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File 146331003846.png - (280.72KB , 850x510 , Not the story I spoke of.png ) [iqdb]
188147 No. 188147
Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the races.

After a one-sided battle, the monsters were swiftly defeated.

Deeming them too dangerous to remain, they sealed the monsters with a magic spell.

[] Name the fallen human.

Y'know, it's probably unwise to start now, what with only having the first area all planned out, but, well... I can't help myself. I've been planning this thing for months, albeit slowly, so it's time I just put... fingers to, uhh... to keys and start.

That sounded better in my head.

Anywho, the first update is short, what with the whole, y'know, name thing.

Besides, it might kick me into gear to have the pressure of votes!
No. 188148

Because BACON in English is taken.
No. 188149
[x] Boris
No. 188150
No. 188151

Not sure how easy a time we'll have establishing a majority, but I'll throw that in.

I had this idea several months back but never found the time to actually write it. Good luck with your attempt, anon. And if you'd have any interest in sharing/discussing thoughts over IRC or similar, feel free to say so: I'd be up for it if you are.
No. 188152
No. 188153
No. 188154
Oh come on, all of you are cowards.

No. 188155
No. 188156
File 146332273581.jpg- (388.17KB , 750x600 , Let the games begin!.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ohh, I think you'll be pleased with what you see~ But we'll see, won't we? Although, I wouldn't mind you doing it anywho! Competition is a healthy thing~
No. 188158

You. I like you.

I dare you. I double dare you; choose Frisk one more time. (or as many as requires majority.)
No. 188159
Oh? Well, that does sound promising. I didn't want to be That Guy who looks like they're ripping off another story, but if you wouldn't mind maybe I'll still give my take a shot. Think I'll watch yours for a few days before deciding though, to try and gauge how different our directions are.

Hard Mode would be amusing, I'd just rather pick a name for someone who fits in the Touhou universe. Might still change votes to Frisk after seeing the writer's reaction, though.
No. 188160

Frisk...? That's a bit on-the-nose don't you think?
No. 188161
It's the true name obvious best option, though.
No. 188162

Well, this can't possibly go wrong.
No. 188166
File 146334213452.jpg- (186.55KB , 600x901 , It's dangerous to go alone.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Close, but no cigar, if what you seek is a bad time. Although, if you truely wish it, speak my name again and I just might tell you."

[] Name the fallen human.

Try, try again.


Honestly, I'll be highly amused if they're even remotely similar. I mean... I kinda wrote a valentines CYOA in TH that involved a chocolate nuclear reactor with inspiration from a certain person with a penchant for character death.

Best idea I ever had! No. Bad.


Well, if you'd like to start hard mode through a Touhou means, you might have to try vaguely harder. Or I could just tell you.
No. 188167
No. 188168

Good luck, Sonanoka. I'll look foward to this story.
No. 188169
No. 188170
[x] The writer is obviously Satori
No. 188172

Aww, thank you! Not often I get wished luck on these things, and I'm honestly a little nervous about how it will be received. A crossover is a new thing to me, save my Friday the 13th/Touhou joking crossover on another site.

Halloween specials are hard to come up with when everyone is playing on godmode.
No. 188173
No. 188174
No. 188176
[X] Sumireko
No. 188177
File 146335601599.png- (119.87KB , 800x608 , Heavy handedness ho!.png ) [iqdb]
"Back in my day, we had to work to pick a name. And we had to go uphill through snow! We didn't just steal names of friends and family left and right!"

[] Name the fallen human.


You really should at the very least put a box before that, y'know. If it keeps being done, I'm not going to count it, as I can't be 100% sure it's a vote.
No. 188178
So should we be assuming that in general, all/most canon characters' names are off-limits (like in UT itself)? This might work better if we have some idea of which options would actually be allowed, and/or whether we should go with an original name. I mean, my next inclination is to choose the other character pictured there, but I don't know whether that'd work.
No. 188179

Well, that's the fun of it~ Some names are, some names aren't! Normally you go in blind, so one hardly knows what names to take.

However, I've left hints in both naming posts. Two in Maribel's post and... a good number more in Sumireko's. Besides, this 'is' a good opportunity to get a small look into the characters, if you use their name, as they do quip.
No. 188180
The Sumireko quip reminds me of the turtle historian for some reason. Not sure why.
No. 188181
[x] Renko
No. 188182
Yeah, fair enough. I do like the quips, and don't really mind this method personally, I just think it could be frustrating for some other voters depending on how long it takes to pick a name. Anyway...

[x] Renko
No. 188183
[X] Geth
No. 188184
[X] renko
No. 188186
File 146336490675.jpg- (493.84KB , 720x934 , keine.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Renko

The BEST thing about making mistakes is not learning from them!

It makes sense really. So Yukari/Maribel is Sans then? This trend is giving us all sort of hints. No points for guessing who passes for the friendly, horned, mother figure here.
No. 188187
File 14633659921.jpg- (406.42KB , 687x454 , Come with me and you'll see.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well, well, welly, well, well. Seems you got it! I wonder just what you might pick from here?

Honestly, this may not be fun for you guys. However, your bravery just might be rewarded.

Or maybe you'll be right boned.

Ohh, and by the way, this mode may alter the plot significantly, if that worries you as much as it should. ...But sometimes, change can be a good thing, for perhaps you might enjoy what you find."

[] This declaration fills me with Determination. Save Game.

[] Reselect.
No. 188188
Hah, thought so. Hard mode confirmed, get hype.

[x] This declaration fills me with Determination. Save Game.
No. 188189

Is that so?
No. 188190
[x] This declaration fills me with Determination. Save Game

We go for true pacifist.
No. 188194
[X] This declaration fills me with Determination. Save Game

Here we go guys, I'm ready.
No. 188195
[X] Determination

True pacifist in a nutshell:
What was that which you just said about me, my friend? I think you ought to know that I have completed my time as a novice-monk, and I've passed through the Gateless Gate, and I've lived for over 300 cycles of rebirth. I am trained in anapanasati and I'm the most senior bhikkhuni in my local sangha. You are nothing to me but just another human being worthy of dignity and respect.
I will have compassion upon you with loving-kindness the likes of which has never been seen before in the Cycle of Samsara - you would do well to remember these words. Do you believe that you can say these things and still escape the principle of dependent origination? Perhaps you should reexamine those beliefs, brother. As we speak I am contemplating the importance of accepting your words with detachment and equanimity, so, without malice, I advise you to prepare for the storm, young one. The storm of suffering that afflicts all living creatures in this world.
You are trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth, child. Not only am I extensively trained in the Mahayana Tripitaka, but I have access to the entire Pali canon as well, and I will use its teachings to their full extent to help alleviate the suffering within you which causes you to say hurtful things about others. You could reach Nirvana anywhere, any time, and I can help you achieve enlightenment in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with the study of Koan.
If only you could understand what evil karma these words of yours would sow, perhaps you would have had the wisdom to keep silent. Nevertheless, this was beyond what you have been prepared for, and so I promise that I will do my best to ease the suffering that you have brought upon yourself. I will teach you the path of the Bodhisattva and you will revel in it. Your suffering may yet reach its end, child.
No. 188196

I'm not sure if I should read that in Myouren's or Byakuren's voice... Or maybe some kind of freaky twin sorta thing.

Like in The Shining!
No. 188199
File 146339397252.jpg- (483.20KB , 700x999 , A world of pure Determination.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like I'm calling it here.
No. 188200
Actually, that post came from [blue] under a "defeat Yuyuko thread". He did say he'd steal it.
And yes, it was Byakuren.
No. 188201
[X] This declaration fills me with Determination. Save Game.

Symbolic vote to increase determination.
No. 188203

This vote fills you with Determination!


Aww... I was hoping for a new sport among monks...

Anywho, the update will be up shortly. It's not as good as it could be, but, frankly, I don't have much to work with yet.
No. 188205
File 146340481583.jpg- (8.30KB , 300x300 , Friendliest flower around.jpg ) [iqdb]

You bolt upright, looking about wildly.

You blink, slowly calming down as you look about slower, as you certainly don't remember it being pitch black. Did you fall asleep...? You rummage through your skirt, searching for your phone. After a few minutes of rummaging, you finally find it, pulling it out.

Pockets are a thrifty girl's best friend. ...When she doesn't need to find anything quickly.

"Damn... No reception down here..." ...Wait. How is there no reception...? Where could there possibly be no reception in this day and age? You've had a better signal going rock climbing, let alone...

You shake your head clear of distractions. First you need to find out where you are. Your hands and feet aren't bound, meaning that it's unlikely you were kidnapped, but still.

You use the flashlight app in your phone to look around, finding mostly nothing but stone and grass and... flowers? Are those daisies? How are they even alive? It's darker than night in here! You shake your head. No, no. Focus. Ignore the flowers.

"...Wait, no. Don't ignore the flowers." Remembering back to the last time you were trapped in a cave, you shine the light up above the flowers.

Nothing but darkness greets you. Where exactly are you? How high is this ceiling, to not show something? It must be night if it's like this... Maybe if you wait for day break and then climb? Sighing, you just pick yourself up, dust off your skirt, and then shine the light all around. You find a significant lack of anything considerably wall-like, making that idea rather moot.

"...Wait..." You shine your light down off the edge of the odd place you find yourself. "Whoa, that's a long fall." Don't want to go dropping down there unprepared. You already likely fell down a hole. Two holes would be two too many.

Shining the light ahead, you spot something flash, and you recognize it instantly, rushing to it.

"Ouch..." You stop, nearly tumbling over. "Great, my ankle got twisted when I fell..."

Sighing, you instead limp towards the great doors, shining the light up them.

And up them.

And up them.

"...What sort of monster was this door made for?" Sighing, you open the door, half expecting to start puking blood.

Thankfully that doesn't happen this time.

However, the door is also freakishly heavy, meaning that you're a bit hard pressed to actually open it, what with your foot like this.

You grunt and shove, wondering if this is what it's like to be pregnant. However, suddenly the door shoves open in a single fluid motion as you pale at the thought of how much that would hurt, and you realize that you're an idiot. "Great, it opens outwards... Nobody had better have seen that.

The light from within stings your eyes. Just how long have you been down here for it to do that...? You must have fallen from somewhere while searching.


Why does that flower look so cheerful?

Why does it have a face?!

"Hi, I'm-"

"Holy crap, it talked!"

The flower jumps. "Holy shit, this one's not mute!"

You both stare at each other a long moment.

The flower clears its... throat? "Uhh... ...Right. Howdy! I'm FLOWEY! FLOWEY the FLOWER!" ...Stunning creativity, there. "Hmm... You're new to the-"

The flower stares at you a long moment, cutting itself off.

You feel a little uncomfortable under its gaze as it looks you over. "That hat... I know that hat" The flower stares a moment longer. "No, it can't be." Flowey shakes... his head? "No, never mind." Right as you open your mouth, it continues. "Now, uhh, where were we? ...Right, right." Clearing... its squeaky throat, it continues its seemingly rehearsed spiel, "Golly, you must be so confused! I should teach you how these things work!" While it talks, you study it, looking it over. Just what is it...? "I suppose it's only right, being that I'm the only one here! Ready?" You open your mouth to speak, but again it cuts you off. "Here we go!"

You feel an odd sensation in your chest, but nothing else really seems to happen. You look at the flower oddly, as it seems to be staring at your chest.

You aren't sure how to feel about a flower checking you out.

On one hand, it's a flower.

On the other, it thinks you're hot.

That has to be some sort of compliment in certain cultures, right?


[] Fight

[] Act


-Flirt back...?



[] Item


[] Mercy


No. 188206
[x] Act

"Flirt back" is tempting, though.
No. 188207
[X] Flirt back

Feeling kinky, Flowey?
No. 188209
[x] Act
-[x] Flirt back...?
No. 188210
[x] Act

Something strange is happening here...
No. 188211
[X] Act
No. 188212
[x] Flirt back

Do we get a Flowey route in this?
No. 188214
File 146343501787.jpg- (5.40KB , 260x173 , Totally giving you eyes.jpg ) [iqdb]
Vote called! Seems we're feeling Frisky!


Just have to stay Determined.
No. 188215
File 146343806919.png- (128.33KB , 700x800 , All you.png ) [iqdb]
"...I, uhh... You have a very nice... stamen...?"

"See that h-" The flower stares at you.

It looks not sure how to take that.

You decide to call it a she to make this less weird.

"...You're an idiot, aren't you?"

You glare at her. "Says the one coming on to me!"

Flowey's eyes look like dinner plates. "Wait, you thought..." Somehow she both blushes and pales at once.

You don't think flowers have blood, but that makes things easier.


You hope.

The flower grumbles as it looks off to the side, her oddly dangerous-looking vines poking together nervously. "This girl..."

[] Fight

-Now's your chance

[] Act

-Check out


-Let her speak


[] Item

[] Mercy


No. 188216
[x] Flirt back

Simbolic vote
No. 188217
[X] Act

-Check out

I'm pretty sure the stamen is the plant equivalent of a dick. Then again, flowers are pretty much flashy genitals, so complimenting any part of one is sort of sexual.
No. 188218

New vote:
[x] Act -Check out
No. 188219
[X] Act
-Let her speak
No. 188220
[x] Flirt back

Yeah, this is the only choice.
No. 188221
[x] Act

-Check out
No. 188222
File 146344927578.jpg- (12.84KB , 288x300 , What.jpg ) [iqdb]
You feel determined to return the attraction: +1 Determination. Determination increased to 6.

You eye the flower's... tight body.

You decide that her shade of green is particularly attractive, and that her leaves are... shapely?

You try to blush at the sight. You try to do so very hard.

It doesn't work.

You look to her yellow petals, and think of what it might be like to kiss them.

...You feel rather silly doing so.

Flowey looks back to you, and opens her mouth to speak, only to close it. She is now looking at you strangely.

You think you deserve that.

[] Fight

-Use the confusion to your advantage

[] Act




[] Item

[] Mercy

-Run in shame

No. 188223
[X] Act
No. 188224
[x] Act


By the way, in which time zone are you Sonanoka? Just to know the range of time you update.
No. 188225
No. 188226
File 146345282552.jpg- (57.30KB , 564x506 , About 8 hours 20 minutes till I aim for sleep.jpg ) [iqdb]

That's a difficult question; I'm EST, but, well... I kinda am awake anywhere from 3PM to, uhh... Well, also 3PM. Mind you, my projected bedtime is 7 AM, but still.

I usually go to bed between 8 and 9 AM at the latest, but every now and then I just kinda stay up. For instance, last night the first major update kept me up till 9:30.
No. 188227
[X] Flirt
No. 188228
No. 188229
[X] Mercy

-Run in shame
No. 188230
I should also note that if this continues, Renko really needs an intervention on her Dendrophilia
No. 188231

Y'know, honestly, I have a feeling that dendrophelia is the least of the problems she might have if she gets out of here.

Anywho, vote called for [X] Check
No. 188232
File 146346609831.png- (333.96KB , 668x649 , LOVEly.png ) [iqdb]
You stare at Flowey intensely.

Flowey flinches.

FLOWEY - Lv 4 ATK 99 DEF 1

Seems to be hiding something big...

Flowey blinks a few times before rubbing her eyes with a thorny appendage. "Did you just use magic...? You freaking blinded me..."

...Did you? "No?"

"No, seriously, what was that? Humans that can use magic are freaking rare. ...Ignoring the fact that all of you that end up here seem able to- Wait, no, no, I need to get this done with! Where was I..."

Flowey seems to have frozen up.

As you are about to ask if anything is wrong, Flowey says, "Okay, screw it; I'm just going to shoot my friendliness pellets at you, now. Catch it with your face."

You blush furiously at being told that.

The ground under Flowey cracks before said flower begins to rise. Soon after, you find yourself nearly kissing a cannon whose barrel is as thick as your torso, Flowey smiling as if nothing is wrong from the top of what seems to be the hatch of a tank.

[] Catch it with your face.

[] Write-in
No. 188233
Gonna reserve my vote until a decent write-in comes along. God knows I suck at making them.

>flowey has Rika's flower tank
No. 188234
[X] Catch it with your face.

Don't worry guys, you can't die on the tutorial fight!
No. 188235
[X] Get onto the tank to flirt some more...

All-powerful flirting!
No. 188236
[X] Get onto the tank to flirt some more...
No. 188237
[X] Get onto the tank to flirt some more...
what could possibly go wrong
No. 188238
[X] Get onto the tank to flirt some more...
Mount Flowey's big, thick, loaded turret.
No. 188239

Is that so?


Man, you guys really like flirting. What, are you aiming for a Flowey OTP end?

Just remember to be careful what you wish for.

Anywho, you guys have a little while to break the tie, or I'm choosing the one I like more, as I'm a little bored. And, while friendliness facials sound nice, well... I kinda wanna see where the other one takes us.
No. 188240

Uhh... Nevermind! Missed a vote! Voting called, I guess...


I now know your pain.
No. 188241
File 146348727299.jpg- (8.31KB , 235x300 , Flowey is not amused.jpg ) [iqdb]
Strangely, the cannon doesn't go off, and Flowey's expression grows complex as she hesitates. Taking full advantage of the situation, you begin to climb up the cannon.

Mind you, you climb up the mouth, but you get points for trying.

Flowey just looks at you in disbelief, but ends up just sighing. "You idiot... If you're going to do something dumb, at least be smart about it."

The odd feeling in your chest ends, and you find yourself staring down a flower. ...You know, till now, you didn't realize how big she is. "You have really pretty eyes."

Flowey just stares.

And stares.

You think you might have given her an aneurysm.

"Uhh... Flowey? Are you okay...?"

The flower takes in a deep breath, before sighing. "Get off my tank." Her eyes are averted as she says, "A girl really shouldn't be sitting like that."

You look down, finding yourself sitting on the barrel in the least comfortable way possible, which is also not very skirt-friendly.

Well, this just became awkward.

You carefully climb closer to the flower, not giving up on flirting just yet.

"Wait, what are you- Wait, stay back!"

You soon plop down next to the flower.

"...How are you even alive?" Flowey grumbles in frustration. "You really are too much like her."

"Like who?"

She looks to the top of your head. "...Where'd you get that hat, anyways?"

"My grandmother gave it to me when I was little."

A dawning look of mystified horror rises to the fore on Flowey's face. "She reproduced...?"

You raise a brow. "Well, that's kind of a given. It's a little hard to have a grandchild otherwise."

Flowey looks to you. She looks you up and down, looking for something, yet you aren't sure what. "...And she's still human. Good."

"You knew her?"

"You could say that." She looks to you, her petals brushing across your face. They feel almost like the membrane of a bat's wings. "She still alive?" You nod, earning a- actually, that grin is downright terrifying. "Then I'll have to pay her back for leaving us all here..."


-How dare she threaten your grandmother! Kill her.






-Hug her

-Pinky swear that you'll do it for her

No. 188242
"-Pinky swear that you'll do it for her"

-Squints Eyes-

Hmm. Unless I failed my Reading Comprehension Check, is this what I think it is?
No. 188243

-Hug her

Because hugs are the next step up in flirting!
No. 188244

-Hug her
No. 188245
An indication Flowey has pinkies?

-How dare she threaten your grandmother! Kill her.
No. 188246
[X] Act

Let's inquire why Flowey's so pissed at our Grangran
No. 188247
[x] Act

No. 188248
[x] Mercy
-[x] Hug

A bold mercy indicates that it is available, no? Then let's take it. We can talk later.
No. 188250

Or a sign that we're an idiot.

Anywho, as both have lots of votes, we'll double up. Comfort and hug.
No. 188251
[X] Act
No. 188252

Huh. Well, then. Late the the party, but I'll accept that!
No. 188253
File 14635159267.jpg- (153.78KB , 850x992 , Savor this pain.jpg ) [iqdb]
"That must have been a long time ago."

Flowey sighs. "It was; a lifetime ago, practically." She shakes her head. "I know what you're doing kid, and it won't work."

Being brushed off fills you with determination: Determination +1! Determination increased to 7.

You pull her into a hug. You learn quickly that it's difficult to hug something so thin, but keep going anyways.

You decide to aim higher, however, hugging her head.

"...This is extremely uncomfortable."

"I figured."

Flowey doesn't say to let go, though, so you take that as a small success.

Flowey eventually sighs. "Idiot... You really think all this can be solved with just a hug...?"


Flowey just sighs, unsure of what to do, it seems. "...You really think my eyes are pretty?"

"They're like onyx."

This gives her pause. "That... was a compliment, right?"

"Onyx is beautiful when it shines right."

The flower sighs, thorny vines wrapping you just a bit. "Thanks."

You smile. "Think nothing of it." You wince at being pricked by a huge thorn.

19/20 HP

[] Take the hit to keep hugging.

[] Oww!
No. 188255
[x] Oww!
No. 188256
[X] Take the hit to keep hugging.

Most determined response. Also, Renko is LV1, so her invincibility frames are forever.

Also, hugs.
No. 188257

Ohh? Never realized they change so much. ...Then again, I guess Mister Flashy Eye does rapid hit you if you sit there.
No. 188258
I think we got Flowey Route, guys. Let's keep going down this road, okay?
No. 188259
[X] Take the hit to keep hugging.
No. 188260
[X] Take the hit to keep hugging.

Determination option.
No. 188261

The joys of Hard Mode!
No. 188262
Forever is an exaggeration, but they do go down as you level up. It's why that boss does so much damage, despite low ATK.
No. 188263
Take the hit, keep hugging.
No. 188265
[X] Take the hit to keep hugging.

We took damage. Damage is a challenge to our pacifistic ways. We're gonna' pacify the FUCK out of this flower.
No. 188266

[x] Take the hit

28 to go!
No. 188267
File 146353885792.jpg- (6.48KB , 189x187 , There goes the bandages__.jpg ) [iqdb]

Flowey blinks. "Wait, what's that warm wetness..." She lookes down at your badly bleeding stomach. "Wait, I didn't mean to... Ugh..."

With a jerk, the thorns are removed. "Oww!"


Sadly, that made the bleeding worse.

"Crap, crap, crap... Kid, do you have anything to stanch the bleeding?"


You begin to rummage for a bit.


You eventually find some gauze.

Flowey proceeds to snatch it, awkwardly unbuttoning your shirt.


After a bit, you find yourself feeling a little woozy, but the bleeding has stopped.

Maybe you should have helped.

Flowey flicks blood from her vines. "Man, I forgot how much humans bleed..."

Well, that's more than a little concerning.

[] Ask what she is.

[] Ask what she meant.

[] Ask what her last words are.

[] Thank her.
No. 188268
[X] Thank her.

Details matter not. The flower helped us. We should thank her. With a kiss.
No. 188269
[x] Thank her.
No. 188271
Thank her
No. 188272
[x] Ask what she is.

C'mon, we can do some things besides killing Flowey with kindness and LOVE love.
No. 188274
Don't worry, it's not that choosing this makes you have to.

It's that choosing hard mode lets you try to. I did say that Hard Mode may change the plot, after all. It's up to you to make those changes, though.

Anywho, calling it!
No. 188275
[x] Thank her.

Ah drats late to the party.

Flowy's here? I think I know who she is.

[X] Rummage pockets for food.
No. 188276
File 146356289256.png- (136.74KB , 593x525 , I spent way too long finding a picture.png ) [iqdb]
You give the flower a smile. "Thanks, Flowey."

The flower blinks, surprised by that. "...I just nearly killed you and you're thanking me?" You nod. Flowey gives you a flat look. "And you see nothing wrong with this." You nod again, earning a sigh. "Seriously, if you keep that up, you're going to die. Maybe not down here, but when you head outside? It's kill or be killed." She frowns. "And I don't want that to happen to you, too."

"Well, why don't you come with me?" Flowey blushes. "...Flowey?"

The flower shakes her head. "I can't protect you out there. The, uhh..." She blushes. "The tank won't fit through the door. It's the one oversight I made while putting it together."

"Well, why not make the door wider? Or, you know... make a tunnel?"

Flowey stares at you.


Flowey sighs. "Why didn't I think of that...? ...But still, I shouldn't. Then they could get in."

"What, are you a wanted criminal?"

"Well..." Flowey peters off. "I don't want them getting to Satori. She's all I have left anymore, and, well..." She shakes her head. "Still, maybe I could give you a phone."

You wave yours. "I have one."

She eyes it. "Give it here. No reception, right?"

"Yeah. What's up with that?"

"We're underground. I'm going to boost the signal."

"...How much?"


"Well, if you plan to boost the signal... it's not going to give me cancer like cellphones from the early 21st century, will it?"

Flowey's flat look returns, mixed with disbelief, before sighing. "Just give me the damn phone." You hand it over, and Flowey carefully flips it over a few times, looking it over. "Hrm... Where's the sim card go?"

"The back. Right under the battery."

"They still use those crap batteries up there?"

"No, we use fusion cells now."

"Took you long enough..."

You raise a brow. "You've been using them longer?"

"Well, we practically have a smorgasbord of bored geniuses down here who can do just about anything." Her eyes light up as she pops open the back, and she then gently pries out the battery pack, looking it over. "Not bad... They're really almost as compact." Flowey snorts. "Although, I'll bet they could get it smaller than this if it was custom made." She pulls out the sim card, before using several vines to pry open the back of the phone that was offered. Within five seconds, the cards have been exchanged. "There. Take both; it'll still give you a way to talk if you hit the surface." Her face turns threatening. "And you better not be alone."

You jump at the sight. "I wouldn't dream of it."


You look at the phones. "Why do you even have a phone? Or a tank? ...Or the ability to speak? Aren't you a flower?"

"Because people die, because I'm that good, and because I'm not a flower."

"Well, what are you?"

Flowey sighs. "Anymore? I'm honestly not sure what to call me. So I stuck myself to a tank and called myself Flowey."

"Well, what were you before?" Flowey is silent. "Flowey?"

She sighs. "The past is the past."

You frown. "If that were the case, you'd have forgiven my Grandmother."

You earn a grumble for your troubles as you pocket the phones.

[]Give up on getting an answer.

[]Don't give up.

[]Beat it out of her.

[]Ask her for her number.

-Waggle brows.

-Don't waggle brows.

By the by, you don't have to limit yourself to one vote out of battle. In-battle, it's forgivable if it's all Acting and nothing else. Just don't get greedy.

Or, y'know, do contradictory things, like both waggling and not waggling your eyebrows. Or maybe you should.
No. 188277
[X]Ask her for her number.

-Waggle brows.

We flirting with Flower. Flower has tank, therefore, this is beneficial.
No. 188278
[X]Ask her for her number.
-Don't waggle brows.
No. 188279
[X]Ask her for her number.

-Don't wraggle brows.

Paradoxical waggling, lets tear a hole in the barrier with causal decay!
No. 188280

But what if it's a waggle for every two not-waggles?! Ohh god, what if we're not-waggling really fast?! We'd have to waggle twice as fast as that! Will our brow break the sound barrier?

Find out next time, if the lacking consensus sticks, after I wake up!
No. 188281
[x]Don't give up.
[x]Ask her for her number.
-Waggle brows.

I'm curious to get more of an answer, but also curious what'll happen if we go with the contradictions.
No. 188282
Holy crap Renko is fragile. She just lost half of her total blood supply within 30 seconds after pricking herself on a rose bush. Unless Flowey has javelins for thorns, Renko's skin must be made of paper. I'd hate to see what would happen if she stubbed her toe, her entire leg might fall off.

[x]Ask her for her number
-[x] Waggle brows
No. 188283

Well, the thorns are a few inches long, and one did go all the way in.

Also, from 15-10 was a combination of time skip and having your wounds bandaged by vines covered in those very same thorns.

Renko now knows that Flowey makes a terrible nurse! At great physical expense!

We're just gonna ignore potential internal bleeding, as even I'm not so cruel as to game over you randomly. Not outside of a battle! Heavens no.

Gods, did I really just spend as long as an update takes to fiddle with this? You know what? Screw it! Vote called; I have some stuff I need to do in EVE anywho. It's a short update anyways.
No. 188284
[x] Don't give up

Trying to ignore an obviously painful past is an understandable reaction but... Judging by the face she probably is making, it doesn't seem to be working too well for Rika.
No. 188285
>Vote called

No. 188286
File 146358542937.jpg- (6.42KB , 290x174 , She's number 1!.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey, can I get your number?"

Flowey just stares at you.

You waggle your brows 3/5ths of the time.

Flowey just sighs. "Your eyebrows look like they're having seizures."

Waggle not-waggle waggle waggle not-waggle.

Flowey can't help but crack a small grin.

The grin fills you with determination: Determination +1! Determination increased to 8!

You pump your fist. "Got you to relent to my charms!"

Flowey rolls her eyes. "If being an idiot can be called charming."

You chuckle. "Well, seeing as you smiled, well..."

"That was a pitty smile."

"Sure it was."

"Do you what my number or not?" Upon getting your rapt attention, she just rolls her eyes. "1."

You open your mouth.

You aren't sure what to say to that, so it closes again.

"...The loneliest number that you can ever choose, huh?"

Flowey wilts a bit at hearing that. "...I guess, yeah." She sighs. "But two can be as bad as one."

You nod. "It's the loneliest number since the number one."

Flowey can't help but chuckle at that. "I guess that transmission came from outside the barrier, then."

You have to wonder whose phone number is 2, though, judging by her words.

She sighs. "Anyways, I really should be going. Watch out for Satori."

Before you can ask what she means, she just kind of... sucks into the ground.

The whole tank goes, too.


...Wait, what was that about a barrier?

[] You spy some vines on the wall. Maybe you could make a rope and go down into the pit surrounding where you came from. Because obviously that's a good idea.

[] You think you spy some stairs leading up.

[] Insert number to dial.
No. 188287

Ahh, sorry about that. You could always vote to call her and say that.
No. 188288
[X] Stairs
No. 188289
[x] Call:" I really liked your flower tank. How did you make it? "

[x] Stairs

>"Because that's obviously a good idea"

Not even the vote itself likes it.
No. 188290
[x] You think you spy some stairs leading up.

Curiosity go!
No. 188291
[x] You think you spy some stairs leading up.
No. 188292
You think you spy some stairs leading up.
No. 188293
[X] You think you spy some stairs leading up.
No. 188294
[x] Call 1:" I really liked your flower tank. How did you make it? "
[x] You spy some vines on the wall. Maybe you could make a rope and go down into the pit surrounding where you came from. Because obviously that's a good idea.

I mean this clearly isn't going to win, but I'm interested what it'd lead to at least.
>"Watch out for Satori."
Hm. Curious. I have a couple guesses about whose role she might be in, here, but not at lot of evidence yet.
No. 188295
[X] You think you spy some stairs leading up.

[x] Call Flowey: "I don't mind if you want to go all the way with your thorns again..."
No. 188296
[x] Call:" I really liked your flower tank. How did you make it? "

[x] Stairs
No. 188297
File 146362925039.jpg- (9.75KB , 223x168 , Sexiest tank around.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take out your phone, hitting just the 1 button, putting it to your ear.

You hope it works.

"...Err... You know, I was intending you to call later." There's a pause. "Not that I mind, I guess. I mean, I really just wanted to put my tank away." Another pause. "...And I didn't want to keep you."

You smile at her saying that. "Thanks."

"Still, why are you calling?"

"Well, I was wondering how you made that tank. It was really cool."

You can practically hear the blush on the other side as she says, "You really think it's cool...? None of the others really get it. And the others that do get it also want to experiment on me."

You decide to move while you talk, heading for the stairs, limping as you do so. "Well, you are a fine specimen." Silence greets you, and you rub the back of your neck. "...Sorry."

She sighs. "No, no, I know you're weird. Just not sure what you meant by that is all. I'm not so good at figuring out what people mean over the phone."

You chuckle, before trying to push- pull open another set of doors you come to.

It's embarrassingly easy.

"So, tank?"

"Right! ...That's kind of a broad topic, though. I mean, there's a lot more to my tank than meets the eye."

The sight of the ruins looming over you fills you with determination! Determination restored!








[]Write-in a subject.
No. 188298
Also ... Just make your way out.
No. 188299
[X] ...Maybe look for a weapon? Or some food?

[x] Call Flowey: "I don't mind if you want to go all the way with your thorns again..."

Having never played Undertale, I don't really know what would happen past the tutorial area...
Also, save. We've come so far down the Flowey route, I'd hate for that flirting to be for nothing.
No. 188300


Vote called! I've waited plenty long enough, I feel, and I know exactly how to weld these two sets of votes together into something usable.
No. 188302
[x] Jump into the center to try to find a secret button
-[x] If that doesn't work, try to open the door without touching the buttons

I want to 'fail to try' because I don't know how to 'try to fail' and doing neither of those sounds... Unpleasant.

I suck at puzzles though
No. 188303
File 146365758498.png- (10.44KB , 666x666 , I literally made this up on the spot.png ) [iqdb]
You know, now that you think about it, having that hard, thick, very sharp thing driven into you wasn't unpleasant. "Well, what can you tell me about the, uhh... the thorns?"

There's a pause. "Thorns...?" A long silence reigns. "Well, I suppose I used briar thorns as inspiration in the design of the vines and as a way to deter people from trying to climb the main body itself."

"In simpler terms?"

"Pointy bits keep hands off me."

"...Less simple terms?" You head up the stairs, opening the next door. What greets you makes you raise a brow.

Puzzles. And is that riddle you spy?


"Well, I worked in concert with the local botany expert, though she insists it isn't her field of expertise. However, she was able to not only improve upon my hybrid of flora and steel, but even recommended how to add a passive defense that does wonders against the graffiti of the courts of the fae and other less desirable creatures. This works by not only taking advantage of the defenses of the rosa family, but I also employed ideas I got from reading a book on quilled fauna. I managed to make the thorns not only less liable for breakage by incorporating a steel endoskeleton of sorts, but also was able to make them tear through flesh when pulled out due to a barbed tip, magnifying any damage done and leaving horrible wounds behind. I considered making them also inject a weak neurotoxin, but in the end it seemed like a bad idea, as they are easy to prick yourself on. Yuuka also said," She takes on a grouchy, squeaky old lady voice, "Sometimes, why not isn't the question that needs be asked, but why." Her voice returns to normal. "Now, to get the rose bushes to breed with solid steel unsurprisingly didn't work, so I instead decided to dabble in manipulating them on a smaller scale, and over the course of a few decades had a viable steel briar to use in my armor. It was far simpler to make the vines themselves work, as all I had to do was breed the briars with thicker and thicker plants and then introduce species' with more flexibility and finally a hollow stalk. However, the first issue came when I had to actually make an armor out of it, as I only had roses and tree-thick spiked noodles. So, I used the experience I gained to splice a little hedera into it and make them grow. Now, normally that's useless, but that's the best part! The frame of the tank is simply steel, so I added small arches for the vines to go through. Normally that wouldn't add much, but then I turned it into a woven layer of thorny vines that are actually 12 inches thick in total! So, from there I had my armor, but that left only one loose end."

Reading walls of text fills you with determination! +1 Determination. Determination increased to 9!

"Yes, the thicker vines."

"Yes, the- wait, you were actually listening?"

"Well, why wouldn't I be?" Flowey thorns. The thought alone makes you shiver.

Flowey gets a little quieter. "Well, I, umm... I was trying to tease you..."

Ohh. "...Ohh god, not the talk of vine-steel-rose-sorta tree hybrids." You gave your best rendition of forced acting.

You receive a snort for your troubles. "You know, if you didn't go through all the trouble of listening to that, I'd say you were horrible..."

You stare at the sign with spite.

Many try and fail, and many fail to try;
prove you are neither and wind up.


You see a circle of 8 square buttons, no button in the center of the 3x3 button square.

Who makes riddles in this day and age?!

[]Write in.
No. 188306

[x]Self reminder of a vote pushed up after I remade the update.

By the way, you have 16.3 hours till I call the vote no matter if you solve it or not.
No. 188307
[X] Stand in the center of the buttons

The image doesn't work for me. I'm not the best at puzzles, but I assume what the riddle is saying is that you have to both do something and not do something to succeed. Or I could be completely misinterpreting it.
No. 188308
>>188307 Here
Nevermind, picture works.
No. 188309
[X] See if there's any kind of winch or crank you can wind, and if not, press the top button; it asks you to "prove you are neither and wind up."

Yuuka, huh? Sounds fun. I wonder if we'll ever meet her...
No. 188310
[X] Do not stand in the puzzle, but spin the sign clockwise. Or if clockwise seems to be easy to spin, spin it counter clockwise.

What's the normal wind up turning again?
No. 188311
Changing my vote to
[X] Do not stand in the puzzle, but spin the sign clockwise. Or if clockwise seems to be easy to spin, spin it counter clockwise.

It makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking.
No. 188312
File 146369450823.png- (159.00KB , 800x840 , please wait spinning.png ) [iqdb]

[X] Do not stand in the puzzle, but spin the sign clockwise. Or if clockwise seems to be easy to spin, spin it counter clockwise.

I'll change my vote to back up this. Never even thought about the sign being the spinner. Still, if it doesn't work somehow, then let's look for Hina or something. (Pic related)
No. 188313
We're doing all the votes, by the by, in whatever order isn't contradictory. Also, lefty loosie, righty tighty.

Also, you're getting warmish.
No. 188314
Although, I think I'll write what you guys have voted so far, just to lessen the load later. Clock is still ticking, though.
No. 188315
Hrm... It seems I took too long it writing. Anyways, I'll just start on the full update, now.

Vote called in 12 minutes!
No. 188316
File 14637298015.png- (18.23KB , 666x666 , Not reusing a picture!.png ) [iqdb]
You tap your chin. "Hrm..."


You study the puzzle a bit.

Try and fail... So, few succeed at solving it?

Fail to try. ...Maybe they don't get it at all and never try?

But if I do neither of those things, I'll die.


You try jumping in the center of the square, though you only just manage to not fall over.

Nothing happens.

DT 8/9

"Seriously, are you there?"

Hrm... Action through inaction... Well, if action counts only the buttons, maybe hidden buttons...?

You search for a button in the center of the square.

You find none.

DT 7/9

"I can hear your breathing, you know..."

You jump out of the center and look for hand holds on the door. Finding none, you decide to push. Next, you try pushing up.

It doesn't budge.

DT 6/9

"Seriously, human, say something."

Next, you limp on over to the sign, reading it.

Wait, there's a period before dead... And dead isn't written the same!




+2 DT

DT 8/9

"Ahh!" There's a pause. "What the hell was that for?!"

You try to twist the sign left, and then right.

Neither direction budges it, and you got some splinters.

A lot of splinters.

The splinters fill you with determination: Determination strengthened! Determination increased by 1!

HP 9/20

You shiver a bit, enjoying this a bit much.

"...Did you just moan?"

You look about for a winch or crank, finding nothing.

DT 7/10

"...Just what are you doing...?"

"A puzzle."

"...Wait, really?"

You decide to step on the front-facing stone, and you hear the grinding of metal on stone. Looking to the door, you find it went up just a bit.

"Well, yeah. What did you think?"



-Unnerve the door.



-Solve Puzzle by doing x

-Flirt with door



-Check inventory




Ohh, and by the way, save points only restore your DT once, so don't bother~
No. 188318
- Flirt Door

This won't get us anywhere.

But we have to try.
No. 188319
I am useless at puzzles.

We have to remain true to our one true waifu thorny vines Flowey
No. 188320
[x] Act
- Try to solve puzzle by stepping on the buttons, going around in a clockwise (or counter?) circle

Now I'm kind of confused by the layout of the puzzle/room. I originally thought the buttons were on a keypad or something together with the riddle, but it sounds like they're actually stone tiles on the floor?

I really hope this doesn't somehow kill Renko before I can check again.
No. 188321

Noted for future reference. It's meant to be a reference to the first puzzle of the game, and how normally Toriel does it for you, really. As the creator of the puzzle likes books, I took a crack at making a good puzzle. I didn't actually expect you to beat it. Was actually planning for "Toriel" to do it for you.

Which you did, by the way. Beat it, that is. Good job.

And for that, you've impressed someone! How nice! Now they'll take you seriously! How nice!

Normally I'd have let it sit, but, well...

...Ehh, you'll see.
No. 188324
[x] No

Wait was that a yes or no question? Anyway, surprise angst

[x] Ask where you are

Wait, when did we find out Rika's true name? I really need to pay attention

[x] Cute

Like her daughter!
No. 188325
File 146375102989.jpg- (86.06KB , 850x767 , Tall Fuzztori.jpg ) [iqdb]
You limp along from that point, hitting 1:30, 3, 4:30, 6, 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, and finally 12:00 again.

Mind you, every time you released the previous button, it does make the door smash back down, but after the fourth button, it stops doing so.

Upon hitting 12:00, however, you stop, looking to the door.

...You weren't expecting that.

Before you stands a horned fluffball a full two feet taller than you. You think she's a woman, but without breasts, it's hard to-

"In such situations, it's typically best to look for curves. Some kick you in the face if you make such a mistake."

You blink. Did she just...?

"Yes, I did."


"I hardly consider myself a cavern, Miss Usami."

"Holy crud, you really can read minds!"

She eyes you up. ...Which is a little disconcerting, what with the fact it's not the ones on her face that do it.

"Yes, yes, my third eye can be can be construed as disturbing. I believe I shall be having words with you for making my niece uncomfortable now."

Why is she cracking her knuckles?

"Well, I must protect her chastity."

Your phone suddenly goes speaker. "Wait, Satori, stop!"

This gives her pause. She then smiles. "It is good to hear your voice again."

You hear grumbling on the other end. "Yeah, yeah. Look, this human's a good kid, so don't hurt her."

"I believe I know her better than you."

"Don't care."

"Now, listen here-"

"Shut up, mom."

This earns your flowery ally a blush.

Or you think it's a blush.

Really, she could just be bleeding, as the peach fuzz is pretty thi-

"E-enough. You need not think at length on such a thing." She sighs. "...Come. Your wounds are great; it was unfair of me to plan to harm you." Her words give you great comfor- "At least, not until you heal."

Her words terrif-

"You did a very good job at solving my puzzle, by the way. You were the first to do so without me telling them that the buttons are the winch."

Her words fill you with determination!

Determination restored!


HP 9/20
DT 10/10

"Such a simple child." Satori has a small smile. "You truly do remind me of your grandmother."




[]Ask number.




-Both at the same time.

[] Ask where you're going.

[] Ask where you are.

Also, what are your first impression of Flowey's mother after this update?



[]She looks like she could bench press Flowey's tank!


[]You wonder how sharp her horns are?

That's 3 votes to vote on, by the by.
No. 188326
[X] Yes
[X] Ask where you are

Flirting is good, but I'd like some informations. And for the last vote :

[X] All of the above.
No. 188328
[X] Yes.

Satori's cute, but not as cute as Flowey.
[X] Flirt
[X] Cute

There is nothing that cannot be solved by flirting.
No. 188330


No. 188331
[X] Ask where you are.
No. 188332
[X] Yes; Ask for number
[X] Flirt with both
[X] Cute
No. 188333

This guy gets it!

Although, I'll be amused if you spare someone or other with flirting.


...I'm going to enjoy throwing that in. It's just too funny not to.
No. 188335
File 146378738631.jpg- (720.26KB , 800x1119 , Good enough.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Can I get your number?"

Satori looks at you strangely. "...Why are you asking my words what their number is...?"

Flowey chooses now to chime in. "Because she's insane."

Satori nods. "I have noticed, judging by the general motivations behind every action." She sighs. "And yet, I can't fault such honesty."

Satori mimics the voice of the save point. "It's 2."

You smile. "Thanks. ...So-"

Satori stares at you dryly.

You veer to the side verbally. "-where are we?" You think you did a good job of saving that.

While Satori glares at you, Flowey replies, "Well, judging by meeting Satori, I'd say you're in the Ruins proper. If you meant in general, well, welcome to Gensoukyou, I guess?"

You soon find yourself at a door that makes you raise a brow.

Is it... a hamburger bun...?

Satori answers simply, "It is."

It even has those little seeds.

Wait, is this another puzzle?!

Satori repeats, "It is."

Curse you, cruel fate!

You spy a sign beside the door.

Words spoken hold weight.

Weight before you open the door and proceed.

The door seems to be a golden brown hamburger bun, complete with seeds topping it, and the top is facing you.


Have I mentioned that I'm loving making these puzzles?
No. 188336
[x] Speak heavily. Use big words. Jump on the bun.
No. 188337
[X] Serenade the bun
No. 188338
[X] Talk to the bun, then wait. Then say weight and wait.

I can't tell if this is a pun.
No. 188339
[x] Stand in front of the door and order a burger.

...What? I'm hungry.
No. 188340
[x]The door's made of bread. Just eat your way through.

If nothing else, video game logic dictates that eating should restore our health.
No. 188341
-5DT from answers.
-1HP -1DT from biting a door.
+1 MAX HP from successfully biting a small chunk out of the large door.

No. 188342
>>188338 here
If the answer hasn't been said, the only thing I can think of is staying silent. If words hold weight, then maybe not saying them will hold onto the weight. It could also be a pun on "wait", but I'm not very good at riddles.
No. 188343
[x] Take Satori's order, then try to open the door.

Let's play wait-ress.

Ahh, I see. I admit I haven't played Undertale myself, so unfortunately that was lost on me. Incidentally, I'm assuming Satori is supposed to be Toriel? Satoriel...
No. 188344

Well, yes and no. She's filling the shoes of goat mom, yes, but she's also her own person.

Mind reading does change quite a lot, after all, depending on the potency and how detectable it is.
No. 188345
Growing impatient, Satori advises, "The door is a sesame bun."
No. 188346
oh god damn it

[x] Say "Open sesame."
No. 188347

Ding ding ding!

We have ourselves a winner!
No. 188348
ha ha, holy shit
No. 188349

I've got a skele-ton of them, yada yada.
No. 188350
That isn't a hamburger bun, that's A hamburger pun!
No. 188351

Why are you doing this?

Why do you feel the need to punish us?
No. 188352

Well, I think it's a bit more than punish.
No. 188353
I guess those words were heavy enough.
No. 188354
File 146382372487.jpg- (130.85KB , 850x531 , I wonder who will be this bonehead.jpg ) [iqdb]

The door was the hint.

The sign was implying that it was protected by a verbal password, as a password has importance, or weight, tied to it.

The second sentence was meant to mislead and confuse, making one think it held a weight of its own, or that it was a pun, when in fact it was simply hiding the fact that the first sentence was what mattered.

It's a puzzle quite similar to the first, truly.

Words spoken hold weight.

Weight before you, open the door and proceed.

That's one way to look at it.

Another way is to simply apply the weight, or words in this case, before proceeding, as that opens the door.

Weight before you open the door and proceed.

I had a fun couple minutes thinking this punny door up.

Still, you guys are on a roll! That's two for two! You've got this in the baguette. Better not bearclaw your hair out from all these horrible buns, as I know you'll just be cruller right back anyways.

Okay, I'm done. Update nearly done.
No. 188355
File 146382688418.png- (156.89KB , 450x450 , Renko is like a baby trying to kill herself_.png ) [iqdb]
You begin to use your outside voice. "Mastication! Electrocution! Mastur-!"

Satori cuts you off. "No."


You begin to try climbing the huge bun, but get plucked off before you can try to bounce. "No."


You begin to sing a song you made to impress the burger.

It seems to not enjoy death metal. Judging by Flowey's shriek, she also doesn't.


"Hey, Bun. Guess what?" The bun seems disinterested. "...Bun? Is... is everything okay?" It looks downright depressed. "Wait, no, you can't be okay if you look like that... Bun, talk to me..."

Satori gives a light chuckle at your antics. "You could be an actor..."

Her words fill you with Determination! DT restored!

You smile. "Thanks, Miss."

"No, Satori is enough for me. Or, if you would prefer... ...No, never mind." Her face is a little red.

Flowey mutters, "Dodged a bullet right there..."

Looking back to the door, you decide to wait to weight. ...Or do you have a weight that can't wait? Wait, no, the weight can wait. But can the wait weight wait?

Satori give a wry smile. "Wait and weight, hmm?"

"No, no, weight and wait."

Flowey sounds baffled. "What are you two even talking about...?"

Satori chuckles. "We're merely solving riddles is all."

You are distracted from losing Determination!

You walk up to the door , clearing your throat. "I would like a large shake, extra fries, an icecream cone, chicken nuggets, a small empty cup, a large empty cup, and a bucket to mix it all in."

Silence greets you.

Flowey is the first to speak up. "She doesn't actually...?"

Satori answers simply, "She does."

Flowey adds after a bit, "How can you get extra fries if-"

"She's trying to lose weight."

"She's... not very good at it."

Getting no reply, your stomach growls.

Doing what any well adjusted, sane individual might do, you sink your teeth into the stone.

It seems to be made of rock!

Your hunger fills you with great strength!

You manage to bite through, ripping off one of the seeds.

Max HP +1!

You did lose a tooth, however.

Satori winces, holding her cheek. "Must you inflict unnecessary harm upon your person...?"

"What? What's going on over there?!" You're a little happy that Flowey cares. Puts a smile on your face.

Looking to Satori, you open your mouth, only for her to burst out in a fit of giggles. "Wait-ress. Good one..." She wipes a tear from her eyes with clawed hands. "It's wrong, mind you, but funny."

You smile, kept determined by kind words.

You begin thinking at length on just what the answer might be.

Growing impatient, Satori advises, "The door is a sesame bun."

You stare at the door, before slapping your hand into your face.

Slowly, ever so slowly, it slides down. "Open sesame."

The door glares at you. "No."

Satori shakes her head. "No, no, she said open sesame, not open says me."

The door grinds open.

Well, that happened.

[]Kill her bread.

[]Mention your hunger.

-For food.

-For Write-in.





-All at once

[]Talk to door.

[]Call Satori mom.

No. 188356
"I wonder who will be this bonehead?"

I'm calling Sukuna. Just for fun. Maybe even Mystia.
No. 188357
[X]Talk to door.

I feel like an idiot for not getting that. Also I don't think we're at the point in this relationship to call her mom.
No. 188358
[x] Flirt with door.

So, if Satori is Toriel, does that mean Yamamae is Muffet and Koshi is Asgore?
No. 188359
- All at once.

[X]Call Satori mom.

I want to be faithful to Flowey, but I'm fairly sure that doors don't count as cheating. Also, looks like Satori is getting used to the idea of us being Flowey's girlfriend.
No. 188360

[X]Talk to door.
No. 188361

I'm afraid there are far, far too many characters for such a simple arrangement.

Characters will be there, yes, but I'll be taking full advantage of many things!

Plus, could you seriously imagine Koishi being Asgore of all people?

You could say s̳̺̱̟̤̮̟̾ͪ́ͨ͆̍ͮͪͅh̥̞̩͕̗̅̎̋̋͂͗̍̏͜e̶͉̱̖͓ͦ̆̉̀'̧̜̯̣͖̻̼̠̠̉̊͂͛̏̓̕ͅs̴̛̞͚͎̲͙̠͉̮ͦ̅̾̓ͩͥ̐ͩ͟ always with you~

[spoiler]By the way, how does one go about changing the font? The one that would know happens to not be online, sadly.]
No. 188362
Anywho, vote called, as I feel like writing.
No. 188363
I know it might be fruitless equivocating every touhou character to an undertale character, but Koishi is sounding like Gaster
No. 188364

No, no, there's a much better character than for h̸̨̙͈͇͚͚̦̦̗͉͔͑̎̈́ͨ̚ĕ͕͙̙̪̥̖ͬͤͨ̿͛ͯ̃̈́̍̈́͊́͌̊ͩ̑̀ŗ̷̰̗̠̬̫̗̼̘̫̠̣̻̽ͬ̿͆́ͤ͋ͬ̇̐̏̂̅ͪ̏̇̚͢ than that! Not a bad idea, though.
No. 188365
Well, what kind of font-changing are you after, exactly? If you mean something like changing text to display in Wingdings Comic Sans vs. Arial, for instance, I don't think that's possible on these boards. Wingdings itself seems to mostly work though, judging by the post I made in the test thread, if you want it. Zalgotext it looks like you've got a handle on, though I believe some characters won't display properly in certain browsers. And if you mean the kind of stuff Fell does in his stories, I think that's mostly a matter of finding the appropriate Unicode characters for the symbols/etc. I'm not 100% sure on that, granted.

Also, Sonanoka, would you still be all right with me starting up my own Touhou-Undertale story? It'll probably be in /others/ and I expect yours to get more traffic, but at this point I'm pretty sure that at least several major character roles will be very different, which is what I was waiting to determine. And of course the overall tone, direction, Hard Mode etc. look like they'll diverge too, I just wanted to ask again in case you've changed your mind.

Oh, and your tripcode seems to have changed 3 times in your last 3 posts, not sure if that was intentional. And is there a risk of reading too much into the email field in your posts?
No. 188366
File 146384150173.png- (191.51KB , 570x1334 , Renko's thoughts are both better and worse.png ) [iqdb]

Well, what can I say? Frisk is known for being a flirt, and, well... Renko has high expectations~

Mind you, that email works for both genocide and pacifist, but still.

Anywho, go right ahead! I'll be sure to check it out! It'll be fun!

Plus, frankly, I'm not really following the plot of Undertale, as doing so with over 100 characters would be psychotic at best. Sure, I'm crazy, and yes, I enjoy sick jokes, but just imagining Flowey and K͍̖͍͉̘͈͈͕̣̤͇̝̺̭̝͘ơ̘̠͎̙̤̞͠ḭ̱͕̗̩͉̰̮͇̭̻͈̳̰̬͙́͠͝ͅś̶͜͟҉̹͕̱̮̗͚͔̺̝̪̦̻̻̹̭͔h̡͚͈͍̦͈̦̥̤́i͜͡͞͏͙̹̘ being horrible monsters is just... I prefer redeemable horrible monsters.

Anywho, update is a go! See you in Other, Anon!


Satori's face goes red. As you open your mouth she simply raises a hand. "I'm fine." She's averting her eyes.

Her third eye continues to bore into you.

Satori quietly adds, "The best I've been in quite some time, even..."

Now it's your turns to blush and look away. You didn't intend her to hear you consider calling her that.

Right, now to change the topic. "So, erm... You three come here often?"

You get the silent treatment.

Flowey sounds vaguely bemused. "I'm not even there, you know."

Satori seems amused. "And I'm hardly seeking a mate, even if you mostly meant the other two." She smiles a bit. "Still, thank you for the sentiment, you strange, strange girl.

The door seems highly reused. Just look at the wear down her path.

Satori snorts. "You truly are an odd child."

Flowey seems offended. "Wait, Satori is way hotter than some door!" This makes Satori go beet red. "...Why is nobody replyi- Ohh. Uhh... G-gotta go!"

You hear her hang up.

You're left with a flustered, fluff, fantastic- "Stop before you run out of f-words I would be comfortable hearing." She gives a small chuckle regardless.

That's sound advice, really. After all, you soon would have called her fu-


What? Fun is a good thing to be!

Her face somehow gets redder.


[]Walk in awkward silence.

[]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.

[]Smell the air, as I've been neglecting that as well.

[]Taste all that which is around you. Also neglected.

[]Kill all those you meet. Another thing you've neglected.

These votes aren't mutually exclusive.

Ahh, the joys of mind readers hearing things with low votes!
No. 188367
[X]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.
No. 188368
[X]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that. (You could also glance at Satori a few times more)
No. 188369
[x]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.
[x]Smell the air, as I've been neglecting that as well.
[x]Taste Satori while she's around you. Something else you've neglected.

Renko's flirtiness seems to be rubbing off on Flowey. This can only be a good thing.

Great, thanks. That double-meaning did occur to me, heh. And my take won't be following the plot of Undertale directly either, more taking inspiration from it. I much prefer redeemable horrible monsters as well, so looking forward to seeing what you do with those two.
No. 188372
[X]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.
[X]Smell the air, as I've been neglecting that as well.
[X]Taste Satori while she's around you. Something else you've neglected.

Seems fine to me.
No. 188374
Anonymous 2016/05/21 (Sat) 17:00 No. 188372
[X]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.
[X]Smell the air, as I've been neglecting that as well.
[X]Taste Satori while she's around you. Something else you've neglected.

Seems fine to me.
No. 188375
[x]Walk in awkward silence.
[x]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.
[x]Smell the air, as I've been neglecting that as well.
[x]Taste all that which is around you. Also neglected.
[x] Kill time. Something you've utterly failed to do.
No. 188377
[X]Look at surroundings, as I've been neglecting that.
[X]Smell the air, as I've been neglecting that as well.
[X]Lick Satori and bite the door while she's around you. Something else you've neglected.

When in doubt, follow the tide!... But I think we should also go for another bite of the door. We can't bite Satori though, that'd be rude. Let's settle for a lick instead.
No. 188378
New thread getting close! I can't believe we're this close to a new thread so quickly...
No. 188379
Going at the current pace we are now, there are going to be a lot of threads coming.
No. 188381

Ohh, most certainly!

Also, dang was making a proper representation of Satori hard.

Making her fuzzy wasn't easy.

Anywho, update up shortly~
No. 188383
File 146390600363.png- (188.92KB , 450x450 , About 6-7 feet tall 2_0.png ) [iqdb]
Satori clears her throat. "Perhaps we should avoid causing me unnecessary pain for the moment, hmm?" Sighing, she adds, "Shall we go? It would be good to multitask at the very least; if you need me to, I could..." Her face heats up just a bit. "I could guide you by hand..."

You smile, offering a hand. Satori responds in kind.

You both just kind of stand there, offering hands.

Thankfully she realizes your thoughts of having a hand-offering contest.

Sadly, she also accepts your challenge with a bemused smile.

While you do so, you take in your surroundings.

There's a surprising lack of much surrounding you, but the ground is tiled purple, and the walls are purple brick.

Save for the vines, it's a little bland.

Satori looks slightly offended, so you wisely decide to change the topic.

You eye Satori. Her outfit looks quite nice, the way it clings to her. A blue blouse with a pink, floral skirt. All the gold hearts seem a bit gaudy, though.

Her mood gets more irate.

In a good way!

She rolls her eyes.

Good, wompa placated.

"I'm a satori, actually."

...You feel you should have guessed that.

"Yes, you should have."

You decide to eye her horns instead. How risque.

"I'm unsure how to feel about you thinking of me as a surogate mother and yet still having these thoughts."

You blush, looking off to the side, as she has a point.

Instead, you decide to breathe in the scents around you. Mold, mildew, and... grilled chicken?

"Your nose is surpringly good."

You smile at the complement.

Next is taste. You proceed to lick her hand, earning a chuckle.

You also learn that she uses shampoo, bleh!

"Such a strange child." She proceeds to pick you up in a hug. It's uncomfortably strong, but not crushing, as if she knows exactly how you feel. "Well, yes, I do; I feel what you feel."

You proceed to pinch your own rear, earning a yelp from her.

"You're terrible..." She sighs, but doesn't place you dow- Ohh, there you go.

You find yourself before a dummy hanging by a noose.

"...Is she going to be okay?"

You earn an odd look from Satori. "Why yes, this dummy will be. Or would be. I want you to attack her with all your might.





[]Attack just hard enough to defeat the true dummy.









[]Run for your life!
No. 188384
[x] Flirt
-[x] With all of your might
-[x] Compliment the dummy on its taste in fashion accessories.
No. 188385
[x] Flirt
-[x] With all of your might
-[x] Compliment the dummy on its taste in fashion accessories.

Our Charisma is the best thing we've got going for us.

Milk it for all it's worth.
No. 188386
[x] Flirt
-[x] With all of your might
-[x] Compliment the dummy on its taste in fashion accessories.

If this isn't the thing trying to hurt Satori Mom that Flowey was afraid of, then we have no need to attack it.
No. 188387
[x] Flirt
-[x] With all of your might
-[x] Compliment the dummy on its taste in fashion accessories.
No. 188388
[x] Flirt
-[x] With all of your might
-[x] Compliment the dummy on its taste in fashion accessories.
-[x] Fench kiss it.
No. 188390
[x] Attack just hard enough. To defeat true dummy
No. 188391
[X] Flirt
[X] With all of your might
[X] Attack just hard enough to defeat the dummy
No. 188392
File 146393318865.jpg- (199.16KB , 850x1202 , She's 10x creepier.jpg ) [iqdb]
Satori stares at you cautiously a moment, before pointing out, "From considering me your mother, to considering me attractive, and now considering my death? Such an odd child." She sighs. Upon noticing your strange look, she adds, "Ohh, my mistake; that wasn't you."

You try to ignore who that might have been as you look to the doll, clearing your throat. You take a deep breath, concentrating to an unreasonable degree, and flirt like you're in an anime. "I LOVE YOUR NOOSE! IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE THE LOVELIEST DOLL TO EVER HANG AROUND!" Satori giggles as you go red in the face from pure effort. "WILL YOU HANG OUT WITH ME?! I'D LOVE IF YOU WOULD GO DO STUFF WITH ME! IT WOULD BE THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME AND I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER and ever..." You wheeze as you try to catch your breath.

You burst a blood vessel, gave yourself a horrible headache, hurt your throat and nearly blacked out!

However, you also got a great workout, somehow!

Satori sighs. "You realize you're going to black out if you keep this up, correct? Furthermore, I intended you to learn to-" She looks to the doll with concerned alarm.

Glancing back to the doll, you find it staring into your soul.

It's also too close for comfort.

It also has a creepy smile.

It also looks crazed.

It also is crying.

Bringing life to a doll fills you with Determination!





[]No, no, kill it!



[]Ask if she's alright.








No. 188393
[X]Ask if she's alright.
No. 188394
[x] Ask if it is alright

Why is it crying? ;..;
No. 188395

Not like anything bad could happen, but there is no way we'd ever not at least try to hug it.

But since it's crying,

[X]Ask if she's alright as well
No. 188396
[x] Check

The Zalgo-text over the hug options make me wonder if the doll has some sort of mental abilities, and are a trap. Caution may be advisable here.
No. 188397
No. 188398
No matter if it's a trap or not, we [bold]must[/bold] hug her! There's no other way!
No. 188399
How to bold?
No. 188401
It's a good thought, but I don't think the doll is the one responsible for the Zalgotext.

(b)Text to bold(/b), with square brackets instead of parentheses. Also, on a related note, we might want to pay attention to how different Hug options are under different headings. And the unformatted one with a couple votes corresponds to Fight.

No. 188402
Oh gods, everyone please listen to this guy.
We're on hard mode. No mistakes.

No. 188403
here, please cancel my vote. I copied pasted the option, but the underline formatting didn't stay.

It's almost as if it's... hard to do so, yeah? please do and [.\u] guys.


No. 188404
This was meant to be underlined if that is not clear.
No. 188405
No. 188407
I'm nothing if not a forgiving sadist


Remove the spaces, assuming this example works~

[i][ b][ u][ s][ spoiler]In order: italics, bold, underline, strikethrough and spoilers.[ /i][ /b][ /u][ /s][ /spoiler]

Anywho, calling it!


You're lucky nobody did the same~ After all, hugging with 2x3x4=strength of hug miiight be unwise~
No. 188408
Medicine would make a good mad dummy
No. 188409
E̴͏̭̫͙͔̪̜͓v͔͎ȩ̻̝͎̗̪͕͓r̴̘̘̺͔̦y̹̖͖͖̮͚͈̹͜o̧̗n̸̹e҉͈͓̱̪͖ ̹̹ṇ̳̞̱͚̼̩̻͚͢͜e̢̜̼̩͕ę̯͕͖͉͇̝d͇͚̼̖̫͈̟͇͢ͅs̯̣͝͝ ̷҉̣̞̬͓̮̮͕̥áͅ ̸̭͚̞̕͝ͅh̘͍͓̠ú̩̖̹̀͘g̴̯̗̜͎̗̟ͅ.̷̯̬͎̲͚̞̹͟ͅ
No. 188410
File 146398333891.jpg- (6.98KB , 242x182 , Maybe try putting her back together!.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well, resetting is only restricted if you let it be.


You stare at the doll. She stares back, her tears dripping from those unblinking, soulless eyes.

Satori chimes in, "If she is what I believe, soulless is the least of her problems and the most of yours."

The doll's tears flow with greater power.

You feel bad for it.

-1 DT

You pull it into a hug, feeling strangely like you're being egged on to a ridiculous degree. It struggles.


You squeeze it a bit tighter. It squirms.


You squeeze a bit harder. It wiggles.


You give it a bear hug, feeling the slightest urge to eat a bear claw! It stops struggling.


That doesn't seem like a very good idea.

H̶̢̛̛̋̓̈͗̅̋͐̕a̒̿̊̂̈͊̄̋͛̓҉́r̸͋̎͂ͬͪ͗͐̉̓̑̄̑̑͑͗̉ͤ̔́͟͜͜d̅̏ͪ̅̃ͥͫ̾̈̓͗̄̂͏̨͟͡͠e̶̎ͩ̾̊ͤ̀͐͆ͦ̎̃̽͌͟͝r̸̢͊̌͋͒ͩͥ̕͜!̅̊̃ͯ̏̍ͤͭ̍̾͑ͨ̍ͥ̽͆̾̐͐҉̴ ̸̃̂̆͂̾ͨ̀̏ͪͦͬ͊ͫH̴̶̡̄͐ͧͯ̀̔ͦͩ͊͌͂ͥͦͮ̎͒̚a̶̴̒̐̅ͣ̋̏̄̑ͭͥ̅̇̾̽̃̏͑̐͟͢rͯ̇ͣ̔ͤ̃̾ͣͩ͗̋̀͟͟҉̢ḑ͂͐ͦͧ̆̂ͩ́̈͆ͤ̊͞eͮ̀̓̍̆͢͡ŕ̸̷͊̄̊͑ͩ͐̄͋͐̀͐̓̐̆̚̚͢͡!̨̆̌̒̅̓͛ͥ̒͊̿͂ͨͭ̍͟ ̨̛̋ͣͣ̇ͪ̃̑ͥͥ̊͑͑̚͟Ḩ̶̆̐ͮͧͦͫ̏̓ͩ͗͑̓̔̎̀̕͡aͣͥͦ̑̿ͤ͐̔͐͠͡͡r̸ͥ̈́͊͒̈́̿̏ͮͮ͂̈͗̒̀ͭͪd̨̛̎̿͌̔̊ͣ̓ͯ͆ͧ͊̾eͬ̽ͤ̏ͧ̔͊͑ͥ͐̏̓ͨ҉̨rͩͬ̓̏ͣ̾́ͪ̒ͫ̏̀̌ͯ̈́͐͛̃̕͠!̴̡̄ͩ̅͑̔̐͒̏͑̾ͧͣ ̡̧̈̍́̚͢H̸̋͐̃͌ͤ̑̌̋̎̓̿ͩ̓́̕a͆ͯͯ̏̽͜͠r̴̢̂̏ͦͨ̏ͩ͐́̇͌ͦ̾̍̇̾ͤd̵̵̡̓̇̓͋̊̀͢eͥͨ͑̃̉́͏́̕͢r̴̡̆̾̔ͦ̔̾̿̀̾̐͡!̡̨̔ͭͬ͌͗̉̀́̕ ̸̸ͪ̒͐̒ͧ̑ͬ̍̾ͩͤ̽̽͑̽̔ͪ̚H̴̢̢ͮ̆̆̇̋͛̉̾͞҉aͩͯ̍ͯ̒́̚͟͝r̵̛̿́̉̍̄̓̔ͪͨ͆͒̄̎͑͝d̶̵̛ͩͮ̏̓͛̕e̷̵̛ͧͬ̐͛̽͌̐̔̀̃ͬ̀͡ȑ̵͐ͨ͒͠!̢̨̢̽̾̄͂ͩͣ͋́̚̕

You practically crush the doll in your arms, and it falls to pieces with a tiny smile on its equally tiny face.

Satori looks around, as if trying to look for something.


No. 188411
[X] Put the pieces together again.
- [X] Apologize.

It was an accident!
No. 188412
[X] Put the pieces together again.
- [X] Apologize.
No. 188413
[X] Put the pieces together again.
- [X] Apologize.

All the king's horses.
No. 188414
[X] Put the pieces together again.
- [X] Apologize.

Next time we go for a kiss. Much safer.

Since we haven't done this in a while,

[X]Call Flowey

Thanks for the help with formatting!
No. 188415

Was about to do the reverse anywho~

I hope you guys enjoy it~ I know I will!
No. 188416
So was the doll going to break us apart?

[x] Put it back togheter
-[x] Apologize
No. 188417
I'm going to assume Koishi is causing the zalgo text.
No. 188418
File 146401367922.jpg- (82.47KB , 450x600 , I just wanted to use this picture_.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look upon what you've done with horror. "Ohh no..." You begin picking up pieces and try to fit them back together, tears in your eyes as they just don't want to hold.

The doll watches you, the tears gone, replaced with a smile

"No, no, no, I didn't mean to!"

It mouths its thanks, then closes its eyes.

"Wait, no, you can't! You... Whoever you are, please don't die... I'm sorry..."

Its eyes open again, quicker than you'd expect for someone dying.

Her eyes opening at a completely reasonable speed fills you with determination!


"Maybe I can fix you!"

The doll stares. Somehow it makes you worried. It then smiles.

You decide to take that as a yes. "Okay, let's see... The knee..." You take her elbow joint. "Is connected to the leg..." You connect it to the lower arm. "And that connects to the ankle..." You connect it to the knee joint.

The doll looks vaguely worried for what form you may force upon her unwittingly.

Your phone begins to ring.

You look between the two of them, weighing the options. On one hand, maybe Flowey. On the other hand, fixing the doll.

The choice is obvious.

The doll looks extremely worried for what shape she might end up twisted into by the end of this as you start multitasking.

"Hello...?" Neck, foot.

"Renko, I-! ...Wait, what's wrong?" Elbow, calf.

The doll curses her multi-purpose joints.

You sniffle, wiping your tears with the leg, much to the doll's disconcert. "I accidentally hurt someone really badly!" Calf, knee.

The doll mourns her flawless form. So close, yet so far away...

You knee her in the crotch. "Well, that's great!"

You look to the phone in horror. "No, it's not great! I just wanted to hug her..." Crotch, ankle.

The doll mourns the symmetry of her hips.

"Wait, what...? But you're supposed to! What part of kill or be killed don't you... ugh. Who am I kidding. You're you, so I can't see you hitting a fly, let alone not hugging everything you see..." She pauses. "Maybe hitting on a fly, but..." She sighs.

You blush a bit at being paid such close attention to.

The doll flushes with anger at being paid so little attention to.

You finally plug in the last part and smile. "Okay, all dooooooooooooooooo..."

She has tears in her eyes with a look of indignation on her face at what you've done to her. Neither of you are quite sure how this came about.

Satori seems to have also gone missing.


[]Hey, uhh... sexy.

[]You are the most beautiful hideous monster I've ever seen.

[]You're hideous in the best way.

[]Mercifully kill her. That poor thing. She deserves a painfully slow quick demise.

[]Be honest.

[]Be Renko.

No. 188419
[X]Be Renko
by saying:
[X]Hey, uhh... sexy.
No. 188420

[X] "I... did a really poor job. But that's why I'll carry you until I find someone who can do a better job! I'm your friend after all."
No. 188424
[X] "I... did a really poor job. But that's why I'll carry you until I find someone who can do a better job! I'm your friend after all

Okay, so Renko is definitely not Alice.
No. 188426
[X] "I... did a really poor job. But that's why I'll carry you until I find someone who can do a better job! I'm your friend after all."
No. 188429
[X]Be Renko.
No. 188430

Well, the ability to somehow multiply the parts of a doll might be a supernatural power! A really bad one, but that's still one, right?
No. 188441
[x] "I... did a really poor job. But that's why I'll carry you until I find someone who can do a better job! I'm your friend after all."

I just wonder what Satori's up to.
No. 188445
-[X] "I... did a really poor job. But that's why I'll carry you until I find someone who can do a better job! I'm your friend after all."
-[X] Look for Satori
No. 188446
Literally worse than that guy who could turn invisible only when nobody is looking.
No. 188447

Unmanned security cameras.

Anywho, sorry, I kinda never slept!
No. 188448
Spontaneous generation is no laughing matter.

Even if the material is something like plastic, being able to generate a solid mass of plastic out of nothing is still pretty good.

Of course it's usefullness ranges heavily on
i - how fast you can do it
ii - what distance can you do it from
iii - how many at a time
No. 188450

Yeah, no kidding. You can give someone a lobotomy easily enough if you put their mind to it.
No. 188454
Sorry about the delays, guys, but I'm working to upload the first chuck of the story to my site of origin, as I don't like leaving people out of the fun.

I'll try to get something up shortly.
No. 188457
File 14641037175.jpg- (11.32KB , 214x300 , Dolls are sulking.jpg ) [iqdb]
The doll levels a look of hatred on you after hearing your words, making you flinch. It mouths that it hates you, before undulating off like a centipede.

This doll is oddly emotive for being made of wood and having no lips to speak of.

It's kind of cute.

[]Go after.

[]Head forwards.

That was shorter than expected.
No. 188458
[X] Head forwards

If this doll doesn't understand hugs, we'll find someone that does!
No. 188461
[x] Go after
-[x] Apologize.

Did you just called it ugly?
No. 188463
[x] Go after
-[x] Apologize.

The Quest for Alice is a go? The quest for alice is a go.
No. 188465
[x] Go after
-[x] Apologize
No. 188467
[X] Go after
-[X] Apologize.

Renko should take responsibility for her actions.
No. 188471
[x] Go after
-[x] Apologize.

How can we flirt if we know we've created an abomination that hates us?

If it's an abomination that LOVES us, then it's no longer a problem!
No. 188473

Nope. Just adorably terrifying.

I find spiders adorable, so... yeah. Sexy, sexy legs.

But in all seriousness, just try searching for good standard Hourai_doll pictures on Danbooru. Seriously, there just plain aren't any. It's all cutesy, simple stuff. If I'm one picture in and can't find a single suitable Hourai picture, that's gonna suck for me. So, now you get pictures of cetipedes instead.
No. 188474
[X]Go after.
No. 188478
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>>188477 New thread!

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