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167903 No. 167903
"Mima, that's enough." You state, firmly. "...Reisen. Go ahead."

Mima hesitates only for a moment before flying back to your side. The fact that she so easily complied with you tells you that she's getting a strange feeling from this situation, too.

"Hah! You're scared of her? You should be!" That Guy gloats,"She's a better mon than someone like you could ever hope to control!"

Reisen calmly advances towards her opponent, her eyes focused on the ground at the strange Seiga's feet. Each step is carefully measured and taken with absolute control and caution. You don't think you've seen Reisen this serious before, not even when you were attacked.

"Control?" You scowl at him. "...That's not what it's about, you ass."

"That's exactly what it's about!" He responds, throwing his arms wide,"Why can't you or those other idiots understand!? Everything in training these monsters is about control and discipline. You have to keep them in line by any means necessary or else they'll be a danger to everyone! Now, Seiga!" He snaps his fingers and points at your little Reisen, "Break that Reisen and show what proper discipline can do!"

Seiga takes one step towards Reisen before seemingly vanishing and-

The ground where Reisen once was is torn up as if a massive set of claws just passed through it. Seiga is standing there now with a horrifying, screeching aura surrounding her right hand. But, where's Reisen...!?

Your friend drops out of the sky and lands atop the Seiga's head, pounding home a blow before leaping off of her to avoid the retaliatory strike. As soon as she lands Reisen moves again, dodging a blast that Seiga launched seemingly from nowhere that shatters the earth where she'd been standing.

These two...they're moving faster than you've ever seen before. And...that's not even mentioning the sheer damage they're doing to the area around them.

"I didn't tell you to miss Seiga! Stop trying to hit her and hit her!" That Guy barks out another order at his poor touhoumon, "Now, use your Broken Claw!"

That horrible aura returns to Seiga's hand, accompanied by its painful shrieking noise as the strange 'mon hurls herself at your Reisen, bearing down on her rapidly.

Yet, Reisen doesn't move. She stands in place, holding her ground as she waits for her opponent. She doesn't even blink as the Seiga slams a foot down in front of her and swings those horrible claws straight for Reisen's head. You can't see clearly with what's in the way, but you can easily see Reisen's hair go flying.

"R-Reisen!" You take an abortive half-step forward, worried for your friend. Is she alright?! Was she hit?!

Mima grabs onto your arm and holds you in place, not letting you get any closer to the danger than you already are.

"Hah!" That Guy laughs,"Hahahahaha...huh?" And then he doesn't. Seiga stands unmoving, arm still fully extended, and you can see why.

Reisen stands there on her arms, sans a large amount of her hair, and has her face mere inches from the Seiga's now. Lunatic Red Eyes stare into the Seiga's flat blue ones. So...it was all a trap by Reisen to set this up?

The Seiga jolts suddenly, flailing wildly at Reisen who deftly jumps away and out of range of the Seiga's maddened attacks.

"What are you doing!?" That Guy snarls,"Stop flailing and WAUGH!" He lets out a distinctly pathetic cry as he hurls himself to the side to avoid a swirling, colorless vortex fired in his direction by the Seiga.

Seiga grasps at her head with one hand, eyes wide as her face contorts strangely. She stumbles a few steps forward...

Before reeling backwards and letting out a monstrous howl towards the heavens, one whose pressure forces you to cover your ears to protect them from the pain.

Her roar finishes and the Seiga slumps forward, standing with her back nearly parallel to the ground as her arms droop. Slowly, mechanically, her head turns those now wide open eyes to stare at your Reisen. But, all you can think about is how that horrible pressure has become even worse now.

As the two fight, you fumble out your tablet, setting up a scan and trying to get a decent picture of this Seiga. You know exactly nothing about Seigas, especially since they aren't native to the region, and if you want to be able to help Reisen at all, this might just be the way to do it...

The tablet quickly attempts to scan the Seiga but...something's wrong, you can already. Tell the picture it comes up with is garbled and distorted and the little charts and graphs that pop up have been replaced with warning signs and question marks.

"Abnormal Touhoumon Detected. Unable to scan due to insurmontable interference from field surronding target. Activating full sensor sweep. Please wait warmly." The little thing tells you as it starts to hum lightly and more windows and pictures start popping up that you can't make heads or tails of.

Whatever's going on, even your fancy tablet can't tell you anything about this Seiga. Speaking of her...

She blasts off of her position and barrels wildly towards Reisen, her hands held like claws as they tear up the ground behind her in her charge. She unleashes a mighty swing with one of those claws wreathed in that horrible screaming aura. Reisen twists herself to avoid it, and leaps into the air to dodge the followup, twisting mid-air to avoid the third.

But...the Seiga doesn't let up. She just keeps following Reisen and unleashing blow after blow after blow, a never ending stream of furious attacks.

That Guy is crumpled on the ground, staring widely at the scene in front of him.

Despite it all, Reisen isn't panicked in the slightest. Her expression is one of calm, cool focus as she bobs and weaves and avoids every attacking sent her way by that Seiga. It's as if she can predict its every movement, no matter how frenzied or berserk it is. But then...

The Seiga lashes out with an attack and you watch in horror as it slams into Reisen, sending her skidding to the side...but, only a few feet..?

Reisen holds onto the arm that her opponent hit her with using both hands. The Seiga attempts to wrench it free from the smaller touhoumon, but simply cannot manage it. It's at that point you see a slowly blooming small smile appear on your Reisen's face. She's set everything up perfectly, and now it's time...for the Coup-de-grace!

Reisen yanks on her opponents arm and drags her down towards her and slams her head into the Seiga's, driving a vicious headbutt straight into her face. But she doesn't stop there. Reisen holds the stunned Seiga's arm to her body with one arm as she rears back and clenches her now free hand into a fist, shadow bursting into existence and wreathing it in a dark flame.

Reisen slams that shadowy punch straight into the Seiga's face, sending her reeling back again. But even that wasn't the end. With her opponent well and truly made incapable of responding, Reisen grabs onto Seiga's middle as tightly as she can and bends her legs to launch her high into the air, dragging the Seiga up there with her! There's a brief moment as the two of them hang in the air, not rising or falling, that you almost imagine that your little bunny could fly.

Then they come back down with all the force of a meteorite and Reisen slams her opponent into the ground with seismic force, kicking up a massive amount of dust and blocking your view.

"...what..." That Guy sputters, "A seismic...but she's a..." He seems to be cracking up a bit as he sputters nonsensical statements and words.

The dust clears and Reisen casually strolls away from her downed opponent, who is currently planted deep into the ground from the waist and up, leaving only her legs visible. Reisen simply dusts off her hands and takes her position in front of you, waiting for what is to come.

"This..." That Guy sputters,"That's impossible! There's no way for Seiga to have lost! She's been made perfect! She had the type advantage! Proper training! She can't have lost!" He seethes, "You! You must have done something to that Reisen of yours! What kind of trick are you pulling here!? She CAN'T be capable of that, she's just a chibi!"

"...Whooooa." You breathe, stunned. "Reisen..." You say, softly, "...That was incredible. Great job. Are you okay? She didn't hurt you, right?" You ignore THAT GUY for the time being.

Reisen stares at your chest before she nods, tugging at her uneven hair. She's going to need a haircut now, but apparently she didn't get banged up too badly or anything.

Mima whispers into your ear that you should check Reisen's side where she took that attack from the Seiga. You nod, knowing Reisen's reluctance to 'worry you'.

"This is such...!" That Guy gets to his feet and takes a step towards you.


He touches his now wet face as he wobbles on his feet,"Oh...not agaaaaaainnurgh..." He crumples to the ground, fast asleep.

"Come here," You tell Reisen, with a slight wave, intending to make sure she's really okay, before you're distracted by That Guy's collapse. "...Hey, are you alright?"

Suddenly, you are distracted once more by a awe inspiring display of pyrotechnics, fog and confetti obscuring your view. When you can stop blinking the dots free from your eyes, you can see that there's...who's that magnificent man?

It's Chester!

Chester scoops up the touhouball from That Guys loose hand and recalls the Seiga from her position planted into the ground before kneeling down next to That Guy's unconcious body.

"Poor, stupid fool. You have no idea what you've done, have you?" He wonders, as he carefully tucks the Seiga's ball away into one of his pockets, "You brought this on yourself."

"H-hey, what're you doing?!" You ask, as the man pockets the other's ball.

Kukoi fades into existence right next to Chester and she leans down to whisper something into his ear, eying you in a way that unsettles you deeply.

"That won't be necessary." Chester responds, "He's just a boy after all." Chester picks up That Guy and puts him over his shoulder,"I, young Nebosa, am going somewhere and taking this fellow with me." He informs you, "His actions have offended the wrong sort of people, and we just can't let that stand, you know. It would be bad for business."

Kukoi nods sagely at his side, confirming his totally legit story for you.

"...What." This is...this is shady as anything you've ever seen. "That's really suspicious sounding." You point out.

"Oh, is it?" He asks you with a grin, "I'd say it sounds more like something you shouldn't think about too much." He suggests to you.

Kukoi nods sagely in agreement, fingering something behind her back thoughtfully as she watches you.

...No, seriously. This is ridiculously shady.

[ ] Demand an explanation.
[ ] It's pretty clear what's happening here. You'll have to stop Chester...
[ ] NOPE. Not your problem, not your problem.

No. 167906
[x] Demand an explanation.
No. 167907
[x]Reisen, Mima, Yukari, what do you think?
No. 167908
[X] Demand an explanation.

Real men stand up for even That Guy.
No. 167909
[X] Demand an explanation.

These aren't the actions of law enforcement. That Guy belongs in jail, not free to continue his cruelty.
No. 167910
[x] Demand an explanation.

No, seriously. He can't just expect us to just walk away from something like that. WHAT IS GOING ON.
No. 167911
I'm pretty torn here. On one hand, That Guy is a total dick and pretty much deserves what's coming to him. On the other hand, can we stand by this? I know he's a dick, but there's no telling what these guys will do to him.

[x] Demand an explanation.

Need more info before we do anything too hasty.
No. 167912
[x] Demand an explanation.
- [x] Prepare for anything

What kind of person would we be if we let people just get kidnapped right in front of us.

Still, this is bad. Reisen just came out of a hard fight and Chester seems like he'd be really good. So if this came to blows...
No. 167913
[x]Reisen, Mima, Yukari, what do you think?
No. 167915
[x] Demand an explanation.
- [x] Prepare for anything
Shit, this isn't good...
No. 167917
[X]Demand an explanation.

Yeah, plot hook. Anywho, anyone else notice CMima's and CReisen's behavior here? The former is normally gung-ho about going out and smacking down anyone who gets in her way, but she backed off from the Fell Seiga without so much as a hint of argument.

CReisen, on the other hand, seemed to know exactly how to fight Fell Seiga. She didn't so much as make eye contact up until she used Lunatic Red Eyes, and after that it looked like she held the upper hand for the rest of the fight. Between that and her level, it makes me wonder just what kind of history she's got.
No. 167918
[x]Reisen, Mima, Yukari, what do you think?

Clearly these 3 are the brains of the operation
No. 167919
It certainly would prove to be very interesting to learn just what sort of history our touhoumon have. We haven't seen what our yukari is capable of yet but given what Reisen and Mima are able to do I'd certainly wonder. In any case this dude is being far too mysterious for my liking now.

[X]Demand an explanation.
No. 167920
Eh, I actually don't think they're being that mysterious. I mean we All knew that Seiga was bad news, and Reisen and Mima just reacted accordingly to a dangerous threat.
No. 167922
[X]Demand an explanation.

Hopefully Kukoi doesn't splish us till we get some answers
No. 167923
If we do end up fighting Kukoi, we'll probably have to use Mima or Yukari and have Reisen help point her out for us when she pulls her disappearing act.
No. 167954
[x] NOPE. Not your problem, not your problem.

It might be wrong but people who don't needlessly butt into underworld dealings tend to live a great deal longer than those that do.

I don't think That One Guy is exactly getting away with it but rather something worse as judging from Chester's words, it sounds like he broke some sort of rule in the area among shady sorts and he's going to pay the price. I think the local shady element isn't along Team Shuttle's lines.

After all do people feel sorry for those that deal with Mobsters and get shot up in the end? Not really with the main reason being, they should have seen it coming dealing with the Mob.
No. 167955
[X]Demand an explanation.
I am reallllly curious who this guy thinks he is.
No. 167957
[x] NOPE. Not your problem, not your problem.
No. 167962
[x] NOPE. Not your problem, not your problem.

Our Touhoumons are slightly messed up right now, and he's fresh and has a seemingly pretty powerful mon. We can always report him to the police later.
No. 167965
[x] NOPE. Not your problem, not your problem.

We can deal shady element later, but not NOW.
No. 167966
[x] Demand an explanation.

Chester is the Mysterious Man right now. But we have to confirm:

Is he Mysterious Good, a kind of organized secret police attempting to maintain order underneath the radar of the public?

Is he Mysterious Mysterious, with an agenda that not primarily motivated by good or evil?

Or most terrifying of all, is he Mysterious Evil, here to recall That Guy, discipline him... and unleash him back upon the world once again with an even more twisted Mon?

The first we can let him go in good faith. The second depends on what he's planning on doing, exactly. The third? We have to stand our ground somewhere, even if it's not here and it's just on moral ground.
No. 167968
I don't think Chester exactly approves of the guy's methods as his were about control above all else while Chester treats his 'mon like a valued partner.
No. 167969
[x] Demand an explanation.
No. 167982
If things do go bad, Yukari is the Touhoumon version of Abra. Which means she knows Teleport/Gap Hax. So if we really are in trouble we can just pop out.
No. 167983

But anon, you can't run from a trainer battle!
No. 167999

I think they'll make an exception if we're in danger of being murdered.
No. 168000
[x] NOPE. Not your problem, not your problem.

Both Mima and Reisen are worn out from fighting already, so let's not push our luck.
No. 168002
File 136819375928.png - (959.49KB , 793x1007 , The_Most_Magnificent.png ) [iqdb]
"No, um. I can't just watch this happen! What are you doing?!" You point. "Hey! You're the one who drugged him before, aren't you?!"

"Oh, you mean when he was getting belligerent and eratic at you and becoming a potential threat to others?" Chester asks casually, riffling through That Guys pockets while carrying him,"Just like I did again now after he waylaid you and then moved to assault you? Yes. Yes I am that person. Congratulations Nebosa, you get a gold star."

Kukoi casually tosses something towards you that hits the ground in front of you with a thump.

...it's a little gold star. You scowl.

"You know what I mean! What's going on here?! You can't just...just.....kidnap that guy! Even if he is a big jerk!"

"Kidnapping is such a harsh term!" Chester chastises you, "I would prefer the term...'apprehending.'" He explains to you with a smile, "It would be much lighter on my conscience if you'd do that for me. And sure I can apprehend him." He responds with a grand gesture, "I'm doing it right now, as we speak."

"Oh, come on!" You exclaim. "This is way too suspicious to just walk away from!"

"Oh, really? I wouldn't say that at all." Chester responds with that never ending grin of his,"In fact, I'd say this is just suspicious enough for you to do the smart thing and walk away without getting involved Nebosa." He uses his freehand to reach into her longcoat, allowing you to see a glint of dangerous metal before he pulls something out and tosses it to you,"Here, a reward for your services towards my organization." He says as the small bag lands with a jingle in front of you,"Don't spend it all in one place, hmm? And please, for both our sakes, just take this and go. You're really lucky that it was me who was in the area rather than some of my co-workers. They would be far, far less lenient with you than I am being." He informs you, "They've strong views on 'witnesses'."


[ ] Take the bribe. Do nothing.
[ ] Take bribe, do something.
[ ] Refuse bribe.
[ ] Do something stupid...
- But what?
No. 168009
[x] Do something stupid...

I don't know what. Does the pokedex take regular pictures? If we have some kind of proof, we can leave anonymous tips (we don't know who is involved) to the police (hah) and/or ask for help somewhere else (Yakumo Corp?)
No. 168012
[X] Do something stupid...
---[X] Ask if there's any way you can join his awesome shady organization.
No. 168017
[X] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[X] Do something stupid...
-[X] Ask him about his organization. Don't bother pressing him if he won't spill.
[X] Finally, move on. You've wasted enough time, and you've his contact info. You can always call him later.

So far, he's been both friendly and considerate. Given how little experience the protag has with the world, having someone worldly to call about the shady side of life can only help. So, don't alienate him.

He's part of an organization. Do they have a secret handshake or something to tell when it's time to mind your business and walk away? That line about witnesses was ominous.
No. 168021
[X] Refuse the bribe.
-[X] But ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing to wrong thing by not interfering here.
No. 168022
[X] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[X] Do something stupid...
-[X] Ask him about his organization. Don't bother pressing him if he won't spill.
[X] Finally, move on. You've wasted enough time, and you've his contact info. You can always call him later.

This is a write-in I can get behind. I don't feel comfortable with taking the money, and we might as well try and get something out of this.
No. 168023
[X] Ask him if he plans on helping heal whatever That Guy did to cause Seiga to go... Wrong, like she was.
[X] Accept the Bribe, and move on.

Seriously, no real Reason to ignore the Bribe, and doing so might just cause our Mon to get annoyed at us for not having money to spend on them.
No. 168024
[X] Refuse the bribe... initially.
-[X] Ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing to wrong thing by not interfering here.
-[X] If he explains enough for it to not sound like a criminal family, ask if there's any way you can join his awesome shady organization.
--[X] And take his bribe, not as a bribe, but as payment for "services rendered". Not a one-time bonus, but the start of a wonderful relationship.

Combinean write-ins with conditionals.
No. 168025
[X] Refuse the bribe.
-[X] But ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing the wrong thing by not interfering here.
--[x] Don't bother pressing him if he won't spill.
[X] Finally, move on. You've wasted enough time, and you've his contact info. You can always call him later.
No. 168027
[X] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[X] Do something stupid...
-[X] Ask him about his organization. Don't bother pressing him if he won't spill.
[X] Finally, move on. You've wasted enough time, and you've his contact info. You can always call him later.

Doing this!
No. 168028
[X] Refuse the bribe... initially.
-[X] Ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing to wrong thing by not interfering here.
-[X] If he explains enough for it to not sound like a criminal family, ask if there's any way you can join his awesome shady organization.
--[X] And take his bribe, not as a bribe, but as payment for "services rendered". Not a one-time bonus, but the start of a wonderful relationship.
No. 168029
>Does the pokedex take regular pictures?
Nebosa found a camera app when he was looking through it while talking to the casuals. The trick will be taking a picture without making Chester suspicious.

[X] Do something stupid...
-[X] Turn around and act like you're thinking about taking the bribe, but you're really taking a picture of Chester.
-[X] Tell him you don't want the money, you just want out of this situation. Walk away. Head for the police.

I wouldn't want to keep in touch with someone from a shady organization. What starts with getting out of a spot of trouble could end up with you putting horse heads in people's beds.
No. 168032
It's a bit late to change the tide, but I guess that, unlike the MC, you guys are okay with kidnapping and letting the obviously bad guy go away scott free, no?
Seriously, this is tohoumon: a world of black and white and this guy is a black as it gets. Have you guys gone temporarily insane or something?

[X] Do something stupid...
-[X] Turn around and act like you're thinking about taking the bribe, but you're really taking a picture of Chester.
-[X] Tell him you don't want the money, you just want out of this situation. Walk away. Head for the police.
No. 168034
[X]Take the bribe. Do Nothing.

Chester's making it pretty darn plain that we shouldn't be trying to dive in too deep here, and I agree. I'd be surprised if he didn't turn out to be someone equivalent to a Cipher admin/Team Rocket executive/what have you in terms of raw strength, and while CReisen is strong she's also dinged up from taking down Fell Seiga and Nebosa's other two chibis are far, far weaker. We're pushing our luck as is, so we should just take the money and go about our merry way until Nebosa's team is actually strong enough to pound some answers out of people.
No. 168035
[X] Refuse bribe.
- Ask for details on the Seiga. Obviously something was wrong here, but our MC doesn't know what, and asking Chester can obviously get us more details
- After getting said details, walk away.
No. 168036
Well, >>168034 here again with more to add on the subject of what to do.

Firstly, we don't even know how many mons Chester even has, let alone what he's packing. Trying to take a picture of him, flipping him off, spitting on his gracious offer to let us go unmolested, then trying to walk away isn't heroic, it's stupid. I get the feeling Nebosa is severely outclassed here, so let's not give Chester a reason to attack us.

Let's not forget that Kukoi could just knock Nebosa right out and steal his Tablet, which would piss off Yukari to no end.

Besides, we already have something nearly as good, if not better than a pic of Chester to work with: Scan data of Fell Seiga. It might not be much, but remember, we're basically Yukari's hired hand. You know, Yukari, head of Yakumo corp. who handed Nebosa his nifty as all get out tablet that records species data and sends it to the company, which he's then compensated for? I'd be willing to bet that Yakumo corp would not only treat Fell subspecies as rare and valuable, which gives us a monetary incentive to get involved in this, it would also likely open up a much safer route to get involved in this while simultaneously alerting those who need to be alerted.

Sure, we have to give up on THAT GUY to do this, but let's face it. Nebosa is just not ready to take this guy on yet, and he can't help anyone if he can't even keep himself safe.

Just something to consdier.
No. 168038
[X] Refuse the bribe.
-[X] But ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing the wrong thing by not interfering here.
No. 168039
[X] Refuse the bribe.
-[X] But ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing to wrong thing by not interfering here.

A show of good faith on his part could go a long way towards a potential friendship. At the very least it could set our minds at ease. Info is a bit more valuable to us than cash at the moment anyways.
No. 168040
[X] Refuse the bribe.
-[X] But ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing the wrong thing by not interfering here.

I don't like the idea of picking a fight when there's so much we don't know. Even if we win, we might end up in big trouble. I'd rather stay on Chester's good side for now.
No. 168043
[X] Refuse the bribe... initially.
-[X] Ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing to wrong thing by not interfering here.
-[X] If he explains enough for it to not sound like a criminal family, ask if there's any way you can join his awesome shady organization.
--[X] And take his bribe, not as a bribe, but as payment for "services rendered". Not a one-time bonus, but the start of a wonderful relationship.
No. 168049
>>168034 Here one more time to change votes.

[X]Refuse the bribe.
-[X]Instead, ask for That Guy's non-Fell mons.

Okay, bit of an odd request but I've got some thoughts on this as well. During the fight CYoumu didn't seem happy in the slightest in having That Guy as a trainer, and given the choice she might defect. We didn't even see if That Guy had three mons or six (his dialogue implied he went right for the Fell Seiga after CMima's second Master Spark), so if we acquire them we can kill multiple birds with one stone. Nebosa will get paid for scanning new mons, he might also wind up with new party members (CYoumu is Steel/Ghost if I recall, which will help balance things out a bit), and if we find good homes for them then that's gratitude that might pay us back later.

Plus, as kindly as Chester seems, I don't really want to know what would happen if his organization got a hold of five fresh chibis since he's implying that Fell Seiga came from his group.
No. 168059
[X] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[x] Move on.

All this other stuff is far from heroic considering all things, it's outright stupid considering we have a highly valuable tablet on us.

Even for /th/ this is exceptionally stupid.
No. 168062
[X] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[x] Move on.

Lets just move on.
No. 168068
[X] Refuse the bribe... initially.
-[X] Ask for That Guy's non-Fell mons.
-[X] Ask him whatever he is willing to reveal about his organization. Something to prove that you aren't doing to wrong thing by not interfering here.
-[X] If he explains enough for it to not sound like a criminal family, ask if there's any way you can join his awesome shady organization.
--[X] And take his bribe, not as a bribe, but as payment for "services rendered". Not a one-time bonus, but the start of a wonderful relationship.
No. 168070
[x] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[x] Move on.
No. 168071
[X] Take the bribe. Do nothing.
Jesus the mans giving you hush money instead of killing you and you want a better deal? whatisthisIdonteven
No. 168073
[X] Do something stupid... -[X] Turn around and act like you're thinking about taking the bribe, but you're really taking a picture of Chester. -[X] Tell him you don't want the money, you just want out of this situation. Walk away. Head for the police.

Well I really want to fight him, but I don't think I can piss against the tide enough. Next time we're gonna kick his ass though! Wanna save that Fell Seiga if possible.

Also to those that wanna take the bribe, while the Jew in me understands your feelings, Nebosa is a typical innocent good kid protagonist. Would be against his character to take it.
No. 168077
[x] Do something stupid...
- [x] Ask if there's any way you can join his awesome shady organization.
No. 168084
This sounds good.
However, I think the majority is right. Two thirds of our friends are injured and we can't do anything by ourselves. Besides, Yukari needs to be a-ok to let us flee, if he deigns to use his hidden weapon to kill us after all.
No. 168086
The idea of Nebosa using the Tablet to snap a photo is based on his ability to be sneakier than a man who seems to be a professional stage magician that has an evolved Koishi with him. This strikes me as an incredibly dumb idea simply because of the fact that even if he doesn't catch us, Kukoi could cover from him, and you people are voting to flaunt what you just did in his face.

Kukoi could just knock Nebosa out and steal his Tablet, which is his bread and butter moneymaker right now, which also has data on that Fell Seiga. That alone should be enough to let the authorities know something's up, so why choose the one option that's guaranteed to screw everything up for Nebosa?
No. 168089
did you not read the post on Fell 'mon? They can't be saved. And depending on where he stands, he might make a far better ally than enemy. There's a reason why every good party has a thief in it.

That and picking fights with shady mysterious men is a good way to die an ugly death.

Because these people have delusions of being some kind of shounen hero and ignorant of the realities of the situation: Mima and Reisen need rest and we know hardly a thing about Chester or Kukoi. Only a fool fights in such a case, same goes for basically taunting such a party.
No. 168101
Doing something stupid has not stopped anon from doing it anyway. But from what I'm getting with from the majority of the votes, it's more along the lines of getting more information than acting like a stereotypical shounen hero. After all, we don't need the money and finding out more about what organization Chester works for is far more valuable to us.
No. 168102
To be fair, it never said that they couldn't be saved. The authorities take them in for rehabilitation and try to give them better lives.
The entry just says its retarted to try and heal them with "POWER OF LOVE!"
No. 168104
I, for one, find youkai moe appealing. It's okay if they're crazy maneating monsters, so long as they're *our* monsters, and behave accordingly.

What about using the Power of Brainwashing, for example applying carrots and sticks until the 'mon becomes capable of regular functioning, if not exactly healed?

Or, given that such conditioning is likely how they were *created* in the first place, would it backfire?

It would certainly explain why they're never the same after - insanity may be curable (even if you have to rebuild a mind from feral instinct), but it can't be undone, nor the evolutions turned back.
No. 168105
thing is ways to get this information sounds overly aggressive if not arrogant and would likely result in a case of "knowing too much". And there's the fact that people are trying to save THAT GUY despite being a dumbass who got himself in deep shit with people he shouldn't have. His attempts to get us to forget about this is an act of kindness as like he said, other members of his organization would have resolved the witness matter in a messier fashion.

Well it sounded like you wanted to save the Fell Seiga through that fashion.

You're mistaking what Youkai moe is.
No. 168107
If I may ask, which option are you? Because I'm a little confused on which one your supposed to be supporting here.
No. 168110
I'm in support of anything that doesn't risk provoking Chester (either taking the bribe or kindly refusing it stating he did Nebrosa a favor) then just leaving.
No. 168116
[x] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
[x] Move on.

Damn our helplessness.
No. 168120
[x] Refuse the bribe. He did you a favor already, no need to pay you off in addition to that.
- [x] You're still not happy about it, but that's the end of it.
- [x] Per >>168086, do not try to do anything with the tablet.
No. 168133
File 136827264399.gif - (399.68KB , 478x334 , 1334192577555.gif ) [iqdb]
It warms the cockles of my heart to see you guys putting so much thought into this~
Act wisely, now!

But I'm not just here to taunt you. Also, I'm here to let you know that due to surprise WEEKEND OVERTIME There've been some changes to the writing plans. The first update of today should come around 2pm EST, ish, and the last will be around 8pm or so.

The 'write all night' plan will hopefully be shifted to Sunday, with the same times as we originally intended today.
No. 168139
Coward. Bah, you have good reasons.
Still, as it was said before, cyukari can teleport us to safety faster than you can say "inappropriate encounter level"
No. 168145
can't run from trainer battles, that and I'm not sure if his CYukari can do that yet.
No. 168146
As far as the 'Ask for That Guy's non-Fell mons' option goes, there are a few more points I'd like to add to it.

First of all, while That Guy's mons are all registered to his Trainer ID, he's also got a Fell mon and I don't think for a second that he's really a licensed handler of Fell mons. Odds are good that would be a good enough reason to get his ID revoked and him put on the police's shit list, so we'd gut his ability to come after us again in the off chance that he is able to do so.

How would that work? First off, hopefully we're already walking out of this encounter with Nebosa's tablet intact. Even if we have That Guy's mons and they're not registered to us, we don't have to go charging to the police screaming about how the sky is falling. We go to the Touhoumon Center first, get the scan data uploaded to Yakumo corp., and see if we can't talk to Yukari herself. Fell scan data is sure to get the attention of either her or a representative of hers, and if we can get that garbled scan data turned into proper evidence, then we can go to the police with it and bring this to their attention.

As for why I think this would work, it has to do with the fact that his Fell Seiga is most likely registered to his Trainer ID rather than someone else's, so if we have mons who share that ID information the police could use that to confirm that That Guy has (or had) a Fell mon illegally and revoke his ID, which would coincidentally cancel the ID tagging on all his mons, leaving them free to be reassigned to someone else.

Granted, they'd probably have to be screened for any sign of going Fell first, but after that we could end up with more party members.
No. 168149
This works quite a bit for me. Your argument has convinced me to change my vote. While it might be (Slightly) regrettable we can't do anything for THAT GUY who as much as I hate I don't think exactly deserves to die or anything we can at the very least get the wheels of justice or our boss at the very least in motion. Taking his mons as a bribe instead of the money has multiple benefits it seems to me.
No. 168151
He has a weapon. It wouldn't be a trainer battle, it'd be cold blooded murder.
And teleport (or equivalent) is innate to CYukari (I think?)
No. 168154
File 13682991981.jpg - (122.19KB , 246x800 , 77a83e1b78f304a76bb2aaa62bac416f.jpg ) [iqdb]
You shake your head, slowly.

"...Can you at least tell me who you work for?" You ask, a bit plaintively. "...I just want to know I'm making the right choice."

Chester pauses in his movements and focuses his gaze on yours, locking eyes. In those eyes you can see...calculation. Cold, calculation as if he's reconsidering an earlier desion he made. In the end, he simply grins.

"If I told you I'd have to kill you Nebosa, and I'm sure neither of us wants that." He tells you, laughing as if he just told the greatest joke. "Suffice it to say, I'm a part of an organization that...keeps things running the way they're supposed to here." He says, carefully choosing his words, "We don't tolerate outsider parties attempting to force their way onto the New Continent to get 'their slice' of the action. There are rules here and if they don't follow them, well..." He shrugs, "They get to talk to people like me." He finishes, grinning happily.

Kukoi is carefully cleaning her finger nails with...some kind of strange looking knife. You're kind of unnerved by it.

"And this fellow here," Chester tells you, giving him a heft and making That Guy groan as he drives a shoulder into him,"Has broken...far, far too many rules for it to go ignored. We don't take especially kindly to people who do what he's done. He might be a miserably incompetent rule breaker who was beaten by a boy younger than him and a team of chibis, but he's a rule breaker none the less." Chester finishes with a grand gesture,"Does that explain it to your...satisfaction?" Chester grins.

"...Um." You waver. Man, Chester's sketchy and suspicious, but he's also kinda friendly and nice? ...To you, you guess. That Guy might disagree, perhaps. But...he's just enforcing the rules? ...Even if you don't know just what rules he's talking about, and you've never heard of anything like this before. "...Yeah, I guess..."

"Wonderful." Chester grins,"Well then, I'll be headed off now. So much to take care of, so little time to do it all in." He explains as he starts to walk towards you, moving to pass you on the road you just came down as Kukoi takes his free arm and leans happily against him as they pass by you. "Oh, and take care of yourself while you're on the road, Nebosa." Chester grins widely as he passes you,"You never know who you'll meet after all, hahahahaha!" He laughs at his clever little joke and makes his exit.

Kukoi giggles quietly along with him.

Then the two of them...disappear.

...Mima starts applauding. What a great exit..!

You sigh. Mima and her melodrama...

You start to walk down the road, before suddenly drawing to a stop.

"Oh, right. Reisen, come here, would you?" You ask.

Reisen responds to your order request immediately, padding over to stand in front of you and waiting patiently as you begin to check her over. It goes completely unnoticed to you at this point that both the star and the bag have seemingly...disappeared.

Well, looking at her right now Reisen doesn't seem to be hurt much at all, though you notice that the side where she was hit seems to be a bit banged up, but a curative should suffice.

You cluck at her a bit.

"Reisen, you can't just go hiding things like this." You say, for the hundredth time. "It might be pretty minor, I guess, but you've gotta let me know if you get hurt, so I can help you." It's the work of a moment to apply one of the handy Yakumo Brand curative sprays(Now in pink! At a YakumoMart near you!),and it just takes a glance to confirm that Mima's completely gotten her wind back, and is as energetic as ever.

Reisen's ears droop at your chastisement, though she quietly asserts that she is, in fact, completely fine and that this little scratch is nothing, and it only just barely hit anyway so there was no need to worry you at all with nothing.

Mima is currently bragging into both your ear and Yukari's about how completely awesome and incredible she was having defeated two of the three enemies that your party faced just now, destroying them with her masterful attack.

"Yeah." You grin up at her. "You did good, Mima. And that was still pretty incredible, Reisen." You add, once again patting her head. You look up at the sky, checking to see how much time you lost with all of that trouble.

...Huh. The sun's still pretty low. Looks like it hardly took any time at all? It looks like almost no time at all has passed, really. That was really fast, huh? Well, now what are you going to do...?

Mima beams proudly. Of course she did good, she's completely incredible! Saying she did good is an understatement of her ability! Praise her more, gahahahaha!

...Reisen simply smiles softly as her ears wobble about embarrassedly. You smile.

"Well, since everyone's alright, and we didn't lose any time, let's keep going, okay? Onward!" You declare, as you resume your trek to the Abandoned Town.

Mima lets out a cheer as she flies after you, her mood apparently still staying up there from her combat high.

Reisen takes up her customary position as your side as you walk, staying a bit closer than normal.

Yukari...sits on your head and naps, apparently bored now that the drama is over.

And so the three of you walk on to new adventures! New sights! Perhaps...even new friends.


Two hours of an incredibly boring walk later, you can make out the Abandoned Town in the distance. It's like...like nothing is alive there. The forest itself seems to keep its distance from it, as it all stops suddenly an equal distance from the town on all sides. The town itself seems to be in shockingly good condition for having been abandoned for who knows how long. None of the houses are collapsing in, or falling apart, or anything, really.

Mima stares at the town curiously, her expression having lowered somewhat but not entirely. She wonders aloud if there's even anything interesting to do here or if that boy was just seeing things.

"He had a picture." You point out. "So maybe!"

Mima seems to shrug and accept what you have to say, not feeling like arguing with you.

Reisen is very quiet, even for her, simply staring at the town ahead of you with a strange expression on her face.

"Awfully quiet, huh?" You muse, quietly.

...Where to go first?

[ ] Investigate the schoolhouse up on that hill.
[ ] There's the main town. You could look through that, first.
No. 168156
[x] Investigate the schoolhouse up on that hill.
No. 168157
[X]Investigate that schoolhouse up on the hill.

Feels like a toss-up, really, but if there is anything interesting to be had it'll probably be there.
No. 168158
[x] Investigate the schoolhouse up on that hill.

Well that went better than expected. Didn't get as much info as I would like but certainly not complaining. Wonder how many people where expecting him to actually go and stab us in the dick for that?
No. 168159
[x] Investigate the schoolhouse up on that hill.

Let's investigate the main point of interest before it gets too dark, maybe swing through town on our way out.
No. 168160
[x] There's the main town. You could look through that, first.

Token tide dampening maneuver!
No. 168161
[x] There's the main town. You could look through that, first.

Towns on the way, and if we investigate it Now, not only can we possibly find a good place to sleep, but maybe find clues about what actually Happened to turn this place into a Ghost Town.

Besides, it's likely that Keine won't show until night time anyway, so exploring the town where our Dream occurred makes sense to me.
No. 168163
[x] There's the main town. You could look through that, first.

I think this would be a good first stop compared to going for straight for the goal, who knows what mon we'd find in the town.
No. 168164
[x] There's the main town. You could look through that, first.

Sounds like a plan, lets do it.
No. 168165
[x] Investigate the schoolhouse up on that hill.

I feel like there's a song that goes with a school on a hill but it's not coming to me.
No. 168166
Votes called.
Barring unforeseen delays and all, update soonish.
No. 168167
File 136830825749.jpg - (136.66KB , 850x1184 , sample-3a3b5abc3f5573666c92cb5b502c5695.jpg ) [iqdb]
You start towards the schoolhouse, blithely ignoring the wealth of exploratory opportunities presented to you by the town itself.

Mima follows after you, occassionally darting over to one of said exploratory opportunities and checking them out to see what's going on inside. Apparently nothing. There might have been something in there, but as you blithely marched on towards the schoolhouse she had not the time to check the places properly for any form of delightful loot.

Mima is acting a bit sulky over this fact, and keeps pouting at you out of the corner of your vision.

"Look, we can maybe come back after the schoolhouse and take a look around, okay?" You propose to the little spirit, hoping to cheer her up a bit.

She gives you a vaguely skeptical look. Apparently she has a feeling that you won't be following through on that, for some reason.

...Really though, even though you're just rushing through the town, you can still pick up on a sense of...wrongness to the whole situation. All the buildings are in good condition, and you don't even see any signs of the weeds growing in as nature tends to do when you don't fight it. Honestly, it feels more like you walked onto the set of a historical reenactment than you're visiting an Abandoned Village.

"Geez." You say, looking around. "This is pretty creepy." You hadn't thought it would be this bad.

What's even worse is that stagnant feeling to the air. That feeling like even the air hasn't changed or moved. It's worse than that time you had to go clean out the old storage shed and the air in that place made you just gag over and over and over again because it was so gross and just nasty.

You move past the general store, ignoring the temptation to go and see if there was anything neat left behind when the place was abandoned that hadn't been picked over yet and you pass right by the inn, resisting the temptation to go and see if there was anything of interest or perhaps even a chest or two to rifle through as you focus intently on your goal.

In the distance you can see the schoolhouse on that lonely hill looming taller than anything else in the surrounding area and giving it a commanding view. Really, if anyone was up there, they'd almost certainly know you were here by now from the view they must have.

Giving in to the impulse that strikes you, you wave up at the schoolhouse. If they CAN see you from up there, if there IS someone looking, they'll at least see that you're friendly!

Mima and Reisen are both staring at the school house now, one curiously and the other unreadably. Yukari is still seemingly asleep on top of your head, rather uninterested with the whole affair, it would seem.

You reach the bottom of that Lonely Hill. The schoolhouse isn't far from you now, and you need to decide how you're going to approach this. If there IS someone here then you need to think carefully about how you're going to approach this...

[ ] Look for a back door
[ ] Knock
[ ] Skulk about shadily
[ ] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed
No. 168168
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

Of course.
No. 168169
Well, we've got something of a reputation for being polite. Let's continue that.

No. 168170
[X] Knock

Only the polite thing to do.
No. 168171
[X] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

Obligatory bad end option~
No. 168172
[X] Knock
No. 168173
[ ] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed
No. 168174
[x] Knock

Hello? Mister ghost?
No. 168175
[x] Knock
No. 168178
[X] Knock

'tis the polite thing to do.
No. 168181
[X] Knock
-[X]"Hello, is class in session?"

Because it's always a good thing to politely knock on doors of haunted schoolhouses.
No. 168190
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

Sexy times.
No. 168191
[X] Knock

Better be polite.
No. 168192
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

I have to see what happens.
No. 168193
[X] Knock
-[X]"Hello, is class in session?"
No. 168196
[X] Knock

Enough sexy times for now. I want PLOT
No. 168197
I want plot too but well... the sexy time option is just right THERE. Who knows if we'll get this chance again.
No. 168198
[X] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed
No. 168199
>Enough sexy times


Anyway, the proper way to play monmuso is to jump into every bad end we can find!

At least until the NOPE.
No. 168200

Deleted old vote. Voting this:

[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

Yes, it's an obvious bad end. But... but... ghost teacher Keine bad end! I can't not want this!
No. 168201
[ ] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

Finally another one of these.
No. 168202
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

Exploring the bad/"bad" ends, when without consequence, is almost as fun as the main story.
No. 168204
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed
No. 168205

...It IS without consequence, right Bread? I mean, you know we're just really, really curious, right?
No. 168206
[X] Knock
No. 168207
[x] knock
No. 168208
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

bad ends give us chances for more interesting tips and such. :3
No. 168209
[X] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

>"Look, we can maybe come back after the schoolhouse and take a look around, okay?"
>She gives you a vaguely skeptical look. Apparently she has a feeling that you won't be following through on that, for some reason.
Feels bad, man.
No. 168213
what if it's just a normal bad end with an obvious message?
No. 168214
Then the tip would be Not every Bad End is Sexy Time.
No. 168216
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

I'm a sucker for BAD ENDs. Or maybe its the secret GHOST KEINE TRUE ROUTE option? Only one way to find out!


If you two want PLOT, get back to /mlp/.
No. 168217
>Looks like it hardly took any time at all? It looks like almost no time at all has passed, really. That was really fast, huh?

And I'm surprised my fellow "We're a Last Stand/ Final Sakuya's offspring" conspiracy theorist didn't pick up on that.
No. 168219
Too distracted by the debate of the choice then this debate.
No. 168220
[X] Knock
No. 168221

Trying to decide whether anon would vote for
[x]Bad End.
No. 168222
Honestly I think that the fight was just that short.

Mima pretty much dominated the first two touhoumon and then Reisen stomped Fell Seiga pretty quickly. Add in a quick conversation with Chester and well... Your looking out maybe 20 minutes tops, most likely less then that.
No. 168228
[X] Knock

As tempting as the potential bad end is, I'd rather not risk it.



Please read >>/gensokyo/6052, it will save the other readers of this site a lot of trouble if you do.
No. 168240
[x] Awesome end
No. 168256
[X] Knock

Vote as a Brony.
No. 168261
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed
Hell yeah bad end
No. 168272
Waiting warmly for our bad end at >>>/at/30391
No. 168275
[X] Knock
No. 168315
[X] Knock
No. 168317
[x] youre lat for clas go tu schul yull b punshed

No. 168330
File 136841172930.jpg - (165.10KB , 850x1133 , sample-9de6e370d951619feee9c50ca5f515a8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well. There's no reason to be impolite. You casually troop up the hill and head straight towards the large, imposing entrance of the schoolhouse. The windows are foggy and dark, making them nearly impossible to see through, though you think you see signs of movement from inside. The shifting of shadows catches your eyes as you could have SWORN you'd just seen someone staring at you through that window.

...Still, no reason to be impolite, is it? The door feels solid under your hand and each knock echoes unnaturally loudly as you rap three times upon the wood.

...You know, Mima usually knocks something silly first. She's being really well behaved about this-

Where's Mima?

Where's Reisen!? Where's Yukari!?

You suddenly realize that you are completely alone now. Mima, Reisen and Yukari have seemingly vanished into thin air, as if cut out of the scene.

In front of you, the door you just knocked on slowly begins to creak open, but you're too busy turning around and looking for your friends to worry about the opening door.

"Mima?! Reisen?! Yukari?!" Where'd they...?! Where'd they go?!

In your panicked search you fail to notice the open door full reveal what's inside of the school house, and you don't notice the tall, blue haired woman with the silly hat reaching towards you with an odd expression until she's already taken a scarily strong hold of your shoulders. A Keine, but...this place is supposed to be empty! OR full of ghosts!

She drags you inside the dark school house in a single yank and holds you in front of her as she kneels down to examine you, pulling you into moving however she needs you to.

"...A boy." She wonders,"Yes..." She murmurs thoughtfully before her distant gaze becomes scarily intent on you, its sharp glint cutting through you,"You're late for class." She tells you as you feel the pressure of the situation bearing down on you, as well as the pressure of her grip,"Boys shouldn't be late for school. They get...punished." You stare up at her, but stand your ground. ...At least figuratively, since she can basically manhandle you with zero effort.

"But I don't go to school!" You protest. "How can I be late if I was never supposed to come?"

"...You were late." Her grip tightens further as her eyes narrow,"For school! No excuses are accepted!" She snarls at you before dragging you painfully towards a seat and shoving you into it, "We'll talk about your disobedience problems and disciplinary measures after class." She tells you as she puts a small chalkboard and chalk in front of you, "Now... Pay attention to your lesson, and don't misbehave again today. You're already on thin ice." She tells you, eyes menacing. Then, in a complete switch she smiles sweetly at you, "Okay? Good!"

Then she hums a cheery little tune as she heads up towards the teacher's blackboard at the front of the classroom, "Class is in session everyone!" She calls out to the room empty besides the both of you, "Today we'll be talking about our favorite subject, history!"

...She seems to be looking at you very, very expectantly.

"...But." You look down at the little chalkboard with a hugely bewildered expression. "...I don't go to school?" You've never really had to deal with Keines before, but this one's acting really strange. Probably. You had been homeschooled, since Hakutown was so far away, and so you haven't the slightest clue how you're supposed to act here.

You actually hear her desk crack under her grip as her smile becomes brittle. In a single movement you could barely see she hurls something at you that slams into your head and knocks you backwards. Instinctively you clutch your forehead where it hit as tears well up in your eyes from the pain.

"What." Her voice is low and carrying a hint of malice, "Did you just say?"

"Ow!" You reply, intelligently. That. That really hurt! "That hurt!" You tell her, tears in your eyes. "I just said I don't go to school!" You protest, "That's all...!"

"Even after I told you to behave..." She snarls, stalking out from behind her desk and headed towards you quickly,"You still keep trying to use that stupid excuse!" She grabs you by the neck of your shirt and hauls you out of your chair and drags you along behind her towards her desk.

She shoves a piece of chalk into your hand then shoves you towards the board,"Since you don't want to behave and learn today, you can spend the next 8 hours writing 'I will not misbehave, be rude or be disrespectful' over and over on this chalkboard, erasing it and starting again when you run out of room!"


[ ] Obey.
[ ] Protest.
No. 168331

I detect a "bad" end. And I'm quite fond of Keine.
No. 168335
No. 168336
No. 168337

This is the best plan.
No. 168338
First off, I would advise anon to consider this vote rather more carefully than usual. I'd guess that the options aren't as straightforward as they appear.

Interesting points:
1.) Ghost town.
2.) Keine.
3.) Disappearances.
4.) The inspection.

Tentative conclusion(please come to your own before reading):
We just got pulled into the ghost Keine's dream. From this, I predict the following outcomes:

Obey: time passes, interesting event occurs.
Protest: Headbutt OR break free.
Cry: Mima, Reisen, and/or Yukari rescue us.

Based on that,
No. 168339
[x] Protest.

No. 168340

We are a true badass.
No. 168341
[ ] Obey.

If only to see Mima's reaction if and when we reunite.
No. 168345
[x] Protest.

Not sure about this, but we have to stand our ground.
No. 168346
[x]Headbutt the Keine.
[x] Protest.
No. 168348
No. 168350
No. 168352
No. 168353
File 136841564191.jpg - (12.81KB , 240x264 , giant.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 168354
[x]Obey Keine.
No. 168355

Not sure how to go about this one. Id like to survive and recruit Ghost Keine. Don't wanna be a wuss and cry like a little bitch.

/at/ idea. Ghost Keine "punishes" us with various tools and exotic techniques.
No. 168358
[x]Obey Keine.

Rather not have our head reduced to a gelatinous mass by brutal head butt and hey, she might actually teach us something helpful! If anything it may lead to delicious assistant teacher Nebosa end.
No. 168359
No. 168360
A man chooses, a child obeys.

[X] Obey.
No. 168361
[X] Obey.

Nebosa gon' learn today.
No. 168363
[x] Obey Keine.

Stall, stall, stall for time!
No. 168365
[x] Protest

Better than leting Nebrosa get suckered into a bad end.
No. 168366
[x] Obey Keine.
But we want it~
No. 168368
[X] Obey.
No. 168369
[X] Obey. Obey. Obey.
No. 168371
[X] Obey.
We will be the smartest trainer there ever was!
No. 168377

Maybe it'll twinge her motherly instincts. Teachers got into teaching cause they liked taking care of kids after all.
No. 168378
you're assuming it will be worth the delay.
No. 168379

Teeeeacher! Teeeeeeacheeeeeeer! Miss Keine is bullying me! Waaaaaaah!

You tell that to any college teacher.
No. 168382

Hey, there's got to be some empathy towards the younger generation. Why else would they try to teach snot nosed teenagers/young adults about their subject when they could be doing research and stuff instead.

Sure, there's probably not a lot. But there is Some child empathy.

Besides, Keine's seems like an Elementary/Middle School Teacher.
No. 168385
adopt us Keine-sama!
No. 168387
easy money as college professors don't seem to do much more than lecture, leaving the grunt work to TA's
No. 168388
[X] A man chooses, a child obeys.

No. 168390
[X] A man chooses, a child obeys.
Respect your elders.

No. 168391
That's an awful lot of votes.
No. 168392

You know, there's something that's bothering me about this past the obvious point. In the dream Nebosa had before coming here, he saw a fully evolved Keine get taken down by an unknown number of foes and a CKeine peeking out of a building watching her mother get slaughtered. It didn't occur to me at the time since the story had just updated and it was late at night for me, but what if this isn't the ghost Keine's dream at all?

What if this is a child's attempt to recreate something she lost out of grief? Keine do have the power to eat history after all, so what if she 'hid' her mother's death in a futile attempt to undo it? If that is the case, then we need to figure out a way to get out of the illusion, not delve deeper into it.
No. 168393
Hmm, must be a difference in professors then. Most of the professors I've had generally are of the 'care for student success' types.
No. 168394
On the other hand, we may need to go into the illusionary world Keine is staying in to try and coax Keine back into the world of the living.
No. 168396
No. 168398
A lot of lurkers only vote on specially interesting and conflictive choices.

Plus, votespam.
No. 168400
I'm torn.. all options are attractive.. but in different scenarios, which are exclusive.

So, it comes down to attempting to second guess the writer's mind..

[X] Obey.

Worst case? Bad end. Best case? We defuse the Keine and can get started on actually unravelling the mystery.

Also, my compliments to the author for their dedication. Here's to hoping it lasts.
No. 168401

Well great job fellow Anon. You guys are so damn boring and just HAD to skip Hannibal, that YakumoCorp Yukari just HAD to port us and molest us.

Great job cause I came!
No. 168432
Whole heartedly agree. Was a bit dubious of a touhoumon themed CYOA at first but so far the author has provided a very engaging story. I'm very interested where it will go and what sort of bad ends we'll run across along the way.

[X] Obey.
No. 168433
I think that's the "super special non-standard game over"
No. 168440
Hm. Right at the very start, it says that our touhoumon are missing 'as if cut out of the scene.' The Keine's powers at work? Dragging us into a private reality?
No. 168484
File 136853706279.png - (83.68KB , 944x708 , 14308622_big_p5.png ) [iqdb]
>>168335 >>168350 >>168354 >>168388
Votespammer 1.

>>168352 >>168353 >>168358 >>168361 >>168366 >>168371 >>168385 >>168390
Votespammer 2, or a proxy.

You bastards are making me late for work, you know.
No. 168486
File 13685374622.jpg - (456.68KB , 900x1767 , 1349993226799.jpg ) [iqdb]
Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do...
No. 168487
File 136853825020.jpg - (124.95KB , 700x700 , 1326595500171.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, well, well.

I've got to say, that's a DAMN impressive spamming.

By my current count, OBEY is completely out of the running, and so it seems like...

6 for CRY, and 8 for PROTEST?

Defiance is called for victory.
Please wait warmly.
No. 168489
Thank you. Votespam is the worst.
No. 168490
I'm actually kinda impressed how far they went to votespam. They didn't try and hide it.
No. 168491
File 136854375154.jpg - (1.08MB , 1575x1969 , Keine Scary Red Eyes.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh, glancing down at the chalk. ...No. No. You won't let her just push you around. (Except literally.) Who does she think she is? "No." You say, and set the chalk down. "I won't."

She stares at you, eyes dark and sharp as she leans close to you, getting right up in your face. "Pick up. The chalk." She hisses at you, snarling viciously as she stares right into your eyes.

"I won't." You fold your arms. "I don't need to listen to you."

She stares at you for a long moment before she moves suddenly-!

And you are knocked reeling as a vicious blow clouts you in the ear, sending you slamming into the chalkboard and stumbling to the ground where you recoil in pain. She hit you. She hit you! Even your own mother never hit you like this! "How DARE you disobey me! How dare you keep resisting!" She snarls as she stalks towards you, each step speaking of malice and her full intent to harm you.

And that's when the true horror of your situation sinks in. You're locked in a room with an evolved touhoumon who is fully intent on hurting you for some reason, and who's acting really, really weird. This is...like something out of a nightmare, or one of those 'missing person' specials on the news channel!

She roughly grabs you and drags you to your feet, grabbing your hair and yanking on it painfully to make you look her right in the eyes, "Why couldn't you just accept it! If you'd been a good boy and accepted responsibility for your actions I wouldn't be doing this! If you'd obeyed and accepted your punishment, I wouldn't have had to!" She gives your hair another yank, "Look at what you're making me do!"

You cry out wordlessly, too shocked and shaken to do more than that through the sharp pain she continues to inflict.

"I don't want to hurt you, but you're making it so I have to when you won't listen to anything else!" She snarls at you, smacking her forehead against yours and making the whole room spin as you see stars and your legs fail you. The only thing keeping you up now is the Keine holding onto you as she yells at you.

But...you can't really understand what she's saying, not as it is right now. Everything just ...hurts and you can only hear the ringing in your ears.

She gives you a shake as your hearing starts to return,"-stand me!? I said, Do You Understand Me!?" She demands of you, her expression manically furious.

"...wha....?" You ask, dazedly. Your eyes swim in and out of focus as you try to pay attention. What's going on...?

She leans forward and puts her eyes right in front of yours, and you feel yourself losing it in those strange red eyes as they gleam. You feel...what...are you?...Right, you're being punished.

You remember now. You were very, very bad. You deserved this, right? You had this coming to you. How terrible you were. How awful you were. You were late for school and then made all those excuses and then back talked to teacher.

She nods once, her expression still firm and stern. "I see that you understand now, but don't think your punishment is over. I won't stop until you've learned one way...or another." She tells you as she pulls you along with her towards her chair.

She sits down in it and pushes you down so that you're lying on your stomach on her legs. It sets in slowly just what’s going to happen now as you realize your situation. You’re going to get the worst punishment of all, spanking! Any thoughts of escape are shut down as she grabs hold of you with her free hand, keeping you from trying to squirm away and run free.

True to your fears, she grabs hold of your trousers and underwear and quickly tugs them down and out of the way, removing the protective cloth and revealing your pale butt to the world around you. Even as you squirm she leans down on you with her spare arm, holding you in place as she raises her other in preparation, "They only count if you count." She tells you shortly.

"W-what?!" You manage to squeak out, before...

And then she brings her hand down, loudly slapping it against your ass and making you hiss in pain from the shock of it. She doesn't stop there though, and doesn't even give you a chance to recollect yourself before she brings her hand back up and then right back down again, spanking you viciously as the pain is enough to make you want to cry all over again.

slap is as harsh as the last and the pain becomes worse and worse as your ass grows sore and raw from the abuse, no doubt having turned a bright red by now from its treatment. "You're not counting." Keine informs you without even pausing in her punishment,"I won't stop until you've counted high enough."

"ah, ah, ah...." You struggle to get the word formed despite your disorientation and confusion. "One!" You finally yelp, just as she strikes you.

“Good Boy.” She praises you, the soothing warmth of it washing over your pain and giving you a pleasant haze to replace what you’d been feeling before. Her spanking becomes more gentle before as you count up.


You feel like you’re forgetting something, but you aren’t sure what? When you try to grasp the memory, it slips away quickly like water between your fingers.


Or was it someone? Someone…important? No, no. Teacher is important, and you haven’t forgotten her.


She tops immediately after the thirty count and gently, kindly rubs your bottom in a soothing motion, urging the pain to lessen. As you sniffle and hic in her lip she gently gathers you up into a hug, holding you against her as you melt into her embrace. Teacher is so wonderful…

“I don’t like hurting you.” Teacher tells you, her red eyes shining down at you compassionately as you snivel in her lap, cuddled up against her in her warm, soft embrace as she kindly comforts you despite what a bad boy you were, “So please don’t misbehave. Just accept your lessons and stay in school.” She tells you, gently pressing a soft kiss against your forehead as you feel the last of those niggling doubt get washed away.

Well, it probably wasn’t important anyway. It’s time for school now. Now and forever.

...and thus in this abrupt way, your journey ends here. You've nothing to look forward to but education now. But, that's wonderful.

Isn't it?



[ ] Obey.

Well that was certainly a thing. Please try again with gusto!
No. 168494
Neat. I'm guessing crying won't work based on this bad end, so I guess:

[X] Obey.
No. 168496

Pick your poison everyone!

[ ]Touhou Fact #2: Trainin' Ain't Easy: A Treatise on Small Group Dynamics and Organisation

[ ] Touhou Fact #11

[ ] Touhou Fact #21

[ ] Touhou Fact #31
No. 168497

Seems to me like obeying her would get us stuck in her world again.

[x] Touhoufact #31
No. 168498
[x] Obey.
[x] Touhou Fact #11

Seeing how defiance paid off... lets not take our chances by breaking down and crying.
No. 168499
[x]Touhou Fact #2: Trainin' Ain't Easy: A Treatise on Small Group Dynamics and Organisation

Because it would be good to know how to organize out touhoumon.

[x] Obey.

Wait until her back is turned and then RUN. Somehow, I don't think appealing to her maternal instincts is going to work.
No. 168500
More like sex-ed, am I right?

Well, that went swimmingly. Time to pick another option.

[X]Break down crying.
No. 168501
[X] Obey.

[X]Touhou Fact #2: Trainin' Ain't Easy: A Treatise on Small Group Dynamics and Organisation

>She hit you! Even your own mother never hit you like this!
So Keine Slaps turn boys into teacher's pets?
No. 168502
[ ]Touhou Fact #2: Trainin' Ain't Easy: A Treatise on Small Group Dynamics and Organisation
No. 168503
No. 168505
Nice bad end! Anyway,

[x] Touhou Fact #11
[x] Break down crying.
No. 168508
[x]Touhou Fact #2: Trainin' Ain't Easy: A Treatise on Small Group Dynamics and Organization

welp I was wrong about that, though it's the first time in a while I've seen a bad end minefield in effect.
No. 168509
[x] Touhou Fact #21
Gotta go for that Blackjack
[x] Counter-Cave
Give her the Traditional Opening Argument of the Krogans.
1. Grit your teeth
2. Grit them harder
3. Grab the front of her dress
4. Lean back with your arm fully extended, attempting to put as much distance between your forehead and hers as you can
5. Yank and swing your head forward as rapidly as you are able
6. Grit your teeth even harder
7. Enjoy your blistering headache and properly submissive Keine
No. 168510
[x] Break down crying!

Because where there's tears, there's a CYukari looking smugly at us from inside her gap.
No. 168511
[X] Touhou Fact #31
No. 168517
[x] Touhou Fact #21
No. 168518
[x] Touhou Fact #21
No. 168520
[X] Touhou Fact #21

Man, she's crazy. But i'd really hate to pick options that are going to emasculate us even further than we already have. Buy time, run.
No. 168521
I'd also like to invite all of you voting for crying to think, you're setting a precedent that as soon as shit hits the fan, we start breaking down and blubbering because we don't have our tiny little girls to protect us.
No. 168522
If I learned something from the bad end is that he's just a kid. And kids do stuff like this.
Better than mindless obedience, which is the alternative.

So many proxies what the fuck.
No. 168523
...interesting. I don't know quite what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. Oh well.

[x] Touhou Fact #21
[x] Break down crying.
No. 168524

Haha, very funny. Oh wait, that wasn't a joke? You're serious?

Well, let's think for a moment here. Nebosa is a young, admittedly sexually active male human who's literally just started his journey all of a day ago or so. No insane strength, no magical powers, none of that. All he has are just two (now three) small magical girls of mons whose purpose is to keep him from getting raped, eaten, or killed by their wild peers.

Considering that Nebosa doesn't even know where they are, and he's dealing with a Keine that can easily man-handle him into submission, has essentially dumped him into some crazy illusion scenario that he knows nothing about and can't seem to get out of, and doesn't even have his girls at his side to support him...

Yeah. Crying doesn't sound quite so childish anymore considering he's basically locked in a room with a woman who's doing what she wants with him and no one to save him.
No. 168526
This is when his inner voices tell him to man up and do something that Keine absolutely will not expect or even consider a possibility.

This is when we reveal that we were sent by the superintendent to ascertain the validity of rumors of a teacher that treats her students too violently.

We play along in a way that she would never expect, and put her into a disadvantaged position at the same time. We tell her that our Koishi has been recording these events (might as well go with what we are familiar with) and we need to report back to the superintendent, now.

Hopefully her punishment won't be too severe, as she does have tenure. However, we can't be too sure, since corporal abuse of children is a serious offense in this province.
No. 168529
[x] Break down crying!

Male pride? What's that?
No. 168532

I have no words.

Anywho, time for another theory.

First of all, Nebosa didn't just enter an illusion. He entered one the moment he stepped into the Abandoned Village. The person who told us about this place to begin with said that it's very old and the village people lived in while colonizing the New Continent, and while no one knows why it was abandoned it's clear that it was abandoned a long time ago.

Now what did Nebosa see upon entering this village? A perfect bubble of no trees around the forest. Buildings in perfect condition despite the age. With no one aside from a solitary Keine to maintain this level of order, odds are good that the village should not look as perfect as it does. My guess? She isn't. The entire village is her attempt to live in an era she's comfortable with. A grand lie she tells herself to keep herself calm, so to speak.

Now, since it's quite likely that the Keine and CKeine Nebosa dreamed about before coming here were the only ones left at that point, that the former dies a horrible death at the hands of countless assailants, what does that mean for the latter? A long, possibly very long time of being utterly alone, looking after a village that no one wants to live in and possibly utterly convinced via firsthand trauma that it's too dangerous to leave to explore the outside world.

So there she is, all alone. Then Nebosa comes knocking on her door one day. She knows what to do on instinct alone. She needs to take care of this boy, no matter what. She needs to do it for her sake, because for the first time in who knows how long someone's come to visit her. The problem? All she has to go on is instinct. She doesn't understand how school is supposed to work outside of her assumptions and educated guesses, which is why Nebosa can see right through it even while trapped inside it. He can't escape, but he isn't fooled. Hence the initial rejection.

Keine getting mad here? She's angry, sure, but she's also masking fear. She's afraid that this boy is going to leave her, so she tries to drag him further into her illusion. We vote to reject her again, she drags us Nebosa in so deep that he can't escape and basically comes to accept the current events for what they are. This Keine was so afraid of Nebosa leaving her, and he kept supplying her with so much negative reinforcement that she felt that she had to brute-force the issue and hypnotized him.

Obeying her? Her concepts are so distorted by a lack of knowledge and guesses that any sort of positive reinforcement won't do Nebosa any good at all.

So if positive reinforcement won't work, and negative reinforcement won't work? What's left? Throw her for a loop by tossing her headfirst into a scenario she can't possibly understand. Dealing with a crying kid. Unlike outright defiance, where she can discipline Nebosa without guilt, breaking down wouldn't give her the same moral high ground and might cause her to think that she screwed up. Since she only has instinct to go by, she wouldn't know how to fix this and ideally, she might not be able to react at all.

If this drops her guard, then Nebosa can make some progress.
No. 168535
[X]Reveal that we were sent by the superintendent.

No. 168536
[X] Touhou Fact #11
No. 168537

Excellent theory there mate. The education system is only made compulsory by the government; the fact that Keine manhandled us into class is quite evident that she doesn't quite understand why children have to go to school.

I believe that obeying won't get us anywhere if your theory is correct, and at the very least, it'll be interesting to see how the Keine deals with a crying child.
No. 168539
I call bull. He could be anywhere from 10 to 19 for all we know, and i'd rather have a MC that would try to get out of something himself rather than just break down at the first sign of trouble.

If he obeys, there is a myriad of possibilities about what could happen, he could strike up a conversation, or buy time until someone comes to his rescue, or even think of an escape plan.

By having him break down and cry, you're basically telling him "Abandon ship! Things got too difficult!". This might be appropriate for even upto a 15-year-old, but who knows how old he is?

Besides that, the time to cry isn't after she's just thrown something at him and told him to write lines. She has barely even done anything to him yet, and you all want him to break down crying.
No. 168544

Right. Because obeying the demand of a woman who has been devoid of both a proper mother and proper companionship for Shinki knows how long, who seems to have a desperate edge to keeping Nebosa around and is unlikely to do anything to risk letting him escape the cage she built up around herself seems like such a brilliant plan. Why don't you just vote to make Nebosa stick his manhood in Keine, bad end him, and save us the trouble?
No. 168545
Okay two things.
First, I am voting for him to keep his wits about him, I am not trying to bad end him.

Secondly, do you need to be so fucking condescending? This isn't youtube, so stop acting like such a child, and consider what i've actually said.
No. 168546

Wits about him or no, you're talking about trying to get out from under the thumb of a woman, who's probably yandere material at this point, by just waiting patiently for an opening she's not going to give.

What you're going for is basically trying to brute force Keine from within her own trap, while she far outclasses Nebosa in every regard. Defiance didn't work, and it was the same general strategy, just with more aggression. The only thing left in my mind is the pragmatic angle: Figure out her weakest point and then poke it.

And no, I don't have to be condescending. You don't have to be either, but hey, there it is.
No. 168548


This is probably the most sensible option at the moment. As >>168532 put it, she can't lash out at us if she doesn't have the moral high ground. This will catch her off guard, and hopefully let us escape. If it doesn't work (that is, we fail to escape), it should at least let Mima, Reisen, and Yukari know where we are.

And while we may be overreacting, the crying doesn't necessarily need to be sincere. Knowing Nebosa, it will probably be sincere anyway, BUT WHO CARES!?
No. 168549
I'm also looking at it pragmatically. I'm thinking that his mons have to be doing something at this point, and obeying is going to buy us time.
And its also not unthinkable that an insane person would slip up after a while anyways. I also fail to comprehend how obeying her to buy time and look for opportunities is "Brute forcing" her. It isn't.

Last, I can see this crying backfiring nearly as badly as the protest option. Who's to say that crying is going to awaken her maternal instincts? She could still be just as pissed that we aren't following her instructions.
No. 168552
We all know that we're flying blind at this point; who knows what Keine will do either way? At this point, all we can do is wait for the votes to be called and learn about the consequences of our actions.

Basically, the voters wanting to break down crying are hoping to capitalize on Keine's compassion and empathy, while those who claim that it will not lead to anything productive merely want to have us buy time by obeying. It can backfire either way; Keine may headbutt us for crying, or she may manipulate us into believing that we deserve this punishment since we've always been enrolled in this school, thus making us unable to resist. Based on my understanding, both options will leave us at her mercy, and since our chibis didn't save us during the defiance route, it can be said that we can only rely on our own resources to get out of this predicament.
No. 168557
like i said bad end minefield.
No. 168561
So what you're saying is that it is difficult to predict how an unstable person will react in a given situation?
What a shocking revelation!

I will say that "buying time" is something that has been proven to not work, since the previous bad end was implied to have lasted a long, long time.
We need to -do- something to get out, no-one is coming to help us to fight. We're on our own. We have no friends. Lay down our guns, or die...
Wait, that got a little out of hand.
My point is, unless someone comes up with a plan other than "buy time" for the [ ] Obey option, I'm going to stay with my previous vote of >>168526 [x] Confess that you were sent by the Superintendent.
I am morally opposed to crying in emergency situations, or any time you are not safe and at home.
No. 168563
Eh. It's not as if just anyone can be a bulwark of emotional strength. I'm pretty sure most people would be freaking out if they were a teenager and had this weird, crazy strong lady browbeating them into the dirt.

Freaking out seems to be a pretty reasonable reaction, honestly- and it's more interesting character development if the MC doesn't start out the most stalwart sort of guy. That's what the Pokemon Journey is for, isn't it?
No. 168565
[x] Touhou Fact #21
Because fuck prime numbers.
No. 168568
Agreed. I feel that there's some disconnect between the readers and Nebosa right now; some say that he needs to be the ideal 'morally upright' boy in this scenario and have a stiff upper lip no matter what happens to him, even though we all know that it's unrealistic to demand something similar from a real person.

Then again, this is a CYOA, so if Nebosa magically grows the mental spine of a grown adult, I'm fine with that.
No. 168572
If you guys are fine with characterizing him as 14 or under, then alright. The age range is 10-19 though
No. 168573
It really is a moot point, I guess. The fact that Nebosa can go around and make his own decisions without any supervision indicates that he should be mature, regardless of his age. Even though I envisioned him as in his early teens, it doesn't really matter unless the interactions in this story suddenly focus on his precise age, something that I really doubt the writers would resort to.
No. 168590
>The fact that Nebosa can go around and make his own decisions without any supervision indicates that he should be mature, regardless of his age.
This is not how Pokeymans works.
No. 168594
this isn't normal pokemon or even touhoumon for that matter.
No. 168597
[X] Touhou Fact #21
No. 168598
It is 'inspired of' so it counts. Besides, have you not seen his actions through the thread? Isn't
'not even mom hit you this hard!' proof enough?
No. 168605
Keine's discipline methods aren't known for being gentle. There's a big difference between a slap and a MOTHERFUCKING HEADBUTT!
No. 168645
[X] Touhou Fact #21
No. 168649
[x] Touhou Fact #21
No. 168656
File 136879621223.jpg - (137.61KB , 850x578 , sample-3ca2b962c2b43101e245601b78b374d4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Votes are called. CRYING LIKE A BITCH it is.


The term 'Variant' is used as a catch-all among some circles to denote those Touhoumon who are different than others of their breed. These 'Variant Touhoumon' are not as well studied as the 'True' members of their breeds, since they are somewhat less common, and can diverge wildly from their fellows, but there are a few commonalities that researchers have come across.

First and foremost, 'Variants' do not necessarily bear anything in common with their progenitor lines, other than the most general of physical appearance. While the most common Variants appear to share a majority of their physical characteristics with the True versions of their species, their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and even their abilities are often completely unrecognisable as belonging to a member of that breed.

However, also of note are the 'Hidden' Variants, most of which are either born of human interference or perhaps simply go unnoticed in the wild. In these cases, generally the only immediately identifiable abnormality lies in the Touhoumon's personality, which is often sharply distorted, if it bears any resemblance to the original's at all.

This can lead to quite a lot of trouble if a Trainer stumbles across an unfamiliar breed of Touhoumon, and mistakes a Hidden Variant for the True line. Unfortunately, there are quite a few dangerous Variants that are also Hidden, so one must exercise caution with strangely-acting Touhoumon.

For more information on Hidden Variants, and their causes, please refer to the late Professor Christopher M. Rock's final treatise; "Don't Beat Them Bitches: An Analysis of the Latent Traumas Involved in the Physical and Mental Mistreatment of Touhoumon".

Despite this unpredictability, Variants can be quite helpful to their trainer, with an unorthodox set of skills and abilities that expand their Trainer's options greatly. It can be quite profitable to attempt to evolve your Touhoumon into Variants, if only to expand your tactical capabilities in battle.
No. 168665
So I'm guessing our Reisen wasn't supposed to have that Seismic Toss we used on the Fell Seiga. I can safely assume that she is a Variant, unless there is some backstory we haven't heard yet that will prove me wrong.
No. 168666
hard to say but what she doesn't want to be is a nurse. Though one wouldn't expect such a move on her because phyiscal attacks aren't a strong suit for the species though this Reisen doesn't seem to have that issue.
No. 168667
She's a nice little bundle of contradictions, that one.
She was quite put-off by the idea of becoming a Nurse, which would indicate wanting to play closer to center stage. However, she almost never draws attention to herself and acts rather like someone who aspires to become a Nurse would: unobtrusively helping in everything she can.

I don't remember any Touhoumon game with Variants, so I can't theorize on what kind of variant she may be. That might also have caused 'Dexter (Official nomination to call it that) to misread her capabilities. We should ask (?) it if it is programmed to take variant puppets into account.
No. 168670
Seismic Toss is a great move for non-physical spec'd mons because it does set damage.
No. 168677
variants and such are something of a 1.8x thing as 1.5x has set revolution routes for the most part with a few exceptions.

Tewi at the chibi stage, has two paths, one (Level based) to one form (which can't evolved) and the other (w/ happiness) that can evolve to EX (might need a moon stone though)

And Keine which has two EX forms, one level based (retains her steel/pyschic type) and one moon stone based (steel/fighting), resulting in the EX Keine everyone knows.

There are also the alternate Advent evolutions for Cirno, Mystia, Reisen, and Meiling.
No. 168696
File 13689139803.jpg - (51.46KB , 430x542 , This one.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>168665 here

I'm down for calling it Dexter, and for giving it his voice/personality. Brings back memories.

Back to our CReisen, she either wants to:
A) Evolve normally (not familiar w/ Touhoumon. Level or stat/emotion based?)
B) Not evolve at all.
Gonna wait and see on that one.

Finally, I'm curious:
What is everyone's thoughts on CReisen offering us to Reisen for stress relief(sex)?

Personally, I'm confused. It's not alright for a Touhoumon that we know and love to kiss us, but someone we have only known for 5-10 min can have her way with us? Not saying we wouldn't enjoy it, but it seems kinda backwards to me.
No. 168698

Was that it? I thought she was offering for the NReisen to come along with us.
No. 168699
That's the impression that I got, too.
I think you (>>168696) have been spending too much time in /at/.
That was teasing.[spoiler] I am apparently not supposed to use text-based emote faces in THP, and text does not convey tone of voice very well. I'm also curious if nested spoilers work here.[/spoiler]
No. 168700
File 136892168969.jpg - (311.43KB , 350x640 , 8af2b5ebb60a55b8e55c0ba817943cbd.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stare at her, as your eyes begin to water. You're all alone, here, and this strange Keine is being mean to you, and you don't know what to do, and....and....and....

You begin to sniffle, as you rub at your eyes with the back of a hand.

There's a pause as the Keine stares at you, her expression one that you cannot read. "...No." She says quietly, taking hold of your shoulders and giving you a surprisingly light shake,"No. Please stop." She orders, apparently annoyed by your tears.

Startled, you stare at Keine, tears running down your face, before, overwhelmed, you begin to cry, loudly, wailing as tears flow unchecked down your face.

"Stop." She orders more firmly, leaning closer to you as her eyes narrow,"Stop. Stop crying! Stop it!" She says, shaking you about now as she snarls at you,"Crying boys are bad! They get punished!" She threatens, pulling one hand back to punish you with when you hear a great, terrible screeching noise as something happens.

A rend in time and space opens up behind her and something bursts through it, unleashing a flurry of blows that connect to the Keine's back unleashing a flurry of blows that the Keine was not there to be hit by. However, the blur appears unphased as it moves to your side and grabs hold of you itself. Great, crumply ears fill your vision as a concerned little Reisen tugs you towards the rend in reality, trying to get you to follow her out of this place.

"What? No. No! You can't do this! He's-" The Keine lunges for you before a massive beam of masterful sparks slams into her position before a massive beam of masterful sparks blasts through where she was but is not anymore, or perhaps never was there?

Reisen simply tugs on you even more insistently.

Helplessly, pitifully grateful that Reisen's here for you, you aren't alone, she's saving you, you let her guide you toward the rift. You are hauled through it quickly and find yourself once more outside in the fresh...oh.

The air out here out here is heavy with a dreadful feeling that's nigh tangible. You feel as if you can almost see the horrific presence in the air. Moreover, it's pitch black out. The only source of light now is the bright, golden moon hang directly over the little schoolhouse on the hill. It lights up the hill and the house and beyond that...you can see nothing.

Yukari visibly sighs in relief as you pass through the portal, allowing her to no longer struggle against the Keine's shenanigans and letting her rest. Almost immediately you find that she has taken up her position atop your head, relaxing there and providing you with a strange sense of comfort.

Mima immediately sets upon you, grabbing onto your cheeks and berating you for being so stupid and dumb and an idiot and nearly getting kidnapped you big stupid dumb idiot!

Then she hugs your face.

You relax, sagging in relief at once more being surrounded by your friends, the people who have been at your side for as long as you can remember (plus Yukari, who is also nice).

"Mima...." You grin into her hug, as you get control of yourself once more. "...Sorry."

"You're sorry...?" A rather unwelcome voice interrupts your touching reunion as you hear the main door of the school open up and That Keine slowly strides out of it, blue fading to green as she steps into the moonlight, swaying with each step as she stares at you with wide eyes,"No, you don't know sorry. But you will."

Immediately Reisen and Mima put themselves between you and her, both of them adopting combat stances as Mima suggests quietly to Yukari that MAYBE she should look into doing something to get them out of here.

This Keine she's...there's something weird about her. You can't put it right but there's like this off feeling you're picking up from her. Sickly, maybe? You can't be sure, you might just be imagining things.

"Be careful." You warn, flinching at her reappearance. "She's dangerous." You shudder.

That simple, small smile that she gives you redoubles your certainty that she's dangerous beyond all measure here and now.

Surprisingly, she holds out her arms for you in a mimicry of offering a hug,"I'll forgive you if you come to me now." She tells you and you feel the draw towards your teachers welcoming, warm embrace where you should-


Yukari smacks you in the face with her fan, and you are broken free of your strange delusions. What was that...?

The Keine's expression turns sour as she clenches and unclenches her fists, dropping into a low stance as she points those new, dangerous horns of hers at you.

"Stupid girls. It's your fault that this is happening! If you'd just left him with me everything would be fine!"

Mima scoffs and tells the Keine where she can stuff that-oh my! Mima, such language!

Yukari has grabbed hold of your head and you feel a strange presence touch gingerly upon your mind before wrapping you up in a safety blanket. That's really the only way you can describe what you're feeling. Is this...your Yukari?

"...Yukari?" You can't look at her, quite, but you're pretty sure that she can tell you would be, anyway.

You are patted comfortingly on the cheek and feel the presence warm slightly for a moment before it fades away until scarcely noticeable. Whatever's going on, she seems to be protecting you as well, just like Reisen and Mima are.

The Keine snarls angrily at you all.

"You...stupid, stupid girls! I'll break you dolls and take him if I have to!" She slams a foot into the ground, shaking the earth and causing it chunks of it to burst up, launching themselves towards your group to smash you. Reisen deftly dodges to the side and launches towards the dangerous Keine as Mima performs acrobatics in mid air, twisting and twirling around the thrown rocks as she deflects the smallest of them aside with her staff. Taking the opening she has, Mima unleashes a wave of night shade from her staff that envelops and consumes the Keine that the Keine avoids, having already moved away from the spot.

Reisen comes from the other side of the Keine, swinging a shadow-covered fist towards the larger touhoumons midsection, connecting the vicious blow missing by a mile, the Keine having already moved out of the way as she advanced towards you at a full sprint, hands reaching for you as she-

A sense of vertigo comes over you as if you're suddenly both here, there and perhaps even everywhere. Then you find yourself watching the fight from a different point of view as Mima and Reisen work in tandem to try and force the Keine off balance, passing the baton back and forth to keep the assault up and keep the menace away from you. Did...Yukari move you?

"Whoa..." That was different from her normal thing... A bit disorienting.

Yukari tsks and mutters something crude under her breath at the situation. Apparently she can't break out of this...place, where ever you are, with the Keine still doing what she is. Your other two friends are fighting strong, but every time they hit they never hit ever.

...your head hurts...

Mima unleashes a barrage of ranged attacks as Reisen bobs and weaves through them, the both of them focusing on the Keine who ignores the attacks as they slam into her ignores the attacks as they pepper the ground around her harmlessly. The Keine stands there with absolute confidence as she rears back to deliver a headbutt to Reisen who slams a Shadowy Fist into Keine's midsection who slams a shadowy fist into Keine's midsection, causing the larger touhoumon to crumple up into a ball and go blasting away when the shadowy punch erupts.

Reisen stands back upright and casually shakes her hand free of the black flames as the Keine struggles to stand. It doesn't matter what kind of tricks her opponent has, nothing can top Reisen's foresight.

The Keine gasps, and lets out a whimper as she struggles to her feet, gasping for breath.

"You hit me..." She sounds shocked and utterly terrified as she stares at your group,"You hurt me! Why? WHY!?" She rages at you all,"I didn't do anything wrong! You're the ones who are wrong! I'll kill you all!"

"...She...she got back up?!" You murmur, shocked. "How?!" You've never, NEVER seen anything take a hit from Reisen and keep going! You didn't think it was possible!

You unconciously find yourself taking a step backwards, and find yourself with your back to the schoolhouse that you just escaped from as Reisen and Mima prepare to square off against the raging Keine who is seething and snarling at your group, cursing your existence and promising to erase you all.

You square your shoulders. It's clear what must be done.

[ ] PANIC.
[ ] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...
No. 168702
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

Yes. Time for THAT.
No. 168703
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

It is time to regain our masculinity! With THAT!
No. 168704
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

How can I NOT pick this option?
No. 168706
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

Since our emasculation is done, maybe we can try doing something now
No. 168707
I found that interesting considering it's very unexpected behavior.
No. 168709
B-but THAT hasn't even been tested yet!
No. 168710
And that's precisely why it's perfectly suited for the situation!
No. 168713
[X] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

Mystery Option is best option?
No. 168714
Totally called that.

[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...
No. 168715
So we have a Ghost-Type Keine here.

Beast-Type and Ghost-Type are efficient against Ghost-Type mons if it is 1.8 mechanism, so...

[x] Ask Reisen to spam her previous move, and Mima if she has similar methods.
No. 168716
[X] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...
-[X]Scan if the opportunity presents itself.

Oooooh dear. I think I may have misjudged this Keine ever so slightly in my earlier analysis. It's true that this Keine is heavily traumatized and is running on instinct, but one thing completely slipped my mind. It's clear that she didn't take her solitude well, given how she's yandere for Nebosa almost immediately, but I didn't consider that this Keine might very well be a Fell Touhoumon.

This recent update provides a couple points, such as her being able to switch forms on what appears to be a whim, she took a Shadow Punch from Neobsa's godly CReisen fairly well, and more than that she's exerting a weaker version of whatever pressure Fell Seiga put out. Gentlemen, Nebosa's been in deep shit ever since he came to the Abandoned Village.

The problem is, then, what do we do with her?

If Nebosa defeats her and leaves her here, she'll just snap up the next poor sap who comes by and mindrape him into being her pet, albeit without malicious intent. Nebosa isn't trained to handle mons like her either, and there's no telling what would happen if he convinced her to come with him.
No. 168717
[x ] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

It's payback time!

Also, I see what you're doing by crossing out those lines.
No. 168718
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

Well, we'll just have to bring her with us!
No. 168719
I think Bread's mentioned that its loosely based on 1.5.
I'm pretty sure it was the Full Moon that turned her into Ex-Keine.
I'm more worried about how she's negating histories where she gets hit sort of like in the movie Next. This is a heretofore unseen use of her powers.

On the choice at hand, though...
[x] THAT
Time to reveal the results of our inheritance?
No. 168720
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...
lol history hax
No. 168721

As awesome as that last thing would be, I'm not holding my breath.
No. 168722
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...
No. 168725
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

I am the gears of my watch.
Time is my body and ticks are my blood.
I have stopped over a thousand times
Unknown to stop
Nor know to slow
Have winded many gears for many watches
Yet these watches will never tell time
So as I pray...
Unlimited Time Works!

Meh best I could do making it up on the spot.

Also new thread time.
No. 168727
It's what I originally thought too, but read
>"You're cute and nice, and she said it was okay, but..."

It may be in /at/, but it was still from this story

[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...
No. 168728
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

Trainer Nebosa used TouhouBall!
No. 168741
[x] It's time to try THAT. As much as you didn't want to...

Escape rope, escape rope, escape rope, escape rope, escape rope, escape rope, escape rope...
Or maybe a touhouball, who knows.
No. 168746
No. 168748
I can't help but imagine something like a Touhou version of bear mace. Or some sort of hat-destroying spray.
No. 168749

This is an Ex-Keine. No hats!
No. 168750
We'll take off her ribbon! Witness true cruelty!
No. 168756

This is some Hitler-Tier cruelty. You guys make me SICK!
No. 169831
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