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[x] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.

Well, there's really no point in worrying too much. They've been missing for who knows how long, and their plots and plans are probably already in motion. Instead of worrying about it too much, you wander over towards the small group of trainers sitting around one of the tables.

There are three fellows sitting at one of the 'squares' of chairs, and the three seem to be chatting fairly amicably. One of them has dyed blue hair, and notices you approaching first.

"Oh well now what's this here then! Looks like we're getting visiting by the hero of the hour mates!" He cheers loudly. The red headed one leans forward in his seat, planting his elbows on his knees and resting his head in his hands.

"Fuckin' A man, that was a hell of a move you did to that shithead. Shame the big guy interrupted, I'd have loved to see you put the punk through the counter." The Black haired one sighs and adjusts his glasses.

"Both of you calm down and stop pressuring the poor fellow. I'm sure the last thing he wants is to be reminded of what just happened." He turns to you and gestures to an empty seat,"Why don't you take a seat and join our conversation?" ...Well. These guys seem nice!

"Alright." You agree, moving over to the indicated seat, "Thanks."

"Think nothing of it." Black says, waving it off,"We were just talking about some of the areas of interest around the local area." He explains to you,"I'd just finished telling them about my experience doing a bit of reconnaissance around the nearby Scarlet Devil Mansion." He explains,"The short version of it is that it's true that the touhoumon there seem to be quite docile, however...I've seen several variations I didn't recognize, and they were considerably more powerful than you usually see this close to a large town."

"Well, it's not as impressive as Captain Spymaster over there's story, but I've got something interesting myself." Blue Dye jumps in suddenly, grinning widely,"See now, you know about this towns large native Keine population? Well, there's an old abandoned town not far from here that dates back to when people were first starting to colonize this place, ya? There's all sorts of stories about why and how it ended up abandoned. Some say people just left because there were better places to live, others say that there was a sickness. But me? I believe the story of the Ghost Keine." He says, waving his hands,"Supposedly, that town wasn't destroyed by disease or by bad economy, but by attacks by a horde of violent touhoumon." He leans forward further, his face becoming shadowed,"They say that the real reason Keine live here so much and that this town is named Hakutown is because there was a Keine who lived in that place that fought off the horde every time they attacked...and is still there to this day, 50 years later..."

A chill runs down your spine, for some reason...

...Also, your Reisen has taken up residence in your lap, and is currently relaxed against your chest, her eyes closed and ears poking you in the face.

"...Wow." You murmur. "She's still there, you think? That's pretty incredible..."

"Oh I KNOW she's still there!" Blue says, grinning wider still,"See, I saw her with my own two eyes. I was checking the place out to see if there was anything of interest left behidn, and just as I was approaching the old school house I saw something moving around...inside of it!"

"Yeah, that's real neat, Aqua." The red head rolls his eyes,"Now, if you're both done being boring we can talk about my find." Aqua rolls his eyes in return.

"Oh, please tell us Rood, just what did you come across that's so fascinating?"

"Now now, you two..." The Black hair trys to soothe them. It doesn't work, and both of them snap at him at the same time.

"Shut it, Schwarz."
"Oh, stuff it Schwarz."

"Now, as I was SAYING." Rood SAYS,"You might have scoped out the SDM and you might have found some broken down old shacks, but me?" He grins widely, spreading his arms,"I found a fucking anomaly, baby."

"You're pulling my leg!" Aqua accuses, pointing a finger at Rood. Schwarz simply adjusts his glasses again.

"An anomaly? Surely you mean just another Mysterious Location?"

"Fuck no." Rood spits out,"That's an anomaly or my name's not Rood MacGrood."

"What is it, though? What'd you find?" An anomaly? That sounds like the sort of thing Yakumo Corp would want some data on...

"A fucking massive train station in the middle of the woods." He says, sounding excited as all get out,"and I mean MASSIVE. Place's a huge grand station or something, it's bigger than any of the buildings in this town, I'd bet! And there's, like, no rails leading up to it or anything, except for the first few meters out of the station! Just, WHAM, giant stone building!" He says, waving his hands in a helpful and descriptive way.

"....Huh." You've got to admit... "That IS pretty strange."

"Isn't it!?" He says, pulling out an older looking tablet from his pocket and poking at the screen a few times before placing it on the table in front of you all. The screen shows a large, forboding structure with odd gargoyles and statues. "See?"

"Interesting..." Schwarz remarks, leaning forward to examine the tablet even as he draws his own, much newer model out,"Here, let's swap data. I'll share what I've picked up from the SDM trip in exchange for your info on that anomaly."

"Pft, fine." Rood says, shrugging.

Aqua pulls out his own tablet as well.

"Oh, hey! Count me in too boys. I've even got a bit of a scan on that figure I told ya about. It's how I KNOW the thing was a Keine." He says, placing his fancy Pear Tablet down on the table as well.

....You kind of want in on this...

[ ] Make an offer.
[ ] Charity case.
[ ] ...You've got nothing.
[ ] Time to go to bed.

No. 167357
What do we even have to offer?
No. 167359

Your fancy pants new tablet presumably came with the newest and most updated maps and apps, and it has been scanning passively ever since you picked it up, meaning you've at least got a few dex entries.
No. 167360
[x] Make an offer.

The newest maps might be useful to them, that and what we've scanned.
No. 167361
Ghost Keine huh? Im hoping it'll be like Buried Alive creepypasta. Hell, maybe someone should even make a Tohoumon hack of that.

[X] Make an offer.

Well I don't wanna hold out on people, but I do want something in return. Its only data after all.
No. 167362
[x] Make an offer.

Sharing is caring.
We should get their numbers, they seem like a nice bunch.
No. 167363
[x] Make an offer.

We should poke through the 'dex occasionally for any tidbits we may not already know.
No. 167365
[x] Make an offer.

Not like they can use our info to hurt us, right?
No. 167366
[x] Make an offer.

Contribute! No harm, right?

No. 167368
[X] ...You've got nothing.

If word gets around about Nebosa's prototype tablet, he's going to become a target for thieves. From the sounds of it, it should be possible to find the other places through some research of the area.
No. 167375
Worrying about that is pointless as having the touhoumon he does have would do so already. Reisen ,Mima and Yukari aren't the most common 'mon.
No. 167378
[x] You got nothing

Tide-pissing, go!
No. 167379
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> "Um..." You chime in, rummaging around for your own, brand-new tablet. "I'd like to get some of that data, myself. I...think I have something to trade?" You begin, hesitantly, checking through the tablet, not entirely comfortable with this TOP-OF-THE-LINE TECHNOLOGY.

The overly fancy tablet is pretty intimidating with all its shiny metal casing and valuable looking trim, but it proves to be fairly straight forward and intuitive when it comes down to it. You see that they're having a data trade session and look through to see what you could trade yourself. Hmm...well, you could trade your map data to them, too, since they're sharing theirs, and...oh, hey! There's an application to let you get an indepth scan of individual touhoumon rather than just the passive one the tablet does all the time. Apparently it can tell you all sorts of useful stuff, like how strong they are in comparison to their peers, either of the same species or overall.

"Ah, well, go ahead man. More the merrier, and all that." Aqua says, waving you into their impromptu LAN party.

You add your own map information to the pool, while taking a look at that in-depth scan that's apparently available to you.

"How's that?" You ask, a bit distractedly, as you tap tap tap your way through the tablet's features.

"It's fine." Schwarz says, staring at his own tablet now,"...Oh. I didn't know they'd finished that bridge. That cuts a good three days off of the trip to Lilac Town.

"Shit, seriously?" Rood speaks up, poking at his own now,"I thought that bridge was getting delayed or something." Schwarz simply shrugs.

"Apparently not anymore."

...Man this Tablet's neat. It has maps, a bunch of applications and stuff for touhoumon data. It's also got a word processor, an application that's meant to help you keep track of your inventory so you can always know what you need to buy without digging through your pack for 20 minutes, a camera...

It even comes with Pong and a Touhoumon-themed pinball game! After a moment, you remember what you were supposed to be doing, and check the data from the other three. You're pretty curious about those things they were talking about...

...Oh here it is! How helpful, the map processed the data they shared already and is showing you where those things they mentioned to you were. So let's see...the SDM is on your map but it looks like it was there already, but now there's some notes around it, specifying where the main gate is and various noticeable features on the route to the place, including a large, misty lake.

The Ghost Town is a bit further away than the SDM would be. It'd take you about...four or so hours to make it to the SDM with how close it is if you're moving at a good march, but closer to six or seven for the ghost town. The Ghost Town also has a helpful zoomed in hand drawn map of the layout that Aqua saw himself, as well as a few pictures of the buildings. One of the pictures has...a figure in the window, that you can just barely make out.

Lastly, Rood's discovery is...probably nearly ten or more hours to your north, headed deeper into the Great Forest. It's off of any path that's been made by humans, so you'd have to rely on his landmarks and the maps GPS to find your way there, probably. There are only a few pictures attached, and they tend to look a bit...off. You can still see the building through the distortion and haze.

"Hmmm." You consider the data a bit more, "I'm definitely gonna have to check these places out." You decide, nodding to yourself. An idea occurs to you. "...Hey, Reisen." You murmur, so she can hear, "Mind if I try this scan on you?"

Your Reisen turns her head so she's looking away before she opens her eyes. After a moments considering she nods and hops off of your lap, moving a few steps away from you and waiting for you to get this over with and take the picture.

You fiddle with the tablet for a moment, before....

It takes the picture? But there wasn't a click, and you're not sure there's any film...

A little note pops up, telling you that your picture has been saved to the appropriate folder. Well that's...something. You guess? Eventually you manage to hit the right button and the tablet hums for a brief moment before a small, red beam shoots out of its lens and runs up and down Reisen a few times. Thankfully, your girl takes it all in stride, apparently unfazed.

Your tablet tells you that it is processing and compiling the data and preparing relative comparisons.

You're not entirely sure what it means by some of that, but it seems to be working, at least!

...Ding ding ding dong ding! A catchy little jingle comes from it as it finishes the check, and a bit of information on your Reisen pops up...

'CREISEN. A powerful psychic type touhoumon whose combat abilities are hampered by their natural cowardice. They are known to be one of the touhoumon who are least affected by the full moon.' Well, you had certainly noticed THAT.

Then the information on your Reisen's personal abilities comes up and...uh...

Overall Combat Ability: EXCEEDINGLY HIGH

Estimated YAKUMO Standard Combat Level Rating: 52

"Wow." You smile at the small girl. "You're pretty awesome, Reisen!" You give her a thumbs-up.

Reisen shifts, her ears twitching in embarrassment as you compliment her.

"Aw, well isn't that just the cutest thing." Aqua teases, "She's a real sweetheart, isn't she...ah." He pauses, "You know, I don't think I ever caught your name mate. I'm Aqua Aquila." He introduces himself with a flourish, "Pleasure to meet you."

"Yeah, I'm Rood MacGrood." Rood says, eyes focused on his tablet, "Nice to meet you and all that."

"I'm Nebosa." You introduce yourself, with a smile. "It's nice to meet you."

"...Hey, fuckhead," Rood speaks up, looking at Schwarz, "introduce yourself properly like everyone else." Schwarz pauses, tapping at his tablet for a moment before he puts it back down on the table and puts a winning smile on his face as he turns to you.

"My name is Schwarz H. Gregor." He says,"The pleasure in this meeting is all mine, I assure you." Rood snorts.

"Whatever, man." He shakes his head,"I don't know what's up with you and your name, anyway." Aqua smacks him.

"He's got his reasons, just like our new friend has for not giving his last name I'm sure."

"...Last name?" You give them a blank look.

"Uh...yeah." Rood gives you a look,"You know, family name? The one you share with your parents-" Aqua smacks his friend in the chest, causing him to cough, "What the FUCK man?"

"Terribly sorry about that, mate." Aqua types furiously into his tablet before tilting the screen to show Rood, whose eyes widen noticeably, "I'm afraid my friend here left his social tact at home and hasn't gotten it sent to him yet."

....If it were possible, your look would grow blanker.

"...Alright?" You decide, not entirely understanding, but willing to accept the explanation. 'Share with your parents'? But, yours were 'Mom' and 'Dad'...?

"Pardon me." Schwarz gets your attention, dragging it away from the now bickering Rood and Aqua,"But you were the winner of that competition that Yakumo Corp held here, weren't you?" He asks you, but it feels like more of a statement; like he's sure of it...

"I'm not entirely sure it was a competition?" You answer, "More like 'she liked me best', I guess..." You shrug. "It was a pretty big surprise. I didn't even know what was going on until someone told me."

"I see." Schwarz responds, adjusting his glasses, "How interesting."

"...Yeah." ...kiiiind of creepy, there, Schwarz. Just a bit.

"Well, I wasn't in town for that anyway, so it really isn't important to me." He shrugs,"I was just interested since I saw you come in with such a collection of rare specimens." He explains,"Not to be rude, but...you may wish to start carrying them around in their balls. I'm afraid that touhoumon of their rarity and obvious caliber may attract the sort of attention you'd wish to avoid."

You make a face. "...I'd really rather not." You admit. "And I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't even take, for Yukari."

"Hmm. I see." He says, a thoughtful look on his face, "Well, be careful, then, is all I can say. Team Shuttle may have been decommissioned a few years ago, but there are still remnants around." He adjusts his glasses yet again, "That, and...there are rumors. Supposedly a new organization has shown up and has been actively stealing touhoumon."

"I haven't heard of them being in this area, but it's better aware and safe than sorry, yes?" He asks.

"Yeah." You agree. "I'll keep that in mind, for sure. Thanks for the warning."

"No need to thank me." Schwarz responds,"I'm only doing what's right after all."

"Mr. Rood." A voice comes over the intercom, "Please report to the Front Desk."

Rood looks up, "Well, guess they're done." He says, sighing, "...Oh, hey, new kid." He says, turning to you, "Let's trade addresses. That way we can keep in contact if one of us finds out something useful or important."

"Uh, sure, sure." You begin to hunt for that option on your ARCANE AND MYSTERIOUS TABLET.

"Well don't think you're keeping me out of this if we're all exchanging numbers." Aqua says, leaning forward with interest, "It's always fun to make new friends so I can tell them about my Nazrin." You notice that both Schwarz and Rood roll their eyes at this, "She's in the top percentile you know! Easily the best Nazrin ever."

"That joke's older than you are Aqua." Schwarz responds, sighing in annoyance,"But if we're all trading information, I'd like to join in as well."

"She's that good?" You're pretty impressed. "...wait, joke?"

...Now you're just confused.

"It's an old joke about how some Trainers like to brag about their touhoumon to the point of ridiculousness." Schwarz explains,"Supposedly there's a trainer out there who would constantly talk about how how fantastic his Nazrin was or...something like that." He waves a hand, "I never found it very funny myself."

"That's because you have terrible taste in humor, just like you do with clothes." Aqua cuts in, grinning widely,"Really, do you only wear casual suits or something Schwarz? Me, I like Shorts." Rood groans and places his head in his hands, "They're comfy, and easy to wear!" Schwarz just gives Aqua a faintly disgusted and annoyed look.

"Shorts are pretty nice." You agree. "I prefer pants most of the time, though - they give your legs a bit more protection from the plants and bugs." Aqua just sort of deflates as Rood starts to snicker and Schwarz lets out a snort of amusement.

"You're a real riot, Nebosa." Rood compliments you, snickering still,"Never seen anyone get the wind taken out of their sails that fast!"

You look between the two.


"Mr. Rood, PLEASE report to the front desk." The voice repeats, "Mr. Aqua, please report to the Front Desk."

The two get up to go.

What now?

[ ] Chat.
- Schwarz
- The Shady Loner
[ ] Bedtime.
[ ] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.
No. 167381
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

>'Share with your parents'? But, yours were 'Mom' and 'Dad'...?
Wait, what? He doesn't even know what his parent's real names were?
No. 167382
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

Wonder if they completed the fort yet.
No. 167384
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

Lets go see how far they've gotten.
No. 167385
[x] Chat.
- The Shady Loner

Ah, the plot thickens.
No. 167386
[x] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

Might as well get it over with.
>'Share with your parents'? But, yours were 'Mom' and 'Dad'...?
>Wait, what? He doesn't even know what his parent's real names were?
That is a bit odd, isn't it? Hopefully we'll find out what all that's about. Aqua seems to have known/figured out something about it.
No. 167387
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.
No. 167388
Nebosa is actually a special Youki that was grown in a lab. He never had a real family, just growth chambers called "mom" and "dad". That's also why Yukari likes him the most; it's her best friend's former companion.

You heard it here first, guys.
No. 167390
[x] Chat.
- The Shady Loner

Hm. Seems to be a game that encourages talking to people.
No. 167392
[ ] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.
Might still be able to run a little damage control.
No. 167395
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.
No. 167403
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

>Guy going on about his Nazrin

Good one though in vanilla 1.53, Chen is in Ratatta's place. But Chen can be viable endgame especially with focusing on getting EVs for her attack and speed.

I'm suspecting his mother was a Sakuya/EXSakuya. And his hybrid nature might have caught the CYukari's attention.

I'm curious what the Tablet has to say about Mima and Yukari.
No. 167410
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

Well, at least I didn't have to ask what that "Nebosa" name meant.
What happens if you scan a human with the dex? Inb4 3 measures and underwear color
No. 167412
or more evolved touhoumon for that matter (like NReisen, though I think it'd be rude to do)
No. 167413
The Dex app is designed to scan and identify Touhoumon, and runs its scans through a database of 'known' types of touhoumon and will tell you when it finds a match. It doesn't matter if you're scanning an evolved or chibi version there. If you were to scan something and it was an unknown variation or a fully unknown species, the Dex would document and back up all the data it could on the subject for study.

As for the other scan where it examined what kind of combat ability she had...that's the programs of the thing doing there level best to try and put together an easy and concise report of what the touhoumon you just scanned is capable of in comparison to others of its type and such.
No. 167415
[x] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.
And scan them. Ask NReisen if we can scan her, too. And ask random people if we can scan all their 'mons, I'm sure they'd appreciate knowing their strengths and weaknesses.
No. 167416
sounds like on top of having a Reisen (a rather rare 'mon) she's a top specimen.
No. 167417
[X] Might as well at least TRY to look for The Troublemakers.

With as much luck as Nebosa has had, I'm going to go ahead and advance a bit of speculation.

Tewi was the father.
No. 167418
Makes sense to me.
No. 167434

So basically, the Tablet is like a portable Judge, but with a functionality just shy of an IV Checker app. (The Judge being a NPC in Pokemon games from 3rd gen on that could determine your mon's overall combat ability. Though in that case, he only tells you its best stat, or stats if there are multiple stats with the same high Initial Value, and gives you an overall descriptor. CReisen, in this case, would no doubt be considered Superior.)

[X]Might as well at least TRY to look for the troublemakers.
No. 167435
File 136741581754.png - (174.90KB , 480x640 , just-that-awesome.png ) [iqdb]
You've left Mima to her own devices for far too long, at this point. You stand.

"Reisen, we should probably go find Mima." You say, not really looking forward to the inevitable chaos.

"Yeah, I've gotta go deal with my own brood, anyway." Aqua agrees, standing up himself and making for the main desk, "See you gents around! Make sure to keep in contact."

Rood just gets up himself and meanders off with a "Later."

Schwarz dusts himself off and leaves his seat.

"Well, I suppose I'll be going to my lodgings, then. Good day, Nebosa." He nods to you as he slips past, headed towards the same door Nurse Reisen pointed out to you earlier.

And now it's just you and Reisen. Reisen nods at your given order, and sets herself to the task of tracking down Mima, a semi-physical - at best - entity, and Yukari, who is a non-euclidean being who exists only partially in this realm of reality.

Thankfully for you, Reisen is very experienced at this and very, very good at what she does.

Meanwhile, you take another look around the room and frown. There's no sign of her, as far as you can tell. No smoke, nothing breaking, no pillows sailing through the air....

You find yourself growing increasingly uneasy with just how calm and docile the situation is. There's...there's ALWAYS signs that Mima's up to something when she's up to something! Always! Like the time she wanted to see if you really did have a secret hidden room in your house (you did). Or the time that she wanted to make a pool for you all to swim in and somehow got those bombs (your mom defused them in time). Or the time she just followed you around the entire day cackling and giggling whenever she looked at you, and you ended up getting a pie to the head when you went to bed that night! There's ALWAYS a sign! Mima's not subtle!

...And now Reisen's gone off somewhere too! You can't see her anywhere in immediate sight!

You grow pale. Mima's roped Reisen and Yukari into whatever nefarious plot she's working on, and is somehow hiding it better than you've ever seen her be capable of. This...this could be bad.

Visions of the sheer horror that could be unleashed by Mima's madness being backed by Reisen's skill and Yukari's power dance through your head. We're doomed! All Doomed! No hope exists now for us, not with those three working together, the end times are nigh!

...Then Reisen drops down from the ceiling, dragging Mima and Yukari with her. She presents her catches to you, looking vaguely proud of herself and her achievement.

Once you get over your heart attack and catch your breath, you manage to laugh.

"Good job, Reisen." You say, as your pace slows. "You found them..."

Mima dusts off her cloak and then huffs at you. Yes, you found them. Good job, you know, sending Reisen after them when they weren't doing anything wrong. All they were doing is flying around the ceiling of the place to see what was up there, just some perfectly innocent exploration, and you go and get panicky and send Reisen after her. You jerk. How are you going to live with yourself.

Yukari is currently simply hanging out of her gap, watching Mima verbally tear into you with an amused smile.

You give Mima a look. You're clearly not buying it. "Mmhmm."

Oh HO! Mima becomes increasingly offended at your baseless, hurtful accusations and how you besmirch her honor in such a manner. She just puffs up and gets up in your face, nose inches from yours. Well, she'd found something neat and cool and was going to give it to you when you were done with your conversations with your NEW FRIENDS, but maybe she'll just keep it for herself now, you...you...double meanie!

Yukari seems to have acquired a bowl of popcorn from somewhere and is sharing it with Reisen. Both of them are watching your confrontation with interest.

"Mima." You shake your head. "If you don't want me to be suspicious, maybe you should pull fewer pranks? ...Or maybe start fewer fires, at least? Break less stuff?" You sigh.

Mima just gets up even closer to your face, getting super mad now. How dare you go and automatically assume she's up to no good, and trying to start trouble in the Center. She gets into a little bit of trouble and you get scared, and now you're always on her case. What about all the times you thought she was responsible for something and then she WASN'T, huh?

"...Like, uh." You scratch your head, thinking about this. "...When?"

Mima leans closer to you, opening her mouth to unleash her no doubt incredibly well thought out and perfect argument when...!

...She leans up in your face and kisses you on the lips. MMMMMMWah.

Yukari covers her mouth in shock.

Reisen's ears slowly straighten until they're completely upright, as she watches what's going on so shamelessly, right in front of her!

Mima pulls back from you, cackling with glee at her victory! She has won, and made you pay her back for your baseless accusations by taking your precious thing!

You splutter, surprised.

"Mimaaa...." You whine, "Come onnn..."

Her vicious, gleeful cackling over your complete and utter defeat and how you're left groveling at her ectoplasmic knees continues completely and totally unabated. Apparently she's quite happy with your crushing defeat at her...lips?

Then she suddenly turns on Reisen. Is she so upset about this? Well then, she should have taken the countless chances she had before now. Mima has only waited long enough, and simply took her turn and did it right.

Reisen's ears droop as her eyes narrow, glowering below and to the left of Mima. Apparently she's rather displeased about something.

Mima simply spreads her arms wide as if to say 'Well, what is it'.

Yukari is completely unhelpful, simply watching the fight that is about to break out with anticipation.

"Girls." You break in, "No fighting in the Center." You Look at them sternly - or, well, as sternly as you can, after what's just happened. "You know better."

Reisen snaps her gaze over in your general direction before she loosens up and just...stops. Whatever she was thinking about doing is gone as she stares at the floor a few paces in front of her.

Mima huffs but complies easily enough. She's already gotten payback for your slanderous lies anyway.

Yukari seems fairly disappointed by the lack of entertainment.

"So!" You decide that that's quite enough of that. "What did you find, Mima?"

Huh, what? Mima looks over to you in surprise before realization dawns on her face. Oh you want the thing? Sure, give her a second.

Then she starts digging through her skirt to find it before she pulls out a...

Well, some kind of really, really shiny rock. Mima claims that she found a MOONSTONE.

"A 'MOONSTONE'?" You ask, not entirely sure what that is, anyway. "...What's that, exactly?" You're pulling out your Tablet to see if you can find it in an encyclopedia app, for a likely better explanation than Mima would give.

The tablet beeps as it pulls up the information.
"A Moonstone is a stone that contains an abnormal power within it. When exposed to it, certain touhoumon can be encouraged to evolve into different forms than they ordinarily would. Moonstones are extremely valuable, and are only found in a few areas of the world. The Touhoumon that are most notably affected by Moonstones include Keine and Reisen, although under certain circumstances, many others are able to be affected.
For more information, please see 'Evolutionary Stones'." It finishes.

"Huh." You're...actually quite impressed. "I guess that's pretty valuable, huh?" You give Mima an appraising look, but...she wouldn't actually STEAL something, you figure. Hope. You accept the stone.

Mima is glad that you aren't spitting on her gift as you had her honour, you see.

...Also, Reisen seems to have shifted from where she was before to put both Mima and Yukari between you and herself.

You stuff the stone in with your other things, sealing up your pack.

"Thanks, Mima!" You smile, "If nothing else, we can sell it later to pick up more supplies."

Mima puffs up again, obviously proud of herself now that you're praising her and not slandering her good name and honor and pride and...various other things like you were before. All is forgiven!

Well, that was accomplished far faster than you had expected. Now what should you-

Your consideration is interrupted by a shout of utter mental anguish.

"Fucking!" A man yells out in frustration as he slams his hands against the table,"I just can't stay here and watch this!" He yells, grabbing at the mess of papers and such he had all over his table and stuffing them into his bag. "This, is bullshit!" He seethes, flailing about. "Not only do you act like you can understand moonspeak, but you're such a filthy, fucking, CASUAL! I bet you aren't even going to use that moonstone on your Reisen, god!" He seems to be raging at you for...some reason. "Keep your touhoumon in their balls you filthy hippy!" He continues on,"And another thing! You obviously haven't trained them properly! Letting them wander around outside of their balls like that, and having them being willing to question you? Chrissake, get good you degenerate, tryhard scrub!"

...what is he even saying to you? Whatever it is, Mima seems to be getting rather angry, and you can feel a strange pressure washing over you from behind you where Yukari and Reisen are.

You wave your hands in a calming gesture.

"Dude. Chill out, okay? Just relax, man." This guy is going to get himself in some serious trouble if he keeps up like this. Mima can be...vindictive. And you've never even SEEN Reisen actually get mad.

"I'm not your dude, man!" He snaps at you,"And don't use your casual lingo with me! I went to touhoumon training university! I studied EVs and IV and PVs! I graduated top of my class! I wrote a DISSERTATION on how to keep your touhoumon properly compliant and follow your orders even if you DON'T have enough shiny badges!"


"I..." He blinks, raising his hand to his now wet looking face, "I'm..." Then he falls to the ground with a thump and starts snoring.

A troop of ChibiReisens and Tewi comes running out of the backroom, carrying a stretcher. They load him onto it and quickly carry him off to...somewhere.

...Well that was something.

In the corner, the Shady Loner discreetly puts his hand back into his jacket pocket.

You stand there for a long moment, before lowering your hands.


Now what...?

[ ] Chat
- The Shady Loner
[ ] Time for bed!
[ ] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.
No. 167437
[ ] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.
No. 167438
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner

Well, that was...something I guess. So I guess trainers that treat their Touhoumons as actual living being rather then mindless drones aren't all that appreciated by the "pro" like that douchebag then ?
No. 167439
[X] Time for bed!
Sleepytime now.
No. 167442
[X] Chat
- The Shady Loner

Eh, why not
No. 167443
[x] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.

This seems like a fun and plot-tastic choice.
No. 167445
[x]Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.

Mystery option? Don't mind if I do!
No. 167446
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner

Thanks, dude. Appreciate it.

The d'aaawwww factor is strong in this one.
No. 167447
[X] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.

>Or the time that she wanted to make a pool for you all to swim in and somehow got those bombs (your mom defused them in time).
Another data point for the Sakuya Mom theory.

>Not only do you act like you can understand moonspeak,
Now, what do you suppose he means by "moonspeak"? It probably isn't another language, otherwise THAT GUY would have been taught it at "Touhoumon training university." Perhaps chibis only say their name... and Nebosa can translate like other touhoumon thanks to his half-touhoumon heritage.
No. 167448
[x] Time for bed!

Need a good night's sleep before tomorrow's inevitable ADVENTURE.
No. 167452
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner
No. 167453
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner

Talk to every NPC I guess.
No. 167458
Amusing hipster dude who clearly needs to take a chill pill~ I'd be counter-ripping him a new one if he were a real person.

-[x]The Shady Loner

Ten bucks says he wants to sell us a CSatori.
No. 167459
[X] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.

Mystery option is begging to be chosen.
No. 167462
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner

In Pokemon (and Touhoumon as a result) talking to every NPC tends to get you free stuff.

Things I've noticed:
- Our Touhoumon probably don't speak English (or whatever language we're getting through translation convention).
- Adding to the above, none of the humans we've encountered have had Japanese names. Except our dubiously human protagonist that is.
- With a quick name search, I discovered that Nebosa is not an actual name people have. It is close to the Serbian/Croatian name Nebojša, which means fearless. Probably irrelevant but something to ponder.
- Considering Remilia is a dark type, we are liable to get our shit kicked in if we go straight to the SDM. Or it will be the Mima power hour. Which would be amazing.

To the writers:
This story has been great so far, particularly the character interactions. The Touhoumon play off of each other well. Mima is particularly entertaining and is probably the most entertaining kind of Mima.

Keep up the good work!
No. 167463
[x] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.

So I guess not all peopel can talk to their touhoumons.
No. 167465
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner

His reaction was curious.

Also you don't use a moon stone until Reisen evolves once.
No. 167466
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner
No. 167467
[x] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.
Yeah, shame it wasn't a Sun Stone, then we could get us an Advent Reisen. Pyew pyew!
No. 167469
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner

Anyone who is that calm around PRO TRAINERS is worth looking into.
No. 167471
[x] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.
No. 167475
that's assuming Reisen wants that as she didn't want to be a nurse.
No. 167476
[x] Chat
- The Shady Loner
No. 167479
File 136745919794.jpg - (58.16KB , 256x256 , Reisen Badass Adorable.jpg ) [iqdb]
You glance over towards the front desk, looking at the Nurse for a brief moment before turning and walking over towards that Shady Loner sitting by himself in the corner.

You find that the mysterious man doesn't respond to your approach at all, save for the smallest hint of a smile on his lips as you draw close. For a long moment, there's simply silence between the both of you before he speaks. "Well now, what could you want with me, hm?" He asks you, his voice low and gravelly, but young.

You scratch your head. "...To talk...?" You hazard a guess.

He pauses for a moment before he snorts in amusement and takes his feet off of the table in front of him, sitting more properly. "Oh, is that all? I'd thought you'd come to beat me or drive me mad." He jests, the grin on his face far more evident now.

You cross your arms, defensively. "Hey, hey...Those weren't my fault!" You huff, good-naturedly, before ginning at the other guy. "I'm Nebosa." You introduce yourself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Nebosa." He tips his worn, broad brimmed hat to you before spreading his arms wide with a dramatic flourish, "I am the Magnificent Chester!" He declares, dramatic lighting effects and smoke going off behind him, giving him a very impressive entrance.

...At least, Mima thinks so apparently. She's applauding wildly, clapping with absolute glee at Chester's show.

Chester simply takes a small bow, "Thank you, thank you. You're so kind."

Your eyebrows go up. How did he even get all of that set up in the Center? "...That was kind of neat." You're forced to admit. You're not QUITE as enthused about it as Mima, but he does have a bit of style, you guess.

"I try." Chester responds, dusting a bit of something off of the shoulder of his black greatcoat," Now that introductions are out of the way, just what did you want to talk about?" He asks you, relaxing back into his chair and crossing one leg over the other.

…You notice that Reisen is currently staring pointedly at a point to the left and behind Chester, her eyes locked on that spot.

"Um." Well, setting aside the fact that you don't really know how to answer that, what's Reisen looking at? Normally she keeps her eyes down, when she's avoiding making eye contact at all costs like she normally does.

"Hmmm." Chester hums thoughtfully as he rubs his chin, "Your friend there has some sharp eyes on her." Chester compliments as he reaches up behind him and...pats something invisible on the head! "Looks like you jig is up Kukoi. You'd best show yourself now, hm?"

There's a brief moment before someone melts into existence, right where Reisen was staring! She's...wearing some kind of black outfit that covers up the vast majority of her body, and is even wearing headwraps around her head. The only part her you can see the area around her eyes where the brightest green eyes you've ever seen are staring straight into yours gaze completely unflinching and a few strands of gray hair poking out to frame her eyes.

...Then, she winks at you and moves to sit on the arm of Chester's chair. Chester throws an arm around her waist and pulls her closer to him. "Now, now. Don't tease the poor boy just because his girl beat you at your game." He apparently chides her, grinning widely.

"...Whoa." Okay, you're impressed now. "That was pretty neat."

"Isn't she just?" Chester asks, getting a giggle and a swat out of the girl he has his arm wrapped around, "She takes the skills of her kind to an entirely different level. She can't be found if she doesn't let herself be."

"...Or at least, that's what she always says when she’s bragging." Chester adds on as an aside, looking away from the girl as she swats him again, this time with a bit of force behind it.

You chuckle, softly, "Well, Reisen's pretty awesome herself." You can't help but add.

"So I can see." Chester agrees,"You've quite a menagerie following you. I hope you haven't had too much trouble with the riff raff that came to town recently." He states,"Why, some of them even broke up my show and tries to hassle Kukoi and myself, wanting to know where I'd found her so they could 'have one too'." He laughs,"As if there could be more than one Koishi as magnificent as her!"

'Kukoi' puffs up a bit, reminding you of Mima as she preens at Chester's casual praise of her. She IS Magnificent isn't she?

"Trouble?" You tilt your head. "Nope. Haven't had any, really. In fact, other than at that Yakumo Corp thing, I haven't really seen anyone at all." It's true. The streets have been awfully deserted.

Yukari stiffles a giggle at something from her position atop your head, apparently dreadfully amused about something.

"Oh, I see." Chester responds,"You're quite the lucky one then, aren't you? They've been all over most of the town from what I hear. Some of them even tried to bother the Keine that heads the Hakutown Defense Force when she's not acting as principal of the school." His grin grows wider,"They did it by forcing their way into the school...when it was in session."

...Oh dear...

"I do believe the last of them will be getting out of the hospital in a few days." Chester says with obvious cheer.

You wince. "...Ouch." You say. "They really ought to think things through before they do things like that. They'll just keep getting themselves hurt otherwise."

"Oh indeed, but people like them never learn." Chester says, shaking his head forlornly at the state of the world as Kukoi pats him consolingly on the back, leaning close to him and whispering something that you can't catch into his ear. Whatever she said makes Chester laugh,"Oh Kukoi, that's positively mean of you to say!"

"...Though it's true enough." He admits, still chuckling.

"...What?" You ask, curiously.

Reisen's ears twitch sharply and the expression on her face shifts just slightly, but she doesn't act up in any other way.

"Oh, it's just..." Chester pauses, considering you for a moment,"...It's a joke for when you're older." He says, and doesn't elaborate any further.

Reisen...actually nods, agreeing. It's not something for you now, maybe when you're older.

Mima pats you consolingly on the back. She thinks you're plenty mature enough for adult activities!

"....Okay?" You're a bit lost, but you're getting used to that

"Well then." Chester says, changing the topic of the discussion,"Tell me, have you heard about the 'Legend of the Ghost Train'?" He asks, grinning widely.

"The what? No, I don't think I have..." You answer.

"Well then." Chester responds with a grin,"Would you like to?"

...well, would you?


Do you want to know more?

--[ ] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

--[ ] No. Ghost trains are not, in fact, topical to your interests.

If no, pick one of these options instead:

[ ] Time for bed!

[ ] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.
No. 167480
[X]Yes, ghost trains are relevant to your interest.

Hey, more rumors and possible destinations never hurt!
No. 167481
File 136745972579.jpg - (48.24KB , 853x480 , Would You Like to Know More.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

Mystery options are nice but I'm not sure we should pursue for now.
No. 167482
--[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

A ghost story before bed is always a good idea.
No. 167483
[x] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.

The Ghost Train is probably connected to the mysterious train station we already heard about from the FILTHY CASUALS, meaning we already know the way there. And I STRONGLY suspect that the garbled vote is best summed up as "ask Nurse to let us touch fluffy tail".

...What? I want to see CReisen in a jealous huff!
No. 167484
A train station abandoned, and a ghost town nearby...

--[ ] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.
No. 167485
Alright, speculation on the mystery option.

It first appeared after the update in which Mima kissed us and gave us the moonstone. I somewhat strongly suspect that having the moonstone and the mystery option are related, as are the noted anomalies (understanding "moonspeak", the world slowing, various parent-related oddities, absurd luck).

Probable result? Moonstone reaction, evolution improbable yet possible.

Suggested course? Get all the talking done first, then select the mystery option.
No. 167487
-[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

Let's see now, he's half Touhoumon with at least some abilities, has rare and powerful companions as starters, hits it off great with everyone (especially females) he meets, save for a stereotypical lecher that he fights to look valiant, and is a Shirou when it comes to understanding entendres.

Gary Oak Stu.
No. 167489
[ ] Hhhh___y, N__rs, ___ wa___ f__ff T_t_il. s sf_.
No. 167490
[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.
No. 167491
[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

The mystery option and the moonstone are very likely to be related, but that's about it. The possibility of the anomalies you mentioned being related to the moonstone is very unlikely, because we have shown that we had them long before we got the moonstone.
No. 167492
--[ ] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

Ghost stories are certainly not plot hooks at all. Nope.

do we get to suplex it?
No. 167493

If you look at the moonstone as the cause, yes. If you look for a cause elsewhere, there is the possibility that the reaction with the moonstone continues a pattern.
No. 167494
[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

Ghost Trains beat weird stones in my book.
No. 167496
Go back to the last thread and take a look at >>167293. It had its own garbled, spoilered-out mystery vote, which appeared well before we got the moonstone.

Interestingly enough, the garbled bit was different for that one, and never reappeared. I wonder what all that was about?
No. 167497
Admit _______ to______, y_u just c___t ___p it an___o__

Assuming these blacked-out options always lead to bad ends, I'm guessing something along the lines of "Admit desire to Nurse, you just can't stop it anymore."
Why the option changed? Maybe our prolonged interaction with her built up the desire to touch Fluffy Tail to the point that we're barely coherent once it's released?
No. 167498
--[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

I'm sure the man has some first hand info about it or some lore.

Mystery options are very risky especially with their implications. NReisen may be lovely but no reason to be going about touching her tail.
No. 167500
[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

something else to look into.
No. 167504
File 136748076394.png - (370.59KB , 440x635 , 1365800854425.png ) [iqdb]
Everyone's acting like there's actually something WRONG with wanting to Touch Fluffy Tail.

You guys seriously sicken and disgust me.
No. 167506
File 136749311743.gif - (1.90MB , 316x213 , 1332908722613.gif ) [iqdb]
>Look at all this speculation I'm taking as fact and phrasing in a way to support my accusations.

Also, at least Shirou was old enough to go to high school
No. 167507
File 136749482221.jpg - (290.59KB , 2560x1432 , marvellous-chester-large.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Magnificent Chester
>Well, what is it?

I see someone's been playing Dark Souls.

[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.
No. 167508
Nothing wrong if she offers it, but going up and doing it? That's like sexual harassment, man.
No. 167509
>Ah, the sun, so grossly incandescent. Like a wondrous mother.
>Mima spreads her arms wide as if to say 'Well, what is it'

You're just now noticing?
No. 167511
File 136751282922.jpg - (140.62KB , 446x508 , 6064.jpg ) [iqdb]

Absolutely disgusting. I bet you're one of those freaks who likes consensual sex in the missionary position WITH the lights off!
No. 167512
That joke got old when I heard it the fifth time.
In 2006.
No. 167513
>Probable result? Moonstone reaction, evolution improbable yet possible.
Fuck! I read that in Abathur's voice.
No. 167521
[x] Yes. Ghost Trains are topical to your interests.

One more drop in the tide.
No. 167526
File 136754253199.jpg - (101.55KB , 850x591 , Reisen Sleeping.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sure!" You answer, pulling up a chair for yourself, "It sounds pretty interesting."

"Wonderful." Chester smiles,"Well then, listen closely."

Once Chester speaks again, there's something different about his voice. He keeps it low, and soft, but it just draws you in and captures your attention, making you hang on his every word. "There are stories not just here but all over the new continent; Tales of travelers wandering through the woods and plains in the deep of the night, only to hear the strangest of sounds. Whether it be the piercing whistle announcing its arrival or the sound of steel on steel as it travels past, there's no mistaking just what the noises sound like."

Mima settles in next to you, sitting on the arm of your chair as Reisen hops into your lap. You feel the Yukari on your head stir awake, apparently interested enough in your story to rejoin the land of the living.

"Some even claim to have seen it with their very eyes. Whether it be a large shadow in the distance flying through the woods as it hurtles past, or a bright light cutting through the darkness to light up the tracks, or even seeing the train is all its glory, old and battered yet running like new." He says,"They say that it's an old steam locomotive, the kind that hasn't been used in many decades by any living man."

"Which makes perfect sense." Chester adds,"Since it's not meant for the living."

You listen, eyes wide, unwilling to interrupt the flow of his story now, but fascinated despite yourself.

"You see, it is the Ghost Train that ferrys the dead to the afterlife." Chester says,"That is the very reason it exists, and that is why it is seen all over this continent. It moves from one stop to the next, gathering lost souls and carrying them to their eternal rest."

Then, he grins,"Which is why you should pray that you never see it yourself. The train exists to ferry the dead, and should you see it while you're still living, well." He shrugs carelessly ,"You likely won't be for much longer. Seeing the train is an ill portent. A very grave portent indeed."

"You see, only the dead are meant to lay eyes on it, and should a living man see it, well." He spreads his hands helplessly, "It's because more likely than not, you'll be needing its services soon enough."

You gasp, softly, eating up this story. "...Whoooa."

Chester's grin widens at your rapt attention, "So remember Young Nebosa, when you're next traveling through these dark, lonely woods and you think you hear the wind whistling through the trees...it may just not be the wind at all, haha!"

Mima claps happily, cheering at the story. Yay ghosts!

Reisen shifts in her lap to rest herself against you, apparently content with the situation and the story just told, and especially content with where she is.

Yukari herself deigns to clap a few times for Chester as well, though she's far less enthused than Mima was.

"Wow..." You lean back, impressed. "That's...kinda spooky." You admit. "And you're an awesome storyteller, Chester." You give the man his due - he's seriously good at it.

"I try." Chester responds casually, "But...the Ghost Train is no mere story." He informs you, "It's quite real, I assure you. As to whether it's really the ferryman of the dead, I cannot say."

"More likely than not, it's just another anomaly." He shrugs carelessly, "There are countless mysteries in this world after all, even if the New Continent has more than its fair share of them."

"...Wow." A shiver goes down your spine. "It's real, huh? For sure?"

"Oh, very." Chester nods, "I've heard from numerous reliable sources that evidence and reports of it are seen all over the New Continent, both near and far from civilization. It's quite the popular subject these days." He says, "Supposedly some fool documentary maker was hunting down the train and disappeared. They found his camp site, ransacked and abandoned for quite some time."

"And of course the rumors started saying that he had been carried off by the train to the afterlife as punishment for trying to find it." Chester scoffs, "Bah, it's more likely he was carried off by an Oni than the train, given where he was."

Kukoi shifts again, moving from her perfect stillness to lean down and whisper something to Chester. Chester simply grins widely in response, "Oh, is that so? Well then, I won't keep you from it dear." He says, letting go of the girl, "Go and have your fun." He tells her, before giving her butt a swat as she steps away, making her giggle before she...fades out.

"Sorry about that, she had something she needs to get done." Chester apologizes.

"Oh." You say, "It's fine. Yeah, that kind of does sound like an Oni thing. Yuugi was always kind of energetic..." You admit, thinking about your neighbor's friendly touhoumon. She and Mima got along like a house on fire...

It reminds you of the time that Yuugi convinced Mima to try and carry you off somewhere, and Mima worked to hard to try and pick you up but just couldn't do it.

She sulked for days after that.

Mima seems to be remembering the incident as well, you suspect, if that look she's giving you is any clue. She has gotten stronger since then, so maybe...

You grin at Mima, and turn to Chester again. "Well, it was nice talking to you," You say, as you stand and stretch. "But I should probably turn in, about now. It's getting a bit late..."

"Oh well, fair enough." Chester shrugs and reaches into his coat to produce...a small white card! "Here, my card." He says, twirling it dexterously before holding it out for you to take.

"Ah." You reach out and accept the card, "Thank you. I don't have one of my own,or I'd return the favor..."

"Don't have your cards yet? Oh well, that won't do at all." Chester chides,"A gentleman should always have his cards on him." He informs you as he stands up himself,"Be sure to look into getting yours soon. It'd be dreadful if you met someone important and couldn't introduce yourself properly. Who knows what that would do to your first impression."

"Now then, I must be off myself." Chester says,"Kukoi's been gone for too long considering what she's supposed to be doing, and that always means trouble."

"Ah, yeah." You can absolutely sympathize with that. "I know how it can be." You glance over at Mima. "I'm quite familiar with that sort of trouble." You say, simply.

You approach the door and press the little button next to it that says 'Press for Help'. Soon enough, Hannibal opens up the door. "Ah, what can I do for you? You all ready to head to bed, or maybe you want to hit the showers or baths first?"

What time is it?

[ ] Bed Time!


[ ] Bath Time!

What kind of bath time?

-[ ] Good Times
-[ ] Bad Times
-[ ] Sexy Times
-[ ] MANLY Times
No. 167527
[x] Bed Time!

No. 167528
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good Times

Naturally Mima will be trying to slip into the tub with us. And naturally Reisen will stop her and incidentally peek at us while doing so. And naturally Yukari will have been there all along.
No. 167529
[x] Bath Time!
No. 167531
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good Times
No. 167533
This can only end magnificently

[x] Bath Time
-[x] MANLY Times
No. 167534
[x] Bath Time!

My guess is either we walk in on NReisen or a surprise event
No. 167535
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good Times

Somehow I could link Ghost Train, Abandoned Station and Ghost Keine together...
No. 167536
[x] Bath Time!
No. 167539
[x] Bath Time!
No. 167540
How can we not?

[x] Bath Time
-[x] MANLY Times
No. 167541
[x] Bath Time!

Eh, why not.
No. 167542
[x] Bath Time!
No. 167543
[x] Bath Time!
No. 167546
[x] Bath Time!
'ere we go
No. 167548
[X] Bath Time!

Well if it gets heavy into /at/ territory, none of the Chibis. Not a fan at all of that sort of thing, killed City Quest for me.


Why am I now thinking of the FF7 brothel tub scene with built men, except with Hannibal?
No. 167549
[x] Bath Time
-[ ] Bad Times

How can people not vote for this?
No. 167550
[x] Bath Time!

oh god what
No. 167552
[x] Bath Time!

As much as I'd like to see Mima and Yukari's teasing shenanigans at the bath, this option ensures hilarious times. And I'm all for having a good laugh at Nebosa's expense. As long as it doesn't turn into a real "bad end" of yours.
No. 167553

It's okay if the bad-end is for /at/
No. 167557
Do not want male on male assrape.
No. 167558
Whaaaaat. But, but... This site has so little!
No. 167560
[X]Bath Time!
-[X]Sexy Time!

Like I was going to let this option slide~ Though personally I think this story's arrangement where the primary story is in /th/ and the naughty stuff is in /at/ works just fine. It lets you choose whether to read the sexy stuff or to save it for later.
No. 167564
[c] Bath Time
-[v] Sexy Times

What other options?
No. 167565
I find the mental image of chibi-Mima trying to sling Nebosa over her shoulder to be strangely adorable.
No. 167566
most of her actions come off as that way, mainly a result of her ego being amusingly bigger than herself. I do look forward to the day where Mima grows to fit her ego.
No. 167568
[X] Bath Time!
-[X] Sexy Times

No regrets!
No. 167570
[X] Bath Time!
-[X] Sexy Times
No. 167571

The day that happens, the /ss/ will flow freely and no one shall suffer from want of it.
No. 167575
What level does she evolve anyway? mid 10s? 20s? 30s?

If anything Reisen would likely be the first to evolve, especially now that Nebosa has a Moon Stone. We get Advent Reisen with that, right?

Sorry, I haven't played Touhoumon in a while.
No. 167577
I am suddenly struck with the image of a giant Mima facing down a fully awakened Eva-01.
No. 167578
Speaking of levels, the advanced scan app said something about "Yakumo stimated combat level" or something like that.
Does that mean Reisen can take on lvl 52 on a given combat without elemental advantage? or that Reisen IS a level 50 something?
No. 167579

If you're going by 1.53 mechanics, CReisen evolves into Reisen at level 24, and evolves into EX Reisen with the Moonstone. If it's 1.8 mechanics, then level 36. Though I don't think the author's going to adhere to any particular mechanic set all that strongly, as this is a CYOA.

Just to note, Advent evolutions in 1.53 require the Sun Stone, not the Moon Stone.
No. 167580

Well congratulations on your fine, fantastic choice making everyone. I think we've all learned something valuable here today.

Now, go look at the last update and vote again please. SEXY TIMES is no longer an option.
No. 167582
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Bad Times

Tide pissin'
No. 167583
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times
No. 167584
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times

I am ready for a nice, relaxing bath. Possibly with our touhoumon peeking in at us.
No. 167585
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times
No. 167587
[X] Bath Time!
-[X] Good Times
No. 167589
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times
No. 167591
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times
No. 167593
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Bad Times

Token resistance.
No. 167594
[x] Bath Time
-[x] MANLY Times

When a spoilered choice is available, one must always vote for it!
No. 167595
[x] Bath Time
-[x] MANLY Times
No. 167596
[X] Bath Time!
-[X] Good Times
No. 167597
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times

Let them roll!
No. 167598
[x] Bath Time
-[x] MANLY Times

We've been told to be "very cute" in both bad ends. In order to avoid them in the future, our first priority is to train our manliness some levels. Furthermore, if we become GAR, this will have the added advantage of our Touhoumons respecting us more thanks to our girth. Especially Mima, who seems so fond of messing with us.

Of course, if we're gonna go SEXY BAD END hunting, we should avoid this option like the plague. Female Touhoumons do seem attracted by cute little boys. F'kin pedophiles.
No. 167599
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times
No. 167600
[X] Bed Time!
No. 167601
Well that was pleasant~

[X]Bath time!
-[X]Good times!
No. 167602
Welp, in that case:
[x] Bath Time!
-[x] Good times

More bad ends, they are... good.
No. 167603
[x] Bath Time
-[x] MANLY Times

I'm still disappointed that sexy manly times didn't win.
No. 167604
I didn't consider that last one a bad end as opposed to another end.
No. 167608

I for one consider it the NReisen TRUE END.
No. 167617
File 136773667896.jpg - (323.26KB , 650x800 , 58839b282ce7b093a75d2034bc7aecd7.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Oh!" You're not sure why, but you're a little surprised at the bath option. "Well, I guess a bath WOULD be nice." You decide, after a moment.

"Right, just follow me then." He says, waving you after him and into the hallway, getting you and your little party of four to follow along. The hallway is...


It's...huge, and seems to go on forever. Countless doors line both sides of the hallway, each almost exactly alike the next. Any differences you're seeing could very well be imagined. "Try not to think to hard about this place, yeah?" Hannibal says, "Your head'll hurt if you do, hah!"

"R-right." Even so...how is it so big? It doesn't make any sense at all...

Hannibal just chuckles as he continues to lead you deeper and deeper into this seemingly infinite hallway.


You're actually not sure how long its been now, but something about this hallway just seems to make time...irrelevant. You just keep walking, wondering just when you're actually going to get to the baths so you can clean up. Suddenly, Hannibal stops.

"Here we are." He says, opening a door and gesturing for you to head inside. Inside is...more hallways, but of a different kind. This new hallway has wooden floors polished to a mirror sheen, and its walls are a gentle, creamy white.

"This is where you need to go Nebosa. Just head down this hallway, take the second left and then it's the third door on your right." He informs you.

"Of course, your lady friends'll need to go to a different one." He says, shooing Yukari off your head.

Yukari huffs in annoyance but complies, while Mima snaps her fingers in disgust at once again being denied the opportunity to bathe with you together.

Reisen's ear simply shift slightly, her neutral expression concealing all opinions.

"Of course." You agree, a bit too cheerfully, perhaps. Finally, a nice, relaxing bath, without being interrupted! A DREAM COME TRUE.

You head head off, humming softly, a great big smile across your face.

You quickly skip off down the calming, soothing hallway, eagerly headed to your wonderful bathing destination without a care in the world. The branching hallways are pretty far apart, but you remember exactly what you're supposed to do!

You quickly take the second left and head down the hallway, towards the third door on the right. There you find a nice, non-descript door marked 'Private Bathroom #66'

You grin, looking forward to your nice, private bath. It's time! You throw open the door!

Inside you find a bathroom that has a bath just freshly prepared. The room has yet to fill up with steam, but it is still pleasantly warm as you step inside. To one side there is a cubby hole area for you to place your various clothing to keep it safe and dry.

Wow! The bath's even been prepared for you! Such a wonderful, convenient place this is. You quickly strip down, in the interest of keeping your clothes nice and dry, and head over to get your bathing done.

The bath is wonderfully warm and soothing and does wonders for your achy body as you slip into it. Along the edges of the massive tub are complimentary containers of touhoumon center generic soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Mmm, smell that sweet Touhoumon Center sterile smell.

Really, this place is just...paradise. So calm. So soothing, so you finally having a chance to bathe by yourself without anyone interrupting or helping or 'helping'...

You sigh happily, relaxing into the nice, warm water. This is great~

So peaceful~

You relax, basking in the relaxing feeling of the water washing away your sweat, the steam cleansing your pores and someone carefully working shampoo into your hair with small, strong fingers...

...After a moment, your eyes snap open. Wait, what? You turn your head, confused.

Behind you, you see your CReisen staring away from you and at the other end of the bathroom as she washes your hair diligently. She is currently wearing a fuzzy, pink bath towel. Her ears seem to be a bit soaked because of the moisture in the air and are drooping a touch.

Apparently, she is here to help.

"...Um." You say, "Really, I don't nee- where is Mima?!" You suddenly spin, look up, frantically trying to locate the currently unwatched and unsupervised ghost before she can strike. You rapidly look around the room, desperately hoping to find her before it's too late. Thankfully, you manage to catch her just as she's approaching you with a bristly scrub brush. She grins at you, and menaces you with it in a direly concerning manner.

...At that point, you notice that Yukari is hanging out of a gap in front of you, lazily rubbing your chest with some sudsy material? A loofa or wash rag or something.

Even as you flinch away from Mima, you're complaining asking, "Weren't you girls supposed to have your own bath room?" The faint desperation in your eyes almost certainly goes unnoticed.

Mima grins at you, her eyes glinting with malice. Oh but Nebosa, their bathroom wasn't that far from yours and, well. They were getting lonely, and Mima was getting bored. It was Reisen's idea to come see you, rather than all of them go off and have fun on their own.

Reisen bows her head in silent apology as she continues to work the shampoo into your hair. You ruthlessly choke off the quiet whimper that threatens to emerge from your throat. You turn your head to Reisen, eyes wide. "Your idea...?" You pat yourself on the back. There was almost certainly no sense of crushing betrayal in your voice!

She bows her head further in shame and apology. She'll accept whatever punishment you intend to give her for her decision.

Mima frowns off to your side and baps you on the head with the hardside of the brush.

Yukari continues to scrub your chest, possibly already asleep and simply sleep washing.

You wince.

"Ow! Mima, be more careful." You sigh, knowing that your own resistance would be futile at this point. "...Fine." You say, reluctantly. "Do what you want..."

Mima grins widely, menacing you with the brush as she inches closer and...

Begins to delicately scrub you with it. Scrub, scrub, scrub~

And thus, in this humiliating way, you were bathed by your touhoumon.

BATH EN- no, wait.

You endure their cleaning, and even maybe enjoy it, just a bit - it's always nice to spend time with your girls, even if it is incredibly embarrassing at the same time.

And so you are scrubbed squeaky clean at the attentive and thankfully not roaming hands of your friendly attendants. Your hair is perfectly cleansed and styled, your body is scrubbed clean and wiped off. You are, in fact, entirely clean and happy right now. So, that's something right? No matter how you got there.

After all, it could've been worse. You could have walked in on Nurse Reisen, or shared a communal bath with all the guys! Yeah, it could definitely have been worse. You take some comfort in this, as you consider your next problem.

"Um, girls..." You begin, hesitantly. "I need to get out."

Mima smiles and stares at you.

Yukari actually wakes up...and stares at you.
Both of them have been waiting for this...!

Reisen grabs the both of them by their ears and drags them out of the bath and your way, taking them back from whence they came.

You sigh with relief, glad that Reisen is still the reasonable one. Humming softly, you climb out of the bath, getting yourself dried off and dressed, before emerging from the bathing area.

Outside you find your fantastic friends, already having dried and dressed themselves. They're all waiting for you, and Mima immediately perks up when you return. Grinning happily, she suggests that now it's time for all of you to head to bed.


Yukari simply returns to her position on your head and immediately goes to sleep.

Reisen is...staring down the hall away from you, her ears still drooping.

"Yeah." You decide, setting your hand on Reisen's head. "I guess It's about time to go to bed, huh?"

Reisen's ears perk up as you pat her head, and you think you hear a faint noise from her.

Mima, meanwhile, simply presses up against your back and starts to push you down the hallway. She already asked which way to go so it's fine come on, move it, this way!

With a laugh, you let yourself be shepherded along by Mima.

You are quickly shoved and shoved and shoved along as Reisen guides the lot of you through the twisting and turning maze of hallways that this place is. What a strange place really. Suddenly, Reisen opens a seemingly random door, and you are shoved inside by Mima. Inside is...

...A nice, cozy room, really. There's a desk, shelves, a closet a nice big bed.
Nice big, singular bed.


[ ] Go straight to bed
[ ] You just need to...
- What?
No. 167618
[X] You just need to...
[s][X] Get protection first.
-[X] Check to make sure that the one bed doesn't have some prank hidden underneath the covers. Mima's awfully insistent...
No. 167619
[X] Go straight to bed

No. 167620
[X] Go straight to bed
Too tired to deal with whatever she has planned right now.
No. 167621
>sharing a communal bath with all the guys

Suddenly I feel like I chose poorly...

[X] You just need to...
- Check for traps. Mima and Yukari were missing earlier after all.
No. 167622
[X] You just need to...
- Check for traps.
No. 167623
[X] You just need to...
-[X] Check for traps.

Just in case.
No. 167625
Let's cuddle all three of them while we sleep just to see their reactions. Bit of a payback for flustering us in the baths.
No. 167626
>see their reactions
>while we sleep

Pick one, unless we suddenly became sleep-psychic.
No. 167629

No no no I got it!

You see, since we're a hybrid due to being an offspring of a Final or Last Word Sakuya, we got timehax. With this we can subconsciously travel back IN TIME and while we're in the same body. and experience it.
No. 167630
[X] You just need to...
-[X] Check for traps.
No. 167631
[X] Go straight to bed

Sleepy sleepy~
No. 167632
[X] Go straight to bed

If he get pranked well to Mima and Yukari Nebrosa earned it for denying them a show.
No. 167634
[X] Go straight to bed

I'm certain that Mima will do absolutely nothing to us while we sleep. No sir.
No. 167635
[X] Go straight to bed
No. 167636
[X] Go straight to bed
No. 167637
[X] You just need to...
-[X] Check for traps.

Never hurts to be careful, I guess.
No. 167643
...Is it a terrible thing if I hope we find a chibi Shinki at some point?
No. 167644
[x] Go straight to bed
I'm tired, can I sleep yet? And dream!
No. 167647
File 136780287667.jpg - (31.21KB , 256x80 , pard_th.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You just need to...
-[X] Check for traps.
No. 167648
Bread, this. Please.
No. 167659
File 136781657094.png - (764.65KB , 850x800 , who-me.png ) [iqdb]
You want to meet a Shinki?
You're sure~?
No. 167660
Let's not be too hasty/greedy here. Our starting group is quite good and let's not sell the other options short before encountering them.
No. 167665
I think we should all keep in mind that the writer is somewhat cruel, and he takes joy in that and in crushing your poorly-thought-through dreams.
No. 167666
File 136782460563.jpg - (243.96KB , 657x641 , bed-at-last-bed-at-last.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stretch a bit, taking a moment to just breathe, before flopping, fully clothed, facedown on the bed. Soft and comfy~


...shockingly enough, nothing actually happens to you at all. No pies, no thousand playful pinches, no ending up being wrapped up in the blankets and hog-tied by the sheets. Nothing suprising or unexpected in the least.

Obviously, Mima has been replaced by a pod touhou who can't act properly.

You lever your head up, until one eye peers curiously at the strange false-Mima. You mumble something into your blankets. As you turn to find proof of this possible thought, you see that your associates have changed into their nightwear.

Yukari is dangling out of the gap in a adorable golden nightgown covered in staring red eyes who seem to look at you no matter which way they face.

Reisen has put on one of your old button up shirts which is ridiculously large for her and all but covers even her toes. And Mima...

Mima is striking what you suppose is supposed to be a cool or alluring pose in a lacy pink nightgown covered in stars and moons. It looks a touch ridiculous on her, and is quite oversized. It's dangling to the floor even when she's levitating in the air. Apparently she wants you to take her picture.

You snort, lowering your head back into the blankets. Such a lovely bed~

A thrown scrub-brush smacks you. Mima points and gesticulates angrily, demanding that you get up off the bed right now and take her picture like you did Reisen you, you...double casual!



You lever your head up off the bed to glare at Mima. A double casual, are you?! Well, you'll just TAKE her picture! And then you WON'T SHOW HER. THAT'LL TEACH HER.

Off to the sidelines, Yukari and Reisen watch with interest and boredom, respectively. Yet, the two of them both share a small bowl of popcorn together as they watch the proceedings.

Mima grins wickedly. Oh yes, you'll take her picture. But not show her? Oh no, you'll give her everything she wants, just like always. You KNOW that she has her ways Nebosa. She has her ways with you especially.

You'll take her picture and show her...if you ever want to have her triple chocolate pancakes ever again! Gasp!

You narrow your eyes. She wouldn't DARE. She knows how much you love them. And what about her, hm? She couldn't LIVE without her precious pancakes. And if she thinks she can hide them from you, well.

She grins wider. Ah, but you forget young Nebosa...SHE'S the only one who knows all the sweets recipes by heart, and that includes Mother's Own Carrot Cake.

Reisen's ears twitch, her eyes narrowing in thought as she considers if she values Mother's Own Carrot Cake more than you. Her expression is one of deep, deep, thought and consideration.

...She wouldn't dare. Reisen, at least, wouldn't let her hold out for long, you're sure. Right?

Reisen's eyes widen and she's beginning to shake as her sense of duty and friendship struggles against her crippling addiction to Mother's Own Carrot Cake. Though you feel a faint sense of betrayal at her inability to immediately side with you, you find that you cannot blame her much for it. Mother's Own Carrot Cake really IS that good...

Really, all of mom's recipes were that good. They tasted fresh and delicious even days after they were baked. It's something that none of you have ever been able to pull off, not even Mima.

....Mima, really, wouldn't hold out on the two of you. She wouldn't. She's not THAT bad, really. Deep down, you're SURE there's a heart somewhere, probably!

Mima's grin widens. She has a heart, but it runs off of the suffering of others, and cake. And unfortunately for you, she doesn't depend on you for cake anymore, Nebosa. Now, take her picture and show how ridiculously awesome she is!

She giggles and strikes a pose, all malice and menace gone from both her and the air as she awaits her photo op.

Grumbling, you fish out the tablet, fiddling around until you get the scanner app loaded up, and with the disconcertingly silent camera, take her picture. ...You're still not sure where the film goes, or how the pictures get developed so fast. You suspect witchcraft.

The little thing beeps to inform you that the scan was taken, and quickly pulls up a series of windows to tell you what you just took an image of.

' CMima: A Dark/Ghost type touhoumon. The Mima species are said to be a type of 'Vengeful Spirit', but the CMima is more rambunctious and mischievous than vengeful and cruel. CMima are strong and capable opponents, and their naturally high power combined with a cunning mind makes them especially potent in the hands of a skilled trainer.' Hm. That certainly won't help with her ego.

Then CMima's scans of her 'statistics' come up like Reisen's and...

Overall Combat Ability: VERY GOOD

Estimated YAKUMO Standard Combat Level Rating: 11

Mima seems torn between being happy with how fantastic she is and cross with Reisen for being higher rated than she is. In the end, she settles for laughing happily at how completely awesome she is. Gahahahahaha~!

Yukari seems to be rather intrigued by the scan, and wants one for herself too now.

... Fffffine. You'll just scan her too. You already have it out, she's right there, whatever. After this, though, that's it. No more distractions. Just the glorious nothing that is sleep.

You quickly take the scan, and the thing runs like it's supposed to. Beep boop scan done picture pulled up.

'CYukari: The earliest stage of the best and most fantastic of all touhoumon species, the CYukari is inherently superior to even EX form evolutions or variant evolutions of any other species, no matter what they are. Unrivaled in psychic power and unmatched in every single way, they are absolutely fantastic and the cutest of all chibis.' ...You give the tablet a flat look.

After that stunningly truthful and accurate report, her combat data proceeds to be pulled up.

Overall Combat Ability: FABULOUSLY YUKARI

Estimated YAKUMO Standard Combat Level Rating: 7

Mima laughs at Yukari. Haha, she's only a single digit level. Mima assures Yukari that if she works as hard as she can, maybe someday she'll be half as completely awesome and incredible as Mima herself is!

Yukari has simply ignored her and crawled into bed with you, tucking herself under your left arm and curling up against you, for once completely withdrawing from her rend in the fabric of space and time.

Well, that's that. It's bedtime now. You shift, slightly, somehow slipping under one of the blankets with almost no movement.

Shortly, you feel your remaining friends slip into bed with you as well. Mima acts quickly and claims a spot under your right arm, nuzzling up against you happily as she hugs you like a body pillow. Reisen considers the situation for a long moment before simply crawling up onto the bed and laying down on top of your chest. Just because there's more than two of them now apparently doesn't mean she's obligated to sleep cold and alone, and certainly not down by your feet. And so, surronded by chibis, you find yourself drifting off to the sound and sensation of all their breathing calming and leveling as they go to sleep themselves, all cuddled up with you.

[ ] The Flowers of Bermuda
[ ] Crimson & Crystal
[ ] Efter Plugget
[ ] Daylight Lucidity


>implying that isn't the usual state of affairs
No. 167668
[X] The Flowers of Bermuda
No. 167669
Hmm, sounds like mom really was a Sakuya. Either that, or a Kaguya that learned how to cook.

[X] Daylight Lucidity
No. 167670
[X] The Flowers of Bermuda
We really need a way to prevent our shit getting kicked in once we go to that SDM. A competent Fire or Water Type would be good.
No. 167673
[X] The Flowers of Bermuda
No. 167674
[X] Daylight Lucidity

Let's see our dream sequence clearly.
No. 167675
[X] Daylight Lucidity

Hello potential LLS Extra choice.
No. 167676
In this story, that's not necessarily a negative thing.
No. 167683
>[ ] The Flowers of Bermuda
Assuming Bermuda here means the Bermuda Triangle, it's probably the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Bamboo blooms once every fifty years.

>[ ] Crimson & Crystal
The vampire sisters.

>[ ] Efter Plugget
The title of a song by Swedish band Factory meaning "After School". Keine.

>[ ] Daylight Lucidity
Being lucid means you're aware of being in a dream. So either Elly, Yuuka, Mugetsu or Gengetsu.

[X] Efter Plugget
No. 167684
[x] Efter Plugget

Need a Keine to keep our chibis in line.
No. 167685
[x] Efter Plugget

Keines are good.
No. 167686
[X] Efter Plugget
No. 167687
[X] The Flowers of Bermuda

From a completely gamey perspective, a Mokou would probably be the best addition to the party. We're stocked up on special attackers, but we don't really have a physical one yet.
No. 167688
[x] Crimson & Crystal
No. 167689
We can probably tag a Meiling at the SDM anyway in case we don't run into a Mokou. Poor thing would be up against a Reisen AND a Yukari.
No. 167690

Yes please. CMeiling would be awesome to pick up, especially if 7th Heaven form is available. Even if it isn't, she still would be a good addition.
No. 167691
[x] The Flowers of Bermuda
CMokou is a better option anyway since we need both physical and fire.
No. 167692
Since we're going to the SDM, we might as well try to enlist a CFlandre in our roster. Insane Atk and SPAtk, powerful Fire moves (both physical and special), and most importantly, a psychotic behavior to boot, to make Nebosa's life even harder with his other Touhoumons.
No. 167693

[x] Efter Plugget

A Keine would be great to help round out our team. We need some physical strength.
No. 167699
[x] The Flowers of Bermuda
No. 167701
[x] Efter Plugget

I think this is just a dream and not a touhoumon choice.
No. 167715
File 136788833924.jpg - (287.66KB , 700x933 , e378e5d0f00fbae26c814c3a6903e211.jpg ) [iqdb]
You are drifting...

...drifting in a world of endless, colorless fog. Before you and behind you there are nothing. Simply an endless, colorless nothingness.

....However, from that nothingness you hear something, calling you. A voice? A bell? You're not sure. But it pierces the thick fog to bring you towards it.

You find yourself drawing nearer to the call, moving without movement as you answer the summons.

...You suddenly wake to find yourself in an old looking town. The buildings are all made of wood and the roads little more than stamped down dirt. The town is dreadfully silent, silent as the grave. In the road you see signs of recent habitation though. Old cars left with their doors ajar, items left thrown about the street.

In front of you, a small doll has been trampled until it was nearly unrecognisable.

It's a particularly poignant sight, enhanced by the melancholic, lonely air of the empty town. You wonder, faintly, just what happened here.

In the distance you hear something. A faint roaring sound coming from the building atop a hill. You think you can see something moving around over there, but it's difficult to make out anything that far away. Everything's vague and indistinct.

You start to walk closer, curiously, wondering, in an oddly detatched way, just what's going on.

You wander closer to your destination, reality bending around and becoming indistinct as you walk. In no time at all, you find yourself at the hill and watching a truly vicious battle. A horde of nondescript shadowy figures charge at the little house on the hill, only to be driven back by a horned figure clad entirely in green. An EXKeine...?

She slams a vicious headbutt into the first figure to come near her, driving them into the ground as she lunges forward and catches the next in her horns and tosses them bodily into the sky, sending them slamming into the ground some distance away with seismic force. After that, it just becomes a whirlwind of blows as she lashes out at every attacker she can.

Unfortunately, even the greatest of fighters can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. It only takes a single mistake before one blow gets through, glancing off her side. And from there, it's a slow downhill drop.

But yet, even as she suffers further and further injury, the HKeine never lets up, stopping every attack and doing everything to keep her shadowy opponents from the house she's protecting.

In the end, it is the shadowy opponents who break first. They scatter and run, fleeing in terror from her.

The HKeine stumbles to her knees before falling to the ground, utterly spent. Lying on her back, she stares at the moon above her with hazy eyes.

The door of the house opens, and out steps a small figure, clad in blue with a silly hat on her head. Hesitantly, fearfully, she steps towards the fallen figure, reaching out with tiny hands, grabbing the cooling ones of the larger figure. The HKeine tries to smile, and says something to the younger Keine.

There, under the light of the bright red full moon, a daughter watches her mother die.


You open your eyes. ...For some reason, your face is wet...?

You have awoken to a new morning. The dawn light streams in through the small window on your wall. Under one arm, a still slumbering Mima clings to you, her fingers fisted into the fabric of your sleeping clothes as she snores softly, mumbling something about mines. Under your other arm, you find that Yukari is every bit as asleep as Mima, and has buried her face into your side as she slumbers.

....But where's Reisen?

You turn your head, looking around for your third friend as best as you can, without waking up the others.

Just as you've decided that, for some reason, she doesn't seem to be in the room, the door opens and Reisen returns, pushing in a cart laden with food that she has appropriated from the appropriate sources and brought here, back to your group, for you all to eat. Preferably now so you can actually get going at a reasonable time and avoid being out in dangerous territory at night.

You smile at the small rabbit. "Oh, there you are! I was looking for you." You say from your back, still 'pinned' by sleeping chibis.

Reisen's ears twitch in response as she nods, pushing the cart over to you as the trays rattle atop it. That's enough to wake up the other two, who let out noises of complain as they are dragged from their slumber.

Mima's end quickly enough as soon as Reisen shoves a tray loaded with sweet things into her hands. You notice that all those sweet things are specifically chosen to have some nutritional value.

Reisen shoves a tray containing a mixture of the foods you usually like for breakfast into your hands before passing a third one over to Yukari, which is covered in...

...Fruit? Lots and lots of kinds of fruit. Well, Yukari seems happy at least. She munches away contently on some pear.

Reisen simply plops herself down on the edge of the bed and waits, staring at the wall opposite her.

"Did you already eat?" You ask her, as you get up yourself,not seeing a tray of her own on the cart.

Reisen nods, still staring at the wall. She grabbed something to munch on herself when she was making your meals, so it's fine.

"Well, alright..." You acknowledge, starting your own meal as everyone else digs in.

The food is okay. Pretty good if you're being generous really, better than you expected from a Touhoumon Center. But still...it's just not home made delicious food.

Speaking around her caramel apples, Mima suggests that you all should figure out just where you're going today. She says that you should obviously go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion so she can beat up everyone there and show how fantastically awesome and tough she is. Obviously.

"We don't want to beat everyone up, Mima." You remind her, mildly, "But yeah, we should probably decide on our destination for the day."

Reisen speaks up, quietly suggesting that you investigate the abandoned town north of Hakutown first. She's reason to believe that the touhoumon in that area are weaker than in other places, as even now the strongest, and thus oldest, of the touhoumon avoid the area. She'd heard it from the Center staff rabbits, and they checked out.

"The abandoned town isn't going to be very dangerous, then?" You ask Reisen, to make sure. "...That sounds pretty nice."

Reisen nods. All of the intelligence she's gathered suggests that the Abandoned Town should be a reasonably easy and safe place to investigate and visit. Everything she knows says that it's still just that, abandoned.

Mima huffs in annoyance. She wants a challenge! A Foe! Opponents to drive before her and be made to lament!

Yukari is currently eating a pomegranate with an expression of serenity.

Or boredom.

"Then there's that train station thing..." You muse. "...So, where to go...?"

[ ] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion [Recommended Level: 11+]
No. 167716

No. 167717
[X] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

How about checking how we do first and maybe find another girl to balance our team against Remilia dark-type attacks that will horribly wreck our team?
No. 167718
[ ] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

Time to meet Ghost Keine.
No. 167719
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

I'm VERY curious about this ghost Keine now.
No. 167721
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

There is a lonely Keine here.

Clearly this is the way to go.
No. 167723
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

How could we not, after that dream!
No. 167725
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

Let's follow the level progression for now.
No. 167728

We're pretty OP, there's nothing to be afraid of.
No. 167729

No. 167730
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]
No. 167732
Morpheus has spoken.
No. 167733
[X] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

Keine. Keine Keine Keine. Keine.

>She wants a challenge! A Foe! Opponents to drive before her and be made to lament!
What a barbarian this Mima is.
No. 167734
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

The 'abandoned' places are almost never actually abandoned.
No. 167736
[X] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]

Good way to build up some exp and perhaps catch a Keine if not that Keine's daughter.
No. 167742
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]
Just for the record, what are our 'mons levels?
No. 167743
It looks like we have the following for levels:

Yukarin: 7
Mima: 11
Mrs. Competent: 52

Those might be off, and I suspect that Reisen's level is either a typo or another argument for Tewi being Nebosa's father.
No. 167744
Eh, if tewi really was his father. Then that first bad end wouldn't have happened and he would have come out of that forest with a new Touhoumon and a winning lottery ticket.
No. 167745
[X] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]
No. 167750
[x] Abandoned Town [Recommended level: 7-8]
No. 167751
Shouldn't she have evolved, if that were the case? And Yukari should be a 5 since she was a freebie 'mon.
No. 167755
Reisen is likely around Mima's level but with maximium IVs or close to it. If not a new variaton as Reisen types are well balanced in all regards but one: Physical attack. But yeah if her actual level was THAT high, she should have evolved long ago.

Though seeing Yukari with an average defense is a bit odd as last I checked in 1.53 she was generally a defensive type with both defenses being quite good with a less spectacular (but still pretty good) offenses and a rather low speed to offset it.

Mima is more an offensive type (with her other stats being rather decent)
No. 167757
She obviously kept hitting the B button
No. 167759
I thought those stat ratings were a comparison to the averages for their species?
No. 167763
That's what I think as well though the "overall combat level" is raising some questions considering how much higher Reisen's is compared to those two.
No. 167769
File 136794003478.jpg - (126.82KB , 600x600 , Reisen Staring.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well," You decide, "Let's head to that abandoned town, first." You nod. "Something nice and safe and easy to start with."

...You find yourself wondering just what sort of life you're leading when an abandoned, haunted town is apparently considered safe and easy by you. What would mother think of this?

...She'd probably think it was your choice and give you strongly worded life affirming advice and then give you a hug. She always knew what to say.

Reisen has accepted your decision and hopped off of the bed to wait for you to prepare yourself, and now stares at the door in...anticipation.

Mima huffs, annoyed that you would discount her incredible and fantastic advice and not just go to the SDM right now. Well, whatever. It's your decision. She just hopes that in the end you don't regret what happens there.

Yukari has finished her fruit and is rather content at the moment. Delicious natural sugars.

You gather your supplies, making sure you've got everything, before nodding. "Alright!" You declare. "Let's head out!"

Reisen stares at you for a long moment before tugging on the leg of your sleeping pants. You need to get changed. Off to the side, Mima snickers off to the side at your mistake as Yukari hangs lazily out of her tear in reality, waiting until she can take over your head again.

You pout slightly. You got all caught up in the moment and got distracted. It's really not your fault. You sigh. "I'll change, I'll change." You wave your hands. "So give me a little privacy, please?"

Mima and Yukari stare pointedly at you, eyes gleaming with anticipation for you to put on a show.

Then Reisen grabs both of them and drags them out of the room. Apparently, they'll be waiting for you outside when you're done.

Alone, for the moment, you undress, not in any real hurry, despite your own excitement at the imminent trip to the abandoned town. It's as you pull your pants on that you pause, for a moment. ...For some reason, it feels like you're being watched. You glance towards the door, making sure Mima's not peeking.

And yet, the door is entirely shut. You're quite certain that Reisen is keeping it properly guarded and safe from being used by Mima's roving eyes. Maybe you're just starting to get paranoid?

You shake your head, and finish dressing. Well, you must've imagined it. You head out of the room, and nod. "Let's head out!" You try again, trying to muster your enthusiasm once more.

Yukari is staring at you with wide eyes, a hint of color on her cheeks as she sits unmoving in her gap. Mima looks incredibly smug,like she was shown to be right about something that someone didn't believe her on. That vindication in her smirk is plain to see.

Reisen just stares at your chest, looking incredibly bored before she follows your orders and starts down the hallway, grabbing Yukari and pulling her along.

As you and your girls head down the hall, you run into Hannibal!

"Oh, good morning. Headed out already then?" He asks you as he tries to move aside to make room for you all to pass him in the hallway.

"Yeah." You nod. "We slept in a bit, but now we're all up and ready, and on our way!"

There's that enthusiasm!

"Well don't let me keep you!" Hannibal responds with a laugh,"It's good to see a boy with his priorities straight. Too many of you youngsters will sleep in and waste the whole day away! Well, I'm off to go finish my rounds. Take care of yourself."

And thus, Hannibal walked off to go find criminals to beat up so he can keep his manly figure.

What a guy.

...Headed back down the hall your group quickly manages to make their way back to the Touhoumon Center entrance area. It's almost entirely empty except for NReisen, who is working diligently away at the desk. Maybe you should tell her where you're going so someone knows?

"....Sleep in even more than this?" You murmur to yourself, surprised. Why, how would they ever manage to feed themselves if they just slept the day away? You guess that being able to just buy food makes them lazy and indolent. You make your way over to the desk. "Hey, Nurse Reisen!" you greet her, with a smile.

Nurse Reisen looks up as you approach and smiles, "Good morning Nebosa." She greets you with some cheer,"Oh, are you already going to be leaving us?" She asks, noticing your entire party seems to be gathered to head out and you've your pack on your back.

"For now." You agree, "We're heading up to take a look around the Abandoned town, today." You smile at her. "I thought someone should know where we're going, so at least there's one person who knows where we are."

"I'll make sure your name is on The List." Nurse Reisen nods seriously,"If you're gone for more than 48 hours without any sign of your return a search party will be prepared to find your remains."


She giggles,"Oh, I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist!" She explains,"It's just a joke, don't worry. Just take care of yourself when you're there. That old town hasn't been maintained so those old buildings might go at any time."

"Right, right." You revive the grin that the Nurse had tried to kill. "We'll be careful! I'll see you around, Nurse!" You wave to her as you head for the door.

"Take care!" She tells you as you head out the door. Today's going to be a good day, you're sure of it! No matter how much people try to keep you down or make you frown, you'll keep smiling!

...Up above, grey clouds and darkening the sky as they roll in. Darn it. You seriously hope that it doesn’t rain today while you’re trying to sightsee. Still, you can’t let it worry you for now.

You check the map app on your tablet and pick your destination. It quickly gives you directions for the easiest way out of town and to the route that should take you closest to the Abandoned Town before you’ll have to get off of the main roads and wander through the woods proper. How remarkably convenient this thing is!

Yukari has finally managed to recover from whatever shocked her and has taken up her now customary position on top of your head, and from the way she’s breathing you gather that she’s lightly dozing. Apparently last night wasn’t enough sleep for her.

Mima is excitedly bobbing about in the air in spite of how sulky she was about your decision to go to the Abandoned Town first rather than after the SDM. Apparently she has a ‘good feeling’ about today, from what you can gather from her chatter.

Reisen…simply takes up her position at your side and walks along with you, staring at the path ahead of you as her ears move about slightly, picking up on noises you couldn’t even hope to notice.

…The town seems to be rather sleepy and empty today too, but maybe it’s just because it’s not too long after dawn? You’d heard that some people don’t like waking up this early, for somereason. You can’t imagine why.

Still, your trip through town doesn’t take long at all as the blocks blow by with ease at the nice trot that you’re traveling at with your pack. You can already see how the town is starting to thin out at the outskirts of its borders. As you leave the town though…

You can see someone standing in the road ahead of you! It’s…THAT GUY. The loud, obnoxious one who called you a try hard something or another and said you should stuff your friends in your balls.

“Hey scrublord!” He yells at you, fingering an expanded touhouball,”I wasn’t done talking to you yet. “ He seems to be spoiling for a fight…
[ ] “…Do we really need to fight?”
[ ] “I don’t want to fight.”
[ ] “…You kind of fell asleep.”
[ ] ”…Okay, I’m listening. What’s up?”
[ ] “Man, bro, dude, you seriously, like, need to chill out, man.”
No. 167770
[X] “Man, bro, dude, you seriously, like, need to chill out, man.”

"Touhoumon isn't for fun! Its about numbers! Numbers and MATH!"
Takin' the fun out of the game
No. 167773
[X] “…You kind of fell asleep.”

Question his competence and undermine his authority! That's how Nebosa rolls.
No. 167774
[X] “…Do we really need to fight?”

Telling him to chill out will just make him rage harder. What else do you expect from a Stop Having Fun Guy?
No. 167775
[X] “…You kind of fell asleep.”

Narcoleptic THAT GUY wants to battle!
Never mind!
No. 167776
[x] “…You kind of fell asleep.”
No. 167777
[X] “…You kind of fell asleep.”

Well, he kinda did.
No. 167780
[x] ”…Okay, I’m listening. What’s up?”

I want know whether or not he has an actual problem or it's just him being some entitled twat.
No. 167781
[x] “Man, bro, dude, you seriously, like, need to chill out, man.”
Take it e- slowly, man.
No. 167782
[x] “…You kind of fell asleep.”
No. 167783
[x] “…You kind of fell asleep.”

There's something humorous about pointing this out.
No. 167784
[x] “…You kind of fell asleep.”

Tis true.
No. 167786
Im pretty sure him falling asleep was through no fault of his own.. splish ]
No. 167788
[x] “…You kind of fell asleep.”
Not our fault
No. 167798
[x] “…You kind of fell asleep.”
He might have a condition and now be aware of it. He should see a doctor about that some time.
No. 167807
[X] You kinda fell asleep.

I blame Yukari though. Just seems like something she would do just to get some sleep.

I'd rather tell him to get fucked, but that's not exactly in our shota protagonist's act is.
No. 167820
Well, update's coming tonight, sometime, but more importantly:

We'll be writing pretty much nonstop this Saturday, from the first update of the evening to about 6:00 site time. That's maybe 1:00 or 2:00 EST.

As long as we get some votes, as we post, the updates will flow.
No. 167830
Awesome. Say, figure you can give out some more of those tips after each bad end possibly? They're very amusing.
No. 167834
File 136804287743.png - (534.74KB , 518x724 , Mamizou Scary Evil.png ) [iqdb]
Well this is actually a touch late, but here you are. The Fact number you are receiving has been decided by a secret, shadowy organizations vote.


This fact will be covering a very serious bit of information, and its tone will reflect that. Today's article is on 'Evil', 'Fell' and 'Dark' Touhoumon. In the first place, the last of those descriptors doesn't belong, as many Dark Types are nothing like what we will be discussing here. But all of these terms have been used to describe Touhoumon gone...bad, for lack of a better term.

'Evil' or 'Fell' touhoumon are almost entirely uniquely not wild touhoumon, or at least not originally. They are the result of touhoumon that have been so cruelly treated that their experiences have warped them not just emotionally or mentally, but even physically to some extent. It has indeed been documented and shown that these 'evil/fell' variants are just that, an entirely different variant evolution with everything that implies. 'Evil/Fell' variants of touhoumon are without a doubt one of the greatest, if not THE greatest threat a trainer can potentially face. They are cruel, vicious and have a naturally higher tendency towards aggression and predation on humans.

Thankfully in recent years international law has cracked down on the criminal groups who were purposefully breeding and training touhoumon into 'evil/fell' variants. With the defeat and disbandment of Team Shuttle, the encounter rate of these poor variant touhoumon has steadily decreased as those remaining in the hands of knowing or unknowing trainers have been discovered and processed for rehabilitation.

Should you encounter an 'evil/fell' variant touhoumon, it is of the utmost importance that you take extreme caution. Do not attempt to capture it yourself and avoid interacting with it at all. Instead, take note of its location and quickly inform the nearest local law enforcement group or authority figure so that Interpol can be deployed.

You can identify 'Fell/Evil' variants by their erratic behavior in comparison to any other of their kind, such as extreme depression in Cirno's or a seemingly demure and submissive Yuuka.

Once more, it is absolutely vital for your safety that you DO NOT attempt to interact or engage these dangerous specimen. They are a danger to both themselves and all others around them. Don't try to be a hero and attempt to soothe their wounded heart with your love, this will almost certainly result in a terrible, painful fate. Even after they've been captured by a touhouball and processed a 'Fell/Dark' variant cannot truly be called tamed as it has been shown that their unusual mental state makes them extremely resistant to any known mental conditioning program currently in use. This means that you cannot reliably expect them to follow your orders, or even acknowledge you as a superior. They're as likely to attack you as they are to attack your foe.

Thankfully, as previously stated encounters with these Touhoumon variants have been on the decline these past few years. It must be noted though that an abnormally high number of confirmed reports of 'Fell/Dark' touhoumon have been received from the New Continent.
No. 167843
Bah. That won't stop us from trying.
No. 167844
Sadly true.
No. 167845
You do know now that you posted that we're gonna go capture one or two, right? Wonder if Ghost Keine would be one...
No. 167849
If a trainer can cure shadow pokemon, we sure as hell are going to try and save fell touhoumon.
No. 167850
You guys are feeding the beast! Oh god. Oh well. Hopefully it wont strike against us permanently.
No. 167852
I don't think that's a good idea, though I think Yuukas would be dere towards their masters.... though seeing one like that in the wild? Yeah danger sign.

Also I wonder if "fell/evil" are similar to the "dark" variants team rocket has in the game.
No. 167853
Fell/evil are probably synonymous to dark/shadow pokemon.

They can get better using the power of friendship. It just takes skill to catch them, and patience to raise them like one of those pokemon that evolve using happiness, except they have a good chance of not listening to you half the time.
No. 167854

Now where the hell is your sense of adventure? Grow a pair and go all out for that challenge!
No. 167855
File 136806518996.jpg - (227.93KB , 850x784 , sample-c5380441977bb90c67aae18ab12c1cfd.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...Um." ...Does he not remember? "...You fell asleep." You point out.

"I fell asleep...?" He asks you, an incredulous expression on his face,"I...fell asleep?" His voice is getting louder,"I fell...ASLEEP!?" He screams at you, "I didn't fall asleep, I was fucking drugged, you nincompoop!"

"....You were?" You're naturally quite startled at this revelation. "Are you okay? Why'd you get drugged?" He seems to be really mad about this.

Mima's snickering away at your side about this. Nincompoop, seriously? What is he, from sixty years ago or something?

"Oh don't play innocent!" He says, pointing an accusing finger at you,"You're the only ones close enough to do something like that! I bet it was that Mima of yours! She's out of control enough to do that! This is why serious trainers keep their touhoumon in their balls where they belong so they don't cause problems for decent folk." He seethes at you,"And I'm not going to just sit back and let you get away with it! That's why I'm here, I won't give you a choice about keeping them in their balls or not." This guy seems kind of...erratic?

"You won't have a choice when they're all knocked out." He tells you,"And I've got a trump card you can't beat. So just put them in their balls and keep them there when you're not using them!"

...Your girls really don't like this guy.

From on top of your head you can feel Yukari stirring, her ire great enough that she can't sleep through it.

From your side Mima has...a very, very scary smile on her face as she runs her hands happily over her staff. Oh, he thinks he can get away saying that sort of stuff to her, huh? Oh, she'll be teaching HIM a thing or two...

Reisen is...staring ahead as usual at first glance, but with the way she her ears are acting you can tell what he's said got her annoyed too.

"...Man, you need to chill out." You grumble. "'Decent folk'? Are you kidding me? And besides, I'm not a serious trainer. I'm just sightseeing, you know?" You cross your arms. "...But you should apologise. To Mima. There's no call for saying things like that about her.

Mima thinks he can apologize in pain and blood.

...or money.

...Grovelling would do.

"Any of that would work," you agree, arms crossed as you glare at the man - mildly, because, well, it's you, but still, it's a glare. He snorts at you, sneering.

"I'm not going to apologize for telling you the truth, and telling you to shape up if you're not going to do the decent thing! People like you shouldn't have touhoumon at all! It's you casuals that cause all the problems because you can't handle laying down a little discipline!"

...You don't think Mima is going to let this go a this point. You shake your head.

"Man, you're really a jerk, aren't you...?" You put your hands in your pockets and sigh. "I didn't want to have to fight, man..."

"You don't get a choice. This will be a good first test run for 'it'." He says, readying the touhouball he has in hand,"But first..."

He tosses out the ball in hand and it releases a shining white light to reveal a...

...a CYoumu!

The CYoumu immediately draws its blade and holds diagonally in front of her, her mouth set into a determined line as she waits for orders.

"A CYoumu?" You cock your head. "Mima? Yukari? Who wants to go?"

Mima immediately leaps at the oppurtunity, flying right past you and staring eagerly at the Youmu. She grins widely at the poor half-ghost and runs her tongue over her lips. Oh she's going to enjoy this. ...That poor touhoumon. If her trainer hadn't gotten Mima so riled up, then perhaps she might have gotten off a bit easier, but now...

Yukari simply lounges on top of your head, waiting for the fight to start. Reisen stands by your side, her hands loosely hanging.

"Seriously? You're just going to let them choose? What are you even-" He seethes at you,"You're the trainer, do your fucking job you-you-!" He snarls, "What next, you're not going to give them orders?! How did someone like you even GET a Mima anyway?" That Guy wonders, "Well, it doesn't matter. No matter how good a touhoumon is they can't be any better than their trainer makes them. Youmu, listen to what I have to say and don't choke." The trainer, "Follow my orders to the letter and type won't matter!"

The Youmu doesn't seem especially reassured, but firms her stance up all the same.

"...Yeah, okay, uh." You shrug. "Mima. Do your thing, I guess?"

"...Fucking-" That Guy goes off on a tangent about how terrible you are, but you stop paying attention to him and watch the fight instead. Mima stares amusedly at her opponent before she simply shrugs and slowly floats towards her, leaving herself wide open for an attack as she moves. The Youmu inches backwards, glancing behind her for a moment for some cue on what she's supposed to do, but her trainer is apparently well worked up into his rant.

Without guidance, she goes back to her first instinct. Cut whatever's in front of her! She lashes out with a fast slash attack, but Mima spins her staff and deflects it by smacking the flat of the blade.

With a flick of her wrist she slams the butt of her staff into the Youmu's head, sending her reeling back. Mima herself simply sighs. She'd expected trained touhoumon to be more capable than the ones she's fought so far, but really the wild ones she chased away back home were harder.

"What are you doing!?" That Guy snaps out of it, "I didn't tell you to do that!"

The Youmu seems as apologetic as can be as she puts herself back into a fighting stance, glowering at Mima.

Mima just smiles and shrugs. You just sort of watch. You don't really have any input, here - Mima's way better at this than you.

"Now, Double Team!" He snaps out the order, and the Youmu obliges. Her form shivers and begins to split apart into multiple after images which move to surround Mima.

For her part, Mima seems completely nonplussed and simply begins to twirl her staff around at high speeds until it's little more than a blur.

"Now...Blade Flash!" That Guy orders, striking a dramatic pose.

All of the Youmus lunge at once, and light gleams off of a dozen blades. Mima moves, twisting out of the way as one of the swords, the real one, just barely knicks her ghost half. But that's not what has your attention. The moon of Mima's staff is positively GLOWING with energy as arcs of lightning run along it. With the Youmu desperately trying to gain enough control back from her lunge to move, Mima casually lines up her staff for an easy harvest.

With a smile, Mima mouths one word.


And then your whole world erupts with light. It fades as quick as it came, but...

There's a massive gouge torn in the earth now, running the same way that Mima fired her laser. The dust is clearing up enough for you to see the CYoumu is face down in the dirt some distance away from where she was before. Mima is floating lazily in the air, tapping her staff against her shoulder with a serene smile on her face. She'd say she won that one.

"...Whoa." You're impressed. "That was amazing, Mima!"

"Damnit you little...!" That Guy snarls as he snaps his touhouball back out and resummons CYoumu into it, "We'll talk about this later." He pulls another one off his belt,"I don't know where you got that Mima, but the only reason she won that is because she was BRED for it!"

Mima pauses in mid-float and slowly turns her head to stare at That Guy. Oh dear. She might actually hurt him for that one...

"...You." You glare at the man. "You. Are an ass." You sincerely think you dislike this man.

"What did you just say to me, you little bitch?" He asks eyes narrowing,"I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Touhoumon Trainer Metrocity Academy, and I've been involved in training and breeding mons for the league itself and have over 300 wins to my record. I am trained in EV tracking and I'm the top breeder in my entire class. You are nothing to me but another scrub. My team will wipe yours out with precision the likes of which have never been seen before, mark my fucking words! You think you can get away with saying that shit to my face? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am formulating my master plan right here and now so you better prepare for the storm, maggort. The storm that wipes out the pahtetic little thing you call your team. You're fucking doomed, kid. I can match you anywhere, anytime, and I can defeat your team your lineup in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with what I have on me. Not only am I extensively trained in training, but I have an entire arsenal of a major organization and I will use it to its full extend to wipe your miserable team off of the face of the New Continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your stupidity was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you could, you didn't and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking doomed, kiddo."

He throws the ball out and it releases a white light to-

...You never actually get a chance to see what was let out of the ball as Mima unleashes another vicious laser beam right as it materializes.

Mima's face is locked into a rictus grin as she stares at That Guy, eyes wide. What the fuck did you just say about her master, you little bitch?

"...what?" He asks in a quiet voice before he snaps right back into a seething fury, "You want it that bad, fine! I'll bring out the best right now!" He snarls, throwing out another touhouball before Mima can recharge her blast.

The light from the ball reveals...a Touhoumon you don't recognize. But, what is this strange feeling? Your head hurts dreadfully as a pressure you can't identify washes over you. It's like nails being dragged across your skull!

The newly received touhou stares at you neutrally, not moving from where she was released.

"This!" That Guy throws his arms wide,"Is no ordinary touhoumon! This is a rare and valuable Seiga imported from the eastern lands and trained under a specific regimen to maximize her potential! She's the greatest next step in touhoumon training!" He says ectatically,"And she's absolutely loyal to her master's orders without hesitation."

You make a face.

"That's dumb. You're dumb."

"Your face is dumb!" He snaps back.

This strange pressure and your headache are distracting you right now, but you can see that Mima's already tired from what she's been through so far. Plus...something about this 'Seiga' is unsettling you. It's just...the way she's standing and the way her face is there's just something...completely wrong.
Even Reisen is on edge, having moved in front of you now and standing at the ready, staring straight at the large, evolved touhoumon That Guy just unleashed.

[ ] "...Mima, that's enough."
[ ] ...Let Mima fight.
No. 167856
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

Let's see what level 52 has to offer.
No. 167857
[x] "...Mima, that's enough."
lol this guy
No. 167858
[x] "...Mima, that's enough."

Mima's tired. Something is very wrong here. Either let Reisen or Yukari fight, or get the hell out of there.
No. 167859
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

...That's a fell Seiga, isn't it?
No. 167861
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
-[X] This mon is dangerous. Take the battle seriously.

I take bets 3 to 1 that this is a fell mon.
No. 167862
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

OOC Seiga? Bad news.

And looks like THAT GUY is going become Nebosa's Rival.
No. 167863
[x ] "...Mima, that's enough."

So this guy's kind of a dick, but that Seiga looks tough. This might be our "Wake Up Call boss".

We've pretty much sleepwalked through every fight so far.

I don't think Bread will let that fly anymore.
No. 167864
He doesn't deserve to be a rival for using a fell touhoumon. I say we put his ass in jail if we have the chance.

...Oh hell, the organization he was talking about. It's a criminal one, isn't it?
No. 167865
[X]"...Mima, that's enough."

Well hello there, dark variant. As much as I'm sure Mima would like to take this one down too, I'd be inclined to switch out her level 12 rear for our level 52 chibi superbunny.
No. 167866
[x]"...Mima, that's enough. Rest."

So soon after the tip...anyone have stats, types, or anything of use for a Seiga?
No. 167867
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

Not sure how well Mima'd do but I doubt it's a foe she can be overconfident about. No idea about her type even (1.53 vanilla was before UFO let alone TD)
No. 167868
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

I'm thinking it might be.
No. 167869
[x] "...Mima, that's enough."

A "specific regimen to maximize her potential," eh?
No. 167870

Team Rocket?
No. 167871
>the Touhoumon Trainer Metrocity Academy
I read this as "the Touhoumon Trainer Mediocrity Academy", and it was hilarious.
No. 167872
If we're going by 1.8 typeing and such Seiga will be a heart/earth type unless being fell alters that. Reisen will be a heart type as well and heart is not very effective against itself. Yukari is reason which is super effective to heart but she's damn low level. What ever the case this Seiga is gonna be a bit of a problem I'm betting.

[x]"...Mima, that's enough."
No. 167873

While that may be true, I think the author said he was running off 1.53's typing, which means that the Heart and Earth types would be largely irrelevant here. Plus, this is a Fell subspecies. I'd be far more worried about it packing moves akin to the Shadow moves of XD: Gale of Darkness.
No. 167874
A fair point. We're gonna have to cross our fingers and hope for the best then. Things are about to get VERY hairy.
No. 167875
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

>huge-ass rant
Now we can add "Internet Tough Guy" to his monikers. And "possible Team Rocket Shuttle Who-the-fuck-cares member."

>This is a rare and valuable Seiga imported from the eastern lands and trained under a specific regimen to maximize her potential!
>fell Seiga
Apparently his douchbaggery knows no limits.

So did I.
No. 167876
A fell Seiga makes me worry because Seiga isn't known for being good or nice. It brings to mind an extra evil-Seiga.
No. 167877
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

Ha. a thousand points for you, for doing what we'd all like to do to the internet tough guys.
No. 167878
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."

I thought they were just unusual personalities. Maybe this one is nice?


More likely outwardly nice but extremely murderous and insane
No. 167888
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture

Yea, we're taking this guy down. Anyone that can gleefully use a Fell touhoumon deserves no mercy from us.
I wonder how fast the scan is.
No. 167889
How do you think our Yukari can gap? You guys think we can have her get the police?
No. 167891

[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If positive, ask Yukari to Gap Seiga to police.
No. 167893

Is good ideas. We needs the police here. Its pretty much abuse aint it? Get the police!
No. 167894
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If possible, ask Yukari to Gap to the police and get help.
-[x] And quickly cause shits about to get real.
No. 167895
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If positive, ask Yukari to Gap Seiga to police.
That guy reminds me of a scrublord on Call of Duty 4...
No. 167897
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If possible, ask Yukari to Gap to the police and get help.
-[x] And quickly cause shits about to get real.
No. 167900
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If possible, ask Yukari to Gap to the police and get help.
-[x] And quickly cause shits about to get real.
No. 167901
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If possible, ask Yukari to Gap to the police and get help.
-[x] And quickly cause shits about to get real.
Changing my vote.
No. 167902
Shifting vote to:
[X] "...Mima, that's enough."
- [x] Use pokedex scan/picture to confirm corruption.
- [x] If possible, ask Yukari to Gap to the police and get help.
-[x] And quickly cause shits about to get real.
No. 167905
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