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File 137167641536.jpg - (447.13KB, 800x1130, 0faf0800c439c46da6ea562f4ce841e9.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, so I've been writing here for a little while but I'm going to use another name at the moment until I'm sure I can balance two stories. The story is about a entrepreneur who chooses to open a bar on the outskirts of the human village. The story will for the most part be a comedy with some romance. I'm also not going to use a proofreader, at least not in the beginning because I'm working on seeing my own errors and fixing them myself. That said, if you notice any grammatical errors do point them out, I won't know what to fix if you don't. So with out further ado, I present to you Wild Afternoons, Strong Tastes, and Extreme Drunkenness (Abbreviated WASTED)!
It has been over one hundred years since Gensokyo has been dimensionally dislocated from the planet Earth. While travel between the two is possible it isn’t very common as the technological differences can cause problems, even if the kappa do their best to help “modernize” Gensokyo.

The Gap Youkai, Yukari, has been bringing people from the outside in since the beginning. She does this partially because it amuses her, but mostly because an outsider will stir up excitement for the residents of Gensokyo and keep people entertained and content with how things are. Her targets are usually those with an open mind or those that would benefit from living here, like you.

You were brought to Gensokyo at the age of ten and have lived here for eight years now. In that time you’ve made a lot of friends and connections, none more important to you than Yukari. She rescued you from a forest fire you inadvertently started and raised you for the next eight years and you even took to calling her “mom”, you think she liked that. On your eighteenth birthday she gave you enough money to buy a house in the human village.

The look on her face when you used the money to buy an old rundown bar on the edge of the village was priceless. You had to explain to her that you already had a plan to have it fixed up and that the left over money would go to building an additional room for you to sleep in. She has every right to be skeptical, but you plan on proving yourself as an entrepreneur.
You are sitting on the floor of the bar staring at your notebook. “Great,” you say, “mom gave me the okay to do this. But what was she thinking? There is no way I’ll be able to get everything set up before the end of next month!” She gave you two months before you have to sell the bar and get an “actual job”. “Gah! I know this will work; I mean everyone in Gensokyo is an alcoholic!”

You stand up and walk around the empty room. You definitely need to buy new windows, barstools, tables and chairs. Not to mention the room could do with a fresh coat of paint. Luckily the bar itself is in great shape, just needs to be dusted off.

Stepping into the kitchen you sigh. “Why did the previous owners have to take their appliances?” The appliances are an easy fix as you accounted for this and budgeted accordingly, but still it’s kind of annoying. The lights in the building work, albeit they need new bulbs. Anything electrical you can get from the kappa, but furniture is another matter.

You step outside through the kitchen exit into the midday air of springtime. The grass around the building needs to be cut and the building itself needs a little love. You got the place fairly cheap so you were worried about the structure of the building, but it seems sturdy and there aren’t any holes in the walls, floors, or the roof. The building is large and has plenty of room for the patrons and eventually live entertainment. Hell, you’ve already talked to the echo spirit at the Myouren Temple and she said she’d perform here.

You start to smile as you walk around the building. This is YOUR bar and you intend on keeping it! “Yeah, I’m going to prove to her that I can run this place and be successful!” You rush back inside to the bar. Behind the bar is a floor safe where you are currently keeping your money. With a quick count and a check of your notebook you conclude that you have more than enough to get started, this includes the cost of a liquor license and the purchase of the alcohol and food. “Okay, it’s time for me to get started! First task is…”
[] Get tables, chairs, and stools, you can’t have customers sitting on the floor.
[] Get kitchen appliances, you can’t cook without them.
[] Get this place cleaned up, no one will come if it looks like a mess. This includes trimming the grass and painting the inside an outside of the building.
[x] Get this place cleaned up
[x] Get tables, chairs, and stools, you can’t have customers sitting on the floor.

This is rather important.
File 137169575155.jpg - (90.95KB, 625x468, fuuuuuu.jpg) [iqdb]
>forest fire you inadvertently started

One job. One FUCKING job. Goddammit Josh get your shit together.

[X] Get kitchen appliances, you can’t cook without them.
I'm sorry, okay? The buffet was having a special their stuff's top notch!

[x] Get this place cleaned up, no one will come if it looks like a mess. This includes trimming the grass and painting the inside an outside of the building.

Don't want to have things left outside while we tidy up inside.
>The buffet was having a special their stuff's top notch!
I accidentally an 'and' in addition to the forest. Can anyone guess where?
[x] Get this place cleaned up, no one will come if it looks like a mess. This includes trimming the grass and painting the inside an outside of the building.

Won't it just making it harder for us to clean later if we brought in tons of stuff and tables? We're better get this done early
Vote called for tidying up. I'm going to try and update once a day. So look for the update later today!
I just found this story too late to vote, but I'll keep an eye on it. It looks like fun. Looking forward to more!
File 137176052312.jpg - (832.47KB, 715x1000, c39d9fb742d1004c7b7d75bb82126617.jpg) [iqdb]
“Okay, it’s time for me to get started! First task is to get this place cleaned up. No one will come if it looks like a dump.” You nod to yourself in satisfaction. Even if you did go to get the furniture it would just make it more difficult to paint and dust. Not to mention the kitchen should be scrubbed down before you start putting appliances in.

A quick look around the building reveals that any and all cleaning supplies are gone along with anything to take care of the yard. Looks like you’ll have to go into town to buy the items you need. With a sigh you walk outside and towards the center of the village.

The village has been steadily expanding for a long time as it’s becoming less of a “human” village and more of the capital of Gensokyo. Youkai and humans have begun to live together, but not without tension of course. To help the humans accept them the youkai have created formal settlements across Gensokyo and invited humans to live in them. Humans in turn have allowed youkai to purchase property in the village.

You plan for the bar to be one of the first places to cater to both human and youkai customers as most human stores refuse to deal with youkai and vice versa. To accomplish this you need to pick your suppliers carefully. Favor human crafts and drinks too much and the youkai will be offended, while the opposite holds true. Luckily you already have some contacts through Yukari.

Basic cleaning supplies don’t matter so you just pick a random shop in town and buy what you need. Yukari had always told you if there was a problem or you wanted a discount on something to simply mention your connection with her. You thought about it for the supplies, but dropping her name for something so simple would be pointless. Besides, they were pretty cheap.

Walking back to the bar you look around at the villagers. Humans and youkai are living in peace, something that for the longest time seemed impossible. Even now it feels surreal as you walk and see a group of children consisting of both races playing tag. The scene brings a smile to your face.

When you arrive back at the bar you see the front door is open. “I thought I closed that.” Actually you did close it. You feel a twinge of worry as you approach the door. You locked up the money you didn’t need, but if someone was determined to take it then that old safe wouldn’t keep them out long.

Cautiously you look into the building. Inside there is a fairly tall woman with short blonde hair and nine golden tails that match her eyes who is wearing a blue and light purple dress and a light pink twin tailed hat with numerous amulets on it. Beside her is a short brown haired girl with two black tails, a pair of black cat ears, and is wearing a red dress with a white bow on the collar and a green mob cap.

You recognize the two of them instantly as Ran and Chen Yakumo. Ran is Yukari’s shikigami and Chen is Ran’s. Ran smiles when she sees you, her smile is that of a big sister seeing her brother for the first time in months. It isn’t that far off really, she’s been busy lately and hasn’t gotten to see you much. Chen on the other hand has been out on “special training” saying that she doesn’t want to hold Ran back anymore.

Chen follows Ran’s gaze and as soon as she sees you she runs straight at you. You crouch down and let Chen jump into your arms. Ran is like your older sister while Chen is your younger sister.

“Aaron!” Chen calls your name as she gives you a hug.

Ran walks over to you calmly and says, “It’s good to see you again.”

Letting go of Chen you stand up. “It’s good to see you too, but what the two of you doing here?”

“Yukari told us what you are doing and we came to see your new place.” Ran is still smiling as she says this. You assume she approves. “She also wants us to check up on you at least once a week to make sure everything is going okay. Given the nature of some of your possible customers things could get,” she hesitates for a moment losing her smile, “hectic.”

It’s true, there are a lot of powerful beings in Gensokyo and giving them alcohol is probably not the wisest idea for someone without any magical prowess or unique skills. The only thing you have is your connection with Yukari, but that becomes pointless to bring up when someone is too drunk to listen.

“I know, and I made plans for such situations.” Yeah, once you start making money you’ll hire someone to work the kitchen, a couple bouncers, and a couple other bartenders. Well, okay you’ll hire a chef as soon as possible, but first you have to have a kitchen for him or her to work in.

Chen looks up at you, “Haha, yeah you always have a plan! Yukari shouldn’t worry so much. Besides if someone picks a fight with you they pick a fight with all of us!” She puts her hands on her hips and sticks out her chest.

Laughing you say, “Yeah, your right Chen.” She seems more confident than when you last saw her.

“So what are in the bags, Aaron?” Ran asks you about something you had forgotten about.

“Oh, right! I went to buy some cleaning supplies. I can’t just toss in new tables and chairs and expect people to forget about all the dust.” Then it dawns on you. “Crap, I meant to buy some paint while I was out!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go out and get some for you.” Before you can protest Ran walks out the door leaving you with Chen.

“Well, I suppose if she wants to then there is no stopping her.”

“Hey, Aaron, want me to help you with the cleaning?” Chen offers.

Wait; did Chen really just volunteer to help clean? As in go near water? “Chen, you do realize that we will be using water to clean right?”

“I know!” She says slightly miffed that you brought up her hate of water. To be fair, as a nekomata she hates water and you don’t want her to force herself but she seems fine with it.

“Okay then. Let’s get started!” You grab one of the buckets you bought and head to the men’s bathroom. You checked earlier this morning and the plumbing works fine. After filling the bucket with water you add some soap and hand Chen a wash cloth. “Can you start on the bar and the counter behind it while I mop the floor?” She nods and the two of you start working.

After about half an hour Ran returns with the paint. Since Chen is focusing on the bar area Ran decides to wipe the dust off the walls and ceiling. It’s much easier for her than it would be for you since she can fly.

Mopping the floor isn’t too bad. It would have been worse had you not swept the floors this morning before showing it to Yukari. You can hear Chen humming as she wipes down the counter, she has started to fly as well so that you can mop the floor better. Sighing you mumble to yourself, “I really should have asked someone to teach me magic. At the very least how to fly.” You were spoiled because Yukari would just open a gap to wherever you wanted to go and open one up when you were ready to go home.

Once the three of you are done with your tasks, you being the last one done, Ran brings out the paint and brushes. There is a wood trim that goes up to your waist on the wall that you can’t really do much about, so you just paint everything above it white. By painting it white it opens up the possibility of easily changing it should you have a better idea.

Once painting is done you step outside with Ran and Chen to get some fresh air. But this causes you to sigh as the sun is now going down and you haven’t done anything with the yard. “I guess I’ll have to cut the grass tomorrow.”

Chen steps in front of you facing the grass. “No you won’t!” She swings her arm horizontally causing a barrage of razor sharp bullets to appear and fly into waist high grass.

Chen repeats this process while you watch in awe until the entire yard is nice and trim. It doesn’t take her long at all, ten minutes tops. Sure it’s impressive, but it also bothers you how readily some people will use danmaku to do house hold chores. You’ve visited the Scarlet Devil Mansion with Yukari once and you saw a fairy maid shoot a bullet at a light switch from down the hall just because it was faster than going over to it herself.

Still, you pat Chen on the head and say, “Thanks a lot! That really helps me out!”

After that all of you begin painting the outside of the building a nice light brown. Okay, Chen and Ran do most of the work as they can get to the places you can’t. Still you manage to get done before the sun completely sets.

“Well, it’s getting late,” Ran says staring off into the horizon. “We should probably get going.”

You nod and say, “Thank you both for all the help!”

“It’s no problem,” She says as she walks towards. “If you need anything please let us know.” She wraps her arms around you and pulls you close.

Chen joins in and hugs the both of you. “It’s going to be weird without you being at home.” You can’t see her face like this but the sadness in her voice tells you that she’s trying not to cry.

“Don’t cry Chen. I’ll be here if you need me, and I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.” As a youkai Chen will surely outlive you, but the day you die is still far off.

After a moment of silence the two of them let go and say goodbye. You watch them as they fly away. Even when they are far out of your sight you continue to watch. After standing there for about ten minutes you head back inside. The day is done, but you need to decide what to do tomorrow. You weigh your options as you go into the kitchen and begin scrubbing the floors and walls until everything shines.

Today is Monday and the grand opening will be Saturday night. Originally you had planned to open next Friday, but with the deadline Yukari gave you it had to move up the date. Still, it should be enough time. You can get your liquor license tomorrow regardless of what you decide, and you have ordered alcohol from various groups. Humans are supplying traditional Japanese drinks, while you ordered more exotic drinks from the youkai, specifically the oni. So you’re covered there as you should have all the drinks sometime Friday.

“Okay, tomorrow I’ll…”

-Choose One
[] Go buy some furniture
[] Go to the Kappa Electronics Store for appliances
[] Pick a name for the bar (Write-in)
[] Let the writer pick a name
Okay, I know I said it would be comedy but that will take a little bit as I need to get the introduction out of the way and actually have the bar set up. I realize I could have begun the story with everything all set up and skipped straight to the opening night, but that wouldn't be as fun in my opinion.

Well, anyway I know it sounds like you'll have to be careful about striking a balance between youkai and human customers, but don't worry too much about it. It's important, but I harp on it too much.
[x] Go buy some furniture
[x] Pick a name for the bar (The Gap)

We are from the Yakumo family after all so I thought the name maybe could have something with Yukari to do? (The Gap for example). Maybe she'll even be a tiny bit happier with our new place then
[X] Go to the Kappa Electronics Store for appliances


I don't think flaunting his connection to the most powerful Youkai is going to be good for the human crowd.
[X] Go buy some furniture
[X] Let the writer pick a name
[x] Go buy some furniture
[x] Let the writer pick a name

>“I really should have asked someone to teach me magic. At the very least how to fly.”
>As a youkai Chen will surely outlive you
Well it's not as if both of these can't be corrected if only to an extent.
[X] Go to the Kappa Electronics Store for appliances

Let's get the clunky appliances in before we start worrying about furnishings.

[x] The Lounge
I'm not opposed to The Lounge.
>>35608 here. On second thought, maybe something like 'Aaron's Lounge' or 'Aaron's Pub?' Just throwing ideas out there.
Vote called for getting the furniture. I'm going to leave the Name up for debate right now as I feel you guys could use some more time to try and think of a name.

Personally I like both "The Gap" and "The Lounge". The name I was thinking of is "Aaron's House of Spirits" which could be a reference to the ghostly youkai/the souls of humans and the alcohol itself.

Anyway, update later today.

'The Spirit Lounge?' Mm, that seems a little TOO ghostly.
[X] Go buy some furniture
[X] Let the writer pick a name
I understand what you mean but isn't she one of the few powerfull youkai that helps Reimu to create a gensokyo where humans and youkai can live together in peace? It' can' b thaaaat bad?
File 137186283552.jpg - (211.54KB, 840x840, e46a79d7deb44577afeddcfbd487d810.jpg) [iqdb]
“Okay, tomorrow I’ll go get the furniture.” At the very least you’ll order it and hope they do same day deliveries. You let out a big yawn. “But first I suppose I should get some sleep.” You lock the doors, even though it’s pointless because someone could just enter through one of the broken windows, and retrieve the sleeping bag you have stashed behind the bar. Even though it’s summer the nights are still chilly.

Seeing as how you had a fairly long day sleep comes quickly.

You wake up when the morning sun shines through the window onto your face. “Guh, morning all ready?” You feel like you slept on the ground. Oh, right you did. You get up slowly and shuffle to the bathroom. After relieving yourself you wash your face with water from the sink. You look at your reflection in the mirror. Short brown hair, green eyes, and clean shaven. All in all you’re fairly average in appearance.

You take a large sum of money from the floor safe and after a quick check to make sure all the doors are locked you head into the center of town. With how early it is you decide to stop for breakfast at a small restaurant not far from the store you plan on buying furniture from. You choose to eat at a table outside to enjoy the morning air.

You are waited on by a young nekomata who is obviously new to her job. “H-hello! Welcome to ‘The Lorelei Grill’! Can I get you something to eat, I mean drink. Yes, can I get something to drink? For you that is!”

“Coffee please,” you say smiling, as if to put her worries aside.

“Right away!” You watch as she goes inside. Her long orange hair flowing is with the gentle morning breeze, her twin tails and ears are twitching timidly, she glances back at you nervously with her bright green eyes, and her hands constantly adjusting the skirt of her uniform. The uniform is a simple brown top, lighter brown skirt, and a blue apron with white trim. She returns with your coffee after a couple minutes. It isn’t busy here, so she probably was just trying to calm down.

You take the coffee from her. “Thank you.”

“Y-you’re welcome!” She jumps as if you said something shocking. “Uh, would you, uh…” She looks at the table only to realize she never gave you a menu. “Oh! I’m sorry, I’ll go get you a menu right now!”

She starts to go back inside only for you to stop her. “Wait, that’s okay. If there is a breakfast special I’ll have that.”

She looks at you, eyes full of surprise. “Are you sure, you don’t know what it is.” You simply nod. “O-okay.” She quickly retreats inside as you sip your coffee.

After a couple minutes a different girl comes outside. This one is wearing a brown yukata with a blue apron. She walks over to you as she brushes her pink hair out of her face. For a moment her grey eyes meet yours. “Hello!” Her voice has an almost lyrical sound to it. “I’m Mystia Lorelei, the owner of this restaurant.”

“Nice to meet you, my names Aaron.” You say with a small bow.

“Aaron? No surname?” She’s curious, but quickly drops it. “Well, anyway, I’d like to apologize for Yoko’s behavior. Today is her first day, and she hasn’t had much interaction with humans. She used to only work in the kitchen but recently asked to work as a waitress.” You looks at you closely for a minute. “You look like a human. But she said you also smell like a youkai. Hmm, her sense of smell is better than mine. It must be why she can actually talk to you rather than stand there like a tree. I just would like to know, are you human or not. You give off a strange feeling.”

“Huh, I’m human, but what do you mean by strange feeling?”

“I’m not sure, it just feels familiar.” She shrugs when she says this.

You vaguely recall the Imperishable Night incident. Yukari had said she and Reimu encountered a night sparrow name Mystia Lorelei. She had also told you that if you spend too long with a powerful being like her you would have traces of their power on you. It’s like if how if you spend enough time around someone who smokes you’ll go home smelling like smoke.

Just as you are about to say something the nekomata, Yoko, comes out with a plate of bacon, pancakes and two biscuits. She forces a smile as she sets the plate down. “Please enjoy,” she says with a small bow before hurrying back inside. The owner waves and follows her inside.

After eating you go inside to pay. The food was delicious, you may have to come back sometime. You look around for Yoko, but she’s nowhere to be seen. Instead you give Mystia the money and leave.

The furniture store is just a couple buildings down. You look around for almost an hour checking prices, and availability. After a while you find exactly what you are looking for. And despite knowing exactly what you want the owner of the store tries to talk you into purchasing more expensive furnishings. After arguing with the man for the better part of ten minutes he relents.

“Would you like them delivered or do you have some way of transporting them yourself?” The shop owner doesn’t seem thrilled by how you held your ground.

“I would like them delivered, today if possible.”

And you wind up assuring him it’s what you want even though delivery costs extra. First he was trying to make money, now he’s trying to save you money. After making sure he knows where to deliver and you pay you head outside.

As you walk down the street you pass the restaurant you ate breakfast at. You see Yoko standing outside with a customer, but something doesn’t seem right. Her face is pale, the fur on her tails is on end, and her ears are flat. The customer, a human presumably, isn’t helping matters as he’s almost yelling at her. You watch on in annoyance, even now people don’t seem to understand that the peace we all know is only paper thin.

Gritting your teeth you watch as the owner Mystia comes out and tries to calm down the customer. You can barely hear her over the man’s inappropriate comments about Yoko and youkai in general.

How do you respond? Choose One
[] Get involved
() Calmly explain to the man that he is only making things worse and that if he continues he’ll likely earn the ire of the youkai community.
() His actions are out of control and may become violent, if that happens step in and defend the two youkai. If a human is the one to fight him then people can’t twist the truth to make the youkai seem like the bad guys.
() Intimidate the man before he gets out of hand by mentioning your connection with Yukari and that these two people are your friends.
[] Don’t directly get involved
() Keine Kamishirasawa is an important figure in the village; if you hurry she might be able to diffuse the situation.
() No, you barely know these two people. It would be best to not get involved even if it does leave a bad taste in your mouth.
ALSO – The vote for the Name of the Bar continues
[] The Gap
[] The Lounge
[] Aarons House of Spirits
[] No this one! (Write-in)
Okay, I'm going to say now just to prevent any confusion, but this is currently just an introduction to the setting and once we get to the opening night the story will flow in a more "episodic" fashion. Meaning I will give you say, five story arcs to choose from. Pick one at that time and once that finishes up the other four choices will become available again. Similar to Being Meiling on /sdm/. In fact that is the major inspiration for me as I write.

I just want to give you guys a feel for the setting and a couple characters before throwing you into the thick of things.
[x] Get involved
(x) Calmly explain to the man that he is only making things worse and that if he continues he’ll likely earn the ire of the youkai community.

We're a peaceful negotiator!

[x] The Lounge

'Cuz it's for lounging around and drinking. Y'know?
[x] Get involved
(x) Calmly explain to the man that he is only making things worse and that if he continues he’ll likely earn the ire of the youkai community.

[x] The Lounge

Thinking on the likelihood of eventual fights breaking out in and/or around the bar I'm really hoping that Aaron at least has some sort of defending himself. Being able to cast Fist would be nice. I can't immediately remember a MC that leaned toward hand-to-hand.
>I'm really hoping that Aaron at least has some sort of defending himself.
Some sort of way of. Way of. Christ I should proofread.
[x] Get involved
(x) Calmly explain to the man that he is only making things worse and that if he continues he’ll likely earn the ire of the youkai community.

[x] The Lounge
Vote called for Stepping in and explaining to the man the mistake he's making. Update will come before I go to sleep tonight.
File 13719465266.jpg - (593.72KB, 500x706, b1f5c7cd3f24ef76727c83bc8a96e09e.jpg) [iqdb]
He’s going to wind up causing a small scale incident if he continues. The humans watching the scene are standing around awkwardly. The youkai on the other hand are barely able to contain themselves. If this keeps up the man will likely get assaulted.

You walk up to the side of the two parties calmly and full of confidence. You can be very persuasive at times, like when you convinced Yukari to let you go through with your plan. Keeping your cool is the key; as long as you look and sound calm others will be more likely to listen.

“Ahem, excuse me!” You say over the irate customer.

The man stops in his tracks as he glares at you. “Who the hell are you?”

“Just a concerned citizen, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well this doesn’t concern you!” He takes a step towards you.

“I’m afraid it does.” You say, standing your ground. “You see, we have a thinly veiled peace agreement with the youkai. And by antagonizing them like this you will likely earn a lot of enemies.”

“Enemies? Youkai are our enemies! They eat humans, and now they have the gall to live in our town, eat our food, and take away the customers we worked so hard to get!” People like him are the worst, being set in their ways and refusing to embrace new ideas.

You ignore the man for a moment and look at Mystia and Yoko. Mystia is nervous, for good reason, and Yoko is on the verge of tears. Both of them are watching you with worried expressions. Turning back to the man you ask, “Have you looked at the crowd gathered around?”

“Huh?” He quickly looks around to see the street flooded with people.

You continue, “As you can see there are more youkai gathered than humans. So, if you keep this up you will likely become the target of some of the more, vengeful sorts. The youkai have developed a camaraderie of sorts and don’t take kindly to such acts.” Realization slowly shows itself on his face. Time to strike while the iron is hot. “If the youkai community comes to view your actions as a representation of all the humans in Gensokyo then they will likely break ties with us and we will be back at square one. And you will be blamed for it all.” You emphasize the last bit to drive your point home.

The man backs up a few steps before turning around in a huff and leaving. You get the feeling you didn’t really get through to him and that the only reason he left was because of the large number of youkai gathered at the scene. Well, whatever works right?

Mystia grabs you by the sleeve and pulls you inside her restaurant. It seems any customers she may have left during that altercation. She looks you in the eyes as she asks, “Why did you do that?” Yoko, who is standing behind her, is looking at you with confusion as well.

“He was causing a scene and harassing you two.” You say simply. “Plus, he was threatening the two of you. I can’t sit idly by when something like that happens.”

Yoko speaks up in a voice barely above a whisper, “Thank you.”

Mystia jumps in surprise when she hears this but quickly regains her composure. “Yes, thank you very much.” She bows as she offers her thanks and Yoko awkwardly follows suit.

“You are quite welcome! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should get going.”

“Oh, wait one second!” Mystia says causing you to stop at the door. You turn around to see she isn’t facing you. “Yoko, I’m going to give you the rest of the day off.” She turns back to you. “Aaron, I’d like you to spend some time with her. She’s already talked to you more than she has any other human.”

“Eh, but I don’t want her to be uncomfortable. Besides I have a couple errands to run and it’d be boring for her.” You don’t feel comfortable with this.

“I-I’d like to talk to you,” Yoko says quietly.

Mystia smiles as she walks up to you. “See, even she wants to spend time with you! It’ll be nice!”

“But you don’t even know me!”

“No, but I know why you feel so familiar. Aaron Yakumo.” She emphasizes your surname as if it was the only reason she needs to trust you.

-Choose One
[] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
() Go to the Kappa Electronics Store
() Wander around the village for a while
[] Decline, it would be easiest for you to go about your errands on your own.
Okay, I'll admit I kind of rushed this one. But I want to try to keep to my schedule as much as possible. Hopefully it doesn't show too much.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store

Why not? We can tell her about our business plan!
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store

I don't think she'd be comfortable wandering around the human village just yet.

>Pick one at that time and once that finishes up the other four choices will become available again. Similar to Being Meiling on /sdm/.

I can't believe it took 5 years for somebody to come up with that idea. Good to see it spreading.
Quick question: Aaron will be living at his bar, right? Does he have accommodations for himself, like a bedroom or anything?
At the moment he is merely using a sleeping bag. A room will be added on to the main building for Aaron to use as his bedroom/office.

Riiiight, you actually wrote that in the first entry. Curse my lack of observational powers.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store.

Might as well be efficient.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store.

Rassumfrassum birds knowing things they ought not know.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store

This should work.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store.
[x] Take her along, she did say that she wants to talk to you.
(x) Go to the Kappa Electronics Store

New reader to the story. Chen is adorable and I like where things are going. Especially the idea to help bring Youkai and humans closer together with the help of booze.

Seeing as you picked /shrine/ to write in, does this mean it will not be mostly about them? Or will there be chances to get more interactions with Chen and Ran?
Vote called for bringing Yoko with you while going to the electronics store. Update later today.

Well, I picked this board because it takes place primarily in the human village with small trips to other places. So, you'll see just about everyone maybe even some PC-98's but don't hold me to it. I don't know that much about them.. You'll get more Ran and Chen so don't worry too much.

Anyway, it's writing time!
They're called shorts, m8
File 137203939481.jpg - (0.98MB, 909x1202, 135361070429.jpg) [iqdb]
You sigh in defeat. “Fine, she can come with me while I do some shopping.” The two girls smile, although it’s hard to tell with Yoko. “But first, how did you know who I was?”

Mystia rubs the back of her neck sheepishly. “Oh, that. Well, after you left I kept thinking about how something about you felt familiar. Then it hit me! The air around you is heavy and full of confidence! Just like Yukari!”

“Uh, thanks? So, based on that you just, what, guessed? I mean there must be hundreds of people like that.” It may be true, but it’s still quite a stretch to reach that conclusion.

“Yeah, but everyone has a different kind of pressure. Youkai are more in tune with that kind of stuff, so we have an easier time recognizing different ones.” She talks like she’s an expert on the subject. Well, she does know more about it than you do. “The stronger the youkai, the easier it is to tell the difference! I’m not really that strong, but even I can sense her power on you. So that must mean you’ve spent years around her!” She walks up closer to you leaving only a few inches of empty space. “Sooo, am I right?”

You sigh and then say, “Yeah, I’ve lived with her for the past eight years after she saved my life.”

She skips back to Yoko. “I knew it!” She gives Yoko a small push towards you. “And if you are friends with Yukari then I know I can trust you! So go have fun you two!” Smiling she quickly heads into the kitchen.

Yoko looks nervous. It’s understandable; the two of you just met today and her boss is basically forcing her to spend the day with you. “S-so, uh, are you ready to go?” You nearly jump in surprise. You hadn’t expected her to speak first.

“Yeah,” you say trying not to let your surprise show. “I need to go to the electronics store, so do you mind if we talk while we walk?”

“Not at all!” You can tell she’s forcing herself.

“Just relax and be yourself.” You tell her as the two of you step outside. The streets have cleared up quite a bit.

“O-okay,” She says looking dejected.

She walks beside you as you head down the street. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” You figure if you can get her talking she’ll begin to relax.

She looks down in embarrassment. “I was wondering how you like your meal this morning.”

“It was delicious. I plan on coming back sometime.”

“R-really!? I’m glad you liked it!” Her face lights up suddenly.

“Wait,” you say as a thought occurs to you, “did you cook it?” She nods. “Hmm, Mystia did say you used to work in the kitchen. But why were you cooking this morning? She said that you wanted to be a waitress instead.”

“Some of our cooks are out at another village trying to set up another restaurant. Mystia is looking to have one in all the settlement throughout Gensokyo!” She sounds like she’s really happy right now. “Ever since Mystia started to teach me how to cook I’ve been working in the kitchen, but I never got to see any of our customers. Which means I never saw their reactions to how it tastes.”

“You like cooking don’t you?”

“More than anything!” She nearly shouts this, which causes you to smile. It seems you were right, the more she talks the more relaxed she becomes. “One day, I’d like to open my own restaurant! But before I can do that, I need to get over my fear of humans.”

You chuckle slightly. “I’d say you’re doing a pretty good job right now.”

“Eh?” She jumps and then looks you in the eyes. “R-right, you’re a human. I had almost forgotten about that.”

“I think that’s the key.” She tilts her head, obviously confused. “Don’t think about whether they’re human or youkai. Just treat them like you would a friend and you’ll do just fine.”

“Are you saying we’re friends?”

“Well, I’d like to be your friend if you let me.”

She looks around, her face red with embarrassment. “I-I’d like that.”

When you reach the Kappa Electronics Store you see a familiar figure enter. “Huh, was that Akyuu?” You’re pretty sure that was her. She was wearing her normal attire, a top with a green torso and yellow sleeves with floral prints, a shortened hakama skirt, and a red and white lace obi separating the skirt and top.

Yoko looks at you. “Do you know Miss Hieda?”

“We’ve met a couple times when Yukari would bring me into the village.”

“Do you want to go talk to her?”

-Choose One
[] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”
[] “No, I should probably just get what I need and leave.”
WOW, I've managed to update five days in a row. Sadly I'm starting to fear for my quality. Is anyone noticing anything glaring that I need to be aware of?
[x] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”

Updates are fine; keep 'em coming.
[x] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”

Not tired of talking yet!
[X] “No, I should probably just get what I need and leave.”
[X] “No, I should probably just get what I need and leave.”
Maybe we shouldn't divide our attention further than we have already here

Also, I only noticed 2 obvious errors that would've been caught by a thorough proofread, so you're coming in under par so far compared to most.
[x] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”
[x] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”

Can't just leave Yoko out though. Gotta involve her in the conversation.
[x] “No, I should probably just get what I need and leave.”
[x] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”

> anon voting against character interaction
[x] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”
I am waiting for more Chen.
[X] “Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.”

Your writing in terms of grammar and spelling is fine but I will say that something is a bit off with certain parts; sometimes how characters speak feels strange and characterization somewhat weak.

Don't worry though, there's not much to really do about that except to keep on writing and gain experience. This story has a fun idea and I'll certainly be keeping track of it.
[x] “No, I should probably just get what I need and leave.”
Seven votes for Talking to Akyuu and four for getting what you need and leaving. So it seems we are talking to the her. Update later today, hopefully before it gets too late.

I was under the impression that if we talked to akyuu, it'd be more general dialogue, whereas if we just got what we needed and left it'd be more exclusively yoko.
File 137212815440.png - (170.62KB, 600x600, 6f24880f77a9fa015a43dac18243297e.png) [iqdb]
“Sure, I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m curious as to why she’s here.” You say. It’s strange; doesn’t she have servants to do her shopping? You take a few steps before noticing that Yoko isn’t moving. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to be a bother while the two of you catch up with each other.” She looks away from you.

You reach out to her and say, “Don’t worry about that! The more the merrier!” She hesitantly takes hold of your hand and you lead her inside the store.

The inside of the building is neatly organized and easy to navigate due to signs hanging from the ceiling. You look around for Akyuu, she shouldn’t be too hard to find.

“Ah, Aaron over there!” Yoko points over to the section labeled “kitchen” where you can see Akyuu’s purple hair bobbing up and down as she walks.

“Thanks, I don’t think I would have noticed her from here.” You start to head back there while Yoko lags behind. When you catch up to Akyuu you call out to her. “Hello Miss Hieda!”

“Hmm?” She turns away from the stove she was examining and faces you. “Hello, do I know you?”

“Oh, I suppose it has been a couple years since we last saw each other. I’d be surprised if you remembered me.” You feel a little disappointed, it would have been nice for her to recognize you. “My name’s Aaron Yakumo, we met a few times when my mom would bring me to the village.”

Yoko gasps when she hears you say that Yukari is your mom. You probably should have mentioned that sooner.

Akyuu looks thoughtful for a moment and then regretful. “I remember you now. I’m terribly sorry, but you’ve changed a lot since we last met.” She smiles warmly at you. “How have you been? Yukari has been taking care of you right?”

She seems more relaxed than you remember. “I’m doing alright. I’ve bought an old bar on the outskirts of town and I plan on having my grand opening on Saturday. But as for mom taking care of me, now that I’m eighteen she wants me to be independent. Though, she isn’t thrilled about me opening a bar.”

“Uh, you’re opening a bar?” Yoko asks in a quiet voice.

“Wait,” Akyuu says eyeing Yoko, “who are you?”

“Eeep!” Yoko quickly hides behind you. Sticking her head out, she starts mumbling. “I-I, uh, that is…”

Rather than risk Akyuu getting annoyed, or Yoko going into shock you say, “Her name’s Yoko. You’ll have to forgive her, she’s pretty shy around humans.”

Akyuu narrows her eyes. “She seems fine around you.”

“Apparently living with Yukari for the past eight years has left traces of her power on me. So, I guess she can sense it, and because of that she tends to forget I’m human.” You give a quick, and possibly poor, explanation.

Akyuu looks at the two of you thoughtfully. “I have heard of similar cases where humans that spend enough time with youkai will be accepted as one.” She glances at the stove before saying, “I’m sorry, but I have things to do. I would be happy to catch up with you later. Unless you need something right now.”

“I don’t need anything. But I was wondering what you were doing here.”

“I suppose it would be similar to you.” You look at her confusion visible on your face. “I wish to be more independent, so I have asked my maids to teach me how to cook and clean. My parents keep saying that it is beneath me and that I shouldn’t waste my time.” She gives a big sigh before continuing. “I can’t rely on people all of the time. So, I’m going to get a job and move out soon.”

“What?!” There is no hiding your surprise. “You’re serious?”

“I am. Now if you will excuse me I should get back to my errands.” She quickly turns around and walks away.

You stand there with Yoko for a moment as the two of you try to figure out what just happened. To your surprise Yoko speaks first. “Did Akyuu just say that she plans on being independent?”

“Yeah,” you say still stunned, “this will probably cause some big waves in the near future.”

“So, do you want to look around now?”

“Sure, let’s not waste any more time.” With that the two of you begin looking at various kitchen appliances while. Eventually you come across an employee who is more than happy to help you pick out what you need. In the end you pick out what you want and pay up front and arrange to have them delivered and installed.

As you leave the story you look at the sky. It must be about noon now. “Huh, I finished up pretty early”

“You’re done for the day? So, what are you going to do now?”

-Choose one
[] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”
[] “I still need a chef…”
() Akyuu is looking for a job right now
() Yoko is right here, but maybe you should ask Mystia first before offering her a job
() Ask around town to find someone… It’s not a very reliable method but it should get you someone who could help.
Okay, technically it's still the same day for me. Oh well, I'm able to write at the very least and I hope I'm getting better. Even just a little bit. Anyway, enjoy!
[X] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”

Think we should let getting a cook sit for just a bit longer. None of the options seem particularly good so far.
Akyu = Not a cook
Yoko= We're just rocking up in the morning, stealin a chick from her job? Daym.
[X] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”
[X] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”
[x] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”

We should make sure we see Mystia later and lament loudly about our lack of cook to no-one in particular, or we can go with a less passive-aggressive route.
[X] “I still need a chef…”
[x] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”
I'd like a less passive-aggressive route. If it means not having Yoko be our cook, so be it, I say.
I understand the desire for it, but really. We just met her today, and she's already got a good job.
You're assuming Akyuu didn't learn things well so far.
[x] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”

We should put out 'help wanted' ads and see who applies. Trying to hire Akyuu and Yoko is a little too quick, as previous voters have noted.
[X] “I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there”

What if we ask Mystia to let Yoko teach Akyuu how to be our cook?
Vote called for contacting Aya and Hatate. Update later tonight.
Well, I am under the assumption that she either hasn't learned anything, or not learned much. Even if we grant her 3 months of learning, i'd argue its not enough to be a chef in a restaurant. Especially on opening night, since in a restaurant you're expected to cook anywhere from 5-10x faster than you would comfortably, if you were at home. Inexperience would just lead to mistakes ranging from bad to horrible
File 137219564914.jpg - (104.48KB, 1600x1200, DSCF0043.jpg) [iqdb]
“I should contact the editors of the “Bunbunmaru” and “Kakashi Spirit News” and get the news of my bar out there.” Something so simple shouldn’t take you all day. Just write a couple letters and ship them out. “I think I’ll head back to the bar for now.”

“Okay,” she says as she watches the clouds float across the sky. “I think I’ll head home too.”

“Do you want me to walk you home?”

She jumps in surprise. “Eh? Uh, no! I mean, I’ll be fine walking home.” She starts to walk away from you. “Oh, um, I hope we can see each other again!” Not letting you respond she starts running down the street.

“What a strange girl,” you muse to yourself as you head back to the bar. You just met her today, but she seems to trust you. Meeting her and seeing Akyuu again has gotten you to think about the different people you’ve met thanks to Yukari. Sure, you only met a few of them in passing, but you still know them. You wouldn’t be surprised if you happen to see a few of them come through the doors. Though, most of Gensokyo doesn’t even know you exist. Yukari only told a handful of people she could trust that she adopted you. Apparently it was to protect you from her enemies.

“Sure, I may not have any magic or bullshit powers but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself.” Okay, when you say it out loud it doesn’t sound that convincing. “I’m fast on my feet and a quick thinker. More than that I know my limits! You stop suddenly and look around street; you hadn’t meant to raise your voice. Luckily the street is pretty empty, most people are probably at work right about now. You silently curse your tendency to think out loud as you continue back to the bar.

Arriving at the bar you are relieved that the door is still shut and locked. You unlock the door and retrieve your notebook from behind the bar. You write two letters, one to the editor of the “Bunbunmaru”, Aya, and one to the editor of the “Kakashi Spirit News”, Hatate.

The “Bunbunmaru” is mostly a tabloid magazine but people still read it every so often. You haven’t met Aya personally, but the things Yukari and Ran have said don’t earn her any points. Hatate on the other hand is apparently easier to deal with and will actually report the facts.

Baring in mind the various things you’ve heard about them you write personalized letters appealing to their personalities. You appeal to Aya’s need for a “scoop” and Hatate’s pride as a journalist. You also ask that they either come meet you in person or send a copy of what they intend to print for you to review.

“Hmm,” you start to think about what you have left to do now. “All I need is to send these out, hire a chef and possibly another bartender, get the windows replaced, and get a room added on for me to sleep in.”

You can easily stop at the post office before you do anything else. But the question now is, what do you do next?

-Choose one
[] Put up a help wanted sign outside and fliers around town.
[] Go into town and hire someone to make an additional room for you to sleep in. But what about the windows?
() Save some money and replace the windows yourself. It can’t be that hard, right?
() Let a professional do it.
One whole week of updating! Sorry about the shortness of this one, and the others. I'm trying to balance between two stories and still finding time to relax. Admittedly this is pretty relaxing at times. Maybe I'll slow down to every other day. I don't know, we'll see what tomorrow holds.
(x) Let a professional do it.
[x] Put up a help wanted sign outside and fliers around town.
[x] Put up a help wanted sign outside and fliers around town.

It'll only take a moment to put up the fliers. We should give that more time, so we can interview a few people. Repairing the windows shouldn't take all that long.
[x] Put up a help wanted sign outside and fliers around town.

Help first sleep later.
[x] Put up a help wanted sign outside and fliers around town.

Haha lets see who takes the bait.
Okay, putting up fliers and a sign. Update later today.
If you’re going to find some employees in time you should put up fliers and maybe a sign. You run back to where you keep your notebook and various other papers and begin writing up fliers. Sure you could go back to the Kappa Electronics Store and have them make you a stack of fliers, but you feel that would just be a waste of money right now. Besides being handmade shows that you care.

You spend a few hours making fliers that give off the impression of a fun place to work with decent starting pay. You don’t make the fliers fancy, because you aren’t a “fancy” place. You want the bar to be warm and inviting to all manner of customers. When you are pleased with your work you head back into town with the newly made fliers and the two letters you need to mail.

You go to the post office to deliver the letters. Afterwards you wander about town putting the fliers up in buildings and businesses. You ask Mystia to hand some out as well. At the end of the day you return to the bar with high hopes that the following days will bring you some good candidates.

The sun has already begun to set when you decide to head back to the bar. At the bar you see that the tables and chairs have been delivered. Good thing you left the door unlocked. Looks like tomorrow will be spent trying to organize the tables.

For now the day is spent resting and planning out where you want the tables. After deciding where you want everything you go to sleep early as tomorrow will be a busy day.
As soon as you wake up in the morning you start moving tables, and wish you had some help right now. After a while you hear a knock on the door. “Who could it be?” You wonder as you approach the door.

-Choose One
[] A girl with a fiery personality
[] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
[] An ordinary magician
[] The two reporters
[] A few trouble making fairies
Not all of these are applicants, but either way you'll see them all at some point.
[X] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
[x] A girl with a fiery personality

Mokou as our chef.

Oh GOD I want this so bad.
[X] A girl with a fiery personality

Mokou as a bartender/waitress. Anyone who has seen Imizu's WaitressMokou! would vote for this. Chef would be also cool.
[X] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
[X] A girl with a fiery personality
[x] Fiery Personality

Seriously, Imizu Mokou is the biggest driving force.
I see Mokou more as a second bartender/bouncer, honestly. IF she is here to apply.

But still, Sakuya bringing in a fairy? Wonder what Sakuya has in mind for her.
[X] A girl with a fiery personality!
[X] A girl with a fiery personality
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

People sure are assuming Mokou's here for a job if she does win.
[x] A girl with a fiery personality.

No, they're stating what they'd like to see. We get to see them all anyway.
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Might as well.
[x] An ordinary magician

The ordinary magican is here to be the chef! Her own recepies of mushroom stew, grilled mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms, mushroom pizza, mushroom meatloaf, Ordinary special mushroom X and mushroom soup. If someone didn't realise, her speciality is mushrooms
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
[X] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Won't they be so surprised if she asks "Need a supplier of charcoal?"
No update today?
There will be. I'm calling it now for the girl with the fiery personality. The update will be out later tonight.
File 137237632611.jpg - (234.16KB, 600x800, 1b026a34b14e553d8016fb8d5f4da8cd.jpg) [iqdb]
The knocking continues even as you unlock the door and only stops when you open the door to see a young woman who looks to about your age standing there. She has long white hair that goes down to her ankles, red eyes. She is wearing a faded brown shirt that appears to have been burnt multiple times in the past, a pair of dark red overalls with paper charms on them, and her hair is tied in a ponytail with similar red and white charms.

“Are you the owner of the place?” She asks bluntly as she walks inside. When she walks past you, you notice that she smells like smoke. Not cigarette smoke, but wood smoke.

“That’s right,” you say holding out a hand, “my names Aaron.”

She shakes your hand. You are surprised by how firm of a grip she has and how warm her hand is. “I’m Mokou.” She starts looking around, inspecting the walls and the bar. “Huh, last time I was here it was a dump. You’ve done a nice job cleaning up.”

“You were here before?”

“Yeah, it was back with the previous owner. Guy didn’t know how to run a bar properly and didn’t do any cleaning. Keine had to convince the guy to sell the place because people were getting sick after coming here.” She sighs longingly. “I came here every Friday with Reisen to talk shit about Kaguya and Eirin. The girl has it rough, dealing with being Eirins test subject and Kaguya’s slave.” She looks back at you apologetically. “Ah, sorry, I just got a little reminiscent. That’s been happening a lot lately.” She mumbles the last sentence but you still manage to hear it.

“That’s alright. So, if you don’t mind me asking but is there a reason you came by?” You don’t want to sound rude, but if she doesn’t have an important reason for being here then she should probably leave.

“Ah, right I nearly forgot!” She pulls out a sheet of paper from one of her pockets; it’s one of your fliers. “I want to apply for being a bouncer here.”

It takes you a minute to comprehend what she said. She wants to work here. “Okay, but I thought you escorted people to and from Eientei.”

“That’s just something I do, it isn’t a job.” She shrugs as if to say that it isn’t important. “Besides, my shack out in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost is pretty run down at this point and I’m thinking about moving into the Village. But to do that, I need money and a job.”

“Hmm, A bouncer would come in handy,” you admit. You had thought about hiring one at a later date, but you have a good opportunity to hire one now since she’s offering. You can’t just hire her because she wants to work. “Okay, then tell me what would make you a good bouncer?”

She smiles slightly. “For starters, I’m an immortal. So even if things get massively out of hand and I die somehow, I’ll just get back up after a minute or so. I’m also capable of manipulating fire, so there’s that. Third, I’m no slouch in hand to hand combat. And most importantly, I can work in the kitchen if I need to. Though I mostly do grilled and fried foods.” An impressive skill set, if you were looking for someone to do a lot of fighting. The main goal of a bouncer is to look intimidating and deter fights.

“Tell me, would you consider yourself to be intimidating?” As soon as you say that she starts to glare at you and you feel a pressure in the air. It’s like you are about to catch fire. It stops as quickly as it started with you staring at Mokou, eyes wide with caution and fear. “Right, so that answers that.” Intimidating: Check. “I can’t make a decision just yet seeing as how you are the first one to apply for the position. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone else who would apply for being a bouncer.”

“I understand. If you want to contact me just have Keine send me a letter.” She shakes your hand again before leaving. Her hand is really hot. It could just be because of her ability to manipulate fire, but still, it’s a little unsettling.

You quickly grab your notebook and scribble down some notes before you forget.

Mokou – Applied for bouncer
Skills – Can’t die, Fire manipulation, Hand to hand combat, Can cook if necessary

“Huh, I wonder if I’ll get anyone else to apply for this position.” You say aloud. “Eh, who knows. Only time will tell.” You decide to get back to organizing the tables, only for you to be interrupted by another knock on the door. With a sigh you head to the door once again.

-Who is it this time?
[] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
[] An ordinary magician
[] The two reporters
[] A few trouble making fairies
>>35705 Haha, wow I fail at Saging...

Anyway, I think this one came out fairly well, but let me know what you think!
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Once again.
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Hm. An excellent Mokou. Good update. Anyway! Now for Sakuya!
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Probably for cooking. But a fairy... Well, I doubt Sakuya would want to tarnish the SDM's reputation by sending someone inept for the job.
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Bouncer Mokou sounds amusing. We should hire her. I doubt we're going to get someone else better for the job.
[] A few trouble making fairies
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid

Lily White's bringing us a new cook! I wonder who it could be?
>>35713 I'm sorry what? Ho-how did you get Lily White? Are you just messing with me? I, I just don't know.

Any way, Called for the fairy and maid. Update later today.
File 137244162912.jpg - (101.68KB, 850x600, sample-e6903fb5c344708fed8972f0022b99a2.jpg) [iqdb]
Thankfully whoever knocked doesn’t keep pounding on the door like Mokou did. Opening the door you see a tall young woman with blue eyes, medium length silver hair that is braided on the sides of her face with green bows at the ends wearing a blue and white maid uniform. Next to her is young girl with bright blonde hair, glowing yellow eyes, white butterfly like wings with yellow spirals, and is also wearing blue and white maid uniform.

You recognize the silver haired maid as Sakuya Izayoi, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You’ve met her quite a few times when you would accompany Yukari there, but you don’t think you’ve met the girl, she must be one of the fairy maids.

When you opened the door there was a brief flash of surprise on Sakuya’s face, but it disappeared quickly. She bows slightly with her hands folded in front of her. “Good morning Aaron. Am I to assume that you are the owner of this establishment?”

You’re surprised that she remembers your name. “Y-yes, I just bought it a few days ago.” You step to the side and say, “Come on in.” She nods and walks past you, you think you smell perfume as she does, the fairy follows behind her. As the fairy passes you, you notice that her hair and wings are glowing too. The two of them stand in the center of the room and look around. You admit, with how the tables are right now, it’s kind of a mess. Plus your sleeping bag is still unfolded behind the bar. You decide to get right down to business and hope that they don’t criticize you too much. “Please, take a seat.” The two of them sit down next at a table and you do the same. “I’m surprised to see you here Miss Izayoi.”

“I was in town last night on an errand when I saw one of your fliers. It said to speak with “Aaron”, but I was surprised to see that it was you.” She smiles warmly. “You have grown since I last saw you.” It’s only been about a year since you last went to the Mansion, but a lot can change in a year.

“Thank you,” you say trying not to be embarrassed. She must have a good memory as the two of you never really spoke more than necessary.

“Anyway, we have had an issue back home,” she continues without skipping a beat. The fairy shrinks in her seat as if to hide. “I would like you to meet Hinata, she is a young fairy with little knowledge of the world at large. She is a fairy of the sun, and as you can see she radiates light constantly.” The fairy in question continues to shrink in her seat until she is practically laying in it. “Hinata, sit up.” Sakuya commands and the blonde springs up in response. “The light she is emitting is similar to that of the sun.”

You think you see where this is going. “And when she is around your mistress the light hurts her, right?”

“Yes. Though she has said she can handle it, I would rather not subject her to the pain nor would I wish for Hinata to feel as though Remilia hates her.” Sakuya confirms what your suspicion. “She is a marvelous cook and is very efficient for a fairy, especially one so young. I also can’t spare the energy to bring her back and forth every day.” She pats the fairy on the head gently. “I do not wish to send her away, but I feel it would be best for everyone if I found her a new home and line of work.”

“Wait,” you say suddenly, “did you say ‘a new home’?” Is she basically telling you that if you hire her, you will have to let her live with you?

“I did. That was the next thing I wanted to talk about. Even if she flew here at her top speed it would take her about an hour to arrive from the Mansion. Not only that, but I would worry about her flying home late at night after you close.” She closes her eyes for a moment looking conflicted. “Also,” she pauses and looks you in the eyes, “she cannot sleep alone. The very thought terrifies her. She has been keeping her sisters awake when they try to sleep. We’ve tried putting her hair under a nightcap, making sure the blankets cover her wings, and a blindfold for her eyes.”

Hinata looks depressed and speaks for the first time, “I’m sorry Ms. Izayoi. I try my best to keep myself from glowing, but it’s so hard when I’m asleep. I don’t want to cause any problems.”

“So, Aaron, I hope you understand the predicament.” Sakuya says as she hugs the fairy reassuringly.

“I do understand, but I can’t make a decision this moment. For starters, you are asking me to take in a fairy when I have yet to even get a proper place for me to sleep. Second I haven’t even met with any other possible applicants for this position, though I suppose you can never really have enough help. Third, I don’t know how comfortable I would be sharing a room with a girl.” Your first point should be obvious as your sleeping bag is still out, the second is a fair point but as you said more help is always good, and you admit that the third point is a little weak. “And one last thing,” it just dawned on you too, “assuming I agree, would you be okay with it Hinata?”

“I guess so. It would be weird, but I think I would get used to it. Ms. Izayoi already told me that if I wind up living somewhere else I could still come back and visit my sisters.”

“As you can see it is fine with her, and your grand opening is only a few days away.” She’s twisting your arm right now. Yes, you need a cook, but this might be a bit much. But your biggest issue right now is how Sakuya is smiling as you try to find a reason to postpone making a choice. You remember how Yukari had said that Sakuya is a “perfect and elegant maid” and that she is as likely to smile when she is disciplining an intruder or rambunctious fairy as she is to obey Remilia’s orders. Which is basically Yukari’s way of saying that Sakuya enjoys making other people uncomfortable. She was always nice to you, but then again you never did anything to upset her.

You are about to say something when you hear another Knock at the door. You would be annoyed at all the distractions, but so far you’ve got two potential employees. Here’s hoping for a third.

-Sakuya recommends Hinata,
[] So hire her
[] I can’t make a decision so soon
-Also who is at the door?
[] An ordinary magician
[] The two reporters
[] A few trouble making fairies
Wow, 10 days of updates now. How long can I go? Let us find out!
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
-Sakuya recommends Hinata,
[x] Tell her that you will try her but you can't promise anything.
-Also who is at the door?
[x] The two reporters

Stand your ground and the shop needs some sex appeal. Perfect for a waitress. Maybe we can get those two to spread the word? Hopefully in some skimpy outfits.
-Sakuya recommends Hinata,
[X] So hire her
-Also who is at the door?
[x] The two reporters
[x] I can’t make a decision so soon
-[x] An ordinary magician
-Sakuya recommends Hinata,
[X] I can’t make a decision so soon
-Also who is at the door?
[x] The two reporters

I'm a little unsure about Hinata, but let's keep her in mind.
[x] I can’t make a decision so soon
-[x] An ordinary magician

Partly I want to make this choice to wait so we can get more options of people that could work here. And the other part just don't want to lose to Sakuya while she's cornering us and making us uncomfortable
-Sakuya recommends Hinata,
[X] So hire her
-Also who is at the door?
[x] An ordinary magician

Whoa, didn't know you updated since the choices looked that same.
Honestly, I'm torn. Sure, we need a cook. But we also have to be fair and Sakuya is kind of acting as if we would take her for sure. And taking someone else at our place will raise expenses too.

Not that I don't want her, but Sakuya shouldn't force our hand into accepting her either.

[X] I can’t make a decision so soon

Sakuya won't be happy, but we can't just fold into her demands just because of Hinata's story.

-Also who is at the door?
[X] The two reporters

Barkeep, how big a budget do we have anyway? I mean, nothing seems to be wrong so far but our expenses aren't cheap.
[x] I can’t make a decision so soon
[x] An ordinary magician

I would've accepted easily enough on Sakuya's recommendation if she wasn't trying to manipulate Aaron so blatantly. Gots to let her know he won't just roll over and comply. Give it a day and then accept her I say.
Concerning Hinata, maybe we should get her to come back when we get the kitchen equipment set up, see how she can cook? Y'know, kind of a practical exam?
Better yet: How about we have an actual room first?
>>35729 here. Made a mistake voting but I don't want to delete post. Replace reporters with

[x] An ordinary magician
When it comes to a budget I'm going to be vague. I don't want you guys worrying about it too much. If there comes a choice where I make you deal with the money itself it'll probably look similar to You have [Excess Money] do you buy the cheap or expensive whatever.

I'm more interested in you guys having fun and I don't think money management is fun.

Both the kitchen and bedroom are coming up eventually.
[x] Not so soon.
Either Mystia's waiter or this one? Though choice, but too soon. I'm only decided on the bouncer and the name's Mokou (mainly because she can help in the kitchen in a pinch or if someone asks for one of her specials)

[x] A few trouble making fairies
Because except for AFT we have seen ZERO interaction between the SDM fairy maids and feral fairies.
A bit too late to include it in the vote, but I just imagined an excuse to calm Sakuya: That while there's no doubt Sakuya wouldn't recommend someone who can't do the job, we want to see her at work in a kitchen for ourselves before making a decision.
[x] I can’t make a decision so soon
-[x] Maybe she can try to cook something.
-Also who is at the door?
[x] A few trouble making fairies

I think its too soon to do something, though I wonder how she'd do as a waitress.
We're telling Sakuya that you still need to think about it and getting a visit from the ordinary witch. Update later tonight.
File 13726086652.jpg - (177.65KB, 850x966, sample-2939495a2ff359c570482686486d55b7.jpg) [iqdb]
I would have updated last night/this morning but the site has been down. Sorry for the delay.
There knocking at your door, and Sakuya is trying to pressure you into a decision. You decide that the one you can see is more important right now. “Miss Izayoi, I simply cannot make a decision so soon. While she may have your recommendation, cooking in a restaurant is far more stressful than cooking at home. Also, I need to try her cooking and as my kitchen has yet to be set up it won’t happen today.” Sakuya’s blue eyes are locked on yours. She seems calm, but you can tell she getting annoyed with you. But you don’t relent. “What I propose is for her to come back tomorrow, alone, for a test of her skills.” You emphasize the word “alone”.

“Do you not trust me?” Sakuya asks looking hurt. Of course you can tell it’s an act, but you do feel bad for a moment.

But a moment is all. “No,” you say plainly. “I can’t trust the word of someone I barely know, especially when it regards someone I don’t know. Especially when that someone is trying to force me into a decision.”

Sakuya’s eyes narrow. “I am doing no such thi-“

You cut her off. “Yes you are. I won’t pretend to know how you do things at the SDM, but I will not let you walk all over me here. This is my bar, rules, and my decision. Everyone who walks through those doors leaves their positions behind an are equals, so acting like you are above someone else is not going to stand.” There is a small silence only broken by another knock at the door. You sigh to let your frustration go. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other business to attend to.”

You stand up and start towards the door only to be stopped by what Sakuya says next. “It seems you pass.”

Spinning around you say, “Excuse me?”

“Ran had come to talk to me yesterday and told me about what you are doing. It seems she was worried about your ability to stand up to someone who is obviously stronger than you. She wanted me to put pressure on you and see if you would stand firm.” She’s smiling again. But when you think about it, Ran sending someone to “test” you doesn’t sound that hard to believe. “In regards to Hinata, everything I told you is true. I am looking for a new home for her and would like you to hire her. With that said, I will send her by tomorrow for your test.” Her and Hinata stand up and head to the door.

All you can do is stand there trying to wrap your head around what she just said. Ran had wanted her to test you, Hinata really does need a new home, and Hinata will be coming tomorrow for a test of her skills.

You hear the door open and a new voice yell, “Heya Sakuya! What’re you doin’ here?” You turn to look and see a girl about your age with long blonde hair in a braid on the side of her face wearing a black and white witch outfit.

“Hello Marisa,” Sakuya greets the witch politely while Hinata cowers behind her. “I would love to talk, but I must be getting back to the mansion now. Perhaps you will stop by later? I will be sure to prepare tea for you and Miss Knowledge if you do.”

“Sure, I’ll stop by. Maybe I’ll borrow a couple books.” The blonde smiles brightly as she says this.

Sakuya simply responds, “We would appreciate it if you returned the other books you borrowed first. No matter, I shall see you later then.” Sakuya exits the building with Hinata and the door closes behind them.

You never met Marisa personally, but Yukari had said she lies a lot and will steal anything valuable or magical. Apparently she is a skilled magician and has helped resolve most, if not all, of the incidents that have occurred in the past four years.

“Hey there!” She says with a wave. “You the owner of the place?”

You nod. “That’s right, my names Aaron.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Marisa, Marisa Kirisame!” She says as she drops into a chair and looks around eventually settles on staring at you, which you find uncomfortable.

“Is something wrong?” You ask to avoid an awkward silence.

“Yeah, you give off a similar energy to someone I know. It’s weird and I don’t like it.” She must be talking about what Mystia mentioned yesterday.

“If you mean Yukari, then it’s possible.”

Marisa jumps up from her chair. “Wait, what?!”

“Yukari adopted me eight years ago and I spent a lot of time around her. So it’s possible some of her energy rubbed off on me or something. I’m not really sure how it works.” She’s supposed to be smart so there’s no sense hiding it if she’s just going to figure it out anyway.

“Huh, Yukari had a kid. I just can’t picture it.” She sits back down and stares at the ceiling thoughtfully.

“So, did you come here for a reason? I’m a little busy right now.” If she’s here just to ask question and talk she can come back later.

“Oh, well I came by to see the new owner and find out if you need any help. Ya see, resolving incidents earns you respect, not money. I’m getting tired of eating plants and mushrooms all the time. Not many people visit my magic shop, and those that do usually just look around and don’t buy anything.”

“Can you cook?” If all she eats are things that grow naturally you kind of doubt it.

She leans forward in her chair. “Hmm, I can make mushroom soup. But I prefer to use those for my magic. I was actually thinking about doing something like helping behind the bar and delivering food when it’s ready.”

“Hmm, it’s true that I would need help in those regards. Still, I need to think about it. You understand right?”

“Yeah, I know. You can’t just hire someone out of the blue, well if you need me you can always have Reimu get in touch with me. She knows where I live and where I usually go to gather ingredients.” She’s actually pretty understanding. “Well, I suppose I’ll see ya later then!” She hops out of the chair and heads to the door.

“Goodbye then. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I make a decision.”

After she leaves you, once again, start to organize the tables. At about the halfway point the Kappa arrive with your kitchen appliances. You paid them upfront for the delivery and installation. Before you let them get to work you ask them if they could make an addition to the bar and they agreed to do so. Apparently they can have it done by sunset if they get work hard enough. You simply tell them that you need it done by the end of tomorrow, but they can still take their time.

You decide to take a break from the tables, way too much work for one guy. The tables are heavy, large enough to require two people to move them easily, and you have to lift them up so you don’t scratch the wood floors. You did not think this part through. Everything else? Yes. This? Not so much.

You are actually relieved to hear a knock at the door.
-Who now?
[] The two reporters
[] A few trouble making fairies
[] The Red/White and Blue/White Miko’s
[] A drunken little girl
[x] The Red/White and Blue/White Miko’s
Why can't I hold all these heroines? All we'll be missing after this is Youmu.
[x] The two reporters

Tengu time!
Witch's Delivery Service. I am all for that.

[x] The two reporters

Maybe this time sexy waitresses.
[x] The Red/White and Blue/White Miko’s
[X] A few trouble making fairies
So, I've been thinking.

Mokou= bouncer.
Hinata= cook.
Marisa= extra bartender/waitress.

This actually sounds like a fun place already. Maybe we can just get Hinata a fairy-sized stuffed animal?
[x] The Red/White and Blue/White Miko’s
[x] A drunken little girl

What the hell Suika, we have not opened this place yet. But whatever
Suika has an infinite supply of free booze, doesn't she?

Not to Aaron's knowledge.
[X] The Red/White and Blue/White Miko’s

We met the witch, now let's meet the shrine maidens.
[X] The Red/White and Blue/White Miko’s

Sup ladies. I'm not starting in incident or anything. This bar will in no way cause drama and hijinks.
[x] A drunken little girl

When it comes to alcohol, Suika's always your go to gal!

Probably some great connections for Underground alcohol. Would make a great bouncer. Could probably be a great bartender since she's got a LOT of experience with alcohol.

Of course she could drink our profits away, but comeon she's a bro usually!
[X] A few trouble making fairies
[x] A strange fairy and a silver haired maid
I'm liking the story so far.
Calling it for the two Miko's. Update later today.

I'm glad you're liking the story, but we just did that choice. I assume that you just copy/pasted the wrong thing.
File 137273220770.jpg - (821.92KB, 1280x915, 9598f5ff80685707934444e24b2fd3c4.jpg) [iqdb]
You open the door to see two girls who look to be about your age. One with long green hair, green eyes, a frog hairclip, and some snake hair decoration, and is wearing what looks like a blue and white miko outfit mixed with a school uniform. The other girl has medium length brown hair with a red bow in the back and red tubes on the braids on the sides of her face, she’s also wearing a miko outfit, but this one is red and white.

You instantly recognize the brown haired girl. “Reimu! What are you doing here?” She was one of the first people that Yukari had introduced you to when she brought you here and the two of you have been friends ever since.

She shrugs and says, “Yukari had mentioned that would be living here for a while and I thought I’d pay you a visit.” She sounds disinterested, but you know better. What she really means is, “It’s been a while and I was wondering how you were doing”. Reimu does her best to give the impression of not caring, but when you get to know her she’s pretty easy to read.

“Is this the guy you wanted to see, Reimu?” Asks the blue and white miko. There is only one other miko in Gensokyo and that is Sanae Kochiya.

“Oh, yeah. Sanae, this is Aaron. Aaron, meet Sanae.” Reimu introduces the two of you. While you’ve heard of Sanae, you’ve never met her before this.

“Nice to meet you!” Sanae bows politely. You do the same, even if you feel awkward doing so.

“Nice to meet you too,” you say coming out of the bow. “Are you a friend of Reimu’s?”

She smiles and nods. “Yeah, we’re also rivals for faith!” She stands up tall and puffs out her chest as if to boast about something.

Reimu ignores her and asks, “So, Aaron, do you need any help with anything?”

“Huh?” You could really use some help with the last of these tables, but you feel uncomfortable asking right now. But before you can say anything else your stomach growls. Right, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. In fact you haven’t eaten since breakfast yesterday.

Sanae laughs loudly. “Sounds like some one’s hungry! How about the three of us go out to eat!”

“Are you offering to pay?” Reimu asks. You’re fairly sure she’s joking. “Do you have any place you want to eat?” She directs this at you.

“Well, there is a nice restaurant in town. I got breakfast there yesterday, and it was pretty good.” Okay, that’s putting it mildly.

Sanae claps her hands together and says, “Okay then! Let’s get going!”

After you grab some money and make sure anything valuable is locked up you and the two shrine maidens head into town. It seems Reimu had told Sanae you were from the outside world, so she’s taking this opportunity to ask you about where you lived, what you enjoyed doing out there, and even what your favorite snacks were.

“Well, I’ve been in Gensokyo for the past eight years so I don’t really remember much about the smaller stuff. But I lived in America and spent a lot of my time playing my Gameboy or doing the things whichever foster family I was with were doing. And as for snacks? I didn’t really get much.”

“Wait, you were in foster care?” Sanae gapes at you. “You don’t seem like it.”

With a shrug you respond, “Not all kids in foster care are delinquents. I just had shitty families who cared more about the tax breaks.”

“If you lived in America for so long, who taught you Japanese?”

“My mom did. Er, that is Yukari taught me.” Crap you let that slip out.

Reimu drops her head into the palm of her hand while Sanae’s eyes go wide. “Did you just call her ‘mom’!?”

“Yeah, she took care of me for the past eight years. So, it’s only fitting. But, could you keep it a secret? She doesn’t like too many people knowing about our relationship.”

Sanae smiles at you. “My lips are sealed.”

“Until someone bribes you with chocolate,” Reimu quips.

It’s at this point that you reach the restaurant. It doesn’t seem busy, much like yesterday morning. Upon entering the three of you are greeted by Yoko. More specifically, you are greeted by her. “Hi Aaron!” She doesn’t seem to have noticed the two miko’s you have in tow.

“Hi Yoko, how are you doing?” Let’s not bring attention to the two other humans just yet, give her a chance to see them and react.

“Things have been slow today. I don’t think what happened yesterday help thi-“ She stops all of a sudden when she sees the two with you. “Oh, I’m s-sorry, would you like a seat?” Better than you expected. But it’s probably because they’re with you.

“Please,” Reimu says quickly. Yoko escorts you to a table and hands you three menus.

“W-would you like anything to drink?”

“Tea,” Reimu and Sanae say at once.

You decide to be different and say, “Coffee.”

Yoko nods and quickly retreats into the kitchen while Reimu looks at you. “Coffee?” She says. “You’ll be up late if you have that now.”

You shrug. “I’ve got a lot of work to do. Besides if I’m to run a bar, I need to get used to staying up late.”

“So, when’s the grand opening?” Sanae asks with a glance past her menu.

“Saturday,” you reply. “I’d appreciate it if the two of you would help spread the news. I haven’t put the sign up yet, but the place is called ‘The Lounge’. I figured it would give the feeling of a place for people of all kinds to come in and forget their troubles.”

Reimu, who hasn’t taken her eyes off her menu since she got it, comments, “You won’t be in short supply of customers once you open. I know a few people who might just show up every night.” After turning to the back of the menu she sighs. “What kind of restaurant doesn’t serve chicken?” She asks louder than necessary.

“I heard that!” You hear Mystia’s voice come from the kitchen followed by the sound of running. Upon exiting she stares right at Reimu. “Aha! I knew it was you! Who else would make a comment like that here?” Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to come here. Though, Mystia doesn’t look or sound upset. In fact, she sounds amused.

“Hello, Mystia,” Reimu says, finally looking away from the menu. “It’s been a little while since we last saw each other hasn’t it?”

At this point Yoko comes out with your drinks. Huh, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else coming in. It shouldn’t be a problem if they sit down right?

-Pick One
[] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
() Your hunt for help around the bar
() The most recent incident. Wasn’t it something about the loss of hope or faith?
() Ask for general advice for running the bar (What kind of people you should expect, etc.)
() Write-in topic (You know, ask about the weather. Small talk kind of stuff)
[] No, they should be professional even if they are among friends.
So, today's update my be a little poorer than the rest as I've had a crappy day. I received some bad news, but it could just be misinformation so I'm holding out for hope right now. In the mean time I'll try to keep with my daily updates to keep my mind busy. Just bare with me if the quality starts to suffer, or kick my ass and tell me to shape up either works.
[X] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
(X) Your hunt for help around the bar
[x] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
(x) Ask for general advice for running the bar (What kind of people you should expect, etc.)
[X] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat
(X) The most recent incident. Wasn’t it something about the loss of hope or faith?

Story time
[x] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
-(x) Ask for general advice for running the bar (What kind of people you should expect, etc.)

Let's talk shop!
[X] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
(X) Ask for general advice for running the bar (What kind of people you should expect, etc.)

Best to get some info from the experts.
I could have sworn I posted it when the choice was still up... Clearly the magical time portal of my mind sent a vote into the future.
[x] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
(x) Ask for general advice for running the bar (What kind of people you should expect, etc.)

Is the loss of faith thing Double-Dealing Character?
[x] Invite the two youkai to sit down and chat (Pick a topic of conversation)
-(x) Ask for general advice for running the bar (What kind of people you should expect, etc.)
Votes called for getting advice on running the bar. Update later tonight.

Hope, actually, and it would be Hopeless Masquerade.
File 137280061477.jpg - (338.99KB, 800x523, 5e2c717f00ff1032e1471cdf0e7062e2.jpg) [iqdb]
“While we try to decide what we want, do you two want to take a seat and talk?” They aren’t busy, so it doesn’t hurt to offer.

“Sure,” Mystia says. She pulls a chair from a nearby table over and sits down next to Reimu while Yoko silently sits down in the chair that was already at the table. It’s a round table and going clock-wise from yourself it goes, you, Yoko, Sanae, Reimu, and Mystia. “So Aaron, Yoko tells me that you’re starting a bar. Must be hard doing all that on your own.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty hard, but I’m managing.” You say it like it’s not really that big of a deal. “What about you? When you opened up your restaurant you must have had a lot of trouble.”

“Nope!” She declares. “I had a bunch of my friends help me set up, and any humans who didn’t like it answered to Keine and Mokou.”

Reimu, who has gone back to looking at the menu, says, “Huh, I figured you would have had a harder time setting up. Not many people go out to eat.”

“That’s right,” Sanae agrees, “unlike the outside world, people here seem to do a lot of the cooking themselves.”

“What about the customers you do have? What are they like?”

Yoko is the one to speak up this time. “We get quite a few repeat customers. They’re mostly youkai, but we get a few humans.” She looks down when she mentions the humans, must be remembering yesterday.

Mystia continues Yoko’s train of thought by saying, “We make the most money when there’s a festival or some kind of major event. For the most part we get people who are tolerant and accepting of us, but now and then we get that one guy who just hates youkai for no reason. I mean, okay used to eat people. But now all we want is to make peace!”

“It would certainly make my job easier if people would just accept the way things are going.” Reimu glances at Mystia understandingly. “Some people are just afraid of change.”

There is a small lapse in the conversation before you ask, “What kind of people should I expect to show up at the bar when I open?”

The four of them look thoughtful for a minute before they all say in unison, “Powerful.”

Sanae elaborates on what they mean by saying, “You’ll probably get a bunch of the higher ups in Gensokyo coming through your doors. No one can resist going when a new bar pops up. I’d be surprised if you don’t see Lady Kanako or Lady Suwako within the first week.”

“I agree,” Reimu says, “you’ll probably get someone like Suika showing up nearly every day. Not to mention whoever sneaks up from the underground.”

“I’ve heard rumors about that wolf tengu, Momiji I think, is looking for a new place to get a drink.” Mystia adds another name to the possible customers.

Even Yoko mentions someone. “I think Miss Kamishirasawa would go. If only to try and forget the stress she has to deal with on a daily basis.”

“Huh, do you think I have anything to worry about with them though?” You ask. With all those big names you begin to wonder just what you have gotten yourself into.

“Nah,” Reimu says after sipping her tea. “If you stand firm and don’t let them walk all over you you’ll be fine. Just watch out for Suika, she’ll drain you dry if you don’t cut her off after a while.”

After a little while Yoko takes your orders and goes into the kitchen while Mystia stays out with you and is telling you that you should do your best to prepare any food you serve with only the freshest ingredients. As she puts it, “The fresher, the better.” She also advices you to stay away from anything with a long prep or cooking time, because when customers are intoxicated they don’t like to be kept waiting.

In the end you get some valuable information regarding food services and possible customers.

When Yoko brings out your food she and Mystia leave you, Sanae, and Reimu to eat in peace. Once again, the food is delicious! Sanae and Reimu seem to agree with you, if the looks on their faces are anything to go by.

Once the three of you finish Reimu and Sanae argue over how to pay. Reimu “forgot” to bring money, and Sanae isn’t buying it. You would offer to pay for Reimu, but you only brought enough for yourself. Eventually Sanae gives in and pays for her and as you leave Reimu is smiling triumphantly.

You head back to the bar with the two of them because they want to talk to you about your opening night. It’s still fairly early in the afternoon, no later than one thirty, by the time you reach the bar. The kappa seem to have begun working on building you the addition you asked for. Except, it’s more of a separate building than an addition. No matter, it’s probably better to not have your room directly attached to the bar.

As you open the door you see someone waiting for you inside.

-Who is it this time?
[] The two reporters
[] A few trouble making fairies
[] A drunken little girl
Wow, that took me a while. I guess I'm just preoccupied today. Oh well, here it is!
[X] A few trouble making fairies
hue, do I smell Sanae/Reimu?
[x] A drunken little girl

I wanna see Suika.
[X] A drunken horny little girl.
[x] A few trouble making fairies
[x] A few trouble making fairies
[x] A drunken little girl

If Mystia has an objection to people eating chicken, does that mean she's secretly a chicken youkai?
[x] A few trouble making fairies
[x] A drunken little girl

Haha, I wonder what will happen when she comes to an unopened bar
[x] A drunken little girl

Mystia's a night sparrow youkai, which is a bird, and chickens are birds too.
[x] The two reporters

Until the bitter end.

Humans are mammals, but I'll still eat bacon.
But do all humans eat bacon? Some birds eat other birds too, but perhaps Mystia isn't one of them.
There's a difference between not eating other birds herself, and taking offense at the idea of humans doing it. I mean, it seems to be canon, with her having some strange crusade against yakitori stands in BAIJR, but it's still odd. I'm surprised she hasn't ever been accused of being a chicken youkai by someone who thinks they can get away with it.
Okay calling the vote for a visit from Suika.

Also the whole Mystia not serving chicken thing springs from cannon. I'm not sure how apparent it was, but it's kind of a joke between her and Reimu now.

Anyway, Update later tonight. Provided I keep myself from getting too distracted.
File 137290348020.jpg - (150.93KB, 850x604, sample-56b42672e11c383536230d918d42754c.jpg) [iqdb]
Inside the bar is a short girl with long ginger colored hair, two straight horns coming out of her head, wearing a pink blouse that has the sleeves torn off, and a long purple skirt. She doesn’t seem to really notice you enter, instead she’s looking at the gourd she’s carrying.

Reimu seems to recognize the girl as she calls out to her. “Hey, Suika! What are you doing here?”

The girl looks at her. “Oh, hi Reimu. I heard there was going to be a new bar, so I came to get a drink.” She looks behind the bar. “But it doesn’t look like it isn’t open yet.”

“The grand opening is Saturday,” you say in response. “I’m the owner, Aaron, by the way.”

“I’m Suika,” she says, waving her gourd. “So, Saturday? You sure I can’t get some samples before then?”

You shake your head, “I’m sure, besides, I don’t have anything in stock yet. Everything will be her Friday.”

Sanae whispers in your ear, “I wouldn’t have told her that if I were you.” You wonder why for a moment, but then you see a sparkle in Suika’s eyes.

“So, Fri- I mean Saturday? I’ll be sure to be here!” She saunters over to you and says, “Oh, I’ll give you fair warning, I’m a heavy drinker. So you might want to just set up a tab!”

You give her a stern look and say, “No can do.” Her jaw drops in response. “All drinks must be paid for upfront. No money no booze.” Based on her dress she doesn’t appear to have much in the way of money, so this is a good way to cut her off and protect your alcohol supply.

“Wha~, you can’t do that! It isn’t fair!” She screams.

“It’s perfectly fair! My bar, my rules!” This is the second time today that you’ve had to say that. “Besides, I can’t go treating you differently than the rest of my customers. If I let you start a tab, I’ll have to let everyone start one. And then I’ll make no money and have to close the bar.” You believe this kind of argument is called the “Slippery Slope Argument”. It appears to be effective in this situation as Suika looks both upset and understanding.

Reimu goes up and puts a hand on her shoulder. “Why don’t you just get a job like everyone else?”

The oni shrugs in response. “Too much work. I might as well sit in the center of town and just wait for money to come to me.”

The two mikos glare at her as Reimu says, “Suika, that’s wrong! You need to work for it just like everyone else!”

“Oh, and who’s gonna make me?” She says challengingly.

“Uh, if you two are going to fight I’m gonna have to ask you to take it outside. I just bought these tables, and I really need to get them set up.” It would really not be good if they got into a danmaku shoot out in here.

“We aren’t going to fight,” Sanae says calmly, despite glaring at Suika. “We just want to teach her the value of an honest day’s work.”

Suika forces herself past you and out the door saying, “Work is for suckers!”

Sanae and Reimu quickly say goodbye and rush off after her. “Wow, a lot of people have come by today. I really ho-“

Your thoughts get cut off by a knock at the door.

“Damn it...”

Who is it now?
[] The two reporters
[] A few trouble making fairies
Two whole weeks now. There are only two scenes left in this day, and a few the next. So we'll be beginning the main events soon enough!
[x] The two reporters

The main event can't begin without the two of them.
[x] The two reporters

[X] A few trouble making fairies

The main event can't begin without the three of them.
[X] A few trouble making fairies

I am slightly worried. How exactly would we go about bouncing Suika?

Throw beans at her until she runs away crying like a little girl.
[X] A few trouble making fairies
[x] The two reporters

Hope Suika won't turn out to be a problem.
[X] A few trouble making fairies
[X] A few trouble making fairies
[x] A few trouble making fairies

Perfect timing I say.
[X] A few trouble making fairies
Haha, oh wow... Fairies beating out Aya and Hatate really surprises me. Well, anyway writing begins ASAP. I'll have it done before I go to sleep tonight.
File 137298650850.png - (537.29KB, 600x725, bear-vs_-mokou.png) [iqdb]
[x] The two reporters

Option 1: Ask our bouncer to politely escort Ms. Ibuki from the premises.
Option 2: Mousetraps.
File 137298659844.jpg - (107.18KB, 600x480, that-fucking-image.jpg) [iqdb]
aaaaagh why does it take me so long to find things ;_;
File 137299130153.jpg - (708.14KB, 740x1036, b4c07adf7f38d64e444b441d48305ca6.jpg) [iqdb]
A couple more knocks at the door cause you to stand up. “I might as well see who it is.” You hadn’t expected to have so many people stop by today, if anything you had guessed most of them would come by tomorrow.

You open the door, and see no one. Huh, you could have sworn you heard someone knock. You close the door behind you as you go back to the chair you were sitting in, only to be stopped by someone knocking at the door again. This time you quickly open the door, and once again there is no one out there. Stepping outside to get a better look around you see nothing out of the ordinary. If someone was running away you would hear it, even if the kappa are being loud with their building.

You turn around to see that the door is closed. “Wait,” you say to yourself, “I don’t close the door.” No, it’s not that, you didn’t close the door. You start feeling paranoid as you open the door and go in.

You take a deep breath. While you never learned any spells, you learned about certain tricks that could help you against illusions, though you had thought it pointless at the time. Even Yukari had said that only a few people in Gensokyo bother with illusion spells, but every so often she brings in someone who uses them. You aren’t sure if you are under the effects of a spell, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Once again you hear knocking, and you open the door to see nothing that wasn’t there already.

Okay, if this is in fact an illusion based spell then you can break it by doing a few different things. The first being find the caster and disrupt their concentration. Second is to find something that is off with the world, because as Ran had said once, “Nothing in an illusion is perfect. Just find the flaw and you’ll snap out of it.” Third is to ignore it. Simple, yet effective. As long as you know it is fake it can’t harm you, but the moment you think it’s real it can have lasting effects on your psyche

Finding the caster is usually impossible as they tend to make themselves invisible. Everything looks normal, so your only option is to just wait it out. It doesn’t seem to be malicious, just annoying. You leave the door open as you head inside for a moment only to return with a chair. They can’t knock on the door if you are watching it right?

You sit outside for thirty minutes and hear knocking every five or so minutes. It’s no longer limited to the door though. You eventually find yourself leaning back in your chair balancing on the two back legs. A memory of your school in the outside world flashes in your head, one of your teacher yelling at you for doing this very thing. She was worried you would fall backwards and hit your head. “Heh, I’ve been doing this most of my life and I haven’t fallen ye-aaah!”

You wind up falling backwards, but not because you leaned too far back. You felt a sharp tug on the chair in the moment before you fell. For the most part you’re fine, except for the massive pain in the back of your head. An idea forms in your head. Whoever’s casting the illusion seems to be messing with you, but not acting in a way to cause you great harm. So you’re just going to lay there and pretend you’re unconscious.

You stay there for a couple minutes with your eyes open, but you don’t focus on anything in particular. A couple voices can be heard, but they are faint. They sound worried, but you can only make out a few words they say, something about a “prank” and “doctor”.

A face appears above yours, literally. It’s a small girl with short red hair that has two red ribbons and a headband that is similar to a maid in it. “Hey, you okay?” Her voice isn’t one of the ones you heard, but she sounds legitimately worried.

Not letting this chance slip by you roll to the side knocking the girl down in the process. You get stand up in a flash and grab the girl by the wrist and pull her up, gently of course, you may be angry but you aren’t about to hit a child. Wait, you take that back. She isn’t a child, she’s a fairy. Her wings are a dead giveaway. She’s wearing a white and red dress with long sleeves that has frills on the ends of it.

Her blue eyes are wide with fear at the moment. One of the voices that you heard while “playing possum” screams. “Sunny!” The voice belongs to another fairy. This one has red eyes, blonde hair with six princess curls and a white beret on the top of her head. She’s wearing a black and white dress with four ribbons on it and has the lunar cycle shown on the bottom.

“Let her go!” The owner of the other voice shouts as she haphazardly shoots a bullet at you. It misses, but not by much. The shooter has grey eyes and long brown hair with a blue ribbon on the top of her head. She’s wearing a blue and white dress with a yellow star pattern on it.

“Hey, watch that! I’m not like everyone else, I can’t shoot back!” You immediately slap your free hand against your forehead as that was probably not something you should be admitting right now. “Besides, you three started it! I’m lucky I didn’t get seriously hurt!”

“We’re sorry,” the blonde one says. “Sunny thought it would be funny.”

The redhead doesn’t struggle at all while you hold her wrist, probably because you aren’t holding that tight. If she really wanted to she could get away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I thought you were like all the others and that you would get up and start shooting everywhere. But then you weren’t moving and I thought we really hurt you.” She looks at you apologetically. “We won’t do it again, so will you forgive us?”

-Choose one
[] “The headache will go away, so I guess so.”
[] “I’m afraid not. I could have been seriously hurt.”
[] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
() Have them help you move the tables
() Have them work for you for a week, there must be something they can do around the bar even if it is just delivering food.
>Insert obligatory comment on number of updates and my surprise.
[x] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(x) Have them help you move the tables

I for one like the three fairies of light.
[x] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(x) Have them help you move the tables

Kids these days man. No respect, I swear. I say we put 'em to an honest hours work to build character.
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(X) Have them work for you for a week, there must be something they can do around the bar even if it is just delivering food.

Exploiting fairy labor? All in a day's work for this guy. Hopefully we don't get a strongly worded "cease an desist" letter from the fairy union.
Eh, she seems legit.

[x] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(x) Have them help you move the tables
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(X) Have them work for you for a week, there must be something they can do around the bar even if it is just delivering food.

Fairy labor.
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(X) Have them help you move the tables
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(X) Have them work for you for a week, there must be something they can do around the bar even if it is just delivering food.

Maybe we can make a longer lasting thing. That and fairies aren't the best choice for manual labor.
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(X) Have them help you move the tables

This sounds like the better idea
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
(X) Have them work for you for a week, there must be something they can do around the bar even if it is just delivering food.
[X] “I’ll forgive you on one condition…”
-(X) Have them help you move the tables
Vote Called for letting the fairies off the hook, after some manual labor.
File 137308028499.jpg - (153.76KB, 850x1275, sample-fe290cb159f9128d83d3d6821837b222.jpg) [iqdb]
You look at the three fairies. They seem honest, and you really do want to forgive them. But you’ve lost valuable time because of this. You let go of Sunny’s wrist and say, “I’ll forgive you on one condition.” They look at you bewildered. “There are some tables inside that need to be organized. I want your help moving them.”

Sunny looks at you and says, “Is that all? That’ll be a piece of cake!” The other two seem to share this sentiment as they nod in agreement.

You lead them inside and explain how you want the tables and that they need to be careful with them. After they assure you that they understand they get to work, you feel you deserve a break after everything that happened today so you sit down at the bar. The back of your head is still hurting a bit, but you’ll live.

You find it amusing how the three of them have to work together to move each table, and due to how short they are they have to fly to get them off the ground. Deciding that you should spend your time productively you review your notes on today’s applicants.

Mokou – Applied for Bouncer
Skills – Can’t die, Fire manipulation, Hand to hand combat, Can cook if necessary

Hinata – Applied for Chef
Recommended by Sakuya Izayoi
Emits a light similar to the sun
Would have to live with you and share a room
Quiet, possibly shy

Marisa – Applied for Bartender/Waitress
Could act as a deterrent for trouble makers due to being one of the major incident resolvers
Can cook, but mostly mushroom based dishes
Seems cheerful and personable

You sigh loudly. You like the applicants, but you would like a larger variety. Today is Wednesday, so you open in three days. Tomorrow will hopefully bring you some more applicants.

You are brought out of your thoughts by the doors opening suddenly. You see two girls walking in. One with semi-long black hair wearing a white button up shirt and black skirt, and the other has long brown hair in pigtails with pink ribbons in them and is wearing a pink button up shirt and a black and purple checkered skirt. They both are wearing a tokin, which to you is a very weird hat, and are carrying a small stack of papers.

They walk right past the fairies and stop at the bar. “Are you Aaron?” The black haired one asks. If you recall correctly this is one is Aya, and the other is Hatate.

“That’s right, and you must be Aya and Hatate. Am I correct?” You close your notebook.

“That’s right!” Aya proclaims. “We got your letters and brought our articles for you to look over.”

Hatate sighs. “I was going to come by earlier, but Aya insisted we wait and compare our articles. She just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Anyway, here you go.” She hands you her papers and you start reading.

“Hey, no fair! I was talking to him first!” Aya shouts at her companion, but you ignore her and keep reading.

It’s a nice article. It details your plans for the bar and even has mention that you are looking for employees. It’s detailed enough, but also short enough for people to easily read. Aya’s article on the other hand is kind of wordy. It does a good job of explaining everything that you want to do. In fact it does a better job than Hatate’s, but the length is what you have a problem with. Granted you aren’t a journalist, so you probably don’t know what you’re talking about.

You hand the two articles back and say, “I see nothing wrong with them. In fact you do a better job detailing what I want than if I wrote it myself. So, how much do I owe you for this?”

The two look at each other for a moment. “It’s free,” Hatate says.

“But we need a favor from you in return,” Aya adds.

“So it isn’t free,” you point out. “So what do you need?”

“One of our friends has been having a rough time lately and we need you to maybe give her a job.” Aya says this as she looks away from you.

Hatate also isn’t looking at you now. “Or you could just let her come here and drink her worries away. Either one will get her mind off of what happened.”

“Who is this friend? I can’t hire someone if I don’t know who they are.”

“Momiji Inabushiri. She’s a wolf tengu, but lately she’s been having a problem with her position. Wolf tengu are usually looked down on by the crow tengu and she’s fed up with it and is now living with a kappa to get away from it all.” Aya hangs her head in what you assume to be shame.

“If you send her by tomorrow I’ll talk to her, but I make no promises. And even if I don’t hire her, she’s still welcome to come here for a drink whenever she wants.” You agree to consider her, but not necessarily hire her.

After that the two of them leave. So now it’s just you and the fairies who are nearly done with the tables.
“Wow,” you say in astonishment. “The kappa weren’t kidding when they said they could have this done today.” You stare at the small shack that is now your home. It’s only one room with a bathroom and shower attached to it, but it’s better than nothing. The room is actually fairly large, you could probably fit about two full bedrooms in here. You’ll have to contact Ran and see if she could bring your bed here, and possibly your dresser. But for now, it’s sleep time. “Good night!” You call back to the bar. The three fairies had fallen asleep in there after moving the tables, it seems they worked a little too hard. So you just put a blanket over the three of them and brought your sleeping bag out to your new room.

Tomorrows a new day. How does it begin? (Choose One)
[] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[] Ran drops off your bed
[] Chen stops by for a visit
[] The three fairies are cooking
[] Playing a game of cat and Mouse
I really need to stop waiting until 9pm to start writing. Eh, at least it's still the same day so that means I'm still within my deadline.
[X] The three fairies are cooking
[X] The three fairies are cooking

A logical way to being the day.
[x] The three fairies are cooking
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…

Hello tide, I'll be the ne pissing against you today.
[X] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…

Momiji Yes!
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…

And lo did the piss push back the opposing tide.
[x] The three fairies are cooking
[x] Ran drops off your bed

Come on guys we need more Ran. A visit from home should make him happy. And more time for Ran makes me happy.
[X] The three fairies are cooking

While I am VERY eager to see some Momiji, it makes more sense to start the day this way. Momiji can come later.

Also, did Aaron ever replace those broken windows?
[x] The three fairies are cooking
Aw man this sounds SO adorable.
[X] Ran drops off your bed
[X] Chen stops by for a visit
I do not see that these two are mutually exclusive.
[x] The three fairies are cooking
Vote called for the three fairies and breakfast. Update sometime tonight.

Your piss is strong, young grasshopper, but there are some tides that cannot be defeated. Three Fairies tide is one of them. Come back when you have more training.
File 137315223953.jpg - (792.73KB, 800x1130, 87f9fefe855d3098f146d49fe2f25b24.jpg) [iqdb]
You wake up feeling stiff and sore, not surprising as that was your third night sleeping on the floor. There is only so much padding a sleeping bag can offer after all. Judging by the light coming in from the windows it’s already past sunrise. You throw the sleeping bag in a corner and walk to the main building. You were in such a hurry to buy the place, but in your haste you forgot to pack a change of clothes. So your current clothes feel pretty nasty. Maybe you’ll contact Ran and see if she can bring you some of your clothes, and maybe your bed.

Your stomach growls loudly with demands of food. “That can wait,” you say to yourself, “Breakfast first.” You enter the bar through the kitchen entrance and smell pancakes. Oh well, you start walking to the main room to ge-

Wait. Pancakes? What?

You turn around at the door and see the fairies from last night flying around the kitchen making pancakes, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, coffee, and other breakfast foods. Okay, coffee isn’t a food but still, they commandeered your kitchen! Why are they cooking? No, more importantly, where did they get the ingredients? There was nothing in here last night!

The blonde girl floats over to you with a mug of coffee and hands it to you. “You look like you need this.”

You take the cup and stare blankly into the dark brown liquid. Sunny sees you standing there and calls out to you. “Good morning! Hope you don’t mind us using your kitchen. We were hungry so we decided to make breakfast.”

Part of you really wants to just say “nope” and walk out. But the more responsible side of you demands to know where they got all this. “Where did you get all this?”

Sunny looks at you questioningly. “What do you mean? We made it!”

“I can see that. But I mean where did you get the ingredients?”

The three of them look at each other awkwardly.


“We found them!”

“We bought them!”

They shout their answers at the same time so you can’t tell who said what. Obviously they stole the ingredients, but you can’t do anything about it now that they’ve already used them. You choose to respond by walking into the main room and not say anything.

Ten minutes later the four of you are sharing a breakfast that tastes like shame and guilt. You gave them a stern lecture about how stealing and lying are wrong and made them promise to never do it again. Okay, the food isn’t bad. In fact it’s quite enjoyable.

“Where did you three learn to cook?”

Star and Luna, you finally learned their names when you lectured them, look at Sunny and say, “Sunny taught us.”

“I learned from the fairies in the big mansion on the lake,” Sunny says before you ask where she learned. “I love good food, so I thought it would be fun if I could make it myself! And I was right!”

After breakfast the three of them take the dishes into the kitchen and clean up. You get the feeling that they aren’t going away anytime soon. “As long as they don’t cause any trouble they can stay,” you say to yourself as you stare at the windows. Yep, still broken. You should go into town and have someone come fix them. Or do it yourself later.

-Choose one
[] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[] Contact Ran, you need your bed and clothes
[] Chen stops by for a visit
[] Playing a game of cat and Mouse
-Also what do you do about the fairies?
[] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.
[] No, they are trouble. They have to go.
Okay, I've run out of things to say down here... Enjoy I guess!
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…

NOW it is time for Momiji.

-Also what do you do about the fairies?
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.

THOUGHT! These are the three fairies of LIGHT. Hinata is a sunlight fairy that emits LIGHT. All are kitchen-capable. Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?
File 137315447454.png - (577.40KB, 900x675, image97241661.png) [iqdb]

You just read my mind! Yes, we definitely need to hang them all up in the kitchen to use as energy-saving lighting.
[x] Contact Ran, you need your bed and clothes

He clearly needs Ran to give him some support. And maybe some more hugs.
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…

-Also what do you do about the fairies?
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…

[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.
[X] Contact Ran, get clothes and bed.
[X]Fairies can stay.

Now lets see if this doesn't double post. Damn phone browser

Those wolf lovers need to remember that they have an excellent sense of smell and we smell like shit.

We can adopt a puppy afterwords.
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.

Momiji and fairies. Best of both worlds!
[X] Contact Ran, get clothes and bed.
[X] Fairies can stay.

Can't be running around in dirty clothes. What would mother say?
[x] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.

Our tide piss didn't work before, but it'll happen this time.

I'm not entirely sure you understand what tide pissing means.
[X] Contact Ran, get clothes and bed.
[X]Fairies can stay.

Bed then everything else
[X] The wolf tengu needs a friend…
[X] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.

Sounds good.
[x] Contact Ran, you need your bed and clothes
- [x] And take a damn bath
[x] They can stay for a while, they aren’t hurting anyone.
Vote called for the wolf tengu. Update later tonight!
File 137324853046.jpg - (500.98KB, 687x1000, 01d3f08e5863d8b2f6d8b67a73ca4b88.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry, it's a really short one. I kinda didn't have the motivation to write anything too long. Well, that and I'm falling asleep at my computer after being awake for almost 42 hours or something like that. I'll do better tomorrow after I get some sleep.
You decide to let the fairies stay for a while since they aren’t hurting anyone. You also decide to take a shower. After your shower you head back into the bar and see a young woman with medium length white hair wearing a white top with long sleeves, a black skirt with a red fire pattern going up it, and a tokin.

“Hello, can I help you with something?” You ask her as you come out of the kitchen.

“Uh, yes,” she says hesitantly, “I’m Inubashiri Momiji. Aya and Hatate told me to come here and speak with the owner.”

“Ah, well that would be me,” you say as you walk up to her. “My name is Aaron, it’s nice to meet you.” You hold out your hand.

“Likewise,” she says shaking your hand.

“So, they mentioned that you’ve had some hard times on the mountain. I was asked to either offer you a job, if you want one, or to let you drink here when I open.” You let her know what Aya and Hatate told you. “I was wondering though, do you even want to work here?”

Momiji shrugs. “I don’t really know. Aya just said to come here and talk to you, and Hatate said that I should do something other than mope around Nitori’s house.” The two of you sit down at a table and shortly after you do Luna brings out two cups of coffee. That was nice of her.

You sip your coffee. “So in other words they didn’t consult you on what you want to do?”

“Pretty much. Aya will just do whatever she wants and Hatate will usually go along with it unless she can think of something better.” She sounds extremely annoyed by what she says.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Momiji looks at you apologetically. “Sorry, I don’t really want to tell a complete stranger about all my troubles. Maybe when you open the place up and I get a couple drinks in me, but not now.”

“Alright,” you say, “suit yourself. But if you ever decide that you want to talk, while you’re sober that is, I’ll be here. I also assume it’s safe to say that you aren’t looking for a job?”

“Thanks, and not really. I’ll probably head back up to the tengu village and get back to work. I’m technically using my vacation days right now.” She looks around for a moment. “Well, since I’m on vacation I might as well have some fun. Do you want to come with me?”

-Choose One
[] Sure (Pick where to go)
() The school house
() The Hakurei Shrine
() Korindou
[] No, you have something to do (Specify what/write in what to do)
[x] Sure (Pick where to go)
(x) Korindou

Let's look for some neat goodies with Momiji.

Nothing wrong with a short update. Your update rate is fantastic, and keeps me nice and sated.
[X] Sure
-(X) Korindou

I question how the other two choices provided could be considered "fun."
[X] No, you have something to do.
-[X] Ask you three new friends if they are up for a little payback prank.
-[X] Raid Aya's and Hatate's panty drawer, and shove all of the panties into their printing press.
-[X] Casually offer both of them a job as waitresses until their newspaper operation is back up and running.

Nobody fucks with my Momoji.
[X] Sure
-(X) Korindou
[X] Sure
-(X) Korindou

Hopefully things'll work out for Momi.
[X] Sure
-(X) Korindou

File 137326653428.png - (158.92KB, 500x500, 1358503504798.png) [iqdb]
[X] Sure
-(X) Korindou


then you're not exactly thinking hard enough as fun could be had at those places. Too late to really stop the bandwagon though.
[x] No, you have something to do
-[x] Time for a visit home.

Let's see what everyone else home is up to.
Time to visit Korindou. Update later tonight, as per the usual.

Do you guys like to see me cry? Because the sheer audacity of that put me on the floor. There are so many things wrong with it. A) It's not in character for Aaron. B) While the three fairies would agree to it, it would render Aaron's previous statements about lying void. C) They are asking effectively asking you to be her friend in exchange for not charging you for the adds in their papers. D) "Casually" offering them jobs is kind of suspicious. And Lastly E) What the hell are you smoking thinking?

Sorry if I wasn't clear, but "Home" is the bar. I know you mean Yukari's home, but that is kind of (Read: Impossible) to get to without her help. Okay, maybe Reimu could do something, but no promises there.
>Read: Impossible
I know that he wants to start up his own business and all that but I hope that you have planned some surprise visit from Yukari. Or maybe Ran. I am just really curious at how Yukari behaves around him.
File 137333988869.jpg - (135.33KB, 850x1133, sample-52a92b56cf29849129fdcc01acc20163.jpg) [iqdb]
“Sure, I don’t really have anything to do right now anyway. I just need to have someone come by later and replace the windows.” You could do with a stress free day. Plus Momiji looks like she needs a friend right now.

“So,” she starts as she stands up, “do you have any place in mind?”

You stand up too. “How about Korindou? There’s usually something interesting there.” You’ve been there with Yukari quite a few times and saw a lot of familiar stuff.

“Oh? I’ve been there a couple times, but,” she pauses as if embarrassed. “I never could figure out what anything from the outside was.”

“Did you ask Rinnosuke?”

“No, I wanted to figure out what they did myself.” She rubs the back of her neck embarrassedly. “I had varying degrees of success.” She doesn’t need to say anymore, most of what Yukari currently knows is from trial and error and you telling her what they do.

The two of you step outside for when you remember something important. “Ah, could you wait just a moment? I forgot about something.” She nods and you rush back inside and grab some money just in case you see something you want. Also you step into the kitchen to see the fairies jumping around and chasing each other. It looks like they’re playing tag. “Hey, I’m going out for a while!” You yell to get their attention. They all skid to a stop, which causes Luna to fall into Star. “Sorry about that. But yeah, I’m going out. You can stick around if you want, just don’t break anything.”

Luna helps Star up as Sunny says, “M’kay! Have fun!” The three of them wave as you leave the kitchen.

Back outside you feel a slight difference in the air pressure, more specifically the air around Momiji. “Ready?” She asks. You nod and before you have time to react she’s behind you with her arms around you. “Well then, let’s get going!” At that you find your feet are no longer touching the ground.

You scream in surprise. It probably wasn’t the manliest thing you’ve done, but she could have given some warning first! This is a new experience for you, most of your traveling was done via gaps. You also never flew in a plane before, so this is especially nerve-wracking.

She’s flying low, probably because of the extra weight. But because of this you feel like you might fly straight into someone or something. Nothing happens though and you reach the store safely.

Upon being set down you drop to your hands and knees and try to catch your breath and battle vertigo with a side order of nausea. “Are you okay?” Momiji crouches down and starts rubbing your back.

“Never. Again. EVER!” You gasp each word as you thank all the gods you can think of for being on the ground again. Also with your fear of heights you are glad that she stayed close to the ground.

Still rubbing your back she says, “Sorry, I should have asked first. Uh, do you need a minute?”

“Yeah,” you are starting to catch your breath again. “I’ll meet you inside.”

“O-okay, sorry about that.” She stands up and heads inside. You hear a bell chime when as she does.

Your breathing has returned to normal, but you still feel like vomiting and the world is still spinning. Despite that you are able to get to a sitting position. Out of the corner of your eye you see a flash of blue. “Hey, you okay over there?” You look suddenly… Whoa, you shouldn’t have turned your head so fast. Everything is spinning faster than before. But you do see a young girl with short aqua colored hair and eyes and is wearing a blue dress with white sleeves and a blue ribbon in her hair. She also has a pair of wings made of ice.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine in a minute. I was just caught off guard that’s all.”

“Cool! How about we play a game for a little bit when you feel up to it?” She walks over to you and the air starts to cool rapidly.

-Choose One
[] No, you came here with Momiji. It would be rude to ditch her.
[] Play with the girl, it only has to be for a little while and you did say you would go in when you were ready.
Wow, nearly midnight. Let's hope it's a good one!
[] No, you came here with Momiji. It would be rude to ditch her.
[x] No, you came here with Momiji. It would be rude to ditch her.
[x] No, you came here with Momiji. It would be rude to ditch her.

That and Cirno's type of fun might end up hurting.
[x] No, you came here with Momiji. It would be rude to ditch her.

Also capture Cirno and use her as a backup refrigerator and freezer.
[x] No, you came here with Momiji. It would be rude to ditch her.
Vote called for declining Cirno's offer. Darn, now I have to wait to use all those "cool" puns I had in mind. I suppose I can just wait until later to use them. Any way, update later tonight.
File 137340583325.jpg - (128.33KB, 850x850, sample-2d574cffbb66b5bc9f844842f2ca9bdf.jpg) [iqdb]
You can’t, first of all you don’t even know who this kid is. Second you came here with Momiji and ditching her would just be rude. “Sorry,” you say, “I’ve got a friend waiting for me inside. Maybe some other time though.”

“Okay then,” she looks disappointed. “I should go home then, Dai is probably waiting for me.” She floats into the air and flies away.

It probably wouldn’t have hurt to play with her for a little while, but you don’t want to look like a jerk to Momiji. Well, your nausea has subsided and the world stopped spinning so you slowly get on your feet and walk into the shop.

Your first thought when you enter is, “Would it kill him to clean up some?” Obviously you keep that to yourself as you navigate the haphazardly place oddities. Rinnosuke is nowhere to be seen, but you easily find Momiji.

She appears to be eying a pack of candies. When you reach her you notice that it’s actually a package of mini Hershey’s Chocolate. There’s something in her eyes, longing perhaps? “Do you like chocolate?” You ask causing her to jump.

“A-Aaron! How long have you been there?” She tosses the bag down onto a nearby shelf.

“Not long, but you didn’t answer my question.”

She looks away, “I do, but I’m not allowed to have any.”

You recall that she is a wolf tengu, and that wolves are similar to dogs. So does that mean she gets sick if she eats chocolate? It’s probably not best to word it like that. “Why not?”

She laughs nervously before saying, “Well, I always eat more than I should and get sick. So I try to stay away from it. Plus, I’m trying to watch my weight.” She adds the last bit in a whisper. You look at her closely. She looks like she’s the right weight to be considered healthy. “W-why are you looking at me like that?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just wondering why you think you need to lose weight.”

“I didn’t say I need to lose weight, I said I’m watching my weight. I gain weight easily, so I need to be careful of what and how much I eat.” That makes more sense. “Anyway, enough about that! How about we look around some more?”

You agree and the two of you start walking around the store. While you don’t see Rinnosuke anywhere you do see a few things you find interesting. Like an old Gameboy with Pokemon Red in it, an unopened pack of the first generation Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and a pistol. A Beretta 92 FS to be exact. You aren’t sure why, but weapons of all types fascinate you. Particularly firearms. This simple pistol almost seems to fit perfectly into your hand. And while you never had any training with guns, you feel natural holding it. There’s even a large box of ammo nearby.

You have to explain to Momiji what it is since she’s never seen one, but she seems to understand how dangerous it is because she’s encouraging you to put it down now. Reluctantly you set the pistol down and start to the door. But, you feel like you should get something. And Rinnosuke appears to be at the cash register now, so you wouldn’t have to leave a random amount of money here and hope you paid the right amount.

-Choose One
[] Buy the Chocolate
() For you
() For Momiji
() For the Fairies
() For everyone one to share
[] You shouldn’t spend money on something like this yet
-Also who is waiting when you get back?
[] Ran and Chen
[] Reimu
[] Yukari
[] Someone entirely different (Write-in)
Not really much for me to say here. Enjoy! Oh and I may need to make a new thread soon. Maybe one after the next one, we'll see.
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone one to share

Because we're just so damn nice.

-Also who is waiting when you get back?
[x] Ran and Chen

I'm ready to see the family again.
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone one to share

-Also who is waiting when you get back?
[x] Ran and Chen

I am all for Ran and Chen.
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone one to share

[x] Reimu
File 137341067674.png - (488.90KB, 700x990, shedoesn'tneedtoworryaboutherweight.png) [iqdb]
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) You and Momiji to share


-Also who is waiting when you get back?
[x] Yukari
[X]Buy the chocolate.
[X]Share with everyone.

It'll help her enjoy it and help make sure she wont eat way too much.


Seriously, for a story she's a good part of we hardly have seen her.

>Beretta 92FS

Good thing he didn't buy that Italian POS. He needs something nice like a FN Browning Hi-Power or a CZ-75 variant or something along those lines.
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone to share

[x] Ran and Chen
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone to share

[x] Ran and Chen

>Italian POS
Never had a single problem from mine.
> chocolate
> momizi

Uh, guys? ....guys?
File 137342742461.jpg - (41.56KB, 442x522, gallery-1.jpg) [iqdb]

Its a gun that works, you're just a Philistine for using such an uncivilized and not at all a classy handgun tis all.

Unless you're this man.

Mind you my hate for it is similar to the typical Glock hate. It works,its reliable but its just so BORING and uncomfortable

If you like it, keep rocking it. You ain't me.


If she is of average weight, it would take a good 5 kg of chocolate to give her theobromine poisoning.
Nah, I understand. I have plenty of guns I've come to dislike for one reason or another - usually just because of the feel of it in my hands. Nothing will top my grandfather's 1911 anyway so I don't even pretend otherwise.

>Grandfather's 1911

Ahh now that's some excellent taste right there, great trigger on most. My favorite handgun ever except the only my CZ-82. Only that one since first handgun and all.

Also good to see someone appreciating his family members heirlooms.
[x] Buy the Chocolate
(x) For everyone one to share

No option to buy the gun? I kid.
We are sharing the chocolate with everyone, and getting a visit from Ran and Chen. Update later tonight along with a new thread!
It's time for Momizi Pop! Redux!
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