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File 137498620594.jpg - (225.96KB, 600x847, 7f4c2d9157d453d170cf7b709f38fc6c.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous Threads:
You gently put a hand on her shoulder, she doesn't respond so you take that as a good sign. If she was truly mad she would have slapped your hand away. “Youmu,” you say in a soothing voice, hoping it doesn’t come off as condescending. “That totally doesn't count as your first kiss. Just forget about it, and kiss somebody that you genuinely care for. Then you'll see that this was meaningless, and your first kiss will be all the more special.” You just say what you’re thinking and hope that she understands.

Her expression changes from anger to surprise, then to confusion, and settling with embarrassment. “W-what are you saying? It totally counts!”

“Did you enjoy it?” You ask with a small frown. She shakes her head. “Then it doesn’t count. It only counts if you enjoy it.” Koishi looks about to say something but you stop her. “Please don’t say anything.” She quickly closes her mouth and even covers it with her hands. Youmu just looks at you awkwardly. “So, uh,” you aren’t quite sure what to say now. “How about we, uh, watch the match?”

“O-okay,” she says turning to the action. You look at the combatants to see that the action is in full swing.

“Wait, when did they start? I can’t hear anything!”

Koishi giggles loudly. “You don’t know much about spell card duels do you?”

“What do you mean?” You ask as she plops down on your lap once more. You think you see Youmu glaring at her.

“So we don’t harm anyone if a duel, we put up a barrier that blocks all danmaku and sound. We don’t want to burst anyone’s eardrums with all the noise we make. We can’t hear anyone else while we’re in the field either, so people can’t distract us by saying something silly.” Koishi is watching the match with a whimsical look on her face. She doesn’t seem to care about the fight, but enjoys being here anyway.

From what you can see through the lines, which there are a lot of, Reimu appears to be doing the best. Well, to you at least. You aren’t sure how they determine the winner. You’re actually more concerned with the threads connecting the duelists. Reimu is connected to Sanae with a pink line, you think; it’s hard to tell from this distance. Reimu also seems connected to Futo with an orange line and Ichirin with a green line. Futo and Ichirin are connected by a red line and the two of them are connected to Sanae with a white line.

Well, that’s what you think the lines are. It’s hard to tell with all the bullets and lasers flying around. You can barely tell what’s happening. Are all spell card duels like this? Now and then you see Ichirin’s cloud, Unzan you think it’s called, conjure a fist and punch someone. Futo is throwing plates at people. You can’t help but wonder where she pulls those from. Sanae is shooting star shaped bullets and patterns at the others. And Reimu is using her ofuda. Seriously, where is she getting those from?

You can’t watch anymore. Your eyes are hurting from the all the colors and rapid movement, not to mention the lines, and you start feeling queasy. All those lines are killing your eyes, each combatant is linked to everyone in the crowd and their movements make it nigh impossible to see. You close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It doesn’t help. Maybe you should leave, getting away from the crowd might help.

Yeah, that’s what you’ll do. You turn to face Youmu who is looking at you with an extremely red face. “Hey, Youmu,” you say to her. “I can’t stay here, my eyes feel like they’re abou-“

She cuts your sentence short by grabbing your head and pulling you close. Her lips connect with yours and she holds you there. She doesn’t do more than hold her lips to yours, but it’s enough for you to get the message. Her warm, soft, tender lips feel so good. Your mind blanks as you have no idea how to respond.

Slowly she pulls away, leaving you confused, and maybe wanting more? You hear Koishi clapping, but you aren’t sure if it’s because of the kiss or the fight. You and Youmu just sit there staring at each other, neither one of you able to speak.

Eventually Youmu starts to look nervous and she begins to stammer. “A-Aaron, s-say something! I-I’m sorry, I w-was just following your advice!” You stay silent, unable to think of what to say. Your silence seems to give the wrong impression as Youmu starts to tear up. "Y-you hate me now, don't you?"

-How do you respond?
[] Write-in
I'll draw up a chart at some point after I sleep. It'll probably be a little rough, but It'll be better than nothing. I just hope it looks intelligible.

Anyway, tell me anon, are you going to make Youmu cry?
>Gonna make Youmu cry?

You damn right I am! Just gotta think of a good writein after work.
[x] "*sigh* I'm sorry Youmu, you're a great friend, and I'm quite flattered, but I just don't see you in that way."

Bit awkward and all but I decided not to be a total ass to Youmu. Not the best written write-in so I'm hoping someone can add to it or reword it to be easier on both Youmu and Aaron.
[x] 'I don't hate you'
[x] Kiss her

So, yeah.
[x] "Not in the slightest. In fact I'm worried about that on my end with some of the mishaps that occured."

It's my current attempt, I'll try to improve it tomorrow.
[x] 'I don't hate you'
[x] Kiss her
Until a better Youmu route option pops up.

Yo. Gotta be dropping spaghetti everywhere. Barkeep isn't remotely as sauve as Alfred over in No Escape.
[x] 'I don't hate you'
[x] Kiss her

Because I like Youmu and I am absolute ass at coming up with anything, so yeah.
>Youmu kisses us
>somehow, this ends with her crying

I never asked for this.

[X] What? Of course I don't hate you. It's just it was so sudden and so soft-I mean pleasant-I mean, uh, surprising. Yeah, surprising.
[X] SO. How 'bout that danmaku match?
Is that a challenge? I accept it!


Suddenly, Scorn grimdark Youmu bad end
Do we really want to lock Youmu route so early, without seeing any of the other characters in depth?

Anyway, gonna have to go with spaghetti-induced deflection like >>36322.

[X] Of course I don't hate you, Youmu. It was just so sudden! Give me some warning next time-
-[X] I mean, uh-
[x] 'I don't hate you'
[x] Kiss her

Suprise? Love it

I'd rather not routelock on Youmu so early. We haven't even opened the bar yet!
[x] H-How could you do that Youmu! That's despicable!

Okay now, seriously:
[X] What? Of course I don't hate you. It's just it was so sudden and so soft-I mean pleasant-I mean, uh, surprising. Yeah, surprising.

Certainly too early to lock, I mean the bar isn't even opened yet!
For the record , I like this Youmu.
[x]koishi interrupt
[X] What? Of course I don't hate you. It's just it was so sudden and so soft-I mean pleasant-I mean, uh, surprising. Yeah, surprising.
-[X] I mean, uh-

Now, I like this Youmu. But I'd like the story to progress before we start route-locking anyone. That said, awkwardness between childhood friends with no idea how to deal with romance is always fun.
On the topic of route locking, I feel that this story is one of the few that will allow us to view a fulfilled romance as opposed to spending the entire story in pursuit of it. That same pursuit which defines just about every other story on this website.
[x] 'I don't hate you'
[x] Kiss her
[x] 'I don't hate you'
[x] Kiss her
This seems good
[X] What? Of course I don't hate you. It's just it was so sudden and so soft-I mean pleasant-I mean, uh, surprising. Yeah, surprising.
-[X] I mean, uh-

at least get some time with other characters before we commit to anything.
[X] What? Of course I don't hate you. It's just it was so sudden and so soft-I mean pleasant-I mean, uh, surprising. Yeah, surprising.
-[X] I mean, uh-

Routes be dashed, this option is funny.
Calling it now. Going in for a kiss. Anon, you sly dog you.
sometimes it's the more peaceful, easier option as if we did wait, we might enter a never ending waifu debate. That and I wouldn't complain about a Youmu route, though I would complain about people breaking her heart for shits and giggles.
Does this mean Youmu route is about to happen?
I hope as the alternative is a nasty backfire.
File 137507139210.jpg - (359.75KB, 800x1163, 015d8e1e2821250b3ee3cd78d718b490.jpg) [iqdb]
Why is it so hard to find a picture of Youmu kissing a man? Seriously, I can't find any that AREN'T smut. Oh well, hope you'll settle for a YoumuXMarisa picture.
A single tear rolls down Youmu’s cheek, and that’s enough to snap you out of your confusion. “I don’t hate you,” you say quietly. Before Youmu has a chance to respond you lean in and press your lips against hers. You catch her off guard and she tenses in response, but quickly relaxes and returns your kiss. Your tongues dance around each other and you hold her close, taking in the taste of her lips.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the two of you lean back. You stare into her eyes, still wet with tears. “A-Aaron,” she whispers looking both confused and overjoyed. “I, uh, wha, but,” she stammers over her words as she puts her hand to her lips. Once again, tears run down her face. Except this time, she’s smiling. She wraps her arms around you as she both laughs and cries. You return her hug with a smile on your face.

Even now you can still taste her lips, feel their touch, their warmth, and the- “WAGH!” You shoot back as Koishi shoves her head inches from yours. You hadn’t notice her even move as you simply turned your body, you could have sworn she was still sitting on your lap. Youmu looks confused for a moment as she turns around to see Koishi, at which point she shouts in surprise too.

“Aw, you two are so cute together!” The cheerful girl claps her hands together to emphasize her point. “Oh,” she looks over to the duel, “looks like Reimu’s about to finish up.” You and Youmu turn your heads to see what she means. Reimu is holding a card in her hand, and you can see her mouth move. You can’t hear what she says, but Koishi shouts for her, “Divine Spirit: Fantasy Seal!”

Rainbow colored orbs appear around her and fly at her opponents. It looks like each girl has seven orbs chasing them. Sanae attempts to out speed them, Futo tries to get the orbs to hit each other, and Ichirin tries to fly towards Reimu to turn the attack back on her. Sanae fails to beat their speed, Futo fails to dodge the fourth orb and the ones that missed circle around and connect, Ichirin gets close to Reimu but gets hit from behind and sent spiraling into the ground.

You see a ripple in the air and feel a strong gust of wind as the barrier falls. Turning your head to look at Youmu, you see she is already looking at you. “That, that was, uh, something,” she says hesitantly. Her red face tells you she isn’t talking about the match. “I, uh, I don’t know what to say. It happened differently than I had hoped, but I’m so happy.” You’ve never seen her smile so brightly before, it proves infectious as you find yourself smile. Soon the two of you start laughing uncontrollably. It’s not really funny, but neither of you can help it, you’re just so happy! Koishi joins in on your laughter for no reason in particular.

“Oh ho, what’s this I see?” A familiar voice chuckles from behind you. You whip around to see your mother hanging out of a gap with an amused look on her face. Ran and Chen walk through another gap holding hands. “So, when’s the wedding?” Yukari asks teasingly. “Or do you still need to ask Yuyuko for permission?”

“M-marriage? It’s far too early for that!” Youmu shouts.

“Mom! D-don’t say stuff like that!” You aren’t sure what’s worse, the fact that she was watching or the possibility of Yuyuko finding out.

She straightens up and the gap disappears, only to reappear next to Youmu. “I’m sorry Aaron, but I need to talk to her alone. I’ll come visit you later.” She snaps her fingers and a gap opens beside you. “Oh,” she says as if she’s remembering something, “Don’t worry about the letters, I already delivered them for you.”

You feel a sharp tug on the collar of your shirt and fall through the gap next to you. The gap just led to the bar, so it’s not like you fell through the sky again.

“What just happened?” You ask yourself as you lay on the floor of the bar.

“AH!” You hear a scream coming from the direction of the kitchen. Turning your head you see Hinata floating in the air looking at you. “A-are you okay?”

Sitting up you respond with, “Yeah, I’m more than a little confused, but I’m okay. So, are you settling in now?”

“Miss Izayoi just left. My bed and dresser are already in the room.” She says floating over to you. That room is going to be cramped seeing as how there will be Sunny, Luna, Star, Hinata, and possibly you. You haven’t decided if you want to stay in there while there are so many girls occupying the space, it seems a little awkward. “W-well, I’m going to help the Star and them clean the kitchen. It isn’t dirty by any means, but it should be cleaned daily just to prevent any possible health hazards.”

“Do you need any help?”

“No, we should be fine.” She shakes her head softly. “You should just relax.” With that she quickly retreats back into the kitchen. What was the point of coming over to you if she was just going to go back to the kitchen?

“She’s a nice girl.”

“Yeah, I suppose she is.”

“So, what do you want to do now?”

You shrug, “I don’t know, wha-“ you stop midsentence. Spinning around you see Koishi standing there innocently. “You followed me!?”

“Yup,” she says as she hops towards you. “As I said, I found what I was looking for! I don’t want to lose it again!”

”Dear god, I seem to have adopted another one,” you think to yourself. “Do you live nearby?” You ask holding on to the hope that she won’t be staying overnight.

“I live at the temple! Byakuren is really nice to me!” She declares throwing her arms wide.

“Well, I live here. So, you can come visit during the day. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.” You say politely. Really, you should be mad at her, but if she hadn’t done what she did you and Youmu might not have kissed.

Speaking of which, what did Yukari want to talk to her about? OH GOD! You drop your head into your hands. Oh, no. OH, NO! Knowing mom, she’ll embarrass you or Youmu! Maybe she won’t, maybe. Hopefully. You sigh and drop into a chair.

“Well, since you said I can visit anytime I’ll stop by tomorrow!” Koishi cheerfully announces. “Bye-bye Aaron!” She skips out the door leaving you alone in the room.

After about ten minutes of worrying about what Yukari is talking to Youmu about, a gap opens up and through it walks Yukari. “Hello~!” She sings as she takes a seat next to you.

“Hi mom,” you say nervously. “What did you want to talk to Youmu about?”

She smiles gently. “Don’t worry, I was just telling her that the two of you should take it slow. You know, go on a date or two. Don’t rush things, do it naturally.” You look at her with a raised eyebrow. “Oh, sorry. Poor choice of words there. But that reminds me, if you do, do ‘it’ be sure to use protection!”


She busts out laughing at your reaction. You feel the blood rushing to your face as she says, “Well, I shouldn’t have to worry about that anyway. She lives in the Netherworld and you are running a bar. Yuyuko keeps her busy, and you’ll have your hands full with your customers.” You stay silent as she tries to control her laughter. Once she catches her breath she says, “Aaron, I’m happy for you. When you first moved out, I was worried for your safety. You’re bound to get some of the strongest people in Gensokyo coming through those doors. When I heard you were hiring Mokou as a bouncer, I was relieved. I can personally vouch for her skills. Sure she isn’t the strongest person out there, but she will definitely keep you safe.”

“Mom,” you really don’t know what to say, “I’m glad you still worry about me.”

She puts her arms around you and gives you a squeeze. “You’ll always be my baby boy, no matter how big you get. So I’ll never stop worrying.” She lets you go and stands up. “I’ll be back tomorrow night with Ran and Youmu. Take care until then okay?”

“Can do,” you say with a smile. She drops through the gap in the floor that closes behind her.

You spend the rest of the day reading about various mixed drinks and once the sun begins to set you have dinner with the fairies. Tomorrow’s the big day. You are experiencing both excitement and apprehension.

-Tomorrow is the big day. How does it begin?
[] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?
[] You over slept! You need to hurry and get ready!
[] Breakfast in bed, or floor as the case may be, courtesy of the fairies.
It's time to really kick this thing into gear! I was honestly hoping to be at this point in the previous thread, but due to all the votes I've been getting it just wasn't going to happen. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm grateful for the votes and support! It means a lot!

Are you implying that I am Keymaster in disguise?
[X] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

[X] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

Well there won't be no waifu wars at least. I really liked that update, though I wonder what Yuyuko would think.
[X] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?
Better be some MGS jokes abound.
[x] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

This sounds suspiciously like a mystery box. I want it.
>Are you implying that I am Keymaster in disguise?
Some other guy but I thought that you are. But then some people convinced me that you are not.

[x] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?
[x] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

Mystery over anything!
[X] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

Must. Know. What. Is. Inside
[x] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

Was Yukari that worried that things would go fast? It's not like Merlin is involved.
[x] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?

Joining the bandwagon.
[x] A package is delivered. What could it possibly be?
Vote is called and writing begins soon-ish. Update before or around midnight.

This might come in handy in the future. I'll probably make one for most major characters.

-List of People Aaron knows. This includes people he met BEFORE the story began.
--On friendly or better terms with: (Green-blue)
Yukari, Youmu, Yuyuko, Ran, Reimu, Reisen, Rinnosuke, Chen, Akyuu

--A new friend/someone he has begun to trust or barely trusts (Pale green)
Sunny, Star, Luna, Momiji, Marisa, Mokou, Mystia, Yoko

--An acquaintance (White/clear)
Suika, Sakuya, Remilia, Patchouli, Meiling, Mysterious ice fairy (Cirno), Aya, Hatate, Byakuren, Ichirin, Futo, Eirin, Kaguya

--Fears (Yellow)

--Dislike (Orange)
File 137515431648.jpg - (236.64KB, 1067x600, 78adec22714f0991186093364f960387.jpg) [iqdb]
“Wuaah!” You yawn loudly as you try to shake off the last remnants of sleep, almost literately as you have two fairies clinging to your arms. When everyone was getting ready to go to bed they tried convincing you to share the bed with Sunny and Luna while Star and Hinata sleep together. You denied their offer, and Luna and Star had laid down on the floor with you. There was simply no way to win that argument, so you climbed into bed with them since there was no point making others uncomfortable. In the end you shared a bed with Star and Luna while Sunny and Hinata slept together.

“This would be a lot more embarrassing if they looked older,” you mumble to yourself. As it stands they are like cute ten and eleven year old girls. Chances are, if they looked older they would be very attractive. “Wait, what am I thinking?” You shake your head to focus back on the task at hand, which is getting out of bed without waking the girls up.

Luna has a looser grip on your arm so you manage to wriggle that one free, but Star just doesn’t want to let go. You eventually manage to get your arm free, but that was only the first step. Now you have to actually get out of bed. You pull the covers down and slide yourself to the foot of the bed, taking care to not disturb anyone. Once out of bed you bring the covers back up over Star and Luna and then tiptoe into the bathroom, grabbing a towel and change of clothes on the way.

While you wait for the shower to warm up you stare at yourself in the mirror. You haven’t shaved in a few days and it shows, so you take the opportunity to shave. If you could grow a proper beard that looked nice, you would. It doesn’t really matter; you aren’t sure how you would look with a beard anyway. Well, the water is more than ready by the time you step into the shower. No matter, nothing like a hot shower to wake you up in the morning.

“Ughwaaah!” Or not, seeing as you yawn as you step out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to go. You quietly exit the room and head into the kitchen. You start a pot of coffee as you prepare breakfast. It’s almost eight in the morning, so you should get breakfast ready and wake the fairies up. You can’t make anything fancy, so you settle for pancakes, sausage, bacon, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and Sunnyside up eggs. Once the coffee is ready you pour yourself a mug and drink it black. “Ugh, that’s bitter.” Right, there’s a reason you always add sugar and creamer to it.

After turning the stove off and checking the biscuits you head back to the bedroom to wake the girls up. Opening the door you shout, “Rise and shine girls! We have a big day today!”

You hear a couple groans in response, but the thing that stood out the most is Hinata saying, “Was that supposed to be a joke?”

You chuckle at your accidental pun regarding the little light fairy. “Come on, I made breakfast!” They start scrambling at that. “Get washed up and meet me in the bar. I’ll go ahead and set the table!”

When you go to exit the room you see Star and Luna race to the bathroom, only to be beaten by Hinata who was closer. Chuckling you close the door behind you and head back into the kitchen.

After setting the table you hear a knock on the front door. Curious as to who is coming by so early you open the door without delay. On the other side is a man who looks to be in his mid to late thirties standing next to a fairly large crate. “Are you Aaron Yakumo?” He asks with a voice that tells you he’s a long time smoker.

“Yes, that’s me,” you respond cautiously. How would he know your surname?

“This here box is for you.”

“Who is it from?” You ask, eyeing the wooden box suspiciously.

“I don’ know,” the man responds, “It dropped off at the post office late last night with instructions to deliver it to you at this location.” He pulls a cigarette and lighter from his pocket. “Well, it’s your problem now.” He turns around and lights up his cig before leaving.

“Well, might as well bring it inside,” you mumble to yourself. You pick it up with relative ease and carry it inside. After setting it down gently you head over to the bar to retrieve an old crowbar that had been left behind by the previous owner.

You pry open the box to see that is filled with packing peanuts and on top of it all is a letter.

“Dear Aaron,
I hear you are opening up a bar in the human village. I won’t be able to attend your grand opening, but I wish you the best of luck. May this dagger serve you well should things get out of hand. This particular blade is unique in that it causes pain, but does not leave a wound. It would be useful to use should patrons get unruly.
Your New Best Friend

Your new best friend? You set the letter down and dig through the packing peanuts to find the weapon in question. The box goes up to about your waist so you really have to dig in order to find it. When you do the first thing you notice is that the scabbard is extremely ornate.

An image of a dragon breathing fire is etched into the scabbard with gold and silver lines. The handle of the dagger is simple steel with a ruby attached to the pommel. Pulling the blade out, you see that it is green with blue vein-like lines in it. You run your fingers across the smooth metal as you wonder why it is colored like this. Unfortunately you go too close to the edge and cut yourself. Or, at least you should have. You felt it, but there is no mark on your finger from here it hurts. It seems whoever wrote the letter is telling the truth.

After storing the box somewhere out of the way and hiding the dagger behind the bar you sit down at the table as the fairies make their way to the food.

Breakfast is enjoyable and entertaining. Sunny complains about Star and Luna hogging you all to themselves, Hinata is still wondering if you were making a joke earlier, Star had a strange dream where she was queen of the fairies, and Luna was dreaming about something and wouldn’t say what.

Once everyone is done eating you all clean up and spend the next few hours lounging around in the bar. At about eleven Marisa shows up, followed shortly by Mokou who looks confused by the presence of fairies.

“Why are there so many fairies?” She asks. Marisa shrugs and looks to you.

“They’re the kitchen staff,” you say smiling. “Sunny, Star, Luna, and Hinata,” you point to each one as you say their name, “meet Marisa and Mokou.” You point to the two of them as well.

You make sure everyone is acquainted with each other and go over the plan for tonight. Hinata is going to be head chef and Sunny and her friends are to do what she says. Marisa will be taking orders, delivering food, and making drinks, apparently she got quite good at making mixed drinks after hanging out with Suika for a while. Mokou will mostly be keeping an eye out for possible trouble and dealing with people who have had a little too much to drink. Lastly, you will be manning the bar, but helping out wherever you are needed most, in the unlikely event that you aren’t the one needing help.

Once everyone knows their jobs Mokou asks, “So, what time are we opening tonight?”

“We’re opening at eight,” you say checking the time. It’s nearly noon. “If there is anything you want or need to do before then feel free to do so. I’m not going to hold you hostage here all day.” Smiling you add, “Just all night.” Mokou and Marisa start laughing while the fairies get confused. You tell them you’ll explain it some other time.

Everyone decides to go rest or prepare for tonight. Marisa wants to practice making some drinks, Mokou is going out to visit Keine, Hinata wants to explore the village, and Sunny, Luna, and Star want to go for a walk somewhere.

What do you do?
-Choose one
[] Mixology Practice with Marisa
[] Back to School with Mokou
[] Day out on the Town with Hinata
[] A pleasant walk with the Three fairies of Light.
You only get to do one of these today, but you can still do the others later.

This one is actually a little longer than I thought it was going to be, which is a good thing! I hope you all enjoy!
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa

Time to review all the basic drink families!
[x] Back to School with Mokou
[X] Mixology Practice with Marisa

Can't forget the basics.
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa
Shrooms yo
[X] Mixology Practice with Marisa
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa
Oh! what an interesting colo- Everything's in fire! run for your lives!
[x] A pleasant walk with the Three fairies of Light.
[X] Back to School with Mokou

Marisa's got a pretty convincing lead there, it'd be a shame if a piss came by.
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa

This relates directly to starting the bar up, so it's a go, I'd say.
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa
Yeah, honestly.
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa 
[x] Mixology Practice with Marisa
[x] A pleasant walk with the Three fairies of Light.
[x] A pleasant Mixology class on the town with Mokou.
[X] Day out on the Town with Hinata

Vote called, update tonight.
File 13752441518.jpg - (206.88KB, 429x665, 2a88e6be8fdec61883800e17b2728a45.jpg) [iqdb]
After everyone else has left you go to join Marisa at the bar. “Mind if I join you? It couldn’t hurt to get some last minute practice in before we open.”

“You’re asking permission in your own bar?” She sets some bottles and glasses on the bar. “You sure are strange.”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be alone or not.” You say sitting down on a stool. “So,” you say watching her examine the bottles, “making drinks for an Oni huh? How’d you wind up doing that?”

She smiles at you. “Suika came to my house once while I had a potion brewing. She thought I was brewing some beer and kept asking me if she could have some. When I told her it was a potion she said I should try making mixed drinks.” She chuckles slightly. “Turns out it’s a lot like alchemy. You need to put the right amounts in or you get something nasty.”

“I guess with your practice making potions you are pretty good at getting the mixtures right,” you comment.

“You could say that,” she says as she makes a drink. “Try this for me will you?” She hands you a small shot glass. Drinking it you find it to be surprisingly sour. “Hmm, too much lemon juice I guess.”

“L-lemon juice?!”

“Yeah, I wanted to try something new.” She takes out a large number of bottles. “So, you up for being my guinea pig?” Her smile is a little disconcerting, but you agree nonetheless. “Sweet!”

After a bit of persuading you get her to agree to not use too much so you’ll still have some inventory for tonight. That and you don’t want to be completely wasted when you open. She decided that she could work on a small scale and if it was good, she could just increase the amounts.

After about ten or so drinks you come to the conclusion that her “ideas” are better off staying in her head, but you can’t bring yourself to ruin her fun. So you keep drinking. “Hey, Aaron,” She says as you down another shot of experimentation, “These aren’t very good, are they?”

“Not really,” you respond, shaking your head. “You can make traditional drinks right?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to try something different. Maybe come up with something we could market.” She starts putting the bottles away and goes to clean the bar. “I guess we should worry more about surviving tonight.” She looks at you closely before saying, “I’m surprised though, about ten shots and you’re fine. I didn’t peg you for a heavy drinker.”

With a shrug you say modestly, “I just have a high alcohol tolerance. What about you, can you hold your liquor?”

She shakes her head solemnly. “Not at all, if I have too much I get pretty weird.” You tilt your head inquisitively. “I don’t really remember how I act when I get drunk, but according to Reimu I get frisky.” You nod in understanding; Yukari would come home some nights after having too much to drink and would start fondling Ran.

“Think we’ll have any problems tonight?”

“Maybe,” she says wiping the counter. “It all depends on who shows up. If we get a large group of Oni, hell yes, but if we get mostly humans, we should be good. Personally, I hope we get a fair mix of human and Youkai. It’ll be more interesting that way.”

“Well, that’s kind of the point.” You wonder just what kind of crowd you’ll get tonight. No matter what, you hope that you’ll be successful.

For the next few hours you and Marisa practice making drinks, using water instead. Sure you can’t tell if it’s right or not, but you don’t want to waste the alcohol.
It’s nearly time to open. You have about thirty minutes before this place is filled with people demanding their drinks, and you couldn’t feel more alive. You make a quick check of your personal effects. Mystery dagger strapped to your belt? Check. Dress shirt, nice pants, dress shoes, black vest and blue tie? Check. You are good to go.

You make sure to water the seed Yuuka gave you before heading back into the bar. It’s time for some last minute pep talks. Which group should you talk to first though?
-Choose one
[] Marisa/Mokou (Main Room/Frontdoor)
[] Fairies (Kitchen Staff)
Welp, here we are. Mere moments from being swarmed by ravenous alcoholics. I need to find suitable bar music to write the next update...
[x] Fairies (Kitchen Staff)

I think our little quartet of Fey needs it the most.
[X] Fairies (Kitchen Staff)

I think they'll need it the most. Marisa and Mokou can handle themselves well, so should need as much assurance from us.
[X] Fairies (Kitchen Staff)
Woo yeah, fairies!
[X] Fairies (Kitchen Staff)

Given the amount of "what could go wrong" with fairies, it's best to have a chat with tem now
[X] Fairies (Kitchen Staff

Most likely in the greatest need of it.
Okay, calling the vote. Fairies getting the pep talk first. Update later tonight.
File 137532903271.jpg - (186.17KB, 850x606, sample-28688f5470b4c9f0f6cae49d91934a90.jpg) [iqdb]
You have to walk by the fairies to get into the bar, so you might as well see how they are preparing and give them a pep talk. Walking into the kitchen you see Hinata laying out ingredients so that they are within short walking distance everything else. Obviously perishable food is kept in the refrigerator and freezer, but everything else is set up neatly as Sunny and Luna carry out stacks of papers.

“Hi Aaron!” Star shouts when she sees you. “Hinata wasn’t sure if you had a menu already, so we drew one up earlier!” Ah, crap you had completely forgotten about that!

You smile and pat her on the head. “Thanks for that, I dropped the ball there. So, what’s on the menu?”

Hinata takes a break from her sorting and says, “Oh, just some simple foods. Burgers, french-fries, onion rings, freshly made potato chips, and other easily made foods.”

“Okay, thanks a lot for this,” you say gratefully.

Sunny and Luna come back into the kitchen and shout, “THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE!”

“W-what?” Hinata jumps and starts flying around the kitchen in a hurry, trying to get everything else organized before you open in ten minutes. Sunny goes to help her as Luna and Star start getting plates ready.

“Wait, calm down!” You shout at the fairies who are growing increasingly panicked. When they stop and look at you, you take a deep breath. “I know you’re nervous. I know you have probably never done anything like this before. I also know that you wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t have faith in your skills. I’ve had all of your cooking, and I’m willing to say that is among the best I’ve ever had! Don’t worry about how many people are out there. All you need to do if fill the orders, don’t rush, and have fun with it.” You watch as they stare at you, gradually calming down. “I believe in you, now you need to believe in yourselves.”

Without warning the fairies converge on you with a group hug. “Thank you for believing in us,” Sunny says quietly. “We won’t let you down!” The others cheer in agreement, you hear another voice with the fairies.

Turning your head you see Marisa standing at the doorway to the kitchen smiling. “It’s almost time Aaron.” She says as you force yourself away from the smiling fairies. “Do you plan on saying anything to the crowd? Mokou’s barely keeping them at bay at this point.” She says the last part jokingly, so you don’t worry too much.

“Yeah, I should say something.” You already have vague idea of what you want to say. You follow Marisa out to the front. WOW! That is a lot of people! Can you even fit that many people? Oh, wow they’re staring at you. Uh, say something fool! “W-welcome!” You raise your voice over the excited crowd. “I’d like to welcome you all to ‘The Lounge’! In this place it doesn’t matter if you are human or youkai, everyone is welcome to come in and have a good time! Everyone who enters these doors are considered equals, regardless of your social standing. I’m looking forward to seeing you all having a good time, so without further ado, welcome to ‘The Lounge’!”

The crowd cheers as you step back into the building and Mokou gives you an approving nod. Marisa is polishing a glass with a smile. You hadn’t noticed but she changed her outfit at some point. She’s now wearing an outfit similar to yours, except without the tie and the top couple buttons of her blouse are unbuttoned. “Maybe you should button one of those,” you say walking over to her.

“Yeah, I probably should,” she says smirking, “But then I might lose my charm.” She winks at you.

You shake your head and watch as the crowd files in. Sunny, Star, and Luna come out of the kitchen to greet the guests and take their orders. Marisa quickly goes to help them leaving you alone at the already packed bar.

Time to start getting the drinks flowing.
“Whew,” you say after you finish pouring the last drink. Some of the people who were at the bar left to go to a table after getting their drinks, so there are a few empty stools there now. So far everything is going surprisingly well. Mokou had originally been standing around near the door keeping watch, but after seeing how swamped the fairies and Marisa were with delivering the food she quickly went to help. Though that quickly dies down as people get to talking and laughing between tables, playing darts, there even looks to be a small poker game going.

Marisa joins you back at the bar the two of you just laugh at each other. You take a look back around the room and see some familiar faces. Some of them don’t seem like they have a drink yet. Maybe you should go fix that?

-Choose a group to wait on
[] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
[] Momiji, Aya, Hatate
[] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli
[] Reisen, Tewi, Eirin
[] Mystia, Yoko
[] Reimu, Sanae
[X] Mystia, Yoko
I believe it is our turn to wait on them for a change.
[x] Momiji, Aya, Hatate
Time to catch up
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
[X] Reisen, Tewi, Eirin 
[X] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

I want to listen in on the teasing.
[X] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

It is day of judgment.
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli

Patches left the library? Huh.
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli
[X] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli
[X] Mystia, Yoko
Yes, that sounds like a fine idea.
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli
I want to see the threads!
[X] Mystia, Yoko
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli
Oh boy.
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
So what does our dear mother think about this? I also want to check so that they aren't drunk to their heads already
[X] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli

Might be rude if we serve our "family" first. Yukari will give her opinion either today or later. Besides, didn't Aaron say all are equal here?
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

Family gets special treatment?
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli

I haven't read about the SDM in Gensokyo for a while.
[X] Mystia, Yoko

Mystia never gets any attention for some reason.
[X] Mystia, Yoko
[X] Mystia, Yoko

Tables have turned, etc.
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli

largest grope first
[x] Sakuya, Remilia, Meiling, Patchouli

I don't think we've met most of this group yet.
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

just going with my gut
[X] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
Okay, vote called for the SDM cast. I forgot to mention that the longer you put off talking to these groups the more intoxicated they will be. That may be something to consider for the next votes.

Damn really? Would've changed my vote if I had known.
I got the sudden urge of saving Yukari, Ran and Youmu for last
you're actually surprised people would get drunker in a BAR?
Well generally you don't want your customers to get too drunk at a bar, cause that way lies violence, broken things and vomit everywhere. also they won't be able to pay their bill at that point.
Still it's why people go to a bar; hopefully it'll go without someone trying to wreck things for Youmu.
File 137541374478.jpg - (169.78KB, 850x512, sample-1196dbcb8a697af578cebda1531ecd74.jpg) [iqdb]
The closest table also happens to be the largest group that is lacking drinks. You recognize them as the inhabitants of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya, Meiling, Patchouli, and the mistress herself, Remilia. They aren’t wearing their usual outfits, which you find a little surprising. Meiling is in a pair of blue jeans with a white tee and a green sports jacket. Sakuya is wearing a more modest length white skirt and a blue spaghetti strap top. Patchouli a long one piece purple dress and a crescent moon hairclip. Lastly, Remilia is wearing a white t-shirt with a rose print on it and a light blue skirt with black leggings.

The four of them are connected via blue lines. Patchouli and Meiling are more of a blue-green though. There might be some pink in the line connected Sakuya and Meiling, but if there is it’s very faint. Sakuya and Remilia have a blue line with a thin gold line spiraling around it. You don’t know what gold means though.

Walking up to the table you say, “Hello ladies, can I get you anything to drink?”

“Your finest wine please,” the young vampire says politely.

The gate keeper says, “Something strong, surprise me.” She sounds tired. Must have had a long day or something.

“Scotch,” the maid responds plainly.

“I’ll have the same as Remi,” replies the purple haired magician.

You nod and head back to the bar and enlist Marisa’s help in delivering their drinks. Once they have them Marisa goes on to the other tables to see what they’d like to drink. “Is there anything else you need?”

“How’s Hinata doing,” Sakuya asks before taking a drink.

“Yes, I’d like to know that too,” Remilia says after taking a sip of her wine.

Patchouli looks indifferent to the topic, but Meiling is looking at you expectantly. “She’s doing quite well,” you say with a smile, remembering her confusion to the phrase “rise and shine”. She was nervous before we opened, but she seems to have taken complete command of the kitchen.” You had stuck your head in there to see how everyone was doing and she told you to leave because you would only be getting in the way.

“Is she getting along with the other fairies here?” Remilia seems proud of her ex-maid, as she is smiling pleasantly.

“The four of them get along just fine.” They do seem comfortable around eachother.

“What times will you be open from now on?” The gatekeeper asks downing just before downing her entire drink in one go. This will probably end badly seeing as how you gave her the strongest Oni liquor you had.

“We’ll be opening at noon, and closing at two in the morning,” you say after taking her glass. “Refill?” She nods. “I’ll be right back.”

Upon your return you are addressed by Patchouli. “If you don’t mind me asking, why did you decide to open a bar? Surely someone with your, connections, could do anything else. You probably would be safer doing ANY other job.”

You chuckle a little, only to get a strange look from her. “Sure, other jobs would be safer,” you say shrugging, “But they aren’t what I want to do. I figure this would be more fun and overall rewarding.”

“Any plans on getting live entertainment in here?” Meiling asks.

“I’m hoping to contact the Prismriver Sisters and ask them if they’d like to do some shows here. I’ll also be looking for some local talent. Maybe I’ll find the next big thing here in the village?”

Speaking of the devils, you see the three musical sisters enter the bar. You recall seeing them perform once before, it was mesmerizing. You kind of want to approach them now, but they aren’t here for that so it can wait.

Excusing yourself you look around the bar, most people have drinks or are waiting on refills. Being a good host is key to keeping customers, so you should proba-

“Hey Aaron,” a voice interrupts your train of thought. Turning you see Momiji standing next to you. “Can you come by my table later? I need your help getting back at Aya.”

“What do I need to do?” You ask.

“I just need you to go along with everything, it won’t be too bad. Just trust me.” You suddenly feel nervous. What does she mean by that? “Oh, try to come by after she’s had more to drink, but don’t wait too long or she’ll be too drunk to remember anything.” She waves as she heads to the ladies room.

Well, what now?
-Choose one
[] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
[] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 5%)
[] Reisen, Tewi, Eirin
[] Mystia, Yoko
[] Reimu, Sanae
[] Prismriver Sisters
Don't worry, you'll see more of the SDM cast before the night is through.

Also, please note Aya's intoxication Level. When it reaches 100% she'll be completely wasted and possibly unconscious. I'll let you decide when to talk to her.
[X] Reimu, Sanae

I would say around 50% should be good to visit them.
[x] Reimu, Sanae
Muh armpits.
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
-[x] Don't forget to mention, as you leave the table about Momiji's request.

Just prevention against typical romantic hijinks.
[x] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 5%)

Momi momi
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

What do you mean by that?

Too soon; she's not drunk enough.
[X] Reimu, Sanae

Sure, why not.
[x] Reisen, Tewi, Eirin

While we discretely keep an eye on the tengu, maybe talking with Eirin and Reisen could help us better understand Aaron's bond vision.
[x] Reisen, Tewi, Eirin
I kind of want to get the ones we're probably less likely to see often out of the way.
Probably should go to the Tengu table when Aya's at least... say 20% but not much more than 50%. Ballpark.

[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

I'd guess the "romantic hinjinks" would be along the lines of Momiji implying some sort of romance between her and you to Aya, and if Youmu overheard she might take it wrong.
i think mom would be better for that.
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
-[x] Don't forget to mention, as you leave the table, about Momiji's request.

Yes. This is smart. Should be in a rather unconcerned tone though. We shouldn't be worried, but you always want to cut back on potential relationship explosions.
[X] Reimu, Sanae

What does Momiji have in store for Aya?
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu
-[x] Don't forget to mention, as you leave the table, about Momiji's request.
Smart move.

>Sakuya and Remilia have a blue line with a thin gold line spiraling around it.
Either Fate Hax or unshakable bond maybe?
[X] Mystia, Yoko
[x] Yukari, Ran, Youmu

Let's wait on Aya until she's had a few drinks, but talk to the family and GF before they have too many drinks in them.
[X] Reimu, Sanae
[x] consider buying the beretta 9 and ammo, why not? we may even get into the arms manufacturing bussiness and make billions!!!

but seriously
[x] buy the pistol and ammo maybe also [x] yukari's table
Okay calling the vote for seeing Yukari before she gets too drunk. Update sometime tonight.
File 137549935174.jpg - (876.56KB, 1767x2500, 888a366917c137d6a6bbc420379e8cc5.jpg) [iqdb]
“What now?” you ask yourself. You look around the room and decide that Marisa can handle the newest group, so you head over to your mothers table. All three of them have drinks already, so that simplifies things. “Hello there,” you say to make your presence known. You notice that the three of them are drinking sake. “Drinking pretty light,” you note.

Yukari smiles at you with an almost smug expression. “I’m waiting for a certain Oni to get here. She’ll probably challenge me to a drinking contest, so I don’t want to be at too much of disadvantage.”

“Lady Yukari, please,” Ran says sighing, “Try to moderate yourself. It would be horribly embarrassing for Aaron if you cause a scene here and he’s forced to kick you out.”

“Aw, Aaron wouldn’t do that!” Yukari pouts in response. Her expression quickly turns to worry as she asks you, “Would you?”

You shrug noncommittally. “Maybe, depends how out of line you get.” She purses her lips in response. “Anyway, are you all enjoying yourselves?”

“The atmosphere is quite nice,” Ran says looking around. “Unfortunately, that is likely to change as the night goes on.” She takes a sip of her sake before continuing. “Still, it is nice and calm. Everyone is talking amongst themselves with those around them and everything seems to be going smoothly.”

Youmu nods slightly. “I agree, but it could do with some music. It’s nice that everyone is relaxing and having fun, but it would be nice to have a space to dance or something.”

“You just want an excuse to dance with Aaron, don’t you?” Yukari asks teasingly.

Youmus face turns red as she stammers out a denial. “N-no! I, uh, I just think it would, umm, you know, help liven the place up. Yeah! It would definitely help everyone unwind!”

”Nice save” you say mentally. “So, do any of you have plans to join one of the card games going on?”

“Nah, I’ll just wait for Suika to show up,” your mother says with a shrug.

“M-maybe,” Youmu says, “but I’ll probably just go talk to Sakuya later.”

Ran shakes her head and says, “I won’t be here much longer I’m afraid. I have to go home and keep an eye on Chen. You know how she gets when she’s left alone.” You chuckle a little. When left entirely alone Chen’s feral instincts take over and she starts clawing at furniture chases mice. She’s still young and unused to denying her instincts, so when she’s left alone she lets herself go and acts like a normal housecat.

“Well, I need to get back to work. Just call me if you need anything!” They wave you off but right before you go you say, “Oh, by the way, I’ve been enlisted by Momiji to help her get even with Aya. I don’t really know what I have to do, so if a scene is caused, just go with it.” The three of them exchange confused looks as you walk to the center of the room.

You look around the room for a moment. Some of the groups have separated and joined with others. There are even some new arrivals.

You are about to go check on another table when you feel a tug on your sleeve. Turning to look you see the youngest Prismriver standing there. Normally, she’s wearing a red dress, but she seems to be going casual with a pair of tight jeans and a red tank top. She’s still wearing her hat though; it looks out of place. “Hi, I’m Lryica,” she says sweetly. “My sisters and I were talking, and we wanted to know if you had any plans for music tonight? If not, we could play for a little while.”

“I had wanted to ask you about that, but I figured you would just want to relax and not worry about performing,” you admit. Something is bothering you though, how can they perform without their instruments? “Did you happen to bring your instruments with you?”

She smiles and snaps her fingers causing her piano to materialize in the air. “So, how about it?”

-Choose one
[] Yes
[] No
-What group next?
[] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 20%)
[] Tewi, Eirin
[] Mystia, Yoko
[] Reimu, Sanae, Suwako, Remilia
[] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling
[] Patchouli, Alice
I'll apologize now if these updates are short. I don't want to drag any scenes on longer than necessary. I'm trying to also add new people as time goes on, seeing as how not everyone would arrive at the same time. I won't always tell you in the update that new people are there, so you'll have to check the choices carefully.
[x]seriously, that 9mm might save your life.
just consider it.
[x] Yes
[x] Mystia, Yoko
[X] Yes

Hey, free entertainment. How are we to turn that down?

[X] Mystia, Yoko

We've left these two alone long enough. Though we should aim to hit Tewi's table sometime soon. I get the feeling we'll be needing some luck later.
also, loving the story so far!
also also, changing vote to mystia&yoko
wasn't thinking.
[x] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 20%)
He already doesnt like Tewi, im not sure its the best idea.

[X] Sure
[X] Mystia & Yoko

[x] Tewi, Eirin

Okay so maybe Tewi might be sort of a dick, but I'd still like to hear what Eirin might have to say. Maybe she'll reveal or hint something about his powers we aren't aware of yet.
[x] Yes
[x] Mystia, Yoko

Just a bit more and it'll be the perfect time for the stunt.
[X] Mystia, Yoko

Mystia could always do with some appreciation.
[x] Yes
[x] Mystia, Yoko

Let the ethanol flow!
[x] Yes
[x] Mystia, Yoko

Just 20%? Not enough.
[x] No
[x] Patchouli, Alice
[x] Yes
[x] Mystia, Yoko

Hello to the music. Also, let's get Aya next time, yeah?
[x] Yes
[x] Mystia, Yoko
Okay, I'm going to start writing soon. Update sometime tonight.
File 137558247483.jpg - (365.88KB, 810x1120, 3ac7c74742971e5e17a657b66a79102d.jpg) [iqdb]
Picture is pretty much what Mystia is wearing, sans the hat and boot details.
“I’d be delighted to have you and your sisters perform for us,” you tell the poltergeist.

She claps her hands and her piano disappears. “Great! I’ll go tell my sisters and we’ll start getting set up!” She rushes off towards her sisters smiling. You can’t tell what she’s saying, but her sisters seem very pleased. The three of them stand up and make their way over to an empty corner. They are all wearing similar outfits, just different colors. Lyricas top is black and Merlins is pink. They are also wearing their hats, which look silly without their normal clothes.

You turn away from the musicians and survey the room. The groups have changed a bit, but there is one couple who are still sitting together. Yoko and Mystia. Mystia is wearing a brown top that just barely covers her breasts and shows off her midriff, thigh high boots, and a pair of hot-pants. She’s being very revealing with her outfit, you wonder if that’s intentional. Yokos outfit is far more conservative. She’s wearing a simple orange tee and long white skirt.

They don’t seem to notice your advance. “Hello you two,” you say grabbing their attention, and making Yoko jump. “Enjoying yourselves?” You take note that Yoko and Mystia are linked by a vibrant green thread.

“Of course!” Mystia responds. “Yoko needs to loosen up and go talk to someone else though.” She sighs and starts slouching in her chair. “Poor girl is a wreck if I’m not right there next to her.”

Yoko blushes and yells, “H-hey! I-I’m trying! I actually said ‘hi’ to that guy at the bar!” She points at a blonde at the bar. If you were drinking anything, you would have done a spit take.

“Yoko, how much have you had to drink?” You ask. She had pointed to Marisa. Sure, her outfit isn’t particularly feminine but there’s no way she could be confused with a man.

“Uh,” Yoko grabs a bottle from the middle of the table. “Three of these?” She doesn’t sound certain.

Mystia looks at you apologetically and says, “It’s more like five, and this is pretty strong stuff too. She didn’t want to drink it at first, but I kinda made her in hopes that it would get her to loosen up some.”

“She doesn’t look drunk,” you note.

“She’s good at keeping her composure,” Mystia pauses for a moment, only to add, “When she’s drunk that is.”

“I’m not drunk!” Yoko protests. “I’m perfectly shober!” Oh boy, she’s starting to slur her words. She must have noticed too as she slumps dejectedly. “Oops.”

You shake your head laughing. “Don’t worry about it, just have fun!”

Mystia is laughing too, “C’mon Yoko, you’ve had enough for tonight.” She reaches to take the bottle from Yoko.

Only for Yoko to pull it close to her and plead, “Just let me finish this last one!”

Mystia looks to you and asks, “Can you talk some sense into her? She’ll listen to you!”

You shrug. “I don’t see why she can’t finish that bottle; after all it’s already on your bill. Second, what makes you think she’ll listen to me? And third, you made your bed, now you have to lie in it.”

Mystia pouts, but Yoko gleefully thanks you, “Aw, you’re the bestest, Aaron!”

You just smile and say, “Thanks Yoko, that means a lot.”

Back in the corner of the room the Prismriver sisters are all set up. After a few failed attempts to get everyone’s attention Merlin loudly blows into her trumpet. The room goes silent long enough for her to say, “HEY EVERYONE! So, we’re doing a quick thing tonight! Probably just a few songs to get the place jumpin’. So let’s all have a good time tonight!” After a quick nod to her sisters the three of them start playing.

“You got them to perform!?” Mystia shouts over their music.

“They offered,” you shout back. “I’m going to leave you two to your own devices for now. I’ll try to stop by later!” The two of them wave you off and you head back to the bar.

The music starts off calm, but quickly shifts into something upbeat. The patrons seem livelier now as they are getting up and moving around more. Hopefully they don’t get too riled up. What should you do now? It wouldn’t hurt to sit down for a minute or two would it? You shouldn’t have a drink, but you could sit down with someone and chat. Or you could just enjoy the music, that’s always an option.

-Choose One Restoption and one Group option
--Rest options
[] Rest at the bar with Marisa
[] Check on the fairies in the kitchen
[] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
--Group options
[] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)
[] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya
[] Sanae, Suwako, Remilia
[] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[] Patchouli, Alice
[] Suika, Yukari, Reimu
Poor guys been on his feet all day, he needs to sit and soon! Please note that you are picking TWO things this update. I doubt anyone really reads what I say here, so I'll go ahead and say that you could pick two groups and forgo resting.
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate

Can't speak for everyone but I at least read the blurbs at the bottom.
[x] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)
Vote this before it's too late.
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate
[x] Rest at the bar with Marisa
[x] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)

Let's take a moment to rest with Marisa, and keep an eye on Aya. We'll move in when the time is right.

Also, dat Mystia.
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)

40% should suffice and a bit more Mokou sounds good,
[x] Rest at the bar with Marisa
[x] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya

Oh please 40% is nothing for Gensokyo. Let's wait for the 60%
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)

I think it's close enough as I have no idea how much the next thing would push her.
[x] Mokou

[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu

A quick check up on your lover would be nice. After this, Aya should be properly intoxicated and Momiji's plan ready to roll.
[] Check on the fairies in the kitchen
[] Patchouli, Alice

Fairies are adorable, and we haven't seen Alice or Patchy yet in this story.
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate

Let's do it!
[X] Mokou looks like she’s tired of standing, tell her to take a break
[X] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)
[x] Rest at the bar with Marisa
[x] Momiji, Aya, Hatate (Aya intoxication level: 40%)
Calling the vote for resting with Mokou and Checking up on Momiji, Aya, and Hatate. Update later tonight.
File 137567721037.jpg - (307.01KB, 850x1401, sample-27eb8e8a5da61ce635dc82878f8a6cce.jpg) [iqdb]
Mokou has been on her feet the entire time and she’s been dealing with incoming customers. Though, now that the initial flood is over with she could take a break and talk to someone. She’s leaning against the door with her arms crossed and a slight smile on her face. You make your way through the bar to her. “Hey, Mokou,” you say stopping in front of her. “Why don’t you take a break? After dealing with everyone coming in, I’m sure you need it. Plus, you’ve helped deliver food and drinks. You’ve already done more than what was asked of you.”

For a moment, you think she’s blushing. But you can’t tell since she’s shaking her head. “I haven’t done anything anyone else wouldn’t do, but I’ll take you up on that offer to rest.” She sits down at an empty table and says, “So why don’t you join me for a minute?”

“Sure,” you gladly take a seat across from her. “So, what do you think of the turnout?”

“It’s surprising,” she says nodding. “I was expecting a lot of people, but not big names like the ones we’ve gotten here. Hell, even Kaguya showed her face!” She sighs exasperatedly.

“I’m surprised you didn’t try to fight her,” you say jokingly.

She chuckles in response, “Ah, don’t worry. I won’t turn away a paying customer.” Smiling she adds, “I’ll just kill her after she pays.” You scoot your chair back a little. “I was just joking!” The two of you sit there for a few minutes in silence, simply enjoying the down time. “Ah well, we shouldn’t be sitting around.” She stands up after a bit and starts heading to the door. “Thanks for the company Aaron.”

“No problem,” you say standing up. She has gone back to her spot next to the door smiling a little more than before. ”So, what now?” You wonder looking around the room quickly and your eyes catch Momiji and Aya talking heatedly. Well, it seems you found your next group to talk to.

Making your way over there you start to hear their conversation. Momiji is annoyed by Aya’s behavior and Aya is telling Momiji to loosen up. You make eye contact with Hatate who is sitting there looking completely unamused. “You’re too uptight Momi~! Why don’t you try getting laid?” Aya slurs.

“I do not need to ‘get laid’ Aya,” Momiji says glaring at the crow tengu. She even did the air quotes. “Unlike you I don’t need to sleep with my higher-ups just to keep my rank!”

“Uh, guys,” Hatate says futilely.

“I do not sleep with my superiors!” Aya yells back. It’s a good thing the Prismriver sisters are still playing; they would be the center of attention if they could be heard by the rest of the bar.

“I’ve heard you at night when I’m on patrol! Hell, I can smell it!” Momiji barks back bitterly.

“Guys,” Hatate says again. Only to be ignored, again.

“You have no right to talk to me like that!” Aya hollers.

“GUYS!” Hatate yells getting their attention. “We have company.”

Momiji looks delighted to see you while Aya seems to be checking you out. You take this moment to examine the threads. Aya is connected to Hatate with a blue line, and Momiji with a green line that has orange in it. Hatate and Momiji are connected through a solid green line.

“Hey Aaron!” Momiji stands up to greet you. “Aya, Hatate, this was the guy I was telling you about.” She’s a bit shorter than you, but those shoes help make up the difference. She leans over and kisses you on the cheek. You nearly jump in surprise, but you remember that she’s planning on getting back at Aya somehow. This must be part of her plan.

“Oh ho, this is the lucky guy you were telling us about,” Aya says still eyeing you like a piece of meat. “I’d love to get my hands on him.”

Hatate quickly says, “Don’t mind her, she gets like this when she drinks.”

Momiji is holding on to your arm as if the two of you were actually dating. You can’t help but feel a little awkward. “So, want to take back what you said about me not being able to get a boyfriend?”

“He just wants to touch your tail,” Aya says flatly. “And your ears. Humans are suckers for animal appendages.” Aya stands up and stretches. “Well, I need to use the bathroom. Be right back.” She winks at you.

Once Aya is out of ear shot Hatate says, “You’re not actually dating right?” Momiji lets you go and sits back down, shaking her head. “Oh good. It would cause an uproar back at the mountain if you were.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for though,” Momiji says taking a sip of sake. “If Aya falls for it, she’ll likely try to spread the rumor around the mountain. BUT, if you and I tell everyone it isn’t true then she’ll be humiliated. Chances are they’ll ask Aaron for the truth, and all he has to say is that we’re just friends.” She claps her hands together and finishes by saying, “And there we go! Aya’s been embarrassed and her credibility drops even more!”

“Shouldn’t her credibility be pretty low already?” You ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, she hasn’t actually published anything that wasn’t true,” Hatate says hesitantly.

Momiji looks around then quickly says, “You should probably get back to work. I think Aya’s buying it, but I’ll need to see you one last time before we leave. I’ll come to you then okay?” You nod. “Good! She’s pretty gullible when she’s drunk.”

You wave to the two of them as you walk off. A quick glance around the room reveals that neither Yukari nor Youmu were facing your direction. Good, that saves you some awkwardness. Anyway, it’s time to get back to being a host.

-Choose one
[] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya
[] Sanae, Suwako, Remilia
[] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[] Patchouli, Alice
[] Suika, Yukari, Reimu
Wow, this one is late, but not too late. Oh well, I was planning a little more for this one, but a lot of it seemed too much. I'll save it for another time.
[] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya
[x] Patchouli, Alice
[X ] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya

I really hope Youmu didn't see that.
[x] Patchouli, Alice
[X] Patchouli, Alice
[x] Patchouli, Alice
They aren't ogling your barmaid, are they?
[] Sanae, Suwako, Remilia

I'm very curious to find out what the Moriyas are talking to Remilia about.
[x] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya

Well, haven't spoken to the Eientei crowd yet.
[X] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya

Eientei time. Also make sure that Tewi isn't going to cause trouble.
[x] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya

I wonder if maybe we can get them to invite more rabbits here.
[x] Tewi, Eirin, Kaguya
Vote called for the Eientei crew. Update tonight.
File 137574994446.jpg - (165.38KB, 850x567, sample-b4c83c9429b236936a2079f6bea67882.jpg) [iqdb]
After careful consideration, you decide to go check on the party from Eientei. More specifically you are checking on Tewi to make sure she isn’t getting into trouble. You walk over to their table, and see that they all are wearing their normal outfits. “Hello ladies, having a good time?” You ask smiling. You get along with Eirin, but that’s more because she’s a professional, and Kaguya, because she’s actually a nice person. Tewi on the other hand, well, her pranks have left you and her at odds to put it nicely.

Eirin nods and Kaguya says, “We are. I personally would like to see Mokou relax a little more, but given her job I don’t see that happening anytime soon.” She smiles as she talks about Mokou. As much as you want to, you can’t see which line actually connects her with Mokou. You do, however, see the lines connecting the three at the table. Kaguya and Eirin are connected via blue lines with a smaller gold line in it and Tewi is linked to them via green almost blue lines.

“You two may be having fun,” Tewi says bitterly, “but I’m sure not! I’m being treated like a prisoner here!”

“How so?” You ask, not really caring if she’s having a good time. If there was anyone you openly disliked, it’s her. It doesn’t help that your first meeting with her was when you were a kid and you didn’t know she wasn’t Eirin’s assistant. She came in a few minutes after Eirin did a routine check up on you and told you that you were going to die! She even sounded professional using medical terms that sounded bad. You know now that she was completely bull shitting you, but it sure didn’t sound like it!

Tewi raises her right hand, which raises Eirin’s left, revealing the two of them are handcuffed together. You literally bite your tongue to keep yourself from laughing. “She said that she can’t trust me to drink and behave myself! News flash, I am RIGHT HANDED!” She pounds her free hand on the table. “Do you have any idea how annoying it is to do anything with your off hand?”

“That is why I handcuffed you to my left hand Tewi,” Eirin says smiling. “I didn’t want to be held back.”

“You’re ambidextrous!” Tewi shouts. It’s at this point you can’t keep yourself from laughing. “It isn’t funny! She’s treating me like a kid!”

“And you’re acting like one,” you laugh. “Stop pranking people and maybe you’ll be trusted to go to a bar without being handcuffed to someone.” Tewi grumbles under her breath while Eirin and Kaguya calmly take a sip from their drinks. Eirin has a bottle of Oni beer and Kaguya has a glass of red wine. “So, is there anything you need?” You ask, before saying to Tewi who is ready to say something, “Other than a skeleton key.” Her mouth closes instantly.

“Not at the moment,” Eirin says with her eyes closed.

Kaguya looks thoughtful for a moment before saying, “I don’t need anything right now, but stop by later if you want to just relax.”

“Thanks for the offer,” you say as Eirin and Kaguya wave you goodbye. You head back to the bar and survey the room once more. None of the groups have moved recently and the Prismriver sisters are bringing their performance to a close. An idea forms in your head, but your only reservation is that it might be a little late. Assuming Yukari isn’t too drunk, you could ask her to quickly gap out to the outside world and get a karaoke machine. That would really liven the place up.

You give it some thought, but it seems she’s started her drinking contest with Suika. Chances are that it’s too late now, but you can always ask her some other time. But what should you do now?

-Choose one
[] Sanae, Suwako, Remilia
[] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[] Patchouli, Alice
[] Suika, Yukari, Reimu
() Ask mom about the Karaoke machine (She might be too drunk to do it though)
So, there was never any reason to worry about Tewi. That might be a little mean, but I'm hoping it's more amusing than cruel.

Anyway, the Karaoke idea can be put off for another time. It's up to you if you want to try it, but bare in mind that a good portion of the night has already passed and Yukari has had a lot to drink at this point.
[x] Suika, Yukari, Reimu

Saying hi to Reimu and Suika. We can leave Karaoke for another night.
[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[X] Patchouli, Alice

Let's...let's keep our drunk mother away from the karaoke machine, okay?
[x] Suika, Yukari, Reimu
[X] Suika, Yukari, Reimu
(X) Ask mom about the Karaoke machine (She might be too drunk to do it though)
An absolute disaster? Yes please.
[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu

KTV next time.
[X] Patchouli, Alice
[x] Patchouli, Alice
[X] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
Drunk servants! Maybe
[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
[X] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu

I'll bet all of the servants are swapping stories.
[X] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
oh , that sounds fun.
[x] Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, Youmu
Visiting the servants it is. Update at some point tonight.
File 13758396996.jpg - (224.98KB, 800x567, c0d2ae35035dcf9aa1c2353aab5d8126.jpg) [iqdb]
”Yeah, the karaoke machine can wait,” you say mentally. Nearby are Reisen, Sakuya, Meiling, and Youmu. They all seem to be enjoying themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to see if they need a refill or if they want to order more food. As you approach you see the threads linking them together. With the exception of the thread between Sakuya and Meiling, everyone has a green thread.

“-s why you should just do it!” You barely catch the end of what Reisen says. She’s talking pretty intensely towards Youmu who looks like she might die of embarrassment. “Fuck taking things slow! If you want something you have to reach out there and take it!”

“But what if I’m too forceful?” Youmu says into her sake.

“Guys love forceful girls!” Reisen shouts. She’s slurring her words, but is still able to be clearly understood.

Sakuya calmly says, “No they don’t.”

Meiling just seems to be ignoring them and waves at you. “’Ello Aaron. What bringsh you here?” You probably shouldn’t have given her Oni liquor, but oh well.

“I was just seeing if you needed anything. I can comeback if I’m interrupting.” You say calmly. You get the feeling they were talking about you.

“Oh, you don’t have to leave,” Reisen says grinning. “So, since someone is dragging her feet, why don’t you and I go have some fun? You have a great body, and it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

Her three tablemates gasp while you stand there looking disturbed. “How about we pretend you didn’t say that and I won’t charge you extra.”

“I don’t mind paying extra if I get what I want,” she says seductively.

Youmu glares at the rabbit and says, “I’ll kick her out, free of charge!”

“I’m not getting involved if you two start fighting and Aaron is forced to kick you out.” Sakuya doesn’t seem amused in the slightest.

“Reishen, yur drunk. Go home.” Everyone stops and stares at Meiling, who is by no means the picture of sobriety, like she’s crazy.

“You’re one to talk, you can barely get your words out!” Reisen shoots back once she regains what little composure she had.

Meiling shakes her head and says, “I have the shelf control to not hit on a taken man.”

Reisen glares at Meiling and shouts, “Come on, if you saw what I saw during his physicals, you would be all over him too!”

You make a small gesture towards Mokou telling her to come over here. “Reisen,” you say calmly, “you were never the one to conduct my physical. Eirin always did it personally.”

“Yeah and I bet you liked that,” she quips.

Mokou, who had been standing behind her, says, “So, that was one order of rabbit stew, right?” She picked a good time to step in. Half the bar is staring at Reisen right now. That and you weren’t sure how much longer your composure would last.

Reisen slowly and stiffly turns around to face Mokou. “Hi there, uh, how’s it going?”

“Mokou, would you kindly escort Miss Undonge to the door. She has had more than enough to drink.”

She nods and puts a hand on Reisen’s shoulder. “Sorry buddy, but you heard the man.”

Reisen silently pouts all the way to the door where she turns around and mouths the words “I’m sorry” and leaves. With her gone Youmu visibly relaxes. “So, she never saw you, uh, well…”

“No,” you say flatly.

She gives a relieved sigh and whispers, “Good.”

“So,” Sakuya says looking at her empty glass, “Could I have a refill please?” You make haste getting that for her and when you return she says, “You and Youmu kissed, huh?”

“Eh, wha, she told you?”

Youmu tries to hide behind her sake as Sakuya says, “Yeah, she wanted advice on what to do. I told her to take it slow, and Reisen said that’s for the weak.” She takes a drink before continuing. “Though, it seems like you might have the admiration of a few other women here. Though, it could just be that you own a bar and are good looking.”

“Well, I’m glad you think I’m attractive,” you say embarrassedly. “But, I don’t think that’s true.”

Sakuya shrugs and taps a daydreaming Meiling on the shoulder. “Meiling, come on, we’re leaving.” She helps Meiling stand up and turns to you. “We had a great time and we’ll be sure to come back when we get the chance.”

You and Youmu say goodbye to them and are left alone at the table. “So, what are you going to do now?” You ask her.

“I think I’ll sit at the bar for a little while. Maybe when you get the chance, we could, uh, talk,” she sounds nervous as she tries to find the right words. “You know, about, um, us.”

“Uh, well, w-wouldn’t you want to talk about that tomorrow?” You say after a moment of shock. “Y-you know, when you are, uh, sober?”

“T-that might be best,” she says looking a little disappointed. “We’re still good for lunch, right?” You nod. “Okay, I’ll talk to you later.” She gets hesitantly and walks to the bar, taking the first empty stool she can find.

The bar has gone back to being noisy and full of excited clamor now that Reisen isn’t making a scene. So, what should you do now?

-Choose one
[] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
[] Suika, Yukari, Suwako
[] Reimu, Sanae
You are approaching the end of the night. This scene felt off to me, but I couldn't think of anything better for it. Hopefully it doesn't seem too awkward or strange.
[x] Reimu, Sanae

Time for shrine maidens!
[x] Reimu, Sanae

Time for some Shr- oh, never mind.

>Reisen glares at Meiling and shouts, “Come on, if you saw what I saw during his physicals, you would be all over him too!”

Sounds like someone might have been a lewd bunny and been spying.
[X] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
[x] Reimu, Sanae
[x] Reimu, Sanae

Wait, what color was between Sakuya and Meiling?
[x] Reimu, Sanae
Poor little rabbit.
[x]miko & [x] SUIKA~!
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
[x] Reimu, Sanae
i think i'll choose [x]miko
Looks like it's time for the shrine maidens. Update at an unspecified time tonight.

File 13759279971.jpg - (346.33KB, 800x640, d73aee1048d28063a016b91e9259a248.jpg) [iqdb]
There appears to be two shrine maidens who you haven’t even said “hi” to all night, and one of them happens to be an old friend! It’s time to rectify this situation. The two of them are sitting at a table as far from your mom and her companions as possible, which you completely understand. As you close in on their table, you see that they have a strange thread connecting them to each other. It’s half pink, and half green. The pink half starts at Sanae, and the green starts at Reimu. You pause for a minute to consider what this could mean. It probably means that Reimu sees Sanae as a friend and Sanae is in love with Reimu. Eh, not your problem, yet. “Hello ladies,” you say when you reach their table. “How are you this evening?”

“Hey there,” Reimu says, her head bobbing up and down like she’s about to fall asleep. “Nice bar, I really like that ‘Youkai Buster’ drink Marisa came up with.” You immediately drop your head into the palm of your hand. She had agreed to not put her “experiments” on the menu. Well, you’ll let it slide this time since Reimu seemed to like it.

You look over at Sanae, who you think might be asleep. Closer inspection reveals that she is indeed asleep. “Uh, Reimu,” you say cautiously, “I think your friend might have passed out.”

“Oh? Good for her,” She starts to stand up and quickly falls back into her chair. “I should probly get goin too.” Oh boy, being drunk and tired is a terrible combination for people trying to talk.

“Wait here for a minute,” you say assertively. She nods. At least you think she nods, her head has been bobbing since before you got there so it’s hard to tell. Either way, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you walk over to Mokou. She nods to greet you and you nod back. “So, are there any hotels or inns or whatever here in the village? I don’t think Reimu and Sanae can get home tonight.”

Mokou laughs loudly enough for you to clearly hear her over the rest of the bar. “Oh, wow,” she says sighing. “Are you really planning on putting them up at a hotel?”

You shrug. “Maybe, but only if I can’t find an alternative.” You look around the bar for your mom and see her draining another glass of Oni “Revitalizers”. Apparently, the Oni drink those to feel refreshed, but if someone who isn’t an Oni drinks it, it’s like the strongest alcohol you could ever imagine. “Mom, uh, well she doesn’t look too reliable at this point. And there just isn’t room for them here.”

Mokou shrugs and chuckles as she says, “Just toss ‘em outside. You know, like a good bar owner would.”

“Yeah, that would be just great if I wanted them as repeat customers,” you say sarcastically.

“Why not ask Marisa to take them home? They’re all friends after all.” Mokou says looking towards the bar.

“Eh, why not,” you say walking away from Mokou. She seems amused by this turn of events. Back at the bar you notice that people are leaving in droves. It is getting to be about that time after all. “Hey, Marisa,” you say to her as she cleans an empty glass.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Reimu and Sanae,” she says quickly. You just stare at her looking shocked. “I figured you wouldn’t want them staying here, and Mokou no doubt said that you should ask me.” You nod, “Well, I was planning on it anyway. So, just let them stick around and I’ll bring them back to my place.”

“Okay, thanks!”

“No problem,” she says warmly.

Now that that issue is out of the way, you can focus on the last couple groups.

-Choose one
[] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
[] Suika, Yukari, Suwako
[x] Suika, Yukari, Suwako

Suika! Suwako!
[x] oni loli, mom, and frog loli.
what could possibly go wrong?
[X] Suika, Yukari, Suwako
Hope Mom isn't up to anything too bad.
[x] oni loli, mom, and frog loli.
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
I'd rather save what I'm sure will be the most entertaining for last.
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia

For like the fifth time. This has to be the least popular option I've ever voted for.
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
Are Alice and Patchy oogling Marisa?
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia


Or could Remi be keeping Alice and Patchouli from screwin' each other on top of the bar table?

Ah the wonderful sandbox nature of Gensokyo and the whole character personalities all over the place-ness.
[x] Patchouli, Alice, Remilia
Calling votes for the vampire and magicians. Update sometime tonight!

But where am I going to find two extremely powerful Loli's and someones mothe-...

Oh right... I gotcha now.
File 137600230719.jpg - (195.13KB, 850x590, sample-f960a3cf2a93bda5608b16450de8eb3e.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide to let the drinking contest go on for a little while longer. After all, the more they drink, the more they pay. There is another party who look like they’re about to leave, so you decide to check to make sure they had a good time. Before you leave the bar you glance at Youmu who is talking quietly with Marisa. That’s good; she seemed pretty upset after the Reisen incident, so you’re glad she’s not drowning herself in cheap sake.

As you walk up to the table with Patchouli, Remilia, and the puppeteer Alice Margatroid. Patchouli is connected to Alice via a green thread, whereas Remilia is connected to her by a white thread. You arrive just as Remilia stands up and wobbles. She manages to stay standing, but she doesn’t look steady at all. “Leaving already ladies?” You ask, chuckling to yourself as it’s close to one in the morning and they’ve been here almost all night.

“Regrettably,” the purple haired magician says as she raises herself from her seat. “It’s getting late, and Remi has had a little too much to drink.” She seems far steadier on her feet than Remilia.

“I hope you had fun,” you bow slightly as you say this. “and I hope you come back again!”

“We plan on it,” Remilia slurs uncharacteristically. “We’ll be seein’ you!” She starts towards the door, but doesn’t get very far before she falls onto her face.

You rush over to help her up. “Are you okay?” You ask as she grabs hold of your hands. She’s able to stand up just fine, but she holds onto your hands for balance.

“Y-yes,” she stammers, face red with embarrassment. “P-Patchy, I’m leaving.” She releases your hands quickly and walks to the door once more, albeit slower this time.

Patchouli gives an exasperated sigh before saying, “It was good to talk to you Alice. Please, stop by the library sometime when you’re free.” She turns to you and whispers, “I saw Sakuya and Meiling leave earlier. Did they cause any trouble?”

“They were fine,” you whisper back. She looks relieved for a moment so you ask, “Why, did you think they would be a problem?”

“Meiling had a tough day today, and I was worried she would get rowdy if given too much to drink.” Patchouli confirms your earlier thought that Meiling had a rough day. “Well,” she says in a normal tone, “I will be back again sometime.” She starts to the door walking easily enough seeing how she hadn’t drank as much as everyone else.

“Goodbye Miss Knowledge,” you say politely. She waves and continues walking to the door. Once she’s gone you turn to the blonde puppeteer. “Hello Miss Margatroid, how are you this evening?” You feel a little bad that you’ve ignored her up until now.

She smiles and takes a one last sip of her wine. “I’m doing well enough. The company was, and still is, pleasant enough.” You check the thread linking you with her. Pale green, as you figured it would be. “You’ve grown since the last time I saw you.” She stands up and faces you. She’s a whole head shorter than you. “It has been, what, four years now?”

“About that, yeah,” you confirm. You didn’t really care for the clothes that your mother had gotten for you when you first came to Gensokyo, so she hired Alice to make you a new wardrobe. She went an extra mile and made clothes based on how she thought you would grow. Unfortunately you grew more than she had anticipated, so you’ve had to deal with clothes bought from the village. “Did you need or want anything else?”

She shakes her head slightly, “No, I’m about to leave shortly. Once I get Shanghai from the youngest Prismriver I will be on my way.”

“Why does she have Shanghai?”

She does something that is somewhere between a sigh and a chuckle. “Would you believe she’s an avid doll collector?” You can’t help but look at her questioningly. “I know, that was my reaction too. But all the same, she’s taken a liking to Shanghai. She’s even commissioned me to make her a few dolls to resemble her and her sisters.” She looks a little nervous at the idea though.

“I’m sure you’ll do a good job,” you tell her honestly. “Do you need any help getting Shanghai back though?”

She shakes her head and says, “She agreed to give her back when I was about to leave.” She takes a hold of your hand and shakes it. “It was good seeing you again. If you ever need a new wardrobe just have Marisa contact me. I’d be happy to do it.”

“I’ll think about it.” There really isn’t much to think about. You do need a new set of clothes to wear; most of them are pretty old. Hell, your current clothes came from Rinnosuke who bought them off of an outsider! “Take care,” you say smiling.

“I will, and you do the same,” she smiles back and heads to the corner where the musicians are.

Turning away from them you see that there is practically no one here now. Your mother and Suika have both passed out at this point and their partner in crime is sitting there triumphantly. Grumbling to yourself about how you have no place for them to stay you walk over there. The only conscious one is a young looking girl with shoulder length blonde hair who is wearing a purple dress with a frog print on it and white sleeves and a strange hat that has large eyes on the top. It’s hard to mistake one of the gods of the Moriya shrine, and this one is no doubt Suwako Moriya.

The triumphant goddess is sitting there patting Suika on the head like a cat. “I told you~” she coos, “You shouldn’t challenge a goddess to a drinking contest when you’re already drunk.” She looks up from the Oni and stares into your eyes. “You’re Aaron, the owner, right?”

“Yes ma’am,” you say with a respectful bow.

“Don’t do that,” she says seemingly annoyed. “You said it yourself, people leave their positions behind at the door.”

“Ha, you’re right Miss Moriya.” How silly of you to treat a patron different just because she’s a goddess. Wait, no, it’s silly not to, but it doesn’t really matter. The customer is always right, except when they aren’t.

“So, Oni Revitalizers?” She raises an eyebrow at you. You can’t tell if she’s impressed or confused.

“I thought they would be good for the heaviest drinking youkai that come through here.” You reply with a simple shrug. Looking at Suika you say, “I think she could use one right now.”

The goddess laughs and says, “Yeah, she could! Too bad for her, it would have been cheating if she drank one!”

You gesture to the two passed out patrons and ask the seemingly sober loli, “So, any ideas what I should do with them?”

“If you want, I can drop them off at the Hakurei Shrine before heading home.”

“That would be appreciated.”

“Mkay!” She hops up from her seat and slings Yukari over her shoulder, and wraps an arm around Suika’s waist and carries her like a keg. “I’ll be going now, but I’ll be back next Saturday!” She rushes out the door haphazardly. You can only marvel at how strong she is for her size.

There are only a handful of people remaining, Youmu, Momiji, Aya, Hatate, Lyrica, Merlin, Lunasa, and your staff. When you get back to the bar you say to Marisa, “Hey, we should start closing up, so no more refills.”

“’Kay, should we start kicking people out?” You look back towards the tables to see the fairies hard at work cleaning up.

“Nah, not yet. Give’em a minute to finish their drinks and then kick them out,” you tell her.

“How nice of you, giving them time to finish up and everything,” she says jokingly. “If you aren’t careful, you might make girl fall for your kind heart.” You say nothing and ignore her. It’s easiest that way. After a couple minutes you are joined by Mokou at the bar.

Youmu finishes her drink and says goodbye before stumbling out the door. “Not going to let her stay here?” Mokou asks teasingly.

“Shut up,” is all you can say.

Shortly after her the two older musicians leave and Lyrica comes up to you. “My sisters wanted me to ask, but do you want us to perform for you every Saturday?”

“It depends on how much you’ll be charging,” you say as you try to mentally manage expenses.

“Oh, well, I don’t know off the top of my head,” she says apologetically. “I can come back later in the week and we can talk it over then, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, that sounds good!”

“Okay, I’ll see you later then!” She rushes out the door to meet up with her sisters.

“I’m a little disappointed,” Marisa says suddenly.

“Why?” You and Mokou ask simultaneously.

Marisa laughs and says, “Because she gets pretty touchy feely when she gets drunk! It’s a shame she’s learned to moderate herself.”

“That would only make my job harder,” Mokou grimaces.

It takes a couple minutes, but Aya and Hatate head to the door while Momiji comes to the bar. “Hey, Aaron,” she says, her tail twitching and the rest of her looking unsteady. “I’ll be seeing you around, right?”

“Yeah, good luck with everything,” you say moments before she reaches forward grabbing the back of your head and pulls you in for a kiss.

There’s the initial shock, but that quickly subsides with acceptance as part of her plan to get back at Aya. The two of you separate rather quickly and she turns around and heads to the door without another word. When she and her group are gone, Mokou and Marisa stare at you in surprise.

“Not a word,” you tell them forcefully. “I do not want to hear a word.”

Mokou shrugs and Marisa starts laughing.
It’s roughly two o’clock and the tables are clean, the floor is swept, the kitchen is scrubbed, and the money has been counted. In one night alone you have made back half of what you spent on the building, which in turn is more than you paid for all of the alcohol! Sure, you need to order more now, but if this keeps up you’re confident that you’ll be successful.

For now, there is one last thing to do before heading off to bed.

-Choose ONE
[] Congratulate the staff on a job well done
[] Take a moment to review everything that’s happened
[] Write in
So, opening night went off without a hitch and things are looking good for the future. Now, if there weren't sub-plots that haven't played out/finished this would be a place I could end it, not that I want to end it just yet. I'm just saying this was a spot I considered to have it end. We'll see how it goes from here, who knows, we might do something unexpected near the end.
[X] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.
Because they did. Get the fairies out here and have a little celebration yourselves for an awesome opening night.
[x] Congratulate the staff on a job well done

Honestly it was actually disappointing how well things went. It was kind of boring.
[x] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.

That all went surprisingly well.
[X] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.
[x] Congratulate the staff on a job well done!!!
[X] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.

We never could have done all this without them. They are as important to the bar as the actual alcohol.

Eh, there's still plenty of time for things to go awry. I'd like to think of it as the simple fact that nobody wants to be the death of the party, especially on opening night.

As soon as it settles down to day to day when everything has to run smoothly over time instead of a single night, things should get more... "Interesting".
Especially since there'll probably be more people coming in to drink away their troubles, too, compared to tonight which was just a party.
[X] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.

Ahh, a job well done!
[X] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.
It's been a while since we've seen the fairies considering they were just one room over, hasn't it?
Well not-boring might have been the bar being wrecked. We need more nights before things go awry.

[] Congratulate the staff on a job well done

Good Job everyone, we didn't burn down!
[x] Congratulate the staff on a job well done 
[X] Congratulate the staff on a job well done.
I'm going to call the vote now. Update, soon-ish.

Think about it like this, Would you go to a bar on it's opening night getting ready to trash the place and possibly scare the owner out of business? Also, do you really think Suika would pass out so easily? Come on, that girl is a party machine! I also didn't want to use my "Grade A" material yet. Gotta build up to it or it's just another random occurrence that has no real reason for being there.

It's also as >>36554 and >>36558 said. Give it time. That's all I ask, well that and for you to actually enjoy the story.
Okay, I apologize but updates will be delayed for a little while. This whole thing with Ofri is hitting me harder than I thought and I can't bring myself to write something lighthearted at the moment. I'll try to do something tomorrow. Once again, I apologize.

For those of you not in the know, refer to http://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/11628.html for more information.

A lot of people took this news hard. Some more than others. I don't know how many people actually visit the IRC, but I found that we're a community. To lose one of our own is tragic.
How long is a little?

Hey man, don't be a dick.
not to be mean or anything but it has been a while.
it would be a shame for such a great story to die like all of the others on this site usually do...

It has been less than a week. Hold your damn horses.
This story isn't dead. Just figured I'd let you know. I've hit a bit of a shlump that I'm trying to work through now. I've got classes starting up on Monday, so I need to get something out before then, since I'm worried I won't be able to update daily at that point. I'll try, but it's a matter of grades being more important than writing.

Anyway, long story short, I'll be updating either tonight or tomorrow at the latest. If I haven't updated by midnight tomorrow, feel free to post insults/pictures/whatever you want to make me feel like a horrible person who breaks promises.

Don't be too hard on them. I'd rather have people yell at me and get me back on track, rather than keeping quiet and me forgetting about this and letting it die.
glad to see you're back bro.
most stories on this site die and it pains me to see such talented people give up.

I know, I came off a little hotly. But there are stories that have come back after nearly a year.

Anon being so paranoid after not even a week was a little annoying.
Sounds good. I'll just be waiting warmly. Unless you don't update, in which case I'll switch to waiting coldly.
not paranoid, just hate to see a great story just suddenly stop. you know what i mean?
File 137662108649.jpg - (500.08KB, 1178x486, c71bc2e507388bfc6be8f59075da3ecd.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, you should congratulate your staff on a job well done. Marisa is gearing up to take the sleeping miko’s back to her place, Mokou has left some money on the counter and helped herself to a beer, and the fairies are starting to fall asleep. Everyone did such a great job and everything went smoother than you had hoped. “Everyone,” you start, unsure how to phrase it, “I’d like to, well, thank you for all your hard work tonight!” You pause to make sure you have everyone’s attention before continuing. “You all did great and I couldn’t ask for a better opening night! I hope that this is a sign of things to come.” The fairies cheer with tired voices, Marisa has more enthusiasm in hers, and Mokou raises her beer wordlessly. You walk over to the fairies and give each one of them a small shove towards the kitchen. “Go on you guys, get to bed.” The four of them slowly shuffle out.

Once they’re out, Marisa says, “You do know that it’s only going to get harder right? I mean, everyone was on their best behavior because they didn’t want to scare you away.”

“I figured as much,” you sigh reluctantly. “If everyone was cutting loose, well, I doubt the place would still be standing.”

Mokou throws an arm around your shoulders and in an attempt to cheer you up says, “Eh, even if they did go nuts, Marisa and I would kick their asses and you would charge them for damages. So, don’t worry about it too much! Just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll watch your back!”

“Thanks,” you tell her, “I appreciate that. But, any damages caused by you two will come out of your pay.” No hint of emotion is in your voice when you say the last part which causes Mokou and Marisa to do a double take. Their faces are frozen with shock with their jaws hanging slackly. You try to stay silent and keep a straight face, but that proves more difficult than you thought as you wind up laughing profusely. The two of them laugh awkwardly for a moment but for the most part just stare at you.

Once you get a grip on yourself Mokou asks with a serious look on her face, “So, would it really come out of our pay?” You bust out laughing again as you shrug. Sighing Mokou walks to the door. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to be careful if I ever have to break up a fight. Anyways, I’m leaving! See you guys tomorrow!” She doesn’t even turn around as she waves and walks out the door.

Marisa’s broom is floating in front of the bar as she puts Reimu and Sanae on it. For a second you wonder how that would work as they are likely to just fall off, but Marisa shakes her head and removes Sanae. “I’ll make two trips,” she mumbles to herself. “Hey, Aaron, you should get some sleep! I’ll be back for greenie over there,” she gestures to Sanae, “so, go to bed!” She walks beside her broom holding Reimu up to ensure she doesn’t fall. “Later!” She says before the door closes behind her.

You glance at Sanae who is just curled up on the floor. “Time for bed,” you say to yourself as you turn away from the green haired shrine maiden.

Back in your room you see the fairies already lying bed, with the exception of Luna who is waiting for you to climb in before she takes her spot. You hold up a finger to indicate that you’ll be there in a moment as you grab a large t-shirt and pair of shorts and head into the bathroom to change. Once changed and ready for bed you plop down on the mattress causing Star and Luna to bounce into the air. Giggling they grab your arms and quickly fall asleep. Once again you are grateful that they look so young. If they looked older your hormones would be going crazy right now.

You force those thoughts out of your head and think more celibate thoughts as you drift off to sleep.

When you wake up the next morning you notice that most of the fairies are gone, with the exception of Luna who is clinging tightly to your arm. You try to pry your arm away, only for her to mumble in her sleep, “No, it’s my scepter of queenliness. You can’t have it.” You feel her kick your thigh lightly. “Bad Star, trying to usurp my throne.” She smiles wryly. “Sunny, take her to the dungeon.” You can’t help but smile as she continues to mumble in her sleep.

But, sadly the sun is up and you should be getting ready for work and your outing with Youmu at noon. But first...

-Choose One
[] You wake up Luna, you can’t do anything if she’s clinging to your arm like this.
[] You pry your arm away from Luna gently and let her sleep.
[] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-() Write in what to say. (You don’t have to, I could come up with something but you guys have such great ideas.)
It's nice to see that you guys care about this story, it makes me feel like I'm doing something right for once.

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't hold your breath for daily updates at this point. I go back to college on Monday and I'll have to study/do my assignments. But, I'll be updating as much as I can just to keep myself motivated! I just wanted to let you know that updates might not be as frequent as before.
i hope this isn't too much.

[x] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[x] "Through strange angles are the Gates
Through which my ancient Lord may come,
Come forth, and increase in all your strength!
The very curves of space shall break and be undone
And open to your kind who move in primal serenity
And dwell forever between space and beyond time.

In a mindless, black abyssal sea
A Crawling Chaos howls in Eternal Night.
Break the Barrier of Light, I set you free!
All will be stricken, as if blind,
By this One Whose Being can not be.
Black Lord of Chaos come unfold.
From this innermost infinity

As One Whose Eye Sees All as was and is
Come forth and rend the Veils that ALL may see.
Through the angles of the planes, come forth!

I call you, Master and Creator, who brings me to your aid
At your dread Name the very Hounds Tind'losi shake.
Before whom Hell itself stands utterly abashed,
And the Earth's ephemeral foundation quakes.
I call you, Soul of the Fatal Five, whose points the pentacle do make;
Abyssal Night you are, and seven is your step.
I rejoice, I mock, I praise your Name -
Cosmocrator and Messenger: Great Soul Nyarlathotep

[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."

We have to work within the setting of her dream if we want to manipulate it.

I love horrors from beyond reality as much as the next guy but it just feels like it would make no sense to suddenly invoke the Crawling Chaos, you know?
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."

Pfft. Love it.
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."

lol serious vote change to what everyone eelse is saying.
we need a professional dj.
no getting around it, it needs to be done!
but not now...
and an extension! bar and grill with dj and... and...

my god it's beautiful!!! i can see it now...>>36438
but bigger and more rooms!
[X] Chen had messed with your dreams once by whispering into your ear, maybe you could have some fun with Luna before you wake her?
-[X]"My queen. Your subjects are revolting, led by your sister who just escaped the dungeons. They're almost at the gates."

Crawling Chaos is tempting, but a bit much for a fairy sadly.


you...☞ will update
As you command...

Update will be at some point tonight with an unspecified length and ETA. Given that I was passed out on my laptop for the better part of today, it'll probably be a short one.

Also, >>36577 went right over my head... Could someone explain that to me? I feel like an idiot for having to ask though.
amazing! i got double dubs!
also Cthulhu Mythos.
File 137679863747.jpg - (137.00KB, 850x594, sample-3e9f8eff135bcce0d6a450a523a9b05e.jpg) [iqdb]
You just can’t help yourself, Chen did it once to you and you’ve always wanted to try it out on someone. “My queen,” you whisper into her ear, “Your subjects are revolting, they are led by your sister who escaped the dungeon! They are almost at the gates, you must run!”

She holds your arm tighter and mumbles, “No, it’s a queen’s job to take care of her people. I have to stay. Besides, I have nothing to fear with my loyal knight here next to me.” She nuzzles your arm with a smile on her face. You don’t say anything else, but she grunts in her sleep and tugs your arm a few times with pained expressions on her face. “Bad Star, it’s illegal to start a revolution,” she whimpers.

Her whimpers and pained expression makes you feel like you caused her dream to go somewhere terrible. Rather than hope that they get better, or meddle any further, you gently shake her awake. “Luna, time to wake up,” you say warmly. You have to resort shaking her harder as she barely responds. “Come on, the others are already awake.”

“Mmm, Aaron, protect your queen,” she mumbles into your arm, you could barely hear her with how soft she said it.

Sighing you shout into her ear, “Luna! It’s time to wake up! The others are already up and ready!” That got her attention all right.

Her eyes shot open and she nearly jumped out of bed, probably would have too if she wasn’t holding onto your arm. “Huh, wha, nngya,” she mutters incoherently as she tries to comprehend the sudden end to her dream. “A-Aaron? Oh, I was having weird dream again.” She sounds disappointed.

“Want to talk about it?” You ask despite knowing what her dream was about. She shakes her head vigorously as if to say it’s too embarrassing. “Well, if that’s the case, can I have my arm back?”

“What?” She looks at your arm and pouts. “But, I don’t want to let go. If I do, Star might snatch you away,” she mumbles to herself. You just look at her blankly until she releases you.

“Thank you,” you say as you stand up and fetch some clean clothes. Nothing fancy for today, just simple, yet nice, clothes. “I’m going to take a shower and get dressed,” you tell the blonde fairy. After walking into the bathroom you go to close the door only to see Luna following you in. “Uh, what do you think you’re doing?” She did hear you, right?

“You said you were going to take a shower right? It would save time and water if we took one together.” Words fail you completely and all you can do is stare blankly at the innocent fairy. “Sunny, Star, and I do it all the time.”

“W-well, you’re all girls! It’s different with us, since I’m a boy and you’re a girl!” You say as the blood rushes to your face. She tilts her head in response. “It’s inappropriate for a boy and girl to take a shower together!” You go on for a few more minutes until you realize you’re just repeating the same thing, just with different words.

“Uh, I don’t really get it, but I can wait until you’re done,” she says as she plays with one of her hair twirls.

Oh thank god. You were worried you would wind up having to give her “the talk”. Which would be terribly awkward as you never actually got “the talk” from anyone. You do know what it entails though.

You stand in the shower letting the water revitalize you and wash away the awkwardness caused by Luna. Suddenly it dawns on you.

Last night, Youmu had said she wanted to talk about “us”. Was that something you needed to talk about so soon? Was it a mistake to kiss her? Did you just get caught up in the moment? She’s cute, nice, reliable, and pleasant to be around, but do you really feel that way about her? You should really think carefully about this.

-How do you feel about Youmu?
[] Write-in how you feel AND how you will phrase it when she asks.
Be VERY specific about this. This is your last chance to back out of the Youmu route. You could always choose to do an “Open Relationship” where both parties are free to see other people while they sort out their feelings, or you could go straight for a relationship with her. I’ll say it now, the Yuuka route is NOT possible. I feel I have to say that now just so we don’t have any confusion later.

Yes an open relationship is possible, but you have to word it right.

Also, sorry if this is a little rushed/pushy/forced. I kind of just want to get this out of the way right now and get to the day to day shenanigans. That’ll be easier for me to write and probably more fun.
[x] i♥youmu

more of a suika guy myself but a youmu is fine too.
[x] Youmu is a friend. I guess maybe she could be something more, but right now life is pretty crazy. I really don't feel like I have the free time to invest in a relationship at the moment. For now at least, it's better to wait.

Not to complain, but it feels like Youmu has been just about the only romance option offered. It feels like she's had noticeably more screen time and focus than anyone else by a wide margin. I don't know about everyone else, but I can't just commit to the first option offered before seeing the others. Maybe Youmu is the right girl, but I won't be sure until I've seen her competition.

I imagine it would be too much to ask to know a few of the other possibilities.
[x] I have no regrets. This is the only path.
My whole life was Unlimited Youmu Works.
File 13768057621.jpg - (48.63KB, 375x523, IChgA.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Youmu is a childhood friend. I know that she likes me, and I can honestly say that I like her in return. Still, thinking about our future, there isn't much chance for us to be together. Either she has to leave Yuyuko, or I have to shift my bar for us to live together.

I like you, Youmu, you've been a childhood friend, and I've been thinking about... us for a long time now. I'm honestly not sure what kind of a relationship that you want us to have... but I don't think a serious relationship will work. I'm still a kid and I want to succeed in my bar, and you are indebted to Yuyuko. A true serious relationship will mean that one of us will have to give up on what we want... And I don't want that for any of us. (Hold her hand) You are a beautiful, beautiful woman, and I'm honored to be your first love. I still want to be your friend, your close friend. I will be here when you need some help, or a shoulder to cry on. But I don't think I'm ready to be in a serious committed relationship.
[x] Youmu is a friend. I guess maybe she could be something more, but right now life is pretty crazy. I really don't feel like I have the free time to invest in a relationship at the moment. For now at least, it's better to wait.

I agree with the other anon about the lack of options. Honestly at this point I'd rather just hang around with the fairies. They're way more entertaining.
What he said.
[X] "I have no regrets. This is the only path."
-[X] Kiss her.
Because I want to read a story where the MC is ALREADY in a relationship with a Touhou and see how their relationship goes, the good and the bad. A story where getting the girl does not mean the end, but the beginning.

Also, softest route~
[X] Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart.
[x] Youmu is a childhood friend. I know that she likes me, and I can honestly say that I like her in return. Still, thinking about our future, there isn't much chance for us to be together. Either she has to leave Yuyuko, or I have to shift my bar for us to live together.

And all that...

I like this, and how it shows that he has seriously considered the situation and the options, and it's just not the right time for there to a "them" (or "us" from their perspective) right now.

I'm just wondering, since I have a habit of overthinking things:
Is it meant to be a way of letting her down gently ("let's just stay friends") or is it a more open-ended "I'm not saying 'no', I'm just saying 'not now'"?
(Being more open-ended, it can of course lead to other routes when they both realize that first love may not be last love and they both find someone else, and so on. Inb4 Younu goes full yandere. "I waited for you, but now I can see that the only place we can be together is in the afterlife, where we'll be together.. FOREVER." And the Aaron got taken home to Hakugyokuro. Yuyuko was delighted to have him as a guest.)

I'm just curious, but honestly I don't mind that much either way because this story promises interesting scenes with or without Youmu as girlfriend.
So people are giving up without even trying? Thats just sad.
Personally, I don't see it as "not trying", I see it as thinking about the situation seriously instead of just going "eh, we're in looooove, and that'll fix everything!".
Aaron strikes me as the kind of person who'd think things through seriously instead of just jumping in and hoping for the best.
That is why it is called 'dating'. Both Aaron and Youmu already know to take it slow. Hell, Yukari has gone out of her way to make sure you guys understand that. I say, give it a shot and see where it goes. If works out, great. If it doesn't, well that part of growing up.
[x] I have no regrets. This is the only path.

No question at all, Youmu all the way.
[X] "I have no regrets. This is the only path."
-[X] Kiss her.
[X] Don't forget to water Yuuka's plant.
Having a steady girlfriend should come a long way to give us some stability in our life.
[X] Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart.
[x] Yuuka's plant. Water it
[X] That.
[X] "I have no regrets. This is the only path."
-[X] Kiss her.
[X] Don't forget to water Yuuka's plant.
Shit. Good catch with Yuuka's plant.
I voted for that long write-in because it doesn't say "no". It says "she likes me, and I like her, but right now is not the best time for this". That's not "giving up without trying".
I don't have anything against dating Youmu, but I just think Aaron feels like the kind of person who'd think things through and act responsibly. Meaning putting off a serious relationship until they both have a chance of making it work, instead of getting caught up in the moment and then things fall apart because of everything else around them.
(He literally opened his bar yesterday. He won't have time for anything relationship-like for quite some time, at least until the bar settles into a comfortable day to day routine, so even if they were to agree to start dating there wouldn't be much dating to begin with until that point in time anyway.)
>>36607 here

changing my vote to:
[x] Youmu is a childhood friend. I know that she likes me, and I can honestly say that I like her in return. Still, thinking about our future, there isn't much chance for us to be together. Either she has to leave Yuyuko, or I have to shift my bar for us to live together.

That anon said things better than I was able to. But really, anything is better than the minimal thought meme option.

I think this will tie the vote.
[X] "I have no regrets. This is the only path."
-[X] Kiss her.
i like this
i like this alot
don't mind me just thinking out loud
but anybody ever thought of making a jojo part 1 crossover cyoa?
Sure, the thread is past the auto-sage point, but wouldn't that be better suited for the Story Ideas thread?
sorry about that
>>36609 here. Adding.
[x] yuuka's plant. Water it.

that's a nice catch.
If voting's not closed, I'll like to vote for this as well.
[X] Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart.

I see this as the best choice between meme stupid and basically sinking the Youmu ship because it's not so easy. The sad part is that more people aren't voting for it.

Can you blame them? This is a pretty heavy vote pretty early on, with the only other ship being the Yuuka lovers, and the author flat out denied that choice (spoilsport). In any case you're getting one more person to vote this way, if only because I didn't see this choice earlier.

[X] Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart.
same here
changing whatever my vote was
You might want to point out what vote was your previous one (unless you deleted it).
btw my previous vote was>>36612
If I counted right, the meme vote is winning with basically dumping Youmu second, and the more sensible be together choice coming up close.

People should really learn how to set their passwords so they can delete votes.
File 137690154187.jpg - (242.99KB, 958x1277, 1345438751504.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I have no regrets. This is the only path.
I've sat by and watched other things burn not this time. Not this time.
File 137690346484.jpg - (42.17KB, 1000x708, 51f2fc569f42e09bd32d32506eefc6c4.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "I have no regrets. This is the only path."
-[X] Kiss her.
No Fear. No Pain.
File 137691053669.jpg - (37.77KB, 600x722, GzPLY.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I have no regrets. This is the only path.
An MC with an actual relationship that's not written by YAF? Count me in!
[x] Youmu is a friend. I guess maybe she could be something more, but right now life is pretty crazy. I really don't feel like I have the free time to invest in a relationship at the moment. For now at least, it's better to wait.
File 137691842042.png - (215.70KB, 703x403, 1270701982846.png) [iqdb]
[x] I have no regrets. This is the only path.
There really isn't.
[X] I don't know if things will work out..but I want to see if they will. That's what dating is for, right?
[X] I don't know if things will work out..but I want to see if they will. That's what dating is for, right?
Sensible answer is sensible.
[x] I don't know if things will work out..but I want to see if they will. That's what dating is for, right?

This sounds about right.
[x] I don't know if things will work out..but I want to see if they will. That's what dating is for, right?
File 137694648553.jpg - (59.66KB, 1040x650, 1d13bf3a3659d3379cab631fec579f70.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I have no regrets. This is the only path.
All Youmu. All in.
File 137694784770.jpg - (19.09KB, 293x404, no_regrets.jpg) [iqdb]
File 137696084140.jpg - (526.36KB, 703x800, 10633ef6d428e1ed1a378ef5eab32a98.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, meme vote is currently winning at 13 votes (if my count is accurate) and no other choice is close. But, I have an issue. I had said

>[] Write-in how you feel AND how you will phrase it when she asks.

While all votes deal with the former, only one set contains the latter. >>36609 is the original vote to which I am referring. While I appreciate the enthusiasm you have displayed, I am considering NOT counting anything that doesn't include what to say. I am carefully going over the best way to handle this situation, but it doesn't help when you don't follow the instructions I laid out (Wow, I sound like my professor's). I could simply go ahead and write a short, very short, update and present you with the "What do you say" choice at the end of that. OR, I could just put words in your mouth that may or may not be your intention.

I put my foot down with the Yuuka route and I would rather not have to do it again so soon. So I ask you anon, please go and re-do your votes and answer the whole thing. I will actually call the vote tomorrow at roughly this time. Should nothing change I will make a decision. I don't want to be the bad guy here, but I really want YOUR words. Aaron may not be a "Blank Slate", but he is still your (Anon's) avatar in the story. So when I ask for your words, I would appreciate it since I don't want to leave you out of the creative process. I want you to enjoy this, and I see it as a collaborative effort between reader and writer.

Sorry if this comes off as "Heavy" or "Writer being a jackass" in tone. That isn't my intention, but event the best intentions are lost in translation I suppose. I just hope that I'm not forced to make a difficult decision when it comes time for me to write.

In the mean time, have a neglected Night Sparrow.
no problem bro.

seems like the best thing to say.
[x] >>36609

It's the sensible, coherent option.
sure it is. It's more like taking the easy way out.

[X] Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart.
[x] "I do like you and I want to make this work no matter what hurtles come up. I know it won't be easy but any good relationship is about cover coming hurtles together"
changing my>>36655
File 137698873824.jpg - (300.12KB, 601x779, existentialism.jpg) [iqdb]
Since I'm the chap who started the meme vote can I add a rationale as to why this choice is what it is?
Assuming I can, here it goes: We are in love with Youmu, or at least particularly fond of her. There are going to be obstacles along the way that will make the whole thing strained and tenuous. However, that isn't to say that we ought not pursue such a path. Even if we were to get BAD END'd, this is a path still worth pursuing. From a Nietzschean purview, we would be okay with the eternal return/recurrence if and only if we took this path. These ideals are self-justifiying as we believe them to be and there are no such things as objectively good motivations. We're may have to go through hell to make this work out well for everybody, but to pursue it is necessary. Hence, this is the only path, and only in choosing it, can we have no regrets.
Pic related, it's why UBW references are the always applicable.

UBW route? To hell with that, MIND OF STEEL end was clearly superior and we should shape our write-ins as such.

Actually was one of my most favorite ends in any VN, Bad End my arse.
File 137701223592.jpg - (607.85KB, 600x1024, 1339662677147.jpg) [iqdb]
i regret my previous decision!
Mind of Steel was the only thing that redeemed HF. UBW has more idealism though, and represents what Kiritsugu wanted Shirou to be.
you know despite all that words it doesn't actually account for what Aaron is actually going to say to Youmu. I'm not sure if >>36661 's post is even a vote.
nice one!

if it's not a vote then [x] Youmu is a friend. I guess maybe she could be something more, but right now lets just take it slow for now.
[x] lunch and talk about things like the situation with yuyuko and the bar.

not good with words so somebody do the later for me please?
Pretty harsh as I don't think HF's meh-ness is quite its fault as it seemed a rushed afterthought compared to UBW.
It's a corollary to the meme vote
but it still doesn't cover what Arron'll actually say and I think Barkeep wants everyone to revote.
"I don't know if everything will work out, but let's try our damnedest to make the best of it."

Can't throw in the towel just yet.
>>36657 seems like the best option if we are revoting. I'll go with that.
can't wait (i can) to see how this plays out
Okay, I was planning on writing last night but I fell asleep on my keyboard. Yes, I actually fell asleep and used my keyboard as a pillow. Anyway, Here's what the vote is at.

>Meme Vote
13 Votes
>[X]Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment
5 votes (Plus two from the "Re-vote")
>[X]Youmu is a childhood friend
5 votes (Plus two from the "Re-vote")

As you can see, Meme Vote is winning but doesn't include the necessary requirements. BUT! It does effectively state that they want to pursue the Youmu route. Therefore, I am going to consolidate the two into one vote. It looks to be the best option for me at this point, that and if I wait too much longer I'll probably become too busy thanks to college.

Writing begins soon, update later tonight/tomorrow night. Please wait patiently until then and thank you for your support/votes. New thread when it's posted, so look for it!

On a side note, I'd like to thank you all for reminding me that I STILL need to finish the Heavens Feel route.
The ending is pretty badass.
side note: Do you think HF got shafted by Nasu? I'm aware of it being hte least popular route and Sakura the least popular heroine.

I'm all SABER IS MY WAIFU but HF actually made me like Sakuya and go all "Holy shit..." You don't really get a hint to her story on the other routes, then it just slaps you in the damn face.

Although I want a lil sis job-hunt Illya route. She's just so cute and evil.
Err non-h not job-hunt. Phone autocorrect is dumb as bricks.
aww... Youmu route won.

Ah well, i'm outvoted. But let me declare here, that I can see the ending! And the middle! And the beginning!
Honestly from what I gathered, there was a decent bit left out of HF, including possibly a Illya route of sorts. Honestly I think Sakura suffers her current fanon self as a result of her route being shafted and Rin favorism. It makes me wonder if Ciel's route in Tsukihime was similar (last one, afterthought compared to others)
There weren't really any other options. Rather like the matter of who to hire.

Youmu's been in like twice as many scenes as anyone else, as well. The only way she wouldn't be the romance is if she was completely awful rather than just sort of bland.

Well I can definitely see that in Sakura's route. Not sure how Nasu could write it otherwise, but it's there. I think her hate is part that and part how irrelevant she was during the other routes. Fuji-nee was even more important than she was during Saber and Rin's routes (also where the hell is my Fuji route?!?!). That and the fact she's got quite the sexual appetite, although I'm sure Shirou sure as hell couldn't complain.

Now to the Tsukihime part, you mean how Arc was still fairly prominent in Ciel's route, even so far as being involved in a possible harem with Ciel in Ciel's Good End?

I can see where you're coming from after thinking about Sakura, but I don't believe it's the case for her. Arcueid always fell hard for Shiki during any route or game she's been in. Given the nature of the whole linked power/Roa + Shiki/etc of the story, and Arcueid's love, it wasn't forced as it was in FSN. The Good End in particular I believe is just Shiki being indecisive (he always had feelings for Arcuied, although that varied depending on the route) and not quite having as much attachment to Ciel as he did in the True End.

That and the Tohno Gland. Lucky bastard....
I say that as Ciel's sort of maligned in the fandom similar to Sakura, that and people love mentioning the "Surpress ROA in my ass" scene. The impression I get was that people weren't satified with her route compared to the others for whatever reason.

As far as her seeming insignificence? well the plan might have been for a far/near thing ala Tsukihime and part of it was to set up the plot The fact Shirou gets closer to her in HF is a factor in how HF's shit gets started as I think Shinji threatening to tell Shirou about her lustful nature caused her to snap.
File 137748054796.jpg - (1.25MB, 1400x2000, 3c74ca40c8d99a1d9132e44832894eb5.jpg) [iqdb]


And yes, I feel the HF route got shafted. It doesn't help that I don't really care for Sakura, but that's my own problem there.
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