the swf opening movie and made it standalone. That's the impression I'm getting. Sadly, the version doesn't seem to be on melonbooks dl, just dlsite, so I can't buy it myself.

Are you on windows 8? I've never had problems with it crashing (on 7), just not playing at all.
>> No. 30992
I'm on xp. Worked this out by downgrading flash player, so it kinda skipped op instead of crashing. Random Japanese Blog said nscipter flash plugin is buggy in general and not recommended to use, so i'm glad if he got rid of it. He used flash just to move image up and down anyway.
>> No. 31038
File 13709214211.png - (363.82KB, 806x644, Yukarin_is_the_cutest.png) [iqdb]
I got a copy of the Win8 fix, and indeed the only thing that changed is that it includes a copy of the script file without the opening movie. It does not even include a standalone version, so if the movie doesn't play in game you can't even watch it separately or anything.

When I finally start working on Kenchinroku 3, I'll probably just include a second script file that doesn't include the flash movie, much like his quick fix. Maybe I'll also include the swf file as a separate download, or someone could record it and put it on youtube or something.

Finally got the second block inserted. I'm about halfway through fixing up that text, so I shall post some out of context screenshots now.

From the first block.
>> No. 31039
File 137092145263.png - (351.39KB, 806x644, autopilot.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31040
File 137092149731.png - (436.50KB, 806x644, dicks.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31045
This looks more interesting than I originally thought.
>> No. 31051
Is that actually the text in the game? It sounds like YAF wrote it.
>> No. 31053
It is. This is before the proofreading though; the same talented writer who cleaned up the first game will work his magic on this one too.
>> No. 31113
File 137131622163.png - (413.97KB, 806x644, marisa1.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31114
File 137131622986.png - (414.51KB, 806x644, marisa2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31159
I have no idea what Marisa is talking about in that image, but it sounds hilarious.
>> No. 31176
File 137178360433.png - (511.33KB, 806x644, Bath1.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31177
File 137178361832.png - (510.24KB, 806x644, Bath2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31178
File 137178362636.png - (476.20KB, 806x644, Bath3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31179
File 137178363589.png - (483.54KB, 806x644, Bath4.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31180
File 137178364281.png - (37.83KB, 806x644, Bath5.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31181
File 137178365042.png - (34.67KB, 806x644, Bath6.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31182
File 137178366049.png - (389.77KB, 806x644, Bath7.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31183
File 137178373716.png - (394.89KB, 806x644, Bath8.png) [iqdb]
Third block of text translated and inserted. That means the translation is now about half done.

The next one includes my favorite scene, the Yukari cosplay scene.
>> No. 31184


[X] Go back one choice?
>> No. 31689
is this dead?
>> No. 31690
No. There was a delay getting the next block of text, since the translator is swamped with other work. And now I'm busy scanning doujinshi, which takes priority over this.

If someone wants to volunteer to edit in the next block of text, I can send the current files over and explain how it works. Otherwise it'll probably be a while until I can do it myself.

Of course, either way this won't speed up the translation any.
>> No. 31722
File 137488446417.png - (337.21KB, 806x644, dicks1.png) [iqdb]
Reimu is the cutest.
>> No. 31723
File 137488447351.png - (332.70KB, 806x644, dicks2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31724
File 137488447926.png - (330.58KB, 806x644, dicks3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31725
File 13748844861.png - (327.55KB, 806x644, dicks4.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 31726
File 137488461474.png - (326.47KB, 806x644, dicks5.png) [iqdb]
Fridays are for taking breaks. Finally got this block done.

This block goes into the Yukari schoolgirl scene (which is my favorite in the entire series so far), but stops midway, before any of the sex. Truly a travesty. Screenshots of Yukari~n dressed as a schoolgirl named Maribel Hearn will have to wait until next time.
>> No. 31734
I'll have to keep an eye on this.
>> No. 31744
this is so amazing that i have no words for it.
i wish i could help! may God prosper you, grant you success!
>> No. 31773
File 137531305482.jpg - (159.15KB, 600x839, 37450988_big_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
Samples of the C84 doujin on pixiv.

Keine is huge.

>> No. 31774
my god...
>> No. 31778
Bleh. Never liked this sort of Keine.
>> No. 31809
Man that's a lot of boredsex. It's like those small cocks were NOT going to get them off... whatd'ya know!
>> No. 31811
from what I could see it's mainly Eirin being bored.
>> No. 31829
I'm just glad that some people have a fetish for boredsex.
>> No. 31831
I think people would read it for the massive Keine knockers and Shota action. Never would I think Keine'd outsize Eirin.
>> No. 31832
Got the next block of Kenchinroku 2 translations, if anyone wants to volunteer for that now.
>> No. 32274
So... how are things going?
I wish i could help, but i don't know moonspeak.
>> No. 32338
Still waiting on the final block of the translations. Not much to do until I get that.

The editor for the previous game has told me that he probably won't be able to clean up the script. I can do it myself, but my prose isn't exactly the best, so I could use a new volunteer for this.
>> No. 32421
and this was never updated again
>> No. 32428
It's called patience. Heard about it?
>> No. 32431
>> No. 32435
Goddammit, and here I thought there was an update or something.
>> No. 32930
Any note worthy progress?
>> No. 32940
The translation has resumed. I've heard that much. Apparently he was put off by the scene where the MC rapes Yuuka with Yukari's help (on her orders, probably), but is past that now.

I'll bump the thread as soon as I get the translation.
>> No. 32956
>MC rapes Yuuka
No wonder it got stalled. I'd be too angry to work if that was just thrown at me. (Likely for different reasons, but all the same.)
>> No. 33335
So is this still be worked on? The second Kenshirou game i mean.
>> No. 33336
I sent him an email a week ago and haven't heard back yet.

It'll happen, but it's definitely going to take longer. If worst comes to worst I'll just find a new translator... but that'll cause problems as the new guy won't be familiar with the series.
>> No. 33341
Ahahhah, what, seriously? Where did you find this retarded twit of a translator?
>> No. 33349
Nevermind, he just sent the complete script to me.

So the translation is done. I still need to edit it in, which I think will take about a day. The guy who went through the first game should be able to go through and QC the entire game once I finish that; hopefully it won't take long. Then there's bug testing.

Now that the translation is done, the final release shouldn't take too long. Looks like it took a month and a half last time; hopefully it'll go quicker this time.

Regarding 3, I'm going to wait a while before commissioning that. At least until all of my scans are done and processed (p.s. I'm always looking for new editors that can help out with this). There's still no word on the fourth game, so at the very least I won't be playing catchup with Diisuke. Plus I want to try and send a few doujins his way, since desudesu stopped responded to my emails if I'm not screaming in all caps.
>> No. 33372
Thanks a lot :)

You guys are really awesome, cant wait.

The adventures of protag and Yukari-ch..sama will continue :D
>> No. 33376
File 138619405058.png - (120.67KB, 806x644, Nextgenhyperweapon.png) [iqdb]

Still working on it.

I'll post a handful more screencaps when I get to good stuff.
>> No. 33378
thats great.

thanks for the efforts.
>> No. 33401
File 138634996695.png - (469.28KB, 806x644, Yes.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 33402
File 138635107281.png - (937.34KB, 806x783, Bathing_with_Reimu.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 33403
File 138635462075.png - (795.54KB, 806x644, Sakuya1.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 33404
File 13863546318.png - (782.62KB, 806x644, Sakuya2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 33405
File 138635464488.png - (685.20KB, 806x644, Sakuya3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 33406
File 138635474323.png - (517.56KB, 806x644, Sakuya4.png) [iqdb]
And I've reached the end. Everything is inserted and doesn't crash.

Proofreading still needs to be complete, and I need to go over the entire game and make sure that there's no minor slipups. But I'm definitely making progress.
>> No. 33409

man such a tease. This will be awesome.
>> No. 33511
Any news on release date?
>> No. 33512
When it's ready.

I have the first fourth or so of the QC. I'm going to edit that in today and start on the final pass to make sure nothing breaks with 12 character names for stuff. And then there's bug testing and all.
>> No. 33525
could this be our chistmass present?
>> No. 33583
2nd best christmas present this year!
i say 2nd because i purchaced a crate of Bulgarian ⑩ crate of 7.62 ЛПС гж (I wanted russian, it gave me bulgarian!)
>> No. 33595
As if nugget food is better than porn.
>> No. 33609
you haven't seen /k/ then. I swear some of these people are more interested in guns than girls.
>> No. 33612
File 138758380042.jpg - (955.91KB, 1359x1596, threesome with blondie in the middle.jpg) [iqdb]

Dilemma solved.
>> No. 33691
Merry Christmas.

Touhou Kenshirou 2 should be ready soon i hope.
>> No. 33703
ty :3
>> No. 33704
To clarify,
>>33691 is not the OP.

There is no estimate as to when k2 will be ready. It's still being proofread.
>> No. 33721
oh god yes thank you!
>> No. 34009
Any updates on the release of the part 2 patch?
>> No. 34010
>> No. 34011
Sage please~
>> No. 34182
imagine all of that finished translated content that never got released because this project died at the last second.
>> No. 34183
It ain't dead. Balista's just writing updates and dolls instead of translating.
>> No. 34184
File 139209242491.jpg - (87.00KB, 556x416, Fingers Laced Shanghai.jpg) [iqdb]

I have a Valentine's Day update to make on time o-okay? ;_;
>> No. 34185
So it'll never be done...
Feels bad.
>> No. 34202
File 139225870382.jpg - (18.76KB, 432x508, Snoop+Doge_0fe74d_4914732.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 34258
I dont know much about translations but does proof reading take this long? Or is a signal of bad news?
>> No. 34259
File 139254207613.jpg - (111.67KB, 850x662, Attacked Ran.jpg) [iqdb]

I'm alive, but the current script for K2 is honestly painfully rough - it takes a long time to get even a little bit done. Combining that with the shenanannaigans in my meatspace life and trying to get even a little writing done on my personal story on /th/ means that everything's slowed down to a crawl, really.

Sorry for the wait.
>> No. 34268
I see thanks for the reply and your efforts in these games, cant wait for it to be finished.
>> No. 34425
Working on it now.

I'm going to need playtesters as well before I can call it done. If you want to volunteer for this, get on IRC (either channel). It'll take me a while to get the 11 pages of corrections fixed, though.
>> No. 34441
What is needed to be a playtester? Just play the game and notify errors?
>> No. 34445
Pretty much. Just go through the entire game, looking for issues. The biggest ones (crashes) should all be fixed, but I still want to make sure.

More common issues would be things like wordwrap failure, lines showing up under the wrong speaker (especially narration being "spoken"), etc. Things like typos and awkward phrasing have been looked over already, but if you do spot some it wouldn't hurt to report them.
>> No. 34497
Okay i could do it, how do i contact you?
>> No. 34498
Get on IRC. If you can't do that, send me an email. My gmail account is qazmlpok.

But IRC would be preferable, honestly.
>> No. 34523
I send you an email, great work so far thanks for making this.
>> No. 34576
File 139483287230.png - (433.12KB, 800x600, yukari_4_0.png) [iqdb]

It is done.

Extract the contents of this archive into the Kenchinroku 2 directory and run patch.bat. It's best to use it on a fresh install of the game. Any savefiles from the untranslated version will not work.

Thanks to everyone that provided assistance for this project.

Translation for Kenchinroku 3 will begin eventually. There's a few doujinshi I want the translator to work on first. Don't expect anything for at least a month or two.
>> No. 34577
Does it require Applocale to be on like the last one?
>> No. 34578
File 139484613886.jpg - (56.72KB, 782x195, 7vE38.jpg) [iqdb]
got this using applocale
>> No. 34579
Nevermind, just me being stupid again.
>> No. 34580
Yeah, you need to either use a fresh install or manually set every one of the penis words. Otherwise you get that.
>> No. 34581
File 139485609620.jpg - (140.36KB, 806x648, 7vNkK.jpg) [iqdb]
Yuuka wants the D...
>> No. 34586
File 13948907354.jpg - (125.37KB, 680x343, Sin-título-2.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry, but when I try the patch I get this.
Can someone help me, please?
>> No. 34587
It sounds like you have modified versions of the game files.

Does the game work properly if you start it as it is now?
>> No. 34588
File 139489151857.jpg - (22.30KB, 280x157, Sin-título-1.jpg) [iqdb]
No. I get this, and then the game closes.
And when I started the game without the patch (Using Applocale) the game ran smoothly.
>> No. 34590
Yeah, something's definitely messed up. Try just re-downloading the game, make sure it runs, and then try the patch again.
>> No. 34592

Thanks for all your hard work.
>> No. 34598
Yes, I download it again, and this time it worked.
Thanks for your help, and special thanks to balistafreak for this patch.
>> No. 34602
File 139493895870.png - (22.89KB, 487x274, bug.png) [iqdb]
Had a crash

Not running Applocale for this one but it flat up crashed not sure if it's a long term problem or not. will fast forwards to get to it again. I'm using the link at the top of the thread so should be good
>> No. 34603
Steadily crashed there but when I switched to Applocale it looked to stop. Not sure if it's a sign of must use AppLocale or not
>> No. 34604
That would be the game trying to display a heart. Yeah, it's probably going to always crash there. So yep, definitely need AppLocale.
>> No. 34619
I'm confused on how to get the rest of Marisa's scenes.

There's only a single choice before her scene and it's back at Yukari's paizuri.

It seems I have to get Mushroom Incident A, but no matter which combo I do, I keep getting B, I don't know what seems to be wrong. I'll keep trying to figure it out though.
>> No. 34620
Change Marisa´s penis lewd word to mushroom.
>> No. 34621

But...but...I can't get off unless every penis reference is replaced with "Kanye West".
>> No. 34622
I... sort of thought that could have been the answer, but I didn't expect them to have been so clever. Huh.

>> No. 34649
How do I get Orin's scenes?
>> No. 34650

Screw up the car chase if my sources are accurate. Doing it right will get you Yuuka's scenes, doing it incorrect will get you Orin's scenes.
>> No. 34652

All this stuff is in the readme, ya know.
>> No. 34654
Sadly the sequel has less hilarious out of context screencaps, I hope the third gets to that
>> No. 34655
File 139534523818.png - (1.20MB, 806x1288, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
From what I can tell, and from what little a previous translator has told me, the third game will be absolutely glorious.

(No, translation hasn't started for real. I have like 10 lines and the menu crap, and that's it)
>> No. 34656
I would think there Remilia would be irritated at being made fun of, considering she's one of the few people in Gensokyo who'd get the reference.
>> No. 34657
File 139535430737.png - (1.17MB, 806x1288, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
Maybe a little.
>> No. 34658
I wouldn't dwell on it too much until it comes out.
>> No. 34659
File 139538626916.png - (672.74KB, 816x658, truly a genius.png) [iqdb]
I'll have to look through the second again for amusing ones which aren't like two or three section ones as I found a few where were two or three screens but not many as good as...

'A youkai is here because I masturbate' which honestly I consider the top for the out of context screencaps I've run into so far.
>> No. 34662
Shut up and eat my laser beams.
>> No. 34664
Thank you so much.
This fap will be dedicated to you.
>> No. 34665
I'm going to have to get that one as I forgot to cap it last time. That's on the Car route right? Trying to remember
>> No. 34666
>> No. 34667
File 139542533894.png - (492.41KB, 816x658, Touhoumon.png) [iqdb]
Another bit of gold.
>> No. 34671
File 139549315572.png - (413.60KB, 800x600, Maribel Yakumo.png) [iqdb]
Had me laughing quite hard for a minute
>> No. 34685
Also, I can confirm that >>34549 is indeed related to Kenchinroku 2. It appears to be a side story from Yuuka wanting the MC's baby.

Basic plot as explained to me is:
it follows from the director coming into yuuka until he passes out in 2
after that she comes back a few days later and says "i'm still not pregnant"
"what are you, impotent?"
"we're going to eientei"

>> No. 34686
Pfft God damnit that sounds hilarious.
>> No. 34701
Will someone translate the comic?
>> No. 34702
I am not planning on it. Not even after Kenchinroku 3 is done.

If someone else wants to volunteer to finance this, I'd recommend using Rinruririn, since he translated the two games. http://rinruritrans.x.fc2.com/
He'll only do the translation, but it should be fairly simple to find an editor, since it includes the clean version of everything.
>> No. 35032
Hy Guys decided to aport something:


The three Kenshiroku games witouth the patchs.
>> No. 35035
>1.07 GiB
>Uploaded:2014-04-27 08:18:35
that died fast.
>> No. 35038
File 13986237001.png - (1.08MB, 806x644, k3_title2_hack.png) [iqdb]
I'm getting ready to send the script to the translator. First, I need to finish off the technical issues.

The big one is the opening movie. I believe there's a compatibility issue with win8 that causes the game to lock up (or something), and there's otherwise plenty of issues in getting it to play. It's a flash video, and it seems you need the IE flash player specifically, or some crap. In any event, it's buggy and NScripter sucks, so it needs to be fixed.

What I've done is disabled the movie from playing when starting a new game, but added an option in the bottom to play the movie and return to the title. That way, you can still try to play it in game, but if it locks up the game or anything, it won't prevent you from playing.

If the video won't play for any reason, I'll include the .swf in the patch archive, which might work better. I also recorded it using OBS, which you can view here:

(If someone wants to offer a better recording, be my guest. I don't know how to get rid of the black border on the right, for example)

This is what it looks like now. Pretend it says "Play Opening" or something instead of "New Game".
>> No. 35039
File 139862371787.png - (869.31KB, 806x644, k3_title2_orig.png) [iqdb]
Original title image, for comparison.
>> No. 35042
>4 Seeders
>2 Leechers

I havent finished seeding yet, give it time.

Hard at work i see, honestly just ditch the intro if you want, although it seems the loading screen is .sfw as well
>> No. 35046
This appears to be the 1.0 version of the first one, not 1.1, so the english patch doesn't work. Does anyone have the newer version?

It does have a working version of 2 at least.
>> No. 35068
>> No. 35084
i meant >>29926
>> No. 35337
That's all touhou porn in a nutshell.

"Oh hey, its non-sexual game series about a bunch of immortal little girls in an idealic paradise. THEY NEED MULTIPLE PENISES DEFILING EVERY HOLE IN THEIR BODIES."

That fight club quote "I felt like destroying something beautiful" describes all touhou porn to a T.

Really sad since the whole reason ZUN started sharing touhou with the world is because he thought it was sad that the doujin community was so filled with hentai, so he wanted to put something clean out there. Then horny douchebags that think the whole world needs to be covered in jizz thought it would be a cool idea to shit on his head by making porn of his series.
>> No. 35338
You know. I find it kinda funny that you're writing that here, on a board about porn, in a thread about a porn game. Which clearly shows that you voluntarily visited this specific thread to post that.
Now here's the funny part. If you have that much against touhou porn, then why are you even in this thread to begin with?

Sarcastic dickery aside. All the porn about touhou is spawned because of the emotional connection we as fans feel towards the characters. It's because ZUN is doing such a great job that the porn is here. I mean if no one cared for touhou, then there'd be no porn of it.
>> No. 35339
>> No. 35340
Wait, what? When the hell did he say that? If that was such a big deal for him I doubt he'd specifically give permission for people to make derivative works, which includes doujinshi, pornographic or not.

I'd always heard that his real interest was sharing his music and that the games were his way of doing that. He really likes that particular style of music and was upset that it's becoming less common. Not in some nonsensical vendetta against porn.
>> No. 35343
This, he did it because there weren't games like Touhous and wanted to make them. If he was truly against porn it'd shut down quickly (just look at that taboo against showing endings)
>> No. 35347
Fucking sage in the email field
>> No. 35416
File 140304041513.jpg - (17.80KB, 652x517, error.jpg) [iqdb]
Getting this error, can't figure out why it's doing this and I've tried googling the problem. Happens on game launch, can anyone help?
>> No. 35417
My guess is you installed the patch incorrectly. It's probably missing files.
>> No. 35426
weird, I had to patch the game 4 times on fresh installs before it finally patched it.
>> No. 35428
File 140309832166.jpg - (81.91KB, 790x596, Morning in the Hakurei shrine - Day 1.jpg) [iqdb]
Anyone know the name of the track in this scene in chapter 2? I've heard it somewhere before and it's killing me that I don't know the name ;_;
>> No. 35441
Maybe you dont have the right version of the game.

I dunno but its probably from some hentai that you have played, there were a few songs i recognized in the game.
>> No. 35454
Well fuck me with a loaded shotgun i was excited thinking the translation was done.
>> No. 35455
It is for 1 and 2. 3 is in progress.

Which game are you trying to use the patch on?
>> No. 35475
not them.
bumped the thread and i got excited thinking part 3 was done.
>> No. 35476
Part 3 is not done. Part 3 is not going to be done for a long while. Don't even get your hopes up, seriously.

Keep in mind the 2nd game took almost a full year to complete
>>30536 Translation started (roughly)
>>33349 Translation complete
>>34576 Posted

The third game is also about 33% longer than the second. Ideally it won't take a full year again, but please don't assume it's done just because the thread was bumped. I will be posting status updates as the translation progresses.
>> No. 35949
File 140867468740.png - (57.57KB, 800x600, syntaxerror.png) [iqdb]
When I patch kenchinroku 2 I get this error:

099.txt line:4355

|mov %reimu_hint2,1

Syntax error
It is illegal instruction "parse".

099.txt line: 4355

| mov% reimu_hint2,1
> parse
I fegured out it was because you guys didnt space out each command after mov% reimu_hint2,1

see image for details.

Also this was all done in Japanese local.
>> No. 35953
Taking a screenshot of the actual error would be helpful.

Make sure you have System.lua in the folder as well. That's where Parse is defined. I assure you, spacing is not an issue.
>> No. 35955
File 14087331549.png - (844.36KB, 1917x917, syntaxerror2.png) [iqdb]
Here you go, I also added the System.lua as well if needed.
>> No. 35956
Okay, yeah, that's the wrong file. There should be one in the patch archive. Overwrite the existing one.
>> No. 35957
I uninstalled, reinstalled, input patch then repatched which solved the promblem.

When I went to add the patch patch last time
7zip must not have added it for some reason.
>> No. 36014
Can someone point me to where I could find a share for part 2 ? Bought part 1 on the english dlsite, but I can't on the japanese version...
>> No. 36021

There's a download link at >>29928 but I have no idea if it still works. At least you can copy the japanese name and stick it in google if it doesn't; that should find something. Part 3 is in the post following the one I linked, if you're looking for that too.
>> No. 36134
File 141351410113.png - (802.73KB, 806x644, fitemeirl.png) [iqdb]
I'm not dead.
>> No. 36135
File 141351424835.png - (796.89KB, 806x644, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
Just lazy.

Koakuma's scene is translated, which is roughly 2120/4972 done.
>> No. 36153
File 141373903999.jpg - (21.24KB, 315x299, 1209632403811.jpg) [iqdb]
>I've confident
>> No. 36154
Yeah... I noticed that after I posted it and fixed it. Whoops.
>> No. 36175
File 141408040565.png - (537.41KB, 800x598, reimu1_0.png) [iqdb]
If somebody's interested, here is the main and only(?) difference between Kenchinroku 1.0 and Kenchinroku 1.1. He just made Reimu more cute.
>> No. 36176
File 141408075368.png - (536.41KB, 796x598, Reimu1_0.png) [iqdb]
Rumia and Misty are mentioned in the code, it seems like he initially planned to add them too. The more you know.

Music then Yakumos are dining is so sweet, I call it Happiness.mp3
>> No. 36192
Torrent download of the three games :)
>> No. 36194
>Please for the love of those games PAY FOR THEM
>> No. 36203
Sweet. Thank you.
>> No. 36207
Yes! Good to see you made progress anon.
>> No. 36235
I am really grateful for the first two parts and wish you some motivation for the third one!
>> No. 36236
Nice job. I enjoyed reading 1/2
>> No. 36245
File 14155680492.png - (846.48KB, 806x644, Yay_its_koa.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36246
File 141556806365.png - (848.06KB, 806x644, What_a_jerk.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36247
File 141556807356.png - (660.92KB, 806x644, Good_judge_of_character.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36248
File 141556808155.png - (661.95KB, 806x644, That's_not_the_problem.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36249
File 141556810333.png - (659.96KB, 806x644, So_mean.png) [iqdb]
I don't like this koa ;_;

Also her sex scene is pretty bad. Bleh.
>> No. 36251
File 141556870729.png - (696.34KB, 806x644, Lack_of_shikigami_powers.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36252
File 14155687155.png - (931.90KB, 806x644, Why_are_you_smiling.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36253
File 141556875797.png - (687.32KB, 806x644, Everyone_thought_he_was_superstrong.png) [iqdb]
Her sex scene, on the other hand, looks like it'll be great. Probably gonna be a long time until I get translations, though.
>> No. 36254
Well He called her a -chan. I'd be kinda annoyed if the first time you talked to me was to call me such a diminutive term
>> No. 36261
File 141559260762.png - (450.03KB, 806x644, Boobies.png) [iqdb]
Ah, this is in autosage.

I don't want to make a new thread just to continue saying "Yeah it's not done yet." However, that does mean any progress reports I give will be quickly buried. Oh well.
>> No. 36262
Considering how slow this board is it might not be. I mean the Doujin thread is being replied purely in sages
>> No. 36263
Great these scenes have me bumped.
>> No. 36269
I'm talking months here. I'm not expected to get the next block of translations until end of november, and that'll be block 5 of 10.

And the translation began in May, so yeah. Then there's playtesting, editing, bugging people to make the script sound more natural...
>> No. 36275
These games will probably take less space if somebody, somebody reconverts jpg to bmp and smooth out jpg artifacts.

And last game takes too many space just because each CG is doubled with "camera mode", which can be recreated by placing semitransparent image over the screen.

This is almost important enough to do it myself.

Wuuuuuuut??? Koa was AWESOME! Never before and never after I did a fountain like this!
>> No. 36277
File 141571545898.jpg - (340.12KB, 1536x1000, 201942cce8b279cf6be7c80239832b71.jpg) [iqdb]
>jpg to bmp
What? BMP is significantly larger than jpg. Even if you meant PNG, I'm reasonably certain that the jpg will still be smaller, even if you manage to remove any artifacting first.

>which can be recreated by placing semitransparent image over the screen
If you think you can do it in NScripter, go ahead.

>Never before and never after I did a fountain like this!

Have you actually read her sex scene, or are you just going by the screencaps? The posted stuff isn't too bad, but the sex scene is just mean, and generally unpleasant.

Also she has short hair. I prefer my sexy koas with long, slightly messy hair.
>> No. 36293
>jpg to bmp
Yeah, I though so too. But it's better compressed, if you compress one very big blob of information, than if you compress 300 smaller already compressed jpg files. But it may load slowlier as the result.

>go ahead
Maybe, some day, over the rainbow.

>Have you actually read her sex scene, or are you just going by the screencaps?
I've read it. Veeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyy slooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwlyyyyyyyyyy. For like 3 hours. The first VN I ever read without translation. It was funny enough to keep me actually reading all this time, and was hot enough to also keep me mastrubating nonstop. Why do you think it was mean, it was so cute! He packed even sex scenes with so many jokes, they are close to exploding.

>Also she has short hair. I prefer my sexy koas with long, slightly messy hair.
Long hair is da best. But variety is also important.

He probably wouldn't make 4th game, oh well...
>> No. 36294
It's better to compress a bunch of almost indentical images together, than to keep them as separate jpgs. But loading may take longer.
Or do something stupid like this https://fc19d0870dd5cb9c708d815c8562c23944a2204c.googledrive.com/host/0B_KpJ6ybWprRS3hyQ0toNS1Ka1k/at.png

Maybe I'll do it myself, a few years later.

I DO read it. Only thought of it as a very cute and funny SM play. Kantoku is a very kind guy, he wouldn't hurt anyone if they wouldn't enjoy it later.

4th part may never happen, oh well...
>> No. 36300
>Why do you think it was mean, it was so cute!

Well, in case you missed anything

First, Aya 'warns' Koakuma about the MC, telling her that due to his abnormal lust, he'll rape Patchouli and take her virginity. Koa has a crush on Patchouli, and also hates men. Despite this, Koakuma confronts the MC while he's in the bath, strips naked, and shows him her pussy. She explains the situation, and insists that he masturbate right there, as it's the only way to sate his lust. He slowly coerces her, starting with 'I can't get hard if a cute girl isn't watching me', then begins to masturbate next to her face, poking her with his penis, smearing his precum on her. All the while accusing her of being selfish for hating this "necessary" deed. Then he presses his armpits against her face and forces her to inhale his scent. Then she basically appears mindbroken and says "That's no good... If I leave you like this, Patchouli-sama will get raped." ... "Aren't you happy? You can rip through an unwilling virgin's hymen and make her cry."

Then he licks her, and gets her to pretend that it's her precious Patchouli performing cunnilingus rather than himself. Penetrating her breaks the illusion, but all of a sudden she doesn't mind. Scene ends with "I still loathe all males. ... But with you, I love... having sex"

So yeah. This is not something I'd call a pleasant scene. To me, it just reeks of "the power of penis overcomes your preferences!"
>> No. 36302
I see. Now let me show you my world.

Unexpected and hot encounter, weird situation, funny reaction, dumb misunderstanding/trickery, protagonist going with a flow, screaming in panic tsundere, surprise arousement, fantasy, heartwarming scene, abrupt switch to heavy porn, finding out her weak spot, teaching her polite language, leaving meido confused.

For me it was funny as hell.
>> No. 36305

So like how many fucking NTR doujins where that exact same thing happens

Why did that have to be a thing. Honestly I'd be content him getting BAD END if you got to Koakuma. I'd rather enjoy that to be honest
>> No. 36307
>"the power of penis overcomes your preferences!"

Isnt the whole point of Kenshiroko of making all the girls cock loving youkais? Should be spected at this point.

I wonder how she takes it after patchouli winlingly have sex with MC.
>> No. 36309
I think koa even goes and sets the two of them up.

I won't know for certain for several months, I guess.

It is a mystery. But Kenchinroku doesn't really have multiple ends, so a bad end would be out of place. I just wish he fucked her in some other way. Like not just right there in the bath. Maybe after boning Patchy instead, or something.
>> No. 36320
>I think koa even goes and sets the two of them up

That sounds hot, sharing with Patchi the love for cock.
>> No. 36709
I love how after 6 months there is no translation for the 3rd game. What is making it take so long? Is it delayed? we're halfway into january 2015 now.
>> No. 36768
I would like to remind you that the prior games took roughly a year to finish, so this isn't yet cause for alarm.

That said, yes, the translator has been exceptionally slow with this. I finally got another block of text after three months of waiting. It's inserted, and I'm in the middle of editing it to remove the overflow crashes.

In addition to the delays, this is also a longer game than the previous two. About 33% more text than K2, IIRC. Currently at 3,030 / 5,500 translated, approximately. So yes, this is going to take quite a bit longer.

And there's also the ever fun technical issues; the graphical hearts are getting cut off for some reason, no idea why. bluh.

And the thread is in autosage. I'm not going to make a new thread, at least until the 3rd game is translated. I'm still gonna post a few screenshots I took; I've been really slacking on that.
>> No. 36769
File 142233575072.png - (505.07KB, 806x644, Memories1.png) [iqdb]
This eroge is getting weird.
>> No. 36770
File 142233575825.png - (495.53KB, 806x644, Memories2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36771
File 142233576835.png - (359.38KB, 806x644, She's_enjoying_herself.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36772
File 142233577352.png - (378.36KB, 806x644, Sad_truth.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36774
File 142238421344.png - (579.69KB, 806x644, New_Business.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36776
File 142240059584.png - (379.50KB, 806x644, How_straightforward.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36777
File 14224006024.png - (378.20KB, 806x644, How_straightforward2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36778
File 142240060870.png - (388.91KB, 806x644, How_straightforward3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36779
File 142240061551.png - (384.76KB, 806x644, How_straightforward4.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36780
File 142240062417.png - (414.01KB, 806x644, Quite_the_fetish.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 36784
File 142242395899.png - (875.84KB, 806x644, Devils.png) [iqdb]
I just really hope he's going somewhere with this.
>> No. 36874
I will wait and believe!
>> No. 36887
Im more curious as to when will Eden fucking work in the sequel. that lazy bun.
>> No. 36893
Someone has asked him in his page about the part 4? Because I think he doesn't even mention in his posts.
>> No. 36910
Dont think so. Their blog is quite inactive seems like no one cares about the sequel in Japan.
>> No. 36914
File 14257520642.png - (927.53KB, 806x644, die.png) [iqdb]
Too busy drawing shotas with giant dicks and hot springs.

Well, the ending isn't translated yet, but a quick google translate tells me that the MC dies at the end. Remilia flat out tells the MC twice (so far) that he's going to die, and Yuyuko shows up at the end, so something damn close to dying does happen. It's possible that there just isn't going to be a sequel, and this whole thing was just the planned ending. He did do that Yuuka impregnation CG set, so he hasn't completely forgotten about this series.

But, of course, I don't know for certain. You'd need to find someone who can properly read Japanese to find out and look for a blog post where he talks about it, or even just asking him on twitter or something.
>> No. 36915

Mmm quite a dark ending then, too edgy for the game i think so maybe there is going to be a twist (Yukari still needs her semen provider after all)
>> No. 36926
Dead MC?

Tell me more! That is what I like to hear!
>> No. 36928
I doubt he will die for sure considering that Yuuka comic needs him alive in order to do exist.
>> No. 36940
I was under the impression that that was a spinoff, as in something happening instead of Part 3, rather than after it.

That's literally all I know. Remilia says he will die (twice). Google translate of the MC shows a line like "Meiling: Anon-san has died!". And Yuyuko shows up. That is all I know.
>> No. 36941
Also, should I make a new thread, or what? It's going to be a long time until Part 3 comes out, but until then, I won't notice anyone talking about it here until I remember the thread exists.
>> No. 36950
>I was under the impression that that was a spinoff, as in something happening instead of Part 3, rather than after it

Maybe but i dont think there is context of it to say wether its true or not.
>> No. 36977
File 142861190424.png - (120.07KB, 300x600, reimu_0_0.png) [iqdb]
All these spoilers.

Reimu 1.0 was badass.
>> No. 36978
File 142861229682.png - (121.13KB, 300x600, reimu_0_1.png) [iqdb]
Job he did with just engine is amasing. But he probably bored with VN now, drawing doujinshi is probably simplier. I'm not blaming anyone, it's fine with me whenever it goes. Tell him that he's awesome.

And you, translating and hacking guys, are really great too.
>> No. 37156
Was the translation patch to Kenchinroku 3 ever released?
>> No. 37157
File 143372284334.png - (495.82KB, 799x599, Suckuya1.png) [iqdb]
Still in progress.

8043 / 11003. There's probably only 2 blocks left, and one should be done soon.
>> No. 37158
File 143372284958.png - (495.97KB, 799x599, Suckuya2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37159
File 143372285412.png - (491.47KB, 799x599, Suckuya3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37161

Thanks for the update.
>> No. 37189
File 143544721095.png - (809.83KB, 806x644, persuasion.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37190
File 143544721975.png - (799.63KB, 806x644, persuasion1.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37191
File 14354472268.png - (630.80KB, 806x644, persuasion2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37192
File 143544723266.png - (645.32KB, 806x644, persuasion3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37193
File 143544724273.png - (637.12KB, 806x644, persuasion4.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37194
File 143544752543.png - (643.06KB, 806x644, Needs_More_CGs.png) [iqdb]
Alright, received the next block. It's been edited in.

The next block will be the final one. It looks like it'll be a little bit shorter than this one... but it's still probably going to take at least 2 months with the translator's schedule.

And then there's the editing. The THPer who did the proofreading for the previous 2 games is very busy with work, so it's extremely unlikely that he'll be available to work on this game as well. I might be able to find other people on IRC, however.
>> No. 37195
File 143544756556.png - (382.11KB, 806x644, 500_year_old_lolis.png) [iqdb]
Also, the confrontation with Flandre was amazing.
>> No. 37200

I'll be fucked if I let some two-bit hack wannabe complete the trilogy.

Having to do it for free when I can do the same job for pay is frustrating... but if that makes me a "professional", I'll be damned if I let an amateur take over for me.

Don't you dare ask if you can take this, this project is MINE


I-it's not because I like it or anything.
>> No. 37288
File 143767301456.jpg - (3.00KB, 90x30, respond.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 37302
Just a random person here. How is progress for part 3 going? I'm really eager to play it.
>> No. 37303
No change since >>37194
Translator hasn't delivered the final block, balista has everything that's been translated, but he's busy with work and otakon so I don't know what he's done yet.

Also, someone asked Diisuke about the next game (in Japanese). He basically replied "I was/am hoping to get it out this year, but oh the darkness, the darkness..."

In other words, he hasn't forgotten about it. But it does sound like he's having troubles for some reason, so it's likely those troubles will continue.
>> No. 37305
Thanks mate.
>> No. 37408
Anything new', i remember a thread in /jp/ two months ago saying it would be finished in like a month.
>> No. 37409
Translator hasn't been responding to my emails. I genuinely have no idea where he is or if he's sick or something.
>> No. 37463
Now im worried.

Thanks for the response.
>> No. 37466
>> No. 37477
I only found this series today and it's excellent.

I really hope SDM can be translated as well.
>> No. 37478
Agreed, I do hope that something comes of the last part of the game to be translated since from the sound of it, most of the game is already translated.

I found this game randomly a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I hope nothing happened to the TS.
>> No. 37516
All we can do is wait.
>> No. 37537
These games are great. Just finished the first, and I'm about to start the second. I really like Aya in this one.
>> No. 37538
These games are great. Just finished the first, and I'm about to start the second. I really like Aya in this one.
>> No. 37542
>that lack of Aya sex scenes and Reimu teasing
I am mildly upset.
>> No. 37548
File 144850169425.png - (329.57KB, 806x644, buffet.png) [iqdb]
Translation is complete.

I'll probably post more screencaps when I do more text insertion.

Now it's just up to balista.
>> No. 37549
Fuck yes I'm stoked
>> No. 37553
File 144866244314.png - (753.59KB, 806x644, What_a_jerk.png) [iqdb]
This image has changed, since it's apparently a reference to Akira.
>> No. 37554
File 14486635206.png - (398.70KB, 806x644, extremely_study_lolis.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37555
File 14486635322.png - (395.98KB, 806x644, extremely_study_lolis2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37556
File 144866354692.png - (399.86KB, 806x644, extremely_study_lolis3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37557
My body is ready! Ohhhh, this is amazing news! No rush on Balista but I hope it comes out before the end of the year!

Thanks for the update!
>> No. 37558
I'm surprised the artist choose SDM to do a VN on; lolis aren't really his strong suit.
>> No. 37561
Surely this will accompany me on those lonely nights at sea.
>> No. 37566
File 144945706225.png - (282.42KB, 806x644, buffet.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37567
File 144945707220.png - (274.07KB, 806x644, buffet2.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37568
File 144945708878.png - (284.54KB, 806x644, buffet3.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37569
File 144945709449.png - (282.65KB, 806x644, buffet4.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 37571
>> No. 37585
File 145062955148.png - (420.71KB, 806x644, genitals.png) [iqdb]
So, Sakuya's default lewd word settings are "male genitals" and "female genitals". These are too long, so I'm just reducing them to "genitals" for both.

The problem is that this is plural, while every other word you'd (normally) use for a penis is singular. So it fucks up the tenses.

So yeah, that's another thing fixed. This will only apply to Sakuya, however, and only for the specific words "genitals" and "genitalia". The lewd word thing is definitely better in Japanese where they don't have to deal with this shit, or with wordwrapping.

Also, since I should have fixed the heart display, and at least partially the scrollback, I'm thinking I will release updated patches to 1 and 2 when 3 is finally done. These won't be significant changes, so if you've already read them, you won't need to get the updated version. But if you haven't read them yet, it should be at least a little better.

On a related note, if anyone notices/has noticed any problems or translation issues with the first two games, please report them now so I can fix them.
>> No. 37586
File 14506295965.png - (420.24KB, 806x644, penis.png) [iqdb]
No, I don't know when 3 will be ready.
>> No. 37587
Thanks for the update, translator-san. Waiting warmly.

On an unrelated note, I've noticed the gallery has a few "scene missing" tiles when I choose Marisa's CG's. Anyone know how to get them?
>> No. 37588
On part 2.
>> No. 37589
There's a hint for it in the readme. If you want the actual answer,

After the MC puts his dick in the box, there's a choice. The first option is "{dick}. Want to see it?" The solution is to go into character details and change what Marisa calls a dick to "mushroom". Then that'll be "Mushroom. Want to see it?" and you'll get a different scene
>> No. 37590
Also I feel I should clarify that I'm not the translator. I'm the hacker and text inserter. Furthermore, I saw posts on 4chan saying that this was an official translation, and that's not the case either. Strictly fan affair.
>> No. 37591
File 145071918031.gif - (1.02MB, 400x386, 1448943849238.gif) [iqdb]
Thank you so much, anon! I must've glanced over that. I really appreciate it.
>> No. 37592
Apologies for my assumptions. Thank you, hacker/text inserter-san. I've been watching this thread for a few months now, and I appreciate all the updates. I really like the first two games and I'm looking forward to playing the third. You and everyone involved are greatly appreciated, anon. Thank you.
>> No. 37633
How much longer before the patch?
>> No. 37634
Ask balista
>> No. 37636
When it comes out. Cannot rush these kind of things since they are awesome enough to be doing this in the first place.
>> No. 37661
I've been working on some fixes for the first Kenchinroku. The biggest change from a technical standpoint is that I fixed the issues with history, so it should now display correctly in almost every situation. The character name display will work and the wordwrapping will no longer mess up. The only exception is Chen's sex scene, since it involves a lot of musical notes, and those will get messed up if I apply the same fix.

These wordwrapping fixes will also be carried over to Kenchinroku 2 and 3 when I go back and check 2 for typos, wordwrapping issues, etc.

I also found a bunch of wordwrapping issues, fixed some typos/similar issues, and found 2 lines that weren't being displayed at all:
When the protagonist discovers his seal wore off:
<Me> So that means I'm now free from that curse?
<Yukari> Yes, you're free.
Refuse to eat or drink anything and starve to death, or get eaten by wild animals in the forest and bleed to death, it's all up to you.
You're free to choose how you want to die. So, what will you do?
<Me> Isn't the choice obvious? I'll die on my back with a seal pasted on me.

Shortly before Chen's farewell, if you didn't have sex with her:
That whole day, Yukari-sama's mood didn't improve. Whenever anyone spoke to her, she would just repeat the phrase, "It's nothing...".

Finally, there's one more thing I'd like to ask, in case anyone in this thread is good with Japanese. The famous line in >>28257 is, according to someone who looked it over, a fairly bad translation. It's supposed to be a suscinct summary of what Yukari just told him, but phrased as a work of fiction. Since he's a porn director and the subject is masturbation, probably a porn title specifically.

The original line is "妖怪がオナニー見物に来たでござるの巻。" if anyone is able to suggest something better. I suspect that there's a couple other lines like this throughout the series. For example: "I thought we were playing hide-and-seek, but somehow this young girl is drunk." sounds a lot like a light novel title to me.

3 also has, during the Sakuya-Meiling scene,
<Me> Sakuya-san, why are you so skilled at fellatio?
<Sakuya> Serving guests in this manner is also part of my duties...
<Me> Eh? Don't tell me that the lady of the mansion instructed you to do this?
<Narration> Of course she didn't actually like to do such things. She was too serious a person, to the point that she would do anything for her mistress's sake, no matter how much it hurt her mind and body.

Which to me sounds like the premise of a porno - Young maid can't refuse her master's sexual orders! or something. But I could be wrong. The Japanese for this exchange is:

<Me> 咲夜さん、なんでそんなにフェラ上手いんですか?
<Sakuya> こうやってお客様をおもてなしするのも、私の仕事ですから・・・
<Me> え、まさかお嬢様に言われて・・・?
<Narration> 好き者だなんてとんでもない。 彼女は主人の為なら、その身体や心を傷つけてでも尽くしてしまう程に真面目過ぎたのだ。

(If anyone is concerned, the following line is:)
<Sakuya> I was just joking. I've been practising with carrots and other things so that I would be ready if this day ever came.

If anyone is able to suggest a better translation for the "A youkai is here because I masturbate" line, or any similar fiction-sounding bits, it would be greatly appreciated. It'll probably just stay as-is if no one can suggest anything.

(p.s. still no word on Kenchinroku 3)
>> No. 37677
File 145523258754.png - (60.49KB, 419x248, wag8.png) [iqdb]
>still no word on Kenchinroku 3
>> No. 37678
Alright, here's a word.

If it looks like balista isn't going to be able to finish the editing by the end of the month, I'll release it without his input. He gave a time table, and if he can't stick to it, I'm releasing it without him.

This still requires a few days for testing and stuff. I also need Shaolan-kun to give me a few more images that he wasn't able to do earlier, since they're flashbacks with a photoshop layer added on. Worst case, probably a week after balista finishes/I give up on him.

Even if he can't finish it by the end of the month, I can always just release a new patch later to fix up the dialogue.

Oh, and according to a tweet I found on Diisuke's twitter, from Dec 31, Kenchinroku 4 will be released ~~~soon~~~. But that was almost 2 months ago, so don't get your hopes up too high.
>> No. 37680

At least he hasn't given up on that.
>> No. 37681
Balista won't make it. I'm going to release a patch soon, and will hopefully be able to re-release it with proper editing.

I'm going to need play testers in the near future. Join #THP or #touhouporn on Rizon and /msg qazmlpok if you want to volunteer.
>> No. 37682
I'm new here. How do I Join those places?
>> No. 37683
The easiest way is to go to this page and enter a nickname:

The more advanced way is to download an IRC client, such as mIRC, and use it to connect to irc.rizon.net, and then join #THP or #touhouporn. But if you aren't going to use it for anything other than this, using the browser client is fine.

Also I'm going to bed now so you should wait like 10 hours or I won't be online.
>> No. 37685
I'm also going to need testers for Kenchinroku 1&2, since I plan on re-releasing those as well.
>> No. 37686
Aiming for tomorrow. It'll be in a new thread as well.
>> No. 37687
File 14560187817.png - (308.81KB, 800x600, pachu_3_0.png) [iqdb]

It is done.

Extract the contents of this archive into the Kenchinroku3 directory and run patch.bat. As a reminder, this only works with Kenchinroku 1.1 and not 1.0. The current version on shops is 1.1b, which will work as long as you don't use the alternate nscript.dat file. It's also best to use it on a fresh install of the game. Any savefiles from the untranslated version will not work.

Thanks to everyone that provided assistance for this project.

I'll make a new thread shortly with all 3 translation patches right at the top - 1&2 will have some changes. If you haven't read them yet, I recommend picking up the updated patches. But the story is still the same, so don't feel obligated to re-read either of them or anything.

There's still no news regarding Kenchinroku 4. Furthermore, my life is a bit of a mess right now, so even if it does come out soon, there's no guarantee I'm going to work on it.
>> No. 37691
New thread >>37688
>> No. 38596
File 151587704415.png - (462.59KB, 800x600, aya_1_0.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 39324
I have the exact same problem, exactly the same line. I have japanese locale but it won't get past this screen. Any other tips?
>> No. 39358
I tried running it with Locale Emulator, but it still seems to crash after introducing Ran... Any help is appreciated.
>> No. 39371
Different anon, but I've re-downloaded the game thrice and tried patching it, it keeps happening.
>> No. 39385
File 153321718391.png - (527.34KB, 815x657, kenchinrokuerror.png) [iqdb]
Having the same problem, the first game crashes right after introducing Ran here aswell, see pic.
>> No. 39570
i remember getting it working after tracking down some file/reapplying the patch. Don't worry, it was stubborn for me too.

happy holidays, and good luck anon, hope we see a sequel come this new year
>> No. 39597
Still no update in if part 4 will come. 3 left on a cliffhanger.
>> No. 39612
have faith and support the official release if you can. its all we can do at this point. Coincidentally, diisuke has also done some of my favorite doujins so the suspense is especially grueling on this one
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