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Previous thread: >>24977

Last thread has reached bump limit. Nobody seems to care much anymore, but here's a new one nonetheless.

No. 27148
You'd think by now Orin or Okuu would have come to save her but this just looks to be more of the same LOL NO HOPE ENDLESS RAPE that seems to be so common now
No. 27149
Usually understanding the dialouge adds to the faps, but this translation just added to the pity and white knight urges. Whoops.
The extra part was as sweet as I thought it'd be, though.

Half my gut says that Sanae and Satori are going to turn things around on her in some way, but my other half of gut says that's stupid and impossible.
No. 27151
See I say that with so many of these kind of stories and we just get it descending deep into LOL MINDBREAK or BAD END. With the way the first one is its not going for Mindbreak -> Brainless slut but more Broken person like a tortured prisoner. And we have NO idea WHY it happened Other than SUWAKO IS AN ASSHOLE.

We know there is the Novel with Satori and Sanae and that's not translated but really that looked to be More of the same from the few illustrations in there.
No. 27156
Better tortured prisoner than brainless slut in my book. A lot of these kinds of stories could be better with the victim getting really sad instead of turning into some brainless slut. I'm looking at you, YURIRU-RARIKA.
No. 27160
Considering how tortured and broke she might get she might try suicide or the Koishi route...

But the less said about the second Alice one the better. It was utter failure of creativity and him seeming to have forgotten what the endgame of the first one, JUST so he could have the LOL MINDBREAK again.
No. 27161
I'm not convinced she's going to really break. This is what, the third book of this, and she's still got the will to struggle and try to escape and stuff.

I also haven't given up on that Alice series just yet. That circle's done weird stuff before. Though yeah the second book mostly sucked.
No. 27167
You are speaking as if the toraware alice story is somehow typical of them.
No. 27168
I know, it's not fair. But that series is what I know them for now.
No. 27169
Hey there you all, I'm the guy who arranged buying the lion's share of the 100+ doujinshi that are currently in the process of being scanned by one of the writers here.

I share the sentiment expressed in:


I'm none too impressed with rape/mindbreak, but have learned to ignore it when it appears. I would suggest that you all do the same if you're of like mind. There are better things on the horizon in the upcoming scans. Please watch warmly for more loving intercourse.
No. 27175
Hard to do that when you're the one who commissioned the thing.
Again, whoops.
No. 27200
Is there any formal policy on nagiyamasugis works? Since he apparently has a reputation for agressively taking down his stuff on the 'net I was wondering how safe it is to post or request his doujinshi? I've hacked together a list of what we currently have and what is lacking:

Drop a note if you are interested in me posting the package (and praying it won't get deleted before people have got it).
No. 27202
Most of those were included in my last order. Don't ask for a timeframe, though.
I've got 12 and 東方陵辱フルカラー, but they're Chinese translations. Tsurupettan has 東方H伍.
As far as I know, only 22 and 23 remain unaccounted for, not counting the compilations.
No. 27203
I'm not sure if I have 東方H四. Could you post the cover?
No. 27206
The cover I have is not a proper one, but here it goes.
No. 27207
Ok, I've got that. Sounds like the same copy I've got.
No. 27277
And looking at the newest novel release on exhentai it looks like MORE torture and rape (including grabbing and pulling on the veins of the third eye) because Suwako is just an utter monster.
No. 27280
Sape released a pretty nice Aki doujin (with both sisters) and it's not a rape one at that (saying alot as he seems to love mind breaking Aya)
No. 27281
No, that's older. The one that got translated is the newest.

That's not a fair thing to say. He's only done that what, one and a half times?
No. 27295
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there anymore doujin from the artist who did this? >>26538
No. 27296
It is, and for that, yes there are others.


Some of them are in the upload threads but I can't speak for the download links.
No. 27347
No. 27350
>>27347 here
also: there's this guy posting a batch dl of this and other stuff on several forums, don't go for it, it's a dud.
No. 27354
Thanks for the warning bro.
No. 27355
Well then! That makes things easier. Now It's only a matter of who's willing to spend money on something they want.
No. 27356
Also, preview pictures:
No. 27386
Guess people can buy and download Tamakko's 2nd Skin Omnibus off DLsite. He's going to release one featuring Yukari at C83. Someone said he was going to commission all 5 volumes translated, but wonder if the Omnibus would be a better choice.
No. 27389
That was me.
No reason to commission the individual doujins now that the compilation's out and easily obtainable.
No. 27413
I don't know whether to be annoyed at artists who only post porn on nijie or annoyed that more artists aren't using nijie.
No. 27453
What's that?
No. 27454
No. 27467
I don't get it, but ok.
No. 27468
Nijie is basically 18+ pixiv. You're probably not seeing anything since registration is required to view any images.
No. 27498
No download link as far as I know, but the 9th doujin in Nounai Kanojo's Nanashi series got translated recently, and is on exhentai.

By the way, how many people here regularly check that site?
No. 27499

Link from afro's blog.
No. 27516
The tamakko compilation is now on exhentai.
No. 27519
Someone said it was out of order for the pages, but it seems to be all 5 volumes, plus a few pages at the end dedicated to guest artists who draw latex as well.
No. 27524
yeah, the first 9 pages are out of order.
No. 27544
It's only out of order in the online gallery, where the filenames were sorted lexically instead of numerically (e.g. 19 comes before 2). The torrent and DDL are both fine.
No. 27545
People need to get onboard with lexical numbering. I know that *nix systems are capable of parsing ordinal numbering properly, but lexical is parsed correctly across 100% of OS platforms.
No. 27568
Is anyone else tired of (shitty) self-inserts? I don't really notice if it's written decently, but I find it a turn off when the relevant Touhou falls for the OC in a completely out of character way 90% of the time. I don't exactly expect Tolkien level story telling, but it really irks me.
No. 27569
Have any examples?
No. 27570
can't think of many off the top of my head, but there is a recently translated Sakuya one that was kind of what I was talking about

also fuck CGRascal
No. 27571
I'm pretty sure the implication is that Marisa's potion worked, just not immediately.

And CGRascal didn't translate that, if that's why you brought him up.
No. 27572
Still The guy got a knife up the ass and probably made into a pin cushion later on. Beware what one wishes for indeed.
No. 27573
Nah I was referring to CGRascal in general
No. 27574
To tell you the truth. I'm tried of random men/self inserts in my touhou porn period. Its so over done and almost always the same shit every time.
Plus it doesn't make a lick of sense in the touhou universe. They just don't belong anywhere in touhou. Unfortunately the doujin fanbase seems to love the shit. Less and less of anything other then shit randoms guys fucking touhous gets scanned.
Ive gotten so bored of the random guy crap in touhou doujins that I cant even fap to it anymore. Ive been thinking of moving onto something else for my futa,yuri,tenticals anything not faceless random guys fix. Since scanned touhou doujins have become stagnated more then COD.
Shame to since touhou doujins used to have such good variety.
No. 27575
So you want every girl with Rinnosuke?
No. 27576
He wants every touhou girl with another touhou girl.

>Less and less of anything other then shit randoms guys fucking touhous gets scanned.
Numbers or it's strictly confirmation bias. I see people complaining about this every single direction; too much rape, too much vanilla sex, too much futa... go look at doujinshi posted in the last year or six months and show that this gap actually exists.

And don't bother checking stuff on /at/, as the threads aren't being updated.

>Plus it doesn't make a lick of sense in the touhou universe. They just don't belong anywhere in touhou.
That's also bullshit. There are men in gensokyo, they just (mostly) don't appear in the official works.
No. 27581
>Nothing on ex that's not also here
No. 27582
>not being updated
>!lggAzV5pXw 12/11/23 (Fri) 15:52
No. 27587
He's only posting the doujinshi that he scans himself. All of the IT links near the end were posted by the person that bought them, same with the mammypoko doujin. No one is searching share and posting links anymore.

Are you blind or just dumb? There's tons of shit on exhentai that's not in either thread. Here's some translated doujinshi, since those are easier to give titles for. Of the 28 titles in this list, only 7 are in the thread. The raw thread is probably even worse off.
No. 27844
Waiting warmly
No. 27900
On that note...
Desudesu quotes $189 for the 2nd Skin compilation. That's not cheap; more than I'm ready to spend on porn.
Don't really like doing this, but...I know a few people want to see this translated. Any of you want to chip in?
No. 28214
Not exactly sure what's happening here but It's quite funny!
No. 28215
Anybody else getting terribad mojibake from that latest batch's doujinshi links?
No. 28299
Whatshisname's mediafire getting axed scared everyone away from uploading porn.
Which is dumb. I liked writing those little summaries.
No. 28519
I hate to ask but does anyone know if there's a proper raw of Capo's C83 release? The only one on ExHentai is in Chinese.

They were fun to read too.
No. 28621
I've not seen a raw oddly enough as it seems sort of interesting considering the cover
No. 28661
Aw, thanks. I'm glad someone liked them.
No. 28699
I was more entranced by the pretty pictures inside myself.

No problem, they were also very useful for determining what was interesting (or not).
No. 28704
I liked them as well as they informed me of what was coming my way.
No. 28809
To people using the Raw Dump/Translated dump thread. Use THIS thread instead. Its not that far away and I know you're lazy but click next page to see this one. Also there is that request thread on the front page as well.

Also I've heard rumors that Magnum Koishi Complete's out but its an unleveled version that's being distributed. Anyone know if the releveled version's going to be uploaded?
No. 28810

There was a request thread?
No. 28811
Apparently people are using >>26349 as a request thread it seems. Not fully sure if its the 'Official' request thread but it might be
No. 28812
It's on ExHentai. And yes it's unleveled, isn't that normal for a raw?


It's not an official request thread, but a couple of others used it as one afterwards.
No. 28816
In part I've seen alternate scans which seems to be more leveled (on Danbooru) So I'm not sure if those are still still WIP or someone jumped the gun and uploaded an unleveled version
No. 28833
Those aren't just from the preview release are they? Also there's a translation floating around on Ex, I can't speak for its quality though.

No. 28932
For a while I thought this was a Futa work but well Short Haired Koakuma is a male while the long haired one is a female one
No. 29036
Yea It was disappointing.
No. 29067
It turned up, hooray!

No. 29082
http://g.e-hentai.org/g/564065/e3886dfbb1/ this has luckily has yet to get the lolicon tag (whoever does the tagging seems too quick to tag anything with a small chested girl that, such as Sape's aki sisters doujin)
No. 29086
Yea that was extremely weird. And one between equal sized Mokou and Keine but because Mokou had smallish breasts it was tagged that.

But looking at Akyuu's shapes she's kinda busty in this.
No. 29092
OK now there's a raw I'd like to get that >>29067 translated but who should I ask?

I'll slap anyone who seriously tags it as loli. She's way too shapely.
No. 29093
FUKE might be interested in translating this, since he did Borderline.

If you're looking to pay, desudesu is generally good. Not the best translator, but he works.
I do not recommend SaHa for this at all. I find that he's a better translator than desu, but lacks touhou knowledge. I get the feeling this is a story where touhou knowledge is fairly important.
There's also Rinruririn, but if you go with him you'll only get a text translation. He did >>28609 recently. There's a bigger list at http://www.littlewhitebutterflies.net/commissions/ .
No. 29096
Not an established translator, but I feel fairly competent in my understanding of Japanese to translate it for free. I understood enough to read it, at least.

Pop into #himitsukichi on Rizon if you're interested.
No. 29100
Not CGRascal.

I suspect some of it is due to posturing between the two sites and due to being stupid.

It's like [nukidokoro. (Roteri)] KKMK getting tagged lolicon due to a bit of Nue (small breasted but no way flat) and Kogasa (very cute but nicely sized/too tall to be a loli)

it tends to occur with Satori doujins despite her coming off as a petite woman compared to a loli.

On the Akyuu doujin matter, yeah the first two reincarnations were nicely sized with the last (possibly Akyuu herself) not though she's clearly younger than them (and the man by this point)

I can't tell what exactly happened to the 2nd Child of Are as what happened seems to be in the dialogue and in the scroll the man finds, though he might have wound up the third Akyuu's father or such (considering how he had sex with the second)

That is assuming they're all the same man and not another odd case.
No. 29105
Judging from BORDERLINE the translation looks fine, and whoever somebodyelse is the editing work was fantastic. The only thing I'm a little disappointed by is the afterword not being translated. I guess if he wants to then I'll be happy with it.

I'm uneasy about "not the best" in this case. And anyway he's usually busy.


Seems fine for translation as well, but I'll only consider him if I can find someone to do the editing work, I'm not good at it.

That was understood.

I'm also uneasy about asking someone new, but also, it sounds like this will also be text-only?
No. 29106
>I guess if he wants to then I'll be happy with it.
I'd recommend asking him if he's interested, then. His blog is at http://fuketranslation.fakku.net/ and he has a shoutbox there you can use.

>whoever somebodyelse is the editing work was fantastic
If you do get a text-only translation, you could try searching through his blog for the editors he works with and try asking them. I have no idea if any of them would accept, but it'd be worth a try.

>I'm uneasy about "not the best" in this case. And anyway he's usually busy.
Actually, compared to SaHa, I'd say he's usually pretty free. SaHa always has at least a month backlog in my experience, while desudesu occasionally has nothing, and can usually get started within a week or two.

As for not the best, well, he's not. I can't judge the accuracy of his translations beyond the occasional doujin that gets double translated. For example, >>22356 and >>22417, and desudesu's is definitely inferior. One of the Akito to Issho books was translated by SaHa and desudesu; desudesu had a pretty glaring error in it, something to the effect of "never give up" instead of "just give up" (context makes it obvious that the latter is correct)

That said, he's not really bad, just not the best. He makes a decent number of typos, and his prose/phrasing certainly isn't the best, but those are catchable.
No. 29108
desu was the only one who did forewords, afterwords, extra pages and all that, and even he has stopped doing them. If you don't specify them, they simply won't get done.
No. 29109
>it sounds like this will also be text-only?

>>29096 here.

There's one (established) person I could possibly ask about editing, but the likelihood of him not being busy is low. So, in short, yes, it'd be text-only unless current circumstances change.
No. 29122
OK I E-mailed FUKE about it, so I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the suggestions.

I can understand why sometimes. For >>29067 the text is over a picture, and some artists like to talk a lot. But at least most translators won't outright refuse to do artist comments, I love reading them even if it's inane half the time.

I thought so.
No. 29159
Addendum: It might happen, but no certainty. I'll update if necessary.
No. 29192
No. 29193
No. 29194
No. 29195
No. 29196

Novel, but about half the pages are illustrations.
No. 29222

Dude the raws thread is here >>24189
No. 29364
Post comments and stuff here. That thread is only for uploads.

And it pretty much is. I'm the only one who posts stuff in it anymore. Maybe we should start linking to exhentai or something?
No. 29450
I've got 12, 16, and 東方陵辱フルカラー, though 12 and 16 are Chinese translations. Want em?
No. 29451
The chinese TL's are no good, but the full colour one would be appreciated.
No. 29453
You sure? Unless you can read moonrunes or are planning some amazing mass-translation fiasco, you won't notice the difference.
No. 29455
I can, that's the problem. Chinese, I don't know jack shit about. But sure, if you're doing it in one pack, throw those in as well.
No. 29466
I will, then. Using mediafire, though, so gotta be quick.
Let me know when you're there.

...part of me wants to ask stuff about the stories, but another part is worried that if I knew what the text says I'd stop liking the circles work. Tricky.
No. 29475
Whenever you are ready. Just don't label the archive, put a password on it and don't mention the circle name in the post and I think it will survive for at least a couple of days.
No. 29489
So. Um.
That circle's stuff is back up on exhentai. All of what was ever uploaded there, I think.

What the fuck happened?
No. 29492
It was never not-there to begin with
No. 29497
What? Yeah they were.
No. 29503
And now they're gone again. Huh.

What did you mean by that?
No. 29504
I don't know if this some poor trolling attempt or what. I'm looking at the site right now and everything is there.
No. 29507
Well I don't. Though I spoke to soon and most of the older books are still there.
I'm so confused.
No. 29508
1-25? I only see 15.
No. 29509
That's because there never were all of the groups doujinshi there in the first place, only some scraps.
No. 29510
Yup, always been like that. For me at least.
Until recently when they all came back, then some of them left again along with most of that recent batch, and...fuck I don't know.
No. 29511
I got 1-48 on my list. Not sure what the hell are you people going on about
No. 29512
Oh are you guys filtering languages or anything? That might be your problem right there
No. 29515
Nope, no filtering.
Have you done anything to your settings at all?
No. 29519
No filtering at all for me.
No. 29521
Can you view everything here? The first one used to be "unavailable" for me but isn't anymore. Some of them still are.


No filters either, same results as >>29507
No. 29524
tl;dr - shit happens
No. 29526
They all work for me

Also unrelated topic.

What's the deal mindbreak.

I really can't for the life of me really get why it seems to be so popular
No. 29527
Well that confirms it. Some galleries are hidden and blocked, but only for some users. Any idea why that might be?

To answer your question, I can't. Maybe someone who likes that could.
No. 29540
galleries are blocked for some users depending on how long they've had their account, how much they've spammed the forums, and the some other mysterious factors.
No. 29545
rape itself is rather popular though I think mindbreak endings are popular in japan due to male/female issues over there.
No. 29546
Mind break is more of a focus than just as something thrown in at the end now, though. Not that that doesn't happen a lot anyway...

On an unrelated note...the fourth book in that Satori happy sex series got scanned. I had SaHa translate the last few books, which was good, but I got some complaints about SaHas lack of understanding of Touhou.
Give me some input here. Would throwing this thing at desudesu for better understanding be worth the shift in translator/tone?
No. 29547
I remember seeing someone complain about his lack of Touhou knowledge, but I don't remember seeing any problem when I actually read the books. What was wrong with his translation?
No. 29548
Terminology and names. Remember some Touhou's have names which can be also used for translatable nouns. Such as Yukari being translated as "Violet" And if you go super literal at times you get weird results such as danamaku being translated or Scarlet Devil Mansion being untranslated and being put in as Koumakan.

Also I think in part you had a case of Wriggle being referred to as a he when NOT gender swapped

In part I figured the rape focus was more Japan's gender issues and really the entire Putting a Strong Female Character "In her Place" which is to say being used as nothing more as a cum dumpster. Of course you get entire circles focused on it and because they can draw good it sells and others see that as how to make money which leads to a viscous cycle. I miss having lots of scanned and uploaded Touhou Yuri....

And on the Satori Happysex thing I'm a fan. Its a cute series.
No. 29549
Uh, I meant specifically for that series. I don't remember either of those girls being mentioned in there at all.

"Danmaku" as "Curtain fire" or whatever else I don't consider to be that bad, nor not translating Koumakan. If nothing else, it's shorter than "Scarlet Devil Mansion" and doesn't look as silly as SDM.
No. 29550
>japanese gender issues
What about americans toting guns everywhere
No. 29551
Yeah as it seems to make money to the point where artists who would shy from rape/mindbreak in their fanart would go there for their doujins.

As far as yuri stuff? Not sure why there's not as many H-doujins w/ yuri scanned but there's not exactly a lack of non-H yuri doujins.

Vanilla in touhou doujin-dom seems to be in the minority as even if something doesn't go into rape, it often goes into some kink like femdom.

I like those Satori doujins as guilt free fapping, d'awww and the fact Satori isn't drawn as a loli (rather a petite-ish woman)
No. 29559
Yea I mean just looking through there seems to be a good amount of yuri ones out there but I still don't get why they don't get scanned.

It's kinda weird when your closest to vanilla in any real numbers for scanned lately is shotacon....
No. 29560
I think it relates to the tastes of the people scanning them, regardless of nationality. I suspect the yuri fans are pleased with the non-H stuff or FF.net fanfics to really press on the H one issue. That and I suspect yuri fans aren't so much interested in the sex than the romance and drama.

Your best bet is to look into a way of getting what you want scanned, though it might not be cheap.
No. 29573
desudesu is offering scanning services now, but his fee is 100% of the cost of the books. He's closer to Japan, so the shipping is marginally cheaper, but he's still going through a deputy service and has to pay their commission as well.
Sabre scans is also letting you buy stuff to be scanned, I believe at-cost unless you want to pay extra to have him scan it sooner. However, he has a big backlog, including a bunch of !lggAzV5pXw books, so it'll take him a while to get anything done, and he isn't taking commissions at all until he gets rid of some of his backlog.

alternatively, there's also dl sites. Melonbooks and Gyutto, and probably others as well, will allow foreign credit cards without much hassle. This is also dirt cheap, since there's no shipping at all or extra commissions to pay, and digital versions are frequently cheaper anyway. However the selection is extremely limited, and at least some of the time the work is more heavily censored.
No. 29576
I am so happy that, after all these years, people are finally starting to do this.
Desudesu's doing it too now? This is excellent news. I wonder if he'd do non-H stuff...
No. 29758
Ever wonder which touhou is the lewdest? It's Kasen.

I performed a search for all touhous on pixiv to get percentages of how lewd (character tag versus character tag + r-18) or titty (character tag versus oppai tag) each touhou is. The results can be found in this google document.


Below is the script used to generate this document and the characters file (must be named characters.txt) containing all of the touhou names and oppai tags. You can run it if you like; it requires python 2 and you will need to enter your pixiv username and password.

http://pastebin.com/zmYq6gYi script
http://pastebin.com/hvVpjERJ characters.txt
No. 29759
The Sanae results infuriate but do not surprise me.

Fuck you too, buddy.
No. 29760
there's more Seiga pictures than that, though some might just have her first name.

I remember seeing a picture on danbooru about Kasen herself being shocked at her popularity in doujins.

Also with how japan is, there's a tendency for "pure"/"good" girls to get shittons of hentai.
No. 29766
Well that explains why touhou have h doujins at all. God damn you japan first Sanae now Kasen. Good thing the characters aren't real so they cant see how disgraced their fanon image has been.
No. 29768
that's an interesting way of describing the cast though this tendency doesn't exactly exclude naughty touhous from getting a nice amount of doujins (Yukari, Seiga) but it would explain why Rieze from SD3 has a 999:1 ratio compared to Angela from the same game when the latter is shapelier/naughtier.
No. 29781
I'm still a little surprised how high the Watatsukis are, although it fits with your reasoning. And you mean this picture?

It's not just that the characters are interesting? Seiga, Yukari, and Kasen for that matter are, and they also have nice designs and fun gimmicks.
No. 29782
Yep. That's the pic

Though that chart covers the Pixiv side of things, not so much things purely from an artist's website or even doujins.

True about those three and I guess Kasen hit various things right to get such a start. Particularly for a character who's only been in comics.

I wouldn't say they're quite high but what H they do have is often of a rapey nature from what I can tell.
No. 29795
500 megs on dlsite, 370 on ex. 244x2 images vs 511. Is there something missing?
No. 30061
i'm really hoping this gets uploaded eventually. the samples look really nice.
No. 30225
I do love this series. We need more happysex. Kind of sad that I have to actually say that sentiment.
No. 30234
"Born a Demon"
Who did the translating on this?

Still this is total sequel bait
No. 30235
>[SaHa] Natsu no Umi - Urakoi Vol.4 (English)

Gee, I wonder.
No. 30237
Ahh yes Saha... its just this side of CG Rascal...
No. 30238
But yea please putting on accessible sources so it can easily get on exhentai later.
No. 30239
What? Bullshit, how can you say that?
No. 30246
When it comes to Touhou Saha's pretty bad at times when it comes to Characters and Setting... I mean he's fucked up that Wriggle is a GIRL...
No. 30249
Oh, that.
Yes, I know. But he translated the first three, before I knew about that, so I gave him the fourth too.
No. 30251
that might not have been the best move as while the first three might have been tolerable, this seems to be even worse.
No. 30255
You can ask him to fix stuff, ya know.

"Hey, I notice that on page x you said y; It should be z because Touhou"
No. 30258
You'll notice I already asked you lot your opinion on this, in >>29546, well before commissioning anything. It's a little too late now.

I know. But what would I say to replace? With what?
No. 30259
Specific things like wriggle not being a girl or not recognizing Kaguya are easy. I assume that in this Satori example, the original term was "youkai" and he decided to use "demon".

In my experience, he'd ask me first for terminology he didn't know. e.g. how to translate "sukima", or what to do about "imouto-sama" (for Flan).

Where was this Wriggle boy thing anyway? I don't remember ever seeing that.
No. 30262
He had fixed it apparently with a "Revised version" of the translation.
No. 30288
It is to my great frustration that so many pages in this book are devoted to a straight rape scene, instead of more time with the machines. It's a good rape scene, mind you, but...
No. 30291
Apparently the machine stuff isn't selling as good as the straight rape stuff, consider that he did a machineless one with Patchouli before. It was a dream
No. 30292
Yea people seem to forget its all about the $$$$$$$. Which is why touhou doujins are populated with rape and het stuff. Otherwise it would be all futa and yuri since that's the only thing that fits touhou.
No. 30293
>greedy doujin artists are the only reasons for het Touhou content
I sure hope I misread you, because... well...
No. 30294
You're the same guy who wrote >>27574 right?
No. 30296
Oh, I wouldn't say that. His next book was back to machines.
I think he just likes drawing rape sometimes. How unfortunate that he decided to flex that like in an Aya book.

Yeah, I remember that part in Imperishable Night were Reimu had lesbian sex with Marisa and Reisen grew a dick.
Fits like a glove.
No. 30298

Yeah, can't use the word 'rape' on mediafire. Don't even bother.
No. 30301
If you hate het then why are you still on a site mainly dedicated to men romancing touhous?

with the way Mediafire is to go about uploading doujins or other not so legal stuff (piriated games) it requires creative naming and some random text files to throw off whatever it uses to detect files.
No. 30309
Can someone confirm whether this is a doujin or just a single picture?
According to yande.re, the artist is shima tiyo
No. 30312
appears to be just a pic as the artist's pixiv page for it had nothing indicating a doujin cover or such at all.
No. 30315
Ok. Wait. I just realize it. No captcha in this imaegboard?
No. 30687
I sure do love books I've been meaning to buy going out of stock a day or two before I place an order. Such a fantastic feeling!

Reitaisai 10 looms. What books are people looking forward to?
No. 30688
I'm looking forward to futa and yuri doujins. Touhou futa and yuri also if they still exist.
No. 30713
Ootsuki Wataru got more of his Parsee x Satori stuff coming out. And a Yukari x Reimu one too. Gotta love his stuff!
No. 30723
There should be more than that. Its sad when you have to deliberately look for touhou yuri and futa. Its a series with all girls yet it has less yuri or futa then most modern anime. Well I guess that's what we have precure and other yuri shows for. Touhou doujins stopped being about yuri and futa a while ago. Yuri and futa fans abandoned ship and went to things that the fanbase actually makes yuri and futa of. Since touhou doujins are just a cash cow now there's nothing left for yuri and futa fans. Such a damn shame.
No. 30726
Gotta love the appeal to the Endless Rape/Mindbreak crowd.

I know there is others than him but he's the most notable artist I follow. Delicious Parsee
No. 30727
Don't knock the rape.

Christ, if you're that upset, I'll try and get some yuri this year.
No. 30729
>waah there's nothing but futa and yuri
>waah there's everything but futa and yuri

Fuck that loser.
No. 30736
Sorry but generic LOL RAPE scenarios have been done to death and back. Admittedly Fdom scenarios would be more interesting considering you know... Youkai are youkai

Hell I've only seen a few happy sex books (And one series of it which was quite nice) being scanned. Even fewer with shockingly enough... a NONFACELESS MAN!
No. 30737
Do something about it.

No. 30738
Oh it's this bitching and whining topic again. I guess it comes and goes like seasons now.
No. 30739
On that note, I'm gonna place an order like a week after reitaisai 10. If anyone else wants to make an order then, we can probably save a bit on shipping.
No. 30755
I don't think I can wait that long.
What books are you getting? Who are you using for ordering/scanning?
No. 30757
I don't know yet. I'm waiting until after the event to even write things down so I have an idea of what stuff is scanned on its own or available on melonbooks dl.

Desudesu, because he's fast. If you know someone better I could use anyone.

Honestly I need a contact in Japan who is willing to do this. Shipping is too fucking expensive.
No. 30768
out of curiosity, has anyone spotted these two doujinshi scanned anywhere?
No. 30769
Nope, the guy's pokemon work seems more popular.
No. 30772
For the sake of avoiding duplicate purchases and wasted money, here's my order for scanning. Mostly on the rapey side.

No. 30773
The Kinntarou book is pretty likely to show up on melonbooks dl. There's no extra censorship. Just my personal advisory.

Other than that I'm not seeing much overlap with what I'll be going for.

Who are you using?
No. 30774
I won't take that chance.
I'm using desudesu.

I was planning on getting more worksafe books, and still might, but for some reason they're much more difficult to find/sift through than the porn. How sad.
No. 30775
例大祭SP2 was 2011/09/11, this was added to the dl side on 2011/10/07

C83 was 2012/12/30, this was added on 12/30.

It's really not much of a chance. That's all of his porn. He even has 2 worksafe books on there.
No. 30776
Well, I ordered it regardless.
No. 30778
past tense? Not even waiting for everything to show up in the shops?

Well. Suit yourself.
No. 30779
Oh, yes. If I could wait longer I would, as I'm sure more stuff worth buying is going to show up, but what's already there is selling out now.

If you wait for everything, you're going to miss out on some of the earlier stuff. Important thing to keep in mind, that.
No. 30780
about worksafe doujins, I wonder if someone has plans of getting Wild Party! Scanned (by Rapid Ra bit and four leaf clover).
No. 30812
Man. Just when I'm thinking how great it is that almost all the books I want are turning up on online stores, a dozen more show up that won't.
No. 30870
>Search for some doujinshi to pick out
>Find more than I expected

Total cost: 19265 yen.
And that's before shipping.
And before desudesu's 100% fee.

Maybe I should just try sabre. I don't like him, but he's a fuckload cheaper. Well, hopefully more of them will show up in the next 2 weeks so I don't have to worry so much.

Might as well post my list too. If anyone wants to join in on this, let me know. Probably gonna put it in on the 8th or so.

No. 30872
Not a single Reimu yuri or futa doujin only random man? You disgust me
No. 30873
>a hundred and eighty eight fucking dollars for a comic book

Sometimes, I look at this, and I just want to slap someone. If half of these doujin artists could just sell shit in ebook/pdf format or something, they could expand their own customer base by several orders of magnitude and not have to charge ridiculous prices.
No. 30874

There's probably a reason why they don't, and that reason is probably a valid one.
No. 30876
Melonbooks does have a digital section last time I checked, though pdfs and e-books don't seem the easiest to disect into gallery format.

I am disapointed that none of hte sites seem to have Gonzuboro Iku doujins, Guess I'll have to accept the Saemon Iku one as a pretty good consolation prize.
No. 30877
That is not $200 for one comic book. That is $200 for twenty-six books. The average price is thus 741 yen, or $7.32. I think paying seven bucks for a porn doujin is reasonable.

The unreasonable part comes in from the fucking fees and shipping costs. Those are ridiculous. I fully expect shipping to be another $100.

>If half of these doujin artists could just sell shit in ebook/pdf format or something,
Some of them do. There are multiple dl sites, but not everyone uses them. The prices are generally much cheaper as well, and of course there's no need for fucking deputies or scanning services for these. On the other hand, they tend to be more heavily censored for some reason.

>they could expand their own customer base by several orders of magnitude
Now, I'm certainly no expert, but I honestly get the feeling that most people aren't publishing doujinshi for the money. I'm sure some are - Nagiyamasugi and Alemateorema both make me think they just want cash - but for the most part I imagine that people are in it for the convention experience. Have you ever read warugaki's report mangas, or mizuki's daily strip? Conventions aren't just about selling your wares, after all. And if you just sell online, you don't get the real convention experience. You can't watch someone flip through a digital copy of your book and then decide to buy it, you just get to watch a number go up by 1.

My tastes are exceptionally terrible, yes. You're welcome to pick out of stuff to include on. It's only ridiculously expensive when you buy a ton of them at once (like me); you can get almost any single non-huge book for under $10.
No. 30881
I don't know if your tastes are terrible, but I'm happy you included books from circle Setoran. Tora no ana also carries Marriage Marriage and Study Study from same circle, they were left out for a reason? Or it's just they've been recently added?
No. 30882
They're in my list. I must've forgotten to put them in there because I did it in three sections: Melonbooks (Was originally going to go full mb to reduce shipping), Setoran off toranoana, then a full crawl of tora. I might've forgotten to grab the 3 Setoran links before posting it here.

Yeah, I've been hoping some of their stuff would get scanned. Nope. They look interesting, at least, so hopefully it'll be worth buying all of them at once.
No. 30883
Here's hoping after yours get scanned it ends up starting others getting scanned as I've checked with some of the links if there's anything by the circles on exhentai and have have nothing.
No. 30912

7 more digital releases. Thread's on autosage so it didn't get bumped.
No. 30920
Oh, thank god!
No. 30951
Just placed my order. Went a little early to hopefully get them in before others go out of stock.

What I sent:

Sent them to Sabre. No idea how long he'll take, but hopefully he can place the order soon.
No. 30955
Several books I explicitly hoped wouldn't get scanned and none of the ones I did. Frustrating.
No. 30956
Welcome to people having different tastes.
No. 30957
So pay for ones you want scanned or do it yourself. At least some people are generous enough to share, scanning is also frustrating and tedious.
No. 30958
I have no complaints, though the Tira Misu one with Yuyuko and Yukari looks to be the most vanilla thing that artist has done. Do consider what his usual doujin fare is (rape, mindbreak, bloated cum dumpster)
No. 30960
I do, I do. Still frustrating.
No. 30963
Be prepared to be disappointed.
No. 30965

Consider the Yukari onee-san doujin that was more or less vanilla.
No. 30983
Kapo's Akyuu doujin translated today, prepare for feels.

No. 30994
Update on my order: Fuck sabre.

Went with Kalevala instead.
One doujin is definitely out of stock:

Two more might be. Waiting on confirmation to see if I got them or not. However, he did not mention anything being out of stock, so maybe I got the last copies:

In other news, Setoran has a new book coming out for C84. Which someone else can buy. I'm not about to go through this again for a long while. Not unless I can get a trustworthy contact in Japan to do it. And ideally hit up conventions.
No. 30999
>Fuck Sabre
Ppetty much. What'd he do to you?

How is Kalevala? This is the first I've heard of him.

I think I'm going to make another order, rope in some stragglers. Mostly tentacles and stuff again, though, so I don't predict any overlap.
No. 31000
Absolutely nothing. That's the problem.

Sent him all the links in a pastebin. Which he opened. 2 days later, including posting on his blog chatbox, nothing. No response whatsoever. And he's definitely active, since he was still posting other stuff.

My guess? He took a quick look, saw that it was touhou, and said "Eh, nothing in here I like. I'll just ignore it."

As for kalevala, http://kalevalascans.net/

I would've gone with him sooner, but he had a fucktarded policy of putting this swordsman guy or whatever on his releases. Apparently he just does that on a credit page now.
No. 31008
Odd. He did my all-Touhou order for C83 just fine. Even got him to do that karaagetarou Sanae book.
Scanning quality was pretty bad, though.
No. 31011
I don't suppose you'd be willing to wait for the 30th, would you?

No. 31016
No. 31017

How many people to I need to service to get that Tiramisu Tart doujin with Yuyuko and Yukari? And anything Momiji... I want to translate the fuck out of that. Oh god so much good stuff coming out~
No. 31018
Talk to Kalevala. If you say that you're going to translate something, he'll probably scan those first and give you hq raws.
No. 31030
No. 31032
Guess I'll delurk for a moment.
Hello everyone.

>scanning is also frustrating and tedious.
True that

We got the last copies

>How is Kalevala?
Not much to tell to be honest. I scan things for little white butterflies and their associates. You can find most of my releases under this name in my blog. I also have tiny ass channel on Rizon #kalevala

Got your email. I bought what one of the anons above asked
No. 31064

This got translated on danbooru.
No. 31219
Oh boy, it's time for this again!
No. 31220
Not this shit again. It was a failure of sequential art before. It'll be another failure with this next one. You'd think this guy would learn how to properly draw an orgy before doing another volume instead of drawing whiplash and a 'plot' in which stupidity makes 'Debbie Does Dallas' seem brilliantly written.

For all the disturbing rape and mind break in Tiramisu Tart's work at least the scripting is paced and doesn't try to pull a "OMG WHAT A TWEEEST!"
No. 31221
I dislike his touhou stuff as he basically strips away a good deal of the charm away in making various gensokyos ultra-slutty. If I wanted that, I'd watch western porn.
No. 31224
Are they going to have sex with Bob the Builder?
No. 31226
Oh that's a given. Even outside the sex they're In Name Only as most of them don't even got the accessories! They just namedrop that they're that character
No. 31227
Why the fuck would you even do that shit? So in the end they aren't even touhous in his doujins just sluts that resemble them. I never liked his doujins but holy shit I will never read anything by that guy again.
No. 31228
The characters will have the hair style of the character and animal parts as needed.

And the big TWIST! at the end is Shyamalanian and without foreshadowing, just being an utter asspull. (Spoiler: Yukari = Maribel and the Gensokyo wasn't absorbed into the Outside. The Outside was absorbed into Gensokyo!). Also I'm not fully sure if it's intentional but you get hints that the guy might be a little extreme in his political views (Myths of the outside being mentioned and both the Rape of Nanking and Holocaust being mentioned), Not sure if it's trying to be edgy or if he actually believes it...

It's utterly random and seems to be there to 'justify' the plot but really like everything he does the characters are randomly become sluts/ganguro Drop all character traits
No. 31229
>The characters will have the hair style of the character and animal parts as needed.

And that's about it.
No. 31231

Your butthurt only makes my penis harder.
No. 31234
you must have low standards then.
No. 31235
Oh look, it's more of literally the worst Touhou porn series ever made. Hooray.
No. 31236
That's not Nounai Kanojo.
No. 31237
I wish there were more series to make that a claim worth caring about.
No. 31239
That's a strange leap of logic as even with that series' issues (mainly things getting dragged out and the artist's lolicon leanings), it still maintains some touhou charm.
No. 31241
That one seems have forgotten its plot and just seems to be have really spun into just utter nonsense and justifications to have random lolicon stuff.

Still its not Rape/Mindbreak/torture of Tiramisu Tart series... or the utter WTF and utterly disturbing ending of Extend Party.
No. 31242
It has? I'm following it just fine.
No. 31244
The last one or two entries seem to be dragging things on a bit, making some go "Just finish the plotline already!"
No. 31245
Just finish the story and start another (Or write a sequel). Don't pointlessly drag it out. It'll just get to the point where you know he's just throwing out filler and you forget the main plot. The Yukari one I just looked at and went 'Why does this volume exist?' as it really didn't contribute anything to the story. (Also Never could understand WHY you'd want LoliYukari)
No. 31246
>(Also Never could understand WHY you'd want LoliYukari)
Old hag lolis are hot.
No. 31248
that basically and the whole loliyukari thing was so painfully obvious I'm sure fans went "really?" He should have done something more episodic in the first place.
No. 31249
That was true as of book 3 or maybe even 2. And sure I prefer Nounai Kanojo porn over AnT and those things you mentioned, but story-wise it's about as dumb.

It's nice once in a while.
No. 31250
yeah it is nice but the way it was handled was more "I don't wanna draw actual boobs" more or less.

And I remember that artist's loliYukari stuff (though with the chest she has, she's a rather well developed one)
No. 31252
of course he doesn't want to draw boobs, he's a goddamn lolicon!
No. 31253
Pretty much. The entire Yukari volume was just "Well I need to make up some reason to have Loli Yukari... Uh... Fuck let's make up a convoluted reason and go with it" Of course that entire book was just pointless FILLER.
No. 31254
Uh, I don't pay close attention to that series, but didn't the Yukari volume have some big reveal in it, like Nanashi used to be Yukari's Shikigami, set him free into the outside world, and that's why he was entrusted with Cirno or something?
No. 31255
It could have presented without the Lolicon scene in all honesty
No. 31257
But that's the point of the series.
No. 31273
Then it should've been done better, made an unrelated story or not made at all. Better yet, all of them should've been separate stories without that half-baked plot.
No. 31274
There'd be far less issues if he made it a more episodic thing without a real plot hanging over things.
No. 31277
But my continuity fetish!
No. 31293
bitch bitch bitch
all of you will still fap to that alice takarabako book when it gets translated
No. 31294
>parody:touhou project
>Showing 1-25 of 12,836
We're not that starved for Touhou porn.

No. 31299
perhaps not, but the typcial /at/ poster doesn't seem that picky in terms of touhou smut and prone to acting like they're starved.

that's not to say there's not any that are actually picky, they're just in the minority
No. 31300
And how would you know that?
No. 31307
Any word on those? It's been a while since your order.
No. 31309
They just came in. Scanning's started.
No. 31332
Oh, speak of the devil.

No. 31333
And with that being done I can resume scanning
No. 31344
So it manages to be dumber than the previous one and even less fappable due to trying to shove TOO MANY CHARACTERS into one thing, leading to whiplash, and its plot twist manages to be somehow DUMBER than the the last one.

If not racist.
No. 31474
Dem mouths. Sakuya, you're getting raped; stop laughing.
No. 31475
Wait, did we hit bump limit?
No. 31476
No. 31491
I thought after that spell circle appeared earlyish in the story was some sort of Mind Control going on but it doesn't seem it.

Still man the faces where hilariously inappropriate
No. 31648

new thread
No. 31649
new thread >>31646
No. 35195
Can somebody tell me where I can find the Japanese version of this Doujinshi? http://www.primehentai.com/namu-paipai-touhou-project/