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File 137748033827.jpg - (457.99KB, 800x1130, 626973aaf6dae79f04a2730290845b49.jpg) [iqdb]
I apologize for the delay, school is already kicking my ass.
Anyway, Previous Threads:
Thread One >>35593
Thread Two >>35921
Thread Three >>36313


“Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart,” you mumble to yourself as you let the water wash over you. You’ve been thinking for a while and you’ve used up all the hot water at this point. Serious internal debates should probably be done out of the shower when you have someone waiting to use it after you. You shake your head and wash your hair.


After turning the water off and wrapping a towel around your waist you step out of the shower and over to the sink. On the very edge of the sink is a small package wrapped in brown, now moist, paper with a small note written on it.

“Dear Aaron,
You have been looking a little scraggly lately, so I picked you up some razors. It wasn’t too bad last night, but you should probably use them soon. Unless you plan on growing a beard, but I don’t think it would look good on you.
Love, Mom”

She must have gapped it in while you were in the shower. That thought makes you more uncomfortable than it probably should, but the idea of your mom just “popping in” on you while you’re naked makes extremely uncomfortable. You rip open the package and toss the paper into the trashcan next to the toilet. Oh, good, she included shaving cream. After wiping off the mirror so you can see, you examine your stubble. You’ve never been able to grow a proper beard; it always looks awful on you when you try.

Your mind wanders to Youmu while you shave. You’ve made up your mind to try and make things work between the two of you, but you can’t help but think of the obstacles that lie in your path.

Namely, Yuyuko.

As long as Youmu is her servant, she’ll have to live in the netherworld. You also just opened the bar, so going to live there is out of the question. Yuyuko’s reaction to this also causes you worry. What will she do if she disapproves? At worst, she kills you. At best, she forbids Youmu from seeing you. The former is almost certainly not going to happen, but the latter is likely.

But Yuyuko isn’t the only problem. Now that you have the bar, your free time will be limited. Finding time to meet will be a pain, not to mention the lack of good “date” spots around here. Sure, she’d probably just enjoy spending time with you, but you can’t help but wonder if there’s anything nearby you could do together.

“Tch!” You hiss when you feel the razor slice your chin. It’s not a big cut, but enough to bother you and be noticeable. “Damn,” you swear under your breath. This is the first time you’ve ever cut yourself shaving. “Well, looks like today will be a day of firsts. First time being cut while shaving, first girlfriend, first date, and who knows what else will happen today!”

You take care with the rest of your face as you finish up to avoid another cut. Once that is done you actually dry off rather than trying to air-dry, can’t keep Luna waiting to shower any longer. You look around the bathroom, but it doesn’t look like you brought any clean clothes in. Sighing, you put the clothes you slept in back, minus the shirt, and walk out of the bathroom with your towel draped over your shoulder.

“Sorry I took so long,” you say closing the door behind you.

No response.

You look around the room for the blonde fairy but fail to see her anywhere. Maybe she got tired of waiting? “Oh well, she can always shower later if she wants, but,” you look out a window and notice the sun is pretty high, “What time is it anyway?”

After rooting around in a box, you find an old pocket watch that you had when you came to Gensokyo. It’s beat up and could use some cleaning, but it still tells time. It’s nothing special, you don’t even remember which foster family you got it from, but you have always been fascinated by it.

You shake your head violently. “Shouldn’t be so easily distracted today,” you tell yourself. You aren’t trying to, but you are subconsciously avoiding the mental topic of “What do you say to Youmu?”. You want to make it work, but there are so many troubling factors. Another one you can think of is that she’ll outlive you, should things get that serious.

TIME! What time is it? The watch says it’s almost eleven thirty. Oh, good, you didn’t miss your appointment with Youmu.


Eleven thirty? “Crap!” Youmu’s probably already waiting for you! You quickly strip down and throw on some clean clothes. You wind up wearing some fairly plain clothes. Blue button up shirt with white undershirt, blue jeans that mom had grabbed for you from the outside, and your shoes. You don’t bother buttoning your shirt; it will take too much time. You do, however, take the time to water the seed Yuuka gave you. Oddly the seed has already begun to sprout. You chalk it up to “magic” and move on.

You rush out the door and into the kitchen, which is empty, and into the bar. All of your employees are in there looking mildly bored. Mokou standing near the door with her arms crossed and eyes closed, Marisa is leaning on the bar talking to Hinata who is sitting on a stool, Sunny is making a pyramid out of forks while Star and Luna watch.

“Uh, good morning everyone,” you say after a moment of confusion. “Slow morning?”

“Very slow,” Mokou says without even looking at you. “Do you mind if I bring a book or something for times like this?”

“Go ahead, just make sure you’re ready if someone decides to start tro-“ You get cut off by the sound of silverware clattering loudly on a table. Without looking you know that Sunny made a mistake in her pyramid of forks. “Sunny, if any of those hit the floor you need to wash them immediately.”

As she assures you that none of them hit the floor the front door opens and Youmu walks in. She’s back to wearing her regular outfit, excluding her swords. “Ah, hi Aaron!” She greets excitedly. “Were you waiting long?”

You shake your head and say, “Nah, I just woke up really.” While you walk over to her you tell your employees, “Watch over the bar while I’m out!” The only responses you get are from Mokou and Marisa who give you a thumbs up and wolf whistles respectively. Ignoring them you walk outside and close the door behind you.

“So, Aaron,” Youmu says hesitantly. “W-what do you want to do?” You open your mouth to speak, but your stomach decides to do the talking for you. “Well, I guess that answers that,” she says laughing.

You take her hand causing her to gasp, but she doesn’t pull away. The two of you walk leisurely into town and stop at the Lorelei Grill. You are greeted by Yoko when you enter, “Hello and welcome to the Lorelei Grill!” She leads you to a booth where you and Youmu sit across from each other. “Can I get you something to drink?

“Tea please,” Youmu replies warmly.

As you open your mouth Yoko simply says, “Coffee, right?” You nod, feeling all too predictable. “I’ll be right out with your drinks!”

After Yoko leaves, you and Youmu start looking over the menu. “So, last night went pretty well,” she comments.

“Yeah,” you agree, “but, Marisa and Mokou said that everyone was must on their best behavior. Things will just get harder from here on out.

The two of you talk casually about the bar for a while. During that time, Yoko had come to take your orders and bring your drinks. Taking your word for it, Youmu ordered the grilled lamprey and you ordered a simple bowl of ramen.

After Yoko returns with your food and heads back into the kitchen Youmu asks you, “Aaron, how do you feel? About us?”

"I do like you and I want to make this work no matter what hurtles come up,” you tell her after a moment to collect your thoughts. “We’re both going to be busy, and I don’t know how much free time we’ll have to spend with each other. I know it won't be easy but any good relationship is about cover coming hurtles together."

For a moment she sits there staring at you with wide eyes full of emotions. Happiness, trepidation, and excitement. “Aaron, I-I don’t know what to say,” she admits. “I’m so glad you feel this way, but I’m worried about how Lady Yuyuko will react. And as you said, we won’t have that much free time. But, I want to make this work too.”

You reach across the table and place your hands on hers. “So, how do you think Yuyuko will react?” You ask her. “She’d understand right?” She doesn’t say anything, in fact, she looks away. “Youmu, should I be worried?”



Both of you leave the restaurant laughing. She had led you to believe Yuyuko would try everything in her power to break the two of you up; she was just messing with you though. For the rest of the time you just talked about simple things, like her duties with Yuyuko and your life before Gensokyo. Neither one of you learned anything new, but you enjoyed your time all the same.

“I need to head back home,” she tells you while you’re walking through the village. “But, I’m nervous about telling her.”

“Don’t be, if she cares about you, she’ll understand,” you say as you give her hand a reassuring squeeze.

She chuckles slightly. “Thanks.” She quickly leans over and kisses you. “For luck,” she whispers. “I’ll come back when I get the chance. Take care until then, okay.”

“You take care too,” you tell her as she flies off with the biggest smile on her face.

As you walk to the bar, you can’t help but think, ”Life is good.”

-Choose one
[] A lone wolf in love
[] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear
[] Red Poltergeist needs help badly
[] A phantom drowning herself in sake
[] The puppeteer is taking your measurements

Okay, Youmu route is a go! Now what am I going to do with the Momiji/Mystia/Youmu Harem route?

Let's hope that I can update regularly, but we'll have to see how this semester goes.
[x] A lone wolf in love
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear

Because Mystia.

Now, we just need Mystia, Youmu, and Momiji to interact more, and the harem will be a go!
[X] Red Poltergeist needs help badly

But I want to see them alllll..
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear
[x] A lone wolf in love
Are we talking about Werewolf or Tengu wolf?
Why can't we choose everything?!
[X] A lone wolf in love
[X] A lone wolf in love
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear

>Momiji/Mystia/Youmu Harem

But that's not Three Fairies.
i'm curious to see what our girls have been up to now...
changing one of the sparrow votes
not sure which one is mine.
to [X] A lone wolf in love
(please be werewolf)
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear 
[x] A lone wolf in love

target locked on.
[x] A lone wolf in love

Sometimes liking so many of the characters can be a pain.
[x] A lone wolf in love

Be interesting if this was Kagerou, but well that's rather untrodden territory (except for that one brief cameo in one of the touhoumon stories)
[x] It's the weekend, maybe we should update?

It's the weekend, maybe he has a bunch of work to do for his classes?
File 137806888772.jpg - (150.54KB, 850x642, Too_Much_Work_Not_Enough_Energy.jpg) [iqdb]
>[x] It's the weekend, maybe we should update?

This one is right, but I'm also visiting Family that I don't get to see often. We've been pretty busy and my niece is a handful and hates it when I try to do anything that doesn't involve her. I tried to write in the car yesterday, but it's extremely uncomfortable to type while sitting in the backseat of a car and having to type like a T-Rex. I'll try to have something out by Tuesday. No promises though.
No worries. That's more than fast enough, considering the average update rate of stories here seems to be something like every other/third week sometimes. At best...
No problem bro.
File 137842891412.jpg - (207.75KB, 850x850, sample-ec1fe893a83dedb449411fda2a74591b.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm going to apologize about making you wait, and having to say that the wait will be a little longer. College has been busy, I may possibly have a job, and I currently have a fever. So, writing isn't exactly on my list of things to do right this moment.

On a side note, I would kill for a Tenshi to come and take care of me...
The dubs have spoken...
File 137928320467.jpg - (424.51KB, 992x1350, 310caf23c9b0af20f3ed68635d462a26.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s been a couple days since Youmu went back to Hakugyokurou and things have been pretty dull. You’ve been busy, but nothing really major happened. A few fights, broke out but Mokou quieted them down before they got too out of hand. Sometimes you get people you know dropping in and having a few drinks, and today is no different.

Momiji has recently come in looking extremely depressed. She’s barely spoken, except to order her drink and subsequent refills. Marisa is prodding her hakkero with a curious look on her face, which you are annoyed with for various reasons. The hakkero has been randomly shooting fire with no provocation from Marisa, and the second reason is that she isn’t working.

The magical device emits another puff of flame that nearly reaches the ceiling. “Marisa!” You shout at the bar-witch. “If that thing doesn’t stop, it’ll have to go outside.”

“Aw, but it’s cool!” She protests. “It just started doing this the other day and I want to figure it out!”

“Figure it out on your own time,” you say pouring a drink for another customer. “Why don’t you just go ahead and set that outback? Just set it on a rock so it won’t catch the lawn on fire.”

“Come on Aaron,” she whines as another jet of flame shoots out. You stare at her with a blank look, then the fire, and then back to her. “Okay,” she relents, feeling defeated.

As she attempts to pick up the still flaming hakkero you go over to Momiji who looks sad and worried. “You okay?” You ask her as you lean on the bar.

“No,” she says flatly only to take a swig of beer.

“Things not go so well with Aya?”

“No,” she says again. After a long and exaggerated sigh she continues, “I think it worked too well.”

You raise an eyebrow in response. “What do you mean?”

“There are some people who actually believe her and now my reputation is the one being damaged!” She shouts, not seeming to care about the attention she’s drawing.

“That sucks,” you tell her. “So, the whole thing just backfired on you?”

She hangs her head and mumbles, “Yeah.” She finishes her current glass and stares at the empty vessel. “It gets worse though,” she whispers. You simply nod and let her continue. “There’s this guy, he and I are pretty close, but when he heard the rumor from Aya he’s distanced himself from me.”

“Why would he do that?” You ask, ignorant of Tengu culture.

“We see it as disgraceful to mate with a non-Tengu, which is why I thought people wouldn’t believe Aya when I planned this.” She downs the rest of her beer in a heartbeat and looks at you as if asking for another. You waste no time in refilling her glass, and mentally marking that this is her fourth drink. “Thanks,” she says taking the glass from you. “So, yeah. My superiors have been breathing down my neck for the past couple days and my family is ready to disown me!”

“Eesh, have you tried telling them the truth?”

“Yes! They won’t believe me!” She shouts, slamming her fist onto the bar. “They say that it’s unlike me to try to trick Aya and that I’m just trying to get out of trouble!”

You immediately face-palm and shake your head. “Would it help if I told them?”

“Probably not, but they’ll come for you eventually anyway.”

“Should I be worried?”

“Not really,” she replies after another gulp. “They’ll probably just bring you in and have you tell your side of the story and hopefully that will be the end of it.”

You do a little cleaning up around where Marisa’s hakero was as Momiji continues to drink. It’s hard not to feel sorry for her right now, she puts up with a lot from Aya and her plan to get back at her have backfired. The object of her affection doesn’t seem to want her now and she seems hopeless right now.

“Hey, Momiji,” you say walking over to her, “have you told your friend about your plan?”

“No, not yet,” she answers into her drink. “I doubt he’d listen to me at this point though.”

Hmm, you aren’t really sure what to say or do at this point. It’s not as easy to help people with their problems as you had hoped, but you kind of knew that going in.

-What do you do?
[] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.
[] You don’t know her well enough to really offer any good advice, but hopefully some comforting words will be enough.
[] Write-in
OKAY! So, that took me a while and due to school I almost completely forgot what I wanted to do with this scene. I'm going to try to update once/twice/thrice a week just to keep my brainy bits from turning to mush and losing all my ideas. It doesn't help that I left some of my notes for this at school and they disappeared.

Anyway, I'm back and hope you all will put up with me for a while longer!
This is troublesome...

If only we had a witness that could back up the story.

[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

I'm going with this as if he doesn't have faith in her, then I doubt things'd last.
[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

Tis true.
[] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.
[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

Generic advice is (slightly) better than empty words of comfort.
That way we're at least trying to help.
[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

Welcome back! And yeah, this is the best option, I think.
So I just knocked out the four threads in one go.

Very nice story. Keep up the good work.
[✓] healthy relationship option
File 137946237965.jpg - (64.87KB, 360x360, plan.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137950887390.jpg - (52.20KB, 419x208, 1280057954594.jpg) [iqdb]
Aren't you a little young to be posting here?
how young is 20?
[X] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

Really the only reasonable option.

You should drop the name. Unless you're a writer on this site, it is highly discouraged to have one.

Read this >>/gensokyo/6052/. It is the guidelines that you're supposed to abide by in this site, and it will make your transition here easier.
Are you from [s4s]?
also dropping the name and stuff.
[x] Tell her that a healthy relationship is built on trust. If he doesn’t believe her, then it’s his fault and he’s just missing out.

Late as fuck
Is it a waste telling you to sage after the story has been inactive for half a month?
File 138085649081.png - (195.28KB, 396x389, had-a-ruff-day.png) [iqdb]
>Late as fuck

Indeed... Okay, so...
I'm still around. I'm still doing stuff. And I'm going to have something by MONDAY AT THE LATEST. If I don't, assume I'm dead or have been abducted by Yukari or something.

On a side note, I should have plenty of time to write now. I'm only taking one class now, I lost my job after three whole days don't ask, I am barely sleeping, I'm back from AWA, and the other thing occupying my time I'll tell you later if you're curious is done. So, I have no reason, other than being a lazy prick, to not update.

Of course, as I already said, I am a lazy bastard who needs a massive kick in the ass just to get moving again. It doesn't help that I have over seven ideas for stories that I keep wanting to write. I'll finish this one before I start any more though.

Picture related to next update? Maybe?
File 138120000260.jpg - (110.48KB, 1003x1181, bdd7d223d3931154e2a9b5d073af4304.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s quiet for a while, probably too long. “Well, if he doesn’t believe you then it’s his fault.” You aren’t sure if that is the right thing to say, but it’s better than nothing. Right? “A healthy relationship is built on trust! You need to trust him to believe you and he needs to trust you to tell the truth.” Hopefully that makes sense, she has had more than a few drinks this afternoon.

“I suppose I could talk to him.” She finishes another glass and stares at it. “It’s so stupid of me to worry about this. I’m not doing anything wrong, so I shouldn’t worry about anything! Everything will just blow over in a couple weeks and things will be back to normal.” You aren’t sure if she’s talking to you, or just trying to reassure herself. Either way, she seems to have made up her mind, so that’s a plus. “You know, if you are grabbed by some Tengu and they want to know if we’re ‘together’ just tell them the truth. They’ll probably not believe you, but if they give you too much trouble just mention your mom and they’ll back off fast!”

“I don’t really like using that to my advantage,” you tell her, taking her glass from her in the process. “I just hope your friend gives you a chance. If he doesn’t then he’s just missing out.”

“What?” The look on her face is definitely one of surprise, but you barely see past your own hand after your immediate face-palm.

“Sorry, that came out wrong. I meant that if he doesn’t give you a chance then you should chalk it up to his loss and move on.”

“Are you offering?” She asks confusedly.

DEAR GOD NO! You are NOT offering. “N-no! That came out wrong too! I only meant tha- NO, never mind! I’ll just keep putting my foot in my mouth.” You look away from her to hide your embarrassment.

“Oh, good.” She says with a sigh, only to realize that sounded rude. “N-not that I wouldn’t like that! I mean, uh, well,” she continues like this for a minute before gathering her wits. “You’re a nice guy, but we don’t know each other and I’d like to get to know you better. But, I only want to get to know you better. No more, no less.” Out of the corner of your eye you see her reach for a glass that isn’t there anymore. “Oh, right.” She looks at the empty space and mumbles to herself for a moment before standing up. She’s a little wobbly, but manages to maintain her balance. “I should get going! I-I’ll see you around, bye!”

As she rushes out the door, a soot covered Marisa enters the bar from the kitchen. “So,” she starts, “Good news and bad news, followed by more bad news!”

“I almost don’t want to deal with this right now,” you tell her bluntly. “But, let’s hear it.”

“Okay, so bad news part one is that my Hakkero is still on fire, the fairies are on break and are using it to roast marshmallows. Good news is that it’s dying down! Other bad news is, Reimu and Sakuya stopped by saying that their weapons have been acting strange and they think that it’s worth looking in to. So, I need some time off to help them!” At least she didn’t just run off on you. Still this isn’t good. Sure, you can handle the bar yourself, but you like the help and company. It’s good though since the Hakkero won’t be here to set the building on fire! Bad that she’s better at mixing drinks than you. Good that Hakkero won’t be here!

She’s looking at you with pleading eyes and a trembling lower lip. Does she honestly think that will work? You look at her blankly. “If you’re not here, you’re not getting paid.” She starts to sniffle and even starts to tear up! NO, HOLD FAST! You can’t let yourself be walked on by your employees! “No, Okay! I can’t pay you if you aren’t here!” Oh god, it’s getting worse! Ah! A tear just rolled down her cheek! Damn it… “FINE!” You shout turning away from her. “You can use your paid vacation days! You only have seven so make it snappy!”

She jumps up on your back and wraps her arms around your neck. “Aw, you’re the best boss EVER!” Two things stand out to you more than anything else at this point. One being that she is really short compared to you since she had to jump just to grapple your neck. The second is that she doesn’t have much on her chest as she is pretty much flush against your back. And with that, you simply let her go on her way while you wonder if that’s considered “unfaithful” as you were basically sizing up the breasts of a woman who isn’t your girlfriend.

Okay, well you did accidentally flirt with Momiji too, but that was different. You were just putting your foot in your mouth then. One last thing hits you before you go to check on the fairies. The male to female ratio in Gensokyo is skewed with women being on the predominant side of things. And your entire workforce is female. “I really hope Youmu isn’t the jealous type…”

Another night spent cleaning the bar alone. You sent Mokou home early since it was a slow day and the fairies are already in bed. You look out the window to the moon. Summer’s nearly over and you haven’t really enjoyed it. Almost all of it’s been spent planning for the bar. You’d love to visit a beach, but the only major body of water is Misty Lake and that’s full of serpents and strange Youkai. It’s hardly the ideal resort.

Oh well, there’s always next year. For now, it’s sleep time!

Back in your room you slide into bed between Hinata and Sunny, they wanted to sleep with you tonight, something about Star and Luna monopolizing you. Unfortunately, Hinata gives off light and heat like a miniature sun. So you probably aren’t going to sleep peacefully tonight.

-Choose One
[] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear
[] Red Poltergeist needs help badly
[] A phantom drowning herself in sake
[] The puppeteer is taking your measurements
[] Mom and big sis are teaching you self-defense
[] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear

I'm glad this story updated. I was worried it was dead for a while, there.
[x] Mom and big sis are teaching you self-defense
[X] Red Poltergeist needs help badly

Yess, we need some Lyrica.
[x] A phantom drowning herself in sake
[x] A phantom drowning herself in sake

I... Don't think this is Youmu? Maybe?
I wonder if Youki will appear in this story and nag us together with Yuyuko about Youmu
Just going to go ahead and tell you that it isn't Youmu. Look at the wording and you should be able to figure it out.

Don't worry, if I were to drop it, which I'm not going to do, then I'd tell you. If Something happened to me that prevented me from updating for a while/ever then one of my friends would let you know. I'll finish this, I promise you all that much.
[X] A phantom drowning herself in sake

Hmm... It's not Youki, he's only half-phantom.
It's not Mima, she's a self-proclaimed "evil spirit". Not the other two Prismrivers, they're poltergeists.
Other people who are actually ghosts/phantoms are: Yuyuko, Murasa and Soga no Tojiko.

> Look at the wording and you should be able to figure it out.
Of those three, I'm going to assume it's Murasa, because that makes it a pun about her being the ghost of a drowned sailor.
[x] Mom and big sis are teaching you self-defense
Ding ding!
[x] A phantom drowning herself in sake
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear

I wanna see some Mystia.
[x] Mom and big sis are teaching you self-defense
Can't not choose it. Just can't.
[³] Mom and big sis are teaching you self-defense
[X] Red Poltergeist needs help badly
[X] Mom and big sis are teaching you self-defense

More motherly Yukari, please.
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear

Never enough Mystia love.
[X] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear
[x] A sparrow needs a sympathetic ear

why not
Vote called for Mystia with a come from behind victory! I'm stuck at college for a while so I'll start writing now that I have free time. Update by the end of tomorrow, at the latest.
File 138154193132.jpg - (299.99KB, 1200x840, c8d2a63289ed33486d6af3ffcc819200.jpg) [iqdb]
A couple days since you let Marisa go and do her other job you find yourself taking a break during what could possibly be the slowest night you’ve had since you’ve opened. The only people here are you and your staff, but you don’t really mind too much. Mokou is sitting next to you at a table reading a newspaper, the Bunbunmaru of all things! She’s been staring at the same page smirking for a while now. Anytime you try to take a look she moves so you can’t see it! Deciding that you’ll just go into town and pick one up yourself you start to the door.

Before you even take two steps it swings open and in walks a sulking Mystia. The news will have to wait now that you have a customer! You get behind the bar and wait for Mystia to sit down before asking, “What can I get for you today?”

“Something hard,” she says, obviously depressed. “I need it.” She doesn’t look like she’s slept in a while and her clothes are a mess.

“Ya know, when you ‘need’ a drink is when you shouldn’t have one,” you tell her, despite actually pouring her a drink.

“Yeah, well if you had a week like mine you wouldn’t be saying that!” She practically snatches the drink out of your hand as she says that. This gets Mokou’s attention, but she doesn’t say anything.

“Want to talk about it?” You ask, cleaning up what spilled.

She downs a large portion before sighing. “Some punk keeps coming in and wrecking my kitchen after I close up!” Another swig. “Yoko has been getting pestered on her way home so I have to walk her home just to make sure she’s safe! Oh, and let’s not forget that I’ve been told that I’ll have to close shop if I can’t ensure the safety of my employees!”

“Wait,” you need a moment to process all of that. “You’re telling me that someone is vandalizing your restaurant, Yoko is being harassed, and you might lose your restaurant?” She nods. “What the hell?” That’s not right! “First of all, should the guards be looking into the vandalizing? Second, is Yoko okay? Third, what do they mean ‘safety of your employees’? And lastly, are you okay?”

“The guards are busy trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug! They aren’t doing a thing to help!” She slams her now empty glass on the bar. At this rate you may need to replace it! “But, yeah, Yoko’s fine. Just shaken up, that’s all. She’s only really comfortable around humans when you’re around her. As for the safety of my employees, they are just looking for an excuse to kick me out of the village! They are using the vandal as an excuse to say that I have an unsafe work environment and my employees are in danger while their there!” She flicks her glass a few times telling you she wants a refill. As you take it she says in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “So yeah, I’m doing just great!”

“Bullshit,” Mokou shouts, slamming the paper on the table. “That’s just bullshit! What’s Keine doing in all this?”

Mystia shrugs, “I don’t know. I honestly think she doesn’t know about it. I do know that Akyuu knows and isn’t lifting a finger.” She snatches the glass from you again, but manages to not spill anything this time. “If I had to guess, they’re trying to keep Keine out of this.”

“Aaron I’m go-“

“Go,” you cut her off, knowing exactly what she is about to say. Mokou rushes out the door leaving you alone with Mystia. “Do you need anything? Anything at all?”

“Uh, I really hate to ask favors, but yeah. There are a few things you could do for me,” she looks down into her drink embarrassedly. “If things don’t work out, could you watch over Yoko for me? I doubt I’ll be able to live here if they take away my restaurant.” You nod and wait for her to continue, “That’s just a worst case scenario thing. If you could maybe talk to someone like Mokou is, that’d be helpful. Maybe they could find the culprit?” She sounds a little hopeful.

You could help her out, but you aren’t a detective and you may only wind up making things worse. But, you don’t like the idea of just telling her “no”. Her and Yoko have been nothing but nice to you since you moved in! You can think of a few people who might be able to help and a few who you could talk to, to maybe get some support for Mystia.

Youmu and her ghost half could be helpful in keeping watch for the vandal, but so would Momiji and her heightened senses. The Fairies of Light would help too, given their unique skill set. Mom could just open a gap for us to view through. You could even ask Alice if she could put a doll there to keep watch.

But, all that’s pointless unless you get someone to speak on Mystia’s behalf. Akyuu has a lot of power, or it seems that way. Maybe you could get her to help out? Or at the very least find out why she isn’t doing anything. Reimu is missing, but if you could find her she’d be a great help! Heck, mom would be a good one to talk to as well! She has a lot of influence in Gensokyo, and she genuinely wants everyone to be happy!

-What do you do?
[] Help her! (Write-in what to do!)
[] Don’t help her, you don’t want to risk making things worse! But still agree to take care of Yoko if things don’t work out.
[] Don’t help her and don’t agree to take care of Yoko. She needs to be independent.

Well, I met my deadline! I want to update fairly regularly, So I'm going to try to form a slight schedule. I need to get back into the swing of things though, I feel so rusty right now.

Anyway, update. I want you to know that I enjoy writing this and want to continue and I appreciate the votes and support.

One last thing though... Is there a point to posts like >>36857? I honestly don't see one. I don't use 4chan so if it's a reference to something from there could someone enlighten me?
Okay. Mystia needs help, and we're just the person to do something about it. But we have a lot of good options here, so let's make a plan rather then run off half-cocked.

1) Get Mom's advice. She's probably dealt with this sort of thing before; it's obvious that there is still bad blood between humans and youkai. She might have insights.

2) Mention your concerns to Akyuu. It seems possible that Akyuu might be in on this. Depending on how she's portrayed, she may just want to get rid of Mystia. Either way, sound her out by sounding like a concerned friend, but tread lightly. She may be an antagonist here.

3) Ask Youmu and Momiji for a favor. Youmu's our girl, and Momiji could probably stand to get away from the mountain for a while. Besides, they're guards. Protecting things is what they do. They'd probably have a wealth of ideas for catching the culprit.

4) Get a doll from Alice and use the fairies for surveillance. Put together, they could probably grab the culprit before he does anything.

Overall, it isn't about any one strategy. Our power is connections; so let's use those connections! Bring everyone together to deal with a bad situation. It's all in how we coordinate our friends and allies. That is very explicitly our strength.

As for Reimu, she's busy at the moment, but if things get out of hand, maybe she could spare a moment to slap people around.

[x] That stuff I just wrote.

I just wanna help Mystia.
[X] Help her!
-[X]Get Mom's advice. She's probably dealt with this sort of thing before; it's obvious that there is still bad blood between humans and youkai. She might have insights.
-[X]Mention your concerns to Akyuu. It seems possible that Akyuu might be in on this. Depending on how she's portrayed, she may just want to get rid of Mystia. Either way, sound her out by sounding like a concerned friend, but tread lightly. She may be an antagonist here.
-[X]Ask Youmu and Momiji for a favor. Youmu's our girl, and Momiji could probably stand to get away from the mountain for a while. Besides, they're guards. Protecting things is what they do. They'd probably have a wealth of ideas for catching the culprit.
-[X]Get a doll from Alice and use the fairies for surveillance. Put together, they could probably grab the culprit before he does anything.
[X] Help her.
-[X] Everyone we can pull on to help, we will get helping. Mokou's got Keine helping, get Mom's advice (but we should be able to do this ourselves), get Alice, Youmu and Momiji to help as well. We ain't taking this kind of shit in our town.
[X] Help her.

So yeah, what everyone else is saying. We are just a regular human, but we know a lot of people who can do a lot of things that we can't. Surely someone must be able to help deal with this problem.
What 36865 said.
[x] Help her!
remember that gun at rinnosuke's place?
i know i do.
[x] get it
[?] Become operator
[x] pull an m1 garand out of your ass
[x] become operator
[X]Help her
-[X]Vandalism of this level means hate. Which means a connection. Ask Mystia if you can check her connections and look for one with a large amount of hate.
[x] Help her.
[X] who's the person whom has been handling youkai and human relations? It's Reimu.
[X] get her to help, and entice her with Mystia's cooking.
[x] get alice dolls.

guessing my post is number 174340
could it be that one asshurt faggot we met in the beginning of the story?
if so then let's kick his ass but get the 9mm just in case we need it as a back up.
lets do this ourselves and prove to mom we are independent.
what guy is that? could you tell more?
the one guy in the first thread
he was all up in mysita's grill n' shit.
the kind of guy who brings like 7 other guys with him to a fight
like i said "[x] get the gun from rinnosuke"
i hope we don't need it but if we do we will have it.
Vote called for... Well, just about everything due to being good ideas! Writing will commence sometime tomorrow and hopefully Pokemon won't consume my free time. I'll have an update out by Friday, at the latest!

I feel it bears mentioning that Aaron has a mystery knife from an unknown benefactor. Plus, you assume it's the same guy. How do you know it isn't some other random asshole who deserves to get his/her ass kicked?

But yeah, this update'll probably be slit up into a few parts. I'll post them as I finish and the last update will actually have a choice involved. I won't say the updates will be long, but it sounds better, to me at least, to post the segments as I finish just so if things come up I won't be leaving you guys out to dry while I get shit poured on me by life. Better to have something than nothing at all, right?
>unknown benefactor
at least we know rinnosuke.
for all we know that knife could be cursed!
[X] Help her!
-[X]Get Mom's advice. She's probably dealt with this sort of thing before; it's obvious that there is still bad blood between humans and youkai. She might have insights.
-[X]Mention your concerns to Akyuu. It seems possible that Akyuu might be in on this. Depending on how she's portrayed, she may just want to get rid of Mystia. Either way, sound her out by sounding like a concerned friend, but tread lightly. She may be an antagonist here.
-[X]Ask Youmu and Momiji for a favor. Youmu's our girl, and Momiji could probably stand to get away from the mountain for a while. Besides, they're guards. Protecting things is what they do. They'd probably have a wealth of ideas for catching the culprit.
-[X]Get a doll from Alice and use the fairies for surveillance. Put together, they could probably grab the culprit before he does anything.
Well, that escalated quickly.

[x] Help her!
-[x] Ask Akyuu why is she not helping.

Poor Hieda, this is not your month.
referring to Keymaster's story?
also, i get it i'll stop with the namefagging
What a shame, this was a good thread, what a rotten way to die...
File 138433212325.jpg - (749.88KB, 1200x1308, b7dab80c6e0c32068d9b2338f6a30826.jpg) [iqdb]
>What a shame, this was a good thread, what a rotten way to die...

HEY! I'm not dead and this story isn't either! I'm just working on an older one of mine before I do anymore with this one. It's NaNoWriMo and I'm participating in the THP version of that. I've done daily updates in Myouren Academy in /others/ for the entire month and honestly, this is just going to sit pretty for the rest of the month. I mean, I could try to get something out for this, but I'd rather do one thing at a time right now.

Besides, rather than posting your lamentations here where I barely check right now, you should get on the IRC and yell at me. I respond better to that.

Maybe I'll dedicate December to daily updates for this. No promises though.
File 138464382688.png - (30.81KB, 192x144, eQRPs.png) [iqdb]
Oh good, i was worried for a second there.
File 13853591724.jpg - (1.28MB, 1500x1200, 56c55faf4f06256abfd670b90b1871d3.jpg) [iqdb]
Right! You know exactly what you need to do! Well, mostly. But that’s beside the point. First order of business is getting in touch with your mom. Human and Youkai interaction is fairly new, but you feel like she’d be a good one to get advice from. Getting in touch with her is simple enough. She gave you a phone to use in emergencies. Somehow it still gets a signal in Gensokyo, which doesn’t seem possible but you won’t question it. After that you need to talk to Akyuu. She was your friend a while back and you’ve read her symposiums, but you don’t really think she’d let something like this go by unpunished. Even if she doesn’t like Youkai, it’s still against the law!

“Mystia,” you say, surprising the pink sparrow, “I’ll be right back, no refills while I’m gone though.” You don’t even wait for a response before you rush into the kitchen and out to your little one room house. You dig through box after box looking for that phone. “Agh, where did I leave it?”

“Looking for this?” A voice calls from the doorway. You turn to see your mom standing there tossing your phone into the air and catching it repeatedly.

“Mom!” You rush over to her but stop short. She looks exhausted. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine, Reimu is too busy focusing on the current incident, so it falls to me to monitor and maintain the barrier in her place.” She walks past you and sits down on your bed. You aren’t used to seeing her like this. It’s a little off putting. “Don’t worry Aaron. I told you before, the barrier requires both of us to maintain it efficiently. But either one of us can do it alone if need be. She must feel the need to use her full power during this one.” She chuckles a little before adding, “The last time she felt so threatened was against Remilia.”

She’s here now, but you can’t help but wonder how exactly to ask for her help. “Mom, I, I need your help.”

“I know,” she says smiling. “You want to help the night sparrow, correct?” You nod somberly. “I can’t tell you what to do. In fact, this is a situation that I really don’t know if I can help with.” She pats the space on the bed next to her, telling you to sit down. Once you do she continues, “This whole thing with Youkai living with humans is new and strained. If I try to make a scene and get people to get along, I would just wind up making things worse.”

“So, I’ve got to do this myself then?” You ask with audible disappointment. It’s easy to see where she’s coming from, but you still wish it was like when you were younger and had a problem. She would just make it go away most of the time. When she didn’t she told you exactly what you needed to do.

Your mom wraps her arms around you lovingly. “You are such a forgetful child Aaron. You have power over bonds, or rather, connections. Use the connections you have made to help you help your friend.”

She’s right! Alone, you can’t do anything. But with your friends you can surely do it! “Heh, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.”

“Because you get too worked up to think straight when people you care about are hurt or threatened.” She’s got you there. You hate seeing people upset and always try to brighten their day somehow. That was a major factor in opening the bar! Brighten their day by putting a drink in their hands!

“Could you do me a favor?” You ask your mom. She waits silently for you to tell her what it is. “I want you to ask Youmu and Momiji if they could come out tonight and help me.”

“I can do that, but nothing more I’m afraid.” She smiles apologetically.

“Thanks a lot,” you hug her tightly before she gaps away. It takes you until you enter the kitchen to realize she still has your phone! Oh well, she’ll probably bring it back soon. For now you have to deal with a slightly intoxicated sparrow.

Back in the bar you see Mystia staring at her empty glass, looking positively forlorn. “Mystia,” you say as you place a hand on her shoulder. “Why don’t you rest up here for a while before heading home? I’m going to close up for now and try talking to Akyuu.”

“Are you sure?” She asks with a little bit of slurring.

“Yeah, just go lie down in the building out back. I’ll come get you when I get back.”

She remains seated while she wraps her arms around your back and presses her face into your chest. “Thanks Aaron. You’re da best,” she mumbles. You let the fairies know what’s going on and put them in charge of holding down the fort until either you or Mokou get back.

You know where Akyuu lives, but you don’t know if you’ll be let in to see her. Well, you won’t find out by standing around worrying about it, so off you go!


You stop in front of Akyuu’s residence. The place is bigger than you remember. It’s pretty much a mansion! Well, that is kind of the point. She is pretty important after all.

You have no problem approaching the door, but when you knock you feel like you’re waiting for hours before anyone answers. When someone finally does open the door it’s a girl roughly your age, but it’s not Akyuu. She’s got light read hair worn in twintails with bells at the base and red eyes. She’s wearing a red and white checkered kimono and an apron with the word “KOSUZU” on it. Right, you met her once. It’s been a few years, but you recognize the name. Sadly, the name is all you remember.

“E-excuse me, can I speak with Akyuu please?” You never went to someone’s house without your mom with you before, so you can’t help but feel a little awkward asking to see someone.

“Of course! Just this way!” She has a sweet and energetic voice. Not unlike the fairies back at the bar. Kosuzu leads you through the building past many of the staff and out into the garden where Akyuu sits reading a book and sipping tea. She looks at peace out here, almost like she doesn’t have a care in the world. “Wait just a moment,” Kosuzu says as she bounds towards the child of Miare. You can’t hear what they are saying, but you see them glance back at you a few times before Kosuzu heads back to you. “Okay, she said she’ll talk to you for a little while, but she has things to do so it’ll have to be quick.”

“Okay, thanks.” You don’t have any idea what she might have to do, but you will try to get to the point right away.

“Well, I have to run myself. So I’ll be seeing you!” She rushes off without another word. You just shake your head and approach the purple haired teen.

Akyuu gestures for you to take a seat in the empty chair next to her. “What brings you to my home after so long? I was looking forward to chatting with you at some point, but you have been so busy that I thought it best to let you come to me. Sadly, I am quite busy myself today. So I am afraid I cannot entertain you for long.” Something is different about her. It’s just the two of you, as far as you can tell, but she’s being extremely formal. Almost deliberately so.

-You don’t have much time. Find out as much as you can!
[] Write-in (What do you ask her and how do you phrase it?)
So, I'm feeling pretty damn good right now! And rather than channel this good mood in video games or peaceful dreams, I decided to give you an update! But wow, Seriously, this was the fastest I've written this much in a while! Now I gotta get some sleep. I'm done posting as Barkeep though. I see no reason to do so anymore. If you're interested in what I've been doing all this time, and haven't payed attention, then I'm working over in /others/ for NaNoWriMo. I've updated daily there for the entire month so far and I'll try to continue into December with it.
It would seem Christmas came early and with it, UPDATES!

>Polite Akyuu
Paranoia now at DEFCON 2

As for the vote:
[X] "I'm afraid I'm here on business. A friend of mine, Mystia, has been on the receiving end of vandalism directed at her business. It's reached the point of being a hate crime, so I wanted to know what was being done to stop it."
Akyuu will surely start bullshitting us, so after politeness fails, we resort to what I call sledgehammer diplomacy. We are going to get to the bottom of this and the guilty parties are going to have a bad time. This will be a goddamn PR nightmare with the Youkai community bearing down on them, possibly a violent one. It would probably permanently discredit the Hieda line if Akyuu was involved. Of course, if she was involved, she wouldn't be helping to resolve this. So naturally she'll help, right?
[X] "I'm afraid I'm here on business. A friend of mine, Mystia, has been on the receiving end of vandalism directed at her business. It's reached the point of being a hate crime, so I wanted to know what was being done to stop it."

Let's at least use the small sledgehammer when politeness fail. No need to basically threaten/blackmail her into helping us.
I mean...
>Of course, if she was involved, she wouldn't be helping to resolve this. So naturally she'll help, right?
This is just going too far. We're trying to get help, not turn old friends into new enemies.
[X] “I'm afraid I'm here on business. A friend of mine, Mystia, has been on the receiving end of vandalism directed at her business. It's reached the point of being a hate crime, so I wanted to know what was being done to stop it.”
[X] "I'm afraid I'm here on business. A friend of mine, Mystia, has been on the receiving end of vandalism directed at her business. It's reached the point of being a hate crime
Does Gensokyo even have the concept of a hate crime? Though I assume if it doesn't he just won't say it since he won't have that concept either.
This, so much. We have to take care of this, one way or another.
[X] "I'm afraid I'm here on business. A friend of mine, Mystia, has been on the receiving end of vandalism directed at her business. It's reached the point of being a hate crime, so I wanted to know what was being done to stop it."

Speak softly, and...
carry a big stick!
Rinnosuke still has that 9mm.
compared to what everyone else has it's pretty big!
Barkeep... you will be missed.
RIP is Piss bro...
File 139079661389.png - (398.44KB, 487x700, fbed80671187fbdfe621c86bd3512501.png) [iqdb]
Okay, I know what you're all thinking. "WayMaker you lazy faggot! How dare you make us wait so long for an update with no news!" I apologize, it's been a rough time for me and I needed to try and get my motivation back. Of course, I feel rusty and think that my quality is lower than usual. So, bare with me as I try to get back into the swing of things!


Akyuu's politeness is more than a little unnerving, but you try to appear calm and speak just as formally. "I'm afraid that I'm here on business myself," you tell her. "One of my friends, Mystia, has been having her restaurant vandalized during the night. It has reached the point that I'm worried about her safety and I would like to know what is being done about it."

She keeps a polite smile on her face as she says, "I wish I could help you, but I do not know much of the details myself. Even if I did, it would not be prudent of me to tell you." Her words are chosen carefully, that much you can tell. But you can't tell if she's lying or not. Looking you in the eyes she asks, "Why did you come to me and not the captain of the guard?"

Her steely gaze makes you uncomfortable, but you stand firm. "You are a highly respected member of the community and would likely be consulted due to your experiences." You make it clear that you are referring to her past lives with that simple statement. "Not to mention that the guards seem to be ignoring her and her plight. I had hoped that you would be able to tell me what you knew, or perhaps speak to the guards and get an investigation going."

"I do not have any authority over the guards, so I am afraid I am unable to help you there," there is a hint of annoyance in her voice now. "If you will excuse me, I must be going now."

"Okay," you say as you stand up. "I should have expected as much." She looks confused but doesn't say anything. "Still, it would have been nice if my friend wanted to help. Oh well," you sigh, "I guess I'll have to get to the bottom of this myself."

"Excuse me!?" Akyuu shouts as she rises from her seat, worry and confusion replacing her calm and collected demeanor.

"As I said, I will find out who it is and get the evidence I need to get them convicted."

Akyuu takes a moment to compose herself before saying, "Aaron, what you are proposing sounds illegal and I will have to ask you to leave this to the officials."

"But nothing is being done. I will not sit back and let a friend's life be ruined!" You shout at her. "If I'm the only one who is willing to find the truth, then so be it!"

"Aaron, please," Akyuu says, almost pleadingly, "think about your bar. If you get arrested then your hard work will have been in vain. I would hate to see that happen to you."

"If you have to worry about me, then I know something is wrong." You tell her, causing her to frown. "The guards aren't doing anything, you supposedly know nothing, and Mystia is about to go out of business!" You are trying not to glare, but you know you're failing horribly. "Who ever is involved is going to pay for this, but I can promise you that nothing I do will be illegal. I'm just going to get enough evidence to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. So, if you know anything, anything at all, it would be nice if you let me know."

"I am sorry Aaron, but I do not know anything. But, I suppose I could pretend we never had this conversation." You nod and turn your back on her. "Do be careful, I would be greatly upset if you broke your promise."

You spin around and flatly say, "What promise?"

Akyuu shakes her head and gives a half smile. "I should not be surprised that you do not remember, it has been years since we made it. No matter, I'm sure you will remember eventually." She bows politely and wishes you luck. "Do take care of yourself."

"Of course," you say, "and sorry for snapping at you, it's just, well, I know how you feel about youkai."

"I understand. I may not care for them, but I know how important they can be for Gensokyo. Still, there are many who see them as less than human and want nothing more than their total eradication." She looks away from you. "Your bar might be something that changes a lot of people's minds though."

You take your leave shortly after she says that, feeling that nothing more needs to be said. It hurts to know that your friend hates youkai, but you feel like she might be trying to change.

"Now, what do I do?" It's obvious what you plan to do tonight. But how can you go about preparing for it? You ponder that question your entire way back to the bar where you find Mystia asleep at the bar and Mokou draping a blanket over her. "Hey there," you whisper.

"Hey," she whispers back. "The fairies told me you went to talk to Akyuu, how'd it go?" You shake your head and that's enough for her. "Damn. Well, I pretty much had similar luck with Keine. As much as she wants to help, her hands are tied right now." She sits down at a table while you head behind the bar and retrieve a couple glasses and a bottle of scotch. "She told me that Mystia isn't the only one being targeted though. Most of the time it's just a window or two, but it sounds like Mysty's getting the brunt of it."

"Well, I sort of have a plan," you tell her. "I'm going to sneak inside her restaurant and wait for the culprit to show himself and catch him!"

Mouku raises an eyebrow and asks, "Do you think that will work?"

"On my own? No. But that's why I called for help." You look at the night sparrow and ask your employee, "Could you keep an eye on her tonight though?"

"Sure," she says. "So, what are you going to do until then?"

-Choose One
[] "Think you could try teaching me some self-defense, just in case?"
[] "I should check up on Yoko, make sure she's doing okay."
[] "I should go see Alice, she might be willing to help. Not to mention I need new clothes, but that's kind of secondary here."
[] Got a better idea? (Write-in)
File 139079683786.png - (450.49KB, 3563x3471, This is how slow I am.png) [iqdb]
I'm not dead! Stop assuming things like that!
[x] "I should go see Alice, she might be willing to help. Not to mention I need new clothes, but that's kind of secondary here."
Must be a slow day
[x] "Think you could try teaching me some self-defense, just in case?"

It's... alive? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!?!
[x] "I should go see Alice, she might be willing to help. Not to mention I need new clothes, but that's kind of secondary here."

I would have loved to have him learn some skills to protect himself, but since we only have today all he will really have time for is the most basic rule of self defense:
Don't fight, just run.

If Alice is willing to help, we get superior surveillance (dolls, dolls everywhere) and, if it comes to that, some serious firepower.
(Best case scenario in such a situation is that the culprits are rendered harmless in a non-lethal manner, guards show up to investigate: "How good that you arrived, these people assaulted me while I was house-sitting for a friend.")
[] "Think you could try teaching me some self-defense, just in case?"
File 139089141360.gif - (1.59MB, 240x103, 1390890948322.gif) [iqdb]

Pic very related.
Thank you, i've been looking for that gif for months!
i thought MC had an interest in small arms anyway?
Why haven't we bought that thing yet?
[X] "Think you could try teaching me some self-defense, just in case?"

Looks like a lot of people have forgotten about this story.
[X] "Think you could try teaching me some self-defense, just in case?"
I have doubts about what a guy like him learning self-defenses can do compard to Alice's possible help. How long ago did we turn down that power up?
> what you are proposing sounds illegal

Since when?
She's saying that his idea sounds like vigilanteism which is illegal/frowned upon by the proper authorities and has been for at least 2000 years. Probably more.
File 139121170265.jpg - (86.16KB, 584x337, 6FpoJ.jpg) [iqdb]
Pic is what a .50 cal musket can do to ballistics gelatin and a cap from wild and horned hermit ch. 13.
>You aren’t sure why, but weapons of all types fascinate you. Particularly firearms. This simple pistol almost seems to fit perfectly into your hand. And while you never had any training with guns, you feel natural holding it. There’s even a large box of ammo nearby.

>you feel natural holding

hell, presenting the firearm alone could make them run and never come back. don't the humans have old matchlock muskets anyways? why bring a knife to a gunfight? we should be smart and prepare for the worst if it comes to it.
just stand back and call for help, if no guards come intervene.
i just don't want the worst to happen and if it does happen at least have the ability to effectively defend ourselves. i like this story too much for us to die right now.
I'm just hoping this isn't a ploy to get things into POWER LEVELS!
>hell, presenting the firearm alone could make them run and never come back

The way you word this makes me think you're thinking of having Aaron just brandish it to scare them away without any intention on actually using it against people. If that's so (and if not, just excuse me but this is something I care deeply about and put a lot of time into studying and contemplating. It might also apply to readers who haven't posted and are actually thinking that way), let me say as an Arizona CCW holder that's THE WORSE thing you can do.

If you carry a weapon and pull it out on someone you make DAMN sure you're willing to fire that thing at someone. No warning shots, no brandishing. You should have every intention of having that first shot actually HIT the person and possibly kill them. You also NEVER shoot at their legs or arms or even the head, torso only. While the head may look like a great place, you're very jacked up on adrenaline and that screws up your aim greatly. You also don't want the bullet to hit anything that isn't your target. If I had to pull in the worse case scenario and I don't ACTUALLY have to fire, that's freaking great but NEVER count on that to actually happen.

That'll make them think you're too chicken to defend yourself and others and it's possible they will take advantage of that. That's gotten people who've wielded guns before killed and the people they were defending killed.

If they have knives, they can cover a large distance very quickly if they're running full speed. Muskets may not be accurate and are unreliable but they can still fire and when they do and actually hit they can kill. We didn't use them for centuries in war for nothing.
i tried to say something like this but failed horribly. thanks for cleaning up my clusterfuck of a post bro!
>>37481 is me
Honestly at the moment i say our real line of self-defense is bond muckery.
That settles it! We James Bond now, Get pussy later.
The way you say it makes it sound as if being James Bond means you don't get it.
And that's just ridiculous.
File 139690928386.jpg - (138.28KB, 402x544, RIP.jpg) [iqdb]
File 139691364878.jpg - (21.60KB, 560x268, frodo_crying.jpg) [iqdb]
We will miss you! *salutes*
File 13969343351.jpg - (35.44KB, 550x453, 1349421692000.jpg) [iqdb]
For the love of whatever you readers hold dear! I'm a freaking college student who is failing one of his major classes that he needs to achieve his dream! My classes are slightly more important, and yes, I'm not studying 24/7 but I do have a social life too. I'm not making any promises to update soon, but I'll try. Okay? That good enough for you? Sorry, I'm kinda pissy today and I may be taking it out on you.
While I can't speak for everyone...

Take your time and get those classes done right if you need them for your dream job; after all, if you love your job you never have to "work" another day in your life. Setting yourself up for that is one of the best choices you'll ever make.
File 139930044735.jpg - (75.26KB, 600x473, you-heard-me.jpg) [iqdb]
So, it's finals week at my school so I should be able to start updating regularly again. Expect an update by MONDAY at the latest!
You stop to think about how to spend the remainder of your day. You have no real self-defense training so it would probably be best to have an impromptu lesson. “Hey, Mokou, could you teach me to defend myself? Just in case things go south?”

“Hmm? Why me?” Mokou looks at you as she stretches.

“Well, I figured that you’d know, given that I hired you as a bouncer. It would make sense for you to know some hand to hand combat.”

Grinning, Mokou says, “Well, you got me there. With the timeframe we’re workin’ with, I won’t have the time to really teach you anything. But I can at least see if you’re capable.”

“Thanks a lot!”

“Don’t thank me just yet.” For some reason, you break out in a cold sweat all of a sudden. “Alright, I’ll throw some punches your way and I want you to react as if I were going to actually try to hurt you.” You nod and she punches you right in the gut. There was absolutely no warning. “Oops, sorry. Soulda told you that we were starting.”

Almost two hours later you’re lying down on your back, covered in bruises. Mokou is lying next to you looking no worse for wear. “I don’t think I learned anything,” you whine. “Maybe I’ll just stay back and out of trouble…”

“Probly for the best. We have no idea who’s behind this, so it would be best for you to stick back and let the youkai deal with it.” Mokou sits up and stretches, cracking her joints in the process. “I’m surprised we didn’t wake our guest.” Mystia slept through your sparring session, which is surprising considering all the noise you two were making. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna take her to your room and let her sleep in a bed. You should go take a walk and clear your head before tonight.” You sit up, nod, and watch as she effortlessly picks Mystia up and carries her like a princess.

“Well, I guess some fresh air could do me some good.” You stand up and slink out the door, finding it moderately painful to move. Wandering through the streets is nice, especially because you don’t have an errand, destination, or even someone chattering in your ear. It’s nice and relaxing, which is something you haven’t really done in a while.

You finally stop to rest in front of a large temple, one that looks a little like a boat. Well, that might just be your imagination, but it does resemble a boat. You know that it’s the Buddhist temple, but you don’t really know that much about Buddhism. Now would be a good chance to learn, but now might not really be the time.

[] Go in
[] Don’t go
-() Visit Yoko
-() Check up on Mystia
-() Write-in
I'm sooooooooooo sorry about the length! I'm trying to ease myself back into writing, and I'm also trying to write a novel as well. The novel will probably never be published, but it's practice. I also have to get used to writing in second person again. Seriously, I kept switching back to first person!

I'd ask if you'd mind if I switched to First Person, but it feels a little late for a shift like that. Oh, well, I made my bed, now I gotta lie in it.
[x] Don’t go
-(x) Check up on Mystia

Not sure if trying to do so now would be a good idea though if not for possible time limitations I'd certainly would have gone, as I'd imagine someone there would help about this.
[x] Go in

They might know something useful.
[x] Don’t go
-(x) Visit Yoko
[x] Don’t go
-(x) Check up on Mystia
If there wasn't time, then I wouldn't have given you the option. I'm not the kind of guy/writer to give you a "Time Management Story". Where's the fun in staring at a datebook?

Anyway, I'm going to call the vote and try to have an update out SOON(tm)!
welp there goes a chance for help.
File 150005355324.jpg - (437.51KB, 877x1200, __mystia_lorelei_touhou_drawn_by_kuroneko_no_toori.jpg) [iqdb]
Fuck it. I said back in >>36833
If I was going to drop this, I'd say so. A lot came up, I lost motivation, and I fell into another community and just spent all my time either working or doing things there.

Frankly, that's no excuse. Three years is a hella long time. But I hate leaving things unfinished. So fuck my life, and let's get back to it.


You shake your head and turn away from the temple. Now is not the right time for this, curiosity can be sated after you ensure your friends are taken care of and safe. With that in mind, you begin your trek to Yoko's home.


It dawns on you that you don't exactly know where Yoko lives... Well, the Youkai live in a separate section of the village than the humans. Hopefully you'll find her easily enough, if not you can ask around a bit. Though, you are a human. And she has been being harassed. You pause on your way to the Yokai district but then shake your head of those negative thoughts. Most of your friends are Youkai, your mom is one, and hopefully their “scent” rubbed off on you enough, and stayed there since moving out of your mom's home, for anyone who would distrust you for being human to open up a little.

Actually... no. Right now, there's a certain passed out Night Sparrow sleeping in your bed. As much as you want to check up on Yoko and ensure she's okay, Mystia takes priority due to having more than just her comfort at stake here. You reroute your path and head back home quickly, but not so quick as to draw attention to yourself.

When you get home you walk around the main building and straight to the living quarters out back. Despite it being your home, you still find yourself knocking. After a moment Mokou opens the door and gives you a small smile in greeting. “Hey. Just in time.” She steps aside without elaborating further, but you see that Mystia is now awake and sitting on the edge of the bed. Her wings and shoulders are slumped, but she offers up a weak smile to you anyway.

“How're you feeling?” You ask, stepping into the room. A quick look around shows that the fairies aren't here right now. So they're either in the main building, or off doing... fairy things.

The night sparrow waits a moment for you to get comfortable in a nearby chair as Mokou sits down next to her. “Better, but my head kind of hurts.” No surprise there. “Mokou said you talked to Akyuu?”

“Yeah. I'm, uh, a little disappointed in her,” you answer honestly. “Maybe more than a little. But I do believe that she doesn't know why you're being targeted like this. I just...” A sigh escapes your lips as you find yourself slumping in the chair. “I can't help but feel that if it were a human having their shop vandalized, then she'd be trying to have something done.”

The other two don't say anything, but the atmosphere tells you that they agree with your assessment. Out of curiosity and a lack of anything better to say or do, you check the threads binding the three of you. Mystia and Mokou have a strong green thread linking them together, where as to you they have a paler green thread. It's not light or anything, but simply not as vibrant as the one linking them together.

“Hmmm...” Is it ethical? It would be impractical, at the very least...

“Something wrong?” Your silver haired bouncer asks. You must have had a frown or a thoughtful look if she's asking.

You just shake your head. “I was just thinking about something. I'm not sure though.” For the time being, you decide that trying to use your powers to change how every human feels about youkai would be impossible. You would have to do it on a one-to-one scale.

“Hm...” Mokou echoes as she leans forward, resting her chin on her hands as she thinks. “What's the plan? Catch the guy in the act and turn him over to the guards?” You nod, unsure where she's going with this. “You sure that'll work? I mean, most of your friends are youkai. If the guards are ignoring this, then...”

“Then they may not be willing to listen to a group of youkai who bring him in,” you finish for her. That hadn't crossed your mind.

“Right. Now, I'm human. But I'm also immortal. There are people out there who don't see me as a human because of that.” You nod in understanding, it is easy to see how one might get that impression. “But you're human. Even if you've been raised by Yukari, just about any human you see wouldn't know unless you outright told them.”

“W-wait! Mokou, are you trying to... to say that Aaron has to do this on his own?” Mystia looks at her friend with wide eyes. Admittedly, you're taken aback by this a bit yourself.

Mokou shakes her head, “No, that's not what I'm trying to say. I'm saying that after we nab the guy, or guys, the youkai make themselves scarce. And we let Aaron alert the guard or something.”

“That... we'll cross that bridge when we get there,” you say after some thought. Depending on who it is and how strong they are, that might not be a great idea.



After a bit you realize that the day has passed you by and that the sun is starting to dip beyond the horizon. Right about then you get a knock on the door. Being closer to the door, it only makes sense for you to be the one to answer it. On the other side are two familiar young women. Well, young may be relative... considering they are both likely far older than you. “Hey there Youmu, Momiji!”

Youmu is quick to give you a hug as her greeting. It's a quick one, but still fairly unexpected. Momiji on the other hand just raises up one of her hands and says, “Hi.” You step aside to let them in and make themselves comfortable... but you pout when Momiji steals your chair.

“Lose your feet, lose your seat,” Mokou laughs at your loss, causing Mystia to laugh a little herself. Well, that makes it worth it, you suppose.

“Oh! Sorry!” The wolf tengu stands up suddenly but you just wave it off.

“Don't worry about it, make yourselves at home. I mean, you're here to help. So if I have to give up my seat as payment, so be it.”

“I'd rather a night of drinking on the house, rather than a place to sit,” she jokes back at you.

Youmu, meanwhile, is sitting on Hinata's bed and... looking at you with a bit of confusion.

Oh... Oooh... Right... You don't recall ever telling her about Hinata's living arrangements. Or the other fairies for that matter. This is certainly awkward now. You give her a look as if to say, “I'll explain later,” without actually saying it aloud. She only nods before looking at Mystia with a bit of concern.

“Alright,” Mokou says, getting back to business, “what's the plan?” Wait, why's she looking at you? “We're the muscle here. You're the brains.” Great... Okay. Right. Plan...

-What do you do?
[] Mystia should do her best to go about her day as usual tomorrow. Then when it's time to close up shop, you'll stay in the restaurant to catch the culprit red-handed. Youmu and Momiji will stay nearby but out of sight until you give a signal.

[] Mysita should do her best to go about her day tomorrow, and when she leaves you will watch from the outside with Youmu and Momiji. You may not be able to prevent as much damage this way, but you are in less direct danger.

[] Go in tonight and watch from the outside. You may not be able to prevent as much damage this way, but you are in less direct danger.

[] Write-in option!
File 15000730144.png - (79.50KB, 500x372, who-would-win-a-social-life-full-of-great-friends-.png) [iqdb]
Actually, it's been more like 4 years, but what the hell, welcome back!

By the by, which community was it? Shipgrills? Undertale? Fate?
I'm just curious.
It was a roleplay community based on a CYOA on /tg/

>That picture
Well, in that particular case... I'd choose the drawing. Maki4life!

Also, n-no! It was just over three years! Last post in here was 2014! Now it's 2017! I can do simple math!
shipsluts or megukas? both are utter cancer, but the truth must be known
Meguca, sadly. It was fun while I was there, but things happened and I'd honestly rather not get into in the thread.
[X] Mystia should do her best to go about her day tomorrow, and when she leaves you will watch from the outside with Youmu and Momiji. You may not be able to prevent as much damage this way, but you are in less direct danger.

Let's take our own advice and just stay back and out of trouble.

Drama in a roleplay community? It's hard to imagine such a thing. Even the tiny bit I can conceptualize swiftly approaches the upper apex of silliness.

[X] Mystia should do her best to go about her day tomorrow, and when she leaves you will watch from the outside with Youmu and Momiji. You may not be able to prevent as much damage this way, but you are in less direct danger.
It was probably because of people arguing about whether certain writeups are canon or not, though the fact remains that decu pretty much stopped updating and only memes on tumblr and ask.fm now. A shame, it was one of the good long-running quests on /tg/, up there with Joker Quest and Shadow Quest.

[x] Mysita should do her best to go about her day tomorrow, and when she leaves you will watch from the outside with Youmu and Momiji. You may not be able to prevent as much damage this way, but you are in less direct danger.
File 150035376037.jpg - (318.70KB, 1400x1800, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_mystia_lorelei_touhou_draw.jpg) [iqdb]
After a bit of thought you look to Mystia and ask, “Do you think you can go about your day tomorrow like you normally would? Open up shop, serve your customers, go through your normal routine?” The night sparrow nods her head, pink hair falling into her face for a moment before she brushes it back. “Right then. Then tomorrow night Momiji, Youmu, and myself will watch from a distance for anyone sneaking in and catch them in the act.”

“Wait, you?” Momiji looks at you incredulously. “No offense, but you aren't exactly trained to fight.”

“We talked about this earlier, actually,” Mokou interjects on your behalf. “You see, if any of us drags the vandal to the guards... do you honestly think they'll listen to us?” Momiji and Youmu look between each other and then shake their heads. “Exactly. Aaron is human, so the guards might actually listen to him.”

You quickly follow up with, “Plus the fact that I know Akyuu as well. Honestly? I'd hate to play that card, since she's not in charge of anything really... But her name carries weight among the humans. So I think I can use that to our advantage if I need to.” You hope that if it comes down to it, that she'll back you up on this. You also don't correct Mokou on being “human”, nor does Youmu. Right now, the others don't need to know that tidbit. Especially your power over bonds, that getting to be common knowledge would cause more than a little... tension, probably.

“Hmmm,” The silver haired gardener doesn't look entirely sold on this plan, however. “Aaron, what if they attack? The spell card rules only work when both parties are capable of using them. If they are just a human with no special training, then maybe it would be best if you just left it to me and Momiji? We're trained to fight and could easily handle someone like that.” Right as you're about to open your mouth she continues hurriedly, sounding like she's back-peddling out of worry of offending you, “I-I don't mean not to come along! I just mean... you should stay back. And just take over when it comes time to take them to the guards.”

This makes you laugh a little, causing her to look at you with a mixture of surprise and confusion. “I never said I was going to try and fight them myself. Mokou and I had a quick sparring match earlier... and by that I mean I was her punching bag.” Perhaps you should have phrased it differently, because Youmu quickly turns to the bouncer and frowns at her. “Hey, it was my idea,” you add quickly, “and it wasn't that bad. But it was enough for me to accept that I should let you guys handle the fighting.”

At this point, Mystia chirps up with, “U-uh... Thank you all, for all of this. I, uh, didn't think anyone would actually do all this just for me.” Is... is she blushing? You can't help but squat a bit so you can get a better look at her face. And sure enough, she is! The fire-bouncer puts an arm around the bird's shoulders loosely and just smiles at her.

“Don't worry about it,” Momiji says, her tail wagging a little in the seat. “We'll have this sorted out in no time!”

Youmu nods in agreement, “That's right!”

With your plans laid out and the mood significantly improved by Mystia's growing cheer and hope, the five of you head into the bar for a few drinks and dinner. The fairies return just as the sun finishes setting and make dinner for everyone, Hinata taking charge of the kitchen like a professional.

It's a very slow day of business, so you're free to sit with everyone else at the tables that they pushed together. “So... Aaron?” Youmu starts hesitantly. “Why are there two beds in your room?”

Gah! You had to be swallowing a bite of your burger when she asked that. Luckily you don't choke, but you do get a couple laughs at your expense from the others. “Uh, well...”

And of course, before you can actually explain anything Sunny answers for you. “That's Hinata's bed, and mine since I'm not really bothered by her light!”

Star follows up with, “And Luna and I share a bed with Aaron!”

You immediately facepalm after all of that. Without even looking you can tell that Youmu is getting flustered and confused. Momiji is just confused and maybe a little amused. Mystia is probably more curious than anything. And you can hear Mokou trying not to laugh, whether at your reaction or the way you were denied a gentle way of explaining the situation.

“To go into more detail,” you say, wiping your hand along you face as if to wipe away the awkwardness, “Hinata is a Sun Fairy who previously worked at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Sakuya asked me to hire her and give her a place to stay so that her light wouldn't harm Remilia and that Hinata would have companionship still.” You slowly look up at the others at the table and it turns out... you were one-hundred percent correct with your guesses. “As for the others, their home is in the Border, and Reimu tried to strengthen it... and they've been locked out since.” Note to self, talk to Reimu about that ASAP.

“R-right... I guess there's not enough room for more beds in there.” Oh thank god she's being understanding. Though she doesn't seem entirely thrilled either. Well, you'll just have to smooth things over with her later.

“Have you considered charging them rent?” Momiji asks, chuckling to herself as her tail wags back and forth. The steak she was eating is nearly gone, while everyone else is only about half done.

Mokou finally starts laughing in earnest as she says, “They work in the kitchen! That's their rent!”

The remainder of dinner is spent discussing the various incidents that you've heard about from Yukari and Ran, and your collective hopes that what's going on with Mystia is just an isolated case. After a while Momiji, Mokou, and Mystia make their exits, with Mokou escorting the night sparrow home before heading home herself. The fairies head to bed, with you planning on joining them shortly.

For now, however, you're left alone with Youmu outside of the bar. You brought out a couple chairs for the two of you to just sit and watch the night sky for a bit. “Mokou doesn't know about you being more than human?”

“Nah, not yet. I'm not really sure if it's something I want to broadcast or not.”

“I can understand that, I think.” She smiles softly at you and looks up to the starry sky. “I should get going soon...”

You smile back and chuckle, “I'd offer to let you stay here, but as you can tell... I barely have room for myself.” Youmu responds with a quick giggle before you add, “It doesn't bother you, does it? I tried to just use my sleeping bag, but Star and Luna weren't having it...”

“Well, they're fairies,” she shrugs. “I think they're a little too naive to be thinking about anything, uh...” Her face starts going red as she begins to stammer, trying to think of the best way to say it.

“I get it,” you tell her soothingly, reaching out and gently massaging her shoulder. “And yeah, I don't think they actually mean anything by it. And since they look and act like kids... It's a little less awkward. Only a little, though.”

The two of you laugh for a bit before falling back into a quiet, but happy, companionship. Though Youmu does eventually leave you for the evening, but not without a hug goodbye.

The next morning you're getting everything ready for the day, since you should go about it like normal as well so that when the time comes to help Mystia you have everything squared away. Your first potential customer comes in a little after you open. Who is it?

-Choose one!
[] Red Poltergeist who needs help badly.
[] A phantom who wants to drown herself in sake.
[] The puppeteer wanting to take your measurements.
[] A green haired flower girl coming in for a chat.
[] Your foxy big sis who just wants to say hello.
[] Your catty little sis who wants to play.
There's one vote I want to win more than all the others combined. But I won't force that on you just yet, not until there's no other choice~. Reminder that all of these options will stay available until they're done. Meaning, if you want to do some of the more lighthearted choices first you can, and the other "problem" choices will stay on hold until you're ready.
[x] Your foxy big sis who just wants to say hello.
[X] A green haired flower girl coming in for a chat.

Is it this one?
[X] The puppeteer wanting to take your measurements.

Definitely after the D.
Oi. We still doing this or should I call the funeral parlor?
You're calling the doctor after six days and during a tie? You're pretty gutsy.

[X] A green haired flower girl coming in for a chat.
Thank you for being reasonable. And for breaking the tie! I'll start writing shortly. Update either today or tomorrow.
File 150104372159.jpg - (968.61KB, 840x954, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_qqqrinkappp__208445.jpg) [iqdb]
In reality, you feel her presence even before she opens the door. Yuuka Kazami now stands inside your bar once again, and you see Mokou watching her every move. The flower yokai looks around with a faint smile, but even that sends chills down your spine. “You got the windows fixed, I see,” she points out the obvious in what you assume to be an attempt to diffuse the tension in the room. It doesn't work all that well.

You swallow your fear and say, “Welcome, Miss- Ehem... Yuuka. Yes, I got the windows repaired not long after your last visit.” Out of curiosity you glance down at the thread connecting the two of you. A solid yellow on your end, while hers is clear. You realize you could manipulate things to make her friendly towards you... It would be quite beneficial to have someone of her caliber willing to come to your aid. But that would be extremely unethical, so it would be best to do it the old fashion way. “Please, have a seat anywhere you like.” There's no questioning that you sound nervous, but at least you aren't stammering like a fool.

Yuuka chuckles softly as she takes a seat. Right in front of you. Perhaps you shouldn't have said “anywhere”. But she is a customer after all. So you resolve to do your best to treat her like anyone else. “A glass of honey wine, please.” Her voice is smooth, even, but also intimidating.

It takes you a moment to remember that “Honey Wine” is also another name for Mead. “Of course. Would you like that in a wine glass, or a normal glass?”

She smiles at you a little brighter, “A wine glass, please.” You nod briskly and fetch a glass and a fresh bottle to fill it up with. As you set it before her, Yuuka says, “It is nice to see that you know a bit about the drinks you serve. Not many know that honey wine and mead are the same.”

Was that a compliment? It feels like one, which causes you to blush faintly. “Thank you,” you nod your thanks. “I had to do my research if I wanted to actually be successful.”

“No you didn't,” she says before taking a sip. A sigh escapes her and she wears a contented smile on her lips. “This is Gensokyo, after all. You would just have to keep everything clean and have alcohol to serve and you would be successful.” Well, she's right. But before you get a chance to say anything she adds, “You took the time to actually learn about your profession. It's admirable.”

Okay, you feel your cheeks getting a little warmer now. “It's really not that big of a deal,” you insist. “I still have a lot to learn, anyway.”

“Even one as old as I have much to learn,” the yokai says with a chuckle before returning to her drink.

Now that the two of you are talking, you realize that she isn't really all that scary. With how she carries herself she seems rather refined, actually. Not to mention that she's actually quite beautiful.

She must have caught you staring, because she smiles a little more and says, “You seem to be more comfortable now. I hope that means you are now able to look past my reputation and see me for who I am.”

“Well,” of course, now that she's drawn attention to it you suddenly feel nervous again. “I can't say that I'm able to see you for who you are, since I don't know you all that well yet.”

“We could change that,” Yuuka says with a grin.

Wait. What? “What?” You blurt out the only word that comes to mind.

The green haired woman laughs and says, “I meant that we could talk more often if you wanted. What did you think I meant?” She's... She's teasing you! She has to be!

“I wasn't sure,” you admit, looking at her nearly empty glass. “Uh, would you like a refill?”

“Certainly,” she says, quickly finishing the last of her current glass. Once you refill it Yuuka silently sips at it for a bit before asking, “What is your relation to the gap yokai, Yukari Yakumo?” You practically jump at that line of questioning, and she seems to notice.

Crap... you don't think you can just avoid this one. But...

-Choose one
[] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
[] Just tell her that you are friends with Yukari.
[] Mokou, HELP!
[] Other? (Write-in something else.)
[X] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.

I guess she can tell that we have a certain "youkai-ness" as well. Not surprising, given who we're talking to.
I feel like trying to lie or derail the conversation would be bad. I mean, that would just make it obvious that there's something we're not telling. Besides, I don't think Yuuka is the type to go gossiping about strangers.
That said, it is a bit of a personal question, out of the blue, and it's not as if we're that close. We could politely remind her of that.
I think she'd appreciate that, since it would show that we treat her more like any other customer, instead of just being scared of her.
[X] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
Lying is bad
[x] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
[X] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
Say it as casually cheerful as possible. We might make her laugh!
[X] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
[] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
[X] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
I don't suppose you're still here? Could use some more Moon in life.
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