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You make your way to the location Yukari mentioned, deep within the forest on the border of the Hakurei Barrier. It's about a quarter of the way around Gensokyo from your shrine, and well off of any existing path. The hike is annoying, especially since you need to be careful to not damage your new uniform. About two hours after you departed, you finally reach the clearing.

There are two beaten down buildings in here, and two long lines of parallel metal attached to the ground. Strange that the place should look so old, given that Yukari just created it the other day. Maybe she instead just stole some existing facility. That is the kind of thing she does, after all. You just hope it isn't inconveniencing people on the outside somehow.

No one else is here. Not that this is a surprise. You're probably the first person to ever need to take a train from Gensokyo to the outside world. It'll be your first trip out there, and naturally, you're nervous as hell. Yukari insists that it's for your own good – some crap like “In today's modern world, even shrine maidens isolated in a place like Gensokyo need to become educated and get a degree. This means you, Reimu.”

There are some benches by the tracks, and a mirror on the outside of one of the dilapidated buildings. The mirror is surprisingly clean, so presumably Yukari put it there just for you. You walk up to it and admire your reflection. The clothes Yukari gave you are actually pretty cute. You're wearing a white blouse underneath a dark blue blazer and a maroon plaid skirt with black thighhigh socks. There was also a necktie, but you couldn't figure out how to get the damn thing on, so you just left it alone. She didn't say anything to the contrary, so you're still wearing your usual hair tubes and your ribbon is keeping your hair in a short ponytail.

You do a quick twirl, letting your skirt rise a little from the air, then sit down on one of the benches. Still no sign of the train, not that you know what signs there could be. Yukari at least gave you a quick summary of how this thing works. A massive metal vehicle will approach on the metal tracks. For your safety, be sure to stay off the yellow lines until the train comes to a complete stop. Then get on, and stay on until it stops four times. It does sound easy, at least. But it's still odd, getting into such a thing

It takes another twenty minutes before the thing finally appears. You're not entirely sure what you were expecting, but it wasn't that. The thing is huge, and stretches back far past the beginning of the station. It's moving quickly and making a lot of noise, but slows down to a stop as it approaches the station. The train's body is a lustrous silver with a large number of windows all over the side, letting you make out the vague shapes of hundreds of other people already inside. The front of it is smooth and angled slightly, while the rest of its body is uniformly about 3 feet taller than you.

There isn't much time for you to stand and admire the sleek design, as the doors open a few seconds after it comes to a complete stop. No one gets off, of course, as this stop exists solely for you. You hurry inside, not wanting to miss your chance, only to discover that the doors stay open for two minutes despite your rush. Oh well.

The train is packed with people of all sorts. There's a good number of girls about your age wearing the same uniform you have on, plus a bunch of boys in their own uniform. Presumably they're all your classmates. Most of them are gathered together in large groups, so they're probably know each other already. There's also a lot of older men wearing fancy clothes and a handful of well dressed older women as well. Not very many women though; there's like ten times as many older men as women, and maybe twice as many young boys as girls. Still, there's enough girls that you don't stand out or anything.

Although you suspect you wouldn't stand out no matter what. No one even looked at you as you walked in, despite being the only person coming on in a run-down train station that doesn't even exist in a wooded area that clashes with the sleek metal of the train. Part of that might be Yukari at work, but most of it just seems natural. Almost all of the young people are fixated on small devices in their hands. You think you've seen Yukari carrying things like that around before, so it might be some kind of super-advanced outside-world tech, or maybe some strange game. Some of the older people have similar devices as well, but even the ones that don't just stare blankly ahead, lifelessly. Their complete lack of energy gives you the impression that they live in this train, that their entire lives consist of being carried by this metal vehicle.

Yukari had told you that you probably wouldn't be able to find a seat, and she was right. There are seats on both sides of every part of the train that isn't a door, but they're all taken. Most of the people are just standing while holding on to rings hanging from the ceiling. You have no choice, so you scoot in between two older gentlemen and grab one of the rings. You're really close to the two men surrounding you, but there's no helping that with how packed this train is.

The train starts to move about a minute after the doors closed. The sudden lurch forward also sends you spiraling into the man behind you, but you strength your grip on the ring. It still causes you to lightly bump into him with your butt, and you quickly apologize, not that he seemed to mind. You stop feeling the backwards pull once the train reaches a stable speed, although you keep your hand on the ring, just to be safe.

The train ride continues uneventfully and takes you out of the light forest round the border of Gensokyo. Not that you can clearly see out the windows. The train is so packed you can only make out a small portion of the window space, and it's moving so quickly everything outside is just a blur. As a result, there's nothing for you to do but wait. You don't even have one of those fancy devices the others do, and looking at people would be rude. There's little other option but to stare at the floor. No wonder everyone looks like that.

After ten minutes or so, the train begins to slow down again. You tightly grip the ring to stop yourself from falling forward until it comes to a complete stop. Three more stops like this and you can get off; this thing is more tiring than you thought. A handful of people get off the train, and then a lot more get on afterwards. Now it's even more crowded. The new people struggle to find a place to even stand in this packed area. Another hand brushes against yours as someone new grips the ring you're holding onto, and you instinctively look to see who it is. A young man wearing what you assume is the boys' uniform for your new university is now standing at your left, his hand barely touching yours. Your eyes meet for a second, but he quickly looks away. He's actually pretty cute. People continue to pile into the train, pressing you closer and closer to the many people around you. At least this does include the cute boy to your side.

Once everyone is inside, the doors close and the train resumes moving. The forward acceleration sends the mass of people shifting backwards, causing you to bump into the guy behind you, and the guy in front of you to press against you. It's uncomfortable, but there's nothing you can do. This seems to be a standard annoyance in this method of transportation.

Fifteen minutes pass with nothing happening. It would seem that the next stop is further away than the last one was, although you have no way to check. Every once in a while the train speeds up or slows down a little, causing your neighbors to lightly bump against your body from the movement. Right now someone is brushing up against your butt; you try to wiggle away a little bit in the small amount of space you have, but you can't get away. If anything, it gets even worse. Wait, is that someone's wrist? Does that mean someone is doing this on purpose?

As soon as you realize this, the culprit advances. Instead of simply rubbing the back of their wrist against your behind, they give you cheeks a loose squeeze through your skirt. You almost let out a small cry from the surprise, but stop yourself. You don't want to cause a scene. There isn't even room to cause a scene. There's no way for you to know precisely what will happen if other people know that you're being felt up, but any commotion in this crowded space would just cause problems, and possibly get innocent people injured or falsely accused.

The man's hand moves down to flip your skirt up and starts rubbing your butt through the thin fabric of your panties. There's no way for you to escape him, so you're forced to endure his assault. However this only seems to make him bolder, as he lightly traces one finger over your slit. The sudden stimulation causes you to let you a small cry, so you cover your mouth with your free hand to prevent any other outbursts. If only you could reach back there and just grab his wrist!

Your brief cry of surprise seems to have simply attracted more attention. While the first man continues to lightly rub your slit, someone else rubs their hand up and down along your right leg. You're pretty sure it's not just the same guy, at least. This guy doesn't seem to be interested in your butt, and just continues gently gliding his hand up and down along your leg. You're not sure if that's actually any better.

And then a third. Someone else standing behind you reaches his hand past your body and cups your right breast. After a few quick feels, he deftly unbuttons your blazer with one hand and resumes squeezing your breast. What is wrong with this train?! This guy isn't even being sneaky, or doing anything to stop other people from seeing his hand on your chest. And then a fourth hand reaches up your skirt and starts caressing your butt cheeks.

It doesn't take long for your body to start reacting to the many hands covering it. You can feel your breathing growing heavier and a slight dampness in your crotch. After touching your wetness, the first man moves his hand away from your slit. But instead of moving it somewhere else, it's replaced by something even longer and harder. It's his dick. He actually took out his erect dick and is rubbing it between your thighs, pressing it against your slit through your panties. The presence of his penis does nothing to deter your other molesters from grabbing your body, either.

Now that his hand is free, he wraps it around to your front and sticks it up your shirt, then grabs your left boob. He gives it a few quick squeezes through your bra, then pushes it aside to directly touch your skin. The other man, noticing the opportunity, also reaches his hand up your shirt to better feel your tit. The two of them roughly squeeze and rub your modest breasts, giving your now erect nipples the occasional hard pinch. Their “embrace” makes it impossible to move your body now, but at least your hand is still on your mouth to stop your voice.

The man slowly thrusts his hips, grinding his shaft against your slit. There's no escape from the brief glimpses of pleasure from his hot cock throbbing against your sensitive vagina. Your hand is at least able to contain your moans from the stimulation from your pussy and breasts. After about a minute of this slow thrusting, the man leans forward and nibbles on your left ear. His lips close softly around your earlobe, then softly flicks his tongue against your ear. The surprise causes you to inadvertently tighten your legs around his cock, pushing it deeper against your slit.

He's not satisfied with just using your thighs for long. With everyone else restraining you, he bends you forward a bit, slides your panties down to your ankles, and then drives his cock inside of you. Your wet pussy eagerly accepts his thick cock, allowing him to vigorously thrust into and out of your body. His shaft is big enough to hit all of your sensitive areas, sending bursts of pleasure through your body as it scrapes against your walls. Even with the limited ability to move, he adjusts his angle of penetration to have his penis explore your pussy. You moan softly from his movements, unable to hold it in any longer.

His thrusts continue at a steady pace, with each insertion sending waves of pleasure through your body. The other men around you move around to prevent anyone else from seeing you. Most of your molesters need to let go of you for a brief second, but they immediately return their hands to your supple body once they've reached their new position. And now that there's a visual shield, they don't need to hold back. Most of the men unzip their pants and pull out their fully erect cocks, each glistening with a bit of precum at the tip. Some of them press their cocks against your body, rubbing it against your stomach, sides, and legs, while most just stroke their shafts and keep them pointed at you.

The train starts slowing down in preparation for the next stop, and in response the man behind you starts thrusting harder, trying to end this quickly. He only lasts for about eight minutes total, and drives his cock deep inside of you with one final thrust, filling your pussy with his thick, overflowing cum. As if on cue, all of the men surrounding you ejaculate as well, covering your body and clothes with their semen. The sudden burst of heat all around you brings you over the edge, and you moan in pleasure from your own orgasm, desperately trying to block the sound with your hand.

You struggle to grip the ring for support as your legs grow weak. The man pulls out of you, which would've sent you falling to the ground, but he was at least gracious enough to hold you up first and help you stand up straight. The crowd of men around you all put away their dicks and many of them disperse, but enough stick around to hide your cum-stained body. You're feeling a bit steadier now, and a lot of the cum did land on your body, so it shouldn't be too noticeable if you just fix your clothes. You let go of the ring and quickly pull your panties back up, adjust your bra, then straighten out your shirt and skirt, and rebutton your blazer. There's still a number of stains on your clothes, but it's not perfectly clear that they're semen.

The train comes to a stop and the doors open. You rush outside, pushing past the crowd of men around you and the other passengers trying to get off. You're somewhere in the outside world, and have no idea where.

But someone does know where you are. Standing about forty feet away from you is Yukari Yakumo, looking very out of place in her regular attire and large parasol when compared to the other people in the station. Not that anyone notices her; the station is crowded but they just walk around her, leaving a large area with no people in it at all. You walk up to her and enter that small area devoid of people around her.

“Good afternoon, Reimu. Did you enjoy your first train ride?”

“Eh, it was alright, I guess. The sex was fine, but the location just made it awkward. Leaning over with my hands held up high for support isn't exactly my idea of comfortable sex. I guess I'm not really into roleplay, either. You did choose a good partner though; you'll have to bring him along some other time in better circumstances.”

“Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. I take it you won't be interested in doing this again?”

“Mmm, maybe. But probably not, no. Was everyone in the train involved? If so, a more comfortable position should be doable. The whole farce about trying to keep quiet and stop everyone else from seeing us was pretty annoying. Not that I mind being surrounded by a dozen thick cocks.”

“I'll see what I can do. But, while we're in the outside, would you like to get something to eat? Or maybe hit up a brothel together?”

“Sounds like fun. I'll need to change before getting food, although I suppose this should be fine for getting laid again. A shame, cause this is a really cute skirt.”

Yukari smiles. “I'm glad you like it. I have a change of clothes in my car. Don't worry, no one will see us until we get there. Come along, dear. Let's have some more fun.”
No. 32481
Another late night on the road. If only I could live in the human village, I wouldn’t have to travel so much just to run my food cart. I finished up later than usual because I had more customers tonight. If I could, I’d leave the cart back in the village and fly home. But no, the village elders say that I can’t leave it there! I’m barely allowed to come near the village, much less in! At least I have company on my walk tonight.

Beside me is Mokou Fujiwara, one of my most common and well paying customers. You wouldn’t really think it by looking at her, but she actually has quite a bit of money! Oh, that’s not nice of me to say, but it’s kinda true. She’s nicer than she seems and will often help me out if a customer is being difficult. She’ll usually walk me most of the way down the road, at least until she gets close to her home in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

“Hey, Mystia,” she says breaking the silence between us, her voice more subdued than usual. “It’s pretty late, are you sure you’re okay walking home like this?”

“Uh,” weird, she never asks this. Well, I suppose it’s later than usual. “I, think I can handle it. Why?”

“Well, I was just worried about you and thought you could, maybe, I don’t know, stay at my place tonight?” She is looking away from me and is scratching her cheek.

I’m a little touched by this. She has been a good friend, and I’ve never visited her home before so why not? “I-I’d appreciate that.”

“Y-you would? I mean,” she fumbles with her words a little. “Anyway, uh, follow me!”

She leads me farther down the road to the point we normally say our goodbyes and instead of turning to go to the Forest of Magic, I follow her towards the Bamboo Forest. We walk through the bamboo for a while, having to stop every couple minutes to maneuver the cart through a small gap. But we reach Mokou’s home much faster than if I went home.

It’s just a small shack with the basic of furnishings, but it’s clean and organized. I wait while Mokou sets up a futon for me. It’s next to her bed, well most things are next to her bed here but still it’s pretty close. They’re almost touching!

We end up sitting on our respective beds facing each other. “M-Mystia, I, uh, had another reason for asking you to stay tonight.” Her face is extremely red and her breathing is heavy. I feel nervous about what she’s about to say, but I wait patiently for her to talk. Even if my own breathing is getting heavy. I can’t help it, she’s been my friend for so long! She has a certain look to her that just seems so appealing! “I want to tell you that I, I, um, well.” She stops talking and…

Leans over and kisses me on the lips. It feels, warm, and soft. She smells of smoke, but I don’t care. I’ve been waiting for this for so long now. When she pulls back she doesn’t say anything. I think it’s my turn to say something now. “Wow, I uh, wow.” I have no idea what to say! I want to tell her how I feel, but no words are coming out! So, I do the only sensible thing. I kiss her right back!

Before I know it, we’re kissing each other and pulling at each other’s clothes. She undoes my yukata with no issue, but I can only get the straps of her suspenders off her shoulders and the top few buttons of her shirt undone with my trembling fingers. Mokou breaks from our kiss and smiles shyly as she undoes her buttons for me revealing her small but firm breasts. A wave of jealousy hits me; I think hers might be a little larger than my own! But I quickly stop thinking about that as she removes her pants and panties in one movement.

I’m still wearing my white panties, but I quickly take them off and join Mokou on her bed. Once again we press our lips together. Mokou immediately puts an arm around me and rests her hand on my back between my wings which causes me to arch my back.

“Oh, are you sensitive there?” She asks seemingly intrigued. I nod in response, which causes her to start tracing the base of my wings with her fingers. Oh god this feels good! Her other hand is massaging my breasts.

I grab her ass suddenly and WOW is it firm! My other hand is occupied by her pink nipples. Oh, wow, I didn’t think doing something like this would feel so good!

Her hand slowly slides from my breasts down between my legs. She uses her fingers to rub my pussy. “Ah,” as soon as she touches it I let out a gasp. “Ha, M-Mokou.” She presses forward making me lay on my back. She leaves my wings alone and has a hand on one of my breasts while sucking on the other and playing with my clit. “Hu, ha,” my moaning starts to become really loud as I start feeling strange down there. I’ve masturbated before, but it was nothing like this!

I move my hand from her breasts and start rubbing her pussy. She starts panting as I work on getting her slit nice and moist. Neither one of us seems like we know exactly what we’re doing, but it feels great anyway!

Our breathing gets heavier and more frantic as we press our bodies closer together with as much force and passion we can, driving ourselves closer to our limits. With a few final movements we climax simultaneously.

I’ve never felt something like that before! It is so intense that I pass out mere moments after my big moment.


When I wake in the morning I find myself wrapped up in a blanket, still completely naked. But Mokou is nowhere to be seen. I know this is her house, but I can’t help but feel scared that she left me! With the blanket still around me I rush outside to see her standing in my food cart with black smoke pouring out.

“Uh, good morning Mystia,” Mouku calls out to me. “I, uh, wanted to make you breakfast, but I kind of, well,” she slumps forward in embarrassment.

I just smile at her and say, “Don’t worry, I’ll make you breakfast from now on!”
My first foray into the world of writing porn, but due to the rules I count as a "Veteran" so I'm screwed here. Thanks Rabbit!
No. 32517
It all keeps replaying in your head. The furious roaring of your engine , the vague cheering of the crowds, and the obnoxious chatter of the announcers. More chaotic than a fight with Yukari, but at the same time strangely tranquil. The only thing you were focused on was the track in front of you.

It was late in the final lap. The Kourindou Special’s hyper-thruster had exploded yet again, dropping it from first place to last as the rest of you blew past the magical flaming wreckage. That left you nearly alone at the front, only a second behind the Shotoku Legend.

That was something. You, Wriggle Nightbug, the no-name boy from the Forest of Magic, just one car away from victory in your very first Grand Prix. Your friends in the stands must’ve been on the edges of their seats.

The Prince was a strong contender, though. They say he’d spent hundreds of years honing his skills between lives, and he certainly lived up to the hype. He was in the lead, but his movements were just short of perfect. In his mind, he was probably celebrating with his girls already.

And then, for a split-second, you saw it: an extremely narrow, extremely dangerous lane opened up that would just let you pass him if you did everything perfectly. You tried to dig deep and psych yourself up…

But you couldn’t. It was just too dangerous, and you couldn’t bear the thought of wrecking the car the Manager had given you, and you didn’t have enough time to change your mind. When it came right down to it, you were still a coward.

So you didn’t take it, the Prince pulled out of reach, and now here you are, curled up in an empty corner of Sunflower Racing’s garage.

Psh. Sunflower Racing. Since when are sunflowers known for tearing up the pavement? But it was the Manager’s idea, and, well, she’s not the kind of person you can argue with.

It’s not exactly peaceful in here, but it’s better than being outside, where that smug sparkly asshole’s hoisting a trophy full of sake and posing for photos with his harem. All the other drivers and race queens are cavorting about too, not caring at all that they failed. It’s all just one big party for them, isn’t it?


A sharp, clear sound like a judge’s gavel shatters your brooding. Your body tenses up on instinct.



Another one falls right after it, followed by a dozen more, each one louder than the last. It’s clear that the sound’s coming closer, but you keep your head buried firmly in your arms. This is pretty much the last thing you want to deal with right now.

A small tap puts an end to the clacking, and then there’s a long, uncomfortable pause. You can feel a powerful stare boring into your head, but you just hope against hope that it’ll go away.

“Sulking in a corner, are you? How appropriate.”

Nope. No such luck. You take a deep, loud breath and open your eyes.

The first thing you see is a pair of shiny black stilettos, with heels so high that the pale feet inside them are pointed almost straight down. There’s a sharp contrast between the hard black plastic and the smooth, creamy skin, one that makes the feet seem both beautiful and dangerous. Quite fitting.

The feet give way to a pair of supremely voluptuous legs, one crossed in front of the other. Your breath speeds up a little as you follow them further and further up; there’s a subtle curve along the calves, a brief dip inwards at the knees, and then a much more pronounced curve for the powerful thighs. They’re substantial without being flabby, and perfectly pale and spotless.

Further up at the waist, a highleg bikini bottom provides the bare minimum amount of decency. Its straps rest the top of a wide pair of hips, making the legs seem to go on for even longer than they do already. The shiny black spandex is pulled up quite tight, digging in to the pale skin enough that you can make out a little cameltoe between the legs.

That little scrap of clothing is all that separates those legs from a firm, lightly-toned stomach, which is fully exposed all the way from the visible mound of venus to a few inches below the bustline. Then a bit of modesty is finally restored by a plaid red long-sleeved top, albeit an extremely lewd one. It’s split almost completely down the middle, barely held together by a single button and a web of thin strings that strain to hold in an astounding bust. Each one of those breasts is half the size of your head, and a dozen teasing hugs have taught you that they’re the warmest, softest things imaginable. A bright yellow ascot’s buried deep in between them, only visible where it comes out near the neckline to join a pair of white lapels.

Then, finally, you reach the face. It’s a stunning one, with pale, sharp features, full red lips, and deep, piercing red eyes. It’s framed by a head of wavy green shoulder-length hair, which has a small bundle of fresh roses pinned to one side.

A body like that can only belong to Queen Yuukarin, Sunflower Racing’s manager and sole race queen. She’s leaning forward on her signature pink umbrella, waiting patiently for you to stop staring. That’s a bit odd; she usually puts on that damned smirk when she catches you ogling, but she looks pretty unamused right now.

“It didn’t take much to disappoint you,” she says with obvious displeasure. Her voice is certainly womanly, but it’s also one of the deepest ones you’ve ever heard. Even deeper than yours. “You made second place in your first championship, but here you are moping.”

“Shoulda been first,” you mutter. She doesn’t understand. You had it! The trophy you’d promised to everyone back home was just in your grip, and you blew it! You deserve to be unhappy about that. And after all the training she put you through, she should feel the same way.

“Even the Kourindou driver’s taking it better than you. Is your ego really so fragile?”

“… Go away.” Your pride’s hurt enough already. You don’t need her to rub it in.

Yuuka answers that with a surprisingly elegant snort. “As easy to crush as the rest. I thought you showed promise, but you’re really a useless insect after all.”

Your eyebrow twitches at that, but you won’t let her bait you. Fighting back will just make her do something even worse, won’t it?

“That’s right, I am. Now go away.” You stare up at Yuuka with dull resentment, trying your best to will her out of this garage. She stares back with that same unamused face, and you hold your stalemate for a few minutes.

Finally, she closes her eyes and lets out a long, frustrated sigh. Your first instinct is to think she’s angry, but there’s no malice in her face. It’s more like she’s just… frustrated.

But that only lasts a second. Then she opens her eyes and looks straight at you.

And she smirks.

“And now you’re pushing me away? I thought the sight of your lovely manager would give a boost to your spirits.” She leans back and gives her hair a casual flip, somehow forcing a small jiggle out of her barely-contained breasts. Every move she makes in that outfit seems sexual somehow; it’s like she wears it specifically to mess with you. Well, you won’t let her mess with you today!

You try to turn your head away, but you can’t bring yourself to put her completely out of sight. From the corner of your eye, you see Yuuka leaning onto her parasol as she raises one of her long, smooth legs and daintily removes a shoe. You’re pretty sure you hear a small grunt of relief as she sets her foot flat on the ground. Then she takes off her other shoe, but instead of putting her other foot on the floor…

“Buh?!” You can only jolt and stutter as she presses it firmly into your crotch. You’re already hard, of course; the sight of someone like her is a lot for a young man like you to handle. Even with your uniform’s pants in the way, you can feel her foot’s heat and softness as she presses it down on you, spreading her toes apart to clearly outline the bulge you make in the fabric.

You have to admit, it’s quite a foot. Pale and slender all over, with silky skin and high arches. Her toes are shapely and dexterous, and her toenails are all painted a deep, shining green. And the whole thing is pressed right between your legs.


Yuuka ignores your incoherent protests as her toes deftly unzip and unsnap your pants, making it look like the easiest thing in the world. As soon as they’re out of the way, she digs into your underwear and pulls out your cock and balls. A look of feigned surprise comes onto her face as your length pops free and sways gently in the cool air.

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d be so large,” she says with a teasing lilt. “And throbbing so eagerly, too. You wouldn’t happen to enjoy being insulted, would you?”

W-well, you guess it’s pretty good for someone your size, but… Hey!

“Of course I don’t! I-it’s only natural for that to happen when you strut around dressed like that! And, what do you think you’re doing, anyway?!” You’re not quite up to looking Yuuka in the eye, so you end up shouting at her breasts.

Wow, that was pretty loud.

Yuuka raises her eyebrows at your outburst. You almost think you’ve stopped her, but then she just smirks and stomps down on your cock again. She leans forward to put some extra weight on you, casting a frightening shadow over her eyes. The position makes her breasts hang down a little, and the thin strings on her top sink right into them.

“Hmm! A punishment for failure, perhaps.” She puts a hand on her knee and presses down even harder, forcing you to groan in pain as she grinds the heel into your shaft. It’s soft and warm on its own, but she’s pushing so hard that it feels like a bowling ball’s crushing your cock. “Or perhaps it’s a reward? You do seem to be enjoying it. Either way, I’m sure you’ll stop your whining if I wring you dry.”

You’re granted a moment of reprieve as Yuuka sets down her shoes and pulls up a folding chair to sit down on. Part of you wants to make a break for it, but she’s trapped you in this corner now. And the other part wants to stay here and see what happens. Yuuka’s punishments usually involve beatings or pushups or wasabi; this is… different. Really embarrassing, but… kind of exciting, too. She’s probably just trying out a new way to humiliate you, but…

“Now, then!” Yuuka grabs the sides of her chair for support and brings both feet to bear on your cock. One of them goes down to pin your balls, while she carefully plants the big toe of her other foot on your urethra. You make a little high-pitched noise as she rapidly strokes the sensitive tip, and her toe comes away with a thick string of precum attached.

Yuuka starts to spread the fluid over your cock, letting her smooth toe glide all around your shaft. Despite how embarrassed as you are, you can’t help letting out more and more precum for her to use. Her other foot gently kneads your balls in the meantime, keeping them pinned against the cold floor while her toes rock back and forth and rub them in little circles. The warm pressure feels nice, but you’re all too aware that she could make your balls explode with fiery, screaming pain if she pressed just a little harder.

… And for some reason, that makes you really sensitive. Once your shaft is slick and shiny, Yuuka spends a few minutes scratching the underside of your cock with her toenails. It’s such a tiny scratching, but you’re so sensitive there that it makes you tremble all over. You try to keep your voice under control despite your raging blush, but it keeps coming out in little squeaks and purrs. Yuuka finds that really amusing.

“There’s no need to hold back. I want to hear just how much you enjoy this!”

Suddenly, Yuuka plants her foot on your cock and starts to forcefully stroke it up and down. Compared to the what she was just doing, it’s like the difference between getting teased with a feather and a paint-roller. A loud moan breaks out of your mouth, and you just lose control of your voice after that. Her foot is so warm and slippery, and she’s moving it so quickly…

“Oh, moaning that much already? What happened to the spirit you showed when you first arrived on my doorstep?”

You… you don’t want to remember that now…

“When most people avoided my garden like the plague, you marched right up and begged me to sponsor you. You said a single chance was all you needed. There was a real fire in your eyes, and you spoke so confidently of how you wouldn’t disappoint me…”

But you did disappoint her. Was that… all for nothing?

“And now here you are, not even resisting my feet. Truly pathetic.” Yuuka suddenly stops her stroking, giving you a welcome chance to catch your breath and close your mouth for once. “Well, if that’s how it is, I won’t hold anything back.”

Yuuka spreads her legs hand turns her feet sideways, placing a sole on each side of your shaft and squeezing them together. An intense pressure attacks your cock once again, this time coming from the sides.

Like that, she starts to slowly work her feet up and down. The one that was on your balls is dry at first, but a few trips up and down your cock soon coat it with all the precum it needs. Her toes wriggle around your length while she strokes you, thoroughly teasing and scratching every inch of your length as they steadily make their way up and down. Whenever the feet reach the base, she’s able to grind her powerful heels around your swollen tip and make you squeal with pleasure. She also rocks her feet back and forth, angling your cock so that it gets pressed into the soft undersides of her arches while she strokes you.

It must take a lot of concentration to move her feet like that, but Yuuka just keeps a cruel smile on her face the whole time. Her eyebrows are a bit closer together than they need to be, though, and you can see little beads of sweat staining her perfect skin. The spandex of her bikini is black to start with, but you’re pretty sure you can see a damp spot forming between her legs. You wouldn’t gain anything by calling her out, though, considering how much you’re enjoying it yourself.

Yuuka’s feet move faster and faster as she grows more used to the motions and figures out all the best ways to pleasure you. The stroking remains as her main technique, but sometimes she separates her feet and just rubs them all over your cock and balls. Whenever that happens, you’re assaulted by a bunch of different sensations at once: the silky-smooth skin, the soft, slippery soles, and the sharp tips of her toenails, all running across your shaft, around your balls, and against your glans almost simultaneously. Then, just as suddenly, she’ll go back to her other technique. One’s a chaotic storm of pleasure, while the other’s a carefully-calculated regimen that feels just as good.

Needless to say, you’re helpless to resist. The only experience you’ve had before this was some clumsy sex with Mysty and Rumia, and they weren’t anywhere near this skilled. Your cock twitches nonstop under Yuuka’s attention, and fresh shocks of pleasure attack you with every one of her movements. The garage is filled with squishy, slippery sounds, along with your uncontrollable moaning. Yuuka’s quiet chuckling underpins it all.

Ah, it’s no good. At this rate, you won’t last much longer…

And Yuuka’s fully aware of that. With nothing more than a smirk, she brings her legs back together and absolutely crushes your cock between the soft sides of her feet. With that much pressure attacking your length, it only takes a few slippery pumps to finish you.


The moan you let out is pretty pathetic, but your cock’s reaction is anything but. All the stress you’ve been feeling boils over, and it’s like a huge dam inside you suddenly bursts. Long, thick streams of cum spurt out of your cock and splatter all over Yuuka’s legs, stretching from her feet all the way up to her knees. She doesn’t seem to bother avoiding it, instead just raising an eyebrow at how much you spray onto her. You haven’t had a chance to masturbate in weeks, so you’re really backed up…

And whenever you do masturbate, you always end up thinking of Yuuka…

Every shot comes with a hot, seething rush of pleasure. Part of you panics about how you’re painting the fearsome Queen Yuukarin’s legs with sperm, and another part of you is unhappy about being dominated like this, but the rest just revels in the pleasure of cumming for such a beautiful woman.

She really is beautiful. If only she weren’t so cruel…

Almost a minute later, the waves of pleasure and shots of sperm finally come to an end. Once your hazy vision finally clears up, you see that Yuuka’s legs are a mess. Everything from the knees down is covered with dripping strings and splotches of sperm, and you see it dripping from the tips of her toes. Those legs are beloved by photographers everywhere; those otaku would probably die from nosebleeds if they saw the state they’re in now.

Yuuka thoughtfully examines her legs while you catch your breath. Her blush hasn’t faded at all, and the wet spot on her underwear hasn’t stopped growing. She must be satisfied after that, right?

“Oh, you’re hard again already?”


Yuuka grabs one of your limp arms and pulls you to your feet before dumping you onto the chair, then tugs off your pants while you’re still disoriented. You were exposed already, but you feel even more defenseless without those, and more vulnerable to whatever humiliation she’ll inflict next.

“Wasn’t that enough for you?” you ask weakly.

Yuuka shakes her head with a predatory smirk, making her vibrant hair sway back and forth. Now that it’s so close to you, you can smell the roses she has pinned to it. She uses a nice shampoo, too, but you don’t know enough about flowers to say what’s in it. You’re a firefly, not a bee.

“Ah, but I’m doing this for you! And we won’t be stopping until you’ve let it all out.” Yuuka puts a hand on her chin as she glances over her body, thoughtfully considering all the different things she can do to you. “Next, I’ll give you a taste of these.” As she speaks, Yuuka kneels down on the floor and hefts up her impressive assets.

Well, impressive compared to a normal person. At least half the race queens in the circuit are at least as stacked as she is, not that it makes her any less stunning to look at. Where do all these women come from, anyway? And why do they all want to flaunt themselves on a racetrack?

But your thoughts quickly return to your lap as Yuuka grabs your semi-hard cock. Her pristine hands are just as impressive as her feet, with their soft palms and long, slender fingers. Her nails are painted that same emerald green, all extending half an inch past her fingertips. It seems unthinkable for her to dirty a hand like that by touching your messy cock, but she eagerly wraps her fingers around your slick shaft in a tight, powerful grip. A few strokes are all it takes to get you rock-hard again.

“Ah, I chose well! Though ,with how much you stare at these, it was an easy decision.”

Raising her chest a bit further, Yuuka slips your cock into her cleavage without taking off her top. With the amount of skin that thing shows, it’s easy for her to fit your shaft through the bottom, right below the net of strings.

You let out a long, low groan as her soft breasts envelop your length. Unlike her feet, these press against your cock from all angles at once, and even the undersides of her soles couldn’t compare to this fantastic softness. They’re surprisingly heavy too, creating a gentle pressure on your bare lap when she sets them down. You’re surprised to feel her ascot in there there as well, the soft fabric tickling the most sensitive side of your cock. Your glans is just visible at the top of her cleavage, not quite free from the grip of her breasts.

Your eyes stay on her breasts for a long time, but they eventually find their way up to her face, which is blushing and smirking up a storm. Her head’s just a few inches away from yours now, close enough that she’s able to trap your gaze with her striking red eyes.

“Mm, you like it there? Then, what do you think of this?” She reaches behind her to the back of her top--


--and gives the strings a sharp tug, pulling the top as tight as possible and absolutely crushing you between her breasts. It feels like they’re completely wrapped around your shaft now, molding their impossible softness onto the tiniest little detail from base to tip. Their heat quickly seeps into your length as well, making your cock throb hungrily.

… Wow, It feels good just sitting still like this. Your cock pushes back against her breasts every time it throbs, and they don’t feel the least bit firmer despite how tightly they’re squeezing you. It’s almost like being inside a pussy, only softer and drier.

“These outfits are impressive, aren’t they? You wouldn’t believe what that Chinese girl can do with hers.”

Yuuka ties off the strings on her back to keep them pulled tight, then puts her hands on your spread-open thighs and starts to twist and slide her body back and forth. Her breasts keep the pressure on your cock no matter how she moves them, forcing you to feel their smooth softness in extreme detail as they ceaselessly caress your cock. Soon, your voice starts to leak out again; it starts out as a small trickle of grunting, but the pleasure keeps growing until you’re forced to start moaning again.

This is all just a warm-up, though. A few minutes later, Yuuka brings her hands to the sides of her top and presses them together, squeezing you tighter still. If she were doing that with anything but her pillowy breasts, you’d probably cry out in pain rather than pleasure.

But as it is, the sensation is incredible. She starts to slide her breasts up and down your length, moving her whole upper body as she strokes you. The pace she sets is a relentless one, one that doesn’t give you any rest from the warm, soft, squishy friction. She moves your cock back and forth within her cleavage as well, sometimes letting her ascot tickle the back of your cock, and sometimes dragging the taut strings across your glans while her assets squeeze the rest.

Yuuka’s blush only grows, and her breathing gradually speeds up to match yours. It does take some exertion to keep moving her body like that, but she seems to be getting into it as well. She must love the perverted faces you’re making as she torments you; you’d try to stop them just to spite her, but you’ve lost all control over your mouth again.

“You’re so cute when you moan like that, Wriggle. I’ll make you feel even better…”

Yuuka takes her hands off her breasts, but keeps moving her body up and down. The pressure on your cock gets a bit lighter, but the squeeze is still nearly as tight as what you can manage with your own hands. Her stroking isn’t quite as clean and smooth without her hands to guide it, but her top does an impressive job of keeping her breasts together.

Meanwhile, her hands are free to roam over your body. She reaches up for the zipper your jacket, sliding her breasts up to bury your glans grinding it between them in the process. Then her tits descend smoothly as she unzips you, finally flattening out a bit against your chest. Your jacket falls away from your chest, and Yuuka rolls up your undershirt to expose your hard nipples.

“Ah, you’re hard here as well! I shouldn’t be surprised. I wonder, how sensitive are they…?”

Your response turns into a loud moan as Yuuka sharply pinches them both. They’re… they really are sensitive. You never tried that before, so you didn’t…

“Mn! Ah, t-they’re…”

Yuuka pinches you again and again, short-circuiting your mind every time. While her hands are busy with your chest, she lowers her head and gives your tip a little lick, just able to reach it with the tip of her wet red tongue. If she firms up her tongue, she’s able to prod at your urethra quite effectively. She just stays like that for a minute, rolling your nipples between her sharp nails while she bathes your glans with her tongue. When the head is dripping with warm, slippery saliva, she tightens her grip on your nipples and uses them for leverage as she pistons herself up and down. With all the fluids that cover your cock now, there’s hardly any friction at all, just that cruel but delightful softness while a sharp pleasure shocks your chest.

Finally, after nearly a minute of pinching and scratching, Yuuka leaves your aching nipples behind. She traces the tips of her nails all the way down your chest and stomach, where one hand slides over her breasts to find your cock. She starts to tease the head with her nails, scratching around the crown and frenulum and pressing the tips into your urethra. You twitch constantly as she attacks you expertly in your most sensitive spots; every little twitch makes you slide around in her cleavage, filling your cock with squishy pleasure without deterring her hand in the slightest.

Yuuka withdraws her hand from your glans and wraps it around her breasts, once again squeezing your cock in the world’s softest vise. As she starts to stroke you faster than ever, her other hand moves down a bit to your ass. Her middle finger suddenly penetrates into your hole, and--


Ah! T-that’s your… Why’s that feel so good?

Yuuka chuckles to herself. Her fingertip and fingernail rapidly massage you there while breasts slide up and down relentlessly, not giving your twitching cock a moment of rest. Caught between the electric pleasure in your ass and that soft, steady stroking, there’s no way you can hold back.

“Aah… Hah… Haahn!”

Your cock clenches up as tight as she’s squeezing it and lets loose with another load. Yuuka can’t reach your cock to drink it, so she just pulls her head back and closes her eyes, letting your sperm erupt out and splatter onto her face and breasts. Her hand leaves your ass and returns to your balls, which get a constant milking to work out as much of your cum as possible. She opens her mouth and demurely extends her tongue, and you manage land a few shots right in her mouth during the rest of your orgasm.

About a minute later, it’s over. You slump back against the chair in exhaustion, feeling like the strength’s been drained from every part of your body. Yuuka wipes the sperm from around her eyes and sensually sucks it off her fingers, then thoughtfully swallows it all.

You really let out a lot that time. Almost every inch of her exposed skin is coated with sperm, and a few shots got on her hair and clothes, too. The musky smell is intense, even from a foot away; it seems like even she’s having trouble handling it, if her heavy breathing and hazy eyes are any indication.

… Say, if she’s gotten that excited…

Yuuka opens her eyes and stands up, finally freeing you from the tight embrace of her breasts. Even when her legs and upper body are thoroughly coated with sperm, she still looks surprisingly classy. Chief Mechanic Melancholy keeps the garage extremely clean, so the floor got dirtier than her legs did from kneeling on it.

“Are you satisfied now?” she asks flatly.

You don’t know how to respond to that. Your mouth opens, but it doesn’t have anything to say.

“Good. I’ll expect you at practice tomorrow.” Yuuka turns around and heads for the showers, rather deliberately exposing her backside in the process. The straps on that bikini only cover a tiny part of her plump, round ass, and her long, curvy legs are as impressive from the back as they are from the front. Her footsteps sound much softer without those hard, clacking heels.

That’s it? She thinks you’ll feel better if she makes you cum yourself senseless? That she has the right to treat you however she pleases?


Even if you lost, and even if it felt good, that’s not fair! You want her to support you, not hurl insults and dominate you! You can’t… you can’t just leave it at this.

Fueled by rage and indignation, a newfound strength surges inside you. Deftly stepping out of out of your pants, you jump up and run over to forcefully grab Yuuka from behind. It ends up more hug-like than you intended, but you think your arms are tight enough to get the point across.

“H-hey, who do you think you are?! You can’t just do something like that to me and walk away!”

Yuuka glances back over her shoulder. You can only see half of her face, but there seems to be a twinkle of amusement in her otherwise hostile eye. “… And why not? You’re just a useless bug who works for me, aren’t you?”

“I am not useless!” Even if you can’t win a race, you’ll at least show her she can’t walk all over you! You don’t quite know how, but you will! Emboldened by your resolve, your penis starts to swell up again, rising up right between Yuuka’s thighs.
No. 32518
“Oh~? Really now?” Yuuka clenches up her thighs and squeezes them together, making you cry out in pain as she crushes your length between them. In retrospect, putting your cock between those things probably wasn’t the best idea.

But that won’t stop you! You’re through letting her bully you around. Not just with sex, but how she makes you cook for her, and that ridiculous training program, and the penalty games, too!

Your cock hardens quickly in the tight grip of Yuuka’s thighs. She chuckles cruelly as she grinds them up and down, making it feel like you’re being crushed between a pair of steel beams. It does kind of hurt, but her skin is still really smooth, and they’re positively throbbing with her heat. Pretty soon, they’re all shining and slippery from your cock’s coating of juices as well.

The endless, crushing pressure has you groaning and quivering constantly, but Yuuka will never respect you if you give up here! You keep your arms firmly around her waist, pressing her ass right your stomach. It’s clenched up tight like her thighs, so her cheeks only squish out against you a little, but you’re still impressed by how round and large it is.

When your cock reaches its full size again, the tip just reaches up to Yuuka’s underwear. Her black spandex somehow feels even smoother than her skin, and the rubbery material tugs gently on your cock when you rub against it. It’s soaked through with Yuuka’s warmth, and probably her juices and her scent as well; it’s enough to make you shiver just by brushing over the tip of your cock. If only you could get at what’s underneath…

Wait, that’s it!

Ignoring the pain and pleasure as best you can, you tighten your grip on Yuuka for support and raise yourself up on your tiptoes. That presses your cock right into her crotch, where you carefully feel around the rubbery surface. If that thing’s on as tight as it looks…

“Mmm… Hah?” Yuuka lets out a confused little yelp as you find a depression in the material. This spot’s even warmer than the rest of her, and it’s completely soaked a with warm liquid. You can press your cock against it a little, enough that your tip just starts to slide in, but you’re too short to manage more than that.

“Heh. Trying to put it in like this? You really are--!“

Her pussy wasn’t your target, though. If her that’s her slit, then you should be able to move forward a little and hit her right… there!

“Ahn!” Yuuka’s whole body twitches as you graze over her clit. And the moan she lets out is… pretty cute. You want to hear more of it!

“Ah? W-what do you think you’re… Hah! Mm!”

With a bit of repositioning, you’re able to start thrusting your hips to attack her relentlessly there. In response, her thighs clench up tighter than ever; the crushing pleasure they force onto you is hard to endure, but they keep you perfectly lined up to hit her clit as well.

“Mmm! You… D-don’t think you can just…”

Haha! She’s gotten really turned on too, hasn’t she? And she hasn’t even cum once. This time, you’re at the advantage!

The constant shocks of pleasure force Yuuka to bend over a little, just enough for you to reach up
around her and pinch her nipples through the top.

“Nnah! T-there too…?”

She doesn’t wear a bra, so there’s just a single layer of fabric separating them from your fingers. You should’ve noticed how hard they were sooner; you must’ve been too caught up in the pleasure to see those hard little points. They just seem to beg for you to pinch and tug on them, and her body rewards each bit of stimulation with a delicious quiver. Yuuka’s really quite sensitive, isn’t she? Time to pay her back for what she did to yours~

You can’t resist the chance to squeeze her breasts, as well; they’re too big to fit entirely in your hands, but you can still give them a good, strong squeeze that makes your fingers sink right into them. She really seems to like that, judging by the little whine she lets out. Her soft top covers most of what you can reach, but your fingertips manage to dig into the exposed parts of her cleavage as well. They feel just as soft to your fingers as they did to your cock, and the still-fresh smears of cum make them extra warm and slippery.

“Hey, now… Don’t get so full of yourself…”

Yuuka’s protests dissolve into moans when you give her nipples a pinch and a twist. She’s forced to resist you with her body instead, squeezing you with her heavenly thighs while you slide relentlessly between them and attack all three of her weak points at once.

Yuuka brings one of her hands to her crotch, but you’re surprised when she doesn’t push you away. Instead, she stretches out an index finger under right under your cock. Every time you slam your cock through her tightly-closed thighs, the sensitive underside rubs right over her smooth fingertip and the sharp tip of her fingernail. Then your glans ends up pressing into the warm palm of her hand, where she’s free to squeeze and twist you while the crown rubs her hard clit through her rubbery underwear. Once everything gets slippery with your precum and some juices of her own, it all makes for an incredible combination of slippery movements, tight squeezing, and teasing strokes for both of you.

Your strange sumata-handjob goes on for another minute, with both of you twitching constantly and letting out short grunts and moans the whole time. Finally, Yuuka’s forced to relent, prying your hands off her chest and shakily stepping away from you. It’s a big relief when she does; you were nearing the end of your rope, yourself.

She hasn’t decided to quit, though. She’s too proud for that. Instead, she pulls the chair in front of her and bends over it, putting her arms on the backrest for support. Suddenly, you’re presented with a full view of her ass and legs in all their round, shapely glory. Her black bikini just barely covers her most intimate parts, and the straps dig slightly into the springy cheeks as they reach up towards her hips.

Reaching behind her with one hand, Yuuka hooks a finger under that thin strip of spandex and pulls it to the side. Your eyes immediately glue themselves to her freshly exposed pussy; it’s just as pink and smooth as you’d imagined, and right below it is the hard, throbbing clit you’ve given so much attention to. Everything around it is covered in a shining film of liquid, which leaks constantly from her slit as you watch. Yuuka looks over her shoulder with an indignant blush, staring right into your eyes.

“You think you can handle me, do you?”

Two of her manicured fingers reach up from beneath her pussy and spread it wide open, letting out a small puff of steam. Strings of juice stretch between her soaked lips, and a thick, musky scent spills out from between them.

“Prove it.”

That’s… quite a challenge. You were fine with groping her, but this is… different. You’re only seeing her pussy for the first time, and it looks like it could wring out anyone’s sperm in seconds. Cumming as soon as you put it in would be an unbearable humiliation.

… But you’ve been humiliated a few times already, haven’t you? What’s one more on the pile if you fail again?

“… Fine! I hope you’re ready!” You cross the few feet to Yuuka’s waiting ass, walking about as unsteadily as she did. You try to line up your cock with her spread, dripping pussy, but, well…

She’s too tall for you to reach it. You push down a little on her ass, forcing her to laugh once and spread her legs really far apart to bring it down low enough. Her legs look great forming an upside-down V like that, so you’re not complaining. She’ll have a harder time standing up like that, too.

Now, there’s nothing to stop you. Just by being near her, you can feel her soaking warmth radiating onto your cock, and her scent is really powerful as well. It’s nothing like Mysty or Rumia’s; it seems to be weighed down heavily with pheromones, and faintly flowery as well. Just smelling it is making your head swim.

But you can’t seem weak now! You fit the tip between her lips, plant your hands on her soft cheeks, and ram yourself in with one stroke.


“Agh! Hahh…! Ahhh…”

That turns out to be a pretty bad idea. An incredible rush of sensations attack you all at once, briefly overloading your brain with pure, unleaded pleasure. Your cock clenches up as if it’s recoiling from a sharp blow, while your whole body goes limp for half a second. It’s a miracle you don’t cum just from that.

You come back to your senses and right yourself pretty soon, though. You’re still standing on your feet, your hands have a tight grip on Yuuka’s ass, and you’re balls-deep inside her pussy. She feels really…


She feels amazing.

It’s really tight, of course, but not in a painful way. Her walls are all really soft and covered in little creases, and it feels like every one of them is wrapped as snugly around your cock as possible. They’re all soaked with piping-hot juices that instantly coat your cock, and you feel them trickling down around your balls as well. Everything inside her throbs steadily, gently massaging your shaft with small pulses of extra pressure. It kind of feels like you’re linked up to her heartbeat like this.

It’s great just being inside her, but moving feels even better. With all the juices inside her, moving is simple despite the amazing squeeze she gives you. You both moan quietly as you draw your hips back, rubbing your slick, sensitive shaft over every little crease inside her. When your cock’s almost all the way out, you push it in just a bit faster, trembling a little as you fill her depths once again.

Your first thrust is slow and careful, drawing out the pleasure for both of you for as long as possible. Your second one is more forceful, and the third more forceful still. When you speed up your movements, it’s like all the sensations of that slow thrust get compressed into a single burst that’s forced onto you all at once. It forces your cock to clench up in the most wonderful way while her walls clamp shut around you, and you see her body tremble with pleasure at the same time while her voice spills out in a beautiful moan.

You’re sure her breasts are jiggling around wildly below her. You’d like to bend over and grope them some more, but her ass needs attention as well. It isn’t quite so amazingly soft, but you can still give it a good kneading, and her skin there is just as smooth and radiant as it is anywhere else. It’s wonderful for spanking, too; every little slap makes those plump cheeks jiggle hypnotically while you pound into her.

You’re so close to the edge that you can only manage a bit of pounding, though. As you’re pulling back for your eighth or ninth thrust…



… Yuuka sharply pushes her hips back onto you, striking you with an intense burst of pleasure when you weren’t expecting it. You’re helpless to keep yourself from going over the edge with a loud, pathetic moan.

“Hmph… Hm? Mm! Ahhn!”

… But that doesn’t mean you lose immediately! Without thinking, you slam your cock into Yuuka’s pussy a few more times, forcing her to cum right with you as you bury yourself inside her.

Agh! You thought she was tight already, but when she clenches up like that…

“Y-Yuukaa!” Your cum starts to shoot out in a thick, powerful stream, flooding her pussy and blasting right into her womb. The hot rush of pleasure feels much more intense than before, thanks to the way her convulsing walls crush and massage your cock to force out more and more shots of sperm. Yuuka’s whole body seems to throb and shudder with pleasure; she can’t help moaning just as loud as you, but her moans are much deeper and richer than yours. It’s a bit embarrassing.

But it’s hard to feel anything besides absolute bliss as you cum deep inside your beautiful race queen. No matter what you think of her personality, your body sees every womb-filling blast of sperm as an absolute triumph.

The last few spurts actually splash out of her, getting your hips and her thighs messy with fresh semen. As soon as the ecstasy comes to an end, you’re hit by a wave of fatigue. You shake it off, though; you can’t let yourself pass out after you’ve finally done it with Yuuka!

You pull out and stagger back a few steps, bending over and putting your hands on your thighs to catch your breath. Her pussy doesn’t close up tightly like it did before, instead staying open enough for a steady trickle of cum leak out from inside her. It falls to the floor in thick, messy drops and makes little trails down her thighs the backs of her already-cum-stained legs. You can’t see her face from here, but it’s easy to hear her labored breathing, and it looks like she’s still twitching with aftershocks of pleasure.

Wow. You… really did that, didn’t you? You reduced the fearsome Queen Yuukarin to a flushed, panting mess,covered and filled with your sperm and struggling to stay on her feet.

… Well, hey! If you can do that, the Prince is nothing! Next time you see him, you’ll crack that lane wide open and leave him in the dust!

That’s right. There will be a next time, won’t there? You should be planning your victory, not moping over your failure.

Eventually, Yuuka gathers enough strength to push herself upright. When she turns back to you, you see her face for the first time in a while; you’re afraid she’ll be furious, but instead she just seems… disorderly. Her hair’s gotten quite a bit disheveled, with a dozen locks stuck to her forehead and her roses tilted at an odd angle, and a fierce blush spreads from her sperm-soaked cheeks to her equally-messy breasts. Her hard nipples are still quite visible through that rumpled top, and her sweaty, soiled cleavage heaves with each breath she takes. Her long legs are somewhat less than perfect as well, with their natural sheen marred by a network of dried cum-smears. She fixes you with an exhausted glare and furrows her brow, even though it seems like she should be smiling in satisfaction.

“How crude, letting it all out like that. Did I say you could cum inside me?” Another drop of sperm plops out of her as she says that. Her voice is somewhere between accusatory and playful, like she can’t really bring herself to be mad at you after cumming like that. Is this your chance…?

“Well, I hope you’re happy. It’ll take ages to clean all this out…” Yuuka turns towards the showers again, but you grab her arm to stop her.

Huh. You’re doing that pretty freely now.

“Hold it.”

“Hm?” Yuuka glances back with that same twinkle of mischief. She doesn’t think you can just leave it at that, does she?

“I’m… not done with you yet!” Showing impressive dexterity for someone in your condition, you pull Yuuka down onto the chair and stand over her. Even when she’s seated, you only have a few inches on her, but it’ll have to do. You look down at her with the sternest expression you can manage.

How many times has she stared at you like this? Whenever you didn’t meet her ridiculous expectations, she’d just stare at you until you started apologizing, no matter how unfair things seemed. And then there’d be the penalty game

Well, it stops here!

“You… You’re always berating me even when I try my best, and you can’t leave me in peace when I lose, even though we’re on the same team. Why do you… Why do you always act like that? Why can’t you ever be nice?!”

Yuuka takes your accusations with an extremely straight face.

Then, she does something surprising.

She smiles.

Not a smirk, a grin, or even a sneer, but a smile.

“Well, it’s certainly made you much braver.”

“… Eh?”

Yuuka laughs quietly, keeping that smile on her face. It’s really… pretty cute. “You’re an excellent racer, but you’re far too timid. I could see you had potential the moment you first demanded my support, but you need to be that brave all the time.” Then Yuuka looks away, showing an equally-rare face of embarrassment. “I… didn’t know how to say that, though, so I tried to teach you in other ways. ”

You stagger back at the revelation. That outfit, the training, the penalty games

“Then… was all of this just to…?”

Yuuka chuckles. “Mm, not all of it. It is fun to bully you~”

Of course. But still, she really cared for you the whole time.


Agh, why didn’t you see it sooner? It was obvious! And you just did all this thinking the opposite!

You wanna do it with her again. Properly, this time. You’re getting hard just at the thought of it.

“Hmm~! Still not satisfied, are you?”

Smiling coyly, Yuuka brings her legs up to her chest and puts her arms around her thighs, using her long green nails to spread herself wide open. It’s a much messier sight than before, with the sperm staining her walls and a thick cocktail of fluids leaking out from deeper within her.

“I suppose I’m not either. Come on, Mr. Nightbug. Show me just how fearless you can be.”

You wordlessly walk up and gently grab Yuuka’s sculpted ankles, lifting her legs up above her head. Yuuka manages to snag your cock with a finger from each hand and point it down at her entrance, soaking the tip in her familiar heat. It doesn’t seem right to just start fucking her without saying anything, though, so you pause to think of something.

“… Be careful what you ask for. When I’m through with you, you won’t be able to live without this!”

Yuuka smiles wide, her approving laugh turning to a moan as you smoothly fill her up. She feels just as hot and tight as before, and even easier to move around in now that your semen coats her walls alongside her fluids.

Your lust compels you to start thrusting immediately, quickly working your way up to the speed you were at before. It’s slow enough that you can feel her tight, slippery walls clinging to your cock, but fast enough to keep her constantly spasming and convulsing with pleasure. Her pussy makes a lewd squishing sound every time you plunge into her, and each thrust forces out a small trickle of leftover cum and juice. With the overwhelming heat and moisture, it really feels like your cock is melting inside her.

But you’re not enduring the pleasure this time. You’re enjoying it.

“Mmm! Yes, yes, just like that…” It’s really satisfying, seeing Yuuka moan so happily like that. She’s content to just enjoy your cock at first, but her breasts eventually start to demand some attention as well. Her hands move from her thighs to her chest, and she starts to grope herself with long, powerful squeezes. Her breasts bulge out between her fingers and through the strings on her top, straining the thin cords to their breaking point. You’re impressed to see that even her hands aren’t large enough to reach over their entire surface.

“Nnn!” Yuuka’s moans grow louder as she fondles herself, and little squeals start to mix themselves in when she adds in some pinching as well. Her long, smooth nails torture her nipples with sharp tweaks and tugs, which seem much more painful than anything you did to her before. She gives some attention to her clit as well, rubbing a fingertip in little circles around it and occasionally grazing it with a nail. Every time she gives herself a strong pinch, her pussy clenches up and squeezes you to match it.

You enjoy her little show for quite a while, but your eyes are eventually drawn to the fantastic legs that frame it. Her shins are stained with your cum from before, but her calves are still pristine. You try licking one of them while you thrust; there’s a definite taste of sweat and a small hint of flowers, and your tongue just glides right along her smooth, silky skin. It gives a little if you press your head into it, too. You can’t keep yourself kissing every inch of skin, licking up more and more of her flavor while your cock churns away at her pussy.

Pretty soon, you’ve licked your way up to her feet. The same things she used to torment you earlier now dangle helplessly in the air, her toes twitching and spreading apart with each shock of pleasure. You give one a kiss right in the middle of the sole, driving your cock deep into her at the same time.

“Ah! T-those are…”

Wow, she really is sensitive everywhere. Her pussy tightens up just for a moment whenever your tongue touches her skin; between that and her own groping, she’s extra-tight more often than not. And when you tickle her while she’s pinching herself, the pressure gets almost unbearable, forcing both of you to cry out passionately. But no matter how tight she gets, you’re always to move as easily as you want.

“Heh… Mmm…!”

The amused sound draws your eyes back down at Yuuka’s face. She’s been moaning lusciously this whole time, and the edges of her mouth still curve up into a smile. You slide your lips off her toe and bend down over her, slowing your hips at the same time.

Yuuka closes her eyes and reaches her head up towards you. Those deep red lips look really inviting, parted slightly and coated with saliva. Without thinking, you lean over a little bit further, and...


… and kiss her. You just press your lips up against hers, but she immediately pushes them open and slips her tongue into your mouth. It’s surprisingly long and agile, and you moan in amazement as it slips all through your mouth. Any attempts to repulse it fail, as she just dances in circles around your tongue and licks it all over. Her saliva is warm like the rest of her, and it tastes faintly fruity. Maybe she did some sensual strawberry-eating for the photographers before she came in here.

You’re engrossed enough with the kiss to stop your hips for a moment, but you won’t let her get the upper hand now. Yuuka loses much of her skill when you redouble your thrusting to drown her in pleasure, allowing you to counterattack with a fierce but completely artless assault from your own tongue. Technique doesn’t matter right now, not when you’re both caught up in this thick haze of delight. The two of you just settle for moaning into each other’s mouths while your tongues slip around in whatever way seems natural.

With nothing to hold them up, Yuuka’s legs slide around your body and lock together behind your back. They start to add their own formidable strength to your thrusting, making it so that you savage her pussy with each stroke and force a storm of tremors through each of you. Her voice is occupied at the moment, but her legs are clearly imploring you to fuck her as hard as you can.

A minute later, she opens her eyes. They’re soft, hazy, and affectionate, with small tears forming around the edges. With how good you’re feeling, yours must look much the same way. Her gaze is still powerful, though, preventing you from looking away at all. Not that you’d want to.

It’s a lovely sight. But, as beautiful as they are… seeing her like that just makes you want to do more to her!

Yuuka’s stopped moving her hands and let her arms fall away, so you go after her chest in their stead. With a bit of careful maneuvering, you’re able to carefully slide your fingers into her top and wrap them around her breasts. It feels pretty nice just like that, having your hand wedged tight between the soft fabric and her pillowy rack. But then, by grabbing a bit tighter and pulling as hard as you can…


Aha! Yuuka’s breasts pop out of their confinement, jiggling hypnotically as they settle on her chest. You break the kiss and lift your head to get a better look at them; the pale roundness you could see in her cleavage continues through their entire surface, and each one ends in a small, rock-hard pink nipple. Your hands go straight for them, but Yuuka snatches your wrists just before they reach that marshmallow heaven.

“Wait… let’s try something else…”

Without letting you to pull out, Yuuka quickly trades places with you. Your hips and legs relax gratefully as she sets you down in the chair, and she sits in your lap and starts to bounce up and down on your cock.

“Mm! Mmm!”

You’re happy to let her do all the work at first, just sitting back and moaning while her wonderful pussy strokes you. Her pace isn’t too different from your own, but the angle is completely different; now her whole body rises up and drops heavily onto you, with gravity adding its own strength to each stroke. Your cum from before trickles out of her womb and leaks steadily around your length, then trails messily down both your legs and hers.

Of course, it’s hard to ignore the large, heavy breasts jiggling in front of your face. Yuuka’s frantic lovemaking has them bouncing all over; it’s fun to watch, but a little too chaotic for your liking. Soon, you find yourself grabbing them both out of the air and bringing those delectable nipples to your mouth.

Yuuka’s moaning intensifies as soon as your lips touch them. You put as much in your mouth as you can manage and suck as hard as you can, but nothing comes out. It’s still strangely delicious, though. Her breasts have that same salty taste that her legs did; even with such a skimpy outfit and a parasol blocking the sun, these must get pretty sweaty after a day out on the track.

You bring your hands up as well, finally immersing them directly in the pure, unmatched softness of her breasts. After a few seconds of just cupping them and appreciating their weight, you start to squeeze and knead them from the sides while her nipples stay firmly inside your mouth. She responds well to some nibbling, with each little graze from your teeth making her tighten up enough to mess up her movements.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” Yuuka plants her hands on the back of your head, helping to hold you in place while you suck and squeeze her breasts. In the meantime, she arches her back and throws back her head, moaning loud enough for the whole stadium to hear.

You wouldn’t mind that too much, though. That hothead might have every girl from Eientei fawning over him, and the Prince has his bunch of hangers-on, but you have Queen Yuukarin.

And you wouldn’t trade her for anything.

A few more minutes pass in a blissful haze, with nothing occupying your mind beyond the pleasure you’re feeling. You’ve started to thrust your hips up as well, matching Yuuka’s rhythm so that your bodies slam together with each thrust.

Two hands grab your head and pushes you away from her breasts. Just as you’re processing the lack of hard nipples to suck on, Yuuka’s tongue shoots in to fill the gap. Your eyes suddenly lock with hers, bright and teary and teeming with passion. She practically mashes her face onto yours, and your tongues dance around each other faster than you can keep track of while you both buck and grind your hips ferociously. A few intimate moans pass between your lips while you pound against each other, and then…

“Haaahn!” Yuuka throws her head back again, and a merciless squeeze from her soaked walls finally brings you over the edge and starts yet another flood of sperm. Her iron grip pulls you in as close as possible, burying your head deep between her breasts. They absorb most of the sounds you make while your cock throbs intensely and shoots everything you have up into her womb, but you can clearly hear her own shameless moans. Her pussy squeezes and milks you harder than ever, trying its very best to wring out every last drop.

And it does a remarkable job. By the time you’re finished, it feels like you don’t a single drop left in you. You slump back powerlessly onto the chair, and Yuuka slumps down onto you. She finds your lips for one more kiss, then settles her head onto your shoulder. Your fully spent cock stays comfortable inside of her, and her breasts make for a comfortable pillow.

Those roses in her hair smell really nice.

“For someone so small, you’re really good at this~” she coos.

“T-thanks,” you stammer back.

After many peaceful minutes of cuddling, Yuuka pushes herself off of you and turns around to collect her heels. Your cum pours out of her in a thick white stream, leaving a messy puddle on the floor.

“Well! Now that you’ve conquered me, I won’t accept any excuses. We’ll start your training for the next race tomorrow morning!”

You smile back. “Fine with me.” Is she going to be any nicer now? Probably not. But you’ll know how she really feels, and if she’s ever feeling frisky…

Yuuka makes her way for the showers, sumptuously swaying her full hips as she walks. Just as she reaches the door, you remember something and call out for her.

“Oh, and one other thing!”


“We’re changing the name. From now on, we’re gonna be Nightbug Racing!”

Yuuka answers with a playful laugh. “Hoho, I’m not sure about that. I’m quite fond of Sunflower Racing, you know?” Yuuka looks back just enough to wink at you. “But, perhaps you’ll be able to change my mind~”

You clench your fists in excitement. “You better believe I will!”

“Ah, I’m looking forward to it!” Yuuka turns away and leaves through the door at last. Just before it slams shut behind her, you hear her voice echoing out.

“I won’t go so easy on you next time, though~!”
No. 32588
It’s night out. The village is quiet. Families sleep in their homes and drunkards are safely contained in the bars. It’s a time when nobody should be out.

Of course, people are. Those that enjoy the moonlight, those that deal in the darkness, those afraid of the light and all it entails – people like you, for instance.

You walk down the street, hands in the pockets of your hoodie. You can feel your fingers shaking, constantly brushing against the hilt of you knife.

You’re not afraid of the wheelers and dealers lining the streets and hiding in the shadows of alleys. You know some and know of others. Who will fence goods, who can smuggle in contraband, who is a leader, who is insane; they’re all routine figures.

Ordinary, boring, humans.

Before you know it, you reach a familiar pair of buildings. After glancing surreptitiously around – that bastard Jones and his switchblade is someone to look out for – you duck into the alley.

You slow to a halt when you notice a figure sitting on a trash can.

There she is.

“You’re late,” she says. She sounds serious, annoyed, but that’s how she always greets you. To her, you’re nothing more than scum with a need.

“I was a bit held up, okay?” you respond.

“Shaking already?” she asks.

You look down at the hand you waved at her and bite back a curse.

You speak with your hands, but you hadn’t meant to tip her off so soon.

“Nah, I’m fine,” you lie.

She laughs and slides off her throne. She lightly drops to the ground and steps toward you, just out of the shadows and into the moonlight.

Damn her and that smug look. That all-knowing, ruthless look that could drive any used car salesman or petty crook to shame.

She’ll hike her prices up by half, if not more, now that she knows you’re at your limit.

Damn her. Damn you for messing up so soon.

Damn you for bringing the extra money in the first place.

She’s dressed as she usually is when she meets you. Far from the prim blazer you see her running around in during the day, she appears before you now in a full black ensemble. Heavy, shin-length combat boots and black leggings, with a short black skirt and black dress shirt tight against her chest. Her black jacket hangs straight and comes to a stop at the underside of those well-shaped breasts.

Her prominent mane of long, purple hair and signature frumpled-looking rabbit ears are uncovered and unhidden. The damn rabbit is too prideful of them by half, no matter how justified she may be in their beauty.

She brushes a hand across her chest and reaches into the inside of her jacket, pulling out a single syringe. “You’re fine, you say?”

You can feel your heartbeat quicken when she pulls out the drug.

Damn her, taunting you with her goods. All, of her goods.

“Here,” you growl, tossing a wad of bills at her.

She catches the money with the deftness of a youkai, quickly flicking through and counting them at rapid pace.

You see her frown.

The damn rabbit girl pockets the money and looks at you. “I’m going to need a bit more than this.”

You clench your hands and snarl. “How much?”


You choke for a moment.


That bitch. She’s already asking for a fortune for this shit. With the money you’ve paid her with, a family could have bought a house. Even then, you know what you pay her is chump change compared to her other, legitimate or not, clients.

“I don’t have that much,” you admit.

“Isn’t that a shame?” she asks, hand casually returning the syringe to where it came from.

You involuntarily step forward when it leaves your sight.

You glare at her, at the little smirk on her face.

On another day, another time, you might have begged. You might have offered up everything you have. You might have promised her to find more money for next time, just give the damn drugs to you now! You need it! And she would laugh at you and toss you the syringe and give you that damn knowing smirk and say okay, but you owe her for being so generous! She’d be so smug you want to take you knife and paint that pretty porcelain skin with red, to destroy all that beauty-

You scream in pain when your hand is shot.

The knife goes flying, clattering against the side of the alleyway.

Then she’s at your throat, inhuman strength gripping your shirt and hoodie. She stares you directly in the eye, all of her monstrous presence focused on you.

“You’re that desperate, huh?”

She’s mocking you again! You’ll really-

She smacks you across the face once. “Calm down. I get it. You can’t scrounge up any more. Don’t go jumping to assisted suicide right away. We can work out a deal.”

Reisen purrs the last word, like it’s her favorite word in the world, and lets you down.

You take a few deep breaths, heart pounding from terror and excitement. What were you doing, thinking of trying to murder a youkai? She’s capable of turning you into pulp with those flawless hands of hers.

And, of course, she’s right. You’re at your ropes for cash. You’re out of people to ask for loans, to try and borrow a few. The jobs you can hold aren’t enough to pay her prices, and any crimes you could commit won’t net enough either. You’ve been digging into your inheritance to top off payments for the last few months, and now that’s dry too.

So, like an attentive puppy, you stare at the woman. You appreciate her form and warily listen to what she has to offer.

She stares at you like a hawk, silently analyzing your figure. You see her eyes flick this way and that, linger on who knows what.

Finally, she speaks. “I suppose you aren’t the worst,” she says.

You say nothing, only giving her a slightly befuddled gaze.

“Okay then. I know how you can pay the rest of the price.”

Finally. She’ll give you the syringe and you can be set for another couple of weeks until-

You bring your arm up but the youkai grabs it. She takes another two steps, taking position right up against you. She holds your left hand by the wrist. You don’t dare try to dislodge her grip or strike at her with your other arm.

She stares you in the eyes for another few seconds.

Her eyes are gorgeous. Red, inhuman, but beautiful. They’re exotic but familiar. They threaten death but can be filled, strangely, with compassion.

Which side of her is real? The one here, threatening you with haughty superiority? Or the her that can stop and greet you on the street, sweetly inquiring if there’s anything she can sell to help. Her two-faced personality is rotten, something that should set off alarms to anybody who’s seen both. Yet, you find it alluring. She’s better than any village girl you’ve met – she’s different, not of this world. Sometimes, when you’re sitting down and shooting up with your exorbitantly expensive fix, you wonder if it’s the drugs you’re addicted to, or her.

You slip out of your trance when you hear, when you feel, the zipper of your hoodie being undone.

Reisen has it in her grip and then lets it go. Her hand glides from the end of the zipper up your side, resting against the shirt on your shoulder.

Then it begins to move again. You feel the fabric of your hoodie slacken before sliding off your shoulders, off your arms.

The rabbit’s hand rests on your arm. She squeezes your bicep, rubbing the muscle appreciatively. You feel your body heat up, the contact with the woman stirring a fire in you.

“Here’s the deal,” Reisen whispers. “I’ll let you have this little syringe if you fuck me.”

Your head might be hotter than the fires of hell right now, but you’re sure she’s the crazy one.

“I need to relax some too, you know?” Reisen begins to move again, pressing her chest against yours as she slides her arm along yours. Your hoodie falls away from you, landing in an arc around your feet. “I’ll let you take me, right here. Right now. Do it as hard as you can and I’ll even give you the drugs.”

Reisen gracefully presses her fingers against your chest, pushing off you and backing up against the alley wall. She unzips her own jacket and shrugs it off, letting it fall from her slender shoulders. “Just don’t touch my ears. If you do, you’ll have to pay your debts off by working for me. How’s that for a deal?” she asks.

You stare at her.

“What? Can’t you hear-”

You slam into her, your hands shoving her shoulders against the brick wall. She lets out a grunt in surprise, but you don’t want to hear that.

You shove your lips against her, savoring the vibrations of her moans.

You grab her hands and hold them above her by the wrists. You push against her harder, roughly grabbing her breast with your other hand. You squeeze the mound roughly, eliciting another vibrating groan.

It’s not enough. Not nearly enough.

No matter how she seems to be reacting, Reisen is staring you in the eyes. Her body might seem like it’s melting against you, but her gaze speaks to her superiority. It emits all the smugness, of her control over the situation.

You grit your teeth and drag the rabbit from the wall and throw her onto the trash can she was sitting on.

The metal crashes to the ground and rolls away. Reisen lands on her back, wincing as she skids slightly on the dirt.

Before she can so much as reposition her legs you’re on her. You grab her wrists again and lean over her, your legs splitting hers apart. You grin, the rabbit feeling weak and pathetic underneath you.

It does nothing to quell her eyes.

You growl and backhand the rabbit, your hand stinging from the contact. “Stop looking at me like that!” you shout.

You feel her body tremble, but her gaze doesn’t waver.

With harsh rage, you rip at Reisen’s clothes. Buttons pop off her shirt and leave her front expose, her smooth and light skin contrasted by her lacey black bra.

You rip that off too. Her beautiful, plump breasts are laid bare. You roughly grab at them, thumbing Reisen’s nipples with your thumb. She moans slowly, delightedly, with your treatment. You squeeze harder, rougher, but can’t draw anything other than those damned perfect sounding groans of delight. It’s the noise of a woman fulfilled, something any husband would savor from his wife.

You scream in frustration and slam your fist into her stomach. She grunts, not quite in delight, bringing a grin to your face. You do it a second time, a third time, enjoying the grimace on her face.

It does nothing to wipe that look from her eyes.

You work your way down her body, hitting her and ripping at clothes. You pull her skirt up and tear her stockings. Her matching lacey panties slide up her legs, leaving her pink, shaven pussy unprotected.

You undo the belt on your pants and pull out your throbbing cock.

You should be kinder. You should take it slowly, make it enjoyable for her. You should caress Reisen’s clit with your hand, with your mouth, and massage her into enjoyment. You should taste everything that is her, that she is offering, and slowly slide in.

You don’t.

You jam you dick into her vagina, relishing the squeal she lets out. You force your way into Reisen, shoving your hips forward and back. It’s tight, hard work but every thrust sends tingles up your spine. You’re bent over her, still restraining her arms, still capturing her upper lips with your mouth and tongue while you ram your cock into her lower lips.

And all the way, she stares into your eyes.

It’s ridiculous! You have her! She’s yours yet she won’t drop that insufferable look!

You want to choke the life out of her, destroy her, make her life and her survival bound to your whims! Roaring in frustration you ram harder and harder. You let go of her wrists and grab those floppy ears lying on the ground. You pull on them, for the first time drawing a true scream from the rabbit. You can tell her ears are sensitive. She responds to your first surprising tug of her ears with tears. The water wells up in her eyes immediately as-

Her eyes are red. Bright red. Hateful. Loving. Confused. Embarrassed. Sorrowful. Delighted. Her eyes are gorgeous, they’re everything, they’re-

You fall onto your ass.

You can’t move your arms, or your legs.

You can’t take your eyes off of hers.

Reisen sits ups, cupping her ears and rubbing them tenderly. “Ow,” she complains, before shooting more intensity into her glare. “That hurt a lot more than I expected!”

You watch Reisen raise a syringe and inspect it, half of the brownish liquid still inside.

The rabbit youkai pulls her panties off, as well as her ripped stockings and her skirt, and throws them aside. She’s entirely naked except for her dress shirt that hangs button-less on her shoulders.

She takes several steps towards you until she stands right above you, her pussy now glistening.

You see Reisen smile and bend down towards you. She lowers her head down close to your cock, her mouth enticingly close to it. She breathes on you, tickling your skin and launching waves of desire through you.

Then she raises her syringe again, needle point somehow menacing.

Then she turns it upside down.

And she jams it down your penis.

The searing hot fire of a metal rod stuck right down your urethra is unbearable, but only for a moment. In that second you want to scream and shout and rage. Then the pain dulls. Your senses dull. You can’t feel your cock’s hardness or the cold air against your grown.

You can’t feel Reisen’s hand on your thighs or your shirt against your chest.

You can’t feel anything.

You can’t take your eyes off of hers.

Out of your peripheral vision, you watch yourself rise when Reisen pulls on your hand. She settles onto her back and spreads her legs, letting you bend over her again. You think she locks her legs against your back, pulling you slowing into her.

You can’t control yourself. You can’t even feel yourself.

All you see is that your hips are moving on their own.

You don’t know how long it lasts, how long your gaze is locked to Reisen’s. She twists this way and that, dragging you all around the alley. Bent over, knees on the ground, back to the wall, lifted in the air – you can’t remember every position that Reisen pulled you into.

That your body pulled her into.

You lie flat on the ground as Reisen leans over you. She gyrates her hips, impaling herself on your dick as she enjoys herself completely. You see her ass rise up and fall down, her naked body sliding all over your own. She has your arms reach around, to grip her back tightly and pull her tight against you while she rams her hips into yours.

You can’t feel anything.

You respond to her gestures, her commands, whatever pleases her.

You’re her warm doll, her plaything, her masturbation toy.

All you know is that at the end of it she leaves you lying on the ground, completely naked, and finally breaks eye contact.

“I’m surprised that the new drug worked so well,” she comments while reaching into an still-standing trash can. Out of it she pulls fresh clothes for her to wear as well as a large black bag.

You watch her begin to slide on her pink and purple striped panties before she smiles at you and angles your head with her long fingers.

You can’t see much of anything, now. Only the night sky, the twinkling stars and the bright moon.

“It’s been fun, but I think the side-effects are starting to kick in. It shouldn’t be lethal anymore, but Master didn’t make any promises.”

Now you see darkness slowly encroach on you, the metal of a zipper closing tight.

“Once you’re up and ready, there’s another new concoction Master needs me to test. You wouldn’t mind helping, would you?”

With a click, the zipper stops moving, the black bag encasing you completely. You can still hear Reisen’s muffled voice when you think she picks you up and slings you over her shoulder.

“It’s so hard to find such willing test subjects these days. I’m glad you decided to help me. I’ll take good care of you…”
No. 32590
>My first foray into the world of writing porn, but due to the rules I count as a "Veteran" so I'm screwed here. Thanks Rabbit!

suck ittttttttttttttttttttttt
No. 32592
“You mean to tell me that Yumemi gave Reimu a sex robot maid and all I got was this?” Marisa looks at the open box, crowbar discarded after the lid was pried off. Her mouth is a disappointed pout.

“DO NOT ASK US WHAT WENT INTO HER DECISION-MAKING PROCESS. HER DREAMS ARE NOT A PLACE WE WANT TO EXPLORE.” Marisa turns to face the five boulders arranged next to the box, having delivered it to her house.

“How did Yumemi rope you into delivering this, anyway? It's not like you to leave the Dream World.”


“Fine. But I don't know what Yumemi expects me to do with a missile.” Marisa fiddles with her single braid as she taps her foot impatiently. “Maybe dismantle it for parts? I'm sure the mini-Hakkero could be modified to be fueled by plutonium...”

“P-please don't do that!” a voice states.

Marisa jumps back, and looks at the Five Magic Stones. “Was that you?”


“It was me,” the missile squeaks. “I, uh, please don't dismantle me!”

Marisa brushes the hair out of her eyes, and tries to put on a brave face with a knowing smirk. Unfortunately for her, the corner of her mouth is trembling a bit, shattering the illusion. “Who are you?”

“I'm, uh, I'm Mimi!”

“Mimi, eh?” Marisa crosses her arms and thinks for a moment. “What... what do you do?”

“Well, uh, I'm a missile!”

“A missile.”

“Yeah! An ICBM! I don't think I'm very good at it though, I don't want to blow up...”

“WHAT IS AN ICBM?” the Five Magic Stones interject.

“Y-you know, like, the things that fly and go boom. An intercontinental ballistic missile!”

Marisa shakes her head. “No, no, no,” she mutters under her breath. “Yumemi would never send me something like that...”

“But I am! Yumemi even told me I was an ICBM!”

“Intercontinental ballistic missile,” Marisa continues to mutter. “Intercontinental... ballistic... machine?” She stops in the middle of her musings, eyes wide open in a revelation. “Intercontinental Boning Machine!”


Marisa plants one foot forward, one arm thrust out, finger pointing at the missile still in its box. “I heard about Ruukoto from Reimu! There's no way you're not a sexbot! Or, uh, in this case, a sex missile.” She sizes up the missile. “You're a little too big to fit inside me, though,” she says to the eight-foot-tall rocket.

“Insi- what?!” Mimi squeaks out in shock.

But Marisa's already turned to the Five Magic Stones. “You can change your size, right?”


“No. Shh now. No questions. Can you change the size of Mimi here?”


Marisa's already unbuttoning her vest. “Do it, then!”


“Look, buddy, I got plans for you too, but you gotta help me out here before I can get to you.”

“OH- OH DEAR,” the Stones reply.

The Stones work their magic on Mimi, shrinking her down to a much more manageable size of about a foot in length. During this, Marisa is continuing to disrobe, tossing her apron aside, covering one of the stones. Her white blouse and black skirt is cast aside carelessly and with haste, revealing Marisa's small breasts held in check by a black star-print bra, with her narrow hips embraced by similarly-printed panties.

She bends down, exposing the hint of curves on her finely toned ass as she reaches past her long, white thigh-highs to undo her black mary janes quickly. That done, she tosses them aside carelessly, and reaches for Mimi.

“Do you, by chance, vibrate, Mimi?” Marisa whispers to the now-ensmallened ICBM.

“I- I- uh, c-can rotate?” Mimi is shaking as much as her voice is as she says this to Marisa, who smiles and licks the nosecone, while fondling it in her still-gloved hands. She tugs at one of the strings of her panties, untying them as they fall apart, and onto her wooden floor.

“I think that'll do just fine, Mimi,” she breathes.

“What are you do-” and Mimi's voice is muffled, as Marisa slides the nosecone into her moistened pussy, past the lips, and exhales shudderingly.

“J-just a bit too big, Stones,” she moans.


Marisa shakes her head as she slowly starts sliding the rest of the still-protesting Mimi into her vagina. “N-no, that- ah! This is, mm, just fine,” She turns to the Five Magic stones, lust in her eyes, an ICBM between her legs. “I need- mm! I need you five to, ah, get yourselves connected together in a string,” Marisa says.


“Shh. No questions. Only doing. Get to it.”

The Five Magic Stones float off to acquire materials in her house as she slowly works Mimi in and out of her vagina, breathing becoming more ragged and heavy. She slides Mimi out and licks some of her juices off of Mimi's nosecone. A bit drips down to the stabilization fins at the base of the rocket, which are twitching nervously. “Enjoying yourself, Mimi? Not everyone gets the chance for the Kirisame Grand Tour.”

“I- I demand you stop, this instant!” Mimi's voice is more tremulous than before. There is a slight tinge of arousal, though, and Marisa hears it.

“Ah, you're enjoying this too. I knew it! I knew it! Yumemi can't possibly engineer something that can't be used like this!” Marisa laughs in triumph, a laugh that turns quickly to a moan of pleasure as she thrusts Mimi back inside her.

Soon enough, the Five Magic Stones return to see a flushed Marisa, gasping in pleasure, with Mimi's muffled squeaks of little rocket lust.

Marisa's eyes light up in joy upon seeing the Five Magic Stones shrunk down, and tied together with strong string. “Perfect!” she exclaims. She releases Mimi, leaving her inside her to rotate and vibrate, and panting, holds her hand out to the Five Magic Stones. They obligingly allow her to take hold of them.


“Why, Stoney, plug the other hole, of course!” Before they can even protest, Marisa crams the first Magic Stone into her tight asshole, and shudders as it is taken in, the resistance followed by the easy sliding of the second half of the stone making her quiver in pleasure.


“No! No, shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Get in! Shut up!”

Marisa shoves the second and third in, faster than the first, and cries out in pleasure, as the three stones begin to fill her up.

Her one hand, that had been unconsciously playing with her small breasts, teasing the nipples, slides down her body to play with her clit, as Mimi continues to rock, vibrate and roll inside her. Marisa is panting very heavily, straining for release, but fighting it back as much as she can.

“M-marisa!” Mimi exclaims. “I don't know- ah! I don't know how much more of this I can take!”

“Hold ou- oooh,” Marisa responds. “Hold on just a little longer-”

Marisa places the fourth Magic Stone inside her, string and final magic stone dangling from her clenched butt.

She works the fourth Magic Stone in and out, in rhythm with Mimi, as she plays with herself. “M-Marisa!” Mimi exclaims.

“MISS KIRISAME!” the Magic Stones boom from within her butt.

“A-ah!” Marisa screams. “I-I'm comi-”

“M-my warhead is detonating on its own, Marisa!”

Marisa's eyes open wide, in simultaneous shock and sexual release. “Wha-”

The resulting blast wave shattered windows all across the Human Village, five miles distant. The explosion was visible from the Hakurei Shrine. And the blast crater was half a kilometer in diameter.

Ruukoto would later remark on the vast quantity of heat vented at that time.
No. 32594
9999/10 A** would fap again
No. 32595
I almost choked you mother fucker. That was hilarious. Also hey I think this was the first time the Five Magic Stones showed up!
No. 32605
Fairies. Goddamn fairies.

You're the victim here, surely. You never asked for this. But here you find yourself, with a hand full of fairy ass and an oprressive sense of impending doom. This can only end poorly. This should never have happened. But it did.

How? It's not a very long story.

Suffice it to say you're a prospective business associate of one Remilia Scarlet. What kind of "business"? Well, it's not important for the sake of this story. What matters is the fact that, through one source or another, you heard of a young, very rich western woman in Japan who just may have need of something you can provide. Letters were exchanged, phonecalls were made, but in the end the young miss Scarlet decided long-distance negotiations were wholly inadequate.

Fair enough, most business deals in Japan are made only after plenty of beer and karaoke, but this woman went as far as inviting you to stay at her estate, located somewhere by some national park or another, near the Yatsugatake mountain range. The directions given were strangely vague, but she said she'd send a chauffeur. A lovely woman with strangely silver hair for her youthful appearance. She introduced herself as Sakuya Izayoi, although she didn't look nor sound Japanese; you figured she must've had a western parent or something. In any case, that too is unimportant here.

The mansion itself was grandiose beyond expectations, and looked as if it had been there since forever ago. You were lead through an ornate gate, guarded by an imposing-looking chinese woman, and greeted by a girl who didn't look like she'd graduated highschool yet. For a moment, you wondered whether there had been some sort of mistake, but over time you became reassured that this was, indeed, Remilia Scarlet herself.

The vampiric bat wings were a bit of a giveaway.

Yes, earlier during your long-distance communications, you had been informed - after you were gauged as trustworthy, of course - about the mysterious nature of this strange land, this Gensokyo. Youkai and such... At first you had dismissed it as nonsense, or some manner of test of character. Who wouldn't? Indeed, this isn't even the first invitation you'd received; you had sent a representative of the company, the first time, who returned with eyes wide in astonishment, confirming the strange tales you had been told. Tendou wouldn't lie to you, after all - you'd known each other since childhood. Miss Scarlet didn't seem to be offended by you not having shown up personally, but you decided to correct the mistake nevertheless to foster good business relations for the future.

Certainly, you were astonished to find that this land contains all manner of nonhuman creatures, ranging from vampires to werewolves to various types of Japanese youkai, to fairies. Indeed, dozens, no, probably hundreds of fairy maids scurried about the mansion, dusting this and cleaning that, preparing food and performing other tasks at the behest of their vampiric mistress; who, by the way, turned out to be the most cordial host you had ever had the pleasure of visiting before in your life. You dined like a king, had a pleasant chat with the young lady of the house, and were escorted to your room to relax before turning in for the night - you had arrived rather late, after all, and miss Scarlet figured it would be best to hold the business talk until tomorrow. You did, of course, insist that it would be inappropriate of you to impose yourself on her for that long, but she would have nothing of it, motioning for the nearest couple of fairies to show you to your room. You were rather thankful for it, too - the sheer amount of twisting-turning hallways and rooms next to rooms among rooms in this mansion is enough to drive one insane. You figured it'd be wise to not leave the room unless called for, or you'd risk getting lost forever.

Still, it was a fair bit too early for bed just yet, so you had taken one of the books conveniently located on a modest bookshelf in the room to read before retiring for the night. You're not sure whether it was meant as a joke, but the vast majority of books to choose from were vampire novels ranging from Le Fanu to Bram Stoker. At least the lack of Stephenie Meyer's "works" speaks volumes for the good taste of your host.

However, there was something distracting you from the enjoyment of your book - a young fairy maid, fiddling around your room and dusting this-and-that in a carefree manner. One of the fairies that had lead you to the room in the first place, she had gasped in shock upon opening the door for you, finding the room to be in a "completely unacceptable state" for a guest. While neither you nor the other fairy could find particular fault with it, she insisted she'd stay behind and tend to the issue. So here she was, the eager little redhead, humming a simple tune to herself as she performs meaningless tasks such as adjusting the curtain straps... and shaking her hips side to side in rhythm with that tune.

Now, you don't consider yourself to be some manner of boorish brute. Any man has primitive instincts towards the opposite sex, but a civilized human being learns to suppress these, to conduct oneself properly in society, to be in control of oneself.

But this fairy... you swear she's doing this just to seduce you. Or maybe your inner conflict on how to view fairies to begin with was what had lowered your resistance to her charms. Fairies... they're small. Smaller than adult humans, but with adult proportions. When you first arrived, you couldn't help but notice that miss Scarlet had apparently taken great care to only hire help that was attractive beyond reason. As much as you looked around, you didn't spot a single fairy that looked plain, or old - do they even get old? - or otherwise not a pleasure for the eyes to behold. And at first, you felt an extremely uncomfortable sense of guilt about it. They're small like children, after all! However, the more you looked at them, the more it became apparent that their proportions were anything but childlike. The redheaded fairy in your room, even, had hips and ass to die for, and while her bust was far more modest in comparison to her backside, it was still far beyond what you'd find on a little human girl.

Perhaps this is why the swaying of her hips, the way the silky fabric of her knee-length dress seemed to accentuate the curves of her behind as it swayed back and forth, was so effective in stirring something in your loins. Try as you might, you couldn't put indecent thoughts out of your head, nor could you drag your eyes off her. You would be reading a passage from the book in your hand, and yet you'd find yourself staring at her from the corner of your eye, forgetting what it was the book was even about.

It didn't help that the fairy maids' uniform was backless to boot. Certainly, it made sense from a practical standpoint - fairies have wings, after all, and it's not like you could expect them to just fold them up under their clothes somewhere - but to a young man such as yourself it merely served as another temptation. This fairy... she couldn't seriously have been trying to tempt you, could she? That eager-to-please look on her face, the genuine effort she seems to be putting into her tasks... No, you were just being a lecherous pig. You lay down the book and stand up, full of resolve. You needed to do something to calm yourself down. Go for a walk, get a drink of water... maybe find a restroom to, ahem, deal with your urges, as obscenely inappropriate as this would be in someone else's house. You dragged your eyes off the fairy - her pale, smooth skin, the curves of her nubile young body, the fetishistic context of wearing a French maid uniform in this day and age, those deep emerald green eyes and that adorable smile - and marched towards the door.

You were stopped by something, however.

Specifically, your hand which had subconsciously grabbed a handful of fairy ass on the way past her, as she was adjusting your bedsheets.

The fairy girl let out a shocked yelp, and we return to where the story started.


"...I-I had no idea you were into that sort of thing, S-Sir..."
The fairy is the first to speak, her voice shaking. Is she scared? You're horrified. Horrified at your own audacity, to molest a servant in the home of a prospective business partner; no, to lay a hand on a young lady like some kind of brute, period. Visions of horrible fates that may befall you flash through your head, righteous retribution for your sin.

...And yet you can't bring yourself to let go. A different line of thought strikes a crack into your despair - you've gone this far, you've crossed a threshold you cannot undo. Why stop here? You try your hardest to fight this line of thought, and yet you can't help but feel your hand tightening its grip, your fingers sinking into her flesh, your thumb teasingly tracing the outlines of the fairy's underwear...

She had seemed to be frozen in place until you tightened your squeeze on her backside, upon which she let out another quiet yelp, pulling her arms to her chest and glancing at you over her shoulder, her iridescent, insect-like wings trembling as her face, previously pale as milk, now flushed almost as scarlet as the curtains she was adjusting not long ago, comes into view.

She... doesn't look scared, per se.
Shy, maybe.

"W-well... Milady Scarlet would c-certainly expect us to tend to every need our guests may exhibit... so..."
You loosen your grip just a bit, allowing her to turn around, as if presenting herself to you. Her eyes dart to the side aimlessly, her fingers knit together as if she isn't sure what to do with her hands, her breathing is becoming heavier and her face is still becoming redder and redder.
...She's just too damn cute. She reminds you of your first kiss, and how flustered the girl you liked was at the time...

...Yes. You can't help yourself.

You lean down - she's quite a bit shorter than you, after all - and pull her into your arms, locking your lips with hers.

To your astonishment, after a brief moment of stunned surprise, she's the one that moves forward - resting her delicate, pale hands on your chest, she leans into the kiss, opening her mouth just enough for your tongues to gently flick at one another. You pull her closer against your body, putting more passion into the kiss, and she responds in kind.
This is definitely not -her- first kiss, although probably her first time with a guest of the mistress.

Your hands travel down her back, trailing along the exposed skin, careful not to harm her wings. One of your hands finds its way to her ass yet again; you grab a feel once more, pulling her lower body closer against yours as well, causing the fairy girl to sense a certain -something- bumping against her front.

She instinctively pulls herself back, more out of surprise than fear, and glances down at your crotch on reflex. She catches herself not a moment after, blushing an even darker shade of red - which you didn't think possible - and glances aside yet again. You decide not to push it any further, just in case.

She glances back at it again, timidly. You look into her eyes, spotting a look of determination, as if she's steeling herself for whatever's next.

"P-please take a seat, Sir."

You plop yourself down on the bed without even thinking, and the fairy eagerly kneels down between your legs, your bulge now mere inches from her face, just barely kept in check by mere layers of clothing.

"Hey, fairy girl... what's your name?"

"Me?" She seems taken aback at your sudden interest in her name.
"M-My name is Fleur, Sir."

"You don't have to do this, Fleur."

She's quiet for a moment, not having expected you to say something like that. You swear you see a subtle hint of a smile on her lips, before she responds.
"That's... No, it is my duty as a maid to tend to every need of the honored guest of my mistress, after all."
Whatever hesitation was in her voice before has all but vanished; with a fair bit more confidence, although with some characteristic timidness left in her motions, she reaches for the front of your pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them, and - after taking a deep breath - pulling down your boxer shorts.

Your unleashed manhood nearly slaps her across the face as it springs forth, bigger and harder than it's been in years. She lets out an astonished gasp - while you wouldn't say you're particularly huge by average standards or anything, you'd wager you're still a fair bit larger than the average male fairy. Still, Fleur takes a deep breath to steel her nerves once more, then reaches a slightly shaky hand forward...

You can't help but moan softly when her delicate, soft hand grabs hold of your shaft. She lets go almost immediately, as if worried that she'd hurt you somehow, but returns her hand once she realizes this was not the case. Figuring out the implications of your, ah, size difference, she decides to add her other hand as well, and begins a gentle, slow-paced stroking motion, massaging your member so carefully you'd think she were genuinely afraid of breaking it.

Then again, from what you've heard of the various supernatural beings in Gensokyo, she very well might be capable of doing so. The thought is fleeting, and doesn't impede your raging erection.

As you reflexively grunt in approval, Fleur decides to take it a bit further, no longer merely stroking up and down the length of your shaft, but also leaning forward to gently lick at the head with her tongue.

The soft, warm and wet sensation elicits a second moan of delight from you. This time, the fairy understands this as a good sign, encouraging her to continue what she's doing; she removes one hand from your penis, instead moving down to gently massage your balls, careful not to be too rough with your delicate parts. She makes sure not to neglect the now-free portion of your shaft, beginning to lick up and down its length, still stroking it at the base and picking up some speed to boot. God, normally you've got a fair bit of endurance, but if she keeps this up you're going to-...


You can't help but exclaim out loud as she suddenly begins forcing your cock into her mouth. This... doesn't go particularly smoothly, as her mouth is a bit too small to fit the whole thing. She manages to get the head in, but runs out of space quickly after, coughing softly as you hit the back of her throat. She opens her eyes and looks up at you timidly, as if to apologize.

"H-hey, I said you don't have to force yourself..."

After you reassure her with some kind words, she closes her eyes yet again, proceeding to bob her head up and down the head of your dick, her tongue working its way along every part of its surface, under the ridges of the head, everywhere is bathed by the soft warmth of her tongue. While doing so, her other hands remain hard at work at stroking the base of your cock and gently fondling your balls, respectively. You can't take much more of this...

"F-Fleur, I'm going to-..."

She opens her eyes inquisitively, looking right up at you; somehow, making eye contact with this beautiful creature with your dick in her mouth sends you over the edge right then and there, and despite you trying to warn her, the first shots of your seed hit her right in the back of the throat.

She coughs softly once more, but doesn't remove her mouth; instead, she keeps stroking you, as if trying to milk you of your semen, trying her hardest to swallow every last drop of it. She's not entirely successful, as the volume produced is just too much for her tiny mouth; at first, a few drops flow from the corners of her mouth, until finally she can't handle it anymore, releasing your penis and gasping for air, the final few spurts of semen hitting her face, hair and uniform.

Both of you spend a few seconds catching your breath.

"I... I'm sorry, I tried to warn you."

"N-no, it's perfectly alright! I've... got a spare uniform, so..."
She loses track of her sentence before finishing it, instead choosing to absent-mindedly clean some semen off her nose with her finger, licking it clean afterwards.
The sight of this is hot enough to rejuvenate your erection nearly in an instant, eliciting another gasp from the eager little fairy.

"G-Goodness, Sir, your vigor is astounding...!"

"I, uh, you don't need to, anymore..."

She shakes her head, smiling softly at you, which strikes you as a bizarre mix of adorable and sexy at the same time, with her blushing harder than even before, and traces of your seed still on her face and in her hair reminding you of what felt like a blissful eternity of a blowjob just a moment ago.
"That won't do... I can see you're still, ah, inconvenienced, Sir... Please, allow me to be of more use to you."

That's all she needed to say. You grab her by the shoulders and push her onto the bed, causing her to let loose another "Hyau!" of a yelp, surprised by your sudden show of boldness. You then flip her over to access her back, untying her apron strings and casting the white fabric aside, before moving to the next article of clothing keeping you from the bare flesh of your lovely fairy companion.

...there's a lot of layers when it comes to peeling a fairy maid out of her uniform, it seems. After the apron comes the silky knee-high navy blue dress, the swaying of which had seduced you to her ass in the beginning of this story. You can't help but give her backside another firm squeeze while you're at it, causing Fleur to moan into the bedsheets softly. You manage to get her out of the dress, but you're not done yet. You figure the shoes ought to go next, since they're easy to remove.

Next is some manner of white underskirt thing. How much do these maids wear, and on a warm day like this to boot? She seems to be helping you undress her, unbuttoning her blouse while you fiddle with the countless other articles of clothing, ribbons, cufflinks... Finally, you have her nearly naked before you - She's still wearing her bra and panties, garter stockings and headdress. You reckon the latter two can stay on, because, y'know... when else in life are you going to get to sex up a maid, right?

Before removing her bra, you seize her breasts into your hands; or rather, your fingers, as they're a bit more modest compared to her ass, though there's still plenty to play and have fun with. You knead and massage her chest, causing the fairy girl to moan into her hand as she tries to muffle her involuntary vocalizations.
She's just too damn cute.
You manage to unhook the bra, thankfully without too much hassle, and cast it aside onto the pile of other clothing, revealing her bare chest to you... for but a moment, before she reflexively covers herself up with her hands.

"...Fleur, are you sure you want me to continue?"

She pauses for but a moment, before timidly removing her hands, bringing them up to her collarbone and glancing aside, her face dark red as ever. She even seems to be pressing her breasts together with her forearms now, as if to bring them out more. Is she shy about her bust size compared to other fairies...?

You decide to prove her worries to be useless, and assault her chest with gusto. She yelps in shock as you bury your face into her tits, kissing them, suckling on her nipples, using your hands on the side to grope and pinch and tweak and squeeze... By the time you're satisfied with her breasts, she's breathing as heavily as if she's just finished running in a marathon; you think she was holding her breath to avoid making too much noise. That's right, there's a very real chance the two of you might get caught in the act...

...But you don't care anymore. You move down her body, trailing kisses along her stomach, until coming to her panties. Conveniently, they're side-tie, meaning the garters won't get in the way of removing them. As the silky, air-thin fabric leaves her skin, you can't help but take in a whiff of fairy scent; you can feel the primal human within you stirring, eager to mate. But you must not be hasty. Instead, you lean down, and...

"A-Ah, Sir, you mustn't, I'm not-... Ahh!"
You don't give her a chance to protest, grabbing her ass by both hands and bringing your lips to her pussy, giving her a few teasing licks before snaking your tongue into her, eagerly exploring her insides; partly to return the favor from earlier, partly because you're pretty damn curious what fairy girls taste like.
No. 32606

Tastes sweet, like nectar. Fitting, given the nature-based origins of fairies, although a little too convenient for you to believe at first. Still, all the more reason for you to dig in! While your surprise had given her a moment to catch her breath and try to speak to you again, this time you decide to give her the ride of her life, your tongue transforming into a tool of female pleasure, your hands squeezing and massaging her ass in the process; at times you pull your tongue from her, instead choosing to lick and suckle at her clit as you bring one hand up to slide your finger into her; she's tight, real tight, but you manage to work most of it inside. Fleur's voice has turned from daisy-chained moans to a strained silence by now; looking up at her from between her thighs, all you can see from her face is the tip of her chin, her back arched and her head hung back as her fingers cling to the bedsheets from immense pleasure. You decide to push her over the edge, adding a second finger into her, although you're unable to work them all the way into her due to the increased thickness of two fingers; at the same time, you lube up your other hand's index finger with a mix of your saliva and her own pussy juices, before gently, carefully easing it into her ass.

She doesn't last much longer - all it takes is one more good suckle on her clit, and her body tenses up to a degree where you're almost afraid she'll hurt herself; the bed trembles under her weight as a bonecrushing orgasm wracks her body, as you press your lips to her honeypot to lap at the delicious nectar released from within.

It takes a good while for her to recover from this, and you wonder if you might've gone overboard a little. Her body, her clothes and the sheets beneath are drenched with sweat, and her breathing is so heavy she sounds as if she's about to pass out; she's covering her face with her forearm, and a tiny bit of drool dribbles down from the corner of her open mouth. She looks thoroughly ravished.

And yet, as you stand up, wondering what you should do now, you hear her whispering softly...
"...Please, Sir... Let me help you finish, too..."

She removes her arm from in front of her face, having composed herself to some degree; the look in her green eyes is almost feverish, and... pleading. Pleading for you to take her, to go all the way with her, to use her body and let her use yours, to become one with her.

What kind of man would you be if you denied her this?

You cast aside your shirt, your pants, your boxers, and lower yourself above Fleur's body... She stretches out her arms, smiling warmly at you, her face flushed as ever, her eyes saying "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
You place your shaft between her legs.
You grind it up and down along her slit, eliciting moans from you both.
She's ready.
You're ready.





"Ah, s-sorry... please, try aga-... Hyau!"
You missed, and ended up grinding your entire length along her clit. That's odd.

"S-sorry, my bad. Here it comes..."

Again, it doesn't find its mark, but goes sliding downwards this time, sandwiching itself between her buttocks. You pull back, a little embarrased and frustrated at this point, and place the tip of your member between her lower lips once more, and...
"I-It's not going to fit, Sir..."
...Nothing. Try as you might, it's not going to go in unless you force it beyond realistic measures. This isn't like deflowering a young human girl, this is straight-up a conflict in body proportions; trying to jam it in by force would result in great pain and discomfort for both of you.

"...I'm s-sorry, Sir."
There's that shameful stuttering again. Fleur turns her gaze away from you, her beautiful green eyes seeming to glisten a bit more intensely than before...


No. No tears allowed.
You grab your hyper weapon by the hilt, place it between her legs once again, and... grab her legs, pressing her thighs together, squishing your penis in between.

Fleur looks up at you, in surprise.
"Sir? What are you-... Hyau!?"
Without even giving her a chance to speak, you start grinding. Grinding your length between her thighs, grinding it along her slit, across her clit. Slow, smooth, steady thrusts. This is just like the real thing, y'know. The flesh of her thighs, so pale, so smooth, so warm and soft... Her juices, leaking from her pussy, coating your shaft from top to bottom, lubricating your thrusts... Her moans of extasy, each time you pass over her clit, only serving to amplify your own pleasure even further...

No, this is the real thing.
You're having sex.
There's no question about it.
You raise her legs up and throw them over your shoulders, then lean forward for a better angle to thrust from. You put more weight into it, more speed, more vigor. You lean forward, staring Fleur right in the eyes, the poor little fairy lost in a mix of confusion and pleasure.
You steal her lips for the second time tonight, both of you closing your eyes and letting yourselves be absorbed in the moment.
You reach forward with one hand, somehow maintaining balance on the other with agility that would leave professional porn stars envious, to grope and play with her breasts.
She puts herarms around you, pulling you closer, as if afraid to lose you.

And you both climax nearly in sync with one another; Fleur hits her limit first, her thighs tightening up like a vice as the orgasm ravages her body, which sets you off as well. Jet after jet of hot semen shoots forth from your manhood, coating the young fairy's breasts, stomach, thighs...
You're not entirely sure what comes over you, but you press the tip between her lower lips one more time, shooting the last blasts of your seed into her.


You're spent.
So is Fleur. You look her over, and she's quite a mess, compared to the clean and proper-looking little maid whose butt you'd molested in the beginning. Naked, save for the maid headdress and cum-stained garter stockings, covered in your semen from head to toe, some cum even leaking out of her pussy, sweaty and on the limit of passing out.

You could really use a cigarette about now.
But you don't want to leave your lover, so you decide to simply curl up in bed next to her. You're not sure how you'll explain this to miss Scarlet in the morning. You're not sure what's going to happen next at all. But it doesn't really matter, now does it? What matters is the here and now; so you pull the covers over yourself and Fleur, put your arm around her, and kiss her on the cheek.
She opens one eye, glances at you weakly, then smiles brilliantly before falling asleep on the spot.




Afternoon the day after, you're eating breakfast with surprisingly good appetite considering how terrified you were when you woke up. Must be the head maid's apparently-legendary cooking.
You had found yourself waking up in a neat, cleanly-made bed, your boxers back on, no signs of last night's mess or Fleur anywhere. For a moment, you had wondered whether it had all been a dream, but trying to take a leak after waking up proved otherwise. So, someone had cleaned up the evidence. Probably Fleur herself, but where is she now?
You chew on the last bit of breakfast, deep in thought, staring into space. It's a little weird eating breakfast at noon, sure, but you figure waking up around this time is a fair compromise for a guest in a vampire's household.

"Hey. It's not very gentlemanly to fall asleep at the breakfast table, you know." A soft chuckle stirs you from your stupor, and you turn to look at Remilia Scarlet, sitting opposite of you and having finished her meal.
"Didn't sleep well last night, I take it? I do apologize if there was anything wrong with the room I had provided."

"No, no, the room was fine, I'm just..." You pause.
"It's nothing, I apologize for my bad mannners. You wished to talk about business, yes?"

"Mmm. In a bit. Oh, Patchy! How nice of you to join us."
Miss Scarlet greets a purple-haired woman who does not respond beyond a muffled grunt; Patchouli Knowledge, apparently a powerful magician. She sits down at the table and opens a book, starting to read it as if there were no one else around. A fairy maid delivers a plate of breakfast, which the witch ignores completely.

The fairy maid makes your heart ache once more.
"Say, ah, miss Scarlet... The maid that escorted me to my room, the one with red hair and green eyes, from yesterday..."

"Oh, Fleur? Ah, I do apologize, I really shouldn't have sent her with you, but it completely slipped my mind."

"Oh? What do you mean, if I may ask...?" You can't help but begin to worry a little.

"Well, you see, she's not officially a maid just yet. She only just started yesterday, got her uniform and that's about it. She's in her first day training today, if you were wondering where she is."

"First day...?"

"Heh, yeah. The girl's really eager to please, but she doesn't really understand what a maid's duties are, you know. I caught her dusting random things or adjusting other things here and there, generally getting in the way... It's a good attitude to have, I suppose."

"I see." You sink back into thought for a while; miss Scarlet excuses herself to go powder her nose at some point or another.

You glance at miss Knowledge, sitting next to you. Talented magician, huh...

"...Miss Knowledge. Forgive me for asking, but would there be some manner of spell that could... shrink a person down a little?"


No. 32627
Today is a good day.

Suspended before you is the sleeping form of your nemesis, Byakuren Hijiri. She seems quite peaceful right now, snoring quietly while her head rests against one of her outstretched arms. If only she knew the position she’s in.

A pair of thick pink tentacles wind around her wrists and hold her up in the air, while another pair hold onto her ankles to spread her into an X-shape. Her flowing black robe and white dress are both somewhat damaged, thanks to the thick, clear substance that leaks from the tentacles and drips down steadily from above. Strips of her outer dress and undershirt have melted away under its touch, and the cloth around the tentacles has already been eaten away completely. Half of the straps on her outer robe are broken already, leaving scandalous hints of smooth, pale skin are visible all over.

You would’ve had quite a difficult time getting her here alone, but it was child’s play thanks to your new ally. Bykauren always keeps up a veritable wall of magical defenses, but the spell you were given penetrated neatly through each and every one to knock her unconscious. Then, using the power of Senkai, you easily brought her here.

The space you’re presently standing in is no larger than a commoner’s bedroom, but it bears no resemblance to any room you’ve ever been in. This is largely due to the fact that the walls and floor are all made of moist, throbbing pink flesh. Much of the chamber’s space is taken up by the pit over which Byakuren is suspended, from which any number of perverted appendages could emerge. A similar hole gapes on the ceiling, supplying the tentacles that currently restrain her arms. All around the pit, there’s about enough floor space for two people to walk side-by-side. A powerfully musky scent permeates the air, and strange gurgles and moans echo faintly out of the depths of the two holes.

As you understand it, this chamber is the interior of a most perverted creature. It forces its way through portals opened by curious witches and drags them into its body, where it subdues them with tentacles and feeds on their magical energy. You do have some reservations about relying on a devilish creature like this, but there’s a certain justice in seeing this silver-tongued fiend fall to something even more twisted than her. Fortunately, you’ve been assured that this creature only cares about heathen magicians; a glorious Taoist like yourself barely registers on its senses. You could simply escape and leave Byakuren to her fate, but you can’t miss the downfall of your greatest enemy. She looks unusually… vulnerable, in that position, and you want to… see exactly how it happens, so you can commit every detail of this moment to your memory.

… Ah, and it’s about to begin! You quickly draw yourself upright and arrange your cape for maximum charisma as Byakuren stirs awake, roused by a stream of the fluid leaking right onto her face. Her eyelids gently blink apart, then shoot wide open as soon as she senses that something is gravely amiss.


To her credit, though, she doesn’t panic. She glances over everything in a matter of seconds, from the tentacles to the pit to her damaged clothes, then settles her gaze squarely on you. You greet her with a majestic smile and a masterful flutter of your cape.

“Good morning, my dear Buddhist! I hope you enjoyed your rest. It may be the last peaceful sleep you ever have.”

As always, Byakuren’s response is infuriatingly muted. Instead of growing afraid and outraged like a proper damsel, she merely returns your smile. “And a good day to you as well, Crown Prince. I see you’ve taken me someplace interesting.”

But she won’t be able to keep it up. This time, you’ll get to her for sure! “Indeed! This creature has evolved specifically to do away with heathens such as yourself, and you’re now squarely in its grasp. Better magicians than you have fallen to it.”

Byakuren continues to smile as she takes another look at the tentacles wound about her wrists. They’ve coiled around her in three consecutive loops, squeezing just hard enough to hold her firmly without cutting off her circulation.

“You would think me a mere magician? I thought you knew better, Crown Prince.”

Byakuren breathes in deeply, and a peculiar calm radiates out from her as she starts to chant under her breath. You can hear her mind quieting down, the quiet whispers of her desires fading away to nothingness as she focuses. That’s one of the most unsettling things about her; no proper being should be able to hide its desires the way she does. It’s a clear perversion of the natural--agh!


Byakuren suddenly opens her eyes, unleashing a powerful surge of magic that forces you to stagger backwards as a brilliant white-and-purple aura engulfs her body. Her both tense up and strain powerfully, the exposed bits of skin suddenly rippling with muscles you didn’t know existed. Then, with a loud grunt, she brings them both all the way down, ripping the attached tentacles clean out of whatever they were attached to. Several meters of flesh drop down from above as the appendages fall from her wrists and into the pit below.

An unnatural groan rumbles from deep within the pit, making the floor quakes beneath your feet. You draw your shaku and place a hand on your sword, but you doubt you’ll be forced to fight her just yet. The creature won’t take such an attack lying down.

A dozen more tentacles rise up and descend to surround the Buddhist, grabbing onto her arms, legs, and stomach from all angles just before she can free her legs. The thick pink appendages wrap around almost every inch of her body, soaking her clothes in their fluid in the process. For some reason, they feel compelled to stay clear of her bosom, instead squeezing it out from above and below and slipping into a hole in her undershirt to fill the space in between.

Byakuren only considers this as a minor inconvenience. They full-body constriction is enough to keep her between the apertures in the floor and ceiling, but not to stop her movement completely. She frees her boulder-shattering arms just as easily as before, then sets about tearing off the tentacles on the rest of her body. But more of them keep coming out and attacking, fast enough that two more grab her in the time it takes to destroy one. Still, you doubt the creature’s supply is inexhaustible.

But it’s prepared to deal with unruly prey. About three feet away from the violent melee, you notice a thin green tentacle with a bulb and a thin needle at the tip. The creature’s attacks seem indiscriminate, but you soon realize that the desperately-lashing tentacles are all trying to turn Byakuren a certain way and expose a certain part of her neck. Too caught up in her struggle to notice, your opponent steps up her assault, slowly fighting further and further towards until you’re nearly in attack range. Her eyes are locked squarely onto yours, surprisingly calm showing not a single hint of mercy. You find yourself backing up all the way to the warm, pulsating wall, not able to keep your breath from speeding up as she draws closer and closer. She isn’t holding anything back; despite your own strength, a single strike from one of those fists could easily take off your head. You hold your shaku close over your mouth and keep a white-knuckled grip on your blade, but just as she’s about to break free...

“Ngh!” Byakuren suddenly flinches as the needle surges forward with enough strength to stab through her magically-hardened skin. A small drop of blood leaks down her neck as the tentacle pumps in a specially-formulated paralytic, disrupting her internal flow of magic and forcing her body to stop its blur of violent motion almost immediately. She grunts and struggles as hard as she can, but her limbs suddenly refuse to obey her, and her aura dissipated despite her best efforts. The creature almost seems to sigh with relief as it carries her back over the pit and withdraws most of its tentacles, leaving just a few winding around her arms and ankles plus a couple around her waist to be safe.

It takes a minute for your heart rate to slow down. Your new friend assured you that the creature would get the job done, and the proof she showed you was convincing, but the cold look in Byakuren’s eyes nearly you flee for Senkai. Truly, she is a demon in human form.

Her clothing took quite a bit of damage in that struggle. Both her outer and inner dresses have been reduced to a few tattered strips, which conveniently hide her most intimate places from view. A mostly-intact pair of panties adds some extra modesty between her legs. However, the rest of her pale, shapely form is on full display. Everything is covered in a thin layer of sweat and fluid, making it shine in the magical light that fills the creature’s interior.

You can’t keep your eyes from roaming all over her. That body truly is a work of blasphemous art. Her legs are both quite long and shapely, with powerful thighs that lead up to wide, womanly hips. Her taut stomach curves inward slightly, hiding her powerful core behind a layer of smooth, flawless skin. From there, it’s only a few inches before you reach her massive breasts. Easily her most impressive assets, their lewd bouncing has seduced many a poor soul to Buddhist thralldom. Each one is large enough to fill your hands twice over, and they seem to heave and jiggle at the slightest provocation despite their undoubtedly-staggering weight.

Byakuren’s arms are smooth and feminine despite the strength they just displayed, striking a fine balance between slimness and substance. Her face is a striking sight as well, with a subdued and humble features offset by a pair of brilliant golden eyes. Her signature and surely artificial blonde-and-purple hair’s grown somewhat disheveled, spilling over her back and shoulders and sticky with the creature’s fluids.

But you aren’t jealous of her. Not at all.

Byakuren can’t move an inch the whole time you’re examining her, but her eyes continue to smolder with determination. She can’t hide the faint blush that colors her cheeks, though. You only wish that you weren’t blushing as well. As lewd as it is, you can’t deny that her body is having its intended effect on you, and you find yourself looking forward more and more eagerly to what’s to come. As soon as she’s able to move her jaw, she goes back to taunting you.

“Something as weak as this will never…“

You move your shaku away cut her off with a commanding smirk. Soon, she’ll be too distracted to pay attention to her face.

“Oh, I’m sure it won’t. With your enhancements, I have no doubt you’d overcome that drug in minutes...” You step forward to the edge of the pit and put your shaku under Byakuren’s chin, tilting her head slightly up towards you. “… Which is why we’ll be taking them away.”

For the first time, Byakuren’s confidence wavers.


A tentacle rears up and tears off the last shreds of fabric covering Byakuren’s breasts. She’s above crying out like a schoolgirl, but she can’t keep from sporting an embarrassed blush as they’re forced to bounce up and slowly jiggle to a stop. You immediately note that her perfectly-sized nipples are colored a bright, luscious pink that can’t possibly be natural.

Those things really are inexcusable. There are Taoist arts that could give you a chest to rival hers, but no amount of new followers would make you lower yourself to her level.

Also, Tojiko would never forgive you.

Now that Byakuren’s been properly restrained, the creature sends out a dozen soft, delicate tentacles, all of them dripping with that signature fluid. They surround her start to caress her body, quickly dissolving the last scraps of fabric that try in vain to cover her lewd form. They stroke the entire length of her legs, wind between her fingers, lick up the sides of her face, gently squeeze her breasts, and rub insistently against the inside of her thighs. The touching must be quite distracting for her, coming from everywhere at once like that. Especially if there’s an aphrodisiac mixed in with that fluid. Her paralyzed body twitches slightly under the tentacles’ attention, and you can hear some quiet moan-like sounds mixed in with her heavy breathing. She tries to keep her eyes on you, but they keep flicking down to the tentacles that molest her.

A few of the tentacles suddenly decide to devote themselves to Byakuren’s feet, licking between her toes and tickling against her soles. Suddenly, her resolute expression turns to a tight, faint smile as she’s forced to choke a laugh. Moaning in front of you is one thing, but giggling would be even more embarrassing. While four tentacles tease her down there, another pair coils loosely around her breasts and starts to knead them with slow, deliberate squeezes. Her nipples soon come to stand painfully on end, helped along by the steady massage and some licking from a pair of tongue-like appendages. Meanwhile, the rest of the tentacles ceaselessly caress the rest of her body. A few have wrapped themselves around her plump behind, which seems to be getting the same massage treatment as her breasts.

Byakuren’s panties are the last piece of clothing to go, carefully peeled away by a tentacle between her legs. It backs away once they’re gone, giving you a glimpse of her bright pink lower lips.

Hmm. Either she’s a dutiful shaver, or she’s found a way to stop her hair from growing down there. You only get a moment to admire the sight, though, before a new tentacle covered with small feelers presses up between her legs and starts to scrub back and forth.


Combined with all the others, that new stimulation’s finally enough to force open her mouth. Her voice spills out readily in a strange hybrid of a laugh and a moan. It takes her much longer than she’d like to get it back under control, and you look on with a blushing grin the whole time as her confused but passionate sounds serenade you.

It’s clear that she’s losing her composure. Being teased in so many places at once is too much even for her supposedly-saintly patience. Now that her confidence is slipping, she’s trying harder and harder to put on a strong front. When her attempts to remain stoic fail, she tries to lash out at you instead.

“… A-and just what do you plan to do with me? You didn’t seem like the type to--mmm!--humiliate someone and take pictures.” Byakuren makes her tone as harsh and accusatory as possible, hoping that it’ll take you down a notch. You just respond with a small chuckle and let her squirm for a while longer. It’s supremely fun to hold all the cards like this. Exciting, as well.

But, just this isn’t enough for you. You’re feeling a strong desire well up within you to see her humiliated even more thoroughly. Then, once you’ve crushed every shred of that infuriating ego…

“Don’t you recall? This creature preys on magicians. I wouldn’t spoil the details, though. You’ll be experiencing them firsthand, after all!”

Right on cue, pair of thin, semi-transparent tentacles with bulbous tips descend from the hole above and position themselves in front of Byakuren’s breasts. The ends split open into four parts to reveal a pair of flesh-lined cavities, covered in soft bumps and dripping with fluids; it’s quite clear what they’re designed to stimulate. Byakuren manages to pull her head back a few inches, but she can’t do anything to keep her nipples from hardening even further in anticipation. While she tries to struggle away, the tentacles around her breasts give them both a powerful squeeze, forcing the tips to bulge out towards the waiting suckers. For a moment, the mouths hover a few millimeters away from their prey, close enough that Byakuren can feel the moist heat radiating out from within. And then…

“Mmn!” Byakuren squeezes her eyes and mouth shut as the mouths latch onto her nipples, their flaps spreading out to completely cover her sizable areolae. They quickly flatten themselves against her flesh and tighten up considerably; her back arches noticeably as the tentacles start to suck with twice the strength of a human mouth, wrenching a high-pitched squeal from her formerly-closed mouth.

Her cry quickly changes to a rich, helpless moan. The tentacles suck hard enough to pull her breasts towards them, and you notice a few drops of white fluid to leaking from the edges of the tentacles’ lips.

Aha! You always thought those were cow-like.

Byakuren tries to stem her tide of moans, but they’re quickly forced beyond her control as the other tentacles resume their caressing all over her body. The ones wrapped around her breasts start to give them a sustained, forceful kneading , resolving her little spurts of milk into a more constant flow. Less than a minute later, she’s panting and moaning and trembling without interruption, and you can see a steady stream of milk flowing out through the tentacle. At the same time, the tentacle caressing her nethers doubles its speed; her lips are spread wide open against them, so her walls and clitoris receive a vigorous stroking from dozens of small tendrils each second.

Between that and the forceful milking, Byakuren’s not able to hold out for long. Her steady moaning is interrupted by a powerful scream, and the tentacles pause their ministrations to let her body quake with powerful waves of pleasure. The sight and sound of her orgasm send a little shock through your body as well, and her musk briefly mixes with the tentacles’ to overpower your mind completely. You legs buckle a little under the sensation, such that you have to press them together to stay up.

Ah… It’s getting harder to think, but this is such a glorious sight that you can’t turn away.

As soon as her tremors fade, the real punishment begins. Small blue sparks start to crackle around the suckers’ lips, forcing a quiver through Byakuren’s frame. She grits her teeth and grunts in confusion as the sparks grow in strength, spreading out from her breasts to arc all over her twitching body. The confusion gradually turns to worry, and then to fear.

Working in tandem, the normal tentacles nearly crush her breasts while the suckers pull with all their might. Byakuren throws her head back and moans loudly as she fires out two spurts of milk, large enough to make a bulge in the tentacles as they’re sucked away from her. The pools of milk seem to be sparkling brightly, infused with the unmistakable glow of magic. Another pair follows them, as large and brilliant as the last, and half a dozen more come after that. For the first time, you see a genuine panic on Byakuren’s face.

“Ahhhn! Th-that’s…!”

You flutter your cape dramatically. “It is indeed! That energy binds your magical power to your fluids, which the creature is quite adept at drawing out. And a whore like you has them in plentiful supply; I bet it didn’t even have to force you to lactate.”

“I… I am not a… Nngh!”

Byakuren stares up desperately at the two sparkling streams, as if she’s trying to will the milk back into her. The drug hasn’t worn off yet, though, so she’s powerless to resist as the creature mercilessly squeezes and sucks on her breasts to fill her with humiliating pleasure. The best she can do is moan at you in a vaguely accusatory manner.

The other tentacles haven’t let up either. The rest of her licentious body is still subject to their unrelenting attention, and the crackling energy seem to have amplified her sensitivity. Every inch of her body shudders under their caress, from her surpisingly ticklish feet to her toned stomach to her constantly-twitching fingertips. As you watch, the comb-like tentacle that’s been ravishing her womanhood finally stops its movements and backs away; her unmentionable parts are red and swollen, and glistening with mysterious fluids. Much of it came from the tentacle, but you suspect that a goodly amount was borne of her own arousal as well.

The tentacles pull Byakuren’s legs slightly apart. Sensing the movement, she manages to glance down around her huge, heaving breasts in time to see a new tentacle appear beneath her. This one’s covered in small bumps and tendrils, and semi-transparent like the ones working her nipples.

“There are other sources of fluids, of course.”

The tentacle rises further and rubs gently against Byakuren’s throbbing slit. It sparks with that same blue light as it touches her, and she screams uncontrollably as the electricity directly stimulates her swollen clitoris.

“Hiiih! Nn-no, don’t…”

“Oh, don’t pretend you don’t want it. It’s obvious you’re enjoying this.”

With Byakuren’s insides exposed as they are, the tentacle’s able line itself up and slide easily into Byakuren’s dripping, defenseless depths. She watches its movements with a despairing stare, until a sharp squeeze on her breasts draws her attention away.

Once she’s been filled with six or seven inches of wriggling flesh, the tentacle stays largely immobile, likely absorbing the considerable quantity of juice already inside her. You see a few orbs of condensed magical fluid slide down through the middle of it, matching the pulsating bursts of milk that stream ceaselessly from her breasts. Then, when the supply inside of her dries up, the tentacle pulses with a blinding blue light and sends an explosive shock crackling through Byakuren’s body. Her knees suddenly turn inwards as she squeezes her thighs together and throws back her head, her eyes and mouth both forced wide open. To your surprise, the scream she lets out is soaked with pleasure rather than pain; you find yourself wondering what it feels like, having something like that rattling every nerve of your body.

B-but that’s just a passing fancy. And the moisture on your panties is certainly because of this humidity! You can… You can leave here whenever you want to.

Another equally-powerful shock forces Byakuren into her second orgasm. She cries out with a mixture of fear and arousal, and you can practically see her insides convulsing with unwanted pleasure. Her breasts spray uninterrupted for nearly five seconds, making the sucker-tentacles sag under the weight of the load of magic-infused milk they’re forced to carry away. Thick streams of glowing fluid leak down along the other length, which quickly absorbs the moisture and sends it off to the depths of its host.

Byakuren’s left hazy-eyed and panting, just quivering slightly in response to pleasure shuddering through her. Before she can manage to close her mouth, a tentacle similar to the one inside her shoots down from above and plugs her mouth. Her eyes go wide at the sudden insertion, and you hear a few muffled gags as the tentacle forces its way into her throat. The fact that she doesn’t throw up attests either to the tentacles’ power, or to an impressive amount of training on her part. Small drops of magic start to travel up through that tentacle as well; it must be drawing out her saliva.

For a moment, Byakuren’s filled both above and below, with her strength leaking from four places at once. Then, the lower tentacle slowly pulls back, rotating slightly to draw its manifold bumps and feelers all over her sensitive walls. Despite all the juices that Byakuren’s let out, there’s only a slight hint of visible moisture; every drop that the creature’s wrung out has been absorbed and consumed already.

Byakuren’s throat is still stuffed full, and her milk is pouring out as steadily as ever, but the poison’s mostly worn off by now. You see a flash of determination in her eyes; she must think this is her chance to escape. She closes her eyes and summons forth her greatly diminished powers, doing the best she can with a thick tentacle cutting off her breathing. For a moment, the chamber is strangely calm; her shameless moaning has become such a constant fixture that it’s strange not to hear it for a change. Her chaotic desires quiet down as well, fading almost to nothing. Then, a familiar glowing aura surrounds her, radiating from her core out to her limbs. She clenches her hands into fists…
No. 32628

… But the tentacle in her throat unleashes a sharp burst of power, one that seems to wrack every nerve of her being. The oppressive radiance pings away, just as the tentacle between her legs drives up into her with a vengeance. The one in her throat pulls out at the same time, freeing her to gasp and scream in desperate ecstasy as she clenches up all over and slumps weakly in the creature’s grip. All the power she summoned seems to convert itself to milk and juice, as her breasts and nethers simply spray it out almost constantly for next half-minute. As a final humiliation, the sensations force her into a third shuddering orgasm.

“Hah! Do you see? There’s no escape for you now,” you nearly exclaim. Her whole display left you shaking a little in excitement, and you’re starting to feel a warm tingling all over.

Once the effects of Byakuren’s failed rebellion have finally faded away, the tentacles in her mouth and between her legs start to thrust in tandem, alternating so that she’s always full in one place or the other. She can’t escape from the either one of them; no matter how she turns her head or her hips, the flexible organs plunges down her throat and fill her depths just the same. Every sharp thrust forces out a little more of her power, driving her hopes for escape further and further away while she drowns helplessly in pleasure.

Her struggling’s grown much weaker now, barely enough to disturb the tentacles that keep her arms and legs spread wide. She was previously able to cling to the belief that she would escape, but that’s proven to be as false as her foolish religion. Now, you see signs of true despair. Her last gambit failed, and she can feel her strength fading by the second. She seems to be fighting just because she can’t admit to herself that it’s pointless. The tentacles won’t just leave her to her thoughts, however. With the lewd things violating her inside and out, she’s too busy convulsing and moaning and screaming in pleasure to let the panic fully sink in.

“Come now, where is your saintly focus? Can’t a Buddhist like you easily resist this sort of torture?” you ask with a cruel smirk. All she can do is glare pathetically at you with her tearful eyes, except when her body’s being wracked by yet another orgasm.

Even with four tentacles draining her at once, Byakuren’s powers are slow to exhaust themselves. You take a leisurely walk around her in the meantime, enjoying the ravishment of her body from several angles. The sparks continue to crackle all over her pale, supple skin, making it twitch incessantly as they scour her body for every last speck of magic. Aside from the ones that actively milk her, a half-dozen others continue to trail lazily over her body, constantly painting it with fresh coats of slime.

As you cross behind her, you notice that her plump behind is largely unattended. A few tentacles knead the squishy cheeks in a supremely lewd manner, but the twitching hole beneath is ignored completely. It must not have any use to the creature right now.

It’s quite amusing to listen in on her desires, as well. They’d always been filled with Buddhist ideals and enlightenment whenever you met her before, but she’s largely cast those aside. Now, almost all of her longing is directed towards escape. And she’d hate to admit it, but there’s a very small part of her that longs for revenge. To switch places with you and gloat at the reversal of fortune.

Ah, how easily her serenity crumbles.

And of course, you can’t forget that other desire. It started out extremely small, but it’s grown in modest leaps and bounds with each fresh orgasm and each new perversion the creature heaps upon her. Yes, there is indeed a distinct longing for more. If she’s to lose her grace anyway, why not see how deep the abyss of pleasure goes?

Oh, this is too delicious! Despite her struggles to stave off the creeping despair, you can tell that her mind’s already betrayed her. Just the thought sends a… surprisingly pleasant tingle through your body.

Towards the end of your trip around her, you notice that Byakuren’s body has suddenly started to change. The creature must finally have consumed all of her excess magic, such that it’s begun to feast on her enchantments. You’ve been waiting for this since your friend first told you it would happen; you’re eager to see just how much your foe’s corrupted herself.

Once it begins, the transformation is quite rapid. The vibrant color fades from her hair, which loses its sheen and purple hue entirely to become an uninspiring sandy yellow. Similarly, her eye color changes from its striking gold to a mere commoner’s brown. Her arms, thighs, and legs all lose their statue-like muscle and definition, and her skin discards some of its smoothness and sheen as long-hidden blemishes come into view. She seems to lose nearly a foot off her height as well. Her breasts start to shrink with every burst of fresh milk, growing less and less resplendent by the second. She whines pathetically and slowly shakes her tentacle-stuffed mouth as she sees and feels the changes take place.

Finally, Byakuren’s seemingly endless supply of milk runs dry. The suckers withdraw after a few skin-wrenching pulls to make sure, and the tentacle that’s savaged Byakuren’s throat pulls out of her mouth at last. She’s left in a daze with her mouth agape.

Hah! Beneath her mountain of beauty spells, Byakuren’s no different from an ordinary woman. Truly, you could pull a dozen more attractive ones off the streets of the Human Village. And her breasts are merely… Well, they’re still larger than yours, but nowhere near the obscene size she’d given them. Perhaps half a handful each now. You give them a quick scowl before turning to Byakuren’s face. It seems her mind has finally registered that the torture’s ended. For now.

“So, this is the true form of Byakuren Hijiri. I knew you were nothing more than a fraudulent youkai-lover. You truly felt driven to compensate, didn’t you? Of course, with such a pathetic religion, you didn’t have any other way to attract believers.”

As weakened as she is, an insult to Byakuren’s religion still touches a sore spot. Her eyes suddenly flash with anger, even though the rest of her body’s too exhausted to respond.

“Y-you… Even if you do this to me, the light of Dharma will-- Kahn!”

A tentacle-pit is no place for religious debate. The tentacle inside Byakuren suddenly starts to move again, plunging in and out of her depths with even more force than before. It’s all she can do just to maintain eye contact with you.

“Oh~? I wonder. What will your disciples think when they see what their leader’s been reduced to?

“They… They’re straaaahn!” A fierce thrust forces Byakuren to orgasm once again. The voice she wails and moans with is distinctly less rich than before. Hardly the kind of voice that could recite those dull sutras for hours on end. While she’s busy thrashing about on the tentacle that’s impaled her, a thin one dripping with fluid rears up behind her. The tentacles on her limbs adjust themselves to better expose her (much less substantial) rear, and she glances back just in time to see the new tentacle before it enters her impure hole. A fresh scream interrupts the last one, and she’s left completely speechless as the two lengths plunge in and out of her.

“Stripping you of your powers was only the beginning of your punishment. Now, lose yourself completely in this abyss of pleasure!” you exclaim. Ah, you feel so excited now! Why, you have half a mind to fly up and grab one of those tentacles and fuck her with it yourself.

It takes you a while to convince yourself that that’s a bad idea.

“Hiih!” Byakuren arches her back powerfully as nearly a foot of tentacle slides deep into her ass. It’s thin and slick enough to move without any problems, and it quickly sets about sliding back and forth at twice the speed of the one that’s ravishing her pussy.

Something seems to be flowing into the ass-tentacle, making it swell up and stretch her hole further and further as it thrusts into her. The pleasure she’s feeling masks any pain, and soon she’s stretched as wide there as she is in her suffering pussy. The two tentacles seem to be wriggling about inside of her, forcing her walls to bend in unnatural ways as they stay wrapped around the thick lengths.

After another minute of torturous thrusting, they both drive all the way into her to wring out yet another orgasm. You lost count of how many she’s had back when they were still draining her magic, but she’s likely in the teens by now. She goes through all the moaning and quivering you’ve come to expect, and… Yes, there’s no mistaking it. She’s left with a helpless open-mouthed grin on her flushed, tear-soaked face.

“S-so… So sinful, but… so good…”

But she isn’t allowed to smile for long. A third tentacle comes down to fill her mouth and throat once again, and the three tentacles all continue to savage her. Sometimes they alternate their movements, crushing her under an unbroken river of pleasure. Other times, they all move simultaneously, obliterating her thoughts with blazing explosions of delight. Half a dozen other ones grope her less-than-voluptuous form all over, leaving trails of slime wherever they touch. The only time they stop is during her constant orgasms, when she’s permitted to quiver helplessly and moan herself hoarse before they resume their assault.

Now, without any powers or faith to protect her, Byakuren’s forced to face the truth: there’s no escape from this torment of pleasure, and she doesn’t especially mind.

The constant squishing and moaning fills the cavern, assaulting your ears before it’s soaked up by the creature’s thick walls of flesh. The feast of depravity is taking its toll on you; you’ve had your thighs squeezed together for a while now, shifting them back and forth unconsciously, and your nipples are poking out visibly against the soft fabric of your shirt. You’ll get out of here as soon as you can; you just… want to see just how she ends up, if she truly turns out like the other victims you were shown. You… really hope she does.

Five or six orgasms later, the tentacles finally stop their merciless assault on the powerless Byakuren. The ones in her mouth and ass pull out, leaving only the one that’s been using her pussy from the start. Her asshole is left gaping open, leaking a thick cocktail of mysterious fluids, and her mouth settles into a stupefied smile while her eyes roll back down into place. You wouldn’t be surprised if she’s forgotten how to think after all that.

… Hmm, but it seems she hasn’t. Even after all that, she still hasn’t broken completely. Her current shameful look is only temporary; the desire to escape still outweighs the desire to stay, but only by the slimmest of margins.

Fortunately, this was only a preparation for the final event. A tenderizing of the meat, if you will. Now, a sparking red energy starts to travel up through the remaining tentacle, jolting Byakuren back to awareness as the first crackling sphere enters her and shoots through her body.

“Haah?! Huh… Hwass…?”

Oh, seems she can barely speak. Well, you suppose you can’t blame her. You give her a wide grin as you point down at the red sparks shooting up into her.

“This creature is well-versed in your particular brand of witchcraft. Now that it’s absorbed all of your magic, it will use some to prepare you for your new life…”

You pause your speech as a powerful shock makes Byakuren cry out and tremble for half a minute

“… As a constant source of nourishing energy, and as the mother of its offspring.”

The corrupted magic flows into Byakuren as easily as it left her. After being so thoroughly wracked with pleasure, her mind’s in no condition to control the power that’s being forced into her. As a result, the creature’s free to exercise its own perverted will and reshape her as it pleases.

Once again, the transformation is rapid. Byakuren’s breasts start to expand rapidly even beyond their former size, spurting and spraying fresh milk as they grow. Her figure grows to become quite motherly as well, with wide child-brearing hips and thick, powerful thighs. Her hair and nails are permanently colored a deep, shining black, while her eyes change to a fiendish red. The rest of her body darkens by a few shades as well, as if she’s been given a permanent tan. She resembles nothing so much as an obscene caricature of her former self, with every part of her body corrupted to be as lewd as possible.

But a mere changing of her proportions isn’t all. Obscene black tattoos also form all over Byakuren’s body, trailing along the sides of her arms and legs and engraving themselves over her back, chest, and cheeks. They seem to be a mixture of bizarre swirls, hearts, and propositions that no proper Buddhist would offer. The tattoos on her breasts proudly declare their lewdness and invite you to drink your fill, and a heart-filled depiction of her reproductive organs appears over her womb. You doubt the creature itself thought all these up; perhaps it’s taken the designs from previous victims, or from Byakuren herself.

There are other, less observable changes as well. There’s a constant red glow on the skin over her womb, and another behind her eyes. You can hear her desires shifting and changing; the lewd desire to feel as good as possible grows deeper and deeper, becoming so intense that you shudder simply to hear it. The phrase “fuck-toy filled with babies” is thrown about constantly, repeating itself with maddening speed.

Within minutes, the transformation is finished. Residual sparks of power lick over Byakuren’s unspeakably perverted body, causing her to shudder all over and moan in a surprisingly high-pitched voice.

“Hah! How do you like your new body, Byakuren? A shameless slut like you should be overjoyed.” Indeed, she’s become even more of a temptress than before. But now, there’s no hint of pretension about her. With a body like that, she couldn’t be anything other than a living sex toy.

Your taunt seems to arouse some awareness. Byakuren’s eyes suddenly widen as she looks over her corrupted flesh, and she makes a valiant attempt to somehow recoil away from herself. “Ah?! N-no, this… this isn’t…”

“Don’t delude yourself. You would have made yourself just like this if you thought it would give you your precious eternal life. To think, you committed such crimes to attain it, and now a lifetime of breeding is your reward. If only you’d chosen to follow the true path…”

She’s in no mood for banter, though. Instead, she looks up to you with a desperate, pleading look in her eyes. “Please, stop this… My mind is… I don’t want to…!”

For a moment, you’re moved by pity. She can feel her mind and body changing, and she’s about to be cut off from everything she once knew.

But then you recall the crimes she’s committed. Practicing the black arts, spreading a false religion, and trying to lead humanity into cooperation with the hated youkai. And despite all your efforts, she refuses to change her ways. If she isn’t disposed of, she could throw all of Gensokyo into chaos.

No, this must be done. This is… precisely the fate she deserves. Precisely the fate you desire for her. You draw your cape around your with an imperious “humph.”

“There is no hope for you. Only this pleasure.”

A set of four extremely thin tentacles slide into Byakuren’s savaged pussy and stretch it wide open. Bending over a little, you’re able to see every inch of her shuddering, juice-stained pink walls, all the way to the round pucker of her cervix. The tentacles dig into that as well, and they’re in the process of teasing it open when a new tentacle blocks your view. Just as well; you were working up quite a blush from the sight.

The new tentacle is thick and transparent, containing a long string of white eggs. It’s a few inches thicker than the ones you’ve seen up to this point. Byakuren gasps at its size and tries to struggle away, but it’s as though her body just refuses to obey her. The egg-bearing tentacle slides smoothly into her, straining against her walls even though they’re stretched so far already. Byakuren groans with a mixture of pleasure and pain and terror as she’s filled once again.

“I won’t… I’m not… Please... Aahn!”

The tentacle settles against her cervix. Slowly but steadily, the string of eggs moves up by one.


And moves up again…


… And again. A small bulge forms below Byakuren’s stomach, right where her womb should be.

“Haah… I--inside me, there’s…”

The egg-bearing tentacle withdraws, and the others reposition Byakuren so that she’s suspended horizontally with her limbs spread-eagle. Her newly-enlarged breasts hang down beneath her, dripping their milk into the depths of the pit. The tentacles spreading her pussy still haven’t withdrawn, though they do allow her walls to recede a few centimeters.

The egg-bearing tentacle is quickly replaced by another one, thinner and more opaque with a nozzle-like tip at the end.

“Hiih!” Byakuren cries out again as the new tentacle penetrates her, starting to thrust with fast, powerful thrusts. Each one makes her scream and shudder powerfully all over; Her eyes are wide with fear at first, but they grow a little softer with every passing second, as her will is swallowed up by an ever-growing flood of pleasure and the insatiable lust that’s been implanted in her mind. She gives you one last pleading look, one that nearly makes you cum on the spot as you smirk back.


The tentacle keeps thrusting.


Her desire for freedom grows dimmer and dimmer.


And soon…


There’s nothing left.


The tentacle pumps into her with brutal efficiency, not caring at all for the state of its host. In no time at all, Byakuren’s driven to an earth-shattering orgasm. Her first orgasm chains right into another, which barrels headlong into a third. Her sensitivity’s been turned up far beyond what a normal being could tolerate. But now that her body’s been trained with pleasure, this must be the very height of bliss for her.

“S-so good! I love it! I love it so much!”

While Byakuren’s still the throes of her third orgasm, the tentacle finally unleashes its contents. A truly staggering amount of sperm starts to shoot into her, forceful enough for thick bursts of it to splash back out of her while the majority sprays into her womb. She squeals in absolute delight as more than a gallon of sperm flows into her, enough to fertilize the eggs and sustain them for about a day. She’ll need to be refilled regularly from here on out. Her womb expands easily under the stress, making her belly grow larger and larger until it sags down past even her breasts. As the flow finally ceases, her face is left frozen in an ecstatic grin.

“Ahh, so full~”

The sperm-dispenser withdraws and retreats to the creature’s depths, possibly to fertilize some other seedbed being held elsewhere. A bed of soft, wriggling tentacles rises up in its place, and the creature sets Byakuren down on top of it. The tentacles seize her body immediately, covering her supple, tattooed flesh with gentle squeezes and caresses. A few coil around her breasts to slowly squeeze out her milk, and she purrs happily as another one slips into her ass and starts to thrust at a leisurely pace. The fresh load of sperm flows out of her cunt in a thick, unbroken white stream.

And there she lies. Utterly, thoroughly, and irrevocably corrupted. Now, all that she desires is exactly what she has. Is that not a most blessed fate?

… She really does look content, doesn’t she?

No, no, drive that thought from your mind. Your work here is done. With their leader reduced to this, Byakuren’s followers will crumble before your might, and Taoism will reign supreme in Gensokyo. But first, you’ll need to find your dear Tojiko and have her purify you of this overwhelming arousal.

You pry open a small crack in the wall of flesh to open a path to Senkai. A gust of refreshingly pure air spills into the chamber, instantly clearing some of the fog from your mind. You’ve spent fart too much time in this place; it’s time to leave and never come-- Gah!

Something snags your ankle and drops you to your ground, putting your home just out of your reach. You grab at your sword, but two other tentacles snag your wrists and sharply pull them back. You then attempt to call on your strength and danmaku, but… your mind’s so scrambled you can hardly find them… and this smell…

The tentacles turn you around as they drag you away, and you see Byakuren smiling wide and staring right at you.

“Oh~? Just where do you think you’re going, Miko~?”

In the distance, you hear someone's laughter.
No. 32629
Anxiety. That's what you're feeling currently. A sneaking trail of bubbling convulsions which jolt from one section of your skin to the next. It would be great if you could find a way to distract yourself long enough to alleviate the cold, prickly sensation, but there's not much to look at in your guestroom. A simple paintjob, bed for one, walk-in closet, and a small nightstand are all that stand out, and they've become too familiar to stick your attention.

Granted, that's not why you're in here: after your discussion with the sisters, where things seem to have calmed down from the previous portentous air, you were sent in here by your girlfriend, a dangerous grin on her face, who wouldn't explain to you what she was scheming, only to "wait and see, you’ll be finding out soon enough".

'Soon' may be pushing it, as you figure to have been sitting in this same damn chair for the last twenty minutes. You know that she likely isn't going to pull some atrocious stunt on you; it's too far out of her nature to be that cruel, but she was looking quite impish when you left the dining room table. Always something to watch out for with that one…

You're rustled from these thoughts by a firm, gentle knocking beyond the bedroom door. On the outside, a muffled voice asks, “May I come in?”

Shizuha? Why would she be asking something like that? “Yeah, certainly.”

The lock unhinges, and the bulky slab creeps open as the older sister gingerly walks into the room. A massive blush is slathered across her face, and with good reason; she is wearing only her undergarments, a complimentary bra and panty set shaded warm orange with black trim. The panties in particular have subtle branch prints etched into the fabric, colored in a similar shade but browner.

Her face showcases mixed emotion, appearing to both want to be here, and desire traveling as far from the room as possible, while her arms simultaneously accentuate her medium-size breasts and attempt hiding them from view. It would be a funny sight if you weren't currently struck speechless by the fact this scene is happening right now.

Shizuha breathes in slowly, and opens her mouth. “S-so, w-w-what do you think?” She does her best to smile, but it's clear she is just as lost as you are.

“I…think you look quite nice. Um, what brought this on so sudden?” Wow, it's much harder to talk when your girlfriend's sister is standing before you close to naked. The difficulty in searching for something to stare at is staggering.

Seeming pleased she hasn't been rejected, Shizuha noticeably gains a bit of courage from within and manages a calmer voice, “Well, we were interrupted back in the shed, and I’m still feeling a little in the mood, so…” Her eyes move from her fidgeting feet up to yours, and you realize you'd been holding your breath. “I-if you’re okay with it, you wanna go a little further?”

Right, that settles it. You have to be having an hallucination of some kind, or got knocked out back in the shed and this is the resulting dream your brain cooked up in short order so you wouldn't be a mere cold lump on the ground. This is not the Shizuha you know. That girl would not be this bold in making such a declaration after the events you've witnessed.

And yet, why does this feel more real than any dream you've ever had? Not only that, but Real Shizuha jumping you before was pretty bold in its own right. No less so than this Dream Shizuha is doing, anyway. Besides, that sharp indent you made in your palm with your nails has feeling, so no doubts about the legitimacy of all this.

You must be taking longer to response than normal, as Shizuha gazes at you with worry. “L-look, maybe I’m being too quick for you. I should give you more time to think things through—”

“No, no!” you say a touch too rapid, causing the blonde girl to flinch slightly. You are very conscious of yourself as you recover, “I mean…listen, Shizuha. I know you’ve had a lot to deal with today, and I don’t want to see you relapse after the progress we made at the table. Because despite my misgivings with how things have gone the past few hours, I do care about you as a friend, Shizuha, and I want to do everything I can to show you I mean that from the pit of my heart. S-so if that means I have to express my appreciation by, um…s-sleeping with you, then…” you trail off, not sure what it is you're trying to communicate here, besides the obvious calming mechanisms.

It seems your words had some affect, since Shizuha's trademark dry grin has returned to her lips, a hint of blush still sucking away at her cheeks. “So, I take it that’s your roundabout way of saying ‘yes’?”

“I suppose,” you manage, wondering where your life went wrong to put you in such a weird situation. Though another thought crosses your mind, “But is it really okay for us to be doing this? I mean—”

“Not only is it okay, I fully endorse it!” a giddy voice exclaims, as the doorway caves in, slamming against the wall. You are visibly startled, and Shizuha lets out a yelp as Minoriko leaps onto her older sister's back. In your stupefied state, it takes you a minute to get going again, processing the spectacle before your eyes.

Like her sister, Minoriko is stripped down to the barest of modesty protection. The key difference being her lingerie is black with a slight trim of lace running above the waistline of her panties and bra cups, and a tiny red ribbon tied to either side of her front bra straps, with two more on the sides of her lower garment (likely pinned there, you reason). Hugging Shizuha around the waist, her breasts are pressed into the taller girl's back, smushing them flat while giving an appearance of being larger than they really are. Considering they're already impressive, that says a lot.

“When…when did you start listening in on us?” you manage.

“Not for very long. I did want to give the two of you some time to sort out your feelings, of course, but I just had to make sure Shiza here was doing her very best at seduction!” Minoriko brings her hands up underneath her sister's armpits, rubbing away at the cheeks with bent fingers. The blush that had been fading from Shizuha's complexion has returned full force, and maybe a little stronger too.

“W-wait, you set her up to this?”

“We…agreed to a mutual sharing of you for tonight, to determine if something like that is plausible for the long term,” the older girl mutters, looking off to the side of the room.

“Yeah, I feel really guilty about the idea of cockblocking my own sister, especially with someone I can trust not to take advantage of her,” Minoriko briefly loses her glowing expression, melancholy eyes drifting to the floorboards. “And it’s already difficult for goddesses to accrue deep, intimate faith with their followers, so when a moment presents itself, I don’t want to force that person to choose between us.”

A moment of reflection pasts, and Shizuha appears profoundly affected by the words of her sibling. Small tears form in her eye ducts, and the lids draw close as she mutters a silent “Sis.”

And then it's over, and Minoriko returns to her bright, enthusiastic persona. “Besides which, I have a pretty strong suspicion.” Your eyes meet, she presenting you with the hardest stare you ever recall receiving. “You love both of us, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” you confess after a second, not feeling a major urge to deny anything to yourself.

“Ah, and with that in mind, you’d do everything you could for all three of us to be happy together, right?”

This time you merely nod, not sure where she's going with this.

Minoriko slips off of Shizuha and proceeds to sultrily walk over to your chair, a dreaming look on her face all the way over. “So then, if we were to ask you to share the rest of the evening with the two of us, in bed together, what would you say?” She takes your hands and pulls you to your feet, every inch of her skin suddenly looking very appealing.

A pang of realization hits you square in the head, and your shocked appearance gives way to a very eager grin. “And the both of you really don’t mind?”

“Not at all,” the shorter girl says as Shizuha walks up to join you two. “Now how about you come along with us, you lazy boy? We aren’t going to be the only ones doing the work here!”

With a smile, you let the two girls guide you to the bed, sitting down on the edge. Shizuha takes a spot resting on your dangling knee, straddling the leg as her smooth buttocks comfortably pushes against the denim of your jeans. Minoriko climbs onto the mattress and scoots up against you, placing her chin upon your shoulder while sitting on her legs.

You take a moment to let the facts soak in, before asking one final question, “So, how exactly are we to go about doing this?”

Shizuha’s warm smile takes the answer, “Well, you must have some opinion as to what you want to do. Isn’t this supposed to be every man’s ultimate sexual fantasy? Having a sweet, passionate threeway with a pair of beautiful and willing sisters?”

You chuckle as she starts grinding her crotch against your pant leg. “You did throw me off guard a bit. With how organized you two seem to have been in putting this together, I figure you must have come up with quite the plan. Go ahead and surprise me, for right now.”

“Well, if that’s the way you want it,” Minoriko nods to her sister, who repeats the gesture. Shizuha turns to you and brings your lips together in one swift movement. It's a situation the two of you are familiar with, but now offers a better prospect to search. Before long, you and Shizuha have opened your mouths, tongues meeting in the middle and wrestling for superiority. Each lick that the two of you slap upon the other drives your senses up a new gear. You do your best to remember caring for her other sections and bring your hands to the small of her back, massaging both sides in a circular motion. Shizuha groans her approval into your mouth, bringing her body forward to ratchet up the intensity of the kiss.

Meanwhile, Minoriko starts taking care of your back, scooting up behind you and wrapping her legs to the outside of your lower appendages. Her pert breasts press into your shoulder blades, reigniting your desire to do most wonderful hand exercises with them. The current massage she's giving your shoulders isn't too bad either, and before long her whole front is compressed to your backside. She exhales sensually into your ear, and whispers, “Isn’t this amazing, my dear? It’s not very often one can claim to have been part of an Aki sandwich.” It's impossible to respond—not that you'd ever dream about responding right now—so she settles for dry humping your bottom while bringing her hands to your hips for leverage.

You feel yourself run short of breath, and signal the need for air. Shizuha complies and pulls back, the two of you panting exuberantly and sharing a gaze while the both of you recover. A thought occurs to her, and one of her hands goes from holding the side of the mattress for support to a notable notch in your jeans. “Hey now, it looks like our racket woke somebody up, Sis,” Shizuha mentions aloud, stroking your hidden erection like she would a cat in her lap. You take a second to recognize the wet spot developing where she sits on your leg.

Minoriko looks from above your shoulder to confirm for herself, and mocks a gasp of shock. “You didn’t tell us you’d be bringing a friend!” she teases you with a smile, “How rude of you to lock him away from the fun!”

“It’s partially our faults, Sis. We didn’t mention this was supposed to be a nude party, did we?”

Your girlfriend, obviously humored by her sister keeping up the joke, issues another fake, exaggerated gasp. “You’re right! We did forget all about that!” She closes her eyes and lays her arm upon her forehead, in the manner of a tragic actor. “Oh, what horrible hosts are we to not remember disclosing the rules to our guests?!” One audible sniff later, and Minoriko returns to her usual cheer, giving Shizuha a mischievous look. “Perhaps we should do something to alleviate that problem?”

“Just let me handle it,” the elder girl smoothly replies. Rising up from her spot on your knee, she makes a shooing motion with her hands. You're confused for an instant, but then notice the harvest goddess pulling away, leaving you some free room. Shizuha takes the advantage and leans toward you, setting her hands on your clavicles and nudging you down. You comply, now lying across the short side of the mattress, and she hovering above you on all fours, studying your reaction. No, wait, she's studying your button up shirt, probably trying to figure out how best to remove it without nullifying the progress the two of them have made thus far.

Thankfully, Minoriko pops into your vision from the side with a perfect solution. “My~ turn~!” she sing-songs, leaning down to engage your mouth. Your eyelids shut as the savory aroma of honey enters your mouth, lips sucking all the flavored saliva you can manage. Since the two of you are more experienced in kissing, you can coordinate better than the free for all you partook with Shizuha. Not that you're actively comparing the two of them, but Mino knows what she wants, digging into the hole in your face for that tongue of yours. You're content to swallow the sweet taste her juices create.

Concurrently, Shizuha finishes opening up your shirt, as you sense the panels being pulled aside. Two thin, soft hands clamp down on your chest, taking in the texture of your build. You are overcome by slight disappointment when the hands let go just as quic—“HHMMPFF!?” A tongue begins flicking your nipple, while the other is rolled under the pressure of a…thumb? Finger? One of Shizuha's digits, for sure. The surprise of the attack pushes you into Minoriko, stunning her as well. The new inclusion of moans from Shiza's handiwork intensifies your make out session, forcing you to focus on pleasuring your partner's mouth rather than lollygag any further.

Determining she's brought your nub to full attention, the painter switches her tasks around, now pinching the other nipple she had been licking and orally pleasuring the rolled boy. Her tongue runs laps around the flesh of your areola, causing your eyes to bug out—or would have, at least, if they were open. Eventually the simulation grows too strong for you to bear and you detach from Minoriko, crying out loud from the excruciating thrill.

The woman in your immediate vision smacks her lips and observes the euphoria currently entranced in your face, smirking with glee. “Better be careful there, Shiza. I wouldn’t want to see his fuse blow out before we got to the good stuff!”

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine!” you wheeze, Shizuha lifting from your chest to watch you with her usual demeanor, “It’s just…holy shit, that was incredible!”

“Really now?” The older girl regards you skeptically, a hand rising to her chin in an analytical pose, before looking over to her sibling. “I think we’re learning something here, Sis. Men’s nipples appear to be more sensitive than a woman’s.”

“Now hold up,” you interject, lifting yourself to both speak more directly to the lady and also remove your arms from the sleeves of the sweaty shirt, “I would argue that claim any day of the week.” You toss your dirty shirt to the floor, and glance between the females. “How about we run a taste comparison, just to be sure?”

“Sounds good,” Minoriko says, getting up from the bed to stand in front of your horizontal figure, “but first, let’s do something about these pesky things, eh?” She motions to the jeans still clasping you. “Can’t allow you to violate the dress code any longer.”

“Go right ahead.”

With that, Shizuha moves away, crawling off the bed to join her sister, who has already unbuttoned and unzipped your fly. From your perspective, Minoriko stands and grabs hold of your right belt loop, while the other girl takes the left. You raise your butt up and allow them to pull the comfy but troublesome leggings off, exposing your bare legs and the boxers with a noticeable bulge in the middle.

Minoriko giggles and speaks to your boner, “Don’t worry, pal. We’ll be tending to you soon enough!” She takes the window to reach into her panties and finger herself a bit, hand retracting soon after coated in a glistening liquid. “Now then,” she turns to her sister and enunciates in the most noblewoman voice possible. “Dear sister, may I have the honor of your artful hands to free thy kin from the contraption which locks her bosom in place?”

Shizuha takes the play-acting in stride, and responds, “My gracious younger sibling, I will grant the aid you request once thee hath presented me with the mechanical monstrosity in question.” Minoriko turns to show her bra band. To your surprise, a series of metal snap buttons, rather than the hook fastener you're more familiar with, holds it together. Shizuha examines the simple device with a critical eye. “Tut, but I do believe this apparatus puts forward a most puzzling contest,” she jokes in the same posh accent from before. A snort from Minoriko kills the scene, and both girls snicker against the other, trying to regain their composure.

“We have got to be the silliest people who ever had sex,” you comment, shaking your head at the girls' antics.

“Maybe,” Minoriko winks at you as the bridge is snapped in two, the dark garment tumbling to the ground and releasing her gorgeous assets, “but I think this kind of thing makes the love aspect more fun. You wanna take in the beauty of your company, don’t you?” Turning to the hook holder of her sister's bra, she appraises the machine briefly before taking an unorthodox method of removal: slipping the straps off Shizuha's shoulders and passing her arms underneath the loops, then lifting the arms straight up in the air while working the bra cups over the mounds. It is an entirely ridiculous operation, but soon enough Minoriko has managed to slide the connected article up over her sister's head, who takes control of the removal process. For her part, she spins to you and flashes a thumbs up. “Mission success!” she states.

You offer a round of applause for the effort, while Shizuha sighs and manages another dry grin. “This is why I normally do the job myself,” she complains, taking a set of knuckles to the exuberant woman's head and rubbing rapidly, “‘cause somebody never learned how to take her underwear off.” Trapped in the embrace of noogies by a left arm around her shoulder, Minoriko can do nothing but squirm and pout, waiting for the affection to end.

You titter watching the show, breaking up the act by saying, “Hey now, that’s enough. What’s done is done.” You bring your focus to the attractive set of tits hanging in front of your eyes. You're already familiar with your girlfriend's bust, firm and supple, nipples puffy from the excitement of foreplay, but this is the first time you've seen Shizuha topless. She's smaller, no question, her nubs flatter and lower on the mammary, but no less impressive. The fact of them being a lesser mass motivates you to pleasure them even more. Having gauged both women, you look into the blonder girl's eyes, and remark, “Shiza, you have a beautiful pair of turtledoves.”

The comment brings the girl to roll her eyes, but still smile with the same radiance. “Sure thing, Mr. Romance. I bet you say that to every pretty woman who walks your way.”

“He does, actually,” Minoriko butts in, grin threatening to split her jaw in two. “That’s the exact same line he used on me during our first time.”

“Well, clearly that makes it an effective pickup,” you try, attempting to preserve what poise you have in dishing out compliments.

Shizuha beams at you in scorn. “No, not really.”

Now it's your turn to sulk. Clearly this stab at your pride requires a form of punishment! “Okay,” you admit, raising your hands to cup Shizuha and Minoriko's left and right breast respectively, holding them close to one another so their nipples meet, “but can you deny the effectiveness of this?” On the stress, you lung your head into the nubs, sucking on them simultaneously and using your hands to both hold them in place and knead the rest of the breast meat.

Looking up at the girl's faces, you like the results you're getting. Mino, being used to this type of larking, has deployed her standard not-purring noise she makes during boobplay, using the freedom of her left hand to ruffle your hair, while the right returns to its previous mission of rubbing her slit.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Shizuha looks how you feel you must have appeared earlier. Wide-open eyes and mouth shutter and stare off into space, as if a tree she was standing in front of had been struck by lightning. You are quite pleased to get your money's worth by the sight of an arm thrusting into her panties, an audible squelching sound repeating constantly.

“Wh-what is this? I…uhhh~” She attempts and fails to communicate a rational understanding of the constant pleasure your sucking provides. Deciding to add a little pepper to the presentation, you begin tenderly gnawing their teats, your tongue flicking side to side between your teeth and applying an ounce more of tickle with each pass. Shizuha's ecstatic grunts have become prolonged moans, her eyes barely open and strings of hair sticking to her face.

Minoriko, still not panting and only beginning to sweat, laughs and chides her sister, “So tell me, what was that about men being more sensitive than women?”

The older girl gets a glare off at her counterpart while her senses continue being enraptured. “FINE, I WAS WRONG, OKAY?!” She shrieks in a somewhat too harsh tone. You didn't even think her voice rose that high, considering how croaky it sounds.

Your attention is switched to a hand swiftly beating on your back, probably to designate some sort of safe sign. You release the two bumps from your mouth. Shizuha instantly pulls back and spins around, both hands squeezing her nipples with all the intensity of her earlier masturbation. Her raspy pants are directed at the ceiling, head pulled back and eyelids shut tight.

You and Minoriko take in the overstated actions while she continues ruffling your hair. Her right hand emerges from her underwear, womanly essence soaking it, and is brought up to her mouth. She stuffs the fingertips in, loudly sucking her cum, before opting to lick her palm and wipe the gooey substance off. “Man, she must be in the fourth dimension,” the golden haired girl remarks, her thumb being washed with vigor. After ridding most of her extremity of her own waste, she looks at you and grins, “So, you think you won the bet?”

You laugh weakly, still examining Shizuha's shuddering body with slight unease. “If it was supposed to be a bet, why don’t we split the check and call it a tie?”

The chuckling of your girlfriend is quelled when she notices what you're looking at. The older, blonde girl's posture has shifted, head now hanging down in her hands, the sound of sobs muffled. Her whole body is trembling, knees threatening to buckle. Minoriko is by her side in an instant, concern for her sibling mounting. “Hey, Shiza. You alright? He didn’t give you the little death just with that, did he?”

The attempt at humor doesn't work. Her head rises a fraction, and she rubs the evidential tears from her eyes. For a moment, you reason things are going to be okay, but the crying woman brings her head around slowly, face leering at yours. Her cheeks are very red, every muscle in her body twitching. You haven't determined what emotion that's due to yet, the nervousness of the overall situation, or a crumbling resistance from going ballistic on you. “You assholes…” she seethes.

Minoriko winces at the sudden accusation, and tries again to defuse what is quickly becoming an uncomfortable atmosphere. “Shiza, we talked about this before. You were okay with the idea of taking him on together, as a team. Don’t you remember saying that?” She moves in to put a consoling hand on Shizuha's shoulder, but the other girl roughly pushes her away, breasts bobbing as she stumbles backwards.

“Hey, listen,” you interject, really not wanting to see one of these fights break out, when you're all naked, “if this is about that cheesy compliment I gave you, I’ll admit that was pretty terrible.”

Turns out that was not the right thing to say. Shizuha looks up and pierces your soul, a chill reverberating from your spine into every conceivable portion of your body that senses fear. Teeth gnashed, arms pointing out to her sides with balled fists, and an unmistakable look of murder in her eyes, she explodes, “This has nothing to do with your stupid FLATTERY!” The force of her exclamation sends you toppling to the mattress, your head somehow hurting when it bangs the soft material. After you recover and lean up, Shizuha is right at your legs, irregular breathing making her look psychotic. Her shaking hand rises up, making something vaguely resembling a pinching motion. “I am this close to losing it right now, and we still haven’t done so much as spit on your dick! How is that fucking fair?!”

This barking fury scares you. It is so far removed from the stoic, introverted lass you're friends with, you rhetorically shit yourself trying to make the comparison. Or is that just the bone-crushing fear currently raking your entire body?

Saving you from possibly becoming a victim of manslaughter, Minoriko tiptoes next to the two of you. “Hey,” she coos, doing her best to keep down the fright masked by her eyes, but not so easily by her voice, “take it easy, Shizuha. We’ll get to the penile play. I promise.” The words draw her attention from you to her younger sister, the cold-blooded rage giving way to angry betrayal, mouth closed and frowning. Minoriko seems on the verge of surrendering, the last few minutes rendered meaningless, before a thought strikes her. “I know! How about I start getting him ready, and you can give his mouth something else to suck on for a bit?” Demonstrating, the short girl gets to her knees and tugs at your boxers, the cloth sliding off to reveal your limp cock. The whiplash of Shizuha's outburst has caused it to go from the stiff readiness of before back to its natural, flaccid state.

For a short time, it appears nothing has been accomplished. The Goddess of Leaves keeps staring daggers at Minoriko, vigilantly going to work resurrecting your hard-on, the gentle touch of her strokes tickling your shaft. But then something gives in the elder sister's disposition, as if she'd heard her sibling's words on a delay. She goes from the handjob to gazing at you, a neutral expression contemplating your face with total seriousness…and then the change.

Gradually, a crazy face forms on Shizuha, but this is a different type of crazy. Whereas the other woman had driven on blind emotion, this is a controlled, calculating crazy. This face has a demented glint in its eyes, a serial killer's smile forming, knowing just how it wants to torture its prey. “Something else…” she mused, her limbs working in tandem to crawl to you on the bed. “Not a bad idea.”

For the second time tonight, Shizuha puts her hands on your front shoulders, but this time the jolt is disorienting, forcing a gasp from your lungs as your hand impulsively rubs your chest. “S-Shizuha? What are—”

“Be quiet.” The girl's voice is stern, commanding you to silence. She takes a seat on your sternum, her feet resting on either side of your head. The smile has vanished, a thin line now joining the cold, stabbing eyes. “You think you know what I’ve been going through, but you haven’t even gotten off the first square. Every day I’ve seen the two of you, acting lovey dovey and holding hands, you cuddling my little sister and being all ‘Mino baby’ this and ‘Mah dear’ that.” Her features grow pensive as she stares at the wall behind you, slight frown returning. “And no one even noticed how badly I wanted to be held like that, to melt into the arms of someone who cared for me…” She almost seems like herself in that moment, the cigarette-smoking dame with one elbow on the table, looking out the window at a world that doesn't want her. And then it's gone, and a creepy smile is up in your personal space. “But don’t worry. I am all. Right. Now. Because we’re here, having sex together, and enjoying it~
No. 32630
“Yeah, go Shiza!” Minoriko calls from a spot you can't see, “Talk dirty to him!” You might be stuck listening to a bizarre manifesto, but you've still been able to feel the handiwork of your girlfriend. While the mild ranting has been going on, she has been at work moving her wrapped hand up-and-down your cock, bringing the energy back to it. Full horniness restored, she apparently found a bottle of lube in the nightstand by your bed, as a slippery wetness is massaged with both hands across your engorged digit. It feels nice, but what could that be about?

Meanwhile, Shizuha has started yanking at her panties, the crotch of which reeks of a smell that only belongs to one source. “Now, let me warn you,” she states matter-of-factly, the soiled fabric slackening from beneath her butt until it pops out completely, “I’m about to shove my pussy in your face, and you’re going to fucking eat me out better than any women has ever been eaten.” Lifting her legs to slip the ruined undergarment off, she pauses and gives the orange fabric a long, hearty sniff, sighing in approval of her body's formula. “It’s going to be a banquet worthy of my role as a goddess.” The balled up bundle is tossed past your head, and Shizuha positions her cooch in front of your face, just clear of the range of your tongue. “And you’ll be praying for me not to drown you in my vaginal juices, because it’s going to pour.”

Pour may be an understatement. Her labia is swollen beyond measure, secretion dripping into a pool on your neck. The stench of her sex calls to you, as part of her minora pokes out from the partial crevice, desperate for full freedom.

She sees the flush in your face, happy to know she owns some control over you. “Tell you what,” she teases, “If you do a good enough job, and I decide to spare your miserable mortal life, I’ll let you take the frontal blow of my orgasm.” The ribbing nature of her voice leaves again, once more serious. “Have I made myself clear?”

Parallel to this, your dick detects a pair of large glands enveloping it in lubed up, insulated warmth. Ah, Minoriko's going to give you a boobjob? Bless her heart. At least if things start falling apart here, there can be something for you to take delight in.

Keeping your focus on Shizuha, you blearily stutter, “Y-yes, absolutely.”

The woman above you straightens out, most pleased with your servitude. “Very well, then above all else, be sure to remember one simple rule…” And as she pauses, every hint of malice dissipates from her being, and the kind Shizuha reestablishes control over the body, her tired eyes and dry grin dominating your facial view above the membrane of her vulva, still ripe for tasting. Two solitary words escape her lips, separate from the wild female imposing demands you both abhor and crave for, two words near inaudible but so heartening in their delivery: “Have fun.

Then the world above you crashes down in a mess of pink flesh and salty fluid. You may have been a little apprehensive when the verdict was made without your consultation, but every trace of doubt is erased by pure cupidity when the first stream of pussy juice slips through your lips. Worries far behind, you use every form of attack that comes to mind with your mouth, tongue licking and kissing the tissue of Shizuha's opening as more sweet fertility runs out, leaving your face drenched in seconds. It doesn't taste a thing like Minoriko's slit, but then what other woman alive could possibly mimic that ability with her body? This normal (or what you assume is normal, anyway—this is only the second excavation site you've plundered) sensation works for you.

Speaking of Minoriko, the clever lady has her breasts in rhythm, starting the instant her sister dropped her own beat. Pressed jugs encase your cock from all sides, the lube on yours and her skin rubbing together to produce a pleasant heat. Soon she becomes frisky, stealing a lick on your tip every few cycles before it turns into a moist sucking sensation on your head. The rest of the shaft continues getting a boob massage, tempting and teasing you harder with every passing moment to surrender to pleasure and explode onto her tits and face, but you refuse to submit just yet. There is so much work left to do.

Shizuha moans in comfort as her inner cove is probed, grinding her crotch as far up into your mouth as she can take it. Likewise, the additional stimulation your lower half undergoes is causing you to burst into groans, reverberating through her wet walls. She carefully brings a hand down to stroke your hair, showing her praise and keeping you pinned in position. “You’re doing well,” she breathes out of grit teeth, eyes swapping between shut in ecstasy and peering at you, “but something tells me you’re holding back. Surely you can make me feel even better?”

Well, there is one way. To this point, your main weapon of choice has been your mouth, both arms hugging her calves to keep her in place and prevent crushing your windpipe from the pressure of being sat on. You can't get a good angle with your head, but there's plenty of liberty for your hands to circle her legs and reach around. Adding to your arsenal, you do just that, fingertips feeling until you locate a protruding, smooth bump at the base of Shizuha's vulva. Before she can ask what you're doing, you employ every trick that comes to mind: rubbing, pushing, tweaking and itching the pink button. This seems to fulfill her request, as her open mouth breathes air in and out while she pinches her nipples between index finger and thumb.

The multitasking you're being used for, while putting you in a beautiful heaven of sorts, takes it toll before long, and with the continued dribble cascading across your head combined with the combination blow 'n' boob job on your other head focus has become severely strained. The girl in your vision grows louder from the oral assault before all sound ceases, her muscles tensing and a large squirt of what feels like warm water smacking your face, forcing you to shut you eyes. The realization of having brought Shizuha to climax overloads your sanity, body acquiescing to gratifying release as you sense a twitch spray several strings of your cum, mind too frayed to think straight.

Once her orgasm finishes, the older sister groggily lifts off you, slow panting converting back into a regular breath, and she lays next to you in a more tender nearness. You turn to look at her, film of sweat sheening as she puts a hand on your cheek. “Well, I feel a whole lot better. Consider us even now,” she says, bending down so your foreheads kiss. Her other hand searches for one of your free ones, fingers intertwining as she squeezes it with adoration. Then the moment is over, and she stands up on knees, still watching you. “And now to conquer the other end.” She starts in that direction, then abruptly stops when something catches her attention. Wanting to be in the know, you lift yourself up enough to spot it as well.

Hunched over your pelvis is a tired Minoriko, sighing contented and beet red. White globs of semen drip from her face, a notable rill flowing down the surface of her nose to the upper lip, with lesser puddles resting on the buttes of her bosom. You still feel your wilted member pressed within her cleavage, waiting to fall flat on your body.

The squat woman's lids flutter open, and she notices your staring. “Hey, handsome,” she beams, some of the life coming back to her eyes, “you enjoying the service? You’ll be happy to know it’s all free of charge!”

You can't help but smile at the chirpiness your girlfriend emanates, but a cleared throat prevents you from responding. Shizuha bores an unamused look at her younger sibling, hands on hips and appearing drowsy with how narrow her eyes are, but you've been around her long enough to know better.

Monoriko moves upright, she too detecting the miffed expression. “What’s wrong? Did I…” A thought comes to her, and she touches the splooge stains on her neck. “Oh yeah, sorry, Shiza,” she admits with a sheepish grin, “Guess I let myself be swept up in the moment.”

“How typical of you.” Shizuha shakes her head and lets out a deflated moan. “Well, I understand. It’s inevitable you deserve the bulk of the reward, what with how this situation is. I’ll make myself scarce, call it a night.” She begins to act like getting off the bed, calling behind her shoulder, “You two enjoy yourselves.”

“Shiza, wait!” Minoriko frets, an arm reaching out, “I promised you would get a chance, and I’m not about to let that deal fly off the table!” The genuine concern in her voice is slightly undermined when her sibling turns to face her, sarcastic smirk in full effect.

“Really?” Shizuha crosses her arms. “And pray tell, how are you going to make that happen? Retrieve some libido magic from the deepest regions of your bowels?”

This warrants a chuckle from the golden haired girl. “Close. If you’ll just give me a second…” With that, she takes a firm hold of your schlong and puts on a concentrating face. A tingling sensation travels from her hand into you, and pretty soon the vitality of your boner is restored, no sign or feeling of wear.

Again, your girlfriend amazes you with her abilities, and reminds you how thankful you are to be in this kind of predicament. “How’d you do that?”

She looks at you and smirks. “You know how I’m a bringer of the harvest? Doesn’t matter if it’s vegetable or animal, if it’s organic in nature I can make it ripen.”

“What a practical use of your powers,” an antsy Shizuha states. “Now, are we doing this or aren’t we?”

Once the golden hair girl swipes the completely ruined panties from between her legs, the three of you put yourselves in place; you still lying in the same position, but the women switched, with Minoriko sitting at the bow and Shizuha straddling your stern, dick pressing into her fatter lips. The contact is electric, and you want nothing more than to lay waste to the enemy with your torpedo, but there is still hesitance. You look up at Mino, moving to sit on your face but facing the opposite direction so her anus is in your foveal view, and she facing her sister. “Sure you’re okay about not getting penetrated?”

“I’m sure,” she replies, “Got more than I should’ve actually, but we’ll make up for lost time. Besides, I could hear you munching earlier,” now taking on that sultry tone again, “and I know it would drive you batty if you didn’t have a sip of my fruit pouch.”

You can hear Shizuha groan. “That was a terrible innuendo, Sis.”

The other girl grins, “If it’s true, doesn’t matter how it sounds to other people. And as long as the final result is good, nobody will care how the buildup went.”

The woman preparing to ride you doesn't seem as certain, but a thin determination forms as she nods her head and repeats, “The final result. That’s what matters.”

Minoriko takes her sister's hands, locking palms and speaking to her in a soft voice. “You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Then the owner of the vulva giving you a godly angle asks you the same. “And you?”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be going at it with my all down here.” You conclude preparations by grabbing Minoriko's globular rump, give it a squeeze of confidence as you sniff the exotic buffet already slinking from her damp slit.

She giggles and gives your stomach a playful slap. “Glad to see we’re not spoiling you.”

“Yeah, because if you didn’t do your best, I’d never let you hear the end of it.” Shizuha grasps your manhood and gives it a few investigative strokes. Deciding it passes inspection, she mutters to herself, “Well, here goes…” lifts her hole into position above your awaiting pecker, and drops down.

In any other situation, you would be apprehensive toward this kind of behavior, especially if you hadn't been given time to put a condom on. Fortunate Minoriko told you about the ability of gods to choose whether they become impregnated or not, or you'd have been liable to worry about that decision all night. Instead, you receive the full might of Shizuha's pussy, labia chomping up your cock and pulling you in with no hitch thanks to your previous effort. Every inch of girth twists through the phenomenally tight walls until she comes to rest, fully impaled in you with room to spare. You're already panting from the pressure enfolding you, but that's no excuse to slack off. You've committed yourself to the services of both your hostesses, and once are comfortable with the senior thrust your mouth upward to attend the junior.

A sopping pair of lips part by your tongue's insertion, and warm, sugary sap gushes onto your face. What you collect runs down your throat with each lap, mouth slurping as much of Minoriko's appetizing cum as you can manage. She is right about one thing, no matter how unwilling you are to say it—you are her bitch orally. The reason for that makes itself dominant after a few moments, as the sugar tang changes into a conveyor belt assortment of flavors both familiar and unrecognizable to you: apple, watermelon, mango, fig, and of course grape to name only a sample wash around between your chops, juices mixing into a fruity concoction you would gladly spend all your money for if the tap hadn't already made herself available.

Not up to the exertion of thrusting from her position, Shizuha settles for a grinding, rocking motion on your dong, which feels just as good since you aren't being denied the moist tightness keeping you inside. Still, you make a rhythm of driving your pelvis up into hers, the two of you moving perpendicular and generating a nice heat. All three of you are moaning, working up a sweat that reeks your fragrant odors and charges the atmosphere to a new level of horniness.

The two siblings sitting on you are linked by the arms, hands on the other's shoulders and sharing encouragement that brings the passion to new heights. At some point, Shizuha's voice cracks, the sound of sobs choking out, though her physical intensity doesn't falter one bit. “Sis, I…I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry! If it feels too good and you can’t hold back anymore, embrace the clima—”

“T-that’s not what I meant! I…I’m sorry for shoving you earlier and growing jealous. My actions were uncalled for, a-and I…I just—”

“You don’t gotta apologize for that, Shiza! I know where you were coming from, and it’s okay now. Because we’re together, gathering faith as family. Doesn’t it feel great?”

“Y-yeah, I don’t like us fighting over stuff like that.”

The way her weight and back shift, you can tell Minoriko has brought her sister in for an embrace, heads lying on each other's shoulder. “Then let’s wrap this loaf of bread up and finish baking together, shall we?”

Shizuha laughs and sniffles at the wordplay, “Of course. Any time of day with you two.”

The speed of your love-making picks up at that point, every member of the group ramming and thrashing loins with such force it's shocking you don't all collapse. But the coordination is there, you keeping hold of consciousness to pleasure these two Goddesses, these wonderful Aki sisters who let you stay in their home when you first found yourself astray all those months ago, cock and tongue pumping at full potential, bringing them and you closer to the ultimate release.

Finally Shizuha takes in a massive gasp, wheezing, “Sis, I…I’m losing it!

Breath fatigued, Monoriko responds, “Me too! Let’s be losers together!

Thus the trigger is pressed, and both girls lean into one another—Shizuha yelling and Minoriko shrieking—as you feel their walls contract and blasts of feminine goodness assault your face and crotch. You aren't far behind, muscles tensing as a well-known spasm erupts from your penis, seed launching and propelled deep into the blonder girl's canal. Several more shots are fired, and then it is over.

You feel the presence of your girlfriend's body rising, and bring one of your hands up to squeegee the liquid mess away. Afterwards, opening your eyes only reveals blurriness, and you close them back up and groan, suddenly paralyzed from the exertion of your sex play. All of your senses go on autopilot for a while, and you just notice a distant impression of being moved before neural systems blank out.

Your mind resumes processing the waking world after a bit, the sheets of the mattress cuddling your back while breathing picks up the capacity for large gulps. You are aware of two transporters of heat on both sides of you, though the one on the right makes movement enough for you to know it's getting off the bed, the sound of creaking footsteps heading for the doorway and exiting, the bolt of the door clicking shut discreetly.

Eventually you convince your eyes to crack open, peering into the quiet room. The lights are out, leaving a peaceful dimness for your pupils to adjust, looking over to the body resting on your left.

Shizuha lies, watching you with serenity, her right arm bent up on the pillow where her head lays. She stretches her left over to you, hand relaxing on your chest as it wipes the sweat and bodily fluids around. “How you feeling?”

You gaze at her, taking a moment to absorb what's been happening, and sigh. “Tired, but I’m holding up. Where’s Minoriko?”

“She went to get something. She should be back in a minute or two.” Her vision shifts to the doorway behind you, some thought embedded in her mind. Finally, the need to ask catches her, and she looks straight at you. “Hey, about earlier, when I was overcome with lust and started dominating you?”

You nod, flashing back to that vivid excursion.

Shizuha pulls her arm back and her mouth grimaces, working the words out unsteadily. “I want to apologize if I took it too far. You were doing a good job of reaching my receptive spots, but the way Sis was causally handling it, the same kind of attention…” She pauses to let out a sigh, then goes on, “I know that’s just because she’s been with you longer, but seeing her not response the same way, it…it made my frustrations hit the boiling point, and I lost it.” A few tears trickle down her face, eyesight picking out a crease sticking up in the bed sheet, and she breathes in somberly. “Sorry if I forced you to do something you aren’t comfortable with.”

You can feel nothing but sympathy for this woman, sister of the woman you love, and by proximity you have come to discover your own budding fondness toward her, the desire to let her know she isn't being neglected in this arrangement…however the hell that may be arranged. Sure, she gave you times that startled you, and you were initially afraid when she had you gobble up her pussy out of the blue, but it all brought you here, to the present, where the odd string of events add up to answer the ultimate equation.

The yearning to comfort her takes hold, and you use what energy you have to scoot next to the blonde girl, arms wrapping her in loving embrace and caressing the contour of her back. Shizuha flinches at the sudden motion, but you maintain your hold, and whisper, “It’s fine. I may not have been expecting it, but it turned out enjoyable. You have an exquisite flavor, you know. I’d like to taste it again at some point.”

Your soothing touch and encouraging words relax her, and she reciprocates the hug. “We could try again now.”

“No, we’re both pretty drained. I just want to bask in the glow a while.”

She nods, snuggling closer to you, your chests coming into contact and sending sparks through your body. “I loved the way it felt, having you inside me,” she sighs muted.

“Well, you have a very cozy vagina, Shizuha. I wish I had been more aware of what was going on, but—”

“I understand. You had to contend with both of us.”

“—I could feel your rhythm. It’s pretty amazing stuff coming from a first-timer.”

“…You could tell?” Her smile falters faintly.

You close your eyes, head shaking as little as possible. “Not that I have much more practice, but you were hesitating quite a bit before that.”

“Yeah, I mean…Sis knew as well, but she went out of her way not to rub it in. She may be competitive, but she wouldn’t make a race out of relationships. So…that could be part of why she wanted to do this, not take too much of the cake for herself.”

“I can tell you with earnest that you are a great lover, Shizuha,” you hum, moving your arms down her back to squeeze her butt cheeks, “and you’re only going to get better the more you give love.”

Your eyes open, and you notice her eyes had shut as well. They open about the same time as yours, a corporeal look entering her irises at the sensation of having her ass fondled. “I can’t think of a better guy to be my teacher other than the one in front of me.” Her smile grows hungry as she kisses you, lips tasting the salt built up on your face from the collected makeup she and Minoriko have applied to you. You return the smooch, both of you going no farther than this current union, not having the oomph for anything more strenuous.

This is how you are when the door opens with a thump, the chirpy cheer of a certain girl calling, “Din-din’s ready~!” You and Shizuha lurch from one another, staggered by the appearance of Minoriko in the entryway, still as naked as the two of you save for her familiar red hat with the grape cluster pinned to the fabric. She gawks at both of you momentarily before recovering, “Oops! Don’t mind me, I’m just making a delivery!”

It takes you a second before you spot a tray in her hands, three steaming bowls of something delicious smelling sitting on a respective paper napkin. “You made soup?” you inquire.

Minoriko shakes her head with robust. “Beef stew! I had a hunch we’d all be beat after our little therapy session, so I put something on the stove to simmer while we worked out our differences,” she proclaims, setting the tray down on the adjacent nightstand, handing a bowl out to you and Shizuha with the napkin underneath, spoon already in the broth, then crawling over to your side with her own dish. “Makes for a pretty good night, eh? A good, old-fashioned fuck with sisters, and dinner in bed!”

You peer into the stew, chunks of cooked meat intermingled with chopped potato, sliced carrots, and hint of onion seasoning. It’s necessary to cradle the bowl one hand at a time so your fingers don’t burn. “Well, I will admit, this is a tad…unexpected, but welcome.”

Shizuha has her dish on the bed, stirring the contents around with her spoon, eyes rolled in their sockets. “I tried to tell her not to do this, but you know how she gets when it comes to food.” Her true feelings are divulged with a smirk as she pats her stomach. “And I am feeling sort of hungry after all that excitement.”

“And I told Shiza she’d be thanking me once her energy levels needed replenishing, so there!” Minoriko triumphs, further instructing you, “Now be careful while the broth’s still warm, and make sure to dig in ‘cause we aren’t keeping leftovers!”

You sip at the broth, confirming it is still very hot, and conspire to drain out as much as you can when scooping up a spoonful of stew. The mixture is phenomenal, as you've come to anticipate from Minoriko's cooking, and you try—and fail—to pace yourself, shoveling heaps of moist beef and vegetables into your chops. There the three of you sit on the bed, legs crossed, and soon each bowl is empty, Shizuha volunteering to stack them on the tray. Once she returns, both sisters lean into you, head taking a perch on your respective available shoulder. You respond to their cooing by wrapping an arm around their waists, hands lightly scratching the skin of their mons pubis. Still having an unanswered question, you break the silence, “So, where do we go from here?”

Minoriko inspects you with curiosity. “What do you mean?” she asks, as Shizuha chooses to repay your itch by taking your penis in hand and stroking it.

“I suppose after tonight I’m officially dating both of you,” you mention, watching the elder sister bring your member back to life. “But most people know that we’re together, Mino, and I’m afraid to find out how they’d react to hearing that I slept with both of you simultaneously.”

She thinks about this, a despondency clouding her eyes, lip curved downward. “That could be problematic,” she reasons, “as far as gathering faith is concerned. But we’re fairly far out in the woods. Shouldn’t be any grounds for worry.”

“There’s always the possibility for peepers.”

At 'peepers,' Minoriko's mood goes full sour, as you can assume what person is now on her mind. “I completely forgot about that,” she groans. “Damn reporter. Knowing her, she’d set a light trail to our house, or something similar.” Huffing, she shakes the temper off by putting a positive spin on the topic. “Well, ignoring her, it could be pretty funny seeing their reactions. All the disgust, people who don’t know us saying how impure we are, calls of blasphemy…” She giggles, a little too excited by the imagery.

You laugh with her, a moan tacked to the end from the quickening rhythms vibrating your cock. “Maybe show them some pictures we took.”

She gasps, a manic grin foreshadowing some silliness. “Or~ we give a public showing in the town square! Just imagine it! The three of us engaged in depraved scenes of wonder, horrified clergymen and housewives repulsed by our passion, yet too engrossed to look away, hands wandering underneath their clothes as we—”

Sis.” Minoriko's perverted fantasy grinds to a halt as her sister coldly glares at her, the effect spoiled due to her jerking your shaft with precision. “Don’t push it.

The younger girl emits a nervous laugh as she assures her elder, “Sorry, Shiza. I was just kidding.”

Shizuha withdraws the stare, returning to admiring her handwork. “Yeah, I know. I guess I’m still insecure with this ‘share a living person’ idea. Though I’ll admit it’s pretty fun so far.” Her head starts lowering toward your pelvis, but you pull her back to look at her.

“I would agree this was a successful beginning. But even the best laid plans need to move bit-by-bit. Why not leave it as it is?” You hope she gets the hidden message. Having two climaxes in short succession may sound incredible, but it causes inner pain for your organ to process. Three orgasms and the damn thing may as well be castrated.

The painter concedes, letting go of your wand and reasserting her chin on your shoulder. “Fine. But we’ll be going forward in this arrangement with total disclosure. No one gets left out in the cold, all right?”

Minoriko scoots into you, her left breast cramming into the cup of your armpit. “Of course they won’t! On my word as a sibling and a friend, I vow never to let either of your hearts break because of something I did.”

You hug your girlfriends closer to you, embracing the heat of their beautiful bodies. “And I promise to watch after the both of you as best I can, until the day my body is laid to rest.” After a moment, you decide that's an awkward place to stop, and amend, “Speaking of resting, what say we all get ready for actual bed?”

The two of them join you, smiles abound as you take the routines of proper nighttime hygiene. Realizing that your bed sheets are dirty, Minoriko convinces you and Shizuha to share her bed for the night. Thus you all go to sleep without further incident, eagerly awaiting what tomorrow brings.