Archived Thread
File 146414809579.jpg - (18.93KB , 217x232 , I TRIED.jpg ) [iqdb]
188477 No. 188477
First thread: >>188147


You limp after her. "Wait, Doll, don't go!"

She continues to storm off, ignoring your words.

Which looks oddly cute, somehow, with the way her many doll limbs move in a stompy wave.

Flowey sounds concerned from the phone. "Renko, what's wrong?"

"I accidentally turned a doll into a centipede."

A long silence fills the air. "How?"

"Heck if I know."

You soon catch up, finding the centidoll curled up in a coil of depression and self loathing. Well, or so you think; with the lack of facial expressions, it'd be hard to say for sure, but her eyes are downcast and she looks on the verge of tears.

You frown, knowing this to be your fault. "...I'm really sorry."

The doll looks up at you. It doesn't look pleased to see you, but it looks a bit less angry.


Although, the fact that it has narrowed its eyes does make you think it is still a bit angry.

You kneel down in front on the doll, scooping her up under her arms.

Her top arms, at least.

Where did you get the rest from, anyways?

She looks at you oddly, or so you assume, what with how she narrowed an eye and tilted her head.

Of course, her eyes shoot open when you pull her into a hug. You smile down at her as she looks up at you in confusion, tears welling up in her eyes.

No. 188479
[x] Try to reassemble the doll properly
No. 188480
[X] Coddle

No. 188481
File 146415346144.jpg- (172.49KB , 900x750 , Harvestman Infestation Knuttz.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic related
No. 188483
[X] You're beautiful the way you are

That op pic jesus christ.
No. 188484
[x]I know I messed you up and I'm really sorry about that. I won't try to fix you again but I'll take you to someone who knows what they're doing.

Centipede Hourai route is go.
No. 188485
[X] Coddle
- [X] We'll find someone to fix you!

We can only make monsters. Let's find Alice someone who can help with fixing dolls!
No. 188486
[X] Coddle
[x] Carry


I agree with this, Renko's on hardmode, don't expect that to happen.
No. 188487
[X] Coddle
- [X] We'll find someone to fix you!

Yep, this sounds good. Especially since this suicidal doll doesn't want our help.

What does coddle even mean, anyway?
No. 188488

Being Toriel.
No. 188489
[X] Coddle
- [X] We'll find someone to fix you!
No. 188490
Now now now, this isn't MS Paint Adventures, let's not get too distracted here.
[X] Coddle
- [X] We'll find someone to fix you!
No. 188491
File 146418107533.jpg- (113.81KB , 850x708 , Time to dig in.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, it's easier than drawing a picture of a centidoll every time.

Not that it will likely matter much longer, at this rate
No. 188492
File 146418376065.jpg- (70.35KB , 250x280 , She's feeling affectionate_ Honest.jpg ) [iqdb]
You smile down at her. "Don't worry, I'll make it all better!" You pat her head.

She stares.

You try to drag her along with you, adding, "J-just... need to... find someone... who can do it..."

She's so heavy now...

The weight of her hand-legs crawl on your back, clutching your blouse.








No. 188493
[X] Try to carry her princess style! Surely she'd like that!
No. 188494
[X] Try to carry her princess style! Surely she'd like that!
No. 188495
[X] Try to carry her princess style! Surely she'd like that!
No. 188496
[X] Call for help
-[X] Rika
-[X] Satori
-[X] Tew-no, don't.
No. 188497
[X] Carry her piggy-back style.

Guys, we're in hard mode. Sure princess style will give us a +1 determination, but it's highly likely that she'll drop it and scatter the parts again.
No. 188498
[X] Carry her piggy-back style.
No. 188500
[X] Carry her piggy-back style.
No. 188502

I think that may be the least of your problems.
No. 188503
File 146422799349.jpg- (6.82KB , 295x196 , Angry.jpg ) [iqdb]
You awkwardly shift the weight in your arms, trying to carry the doll into a princess carry. Thankfully half her is already on your shoulders, or else-

And then you go flying!

You scream when you crash into the wall at high speeds. You think you felt something break.


Your consciousness begins to fade.

You feel determined to stay conscious.




The doll's eyes bore into you with their intensity.








[]Look for phone


No. 188504


[X] Flee or crawl away...
No. 188505
[X] Mercy
- [X] Cry

We ruined this poor doll and now she wants to hurt us? ALL WE DO IS CAUSE PAIN!

If it can feel anger, it can feel sympathy.
No. 188506
No. 188508
[X] Mercy
- [X] Cry
No. 188509
Our consciousness is fading... We have 0/22 HP left... All that remains to do is

[X]Look for phone
No. 188510
Staring and crying it is!
No. 188511
[X]Look for phone

Don't give up!
No. 188513
File 146426032078.jpg- (100.28KB , 850x610 , Who was it.jpg ) [iqdb]

You set your eyes on the doll from the ground, weakly sitting up, matching her gaze's intensity.

She twitches, before looking about and trying to rub her eyes.

Monstrous Hourai: Lv 6 -15DEF 75MDEF 150ATK 15MATK

Seems to be comprised of 15 dolls, though you know not why.

Seems to be growing...

You blink your eyes, rubbing them. That was more detailed than last time... ...And a lot higher, actually.

The doll soon shakes her head, glaring at you for that.


You frown. There's no way you can hope to defeat her... You sniffle. You're gonna die here. You just wanted her to be your friend...

You wipe away the tears streaming down your cheeks. You're never going to see Mom again. Or Grandma and Grandpa... Or... Or...

...Wait, who was that last one...? You can't quite place it...

When you look up, the doll is eyeing you wearily, unsure what to do.

Not being dead fills you with determination!


Save to refill Determination?





[]Now's your chance!







[]Look for phone


No. 188514
[X] Save? No.
I actually am fine with starting from after the spin puzzle. Or from beginning.

How can we not?
No. 188515
[X] Save

After all, being able to reverse our decisions isn't really in the mood for Hard Mode, is it?

-Repressed memories, I choose you![spoiler]
No. 188516
Ehehe... Whoops.
I'll try harder next time, I promise.
No. 188517
[X] Save

After all, being able to reverse our decisions isn't really in the mood for Hard Mode, is it?


Flashback sequence, yay!
No. 188518

You're a Determined one, aren't you? I like that.
No. 188520
[x] Save? No

The best ending is an impossibility only brought by being able to reverse mistakes. Or you think that your pride is better than Hourai's wellbeing
No. 188522
Oh, and

[x] Item
-[x] Phone
No. 188536
I was gonna write, but sadly you guys can't decide...


And yet you've yet to kill anyone, now have you? Besides, there will be other playthroughs, and, quite frankly, I think you're going to not be able to save literally every Touhou in Touhou on your first playthrough, along with tons of random encounter.
No. 188540
[X] Save
One must learn to live with their choices, and its consequences.
No. 188541

Thank you, you ballsy person, you~
No. 188550
File 146431313139.jpg- (259.90KB , 600x600 , Thinking cap.jpg ) [iqdb]
DT Restored!


You blink. Wait, who was the last person?

Hourai stares.

It... starts with a... M, you think?

Hourai slowly undulates nearer.

M... M... Mo? Mi? Me? ...Ma.

She is growing near.

Ma... ...But what comes next?

Across the room, you hear your phone call out. "Renko! Why aren't you responding?! I heard you drop your phone! Is everything alright?"

The doll finds herself distracted by the voice calling out, stopping a moment.


"Seriously, is everything okay?"

You mutter, "Mari...?" Was that who?

The centipede's head snaps to you as you say that.













No. 188551

I refuse to vote this option with a strike out. I want her to remember, not remember
No. 188554
[x] Act
[x] Try to guess the last part gauge Hourai for reactions

Marira? Marika? Marima?
No. 188559
No. 188562
[ ] Apologize - you just wanted to help, after all.
No. 188563
No. 188564
[X]Remember it is!

Sadly you guys removed the italics, which were holding back the spoiler tags, so your clever ploy to involve font logic backfired~
No. 188565
Damn font hierarchies!
No. 188566
Whoops, I admit my bad didn't notice the italics. But if they were holding back the spoiler tags... that means we'll be getting a lot more spoiler tags?

I like having spoiler tags. I want a whole list of spoiler tags. (nah I kid, it's tiring to hover my mouse over em to read em)
No. 188568

Good idea! Entire update is spoilers! [spoiler] within spoilers!

No. 188571
File 14643413596.jpg- (312.79KB , 850x1131 , What comes next.jpg ) [iqdb]

You focus inwards.

"Seriously, Renko, what the heck happened?!"

The centidoll swivels its top torso towards the phone.

You wrack your brain, trying to remember. It's like a block is gone, but you can't quite grasp it. "Mari..."

The monstrous doll turns to you again.

Why can't you remember?

A swarm of bullets are fired from Hourai's hands. A very large swarm, from an equally large number of hands.


No. 188572

nobody said this was a no deaths run...
No. 188573
Ah shit, I thought to bold would be retained, just, er, imagine it's there if it's actually important!
No. 188574

Dodging is for the weak; those who don't deathbomb every day.
No. 188575

Ohh? Just bold, not italics you say~? I did tell you guys this for a reason, though.

Mind you, you guys also turned on these things mattering by making a deal out of it~ After all, in votes they mean quite a lot, and typically only mean something if there are multiples of this going on~

Mind you, I'm just teasing you guys, but regardless, you did ask for this in a way...
No. 188576
[x] Do both.
-[x] Dodge towards the doll, while you're at it.
No. 188578

Renko! Stay determined.
No. 188581
[x] Remember!

Don't lose your Hearn! I mean, heart.
No. 188583

Ohh! It's you! Did my little example help any~? Sorry if it had some errors; I was more going for punching it out fast so I could write, and it was hardly a grammatical lesson.

I can just tell we'll get along well, with an interesting vote like that, though~ After all, those would work together, under normal situations.
No. 188586
No. 188587
File 146435613491.png- (389.08KB , 600x371 , Over the river.png ) [iqdb]
Your eyes fill with determination as you cry out the name, "Maribel, where are you!?"

You hear a yelp beside you. Looking, you find the girl in question rubbing her ear and giving you a dirty look.

It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...

It's a great day for an adventure in the mountains.

"Sorry, Mari." You rub the back of your head. "Want me to kiss it and make it better?"

She lets out a long suffering sigh. "You did that just so you could ask, couldn't you?" You nod earnestly, earning a flat look. "...You know what, fine." She has a slightly troubled look on her face.

It's not the usual troubled look, either.

You know what to do... You need to...


[]Makeout with her ear to cheer her up, and then ask her when she's been softened up.

[]Peck her ear, and when she's flustered, ask her what's up.

[]Just hug her. If she's going to worry you, you'll worry her back.

[]Tickle it out of her!

[]Talk it out of her over an early lunch.

No. 188588

Thank you for the reminder! Thankfully I didn't forget, but that was very thoughtful of you!
No. 188590
[X]Peck her ear, and when she's flustered, ask her what's up.
[X] Check (her out)
No. 188592
[X]Just hug her. If she's going to worry you, you'll worry her back.
No. 188593
[X]Peck her ear, and when she's flustered, ask her what's up.
[X] Check (her out)

Sounds good.
No. 188595
[X]Peck her ear, and when she's flustered, ask her what's up.
No. 188596
[X]Peck her ear, and when she's flustered, ask her what's up.
[X] Check (her out)

Renko is always flirting, even in flashbacks.
No. 188598
[X]Just hug her. If she's going to worry you, you'll worry her back.

More hugs!
No. 188603
Update will be up before long~
No. 188605
File 14643835466.jpg- (168.94KB , 850x638 , Through the woods.jpg ) [iqdb]
You hug the taller girl from the side, smiling up at her. Before she can prepare herself, you suddenly peck her ear. "Pain, pain, go away..." Her face is a little redder. Not as Red as you'd like, but... "So, what's up, Mari."

She flinches. "No, nothing's up, honestly."

"Then why'd you flinch?"

You begin looking her over. When she looks to you to respond, she jumps, rubbing her eyes.


You feel like you've forgotten something important...

"No reason..." She glances at you from the corner of her eye with mild worry.


No. 188617

I don't know hat to do, and no one else is voting, so I'm selecting the blank box like a 'tard.
No. 188618
[ ] Ask

Well, we don't know what's up, and she does. Just ask.
No. 188619
[X] Ask her to stop hiding it and come clean.
No. 188621

Thank you for that~ No votes at all are worse than any other vote if you ask me.
No. 188628
Was a bit sleepy and got distracted due to this. Anywho, should be up soon enough.

Didn't help that I thought a widow bit me, so, uhh... Yeah, wasn't in the best of states for anything but going into a tizzy. 'Least I wasn't too busy, nor did it make me dizzy.

Anywho, I'm back in the hizzy. Bust out the fizzy.

Accept that horrible little torrent of rhymes as my apology for calling it without writing much.
No. 188641
File 146443877673.jpg- (37.43KB , 500x600 , To grandmother's house we go.jpg ) [iqdb]
You frown. "Mari, you know you're a terrible liar." Your friend simply sighs in response, and you can tell that she agrees. But, in that case, why is she even persisting? Something's not right... "Mari, please. Stop hiding it and come clean, or I'll have to take drastic measures."


"Ohh? Then you'll tell me?"


...You're honestly not sure what to do with that. Just what sort of thing would she think your drastic measures are? "...Then give me a kiss instead."

Her face goes scarlet. "Why is everything kissing and hugging with you?"

You raise a brow. "Because I like doing those things."

She grumbles. "Fine. Do your worst." She squeezes her eyes shut, cowering.

...Dang it, now you feel like the bad guy. you grab her by the shoulders, jerking her towards you. She's trembling for crying out loud! "F-fine!"

Sadly, you didn't predict her head colliding with yours, so while you did kiss her, you also headbutted her, causing you both to fall on your butts, wincing.

Mari glares at you. "Renko, that isn't how you're supposed to kiss!"

"I know, I know!" You wince, rubbing your head. "I didn't think you'd be so loosie goosie like that, that's all... It's almost like you wanted it or something..."

Her face goes redder still, looking almost like a particularly cute beet.

You'll just ignore that oddly adorable mental image of a beet with Mari's face.

"Ihavenoideawhatyou'retalkingaboutshutup!" You're honestly a bit shocked her voice can go that high.

You wince, rubbing your ears. "Jeez, Mari, quit shouting!"

"Then stop saying stupid things like that!" She huffs, having averted her eyes. "Seriously, this girl..." She grumbles.

You sigh. "Maybe we should-"





Copy paste for Zalgo.
No. 188644
[spoiler][s]Take the examples.[ /b][ /spoiler] Remove spaces.
No. 188646
[̩̼͎͎̖͚͎̤̲̰͙̜̣̃̔͊ͫ̈̌ͩͅX]͔̝̻̞͖ͬ̈́̓̏̇ͣ́ͫ̌͒̿ͣͅJust relax together
No. 188648

I have not the clue. But I pick the zalgo non spoilered choice.
No. 188651
[x] I have a bad feeling, I don't know why.
-[x] Be honest, I'll owe you one, okay?
No. 188677
There is only one option.

̮̰̯͇̭̦͖̙̘̟̱ ̴͓̜̗̞ͨ͌ͭ͛̈͒͋̃̉̄̏ͯͥ̇̃͢͠J̛͒̍͛ͣ͗̓̓̚͏̟̺͙̱̲̫̪̬͈͇̥͖͎̞̻͞Ơ̵̺̞̳̜̩̗̻̦̬͖̖͙͍̤̹͗ͧͯ͗ͪI̵ͩ̍͊ͨ̿ͦͪ̆̐̏̾̊͐ͪ͐͐̈́҉̷̵̴͙̺̲̥̠̭̠͇͕̝N̶̛̖̦͉̫͇̲͙͚̫̜̞̣͋̄̉̊̃ͨͨ̚ T̸̋̍ͣͩ̈́ͥͮͫͤ́̾҉͚̠̥̘̹͙̯͙̣̞͎̥̦̪̖͉̙H̓ͮ̑ͤ͐̅͑̊͑̒̄͏͜͏͈͎͖͇͔̥̪̱̱̩̤̠͍E̷̥̯͉̰̲͖͓̮̺̩̠̱͂ͫ̔͂̍ͫ͛ͪͥ͗́͆̀̈͟͝ ̶̴ͭ͑̒͛ͪ͊͂͞͝͏̟̗̮͍̖̞̠͈F̛̩̩̪̯̳͇͔͔̱̞̥̯̫̠ͧͨͥ͋̆ͪ̑̂̀̇͂ͦ͆̊̾̎̎̓͝ͅU̧͈̙̼̣̟ͥͩ̊ͪ̿́͢͞ͅN̴͇̪̪̱̰̖̝͔͍̘͕̞͇̈̿ͩ̏͂͑́͂ͩ͑ͬ͛̇̉̉͐ͧ͛͞]͔̝̻̞͖ͬ̈́̓̏̇ͣ́ͫ̌͒̿ͣͅ

No. 188680

Ohh! We have ourselves a winner to one of the puzzles~

Time to wake up!
No. 188749
File 146452101924.jpg- (728.33KB , 750x982 , Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii.jpg ) [iqdb]
You groan as you wake. That was a really weird dream. Still... how could you forget Mari?

Remembering Mari filled you with great Determination!

+5 Permanant MAX DT

You realize something is crushing you into the grass beneath you a bit. Looking to that something, you find a girl straddling your waist.

...You aren't sure what to feel about that.

Or that huge grin.

Or that knife.

Or that dead look in her eyes.

Or that knife.

"H-" In but a moment, she's gone, her eyebrows waggling the whole time. "-i." You're left thoroughly bothered by so many things involving this happening.

And then you aren't.

Sighing, you look around as you sit up, but find something heavy and concerningly strap-like on your chest. Looking down, you spot your dolly... Well, you aren't sure if calling her a friend is- Wait, why aren't you dead? Those bullet things looked freaking dangerous... Heck, you feel-


You wiggle your ankle, wincing. Still painful...

You wiggle your waist a bit and do a crunch. "My ribs aren't broken, though..." You unbutton your top, peeking under the bandages. "And my puncture wounds are gone as well..."

...Were those friendliness bullets?

Wait, where are you? It's so dark...

Seems oddly familiar, and you think you see some light coming out of a side passage a ways away.


Limit 1:

[]Flowey must have been trying to heal you! As was Hourai!

[]They both wanted you dead...

Limit 5:


[]Use your phone as a light. ...Wait, didn't you drop it? Crap...

[]Cuddle the doll you horribly disfigured, as she's cuter this way.

[]Try to fix the doll against your better judgement, as you want to make her cuter.



[]Į̘̬̳̹̖̭̳͉͈͖̜͖͢͢͞ ̵̧̣͍̱̪̣̳̭͎́͢͞l̴̵̠͇̲̭̭̪̮̦͔̯͈͈͖̝̻̀͝ͅͅí̶̹̺͍͎͕̹̜́͜͠k҉̡͙̺̺̖̮͓̗̫̘̮̦̜̭ę̰̠̹̲̝͡ ͏̴̸̶̲̹͇̠͘w̵̨̪̫̟̱̫͎͕͘͟͞a̷̢̳͔̖͍͘͜ţ̲͕͙̼̠͕͉͓̯̖̻̻̥̺̹̜̕̕͟ͅc̵̫̯͉͓̘̦̥̺̪͖̖̭̫̳͘͘͜h̶̨̼̭̪̮̝̥̙̲̰̭͍̯̳̜͍̩͇͚͢͟i̶̢͉̯̬͈͎̗͚̳̭̻n̸̡̧̮̩͉̫͈̺͇̙̗̼͈͈͉͙̮̻̗̰͜͠ǵ̷̞̙̟͖̼̙̖͇̼͖̫̕͜͟ ̡̲̖͍̫͠y̴͞͏̛͓̝̱̼͚͎̤͓̱̯̥̣̼͇̤̮̲ͅͅǫ̸̡̟̟͔̬̣̻̹̰͙̼̫͓̹͟͢ͅu̸̶̞̹͍̜͍̭̗̥̻̻̰̦ ͝҉͢͝͏͈̜̫̙̣̫͙͓͈͔̬͙̗̹̫ś͓͔̟͚̮̠̖̻̮̺̟͕͔̤̩͟l̸̬͕̻̝̻̜̟̘̼͉͉͘̕͜ͅe̷̕͞҉̥͚̟̥͕e̡̢̡̯̥̜̪̜͙̠͎̻͚̗̬͎̤͕̹͜p̨҉҉͉̠̝̩͓͓͙̭̥͔̹̣͇͔͓̗̦ͅ
No. 188750
[X]Flowey must have been trying to heal you! As was Hourai!


I'm going to walk Renko through this, and she is going to listen because her every action is decreed by a bunch of assholes behind a computer screen, god damn:
[X]Try to fix the doll against your better judgement, as you want to make her cuter.
-[X] neck to head
-[X] shoulder to upper-arm (once on each opposing side)
--[X] Forearm to elbow (once per elbow)
---[X] Hand to forearm (once per forearm)
-[X] hip to thigh (once on each opposing side)
--[X] knee to femur (once per knee)
---[X] foot to femur (once per femur)
No. 188752
Just in case

-[X] waste to torso (once per torso)
No. 188753

I hope you realize the parts look quite similar.

Ignoring that she used hip joints for knees.
No. 188754
No. 188756
[X]Offer to fix the doll, but let the doll tell you what parts are what by nodding or shaking her head when you ask about them.

"Is this a knee?"


"Is this? Okay, and this is a leg?"

It's not THAT hard, is it? I mean, even for a THP protagonist, it can't be THAT hard if we just let the doll guide us carefully!
No. 188766
[-x-] Flowey must have been trying to heal you! As was Hourai!
[-x-] Ask the doll if she wants us to help her anymore
-[-x-] If so, ask her to tell you how to fix her.
No. 188768
Stop trying to fix what ain't broke!

[x] Both tried to heal you!

-Inventory. (Cellphone?)

[x]Cuddle the doll you horribly disfigured, as she's cuter this way.
No. 188770
Dude. Chill. While under our influence, Renko is about as competent as a Twitch Plays Pokémon protagonist.

In other words, and to quote someone's quote that made its way to TvTropes,

>it's like watching QWOP fill out a tax return
No. 188773

I dunno, I'd love to see a reaction of a return agent if a tax return had only letters on it.

As an aside note, there was a Twitch Plays Undertale. They beat it.

I'd love to see them beat SA or LoLK. Doubly so on Lunatic or EX. It'd be like a chaotic butterfly hopped up on a quarter ton of sugar that spams bombs like crazy.
No. 188774

See, this guy's making good use of my generosity desire to write more, faster.
No. 188786
Aaaanywho, time for me to write! No true consensus, but I feel that's okay in this instance.
No. 188816
I'm not sure where all the voter dudes went, there were plenty around earlier.
No. 188849
Getting back to work shortly. I kinda didn't sleep last night, so I was exhausted.
No. 188861
File 146465048413.jpg- (89.21KB , 850x565 , She was just as cool at 5.jpg ) [iqdb]
You smile, realizing that the two of them were just trying to help you all along as you idly pet Hourai's hair. You're not sure when your hand reached for it, but it's silky... Very silky.

You pet her and pet her and pet and pet, pet, pet some more.

This is oddly addictive.

You feel the tiny head move in your hand, looking up to you. You smile. "Good morning."

You think you spy her lower lids raise in the dark, announcing her happy greeting to the world in the most subtle of ways. You consider if most might miss these subtle queues, but you like to think that you're very attentive and perceptive.

Many disagree, but still.

"Thanks for healing me." At her odd look, you ask, "Did you not...?" She shakes her head, earning her a frown and a flash of light.

...Okay, that's going to be useful for lightly your path.

Monstrous Hourai: Lv6 -47DEF 237MDEF ATK 474 MATK 47

Consists of 47 dolls.

The growing seems to have thankfully stopped for now.

You earn a glare for your troubles, which is returned with a blush.

Okay, yeah, you deserve that.

You decide to ḩ̢ưg̕ the monstrously adorable thing that you've made pout, petting her some more. "Sorry, I just seem to have an odd eye power or something, and I was curious.

She stiffens.

Which is difficult to get across, what with the lack of joints to lock or muscles to stiffen.


She looks up at you probingly.

You decide to flash the darkness around you.

Flower Field lv2

There's something not quite right about these flowers...

How on Earth do flowers have a level...? Or maybe you're looking at it wrong...

...Wait, is it getting easier to see? I mean, already you were a little confused as to why you could tell what's going on while not being able to really see. You look down at yourself, flashing your eyes.

Renko's Chest Lv1 5DEF 5MDEF 0ATK 5MATK

A particularly full AA. Mostly consists of bone, making for an effective defense.

Sadly lacking in "offensive" ability due to this, though.


You grumble, not liking the quotations in that, and decide to do the same to your pockets.

Inventory Lv1 10Def 10MDEF 0ATK 0MATK

Pocket Knife Lv1 5ATK

-A small knife, more useful as a tool than a weapon.

Hand Mirror

-Rather handy.


-This thing looks ancient...


-Your trusty phone, full of numbers of people you know and riddles for the numbers of people you don't want getting out.

Hat Lv2 10DEF 10MDEF 5MATK

-One of your oldest possessions, given to you by your grandmother, who thought you'd make it look good some day. You were one slick 5 year-old.


-Happy as can be.

Thread and Needle Lv7 ATK1

-Using this is always a bloody affair for you. So use it.

Well, at least your phone's in there.

You pull out the mirror, looking yourself over. Your eyes flash on their own, blinding you.

Okay, you should have expected that...

Renko Lv1 20DEF 20MDEF 5ATK 5MATK

A girl mostly consisting of hidden pockets and flirting. Easily upset, prone to hugging and bursting with confidence; those she will not flirt with are next to none.

You can't help but blush at that assessment, though you're still seeing yourself in the mirror; hopefully you didn't hurt yourself.

Rubbing your eyes a bit, you find you can see again to a degree. Looking to Hourai, you find her shaking with silent laughter, her lower lids raised in amusement and a hand over her mouth.

Making the doll you ruined laugh fills you with Determination!


"So, uhh... Do you... want me to try and fix you...?"

The silent laughter stops.

"With help of course!"

She stares, her eyes narrowing.

"Your help."

She blinks, before tilting her head.

"Well, I want to make this right. I mean, I think you're still pretty like this, but if you want...?"

She looks shocked.

Or maybe that was just her eyes falling out.

As she pushes them back in, she looks to you. Her body language seems non-hostile, so you smile.

She shakes her head, surprisingly enough, and just gives your face a hug with a dozen arms.

This is mildly uncomfortable for many reasons, but you decide to just return it, though you do so lower, as effectively hugging your own face would be a little weird.

[]Develop system for communication.
-[]Secret code.
-[]One-blink two-blink.
-[]Secret handshakes.

[]Delve deeper into topic at hand.

[]Ask if she has a phone number.

-Maybe she's 3.


[]Ý̶̡̕ǫ̵̨҉ų͜͞ ̷̶̛̀t̀͟w̨o̵͝ ̸͟a̸͢͠r҉͢͞e̶̴͢͝͠ ̵̡͞c̸̶̕͜u͢͢͝͞t͟͟͠é͢.̡̨̀

[]It makes me sick...


[]Do while traveling.

[]Just sit in the dark, in this odd flower patch. Not like you're in a hurry or anything.
No. 188862
[X]Develop system for communication.
-[X]One-blink two-blink.
-[X]Or see if she can text using your phone, that works too.
[X]Ask if she has a phone number.
[X]Just sit in the dark, in this odd flower patch. Not like you're in a hurry or anything.
No. 188863
[X]Develop system for communication.
-[X] Texting?
[X]Ask if she has a phone number.
[X]Ý̶̡̕ǫ̵̨҉ų͜͞ ̷̶̛̀t̀͟w̨o̵͝ ̸͟a̸͢͠r҉͢͞e̶̴͢͝͠ ̵̡͞c̸̶̕͜u͢͢͝͞t͟͟͠é͢.̡̨̀

I'm not sure if removing Zalgo is a good thing, so I'll keep it in.
No. 188864
[X]Develop system for communication.
-[x] Clap in morse.
No. 188865
My guess is that the zalgo text means that Koishi is influencing Renko.
No. 188872
[X] Ask if Hourai is single.

[X]Do while traveling.

Cute Monster Girl Doll or not, a flower patch with a level just SCREAMS trap.
No. 188873
[-x-] Develop system for communication.
-[-x-] One-blink two-blink.
-[-x-] Or see if she can text using your phone, that works too.
[-x-] Ask if she has a phone number.
[-x-] Do while traveling.

Seems fair enough.
No. 188876
[X] Develop system for communication.
[X] One-blink two-blink.
[X] Or see if she can text using your phone, that works too.
[X] Ask if she has a phone number.
[X] Do while traveling.
No. 188890
I feel it's about time I get to work~
No. 188922
File 14647452572.jpg- (149.50KB , 850x850 , Walking in your own footsteps.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stroke your chin, slowly leading it down your non-existent beard, before repeating the action a few times. "We need to figure out a way to talk. How about clapping?"

The doll gives you an odd look.

"In morse?"

The odd look dries out.

Still, she smacks her top two hands together regardless, teaching you that they aren't the best for clapping based simply on how quiet they are.

"Okay, dumb idea. How about One-blink two-blink?" The look she gives you sucks up its lost water, returning to odd. "Y'know, "One blink for yes, two for no"? We can even throw in three to get ready and four to go!"

She shakes her head, shaking with slight amusement.

"Well, we'll figure it out while we walk. Can you walk?"

She nods, but takes it a step further by floating like a Chinese dragon.

"Show off." Sighing, you rummage for your phone as you walk toward the all too familiar set of massive doors. "You know how to text?" You earn a tilt of her head, making you sigh again. "Okay, I'll try to teach you." Opening your phone, you ask, "Are you familiar with texting, first off?"

She shakes her head.


Again, a negative.


She seems hesitant as she nods.

This gives you pause. "...Can you read the keyboard?"

She shakes her head in a negative.

You sigh again. flipping to the language settings, and try showing her English for starters, as it's the most probable.

She stares at it, looking quite curious, judging her how she's tapping her lip and tilting her head. She then nods, earning a smile from you, so you turn that one on, getting your translation app ready just in case, and place the phone before her. "Just hit the buttons you want with your fingers. It'll respond to your finger... prints."


"Okay, point to what you want and I'll hit it for you. Anyways, first question: can you understand me?" The answer comes quickly, and thankfully the translation software holds up. "Yes? Okay, good. And, next, why don't you want help?"

You slowly watch as the words fill the screen with every letter added. You have only a vague idea what it means, as you only know a very small amount of english.

When done, you press translate, and...

If I have to, I'm for you can do it yourself, you do not want such a thing. In addition, you can, because the seem to really like this form, I do not see any need.

...Dammit. "Oooookay, then, erm... Right, next question: what do you mean by, and I quote, "私がしなければならない場合、私はそれを自分で行うことができますのために私は、そのようなことを望んでいません。さらに、あなたは、このフォームを気に入っているように見えるので、私は必要性を全く見ません。"?" You hope she doesn't tease you too badly about English pronunciation...

The doll gives you the strangest look, before looking at the words she had you type oddly.

Good, she thinks it's weird, too. "Okay, next order of business: do you have a phone number?"

She begins typing, with your help. "no i don't."

...Huh. That actually works. "Alright."

You peek through the doors you had been idling by, and, sure enough, on the other side is the patch of flowers you met Flowey in.

Y̨̠̳͕̖̥o̼̙͈͕͖̖̺u͕͎̳ ̳̣̺͚͓͚͙͝h̠̜̪̟̦̮͜e̠̟̻̲̬a̰̙̫͍̦̝̪͜r̷̝͓̺ͅ ̳̘̗a̩̤͎͇̲͇ͅ ͎̘̺̺̼̜͕g̥͔̲̀i̭̠̘̦g̬̹̘͎͎g҉̮͎̘̻̟l̴̻̙̻e͎͎̪̦͓̮ ̴a̮s̳̼ ͉y̻̻̩ͅo̡͚͔u̲̳̫͔̟ ̱d͙̩̮̫̹̯o̸͕͕ͅ ̵̜͈̜s̻̩̱͍͔͇̞ó͈,҉ ̜͓̬͞ḁnd̺̩̩̕ ͎͞a̠͕̼̱ ̤̣̗͉͇̳̘v̺̰̘o̼̺̣̤̞i̠̞̳̝̫͖c̢̫e̹ ̥͚̰͍͉̪o̯͖̣͙͈͉͘n̝͚̰̗̻̰̩͝ ̶͈t̡h̕e̝̝ ̱̺̹́w̲̲̪̪̲̲̦̕i̗̳̖̦̠̩̗ṇ͓̪̤̤̰̫d͕̦̙̠͉͙͚,͓̳̮͔̲͍͕ ̸p̤̱̖̤͍͇ͅe͎͇͉̪̺͕r̷̫̣̠̯h̪a͎͢ps͇̻̭̠͜ ̫̪̻͎̼̱͟e̞͕̤̞v͎̩͙e͠n͔̖͔ t͏͉̤̞̦h̷̘͉̤͎̻̲̫è̖̻ ̹̥̠̼w͖͖̹̦̪͠i̮̫ͅͅn͟d͏̹̩͍ ̠͢i̮t̨̮͓ś̼̼̮͈̠̗e҉̲͔̙͕̼̣l͏̳̺͙̪f̬̪̞͕̤̭͔,̨ͅ ̰̟̖̼̥̯w̞͔͕͍̞̠͞hi̡s͈̤̺̤̙̘ͅp͠e̼̞ͅr̰͕ș̲́, ̙̪̯̰"̰̰Ỳ̟̜͕o̼̗̣͠u͚͈̙̱͘ͅ ̩̲̠̮̥t̖͎̯̰̱w̗o̮͈͎͙̩͜ ̟̩̤͎̼̝̹a҉r̩̟̤e͏̩̼̼͇ ̷̥͚̦̼̟j̜͇u҉̹̰̣͚̯s̶̯̟̩͇͕ͅt̮͈͓̜̦̳̩ ̘̰̬͖͓̫ͅt͏ò̭͔̩̝̝̻͔o͡ ̠̜͝a̴͔̞̙d̴̗͓̘̘̪̣o̫̲͎͈̞̟̯r̩͉͖͚̗̲͡a̙͔̳̦b͓͖̀l̻̩͉̜e̗̯̙.̸.."̺͖̤͍̮ͅ



[]Í̡̛͜ ̧͡͠ć̡͜ó̴̷̢͢u̴͟l̷d̶͜ ͟͏͘͏҉è̷̶́ą̷̡̨t̸̢̛͞ ̷̢̡͜͠y̶ò̸̷ư̕͘ ̵̛ư̵p̵͘!̨̀̀͞

[]Call out to Flowey.


[]Continue on; Satori is waiting.



As an aside for future reference...

Equip Weapon
-[]Pocket Knife
-[]Sewing Needle
No. 188923
[X]Í̡̛͜ ̧͡͠ć̡͜ó̴̷̢͢u̴͟l̷d̶͜ ͟͏͘͏҉è̷̶́ą̷̡̨t̸̢̛͞ ̷̢̡͜͠y̶ò̸̷ư̕͘ ̵̛ư̵p̵͘!̨̀̀͞


-[X] Nothing


We don't NEED a weapon if we can DODGE.
No. 188924
[✿]Call out to Flowey.
[X]Continue on; Satori is waiting.

Equip Weapon
-[X] AA-Cup Chest
No. 188927
[X]Call out to Flowey.
[X]Continue on; Satori is waiting.
Equip Weapon
-[X]Pocket Knife
No. 188933

No. 188934

See that Equip option?

We're changing that to >>188924

Equip Weapon
-[X] AA-Cup Chest

If >>188933 're gonna' be creepy like THAT, then I'll assume we DO need a weapon, so let's use the DEADLIEST WEAPON in our ARSENAL.
No. 188936
No. 188937
[✿]Call out to Flowey.
[X]Continue on; Satori is waiting.

Equip Weapon
-[X] AA-Cup Chest
No. 188939
[X]Call out to Flowey.
[X]Continue on; Satori is waiting.
Equip Weapon
[X]AA-cup Chest
No. 188942
Here I thought you wanted a pacifist run, but to grab your passive defenses like that... I wonder what the ATK will become?
No. 188943
According to it's description, zero.
No. 188944
"oh no this young man is rubbing his nipples on me"

Nah, it will be fine.
No. 188945
File 146476355453.jpg- (157.24KB , 850x1261 , It's like a knife but blunter.jpg ) [iqdb]

Assuming the groping bonus is multiplicative and not additive. After all, +5 and x5 are quite different when dealing with a 0. There's also the fact it could be a rounded value, as if it's below 0.5, it might be rounded down~

Maybe genocide starts if Renko gets DD's. Only time will tell!
No. 188946
>Renko with DD's going on a hugging spree
>half of underground dies of suffocation
please no
No. 188947

Half? And I more meant them being used like a hammer, but now you're giving me ideas~
No. 188948
>not upgrading Renko's chest based on how much she uses it
I'm %99.999 sure that's how female anatomy works
No. 188950

This is how dreams are formed.

Somebody must WRITE THIS.
No. 188951

renko have big titty

flowey spill pollen erywere

satori blinked all eyes

door blushed

doll kil self in shame

the end

Does this count as fanfiction of fanfiction?
No. 188952
File 14647695263.jpg- (141.92KB , 850x717 , Renko is a 7.jpg ) [iqdb]

You sigh. How many resets has this been? How many more till you save them all?

You shake your head. It's these damned breasts' fault... Every monster you meet feels the call, burrying their face deep within you.

And then they die, just like that.

Why did you have to reset? Gaining a cup with every reset was nice at first, but, well...

That was before people simply crawled into them to die. At first you could reach far enough to keep them out, but now? Now you have to keep them out by using them like a hammer and praying...

But, no matter what, you'll stay Determined. You'll sort out this mess. You'll save Flowey, you'll save Satori, you'll save Mari...

...And everyone else you can't quite remember.

No. 188954
3 is pushing it. Anything past that is genuinely scary.
No. 188955
Thread. Derailed.

Congratz guys, you have achieved Mob End.
No. 188957
File 146478629085.jpg- (90.09KB , 850x709 , Stop being taller than me.jpg ) [iqdb]

I dunno, 0 is pretty sexy, if you ask me...


"Hey, Flowey, you out there?" You head up to the flower patch, checking for her.

Flowey Patch - Lv4 ATK0 MATK0 DEF0 MDEF0

There seems to be a Flowey Hatch hidden amongst the flower patch.

"Guess not." You continue on, deciding to ignore the hatch in lough of doing something contradictory.

As you head off, you grasp your breasts, always prepared for battle.

You have trouble doing so.

You grumble, stopping.

You swiftly solve puzzle after puzzle on your way back to where you were, and soon end up back where you left off.

Heading through the door, you... find a young girl in blue balancing a small, sharp-looking shard of ice on her finger tip.

The water in this room is frozen, and you can see your breath. Not only that, but you really freaking wish you wore a coat, at this point.

Or maybe a parka.

Or maybe just slathered yourself in blubber and ran on by.

It's so cold it burns


You try to pass her, but you hear what sounds like a bullet ricocheting off the ground. Looking down, you find the ground- Whoa!

You fall on your rear.

The little bluenette suddenly hops to her feet, grinning. "Well, what have we here? Didn't think I'd see a monochrome fairy all the way down here!" ...Is that a thing?

Hourai frowns.

-1HP per vote used in update.

[]Agree; you're definitely a fairy. An ambassador from the surface, in fact.

[]Disagree; is she blind, or just dumb?



[]Ì̷̧̛ ͠h̸̶̛́͞a͝͞t̷̀͡e͝҉̴̧̛ ̀͡͡͠ḩ̸̷͘e̷҉̴͜r̸͜͞.̴̛́͞.̶͞͠.̧́ ̷͡͞S̴̕̕͢h̵̡́͟͡e҉̀͠ ̴̀n̨̡̢͘͞e͏̷͡͠v̶̛͏e҉̢͢͢ŗ̸̛͢͟ ̛͘k̢͝n̴̛͘͢͡o̴̧w̵̢̨͜ ͏͏̧̨w̸̨͘͝h͘͘̕e͠n͘͜͜͜ ̡́́̕͘t͠͞ó̵́͟͡ ́̀̀͟q̧͡͞u̡͘i̶̛͢t҉̷̀͠͡.̛̕.̴̸̧͟.̵́͝҉̡

[]Kill her, then!


This is more or less what she looks like.
No. 188959
[X]Disagree. "I don't have wings! I don't have any nature powers! I'm not a fairy!"

She may look odd, Maribel, but you shouldn't hate her just for that.
No. 188965
[X]Disagree; is she blind, or just dumb?
No. 188967
[-x-]Agree; you're definitely a fairy. An ambassador from the surface, in fact.

After all, we haven't proven that Renko doesn't have wings. And her powers are natural and hardly artificially enhanced.
No. 188973
I'll be calling it in 4 hours if we get none, but I'd prefer to start sooner.
No. 188974
[X] Disagree; is she blind, or just dumb?

Well, if votes are needed, I'm happy to step on up.
No. 188976
[X] Disagree; is she blind, or just dumb?
No. 188977
Good enough~
No. 188981
File 146483929058.jpg- (90.49KB , 850x680 , Come at me.jpg ) [iqdb]

Your words and vote vastly differ in tone, you know~



"What are you, an idiot?"

Her smile grows cold. "What was that?"

Hourai looks up at you with concern.

"I said that I'm human, you stupid little-" You get launched back by what feels like a glacier smashing into your face.


The little blue fairy floats into the air as everything begins to ice up.

You just got punted by a little girl!


"Looks like I'll need to teach you that it's not about the size, but how you use it!"

Did she just...?



[]At her size, even your breasts are a lethal weapon!











No. 188982


-[X] Sympathize with lack of chest
No. 188983

-[X] Sympathize with lack of chest

Flat Chested Alliance, unite! We'll get all the flat girls together to aid us! Perhaps they can even rub each other to BOOST THE DAMAGE OUTPUT of our STRONGEST WEAPONS!
No. 188984


-[X] Sympathize with lack of chest
No. 188985
File 146484142170.jpg- (16.86KB , 379x281 , this but with an absence of breasts.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Perhaps they can even rub each other to BOOST THE DAMAGE OUTPUT of our STRONGEST WEAPONS!
No. 188986

Yes, but then they would be kicked out of the alliance for being too busty.

That's how this works after all, right?
No. 188987

That just means that they gave a NOBLE SACRIFICE to AID THE CAUSE. Sacrificing your SYMBOL OF STATUS to keep the Alliance safe? Sure, that'll get you kicked out...

... But the bravery shown in such a moment would be worthy of being recorded in the annals of FCA History!
No. 188988

Yes, they may have breasts on their chest, but in their heart, as well as on their face due to being kicked out, they will always be remembered as flat.

They will have a monument dedicated to them in the salt flats.

The monument will be a pair of giant nipples, just to prove that they are the flattest there ever were and ever will be.
No. 188989
No. 188991
File 146485703592.jpg- (43.65KB , 450x550 , Just a flesh wound.jpg ) [iqdb]

You give her a tense look. "You and I are sisters in arms. And chests."

She matches the intensity of your gaze, not budging one bit from the way you flashed her.

Cirno 99ATK 99MATK -99DEF -99MDEF

Seems to have lost all signs of life.


No. 188992
[X] Writein
-[x] [insert impassioned speech about the injustice of the world here]

I'm talking about the cruel god that distributes bust sizes, of course
No. 188993
[x] Act : Mercy -> Wave at her before moving on.
No. 188994
[x] Mercy
-[x] Hug
No. 188995
-[X]Apologize for calling her an idiot
No. 188997
File 146487032164.jpg- (153.95KB , 850x1115 , Press Z to pay respects.jpg ) [iqdb]
You watch as Cirno's stiff body slowly melts into snow. As her body falls to pieces, you watch an arm fall off, only to explode into powdery whiteness upon impact with the ground. Not only that, but even her clothes are slowly turned to snow as you watch her flesh without and within wear away like it was rubbed down with sandpaper for hours in but an instant. Any semblance of the possibly chilling blood within, or even any trace, quickly is wiped away as it becomes snow as well. Every drop that hits the ground, every drip or splatter from her ruined flesh, and indeed, every ounce of her body as a whole, soon becomes that same white powder.

You are left staring at a pile of snow as the room around you rapidly thaws, nothing left of the icy girl that once was. Nothing recognizable, at least.

Not one hair, nor her perhaps overconfident smile, though you do spot a stick in the pile. You pocket it, not sure how to feel about doing so, but feeling as if you want something to remember her by, one way or the other.

Did... you just kill her with your eyes?

Did you just... did you kill a little girl just now?

Sure she hurt you, but...

...You don't know what to say.

The sight of the pile of snow fills you with Determination.

But why?

[]Self reflection. W̶͏̷o͞҉̴̢͘r̴̶̡̡͘ś͡҉e̸̵̶̢͘ ̸̡͜m̷͢͜o̡ņ͝s̴͢͠t̸̛e̷̛͘͜r̢͞s̀̀͘̕͞ ̸̢̢͟͢a̛̛͢͝ŕ̵̸͘̕e͟͡͡ ̸̢̡ćl҉̸̧̀ós̷̛e̷͟r̡̛͝͏ ́̕t̢͘̕h̵̵͏̡͞a̢̛n̸̸͟ ̵̢̢̀͢y͞͞o͘̕͘͘ư̶̕͟͠ ̀҉̸͢t̷̛͟͝h̡̛͝į̷̵̛̀n҉̵̵k̶̨̀͜͜.̢͟͡.̶̛.̷҉҉̕

[]The twisted grin on your face. She was the first of many; move on the the one at arms length.

[]The tears on your cheeks. Sometimes, no words are needed.

[]The mistake you can never undo. Can't stand the sight of you right now, kid.

[]Resignation. It's kill or be killed.

[]Sorrow. I didn't mean to.

[]True Reset. The clock strikes 12 on all things. Vast majority of votes and discussion required.

[]Meditate. It's time you sleep and level up.

[]Conviction. I am the axe by which judgement will be dealt.

[]Try to forget. What was I doing again...?

[]Forget. NonononononoNO!

[]Determination. I'm the strongest.

[]A tearful smile. Remember the better times.

[]Because you're you. Keep a grin on your face.

[]Try to move on. Don't let these things haunt you, now.

[]Step in her shoes and follow in her footsteps. ...Ignoring the fact you barely knew her. Be the greatest you can be, every day!

[]Give up. Another human already...?

[]Reset. ...Surely tomorrow.

No. 188998
[x] Immense confusion. What? I mean, seriously, what?

So we found a random ice girl, got hit by a glacier, talked about breast size, and then the girl disintegrated into snow for literally no reason. Sure I guess that's sad and all, but seriously, what?
No. 188999

Ohh, I assure you, there was plenty reason~ It was hinted at in the prior update that she was already dead.
No. 189000
Reset/True Reset would be viable options if **this quest would update a lot more holy fuck**

[x] Immense confusion. What? I mean, seriously, what?

Something tells me that even mentioning our breasts to whatever that we currently target deals immense damage to our enemies. Otherwise, we could not have defeated the Strongest so soundly!
No. 189001
>fucked up the spoiler
Fucking kill me.
No. 189003

[ spoiler][ /spoiler]

Remove the space~

Although, if the offer's still on the table...


Yeah, sorry about how slow the updates can come out. I'd update faster, but I do need votes.

But in all seriousness, every battle and every conversation is a puzzle.

And sometimes, failure is a learning experience in and of itself.
No. 189004
[x] Immense confusion. What? I mean, seriously, what?

Doesn't Cirno get infinite respawns anyway as a Fairy, though?
I'm sure she'll be fine.
Rise like a phoenix! [spoiler](an icy phoenix)[/spoiler]
No. 189005
...Well, that doesn't work as I hoped.
I'll do it properly next time.
No. 189006
[X]Reset. ...Surely tomorrow.
No. 189008
[x] Wait. Find some container to hold the dust. Sacrifice something to bring her back.
No. 189009
[X]Sorrow. I didn't mean to.

With that low defense, any attack would have killed her. How sad.
No. 189011

Very good!

Although, what did the damage is a more important question.
No. 189012
Our unbeatable small chest wounded her pride and broke her innocence?

[x] Reset (...maybe tomorrow)

When I said perfect run I meant it.

Following her footsteps sounds good too, but we can do that with her guidance. It'll be a good penance for our sin (just because no one will remember it, doesn't mean it will cease to exist)
No. 189014

I'm going to guess it was the flash from checking.
No. 189015
Well, unless Renko has the power to talk-about-my-boobs people to death, I think its safe to assume that it wasn't us.
No. 189016
Sounds plausible.
No. 189022
File 14649151117.jpg- (177.03KB , 850x634 , and you're to blame.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alrighty, I think it's time I start to get a bit more serious~


Yeah, I did the same thing a while back, I think.


Perfection is in the eye of the beholder; if you truly want perfection, you must accept that you will never get perfection, and only then will you ever get perfection.

But then, you guys want a pacifist run, so who am I to judge? I'm just a sadist who wants to take away all the things you love, if you let me~ Because every fight shall be a puzzle, and every puzzle shall be a fight.

Still, if you want perfection, I'll teach you a lesson that I learned shortly after being dragged to this site, years ago.

There was a time we learned a lesson from a doll; she made the readers truly on the ball.

She may have taught us a lesson seemingly small, but this lesson stuck with me to re-teach you all.


Only time will tell~
No. 189030
[x] Immense confusion. What? I mean, seriously, what?

<am confused.


[X] Call Flowey
No. 189032
[X]The tears on your cheeks. Sometimes, no words are needed.

"I didn't mean to" feels like an excuse, and I'm pretty sure confusion will lose us determination.

Oh shit. Hard mode is Luminous-tier. Everything is already dead.

challenge fucking accepted
No. 189034
I am extremely confused, and mildly amused... but I don't really know what to vote on here.
No. 189035

Let me help then.

[X] Salute for our fallen sister in flatness.
- [X] Shed manly-flat tear
No. 189044

You know, if I were writing it, death would be a mercy.

[-x-] The tears on your cheeks. Sometimes, no words are needed.
No. 189046
It's true. I was more referring to the attitude of the story. It seems like we're going to have to claw characters back from their inevitable demise and never let our guard down.
No. 189049

The one suffering a fate worse than death isn't them.

It's you.

No. 189052
File 146501673071.png- (807.49KB , 1400x900 , something evil lurking in the dark.png ) [iqdb]

“No! I must save the monsters” Anon shouted
The radio said “No, Anon. You are the monsters”
And then Anon was a zombie.
No. 189053
File 146501854983.jpg- (181.19KB , 850x600 , Two can play at that game.jpg ) [iqdb]

If that's true, I'd say that you're boned~
No. 189054
File 146502007238.jpg- (65.99KB , 800x900 , kek.jpg ) [iqdb]
>There ain't no second chance against the thing with a third eye, girl!
No. 189055
File 146502366677.png- (681.35KB , 800x900 , Keine is so hot.png ) [iqdb]

What of the thing of many eyes?

Nine eyes means seven tries, right? Well, or maybe three, depending on the conversion. But then what if 1 is the minimum? Then it's anyone's guess!

Sorry, I like playing with math.
No. 189060
File 146504200920.jpg- (14.58KB , 213x160 , To hug or not to hug.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tears cascade down your cheeks as you look upon the rapidly melting dusty whiteness.
You feel confused. Why is the ice all melting? That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!

In your confusion, you look at the stick, hoping for answers.

Unidentified Stick Lv9 0DEF 5MDEF 1ATK 5MATK

You feel as if you could figure out its function if you use your eyes more.

Use them more? Seriously? Can you ever use them again after you did this?

Of the things you know, it's the most likely cause of her death; breasts don't kill people, no matter how fragile. Maybe make them do it for you, but at your size? You're hardly bigger than her.

Arms clamp around your face. You feel for the cause, finding it to be the hanged doll you forgot you were holding against you.

Surprise, surprise, she broke free of your grasp, or at least you think she did.

Maybe you just dropped her out of shock.

She looks worried, her slight narrowed eyes being your only clue. Although, you note that her lower lids are more narrowed than her top.

Her arms are open, obviously offering a stiff, chilly embrace, what with the room being cold.

-[]And cry.
-[]Cry hard.
-[]Cry really hard.
-[]Cry really really hard.
-[]Cry inconsolably.

[]You've got blood on your hands from your cherry being popped; make your second time happier.
[ͮ͐͑̽̆̈́̃̍̍͒ͩ̑͋̔̈́̑̎͏̶̨̢́]̉̋̏̊̔ͮ̄̅͆̽ͯ͊ͦͨ̀͞͡D̽̉̔̽̾͗͌ͯ̔͑̉̔̅ͥ̕ǫ̶̓ͯ̾̐ͪͣ̆̆̂̌ ̸̵̡̿ͥ͗̌ͫ̅̽ͯͬͦ̏͡͡ỹ͗ͤ̈́̔ͭ̾̑͏͏̷̛ȯ̴̶̽̎ͭ̌̈́̒̀͏u͗̔̎ͬ̃ͪ̊ͨ̓̾́ͪ͌ͯ͐̉̚͏̵̵̢̕ ̴̡͑̔͆ͧͩͦ̀n̢̓ͭ̒̏͋ͦ͆̾̐̆̈̏̿ͥ҉͏̀e̢̓̾ͦ̾́̌̃̃̒̉͋͋̎͌̈̐̓͂̚͢͡͏eͫ̀̍͋̏̈̿͂ͫͣ̊̇̓̊̂͢͢ď̢͐ͩͪ̌͛̇͂͋͏͢ ̸ͭͯ̐ͪ̉ͤͨͯ̂ͥ̀ȁ̃̈́͊͒̈̊̈̐̈̇̏̽͜͝ ̶̴̢̨̏ͬ́̓ͯ̈͋̓̎ͩ͌̿͗̃h̨ͣ̇͐̒͑͜͝͡u͗̇̋ͭ͂͊̃̽͘͜g̷̷̡͛̈́̍͋ͦ̄ͪ̿ͧ̈̈́̋͊̔̄́͆̚?̉ͧͨͦͮ͆̐̂̕͜҉̧͏

[]Call someone.

[]Bottle it up and keep going.

[]Change equipped weapon.

From this point forward, I'm only accepting write-ins I deem reasonable~ Just remember, write-ins are always an option, even if I don't list them.
No. 189061
-[X]And cry.

It seems Writefag has more crying in store for us. Best not to let all the tears out at once, then.
No. 189063
-[X]Cry really hard.

First kill should have some significant crying time.
No. 189064
-[X]And cry.

We don't cry too hard. After all, we barely knew the girl, and fairies always come back eventually.
No. 189065

IC, we don't know that fairies come back.
No. 189066
>From this point forward, I'm only accepting write-ins I deem reasonable~

Judging from the fact that you are bringing this up immediately after the immense confusion write-in won, I'm guessing you did not like this write-in. Might I ask why you did not like it, or why being confused in this situation is unreasonable?

No. 189067

Is that so~?
No. 189069
-[X]Cry really hard.

[X]Change equipped weapon.
No. 189072
File 146505974934.jpg- (683.71KB , 750x1000 , Close enough.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, it's primarily for the future, but I will admit to it not being my favorite write-in. After all, Renko stated why she thought it happened, so confusion is a bit odd to choose. Renko may be shaped by the reader, but she isn't wholly the reader in the way many blank slates are. She may be mutable by you guys, but she still is a person, who I happen to use to drop hints to you guys or drop insights from her eyes.

If Renko thinks something, to contradict it would be her second guessing herself, which can shape who she is as a person. Sometimes that can work, but not in all circumstances, but to repeatedly do so can alter her irreversibly.

You only get one Renko, so if you break her, you might be in for less insight and charm, among other things. And there is no undoing that.

You do have to take good care of your pets, after all.

If I veto something, that just means I'm feeling nice at the moment, really, and am deciding to protect you from yourselves, such as labeling switches, leading you through puzzles, or chasing off particularly nasty fae. Hard mode is the most freedom you can get, though there are certain things that you do get freedom on doing that will affect even non-hard mode runs.

You guys asked me to whip you, after all, so who am I to complain?

Anywho, don't expect knowledge so easily granted outside, from myself or otherwise, so do be sure you learn all you can here, and be sure to get familiar with everything before it's too late.

In hard mode, you aren't being babied. Normal is more rigid. Hard mode is more sandboxy, and allows me to be as cruel as I like.

If you've read my first story on this site, you might know a bit more of what you're in for, though that was 95% made-up on the spot. It's sadly not on the list, but... have a linkie.


Anywho, I've been trying to be mostly quiet, but you said my name three times, and I'm the far too much like Mettaton to resist the call.

Time that I crawl back into my dark corner to plot and/or sleep.
No. 189073
-[x]Cry really hard.

Wish write ins were forbidden from the start, but this is better than nothing.
No. 189078

Normally I might agree with you, but you guys have moxie, so you've earned the right with your enormous balls.

Don't make me remove them, now~

No. 189094
-[-x-]And cry.

No reason to force ourselves to go any farther. Just be natural, and don't use fake tears.
No. 189096
File 146509563590.jpg- (671.78KB , 800x800 , Have a Mystia.jpg ) [iqdb]

Good to have you back, Luminous!
No. 189097

Ahh, sorry! Forgot to delete.
No. 189103
File 146511111482.jpg- (159.44KB , 500x500 , You put her ON ICE.jpg ) [iqdb]
0 Exp Gained
0G Gained

Determination refilled!





If you vote fast enough, I'll be able to post the proper update before bed.
No. 189104

Best we learn from our mistake.
No. 189107
No. 189109
No. 189110
I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

You have 30-150 minutes to finish the vote, or I go to bed without updating~ I mean, technically I could still post it and just combine the votes together.

I'll consider crossing that bridge if we reach it.
No. 189113
No. 189115
No. 189118
File 14651362068.jpg- (341.68KB , 1024x950 , An extra short 1 to 50ish model of Hourai sorta ki.jpg ) [iqdb]
Game Saved!

You tremble a bit, staring at Hourai. Her eyes are smiling, or so you think, and she isn't retracting the offer.

She should hate you, and yet... she just willingly offers you her hard embrace with a painted smile, her eyes lifeless yet smiling in their own way.

Normally that would be a frightening sight, and yet, right now...

Right now, that's enough for you.

It's enough to get you to let yourself go, and just let it out. You accept the embrace, no matter how tiny it i- ohh, she's coiling around you.

...Creepy, yet far more comforting than trying to hug such a small target, and certainly easier.

It did surprise you out of your tears, though, but they soon return. Hugging her is difficult like this, so you just let her hold you as you cry in her many armed coils.

You'll find a way to make this up to her before you meet her in the afterlife.

If you meet her, at least.

Still, all you can do is cry and move on.

But you want more than what you can do, so you open your eyes, which are burning with Determination. "I'm fine now, Hourai... You can let me go..."

Your killing of a child fills you with Determination to never do it again!


She gives you a binding squeeze, before releasing you. You wince at the strength in that small body being made obvious in that small gesture, but smile regardless, happy to have someone to do so in your time of need.

You eye the rapidly liquefying pile of slushy snow. Sighing, you decide you know what you must do, as disrespectful as it may be. If that snow is what ash is to humans, then you'll just have to take some with you.

You begin to rummage through your inventory, and eventually your hand hits what you were looking for.

It's not something that was there before, but you get the oddest feeling that this is normal, which makes you frown. You still don't quite remember a lot about a rather targeted subject, and you can't seem to latch on to it just yet, but you know that you'll get it with time.

Pulling out the handy dandy bottle, you decide to fix it with the full force of your gaze.

The bottle doesn't seem to care that you're glaring at it, but that may be a clever ruse.

Ordinary Bottle -50DEF 0MDEF 1ATK 0MATK

This bottle seems to be quite fragile, though the cork seems like it has seen some things.

You ignore the witty commentary from your eyes, quickly scooping up what remains of the remains into the bottle.

Surprisingly, it pretty much fills it to a comfortably full level, giving it a weight that isn't physical.

Strongest Urn 0DEF 0MDEF 0ATK 0MATK 1MAXDT

Is that an eye in there?

You double take, looking in the urn, but find no eye; it was just your reflection.

You put away the small bottle of dead girl, feeling oddly refreshed, if emotionally drained.


[]Continue on.

Confess sins to...
[]Satori -0DT
[]Flowey +1DT

[]Aim to give her a proper burial.

[]Keep her urn to feel the weight of your sins.

[]Drink the bottle.

I decided to use one of the prior votes that I felt interesting to show off several mechanics, as one of you did want to catch 'em all take some with you.
No. 189119
[-x-] Plan to bury the bottle and give her a proper burial.
[-x-] Keep the cork. It may yet hold wisdom.

Man, that cork... it's seen things, man. Like you wouldn't believe.
No. 189120
[x]Keep her urn to feel the weight of your sins.
-[x] I promise... I'll keep you warm.
No. 189121
[X]Satori -0DT
[X]Aim to give her a proper burial.
No. 189123
[x]Keep her urn to feel the weight of your sins.
-[x] I promise... I'll keep you warm.
No. 189124
Isn't getting too warm what caused her to melt in the first place?

[x]Aim to give her a proper burial.
No. 189127
Confess sins to...
[x]Satori -0DT
[x]Flowey +1DT

[x] Keep her on the urn, to feel the weight of your sins, every day

Be the strongest you you can be
No. 189132
[X]Flowey +1DT

[X]Aim to give her a proper burial.

The Strongest Fairy deserves the Strongest Burial.
No. 189142
No. 189147
File 146519409744.jpg- (564.35KB , 600x800 , A pocket full of liquid nitrogen.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh. "I'm going to give her a proper burial." After a moment's thought, you add. "Till then, I'll keep her warm."

You get an odd look from Hourai.


She just shakes her head as you put it in a warmer pocket- holycrapisthatcold!

Your frozen rump fills your with... pain, actually!


But that pain also fills you with Determination!



[]Continue on

Confess sins to...
[]Satori -0DT
[]Flowey +1DT
No. 189149
[x] Endure, as the strongest would have.

[x] Confess to both.
No. 189150
[X]Continue on
[X]Flowey +1DT
kill or be killed, etc

We should really get a masochist perk...
you will never be viciously mauled by Flowey's vines ;-;
No. 189151

Could always ask if her vines are just as friendly as her main cannon, some time.
No. 189159
I'd like to write before bed, but as it stands, I just don't have enough~
No. 189160
[X]Continue on

Confess sins to...
[X]Satori -0DT
[X]Flowey +1DT

Take ALL the options
No. 189162
File 146521170334.png- (15.06KB , 1000x779 , Ruins map 1.png ) [iqdb]
Close enough to consensus for me~ Not a vote that needs much consideration anyways~

Have a map for now!
No. 189166
File 146522322398.jpg- (112.17KB , 850x601 , Please don't know Japanese.jpg ) [iqdb]
You concentrate on enduring the cold. The cold comfort fills you with Determination!

+1 DT

You pull out your phone after a quick peek to find it; you swear it switches pockets sometimes. You dial 2 for Satori.

Whoever came up with the idea of counting up is a wonderful person.

You have to wonder if it was 1, though.

You hear only a small portion of the first ring before it gets picked up. "I see you've taken the advice, little one."

Her words give you pause. Then you realize her power to read minds must have a tremendous range.

Or maybe she's right behind you!

You glance.

"Indeed, my range is quite far. Although, Flowey has described it to have a latency issue the farther one is away." After a short pause, she adds. "I believe my words alone are proof enough that I am not near. Still, phones are better for talking to me, I find." As you open your mouth, she cuts you off. "I will point out that admitting to killing others, mind you, is a poor choice; it will only harm relations with others." Again she cuts you off. "Now, as for how to reach me, you will want to take a right at the next turn. If you find yourself hungry, you may go right, but make sure you don't spoil your dinner; I'm baking a pie." As you're about to say your thanks, she adds. "I'm very proud of you, however, little one. Few are brave enough to admit they killed someone. I shall see you soon, alright? Goodbye."

...She hung up. Well, hopefully she lets you get a word in edgewise later, as she wasn't doing that before.

As you sigh, getting ready to hit 1, your phone rings.

You snort, answering, "Hello?"

"My apologies, little one; I didn't mean to cut you off so many times. I'm not very good with ranged communication, you see, as I use mental cues to decide when to speak."

You smile at her apology. "Thanks, Satori."

"See you soon."

"Bye." You were temped to call her mom, but resist.

After she hangs up, you dial Flowey's number.

The phone rings eight times.

...Is she not answering.


"Why does your v-"

"-, this is Flowey. I'm probably busy right now, so please leave your number and I'll get back to you. Worst case, another invasive push is happening"

...Well, then. "Hey, uhh... Hey, Flowey. I just wanted to call to say I wanted to tell you that I killed someone." ...This is the most awkward message you've ever left. "A-anyways, maybe you can poke me later or something." ...That sounds worse! "I mean with your big thorn!" Wait, wait! "I want you to penetrate me!" Wait, crap! "I mean, I want you-" The phone beeps.

Dammit. You really suck with answering machines.

Putting away your phone, you pull open the doors, heading in.

...Why is creepy music playing...?

Why does the hall seem to go on forever??


[]Head down ominous hall.

I realized a much better way to do the health system, so I've tweaked it a bit. Instead of max DT every time, which is usually not very helpful, you'll get max DT only if your DT is full. There was one other change, but that has no explanation that you shall be getting any time soon. Due to this, I'll be both increasing damage, while also making DT harder to regain in other ways I had planned.

Normally I don't do this, but the music makes the vote/scene.


Remember, write-in is always an option~
No. 189172
[X]Head down ominous hall.
[X]Find the source of the music if you can, but don't spend too much time looking.
No. 189173
[x]Head down ominous hall.
[x]Find the source of the music if you can, but don't spend too much time looking.

This will do.
No. 189178
[x]Head down ominous hall.
[x]Find the source of the music if you can, but don't spend too much time looking.
No. 189188
[x]Head down ominous hall.
[x]Find the source of the music if you can, but don't spend too much time looking.
[x]Also, find some sort of identifiable marker (lanterns/torches on wall, columns, changes in the carpet) that look like you can count them or spots that don't look like they repeat. We need to find out if this is literally an unending hallway.
No. 189193
[x]Head down ominous hall.
[x]Find the source of the music if you can, but don't spend too much time looking.

No. 189194
[x]Head down ominous hall.
[x]Find the source of the music if you can, but don't spend too much time looking.
No. 189198
[x]Head down ominous hall.
[X]Find Mental Mom (go right at next turn)

That music sounds tense. UNNECESSARILY tense.

Let's not get ourselves killed chasing unnecessary tension. Hard mode, remember?
No. 189199
File 14652710141.jpg- (41.74KB , 600x406 , HOURAI HUG.jpg ) [iqdb]
You carefully begin to creep down the hall, the music growing nearer as you go, if practically inperceivably so.

What is with this hall, though? The design on the floor is strange at best.

You try to focus, looking for things to mark progress: distinct features, or even landmarks, as odd as the latter would sound.

You eye a hanging vine off to the side as you pass it by. You note its shape, counting the leaves.

As you continue on, you find yourself feeling more and more worried over small things: the sound of the music getting louder, though seemingly no progress being made, as well as the fact that you passed by that leafy vine a second time. Judging by its characteristics, you assume it to be ivy. Maybe that’s where Flowey got the ivy from?

As you pass the vine a third time, your spirits are starting to droop, and every shadow holds an ambush.

You were voted most likely to kill their friends out of paranoia when faced with adversity in elementary school — a title of which you are proud of — so it’s easy to say you aren’t good with stress of this sort.

The vine. It’s stalking you; you’re sure of it, now. That’s the fifth time you’ve passed it, now. There’s no way to walk in circles down a straight hall, so it must be stalking you!

As you walk, eyeing every shadow, you jump when you feel tiny hands clutch your shirt.


You look down, finding Hourai giving you a blank look. Judging by her actions, you can only assume her to be trying to calm you, and thus consider this a mouthless frown of worry.

“What is it, Hourai?” She stares at you, causing you to return the painted smile with a frown proper. “Yes?” She seemingly hugs you, though you practically get the wind knocked out of you as she pulls herself against you with a sudden jerk. Wincing, you give her silky, fake hair a stroke.

Your spirit bolstered, you continue on.

After the tenth time of passing the vine — yes, you’re counting — you head over and chop down the vine from as far up as you can reach, using your handy dandy… ...chest?



You just sigh, continuing on as you stuff the vine in your left most right pocket, on the fifth level of pockets. Surprisingly, you find yourself nearly at the end, as you see a door in the distance. Was the vine the cause? Was the hall just that long and full of oddly standardized vine decorations?

And not just the door; you see three white pillars!

It’s a miracle!

Deciding to throw caution to the wind, you sprint for the door, music blaring.

That was the worst five minutes of your life!


[]Those pillars seem awfully suspicious…

[]Keep going, heading through the door.
No. 189202
[X] Stare down the pillar, make no sudden moves

>chop down the vine from as far up as you can reach, using your handy dandy… ...chest?
No. 189203
[X]Those pillars seem awfully suspicious…
[X] I wonder what Satori Mom would think of me if she saw me now?
No. 189205

Well, she can read minds.

As horrible as that must be right now.
No. 189208
That's alright. That means we won't have to hide anything from her... Of course, that can also lead to bodily harm.
No. 189210
Has the pillar suddenly become a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
No. 189212
Well, it's large and cold-blooded...
No. 189213
[X]Those pillars seem awfully suspicious…

We must not let ourselves be backstabbed. Our DIAMOND HARD NIPPLES are on our front.
No. 189218
File 146528451181.jpg- (477.11KB , 890x1251 , Three time hugging champion.jpg ) [iqdb]

Most call those hugs.

Never challenge a wampa satori to a hug-off. She'll hug off you.

Also, I've completed Satori 2.0 after you inspired me! Now she has wifi and extra USB ports!
No. 189227
No. 189228
File 146529604514.png- (102.48KB , 800x800 , Vot͟e͞vo͜t͜e҉vo͢ţe̛vot̢e͢.png ) [iqdb]
You skid to a halt, staring down the trio.

Hourai, of course, looks up at you like you’ve gone mad. Mind you, you did just cut down a vine with the bluntest part of your chest, but still.

The mere idea of using the sharpest part frightens you slightly.

“Shh.” You hold a finger to your mouth.

The doll stares at you like you’re crazy and dumb.

Now, where were you. Ohh, right.

You level your gaze on the first pillar.

Conveniently Sized Pillar Lv1 999/50/0/10

It has room to grow.

And the next.

Conveniently Sized Collumn Lv1 999/25/0/50

It seems a bit... ...Well, it's curvy.

...Moving on.

Conveniently Sized Pole Lv1 999/25/0/25

It’s very lithe.

You stare at the trio of oddly misshapen pillars incredulously.

Conveniently Sized Support Beam Ensamble Lv1 2997/100/0/85

Not suspicious at all.


[]Darn it, you thought something was up, but you guess you were wrong.

[]H̶̛̕̕͞u̶g̷̵͞ ͏̨͘͘͝ţ̶h̷͟e҉̷̀ ̢́͘s̶͘m͘͜͝a͟͞l̷l͘͜͠͏ ̸̡͞͞o̢̡n̸̨͠ȩ̷̀̕͠!̶͞

[]F̧̕l͢͡i̕͏̵͜r͜͜t̷͠ ̶̷w̛͞͞͞҉i͏́t͡h͢͏͜ ̡̢́͡ţ̴̛̕͝h̸͏̸͞e̢̛ ̵̢͢͜͞b́͟͟͠͝i̡͟g̀҉̶͡ ͘͜ó͞҉n̵̡̢͢͠é͟͝҉!̴̢̛͝

[]C̀o̢͠n͜s̵͢ơ̶l̢͢e̷̡ ̧̢́́t̡̡̀͘͟h̡̀͜e̸͘ ̶̵̕͝f́͟͜l̸̡͏̸̴a͞҉҉̢t̡̧ ̀͢͡͠o̶̧͘͝͞ņ̴e̴͝!̧̛͠

[]Check Unidentified Stick.
-[]Whip it out and jam it down their throats...
-[]S̢ͯ̔͂ͩ̍ͦ̉͊̽̑̓͋͆̋̌̔̓ͤͧo̴̡̢ͪ̍̑ͦ̅́̍ͧ̑̋ͫͧ̽ͯ̋̊m̵̶͊ͫ̌̔ͦͯ̈͆e͆̓͐͑ͬ́ͥ̈͌̏̀͢͞ơ̆ͬ͂́̂ͪ̌̍̅̓ͪ̇̄̓͏́͟͠ņ̸̓ͭ̒ͪ̍͊̍̂̿͏͢e̷̛͛̋̊̾̓͆̈́͗̊̂ͩ͛ͪ̑͆̇͋ͤ́ ̸̨̊ͦͩ̀ͬͧ̉̀̅̂̓͟n̑ͬ͂̌͢͜͜ê̴̓̈̊̔̽ͩ̈ͧ̀̅̒̓ͬ̈́͒͡é̓͐̈̇̅ͬ͜͞҉͜d̛͊̍̒ͥ̉s̵ͫ̑̾̓̈́̍͊̾ͨ̉͐̽̌̓̋ͩ̚͘ ̢̛̃̆̇͒̋̅ͯ̍̊ͣͣ́́ͮ͝a͆ͣͥ͆̓̊̋ͮͥ̾̍̆̏̚̚͏͏ ̴̷̴̋̓͛̓͠s̈͋͆̌̈ͤ͝҉̀́p̡̋͗̽̈ͣ͐ͤ̌͂a̢̛̓͆̒̇̆̇̽ͪ̿ͧ̓̍̀͋͑ͮn̴̴̢͛̔ͦ͊ͯ̽ͨ̓͌̏̑͆ͥ͒̀ͧ̚͡͠k̷̵ͨ͋̿ͫ̏͊̀ͥͫͮ̈̉̃ͬ͢i̡̔̇̍̊ͥ̆̈̅͟͡n̉ͮ̆͋̔ͬ̂̾ͥ͂͆̒͋̉̎̿̌͌҉̧͝g̶̏ͮ́̂ͨͯ͋ͯ̓̏̃̏̈́̐̑̆͐̋̚͢͜~ͪ̅
No. 189229
[X]Darn it, you thought something was up, but you guess you were wrong.
No. 189230
[X]Darn it, you thought something was up, but you guess you were wrong.

All these sexy options are tempting.

TOO tempting.
No. 189231
[X]Darn it, you thought something was up, but you guess you were wrong.

Where do Renko's nipples scale on the Vickers Hardness Test?
Gonna guess at the very least, 7000HV
No. 189234

Well, normally they're a 5, but all of this excitement, combined with puberty giving her raging hormones turns it into 5^5HV, obviously.

These nipples, forged by humans, have been in the Usami family since her grandmother's time. The things they cannot cut is next to none most everything. M̷̖̳̯̻̙̳̭̝͖̝̱͢͠a̫̞̲̱̞̲̭̕͘͟͢ͅͅy̸̴͙̟̩͕͘ḅ̴͚̙̻͘͠͞ͅè̠̝̙͓̱̭͙̣̠̩̦̹͈́͞ ̷̛҉̪̰̮̫̰̖̰͔͔i̡̯̬̯̦̱̳̖̦͓̗̥̪̮̬̹̼̤͘͠f͎̣̼͓̤̯̬̗̬͉̘̝̙̀͟͟ ̸͈̥̗͕͚̞͇̗͎͇̘̰̘̕͟͜͡ͅͅy̵̻͕̜̗̰̼̱͠o̵̴̸̶̟̙̣̳͇͔̭̳̞͓͇̗̹͍̗̯̬̭͝u̵͖͔͓̬̲͍̬̩̪͓͝ ̛̰̘͈͖̪͉̙̫̗͘͟͜u͘͏͎͈̦͖̣͇͙͔̠̳̩ͅs̴̸̫̮̬̲̲̩͙̀ͅé̢̨̦͙̻͖͢ ̧̧͕̱̹̠̀͜͠a̶̸̺͎͙̼̺̗̬̼͈̰ ̨͇̯̱̥͕̰̞͍̱̺̣̣̞̺̖͎̲͖͞ͅg̡̛̞̱͓͓̗͇̳̩ͅr̡̡̨̳̤̗͎̟͖͈͖̫̪̺̮̪̰̣̳i̶̧̬̱͖̲͈̫͚̦͖̹̞̮̺ͅǹ͏҉͓̱͉̫̜͔̥̳͓͇̗̟̮̟͟͞ͅḏ̢̧̰̖͈̼̖̙̪̞̻̭̦̺͎͘͢ͅi҉̷͇̬̥̖̮ń̛͓̖͔̟͙͖̫̼͉̦͚̭̮̭̺̤̣̞̱͜͠g̤͎͓̗͝ ̶̛̕͡҉̺̬͇̣͙͖s̶̟̳̬̫̙̝͈̩̮͈̀́͜ţ̢̨̨̲̘̦͓͔͙̬̣̭̹̞͍̻̕o̴̕͜҉̬̖̦͉͍̰͎̠̳͍̭̖͔͎̦͈͠n͟͞͝҉̩̪̜̰̹͈̲̯̟̬̳̝̭͉e҉̸̦̼͓̠̯͚̲̻̤̪͓̰̣͚͓̦̙͝͠ ́̕͏̴̥̙͎̥͕̼̖͍̜͜ò̖̙̹̣̖̻̥̭͝͠͝n̷̴̛̼͚̘͖̱̱̼̲͍͠ ͖̹̯̭͉͔̙͙͟͝ͅt̨̪̜͚͍̳͖̕͜͡͡h̨̧̫̻͉̙̮̙͍̭̞͈̖̱͝͡e҉̵҉̴͇̠͕̹͞m̴̧̛̳͈͔͓͕͎͜͡.̢̛̫̘̻̣̩̖͇̤̕͠͝
No. 189240
[X]Darn it, you thought something was up, but you guess you were wrong.

Well, I suppose there's nothing here then.
No. 189242

Did I just read Ḿ̤͔̖̼̩͉̳̬̰̟͘̕͝ͅạ͈͉̞̼̺́͘ý̴̧̱̤̳̦̻̫̞̩͎̖̩̮̺͍̮͕̱͘͢b̴̢̡҉̵͙̱̩̞̹̦̩̘̫̤̫̠̝̯̪͍̜͓͈é̡̗̜͉͍̮̰̲̕ ̵̨̡̙̩͈̯̝̗͔̺̟̯̺̬͠ͅį̵͓͉̣̝͉̣͕̱̹̜̻̘͡ͅf̢͎͖̬̹̰̗͎̝̩̭̕͢ ̴̪̱̖͎͇̮̬̥͉̳̱́ỳ̸̥̜̗͓͓̝̱͈o̶̡͓̼̺̣̖̘͎͚̹̩̹̬̖͈̕͠ͅu͓̻͉̮͍̼͇̗̱͓̮͍̲̙͓͈̕͠ ̢̛̭̞̝͚f̡̡͎̯̝̖̝̠̮̼̯̀͜͞i̷̛͏҉͉̙̠̜̜̖̲̪̤̼͔ņ̵̠͔̱̤͙̻̠͙͚͔̟͙͎̠̰̮̕͜͡ͅͅd̴̶̸̦̩̗̟͈̱̟̗͚͎͇̟͉͓̘̗͟ ̴̧̛̲̣̥̪̙̼̼̮̺̜̱̪͖̼̘̯͜a̢̛͕̼̖̻̗̗̩̠ ͠͏̩͍̗̫̟̲͉̯͉̮͚̹̩̹̤̯̥̦͙L̨̳͖͉̣̮͍̰͖̝̗̟̖̗̺̙̀į̴̧̙̠̺̩t̶̢̼̯͓͖̰͜ͅţ̡̩͙̱̹̬̕͝l̵̟̙͇̹͓̺͕͖͟é̷̶̟̰̜̟͎̻͚̬̥̪̲͍͜͞ͅ ̥̹̖̙̫̳̼̀́̀͟R̳̰͔͓͖̗̯̭̻̀̀o͏҉̞͖͎̥͍ͅͅc̨͟͝͏̮̮̭̰̦̺̞k̢̡̛͙͚̤͍̫̬͡ ̸͚̪͙͈̮̣͔̜͖͝t͡҉̧̗̗̮͚̰̬̺͙̪̫͙̲͠ͅͅo̢͘͏͈̝̳͖̟̯͍̣͈̪̤̲̖̩͔̼ ̡̀҉̗͇̬̻͙͖͚̭̗̩͖̮͕g͢҉̖̹̬͍̣̪͚̘̥̭͉͇͍͔̞͍͕́̀͟ͅr̶̭͇̭̥̩̙͙ì̬̳͔̻͔̼̼̩̼̲̭̰͕͎͉͠n̵͎̤͉̠̦̺͍̩̘̳̮̺̣̹̥͢͢͠͞d̡̡̨͇̖͚̝̻̫͈̞͇̮͉̪̯̭̳̘͝ͅ ̢̮͉̫̬͎̥̥͍͙͘͞͝͠ͅţ̹̟͚͈͇̦̘͍̭̣̭͕̼͟͜͝h͏̢͓̻͚͈̗̭͍͕̱̟̹͚̼̹̱́ͅḙ̴̬̫͉̮̜͖̹̘͉̹̜̩̝̞̳́͞m̴̷̸͉̱̯̠̲͚͍̥ ̸͇̥̯̬̥̕͟͟͝ǫ̧̫͍̮͔̰͎̦n̨̫̙̝̭̲̝̙̼̪͉͓̤͔̩͔͙̻͓̻͡?
No. 189243
[x]Darn it, you thought something was up, but you guess you were wrong.

[x]H̶̛̕̕͞u̶g̷̵͞ ͏̨͘͘͝ţ̶h̷͟e҉̷̀ ̢́͘s̶͘m͘͜͝a͟͞l̷l͘͜͠͏ ̸̡͞͞o̢̡n̸̨͠ȩ̷̀̕͠!̶͞

[x]F̧̕l͢͡i̕͏̵͜r͜͜t̷͠ ̶̷w̛͞͞͞҉i͏́t͡h͢͏͜ ̡̢́͡ţ̴̛̕͝h̸͏̸͞e̢̛ ̵̢͢͜͞b́͟͟͠͝i̡͟g̀҉̶͡ ͘͜ó͞҉n̵̡̢͢͠é͟͝҉!̴̢̛͝

[x]C̀o̢͠n͜s̵͢ơ̶l̢͢e̷̡ ̧̢́́t̡̡̀͘͟h̡̀͜e̸͘ ̶̵̕͝f́͟͜l̸̡͏̸̴a͞҉҉̢t̡̧ ̀͢͡͠o̶̧͘͝͞ņ̴e̴͝!̧̛͠

[x]Check the stick
-[x]Wear the stick (in your hair, numbskull)

THEN, after all that is done:
[X]Grope the pillars. Make them feel reeeeeaaaaaaal good.
No. 189244
I think Koishi is just being very inappropriate.
No. 189245
[X]F̧̕l͢͡i̕͏̵͜r͜͜t̷͠ ̶̷w̛͞͞͞҉i͏́t͡h͢͏͜ ̡̢́͡ţ̴̛̕͝h̸͏̸͞e̢̛ ̵̢͢͜͞b́͟͟͠͝i̡͟g̀҉̶͡ ͘͜ó͞҉n̵̡̢͢͠é͟͝҉!̴̢̛͝
No. 189247
[X]F̧̕l͢͡i̕͏̵͜r͜͜t̷͠ ̶̷w̛͞͞͞҉i͏́t͡h͢͏͜ ̡̢́͡ţ̴̛̕͝h̸͏̸͞e̢̛ ̵̢͢͜͞b́͟͟͠͝i̡͟g̀҉̶͡ ͘͜ó͞҉n̵̡̢͢͠é͟͝҉!̴̢̛͝

They said you would flirt with everything that would move.

It's time to prove them wrong.
No. 189249
File 146534449868.jpg- (169.49KB , 850x850 , Look what you did.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stare at the pillars a moment, before sighing. “I was so sure, too, til I saw it with my own eyes…”

You simply continue on, the doll looking at you like you’re crazed as the music fades while you get farther from its source.

After opening the door, you are met with a delicious smell: fried chicken.

[]Left it is; it’s the right thing to do. Dinner can be left for later.
[]Head right. The Chicken must be left for later; it’s only right.
[]B̋̅̌̊̋͋̃͑uͮͭ́t͐ͤ̐͛̆ͣ̓̑̓ͥ̃̄̐ ́̾͒̈̂ͧt̏ͤ̋͆̈͐͋̆͒̌̒hͦ̊ͤ̏̌̄ͫ̚̚aͦͩ̉ͮ̎tͭ͑͌̒'̀ͣ̽̃̉ͥ̀̓s̃ͧͤ̽̊ͥ͑ͪ̎͌̈́͂͐͂̚ ͣͮ̃̈́ͪͫ̍ͩͫbͤͣ̒̔͋̎̒͋ͩͣ̋͆oͬ͛ͮ̀̀̑͒͂oͬ̾̓ͧ̓̅͌o̿̍͐̒̑ͤ͂oͮ̆̌̅ͭ̔̍ͩͥ̍̚oͧ̎ͨ̅͗̌͗ͧͬ̎̆̀̄͐͒̀͆̚ŏ̀̍ͫͣ̏̐ǒ̿ͪͦ̊ͣ̿́̅̍͛ͤ̌̆̾͂̑̈̚o̓̇̐͐r̀ͥͤͧ̈́ͥ̉̀ͪi͑̎ͣͧ̋̅̓n̐̽̈͗ͯ̈̇̅̑̀̐̈́g̓̓̇̏̔ͥ̊
͑ͦ̔̊̈̍̃̉ͬͧ̚.͗͌͑ͭ̚.ͪͩ̎̋ͨ͆̋̇ͮͤ.̒ͧͯ̈́̎̊̾̿̀̾ͯ̿͂͑ Ȳ̆͗͌͒̏̓͑ͯ̌̂̆͆̃o̐͋̓ͮ͆̚uͯͧ̿ͭ̓̈͂͋ͫ̅ͮ̓̈͒ͮ ̾̑̄̐͋̄̐͑͆ͬ̄ͦ͆ͥs̓ͩͥ̋ͩ̓ͤ͗̈̎̽̍͆ͫͪͮ̚h͋͑ͪͩ̽̓͗̿͛̔oͬͧ̉͆̈͆̔ͦ̂̀̉ͦͨ̌̚û̐̇ͫ̏͑̈̂̈́̿̌̍̐̐̚lͩ̂̊ͨ͆͆̇͑̄̑͂͗̀̆̑d̄̿͛̔̀̑͐͋ ͣ̔ͨͥͨ͑̽̄̐ͯ̉gͤ̔̐ͣ̈́̾̚o͐̐ͥ͆͂ͮ ̽ͧͩ̈́̊̀͛̇ͪ͂ͯͩ̿ͥ̊̚̚b͂ͫ̊̀ͯ͂aͧ͊̈́ͧ̽̅̏ͪͩ̃͒̓̿cͣͥ́ͣ̓̇͒̓̽̊ͭ̐ͨk͑͗̓̇ͧͧ͒́̚ ͗̃ͯ͆̆͛͑ͬ͒͋̏a̅͆̍̾̊̈̈́ͤͤͭ̂̔͋̏̔͑̚n͑̄ͬd̓ͦ͊̓́ͤ̃̃̈́́ͤ̀ͩ̿ ͐͗̔ͮͧͥͧ͊͌̊̋̐̃ͩfͥ̓͌ͨͩ̃l̓̇͊̃̌͋ͮ̀ͩͣ̓̾iͧ́̄̇̿͐̎̂̈̆̉ͫr̐̇̈̐̓̇͗͛t̔̑̆̒͌̒ͯ̎͐̉̅ͭ̌ͮ ͌̀͆̓ͥs̾̐̎̄͐̅̽̂̆̊ͨ̓̋̂̓͊o͋͋ͭ͗̽m̉ͣ̔͒ͦ̇͌̊ͫ̏̒eͣ͆ͣ ̅͒̎̏̽ͣͥ̾ͥͭ͆ͨ̚mo̒̽̽ͤͭ̒ͧ̏̔ͬ̔͐ͬ͑̈̇͋ͮr̂͒ͪ͆ͭ͗ͭ̉́̾̈́̌̔̈͆͗̊̚ẻͩ̂ͥ̾;͐ͪ̉̆̒ͦ͊̍̾̚ ͋̊ͫͩͨ͊͋̌ͬ͆͂ͯyͪ̈̆oͥͤ̌̎ͪu̒̅ͫͯ̏͛̽'͑̏̐ͭͤ͗ͥ̈ͮ͛͗̆̉ŕ̈̆̒̂͛͋ͤ͊ȇ̈̾̄ ͩͧͯ̄͂́̑̉ͥͮͣ̋ê̈́ͨ͆͐͗x̓͌̒̑ͤ̒ͬͩ̏ͯ̽͛̃̓̏͐̈͆tͮ̔͌ͣ͗͊̆̈̋̄͑̾ͪ̾ṙ͗ͫ͗̈̎ͬ̂́͊ͨ͑̇̉̑̓ä́̏̎ͦ ̒ͧ͑ͥ̒̌̐̇ͪͭ̃̋͊c̏̋͒ͦ͐̌̓ͪ̏̔͆̊u̅̒͛͋ͤ̍ͧ̾̑̍t̃̐̃̂͂̇ͥͬ̓̚ě̔̿ ͭ͌ͫ̃̔͆̇̉̉̉ͤ̽ͣͭ̑̐w̒̌͌̍̄h̃ͦ̐ͤ̈́͛ͫ̉͗̌̈́ͥ̏̽e̍̾̐ͭ͆̔̎ͤͫ͆͒n̈́̎ͦ͆̎̏̽̿̏ͦ̓̐͋̚ ̿̅̔̊̔̈ͬ͛͐́ͩy̆ͧͨ̇̔o̓̍ͪ̎́u̐̽ͤͬͯͤ̆̈ ̾ͭ̇͊̿ͤͪ̐̆̎ͥ͊d̈́̂ͥ́͐̇̏̓̋ͥ̔̾̊ǒͫ͌ͤ ̔͆ͨ͋̒̾ͩ̄tͦ̉͋͋ͬ̆̊̐͛̂h͋̎̅͆̊ͣ̎ͦ̏͐̔̃͒aͦ̍̾ͨ͌ͭ͒̈́ͮ̊̒ͥ̀̚t̒̿ͬ̌!
No. 189256
[x] Hourai is looking at you weirdly, are you being weird?
-[x] Let her decide your next move
No. 189257
[x]B̋̅̌̊̋͋̃͑uͮͭ́t͐ͤ̐͛̆ͣ̓̑̓ͥ̃̄̐ ́̾͒̈̂ͧt̏ͤ̋͆̈͐͋̆͒̌̒hͦ̊ͤ̏̌̄ͫ̚̚aͦͩ̉ͮ̎tͭ͑͌̒'̀ͣ̽̃̉ͥ̀̓s̃ͧͤ̽̊ͥ͑ͪ̎͌̈́͂͐͂̚ ͣͮ̃̈́ͪͫ̍ͩͫbͤͣ̒̔͋̎̒͋ͩͣ̋͆oͬ͛ͮ̀̀̑͒͂oͬ̾̓ͧ̓̅͌o̿̍͐̒̑ͤ͂oͮ̆̌̅ͭ̔̍ͩͥ̍̚oͧ̎ͨ̅͗̌͗ͧͬ̎̆̀̄͐͒̀͆̚ŏ̀̍ͫͣ̏̐ǒ̿ͪͦ̊ͣ̿́̅̍͛ͤ̌̆̾͂̑̈̚o̓̇̐͐r̀ͥͤͧ̈́ͥ̉̀ͪi͑̎ͣͧ̋̅̓n̐̽̈͗ͯ̈̇̅̑̀̐̈́g̓̓̇̏̔ͥ̊

͑ͦ̔̊̈̍̃̉ͬͧ̚.͗͌͑ͭ̚.ͪͩ̎̋ͨ͆̋̇ͮͤ.̒ͧͯ̈́̎̊̾̿̀̾ͯ̿͂͑ Ȳ̆͗͌͒̏̓͑ͯ̌̂̆͆̃o̐͋̓ͮ͆̚uͯͧ̿ͭ̓̈͂͋ͫ̅ͮ̓̈͒ͮ ̾̑̄̐͋̄̐͑͆ͬ̄ͦ͆ͥs̓ͩͥ̋ͩ̓ͤ͗̈̎̽̍͆ͫͪͮ̚h͋͑ͪͩ̽̓͗̿͛̔oͬͧ̉͆̈͆̔ͦ̂̀̉ͦͨ̌̚û̐̇ͫ̏͑̈̂̈́̿̌̍̐̐̚lͩ̂̊ͨ͆͆̇͑̄̑͂͗̀̆̑d̄̿͛̔̀̑͐͋ ͣ̔ͨͥͨ͑̽̄̐ͯ̉gͤ̔̐ͣ̈́̾̚o͐̐ͥ͆͂ͮ ̽ͧͩ̈́̊̀͛̇ͪ͂ͯͩ̿ͥ̊̚̚b͂ͫ̊̀ͯ͂aͧ͊̈́ͧ̽̅̏ͪͩ̃͒̓̿cͣͥ́ͣ̓̇͒̓̽̊ͭ̐ͨk͑͗̓̇ͧͧ͒́̚ ͗̃ͯ͆̆͛͑ͬ͒͋̏a̅͆̍̾̊̈̈́ͤͤͭ̂̔͋̏̔͑̚n͑̄ͬd̓ͦ͊̓́ͤ̃̃̈́́ͤ̀ͩ̿ ͐͗̔ͮͧͥͧ͊͌̊̋̐̃ͩfͥ̓͌ͨͩ̃l̓̇͊̃̌͋ͮ̀ͩͣ̓̾iͧ́̄̇̿͐̎̂̈̆̉ͫr̐̇̈̐̓̇͗͛t̔̑̆̒͌̒ͯ̎͐̉̅ͭ̌ͮ ͌̀͆̓ͥs̾̐̎̄͐̅̽̂̆̊ͨ̓̋̂̓͊o͋͋ͭ͗̽m̉ͣ̔͒ͦ̇͌̊ͫ̏̒eͣ͆ͣ ̅͒̎̏̽ͣͥ̾ͥͭ͆ͨ̚mo̒̽̽ͤͭ̒ͧ̏̔ͬ̔͐ͬ͑̈̇͋ͮr̂͒ͪ͆ͭ͗ͭ̉́̾̈́̌̔̈͆͗̊̚ẻͩ̂ͥ̾;͐ͪ̉̆̒ͦ͊̍̾̚ ͋̊ͫͩͨ͊͋̌ͬ͆͂ͯyͪ̈̆oͥͤ̌̎ͪu̒̅ͫͯ̏͛̽'͑̏̐ͭͤ͗ͥ̈ͮ͛͗̆̉ŕ̈̆̒̂͛͋ͤ͊ȇ̈̾̄ ͩͧͯ̄͂́̑̉ͥͮͣ̋ê̈́ͨ͆͐͗x̓͌̒̑ͤ̒ͬͩ̏ͯ̽͛̃̓̏͐̈͆tͮ̔͌ͣ͗͊̆̈̋̄͑̾ͪ̾ṙ͗ͫ͗̈̎ͬ̂́͊ͨ͑̇̉̑̓ä́̏̎ͦ ̒ͧ͑ͥ̒̌̐̇ͪͭ̃̋͊c̏̋͒ͦ͐̌̓ͪ̏̔͆̊u̅̒͛͋ͤ̍ͧ̾̑̍t̃̐̃̂͂̇ͥͬ̓̚ě̔̿ ͭ͌ͫ̃̔͆̇̉̉̉ͤ̽ͣͭ̑̐w̒̌͌̍̄h̃ͦ̐ͤ̈́͛ͫ̉͗̌̈́ͥ̏̽e̍̾̐ͭ͆̔̎ͤͫ͆͒n̈́̎ͦ͆̎̏̽̿̏ͦ̓̐͋̚ ̿̅̔̊̔̈ͬ͛͐́ͩy̆ͧͨ̇̔o̓̍ͪ̎́u̐̽ͤͬͯͤ̆̈ ̾ͭ̇͊̿ͤͪ̐̆̎ͥ͊d̈́̂ͥ́͐̇̏̓̋ͥ̔̾̊ǒͫ͌ͤ ̔͆ͨ͋̒̾ͩ̄tͦ̉͋͋ͬ̆̊̐͛̂h͋̎̅͆̊ͣ̎ͦ̏͐̔̃͒aͦ̍̾ͨ͌ͭ͒̈́ͮ̊̒ͥ̀̚t̒̿ͬ̌!

Columns need loving too.
No. 189259
[X]B̋̅̌̊̋͋̃͑uͮͭ́t͐ͤ̐͛̆ͣ̓̑̓ͥ̃̄̐ ́̾͒̈̂ͧt̏ͤ̋͆̈͐͋̆͒̌̒hͦ̊ͤ̏̌̄ͫ̚̚aͦͩ̉ͮ̎tͭ͑͌̒'̀ͣ̽̃̉ͥ̀̓s̃ͧͤ̽̊ͥ͑ͪ̎͌̈́͂͐͂̚ ͣͮ̃̈́ͪͫ̍ͩͫbͤͣ̒̔͋̎̒͋ͩͣ̋͆oͬ͛ͮ̀̀̑͒͂oͬ̾̓ͧ̓̅͌o̿̍͐̒̑ͤ͂oͮ̆̌̅ͭ̔̍ͩͥ̍̚oͧ̎ͨ̅͗̌͗ͧͬ̎̆̀̄͐͒̀͆̚ŏ̀̍ͫͣ̏̐ǒ̿ͪͦ̊ͣ̿́̅̍͛ͤ̌̆̾͂̑̈̚o̓̇̐͐r̀ͥͤͧ̈́ͥ̉̀ͪi͑̎ͣͧ̋̅̓n̐̽̈͗ͯ̈̇̅̑̀̐̈́g̓̓̇̏̔ͥ̊

͑ͦ̔̊̈̍̃̉ͬͧ̚.͗͌͑ͭ̚.ͪͩ̎̋ͨ͆̋̇ͮͤ.̒ͧͯ̈́̎̊̾̿̀̾ͯ̿͂͑ Ȳ̆͗͌͒̏̓͑ͯ̌̂̆͆̃o̐͋̓ͮ͆̚uͯͧ̿ͭ̓̈͂͋ͫ̅ͮ̓̈͒ͮ ̾̑̄̐͋̄̐͑͆ͬ̄ͦ͆ͥs̓ͩͥ̋ͩ̓ͤ͗̈̎̽̍͆ͫͪͮ̚h͋͑ͪͩ̽̓͗̿͛̔oͬͧ̉͆̈͆̔ͦ̂̀̉ͦͨ̌̚û̐̇ͫ̏͑̈̂̈́̿̌̍̐̐̚lͩ̂̊ͨ͆͆̇͑̄̑͂͗̀̆̑d̄̿͛̔̀̑͐͋ ͣ̔ͨͥͨ͑̽̄̐ͯ̉gͤ̔̐ͣ̈́̾̚o͐̐ͥ͆͂ͮ ̽ͧͩ̈́̊̀͛̇ͪ͂ͯͩ̿ͥ̊̚̚b͂ͫ̊̀ͯ͂aͧ͊̈́ͧ̽̅̏ͪͩ̃͒̓̿cͣͥ́ͣ̓̇͒̓̽̊ͭ̐ͨk͑͗̓̇ͧͧ͒́̚ ͗̃ͯ͆̆͛͑ͬ͒͋̏a̅͆̍̾̊̈̈́ͤͤͭ̂̔͋̏̔͑̚n͑̄ͬd̓ͦ͊̓́ͤ̃̃̈́́ͤ̀ͩ̿ ͐͗̔ͮͧͥͧ͊͌̊̋̐̃ͩfͥ̓͌ͨͩ̃l̓̇͊̃̌͋ͮ̀ͩͣ̓̾iͧ́̄̇̿͐̎̂̈̆̉ͫr̐̇̈̐̓̇͗͛t̔̑̆̒͌̒ͯ̎͐̉̅ͭ̌ͮ ͌̀͆̓ͥs̾̐̎̄͐̅̽̂̆̊ͨ̓̋̂̓͊o͋͋ͭ͗̽m̉ͣ̔͒ͦ̇͌̊ͫ̏̒eͣ͆ͣ ̅͒̎̏̽ͣͥ̾ͥͭ͆ͨ̚mo̒̽̽ͤͭ̒ͧ̏̔ͬ̔͐ͬ͑̈̇͋ͮr̂͒ͪ͆ͭ͗ͭ̉́̾̈́̌̔̈͆͗̊̚ẻͩ̂ͥ̾;͐ͪ̉̆̒ͦ͊̍̾̚ ͋̊ͫͩͨ͊͋̌ͬ͆͂ͯyͪ̈̆oͥͤ̌̎ͪu̒̅ͫͯ̏͛̽'͑̏̐ͭͤ͗ͥ̈ͮ͛͗̆̉ŕ̈̆̒̂͛͋ͤ͊ȇ̈̾̄ ͩͧͯ̄͂́̑̉ͥͮͣ̋ê̈́ͨ͆͐͗x̓͌̒̑ͤ̒ͬͩ̏ͯ̽͛̃̓̏͐̈͆tͮ̔͌ͣ͗͊̆̈̋̄͑̾ͪ̾ṙ͗ͫ͗̈̎ͬ̂́͊ͨ͑̇̉̑̓ä́̏̎ͦ ̒ͧ͑ͥ̒̌̐̇ͪͭ̃̋͊c̏̋͒ͦ͐̌̓ͪ̏̔͆̊u̅̒͛͋ͤ̍ͧ̾̑̍t̃̐̃̂͂̇ͥͬ̓̚ě̔̿ ͭ͌ͫ̃̔͆̇̉̉̉ͤ̽ͣͭ̑̐w̒̌͌̍̄h̃ͦ̐ͤ̈́͛ͫ̉͗̌̈́ͥ̏̽e̍̾̐ͭ͆̔̎ͤͫ͆͒n̈́̎ͦ͆̎̏̽̿̏ͦ̓̐͋̚ ̿̅̔̊̔̈ͬ͛͐́ͩy̆ͧͨ̇̔o̓̍ͪ̎́u̐̽ͤͬͯͤ̆̈ ̾ͭ̇͊̿ͤͪ̐̆̎ͥ͊d̈́̂ͥ́͐̇̏̓̋ͥ̔̾̊ǒͫ͌ͤ ̔͆ͨ͋̒̾ͩ̄tͦ̉͋͋ͬ̆̊̐͛̂h͋̎̅͆̊ͣ̎ͦ̏͐̔̃͒aͦ̍̾ͨ͌ͭ͒̈́ͮ̊̒ͥ̀̚t̒̿ͬ̌!
No. 189269
[X]B̋̅̌̊̋͋̃͑uͮͭ́t͐ͤ̐͛̆ͣ̓̑̓ͥ̃̄̐ ́̾͒̈̂ͧt̏ͤ̋͆̈͐͋̆͒̌̒hͦ̊ͤ̏̌̄ͫ̚̚aͦͩ̉ͮ̎tͭ͑͌̒'̀ͣ̽̃̉ͥ̀̓s̃ͧͤ̽̊ͥ͑ͪ̎͌̈́͂͐͂̚ ͣͮ̃̈́ͪͫ̍ͩͫbͤͣ̒̔͋̎̒͋ͩͣ̋͆oͬ͛ͮ̀̀̑͒͂oͬ̾̓ͧ̓̅͌o̿̍͐̒̑ͤ͂oͮ̆̌̅ͭ̔̍ͩͥ̍̚oͧ̎ͨ̅͗̌͗ͧͬ̎̆̀̄͐͒̀͆̚ŏ̀̍ͫͣ̏̐ǒ̿ͪͦ̊ͣ̿́̅̍͛ͤ̌̆̾͂̑̈̚o̓̇̐͐r̀ͥͤͧ̈́ͥ̉̀ͪi͑̎ͣͧ̋̅̓n̐̽̈͗ͯ̈̇̅̑̀̐̈́g̓̓̇̏̔ͥ̊

͑ͦ̔̊̈̍̃̉ͬͧ̚.͗͌͑ͭ̚.ͪͩ̎̋ͨ͆̋̇ͮͤ.̒ͧͯ̈́̎̊̾̿̀̾ͯ̿͂͑ Ȳ̆͗͌͒̏̓͑ͯ̌̂̆͆̃o̐͋̓ͮ͆̚uͯͧ̿ͭ̓̈͂͋ͫ̅ͮ̓̈͒ͮ ̾̑̄̐͋̄̐͑͆ͬ̄ͦ͆ͥs̓ͩͥ̋ͩ̓ͤ͗̈̎̽̍͆ͫͪͮ̚h͋͑ͪͩ̽̓͗̿͛̔oͬͧ̉͆̈͆̔ͦ̂̀̉ͦͨ̌̚û̐̇ͫ̏͑̈̂̈́̿̌̍̐̐̚lͩ̂̊ͨ͆͆̇͑̄̑͂͗̀̆̑d̄̿͛̔̀̑͐͋ ͣ̔ͨͥͨ͑̽̄̐ͯ̉gͤ̔̐ͣ̈́̾̚o͐̐ͥ͆͂ͮ ̽ͧͩ̈́̊̀͛̇ͪ͂ͯͩ̿ͥ̊̚̚b͂ͫ̊̀ͯ͂aͧ͊̈́ͧ̽̅̏ͪͩ̃͒̓̿cͣͥ́ͣ̓̇͒̓̽̊ͭ̐ͨk͑͗̓̇ͧͧ͒́̚ ͗̃ͯ͆̆͛͑ͬ͒͋̏a̅͆̍̾̊̈̈́ͤͤͭ̂̔͋̏̔͑̚n͑̄ͬd̓ͦ͊̓́ͤ̃̃̈́́ͤ̀ͩ̿ ͐͗̔ͮͧͥͧ͊͌̊̋̐̃ͩfͥ̓͌ͨͩ̃l̓̇͊̃̌͋ͮ̀ͩͣ̓̾iͧ́̄̇̿͐̎̂̈̆̉ͫr̐̇̈̐̓̇͗͛t̔̑̆̒͌̒ͯ̎͐̉̅ͭ̌ͮ ͌̀͆̓ͥs̾̐̎̄͐̅̽̂̆̊ͨ̓̋̂̓͊o͋͋ͭ͗̽m̉ͣ̔͒ͦ̇͌̊ͫ̏̒eͣ͆ͣ ̅͒̎̏̽ͣͥ̾ͥͭ͆ͨ̚mo̒̽̽ͤͭ̒ͧ̏̔ͬ̔͐ͬ͑̈̇͋ͮr̂͒ͪ͆ͭ͗ͭ̉́̾̈́̌̔̈͆͗̊̚ẻͩ̂ͥ̾;͐ͪ̉̆̒ͦ͊̍̾̚ ͋̊ͫͩͨ͊͋̌ͬ͆͂ͯyͪ̈̆oͥͤ̌̎ͪu̒̅ͫͯ̏͛̽'͑̏̐ͭͤ͗ͥ̈ͮ͛͗̆̉ŕ̈̆̒̂͛͋ͤ͊ȇ̈̾̄ ͩͧͯ̄͂́̑̉ͥͮͣ̋ê̈́ͨ͆͐͗x̓͌̒̑ͤ̒ͬͩ̏ͯ̽͛̃̓̏͐̈͆tͮ̔͌ͣ͗͊̆̈̋̄͑̾ͪ̾ṙ͗ͫ͗̈̎ͬ̂́͊ͨ͑̇̉̑̓ä́̏̎ͦ ̒ͧ͑ͥ̒̌̐̇ͪͭ̃̋͊c̏̋͒ͦ͐̌̓ͪ̏̔͆̊u̅̒͛͋ͤ̍ͧ̾̑̍t̃̐̃̂͂̇ͥͬ̓̚ě̔̿ ͭ͌ͫ̃̔͆̇̉̉̉ͤ̽ͣͭ̑̐w̒̌͌̍̄h̃ͦ̐ͤ̈́͛ͫ̉͗̌̈́ͥ̏̽e̍̾̐ͭ͆̔̎ͤͫ͆͒n̈́̎ͦ͆̎̏̽̿̏ͦ̓̐͋̚ ̿̅̔̊̔̈ͬ͛͐́ͩy̆ͧͨ̇̔o̓̍ͪ̎́u̐̽ͤͬͯͤ̆̈ ̾ͭ̇͊̿ͤͪ̐̆̎ͥ͊d̈́̂ͥ́͐̇̏̓̋ͥ̔̾̊ǒͫ͌ͤ ̔͆ͨ͋̒̾ͩ̄tͦ̉͋͋ͬ̆̊̐͛̂h͋̎̅͆̊ͣ̎ͦ̏͐̔̃͒aͦ̍̾ͨ͌ͭ͒̈́ͮ̊̒ͥ̀̚t̒̿ͬ̌!

[X]Head right. The Chicken must be left for later; it’s only right.
No. 189289
Need votes~
No. 189312
Well, alright, I'll do the last bump myself. Got buried under four stories, so I think that's forgivable. I'd just call it, but I'm currently busy with something that'll make life easier elsewhere.

I need to get rid of the last post before I can make a new thread anywho. Wouldn't want to accidentally bump it later. Being dominated by your past self would be embarrassing.
No. 189318
[x] But that's booooooooring

No votes for you!
No. 189327
[X]Head right. The Chicken must be left for later; it’s only right.
No. 189331
[X]Head right. The Chicken must be left for later; it’s only right.

What's up with all the zalgo?
No. 189333

Well, they don't seem to see merit in deleting it~
No. 189353
[X]B̋̅̌̊̋͋̃͑uͮͭ́t͐ͤ̐͛̆ͣ̓̑̓ͥ̃̄̐ ́̾͒̈̂ͧt̏ͤ̋͆̈͐͋̆͒̌̒hͦ̊ͤ̏̌̄ͫ̚̚aͦͩ̉ͮ̎tͭ͑͌̒'̀ͣ̽̃̉ͥ̀̓s̃ͧͤ̽̊ͥ͑ͪ̎͌̈́͂͐͂̚ ͣͮ̃̈́ͪͫ̍ͩͫbͤͣ̒̔͋̎̒͋ͩͣ̋͆oͬ͛ͮ̀̀̑͒͂oͬ̾̓ͧ̓̅͌o̿̍͐̒̑ͤ͂oͮ̆̌̅ͭ̔̍ͩͥ̍̚oͧ̎ͨ̅͗̌͗ͧͬ̎̆̀̄͐͒̀͆̚ŏ̀̍ͫͣ̏̐ǒ̿ͪͦ̊ͣ̿́̅̍͛ͤ̌̆̾͂̑̈̚o̓̇̐͐r̀ͥͤͧ̈́ͥ̉̀ͪi͑̎ͣͧ̋̅̓n̐̽̈͗ͯ̈̇̅̑̀̐̈́g̓̓̇̏̔ͥ̊

͑ͦ̔̊̈̍̃̉ͬͧ̚.͗͌͑ͭ̚.ͪͩ̎̋ͨ͆̋̇ͮͤ.̒ͧͯ̈́̎̊̾̿̀̾ͯ̿͂͑ Ȳ̆͗͌͒̏̓͑ͯ̌̂̆͆̃o̐͋̓ͮ͆̚uͯͧ̿ͭ̓̈͂͋ͫ̅ͮ̓̈͒ͮ ̾̑̄̐͋̄̐͑͆ͬ̄ͦ͆ͥs̓ͩͥ̋ͩ̓ͤ͗̈̎̽̍͆ͫͪͮ̚h͋͑ͪͩ̽̓͗̿͛̔oͬͧ̉͆̈͆̔ͦ̂̀̉ͦͨ̌̚û̐̇ͫ̏͑̈̂̈́̿̌̍̐̐̚lͩ̂̊ͨ͆͆̇͑̄̑͂͗̀̆̑d̄̿͛̔̀̑͐͋ ͣ̔ͨͥͨ͑̽̄̐ͯ̉gͤ̔̐ͣ̈́̾̚o͐̐ͥ͆͂ͮ ̽ͧͩ̈́̊̀͛̇ͪ͂ͯͩ̿ͥ̊̚̚b͂ͫ̊̀ͯ͂aͧ͊̈́ͧ̽̅̏ͪͩ̃͒̓̿cͣͥ́ͣ̓̇͒̓̽̊ͭ̐ͨk͑͗̓̇ͧͧ͒́̚ ͗̃ͯ͆̆͛͑ͬ͒͋̏a̅͆̍̾̊̈̈́ͤͤͭ̂̔͋̏̔͑̚n͑̄ͬd̓ͦ͊̓́ͤ̃̃̈́́ͤ̀ͩ̿ ͐͗̔ͮͧͥͧ͊͌̊̋̐̃ͩfͥ̓͌ͨͩ̃l̓̇͊̃̌͋ͮ̀ͩͣ̓̾iͧ́̄̇̿͐̎̂̈̆̉ͫr̐̇̈̐̓̇͗͛t̔̑̆̒͌̒ͯ̎͐̉̅ͭ̌ͮ ͌̀͆̓ͥs̾̐̎̄͐̅̽̂̆̊ͨ̓̋̂̓͊o͋͋ͭ͗̽m̉ͣ̔͒ͦ̇͌̊ͫ̏̒eͣ͆ͣ ̅͒̎̏̽ͣͥ̾ͥͭ͆ͨ̚mo̒̽̽ͤͭ̒ͧ̏̔ͬ̔͐ͬ͑̈̇͋ͮr̂͒ͪ͆ͭ͗ͭ̉́̾̈́̌̔̈͆͗̊̚ẻͩ̂ͥ̾;͐ͪ̉̆̒ͦ͊̍̾̚ ͋̊ͫͩͨ͊͋̌ͬ͆͂ͯyͪ̈̆oͥͤ̌̎ͪu̒̅ͫͯ̏͛̽'͑̏̐ͭͤ͗ͥ̈ͮ͛͗̆̉ŕ̈̆̒̂͛͋ͤ͊ȇ̈̾̄ ͩͧͯ̄͂́̑̉ͥͮͣ̋ê̈́ͨ͆͐͗x̓͌̒̑ͤ̒ͬͩ̏ͯ̽͛̃̓̏͐̈͆tͮ̔͌ͣ͗͊̆̈̋̄͑̾ͪ̾ṙ͗ͫ͗̈̎ͬ̂́͊ͨ͑̇̉̑̓ä́̏̎ͦ ̒ͧ͑ͥ̒̌̐̇ͪͭ̃̋͊c̏̋͒ͦ͐̌̓ͪ̏̔͆̊u̅̒͛͋ͤ̍ͧ̾̑̍t̃̐̃̂͂̇ͥͬ̓̚ě̔̿ ͭ͌ͫ̃̔͆̇̉̉̉ͤ̽ͣͭ̑̐w̒̌͌̍̄h̃ͦ̐ͤ̈́͛ͫ̉͗̌̈́ͥ̏̽e̍̾̐ͭ͆̔̎ͤͫ͆͒n̈́̎ͦ͆̎̏̽̿̏ͦ̓̐͋̚ ̿̅̔̊̔̈ͬ͛͐́ͩy̆ͧͨ̇̔o̓̍ͪ̎́u̐̽ͤͬͯͤ̆̈ ̾ͭ̇͊̿ͤͪ̐̆̎ͥ͊d̈́̂ͥ́͐̇̏̓̋ͥ̔̾̊ǒͫ͌ͤ ̔͆ͨ͋̒̾ͩ̄tͦ̉͋͋ͬ̆̊̐͛̂h͋̎̅͆̊ͣ̎ͦ̏͐̔̃͒aͦ̍̾ͨ͌ͭ͒̈́ͮ̊̒ͥ̀̚t̒̿ͬ̌!
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