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187090 No. 187090
Two years have I lurked and four have I written. I believe the time has come, and with it, my inaugural launch in... technically charted waters. Sink or swim, I will see just how I've grown as an author. Either way, I hope this silly little idea amuses all of you as much as it amused myself~ Although, if I were told I was going to be writing this as my first CYOA, I'd have given the speaker an odd look.

Criticism is not only accepted, but encouraged! If anyone has anything negative to say, I hope you say it to my face as opposed to squirreling away your opinions~

I mean, to be frank, such things would hardly sustain one through the winter.

I recommend nuts for that.


You awaken not amongst the leafy branch of a tree, nor the damp grass below. You awaken instead to silken sheets and fluffy comforter. Where you once bore the bitter cold, hidden from freezing rain, you now found yourself in a home equal parts pleasant and disconcerting. Warm and inviting, yet... somehow off. It's not every day that one awakens to sharing a strange bed with one's self, after all.

It's an even rarer occurrence when one awakens to finding themselves in bed with two of such copies.

And that's while ignoring the fact that they each were different. The same and yet disconcertingly dissimilar, as if cut from the same material but with different tools; as if one had lead a life vastly different from the other. The taller one looked to be unkempt and disheveled, while the other looked younger and well groomed. The former had the scent of books to her, which I would consider proper if not for the strong scent of varnish and wood. Of course, the latter had the scent of books as well, but it was hidden beneath that terribly overpowering scent of strawberry.

Honestly, you would have been less shocked if they were exact copies of yourself.

Exact copies don't have as uncomfortable of implications.

Exact copies can be easier to explain, whether or not you would ever have an explanation given to you.

But no. No, this situation defied explanation. You knew not where they came from, nor where you yourself were taken to. You knew only one thing. One simple, strange thing. One thought that felt wholly alien to you. One all-consuming desire that felt as if it were not your own.

You simply must make chocolate.

But that wasn't the issue with that thought. No, the cooking of sweets, while something you never do, was ordinary enough. There was something else; something that raised the fine hairs on your neck. Something that tipped you off to the fact that something wasn't right more than being displaced, more than being amongst a gaggle of your kin and more than those kin being imperfect copies of yourself.

You knew for a fact that you had absolutely no idea what this "chocolate" even was, let alone how to make it. This could imply many things, none of which being good. Possibly several things, even.

You could have been taken here in your sleep, which, while normally utterly benign and perhaps even an act of kindness, was made significantly more concerning by the inclusion of copies of yourself.

Next, you could be dreaming. But even if you were, the sheer vividness, the sheer oddness, was unlike anything you yourself would fathom. Dreams are not always simple dreams when one lives in a land of illusions, and what would happen if such an undream turned to nightmare?

And then there was the thought of a hallucination brought on by something you ate or drank. And while it was a very real possibility, this felt far too ordinary. Far too normal. While this place felt off, your mental faculties felt as they should be, your mind right and proper and your vision uninhibited. You have had hallucinated before, and this was nothing like any of them.

Finally, and most probably, your mind had been tampered with in some way. This had the worst implications of all, as that would open a can of worms beyond the scope of the others.

If one memory were added... who is to say what else were added? Or that everything wasn't added? Why would they have done such a thing as altering one simple entry in your mind? Why is it that this one desire felt so out of place amongst the others? So off?

Furthermore, why would they ever wish to do any of these things to you? You are an inconsequential nobody; a chick amongst hawks.

Unless it was because you were nobody, because you were weak and because nobody would care if something happened to you. For all intents and purposes, you had no friends but the half youkai, and even he merely bore your presence out of pity and a misplaced feeling of responsibility for someone else's wrongs. If truly he wished to right those wrongs, the returning of those books would be the most pragmatic solution.

But, then, this didn't seem like such a bleak situation as that; you were neither chained nor shackled. The window was even open, though you felt no wind coming from it. You did recognize the scents of a forest, however.

You eyed the other versions of yourself, studying them. The most obvious difference was wing size. The wings of the smallest of the three were actually quite large; larger than her body, in fact. If one combined the wings of yourself and the taller one, they would equal those large wings. Another difference of note was their hair, if it can even be called that. It looked as hair does, but a bird like yourself could make out the signs of a feather when you saw it. You had been quite confused by your hair when you had transformed to take this form so long ago, but over time had grown used to the odd purple and silver strands. In contrast, the fine feathers of the small one were blue and silver, while the larger one's were purple and white. Another odd dissimilarity between you three, you noted.

Another difference was the claws on the other two. Where as your own fingers ended in what one would expect of a human, the other two had talons of varying degrees of lethality. The larger one reminded you of the sparrow, but not nearly so ungainly. The smaller one's stubby black talons looked more useful for digging than murder, however.

[] Rouse the taller.
-[] How?

[] Wake the smaller.
-[] How?

[] Why choose when you can wake both?
-[] How?

[] Is that a bookshelf you spy?
No. 187092
Well, this is different. But I won't say no to more Tokiko, and it looks like this'll provide.

[X] Is that a bookshelf you spy?
No. 187094
[X] Is that a bookshelf you spy?
Well you've caught my interest.
No. 187095
[x] Is that a bookshelf you spy?

Focus on what really matters.
No. 187097
This is an extremely reflective Tokiko. Internal monologues, ho!

[a] Why choose when you can wake both?
-[a] Inspect bookshelf you spy for choice books.
-[a] Bring back one for each as offering along with one for yourself.
No. 187098
Vote will be called later, when I start writing~ You have about 15 hours and 18 minutes. I plan to have the update out within the next two days, so look forward to that!


Well, when there's a lone character who isn't able to leave the room until voted to do so, there's few better ways to pad out an update.

I mean, unless you'd prefer a 200 word or less post.

I really hope the answer is a resounding no.
No. 187099
[x] Is that a bookshelf you spy?
No. 187106
[X] Is that a bookshelf you spy?

Books are all a Tokiko's got, man! Tokiko gun' do what Tokiko gun' do!
No. 187109
File 145399081789.jpg- (616.06KB , 1000x1166 , Prend this is also chocolate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like we'll be doing x with some books!

Vote called~

Sorry for being 4 hours and 16 minutes late to calling it, but I ended up needing sleep unexpectedly badly. Anywho, the show must, and the show will go on!

See y'all soon, for I just lost my primary source of distraction from writing, sadly!

Now, time to make a ridiculous number of silly parody books involving chocolate!

Also, as I made a mistake when I reuploaded the first update, I'm gonna be fixing the name of the story to be vaguely less generic, if I remember.

I mean, "extremely" is far superior to "very".
No. 187115
File 145402071410.jpg- (1.17MB , 1704x2272 , Delicious knowledge.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your eyes snap to the bookshelf you only just noticed. You've only dreamt of seeing such a shelf, and yet here it is, straight out of those very dreams, if a bit less packed than you had hoped for. Not only that, but these books show signs of age for greater than that of the books you are used to.

You can't help but salivate at the sight of them.

But first, you must manage to get out from between a rock and a hard place. Were you any other resident of Gensoukyou, you might consider simply floating, but sadly, you aren't. As such, you clumsily begin to get out from between what adds up to a seraph of birds.

First, you kick off the sheets. Good, you are still dressed! That's a good sign if ever there was one. Secondly, you try wiggling your numbed wings out from under them. You're honestly glad you can't feel them right now, because you may have just dislocated one in doing so. Well, this is the price of books, as sad as it is.

Finally, you walk to the edge of the bed, dropping off onto the wooden floor. You soon realize that your feet are bare, and begin to look for your shoes, as the floor isn't particularly warm and feels strange and uncomfortable on your feet.

You look here and there, high and low, up and down, but you spot not one shoe, yours or otherwise. It would seem that it is your fate to bear the cool floor, and so you embrace that fate with open arms.

Being a wading fowl in winter was worse, honestly.

Padding quietly along the floor, you make your way to the shelves. The sight that greets you makes you shake your head; they aren't in any sort of order. The first book easily confirms this, at least unless the order is in reverse alphabetical order.

[] Wondrous Chocolates: Cooking With Magic.

The next book in line was just as chocolate-themed and made you think back to a certain book, raising many a warning bell.

[] How to Serve Man: A Compendium of Chocolate for Youkai

The next book was surprisingly devoid of the theme of the others, while also confirming that the order in which the books had been shelved was clearly chaotic and random, or at least followed no shelving method you knew of. Well, that or they were shelved correctly in the actual languages they were written in.

[] Secret Passages and Booby Traps Vol. 1

You look down, noticing the scuff marks on the floor that looked as if were caused by this very shelf. Clever, but not clever enough.

However, the next book was a return to form.

[] Hitchhiker's Guide to Chocolate

Well, what have we here? A normal book?

[] The Chocolate Book of Handmade Chocolate

Curious if the title held any truth to it, you decided to try and break off a bit of the book and taste it.

...You rescind your decision that it was a normal book.

And this next book made you wonder why someone would even wish to make such a thing.

[] Functional Chocolate Weaponry IV: Daggers

The next book showed that there was at least some form of method to the madness that was the ordering of these books, while also making you wonder if they knew the definition of what a weapon was.

[] Functional Chocolate Weaponry XXI: Shields

The third and final installment of the series didn't quite make sense the way your eyes saw it, and so you touched it. The letters blur as the language translates to Japanese before your very eyes.

"What on Earth...?" This book looked far less aged than the others. This book was also large enough to take up the better part of a shelf. The author was even different, and many more modern stylistic differences could be noted. Furthermore, had they really reached such a high number in the series yet only just reached claymores? If you aren't mistaken, "M" stand for 1,000.

[] Functional Chocolate Weaponry MMDCCCXXXVI: M18A1 Claymore

Shaking your head, you decide to move on to the next book, raising your brow when you do.

[] Sexual Chocolate: A Compendium

Chocolate is truly frightening.

The next book made you a bit more concerned than the last, while also teaching you that such a thing was even possible.

[] Candy Architecture Volume 17: Chocolate Wood

You looked down at you feet, realizing that it wasn't that your feet were simply sweating. No, it was something that you only realized as you hopped to the side before the floor could even get close to giving way.

The floor, walls, ceiling and most everything else was made of chocolate.

You eyed the bed, which seemed to be ordinary enough, but on closer inspection found that it smelled of sugar. You were simply too deadened to the scent by way of sleeping amongst so much of it to realize sooner.

[] Interact with an above book.
-[] How?

[] Awaken a bird.
-[] Which?
--[] How?

[] Write-in
No. 187116
File 145402367516.png- (57.57KB , 300x240 , Melt your way out!.png ) [iqdb]
Hrm. So the entire house is as such? That might be key. After all, if they're there to make it, they must be able to melt it...

[b] Explore the house some more, at least as much as you can access, and see what is available and if you can get out.
No. 187117
[X] Secret Passages and Booby Traps Vol. 1
-[X] Pull the book out from the shelf

I feel like this is a trap, but I wish to see what sort of sugary doom awaits.
No. 187119
[] Awaken a bird.
-[] Small one
--[] The way Tokiko herself would find less disturbing.
No. 187120
[X] Candy Architecture Volume 17: Chocolate Wood
[X] Read it. Looking particularly for things like its strength, melting point, and how to tell if it's about to give way underneath you. Knowing the limitations of the material could be very important quite soon.
No. 187122
File 145404579993.png- (338.53KB , 640x640 , Sadism!.png ) [iqdb]
If consensus isn't reached, I'm going to make use of all the votes as I please, you know~

You may or may not enjoy this.

I'm not sure which I would enjoy more, however.
No. 187123
[x] Awaken a bird.
-[x] Both
--[x] Shake them
No. 187124
[x] Sexual Chocolate: A Compendium
- [x] Read aloud, to better help memorization.

[x] Awaken a bird.
-[x] Both
--[x] Shake them

We'll get out eventually. But this knowledge?

This knowledge is gonna' be HELPFUL.
No. 187125
File 145406123817.jpg- (105.58KB , 850x531 , This is her inside voice.jpg ) [iqdb]
Welp, it looks like things will be getting a bit loud! Vote called for shouting books at Smallkiko to wake her! The order is up to me!

Don't mind me; I'm just amping myself up for all those glorious exclamation marks! There may or may not be consequences for this depending on if it amuses me enough and how Tokiko takes this! I've honestly never imagined what she would do if people shouted her awake!

The current going guess is panic and eye gouge!
No. 187127
File 14540928865.png- (646.80KB , 713x1806 , This book is equally complex.png ) [iqdb]
You eye Sexual Chocolate. You don't know quite why it interests you so, but it does, and so you grasp it. And then an idea begins to formulate in your groggy mind that you would never consider at any other time.

This is a bad idea.

This is a very bad idea.

Pulling it from the shelf, you noisily drag a chair to beside the side of the bed with the smaller of the others.

She doesn't wake up.

Plopping down, you clear your throat, flipping to page one, and— Ohh!

She shoots up, her head-wing shooting even farther up than she, immediately looking to the source of the paper with wide, wild eyes.

She blinks and looks to you yourself, slowly calming. She twists her head in a tilt at the speed you would only expect of a bird.

You decide to say what comes to mind, as you have the oddest feeling that she's considering if your eyes need a gouging. "...Good morning."

"Who are you? I've never seen someone like you before." She eyes your wings. "Are you a bird? You're a big bird. Why do you have a wing on your head?"

[] Lie through your teeth.

[] Confused truth.

Sorry for the short update, but I figured you would enjoy choosing.
No. 187128
[x] Confused truth.
No. 187129
[x] Confused truth.

>You're a big bird.
For you.
No. 187130
[X] Confused truth.
No. 187132
[x] Confused truth.
No. 187133
[X] Lie through your teeth.
No. 187136
[x] Confused Truth
No. 187137
[X] Confused truth.

Adorable Tinykiko might want to kill us. The truth is the only option.
No. 187138
[x] Lie through your teeth.
No. 187139
[x] Confused teuth
No. 187145
File 145415335228.jpg- (158.39KB , 850x850 , The naked truth (with clothes).jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like we'll be telling 100% factually accurate lies! And by that, I mean that we won't be lying at all!

You were going to be a Duchess, you know. The lies would have been mind-boggling and have been told for generations.

Ahh well, I did intend to write a serious story.

I'll let that set in a moment.
No. 187148
>Ahh well, I did intend to write a serious story.

Well, you got half of that right. That's something.
No. 187151
File 14541975071.png- (549.13KB , 700x931 , Possibly canon art.png ) [iqdb]
You open your mouth to tell the truth, before being cut off by the girl who was a full head smaller than you, "I think I've seen a bird like you outside my window before."

"I don't believe I've seen you before." ...Did you just technically lie? Such things are difficult to distinguish.

"Are you sure?" You must do better next time; you intend full well to tell the truth, and you will do so if your name isn't... isn't... Actually, you don't truly have a name. You have a nickname, but you would hardly consider such a name to be a name.

The girl patiently stares.

...But then, you just referred to it as a name. Does that mean you lied to yourself, thus lying again? You're beginning to remind yourself of the Black-white, and you don't like that one bit. Being compared to a thief, even by yourself, is completely unacceptable.

The girl begins preening her head-wing with her teeth and tongue, snapping you out of your internal monologue.

"...What are you doing?" You can't help but raise a brow at her overly hands-off approach.

She hops away from you, her three wings fluttering, obviously surprised by your question and eyeing you carefully. As quickly as she jumped away, she calms down. "I'm preening the odd wing on my head."

You wonder if she's serious; that much should be plainly obvious. "...I can see that."

Suddenly, her face is in your face, causing you to stumble back. "I definitely think I've seen you before."

You blink rapidly and clear your throat. "Well, yes, I'm you." Also not technically the truth. You have to work on this.

twisting her head in a tilt, she jerkily looks you over, her head twitching this way and that. "But I'm over here."

You can't help but sigh. This is getting you nowhere fast. "Yes, but I'm you and you are myself, in that we are the same person and yet not the same person." You decide to simply not care if you confuse this odd girl.

She quickly gets in your face again, looking you up and down as a bird would. "But that's a contradiction."

You don't quite know what to say to that. You were expecting her to say something to the effect of being confused, or ask what you're talking about, not... that.

It's not so much that she said that, but the fact that she has a very good point, that bothers you.

You decide to cut to the chase. "Why were you preening like that?"

She tilts her head the other way this time. "Because you seemed busy; you even were looking up and tapping your chin with your finger. I had assumed you were thinking. Was I wrong?"

You blink again. "Well... no, I suppose not, but..." You sigh. "Look, I just want to know why you were using your mouth to preen."

She stares blankly a moment, lulling you into a query over if she even heard you or understood you. "But what else would I use?"

This time it's your turn to give a blank stare. However, you throw in a risen brow for a splash of color. "...Are you messing with me?"

"No, that wouldn't be very nice, now would it? The last person to mess with me earned their pecking. ...They did not seem displeased with it, however. Master says that my lack of beak caused it to actually be pleasant and that I should use my forehead and aim for the part that smells next time. I'm not quite sure why I would wish to peck their rear, but I will gladly do so."

You blink rapidly again, what with her saying all of that rather quickly. In the time it takes you to digest that and come up with a response, she begins her oral preening again. "Who-" Once more she hops away, however you don't pause. "-is this "Master" you speak of?"

Blinking twice and returning to a relaxed stance, she replies, "Why, the one that owns me, of course."

This causes the taller Tokiko to peer at us from over her shoulder.

You notice her lickety-split. "Ohh, hello... ...me."

The smaller Tokiko rapidly jerks her head back and forth between the two of you twice. "You two look oddly similar. Are you of the same clutch? I have read of twins. Are you twins? You quite look like twins, and that fascinates me. I've never met twins before."

Sitting up, the taller bird replies, "Well, perhaps we are of the same clutch, but in whose are we?"

Smallkiko cocks her head. "The one whose clutch we are in, obviously. However, I wonder how we are in their clutch if we don't know them? Perhaps separation at birth. I read of such a phenomena in a book some time ago."

Tallkiko nods. "A valid option. Perhaps it is our long lost sister whom was abandoned as an egg. ...But there is one issue with that; I didn't come from an egg. Well, that isn't right; I didn't come from an egg that was vigorously pushed out of a cloaca."

She blinks. "Then where did you come from?"

"A library full of useless books."

"But books have many uses! The ones that do not have any use can be traded for other books! As can the books you have read! This is a very nice system and I like it very much."

"Ahh, but therein lies the problem; what value have books when you cannot read?"

"But I can read! ...Well, technically. I recently learned that word, and quite like it. Technically as in I technically cannot read."

The tall one looked interested at this. "Ohh? Tell me more."

"Well, I merely have an innate ability to translate, as I have been told. Master told me as such, so it must be true."

"But what does it translate to if you cannot read?"

"Why, words that I can read!"

"But you cannot read words."

"Well, these words I can read. At least I call them words. I'm not sure what else to call them."

You feel a headache coming on.


"No, pictures are pictures, not words."

"Smoke signals?"

"No, that sounds more complicated and like it would damage the book."

"Sign language?"

"That's impossible."

Is this really what a conversation with yourself would sound like?

"Roman numerals."

"...Perhaps. What are those?"

"The numerals of the Romans, of course."

"Hrm... They do have an odd Roman feeling to them at times."

"Perhaps they translate to things your inferior brain might understand, or simply pure knowledge."


...Maybe if you were insane.

"Are you perhaps capable of extending such an ability to others?"

"I have what has been called an aura of translation. So long as I am near, others can-"

And so Tallkiko picked up the smaller girl, whom let out quite the sound, making your head spin as the larger bird began sprinting over to the bookshelf. The smaller one looked extremely uncomfortable with this level of contact.

You sigh, shaking your head. "Be sure to not touch the book near the top about trap doors and boobie traps; I think it's some elaborate trap, and have a sinking feeling that it has to do with chocolate."

Her hand stopping right in front of said book, the tall one replied, "Chocolate, you say? I'm not sure if I would enjoy a chocolate trap. Perhaps vanilla. Or butter. Or splinters." She proceeded to instead pick up the 18 inch thick book about chocolate bastard swords or whatever it was about.

You walk over to the uncomfortable little bird and the extremely pleased larger bird who had the former in her lap, asking, "Why on earth do you need her power? Can you not read?"

The smaller one let out an uncomfortable peep, her personal space thoroughly violated, while the larger one rapidly scanned page after page. It was the large one to speak up. "Why, no, I cannot. This was stated."

You raise a brow. "And why have you not tried to learn, if such a thing is true? You seem very interested in such things."

"Why, a rather nasty bug took it from me."

You immediately flap your wings as hard as you can, tumbling away from her.

Yep, you definitely dislocated your wing in some place when you got up.

She spares a moment to glance at you. "It's not contagious." She went back to reading.

You glare daggers at her. "Say that sooner!"

"You flung yourself away at high speeds the moment I stated this."

Well, she has you there. "...How do you know this for sure?"

She eyes you oddly. "I watched you do so."

You blink, before sighing when you begin to understand the way she chose to interpret that. "How can you be so sure that it isn't contagious?"

She doesn't look up, nor does she pause. "I have been quite intimate with my lovers since then. They are quite capable of reading and have not paused in their capabilities nor slowed down. ...They never would share what they read, however. The least they could do is read it aloud for me. I would be quite interested in the things stored in those musty old tomes."

You frown, feeling a bit sad for her, as her lovers obviously don't care for her.

At the same time, the smaller bird continually lets out little nervous peeps.

[] Write-in


I never said I wasn't intending it to be silly. Merely that it would have been predominantly serious.

Or a good bit serious.

Or slightly serious.

Okay, fine, it would have just had its moment. But then, I suppose a wonton mixture of dark and lighthearted humor is my typical modus operandi.

That, and a lack of any real effort towards making more than a destination in my writing before doing so!

You'd be surprised how well that works.
No. 187152
[X] Read the chocolate book of handmade chocolate
No. 187155
[x] Read How to Serve Man: A Compendium of Chocolate for Youkai
No. 187157
[c] Perform a dramatic reading of Sexual Chocolate: A Compendium for Tallkiko's benefit.
No. 187159
[X] Ask more about the "Master" and those "Lovers".
No. 187162
[X] Read the chocolate book of handmade chocolate, and encourage the others to read books as well.
No. 187166
[X] Perform a dramatic reading of Sexual Chocolate: A Compendium for Tallkiko's benefit.

Smallkiko, Tallkiko and Takiko! Wait, that's not right...

Smollkiko, Tollkiko and Tokiko?
No. 187169
[X] Perform a dramatic reading of Sexual Chocolate: A Compendium for Tallkiko's benefit.

> Smallkiko, Tallkiko, and Tokiko.
Potential (nick)name: Kokiko, Oukiko/Sekiko, and Tokiko
No. 187178
File 145427121650.png- (226.94KB , 600x600 , Non-sexual fitting images are hard.png ) [iqdb]
I'm very pleased to not have to use NSFW mode! Anywho, called for drizzling chocolate all over our wings!


These are stand-in names until someone decides to start naming them. Depending on who names whom, they may be very odd, very cute or very bad.
No. 187179
File 145427953525.jpg- (95.08KB , 476x648 , Story time!.jpg ) [iqdb]
You eye the book you left on the chair. You aren't quite sure what its appeal is, and yet... you simply can't sate this curiosity any other way, can you? You look to the Tokiko. "...Perhaps I could read a book for you, too."

The taller bird looks to you. "That would double my rate of reading. I quite like this idea."

...Is she planning on reading whilst you read this to her? You shake you head and simply drag the chair in question nearer to her and sit down, flipping to page one. "Now, one might think you have odd taste for reading this book, and they would be correct, but not because you read this book, but because you are an odd person."

You can help but raise a brow. "...The title of this book is quite intriguing, no? What are the uses of chocolate in a sexual manner? Why, chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and so those uses should be obvious! You must vigorously bite copious amounts of if before force feeding those copious amounts of sweetened beans to your captive and/or captivated audience."

Your other brow joins it. "In the event that your audience is but one man, I suggest turning to page 357 on how to properly hide a body, for you just fed him lethal amounts of chocolate, which in all likelihood also ruptured his stomach. In the event of your audience is 100 men, I am required, by contract, to shun you for being promiscuous. If your audience involves women, you are odd, and I will assume that you have dressed them up to look like myself and I shall hope that you are respectful in the vigorous attentions they receive."

The Tokiko are now staring at you with rapt attention. The smaller one has relaxed and the larger one seems interested. And so, you continue. "However, I humbly request that you take no less than 17 photos and send them to me. But now I'm afraid I have gotten sidetracked. As such, it is time that I get maintracked and continue talking about the sexuality of chocolate in its many facets. This word and many more will be included in the attached dictionary."

Who on earth includes a dictionary with such a book? "Assuming you did not kill someone, they shall now be at your mercy, and it is now time to make a decision. In the event that you did kill someone, they still shall be at tender mercy without having to do all the extra work. Thank you for invalidating a month of research, and I hope that you are going to thoroughly enjoy yourself. You need not send pictures, however, doubly so if they are dressed as myself. After the first fifteen times, that does become unarousing."

The smaller girl's head-wing seems to be wagging as if it were a tail. The taller one seems to be dodging it with her face with every swing. "It seems that's the end of the introduction. ...Hrm."

[] Chapter 1: Applications of Chocolate in a Molten State

[] Chapter 2: Applications of Chocolate in a Solid State

[] Chapter 3: Applications of Chocolate in a Gaseous State

[] Chapter 4: Applications of Chocolate in a Plasma State

[] Chapter 5: How to Not Kill Someone With Chocolate

[] Chapter 6: How to Kill Someone With Chocolate

[] Chapter 7: How to Kill Someone Violently With Chocolate

[] Chapter 7: How to Best Please a Man Using Chocolate

[] Chapter 8: How to Best Please a Woman Using Chocolate

[] Chapter 9: How to Woo Chocolate

[] Chapter 10: How to Dispose of a Body

[] Chapter 11: How to Dress a Body Up and Make People Think it's Alive

[] Chapter 12: How to Make Chocolate in the Skull of Your Most Hated Enemy

...Well, at least you were right about this book being quite interesting.

Now you just need to find out if that is a good thing or not.

[] Ask them which chapter they are most interested in.

[] Who on Earth wrote this? (optional inclusion)
No. 187180
[X] Chapter 1: Applications of Chocolate in a Molten State
No. 187181
[X] Chapter 9: How to Woo Chocolate

Fully expecting this to be a tutorial on wooing an inanimate edible object
No. 187182

Perhaps. You'll need supporters to find out, now won't you~?
No. 187183
...I just realized that I forgot the dramatic part.

No. 187184
[x] Chapter 4: Applications of Chocolate in a Plasma State
[x] Who on Earth wrote this? (optional inclusion)

Skip straight to the good shit.
No. 187185
[x] Chapter 8: How to Best Please a Woman Using Chocolate.
[x] Who on Earth wrote this shit?

Choco-dildo? Next update on /at/
No. 187187
[X] Ask them what chapter they are most interested in.

[X] Who on Earth wrote this? (optional inclusion)
No. 187188
[X] Ask them what chapter they are most interested in.

[X] Who on Earth wrote this? (optional inclusion)
No. 187189
[X] Chapter 8: How to Best Please a Woman Using Chocolate

Tokiko IS reading this in the company of women, therefore, this IS the most important passage.
No. 187191
[x] Chapter 9: How to Woo Chocolate

I want to find out.
No. 187192

It is not optional. It is in fact imperative. What is this mystery within these pages folds?

[d] Chapter 9: How to Woo Chocolate
-[d] Dramatically
No. 187193
File 145434179366.jpg- (5.12KB , 207x165 , Very important questions.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know, I'm gonna be honest here. I'm going to upgrade you from the wooing basic plus to the birdie lover premium combo pack. It's basically wooing and something else for same price.

You can thank me later.

Also, with this update, the author shall be revealed! Hooray! Reading it in her voice will make it all the better, so the picture will be related to the author.
No. 187195
File 145435992614.jpg- (21.49KB , 300x300 , I hope you thoroughly enjoy my voice.jpg ) [iqdb]
In all honesty, you feel as if this has been a good experience for you, contrary to the downright disconcerting place you find yourself. You feel as if you could be loud and proud. You look around wildly and proceed to pick up a chocolate skull you found in the corner of the room.

Not concerning at all.

Looking to your captivated audience, you... deflate. In your long, drawn out actions you ended up losing their attention. "Ohh, woe is me!" Your head-wing touches to your forehead. "Whatever shall I do? Whoever shall I turn to so that I need not choose what chapter to read? Forsooth, for the bell doth toll for me!"

You have their attention now. Good.

You aren't sure if the looks they are sending your way are a good sign, but still, this is progress.

The tall one speaks up. "...You are quite odd." The small one agrees with a nod.

You deflate once more, as they seem like they would know. "...Please just pick a chapter." You shove the book in their faces, causing the small one to squawk and try to climb the taller, shall we say, sister. Clawings are involved.

"...Wooing chocolate does sound like it has many uses. Such as wooing chocolate! I like this idea."

The small one smiles brightly. "Plasma is such a curious subject. Let's investigate!"

The taller of the two gives her an odd look. "Plasma is-"

"No! No spoilers!"

"That is assuming much. For instance, whose choice will be chosen? I do remember something I once heard of mothers whom commonly make choices to like something or other. I will assume that it involved my opinion and move on."

"But the opinions of uninvolved mothers are hardly valid; they aren't here to enjoy such a reading.

Your brow twitches. "Look, I'll just read them both. Deal?"

They both instantly nod.

"Now, then-"

The taller one cuts me off. "But Whose will be read first?

Smallkiko opens her mouth, but I am faster. "I will choose."

Clearing your throat, you open your mouth to speak, but are cut off by the small one. "Who wrote it?"

You grumble as you flip it over. "Patricia Tannis."
No. 187196
File 145436160419.jpg- (5.89KB , 159x161 , Pretend this is chocolate as well.jpg ) [iqdb]
Flipping it back over, you begin turning to the proper page. Clearing your throat again, you begin in your most dramatic tone of voice, trying to match what you imagine this woman to be like, "Now, I shall assume that you have already turned your gaseous chocolate into a plasma, for I see absolutely no reason as to why you wouldn't. My preferred method is by way of electromagnet. Applying heat to the gaseous chocolate might also be successful, but electromagnets have magic fingers like few others."

You cautiously look to your crowd, finding them to be giving you their rapt attention.

Tallkiko is also a little flushed and tugging at her collar, which disturbs you more than it should.

"Now, with your chocolate forever preserved as a plasma, or at least until you decide to attempt to eat it as you are an ignoramus, there are many options before you. For one, and I find this one quite amusing in between my fits of vomiting from having spoken to someone, you may make a chocolate star and drop it in water. Some may ask why this is amusing. I, too, find myself baffled, but I have decided to simply laugh when people laugh near me. I consider this a defense mechanism by this point, and have even begun to enjoy these bouts of laughter, as strange as that seems."

You turn the page. "When I'm not participating in the aforementioned bouts of vomiting, of course." You eye your audience, finding that the shorter one has a look of awe on her face, while the taller one seems to writing these things down. It would appear that this writing is quite pleasing to her, for she has quite the smile on her face, likely simply from the ability to write due to that sickness she has.

You think you'll take credit anyways, however.

Smiling, you continue your dramatic reading. "Another use, obviously, is to make a long since outdated tesla coil and modify it so as to shoot flavored lightning. It is difficult to tell if it works, for all tongues were removed in testing. It is also difficult to tell if that was their fault for licking it, or if it were my own fault for telling every single person among us that this lightning tastes like chocolate and that the bowl does needs licking."

"There also is the option of making a simple neon sign, but that would be boring, unless you make use of my lesson on the solid uses of chocolate for chocolaty glass tubing. But then, you likely wouldn't have a sign for long, as the sign would be considered a truly scrumptious treat."

"It would also likely give you lead or mercury poisoning in some way, shape or form. These things are the prices one must pay for genius, however, I'm afraid, and so you will have to deal with the inclusion of mercury and lead in the recipe. If you remove those ingredients, you may have issues with the food mafia breaking your legs. However, this has nothing to do with why I have included such things in the recipe, and you would be silly to think otherwise.

"Finally, and most importantly, you can use this to devise a sort of chocolate nuclear plant. Outdated, yes, but none the less dangerous in the wrong hands. However, I have yet to attempt dabbling in this new form of outdated, and possibly flavored, radiation. I would need individuals as skilled as I, where as I have... forty men who willingly lick a Tesla coil at the promise of chocolate flavoring. The first several I could forgive, but it would appear that pattern recognition is not a skill these men employ, if they even posses it any longer. I sometimes wonder what life would be like were I not stranded with these ex-miners turned bandits on this rock. Watching them devour their "bacon" and those crumpets I know not from where they procure. It's quite sad, really."

You turn the page. "But then I remember that they licked a Tesla coil, one after the other, in a long, strangely organized line."

Honestly, you feel a bit sad after reading that last bit, even ignoring the crazy. Even through all the insanity, you can't help but wonder what this woman has to go through on a daily basis amongst such people. It's a wonder that this book managed to get published, honestly. Well, unless it was self published. Still, you have to admit, though obviously mad, she does produce... interesting literature.
No. 187197
File 145437636477.jpg- (60.52KB , 900x675 , Chocolate!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Flipping back to the table of contents, you then turn to the intended section: Wooing Chocolate.

...You're honestly concerned as to if she intends to do anything with this knowledge. You're just going to bury that mental image niiiice and deep. "If you are reading this, you either are a curious individual or a curious individual. I quite hope it is the latter, for I get along with such people well. The first step to the heart of chocolate is a gift! I suggest chocolates. And, if you are a particularly lucky girl, you might even find a chocolate chair. This would be quite pleasing indeed. The key to the heart of a chocolate chair lies in lavishing it with sweet nothing, sweet somethings and chocolates full of splinters taken from other chairs. This gives them solidarity with their more wooden cousin. Ahh, but now I am getting off track."

"Now, at the end of the day, this book was made to facilitate the inclusion of this portion, and all the sections before this have led up to this moment. It shall be a particularly long moment, however, to the point that one must wonder if even it is a moment. First, one must create a rapport. This can be rushed by way of primping, as others might call it. Myself, I call it sleeping. A properly kept head of disheveled bed hair can be quite appealing, and those that disagree are imbeciles who know not the value of the wild and unkempt. You get bonus points if you begin to wear skulls of small rodents. Furthermore, bathing is optional, to say the least, if not wholly unnecessary."

"This goes triple for the brushing of one's teeth and sextuple for the application of make-up. One must maintain a constant state of arousal to maintain an alluring flush like my own, and the released pheromones shall likely drive the chocolate into a mating frenzy. I mean, yes, occasionally a skag does give me the look, but that can hardly be helped when one smells as I do."

You're starting to think that she's beyond help, at this point. "Now, where was I? Ahh, yes. You must drizzle piping hot chocolate all over your—" You slam the book shut with a blush.

You look to the other two. They are staring.

[] Write-in

Sexual Chocolate: A Compendium
No. 187199
>chocolate nuclear plant
I must request we team up with Okuu now, if only for this.

[x] Attempt to drive your companions into a mating frenzy.

[x] Read Chapter 12: How to Make Chocolate in the Skull of Your Most Hated Enemy
No. 187202
[X] Go on and finish reading. It is only polite. (Skip some details)
No. 187203
[X] Tokiko may be called many things, but a quiter is most certainly not one of those things. Continue.

We must know the secret. Or it will forever haunt our waking moments.
No. 187205
[X] Tokiko may be called many things, but a quiter is most certainly not one of those things. Continue.
No. 187206
[x] "...the book ends here. Suddenly. "
-[x] If pressed, state that the rest of the book is how to choke a lot of people at the same time. And that you feel like practicing.
No. 187207
File 145442976024.png- (1.37MB , 1280x1024 , Okuu Chocolate.png ) [iqdb]
For Science! Pic relevant.

After all, we are here to make chocolate. Now, if we can only get a hold of the red-white...

[e] Read Chapter 12: How to Make Chocolate in the Skull of Your Most Hated Enemy
-[e] Consult appendix for further chocolate nuclear information. After all, it is outdated.
No. 187215
File 145445043168.jpg- (486.69KB , 623x835 , And then dump in on her.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, if we wanted to do that, all we would have to do is coat Utsuho in chocolate.

I think dark chocolate would be best for reasons I care not to explain.

Have I mentioned that writing Tannis is quite fun? Because writing Tannis is quite fun. I'm glad I chose her to be the author of this book.

Anywho, it seems we have a chapter to finish! Vote called!
No. 187235
File 145455378954.jpg- (252.57KB , 850x1515 , Clearly shocked and appalled.jpg ) [iqdb]
"And then the book ends here, the writing trailing off."

The taller Tokiko looks alarmed. "What? ...It must be that this "Tannis" killed the author and published it under her own name."

The smaller one squawks. "What? But she was fascinating!"

The tall one furrows her brows. "...But wait, this wasn't the final chapter." You avert your eyes. She notices. "Tell me, what was the state of that page?"

"Ohh, there was... blood everywhere. Gobs of carnage, too."

"I smell nothing of the sort. I smell many a lonely fluid upon that book, but blood is not amongst them."

You blink, looking to the book with horror apparent on your face. Do you dare smell it...? Scents can tell many stories, but is this a story you wish to know? "...Fine. I'll keep going." You grumble.

"No, Cocoa. You have proven yourself to be untrustworthy, and so I will read this myself, being sure to embellish anything particularly raunchy."

You blink, distracted from that threat to your aural virginity. "...Cocoa?"

She nods. "Yes, that is now your name."

The smaller one tilts her head. "What about me?"

The tall one eyes her a moment from over the book. "...Cloe."

The small Tokiko's eyes light up as her head-wing wags at her new name.

[] Name Tallkiko X.

[] Just let her read, relenting your identity to this impostor.
No. 187236
[x] Name Tallkiko X.

Nazo no Tokiko X?
No. 187237
File 145455994391.png- (221.98KB , 777x777 , Sorry.png ) [iqdb]

I more intended that to be the mathematical application of "X" than that of anime.

I.E. fill in the blank.

Anywho, as I forgot to say it in the update, I'll say it now as opposed to when I call it: I'm sorry that I slacked off these last two days. I've been fighting to fix my schedule, so I was exhausted during my writing time slot last night.

Yes, I know that two days is extremely short, but I was enjoying this return to form.
No. 187240
[X] Continue

The remaining bird name shall be [Coo]! Unless anybody has better ideas.
No. 187241
AAAWWW Cloe's so cute!

[X] Just let her read, relenting your identity to this impostor.

I agree on naming her "Coo"
No. 187242
[X] Just let her read, relenting your identity to this impostor.
No. 187244

[f] Name Tokiko X

I still say we shall name her X. But if she's X, is Smallkiko Legends? Battle Network? ?
No. 187247
File 145461799783.jpg- (79.28KB , 850x948 , I don't know Megaman well enough to give you .jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, if you insist~

However, I'm choosing how to interpret such a name.

After all, manga is something I would consider still on the tongues and minds of people.

Anywho, vote called!
No. 187254
File 145471280495.jpg- (397.19KB , 800x1132 , Pretend Suika is a drunk book.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also, for future reference, it's wise to make your vote a vote when choosing. As it was a tie, at least... sorta, due to rewording of the first option, I'mma just go with my typical way of settling a tie: using the dominant votes as I please. As X is more interesting for my ends, as well as was voted first, I took the liberty of choosing it.

I did consider Coo X, however.


You frown. "In that case, I'm naming you X." She looks over the book at you, brow quirked. "Because you don't deserve a real name."

X looks at you strangely. "I've had worse; after all, I was once called Tokiko, I'll have you know."

You aren't sure if she was intending it or not, but that hurt more than you would think.

X proceeds to look back to the book. She tilts her head this way and that, before leaning her head in and squinting. "...Cloe, come sit on my lap; I can't read this."

Cloe's wings flutter. "How about I sing instead?"

Before anyone can respond, she begins unleashing the most infernal racket imaginable in song form. You grit your teeth as your mind twitches with activity. You feel as if your mind is being scrambled and put back together, as if new pathways are growing and knowledge expanding.

Needless to say, she's also giving you a splitting headache.

Through it all, X is seemingly enjoying it for reasons you know not. And, as suddenly the "song" began, it abruptly ends. X begins to clap, obviously impressed.

Meanwhile, you stare at her incredulously as your head throbs.

Cloe bows. "Thank you, Miss X."

X grins. "What do you call it?"


"Hrm... An odd term to use for it, but highly imaginative!"

"Thank you." You don't think that was a compliment.

X smiles. "You are welcome. Now, shall we read?"

Chloe cocks her head, her head-wing going the other way. "But I gave you the ability to read just now."

"Then I suppose I must reward you. Come, sit on my lap whilst I read to you." Somehow, that seems like it defeats the goal of her singing.

"Okay!" She proceeds to plop her rear down on X's lap.

X looks to the book, clearing her throat. "—genitalia, which I hope are heavily engorged with blood and leaking. If you are male, I would consider if such a thing is healthy. If you are female, carry on, for I have discovered that such a thing is considered normal by most." You shudder at the way that was worded.

"Now, with your genitals thoroughly coated in chocolate, one must add sprinkles. If you must ask why, then you are a degenerate not worthy of the time of your chocolaty love interest, chair or otherwise, and you must now remove the chocolate, or, preferably, your genitals, in a rather gruesome manner. If you chose the obvious option, set them aside, for when you are making chocolate in the skull of your most hated enemy they will be vital if you are a male. A chocolate stirring stick is quite the commodity, after all, or so I have been told by the local psychopaths." I'm honestly shocked that Cloe can maintain such a smile while listening to such a thing, as I have a look of horror on my face that seems painted on.

Cloe's head-wing wags. "I had no idea they had such a use!"

X nods. "It isn't the intended use, but it is a use, I would imagine. Although, it would be a rather finicky stirring stick, as pain would likely soften it. Maybe if one somehow traps the blood inside." While I was busy shuddering at the thought of any poor idiot that reads this book, X continues, reading, "Now, some might say flowers are the optimal gift to woo others, but I for one would consider severed genitals a poor gift on their own, so coating them in chocolate is a must."

"However, one must also consider how they wish to make use of these gifts, as the type of chocolate can be quite vital. Do you wish to pour rose petals in chocolate kept at a toasty 300 degrees for a lovely dining experience, or would you rather allow that chocolate to harden into a solid? I know not why one wouldn't enjoy 300 degree chocolate, for it tested quite well with the local psychopaths, but is an option." You wonder why, indeed...

"It is also an option to make use of the knowledge within the chapter on gaseous chocolate, or, preferable, chocolate in a plasma state. After all, chocolate in a gaseous state makes for a terrible perfume in many ways, even if it does succeed in driving people to lick you. After all, who doesn't want their very own chocolate and plant genital power source and/or weapon?" Sane people, I would think.

"Now comes the presentation. I highly recommend becoming their chocolate gift. To assure success in this, be sure to pour the aforementioned 300 degree chocolate on your entire body. As you are now on a time limit, run, screaming or otherwise, towards your chocolaty love interest before you risk hardening. This is why such a high temperature is important, for it would be difficult to reach them in time at a lower temperature."

X looks up from her reading. "This to be the end of this chapter." The chair under her finally gives way from loss in structural integrity. She looks stunned.

Meanwhile, you can't stop shuddering.

[] Ignore and snatch book that flew to the side when she fell.

[] Enjoy the show.
No. 187255
[X] Enjoy the show.

I have no clue what you intend by this, but, by all means, please continue.
No. 187256
[X] 2
No. 187259
[X] Enjoy the show.
No. 187266
[X] Option 2
No. 187275
[x] Enjoy the show

What, uh, show?
No. 187277
Vote called!

What show, you ask? Why, the one before us!
No. 187278
File 145488643981.jpg- (13.25KB , 300x300 , A fate most cruel.jpg ) [iqdb]
A heavy silence reigns as X stares down.

Cloe, at the same time, looks up, her head-wing being stuffed in X's mouth for her trouble.

"Lff ish—" X spits out the wing. "Life is short for some, isn't it? I thought it was love at first sight, but instead it was murder! Murder in cold blood and... uncomfortable warm chocolate." Did she just flourish the skull?

Cloe's head snaps into a rapid cocking. "Why not rebuild him? Stronger, faster and more sturdy than before?"

You raise an amused brow. "Don't you need a million dollars for that?"

Cloe nods. "I suppose you have a point." Her eyes twitch to the skull. "Well, he's made of chocolate, correct?"

X gasps. "That's it! I will melt him down and reforge him into a far more regal chair with thicker legs!"

"Why reforge when you can just use the skull to patch him up?"

You raise a brow. "I have the oddest feeling that this skull may have once been a man, judging by the bone st—"


"Yes, Cloe, I suppose you have a point. Judging by the chocolate structure, it was male. I see no indications, aside from the chocolaty nature, that it was anything but human."

Cloe tilts her head. "Why does what it once was matter? Chocolate is chocolate. If magic made it this way, then it likely tastes nothing like a man."

You raise a brow. "You know a surprising amount about magic."

Cloe nods. "I'm learning. I know more about theory than I have skill in the art, however. Master is skilled in the art, but I have no true talent. Still, she insists it as payment for my services, and I'm hardly one to turn down knowledge."

You look at her with confusion. "No talent? Youkai are creatures of magic."

"She believes it's because I translate the spells. They are meant for Western languages, not Japanese."

X raises a brow, but is silent.

[] Repair chair.

[] Reforge chair.

[] Snatch back the book from the ground. You have no time for crazy quests and this book is quite fascinating.

[] Write-in.
No. 187279
[X] Snatch back the book from the ground.

"And can I take Cloe home? ... No? *Sigh* Okay.
No. 187280
[X] Reforge chair.
No. 187284
[x] Reforge chair.
In place of a Dark Chair, you would have a sofa! Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the cushions! Treacherous as the comfy beds! Stronger than the covers trapping warm air within! All shall love me, and be unable to get off me!
No. 187285
[x] Reforge chair.
No. 187286

Goddammit, now I have to vote for this.

[x] Reforge chair.
No. 187288
[x] Reforge chair.
No. 187289
No. 187290
I'm glad you guys are taking the first death so well. I was hoping for the best end, and was actually shocked to see you kill someone off this fast. Still, it's a short story, so lets see if we can avoid other deaths~

There are no do overs, by the by. However, even your own death isn't the end, even if Cocoa would be chocolate dead. Also, if I decide to do another thing like this, the dead will stay as dead as I feel they need to be. You may get to enjoy a chair ghost, however.

A vengeful chair ghost.

Vote not yet called.


Well, I'm sure she's willing to negotiate, if you ask. It'd honestly be a fun update, if you ask me.


>>187280 to you, too, buddy! The nerve of some people. What is the world coming to when people shout series' of numbers at you out of the blue?
No. 187292
File 14549665262.png- (360.64KB , 635x475 , A terrible land awaits those unprepared.png ) [iqdb]
Hrm... Well, the recipient of this story thinks this should move to /AT/. So, as such, it's vote time!

[] /AT/ will make me be bolder, but you likely wouldn't like me when I do such things without restraint. Consider the levels of gore that allows.

[] Honestly, I wanted to write a mostly clean story, but you guys kinda forced my hand. With this vote, the story stays here and you guys agree to stop pushing me towards having to write quite as perverted things. I slammed the book and crossed the option out for a reason.
No. 187293
[x] Write the story here, but link to /at/ when the scene demands it... and the link it back here.

Y'know, like those Touhoumons guys do.
No. 187294
Author always has ultimate decision over the direction of a story. I'd say [x] nay.
No. 187296
File 145497247986.jpg- (325.32KB , 640x960 , See you soon!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, seems I misunderstood what they said! Vote called~

I honestly didn't see what was written so far as something all that risque. I mean, saying genitals and vaguely talking about genital mutilation isn't exactly what I see as something you'd not see in a PG-13 movie.

Which may say something about the state of the world, but still.

Vote called. We're staying in the world
of light with occasional looks into a certain mirror.

Actual vote also called!


I considered that, but it feels like a cop-out. Still, I suppose I'll do that if I'm forced.


Yes, but I believe that every opinion counts. Yes, I have a direction I wish to take this story, but honestly, this is me testing the waters. I'm letting you all shape the story so as to get a feel for you guys. If this were the full length CYOA that I'll be writing here in the future, I'd be far more strict with the votes. This is just holiday nonsense meant for entertainment.

Besides, a sense of security has its uses, for a warm heart bleeds all the more.
No. 187321
File 145514827651.jpg- (72.81KB , 600x902 , Shelves within shelves.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cloe hops up, dusting herself off. "Whatever we do, we need to do it fast; she's not going to hold on much longer, I would imagine."

You look to Cloe, finally relenting to the onslaught of crazy. "Well, as we're technically killing it, such things don't matter."

X glares at you both. "He's a he, and death will not be the end for him. Not on my watch."

Cloe shakes her head. "The issue isn't the death, but the soul being lost. We need to preserve it. Should it be lost, any wandering spirit might possess her. Either we must work quickly, or keep the soul contained."

You sigh. "But what are we to do? The only way out seems trapped."

X eyes you. "You know a way out?"

"Yes, behind the bookshelf, but..." You trail off as X makes her way to the shelf. "Wait, wait, it might kill you!"

X furrows her brows, slipping her claws behind the shelf carefully. "Some things are worth the risk."

The shelf slides easily enough, and you watch expectantly, hoping you're not watching her final moments. Seconds tick by, and she looks to her hands. Shrugging, she simply gathers up the broken bits of chair and heads down the dark passage. Cloe soon follows, and you find yourself wondering what books might be of use in this situation.

You pluck Sexual Chocolate from the ground, but head over to the shelf, realizing that there are books on the back as well. You decide to hurry, so you don't give truly witty commentary on each.

[] Previously mentioned books

[] Chocolate Rain

[] Cocoa Bean Golemancy

[] How to Rule the World: A Chocolatiers Guide

[] Chocolate Anima

[] A Man's Guide to Chocolate

[] Anima Chocolate

[] Chocolate Mind

[] Chocolate Chocolate

[] Mr. Chocolate and Friends

[] Write-in

Sorry! Tuesdays are bad for writing in the morning, so half the issues of last week came about again!
No. 187323
I think I got lost somewhere... Nah!

[X] Mr. Chocolate and Friends
No. 187324
[x] Chocolate Maid
No. 187325
[x] How to Rule the World: A Chocolatiers Guide
No. 187327
[X] The Lusty Chocolate Maid

It must be done.
No. 187329
File 145518865179.jpg- (185.93KB , 850x815 , I was going to call it.jpg ) [iqdb]

What is... I just... That isn't... Why would...

Sona.exe has encountered an error.


Do you... want her to write a book? Is that it? Because that would be a valid option. A dumb option, and one that would likely cost you further sanity points simply to come up with things to put in said book, but it's certainly an option.

When I put in a Write-in option, I intended you to do something else, not... write a... ...Okay, that's a terrible pun. I love puns and horrible jokes, and even I think that was a terrible pun.

Also, I hate myself for being so amused by it.

I'll be probably calling it in the morning, so making your votes count/break the tie, please.
No. 187331
[X] The Lusty Chocolate Maid

If those other books exist, this one must as well. If you're not familiar with the source, the original work was written by Crassius Curio.
No. 187332

Write the book. It is for the good of Tokikokind and chocolatekind.
No. 187333
File 145522197063.jpg- (170.81KB , 850x779 , I didn't think I'd need this so soon.jpg ) [iqdb]

I... have no idea where you got the logic behind that assumption. These are the only two book cases as of yet, and I've told you their contents.

Furthermore, then one would have to find an empty book or ruin a good book. Something to write with would also be required. Books don't simply appear out of thin air, after all.
No. 187334
In case you don't know the reference, author: http://uesp.net/wiki/Lore:The_Lusty_Argonian_Maid
No. 187335
[x] How to Rule the World: A Chocolatiers Guide
No. 187347
I assumed you were only listing the ones that caught the characters eye, as a bookcase big enough to have a door behind it would easily hold far more than you named.
No. 187351
[x] How to Rule the World: A Chocolatiers Guide
No. 187354

I did say, when it came to the first half of the bookshelf anyways, that it was only sparsely filled. While, yes, it was my mistake for not repeating that statement for the inside, I was listing all the books.

Anywho, I might as well call it here! I'll write in about 6ish hours. If all works out, I'll be uploading soon after!
No. 187355
File 14553688995.jpg- (174.72KB , 850x644 , Route locked!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like the time has come! I'm just going to say that my starting rapid updates makes up for these recent lacking updates. That means it's not my fault! The 14th shall be a fun day, and I will try to end the story on that day, no matter how many updates that requires! Which includes up to 7 am on the 15th, EST. That's my beddybye time, unless I feel I must stay up later!

Vote auto-vetoed in exchange for the most popular book's route locker!

[X] Flip to Chapter 12 of Sexual Chocolate

Mind you, while the route has been locked, I might do an omake at some point involving some fun things!

Such as a showcase of the many pitfalls I'm surprised you guys didn't fall in!

I might also write an omake of the attempts to create a chocolate nuclear reactor, because that idea made me laugh my little rear off when I thought it up.

And there's also Cocoa writing that book we spoke of for an oddly considerable amount of time! I love innuendo, so that will likely be a high priority. Honestly, I wish I could have just written that, but logic dictates that impossible! Damn you, logic, you harsh mistress! Thank you for that, logic!

Good job, by the way. You only killed the chair, who is far easier to revive! I expected at least 1 major death! Namely you! I had a devious little grin whenever someone voted poorly, y'know~
No. 187356

Omake for this story would be amazing. It's already fun, but now we can have even MORE fun, even if we lose!

You asshole, I was gonna' use that pick in my own story.

Just kidding, I'm not mad.

Just scared.
No. 187361

Well, I for one see reuse of pictures to be fine, so long as it's not done in the same story, and hasn't recently been used as a cover. It becomes more excusable the lower the number of pictures a character. I mean, imagine challenging yourself to not use a picture ever used on this site?

For instance, what if you want to write a long story about the stage 1 midboss of Ten Desires and challenge yourself to not use pictures of light bulbs?

Honestly, when the mirrors, Rengeteki, Mitori and many others have a sizable fan art collection, I had to really stretch for that one.

Heck, I've had to draw a few pictures for my favorite author, as he's definitely put an uncommon character in an unknown location based on my theories on a certain youkai species!

In short, I think you're a silly person for denying yourself badass Mitori just because of little ol' me.

Although, now I'm trying to figure out who you are, as the use of Mitori being badass would be quite the turn in a story. Mind you, people may look at you as if you posted fanart of your OC, wondering who on earth this is. [spoiler]Or my favorite dead person, Satsuki Rin! ...Whom might be an interesting star for a story, now that I think about it.[/spoiler]
No. 187362
File 145540201566.jpg- (31.54KB , 233x318 , You've met with a terrible fate.jpg ) [iqdb]
PICTURE WARNING: severed head


You reach for the book on world domination, but somehow, you can't bring yourself to touch its spine, let alone grasp it. Peeling back the cover is as alien a thought to you as reading anything else. Why would you read such a book? Why would you read any book but that which you already hold?

You smile as you hold up the text in question, and merely looking upon it, you know it is steeped in knowledge, forbidden or otherwise. It's positively dripping with it.

And so you once more pry open the spine, and without even trying, you find that it's already on the page that interests you.

Chapter 12: How to Make Chocolate in the Skull of your Most Hated Enemy

You smile as you brush a hand lovingly over the tender knowledge. This is what you want. If you must make chocolate, this is the book you must use. And you will follow its instructions to the tee, for it isn't good to deviate, now is it?

You blink rapidly, finding yourself in a kitchen with the Tokiko, your book grasped in your arms, and the new and improved chair sitting there. You smell blood, and try to recall how you came to this point.

You remember a great bubble popping.

You remember a terrible gush.

You remember a rolling.

You remember a thud.

You remember a thwack. Just one.

You remember a tussle.

You remember a shrine maiden.

Before you, Hakurei Reimu stares back. Her eyes are lifeless, one lidded more than the other.

But then, what can be expected of a head? Certainly not perfect eye control, among other things.

You look to your hands. One holds a bloodied cleaver, the other holding your favorite book. There's so much blood covering you.

It's only natural to read that which interests you, isn't it?

[] Scream.

[] Panic.

[] Drop the book before it's too Why would you do that? You can't fathom dropping your beloved book.

[] Put down the book gently and with a loving kiss.

[] Continue as the book dictates.

[] Beg them to destroy the Why would you let them harm your book? Besides, they would become your new most hated enemy should that happen.

[] Check what they are doing. You can spare that much time.
No. 187363
[X] Continue as the book dictates.
No. 187364
[X] Continue as the book dictates.

It's not like we could undo things at this point.
No. 187365
[X] Panic

[X] Continue as the book dictates.

This has gone too far. No amount of screaming or wishing is going to undo this! FORWARD!
No. 187366
[X] This is, without a doubt, reality wrought by my own hands.
No. 187367
[X] Kiss the head.

Even if it's our most hated enemy's skull, the secret ingredient is ALWAYS love!


But I actually DO challenge myself never to use already used pictures. Mainly because I'm too lazy to open up paint and put a dot somewhere.
No. 187369
File 145545386360.jpg- (357.96KB , 579x819 , Reimu being Reimu.jpg ) [iqdb]
The end of days the story has begun in earnest!

Riiiight after I sleep!

Vote called!

Due to the utter resignation shown, it seems that the story will end in short order! Resistance? What's that!

I'm actually a little thankful for you guys not giving me more work tomorrow, though. Thanks. I was honestly expecting you guys to mess around for a while, as you kinda have done that at most given opportunities.

Mind you, that was kinda intentional on my part. After all, any good trap needs equally good bait! We aren't working with carrots over a pitfall!

No, we have a full course dinner on top of a tank filled with sharks with fricken' lasers!

Anywho, all votes will be considered! That means that tide pissing is fine!

Although, this may or may not be the end of the story, making that bit of information too little too late. It depends on the update's flow.


I'm now imagining someone intentionally marring art to sell one-of-a-kind collector's items. Thank you for that thought.
No. 187370
File 145553722024.jpg- (661.43KB , 1200x651 , A big fuck was given.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a bit of thinking, I realized that I was doing Valentines Day wrong. So, instead of spending the whole day popping out content, I spent it with someone special. Sorry about not giving a warning, but I was trying to get the update out at the same time.

Multitasking is a cross-class skill for me.

Have what I finished so far.


The others look to you, as if you weren't there a moment ago. They both eye the head, but only Cloe speaks up. "That's not very nice. She's not very nice, but still, you should make up."

Your eyes flick to her, then back to Reimu, feeling panic rising in your gut. "...I'm sorry, Miss Hakurei, for invalidating your work with the end of your life."

The littlest bird smiles. "Now kiss and make up!"

You look at her funny, distracted from that panic, but proceed to peck the head on the forehead.

Tilting her head quickly, Cloe asks, "That's what a kiss is? Didn't you just peck her?" She looks thoughtful. "...Then I've been kissing people that annoy me?"

You sigh, irritated. "It seems so." You notice that X is breaking up twig bits and dumping them in a bowl, but ignore it in favor of turning to chapter 1 of your book.

Now, technically the first step depends on how little you truly care about the recipient. If you wish to show your disdain for them, merely melt down chocolate and form it into the shape of a particularly nasty expletive. I would recommend product of incest, but sadly spaces do not translate well. After that is through, you merely must throw it at their head. The velocity is what dictates your level of hate, not the size of the chocolate, contrary to what most might think. My favorite way of giving a shit would be a magnetically accelerated delivery method. To do such a thing, you must mix in vast quantities of metal. This will also influence the displayed level of your hate, for it gives your chosen wordweight. however more importantly, it allows you to create a highly specialized rail gun fit for any word of your choosing. My favorite would be a simple exclamation point, as it's far easier to work with than a fuck gun. Mind you, the chocolate will melt in the firing process, so make sure that you can easily clean it.

Her head-wing wagging, Cloe looks to you expectantly, causing you to sigh. You proceed to reread that bit aloud, making sure to ham it up. With that over, you continue, "Next on the list would be if you only have minor disdain for the one in question. For this, you will produce your own chocolate, but with none of the love involved in producing your own materials."

"Finally, and for one you truly care for, you must make your own ingredients. This means growing cocoa beans, harvesting phospholipids from fatty tissue, milk from something that produces milk, and grow sugar. I will not bore you with the details, for these things should be plainly obvious." You sigh. It seem this doesn't tell you how to do those things. ...Well, it's not like you have to make it with love, right?

[] Make it with love.

[] Make it with hate.

[] Make it fit for a railgun.
No. 187371
[X] Make it with love.
No. 187372
[X] Make it with love
No. 187373
[x] Make it with love.
No. 187375
[x] Make it with love.
No. 187379
[x] Make it with love.

pls wake up i'm sorry
No. 187380
[X] Make it with love.
No. 187385
File 145562281939.jpg- (149.13KB , 850x601 , I will not go quietly.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was going to say I was taking the night off, but y'know what? A little work is better than no work. ...Heh. But I suppose that's how I've been operating for far too long, huh...? Well, I'll just have to stay up an hour later. I will not slack. I already decided that.

Looks like we have an extremely boring selection of votes, but I'll take it! Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

And then right back into the garage, as then the show will be over!

But then, the show must going on! There will be more shows, even if this is sadly the last story I'll be writing period for a while.

Instead, editing it shall be!

...I'm gonna miss writing this, to be honest. It was nice writing something new for a change. Even if I used one of my more... we'll call Cloe a unique interpretation of a character. This was the first time I got to use her. Glad that she's succeeded at making people squee.

Anywho, let's pound out some content! No more tearful farewells without tears or farewells!
No. 187505
File 145614773161.jpg- (91.63KB , 850x961 , Couldn't find genuflecting.jpg ) [iqdb]
Enough is enough. I have had it with these I cannot continue like this.

And so I won't continue like this! I'm finishing this update tonight, not matter how many thousands of words I have to push out!

I wish I had a good excuse, but my only excuse is that I'm horrible at saying no to an amazing RP of epic proportions.

I'm finishing this "tonight". Seeing as it's currently 7 AM, that means today, but I go to sleep in -88 minutes. But you know what? No sleep. I'm giving all my dreams to the Baku. She will get a buffet of manliness when she feasts upon my dreams! But I don't care how good those dreams may have been; tonight today you dine on my finest!

I was going to shave off unnecessary bits, like avoiding writing that dang final chapter into the update, but y'know what? You're worth that! You're worth typing out horrifying things and scaring, because I'm a sadist I'm nice like that. It's all going into /AT/ anywho, so why the heck not? This will be my way of saying thank you! This update will not be the final, but it will certainly be the largest, at least technically.

Now, let's wrap up this show!
No. 187507

You feel that? That odd wave of creative strangeness washing over your exhausted mind, taking strange patterns and formulas, but, nevertheless, coming up with SOMETHING?

Embrace it. I look forward to seeing what comes out of it. And welcome to the perpetually exhausted house Platemask.

Real talk, I love this story. Can't wait to see what you give us!
No. 187510

That is all.


Either you're mistaking me for someone, or I'm not getting a reference.

Still, if this other person is anything like me, they must be awesome.

I found an author named Platemask on the site. Definitely not me, though. I'm just a simple author from a simple site that you guys hate.
No. 187517
File 145623366288.jpg- (536.41KB , 800x568 , It's just a love bite.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ahaha... Does this even count as keeping my word at this point? Well, the chapter is done, so expect it to go up some time in the next 12 hours. ...I.E after sleep and my after-sleep business is taken care of.

Jeez, I wrote 2k words in a single day, more than doubling what was already written. Long time since I last did so much writing at once.

Surprisingly, it won't really need to go to /AT/. Honestly, this isn't quite as horrific as I expected.

It's just terrific.

This is gonna be fuuuuun~
No. 187519
File 145627557668.png- (302.47KB , 640x980 , Love hurts.png ) [iqdb]
A capillary pops in your eye. "Yes, what was I thinking? It must be done with as much love as can be contained in a skull." You grab a bone saw from... from...

You rub your head, shaking away the painful thoughts on where you got it from. And so you set the head on the counter, putting the saw to the temple.

And then you saw.

The sound is one you will never forget; it sounds disturbingly similar to sawing through wood, but with bone shards instead of saw dust.

You follow the instructions to the tee, sawing where you will lose the least brain matter. You need that.

You follow the instructions to the tee, holding her head so it won't slip.

Why is this so hard? This should be easy, shouldn't it?

You hate her, don't you?

And yet, to see her die, and it to be your hand that swung the cleaver... It's difficult. Your eyes burn. Your throat aches.

But you continue, knowing you will not be allowed to stop. You would rather commit measured atrocities than to be forced into further horrors yet unknown.

You smile as your tears drip. But you will do it with love. You must love all of your ingredients like your children.

You smile as you look to the head, and love it like a child. Your lip quivers as you look at it. Your child is dead. You killed this child.

X looks to you, shaking her head as she gets back to work.

Cloe tilts her head in the same rapid movement as always. "What's wrong, Cocoa?"

You look to her. Does she truly not understand what has transpired? What crimes you have committed? What horrors you did simply with one quick chop? The land you ended? The creatures you doomed? No, obviously not. "I am making chocolate with... love."

Her brow quirked, Cloe watches a tear fall to the ground. "That seems like sadness. Sadness is what makes those odd waters leak. Master said that it's a very human thing to do. She wants to be able to drip like humans can but can't."

You wipe your eyes on your bloodied sleeve, smearing Reimu's metallic scent on your face. Your brow twitches at the stench you merely made worse.

But at least your eyes aren't full of tears! "Then call me human, I suppose."


You sigh. You should have expected that, honestly; you should have expected her to take that literally.

You looks to your gruesome work. Following the instructions, you didn't even have to worry about getting cut hairs inside.

That would mean you are making it with love, right?

Yes, certainly.


You grab the hair over the incision, twisting it. It twists without resistance.

Good. Love properly administered.

You pull it off, setting it aside. The head is fresh, making the matter within akin to soggy, waterlogged noodles. Good. This will do quite nicely.

You start by placing a sieve over the hole, before emptying the fluid into a bowl. Next, you take scissors to snip the optic nerves, before knotting the excess so as to keep them in place. You tug at an eye, finding it to be secure. Perfect.

Next on the agenda is to get the brain out. You take your ice cream scoop and begin scraping it clean, knowing that you are making terrible waste of a mind. What secrets might she contain that are now lost forever?

You shake your head, and turn on the ove—

Checking on the oven, you find it's done prehea—

You slide in the—

the egg timer goes off, and you open the oven to peek, hot air rushing into your face as you sit there binking. Shaking your head, you decide to not think too much on what just happened, and instead fully open the oven to grasp the tray with your hands, pulling it out. "Hot, hot, hot!" You quickly move it to the thankfully granite counter, which, while suspiciously normal, still makes perfect sense with what they wish for you to do, whomever they might be. Looking to your hands, you find them lightly blistered. Now you remember why you don't like cooking. Fire hurts like hell.

Cloe flutters over to you, peeking at your hands that you're currently popping the blisters of. "They make not-wing covers to prevent that."

You look at her oddly. Every time you feel these two can't say something weirder, they surprise you. "Not-wings?"

"Yes, the foot-like not-wings"

You just have no words to say to that. But then you realize something. Something that makes her at least make some sense. "Cloe, how old are you?"

"Too many winters to count." Thinking a moment, she adds, "And most of them I didn't know how to count. Not the way humans do, anyways." You open your mouth to speak, but she continues. "Master theorizes that I'm at least 30 winters old, however."

You take a deep breath and let it out. She is starting to get on your nerves.

Although, you'll admit, this distraction is extremely helpful in ignoring the things you're doing here. You practically killed Atlas, causing the world to faaaaand now you're thinking about it again. "Cloe, distract me."

Cloe starts... you honestly aren't quite sure, but she's currently rapidly kissing your clothes. This is honestly adorable. She's like a little chick trying to eat yo— "Oww, oww, oww!" You grab the beak of an ibis pecking at you. You only assume it to be X, for where else would you find such a specific breed as your own? You hold her up by her beak. "Stop tha— Oww!" You look back to Cloe who is, surprisingly, an adult of the same breed. Also, why is she so large?

X looks smugly proud of Cloe for learning so quickly, while Cloe looks thankful. You, however, are thankful that she only pecked you once, as boy did that hurt. Giving X a dry look, you proceed to toss her back to where she was working, causing her the squawk as she wildly flails her wings. Cloe doesn't look particularly pleased with your treatment of whom you can only guess she sees as a friend.

Surprisingly, Cloe does more than chirp. "That wasn't very nice." How she spoke without lips is beyond you, and X seems to hold similar sentiments, while also looking oddly envious.

Honestly, you feel a bit jealous, too.

You cross your arms. "She was pecking me."

"You didn't have to throw her." How did she even make a "th" sound, now that you think about it? You might need to pick her brai— Distractions, distractions!

"Would you rather I throw you?"


You blink twice, surprised by that response, and thankfully distracted. "...Very well." Against your better judgement, you lower your face to her beak's level so as to hook your hands under her. You try to pick her up, thinking that she must be light for her size.

You proceed to throw your back out, doubling over in— You pick her up slowly, not putting your back under undue stress. She's heavier than you expected, so it's a good thing that you didn't do the thing you remember very clearly doing. You wince as another capillary in your eye bursts. You make note not to question the machinations of reality, or whatever is going on.

Cloe looks to be enjoying being carried well enough, which is odd, when considering the infernal peeping she made earlier, but sadly it's time you made good on your word. Many would call you a weak youkai, and that more or less sums you up; eak of arm and magic, you not only are a weak youkai, but exemplify weak youkai. You huff and puff as you swing her back, before tossing her a short distance. She lands heavily on the chocolate floors, stumbling a tad, but catching herself. And then she changes back into her human form.

And then you realize her clothes are folded neatly off to the side, and simply pinch the arch of your nose. Okay, enough distractions. Looking at another you is like looking in a mirror, so it is as such is hardly interesti— Do you have that mole there? Shaking your head, you look to the skull. More atrocities, coming right up.

Predicting Cloe's desire to hear you read this aloud, you decide that reading things twice when you don't have to isn't something you want to do. As such, you pick up a squawking Cloe — whom is only half dressed, as you really don't care at this point — sit down, sit her in your lap, and pat her head. Surprisingly, she calms down, stopping the infernal peeping that she had begun just moments ago. "Now, to begin, I must warn you that I must legally tell you not to do this. Why you ever would want to make delicious chocolate in the skull of your most hated enemy is beyond me, as such a thing would be completely insane. How one ranks levels of insanity is beyond me. Perhaps we need such a system on Pandora, as much insanity as there is."

"Now, as they have told me that I have sarcastically reached my quota for warning you, it is time that I begin. If you do not possess the skull of your most hated enemy, a very reasonable way to acquire one is to tell some poor brute to kill them for a very poorly made gun and a curiously small amount of money. If you yell a large number at them, that also helps. It has actually become a rather common way to get errands done, in fact."

Cloe's head-wing flaps from side to side as you turn the page, the very sound of doing so putting a smile on her face. As she smiles, you continue, "However, should you for some reason be unable to procure the help of a Vault Hunter, you must instead use that cheap weapon you intended to give them to do the job yourself. Although, as they have the uncanny talent to not die when killed for some odd reason, it may be best to simply wait for them."

"Once one has collected the skull, it is time that you make a decision. Do you remove the non-skull part, or do you attempt to preserve it so as to keep the look on their face immortalized for all time. Sadly, this decision was already made for me once I finally acquired the skull. However, the one that reduced it down to the bony structures is the one that gave me the idea to do this, so I will ignore the terrible thing she did with the phlegm of cheeses. Although, the crumbs of tortilla chips did force me to revoke this forgiveness."

"As for the chocolate itself, refer to the chapters on making the chocolate. However, as you may possibly have a fresh head, you must consider if your target for this gift is a cannibal. If the answer is yes, then I would suggest roasting that which makes them who they are and coating chunks of it in their favorite sweetened coating. Sadly, I neither had a fresh skull, nor did Clork have a mouth to enjoy the chocolate. He certainly considers himself a cannibal, however." You set Cloe off to the side, before getting up off the ground.

You look back to the tray of brain, deciding that you must now cover it in the... ...You're not going to question when you made this caramel. Or with what, for that matter.

You wince as your head throbs, your nose dribbling blood. You sigh, remembering all the work you did to to make this from its raw materials, whilst ignoring the blood getting in it, as that just might be considered a show of love, or at least you hope it's considered as such by whomever trapped you three here.

You begin doing your best to coat the squishy brain chunks in caramel, but, in the end, have plenty left over. You look to the others. "Would either of you need caramel for your chocolate?"

X looks to you over her shoulder. "I'm afraid that Arnold has a severe dislike towards caramel after an incident in his youth."

While you're left scratching your head on if she named the chair, Cloe clears her throat, grabbing your attention. "Do you believe it would properly counterbalance the flavor of the worms?" You just stare at her. "I have never had caramel before, and so I am unsure."

Sighing, you hand it over. "It would be best as a caramel center, or a coating for the worms, I would imagine." Though you remember eating worms now and then, you would not be one to eat them unless forced. Fish are superior, after all, not to mention far more satisfying to feel slide down your throat. Still, if one must use bird food, you certainly think either seeds or worms would be the better thing to add. However, nothing is gained if you never try new things. Not that you will try them, but still.

Next, you mix together the other ingredients that you've apparently been preparing for quite some time. Criollo cocoa powder that you... recently ground, powdered milk that you don't like the source of or implications there of, cocoa butter, Reimu lecithin and sugar.

You begin the conching process, knowing well that it must be done manually for maximum love dispersal, not to mention that you know well that you will be here for days.

As you conch, you find yourself twitching forward in points in time, soon being lost to what time or day it is. If not for being a youkai, and thus having ridiculous durability, you likely would have torn the muscles of your arm in two by now. Still hurts like you did, of course, as the healing can't really keep up with the damage being done. The moment you stop, you realize that your arm hurts far more than you realized as you empty the finished product into a bowl. Next, you place wax paper on a tray and begin dipping the brain clusters in the chocolate, before setting them aside to harden. While you were lost in mixing montages, it seems that Cloe has completed her... you think that it's chocolate and caramel dipped worms. As for X, it reminds you of chocolate filled with puffed rice.

But with splinters instead of the rice.

Cloe seems to be waiting for something, and you're honestly unsure of, but you begin filling the cavity in the head with the chocolates, replacing the hairy cap. There. You're done. It's over.
No. 187520
File 145627629769.jpg- (369.35KB , 850x1202 , The beginning and the end.jpg ) [iqdb]
You hear a great ripping that is as loud as it is silent. Distant yet near. unnoticed yet notice. Your skin immediately bleaches as you spy just what lies before you. Eyes. Many, many eyes. No eyes. Eyes that focus on you and also nothing at all. You swear that you see a different reflection of the same scene before them in each eye.

The portal also has some pretty bows, which, if the gap itself weren't enough, would immediately tip you off to whom it might be that it belongs to.

Silken bows of the most luxurious material, and yet, at the same time, tattered bows of ancient threadbare clothes of time immemorial that are strangely not falling apart.

Velvet ribbons that look particularly pompous.

Cotton knots that look cheap.

Wool ties that look soft.

Linen of the most simple design.

Every kind of cloth, each looking different ages, are before you, and yet none of them at all.
You realize that the abyss sees you as you gaze upon it.

It looks amused.

It looks terrifically, terribly amused.

And, as if she were always there, and yet never was, a woman is watching you with all expressions and yet none. Through them all, you see a grin.

A seemingly infinite number of things are said at once, and yet they all amount to one thing.

A greeting.
No. 187521
File 145627665713.jpg- (277.91KB , 850x1170 , My my my.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cloe perks up while X just looks the most lost in the possibilities of it all. "Hello, old Master! You seem positively variable today!"

Suddenly, the woman before you snaps to a singular reality, or at least you assume, as her form is not all that could be, but one that is. Her eyes settle on violet. Her dress is violet as well. Her white gloves open a fan of a yin yang design, fanning herself. "My, my, Tokiko, you've been busy, have you not? I hope you made something for myself as well as the librarian. I would be quite wounded if you did not~." A titter gently shakes her refined form.

Cloe's head-wing wags the hardest yet. "Of course! I could never be so rude to you, old Master!" She grabs a particularly large coated worm, offering it to her.

Smiling, the woman musses Cloe's hair-like feathers much to the small girl's consternation. "My, the biggest one? How generous of you~" She plucks the night crawler-sized treat, and, unexpectedly, takes a delicate bite. "Caramel, hmm? How unexpected..." She takes another bite. It's a bit disconcerting to see her take a bite, and yet talk as if her mouth is empty. You saw no movement of the jaw, nor that of swallowing, after she took that bite.

It was simply... gone.

And then her eyes slowly move to you, and your fight or flight nearly kicks in as soon as they stop on you, knowing full well what and whom she is, while even now having no idea all the same. Before you can flee, she compliments, "You are quite skilled at making caramel, aren't you?" You blink. "Ohh, don't look at me like that." She chuckles this time. "I give credit where credit is due; you..." She eyes the head. "...have impressed me. You managed to kill a Reimu." The term 'a' makes you shudder, but you don't have time to consider the implications.

Next, her eyes suddenly twitch to X. "And you... The things we do for love, hmm? It's best not to try to bring back the dead, however; no matter what one does, they will never be the same." Her eyes move to the chair. "After all, poor Arnold exemplifies this, does he not? He's certainly been Changed..." X simply gazes at the chair, a complex expression on her face.

Her eyes move back to you. "Now, then. I shall be needing that head, I'm afraid. Perhaps you would make a deal with little ol' me?"

Her smile is as pleasant as it is genuine.

Her smile is as eerie as it is fake.

[] Write-in.

Well, I've been looking forward to reaching this point in the story, and it seems we finally have! Choose the color of your ending! I assure you, there are many colors, indeed.
No. 187522
[X] How could it be any color but Red and White?
No. 187523
[x] Violet

No. 187524
...I hope you guys realize that I was making a Mass Effect 3 joke. I'll accept colors, but that may be unwise more fun than you desire.
No. 187526
Never played Mass Effect; this got VERY confusing; wait, 'A' Reimu? Yukari wants that head back? What the heck is going on here!? Tokiko, stop giving me that strange look!

[X] Violet!
No. 187527
You want us to pick a color?

Well, fuck Violet, she's probably gonna' be there through the whole thing, so let's go with something completely different!

[X] White
No. 187531
File 145632055255.png- (106.87KB , 500x500 , Mystia's dramatic reenactment.png ) [iqdb]

As I said, I don't want colors. However, they will still be accepted, though not recommended.

Mass Effect Spoilers: The joke was that, at the end of Mass Effect 3, you could choose 3 different endings, which were basically 3 different colors with only small variations otherwise. This caused outrage to the point of forcing them to make a free DLC with a better ending, as the endings basically ruined the trilogy.

In effect, I was joking that I would ruin the story with a terrible ending that makes no sense. ...Probably. Maybe I was referencing how this is the ending, and now I get to give you several flavors, depending on what you vote. Some of the things I do only make sense to me when I think/don't think on them. Perhaps it wasn't meant for scrutiny.

Sorry for the confusion; I suppose I should have specified what the vote was for. I maaaay have mixed some signals at the end with my typical bad joke, resulting with this.

Let's clarify things.

[] Make a wish. (Write-in vote that you must write something of your own design, or perhaps use someone else's masterpiece. Should you choose this option, you will then have to write a vote yourself pr pinch someone's rad machinations.

[] Don't make a wish.
-[] Why?

As an aside, I'll answer some questions you guys might have as an apology. This is the last vote anywho. Ask whatever you want, but I reserve the right to veto!

I may wait till the vote is called to answer more spoileriffic ones, so don't lose hope.
No. 187532
[X] Make a wish that Reimu and Arnold are alive and well and whole again.

Now that Reimu has been prepared with love, we should bring her back to appreciate our love-fueled efforts!

Also, Arnold. Because beauty that perfect left us far too soon.
No. 187534
You should have made a fake ending out of nowhere and then repeat it, but with different colored shirts

[x] Wish to throw a curveball at the author
No. 187535
[X] Make a wish that Reimu and Arnold are alive and well and whole again.

Sure, why not.
No. 187541

If all I got was colors, I was going to throw Tokiko into a parody of that scene, actually. After Yukari got done staring blankly at you.


She, you say?
No. 187543
[X] Make a wish that Reimu and Arnold are alive and well and whole again.

Sure, why not?
No. 187544
[X] Make a wish that Reimu and Arnold are alive and well and whole again.

Sounds good.
...Who's Arnold again?
No. 187545
File 145635965638.jpg- (408.70KB , 600x600 , Arnold.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 187548
O_O Oooohhhhhh Okay,
No. 187582
File 145657131081.jpg- (5.46KB , 300x160 , This isn't who you're saving.jpg ) [iqdb]

You know, the chair that you let die?

In other news, I'm glad to see that Arnold has such a following.

Anywho, vote called in about 12 hours. Doesn't matter if it's tide pissing; good votes will be taken into account.

Sorry about the inactivity, but I've wanted to give y'all enough time to vote. It is the last one.

Was also hoping for some questions, but still.
No. 187585

I ain't askin' no questions 'till the grand finale! I wanna' ask ALL the questions I may have.
No. 187586
File 145661861993.jpg- (130.23KB , 850x477 , Not symbolic at all.jpg ) [iqdb]

Duely noted!

Also, voting ends here!

The update will be short, so I should be able to easily get it out soon! If all goes well, 2 days tops! Mind you, that's if I have my full 2 hour work time, and seeing as it's still the weekend, I'll likely have about an hour. Tomorrow I should start having my full 2 hours again, however.

Still, I'm not doing anything fancy; I'm just giving you your bad good end, so it shouldn't take terribly long.

No. 187593
File 145667798942.jpg- (132.43KB , 850x584 , steamy plot.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yukari eyes you from behind her fan. "So be it~" She points the open fan at you, a wicked grin upon those pleasant features, like calm waters troubled by a hurricane. "This is the end for you, Tokiko."

You swallow the lump of dread forming in your throat. "...That is for the best."

Her eyes fill with mirth. But they don't.

The fan snaps shut like a guillotine's descent. And yet it never did.

Your eyes widen in shock. And yet they never do.

You look down at yourself.

It seems to be the ordinary clothes you made with your youki. Red and white shrine maiden garb greets you, if heavily modified for comfort and ease of maneuverability, not to mention kept together with wishful thinking and a favor owed here and there.

You look to Yukari, confused at nothing happening. You're thankful for the peace as you clear the snow a bit.

Yukari vanishes before your eyes, as she was never there to begin with. You hold a hand to your mouth as you let out a yawn, which leads to stretching, finally leading to setting down your shovel for a moment.

You look extremely alarmed as you wildly look for people who have already left, having finished with their given tasks. "...I think I'll have some tea."

You try to scream for help as you are unmade, knowing it already to be too late for you. You check your cupboards, finding them depressingly empty, like usual.

You open up the offery box, sighing at the sight: empty, just like always. You sigh. It seems you don't have money for tea. But what to do? Drink water? No, that won't do. You have an odd feeling that you will need tea, but you aren't sure what for. You pull out your gohei, taking to the skies.

You wander around aimlessly for a time.

In the end, you are without tea, resulting in quite the chain of events, ending in the shrine's destruction. Again You spot a bird reading a book, with books stacked beside it. Your mind clicks, a smile spreading on your lips.

It was caused by an erhu wielding girl who claims you know her, who seemingly fades in and out of reality. She apparently did this to finally gain your attention, as you've been ignoring her for months. Obviously Yukari's doing. trio of instrument wielding poltergeists who took their encore a bit too far. Who they are, you aren't sure. As luck would have it, unsealing your most troublesome of foes that tormented you as a child. You wake Genji for one last ride, as you need his wisdom on this one for reasons heavily foreshadowed in a story that never gets finished. headaches. Get it? Because you're a shrine maiden. Sealing. Yeah, it was a terrible joke, but your shrine just exploded. You know just where to get the money for tea.

The bird looks up at her destiny, before life teaches her just how truly unfair it can be.


Holy crap, I can't believe I actually nearly came up with the canonical reason as to why Reimu was out. Had to do a bit of research when I finished writing to figure out technical hoo-ha. I feel so dirty. Anyway, as I nearly went back on my word to write tonight, have the finale a day early! ...Techically possibly more, what with proof reading, picture acquisition, witty email think-upping, and finally posting!

There we go!
No. 187596
I have...so many questions.
This explained nothing.
Will you explain it?
No. 187597

No. 187598
Okay so my most prominent question is were the other-kiko's like, real? Were they simply made by Yukari for some weird reason?
I also generally don't understand what happened either to be fair.
No. 187601
File 145671183592.png- (736.87KB , 800x707 , Alternate realities are fun.png ) [iqdb]

As real as Cocoa! Alternate realities of a fictional world, technically. I didn't ask Zun permission for canon Tokiko's usage, so she was the MC. Cloe is from my own series, so I obviously had permission, and she would have been your second life. As for X, I got permission to use her as well, from her own creator. Still, they were the lives system. If Cocoa died, you would have taken over another bird with no second chance.

Mind you, I chose Tokiko mainly because I need to learn the different flavors of insanity for a future work. The other reason is a secret.

Anywho, as for the other question... That's a bit trickier. I'll do my best, however.

For one, I had Yukari being the one that stuck you there from the start, but other than that, all I knew is that I wanted to kick everyone's teeth in. I was playing hardball from the start, but I let it get distracted. As this was a CYOA, I knew that I couldn't truly make plans. As such, I merely wrote as it went.

Still, I had numerous bad ends planned from early on. Anyways, the simplest way of explaining the ending is that it was a stable time loop involving multiverse theory. As for Yukari, she was effectively all Yukaris at once, as shown by the way things were and weren't happening, for she was doing the reaction of every Yukari all at once. Still, she technically wasn't a complete Yukari, for I don't know the nearly infinite possibilities. Instead, I stuck with the Yukaris that might have stuck you in there. And then, Cloe activated her, sealing which Yukari would be her face. As Cloe is my creation, Yukari ended up being my own Yukari, with a flavoring of borders being constantly in play.

Also, Yukari played evil genie with your wish, if you haven't noticed.

Of course, this is a Yukari that has a stable time loop going with her own past, so it did push me towards practicing stable time loops a bit. It's actually one of my better stories, which I plan to rewrite some day.

No. 187624
File 145682243794.jpg- (69.07KB , 600x450 , All smiles.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, for future reference, what kind of omake sorta dealie you want? Obviously there can't be an epilogue, so that's not an option.

[]Make a wish!

[]Bad ends.

[]Write-in. May require communication.
No. 187630
MY question is this.

Was there any way we could have turned the romantic chocolate miko skull into a full-blown romance with a severed head? Alternatively, was there a way to avoid a bad end by that point?

Also - [X]Bad ends.

No. 187631
File 145685863915.jpg- (250.30KB , 850x895 , Zuuuuuuun!.jpg ) [iqdb]

Technically you did avoid any bad ends up to that point. I just didn't want to write this for months, so I decided to institute a time limit, as I hadn't expected so much screwing around. I expected the story to not near a second thread, for instance. So, as such, you got the popular book's bad end.

As for the severed head, that would only happen if you locked it in as Reimu route from early. ...Gods, that lie sounds so terrible. But anyways, basically, if you had lost more sanity points, and voted for it, you would have. As it stood, she instead saw it as her child, in a sense.

So, no, there was no way to avoid it, but only due to my lacking desire to turn this story into the true form halloween party arc I wrote that lasted a year.

In retrospect, it was a horrible idea to write it from around 15 points of view, one of which having to be retconned since I started my break from my main series.

...I kinda went on a tangent there, huh? Anyways, that should more or less answer your question.
No. 187633

So that was a MATERNAL love between a Crested Ibis and her enemies severed head?

It's all the sweeter for it.

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