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"We HAVE to save him!" You declare, already heaving yourself out the window. You hit the ground running "And if you two are going to be so mysterious, I'll SAVE HIM MYSELF!" You shout back over your shoulder, dashing off into the woods, moving with all the speed your body can muster while you dodge tree and bush to go and save Wilheim as you charge off in the direction of his scream! Behind you, you hear your mysterious being friends yell out something as they hop out the window a few moments later, apparently having been stunned by your genius initiative, but they're still a ways behind you as you disappear into the trees to save the day!


After several long moments of sprinting courageously to the rescue, you realize that this part of the Great Forest is really, dark and thick, and since you charged off in the direction of Wilheim's scream you're off the path, too, so you can't even rely on that. Every direction you look seems the same. Suddenly, Wilheim lets out another scream, this one much closer!

Wilheim!" you call out, dashing towards the scream. "Don't worry, I'll save you!" As you chase after Wilheim's terrified screams of what MUST be terror and fear, as he cries out for the gods to save him. As you chase him though, you realize that it seems to be getting darker all of a sudden! The world around you is dimming as it slowly loses its light bit by bit. As the shadows come closer you see a pair of gleaming eyes staring at you.

Then, you can't see much of anything at all.

As you feel a sense of dread and fear creep over you, you hear a musical voice laugh at your misfortune.

"Ahahahaha~! It looks like today's my lucky day~!" She says in a sing-song voice that leaves you wobbly-kneed.

"....Um." You manage, eloquently. What the hell were you thinking?! Running off alone like that?! You internally berate yourself for being so compltely boneheaded and foolish as to charge off by yourself and not expect something bad to happen to you. Besides, why would you even think they were being especially mysterious! Reisen was just worried for you because she knew something like this would happen, probably! ...And Mima was just being Mima, you think, probably.

Someone pinches your butt as that voice speaks to you again, whispering right up against your ear.

"Oh, how juicy..." She teases you, "You aren't all tough like the last one I caught!"

Your squeak, you assure yourself, is most definitely a manly one.

"And such a cute voice!" She squeals happily as her hands start to rove over you, feeling you up without any sort of restraint or concern for your comfort,"Oh, I might just keep you for that! Think of all the sweet music we could make together~..." You feel her press herself up against you as her hands start roving lower and lower and lower...!

"Augh, wait, no, slow down, what!" BAD TOUCH AUGH. You try to push her back and away from you, but your fumbling and uncoordinated movements are all but useless against her as she laughs at you.

"Ahahaha~! Your panicked voice is sooooo cute! I want to hear more of it!" She presses up against you more as you stumble back from her, not giving you a moments relief or escape as you feel her long, cold talons slip under your waistband and run along a very sensitive, special place.

Then you trip over a root and fall flat on your ass with a thump.

Wasting little time at all, your attacker leaps on top of you and using just one hand she pins your arms above your head as she straddles your waist.

"So eager~!" She cheers happily at your failure.

"Get off of me!" You demand, panicked, struggling, with your arms pinned and feet flailing. "Stop it...!"

"What was that~?" She asks, casually grinding her hips against yours, shocks of pleasure running through you from the minstrations even through your clothing,"You want me to let you go? Well..." She sounds very, thoughtful,"Maaaaybe I will if you beg for it and say the magic word!" She offers.

"Stop it, please....!" You ask, frantically, completely incapable of pulling away, pinned to the ground as you are. "Please, let me go...!" You squirm uncomfortably.

"Hmmmmm...?" She lets out a long hum and for a moment lets up on the pressure on you, giving you the briefest of hopes that you'd get away from this alive! That you'd get to go back and apologize to your friends for running off and-! Then the pressure redoubles, and so does your despair.

"No~!" She decides, pressing herself down on you as she all but lies on top of you. You can feel her warm breath was over you as she talks to you, and you can just barely see a feminine face through this awful blindness you've been inflicted with,"I caught you, so you're mine now." She explains, leaning forward and pressing a tender kiss on your lips,"My prey, and my toy." She states with certainty, crushing your hopes of escape.

"No!" You protest, shaking your head, "Get off...!" You try to struggle against her. "I don't want to be prey! I don't want to be a toy!" You're on the verge of tears, now, even as you futilely try to fight back.

"Oh, really?" She asks casually as she starts to work your pants off, telling you exactly what she has planned for you,"But, you came out here into the forest all alone. That's asking for it, you know~!"

"Hey, my pants!" You exclaim, wriggling. "And, and I wasn't alone....! We just...got split up...."

"Oh? I never saw anyone when I was following you." She points out, "They must have just left you here then!" With one final tug she pulls your pants and underwear down and out of the way.

"...Ahahahahahaha~!" She starts laughing at you, "Oh wow! Are you enjoying being teased and dominated that much already? I haven't even done anything yet!"

"No!" You say, vehemently, "I'm NOT enjoying it! And I'd say you've done too MUCH already!"

She reaches down with her free hand and runs her nails along your sensitive length, dragging a gasp out of you, equal parts the sensation and the knowledge that those improbably sharp talons of hers are RIGHT THERE.

"Your voice says no, but your eyes and body say yes~!" She cries back as you as she grasps your shaft and starts to roughly pump you, "You can't lie to me, I can see how much you're enjoying this! You're already leaking!"

You shout wordlessly as she manhandles your....well, manhood.

"No..." You whimper. "No, stop, please..." You're holding very still now - any movement on your part would only help her - not to mention those talons of hers.

"No~!" She responds cheerfully as she holds you against her and stuffs your face against her soft chest as she continues to mercilessly pump you. Lewd, wet noises reach your ears as your rebellious manhood leaks out more precum to dirty her hand,"You're too cute~! I'm going to keep you forever and ever!"

"Mmmph!" Your protests are muffled into inaudibility. "Mmph mmph!"

"Haha, that tickles~!" She giggles happily as you struggle in her bosom,"So you like breasts? I'll use those next then!" She promises as your body moves outside of your control, your hips bucking as she pumps you harder,"Oh! That makes you happy, does it! Don't worry, you'll get to taste everything~" She promises you, huskily.

"Nnngha..." you groan, weakly, as you begin to spasm, meagre willpower finally giving way to the sensations of your violation. Tears leak from your eyes, as other, less mentionable fluids spray out.

She lets out a happy laugh as you orgasm, not letting up on her pumping until she's rung every last bit of it out of you.

"I told you that you couldn't lie to me~" She teases you, letting go of your twitching shaft finally. She noisily cleans off her hand, slurping up the mess you made happily,"Ah...you're delicious~" She says, picking you up like a blushing bride now that you've no strength left to fight her. Exhausted as you are, it's a struggle to just remain awake. It's as if you had all your energy stolen from you in that one moment.

"Now, I shall take you back to the casbah, where we shall make beautiful music together!" She states as she carries you off, any hopes you had of ever escaping dying their final death. And so, in this pathetic way, your journey comes to a premature end.


Way to fucking go, guys. You blew it on your first chance. Woooo.

No. 30399
...What's a casbah?
No. 30400
The older section of a north African or Middle Eastern city. Though another definition for it is a north African castle or palace.
No. 30403
Bad end? Pfeh. I'll take this end.
No. 30405
It's the part that you're supposed to rock.
No. 30406
I like you!
No. 30414
This is pretty great. I hope there are more bad ends of this sort in the future.
No. 30440
I thought the idea was to make us not want bad ends, not make us jump for every stupid decision possible just so we can see the protag get raped.

Now me, I don't mind your approach at all.
No. 30441
You've obviously never played MonMuso.
No. 30442

Oh, I have actually. I don't have a problem with it either. I'm just saying that if we jump for every rape end we'll have an unfinished main story.
No. 30443
Not everyone enjoys being the shota rape victim. That and wanting to be in such a role suggests some issues.
No. 30465

Shush, Wiseman.
No. 30519
I'll be honest: I'm with the others in that I want to see more of these sort of scenes.
No. 30520

Well then do I have good news for you!
No. 30521

Hot bedtime scene with NReisen sneaking on Nebosa please
No. 30523

I like the way you think, friend.
No. 30525
...NReisen deciding to take advantage of us?

I've never read a dominant Reisen scene
No. 30527
Oh really? There are a few on this site, actually.
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"Oh!" You're not sure why, but you're a little surprised at the bath option. "Well, I guess a bath WOULD be nice." You decide, after a moment.

"Right, just follow me then." He says, waving you after him and into the hallway, getting you and your little party of four to follow along. The hallway is...


It's...huge, and seems to go on forever. Countless doors line both sides of the hallway, each almost exactly alike the next. Any differences you're seeing could very well be imagined. "Try not to think to hard about this place, yeah?" Hannibal says, "Your head'll hurt if you do, hah!"

"R-right." Even so...how is it so big? It doesn't make any sense at all...

Hannibal just chuckles as he continues to lead you deeper and deeper into this seemingly infinite hallway.


You're actually not sure how long its been now, but something about this hallway just seems to make time...irrelevant. You just keep walking, wondering just when you're actually going to get to the baths so you can clean up. Suddenly, Hannibal stops.

"Here we are." He says, opening a door and gesturing for you to head inside. Inside is...more hallways, but of a different kind. This new hallway has wooden floors polished to a mirror sheen, and its walls are a gentle, creamy white.

"This is where you need to go Nebosa. Just head down this hallway, take the second left and then it's the third door on your right." He informs you.

"Of course, your lady friends'll need to go to a different one." He says, shooing Yukari off your head.

Yukari huffs in annoyance but complies, while Mima snaps her fingers in disgust at once again being denied the opportunity to bathe with you together.

Reisen's ear simply shift slightly, her neutral expression concealing all opinions.

"Of course." You agree, a bit too cheerfully, perhaps. Finally, a nice, relaxing bath, without being interrupted! A DREAM COME TRUE.

You head head off, humming softly, a great big smile across your face

You quickly skip off down the calming, soothing hallway, eagerly headed to your wonderful bathing destination without a care in the world. The branching hallways are pretty far apart, but you remember exactly what you're supposed to do!

You take the second right, and then head towards the third door on your left.

The correct door looms in front of you, and is decorated with moon stickers and little cartoon bunny stickers.

...How cute!

You grin, looking forward to your nice, private bath. It's time! You throw open the door!

You enter the bathroom and find that it's already quite steamy, and that a small section of it is set aside for getting changed and so your clothes don't get wet.

Wow, it's really steamy in here, it's hard to see in much detail at all.

The bath's even prepared for you! Such a wonderful, mysterious place this Touhoumon Center is! Just wonderful! Humming softly, you strip down to keep your clothes nice and dry, setting them carefully out of the way.

How wonderful this place is! So kind and considerate of your needs! With your clothing out of the way, all that's left is to head into the bath proper and relax and clean yourself up.

And so, humming along to the soft, relaxing background music, you stride into the bath, ready to relax. ...Although, it is pretty strange. For some reason, this singer sounds really familiar.

You hop into the bath ready to relax and...

...face first into something remarkably soft and warm. On inctinct you glance up and find that you are currently in body to body contact with a familiar NReisen. A familiar, naked NReisen.

There is an awkward moment as the two of you stare at each other, before she shoves you away, sending you falling into the water and squeals as she backpedals from you. "What are you doing in here!?" She asks, knocking over a glass bottle that had been resting on the side of the tub. Her face is even more flushed now that she's realized that there's someone in here with her.

"What are you doing in here?!" You inadvertently parrot her words, equally shocked, and rivaling her own redness. She had a headstart on you, admittedly, but your own shame and embarrassment is quickly closing the gap.

"You're in my bathroom!" She accuses, her pointing at you and inadvertently reveals herself to you again.

What you see at that moment proves to you without a shadow of a doubt that there is a god, and he is benevolent and good.

"I...I..!" She sniffs forlorn,"You..." It seems to be sinking in just what you've done to her.

"You saw me naked..." She sniffles,"Now I've been ruined for marriage! No one will want me!"

"I..." She looks up at you, her eyes alight with ill intent as it occurs to you that perhaps her having rapid mood swings isn't the best of signs for you,"I won't just take this lying down!"

"I'll make you take it instead!" She declares, apparently having found a solution to her dilemma, "I'll ruin you for marriage for what you did to me!"

...What the hell is she talking about!?

"....What." You say, wide-eyed. "...Reisen. Nurse. Um. Settle down? This was almost certainly an accident?" You try, but, somewhere deep in your heart, you know - it's far, far too late.

"If it was an accident..." She says, stalking towards you with a predatory gaze in her eyes and a sway in her hips, "Then take responsibility for your actions and hold still!"

Yes. It's far, far, far too late.

She lunges on top of you in a single leap, grabbing onto you and keeping you from escaping. Her grip's incredibly firm and you can tell right away that she's far, far stronger than you. Just like any touhoumon would be.

"But, but, but..." You squirm, but you have no actual chance to struggle. "I didn't mean to..." You pout, looking up at the girl pinning you in place.

She leans closer to you, thrusting her increasingly distracting chest towards your face as she works to ensure you're properly pinned and unable to escape your punishment and penance. "It's fine anyway isn't it? If you did it on purpose then I'm punishing you, and if it was an accident then you're just paying me back by giving me YOUR purity since you took mine with your eyes, so it's okay!" She insists, her eyes...somewhat glazed over, actually. There's something on her breath too, sweet but it stings your nose a bit.

"I...I'm not sure it works that....way?" You struggle, with...well, about as much success as could be expected, to keep your eyes off of her bountiful assets, but...

"Don't worry I'm almost a Doctor!" She assures you, pushing forward and shoving your face into her assets, forcing you into a marshmallowy hell that seems to never end,"I'm positive it works that way, so it's fine!"

She forces you back up against the edge of the tub, keeping you seated as she straddles you. One of her hands releases you as it dips under the water tooooo...!

"Eeep!" You squeak, in, ah, a most definitely manly and not at all girlish manner, as she touches you[/] in [i]places.

Long fingers with manicured nails carefully run along and around your length, searching and teasing it all at the same time. She giggles at you,"Aww, you sound so cute!" She says happily, squeezing you in a hug that further forces you into her not inconsiderable assets.

Her other hand grabs your member firmly and gives it a very pleasant squeeze before she starts to move it up and down, pumping your shaft underneath the bathwater.

"I-aye-I d-d-don't WANT to sound cyu-oote!" You have quite a bit of trouble getting the words out, between the flesh that seems so eager to mold itself against your lips and the grip she has on your own ...parts, but you're pretty sure you managed.

"But you are cute!" She tells you, "You're cute and I want you so..." She pauses, pulling back from you for a moment but still straddling you, her expression is...confused, you think. "I...what am I doing..?" She wonders, touching her forehead, "You're cute and nice, and she said it was okay, but..."

Her eyes seem to glaze back over again and she turns to look you in the eyes, "Hey..." She says, leaning closer to you to stare you right in the eyes,"...I want to have sex with you." She informs you completely unnecessarily.

"....Um." You stare back. ...Making eye contact with a Reisen, was perhaps, a poor decision, but you aren't exactly thinking at the moment. After all - you just made eye contact with a Reisen.

You feel a shock of something run through you as something takes a sledgehammer to your inhibitions and reduces them to a pile of dust. A little niggling voice in the back of your head says...you know...she's really pretty and nice too, isn't she?

Why not let her do everything she wants to you? I mean, it's your fault, isn't it? You saw her naked, so you need to take responsibility for your actions!

Over and over again...


"...Okay." The word seems to speak itself, as you stare into the glazed crimson depths of the Nurse's eyes. "It was my fault after all."

She lets out a squeal of joy in response, wrapping her arms around you to squeeze you against her and thus once more condeming you to your marshmallow hell! "That's great!" She says happily, her hips shifting as she moves for reasons unbeknownst to you,"Now..."

You feel the tip of your shaft press up against something soft and incredibly warm...which parts open as she lowers her hips down and you are forced into her incredibly tight slit. Her warm, soft wings cling to your shaft, every bump and ridge rubbing up against it to full effect as she pushes you halfway into her and then starting to pump her hips up and down, thrusting you in and out of her at a slow, steady pace. "Mmmm..." She hums happily, "You're inside me…” She sighs happily,”It feels so good." She says with wonder, stopping her pumping and rocking her hips from side to side instead. "Sister was right," She murmurs,"Little boys are the best."

You would probably have more to say about that if your brain wasn’t currently shut down due to a combination of immense pleasure and psionic assault. Running on little more than instinct you wrap your arms around her and cling to her desperately as she moves, losing yourself to the pleasure entirely. Unable to resist, your hips buck up and you thrust into her as you release your sticky, white stuff.

You hear Nurse Reisen let out a shocked gasp as she pulls back from you and stares at your face, her mouth open in a little ‘o’ shape. “…cute.” She murmurs as she stares at your lewd expression, ”That’s so cute. Do it again.” She orders you, moving her hips again right after you just orgasmed. Her rhythmic pumping is faster now as she forces you in and out of her,”Come on, please?” She asks you, all but pleading with you, “Here!” She says, stuffing your face back into her warm, soft chest, “Boys like big tits, so come on, come on, come!” She begs, her pace increasing rapidly as she drives you in and out of her. Already weakened by orgasming once you are unable to resist and you let out your sticky, white stuff inside of her again. “Ooooh, yes..!” She says, happily bouncing away even as you orgasm, thrusting you in and out of her as pain begins to meld with pleasure, “This is so good!” She cries out passionately.

Her cries of passion devolve into a low moan as you feel her walls clamp tightly down on you, the already unbearable pressure doubling as she collapses atop you, panting and shivering. Her warm breath brushes past your ear with each panting breath as she rests. After those long moments she pulls back and stares down at you, her lustful expression sending shivers of pleasure and fear through your body. “You can keep going, can’t you?” She asks, grinding forwards and backwards against you and splashing the water around, forcing your erection back up inside of her,”Good…” She grins happily, her hazy eyes glinting,”Then, I’m going to show you just why they say ‘fuck like rabbits’.”


And so you are forced to spend the rest of the night with NReisen, trapped in an endless torture of pleasure until eventually you collapse from a combination of exhaustion and dehydration. You would wake eventually in a private section of the Touhoumon Center, having been placed under monitoring for your own good. NReisen avoided you for some time until you eventually managed to corner her and talk about what happened that night. After that, well…

You relax in your large comfortable bed, resting in the cool, peaceful darkness and basking in the afterglow. At no surprise to you, a warm and soft form presses herself up against your side,”Hey Honey…ready for round seven?” She asks, grinning at you as if she already knows the answer. Which, you suppose she does.


This is an entirely seperate and unrelated vote from the main thread. Since you've missed bad ends, my fellow author and I have decided to let you pick which ones you missed that we'll show you anyway. So, without further ado...

[ ] Wrong door!
[ ] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...
[ ] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?
[ ] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
No. 30595
[ ] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

What's this
No. 30596
[x] Wrong door!

Why's Koishi helping out NReisen? Voyeur?
No. 30597
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

I must know.
No. 30598

[X] Wrong door!
[X] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...
[X] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?
[X] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
No. 30599
[X] Wrong door!

Wonder what's behind it?
No. 30600
[X] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
It's shiny~
No. 30601

[X] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

Can't not pick this.
No. 30602
[X] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
No. 30603
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

This is all kinds of descriptive. I like it.
No. 30604
[X] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

Hoooooooooooooooo boy.
No. 30605
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

This this this this!
No. 30606
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
No. 30607
[x] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?
No. 30608
[X] Wrong door!

>"I...I'm not sure it works that....way?"
>"Don't worry I'm almost a Doctor!" [...] "I'm positive it works that way, so it's fine!"
Oh gee, well, since you're almost a doctor you must be right. Seriously, why do people believe everything a doctor tells them?
No. 30609
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

Although I wouldn't mind reading your guys version of a MIND OF STEEL Best End, if a similar situation would ever come up. I blame that on listening to EMIYA #0.
No. 30610
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
No. 30611
[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over
No. 30612
>basically raped the both of you with each other
No. 30613
I fail to see what's the "bad" part about this "bad end".

[x] Super Secret Special Ultra Mega Bonus Non-Standard Game Over

Normally I'd go tide pissing, but I admit this has my curiosity as well.
No. 30614
[X] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...

Vote was lonely.
No. 30615
I'm 30 and what is this?
No. 30616
[X] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?

SDM characters are best characters.
No. 30617
[x] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...
No. 30625
[ ] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?
No. 30651
[X] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft

I want to be abused by Reisen more~

...I don't suppose there's a way to get to watch all of them, though?
No. 30654
[ ] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?

You should write all of them though. This thread is way better than the main thread.
No. 30655
I am sent with a message.

'go tell the guy in the /at/ thread who said my porn is better than my plot that he's a big meanie an imma go cry myself to sleep because of what he said'

So, I think I'm well within my rights to shake my head at you in disappointment.

Shame, shame.

You are truly history's greatest monster.

For your trespasses, please consider the attached gif.

That will be all.
No. 30657
Please don't mind the native population of this board too much; they've mutated to such a point where they no longer think with their upper head.
No. 30660
I concur!
No. 30682
It will inevitably happen to you people too if you stick around too long
No. 30684
You mean our brains will turn into testicles?
No. 30700
No, your testicles will turn into brains and take over your body.
No. 30711
There you were, minding your own business and trying to have fantastic adventures, when completely out of nowhere a tear in reality opened up and dragged you into itself without any delay, immediately shutting tight behind you.

All that happened in an instant, and now you're floating in a vast void in the fabric of space and time that swirls in colors and shapes you couldn't even begin to identify. Some distance away from you Yukari Yakumo, head of Yakumo Corp, is sitting on a rend in reality with the most dreadfully put upon expression on her face.

"You know, I cant' even begin to express how disappointed I am." She says, sighing forlornly,"You've somehow managed to be both short-sighted and boring! That shouldn't be possible, but somehow you manage it."

"...Me?" You're confused. "What'd I do...?"

"Oh it's not your fault." She assures you, patting you on the head somehow despite being fairly far away from you. It's a nice feeling. "I'm talking about the voices in your head! They're so boring, so dull, so incredibly unadventurous and unthoughtful! I gave you that tablet so I could have something interesting to watch again, and so far they've managed to only get you molested in one tangent timeline that I've seen! That's terrible!" She says,"And worse than that, they kept me from watching my MAN CANDY!" She complains,"I was so looking forward to that, and they just skipped right past it for some boring 'girls washing you' scene, pshaw." She waves a gloved hand dismissively.

"....What?" Yukari has completely lost you. You have no idea what's going on anymore.

"And now I have to take matters into my own hands and molest you myself!" She says, throwing her hands up in frustration...and straight into two new rends in reality, "Because apparently it's not going to get done unless I handle you myself."

...wait, what!?

A dozen smaller tears open up around you and from those tears come Yukari's hands...or perhaps copies of her hands. They snake out and begin to feel you up and grope you all over, tickling and pinching you as if simply testing you like a piece of meat. One hand carefully slides down the seam of your pants and apparently rends them apart as your embarrassment is suddenly exposed entirely.

You squeak, and try to hide yourself, attempting to preserve your modesty.

"H-hey! No, stoppit!" A few hands grab your limbs and hold them in place as more tears open up around you as more hands reach out for you from the non-eucledean swirling madness.

"Sorry, I can't stop it. We've a quota to meet and, unfortunately for you, this is what they wanted. But, don't worry." She gives you a wonderfully kind and sultry smile that seems to make you feel better, somehow, "I'll be gentle and make sure you enjoy it." She promises you as several gentle, gloved fingers start to slide slowly and carefully along, around and over your shaft, teasing it lightly, playfully as her other hands roam, two of them grabbing onto your nipples and giving them a tweak before playing with them more eagerly. You squirm.

"A quota?! T-They?!"

"Yes, they. The voices in your head! The same ones who are boring and shortsighted and having been letting me fill in my quota of molestation observation." She says as one of the hands grabs hold of your shaft and starts to pump casually up and down in swift motions, sending arcs of pleasure through you, "And because they didn't guide you into the waiting arms of those countless lustful girls out there, I had to take matters into my own hands."

Three seperate hands are working over your shaft now, tweaking and massaging and pumping it mercilessly, pushing you over your edge and past the limit and making your body spray out your sticky white stuff all over her pristine gloves.

"Oh my, really?" She smirks amusedly,"Well, you're still young so it's fine for you, I suppose. Besides, it's not like you won't be getting plenty of practice!" She giggles at something you can't quite grasp, possibly because you're in a pleasure induced coma of sorts as countless hands massage and tease you endlessly. Even as she molests you like this, all those other hands are carefully working over your body, massaging you and bringing you to a state of absolute relaxation and submission. Even if you wanted to, at this point it would be completely impossible for you to resist.

Her masterful hands ring another ejaculation out of you, and sends it spraying into a gap that opens up directly about it. As that gap closes shut, you hear a distant voice from inside of it, "Wait-what? My tails, No-!"

For her part, your molester seems dreadfully amused and giggles all the more, her gleeful expression radiating absolute joy.

Weakened, spent, drained, you sag in the grip of Yukari's many hands, as your vision fades.

Still giggling amusedly, she never once stops in her pleasurable torture as her hands roam over your body, a few more joining the others at your groin as she works orgasm out of orgasm out of you without restraint. The last thing you see is a somewhat smug look on her face, as if she's confident about something now...


Vote again!
No. 30712
Oh, you.
No. 30714
[X] Wrong Door!

Let's see where this door leads. Spoiler: More rape~
No. 30715
>As that gap closes shut, you hear a distant voice from inside of it, "Wait-what? My tails, No-!"

No. 30716
[X]Wrong door!

I wanna save the better choices for last.
No. 30717
[X] Wrong Door!

Okay. I am alright with this, somehow.
No. 30718
[x] Wrong door!
No. 30719
[X] Wrong door!

>"You know, I cant' even begin to express how disappointed I am."
>"And now I have to take matters into my own hands and molest you myself!"
Yukari is the anti-Ilias.
No. 30721
[x] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?

Obvious bad end not taken? Obvious bad end not taken.
No. 30722
[x] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...
No. 30724
[x] SDM
No. 30725
[X] Wrong Door!
No. 30730
[x] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?
No. 30734
[x] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...
No. 30735
[X] Rush to the SDM at night. What could go wrong?
No. 30740
[x] Admit to NReisen how cute and fluffy her tail looks. So soft...
No. 30879
[x] SDM
No. 31067
Kagerou encounter bad end when?
No. 31069

All bad end options can be voted for after the completion of the previous bad end. So, whenever I stop being awful and finish the one I am supposed to be working on. I'll do a quick check and throw up some updated options or something.
No. 31303
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a young man who just recently moved to this massive and fascinating New Continent from your home in Metro City. Your father had suddenly reentered your life after having left you when you were just a baby and expressed interest in having you move in with him. Your mother was ecstatic and very excited for you and your opportunity and insisted and supported you in taking it.

Except, it's...not really what you expected. At all. I mean you met your dad at the port and he brought you home through the woods, but he didn't have any touhoumon for himself. When you asked him about it he didn't explain why and just avoided the question, but both of you were left unmolested the entire journey, which is weird because you'd heard the rate of encounters were much higher on this New Continent. When you'd arrived at his cabin you spent a few days with him that were just fantastic and all kinds of fun. It was wonderful to finally get to know the man that you'd always wondered about.

Then you woke up one day and he was gone.

Days passed and he didn't come back.

You'd heard him talk about how the Great Forest a lot and he seemed extremely taken with it, and figured that maybe he'd just gotten lost or distracted or something there. So you firmed up your resolve, gathered your supplies and headed into the dark, ominous shadows the great trees cast.

In hindsight, if you'd paid more attention to how your father specifically spoke about the Forest and its inhabitants, you might not have been caught by surprise by everything that you were.

Currently, you're sitting on top of a log taking a short break from your walk, eating an energy bar and sipping from your canteen. Even beneath the thick foliage of these great trees, you can see the suns light breaking through their cover. Really, this place is just beatiful. You can't imagine how anything could go wrong in a place like this.
Of course, asking a question like that is begging to have it answered, and a young-looking blond girl had caught your scent and was making her way toward you in the darker patches of the forest. ...Granted, she wasn't doing a particularly good job since she was generating a sphere of darkness around her, so to you it looked more like a floating ball of darkness than anything else.

You froze, completely ceasing all movements when you spotted that sphere of darkness. You know what that is, you paid attention in your education. That's a Rumia, and judging by the size of that ball a pretty decent sized one. If you remember right though, you can still get out of this. You are pretty certain that Rumia's ability to see is based off of movement, so if you sit perfectly, completely still then she'll probably pass right by you. You sure hope so, because you're only a few more hours before you retire from today's exploration.

The Rumia gets closer, closer... Then proceeds to smack into a nearby tree since she was relying on scent over sight and well, the scent of a shota overrides common sense. Her concentration breaks and the sphere vanishes, leaving the girl in plain view, though in this case it was more of a curse than a blessing. You could see her more accurately, but that goes for her as well.

She spots you sitting on that log and makes a beeline for you... with her arms extended outward, her eyes closed, and arguably the brightest smile you've ever seen. Subtle, she ain't.

You try to stay the course for as long as you can, to stay true to your plan of not moving an inch, but as the face of your adorable doom closes in more and more, you become more and more on edge, and eventually you are no longer able to fight off your panic instinct. With a terrified cry you throw yourself backwards over the log as the Rumia passes over you. You roll and stumble back up to your feet, awkwardly off balance. This is ridiculous! You've never even seen a touhoumon in the woods when you were in them with your father!

The Rumia passes overhead, and manages to ram headfirst into /another/ tree before she realizes that you moved. She doesn't seem any worse for wear though, opens her eyes back up and looks to you. "No fair, you're not supposed to move!" She immediately lunges at you again, this time with her eyes open so she can see if you do something silly like duck this time.

Oh no. Horror runs through you as you realize that the mighty predator can see. You are surely in trouble now. Working up all the effort you can you tense your body and launch immediately into a full sprint in the direction you know your home lies in. If you can just keep up this pace and hopefully stay just ahead of her, you can get to your house and safety! You can do this!

"Waaaaaait!" The Rumia calls after you, not quite understanding why you're running so much! "All I'm gonna do is eat you!" She keeps pace with you and seems to be gaining ground little by little since she can fly and you, well, can't.

"I don't want to be eaten!" You call back as you huff and puff your way towards home, ignoring the burning feeling starting to build up. You knew you shouldn't have eaten all those double stuffed cookies! "I don't taste good I swear!" You plead desperately as you realize that with the rate she's catching up to you you'll never make it home in time.

Then you trip on a root and go flying through the air and are roughly reintroduced to Mr Ground and his lovely wife, Mrs Rocks-Ground.

Stunned and in pain, you roll onto your back as you desperately try to get back to your feet.

She gives you no time to get up though, and despite all the earlier evidence of her being a klutz she manages to land on you almost perfectly on the first try. "You're not delicious? I don't believe you!" She straddles you and pins your arms down with her hands to keep you from moving. "You smell really good, and good smelling things are... tasty~." She leans down and licks your cheek for emphasis.

"Nooooooo..." You let out a plaintive whine. You shouldn't smell great or anything of the sort to her. These shampoos you got from your father are supposed to havel repellants as ingredients! "I promise you wouldn't enjoy me! In fact, I'd...I'd..!" You latch onto a final desperate ploy to convince her not to do this. "If you eat me I'll go straight to your buns and thighs!" You threaten.

She has to think about that for a moment, and she looks over at her admittedly kinda thin waist. Sure, it's bigger than a guy's, but it's not quite shapely enough. "That's fine, I want a more womanly body anyway, and you're gonna help me get it!" She kisses you on the lips just once before sliding down to where her head is level with your crotch, and she starts to undo your pants.

You squirm from your position underneath her, trying to break free from her hold and scamper off to safety but manage only to grind up against her in ways that you would probably be best off if you hadn't.

It's all you can do now to try and hold back the tears. This isn't what you wanted to have happen today at all!

And the Rumia, being the airhead she can be, misses what that struggling meant completely. "Wow, you ran away before but now you're really excited!" She finishes pulling your pants off, then your underwear, exposing your cock to the air. "I bet this will get excited really quick too!" She leans down and starts to lick your cock to get it up, occasionally taking the tip into her mouth and sucking on it a little to try and make it erect faster. You can feel her sharp teeth gently scrape across your flesh, but oddly enough she's either got an inherent ability to stop herself from poking holes in your most sensitive part, or is just that good.

You freeze up at the pleasant sensations assaulting you and are unable to hold back a pleased moan at her ministrations. You still want to run away, you know you need to get up and run but...but...this just feels so good. A pleasant haze is started to creep over you as the temptation to just lie down and surrender seems a better and better idea. Your dick has swelled up to its full length from the Rumia's ministrations, and even her hot breath is enough to send shivers up your spine.

The Rumia lets your erect tip go with a soft pop as she smiles at you, pleased with the result. "Okay, I'm gonna eat you now, so enjoy~" With that she starts to lick your cock a few more times before taking the tip into her mouth and sucking. Clearly when she said 'eat', this was what she meant.

All thoughts of resistance leave you as she starts to pleasure you in earnest. Unable to even move or squirm, you're forced to simply sit there as this Rumia 'eats' you. And it feels just...wonderful. You can't think of anything else but her as her are wrapped around her cock, and the sensation of her tongue on your shaft sends white hot shots of pleasure through you. Speaking of white and hot though, you can already feel a pressure building up inside of you just minutes into the Rumia's pleasuring you. That pressure brings you back to reality enough for you to croak out, "H-hey. You need to stop I'm going to-" You let out a gasp and bite your lip as you explode into her mouth before you're able to warn her, shooting out pulse after pulse of your sticky, white stuff into her warm, eager mouth.

Rumia ignores your feeble warning and keeps going, which means she's a little surprised when you suddenly cum in her mouth, but she doesn't even flinch. In fact, she starts to make all sorts of happy sounds as she sucks down your semen, and uses her tongue to clean your cock enthusiastically. She makes sure that not even a drop of your spilled cum is left on your shaft when she lets it out of her mouth, even then she gives it one more thorough cleaning before calling it good. "I told you you're really tasty~" She takes advantage of your weakened state to take her own panties off and straddle you properly again, except this time she's rubbing your hot, slick cock against her hot, slick pussy lips. "I'm still hungry though, so I'm going to keep eating you~" With that she slowly slides your cock into her pussy, blushing and moaning as she feels your manhood fill her tight insides. With that, she starts to thrust slowly, wanting to acclimate herself to the feel of shota cock inside her.

Now well and truly exhausted as critical ecstasy kicks in, you're left completely unable to fight against her as she rides you like a show pony. Each time she thrusts you in and out of her just adds onto the unbearable pleasure of this situation even more, eliciting moans of pleasure from you even as you try and resist. You can't come inside of her like this, you know that this is just the beginning! Once a mon gets a man she won't stop until she's completely had her use of him and...generally speaking things don't go well for men if it's a wild mon that has them, if you remember right! Biting the inside of your cheek you feel the tears slip down your face as pain tries to block out pleasure only for the two to mix together.

Your tormentor sees this, and lays down on top of you while continuing to thrust. She takes one of her arms and wraps it around you, presses her lips to yours and forces her tongue into your mouth to stop that silly self-inflicted pain thing you're trying to do. Interestingly enough, you can even smell something that can only be described as lusty emanating from her as she utterly destroys even that tiny attempt to resist.

With even that final act of resistance taken from you, you're left with no escape. The sensation of her walls clamping down on your shaft as you're thrust in and out of them and the feeling of her body rubbing up against yours and the sensation of her lips on yours as her tongue dominates your mouth are all too much pleasure for someone as inexperienced as you to bear. Driven this far, you surrender entirely to her and moan into her mouth in pleasure as your hips buck up into her a few times before you orgasm, pumping your cum into her second eager mouth.

The Rumia can't siphon all that cum into her womb like she could with her mouth and throat, but that didn't stop her from enjoying it anyway. She even cums when you do, spilling her sweet juices onto you as she moans into the kiss. She breaks the kiss, but not your connection as she looks into you eyes with a misty-eyed love. "Thank you for the meal~" She lays her head down on you as she basks in the afterglow, and keeps talking. "You fed me, so you're my pet now. I'll take really good care of you though, and I'll make sure to eat you a lot~."

You're probably not thinking straight, and that's likely why you wrap your arms around her as she lies on top of you. You fed her and you're her pet now, huh? Being taken care of...

That wouldn't be bad would it.

Wait...eat a lot?

...Oh my goodness.

A bun in the oven.

You left your buns in the oven!

You need to get back before the timer goes off and they start to burn!

You shift about underneath her, "Nooooo, not the buns!" You say, not really explaining the situation to her in the least.

Rumia looks at you quizzically. "Buns? But I didn't even play with your butt!"

She lifts herself off you, and you can feel a soft pattering of still-hot love juices as she finally releases your cock from her hungry lower mouth. She lifts you up and hugs you to her, and starts to take you home... Which by some weird coincidence passes close enough to your house for her to smell something. "Is that bread?"

"Yes!" You say, squirming about a bit in her hold, "I've got buns in the over, and they'll burn soon if I don't get to them!" Desperately, you reach towards your home. You've never burned food before, you can't ruin your record now!

Oddly enough, she starts taking you to /your/ home instead of hers. "Okay!" She seems pretty darn enthusiastic and agreeable about this considering she was about to make you her sex slave.

"Huh, what?" You feel rather confused, if happy, with this change of circumstances as you care carry dragged towards your own house. You manage to get your legs underneath you as you reach the front door and quickly unlock it and scramble out of your captors grasp and...

...ignore her and run into the kitchen, throwing an apron on and shoving your mitts onto your hands as you quickly go about caring for your buns once they're out of the over. Mmmmm...Sourdough.

You might have gotten out of her grip, but you never got more than a few feet away from her as you went about your business. Her eyes seemed to sparkle a bit and her mouth starts to water as she realizes your true value. "You can cook~?" She asks with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

"Yeah, a bit." You respond absently as you carefully position your buns on the cooling racks. "I needed to learn, so I learned everything I could find." You know, now that you've got these buns down fairly well, if you can say so yourself, maybe you should try making pretzels?

The Rumia only waits until you're finished before she grabs you, spins you around and sticks her tongue in your mouth again with even greater enthusiasm than before. The next time she breaks off...
"I'm keeping you forever!" Her eager declaration and sunny expression seemed to be matched or exceeded by the sudden bout of horniness she seems to have developed in the last minute or so.

...Oh dear. Things seem to have gotten serious. You try to find a way to try and turn her down or turn her off but...looking in that face of hers and seeing the genuine joy and apparent fondness for you makes it really, really hard.

And difficult to turn her down. This feeling is nice, and...well, so was what you did before.

Finally, you come to an impulsive decision. "So..." You work up your courage,"...Does that mean you'd like to stay for dinner?"

The Rumia nods her head once, then grabs you and somehow kisses you /harder/. With that though... She takes her skirt off completely and rubs her rear against your cock. "I'm gonna burst if you don't put your cock back inside me, I'm too excited~!"

You let out a sharp gasp as her soft butt rubs up against your still rather sensitive shaft. Huh. You didn't put your pants back on, did you? But she wants you to...

"I, uh..." You shift about slightly, "I'm not sure if the kitchen is the best place for this, so..." You try and find an excuse, feeling perhaps just a bit tired and spent from what you've already done with her so far.

The Rumia spins around and grabs you, then carries you off in search of a bed upon which to fuck. While she guesses incorrectly a couple times, she reaches what must be your room, lays you down on the bed, lays herself back-first on you, and unceremoniously shoves your cock up her ass while moaning excitedly~

The sensations this time around are completely and utterly different as you are screwed into her tight ass. The soft pressure of her cheeks in comparison to the intense pressure of her hole as it clenches around you are magnificent opposites. Maybe it was because you'd already been broken. Maybe it was you found you loved this odd girl who'd molested you in the woods. Maybe it was because the stars were right.

Maybe it was because you have an ass fetish.

Whatever the cause, something inside of you drove you to action. You grabbed hold of her hips and began to thrust yourself in and out of her ass as she rode atop you, savoring the feeling of pleasure and the thrill of doing something so dirty and forbidden.

The Rumia you were fucking certainly didn't mind you taking the lead in this scenario, and was perfectly content to let you thrust your cock in and out of her while moaning and crying out about how it feels so good and that she loves you. It seems that somehow, sex and food have caused her to develop an attraction to you far stronger than what would have occurred normally. She might have broken you, but you might still have a chance at having a real, loving relationship.

Lost to the pleasure as you are, you simply continue to thrust in and out of her even as you huff and puff and then shoot your load straight into her ass, shoving her down all the way onto your cock as you spill out your seed.
Collapsing back in exhaustion you pant heavily, hands still resting on the Rumia's hips. You’re too spent to even move now...

The Rumia moans in ecstacy as you cum inside her yet again, and she holds your hands in hers as she wriggles to make herself more comfortable. Maybe she knew you needed a break. "Tired already~? That's fine, we have forever now~."

You let out an odd noise as she wriggles around on top of you but don't manage to stir up the will power to move. But...you need to get up. "The roast..." You mumble quietly as you try and fail to make yourself move so you can get up and get the roast in the oven now that the buns are out.

"Sleepy now~." Says the Rumia. "You're waaaaaay too exhausted to do anything right now, and you'd probably fall asleep before the food’'s done~."

Unable to argue against her fantastic logic or your own exhaustion, you simply sigh and attempt to snuggle up against her as you quickly fall asleep.


So here is a side story thing that was worked on. It was also the same one that I mentioned that I was trying to work on a ways back in what I think was the first thread.
No. 31304
And your friendly neighborhood drill tank as co-author in this recent endeavor~
No. 31305
No. 31314
Seal of approval: GIVEN.
No. 31317
Truly the greatest love story ever told.
No. 31322
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man who lives in a small home at the very most southern tip of the New Continent. Your life got flip turned upside down when your father invited you to move in with him and your mother insisted you go along. Shortly after arriving, your father disappeared and you went into the Great Forest in an attempt to find him. This, as it turns out, was perhaps not the most well thought out move you'd ever made. You were set upon by a Rumia and molested numerous times in fairly short order. However, a twist in circumstances and your ability to cook quite well seem to have saved your hide as after tasting your cooking she decided that she would let you stay here in your home rather than just take you back to her place and make you into a sex slave.

Apparently your kitchen is better than hers.

The Rumia goes and comes as she will, and you've found yourself growing content with the odd mongirl and her personality.

Or perhaps you're just starting to really enjoy the massive amounts and varieties of sex you've ended up having with her ever since she took a liking to you.

Probably both.

Now though you're going through one of the periods where she's off on her own doing who knows what for days on end and you're left to your own devices in this little cabin of yours. Except, you seem to have found yourself snowed in. A freakstorm whipped up in the mountains came tumbling down your way. The winds howl outside your house and your cabin occassionally groans, complaining from the strain and pressure that the wind and snow are putting on it. Currently you're staying warm by your fireplace and roasting some marshmallows you had down in your underground storage. Mmmm...smores.

It's a shame that there's no one here to share it with, you'd enjoy some company.

Such a freak snowstorm meant that there were those who would seek shelter from it, or perhaps take advantage of it. One such individual had decided to take shelter in your home, and she had taken to sitting on one of your chairs while you were close to the fireplace. She made no sound as she did this, and simply watched you, waiting to see what your reaction would be.

You continue roasting marshmallows, blissfully unaware of how an uninvited guest had entered your home making use of the fact that you are apparently rubbish at remembering to lock your doors. Which is why when you take the marshmallows out of the fire you turn and notice that there is someone sitting in a chair, staring at you. You stare back at them.

Presumably, you are both staring at each other.

Then you take some chocolate, the marshmallow and some gram crackers and you make a smore and hold it out for your uninvited guess. "Smore?" you offer.

"That's a generous offer~." She states as she gets off the chair she chose to sit on to accept the smore from you. Rather than move back to the chair, she chooses to sit down next to you in front of the fire, taking the time to warm up properly while eating. She takes a bite, chews and swallows the treat, then kisses you on the cheek. "Thank you, but you do know that I'm more interested in you, right~?"

"Ah, hahahah." You laugh a bit nervously as you shift slightly, positioning yourself to be better prepared when you have to make your move to get out of this potentially sticky situation. This could get pretty problematic really quickly, "Really? I'm, ah, flattered really. Sincerely." You say, putting some quick thinking into your plan. Maybe you could dive out the window and-

Oh yeah, snowstorm.

You look at your uninvited guest and lessons from long ago come back to the forefront of your mind. She's a Letty.

There's a snowstorm raging outside.


...Fudgecicles, this is bad.

It's really sunk in just how bad this situation could turn. If you remember right, Lettys can be...very, very dangerous.

The Letty in question simply finished her smore in peace before wrapping an arm around you to keep you from going anywhere, and for some odd reason she's... Warm. Not cold like the snow outside, or even cool. Warm. "You're really cute you know~" She pulls you onto her lap, letting you rest your head directly between her breasts as she hugged you. She's content to just sit there for a moment, after which she starts to slip her hand into your pants and play with your cock.

You squirm in her lap, biting your lip to keep from gasping out in surprise as her fingers find your shaft and begin to tease and pump it. You're certain that Lettys are supposed to have cold or cool bodies, but it is kind of difficult to focus on remembering lessons you learned years ago in school when a beautiful, full bodied woman is handling your manhood like that. "I'm flattered and AAhll but-" You grit your teeth as she hits a particularly sensitive spot. This isn't fair! She's not letting you try and argue your way to freedom and not having sex with her!

This is really, really nice and all but you-a ding goes off from the kitchen.

Oh no.

Your pretzels!

In an amazing display of dexterity and flexibility, you manage to escape the Letty's grip and leave her, and your pants, behind as you charge into the Kitchen in a blind panic and throw your apron and oven mitts on. Quickly opening the oven you slide the pretzels out of the oven and savor their properly cooked exterior and have the salt is just rightly so distributed on them. These are going much better than your first batch of them which came out looking rather disturbing looking, and perhaps just a bit too soft. With a smile you set those pretzels off on the side to cool off and take a passing glance at the ice cream maker as it hums away. Hmm, looks like your chocolate ice cream is coming along fine and you know you should probably be more concerned about the wild touhoumon in your house who has your pants rather than your food now that it's not going to burn.

That's about the point where the Letty hugged you from behind again, humming in amusement as she sees what it is you're occupied with. "Oh my, this is interesting~" She holds you tight to her body as she starts to stroke your shota cock again. She's clearly not interested in letting you go over food like the Rumia was. "A warm house, warm food, and a cute boy. I think I've just found a new home to settle down in~." She kisses you on the head after she says that. "There's just one thing left to do~."

You squirm a bit in her hold, but she's got a far stronger grip on you this time, and you don't have any ablative pants to shed in order to escape from her grasp. "You have to go and pack up your old house...?" You offer feebly in desperation as you start to wiggle about a bit more in an attempt to free yourself, but simply manage to bury yourself back further into her breasts.

The Letty simply giggles as she hears your question. "I don't have anything to pack up, so no, you won't get out of having sex with me." Your attempts to escape don't escape her notice either. "You're getting awfully excited about my pleasuring you despite your saying otherwise~" She continues to stroke you off for a few more moments before stopping. "...Hm. In fact, I think I'm going to do something a bit better than this~." She picks you up, removes you from the kitchen and deposits you neatly on the chair she was occupying in the living room. She then envelops your cock in her breasts, and pumps them up and down on it.

Unable to hold it back you cry out in surprise and pleasure as her large, soft breasts envelop your dick, smothering it completely and concealing it from sight even as she pumps her breasts up and down as increasingly wet and lewd noises as your shaft twitches and spits out precum, already eager to let out its load all over your uninvited guests breasts. Even so, you bite your cheek in an attempt to hold out for a little while longer, for all the good it does.

Eventually too much is just too much and you let out a cry of passion as you fire jet after jet of sticky white stuff from your twitching cock, coating the Lettys breasts in it as you collapse exhaustedly back in the chair, all the fight drained out of you as you pant. That was...amazing.

The Letty giggles again as she watches you cum, and didn't stop using her breasts until she was certain you were done. With that, she starts to sweep up your cum with her fingers and licks them clean in front of you while keeping your dick trapped between her breasts. "That was fun~." She says simply and between licks. "You're quite tasty too. I'd say I got lucky with you~." She keeps you pinned down as she continues to clean you off, and doesn't stop until there's not so much as a speck of your seed left.

You whimper underneath her merciless tongue as it cleans up the mess you made. You'd probably like to make a witty remark here about what she's saying to you, but it's kind of difficult to string words together into thoughts, let alone intelligent ones. You reach out to her to try and do something and...

Kind of just end up patting her head. Great.

She notices this and seems to lean into the petting lightly, and then pulls away from you so that she can strip properly. Her bloomers fall to the ground first, then her skirt. Her shirt and bra join those articles shortly thereafter, and even her hat joins the pile. "Now then..." She picks you up and lays herself down on the floor back-first, with you atop her face-first. "You can cum inside me now if you want~." She says in a husky tone, her body feeling quite warm now and her sporting quite the blush.

Lying on top of her you try and will your body to get up.

Part of you complies happily and you feel the tip of your dick poke at her wet, incredibly warm entrance and once again a part of you makes a decision for you without you being able to resist. Maybe it's because you've been broken by this point. Maybe it's because she's been rather kind aside from the whole forcing herself on you sexually thing and is really pretty.

Maybe it's because you've got a MILF fetish.

Whatever the case, your hips move on their own as they reposition themselves and you slide your shaft into her, savoring the feeling as he warm, wet walls wrap around your shaft and seem to just pull you in deeper into her.

The Letty moans happily as you finally give in and bury your cock inside her, and she responds in kind by bucking her hips while trying to get you to move yours as well. She makes sure your head is once again between her warm, soft breasts, and she pets your hair as she helps you along.

You sigh happily as you let yourself go, the pleasure taking you in completely. It's all so much better when you don't try to fight. Your hands slide along her body, running across her curves and stopping on her hips, where you take hold of them and use that as leverage to thrust deeper and faster into, pumping in and out of her as you continue to nestle your head deeper into her bosom. You can feel a familiar pressure building up in you as you work her over, and so you thrust yourself into her as deep as you can before ejaculating, spraying your thick seed deep into her. You collapse atop of the Letty, hands letting go of her hips and moving up her body before coming to rest on her soft, wondrously sizable breasts.

The Letty cums when you do and moans as she feels your cum flood her womb, after which she hugs you to herself while petting your back. She hardly seems to mind you playing with her breasts, though you would note that her nipples are rather perky.

Your hands idly move on their own, kneading and squeezing her breasts which you find positively fascinating. As the pleasurable haze fazes you come back to your senses, at least somewhat. Still buried up to the hilt inside of her, you look up at the Letty from between her breasts, which you are fondling. In your mind, there's strangely only one thing you can think of to say,"...So, will you be staying for dinner?"

The Letty smiles in response to your request. "Yes, I think I will~."

Well, you guess you won't be spending this cold, dreary night alone. Or be cold at all, if you guess right.


Well here you guys go, it’s another thing from the magical land full of nobodies and drilling tanks.
No. 31323
Co-creating porn is kinda fun, I have to say. This time it's Letty, but who knows who's next~
No. 31324
>S.L.D.T. writing Letty porn
Hell ye-
>not Wintertime Alchemist
What a tease, you... you... double writefag!

10/10, would read and fap again.
No. 31325
2 short porn stories in about 24 hours and none of them are the expected Daiyousei teaching time from that other story. Color me surprised.
No. 31327

Something tells me there's a third one coming.
No. 31330
please don't remind me of that. I miss that story.
No. 31335
And you forgot the part where Rumia just cracks open the door right as Wilheim comes in Letty....

Seriously I see either a major catfight or a threesome soon.
No. 31340
Please tell us there's a part 3 on the way.
No. 31347
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man if what you've been told is the truth. You originally lived in Metro City in your Mother’s house up until a month and change again when your life got flip turned upside down by your father arriving and asking for you to come live with him. To make a long story short, you were encouraged to do so and so you did. You lived with your dad for a little while before he up and disappeared and you, rather foolishly, tried to go and look for him in the parts of the Great Forest near where you lived. This lead to you getting molested, molested again, nearly taken home and then taken back to your own home and getting molested a third time by a Rumia that you have since developed a fondness for despite the...circumstances of your meeting.

The huge amounts of regular sex and her appreciation of your efforts in cooking probably help.

Just a short while ago you had someone new enter your life, a Letty who was unlike any other you'd ever heard of in terms of how she felt and acted. She was warm and friendly and not at all scary like you'd been told they usually are. She ALSO molested you, but you suspect that you're becoming accustomed to it because you just ended up sharing a home cooked dinner with her shortly after she was done, during which you learned of her apparent fondness for sweet things. Which is different from Rumia as she has more of a fondness for...everything.

The Letty recently took leave of you as the winter storms began to vanish, headed off to do whatever it is that Letty's do but leaving behind a promise to come back as soon as she could, and made certain you know that it would be a reunion you wouldn't forget.

This leaves you in the circumstances you currently find yourself in, namely having to shovel many feet of snow away from your house and remove ice while you still have the chance, given that there's a chance of the snow coming back again.

As you huff and puff and shovel away the snow, you find yourself hoping that no one got themselves caught out in that storm that shouldn't be out there, given how bad it got. Wouldn't take long at all for someone to get buried...

Hopes like that are often dashed against the rocks in the young man's life, and his shovel wound up hitting something a bit heavier than the relatively soft snow he was lifting away before.

You frown at the sound that the impact made, feeling a new cold ball develop in your stomach. That didn't sound like a shovel hitting rock or a layer of ice. You'd know given you've done that enough today already. Kneeling down you use your gloved hands to brush, shove and toss aside the clumps of snow and ice and try to get a clear look at whatever you just hit with your shovel.

You wind up finding a girl… No, a mon buried under all that snow. One with forest green hair, antennae reminiscent of an insect, a white shirt with black shorts, and a cape that looked somewhat like a beetle's wings. Clearly a Wriggle. What she's doing out here is anyone's guess.

Muttering words that would no doubt upset your mother as you curse this situation to heck you try and clear off the rest of the snow of the girl and rouse her. "Hey. Hey! C'mon, wake up!" You try rather lamely to rouse her as you give her a shake.

At her lack of a response you curse darnit to heck as you start to try and pull her out of the snow, taking her into your arms as you look up to notice...

"...Oh you've gotta be flippin kidding me!" You cry it disbelief and frustration at what is obviously a rapidly approaching snowstorm. You can tell on account of having seen many snowstorms before and the veritable wall of white that is barreling down on you and your frozen friend. With a mighty heave you pull the Wriggle up out of the snow completely and start to drag her towards your house as quickly as you can manage.

The Wriggle in question barely seems to notice you picking her up and moving her, and she doesn't even manage to mutter a single word as you do so. If she could though, there'd probably be a 'thanks' in there.

You barely manage to get the Wriggle and yourself inside with time to slam your door shut and hold it in place as the snowstorm returns in earnest. Breathing a sigh of relief you stamp your boots off before taking a hold of the Wriggle again and taking the chance to pick her up properly in your arms, hoping it's not too obvious how much you struggle with the girl who's a bit bigger than you if you'd had to guess. Step by step you make your way towards the fire place, putting one foot in front of the other as you're walking across the floor.

You really need to get a weight set or something..!

Setting the Wriggle down as well as you can on the loveseat in front of the fireplace, you stomp over to the fireplace to get a fire going in this place before it starts to frost over.

It takes a bit of doing but you notice the embers begin to take and the fire begin to slowly creep over the logs. Thanking the heavens you heave a sigh as you stand back up and march over towards the closet that you keep all of the extra supplies in. There are some thick and heavy blankets in here, and your guest could probably use them. Now if you could just find them you'd be great!

...what'd your father even need with these cartoon girl beach towels anyway?

The Wriggle starts to warm up now that there's a fire going, and stirs a little as a result. It takes her a while, likely more than long enough for you to get back, but she does wake up enough to get a look at her surroundings, and the one responsible for bringing her here.

By the time she wakes you've already wrapped the wriggle up in the warm blankets you found behind you fathers cartoon girl towels and pillow cases, and are currently busy in the kitchen. You'd shed your heavy coat, boots and scarf and are now just working on a nice, warm pot of clam chowder. You'd have made chicken noodle, but you haven't had the chance to restock on ingredients for it yet, and Rumia hasn't been by with things she 'found', so this will just have to do!

In time, she wakes up properly, noting that she's bundled up quite nicely and that it seems that a cute young boy saved her from freezing to death out there. A blush spreads across her face as she lets her mind wander...

Not yet noticing that your guest has awoken, you happily hum to yourself as you work on your Clam Chowder, fussing over it in these final moments of your New Eagleland style Clam Chowder. Sneaking yourself a sip you let out a happy noise. Perfection!

And it will just go wonderfully with the bread you made!

It's at this point that you peek out into the main room and spot the Wriggle. Roughly at that same moment the Wriggle spots you.

There is a long, and somewhat awkward, pause.

Finally, you break the ice by speaking up. "I made soup." You half offer and half declare. Really, you'd think that you'd be getting better at dealing with strange girls being in your house by now.

Surprisingly, the Wriggle somehow blushes harder. A cute boy saved her and is now offering food? That was almost too much for her.

"Uh, okay." You respond, the awkwardness back in full force as you shuffle into the kitchen and rustle about, trying to find a good bowl for her to use. Finding one, you quickly head over to the stove and serve a large portion of your chowder into it and grab a nice hunk of fresh, crusty bread to go along with it. Food in hand you hustle out to her and hand them over with a smile. "Here, eat up. You might be warmed up, but I think some hot food will do you good." When she takes the food it occurs to you that you forgot something. "I'm sorry, I forgot your spoon just..." You hold up your hands plaintively, "Give me a second and I'll be right back." You finish as you rush off to the Kitchen, embarassed at your mistake.

The Wriggle takes the food but doesn't do much with it since it's steaming hot and no real way to eat it without burning herself. It does smell good though, and her stomach growls after a few moments. Apparently she was hungry too.

You quickly hurry back to her side and hand over a spoon to her, smiling apologetically as you bustle back to the Kitchen once more and go about making sure that the soup won't burn without your attention and readying your own meal at the same time. This Wriggle must still be really out of it for her to be so sedate. Maybe bug types just don't handle the cold well even when they're not frozen?

The Wriggle takes the spoon without a word and begins to eat, avoiding eye contact with you for some reason and still sporting that blush. It's not until a little bit later that she actually says something. "T-thank you for saving me. I'm not sure I would have lasted out there, buried under all that snow."

You're so shocked by her finally speaking up as you move to join her in the main room that you almost drop your own bowl of chowder.


"You don't need to thank me." You say set the bowl down on the solid, wooden table in front of the chair you took near her, "I did what anyone else would have done in the same situation."

"Are you sure?" Asks the Wriggle, "Most people wouldn't just take in someone like me. They'd be afraid that I'd pin them down and rape them."

There is a long moment where you sit in silence, likely looking seriouslycool and deep in thought to the Wriggle, who no doubt is certain that you are thinking incredibly philosophical thoughts as you consider your response.

In actuality your thoughts are more along the lines of 'Oh fudgecicles I didn't even think about that!'.

"Well, I didn't even think about it." You end up admitting, looking her straight in the eyes. "I wasn't just going to leave someone I found in a darn snow bank out there."

The Wriggle continues to eat as she listens to your short explanation, and simply stares. "Maybe it's because you didn't have to think about it..." She says quietly.

You're not really certain how you could respond to that, so you just focus on your own meal as well. Your chowder came out just about exactly as you could have hoped. Only thing you would have liked more would have been to have more clams for it, but you worked with what you had. Combined with this fresh crusty bread it's a meal that'll leave you...kinda sleepy really. You're already feeling a bit woozy from today’s handwork and from all the cooking. Plus days like this just do a number on you and make you lazy.

The Wriggle finished her own meal as well, and set the bowl aside. "Thank you for everything." She then blushes a little as she steels herself for her next request. "There's one more thing though... C-can I stay here for the night? I don't want to go through that snowstorm again..."

"Well of course you're going to stay here for the night." You respond, shocked that she'd think you'd kick her out in this howling weather, "I wouldn't have sent you out in this kind of storm. Nobody should be out in a blizzard like this!"

"Whenever you get tired, the bedroom is through that door over there." You tell her, pointing to the door behind her, "If you need anything during the night, feel free to come and get me."

The Wriggle nods, getting up from her spot on the couch and heading over toward you. She then swiftly kisses you on the lips and heads off to the bedroom you had pointed out. "Thank you, and I may take you up on that."

You pause, a bit dumbstruck as the Wriggle takes the bedroom. The only bedroom.

And of course, she didn't know this.

...You hadn't really put much thought into that, had you? Still, you can't just take it back now. You head over to the closet and pull out a spare pillow and one of the not cartoon girl blankets and place them on the couch before giving the fireplace a quick check over as you get ready for the long night you've got ahead of you.

You hate sleeping on the lumpy couch.

Settling in as well as you can, you twist and turn as you try and fall asleep. Thus, in this frustratingly uncomfortable way, your day ends here...

Except it didn't end here. Perhaps the Wriggle was just nervous about sleeping in someone else's bed, which most likely happened to smell like the boy who had done so much for her already... She couldn't get to sleep. This had to be his bed, which raised the question of where he was sleeping. Getting up from her position, the Wriggle decides to check up on you.

You grumble to yourself, still half awake despite it having been who knows how long since you started trying to sleep. You shift and roll over on the couch again, hating how it manages to be shaped in all the wrong ways for sleeping. Next time you're not trapped in a snowstorm you're going to need to see if one of your neighbors has a new one they care to pawn off or something, because this is just unacceptable. You can just put this one into the underground storage.

The Wriggle sees you rolling around in your discomfort and bites her lower lip as she decides whether it'd really be okay to move you or not. On the one hand, she didn't think it was fair for you to be like this, but on the other... Well, she was nine-tenths of the way to soaking her panties with nectar just from being around you, let alone holding you or sharing your bed. That kind of thing led to... She shook her head to clear those thoughts and picked you up as gently as she could to move you to your proper bed, with every intention of making you stay there. By force if necessary. Kindness should be repaid, right?

"Hm, hrm, hrgle..." You shift about as wake in the arms of an angel. Or rather, a beetle. Wriggle is carrying you with far less effort than you spent on carrying her. "Ah...excuse me?" You speak up as the older looking mon carries you determinedly towards your bedroom, already knowing in your heart of hearts and your dick where this was going, "What are you doing?"

The Wriggle went red in the face as you asked her that question. "You didn't look very comfortable and I felt guilty taking up your bed so..." She couldn't really continue talking, but she kept walking. In a matter of moments you find yourself neatly deposited on your bed with a half-naked mon on you and a blanket on top of you both. With her staring at you. And blushing.

"What..." You can feel a whole lot of something about this situation, that's for sure. But, you know...she sure is really cute, getting all embarrassed and worked up like this. Rumia only got to something like this when you made her that turkey you got from the nice lady who lived down the way, and Letty is just...never really like this at all. Always in control, she is. This Wriggle feels...different?

Maybe things will go different this time?

"What are we gonna do on the bed?" You ask as you shift a bit to get yourself more comfortable as you lie on your back.

The Wriggle gulps once as she realizes the gravity of the situation she's in. Here she is, pinning down a cute shota who may very well have saved her life, fed her, and gave her a place to sleep without so much as a second thought. The first part alone would have fuck-worthy, except now... Now she's feeling her heart race just looking at him. Every movement she makes is slow and deliberate, but at the same time she's shaking. She's not sure she should be doing this, but she lays down on you properly and kisses you on the lips.

Nope, nothing different here at all this time. In hindsight you don't even know why you'd thought it would go any different from before. Maybe you've just got bad pattern recognition.

Instincts and learned patterns kicking in, you immediately submit to the Wriggle as she pins you down with her body and takes your lips for her own. Your body knows what it wants now, and the answer is hot, hot man on mon loving.

The Wriggle feels your body's response to a simple kiss, and feels her own heat up so much more from a mix of arousal and embarrassment. It took so little for him to submit to her thanks, for him to raise an erection that's prodding her and making her wet. She breaks the kiss and works your pants off while keeping eye contact. "I don't know how to put this, but I think I love you." Her own panties come off next, and it's clear that her flower is leaking nectar as you can feel it dripping onto you as she takes your cock in to the hilt.

Your mind goes blank as you sink into Wriggles wet, wriggling folds. All you can do is let out low, pleased moan as you lose control of your extremities, waves of pleasure washing away your ability to focus on anything while you're buried inside of her incredible body. She's...unlike anything else you've experienced. Rumia and Letty were both different, but there were similarities there. Wriggle is something completely and utterly different. It's like countless feelers are rubbing against and across your sensitive shaft.

More than that, it seems that she may not even have to thrust to make you feel good. She keeps your cock buried inside her as she wraps her arms around you and kisses you passionately, intent on expressing her love in the only way her she knows how. Or the only way her hormones will let her at this point.

Hormones of your own are in play as well as you wrap your arms around the girl-monster on top of you, hugging her against you as you try and close the distance between both of your bodies. Between the immense pleasure and her passionate kiss your left moaning happily into her mouth, completely lost to the world.

The girl-monster herself was clearly no better, lost in that little bubble of bliss right alongside you as she continued to pleasure your cock in a manner that would be impossible for human women, or even most mons. In fact, it seems like she's putting quite a lot of effort into making you cum.

Pushed well and truly over the bring your hands slide down the Wriggles toned body and take hold of her firm ass. You push her hips down as your own thrust up to try and get as deep as possible in her before you explode inside of her, pumping out load after load of thick, sticky white stuff deep inside of her. As you finish, you collapse back down with a sigh.

The Wriggle moans as you take hold of her ass and makes some very happy sounds as you cum inside her, her folds wicking the semen deep inside of her rather than letting it spill out as others might have. After that, she stays joined to you but seems perfectly content to rest after that, happy that you accepted her like this.

You are left relaxed inside of her as your shaft twitches, the constant stimulation from her folds keeping it from subsiding as it should. "H-hey..." You manage to speak, slurring your words a bit, "If you keep doing that, I might do 'that' again..." You warn her, feeling your over stimulated shaft twitching inside of her again already. This is just too much...

The Wriggle kisses you lightly for a moment. "By all means, do 'that' again! It feels really good when you do and... I really want you to keep doing it." Her blush is positively radiant, but her attachment to you is sincere.

You try and pull out of the Wriggle, but attempting to do so leads to finding out that her walls are clamped down around you in such a way that not only is pulling out impossible, but doing so is...painfully pleasant. You let out a shocked cry as another orgasm rips through you and you spill your seed out into the Wriggle again.

The Wriggle in question starts drooling with her tongue hanging out slightly as you cum inside her once more, and she visibly relaxes as she settles down on you. She hasn't cummed herself, though from the feel of things she's spilling plenty of her juices anyway as she grinds against you.

You let out a whine from the back of your throat as you squirm underneath her and her ministrations. Now that she's moving and grinding against you, the pleasure is a thousand times more potent than it was before. But you still can't take yourself out of her, you learned that lesson. So you're trapped here, buried up to your hilt in a Wriggle as she grinds against you, milking you for all you're worth.

With almost no fanfare at all, your hips shift up slightly as you ejaculate into her again, feeling it as he walls keep any of the seed you deposit from spilling out.

The Wriggle lays her head down next to yours as she starts to nod off, comfortable, happy, and stuffed full of cum. It won't be until quite a bit later that she actually lets your cock go. Specifically, when it stops giving her cum from your continuous orgasms~

You're left trapped inside of the Wriggle as she falls asleep on top of you and starts making cute, sleeping noises in your ear. You lose track of time as her body mercilessly wrings orgasm after orgasm from you, sucking you completely dry over the course of what felt like hours. Unable to rest while under such intense pressure, when your shaft is finally released with a wet pop, you breathe a sigh of relief and almost immediately pass out underneath her.

The next day you wake up to a round of what appears to be good morning sex as you now have a fully naked mon riding you properly, bouncing up and down on your cock excitedly with a brilliant smile. Apparently she thinks that sex is a good way to make her feelings for you known, as it makes you feel good, right?

All you can do is let out a pitiful, pleasure filled moan as she rides you. Why do things like this always happen to you anyway?

And thus in this painfully pleasurable way, your day begins here.

But, it's not that bad, right?

So there you go part three of whatever. I hope you’re having as much fun with these as I am writing them with SLDT.
No. 31348
And the obligatory 'Drilltank helped write this' post, because post.
No. 31359
Another day, another awesome short porn story with yet another mon.

And I bet some are eagerly awaiting the one with Daiyousei following the vote in /th.
No. 31361
cant wait to see more
No. 31362
Wilheim Wilhelm is going to become the world's first and only Negative Touhoumon Trainer. An anti-Trainer, if you will.
No. 31380
This sidestory makes me wonder about the timeframe of the sidestory with regards to the main Touhoumon story. Is it happening right now while Nebosa is in Hakutown or is it in the past or in the future?
No. 31382

This takes place years in the past, but not too many.
No. 31383

Ahh I see, poor/lucky Wilheim, always getting molested by Touhoumons...

Or hey, maybe he is that absurdly lucky or something, given the comparison with what happens to Wilheim and what happens to Nebosa with that run-in with the Mystia
No. 31389
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you are currently an exhausted, partially dehydrated mess from what was one of the longest and quite possibly the most tiring night you've ever experienced, made all the more problematic by the fact that you were woken by the Wriggle you were loved tenderly by...loving you tenderly again, riding on top of you completely naked and smiling as bright as the sun itself. Too weak to even try to raise a resistance, you're left with no option but to sit there and take it as she thrusts you in and out of her, moaning pitifully from the pleasure.

The Wriggle expresses her love for you by making you cum inside her even more despite the fact that the sheer amount you've stuffed into her already is causing her to slowly leak some of your seed right back out. The fact that you are a moaning, pitiful shota tells her that she's doing a wonderful job and should milk you dry. ...Then see about getting you something to drink at least because she's starting to feel a bit thirsty herself from cumming so much.

The constant pleasure her insides give you combined with her enthusiastic efforts and technique are all just too much for you to bear, and you ejaculate inside of her again, spilling a piddling about of your seed into her as you shaft struggles and pulses, trying to force out what just isn't there any more.

Of course, it is at this point that you see your bedroom door open and a familiar Letty pokes her head in. On the other side of the room you see a window get jimmied open and slide up as an equally familiar Rumia slithers in.

Inside of your head, you swear you could hear a tiny voice break out into terrified, hysterical laughter. You've no idea why.

That laughter would be from the Wriggle, who just noticed that there's no fewer than two intruders who are both acting like they have plenty of reason to be here. Given that the boy she fell in love with gave in and was so pleasantly pliant, it makes some sense that he might have been fucked before by other mons. She hadn't even considered the possibility that there would be /others/.

Even as the Wriggle you're still inside of begins to panic and have a break down, your mind does its job of keeping you sane by focusing on the little things. There are guests in the house and you haven't prepared anything for them. You demonstrate your amazing ability to escape from any situation when there's food and pleasantries on the line yet again by managing to awkwardly squirm out of and out of underneath the Wriggle and...promptly fall out of bed and to the floor with a thump.

"Just...need to reach...kitchen." You struggle determinedly and pathetically towards the door, trying to do your duty as pleasant host and perhaps escape this powder keg of a situation that you instinctively recognize as such.

However, the Letty happens to be in the only doorway leading out, and she's currently torn between picking you up and carrying you out and away from these two interlopers, which may spark a fight, and simply keeping them from stealing you away, which they would most certainly do.

The Rumia is thinking much the same, looking at the Wriggle and the Letty with a hint of disdain considering that they would have made her lover feed them. She was first and had dibs and all that!

You attempt to struggle to your feet again and only manage to stand for a few moments and stumbling set of steps before promptly falling back over again and slamming your head against something hard, making you cry out in pain as you grab at the spot only to feel something warm and wet.

The three-way stalemate promptly ends when you manage to hurt yourself, with Letty picking you up since she's the closest, Rumia lunging at the snow woman as she's now carrying the darkness mon's shota, and the Wriggle's eyes go wide and attempts to join in on carting her lover off to find something to use to heal him. Of course, it's not like any of them knew Healing Pulse or Wish or anything like that, but even then they'd probably just argue over who gets to actually apply it.

Woozy and wounded as you are, you still manage to maintain enough sense to speak up and get yourself attention. "Could...could you just set me down on the loveseat, please?" You ask weakly, "Ah...and then could someone go into the closet and get me the box with the red cross on it? And could someone else go get me the hand mirror from the restroom?"

As much as they'd much prefer to settle who has proper exclusive rights to the boy, the three of them couldn't really ignore his request either. "I'll set him down." The Letty declared. "I'll go get the box then..." The Wriggle said. "Fiiiine, I'll go get the mirror." The Rumia said.

The Wriggle and the Rumia set about their chosen tasks while the Letty looks you over and notes that you are in fact bleeding. "Why in the world were you trying to move earlier? You're already exhausted, so an accident is far more likely."

"I had guests over." You protest weakly, "I couldn't just lie in bed when there weren't food and drink ready for you all. It would have been rude." Mother made sure you knew what people thought of rude boys. You wouldn't disappoint her by acting that way, ever!

The Letty simply sighed in response to your explanation. "Hospitality is something best left for when you haven't been fucked into exhaustion, you know." She pets your hair and smiles, however. "I admire your dedication, but your common sense needs work, I think."

With that, the Wriggle returns with the box with a red cross in hand. "I think this is it." She hands it to you, not really knowing what to do with it herself.

"Found it!" The Rumia has the hand mirror in hand, and while she doesn't really know wha to do with it either, she's still holding it for you.

"Great, super." You praise them as you are set down and take a moment to steady yourself before taking the items from them and setting them on the table in front of you, "Now, let me just..." You trail off as you tilt your head and hold the mirror at just the right angle you need to see where you banged yourself up.

And you smile at the sight of it. It's just a little scratch that's bleeding a bit, that's all. "Ah, it's just nothing." You respond with relief as you set the mirror down and open up the medical kit and start to sort through it for what you're going to need. It'll need stiches, but only a small amount. First, you're going to have to clean it up and....

"...uh, if any of you want food or drink I know I've still got stuff in the kitchen that's good. It's not freshly made, but it should taste just fine." You offer a bit lamely as you eye the group crowding around you. Really, it's like they've never seen a guy patch himself up before.

Probably because they haven't. As mons, they recover from wounds better than humans, often with fewer items involve. Heck, a couple berries could suffice for a quick fix if they were feeling hurt physically. Though that does bring up another point. "Uh..." The Wriggle starts off quietly as she tries to formulate her thoughts so as to not spark an argument. "It seems like he might need looking after if he's going to hurt himself like that trying to take care of us."

"Well maybe if there weren't so many of us, namely you two, he could have sex and still be polite!" The Rumia proceeds to jab at the Wriggle and Letty.

"That has more to do with a lack of restraint, I think. Men have to be trained before they can really satisfy our kind, and judging from the looks of things when I arrived, you were pushing him a bit too hard, were you not?" The Letty directs her next comment to the Wriggle as well, though she's a tad more focused.

The Wriggle merely blushes and nods, having not really considered that part. "H-he saved me from freezing to death though, and I kinda fell in love with him and didn't know how to express it any other way..."

"I'll give you that one, sex is a great way to express love! He really liked it when I made him feed me~." The Rumia starts blushing, drooling, and slipping into what amounts to a naughty daydream, recalling the expression on her lover's face when he felt the inside of her pussy for the first time out in that forest.

"I suppose I can't really fault you for that, but still." The Letty backs off in a way, turning to you. "...No, I can't really blame you. He is rather cute."

"He can't keep up with all three of us though, can he?" The Wriggle's antenna drooped as she thought of the obvious problem. You couldn't even really keep up with her, so how could you keep up with all three of them? And given your track record, it was only a matter of time before yet another mon pushed you down.

"Not at this point, I don't think." The Letty gets up from where she was sitting to go get you a glass of water at least, since you were no doubt still dehydrated. "If you could keep an eye on him, please?"

The Wriggle merely nods, while the Rumia starts to play with herself. You get the impression that she might be using her lower mouth to 'chew' her own fingers.

...Wow that was quite possibly the second most awkward conversation you've had about you while you were getting patched up that you've ever been witness to. Still doesn't beat out the time when your mother had to explain to the nice officers about how you'd tripped and fallen down some stairs and right into a doorknob. That one will be hard to top and man what is that sweet smell anyway oh it's Rumia.

You cough a bit awkwardly before you focus on finishing up cleaning out the area, barely even noticing as you apply the stinging stuff to finish getting ready.

"It's a good thing I took home economics in school." You joke as you take up your 'needle and thread' and get ready to close up the cut.

The Letty arrives with a glass of water and sets it on a small table near your end of the love seat, and takes up a chair near you. Despite her appearance, you can tell she's slightly unsettled by the fact that you're taking a needle to the cut.

The Wriggle doesn't even laugh at that, and looks like she's a bit guilty.

The Rumia... You're not even sure she's paying attention anymore.

Seeing your joke fall flat you just focus on getting it all over with as quickly as possible and get to work, closing up the cut and position the stitches by feel and memory. It's over quite quickly really, and you're able to place the needle aside for cleaning later with a sigh of relief this time. "Alright..." You pause in your statement to take a swig of water...before chugging the entire glass as a wave of relief rushes through you. Was your mouth really that dry?

"Right, so...uh..." You try and fail to start up a sentence as you set the glass down on the table,"...Who wants pancakes?" you try and put a smile on your face and hopefully disperse this atmosphere a bit...

Rumia tenses up as her own fingering is finally too much for her... Or was it your mentioning food? Did she really have a fetish for you food in particular or... Yeah, maybe it's best not to dwell on that too hard. "Pancakes! I can even make my own syrup for you if you want~" No doubt she's referring to her own love juices, which were probably pretty sweet all considering.

The Letty merely face palms in response to that. "That would be nice, though I would think that you already have syrup of a non-sexual variety." She glares at the Rumia, who clearly does not quite understand that whole bit where you had hurt yourself because you were exhausted from sex already.

The Wriggle merely blushes though. "C-considering I took so much from him already, I could take responsibility and give him some back..." Clearly she's going with Rumia's idea, but offering herself up. No doubt she'd be just as sweet.

"...I think we'll just go with Maple syrup." You respond perhaps a bit more deadpan that one would expect from someone like you. Slowly, you make your way up to your feet and make a steady, plodding journey to the kitchen to get started, "All of you just relax, I've got this."

It's a good thing you've always got your pancake mixings ready and prepared to go just for occasions like this one.

...Well, occasions similar to this one, but with less sex and innuendo.

This, of course, leaves you blissfully unaware of just what's going on in the main room, save for what snippets you see and hear when you peek in from time to time to make sure your guests aren't killing each other.

They weren't killing each other, but they were starting to do something arguably more awkward. Namely, you caught the occasional glimpse of them molesting each other in various ways, trying to assert dominance over the other two. This works about as well as you might expect.

After staring for a long moment you slowly slide back into the Kitchen until the wall blocks off your view of the scene. You're just...gonna take this cooking session nice and slow and leave them to it then. Maybe add something onto the meal to make it a bit more substatial and give you more time.


So bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, toast, kalos toast, waffles and finally your pancakes later, you think you're all set. Servings are at sizes you're pretty confident are appropriate for all of them and if they're not...well you'll either have to make more or won't need ot cook for a few days.

Steeling your nerves, you peek back into the main room.

Everything seems to have quieted down. Somewhat. Rumia was sitting in Wriggle's lap, who in turn had quite the blush with her hand up the former's skit. Apparently they each got a taste of what the other could do, and may have certain... weaknesses.

You look concernedly around the room, warning claxons going off in your mind as you take notice of a very important detail.

Where. is. Letty?

Said Letty was returning from the bathroom, looking rather pleased with herself for some reason. Whether it's because she came out on top or for some other reason was beyond you though.

Oh. Okay then. Good. "Uhm...breakfast is ready everyone?" You offer as you start to carry the rather large amount and assortment of food out and set it out on the thankfully large table that the loveseat and chairs are all arranged around. Between it and the reading corner, you've got a nice and cozy little place here you know.

And breakfast winds up being a relatively peaceful affair, though it seems that you might have all three girls making more regular visits now...

If you expected this to go any differently you obviously haven’t been paying attention. I’d also like to once again thank SLDT for his hard work on this collaboration of ours.

God knows I wouldn’t be doing anything if I was working alone.

Picture unrelated but cool looking.
No. 31392
And the usual 'I helped' post~
No. 31393
Like I said, a negative trainer. Like a regular trainer, but with a minus sign in front.
No. 31395
So what does a Letty have that's super effective against a Rumia. I get Letty overpowering Wriggle, due to Ice being Super Effective against Bug, but what is Rumia?
No. 31398
In most versions, Rumia is dark, so Letty might have a fighting type attack, but it's more likely that she just overpowered her. Ice and Rock are really good offensive types, and Rumia isn't known for her tanking ability.
No. 31400
So more of a trainee?
No. 31402
That ended really abruptly. There wasn't even a real sex scene this time.

That wasn't the end, was it? If so, having the threesome happen offscreen was a tragedy.
No. 31408

You think this is the end? Oh hardly.
No. 31411
likely a level advantage if not an evolution one.

Though a bit of constructive criticism for the future: try to have some more foreplay with Wriggle and Rumia as opposed to just going to the sex.
No. 31412

Just to point it out, most mons don't really take the time to tease their victims that much. It's far easier to just get their cocks erect then go from there, so it wouldn't make much sense for Rumia, whose sole intent was to take Wilhelm home, or Wriggle, who was so horny she literally could not engage in forplay, to do so.

In subsequent events... Yeah, Rumia not so much given her nature, and Wriggle... Nope. Can't see it.
No. 31414
Incidentally, are you and anybody only focusing on this for now?

I admit, as fun as it is, I'm also waiting on that Dai scene.
No. 31415

Well, Wilhelm's story is the work of Nob and I, while the Daiyousei story is Nob and Bread's collaboration. It's not my place to work on another person's story after all.
No. 31417
So it's mainly Letty then? Alright with me.
No. 31419
Oh right, given that Wilheim's story is in the past, that brings up the question as to why he doesnt have his Touhoumons...I mean lovers with him in the intro to the main story...!
No. 31420

Derp, answered my own question, its not the same Wilheim, for the one in the main story. The main story one is Wilheim Jenkins, while the one here is Wilheim Wilhelm
No. 31422
interesting that you mentioned that as the recent story mentions an Old Man Jenkins with a tame but flirty CWriggle.
No. 31429
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man or so you've been told. Your life got flip turned upside down ever since you first were brought over here by your fathers request and mothers urging. Ever since your father disappeared you've been living on your own out here. Except, that is, for the odd friends you've made of some of the local wild touhoumon population.

You were a bit worried when the three of them first met each other, but it all turned out fine anyway when they talked it out, and now they're all apparently 'sharing' you or something like that. Since everyone else is happy, you're happy too. One nice thing about 'the talk' they had is that things have been just a little bit easier on you than they had been now that the Letty made sure that they all understood that they needed to go 'extra easy' on you since there are three of them and they need to train you up to meet there needs.

You just tended to not pay much attention to that part of their agreement, or at least not think about it too deeply. The implications were just kinda sad.

Today is a free day for you, and all of your friends are off doing their own thing which leaves you alone to do what work needs to be done around the house and then maybe relax by the radio and read a good book. The worst of the winter storm has let off, though now it's just cold rather than pretty and cold.

Unfortunately, today you suspect you'll be doing more of the 'what needs to be done' thing rather than enjoying a nice bit of song and word. Rumia got a mite bit excited last time after you'd had to clear off snow again before you could give her fun and tore up your best winter clothes a bit getting them off of you so that she could get you off and you've got to patch them back up before anything else since chances are you'll be needing them again.

Which would be why you're sitting in your most comfortable chair and trying to get this sweater to look halfway decent when you finish patching it up before you start trying to piece back together the tatters of part of your scarf. Dang it at this rate you're going to have to outright replace that scarf, and this sweater will never look quite right again.

Of course, in the grand tradition of you never being allowed a quiet day you hear a knock at the door.

On the outside of said door was an Alice, who got a convenient tip that there was a boy who lived in the forest that could use her services, in perhaps more ways than one.

You grumble a touch as you set aside all your materials, tools and projects and haul yourself up out of your chair and over to the door. Who would come knocking on your door like this? None of your friends that's for sure, and none of your neighbors really have much to do with you. Hopefully that guy and his Yuugi didn't run out of shortening again.

You open the door and notice that no, no it is not in fact any of your friends or your neighbors at all. Instead it is an Alice standing primly on your doorstep. "Ah...hello?" You offer a bit awkwardly, not quite sure what she's doing here.

"Greetings." She responds to you in kind before going into the reason she's here. "I've heard through the grape vine that you're in need of having some clothes repaired, and I'm willing to help you with them if you so choose." No mention of a price, nor so much as a hint of seeking payment. Definitely an eyebrow-raiser if you ever saw one, but at the same time, Alice aren't Tewi either. They didn't scam people just for the heck of it.

"Ah...hah." You respond, eyeing the Alice and glancing over your shoulder at the rather wrecked remnants of your best winter clothing. Alice are supposed to be a wizard when it comes to working with clothes and the like. You're okay at it, but she might actually be able to recover it and make it so you don't have to buy an all new set. "Well, alright sure. Come on in." You say as you step out of the way and invite her in.

The Alice bows lightly and politely, and proceeds to walk in. She sets to work immediately, using her dolls to more or less take over your living room to create a suitable workplace for her. Or maybe those dolls are just taking up positions on your furniture like a flock of birds, each holding a different tool or bit of material you were almost certain weren't in their small arms before. This Alice also makes a point of proving her kind's aptitude for creating and repairing clothing, as in no time at all she's managed to fully repair your torn-up scarf. Not just repair as in there's visible patches either. It looks brand-new, and within minutes of her working on it to boot. She then starts work on the sweater...

You're left in awe as you examine the scarf. It didn't even look this good when your mother got it for you back when that big blizzard hit Metro City years ago. Wow. You notice one of the dolls is seemingly staring at you as you look over their/the Alice's work and just sort of...reach out and pat her on the head once.

The doll in question leans into the petting, smiling in a remarkably life-like way. Of course, this means that more of the dolls start to look at you. Apparently a few of them get a little jealous, and set their loads down to crowd around you to demand pettings of their own. The Alice notices that some of her help has wandered off, but smiles when she sees a few of her dolls swarming you.

You just laugh about at the adorable, eager girls and start to use both hands to ruffle them all equally, enjoying the feeling of their oddly silky hair. Well, you suppose their dolls so maybe their hair is made of silk strands?

You're not quite sure what they're made of, as they really feel like miniaturized girls. In fact, their detail is so great that they can even express themselves accurately, even if they can't speak. Gradually though, you find yourself being mobbed by more and more of the girls and it's clear that the Alice is slowing down as her helpers abandon her and swarm to you.

"Ah, I'm sorry but..." You try and pat the girls on the head and start ot edge your way out of the cloud, "I don't think that you should all just be leaving your duties and coming over to me and-I'm really sorry about this ma'am!" You try and apologize to the Alice as you continue to attempt to escape into the kitchen, your eternally safe bastion.

Of course, with that many dolls it's a little hard to get away from them, as some of them seem quite insistent about clinging to you in some fashion. "It's fine, they've taken quite the shine to you, which really isn't as common as you might think." The Alice responds to your apology with a dismissive wave of the hand and a smile, perfectly content to work at a slower rate. It'd just give her dolls more time to play with you.

"I'm flattered, I think." You respond as you keep trying to comfort the apparently insatiable dolls needs for attention. "You're real pieces of work aren't you? You look more like girls than dolls." You remark as one ends up in your face and you gently push her back down as you rub her head soothingly. Really, it's kinda adorable how much they want your attention. Sweet even.

"Of course they do. I wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to my girls~" You can tell that this Alice is truly proud of her work, on top of being really good at what she does. Of course, it's about this point that you realize that just because they're dolls doesn't mean that they can't still do things to you. Like, say, take your pants off.

"What. Hey, what, wait no stop that!" You cry out in a panic as you realize they've taken down your pants and are trying to bury their faces in your crotch. You get a bit more forceful in your attempts to show them back and away from you, already feeling that taught in instinct to submit waking up and your body reacting to their intentions.

Not that it works though, what with their being so many of them. A few of the dolls manage to pin you up against the wall while about three take their tongues to your cock, which are surprisingly warm and wet, like a real girl's. A couple near your head start kissing you all over, and most of them are rubbing their bodies all over. The Alice is fully aware of this, but doesn't show any signs of acknowledging it or stopping it. It's not her fault you let yourself get snared in her trap, after all~

You squirm desperately for a few moments before your struggles graually change from those of desperation to those of pleasure as the dolls work in teams to pleasure you while holding you hostage. The wins who are pinning you against the wall and rub themselves against you feel completely odd to you, but yet somehow so right. Each of their kisses the ones at your face gives you clouds your mind a bit more as you begin to savor the feeling of their smaller lips pressed up against yours as they trade off. What's the most potent thing of all are the dolls all working on your shaft and lower head in tandem, their lips and tongues all impossibly perfect and their techniques impeccable. Their ability to work together with each other in harmony reduces you to a sputter, pliant sex toy quickly.

That's about the point where some of them shed their clothes, and you see that not only are they extremely well done, but anatomically correct too! Each one sheds her clothes, alternating who's holding you down and who's stripping you just in case you try to run again, and the ones adressing your cock start to redouble their efforts. Two of them trade their licking for rubbing their hot, wet pussies against your cock while a third starts sucking on the tip and licking it with her tongue.

This proves to be all too much for you to bear. Between the feeling of the dolls rubbing their perfectly crafted pussies against your shaft and the expert tongue masterfully working over your sensitive head, you're pushed beyond your restraints. With a weak cry as you spray out your stick white stuff, filling up that dolls mouth and then sending strands of it all over the other nearby dolls. Exhausted, you slump down in the dolls grasp, unable to even move as critical ecstasy sets in.

The doll that caught a mouthful of your cum would have squeaked or perhaps even started coughing if she were a regular mon, but instead she just happily works on swallowing what's in her mouth while the other dolls work on licking you clean, and perhaps even more erotically cleaning each other with their tongues. The Alice is done with pretty much everything you needed fixed, so she takes the time to look you over. "They must really like you if they went that far. That's good, because that makes this next part quite a lot easier~"

"What?" You ask a bit dully as your brain finally puts a few things together and all the pieces make sense. Oh right she's an Alice and Alice's are touhoumon, and she's wild so she's probably going to take sexual liberties with your body with or without your permission. Honestly you're not sure why you expected anything else. Maybe it's because she seemed so noble and not trying to molest you within 10 seconds of meeting her?

...Did you just say that last part out loud?

The Alice merely puts her hand to her mouth as she tries to contain her laughter. "Actually, you were right. I wasn't planning on molesting you, but then you went and started petting my dolls. You ought to know that my kind use them to snare cute boys like you, or at least work them up~" She starts to take her clothing off, and it's clear that she's put a lot of effort into her own clothes. Her lingerie, on the other hand, is on a totally different level. You're not sure you could have stopped yourself from going erect from just looking at her.

Thankfully you're already erect so it doesn't actually matter right now. She's...honestly she's almost more like a doll than her dolls are. Everything about her is perfectly proportioned and balanced, and her skin is a pure, porcelain white that's just completely impossible for any human to achieve. "...I just thought you were a nice lady with dolls..." You whine a bit plaintively. You don't know why you got your hopes up that a wild touhoumon wouldn't take sexual liberties with you. You really don't.

"You're not wrong, but really, cute little boys like you are like bait to mons like me." She wraps her arms around you and kisses you deeply as if to make her point. Her dolls are just keeping you pinned so you can't even move, though the odds are pretty good that you would be more likely to wrap your arms around this woman than to try and break free.

And you just melt into her kiss, eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of her lips on yours and the feeling of her body pressed up against you. At the slightest feeling of something pushing against your lips you obediently opened up your mouth for her.

She kept the kiss going like that for the better part of a minute, feeling her pussy moisten to the point where it's leaking through her panties. She absolutely, positively cannot take you not fucking her anymore and yanks them off unceremoniously while rubbing her pussy lips against the tip of your cock.

The feeling of just her heat alone is enough to make you desperately want inside of her. Feeling the oddly cool liquid dripping from her moist lips and running down the entirety of your length just makes it even worse and all the more tempting. Unable to resist entirely, your hips move on their own as they jerk upwards just an inch, but more than enough to send your sensitive head into her tight, wet insides.

That causes the Alice to buck her own hips, forcing you deep inside her with a lewd moan. She's holding you tight to her body, and her dolls have let you go now that you're fully under her spell. So to speak.

What's been done to you is likely as effective as any spell out there. Your instincts and learned behaviors have you full under her control now as your free arms wrap around her instinctively as you bury your face in her chest, clinging to her as tightly as her walls cling around your shaft.

She rubs her chest against your face as she thrusts your cock in and out of her in a decidedly familiar manner yet still strangely different from the other members of your growing harem. Though it's pretty clear that she's not being wild about it like Rumia or Wriggle was the first time. She's applying technique that rivals probably pretty much anything else she does in order to really make you cum.

Her technique is unlike anything else you've ever experienced. Not even Letty has used these kind of tricks on you. When you're all the way up into the Alice to your hilt she gyrate her hips this way and that, and she'll alternate her patterns to how she moves and thrusts you in and out of her, never letting the pleasure become dull and expected. Even more experienced as you are, you feel yourself being worked to an orgasm in short order. Unable and unwilling to hold back, you push your body against hers as tightly as you can as you explode inside of her, pumping load after load of your cum into her as a massive orgasm rocks your body.

And the Alice in turn cums exactly when you do, causing her walls to clamp down on your cock as it cums and forcing it to let out that massive orgasm. While it doesn't really help, she holds you to her even tighter than before, yet it's not uncomfortable to be held like this. It seems like she may specialize in making you unload one massive spurt of cum, judging from the fact that there's quite a bit of both her love juices and yours spilling out of her.

Even now you can feel the last bits of your cum from that orgasm spilling out into her and then out of her onto you. You don't think you've had a single orgasm that intense before...ever. You left panting and struggling to breath in her wonderfully soft, but not conducive to getting air, bosom.

She slooooowly slumps to the ground with the aid of her dolls, and she repositions your head to where it's still resting in her ample breasts yet not to where you're suffocating. She's keeping you locked inside her for the time being, and is basking in the afterglow just as much as you are.

You might as well just sit here and savor the pleasure of being held and desired like this, you're not going to get up stable any time soon. Something finally clicks inside of your head as it is apparently wont to do after you've been sexually assaulted by a beautiful monster. "...Will you be staying for lunch?" You ask when you manage to work up the energy. You could probably make something nice for her, you've finally got some new materials to work with anyway. Like ham! A lot of ham. You're not quite sure you want to know where Wriggle and Rumia got that much ham.

The Alice pets your hair as she answers. "It would be rude to turn down your hospitality~."

"Oh good, I like having company." You respond, snuggling against her a bit since you're going to be here for a while longer. For your own safety, of course. Shouldn't get up too quickly after sex, Letty tells you. "I hope you like ham."

"I don't mind it~." She giggles as she hugs you to her again, knowing that you're not getting off her for the time being~.
No. 31430

>Letty tells you. "I hope you like ham."

Under-reaction of the week?
No. 31434
That's not Letty saying that. Different sentences.
No. 31435
At this rate, he'll have enough for a full team.

He's already over halfway there.
No. 31436
It's happened to him three times before, and he's pretty clearly a space case/fine young man with noble views on hospitality. I'd say that, at this point, his reaction is just about as expected.
No. 31437
This is some great stuff. I'm really liking Wilhelm's "adventures" so far.
No. 31452
You are Wilheim Wilhelm and you are a mighty fine young man, or so you've been told, who lives in the southernmost tip of the New Continent. Your life got flip turned upside down what feels like it was a long time ago when your father suddenly approached you and wanted you to come live with him and your mother encouraged you to go along with him.

To make a long story short, your father went missing and you went looking for him. Instead of finding him you found a very forward Rumia who take advantage of you in a lewd fashion several times, and then took to hanging around you a lot. She was joined in short order by a Letty, who blew into your life with a snowstorm, and a Wriggle who you rescued from a snow bank and has declared her love for you. Several times. Enthusiastically. Usually while taking sexual liberties with you.

Most recently though, an Alice came to visit you and off her assistance and services with certain problems you were having with wardrobe malfunctions and dmage caused by human clothes not really being designed for being torn off of their wearers body. She seemed like such a nice lady, you ended up patting one of her dolls on the head.

The dolls then pinned you to the wall and molested you thoroughly, followed by the Alice taking her own personal advantage of you with a level of technique and skill you hadn't experienced before. Then you had her over for dinner and had a nice glazed ham. You'd made an apple glaze because there are a few trees near your house.

The Alice has visited you twice more, and every time held off from taking sexual liberties with you until you inevitably ended up patting one of those adorable dolls on the head. They're just so cute, it's impossible to resist praising them...

She also said something about you and poor pattern recognition.

Your friends visits have all come and gone, thankfully they seemed to not notice anything was off about your home or state after the Alice's visit, and you are left alone once again. You didn't sleep well last night because there were all kinds of bright lights and loud sounds coming from the forest that kept you from getting much shut eye at all unfortunately. Now it's four in the morning and you're not going to be getting back to sleep and you're hungry, so you decided to take back control of your life and make something delicious. Mmmm...chocolate pudding. Today can only go up, you're sure!

Of course, what you shouldn't be sure of is who it would go up for. You're a delicious shota who's given in to no fewer than four beautiful mons on multiple occasions, and naturally word of your existence has spread to all corners of the forest. That may very well be why you keep seeing those bright lights and hearing those loud sounds. There might be some competition for you that you're not totally aware of.

And since mons come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, that means some might cut out the fighting and go right for you while no one's around. Or maybe your stuff first. Who knows.

Either way there's a Marisa in your kitchen going through your stuff to see if there's anything interesting to her. She hasn't noticed you just yet, but the odds are good that this won't stay the case for long.

You stare at the Marisa. You're just...not really sure how to feel about this situation. Why is she in your house? Why is rifling through your stuff? She's making a mess of your pots and pans. Acting on impulses born from no sleep, you simply walk up to her and take what she's rifling through back from her and start putting it back in place. You keep an orderly kitchen, thank you.

Of course she notices this, and sees you putting things back exactly the way you had them before. She tilts her head to the side slightly in a somewhat confused manner as she tries to figure out what you're doing. "Wow, you're pretty well adjusted to a gal like me just barging in to steal stuff. You deal with awesome witches like me often?"

You give the odd black-white witch a look over before responding, "Their hats aren't as cool as yours." You reply simply before trying to proper arrange your pots and pans by type, size, material and purpose. You had these organized man. This is just dreadful. How will you maximize your kitchen space now?

"Of course my hat's the coolest, you've got good taste kid!" She gives you a pretty wide smile as you go back to reorganizing your kitchen. She stops messing with things and simply watches you, waiting for you to catch on to the fact that you're in a room with a mon who's probably going to want to fuck you here shortly.

You just keep working on your organization of your kitchen, your instincts not even bothering to warn you about the situation because it has just become some common place for you that it's really not even worth noting at this point. Finally you set aside the pot you need and stare at it blankly for a moment, trying to remember what you came here for.

Oh, right. The Chocolate Pudding. Proper manners your mother beat into your head kick in as you remember you've got a guest. "Do you want...some chocolate pudding?" You ask her as your brain still struggles to wake up entirely.

"Sure!" She keeps smiling, and leans against a wall as she raises an eyerbrow at you. "Sheesh, the rumor mill was right about you. I heard there was a delicious young kid hanging around here left for us to kidnap and use as we please, but I didn't believe it. I mean, who leaves their kid for us?"

"Mine apparently." You respond simply as you set about making some delicious, nutricious chocolate pudding. Mmm. You don't even really think about what you just said to the Marisa, even though it's never something you'd say when you were properly awake. No, instead you just focus on stirring the pudding, slowly and surely. This is the only 'easy and quick' stuff you really like to use. This brand of pudding just reminds you of the best times of your youth. Mmmm.

Now that just made the Marisa go from smiling to utterly disbelieving in one fell swoop. "Wait, you knew your old man sold you out to us?"

You stop entirely, your whole body locking up at what she just said to you. What?

"What?" You ask, your voice cracking a bit as you slowly turn your now suddenly entirely aware and awake gaze onto the Marisa. You might even look a bit intimidating. Or maybe just crazy.

"...Guess not." The Marisa cringes at your expression, but she holds fast. Even if you look a bit scary, she's faced worse before already. "Well, cat's out of the bag so I may as well explain it. Your old man was out runnin' around in the forest a while ago, doing who knows what. Dunno if he was goin' to a town or looking for a specific mon or what, but he ran into the boss of this forest."

"Now him? The boss supposedly didn't even say anything and he started beggin' for his life or safe passage or somethin'. Knowing the kind of rumors surroundin' the boss, odds are good she was anglin' for this sorta deal anyway, but..." She trailed off for a couple moments trying to figure out how best to put it. "She gave him a way out. Your life for his, and he accepted. After that the boss declared you open season, and I'm sure you've felt the effects."

"But man, most of us were disgusted by how fast he threw you at us. Heck, even the boss looked like she was torn between goin' back on her word and maulin' him and just goin' off to meet you herself."

You just stare at the girl for the longest moment as the gears in your head turn slowly, putting all the pieces together and...it...makes too much sense. You almost figured that there was something going on, that your dad left you again for some reason on purpose and didn't get lost. You knew it but...

You just thought it was because you weren't good enough.

"...oh." You end up responding simply as you turn your attention back to the pudding, managing to save it in time before it started burning. You just turn off the heat and move it off that burner and stare at it too.

You're not really hungry anymore.

"...You can have what you want." You tell your guest as you take off your apron and carefully hang it up on its spot on the wall before you...

...You don't even know what you're going to do, but that cape at the very bottom of the New Continent has a nice, high-up view. Maybe you'll go there and see the sunrise.

If you looked at the Marisa, you could tell that she's pretty conflicted right now. On the one hand, she came here specifically to have her way with you, but now? That'd just make her feel like shit considering the bomb that was just dropped on your life. She sweeps you up into her arms and just holds you to her. Not out of some perverse pleasure, no, she's just holding you to her to give you a shoulder to cry on.

You don't cry. You can't cry, you're not supposed to cry. Big boys don't cry because they're sad. You're a big boy. Besides...

It's not like you didn't figure it was something like this anyway. "...Hey." You speak up with your face buried in the Marisa's impressive amount of hair, "I already said, you can have what you want." You tell her, nuzzling up against her in a way that your friends all enjoyed. You want that feeling now. That feeling of being wanted, desired, needed. You could say you need to be needed now.

Now you've got her blushing. "You sure?" She starts to undress herself, then you. There's no real foreplay considering that Marisa have a habit of just stealing what they want, but she does let you make the first move. "C'mon, I want you inside me." She's even spread her pussy wide to accommodate you.

You wrap your arms around the Marisa, holding yourself as closely as you can against her as you align your hips appropriately...only to realize that a certain part of you isn't quite ready to co-operate yet, though the site of her naked slit is enough to start getting a rise out of it.

Noticing this, the Marisa pushes you down without a word and starts licking your cock, running her silken tongue all along your length to help you get it up properly. Once she has, she goes one step further and starts to suck on the tip.

You let out a quiet, content sigh as she starts to work on your length, savoring the feeling of her tongue running along your length as she gets it up to full shaft and then letting out a moan of pleasure when she takes it into your mouth, barely managing to hold back your desire for more pleasure and to keep yourself from thrusting into her mouth. Your hands reach down and start to rub her head, essentially petting her happily as she works. Already you can feel your pre-cum start to leak out, and the way she's start to work the head in shaft in earnest is wonderful.

She keeps the head of your shaft trapped in her mouth, using a hand to play with the shaft of your cock while continuing to lick it all over in a strangely precise manner. She also rolls her lips around on your cock to help things along.

And that's enough to push you over the edge. You let out a cry of passion as your hips jerk forward a touch and you let out your seed into her warm, waiting mouth. As you lose yourself to the pleasure of the orgasm for the moment, an odd thought occurs to you seemingly from nowhere. Both the Alice and the Marisa seemed to used actual technique in the love making with you rather than relying on passion or unique body types. Are all touhoumon of the magician group this way?

Somehow, you think you're going to find out.

She manages to suck down your seed with ease while teasing your cock further still to ensure that she got the most out of that orgasm. It took a while but she also made a point of licking you clean in preparation for the next part, which involves positioning herself over you juuust right and lowering herself on you, which has the convenient effect of slipping your erect cock into her tight hole. She sighs happily as she feels her pussy get stuffed with a cock, and starts to grind against you.

You savor the feeling of being taken inside of her, of your sensitive head pushing past her moist outer lips and into her inner folds. The moment you enter inside of her she just clamps down on you, making it just difficult enough to be brought deeper into her and making it so that her walls jealously cling to your shaft with every moment, each time she slides you even a bit out of her being a trial of pleasure that sends white hot spikes of pleasure into your mind. Your hands roam on their own and take hold of her hips as your hips start to shift on their own, moving against her grind to pleasure yourself further.

It's pretty clear that she's enjoying this every bit as much as you are, as she's wrapped her arms around you and is holding you to her tightly as you aid her grinding efforts. Her sensitive, tight walls continue to make any sort of movement difficult, but immensely pleasurable. You can't even imagine what it would be like to just thrust in and out of her like you would Letty.

And that's a temptation you just can't resist. The allure of pleasure is too much for you, and like the animal you are you start to move your hips in small, slow thrusts. You savor the feeling as you slide in and out of her and feel thrills going through you as she responds vocally to your efforts, enjoying them as much as you are.

The Marisa in turn starts to thrust you in and out of her faster in harder in response to your efforts, tossing technique out the window in favor of drowning you in her unique brand of pleasure. Given how you're reacting, this isn't taking long at all and will end on quite the high note.

You lose yourself entirely to the pleasure she's giving you, biting down on your lip to try and hold in a moan and stave off you orgasm for a little while longer so you can just enjoy this. Even that isn't enough for long though, and soon enough your feel the pressure over take you. Your hands move on their own and grab her soft butt, forcing it down in time with her thrust and holding her there as you thrust up, pushing yourself as deep into her as you can go before you let out your sticky white stuff, pumping load after load of it into her before collapsing onto your back, panting exhaustedly but...satisfied? This feeling...is a good feeling. You cuddle up against the Marisa, not even minding that you made a mess of your kitchen floor this time.

The Marisa certainly is surprised that you took control like that, but she hardly minds considering that she's still holding you to her tightly and cumming when you do. You feel her nectar flow out and onto your crotch as you fill her up completely, and she wriggles her bottom in your hands to encourage you to keep grabbing her. Eventually she just settles down right alongside you, keeping you joined to her for the time being.

You just sort of...give her a butt a bit of a squeeze as you snuggle closer still, smiling and savoring these feelings. These are good feelings. "...Thank you." You mumbles to the mon on top of you.

The Marisa pets your head a bit in response. "Feels sorta weird to get thanked for something like this, but it's a good sort of weird."

Good huh? Wait...

Good and weird?

...Oh god, your 4 A.M. Chocolate Pudding! "The pudding is going to get crusty..!" You suddenly cry out in a panic as you shift underneath her, stiring around inside of her as you move.

"Eh?" The Marisa seems totally confused by your sudden declaration as you slip out from her with a wet, lewd pop noise and is suddenly left without a shota under her. "Pudding?" ...Right, he was making pudding earlier. "You look like you're as dedicated to your food as you are sex."

At some point you put your apron back on and now you're working quickly to rescue your chocolate pudding from ending up crusty or gross, heaven forbid. Of course, this also means you're naked and wearing an apron in front of a lovely lady. Being a pure, naive and innocent soul you don't even realize just how sexable you look.

"Hm?" You look over to her as you present a bowl of chocolate pudding to her, "I'm sorry, what'd you say?"

"Do you even pay attention to how you present yourself? The naked apron thing just makes me want to fuck you again." She accepts the bowl of pudding from you, and starts to think as she eats a spoonful of it.

"...Really?" You ask her, tilting your head to the side as you give her a quizical look. You know, maybe that would explain why Rumia responds to you wearing an apron the way she does. Maybe touhoumon are attracted to aprons?

You ponder on this thought as you feed yourself your chocolate pudding. Mmm...chocolate pudding. Delicious.

"Well yeah, you're naked and hiding the goods with just a long piece of cloth tied around you." With that comment she takes a bit into her mouth and kiss-feeds you some of the pudding you made.

You start a bit as her lips make contact but eventually just let her do as she pleases, leaning into the kiss and opening your mouth obediently as she feeds you the pudding from her own mouth. It's...kind of weird, but she has her own taste that mixes with the pudding and makes it intoxicatingly sweeter than normal.

The Marisa certainly takes great pleasure in this as well, as she takes advantage of your distraction to undo your apron and set your own bowl of pudding aside to do more interesting things with it than just eat it. She pushes you down again, taking some of the pudding and coating your dick with it before licking it clean in a slower manner than usual~

You shiver at the odd feeling of her coating your cock in the cooled pudding before just sitting back and enjoying it as she diligently, lovingly and carefully cleans your shaft off. If anything, this feels oddly even better than the one from before. Just like that time too, your hand slowly drifts down to pat and rub her head, scratching at it in that way that most of your friends loved.

If it were possible for her to do so in this state, the Marisa would have purred as you scratched her head. Since she can't do that, she simply keeps licking your dick clean and re-coating it as she needs, savoring the combined taste of your pudding and your mixed love juices that clung to your cock even after pulling out.

Eventually too much is too much. Already pushed by the pleasure the two of you shared earlier this oddly pleasurably game of hers pushes you past your limits yet again. As her head bobs down deeper onto your shaft and her lips tighten around it, your hips jerk forward a fraction and you explode into her mouth, pumping your warm cum into it again.

She expects it this time, and greedily sucks your cum down this time along with any pudding that's left. She then takes her sweet time cleaning your cock with her tongue to make sure not even a single drop is lost, then gives you a bit of a break. "Hey." She says to catch your attention. "Want to try eating pudding off me?"

You stare at the Marisa as you try and get your breath back before eventually you nod. "If...you want me to, sure." You agree, wondering if this is as good to give as it is to take.

The Marisa slathers some of your pudding on and in her pussy, then spreads her legs wide for you in a blatant invitation.

You move slowly towards her, slipping out of your chair and going to your knees before crawling forward, closing the distance as your gaze locks on her crotch. You inch forward slowly, nervously the last bit of the way as you pass by her knees and come within mere inches of her bare snatch. This is...something you haven't done with your friends before. You're not really entirely sure what to do here, but...

Well, nothing to it but to do it you guess. You lean forward, closing that last bit of distance between your mouth and her lower lips and press your lips again them in an odd sort of 'kiss' before you set about the task at hand. Your tongue darts out and trails along the mess she's made around her inner thighs, cleaning up the pudding there before you slowly move in closer and closer to the main course.

You take hold of her thighs as you lean a bit more in and put your mouth right up against her slit, running your tongue around the edges of it and cleaning up any bits you might missed. You notice that one part of it near the top seems to be a bit tougher to clean entirely, so you shift your head up slightly and wrap your lips around the little nub, suckling on it to clean off the mess.

The Marisa moans as you run your tongue around her pussy lips, but bucks her hips upward suddenly when you start sucking on her clit. She blushes at that, but she's clearly enjoying it and pets your head just as you pet hers when she's eating you out.

You savor the feeling of being petted and love how her fingers play through your hair, and take that as a sign that what you're doing is good so far. You pay a bit more attention to that apparently sensitive nub of hers before you let go of it after one final suck and slide your lips back to her lower lips. There's still a bit of a mess for you to clean up. Gingerly, you push your tongue out of your mouth and press up against her entrance, wriggling it from side to side to work it into her carefully. Once you're sure you're safely inside, you quickly set to work, twist and turning your tongue around inside of her, licking up the mess she made there. But...she has this oddly amazing taste, one that's better than the chocolate pudding by far. You don't really know how to describe it. Spicy, yet sweet?

You...you want to taste more of it. You tighten your grip around her legs as you delve deeper into her with your tongue, eagerly lapping up her juices as you tease them out of her.

The Marisa is trying her absolute hardest not to buck her hips and jam her crotch into your face any harder than she already is since the general idea is for you to eat her out and not suffocate in her most sensitive area. She starts moaning and making all sorts of cute sounds the more you lick her insides with your tongue, and she leaks more and more of her love juices as time wears on. Eventually she cries out and cums hard, squirting a fair bit of her nectar onto your face while letting quite a bit more leak out of her.

You pause for a moment, just a moment, before going back to cleaning her up of the mess she's made. Your tongue licks up all the nectar it can get inside of her before slipping out of her and cleaning up the mess of it on your face. You still just can't seem to place that taste, sadly.

It's nice though. Very nice.

Still between the Marisa's thighs, you look up at her and smile. These feelings are wonderful. When you look into her eyes and see what has to be love, isn't it grand?

She pets you as she basks in yet another afterglow, content that she's managed to ensnare such a cute boy into being her fuck buddy~. Shame she'd have to share though.

For your part, you...end up leaning closer to her glistening slit again and giving it another lick...and then another...and another. In short order your tongue is back inside of her as you try and get more and more of that elusive taste that you just...you have to figure out what it is, and she keeps making this cute, happy noises when you're doing this, and...

And nobody got any sleep that morning.


This picture isn't perfect but it's too hot for me to not use. There's nowhere near enough toohoo on top pictures as far as I've seen.
No. 31453

Here's me betting that "The Boss" is going to be the last mon Wilheim's going to....unfortunately court, hmm, who could it be, which Touhou is known for being the leader of a forest?

That said, nice scene, as always~
No. 31455
sorry I had to
No. 31464
>Dad sold us out

Damn, I was afraid that this happened.
No. 31471
Wilheim Wilhelm truly is a mighty fine young man, and deserves to be told that more often.
No. 31481
The music is just too much for you to bear now, as it's starting to drag up every depressed and hopeless feeling you've ever felt, including some you didn't even think you had. You feel scared and alone and really need the physical comfort of hugging something, anything.

Your hope is answered by you spotting a pillowy, floating white thing that's just hanging around in the air. Just perfect for someone like you. You drag yourself over to it and wrap your arms around it, not really understanding or caring about the fact that it may very well be attached to a mon.

You find the big pillowy white thing to be wonderfully, gloriously huggably soft. It let's out a quiet 'myon~' noise as you squeeze it, and somehow as you snuggle up against it you feel...better. The song feels less potent as you hug this myoning thing. It squirms around slowly in your hold before stopping movement for a brief moment...and then simply curling up around you, embracing your entire body in a massive pillowy hug that brings a smile to your face. It's soft...

Though despite all the normal warning signs that you're hugging something that's probably, you know, sentient and possibly attached to that Youmu you heard rumors about, it doesn't really click in your head that the pillow you're hugging is in fact a mon, and you just make yourself more comfortable while nuzzling it.

The pillow wiggles around a bit more with you in its grasp, tickling you as it squirms around you before you find that its tail has slipped between your legs and it has lifted you up off the ground. It shifts you around on top of it and you suddenly notice now that...you've sunk into it a bit. Your arms up to your elbows and your legs up to your knees have been taken into this soft, marshmallow-esque material this thing is made of, and now it's slowly flying off to take you somewhere.

Not that you mind, since the alternative is hearing that soul-crushingly depressing music that makes you want to give up on everything ever. In the back of your head alarm bells are going off, but between the soft thing that's carrying you off and the fact that there's that music all around... Well, you'll take the flying marshmallow.

That being said, you are slowly waking up to the fact that you're nuzzling something that's moving and note that it's a little too late to do anything about it. Your face reddens as you realize just what kind of mistake you made.

The thing that has hold of you let's out an exceedingly friendly and happy sounding noise,"Myon~<3." It cries. Yes, you could in fact hear the heart attached at the end. You are reasonably certain from your studies that that is a bad sign. What is also a bad sign is the feeling of the odd material of the thing having crept up to your thighs and the fact that it appears to somehow be pulling your pants off of you. Of course, you can't move around your arms and legs inside of the thing, there's nothing you can do as it slips those off of you and starts climbing higher. Or, are you sinking?

You blush harder as you suddenly realize that you just lost your pants and that you feel like you're somehow sinking deeper into the clearly sentient ghost half of a Youmu. Part of you wants to at least struggle, but you know full well you walked into this and that there's no real escape for you. Admittedly, you did come here to find your partner, but the idea was to go out and have a grand adventure with her, see the world alongside her while crushing any opposing trainers or bad guys that get in your way, just like in those comics you liked to read.

Now? You're pretty sure that won't happen. You know full well that mons tend to like to stick to a general area, and Youmu tend to serve a Yuyuko on top of that so they're not as likely to roam. And, well... You probably just became a Youmu's pet.

And it really is sinking in now just what happened, and that in this humiliating way your adventure is coming to an end before it even really began. You've just got nothing to look forward to now but- Your line of thought is cut off, as are all lines of thought, as the odd and cool material of the ghost half suddenly sucks you into her up to your wait, and drags your arms in at the shoulders. You're held fully flat against the ghost body now, pressed up against the solid yet giving surface of its exterior eve as your legs and arms are held inside of it's squishy, interior. It feels...kind of nice, really. Soothing, and gentle. You have the strangest sensation of ghostly hands running along your body inside of her, pulling off what clothes you still had on you and casting them aside. You also feel those ghostly touches begin to slide across your member, teasing you as you're held prisoner inside of her.

You blush and gasp in response to those ghostly hands running along you, and even moreso when you feel her start playing with that. You're blushing so hard out of arousal and embarrassment that it feels like you're going to set your surroundings on fire, and rather than risk that you lay your head on the ghost half's cool and soft exterior.

Relaxing against her, she lets out another one of those odd noises. "Myoooon..." She says in a soothing manner, and you feel like you're given another hug to boost your spirits before those ephemeral sensations go back to teasing your length, as if a dozen ghostly fingers were stroking it up for full mast while another teased the tip.

Oddly enough, that hug worked somewhat and you do feel somewhat better, though you're still embarrassed and expressing it by nuzzling the ghost half with your head since that's the only part you can really move anymore. She's got the rest of your body trapped after all, and she's playing with your sensitive cock in ways that make you moan and try to buck your hips.

She just keeps teasing and playing with you as she flies along, moving slowly and casually through the air without any sense of hurrying on her part as you're carried off to who knows where. After all, she's got a cute young boy inside of her, so today is a good day by her standards.

Once you're completely erect inside of her you feel her shift around a bit before something is pressed up against the tip of your shaft. An opening of some kind? You're not sure, but you feel it pressing itself more and more against your tip before...suddenly you slip inside! It's...you can't even begin to describe it. It's like you were just put into something purposefully made to bring you pleasure. Even without any movement, just being inside this strange thing that's in her makes your whole body go slack from the pleasure. The Ghost Half lets out an oddly pleased sounding noise," My~ooon~?"

All you can do is close your eyes at this point and try not to buck your hips, but you fail at that latter point pretty badly between you accepting your mistake and finding your dick buried inside something like this. You try to hug the ghost half even though your arms are trapped inside her, and part of you is kinda hoping you'll run into the main body of the Youmu this half is attached to soon.

You feel that odd thing close up around your shaft, tightening up until its cool contours are pressed right up against your weak spot. Then, it starts to move. You feel pleasant sucking sensation as it begins to gently tease your tip and just moments later you feel the rest of thing begin to undulate, a sort milking motion running down it as it starts to start to try and squeeze semen out of you and into itself.

Your inexperienced body don't last too long against that, and you find yourself practically exploding inside her in very short order.

The Myon lets out a happy noises as your cum pours out into her,"Mmmyooooooon..." It sounds almost like a pleased sigh, really. You can feel the thing you're in happily sucking up all the cum you're letting out but never letting up on inflicting pleasure on you, still working you full power even while you orgasmed. Already you can feel the pleasure overtaking you just after you finished your first orgasm.

And your shuddering body lets loose another thick load inside her within a few minutes, rewarding her efforts considerably. You're panting and moaning as well, adding your pleased sounds to hers as she fucks you mercilessly.

You orgasm into her a third time before you notice that...you've stopped. Also there is someone standing next to you. Blearily you look up at the girl and start to connect certain parts of her appearance. Two swords? Check. White hair? Check. Predominantly green clothes? Yep. Imperious look on her face as she stares down at your pleasure wracked form, one eyebrow slowly going up? Check.

It's the Youmu this half is paired with, you know that much. You're also too exhausted to do much more than look at her while still trapped inside her ghost half. You're pretty sure you can't even get up right now.

She gives her ghost half a glance before patting it softly on its body. "Yes, he is cute. I'm certain that Lady Yuyuko will let us keep him for ourselves. She did promise us, after all." She assures her other half. It lets out a softly relieved noise,"Myooon..."

The Youmu herself grabs hold of your chin, making you look at her as she leans down to stare you in the eyes. A long moment passes before she speaks up. "You're mine now." She informs you simply yet absolutely.

All you can do is blush and nod at such a bold declaration. Or is it just a confirmation of what you already knew?

She gives you a ghost of a smile and presses her lips against yours in a chaste but enjoyable kiss. "Good boy." She praises you, rubbing your cheek a bit and causing you to instinctively lean into her touch.

You close your eyes as she kisses you, and sigh happily as she rubs you. You're not even really thinking about what comes next, just that you belong to this Youmu now.

The Youmu pats you on the head once as she pulls back, her smile a bit more than a ghost now. My, my. It seems like she got lucky today, doesn't it? It also seems like she's going to be getting lucky tonight too! Hah! Oh she'll have to tell that one to Lady Yuyuko later, she'll get a giggle out of it.

The Youmu quickly sets off, quick at a pace for you that is, and her ghost half flies after her. The two are rapidly ascending the tower, all while you're kept trapped inside of her ghost portion, which happily goes back to attempting to milk you dry for everything you're worth. All you know is that from now on you can look forward to having sexual liberties taken with your body every time the Youmu pleases.

And at this point, you're not even against it anymore. Your mind really isn't capable of processing much more than the ghost half that's milking you dry, alongside her more physical half. It's fogged up to no end, which is probably why you said something along the lines of "I love you." weakly.

That's at the point where you get to see the Youmu's eyes widen in shock and watch as she trips over her own feet, sending her tumbling along the ground and through a bush of roses. Oh dear, that look painful...

Her ghost-half meanwhile has tightened up around your entire body and seems to be bringing you even deeper into itself as it slowly starts dragging your chest into it.

As much as you'd like to try and help the physical half, the ghost half is trying to pull you deeper into it, which you kinda don't mind because you were curious about how it felt anyway.

You're dragged almost entirely up to your neck into the ghost half by now, held deeply in place as the Youmu drags herself out of the thorny rose bush and advances on you, a very angry expression on her face as she gets right up in yours. "What." She asks, her voice tight as her eyes stare into yours, "Did you say?"

"I-I said I love you..." Her expression and body language are pretty scary right now, actually, but you feel that this is something you have to do. "I came out here to find my partner, and you claimed me so..."

"...We're lovers now, aren't we?"

"...O-oh." She seems rather cowed and...embarrassed? Is she blushing? "I...uhm..." She shifts about nervously, rubbing her thighs together as she starts looking away from you and back again. Finally she just yells in frustration and proceeds to take off at high speeds, leaving nothing but a smoke outline of herself and a trail behind.

The Ghost holding you promptly flies off after her at a more manageable pace for you. But stuck in it as you are you feel like it's...cuddling you more than molesting you now? Hugging and holding you softly as it gently tries to milk out more of your seed.

And you're practically drooling at this treatment since the ghost half hasn't let up in the slightest, and you let yourself relax into it.

You orgasm into the ghost half one more time before you feel yourself slipping off into a blissful slumber in its embrace. Not even for a moment does it let up on you even as your eyes slip shut...


You wake up slowly in a dimly lit room in a type of house you're unfamiliar with. You're resting on a soft futon with a light blanket put over you. Also, your clothes are still gone. The Youmu and her ghost half are also in the room with you, and...you just have to stop and stare at this point. Partly because the Youmu is completely naked and showing off her perfectly sculpted body with its lithe, muscular tone, and partly because her ghost half is now wearing some kind of bandana around its head that's white and has black characters from some kind of writing you don't recognize and a bright pink heart on it.

You can't really ignore the fact that she's really pretty too, as your cock can attest to. As well as that blush that's spreading across your face. You get up from the futon and make it all neat again, inadvertently giving your new lover a very nice look at your ass.

And you let her, blushing all the while.

"No, let me." She insists, one hand on your chest to make sure you stay down. "I must take responsibility for this." She tells you, confusing you a bit before she elaborates,"To have stolen your young, innocent heart as I have...I never anticipated that you would respond that way." She grasps your hand and holds it against her chest, eyes shining. "Truly, I've been touched by your pure declaration of love!" She gushes. "I've never had a man claim such a thing to me before. Thus, I will accept your proposal! From this day forward we shall be lovers!"

Under any other circumstances what she's just said might have been absurd, maybe even funny. But here, in this scenario? Her taking responsibility for you after molesting you like that? ...You can't help but take it seriously. "I'm glad. Please take care of me." You give her a warm smile as you say that, as you really do mean it. You're not sure where the feeling came from, but you're pretty sure that you do love her.

"I swear on my unlife!" She promises you, leaning closer and taking your lips in a kiss, "Now, I shall begin fulfilling my wifely duties at once!" She declares, sounding perhaps a bit more eager than is necessary. "First, I shall teach you the arts of LOVE!" She declares, pushing you down all the way as she crawls on top of you.

You moan into the kiss as she takes you lips, and note that yes, she is perhaps a bit over the top about this but you can't really complain. You also go wide-eyed as she just flat-out tops you while declaring that she'd teach you the fine art of love, which probably means more of what happened when her ghost half was milking you. You can't exactly say no to that either.

She positions herself just so at your crotch and reaches behind her with one hand to grasp your erect member. She smiles coyly at you as she rubs her toned buttocks against it a few times, dragging a moan out at the feeling. She gives your shaft a squeeze with her hand as she adjust her positioning again and presses your tip up against her damp opening, slowly sliding herself down until just the tip is inside of her agonizingly pleasurably tight hole. You can feel her entrance clamp down on the tip as she starts to rotate her tips, torturing you inside of her with intense pleasure and the promise of even more. But, that other hand of hers remains on your chest, keeping you down with your back on the ground, and somehow...you know she wants you to leave everything to her. You also know that your body wants you to cum into her already just from the start up.

You blush and close your eyes, trying quite hard to keep your sensitive body from blowing its load inside her right away, but it's just so hard. Her womanhood is completely different from what her ghost half used on you, as it seems to be crushing your cock as opposed to milking it, but it feels just as good in a way. Unfortunately, it seems like you can't quite resist what her body is doing to yours, and you let loose a thick load directly into her after maybe five minutes at most. "Sorry, that felt too good and I couldn't stop..."

"No, don't apologize." She leans down and presses her lips against yours ago, slowly pushing you deeper into her as she does so as more and more of your sensitive shaft is exposed to that crushing pressure of hers. "To submit to me is to praise me, and..." She gyrates her hips once, getting a gasp out of you,"You can keep going." That coy smile of hers comes back again as she gives you a nigh cheeky grin as she brings her hips slowly up and then slams them back down, driving you into her and then doing it again and again and again.

You feel your hips start to buck on their own, and you rapidly fall into pace with her for a little while before you cum again. She just feels too good for you to do much more than that.

She's sitting on top of you, staring you in the face before looking back where you were just meeting her own pace and came into her. She then turns her attention back to you, looking...hurt almost? "Uhm...was I..." She sounds somehow nervous,"...Was I not doing well enough? That always worked before, but you needed to move on your own and..."

You shake your head rapidly. "That's not it! You just felt too good and I couldn't resist at all..."

"...Oh." She seems relieved," So you like this?" She asks and you feel her tighten further around you, dragging a gasp of pleasure from you. "Oh, you do! Well then..." She starts to move her body again, gyrating her hips in a way that leads to you being rubbed sensuously all around inside of her. "Aah..." She lets out a happy sigh,"Your thing is...very good." She informs you, looking very pleased.

You can't even respond at all this time since she's somehow tightened around you further. Well, not outside some very pleased moans as you let her take the lead this time. The way she's gyrating her hips means that you don't even feel the need to thrust this time, and wind up responding to her compliment with another thick load shooting into her in a fitting, albeit coincidental manner.

She lets out a happy moan as you ejaculate into her, and her movements pace starts to pick up as she starts to enjoy herself more and more. She's bouncing up and down on top of you now, thrusting you in and out of her happily, stopping every once and again to twist her hips around and stir you up inside of her when you're all the way in. Your resistance is worn away as she drags another orgasm out of you, even faster this time.

You can't even resist as she keeps making you cum inside her, and can only really make all sorts of remarkably happy sounds that you didn't know you were even capable of making. You're trapped under her, but you're hardly objecting to it.

As the Youmu takes you lustfully you begin to lose track of time and sense as you come inside of her, over and over again. As you start to feel your consciousness black out as she tightens up around you even more than before and lets out a cry of pleasure, the last thing you see is her ghost half celebrating behind her with two odd hand fans.
No. 31483
I wonder if this is what Nebrosa has to look forward to in the future once his Youmu evolves.
No. 31490
She slowly slides down your body until her head is level with your crotch. Nervously she starts to work at your belt, second belt and third belt, before stopping in her working on you to give you an odd look at the fact that you were wearing three belts.

You simply roll your eyes to indicate that you think it's just as silly as she does. You always thought it make you look like some kind of JRPG protagonist.

Mother always insisted that it made you safer though, and somehow she always knew if you left the house without wearing all three belts at a minimum.

Question partially answered, the Lyrica easily works off the rest of your pants and pulls down them and your boxers to reveal your shaft to her as it springs free of its confines. It looks like you got excited from all the buildup already. The Lyrica reaches out and tenderly takes hold of your shaft with one hand, giving it an experimental squeeze before starting to pump it slowly. She seems completely enraptured by it really, like she's never seen one before.

You squirm just a bit as she starts to pump you, though you keep enough presence of mind to note that she looks inexperienced to boot. You're a bit hesitant to be optimistic about it, but this might actually end well for you. You simply wait to see what she'll do with your most sensitive part.

She continues to pump your shaft curiously, leaning closer to it as a bit of precum of yours starts to leak out of the tip and slide down your length to dirty her fingers. Before it gets that far though, she pokes her tongue out and runs it up the length of your shaft, cleaning up the precum all in one go. Of course, something that felt as good as that gets more pre-cum to come out. She simply smacks her lips once in thought before divining in earnest to lap up all the cum, pre or otherwise, you care to give her. Good as this feels, she's licking you more like you're a lollypop than like she's trying to pleasure you.

You're no more experienced than she is though, so even something as simple as that is enough to give you pleasure. You actively moan after a while, feeling about as weak as when she started kissing you.

She keeps licking and licking you, working you up and over and sending delightful thrills up your spine as she does it. Eventually enough she realizes that if she wants all the pre-cum, all she has to do is focus on the tip. Which she does. She shifts her head and simply closes her mouth around the top thrid of your shaft, taking it inside and beginning to suck curiously on it. Her tongue roves over your sensitive underside, running along it eagerly to get a taste.

And she winds up getting more than just a taste thanks to all that effort. You wind up unloading your sticky white stuff into her mouth after a while, quivering and twitching as you give in to her enthusiasm.

She lets out a surprised sound as you spew out into her mouth, her eyes widening before slowly narrowing as you feel her tongue start to move around again and she begins to suckle in earnest. Apparently she's enjoying it now that she's not surprised by it. Quickly and surely she cleans up the entire mess and suckles on your shaft a few more times to get any dregs out before she lets go of it with a 'pop'.

She gives you something of an embarrassed smile now as she awkwardly ends up trying to put your junk back in your forward trunk, but your confangled human clothing makes this awkward for her.
No. 31503
You are Wilheim Wilhelm an you've been told by many people and all of your friends that you are a mighty fine young man.


You just wish you could believe it yourself.

You were so excited when your father appeared from nowhere all of a sudden and wanted you to come with him. Even your mother was supportive of it! You came here with all those hopes and...he just left you and you accepted it. At the time, you'd just figured you weren't good enough.

The only people who really seemed to care about you here are the touhoumon that just wanted you for your body. Rumia wants you for sex and your cooking talent you learned back home. Letty wants you for sex and for being warm. Wriggle wants you for sex and more sex. The Alice wants you for sex and general entertainment, and...well...

...You know, that Marisa was a pretty great person. She didn't try to force herself on you sexually, she just made a mess of your pots and pans, told you the truth and then had sex with you when you offered yourself up. Then you ate pudding, and each other.

And then you cuddled up and went to sleep together.

You woke up this morning to a body pillow bearing her image having replaced her in the night and a note telling you that she'd gone off to do Marisa things and that she'd be back for a 'booty call' later. Leaving you all alone. You tried to get something done today, to make food or maybe go work on your garden but...

Currently you're just sitting here in your living room, munching on a piece of dry toast. Your mind is in the gutters and your spirits are in tatters now that you're alone and you're forced to admit that your father obviously never wanted you at all. Not before when he left you with your mother, or after when he used you as a sacrifice. Not that your mother was much better-

You slap yourself since she's not here to do it. You can't think like that. It's...

You just toss the toast onto the table and bury your head in your hands. Why did that Marisa tell you the truth? You were better off lying to yourself.

Though you're about to find yourself confronting one more truth. Namely, the identity of the mon your father had so callously sold you out to in exchange for his own life. She had been watching you from her vantage point and decided to pay you a visit, slipping in through the Rumia's usual entry point and walking toward your relatively quietly, though there was nothing she could do to mask her presence past that. Not that she needed to.

You ignore the newly entered person in your cabin and their sweet but unfamiliar scent, just focusing on staring a hole in the floor. Another touhoumon come to take her slice of the Wilheim pie? How shocking.

The mon smirks at your response. She really wasn't expecting anything else given what that Marisa dumped on you, so she goes ahead and pets you on the head. "Hello there, Wilhelm." She says softly and warmly. You get the impression that you may not be able to just ignore her for much longer.

You shock out of that. Your name? You...nobody calls you by your name. You decide that the hole in the floor can wait for now and turn your gaze towards the touhoumon...and up and up and wooooow... She's...

...You know she's a Reisen, but...she's like the Reisen all other Reisen want to be. A perfectly proportioned yet incredibly full figure, legs that her stockings cling to and her blazer and undershirt popped open enough to reveal a enough of her breasts to tell you that yes, they're just as amazing as the rest of her. To top it all off she constantly radiates this aura of immense power and regal pressure of sorts. It's almost impossible to resist a subtle impulse to lock eyes with her.

She simply giggles as she carefully vaults over the loveseat to sit next to you proper. She puts one arm around you and hold you to her before talking. "I know what that Marisa told you before, and I've seen its affect on you. Learning that such filth sold you out at the drop of the hat..." It seems she really is annoyed at the memory of the event. "It's truly disgraceful to not care about you. That's why I accepted your 'father's deal. I've seen you, watched you, and decided that I had to have you."

Her statement brings you back to reality and you turn your attention back to the floor, pout-glowering at it with as much surly youthfulness as you can scrounge up. Oh so another person needs to have you huh? Well you're going to...

...Well, judging by how your body is instinctively leaning into hers and cuddling up against her you're probably going to end up having sexual libertied taken with you again, but you'll be as surly and pouty as possible during the entire thing as teenage revolution.

All that does is elicit a chuckle from the Reisen. "Wilhelm, do you know what it means for a Touhoumon to have sex with a boy like you?" She asks a simple question that you seem to not know the correct answer to.

"...No." You decide to answer her eventually. You really don't get your friends, and you know they're your friends when you're not feeling angsty, sometimes. They're so...confusing. They'll be all nice and friendly and doing friend stuff sometimes and then a few seconds later you're on the floor having sex. Again.

Like that time when you taught Rumia how to make cherry pie. Or that time that you and Letty were reading books on the love seat, cuddled up together and with a blanket, one without cartoon girls, thrown around you both. Or that time Wriggle was helping you chop wood and one way or another you ended up on the ground and inside of her...again. Or that time that Alice was giving you sewing tips and you'd made her a shawl of many colors and you got carried off to the bedroom by dolls and spent the rest of the day there with her. Or that time Marisa revealed that dark secret to you and you ended up sharing 4 AM chocolate pudding together and then you had sex-wait that was last night.

Anyways, it dawns on you that you don't really get your touhoumon friends, maybe because you think of them like they're humans when...they're not.

The Reisen smiles at your answer. "Good, you're being honest." She squeezes you to her for a moment to make sure you're paying attention. "It varies from mon to mon, but to us sex is an expression of love. You saved that Wriggle and she developed a crush on you, and has expressed it ever since by fucking you repeatedly, has she not~?"

"...yes." Over and over and over and over again. You're lucky your house has such a big well to draw its water reserves from because dehydration was rapidly becoming a problem in your new life.

"And that Rumia who claimed you, she learned more about you and not only decided to just visit you rather than take you home, she's developed a powerful attraction to you. Love at first sight, if you will. That was expressed through sex as well."

"Similarly, the Letty who let herself in fell for you right away, and has expressed her love in much the same way."

"The same goes for the Alice and Marisa as well. You have something about you that makes mons like them want to love you, and not just because you're a delicious young boy."

"You accepted each and every mon who entered your life without a second thought, and don't treat your lot in life as anything unusual." She leans back a little as she keeps going. "Really, when I said I wanted you, it's not just for your body. Part of me really just wanted to remove you from tha wretched man who dared call himself your father."

You just sit there, listening to everything she's said. She spoke with absolute confidence, but she didn't sound like she was trying to convince you of anything, not really. Just like...she was simply telling you the truth. Telling you what you needed to hear too.

"...Thank you." You answer in a quiet voice, feeling the unpleasant sensations in your heart begin to mix and fade away as something happier starts to take their place. Your friends are your friends, and that's what matters. And...

...Oh my gosh! You've got a guest and you've been so rude! You haven't even tried to get her anything to eat or drink! "I'm so sorry!" You speak up, struggling out of the love seat and squirming out of the powerful, experienced mons hold with shocking ease, "I have even offered you drinks of arnything! Would you like tea, coffee...hot chocolate?" You offer what you can think of off the top of your head. Based off of what she wants as a drink you can try and plan your snacks around that!

The Reisen is momentarily surprised at how you managed to escape her grasp that fast, but doesn't push the matter at all. Instead she just smiles as she watches you go about your business. "Hot coffee would be fine, please." Now let's see if that poor pattern recognition holds.

"Okay, sure!" You say, confirming the pattern absolutely as you patter into the Kitchen and throw on the nearest apron to you, blissfully ignorant of it being a new addition to the rack from one of your friends as you tie it on and set to work getting coffee brewing and scournging through the pickings to see what you should use as a snack. Maybe these snickerdoodles?

The Reisen sitting on your loveseat simply closes her eyes and hums to herself for a few moments as she hears you working in the kitchen. "Yes, I know how to pick them~"

You return to her, bearing a platter of snickerdoodles, a shockingly quickly prepared pot of hot coffee, cream, sugar, two mugs and a glass of milk. It takes you just a moment to quickly lay everything down and out in front of her before you take a seat next to her, somehow knowing sitting elsewhere would lead to problems, and begin to pour her coffee. "So, how do you like your coffee?" You ask her as you ready yourself to prepare it.

"Fairly sweet and creamy myself." Responds the Reisen as you bring the snacks and drinks in. "You certainly do take pride in your food, don't you~?"

"You guests can tell what they think of them by how you treat them." You inform her seriously as you studiously start to work on her coffee and add sugar and cream to it, "That's why I always bring out my best!" That way, they can know you think the best of them!

"Then you must care for us all quite a lot." She takes the finished product and sips it, letting her inherent toughness deal with the fact that the coffee is still pretty darn hot. "Hah~ And all of us care about you much the same." She hums again for a moment before remembering something. "Ah, yes. You do belong to me, but I won't keep you all for myself. I'll merely partake of you at times~ Additionally, you're also under my protection from here on out, so long as you remain within my territory. I've given some rather explicit instructions to the forest mons that even if you are removed from this house, you will not be hoarded and must be returned. You are, of course, free to choose where you call home here."

"Oh...thank you?" You offer to the intimidating Reisen, "I like it here so that's good." You do like it here. It's nice. Also why do you feel so awkward right now, this is just...oh.

It occurs to you that this may actually be the longest you've gone without getting molested by a wild touhoumon when you were speaking with one. Even that odd fellow's Yuugi friend kept smacking you on the ass when she saw you, in a friendly way. If friendly ways also involved 'if i wasn't hitched' statements from her and a wink.

Of course, the Reisen also knows this and may very well be doing this to mess with you. After all, she probably will fuck you silly by the time this is over.

"S-so..." You consider, shifting about in your seat a bit, thinking about what you were going to do now when you hear a ding from the kitchen and you let out a gasp. Your carrotcake!

"My carrotcake!" You shoot up out of your seat. In between sulking about your circumstances and meeting a new friend, you completely forgot about your carrotcake in the over. "Sorry I'll be right back!" You call out to the bunny as you surge into the kitchen, tossing on the same apron as before and quickly taking care of the delicious cake. This'll go great with coffee!

The Reisen chuckles again as she takes another sip of her coffee. "Carrot cake..." She shakes her head. "If I didn't know you were such an innocent boy, I'd say you were trying to get in my panties." She said it while you were away and rather softly, so it's unlikely that you heard it.

You come back with two slices of carrot cake on saucers and place one in front of her, along with a fork. "I'm confident in my cakes you know." You boast just a bit. It's true, you are. Your cakes are so good that they always sold the most at school bake sales. Everyone would always congratulate mother on being so talented.

"I bet you are~." She takes the slice of cake and starts to eat it a bit at a time with the fork, savoring the flavor and perhaps enjoying it a bit too much.

You pauses mid-bite, eyeing the Reisen next to you as she savors your carrotcake with near orgasmic bliss. The sound she's making are a bit distracting...and arousing. You shift your legs around and shift a bit away from her so you're not all cuddled up so it'll be less noticeable.

Of course, this doesn't escape her notice at all in the slightest, and she shifts closer while looking at you and making those sounds. Amost like she's eyeing you like she was the carrot cake.

Oh. Oh dear. Hm...you know maybe you should have thought through giving an immensely powerful Reisen your carrotcake, considering where all signs seem to be pointing. "I..." You quickly shovel down your cake and chug your glass of milk, knowing you'll need the stamina and liquids soon enough. "Please be gentle..." You demure, looking away embarassedly. It always comes to this...and that's...okay?

The Reisen sets the remaining bit of carrot cake down with all her usual decorum, shifts herself around to where she's facing you...

And squeals as she pulls you into a hug. "You are just too cute!" She rubs her cheek against yours as she does so, and kisses you on the lips. "It really was quite hard to hold myself back earlier, and then you had to go and give me my favorite sweet, you silly boy~" She kisses you again as she starts to undo her shirt, and tosses that aside. "I mean, really. That put Touhousnaxs to shame~" She undoes your shirt to match. "Creamy and flavorful without being too rich..." She strips her own skirt off, at which point you see that she wasn't wearing any undergarments to begin with. "Kind of like you, really~" And with that she strips your remaining clothes off.

"Now then..." She trails off as she repositions you to where you're beneath her on the love seat. "I'm going to express my love for you in great quantity and precise detail~"

"...Like...with a sonnet?" You ask from underneath her, unable to tear your eyes off of her incredible body but your mind remaining questionably pure and uncorrupted mostly, probably. Sonnets are nice

"That Alice was right, you do have adorably poor pattern recognition~" She then proceeds to use her hand to check to see if you're ready for her yet~

You gasp as you feel her hand brush up against your rising shift which is slowly but surely going completely erect just at the mere sight of her. Her touch just quickens up the process as your hands move on their own and trail up her pale thighs and up to her hips and come to a rest there for a moment.

She simply smiles as she feels you put your hands on your bare flesh, and slips your erect cock inside her without a moment's hesitation.

You try to open your mouth to gasp, but all you can manage to do is gape and drool a bit as your eyes glass over. Being inside of her is...just being joined is incredible. It puts even Wriggles natural pleasure to shame. It's almost as if she was made perfectly for you. Every part of your shaft is cared for inside of her, caressed and pressed up against and clung to without being crushed or overly pressured by her walls. It's all you can manage to do to not cum from just the insertion. Instead you just pant and squirm around a bit underneath her.
The Reisen smiles as she feels you nearly cum inside her just from that little, and starts to slowly slide you in and out of her just to see how little it would take to make you cum inside her~

Your squirming intensifies as she teases you with those tiny little thrusts. It's enough to make you go mad from the pleasure each time she drops down on you. Your hands move on their own again and grope blindly at her ass, squeezing her cheeks futiley as you try to hold on as long as you can. Just under the minute mark though you can't hold back anymore. Your hips buck up and you cry out in passion as you explode inside of her, her walls working to milk out every last drop of semen they can as you flop back down onto your back, staring blankly back up at her as your hands grip loosens. You feel...so good. It's almost like you're floating away...

The Reisen licks her lips as she feels you spill your seed inside her, and starts to move in minute movements again. "My, that Letty was right, you really do need training~."

You squirm again as she starts moving, moaning softly at the relentless pleasure she's inflicting on you as still try to hold back against the pleasure and to resist the temptation to just com again immediately, no matter how tempting you're finding the idea of pumping out everything you have into the Reisen on top of you and letting her take whatever she wants is. You blink your eyes a few times to try and refocus them a bit as you manage to shake off some of the haze in your head, but it's so difficult to think when you're inside of her like this. Your hands move again, one of them squeezing that nice butt of hers while the other brushes against something soft...and fluffy?

Her tail?

...her fluffy tail. You...you need.

to touch. fluffy. tail

And you do! Your hand gently touches and teases her wonderfully soft, fluffy bonbon tail, and the way it feels brings joy into your heart and a smile to your face. So soft...

Fortunately that's a pretty reasonable erogenous zone for this particular Reisen, though, as she blushes and proceeds to take on a much naughtier face as she proceeds to thrust you into her much, much faster than before. More than that, it looks like she's not going to stop so long as you've got a hold of that fluffy tail of hers~.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for all involved now that she's moving in earnest and pumping you as she is your mind blanks out in pleasure. Meaning you're going to keep holding onto that fluffy tail. As she bounces rapidly around on top of you, you can't hold back anymore. Letting out another pitiful cry your hips buck up again as you cum inside of her, pumping more semen into her without any restraint as you're wrung dry.

And of course, she just keeps fucking you more and more as you keep hold of her tail, fully intent on milking you dry. Yet given how you're still holding onto her, you must be okay with it~

You just stay collapses on your back now, not even able to move as she's fucked all sense of resistance or holding back out of you. The only thing your brain can think about right now, two things really, are how fantastically pleasurable this sex is and how soft and fluffy her tail is. You're so happy right now you just...just...

Your non-tail hand slides off of her but and up the small of her back as you attempt to hug the Reisen, which conveniently puts your face right between her breasts. The soft pressure of her massive mammaries presses down around you in a comforting way.

The Reisen responds to your hug in kind by wrapping her arms around you and holding you to her nice and right, opting to lay atop you completely as she continues fucking you clear into the sweet oblivion you so desire~.

And at this point she's exactly right, your mind can only think of the pleasure you're being given now as you're thrust in and out of her with obvious intent. Wet, lewd sounds assault your ears even buried in her chest as you are, obviously coming from where you're joined together. You sigh happily into the Reisen's chest as your orgasm again, pumping out another massive load of your cum before going limp in her arms, not able to hold yourself up against her with the effects of critical ecstasy running through you as they are.

The Reisen sighs blissfully as you cum inside her once more, her body working quite hard at trying to keep all your shota seed inside her as she keeps working you over. Clearly, between you doing all that stuff earlier and groping her tail now, she's horny to the point where she's going to fuck you like her namesake species, and won't stop until you have nothing left to give.

And she does. Orgasm after orgasm are dragged out of you as she pins you down and holds you against her body. She wrings every last drop of cum out of you until you've got nothing left, and even then she keeps thrusting you into her. You don't even have the strength to cry out passion now. You simply let out a low moan as you orgasm again, your body struggling to spit out the few pitiful drops of cum it has into her as you lay limp in her arms. Your own arms are loosely resting on her back and tail respectively.

She eventually gives up after that last pitiful orgasm, but she doesn't let you go. She keeps you locked inside her for the time being and sighs happily, laying on you while you both bask in the afterglow. ...Or, afterglow for her, and sex-induced stupor for you. Either way you're not going to so much as separate from her for quite some time.

Your mind slowly comes back to you as the haze of pleasure fades, leaving you capable of...basically doing nothing as exhausted as you are. You're left trapped between her breasts and thighs and...you're not going to complain. Your hand gives her tail a final fluff before coming to rest on her back with your other one. You nuzzle into her bosom to get comfortable before simply relaxing.


Suddenly, answers and more questions that need to be answered. Once again, all credit should be given to SLDT for good parts.
No. 31506
>"Hot coffee would be fine, please."
>"So, how do you like your coffee?"
>"Fairly sweet and creamy myself."
How can he still be so innocent and yet...
>You...you need.
>to touch. fluffy. tail
>And you do!
...make one of the greatest accomplishments of all time?

Also, carrot cake in the oven right before an Ex-Reisen shows up? That's Batman level prepared.
No. 31507

I'm not sure if I'll ever get to explain this, so I'll just put it here. Wilheim enjoys cooking, and it's also his constructive way of dealing with stress. With mother having bakesales to contribute to regularly he cooked often enough before. Now that he has numerous touhoumon visiting and eating he makes more food as a matter of habit so he's always prepared. Rumia alone is enough to devour three times as much food as he does in a single setting, and he'll admit he's a pretty big eater.

The Carrotcake thing has more to do with being insanely lucky when it comes to certain matters, like encouraging getting lucky.

And not dying.
No. 31508

I did point out just how amazingly lucky Wilheim is. Any other person would have been...well, carried off and made into a slave by the first Touhoumon they encounter.

Also, funny that before this update, I had a feeling that the "Boss" was going to be an ExMokou or so, but instead it was a ExReisen...Oh well, fluffy tails are always good! No complaints!

...Hm, now we have six mons in love with Wilheim, whats he going to do next? Is he perhaps...going to try and find his father to beat him up? Or is he going to just enjoy his new daily life? (With touhoumons, hurr)
No. 31509

....Wait a sec, is this Reisen happen to be the "Sister" NReisen mentioned when NReisen was molesting poor Nebosa?
No. 31516
So do his friends do the grocery shopping, or what? Because it's not like however many tons of cake-flour he goes through per week grows in the wild.

But then, this is Pokemon, which has no viable stop thinking about macroeconomics for one goddamn second, brain. Stop it. This is a bad habit. You give me a lighthearted sexromp and I start thinking about traderoutes and the seeming lack of arable farmland.

Anyway, I predict a patisserie in young Wilheim's future, or a shady contract with YakumoCorp for exclusive rights to his carrot-cake recipe.
No. 31517
I wouldn't be surprised if she was considering her figure and demeanor
No. 31524
The Merlin pulls your pants out of the way and then your boxers, revealing your half-hardened shaft to the open air of the tower yet again. Lyrica has backed off at this point to take watch as the Merlin leans closer to your weak point, hesitantly licking the tip a few times as she watches you to gauge your reaction to her ministrations. One hand reaches up and traces her fingers along your shaft, testing you for weak spots before she takes hold of it and begins to slowly but firmly pump you.

Each lick causes your shaft to harden up and twitch, and you find yourself moaning as you brace yourself for what's next. Rather than just licking you the entire time, you find that her small hand has grabbed hold of your cock and is pumping you slowly, which doesn't feel bad either.

You reach out and ruffle the mon's hair as she has her way with you, letting her know you enjoy it and she's free to go on.

She hums happily at your reaction and giggles, leaning into your petting. Confidence bolstered, she goes back to her work and ensures you're completely up to full mast before coming to a stop. For a moment you almost think to ask what she's doing before it happens.

Her hand that's pumping you adjusts it's grip and begins a sort of rhythmic squeezing as she works you up and down and her other hand reaches down to cradle your dangling berries, carefully massaging and 'juggling' them as she works you. You watch her grin at the expression on your face when she starts using more advanced techniques, and then watch as she leans for to press her lips against your tip and then press down ward, swallowing the top of your length and begin to suckle happily on it as she works.

And that... You can endure that a bit better than when Lyrica did it to you, but only that part alone. Merlin actually seems to have some experience, and is far more than happy to demonstrate just what it is she can do. It's taking literally everything you have to not just cum right away.

Her hand that was pumping you stops and just takes hold of your shaft to keep it steady as her head starts to bob slowly up and down. She never stops sucking on your shaft as she works you and her lips are nearly vacuum sealed along your length now, always pushing or dragging long it in just a wonderfully erotic way to watch.

You're paying rapt attention too. Between her the sensation and the sight you find that you're really just completely unable to hold out any longer and cum directly into her mouth, just as you did with your Lyrica.

Just as you come she slams her head all the way down, forcing your shaft all the way inside of her mouth so you come directly down her throat as she works to swallow everything. The entire time she's staring you right in the yes as she gulps down your semen. eventually she pulls back, leaving your shaft sticky with your loves juices and her saliva. You watch her lick her lips and swallow before giggling almost drunkely.

Lyrica comes back over now, eyes wide and eyebrows way up at what she just watched. But you notice that her eyes are on your shaft too. She leans down closer to your groin and her tongue pokes out and...she gives it a little lick. And then another. Merlin leans down and joins her and the two being to 'clean' your length. But with how sensitive it is now you're more likely to make another mess...

And of course that's exactly what you do when both girls start working you over with their tongues. "G-girls..." You try to get their attention and alert them to the fact that, you know, maybe it's time to wind down or something but you can't quite do it. You feel too good and they just look too happy. After a few minutes their 'cleaning' efforts ended in vain as you squirted another load out, and with no mouth holding your tip inside it to catch your seed. You feel your face heat up at the sight.

The two of them quickly clean up what mess their was on your shaft after your next accident and then look at each other. Your seed is splattered on their faces. They slowly lean closer to each other, mouths opening as they prepare to clean each other when-


For those of you wondering about these types of scenes showing up, these are accessory scenes to the main untitled Touhoumon thread Nob and I are working on. It's all part of the same update, so this isn't a bad end, but not everyone wants to have written smut smack in the middle of a scene so we decided to just drop the porn here, and link to it in the main thread.
No. 31534
And so you went, sneaking over to where the hidden little trapdoor is in your kitchen. Technically, you've got two storage areas, but the external one is for non-perishables and tools and the like. A good place to store your pick-axe, shovel, metal detector, various kinds of nets and your fishing stuff, but not for food. This one here is where you keep your real goodies. You slide the completely unsuspicious false floor out of the way and open up the door down, revealing the dark stairs. You begin your careful descent down, wondering just why it smells a touch different. Not bad really. You hope something isn't leaking though.

You enter the underground storage room and flip on the lights, taking a look around the huge underground area from where you are. So damn many aisles just running ways down into the dark. Even with the overhead lights giving you something to work with there's plenty of dark spots. So you pick up a flashlight and flick it on and head down Aisle 8 to take a look at stocks and bases you've got. Oh, bullion!

An underground storeroom so massive that it's more like a small warehouse means that there's plenty of dark corners for unwanted visitors to hide in, and given how you're such a fine young man who's been marked several times over by mons you're pretty much guaranteed to run into something down here. Especially since there's a slight alteration to the general smell of the place. Almost like the air's been circulated or something.

Either way, it doesn't take long before you hear a rather faint voince grumbling about how she's envious about all this stuff and how she should just take it and the boy who owns it for herself.

She turns down the aisle you're in, catches a whiff of you and looks up.

You are far too secure about how the one place you haven't been molested in this place is in your underground storeroom to be worried. Also, you're far too distracted by the fact that you've noticed something amazing! So many kids of stocks you could make with this stuff! How did you not notice that you had these before? You could make turtle soup, if you had a turtle!

...Which, you know, you may actually have down here in hindsight. I mean that's the reason you came down here for real, finally. You're going to spend all day working on getting this place properly catagorized and make sure you know where everything is, yes sir!

Or you could get grabbed, spun around, and kissed deeply by a mon who really, really wants to own you.

You squeak in surprise at the sudden make out, eyes widening as you stare in the pair that belong to the unfamiliar touhoumon who is currently kissing you. Training you've been given kicks in almost automatically though and you feel that pleasant feeling of her lips on yours take over as you find yourself leaning back into her kiss, just a bit, as your own arms wrap around her slim body.

You wrapping your arms around her and becoming more pliant just from being kissed seemed to have annoyed her somewhat, as she breaks the kiss and stares at you. "You're broken in... Really, really broken in. I'm envious of whoever did this to you, but..." She licks her lips. "I've got you now, so I'm actually a bit happy~" She then kisses you again, just as hard as before.

You got a better look at your attacker when she broke off the kiss for a moment and you think you realize who she is. A Parsee, but...well, you suppose your underground storage place is 'underground', but you've never seen or heard them down here before. Just...how did she get here? These questions and more buzz through your mind as you press your body up against the odd girl, holding tight as you kiss her back just hard enough for her to feel it but to still be submissive to her 'assault'.

She uses one arm to hold you to her, unnecessary as it is, and starts to take off both your pants and hers. Not once did she break the kiss in the process, perhaps afraid that she may say something stupid?

You actually squirm a bit nervously as she starts to take your pants off, rubbing up against her incidentally as you manage to break out of the kiss, feeling a pang of regret as you do so. Why do all the touhoumon you meet taste so good? "Ah, uh hey! Hi?" You try and get her attention and maybe slow down this sexual harassment a bit. Maybe you can talk her into eating dinner together and cuddling instead?

"How can you be so calm and candid? I'm trying to force myself on you!" Either she's not listening or she doesn't care about your intent, because she's gradually forcing you to the floor now.

You end up just sort of helping yourself down to the floor, knowing you can't actually fight against her successfully since she's so much stronger than you. "Oh, I'm sorry..." You end up apologizing, realizing that you've upset the poor girl by arguing back against her when she just wants to take sexual liberties with you.

...wait a second that seems a bit...

Even as you start wonder about just where that line of thought came from your hands end up above your head, easily pinnable by the Parsee atop you should she wish to continue with her forceful ways. Certain other parts of you are in an easily handleable state as well as you've already gone half-way erect from her handling of you so far.

"A-and don't apologize!" She proceeds to pin your arms and straddles you proper, using her moist womanhood to rub your cock to full mast.

Really, it seems like while this mon is incredibly forceful and forward, there's almost a tinge of envy and embarrassment under all that. She continues to try and work you up while trying her darn hardest to keep herself going at a certain pace, but it's like she's conflicted about how to go about this.

You groan, squirming around more at the feeling of her hot and wet lips rubbing up and down along your shaft, quickly bringing it from half life to full as you ready yourself for the consequenceso of that with more than a little bit of anticipation. Of course, now that her mouth is off of yours there's no way you won't put your foot in it.
Maybe it's because you're extra crazy now. Maybe it's because you've learned a life long lesson. Maybe it's beacause of what Reisen told you.

Maybe it's because you've got a fetish for being dominated. Either way, you speak up.

"...You know you're really cute when you make a face like that." You speak up suddenly only to realize what you just said, "I mean you're already really cute all the time because you're really pretty and all that but you're extra really cute when you bite your lip and narrow your eyes and...ah..." You shut up again as you look at her.

Then she blushes, makes a strangled noise as whatever words she was about to spea dies in her throat, and narrows her eyes and bites her lip like you said. She can't seem to form anything resembling a coherent sentence, so she simply takes your erect cock and penetrates herself with it. "Sh-shut up!" And now she's fucking you quite hard.

You let out a cry of pleasure and panic as she slams you all the way into her and then brings her hips back up to do it again. Her frantic, brutal pace of slamming you in and out of her as she is feels wonderful, especially with how she's clamping tight around you as she lets you in as if to keep her out, but then clamping ever harder down when you try to leave, jealously clinging to your shaft. You'd speak up if you could, but...you really can't. She's quite honestly fucking you silly now with how much you're being shaken about.

She keeps at it for a good, long while too, scrunching her eyes shut and slowly shifting herself down to where she's laying on you so she doesn't have to look you in the eyes anymore. She wraps her arms around you and holds you tight as she somehow quickens her pace, intent on making it where you can only moan in pleasure as opposed to actually speaking, because that's what cute boys are supposed to do, right?

And she's doing a damn good job at it. It doesn't take long at all until you're reduced to just whimpering and moaning as you cling desperately too her, the pleasure being too much for you to resist. Your head is up against hers now as you pant desperately, trying to hold back for as long as you can. Eventually, enough's enough. Your body moves on its own and you grab hold of her ass, shoving it down as your hips jerk up and you orgasm, pumping your cum into her deepest parts before collapsing back down onto your back, breathing heavily.

The Parsee actually makes some pretty cute sounds as you suddenly take control and grab her ass like that, and while she would never outright admit it, having you slam her down on you like that so you could cum inside her was just downright heavenly. Needless to say, she came as well and was reduced to a happy, drooling mess. Maybe now you can talk to her.

You can't really go anywhere now, what with being balls deep in a touhoumon who's currently clinging jealously to you in many senses of the word. So instead you just wrap your arms around her in as much of a hug as you can manage and think of what the best way to broach a conversation to her would be. Finally, your eyes lock onto a unique bit of bullion and you speak up. "...Do you like turtle soup?" You ask.

She just stares at you dumbfounded for a few moments. "...What is that?"

"It's a soup made of and focusing primarily around turtle meat." You explain automatically, "I found a bullion that says it's for it and a recipe attached to it, and I'm just wondering if I've got turtle meat down here somewhere too." You muse, "I haven't explored down here much since I was busy with the rest of the house and had plenty of supplies upstairs."

Another thought occurs to you, "...How did you even get in here anyway? I mean, I didn't hear or see you at all upstairs and you can't close the door from the inside completely anyway."

The Parsee is actually fairly satiated now that she's had a good fuck, so she's at least not socially inept as a flopping wet fish out of water. She listens to your explanation, taking note of it and marking it down for later, so to speak. As for how she got in here... "There's an entrance to the underground on the far side of where you came in, so mons like me can come in and out to have our way with you."

"...what." You respond, voice flat and, while not unamused as it's too full of fading pleasure for that, at least moderately concerned. Did...

...Did that amazing Reisen take over the underground!?

The Parsee snuggles up to you, remaining joined to you for the time being and kissing you on the lips again. "It's unbelievable, I know, but from what I heard the ruler of this underground, Lady Satori, struck a deal with some man that her pets brought in. Something about having an underground storeroom in exchange for his son? I don't have all the details, but... The Lady will probably want to speak with you soon."

...You just...you don't even...your father...he just...

...You just sigh, feeling a bit of despair as you snuggle into the Parsee's neck, burying your face there where you can feel more comfort. She smells nice. Like some kind of...fancy flowery shampoo. "Okay..." You just sort of accept it, the resignation in your voice evident to her.

That got her attention though. "What's wrong?" She asks, unknowing of your problems.

"It's nothing..." You try and avoid her attentions, not wanting to bother even more people with your problems than you already do. Even so, you end up cuddling closer to her, seeking the comfort she provides by just being there.

"It doesn't sound like it's nothing." You really have to marvel at how something like a womb full of shota cum made the Parsee go from grumpy to downright sweet. She obliges your cuddling though, and kisses you on the cheek.

The kiss tingles a bit and makes you giggle, and you feel a bit less grumpy yourself. "I just..." You sigh again, "I kind of wish he'd stop selling me to people..."

"Your father uses you as a prostitute?" The Parsee raises an eyebrow as you give your short explanation. Though the painful part is that given who your ex-father sold you out to, it's technically true.

And despite how the whole situation is working out for you really does sting. Yeah everyone you’ve met is great, but they could have not been. "Well, he did sell me to your ruler for..." You wave your hand at the area around you, "all this, apparently."

"That's just sad." She says in response. Then she kisses you again, because apparently neither of you are tired of that. "At least you'll be well taken care of though~" After that she kisses you rather passionately again, though this time it's not something she's forcing on you. She really does just want you to feel better.

You accept her kiss happily, pressing your lips back against hers as your mouth opens a bit, allowing her intrusion into you eagerly. You end up spending a lot time on the floor with her, and one thing leads to another...


WHAT A TWIST. I sure hope no one saw this coming.
No. 31535
You know, I don't believe I did. Now, though, I'm sort of wondering who else Mr. Wilhelm sold his son to. I don't suppose that there's a nearby mountain, is there? Perhaps a sunflower field, or a patch of lilies-of-the-valley? Some higanbana?
No. 31536
Just out of curiosity, would the fathers first name happen to be genma?
No. 31539
I'm a tad surprised no Eirin popped up yet to check his health and maybe recommend some vitamins to increase his stamina. At this rate, he'll die by sex, training or not.
No. 31540

I wondered how long it would take for someone to make that reference!
No. 31548
>not paizuri

Sort of disappoint or was she not evolved enough to do that?

Pretty nice still.

Yeah considering how there's a Reisen running things. I wonder how rare Eirins are in the MTM world.
No. 31549

Actually, you're right on the money about that second guess. Merlin's only a chibi right now, so she literally doesn't have the chest required to really do that.
No. 31555
>dude sells his son to everyone in exchange for stuff

I'm honestly surprised none of these mons have hunted him down for double-dealing.
No. 31556

Maybe because he made sure they are separate groups first before the sellout?

Besides, he's most likely long gone by now.
No. 31557

Given that Parsee only found out just now that poor Wilheim was sold out to other Mon groups as well, it is likely that none of the Mon groups knew that Wilheim was sold to other groups beside them as well.

And I'm wondering what will be the end-size of Wilheim's harem, dohohohohohoho *cough*

Uhh, I wonder how many groups has he been sold out to
No. 31558
's more like an anti-harem. He's communal property rather than the other way 'round. He's the one who's confined, and he's the perpetual inferior in the relationships.

Incidentally, I predict that Koishi will be next to rape him.
No. 31560
"Well~" Your lips curve slowly into a smile. "...I suppose I could take this chance and teach you properly...." Your smile widens. "But only if you'll follow my instructions carefully!" You warn him.

Sittas smiles widely up at you, eyes full of optimism and innocence.

"Okay, sure!" he cheers,"I'll do whatever you say Daisis!" He promises you, still holding onto you closely.

"Great~" You don't think you could honestly stop smiling if you wanted to. "Now, the kitchen's right over here..." You lead him down the hall, "How about we....put a bun in the oven together? That sounds like a good choice for your first time..."

"I like buns. Will they be sweet buns?" He asks you curiously, bouncing up and down on his feet as he does so as he looks this way and that all around your house as you walk through, occasionally peeling off of you just bit to get a better look at this painting or that pitcher of flowers. He's so curious and interested by everything it's...refreshing?

"Oh, they might be~" You walk with a slight sway to your hips, heart pounding. This is the first time you've ever... "Here we are." You swing open the door.

Sittas rushes in excitedly, quickly looking around the room to take in everything that's there. Are there cakes!?

...Bless his sweet little naive and completely-inadequately-prepared-for-this-world heart.

"Okay~" You practically purr, "First things first. We don't want to get our clothes all messy, so we'll have to take them off~" You declare, as you pull a chair away from the small table in the kitchen, turning it around to face Sittas, back carefully braced against the table itself.

"...Oh, okay!" Sittas says, thinking about it for a moment before brightly agreeing with you, "That makes sense. I wonder if that's why Ichi and the boys who helped her always had to clean their clothes after cooking. Maybe they shoulda taken them off, then." He muses thoughtfully.

...Just what was going on at that temple!?

"Oh, maybe, maybe." You agree, setting aside your worries for now, as you strip off your clothes, trying to take your time and catch Sittas's eye. Your heart's pounding, but...now that you've begun, you don't feel nervous anymore. Just...excited.

Sittas is carefully shedding his odd robes that he's been wearing this entire time and...proceeds to equally carefully fold the clothing up, taking a lot of time for such a worn looking garment. Then he reaches down and slips off his pants with the same level of care and folds them as well, carefully putting them to the side. He turns to you, speaking up.

"Dai sis, where should...I...uh..." He pauses, looking at you in all of your open nudity. You watch as his eyes widen, taking in your form and feel a sense of confidence as you can see that oh, yes, you're definitely getting a rise out of him.

A little thrill runs through you, as you take a moment to revel in his appreciation.

"Oh, right over here, with mine." You smile at him, quite pleased indeed.

"..." He stares at you for a bit before his eyes refocus, "Oh, uh, yeah right okay sure yes." He sputters, rapidly becoming more and more embarassed as he carries his clothes over and sets them next to yours. It doesn't pass your attention now that there's a certain something he's trying to hide from you, or so it seems. It also doesn't pass your attention that he keeps casting lookings at your chest when it's visible...and your butt when he had a chance too. Though he also looks at your wings, your legs, your face, and...well he seems to just not be able to keep his eyes off of you.

"Good~" You murmur, sitting on the edge of the chair, with a slight shiver as the cool wood comes into contact with your bare flesh. "Now, Sittas." You slowly let your legs drift apart just a hair, "Come here."

Sittas eyes widen a bit and he patters about on the spot before approaching you, seemingly nervous now for some reason. You just can't imagine why~ Still, he comes within arms reach, and stands in front of you, but he looks away from you. He's acting like he's looking around the room, but you can tell he's simply trying to not look right at you.

"Oh, Sittas~" You say, softly, softly, as you gently reach out and let your arms rest on his shoulders, "Look at me." You tell him, still a quiet murmur. "It's okay."

"But-but..." He shifts nervously, biting his lip before looking you in the face. His voice is pleading and embarassed as he speaks up again, "But you're too pretty! It makes me feel funny looking at you, like that time that Big Sis Hijiri and Ichi let me share a bath with them when the boys kicked me out of ours and it was really embarassing then because Ichi got bright red when she say it and Big Sis Hijiri laughed and said it was okay and gave me a hug and..." He looks at you and you can see as his brain train derails completely off track and miraculously onto another one,"...Both of you have really soft hugs."

With a soft pressure, you draw him closer.

"It's alright." You say, "There's no need to be embarrassed." You slowly draw him into a hug, from your seated position, spreading your legs out of the way. "Now~" You murmur, in his ear, "I'll be teaching you properly, so make sure you listen well~" You lean back, a bit, and kiss him, arms wrapping around him in a warm embrace.

Sittas gulps nervously as you draw him up against you, his form seeming somehow delightfully smaller now that you've got him in your arms like this. Really, those robes of his made him seem a bit bigger than he actually was. Well, in some ways anyway. Sittas seems to be having trouble deciding what to do with his hands, though he eventually just gives it a go and gives you a hug back, his arms wrapping around you as best as he can.

"Okay, uhm...but..." He wonders aloud,"...How are we going to put a bun in the oven if it's over there and we're here?"

...Pure until the end, apparently.

You giggle, softly.

"Not that kind of bun, Sittas~" You murmur, running a hand down his side to rest on his hip. "Now," You begin, "Are you ready to learn~?"

"...I like learning." He admits softly, though he still sounds nervous. Hm...you won't really be able to expect him to be doing very much on his end of this, you think. ...Well, that's okay.

"Now, the most important part of this is that both of us feel good, okay?" You murmur in his ear, before leaning back slightly, the hand on his hip drifting across to his front. "And it's not very hard to do~" You give him a couple gentle strokes.

Sittas lets out an odd but pleasing noise as you start to stroke his shaft, teasing the poor boy gently as you run your hand along his length. His face starts to go red quickly as you notice that his hips are moving slightly in time with your strokes.

"Dai-sis..." He murmurs at you, "Th-that feels really good."

"Yeah." You're glad. "Now, come closer..." You guide him towards yourself, suddenly nervous again as he approaches you.

Sittas contently allows you to bring him closer to you as you align him with yourself, the nervousness in your heart starting to fade as you feel him draw closer and closer to you until...

His tip brushes up against your hot, wet slit and you can feel him jump as much as he can in your arms and let out a shocked noise. But mostly...that simple moment of contact sent an electric bolt up your spine. All those feelings and desires you couldn't place, now they're starting to make sense... This...This is what you wanted.

You bite your lip, even as you lean back a bit more.

"Gently, now..." You murmur, "Slowly, slowly..." You guide him back into place, your other hand pushing gently against his back as you move him into position.

As you push him into you, you can feel his tip start to push into your entrance, opening it up and forcing it's way past the outer lip. His tip is slowly but surely making its progress into you as Sittas moans, his face nestled into your neck as you take him inside. Finally you reach a critical point and all the difficulty you'd been having seems to vanish and he easily slides a good portion of his length into you, dragging a longer moan out of the poor boy this time.

You gasp, softly, as you feel him inside of you, a strange, pleasant warmth flowing into you from where you're joined. You feel, somehow, more...energetic, and much, much more excited for what's to come. If just taking him into you felt that good...

"Mmmm..." You take a moment to savor the sensation, his simple presence inside you, the closeness of his body, his breath on your neck. You stroke his hair, softly. "Good, Sittas..." You say, a little breathily, "Slowly, now, slowly..." You rock your hips, gently, biting your lip at the small, electric bursts of pleasure that run up and down your spine as you shift along his length.

Each little motion inside of you makes it more and more wonderful. Those wonderful bursts of energy from before are coming as a steady stream now, and you can feel tingles running up and down your arms and legs. Your whole body feels...supercharged, somehow, better. If this is what it's always like...you can understand better now, you think. Sittas mumbles something into your neck as he clings desperately to you, his whole body shivering as you feel his shaft twitch inside of you.

You run a hand softly down his back, trembling yourself with the overwhelming pleasure running through you, your entire body beginning to tense with the overload of sensation as you clutch him tightly, making soft, encouraging noises as you slowly, slowly rock your hips to meet his. ...This is....incredible...

Sittas tries to speak, but can't seem to string very many words together.

"Dai-sis..." He ends up murmuring your 'name' over and over again, the raw pleading in it giving you a hint of warning of what's about to come. Sittas suddenly tenses in your hold, letting out a strangled sound as you feel his shaft twitch more energetically inside of you before you feel it happen. A sudden, blossoming sense of warmth and relief flows into you as he lets it all out inside.

You gasp, as the heat and tension that had been building up are suddenly tipped over, muscles you hadn't even known about spasming wildly, an immense pleasure running up your spine, like a wave, or slow lightning. You clutch the boy in your arms even tighter, a soft moan emerging from your throat.

Sittas collapses against you, seemingly exhausted after events. His arms remain wrapped around you as he breathes softly into your neck, slowly recovering just as you are. For a time, you simply remain with him inside of you, soaking in each others presence and clinging together. Eventually, Sittas speaks up.

"Dai-sis?" He pulls back slightly to try and look you in the eye, "Can..." His own eyes are shining with energy, interest, and many other positive emotions,"Can we do that again?" He asks, apparently not even mildly worse for wear.

...Really? You're tired, and really simply content to lie back in the chair and hold him, as uncomfortable as the position is becoming, but he wants more? What kinds of things did they teach this boy...? You wonder.

"...Later." You tell him, glad that at least you've caught your breath, patting his head, and throwing in a ruffle of his hair for good measure. "...You're very good at this." You add, more for somethiing to say than anything else. Almost immediately you regret it, though. How would you know if he's good or not? You've never done this before either.

"Oh, I am?" He asks, ever curious and intrigued by near everything you say or show him, "Thanks! But...I didn't really do anything except be, uh, in you." He points out a bit embarrassed, "...and what does this have to do with putting a bun in the oven? Is it, like...mood setting or something?"

And just like that, the mood is gone. You sigh, a fond smile making its way onto your lips all the same.

"No, no." You pat his head again. "I'll explain some other time." You tell him.

"...Oh okay!" He agrees simply enough and goes back to cuddling against you. Except, he seems to be ah...a bit...energetic? He tends to squirm around a bit in your hold, and given that his thing is still inside of you it's more than a bit 'distracting', you could say. Also, pleasurable!

You sigh, not quite ready for a second round so soon. ...Despite what, ah, certain parts of you assert.

"...Up." You tell him, giving him a light pat on the back to emphasize your word. "I still need to get that cake baked." Distracting him with cake will probably work, you figure.

Sittas obeys your order, moving slowly at first as he slides out of you before hoping to the floor a bit unsteadily. Still, he manages to not fall over on his butt though he seems a bit woobly.

"Why's everything so...spinny?" He asks, sounding a bit confused,"This is like that time they put me in the waterwheel..."

You stand, as well, stretching your back as you pull yourself out of the uncomfortable fold you'd ended up in, and giving your wings a solid flutter.

"I dunno." You tell him, as you stretch some more, for the sheer joy of the movement. You feel good! ....You eye the young boy almost predatorialy for a moment, before shaking your head.

...Still, you'll be doing this again, for sure.

"Now, did you still want to help with that cake?" You ask, moving over to your cupboards. Ah, it's as though you aren't even touching the ground~

...Oh, you're hovering. Well, no matter. You feel great~! You could sing! Or dance!

"Yeah, sure!" Sittas responds, managing to regain his sense of balance and control long enough to look deeply excited at the prospect of something new, interesting and...oh dear, naked baking? This could get distracting...

...but also exciting!

You eye the contents of your cupboards critically. It looks like you do have plenty of ingredients....


Choices are in the main side thread. You know what I mean.
No. 31561
Your lips press against hers and for a long moment you think that nothing's going to happen. Then, your legs fail you when she starts to kiss back. Her arms wrap around you as best they can and with a surprising amount of strength she holds you against her suddenly leaning into your kiss as her eyes flutter awake.

Behind you, your friends celebrate their victory while their new 'sister' makes out with you as has proven to be the pattern to these recruitments.

Not like you can really do anything to stop this even if you wanted to, given how you now feel really good compared to a few moments ago and the elation the Lunasa feels is only matched by your relief that you managed to get her to stop in time.

There's just, you know, the part where you still need to save your friends by oh Shinki this feels so nice...

You feel two sets of hands start to work off your belt as the Lunasa rolls you both off of the gravestone and onto the ground with her on top of you. Her hands take hold of your head as she continues to kiss you fiercely even while your other 'friends' take your pants off. Again. Thankfully, Kiri and Rei aren't within-oh wait there they are. Kiri waves to you cheekily and lets out a wolf whistle as your pants come off. Rei simply looks vaguely intrigued, both of her eyebrows moving up a fraction of an inch.

And suddenly you feel horribly embarrassed which is making you blush even harder than before. Possibly aiding the Lunasa in getting you off because you don't recall being this hard a few seconds ago and you don't think she's even touched you yet.

She just keeps kissing you, her lips never leaving yours as her fingers dance slowly down your torso sending sweet, tingling feelings through you as she moves. Wait, if just her touch can do that to you what could happen when she makes it [b]oh sweet shinki yes![b]

Her hands dance over your shaft at first, ten feather light touches tracing and running circles around it to better learn all of its intricacies and weak points before she begins her real attack, and just that's enough to make you want to buck your hips.

You can't resist her advances at all at this point, either because you've been molested twice already or because of that snap back or both, and you wind up grabbing her rear as you try to stop yourself from bucking your hips. Not like that really helps per say, since her touch let her read your weak spots like an open book.

She squirms delightfully in your grip as you grab her soft butt and...and...

...wow she's got a really nice butt. It's like a peach.

But you don't have long at all to appreciate her ass and how asstastic it is. She takes your grope to be complete agreement with the situation and sets about pumping you for real. Her soft hand takes hold of your shaft and slides up and down it, her fingers shifting in a rhythmic movement that works with her pumps to make each movement a dozen times more pleasurable than they might have been in the hands of a less skilled operator, and not even once do her lips break contact with yours as she keeps kissing you fiercely.

All you can do is squeeze her backside more as you're pumped thoroughly, and you find that you're even bucking your hips slightly as time goes on. You want more, but you can't quite... Oh right, that Kogasa stuck her tongue in your mouth, right? You try that on her to show her how much you like this.

Your actions become very much appreciated and are reciprocated in short order as she takes control of the situation and jams her own tongue into your mouth, swirling it around and making you go lightheaded this is just...too good...

Unable to hold back any longer, your body moves on its own, bucking its hips into her pumps a few times before spraying out your sticky white stuff, coating her shapely derriere with it as you feel faint.
No. 31562
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man with some mighty sized problems. Your life was flip turned upside down when your father came back into it, inviting you to come with him to the New Continent to live together with him and bond in a father-son manner. To make a long story short, your father is a gosh darned liar and it turns out that he sold you to an amazingly powerful Reisen in exchange for his own safety. Thankfully it turned out that the Reisen was a rather nice person all things said and done and she'd made sure you were mostly safe, aside from the fact that you're essentially the sex toy of an entire forest worth of Touhoumon apparently. But, oddly enough your life is, if anything, better than it was before. You've made some good, if odd, friends here and your life has been nice. Except something just threw a monkey wrench in that.

Namely, that it turns out that your father sold you to a powerful touhoumon. Another one, you mean. Apparently there's a Master of the Underground in these parts, and your father sold you to them for your admittedly really awesome underground storage area. The Parsee who molested you and then told you all about this is currently eating a meal you prepared with you. As it turns out, you DID have turtle meat!

"...So..." You stir your spoon around in your mostly empty bowl, trying to find something you can use to start up a conversation, "Do you like Turtle Soup?"

"It's pretty good. I definitely envy your cooking skills, I don't think there's too many of us in the underground who could match you." The Parsee seems to have adopted a middle of the road approach from when you first met her. Apparently fucking her and letting her be all clingy for a while was enough to put her in a far more civil mood, but you can tell she still has hints of her more forceful personality here and there.

You puff up just a bit at her praise. Your cooking is definetly one of your strong points, after all. None of your friends can cook as well as you can. "Thank you." You scratch the back of your head at her praise, "I'm pretty proud of my cooking to be honest. Can I get you anything else for now Parsee?" You ask her, "I think I've still got some carrotcake left over."

She finishes up the last of her food and starts to eye you. "Actually, I'd like to fuck you again." She actually blushes this time, suggesting that there's more to her desire than last time. "Snuggling you with your cock inside me was really nice. It let me relax for the first time in ages."

"...Oh." You say, looking a bit embarrassed yourself even though you really sort of figured something like this was coming. You're kind of used to it at this point, and it'd probably be weirder to meet a touhoumon that didn't want to fuck you. "Well...alright." You agree, since you couldn't keep her from doing it anyway, "Where do you want me?"

This is the point where she starts to struggle with her request a bit. "Do you have a bed, perhaps? That'd probably be more comfortable than the floor."

"Oh, sure!" You chirp, rising from your seat and taking her hand helpfully as you start to guide her to your bedroom so she can take sexual liberties with your body.

...You really have come a long way, haven't you?

The Parsee somehow blushes harder as you take her hand, and she decides to one-up that and cling to your arm as you lead her along. You have to wonder if trainers with Parsee ever actually manage to get anything done.

To be fair, sometimes you wonder how any trainer manages to get things done given how touhoumon can be so...clingy. You open up the door to your bedroom, admittedly enjoying how the Parsee is rubbing herself up against you as you reveal your fairly decent sized and pleasant bedroom, with your rather large bed being the centerpiece. You're quite a fan of your bed yourself. It's soft, and cozy.

"Sheesh, you have such a nice bed to sleep on. I'm envious." She decides she just can't wait anymore and wraps her arms around you to pick you up and lay you on the bed. After that, she starts to strip you of your clothing, blushing yet smiling as she looks over your body. "I'm actually sorry about before." She says as she strips you completely naked. "I've been so wound up that I just can't be anything but a jealous grump."

She then slowly strips herself, giving you something of a show as she sets her clothes next to your discarded garments. "Well, envious I mean. I'm still envious of you, but since I have you I can just forget about that for a while and relax." She lowers her head to your crotch and starts to lick your cock up to full mast.

Her tongue is wonderfully warm and wet as she teases you, running it up your shaft in long, slow licks that flick the tip at the end and make you whimper at the feeling. Your hands reach down and touch her head, ruffling and scratching her hair in an attempt to thank her for making you feel so good to.

Her response to all that is to look up at you. "You know, I'm really envious about how good you feel right now." She slowly crawls onto you on all fours before turning around to where her pussy is practically in your face, while she's free to keep sucking your cock. "Use that tongue of yours and lick me. I want to feel good too."

Your hands, having been freed of their obligation be her moving, reach up and take her hips as you stare up at her moist slit hanging right above your face. You can really only wonder one thing.

Will she taste as nice as the Marisa did? You're going to find out. You pull down on her hips, pushing her crotch into your face as you press your lips eagerly against her lower lips, kissing them before sliding your tongue out of your mouth and making slow trails along her outer lips, teasing them before you notice the same little nub that Marisa had. Leaning up a bit you wrap your lips around it and suckle lightly on it, teasing her biggest weakpoint.

Will she taste as nice as the Marisa did? You're going to find out. You pull down on her hips, pushing her crotch into your face as you press your lips eagerly against her lower lips, kissing them before sliding your tongue out of your mouth and making slow trails along her outer lips, teasing them before you notice the same little nub that Marisa had. Leaning up a bit you wrap your lips around it and suckle lightly on it, teasing her biggest weak point.

...She isdelicious. A sort of bitter flavor at first, but with strong, sweet fruity undertones.

The Parsee freezes up, tensing and making a cute "Eeeeeep!" noise as you suckle from her weak point. Clearly she enjoys it because she starts to relax and lays back down on you proper, sucking your cock and using her tongue on the tip while blushing. Needless to say, she's leaking girl cum now.

You shiver yourself as her lips wrap around your shaft properly and her head starts to bob up and down, running over your length in a delightful way as her tongue drags roughly across it, adding a drastically different feeling than her lips did.

For your part, you suckle on that nub a short while longer before giving it one final strong, long suck before letting it go with a wet pop. Your tongue runs over your lips as you savor her flavor before you lean closer, working at lapping up all the girlcum she's been leaking out before placing your mouth on her slit, sucking on it lightly as you use your tongue to prod at her entrance a few times before wriggling your way inside of her, slipping past her tightening walls with ease as you delve deep, your mouth pressed all the way up against her slit now.

It seems like for someone so horny, the Parsee is really weak to the kind of stimulation you're giving her. Her movements change completely depending on what you're doing, growing more or less frantic based on what part of her you're licking. By the time you've wriggled deep inside her, she's practically deep throating you to tell you in a non-verbal manner just how good that is and how you shouldn't stop.

Between how much she's pleasuring you and just how delicious she seems to get the deeper you go, you had no intention of stopping. Your tongue dances and swirls about inside of her, rubbing up against her walls and teasing a rough patch you found as you gulp down as of the juice she's so kind to give you. Your grip on her hips tightens as you feel her start to quiver and shake, sure signs of an oncoming orgasm.

You're already well along at your limit as well, and your hips buck up into her downward thrust as you orgasm yourself, pumping your hot cum into her mouth as you eagerly work over her pussy.

She makes quite the happy sound as you cum in her mouth, and she sets to work sucking all your seed down when you push her over the edge and make her cum as well. She practically presses her crotch into your face as she squirts her nectar for you to drink down. She takes her sweet time cleaning you, partially because you taste so good and partially because you're making her feel really good just cleaning her up.

You suck down everything she's let out before you set about licking up the its that have found their way outside of her slit. Eventually you're left just licking your own face off as the Parsee finishes cleaning you up. Of course, between her taste and her ministrations of you, you're still ready and raring to go.

From the looks of things, she's still ready to go too, as she gets up off you and faces you once again, straddling you as she lines your cock up with her asshole. "You're really good. I'd expect as much from someone who gets around as much as you. You stink of a lot of girls~" She then slides your cock into her tight asshole, slowly swallowing it up as she adjusts to the sensation of having her back door pushed into.

You gasp at the feeling of it as you're pushed into her, slowly sinking in inch by inch into her tight ass as she shifts her hips this way and that to carefully work you inside of her, and make it all the more pleasurable for you as you go. Your hands are still resting on her hips and now they're clenching down a bit, just like her ass is on your shift.

"You don't want me to move at all, do you~?" She teases you lightly as she settles for just grinding your shaft inside her by moving about this way and that, taking your hands on her hips as a sign that you want to stay nice and trapped inside her.

You groan, hips bucking up with what little room you have to try and get deeper into her ass, but you're trapped as sure as you can be. There's nothing you can do now but sit here and wait as she grinds you to heights of new pleasure as you're stuck in her ass. Losing all will to resist, you simply sigh and lie back, enjoying the pleasure passively.

The Parsee simply giggles as she keeps going, but it's not as though she were mocking you. It's more like she finds your reaction adorable and is busy admiring it while using her body to drag out more of those cute noises you make. You get the feeling she's nice, relaxed, and happy and she's returning the favor in spades.

The Parsee's shifting her hips forward and backward, rocking you in and out of her in a way that combines the pleasure of being thrust in and out of her with the grinding you were being given earlier. That's just too much for you to resist, and you let out a pathetic cry as you thrust up as much as you can into her ass before orgasming, pumping your cum into her rear.

That causes her to sigh happily as you fill her up again, and she keeps grinding on you to keep you cumming until you're tapped out. For that orgasm. After that she slowly lets you slip back out of her and shoves your slick cock in her pussy so she can wrap her arms around you and kiss you passionately while letting her clingy womanhood milk you further still.

She breaks the kiss but once to stare at you all misty-eyed and to say something. "I think I love you~" Then she goes right back to sticking her tongue back in your mouth.

You try to respond to her, but really even if she wasn't invading your mouth you'd probably be having trouble. If sex with her before was good, this is on a whole other level. The sheer passions she's putting into it is strong enough that you can feel it, a palpable wave of love and lust that washes over your senses and takes control of you, leaving you unable to do anything but take what she's giving you. You don’t, or maybe even can't, resist now, and simply are thrust into her again and again until you orgasm once more, pumping your cum into her again as you're left drooling.

The Parsee in turn really isn't doing much better, as she's sweet as gooey caramel and capable of doing about as much. Which amounts to clinging to you while continuing to fuck you silly. By the time you're both done, odds are good you'll both be taking a nap.

And you keep going and going, each orgasm coming quicker and quicker for you until she finally stops her hips as your cum leaks out of her bursting full pussy and drips down her legs. She doesn't bother taking you out of her as you lie panting there underneath her. Somewhere in the part of your mind that can still think, you wonder how sore you're going to be in the morning this time.

And to think you'd thought you were going to get a break today...


I just really like Parsee.
No. 31565
Is wanting to arrange a meet up between Satori and Reisen bad?
No. 31566
I find it odd that there was no breast touching as the kid obviously had an interest in that. And the Dai in this is at least normal stage if not an EX one.

There's always future encounters.
No. 31567

On one hand, I can visualize them getting angry at each other, on the other hand, I also can visualize them getting angry at Wilheim's ex-Dad when they find out
No. 31571
You are Wilheim Wilheim, and you are a mighty fine young man with some mighty problems, and a mighty fine appreciation for your rapidly developing ability to not end up sore and limping after an improbable amount of love making, as it is rapidly turning out that your estimation of improbable amounts of love making is a bit off.

Yesterday you were molested by a Parsee in your supposedly safe underground storage area and then informed that your father had apparently sold you to more than one immensely powerful ruling touhoumon. The new one she sold you to was from the nearby Underground. Apparently you had actually been sold for that very same underground storage area.

You were, to be honest, a bit upset to find out about this. You'd thanked the Parsee with a meal and she'd thanked you for the meal by taking consensual sexual liberties with you in your bedroom several times, and discovered much to your pleasant surprise that it would appear that all touhoumon taste delicious.

The Parsee eventually departed, needing to inform the underground master of your current status but she promised that she'd return and sputtered indigently when you gave her a hug goodbye. She's a sweet girl, really.

Left to your own devices, you set about doing something constructive and, after a bit of somewhat nervous searching in the underground storage are, you managed to find materials for a new recipe without getting molested. Faintly proud of yourself, you set about making your seafood gumbo with a song on your lips and a sashay in your hips.

There seems to be a new visitor though, one who's managed to slip in with all the silence and grace of a cat who wants something and likes to show up when you aren't looking. To put it simply, there's now an Orin sitting at your table, with one elbow on said table, and is resting her head on her hand while staring at your ass.

You continue to work blissfully unaware on your seafood gumbo, hips swaying rhythmically and hypnotically back as you work, humming a song you like though you can't quite place where you heard it from. You open the lid to your large pot and stir your gumbo before giving it a taste and smacking your lips happily. Delicious...but a bit on the mild side you suppose. Well, no one gets anything perfect on the first try, yes?

You turn around to go and grab a bowl for your gumbo, and perhaps a slice of crusty bread, when you notice that you have a ghost. Somehow you aren't even faintly surprised. You simply stare at her for a moment before speaking up,"...Would you like some seafood gumbo?"

"If you're offerin', sure!" The Orin smiles widely at you, still staring at you as if you were some kind of toy she really wants to play with. "I'm guessin' that your total lack of surprise means that Parsee told ya that she'd be goin' off to tell the boss about you, right?"

"She mentioned, yes." You inform the catgirl as you sashay over to the cabinets and rustle up two up the good bowls and spoons. It's only right to bring out the best for your guest after all. You head back over to the stove, flicking of the heat and quickly serving generous portions of your gumbo into the two bowls and place two big slices of your homemade crusty bread on the side before carrying them over to your dining table and setting one down by the Rin and one across the table from her. You calmly take a seat and begin to work on the gumbo. "I guess your being here means that she knows?"

"Yup, and she wants to meet you personally, so I'm supposed to pick you up for her." The Orin decides to start off with using the bread as opposed to a spoon, tearing it into hunks so the soft inner part can get soaked. "Though that whole double-crossin' thing's gonna have to get ironed out pretty soon. You're just one kid and, well, there's a lot of us." It seems she likes your cooking considering how quicky she's tearing through it. Maybe you lucked out again food-wise? "Lady Satori's got quite a few pets, plus herself and her sister. ...Come to think about it, it's probably better I got to you first. If Lady Koishi came knockin', that'd be waaaaaay more trouble than anyone's prepared to deal with."

"...I see." You state, not really getting it. While you've got some awareness of the touhoumon she's talking about the intricacies of their social structure escape you. You always knew you should have paid more attention in that class, but the teacher always put you in the supply closet for misbehavior...

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you." You end up saying, feeling a bit lame that you don't have anything better to say as you stir your own bread in your gumbo, soaking up it juices and biting into it.

"You too." She does decide to lean over the table and sniff you a bit before sitting back properly. "Man, Parsee was right. You're definitely keeping yourself clean, but you got so many different mon scents marking you that I can't pick 'em apart."

"I bathe everyday." You defend yourself, shifting back and away from the intrusion even as she pulls away from you,"...I'm going to go and put away the gumbo now. If there's something you would like, please call for me." You stand up and take your bowl with you back into the kitchen and begin the process of putting the gumbo into heat resistant tupperware containers, grateful that you've got something to focus on rather than the increasingly concerning sounding problems hanging over your head.

She just smirks in response. "Hey, I ain't sayin' you stink. Mon noses are just that much more sensitive than human noses, and that goes double for mine. It's great for pickin' out which cute boys have been marked and which one's haven't. Plus, that kinda marking's really hard to wash off. I should know." It's clear she's finished off her food by now, and she's taken her bowl and followed you over. While you're doing your best to take your mind off things, it seems she can still see right through you. "Seriously though, this ain't your problem to worry about. Much as I don't wanna sound insultin', you're the contested goods."

"And I mean that in the sense that none of this is your fault, and you oughta just let us worry 'bout it."

You bite your tongue at a rather rude remark by your standards that almost makes its way out. You shouldn't take out your frustrations on this Orin, despite how she's talking about you like your nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

...Which you suppose you very well may be by their stanards. "It's fine." You decide to do what you do best and bury the problem and ignore it until it goes away or becomes too big for you to ignore. Besides, the Orin pointed it out to you. She's completely right, there's basically nothing you CAN do to decide what happens here. You're only human, caught up in a game bigger than you.

Sometimes you wonder if your life is a show for people to enjoy the things that happen to you, but you figure that's probably not true. Nobody is that deviant.

"Man, did I go and say the wrong thing again?" The Orin's tails droop a bit as she tries to understand why your mood seems to have soured a bit. It seems that for all your lack of understanding mon behavior, some mons seem to not understand humans terribly well. Rather than keep talking, she just hugs you from behind. "Seriously, I ain't tryin' to insult ya. Part of the reason Lady Satori's gettin' restless is because she's heard about ya. Skill as a cook, how you're good in the sack, and your personality. She's a mon, but she's really picky about the kind of guy she'd start a relationship with. Mostly 'cause she's a mind-reader. She ain't gonna settle for no two-bit scumbag like that guy who sold you."
You finish putting up the last of the gumbo, setting the sealed containers out on the counter to cool off before you try and put them in your refrigerator. You learned your lesson from last time. The crust bread is wrapped back up and put away in the bread box to dissuade ants. You're left with nothing to occupy your hands or your time with and you unconsciously begin to twist and pull on your apron until...it rips.

You eye the pieces of your favorite apron that you hold in two separate halves with a faintly shocked expression. "...oh..." Your voice is is full of disappointment as it settles in that you just pointless wrecked your favorite apron. You liked that apron!

That's about the point where she just takes your hands into hers to give you something to do other than wreck your apron further. "You ain't takin' this well at all, are ya?"

"No I do not think I am." You respond to the Orin, your voice completely calm and level,"I suppose finding out that my father sold me into servitude twice in a short timespan and tricked me into thinking he ever cared about me is a bit unpleasant to find out." From someone else, that might just sound like sarcasm.

The Orin's ears go flat as she holds you against her, offering what comfort she can. "Well, he's gonna get his eventually. Lady Satori don't take kindly to gettin' tricked like that, and I'm sure whatever other mon you belong to isn't thinkin' highly of the guy either. Plus, I don't think he could seriously pull the same stunt more than twice."

You accept the Orin's hug, wrapping your arms around her and holding yourself against her for the comfort that her warmth and scent provide. You always wanted a cat when you were little. Her words provide comfort as well. I mean, she's right after all. It's pure luck that he managed to pull it off twice, right? There's no way he could do it more than that. "Yeah..." He sigh into her neck,"...thank you."

The Orin snickers a bit as she continues to hold her. "Man, I was gonna pin you down and fuck you silly, but honestly, I'd feel like a heel if I did that. Least without your consent anyway."

"Oh, that's fine." You agree almost immediately to her statement, "I'm sure it'd make me feel better anyway...or at least make me stop thinking about the situation." You consider something before continuing, "Or just stop thinking in general."

Then she starts making a sound that's awfully similar to purring as you give your consent. "Thanks. Not sure how well I could have kept up that whole 'try not to fuck you without your consent' thing." She decides to carry you off and starts to look for a bed upon which to fuck. Repeatedly.

"The beds over there." You inform her helpfully as she carries you around easily. You're not even the slightest bit surprised at this point, it's happened way too many times to get to you. Well, you always did, but maybe an Orin is fine too?

She simply purrs louder as she enters your room and lays you down on your bed, and strips you bare. She doesn't stop there either, as she briefly changes into a cat while failing to take her clothes with her, then changing back in what has to be the quickest strip-job ever. After that, she pins you down and starts kissing you fiercely.

You contently allow the Orin to have her way with you, letting the the haze of pleasure and submission wash over your senses and concerns as she takes you. Your mouth opens and allows her rough tongue entrance as yours hands come to rest on the small of her back, rubbing her slowly but surely.

She takes one of her hands and makes quite sure to stroke you up thoroughly as she continues to kiss you, as may be slightly impatient as she's stroking you rather fast~

Your hips buck up at the rough and frantic pace she takes as she starts to jerk you off, quickly stroking your member up to full mast with your helpful thrusts in her grip. Your hands slowly drift down towards her rear and you end up coincidentally rubbing the spot where her tail meets her body.

That's enough to make her switch from stroking you to jamming your cock into her pussy, as well as moaning into your mouth as she continues that one, long, unbroken kiss.

Your eyes widen as you take note of her reaction to touching her tail alone, but you're quickly left moaning into her mouth in return as you're taken inside of her hot, wet pussy. She clamps down around you as you enter, and it feels as if she's vibrating all around you as you sink deeper and deeper inside of her, driving you to the heights of ecstasy.

Your hands move on their own again, one continuing its journey south to come to rest on the Orin's delightful rear and giving it a squeeze. The other takes gentle hold of her tail at its base and begins to stroke it in a manner similar to how you've been stroked countless times before.

Rather than pin you down, she's down wrapping her arms around you and holds you to her tightly. You feel her hot, soft body press against yours and her efforts to fuck you silly redouble as you keep stroking her tail. It seems that she's really enjoying that.

You're certainly enjoying it as well, and you've no intent of ceasing your touching of her fuzzy tail as you continue to stroke her silly. The feel of being thrust in and out of her vibrating body is magnificent on its own when you feel something else brush up against your hand...a second tail?

Almost immediately, your other hand leaves behind her rear and drifts up towards the base of that tail and begins to stroke it as well, unable to resist its siren song of fluffy promises.

It seems like she's really weak to that, as you find that she's quickly brought to orgasm from playing with her tails like that. On the other hand, it seems like she's taking all her enjoyment and using it to make you cum, as her walls have clamped down on you and her womanhood is vibrating up a storm.

And that in turn seems to hit one of your weak points as you're quickly brought to orgasm in turn, shooting your seed out into her as you moan into her mouth just a she does to yours...except, it doesn't stop there. She stays clamped down around you, pleasuring you even as you orgasm and dragging another orgasm out of you, and another and another...

It doesn't stop until you're reduced to little more than a mewling mess of submissive shota underneath her as your cum leaks slowly out of her slit with you still stuck inside. You pant heavily as you try to regain your breath once the kiss finally breaks.

"That's pretty good, though I bet you didn't think my kind take that approach to things~" She says with a smile as she keeps going. It seems that once you start her up, it's hard to stop.


The only thing I regret in this scene is the lack of wheelbarrow sex.
No. 31572
Will we next get to see both Orin and Okuu having fun with him?
No. 31573
>The only thing I regret in this scene is the lack of wheelbarrow sex.

Not too late, Anonybody.
No. 31574
> Plus, I don't think he could seriously pull the same stunt more than twice.

I'd say he did it three, maybe four times. Five would be pushing it.


Okuu needs her solo scene first.
No. 31575

These are the only other groups I can think of that could possibly be connected to his shack.

Netherworld because the dead can pretty much go anywhere, and Makai because random portal.

Just guesses, though
No. 31576
You're not thinking three-dimensionally. Just wait for Tenshi, Iku, and Suika to descend from Heaven to rape your shotalicious self silly.
No. 31577
Right, bag of stuff. In the face of the fact that you're, you know, really high up in the White Tower with a possibly tsundere Patchouli on one side, your friends on another, and what's likely an irate and really high level Youmu ahead of you, you feel that now would be a really good time to use something that's actually designed to get trainers out of tough spots in a pinch. ...Not Run Away sadly, as neither you nor your friends have a CChen who has that ability. Nope, you're talking about Escape Rope. Conveniently you're fairly well stocked up on the stuff, so you have three on hand. On for you, and one for each of your friends.

You slowly back up toward them, keeping your girls with you just in case the Youmu tries something... as much as you'd like to think your group could even slow her down, you're unsure they actually could. "Look, we're leaving now. No reason to come after us if we're not bothering you, right?" First thing's first after all, and you hand your two friends and Escape Rope each. You're sure they'll get out alright.

Then you get one for yourself. They're settled, so you just need to get yourself out of here before something else decides to crash the party and snatch you up. You make sure your girls have a handle on the rope as well since you didn't come this far to leave them behind, get a grip yourself, then use the rope to leave the floor you're on.

You watch as the Youmu's eyes narrow before widening as she seems to realize what you're doing. She opens her mouth to say something and moves towards you fast enough that even with the escape ropes unique traits she almost catches you before you can use it. Then you feel the tug of the rope in your hand and you're dragged up, and up and up in a blur of colors that you can't even see the shapes of. You once asked your father how these things work and got a five hour lecture that you couldn't make heads or tails of.

When he realized that he just smiled and patted you on the head, simplifying it down for you. "Translocation technology and nanotubes, son."

One thing you DO remember from that lecture is that you should probably be stopping right about...now.

...and you're not. Well, you guess the White Tower is a fair bit bigger than most dungeons out there are, so maybe you just need to give it a bit?

Though part of you is just a teensy bit worried about how long it's taking for you to drop out of whatever trickery is involved in getting you to the entrace. It should be done right now, but you feel as though you're nowhere near the stopping point. Plus, are your girls even with you?!

You're finally released from your spinning, colorful journey and land with a 'whumf' on the ground. You're left dizzy from he experience and doubt you'll be standing up steadily any time soon, meaning that all you can do is look around at the area around you. And even that's a bit unpleasant.

Though the view isn't bad. Beautiful, healthy cherry blossoms as far as the eye can see, countless flowering bushes surrounding them. In the distance you can see a massive tree with blood red petals looming high above the rest of the groove, which seems to shy away from it. You...can't see the White Tower though.

Which gives you something of a feeling of dread, really. Escape Rope are supposed to safely deposit the user at the entrance of whatever dungeon they're in. This... You look at the giant, ominous cherry tree more and can't help but think that you're not at the entrance. In fact, you're pretty sure that as of right now, you are quite possibly the second person to have ever seen this scenery. Why? You hazard a guess and say you're been yanked up to the top. You look around, hoping to see any sign of your girls. Part of you is wishing that they were up here with you to provide support, but a bigger part is just hoping they got out safe.

You, on the other hand? You just go back to laying on the floor, thinking about how utterly screwed you are. Then you roll over and start trying to get up.

You manage to barely struggle to your feet and even now you feel like the worlds trying to spin out from underneath your feet. Opposite the bloody cherry tree you can see a large, sprawling foreign looking estate. Was that always there..?

...You can't see a way down. There's just the sea of cherry blossom trees, the giant tree that you have no desire to get near, and that estate. Which you also don't want to go near, but you're starting to suspect that you don't have a choice. After all, if the master of this tower wanted you here, she wouldn't just let you leave now that you're practically in her lap.

You stagger forward a bit before finding yourself leaning on a cherry blossom tree just to stay upright, and are busy hoping that the spinning will subside.

Slowly but surely you can feel the vertigo and dizziness pass away. Eventually you feel certain you'll be able to walk in a mostly straight line...probably. Up ahead now you can see someone waiting for you at the Estate, casually fanning herself despite how chilly this place is.

You move toward her since there's really no other option. Taking step after step toward the mon who brought you here, and probably wants to keep you here for all time.

She knows you're here, she knows you can't leave, and she knows her home is the only safe place to be here. It irks you to no end that she's just being so casual about it, treating this scenario with such
leisure. Of course, she probably does have all the time in the world to wait on you.
She's there, watching you as you move towards her. She keeps her face mostly concealed behind her fan, simply waiting for you to approach, her eyes the only thing you can see clearly, but...you can see the mirth sparkling in them. She knows she has you almost exactly where she wants you, and that there's nothing you can do about it. She's savoring every second of it.

"My, if it isn't the little hero!" She greets you as you come to a stop, snapping her fan shut and giving you a cultured smile that's mostly friendly and slightly predatory, "Oh, it's been a while since someone like you came. I've gotten bored since that Boy in Red came and went, and the last batch of researchers, well...there wasn't a choice man among them!

You just sigh as she greets you. "And of course, unlike the Boy in Red I can't leave, and unlike those researchers I'm worth snatching up." A nice medium ground between the two, you think.

"Did you at least let my friends go back home?" You ask her. You're hosed, but you're hoping they aren’'t.

"Of course!" She say with cheer, fluttering her eyes at you and making your heart flutter the same way, "I don't have any interest in them and it makes a much better story this way, don't you think? The brave young man sacrifices himself to save his two wayward friends, but after trying so hard and coming so far, he falls prey to the whims and wiles of the Mistress of the White Tower!"

"...Though." She taps her lips in thought, pouting, "I suppose it only takes one to deliver a message."

That was simultaneously more and less than you were hoping for. She's probably hoping you'll beg for your friend's safety. You just sit down beside her, knowing there's nowhere else to go anyway. "I suppose if I gave myself up willingly, you'd let them go? Or would you prefer that I try to put up something resembling resistance so you can take your sweet time making me a slave to your pleasure?"

Though there's one more thing you have to ask. "What about the shiny Prismrivers? What's going to happen to them?" Your friends may very well have escaped, but your girls... You look a mite more depressed not knowing what will happen to them. It was only for a short while, but you grew to care about them so quickly.

Heck, even that Patchouli. You worried about her too, even if she was strong enough to deal with most of what came her way. .

She pouts more strongly at you, making you feel like you kicked a sexy puppy, before bapping you on the head with her fan in punishment. "Bad hero!" She chides, "All of your friends and new friends with benefits are fine. Honestly." She rolls her eyes at you, "You'd think you'd be more worried about how you're a monster's prey now."

Her lips curl into a coy smile as she shifts slightly, suddenly revealing a lot more of her luxurious pale skin than she was before as she gives you a coy smile, "Or, maybe be more concerned about the beautiful woman who was attracted enough to snatch you up and bring him home with her.

You wince lightly as you're rapped on the head with that folding fan, but are pretty quick to retort. "Concerned about myself, really? You've watched me the whole time and you think I'm worried about myself?" It's a dry, sarcastic comment, but more self-deprecation than vitrol. You blush as you look her over, feeling bitterness mix with arousal and embarrassment to produce a feeling that does little more than make your heart throb. You fume a bit, then proceed to kiss her on the lips. You can't do anything about this, so you may as well enjoy it.

You're not quite sure how you managed to break it for a brief period after that, but you do. "I don't even see you as a monster either. You really are too beautiful for that, and in the end you're not going to do anything a true monster would." You're losing the fight to not go right back to pressing your lips against hers, so you make this next part quick. "So... That was my 'surrender'."

Really, just that kiss was enough to nearly do you in. Her taste and scent are sweet and potent, and her body is so gloriously soft and giving to you that just burhsing up against her was...

She considers you for a moment, tapping her fan against her chin before giving you a smile again. "That's such a dorky thing to say." She teases you,"And...very, very sweet." She tells you, hand reaching out and brushing against your cheek and cupping it sweetly. You lean into her touch unable to resist, "And I." She leans closer, her eyes taking up your entire view.

"Love." Her lips are so close that now that they tickle yours.

"Sweets." She finishes, closing the final distance and pulling you into a soft, dominating kiss that leaves you weak in the knees.

And then you jizz in your pants.

As much as you'd like to say that you're sorry that your inexperienced mind couldn't come up with anything better, there's just the small problem of her kissing you so well that you pretty much just ruined your boxers. Possibly pants as well. All you can do is lean against her while she decides what to do next.

She pulls back and titters at you, her expression telling you that she knew exactly what she was doing and that was completely and utterly on purpose. Your mind foggily recalls something called the 'Kiss of Death'. "My, it looks someone," She gives your soiled trousers a squeeze getting a yipe out of you in the process, "Made a bit of a mess. Well, nothing to do but to get you out of those clothes and then into bed!"

Wait what.

"Oh, Youmu~!" She calls out sweetly before a green and white blur swirls around you, blinding you from the world before disappearing as quick as she came...along with your clothes and your dignity.

Also you think she may have grabbed your ass.

It felt nice, but now you're... Well, naked. With a Yuyuko who's basically going to do what that Rin planned to do to your friends, except this mon is actually going to succeed. Yet you can't quite care.

The Yuyuko floats up to her feet and takes hold of your hand with her own soft one, pulling you up after her and into her embrace as you bury your head into her chest. Ah...she's so soft and cool. You just want to bury yourself in her hug like this forever...

"Oh, do you like my chest that much?" She asks, clearly amused with you, "Well, don't worry. You'll be seeing plenty of it from here on."

You blush hard, which she no doubt feels since she feels so pleasantly cool, and wrap your free arm around her while nuzzling her breasts.

She just laughs, "Oh my, are you giving up that easily? Most of the little heroes tried to hold out longer than that." She tells you, her hold on you shifting as she pushes your face even deeper into her gigantic bosom, "But not only is your body honest, but you are too? Such a good boy." She praises you happily, squeezing her breasts together around your head, "And do you know what good boys get?" She asks as you realize that your dick is completely erect and she's slowly inserting it between her thighs.

You hug her tighter and feel yourself somehow blush even hotter as you find yourself so close to giving her what she wants. You simply give her breasts a lick in response, knowing that you're about to be done in but really want her to do so.

You're not entirely sure how, but even her bare skin just tastes so nice...

"Good boy..." she very nearly purrs at you as you give her skin a lick. She tastes very sweet and sugary. You feel the pressure on your head let up as she tugs at her clothes and you, pulling you closer to her nipple, now exposed to the air. Meanwhile, you feel her start to shift her legs, rubbing your shaft around between her thighs as your shafts precum is rubbed all over them.

You moan just from having your dick trapped between her soft thighs, and your body's certainly responding well to the treatment. You can't really buck your hips into that much, but you find yourself jerking your hips forward, trying to bury more of yourself in between those thighs. As for that nipple... You lick it a few times before taking it into your mouth and sucking on it. You're not even sure if she can produce anything, but you're going to find out for sure in short order.

You get a taste of...something. You can't even begin to describe it but it's wonderful. The best thing you've ever tasted. It makes you suckle on her nipple more and more eagerly as you try to get that taste again. Your body heats up as your hips start to jerk forward faster and faster until you ejaculate again, spraying your sperm all over her inner thighs as you keep sucking on her breasts.

Yuyuko for her part is just smiling happily at you, "My, you're so much more lively than the last ones have been. They always just sat there and took it until I broke them. If you're like this now why..." She traces a hand down your back, "I just can't wait to see what you're like once I've trained you properly."

You shudder at her touch and her words, but never stop pleasuring the nipple you've chosen to lick and suck even as she makes such an ominous statement. Still, you're still hard and still... You want her to do more to you. The desire for her to move onto the next logical step in things is enough to make you tear yourself away from her for a moment. "Can we fuck for real now?" Blunt, rude, but you really want to find out what it's like to be inside her.

She actually looks a bit shocked at your statement before laughing, "Oh my, I see how it is! You're breaking yourself for me? Such a kind and considerate young man! Of course we can fuck for real. I'm going to take you until you can't give me anything else." She promises sweetly as she sweeps you up into her arms and carries you like a blushing bride into the building proper.

All you can do is blush and fidget while waiting too. "I think I love sweets too..." You say quietly, in response to her proclomation from before. "And you're very sweet." It's a wonder you haven't inadvertently set the house on fire by now from sheer blushing.

"Oh, I knew kidnapping you was the best idea! Now I've got a sweet little hero all of my own!" She gushes happily as she carries you into the house, "We're going to have the best of times you and I!

We'll go on picnics and have sex, and we'll sleep in together and have sex, and we'll watch the snow together and have sex, and I'll make you wear Youmu's old dresses and we'll have sex." She explains your future to you in great detail as she throws open a door and quickly takes you inside of it and tosses you onto a futon before leaping onto you herself, apparently not able to contain herself anymore. She pulls her sash open and throws her robe wide, revealing the full glory of her form to you as she stradles your waist and drops down on you all in one fell swoop.

Her insides are even softer than her outer form and wrap around you like a soft, sexual blanket. You can feel a tender pressure milking your shaft as sucking pressure pulls you in deeper and tries to drag your sticky white stuff out of you.

And you can't even begin to resist this, as your sensitive body cums inside her within a minute or two at most. You're not sure why that is, but she just feels that good. You just wrap your arms around her lower back and start kissing her anywhere you can reach.

As you submit completely and shower her with kisses you feel as your orgasm starts to drag on and on...and on... and...

It's not stopping, you can't stop cumming into her, more and more and more of your seed spilling out into her as her lower mouth sucks it all up. It doesn't even stop when you're sure you've run out of it, and it's almost like...something else is being sucked out of you. She takes a gentle hold of you with one hand on your back and the other on your butt and pulls you all the way into her and keeps you there, rubbing your back soothingly. "There there...it'll be over soon..."

It still feels good, though you can't for the life of you think of what it is she's really doing here...

You're left a panting, exhausted wreck when you finally feel the sensation stop and you're lying on top of her completely unable to move, barely able to think. "Mmm...your life and seed are so delicious and filling." She praises you, rubbing your back as she smiles, "Yes, I am definitely going to keep you for certain. Perhaps I'll hire those girls on as your keepers, if they promise not to use you too much."

Well, there's one problem solved, right? You simply lay your head on her chest and feel yourself start to fall asleep since she took so much from you, but... It felt good. You can't move at all, maybe save for just a tiny little bit, so you just kiss one of her breasts good night before you lose consciousness.

You hear a door slide open and something crash to the floor as you fall asleep, completely drained...

Thus, in this humiliating and unexpected way, your journey ends here...


Way to go champ to be!
No. 31579
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man with some mighty problems. Your life was flip turned upside down when your father came back into your life and convinced you and your mother that he wanted you. Your mother encouraged and insisted you go with him and so you came to the New Continent. To make a long story short your father never actually loved you and apparently sold you to powerful touhoumon. Two of them in particular, as you found out recently.

It isn't all bad though, you've made some good friends who care about you in their own way...even if they do take sexual liberties with you. A lot of them.

Speaking of nice people taking sexual liberties with you, the Orin finally gave up milking you eventually and you were allowed to go and clean yourself, thankfully having the shower to yourself without having a round two in it. The Orin apparently isn't a big fan of showers. You cleansed and then dried yourself, dressing in new clean clothes before exiting the bathroom in search of Orin. You were supposed to go and meet your other owner, you might as well get on that.

And to that end, the Orin is standing next to a wheelbarrow and fully expecting you to get in. Granted, it's big enough to accommodate a couple people comfortably, but still. Wheelbarrow. "All ready to go~?" Also, is it just you or do mons seem to get really cheery after they milk you?

"...Yeah sure." You end up agreeing. You're not going to complain about a chance to ride and not have to march through a labyrinth of subterranean networks. You crawl a bit nervously into the wheelbarrow and shift around, trying to find a comfortable place to sit for the ride. You've seen weirder things than this really.

Yet ironically enough the inside is pretty comfy. A lot comfier than your love seat, that's for sure, and that's even after that Reisen fucked you upon it repeatedly. "Alrighty then!" You're given no further opportunity to think about it, given that the Orin pushing the cart is suddenly going a lot faster than you think is safe... Then she somehow vaults in with you to enjoy the ride right alongside you.

You squirm as much as you think is safe to as the Orin suddenly lands in the wheelbarrow with you and can't help but voice a question, "Uh...is this safe?" You asks nervously, snuggling up into the Orin for the comfort she provides you.

"Completely! It may not look like it, but this ol' cart's on a track now. That leaves me plenty of time to snuggle ya since this'll be my last chance before Lady Satori wants her share of ya~"

"...Oh." You respond as you wrap an arm around her and cuddle into her a bit more. Well, if it's safe and she wants to cuddle, you won't say no. It makes you feel better about going so fast at least.

She wraps her arms and tails around you just to make sure you stay nice and safe, and even gently nibbles your ear! Wait what.

"Hwawa-wa-wait a second...!" You squirm as she nibbles on your ears, now far less mindful of the danger as she tickles you terribly. Also it feels really nice.

"I'm sensitive there, so..!" You plead with her as you squirm around, rubbing your body against hers.

She just hugs you against her tighter, using her legs to trap you in place as she gleefully continues her gentle nibbling~

"N-nooooo..!" No matter how much you beg and plead she refuses to give up on your weak spot. You're like a turtle trapped on his back as a cat takes advantage of its situation. You hands reach and grope blindly, rubbing and squeezing her legs that she's using to keep you pinned back against her.

That just makes her want to tease you more. She releases your ear for a moment to talk. "Man, for all that moanin' you're sure enjoyin' this~ Maybe I ought to go one further..." She resumes nibbling your ear and you quickly find a long, hot, fluffy tail wrapping around your shaft...

"That's not-I'm not enyaaaaaaah~..." Your attempts to argue with her break off into a moan as her tail skillfully twines up around your shaft, snaking up from the base to the tip. Instincts kick in as you almost immediately submit, relaxing back into the Orin and ceasing your struggles, now squirming almost entirely in pleasure as she teases you. Your hands, for lack of anything else to do continue to rest on and squeeze her thighs.

Which is comically interrupted by a rather reserved, pink-haired girl with a bored expression on her face. The cart slammed to an abrupt halt when she stuck her foot out to act as a barricade, and peers at the both of you. Her eyes, however, shift to the Orin. "You've had your fill of him already. Isn't this being a little greedy?"

"But he's just so cute, I can't help it!" Her tail continues to pleasure you for the time being, but it starts to slow down as you see the pink-haired girl pull out a water bottle. "Aw, c'mon, is that really necessary?"

"Apparently." She spritzes the kasha mon, which causes her to scramble away from you like she had tasted Super Repel on your skin.

You come back to your senses reasonably quickly, rolling to the side to try and conceal your shame as you tuck and reset your pants into their proper position. Maybe it won't matter for long, but you still need to hang onto some of your pride. If you didn't have that, then...

You haul yourself shakily out of the wheelbarrow and up to your feet proper. You still use the wheelbarrow to steady yourself as you raise your hand in greeting to the somewhat intimidating touhoumon, "Ah...hello ma'am. It's a pleasure to meet you, and I wish it was under better circumstances."

The pinkette looks you over and nods once. "As do I. Truthfully I was looking forward to having you to myself, but it seems like that won't be completely possible." She takes your hand and leads you into the rather impressive mansion she owns. ...It seems she might not be showing all there is to her though, since if this place was designed by her and those huge stained-glass windows here her idea... "You were sold to a Last Word Reisen as well. Troublesome." She has her third eye trained on you, and it hits her that she's missed a rather crucial step. "My apologies, I am a Satori, and your people would designate me as a 'Last Word' evolution. Other mons around here merely refer to me as Lady Satori though. You are free to refer to me as you please."

"Yes ma'am." You agree with her as she pulls you along by your hand, a bit distracted by the sheer size and scale of this place. Geez, it reminds you of some of the pictures you've seen of the the weirder mysterious places in the world. Then again, this is a proper Underground so it's probably one too. A beautiful and grand structure like this kinda fits its Mistress, you guess.

She looks at you with her pink eyes, and spares you a small smile. "There's no need to be so uptight. I've seen into your heart enough to know you won't offend me." She continues to lead you along, past a surprisingly large group of other, more animal-themed mons. Sure, there's stuff like that Orin and a Chen hanging around, but then there's stuff like a Reimu with cat ears and tail and a Ran that looks like she's made entirely out of clear, purple goo. They all stare, but none of them dare jump you. "The scenario you're in is... hideously complex. I will not lie. The man who claimed he was your father has sold you twice, placing your ownership in the hands of two mons of relatively similar power. This can't go on."

"I desire you, as does that Reisen. I understand her feelings, yet..." She places her free hand over her heart. "I don't want to give you up now that I've seen into your heart myself." She continues to lead you along, taking you into a long hallway. "A compromise will have to be reached, but more importantly, your father still roams free. It's entirely possible that he may attempt to sell you more times than just twice." She closes the eyes on her head as she continues to think. "He is fortunate that he stumbled on me first. Had he attempted to sell you to me after selling you to that Reisen, he would not have lived long enough to return home."

"...I see." You don't really know how to respond to that fact. You know what your father's done and you're not happy about it but...he's your father. You're a horrible child if you don't care about them, aren't you? "Then, what is going to be done?"

You have to wonder what's going to happen to you. It sounds like there's going to be a compromise made, so...that's good, right? You don't want anyone to be upset or hurt because they couldn't have you.

"Yes, as much as it kills me to admit it, a compromise has to be made. As for your father... I know it is difficult, but the man is actively destabilizing the balance of power by writing checks he cannot cash, so to speak." Eventually she stops in front of a door that has her name on it, on a small gold plaque. She looks to you with a blush on her face. "You may not understand it, but you are a natural treasure to us. A pure gemstone among humans, despite the man who sired you. We would fight over you if it came to that."

You flush a bit at that and rub the back of your head nervously as you look away, not quite able to meet her eyes when she goes and says something like that, "Ah...geez. I'm not really anything all that special. I'm just a guy...except for my cooking." You admit. Your cooking is pretty special.

...Speaking of cooking, will they have weird ingredients down here that you don't have access to? Maybe whole new recipes!

...actually considering you never got around ot actually doing a full check of the underground storehouse, maybe you actually already have some in there? Hell spices, maybe.

The Satori smiles at your response. "It's fine if you don't understand. I can hardly claim to know all there is about humans either." She opens the door and pulls you in... before shooting a glowing energy bolt at the gooey Ran who apparently followed you up here. She ducked out of the way, but still looks rather hurt. "Later." Is all the Satori says.

The moment you saw the SlRan you immediately moved away from the area, spinning around the Satori and effectively putting her between you and it. You're from Metrocity. You know what that is. You know what they do. Slimes are bad news. Like, Skull and crossbones signs bad news.

...As the Ran disappears you realize you're currently crouched down behind the Satori, hands on her shoulders and peering out from behind her. You just...you guess she just felt safe and nice, so you kinda figured you should hide behind her skirts in the heat of the moment.

"Don't worry. She's actually perfectly safe to be around, she's just not good at holding herself back. A trait that's made the Ran species as a whole rather notorious." She shuts the door to her room and locks it, and makes sure that a rather specialized door sweep is in the way to stop the gooey Ran from intruding. "I will concede that she knows her stuff, though she doesn't understand the concept of letting her partner go. I've had to pry my Utsuho from her more than once and..." She blushes at this. "I've had to be rescued a couple times myself. She has no desire to dissolve us, just pleasure us."

"Yeah, okay...sure." You agree, feeling skeptical but not wanting to show it. You remember how close you came to it though. You'll never forget how that chase ended for them, and almost ended for you. Wait you...

...You're in a girls room. This is completely different from anything you've experienced before. Usually they just take sexual liberties with you in your room, or the kitchen, or the woods, or your basement or...

...anywhere but a girls room.

You can't really help yourself and you look around curiously. Are the legends of these 'girls rooms' true? Are they really entirely pink and frilly?

It seems that there's a brief flash of a frown on her face as an old trauma breaks through to your mind's surface, but she dismisses it for the moment. She wants to make it so you can't evade her. As for her room, it seems that it's actually relatively normal, if not loaded with bookcases and books. She even has a desk complete with blank paper, a set of pens, and a desk lamp. Is she a writer?

"Wilheim." Not that the mon gives you a chance to investigate too closely. She grabs you and pins you down on the bed, and trains her third eye on you. "You're hiding a great deal. Normally I would not bother with this, but your reaction to the Slime variant Ran was an unusual exception to your usual treatment of our kind."

"I suppose I am curious now. But at the same time, I suspect that you have never truly laid your heart bare to anyone."

She keeps you pinned with her whole body, and keeps all three of her eyes trained on you as she listens for what's beneath that cheery exterior of yours.

You bite your lip nervously as thought and memories bubble underneath your calm surface, wanting to surface as you shove them back down. She asked you a question though, you need to answer her properly. "Metro City is really industrialized, and that attracts, or creates some people say, certain kinds of touhoumon. We had a lot of slimes in the city, mostly on the outskirts or in the bad parts of town where police and trainers tended to not go so much. Sometimes you'd hear about someone going missing, usually a worker in the plants or someone fixing a sewer. Not everyday, but...not rare." You explain the situation to her, "So, we were always told every day in school how dangerous slimes were, and how we should always stay away from anywhere we knew or thought they might be." Hopefully, that explanation should be enough. You don't want...

Satori raises an eyebrow at that explaination. It feels like you skirted away from the truth, and more or less admitted it at the end. "You can't hide things from me, you know. I can read your heart like a book." She casually takes a length of one of the tentacles that leads from her third eye to her body, and slips that into your pants and meticulously wraps your cock up in it.

Your hips jerk up as she does that to you, "Ah! I, ah, okay okay, I'm sorry!" You plead with her, "I was playing chase-being chased by some boys from my neighborhood that were always up to no good and I was trying to get away before they caught me so I cut through an industrial area and they kept following me and we were attacked by a pack of SlChen! I saw them all get grabbed and completely take into the the mass of slimes but I managed to get away with losing a shoe and ran as fast as I could but they shot me with a poison sting and I kept running and...then I woke up in the hospital a week or so later." You admit it all in one big rush as she starts to tease you, trained in instincts telling you to give her whatever she wants from you.

There. You admitted it, to her. So now she's got no cause to push into any other stuff, right?

You have to admit though that her tentacle actually feels kinda nice, if weird. Almost leathery?

Warm as well. She starts to snake the tentacle around your cock almost as if she can't quite decide what to do about it. "Survivor's guilt. I could understand that, though I suspect that the victims may have been kept rather than killed. The vast majority of Slime variant mons are far more interested in keeping their food sources alive and comfortable than dissolving them. That sort of thing is reserved for... Less reputable mons." She doesn't let you escape her eye though, and she begins to read you again.

You shift nervously underneath her when you're not squirming in pleasure of her teasing you with those odd trailing tentacles of hers. "Ah, I see..." You're kind of a bit uncertain what to do right about now, because your hands are currently pinned so you can't nervously grope the mon taking sexual liberties with you.

The Satori keeps staring at you, unearthing piece after piece of trauma you've endured... "Your mother was unkind to you as well. Distant, piled her problems upon you, and treated you as a tool to be discarded." She frowns upon seeing those memories, and tightens her tentacle on your cock. It's not hurting you, but it's making the heat and texture apparent.

"Nnnhrah..." You try to speak as she tighten around you but you just can't manage it immediately as she robs you of your ability to speak, "I'm...she wasn't that bad." You try to defend her, "She just had circumstances, is all." She never hit you.

...Not when you hadn't been acting in a way that made you earn it.

"I don't think you're telling the truth." She starts to stroke your cock proper with the tentacle in question while narrowing her eyes. She doesn't believe your defending of your mother, and even less that you truly believe that you want to defend her.

You groan in pleasure as she starts her ministrations, savoring the feeling of her warm, rough tentacle pumping slowly up and down your shaft. You don't think you've had something like this done to you before, at least not exactly. "I don't know what you're talking about." You try to insist as firmly as you can, which isn't very much at all really. Between the Satori's masterful prodding and stroking and your own state you've been in lately, you're not exactly up to the task of denying things very well.

The Satori leans down and starts to lick the tip of your cock in addition to the stroking, clearly not content with your dishonesty.

It becomes quickly obvious that the Satori's skillful tongue is good for more than just cutting to the heart of the matter with words as she licks you into an obedient mess, the trained instincts in your mind warring with other, older thought patterns as her tongue wipes them all away. You pant softly as you feel an orgasm coming on, "He-hey, I'm going to..." You try to warn the Satori before she gets a face full of sticky white stuff from you.

The Satori responds by taking your tip into her mouth and sucking down your cum, taking the time to clean you most of the way but allowing her spit, a little of your cum, and most of your precum to remain so any movements after this would be quite... Noticeable. "I'm not sure if you're trying to lie to me so much as you're trying to lie to yourself at this point."

You breathe heavily as you lie on your back, exhausted from running mental circles around yourself as she worked your over and broke down your resistance. "...what do you want from me?" You croak finally, feeling miserable despite how good you feel physically. Why can't she just be like the other touhoumon and take her liberties with you and then eat a meal and then take more liberties and then go on her way or pass you off to another one.

"For you to be honest with yourself." She then lays on you and hugs you to her, though she doesn't stop kneading your cock, so to speak. "And why? Because I can help you like no one else can. You won't lower your guard for anyone else, but you can't even raise it against me. I care about you, whether you believe me or not."

You bite your cheek, the pain blocking you the response to wrap your arms around the girl and give her what she wants for the moment, "...I never asked for this." You try to sound firm and tough, but it doesn't really work very well when she knows she's got you wrapped around her pinky finger, does it.

"People never ask for what they need, only what they want." She whispers into your ear.

"...F-fine!" You try to choke it back, "They never loved me! My mother never loved me! My father never loved me! I wasn't wanted by the people who gave birth to me and shouldn't have been born! Are you happy now!?" Repressed emotions, primarily fury and pain, come swarming up out of your heart after the dam bursts.

That's when she places one finger on your lips to silence you. "Yes. You finally said it to yourself." She then kisses you on the cheek. "But you're wrong on one count. You should have been born. I never would have met you otherwise." What must be the most painful about hearing her say that is that she's sincere.

"Th...that's..." You're trying not to tear up now but that's...that's...that's just not a fair thing to say to you like this! Your arms burst free from their position pinned and wrap around the Satori, hugging her against you fiercely as you bury your face in her neck, trying to not show just how much she managed to affect you with that one sentence. This girl is just...what did you do to meet so many nice people?

Of course, she only needs to turn her third eye on you to know how much of an affect she had, and she simply pets your hair while you let all those feeling out. She knows that she isn't the only one who feels the way she does, but you needed to hear it from her because she was perhaps the only one who could break down the wall you kept up around your heart. "Some people say that karma has a way of setting things right in the end. I'm not sure I believe it myself, but I do know that I will work with that Reisen to ensure that you're only treated with kindness from now on."

But there's one more odd thing. Out of all the things she's doing, she's not taking any further sexual liberties with you. In fact, she's slipped her now wet tentacle off you and is just snuggling you. No molestation, no sex, just pure feelings.

Maybe, just maybe there's one last thing she's trying to get you to do.

In fact, she uses her superior strength to do something unprecidented to you. She puts herself on the bottom and you on top. Her grip on you is loose, and you could slip away if you wanted. But she's right there, you're still hard...

"I did see one other thing. You're not sure about how my kind really feel about you, are you?" She smiles at you, continuing to blush that sweet blush of hers. "All my kind has done is force ourselves on you, never giving you a choice." She pets your head once more. "So Wilheim. What will you do?"

"..." You're...not really sure what to do here. I mean, you know what you think you want to do and you also know what your body wants you to do, so you...

You reach up and start to pet her head like she did to you. "You are a nice lady." You tell her, a bit unnecessarily since she can read your heart and all that apparently.

You scratch around her headband especially. She's such a nice lady you...well, you guess you want to make her feel good herself, really.

She smiles in response. "You're getting there." She's having to fight back against her urges quite hard now, considering you're being so dense and cute at the same time. "Isn't there anything you want to try, though?"

...Well, I mean...she is offering and you've never really been able to do it before...so...

Your hand slides off of her head and slowly moves down her body as your other hands to join it over your chest, coming to rest on her breasts as you give them an experimental, gentle squeeze. They're nice and soft, and you can feel something with a different texture pressing into the palm of your hands as you move them in slow circles.

...You know, this is kinda fun.

You can tell the Satori's having to hold herself back now, but she's content to close her eyes and moan as you rub her breasts. You can feel her nipples perk up and poke your hands as you work.

You notice her response to your actions is a positive one and try to adapt them, changing how you treat them based off of her reactions and trying to see just what gets the best response out of her. This really is fun, isn't it? It's kinda weird to not be on your back being made into her toy though. Curiously, you try something on the nipples since they seem to be the most sensitive and give them both a little pinch and tweak.

She squeaks when you do that. Squeaks and moans and squirms under you, enduring a rather torturously large desire to fuck your brains out for the sake of proving to you that her kind aren't just using you.

A thought occurs to you, one that almost certainly sends thrills and chills as it reaches the Satori.

...You have to wonder what she tastes like. Driven by this urge and your instincts responding oddly to the situation, you bend down and give the Satori a kiss before slowly moving down her body, showering her with kisses as you make your way down her chest, her abdomen and slowly move your face into position over her groin, your lips hovering just an inch from her dripping wet entrance. Your tongue pokes out interestedly, and runs up her entire slit. This taste...

Is it...

...strawberries, but also something else.

Intrigued, you press your lips against her slit in a sort of kiss as your tongue snakes out of your mouth and moves in circles, teasing her exterior before you locate that odd little nub and suckle on it eagerly, wrapping your arms around her thighs to keep you in place.

She continues to moan and squirm about until you finally reach her slit, at which point she practically bucks her soft, wet womanhood into your face in approval as you start to lick her. She wraps her legs around your head, gently mind, to hold you there because you're doing such a nice job with this and she really needs you to keep doing that. Especially that clit-sucking thing. And that pussy-kissing thing. Both are really nice and she gets even wetter when you do them.

You take her actions as the signs of approval that they are and continue to suck, kiss and lick her sensitive slit and clit, eagerly lapping up any juice she spills as you work her over. But it seems like you won't figure out the taste from just the outside, so...

You shift your head as much as you can manage to realign your mouth and your tongue snakes out against, sliding out and finding her entrance. You probe gently a few times to gain traction before you push forward, sliding into her easily and wiggling your tongue about in a way that's gotten good responses before. You delve deep and eagerly into her, savoring her sweet taste as you gulp it down again and again.

That practically causes her to melt, as she's no longer putting up any real effort to hold you to her pussy, meaning her long, soft, warm legs are just kinda hanging on your shoulders as you explore her insides with your tongue. She's practically drooling at the sensation as well, and seems to be putting out plenty of nectar for you to lap up.

You keep working her over, enjoying how she obviously is enjoying your actions. Also, you're getting to drink in more and more of that delicious tasting nectar. You're certain that it's strawberries, but you just can't get the other part of the equation down. So you delve deeper and faster, twisting your tongue around and rubbing up against every part of her insides as the tip of your tongue finds and teases a rough patch in her pussy.

She can't take too much more of that, and her pussy starts to quiver and shake as she feels an orgasm well up inside of her. It doesn't take her too much longer before she cums, practically drenching you with her nectar before relaxing completely.

You eagerly lap down the nectar she spills out for you, sucking happily on her dripping cunt and swallowing it down. There, that's the flavor!

She tastes like strawberries and cream!

You set about cleaning her up helpfully, with your tongue. Eventually you're satisfied with your job and pull back, feeling a bit bashful for once in your life. You're expecting it any moment now, but...

"...Thank you." Speak up, managing to look Satori in the eyes despite how embarrassed you feel. It was...nice. This was a good change.

She's gripping the sheets even as you say so, and while she's calmed down a bit you know full well she's still having to fight back some very strong urges. "You're welcome~ I knew you needed a chance to do things on your own, though if I may be frank you should go further than that next time. I'm not sure I can hold myself back like that twice." She sounds a bit apologetic at least.

"...Further? Oh!" You become even more embarrassed. You hadn't even thought about that, and how she would want you to, ah, come inside of her. "I'm sorry...do you...still want to do it?" You ask shyly, revealing that you are, in fact, still completely erect and you enjoyed what you did almost as much as she did.

"More than you can imagine~" She's even spread her legs for you, and her sweet-smelling sex is just inviting you to dive in proper.


Someone send help I got my drama mixed with my smut.
No. 31582
So for once, a mon let Wil take the lead? That's new.

Because (not to be annoying or anything, just how I feel) the story is starting to be a tad repetitive for me. We have a small difference now, but after Satori...
No. 31583
I'm hoping for a change in pace, something more even, that and a bunch of various mon's bodies to get to know better (Such as Reisen and Letty)

Though I wonder when Okuu will pop up.
No. 31585
So with slime-type touhoumon being a confirmed thing, and the two confirmed types being recognizable from a certain set of images, what are our chances of snacking on delicious pic related?
No. 31587
So will we be seeing slime-type Varients in the non-/at/ stories?
No. 31588
Flesh and blood or spirit Komachis are softer.
No. 31589

Herp, so thats why his mother was so enthusiastic about him going with his father.

I wonder if the saying "Third time is the charm" is true when it comes to how many powerful Mons Wilheim has been sold to..
No. 31590
Having not read the main Touhoumon story/stories, do the various Touhoumons whose characters we know are servants or subordinates to other characters in Touhou still have the same relationship here? For instance both the Satori and Reisen here are "Last Words". I don't really know the significance of that other than it sounds like they're at their most evolved but would Touhoumons like Reisen here still be a subordinate to whomever their superiors are in Touhou, like an Eirinmon for example?

Do relationships change between Touhoumons as they evolve or become more powerful?
No. 31592
I think there's other factors, Reisen likely took the leading role due to a lack of others doing so and being stronger.
No. 31596
You are Wilheim Wilheim, and you are feeling...pretty weird you guess. This is kind of been an odd day, even by your standards. You suppose you could monologue more about your circumstances but there's currently a beautiful lady who wants you to do something for her and you're...pretty inclined to give her what she wants.

You crawl forward, scooting up close to her until your tip is hovering just outside of her dripping entrance. Your hands take hold of her hips as you ready yourself, feeling...a bit nervous, really. "Ah...are you ready miss?" You ask, stalling.

She simply giggles at your hesitation. "My, my spreading my legs, general appearance, and my using my fingers to spread my soaked womanhood wide isn't enough of an indication~?" She teases you about it, knowing that it's more you hesitating at this point than anything else. This was quite the unusual situation for you.

"Oh, right...well..." You don't really have any more excuse to stall, so you just lean in closer and feel your tip press easily up against her entrance and slip inside with almost no difficulty. The feeling of her wrapping around you and drawing you in deeper drags a gasp out of you as you take a moment to calm down before starting again.

Slowly but deliberately you thrust into her and then slide back out, pumping in and out of her as you get a feel for just how you should be doing this. One hand stays on her hip to keep yourself steady as the other runs up her body and takes hold of one of her breasts again, squeezing and groping it using the technique that worked best on her earlier.

Despite everything occurring here that says she should be pinning you down and fucking you silly, the Satori is settling for gripping the sheets and moaning as you finally give her what she wants. She's managing to relax as you take her and even starts to fondle her unmolested breast to help get herself off better while you find your bearings.

You start to move with a bit more confidence as you figure out what she seems to live the most. What angles and tempos of thrusting get the best responses. You can make a lady feel great, you know that much! It's just...now you're taking a more active part in it and that means you have to learn. You adjust your thrust to try and go deeper, aiming to see if you can hit that rough patch deeper in her. As you do so you lean down and give the Satori's neck a series of kisses as you trail downwards...

And hit it you do, making her moan loudly as you hit it over and over, and when you lean down to kiss her she interrupts you by hugging you to her, clearly enjoying what you're doing but unable to let you go.

You end up just kissing her neck over and over as you continue your groping of her breast, taking a break to give her nipples another twist and tweak since that seemed ot work well before.

She also seems to like it when you're all the way inside of her like you are now, so...

You change up your thrust patterns, instead of long, slow thrusts you try to stay deeper in her now, pulling out only just a bit before diving back into her. You pick up your pace, moving faster and faster as long as she responds positively to it.

She does respond positively to all of it, mostly by wrapping a leg around your waist so you can't possibly pull out of her even if you wanted to. Which you probably don't at this point since her insides are really starting to react to your cock being buried in them.

You can feel it as she starts to do...something, you're not even sure what. You're left squirming and moaning as her body starts to react automatically to any weak spot or opening, teasing every point on your shaft all at once. Each time you squirming opens up a different opening and each opening is again exploited ruthlessly. Even though it can't do much of anything you just try and push deeper into the to Satori as your groping becomes less and less finessed as you lose more of your control. You can't possibly hope to hold back against this for long...

While you're not being as skilled with your groping, it's clear that she's still enjoying it quite a lot. To the point where she's trapping you inside her so she can finish you off herself. "Ah, I'm doing this wrong, aren't I~?" She says even as her pussy continues to attack your cock without mercy. "I'm sorry, you're just doing that well~" She keeps you buried deep inside her, though it seems for all her effort she's the one who cums first.

You can't hope to resist when she contracts tightly around you like that. You bury your face in her neck as you thrust forward the miniscule amount that you can as you explode inside of her, pumping load after load of your sticky white stuff into her as you're left a panting wreck.

The Satori relaxes under you, gently rubbing your back as you flood her insides with your cum. She takes one hand and shifts your head around before kissing you on the lips for a brief period. "See~?" She asks while basking in the afterglow. "Was that so hard to do what you want~?"

"...I guess not." You partially agree. It was kinda hard, but not in a bad way? I mean, you were making her feel good and it was kinda nice to do that actively rather than just be a passive toy. Plus she makes really, really cute faces when she's...ah...oh. Right. Satori.

"It's okay. I like hearing it." She caresses your cheek when you suddenly stop thinking about things like that.

Oh, well in that case she's really pretty all the time really, but she's super pretty when she's in the, what's the phrase, throws of passion? Well yeah. Also, Strawberries and Cream is delicious. You should make her something wait no hey stop reading your mind you don't want her to ruin the surprise for the pie you're going to make her.

…wait. Darn it.

Disappointed at the surprise being ruined, your mind wanders on its own to what she'd be like on top. IT was pretty attractive when she was doing that thing with her tentacles. What's that called, bonding?

She simply giggles again as you stumble around with your own thoughts, as she seems to find the whole thing rather cute. "My, tempting me so soon, hm~? It's called 'bondage', by the way. Both my sister and I are perfectly capable of performing such acts naturally, though my sister takes a decidedly different approach~"

"...Oh." You're rather thankful you've been given the chance to bury your face in her neck again, because you're a bit embarassed about that slipping out. I mean-wait a sister?

"Yes, a sister. You know how certain Touhoumon are usually found in pairs, yes? Koishi are typically paired with my species in particular. She's actually a bit stronger than I am, but she has no interest in performing administrative duties, so she mostly wanders around on the surface bringing lost mons home. Specifically, those with animal traits." She continues to hold you to her, stroking your hair as she speaks. "That Slime variant Ran? My sister essentially dominated her thoroughly, which is why I know she's tame."

Dominated a SlRan. A variant of a mon who's essentially an insatiable depraved bisexual to the point where she jealously guards her prey and can even corrupt human women to be as depraved as she is.

And if that Satori's telling you the truth, her sister tamed her by somehow beating that mon at her own game.

: ...Youkai Christ how horafying. You snuggle closer to the Satori to try and get the scary feelings to go away. Well...this Satori is a nice lady so her sister is probably just as nice, so...you're fine, right?

"She's a bit eccentric, but yes. My sister is every bit as kind as I am. ...Merely more perverted."

...You're kinda used to perverted, so you can't say that finding out about that turns you off from meeting her. I mean, half of your friends are perverts.

...Most of your friends.

All of them really.

"And you quite enjoy them, don't you~?" She teases.

Oh right mind reading.

"You're good people." You respond to the Satori's question, "Even if I have started using three times as much water since this whole...thing started." It's a really good thing your well is as deep as it is-actually, is your well related to this Underground somehow because there's a LOT of water in it. I mean you guess you could have just been that lucky, but considering what you've found out so far it's also possible your father sold you to a cabal of water type touhoumon.

"Yes, you do seem to forget about that, don't you~?" She continues to tease you, then moans as she slowly slides you out of her, lays you down beside her, then gets up herself. "Still, there's still one more thing to do." She removes the sweep from the door, takes some of your mixed fluids from her pussy and splatters it on the floor just behind the door.

Within moments you see a shapeless puddle of royal purple goo slide under the door, mopping up the small mess and flowing over the Satori's feet and ankles in what you can only guess is an affectionate greeting. It forms up into the same SlRan you saw before, though she's actually managing to restrain herself. "It's my turn, then?" She asks.

"Yes. Wilheim's been making some wonderful progress in becoming more honest with himself, but I'd rather he not fear any of my pets." She then steps out of the small puddle of goo that's still loosely covering her feet and walks back over to you.

"I know it's a bit much, but you need a chance to understand that Slime variants aren't all bad." She kisses you on the lips before sitting down next to you. "I'll be right here with you, so don't worry. She won't do anything strange unless you ask it of her."

You know you can trust this Satori, should trust this Satori but...

...why can't you stop shaking?
No. 31600
Psychologists often try acclimation when dealing with a patient afflicted with a severe phobia. This is like sending a guy with agoraphobia to the mall on December 24. Then again, Satori has weird mind magic so who knows.
No. 31601
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man with a mighty huge terror for the jiggling jelly girl oozing towards you right now. You know you're supposed to sit here and just take it but you can't help but slowly crawl backwards on the bed, staring at the SlRan as she approaches you faster than you can retreat.

It's not long before she forms herself up completely and follows you onto the bed, somehow not leaving so much as a single drop of herself on her mistress' bed as she climbs atop you proper. The Satori you just got finished having sex with is sitting just off to the side and slightly out of range of the SlRan's tails, clearly not interested in being part of this herself.

You're shivering and shaking as you stare on in horror as she oozes up onto you and consumes you from the waist down easily. You're taking quick, panicked breaths even as you find yourself enjoying the oddly cool and tingly sensations that she's inflicting on you without even trying. Suppressed memories of the stinging pain of the needles hitting you in the back as you ran and the horrible feeling of poison spreading through your veins start to come back in force.

She's not doing anything harmful though, and looks at you quizzically as though she doesn't understand precisely why you look as scared as you do. The Satori leans in and whispers a few things into the SlRan's ears, which the SlRan nods in response to. Rather than start off by just fucking you silly, she leans down and starts to suck on one of your nipples. Maybe she's getting instructions?

You gasp at the odd feeling as she starts to suckle on one of your nipples, and can't restrain a moan at how oddly good it feels. Despite the fear you feel, you can feel the tension ebbing away as her gooey body softly massages your own form. It feels...good. You can't help but sigh just a little bit in her embrace. It's not like you can do anything about it now, so...

She hears that pleasant moan and decides to do something else since she has the chance. She stops suckling from your nipple fruitlessly and lifts you up off the bed, and coincidentally out of her, extends her gooey tails out to form a somehow even better bed upon which to fuck, and lays you on them. Then she goes back to licking and gently nipping your nipples, occasionally changing which one she teases based on which one she feels needs more attention.

Her bed of gooey tails are just so soft, you can't help but relax as you lay on top of them. Every touch she gives you sends spikes of pleasure through your body, even if it's just her slimy body rubbing up against your skin. This is especially true of your overtaxed nipples that she continues to tease mercilessly by the SlRans skilled mouth work.

You're actually completely erect again, painfully so now from everything the SlRan has been doing to you. Any reservations about letting her do what she wanted to you are well and truly out the window now. The only thing running through your mind is getting more of this wonderful pleasure and...

...Do slimes have a taste? You always figured that poison types would be, you know, poisony. But...you kinda want to find out.

Satori leans in and says something you can't quite make out to the goo girl, and she adjusts what she's doing accordingly. She stops teasing your nipples and shifts her body up a bit, putting her breasts right next to your mouth. If you had to wager a guess, you'd say she wants you to drink from her nipples. ...Especially since you can see some kind of sweet-smelling syrup beading up on her erect nipples.

You don't even think before you comply with her offer, leaning forward and doing the same to her that she did to you. Your mouth wraps eagerly around her nipple and you quickly begin to suck on it, trying to coax that tempting liquid out of her. Your hands move as well, one of them coming to rest on what you're reasonable confident is her ass, or the closes thing a slime variant has to one, while the other reaches up and gives her other breast a squeeze as best as you can. You can feel your member rubbing up against her cool outer membrane and the feeling sends shivers down your spine.

You have to try more than a little of the syrup before you can place the taste, but it's rather fruity. Almost like a decent flaky fruit pastry, now that you think about it. More of that syrup drips out of the breast you're fondling, which then falls onto your body. It causes you to shiver just from having that stuff touch your body, so you can't imagine what it's doing when you drink it. Additionally, her ass is firm and well-defined, and quite pleasant to squeeze. As for your cock, she decides to take one of her tails and extend it further still, first wrapping your cock up in the tip, then absorbing it fully. She's doing her best to take it slow, but it seems she still wants to make you cum.

It's an extremely odd sensation to have her wrap your shaft up in one of her tails. It's kind of an almost velvety, rubbery feeling as her outer membrane rubs against your shaft. But, that's nothing compared to the feeling that you get when her membrane opens up and shifts around you and your shaft is taken inside of her slimy tail. It feels as if her gelatinous body has currents as the goo's she's made from is constantly shifting and rubbing all around your sensitive cock, teasing you cruelly.

You start to gulp down more and more of the delicious jam she's feeding you, savoring that oddly specific flavor she has. Like a fried pastry filled with grape jam or preserves? That gives you an idea...but one you'll put on hold. For now you just focus more on getting you fill of her sweet body. Your eyes slowly flutter closed as you swallow another mouthful of her jam as a tingling sensation starts to spread from your gut and move throughout your entire body.

You can't even try to hold back now, and you breath out a sigh of relief as you cum inside of the SlRan's tail, your milky white seed staining her purple body before it fades away, being seemingly absorbed.

The SlRan smiles at you as she feels you cum inside her, and makes incredibly short work of what you give her. Not content with just one load, she changes tactics by letting your cock slip free of that tail, which you note is getting warmer, and grabs ahold of your cock with her hand. You barely got a taste of her membrane after all, and she's quite proud of it.

It seems like she's losing composure though, as she takes the tail that's closest to your ass and somehow shifts it around to where it's smooth, slick tip is pressing against your anus. It slips in without resistance or fanfare.

You moan into her jiggling body as she starts to stroke you with her hand, noticing it as her membrane seems to shift and and change how its texture, becoming bumped and ridged for your pleasure so each stroke maximizes how much pleasure she can inflict on you. You actually come back to your senses as you feel something press up against your rear, your eyes widening as it slowly dawns on you what's going to happen to you. Your arms and legs go slack as she slips her tail inside of you, sliding easily between your cheeks and up into your body. You know you shouldn't but...this feels so good somehow you can't help but groan in pleasure as the Ran's tail squirms around inside of you.

It seems the SlRan enjoys the feel of your ass, because she's thrusting her gooey tail in and out of it almost as quickly and steadily as she's stroking your cock. You can't help but wonder why she's doing this, then then again, this is a Slime variant.

You also can't help but wonder why this feels so good.

Well, you can understand why parts of this feel so good, but you were never aware that you enjoyed having your rear plundered in such a manner. Then again, the way she's doing it is really nice and doesn't hurt, and she keeps rubbing this spot that feels really good and makes you want to-

Well, you can understand why parts of this feel so good, but you were never aware that you enjoyed having your rear plundered in such a manner. Then again, the way she's doing it is really nice and doesn't hurt, and she keeps rubbing this spot that feels really good and makes you want to-!

Your hips jerk forward as she hits that sweet spot of yours and you can't hold back any longer. Between being thrust into her sticky hold and and being thrust into her slick tail you're forced to an orgasm, leaving you shooting your sticky white stuff into her sticky purple stuff as you experience absolute bliss in the SlRans hold.

Of course, it seems like your ass is too much for her too, as you find that somehow her slime tail has squirted globs of something sticky and cool into your ass, and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. You're almost certain that she's doing this to make you into a drooling mess, but do you even care at this point?

You're blankly smiling up at the SlRan as she's squirting odd that cool, tingly liquid into you, making you feel more and more full, fuller and more content than any meal has ever made you. You hang limp in her supporting embrace now, barely capable of lifting a finger.

She smiles at you and wraps her arms around you, and further extends a couple of her tails to wrap around your legs so that between her tight, but comfortable embrace and her tails, you're almost completely enveloped in her. Next, she starts to kiss you as she guides your cock toward her pussy, and proceeds to slip you inside her with no trouble at all.

You try to speak up before her mouth covers your own, leaving you only able to moan and whine in pleasure as she takes the majority of you into her embrace. Wrapped up tight as she seemingly modifies her insides to fit you perfectly you don't have any defense. In short order your hips buck up again as much as they can as you spill your cum out into her.

Her well-crafted folds whisk your cum deeper inside her, where it's quickly consumed. It seems that she's making no real effort to fuck you anymore, but she's also not letting you go at all. In fact, she's penetrated your rear and is busy thrusting into it with her tail again, clearly not having gotten enough of you the last time. She's also leaking some kind of syrup into your mouth via the kiss now, which is certainly making you relax. Maybe even sleepy?

Your eyes star to flutter shut as you struggle to keep awake, aided by the fact that it's somewhat difficult to fall asleep easily when there's something in your butt. Something nice, yes, but something in your butt none the less. Even so, you can't help but feel exhaustion start to overtake you as you orgasm yet again, spraying your sticky white stuff out in the SlRan. How many times have you even done this today...?

Your own orgasm is met with another one of her own, as she spurts out another few globs of her slime up your rear. This time, it's both to make you relax and an even stronger dose of whatever sleeping agent she was kiss-feeding you before. She doesn't know how much you've cum today, but she seems to know you're exhausted and probably need a good rest. To that end, she's actively drugging you now.

As you feel yourself become completely full up you find that you just can't keep your eyes open anymore. You struggle valiantly to stay awake, feeling the drive to be a good host urging you to fight the drugs as hard as you can. You valiant struggle comes to a final end when it occurs to you that you are, in fact, not the host right now so you don't need to worry about feeding and quenching anyones thirst. You don't even have any buns in the over to worry about either.

So, you relax into the SlRan's embrace, sighing softly as conciousness takes leave of you.

The Satori raises an eyebrow as her pet finally finishes with you, but doesn't say a word. The Slime variant finally stops kissing you long enough to turn her head to her mistress to talk to her properly. "He seemed tired, so I'm making him rest for now."

"I understand. He's been wrung dry quite a bit. Your methods, however..." The Satori trails off as she tries to express herself.

"He's going to be in our care for a while more, so his becoming more active won't hurt anything, right?" Responds the Slime variant.

The Satori didn't really have a response to that, given how a few more of her pets were going to want a piece of her guest before he goes back home.


Maybe someday SlRan will be revisited for a less restrained encounter.
No. 31602
>Kid has deep phobia of slime mon
>Gets it to stick something up his butt

Freud would be proud. Or rolling in his grave. Or both.
No. 31605
It could be worse: he could be MtG's Rick. A slime thing isn't that bad of a thing to go up the ass.
No. 31606
Man, I can't remember everything that's gone up there at this point. The most vivid one is Nitori's arm up to the elbow, but I'm sure he's taken worse.
No. 31610
Yukari's dick.
All of Ran's tails.
Almost Orin's huge dick.
I think Aya's dick too.

Although I suppose it depends on whether you think a dick is worse than an arm or not.
No. 31613
I'd much rather take a dick than an entire forearm. All nine of Ran's tails is probably worse, though; I can't even imagine how bloated you'd be.
No. 31616
I actually cant remember Rans tails going in there.
No. 31617
As far as I remember only one or two of them went in there.

Tokiko was the one who got the full nine tails because as a youkai she's a bit stretchier.
No. 31618
Same reason how Albatross' Mystia can prolapse like she does without suffering permanent harm?
No. 31619
No. 31620
Rick is fucking weird man.

No. 31622
I forget but is a prolapse like a hernia?
No. 31623
Guys, can those topics be taken to somewhere they belong?
No. 31624
But there hasn't been an update for 12 whole hours! Of course we're going to get antsy and go off-topic!
No. 31626
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you're currently experiencing a wonderfully pleasant dream as you sleep better than you have in...weeks, probably. You dream that you're sleeping on a purple ocean, floating on top of the serene waters as they lap your body in the gentle rise and fall of the waves. In the distance there's an island, but right now you're content to rest here, happy as can be. It's almost like the ocean is hugging and caressing you personally and purposefully, and it tickles!

Of course, that 'ocean' is really the SlRan who made sweet love to you last night, along with her master who tore down the walls you kept up around your heart, and the Orin who milked you dry and carted you down here to begin with. Needless to say, the Ran thought you needed a rest and decided to have you sleep in luxury. Assuming you wake up, you'll find that all but your head's engulfed in her gooey body. There isn't even a membrane separating you and her, you're literally one with her right now.

You sigh happily in the oceans embrace, enjoying the feeling of finally relaxing after so long. Even so, patterns like yours are hard to break and as your internal clock hits a certain time it starts to urge you awake, pumping those chemicals through your system.

You find that you're indeed sleeping in a puddle of goo that you know is the SlRan from before. It seems like she hasn't let you go and instead letting you use her as a bed. You find that while she's teasing and supporting you in places, you're free to move about in her and even exit if you so choose. She even emulated a pillow for you to rest your head on.

Slowly, your eyes flutter open and you become dimly aware of your situation, held deep inside of a Slime Ran's body proper as her gooey form swirls and gently rubs you all over. You think you're supposed to be terrified right now but you mostly just feel...content.

Also very full, for some reason.

You shift around in her a bit, feeling how her goo shifts and moves as you move through it. It's kind of like waving your arm through thicker water, you figure. She sticks to you as you move and there's a bit of resistance, but besides that it's a nice feeling being held like this. It's kind of like a full body hug. This may be the most comfortable rest you've ever had, actually.

...Though admittedly, you're not quite used to waking up inside someone in this sense of the word. It's a bit of an experience.

Perhaps even odder is that you find your head resting against increasingly well-defined breasts, and you figure that the Slime variant has reformed herself from the torso up so she can talk to you. "Good morning, sleepyhead. Did you enjoy sleeping inside me~?" She pets your hair as she talks, teasing you affectionately.

You shift as you feel her reform her body, trying to get comfortable again with your new, shapely pillows replacing what you'd been using. "...Yes ma'am. Thank you." You answer honestly. You really did enjoy it. It was relaxing, pleasant and the best sleep you've ever gotten, even if it has left you feeling stuffed.

She continues stroking your hair for the moment. "Polite too. I wish I got to claim you first. I'd never let you go." She then sighs. "But unfortunately, as much as I'd love to keep you inside me like this for the next week, I'm sure there are other mons who'd like a piece of you. Plus Lady Koishi would be annoyed with me." It's not like she's making any particular effort to make you leave her. It seems like it comes down to what you want to do.

You sort of shift around halfheartedly inside of her body. I mean, you know you should probably get up right about now, but you're so comfortable. And not in the sense that your training has overpowered all other instincts and you're submitting kind of comfortable, but the kind of comfortable that comes from full-body hugs.

...Also she smells nice.

Suddenly, a thought occurs to you. You look up at the SlRan and smile at her, "Is there a kitchen here? I feel like I should make you and Miss Satori something to thank you and, well, cooking is what I'm good for."

"Lady Satori may not look like it, but she wouldn't be caught dead without a full set of high-quality amenities, and a kitchen is among them. You're also a good kid. It's our turn to take care of you, and you're insisting on taking care of us." She snorts in amusement at your declaration. "If you can get up, then I'll clean you up and take you there myself."

"Alright." You agree with her as you try to get yourself to stand upright properly. It takes some doing as her body seems to want to keep you to herself even if she doesn't personally, but you manage to slip slowly free of her and stand up right.

...for all of three seconds before you fall back on your ass into her again. You can't stand up right, and your legs feel like jelly. You even feel kind dizzy. Why is that..?

The SlRan seems mildly surprised at your condition, and has to think about it for a minute before she finally recalls what it was. "Oh right, I pumped you full of my chemicals last night as a sleep aid and relaxant." She rubs her chin as she recalls that incident. It was rather fun doing a boy that way. "It took quite a bit to knock you out, but you really needed the rest. There might have been a side-effect or two though."

"Oh..." You respond in a way that, were you anyone else, one might think was sarcastic, "Is that what this is?" You shakily pull one hand out of her body with a wet noise and work to hold it up at eye level, but you're quickly force to set it back down. Darn it. You sigh in annoyance and exasperation as you sit back into your seat. Which is to say, you sit back into SlRan. It's not like you don't appreciate the sleep, but the aftereffects are really annoying. "Is that why I feel so full and bloated?" You ask her.

"More or less. This is the same kind of stuff I'd give to someone whom I have caught and trapped inside me, and planned to keep inside me for an extended period of time." The SlRan starts her explanation by rattling off the properties of her slime. "It's meant to feed, hydrate, and sustain a person-" You note that she didn't specify mon or human. "-for as long as I choose to hold onto them. Additionally~" She changes to a rather happy tone. "It cranks up the person's libido. Your sex drive is simultaneously far higher than normal and subdued to a great degree, so you retain your mind while still needing several good fucks."

"See, I was planning on letting you loose on the other mons like this, but it seems I may have given you just a little too much. It's not dangerous, but I will need to bleed some of your cum off."

"...oh. I see." You're not really sure how to respond to that. "I guess we should get to that, then?" But if you need to be milked before you can start your day then you'd better get to it. Those delicious pastries and pies frolicking in your mind won't be made with you just sitting around in this SlRan all day.

Actually, if she were willing she could just carry you around and you could still make things while trapped inside her. No one said that such things were mutually exclusive. "Alright then~" She practically purrs as she wraps her arms around you and drags you inside her completely, with her membrane closing up around the point where you had been forced to enter her. Oddly enough, despite all logic pointing to the contrary you're perfectly capable of breathing. Something assisted by the fact that she's created an airway for your nose that reaches from where you are to the outside of her body.

You gasp in a panic for a moment, allowing her goo to invade your mouth before you realize you can breathe just fine through your nose. The feeling of being completely submerged in her is...amazing. If you thought being held partially inside of her or even most of the way was great, they're completely blown away by this. Maybe it's just because she's actually trying to get you off now.

You can feel it as every part of your body, every last muscle, is gently touched and massage by the thousands of currents that run through her constantly shifting form. Any tension or thoughts of panic are washed away nearly instantly as your entire body relaxes and your mind starts to drift to happy places.

The fact that she's doing this with the express purpose of pleasuring you must help quite a bit, and the fact that you know she's not going to do anything horrible to you. Weird, maybe, but not horrible. You find that she's starting off by using her goo to 'suck' at both your nipples since you seem to enjoy it so much, you girly boy.

You squirm happily as she starts to tease you, enjoying the feeling a lot. They're so sensitive and the way she's tweaking them as she is feels so good that you can't help but moan into her slime as she does it. This is so completely different from anything else you've done so far, just...utterly foreign and exciting.

The SlRan starts to add on her stimulations one after another, carefully layering them by picking out specific weak points and exploiting them thoroughly rather than just overstimulating you. The fact that the Satori you willingly fucked is laying on her chest whispering more words to the purple blob you're in doesn't hurt either. Now the SlRan is doing something similar to nibbling your ears.

You start so squirm around, or try to, more and more as she layers on the different kinds of teasing. The sensation of each vector of attack blending together but never losing their distinctive feeling as her cool, gooey body holds you in place inside of her. You're left smiling happily as she does this and without her even taking teasing an erogenous zone directly you orgasm, shooting your sticky white stuff out into her jiggling form.

Your cum is whisked away and absorbed into the mass, and she starts to add more teasing to the mix. Not the least of which is her rubbing your rear again, as she couldn't miss how much you reacted to that even if she were blind and deaf.

You respond to that action very positively as you feel her gooey grip massage your cheeks and you feel something prod and tease your rear entrance, never slipping all the way inside but certainly getting your attention. The gentle massage her body had been giving you before changes now as you feel it become more solidified and focused as 'hands' join in, kneading your muscles and neck.

But...you can't help but feel disappointed somehow that she's not doing anything with your most sensitive part. It's simply left suspended in her good entirely unmolested. Is she trying to see how many times she can make you cum without taking advantage of you that way?

Considering how sensitive you are, that may very well be true. However, since you seemed to enjoy having things stuck in you, she decides to form a nice, thick tentacle of goo and push into your rear, intent on playing with you like a girl before taking your cock~

You temporarily clench at the feel of something trying to force its way into you but you relax just as quickly, letting her slip inside of you as you let out a happy sigh at the full feeling. You're just staring blankly ahead of yourself now with a dumb smile on your face as she starts to move around inside of you.

Soon enough you feel the tentacle that's inside of you rub up against that sweetspot, making your hips jerk up eagerly again as more of your cum spurts out of you and into her gooey body. That happy, dumb expression never leaves you face.

She keeps all that going, and finally decides to start pleasuring your cock for real. You feel her goo wrap around it, forming a combination of currents that milks your most sensitive part for everything it's worth.

You moan happily into her jiggling goo and thrust your hips up into the goo around your cock, trying to milk more pleasure out of her ministrations than you're already getting. You just want more and more now, and with how much fuller she's making you feel when you were already so stuffed you can't hold back! Your body spasms as you spew out more of your semen, feeding it all into the SlRans body and you moan happily into her, drooling like a fool.

Of course, if you're feeling like that then she clearly hasn't done a good enough job! She continues with everything she's currently doing, but changes what she's doing to your cock to emulate another pussy she's felt. This effect seems to be plainer, but the 'walls' are smoother than silk and rub against your tip in odd ways.

Her silky smooth walls close around your shaft just right, rubbing against you constantly without being crushingly tight and letting you move around without being openly loose. The sensations are especially strong on the tip which is especially sensitive after your repeated orgasms. But...but it's like something's keeping you from coming now. You thrust up into the toy she's made from her body for you, moving so that you thrust into her as she's pulling out of you.

She can't have that, so she decides to revisit the milking approach by 'burying' your cock so far in her that every inch is getting milked mercilessly. The tentacle in your ass, however... It's against her better judgement but she cums inside you again as well. At this rate, you might just wind up being trapped inside her for longer than you anticipated~

The change up in pleasure as you're trapped inside of her buried up to the hilt and milked is magnificent, but the feeling her letting out her cool stuff inside of you makes you orgasm as well, happily indulging in this pleasure as more and more of your sticky white stuff pours out into her purple body. You feel so full and happy, you don't want to leave...

Of course, it seems like this time she's chosen a different approach to what she's pumping into you, as it seems like you're cumming longer than usual. She starts to thrust into your ass even more as she changes tactics and alters her currents to where it feels like she's rubbing your cock with her breasts.

The feel of her firm yet soft and oddly warm mounds of 'flesh' pressing up around your shaft is a good change, and the feeling of her still letting whatever she is pumping into you still out of you even as she thrusts into you is even better. You relax happily back into her embrace, accepting this rather than struggling for even more pleasure as you were.

She's absolutely merciless in this regard, happily pumping your cock between her breasts as she prepares another load to squirt into your ass. She seems to have figured out that you enjoy taking it up the rear to a rather unusual degree, so she's adjusting her approach accordingly by thickening the tentacle she's using to violate your rear and pushing in just a bit deeper.

If you weren't currently completely absorbed into her body, you'd be letting out cries of ecstasy as she worked you over even harder. As it stands though, you're left simply moaning and groaning into the slime that's flowed into your open mouth.

Of course, that just gives her another idea. She takes the goo that's flowed into your open mouth, forms it up into a tentacle and starts to give you oral sex with it, since you're clearly not getting off to just having everything else violated at once~

You're surprised at the feeling of something starting to slide in and out of your mouth but you quickly adapt to it, closing your lips around it and enjoying the feeling it it rubbing over and back over your tongue as she moves it in and out. Between this new addition though, you can't hold back when having so many erotic and lewd things done to you all at once and you cum again, pumping your semen into the SlRan happily as your shaft twitches, eager for more.

Next, it feels like your cock has been taken into her mouth, and is being sucked on and licked quite skillfully.

Satori is merely staring at the spectacle herself, not quite sure how you're enjoying all that so openly while simultaneously getting off to it quite hard.

Your hips buck forward into the false mouth, thrusting into it as you savor the drastically different texture from what you'd gotten before. It's so amazing! Being taken like this is so completely amazing!

You orgasm again, filling the 'mouth' with your semen and savoring the feeling as it swallows it down somehow.

If the SlRan were in any position to talk, and you in and position to hear her, she'd probably be teasing you about how you're enjoying all the stuff a girl would normally get off too as well the fact that you're an unashamed sex maniac. Granted, you're still pumped full of her various drugs, but she is slowly working that all out of you. It's just taking a while.

If you were in any position to talk, and her in any position to understand what you were saying, you'd probably be begging and/or pleading for more. Those drugs of hers seem to be having an awfully powerful effect on you now that she's gotten you going again.

Or maybe you've just found another fetish that you enjoy.

You're left moaning happily inside SlRan, grinning from ear to ear as she milks the cocktail of drugs out of you in the best possible way. You can barely even consider anything else, but you don't want to leave her or stop now or ever. It's too good...

Of course, there's also the fact that you really do need to not be a Slime variant's bitch for all time considering that the LWReisen who co-owns you is probably going to start wondering where you've ended up since you've been gone part of the day yesterday and part of the day today. The SlRan seems to understand that better than you, so she decides to cheat a little and emulate a Yuyuko's pussy.

Your entire body locks up as you feel an amazingly soft yet gentle pressure wrap around your shaft and pull you deep inside of it with a loving suction. You can't hold back against that temptation and orgasm, pumping your cum into it...and then you keep doing it as her newly made part drags more and more orgasms out of you rapidly, one after another. Your eyes roll up in your head as you pump out every last drop you have in you.

It doesn't take long for her to work her cocktail back out of you in that state, and you feel yourself return to normal somewhat as you're carefully lifted out of her body. ...Well, from the torso up at least. She's still making absolutely sure that she's wrung your dry for the next twenty minutes or so.

You relax happily back against the SlRan, taking deep breathes of fresh air now that you're mostly out of her body and free to breath through your mouth...but you feel a bit of regret that the constantly nice tasting goo is out of your mouth and filling it up anymore.

Still though, your hips thrust up as the goo in your rear pushes in and out of you again and you orgasm yet again, pumping out your cum as you watch her goo dissolve it and break it down for herself.

You feel her arms wrap around her, her breasts press against your back, and her lips on your cheek for a moment. "That was fun. It really is a shame I didn't catch you first, because I'd never let you go~" She slowly slides you out of her, dragging one last orgasm out of you before depositing you on the floor next to her.

You are quite the mess though, since it seems like you're coated in a decent layer of slime despite the SlRan's best efforts to get that all off you. "I suppose you'll be wanting a shower now?" You hear Satori's voice nearby, and it seems like she's had to play with herself just a little thanks to that rather impressive display you put on for her.

You continue to pant exhaustedly on the floor as you feel somethings leaking out of you. Eventually you raises your head and your voice enough to be heard, "Yes. Thank you..." You then go right back to panting. That was...certainly something.

The Satori takes your arm and helps you up, and continues to help you walk as she leads you toward a bathroom. Most likely with the intent of scrubbing you herself. The SlRan simply watches you as you leave, and slips over to give your ass a light slap before she goes off to do whatever it is she does when she's not fucking you.

You let out an eep and stumble, grabbing onto the Satori and leaning heavily on her as your legs get wobbly again.


Pictures is unrelated due to a criminal lack of slimegirl touhous. Picture is awesome due to sundress.
No. 31631
Koishi is next, I suppose?
No. 31632

Slimedude, are you by chance bisexual or homosexual?

I mean, I like slime as much as the next guy, but reading about a guy getting cummed in his ass kills my boner faster than guro. Male anal penetration is not my thing.
No. 31634
If he were a homosexual he likely wouldn't have written tens of thousands of words worth of purely heterosexual smut. Prostate stimulation isn't reserved for gay or bisexual men, at any rate, so you're off the mark there, too.

As an aside, please sage when not voting or actively updating.
No. 31635
you're complaining about that as opposed to the "Blow job" he basically gave? If you had to complain about something...

But avoid Mind the Gap then.
No. 31636
I liked Mind the Gap for some of the weirder applications, like Nue using her snakes to have some fun with Rick.
No. 31637
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man in a mighty troubling situation. Your life was flip turned upside down when you came to the New Continent with your father after reuniting with him when he left you as a babe with your mother. To make a long story short your father sold you to touhoumon, twice. The first was a Last Word Reisen who put you under her protection, and you know is basically the only reason that less savory mon didn't simply make off with you into the night. Instead they made out with you in your house.

The second mon he sold you to was a Last Word Satori who rules the underground that exists below your home apparently. You're not sure anyone else knows about it.

Well, she recently decided she was tired of waiting for your father to deliver you, and sent for you herself via an agent of hers. After a fierce round of bed top negotiations you were convinced to go and see her post-haste. Upon meeting the Satori she apparently took a liking to you, as every touhoumon you've met so far has, and decided to break through your issues using a unique form of therapy that exploited your mental conditioning via sexy times. Then a lot of things happened with a SlRan that you're a bit embarrassed to recall. Apparently you react...interestingly to her chemical cocktail. Even as the last traces of the aphrodisiac are working out of your system and the Satori half-carries you to the bathroom, you still find your thoughts turning in a sexual nature. And with the Satori being the closest to you, your brain hazily wonders what it would be like to be bound up in those tentacles of her as she had whatever wicked ways she wanted with you.

Of course, she already had her turn with you so it's unlikely she'd actually do anything to you. For now. Instead she simply helps you into the bathroom and sits you down on a toilet, after putting a towel down first of course. "Hm..." She thinks to herself for a moment as she decides whether she wants to do this herself or let another one of her pets have some fun.

Of course, that situation resolves itself in short order when you see a tall, busty, naked mon enter the bathroom not long after your arrival. "I smelled sex!" She announces cheerfully as she looks at you. "Ooooh, is this the boy we were promised? He looks tasty!" You aren't entirely sure what's up with that red eye thing situated between her breasts though.

You lock eyes on the red eye thing on her chest, your haggard mind somehow deciding that it has challenged you to a staring contest. Well bring it on.

"He is." The Satori announces plainly. "I was thinking about who I should let wash him, but since you're here and willing I shall let you do it."

"Okay!" Suddenly you find that this Utsuho's idea of 'washing' starts with her using her tongue to lap up the slime that's still on your skin. The stuff that's pretty much made you wobbly and horny.

You know that some part of your brain is telling you that this is a bad idea for some reason, but you ignore it in favor of not losing the staring contest with her chest decoration. Besides, her tongue feels nice and it's getting the fine coat of slime that's all over you off of you just fine, isn't it?

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

You say as you find that her tongue is working all over your body. She picks you up and places you in the bathtub, but rather than turn on the water she leans over the edge from the outside and continues to lick until she's reached your face. Her hot, soft tongue is making rather short work of the slime covering your face.

You try and shift a bit to keep your eyes focused on that damnable eye jewel, not wanting to admit defeat even as the haze that had settled over your mind starts to fade as the slime reinforcing the aphrodisiacs in your system is cleaned up off of your skin. As the girl leans over you though you can't help but try and keep her balance as she moves into precarious positions to clean you. That tongue really does feel nice though, and she smells...different. You're having trouble placing it, but this close to her you're getting a heaping helping of her scent.

Eventually she deems you clean, and climbs into the tub with you to think about what she's going to do with you. Aside from the obvious. "Hm..." She starts to think more, then suddenly pulls you out of the bathtub and onto one of the soft bath mats on the floor. She lays down with her rather large chest on your cock, squeezing her breasts together to see if she can get you erect.

You've become entirely used to being manhandled like you are so her hauling you around isn't exactly surprising you, but the feeling of her soft and incredibly warm breasts molding around your cock and then squeezing tightly around them gets a gasp out of you as your shaft eagerly responds, starting to rise up to full mast under her ministrations. "Ah, miss?" You speak up, the haze in your brain mostly gone now, along with the slime. Which is all inside of her, right. That's probably not going to do good things for your plan to cook soon.

"Hm~?" She hums questioningly as she starts to pump your cock with her breasts.

That certainly gets a good reaction out of you, your shaft twitching eagerly at her ministrations as it peeks up at her from between her breasts, leaking precum from its tip as she works it. That pleasant heat from her is starting to spread into you, not fogging your mind but making you...a lot more interested in what she's doing to you than anything else. Still though, "Wouldn't you rather have a cream pie instead of me?" You ask, thinking back to your plans after you're experience with Satori and the SlRan, even as a thought occurs to you.

What does this one taste like, a part of your mind whispers to you.

"What's that?" She asks. You get the feeling that she might be a bit of a birdbrain.

"Well, it's a pie with lots of cream in it." You try to explain even as she keeps pumping you and you're starting to think you really don't want her to stop, and the temptation to ask to taste her is growing, "I was hoping to make one with strawberries in it, and..!" You nearly bite your tongue when she squeezes your shaft firmly between her breasts again.

Oddly enough, it seems like she's purposely pressing the tip of your cock against her red eye jewel thing and... it's soft? A little like SlRan's feel, but different.

Whatever she's doing, you don't think you're going to complain very much. The difference between the feeling of her hot and soft breasts and the odd jewel thing she's pressing you up against just make what she's doing even better feeling.

Then she pushes down a little harder and somehow makes your tip go inside the jelly-like eye thing, and you're immediately certain that this is something her species uses to make boys like you cum hard.

Which is exactly what you do as you slide into the odd material of her chest decoration. Your hips buck up as much as they can with her on them as your gut clenches. Your shaft pumps furiously as you put out a tremendous load of your sticky white stuff into her eye which is slowly being stained white from the inside. You're left a panting, exhausted wreck as your orgasm slows down to a trickle.

She seems content with that, and lets you slide out of her once she's certain that you're done with your orgasm. She then slips up until she's straddling you, helpfully putting her hot, wet pussy right in front of your cock. "Food sounds good, but I really want to fuck right now, so I can wait~"

You stare up at her as your hands move on their own, sliding up her legs and running along her thighs to come to rest on her hips. She wants you, so she's obviously going to have you. "...Okay." You agree with her, thumbs working in small circles as you appreciate her full and mature form. You can feel the heat radiating from her slit and you can't help but anticipate how good it's going to feel melting inside of her.

She picks herself up juuust enough to slip your cock inside her, and slowly lowers herself down as she traps more of your length inside her. Eventually you're buried up to the hilt, and it really does feel like you're melting inside her.

Your gasp of pleasure quickly melts into a moan as you slide inside of her. Her walls wrap gently around your shaft, sucking you deeper into her and pleasuring you. But the most incredible thing of all is just how immensely hot she is inside, it's almost too much to withstand! That heat is seeping into you as well, making your body loosen up and relax as it becomes harder to do anything but come into her over and over again until you've got nothing left.

Your training and a desire to make your partner feel good still manage to overwhelm that heat and get a message through to you, getting your hands slowly and sensually slide up her body, kneading and massaging her as you work your way up to her full breasts. If Satori enjoyed it, it should work here too right?

Your groping her breasts is met with a moan as she starts to ride you proper. She doesn't seem to care that you supposedly don't have anything left in you, she enjoys what you're doing and wants to keep going.

Satisfied with her response to your first squeezing of her breasts you start off with what Satori liked the most, but find that what worked for her isn't going to work for Okuu who is...bigger. So, you try something else. You grab both of her breasts, one with each hand, and start to squeeze and grope them like you were milking her to see how that works.

...Oddly enough, she starts lactating! There was that SlRan you just got done being molested by, and you get the impression that she's got quite a lot of experience with other mons, so perhaps this one's been exposed to that SlRan enough times to get her lactating?

You run you thumbs over her lactating nipples and lick your lips subconsciously as you consider the possibilities. Unable to resist the temptation, you gently pull Utusuho down and give one of her breasts a kiss before cleaning it up with your tongue just as she did to you. You never stop groping her other breast though, not with how much she seems to enjoy being milked like this.

You savor the taste of her milk that you got, but you couldn't place the specific undertone of it. You'll have to fix that. You wrap your lips around her nipple and begin to eagerly suck on it, teasing out more of her milk and enjoying how you can hear and feel her body react to your actions.

She immediately holds your head to her breast as you milk her with your mouth. She quite enjoys how you're drinking from her, and moans quite a lot during all this. ...She's got quite a lot of milk, doesn't she?

It's a shame that raw breast milk is a bit beyond your ability to use in cooking, because if it was in your ability to use, you wouldn't have any shortage of it.

You realize as you swallow a mouthful of milk just how hungry you feel, and begin to eagerly drink more from her now. The fact that she's holding you there just adds extra incentive. Still, her happy and eager moans mean you can't hold back any longer as you enjoy her enjoyment of your actions.

Your hips buck up into her drop, slapping your bodies together as you cum inside of her, pumping your sticky white stuff into her. Load after load of your cum is deposited into her as you keep sucking and kneading on her breasts even as your orgasm starts to wind down, gulping down mouthfuls of her sweet milk.

The Utsuho's tongue is hanging out now and she appears to be drooling from how good you're making her feel. Still, she never actually stops, and you're probably going to get worn down before she is.

That is, had you not been pumped full of the SlRan's slime. That's keeping you going, though the breast milk is doing you good too.

And since you had been pumped full of SlRan's slime which is having a fantastic effect on your stamina and ability to replenish your supplies of various fluids, you just keep going. You start to thrust up into the Utsuho on your own without for the urgings of your orgasm, and you savor the feeling of sliding quickly in and out of her and meeting each of her thrusts.

You nibble on her nipple lightly, just to see how she reacts to the chance in feeling before going back to suckling on her tits. You feel fully intent on draining them dry, if she wants you to of course. Given how she's reacting though, you don't think she wants you to stop right now.

The Utsuho could best be described as a shuddering mess right now, and a very, very happy mess at that. Her body's still not giving out, and your combined sex fluids are starting to soak the bath mat.

You let go of one breast and switch to the other, releasing it from your hand and taking it with your mouth as your other hand starts to grope and knead the breast you'd just been suckling from. Your other hand now slides lowly across her back and, by circumstance, rubs up against the spot where her wings sprout from.

She practically collapses on you from that, as between your fucking her and milking her with your mouth, the added stimulation of an apparently sensitive erogenous zone is too much for her to take.

You thrust up into her a final few times even as you're pinned underneath her before orgasming again, pumping your cum into the Utsuho as she lies atop you.

...Seeing as how you're not going to be going anywhere with you being stuck in and underneath her, you just keep suckling on her breast as you knead the other, and your fingers start to dance in a tickling circle around her newly discovered erogenous zone. She's making such cute noises...

The only thing she can do at this point is grope your rear, since you've basically turned her into a quivering pile of pleasured hell raven.

She seems so happy though, so you decide to just keep working her as your hips start to move again, thrusting in and out of the Utsuho in small, quick moves. Your hand that's teasing the base of her wings tries scratching at them to see how she reacts to that, and you just keep on suckling on the breast that's in your mouth and gulping down her milk while massaging the other.

That just makes her press her breasts to your face harder, which is a pretty clear sign that she's enjoying it.

So obviously you decide to keep doing it. Your hips keep thrusting and your hands keep teasing her wings and breasts and you take to switching back and forth between each of her tits to make sure one doesn't get too lonely and feel unloved. You just keep going and going as the both of you orgasm more and more and more, even as your cum is leaking out of her overfull pussy.

...If something doesn't happen, you might just keep doing this all day.

Satori is perfectly content to watch from the side, and makes absolutely no moves to stop it.
No. 31638
Good stuff and it gets me the impression that instead of him being a shared toy, it'd be more a boy with his own semi-harem of mons.

I mean look what happened now. He could have stopped but he didn't (not that I'd blame him)
No. 31639
No, no, I don't think that he could have stopped anything. He was given the illusion of choice, but ultimately it was Satori that chose to allow that. At the end of the day, he really is just a shared toy, or a pet. I mean, a really NICE pet, one that you care for and love, but by far the inferior in the relationship.
No. 31652
Your mind slowly wanders, the long days events having taken their toll on you in many ways, physically and spiritually. Moreover, after having been tasted by the forbidden fruit, certain parts of you have been awoken to the temptation of flesh and high impact sexual violence. Which is precisely why your mind drifts in the direction of the Aki sisters and their very eye catching outfits. They were talking about a WTW and Sunday Night Triple X-Travaganzas or something like that, and you can't help but wonder just what happens there.

...You blink as the bright spot lights swivel down onto you. Ahead of you there's a straight path that's fenced in and leads to a regulation size wrestling ring. Already in the ring is a Shikieiki wearing a black and white striped shirt and black slacks. A huge cheer goes up from the crowd as they notice you. It sounds like they're all women though.

You're not quite sure how to take this, quite honestly. It looks like you're expected to fight this Shikieiki, and there's no real way out for you. Left with no other option, you walk forward, toward the no doubt powerful mon head. ...Still, all women. Given the setting, they're probably all mons. You're a guy, so...

Your walk towards the ring is pepper with cheers, jeers and leers as the touhoumon react predictably and positively to your presence. Possibly because you're basically wearing nothing but bike shorts. The fence seems to be doing a good job of keeping them back, but that doesn't mean you aren't showed with offers of sexual favors and various undergarments as you march to your doom.

You're certainly blushing hard enough now, considering that you've probably been thrown in here for the sole purpose of getting fucked over and over for the enjoyment of all the local mons who cared to come. From the looks of things, it may as well have been all the forest mons. You can't even think of how you could go about fighting a mon like Shikieiki, considering that you're an x-teen year old boy who was described as 'top shelf material' by that Shizuha, and don't even have martial arts training. Not to mention that if you're right, that Shikieiki is a variant of a similar kind to the Akis.

Which means you're absolutely, utterly hosed.

You don't really have much of a choice though as you march to your doom and approach the ring. Pyrotechnics and intensely overdone light shows go off and you walk up the stairs and up to the ropes before sliding in between them to the cheers of the crowd.

The Shikieiki watches you neutrally with her hands behind her back and just the barest hints of an anticipatory smile on her face. She knows what's coming, and it's going to be you.

There's no escaping this either. The Shikieiki could probably pin you before you ever got to the edge of the ring, and then there's a crowd of mons who are probably perfectly willing to gang up on you between you and freedom. "Let's just get this over with." You continue walking forward, knowing full well that even if you did, say, deck her, she could probably knock you to the floor in an instant.

"The special referee match isn't until next week, Sub." She reminds you as she walks over to you and takes your arm with one hand and raises it up into the air to the roaring approval of the crowd.

"Remember, the safe word is wrestlevania." She whispers into your ear as she puts your arm back down by your side.

"Alright." You respond simply. Seems like you misjudged who you were fighting today, which probably isn't that unreasonable considering the circumstances. Though, if she's not your opponent, who is?

Your answer comes in the form of a sudden change in music as the lights illuminating the ring either dim or swivel to focus on the entrance, revealing them. Shizuha has three belts around her waist right now and she's putting on a bit of showboating for the fans, striking a provocative pose or flexing. She blows a kiss to one group of fans and you hear cries of ecstasy and excitement, and possibly the sound of someone fainting. Minoriok herself only has one belt around her waist, but she's smiling happily as she waves to the crowd, who cheer her on and raise signs that say 'Mino is my Waifu' and 'Autumn 4 Lyfe'.

...You're so fucked it's actually kind of funny, even to you.

The two grab each other in a close hub, pressing their breasts together to the eager cheers of the crowd before they start their own walk to the ring, each of them having an arm around the other.

You just stand there, waiting for your doom to arrive. ...Admittedly, you can't complain about getting broken by the both of them. It's a lot better than some of the other mons you could have been thrown to.

The two continue their walk towards the ring, picking up the pace about halfway down it as both of them break into a sprint and leap high into the air, flipping over the ropes and landing together, striking a pose that just happens to give you a view of both their tits and ass at the same time. Internally, you can't help but thank whoever developed spandex.

The Minoriko pulls the fabric back on her bottom and lets it snap onto her ass as she gives you a wink. Shizuha settles instead for making her way to her corner of the ring as she bounces from one foot to the other, looking pretty damn excited. She does seem to love wrestling a lot though, and she's good at it judging by all those belts. She's the WTW Champion, the Triple X-Travaganza Champion and the Tag Team Champion with her sister, who doesn't seem to have any belts of her own.

You'd think that you're probably part of the reason the Shizuha's so excited, and you know what's coming. Part of you just wishes she'd hurry up already.

The Shikieiki coughs, getting everyone’s attention as she nudges you towards your corner of the ring. She steps forward as a mic slowly descends from the ceiling. Taking hold of it, she begins her announcement, "Everyone! I welcome you to the SSSSSundaaaaay Triple X-Travaganzaaaaaaaaaa!" The crowd roars with approval, as they all know full well what a Triple X-Travaganza means. There are only the barest hint of rules. No holds barred, no count outs and plenty of hits in your pants if you know what they mean. Match ends when one side is no longer able to battle or submits. If they submit, they're taken to the winners room to be used as they wish for the rest of the night. That's why submission is taken more as a sign of wanting more, just in a more private and personal setting.

"Iiiiiin this corner we have the Dynamic Duo, the Twin Terrors of Twists!" The Shiki announces," I give you, Autumn Fall!" The crowd roars in approval at the Aki Sisters. The two seem to soak up the praise, waving back to their fans.

"Aaaaaaaand in this corner!" The Shikieiki swings her arm at you in a grand gesture, "It's the Boy Wonder, the Stamina Freak who just won't quit no matter how many times you ride him! I give you Erozekiel!"
The crowd roars and jeers as you're announced, and undergarments once again pelt you. Including a leopard print set of panties on your face.

...You're keeping that pair.

You're trying to keep your composure past that though, since you know the only thing you've got going for you is the ability to hold out. Considering what this event involves, that's actually pretty important. After all, it's less about pummeling the opponent and more about sex.

In front of a live audience.

You might have developed a bit of an exhibitionist fetish because of this.

You can't say you feel completely surprised about that realization. You can only have sex in front of a live audience so many times before you start to enjoy it.

The Shikieiki continues her speech as the crowd dies down, "For the sake of keeping the match interesting for our fans." The crowd cheers and claps again, "We'll be instituting a special rule for this match that competitors are granted a five second grace period after an orgasm during which they must be released from any holds and left alone.
You're not quite sure how to interpret that rule, but considering that you're facing two oppo
nents rather than just one that may very well be for you rather than the Akis.

"Now then, competitors! Are you ready!?" The Shikieiki asks, getting into it as she backs up to an out of the way spot on the mat. The Shizuha licks her lips as she stares at you like a hungry shark. "Oh yes..." She murmurs as her sister nods along eagerly.

"You can submit whenever you want Zeke! I've got cake waiting for us in our room!" Minoriko offers to you in a yell.

"Tempting, but let's see how this goes first." It's kinda weird how you went from not being sure about what's going on to being fairly confident in your status as a stone wall. Besides, you'd probably go back with them anyway seeing as you had a bit of a soft spot for them.

"Very well!" The Shikieiki raises one hand and then brings it down in a chop, "Begin!" Minoriko leans on the belt buckle and cheers her sister on as she bursts out the gate and barrels down on you in a charge.

You already know how this is going to end, so you just let her tackle you to the floor or whatever it is she was planning on doing. This is just an excuse to have sex with Shizuha anyway, which you're not complaining about.

Shizuha leaps and suddenly spins around you, using you like a pole for her to dance on before her legs wrap around your head and you're flipped through the air to a surprisingly soft landing on the mat with you face down her ass grinding into the back of your head. She quickly puts you into a hold that leaves your arms folded up and pinned and your legs tucked under her arms as you're bent into a 'C' shape. Her starts to massage your length through your tight shorts as she grinds her ass against your head, "Oh? You've been waiting for this huh?" She asks you, teasing you for your easy acceptance of your lot in life and this match.

"There's not much else I can do, is there?" Oh sure, this is a bit weird to feel but she's certainly making you enjoy it.

She just laughs in response to that as you feel her fingers slip into your short and give them a tug, "Then let's get started." You can hear the grin in her voice as she tugs your shorts up and out of the way and how the crowd roars in approval when your shaft slips free. Shizuha doesn't waste any time at all and quickly grabs the shaft with one hand and pumps it rapidly and roughly while her other hand starts to gently massage your sack. She's practiced this technique to rapidly milk an orgasm out of someone in the position you're in.

Of course, you don't give up that easily. She's going to have to keep going for longer than that if she wants to see you cum like this.

Which she seems entirely content to do. She picks up the pace on her pumping of you as her hand glides up and down your shaft, spreading your leaked precum all over it as her fingers adjust their grip on you to eek out that extra bit of pleasure. She even leans down her head a bit and starts to run her tongue along the base of your shaft, eagerly increasing her licking as she watches you start to twitch.

You have to bite your lip to stop yourself from going over the edge right then, considering the name of the game was holding out. Still, you can't help but moan when you feel her tongue lick your shaft like that. It doesn't take too much more of that before you finally orgasm.

The crowd roars with approval as you shoot your sticky white stuff out under Shizuha's ministrations. Shizuha simply keeps pumping you as your legs kick futuiley in the air, and does stop until the last of that shots cum dribbles out of your shaft and onto the mat. Only then, under the menacing gaze of RefShiki, does she set you back down on the mat and sashay smugly back to your corner as you're left to struggle back to your feet on your own.

And struggle to get up you do. You're actually pretty quick on the draw about that since you've been at this for a while. Staying down counts as submission, if you recalled right, so having the stamina to pick and choose who you lost to was an incredibly useful thing.

The ropes are also very helpful in getting up off of the floor. Shizuha sure was nice to pin you down right by them, wasn't she? Speaking of her you watch as she lounges in her corner of the ring, watching you rise up before her sister whispers in her ear. Shizuha shrugs and says something to her sibling before tagging her in and rolling sensually over the ropes as Minoriko steps in under the top one. Oh, looks like a changeup then. Minoriko fights different from Shizuha, both in the fighting sense and the 'fighting' sense like tonight.

She waves her fingers at you in a greeting as she slowly, seductively strides towards you from aross the ring.

You wave back to her and simply let her approach. Unlike her sister though, you show an oddly swift movement and take her lips with yours once she's close enough for you to actually do so. Yeah, sure, you're supposed to be sub in all this but you really don't get a chance to just kiss Minoriko on the lips like this very often.

Minoriko seems entirely happy to oblige your as she wraps her arms around your entire body, pinning yours to your sides as she picks you up in a bear hug and kisses you happily and firmly while starting to squeeze you tightly against her breasts. Her tongue slides into your mouth the moment it's given a chance and quickly sets about wrestling yours into submission.

And you let her take the lead, since you're now doing what you want to do with her. Still... You manage to break the kiss just long enough to whisper something to her. "I'd like to put on a show for the audience, but I do want to go home with you after this is done, regardless of the outcome. I don't get to be with you or your sister enough." After that you go right back to kissing her.

Minoriko squeezes you even harder in her hug in response and pulls you deeper into her kiss. Her breasts crushing up against you as her sweet maple taste fills your mouth. She's so delicious and sweet.

You don't have much leverage to hug her back, but you've still got a bit and manage to hug her around her middle. You really do just melt for her like a maple candy, don't you?

She keeps up the kiss as you're reduced to a melted puddle of happy man before you feel a tingle in your loins and the sensation of something starting to leak out. From just a kiss you're already on the brink of an orgasm!

To be fair, she is quite good and you probably are in love with her, so this is about how it usually goes. Your shorts are already off so at most you have to worry about staining her with your seed, but that... Well, you doubt she'd care. You don't even bother to resist this time, and cum quite hard.

Your shaft rubs up against her firm abs as you orgasm, and you coat her leotard in your sticky white stuff. Her only reaction is to giggle giddily into your kiss and squeeze you tighter against her. Such a good, cute little boy you are!

As your orgasm finishes she sets you down in your corner, propping you into an upright sitting position on the turnbuckles second rung. Finally she breaks the kiss and gives you a peck on the cheek before turning around and walking back to her corner with a sway in her stay and a sashay in her hips. You're certainly not going to complain about the view it gives you.

Still, you need to get back up. You weren't going to maintain your reputation if you gave up after just two orgasms. Honestly, you admit that you'd like to just give up, go back home with them and use your gargantuan stamina in private to really please and enjoy the sisters, but who knows how the crowd would react?

You manage to get back up to your feet but that kiss of hers left you wobbling about and weak in the legs. Technically just sitting in the corner would have left you fine, but if you did that, well...who knows what they'd do to you next for staying in the corner so quickly. They might not even put it in!

Minoriko tags in her sister as she slides out of the ring, and Shizuha adjusts her outfit as she rolls over the top rope and gives you a grin. She starts to bounce back and forth from one foot to the other as she watches you, apparently cooking up something special.

All you do is stand there and wait, since after that kissing session you're not really in any condition to go lunging at the girl.

Shizuha just grins, "You already feeling a bit woozy Zeke? Why don't you just lie down and let Big Sis Shizuha take care of you?" The crowd jeers and roars at her declaration, and just gets louder as she starts to stalk towards you. She lunges around you, not giving you a moment to respond. A single kick sweeps your legs out from underneath you as she grapples your from behind and quickly pins your limbs, leaving you defenseless and feeling a bit like a pretzel.

Then she spins around you and you find her butt pressing down on your face as you're pressed into her cheeks. Her arms wrap around your legs as you feel her hot breath run along your shaft before her tongue licks along the weak bottom of your shaft.

Now that you're literally unable to move by virtue of being pinned down by Shizuha, you're content to just lay there and let her do as she pleases.

She seems content to lick you now, her tongue running along your length in long slow sweeps. Her hot, wet tongue is rough on your sensitive shaft and she's quickly leaving you panting heavily under her ministrations. Her tongue flicks at the tip of your shaft before she shifts her hips around, grinding her cheeks into your face, "You sound like you're enjoying yourself down there."

You're trying to not cum just yet since you're trying to give the audience at least something of a show. You are moaning quite a bit though from all that.
No. 31653
She seems to find your moaning and acceptable response as she leans back down and continues to mercilessly lick you with her hot, soft tongue. She brings one of her hands up and begins to stroke your shaft in strong, slow movements as well, adding that into the mix.

She has to go for a few minutes though, but after that you cum once more, probably right onto her tongue no less. Once again you're left a panting mess, and you let her finish up before you do anything else.

She keeps working every last drop of cum you can give her out of that orgasm, swallowing down the semen you sprayed into her mouth before going back to licking you off. As the last of it dribbles out onto the increasingly dirty part of the mat you've been fighting on, she pushes her butt down into your face one last time before standing up and striding off, letting you clean yourself up.

It takes a bit more to get back up than before, but you're hardly down for the count. You're probably going to have to play with that rear once you get some alone time with her.

She seems fully content to just stride over to where her sister is waiting and tag in the eager Minoriko who hops over the ropes as Shizuha slides under them and relaxes.

Minoriko is showing you all the signs of having had a sudden burst of naughty inspiration. The bounce in her step, and in her chest, and the way her hands are making grabbing motions at you suggest she had a plan in mind for you that you're probably going to love.

You decide to save her a little bit of effort and meet her halfway, then letting her do as she pleases.

She grabs you in her embrace and shoves your head between her breasts as she spins you around, disorienting you before sending you tumbling towards her corner of the ring. Shizuha catches you as you reach her and puts you into a hold from outside the ring, pinning you firmly to the turnbuckle as Minoriko advances on you and carefully slides the shoulder straps of her uniform off of her shoulders and lets her breasts pop free from confinement.

You're disoriented, sure, but she seems to know exactly how much to do you in by so you can recover fast enough to start enjoying what she'll do to you. You notice that Shizuha's got a good hold of you now, and that Minoriko has her breasts out of her outfit. If you weren't already erect that would have gotten such a reaction out of you.

Shizuha leans over the ropes and begins to nibble on your ears, teasing them with her teeth and giving them a lick and a suck. Meanwhile, Minoriko has bent down and given you a searingly passionate kiss full of all her attraction for you. She breaks it by pulling back and giving you a smile that makes you heart skip a beat before she kneels down and slides your dick between her soft mounds. Using her hands she pushes her breasts together with your dick trapped inbetween them, giving it a squeeze.

You immediately jerk your hips up after feeling Minoriko squeeze your cock between her breasts, and you moan as you're stimulated on two fronts.

Minoriko begins to happily rub her breasts up and down your cock in opposite directions, squeezing your sensitive shaft between them as she cheerily watches your face while she does so. Shizuha's hands roam over your chest and find your nipples and begin to tweak and tease them while you can't resist.

You're not quite as sensitive there as you were elsewhere, but having your nipples played with like that was oddly relaxing. You take Shizuha's hands in yours and continue to watch as Minoriko uses her breasts in incredible ways.

Shizuha nibbles on your ears a bit more before whispering into your ear, "You know, maybe if you're good we'll organize a 'mud' match between you and that Chen, hm?" She offers you as she gives you a pinch. Minoriko ups the pressure she's applying on your shaft as her tongue darts out to lick at the sensitive tip of your shaft that's poking through her breasts.

That's pretty much too much for you, and you wind up cumming again, crying out this time since Minoriko's getting rather close to using what you really want her to use.

Just as you start to orgasm Minoriko shifts and wraps her lips around the head of your shaft, sucking you off and draining out all of your cum. She stares you right in the eyes, her own twinkling as she swallows a load of your semen.

Shizuha laughs from behind you before grabbing your chin and twisting your head around to give you a kiss of her own. The sweet taste of sweet potatoes soaks your taste buds as her tongue slides into your mouth.

You can't help but spurt a bit more cum out as you get kissed in such a passionate way, and if you were in any position to hug one of the sisters you would.

Sadly you are not in any position to hug them, not even when they finally release you and Shizuha gives you a shove that sends you stumbling into the middle of the ring as you fall to your knees.

You watch as Shizuha takes Minoriko's chin and pulls her into a passionate kiss, wrapping an arm around her sisters waist as their tongues dance and the swap the delightfully tastes that they just stole from you.

You get back up once more, though you're definitely starting to have a bit of trouble now. Normally you'd be more resistant to this sort of thing, but it's kind of hard to react properly when you actually do want to submit to the sisters.

Shizuha breaks the kiss she's sharing with her sister and gives you a smirk as the dazed Minoriko slips out of the ring and she steps into it, stepping calmly towards you as she grins like the cat who caught the canary. She's planning something special for you too, you just know it.

Rather than wait, you decide to just walk up to her and kiss her on the lips before she starts.

She lets you get away with it, apparently more amused than anything as she wraps her arms around you and pulls you against her in a passionate kiss that robs you of your senses. She dips you down towards the floor, her lidded eyes staring into yours with a gleam of anticipation.

You wind up simply kissing her back as best you can as she decides what she should do to do you in.

She keeps up the kiss even as your lungs start to burn with the need to breathe, and then sets you down on the mat before straddling your waist. She easily pins your hands above your head with one hand and reaches down with the other to tug aside her bottom of her uniform, revealing her wet, dripping slit which she starts to rub along your shaft. "Do you want this?" She asks you, the grin on her face telling you just how much she knows you do. But with how she's holding this you can't do anything to force the matter.

You manage to reposition your cock to where your tip is poking her slit right as she reaches the apex of her rub, then help her push it right in. That alone is enough to draw an orgasm out of you, but you continue to jerk your hips anyway seeing as you've just started.

Her expression is a very satisfying one for you to see. It's a mixture of annoyance with you for messing up her game, ecstasy as you penetrate and cum inside of her and just a hint of amusement at you for still having enough spine left to play this kind of trick on her. She slams her hips back down into your thrusts as you pump your cum into her, more and more until your orgasm trickles to a stop and you're left panting underneath her.

...but she isn't getting off of you.

The RefShikieiki steps in to try and break things up, "Back to your corneahn~!"

But she is tackled from behind by Minoriko who eagerly begins to take certain sexual liberties with the RefShiki's form, especially her breasts which are apparently quite sensitive if her reaction to Minoriko's groping is any indication.

Meanwhile, Shizuha is staring at you with an expression that fills you with a sense of creeping dread and excitement. You did bring this onto yourself. You feel her muscles tense in her abdomen as her walls clamp down on your shaft, locking it into place when it is inside of her.

You squirm a bit underneath her and smile up at her. "I did tell your sister that I wanted to come home with you two."

"You just wanted to come inside me." She snaps back, though not harshly. She sounds more pleased than anything as she reaches back and gives your sack a squeeze, "Looks like all of your 'training' has been paying off, huh? Has that Chen stopped trying to 'attack' you in the back hallways and throwing the fight yet?"

Minoriko is currently busy getting the poor Shikieiki's pants off and trying to get her white with black stripe panties off as the poor red-faced Shikieiki struggles to compose herself enough to fight back.

You moan at that little bit of teasing and continue to look right at her. "It's not my fault your pussy feels so nice." You respond. "And no, of course not. She's been pretty pushy about making me her mate, but I just don't feel anything for her. Not like you and your sister anyway."

She tightens her grip on your shaft just enough to start sliding you in and out of her in long, slow rises and quick drops down that slam you into her. "Hmm...you know, I always did want a pet cat." She considers the situation thoughtfully even as she drives you to the heights of pleasure, "And she is adorable when she's not running her mouth." She smirks, "Or when her mouth is busy on something else."

Minoriko has tosses the poor Shikieiki's panties aside and has buried her face in the other mons crotch, and is apparently doing quite a good job at working her over if the Shikieiki's cries of pleasure and blank eyed and pleased expression are any hint.

You cum inside her yet again, clearly not finished despite every indication that you should be. "I love you and Minoriko, so don't hold back!"
She grins as you explode inside of her again and continues to thrust you in and out of her, only barely increasing the pace as she pumps you even as you cum inside of her. "Oh Zeke, when have I ever held back when I wanted something?" She asks you, pushing you all the way inside of her, down to your base. She stops there, just letting her walls clamp down around your twitching shaft as she grins wider still. She does seem to love holding you deep inside of her like this.

Minoriko has the poor Shikieiki lying on her back with her legs kicking futilely up in the air as Minoriko eats her out, her tongue delving deep into the referee's weak spot and dragging another orgasm out of her.

"Never~!" You respond as you happily give Shizuha everything you have. You kinda have to wonder how the crowd's reacting, but decide that you don't really care. You're basically Shizuha's anyway now.

Shizuha happily continues to milk orgasm after orgasm out of you as you drown in ecstasy underneath her on the mat. The Referee is kept from doing much anything by Minoriko eating her out.

Eventually though, you feel yourself slip out of Shizuha as she slowly stands upright, apparently a bit unstable herself after taking all of that inside of her. She moves asides and casually heads over to the panting Shikieki who watches Shizuha's approach with...anticipation?

Which leads to you becoming aware of a Minoriko looming over you. She's pulled aside the bottom of her outfit and is spreading her moist lips open to give you a good view of just what's inside of them as liquid drips out of it. "Hey~." She greets you with cheer, "You think you've got enough left in you to give me some?" She asks, her expression pleading.

"Your sister didn't milk it all out of me." You don't really have much strength left, but you try to hold your arms out to her to indicate that you want to be able to hold her for this.

She seems to be entirely happy to do so as she lowers herself down on you and gently, slowly begins to slide you inside of her. She wraps her arms around your middle as she moves her face up next to yours and kisses you on the nose, "You're so cute when you're like this."

You moan and decide to just kiss her lips. "Y-you look beautiful like this." There's just a hint of stammering in your voice as she buries you inside her up to the hilt. Shizuha liked to dominate you, but Minoriko was perfectly fine with more gooey, lovey stuff. You wrap your arms around her middle and let her take over from there. "This counts as my submission, so when we're done here you and Shizuha can take me home." You blush furiously as you say this next part. "Maybe for good this time. I want to live with you two."

She smiles prettily at you and sets your heart all a flutter. "You were always welcome." She tells you just before she pushes her lips onto yours again in a nice, firm and loving kiss. She slowly shifts her hips from side to side and front to back before deciding to move in a counterclockwise motion as she stirs your around inside of her, rubbing every side of your cock. Her tongue slides into your mouth and you get that sweet maple flavor of hers in yours again.

To the side you see Shizuha has put the referee into a submission hold sorts and has one hand firmly buried in the Shikieiki's crotch while the other happily gropes on a now exposed breast, teasing a pink, pert nipple as the Shikieiki cries out in ecstasy.

You're so sensitive and so pliant at this point that you cum inside her the moment you feel her taste in your mouth and her pussy grinding yours constantly. You don't think you can top what she's doing with you already, so you just relax and let her keep going. Between her personality and this... this is why you melted into her arms so easily. You love her, and she loves you.

She hums happily as you fill her up with your cum, your body working as hard as it can to try and put out enough to satisfy her. She doesn't stop working you until the orgasm draws to a close and the last of your cum has dribbled out of you and into her. "Hmmm..." She seems really happy as she rubs her stomach, "I love you too Zekey-poo." She teases you, but kisses you again just to remind you how much it's true.

You stroke her back, feeling content and happy just as you are. "Mino..." You say her name, well, part of her name, in a somewhat tired voice. You still make another effort to cum inside her again, feeling that you aren't quite totally tapped out yet. "After this, let's go home. I want to be with my girlfriends more than I want to be here. Way more."

She laughs happily and softly and gives you another kiss, "Sure Zekey-poo, you just rest your head and we'll finish up the show. Okay?"

Off to side of you vision, you can see Shizuha lounging happily on the ropes as she has the Shikieiki's head buried between her thighs and a hand holding her there as well as her legs crossed over her back. She grins at you, "Oh, don't mind me. You two just keep having your moment as long as you want to."

You don't mind her at all, and simply lay back as Minoriko takes you for the last time for today.

Minoriko picks up her pace, moving around in rapid circles as she tries to drive you to a quick orgasm. Her lips find yours again as she kisses you firmly again and gives you a great big squeeze.

And you cum inside her yet again, and oddly enough it must be your biggest load yet. You're pretty much completely tapped out though, and find yourself nodding off fairly quickly after that.

Minoriko leans down and places a kiss on your lips, happily humming about how full her belly feels. "I'll wake you up when we get home..." She promises you as she shifts and pulls your head into her bosom, "Just rest now."

As you nod off, you can see Shizuha finally letting up on the Shikieiki who dignifiedly dusts herself off and produces a handkerchief seemingly from nowhere to clean herself off from the various...juices. Apparently she's not even mad.

You do as Mino says and rest. Not that that's hard considering that you're in the arms of your lover.

And as your eyes slide shut...
No. 31654
So how do Shikieiki types even work in this setting, rather than in the fever-dreams of a horny teenager? Because they seem rather unlikely to lurk about in the wilderness, kidnap shotas and/or lolis, and rape them into submission. That goes for most of the more "civilized" 'mons as well, rather than those based on Youkai, who already lurk about in the wilderness and eat people.
No. 31655

Shikieiki's replace rape with non-consensual lecturing.
No. 31656
I'm not sure that any lecturing counts as consensual.
No. 31657

You know the only thing I really miss on this "update"? Commentators. It is not a true wrestling match without an overreacting referee and the snarky foil. Kinda like:

Kogasa: "Ya know, I like a guy that lets himself get sucked as much as the next mon, but his friends' mons will put you in the morgue. Y'know, I tried to snatch him once at the White Tower, but lost a fight against a Reimu and a Marisa, four pints of plasma, and I was declared legally dead for a week."

Youmu: "Awesome ass on him, though!"

K: "True that. And while you're getting pounded by those two, his own Primsrivers trio will blast yo ass in the air with their power songs. Plus, the fuckers are shiny!"

Y: "Awesome ass on him, though!

K: "True that!"
No. 31667
With how his mindset is slowly changing and what the SLRan did to him along with Satori's words and always watching I'm getting a feeling he's being trained by Satori to be a better pet than before.

We don't know exactly what SLRan pumped him full of other than what she said but Satori whispering things to her probably had instructions for her. He's probably being modified subtly to be able to serve anyone down there with enough as he could be dragged aside by someone who wants to fuck, be fucked by them and still be ready.

Such a good boy
No. 31673
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man who knows numerous mighty fine ladies who all take numerous sexual liberties with you on a regular basis. You had previously spent your entire life in Metro City before your father brought you to the New Continent and your mother insisted you go with him. To make a long story short your father sold you to at least two powerful touhoumon and you've been made to admit your mother never loved you either. You're a lot less torn up about that than you would have thought you'd been, but you suppose you always knew it. It isn't like she tried to make you feel wanted.

Currently you're relaxing on your back after your shaft finally slide from of the Utsuho who had been riding you for the past...you're not really sure, but it felt like a while. It looks like you did a good job though, because she's currently just wrapped her arms around you in a loose embrace and is asleep...and drooling on you.

...Man you're feeling kinda full and sloshy from all that milk of hers you drank. Your tummy is taut and just a little bit stretched, so you made have drank just a bit much. But she was just enjoying it so much and it tasted so good...

You notice the Satori is still watching, apparently amused with the entire situation. "Uhm, ma'am?" You keep your voice to a whisper as the Utsuho snuggles into you more, her breasts pressing up against your body, "Could you please help me?"

You really, really want to get to baking now. You feel so energetic and inspired somehow. And maybe just a little bit sore in certain places, but you can manage.

"I suppose~." She seems rather cheery, having watched you fuck one of her pets clear into satisfaction. She helps pry the Utsuho off you so you can get up, though you note that between the milk and the love juices around your crotch you're not really any cleaner than when you came in. Surprisingly, the Satori starts to haul the Ustuho out. "I think you can clean yourself up without help now. I'll be waiting just outside for you."

"Oh, okay." You agree with her easily enough. This is probably the only way you'll ever get clean anyway. You learned pretty quickly that letting your friends shower with you just leads to things getting really, really dirty real quickly.

You unsteadily get to your feet and wobble over to one of the shower heads, gathering up some helpfully supplied soap and turning it on and starting to quickly and efficiently clean yourself off. You never really got out of the habit of taking as fast a shower as you can. Your mother got upset if you wasted water.

Still, there was the matter of clothes... which you note that your outfit seems to have been washed while you were sleeping in the SlRan. Or when you were getting fucked by her. Or when you were fucking that Utsuho. The important part is that you have clean, dry clothes waiting for you.

You give your clothes quick once over before you put them on, just out of habit. Did any of your 'activities' damage them or a tear a seam or stain it beyond repair or any number of other horrible things that have happened to your clothing.

Thankfully it looks like nothing of the sort happened, so you can just contently get into your clothes, happy that things seem to be going okay now and you may just finally make it to this places kitchen. While you suppose it won't be your kitchen, you'll be happy to be able to finally put some of these ideas you had to the test.

You love that feeling when you're freshly cleaned and have on a nice set of unsoiled clothing. It's becoming an increasingly rare feeling for you to have the chance to hold onto for long.

Now that you're all clean and presentable, the Satori decides to guide you to the kitchen as she's had plenty of time to read your thoughts on the matter. The Utsuho has gone off somewhere as well, which may be just as well because she's rather clingy.

You follow the Satori along happily, looking around at the fantastic decor of her mansion. It's really just so luxuious compared to the places you've been before, you just weren't in the mood to appreciate it properly. Now though it's really sinking in just how classy and upscale this mansion is and you're feeling a touch out of place.

The Satori smiles since she's still reading your thoughts. "Oh, don't worry. No one's going to complain about you being here~"

"Oh, I didn't mean to..." You try and cover up your apparent slip-up. Oh how awful, you're being a terrible guest now. You're going to have to host her the best suprise dinner party ever to make up for this behavior of yours.

...darn it. You just want to get to her kitchen now so you can work off some of this steam.

"It's fine. It's your first time here and you're overwhelmed. I'm not going to hold that against you. You are, however, being quite adorable and it's getting rather hard to not simply carry you off and fuck you again~"

"Oh." Well, you can't say you'd really complain about that, especially if she did something with those tentacles of hers. The idea of being tied up in them with her is rather...exciting.

The Satori pecks you on the cheek and giggles. "Maybe later, Wilheim~ But for now I think you need to get that urge to cook out of your system first. I'd rather not have you get uncomfortable in the middle of the act~."

She finally leads you to the kitchen, and the first thing you realize is that that SlRan was right. This place pretty much blows any kitchen you've ever seen before out of the water, and it looks big enough to where multiple people could work at once. ...Which makes sense given the number of pets that have to be fed. Still, you can smell all sorts of spices, and from the looks of things there's a large number of fresh ingredients. Even fresh fruit. ...And a walk-in freezer, apparently.

Your mouth gapes at this amazing, magical wonderland of practical design, open space, bountiful countertops and numerous and plentiful ingredients. Like a giddy schoolgirl going to prom you scamper into the kitchen and quickly start to take inventory. You know what you're going to make? Grape Tarts. You've got just the stuff for it here, and you just need to get the right materials for the crust itself...

And the Satori is simply content to lean against the wall and watch you as you work. She really does consider it a shame that you got sold to multiple mons, considering that if your father had stopped with just her, she would have been able to dote on you all the time.

You do not consider any sort of important, complicated matters as you rush too and fro, focusing entirely on your plans for this delightful recipe and the tartest tart that you ever tarted before. It's going to be great, the grapes that you're using are just perfect for a tart! You know, it should take you too long to get these tarts going as you move rapidly and efficiently through the preparations. You think you could actually make that strawberry and cream pie that Satori inspired you with before. But what kind of cream does she have here? Something sweet but not too sweet, you don't want to overpower the strawberries natural flavors with the cream.

And that's exactly what you do, you quickly prepare the tarts and dart hither and thither to get the ovens prepared, following recipes you memorized and modified in your own head. With the tarts ready and slid into the over you quickly set to work on your strawberry and cream pie. It's going to be delicious, you just need to get yourself a pie tin, and are thankful that it looks like someone already had a crust available for you to use. A quick check of it makes it seem like it'll do just fine.

It almost feels like there's someone else in here with you though, aside from the Satori. You're finding the odd ingredient near the other stuff you pulled out, and while it may not be what you need in a given instance, it's usually pretty close.

You're a bit focused on other matters, but this is just like when Rumia would try and help you out when you were cooking, albeit a bit better at the helping part. You reach out and pat the girl on the head and get back to cooking happily, quickly setting your strawberry and cream pie into shape. It's going to be delicious, though not as much as the Satori herself was. Imitation never lives up to inspiration after all.

The Satori stares at you in disbelief, while the girl who was helping you stops and joins in the staring. The mon who was getting things for you waves a hand just in front of your face to check to see if that was a fluke or if you really did see her.

You notice a bit of cream on the girls hand and lean forward, licking it off of her fingers and shifting so your view isn't occupied with her hand. Hmm...you caught the barest hint of a flavor from your tongue licking her fingers, but...well, if you're already doing this, why not make a Key Lime pie too? I mean. You've got limes and pie mixings, so you might as well use them right? Besides, there's lot of people in this mansion that you've met so far. Two desserts won't be enough.

...Also, you like Key Lime pie. You never got to make it very much though.

"You can see me? That's really weird, most people don't notice me at all." The girl whose hand you licked starts talking, and she sounds a little like Satori, but unmistakably different.

"Hm?" You look at the girl and feel a faint headache and hear an odd buzzing noise in your head as you look at her. Her green hair is quite messy, but just looking at her and the Satori lets you put the pieces of the puzzle together. "Oh! You're her sister she told me about. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Something occurs to you, "...Do you like Key Lime Pie?" You ask her as you slip past her and grab yourself some more pie mixings. Two pies and a tray of tarts should be enough right-you can't even kid yourself. They'll tear through them like nothing if they're anything like your above ground friends. Hmm.

...Well, if you're making two kids of pie you should make another kind of tart, right? Let's see here...oh! You could make a nice cinnamon apple tart! You just need to start working on these apples as soon as you get these pies into the over, which means finishing up the Key Lime pie first.

"Uh... Yeah!" She responds happily, albeit with an underscore of confusion in her voice. "I'm Koishi! Or at least thats what you humans call my kind. Why are you able to see me though? Are you too good to be true and are just imaginary?"

"Well..." You pause in your preparations as she asks you an odd question, "I don't think that I'm imaginary. I'm pretty sure that I'm real, even though things seem like a dream lately with how they've been going." You admit that part. Things just feel like, despite everything, they're going too well for you.

"And, I'm really not that good so I don't think I'm too good to be true either." You shrug, smiling, "I'm just me I, I guess." Then you put the finishing touches on your pies and quickly slide them into their ovens. Okay, now you just need to work on these apples to make the tarts and you're reasonably certain that four of your super serving sized desserts should be enough. Probably.

You find that you're being hugged from behind and licked, but for some odd reason you're not being restricted in terms of movement. Seems she's floating behind you. "I guess you taste real enough."

You shiver a bit at the feeling of her tongue on your skin but don't let it stop you from doing your work. It's not like this is the first time you've been trying to cook while a girl did things to you with her mouth. At least this Koishi isn't nibbling on you. That was kind of unsettling.

Unnecessary apple parts fly away, discarded like the garbage they are for your project. The Cinnamon Apple Tart is quickly coming to completion now as you apply the cinnamon. You're experienced, better now. You won't make the overeager mistakes of your youth and apply too much cinnamon. You've learned to appreciate balance and the subtle intricacies of apples.

The Koishi just watches you as you work, finding you somewhat unbelievable as you get so many tasty things in the oven so quickly.

You finish up the last of the preparation on the tarts and carefully slide them into the oven. Now you just have to wonder whether this will be enough for everyone. "Hey," You speak up to the sisters her, "Do you think this will be enough for everyone? I mean, have I met everyone here yet, because..." You're fretting now, because you really don't want to make a bad impression due to your own thoughtlessness.

"Not really. I have quite the collection of pets. Perhaps my sister and I should help. We're not bad in the kitchen either." The Satori speaks up first, and what she says makes sense since you get the feeling she takes rather good care of her pets.

"Oh no, I'm sorry." You decide to get serious and roll up your sleeves and put on your game face, eyes sliding over the entire room thoughtfully and taking in every last ingredient and stove you have available to you, "You don't need to do that. I can handle this, I promise you." Countless possibilities are considered and discarded in a moment as you slip into your 'Bake Sale' state. To maximize your quality and production within the smallest possible amount of time, that is your purpose here.

The Satori seems even more surprised by your sudden change, and pulls Koishi away so she doesn't distract you.

You've already decided on a course of action. Now you just need to implement it. You move differently now, almost flowing about the kitchen like it was the only place you'd ever known. Every cupboard is open to you, every ingredient known. The first step is simple; cookies are an easy and a popular treat. By standardizing the batter itself and making it in one large batch, and then splitting it up to make the different cookie kinds, you cut the amount of preparation time you need down to a third of your normal.

A large mixing bowl falls out of a cupboard, and you catch it with ease and spin it once while applying the no stick coating. Setting it on the counter, you begin to spin it around while adding in your ingredients for the batter, mixing while you work and shaving another fourth of your time required for preparation off. Dry ingredients and wet, you've already learned the trick to simply mixing them all at once without needing to separate and sift first. With the last egg added, you pull a whisk out of the drawer nearest to you and begin to work it in the opposite direction of how you spin the bowl, maximizing your fluffs per second.

Your wrist moves faster and faster until your hand and the whisk are just a blur as you mix the batter. Once optimum mixedness has been achieved, you quickly begin to pour the batter from the large mixing bowl into other bowls with one hand while quickly readying the various mixings for the different batches of cookies. Chocolate chip, white chocolate chunk, peanut butter and almonds. All of these and more will be made use of.

A dozen bake sheets are readied for a dozen kinds of cookies, each of them being prepared for a monster sized serving. Moving quickly you mix in the mixings and stir each batch of batter or perfection so that the chips are evenly distributed. Satisfied with your work you pull two scoops, one for each hand, out of the drawers and launch yourself into the next step. Each scoop works to rapidly distribute bountiful dollops of cookie dough on the sheets, finishing with one batch and move onto the next as you push full trays aside to allow room for empty ones. When the last of the sheets are full, you feel a pang of annoyance as you look over the mixing bowls. You wasted some of the batter. You've probably gotten sloppy due to lack of practice.

Still, you don't waste any more time on that thought process. The ovens are already prepped at their optimized temperatures due to your forethought when you'd started making the cookies, which means they're ready to receive them. You balance the trays six at a time and deposit them into the ovens one after another, tossing them in with just the right force so they slide straight where you want them before you double back and grab the last six. When the final sheet is deposited you look at the clock in the kitchen and grimace. Yes, you've definitely slowed down. Your mother would have been disappointed at that speed.

Still, you have more to go. Two pies, two trays of tarts and twelve large sheets of jumbo cookies won't be enough. You quickly turn your attention to the sisters, your gaze serious and sharp as you ask in a gravelly voice, "What is the prevailing opinion on cakes?"

Koishi is just slack-jawed at what you've accomplished so far. She's never seen anything like this, and you're pretty much proving yourself to be ideal househusband material here. Satori, on the other hand, is a bit more able to act. "Yellow cake is the most widely accepted. Simple, but it's well-liked."

You nod and set back to work, gathering the mixings for cake batter while preparing six of the remaining ovens as you quickly plan out just what you can do with yellow cake. Simple, like vanilla. Which means you can combine it with countless flavors. But you need to focus on ones you can quickly prepare with what you have on hand. The most obvious choice for the first cake is chocolate frosting with yellow cake, a simple but popular class. The next idea comes to you as you begin to prepare the cake batter. Butter cream frosting with yellow cake should go over well for those with a more vanilla taste.

You use the same technique you used before to mix the cake batter, quickly mixing them to a perfection while coating the cake tins for your ease. It's not a slow process at all to pour the perfected batter into the tins, preparing enough of them to make six cakes, three layers each after a modification of your original plan. You quickly set them into the ovens and...stand there a bit awkwardly, fiddling with your purple and green oven mitts as you realize you don't have anything more to do immediately. This won't be enough, of course. Maybe you should make more tarts or pies?

Your Bake State takes a temporary break as you relax just a bit, breathing out a sigh of relief. At the very least this is a good start, right?

And you suddenly find yourself getting bound up by the Koishi's blue tentacles and pulled over to her, with your bonds getting more thorough the closer you get. The Koishi's talking so fast that you can't quite understand her, but you get the general gist that she wants to know how you did that.

Maybe that she's going to fuck you now.

Or maybe that's just you since you're bound up.

You blush, squirming around in her tentacles and finding yourself enjoying the feeling of being bound and at her mercy. Politeness compels you to answer what question you think she's asking you, "I don't really know what you mean? I just learned how to do that when my mother would borrow the Rec Center’s kitchen and have me make stuff for a bake sale. I just learned how to go faster." Because you wanted her to be proud of you and tell you that you did well.

"That's really amazing though! I've never seen a human make stuff that fast! Are you sure you're not a mon of some kind? Maybe some kinda super-ultra-rare boy who has mon properties?" The Koishi's still gushing over your abilities, while the Satori looks at a pocket watch she's pulled out of her watch. Apparently she's going to keep track of the time for you, since she probably read your mind during all that to know what needs to come out when.

"Uh...I don't think so?" You offer, a little bit off balance at the Koishi's great cheer and enthusiasm for your abilities. I mean, Rumia loved your cooking but that was for the food. This might be the first time your prep skills have been praised, "My mom was human, and your sister met my dad so she'd know if there was anything there, right?"

...Also you're pretty sure there aren't any boy touhoumon. You never heard of any of them in P.S. 34.
No. 31674
And then she kisses you and does you up tighter somehow, managing to make you more secure without making it hurt. Apparently this Koishi is just as unlikely to want to let you go as that SlRan or Utsuho.

You squirm and wiggle as much as you can as her tentacles wind around you and tighten, but your struggles quickly cease in response to her kiss. Your eyes flutter downwards as you lean back into it, happily parting your lips in response to the pleasure.

She responds by kissing you deeply, wrapping her arms around you and using one of her tentacles to snake around your cock to work it up. Clearly, that little act turned her on.

You snuggle up against her as much as you can while bound by her arms and tentacles, eagerly responding to her kiss. The feeling of her tentacle sliding up around your sensitive cock makes you moan into her mouth, and your hips shift about as they seek more pleasure instinctively.

The Koishi is willing to give it too, as she's now using that one tentacle to squeeze your cock and pleasure it, sliding around it and pumping it while using her hands to grope your rear~

You moan happily as her tentacle begins to squeeze you tighter, your shaft twitching eagerly in response to the odd sensation, but the feeling of her hands fiving your butt a squeeze makes you squeak in alarm and makes your hips jolt forward as much as they can, which isn't much.

You can feel your shafts twitching intensify as you start to approach an orgasm, the thrill of being tied up while she teases and gropes you being too much.

"Someone looks about ready to cum~" She teases you as she continues working you over, speeding up her efforts on your cock as she does.

Your eyes glaze over as your body tries to move as much as it can in her hold, eagerly seeking out more pleasure before you finally ejaculate, spraying your sticky white stuff out and all over the Koishi as you lie panting in her tentacles embrace.

She smiles at you, admiring the expression on your face before removing her panties, the tentacle from your cock, and your pants proper as she buries your cock inside her proper.

You groan as she slips your oversensitive shaft into her tight hole, the feeling of it clenching down on you as you slide in almost being too much for you to bear. Especially bound up like you are. You lean forward as much as you can and place your face on her chest, letting out a relaxed sigh. This is really nice, being held like this.

She hums happily as she starts to thrust you into her, as while she can't read your mind she'd have to be blind to not see how much you're enjoying this. She pets your hair and gropes your rear as she goes, intent on making you more comfortable before you cum inside her.

You hum happily as she pets you, enjoying the feeling of being thrust in and out of her tight hole as ruffles your hair and squeezes your butt. You nuzzle your face into her chest and your tongue pokes out, getting a taste of her skin. That's...lime. The hint of lime that's oh so delightful on your tongue. You search out one of her nipple and begin to nibble gently on it through her clothes, eager to see if she responds to it as well as others have.

The Koishi moans and... lactates? Just how- Oh right, this is the Koishi who fucked that SlRan into submission and made her into her pet. Of course she'd be lactating, since Ran as a species have that odd quirk to their Mega Drain move that lets them force girls to start producing milk. Still, it's quite pleasant to taste and she starts riding you harder as a result.

The Koishi manages to realize something rather important and promptly takes her shirt off, exposing her bare breasts to you so you can get at her milk easier.

You immediately latch onto one of her breasts and begin to eagerly tease it with your tongue and savor her taste before settling down to business and suckling her milk from her. It's got an oddly fruity, sourish tang to it. But in a good way. Like a fruity milkshake.

But between that magnificent taste, your apparent fetish for being bound and how incredible she feels as you're thrust in an out of her you can't hold back any longer. She slams back down on you one more time and you orgasm, pumping a thick load of your cum into her as you shudder under the intense pleasure.

Not that she stops there, oh no. She holds you to her by wrapping her arms around your lower back, and has a couple tentacles take over groping your rear as she keeps on going, not content with just one orgasm. No, she's probably going to fuck you into submission and then some.

Your arms are pinned completely still, and the odd feeling of her tentacles rubbing along your rear makes you shiver happily and moan when one runs close to your rear entrance. The fact that she didn't give you a moments rest and kept pumping you through that entire orgasm and is still pumping you now is making it hard to hold back. Being bound like this just makes you too excited..!

Clearly you're enjoying this, so she keeps going exactly as she is. Satori merely watches, with one hand in her panties in a rather conspicuous manner, and occasionally checks her pocket watch so that nothing you make winds up burning.

You happily continue to suckle on her breasts, getting a good mouthful of her milk and swallowing it down with glee, enjoying how she's responding to your ministrations. As another tentacle rubs along your ass you don't even bother to hold back, ejaculating inside of Koishi and happily moaning around her breath before sucking even more intensely on her.

You release the breast you were current working on and give it a final kiss before moving to her other breast while leaving a trail of further kisses along her chest. Your tongue lashes up and teases her nipple before you wrap your lips around it and begin to suck eagerly on this one as well.

The Koishi moans and rides you quite hard, using her tentacles to keep you held firmly in place as she goes. A tentacle starts to rub your rear a little more thoroughly, and it seems to have been coated in love juices beforehand...

Your eyes widen as you feel the heart shaped tips of one of her tentacles slide extremely close to your rear as the other tentacles there continue to rub and slide all acorss your bottom. A spark of excitement is building up into a fire of lust as you feel that heart shaped tip slide along your rear.

And then she pushes in, apparently having either figured out or heard about your anal fetish, you girly boy. She uses that to get you off even more as she fucks you senseless.

You cry out in passion and overwhelming pleasure as her warm, fleshy tentacle squirms around and then slip inside of you, and you're quickly reduced to a near senseless state of bliss as she starts to thrust that tentacle in and out of you, timing it so that each time she dives into you she drives you deeper into her pussy.

You can't hold back while being double teamed like this and you let out a garbled cry of pleasure as you explode inside of her, pumping your semen into her as her tentacle wiggles about in your rear.

She doesn't stop her thrusting, either you into her or her into you, while you orgasm, and as your last orgasm starts to fade the tip of her tentacle pushes up against the prostate, forcing another orgasm out of you as you let out a pathetic cry, your hips bucking as best they can as you spill out all of your seed into her waiting slit.

The Satori checks her pocket watch again and starts to move about, pulling the various baked goods out of the oven as they're ready. She's actually quite skilled about it, as she removes them at the exact second they would be considered 'done'. All while smiling about how you're enjoying her sister reducing you to a pleasured puddle of shota.

You actually start to squirm around a bit in the Koishi's embrace, though you aren't going into a full panic mode as you watch Satori masterfully take care of the busy work part of getting your various baked goods out of the oven. Even so as much as you're enjoying being bound and fucked more than one way, shouldn't you be taking care of your cakes?

Not that you're being presented with the choice, seeing as the Koishi hasn't stopped at all, and if anything may be riding you faster than before. Satori's timing is impeccable, so it's not like you have much to worry about aside from yourself.

You bite your lip as warring feelings rage within you. On one hand you're really enjoying what the Koishi's doing, evidenced by the orgasm that rips through you just at that moment and forces a break in your thoughts as your mind whites out in pleasure.

...where were you? Oh, right. But on the other hand you've never trusted someone to take care of your baked goods when you're at this delicate a stage, especially not this many at once. You're just not sure you're ready to make this level of a commitment.

Your ability to think is temporarily robbed of you again when Koishi hits your prostate with the tip of her tentacle and wiggles against it, forcing another orgasm out of you as your semen is pumped into her rapidly filling pussy. She's doing that on purpose now, you just know it.

Considering how Satori's smiling as she continues to safely handle your baked goods, you get the impression that she might even be helping the Koishi time those little pokes of hers to where you can't maintain a single train of thought for more than a minute. Either that or this Koishi actually can read you somewhat and she's disrupting you on purpose to try and get you to stop worrying about it. For now, you're hers to have sex with until you faint.

Try as you might, you can't manage to hold onto a train of thought for a moment before Koishi mercilessly punishes you with pleasure. Eventually you can't even manage enough control of your body to suckle on her breast and you're just left limp in her embrace , drooling like a fool with a happy smile on your face as you buck up into her again, spilling out your seed into her waiting vagina.

If you were capable of discerning the look on her face, you'd suspect that the Koishi is enjoying watching you melt more and more, and keeps making you cum over and over just to watch the look on your face as you go slack in her tentacles. Needless to say, she's not going to stop anytime soon.

Left defenseless in her grasp, you orgasm over and over, spilling out your seed into her countless of times even as it starts to drip out of her over-stuffed pussy. She never stops milking you for your semen until you finally feel your consciousness begin to fade from the sheer exhaustion of having sex for countless minutes.


There are no limits to Wilheim's culinary abilities.
No. 31675
Wilhelm's mom was Martha Stewart, calling it. She combines the ruthless culinary efficiency with the callous disregard for human life necessary.

His uncle was Alton Brown.
No. 31676
"Unlimited Kitchen Works", anyone?
No. 31677
So how are the two factions going to resolve this tension? War, or perhaps a Hades-style bargain, where Wilhelm has to live underground for as many months as pomegranate seeds he ate, or whatever?
No. 31678
I still would have gone with Hard Throbbing Erection or a similar porno pun for that chapter
No. 31679
I think another thread here already has dibs on that name.
No. 31680
>while the Satori looks at a pocket watch she's pulled out of her watch
Yo dawg, I heard you like telling the time, so we put a watch inside your watch.

>You nuzzle your face into her chest and your tongue pokes out, getting a taste of her skin. That's...lime. The hint of lime that's oh so delightful on your tongue.
Are you saying that Koishi is sublime? Or will that be the SlShiki?[/obscure_reference]
No. 31683
She whispers something in your ear as she holds you up higher in the air again and you feel your trunks get tugged down, revealing your shame to your big sister. You can't help but gasp as something warm and wet wraps around your shaft and begins to suck eagerly on it.

You blush and squirm as she does this, not quite expecting it but not quite minding it either. It's just... You worked so hard to keep things from going like this, but she... she made the first move...!

"Zeke, it's time to wake up." A familiar, neutral tone speaks to you as Ruukuto wraps an arm around you from behind. She nibbles on your ear as her other hand slides down your body. Her fingers wrap around your shaft and begin quick and small little pumps on the bottom part of it near the hilt, moving with mechanical perfection.

"Ruukoto?" Now you're getting double teamed by the maids? What's going on, she wasn't supposed to be here today...!

And then between the sudden adrenaline rush of being taken and the sheer embarrassment of being taken by your big sister figures, you wake up. However, those sensations haven't gone away. ...Why?

Ruukuto is staring at you from above, her expression one of neutrality and vague interest. "You're awake." She declares as you feel two soft forms cuddling up on either side of you while a third is between your legs with her head stuff in your groin. Merlin is happily sucking you off, her eyes twinkling as she watches your reactions to her work. Lyrica and Lunasa are simply cuddled happily up against you, arms wrapped around you best as they can manage.

"Consensus has been reached and it has been decided that your Prismrivers are yours, but they may only be around you while you are supervised." Ruukuto informs you, apparently not even mildly affected by how you're getting sucked off in front of her, "I hope you can understand the situation. While I am confident in my abilities to educate, we have no desire for you to be risked in any...accidents."

You stare at Ruukoto like a deer caught in a set of headlights. Yes, this is effectively no fault of your own. Yes, Touhoumon are sexual by nature and Merlin seemed enthusiastic to do this sort of thing to you. However, being watched as you get sucked off is a bit more than you can take right now, which results in you blushing extremely hard while cumming in Merlin's mouth. You... you really have no words for this right now. All you can do is nod.

Well, nod and hug Lyrica and Lunasa as best you can.

Merlin lets out a happy squealing noise as you cum in her mouth and she eagerly gulps it all down and promptly goes right back to sucking you eagerly off, eyes shining happily as she watches the expression you make as she works you over. Lyrica and Lunasa giggle happily as you hug them and snuggle right back into you even harder than before.

Ruukuto stares at you for a long moment and you notice the lenses on her eyes shift several times, changing the colors on them. "Your temperature in your face is raised significantly, but you show no other signs of temperature change. All evidence points to your embarassment with your current situation. Your history shows no evidence of being embarassed with cuddling activities, and our predicted scenario did not suggest you to be the shy, embarassed and demure type in bed. Therefore, you are embarassed that this is happening while I am observing and saving all of the visual data."

If you had a drink you'd be spitting it out right now.

Ruukoto is essentially recording Merlin giving you a blowjob for Shinki knows what purpose.

If you could throw a cover over yourself you would, but all you can do is try to ignore her while Merlin continues to suck you off. You really need a distraction, and wind up kissing Lyrica to give you one. Kissing her deeply, as a matter of fact, letting whatever trait she has for kissing work its magic on you to help lessen your acute awareness that all this is getting recorded.

Ruukuto raises on eye brow and you watch as her eyes shift a bit, presumably as she refocuses. She's nice enough to not say anything and just watch now though. Unblinkingly and unfalteringly watching you.

Lyrica seems surprsied by the kiss for just a moment before she kisses you back just as eagerly, crawling onto your chest so she can lie there and get more comfortable as she teases you. Between the

Merlin's dedicated work of your shaft and Lyrica's kissing you let loose another orgasm into the ever eager Merlin's mouth as she gulps it all down. Lunasa is feeling a bit left out now though, ans she crawls out of your hold and moves closer to Merlin, chattering something to her sister that makes Ruukuto's eyebrows go up half a millimeter.

Just seconds later you feel Lunasa's expert grip wrap around your shaft as she masterfully makes use of her quick fingers to pump you mercilessly, each slide up and down your shaft hitting every weak spot on it while Merlin continues to suck on the tip.

You wrap one arm around Lyrica as she takes your mouth and manage to grab Lunasa's squeezably soft rear with the other. Thanks to Ruukoto not saying anything you're able to completely ignore her presence when you close your eyes to focus on your girls and what they're doing with you. You orgasm again, but are far more relaxed and loose about it, bucking your hips a bit as the two Prismrivers working your cock send you to a critical ecstasy.

You... You're curious about something though. You take the arm you're using to hold Lyrica to you and start to gently grope her, starting from her rear and shifting your hand around slowly until you're at her crotch. You start to rub at what must be her most sensitive spot out of a sense of experimentation and a desire to make her feel as good as she's making you feel.

You actually discover she's not wearing anything under that skirt of hers at all as one of your fingers easily plays with her slit and slips into her tight hole, making the Lyrica moan happily into your mouth as she pushes her hips back into the insertion. Lunasa waggles her ass happily as you grope her and chatters something at you as she takes her free hand and guides the hand that was on her bottom down to her wet slit as well.

Taking that as their permission, you start to gently pump a couple fingers into each wet pussy, as you're not sure of how much they can take. Still, you're not going to suddenly deny them when they're asking it of you, so you start to pleasure Lyrica and Lunasa as Merlin continues to pleasure you in her insatiable way.

This is indescribably nice though. You feel the warmth of your girls on you, you feel their love and you love them back, which is being expressed in a decidedly dirty way. Yet this is okay to you. You're slowly working toward mutual lovemaking, at least you think you are, and it's beautiful.

Lyrica happily kisses you more and more eagerly as your fingers dive deeper into her wet slit and stir her up and reaches back to take hold of your hand and urge you to slide in deeper. Lunasa seems content to let you explode her at your own pace and just lies her head down and sighs contently as she pumps another orgasm out of you and makes you spurt your cum into the immensely satisfied looking Merlin who swallows it down.

You respond to Lyrica's desire by thrusting a couple of your fingers deep inside her, and picking up speed gradually to give her a chance to build up a bit. Lunasa seems content where she is, so you somehow manage to take her a bit slower. Merlin... needs no help at all, since she hasn't slowed down since she started.

Lyrica moans long and deep into the kiss that time, her eyes closing as she just leans down on you happily and kisses you deeper still, her tongue slipping into your mouth to play with yours. Lunasa smiles as she starts to grind her hips back and forth a bit while your fingers are inside of her, stimulating herself while still pumping you. Merlin is still happily sucking on you without any signs of her slowing down, but you notice one of her hands is buried in her crotch and rapidly moving as she sucks you.

You're probably going to return the favor to Merlin once you get the chance, though right now you're feeling a little like you're melting from Lyrica's kiss. You're not sure if it's a trait of hers, a skill, or what, but you start to thrust into her more vigorously, same as with Lunasa. You're bucking your hips a bit on your own now, clearly happy with how things are going.

Your girls seem to be quite happy with how things are going as well if the sounds they're making are any indication. Lunasa is moaning something at you in moonspeak with a decidedly pleased looking expression on her face while Lyrica is just moaning and squealing into your mouth with immense pleasure. Merlin just looks damn pleased with herself as she sucks down another load of your cum.

You're force rapidly into one more orgasm when you feel your girls walls clamp down on your fingers. Lunasa is crying out passionately in moonspeak and Lyrica just kisses you all the harder as the both of them cum. Merlin contently sucks up the last of your cum and lets go of your shaft with a pop so she can sit up and rub her full stomach.

You feel immensely exhausted now and can barely find the strength to speak, let alone move.

If you could move though, you'd be licking your fingers clean. You're pretty curious as to how your girls taste. After all, they seem to think you taste pretty good.

Lunasa and Lyrica crawl their way up to you as your fingers slide out of them with a slick noise and cuddle into your sides again, sighing happily. It's at this point that you remember Ruukuto is in the room when she walks calmly over to your bed and leans in to kiss Merlin firmly on the lips. Merlin looks caught completely off guard before you hear a humming noise come from their direction and she goes slack in Ruukuto's hold, her face flushed bright red. Ruukuto pulls back from Merlin and gently repositions the girl so she's resting on the bed with her rear in the air. "No participant should be left out in sexual activities. Ezekiel, please observe and learn the proper technique." She orders you, holding up one hand and extending the pinky, middle and index fingers as her other hand pulls Merlin's skirt out of the way.

Without a moment’s hesitation Ruukuto calmly brings her hand to Merlin's ass and inserts those fingers into her. Merlin cries out in passion and pleasure as Ruukuto calmly and meticulously proceeds to finger bang her, using several techniques to maximize her pleasure.

As you watch this happening, Merlin orgasms two times in under a minute and is now drooling on your blanket even as Ruukuto calmly withdraws her hand. "That was purely technique. I made no use of my unique functions or additional abilities." Ruukuto informs you as she places her fingers in her mouth and cleans them.

Part of you is embarrassed that Ruukoto actually joined in on your antics, while the other is blushing because she made Merlin orgasm like that so quickly. Perhaps it was just you, but it felt like that sort of thing should be drawn out a bit more.

You can't even really squeak as you're an embarrassed, but happy mess. "I was planning on using my tongue for her..." You manage to say quietly.

She stares at you for a moment before holding her fingers in front of your mouth, offering them to you, "If you wanted a taste, there are still traces on my fingers. In your current state I would not recommend any more sexual activity for now. You are already highly exhausted, further activity could potentially force you out of a conscious state. Should the Prismrivers do that to you at their first opportunity, I have already been informed as to what response I should take."

"It involves ropes, chains and my vibration and shock functions." She informs you a moment later.

You are left speechless for a moment. "Ruukoto, while I do understand the concerns involved and fully respect them, I would like you to relay the question of why mother seems to be trying to shave years off my life through boredom and embarrassment. I though the idea was to match her metaphorical loss, not match and then exceed it." It's taking literally everything you have to keep a level voice at this stage, fighting off both exhaustion and embarrassment to respond to the... casual way Ruukoto is speaking about things.

"I estimate a ninety-nine point nine percent chance that you are upset at my recording of this event." Ruukuto declares, "Please do not be angry, as I have recorded every event of importance in your life, from your birth to your first steps."

"I file them under 'Precious Memories\Ezekiel'." She informs you seriously, "I currently have one hundred and fifteen terabytes of information, video and audio logs recorded there."

"...I also have my plans for what I would do if harm were to come to you filed under my 'End of Days' scenario folder." She adds on, a tiny smile on her almost always expressionless face, "I am happy that it was unnecessary to access that folder. The randomized fifteen thousand character password takes entire centi-seconds to break."

"Sorry, Ruukoto. It's a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to having one of my older sister figures recording me having sex so blatantly. I would have reacted the same way if Yume did what you did." You sigh, relax, and continue to cuddle your girls while hoping Merlin would join you in the whole hugging thing. You just got through having sex with them, sure, but you want to hold them for a while too. "You care in your own way, and I just got embarrassed over it. ...Which probably isn't new to you, now that I think about it."

"I have become accustomed to illogical human reactions to my own logical decisions." Ruukuto responds, still staring at you with the camera's rolling no doubt. Merlin crawls exhaustedly closer to you and climbs up enough on you that your shaft is rubbing against her stomach. She then nuzzles her head against you and falls asleep between your legs.

"My, how adorable. Yumeko will want to see this to share in the joyous moment of you experiencing your first, I'm sure." Ruukuto declares, still staring.

You blush again, considering that Ruukoto's declaring that she's going to share her recorded porn with your other big sister figure. Still, Ruukoto does care about you and both maids are still mons, so it's not that big a deal. You trust them not to do something like post a copy of that recording on the internet or anything. "Sheesh, at this rate I'm going to spend more time sleeping than being awake." Ruukoto was right, you are exhausted physically. All that chipperness you felt amidst the molestation is gone, replaced with a satisfied tiredness from being team-fucked by your girls and reciprocating them as best you can. You hug all three of your girls to you as you start to doze off.

Still, it's a good sort of tired.
No. 31706
You keep your girls close to you and start shining your light over any dimly lit vent you happen to see, flicking from point to point rapidly while trusting that between you and your girls you'd be able to spot the slime variant before it attacks again. ...While making sure to look up every now and again. You're not stupid enough to forget to check there twice.

Of course, the problem with this setup is becoming readily apparent to you. You can't keep an eye on every vent at once, and there's still a long way to go by your reckoning. Your flashlight is no flood lamp, so as much as you hate to admit it there's a lot of gaps in your coverage.

Your heart is hammering in your chest as you keep up your march towards the exit. This is just a straight line really, there's only two ways in and out of an Underground Tunnel, and that's at either end of the tunnel. Besides that there are the darkened or dimly lit rest areas and the occassional maintenance hallway that leads off to the side. So many places to hide, too many places to watch. You hear a fleeting giggle as the lights ahead of you, all of them, shut off at once.

Not to mention that this slime variant is, you know, a Kogasa. A species that practically gets off to spooking people. Now your flashlight is the only source of light, and it's nowhere near enough to even keep the area around you lit. The worst part is that you can't even hold your girls because they need to be ready to repel the SlKogasa when she strikes.

...Assuming they can.

Not that you're assuming that your girls couldn't defeat the mon, but the SlKogasa has the advantage of none of your group being able to see anything, save for where you're pointing the flashlight.

The whole situation that you're in is weighing down on your shoulders as it sinks in more and more. Slime types are ambush style attackers, using their odd bodies, properties and abilities to make up for being statistically weaker than their other counterparts. Kogasa are also expect ambushers and hone their natural talents for it with a love for scaring people silly. You're dealing with a natural born ambush predator whose body is specifically built towards making use of normally impossible attack methods, like hanging from the ceiling or slipping through tight vents.

And then there's you, going through what amounts to a huge stretch of home turf that belongs to a slime variant who was probably dumped here by some careless trainer, seeing as it's literally impossible for that variant type to form here normally. A SlKogasa who's probably hungry to boot. You can't imagine too many people coming through here.

One more fear creeps up into your heart as you remember the conversation you had with your mother, and a single word is enough to nearly make you stop in your tracks.


At that very moment smother lashes out of the darkness and grabs hold of Lunasa. Your eyes lock with hers as the tendrils of slime wrap around her in an instant, and in that instant you can see the fear and plea for help in her eyes as her lips part.

And then she's dragged screaming into the darkness as more tendrils lash onto Lyrica and Merlin.

Your knee-jerk reaction is to hang onto them both and hold them to you as you try to keep moving toward the exit. The problem is that they're kind of, you know, bound by a mon that's probably stronger than you by several times. You're literally walking backward as you try to stop the SlKogasa from taking any more of your girls. Yet, there was something off in your head. The guilt of failing Lunasa was causing your mind to blank just a bit, but you're still fighting this with every ounce of your strength.

You struggle as hard as you can, pulling using your whole weight and every muscle in your body against the SlKogasa. Merlin and Lyrica are screaming in moonspeak, and you don't need to know the language to know that they're begging for you to not let them go. Lyrica has wrapped her arms around you as best she can and is crushing you with her grip, but the tendrils grasping Merlin pinned one of her arms and her own grip of you is weak, and failing rapidly.

And she knows it to, she looks you in the eyes and tries to say something, but it doesn't come out fast enough. Her grip fails and she slides out from under your arm and is dragged off into the darkness as her sister was.

Lyrica is the only one left holding onto you now and she's sobbing into your chest as the slime pulls on her, trying to take your last companion from you.

You... You're seriously failing. You wrap your arms around your first, and ironically last remaining companion as you try to fight the inevitable. You're starting to sweat from the exerted effort, and you get the feeling that the SlKogasa will outlast you in the stamina department. You're not going down without a fight though. You're not going to let her take Lyrica from you, you're getting out of here, calling for Yume to help you and coming back for your girls! ...That has to happen, you won't accept anything else! "D-damn it!" You pant out as the exertion starts to get the better of you.

You're really in a game of tug-o-war that you can't win, with your girl's lives as the impromptu prize. Maybe yours as well.

But you refuse to let go. You can't let go. You'd be a failure of a trainer if you didn't somehow save Lyrica.

Lyrica's form shakes as she moans in pain from being pulled on in two different directions, and she pulls her face from your chest to try and look you in the yes one last time. You can see it in her eyes, the fact that she's accepted she won't be getting out of this. She looks behind you, at the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can feel her will you to just run, leave them here and escape. Her sisters would feel the same way. After everything you did for them, giving them just a bit of hope and a dream of happiness after they'd all lost everything, they want you to be safe, even if you have to leave them to do it.

Your arms are straining desperately now as you feel Lyrica slowly slipping out of your grip, inch by inch. On her face you can see a sad smile as you fight a losing war.

You're crying now. Hot tears stream down your face as you continue to try to hold onto her. "No no no no... I just met you! This wasn't supposed to end like this!" Your arms grow weaker as exhaustion kicks in, and she starts to slip from your grip little by little. "I didn't save you three just to lose you to the first encounter!" You're practically screaming as you try to continue fighting. "I know you want me to run, but I can't take losing you all!"

You're not sure your heart could take losing your girls, let alone abandoning them. Even if the situtaition can't be salvaged. "Sorry, Lyrica, I guess I take after Yume a bit too. I just love you too much to let go. Pretty stupid of me, huh?"

She tries to respond, to plead with you one last time, but at that moment she's torn from your arms with a final tug and dragged into the darkness as she gives you one final, pleading look. You don't if she wanted you to save yourself and run or save her.

And then you're left with nothing.

Not one of your mons remain.

You may as well have braved the White Tower and taken your punishment for nothing.

You can't even consider escaping. Your conscious mind is a mess and every action you're taking, such as running after your girls in a doomed attempt to save them is automatic.

Your connection to your girls is supposed to be fresh and weak, like your father said. So why do you feel like part of you died back there?

The same reason you're going after your girls even though you should escape. They were still connected to you, they still had an effect. Your unusual method of recruiting them must have given you a head start in that regard.

Maybe it's also because your hopes and dreams died when your girls were taken. Your mind is almost catatonic at this point. The effort you went through was wasted.

The only way to salvage that and heal was to somehow get them back.

Even then it wouldn't be the same.

They'd forgive you if you saved them, you're sure of it.

Get mad at you because you risked your life, sure, but they'd forgive you.

You'd never be able to forgive yourself.

That's why you're running, chasing after the trail of moisture left behind by the slimes passage. Occassionally you can make out cries from your girls from somewhere in the Underground Tunnel. The SlKogasa probably has her lair down one of the maintenance hallways or storage rooms and-there! You see a trail of sticky wetness lead into a doorway along the left side of the hall.

You don't even take heed of the danger you're in and chase them down.

If you had anything left in that thinking part of your brain, you'd probably realize that you have no way to fight the SlKogasa even if you did encounter her. Given that she's probably doing this to lure you in, you will encounter her. That thinking part would tell you you'd lose, and that you needed to go get help. Get Yume, Ruukoto, someone.

Even if your girls were converted, you could at least reclaim them. Start over.

But you don't think that, you keep charging and running after them, hoping to find them in time to do something, anything you can do to save them. Which is just as well, since the way behind you was shut after the Kogasa noticed that someone was in the tunnel with her, and the way ahead was trapped as well. There's only two ways out of an Underground Tunnel after all.

But that never came into play.

Instead, you charging down these narrow hallways and ducking around low hanging pipes as you pant and wheeze to keep up with your oxygen needs. You have to find them, you just know that you can. They're near here, you can feel it in your heart.

Your dad was surprisingly wrong about the whole 'bond' thing. Fresh? Yes. Weak? Circumstances say otherwise, since you don't need to hear, see, or smell them to zero in on them. You just know where they are somehow.

Eventually, you do manage to find them.

You find a door with slime leaking out from behind and you'd swear you can feel them coming from that direction. So, you put your shoulder to the door as hard as you can when you can't open it normally, again and again until your burst through.
Inside, you find your girls, slime coats their bodies and they're all stuck and bound to the wall, each of them partially submerged in a mass of teal slime that shifts and oozes around them. Their hands are bound above their heads and you can watch as they moan and react to the slimes shifting touch as it rubs their bodies. Lyrica looks to you as you enter.

And then looks behind you as her eyes widen in fear and she shouts a warning to you just as you feel something wet and soft press up again your back and something whispers in your ear.


What would be most frightening to your girls though isn't the fact that you had just been caught, but rather that your eyes were partially glazed over, and red and puffy from crying. You were broken long before you ever got here.

Your reaction to the SlKogasa was to try and turn to face her, maybe take a swing at her. Your expression is one of sorrow, but also one of a deep, murderous rage.

Your fist gets stuck in her body as she gasps at your expression, her blue and red eyes widening in fear. "No!" Her voice has an odd distortion to it as she yells, lunging towards you and onto you as her slimy body latches onto yours and pulls you inside of her as she pushes you back into the room. "No, no, no!" She's yelling at you now as her slime starts to pour over your body and you're already half way into her. She's only formed into a humanoid form up to the waist at the moment, and your legs and one of your arms are already pinned inside of her body as her slime slowly works its way into your clothing.

You try to struggle and try to free yourself, emitting a strangled cry. You're not even all there anymore. You want to punish this mon for what she's done, but you can't.

"No no no no no no no!" The SlKogasa is chanting in a panic as she tries to contain your struggles. Her slime tightens around your legs and the arm stuck in her as her right arm shifts into a whipping tentacle and binds your one free arm with it as she reaches out with her still humanoid arm and starts to stroke your cheek in what you think is a mimicry of a soothing gesture. You can hear Lyrica yelling something as Lunasa whimpers and Merlin groans softly.

You're bound more and more, but you don't stop. You're already aflame in a sense and you're not going to go out quietly. In fact, if anything hearing Lyrica, Lunasa, and Merlin makes you redouble your efforts, pointless as it is.

She forces your other arm into her slimy body, your hand easily slipping through the membrane as she sucks you deeper into her until your legs and arms are fully inside of her and you're pressed up against her membrane itself. She's using both hands to trying to soothe you by rubbing your hair and stroking your cheek as she keeps up chant, "No no no no no..." She's nearly whispering it at you now.

If anything's slowing you down, it's the fact that you can't move anymore. The realization of that gradually starts to sink in, which is why you eventually stop and somehow start to cry again. It's clear that while you're slowing down, it's not because of the slime girl.

The SlKogasa seems to stop pulling you deeper into her now that your arms and legs are pinned, and you can't help but feel good as her slime starts to massage your arms, legs and chest as if there's dozens of skilled hands working you over and making your body relax. She shifts her hips back further on her slime body so she can lean down and look at you, her own eyes full of bountiful emotions as she uses her fingers to try and wipe away your tears and shakes her head at you, whispering, "No."

You lock eyes with her, somehow. "Why?" Is the only thing you ask, quietly and hoarsely.

You... knew the reason, you think, but you can't access it.

She stares at you for a long moment before leaning forward and pressing her lips against yours in a kiss. Her slimy body actually isn't very slimy at all, and her lips are very distinct and wonderfully soft. Her kiss isn't hungry and dominating, it's desperate and needy as she takes hold of your head and pulls you deeper into the kiss as her slime finally starts to slip along your crotch. Slimy tendrils slide up and around your shaft, gingerly stroking it up to mass as other tendrils rub along it or tease around the tip, especially the urethra.

You feel something slip into your mouth from her kiss, an odd warm liquid that soothes your parched throat as it slides past it and down your esophagus. As it disappears into your belly you feel a tingling warmth spread through your whole body, and every gentle touch and stroke, be it on your body or shaft itself, feels a dozen times more intense.

She pulls back from you, smiling happily and giggling before chattering something in a mix of moonspeak mixed with common. You catch 'happy' 'together' 'all' and 'home' in her rapid deluge of dialog.

You can feel that pleasant warmth over take you as it spreads from your stomach outwards. You can't resist the temptation to relax physically as her slime embraces and supports you and she just keeps giving you this amazingly happy smile as she strokes your cheek.

To the side you can see tentacles of slime slip their ways into the Prismrivers mouths as a slight expansion in them runs up their lengths before they deposit their load. Merlin swallows the load reflexively and lets out a sigh as the tentacle withdraws from her mouth, Lunasa ends up coughing up some of the mess but relaxes into the slime embrace and moans as you can see something probing her, rubbing along her panties and teasing her slit through them. Lyrica keeps moving around in the slimy cocoon she's partially inserted in, but the tentacle just pumps three more loads into her mouth for her troubles. Even she seems to calm down then, and as the tentacle withdraws she has a dopey smile on her face and lets out a pleased sound as the slime she's in starts to tease her as well.

You feel fully relaxed. Your mind is fuzzy, but you find that you don't care somehow. You just moan and squirm a bit as she uses her slime to tease your cock. You're stuck, but she seems to be awfully tame about this compared to what she could be doing.

Most slimes would probably have dissolved your girls already and cocooned you.

SlKogasa giggles happily as you relax and her hands come to a rest on your shoulders as she begins to gently massage them while she coos at you, urging you not to hold back and just relax inside of her. If you wanted to cum, that's just fine with her. The slime around your shaft has fused together into a single form instead of being separate tendrils, and it feels as if countless small, wriggling tentacles are rubbing your shaft and teasing every spot along it as something eagerly sucks on your shaft, urging you to spill out your come.

Your eyes are drawn to a spot in her humanoid body, hovering right about where her womb would be a more normal being. It's a very, very dark blue, almost black. Is that...her core?

You cum before you can put much thought into it, unable to resist what she's doing to you long enough to think about it.

You can't help but moan in pleasure and you hear the sisters all orgasm in quick order after you as well, moaning or crying out in pleasure. SlKogasa looks absolutely blissful, almost orgasmically so, as she feels all of you cum into her, whether it's her main body or a cocoon she made from extra slime. You can see you white stuff get pumped into her and then drift up in her body where it's absorbed into her dark core.

It's the sound of your girls moaning and crying in bliss that finally soothes you completely, and you manage to lean up just enough to kiss the SlKogasa on the lips again. She doesn't want to hurt you, clearly, so this should be fine, right?

Her eyes widen in surprise as you kiss her on your own, but she quickly reacts with absolute glee, grabbing hold of your head and kissing you fiercely on the lips as the odd toy she made inside of her to please you starts to become drastically more active, teasing and sucking on you as every part of your shaft is teased. Your girls start to let out rapid sounds of pleasure as the SlKogasa starts to work more earnestly on them as well.

You can't even think about holding back as you cum inside her over and over, letting her have her way with you as your burnt out and drugged mind sees this as a good thing rather than a bad thing.

She giggles and laughs with absolute, pure happiness as you come inside of her more and more. Your girls orgasm at a slower rate than you, but you can hear their submissive, pleased cries as SlKogasa pleasures them and learns their most sensitive places intimately well. SlKogasa shifts her body around and pulls your head into her slimy bosom, which is cushiony soft and a wonderfully cool place to lay your head as she strokes your back soothingly, whispering and cooing to you in a broken mixture of moonspeak and common. She sounds very happy and pleased that you'd accepting this, and very pleased as she directs more and more of your cum into her core.

You start to lick her breasts once your head is squished against them, tasting her oddly pleasing slime as you surrender to her completely.

She tastes like...like blue raspberries. So sweet and sugary! She moans as you tease her breasts before giggling and chattering something at you again, but you only manage to catch 'bad boy'.

You eventually begin to tire and you find it hard to stay awake even with the SlKogasa's help, and she slowly stops teasing you as she milks out one final orgasm. She carries you over to what seems to be an office chair in this dimly lit room and gently lays you down in it. Carefully and lovingly she starts to wrap you up in slime to keep you nice and safe and here with her. Forever.

Already you're being partially cocooned up like your girls are already. You can see them all relaxing limply in their cocoons, breathing heavily and exhausted from being made love to.

The only thing that could improve this for you is if your girls were in the same cocoon as you were, but...

The SlKogasa kisses you on the lips one more time before sliming off to go and do something else that needs to be done. The slime in the cocoon you're in embraces you comfortably as you feel a tendril of it slide up out of the mass of slide and press up gently against your lips, urging you to let it inside for just a bit.

You allow it to do its thing, since you're not going anywhere.

It slips just a bit into your mouth before it starts to leak out a few drops of cool liquid, which you quickly realize is water with just a hint of her blue raspberry flavor. She's making sure to give you something to drink. In the distance you can hear her giggles echoing through the vent network.

You suck on the tendril eagerly, content with your lot in life now. You know you'll always be taken care of, so maybe this really is okay...

And you are, you're kept her lovingly by the SlKogasa who sensually, caringly breaks you and your mon in so you'll stay here with her, even if she were to ever let you out of your cocoons.

Trapped like a fly in a spider’s web, your journey ends abruptly here. But, maybe it's not so bad if you spend every day like this...

No. 31707
>She tastes like...like blue raspberries.

No. 31708
>losing the girls to a hostile slime

No. 31712
>MC's pain and anguish as he gets permanently NTR'ed by a dominant monster.

No. 31714
Your answer comes in the form of SlKogasa casually unbuttoning and unzipping your pants and reaching in with a cool hand to pull your dick out. Her membrane feels slick and slippery as she starts to give you a handjob, and you feel the texture of her membrane change so her hand suddenly has odd bumps along it that force more pleasure onto you.

You gasp and moan as the SlKogasa starts to rub your cock, feeling little electric jolts of pleasure running all through your body. You actually proceed to lean on the Kogasa as she jerks you off more and more, finding it impossible to stay upright with her doing that to you.

Your head is about level with her breasts, isn't it? You decide to take your tongue and run it along one of them, tasting blue raspberry as you go.

She shudders happily as you submit to her hand and lets out a squeak of pleasured surprise as your tongue runs across her breast. Her slime flows up your back to suppose you as she lets go of your shaft and grabs hold of your rear and starts to pull you towards her. You can feel your tip press up against her membrane for a moment before piercing through it and slipping inside of her cool body. Inside you can feel her slime form up and shift around your shaft, teasing it as she holds you in place inside of her. What feels like rings of slime that circle around your shaft begin to run up and down your length, pumping you eagerly and trying to coax your cum out of you so she can bond with you well.

You shudder and moan more as she does that, and you wrap your arms around her body as you feel yourself cum inside her. It's rather odd how you're not worried about this, but your girls are there and would stop this if it went too far.

She lets out a pleased sounding noise as you cum inside of her, and you can see your sticky white stuff shift around in her body as it slowly floats to...is that her core? You watch as your cum floats closer and then is sucked into her dark core, sending the Kogasa into a moment of shuddering bliss.

She calms down and lets out a content sigh as she starts to squeeze you against her but Lyrica cuts in and the sisters all start to seperate the two of you. They only got to squeeze on load out of you when they first met you, same rules apply to her!
No. 31718
Same. Feels really bad man. Why you gonna do NTR...
No. 31719
You're not sure why you feel that it's a good idea, but you decide to take both the red and blue pills from Mugetsu, then swallow them both.

Mugetsu's eyebrows shoot up and her mouth opens up, "Wait I don't know if that will-!" She tries to warn you right as you swallow down the pills in a gulp. the area around you starts to warp and distort and fall down into the abyss. Mugestsu looks mildly miffed at you as you fall down, down and down through the blackness and get a chance to see up her skit. Huh. She's wearing red and black underwear.

You find that your mind is more than a bit fuzzy now, and that you're getting a bit drowsy again. You can't even berate yourself for taking strange pills from a strange mon, let alone think about your girls.

You land on a soft bed with a fwumph and find your arms and legs are instantly bound and held outstretched. In front of you is Mugetsu who is just giving you a look as if you are a particularly slow child and an entirely different touhoumon who looks very similar to her. "Gengetsu, he-" Mutgetsu tries to explain but can't seem to find the words to describe the sheer amazing denseness of your decision making process.

"Took both pills? I always wondered what would happen if someone did that. I thought that their heads would just pop." Gengetsu responds, smiling at you as her eyes rove over your now quite naked body, "My, but he molded both of the dream scenario's together? That's something else, isn't it sister?"

"Well yes, but..." Mugetsu is fussing as she looks over your body herself and licks her lips as her eyes focus on certain parts of your lower anatomy, "What do we do now?"

"Now? Why dear sister," Gengetsu tilts Mugetsu's chin up and leans closer, "We share, like all good sisters do."

Then Gengetsu closes the distance between their mouths and kisses her sister firmly, dragging a squeal that devolves into a moan from Mugetsu who ends up leaning into her sisters embrace in very short order.

Your mind is still foggy, but even in this state you can't help but find that arousing. You're quite sure that those two wouldn't miss that either. You look around yourself and note that you're chained to the bed, but despite being so thoroughly restrained it's not uncomfortable in the physical sense. It's making you nervous though.

Gengetsus's tongue slides out of her mouth and slips into Mugetsu as she tightens her hold around her sisters waist and pulls her closer, mashing their breasts together in an erotic display as the red sister continues to lovingly dominate the blue sister.

Eventually, Gengetsu pulls back and smiles at the dreamy expression on Mugetsu's face and kisses her sister on the cheek, "Now, how should we start with him? What do you think, dear sister?"

Mugetsu blinks a few times to try and refocus her eyesight on you, not even bothering to make it seem like she's not staring at your dick. "Well sister," Mugetsu speaks up as something occurs to her, "Why don't we do it all together? You always wanted to show me how to do that and this boy is big enough for both, isn't he?"

Gengetsu smiles happily at her sister, "Of course Mugetsu, he's just the right size. I'm so happy you finally want to learn to appreciate what I love so much."

"But, I want to add in what I love too!" Mugetsu declares as fiercely as she can.

"Hmm...very well. You're always gushing about the kinds of faces they make, so perhaps it will be worthwhile to see them for myself." Gengetsu agrees.

Your cock is quite erect and you're blushing quite hard just from that display, and you're leaking pre-cum as well. You couldn't be more primed for your impending rape than you already are, but you're not quite able to look your captors in the eye. You're their pet now, and you're quite certain that they're going to let you know it.

"Well then dear sister." Gengetsu casually tugs her clothing out of the way and releases her breasts from their containment, allowing them to bounce freely, "Why don't we start off with just squeezing out a bit to see what his quality is, hm?"

Mugetsu giggles happily as she quickly undoes vest and pulls off her shit to reveal her own breasts, which helpfully tell you that she really enjoyed that kiss she shared with her sister.

Both sisters crawl up onto the bed and towards your shaft and two simultaneous bursts of hot breath send you shivering as both of their faces loom close to your length. Just a moment later two wet, hot tongues slide out and run up your shaft from top to bottom in a long, slow lick. The two sisters let out noises of appreciation and lean in closer for a meal, running their tongues along you length and showering you dick with gentle, playful nips and kisses.

You start to breathe more heavily as they play with your cock like that, and moan as they pleasure you with their mouths. It's definitely enough to make you leak more pre-cum, but not enough to make you orgasm outright. Judging from their controlled pacing, that might be intentional.

"Mmmmm...he's delicious, isn't he dear sister?" Gengetsu asks right before she places another kiss on your over sensitive tip and then runs her tongue back down your length. Mugetsu hums her agreements as she runs her tongue along the base of your shaft, her eyes locked onto yours and twinkling as she savors the miserable expression you're making. Aren't you humiliated to be caught and made into a toy like this?

You close your eyes and scrunch up your face as you try to resist cumming, but with all their licking you can't really stop yourself. Their hot, wet tongues were really just that nice, and you feel yourself shoot your sticky white stuff out.

Your sticky white stuff sprays out all over their faces as the the two stop their liking and just stare at you as you orgasm, eyes focused on your face as they drink in you expression of submission to their sexual dominance and skills. Mugetsu giggles happily as you feel a wave of exhaustion sweep over you as Gengetsu just smirks and then leans over to her sister to help clean her up, to which Mugetsu happily reciprocates as the two licks your cum off of each other.

Whiterock Shooter: "That felt really good..." You say, already missing the sensation of their tongues on your still-eager cock.

"Oh? My he's already submitting to the pleasure? Most trainers try to fight for longer." Gengetsu remarks as she cast an amused glance at you.

"Well, he did take both pills and is getting both of us at once." Mugetsu pipes up as she smiles at you," I would say submitting to his desires at that point is the smart thing, would you?

"It's not like I'm going to get away." You point out with a rather sizable blush. "I may as well just accept it, maybe enjoy it. ...I could have done worse than be caught by a pair of beautiful sisters like yourselves." You mean that too. You really do think they're beautiful.

"My, a sweet talker." A Gengetsu rests her head in one of her hands and smiles as you as she pushes her chest forward and her breasts rub up against your shaft.

You moan as Gengetsu's warm, soft breasts press up against your cock, and you quickly find yourself longing to have your manhood trapped between those mounds.

Mugetsu moves the same way, pushing her breasts up against your dick on the opposite side and trapping them in between them, "He's sweet in many ways, isn't he sister?"

Gengetsu's chest is the bigger and softer of the two of them, but Mugetsu isn't that far behind her sister and her chest has a pert, gravity defying nature to it that makes them just as nice in their own way.

You can't say you mind being trapped between two pairs of soft, warm breasts like this though, and you actually find your hips bucking upward from it. You didn't even do that consciously either.

The two seem quite happy with your submission and use their hands to press their breasts tighter around your shaft and to push them up against each other. The two seem to engage in a bit of a game with you trapped in the middle as they push up against and try to wrestle each other’s breasts out of the way so that they have more of your dick under their pleasurable control.

Then there's you, who probably has some measure of control as to who's bust your cock winds up buried in, but you let the two sort out their differences on their own. You're actually starting to drool a bit from the sensations, and are effectively trapped here body and mind.

Gengetsu and Mugetsu seem to be having quite a lot of fun with this game of theirs, or perhaps their just enjoying your face as you submit entirely to this pleasure they're forcing on you and that you accepted entirely. They push their breasts together harder now and your dick is assaulted on all sides by soft, jiggling flesh.

The sensations rapidly prove to be too much now that you're relaxing into their 'game', and you proceed to orgasm again. You're left breathless for a little while after that, and are stuck on the thoughts of their breasts while they clean themselves up.

Gengetsu is the first to act as you finish spraying out your sticky white stuff all over their chests and moves forward to clean her sister off...and tease her a bit while she's at if her lingering over the moaning Mugetsu's nipples is any indication. Mugetsu takes her turn as well and nibbles lightly on her sisters nipples before licking the mess you made off of her breasts.

Gengetsu is the first to act as you finish spraying out your sticky white stuff all over their chests and moves forward to clean her sister off...and tease her a bit while she's at if her lingering over the moaning Mugetsu's nipples is any indication. Mugetsu takes her turn as well and nibbles lightly on her sisters nipples before licking the mess you made off of her breasts.

"My, my." Gengetsu murmurs as she gives you a smirk and pats her sister on the head," What else do we have that we can do together with him dear sister? Neither of us have even used our favorite games on him yet."

"Well...this is different and nice, doing things with you." Mugetsu responds and blushes at her sister petting her hair, "And why don't we...oh! Let's use our butts!" She suggests with a waggle of her bare bottom at your face.

Gengetsu considers the situation before she responds, "While I'm confident in my rear, don't you think that he'd have enough pride to not cum just because two girls sat on him?"

"Nope!" Mugetsu responds with cheer.

"Good, neither did I." Gengetsu grins.

The sad part is, they're right. At this point any part of their soft bodies will make you cum if they worked you over enough with them.

"Well then, let's do this!" Mugetsu cheers with glee as she turns herself around and leans her shapely rear towards your dick, pressing her cheeks up against your shaft as her sister does the same from the other side. Gengetsu's rear is very shapely and soft, while Mugetsu's or more toned. Both are amazingly warm and just being pressed between them is fantastic.

True to form, you moan as they press their rears together, trapping your cock between them. You're not sure if they're going to do anything on their own, or if they're going to force you to buck your hips to get off to it. ...Make you admit that you've surrendered to them completely and utterly.

"Oh my that's an excellent idea!" Gengetsu cheers as she pushes her rear harer onto your dick as her sister does the same from the other side, "Dear sister, you did a wonderful job picking up this boy! Such a lewd, dirty mind! I just love it!"

"He's even a siscon, sister!" Mugetsu responds enthusiastically as she rubs her cheeks up against your dick, but neither of them are trying very hard to get you off at all, "You've seen all his dreams he's wanted of us already, isn't it great? We'll never run out with someone like him here!"

"Yes, we're definitely going to be keeping him for a long, long time." Gengetsu agrees as she runs a hand along your stomach fondly.

And even your thoughts are violated. You're honestly not sure why you'd be able to keep those to yourself here. Still, you start to thrust upward as much as you can in your current position, and are currently wondering if you even need to be bound up anymore since all you want to do is fuck these sisters in increasingly exotic ways.

The sisters laugh at you as you lose yourself to their asses and thrust up between their cheeks. "Oh my, Mugetsu it looks like he's gone and broken himself for us. Such a sweet boy, don't you think?" She gives your tummy a familiar feeling rub.

Mugetsu rubs your tummy as well, delivering double the dosage of sisterly tummy rubbings all while you rub yourself off between their cheeks, leading to some very mixed feelings in your heart.

You gasp at that sensation, visibly relaxing even more as Gengetsu does to you what Yumeko liked to do. Your face flushes with humiliation as you realize that they're going to be turning every little thing you've ever experienced, dreamt, or thought of against you, while causing you to dream up more perverted scenarios for them.

The two of them start to gyrate their hips, rubbing their cheeks up against your shaft as you thrust up between them. Even if you wanted to, there's no way for you to hold back against this kind of pleasure. You just want more and more of it now, and you'd let them do anything they wanted to you.

You gasp at that sensation, visibly relaxing even more as Gengetsu does to you what Yumeko liked to do. Your face flushes with humiliation as you realize that they're going to be turning every little thing you've ever experienced, dreamt, or thought of against you, while causing you to dream up more perverted scenarios for them.

The two of them start to gyrate their hips, rubbing their cheeks up against your shaft as you thrust up between them. Even if you wanted to, there's no way for you to hold back against this kind of pleasure. You just want more and more of it now, and you'd let them do anything they wanted to you.

You manage to notice just one oddity here. Namely that even though you've cum so much, you're not really tired at all. You're not sure if it's the dream or you've somehow been altered, but you take advantage of it to keep cumming. You really are their bitch.

You can't hold back and don't even bother trying, and just spray your sticky white stuff out all over their rears and lower backs. Gengetsu and Mugetsu coo cutely at you and keep on rubbing their rears together with your shaft trapped between them, not giving you a moments rest and just wringing you for more and more as they want to see your miserable expression as you break down entirely underneath them.

You cum more and more, practically coating their rears and backs with your seed and you start to struggle with your bonds. Not to get away, but rather because you're so addicted to them at this point that you practically need more!

The two of them just laugh and laugh as you cum more and more out and make a mess all over them and yourself. "Oh sister, if we push too much more he could be broken to the point where he'll be boring!" Mugetsu speaks up and warns her sister of a terrible threat to their fun times.

"Oh? Oh my that just can't do, will it?" Gengetsu allows you to come on her and her sister one more time before they pull themselves away from you, leaving your twitching shaft exposed to the cool air for what feels like the first time in an eternity. You feel your exhaustion finally catching up to you now all in one go.

You lay there, breathing heavily as you recover from that last string of orgasms. You have no idea what they're planning on doing, be it just leaving you there or what have you. You figure they're not going to use their pussies anytime soon, what with their talking about how you'd get boring if they broke you. Which is a shame because you really want to taste that pleasure. Or heck, lick their breasts. You're quite curious as to how they taste.

Gengetsu laughs as you feel your exhaustion weighing heavily on you, "My, don't feel disappointed. You lasted far longer than any other boy your age would have. For now, just let yourself go." She leans closer and her eyes glow," Sleep."

Mugetsu giggles and leans down as well, her own eyes glowing, "She's right, you need to Sleep." You feel two waves of exhaustion wash over you as your body feels like it's sinking into the bed. "Don't worry, we'll be here when you get back. We'll always be here, because now, you're ours."

"Forever." Both of them state with matching grins as the darkness consumes you.

You can't resist Gengetsu's command, and you quickly drift off to sleep and into the realm of dreams. There you have all sorts of dreams, though one that stands out is the one where you start back up from where you had been woken up before Yumeko could do much. There, she did much, much more to you, and you're certain the sisters were watching and getting off to every last bit of it.
No. 31720
Is their realm something like a waiting station that he would now visit after he goes to sleep but before getting into a dream? How exactly would they be waiting for him?
No. 31727
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man with some mighty fine friends. Your life got flip-turned upside down when your father, who you've come to accept had never loved you in the least, brought you with him to the New Continent with your mother, who you've come to accept also never loved you, giving him her full and complete support in this matter. It turns out that your father did, in fact, sell you to powerful touhoumon. Two that you know of and you honestly can't see him managing to pull this off more than twice. You've had a very interesting time here and your life while...odd and stressful in its own way has certainly been very pleasant and pleasurable. Currently you are in the mansion of the powerful Satori that your father sold you to and have been fucked into submission and unconsciousness by an exceedingly eager Koishi that lived in the mansion as well who was quite taken with your baking abilities.
Since she had fucked you clear into unconsciousness, you had been taken back up to the Satori's room and kept there so she could ensure that you could recover properly. After all, her pets weren't entirely known for their self-restraint.
You shift idly in your sleep as you find yourself in a moderately familiar bed and you slowly manage to wake up out of your sex induced coma. You let out a quiet groan as you stir, moving your limbs to make sure you didn't lose any of them as you wonder what hit you.
"That would be Koishi. She's not good at that whole 'self-restraint' thing." Satori is sitting at her desk with her third eye trained on you, and is aware that you're not off in dreamland anymore. Granted, your dreams were moderately amusing.
You jolt at the voice of Satori and how it shakes you out of your waking stupor. "Ah, I...sorry ma'am." You apologize, holding the covers up as you apparently didn't have any clothes put on you when they put you to bed and you've something of a waking problem at the moment, "I made you do the hard part on the deserts with my weakness, didn't I?"
"It wasn't hard at all, actually." She gets up from her chair and walks over to you, noting your embarrassment yet not speaking up about it. "I'm usually the one who cooks for my pets anyway, so timing things is a simple matter. I will confess that your skill surpasses my own. Your technique and confidence is remarkable." She smiles at you with one of those small, cute smiles. "I suppose it's good that you don't radiate that level of confidence all the time. I think some of my pets would have submitted to you otherwise~"

"I-I'm really not that great." You demure, clutching the blankets and pulling them up a bit as the air in this room feels a bit cold somehow, "I'm good at cooking is all, and I know that I'm pretty good at it. It's what I'm good for."

"That, and being a good fuck. It's been a long time since I last got off to a boy being on top~" She takes the opportunity to tease you, since it's there.

"Oh, is that so?" You ask her a she blatantly compliments your apparent sexual prowess, "I'm happy that you enjoyed yourself then ma'am, but I can't say that I'm good at it. All I did was just do more of whatever seemed to make you happiest and that's just common sense."

"There's a bit of a contradiction there, you know. Sex can be about finding out your partner's weak spots, and then exploiting them." She places a hand on your chest and gently tweaks a nipple.

You let out a squeak as you tweaks one of your sensitive nipples and pull back in shock, "Oh, is that so?" You ask a bit nervously, your voice a bit higher as you make sure that your keeping your morning wood concealed under the covers.

"Indeed~." She smiles as she proceeds to place her hand lower on your body.

You shudder under her touch as her hand starts to trail lover and lower on your body and her nails slide gently across the sensitive skin of your stomach. "I..." You manage to find your voice before you look her right in the eyes, and not the eye next to her great tits, "What are we going to do on the bed?"

She smiles at you. "The same thing we did last time, dear Wilheim. Just with me on top." She doesn't top you properly yet though. Instead, she starts to unwind the tentacles that link her third eye to her body. It's clear that they're quite long, and could bind up a human completely if she so chose. "I believe you wanted to experience my specialty~?"

Your mouth gapes at the offer she's giving you and you can't find any reason to say no. You wanted it so much after all, you'd thought about it the entire time. So you just nod your head and push the blankets aside, revealing your naked body to her and meekly accepting her whims.

"Alright then~." She starts to carefully wind her tentacles around you, ensuring that you're bound quite tightly. She goes a step further and does you up so completely that you're practically tied to her, and she wraps her arms around you and nibbles your ear.

More than that though, you feel a length of tentacle wrapping around your cock.

You moan and writhe happily as she ties you up to her and starts to tease your ears with a nibble here and there, but what really gets you going is how properly held by and to her you are. Happy at the feeling you buck your hips up as much as you can manage to stimulate yourself with her warm tentacle. "You're so good..." You murmur, already entranced by this feeling.

Satori doesn't even feel the need to do anything, outside of using her mouth to tease you in places. "I'm glad to hear it~." She says as she lets you thrust into the tentacle she's used to trap your cock. She's not doing anything with it, but at the rate you're going she may not have to do anything.

The feeling of being bound up like this against her is driving you mad with pleasure, restrained and defenseless yet made to feel so good as she keeps teasing you. You still keep bucking your hips with the little bit of movement you have, thrusting up in her tentacles hold as you start to leak pre-cum all over them.

"My, you're leaking already~?" She asks as she continues to tease you... then she passionately kisses you, wondering if you'll be able to withstand this.

You moan into her mouth as she kisses you and takes the lead completely, leading to you leaning into her kiss and parting your lips to let her tongue inside. The searing hot pleasure from the kiss combined with your quick thrusting into her tentacles hold and your sheer enjoyment of being bound up by her like this leads you to quickly reach and orgasm as she kisses you, pumping out a load of cum on her warm tentacles before you relax happily into her bonds.

She pulls away, clearly happy with your efforts. "Good boy~." She says as she pulls off her skirt and exposes her pussy to you. She starts to strip in full with surprising ease, considering just how many points of contact she has with her body and the tentacles that lead to her third eye. You'd think she'd have a harder time getting all that off.

Still dizzy and exhausted you watch on as this beautiful woman strips herself down in front of you, and you very much like what you see. She's a beautiful, kind and amazingly smart lady and you have to wonder how you managed to end up so lucky as to be sold to someone like her.

"You're such a charmer~." She promptly reminds you that yes, she can hear your thoughts and yes, she likes what she hears. She proceeds to start pleasuring you with her tentacles herself, taking over for you for the time being.

You happily sigh as you feel her tentacles begin to shift and recoil around you on their own and freely submit to the feeling of the tentacles moving all over your body as she has you bound in them, smiling like a fool at the feeling of how good this all is.

She takes her hands and pins you down on the bed proper with them, then straddles you so that she doesn't need to use her arms to support herself. She then gently attacks your nipples with her hands to help you along.

You hiss happily as she gives your nipples a tweak and quickly figures out just what tweaks and pulls get the most pleasure out of you and quickly makes you writhe underneath her in the pleasure, squirming in what little room you have. While this is happen her tentacles are still teasing your extra sensitive shaft which is leaking and already putting out warning signs that it's going to cum again soon.

She notices this and makes her tentacles pump your cock even faster to help push you over the edge.

You grit your teeth and try to hold back for as long as you can, but her skilled tentacles and hand play are too good for you to resist and short order you spray out your sticky white stuff on her tentacles which continue to milk you even as your orgasm ends, leaving you moaning weakly as you lie limp in her embrace.

She licks her lips and allows her tentacles to unbind from you a little bit so she can slip down to your cock. She unwinds a tentacle from your cock completely and starts to clean it off with her tongue, then moves on to your cock to clean it with a bit too much enthusiasm.

You shiver at the feeling of being exposed to the cool air and then gasp as her hot tongue eagerly sets to work on your shaft. She's too good at this! It's like she knows your every weakspot and hits them all casually! The Reisen could make you cum quickly just with sheer technique and natural ability to cause pleasure, but this Satori is using impeccable technique and absolute knowledge of your weak spots to do the same thing.

She'd giggle if she weren't using her tongue to clean your cum-soaked cock. Eventually she takes the tip of your manhood into her mouth and sucks on it, intent on getting every last drop of your seed off it. She gradually works her way up to gently thrusting your whole length in and out of her mouth, using her tongue and lips to make sure you're slick, but clean before she moves on.

You let out a constant stream of happy sounds at her masterful fellatio of your shaft and her 'cleaning' attempts of it, though you're certain it won't be staying clean for long. Her skilled use of her soft lips and tongue are enough to break any man, and someone whose already been bound up in her tentacles and played with doesn't have any hope of resisting. As she bobs down one more time you cum into her hot, wet mouth and pump your sticky white stuff out into it.

She makes a pleased sound as she makes a slightly exaggerated show of swallowing down all your cum before letting your cock go with a soft pop sound. She licks her lips clean, then shifts herself back up and redoes your binds to where you're bound to her rather tightly, yet so far it's not uncomfortable. In fact, given how she's slipped your cock inside her wet slit, it probably feels pretty good.

You gasp happily as she slips you inside of her and are distinctly pleased as she returns you to the tighter bondage that you were trapped in before. You start to shower kisses on her wherever you can reach on her body while you try to move your shaft around inside of her, even though you can scarcely move as you are.

In truth, she can't move too much either, so she focuses on kissing you passionately and grinding you thoroughly. There's not much more to it than that, though you're probably drowning in the pleasure she's heaping on you and most likely don't mind any of this.

You're drowning in ecstasy at this point as she grinds you around inside of her and kisses your passionately all while her tentacles squeeze you softly. You try to thrust into her as well as you can but you can't really manage it enough. You feel too good at this point now and happily cum inside of Satori, spilling your seed out into her.

She moans in ecstasy as you orgasm inside her, which causes her to cum as well. Her insides are squeezing your cock as hard as her tentacles are squeezing your body, and you find that she's not letting go of you at all. "Wilheim... I know I have to let you go back soon, so I'm going to make this a memorable experience. I'm going to make passionate love to you until I've left a permanent mark on you!" She declares as she prepares herself for what will likely be your best round of lovemaking yet.

You're pretty sure with how tight these tentacles are squeezing you she's already leaving a permanently mark on you, not that you're complaining really. You just soak up the ecstasy and let your heart and mind tell her everything she needs to know about how totally okay you are with this situation.

"I love you, Wilheim~." She tells you gently before kissing you passionately again, and proceeds to make love to you over and over until you're both exhausted.

You lose track of time with how long you spend in the Satori's embrace as she forces you into orgasm after orgasm and overwhelms you with pleasure as you're trapped in her tentacles warm embrace and she expresses her love for you in numerous passionate kisses. By the end of it all you're an extra submissive puddle of pleasure held in her tentacles as you limply ejaculate into her again, drooling all the while.

She then wraps her arms around you, kisses you one more time, then says something. "Let's just stay like this and take a nap together, okay? I'll help you get cleaned up and ready to go once we've woken up." You can tell she's taken a real shine to you.

You let out an agreeable moan and relax contently into her binding and hug and let yourself drift blissfully back into sleep, feeling safe in the arms and tentacles of this Satori.


I really want to do more Komeiji sister bondage now, but alas we've got more toohoos to fuck and cannot dwell too long on just one of them.
No. 31728
>"What are we going to do on the bed?"

You and your memes.
No. 31729
Can we have both sisters have fun with him at the same time?
No. 31730
did he do it with Orin yet?
No. 31731
Yes: >>31571
No. 31737
You know, I am starting to wonder if by now the forest Mons have found out about the secret passageway in the underground storage

They would immediately investigate once they notice that the always-home Wilheim is not around and they did not hear any news from any of the other forest Mons (He has the scent of a looooot of Mons on him so~ thats pretty hard to miss)
No. 31738
LW Satori has set made herself a mini-Chireiden, so now I kinda wonder if LW Reisen has set herself up a mini-Eientei. I mean, it's not like she just sleeps in a tree; it seems like most of the more civilized monsters have dwellings, some of which are closer to palaces than not. It almost seems like two different countries or civilizations making use of the same land, rather than humans in cities and monsters in the wilderness. The main difference seems to be that the monsters, being more individually powerful, are less inclined to organize themselves into nation-states than humans, and so have relatively less power collectively despite their individual strength.

You see, Bread? This is what happens when we go without smut for 23 whole hours! We start discussing stupid stuff like plot and setting!

I really would like setting notes in the main threads, though. I enjoy the Trainer Tips, Touhou Facts, or whatever you guys call 'em.
No. 31739
I'm not sure as Reisen isn't normally a ruling type. I'd imagine she set up her own sort of thing.
No. 31741
You're at a bit of a loss as to which pill to take. You're almost certain that each one correlates to something, but you can't quite pin down what. Still, rather than think about it too hard you take the red pill and swallow it.

Mugetsu pouts at you, her expression decidedly annoyed as you take the red pill. "Oh, darn it. I was looking forward to getting to play with you too. You won't be any fun after she breaks you in with her play." She sounds very sad and disappointed about this as you feel yourself slowly begin to sink. Looking down you can see now that the chair you're in is dropping down into a bubbling black tar and it already is up past your ankles.

"Huh?" You ask as you're being sucked into an odd substance that you can't pull free from. You really didn't think this one through at all.

The tar quickly seeps up your body, bubbling its way up your legs and sucking you down into to it to your hips as it consumes you, eagerly dragging you down deeper into it as tendrils of the sticky goop wind their way up your body and you feel the parts of you submerged in the tar 'fizz' as something happens to them, looking now it's...the tar is dissolving your clothing!

Mugetsu is preparing herself another cup of tea and giving herself extra servings of sugar to make up for her disappointment. She's not even casting a glance at you after you disappointed her.

The worst part is that you can't even move, despite being stripped like this! All you can do is stare in horror as you're pulled deeper into the tar-like substance.

The tar decides to rush up you as the horror of your situation properly sets in and quickly drags you down into it, pulling your head under and leaving you drowning in the darkness in a metaphorical sense, but not a literal one in this case as you can oddly enough breath just fine even though you feel it pressing down on you all around you as you're stripped of all your clothing. Even once that's all gone the tar mushes itself against you and runs along your defenseless form, feeling you up all over.

You writhe and squirm inside the mass as it feels you up, occasionally gasping as you feel it play with your cock in an incidental manner.

The mass of tar continues to bubble and seethe around you as it pulls you deeper, but you feel your legs suddenly dangle out in the air as the rest of you is dropped out of it right after. It takes a moment to regain your bearing and get used to getting any light at all and you realize that you are bound extremely well by tough, rubbery cords of dark material that leave you scarcely able to move even a centimeter. In front of you is a girl who looks like Mugetsu but she's wearing a very different outfit, and the smile on her face is anything but comforting. Rather, it's extremely predatory, like a spider looking at a fly in her web.

Your breath is caught in your throat, and your cock is quite erect considering what just happened. All you can do is stare in fear and anticipation.

"Oh my my, what do I have here for me today?" She murmurs, slowly stalking towards you with a sway in her hips as she advances on you, eyes running over your form as she girns widely at your perfectly submissive posture, "A new toy to educate? I hope you'll try to last longer than the last one did. You humans just break so easily..."

You gulp as you watch the predator's approach, feeling scared and apprehensive of what's about to happen. She's going to break you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

"Hmmm~..." She hums happily as she leans down and cups your chin up and stares at you in the eye before turning your head from side to side, "Hmmm...how cute. You've got such a pretty face for a boy. I'd almost think you were a girl if it weren't for this." She remarks as she leans down and squeezes your shaft to get a feel of it.

You can't even try to resist as she gets a good look at you, and you're still speechless from the realization that you're likely going to be trapped here forever with her. Your cock firms up nicely in her grasp as well, and even leaks a little pre-cum.

She grins widely as her fingers gently play along your length, slowly and tenderly teasing you as she leans closer and whispers huskily to you, "Oh? Do you want me that badly?"

Your body answers for you, leaking more pre-cum that dribbles onto her hand. Your cock is even throbbing, but it'd take some work to really get you off.

"Well..." She whispers, " Too bad!" She promptly lets go off your shaft and leans back away from you, crossing her arms under her bust and laughing at your miserable expression, "Oh, did you want to be broken in by the monster that much?" She teases you gripping her chest and giving it an enticing heave.

You shut your eyes and try to block out what's happening, but you get the feeling that it won't help. Still, you can't just give up like this...

"Hahaha!" She laughs at you as you feel the bed creak as she crawls up onto it, "Aw, why are you closing your eyes? You already know how much you want me, looking away now won't change that." You feel her press herself up against you as her breasts mold around your head from behind, "If you pledge yourself to me, I'll give you exactly the reward you deserve." She promises you as she hugs you from behind.

"I'm just scared..." You admit as she hugs you from behind, pressing her breasts against your back. You already know you can't escape though, so you stop trying. "I'll be your toy. Do what you want..."

"Oh? You want me to do what I want? Anything I want with you?" She asks, hands sliding down your body and slowly winding their way towards your crotch as she begins to nibble on your ear, her hot breath making you shudder with pleasure.

"Y-you're going to do what you want anyway, so I may as well just accept it." You respond, reconfirming your new commitment to the mysterious mon.

"Oh?" She stops, a tone of disappointment in her voice, "...How disappointing. I'd hoped you'd at least be interesting." She lets go of you and slides off of the bed as something wraps around your throat and forms into a collar and yanks you down onto the bed as your limbs are spread out. "Perhaps be an eager little boy who wants to have sex or to try and resist me until I break you completely but just surrendering like this, well..." She walks around you and gives you a good view of her now naked form.

"If this is all you're going to do, you're certainly not worth the time and effort it would take to mount you." She just shakes her head in disappointment as you feel your lust welling up within you at the sight of her body, something that men all over must dream of.

Granted, this might actually be your own form of resistance, though it's starting to crack under the sight of such a beautiful woman strolling around you. Your cock is definitely throbbing, bouncing around in a rythmic fashion as you try to keep yourself from doing or saying anything that would cause her to give her attention to you. You start to groan and struggle a bit in your bonds though, as you're not used to having this sort of thing done to you.

The sight of you squirming helplessly on your back is apparently enough to amuse her as you squirm, "Oh, but you still want me, hm? Well, you're certainly not interesting enough to join with, and I wouldn't want your weakwilled sperm on my breasts or hands." She stretches back idly, giving you a beautiful view of her body as she arcs it.

"No, I don't want you to mount me...!" You say, trying to deny what's true. Your struggling starts to get a bit more fierce as you make more of an effort, but no, you're still bound up good and tight.

"Oh I don't intend to." She reminds you, "You're just a weak willed little boy, why, I bet you're getting off to being talked down to right now. Look at you, leaking it out as a woman berates you for how pathetic you are while you squirm in your bonds. How pitiful can you get?"

"I'm only leaking because you're parading around naked!" You can't glare at her, so you you look away.

"Oh I'm sure that's what it is." She responds, waving a hand, "You do enjoy seeing girls naked don't you? It's obvious given what you dream of. Isn't it embarassing to think of girls who you view as your sisters like that?" She asks you as she cocks her hip and stares impresiously down at you, not letting you look away from her for long, "I wonder what they'd think if they knew how often you dreamt of them naked in your bed with you, hmm?"

You have to think about that for a minute. "...I'm actually not sure, seeing as they're both mons. One is a Ruukoto to boot." Your tone takes a rather dry tone for the next part. "Knowing her, she'd probably take that as consent."

"True, given their dreams." Gengetsu tells you, "Robots certainly don't dream of electric sheep, at least not that one."

"But, we're not talking about them I suppose, or about your mothers dreams either." She hits you where it hurts as she stalks over to you, "I've decided! Since you obviously want me so much I'll give you the pleasure you're lusting after!" She informs you with a smile that sends thrills and chills down your spine and gets a happy reaction from your dick.

You blush fiercely considering the circumstances. "You're still presuming an awful lot!"

"You can't lie to me in your dreams." She points out to you as she summons a chair and sits down in it, reaching down with one hand and slowly beginning to stroke her slit as she watches you boredly, "But if you want to, well, I suppose I'll just have to please myself then." She plays idly with her lower lips, trailing her nailed fingers along them as she stares at you, taking in your every reaction.

Now you're stuck watching her as she slips her fingers in and out of her moist slit, forced to watch each and every mildly exaggerated motion as you feel a heat build up in yourself as well.

She slips a second finger in and moans lewdly, arcing her back as she slips both fingers in and out of her while she exaggerates just how much she's enjoying it, pointedly mocking you as you feel yourself begin to desperately yearn to give into her.

You can't help but stare as she pleasures herself, feeling your resistance grow weaker and weaker until... "Alright, fine! I can't take it anymore! I want to feel your body on mine, I want inside you, I want you to reduce me to a drooling mess! Just fuck me already!"

She grins widely at you as she withdraws her fingers from her wet slit and slowly rises back up to her feet. She stretches for a moment and then responds. "No~." She tells you simply, and giggles at the expression on your face, "You're not good enough for me to use you as a toy, that's obvious enough. But..." She raises one leg and stretches it out, bringing her foot down on your shaft with just a small amount of weight on it, enough to press her soft flesh down on your sensitive shaft as she pushes it down and steps on you.

And you gasp at the sensation. You know she's going to mock you for it, but her skin is downright silken and feels wonderful against your sensitive cock.

"Pffft." She sneers at you as you give in to the feeling of her foot, "Really? All those lustful dreams and you give in to being stepped on? Just how pathetic are you, writhing around like a worm underneath my heel?" She applies more pressure and starts to grind her heel against base, never enough to hurt you but always enough to hurt you though.

You continue to make some rather happy sounds despite her blatant mockery of you, clearly enjoying it. Of course, you have to wonder how much of this is her genuine thought process, considering that she must take pride in her feet to have taken such good care of them.

"Look at you, enjoying this so much! Are my feet really that good?" She asks you, using her toes to stroke you and add another layer to the pleasure as she masterfully steps all over you and drives you to the heights of pleasure while dominating you mercilessly.

You don't answer, but you do mentally note that her feet are probably the best you'd ever feel, quite honestly. They're supple, smooth, have a strange but pleasant amount of give to them, plus her own personal techniques on top of that. "Yes!" You answer in the positive. "How do you even get them like that?"

She laughs, very pleased with your response as she increases the pace of her foot, rubbing her soft skin all over your shaft as she responds, "I'm the woman of your dreams little boy, I'm everything you could have ever wanted! And now, you get to be my toy for forever. How does that make you feel?" She asks as she steps down hard, pushing you past your limit.

You cum hard, inadvertently splattering yourself with thick globs of your seed. Or at least whatever gets past Gengetsu's toes. You pant a bit after being played with like that, and eventually respond. "Wonderful..." You say breathlessly. "Please train me up until I'm worthy of you!"

"Oh, you're so cute when you're honest like this!" She praises you as she grinds her heel down on you again, rubbing it up along your length and then back down it as she starts to tease your oversentive tip with her expect toes, rapidly working you towards another orgasm right on the end of the forst, "I'll train you up until you're the best little fucktoy you can be, I promise you that!"

You're really looking forward to it too. Being worked over by her over and over, gradually working your way up until you're buried in her up to the hilt. She manages to work another orgasm out of you in rather short order, which is met with another loud cry of pleasure from you.

She smiles as you orgasm again, covering yourself and her foot in your dirty juices as she keeps grinding and rubbing her foot all over your shaft, "Yes, just like that! Keep cumming and making that face for me! I'm going to wring you completely dry and maybe, if you do well enough I'll use my hands on you eventually!" She laughs again, enjoying your submission to her very much.

You moan and writhe in pleasure, enjoying this far too much for someone trapped in the position you're in. Still, you don't stop and eventually give in to your new role entirely.

She continues to mercilessly wring you for orgasm after orgasm with her feet until you finally pass out from the pleasure and exhaustion while coated in sweat and your own mess. This would just be the beginning of your education. She would step on and dominate you numerous times after that with her feet, always mocking you but praising you as she got better and better. Eventually she moved you up to her hands and she jerked out all of your semen from you with her skilled fingers and silky palms, whispering her comments into your ear as she held you against her from behind. She even blessed you by using her breasts on you, easily wringing orgasms out of you with her soft mounds and her harsh tongue.

Finally after it's been so long that you can't even remember, you've apparently proven yourself worthy. Gengetsu lounges idly on the bed she's broken you on so many times, her legs spread and her body naked as you've grown accustomed to seeing it, "Well, now's your chance little boy. If you can satisfy me here, I'll let you become my pet instead of a toy. If you don't satisfy me though..." Her grin becomes malevolent, "It's right back to the start for you!"

You're naked as well, with an already apparent hard-on just from looking at her. You've been at this for so long that she knows all your weak points, but you're not entirely certain of hers. Still, you have the chance to try now. You don't start by ramming your cock into her. you start by getting down to where your head is level with her pussy and start to lick it to help get her going. Lubrication is important.

She tastes sweet as you run your tongue along her slit, but just what she tastes like escapes you. "Mmm...good boy, that's already something in your favor." She praises you as one of her hands comes to rest on your head and holding you there lightly, letting you know that she's happy with what you're doing so far.

You can't quite place the taste though, so you keep going while occasionally play with her clitoris to ensure that you're not forgetting about that part. Girls enjoy that, don't they? You simply lay there and lick until you feel her womanhood leak more of its juices on its own.

You can feel her slowly start to leak the juices you were looking for as her hand starts to pet your head, her sweet voice praising you, "Oh you're such a good, smart little toy aren't you? Yes you are!" Her praises raining down on you like this makes your cock throb with eagerness.

You're enjoying her taste quite a lot, and spend yet more time using your tongue on her. If she's still holding your head there she must like it, and pleasuring her isn't just about cumming inside her until you're dry. You have to prime her quite a lot. You know that much. You suck on her clit every now and again just to continue to make sure you're paying attention to it, and will only stop when she's good and wet.

Her nails start to dig into your scalp just a small amount as you lick and suck on her dripping slit, teasing her folds and clit until she's well and truly wet. "Mmmmmoh yes that's very good! I know you love licking me, but don't forget what you're here for?" She reminds you as some of her juice runs down your chin.

"Of course!" You pull away shortly after that, and position yourself to where your hard cock is pressing against Gengetsu's dripping wet slit. You slowly push into her until you're buried up to your hilt. It doesn't take too long, but you're still gasping by the end of it.

Her pussy is amazing; it's like a dream as you sink into it. You'd been fantasizing about what this would be like every day since she started training you, but it's even better than you'd ever imaginined. She presses down softly on every side of you as you sink into her, every part of your shaft getting stimulated meticulously as you sink deeper into her, and even as you bottom out and stop moving inside of her the stimulation doesn't cease.

You really just want to stay buried inside her, but that's not going to get her off. Thus, you start to thrust. Not swiftly or hard, but still at a steady pace. You're seeking out any sort of weakness she has inside of her to help you work.

She lets out a happy moan as you start to draw back out of her and dive back into her, "Ohhh yes, that's a good boy. Keep trying hard to please your mistress and you'll get rewarded~." She promises you as you feel her tighten around you as you try to withdraw from her.

You can't pull all the way out of her, at least not if you want to avoid exhausting yourself too soon. You settle for halfway out before pushing back in, and you find yourself wrapping your arms around her and burying your head in her breasts. Granted, you start to use your tongue to tease her breasts as well.

"Yes, that's a good boy!" She urges you on as you start to lick her sensitive breasts, especially happy when your tongue trails over her nipples, "Keep on doing it, just like that!" Her legs move and wrap around your rear, keeping you from pulling more than an inch out of her.

You keep working her over exactly how she wants you to, compensating for your inability to pull out of her by making a lot of short, rapid thrusts.

"Yes, yes good! Keep it up!" She cheers you on happily, pleased enough with your performance to not even throw a half-hearted insult at you as you slide in and out of her at a rapid pace, "Keep working yourself over in me until you break and come!"

You keep thrusting into her more and more until you swear her leg wraps around you that tiny bit harder and prevents you from so much as shifting an inch out of her, and you cum deep inside her for a few seconds. Not that you stop teasing her nipples with your mouth though.

As you cum inside of her and spew all your stick white stuff inside of her you hear her bite down on her lip and clamp down on you a bit tighter as you release it all inside of her and...can't stop? It feels like her impossible pussy is milking you now, easing all your cum out into her as she sounds immensely satisfied, "Oh yes you are a very good pet..."

"I love you mistress, please milk me to your heart's content..." You both say and mean that. You don't want this to stop.

She keeps dragging out more and more cum out of you as you orgasm again and again inside of her while you're stuck there until you can scarcely even more, left merely panting into her bosom as she drags the last of your cum into her. "...Well, I suppose that's a pass." She allows, her voice heavy as she pants with exertion herself.

You're still trapped inside her, and are left helpless in her arms. Still, it's a good feeling. Gengetsu's all that's left on your mind anymore, and pleasing her is your first and foremost concern. You really don't care about anything else. "I'll do this for you anytime you ask, mistress." You manage to say, albeit in a tired voice. Willingness or no, you're tapped out for now and can't even move. While she's not actively using her pussy to work your cock over, it's still comforting having it buried in her. Like deep down, she's grown attached too you and doesn't mind you filling her.


I wonder if you'll be going three for three on this one.
No. 31742
As varied as the scenes are, as nice as it can be and as much as I understand it's how things go in your Touhoumon universe, I have to admit a part of me is starting to get bored to always see the guy gets dominated.
No. 31743
I wager that a more experienced trainer would turn the tides in a different direction, but experienced our protagonists are most distinctly not. It's that power inequality at work; Wilhelm stuck in Unlimited Kitchen Works mode wouldn't be dominated, I don't think, nor would a trainer with 'mons he or she has been training. Zeke's Prismrivers probably won't be dominant, or not nearly so much, in their next scene.
No. 31745
You aren't quite sure which pill to take, in all honesty. You're not even sure why she's trying to give you these, or for what ends. All you know is that you have the option, and that it might be better to take it. You take the blue pill and swallow it, curious as to what it will do.

Mugetsu watches as you take the offered pill and swallow it, smiling wider as you feel it go down into your stomach and suddenly gain an odd sense of...solidness? Picking up the teapot and refilling her own cup, she turns that dazzling smile up to full, "More tea?"

"Uh... Yes, please." It feels somewhat funny, almost like you need something to wash it down with. Granted, you should have asked to begin with, since most pills tend to go down easier with a liquid.

She contently pours you a cup of tea and instantly adds in everything you want in your tea without even asking you before she holds the cup out to you, "I am looking forward to getting to know you." She informs you, "More so than I already do.

"Since you will be staying with me for all eternity now." She explains.

You take the cup of offered tea and stare at her. "...What?" You ask, not quite sure you heard her right.

"Since you will be staying with me for all eternity now." She explains. She has a thoughtful expression before adding on, "Or until I get bored of you. Then I may share you with my sister or just give you to someone else. Or maybe even let you go!"

"The pill was an invitation?" You ask, feeling that that solid-feeling pill in your stomach is a good approximation of having a lump of dread in there.

"Something like that." Mugetsu agrees, stirring her tea with a tiny spoon while staring at you with a pleased smile, "You could think of it as more of binding part of a contract. By swallowing it, you've effectively made yourself mine until such a time that I remove you from it." Her smile changes to something a bit more unsettling and very intriguing, "And since you've got such a cute voice and nice body, I don't think that will be happening any time soon.

You blush at that, and feel like nothing short of an idiot. You're trapped in a space with a mon, who offered you pills. Of course she'd be gunning to make you her pet! You sigh and drink the tea she gave you earlier, hoping that at least that isn't laced with something. "So you basically made me into your pet."

"Well, as a friend of mine would say," Mugetsu takes a sip from her cup, "I made you my bitch."

"...At least, I think that's how she would say it." She admits, sounding somewhat doubtful, "I'm not into girls though, not after what happened that time, so I don't know why I'd make you a bitch. You humans have awfully strange slang terms."

"Wait, last time? Your tried to take a woman before?" You feel curious about it and have to ask, because from the sounds of it that didn't end well for her.

"Oh, yes. That was a bit of a mistake on our part." Mugetsu admits, sounding dreadfully embarrassed about it, "Ordinarily we wouldn't, but she was just so good looking and had an ass that you could just-" She holds up her hands in a squeezing motion, "I've never seen a human woman fill out a swimsuit like she did!"

"And then she turned out to be too much for you? That's kind of odd. I would have thought humans weren't capable of resisting mons except under really rare circumstances."

"Oh it's very rare." She agrees, "Humans being able to match mons happens, of course." She mumbles something else, "usually in their dreams," Before continuing, "But to be capable of matching beings of as much power as myself? It's practically unheard of. It would take some sort of truly twisted deviant to do what she did."

"...Okay, now I'm curious. If you don't mind me asking, what did she do?

"Exactly what I am about to do to you!" Mugetsu responds with great cheer, "I'm going to drown you in pleasure until you can't think of anything but it and you're left as putty in my hands! It's hard to resist and fight back when someone's making you feel better than you ever have in their entire lives!" Her grin grows a bit wider as her eyes gleam in anticipation, "Adding a sense of humiliation to it and making them submit themselves to get what they want so much makes it even more effective, and she showed us how to do that. Over and over and over again..." Her tone is just a bit manic there at the end.

You gulp as Mugetsu talks about just what it is she's going to do to you, finding it hard to keep yourself calm in the face of someone who's just so overwhelming. You really want to run now, but where would you even go?

"Nowhere at all!" Mugetsu tells you with cheer, "We're in MY dreamworld now, and I have absolute control over it. You're nowhere near as capable as she was, and the tricks she used to exploit it anyway don't exist anymore! So...you're going nowhere!" She pulls out a length of silk rope and grins eagerly, "If you want to run though, I'll be happy to play chase!"

You finish up the tea and gently set it down, then get up from your chair and gently scoot it back up against the table you were sitting at not too long ago. You'd run, but your limbs feel heavy for some reason now. Did she drug you or something?

"Nope! Well, not beyond giving you a pill that you accepted anyway!" Mugetsu abuses her knowledge of everything that happens in her dreamworld, "That's your mind and body resigning themselves to their fate, and only through courage and heart will you be able to resist the despair and try to escape! Maybe you'll even make it! You'll never know unless you try!"

"Or maybe you're just trying to get me to run so you can get off to this more." You say as you roll your eyes. Regardless of what's been said or the inevitability of her catching you, what with her saying that she wasn't going to let you go, that you lack the capabilities of the woman who dominated her, and that accepting the pill was the equivalent of a binding contract you're a little inclined to think that she's not telling the truth here.

Still, you turn away from her and start running. You still have your girls to get back to. They're probably in a panic because they don't know where you are.

She giggles happily as you run and flies up out of her chair and floats after you, not quite fast enough to easily overtake you but enough that she's slowly gaining ground on you as she starts to tie the silk rope in anticipation of what she's going to do to you when she catches you. "Try moving your legs faster!" She suggests.

You do exactly that, considering how she's just lazily gaining ground on you. You're not even sure if she's exerting herself or just getting hotter from the chase.

"Come on, it's like you're not even trying!" She calls after you as the silken rope cracks close to you like some sort of demented whip, "Do you want to just leave your girls all alone? I can already tell you their nightmares that are forming while you're here, not even really wanting to escape! I know that you want this! You want me to tie you up and do all those things you dreamt of those girls you call family doing to you!"

"You BITCH!" You fire back at her, because you don't need her to tell you any of this, you already know! In fact, she's just plucking your thoughts from your mind anyway! You just keep running as hard as you can, as long as you can. You know you're not going to win, not with her going so far out of her way to trap you here, but you have to try at least.

"Ohhhhh, dirty talk? I love it!" She cheers as she chases after you, lashing out with the rope again and just barely missing your ankle as it cracks just an inch away from it, "Keep running you little mongrel! I'll catch you and make you into a show hound if you slow down~!" Another crack of her whip emphasizes the truth of this statement as it just misses your back, cutting up your shirt.

Greaaaaaat, now she's just going to slowly strip you before going in for the proverbial kill. From what you can tell, she'd probably make you trip over your own torn up pants just to laugh at you about it as she ties you up with silk.

"Nooot quite!" You hear from behind you as you trip over a tree root and a rock at the same time and tumble down a slope in this ill-defined path you're traveling. Your ass is stuck up in the air as she is upon you, tearing your clothes off with glee as she quickly ties your arms behind your back at an angle where trying to free yourself is painful with how it pulls on your joints. She tugs down your pants and runs a soft, cool palm over your rear, "Oooooh, I'm going to have so much fun with you! You've got such a dirty, dirty mind!" She breaks down into giggles.

You blush and cry out at her sudden movements, only trying to escape once before deciding to stay put from how much it hurts to try and move. You try to move your rear out of her reach instead, but she could probably just follow along if she were so inclined. You're actually reasonably sensitive there.

She wraps an arm around your middle to hold you still while you squirm, keeping you from running away, "Nuh-uh, you're not going anywhere!" She grins as her hand runs over your cheeks again before pulling away from them...and being brought back down with a resounding slap as she begins to spank you, "This is for being such a dirty, naughty erotic boy!" She teases you, grabbing onto your shaft with her other hand and beginning to stroke it in time with the spanks, mixing together the pain and pleasure into an intoxicating concoction.

You cry out as she spanks you, though it starts to get warped around into a cross between a cry and a moan as she starts to stroke you. Eventually it just blends into a series of sounds that are just plain erotic to listen to.

"Oh yes, such a naughty, naughty boy! You love this, don't you?" She squeezes your shaft tighter as she strokes and starts to use her spanks to drive your hand into them, your hips shifting each time she brings a slap down on it. "Tell me how much you love it! Tell me how much you love Mistress Mugetsu teaching you manners!"

"N-no, stop!" You practically yell as she continues, trying your hardest to not give into this. You don't want to be this sex-crazed mon's plaything!

"You can't lie to me!" She yells right back at you, increasing the pace of her hands movements as she jerks you off fast and rough while spanking you hard enough that you're sure your ass is going to be glowing red and sore even days from now, "You love this! Tell me how much you love it!" She demands as she slaps her hand down extra hard on your ass, bucking your hips forward into her grip as you feel an orgasm hit you and...

...nothing happens. Your body is wracked with horrible, intense pleasure but you can't cum so you're left right at the peak of the orgasm without any relief.

You're breathing heavily and really are quite sore back there now. Worse still, she's not even making an effort to get you off from all this. It's like she's only interested in getting herself off...

Or she's just trying to make you submit.

You feel silken ropes wrap around your limbs and your back and all over your body as your suddenly pulled tight into an uncomfortable curl and rolled over onto your back and into a bed. You're not sure how or when you got here, but you're in a soft blue room as Mugetsu looms over you, smiling widely as she stares at your face, "Oh yes, you look so cute and miserable!" She sounds very happy about the situation. "Do you want to cum?" She asks you," If you see yes and tell all about the dirty things you want me to do to you and how you're my little bitch, then I might let you!"

You don't say anything to her. You try to not even look at her.

You just want to go back to your girls, even if you know Mugetsu won't let you go. You don't want to use her breasts on you, her hands, or her ass, or anything like that. You just want to be let go.

"But that's not true~!" She reminds you as she relaxes onto you, her chest on your chest and her face right up next to yours as she reaches down and keeps on stroking your length, working it back towards orgasm rapidly as your body tries to find relief but can't with something keeping you from reaching release.

You just continue to make that miserable face of yours, and even start crying as the hopelessness of the situation finally weighs down on you. Or maybe that's Mugetsu. She's warm and soft... You want to hug her but you can't even do that.

She laughs at you as you cry and break down under her torture and leans closer, poking her tongue out and licking up one of your tears. "Mmmm...liquid despair is so refreshing!" You feel another orgasm hit you as you feel yourself swell up with unreleased sticky white stuff, your body and mind screaming at you to do whatever it takes to get release from this misery.

"Say it." Mugetsu whispers to you as she leans closer, staring at you with a wide grin. She already knows its just a matter of time, and in her world she has as much as she wants of it.

"I..." You can't avoid it. You're beyond getting back to your girls. You're being laid down upon by a mon who's insanely powerful, one who's torturing you body and mind to make you hers. You don't have the power or will to resist her anymore. "I'm your bitch..."

"Say it louder." She orders you as she starts to increase the pace of her pumping, forcing you to another orgasm as her grin widens, "Scream it out! Tell everyone that you're! My! BITCH!"

"I'M YOUR BITCH!" You scream out, crying all the while as she continues to torture you like this.

"Yes you are, now show me how much you love it!" She screams back as you feel the force holding your orgasms back disappear and you immediately fire out your sticky white stuff, pulse after pulse of your semen shooting out you in jets as you cry and squirm as your body relaxes in relief at finally having relief. "Pew pew!" Mugetsu jerks your shaft to help you get the rest of it out, "You're like a firehose!" She tells you as she giggles.

You didn't even realize just how much you had built up inside you, though admittedly it felt like a bit of a waste. You really wanted inside her too...

"Mistress, can I cum inside you? I want you to break me in properly." You ask of her. While you're met with relief, you're still worked up beyond all reason and now have a pleasant afterglow fog keeping you from thinking straight.

She considers it for a moment before smiling at you sweetly.


And her hand goes right back to sliding up and down your shaft, working you over and bringing you back up to mast with her expert skills, her fingers dancing and hitting every weak spot on you all the way up and down.

You're so bound up that all you can do is jerk upward as she works you over with her hand. You can't even hug her, kiss her or anything. Why does she have to be such a bitch about this? You're already hers, so why not let you express it?

"Oh?" You feel the force come back in your shaft as you try to orgasm and can't, "You think I'm a bitch? And here I was only going to milk out just a bit more for now before I would let you put it between my breasts. It looks like my new bitch needs some education!" She cheers as she jerks you off rapidly and roughly again, working solely on working you to a rapid orgasm, over and over.

It comes back, and you're forced to hold it in until she decides she's done with you again. You can't even stop yourself from jerking up in her hold, which makes things so much worse for you.

She just keeps jerking you off as orgasm after orgasm hits your body and the pressure builds up to painfully unbearable levels. Then she finally whispers to you, "Swear yourself to me. Body, mind and soul. If you promise yourself to me like that, I'll let you cum inside of me."

"I do. My mind, body, and soul are yours to do whatever you wish to it! I'll stay with you until you discard me!" You cry out.

You feel as if something cold passes through you and grabs onto your core as Mugetsu smiles widely and softly at you, reaching down and stroking your cheek before pressing a loving kiss on your lips. "Good." She whispers as she pulls back and straddles you, positioning her slip over your twitching length and slowly lowering herself down onto you and taking every last inch of your cock into her in one long, smooth motion. She lets out a happy hum as she moves her hips from side to side, experimenting with how you feel inside of her as you feel another orgasm hit you that you can't let out.

"Well, let it all out." She orders you as you feel the force restraining your dick release while her warm walls clamp down on your shaft.

And you do. You feel yourself orgasm inside her after just being buried inside her, spraying out what must have been another large volume of your seed.

You feel pulse after pulse of your semen shoot into Mugetsu who smiles down at you contently as she rubs her navel. As your orgasm chain finally comes to an end you can see as some of your cum leaks slowly out of her, dripping out over your crotch as she just smiles.

You relax completely and breathe hard as you finish unloading inside her, noticing that she hasn't pulled away from you at all. Still, you can't quite say anything. Your mind's fogged up and you're enjoying this too much to care.

You feel her dreamy pussy suck up all of your cum into her, sucking it up into her as she smiles and continues to smile at you, "From now on, we'll be doing all sorts of dirty, erotic things like this. Every day whenever I want. If you're a good boy, I might even take a request from you. Aren't you happy you submitted to what you really are now?"

"Yes..." You say breathlessly. Not for a lack of enthusiasm, mind. You're really winded from everything that happened.

"Good, you're third cutest when you're honest." She tells you as her hands roam over your chest.

You moan as she starts to play with your chest, content to let her do as she pleases.

"You're second cutest when you're loving what's happening to you as I play with you." She tells you as her hands continue to rove over you, "And your the most cute when you make a face right! As you're! about! to! Cum!" She punctuates each of those statements by rising up and slamming you all the way back into her as she eagerly tries to see that adorable face you make again.

You certainly make that face as you find yourself cumming inside her again, crying out in pleasure as she pushes you over the edge in an instant.

She holds her head in her hands as she smiles widely at your expression and the feeling of your cum pumping into her again, "Oh yes, I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing that."

And you'll never get tired of cumming inside her. Or being inside her, period.
No. 31746
Huh, wasn't expecting Mugetsu to be this hard of an S. Not complaining though.
No. 31750
ctrl-f "sticky white stuff"
Dang, man. Not hatin on you, but just sayin.
No. 31752
That implies Wilhelm made a cooking mistake though! I mean a mistake with batter would be something he couldn't ever live down.
No. 31754
In fairness, there are only so many synonyms for ejaculate. Though "jizz" has been underused, I'll grant you.
No. 31764
Since having a plot-boner for over 24 hours, why not discuss about what our little Wilhelm might encounter in the future?

I have several possible scenarios:
Get kidnapped to Lunar Capital to be a butler for Watatsuki Sisters (added bonus if Eientei crew is involved)
Odd jobs that ends up in a SDM.
Someone turned Wilhelm's house into an Anomaly.
No. 31767
I'm pretty sure that, at this point, Wilhelm's house is already an Anomaly, given how heavily guarded it is by so many high-level Touhoumon.
No. 31772
So, another dungeon for Red to crawl.
Possibly then the small house has already become Wilhelm's Castle.
No. 31782
"Get kidnapped to Lunar Capital to be a butler for Watatsuki Sisters (added bonus if Eientei crew is involved)"

That would be pretty interesting. Would we see a quest by the Touhoumon who frequent his home to get him back?
No. 31783
It's the Holy Grail War all over again.
No. 31784
He's their Saber? Will we see him get put into a frilly dress?
No. 31786
I bet he's been enough times in Mons' fantasies.

Pic may be related.
No. 31812
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, a mighty fine young man, or so you've been told. You've also got some mighty fine problems, but most of all you have some mighty fine friends...who have some mighty fine asses, but that's something else on a whole different topic. Your life got flip turned upside down when your father brought you with him to the New Continent with your mother insisting you go. Recently, you have discovered and been forced to admit that they're both terrible jerks. Before that, you had large amounts of sex with a wide variety of touhoumon and also made many fine culinary dishes. In conclusion, despite everything this has probably been the best time of your life. Currently you are lying in a bed with a Satori you met, bound up in her tentacles and sleeping like a baby with how you're held against her.

Still, your life being your life means that this peace will not go undisturbed for long.

The only sign of said peace being disturbed is the gentle tapping of a shoe against the floor. Said tapper happens to be the LWReisen who your father sold you to initially, though from the looks of things she's not staring at you so much as the Satori who's bound you up.

"You're here sooner than I expected." Says the Satori without so much as looking at the rabbit mon.

"My cute little Wilheim got snatched up from his own home and taken underground. The only reason I didn't come down here sooner was because I didn't notice he was gone." The fine-looking bunny mon had her arms crossed under her breasts, and was giving the Satori a look.

"Then clearly you aren't as observant as you like to think. I would not have let Wilheim out of my sight." Of course, you have to wonder why she's choosing to argue with Reisen as opposed to pointing out that your father sold you to both mons...

You squirm a bit in your bonds, sleepily feeling the need to get up and properly greet guests and then prepare a meal for them. You've still got carrot cake, don't you...?

Of course, the Satori's done up her bonds a bit too tight for you to slip away. "Shh, it's fine. Just relax this once." Says your Satori lover to you.

You let out a plaintive whine at the fact that, despite your need to take care of your guests and food, you cannot seem to manage to escape. What is this sorcery...!?

"So, what's the meaning of this? I assume you wouldn't steal my Wilheim without good reason." Says the Reisen, who's still impatiently waiting for an answer.

"It's less stealing and more borrowing. You are aware of the man who called himself this boy's father, yes?" Says the Satori in response, keeping you bound with her tentacles and arms.

It takes the Reisen a moment to get where the Satori was going with this. "Son of a... I let that ass leave my forest intact too." She frowns as she comes to the realization that your 'father' sold you to both mons for personal gain.

She rubs her forehead as she tries to figure something out. "Alright, so Wilheim got sold to the both of us, and the only reason that worked is because he went for you first, then chanced upon me, right?"

"Correct. If the order had been reversed, he would not have left the underground." Replies the Satori.

You find yourself left with little to do as you sit in the Satori's hold and slowly wake up, bit by bit as he realizes the entirety of his situation. "...Oh no, my house must have gotten so dusty without me there to keep cleaning it! There'll be cobwebs in the corners!"

"Don't worry, your usual harem's been keeping things clean. The Letty and Alice that got in your pants are pretty good homemakers." The Reisen waves off your concern easily. "Anyway, this brings up an issue of sharing."

"Indeed. The issues of stamina are compounded as well." The Satori nods in agreement.

Letty and Alice are cleaning your house? Oh, you hope that they don't try to reorganize it again or something. Last time they tried to help Alice ended up reorganizing your wardrobe and it took you forever to actually find out where all your clothes you were looking for went. At least Letty will hopefully be a controlling influence.

"So how are we supposed to do this? Sure, Wilheim's house is kind of a hub, but we're still talking about a rather considerable trip." The Reisen continues, no longer tapping her feet but still staring.

"Perhaps we could have him stay within our territories in a cycle, with each of us handing him off to the other after... one week?" Suggests the Satori.

"...But I like my house." You point out quietly. You do like your house. It's a nice place and heaven knows if you weren't there enough it'd start to go to the pests. Mice and cockroaches everywhere. Dreadful really.

"It's not like it can't be maintained by others. Plus your house is kinda easily barged into." The Reisen points out. "Still, Wilheim brings up a good point. We also need to take his wants into consideration."

"Then why not ask him directly?" Says the Satori, who then turns to you. "Wilheim, how would you wish to approach this?"

"...I like my house." You say, fiddling nervously with his hands, "It may not have been my home at first, but I made it into one with the help of everyone. I don't mind leaving it to come visit and stay with people, sleepovers sound like fun! I just...don't want to have to stay away from it all the time."

That home is where all your happy memories live now. You can't just leave it empty.

The Satori looks slightly disappointed by your decision, while the Reisen looks rather smug. Your house is smack in the middle of the latter's territory after all, meaning she has easier and more routine access of you.

"B-but that doesn't mean that I can't come down to the underground more often or something, or maybe we could install a...a hellevator or something so you can get up to where I am easier Miss Satori!" You sputter and panic, trying to make the Satori less sad.

The Satori ruffles your hair and she continues to snuggle you affectionately. "Orin's cart already functions as that, so there's no real issue. I could even just have her or Koishi snatch you up again when I want you with me."

"You could always come up and so hello if you wanted to. I could make a cake!" You could make so many cakes! Numerous cakes! In fact, you could have both of the powerful leaders come to your house and have a great big slumber party! There'd be sweets, and drinks and doing each others hair and talking about girls...That is what happens at a slumber party, yes?

"That's true too, you know." Says the Reisen as she considers it. "Though you'd know it'd turn into an orgy after that." She seems oddly amused by the idea.

"An issue of challenge? Very well." Says the Satori, who then kisses you on the lips before letting you go.

You shift idly, moving your legs and arms around as you shift out of the now loosened tentacles of the lovely Satori. Your limbs feel all...tingly and like gelatin and moving them is like trying to drag them through water. You're not really worried about what they said.

Most of your days end up like orgies anyways.

Then you find yourself being picked up by the Reisen and carried fireman-style without having a chance to dress first. "Since Wilheim has decided that he wishes to remain at his home so he can keep himself occupied and content, I shall be assisting him in returning to the surface!" Reisen declares triumphantly, though the Satori seems less bothered than before.

"I'll just bring along Ran for my first visit to the surface~" The Satori replies in a rater happy tone, and you know full well which one she's referring to too.

You shudder in the Reisen's hold and cuddle up against her, memories resurfacing of hours spent in the SlRan's hold. So cool and yet so good, but...you don't think you'll want to stop being held by nice, soft warm ladies anytime. Also this Reisen smells extra nice today. Maybe a new kind of shampoo? "Because you're worth it..."

"You're worth it too~" She says to you smugly. "Alright, I'll be off~ And dear Wilheim, I'm going to help you get cleaned up when we get back~"

"Oh...okay, sure!" You agree cheerfully. You needed a shower anyways, and it's pretty tough to get your back properly washed by yourself. It's nice to have help! "Good bye Miss Satori! Have a nice day!"

The Satori waves back, mind no doubt formulating all sorts of interesting things to do to you the next time she has a quiet moment with you.

"...It is going to be nice to see the surface again." You admit to the Reisen, "I missed the trees and the sound of the wind going through them." You didn't really miss your neighbor and his rambuncious Yuugi waking you up early sometimes, but given your own circumstances you probably can't be too angry about that.

"And we'll like the fact that you're back with us as well." She does sniff you a bit more as she vacates the premisis. "A slime variant? Oooh, I'm envious now. Tame one of those down and they can be one of the best lays a girl can have."

For some reason...you pout at the Reisen, looking somewhat put out at here. What are you even doing Wilheim?

She gently pats you on the rear in response. "Envious? I wouldn't be. I'd still rather have you than a tame slime, though I wouldn't object to having one in between letting your harem have you~"

Well, so long as the pecking order remains established, that's fine. "...Say Miss Reisen." You speak up as you relax as well as you can with the Reisen carrying you as she is, "...Do you think my father sold me to anyone else?"

She remains silent as she thinks about it. "He had the gall to sell you twice for personal gain. The Satori is too relaxed about that fact." Her tone turns serious as she considers it. "It's clear you're just a resource to him, so I'll have to keep an eye out for any... delegations from other groups."

"Oh...I hope there aren't more people." You admit, "I don't think I could cook enough fast enough for a surprise slumber party if I end up meeting too many more people." And that would just be shameful. I mean really, a host who cannot feed all his guests?

The Reisen smiles at you, and kisses your bare rear. "Seriously. The first thing out of your mouth is concerns about entertaining new guests."
"A good host has to always be ready and capable of dealing with any situation. My kitchen isn't big enough to prepare a feast for a surprise slumber party if I have too many more people coming than the ones I've met." Perhaps you could invest in some sort of outdoor firepit or barbeque?

She just snorts. "I'll see what I can do. At this rate it might just be saner to renovate your house to let more people live in it, at the rate you're going."

"I'm not trying to do anything." You defend yourself, gesturing behind the Reisen where she can't actually see it, "This just sorta happens to me! It's not like I went into the woods expecting to run into Rumia and have her do what she did to me!"

"I'm not blaming you for that. You have a personality and heart that accepts our kind readily, and believe it or not most sane mons find that rather attractive."

"I just treat people like people." You respond, not sure you deserve that kind of praise, "Just because some people are human and some people are touhoumon doesn't mean you're not people, good and bad."

"You'd be surprised at how rare that kind of thing actually is. In all this time I haven't found one trainer worthy of being my partner." Reisen looks you over again. "Not that I'd take you as my partner either, but I've taken you as my lover, so that's even better."

"I don't like touhoumon battles. They're so loud and flashy and painful looking..." You admit, "In Metro City I'd see people fighting touhoumon in the streets and causing all kinds of damage. It was just...awful."

"Metro City, huh." She pauses for a bit. "I've heard stories about that place, none of them good. Supposedly the local pollution is so bad that there are entire areas that emulate evolution stone radiation and force mons to evolve."

"The industrial sector is a disgusting place, and it spreads out into the rest of the city. Weaker mon who are left there can be mutated into slime types from what I was taught and there's plenty of other problems as well. Human aggressive wild touhoumon inhabit the less wealthy parts of town and being attacked is...a fact of life for some people. There was a story I heard, where people would pay tribute to 'touhoumon mafias' to keep their part of the city safe from attacks...by any touhoumon that didn't belong to that group anyway."

"Sounds about right. If you humans were half as expansive here as you were there, your kind would be met with far more resistance." Reisen notes. She's carried you out the front door of the mansion, and into the underground proper. The Orin who carted you here waves to you, though she's nervous about actually approaching you.

You wave back at the Orin, "Good bye Orin! Have a nice day!"

Then, you serious right back up for your conversation with Reisen, "Do you not like humans Reisen?" You ask after a moment of thought.

"I like humans, but I know better than to think that every single one is trustworthy. Just like how not every single mon is trustworthy." Reisen points out to you.

"Oh...I remember reading about how humans have faced resistance coming here." You admit, remembering back to your lessons in the Metro City public educational system. You learned a lot there, in between getting put into lockers or stuck in the gym supply room. "Like, they were big attacks on towns when colonization first started, and how over ninety percent of the New Continent is still considered 'uninhabited' by humans."

"Given how this is one of our last completely untouched sanctuaries, you can't really blame us. While we outnumber humans by a considerable margin, there's still the fact that your kind can have a profound impact on us." Reisen provides a bit more of an explanation for you. "Those of us who were native to what you call the New Continent didn't want humans to come in, but eventually a settlement was reached and select individuals and families were allowed to colonize certain areas."

She sighs after a moment, apparently not content with what she was saying. "Some of us were hesitant at least. I didn't want humans in my forest at all when I heard that a batch of them were going to arrive." She starts to move forward in leaps and bounds, getting you to the surface faster. "There were a few others like me, but eventually things were talked out and select humans were allowed to move into areas that would have otherwise been completely hostile to them."

"Not that that system was perfect though. As you say, a large chunk of the New Continent is inaccessible to humans."

"...I'm happy that you let humans come to your part of the New Continent." You tell the Reisen, "If you hadn't, I wouldn't have met you." You try to hug the Reisen, but considering you’re slung over her shoulders you just sort of pat her.

"The feeling's mutual, actually. You're walking proof that humans can work with us to an even greater degree than I thought possible." She doesn't mind the patting, apparently.

"And you're walking proof that..." Well...not that touhoumon won't take sexual liberties with humans you suppose, given your circumstances. "...You're walking proof that not all touhoumon will drag humans off...?" Well, given what it looks like what's going on right now...

"...You're walking proof that you're great!" You decide, working harder to hug the Reisen.

That just gets her laughing. "You really are sweet. I think I'm going to fuck you silly when we get back~."

"...I thought I was going to get cleaned up?" You question. I mean, not that you're upset at the situation. Being slung over her shoulder and carried like this is exciting in its own way, and it's taking all your will power not to touch fluffy bunny tail.

"Afterward, I think. You're being far too adorable for me to just leave be." She licks her lips, even if you can't see it.

"I'm just being myself..." All the girls you meet say you're being adorable, but you're just being Wilheim. That's all you are.

"...Can we use the bed at least?" You ask politely. You think that doing it on the floor or the couch would probably be murder on your back at this point.

"Of course~!" She says in response.

"Okay then!" Your willpower fails you, and you are unable to resist the siren song of the fluffy bunny tail. Reaching out with one hand, you gently fluff the fluffy tail. It's too much for a man to resist! So soft...

She yelps and jumps in response to that, and has a positively lewd smile on her face as she makes the last few bounds to get to your home. From there she keeps moving until she gets to your bed, and lays you down on it.

You shift, letting out a comfortable sigh on the bed and looking up at the Reisen with a half-lidded gaze. "So...what are we gonna do on the bed?" You have to wonder just what it will be this time? Who knows what sort of kinky plans the Reisen has in store for you. Maybe she too is a master of bondage?

She strips herself naked and straddles you in a rather short timespan. "Well, that Satori used bondage already... You seem to really like that, but I'm almost against using it as a matter of pride."

You just smile up at the Reisen. She's her own person after all, and you wouldn't want her to be anything but herself. "We could always cuddle." You suggest jokingly.

"We could, but I'd feel like I've lost somehow." She says, though she does lay down on you proper and wrap her arms around you. "I think I'm going to be a bit more conventional about his~"

You snuggle right back up against the larger woman, happily nuzzling against her chest and burying your face between her soft breasts. You feel so safe and warm when you're held like this.

She then rubs her dripping wet and hot pussy against your cock to help get it up, seeing as her original plan was to have sex with you anyway.

You let out a happy moan as you feel the Reisen's wet, hot slit rub along your shaft. You don't really need much help getting erect as you were already interested in what was happening, and it only take her less than a minute to get you up and ready to go.

It takes her even less time to bury your cock inside her up to the hilt, though she just keeps you inside her for the time being.

Just like it was last time, just being inserted inside of her is positively amazing. Her pussy is soft yet hot and clings to your shaft perfectly in every way. It's tempting to just cum from being inserted and held inside of her without her doing anything to you, because it's almost like her pussy is pulsing and milking you just sitting there. "Ah...you feel so good Reisen..."

"I'm glad you think so~ I take pride in my abilities." She says smugly, those pulsing and milking sensations get a bit stronger. It doesn't just feel like she's doing that, she is milking you.

"Ah!" You try to shift in her hold but even twitching drastically increases the pleasure. Her amazing skills and pussy control are pushing you up to your edge and it's all you can do to hold back and not cum too quickly, even though you know it'd feel so good.

"Go ahead and cum inside me. I don't mind~" She says to you in a husky tone, and she's clearly intent on keeping you trapped inside her.

And with that being said, you do. You try to hold out for just a little bit longer, but it's just too much for you and letting out a pitiful moan you cum inside of the Reisen atop you. You relax underneath her, staring blearily up at the smug Rabbit as you pant softly.

She licks her lips and redoubles her efforts, keeping you nice and trapped inside her as she works on milking you dry.

You can't help but feel embarrassed by how easily this Reisen is servicing you and making you squeak and moan, squirming and writhing underneath her yet unable to escape. To an outsider observer, you must look truly pathetic given how she doesn't look like she's moving at all, yet is milking you so skillfully. Still...you've learned a thing or two! You reach up with both hands and run them along her body and up her chest before lovingly grasping her amazing breasts which feel perfect in your hand with the pert nipples pressing up against your palms.

She moans as you run your hands along her breasts, and makes a rather pleased sound when you start grabbing them of your own accord. Oddly enough, she seems to be among those mons who lactates, and her nipples are in reach of your mouth...

Unable to resist the temptation dangling above you, you reach up and latch onto one of those rosy nipples and tease it eagerly with your tongue, running it over the rough textured skin and saving the Reisen's sounds of pleasure as your hand eagerly begins to grope and rub her other breasts and your other hand slides down her rear to squeeze that soft, amazing ass of her.

She squirms and moans herself as you start to grope her more sensitive parts, and she's certainly releasing spurts of milk for you now that you're suckling from her. She seems surprised at first, but those happy sounds before come back shortly after that. Clearly, she doesn't mind you being bold with her.

You continue to grope the Reisen's amazing body, getting a feel for how magnificent her form as and sucking own all the milk she gives you. Such an interesting flavor, naturally sweet somehow! You move your hips up, bucking up into the Reisen's as you start to lose yourself to the pleasure her body promises you. She feels so amazing!

For some reason, she seems quite a lot more enthusiastic about fucking you than before, and she's matching your rhythm easily as you drive yourself to greater heights.

You drive yourself as deep into her as you can manage and moan into her soft flesh as you orgasm, pumping your cum into the rabbit's hole as you cling to her, your lust growing rather than fading away with orgasm.

She seems to detect that and grows a bit curious about something. She rolls herself over so she's on top now, and is curious what you'll do with your newfound freedom~

You shift confusedly at being on top of her for the moment before you make a few connections on just what you're supposed to be doing again. You eagerly go right back to suckling on the Reisen's tit while groping the other, and use your other hand to get a solid hold of her hip as your thumb trails down to where that sensitive little nub you found on Satori was. Giving that a prod you start to move your hips again, slowly picking up the pace as you thrust in and out of the Reisen, trying to find a pattern that gets the past reaction out of her.

Hitting that nub seems to get a stronger reaction out of her, if anything, as she's now bucking her hips up in time with your thrusts and seems to be trying her hardest to not just trap you inside her anyway.

You just take that as a good sign and start doing that even more, teasing that sensitive little nub even more eagerly as you try giving her nipple a little nibble to see how that works. It's so much fun, making these ladies feel so good.

She seems to be enjoying that quite a lot, seeing as she actively orgasms from it within a few minutes. Her walls start to milk your cock with even greater ferocity than before, and it seems like she's not going to stop anytime soon either.

Her orgasm pushes you past your limit again, and you cum into her once more as her walls roughly and rapidly milk your shaft and drag out your orgasm to a painful length that leaves you moaning piteously into her warm flesh,, panting and trying to get your breath back as you feel your shaft twitching inside of her still.

"Alright, I'll give that Satori credit where credit is due. She somehow made you into an even better lay than before." Reisen practically purrs as she gropes your ass while keeping you trapped inside her while her insides continue to milk you.

"I...I didn't really know what to do before." You admit, panting still, "It was like...what do I do? Do I just grab something? She...got me to learn by just offering herself up and laying there and...and I couldn't just not make her feel good if she wasn't going to make herself feel good. I need to make you all feel good."

She kisses you on the lips due to your response. "Thoughtful too. How in the world did that man sire a boy like you?"

You just mumble a few not-words and bury your face between her breasts as you feel her drag another orgasm easily out of you now that you're exhausted and can barely move.

The bunny mon eventually gives you a rest and allows you to just keep your cock buried inside her, wrapped in her warm, soft insides without actively being milked. "Let's just stay like this for a bit~" She says, content to make you stay with her for now.

You sigh softly atop the larger girl and relax, resting completely there and not even bothering to try and support yourself. "...You're a very nice lady Miss Reisen." You compliment the rabbit girl as you hug her.

"And you're quite the wonderful boy, Wilheim~" Says the rabbit as she hugs you back.

You try to say something back, but you're just so comfortable that all you want to do is sleep on top of this huggable rabbit pillow girl.


It's been a while. As something of a helpful bit of advice, I'd just like to point out that, just like in real life, people in these stories can lie, be wrong and even have their views of the truth distorted by personal opinions and prejudices.
No. 31813
This really makes me wonder if there are any other Touhoumon communities just adjacent to the Forest with easy access to Wilheim's home~

It's not like being sold to two powerful Mons is the end of it right~?
No. 31814
If his father is any kind of Genma expy, Wilheim has been sold at five different mons for five equally bullshit reasons.
No. 31815
It is in the Touhous' enlightened self-interest to make sure that Wilhelm remains happy, healthy, and sane, so I doubt that whatever fabrications they spin will be all that harmful. In the case of human habitation, Wilhelm's prior knowledge is corroborated by Reisen's narrative, though I will keep in mind that she has her own slant. Satori is another matter entirely, given that she rules an area that humans just don't want to inhabit at all.

Yuuka's dreamworld, Makai, Muenzuka and the Sanzu, Yukari's gaphax, heaven...
The list is endless when you take alternate dimensions into account. They aren't, strictly speaking, physical locations that exist in this world, though the Sanzu and Heaven are border cases.
No. 31816
What about places like the Moon? I remember reading somewhere that it could be accessed if you see its full reflection in water on a full moon.
No. 31838

IIRC that's talking about Yukari being able to create a portal to the moon by fiddling with the border between fantasy and reality on the full moon's reflection on water.

Don't take my word as the gospel truth though, because (a) I am a faggot who likes Touhou lore but can't be arsed to read SSiB/CiLR, and (b) this is an AU anyway.
No. 31848

>>31838 is right on Yukari fiddling with borders, but it was the border between truth and lies, not fantasy and reality.

So no, that way isn't going to work without bullshit magic at your disposal.
No. 31851
Like, say, that of Watatsuki no Toyohime. Power to connect mountain and sea, fantasy and reality, and the Earth and the Moon. Yukari ain't the only one with bullshit gaphax. But no, you're right, not just anyone can waltz up there. It takes a hell of a lot of work, either with or without magic.
No. 31868
Does her sister have similar powers?
No. 31872
No, Watatsuki no Yorihime has the power to call upon the manifold gods of the Shinto pantheon, allowing her to use their powers as she pleases. Technically means that she could call on Suwako or Kanako if she wanted to, I suppose.
No. 31874
more likely Kanako as it's rather implied in SSiB the Lunarians set up the faction of gods she came from just to defeat the original faction which Suwako was a part of.
No. 31876
You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you're a mighty fine young man with some mighty fine friends with some mighty fine bodies. You also had some mighty big problems, but they turned out to not be as bad as you feared as the Reisen and Satori managed to work out a deal that seemed to make them both happy and didn't involve you being cut in half so each of them could have a part of you for themselves, which was good. Your Reisen friend brought you back up to your house which was not demolished, frozen or on fire and then proceeded to make sweet, passionate love with you on your bed for quite some time until the both of you cuddled up and slept happily together for the night, savoring the others warmth. Unfortunately, Reisen had to go relatively early the next day to go and make sure your other Forest friends didn't get any idea and try to storm the Underground and start a war, which would be a bad thing.

This left you all on your own, but that's not a state your unfamiliar with. The Reisen's warmth has yet to leave you even as you stand happily in your kitchen, finishing up the dishes you dirtied from making breakfast. Today's meal was a nice one again, and you made pumpkin pancakes! There are so many interesting recipes you never got to try before that you have the freedom to try out here now that you have your house to yourself and you're cooking for fun and food, not profit.

Yes indeed, today is off to a great start. Outside of your house it looks a little bit worse off thought. The sky is heavily clouded with dark, heavy clouds rather than happy, puffy white ones. The sun is blocked out and the wind is going pretty strong when it cares to. It's a nice song to listen to, the wind playing through the grass and trees. Besides, you don't mind a nice storm every once in a while.

If you paid attention to pattern recognition, you'd probably have realized that this is generally the point at which you'd get a visitor. Said visitor happens to have short, raven black hair, red eyes, a white short-sleeved shirt and black dress, and is busy staring at you. You'd wonder how she got in, but the girls have so many ins and outs in this house that you wouldn't be surprised if this one slipped in while the wind was roaring.

You just look at your newest guest, unable to really feel shock or surprise at the current state of affairs. As a host, you've got a duty to perform now. "Can I get you something to eat or drink, ma'am?" You ask politely, idly checking over just what kind of snacks you have up here available for eating. Oooooh, sunflower seeds!

"You'd do just fine~" She says, though she's not jumping you just yet. "I'm Aya, one of the scouts and representatives of the Tengu Mountain." She takes out a red notepad with a maple leaf design on it and flips through it. "Right, Wilheim Wilhelm, traded to us for something or other. I don't know what exactly, since I kinda shut everything else out when I saw that cute face of yours on a picture."

"...I see." You just sigh in annoyance and acceptance for the situation. Despite everything, you'd hoped you hadn't been sold more than twice. There's no way you'll be able to make enough food for a surprise slumber party if you're going to get introduced to a whole new area full of girls. You'll need to get that kitchen expansion after all at this rate, won't you?

"Yes, that's me." You turn yourself to full face the touhoumon and stand politely with your hands held in front of you, "What can I do for you?"

"I've come to pick you up!" She says with a radiant smile. "We can't exactly have the local LWReisen prey on you, so we at the mountain had a near-unanimous vote to relocate you to our territory."

"Near-unanimous?" You have to ask, "Someone in your group didn't think it would be a good idea to suddenly show up at my house, tear me out of my home and take me somewhere I am completely unfamiliar with to be held by people I do not know?"

From most people, that would probably be sarcasm. From you, it sounded almost like a legitimate question.

"That was probably Momiji or something, she's kind of a stick in the mud about this sort of thing." Aya rolls her eyes as she talks about her co-worker. "Seriously, we're talking about a cute shota and she's all 'we should be sure that we're not stepping on anyone's toes' and all that."

"That sounds like a smart thing to do." You point out helpfully to her, "Since I am, in fact, owned by someone else already anyway. Two someone else's in fact." You helpfully provide her with information, not at all or in the least surprised at how your own opinions and wants on the matter don't factor into the situation or what they'll do with you at all.

Aya looks shell-shocked by the news. "What, seriously?! Sold to who?" She asks.

"The Reisen you talked about, and the Satori who lives underground below my house." You helpfully inform the Aya of her latest scoop of information, "And now I can add whoever is in charge of your mountain to my list of owners too." Maybe they'll work out a joint custody agreement too? You hope this doesn't become problematic.

"Dammit, Momiji's never going to let me live this one down." She seems mildly annoyed for a moment... Then sweeps you up into her arms before you can blink. "Oh well though~ I'll just have to have my fun while I can~"

You squirm in the Aya's hold as you're held uncomfortably close to the new touhoumon, "I wouldn't have expected anything else..." You admit as you rub up against the touhoumon’s body with your own, reacting naturally in the way that always seemed to get Rumia the most excited when she pounced on you.

That seems to surprise the Aya as well, though she doesn't seem particularly bothered by it. "Wow, you're pretty broken in already. Most people would struggle~"

"You're hardly the first to have your way with me ma'am." You point out to the Aya, just relaxing in her hold and giving it up, as it were. If you struggle you'll just make it worse for yourself, unless she wants you to struggle and resist or something like that. You'll do whatever it is she wants from you.

"Wow, I bet you know all sorts of kinky tricks by now~" She says as she walks out of your kitchen, just outside your front door... then kicks off the ground and before you can so much as voice your distaste for being flung around that fast you're in the air with the Aya. "Now then, I think I'll have some fun with you on the way in~"

You wrap your arms tightly around the Aya and squeeze her in your hold as well as your weak, noodley human arms can manage, desperately holding onto her as you bury your face in her necks. Heights. Why did it have to be heights? This is just reminding you of the time you got taped to the top of the flagpole and got stuck there all day.

Given how Aya's somehow gotten your underwear off without taking your pants off first, odds are good she's going to overwrite that flagpole fear with something else. Funnily enough, despite how there should be relatively cold air blowing around you, she's keeping the air around her still and relatively warm. ...She might be using her skills to blow the warmth from her pussy right to your cock to get you up.

The feeling of her heat and warmth start to sink into you, and your body reacts to her desires for you on its own, gradually raising your erection despite your fear of heights in this situation as you're held against her honestly very nice and soft body. You try to hold yourself closer to her still now, feeling a mixture of the fear and lust blending together in an intoxicating way.

She wraps one of her smooth legs around you to help support you more, and unceremoniously pushes your erect flagpole deep inside her. She lets out a positively luxuriant moan as she feels you penetrate her, and you note that it's all you hear. If you close your eyes, it's almost as though you weren't high in the air.

You just keep your eyes closed then, moaning out in pleasure yourself as you sink deep into her soft folds in one swift move. There's a soft pressure that clamps down on your length, rubbing it all over as she takes you into her. It's like thousands of feather light touches hitting every part of your shaft and tip, teasing the entirety of it and making you gasp and moan into the Aya's ear as she easily takes advantage of you.

Apparently she's one of those mons who can make you cum without even having to thrust, because you feel those sensations work you over quite thoroughly without you having to move at all. Though she could have noticed that you seem to be scared of heights and just wants to offer you the comfort of her hot body on yours.

You whine and moan pitifully into the Aya's ears, only squirming slightly in her hold for fear of her losing her grip and your falling to the ground but you can feel waves of pleasure washing over all of your body and desperately making you want to twitch and squirm and wriggle while you try to hold still. The Aya never lets you pull back and just holds you deep inside of her as those tickling, teasing touches continue even as your shaft begins to twitch and leak, letting you both know just how close you are to orgasm. Of course, she could probably tell just how much you're enjoying it by how you're panting and moaning into her ear.

She just hums happily as she continues to pleasure you in that wonderfully exotic way, and decides to squeeze her thighs together to see if a little extra pressure would help push you over the edge~

Which it certainly does. You let out a muffled cry of passion into her neck as your orgasm hits you, your whole body shuddering with pleasure as you reach climax. Your shaft twitches happily as it pumps out your sperm into the beautiful touhoumon who's holding you inside of her as you're left a weakly panting wreck as your orgasm passes, still stuck inside of her pussy as it continues to tease you, not stopping even after you orgasm.

"I'll keep you inside me the entire way, so don't try to hold back or anything, okay~?" She asks you in a gentle whisper, apparently feeling really good herself since you coated her insides like that.

You just whimper as she keeps teasing you right after you're last orgasm, hitting your oversensitive shaft with wave after wave of pleasure as those countless touches hit you perfectly, rubbing the sensitive bottom and tip of your length while her lips clamp tight around your shaft at its base to keep you from pulling even slightly out of her. You're completely defenseless inside of her and she knows it as she easily makes you cum just by holding there. You're too frozen with being so high in the air to even try and respond back and pleasure her, so you just cling tightly to her as you start to leak out of your tip again already.

She seems perfectly content with that though, and sighs contentedly as she carries you along. Her inner walls are having a field day with your cock as she starts to do all sorts of interesting 'touch' patterns while concentrating on the sensitive head buried inside her.

"Nnn-! No, I'm sensitive there-Ah!" You twitch inside of her again, letting out another load of your cum into the Aya as she happily learns every last one of your weak points, "That's...too good..." You complain bitterly, panting as she works you over inside of her to drag another orgasm out of your rapidly.

"That's the point, isn't it~?" She says cheerfully. "I'm going to take the time to learn aaaaaaall your weak spots, so you'd better be prepared~"

"T-that's not fair..!" You try to keep your voice steady as she leans more and more how to reduce you to a sputtering, shaking mess. You try to hold out for as long as you can, but she still manages to wring an orgasm out of you even faster this time, leading to you pumping your cum into her hot, wet slit yet again, filling the Aya up as much as you can as you hang loosely in her hold now. You can't resist or hold back anymore now, you just...want to let her do whatever she wants to you. It feels too good to do anything else.

The crow mon proceeds to continue making sweet love to you clear until you fall unconscious, as it seems like she's rather bad at holding back. You're vaguely aware that you're slowly losing altitude, but at this point you probably don't care.

You orgasm into her over and over and over again, leaking out everything you have in you as you start to feel so very, very weak. You feel like your last few orgasms have been empties, with you shooting nothing out because you had nothing left in you. You just sleepily snuggle up against the flying crow mon, holding onto her as best as your weak arms can as you feel yourself slowly descend. You think you can feel someone else’s presence as you're withdrawn from the Aya but you're just so tired that you...
No. 31877
Well well, thats one faction I didnt visualize or imagine happening

...Thats 3 then!
No. 31878

And adding on to my post...Oh my, doing it while flying? That...is new

Though I'd wager with that kind of act, everyone in the forest would notice for obvious reasons
No. 31879
We knew this day would come. We also knew we would cum this day.

In all seriousness though, we need to find our scumbag father and let our owners have a little "chat" with him
No. 31880
Aya?! Fuck yes.
No. 31881
He's already found Atlantis and sold us to LW Wakasagihime
No. 31883
Uh oh. We gonna have Kentucky Fried Aya tonight?
No. 31887
I think it'll start the Youkai mountain arc, though I wouldn't be surprised if the boss was a Kanako or Suwako.
No. 31899

Could actually be a Tenma. They do exist in Touhoumon, just rarely.
No. 31901
I'm going from certain trends such as a LWReisen being the boss of the forest, not an Alice, Marisa, Eirin or Kaguya.
No. 31928
...You are Wilheim Wilhelm, and you're unconscious. You're also a mighty fine young man with some mighty big problems. You groan quietly as you turn over on the firm mattress, consciousness slowly returning to you as you shift about. This bed...isn't your bed. You blink your eyes open to look at the gray room all around you. This room isn't any room you've seen before. It's also not very well decorated or warm. It's quite more cold and utilitarian. The bed your on has a firm mattress and pillow as well as a thick blanket that lay draped over you. There's an end table, a bookshelf and several other pieces of furniture in this room. There are no other people though.

Yesterday's events return to you slowly. Yes, that's right. Your father sold you again, to someone else. Someone in charge of an entire group of tengu, it would seem. This could pose a pretty large problem for you, given what you remember of large tengu communities tending to be like.

And now, you've been taken by one. Ripped straight out of your home without any means of complaint or recourse and locked up in a room you don't know to wait for one of them to deign to deal with you. Your hands tighten into fists, crumpling the fabric of the blanket as you feel the anger grow in you.

It doesn't take long for one to show up though. The door to the room you're being stored in opens, and a rather exasperated Momiji enters the room before shutting and locking the door behind her. She sets her sword and shield down against on of the walls, and pinches the bridge of her nose. She shakes her head after that and looks to you proper. "Wilheim Wilhelm. I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for Aya's rash actions. While there was a near-unanimous vote to move you, I also made a motion to actually look into your scenario before you were moved." She sits down and looks a bit haggard, all considering. "I was ignored, and it seems Aya may have kicked open a hornet's nest."

"Really?" You ask, tone polite, "Tearing someone out of their homes and away from the people they knew forcefully and with no warning making people upset? I can't imagine that sort of thing happening." You hands twitch irritatedly as you feel your stomach grumble. And you can already tell there's no kitchen in this cell of yours.
"The only reason most of us voted to move you was because Lord Tenma did not anticipate your..." Momiji almost calls your father your, well, father, but stops short. "That man to be audacious enough to sell her someone who had already been sold. Multiple times." The disgust is thick in her tone, and it's clear that she does not approve of what your 'father' had done. "You were also directly in middle of the local LWReisen's forest, which many of us believed would give the local Touhoumon too many opportunities to take advantage of someone who didn't belong to them."

She pauses for a moment, hearing your stomach, and then continues. "As for food... The original instructions were to bring you what you needed, but Hatate has done some research regarding your habits and preferences, and she's shown me that you prefer to cook for yourself. I'm going to catch at least some grief for this, but I will take you to one of the kitchens, if you would like to."

"If you're worried that I might try to escape, don't be." You respond, managing to make yourself act at least a bit more polite and up to the standards you try and hold yourself to. They may have kidnapped you out of your home, but they're victims of your father as well. "I won't make an attempt. I know full well that I wouldn't make it a third of the way before I'd get caught. And besides, I was taught that Tengu tended to build their homes like maze fortresses when they gathered together." You'd probably just get lost, or end up keeping a hand on the left wall while trying to get out. When being hunted for, neither of those are good things.

"That is also consistent with what Hatate was able to uncover. Honestly, I have no issue with letting you move about, and I feel that we shouldn't even have moved you." Says the Momiji as she offers you her hand. "And yes, we do have that rather annoying habit. It makes it easier to confuse intruders."

You consider the Momiji's hand as you ponder her offer. There's really no point in spitting in the face of one of your captors when she's at least apparently trying to be kind and claims to not have agreed with what was done to you. Admittedly, she could be taking you to a sex dungeon rather than the Kitchen and you'd never know, but it's not like it'd change your circumstances all that much. If anything you've learned ever since you came her is true, you'll likely end up underneath this girl and between her thighs soon enough anyway.

"All right." You agree, taking the Momiji's hand with your own. It's very soft, her hand. The skin is surprisingly smooth, but in a way that tells you that she takes excellent care of it rather than never working with her hands, "I appreciate it."

A thought strikes you and you look the Momiji in the eye, "...What do you think of pancakes, Miss Momiji?"

"...You're offering to make food for me as well?" That genuinely surprised the white wolf mon, and it shows. "I would not object, but considering how you have been treated so far I would have thought you'd be colder to us than this. Or me. I should stop referring to myself in the plural so much."

"There's no point in staying upset, is there? Being snippy with you when you're trying to be nice won't get me anything, so I won't bother." You explain like it's the simplest thing in the world. Of course, you'd probably offer your worst enemy a meal if you were given the opportunity, but the Momiji doesn't know that.

"I suppose not. I was merely surprised at how kind you're being." The Momiji leads you along through what appear to be completely blank stone hallways that you have no doubt the tengu mons could go through without ever getting lost on the way to one of the kitchens. "Lord Tenma will most likely have to meet with the Reisen of the forest you call home and the Satori that rules the underground near your home soon. It's highly unlikely that you will be kept here for too long."

"I see, that's good to hear. I'd hate for there to be violence over something like me." You respond, watching those blank stone walls as they pass by. Surely there has to be some sort of system the tengu use to know where they are, right? Maybe patterns on the stone of the walls, or something? "I just hope everyone can be happy."

"...I'm going to need a bigger kitchen now." You dully realize yet again, feeling the despair seep in. You liked your Kitchen. Even if it wasn't huge it was perfectly set up.

"This will take work, but something could be sorted out. Both arrangements for visitation and for an expanded kitchen." Says the Momiji. "I am going to bring up the concept of sending a few of our agents to track down that man who sold you. If he sold you three times and has managed to stay ahead of the news so far, he may attempt to do this even more. It is highly infuriating to be made a fool of like this, and dangerous for the stability of the local groups."

"I'm sorry to be causing trouble like this." You apologize to the Momiji as you struggle and fail to find any sort of signs of tricks to navigating these numerous gray hallways that all look alike. You twist to the side as you turn a corner and have to move past a waist high obstacle jutting out of the wall. Jeez, that's weird. Maybe that's a sign, "May I ask under what circumstances my father sold me to you? Was it recently, or months back?"

Momiji merely shakes her head. "Do not think that this is any fault of yours. The actions of that man are beyond your control." She says, acknowledging your concerns while saying what pretty much every single other mon has said to you so far. "As for the circumstances, with was within the last day or two. The tengu were surprisingly quick to act on this."

You jolt, shock running through you as you realize your father was still so close to where you lived now, relatively speaking. Just why would he still be here and trying this so close to where he's already sold you off twice. "If I can ask, just what did he sell me to you for? He asked the Reisen for safe passage, and the Satori for a favor in expanding the Cabin I live in now."

"A relatively low sum of money. Thirty pieces of silver." The Momiji has quite the sour expression upon relaying that to you. "If I had to place a price on you... I would not. You're far too valuable to ever consider selling."

You blush at that, rubbing the back of your head embarrassedly, "I...that's sweet of you to say ma'am." Still, your father seems to be selling you rather erratically, doesn't he? What's next, is he going to sell you for an arm and a leg or something?

"It's merely the truth." The Momiji looks you over as she speaks. "You can cook, your personality is well-suited for our kind, and I will unashamedly say that I believe your ass to be quite nice to look at. I will wish to examine you more thoroughly later, of course."

"Oh, of course." You agree easily, not really against the idea since this Momiji seems like a nice lady, and her ears and tail are especially cute. Even her serious expression is cute, really. "You can examine me whenever you like, if it will make you happy. Well, except when I'm handling something hot or dangerous. Kitchen time is a no nookie time."

She raises her eyebrows at you again, and she simply nods her head. It seems like your casual attitude to all this just really hasn't sunk in enough yet.

What a nice lady, she didn't even pin you to the wall and do erotic things to you when you all but told her she could if she wanted to. You'll have to make her something nice once you get to the kitchen with her. You hope that she'll be okay with pancakes, but maybe you'll find something else she'll like when you get there. Your stomach growls again as you consider what you want. You know, you've been skimping on the meat lately. Maybe these people will have steak?

The Momiji leads you to the kitchen she had in mind, and unlike the downright sterile and cold hallways this was a cozy and warm eating area. Predominantly wood-based where the mons actually ate, though there's tile and stone where one actually prepared the food. Probably to cut down on the chance of a fire if someone made a mistake. Still, the polished surfaces look like spills would just slide right off them, and they even have functional refrigerators and stoves. Maybe kappa mons installed those?

"This is one of our kitchens, and the closest to boot. You'll find everything you need to make whatever it is you wish." She then ruffles your hair and steps back. "I will wait in the main eating area." She's then off to wait on you.

You smile happily, very content to be back on more familiar ground as you skip into the cooking area happily, quickly skittering about and checking all the cupboards, stoves and everything else as you search out for ingredients for what you-is that steak? It looks...so juicy, tender. Perfect.

You run your tongue over your lips in anticipation. you're going to make the best damn steak over, and share it with this nice wolf lady you met before. What else do you have to go with this...ah, here we go. Fresh onions and some mushrooms, perfect. As for starch, well, there's plenty of rice here, you'll just have to go with that. Now, firstly you focus on cutting the steak into thick strips and getting a pan up to its proper heat, checking around in a few cupboards for spices as you start to slip into your groove.

There's something soothing but about just grilling meat. It's such a simple, basic cooking technique but it feels so relaxing to watch it sizzle and bubble. The onions and mushrooms are added along with the last bit of seasoning as you quickly double check on the rice, which is coming along just fine where you had it going in the rice cooker. Now you just need to focus on...

...You feel like there's someone behind you.

That someone is the Momiji who said she was going to wait for you, but given how she's wagging her tail and drooling a bit, you get the impression that your cooking drew her in. She notices you looking at her and immediately blushes a deep red and looks away in an embarrassed manner. It's always the serious ones that get all adorable like this, isn't it?

You look at the Momiji for a moment and then smile. You're always happy when someone is anticipating your cooking this much. Plus, since you're still used to cooking for Rumia out of habit, you set aside the smallest slice. Putting it on a fork you hold it out for the Momiji, smiling invitingly as you present your meat to her.

She looks like she's having to argue with herself in her head, and if you could see it it'd probably be between her more dutiful self and a much more bouncy, happy, puppy-like self that wants to indulge herself on your cooking and then you. The serious side is losing. Badly.

Readily evident considering she takes the meat off the fork with her mouth and spends at least a couple minutes savoring the taste and how it just melts after a while.

You just smile happily at her as she savors your meat before turning your attention back to finishing up cooking. The onions and mushrooms are done to your satisfaction and the rice has been ready for a bit now. The steak you check carefully, checking to see if it's prepared at that perfect medium rare for a meat like this. Satisfied with what you see, you move and deposit the slices onto a cutting board and quickly divvy them up onto two plates along with the onions, mushrooms and rice. "There, it's all ready!" You declare to the Momiji.

Perhaps it's because she's lost all composure, but Momiji doesn't bother to wait to head out to the tables to actually start eating. Apparently your cooking is really good to her and... Wait, are you smelling musk?

Oh dear. It seems like the Momiji likes your food so much that it's as good as sex to her, which means you ought to eat before you lose the chance to.

You sit down at the table and eat your food properly but with a pace that you're growing used to keeping. If you don't want a hungry touhoumon to snatch up your meal or even you while you're still eating, sometimes you have to finish quickly. Still, you savor the taste of your steak, it's just...

"Almost perfect..." You sigh.

"If this is almost perfect, I shudder to imagine what you'd consider perfect!" Says the Momiji, who looks bright-eyed and surprised that you'd consider something of this calibur so low for you.

"I made a mistake with the spicing, and I didn't take into account the residual heat." You point out before finishing off the last steak piece you have. "That and the onions aren't quite as crisp as I would have like them and the mushrooms are a touch too soft still." You don't even bother commenting on the rice, it's evident what was the mistake there.

"...Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to mess up any enjoyment you got out of it. Next time I make you something, I promise it will be perfectly prepared." You tell the Momiji.

"I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from taking you as soon as I finished the meal if you did." She states plainly, and given the scent you’re smelling from her... You're not sure if this is common for her kind to get so horny after eating or if it's the combination of good food from a shota like you that's done it, but it's clear that she's having to invoke quite a lot of self-restraint to stop herself from pinning you down right now.

You simply finish off your onions, mushrooms and rice and take the plates over to the sink to wash them off. It's only proper to clean up the mess you made after all, "Well ma'am, it's like I told you." You smile at her as you pass, "So long as it's not kitchen time, I won't struggle if you have your way with me."

"First thing's first though." Says the white wolf mon. She picks you up and proceeds to carry you bridal style back to the room you were being held in, and makes sure to lock the door once you're both inside. After that, she strips naked and strips you as well.

You let out a squeak of surprise when the Momiji sweeps you up off of your feet and into her strong arms, leaving you held around her soft, warm chest. You relaxed easily into that hold of hers, letting the stronger mon carry you as she seemed to wish to and resting your head against her. The way she finds her path right back to the room you were held in before impresses you, as do the amazing speed she demonstrates with how quickly and efficiently she strips. What strikes you most of all is how lovely her firmed, toned body is. She certainly has a bust and hips, of course, but her musculature is easily plain for you to see with her toned abs and strong arms and legs. Out of all the touhoumon you've met, she's the one who looks the most physically powerful.

And of course, she's on top. Not that you mind, though. She doesn't seem like the type who'd bother with foreplay, at least not in this state, and simply uses her hand to stroke you up before forcing you inside her with a satisfied growl.

It's thrilling to be pinned down like you are underneath the strong mon, her teeth bared with that satisfied expression on her face making you feel thrills as she jerked you up to full mast. You let out a whine of pleasure as she forces you into her tight slit which clamps down on you with near crushing force that adds a hint of pain to all the pleasure as her roughly textured walls rub all along your shaft.

She's not what you'd consider clumsy either, as she takes the time to figure out what sort of techniques to use to tailor herself to suit your desires. Granter, she then decides to start nibbling your ear, but she could have picked worse things to do.

You whine a bit louder and more plaintively as the Momiji grinds her hips against yours, rubbing you around inside of her as she shifts forwards and backwards, rolling herself along you as you squirm weakly underneath her. She keeps herself nice and tight and never lets you leave that oppresive grip. "Ahh..." You sigh happily, eyes unfocused already as your hands run up and down her toned thighs and eventually up to her hips, "You're so strong and beautiful miss..."

The Momiji doesn't say anything in response to that, and instead opts to keep going at her current pace until she has a good idea of what really gets you off... Then she pins you against her, robs you of all movement, and starts to fuck you hard and fast. Apparently, that earlier stuff was her idea of foreplay.

You let out a squeak of surprise as she presses down on you with her whole body, forcing you down onto the bed as your face is pressed between her warm, round breasts. As she slams down onto you you're bottomed out into her for just a brief moment before she brings her hips right back up and then repeats it all over again, fucking you fast and hard without mercy as you sputter and moan beneath her. Your hand move searching for something and run up along her legs and rear. One comes to rest there while the other touches something soft, and fluffy. Your fingers run through the wonderful fur of her tail as you feel your shaft twitch and begin to leak, already weakened and on the verge of defeat.
That just makes her growl with contentment as she continues to thrust you into her at her rapid pace, and seems to be building up to her own orgasm if the tightness of her pussy is any indication.

Your other hand regretfully leaves that amazing ass of hers and slides up to her tail bone to join your other hand in teasing that amazing, soft fur. Your hands run along its length, your fingers running through the amazing fur and parting it between them as you touch fluffy tail. Between its amazing softness and her pussy’s amazing tightness and rough texture, you can't hold back anymore, with a happy whine you cum into Momiji when she drops down one more time, exploding inside of her and covering her walls with your cum as you pump out multiple sticky loads of it and are left panting happily between her breasts.

You were helped along with Momiji's own orgasm, and funnily enough she seems to be as breathless as you are if her panting is any indication. She keeps you held to her tightly and makes you stay joined to her while humming in a content tone.

You just cuddle up against Momiji, running your hands along that amazing tail of her in long, slow strokes as you relax contently underneath her. Such a soft, fluffy luxurious tail. You've never felt a tail like this before.

And despite what your own lack of self-esteem may tell you, she seems to think that your cock is a pretty swell thing too.

"Miss Momiji?" You speak up with a small voice from where you are, pinned beneath the Momiji with your face stuffed between her breasts, "...Your tail is very nice."

"And your everything is very nice~" She says in response. She can't look down at you since your head is planted firmly between her breasts, but she is smiling.

"Oh, your everything is very nice too. You're very pretty too, both when your serious and when you smile like that, though you were extra cute when you were acting excited over the meal I'd made." You nuzzle against the woman on top of you again, "And you feel strong and safe when you hold me down like this." For a moment, one of your hands leaves her tail as it runs along her back, "You look very strong too. I wish that I had muscles as firm and toned as yours. No matter how hard I work, I'm always soft and small though."

Momiji hums with contentment as you heap praise on her. "Soft and small isn't bad though. I rather like soft and small boys like you~"

"...Well." You shift underneath her, stirring yourself inadvertently around in her as you do so, "I guess it's not so bad then, but I still wish I could look a bit tougher sometimes."

The Momiji simply uses her inner walls to grind your cock a bit to distract you from your line of thought. "You don't need to dream about that kind of thing. After all, I can't be the only one who likes you as you are."

"Given the amount of times this sort of thing seems to happen to me, and how often I seem to be sold to powerful women, I suppose you're right." You agree with the Momiji, letting out a little squeak when she grinds you as you feel yourself get a bit harder inside of her again.

The Momiji makes a rather erotic little sound as she starts to grind you back up to full mast before you can slip out of her completely. "Now that that's settled, I think I'm going to go ahead and fuck you silly~"

"You..." You feel a hint of nervousness run down your spine at her tone, wrapping one arm around her back in a hug while the other continues to pet fluffy tail, "You weren't doing that before?" You asks. Was she just holding back?

"You're not a drooling puddle of a pleasured boy, so I'd say no." She says with an amused tone.

"Oh." Your voice is small and quiet as you shiver in anticipation underneath the powerful mon. Somehow, despite being a little bit scared, you're really excited for this. "...Can I touch your ears when we're done?"

"Yes you may~" She says.

"Oh, okay." You cheer up considerably at that. You managed to work up the courage to ask to touch this Momiji's ears! Maybe you'll manage to do it again next time you meet Reisen or Orin! For now though, you prepare yourself as best as you can as you make sure you're safely buried between those breasts, "My body is ready..."

With that, Momiji starts to ride you rough and fast again, treating you as though she intends to make you hers. Naturally, this means not stopping 'til you faint.

You submit to Momiji's desires and are fucked relentlessly as you lose track of time, the pleasure overwhelming you as the Momiji drives you to orgasm after orgasm, forcing you to cum over and over again inside of her and fill her up until she's dripping a sticky mess out of her where you're joined together. She continues to ride you even as you're left barely able to move and your arms are limp at your sides, and keeps on riding you even as you cum one last time and slowly lose consciousness.
No. 31932
Hopefully, the father finally get caught before he sell him again so this story start approaching what could be an ending. No offense intended, but it's starting to be awfully repeatitive to the point where I don't even bother reading the porn.
No. 31934

I am literally writing this for the porn. That's why it exists. This is mostly just 'man i want to write porn of THIS Toohooman but Anon doesn't didn't go that path/isn't there yet/didn't bad end themselves'. Yes it might help flesh out the setting but mostly it's just 'oh boy, toohoos n mighty fine young man doin' it'.
No. 31937
And I'm perfectly fine by that. I have the other stories if I want plot; this is just about a mighty fine young man being lusted for by an improbable number of Touhoumon. At this point I'm just along to see who else he's been sold to. That and the porn. A mixture of idle curiosity and boners, along with a desire to see less-used Touhous. You have no idea how happy I was to see Gengetsu and Mugetsu, though that may just be because of how often they raped me while playing World Link.
No. 31938
Never stop, Anonybody.
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Do want more Wilhelm.
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Want Wilhelm being fucked by DDT crew.
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dat pic...